K2 synthetic weed dangers

Is K2 synthetic weed dangerous? Yes. We review K2 as a gateway drug, its short history and the problems of prohibition here. Your comments and feedback are welcomed.

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Is K2 dangerous?

Getting high on legal herb may sound tempting. But it comes at the cost of not knowing the short or long term effects.  Below, we take a broader look at the dangers of K2* synthetic weed and the potential problems of continuing the proliferation of synthetic, legal highs.

Is synthetic weed a gateway drug?

A gateway drug is one which leads users to try ‘harder’ substances. For many years, smoking (tobacco) has been heralded as the main gateway drug. This is because it is legal (at least for those over 18) and this, in turn, makes tobacco readily available.

The same can be said for K2.

Here is a powerful substance that can give users a high very much unlike the dizzy/nauseous high associated with first time tobacco use. Not only is it powerful but, as with cigarettes, it is legal and readily available. In my opinion, synthetic legal weed is a ‘real’ gateway drugs in so far as they are psychoactive (unlike cigarettes) and can lead users to experiment with other drugs that are not only illegal but that are also far more powerful.

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On top of this, the DEA is now banning synthetic weed as and when it can, which means users are being forced to buy their drug on the street where they can be exposed to other drugs. This is cause for concern. There is no doubt that the authorities will continue to ban these drugs as they appear, but you can be sure that more substances will be synthesized in the labs of the Far East.

What we don’t know about synthetic cannabis

It is only in the past ten or so years that K2 has been available to the public at large. That is not a very long time, certainly not long enough to build up an accurate picture of the long term consequences of habitual use. At Addiction Blog, we have spoken of the short term dangers of synthetic cannabinoids and read many personal stories about the side effects, yet there is precious little known about the dangers of long term use. Compared to the data we have on marijuana usage, we have nothing on synthetic weed, yet we are still uncovering facts on the long term effects of cannabis smoking on mental health. This vacuum of information on the compounds used in synthetic cannabinoids, means that those smoking this stuff are playing with fire.

K2 dangers Of prohibition

The appearance and use of synthetic weed has come about as a result of government drug policy and the machinations of the market system. Governments outlaw a substance people want, people still want that substance (or something similar to it), a gap is created in the market, and business moves in to exploit that gap. Government bans the new substance and so the circle continues.  Plus, drug testing for K2 is not yet commercial and K2 does not show up on traditional marijuana drug tests.  So, here we have a situation where  synthetics go undetected and more and more people can get hurt.

The problem with this cycle is twofold:

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1. Those who smoke newly illegal cannabinoids will be criminalized. If they do not wish to use a newly banned substance, they will try and find something similar which creates the second problem….

2. New compounds will be synthesized and new K2 products will continue to come onto the market. New compounds that may or may not be as dangerous as those that went before them. Users who move from one product to another in order to stay within the law will be ingesting a cocktail of untested chemicals over the long term.

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Your opinions or experiences with K2

Do you have something to share about K2? Have you encountered dangerous side effects? Are you aware of the dangers of K2? Please let us know. Your feedback can help others interested in the same topic.

* I use the terms “K2” or “Spice” to refer to all synthetic cannabinoids.
About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. A while back when my now fiancé and I got together we got in some trouble (four years ago when I was 15) and we were on probation so we found this stuff called spice-worse thing ever. He didn’t care about probation and neither did I so it made that even worse. We were smoking once and there was a knock on the door which was a police officer there to arrest my fiancé. Didn’t let me hug or kiss him and being high on spice I threw a big fit calling the cops every name possible and being an awful person. Which turned into mysel getting arrested, resisting, and getting charged with two assult on. Police officer charges and a couple obstructing charges. Looking back three to four years ago, that happening on January 21 2012 and ending our addiction finally that stuff is the devils drug! I was stealing money from family and selling all my stuf for spice. It literally is evil. You smoke eat like you had the munchies 100x worse. Stuff ourself to the brim, wake up and usually throw up because of eating waaaay too much and smoke eat and sleep again, all day AND night long… After stopping the withdrawl was rediculous. Bangin my head on the walls of a youth facility I was in and repeatedly screaming uncontrollably… Then came the body pain and voices… They told me they would kill my family if I turned the lights off to home and told me these awful things it made up my at the time boyfriend was doing- in jail so wouldn’t be possible. Told me it was my boyfriend and had me believe it and I would talk to it like it was him. Had three different voices, actually. A softer mans voice, what I thought was my fiances voice, and an evil scary voice… It took about two years for that to go away but now the abdominal pains and stomach problems rule my life. Hiatel hernia and irritable bowels, gerd and extreme heartburn and headaches. Four years later and I’m still auffering and don’t think it will get better. Glad thy took this stuf off the shelves and it’s not killing people anymore. Thank God everyday I didn’t die from that evil shit. Causes some realy messed up stuff in your whole body but eventually wears off in your head but you’ll always hurt…

  2. Now im reading through these and seeing a lot of very bad experiences where people tried this out thinking that it would be just like a really strong Marijuana hugh. That is not the case. While this drug does stimulate the cannibinoid receptors in the brain you should also go into your high fully expecting the possibility of intenese visual hallucinations as this is a POSSIBLE side effect from some of the more intense chemicals found in some brands such as 7H which is probably what everyone here tried with these kinds of experiences. All spices are not made from the same chemicals some can be very dangerous but many do actually give you that marijuana high like effect IN SMALL DOSES. IN LARGE ENOUGH QUANTITIES these same chemicals can cause visual and auditory hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, labored or shallow breathing, and many other side effects depending on the chemical you ingest. These are manmade research chemicals developed in labs most state that they are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Researh chemicals can be very dangerous and should not be used if one is not experienced in their possible side effects as this lack of understanding is only going to make your experience frightening and can cause anxiety and panic that will exacerbate other negative symptoms to possibly dangerous levels. So no i do not recommend this as a safe practice

  3. My 19 year old niece is in a short term behavioral facility right now as I type this. I am not sure how long she has been smoking this horrible stuff, I don’t even know the name except synthetic pot. Since December of 2015 she has lost close to 60 pounds, you can see every bone in her spine. She does not eat and when she does she throws up over and over. Last Monday she started talking weird and off the wall. She was taken to the hospital and it was like watching the exorcist, my heart was breaking into seeing her like that. All she kept saying was everyone would be set free, she has set everyone free. The colors had been mixed and it was going to happen and no one could stop it. She had a court date the week before and was in the middle of the road directing traffic instead of going into the courthouse. She lit up a cigarette inside Wal Mart and had merchandise in her buggy, told the employee at the door that she had to go put her cigarette out and she would be right back (she took the buggy out with her). Her brother was murdered 5 years ago and she has taken that very very hard. She has always been a good girl but she changed, she changed when she started smoking this lethal drug. She said she has set her brother free and she has walks with him at night. It breaks my heart! The facility has her on that Resperdal, vistaril, and Trazedone. They are releasing her tomorrow and I am scared, this stuff has messed her mind up! I don’t think she is ready to be released but don’t know what to do or who to call to get her long term help. One nurse told me the effects of this stuff could never go away and if it did it would take a very long time. It has been 7 days since she has been in the facility and not smoked, I don’t know if it is the meds they give her or an effect of the pot but she still seems messed up and in la la land. She is so slow and looks right through you when she talks to you. She has not eaten one single thing today, she has slept all day. Before being hospitalized she has isolated herself from friends and family. She stayed in her room 24-7 when she was at home but when she could she would stay gone. This drug has damaged her, I hope and pray that she will recover. I don’t know if she will remember everything she has been through.

  4. I been smoking k2 since 2011 then took a break in 2013. Now is 2016 i took one hit off the k2 joint and tripped out for 20min. I was so high i thought my friend had lace it i had murder on my mind because it had me angry and very aggressive i took off running from my house because i felt very dangerous. To my kid i couldnt control myself so i ran from my house to get away from them so i wouldntbe a danger to them. After feeling like that i will never ever smoke that shit ever again..

  5. The poison he called K2 has and is destroying my middle aged husband Amen. His life is over as long as he remains addicted to it but he just doesn’t seem to realize it. Jesus please let him lift up Your name in prayers and get free from this evil chemical slave master forever. No hope without You Lord.

  6. I smoked this stuff here in Australia a stuff called Erotica with my friend in a lane way. We had smoked a different brand the week before it was ok. Anyway my friend had told me the blue lotus from club x is the worst stuff imaginable and that they took it in a park and could move and were in a bad state for hours. Anyway we thought we will try the brand called erotica. My friend started smoking it I go to him give me some. He goes no you said you doing want any. I said to him give it to me. Anyway I had two drags of this gave it to my friend then he chucks the joint in the ground and goes I don’t want it. Next thing I know he goes what’s happening. Then all of a sudden the lane way started to look like a wave and a blur and I thought omg what is happening. I knew I was not moving from this lane. The all of a sudden everything started to slow down, my body and time. I was totally paralyses but still standing and I couldn’t move my feet. I leant against a wall my head pinned to the wall. I looked out and my friend was the same, in distress and against the wall. I thought this is the end. I thought I am not dead but the death process has begun and there is now no way back. My heartbeat fell like it was about to give me a heart attack. Then one or two people walked past and I could see them with perfect clarity but it was like I was watching them on tv and I wasn’t a part of their world. We were in distress against the wall. I managed to move about two steps. Then slowly moved some more and was walking like someone who had a stroke and could not walk well. I looked in the window and I my movement was not good I was struggling to walk. Then I thought I need water I’m dieting. I managed to walk in the middle of the lane then I saw my friend wobbling. He was about to fall backward flat on his back and head. I screamed and ran in my coma state and caught him just before he slammed the ground. I leant him against the wall then he went to fall face down so I grabbed him and say him down. I was so dehydrated j had to run five blocks to get water. I threw the erotica out so the cops didn’t catch me. I finally found water at a karaoke place and when I went back to the lane and my friend was still in a horrible state. I thought thank god he isn’t dead. Then I gave him water and half an hour later he was able to stand. It has taken us a week to full recover from this. My muscle in my leg was cramped and I never want to experience this again. This stuff needs to be banned I’ve never seen any junkie on harder drugs look in a worse state than what I was in. I hope soon this stuff gets banned. Club x markets this stuff as synthetic insence. But they sell it with tobacco papers etc. please do not try this stuff it’s bad

  7. I am 18 years old. I would firstly like to say, quit while you can. When I started smoking this it was all about 3 years ago. At first I was like wow, this high is so good and it is legal so I could take it anywhere without any consequences. The only consequence this will have, is on you as a person. I went all these years buying so much of this and spending money on it nearly every day. It was the first thing I thought about in the morning and the last thing I thought about at night. I was smoking up to 20/30 spliffs a day at any chance I could. I was so in denial because I always thought I haven’t gone to hospital like other people have and that I would always have it under control. It took over my whole life and made me into a selfish person who was angry with everyone every time I never had it. I was always aware that it made me very very high but i never had any scary experiences like other people used to share with me. So my final straw was when I smoked it and I felt like I was dying. Everyone who was around me knew I was not exaggerating as they knew I could normally handle the buzz it gave me. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was having a heart attack. I had sharp pains and I felt like I was fighting for my life. My whole body was shaking and I could no longer control the buzz. I thought to myself that this was it and I was going to die. Luckily I had a shower and after a good few hours I felt myself again but I was still very shaky. this is coming from someone who was used to the buzz of spice so I know what I am talking about. I was fighting for my life, I couldn’t breath properly. I realized once I got home and looked in the mirror that my life was worth so much more than a 10 pound bag of chemicals. I am studying at uni and I have a good job. The best thing I have ever done is to leave that spice alone. If you are thinking of smoking it or you are new to smoking it please stop while you can. Spice will change you and ruin your life. It starts to control your life. I went from smoking one bag a week to 3 bags a day. LEAVE IT ALONE. please. I wish I could of admitted I was addicted to it and got help a long time ago. I will leave another post once I am one month spice free and give you an update.

  8. I smoked k2 and went completely crazy an tried to harm people then I started to get dizzy an my heart was racing I felt like I was having an heart attack it was the worst feeling ever I don’t suggest anyone to smoke it im afraid of it now an ill never ever smoke it again

  9. I’m overwhelmed with my son’s problem… We need help not only is he now seeing a Phsycaitrist and a Therapist also taking Xanax for Panic Attacks and most of all he has hallucinations. My son smoked synthetic marihuana one time two hits only while I was sleeping I guess he found this rolled up synthetic weed cigarette out in the street in front of our house all I remember is waking up to a lot of commotions running and completely out of it he states he took two hits only and he started feeling weard different went into the shower to calm down he stated it just got worse he said everything got small then big all of a sudden everything started closing on him smaller and smaller all he could see is a bright light at the end of a tunnel could see us or nobody was blinded into a black tunnel with a bright light at the end i called the EMS before they arrived he had been running all over the house naked and passed out 3 times finally paramethics got here and started vitals and checking him his heart rate was 180 and immediately was taken in the hospital finally they ran exams and he was able to come home the next morning after that he was fine just remembering or trying to little by little until he decided one week later to smoke weed once after he did all the feelings he had had with the synthetic came back not going away once again I called EMS and I took him to the doctor after exams he was diagnosed with panic attacks and was referred to a Phsycaitrist were I was told he had post trauma stress his symptoms had gotten better within one week little by little but right after a week he started feeling as he had smoked synthetic weed everyday the feeling just stayed and doesn’t go away followed by panic attack he was given Xanax and some type of other medicine I didn’t want to start him on now I’m confused overwhelmed he has been missing school everyday life activities he gets this episodes of panic everyday and stays as of a feeling of high and synthetic feeling on a daily basis our life’s have just completely changed I cannot even have a full day of work without getting a call from him stating he is scared and feeling it again I don’t understand why???? I’m scared overwhelmed stressed and I don’t want my son suffering anymore please help will it go away or what can we do to help more than what we are already I’m lost?????

  10. Im 21 years old and have been smoking spice since i was 16. When it was first available i seemed to have no problems, except what i wanted, the high. Best high! I continued smoking even as i saw firends of mine and heard quite a feq cases of people having siezures, mental and visionual problems, and even death. I seemed to be fine so why quit? right, until one day im buying my k2, off the streets, and i took a few hits and there it went. My brain slowley went into zombie mode. I was “World Steppin”… If there is anything a human shouldnt do, is that! Im still solving problems on myself from smoking k2. I experienced thoughts out of this world! My sense of taste,touch,smell, sight, and hearing all started fading it seemed. I had thoughts of other beings, voices, and became very antisocial.. For me, thats crazy. I soon realized my soul and body were two totally different beings in itself. I soon felt as if i were Peter Pan and i could unsew my soul and sew it back in. I felt like i was looking through a body that wasnt mine or didnt belong to me. I had thoughts of Aliens, God, Heaven, Earth.. Its like visions were being shown to me..Then oddly everything i had been seeing over the years that i thought never made since, began to. I got super interested in the world around us.. Let me note, i keep a journal and write my thoughts often. As is..As i became so obssessed with the stars, universes, galaxies. It seemed a door to a whole other understanding opened to me. Made me start researching a lot. My “thoughts” were soon becoming reality. What was going on? Was i losing my mind? Why did i feel sentive to a higher life form. Now, dont let me mislead you,I believe God is, was and always will be.He just is. And everything else God has put here is making an attempt to save humanity. From what ive “thought” “seen” There are others.. plenty! But one thing i have learned is, not everyone is excepting of this when it happens.. I Believe an end is nearing and if we dont stop the chaos, we will sit in our own despair. And i was sent a thought of this feeling soon after the thought, and its not what you want.. Its sad , dark. Just nothing.. Imagine all your worst feelings and fears happen. “Hell” Yes its a fast and really high high but it is really worth saling…no.. GIVING your soul to the Devil? No! God put us here to evolve and become something, but not this. The higher life forms look at us as if we are five years

  11. I had tried K2 multiple times, knowing the dangers that came with it, and my first few tries were fun, short-lived (about 5-10 minutes), but really not the special overall.
    One time I had shared 3-4 lightly mixed mixed cigarettes (K2 mixed with tobacco) with two other friends over the course of a day, but the last one hit me hard. I became flushed and hot, and I was detached from reality. I felt as if my friends were judging me and my ears started ringing. I temporarily lost my hearing, leading to a panic attack (I have had past experiences with anxiety AND I have mild hearing loss ha.ha.) and I truly believed I was going to die. My hearing kept coming back in waves. I was confused between calming myself down or freaking out– logic Vs anxiety. I knew that my anxiety was triggered by the spice, but I also knew about the risk of death. I waited for a seizure to take me, thinking it was my last few minutes left of precious life. I kept trying to tell my friends to tell my parents that I was sorry, but all I kept repeating was “sorrysorrysorry” Coming down from the attack, I couldn’t separate past from future. It was so strange, like my brain was trying to re-wire itself. My friends had noticed by then and were talking to help keep my mind occupied.
    All of this felt like 40-50 minutes. It was only 10.
    The high is never worth what I went through. Believe me. My friends have stopped, hopefully for good, after I’ve begged them. We’re all only 17, smart enough to know better, but fucking stupid enough to risk it, clearly.

  12. I smoked it once, and when I did it it was about 3 to 5 or even more puffs. Immediately 20 minutes later I hallucinated I started to become dizzy and I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t know what was happening to me so I would be yelling screaming in the scaredest i’ve ever met in my whole entire life . Didn’t know it was spice someone who laced what I thought was weed. I stayed high for about 72 hours. After that I was just dizzy as days came and gone. Then finally after a week and a half I felt normal. After two weeks went pass I had a dream I smoked it again and I was high in it, I was so scared and I new it was a dream so I woke myself up. That morning u felt odd. I kept thinking about my dream. Later that evening While I was out I had a piece of candy in my mouth and in the middle of enjoying it I couldn’t feel my mouth nor tongue. I was so scared because this was one of my symptoms when I smoked. Then the day after which is today I feel the symptoms full on like I just smoked which is false. I’m so am scared and don’t know what to do. I need help please and thank you.

  13. Connor, Names and packaging change all the time. It really doesn’t matter because ALL of K2/Synthetic weed/spice/incense is BAD! It can kill you. It can leave you mentally disabled for life! It could happen on the first hit or any of the following hits anyone takes. Then BAM things are WRONG. VERY WRONG. You get NO warnings. Please continue to warn everyone you can. Anyone that will listen and especially those that don’t want to listen. You may save a life! My son was seriously mentally hurt and will probably never recover memories. He is socially awkward now. Read the above comments by Jean (me) if you are interested in learning what it did to my son. Also you can advise people to read this blog as it is not just one opinion but of many from both former users and friends and family of those who have used and are not the same any more. Hopefully it will scare the heck out of them and they will stop using or better yet, never try. Sincerely, Jean – Take care, I care.

  14. Hello im looking to find out the name of a legal high my friend took in 2012 and hospitalised him im trying to get a picture of the packet but I don’t remember the name I remember what it looks like, im trying to warn others but I cant seem to find the image anywhere it may be illegal now and that’s why but I cant even find an image of it or find out the name I remember what it looked like it was a grim reaper holding his scythe with a weed leaf behind him and he had red eyes the packaging said something like Amsterdam on it but ive been searching Google images and I can’t find anything like it. I have been searching for the image or name but google is just nor any help, if anyone could help find the image of the pack or the name of it that would be very helpful.

  15. The nefarious chemist need to be harshly prosecuted, as well as the distributors. Folks who smoke this crap are killing people in unspeakable horrible ways. Why, because they are hallucinogenic and crazed out of their minds. Beheading people OMG!

  16. Im just a bit sore all of a system from smoking k2. Wen i hit it now it feels like a balloon bout to rupture like my organs. I wsnt to hospital nd they said my ct scan was fine. Morphine worker for about two hours nd wore off. Im not trippin nd i know theres something wrong. What should i do? Go to another hospital nd tell em what im dayin now nd have them check my head to see if it has to do with my brain??

  17. My grandson 32 is smoking k2 on a daily basis My room is next to his I am inhaling the fumes and I can hardly breathe. He is less cognitive he can’t function, I can barely breathe. I want help for him ASAP! Should I call 911.

  18. Hi, I just wanted to share my story with everyone as I too suffered from this addiction. Like many others I started smoking spice because my job drug tested I would say I started around 2011 and stopped somewhere in 2013. My friends and I would smoke together but one time I got a batch that was way stronger than anything I had smoked before. I was on my way out the door, but before turning the doorknob my body went limb. Next thing I knew I was on the floor and people were asking me if I was OK. The thing is that I couldn’t reply, and I couldn’t move in that moment I felt my soul leave my body I thought I was gonna die. I’m not sure how long it took for this effect to wear off but it felt like an eternity. I can honestly say its the most scared I have ever been. Foolishly though I continued to smoke k2, I was addicted and I would spend most of my money on it, I started losing weight and my family became worried about me. I’m not sure how or when I decided to kick this habit but I just know one day I grew tired of it like many other drugs it took away my personality and I became a shell. Its really sad that young people are naive enough to think its harmless. I was pretty young when I started smoking this and I wish I hadn’t. Because no one knows the long term effects these chemicals have on your mind and body. I think people get lucky by coming out of any addiction alive its definitely something I am greatful for and I cant imagine ever going back to that. I truly feel for the moms on here talking about their experiences because I could’ve been that daughter that ended up brain dead because I was trying to get high. It sometimes bothers me because I start to think why them? Why doesn’t it happen to everyone that smokes spice? And the truth is it is like playing russian roulette. Life is beautiful when you can experience things with a clear healthy mind. I hope someone reads my story and can relate or find hope.

  19. ** please read **I smoked k2 for the first time roughly 4 years ago. I was 18 at the time and it was the worst experience of my life. I started rocking back and fourth trapped in my friends car convinced o was on a peddastool and I was not allowed to get off of it. As stupid as it sounds it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I was trapped inside of my head and that car with no way out and I couldn’t put rational thoughts into my brain. I have done a lot of different drugs before just to try them but I would never ever recommend k2 or spice to ANYONE.

    *please help*
    From smoking it that one time I have noticed a lot of changes in my personality, behavior, and the way my mind interrupts things. 1, stuttering. I had an amazing vocabulary and would exercise it daily I loved using bigger words and exercised using them as much as possible. After smoking k2 I picked up a nasty stutter, (still with me today) which was a big hit on my ego. After a while noticing I couldn’t get rid of it, it deterred me from chimig in on conversations and using the words I use to love to use. 2, Memory loss. My memory is now atrocious. Short term, long term it doesn’t matter. It makes it nearly impossible to pick up a new trade or skill. On top of that it is one of the most aggravating things in the world. 3. Wiring of the mind. I’m certainly not a Neurologist, however I’m aware when my whole thought process changes. (I’m not trying to boast here) My mind use to be sharp, on point, and clever. I was able to achieve perfect grades, get ranked 9th in call of duty, and minipulate people for fun. The point being I could grow up and do absolutely anything I wanted to. Self motivated, charming, and most of all confident. Well I first noticed my people skills went out the door. I was no longer able to openly strike up conversations with people let alone make new friends. I started becoming more withdrawn thinking everyone was judging me or resenting me. Then I noticed I started to get angry more often. I use to be a firm believer that getting mad about absolutely anything was unhealthy and irrational. I started throwing my controller and swearing at the video games. Then when I noticed I was no longer the most clever out of my friends I knew something was wrong, I was slipping as a person in nearly every aspect I once. I knew immediately that when I smoked that k2 I chamged myself. I poisoned my mind. As I’m older now.looking back some of these symptoms are growing worse and worse to this day still. I’m really just asking for help. What do I need to do to stop this before I turn into a skitzo. For reason I’d prefer not to mention I need to get over this or start to work towards fixing this problem as soon as possible. I have a huge challenge ahead of me and I need to be as sharp as I once was. So please if anyone has any information on how I can reverse or stop these effects please reply to this comment. Any information will be checked into and I WILL be checking this daily, thank you.

