Ingredients of legal weed

Is fake weed harmful? Yes, fake weed ingredients can cause harm. The active compound present in legal weed is a synthetic cannabinoid(s). More here.

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What are ethnobotanicals? Do ethnobotanicals have psychoactive properties?

Ethnobotanicals are plants and herbs used by societies for medicinal and spiritual purposes.  Many do not have psychoactive properties but others, such as Kratom and Salvia, had (and still have) very definite psychoactive properties. Kratom long term effects such as skin problems and health issues made it clear to me early on that these substances were addictive.  But what about today’s legal weed?  What’s in it?  And can legal weed hurt you?

Ingredients in legal fake weed

1. Ethnobotanicals

2. Liquid synthetic cannabinoids

A few years ago, I looked at the ingredients list on a packet of legal fake weed (a brand that had been in the media spotlight due to the fact that it was claimed by users to be more powerful than the ‘real thing’) and saw that it was apparently made from a selection of ethnobotanicals that I had written of as ineffective during my psychonaut years: Baybean, Blue Lotus, Lion’s Tail, Lousewort, Indian Warrior, Dwarf Skullcap, Maconha Brava, Pink Lotus, Marshmallow, Red Clover, Rose, Siberian Motherwort, Vanilla, and Honey. I had seen these before. But there was another ingredient that was not included on the ingredient list. Another ingredient that makes fake weed weed-like.

There is no doubt that ethnobotanicals are ingredients of legal fake weed, but they are merely fillers. There is one major ingredient that the manufacturers have omitted, the active compound that makes it all happen: A synthetic cannabinoid. I say ‘a’ synthetic cannabinoid; because it is impossible (unless you have a laboratory to hand) to know which one exactly, as there are so many cannabinoids that all mimic (to a greater or lesser degree) the effects of THC, the active principle of cannabis. So when you open your packet of legal fake weed, what you’re seeing (and smoking) is a selection of otherwise useless plant material either drizzled with or soaked in a liquid synthetic cannabinoid.

Is fake weed harmful?

We don’t know. As the authorities clamp down on legal fake weed, its manufacturers are hard at work creating new synthetic cannabinoids so they can bypass legislation. None of these new cannabinoids have been tested on humans and some of the more potent varieties are said to be ten times more powerful than THC.

Users have reported all kinds of side effects from using legal fake weed (synthetic cannabinoids) including nausea, paranoia, hallucination, anxiety, panic attacks and addiction. Another problem is that, unlike marijuana, it takes a while for the effects to appear and the impatient may end up smoking too much with dire consequences.

Nobody knows the long term effects of these synthetic drugs and the youth of today are essentially guinea pigs. At least with marijuana we have many years’ data of the effects of its use at hand but as long as it is illegal, unscrupulous manufacturers will continue to produce new and potentially destructive drugs that mimic it and curious teenagers will continue to consume them.

Legal weed questions

As a teenager, I fancied myself as a bit of a psychonaut. I would try anything and hoped it would get me high…not just any normal high but a new and exciting buzz to add to my drug travelogue. During this time, I came across many ethnobotanicals: Blue Lotus, passionflower, Salvia Divinorum, Kratom, Nutmeg, Skullcap, and Valerian root were just some I experimented with.  But today’s legal weed is no longer potpourri.  Legal weed is a dangerous blend of cooked up synthetic cannabinoids that are not regulated sprayed on plant materials.  So, if you need help…please ask!  Do you have questions about legal fake weed? Please leave them here or send us an email. We answer all questions personally and promptly.

About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. I’ve been trying to explain to my 27yr old nephew why he was out of his mind to smoke K2. He said it was awhile ago, (I don’t know what he thinks is awhile ago) and back then when he smoked it, it was all natural until people started messing with it, spraying synthetic cannabinoids on the herbs and other plant matter in the “natural” K2. Given his age he used it after 2010, two years after the ingredients were studied and synthetic cannabinoids were found in it. What I think he smoked was sold as herbal incense, or the package said there are all natural ingredients. As he’s being so insistent about how safe and harmless it used to be because the package said only all natural ingredients were in it. Was there ever a time K2 was smoked when it had only herb and plant matter, not sprayed with the synthetic stuff? I don’t want him to see a newly renamed “all natural” K2 and get sucked in or tell some of his friends that it’s safe to use. It has electrolytes! ( I couldn’t resist)
    Thank you in advance for even reading this.

  2. Is it safe for people who has epilepsy. Someone I know smoke this stuff and it puts her in a crippling position. I’m real worried about her.

  3. Hi All

    I smoke this stuff for 6 months.
    Crazy Monkey. Banana flavour.
    I hit 10-20 bongs or more a day.
    I hit 2 or 3 hits as 1 hit.
    Not pure, I did mix tobacco in… 60% tobacco, 40% herb.

    I did feel great when I smoked it.
    Only side effect I got was ringing ears.

    I rate if you wanna quit you can.
    Slowly reduce your intake of the herb. Each day by 2 or 3 hits…

    Crazy monkey maybe wasn’t that lethal like now, I’m not sure.

    I know this might sound crazy.
    But if you really want to quit.
    Buy King Cambodia magic mushrooms.
    Grow them, Dry them.
    Eat 0.7g to 1.4g at Max for the first time.
    After 30min smoke a normal cigarette…
    After I smoked that cigarette I didn’t ever want to smoke again…
    It helped me.
    Mushrooms did open my eyes.
    I saw the World that I didn’t know existed.
    The day after you’ve had mushrooms…
    You are a new person…

    After reading all these terrible stories…
    I’d like to help anyone who needs it…

    The power of Helping and the Power of God.

  4. I have been hooked and i mean hooked to this drug i have secluded myself to a small room smoke forget to eat drink use the bathroom just space out listening to music alone….ive tried quiting 2 times in a hospital cuz they wouldnt treat my symptoms they said no scientific proof on how to combat spice withdrawinl so i checked myself out bought a g and life was whole again for me anyways family hates it my mom sees me just falling asleep everywhere ive become very OCD i pick my skin all day not even knowing im doing it and after just about an hr of not smoking i get nausea confusion agitation hallucination phsycosis paranoia and since starting i have attempted suicide 4 times and feel no remorse or regret for attempting one part of me sees myself spiraling down but the ther side dont give a crapi want help what do i do

  5. yes I smoke legall weed,I am not going to stop because I have never been successful in life do to marijuana.thanks to legal,the last three years of my life have went great.could you suggest an Apple flavored legal weed that’s is a good one and kinda trustworthy.what’s your opinion on kush Apple brand

  6. My husband has been smoking climax 10x for a bout 2 years and has stopped cold turkey. He has severe shakes, hasn’t peed in two or three days normally, anxiety severely, night sweats, trouble talking or performing his job or anything for that matter. He has a high heart rate and high blood pressure 189/98 Its going on day 5 without it. He has other meds that are prescribed to him such as norco and zanex already. I’m really concerned about him and I’m taking him to the hospital should I tell the doctors what i am telling you. I don’t want him to loose his job but i don’t want to loose him either. Please advise, sincerely desperate in Texas.

    1. Hello Mom. I’d advise you to tell the doctors. It’s important for doctors to take all aspects of a patients health when diagnosing and treating him.

  7. I’ve been smoking at lot of inscence with my twin, he got me quite addicted to it… I only smoked it with him once every 2 weeks now it’s everyday. I’ve been smoking DB and The happy joker and I was just wondering if you had any information about these? It would be much appreciated

  8. i would like to say that the addiction to these synthetic cannabinoids are worse than any drug know to us i was a smoker of real cannabis and then someone said try this its cheaper and a gram would last you much longer within a week i was smoking 3 grams a day and 2 weeks later i was starting to feel the affects of the addiction waking up every hour not able to get back to sleep without smoking more this took my addiction to 6 grams per day 3grams through the day and 3 grams through the night after 3 months i feel like the drug is killing me. i have recently stopped taking the drug and i have been 11 days off it i am still suffering a friend who gave the dug up 2 months ago is telling me that he is only just starting to feel like himeself again.
    my advice to anyone looking to start smoking this is you would be better of taking heroin ITS SAFER

  9. Whoever says bad parenting shame on you. Nobody is perfect and some kids and circumstances make kids more susceptible. No point in crucifying the parent. Just help the addict and help those trying to help them.

