Synthetic weed ban : Yes or No?

To date, synthetic weed is banned in certain countries and states. Here we review the top 5 reasons legal weed should be made illegal in all jurisdictions.

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Over the past couple of years, legislative bodies have banned the manufacture, sale and possession of so-called legal weed (a misnomer, because many herbal incense contents have been banned in states and countries for a while now).  Some see this as a knee jerk reaction by governments responding to media sensationalism, while others see these untested, unknown synthetic cannabinoids as a real and present danger.  For example,  side effects of K2, Spice and other synthetic cannabis brands land people in emergency rooms across the U.S.

Those who are called for the ban of herbal incense blends are in the ascendancy and marshal many arguments to support their cause.   Does Spice have THC? – No.  Instead, ingredients of synthetic weed are often unknown and, more importantly, unregulated.  Batches of synthetic weed can be many times more potent than the THC found in marijuana and have serious side effects such as psychotic episodes, hallucinations and cardiac problems.

Listed below are the top 5 reasons legal weed and  should be made illegal according to its detractors:

Top 5 reasons legal weed should be made illegal

1. Lack of research on effects.

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Synthetic cannabis has not been around long enough for any research to be done on the effects of long term use. In fact synthetic weed was only just created in the mid-90’s in research labs to investigate the cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system. Some argue that it is best to make synthetic weed illegal now, rather than let society face the potential health problems later on. The ‘better safe than sorry’ argument.

But the fact is that nobody knows the long term damage that synthetic weed can do. There are many reports (including some on this website) that detail the horrific side effects experienced smoking legal weed… and these are just the short term consequences.

2. Unscrupulous manufacturers.

There is a lot of money to be made from manufacturing and selling synthetic weed. Even more if you cut corners and produce inconsistent batches of unlabeled products (not that there are any corners to be cut when it comes to an unregulated product). The bottom line is that you just don’t know what you’re inhaling into the very core of your body when you take synthetic weed.

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3. Equating legal with safe.

One of the main arguments leveled against legal weed is that people tend to think that if something is legal then it must not do them any damage (despite evidence to the contrary – think of alcohol and cigarettes).  Herbal incense dangers are present and real.  Synthetic weed is not safe so it shouldn’t be legal.

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4. Driving while intoxicated.

This argument follows from the above. People might be under the misapprehension that because synthetic weed is legal, then it must be O.K. to drive while under the influence of products like Spice. This is not the case. On top of this, reliable tests have been devised to test for synthetic cannabinoids, but are expensive. So it is currently impossible for enforcement officers to test drivers for these substances. Banning synthetic weed is the only solution.

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5. No therapeutic benefits.

If drugs that have real therapeutic benefits like marijuana, opiates and the like are illegal (for recreational use) then why on earth should a drug that has very real effects and no seemingly ‘useful’ application be legal?

So there you have it, the top 5 reasons ‘legal’ weed should be banned. There are many, if not more, arguments against banning synthetic weed. But that is another post for another day. If you would like to put forward your views on this topic, then please leave your comment below.

About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. Since the new rush of immigration to our neighborhood, and the large scale increase of property costs . Our newest renters / neighbors who are welfare dopers in our apt building in are smoking these synthetic marijuana and it makes my family ill , headaches , vomiting , hard time breathing , all we can do is hope they get their successs of killing themselves faster. Only a drunk govt in canada will give a okey for this, since it not only dumbs down these idiots also their non toking neighborhood. Great I hope they go faster . To tch heaven.

  2. My 18 year old is addictive to magnetic marijuana I try so hard to tell him the dangerous of this drug he won’t listen.please help me get him help before its to late

  3. Amy husband recently died from liver failure which I think was associated with his k2 use of 3 years he was 65 and smoked this stuff everyday. I begged him to stop smoking this crap but he would not listen. We have lost him and we miss him so much. He had hepatitis c also which certainly did not help.

  4. Simple question is this:

    Which do you trust more? God made weed or Man made synthetic?

    Before you flamers chime in, I ruined my life for over 6 months with that crap. Man can’t perfect what God made for us to have naturally. If he didn’t mean it to be smoked it wouldn’t exist. FYI, I’m not a religious zealot either. Stimulate the economy, regulate cannabis like destructive man made alcohol and cigarettes and end this debate. When you can present the evidence of cannabis related overdose and death, then I’ll change my opinion. Like others have said, people are too stupid and give away their rights daily, just like those who are too ignorant to wake up and see this man made synthetic for what it is…. population control for the ignorant sheep among us. Thank God I woke up and still have a brain in my head to think rationally. You sheep continue smoking your chemically treated leaves, you’ll thin your herd soon enough.

  5. I hope they put a stop to this spice for ever ban it I watched someone I love deeply almost die from spice kidney failure rhabdo I watch his mental capacity decrease everyday his heart almost failed the tremers the sweats I hope he is not permently messed up u don’t know who makes this shit were it comes from I hope n pray they ban it forever

  6. Sorry but you could not be more wrong saying there are no therapeutic effects to be had from legal high, fake, weed. I buy one called Herbal Haze, and as well as having very similar effects to proper weed, herbal haze is much stronger. It makes me think deeply and I have realised a lot thanks to the drug….very much like how native Indians etc gain enlightenment or deeper meanings… From a legal high called Herbal Haze. The problem is the effects don’t come on straight away like weed, but after 1 minute or less yoy feel it. 10 minutes you are feeling whatever amount you have smoked, big time. I and many others made the mistake of smoking the usual amount of cannabis my first time. When the effects kicked in they freaked me out but I just went for a walk and the effects started feeling very good. It basically enhances whatever mental state, mood you are in. I am very positive and for friendly and, more than cannabis, herbal haze makes me feel confident, fearless, extremely thoughtful and deep. Wiser I would say. I can you take myself out of the situation, if you get me, which is incredible for an anxious person. Herbal haze has been by far the best antidepressant, drug, I have ever used and I have been on heroin, methadone,crack, e, speed etc…my advice to anyone going to try such drugs is USE LESS than you would cannabis, 1/4 even. Wait 10 min then see how you feel. It is kids and pussy’s taking too much, mixing drugs, who are getting in trouble. If you mix different legal highs, are bi polar, schizo, on meds, Ill etc then you should not blame legal highs or any drugs if you die or they fuck you up. You are to blame for being a fucking Mongol.

    I forgot to say the effects of smoking not very much herbal haze can really effect your motor skills, both your body and your driving ones I mean. Stoners should be familiar with feeling wrecked but others might well be scared that they have done irreversible damage,but those are the people who should not do drugs because they fight and do not want the effects. Everyone reacts differently to drugs. We all know people who go mongoloid after taking ecstasy eh? Or freak out on weed….don’t blame the drugs I say….my spelling or wording errors are due to writing these on my phone, with fat fingers. Take care all.