  20. Did K2 with my cousin bout a month ago and havent touched it since then.. and not because I was trippin balls but the look on my cousins face when he was immensed in this “stuck” position… and outta nowhere he yells to the very top of his lungs “holy fuck im so sorry!!” And just keeps repeating himself.. then he passes out and I run over to him and I notice his purple/blue skin tone… like a dead purple .. by this time im over him smacking him trying to get him to come to and I notice his chest isnt moving… I back up in COMPLETE HORROR…OMFG he’s dead what the hell am I supposed to tell everybody… 15 minutes pass and the tears are just rollin.. I think to myself as I look at my cousins lifeless face and finally he comes back and says “Bro!? why are you crying? I feel great! He had no recollection of what the fuck I had to be a witness.to.. the synthetic marijuana name was Eagle High. Be safe!

  21. I just lost my boyfriend of three years to k2/spice. I admit I was going down hill along with him but had to get my life together because I found out I was pregnant. Now that I quit he disappears on me, and doesn’t come around anymore. It’s so sad because he use to be so smart, and maintained his life so well. But now, he has to have it or he’s sick all day. He went through job after job, and again just lost his recent one. I just feel so lost now, because I have our kid, and now she’s not going to have a father. How would I let this man around my child? He can’t be sober and he can’t tolerate the stuff either. I just feel so bad because my dad meant so much to me as a kid growing up, and now she doesn’t get to have that. I do love him and I tried staying by his side, but he makes his choice when he tells me he’ll come around or pick me up and doesn’t show up. Really this stuff has turned him out to be just bad news. He started to hit me for the first time on it, and jumped in his sleep, well whatever you call that slumber high off spice, and kicked me in the stomach 3 months pregnant. It got to the point to where we were together and I would just sit and watch him sleep, and most of the time cry because I just wanted him up to be with him and spend time with him. He claims I never let him sleep but that’s all the man did….It really hurts me to see him go down this path but everyone’s tried to help him and he won’t take it. It’s like I know he’s in there, and he knows this is all wrong, but he just can’t control it. I wish there was something I could do… I warned him i would leave him and I have our baby, but I guess that’s not enough… it really does s*ck. So please, if you smoke it, and think you can handle it, and completely ignore everyone warning you see on this page, take it from me, a 16 year old girl who thought she was the sh*t and could handle her self, it destroys everything, and takes you and you’re loved ones, whether you think it will or not, down with it. Sick the people started selling me this sh*t when I was 13, but I did always look way older. I’ve fell out before, once or twice, yes I smoked spice everyday all day, threw up without it too, Ive been down the hard road. But you know what? Get off of it for 3 days, just 3 days. And you’ll start feeling better. Imagine how bad your lungs are filling up from that stuff. Please, at least do it for yourself!

  22. First time i tried it was in 10th grade. Had no idea what it was, all i knew was it got you high. I did it at school (i was a stupid pos back then) it was really nice, except it got your eyes redder than weed. So every now and then after school i did it with the person who tempted me with it. After about 2-3 weeks of doing it we got a friend’s brother to buy me and another buddy 2g each of some strawberry stuff. We put it in a tupperware container. He got off of it real quick, but i was so tempted to do it because it was in my possession. I did all of it within 2 weeks out of a crappy bottle pipe. One time i did way too much and my heart was racing, and well.. i saw my dresser and i looked away, but the image was all i saw. I blinked at least a dozen times not even looking at it and still saw it. I felt my neck to see how fast my heart was beating and couldn’t slow it down probably because how fast it was going. And after finishing that 2g and having close to the same experience i was done. Im pretty sure i got withdrawal symptoms because i was sick for a week. And i didnt go through any NA treatments or therapy. Clean all by my self:)

  23. I was a straight A student, and could only think about my future.
    Until, I was tricked into trying spice. I was told it was mild, and not even potent. My first time, I looked in the mirror, and I didn’t know who I was. And for some reason, I thought, ‘I need this for the rest of my life.’ I seriously started planning my adulthood differently than I always had, this time, with spice in it.
    I used every day, day in and day out, for about 2 or 3 years. I started when i was 16, and am now 20. And, the past 4 years, are a blur. A blur I wish I could remember. My very first time i tried to quit wasn’t by choice. It was because the smokeshop I would get it from got shut down. I got severe withdrawals, night sweats, hot flashes, nerve damage (i can’t feel my extremities, and lost my sense of smell and taste.) loss of appetite, depression, and really bad apathy. This stuff is no joke, It’s a hard drug, some say even more addicting than meth or heroine. I strongly believe there is not a more addicting substance. It truly is the devil. If you’re using, and can’t stop get help. If one of your loved ones is using, help them. The longer they use, the worse their withdrawals will be. The people commenting saying its ‘fun’ and calling the rest of us ‘pussies’ have simply lost their minds, and are too far gone. If its not addicting, why are they justifying it on an addiction blog? It’s DEATHLY addictive. These people are just going to use it until they pass out in an alley somewhere or on the wheel and just never wake up. They’re just gonna keep using it until their lungs erode or collapse, or get caner. Or, until their kidneys shut down, or they’re left brain dead. There’s no telling what will happen, but a bright future sure isn’t down the alley for them. This shit is the furthest thing from a ‘productive’ drug. Upon use their IQ and focus threshold is cut in half, and with more use they’ll just be completely sedated. Passed out, like a heroine junkie. If you use this, you’re a junkie. Because when you run out, you will scrape your pipe, sell your stuff, or do anything to feed the addiction. Even, die. Once the smoke clears, they’ll have nothing, except regret and a fucked up body. Let me keep calling you names, and saying this shit is ‘fun.’ It’s their life and their loss. Oh, and it DOESNT HELP you sleep. It knocks you unconscious, without you even noticing. Until you’re driving one day, hit it, and wake up in the ER. If you wanna be a lowlife junkie, by all means, use this stuff. But, if you want to leave a legacy behind, and make your loved ones proud, and live a life that means something, STAY AWAY. The losers who comment on here, justifying this stuff, are just that, losers. For you who want to get better, but don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel, just keep walking. You WILL see the light. You WILL be whole again. And, you CAN overcome this. All you need is love, and a deadset mindset. And, your future is all yours again:)
    Best of luck, and never give up. Thank you all for sharing your stories.

  24. I had smoked 1 hit of synthetic marijuana and blacked out my friends shook me slapped me trying to wake me up but I wouldn’t awake. And the things I seen still have me questioning what happen to me. did I die? Did I come close to dying? What happen? I don’t know. But I do know that they need to abandon it because I believe it is life threatening !!

  25. My Son -in-law used to smoke Spice (K-2). He stopped after he had a seizure that left him on a ventilator for 3 days. That was 2 and 1/2 years ago. Since then, he has had 2 grand mal seizures and has terrible anxiety. He is now on anxiety medication and is supposed to take medication for the seizures, but refuses. He throws up and shakes a lot and his personality changes when he is in these states. As of yesterday he had his 4 grand mal. all because of this drug….

  26. I recently tried the armagedon version NEVER AGAIN I had 3 puffs and within 10 mins had passed out .I fell onto an oak table cutting both my legs and head I was very disorientated when I came round .very scary stuff leave well alone

  27. Nice and a very useful blog for me. After reading this blog, I a very much benefited. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  28. A psychologist and psychiatrist(sp?) is what helped our son. Is your brother in jail on a 5150? They usually have people evaluated. It is actually a good idea he is in jail as they will keep an eye on him so he won’t hurt himself or others. It is a long road to recovery. I don’t know if you live close, but your family is going to need support. Even if it is just to lend an ear to listen to your family tell you what is going on. A lot of people understand that it was what they were using. Some people like my son never understood what took them down. They police took our son to jail on a 24 hour hold. Then a 72 hour hold and then transferred our son to a mental facility where they had him for 2 weeks. It would have been longer but he wanted to be part of his sister’s wedding. Luckily it went all right, but he thought the helicopters flying around as they do sometimes were for him, that they were monitoring him, watching him. We had to keep the curtains closed. That sort of thing. He did get better but it was a long road. It does NO good to tell him that he is wrong. Don’t argue with your brother, be there for support, but make a firm line that he can’t use that stuff anymore, ever. Take care, I care.

  29. My brother has been using spice for about 18 months or so, last monday I got a phone call from a family member telling me my brother was complaining of heart attacks, and acting strange. my mother and I called the paramedics. We got to the hospital, after a while they let us in to see him. He seemed normal and okay. ct scans plus ekg came back normal. The nurse told us he got a small dose of lorezepam for agitation. They released him after he got iv potassium. On the way home we started to notice he wasn’t okay, that he was hallucinating and emotionally unstable. We decided to go home and rest because he is of age we couldn’t talk him into going back . My mom thought she could get him to come out of it with time but about 4 days into it he became worst and would not go to get help so she called the cops hoping they would escort him to the hospital, instead he ended up in jail. his symptoms are the same if not worst we are not sure. His not eating, sleeping, his talking to himself And still hallucinating. The navajo nation isn’t helping us get him evaluated by psychologist while his in jail. Now we r trying to get him out so we can get him help elsewhere but they want to put a hold on him. God help us help him. Plz don’t smoke this crap it destroys lives. I don’t know if I’ll ever get my brother back. It’s heartbreaking.

  30. Drew maybe you were one of the “lucky” ones, maybe not. It is hard to read your entry so I am not sure you are “not affected” as you claim to be. Some of these people writing in only took one hit and knew something was wrong way before they reached their usual limit. So you are not smarter than anyone here. If you have used you are not any better than anyone. And I pray you stop because when it knocks you down, you may never be able to get up again. Rachek, is your son under the guidance of a physician? This is how my son was able to climb out of the hole he was in. The doesn’t look over his shoulder anymore but still things there are hidden messages in things like license plates. Take care, I care.

  31. Yea as I am reading you all comments I can say I have not had as a bad experience with K2 but I have had bad experiences about 2 years ago when I first tried I started with aloha I didn’t like it because it gave me head achs then I tried spice there was 3 type regular, 50x, and 100x I tried 100 x for the first time I did not know it was as potent as any other drug I smoked I had a bad experience so I went to reg an I enjoyed the high I tried bazorro an that is some high grade high you have to remember to only smoke ur limit each high mine was 5-8 puffs I was high 30 minutes an that is another set back about k2 the lack of time you are high that I experienced. I tried Mr nice guy this had me walk in on clouds bottom of my feet tingled noty fave high nope an Scooby snake this was chill I like so the moral of my story is its not that bad to me why because I know my limits which everyone should an over years they have dumb everything down took the potency down a lot

  32. I was 14 the first time I smoked synthetic. Me and one of my friends went out into the woods and found a spot to smoke. I lit the joint and took three drags. I handed it to my friend and he hit it a few times and handed it back to me. As soon as he handed it to me I was in a different universe. I grabbed the joint and tried taking another drag but I couldn’t move my hand. So I started tripping out. I stood up and leaned on a tree and got stuck. I couldn’t move. At that point I thought I was going to die. I was hallucinating very badly seeing my mom find my dead body and an ambulance taking me and my friend away. At that point my adrenaline kicked in and somehow I was able to walk so I tried to go get help but the only way I could walk was to march and drag my leg. My friend was on the ground screaming for me to stay with him but I couldn’t. So I was walking to go get help and my heart started pounding really hard. It felt like somebody was drumming inside of my chest and I was seeing Mario brothers floating in the air. But I kept going screaming for help. Luckily my friends sister was there and she heard me. She was In her car getting ready to leave. If she wasn’t there I would’ve walked to the highway and probably got hit by a car. But anyways I tried to get through a barbed wire fence and got stuck so I ripped my shirt off and kept going. I got to her car and she asked what was wrong but all I could say was that my friend was dead and that we smoked some bad stuff. And at that point it started to slowly ware off. So we go to look for him and I was still really paranoid thinking that every tree or limb was him dead. So we finally found him drinking water from a tank. And I asked him if he was alright and he told me he had been trying to call me using his hand as a phone trying to show me his call log. I must have drank four bottles of water and I was really hot. Since then we have felt really out of touch and stupid. This was two years ago and still not feeling right.

  33. So I have been smoking k2 for the last couple of months so I can get off probation n I jus got a new bag a couple a days ago and since I have smoked it I have been tripping balls feeling like im on meth or pcp, I cant feel body at all, not even my genitals, there shrunk idk wat to do and I dont feel like goin to the hospital to spend money

  34. my son started using this drug about a month ago.he had a bad trip..he swears he’ll never touch it again..it’s been 5 days that he hasn’t touched it, but he still feeling paronoid. .an has no feeling in his body.will he ever feel normal again

  35. Was doing some research cause im really worried i messed my brain up smoking k2. I was 13-14 and smoked spice i honestly cant remember how many times but probably 5gs or so in all and i feel it fried my brain and dumbed me out. I used to be highly intelligent with good grades now i cant understand school work and find it hard to comprehend things in my mind like math problems. I know my brain cells have been killed and i messed up touching that crap. If anyone is thinking of smoking this junk please dont it is not worth it and makes u feel gross if anything use real cannabis the fake chemicals in k2 kill your brain.

  36. I am 26 years old..and I haven’t smoked weed since highschool. I recently have been studying marajuna and the positiv effects it has during meditation. so I decided to try some while I attempt to meditate, I got some from a friend of a family who got it from someone else (local drug dealer) I bought 5 nickle bags. I had OK experiences with the first 4 packs, however the 5th pack had me to believe it was laced with k2.

    I normally drink a very small amount of red wine when I smoke, it mellows me out. So I open up the pack and immediately notice a purple tent, I remember thinking ” that’s weird”. But I rolled the blunt, took a couple hits and drank a Lil wine. After a few minutes I felt normal side effects like delayed motion, sensitive to touch etc. After a few minutes I started to feel like something was very wrong. My heart was beating very fast and I felt like I was going to fall over on the floor. So I got up and went i out on my porch (it was freezing outside) may heart started beating faster and faster, but I kept telling myself I will be fine and to call down.

    I came back in the house and tried to look up if the rapid heart beat was normal ( i am normally relaxed when high, but this time felt anxious and hyper). When I touched the phone I had the weirdest sensation like I couldn’t feel anything, it felt like I wasn’t touching the phone. I clearly was though, it was strange. Some sites suggested I had laced weed. And my MIMD immediately went to k2, I work at a hospital and heard many stories of k2, so I immediately begin to panic. I ran upstairs to splash water on my face and the symptoms intensified within seconds. Then my heart was beating extremely fast and I felt light headed, I also notice I was loosing motor skills in my right hand and forearm( which still didn’t go away). I ran down stairs grabbed my keys, trued locking the door but I couldn’t wrap my hand around the knob, and left out the house. It was 26° outside and I had no jacket in and it was sleeting ( but I was sooooo hot) I started walking down the street and it hit me ( I was going to die) my chest started burning and I felt really weak I was trying to flag down a car to call the police but could barely raise my arm. I felt like I was tipping over and standing straight up at the same time. I walked around my neighborhood for a few blocks and felt like a complete crack addict, mouth felt dry I was twitching and I could barely feel my hands and toes. I was going to walk to the hospital but was scared that if they new I was smoking I would loose my job.

    I went back to the house grabbed a coat, the hot sensation cooled off and I went back outside to walk. Walking and deep breathing kept me can, but I was still feeling the effects heavily. I left the house @1:30 and walked for 3 hours straight, around 40 blocks, It was sleeting and I knew I was supposed to be cold but I was getting hot from walking. I felt like I looked crazy, I was out of it for most of the walk, and kind of just wandered the streets ( thank God no one tried to abduct me or anything). I felt like I was only half conscious. I knew it needed time to wear off so every hour, I gained more and more clarity and control. @4pm I was normal-ish but still felt off. It felt like death it was so horrible. Its been 3 days, I have sleep deprivation due to work and my right hand is struggling to move, like I have carpal tunnel or something. I’m more so worried if I damaged nerves in my hand. I want to get this out my system, I still off a Lil bit. Any advice?

  37. Kamron, thanks for posting. I am a parent and square. My question to you is the “legal” you are smoking – is it the name of a packet of synthetic stuff or legal pot? Thanks – trying to learn as I go along. Take care, I care.

  38. It makes my eyes go side to side quickly and my body just gets heated and even at times I do feel like I’m in a cartoon and things just aren’t real, I get pains in my head or the back of my head I haven’t been to the doctor but I do plan on going soon

  39. I smoke real weed. I’ve been smoking for about 2 years I am about to be 16 in January. I have had a variety of symptoms from smoking legal I’ve been smoking legal for a couple of months and I thought I was fine the first couple of months cause I’ve never tripped out or anything but for the past couple of weeks things have changed..I’m depressed, I get mad/ angry easily, when I smoke it, it makes my mouth water and I always have to spit, I cough, get diarrhea, stomach pains, chest pains and the inside of my body just hurts and last night my heart started beating so quickly and nobody noticed I started to foam at the mouth I thought i was going to die I have never been so scared all I could do was cry and I felt stiff it lasted only a few minutes but felt like forever, it makes me throw up and at times I throw up gray stuff

  40. Thank you Wes! It gives a lot of people visiting HOPE!!!! I had to think and it has been 2 years for my son since he got of synthetic pot (SP). He saw his head doctors all the time for the first 6 months, on meds – serious meds because the SP he was taking triggered paranoid schizophrenia and intensified a Bipolar disorder that we did not know about. My son thought everything he saw was a secret code between people against him and were planning to harm him. It took a long time for the meds to kick in (right doses, etc) So he started to level out. Meanwhile the drugs made him sleepy all the time and he gained over 80 pounds, but to be honest the SP had him looking like a refugee from a prisoner camp he was so thin and gaunt. So, at first, we were happy (his dad and I) about him looking healthier but the weight kept coming on. Meanwhile, thankfully, his job was held for him while he got his act together. (You can read above posts for what my son went through and the bazaar things he did). They let him stop his schooling (trade school) for a year because he could not concentrate. He was very lucky. The good thing is he did go back to work. He did start up his schooling again. Also he did stop the meds he was on. (We don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing) He has lost 25 pounds by just being off the meds and talking to him is like talking to an adult now. He is 27. He is thinking about moving out of the house which we never thought would happen. So things are moving along with his life! He is one of the lucky ones! But my theme that keeps me coming back to this blog is “If you are reading this then you know something is wrong, get off the stuff and get better because you don’t know if the next time you smoke it will be the last thing you do.” Take care, I care.

  41. Personally I have never tried synthetic weed (don’t plan on it) But I have witnessed the effects on loved ones. One person (who refuses to quit) nods off, gets randomly agitated, and will ask you a question repeatedly because they forget what you just told them. I’ve seen them lie and scheme to get the money for it, even neglect their responsibilities…..And then offers it to others (who may or may not have ever had it). I’ve seen a person go into a state of paranoia, violently vomiting, going in and out of sleep…I have seen another (adult over 50) take one hit and just completely zone out. For like 10 minutes he stood at a bus stop stuck, then tried to board a bus and was told to get off. It took someone to take his hand and walk him into the house. After about 40 more minutes he seemed to come out of it, but kept asking where did the bus take him. I believe this drug is extremely dangerous, you never know what to expect from it each time it’s taken. The people using it are gambling with their lives, LITERALLY!

  42. Thank you, Wes, for sharing this with everyone. I’m sure it means a lot to all currently struggling with synthetic weed. Your story is inspirational and a source of comfort and support. Thank you!

  43. Here’s a positive story I want to share. I came on here today to unsubscribe to the emails, because honestly these are still really hard to read. I read some more today, and I’d feel wrong not to show there’s lots of hope to the people wondering if their child or they themselves will be OK again.

    I smoked bags of this stuff daily for well over a year. During that time I cut contact with most of my friends, my speech became incoherent, I woke up in the mornings drenched in sweat, I became so agressive at times I scared everyone around me, my anxiety was off the wall, and my mother would hold my hand and try her best to comfort me while I cried and told her I can not go on. I had thought OK, I really messed up, this is how my life is going be, fighting to make it through everyday and being taken care of by someone else, Wesley, you through away your life, you blew it.

    I still to this day try and figure out what it was that woke me up one day and caused me to think, I’m going to fight this, this is not me, I can rise above this, the rest of my life is waiting for me. I stopped smoking spice all at once and held on for my life. I had quit before and turned back to it but this time was different. In my mind I was determined to quit spice and I wasn’t going to let any amount of pain and struggle get in my way. I was at the bottom and I wanted up.

    Exercising was huge for me to get me back on my feet. It made me feel confident, brought back out the feel good chemicals in my brain, cleansed the toxins out of my lungs, and gave me something to occupy some of my time.

    I’ve been clean of spice for close to two years now, I still wonder how things would be sometimes if I had taken a different route, but I’m a strong believer in things happening for a reason, even if that reason might not always show its self.

    Two years later I’m still here, I’m now a certified Personal Trainer through one of the leading companies, I’m working on a second certification, and I’m getting ready to wipe out the stage at my first competitive bodybuilding show. Always fight to stay strong, and know that you’ll come out in a better place, stronger and wiser than you were before. God bless you, Wes.

  44. Thanks for posting all the bad things that are happening in your life or someone close to you. This way other people who come to this board will know it is not just one person, or one family this is happening to and get the idea out of their head that it “won’t happen to me” . Because let me tell you IT WILL HAPPEN TO Y. O. U. Sooner or later. Maybe right now you are thinking it won’t happen to me BECAUSE – “I use a different brand”, “I am careful”, “They were too young (or too old)”, “I only use it once and awhile”. Well guess what? You are next. REALLY. Do you want to go through any of those things that are happening to those people in these posts? Some can no longer drive. How would you like to have to rely on someone for a ride to the store or anywhere for that matter, like you were a little kid? Some can’t even focus enough anymore to go to school. Is your answer “Well I never liked school, ha”? Guess what if you can’t focus there you probably will not be able to hold a job. ANY job. Do you want to live with your parents the rest of your life? NOT COOL. Look around you and you see the people you used to hang with and they are moving forward with their life going through school, getting a nice job, any job they choose, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, settle down, get married, nice house. Then they look at you and shake their head. Don’t you just hate it when they shake their head at you, their pity? They will move on and you will be in a corner watching the world go by, if you can focus that long. SERIOUSLY, if YOU ARE READING THIS YOU KNOW THIS IS BAD STUFF!!! GET OFF NOW!!! NEVER use it again, NOT EVEN ONE MORE TIME. Take care, I care.

  45. Dont smoke k2 that shit is scary asf to smoke nothing like real weed I’ve seen plenty of friends trip out on that stuff its scary asf to smoke

  46. My 26 year old son smoked Blue Diamond synthetic weed last Sunday. I found him outside lying in the grass in the back yard. He was lying in the fetal position, convulsing and saying “Help me.” A homemade pipe made out of aluminum foil was near him with evidence of having been used to smoke something in it. His speech was so slurred I could barely make out what he was saying. He had a look of absolute terror on his face. He had vomited and had vomit all over him. I called the EMS who brought him to the hospital ER. His oxygen level in his blood was so low that he was immediately put on oxygen. He was put in intensive care and stayed unconscious for about 30 hours. His brain scan was normal. It’s been almost a week since it happened, and he still has slurred speech. He says it’s hard to form words, and he can’t think very fast. I am hoping the symptoms wear off. He has no memory of two days. about two years ago he previously went through a period of months of smoking synthetic weed, another name. He finally quit and went through horrible withdrawal – vomiting, diarrhea, the shakes, body pain, and profuse sweating. He vowed never to smoke the stuff again. Yet he did last Sunday and almost died. If I had not been here and happened to go outside to put some things in the trash can and found him, he probably would have died. For God’s sake, if there is anyone reading this thinking about smoking the stuff, please don’t. The ICU nurse told me they have people in their unit often from smoking it. Several died, and several left in a wheelchair going to a nursing homes because they were left brain damaged. It is not worth your life or worse to get high on this stuff. Nothing can be so bad in your life to drive you to risk everything by doing this.