  10. Having read several of the comments submitted on this blog, and having previously commented on my opinion regarding the ban of synthetic pot I only wish to state that for the most part the ones of you who are parents blogging about their 20 to 30 somethings who live at home and are addicted to synthetic pot maybe you should have been more responsible in raising your children to be something other than dependent on mom and dads pocket book. By the time I was 19 I had pulled a tour of duty in Viet Nam and by 21 pulled my second tour of duty in Nam as a Recon Marine. Growing up not many in my generation had the unmitigated gall or the self worthlessness to sponge on our parents, nor would the majority of our parents have allowed an adult child to laze around doing nothing. So to you parents that choose to enable your child’s failure by giving them everything they wanted and failed to teach them there is a thing known as responsibility for their actions (or lack of) instead of crying about remember, you raised them to be dependent and weak instead of strong and productive members of society

  11. What is this stuff made of even vaguely because really whats to keep any company from putting such “mystery” ingredients in our food products? or for that matter even our pets food cause one time my cat went like instant crazy for these one certain cat treats when i was too broke to buy the ones the vet recommended I got these cheap ones not to take a left turn in Kansas here bear with me, a sec I am taking about perhaps products made in china or anyplace that the usa alows to retail here not just bad things like toxic crayons that toddlers die from but toxic and instantly hits that G spot of addiction even in animals that do not yet process the carrier gene for addiction that is passed down from parent to child ect. So for instance my cat for example, is not even a good comparison for the love of a son or daughter who has trusted the marketing and the “its ok if its legal” false safety that basically all of us as consumers were supposed to be protected by . So I bought my cat these cheap wal-mart brand treats as I was tight on cash that week as a substitute for the treats he normally enjoyed ok.His behavior changed immediately and all he wanted was more. He drank a ton of water his eyes glowed red he even jumped up onto the counter something he never did and packed the envelope off in his mouth. He refused to eat kibble or purr even and slept for days when I removed them to my office to search the partial list of ingredients. I was shocked to see with a magnifier glass that they were 80%wax ! And unnamed flavourings and named preservatives and dies. The treats were associated with cats deaths too. I mean even my real bought from 1 dollar store potpourri has the ingredients listed. No one has any vague Idea what this 30 dollar per 3G potpourri sold in smoke shops in 2014 even is? That’s my first question, obviously there’s much more than a can of worms here.

  12. I have been smoking for 3 years now. And have just stopped last Monday . I went threw a resent trip that changed my prespective on the drug. I thought I was going to die! Since then I HAVNT laid a finger on the stuff.I do not know how I kicked the habit . I just n
    Knew I had to make a change. I know how hard it is guys but you GOTA try . I still have urges but the experience that day were the scariest shit I ever felt,enough to make me say the he’ll with this shit! don’t have no withdraws. And I to was smoking every ten to 15 min.and had to have it when I didn’t have any. To those who have kids that are teenagers,please think of don’t want them on this shit! Do you? Believe they know when something is different with you. You can’t hide this shit. It will take control and it may even take your life, which is the way it feels when you go through a bad trip. Never again will I smoke on this. I try hard to tel
    Myself NOMORE, but it is hard. Good luck to you all and god bless you

  13. honestly i smoke it when i can find it on 2 probations hav quit meth 4 2 years now weed 4 3 im just looking to mellow out i stay on edge any 1 know of cheap natrural way weed isnt a option 4 me

  14. Chris, I have kept up with this blog for a little bit now and must stress that this is for addiction and damage reduction,not the perpetuation of use through valididation of its legal status or ability to be tested for or not be tested for.

    That being said, anything you do is stored within your follicles as a metabolite and the testing strategies and processes they use these days vary from state and town.

    It is unlikely that they will have the resources to test for it, but the longer you partake of these blends, the more of a tolerance you will build and you WILL get addicted physically and mentally. I speak from primary as well as secondary experience. Really think of where you wish to be in a month, because this will effect your home life and career as you use it longer. After I lay 1 week, you will be buying 3 gram bags and if I shine them within 36 hours, to just need to go spend another 20-30$ on another.

    I can predict within 3 days of use, you won’t be able to eat without it, sleep without it, or remain calm without it.

  15. Hi can you help I was going to try thi what’s a good way to may something like thing strong clen high?

  16. Thanks for your comments Mike. Unfortunately I do think this is going to be permanent for him. For us, he began using fake weed because he was looking for a job and needed to be able to pass a test. I thought that would be okay. I had NO idea what we were actually getting in to. He couldn’t go 10 minutes without smoking this stuff, ever. Not even on vacation. You are correct, it stripped him of everything we as a society call “normal”. He didn’t sleep, didn’t eat, in fact, the last summer he was here he spent on our deck, day and night, smoking. However, where our train wreck got worse is he began mixing fake weed and meth. The faces of meth. Once that happened, he turned into a monster. A monster that truly scared me to death. I’ve never been a big believer that marijuana leads to harder drugs, however, I did watch this happen with the fake trash. Four years later, he is having a hard timing getting his fake weed, but no problem getting meth. It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. He has no relationship with his kids, or anyone else for that matter. He’s alone, no home, no job, nothing but his drugs and drug friends. I’m glad that I made the decision I did, for myself, but this saddens me beyond words. This shell of a human being was my husband for 23 years. Good luck with your battle Mike, and all of you. I smoke the natural stuff, likely always will, but nothing more for me. I like my life just like it is. Calm.

  17. Sorry, just wanted to add, I would compare the withdrawals to this to be comparable to heroin, from what i’ve seen in friends. Shakes, anxiety, pain, restless legs, compulsion to redose, headaches, getting sick, all are symptoms.

    It seems like an impossibility, at first, to quit, but after the second or third day, the drive to smoke is almost cut in half

  18. I feel for you, Kami, but it is NOT permanent.

    He needs to get on some meds and help stabilize himself. THe withdrawals from “fake weed” vary, because every town, and state so this makes it hard to know what it is that you’re battling against.

    This stuff isn’t “evil”, it’s just incredibly physically AND mentally addictive.

    I’ve had times where I only smoked when I got home from work, and it really didn’t take hold as hard as normal, but the general tendency is to quickly fall back on it to sleep, because the first thing to go is your sleep schedule. You pass out on it easy, wake up an hour later with some anxiety and the inability to fall back asleep, so you smoke more and get knocked out.

    I understand the lethargy to even get up or care about anything, and it is important to understand a very specific difference between marijuana and legal incense. Weed makes you feel sedated, happy, hungry, can help you sleep, and can also help your mental state. FAKE weed simply makes you retarded (literally) and washes away the good/bad/and ugly (assuming your reaction to it isn’t a panic attack) and leaves you in a state of neutrality, a completely blank mind. It can be nice for us with anxiety, to have the noise just shut up and be able to exist, just to exist.

    Part of this problem is how the government treats marijuana and the laws regarding it. When you make a natural plant and make it illegal, this is what happens.