  7. Just tried this stuff… Thought it was reel weed. Did it too fast…I was with a friend, who barely smoked, I took about 6/7 puffs on the joint (filled as I often do, 50 tobacco, 50 weed) I was, totally high… But definately not fine! Almost vomited, had heart palpitations, psychosis. This freakin’ sh*t is really, really dangerous !

  8. when considering the intake of chemical substances into the human body i never cease to be amazed at the level of ignorance, superstitions and imposed definitions of morality that abound within our culture. I have heard doctors, psychiatrist, legal experts and the ever bubbling bull of the politicians stout their unqualified, uneducated and pretentious opinions about the many alterants consumed by a society that by its very nature is compelled to seek relief from the everyday stress and rigors of life. We as a people, as a species have sought through self medication a relief to the strains of life since the beginning of recorded history and most likely, given the characteristics of our very nature,most likely prior to the recording of history. Now in this day and time we find a plethora of drugs ranging from alcohol, nicotine, caffeine (historically the oldest and most socially acceptable) to the full spectrum of pharmaceuticals.It goes without question that certain drugs and/or their derivatives should be controlled (i.e. opiates, cocaine,alcohol, and nicotine etc.) and remain under strict regulations. I make this statement based not only on empirical data that is well known, but also from observations and experiences I have known through sixty eight years of living. First it should be said that ANY thing, be it a drug, food, video game, sex, or any other type substance, activity or even belief should be practiced in moderation. Despite that statement I will have to further concede that no matter what there are some people who should not have EVER taken that drug, substance, or activity because their physiology and/or psychological make up is such that by is nature is a bad combination. However, these individuals are an exception to the rule, not the majority. If you think about it I am sure you know or know of someone who has an allergy to a particular drug, food, or environmental item.Now before you say but the kids, yada, yada, yada, remember children are adults in the making. They are no different than adults, they are only in the maturation state development. A child, despite, legislation, social and cultural mores, religious pomp and ceremony do not all magically become a mature adult at a predetermined or fixed point in time. The concept of social responsibility and taking accountability for ones actions are abstractions that many many so called adults, role models and leaders regardless their age fail to understand or practice.There will also be those who seek to draw attention to themselves or satisfy their own agenda through dissemination falsehoods or embellishments.
    Having made that point I wish to inquire of this very “blog” on addiction why almost without exception every comment on herbal incense is derogatory? So, think up this Batman. I am almost seventy years old, I previously underwent chemotherapy using peglated alpha interferon an extremely toxic and physically and psychologically debilitating therapy. With cannabis still being illegal and relatively unattainable (at my age) the one relief to the untoward effects interferon was Kush. I experienced NO adverse reactions nor has anyone that I have known or spoken to about the subject has revealed the experience of negative or harmful effects as outlined by the propagandist on this site or the media. I therefore absolutely without hesitation OPPOSE THE BAN ON SYNTHETIC POT!!!! To those of you spouting your ignorance of the subject and human behavior I suggest you either shut up and get your facts straight. You are social lemmings all mindlessly following another’s lead as you blindly fall to your death as you go over the edge

  9. Y isn’t K2 illegal. It needs to b, i think they need to switch it out where K2 is illegal and legalize MJ. K2 is a killer and makes people do stupid choices!!

  10. Ban it…. I was at a friends house and just walked in the bathroom to pee and just the second hand smoke made me pass out and seize and I puked all over myself and was unable to move whatsoever and my body would twitch when I would open or close my eyes from the shock of the light and dark my throat wAs swollen and I couldn’t breathe and they kept pouring water down my throat thinking they were helping but I couldn’t swallow I was drowning … Never done it before but still tripped out just from second hand so imagine what would’ve happened if I had chosen to smoke it I probably would’ve died… Ban this stuff now.

  11. The problem is they keep changing the formula. I think that the DEA should crack down on shops that carry this product. They have plenty of customers for other drug related crap, they should not be able to get away with selling actual drugs in the store. To anybody that owns a shop that sells this product that might be reading this, I hope some narcs come in and bust your ass. I might even come do it myself.

  12. Dear r
    I just read your post and ……….I just want to say.. your right about all of those horrible things people use and abuse and somehow folks justify them in their lives.. But my Dear.. “Spice” Synthetic Weed” is just one more to add to your long list.. of things that are bad for you that people (like you) justify just so you can use.. I took your advice and googled benefits of smoking spice and all I could find was post of all the bad associated with smoking the stuff..Just because you stated your thoughts on this post does not make them true.. but there is enough true facts out there and if you are someone who knows or lives with a loved one smoking the stuff you have all the proof you need right before your eyes because we see what it is doing to them and how it is changing their lives for the worse. Please reconsider your reasons for wanting to smoke this stuff.. your better than this and can find some positive way to devote your time..contribute to life.. dont take away your life…….

  13. Oh and while I am on a roll………….Navygirl23……………..NO YOUR WRONG…not EVERYONE does goes through point in their youth where they do unhealthy things……………….I DID NOT.. I saw people like you do things that were bad for you and I promise you I didnt and dont want any part of it……. the perception that its ok is in your mind but ask someone who is around you while your smoking that stuff or a loved one who sees your personality change and even your appearance change from who they knew to who you are today and they can tell you “its not ok”
    Also………the point everyone against this synthetic crap is trying to tell yall is (your right) it isnt a car load of 5 people you will kill if you smoke then drive,,, its YOUR LIFE………JUST ONE LIFE……..that is so important….YOUR OWN………..that this synthetic stuff destroys……….and the people in your life LOVE you and care or they wouldnt say anything………

  14. Carl did you really read what you wrote?????????????? You said you distance yourself from family and friends because you dont want to hear how your killing yourself??????????????? well just stop in your local police station and ask a cop how many people they have seen get really screwed up on “synthetic weed” (that has a warning label on the pkg that says not for human consumption) but when your brain is fried or you do die because your synthetic weed was laced with something deadly.. you will have all the time you need to “distance” yourself from your family and friends.. it will just be 6 feet under the ground by then……. come on…you people dont care what the rebellion is.. you just want to rebel ……synthetic weed…….. you name it… you just think your proving some point by proving you can “do what you want” but come on…..pick things that enhance your life not F#@* it up…….

  15. The main reason drugs like spice ruin peoples lives is because the total lack of acceptance. Weed has become socially acceptable by most, but even some potheads won’t hang with a spice head. So with everyone hating on it all the time without any REAL evidence of how bad it is- of course we are going to distance ourselves from family and friends, bc we don’t wanna hear you tell us we are killing ourselfs everyday.

