Synthetic marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids

3 reasons to avoid synthetic marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids here.

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A brief history of legal smoking highs

Legal smoking herbs have graduated from harmless to effective delivery mechanisms for JWH compounds (the most popular cannabinoid used in herbal incense blends).  From  dear old granny’s herbal air freshener have evolved varieties that may be 10 times as potent as THC.

I remember when I first purchased a legal high through mail order; it was in the early 90s and my first foray into a world beyond alcohol and cigarettes. When the package arrived I could hardly contain myself as I tore it open and opened the yellow pouch that contained the medicine that was going to save me from my demons. The mixture inside very closely resembled my granny’s potpourri and didn’t smell much different either. After smoking a badly rolled joint, how high did I get on this first generation of legal bud?

No high at all.

How times have changed. Now there are a plethora of  legal smoking mixtures with exotic, if not downright stupid, names such as Mr. Miyagi, Mr. Miyagi Warpaint, Mr. Miyagi Warpaint Zero, Phoenix 2.0, Kannabliss, Kannabliss Max, Rush XXX, Rush XL, Hayze, K4 Diamond, Diesel, Zombie, Zombie Killa, Spaz and so on. The difference between these mixtures and the one I bought in the 1990s is that the herbs in the former have been soaked or sprayed with a synthetic cannabinoid that mimics the effects of Marijuana but come with JWH health risks.

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Synthetic cannabinoids have arrived and, despite the best efforts of governments around the world, they seem to be here to stay.

3 Reasons To Avoid Synthetic Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids

1. The effects of synthetic marijuana have not been tested.

Many are of the mistaken opinion that because synthetic cannabinoids are legal and herbal in nature (or at least this is how they are perceived) then they must be safer than marijuana which is illegal to possess and supply (in most countries). This is not so. Unlike Cannabis which has been used and abused for thousands of years and thus its effects are well-documented and understood, its synthetic counterpart has not. The effects of synthetic marijuana have not been studied or researched. In fact, those using these smoking mixtures today are the guinea pigs for future generations. Do you want to take the risk.

2. Legal herbs trigger serious adverse reactions.

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In the U.S. there have been countless reports of people having adverse reactions after smoking these mixtures. “Emergency room physicians report that individuals that use these types of products experience serious side effects which include: convulsions, anxiety attacks, dangerously elevated heart rates, increased blood pressure, vomiting, and disorientation”, DEA Statement, March 01, 2011. Remember these are only short term complications; it is far too early to say how long term use of synthetic cannabinoids can impact on an individual’s physical and mental health.

3. Synthetics are as addictive as the real thing.

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Synthetic cannabinoids are addictive, can cause withdrawal and are a gateway drug (that is they can lead to the abuse of harder drugs). They are a drug and have all the attributes of one. Addiction is as real a possibility with synthetic marijuana as it is with the real stuff, it is just a lot easier to buy and use due to its legal status.

Synthetic marijuana continues to evolve

What makes matters worse in the current situation with legal highs is that once one synthetic cannabinoid is banned, the laboratories create another and so the cycle continues. This is a problem that cannot be solved with current legislation and thus fresh thinking is called for. If you have any feedback, please leave your suggestions or comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. I can understand both sides of this issue pretty well and I believe I know where this article is coming from. I am an addict. I use, or I suppose abuse kratom. Almost a year. I kicked drugs, alcohol and finally cigarettes. This stuff works for me in so many ways, and I feel no shame. I’m also not bothered by my arthritis anymore. The poo issue can be solved by taking Metamucil, it’s not so bad. My family and friends know the journey I’ve been on and are just happy that I’m happy, properly medicated, off the drugs etc and in therapy. Every person’s case is different. It is ridiculous to call this a gateway drug. Whatever you’ve done first in your life was your gateway drug. Mine was cigarettes. Kratom is the calmest thing in the world for me. (powdered leaf) and believe me I’ve never gotten high off of it either, just energised and happier, and Percocets were one of my favorite opioids, now that was a high. It’s all totally different. Idk it just feels like every time ppl get something low grade like this, everyone else has to attack it like its the new crack. I get it, I just don’t like it. Stay safe guys.

  2. My son is on herbal blend.. he is only 17 but I suspect he has been on it for a long time.. I took a pack of herbal blend to our dr and it was tested as synthetic marijuana. He believes he does not have a problem.. but his behaviour tells another story. I was looking at your post which indicates it to be posted in 2011.. Do you havevany updates on the side effects and most recent tests. I really need to learn more in order to help my son.

  3. I was 16, anyway I used to get anxiety and a real grogg feeling the next morning from buds, but they felt amazing to smoke, so I kept choofing on but when I smoked synthetic I only need a cone an hour, anyway I’m 17 now and I did overdose on one of the strongest legal highs in the world aphroditie, from that I overdosed and had one day in hell, my head was nauseas, my body went from cold to hot, I had a ringing in my ears, I couldn’t sit down for 2 minutes like I had to keep rapidly moving around the room with extreme anxiety, hallucinations, voices anyway I still smoke it today because I get one type of synthetic which is Illuminate, I can not have any balance, disoriented,cant talk, but it feels amazing and I always have a cone every 20-40 minutes and enjoy it in moderation, do I love it when I get paid and I can get some, is that the only thing I want sometimes, yeah but I stay social and make sure I’m cool now, everyone’s talking about anti-social behaviour, fuck man, I’m still social, I should get a physical or something like that, anyway I used to go through 1.5 grams every 2 days, now its a quarter every fortnight, anyway I’ve seen fits and people spazing out from it and fuck man its really dangerous and not for some people, the only reason I do it is because weed doesn’t get me high anymore, for some reason and alcohol doesn’t get me drunk anymore, I have some tolerance for weed and alcohol where I just don’t enjoy or even feel either, this is the only shit getting me high, but I’ve seen the worst trips ever from people smoking it man, dangerous shit still

  4. I tried synthetic cannibas when I was 15, when I tried synthetic I used to be paralysed, completely hallucinated and pinging off my head pretty much, I used to get too fucked off buds as well, but the thing Is I was addicted to Marijuana and Synthetic until I quit synthetic when

  5. Hello all. I just want to say that it is possible to overcome an addiction to the synthetic shit and reclaim your life. If you knew me, you’d probably think I don’t fit the stereotype of a “typical” drug addict. I was married with children, employed, living in the suburbs…pretty “regular” whatever that shit means. I had smoked a little weed in college back in the day but nothing too drastic. It had been over 20 years since I smoked the real stuff when in the summer of 2011, my husband came home with some synthetic weed. After just one hit, I knew it was not the same kind of high and I was afraid of it. I resisted smoking it for months but my hubbie kept smoking it. I wanted to party with him so I began smoking it too. Long story short…that stuff almost killed me. I smoked everyday. I smoked everywhere I could. I smoked at home in the garage, inside the house, in the car. Before work, at lunchtime, after work. I never bought it myself, I pinched off my hubbie’s stash. I chased that high…I was addicted. Never felt like that on the real stuff. Eventually, I began experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations. I went to the Emergency Room once. My highs got shorter and shorter. I had to smoke more and smoke more frequently still chasing a high. When my husband and I separated and he had moved out, I actually trolled through the carpet, his chest of drawers, anywhere I saw a speck of K2 or Spice…I gathered up enough to make a joint–I actually felt proud for a moment. And then I felt scared. I was out of control and knew I had to get it together. So I have not smoked since July 2013.

    Bottom line: please don’t smoke the synthetic stuff at all. If you do start, do whatever you have to do in order to stop smoking. Ask for help. This stuff is dangerous and addictive and not worth the short-lived high. It changed my life forever and not in a good way. Since living clean, I have been healthier and feeling better, mentally and physically. I still think of using it and if it were around me, I would have to really dig deep to resist it. That’s how I know I became addicted, something I never ever experienced on the real Mary Jane. I will keep all those who are courageously fighting their demons lifted up in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and blessings.

  6. 3 days ago I quit useage of EXODUS DAMNATION after 2 and a half years of use .. my god where has the time went? It was invested in self loathing but self discovery. It led to anger but found compassion where i learned the anger leans towards. It was invested in stealing from my girlfriend, despising the generic things that ‘friends’ did (They were not friends in all honesty, merely 3 guys from university who would meet up to splash cash and get drunk occasionally). This stuff alienates you completely … but in doing so, by putting yourself so far down a hole of darkness that you discover things hidden deep within you psychologically. such as why am i doing this? Why dont i just smoke a normal, healthy, cancer eating J?

    Never mind the physical effects, and thats not all the psychological issues that come with it either … i may not be a biologist, a scientist or a whateverist but i damn well know my body and how it was altered by a substance. I can talk for days on this subject, I have quit once, relapsed, quit again and am doing fan-fucking-tastic. If you think you can never stop this shit, I am living proof that a weak mind can become stronger as long as he doesnt shy away from truths he discovers about himself while under the influence.

  7. I know all of you are potheads cause you can’t even compose a paragraph correctly. Your comments are all a disarranged mess.

  8. My boyfriend hit the sooby snax 2 little hits. Will it show up in his drug test for probation?? I’m scared, I just got out on probation but don’t report till the 14th, and it’s my first day of probation. idk what to do…
    Thanks, Taylor

  9. I am here to give my testimony. I read all these posts and can relate to so many! I too smoked synthetic marijuana. I was a heavy weed smoker at first and then gradually started smoking the synthetic type. It got me to a very low point in my life. Never would I think to behave the way I did when I was on it. It was like being in chains. I would smoke practically everyday for more than a year I’d say. I wasted so much time & money just for this temporary high. To the point where I realized what it was doing to me but I couldn’t stop… I would pawn things, i would have take hits before eating, I was secluded from family because I rather be high off this stuff. I noticed it was affecting my health noticing black stuff when I spit. I had a constant cough but kept on. This turned me into an addict. I admit it! It’s a word that takes a lot for someone to confess… Who would like to think to theirselves that they are one? I couldn’t stop on my own, I needed help… I would tell myself this is my last bag or tube and later that day would find myself at the smoke shop. It was a depressing feeling I got into. I wasn’t working because this stuff made me lazy and I just wanted to maintain on this high… I would make home made pipes and bongs and smoke in my car… Since I wasn’t working my parents had to help me out with gas money, but that money would eventually go towards my addiction. I would find myself in the same situation everyday… I had to wake up and smoke, smoke before I ate, even when I would go to church(because I still would go to church) I would take hits before going and even right after on my way home. Also before I slept, even waking up at night to take some hits then go back to sleep. I was living a lie. It was controlling my life. I didn’t like the person I had become. BUT I’m here today because I found a solution. Not only with this problem but other problems I was experiencing too. And I’m glad to share it with all of you because I’m happy to say I’m clean now. Like I realized I needed help. For many years I would go to church and hear the word of God but never took that step in giving my life to him. I now feel he put me thru that in order to make me realize my way was wrong, because it was. Well I came to that understanding that if I was gonna get thru this it was going to be because of God and his power. I talked to the pastor and told him I was decided in giving up my old ways and giving my life to Christ. He spoke to me and made sure that I knew it was a commitment to serve God FOR LIFE and I agreed. This was on a Sunday but the night before I had smoked and drank but only because that’s how bad It had gotten. When it came time for my baptism I prayed like I never had prayed before asking God to take my heart, that I was giving it all up for him… I then got in the baptism pool and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sins and so that God could now be in me… I speak with all honesty and truth… From one day to the next that addiction VANISHED, completely went away like I had never even smoked. I had no bad effects from stopping cold turkey. That to me was a miracle. Knowing how I was and how it just went away… My eyes were unveiled and I saw things for what they were… Let me tell you all, I’m HAPPY NOW. And I give myself no credit because I was weak and could not do it on my own… I give him all the praise now for what he did and what he is now doing in my life … Like I said, I’m experiencing true happiness. Not living in the shadows but now in the light. It’s a feeling that has sent me here to share with you all.. That you too can stop even though it might seem impossible but remember, with God ALL THINGS are possible. He knew exactly what I was suffering with and healed me in that instant. It’s something that you too can experience and feel. god is real and is waiting for you to bring him your burdens… He WILL carry you and you will also have his promise that he will be with you EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Just have faith and trust in him…. Sounds so simple but honestly, it was that simple. Those chains will be broken and you will be BRAND NEW… A child of God now. With eternal salvation too! Your life will change for the better! I am a testimony… And am more than happy to share my story with whoever is suffering from this… See this as a calling.. It’s no coincidence… I hope this gives you all hope for a better future in Jesus Christ… God bless

  10. Hi everyone,
    this blog has been very useful already… I am sorry to hear of so many bad experiences, hope for everyone to get better.
    Does anyone have experience with Black Mamba? I’ve tried it a few times in the past 8 weeks with no unpleasant effects, but I’m not a regular smoker. Now after reading many of your posts I don’t feel any wish to smoke it again.

  11. Josh, It doesn’t mater what brand you smoke, it will destroy your life. It’s destroyed my life. If you can, go see a doctor and tell him every thing, don’t hold back. You need help, you can’t stop on your own. Tell your parents and ask them to help you. Tell me, maybe we can help each other. I have the exact same feelings using it as you do. It started off slow and now it has consumed my life and is destroying it. Read my post from December 6th.

  12. Has anyone heard of SuperFlame? i am currently struggling with this; it is consuming my life every morning i wake up the first thing I’m thinking about is getting my bowl and catching a buzz i was a heavy weed smoker until i got caught with it and got put on probation which was when i started smoking the flame. just a few months ago i got to the point where i was smoking at least 10 bowls a day and was stealing and selling my stuff to get the money for it and the high would only last about 30 mins. It got to the point to where i wanted to smoke a bowl before i did anything and i think I’m finally starting to experience some side effects from this stuff i stay feeling depressed and constantly have thoughts of suicide, my memory is bad (which could have been from the weed) and i get irritated easily while on the stuff. i tried to go back to weed but the flame got my tolerance too high that all mid did was give me a headache so i had to start smoking loud which was more expensive than the flame so i went back to it the last time i smoked it was about 2 days ago and just cannot quit it. It is very accessible with only a 20 minute drive to get it and now that I’m out of school i stay bored so i constantly want to get high but every time i get high i then mentally beat myself up for getting high but yet i still do it. Also i get the uncontrollable coughing spells where is feels like something is in my throat and i can’t get it out. i guess I’m lucky so far according to some of these posts I’ve read but has anyone else used the super flame and if so are you experiencing the same symptoms?

  13. Hi Ron. You can call a local psychologist or speak with your family doctor to assess the problem and then get a referral to local services that can offer detox and/or addiction treatment. Call 1-800-662-HELP or visit the SAMHSA Treatment Locator to find a list of treatment centers near you.

  14. I absolutely HATE this drug! It’s ruining my life and I don’t even smoke it. My boyfriend is highly addicted. It was so bad at one point he was spending over $600 a week on it. It goes for $10 a gram down here or $80 for a sealed 10 gram pack. I put an end to that. Told him he could either start cutting back or I’m moving back to my hometown with my mom, it worked. Now we might have a baby on the way and I REFUSE to let my child around that stupid drug because it impairs his senses so bad he can’t even hold a conversation without almost falling asleep on himself. How am I suppose to leave him alone with my child like that?? Not happening!!! I tried it once with him over a year ago and I kid you not when I say I thought I was dying. I couldn’t see straight. It changed my vision literally. Everyone’s faces started to change and I couldn’t recognize anyone I was around. In my opinion this drug is just as bad as crack or meth. Never tried them but if something can alter everything that quick that bad than it should be considered a more harder drug. However invented this crap should be put on death row for ruining lives!!!

  15. I smoked pot for over 30 years , but started synthetics since it was easier to buy and legal. About 14 months ago I decided to stop. Very hard to do, so I did it in another state on vacation where I knew I would not be able to buy more. 48 hours after stopping cold turkey ,I had a seizure and was rushed to the emergency room. The Dr. determined that the seizure was because of a toxic reaction due from the sudden withdraw of the synthetics in my brain. At the time I was smoking three grams a day . The medication that I was put on, anti seizure meds to keep me from have another one destroyed my life. I’ve been a good hard worker my whole life except for the last 14 months , I was at my last job for 8 years, this year I’ve had 7 jobs and am unable to work because of the way my brain seems to make me feel in certain situations. Not trusting in people. I’m off all my meds now and my brain seems to swim around in my head. I don’t like the feeling, However I just ordered 11 grams from a on line store and should have it in my possession my next Tuesday. If Pot was legal in my state I would go back to smoking that, but this is legal and easy to obtain. I’m am going to try and use it very moderately , but I know inside that will become impossible. I sit hear now with my emotions all over the place, crying one minuet and happy the next. Such is life. I can’t hold a job and I’m almost out of money. Wish me luck ! Will I survive? It will be interesting to find out . By the way, I’m 51 years old and hanging on by a thread. If only they would get there heads out of there ass and legalize pot. I know from experience that real pot helped me survive . I believe I have ADD and maybe other problems, pot got me thru it all, now synthetics will be the end of me. How long will it take ?

  16. Ok. Please tell me. Where r peps coming across spice!!!? I haven’t seen it it a year or so. I’m in NY. All sorts of crap go on here. I actually look for it whenever I visit a covienence store.

    What state are u all from? How are u coming into contact with spice?
    Not interested in using just think the market is way down.

  17. Hello, all.
    I wanted to give you a bit of information, given the gravity of the current Spice situation. I’m an active duty Marine; we in the military clearly have a spice issue. We now have a drug test for spice if we believe spice has been used. What “drugs” can we possibly be testing for, you may be asking. We test for pesticides. Among those are DEET and Strychnine.

    Yes, you read right, ladies and gentlemen. Sometime after the invention of the weak, legal substance, someone decided it would be a great idea to spray poison on the weak buds, which created the high you or your loved ones are experiencing. This, in turn creates the devastating side effects.

    Point of order, the medical marijuana states are also failing to regulate the growing/spraying of pesticides on the marijuana crops as well. So to say it’s safer to smoke the “real thing” is basically a crap shot. An estimated 20% of pot smokers experience paranoia.

    If you are a Spice user and are suffering from adverse reactions, seek medical attention. Ask for a pesticide test (I can’t remember the third brand offhand, however the doctor may).

    No, I am not kidding. Our military is essentially being attacked during liberty hours. Spice is around every base, under every counter of every gas station. Who owns the gas stations? Who owns the smoke shops? Do not be a victim.