  19. Hello all. Hoping those of you that were battling this trash are winning. My “hubby” remains an “ex” but I think he’s finally quit smoking this crap. It’s MUCH, MUCH harder to get in KC these days. Thankfully. It’s here, but doesn’t seem to be as easy for them to put their hands on. However, the lasting effects of this shit are absolutely crazy. He isn’t the same person – not physically or mentally. And I’ve realized he’s never going to be the same. If you’re considering using, PLEASE think twice…or more. Read these comments and know this is serious and you could die – you could literally die, or just turn into a shell of a human being, with no emotion and no drive to make your life better. Nothing is sacred by comparison, your kids, your home, your job, YOU. I’ve picked myself up and moved on but I wish nothing more than to be able to turn back the hands of time and stop him when it started. Instead we have been apart over a year, my life is calm, and better, as his continues to spiral. SAD. I hope those of you that have been posting along with me, are winning your battles!

  20. Bonjour jai essayer le bud factory et depuis j’ai du mal a respirer et j’ai une douleur au niveaux de la poitrine je ne recommencerais plus

  21. Personal experience, get them to a doctor and put on an SSRI.

    THese are what’s going into the blends these days.

    AB-FUBINACA -AB-FUBINACA is a drug that acts as a potent agonist for the cannabinoid receptors, with Ki values of 0.9nM at CB1 and 23.2nM at CB2. It was originally developed by Pfizer in 2009 as an analgesic medication,[1] but was never pursued for human use.


    I hope this has offered some deeper understanding and insight.

  22. MikeRM, you obviously have not read any of the comments here about people scared for their lives and wellbeing, you’ve probably already smoked this stuff by now. Man, I dont even know what to tell you anymore, if you’ve read all this and are still curious enough to want to try it… I guess you’ll just have to find out the hard way, I’m 2 days sober on my LATEST struggle with this crap, I work offshore as a commercial diver, and one of my co workers who is new on the boat brought up the subject of the fake weed. I had been sober for about 6-7 months, and as soon as he started talking about it, the thinking started, and the craving, and when I got home off that job I bought a bag, 2 months later, and I’ve just had it, this time, all the same side effects, but a new one, seizures, to the point where I black out, fall on the ground and convulse. I had cuts bruises scrapes bumps, all of it, I probably had 3 episodes like that. this time the depression anxiety and just disappointment in myself is almost too much. Ive spend at least $1500 on it this time, in 2 months… I went from making and having enough money that I could take the winter off work to having $4.84 in my bank account. This is what this crap does to people. READ THE COMMENTS PEOPLE, THIS IS REAL LIFE, ITS KILLING PEOPLE AND RUINING COUNTLESS OTHERS LIVES. DONT TOUCH IT!

  23. Found a paper with it, that came with the incense saying, it is completely legal in the states, this has to be credible right? Company cannot throw false statements like that? Says it is completely 100% legal, an has no additives just a herbal smoke…just adding to the last comment! Thanks

  24. Okay I got some Hayze Trainwreck Ultra, I have investigated to the best I can and still haven’t found out if this “herbal incense” will show in a urine exam for a job. I haven’t smoked any yet but I would really like to know either ingredients to see if it is totally legal and won’t be screened, or just a FAQ or forum that states it won’t and is credible. I to have tried everything under the sun drug wise so I am experienced in use(not a boast just a statement) please help me out, I’d love to try this stuff?

  25. First I have to say I’M THRILLED THAT I FOUND THIS PAGE AGAIN! =) Actually “you” sent me an email that another comment had been made here, and led me back. At the end of July, my home was robbed, and they stole my laptop, so they stole my “favorites” list. I’ve been posting and reading comments here for quite a while and I was PISSED when I realized I only used my favs list to find you all! YAY!
    Secondly, he’s still outside the house, crazier than ever. I believe he’s truly had a full mental break at this point. He’s not mixing meth and fake weed, and the results are something I certainly couldn’t have imagined. He promised that today he’d go get the help he so desperately needs. But he has no grip on reality so I don’t think he has a clue what he REALLY needs to see someone for. It’s a sad, pathetic thing. I’m learning how to let it go, I can’t help him. I want to, I just can’t reach him.
    Anyway, glad to be back, sad to see more folks posting that this is taking their lives away. Fight people, you CAN WIN!!!!

  26. I have been smoking this fake for 3 years off and on. I started heavy the last 2 months . I have lost so much weight and was wondering if this is why. it never had this effect before so I was wondering if somebody could help me with answers

  27. My Boryfriend Has been smoking synthetic marijuana for almost a year now. he says he has trouble sleeping, got skinny in a short period of time and has stomach problems. i told him it was the spice that is effecting him but he doesnt believe me. he soo addicted , buys over 4 canisters a day. spending at least $100 every week. i dont know how to stop him. he gets very VERY aggresive when he doesnt have any. i want to help him realize that this isnt good for him . is there a link i can sen him through his facebook to stop. im really stressing because all the anger goes towards me.

  28. My question is what can I do as a mother to keep my son off of it he has smoked and I believe he will continue even it is banned where we live others are still ordering of the net? So how can it banned from being sold on the internet?
    Thanks losing my son to that crap..

  29. The Synthetic ingredients that is discussed in this article, would it include herbal buds such as these on legalbud dot com? They claim it is all organic and no synthetic ingredients are used. Is the use of synthetic ingredients something that is suppose to be a cover up in such products leading to false advertising??

  30. Still locked in my room going crazy wondering how i got this way
    Australia’s full of this crap too its everywhere you look.
    A few people died smoking this stuff down here so it was band but a week later it’s Back!(even stronger) . Over the last year i’d never leve home with out it, i’d smoke it Day/night 24/7 it’s the nature of the beast as it drags you down
    I tryed cutting back, cold turkey is the only way to stop ,you’ll feel like crap as i do now but think of the future …

  31. ive been hooked 12 months this is my second day without
    i have to lock myself in my room,shakes.sweats still cant eat, i got it all…my own stupidity made me like this as i hid it so well.
    So the next few days will tell, just need to make it through today
    good luck all stay off it!

  32. I been a user of marijuana for about 15yrs and introduce to k2 about 5yrs ago and it did nothing for me but give me a headache. I decided the synthetic stuff wasn’t worth it until some army buddies convinced me to try the synthetic brands they had been using (mad hatter, madder hatter, Mary joy, nugz, black widow, and others). They had told me that it doesn’t show up on drug test, it’s easy to get and it’s legal is the reason they had started using it. I was shocked to find out many doctors, nurses, firefighters and others who had a job that required a random drug test also used it. also It’s not just a youth thing anymore. I’ve noticed that people anywhere from the ages 40-60 use it now. I have started to feel some of the side affects and feel like I have been slowly poisoning myself (a feeling I never felt with marijuana) I’m not saying that the real stuff is better for you or that you should do it instead. I do agree with BJ…the only way to quit is cold turkey and you’ve got to want to quit in order for it to happen but don’t suggest you go cold turkey on two different addictions at the same time. I would like to see the synthetic stuff band but at the same time I’m in fear for it to be. my only reason why is that through out history has shown that if the gov. makes something illegal then within a few months comes out something that’s 10 times worse. We had the prohibition in the 20’s that illegal alcohol so we made moonshine. the gov. illegalized marijuana so we made synthetic marijuana and I’m sure if the gov. made guns illegal then we would start making home made bombs. I honestly think the only way to get rid of the synthetic stuff is to make marijuana legal. I have been very lucky to be able to quit the synthetic stuff without replacing it with something else and with no problem. my prayers go out to those who are having a hard time.

  33. The cops are probably doing it as well since it doesn’t show up on drug test, its like a parasite, or a bad pest infestation, you just can’t get rid of it.

  34. No, it’s not legal, and you need to be careful even messing around with it. It is stupid, and I wish the cops would do something more about it, they raid the shops and warehouses (or used to) about once or twice a year around here in Houston Texas, but they havent been up to much of anything for the past year or so. Luckily I have been able to get away from the stuff, but it can grab you pretty quick, and you’re lucky that’s all that happened to you. Read some of the comments and experiences people have posted here, including my own. Stay away from it, for your own good.