  47. My life is completely ruined because of this shit.. I don’t know if it was K2, but I know it was fake bake.
    A couple years ago I lived in Green Bay Wisconsin. But my mother bought a house and we moved to Suamico Wisconsin. New school, new house, new kids it was stressful. I had just got done with my first week of school in my new town and it sucked, I couldn’t do it anymore I needed to get away. So I went and stayed up north in Menominee Michigan with my brother. While I was they (My brother and his friend) were smoking this “Fake stuff”
    Now I can’t remember what the exact name of this particular stuff was, but I remember for sure it was synthetic Marijuana. Anyways after a little while of watching them smoke it I wanted some. Thought it would help take of the Edge a little bit, but man was I wrong. When I took a hit it was just me and my brothers friend sitting in the living room, my brother was in his room laying down with his girlfriend. I felt fine, but once it started kicking in I felt and knew that somthing was wrong. My body just felt like it wasint my own anymore. I could control what I was doing, but it felt like it was happening automatically, I couldn’t stop it I started freaking out! I went by my brother in his bed and I told him I was having a bad trip, and that something was wrong. He told my to go take a hot shower and that it would help. So I did. I sat in the shower for about 35mins afterwards I still felt the same, so I thought if I just go to sleep it would be gone in the morning and it was. When I woke up the next day, everything was back to normal, I felt fine. After I I got back home from my brothers I was sitting on my couch with my mom and my little sister, we were watching tv everything was fine, and then all of a sudden I started freaking out. For no reason, the feeling came back. I felt like I just smoked the same shit I smoked at my brothers again. My mom told me I was having a panic attack, but I was weird because I had never had one before, she told me to just go. Sit outside and relax, I went outside sat on the back steps and just looked at the trees swaying with the wind. But it’s like I could see my life changing, after an hour of sitting out there waiting for it to ware of or to go away, it didn’t. I didn’t know what to do I was high.. permanently, the next day I went to school and it happend again but keep in mind the I still feel high i’m just not freaking out. It was right before school started and I just got all worked up and had to grab a teacher and go to the office, they told me just to wait it out. And it didn’t go away. Me and my mom have seen multiple therapist and doctors and nothing they prescribe me or tell me what to do works, they just can’t figure it out. Its like I don’t freak out anymore, but to this day I still feel like im high, and I can’t do it anymore. Its constant agony it’s terrible. Its ruined my life I don’t have friends anymore I dropped out of school cause I couldn’t handle going. Please if anyone sees this Help Me! Please!
    I can’t live like this anymore!

  48. I have been with this Addiction Blog for over 2 years now as a concerned Mom who has been through the horrors of what incense (ANY NAME or LABEL) can do. My son is not 100% and might not ever be. But he is holding a job. I keep coming back to share because I hope and pray that anyone coming to this site might find that one posting that will make them want to STOP. You never know if the NEXT HIT will send you to the Psych Ward. If you are here you somehow know something is not right or you would not be here. So PLEASE get off. Put the packet down the disposal so you can’t get to it ever again and no one else can get to that packet either. Take care, I care.

  49. If you must do it say away from “dead man walking”it made me never want to touch or think of drugs again 9 hour long bad trip of just pain

  50. I have read this type of blog for the first time and also got many helpful points which are really very helpful for me. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog.

  51. Ok, so recently I met a freind who smokes alot of k2 and has for a while, k2 is bad for I have like 5 friends who smoked or smoke k2. 1 had a seizure and 2 others have massive tooth decay from long term use. Ive tryd it the high is much more intense then weed, it can deffently even be scary…. so I suggest yall stay away from this substence as it can cause seizures and rotts youre teeth, and I mean my buddy has been smoking this stuff for 5 years straight, he is missing many teeth and few have holes In them aswell. I know another guy who has smoked it on and off for 3 years, one of his teeth is litterally inside him gums… im not saying that itll kill, yet it might. All Im doing is going you the facts, and hoping youll listen. Plus side note* for me I found k2 almost addictive. And I did have withdraws, such as incappability to eat and sleep anywhere normal rates. And this shit effects everyone different much like weed. So just be careful my friends.

  52. So i tried this it was 4:00 am and well my cousin woke me up telling me to smoke (angry birds) i was down , so i took. Hit and i will knock out for 3 secs then i will return and then i will like that moment i felt like i was gonna die. I was panicking but i tried no to, i was tripping hard. Then i started walking but i kept falling when i fell, i stayed seated for the rest of the time (1 hour). I took out my phone and i kept on imagining it was an ipad. I started looking around and seeing like squares and circles. Everything was moving. Then randomly i started having problems breathing but like i would take deep and out. And i started laughing hardcore out of nowhere. I tried to go to sleep, but i was still on my trip and it wouldn’t let me. It felt bad…and good. The day after i felt like everything was fake. Until the night i was good. I felt like i was gonna die and that it was over for the first 10 minutes, then the rest min it feels like good and everything is funny. But I’m still scared to try that s**t again.

  53. You people are crazy specially the mothers like Jill and Dawn. You people probably are shills working for the DEA. My friends and I have been smoking this stuff for years. Sure if you don’t know what your are doing and take too much you can have a bad trip. It shouldn’t be illegal because you mothers weren’t watching your kid. I’m 30 years old and a grown man if I want to buy this stuff at a smoke shop I should be able to not because it’s unsafe for your 15 year old brat.

  54. So about a month 1/2 ago or longer I smoked and it was about 3 hits of k2 and I felt super weird like I was dreaming and when I actually tried to sleep I felt like I was sliding on the floor and my heart rate was fast and now that it’s been a month and a half maybe 2 months I have aniexty at night and always feel like I’m dreaming during the day

  55. Spice is one hell of a drug I’m 16 an I quit smoking spice around the beginning of this year… I only smoked it for a year an about a gram a day but I started to fiend for it to much an I couldn’t sleep at night endless a took a hit when ever it woke
    Up an it made me stop getting as high from weed an made my anger problems a lot worse…. Idk ever sense I smoked that shit I don’t feel th same I feel like it changed my perspective on live kinda in a bad way idk if this sounds crazy but ya…….

  56. K2 is a fun drug. I just started it feels like a weed high except 20 times more intense. It make me laugh non stop. Its a great feeling.. Except im stopping cause how bad it is for you so i recomend not to do it

  57. Yes it is really additive.. I smoked it for 4_ 5,years.. I I was expecting it to clear me away fr weed, but needless to say I got hooked… the withdrwls are painful.. I lost alot of weight. I couldnt eat, nor sleep unless I had a hit of it… the pain felt unbareble.. its been 3 months now since ive stoped. With gos help.. its impossible to do it without god… some of my close friends cant dtop, and its have to deal with them, or look at them.. I hate it,!!!

  58. Being on Parole, I decided to try this. I smoked for the first time in August 2013. I just quit in May 2014, because I live in Washington, and marijuana is now legal. They dont test for it anymore. I currently have some very good marijuana. It DOES NOT WORK on me so far. I have been K2 Free for 7 full days. I even tried the “Dabs” of BHO and other Waxes of just THC. ZERO. Nothing. I hope this does not last. I have inturn ruined my relationship with my mother because of Spice. I never had seizures, but i currently feel like my kidneys have failed, and my lungs are ruined. Along with my receptors. I don’t know how long this will last, but Ill keep writing. Yes, the high was crazy good, but the results after only 9 months of smoking ( NON STOP DAY AND NIGHT – beacuse you DO build a tolerance and this stuff STOPS working for a couple days also) are not good. I am fortunate that I am not ruined. As far as I know…

  59. It has changed my son’s personality. I wish he would stop smoking this stuff. I talk to him every day and hope he changes his mind about this stuff. I just don’t understand why anyone has the need to get high, especially on this stuff, or even alcohol, marijuana, etc. I wonder if it is a weakness in the human physic. My son used to be very intelligent, high IQ and now he is not. I just hope the effects are reversible but if this stuff affects the brain chemistry then those who take it are damned, including my son.

  60. I’ve been smoking spice for 3 months now and luckily I quit! I started because I work at a job that requires a drug test and I was a avid marijuana smoked. Spice got me that high for a short amount of time. I smoked more and started tripping out like never before. I was paranoid and I was skeptical about everything. I stopped because I had a wierd attack type of thing where I smoked it and my mind felt like it was shaking. Fuck spice I’m back on weed and never been happier.

  61. Hi All- blanket prayers for you all today!!! I just sent this to a lady seeking support for her husband who just quit K2, God will help her and everyone who asks for it! He wants to-

    YES!!!! Way to go Jenn and your hubby!!! My husband is trying to quit and announced his intentions two days ago. He takes loads of baths to calm himself and deal with the sweat. My daughter and I are praying for him like crazy, please say a prayer for us too, ok? His name is Amen. Lord, please bind in heaven and on earth all the evil spirits affecting Jenn’s husband, the evil spirits of addiction that don’t want him to be sober minded long enough to resist the devil’s constant attacks. Please bind all lying spirits of fear and doubt that he can do it- because with God anything is possible!!! Please loose in heaven and on earth comfort for his withdrawal pains and loads of love to make everything easier (based on Matthew 16:19) Please strengthen him (he can do anything through Christ who strengthens him), please take his heavy burden and let this battle be won by the Lord. Please let him be saved forever In Jesus’ name (most important!!!) and Lord honor Your covenant to protect and defend and save us when we need You! We need You now and ask for help In Jesus’ name- believing that what two or more ask in Your name WILL BE DONE!!! Amen! (as promised in the King James Bible by Jesus)- Also Jenn, my husband has tried beer to lessen dependence on spice (not so good!) and seems to want more candy as he lessens use. We started E Cigarettes almost two months ago and I believe those help give him something to suck on with the aroma/flavor replacement for spice + he regards E Cigarettes as an accomplishment over regular cigarettes (which he picked up on using again – to a much lesser extent – when he finally said no to spice) and is feeling some sense of success with them. I have offered him to replace his cell phone with mine- to avoid the hordes of druggie “friends” who call him 24/7 looking to use him to get high with. I am advocating lots of filtered water, a good multi-vitamin, supplements, better foods to support his body at war with these poisons. Pray like crazy, ask others to do the same for you- email churches and submit prayer requests. Read the Bible- Psalm 91 (page 655 in my bible) is a tower of power from God!!! Show him the testimonials of horrible experiences and lingering physical and mental consequences to scare him straight. My daughter and I are praying for you, please keep my husband Amen in your prayers as well. God bless Jenn and remember that God loves your husband as much as anyone else on earth and wants to heal him with all of his heart- Jesus died on the cross so that “by his stripes we are healed” from sin and all manners of illness. We have seen such healings and miracles in ourselves and others, just keep praying and remembering that God is with us 24/7 and Satan’s bag of drugs and tricks are crushed under our feet if we pray in Jesus name.

  62. One year sober from K2 next week and I have not touched it since the day I quit. It was the best thing I ever did. If I can do it, any one can. Stay strong out there.

  63. I started smoking this stuff 4 months ago, im having a tuff time sleeping , and my anger is uncontrollable, is this a side effect, it happens if i have it or not.someone help.

  64. Smoked legal and started freaking out.. Told my boyfriend we needed to get out of the house that we just needed to get out i started running down tge street then came to a stop and told him that we were going to die that i didnt know how we just were. i started hugging him and told him i loved him very very much but that we were going to die! wont ever smoke that shit again!

  65. Been smoking this stuff for about 4 or 5 yrs about 3+ grams a day and only quit for about 5 months because it wasn’t being sold anymore. I know it’s no good. But being on probation not able to smoke weed and not having any real friends gets old. I’d rather smoke weed but unfortunately I can’t. I know I shouldn’t be one to talk. But IF YOU ACTUALLY VALUE YOUR LIFE DONT SMOKE THIS. I’ve coughed up blood on several occasions and had hallucinations and horrible headaches. It’s hard to breathe at times. My throat hurts like a bitch sometimes. These effects are all probably minor but I’m sure I will end up with serious health complications in the not so distant future and I know This is no good. Stick to smoking weed if at all possible. Much safer and healthier. TAKE IT FROM SOMEBODY WHO SMOKES THIS ALL THE TIME. DO NOT SMOKE THIS CRAP

  66. my sister, shes 14, has been smoking this stuff with her boyfriend shes been missing school for headaches shes been stealing money acting crazy, she started hitting me and biting me for asking her to schooch over on the couch while holding my 1 yr old son and tonight my mother went to pick her up from her boyfriends house and she went into a grand mal seizure after ward slurred speech and hallucinations they rushed her to the hospital about 3 hours ago… ive tried speaking with my mother and father about what shes doing because ive been there and i quit and shes told me what shes doing and i want them to get her help but they dont believe that their precious baby girl would do such a think im praying that the side effects arent permanet and they will see that this stuff is dangerous and that she really is addicted and using

  67. Hello,I smoked k2 (slappa) for about 2 to 4 weeks,and realised from the first time just how dangerous it is,I found myself over thinking everything I did,having a horrible attitude always angry and down.i would stay up at night having panic attacks,and even to this day I can’t think straight.The high is much different to normal marijuarna,instead if mellow relaxed feeling,instantly your heart starts racing and your vision acts like a camera on burst shot.pkease don’t ever smoke it!!!!!!! It should never be touched,I regret it everyday,I have been drug free now for about 14months and there’s nothing better ::)

  68. I smoke spice for awhile. i ended up smoking more and more then i start having really bad anxiety attacks at one point i ended up going to the hospital and thought i was gonna die. after that i quit no problem i knew i didnt want that. It is not that easy to just quit for everyone hope people realise that it isnt a substitute for weed but a whole other addiction and is extremely bad for you. but anyways ever since then i still have had depression issues and light anxiety i finally after almost a year of not smoking it got off my antidptessants on my own because taking them never helppes everyday and something about feeling like i needed them made me feel worse somedays than i do now. i hope it gets vlbetter

  69. To any one that cant quit..ill give some advice..look at those around you..look at yourself..now love those around you..now love yourself..everything takes determination..work..pain.. to gain a better life..yes youll have insomnias..night sweats..paranoias..anger…but do it now and get over it now..dont wait any longer..do it for yourself and those around you..for the people you will meet in the future..be strong..everything is possible.. just have to give before u recieve..give it all you have.. have a goal and remind urself that once ur clean everything will be better.. good luck.. remember have some heart and do it for your mom..dad..friends..girlfriend..for those who love you..love goes through it all..it believes it all..it never fails..just have love for them and yourself..good luck you can do it !

  70. I am now 15 and haven’t touched the stuff in two years due to a near death experience, I smoked k2 for about three months straight but one night I was upset and just wanted to get so high that I would just forget that I was upset I smoked about two bowls and say back on the couch the high started to kick in and then I realized that I could not feel my body at all so I started to panic and my friends noticed and said I was getting pale which made me panic more then as I’m trying to move I feel like I’m out of my body like I was looking at myself I remember my friends carrying me to the bathroom because they knew I was going to puke my nose started to bleed and I started puking up blood and then I passed out I woke up the next day my friends were smoking again and handed me the bowl and sadly I took one hit then realized how stupid it was for me to do that realized that there was clearly an addition problem going on went home and talked to my parents about it they had me checked out at the doctors and they sent me to my grandmas for a month to get away from my peers and places to get it, I haven’t touched it in about two years but sadly I have heart palpitations very server anxiety and I take Zoloft for depression, anyone who has read these articles or read anything about it and still continues to use it is stupid and or needs medical help now.

  71. Thank you for the info Wes. I just received an email saying you replied. Today is 10-15-13. K also have bookmarked this page for the future. My husband and I are now separated. He went ape crazy and is now in jail for assault with a deadly weapon. I don’t know if he ever quit doing K2 I do know he started doing other drugs and drinking too. Makes me sad. I look at all the pictures I have of him and quite honestly there aren’t very many where he was clean. Life is getting better day by day though. 🙂 i continue to do research just to have the knowledge. 😉 I refuse to put myself or stay in a situation like this again. It got scary on a lot of occasions but it probably was because he was high. Thank you for the prayer God knows I needed it. I’m so happy and excited for your recovery!! 😀 many people don’t try or just stay in that horrible pit. Its a nightmare.

  72. I’m a sophmore and I smoked synthetic marijuana for the first time about a month ago. I’ve smoked regular weed many times before that and when I smoked this I thought that I was just really high at first but then I started to feel like I was tripping and my heart started racing and I had a panic attack. My tongue and forehead went numb and I didn’t know who or where I was. I don’t remember many aspects of what happened during this time but I called 911 not even realizing that I did and I thought that I wasn’t in the real world the whole time and I kept saying that I was dead. Ever since then I’ve been having horrible breathing problems and have to take a prescribed steroid inhaler 2 times everyday. Never make this mistake

  73. I did k2 when I was a sophomore in high school. I didn’t know I was smoking k2 I thought it was weed my friends didn’t tell me because it was my first time smoking and they didn’t have actual weed with them. Anyway I guess I had a lot of hits and when it started to hit me I felt like I was in a lava lamp and everything was HD, but then my heart started to beat really fast and I thought it was on fire so I started tweaking out I started reciting every bible verse I ever learned in church and I was praying because I thought I was going to die. Then the worst thing happened, I blacked out and when I did I saw my body chopped up on a metal plate in hell. I thought I was in hell. I was freaking out when I woke up (we were in the car while we were smoking) I made them stop three times and I begged to call my mom but they didn’t let me. When I was starting to come off the high everything felt weird and I thought my friends looked like aliens. I asked what year it was and was talking in a British accent. I was paranoid as hell. Over the next few days I couldn’t tell the difference between what was reall life or if I was imagining it… Thank god I am better now. It still scares me to think about it and I am graduated now. I’m so worried though because my boyfriend is addicted to it he admitted it to me but he won’t quit. I’ve tried everything to make him quit besides telling his parents. I’m so worried for Hume after reading these comments. Any advise would be much appreciated.


    We started about a year ago with 1g bags lasting all day to smoking 3 to 5 3g bags a day….just in the last 5 days iv come across people and familes that will never b the same. a 14 year old girl has half her face paralyzed, another had a seizure and went blind, 3 have died, and a friend just called to tell me a friend just seized up, hes completely parlized with kidney failure.. its taken 5 days to get this stuff out of our system….im fixen to go to the news, papers, web,churches, anyone that will listen…..people need to know

  75. Thank you Wes!! I’m trying to help my husband. I dont know what I’m doing. I’m scared for him. Any suggestions on helping him?

    1. Hey isabel! Sorry this is so late i hope you read this. I subscribed to this website but never got any emails that i subscribed for to let me know someone replied. Just found this again today and got it “bookmarked” now. Is he still on the stuff? Im guessing youve tried to tell him that its no good and he either said that its not an issue or that he just didnt want to quit. Ignore any grammar problems here im on my phone :p. Speaking from my own experience and a lot of my old friends who used to smoke the stuff we all had loads of people telling us to quit that it was litterly killing is but we had excuses ready on hand to throw out..good or bad.. or even get really irrate when told to quit because it was that addicting. It would be even WORSE and stressful than someone taking away your food and water. Your body and mind craves the stuff and actually NEEDS it to function eat and sleep after awhile. The ONLY thing that got me to quit was when i was dry on money and had pawned everything i could. My good buddy sold his NEW truck to the first person CHEAP to support our addiction with no second thoughts!!! At the time it was a great idea! Looking back on it..well… you get the idea :).. just rediculous. But what im getting at is in my case and EVERYONE else i know no one could phase them on wanting to get so realize its NOT that your trying the wrong way! Here it is after relasping 3 times and about 7 months later being clean and i still know of 5 people that still smoke the stuff that started when i did. And only one person out of many many that i know of was able to get off of it. Its sad.. in a tearful kind of sad. Sorry im not trying to kill your hope! I just want you to see the stuff through the eyes of an ex user and understand what a struggle it is that your husband is going through. And it doesnt make him a weak person for not being able to quit but just that spice is unimaginably strong. In all my years of fighting depression, lifting weights, sports, picking fights, at one point competitive fighting, an EXTREME alchohol addiction and trying almost every hard drug there is (clean of it all and happier than ever now!!) Spice was unquestionably THE BIGGEST TOUGHEST ENEMY i have EVER fought and nothing else comes even anywhere close and i never thought anything could come close to as bad as some of those other issues. But boy was i wrong. As far as advice to get him to quit i really am lost as to what to tell you. I had to hit rock bottom and then some! And even then only quit because i really didnt have a choice. But i can give you advice on how to make quitting a lot easier and more bearable for him. The biggest being support and love from friends and family. Can not tell you how important that was for me. People would break down and cry when i told them i was going to end my life and that was enough to keep me going a little more.. was that support from the very few people i had left. I cant read any more than the last 2-3 sentances i wrote on my phone so i hope i didnt mess anything up too bad :). Let me know if you read this. If you need someome to talk to or some more advice please please let me know and ill give ya my email address. Your husband has got to get off the stuff.. for him and YOU! Alrite Isabel(i hope i spelt that right!) Looking forward to hearing back from ya. Best of luck.. im not by far the most religious person but ima send up a prayer for you and your husband. STAY STRONG! Ill be thinkin about you, Wes!

  76. my husband has been smoking this synthetic stuff. I just recently caught him with the stuff. he says he will quit. i pray he does however he’s been more angry and with a lowered libido would that be because of this stuff. I’ve been trying to find information on this stuff but I really dont know where to start.

  77. Hello everyone. Anybody trying to get off this drug or wondering if they or their kid will ever be their self again PLEASE READ THIS! Ive been off this stuff for a little over 6 months now and i had a horrible horrible experience with it. I tried this stuff for the first time about 2 years ago and as soon as i did i got heavily addicted. Im talkin 20+ grams a day sometimes no less than 10 grams a day or i would be terribly aggervated and depressed. I was at the point where i drove my truck from the backwoods sticks to the only city i knew that sold the stuff with no money and i would camp out in my truck for over a day at a time and ask people to buy me bags of the stuff or for money so i could. Let me add this out of a $50,000 ford truck. I was selling almost everything i owned to keep my addiction going and quit my job to just smoke. I lost years of friends in 2-3 weeks time the first time i tried to quit people were terrified of me. I made one of my female friends cry. To this day i still dont talk to some people i lost from spice. I picked fights with any and everybody for something as small as just looking at me funny. I made holes in my wall and fridge dents even punched windows. I was extremely depressed and suicidal. I lost all memory of my childhood and my memory was so bad to the point i had to be reminded to eat, drink, be reminded 10 times where i was driving to and why (this is all while 3 or so weeks clean!). Cops were called on me everywhere i went for making a scene. I threated to blow peoples heads off in public facebook statuses. Before spice i was the most laid back person you ever met i got along with everybody. So anyway bout 2 months later i got hooked on the stuff hard again. Lost 25 pounds at least. At one time i went 7 full days with only a bisquit and maybe 2 glasses of grapejuice… yeah. I hope yall are starting to get an idea of how bad this stuff is.. i’d really hope. This is all out of a 6 foot bong up to 20 grams a day. So.. my second time starting the stuff again my lungs were in such bad shape that i physically couldnt have conversations anymore. If i tried to talk i would start coughing and gagging and throw up black tar like stuff for the next 10 minutes. I would cough for hours at a time days at a time barly being able to breath. And my mental health..oh man! I couldnt focus on a thought for more than 2 seconds before i would lose attention.. i couldnt hold conversations because of this. People who didnt know me would think i was being rude to them which just caused me to go into more rages. So then i managed to get off the stuff and then relapse AGAIN after weeks of being off. This stuff IS ADDICTING! So the third time on this stuff was just as bad. All day long just thinking suicidal thoughts. One night after taking a big hit my hearing in my i forget which hear cut in half. I ignored it.. next hit i lost hearing entirely. This didnt get even a little better till a few weeks. Then it happened again a week or 2 after that. The many friends i had before spice had nothing to do with me anymore the few people that still cared about me were worried i was mentally lost forever and thought i was going to commit suicide from severe lack of hope and lack of brain function in every possible way. Then one day i decided to step up to the biggest fight of my life.. to recover.. for good! I was determained to get my memory, focus, motivation, and life back for good. A couple days after quitting i started running as far as i could down the country backroad where i live. The first day i made it to the end of my driveway before stopping and puking my brains out. Next day twice as far. The day after 3 times as far. Then i started working out with weights too 5 times a week. My lungs started to heal quickly and after a month i stopped spitting up black crap and i was starting to remember things from my childhood from years ago and i was able to actually hold convetsations with people withlout losing focus or going off to the point they think im gonna kill them. I went from not being able to do 1st grade math problems to getting my GED (i dropped out of school twice on spice) to being as smart or smarter than ive ever been. My brain and body healed entirely. The color came back to my skin and my eyes opened up to where i looked like i was sober again.. People started to talk to me again. So.. here it is a little over 6 months now being clean my brain functions returned entirely im still working out 5 days a week ive gone from 140 pounds of bone to 168 pounds of nothing but solid muscle. Ive gotten motivation and a desire to live again. Im starting to farm now to make a living and im gonna try and compete pretty soon for my state’s beach bodybuilding contest my dad won back in the day. Still to this day i have very hard to control anger but for the most part im a happy person again and i would never consider touching the stuff again and i tell everybody my story when i hear they smoke it but it doesnt even phase them and they continue to smoke it to this day. Sorry this is so long i dont ever do this kinda thing but i saw these stories and horrible scary experiences peope and their kids are having and i felt like i didnt have a choice but to write all this. So conclusion to this story is this stuff can and will violently rip your life apart BUUUT there is hope! It takes time and yes you will go through horrible withdraw and it could just be the hardest thing you ever do but do it! And absoloutly exercise your brain out (but start to eat too!) it will help you so much to get through the withdraw and after a while to make you happy too. You might be misrable and even suicidal right now but you WILL be ok with time in every way shape and form if you really really want to get your life back but you have to want it and remember it wont be easy at all at first but after while youll find enjoyment in things and friends and family again. I went from nothing and a completely destroyed life to a life of goals and enjoyment. From a drug addicted boney skeleton to a soon to be competing bodybuilder. I went from no memory, mental or physical speach ability just a zombie to where i am today in just 6 months time. Do not give up you will eventually get better and i hope this story will give you the proof you need to realize that and make it happy. If this story helped at least one person it was worth writing. Best of luck, stay strong!