  18. I have read every entry on the page and can relate to all of you. I began smoking synthetic THC products over three years ago and have used them constantly since. My usage steadily scaled heavier and heaver to the point I was smoking 3 bowls of Shamrocks consecutively, then I’d smoke a cigarette, and by the time I finished my cigarette I’d be ready to smoke more bowls. I couldn’t even cook dinner without having to run out to my car in the middle of it and smoke.

    I can tell you all this, and please if you take anything from ANY of these posts, heed my words : ONE week. Clear your schedule for ONE week. I don’t care what you have to do to get 5 days off but do it, or you WILL stoop further into addiction. Quit cold turkey. DO NOT call the hotlines on this page because the people have NO IDEA what you’re talking about when you ask for help with withdrawals from these products. They DO NOT have a helpful place to refer you. The gentleman I spoke with on the “Help Quit” hotline listened to me explain my situation (Near-opiate level withdrawals 48 hours in) and I begged for advice on how to deal with it, and responded to me saying “Look either you go to a treatment center or you deal with it, WHAT DO YOU WANT SOMEONE TO PITY YOU?” This man has likely caused multiple suicides from people calling looking for help in coping with drug addiction. He is the only person that answered the phone there for days. I repeat, DO NOT call the toll free numbers on this page. The blog posts are what is helpful here.

    QUIT cold turkey. 48 hours in my digestive system shut down completely. My kidneys and liver ached. I nearly hospitalized myself. I had incessant restlessness. I could not sleep for more than an hour at a time. I vomited every morning I woke up. I continually took warm (not hot) showers to help with the body aches (Also helps break up phlegm). I took 2 advil twice a day for the headaches. I broke out in random sweats while inside my home. I broke out into full body sweats the instant I walked outside into warmer temperatures. I could not salivate to eat. I COULD ONLY DRINK WATER. Your body will begin to crave water. It feels like those mornings after drinking a lot of alcohol the night before, where your body itself feels parched. DRINK WATER. My piss was dark yellow for a week regardless of only drinking water. I lost 8 pounds in 5 days from my inability to eat, be prepared to suffer weight loss. My eyesight blurred at times, and eyes fatigued.

    On day 3 I was able to eat some applesauce. On day 4 I was able to finish a vanilla protein drink (It took me 3 hours to be able to consume a 16 oz. protein drink). SLOWLY work solid foods into your digestive system, your body is in shock. On day 5 I woke up with an appetite and was able to eat cereal. Later that day I could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. On day 7, my appetite was back in massive force. I had detoxed myself completely. I was craving VEGETABLES and whole foods 3-4 times a day for the next week. I was STILL craving water. After over a year of constantly craving SUGARS, my body was craving good foods. I believe that these products cause your body to crave sugars to cope with the sleep-aid properties.

    Bottom line, ONE WEEK. It felt like a year. It is NOT easy. It WILL pass. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I swear to you on my Grandmother’s grave. Do not lose hope. It seems impossible to quit. I am substance free for 35 days now. I have not had a single craving for this shit.

  19. BJ thanks for the advice on withdrawal. I have quit a few times but my body begins to have muscle spasms all over even in my throat and ribs. I puke at night and in the mornings and have no appetite. The first time I quit I just went along with no appetite and tried to lose all the weight ive gained from binge eating all night with the munchies. Bad idea i’m hypoglycemic and lost my job because i didn’t eat for days and when I don’t eat i’m like that snickers commercial and i let my boss have it. I am 2 days clean from the Bizarro. I threw all my pipes away last night because scraping and smoking lighter fluid basically was making me sick to just get a small dose to relieve the symptoms but when I would get one little hit the cravings would come back hard so i’m quitting cold turkey and am taking vitamins, painkillers, and antidepressants like clonozapam to help with the extreme anxiety
    This shit is fucking horrible.

    And to the pregnant ladies out there hooked on this shit. you better stop now before you have to withdrawal while being 9 months prego. Shit causes so much stress on your body i truly believe that it is very harmful to you and an unborn baby just think if you had to run out and you start puking and experiencing all the bad withdrawal symptoms. I almost guarantee you it will cause a miss carriage. Stop being so fucking selfish and check into rehab.
    Stick to Marijuana its a stress reliever not stress inducer like synthetics.

  20. My husband is an addict and seems to me will always be one. He started using “Potpourri” about two years ago. Last year in September I told him I was done with t and he had to leave. It made him aggressive and just really bad to be around. He quit because he thought his family was more important. He has now in the last two weeks picked up that same bad habit again. Needless I am now by myself with my two kids he will no longer be able to see or have contact with them until he can get help. He’s a mess and I really want nothing more to do with him. His kids are the most important thing to him or they were before him came a mess up!

    This ruins lives it makes you not care about anything!!!! I came home from work the other night and he was high he then proceeded to dose like a GD crack head almost like he shoots heroin he scoots around like an 80year old man with no sole! DO yourselves a favor just because you think oh well its legal…..smoke a joint at least you wont be a retard!! with a hacking cough and insomnia. btw it was “High riders 35x” and the time before that “King Crypto” ITS BULL!!!!

  21. Hi, everyone. My fiance and I have been on this stuff for about a year. AK47, Mad Hatter, and KUSH usually. At first we got high after one hit, we had small panic attacks and scary chest pains but thats about it. Eventually we got used to it and were smoking about 10-15 grams A DAY. Last week, I found out that I’m about 6 weeks pregnant. I AM FREAKIN TERRIFIED. Of course there are limited studies, but one study I keep finding is an increased risk of anencephaly – frog baby syndrome where the babies skull and/or brain is missing. I have dramatically cut back to where we roll up and i hit it once and pass it for him to finish. I feel horrible but all I cant shake the urge to smoke. While I know every situation is different, I was wondering if anyone has experienced or heard about babies born with defects where the mother smoked heavily during the first few weeks?

  22. yes i smoked the k2 for all most a year and it was filling my lungs with black residue i stoped cuz of this ….this stuff is not safe at all my harts all messed up my lungs feel like im fighting to get air when i run in the cold but it has gotten a hell of alot better sence i stoped it is massively addictive and i beleave it can kill you not just when u do it but after you are all done my BP drops out from time to time and pass out and fall puke its not good all young pepole that think its cool do some reading about it and stay away

  23. I am a mother of a 19 year old son who started using Spice when he got himself in trouble with the Law with legal pot . BUT….. as soon as he was off probation at 18 he did begin to use legal pot again but after a few months ,I would say about six months before he turned 19 he began using again. I did not aprove of either but I really did try to get him clean I even kicked him out of my home . I confronted him that he was spending $680 bucks a month on that crap. I dont know what others think but that amount is a little less then my house payment or extra cash for a vaction. I would see the different bags it comes in in his room and I found out where he was buying it from and added it up and this is just what I know of,who know what the real amount of what he was spending. He got kicked out of school and lost his job but still failed to see the harm that smoking that crap has done. I know any drug can do this to a person but when it is so easy to obtain it makes things hard for parents like myself to help their children. I had kicked him out because he became violent and broke my door to my office and my front door . I had just bought my new front door about a year prior and it was not cheap costing me $2600 . When he begged to return home after some time and stated he had changed I let him come back but he had to repay me for the the things he broke. Everything went fine for a while but he began using and when he lost his job and I sure as hell was not going to fund his habbit he began to pawn my things . I had to put a lock on my bedroom door and told him he needed to get clean and stay clean or he was out on his ass for good. It is sad and hard for me after all I am his mother and I love him but I can no longer put up with this. He is two days sober and it is very hard for him and is begging me to give him some cash so he can get just enough to get through his withdrawl but I told him know . I offered rehab but he declined. I am simply not going to help0 my child destroy his life. I pray he stays clean. I tell him each day he is that much closer to freedom and that I know he is hurting and feeling sick but he has to stay strong. If he fails I will have to put him it out once and for all I love him but I can not live my life like this . I am always wonderering what he will steal or will he freak out and break everything I work so hard to have or will I come home to see that my son has died from overdose. I was wondering are there any other families going through his because I FEEL SO ALONE!! so helpless. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make him all better but I know I can’t . I wish he would check into a rehab I wish I could just force him but will that really help. He needs to want to get clean for him and really want it.

  24. Got myself 3 grams of a legal bud called White Widow. This is nothing like marijuana. I’ve smoked weed heavily through out my twenties and being in a job where I am randomly tested , had to give up smoking weed, so I thought this legal bud would be a subtle mellow. More like my heart was beating through my chest, entire body was shaking, and I swear, for about 45 minutes I thought I was going to die. All this from a single rizla joint. Never, ever again. Point to this story, don’t do it. Far too many chemicals!!

  25. Get medical help…be honest with your Dr and get counselling to get your head right. Take support with you. Keep reading these blogs. believe me…once you are clean you will never want to feel that way again 🙂
    Good luck

  26. It has been 12 weeks of abstinence, withdrawl, heavy night sweats ( our bed soaked through every night), horrifying nightmares, violent outbursts paranoia, nit picking, drowsiness, vomiting, diorreah, itchy skin, chronic cough and the beginnings of OCPD (obstructive, pulminary, cardiac disease), malignant high blood pressure and my husband is back. I almost left him on numerous occasions.
    He is now sensible, level headed, gentle and loving. He can hold a conversation with me and his friends, he is going to work and social get togethers.
    He had 4 weeks of intensive counselling and medical help to get through this hellish nightmare and now he warns anyone who will listen about the dangers of this evil substance.
    Hang in there people… will succeed and be normal again. It takes 3 months!
    Good luck to all of you.
    Drugs are very very very bad!

  27. I dont want to resurrect an old thread but this is both a warning and a plea for help or good solid advice. I started smoking k2 about 2 years and some change ago and have quit twice and come back but my addiction is at its peak. At first i would only smoke maybe on the weekends with friends, then most nights after work then every night, then i got fired so i just smoked it all the time, and life tragedy began to stack up so i got worse and worse now i smoke it and dont even really get high but i get scared thinking im gonna run out, ive sold things very important to me to support this habit along with a girl i was dating who smoked too. Its really ruined my life cost me a job and school, i know its affected my health, ive gotten alot heavier i was in very good shape but i go on munchie binges, so please if youve never tried it never try it. Im lucky its only made me sick and chubby and broke its killed some people and blinded and paralyzed others. Even though i know how bad this is and even though it barely effects me i cant stop so please any advice other than rehab which my family who has found out wants to send me too but i know they cant afford so any other advice because i need to kick this habit before it just puts me past a point of no return

  28. The Major issue with Spice was that people want to smoke it like its Marijuana. What they didnt know was that its 10x more potent. Cannabis is atleast all natural. Synthetics are well…synthetic. People put these chemicals together without properly testing them 1st so there were no directions or warning lables. Ive seen some of my buddies get sick, Ive seen one have a seizure, but it seems as if it doesnt even phase them. They keep doing it cause half the time they dont even remember. I highly recommend that nobody does this drug. My friends are still going through withdrawls and it hasnt been legal in OH for over a month now. Ive smoked it before, multiple kinds multiple times. I knew my limit and used some common sense but I stopped cause I hated the way it made me feel. Smoke Weed if anything.

  29. MARIJUANA IS NOT ADDICTIVE..IF YOU THINK YOUR ADDICTED ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. SCREW SYNTHETICS-They’re very addictive and very harmful. Smoke real green…oh…and uh..LEGALIZE IT! Thank you.

  30. How do the people near the smoker cope with the explosive outbursts of malice anger? The yelling, the threats, the vitriole, the walking on egg shells and the distorted comprehension of situations they are involved in? It is hurtful, inciteful and horrible. I don’t know if I can last the distance with this withdrawl 🙁

  31. My husband has been a heavy smoker of Kronic, Spice etc for 6 months and of pot for 2 years before that.
    Before he was a “user” He was normal.
    He had a fulltime dream job, a happy family and everything going for him. he was happy and our family was happy
    Now he has a chronic permanent lung infection, high blood pressure, he is anti social,suffers severe night sweats and impotence, he is extremely aggressive, delusional and paranoid.
    He went to hospital because he was unable to breathe, he came home two hours later after being on the nebuliser and smoked more.
    This stuff has destroyed the man I loved, destroyed my family, destroyed his health permanently and induced a permanent psychosis. And he can’t remember anything anymore
    Anyone who thinks this stuff is harmless is kidding themselves. He was never violent, aggressive or lmean. Now he takes more days off than he spends at work. When he is home he sleeps for 14 hours straight AND he takes it to work while he operates a 300 tonne machine because he says it helps him get through the day.
    So somebody please tell me how any substance that has these ramifications for the user and those people who love them around them who end up confused and damaged from the drug that is legal?

  32. Hi Zach. Many people can relate to you. From what I’ve read from all the Spice comments…the best thing to do is to go and see a psychiatrist. There may be more information and treatments that a pscyhiatrist can provide. It’s the best chance for getting medical help.

  33. ive been smoking for over 2 years regulary it started with some stuff called space and the mr.happy but some stuff called tapout is what sent me over the edge i stated hearing voices constantly i couldent go more then 5 min with out taking at least one hit and i had to hold it in as long as i could no matter what sometimes i would just pass out i recently went to rehab for 60 days and the cravings and withdraw havent gon away i no it will take along time for the cravings f=but the withdraw should be gone by now and it has deeply effected my brain i cant spell as well i cant keep a conversation going hell even my balance is off to this day the voices tell you to kill yourself or to do more drugs or take sleeping pills and drink i had a problem i still have one but im in recovery

  34. everyone , stay strong. my wife and daughter quit three days ago.
    the one thing that people who smoke this stuff, don’t think about is thier families. not only have you hurt yourself, you are hurting them too. they are going thru this with you wether you realize it or not.
    stay atrong everyone is behind you. and they will be there to help you through. god bless you all.

  35. i have been smoking spice since march of this year. i am unemployed, live with my mother, and struggling in school. at the beginning of the year, i had a fairly good job, i was a B student, and i was making plans to move out. at first, spice was harmless fun with my friend. then i started spending more time at his house, he was already hooked from last year. im not proud to say, ive offered it to a few other people but im more ashamed to say i cant stop. i actually had a couple puffs just now because i felt my body tense up, my heart nearly beated out my chest, my head started to hurt, and this happens everytime i go longer than an hour without it being in my system, high or not. its more than a high, its a legit drug. i shouldnt have tried it. i have spent more $500 of money i dont have on spice and the friend who got me hooked wont even speak to me now because im not the same relaxed person anymore. im always looking over my shoulder thinking someone will try to steal my bags from me, many of my friends avoid me because they know i will most likely either be high or looking to get high. i have had 4 suicide attempts (2 of them hospitalized attempts) because i cant deal with myself sober. physically, im always tired, always sleeping, and always nauseaous. i want help, but because its not a extreme drug like heroin or coke, i dont believe i will get the help i need. its one of my darkest obvious secrets. dont try it. this is coming from someone who has smoked weed for almost 5 years, its not the same high, its more dangerous than weed, and it needs to be taken off the market so those of us who are too late to recover properly can finally be free from it.

  36. Hello all. I have read this entire post and found it to be somewhat helpful. I have been smoking off and on for a year. Lately I have been extremely depressed, suicidal and homicidal. I never felt that way with regular marijuana. I need to quit and am going to start tomorrow. I pray that God gives me the strength I need to succeed. I have lost everything in my life due to myriad problems. I don’t want to lose the rest of my sanity. God Bless you and yours. Will check back soon.

  37. i use to smoke this fake stuff, intill i was taken to the e.r….withdrawels are something you’ll never forget..break this chain, before it kills you!

  38. Hi Michael. Thanks for your question. The manufacturers of Platinum do not make their ingredients known for a few reasons:

    1. To protect the proprietary blend
    2. To avoid law enforcement attention
    3. To decrease the perception of risk among smokers

    In short, I could not find any description of Platinum ingredients listed on the web. the only way to do so would be to take the blend to a third party laboratory for objective, scientific testing.

  39. Ive been into this stuff called ” platinum ” ( in Australia ) – and quite a heavy user. What is its actual active ingredient and how long does it stay in the system for a urine test ( in a lab )

  40. Jonathan…

    I have had similar experiences with these “legal herbs,” They absolutely suck and I( being a heavy cannabis consumer for 5 years) think I know my stuff. Yes, when you start smoking “K2, Spice, etc.”whatever you wanna call it, you get high. But it is a different high than marijuana. The reason I started trying it was because a friend of mine gave me a bag of “Happy Shaman Herbs,” this must have been 3 years ago now. I would interchange smoking cannabis and this poor excuse for weed, sometimes smoking them together, and never noticing any bad effects. But once I start hearing news articles about kids dying from this, I think to myself.. hmm maybe I stop using.. obvisously. But now, around 2 1/2 years later, I still feel ‘out of it’ most of the time. As you have said, it is the most frustrating thing in the world, I wish I knew how to change it. Like you, I used to be very talkative and could easily think of responses in any conversation, but now it seems that I am slightly dissociated with the world. I almost always feel tired and have an extreme lack of passion in anything I do. And to those of you that are thinking the continued use of marijuana has anything to do with it, I took a break from toking for 6 months and the effects still were present. I’ve never really talked to anyone about it, because it seems that no one would understand. There is one girl I know that had similar effects, but haven’t spoken with her for a while now. Hopefully my experiences have been helpful to you and any others that wish to know about these horrible synthetic “highs.” Throughout the time of using these drugs I consumed K2 by the names of Funky Monkey, Happy Shaman Herbs, Deja Vue, OG Toast, and Black Mamba.
    -Coming from a true stoner, Please don’t mess with this! And if anyone has information about how I can reverse these symptoms, it would be greatly appreciated.

  41. The powers that be need to legalize cannabis. I have a solid diagnosis for Crohn’s disease and the marijuana while illegal here in MN. does more for my condition (there is a lot of foreign research and studies to back this up) then any of the other far more expensive, addictive, harmful, and dangerous drugs that the pharmaceutical companies have made billions on. The laws are in thier favor by keeping marijuana illegal so long as the Gov. continues to lie about the long since known medical bennefits of cannabis v/s putting me and my health 1st. I and millions of others will have to continue with undue and unjust suffering. As a patient I find it hard to swallow that I am being denied legal access to a much less addictive substance then say Oxycottin (which they have no problem prescribing) This is all at the expense of my health, freedom and what remains of my sanity from having to deal with all of this. There are millions of people who are similiarly situated and again it is mind blowing that I am now prescribed marinol (the THC capsules which were previously only available to aids and cancer patients who were undergoing chemo) which cost over $ 1500.00 a month for a pill that does not even have all of the benifial componets of Marijuana, yet God help me if I were to grow my own at a small fraction of that price. Really? I thought we were in America, the so called land of the free! Does not feel very free to me. Perhaps your aware that Thomas Jefferson used to have fields of the stuff, but I guess that was before the lobbiest, pharma and big brother got envolved because of thier desire to control others and line thier own pockets. The war on drugs is nothing but a war on our own people and has cost the U.S. and families here un-thinkable amounts of money, time, lives, and resourses which could be far better spent on say, pursuing something for the betterment of our people v/s the oppression that runs rampant through our society.