  35. This stuff should be banned!!! I just tried the smallest amount that u can imagine. From the time I walked from outside to my living room, all of a sudden…. I felt strange, my heart was racing, my vision had lost all its senses. My body felt numb, I had to quickly get some fresh air. Went outside then instantly I started to have a panic attack! I didn’t know what or how I was feeling…Words can not describe this crap that I had stupidly tried. I can’t believe that this is legal!!!
    I have tried and experimented with all kinds of drugs, and never ever have I been nor felt this out of control to the point where I panicked and lost all my senses!!! I even felt completely numb it was the worst thing that I have ever experienced! If u had seen the amount that I had smoked u would be this concerned that this was the effect that I had received from this so called legal kronic!
    I don’t think I would have felt this messed up if I had smoked a whole ounce in one sitting!

    Please everyone, beware of this stuff! It is not natural, this is not a high that anyone should have experienced. Oh is this legal to begin with???

  36. Yes you will you need to stop. It gave me an ulcer so i couldn’t eat and i also died on it and managed to come back. man seriously if you need to smoke smoke real or find some other way to get high.

  37. Ive been smoking klimax poutpourri for around two years, my question is will I get sick or develop some illness because of this?

  38. Well, I worried that I was again being played for a fool, and well, I WAS RIGHT! Here we are again. Over and over again. Our 19 year old son really caught me off guard in the past couple of weeks, when he told me to give up. He has. He said no matter how mad I get, how much I wish or beg him to stop, no matter how much he should stop or needs to stop using, he’s not going to. Give up. My God, give up on the man I’ve given more than half my life to? Not an idea I thought I would ever entertain, but I’ve realized that I can’t help someone that doesn’t think he needs help. Therre was an article on last week talking about a 16 year old girl that had smoked 2 joints of this trash, and two weeks later she was on life support. I did get hubby to read that article, and it had a ton of “cold, hard truths” to it, I could see it shocked him a bit, I thought ok, NOW, we might get somewhere. I’m such an idiot! Busted him again last night, and to add insult to injury, after I discovered “the only little bowl he could scrape together” he convenientlly got called into work, and drove his dumb ass straight to the gas station he buys this stuff from. My heart is broken. Kicked in the teeth again. But I now realize that my kid is right, I have no option but to give up. I pray that someone is saved from this trash by all of us spilling our stories here, my hubby won’t be one of the one unfortunately. Disgusted, and broken.

  39. I have used both illegal weed and also this synthetic. I thought i had found a way to get a little buzz and not have to worry about the consequences of the legality side. But this stuff is way different, i never needed to smoke weed all day long but with this synthetic i was finding myself smoking it whenever i had a chance. I have experienced major panic attacks and one time i had a really bad reaction to it and noticed that my pupils were not dilating. Thank god i was fine the next day. What people dont know is that the companies selling the Syn. change the chemicals all the time to stay ahead of the law. Marijuana is a naturally grown substance and synthetic is a combination of chemicals that have not been around long enough to be tested and when it changes all the time then it is even harder to test for side effects. I know the chemicals get changed because i ws using only one brand and kind every time and got different results every time. If you cant afford to smoke it DON”T…If you have no responsibilities or no need to avoid drug testing stick with the the Natural form. At some point we have to be the adult and make ourselves do the right thing.

  40. Hi all. Thanks for your advice and well wishes. Feeling like forever since I posted. BUT, I THINK I have good news. After the (excuse me, excuse me for this)…hubby’s “idiot buddy” moved to another state…I think the knowledge that this was happening, and the fact that I’d already kicked him out, was eye opening…and we are now on WEEK THREE of NO legal, and deadly, bull! YAYYY!!!! Now, my only concern is…is it real? There has been so many lies, so much sneaking around, so much money that couldn’t be accounted for…is it still going on? You’d think I’d know since I’ve been with this man for 23 years, wouldn’t you? But the sad reality is that just like so many have said here, it just changes who you are completely, or so it seems to me, an outsider looking in. Because I do love this man, because his now adult children love him and need him, I am standing by him. I have done what I can to make this an easier transition for him, and IF he’s telling the truth, he’s done very well and I am proud of him. He doesn’t stink of this stuff anymore, and he’s not driven to stay away from us anymore…signs of his original demise. I do think we mgiht be rid of it, finally. Please God don’t let me be his fool again! I hope everyone posting here is able to get off this stuff and never look back! Thanks again, and I’ll keep y’all informed on our progress. For now, holding my breath! Merry Christmas everyone!

  41. Thank God. You’re going to beat it, no doubt. In the next couple of days you will start to see that you dont need it and you’ll just stop wanting it. I never really got the sickness or runs, but every other effect you mentioned I am well aware of, You’re past the toughest part, the way I looked at it, if I got through a whole day, there was no reason I couldn’t do without it all together. I understand about the middle of the night smoke, but soon you will be sleeping all the way through the night, and that won’t be a problem anymore. I pray for you and everyone that is going through it. You can do it.

  42. Thanks SO much Cody!

    Yes that’s frustrating, but never mind!

    GOOD NEWS!!!! Thrilled I’ve haven’t smoked for now 36 hours. My previous record was 3 hours! Oh yes, getting up to have a wee in the middle of the night was so tough. My fave time to have a smoke, no disturbances, no worries…so have smoke….and go back to bed when the world wakes up. Fuck off world and all your problems.

    Withdrawals so far:

    NO appetite.
    No sense of humour

    No sickness or runs, probably because I’ve eaten nowt…

    The Head Shop was open today…I chose not to visit!

    Good luck to all you folk out there

  43. Hey Julie,

    I hope you’re feeling better now that you’re reading this, I wish this site would let the comments be posted immediatly, I think that would help us out. Know that what you’re feeling now is not permanent, even though you may feel that way. Give it a couple weeks, and try to eat as much and as often as you can, I know you probably dont have much of an appetite right now, but eat whatever you can, and take a multivitamin, and drink plenty of water, take some supplements to help you sleep, because I know thats hard as well. Keep yourself busy as much as possible, tinker around in the house, weed the garden, rake leaves, decorate, draw, anything to keep your mind occupied. Thats what has helped me through it. If theres anything I can help you with I’d be glad to, this stuff is my enemy, and I wish more people knew the severity of it. People tend to laugh it off and say its not addictive, but thats a joke, and its obviousy they haven’t walked in our shoes. I’m sorry you’re going through it. I wish the local authorities would take it more seriously, all its going to take is some government officials son or daughter getting caught up with it, then im sure they would see it in a different light. Anything else I can help you with, any questions, let me know. I hope by now youre feeling halfway decent, hang in there, and just always remember how you felt, all the stuff you coughed up, and how just taking a breath makes you want to scream sometimes, its not worth it. Dont put another penny in these scumbags pockets, I pray for everyone going through this, because it really isnt something to play with. Good luck,


  44. hi i’m 25 years old,when i was 18 i started having a constant headache that would never go away , so day after day month after month year after year i lived with these headaches that were ruining my life. In 2009 i heard about fake legal weed and thought maybe this would help ease my headache , a friend of mine that tried it told me it was like weed but 10 times “softer” so i thought this should be pretty safe.I bought one of the cheapest joints just to try it out, it was great , my headaches were more lighter and i felt almost like i used to feel before they appeared ,so i bought another and then the next day 2 more and the next day 3 more , but then something happened , after the effects wore off and headaches came back i started to feel very cloudy in my head and i couldnt concentrate and i just felt like i was going blank , i stopped smoking after that but these effects remained . About 6 months later i smoked half of a joint that sat in a pocket all this time ,one of the joints i used to smoking 6 months ago , so after a few days my headache moved to my forehead wich was the only area that was “free” of the pain , when my forehead started to hurt everything got worse , it was so disabilitating , living was awful ,nothin was fun anymore nothing was interesting anymore , i felt like a prisoner in my own mind . Now almost 3 years later i still have the pain in my forehead and its only gotten worse , doctors dont know whats wrong , medical tests dont show anything and i just dont know what to do . For the past few days ive been thinking almost nonstop wether my forehead hurts because my headaches were getting worse and worse on their own anyway or that those joints made it happen,if thats the case i heard that damaging drug effects are permenant so i’m pretty much screwed . Sorry i dont really have a question i just felt like telling this to someone , i never spoke to anyone about this and it been on my mind lately, thanks for reading this message

  45. Hi Cody G

    I’ve smoked around 5-8gms for 4 months. It started a gram would last a whole weekend. I’ve tried to cut down and managed 3 grams on Saturday and 1 gram on Sunday. My local shop has run out and unlikely to have any for quite a time.
    I am now going through cold turkey, I have no choice.
    It’s mid afternoon, I feel terrible as I did not sleep at all last night. I have a terrible cough, pains in my chest and the thought of the next few days makes me so worried. I have 3 days off work. I really hope things start to feel better by then.