  78. I am 3 weeks and 2 days clean today.
    Hang in there people who are trying to quit and don’t be afraid those of you who are thinking of quitting!

    It CAN be done.

    Is it easy? Not by a long shot but it has been worth every ounce of pain and discomfort!
    I would recommend talking to your GP and maybe an addiction service BEFORE you start as you are most likely going to need to have dehydration and kidney function levels monitored, (I also needed a small dose of anti-anxiety and anti nausea pills) and having someone to talk to as support will be crucial, then take the bull by the horns and just do it!

    Lemonade Ice blocks and ice cubes will be your best friend for the first few weeks but persevere with them and gradually introduce bland foods like mashed potato, rice.
    Don’t force yourself and don’t be surprised if you are hungry but still vomit after eating for at least the third week but that will pass.

    I have had people tell me it’s like the “real” me is back now which is encouraging and great motivation to stay clean.
    I don’t claim to have all the answers, but this has been my experience.

    May all of you out there caught in the K2 hell find a safe way through.
    Go well 🙂

  79. Thanks ASHLEY and CAROLINE. As time passes on the events we went through dim. I think I am going to try and remember ALL the stuff my son went through and WRITE them down in a notebook or type it out in Word, so we will not forget how horrible things were. CAROLINE you mentioned spitting and I had forgotten that my son kept a spitoon where he sat in our courtyard. (I had thought he was chewwing tobacco.) So now that makes sense. I am trying to think how long he was on that stuff. I am thinking he started a year ago, so that would make it 3 months he was on that stuff before he had his mental break down. And yes the police came to where he was living and held him for 24 hrs, then extended it to 72 hours then he was put into a mental facility for 2 week. He would have been there longer but my daughter was getting married and my son did not want to miss it. He was still having symptoms of the paronoid schitzophrenia (sp?) and thought helicopters were monitoring/following him and that 1/4 of the people at the wedding were aliens. The list goes on, but you get the idea. This is HORRIBLE. DO NOT DO INSENSE, no matter what the name it on the packet. It will and can wreck you life. We are still picking up the pieces. Take care everyone, I care.

  80. my boifriend is really hooked on k2 cant go a day without it he has lost hes appetite to food sleeps all day k2 makes him sleep all day if he doesnt smoke for about 2 hours hes desperate gets angry hes voice has changed hes always spitting vomiting what can he takke to leave all this?

  81. Thanks Jean. I forgot to mention that they were quitting, I just wanted to share my side of things so people could stay away from this stuff. I was in the hospital for some depression issues and I told my doctors about it, and that really came as a wake up call to my parents to quit. They’ve been off of it for a little over a month now, and a lot of the withdrawal symptoms are starting to fade away and they both don’t want to smoke that stuff ever again. I know they won’t ever be truly the same as before, but it still means a ton that they have been trying. Thanks again for being concerned and trying to give advice!

  82. my boyfruend has been having seizures from this shit and throwing up last night he had horrible one and i thought he was gonna die but he will not quit nbo matter how much you tell him what is happpening he claims it never did happen and im just worrying to much im not worrying to much hes having real seizures and im scared for his life i really dont know what to do anymore

  83. Thanks for sharing Kiri and Jan too. It is important for others to know what hell people are going through or have gone through. My son age 25 went down to 98 pounds and couldn’t figure out why. He also became very mean and hateful. I am glad you can see what you have gone through. My son also had stomach problems for months and months. He is now to the point where he can eat and doesn’t hurt anymore (that I know of). This stuff is BAD. Please spread the word and maybe we can save a life or two. Take care, I care.

  84. I am 14 days off K2 today after 6 months of daily use of anything from 2 grams on a “good” day to 10 grams on my worst day.
    I have gone cold turkey (thankfully under my GP’s supervision) and they have been the worst 2 weeks of my life.
    I’ve had severe withdrawals (Dr has likened them to coming off Heroin) including nausea, vomiting, uncontrollable body temperature and sweating, tremors, blurred vision, chest pains and palpitations, slurred speech, headaches and dehydration.
    I am still unable to eat anything as I have no appetite at all and have lost a total of 4kg so far.
    Am still forcing my self to drink but even that is an effort.
    My Kidneys have started to pack up as 2 weeks later I still have very little urine output.
    I don’t know what impact this stuff will have on my long term health but from all accounts it may be a long road.
    I’m in my 40’s and have had plenty of experience with other highs but have never had the kind of trouble I’ve had with this stuff.
    It is evil, dangerous and addictive.
    I can only imagine the impact both short and long term that it will be having on our kids 🙁
    The dangers must be taken seriously and those of us who can need to share our stories so something will be done.

  85. My boyfriend is in his 40’s, and has been smoking dead man walking for about 2 months, after trying to stop alcohol. Now he drinks and smokes this crap non stop. He is forgetful, gets confused when he is driving, mean and hateful, his breathing is rapid and shallow, even when he is sleeping, and thinks he is fine. He has already had a heart attack several years ago, and his heart rate is elevated. I can’t handle this any more. His face is puffy and he has lost his personality and sex drive. Looks pretty gloomy from the other comments here.

  86. ASHLEY, hang in there, be strong and stay away from this spice/any spice. Even though you were not present, most likely all of the stories you have been hearing are true. They are not bragging; they are truely scared of what they have gone through. My son dropped down to 98 pounds and looked like one of those pictures from Germany from WWII. Seriously bad stuff. Hopefully you can get your folks to read these stories from others that have been through it too. It will only get worse if they continue. Tell your friends also. The more people really know about what this stuff really can do to harm maybe some more people will stop. Don’t try to handle this all by yourself – talk to a conselor or teacher or close friend. Take care, I care.

  87. I’m a teenager, and many people around me have been smoking spice. Friends of mine who had begun smoking it stopped as suddenly as they started, telling me that they had “bad trips”, were hallucinating, and were vomiting. They also told me that one kid froze up and started having a seizure. I don’t know if these accounts are true since I wasnt there, but I am exposed to it at home too. My stepdad introduced my mother to that stuff, and they both started smoking around me constantly. My stepdad has since become more aggressive and has had a seizure. My mother just keeps losing weight and she’s in the hospital right now for a heart problem. I don’t know if it’s all related, but it’s still stressful when my parents care about a drug more than their health.

  88. SAM’s story is about the closest I have read to what my son went through. He doesn’t talk about it much and still denies what he went through was that bad. It was. We had to watch him live through it and end up being committed. He is out now and working and going through the motions of living but like CHRISTY said, I would love to have my happy son back. My smart son back, My funny son back. That crap amplified everything and left an empty mean shell of a wonderful person. The more life stories we recieve here from people who have been on this crap and can live to tell about it, the more lives that can be saved from all this terror. Take care, I care.

  89. Here’s one for you all. I’m an older woman, almost 60. Since my early teens, (the 60s) I have dabbled with marijuana and enjoyed the high. Addictive natured people are not good at controlling themselves around anything that gives them pleasure,thrills,euphoria or inebriation. I had a female friend that was able to score often so I had access to some good stuff, my trouble was when I had a bag it would always be smoke it until it’s all gone. There was never a put it away until the evening for a relax, I’m a demon when it comes to substances to alter the mood/mind. Then my friend was able to start growing her own and I found it too mild and coughed like crazy, it was then that I discovered Kronic maybe 3 years ago and I smoked the legal highs pretty much consistantly since then, even going so far as to say I could easily smoke a 2g pack a day if not start the next. K2, Thai High mostly but have tried lots of the many many herbal incenses that are available in New Zealand. I’ve spent a small fortune now that I’ve done a kind of tally, I kept buying it when I go to town even though I say I wont, I always do. So now I’m hoping to stop, after constant use my skin is coming out in rashes along the back of the shoulder, down the arms and on the shins. Have any other long term users noticed any little itchy spots, little raised spots on skin? I’ve got to stop this stuff, even though (I think) I really, really like it, it stops the hot flushes, makes me sleep really well, but comsumes too much of my time and thoughts Why when it says it is not good for human consumption do I continue to do it.

  90. DCE

    I so agree with you we need to do something in our towns to get the word out. Im trying to see what I csn do in mine. I to still look at this blog even though my son has been clean for 6 months.

  91. Hi wow reading all these stories is mind blowing, My son who is 20 has been smoking K2 for a long time and has been off it for 3 weeks now and its been hell for him and myself watching him go through withdrawls, Im glad i have found this site as i am at my end wits about how to help him. All the systoms i have read , he has , im really scared that he will never be the same, its so sad, ths has got to stop being sold over the counters of our local dairys.

  92. Even though my son is off, I still read the blog because I feel compelled to somehow fight against this stuff. My son said that from time to time he still leaves his body and walks around the house at night when I am sleeping. Other than that, he is slowly going through a deliverance from it. He now goes to the gym, has averaged a 3.0 in school, goes to church and plays in the band and has a really nice attitude most of the time. I am writing this to say there is hope. Our only hope (and it worked) was through Jesus.

  93. my daughter has been using this stuff every day, many times a day, for about three years now. she has always been bipolar but this stuff has escalated it tremendously! her boyfriend also uses and it has made him physically violent to the point of almost killing her. i am scared to death of what it is doing to my daughter and the effect on my grandchildren! i really don’t know where to turn to get her help as she has no insurance…she hurts herself when she has a manic episode if she isn’t high…but since she isn’t suicidal, i can’t seem to get her committed anywhere so she can get help…she even throws up when she’s not smoking…

  94. Sam. Please please stay away from this stuff My 15 yr old son will never be the same. He was outgoing and akways happy. Now he has severe ups and downs very frequent headaches, vomitting for no reason and his teeth are yellow. I can honestly say there was one special person up above thank you Jesus!! Who wasn:t ready for him is all I can say. He will probably never be the same but I am doing all I can do for him. He is still very loving to me and his brother. I just want that smiling boy back. We need to become advocates in our towns and let kids and parents know this stuff kills. Good luck to you may God look over you.

  95. I have been smoking marijuana for years. I found K2 and I will admit, I thought it was amazing. A cheap, strong and legal high, straight out of the local BP. Worst mistake of my life. I smoke it on and off for months before becoming what I believe to be addicted to it. I have told my self so many times that I would quit, stop. I have had all the bad experiences, I’ve had out of body trips from hell, I thrown up all over myself, lost control of all muscles in my body and felt as if my heart was going to completely pop or even once stop. This drug or synthetic or whatever it is, is not safe, anything that makes you feel like you are going to die can’t be safe, even if used “properly”. I don’t feel the same, I feel as if a creature has crawled into my head, my body, and my life and I’m constantly forced to fight, I constantly feel as if something is gonna kill me. This will fuck you up, there is no doubt, but is the high worth the permanent affects? I finally quit last night, I’m never going back, I don’t wanna be a horrorstory. I highly advise everyone here, bad experiences or not to stop if you smoke it and if you are concerned for someone who does seek help, now. Moreover something needs to be done about this, not only should it be illegal it needs to be eradicated.

  96. My friend and I tried this stuff at the recommendation of another heavy pot user friend. We smoked 1 bowl and held it in for as long as we could. Within 10 seconds we were freaking out, we knew we had waaaay too much of whatever this was. Another friend was about to smoke up and we screamed don’t do it. My mate and I were staring at each other and talking out loud that we thought we were going to die. I was outside of my body and I honestly believed I would die. We thought it must’ve been petrol mixed with oven cleaner of some sorts, because we could not contain anything. I had an out of body experience and I’ve never been more scared in my life. For at least 20 minutes I didn’t perceive the world anything like normal people do, I felt like 50 different entities or objects at once. In short,

  97. Gone – Tell your friends and get them to stop using this stuff, this crap! Let them know what you have been through. Hopefully they CAN stop, will STOP. And hopefully you will STAY OFF too. Take care, I care.

  98. Our son did have horrible stomach aches, trips to emergency where they could find nothing wrong. It is still like babysitting a 25 year old to remind them to take his meds, to eat the right foods, go to his doctor appts, etc. We are not sure that he will ever be able to live on his own. Not what I had in mind. His place of work is letting him start this trade school over in the fall, but I don’t know if he will be able to absorb what is taught and/or retain the information. If he can’t finish school he will loose his job, if he looses his job he will loose his medical insurance. Thanks for listen to me vent. We believe this stuff triggered most everything he has and is experiencing. If you are on this site you know it is BAD. STOP right now so that you might not have to be babysat the rest of your life. You want to be an adult than act like one and get off this stuff. Take care, I care.

  99. I posted on here about 9-12 months ago. My 14 year old son was very addicted. I know he smoked it everyday for 4 months. I found out and did my best to help him. He was in a inpatient facility last year. He was still smoking on and off but has been clean for 4 months. So much of this is true. His teeth are yellow and stained also. He always has headaches or stomach ache. He doesn’t think smartly at all. Very depressed. I just want everyone to know this stuff is awful. Some die but the others arw left with awful side effects that they cant say if they will ever go away. I know with out a doubt it has affected his mind. Im just a very concerned mom.

  100. Elizabethangel – this is very true. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I might question it too, but I have seen what this stuff does to people. And like Dave above, my son coughed and coughed like there was no tomorrow and there almost was no tomorrow for my son. He had to hit rock bottom before he could look up again. If you are on this site looking around let me assure you at these stories are true. These are not meant to be what comment can top this comment, these are to let you know that this stuff under any name can really screw you up and can cause death. If you are on here you know something is wrong. Maybe not very wrong right now but it can hit hard at anytime. Take Dave above, he has been in the psych ward, I have been calling it the mental facility, same thing. It means your mind has been messed up or destroyed from this Spice/Incense under any name. My son used Diablo (sp?) but it goes under a bunch of names. But it doesn’t just screw with your mind. It can seriously damage your stomach and/or your lungs. You didn’t say what you or your friend(s) are experiencing. You should share. Better yet GET OFF THIS STUFF, because you might not be able to find this place to get back on. Take care, I care.

  101. I used to smoke pot, but was job hunting and knew I’d be drug tested, so I started smoking the fake stuff. I smoked it for over 2 years. I’ve stopped now, but only after suffering major depression. I’ve even been in a psych ward three times since I was smoking it. I coughed up black gunk and my teeth turned yellowish brown. I even coughed so hard I gave myself a hernia. I’ve quit for a month or so, but still cough up the black stuff on occasion. I’ll never smoke it again. My question is, how can I get rid of the stains on my teeth? I don’t want people to know I was basically addicted. I was coughing so much, my eyes were dark from lack of sleep, and the yellow-brown teeth, of course, that people were beginning to tell that I was on something. They probably thought it was meth. Now that I stopped, I feel much better, but I still have the depression, although I was depressed before I started, the fake stuff just kicked it in harder. The cough is basically gone, and I sleep better, but I can’t get the stains off my teeth.

  102. I experienced the worst thing ever!. my boyfriend fully got possessed infrount of my own eyes .he has been smoking it for a while now because he has not been able to find any real marijuana.he came in the house and just began staring at me and my flat mate we thought he was joking i was like ok please stop after a while then he lost it he was on the ground getting chucked around and screaming like a crazy person it was actually like a scene of a movie where there is a devil inside someones body he tryed to grab my leg and got pulled back he was arguing with a voice .the whole thing was sooooo scary we were actually hiding in my friends mums room,he was crazy .then after he snapped out of it he had the chills and was shaking tears running down his face .will never forget that moment ! and you would think that would put him off but he is still smoking it!!! his brain is beginning to loose it he snaps more easy now hes almost lost his amazing personality i cant get him off the shit!!! its ruining us .also as i said in comment above my friends friend killed her self on it,we have also both had heart attack feelings and also both seen in cartoon! this stuff is crazy which is why i hope u all please like the link above on the page and share to all your friends,i believe we can do something about it as facebook is huge! and the media will start looking at it if there is enough people please help guys! before anyone else dies from something you can buy in a dairy!

  103. Tiff, my son had/has mysterious stomach problems and with a ton of tests nothing has been found. I sincerely believe is was the “Spice” doing the damage.
    Hang in there. At least you recognize there is a problem. You know what the problem is. It may take a long time to reverse the problem but stay OFF of this stuff.
    Do the flyers, but more importantly tell your friends that you know are considering this or are on this crap. The sooner the better and maybe they won’t have to face you and my son have faced and are facing. Take care, I care

  104. I don’t know if I can re-post this but the family from the newspaper article wants to get the word out. Their 17 year old girl will never be the same:
    Teenage girl is left brain-damaged and blind after smoking synthetic marijuana she bought in a gas station and suffering series of strokes
    • Emily Bauer, 17, bought the substance from a gas station
    • She suffered a series of strokes which left her in a psychotic-like state
    • Nearly two months later, she is blind and dependent on family and nurses
    • Family hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of the legal drug
    • A teenage girl has narrowly avoided death after smoking ‘synthetic marijuana’ that she bought from a gas station and suffering a series of strokes.
    • Seventeen-year-old Emily Bauer, from Cypress, Texas, has been left with brain damage, paralysis and is unable to see after taking the synthetic weed with friends last December.
    • Her family is now hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of the substance, which is often labelled as ‘potpourri’, while campaigners battle for stricter laws to make it illegal across the country.
    • Fake weed, which is also known as ‘Spice’ or ‘K2’, is an herbal mixture doused with chemicals that trigger a high similar to smoking marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

    There is more to this article, so highlight the link above, or if this gets posted, I will add the rest of the article.
    Please people, my son didn’t make the news but it changed our world. Quit while you still have a choice.

  105. I’ve tried them all at one point or another and to be honest…. they are all dangerous and if you have a heart condition, cerebral condition etc using these chemicals is a sure death sentence. I used Mr. Niceguy for about a year, then when it disappeared went on to sweet lucy, then to Mr. happy the finally to the not so potent scooby snax. Once I couldn’t find anymore herbal incense I was in bed for days to weeks at a time going thru the hardest withdrawal ever. Stay away, government wants you to think they don’t want you using this, but it’s readily available everywhere… don’t fall for the trap or it’s your life.

  106. I live in New Zealand , been smoking k2 for I guess seven or so months now, and have been about eight days clean, had been extremely depressed for the first couple, I had experienced those nightmarish reactions like those mentioned above the first time I smoked and several times afterward, so am well aware of the danger of the stuff,you would guess something that is sold as fake marIjuana to be quite innocent but it seems to be quite the opposite, I’m still skeptical, I don’t know if its me or the k2 but I feel so different now like my soul has been stripped away from me, I couldn’t believe how many people this has affected, since I have been doing research on the stuff, my ex is still doing it she sleeps all day and coughs all night and day,she quite obviously loves the stuff but knows she’s addicted, when I told her to quit assuming and do some research about the stuff she instantly goes into denial, I still care about her, but don’t want to be overbearing about it.

  107. I smoked K2 almost a year ago now, and after that dat i have never been the same, my psyche is all wack and i almost feel high 24/7, i see thigns differently now and the scariest part of all is i dont know how long this will last… it has been a year, my vision is almost like an out of body experience 24/7 im so lost.

  108. my son smoked this stuff and went crazy 3 visits to the psyciatric ward we are still looking for medicine to help him he is afraid to leave the house he feels like the devil is after him he has a noise he hears all the time deja vu off and on he cant work or go to school he went from a normal 21 yr old to a reclusive person has anyone experienced the same problems is so what helped you?

  109. Depakote and Zyprexa. Taken together helped (helps) my son. There has been a significant weight gain but getting his mind back for the most part is worth it. He still gets depressed. See my first few entries to see what my son has been going through.
    Ann, most drugs are illigal but the kids still can get them if they want them like cocaine…. It is really sad. I hope your son gets the help he needs. Hangs in there Ann. It is really hard.

  110. It has been 7 months since I posted on here, my last post is when I burried my 27 year old daughter. I am convinced more than ever that this drug killed my daughter. I read posts and hear people say it is safe, but they are in denial. My daughter thought it was safe too…….it is like any other drug you are addicted to, it is not a problem for you, it is a problem for all the loved ones around you. I pray that no family has to go through what our family has had to go through.

  111. my son smoked this stuff last March he’s had 3 psycatric hospitalations he has a noise in his head he feels like the devil is after him now he won’t leave our house hardly so far no medicine has worked it’s been really bad please tell everone not to smoke this stuff where we live kids are dying or suffering so much brain damage they won’t ever bethe same if anyone has these experiences and survived i would like to know how they got over it the stuff is now illegal but they are still selling it and kids are still smoking it. also want to know what medicine helped if sonmeone got help

  112. Tracey, I am soooo sorry to hear about your brother. My son still refuses to believe this “fill in name here” spice/incense did all this to him. He is still climbing out of this hole. He has started back to work though, but it is hard for him. We still take it one day at a time.
    Again, anyone using this stuff, if you are reading this you KNOW something isn’t right. STOP. NOW. FOREVER. You may be feeling fine now, but it WILL sneak up on YOU and you will loose what you have – yourself, your family, job, money, cell phone, car girlfriend/boyfriend, friends and YOU won’t even see what is happening until most everything is gone. PLEASE stop. Don’t end up like Tracey’s brother. Or my son who has pretty severe mental problems. It’s been 5 months. Read other people’s posts. There are a LOT more people who have not found this post and I pray for them too. Take care, I care.

  113. My brother committed suicide in Dec 2012 after finding a packet in his flat this so call herbal stuff CHILLEM…….. he never had any of these thoughts at all, couldnt sleep always saying his head hurts. This stuff is advertised as a legal high brought over the counter in a shop call Skunkworks. Please let people know about this.

  114. Bax, Thank you for your post. It is important to hear from people who have been on this stuff and have found out this stuff is truely dangerous. Hearing it from a parent or an outsider sometimes doesn’t hit home quite as hard as someone who has gone down this dangerous road.
    Update on my son: The symptoms (just one of the many: really bad stomach problems which the doctors STILL can’t figure out) started way before his “mental breakdown” which happened in August. He is still not at work. Still seeing Doctors. The meds ARE WORKING! Although, personally, I think his memory is not as it should be. (not because of the meds but because of the poison he was on) He has gained the weight the websites said he would with the meds and he sleeps a LOT. But he is alive and eats meals with us and is a part of the family once more.
    He also goes to church now and it has meaning and hope for him. I will say prayers for all of you. PLEASE get off of this stuff no matter which brand/name. If you are on THIS website you KNOW something isn’t right because you are researching. Get off the poison you are taking while you can, the sooner – the better because even if you think things are fine, at any moment it can kick you in the butt and you will loose who YOU are. Take care, I care.