  42. I smoked herbal blends for quite a while because I liked the high. I stopped a few weeks ago with absolutely no trouble. No withdrawal symptoms, nothing. I know many people who have had this same experience.

  43. I have smoked spice on and off for two years. I have quit several times with help from my husband, Im a week clean now.. I’m older and have children in there 30’s. they also have been smokeing. They both have been diagnosed with COPD. Listen people, addiction does not discriminate, the chemicals in this stuff acts like crack or heroine.It doent matter how strong you are. It does make you make decisions you wouldnt make if you were sober. You will lie to others and yourself to keep smokeing… You will develope COPD if you continue to smoke and it will kill you. My kids have a 2-4 year survival rate if they never touch the stuff again. I I’m devistated and can’t believe that more people arent comming foward and talking about there cough, its lung desease people, iriversable !!!!!!!! please research COPD… Dont let it happen to you, if it hasnt already

  44. Hey Jonathan,

    Mate feel your pain. Go & see a Doc & be straight up, tell them what you have been using, how you now are going with those symptoms. With these synthetics we ALL are lab rats & little is known. I have the best Doc but am ill, so i use NOIDs to assist me. Don’t go back to Cannabis mate UNLESS you really feel it will help you, short term.
    Mate they won’t lock you up or phone the cops but i think you will find a real interest from the Doc & if a good Doc will help you get through. There are all sorts of meds to help that have been put through testing before approval & if depressed the new antidressants they got now are way more affective than Prozac or Zoloft.

    Good luck man,

  45. I have been sober from spice since the end of may, so about three months. I must say, my anxiety has diminished almost to close to none, which is great. My short term memory has gotten a lot better but my long term memory is sort of foggy. My thought process on things is also foggy as well. It’s like when I try to think of something complex in my head I just can’t do it. And that’s frustrating to me because I wasn’t like that before I smoked spice. But the thing that bothers me the most is my ability to talk. I used to be the most talkative person and now I’m extremely quiet. It depresses the hell out of me just thinking about it. I just want to feel normal again. Has anyone else had any problems such as talking and communicating with others? has it gotten better or complelty back to normal? If so, how long did it take cause I can’t stand feeling like this anymore…I miss the old me. Thanks

  46. mrs happy, i have been clean for about 4 months and most of the symtomps went away except im still kinda confused and the weird headches and involuntary movement on parts of my body, it does get better dont worry just dont give up and keep fighting

  47. Mrs. Happy, please don’t give up! I was a chronic user too, and I have been clean since December 25. Worst Christmas I ever had! : / Days 3 through 6 are the worst, hang in there. Screw that stuff, it’s poison.

  48. This will be my 2 day sober. I didnt fall asleep till 4:30 last night…and tonite i guess the same. i have been a chronic user for over a year and a half. i smoked about 4 grams each day. I would smoke before bed…wake up throughout the night to smoke (2 -3 times a night)..when i woke up in the morning so i would feel energized (and to feel “normal”) but then drained half hour later. If not sooner. I smoked before work…at work….after work….pretty much all day. i averaged 30 bucks a day at least. I would become extremely irritable when out and have even become violent, now thinking about it which were more than likely anxiety attacks i couldnt handle. There was no giving up till I had it. Been to the er multiple times for attacks. To my stupidity i kept smoking. Even had ambulance called very first time I smoked it. But it didnt phase me. I even would ditch out on my friends and family due to not having Spice. I have had severe problems breathing. Wheezing all the time. I cough phlegm like no other. I have had many “bad” trips to where I prayed to god that if he didnt let me die…i’d quit completely and never smoke again. That usually lasted about 15 minutes till I was toking up again! Now not smoking I feel like crap! headache… Insomnia (but tired) sick to stomach…vomiting…anxious to an extreme…cold sweats…very shakey…I feel here but not…short term memory is horrible. I feel mentally retarded. Biggest thing is I can’t get that crap out of my head! I hope this all goes away. I miss myself! I hate living this way.

  49. “Just as legal as the real thing”?

    Cannabis doesn’t cause you to have withdrawal symptoms, besides maybe slight irritability and decreased appetite (what do you expect, pot gives you the munchies).


  50. The first time I ever tried synthetic dope I was high on the illegal dope..I was coming down off my marijuana high and wanted to re-dose before I went to sleep. I was out of marijuana, and decided to try a little bit of the synthetic dope to see what it was all about. I believe it was called California Dreams. I took a decent hit out of a bong and it did absolutely nothing to me. I chalk this up to my being high on weed at the time. It should be noted I am and have been an avid marijuana user for about 12 years. I have never had many problems other than to some extent lack of motivation, drowsiness, feeling lethargic, and lack of appetite because my desire to redose is always greater..but I am an addict. But the stuff is enjoyable and I have used heavy without doing much harm to myself other than what I mentioned. It helps calm me down, marijuana is like a vitamin for you compared to these designer drugs like the active ingredients in incense.

    The second time I ever tried this stuff I was sober from marijuana for a couple months so I tried this incense I had laying around called “Magic Silver.” There was nothing magical about was a trip to hell and back, literally.

    I didn’t know much about the stuff other than it was ‘supposed’ to produce a high similar to marijuana. I packed a tiny bowl’s worth of the stuff, enough for 1 decent hit and a smaller hit to clear the bowl. I remember how I heard the stuff actually sizzling in my bowl as I sparked up. I figured that was the chemicals. A couple minutes later I become extremely paranoid like I just did something horrible to myself. Then I begin feeling like I am the most horrible person alive.

    Every failure, every bad thing I did, every bad feeling I ever had all came rushing through my mind 1,000 mph repeatedly. I am not the greatest success in the world, but I am not a bad person either. But at this time I felt evil, like a shit excuse for a human being. My surroundings became a dirtier shittier version of itself. My room, my belongings, everything looked grimier, seedier than normal. I felt like human filth and I remember how I was thinking oh my lord how is this stuff legal?!?!? The best way I can describe it would be hell’s version of my world. I became so paranoid, and felt like walking filth. I actually jumped in the shower and brushed my hopes of sobering up was only half the reason..the main reason was because I honestly felt like human filth and I was doing the best I could to cleanse myself of the horrendous filth I had just inhaled into my body. This all lasted just 30 minutes, all the while I’m telling myself I will never do it again.

    Like I said I am an addictive person. That stuff made me feel like shit, but it was an escape from reality and I figured I would be more careful and do less to get a more mild effect similar to real marijuana. The stuff was like weed on steroids I’d trying it again and doing a little would be it wasn’t..I was hooked.

    Weirdest drug I have ever tried. I have tried alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, xanax, and cocaine (I learned I had an addictive personality based on my experience with marijuana and nicotine, so I never got deep into the coke and xanax, and gave up drinking when I was younger). None of those drugs ever made me feel like shit at any point, they had desirable effects, not so much with synthetic weed. This stuff made me feel like shit however the chemicals were so addictive I still felt the desire to do it. It was as if the stuff was taking me over. I would smoke, get high, and lay around all day depressed with no energy or appetite. I developed a tolerance to the high quickly. I started off by smoking small bowls once or twice a day, to going through 3 to 4 grams a day, smoking all day everywhere I went. I lost desire to get out and do things I enjoy. I smoked this stuff all day every day and it made me feel like shit but eventually I developed a tolerance to that, it faded away and the stuff eventually went from what seemed like what I imagine a crack cocaine high would feel like to a short lived marijuana type high. I smoked at work, even smoked when out doing what I enjoyed, never did this with marijuana though. 8 months of this went by. I started to get black filth on my tounge and hawking up brown gobs of junk in my spit. I looked like a dirtier shittier version of myself. I even got high all throughout my sister’s wedding reception.

    After 8 months of this controlling my life, and emptying my bank account I did the research and got angry at this drug and how it seems as if the government is allowing the general public to be used as guinea pigs for lord knows what. Seems to me like since they are losing the war on illegal drugs they decided to join the dope game and allow more addictive designer drugs to be created and sold while they rake in tax revenue as people continue to destroy themselves on this synthetic filth. I learned exactly how uncontrolled this synthetic weed is, it is made by punks in dirty environments, not exactly made with a mother’s love. My marijuana grows in the ground and is made by nature, and my love for marijuana helped me get clean of the synthetic filth. I quit the synthetics cold turkey with virtually zero withdrawal symptoms. Brown goo in my spit went away, teeth got whiter, got more energy (but weed makes me sleep more, lol) I feel better, healthier, I no longer stumble around uncoordinated like an old old man, I have all my strength back, I look better, I am back to how I felt before that crap took over my life for 8 months. I came to the realization that I didn’t want to risk my mental and physical health just for an addictive high. The way the stuff is sprayed on plant matter, you could either hardly get a thing, or you could get a lethal overdose of these chemicals at any time. I became angry with the drug and regained control. I willed myself off it. I told myself I was quitting many times.

    I was so bad that I would throw out the last few bowls of incense after having a bad high and say I am never buying this shit again. Within the hour I would either be back to the store to buy more, or scraping up the residue or pieces littered around the room and smoking it. I don’t know what made the last time any different, but I am glad it really was the last time because I think that continued abuse would have led me to the ER. The stuff is toxic.

    Here is an example of how toxic it is. I had a sore on my thumb’s top knuckle where I would scrape it on the edge of the bag when I pinched out a bowl. The foil gave me a cut like a paper cut. The chemicals or substances in this stuff made its way into the cut. Next day I have what looks like a spider bite. Couldn’t afford to go to the hospital, a week later I nearly died because some kind of poison was going through my blood stream and thank god my immune system fought it off. Thank god the infection healed and my body was strong enough to do it..I nearly died from this stuff. Please don’t do it..I like to think my experience with this stuff can help others quit. If one person quits or decides not to do it from reading this..then to me those 8 months I spent as a junkie to these drugs weren’t a waste of life after all.

  51. Here is a cessation regimen for those who might be prone to failure:

    1. Focus on cutting down. Take the smallest dose possible for a high and try and stretch your intake.

    2. Couple your high with exercise…like put your gear in the gym and make yourself lift some weights every time you get high…alternative is going for a jog……exercise ameliorates the effects of cannabinoid abuse…

    3. Take a few sickies…tell everyone you have the flu…and completely stop…..chuck out all your gear and pipes, tell your buddies not to let you buy any for a month, go for some long walks…

    First 2 days are the worst then another month before you feel “like you used to”.

    If you relapse just repeat…everytime after the first time is easier…cant stress importants of exercise enough…..humans are designed to walk a few miles every day…try it

  52. You control the drugs, don’t let them control you, # 1 rule unless want to end up a junkie.

    Great day, no smoking enjoying just a couple in the evening.

    Jamie they have been giving people a drug in the benzodiazpine family named Valium since the 1950’s.Very calming but addictive too.

    Good luck all. time & a place for everything. checkback here in 10yrs.


  53. I wanted to share my experience being clean for a day and a half now with no use. I am happy to say that the side effects are not near like I feared they would be after reading everyone’s blogs. I woke up with a bit of nausea, and only experienced it a few times throughout the day. My stools were a bit loose but tolerable. My appetite is not full, but I am able to eat. I am not experiencing the urge to smoke or fall off the wagon – not too sure why I don’t intensly crave it after smoking 10 times a day for almost four months! I ate saltines to help the nausea and also ate some TUMS. To prevent feeling a headache (headaches were the chief withdrawal compliant in this blog) I took two Advil liquitabs when I woke up and then again every six hours. I experienced slight sweating (head and shoulders) but only about an hour after I woke up and it only lasted about 10 minutes. I sure hope this is the worst of it. Most people who shared their experience said that the first three days were the worst. I will update tomorrow. I called several addiction hotlines and had no luck finding much support for this other than treatment.

  54. I FEAR quiting this stuff. I am a single mother who has two little girls. I am ashamed that, over the last three months, I have allowed this stuff to control me. I take every waking second, outside of work and my obigations to my children, to smoke this stuff. I always have, and still do, spend a good amount of time being social with friends and family. My closest friends know I smoke but, my family does not know. I have a lot of pressure on me, all of the time, because I have a huge image to uphold being that both fathers have, in the past, and even currently, put the full court press on me and are constatnly suing me for custody of the girls. In the last 6 years of constant custody litigation, guardian ad liteums, and several attorneys, I have never been found an unfit mother nor had my girls taken from me. I have been holding the same job for over three years now and I continue to excel and climb the corporate ladder. I have always smoked marijuana in the past, but due to the current court issues coming to a head, I want to be able to test clean. Both fathers know my history and they are snakes and would turn me in in a heartbeat. One already pulled that card, thank god I was clean but I was very lucky he tried it when he did. I FEAR that quiting this is going to change me. I FEAR experiencing all the unplesant side effects that everyone on here speaks of. After reading other people’s stories (thank you for those!) I realized I have a long road ahead of me and have to depend on only myself to get through this. Today’s “Independence Day” has a whole new meaning to me. If anyone has ANY suggestions on how to cope and alleviate some of the withdrawl symptoms, please do SHARE. I wish you all the luck in the world. This shit is slowly killing me (mind and body) and I am TOO good of a person to let this destroy my family. Getting out before it’s too late. See you on the sober side! 🙂

  55. I am in position of smoking these herbal blends & pure AM 2201 for the last 10months not daily however as the pure made me so ill i was turned off them, right off them all, but later for that. By the way i a am smoking 1grm tonight (not today, all day) as i write this & have been stoned or i term “pain free” for approx 2.5hrs.Ahhh

    I am now not well with various conditions, cannot have the natural or hydroponic pumped up real anymore as it affects me & i am ill, toilet ill. My Doc gives me 19 -20 tablets per day, most of which are pain killers but i have a local bloke who has 2 blends on sale.Once upon a time in a place in far south Tasmania i lived for a decade so have smoked my fair share of “bush natural & hydro natural” but stopped for a long time, by the way all the symtoms listed here when stopping SYN’S happen with natural as well.I have found the less stronger blend suits me much better with my conditions.I also have smoke my own blends which are just the herbs with no SYNS. I like it better than tobacco & is cheaper.

    If any research people are needed i will enter it. Anyone who is smoking the natural stuff now is pretty much sure its Skunk type hydro which from my experience of smoking way too much is hydro head hangover doesn’t occur when smoking bush natural, to name 1 difference. Most who grow hydro to sell & not smoke for themselves & friends do it with no care of flushing the chemicals out of the plant before harvest = hydro head or 2 hr buzz then headache. These SYNS target certain receptors, the same as natural but in much more concentrated form than even Skink comes close too.

    Pain free herbal blends, expensive, yes, do they have a place in medical use????

    Don’t take AM 2201 pure powder or make your own blends with it. This stuff builds up & targets only 1 part of the brain & it dead set feels like a knitting needle after 3grms & then all of sudden it will hit you hard with all the bad things mentioned here, & will never get you stoned as the herbal blends from your local no mattter how much you try. My local was good enough to show me the list of SYNS in his blends. Never hurts to ask.

    Mick…hates being ill

  56. I live in a small rural town..and an adult can experiment all the want..but this stuff/K3 is highly addictive…and the shops know this..there’s houses selling it…fronting it to teens..and then once addictive they are stealing to pay them off…yes…the point is..adults have jobs and a life..teens have time to blow away their lives and focus only on the next high….laws have to be changed cause of irresponsiblility…there is no way to know the long term affects of these chemicals…and then we have the wannabe chemist that are making a quick buck..on some bathroom mixture…that can kill you..!so for you responsible adults…go for it..but, the problem is not what you choice to do to yourself..yet..if you do ruin your mind..THE GOVT WILL NOT PAY YOUR HOSPITALIZATION, OR PROVIDE YOU WITH A DISABILITY BENEFIT CAUSE YOU USED DRUGS..DRUG INDUCED and have mental illness such as mood swings, or schizophenia…

  57. hello to all, i used myself as a guinea pig for about 2 month to see why everybody was buying this stuff and almost let it control me, but i won because i decided it not worth my job or my life so i havn,t smoked it since. i say if u don’t want to smoke this the first thing to do is not to buy it and stay strong. i can go to the gas station and not buy it and i feel proud of my self because it feel like i beat the devil. i know it’s hard because it’s like soon as u come down off this u have to smoke again. i say look back in ur life before u start smoking this and ask ur self if u want that life or this one were ur mind is cloudy and u can’t remember any thing and choose one or the other. if u choose this one u will lose everything is that what u all want because this make u smoke all day and night and it’s not worth it. i pray 4 all of u to leave this alone. and return to the life u had before u started smoking this because it will destroy ur brain cells quick. PLEASE BE STRONG U ALL CAN STOP IT’S THAT EASY. DON’T BUY ANY MORE FOR UR SACK.