  46. Also, I live in Houston Texas, you cannot escape the stuff, since it came out, smoke shops pop up every few hundred yards down every road. It robbed me of my sleep, my fitness, and my health. But I promise to those going through the same things, if you quit, within 4 days the panic attacks go away, you’ll be able to sleep through the night, and you’ll find a new hope. Stay off of it as best you can, I know first hand how hard it is. This isnt my first struggle with addiction, but it has been the worst, cocaine wasnt even this hard to quit, but the major effects of withdrawl subside within the first week, appetite will return within 3 weeks, if you believe, go to church, talk to people, and just dont try to go through it alone, your head will get to you and chances are you will relapse. I had quit for about 6 months, then my brother visited, and I smelt that familiar smell, the next day I was smoking it again, within the week I was fully addicted again. You can and will beat it, when youve had enough of the pain and the misery. Good luck.

  47. Man, this stuff is rediculous, I smoked it for about a year and a half, HEAVILY, im talking up to 10 grams or more a day in the worst parts of the ADDICTION. And yes, it is a massive addiction, the ONLY way to get off of it is to be fed up with how you feel, tired of coughing up black tar like phlem and never having any energy or motivation to do anything but smoke. You HAVE to quit cold turkey, there is no weining yourself off of this. It sucks so bad to quit, I had times where I almost blacked out after quitting, its like a sudden and violent panic attack, blood pressure sky rockets and I turned beet red, wondering around in circles, really scared barely able to breathe. Right now I have just quit it AGAIN, thank God, and its been about a week and a half, still I have no appetite, even drinking water makes me want to puke. All you people claiming to have control on it and there is nothing wrong with it obviously havent experienced what I or the majority of the people on this site have experienced. The stuff is horrible. I seriously want to go to the police or the local government and do whatever it takes to get it through to everyone this stuff needs to be stopped. I dont feel normal anymore. I can only hope that one day my body and mind return to normal, and i pray for those going through the same thing, because this drug is like crack. Highly addictive with no benifet whatsoever. Good luck to those going through the struggle, I hope you can find a way off of it.

  48. Hey I posted on here a few months ago and I just wanted to say me and a friend that was smoking this decided we needed to quit and FAST so we did it as a team. He’s a roommate of mine and we cut it off cold turkey. We finished a bag before we went to bed and didn’t pick one up the next day our only slip was to scrape the bowl the next night. so can you quit YES all you need is the right shoulder and help you need someone there and someone to remind you that you have responsibilities that that money can go to that are more important. I recommend using a trusted friend paying all of your bills and getting your essentials to survive then turning over the rest of your cash to them for a month after week three the cravings stop though your stomach may still be screwed. the point is YOU CAN DO IT!!! be strong and think of the fact that smoking this shit gives you heavy metal poisoning. it was hard to do but three months clean and I honestly and so does my friend HATE that crap. oh and using a substitute doesn’t really work not that i have an issue with weed but its a different high so cant really sub.

  49. i am almost 31 and this will be the 2nd time stuck in this crap, dont get me wrong i love it would lv to smoke right now and if i cld i prolly wld, last year went into a depression and i lived in LA so till july 14 i cld get it in any store well i can say i got hooked, me and my husband spilt because of it and before i knew it i had spend ALOT of money smokig around 200 a week anyway got away from it and i was fine smoked if someone had it like 1 time a week, or longer sometimes depending if i was bored or not,,,,, SAD!,,,,,,well about a month ago a friend came around and had lots of it, so there i went again and now im trying to stop finally told my husband about it before he left me again cz of it, YES THERE IS SIDE EFFECTS after about 6-12 hours w out smoking it or having it or hell smelling it……. throwing up starts then ur sweating, very ill, both ends r running im only telling all this cz yes i admit i have a problem, and still smoke….. haven smoked in now almost 24 hours and omg it hard, anyway side effects i want other ppl to know that its not as simple and legal it does things to ur body i am now whizzing in my chest its hard to breath sometimes and it has gotten so bad that when i was smoking on a daily basis when i went to sleep at night it was like clock work every 2 hours i woke up to pee, get something to drink and smoke one before going back to bed i started replacing my cigarettes w smoking one of my legal joints……. good side i slowed down on smoking cigarettes but spend more money on the legal, i do have bipolar and adhd, chronic depression ive battled them all my life yes i do relate to other ppl that say it helps w their adhs or bipolar it helped me to at the moment !!!!!!!!! but long term i know it has made my bipolar worse i was already paranoid and have anxiety but it has made it so far worse………. I WOULD LOVE TO LET THEM DO STUDIES ON ME W THE EFFECTS OF THIS STUFF!!!!!!! judt thought i wld give some ppl my personal experience w the legal weed…….. and ive smoked around 25 different kinds and have friends that make it and ive smoked that 2…… the homemade stuff STAY AWAY FROM I TOOK 4;HITS OFF A BLUNT AND HAD ENOUGH TIME TO DRIVE HOME 3 BLOCKS AWAY GET THE KEY IN MY DOOR AND MY EYES SHUT OFF I CLD SEE LIGHT BUT NO FIGURES NO DOOR MY HEART WAS BEATING SO HARD AND FAST AND THREW UP FOR HOURS SO PLEASE DONT SMOKE THE HOMEMADE STUFF PPL THAT R MAKING IT DONT KNOW THE EXACT AMOUNT TO PUT IN IT JUST MY ADVICE!

  50. Hi Gina. You can call 1-800-662-HELP to speak with the national hotline for drug use and look into possible treatment center alternatives in your area that have open beds. They can help place your son in treatment and provide you with information about how you can help support him during this time.

  51. My son traded his use of weed in for legal, simple because it was legal and already having charges for possesion he decided to make a change. This stuff was incredibly harsh on him. At first he only used occasionally then it became neccessary for him all the time, he smoked it almost as often as some do cigarettes. He began stealing to support the habit. He would go through withdrawal symtoms within hours of smoking; so he would smoke more and more. When he decided he had to get help, he quite cold turkey. This caused severe vomiting, sleeplessness, siezures, passing out, migrains, irrational mood swings and paranoia. It took seven days before he began feeling normal again. We have tried getting him into rehab and there is a waiting list of a year for inpatient and months for outpatient. Right now his only support is through AA and I just hope it is enough.

  52. I actually ran out at lunch time yesterday. The urge to jump in the car to go and buy some bugged me most of the afternoon. I decided to have a couple of glasses so that I could not drive to buy some. It worked. Early night!

    BUT, very little sleep. I felt slightly like I had a cold coming on and was quite irritable about not sleeping. I think I got 4 hours, but woke up feeling fine.

    I have now gone and bought some and it remains unopen.

    I guess I was expecting to feel much worse, as 3g/day does seem quite a lot compared to some experiences from folk on here.