    I’ve tried several brands as there as so many and each really gives you different feelings. Everyone has a poison; Alcohol, Cigarettes, Soda, Etc. we all die eventually and we all went through points in our youth where we did “unhealthy” things to have fun. A bowl of spice won’t make me operate a motor vehicle and kill an Innocent family of 5, alcohol will, and even then it ALWAYS comes down to the person. Drugs are dangerous but so is being closed-minded.

  17. Spice has saved my life so many times, court dates coming up and can’t smoke trees so I get anxious- and on a right budget you can get 3-5G for 20$. Make that last a week, if that was green that would be smoked before I make it home

  18. How long a life span does an addict have, having used for 15 years?
    I live in a block of flats surrounded by addicts and unfortunately spend most of my time walking the streets to avoid the acrid smell.

  19. I am a mother of a child who cam home and she thought she could fly and and she tried walking threw walls me and her father. It scared us half to death we thought are little kid was dieing from this so all we new what to do was call 911 they said her heart rate was really high and she could have died that night. My lil girl was on so many cords from them trying to keep her hydrated. I pray they get this stuff of the market so no other parent has to see there child go thew the same as i had to

  20. This should be banned forever. I tryed one called sniper and it messed with my head i thought i could walk threw walls and i now have panic attacks this stuff needs to be gone out of the earth for good it is highly dangerous for everyone who may come into its path. I have watched one of my best friends try it and she almost died on my floor her throat closed and it almost killed her i do not want to ever see anyone else almost die from this fake weed. If you are smart you will stay away from this stuff. I pray to God they get rid of it before all the lil kids grow up and start getting into stuff

  21. Haaaa I think it is funny how those who use it say No to the Ban but those who have to live with or know people who use it say Yes to the Ban… stop smoking the crap and come to reality and stop making excuses for doing something you don’t even know what the effects “other than” relaxation” are doing to your body.. kind of like a drunk… they never think their drunk but then they get behind a wheel of a car and after they have had a wreck and injured someone or themselves or killed someone the statistics/blood alcohol level says yep you were drunk…….. this isn’t a SPICE or HERB- I promise if you made a cake or cookies with this stuff no one would eat it……it would taste like CRAP!… stop justifying what it is and just see that whoever is making this stuff doesnt care if you think it is a HERB or SPICE or if it is harmful because as long as you buy it they make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  22. LACK OF RESEARCH AND SIDE EFFECTS! REALLY???? I bet if you ask any Mom or Dad who has a child who is taking this stuff they can give you plenty of Research and side effect data to prove that this stuff should be illegal and in fact should considered deadly..also the persons who sell this should be prosecuted to the fullest for selling something to minors in places that are named SMOKE SHOPS but the packaging clearly says NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION?DO NOT SMOKE….REALLY!!! but then they sell it with class pipes and bongs for our kids to smoke it in. IF you want research or facts just as a parent. I have plenty of research from cleaning the toilet and bathroom when my son has puked his guts up or had chronic diarrhea, or had to be taken twice to the ER because he could not breath.. (I am still paying a year later that ER BILL) his face is all broken out, he eats like all the time and makes messes all over the place with no perception of what he is doing and he sleeps all day long and is up all night. You can buy this stuff in a gas station or in a smoke shop.. I hid a recorder in my pocket and went into one of these smoke shops that sold some of this crap to my son and the guy had the nerve to call the cops on me for being in there.. so I said good I will wait for the cops because you are selling this crap to my son.. I told him I would happily wait out front for the cops because he is selling this crap to my son.. I waited outside for like 5 min then the guy came out of the store and said he will call the cops off if I will just tell him that my son isnt a minor.. I said you wish I would tell you that.. I said NO I AM WAITING.. he then told me he was going to call off the cops and he went back inside.. I had recorded the whole conversation….so if he wasnt doing anything wrong then why did he call off the cops.. ? This stuff is terrible and is very deceiving.. it is NOT HERBAL it is NOT SAFE and if their own label’s warn you not to smoke it and it is not intended for Human consumption then why are they allowed to sell it in a smoke shop. ???? Guess a bunch of folks will have to die or become brain dead before anyone will do anything about it. RIDICULOUS! OH THOSE WHO SAY IT IS GOOD…KEEP SMOKING AND TELLING YOURSELF THAT IT IS GOOD…BEFORE YOU FRY YOUR BRAIN AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO SPEAK ANY MORE……

  23. What is wrong with the state of Florida? They ban the chemicals but not the products themselves like they recently did in New Jersey. Why don’t they ban all Synthetic drugs- period? Too many people have been lost to this legal poison! We allow it to be sold in brightly colored packages to children! This is sick, we have to stand up and speak up for future generations, not mindlessly follow those who are raping our children’s minds and getting rich because of it. Because its on a shelf, people that would normally not think of trying a drug try it… We are responsible. What kind of message are we giving those we should protect? If we can ban large sodas why not this?

  24. Synthetic weed, specifically Sonic Zero Blueberry has ruined my younger brother. He smokes that stuff daily and it has made him stop taking care of himself. No shower, wears filthy clothes, lost sooo much weight, he looks so sick. He is definitely hooked bcuz he has pawned/sold all of his belongings. (Computer, brand new Samsung galaxy Note was sold for $40 a week after my mom bought him another 1 bcuz he sold the first one she bought him) scraps metal that he steals from job sites and friends n family. He flips out on my mother for money for it every day and of course she gives in bcuz she hates seeing him suffering from withdrawal. It makes me sick in a way to see this but if anything, it breaks my heart and makes me angry. I feel like I lost my brother to that stuff. He definitely gets raged and that is not safe. He has made suicidal comments as well when he hadnt smoked yet for the day and manipulates everyone to get the money to get it. He has a beautiful $400, 000 home to live in with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 car garage, food to eat, washer n dryer and mom does his laundry but, he chooses to stayvat his girlfriends moms house who is a drunk/drug user and they let their dog go poop in the house and leave it there for days and is infested with fleas and reminds you of the homes on the show Hoarders. This is the life he has chosen for Spice. He has been to the emergency room for hallucinations and extremely past heart rate and severely high blood pressure. I wish this synthetic marijuana was illegal NOW. I want my baby brother back. Make SPICE ILLEGAL.

  25. Yes, it needs to be illegal asap!! My boyfriend is suffering withdrawls right now. Hes vomiting and has the shits all day. The drug has also taken over his body before where he will blackout in his car and end up buying it at a smoke without remembering he bought it! Hes stolen for the addiction and hes finally said hes done putting me through hell. When he is on it, he looks and acts like a zombie! Hes had suicide and homicide feeling! This drug needs to be federally illegal, especially in charlotte, nc!