  58. I am in need of help..My husband has changed a lot in the last month he works on an oil rig for 7 days and then is home for 7 days..I started noticing signs and problems like I would never talk to him the week he was at work which was unusual he started requiring $300 worth of food for 1 week and money started disappearing and then once he would come home he was so irritable and angry and losing his temper and yelling about everything all we would do is fight..he would never eat..had lots of stomach problems..he was so violent in his sleep punching me and kicking me and hurting me but he was asleep the entire time..well I always suspected drugs because he is an ex addict of meth and weed..last night due to an accident at work all his secrets were uncovered..he has been getting high everyday all day on the fake stuff while he was working and then when he came home i guess he was going through withdraws…even with the evidence I have he is denying and lieng to me..i even threatened to take our 4 kids and leave but he acts like its no big deal..i dont know what to do but I cant make a rational decision not know what to expect what do I expect to do i make him stop and if im able to do that how will he get..i cant be blind I need your help please Im so desperate

  59. hey all, the other day while trying to stop smoking stunk. i was reading the bible and i started reading. Matthew 4:1-11 how satan was standing beside Jesus trying to temp him to do these thing even commit suicide and this lasted for 40 days and nights but Jesus was strong. when H: said he felt like someone was watching him or standing over him while he was high and when he turn to look no one was there i know the feeling. i FELT THAT SAME FEELING THAT’S WHEN I KNEW THE DEVIL WAS BEHIND ALL OF THIS BECAUSE WE R CHILDREN WHO GOD IS FAVORING AND HE WANT TO WIPE US OUT OR TO HURT US SO GOD CANNOT USE US. think MINDS NOT RIGHT HOW CAN U DO GODS WILL. like one

  60. @CODYY, Hi I would like to know how was ur AF. where they late or early or the same . Because my AF’s were 2 weeks on and off. Then it didn’t come until 36 or 46 days later. I was wondering what was going on. I didn’t smoke long but it became often each day that i smoked. at first i would buy a bag that lasted a couple of days or more. then i got to the point that i wasn’t smoking anymore so i would flush this stuff down the toliet and the next day i’ll go to the gas station and buy more. when i was high i would say this the last time but of course it wasn’t. then when i would go to the gas station and see this long line and i would see the same people every day i knew this was a demon put in the city to hurt us. when i go to the surbs. i can’t find this shit and people have never seen it before but they have hard of it. this is only another form of murder. i live in dc and this stuff is so addictive to the point that the young kids sit in there cars at the gas station to smoke and it’s sad because some don’t care as long as they can get high and it’s illegal.

  61. I agree with what u all r saying. this stuff is the devil i smoked this stuff for six month . it feel like the devil is around me or some type of spirite. i can’t sleep at night sometime i stay up tell the sun come up. they sell it at the gas station and all these young kids are buying it like it’s candy. i tell my self i’m not going to buy anymore then i buy the next day. i have decided to stop after today and i pray that all who want to stop not buy anymore and deal with the withdrawls like i’m going to do. i say if u can stop weed u can stop this. like someone said one min, one hour, one day, one week, two weeks and on on it’s going to take time. and if that doesn’t work read ur bible the word hell all wounds.

  62. Today, i will fight that demon that makes me want to go pick up a bag and spend my day locked in my house wasted on spice and listning to chimaira. I doubt i will win the battle. Spice is like a doorway to the devil because it will make all of your bad thoughts and emotions come out if you smoke too much. The kep to not smoking it is t stay busy with something else.

  63. I have smoked spice for a few years. I got started because it was legal and I was naive enough to think that made it safe. I found out about it from the news on tv. I have had times when i smoked it everyday for months on end and iv had times when i dint smoke any for a couple of months. I NEVER experienced any withdrawel effects. It makes me beleive that a lot of people on here are lieing or embelishing. Some people on here “claim” to smoke $800 worth in a week. Eitheir you are getting bad stuff or you are lieing. If you rolled huge, fat, bomber joints, it comes out to 106 to 150 joints per week. Thats not possobly. You would go crazy within the first joint after you huffed it down. Eitheir that or the stuff you got was no good.
    What i have experienced is when i smoke it, if i smoke more than 2 hits of good stuff at a time, It can make me really freaked out and paranoid. It will also make me see all of the things wrong in my life and make me feel really, really bad about it. For instance: If my house is dirty, i will have a panic attack about it and start worrying until the stuff wears off some. If i smoke to much of really strong stuff, it’s made me have crazy hallucinations. I have actually lost my hearing or my brain go’s into crazy trips if i listen to a band chimaira at a low volume, about as loud as a soft human voice. My mind feels like its thinking and moving in waves along with the music and i really lose complete touch with reality. Specially the song by chimaira called: painting the white to grey. Many times, iv had to turn off chimaira because of the insane trips it makes me go into. I feel like My arms and legs shake and i can barely walk 3 feet to sit back down. It makes me lose touch with time. When i stop doing it and im clean for a day, I want to do more simply because it has become a habit instead of doing other things im very interested in. It’s easier to smoke some than to walk over to the beach and surf. Once i smoke it, i dont want to go outside and be around other people simply because i feel like everyone knows if im high. It makes me shut my curtains because i feel like my neighbors know. The biggest problem that draws me back to it over and over is listning to chimaira 1st or second cd’s while smoking it on a really, really nice sterio at a low level or with headphone. For some reason, that intensifys my trip 100x and make me lose touch. I have NEVER had any symptoms of smoking this stuff when i was not high on it. Several people who posted here sound like they were on it and paranoid when they wrote their posts. Most of the stuff iv read on here sounds like it was written by people who have very little experience smoking it. There are NO withdrawel symptoms. Thats completely rediculas. The stuff is NOT physically addictive.
    @Tam : Im sorry what happened to your brother but he had a pre-existing brain tumor. You dont have any idea if his death had anything to do with spice and most likely it dint. Most of what you say about spice is all speculation because you dont know what you are talking about and you have no experience.
    The problem with getting off spice is to simply change your habits and move on from it.
    @ H : you are letting it take complete control of your life. like many drugs, you get a tolerance to it and it takes more and more to get high if you dont take a break for a few weeks or a month. Screw those guys at the store that you thought were working you. They aint no-body and they aint no better than you.
    I dont know what you people were smoking that you got physically addicted to and therefor had withdrawel symptoms but it wasn’t spice. You must have other issues. Stopping spice is like stopping a habit of eating ice cream, you eitheir have to get help or just do it yourself cold turkey. Then you have to find better things to fill your free time with so you can move away from your spice habit. To conclude: No ONE has died as a direct result of smoking spice and never will, if they died, it was because of some other problem they had. Some People and big brother are trying to create a hysteria about it by making up and passing along rumors and making people panic. Spice is not good to get involved with but no drug is including alcohol or cigarettes or pot and anyone that tells you pot dont screw up your life also is a lier.

  64. Found this blog yesterday and glad I did. At first I thought I can’t be addicted to this stuff, it’s suppose to be like pot, right? WRONG!!!

    I know addiction, cigarettes, alcohol, McDonald’s; Oh but this is not right. I agree with many of the comments above about just legalize the natural. I had the oppertunity to try some bud the other day and did. What a dissapointment, where was the high? WRONG!!!

    Being one who suffers from PTSD, many of the symstems of a bad day are similar to the side effects of coming off of this mystery chemical combination ever changing to surpass the ban. (My state has banned it twice and this new mix is the worst ever as per addictive nature and side effects. And I have been “stuck enough on stupid” to seek it out.) Why? WRONG!!!

    Yes, I have a journey of suffering ahead over the next month and beyond. Thank goodness I am an avid fan of H2O, hydration is key and eating when I will not want to. I know now that I am not alone in this and thank everyone from the information they have provided about this EVIL. I now choose to LIVE. RIGHT!!!

  65. I agree with Mar. I smoked marijuana for most of my adult life before trying spice. I also have tried about every other high out there including alcohol. I never had any problems with any of them except for spice. Sure sometimes I would get a little moody for a day or so without mj, but it passed with ease. My family has a history of alcoholism, but never effected me. I drank on weekends for many years, but haven’t in over ten years. Never the first withdrawal symptom. Spice was a whole different ball game. My whole personality changed, and my body and mind were addicted to that crap. I quite smoking mj as soon as I formed the spice habit. It had no effect on me after spice. I quit spice in October of last year, and my only regret was that I wasted my money and body on it to begin with. I hate to think of all the ruined lives out there due to spice. I saved mine, but am sure many are still it’s victim.

  66. Agreed, Mar! I don’t care how physically or mentally “weak” I may be for not being able to handle POISON in my body!

  67. RE: “Swim Smoked it six months every day all sorts of types mixed with all sorts of other drugs. Some nice highs no side effects that i have noticed at all.
    Maybe all these complainants are just mentally or physically weak?”

    Everything affects people differently, but it seems to me that the majority of people are having a rough time once they get hooked on the spice. Also, just about everyone commenting on this thread are marijuana or alcohol users, so I don’t think it’s about “not being able to handle themselves”. I would be more likely to agree with the idea that the complainers were mentally or physically weak of they were people who had never done any drugs or alcohol before.
    Most spice smokers have already smoked marijuana, and done hallucinogens with no problem, if you read through the comments.

  68. Happy to report that I have not smoked the spice again since January. It is scary how addictive that stuff is. I have done other drugs in the past, I drink, I smoke pot and cigarettes, but never have I smoked something so addictive in my life. That was very scary. I have had many opportunities to buy more, I buy my tobacco from the same head shop where I got that crap in the first place, and I do not even glance at it. My son is fine, and I still feel guilty for having smoked that one bag of spice and nursing him. I can’t believe something so powerful is available at the corner store (around here even gas stations sell some form of legal incense smoke) while I have to smoke weed in hiding like a criminal. Sick Sad World.

  69. Ive been an avid weed smoker since the age of 19… Really I feel tht I cant live without a mary jane hi… In 2009 I got in a lil trouble and was put on probation… So I started to smoke the legal stuff to try and stay out of trouble… Wish I Neva had touched this shit…. My friends dnt believev me but this 7H stuff is stronger than weed and Im having a real problem putting it dwn… The stuff is funky and taste like shit but the 15 min hi is awsome, if ya dnt take in to much aand then you have the risk of goin krzy… Long story short… LEAVE THIS ALONE!!!

  70. Swim Smoked it six months every day all sorts of types mixed with all sorts of other drugs. Some nice highs no side effects that i have noticed at all.

    Maybe all these complainants are just mentally or physically weak?

  71. To everyone trying to quit or who is going through withdrawals: DON’T GIVE UP! You feel awful now but the end result is absolutely worth it!! I have been clean since December 2011 and I thank God everyday that I quit.

  72. Dewayne
    My advice to you is to try your very hardest to stop smoking it. Stay away from other people you know who smoke, stay away from the shops; and ask God to help you, he will bring you out of your situation if you go to him with a sincere and humble heart. Take it one day at a time. Don’t get bent out of shape thinking about the long-term battle because the situation is RIGHT NOW. If you can not possibly go one day at a time try going one hour at a time. Just focus all your will into forcing yourself to not smoke for just one hour at a time and see how good you feel. Test yourself. I myself am currently trying to quit smoking weed. It took me a lot of dedication and devotion to smoke about 5 times a day. So now I am using that same dedication and devotion to help myself quit and so far it’s been working great I have not smoked in almost 10 days which is very big for me. I’m not going to lie to you though those first couple of days were the most difficult for me and I could not possibly see how I was going to continue my life without smoking another blunt. And I also relapsed after just three days of being clean but again I was thinking long-term. The main point I am trying to make to you here is that you must go step by step, day by day. But I know that you can quit when you put your mind to it, it’s good that you already have the desire to stop using and that you want help so I commend you on that realization. I will be checking back on this forum to see your progress and I will also keep you in my prayers.

    Remember it starts today and then continues, I hope the best for you.

  73. Tam,
    As soon as I read your first post my mind just instantly was like that had to be salvia that your bro was smoking before he his tragic death. I’m very sorry to hear what happened and I will keep your family in my prayers. Salvia is a legal drug like K2 and Spice but it is also very dangerous and causes unpredictable hallucinogenic effects. My cousin and I smoked it on one occasion and though I was fine in that particular time other than laughing histerically my cousin on the other hand was not. He obviously had a bad trip and became very violent and also did not recognize some of his friends and people he knew. Luckily we had smoked a fairly low dosage of the salvia and the high wore off in a matter of minutes in which my cousin and I returned back to sobriety. On another occasion I smoked it again and this time I became very violent towards my own father and my cousins literally had to hold me back from attacking him… when I am sober I am a very nice person that’s why I was very surprised to hear how I had reacted. I also kept in mind that I was most certainly on a ‘bad trip.’ Luckily I had family and friends around to stop me and calm me down while I was tripping. Most people don’t know this but if you choose to smoke salvia IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE A “SITTER” WITH YOU or somebody that you trust can first of all watch you while you trip and can also prevent you from causing harm to yourself of anyone else. The effects of salvia are different for everyone that smokes it and it also depends on what mood you are in, it is also a mind altering substance. My advice to everyone is to not do drugs at all especially if you have not done your research beforehand. Just ask other people that have done the drugs if you don’t have a computer. As far as K2 goes all I really have to say is that when I smoked it all I needed was one hit and I felt higher than I had ever been before which made me realize that it is very powerful. Why allow us to smoke this fake stuff but not the real deal? is the question I have in the back of my mind… Lastly the devil is very good at deceiving people these days and once you give your will and control over to him then he has you in his grasp. (He does not want to let you go either no matter what.) Only the power, mercy, grace, and Love of God are able to free you from Satan’s bondage. So be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.
    Take it from someone who has been there, hope my experiences can help all of you that seek help, Peace be with you.

  74. I have been off of spice for over six months now, but still read every blog I can find about it. I also post on any blog I find in the hope that it will help someone still smoking or suffering the withdrawals of this crap. I had smoked mj for over thirty years, but still had the fear of someday getting caught with it and my life being ruined. I first smoked Mr. Nice Guy. I took probably four tokes the first time, which I am sure was too much for first time. I started feeling funny and the next thing I knew my heart felt as if it would beat out of my chest. I couldn’t walk straight but made it into the bathroom and layed on the floor. I couldn’t see straight and was afraid I might die. I had experiences with mind altering substances besides mj before and I talked myself down some. I did my best to enjoy the rest of the “trip” and calmed myself enough to lay back in my recliner. I pictured a roller coaster in my mind, and felt every turn drop on the ride. Suddenly the coaster stopped and I started to come back to reality. You would think with a frightening experience like this that I wouldn’t have done it again, but I did. I was careful to only smoke a couple hits the next time, and it seemed pretty enjoyable. I was glad to have something legal that I could not be busted for so I continued to smoke it. At first it is fun and doesn’t take much to get a good high off of it. That quickly changes as does the amount of it you are using. In two months or so I was smoking a whole ounce jar of it with one friend per week. I began to notice great changes in the person I was. I was far more aggressive and easily agitated, but still craved that high. I then began to notice physical symptoms that included cramps and numbness in legs and arms. I became much more lazy. When I first smoked it I felt energetic when I smoked, but that is just another way it fools you. I was having breathing problems particularly in the morning. I would cough up black stuff all morning, but would still start smoking as soon as I could. I experienced frequent urination that disturbed my sleep several times per night. I began to feel like I was going crazy after three months of smoking it. I was also spending a lot of money on it. Much more than I once spent on mj. A sudden unexpected change in income that I won’t go into, made it necessary to quit smoking it asap. I had noticed some withdrawal on the occasions when I had been without out it for a day or so, but was not ready for what cold turkey would bring. My friend who I smoked with daily, was another reason I decided we had to stop. He became a totally different person from this crap. He had violent tendencies and was very dillusional. Although his behavior bothered me sooner, I would just smoke more and not think about it. When I told him that I was not going to order any more, he became very abusive and wanted to fight with me. I found myself fighting addiction withdrawals and a crazy person at the same time. The withdrawals felt as if they might kill me at time. Nausea, lack of sleep, not appetite. I forced myself to drink and eat food anyway. My legs felt very weak and I became winded easily. I was very depressed, but not suicidal. I was so determined to beat this addiction and feel like myself again. I really didn’t sleep well for weeks, nor did I quit feeling paranoid and unhappy for weeks. My friend thanked me after a few days for getting him off of it. He realized he had been on a different plane, and was glad to be back to reality. I won’t go into some of what he experienced in his mind, but it was frightening. I am not going to say it was easy to quit spice, but it gets better every day. It was two months of anxiety and headaches, but I made it. I never started smoking mj again either. For one thing this crap makes it ineffective completely. I am feeling good again and hope that I have no lasting
    health effects from spice. I feel stupid for ever doing this stuff in the first place, but am glad I got out when I did. If anybody has anything they would like to ask me or if I can help you in any way let me know. You are not alone because most of us on here are more than happy to help and support you.

  75. I wanted to share a bit of information in response to the handful of people who experienced a lack of positive emotions commonly associated with withdrawal symptoms. I haven’t seen anything mentioned about Spices’ over-stimulating effect on the brains dopamine receptors.

    If you smoke this stuff continuously & in high amounts you’ll trigger your brain to mass produce dopamine therefore overloading these receptors. It is a grim reality that us recreational users face when deciding to quit : things that made you happy are no longer as enjoyable.

    I can break it down like this –

    Eating a piece of chocolate pie, or stopping at Starbucks would produce about 100-150u of dopamine. (You should note that while the numerical figures are accurate, the “u” simply stands for “units”)

    I don’t intend to offend anyone, but an orgasm releases slightly under 250u. (For males)

    A hit of spice is no less than 500u. At twice the euphoric stimulation in the brain as intimate intercurse, it becomes clear how easily our receptors die off – our body isn’t meant for that stimulaton.

    It appears that these brands aren’t getting any weaker, either…

  76. if you’ve done these fake drugs such as diesel for a year several several times a day, but you’ve been clean for about 7months….would it affect your trusting with others? preferably you feel like everyone is out to get you and you can’t seem to trust no one, not even your family?

  77. [From another post about synthetic marijuana]
    Ok, so I have read maybe 1/4th of the posts here, there’s just too many. And I see the majority of them are about the negative aspects of this substance.
    Where I live there have been 2 bans on this product. Each ban has reduced the potency of the available incense.
    I smoked incense for about 9 months straight (1 month I was smoking Mr. Nice Guy, then switched to Panic, the other 8 months I was smoking various post-banned types including Barely Legal, Genarik, and One-N-Done “Double Strength”…I didn’t smoke any of the really weak stuff now available here after the 2nd ban). I purchased most of my incense online from sites I trusted.
    At the time I worked night shift 6pm-6am. I would wake up, smoke; smoke before I headed into work. Smoke at work, smoke before heading home from work. I would smoke when I arrived home, and then I smoked before I went to sleep. On my days off I would smoke upon waking, and smoke casually throughout the day, depending on what I had planned, and smoked before going to bed again. Many times I would mix it with weed, I also smoked panic during and while I was coming down from a mushroom trip. Not once have I had a withdrawal, I dropped it very easily once my circumstances didn’t allow for it.
    I LOVE this stuff. Not once have I vomited, or had seizures, or flip out or anything like that as a result of smoking.
    The only negative side effect (not negative for me) to it I experienced is that if you aren’t careful you can smoke too much at once. However, the only effect this had on me was that it induced out of body experiences.
    This stuff is way more powerful than marijuana, and it should be RESPECTED and used WISELY. It can be a powerful tool for self realization, spiritual advancements, or just plain getting higher than you ever thought imaginable. Either your body can handle it, or it can’t. Either your mind can handle it, or it can’t. Do some research behind ANY drug you plan on using….isn’t that just common sense? And as far as the people that gungho it and smoke an entire blunt of it because they can do that with marijuana…you’re just asking for it.
    And to anyone that has had legitimate problems concerning incense, in any variation, you have my deepest condolences…that truly sucks. But, don’t put sole blame on the drug. There are many people out there, including myself, and probably people that will never visit this page (because why would they? they aren’t having problems with it), that have had NO ill side-effects with it. Are peanuts evil and should they be banned and trashed because some people are allergic and will die if they come in contact with them? I think not.