  115. I’m 18 and ive smoked k2 for about 2 years now and it has been completely taken off the shelves wherever it used to be sold in ohio. Ive blazed my fair share of weed since I was 15 and I have to say that this poison has ruined a part of me. I don’t feel the same way about life as if that stuff took a part of me when I quit it. For a while I didn’t quite feel like I had the same drive towards life that I used to, and have been trying to figure out the underlying physcological effects that this drug has left me with. If it weren’t for fear of drug test I would’ve kept smoking real weed but I made a careless decision to keep on smoking k2 which I now advise anyone no matter what age to please NEVER smoke it. everyone of my friends that I smoked it with came up with list of effects and long term effects that I can personally tell the rest of you are completely true. We have all experienced diahrea and unusual bowl movements, are appitites greatly decreased and it turns you into sort of a ”zombie” state that includes ingesting large amounts of k2 over a period of time. the long term effects have included loss in interest and memory loss. bottom line. DONT F with this stuff it is truly dangerous!

  116. I smoked this crap for a month or so over 2 years ago. I used to be a pretty sick kid, doing all kinds of different drugs most notably cough medicine among other terrible things.

    With K2, I would sit in my bathroom doing nothing but smoking bong hit after another. I go through 1-3 3.5 gram bags a week. One night a smoked a large blunt of it and got a strange pain in my head and thought I had a seizure.

    I never smoked it again but still smoked pot until 6 months ago. For reference, I’m 22 now. Soon after quitting, I began getting that pain in my head back though not as strong. Most of the day, everyday it bothers me and doctors have no idea what’s wrong but possibly clogged sinuses. I sure hope it’s that simple. When I’m mostly active it doesn’t really bother me but if I’m not completely then it comes back. It’s not so bad but the fear is the worst part and I’d like to not live with this crap for the rest of my life, hopefully at a somewhat normal length.


  117. To the Scared Wife…. I would pray hard for your husband. Ask God to deliver him. He will help. Get into a church and seek God’s help with all your heart. It worked for me.

  118. Our son truely hated us, our home and living with us. It took him about 2 months to come down and see things as they are, not as he thought they were. It is nice to have our son back. He would not listen to my husband and I while he was on this poison. When he was out we kept waiting for the call in the middle of the night. We got one. Luckily he was not dead, but they did have to lock him up, 24 hour, then 72 hour, then 2 weeks. Then doctor after doctor appts, then meeting and more meetings and finally trying to get his job back. Please pray for him and we will pray for yours. I hope you can get anyone who is on this poison OFF for good. And I will pray that they get their sanity back.

  119. my son is 27, and decided to use k2…he was smoking it every chance he got. This has resulted in a ruined marraige, hating us his mom and dad and losing his 24 dollar an hour job. I cannot explain my heartache watching him drouling all over himself and passing out in front of a stuped computer game at three in the morning. I have called the emt and cops on such occassions, and now we have him in a hospital ward for eval. He already has called us and told us how much he hates us for this…do not let anyone you love try this poison, he use to smoke pot and was creative on his guitar and writing music…on this stuff he is just out of it and dumb stuped, and is now a addict. It was not easy getting a order from the courts for him to be forced into eval, but we got it done on the third try…do not give up, we have yet to see the outcome of this…but you must try.

  120. My husband thinks it is nothing.. he has been smoking it for over 2 years… he is aggressive and angry, he doesn’t sleep alot. always lies about not having it then I find all the evidence all over the house, i am afraid the kids will see it ….. he has happy moments then has bouts of vomiting. but claims it is nothing.. where do i go for help…..It is breaking our marriage up… someone help…. we are a blended family and if my ex husband ever finds out he will take my kids. where do i go for help…

  121. Again, to ALL that are doing fine and dandy, my son thought he was doing fine too, GREAT job, smart, money to spend, moving out and having his own space. Then WHAM, He thinks he IS God and/or an alien (he switched back and forth), thought it was the end of the world, started to write a new Bible that was being dictated by “them”, Then, he thought he had to do certain things and if he didn’t, “they” would get him, hurt him, kill him. He was living in constant fear after the “high” and charge of being an alien and knowing it ALL to being constantly in fear and seeing things and people and aliens that are NOT there. NOW it is day to day, a little bit better as time goes on. Get off this stuff while you can, if it is not too late. Seriously. Take care, I care.

  122. Hey there guy’s my name is Kegan, i’m 17 years of age right now, I’ve been smoking K2 or synthetic marijuana four about 2 1/2 years now. I started because I was on probation so not being able to smoke weed, I needed a subsistence, So I tryed a brand called Syn, Syn is know as one of the most powerful K2 there is. You litterly can’t take more than 1 hit, I didn’t plan to contuine to smoke it when I was released from probation, But I became addicted, Still am addicted. K2 is my preferred drug of choice. Nothing compares, I smoke an average 5 grams of “Syn” a day. I have a job its affordable, I have no heath issues, I’ve had my check ups i’m healthy, I’m also and all state wrestler and I like to smoke it before my matches since the smell just smells like cologne so you smoke it just about anywhere. It has not affected my wrestling skill or my conditioning, In fact I believe its has made me a much better wrestler. I took 2nd place in state finals this year. So all i’m saying is i’m healthy, I believe its dramatically improved my life. (With wrestling) I still continue to smoke it.

  123. Please, everyone, it is not worth screwing up your life. I know you think you can handle it. “I Love Weed”, it will bite you in the end and you will never see it coming and you will be like Kathy’s son and my son who is 25, talking to people who are not there and seeing people and things that are not there and thinking that they are above everything and everyone. Kathy, get your son psychiatric help ASAP because he is gonna need it. He is gonna need the help only they can give him. It has been almost 4 months with help and only a couple of weeks ago did our son start becoming somewhat clear headed and less afraid of everything. The things he can remember and tells us about are frightening. Maybe he is going to be a lucky one and be able to go back to a normal life and not wonder how he is gonna get another bag of Spice (any name/brand). Sincerely hope you all get help. Take care, I care.

  124. Ok so today is my second day off. Yesterday I had the experience of seeing a text message… answering it… BEFORE IT CAME. I have proof on my phone. Later in the evening I was texting a friend asking why he wasn’t answering me… when I looked at my phone… I had texted I was in a meeting. I am very disturbed by these episodes. I just hope it doesn’t get worse before it gets better. SCARY STUFF. Please don’t smoke this stuff people, if it doesn’t kill you, it might make you crazy…

  125. I have been smoking spice for a year. I am a recovering crack addict and I know about addiction. I have been smoking the stuff that “wasn’t the good stuff thinking I could handle it. Here I am 1 year later catching myself at the store even before they are open… waiting… I have even pawned my TV to have money for the stuff. I have not been able to stop. I am moody, I have had an uncontrollable cough for 3 months, I stay broke, my head always hurts, my memory is shot….. I am on my second day of trying to quit and I am experiencing withdrawl symptoms. Stomach hurts, heart racing, chills, sweets. In my opinion this stuff IS JUST AS ADDICTING AND DANGEROUS AS CRACK!!! I have recovered from stronger drugs, but this is HORRIBLE because of the legality and convenience!!!! SCARY STUFF, it will take EVERYTHING…. including your life if you let it!!!

  126. hey my son just turned 14 years old he’s been smoking spice and recently been displaying paronoid symptoms and talking to people who aren’t there on some level he’s aware it’s not right and trys to hide it from us he laughs and mumbles under his breath he can become very angry easily so asking him about who hes talking to is out of the question he hasn’t smoked spice in atleast a month and began displaying these symptoms after that so my question is can this go away is it curable and is spice causing my son to do this?thanks.

  127. ive smoked weed since 17 im now 19 nearly 20, i smoke black widow everyday, its so good, you just tripp out and watch movies, all these kids having panic attacks are just weak. harden up.

  128. well last night i tried my first hit off of k-2 i believe it was called bazaar, but my bf told me it was blue heaven but im thinking he lied and gave me the same thing that he did one time that he about had heart failer! well i took one hit and i was sitting there looking at him and he asked are you high? i smiled and then next thing i know i feel like im dreaming and my whole body is shaking and i felt like i was seeing things like he wasnt real, i felt like i was dying, i actually wanted to die. i felt like i was trapped in a dream and was never getting out of it, i got to my mom crying scared to death from what i did, and then abot 45 min or longer i finally came out of it. i was still so upset because he lied to me and gave me the stuff that about killed him in front of me that i kept crying. i will never smoke anything ever again! i dont care if its tobacco or weed or k-2 im not doing this! im 16 years old not really ever smoked anything like that, i dont ever plan on smoking now! my boyfriend on the other hand after what happened to him he kept doing the it, now i think him realizing and seeing what happen to me in front of him i think he is quiting!! this causes so many problems! u can trip so bad u will never come back. after i got done tripping they said i woke up at 2 this morning saying the dog is pushing me off the bed and i was talking crazy!

  129. Hey i have been smoking kronic here regularly for about 2 years and i have been having problems with it for maybe the last 6 months. I feel that i have become addicted to the substance. I used to smoke weed and at no point did i ever feel it was wrong, and mostly found weed to be a beneficial drug for me. Kronic has made me lose interest in marijuana. Despite the fact that it strips me of any personality, motivation or desire to do anything except eat and sleep, i have continued to smoke it. Lately i have had the urge to lie to others about my kronic intake, because of the many times i have promised myself i would not smoke for however long and failed. I have started seeing a fellow who does not do drugs at all. he would prefer if i didn’t smoke kronic, and i have tried to use our budding relationship as an excuse to stop. But somehow my mind seems to trick me into deciding it’s ok to pull bong after bong in front of him. Usually a bubbly, likeable person i find i have no energy to muster conversation when i am on the stuff. I also often freak out somewhat and have questioned whether i was going crazy numerous times. The inability to self motivate is what i hate the most and i feel useless. I really want to quit, but keep putting it off. Enough with the praying already, praying is a useless task which achieves nothing.

  130. Christy, I smoked k2 for awhile a couple years ago, I now have been concerned on my changed behavior ever since then, I believe I also have frantic mood changes and severe depression and suicidal thoughts every other day. I could come to believe that it could of been k2 that caused him to change and you must know that I don’t know if I will ever return to who I was before and maybe even the same to your own son but I do know that you must give him space and to keep an eye on him, I would not recommend treating your son with medication hoping to make things only better for him, most likely they will only cause confusion. I am an 16 year old victim of a k2 smoker.

  131. i am 18 i have been smoking the substance k-2 for about 2 years my sis and cus both do it we go throw a 12 g bag a day. in all just in the past year we have spent over 4 k on spice (we collect the bags) this includes two diffrent types of wth, mr.happy, deadman, omg, sevral diffrent types of bullets to many to count and the list goes on and on x.x under the influince of said k2 it makes you forget where you are who you are and you mind goes blank i some times find my self quetioning things alot when i am on it such as where i am what my name is who the people around me are and many other things the worse side effect that i have noticed is not heart pains but exstrem stomic pains that seem to last for hours affter first coming down from a trip i have smoked so much of it i have passed out sevral times before had twiches to such an exstent they thalt i was having a seizures but then i quickly stop when it is mentioned it isnt so much that as it musical spasms

  132. Hi Christy, sorry to hear about your son.

    As I have stated earlier I’m a Psychology student in training so I may be able to tell your a bit about your son’s condition related to K2.

    Now, I don’t know the specifics so I can’t make a diagnosis or anything.

    But it is completely possible that K2 was a contributing factor in his depression. Now I doubt it is the ONLY factor though. After all, what lead him to smoke K2 in the first place? A happy, well-adjusted normal kid won’t be smoking K2 every day, so I think there may be something else going on in his life, try talking to your son.

    The anxiety might very well have been caused by K2, I know this because I’ve smoked it and it almost gave me a panic attack, it is a very intense high at times, and it can be scary.

    The bipolar disorded was likely already present in your son, but not manifested(this might be why he smoked the K2). I’m not sure if he was having a manic episode when he smoked it, and is now exhibiting signs of depression. Or it is possible that the K2 triggered a bipolar episode(one way or the other).

    Either way, I wish you the best and hope you find some treatment for your son. Finding a good psychiatrist or clinician is definitely the right way to start.

  133. PLEASE do NOT even try this incense. Any label or any name. My Son began smoking this instead of pot because of his job that checks for drugs. My son came home delusional. Was picked up by police and ended up in a mental facility for 2 weeks. It has been a month and he is still delusional and may loose his job. He had to move back home. Has a psych dr. but w/o a job the insurance will end and then what kind of care will he get? He thinks he’s an alien/God (depending on what day/hour), thinks “they” are out to get him so he can’t really talk about what is going on in his head, because “they” will know and will get him. Sees “shadows/people” where there are none. Very scary. PEOPLE, DON”T TRY THIS – INCENSE W I L L ruin your life.

  134. I have smoked many different types of spice and even made my own and i can tell you If you have no prior experience to anything harder than THC your gonna fuckin freak. I too have felt extreme paranoia and thoughts of impending doom, but what i have experienced is the more you give into the thought of dieing the more likely you are going to suffer from a heart attack. I like to think of it as a death placebo or grave rolling
    the anxiety caused from this stuff can be amplified to the point of cardiac arrest. If you pay attention some spice will have tufts of black smoke loom over the pipe after hit. After smoking 3 grams a day i can say the main concern is its effect on the gastrointestinal system and the bronchial regions of your lungs. Spice causes mad heart burn if anyone has noticed and after toking this 3g per day i developed minor ulcers and constant phlegm, and what might be a Hiatal hernia. There are definite negative effects on the physical side.

    In some of the recent batches available for purchase i noted addiction very similar to opiates (stopped doing opiates and picked this stuff up) A very queasy stomach feeling during withdrawals. Also i noted in high doses the nod out effect is prominent and uncontrollable im thinking someone with a hankering for the cash of poor addicted souls is adding synthetic opioid to the mix.

    and don’t forget to thank America this beautiful country of hysteria, violence and drugs. for our oh so effective drug war that we spent billions on and the false marijuana adjudications we spent hundreds of thousands on… i think is fucking wonderful that the government can cause such a panic on these synthetic drugs when they distribute xanax and opiates by the truckload to pill mills whom sell anyone with a hurt back enough blues to keep their customers addicted HURRAY AMERICA (lest we not forget why we have methamphetamine in the first place, im pointing at you the war mongering, self righteous, corporate mistake for what our founding fathers fought for)

  135. My 14 year old son smoked K2 for months everyday before we found out. He ended up suidicial and was treated inpatient physh ward in Jan 2012. He now has bi polar, depression, and severe anxiety. I just wish someone would know if this was caused by the K2. He can hardley attend school and we have ups and downs everyday. I just wish I could find answers.

  136. Hello, I’ve smoked K2 a few times during the last couple years and I have to say, I never had any intense side effects. Mainly, the drug made me dizzy, light-headed and feel way to high for my own good (I would only take 2 or 3 hits at a time.) My ex-boyfriend however passed out a few times from it and also had to be rushed to the emergency room (He would smoke a gram to himself.) I don’t recommend anyone try this…I haven’t smoked it in over a year and don’t plan to.

  137. Last week, an old roommate of mine from several years ago was arrested. At the time, he was on probation for a few reasons, one including possession of marijuana. As an alternative, he’d began smoking synthetic weed DAILY for the past few weeks. Last week, he walked into his house where his mother was cleaning dishes, for some unknown reason, he began choking her. In defense, she broke a plate over his head. He took a broken piece of plate and cut his mom’s throat with it. They are both recovering under non life-threating conditions.

    Another story:
    Last month, my current roommate (a very smart and responsible person) smoked K2 for the second time. He went into the shower. A few minutes later, he began screaming bloody murder. He came out of the bathroom naked and fell to the ground, kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs. He would not respond to me. I told him if he doesn’t talk to me, I’d call 911. Looking me dead in the eye, he cried “CALL 911, I HAVE TO DIE. I AM DYING”. When the police, fire rescue, and the paramedics came, he finally began calming down.

    This was the most frightening thing both himself and I have ever experienced. This was about a month ago, and he still feels something is very wrong. He is now starting to talk to therapists and other counseling members.

    The dangers of K2 are not nearly as exposed as they should be. All these stories we’re telling have the same commonalities. They’re saying the same thing: That synthetic weed is EXTREMELY dangerous. A month ago, I had no idea how horrible this drug is. In the past, I’ve even tried it myself.

    Why are these stories so discrete and unheard of? This is a big issue and something big should be done to destroy the drug’s popularity.

  138. Hi, my name is luis. I used to smoke pot 3/5 times of the week before going to school. After i couldn’t afford it some of my friends told me to try k2. I picked up a batch of k2 called “Diablo”. I took a good 3 drags. About 30 seconds later i just went numb. I had no control over my body. It was terrifying. I couldnt standup. My friend said i was talking to myself. Like thinking out loud. I managed to get up and sit on the couch. I kept hearing voices l. Calling me. I turn my head and it would look like i could see frames like a laggy computer. I had something similar like a vison. I could see my self die.Then i saw myself sitting on the couch in 3rd person. Like i was floating over my body. My friend said before i passed out that i kept laughing and shaking saying i lost my shoe.. sometimes i still feel numb or tingly. Its been almost 9 months. Never again. Ghe worst feeling ever. NEVER WILL I SEE MYSELF OR ANYONE I KNOW DO THIS.

  139. @john john , i know exactly what your talking about you see yourself die and think that its real, and than you keep seeing the same thing over an over again and it feels like forever until you just want to die and you dont care no more……the worst is the heart pounding….never smoking synthetic again, satans tea from hell

  140. Hey, I just wanted to tell you my story from the “legal weed” known as G6 Ultimate Extreme. Back in October, I smoked it under the pretense that it was a legal way to get high. I have smoked it before and thought nothing of it; I just got the cannabis like euphoria. One night, I smoked a hit of it and took a shower. When I turned the shower off, that’s when the problems started. I spent the next hour in what seemed to be reality mixed with a terrible nightmare. I spent a good half hour suffering from complete anxiety. I was under the impression that I was dying and that there was nothing I could do to help. My body felt useless, I kept seeing the same 10 seconds of the game that was on at the time on tv, and I had terrible paranoia. About half way through it, I could have sworn I was dying and I was panicking because I was able to watch my body deteriorate before me. Shortly after I had random visions/ memories in which I would see myself in the past convincing me I was about to die. I got to the point where I broke down and accepted my impending death. All I remember was my father screaming at me and then I snapped back out of it, except I was clenching a pillow and laughing hysterically at him. After experiencing this trauma I will never use this or any synthetic marijuana ever again. I have also made it an effort to completely discourage anyone who even dares to try it. Please parents and kids, THIS STUFF WILL KILL YOU OR MAKE YOU GO INSANE!

  141. Hello everyone, I’m back!

    I just wanted to comment on a few new posts I have been seeing here.

    1. People advocating K2 or different blends which are better/safer- You are just taking risks. These substances are untested and have a very small history of use compared to other drugs. Consider that marijuana has been used for thousands of years and has a lot more data to back up its effects and what little potential problems it might or might not cause.
    K2 and other blends are untested and have only been used for a few years or so. They can be dangerous and lead to seizure and even death as people have reported here. I don’t care what blend you use you are taking a risk every time you smoke this stuff. It is not worth death or permanent brain damage.

    2. To those who have lost loved ones or have had loved ones permanently disable- I am truly sorry for your loss, I wish something could have been done to prevent this.

    3. The federal ban- will not prevent anything, people are already coming up with new blends and different synthetic chemicals.

    I think everyone needs to understand how these chemicals are made. Let’s start with the natural one, THC. OK, that is a cannabinoid which activates certain receptors in the brain which produce the “high” you get when smoking pot.

    So what they do is, alter the structure of THC and come up with chemicals which activate the receptors but in different ways and parts of the brain. That means that you get a similar effect, but at the same time it is completely different and unpredictable. THC has a long history of use and study, these chemicals do not.

    So I reiterate, please do not smoke this stuff anyone. I don’t care if you think occasional use is OK or you don’t have the crazy effects of anyone else here. Like I said, every time you smoke it you take a risk of death/brain damage.

  142. I have smoked K2 before. It is not a good thing to use. I used to be able to smoke it all the time and a lot at a time. I was getting addicted to it. I thought it wouldn’t hurt me. But then it did. When smoking K2 you can have different side effects each time. The last time I smoked it, everything was fine at first, but then I started feeling sick. I was at a movie theater, trying to “enhance” the movie. But then I started to vomit uncontrollably. I was feeling so weak because I couldn’t stop vomiting. Then I passed out. My friend who I was with was trying to wake me up and couldn’t. He kept picking up my arms, moving my legs, but nothing would work. Then I woke up again. I couldn’t stop vomiting. My heart rate was up so high I thought it would explode. I couldn’t stop passing out then waking up, then vomiting, then passing out again. Then finally I got up enough strength to go to the bathroom. I leaned up against the wall and then started to slowly slide down it and sat down. Thank God a woman from the movie theater I was in followed me to see if I was ok. She let me use her cell phone to call my mom. I was so scared and ashamed to tell her so I just told her I was really sick and needed her help. Then I passed out again. While I was out, the woman went and told the movie theater people and a security guard came in. He saw me passed out and called me an ambulance. The paramedic came before my mom did and he was trying to keep me awake. I couldn’t walk. They had to help me to the stretcher. I remember sitting there up against the bathroom wall, while my mom got there and was trying to keep my eyes open. All I could do at that point was pray to God to help me, ask for forgiveness, and tell my mom I love her. I thought I was dying. But it wasn’t just a thought, I really was. Once I got into the ambulance I remember them asking me what I was on, I told them, then I was out. I woke up in the hospital bed with my mom and my grandmother sitting beside me. My mom told me that my heart rate was so high that my heart almost exploded. And she wasn’t kidding. I had almost died. The paramedics had givin me an iv and medication to try to stablize me. If that woman wouldn’t of followed me into the bathroom I would be dead right now. She saved my life. I hadn’t even smoked a lot either. I had about 3 hits from a small bowl that was packed with the K2. I had become addicted to it. It is very unpredictable. Now I have memory loss from the K2. K2 almost took my life from me. Its not healthy and it can kill you, no matter how much you smoke, there is a possible side effect of death. I posted this so that people can see what it can do to you. Not to start a debate, but to inform everyone out there that reads this, that the “high feeling” from K2 is not worth risking your life over it. It can become very addicting. I did some things that I’m not proud of and I wish I wouldn’t of done normally, just so I could smoke some K2. K2 shouldn’t be legal at all. It should be illegal all over the world.

  143. as much as yall are guna hate me for saying this im here to help so listen. i went through many of the same experiences you have, i was lets say “A Spice Addict” it got to the point where my body could handle whole gram bags rolled up and smoked at once without flipping out… i knew that was a problem, i started coughing up grey stuff and puking alot too and had terrible stomach pains. and im here to tell you the best you to make those effects leave is to stop smoking spice and start smoking weed, it is very hard to quite spice once addicted and the only thing that will help keep you straight is weed, it will also help with your stomach aches and vommiting. im not saying start smoking weed if you dont im just saying use it to break your spice habbit, because the spice WILL KILL YOU. maby not soon but it will and death is not worth anything

  144. Reading everyone’s stories makes it a bit redundant to tell mine but I will anyway just in case one more kid decides to try k2… Last night I was hanging with some friends who always do k2, I’ve done it once before but I always preferred real weed over the fake stuff. One of the guys pulls out a bag of Mr. Smiley and three of us go outside, 3 hits later I can’t talk, I’m just tingly and then I passed out. I had no idea what was going on, my two friends were high and didn’t notice but thankfully a friend of mine wanted to stay sober and carried me on the house… I completely lost my grip on reality, I was literally living in cartoons like the Rugrats or Kim Possible and didn’t know my own friends, I thought my head was exploding, I was dying, having a seizure, having a heart attack, at one point I thought I had died and was being reborn, it was just so painful I wanted it to stop! Time was so fast yet so slow, I was lost in despair and anger and I knew I was dying… Finally I recognized my best friend who was laughing “what if she does? Hahahaha” she wa high and no help at all…. My sober friend had to sit with me all night but of he hadn’t been there who knows what would have happened, he drove me home and got my best friend home safely too but the two kids I smoked with thought it was hilarious how I was lying twitching and unable to move or talk voluntarily on the couch… The sad thing is I already want to do it again and even though the high is over I’m still twitching and can’t focus, my head is pounding and my heart is still way to fast… this isn’t a drug I would recommend to any of my friends, it’s addictive and so harmful to your health, it hit almost immediately and I was in hell all night but I still have a desire to do it again, so I guess the moral of the story is clear, k2 isn’t worth it, it messes you up mentally and physically and then you get addicted despite how awful it is

  145. when i started i was smoking about a gram a week watch very fast truned into 5 grams a day. i have tried many drugs and nothing has been as adicted as k2. within two months of smoking i wasnt smoking to get high anymore i was smoking because of the addicton. i lost many of my friends while being on k2 mostley because it made me a damn zombie, i was short with everyone, i was a dick. i didnt care about anything other then how am i going to get k2. i got so bad that i would wake up in the morning and have a hafe of a joint burned out in my bed from where i had woke up in the middle of the night and smoked myself to sleep. i started to not eat. my head hurting like ive never felt. i quit about two weeks ago when i woke up in the middle of the night scared that my child would grow with out a father all because i wanted to get high. its not worth your life. ive smoked weed for eight years with no prob. noone has ever died from the usage of pot. in fact when my grandfather was dieing of cancer they told him, a can of beer and a joint everynight befour you went to sleep and you wouldnt be sitting here right now. i call it the plant of life helping but never taking.