  26. I believe it is now banned and I’m a statistic as one of those sent to the emergency room because of it. I started habitually smoking spice because it was easier to get a hold of. Then I became addicted to how much stronger an effect it had. These strong effects led to throwing up during these strong trips, throwing up everyday led to blood which led to a lot of blood and then ambulance and ER. Spice was ‘good’ in terms of getting on one and accessibility, but yeah. Legalize weed and we’ll be happy, crept the closed minded people.


  28. Please stop saying “people need to understand”.Do you guys even understand?

    If you don’t do it then please stop.Your opinion is just that,an opinion of yours.No one cares what reports and statistics you have found on search engines related to the keywords you search for.Why not look up “medical benefits of spice” and see if those stastics are not 100% different then if you search for “health risks of spice”.

    It shouldn’t be made illegal because people should be able to do whatever they want to themselves.McDonalds is horrible food with no health benefits but it’s legal,same with soda.Food color causes ADD in children and adults but no one cares about that do they.Put more sprinkles on you children’s fast food ice cream cone.That’s is worse than smoking spice,that is poisoning your kids.

    Just because marijuana has medical benefits and it is illegal dosen’t mean that anything without medical benefits should be illegal as well.There are medical benefits of the chemicals in spice but that isn’t talked about so much because of people like you making these propaganda websites that clutter up the real good results on google.

    Obviously freedom is something you take for granted and are wlling to let the government tell you what is ok or not ok for you to enjoy.

    Go smoke your cigarettes,drink your alcohol,take your synthetic opiate pain killers(vicodin,oxycodone,codeine,DXM),take all the anti-depressants you can get because tha’s what the government has approved safe for you.

    Don’t forget tylenol,aspirin,food-color,pain-killers,anti-depressants,fast-food,genetically-modified food,corn syrup,preservatives,insecticides all go into us everyday and are just as bad as the chemicals in spice and all have reported deaths probably in the hundreds of thousands or millions every year.

    Spice has maybe related to less than 1000 deaths and most were probably due to carelessness by kids using it,or counterfeitt products.But be aware that it is only sold to people 18+ so that means that the adults are partly responsible for the kids using it.

    Alcohol makes me sick everytime I use it,spice dosen’t.Alcohol will kill my liver.What will spice do?I bet you can’t tell me because one of the points you press is “no research has been done on spice”.And it never will if you make it illegal,you’ll just b e creating a new trend of spice labs instead of methlabs.

    BTW,adderal and ritilin is a very potent form of Amphetamine the precursor to Meth-Amphetamin.Parents shove this crap down their kids throtes all day long to get them to shut up.Even preschoolers are on ADD meds(all of which are amphetamin derivitives).

    Anti-spice propaganda pushers are very confused individules who have no idea about the real problems going on in the world are so the make sites like this.The only people who visit theis site will be people trying to find reasons why spice is bad so it’ll never make it to anyone who is un-biased.

    I have no car,I want to ban gasoline because it’s dangerous.You aren’t with me on that huh,because I bet you like cars and gas.Go try to ban something that actually effects you and not everyone else.

  29. Well you see this is a part of the point i made last time i was hear why does the goverment decide to legalise the addictive stuff that people use, intstead of the nonaddictive plant they wanna be using? Cause our goverment is a bunch of money hungry pieces of shit that dont wanna legalise weed because it has multiple uses that would make them lose sum of the money they get for things like paper, rope, medicine, ect. sooooo anyways im still smoking synthetic till jan 10 nd im still fine.

  30. Yes, it should be banned and the sooner the better. My husband is hooked on the stuff. He is having all kinds of side effects from this junk. People need to understand this is nothing like regular weed and is very addictive like some of the harder drugs out there. He has turned into a completely different person and he too like many others that smoke it seem to think they have it under control or that they do not have a problem. All addicts of all types of substances say the same things correct. I can not speak for anyone else’s situation other than my own and I can tell you first hand this stuff is bad. It will ruin your life and make you like a walking zombie. A list of some of his symptoms : mood swings like crazy, slurred speech, excessive sweating, confusion just cant seem to get his thoughts together, dosing off at odd times like when he is doing other things. At times he cant sleep and other times he is napping every time you turn around ,vomiting alot , feeling sick all the time, muscle pains in neck, eating up everything he can get his hands on and ends up getting sick. Its crazy. Reproductive dysfunction such as not being able to get it hard or keep it that way. Been lying alot and trying to hide it when he smokes. At times he has really scared me because of the way he was acting. These are just some of the symptoms and i know it may or may not be the same with everyone. If he does not stop I’m going to have to leave him because i have kids with this man that I have to think about and at this point and time I do not trust him at all. So my advise to anyone adults or teens please, please stay far away from this stuff.

  31. Our 36-year-old Son has smoked spice for more than a year – his personality has been altered: increased paranoia, separation from wife/kids, depression, he believes it allows him to get close to God. Someone please ban this drug – it’s making people crazy.

  32. I read everyone’s posts here, and feel alot of what you guys are saying. I was hooked on Incense for 4 years. I used to think banning it was the only way I would ever be able to quit. I went through 1 or 2 week quitting phases but always got rehooked. It drowned my bank, made me cut off from the world, and pretty much ruined me, yet I didn;t realize it until it was too late. Banning this would help alot of people who truely want to quit but can’t. Unlike weed, this is addictive. seriously, like Crack addictive. I’m a month and a half clean, the longest I’ve ever been clean, and it looks like it’s going to stay this way. Can;t be healthy for you, and even if it’s not the fact that it’s so addicting can still ruin someones life.


  34. Untill real marijuana is completely legalised then no i do not think synthetic marijuana should be illegal.
    1. Synthetic marjuana and real marijuana both have there good and bad quallities, (but what drug doesn’t)
    2.Just because some stupid teenagers did something dumb while high of k2 or other synthetic marijuana doesn’t mean that they should ban it completely (I mean use your head people think how many teenagers die a year because of alchohol and other drugs most of which are legal and more addicting then the use of marijuana or marijuana knock off)
    3. If marijuana or synthetic is legal then that allows people to be able to use this substance without resorting to forms of drastic measures,
    4. I do not believe it should be illegalise as more controlled as with alchohol, tobacco, and non prescribed drugs,
    For my closing argument, I will leave you with this, I’ve used k2 many times in my life and ive smoked the real shit allot and trust me if they legalise marijuana then they will have no worry about people rushing to the store for synthetic weed, For multiple reasons including that synthetic does not have a pleasent tast in the slightest (almost like trying to smoke catnip or something…) plus real marijuana has a better effect even if more is needed. Also no matter what the goverment does, kids teens and young adults and even older adults will always find a way to get high, instead of banning every new thing that comes up they should take the time (something our offficals seem a little to greedy with) and keep it legal and treat it as they do with alchohol and tobacco and regulate it. Because as every generation sense the hippies knows there will always be some way to get high and some way to get around the law…… Thank you

  35. Yes please ban this. My son has been on this for two years now. He is very addicted to it. He now smokes Hysteria xxx, very strong. He smokes 3 to 4 packs a day, spending 100.00 a day. He has to have this, he has lost 3 jobs because of this. This has ruined our family!!!