  78. Like a lot of people on this forum I have been smoking the synthetic blends for sometime now , approx 5 gram 1-2 days. I can honestly say my life has changed for the worst. I fear losing my job, family,etc….. My wife is unaware of the issue since I would typically work from the house, however it is now taking over my life. My wife has a suspision, but I deny it and hope I can get through this.They finally banned it again here in state, hopefully for good now. Had a horrible fight with the family this weekend and my life is spinning out of control. This is DAY ONE. I tried to get sleep last night, like everyone I could not….. woke up destroyed all my stuff and hopefully can make it through this.

    I appreciate

  79. Ok so I have been smoking for about a year and a half. Now I would only smoke 3 hits and be done. What I realized yesterday was that every free moment I had I would smoke. I didn’t think anything of it. I kept telling my self I would stop but found myself smoking 3-4 times a day! Now I have a job and do cardio work outs almost every day. So I didn’t feel any ill effects from JWH. What i realized, when I smoked it was always when I had a few spare minutes. But I only realized it when stoned. So while stoned last night I had an epiphany. Stop smoking. I went in the house and dumped about an ounce an a half down the toilet and flushed. Got no more of this in the house anymore so no more temptation. Wish me luck.

  80. a lot better I was vomiting yellow bile and foam EVERY morning, thought it was from something else, but no. Doctor says every time you inhale you always swallow some smoke, whether you know it or not, but might not be from swallowing smoke though. That stuff def will make all that happen. it takes a couple weeks. been off for a month and half now.

  81. So I have been smoking spice for a total of 6 months now.
    In the beginning I didn’t use it as often as I have been recently.
    I’ve been smoking 5 grams in a span of three days approximately (At the most).
    I decided to quit today because I noticed that I have become constipated, and sometimes have abdominal pain.
    My blood pressure has risen, i feel slight fatigue, i get mild headaches, mild chest pains, i sweat a lot at night, and i sometimes i break out in sweat and get chills.
    I put all these symptoms in WebMD at first because I didnt know what was wrong with me, and I had all sorts of diagnosis like cancer etc.
    I’m rather convinced now that the reason for my poor health is smoking this stuff.
    I feel like horrible, and I have changed my diet by adding a great deal of fibers and drinking A LOT of water throughout the day.
    Does anyone know if you will get better after completely getting off this stuff? How long have you been off and how much better do you feel?

  82. Finally have stopped smoking that CRAP. Coughing up black phlegm now, and breathe deep breaths without any crackling sounds finally, teeth are already 3 shades whiter, and I am so glad the nightmare has ended. Thank You GOD.

  83. Hey “notsomuchaspicegirlanymore” everything you said above scares me a lot, that is quite a bit of it to be smoking daily though, i don’t smoke that much. 4 grams lasts me 4 days, so a gram a day and ive been on it about 8 months now. Now my symptoms are as follows:

    -Trouble going “number 2”, as if there is muscle loss of some sort, it is more work to go now…
    – dizziness

    when i have withdrawls this is the symptoms

    -Severe loss of appetite (not eating for 2 days straight)
    -weight loss
    -cold sweats (especially at night) covers go on, then off, then on then off, repeat.
    _thinking about smoking it nonstop
    -irritability, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, crying, EXTREME ANGER
    – usually after about a week, things begin to kind-of go back to a stable state, like the cravings, but the appetite is still lingering, sleep is doing ok, not so angry, but still honory (or however u spell it) this is from the G one three

  84. CATCHTHEDRAGON: I am not sure if you got an answer to the lung issues. But like I said in my above post I had serious lung damage because of it. I use to be an avid swimmer (I could swim a full mile with no problems.) After smoking spice for a couple of years the doctor told me when I got my lung infection that I had the lung capacity of the average 10 year old.. at age 21.. I had to take steriods to make the swelling in my lungs go down.. to this day I now use an emergency inhaler once or twice every day. advair.. and sleep with a nebulizer machine at night. Many nights without my medications I woke up to dreams that I was being choked.. suffocated.. drowned.. etc. All due to the fact my breathing was so bad.

    And those are just the lung effects. I stated more of the digestive and withdrawal effects in my previous post.

  85. I was a solid smoker of spice/pot-pourri for almost 2 full years. I enjoyed the effects because it reminded me so much of being stoned. However.. I became addicted to it rather quickly and couldnt seem to turn away. i went from smoking an average of 1 gram per day to smoking over an ounce a day (roughly 28-30 grams A DAY) But I kept denying that the drug had any sort of an effect on my health… until the stories kept spewing out among my friends and work collegues. I have known 3 people who developed irritable bowel syndrome. (one of those people has quite spice for over 6 months and still suffers from the issues.) I have known 2 people who developed ulcers. Me and my boyfriend and another friend of ours all ended up with severe cases of lung infections. (I have to sleep with a nebulizer machine at night now.) We all had to take prednozone (a strong steriod) in high doses for a couple of weeks in order for the infection to go away. And I have also recently had a friend who was a consecutive user as well who was diagnosed with panchoreitis. (pardon the spelling. Im sure it isnt accurate.)

    In addition to this the withdrawal symptoms are the worst part:
    Severe nausea(anyone who tried to come off of it was vomiting and couldnt eat regular meals for about a month.)
    Yellowish foam vomit.
    Blackish-grey flem.
    Horrible chronic cough.
    Daily headaches.
    Stomach and digestive issues.
    Intense cravings to go back to spice.
    cold sweats (especially at night. to the point my bed would be soaked in sweat but I would have goosebumps all over my body and be shivering.)
    And huge issues falling asleep as well as staying asleep.

    The withdrawal symptoms continued for a month. Then all of my health issues.. withdrawal symptoms.. everything went away. I am healthy again.. my lungs are still damaged.. and many of my friends have long term digestive issues. the only thing we had in common other than our illnesses and symptoms were the consecutive use of spice.

    It only takes a few days to become addicted..
    But it takes a month to rid yourself of the withdrawals and health hazzards at the very least..
    It isnt worth the 15 minute high.

  86. Dear Brett, or anyone else that has helped our family with answers to our question to gain some solace and closure of my brothers sudden death.
    This has been an evil heck of a ride, especially for my Mom.
    The neighbor next to my brother heard everything. The nightmare began around 6:00 a.m. She initially thought he was playing with his dog. But then this strange growling noise started. She pounded on the walls and my bother stopped. She went to get in the shower, and it started again. Loud banging sounds like he has falling down and also hitting the wall. She asked me if I had ever seen the Exorcist. I have not seen it. She said, it sounded like those same sounds she remembered. Mind you, this women is a phycologist, so she has seen a lot. She said it was like he was being thrown around the room.
    She decided to go to his front door and call out to him. He stopped again, for about a minute. She called the police and the medic-team. The SWAT Team even came, because they had no idea what was beyond that door. They broke in, and 2 minutes later the SWAT team came out and took off their gear. They told her (the neighbor) he was already on the floor mumbling something. The paramedic’s brought him down the stairs, by that time, he was not responding. Then he was put on a ventilator until my family could get there. When they did the brain scan, he had a massive brain hemorrhage. After about 12 hours, my Mom said her good-byes and they took him off Life Support. Since I don’t live in the same state, my family called me to hear his heart beat for the last time, then it slowly stopped. It only took 1 1/2 hours from the time it all started to end, and he was gone.
    We have watched many Youtube video’s and what happens to people. The most disturbing is a man and a woman who taped their ordeal. I can’t even believe how fast on hit takes. It’s a matter of seconds, and they can’t control their bodies or any thing that is around them. It’s just so sicking!!!!
    Seek help….please!
    For those of you that are trying so hard to quit, I applaud your courage!
    Thanks everyone for your help! I hope you all find the peace and solitude you seek. That your trials with this dangerous drug Salvia will be lessened and each of your days will become more
    clear. Thinking about you all! HUGE HUGS! Tam

  87. hello everyone out there who is smokeing this fake weed ,that dose nothing in the end but make you deathly sick in long term use of just a few months,i have smoked mr.nice guy.down2earth,etc.intill i started getting sick by it , at frist i didn;t think it was the fake weed ,but it is from it ,it has been 5 days since i have not smoke , very nasty withdrawls 100 times worst then the rea l weed,but each day i feel a much better,thinking clearer,eating better,sleeping better,etc. listen this not going to be easly by no means what so ever , but save yourself !i pray for all of you ,that each one of you ,can walk away from this, if you have to take a piss test,go to the headshop ,buy the detox ,drink it,get the job ,smoke your real weed,&live longer!

  88. Hey, I just quit smoking spice heavily after a year of money wasting. Anyone going through withdraws, it aint easy. But there are some things you can do to cut the anxiety down at least for a little while.

    try Kava tea
    or blue lotus flower extracts.
    Passion flower is also good, but i feels its a little jittery.
    Any of these will help cut the anxiety level. I know they help
    me since i still go through withdraw random days, but i’ve been clean a
    month because of the ban. Hope this helps.

  89. One last thing and I hope this isn’t TMI but, I was late on my period for almost a month and FINALLY got it , once I stopped taking that stuff this week.

    To me, this was the MOST encouraging sign yet, b/c this is so key in knowing as a woman, your body is on the right track.

    Just wanted to add that in case it was happening to anyone else…

  90. JT : THANK you SO MUCH for the encouragement and specifics!!

    I am on Day 5 and feel SO much better than I felt on Monday.

    I can only hope someone else reads this b/c I know how freaked out I was 5 days ago and sometimes you just need (literally) a sanity check.

    Thanks for your prayers, they are indeed reciprocated!!

  91. sasha . I saw your other post on another blog .

    Go back to that thread . It saved me from this horrid addiction . There is alot more help there on how to cope with the withdrawals and recovery .

    Stick with it . It will take time but you WILL get better . 100% guaranteed . Right now you need to get your body physically better .

    Then your mind will follow . A good B 100 complex regiment will help alot . B vitamins help your nervous system . Right now yours is wrecked . Work out . I used my elipical . Lots of water . Take lots a vitamins if your still splat your food out your rear . Most important . you have to eat . Take crackers to bed with you it helped me . If your still anxious stay away from sugar it will excite you .

    It took 3 weeks for my mind to clear up . Thats so fustrating . but your not losing your mind its just that you got all that incense crap stuck on nerve endings and brain receptacles . you will feel it clear little by little daily .

    Good luck and GOD Bless you . I will pray for you .

  92. Hey everyone, I put a post here the other day but I don’t see it.

    On Day 3 of detox. I am experiencing some detox symptoms -it’s the mental/memory/emotions stuff that really scares me more than anything, There’s a definite difference in my ability to comprehend, remember what I’m saying, not feeling attached at all to the world…

    The GOOD NEWS…and that’s really why I decided to post here again, b/c I too never post things in forums, etc. but feel particularly obligated to this particular one : I am NOT craving it….which I’m honestly shocked over b/c I was literally smoking all day throughout the day for the past 6 months. In fact, after the first day, I really wasn’t craving it. THANK GOD, because to be perfectly honest I’ve never been so addicted to anything in my life and I am no spring chicken. This stuff has been literally RUNNING my life…

    One thing I am realizing as I read this forum is just how arrogant I was in thinking that I knew better than the news did, and if I was able to survive X, Y & Z, surely something they sell at the gas station can’t even come close to other drugs.

    I’ve read a lot of the posts on here and it seems as though a lot of us have tried this or that throughout the years and…well, once you do it and realize you’re fine, a day later, month, year…you can begin to get desensitized to the fear/respect element with drugs.

    Bottom line: you just never know which next thing you try could be THE NEW WORST THING that people haven’t even had a chance to learn the long term effects of. I think like everyone here, it’s a huge surprise that “Spice” could be my personal drug of downfall. Never did I think that an OTC product with cartoons on the package could be grouped in the same breath as heroin.

    And I think that’s most disturbing element of this incense thing. How in the hell is something SO dangerous, SO available and legal (where I live at least). Yet ofc something natural that doesn’t make drug companies $ is illegal.

    I just PRAY that any damage from my 6 months is repairable. I don’t look or feel like myself …and I just want me back more than anything.

    If there is anyone reading this and is trying to quit but can’t (I tried several time). Just focus on getting through 48 hours, the beginning of change can sometimes be the hardest part. God bless everyone and thank you for being here-this forum has really helped me not feel so alone in this…

  93. Tam,
    again, im really sorry to hear about your brother, its a horrible story and definitely not something i hope to ever go through. i think jack might be right, after a little research on it, it does sound like he was on salvia… or he was smoking resin (which can be about 5 times as strong as the “herbs” them self because it’s the same stuff only liquified, concentrated and hardened to a solid, tar, or powder.) either way, i cant say for sure weather it was the drug that killed him or something else… you say he had an aneurism, there are ALLOT of things that can cause it, including the super concentrated salvia jack mentioned, and my theory… lack of water causing the body to over heat and the brain to swell inside the skull, can easily cause hemorrhaging and such.
    im not defending the bastards that make and sell this stuff, im not defending the products at all… im simply suggesting that there might have been other underlying contributors at work. i hope someday you find out what the cause was for sure, i know you need the closure, and i wish i could help more than i have… i hope I’ve helped at least a little bit.
    stay strong!

  94. just wanted to update…. lost count of how many days/weeks I’ve been off this crap…. im not the kind of person that needs a pat on the back for every day he’s been sober. i AM still clean, and feel pretty much back to 100% now. i have also spoken with a few doctors, who all agree with my statements above adamantly. it may not be true in ALL cases, everyone has different body chemistry and such…. but the chemicals in this stuff… the JHW or whatever it is does effectively keep the body from absorbing water, just basically lets it run in one end and out the other with no processing in between…. this effect on the body builds over time and compounds big time once you reach a certain point.
    again, im NOT saying that this stuff isn’t addictive, im not saying its all in your heads… i went through the same stuff and i know how bad you guys are feeling…. just try what I’ve suggested, in the worst case, it wont help at all, in the best case it’ll make you feel about 20 times better…. and in either case…. drinking water and eating food will never hurt you. just force yourself to eat and drink as much as possible, stay away from caffeine, sodas, energy shots, etc (they only dehydrate you more) opt for natural water, vitamin water, gator aide, or something of the sort (depending on your taste)
    my appetite still hasn’t improved much at all…. the sight of food doesn’t turn my stomach anymore like it did for a while but i still don’t get the urge to eat much like i used to. i’ve lost about 50LBs so far (no no eating disorders here just the way this crap changed my body chemistry/ metabolism i guess) but that’s fine with me, i needed to lose the weight anyway and could still stand to lose more (started out at 5’7 and 280LBs) but anyway, im getting off track here, hope my post will help someone somewhere!

  95. I smoked this stuff for awhile because of drug testing and went though the same nasty side effects everyone here has mentioned. I’m in my mid 30’s and smoked MJ since I was 16, and a lot of it. Never have I had anything like this happen with MJ. This stuff is horrible, stay away from it or get off of it anyway you can. I’m at the 2 week point and feel much better. Never again will i smoke this stuff, ever.

  96. Tam,
    Sorry, I just realized that it was your brother and not your son (my bad).
    I didn’t go into detail about my experience with salvia because I smoked it a couple of times. There is a very good reason that I only tried it and left it alone. If you would like to see what a salvia trip is like, go to Youtube and search it.

  97. Tam,
    I’m about 90% sure that the drug that your son ingested was salvia divinorum.
    I came across this wonderful black powdery substance at my local jihadi convenience store. Salvia is illegal but a couple of professionally packaged plastic containers were mixed in with the many bags of K-2 that the store owner kept in a box under the counter because K-2 had also been banned at that time.
    The salvia was sold to me in a black plastic 1 gram container that looks kind of like a make -up or contact lens dispenser. The container was shrunk wrapped and labeled Black Magic Salvia… 60X (60X refers to the concentration or potency).
    A plethora of information on salvia is available on the web and you will find several Youtube videos of kids smoking this poison.
    The salvia that I smoked was a finely ground, black powdery substance that looked nothing like cannibus or herbal incense (kind of looked like gun powder).
    I really hope that this helps.

  98. I’m usually not one to join one of these forums but after reading all of the posts (especially from Tam) I felt that I needed to throw my two cents in there.
    At 45, there aren’t too many drugs or ways to get high that I haven’t tried at least once or twice in my life. My laundry list of highs include heroin, coke, heroin and coke together, meth (crystal and methadone), Vicodin, Valium, soapers ( most of you won’t know what this is, but the drug replaced Quaaludes in the late 70’s), Prozac, Paxil (and a gammit of SSRI’s), and just about every strain of marijuana known to man. If you think that I’m trying to impress you, you would be quite wrong because I could care less what you think. the only reason that I am listing these is so that none of the millennials on here would offer some bullshit about their very limited experience in the matter of drugs. I think that I have the knowledge and experience to “weigh in” on herbal incense.
    The only reason and I mean ONLY reason that I ever touched “legal weed” is because I was being drug tested every month due to military affiliation. That’s right, because my government made it illegal for me to get relief from my medical condition(s) from smoking cannabis -they forced me directly into the hands of the local Pakistani convenience store owners who sold me K -2. And thus began my wonderful 2 year run with synthetic weed. After chemicals JWH and others were banned in the state that I was residing at the time, I ran the gammit of the next generation of herbal incense. Dead Man Walking (very appropriate name), Cobra, Funky Monkey, Wicked X, Medusa, Jazz, and many, many other brands. I’ve smoked a pound of this crap people so listen up.
    The latest round of fake weed, incense, or whatever you call it is the worst drug that I have ever ingested! I too went through severe withdrawal symptoms after a couple of days without it. I’ve been through heroin withdrawal and this was very similar. The major concern that I have with this drug is the effect that it has on the heart. I’ve had several EKG’s within the last year so don’t tell me that it’s psychological.