    I’m undecided whether to stop completely. I enjoyed it when I smoked it once or twice a week. I wanted to feel like that all the time, but the length of the buzz rapidly decreases the ore you use it it seems. Whether I have the willpower to limit myself, I don’t know. What I do know, is, if I do slip back into the pattern I was, the only option would be to stop.

  53. Hello Julie. Good for you. Having the honesty and courage to face a possible physical dependence and/or addiction is a wonderful opportunity.

    Spice withdrawal can be much like marijuana withdrawal and manifest in the following symptoms: irritability, anxiety, drug craving, decreased quality and quantity of sleep, and decreased food intake. While these symptoms can be uncomfortable, they are not life-threatening nor require medical intervention. How do you feel now, a day later?

  54. I started smoking legal weed about 6 weeks ago and I am hooked, even though I have smoked legal weed for many years without a problem.

    3 grams used to last a whole weekend, but recently I have been smoking 3gms a day. The effects are not as intense and don’t last as long as they used to.

    The cost is crippling me and I look dreadful.

    I have now run out for the first time ever, and unable to get any today. It will be a huge test to see if I am really addicted.

    Am I likely to experience withdrawal symptoms?

    Any advice welcome. Good luck everyone.

  55. Hi Kami,

    First off, Howe, I can’t help but kind of agree with you. Us addicts do tend to need a replacement.

    Kami, if this is not an option then have him read these posts. there is even more information on this same blog @

    This particicular article and following comments can help highlight some, if not all of the symptoms your husband is experiencing, including my own personal experience. Give him an ultimatum, READ THESE POSTS, REALIZE YOU’RE AN ADDICT, DECIDE YOU NEED HELP, OR WATCH ME LEAVE YOU A$$ THIS VERY MOMENT.

    If that’s not good enough, then he’s no longer good enough for you. Until he hits rock bottom, or thinks that he stands to lose something because of his use; then he doesn’t feel like he needs to quit. I know from smoking it myself that I thought it was the answers to all of my problems, in hindsight I now see that it was the drug, Spice, that was the cause of ALL of my problems. I now truly know what addiction and being an addict is because of this drug and having no clue of what it was capable of doing. That is why we are here, we want to help and inform other persons of what this drug does and what it takes away from yourself as a human being.

    Good Luck and if you have the time, keep us informed. I wish the best for you!


    – Justin

  56. I have a real good friend that suffers from this and he acted like it has put him in a shell where he dont want to do anything or be around anyone

  57. Sorry about your husband kami 🙁 This trash needs to go immediately, it’s just ironic to me that something they sell right next to this stuff got my best friend off of it. He smoked it all the time and his grades and work hours were slipping. I use an organic herb that has never killed anyone to my knowledge. It makes me active and care more about my life (seemingly the opposite of this shit), but also relieves acute pain, depression/anxiety symptoms, constipation, and doesn’t hurt appetite. It does make it easier to go without food but some strains make me hungry. This herb is called kratom, or mitragyna speciosa. My friend now works at McDonald’s and although he smokes a lot of legal California cannabis, he has a very good life. I usually never mention this leaf on the Internet unless its a closed forum but I truly think after readin the devastation this stuff has caused your whole family, this leaf should not be out of the question. I take it twice a day and after a year of everyday dosing the withdrawal was NEGLIGIBLE and I still worked. Good luck and sorry again about this horrible situation..

  58. Sorry for the mulitple posts, but I think it’s important to say that this man is 42 years’s not only kids that are falling victim to this trash.

  59. And by the way, we live in Kansas, just across the Missouri line – they’ve outlawed this stuff here, shouldn’t be able to buy it. I noticed someone comment above that all you have to do is ask the shop keeper, and that is correct. It’s not out in the open where the cops can see it anymore, but in some of shadier parts of KC, it’s readily available, all you have to do is ask. He has been a weed smoker most of his life, I’ve begged him to go back to smoking real weed (what a compromise, huh?), but when he tries, it causes him to cough like no other, and he says he doesn’t get high off it. That freaks me out, makes me wonder what the “high” from this potpourri really is. I’ve never tried, for which I am thankful. This part makes me think he’s done damage to his lungs in addition to the oh so many other changes this drug has made to his personality and body. He can no longer carry a conversation with anyone, the best he can muster is “shut up or I’ll punch you in the face”, don’t freak, he’s kidding, or so I think. But it seems so unintelligent, and so sad, that he has nothing more to say than that to me or his kid. We took a family vacation this summer, and he wanted me to stop the car every 10 minutes or so, so he could roll out and smoke on that crap, I finallyl said no more, at the rate we were going a 4 hour drive was going to take 4 the next time we stopped to potty, he went into the bathroom and smoked it in there. He was out of the bathroom (which was right next to the women’s and both were right up front near checkout) before I was, and left the station..when I came out, the clerk was HOT, wanting to know what that “smell is”..I was freaking humilated and pissed, how could he embarrass me like this?? For the first time in all the years we’ve been together, he’s got a good job. I have no doubt his job will be the next thing that falls victim to this shit now that he’s not here with me, waking him in the morning and pushing him to go to work. I am beyond sad. I am at my wits end, no idea how to help someone that doesn’t beleive they need help. My future is now quite bleak as well, through no doing of my own. I don’t understand how he’s been putting unknown chemicals into his body all this time. I couldn’t do it, think that would be scary, kinda like flirting with disaster. And the impending doom is now upon us. PLEASE if you are reading this and are new to the “game” STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!! This shit will take away everything you have ever enjoyed, loved, it will take away who you are and the saddest part is, you won’t even care.

  60. I’m not sure why I’m posting here, other than my heart is broken, and I HATE this stuff. My “hubby” has been smoking this stuff for almost 3 years, for awhile it seemed he could pick it up and throw it down, no problems. But then everything changed. Let me mention that this is my hubby of 23 years, and the father of my now 19 yr old son. It has been obvious to both me, and my son, that we have had a problem for awhile. Hubby can’t go 15 minutes without it, has no apetite, he’s lost a shit ton of weight, never wants to eat, has night sweats, at night and during the day, constant panic attacks, no attention span, would rather hole up somewhere by himself, away from both of us and all but one friend, the one that continues to feed his addiction. My son and I have asked him to quit, told him to look in the mirror as he looks like total hell, he’s dirty looing and my God does he STINK! He can’t do it, I cant’ decide if it’s he can’t or doesn’t want to. The worst thing of all is that now that I’ve said NO MORE IN MY HOUSE…he turned into a constant liar, someone that lies when the truth would actually fit better…and not just about this crap. He has promised us repeatedly that he will quit but doesn’t, it seems to me he doesn’t even try. Unfortunately I can’t tolerate it in my home anymore…the crap, the lies, the fact the my husband is a shell of the person he used to be, that I feel like I’m watching him kill himself slowly right before my eyes and I’m completely powerless to stop it. Yesterday, he moved out because I just can’t take anymore. I feel like I’ve had to throw away 23 years of my life to smoking chemicals sprayed on potpourri. I told him for months, please stop, if you’re addicted, I’ll help you get the help you need, but he can’t see this as being a problem. Ok then, I have no choice but to remove it, and the lies from my life. I love this man, and I have no doubt that this stuff will continue to take from him until it takes his life. I don’t have a clue what to do to help him. Most definitely broken…

  61. Thank you all so much for your responses. This has been an incredibly stressful time for me. My son (Jake) is still clean. I knew this drug had a grip on him but I really had no idea how his whole life seemed to revolve around it. He confessed to me that he was spending about $25 to $30 dollars a day ob it. He was once a football playing social butterfly but he bacame a recluse. His had no appetite and looked like he was wasting away to nothing. I felt so worried but I didn’t really know what I could do for him to help. I realize now that he is the one who has to make the move to get clean. I helped him get in touch with a drug counselor but he is the one who finally had to decide he would go and talk about this life he was/is living. He has seen him twice now. As a mom I have always wanted to do everything I can for my kids and it made me feel like a “good mom” if I did all I could to “fix” things for Jake but really what I have been doing is to help prevent him from coming to the end of himself and this life HE has created for himself by cushioning his fall as much as possible. Tough love is a foreign experience for me. I never want him to feel lonely, hurt, depressed, confused, hopeless….the only way NOT to feel all those things has been for him to medicate himself with synthetic marijuana. Those feelings are a part of life. I am somtimes lonely, often stressed, occassionally depressed and worried and I am ok and he will be ok too. I don’t know it all. I cannot control all things. I only know I love my son.