  36. I some times think what is wrong with society.
    There should be no argument to this, this so called K2 synthetic weed is no good for the human body at all and yet it is sold in markets and $ex shops. I dont get how the goverment allows products that label “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” allowed to be sold in local shops. If its not for human consumption.. Then get that off the shelves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those who argue NO to the ban are simply stupid! just coz they use it and dont experience any bad trips though i can garantee they will in the long run. every human body reacts differently to this chemical, some die after the first use of it. some use and abuse it thinking its nothing but pleasure and a high but are very much fooled.
    My suggestion.. Get this thing off the market! Let ppl get back to normal weed if they have to, at leats thats got positive effects to the body.

  37. Yes this should and must be banned!
    It all started from one boring night to try this synthetic crapp which led to me and couple of my mates smoking it everyday, couple of times a day for the next 4 or 5 months straight not caring about what it is and the long term effects, coz of the enjoyment and pleasure it brought by relesing the dopamines in our brains. and the articles and info writin about K2 are 100% correct. It leads to using other drugs. from respecful lifes with jobs and education, my friends and i became in such a state using every other drug out there at night clubs ect even at home at any time of the day in the car, in a park, really did not matter as long as you get that rush in yu head. My close friends are still going down hill like there hypmetized. Though i came off it all due to the phycosis/paranoid/social anxiety/insomina i started experiencing once off it all. Its life ruining and all began from K2.

  38. Also, yes it is somewhat mentally addicating, but once you get past 3 days, like every other drug. your fine. you people are so stuipid with your comments it makes me rofl in real life. and i dont even smoke the stuff anymore. if they would just legalize weed no one would use spice. duh?

  39. yes its prob bad for you. But ive been smoking it every day for a year non stop and just recently quit cuz im broke. I have felt no bad effects what so ever. Yes it prob should be banned and its prob not good for you. But it does not make you “trip” or see shit or anything. MAYBE THE FIRST TIME. but then you get a tolerance like weed. its very mild. only thing changed is slight raised heart beat. THE REASON PEOPLE USE IT IS BECAUSE THEIR JOBS DRUG TEST! thats it! Who cares? yes the first time you use it, its intense, but after that its not at all. Its nothing like bath salts. People are gonna do it if they want to. They will find it on the internet if needed. You can never stop it no matter what so just stop. I however have not smoked it in a week b/c im broke but i will start smoking real weed again once i take my drug test. it was well worth me getting a real job and still getting high. nothing will change that.

  40. Just had a set of heart palpations 3 minutes after smoking. Experienced past drug user I was. Smoked legal nonstop for a year, as the laws have changed so has whats in it. Ive never had a medical issue, but this was something entirely new. I really though I was having a heart attack. Heart pounding out of chest, I could feel ever vein in my body like moving to my breathing. It was like slow motion, the room was shaking up and down. I was pale. My girlfriend who is a CNA came to my aid, check my pluse, and said I was expierencing a set of heart palpations. Its been 2 hours now and i still feel lightheaded. As i said, I am in now way a noobie or being overcautious. I just hope someone reads this and descides to stop. Believe what you want. Banning it wont help, i can still buy it from the clerks under the counter. Something else needs to be done.

  41. Yes! ban synthetics until they can be regulated, but until then, have a specialized medical board analyze these chemicals and see if any forms can be used medicinally. I say legalize weed though, set up a reasonable fee for selling weed, you’ll get tons of people wanting one. Legalize it, for God’s sake, this synthetic stuff is way too free to be whatever, on the bag it says what it’s not got in it, but it should be the other way around. I’ve tried a few, I’ve found they can only really be whatever the person put into these inert leaves, not necessarily anything anyone has ever heard of.

    Sometimes they’re not even inert leaves they use. What I’ve found is that you can use too much too easily if you’re used to pot’s ability to let you hang out and be, and not go back to it all the time to make you feel good. That’s what makes this stuff so bad, make weed legal! Establish medical and commercial cannabis trade, get our economy moving again!

    Sorry, by a selling fee, I meant, selling card, but there will of course be a fee associated with any such card.

    Oh, and there should be at least one metabolics scientist working on this, btw. You’d think so.

  42. God help anyone addicted to this. This “incense” is destroying the image of my two most medicinal herbs, cannabis and kratom. It is at least hurting cannabis because it is said to mimic weed contentment. And it’s hurting my other herbal medicine kratom because it is wrongfully sold alongside it. I miss the day of freedom to choose what we put in our bodies but THIS MAN-MADE (D)EVIL CREATION CAN GO TO HELL!!! Thank you all, good luck to anyone dependent, you saved me from ever thinking it’s probably okay cause it’s legal, I got lucky with my guessing and glad you’re probably keeping others away as well.

  43. one more thing i have to add not for human consumption well duh do not eat, drink, snort, or smoke. I swear its sad that adults have to be told things like this look up in dictionary. i think smoke some mary j its better than killing urself

  44. all i have to say is this stuff ruins lives my bf has been sick ever since he started smoking it and it needs to be banned if u dont get sick great however the majority do so get over urself self control of not the stuff needs to be banned

  45. ban the synthetic stuff and legalize the bud. Synthetic weed has a LOT of other chemicals that are psychoactive and NOT cannabinoids and they are ALWAYS changing the formula. Sooner or later its going to be compared to bath salts in terms of effect

    It needs to be banned because once u get high off it u wont be able to quit and will feel physically addicted to having it in your system

  46. i am blown away that someone suggested a civil war to keep this crap legal. Good little addict mentality there i see….

    I have seen the bs that is the incense trade orgainzation at or the bastard who runs liberty herb, using babys to keep this b.s. legal. But emotional ploys aside, it comes down to that if people had common sense they wouldn’t play with this or the harder drugs.