  99. @Will @Even…I am with LaDonna. HANG IN THERE! I lost my brother to this drug 8 weeks ago. He had a massive brain hemorrhage and my family (my Mom) had to take him off Advanced Life Support. If you have ever witnessed pulling the plug on a loved one, you would never ever want your family to endure this awful, sickening pain. You can do this! I know you can! Please! Don’t give up or give in to this drug killer!
    My thoughts are with you both!

  100. I always go for 3 days – a week and a half abstinent, it’s not the best experience but at least I do know i can do it 🙂

    Honestly, I am worried about my Lungs. I want to know anyone has any lung problems that they know are directly related to smoking the spice.

  101. im on my 3rd day spice free i still dont want to eat anything makes me wanna puke but i feel good im more active not always worrying about my next packet or if there will be a next one not as stressed as i was

  102. @Will…hang in there, I swear it will get better! When I first posted, I was on day 3 of spice withdrawal and I felt soooo bad. I have now made it past the 2-week mark and I am alive again! My appetite has slowly come back (I lost 13 lbs during this hell), I have more energy and the cravings are few and far between. If you have any access at all to the real mary jane, I highly recommend that. You will not get high from it for awhile because your brain is used to the spice buzz….but it really does take the edge off and calms you just enough to deal more easily.

    PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP! Days 3 – 5 are the worst…get through them and you will feel like yourself again little by little.

  103. I use spice about 3 times a week and never take more then 3 hits. Sometimes 1 hit is enough. It can be addicting I’d u have the time. So I suggest u only smoke on certain days to keep urself grounded. I don’t think it’s addictive. The fact it’s legal and wears off in an hour or so is the reasoning behind abusing it. Listen peps don’t abuse it take control of ur life and use in moderation like anything else. I have a house a job and kids and function quite well. Of course only smoking at night when the house is quiet. Treat it like alcohol. Don’t dive on it or o to work on it.

  104. I was put on a SCRAM monitor for the period of 1year..Secured Remote Alcohol Monitor. THis meant no more drinking AT ALL. AFter hearing of spice i started using in extremely small doses Down2earth. It got me through probation and let me live an alcohol free college life. LIke a 1g pack would las a couple days..Now i buy 2 5gram bags a day. I am so addicted to this shit its insane. IM on my third day spice free.. and i still crave it more than ever. I lost my appetite,i lost interest in life itself unless i have a pack of d2e “fiending dosent do justice” . i couldnt imagine being strung out/ coming down on hardcore drugs!

  105. BTW, if I didn’t smoke it I’d be bad on alcohol, it kept me away from alcohol for 4 months, but I relapsed cause I had ran out….. just saying, if you have some other bad addiction like alcoholism.. yes.

  106. Hey Brett, I live in Illinois, and they don’t sell it out here. but I still order it online, and I eat way too much when I smoke it. I now have a Balance, I have gone over a week without it have now realized my addiction was psychological, but I get it all the time still and love it. I do have a lack of appetite when I do not smoke it.

    AND DO NOT BREASTFEED YOUR CHILD IF YOU ARE SMOKING THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU SMOKE IT WHILE PREGNANT IT CAN CAUSE A MISCARRIAGE, SO JUST IMAGINE WHAT IT IT DOING TO YOUR LITTLE BABY NOW, MAKING HIM/HER ADDICTED TO THIS CRAP B4 HE CAN EVEN SPEAK … stop please please, I am an AVID supporter of breastfeeding and I believe you should continue to do it, but Stop this stuff, don’t let your baby ingest it, keep him pure, please we do not know what this stuff contains.

  107. i smoke this stuff almost all day and i feel controlled by it i cant sleep without it if im on my last bag i feel desprete i feel sad because i know im hurting myself but i cant stop it it makes me anti social and unable to go in big crouds with put being paranoid i quit today for my own good its ok so far but i have to be doing somthing to keep my mind off of it its not that bad when i play paintball all day i have to thank my mom for helping me throgh this

  108. still feeling fine, one persistent issue though… lack of hunger…. er rather lack of appetite… i get hungry as hell but when i fix something to eat, its like i have to fight my body to get it all down, nothing is coming back up though… hard to explain but yeah aside from that, no issues right now

  109. I stated before that i wasn’t having any withdrawals but soon after that I started to……mostly the aggression But it’s been 7 weeks and I have never felt better. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record but stay off the synthetic stuff it’s bad. Since I have been over it all. I have felt so great!

  110. Is the legal buds and incense the same thing because I waw wondering I have got to get off this fake stuff but I’d love another alternative and I live in Alabama where it has been banned but this legal bud stuff claims to be 50 state legal just wondering if anyone had tried it and if it has the same or similer side effects

  111. oh one more suggestion to all those that might be interested in the aproach i used to get back in decent shape….. vitamine water… yeah i thought the stuff was a huge ripoff, but i cant stand gator-aide… for some reason it just makes me thirstier, as does lemonade, and i was sick of drinking water with no flavor… kept catching myself reaching for a mountain dew then stopping myself knowing it would only dehydrate me more…. with the electrolytes and other vitamins in the water, your body will revive much faster. anyway, hope my posts make a difference for some one somewhere.

  112. Mar-
    hey there, just read your post and im not sure exactly what to say aside from STAY STRONG! this stuff is made with experimental chemicals that the FDA will not approve even for use in an incense blend… that alone should tell you that is is NOT good for your baby. they advertise this crap as “legal” “natural” “synthetic” etc. but its all a ploy to boost sales. these companies are constantly changing and tweaking their formulas to keep ahead of the government banning their products, which means very little time in testing. i don’t believe that these companies are intentionally trying to hurt people, they’re just so blinded by the cash everyone is throwing at them, they aren’t thinking clearly… or maybe they’re just smoking too much of their own product…. either way, i really suggest that you stop smoking this stuff immediately… at least until you are done breast feeding. sorry, i guess im not much more helpful than your husband… i know how this stuff can claw its way into your brain and make itself at home, all you can really do is take it one minute at a time, then one day, then one week at a time. it might not be easy, but if this is the first bag you’ve ever smoked, and is still the only one, hopefully it’ll be easier for you to kick it. after all, if i can kick a 6 gram a day habit after a year of smoking it… with no help at all (aside from this blog), anything is possible. just try thinking of your baby every time you feel the devil on your left shoulder poking you with that pitch fork, hopefully that will give you the incentive you need

  113. With that said and off my mind, I’d like to update on my own situation in case anyone cares, what I’ve discovered might help you all quite a bit. it has been 5 days now since i smoked the stuff i mentioned above, and im feeling perfectly fine now. i stopped to think after reading all the posts here and seeing a huge amount of similarities between cases, and i realized that we all have something in common….. the fact that MOST of our “withdrawal” symptoms can be explained by something much more simple. think long and hard about this…. when you guys are smoking this stuff, do you feel the need to eat or drink anything? i know in my case i never felt hungry or thirsty until i sobered up, and i think that explains a huge part of the issues…

    Dehydration can cause all of the following:
    heavy sweating: (because your body is low on water, its over heating, and in an attempt at cooling down its releasing all available water to help)

    headaches (again, lack of water, body overheating causing the brain to swell )

    irritability (because when you have headaches and cant stop sweating, you’re easily aggravated)

    sore muscles and cramping (yep muscles need water to work right too!)

    starvation can cause all of the following:
    Jitters (shaky hands… lack of concentration)

    hallucinations (self explanatory)

    feeling weak (food gives you energy, if you don’t eat you get worn out more easily)

    vomiting (when your stomach is empty for too long, it keeps producing bile and acid….. with nothing to desolve they just churn, then when you finally do eat, your stomach is so upset, it pushes everything back out)

    heightened heart rate (with no food in your system to digest, your body is working overtime to process nutrients, which means your heart is working overtime to keep up)

    I’ve been forcing myself to eat 3 good meals a day and drink about 5 gallons of water per day, and i have to say (aside from having to pee every 5 minutes) im feeling 20 times better since i realized that dehydration and starvation were compounding the issues so much. yes im still having a few issues, but i really think this might be a big part of the problem you guys are having. may not solve all the problems, but it will hopefully help you guys as much as it has helped me. im not saying in any way that the addiction to these products isn’t real, im simply saying that if you are as dehydrated as i was, and haven’t been eating right, its two simple steps toward feeling quite a bit better.

  114. ive been smoking the stuff for a long time now and im 100% A-ok, but i do see the need for concern for other people. legalize the real MJ and get rid of the fake, I say!!!

  115. tam- im not sure because i was not there and did not see what you’re talking about, i seriously doubt anyone in the world will ever be able to tell you without actually seeing and or testing the product or packaging in question… I’ve never come across a blend that was black… black packaging yes but the”herbs” them-self were ALWAYS green. only black substance i can think of off the top of my head is maybe it was resin and or recyclings from the bottom of a bong chamber…. avid smokers recycle their resin and chunks that get sucked into their bongs all the time…. saves money and gets you through those days when you cant afford to buy a bag. did he have any scraping,poking, or pick like tools laying with his stuff or anywhere nearby? maybe a bong or pipe sitting out that was recently cleaned? was the substance in question kinda charred looking with lil bits of brown or green mixed in? or gooey, sticky and tar like?

  116. I am a pot-smoking mom. My son is 8 months, I smoked on and off through the pregnancy, I still smoke and breastfeed him because I don’t believe that marijuana (in a respectable amount) is harmful to me or my son. I avoid Ibuproufen and cold pills like the plague because they may harm the baby through breastmilk, but I do smoke pot. That said, I recently ran out of weed because I have been smoking too fast, and I got desperate and bought some Down2Earth Climaxxx Skunk. The clerk warned me that is was a “3 star” product and to use it sparingly. I took it shopping with me and my son, took a small puff from a pipe before going in to the store. I was high as hell immediately and felt like I was walking on air pushing him in the carriage. I thought everyone was staring at me dissaprovingly. I thought they had seen me smoke it on camera in the parking lot, called the cops on the druggie mom, and that everyone knew. I took a few deep breaths and composed myself and managed to shop, look normal and not fall over. Later that night, around my son’s bedtime, I put him down and went to the garage for a cigarette and another puff of this new incense legal weed. I smoked too much. I came back in, and of course the baby was crying, so I am all fucked up and nursing my son, I literally was out of control, trying to get my bearings, head swimming, feeling guilty, high, trippy and bad. I walked with him so carefully, I was sure I’d drop him, it was that hard just to walk 12 feet. I set him down with some toys and forced myself to barf in the bathroom until I felt normal again. Once my man came home, I told him what I did, how awful it was, to take it away and never let me smoke it ever again.
    Still this was not enough to stop me. I was at it again in less than 24 hours. Smoked a smaller amount the next afternoon, threw up again and quickly hid the evidence. I got some weed the next day, good weed, and was relieved, only to find that now I just wasn’t getting high, so I would put a few crumbs of the Climaxxx in the pipe with the weed to get high. I got the amount needed down to a science, and the whole gram was gone in a few days. This was last week, I have not smoked any since, but have contemplated going to the store, 1/2 mile away, to grab some more. I rationalize it somehow, like a crackhead. Now, as I said, I am a nursing mom. Besides smoking pot and a drink here and there, I do not do drugs. I don’t do anything to endanger my baby, but now I have smoked a gram of this shit and it gets it’s claws into my brain. There are moments when I don’t want to ever do it again and then other moments where I wanna go get it. I know that if I do it will not be just once more. Reading this forum has helped me somewhat, but I do not have faith in myself.

  117. BJ ~ Really?
    There are people that are searching for answers on this blog. Some people here maybe “just maybe” are trying to reach out for help. Your attitude is really not needed here. Unless, you really think your words are really that inspiring.
    Telling people to stop this crap…….Oh, thats very insightful and very helpful?

  118. h ~ any help at all. It was in a plastic bag, a black substance.
    I know this is a stupid question. Do people now make this, mix what ever they want in it, and sell it? If they mix ketamine in any of these bags, that would life long effects to the brain, and potential brain hemorrhage. Very hard to detect. This whole thing just makes me crazy! My Mom goes over this every day. Where were the signs? Hopefully, my brother’s autopsy and tox screen will come back with some information.
    Thanks h ~

  119. as for a post i saw above…. someone stated that they think our addiction is because of our personalities…. and I’ve heard similar comments in the past as well… there are two main types of addiction…. mental and physical… mental addictions… the craving for something without a physical need for it, can be associated with personality disorders, etc. but PHYSICAL addiction has nothing to do with a person’s personality… yes it can alter their personality, but that is an effect of the addiction, not a reason for its existence. im glad to see that at least a few people out there arent suffering like i am, gives me hope that things might not be so bad after all…. but no…. in this case, the addiction has or should have no relation to personality characteristics

  120. i have been smoking a blend that i haven’t seen mentioned here for about a year now… maybe a little more or less. this blend is called Cloud9 blend and is also known as “DEEW” or “Mad Hatter”. i started smoking this stuff because it was legal, and to be honest i had no contacts or ways to get a hold of real marijuana (new city, don’t know many people). i never thought too much about side effects or addiction, figured as hard as the government works to keep drugs off the streets (or claims to) they wouldn’t allow a substance like this on the market without approval from the FDA and about 10 other agencies…. guess i was wrong.
    I have greatly enjoyed smoking this blend for a long time, never stopped long enough to suffer withdrawals… until it was banned in Illinois on the first of this year. it has been 4 days now since i smoked my last bowl and every pipe/bong i own is scraped cleaner than it was when i bought it…. i still have some resin left and it is what im using in a desperate attempt to ween myself off this crap.
    in the past 4 days, i have been suffering terrible withdrawals… headaches
    severe dehydration
    shortness of breathe
    increased heart rate
    cold snaps (feel like im freezing to death)
    hot flashes (yeah they aren’t just for menopause anymore)
    constant heavy sweating even when cold
    i have hunger, but when i eat, i throw up
    it feels like i just snorted a mountain of cocaine, then tried to run a marathon with a severe case of the flu.

    i haven’t really had any problems with anger/aggression, although i have found myself more easily confused, which i can easily see leading to anger/aggression out of frustration in some cases. as i stated above, i am currently trying to taper my dosage off using the resin that accumulated while i was smoking it, and this approach is helping to a great extent…. im waiting until my withdrawals are at their most unbearable point, then i will take one small hit and relieve them completely for a few hours…. each space between bowls seems to be getting easier to handle but its still hell.
    i see allot of people posting, saying that anyone who uses this substance is stupid… and i agree, i was extremely stupid not to do any research before i started smoking it, and i was extremely stupid to keep smoking it… in the volume that i was for so long… in the last week i was smoking 6 grams per day and driving myself broke to do so. i should’ve seen the signs earlier on but its not something you stop to consider until its already too late for allot of people including myself. i smoked this stuff because i believed it was safe, i didn’t stop because i believed it was safe, and now that i HAVE to stop because its illegal in Illinois, i realize just how incredibly dangerous it is… and while im cursing the government for shutting it down so abruptly and denying me the ability to taper off more easily… im also praising the government for seeing the problems and making an effort to keep it from spreading more still. i can tell the next few days… weeks… or even months are going to be hell, i just hope to god that these withdrawal symptoms don’t get any worse…. they say alcohol withdrawals can kill a person… i hope the same isn’t true in this case, but who knows yet?
    to every one out there that is facing the same problem i am right now… STAY STRONG and don’t let the idiots bring you down. and to all those posting on this topic to belittle, insult, discriminate, etc… you should all be ashamed of yourselves, these are all people trying to get help with a serious issue, your idiotic comments calling us stupid, telling us things we already know are completely UN-needed. im sure just as i do myself, anyone that is suffering withdrawals from this substance, knows that they were incredibly stupid to start using it, is already angry with themselves for being so stupid, and wants nothing more than to move on… harping on them isn’t going to make it any better.

  121. Tam I have tried Mr. Miyagi cause I had a
    Friend that used to make it and sell it to head shops but many others have copied the name I believe it is hu 211 or some hu but not forsure

  122. Hello everybod I am new to posting so bare with me. I have been smoking legal spices for 2 and a half years. I smoked heavy all day long 5-10 blunts a day g a blunt and never thought any thing of it till I read these posts the symptoms I experinced are all similar to the ones explained. Trust me smoke the real stuff. I have tried every kind of legal synthetic there is trust me it’s all garbage and I regret doing it cause i will have to live with its effects for the rest of my life real shit. Peace love ganja

  123. Hello all…I just quit smoking spice after about 2 months use. Today is day 3 and I have lost 8 pounds so far because I have no appetite. Even my favorite double bacon cheeseburgers make me want to puke. I smoked weed for several years and it never affected me like this fake B.S. Headaches, irritability, paranoia…I was even starting to hear voices. I tried going back to real weed but I can hardly feel the high anymore. The only reason I tried spice is because it’s legal and I didn’t want to get busted someday. But I am now in my own personal prison.

    There is a former governor here in New Mexico named Gary Johnson who is with the Libertarian party, and he will be running for U.S. presidency in the 2012 Election. He is a strong supporter of marijuana legalization for everyone, not just for medicinal purposes. That is only one of the reasons I will be voting for him! If weed were legalized, there would be no use for spice.

    Avoid spice like the plague, people! No high is worth losing yourself and selling your soul to incense.

    Peace to all of you who are suffering.

  124. My brother died on November 23, 2011. He had a brain aneurysm, slow bleed. He was on Advanced Life Support for 1 day. When they took him off the machines he never even took another breath on his own. He was gone.

    My brothers neighbors could her him screaming and hitting the walls in his condo. They called the police and paramedic’s. When they broke into his home, he just said, “Someone is trying to kill me.” Then he stopped talking, slumped over a little and it was over.

    Can someone out there tell us what you “think” was in this plastic bag we found in his condo. It was black, very black incense of some type. There were several other pouches called “Amazon” and “Mr. Miyagi’s Warpaint” on the table.
    But this plastic bag was all by itself. We will never know what it was because a family member threw it down the toilet. Yes, we could have had it tested, but it’s long gone.

    My Mother is tormented over this drug and the circumstances that has come with it. My brother had just talked to my Mom the night before, he had called her to tell her he had all of his classes for his 3rd year of college. He had been on Facebook, talked to another friend. Then the following morning at 8:00 a.m., this nightmare ensued and my brother is now gone.