  146. id like to start by saying do not do any kind of k2 regardless of the name. i smoked k2 for 9 months “darkness” was my name of chose. i remember the first time i hit this crap, i went into this cartoon mood where everything i seen looked like family guy. my heart stared rasing so fast that i started to FREAK out watch made it beat faster i remember telling my self i wouldnt do it again. i went about a week with out it just non stop thinking about it. i soon went over to my friends thinking hell ill give it one more chance, i took one hit 15 min later nothing so i took another hit, befour i knew it i was running around the block like boxin the air because i had so much energy.

  147. About 2 1/2 years ago at the end of 8th grade at this time i was about 14 1/2 years old I decided i was going to experience getting high, i was at the park with my friend he pulled the baggy out and my first intention was that it was cannabis so he made the can i took my first hit and nothing happened and then i took my second hit and as i turned around it felt like it to five minutes and was all blurry this was my first time getting high and later on i found out it was called homegrown i remember feeling like puking i was panicking for about a half our it was the scariest thing i have EVER experienced in my life i kept thinking and and asking if i was ever going to come back to reality and my friend finally got my to calm down my heart was beating about 5 times faster than its normal rate i kept thinking i was going to have a heart attack. later on i got into the synthetic stuff and began to use k2 summit at first i smoked it and it didn’t do anything, later i decided to try it again with my other friend and i smoked more this time and i remember taking that second or third hit and it fell out of reality the other thing i remember that i remember is that a couple of times with my friend and i is that we would end up rolling on the floor every time we smoking it and that it would do this thing where it would bring you far out of reality then swing you back in for a second or 2 and then bring you back out once i learned to calm down and cope with it, it made me feel like i was a angel and that i could believe or like god except after a year of smoking this k2 summit and i believe the chemical in it was JWH-018 it took something very important from me, it took my intelligence and sober happiness like the good feelings when listening to music or the beauty of looking at the sunset, its as if someone just took all my happy nerves out of my body and changed them bland. I dont know what else to say other than this is NOTHING like marijuana and hope that i can see the long term effects someday.

  148. All of these stories, I didn’t realize how many lives have been destroyed..
    Hi, I’m currently 17. I first tried “spice” about 3 years ago, at the time it had just came out around here and was very weak. Me and all of my friends at the time agreed it was a waste of money and weed was way better..
    Untill I got put on probation for possession of marijuana. Completely dropped smoking and started taking different types of pills because they were out of my system in just a couple days. One day my p.o calls me in drug tested me and instantly revoked after the results had came back. By this time majority of all my “friends”, kids from school, kids in sports, people on probation, and some with good paying jobs that drug tested.. It seemed as if everyone was trying it, smoking it, everywhere I went it was there. After it was out for awhile it had became way more stronger. I started smoking it daily, was pretty cheap at the time, and could buy it from almost anywhere. (Seemed as if only the foreigners were selling it.) Within a couple weeks I had noticed I couldn’t sleep without it, couldn’t eat, was extremely quite, felt like my mind was just gone…I realized I wasn’t even smoking this stuff to get high anymore it was as if I had to have it just to keep me going..for me to feel like myself again. Finally get off probation, but had much worse problems. I would get terrible migranes and horrifying stomach pains. After about 5-6 months of smoking the stuff I went to the doctor they found 6 bleeding ulcers in my stomach lining, end up dropping out of school, I use to love school have every award possible from every grade with straight A’s. I would still do whatever I could for this drug…steal from friends, loved ones, lie to anyone, I would do anything I could to get my hands on this drug…
    Would burst out into tears for no reason, cut myself, burn myself, ect…
    Headaches, stomach pains, loss of memory, quite school, got in more trouble down the road involving the shit. At the time though nothing mattered nothing in the world mattered but that one high I had been chasing for a year now. It’s like I just couldn’t see where I was headed, what I was actually doing to myself…I lost so many friends, true friends…By this time it’s illegal in my town/county. Unfortunately the foreigners didn’t care though, they knew who to sell to and who not to sell to. I had been a regular customer for awhile so obviously I still could get it. I was constantly in and out of the hospital for health issuses..I had seen so many people pass out, dry heave, seizure out from smoking it but still didn’t care..since I was still one of the only ones able to buy it I was buying it for ALOT of people. The owners of the smoke shop would actually send me 3 hours away from town to pick up thousands of bags at a time. At the time the were paying 8$ per bag and selling them for 30 a piece..
    As the cops started cracking down it started to become more rare, it started to get really expensive. Hundreds of kids and adults are still buying it though, and the ones who couldn’t get there hands on it were killing themselves, stealing, harming others, anything you could imagine..one of the boys that had committed suicide was actually a friend I grew up with my whole life. As things just got worse I realized if I could get off this drug which I DID NOT go a day WITHOUT for over a year now. I would be able to sell it and make a good bit..
    I begin to get curious what exactly was in it? Why was it so addictive? I was just starting to see what this drug along with bath salts which is even worse sold by the same people though and synthetic. I begin asking them what was in it? They would explain little by little exactly what it was created for..
    I got freaked, started researching, started getting treatment, going to classes ect. They had pretty much told me it was to late for everyone.
    They told me it was created intented to “zombiefy” people. Exactly what is was doing…ruining millions of lves. He said it had somthing to do with population control but mainly used to weaken us all and take over our country. They mass produced this cancer causing, killing machine, drug and got it legel here, pushed it on everyone here who had to take drug test, but still wanted the weed high, base heads, kids..
    All anyone heard about it was “It was legel so it was perfectly fine, didn’t show up in drug test but looks almost indentical to marijuana and gives you the same high..” There is so much to all of this then everyone thinks! I had finally been sober for a good bit, still felt like I was in a daze though..can’t take anything serious, so many short term and long term effects.. 🙁 Truely we havn’t even seen the worse part yet it still hasn’t been around long enough. At first it was being bought from the internet from across seas, they started making it here, they have made millions off this. I wondered why they never smokedspice all they smoked was dro..
    While they are sitting back making money and laughing at us planning on taking control and owning us all. Still people are buying it slowly killing themselves..
    Just wow…I could seriously go on about this for hours and hours, I can back any of it up also, I hope they rot. Ruining millions of lives especially innocent kids that really didn’t know better. I’m sorry, I hate to cut it short there just so much…just trying to get the point across this will ruin and destroy your life and others no mattter what! It is pure evil, set up for destruction. I understand all of y’alls stories, I have experienced and seen it all. I promise you I didn’t type this all for nothing..
    If any of you have questions please ask away..
    R.I.P Matt, David, and Jarrod…still very loved and missed will never be forgotten. Many others also, many in hospitals, mental homes, and pyshc wards. This is reality, actuallity, trust me it’s real. Noticed all the “zombie” attacks happening over the u.s? I’m not saying were gonna become zombies, but I know it will make you go insane, lose your mind, everything…No telling what is going to happen later down the road we will be the first to experience it all..straight poison.

  149. To all of you out there who smoke spice: I’ve been doing this for 7 months. I am entirely 100% done for the rest of my entire life as of today. I felt sooooo bad today from smoking a new kind, that I instantly got a feeling like I was going to die. Really die. Every joint in my body exploded with pain, and the world was light purple and non-proportionate. If you really think about it, whos the most likely organization responsible for creating spice? The Government of the United States of America. Think about it. If they wanted to test chemicals on people, is there any better way? It’s basically legal, gets you very high, costs about the same or cheaper than real marijuana, and no one, NO ONE, knows what the hell is in it. Every brand is different. Literally. They all feel different, a lot of them look different, and they all have different potencies. I strongly believe that the US Government has created this shit to test chemicals on us, and I will not back down from that. I don’t know what will happen to me now. I might have a stroke in a couple years from this shit even after I’ve stopped. It might be like Agent Orange. I might have lost 10 years off of my life. All I know, is that I’ll stick to smoking good old Marijuana. Weed. Pot. No matter how much trouble I get in for it, or anything else. Because it helps me deal with depression, and it helps damn near everyone else who uses it. And I’ve never smoked that and been scared. NEVER. Not Once.

  150. Dear Torrie. I am so, so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved daughter. There are probably no words which can console you right now. But you are in my thoughts.

  151. This drug did not show up on a drug test, hers was clean……..and if anyone wants to see what your brain looks like after smoking this……I have her MRI. After 3 1/2 weeks in a coma she died. I am a nurse and I consider this drug worse than meth or any other drug out there.

  152. I buried my 27 year old daughter a week ago, from what I believe was the use of this drug. She had all the symptoms, panic attacks/anxiety, cough, agitation, restlessness, inability to concentrate on anything, memory loss-constant repeating things she had told me 5 min earlier. nause/vomiting. This was found in her house after she died, I had no idea……..she lost her job, her health, and her 8 year old son lost a mother and her new husband of 3 weeks lost a wife, I lost a beautiful daughter. What a tradgic loss to everyone who knew her and yet you have to wonder what this drug does that you would smoke it til you die?

  153. I would stay away from this drug as it is destructive to your body and your connection with God. When you take this drug or any drug, you are opening up your soul’s energy zone to the dark forces of this world who need your energy to survive. Psychosis are actually dark forces or entities from the lower realms that you let in by destroying the outer layers of your natural protective zone for the housing of your soul. When there is a big opening from drug abuse, parts of your soul fragments off into the dark hands or the lower realms…..its hard to get these fragmented pieces back if you dont know how thru proper soul clenasing and energy transmution. God Bless you all and may Archangel Michael protect you all from the dark forces who have also lost their way from the Light.

  154. I have been smoking marijuana since the age of twelve, I am 46 now. I have never cared for alcohol and have found weed to help with relaxing. My intention is not to go into the topic of legalizing marijuana or to defend the use of it. I want to warn everyone about the use of incense by sharing my experience last night. I started smoking incense about four months ago as a legal alternative. Mostly the syn mean green, which I quickly discovered that you should not smoke too much at once or it will make you feel kinda sick. Yesterday a friend brought over a kind I had never tried, syn fire. ONLY ONE DRAG! Immediately the feeling was very intense: anxiety, dizziness, nuasiated to the point I had to go lay down within a matter of a few minutes. I was sweating profusely, I could feel my temperature rising with every second that went by. I couldn’t move, my musles were extremely weak and it was like I was paralized. I knew that if my temp continued to rise I would start having seizures. I prayed that someone would come to check on me, I needed water poured on me soooo badly and even had thoughts that I wasn’t going to make it through this. I was in such a panic and couldn’t move or call out for help. My freind did finally come to check on me. It seemed like forever, but was probably only about five minutes. They got me several wet wash cloths and put them all over. I was vomiting, disoriented, confused, hyperventalating, shaking uncontrolably. This lasted about 30 minutes before I started feeling better and I still feel pretty weak today. This was one scary ass expreince! I even have tears in my eyes writing this. I am not EVER going to smoke ANY of this stuff again. These products are sooooo DANGEROUS! Marijuana has never made me feel that way. And I only smoked the syn incense because it is suppose to be all natural. I am glad my friends were here to see what happened to me because it scared the hell out of them too and they have decided to not smoke the incense any more either. We are telling everyone to try to get them to stop before they have this experience too. I hope by sharing my exoerience this helps someone. THIS IS NOT A SAFE ALTERATIVE TO MARIJUANA! PLEASE DONT START OR STOP IF YOU ARE USING THESE PRODUCTS!

  155. I been smoking this for about 2 months or so, & I know many people in here say its bad for you but hey everything in the world is bad and people still use it, I smoke about 3 blunts of it with my boyfriend everyday, and now that is banned now its hard to find it. But I still have people’s that have it or gets it. Idk from where. K2 is a spice it comes in different flavors, some are stronger then others, the best one out there is aloha, my opinion, I get High and what not but, I don’t et to the point where I get crazy or start hallucinating or anything like that I just stay chilling. But nothing serious like I heard. I think is better then weed. But idk.. I do know that I have tO stop before its to late because I am getting addicted to it. I get fustrated if I don’t get a hit of it and I get mad, I’m always aggressive and I’m always in a bitchy mood.

  156. My 15 year old daughter smoked spice for 5 months ( I did not know at the time), and was just put in a psychiatric hospital 4 months after she STOPPED. They don’t know if this is part of the withdrawals or anything really. Same symptoms, hearing voices, seeing shadows, cutting herself, voices telling her to hurt herself and uncontrolled crying spells. Prognosis is unknown. What a terrible product and thank God they just passed the federal ban. My only hope is that she will recover and her story may stop another person from trying it! God bless all who has been affected by this and any other drug.

  157. Andrew, why would you risk your life with a drug nobody knows about? I am glad you are okay and please be aware of other drugs that could be laced with synthetic. You dont need drugs to make you feel happy, drugs only steal your natural light inside your soul. Peace and Love.

  158. Dawn,

    I have been smoking spice for the past two years and have had stomach issues for the past 6. Although, I’ve noticed in the past two years it has gotten much more severe and I also had an endoscopic ultrasound done. I mostly throw up stomach bile which looks like egg yoke but here lately it has been more brownish as you explained your sons.

    I would love to see how it has effected him physically and also try to reach out and help him being a twenty year old female you know I’ve been going through procedures that my grandparents haven’t even had to go through yet so seriously give me a shout.

  159. I did this yesterday, it was the worst i was scared like for my life i couldn’t stop shaking and crying, i wanted it to stop ibtold my friend i wanted to die they even took my pocket knife so i didn’t hurt no one..i couldn’t walk stright and i couldn’t breath for couple of seconds….im never doing it again!

  160. My 16 year old daughter ate two pot cookies which we think now was laced with K2. This was about six weeks ago. The first week she had a psychosis break where she would stare for long periods of time blinking and her mouth slightly open. She came out of that but now has paranoid reactions along with depression. She is back in the mental hospital for the third time. She seems to slowly be improving but refuses medicine which made it a little better but had too many side effects. The doctor said she has 3 patients in the last six months who smoked k2 and two of them came out of it but one boy did not who smoked a lot of it and has a lot of paranoid issues. I cannot believe the Governtment allows this to be legal without any testing. Almost like there is some kinda of scam going on to raise their elite status and greed for money and power. There should be a class action suit against the Governtment for allowing our kids to have this stuff untested and legal. Its a crying shame nobody is doing anything about this ! !

  161. Folks, stay away from K2 and those other blends. The newer blends that are in Georgia do not produce the side effects the tainted and overbearing one’s that have been out do. Mr. Big Shot is a good blend. If it makes you seem like there is impending doom, rapid heart rate, floating feeling etc. it is not good! Use your heads and stop smoking the old crap. It will eventually kill you! I wish you all luck and use your heads.

  162. I first smoke k2 in summer 2011. My bf at the time n his friends were on probation so thats all they could smoke. We smoke it 24/7 basicly. It basicly ruin my life. Guys would lace it n wen i became too far gone they took advantage of me. I stop sleeping n eaten. I started to have suiedial thoughts n cutten myself witch is unlike me.i became voilent n hit my ex. I didnt care about anything. I 302 myself. N moved out my ex’s. I stop smokin k2. Now im better and in a healthy releionship. Hez help me more n 2 months den my ex did in 2yrs 🙂

  163. I just want to say that young people are not the only victims. Although I myself have never tried any form of synthetic marijuana (I don’t even smoke the real thing) my husband has. Twice. He is 50+ years old. He has been a marijuana user his whole life which really has never bothered me as it is the only drug he does. Several months ago, he was unable to obtain any marijuana. He was offered K2 by his 28 year old sun. After smoking it he turned white as a ghost. His legs could not hold him up. I half dragged/half carried him to our room. He kept saying “I’ll be ok, I’ll be ok” over and over. I have an automatic blood pressure kit. I used it to check his blood pressure which was extremely elevated. Keep in mind, at this point, I did not know he had smoked K2. His heart rate was very erratic and way too fast. I assumed a heart attack and was about to call 911 when my husband informed me what he had smoked and begged me not to make the call and just stay with him. He did not want anyone to find out what he had done. He held onto me as if he would instantly die if I left his side. I was so scared and so angry all at once. Within about 30 to 45 minutes, his symptoms began to improve. Although He has not continued to have continued symptoms of the magnitude that some others have had, I’ve noticed that he is much quicker to become agitated and he has become forgetful which is something that NEVER happened to him before. I thought all this was behind us, until last night. My husband walked into the house looking so frightened and so pale. Absolutely no color to his face and I immediately knew what he had done. I had to get a grip on my anger because I knew he needed me. I got him to bed and he immediately wrapped his arms around me as if I were once again, his lifeline. This time, things were worse. He didn’t seem to have control of his body. He literally couldn’t move, yet his grip on me became tighter. He couldn’t speak, just kept making grunting sounds as if he were trying to speak. He stopped breathing several times. It was as if he would literally forget to breath. I would have to shake him and then he would start breathing again. I could feel his heart beating so erratically. I stayed there with him, awake and scared all night. He is still sleeping now. I love him and will not watch him do this to himself. This will either stop here and now, or I will leave, those are his options. I just wanted people to know, it’s not just our youth we need to talk to. Thank you.

  164. Thanks so much for sharing your real experiences, Daniel! I wish you continued success in your sobriety and life without addiction. And I have the feeling that the way that you quit substances in the past can help others who want to quit K2. Please let us know how we can help you at any time.

  165. Well I appreciate the response from the blog, I tried to comment about this once before and the comment was not approved I guess.

    As for what I have done to help with quitting, the best advice I can give is to try and keep yourself out of that element, you have to want to quit. You have to have a reason, mine was people I care about and damage I could do to my life.

    You basically have to feel for others, think about what you are putting your family and friends through and have the desire to truly change for good.
    Once you quit, any urge you get to relapse, just think all you have worked for and what lead you to quit in the first place. Then think why you want to start again, weigh it out and if you truly do have the desire to quit, then you will figure out to not continue doing it.

    Everything else I’m sure you guys promote, eating well, exercising, finding and maintaining social relationships in your life, and taking up a sport or hobby you always wanted to try(I chose golf).

    I am glad you support alternate treatments to AA such as rational behavior therapy, I am a big fan of this psyhcological approach to treating addictions.

  166. Hi Daniel. Thanks for sharing your feelings about 12 steps and willpower. We do advocate for alternative programs of recovery for addiction, such as SMART Recovery and Rational Recovery. But we would never edit or disallow people to express what has worked for them,

    What did you do specifically to overcome addictions that other people might try?

  167. Why is there so much religious crap on here? And why do the administrators allow it? Don’t they see how this spreads false hope, I studied AA extensively righting research papers on it.

    The main reason they fail( which they do 95% of the time) to treat addiction, is because they tell someone they are powerless and the only way to recover is to pray or ask for some magical being to help you. That is NOT how it works. You are not powerless and you can overcome your addiction. I have successfully gotten over 3 addictions in the past through willpower. I am glad to say I am now clean and living my life for my self. I still smoke weed now and then, but not enough to cause any problems.

    Don’t listen to these bible-thumpers folks. The truth is, you have to power, no-one else. You control your own life and live it for yourself and those who matter to you. Free your eyes from the blind-fold of brainwashed organized religion.

  168. After reading through these comments, I realize now how demonic this drug is. If you are leaving your body, that means you are dying. If you find yourself on this stuff and would like to recover fully, then ask Jesus into your life, repent (meaning stop), and you will change. Trust me on this.

  169. Chrissy, I hate to say it but I think daniel is right! I just did some research and k2 can cause tinnitus… its scarey but can be treated. There is no cure for it but they can give him something to calm it down so its not as bad! I hope it all works out and I hope when u go to the doctor that’s not what it is! Good luck let us know what happens

  170. I smoked this crap for about 8 months due to probation for marijuana. I heard the horror stories, even saw a few friends have some bad trips on this stuff, but it still didn’t stop me and my boyfriend from continuing to smoke it since we never had those side effects. I wanna say about a month ago I was smoking a bowl and only took 2 hits off of it and I thought I was going to die, my head just didn’t feel right. My ears were ringing, I felt light as a feather, and nothing felt right, so I called my boyfriend freaking out, and him talking to me, plus me eating some food, calmed my high down. After that night we both decided to stop, until a few days ago we hit a bowl together a couple of times. Nothing bad happened to me, but my boyfriend has the ringing in his head going on and a headache that wont go away, making him unable to sleep at night. Has anyone else experienced this ringing? if so did it stop for you? I’m scared to death for him, and we’re going to the doctors tmrw morning about it. If anyone has any advice on this ringing noise/headaches please let me know! (Tylenol, Motrin, etc. didn’t help at all he says)

  171. My own personal experience with k2. I live in michigan we have a product that everyone loves cause it’s the most poten. It’s called Syn incence product. A few months of smoking it, I started haveing sharp pains in my chest, also it’s addicting as fuck. Then one day me and a group of friends decided to take a gravity bong rip of a full gram of Syn incenese product and about 5mins after taking the hit I became very deliourious and nothing was the same, I felt as if I was telleporting, One minute we were in the basement, the next around a camp fire. The K2 or Syn, Gave me a self induced seizure and a stroke all at once, I was hopslilized for 2 weeks recovering. Since then I still smoke it. I need it quit every morning I have wake up and puke before I can breathe again. K2 is not good. Don’t start or continue. Also in michigan you do not have to be 18 to buy the product.

  172. I took some stuff k2 called knock out and it has messed me up. When I was on it I felt as if my teeth were being pulled out and I saw Jesus at one point. This was a very short span, but I feel pressure on my teeth a lot of the time. K2 is nothing like marijuana, it is a much greater danger, and if marijuana were to be legalized we wouldn’t have this issue. I will never ever smoke k2 again. Scariest thing of my life.

  173. Shaman, God bless you. I will be praying for you and for your sad friend. What is his name? I applaud you your efforts.

  174. To Ashy: My 25 yr old homeless street friend,addicted 6months rocks himself on the floor in a sitting position in the middle of greyhound bus station. Very intelligent young man, but addicted and his head twitches seizures I believe, hes 6’2′ im only 5’1 how am i supposed to get him to the Dr. I have to talk to him like a baby as well. HIs mind is childish one second angry the next and he gets it from a trashy addict whos sadistic and very abusive/possessive of my friend. I also suspect a personality disorder where he says things like make him look pretty, as far as I knew for several months he wasnt gay but i dont know what the spice has done. he has dysfunction downstairs so im not sure. but he lets this trashy dirty bum snug up next to him when they sit to smoke it. now he went to portland, or and im out of state to settle a lawsuit here. But i will go find him there in the homeless district to try to save his life or he will end up dead somewhere. its called drug sickness in the body/mind usually from something traumatic that happened in childhood. with him he had a drug issue fm age 9. by 17 was arrested for meth so i dont know how much hope there is left, but if its a fraction i have to try b/c i drempt he made it sober and had a son.