    The sad fact i have come to realize is the majority of people are to stupid or self destructive and need to be protected from there own stupidity. If this wasn’t true, we wouldn’t need laws and cops to keep law and order. People would do whats right, not whats right for them…

  47. Absolutely Ban It!! It ruined my life.. how would you feel if you smoked before you went to bed and you woke and your best friend was never waking up again? thats what happened to me.. my bestfriend in the entire world died because i peer pressured her into smoking! i have always been a girl to keep up with myself, but after this incident i dont think ill ever brush my hair again! please safe yourself from this.. Smoke real Pot. The hippys didnt smoke legal MJ. My bestfriend is gone because of this cruel drug!

  48. My loved one is extremely paranoid after smoking different varieties of this for 2or3 years. He’s been off it for a month and hes afraid people poison his food so he wont eat anything but his own fried eggs. He wont take meds for the same reason so the paranoia is out of control. I can’t even go into how bad it is. What this legal poison has done to him is really scary!!!!! Wake up America, THIS STUFF DESTROYS PEOPLE!!!!! I can only hope he’ll come back to normal. Some people in addiction counseling say give it 6 months…

  49. Making it illegal is not going to make it go away. Marijuana is everywhere and is illegal. I think people need to be more responsible for their own actions. If you find yourself having bad withdrawal symptoms or have a terrible experience then don’t do it. When someone is allergic, to say, red meat, what do they do. They don’t eat it! I love people and I really wouldn’t want to see anyone get hurt for any reason. How about instead of making it illegal how about they tax it and with the tax money to test it. Or better yet just regulate it like alcohol. Eh not sure why I am wasting my time but please just don’t do it if it has a negative effect. PS. I rather enjoy it, and have had zero withdrawal symptoms whenever I take time off. I’m a heavy smoker and have had a few not so peachy expereices but I’ve had more pleasant times than bad. To each their own.

  50. And yes people have died from it i know two people that i went to school with that killed themselves because 1 was so freaked out he jumped out infront of a 18 wheeler to stop the voices and the other one shot themselves because someone told them it would save their families lives.

  51. U cant die from ciggs. sorry. Everyone carries cancer cells and smoking just increases ur chances of gets lung cancer.i have never heard anyone dying of smoking a cigg for the first time. and if u want to keep this on the shelves u wont have very much of a free land. stick with real facts. make sure u have proof of the stuff u say. people r better off doing the real thing and take the chance of getting in trouble. i think they should just legalizing really weed. no one has killed themselves or harmed themselves or anyone else on the real deal

  52. I vote yes!!!!!!! if the person who invented thi was the parents to all those who have died or spouse who wrecks their marriage and chooses this over his family they would know that they have hurt alot of people. Some of this k2 has this stuff called blue lotus in which is also known as pcp. which u can have withdrawls from. I think who ever made this should be in some kind of trouble. the only reason y they put not for human consumption is to cover their asses but i am determend to find a way around that. no one likes to lose someone just so another guy can get rich. i hope all that money is worth all the lives u took and homes u have broken.

  53. What about alcohol and cigarrettes?people can die their first time using that. In a free country a health hazard like cigarrettes,alcohol,and synthetic marijuana is my choice to make.Where is the land of the FREE?!!!

  54. Dear people I have smoked spice and synthetic weed and i smoked it until they banned it and I never got what u guys are all saying about it. It just made me feel like I was smoking weed and I fine after smoking it its just the dumb people abused it thats what ruins it for us other people

  55. BAN IT? WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?????? I’ve seen the effects on a loved one. I know how addicting it is and they say there is no protacol for detox. It causes a person to go crazy and paranoid and disfunctional not to mention physically very sick! It is poison not for human consumption

  56. WOW ME???? Really?? You make this stuff? Do you really not belive what it does to people???? My brother who smoked weed from about the age of 16, has been ruined by this synthetic crap… Me and my brothers all smoked some of the best weed in the country, genticaly enginered, but still natural, grown correctly. Never once did one of us trip out or become overly parinoid. Not that weed is not addictive but if you were going to put something in your body to have a good feeling, weed is the least likely to kill you (i still have yet to hear of a pot “overdose” you can definatly hurt yourself, if you are not smart). Back to my brother he started smoking spice because of fear of drug testing he has used for 2ish years. He recently went on a binge caused by family problems. The boy called me raving mad because he belived he knew how to stop the end of the world. If you told him he was crazy he would hang up on you. He was telling everyone of his “theories”. The revelations were brought to him on spice. My parents had to comit him to a psych ward because there was nothing else they could do because he would not come home with them. The delusions lasted a long time, several days. Now he is starting to think clearly again but will be in the hospital awhile longer under treatment for halucinations and addiction. I will not be surprized if he is never the same. I hope after this he wants help from us when he gets out of the hospital, not only hope I pray…

    Yes drugs should not be used by people who do not know much about them but people are not always that smart and I have never seen this stuff so I do not even know if they can look up the ingredients listed. The “not for human consumption” lable keeps the manufactures asses covered. If something is labled that way but is being marketed to people for that purpose, you should realize theres something wrong with it. People like “me” just want to keep making money they could care less if people die or have brain injuries or other serious lasting effects from thier drug.

    As Weed smoker I do wish that the government would leagalize the stuff that has been reseached for years, and is less dangerous than the United states legal drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Canabis will not kill you and could be kept regulated. But I don’t want to get on a soap box. I want people to stop the craziness!! THIS DRUG CAN HURT YOU!!!! Be it mentaly or physically it will just like meth, cocaine, crack, heroin, and others. It should not be compared to marijuana this stuff is nothing like it!!! I said this in another post but if I peed on some incense and told you it would get you high would you smoke it? Thats about how regulated this stuff is…

    Pray that my brother is not affected by this stuff for life! I hope to talk to him soon even though I am still afaid he will be delusional I have never heard someone especialy, someone I love talk the way my brother was talking. He believed every word he said 100%… DO NOT USE SPICE! Write your congressmen to ban this evil!!

  57. Hi help0s. Check out our other articles about how long Spice and K2 stay in your system for more information. Generally, synthetics are out of the system and cannot be detected in urine 2-4 days after use.