    If anyone knows what this black stuff is, could you hedge a guess, please? Is it Spice or K-2? Also, there were two small blocks of wood on his table that had been burnt. What does that do or mean? Yes, he did have a pipe.
    Any help, we would be very grateful! Thanks! A very, vert sad Holiday for our family…………….
    PS. To Mister “16” Unknown. Read this carefully!! Seek help!! This would kill you parents if something happened to you. Trust me!

  125. As all good things. Do them in moderation. Im 25 and have been smoking all kinds of herbal highs for years. Since i was 16 to be honest. I have had no side effects. However like most things in life, you can only have so much of a good thing. My advice if you wanna use um people is use only occasionaly.

  126. Hi B.J I Really, Greatly appreciate you checking back on this forum and responding to me, I bookmarked this page and check it daily to see if anyone says anything new. I still smoke it and when i don’t have anymore it is all I can think about, I just ordered more again, i feel so ashamed…. but at least I have the will power to not go back to that store that was selling it to me, I hate them, it’s like they felt like they had some kind of power over me cause I was buying so often, and then they would tell me they didn’t have anymore with this look when i know they did from going in earlier that day and them showing a bunch, and also ripping me off constantly, telling me they will give a deal on a brand then when i try to buy it from them they say “no, there is no deal on this kind”, i felt like I was being messed around with and getting laughed at behind my back by these store owners.

    I feel controlled by this stuff, as if when i run out, i have no choice but to buy more, it’s like i either buy more. or suffer. like a war going on inside my own head, sometimes i wish i was addicted to heroin, meth or crack, cuz maybe, just maybe i’d be safer, and atleast know what damage i am doing to my body, and people have actually come off those drugs . When i smoked weed and ran out I NEVER had the feelings associated with when i run out of spice, it’s like the whole world is going to end and if i have 100 in my pocket, before any necessary needs, i NEED to find some more spice first, and smoke it, but then when i smoke it i wish i hadn’t just smoked it, and wish the good feeling would last forever so i wouldnt want to ever smoke anymore. Starting to get the strangest type of hallucinations also, not like shroom hallucinations, its like when i am looking at the tv or something i see what i am looking at, but its like i have another eye that is seeing someone standing next to me, and i can feel it, but then when i look over no one is there. its really hard to explain but it’s like hallucinations on top of normal vision, interrupting occasionally, making me thing something is there that isnt, or seeing horrific daydreams play out with my eyes open if i think of something bad i see it. i was reading a lot about Lung problems, and COPD, which they have a lot of commercials about now, ironically, since spice is so popular and people have been diagnosed with it after long term use of spice, those COPD commercials are all over, and cancer treatment commercials too, its all linked, part of the NWO , ths spice IS going to Eventually lead to COPD and Cancer in people it makes so much sense it’s like getting kicked in the face by a horse. But all i think about now is my lungs and if i might have cancer, and when i smoke the stuff i breathe and think i am having shortness of breath and maybe getting COPD, but when i am not high i feel fine, I feel kind of like this stuff will take your fears and magnify them X10.

    i feel like I can’t stop smoking it though, it is very hard, I have absolutely NO support system here and thats why i come online to try and find help cause i feel very alone in this, my dad doesnt know i smoke it, and if he did he would be appalled cause he told me to NEVER smoke the stuff cause he knows enough about it. i dont tell everyone, just the people i live with know i smoke it and they do not smoke it, but they don’t seem to be able to help me much in stopping either.
    B.J. thank you for your support and offering your help and advice to me, you are very sweet and kind for that and i really never thought i’d have a stranger offer me that before. I will not go to rehab or NA because I have something Very dear to me that I do not want to lose, im really trying to help myself and i feel so alone if someone could lead me out of of the this part of hell and help me be free again, I would be extremely grateful and be thankful that i got a second chance at life cause i feel like i wont be alive for very long the way i am going, or maybe just my soul wont be. i don’t know some have been smoking way more for way longer, maybe i am just overreacting, but i do know one thing and that is that I want to be normal again.

  127. As I stated above to the person who is named “h”, this stuff is killing many. Go back to the proverbial illegal smoke (real marijuanna). Screw a piss test. Keep your faith if you have any and remember me and my post here. I’m not wasting my time, I genuinely care that the word gets out to all. Again, Peace and Good Luck to you all. BJ

  128. howdy everyone!! I was smoking the legal buds for around a year and a half, my “addiction” was costing me 150 dollars a week. I started with wicked xxx then that got taken off shelves and they took the jwh-018 out of it and i started experimenting with all kinds: FUBAR, wicked xxx, dank, flame, chill em, super chill em, and over the top. plus many more. anyway, I have been clean and sober for 4 days now and I havent expierienced any type of withdrawals or anything as described in other stories…..Here is my advice: Tell yourself you are through, and it aint worth it to smoke this stuff. I’ve been telling myself that for 4 days straight and I have been fine, few cravings but I just get it out of my head and start doing something and Im fine. My wife has also been a real help and support and I appreciate that so much!! As for what the stuff did to me: Paranoid, rapid heart beat, not knowing where i am or what im doing, and it made me look like i was a zombie or something, Its terrible stuff STAY AWAY!!!!!! Also, it is now illegal in my county and ppl are still selling everywhwere on the DL of course so even though they took it off shelves its still extremely easy to get ahold of out here in SC. Just wanting ppl to be aware i guess. Also, another thing to remember is do not be ashamed to get support or help from a family member or even rehab or something. getting help and support was the best thing for me. Thank you.

  129. h,

    You sound very serious and rightfully so. I will answer all your questions that you posted to me. It is because I care. My son is going through the same thing but we both have stopped smoking this stuff. I have quit for almost 2 weeks. It does get better so trust me. I do not see any side effects as of yet (withdrawal). DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL PERIOD. This is what causes the nauseous, vomiting, white spits (saliva).

    Yes, I stopped smoking this dreadful stuff. Just stop. Drink lots of fluids (Gator-Aid) is best. Eat, do not skip meals if you can. Don’t drink alcohol. This is what makes you sick (vomiting) etc. Just stop as I did. Cold Turkey. Your symptoms will go away in a week to ten days. Stay off that crap ok h?

    I quit cold turkey. My body was shutting down. My legs, feet hurt, I lost weight fast too. Do this ok? Eat alot, drink Gator Aid, do not skip meals as this is part of the problem. This drug does exactly as you say it did. All I thought about was when do I get high again? It takes over your mind and also your pocketbook. I know, I bought in bulk and even ordered more so I wouldn’t be craving. This is a definate NWO drug. I know more of this than most and will be getting my website up on all of this by the weekend. Please keep in touch h. Good luck, God Speed and please just take this one day at a time. I will monitor if I can be of any help. Wished we could chat but for now this is what we have (you and I). B.J.

  130. The new world ORDER???? Seriously, well have you stopped B.J? Was it hard for you to stop and how long did it take for the hellish thoughts to go away and the cravings, do you know if it caused you any long term irreversable illness, i really want to stop and I havent been smoking for a whole year yet, I just ordered some g-13 online from and now that you say the NWO thing it makes perfect sense, i am terrified that i will be entrapped in this, ive tried to drink and to take prescriptions just to get the craving to go away, even tried to just sleep all day, but im so scared now that it’s never going to end and I believe this is not only a gateway drug but IT PULLS YOU THROUGH THE GATE and makes you want to do harder drugs like marijuana never ever could . Its fucking wack.. who has stopped and how did you do it, i need to stop and I feel like the devil has complete control over my mind when it comes to this stuff, one part of me is like “NO DONT BUY IT, you hate this stuff, its BAD for you, the high isn’t even worth it”, and then it’s like some type of AUTOPILOT kicks in and it’s not even me while i go to buy it, i feel like i have lost control and i’m trapped, no other drug i have ever done in my whole entire life has consumed me like this one here has and unfortunately my 4 g arrives in the mail today , hopefully i never ever get any more ever again after this…. but that’s what they all say, right?

  131. Believe me on this posting ok? I have smoked Zombie Killa, Wicked X, and migrated to 100x Legal from all are a synthetic marijuanna sold in 2gram bags. I smoked every day and every night for almost a year. The side effects are as with all of these: Weight loss, vomiting, joint pain in feet and legs, loss of sleep, frequent urination, memory loss, fatigue, depression and anxiety. WARNING: THESE PRODUCTS SOLD IN SHOPS ARE PART OF THE NWO (New World Order) AND WILL SLOWLY KILL YOU. Want the proof?? You will find it by searching the web. THIS IS TRUE. DO NOT SMOKE ANY OF THIS SYNTHETIC MARIJUANNA. Be safe, be smarter.

  132. I have smoked this stuff for a while now and I am extremely grateful for all these forums and the freedom of the internet and the information is can provide. I have been praying to god to please give me the willpower to quit… and I’m not even religious, just so desperate to want this feeling of wanting this stuff to go away, i have been off it for about three days, and not by choice, just cause it’s really hard to find, I think about it all the time, I have tried many different blends and noticed that when i was stuck on one brand alone for a long period of time that is when i started to get all of the Sick symptoms, I would wake up EVERY morning and vomit bile and white foam until noon, I went to the doctor and got a lot of tests done to try and find out why I was so sick and miserable, while continuing to smoke 1 g of it daily, my spouse told me” its from that crap” but i would argue and get defensive and continue to smoke it, until the police took it out of all the stores in my city because kids were taking it to school and ended up dying from doing dumb shit while high on it. Well after my brand was gone my sickness went away after 4 days and i was perfectly fine, until i seeked it out and found a store that sold it, well i still smoke it and when i smoke weed i get kind of high but still desired the fake crap. the thing is i was a terrible alcoholic before i started to smoke the fake stuff and then after I started i slowly completely quit drinking and my life is so much more improved from that and I still am abstinent from alcohol till this day, it only makes me sick, even the smell.

    i would have to say the opposite about the anxiety, anti-social, and paranoia, because i used to always get all that from smoking pot and when i smoked the fake stuff i became MORE social, and Less anxious, much much less, i can talk to people and I have no memory problems, but I fear that i have done irreversable damage to my body or may develop ( or have developed) cancer, I don’t know what to do.

  133. I smoked this stuff for a year almost and went thought the most horrifying experience ever when it came to withdrawals. People, with so many similar experiences you would think we were paid to discredit the possible benefits of these research chemicals. How far from the truth could that be, because I swear on everything this shit is poison to the body. I mean I literally felt retarded for almost a week after habitual usage which consisted of a gram a day usage. I will never touch this again. Also, I’ve gone back to real herb to appreciate nature more and how something from a seed is all I should ever smoke. Who knows what is in that stuff? Since I’ve started smoking real again my body has balanced out again and I feel 100%.

    Real marijuana should be legal ASAP with this garbage on the street. At on point they said marijuana did all these harmful things and the truth of the matter is the herb is relatively harmless. Now herbal incense on the other hand seems to cause brain damage, but that’s from personal experience because this stuff is amazing at first and then it’s like you’re being intimate with the devil. I mean the thoughts that arise when I went through withdrawal were almost suicidal. I smoked marijuana for over ten years and I never had the feelings I had from spice with marijuana. I have made several post to really warn people to stay away from this toxic substance and stay natural.

  134. The withdrawls go away, when you sleep and eat regularly again, you will start enjoying stuff again. It’s all temporary. Just make sure you EAT, SLEEP and BATHE. Just rhold onto the feeling when you get offered it again.

  135. I am on day 6 of not smoking synthitic pot…it is the worst and most terrifying feeling you could ever imagine. I smoked this shit hard for over a year now and I regret every single hit I took. The insomnia, the nausean,no appitite, the anxiety and panic attacks, and just the fear of never coming out of this is enough to drive someone crazy. I too have noticed my train of thought and everyday activities lessening and lessening. Anti social, memory loss, and just a “dull” out look on life is not who I am but who I have become because of this horrible drug. I am 22 and I warn ALL young and older to STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG! NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OUT OF IT. A 30 minute high is not worth the withdrawls!!

  136. My husband and I both have used “spice” for about a year until recently we stopped this crap turned me o into a horrible person. I can smoke, drink, smoke real weed with absolutely no problems, but this stuff overtook our lives. Weve stopped, but bc we were spending about 800 a week on it we may lose our home and car, we had to file bankruptcy (& my hubby has a great job. Withdrawl from this sucks. I experienced extreme anxiety, cold sweats, headaches, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, depression, and enough nausea and vomiting to lose 14 lbs in less than a week.. And we tried it the first time just for fun. Please please, if you dont want to turn into a homeless, stuttering zombie dont even try it and quit if you do…believe me ITS NOT WORTH IT

  137. I think any drug period should not be taken by the weak minded and weak willed. I had been smoking the legal synthetic cannabinoids for a little over a year before they made it illegal in my state. I never stuck with one certain brand, I tried K2, Mamba, Dead Man Walking, K3, Denver, and a few others I can’t remember. My memory was never affected, it never made me irritable, it never made me anti-social, and I could put it down and stop for weeks at a time. In fact, as far as addiction, I find it harder to put down my legally sold marlboros than anything I have ever tried. I think it is a shame we live in a free country, yet on a daily our freedoms are being stolen from us on a regular basis like freedom never existed to begin with. I find it alarming that if my kid does real damage to someone’s property I can get sued for liable damages because my child is a minor. Yet instead of putting the issue on parents controlling their kids and stopping them from using any product whether it is legal or illegal, we simply let laws be put in place that prevent any free adult to chose to partake in the pleasure of being free to chose. Not ot mention we let pharmaseutical companies with billion dollar pockets tell us that a drug they synthetically put together is great, yet they push the many overdose deaths and addictions and underground sales to minors under the rug so their pockets stay billion dollar pockets. All the while they convince dumb people that anything else is bad because first it is so addictive and second there are no tests on the side effects. Show me the years of studies on the side effects of oxycontins and xanax that happened before these “miracle” drugs were put into the market. I put the blame on all of you! From the media who put these products in the mainstrem and made it sell like wildfire, to the dumbasses who don’t realize that you are letting your freedoms go without a care to anyone else. For those of you who were adversley affected by synthetic cannabinoids I feel both bad for you and at the same time have no sympathy for you. I feel bad that you went through the wrong effects and horrible withdrawls. At the same time if you were not smart enough to realize that you were not controling your own life, that is your fault and yours alone, you chose to try it and never chose to put it down until it was apparently too late. Wake up and grow up America!

  138. As someone who has quit before, and is quitting again it takes about a month for you to get your head clear. The first week is like a dream. Avoid anything higher minded or emotional. Call in sick if you can and find anythign you can that is legal and safe to make you sleep. Make yoruself eat, even small amounts or you could get into a pattern of non-eating during the withdrawl. Which will make you sicker and meaner (if you are even partially hypoglycemic).

    Tell your wife/husband/significant other what is going on, so they can be there for you and remember that rage is all you. Turn it against the drugs not the ones trying to help you. If you feel that you are about to blow up. Leave, realize it’s your own fault you feel that way and put that guilt to work on quitting. Don’t comment, it’s in your head.

    I actually got really sick the first time, then as work and daily life got more stressful and I was runnign outside for a cigarette every other hour. I thought I’d quit cigarettes too so I figured I would go back to a hit or two a day, so it could help me quit.

    Not only didn’t I quit smoking, but the synthetic was back in full swing. I have friends who smoke 2 g every 2 weeks on payday then quit for two weeks and they seem fine. People like me who could afford it in mass 1-2g a day seem to have withdrawl symptoms.

    I must agree though Pot should be legal. This stuff did ok, but in the end it is just a replacement for something that isn’t all that harmful to you.

    The one benefit I got from the spiz/spaz/zombie/monkey line was much more powerful than pot that when I laid off the synthetics and tried to get high I just couldn’t. I had smoked pot from 15-37. Now Im clean of it all and have a clean health record (the only problem I had with the first time was my potassium was a little low). Nothing like the gentlemen above with red blood cells breaking down.

  139. I have to agree with the last poster. I have tried these products and not had any adverse reactions, but I guess if it is affecting you in a bad way, stop and enjoy your time doing something else.

  140. I think you guys got addicted to it because that is the type of personality you have. I have smoked it on and off since summer of this year and I am in no way addicted to it.

    As far as the panic attacks and stuff, that is your own stupidity for doing it too much. In moderation, it can actually be fun. It makes things HILARIOUS.

    I am kinda worried about the long term effects though. So I dont know how much longer I WILL be doing it. But I think it is still fun.

  141. The one called “Mr. Miyagi” almost killed my 16 year old son with just one puff off a joint. And did kill a 18 year old girl from our town. I think marijuana should just be legalized. I’m not saying kids should be able to walk around smoking it either; but at least if you were able to grow it yourself, you’d know what you were smokling and not have to wonder what toxic chemical it may contain.

  142. Companies should keep drug testing their new hires and employees, weed out all the creative people. No room for feeling good or doing interesting things here in the new world / matrix / they live / mad max world we live in.. 2011. i wish i was dead, so i’m gonna keep smoking 3 grams a day of synthetic legal cannabis. god bless america!

  143. Additionally I’d like to add that I have no idea what the long term effects of synthetic cannabinoid use are, if any. That… is reason enough to not use it at all- it could be an immediate carcinogen.

    It is also important to know that many of the plant materials that the chemicals are being sprayed upon are imported from countries with different pesticide laws. Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic, and deadly- destructive to the nervous system… And the delivery method of smoking makes those effects all the more rapid if those pesticides are present. I have heard of and suspect that many of the more serious reported cases of negative effects were due to adverse (allergic, possibly) reactions to the plant matter and or chemicals that the plant matter was treated with before being treated with a cannabis spray. It’s likely that many manufacturers do not wash their plant matter, and it is an absolute known fact (I have seen here in my hometown firsthand) that some manufactures are lied to or unaware that their chemicals are actually illegal, banned, or restricted to certain areas. Some manufacturers knowingly distribute products containing a chemical on a state’s ban list, possibly lying or not about the product’s true contents.

    I just wanted to throw as much, honest-to-god, as much research as possible, condensed into a summary, think-for-yourself, little thingie thing. (lol). Please do your own research, and do note that it is important before imbibing any drug that you know your mind, spirit, and body.

  144. I’ve used synthetic cannabinoids with moderate to heavy use, starting low. I have been able to go without, whenever. I don’t seem to fit the cannabis addict model. I am fun and sociable, and can work, motivated, effortlessley.