  175. I have already written on here but Dawn is absolutely right!! My son also has been suffering for almost a year. He had both physical pain and psychosis. We are trying to ease off antipsychotics but it has completely stopped all activity in his life. He was a skateboarder and surfer too. I don’t like what they do either. Also, he has to hold his breath often to try and stop the pressure in his head. I am talking just short of a year. STAY AWAY FROM THE POISON!!!

  176. I posted awhile back about my 16yo son who smoked this stuff last summer at the beach…. when some of you talk about being outside of your body…. this is a long term effect, he talks about this ALL the time… he has been medically treated… 1st by a doctor, who told him it could take a couple weeks for the symptoms to subside…. that was not the case…. months later and him constantly thinking about his incident, I took him to a psychiatrist…. he would constantly talk about everything feeling fake… things not being connected….. The psychiatrist put him on an anti psychotic…. and when he told me he felt like jumping in the road in front of a car I took him off it…. I honestly did not know what to do for this child…. my child was a changed person… I had to seek counseling for the grief I experienced…. he was now paranoid, anxious and could not stop thinking about this incident…. It’s now 10 months later….. he has been on anxiety meds for about 3 months now…. it has helped a lot…. HOWEVER, the lady who talks about not taking a shower…. he will never go to the beach again, he cannot get this incident out of his head.. it’s almost like a post traumatic stress…. He smoked this drug one time and took 7 hits…. at first nothing, happened, he said…. within 15 minutes, he thought he was having a heart attack…. he was out of his mind… hallucinating, thought he was seeing things happen before they did….. For the next 3 days, he did not leave his grandmother’s side…. and stayed in bed…. hallucinating. This drug has definite long term horrible effects…. and anyone who says different…. come and talk to me. Fortunately my son is 85% better at this point… but I doubt he will ever get off anxiety meds…. He is still reclusive…. and we’re talking a kid who skateboarded every single day for hours…. that is no longer the kid we know today… Something needs to be done about this “legal” drug that ruins people’s lives….

  177. Hi Jay. It might help to see a family doctor and ask for a reference to a specialist like a neurologist, who can examine your symptoms further. Very little is scientifically known about the effects of K2 synthetic weed on humans, but maybe following up with an MD can help ease your anxiety.

  178. I smoked k2 a month ago once and I am still freaking out and I just wanted to know what I can do to help myself out? Someone please help me. I feel like I have ruined my life.

  179. I did this stuff like a month ago. I felt like i was going to die and so on… I didnt know really what this stuff was. I have never even smoked pot before. Idk y i did it but i am still very freaked out about this stuff! I just want to know if everyones syptoms are gone yet and what i can do to just feel myself again! please help anyone that has experienced this. I feel like it has ruined my life but i know its prob just all in my head.

  180. Hi I am a 20 year old female and I would like everyone to hear my horrifying story on this “drug”. I would consider myself a pothead, I used to smoke weed on a regular bacis, everyday most times a few times a day. I got to the point where I needed a better job, to do that I needed to stop smoking weed. So I heard about this “weed subsitute” called k2. The first time trying it we smoked the bubble gum flavor. I had no bad experiances with that and the high was enjoyable but didn’t last very long, nothing like a weed high. But when the high would go away I would get a pounding head ache. A while later we decided to smoke again, we had gotten the substance called dead man walking. When I smoked with my husband that night I was fine, the next day however he was at work and after coming home from a stressful day at work I decided to smoke some. After smoking I was so high I hated it, so I went to take a shower (when smoking weed that’s what I would do to sobor up, just take a shower it would kill the high, or blow my high, some people call it a buzz killer) in the shower is when the horor began, I was feeling fine just really high, I started washing my hair and out of no where I started felling really weird… the water hitting my body felt weird and the water run over my face look strange (like slow motion) the water started feeling hot and then cold and then hot and cold again (it was very fast but it was like spurts of hot water then spurts of cold water), I remember thinking I need to get out of here but I need to get this shampoo out of my hair, then I looked over at my arm and it looked weird, all of a sudden I felt as if I wasn’t in my own body, that’s when my heart started racing and my body started shaking. I got out and turned the water off and started drying off, at this point I was shanking so bad I couldn’t even put my cloths on. I wrapped the towl around me and went to my room as fast as I could. I wrapped up in the blanket and called my cousin. I didn’t tell her what happened I just talked to her (normal like nothing was wrong) and listened to her taking and I started calming down and was fine. This really afected me because now it is hard for me to take a shower alone, I need to have y husband with me or I start thinking about it again and need to get out right away. I’m not sure wht happened to me, some say it was a “bad trip”, but that was enough scare for me to never do it again! And I hope other people read these and decide not to try it, I know my story isn’t as horifying as others (like the guy who was talking fine to his gf while smoking this he said “hold this ill be right back” and jumped out the window, or the boy who chewed part of his toung off and many more) this is not something to mess with! People keep hearing these stories but think they should try it anyway (I didn’t know any stories about it before this happened to me) and I don’t understand why, its sad to say but most people have to try it and have a bad experiance with it to never do it again! People just think they know better then others do and its sad because I’m sure if you go to ur local hospital and ask them how many cases they have of people coming in with bad reactions to this crap I’m sure its more then just one or two every day! I hope my story and others help teens and even adults to stay away from this stuff… its very dangerous! Thank you for listening to my story, and please warn others!

  181. Rhonda, not a single case of lung cancer has ever been linked to marijuana use alone. In all of the cases of lung cancer with marijuana smokers, the subject smoked cigarettes as well. In fact, the American thoracic society could not find a single link implicating marijuana as a cause to any type of lung or throat cancer associated with smoking cigarettes.

    Marijuana is a safe and natural plant medicine that can be useful in all of our lives.

  182. Daniel your wrong. People have died from smoking marijuana. It can still cause lung cancer. Breathing anything into your lungs in a regular basis can cause lung cancer.

  183. Thank u so much Kathy good new is im feeling alot better except im having a hard time focusing and i have very light but frequent twiches hope it clears it self over time im gong to the doctor friday to find out how serious it is please continue to pray for me.

  184. All i can say is that i wish i had have read this before i tried it yesterday around 200 pm i smoked it for the first time with my brother thinking it was a safe alternative to weed less than five mins later i was out of my mind things appeared to be way closer than they actually were my heart was beating out of my chest i was so afraid i was going to die so i went to the hospital told the nurse what i had done she took my vitals and had me wait as i was waiting i started to feel better so i left and went home but im still not a hundred percent my thinking seems off i feel sleepy but i cant sleep im restless and the sad thing is im supposed to graduate from college next month i should of knew better i really hope theres nothing seriously wrong with me please pray for me im still so scared

  185. i smoked so much of this stuff, now on the inside of my left elbow and around my wrist im always getting a tingling sometimes discomfort sensation ALWAYS. It bothers me about 85% of the day. Pretty much the only time I dont notice it is if im doing something active. But the second i chill, sit down, or lay down its back. For about a year straight i was splitting a 3 gram bag AT LEAST with a friend who btw doesnt experience this stuff. My heart rate will randomly increase and even when it doesnt increase it just feels sometimes like its going to beat right out of my chest it beats so hard. I quit about 3 weeks ago and have no urge to touch it again. These experiences are what lead me to quit and also my friend has quit too. The symptoms ive explained have not gotten any better. After an EKG the doctors have told me im fine and they cant find anything wrong with me… this scares me because I know something is wrong. They’ve told me I can go see a cardiologist but I dont have insurance and i’m only 22 so I have absolutely no way of paying for that… I seriously think im slowly going to die or randomly have a heart attack… Ive done this to myself so I expect nobody to feel sorry for me, im just scared…

  186. The sad thing is , iv been smoking K2 here and there aswel as Pot. The funny thing is , k2 hit me harder for 10mins then wears out , though pot lasts longer. Why does most governments make weed illegal but allow k2 which is not natural. To be honest , if sum1 wants to get stoned they will get stoned , so why not allow something thats natural , been around for centuries aswell and has no reports of anyone dieing from it (Pot) instead they rather people do what it takes to get there high by taking K2, i dislike K2 from taste , smell , felling and having to be a guinea pig for k2. Either make Alcohol illegal with Weed or make Weed Legal with Alcohol…. both get abused and 1 causes more deaths and crimes a year then the other but the least dangerous 1 is illegal while the 1 that is more dangerous is Legal.

  187. I did k2 a few weeks ago. The first time I took a hit I was in what my friends and I call ‘picture mode’. Picture mode is where your eyes work like strobelights without blinking. I thought it was pretty cool, so when wore off I took two more hits. I couldn’t see for minutes at a time. I was in no control of my body movement. I felt my actions happening but it felt kindof like my while body was asleep. My friends pulled me out of the car because they thought I was going to green out. I have no memory of saying this, but they told me I screamed ‘I’m under a volcano!’ Don’t do k2 as your first drug, man..

  188. We don’t buy it. My son tried it almost 10 months ago. The affects are long term not something that vanishes with the air. This is a sick money making scam by heartless people.

  189. Yes, the legal status is a problem. It shows the hypocrisy that our government is willing to allow a dangerous substance like this to be legal, while a marijuana, just about the safest drug out there, remains illegal.

    Don’t you see this is why people start smoking this K2 crap? If weed were legal, I guarantee no one would smoke this dangerous shit.

    And Kathy your point about legalization makes no sense, regardless of what you have heard marijuana is safe and no one has died from it or developed lung cancer or any of the crap that comes with legal drugs. Marijuana should be legal, regulated and taxed.

  190. I agree. It’s terrible to watch your child suffer. Stop buying it and they will stop makin it. Quit making excuses people, just stop!

  191. Drugs like this exist because greedy people care more about how much money they can make than about the lives of kids in this world. Some are even chuckling when others are harmed. It is absolutely disgusting. I am with you Rhonda. I know what this completely unregulated substance has done to my son. He has been in psychosis with intense physical issues for over 9 months now since he smoked the poison from the convenient store. People who blame the problem on the legalization of marijuana are just interested in being high themselves over the safety of others. If a drug is to be sold in stores, regulations are necessary. This is a scam and a lie and just plain evil and as dangerous as possible. You and I know Rhonda. We have seen first hand what can happen.

  192. Rhonda, I doubt marijuana “made them” try K2. In contrast, it’s the fact that its illegal that made them try K2.

    Its easy to sit on your high horse and say don’t do any drug, but everyone uses some drug. I’m sure you have drank alcohol, or at the least drank coffee, don’t forget even caffeine is a drug and is more addictive than marijuana(that’s proven).

    Drugs like these exist because our government makes the safer alternatives illegal and throws people in jail for smoking plants that are less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes.

  193. Ed. The reason the government is having such a hard time making it illegal is because people are buying it. Even if only once. You say marijuana was safe? It caused you to try k2 and almost lose your bf. just don’t do any drug.

    My daughter tried it once and has permanent brain damage now. If you never bought it to begin with, the people selling it would stop because they aren’t making money.

    What are we as parents supposed to do? Lock our kids up and not allow them to live the life they created?

  194. addicted for 8 months.
    1 week clean.
    can’t condemn this shit enough.
    its not worth your life, and it will claim it if you let it.
    good luck to all suffering from this terrible affliction.

  195. I thought what I was having was weed and had sum last nite I cant explain the feeling it felt like I was dying I snapped in and out of reality I was crying and couldn’t stop sayin God please help me I am fifteen and that was the worst feeling I ever had! I just start feeling better I thought I was going to die last nite all I could hear was my own heart beating really fast I jus kept kissing my son who turns seven months today, I will never smoke again.! After looking up hallucinations after smoking weed and hearing other people symptoms I came to a realization that what I had was intact k2.

  196. I’m not here to debate the legality or morality of doing drugs but I do have something to say.I’m 43 and have been casual pot smoker for a good portion of my life.The wife and I would sit out around the fire and we smoke a little weed and basically have a good relaxing time.We don’t smoke much so we don’t require much.About a month ago my ability to get weed disappeared.Not to long after that I came across K2 Standard and it was great,a nice mild buzz and it was cheap.So we’ve been smoking it for about a month and before you know it we were smoking it every night and consuming 6 grams a week.This past weekend I came across a brand called Armageddon.After my wife went to bed I broke it out packed the pipe and took a big hit and that was it.I started feeling very nauseated and my left hand started shaking uncontrollably so I decided to go to bed and I started to completely freak out to the point where I scared the hell out of my wife.I became so scared I flushed all the K2 and Armageddon.Three days later the muscles in my left arm feel very weak and hand still shakes a little,my chest feels tight and have a consistant mild headache.As the days progress these effect are lessening but who knows what else this stuff did to me and there’s been little research on what the chemicals sprayed on these herbs can do to you long term.The moral here for me anyway is that the synthetic stuff and the real stuff are two different things.The fake stuff in my opinion is much more dangerous than real weed.I will never touch that fake garbage again.

  197. When I was first introduced to this stuff, i smoke a whole ciggarete filled with it and felt badly. I could not, and would not move or else i would puke, after that I realized that this stuff was soo powerfull all i needed was one or two hits max and I would have a great high for an hour, but hearing all your stories makes me not wanna do it again

  198. My gosh Ashy. The stuff is HIGHLY addictive and I hate to hear that your brother is still smoking it despite all of this. I know how hard it is to get through to someone who is not all the way there. Who is caring for him? You need to try and get some people together and have an intervention. Tell him doctors say that he is being poisoned. Get him away from his current friends some how. Treat him like a baby if you have to since that is about his level of thinking now. Where does he get it? What is his name? I want to pray for him. Lots of love to you Ashy!

  199. My brother has been smoking spice and cigarettes for the past two years. he smokes at least 4 times a day. he fiends for the stuff. he is experiencing all the side effects listed above as well as SEIZURES from it, uncontrollable periods of black-outs, loss of consciousness. His ability to function. We’ve found him just standing up somewhere rocking back and forth next a pile of vomit. He didn’t even know we were there. he lost his job over it. his girlfriend over it. He doesn’t think he has a problem because He can’t remember the things that are happening to him. He uses it as an escape from his problems but he doesn’t realize that smoking this herbal incense stuff has now become his problem and it is killing him. After his latest seizure the doctor said that he developed a hole in his brain…the poison in the K-2 is killing him. His memory is shot. This is from 2 years smoking the stuff… I keep praying for him.

  200. i have been researching synthetic weed for a class im takeing and i have heard almost nothing good about it from the kids at my school. i have never smoked befor because i am to scared. why is K2 getting so popular if its so bad? why isnt it illegal? but if it is banned/made illegal then most likely kids will do it more. its just how teens are… they want what they cant have.

  201. I have been smoking k2 like products for about a year. I do not feel paranoid, scared, or stupid. I feel relaxed. Maybe the heartbeat is a lil faster after smoking, but the same thing occurs after real weed. I am not a stoner, only a full-time student working two jobs trying to have a fun,legal time.

  202. My story is going to sound somewhat different than the rest, as I am a grown adult. I have stopped smoking synthetic at this point, and thought that I had come away without issue. My husband and I were not avid pot smokers, but had found our selves in possession of some weed, and had participated in our youth and were willing but had no smoking devices. We headed to a head shop, locally owned and operated. They were known for selling pipes and such, and new stuff(salvia) we never tried this, but they sold it, we werent frequenters of the store but knew of the place, as we live in a small town. We looked at all the different pipes and the lady who owned the store asked us if we had tried the legal marijuana(we were like what?) so she pops open a bag of serenity now, and encourages us to try it in the store, it legal. So we try it in the store, it was a mild weed-like buzz, we bought our papers and left(we did not purchase any synthetic stuff). We smoked over the fourth of july weekend, and everything was cool. We went through a tough time with family illness and death, several months later and i honestly didnt want to goto a doctor for some type of medication or advice, I had self medicated at times, be it a headache or allergies, i felt confident that marijuana was a seritonin actor, and would take the edge off. I live in a pill head town, taken over by oxycontin and soon learned that our summer fortune would be difficult to repeat. I called a couple of friends( the friends who still plays in a band in his 30’s and will be an eternal pot smoker) to be informed that everyone, everywhere in our town was dry and no one was able to get anything(legalize it). So deseperate for some type of relief from my grief of losing my mother and father in a few short weeks, i wanted to heal myself and rid the anxiety and depressions that was looming like a black cloud over me. I found myself back at the head shop, asking about the legal marijuana, she had the stuff and it was cheap. I took my treat home, it was still weed like, and it lasted longer and I could relax and laugh and be myself, I wasnt consumed with this stuff, it became a night time routine, before bed. It helped and it had strange intimacy side effect, it intensified everything, now it had two purposes. Helps with anxiety and makes intercourse more pleasurable. Win, win. I had told my brother in law about the stuff and he eventually tried it and was hooked instantly, all day, all night, looking for something stronger. He found something called spaced. I had never ventures from my original formula and was still only smoking at night, in the safety of my own home. We tried his “spaced” and it was not the same, it was much to strong, it was hallucingenic, and just bad. I did not have a seizure, but felt like i was going to, and did vomit repeatedly. My husband was terrified and afraid, i was going to die. I was scared and wanted to just get home, fearful of driving, we walked home( about a mile). I was ok, and had no effects of the space episode the next day, and vowed never again, but continued with Serenity for about a year until it was banned by local officials. I didnt fret, and went about my business for several months. One summer afternoon, my husband came home with a small container of a different synthetic weed, it was called white spice. I was up for a try, we were leary, it was not what we started with, and we had bad results from the other product. The white spice was ok, a little bit stronger, but the same, a weed like high. Once again, it is fourth of july, 2010. My loving brother in law cannot be outdone, so he has to go get something that will be better and stronger than his brother, he gets something called headtrip. We have our day planned, we cook, swim, and went to watch fireworks, and come home to let off our personal fireworks, and sample our smokes of choice. He tried ours, we were all giddy and swimming again. He wanted to smoke again, so we tried headtrip. I took only one hit, and it started from there. I was unable to talk, walk or function. I sat in a chair and didnt move for several hours, wondering how everyone was functioning, and they had smoked way more than me. It was scary strong, and it seemed it was very unpredictable. Had i gotten resin from the white spice, mixed with the headtrip, i was afraid to smoke for months. As the anxiety and grief crypt back up around the holidays, i found myself back at the headshop self medicating, skipping the possibilty of trying to find marijuana. They had white spice, and i was back on the smoke. Both of my parent were born in November, so not only their birthdays, my birthday, thanksgiving, and christmas and their anniversary was coming up, and so my problem begins. I am hooked full on, i cannot quit smoking the stuff, cant get enough, still conducting a normal life by day, and going home to melt into the couch and smoking until the minute i fell asleep each and every day. This has continued for a year, and now the synthetics have been banned again. I am beside myself, having fits of rage and anxiety, I have not had any of the bad side effects while using the substances, but I am feeling not myself now. Seeing my doc, he says, i doubt very seriously that you are chemically addicted to this stuff and blows it off, and tries to give me some new and great ssri, in which i refuse to take( as my sister commited suicide at 18, shortly after starting an ssri medication). I am very fearful of what these medications do, although i was not fearful of the synthetic marijuana. I dont wish to go looking for something else foreign to heal the pain and mask the reality of life without a family to support me, and a medical community that ignores the mentally ill, sending them home with a bag of magic pills. I have a better question? Why do we have these dastardly cannaboid receptors? Not a single person can explain this on a medical or a spiritual level and nothing acts on these receptors except cannaboids, as if god had intended for us to discover the wonders of marijuana. I wont go as far to say that these receptors have ruined my life, but have enhanced it. My situation is very aggrevated by circumstance, and a large percentage of this has been my own issues, but coping with the loss of my sanity drug, that has gotten me through these rough spots effectively has proven to be difficult. I am very saddened by the issues that parents are having with young persons’ who may not have known what they were getting into, i knew and was willing and it helped me to get through some very dark times. It has been about 6 weeks and not a days go by that i wish for one more night with my choice of synthetic, but i am not freaking or having any type of flashbacks, just sadness. I hope that everyone has a positive outlook and learns to accept that America has a large population smoking and condoning the use of marijuana. The general public has not put two and two together yet, we could cure the national debt with the legalization of marijuana, people will pay the price, regulate it, tax it, and ship it to the masses. The effects are far less mild than drinking a bottle of anything, and doesn’t contain anything that our bodies cannot handle naturally….just sayin

  203. Hi everyone. To start off with im 27 yrs old and I dont use drugs but Last summer I tried this synthetic weed, just one hit is all it took (in the moment kind of thing). It all started with me breaking into this laughter. My sister got so scared she asked me if I was ok. As she was walking torwards me, the way the room looked, what was going to happen, the people that were going to be there, the things that were going to be said I already knew! At that moment I felt as if I was going to die. All I keep telling my sister was that GOD IS REAL! I heard all my prayers that I would pray every night. I felt gods presents. I heard people praying in the background. I only had seconds left… I was scard at first. I started to ask god for forgiveness, I was getting my breath taken away from me. As soon as I felt forgive by god,I blacked out. I had and out of body experience. I was floating, seen my body and my sisters n friends figuring what was wrong with me. I thought about them how they were going to freakin out, I thoight about my family and my life. That after all these years I have done nothing with it. I asked god to give me life back. I needed to do something big with it. next thing I know I open me eyes gasping for air, BAD!!! All I wanted was air in my lungs. After I got my breathing in order, all I craved was water. I prayed and thanked god! God is real and this “weed” is no joke. Please stay away!! Theirs only one cure moms/users get closer to God….. Period! Im fine now. Only side effect I had for 1 week was shortness of breath. Im good now. 🙂 hope this helps. My prayers are with all of you.

  204. Hi, my name is vickie….i just wanting to get my story out there about the 7H here in bowling green ky where in from….i am merried with no kids but iv been with my husband cents i was 12 and he was 14….well heres my story…..back this time last yr we had everything a hosue he had a job which he’d been wroking there for about 2 yrs we jsut closed on our first home and we had what most 20yr old and 22yr old didnt have where im from we had everything we were happy well in or around feb of last yr a friend come over that had this 7H he was liek its better then pot and its legal.. we were liek NO WAY!!!….so we tryed it at first it was pretty awesome… well 2 weeks went by and we wanted more..so we went to our bank and got a small loan jsut a 200$ loan is all we went and got a 10 gram bag at the local hokua lounge…we smoke that whole bag with in like 3 days…and we went and got more….we got so hooked to this stuff that we were selling our things ask for money from people and useing his checks to get it we even made friends with the owner of the HL…well in may everything went down hill….we were 2months late on our house bills…the lights got turned off the water got turned off and we were getting the house taken from us and he was about to lose his job…well he lost his job may 1st of last yr…we kept smoking it we were living in our car and smokeing 7H everyday we did this till around sept…well my mom step ina nd made us moving with her and made us quit smoking it…..he hasnt had a job cents were still homless we have been living in our car all winter long…but we have learned our leason i guess….his had real bad heart issues and i have had other women issues…last month i found out i was 3 months pregnant well 2 days befor my birthday i lost the baby….they doctors said it was due to my organs not working with my other organs to help the baby stay alive…..but thats jsut one thing out off and million things going on im ours lives we r homeless our familys r mad at us and we have no where to go…..im not asking for a hand out….i just wont my story to get out there..theres some ladys that i no that r doing this all becuz they wanna be rich and famous they dont care about anyone its really sad…but plz keep us in ur prays and everyone this stuff is bad stay the hell away from it

  205. I can relate to you and everything you say Dawn. My son smoked what he called Diamond back at the very end of June and for a few months prior. The day that took him away was at the end of June. He smoked cigarettes filled with the stuff continually. I had no idea what he was smoking. I thought it was a plain cigarettes and told him to quit chain smoking. He started out with the muscle problems and physical pains that kept him bedridden for weeks and then he began holding his breath until his eyes nearly popped out. He still does it today, almost 7 months later. He calls it pressure in his head. He has been hospitalized 4 times and just for a few days each time. There is never anything they can do. After a month he went in to psychosis which he still comes in and out of. He has gotten a hold of pot a few times during all of this and doctors have told me that this turns the clock back on his recovery. He is 21 so we have no way to commit him to a place where he can be safe to recover. We do the best we can at home watching him as though he were a baby. He can’t stand it and thinks he is fine. Nearly everything you said Dawn, I concur with. I do believe he has gotten somewhat better and pray all of these kids will be and that this poison will be removed from the planet. At the very least we need to educate as much as we can so parents and kids know what this is, pure poison.