  58. does anyone have any information preening to pure evil and drugs test…..i.e ingerdants…how long in system….etc…

  59. For one, NO ONE HAS DIED from herbal incense. The government told the press that so they would print it so people would believe it and help pass this dumb law. Incense makers investigated this and found the government lied to the people like they do with every right we have. When politicians don’t get their pockets filled with anything they ban it. They take rights from us daily and some day we will have no rights at all because we are to stupid to see what they are doing. Think about it. All politicians are rich as we struggle every day to get by. It’s because we let them steal our money every way possible and steal all our rights at the same time. We are now just slaves in this so called free country. When are we the people gonna stand up to the government and stop them from owning us and ruining our lives? Can’t believe how stupid people are these days. No common sense anymore. Anyone over 21 yrs old should be able to do what they want with their own lives as long as they are not hurting someone else. If they want to smoke this stuff then so be it. They are adults and know what they want. So now it doesn’t matter what your age you have to have permission from the government to do anything you enjoy. Drinking and driving kills everyday but thats legal. Gees, how dumb. Banning the incense is just gonna get people to look for more harmful things to try and will sell even more on the streets. Trillions of our dollars to fight what can’t be won but just keeps making things worse. Thats why we are so broke these days. Just millions of dumb people here in the USA now. No wonder other countries send their people here to see how we work and take our money to. They know we are easy and can’t or won’t think for ourselves. They are so much smarter then we think. Maybe a civil war ( the people against the government) might make a difference and get our rights and freedom back. So I say NO to the ban.

  60. Wow, total ban. As a lifelong pot head, when i saw this stuff i was kinda skeptical, finally caved in and tried it. Wow over a year of addiction and replase later, i can honestly say this stuff is evil. Can’t sleep alot, cant eat right, etc. And from what i have seen with others, weed doesn’t make you pawn your stuff to buy more. Damn those fool undergrads who were working with jwh.

    Then you have the makers of the blends, and they only care about making more junkies. I belive a trip en mass to some of these fine folks homes would help things. And finally, i find out the federal government tried to ban all this after the dea ban, but lo and behold, ron pauls kid rand tabled the bill in committee. True evil indeed.

  61. I understand some people say they can handle synthetic weed but the majority of people out there are having very adverse side effects, serious negative withdrawal symptoms and it has already been blamed for several deaths. Most of the people who have died from smoking this were kids who bought a legal substance at a gas station they thought would be harmless and they are now dead. If the manufacturers are not willing to list the potential adverse side effects of consuming synthetic weed, will not get rid of the ridiculous slogan of “not for human consumption” (they knowingly produce this so people will smoke it), set an age limit, and will not list the ingredients on the package then it deserves no place in the market and should be banned.

    Seriously, think about it. Would you prefer to know up front the potential consequences and ingredients of a product you are about to consume or would you rather play Russian roulette?

  62. Thanks for explaining more about your position. Synthetic blends of cannabinoids are REALLY dangerous, because manufacturers are not required to put the ingredients on the packaging. So, no one can anticipate the side effects. I only hope that people start slowly, and check effect, because some of these blends have hundreds of times the potency of THC…which is what causes hallucinations, panic, and adverse cardio reactions. These symptoms are documented, but Spice is so new on the market, that it’s difficult to keep up with the new ingredients, even as they are being smoked.

  63. addiction blog- thank you for replying. I just don’t understand why all these horrible things are happening to people. I’ve been smoking jwh018 and cp47 free brands for about 4 months now. bowl after bowl after bowl, day after day after day. nothing like the horrid stories I’ve been reading have happened to me. the first time it ever got me real high was one of the few times I’ve ever been scared on it. I don’t think it should be banned because people are smoking it at their own risk, and it clearly states on the manufacturers website that the producers are not responsible for what happens to consumers. my feeling is- to the people that can’t handle it, don’t ruin it for the people that can!!

  64. Hi Nicole. It may seem that dosage does have a lot to do with effects of smoking synthetic cannabis, but I think that the unwanted effects of heart palpitations and extreme anxiety are enough to try to get these products off the market.

  65. This is not weed…but it works… In litlle amounts, and a bit of autocontrol it can work. I dont think banning it will ‘end’ the so called problem… Regulation and controll might be the answer… Kids smoking?? Come on!!! Where are the parents? Demi moore in rehab? She was very sick!!!

  66. NO why don’t you try something with no jwh018 and no cp47… do some research before you put it in your body and make sure it contains no prohibited ingredients banned by the DEA. also, don’t smoke more than you can handle. be safe.

  67. hell ya….bad stuff. Stuff is going to end up on weed. Cigarette Company’s and smoke shops should be worried too.. People are cutting back on buying cigs & glass water pipes. Sales in the smoke shops are all backwards with synthetic’s dominating sales now…Ask a store owner. there all spice pushers, and this is there bread and butter now.
    Maybe when a big high ranking politicians kids smoke it and something bad happens..
    Why is are government allowing this poison. Obama,,, needs to ban all potpourri w/chem on it. Now!, turning people into fry brain zombies . you will sleep better if you stop……don’t be fooled. fools gold is for is synthetic’s Mary Jane. hello!

  68. I’m a 55 year old professional.
    Been smoking a bit of the more potent blends (lately jeffrey is my fave) for about 1 1/2 hrs. Lifelong pothead, smoked for arthritis and IBS relief and just to feel better.

    but new gig drug tests so when I found this I was estatic.
    I smoke only small hits, more doesn’t help. Maybe a gram a week,

    Sure, there were a few times when I thought I was doing too much, like going to work high.
    But backing off has always been easy. Just switch to weaker stuff or even just cigars. I do always come back to it after a few weeks,.
    Because I likebit.

    I think the addiction potential is low for most users.
    I don’t think the stuff should be illegal.
    It’s just not big brothers business what I smoke.
    Would rather see it better controlled, ingredients listed.
    Sure, keep it away from

  69. Hey dhub I really feel for you after six months of being a zombie after this stuff its day eight for me and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel hang in there

  70. ok so the doc says i have bronchitits and pnemonia. this is the worst i felt in a long long time. i smoke upwards of 10 grams a day of LOL and FLAMIN and like legally hooked said, you get up during the night and that is all that is on your mind. I did some checking yesterday and i could not find a rehab/ addictions center that would detox for synthetic. i must have talked to ten people in my area and they all said the same thing. i do not understand why the government will not address the real problem of this stuff and realize that it is ruining people life’s on a daily basis. hopefully this will be enough of a wake up call for me. they cover it up because they do not want us knowing just how dangerous and addicting it is.

  71. I can’t believe the news won’t focus on the real reason Demi Moore had to go to the hospital it says right in the 911 tapes that she smoked something like pot but a kind of Inscence . Are u kidding me and them TMZ goes and says they received a tip from her inner circle it was whippets and not herbal incense Why would they cover that up

  72. I wanna update my status it’s day 7 since I have been off the stuff. My appetite has returned to about 2 small meals aday. I don’t sweat as much but it’s still uncomfortable to have to keep mopping yourself up all day long. I was able to take relief in about 4mg of Valium a day it reduced the anxiety and helped me get some much needed sleep. I think I’m over the hump. I don’t think I will be going into detox or rehab but if I had to go through what I have just been I would have checked myself into somewhere. Thanks for the offer for assistance I have a strong support system in my family. Again caution to those who think thOs is a safe alternative to weed it isn’t I would say its more like meth or crack in the sense that u have to use every few hours or u will be sick. MJ never had me waking up 3 times a night just to get off.