    However, I started these with a now ex girlfriend of mine, and wonder if she suffers from an addiction from these. The last few times we got together, we smoked. She would mock me on how small of a bowl I would pack… I limit myself and really lack any tolerance to these- especially the newer ones… I guess I personally don’t use them much. I cant say the same for her… She has become an awful person who cheated on me multile times, got into other drugs, and basically became one of the most awful, scheming, money craving addicts I have ever known. She was good at it, too. She could bat her eyes and get her way…

    Since I have caught on. These things aren’t for some people. I definitley reccomend finding out if you suffer from lack of motivation on the real deal marijuana before trying these super-potent blends. And keep in mind if you try them that they are just that- people are taking too much and suffering from classic cannbis overdose symptoms… which, while aren’t fatal, can induce panic attacks that can cause convulsions, tachycardia, and other unwanted side effects. If you need a good comparison, look up the cop who calls himself in for eating special brownies on youtube. He thought he was dying. I assure you, the fool just consumed way more than he could handle with little to no tolerance or experience. His wife was on the floor… and her condition was caused by a potentiation of opioid medicines (legitimately prescribed to her) she took for a knee injury.

    These chemicals are very similar to cannabis in their effects, albeit admittedly more potent. I have trouble getting high off the real thing anymore, without copious amounts (55% of a blunt of reg or more…).

    I agree, we should lift the ban on cannabis. The excuse has been “There isn’t enough research” lately… And frankly that is silly- It has seen use as long if not longer than Opium, which has been used to create the highly addictive and destructive painkillers that are corrupting teens these days. Cannabis and cannabinoids have a place in medical study, being far less addictive in most populations than many medicines that can produce the same desired effects that are currently legitimate today.

    Marijuana also makes a good social drug, being far less dangerous than alcohol. Alcohol destroys the body from the minute it comes in contact with it, is highly addictive, and destroys personalities and families. It is one of two types of drugs that can actually kill you from withdraws (the other being the benzodiazapine group, that produces similar effects in the brain as alcohol, without all the physical strain of alcohol). Alcohol is also part of human culture and will likely see no irradication. But if marijuana was legal, it actually may see use as an alternative to drinking to many.

    Dad comes home. He’s an angry dad, a drunk. Beats his kids when they do minor things. Yells and argues with his wife all the time. May or may not drinking, and drinking usually exacerbates the entire issue. Kids are abused, wife is a mess… ect.

    Same guy comes home, but hasn’t got to that point. Marijuana is legal. When he has a bad day at work, which he can seeminly now take in stride, he lights up a joint in his desk. Comes out laughing and playing videogames with the kids. Helps them with homework… I actually know many successful people like this: teachers, professors, musicians, artists, politicians (“I smoked it, but did not inhale…”), psychologists, ect.

    If cannabis were legal, these products may phase out, as fear of getting caught will be eradicated, and many headshops would prefer to get on the potwagon (at least here where I live) if there is a chance. These products and their users are often mocked, as using a silly cheap imitation. Legalizing the real thing may not destroy it’s use, but it could certainly push it’s share of the market aside. (See Michigan and California).

    Cannabis is certainly not or everyone. Like I said, it often can demotivate people. It is definitely a drug that should only be enjoyed when you are at a good, stable place in your life… It can make the difference between making it a crutch, or an enjoyment. This is very similar to alcohol. Some people just can’t handle it the same way. But if the experiences are handled responsibly, risk of addiction is greatly reduced. Additionally, lack of motivation is a common problem seen among people who regularly smoke regular grade (or lower) marijuana, which is highly degraded and therefore produces a greater “couch-lock, sleepy” effect. (See CBD, degradation of thc). Many high grade strains contain tetrahydrocannabivarin, which is a stimulating, buzzy high. This high seems to, in many instances, enhance motivation…

    These are all things that need to be explored, and that people need to be made aware of. People are going to get high, no matter what.

  145. Angel
    I doubt very much that smoking spice has made ur fiance leave u and try to evict u from his home. There is something else going on there.
    U care for him and he is a fool to let u and ur baby walk out of his life, but yet again there is more to this then spice. Figure out what is the real reason .
    Also leave his dad out it. Deal with him head on. Spice dosent isn’t heroine or anything close to it. So get that put of ur head. It is not different then weed and last half as long. The problem isn’t the drugs here.

  146. Jill,
    My fiance did it behind my back for six months that I can figure. We just had a baby in July and I gave him an ultimatum. He quit for a few days and when he started back up he lied and said he was still clean. He used to be an honest man. When I got his family involved he came clean again. After a week I saw signs that he was still doing it. When I addressed this he bacame very agitated, his father claimed he was just detoxing. After two weeks he abandoned us and now lives at his fathers house where he can be alone and supposedly still sober. He doesnt want anything to do with me anymore and is having me evicted from his house with our 2 month old son. He says he will take a drug test to prove he is sober. It doesnt prove anything, he must think we are all oblivious. Unfortunately, those who don’t know what to look for are oblivious and I am no longer around to observe him. He should have gone to a facility and now its out of my hands. NMS Labs supposedly found a way to test for the synthetic. The article I found about that was just posted September 20.

  147. I recently quit smoking spice blends. I have been smoking for 1 year. I smoked 3 hits never any more , 3-4 times a day. I would roll a joint and cut it into 5 pieces. This way I had a dose ready to go when I needed. It was also easier to dispose of. Just flush the roach and and the evidence is gone. Lol. I became very good at hiding this from my wife. She still dosent know how much I have been smoking. And never will.
    First few months was a blast. Getting high after so may years was a god sent. It appears that lots of people can’t wait to retire to smoke a joint.. Anyways I loved to go mountain bike riding and light up at a rest area. It made riding so much more fun. Watch a movie laugh your ass off..etc mostly good times.
    I have to say I never had any of these side effects people are speaking of. I always had a great time using. I have a full time job a house, and 4 kids. Gotta say I have had some of my best heart to heart talks with my wife when I was high. It just helped me communicate with out prejudice. It also helped me realize a lot of things in my life, or should I say shed light on alot of things in my life.
    But in the last couple months I have been becoming groggy by end of the day and began to become lazier. I wasn’t working out anymore and wasn’t eating right.
    What struck me the other day was that whenever i had a free moment i would smoke. I realized i was abusing this stuff and decided I would quit. I kept thinking what would happen if i drop dead smoking and my family had to know that i was abusing this stuff and it was the cause of my demise. I will wait for my retirement to smoke the real
    stuff. 5 years to go.
    I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms at all. Only thoughts about smoking. I don’t think this stuff is the devil, no more then alcohol or prescription drugs. If you do smoke just monitor your intake and consider that this stuff may be dangerous to your body. I believe it is most likely no more harmful then cigarette smoke. But who knows for sure. Like marijuana the fear mongering is ridiculous. Big alcohol and prescription companies will lobby to keep marijuana illegal. But as the current events are showing, the world is changing due to Internet communication and people will come together to obtain what they want. Govt has no right to tell people what to put in there bodies. Marijuana crimes are victimless. What a waste of money! Govt message is Don’t smoke weed. Drink and smoke safe legal

  148. this stuff has all the same charaistics as the real stuff calling it fake is an unstatement and far from the truth and is it really safe.Safe on our bodies? safe under the influence? what are the risks? same feeling as the real stuff and the withdrawals are just the same it is addictive if it readily available and at the end of the day it still fucks with the receptors in the brain which classes it as a drug it just hasnt been banned yet… i would prefer to smoke the real stuff if i didnt have to worry about the legal remifications. in the mean time i will stick with the fake stuff until it gets banned. a great example there was cocaine in coke until the FDA realized it was harmlfull…LSD in the army… lead based paint in toys…energy drinks are bad for pregnant people…the list goes on we are the guinea pigs to determine is this stuff bad or not

  149. I have been smoking synthetics for a little over a year now. I started with K2 and then moved on to Flame. I was going through 5 grams every 2-3 days. I experienced some of the same side effects as others. I became extremely introverted and anti-social. Also irritable and very anxious. I did not, however, lose my appetite. It, in fact, helped my appetite. This shit gives me the munchies badly. A few weeks ago I attempted to quit and lasted 2 weeks. The anxiety and paranoia proved too great to handle and I broke down and bought some and have been smoking it since. I am going to try to stop again.

  150. Sorry for spelling errors, stupid predictive text…I meant that this stuff does need to be regulated and research needs to be done on long term effects. This stuff is legal and so easy to obtain. My husband has been experiencing major withdrawals and he smoked about 2 grams a week for about 9 months. With what I been reading his “dosage” amount it cleary could have easily gotten worse in a short period of time. I’m glad I was able to get involved when I did

  151. Thank you for your responses and for the record my husband did come clean and admit he was heavy into this drug and didn’t know how it happened so quickly. If it wasn’t for open forums like this I wouldn’t have been able to gather knowledge to see the warning signs. This stuff doesn’t need to be regulated and there needs to be more resources out there for people seeking help. As of now my husband has been 2 weeks clean, a small step in the long journey in fighting addiction. He says he struggles everyday and still seems to have a paranoia that he has never had his entire life. He still has eating,sweating, and severe headaches that he hasn’t gotten relief from mess. I know that I have to believe he is clean but now my wonder is every time he leaves the house to run errands or goes for a ride is he getting high…he swears he’s not and I want to believe him, what does one really act like when on this?

  152. i think all you people who have troubles with it are to weak to limit your self… have a little self control especial if you call yourself a responsible adult… i mean its not like your hooked on haroin 🙂

  153. I smoked synthetic cannabinoids for about 18 months. I started with one hitters (small doses – less than 1 mg got me blasted). One or two of these a day was all I needed. It was GREAT! I’d buy large quantities, and make my own smoking blends, usually averaging around 7% to 9% synthetic cannabinoids. I would never run out. It was so easy to buy, and blends are so easy to make. At the end, I was smoking several mgs (4-8) every 30-60 minutes, no matter where I was, or what I was doing. Even at work. I’ve seen this referred to as “fiending”. Very appropriate label. Very, very appropriate. Slowly, I lost my appetite. I’ve lost 20 lbs in the last four months (170 lb to 150 lb). I’d rather dose than eat. I became very anti-social. I became easily agitated. My gentle nature became offensively confrontational. I didn’t care about anyone, or anything – except re-dosing. Now, I suffer from horrible night sweats. My doctor is testing me for cancer, and so far things have been negative. But my red blood cells are fucked up – they’re breaking (schistocytes). I’ve also been diagnosed with a form of COPD from smoking this shit. I haven’t used in 2 weeks – and I have no intention of or desire to ever use this garbage again. But my physical damage may be irreversible. My doctor isn’t sure. I’m not sure. I’m trying to get myself healthy, but I can’t seem to gain weight. And I still think about it all the time. These are wonderful drugs … IF you want to become an addict, and stay an addict. It’s almost unnatural they way this stuff works. It protects itself at any cost, regardless of what it consumes in the process, including your body, mind, spirit, and relationships with others. And trust me, when you smoke enough of this stuff, you won’t even mind the destruction. You’ll defend it. And all the while, everyone around you, everyone who means anything to you, is wondering what’s going on. But, like I said, you won’t even care. Just pass the pipe please. This is dangerous stuff. I used myself as a guinea pig for 18 months. Now I’m afraid of what I may have done, of what my doctor is going to find next. Seems like with every new test, something new is showing up. Learn people, learn. I am … the hard way.

  154. I have only smoked the legal stuff twice before, but I do know from a couple of family members that it is not safe at all. In both instances, relatives of mine have smoked it and it gave them an elevated heart rate, disorientation, and panic attacks. My male cousin thought someone had laced his weed and my female cousin had to be rushed to the ER in an ambulance. I have another cousin that smokes it daily, but I have warned him several times about the possible effects. However, he is very addicted to it. He has to have it everyday. They need to take that stuff off the shelves, ban it, and just make the real stuff legal. The paramedic that took my cousin to the hospital said that. As a former illegal weed smoker, I agree that you’d be better off smoking it.

  155. Give me a break guys, prohibition caused this and it will get worse until you wake up to reality of the situation. You ban one drug, you have another drug on the market just as potent if not more potent then the drug it’s trying to mimic. END PROHIBITION and you wouldn’t have this problem, if people wanted to smoke a little pot they can get the real thing instead of having to rely on this synthetic crap. Keeping this failed policy up only means more drugs and more crime on our streets. Think about it, we have had these archaic drug policies in place for DECADES and yet drugs are now more potent and more readily available than ever before, what’s wrong with this picture? The fact is we’ve stopped absolutely nothing, what we have done is managed to create the biggest prison industrial complex in the world. Whether its alcohol, pot, cocaine, heroin, tobacco, etc. it doesn’t matter, the only thing you can do with respect to these drugs is to legalize, control and regulate them, if we don’t, drug cartels will and it’s a guarantee they will be RUTHLESS. We saw the same thing when this country passed the Volstead act. Stop buying into the ‘reefer madness’ propaganda the government has been feeding you and start looking at the bigger picture for a change. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he stated:
    “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.”

  156. i used to smoke real pot from 14-19 and quit
    found out about Hush (australia) $90 3.3g
    i mix it in with tobbacco and smoke joints i get an instant hit an armatic / tobbacco smell and taste… i get that buzzy feeling and my head in a cloud i then become lethargic and have to lay down
    i do get anxious and paranoid bout my family finding me fake stoned
    i also get a dry cotton mouth…the effects come on fast but disapate just as quick only couple hours and then i would need another hit.
    my comment realistically this stuff should be banned it works even better than weed and i would prefer to smoke the fake stuff or even get that chemical and spray it on2 something else which eventually will happen. this stuff will get abused DO NOT OPERATE MACHINERY OR DRIVE MOTOR VECHICLES UNDER THE INFLUENCE OR THIS SHIT

  157. i don’t care how many letters you put after your name that doesn’t mean you know everything. common sense shows that anybody with addiction problems are not able to consume anything in moderation. that is why prescription drugs are by precscription only. this stuff is chemical compounds which are drugs. that is why it should not be legal. look at suphederine. it has to be locked up at the drug store. this stuff should be too. evidently you must not have anybody close to you in your family that has addiction problems and or you wouldn’t be so insensitive or quick to defend somebody that is probably paying your bills.

  158. This forum & its responses are concerning. And its highly bias. While i support some views alot of this is just hearsay and paranoia. I legitimately handle some of these in a research environment and you should do your research before posting such scare tactics, what these companies do by incense is wrong but these compounds hold potential in the medical field. Personal experimentation is no problem if the individual can show moderation. Addiction is not a potential with a stable mind this has been expressesed in model organism trials. If we approach such things in this way it is no wonder federal departments clamp down handing power for change of good back from independent institutions to major pharmaceutical companies. Thankyou.


  159. ive been smoking this stuff over a year too.
    started with K2, then MR NICE GUY, then DOWN2EARTH.
    i can def say its not comparable to weed.
    the potential for addiction is real.
    many of my friends stories are the same as mine.
    it consumes my mind from the second i wake up.
    its in my dreams.
    i smoked weed for almost 10 years and never got like this.
    it has negatively affected every aspect of my life.
    i have all the same symptoms as above with withdrawal.
    i almost lost everything because of this shit.
    ive been clean 2 days now and i plan to stay clean.

  160. Hello ALL, I have been smoking Synthetic Marijuana for about 1 year and for the past month and currently I have been sick. Here are a list of my symptoms.
    Anxiety AND Suicidal thoughts
    Constant stomach pains
    Easily agitated
    More Aggression towards people
    Lose Stool
    No appetite
    Trouble sleeping
    My short term memory is not what is use to be.
    A general sick feeling all over
    It seems like I maybe suffering from withdrawal, and smoking this crap is all my mind wants me to do. I’m no addict and I thought that this stuff was similar to Marijuana but its not. The anxiety is the worse its like something grab hold of my brain and tells me to panic, luckily I’m a pretty chill person and I know that the panicking is all in my head but it is still hard. So as of yesterday I am done FOREVER with this crap, but now comes the hard part. Can anybody give me any advise to get this monkey off my back?

  161. Hello Jill C.,
    Judging by your husband’s symptoms he has been smoking more than twice a month. I would suspect that he is/was a daily user but it is not my place to call him a liar. As I wrote in my article, just because synthetic cannabinoids are legal, it does not mean they are any less addictive than marijuana. Until he confronts his addiction he will not be able to move on and/or get help for it.

  162. I had been smoking a legal substance called ‘Down2Earth Climaxxx’ for about a year regularly. This substance ruined my life. I became a completely different person with no will to live unless i was getting high. I became anti-social and angry at everyone around me who tried to help me. It started to affected everything i did. The only thing i thought about was how to get high next. I wound up becoming so addicted to this substance that i was smoking 4 or 5 bags of it a day. I have been off of this substance for a few months now and the withdrawal symptoms were horrifying.

    My withdrawals from this caused me irritability, suicidal thoughts, chronic headaches, and vomiting every time i ate for a MONTH. STAY AWAY FROM LEGAL WEED.

  163. Hi Jill,

    I think that you do have reason to be suspicious. Withdrawal from cannabinoids brought on similar symptoms in my experience. I was irritable, depressed, and had trouble sleeping. Is your husband ready to seek outside help?

  164. was wondering that after stopping syntheic weed, what were withdrawl symptoms. i just discovered my husband has been smoking this for several months but only admits to doingit a bout 2 a month, could this be true> since my discover he has had a complete emotinal breakkdown ans well as very irritable, he has also could stay awake, could these be withdrawls of a much serious problem then just a “couple times a month”

  165. I have been smoking synthetic cannabinoids for about ten months now fairly regularly now and it has made me into a very weird person that doesn’t like the real me when I’m not stoned. These substances are very addictive and soon becoming illegal, luckily. Since they are full activity receptor agonists, they are hundreds of times more potent than natural cannanbinoids. My memory has been affected, I’ve become anti-social like when I was smoking real pot. Its even got me trying those damn bath salts (which were also really addictive as well considering how they are still legal as of August 1, 2011 here in Colorado). Its completely synthetic, unnatural and very foreign to the body. It gets you HIGH AS HELL!!! but the more you do it, the more you crave to keep the party goin’ and it becomes into a daily thing which made me worry so I am officially stopping today. I would reccomend the same to anyone else who smokes the herbal incense blends. They definitely aren’t as good as the good ole Mary Jane! Im tired of my wasting my lung and brain power, not to mention my money!!!! Im going to be Spice free!!!!!

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