    The weeks following his quitting have been just as stressful in our home. His personality is different. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Why is he so hyper? Why is he so talkative? He seemed so intense and that brought on a whole host of other worries for me. I wondered to myself if he was using some other drug. I was the one who reached out to the drug counselor to get information for myself…to put my mind at ease but in the end Jake agreed to come with me for one session and the counselor turned out to be so awesome. Jake has now seen him on his own again and has another session scheduled next week. The counseling includes a drug test. The test includes synthetics and alcohol. Jake has been drinking more lately. He is already 21. Initially I thought it wasn’t an issue because it wasn’t that much but after talking to the counselor, addicts often substitue one addiction for another. He is going to have to deal with this too.

    To those of you addicted to this drug. Please get some help. I know it is legal and may seem harmless initially but trust me it will grab hold of every part of your life.

    To those who love someone who uses this drug. Hang in there. Don’t lose yourself in the addiction and seek some help. There is help out there for us too. We may not be the addict but our lives can be controlled by addiction too if we let it. There ARE things we can do to help our kids and there ARE things we can do that don’t help at all.


  62. To all u parents please we need to figure out a way to take these fake weed from ever entering a store our kids are dying. As I sit here in the hospital waiting for results on what happened to my son he has had his second seizure since he’s been doing legal weed he gets real weak afterward he doesn’t even care on what’s happening to him I wish he would realize how scary it looks on our side he looks likes he’s going to die 。 but he still doesn’t care I would kick him out but I can’t cause I don’t want to get a call that he’s dead I am at the point that I don’t know what to do ??????

  63. I have smoked this stuff on and off for about 9 months now. This stuff is really bad for you coming from a 2G a day weed smoker of 7 years. I only started up when I couldn’t find any really good but so I decided to try the fake weed. I would smoke up 10Gs in 4 days and I would be trying to chase my high like cocaine. I am ready to quit because this stuff is really bad for you. I rather smoke real weed on occasion instead of being a heavy user. Time to grow up as im almost 30.

  64. Hi Ddlee,

    I can speak from personal experience as to what should be expected when you quit.

    First off, you’re right, it HAS stolen his life, I’m just glad that HE is ready to quit. That is the first step in recovery, he needs to be ready.

    Personally, the side effects began about two weeks after I quit. I’m talking massive depression. Mentally, your mind begins to loop, You get a thought and it keeps repeating, you can’t think any more or any less, you need to be there for him, that part of it only lasts, at most, three days. Try your best to feed him and listen to his crazy rants and raves, and just remind him that it will be over soon. If he gets angry, be aware that he is only mad at himself. It his anger is too great, keep yourself safe and seek medical attention for your son. Not the cops, he needs to be sedated, and possibly put in to rehab. You know your son, and his personality. You know if he is strong enough to conquer this on his own, along with your help.

    Personally, I went to the doctor after about two weeks of quitting cold turkey. I thought I was just depressed, that the things going on in my personal life were the cause of my grief and empty feelings. I told the doctor of my anxiety and complete hopelessness. He gave me medication to calm my anxiety, and an anti-depressant. He also prescribed blood pressure medication; during the detox process, you’re heart is racing and your blood pressure it up there.

    Overall, I would recommend a trip to the doctor, with complete honesty, and complete disclosure as to what he is going through. I’d also recommend that you be there with him. He wants to get better and I am certain that a doctor will understand, and will help him. He just needs to be honest about how he is feeling, where his mind is at, what his body is going through.

    I’m sure your son has lost weight, and is coughing a lot because of his use. I’m also sure that he is paranoid and thinking that everyone is out to get him or looking at him strangely. I think he’s finally realized that this is because of his use, and that like me, he wants to feel normal again without using this terrible drug.

    Show him these posts. Show him he is NOT alone. Let him see that he has a support group and that WE DO CARE!

    After the initial side effects hit, and you’re over the depression, there are more side effects further down the road.

    For starters, personally, I felt like I was on speed for about three weeks, meaning I was extremely hyper or felt like I should be running around the block until I couldn’t run anymore. My mind was racing and I was super aware of my surroundings. The clarity you regain is overwhelming at first. Very overwhelming. He needs to stay busy during these times, he needs to stay focused on something, if not work, a project. Learn a new skill, exercise, jog, keep your mind occupied and love the fact that you’re sweating you butt off.

    He is going to have to embrace that he feels like crap, and let himself realize that it means he is getting better.

    There will be bouts of confusion down the road, I’m talking a month after he quits. He’ll space out for a second, but if is aware of it, he can try to shake it off and roll with the punch. They pass, it all goes away. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes it does not. Just make sure he is aware that it will stop eventually and that HE IS NOT GOING CRAZY.

    I don’t know what is in this crap we’ve all smoked, but I know that I’ve been clean for over two months now and I’m back to, somewhat normal. I still get mood swings, and minor looping, but it may be and that personally, I’m slightly OCD.

    I was first put on Celexa, an anti-depressant, and it was terrible! I don’t think it is proper in the recovery process; it made my anxiety worse. I am now on Zoloft, third week in, and I’m not certain that it’s helping as I am still moody. That is why I ask him, and you, to be honest with your doctor about how he is feeling. They need all of the information they can gather in order to help him correctly. They don’t care that he has formed an addiction, they care that he is safe, healthy, and stays away from the drug that has overcome his personality and life. They want to help!

    Please Read This Ddlee, and please respond with any additional questions you may have. I started helping people on here because I had NO CLUE as to what I had gotten my self in to when it became an addiction. My goal is to help prevent other persons from falling down my path and to also help those who’ve already have.


    – Justin

  65. My son has been addicted to synthetic marijuana for over a year. He says he is finally ready to quit. I am so scared for him. It seems this stuff has stolen his life. Right now he is shaky and has very little appetite. Does anyone have any information on how long the physical part of this process will take and any advice on what I can do to help him through this.

  66. Hi Angela. Some probation offices include a separate drug test for synthethics. Does yours? If so, smoking legal weed will be detected and you will show up POSITIVE for drug use should you decide to smoke it.

  67. i have smoked it before. i dont like the way it makees me feel im just like addicted to getting high. and im on probabtion rightnow so i cant smoke the real stuff. any suggestions? i have it sitting right infront of me right now and im debating on smoking it after reading all these commentss… do you think it could hurt me if i smoked it for like 2 weeks until my drug test?

  68. Do not stop this drip cold Turkey!!!! I smoked this for two years it hot to the point I would rather die than be sober! I finally had enough and flushed my bag. My long term boyfriend turned our home into my personal rehab. Cold Turkey for me meant a heart attack at only 20. So this is what we did. My boyfriend ((who is naturally a very strong person) became giving me controlled doses when I would hashed bad withdrawals. Siezures anxiety attack or some other health threatening episodes were the only times I was allowed to injest it. Day one I was a 3g smoker day 2 one gram then less and less for one week. We took a camping trip on his family’s land I’m talking isolated for three days stayed busy from morning until night and required melatonin supplements to help me sleep we returned home to a clean smoke free home and I haven’t touched the stuff in 5 months now…and honestly I still have that want at times but its not worth the nausea vomiting chills cysts you begin to develop and miserable insomnia to name a few

  69. Yeah it’s really about the same as when you quit smoking actual pot. I got real edgy & grouchy for a few days, digestive trouble, etc. then I leveled out as my body & head got used to doing without.