  73. yeah today is the day. after being up all night vomiting and hacking up a lung, i have decided to go to the doc. my wife is so concerned for me she thought i would die. it is bankrupting me and my family, as well as putting my body through absolute hell. getting help is very hard too. i would like the number to some agencies for some help of my own. im in indiana. 46550. i am to the point where i am a strong advocate for banning all variations of synthenic weed.

  74. Hi legallyhooked. I feel for you. hitting rock bottom is the only way that we stop hurting ourselves! And it hurts, but there is hope.

    If you live in NYC you may be able to get help trying to stop. Do you know how and where to apply for social services for addicts? It sounds like you could definitely benefit from either a treatment center / detox or at the least personal counseling.

    Let us know what your zip is, and we can search for local agencies that can help.

  75. Hi everyone I’m tying right now to detox at home cold turkey is Pretty rough i can tell you . I have been smoking mr nice guys crap mostly relaxinol about 10 grams a day for the never really stopping for more than a couple of hours. Well I def messed my life up lost my job cashed I my pension money to support my sick habit. I live In a project in NYC u can actually find insence at 3 different newstands on my block. Anyways I hit rock bottom one morning called my father crying like a girl to come get me imagine that a thirty year old man crying beggIng for help. People around the neighborhood ask me if I’m lost when they see me or if I had begun smoking crack

  76. BAN IT! –

    I am a 23 year-old female.

    I used to smoke spice – heavily, about 3 blunts every night alone – this addiction got pretty INTENSE. I could not stop doing it even though I knew it was causing me serious mental harm (not to mention bankrupting me), but I eventually had a wake-up call.

    I smoked Diablo (I used to LOVE the potent ones … but ANYTHING with “devil” of any language is bad news) which I was used to since I paid ridiculous money for the most potent I could get… Anyway, this time something was different. It caused me to have involuntary muscle spasms/movements – I could not stop thinking that my hypothalamus would shut down any minute and I would die b/c of this stupid drug. After about 24 (yes, 24) painfully LONG hours I started to come back down to normal.

    Now, I was seriously addicted to this, SO I tried 100% Pure Evil, another one that I knew was potent, SAME thing occurred – only worse! This time I could not control my thoughts – it seemed that a thousand people were talking to me at once about every single problem that had/could potentially occur – this combined with the uncontrolled muscle spasms and the fact that I had to pace constantly for 5 hours straight FINALLY scared me straight! (lol)

    While I still get the urge to do it, I am done with it FOR GOOD. (I’d like to interject here and say that I had to stick to weak blends, such as Green Window, when trying to quit because I was unable to quit cold turkey. Even with the horrible things it did to me, it is SO ADDICTING that I had to taper off.)

    I believe this stuff has the potential to cause serious mental illness and should not be used by anyone. I heard voices for some time after using spice. I’ve honestly tried almost every kind I could get my hands on – BUT the ones I would seriously recommend staying away from are – 100% Pure Evil, Diablo, and Red Devil – the rest cause issue, but it was mild in comparison.

    I used to be a huge proponent of spice and urged all of my friends to try it, but now I regret that I ever even did the stuff. It causes much more harm than good and I only used it for about 5 months before the “incident.” Also, I might add that the more potent ones (like the ones mentioned) tend to cause psychedelic trips – surreal reality, visions – in fact, one time, I had an entire cartoon/talk show in my head. I wasn’t even able to reach reality after a certain point. In conclusion, spice (any form) is BAD NEWS – do it if you must, but eventually, I guarantee you will regret it. I was lucky to survive this shit. Good luck to the rest of you.

    Fortunately, they banned “spice” shortly after my experience – which REALLY helped me to quit, but I feel bad for people that are hooked and do not have the same deterrent I do. Help those that cannot help themselves!

  77. Smoked real weed for 30 yrs and I was out recently and decided to give herbal incense/potpourri a try.

    After purchasing this legal product at a local headshop.

    I went home took one hit and experienced the worst 2 hours of my life.
    It was hell on earth.
    Heart palpitations,rapid chest beat, fear of dying etc.


    That stuff sold as ‘synthetic weed’ is NOTHING like the weed I’ve smoked over the last 30 years.

    I will never EVER purchase another bag of herbal incense/potpourri for as long as I live.

    Lucky I didn’t die that night.
    A young football player died recently from this stuff and it was what Demi Moore smoked the night she had convulsions and rapid heart beat.

    (google the released 911 tape if you don’t believe me)

    I think I’m moving to a state with legal MJ dispensaries.

  78. Hell yes with the vote. I smoked Diablo 3 and a half months ago, saw the same thing for 2 hours as I was laying unconscious on the ground. Im now EXTREMELY afraid of immediate repetition. Like the dumbass I was being, I smoked King Kong about a month later. Was only passed out for around a minute, but the stuff left me in depersonalization, derealization, and agoraphobia. I have panic attacks somewhat frequently now. I messed everything up from this drug.

  79. Well, i agree, synthetic weed does need to be banned. I did a google search just to see what other posters recomended and see where their comming from. I honestly didn’t hear about synthetic weed until I saw this blog. Talk about scary, why would anybody want to put chemicals into their body that has no regulation and no therapeutic benefits? Thats almost like saying drinking drain-o is healthy because it cleans the bacteria thats in your body. One thing I have learned, if its man made (synthetic) not natural for the human body to consume or inhale, has adverse side effects (even death) it cannot be good by any means. It does not matter how much a sales person wants someone to believe (and that is exactly what a supporter of synthetic weed is), its not good. I will vote to ban synthetic weed.

  80. Yes it should most certainly be banned. Do a google search for “synthetic weed death” and look at how many people have already died from this stuff. Mostly kids who were just having a good time and before they knew it they were in panic and then DEAD. You don’t get a second chance when you’re dead. Look at the other posts on this website to see what others have experienced, it’s horrible. There is not a single documented case of marijuana killing anyone, if you think so find it. This stuff is NOT marijuana, not even close. Ban it.

  81. you must be someone who supports herbal incense as a manufacturer. why don’t you go to some of the other articles on addiction blog and read what this does to people. there is nothing good about it. better yet, buy some and smoke it for about a month straight and experience first hand how it takes control and ruins life as you know it. stop smoking it and experience the painful withdrawals and addiction.

  82. No to the Ban! There have been therapeutic benefits. Many people say they are more relaxed after aromatherapy treatment. With the help of herbal incense, many have decreased depression and anxiety.

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