  206. Ive been smoking K2 for a while now mad hatter is really good so is blueberry sniper and kush and trainwreck there all pretty good so is green cobra. the say K2 is 50 to 400 tines stronger than pot thats so true this stuff has mess me up. Its a really wired high but also great. nothing has happen to me yet altho every time i smoke it my right lung hurts im only 17.

  207. I have a lot of experience with synthetic cannabis. Ive been smoking it since 2008 when I was placed on five years probation. Back then most people I knew never heard of it and I could only find it online. The stuff has actually changed a lot since then. The products that are out now are so much stronger than the ones I was smoking back then. I know for a fact ive become so addicted to this substance but I can’t even put forth any effort to stop. I smoke it every day and as long as im not at work,driving,doing important things etc.. Im stoned on it. Recently Ive mainly been using one specific blend called SYN Mean Green. Mean Green is like the strongest weed high Ive ever had but its kinda short lived 25-45 min and then I want more everytime it wears off. Basically what im trying to say is this stuff is not the same as marijuana and that the potential for a serious addiction problem with synthetics is real. Ive lost interest in life all I care about is getting high. I can’t even get help cause if i go to rehab My PO will kno and Ill get locked up again. I got locked up for violation already once last year and I don’t wanna go back to jail which is the reason I started using the Synthetic blends. By the way I have experienced withdrawals starting a day and a half after my last use. This stuff has ruined me. I would tell anyone never to try it.

  208. My brother starting smoking spice toward the end of last summer when he had to give up real cannabis for job security. Him and his gf smoked it every single day until they both quit around new year’s. They were smoking at the very least 3 grams between the two of them daily and sometimes MUCH more. Well, about 2 weeks ago he started acting very anxious, which quickly deteriorated to psychotic symptoms. They were convinced it was just withdrawals as his gf experienced anxiety and convulsions for a few days before leveling off. But he wasn’t getting better, much worse in fact. He became paranoid and delusional, covered his apartment in nonsensical notes, had random fits of laughter, burst into tears unprompted, and wet himself often. Hes 21 with a very solid mind, never had any problems with anxiety and no family history of any mental illness. He was hospitalized about a week after symptoms appeared and has yet to receive a diagnosis, though the symptoms are identical to paranoid schizophrenia and thats what the psych is leaning towards. Hes responding well to Risperdal but hes still very far from “normal”. Much of the staff believes the chemicals should have been out of his system by now and its possible the large, prolonged exposure brought about a dormant psychosis. They also suspect many of the products he used were laced with various chemicals similiar to pcp and other unregulated research chemicals. His progress has been slowing down and he seems trapped in between his world and ours. Idk if Ill ever have my brother back.

    This stuff is unbelievably dangerous. PLEASE consider the risks and warn your friends and family.

  209. wait … so this stuff is more dangerous than normal weed, heck what am i saying its more dangerous than skunk and its legal ?

    thanks for the heads up

  210. I work at a mental health unit, and I have my masters in social work. I have not seen any drug more devastating to mental health in a very long time; kids (teenagers) and young adults are coming in every day with psychotic breaks, schizophrenia-like symptoms and complete mental break downs from this drug. They DON’T come out of it most of the time, and when they do, it takes weeks/months and they are never back to baseline completely. I am sickened by the destruction of lives that this drug has caused; I am not an anti-drug campaigner by any means, but this drug is ending lives mentally if not physically. Please don’t try this, or continue to use it, it is not worth your sanity for one more high. I have never posted on anything before but I feel so strongly about what I see every day that I had to reply to this article.

  211. All, I have had a handful of bad experiences from smoking different varieties of synthetic. Mostly a brand called “Aztech Warrior”

    I have been smoking off and on for a period of 3 months. From the research I have done, the side effects seemed minimal. I dont believe any extensive research has been done as to long term use/effects.

    Over the 3 months I have had a handful of bad experiences, the last of which has directed me to stop smoking synthetic.

    Overall in these bad experiences I have felt nauseous to the point of vomiting, elevated heart rate to the point I felt like I may have a cardiac problem/ arrest. Intense and extended feelings of “discomfort” / Alienation from my body. A feeling of non control of my body. Intense shaking. Intense mental activity and attentuation ( awareness of the present moment, past, and future simultaneously. My brain attempts to process all of these things at once, including my surroundings. At times this is overwhelming and is uncomfortable. And sometimes renders the inablilty to communicate effectively with others.)

    My most recent experience smoking with my girlfriend was interesting /terrifying. We smoked less than normal, through a water pipe as usual, using the same brand. Both of us had intense negative moments of the trip. At one point I felt as though I was told I was “going to hell,” reality and my surroundings appeared to be fake or “plastic.” I truly felt within myself that I had made a bad decision by continuing to smoke synthetic. The only way I can relate this to you is that at this point, it feels as though you are a swimmer in the ocean and you have wandered out too far. I believe at this point in my case and similar cases, this is when reality “tears” for the user. After all this is a pyschoactive drug, our brain regulates all things in our body, and if we disassociate mentally from ourselves and our body, then that control is lost and in my opinion can lead to cardiac arrest, seizures and paranoid /psychotic episodes.

    A few days later I decided to smoke again to find if this particular experience was unique or would happen again. I smoked the same amount (2 hits), and it did not. To me, this proves that it doesn’t matter how much / regularly you smoke, you never know what you are going into.

    Personally, I will not continue to use synthetic. There is not enough research that has been conducted to fully understand what it does to people using it. I don’t recommend it, and if you do continue to use it please be safe and be aware of yourself and surroundings.Make sure someone is there to care for you in the case that a medical situation should happen(Cardiac arrest, seizure, etc) Remember love, and positivity, light be with you.

  212. Daniel is actually very correct and right on the button about schizophrenia. I have a masters in abnormal psychology that I recieved from Cal Poly Pomona in california (suck it); anyway, schizophrenia is a genetic disorder that has to be “Triggered” by some sort of trauma. An individual may have it and not know it because it hasn’t been triggered yet and its possible that it may NEVER trigger. If you talk to people who are medicated and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, I promise you each one of those people has experienced some sort of trauma in their life. Your brain determines how severe the trauma is to the psyche. Usually the trauma is from abuse of any kind, but it can also be caused from a severe accident. Those are just a couple of examples and there are so many scenario’s but like I said its up to the individual’s psyche to determine how traumatized they were and then you get various effects to the body as a result.

  213. I smoked last night a synthetic drug with the name “Faust” on it…i guess its another type of spice
    Until now I feel numbness and heaviness in my arms and legs, i feel like i am so slow and heavy
    last night was the worst…tongue rolled back, electric emotions throughout the whole body, started in my legs
    heart was beating like crazy
    i just want to feel normal again…when will this feeling go away?

  214. Don’t believe this new drug is a real killer? It is a known substance to kill you. This new drug will slowly kill you after you have smoked it. Be educated and stronger. Do not lose your faith. Peace and Good Luck! BJ

  215. Daniel, you are not going to medical school and you have no right to say that “What is far more likely is that your son or daughter already had latent schizophrenia, waiting to come out. It usually appears around age 20 so this may make sense as some of them may be around 18 or so. While it may have triggered the schizophrenia in them, they had it anyway and it was going to come out one day, in some form or another.”

    You are wrong and need to stop lying to yourself. I am sorry to those who read his post and took it into consideration.

  216. I tried this with a buddy of mine and i felt completely dead. I couldn’t believe that this stuff is even legal. My parents and I have had conversations as well as my brother. Never try this stuff. This should be illegal! Marijuana is like pepsi compared to this coke! Honestly, this stuff is terrible for you. I was pretty much having mini strokes.

  217. I just wanted to relate a story. I have smoked this a few times but I can’t anymore.
    Yesterday I smoked some of the pure chemical they put in this stuff. First it felt really good like a release almost like weed mixed with an opiate. Then I started getting paranoid, realized it was too much and tried to calm down. I ended up puking twice. And I was washing out my mouth experienced some of the “craziness” people are talking about. I thought it was a good idea to brush my teeth so I started, but halfway through it I was just spreading toothpaste on the toothbrush making a mess.
    Luckily I snapped out, realized I was doing something crazy and had to retrace my steps. I realized I had been wandering all over my apartment and had missplaced my phone as well.
    Everything went back to normal fortunately but I won’t be using this stuff again, ever.

    I also wanted to comment on the people saying that it caused schizophrenia in their children. I am the son of a doctor and I’m training to go to medical school and I guarantee you that this, nor any other drug, can not “cause” schizophrenia. What is far more likely is that your son or daughter already had latent schizophrenia, waiting to come out. It usually appears around age 20 so this may make sense as some of them may be around 18 or so. While it may have triggered the schizophrenia in them, they had it anyway and it was going to come out one day, in some form or another.

  218. Justin,

    This is exactly how my son felt… he said he knew things were going to happen before they did… He could not get enough water in him…. He felt like he was going to hell… He was also paranoid for for the longest time… and would not leave his grandmothers side and would not stop holding her hand. This is a 16yo boy… who had 3 friends on vacation with him…

    It’s been 5 months… my son still complains of these same feelings… STILL! But, there are times I see him resurfacing to his same ol’ self… so I think it’s getting better.

    I’ve been explained… that unlike weed that creates a fog between your receptors… the K2 attaches like a sludge and until that sludge wears off… you will live in what they call a “fishbowl” effect… slow motion, fuzzy…. like you’re high.

    My son said the same thing… to me. Actually he told me I was the worst parent at first because I would not take him to the hospital and he was dying… 🙁 Now… he feels quite the opposite.

    Hang in there…. do not give in to this drug! It WILL get better. Tell whoever you need to about it…. PLEASE tell your Mom… and tell her she needs to have an open line of communication with you about your feelings, because despite the fact that everyone will think it’s crazy…. and the effects of K2 cannot last…. They DO and they CAN!

  219. I am 18 and I have smoked marijuana for 2 years and was recently put on probation therefore i tried K2. It can be a great high, but it is also a very unhealthy feeling, I have smoked K2 for about 6 months now and last night i had an experience I do not ever want to feel again. My buddy came over my house and brought with him the “strongest K2” called “Smokin Camel 10XX”, he said it was a great high so I was excited of course. I took 1 single hit and for the next 40 minutes i was on the worst trip of my life. My main problem was my heart, I was having heart palpitations like you wouldn’t believe. My heart was beating so fast that i could not stop twitching and shaking. It felt like i was on a Hard Drug of some sort. I honestly thought I was going to die! K2 is so dangerous it is unbelievable and I will never smoke it again! The fact it is legal blows my mind, and MARK MY WORDS, people will die in the future due to K2 whether it be long term effects or due to the high K2 gives you itself. The government better do something fast before K2 does it for them…

  220. I decided to try this new thing called 6.0 for the first time this past July. I smoked half a joint and felt pretty good. So a few weeks later i called my friend again and he said he had some so i went and met him down at a campground and started to smoke it. After we finished i then realized we smoked almost a whole gram on my second time and knew i was going to be really high but thought i would like it like the first time. Not even 2 minutes later i started to shake and couldnt move and spilled my tea all over me and my car and made sure i threw my keys so i didnt have any urge to drive in the state that i was in. As the high was coming in i just “let it happen” and i felt like i was engulfed in a wave and was stuck floating there in my seat. Time slowed and as i watch each drop of rain come down it hit the hood of my car and burst into colors. I was all fine until i concentrated on my heartbeat for not more than a split second and i heard/felt it beating faster. Then my chest got hot and i instantly thought i was having a heart attack. i clasped my chest and closed my eyes,which was a bad idea because i instantly thought that i was falling into hell and dying. Then i forced my eyes open and felt instant relief from the horror. I started to look around and out of no where i was standing out of my car and watching myself go through it all. I was back in my body again and started to see something walking around outside but i didnt know what it was. I felt nausea and opened my door and threw up and looked and the edge of my car was right in my face but the ground looked like it was miles away from me. i threw up two more times after that and started to look around again. I saw a dark figure standing next to a tree and thought that it was the grim reaper coming to take me away and i started to think about my mom and how big of a mistake it was to ever smoke behind her back and started to think about how much of a piece of shit i was. I started to pray for, what i thought was, the last minutes of my life. I felt that God could actually hear me. Then i started to speak out loud hoping my mom would hear me saying i loved her and that i’m sorry for doing this to her. As the grim reaper got closer i accepted that i was about to die and was just going to let him take me so i shut my eyes and seriously started to see light. Then i was waking up at 4 a.m. looking at myself, thanking god that i was still alive, and happy that i would see my mother again.

    Ever since then, since i was alone when it all happened, i can not stay at my house alone.
    I dont feel fully connected to my mind, i will wake up and not be sure if im in a dream or not but then i just convince myself that its real life and i go on with my day on edge, paranoid, getting flashbacks and get the same feelings of dying.

    If anyone has a method to keep their minds off of those feelings or knows how to feel like me again please let me know! I’m so desperate to feel normal again!!

  221. Hi Terese. Thanks for sharing about what’s happening with your son. Some parents implement drug testing in a “contract” with children who have been suspected of drug abuse as a condition for staying in their homes. This is one way that you can be sure that your son is clean or not. There are some specific drug screens and tests that you can buy to test your son’s urine for the presence of cannabinoids. Please let us know if you’d like more information, or not. K2 and its cousins (herbal incense, legal weed, etc.) are dangerous and possibly habit forming, so I’d suggest that you deal with your son’s use head on.

  222. My son is in hospital right now for what we suspect is the effects of k2. Sounds a lot like what I am reading here. He appeared to have the symptoms of schizophrenia. He keep saying he was fine. His friends were very worried about him. The doctor put him on Zyprexa and it seems to have alleviated some of the symptoms. He is coming home tomorrow and I am very worried about him because he says he is fine and he did nothing wrong. He thinks I put him there in hospital but he is 18 and they felt is was necessary for safety reasons and the doc suspects K2 also. ???? I am scared for him.

  223. We have lost our daughter to this POISON, we tried to help her, took away her keys, her money, her phone: she walked away with nothing due to this addictive substance. Recently, she stopped going to school, work, church, associating with any friends or family. Her friend, INCENSE, replaced all these things (2 weeks of use – $800.00). We forced her into our car after she walked away and turned her over to the police, because she threatened to kill herself, because we wouldn’t give her back her car (she had been sleeping in it, to avoid our detection and intervention). She had vomited and peed in her car, and yet could not see her own folly. She was fine, we were crazy. Due to the fact that she is over 18, we have no trace of her and of course have no right to know. Thanks HIPPA. So we drive around hoping to find her, not the life we had envisioned for our college graduated, sweet, and previously sensible child. KEEP away from this trash. Boycott, or OCCUPY these entrpre”sewers”. They are rolling in the dough, blood and tear stained. Don’t ignore this legal evil. Protect your progeny. God help us all.

  224. A few weeks ago my brother, two friends, and myself were driving around smoking K2. My brother had a seizure in the back seat of my car from the K2, and it was honestly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body was convulsing. We pulled over and called the paramedics, who arrived and put him on oxygen than took him to the hospital. DO NOT TRY THIS. My friends, brother, and I agreed that it should 100% become illegal, and we will never smoke it again.

  225. Dawn- I certainly would be more concerned with mental/physical issues than having a label for the rest of his life. Take him in to a psych…. before there is any more time wasted on just hoping he’ll come out of it, while all the while he is suffering…. My son is taking risperdol to help with hallucinations/paranoia…. doesn’t mean he’ll have to take it forever, but for now it is working…. Call a local mental health clinic and ask if they can refer you to a doctor who has already seen patients with issues from the use of synthetic weed… Keep in touch, and my best to your son !

  226. Also… he’s had stomach symptoms and headaches… he’s seen a GI doc… for this gray stuff that comes out of his stomach…. constantly. They cannot find anything physically wrong. He had an endoscopy, ultrasound…. I just want some answers for my child! I fear for him…. but at the same time if I take him to a psych doc… they are going to diagnose him with something that will label him for life…

    In my own research, I have found…. K2 attaches to the receptors unlike weed that just makes a fogginess between them…. and it can take months to get this “sludge” off these receptors… I keep telling my son this in hopes that it will just go away on its own… I found another kid who had the same thing happen and he said it took him 6 months to return to normal…..

    Good LORD… 6 months!!!! My son is not seeing improvement which is what is scaring me….

    Anyone…. with answers…. anyone with similar reactions… please share your story!

  227. My son… back in July smoked some of this stuff… it was called Black Widow. He was 15 at the time. Now 16. He had the scariest reaction… He called me thinking he was having a heart attack. He had 2 friends with him… I panicked when I saw him, he was hallucinating, thinking people were trying to kill him… magnified sound of crickets and a feeling like he knew things were going to happen before they did…. He layed in bed for 4 days… holding hands with his Grandmother. We were on vacation and sent him home to be evaluated by his family doctor. His family doctor told him the effects can last up to 2 weeks.

    Well we’re 4 months into it…. he is still not normal and I do not know what to do. We’ve seen every sort of doctor. He has panic attacks, his vision is blurry… he gets numbness in his arms, he feels like he’s tripping when he’s not…. He’s been referred to a psychiatrist… but I don’t want to put him on any more mind altering drugs. He obviously has a sensitivity! I do not know what to do for this child…. He’s depressed. He has 2 other friends… who smoked similar stuff at different times… and they are feeling the same way. We’ve done research after research trying to find answers for these kids. I’m worried it’s going to end up badly for one of these children! The two boys who smoked the same stuff with my boys are fine…. they had no adverse effects from it…. Only him. However, this other boy… apparently smoked from the same batch, but it was at a different time.

    They say… life doesn’t feel worth living. Not that they are suicidal… but they don’t care about anything.

    I’m scared to death… it seems there is NO help out there!

  228. Thanks Billie for giving a first hand account of what happened to YOU ! Glad to know you aren’t going to do it again… my son is now 7 days from his last hit- doing better, still on meds for hallucinations -and is much more calm and let’s just call it ‘self aware’ ! Ready to come home and start his adult life drug free !!!

  229. Hey guys, I’m glad to weigh in on this subject. I had smoked the synthetic weed for about a month and was looking for new brands that were both cheap and powerful. Honestly, it made me feel better, and I thought it would be a good substitute for marijuana since I didn’t want to pop a drug test. Everything seemed fine. I had seen a few articles of the danger online, but I had convinced myself that it was a small percentage of users. This past Friday, I bought a new brand, and after two hits, I felt it and it felt immediately too strong. My vision changed, my coordination went out the window. I thought I just had too much. After spending two minutes trying to screw the cap on a 2-liter of cola, my boyfriend walked me to the couch where I kept repeating the same phrase, “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.” It sounds like a normal reaction when you are too high, but I repeated phrases out of the need to repeat them, like a broken record. All the sudden, I grabbed fistfuls of my jeans to steady myself and the pain took over. According to my boyfriend and the paramedics, it was a full grand-mal seizure coupled with a dangerous heart arrhythmia. All I knew was that it felt like my skin had been ripped off and I was sitting in an electric chair. I seized for two and a half minutes, screaming at the top of my lungs the entire time. Sadly enough, I was conscious for it all. Near the end, I felt myself pushed from my body and I watched it all from above. Near death experience or hallucination, who knows, but I was sure I was going to die. When it finally ended I was being strapped to a gurney and I had never felt so happy to be alive. I wouldn’t smoke it again for all the money in the world. A high isn’t worth the beauty of life and I nearly found out the hard way.

  230. Jenn- how long do you think he was smoking it? What kind of med did ‘they ‘ put him on … My son is 72 hours out of his last ‘hit’… and he’s still not who he was prior. He is safe at an inpatient facility, I have only gotten to visit him last night, so maybe it’s too soon to expect him to be ok. My son also heard voices, he just knew that everyone was talking about him on the radio, and he would just ramble and talk to himself.

  231. My 20 yr old son is now in protective custody – hallucinations/paranoia from using this ‘legal weed’ for 2 weeks… not knowing if he has damaged his brain permanently is the worst feeling for a mother ! Just because it’s legal does NOT mean it’s safe !! DO NOT TRY THIS STUFF !! EVER !!

  232. My son who is now 19, was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. In the past seven months leading up to this, we was not sure what was going on with him. When he would come over he would just go in his room, and basically not talk to anyone. He wouldn’t let us know what was going on. Just recently, since the medicine has been helping him he had told me that he had smoked a lot of this k2 drug that is readily available in the gas station near me. I feel that this schizophrenia had to of come from this, he is anxious about everything. He was having hallucinations and hearing voices, and giggling out of no where. Since being on medication it has helped him recover somewhat, but it seems that he will always need that medication now. It should be illegal, I honestly cannot believe it is sold in any store.

  233. Hi Ed. I’ve seen people comment on similar side effects of herbal incense spice on another recent post at Addiction Blog. Maybe you can check out the discussion for a little more piece of mind. But it seems that synthetic cannabinoids have the capability to bring on almost psychotic episodes for quite a few people.

  234. i have been some what a drug addict since the age of 14,mainley conventional weed,i am now 43,and have been introduced to synthetic weed.the first time i tryied it it seemed alright,not bad but since i didnt really know to much about it i didnt use everyday.so iwent about a week without it,finnally i had a really bad urge,so i went to the local retailer and purchased a gram of dead man walking,took two regular drags of it and within 30 seconds i was so blazed and paranoid i thaught i was in some kind of movie or trans,i mean my mind went crazy,as i stood in the shower washing the grease of my body,i had this wierd musical fast paced rythem going through my head,this stuff is ok,but it has sudden side affects that i could go without,kinda scary,i litterally thaught i was going to pass out,i have never been so messed up off ov smoking anything like the way i was the other night.so if anyone has some imput on my comments,please reply.

  235. From the age of 16 I had been smoking marijuana. I am now 31. I never had a bad experience and have never felt addicted as I can smoke every night for months on end and then stop for months on end. My boyfriend who smokes as much as I do feels the same way. We decided to stop completely a last week ONLY because as we are hoping to start a family in the coming year. Thursday last week had been 7days since we had a joint. A friend of ours came past and gifted us a gram of the so called “herbal/synthetic” alternative which was purchased legally over the counter. Within 20mins of smoking the joint my boyfriend had a seizure. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. His eyes rolling to the back of his head, he stopped breathing, turned blue and then stiff as I stood there high, screaming and scared. Thankfully he woke up and after an hour he started to feel better. The image of him laying there has haunted me ever since. My boyfriend refuses to go see a doctor. I have since rung four different government departments to report the product and have not been successful.

  236. The sad truth is, is that Spice/K2 is easier to purchase and a lot cheaper than Cannabis. This makes it more available, and to a wider market, making this product dangerous to many people who already abuse drugs and alcohol. Not knowing all the facts about this “Synthetic Cannabis” makes it unpredictable and even more dangerous to the public. If you know someone that is addicted to Spice or K2 please contact a professional for help.

    1. i only smoked this stuff because im on probation and was a potsmoker. i have lupus and prefer weed to harsh pills. it took from november 2012 until january 2013 for serious side effects to emerge. when they emerged it came on full fledged. i had terrible non stop nausea and stomach splitting pains and stabbing diarrhea. the worst part is that i hcouldnt regulate my body temp so hot and cold. i was on the toilet screaming. my fiance too. abd that sucks when there is one toilet. lol. i have not smoked in 3 days and with gods help feel good. i still have tenp flashes and nausea and bouts of agitation. my fiance is having a harder time than i but hasnt smoked in 2 days. he is really irratated with veing alive. in the short period we smoked we spent over 2000 in 3 months we did go to the er about 2 weeks ago and thry couldnt find a thing wrong . i believe its a government issued genocide. how else can they still sell it at federal owned smoked shops? i have wrote my representatices senators any politician i can find an address to with no response and have called many governmental agencies and was even hung up on by james inhofes office!!! i know a woman who was 39 yrs old health not to bad smoked it and her heart exploded. when we were at er there was about 7 other people there with the same problems. evil. please anyone who is ready to fight for whats right and stand up to this join me! do anything and everything u can. put up flyers tell atleast 2 people a day. boycott snoke shops that carry it. please get involved. im tiffany. lets make this world better i am only 21 and fear what future problems i face from governmental poisoning. act now

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