  70. I have Been smoking “herbal potpourri” for three years or so until about 3 days ago. I ran out an had been noticing odd things such as hot and cold flashes. I had and still have severe loss of appetite.I would be in the middle of eating and I would get sick. I’m lucky to eat one meal a day. It has caused me to also become congested. It caused heartburn and headaches as well. I seem to get angry very easily over nothing and sometimes do not sleep well although I feel tired. I noticed it made me extremely lazy and It had become quite addictive for me and I went from smoking just on the weekends to everyday up to 10 times a day. After I ran out I noticed these side effects getting worse and you feel the need to smoke more. I have had some bad experienced with this stuff but it was always in my head I was able to calm myself down every time. Hope this helps someone out there the stuff is addictive and it’s hard on your body especially long term. Good luck to all.

  71. Well you guys may be right because I have had ADHD and anxiety problems my whole life.. So it may be. But I will get it checked put so thank you both. To be honest I regret getting involved with the stuff to begin with. I wish that people cared more about the well being of others than how much money they can make from their pain.. Sadly. The world just isnt like that. Thank you

  72. HI Chris. Thanks for your question. I have read other people also report unexplained shortness of breath. Sometimes this can be psycho-somatic, and brought on by anxiety. I would suggest, however, that you rule out any possible breathing problems by seeing a family doctor and seeking a possible referral to a respiratory/ pulmonary specialist. An MD should be able to rule out functional problems, and let you know if it’s in your head, or not.

    Does that help?

  73. The breathing thing sounds more like an anxiaty thing. You may want to try some exercises to get you thinking about something else when that happens. No im not a doctor and that is not a diagnosis but it may help. Having your friend die may have caused a trama that may need to be confronted. Right now as it stands theres only a few deaths compared to the others directly linked to smoking the fake. Not to say it cant do it but as long as you dont do it you should eventually feel normal. Yesterday night i sliped up and again this morning early but i know i can make it off. Your brain works off chemical reactions and takes time to stableize from any of it. Quiting fake or your friend dieing.

  74. Has anybody else reported problems similar to mine? Are they a form of withdrawls or something? Something I noticed is that i also have shortness of breath occationally but it seems to only happen when I am calm (sitting in a chair or something) and a few times it has happend at my work I am a cashier and I just stand there and take orders and it’ll just hit me out of nowhere and it lasts anywhere from about 30 minutes to 2 hours sometimes. But the weird thing is that I ride my bike to and from work just fine with no problems at all… I do not understand. Should I maybe get an MRI or something or will that even show what is wrong if anything is? Or is it just all in my head because the legal messed up my mind…? There are so many questions I have and I pray that somebody might have an answer because I don’t have a clue. I should have never gotten involved in that to begin with… the sad thing about it all is I don’t think they will ever completely be able to ban that stuff because those companies that make them keep finding ways around the law..

  75. Chris. Any substance once stoped takes a little time but will heal. Though there may be some i doubt its gonna effect you. Then again theres not enough studies to be sure. Wish i had a better answer. I know my self this makes 48 hours and a guy that hasnt cried in 5years at least was just brought to tears in the fedal position in bed from the withdrawls.

  76. And no its not worth the risk i have an enjoy the life you have attitude. But you cant enjoy it if your sick or dead. Especially since its only like a 20-30 minuite high on fake and cames with sweats for the rest of the day. And you sleep through most of the day when you are awake your memories shit its not just robing you of life span but its taking your day it which means you have nothing.

    Ps sorry for so many posts. I just wanted to make sure i replied to both of you.

  77. I live 5 hours from a rehab and my health insurance doesnt cover it. Other wise id consider it.
    and @ john ive run throuh all the ones they have here so i know what you meen and with each one having diffrent chemicals. Well i hope you can get off of it good luck.

  78. to to all that are addicted PLEASE for your own good JUST QUIT! i did it cold turkey no admittedly i didnt smoke that much but i was addicted none the less. its shady stuff and nobody knows really that much about it to know what itll do to you in the long run.. just think about whats worth more: your life? or 30 minutes of fun/ thinking youre gonna die? my friend smoked this stuff and crashed from it and never woke up by the way…… thats why i quit because i spent the night at his house the night he died…….

  79. All have there birthdays and well a few other reasons but for about two weaks every day from the time i woke up to passed out at night i got into it bad. After that it all went to hell. It started 4 grams every other day and had a progressive steady getting worse time till now three months later here i am. this is a lucid moment but dont be confused thinking this is easy the craveings are rough. This weekend minus today where i had a small bowl of some real a friend had and nothing else i smoked 34grams from friday through saturday night. Now herenis all the symptoms as of last night when i quit laid out for you. And others going through it.

    Loose stool with vomiting and nausia
    Constant acid reflux
    Gas and bloatingg
    now i was one of the ones that got the munchies so you may not get all these symptoms.
    Sleeping all the time.
    cough but thats not that.bad then again ive smoked ciggarettes for 13 years and use to love real weed but put it down so i didnt endamger my kids.
    My anchels started swelling last week and i know thats retaining water
    I i litterally remember very little from times i was on it.
    Today i have had massive cravings shakes. Loss of appatite. I was able to eat a couple bites of sausage and mac n cheese thats about it. Mabie the weight gain will take care of its self.
    And all the above minus being tired and passing out all day. Thanks for the replys i have gotten to the point of spending borrowing money to buy it and putting off bills. And at 20 per ten ounces well we barely pay for cigarettes let alone this. I really thinkif i.dont do.this i will die. You may not think its that bad cause you dont have these symptoms yet but trust me it wasnt like.this at first. Im inviting anyone else reading to join me in quiting and if you want you can look me up on facebook. I dont know if its agenst the rules to share a name but i am patrick melley. Basicly i know they already have them but they cost money or are to far away for me to go to. So mabie together we can write this wrong. Right now its a tough path wife has never suffered.addiction i am walking it alone.

  80. I smoked this stuff for about 2 months but in total i smoked about 20 to 30 grams.. i quit though and have been completely sober for the past month but ive been experiencing some kind of breathing problem ever since i quit and im scared its going to hurt me.. or already has.. it is difficult to describe but i remember exactly what i smoked(dead man walking, kush, down to earth climax, head trip) dead man walking was the last i smoked before i quit. im only 17.. it seems like there is a slight constriction in my airway just below my adams apple and slight pains behind my ribcage.. my dream is to be a US marine and i just want to know if my stupidity is going to hurt me… please reply as soon as you can because im very worried.

  81. I would say is sounds great i wanted to let you know i am officaly 24 hours clean off the fake. And i am goung through hell. Right now as irrational as it is my mind keeps telling me i need it even though i dont its makeing it seem as important as water. Last night i didnt sleep at all i guess its cause ive sleapt so much on the stuff. Im useing a nook to post this so im sorry for any spelling grammer or punctuation. This is how it started. I rented a room to a guy that smoked fake every day. Through him cause i use to smoke real i decided what the heck you only live once right and he told me there where no real big problems caused by this alone. Come to find out, Well you can get the story. Well i kept it under controll for a long time about 7months and then i had alot of friends which almost everyone in my circle smoke it)

  82. Hi Patrick. The symptoms you describe are classic symptoms of drug addiction. Increased tolerance for the drug. Symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking it. And obsessive and compulsive thoughts, including drug cravings.

    You can benefit from first checking in with your family doctor. Privacy laws prevent doctors from sharing information with employers. A baseline check in will do you good, with options for treatment. OUTPATIENT addiction treatment may work for you, especially if you have responsibilities to meet. But if necessary, your wife would benefit from a sober dad in the long run if you were to go “away” for 28 days, or so. Once you get through the detox and withdrawal (which can be uncomfortable), you need a plan for how to stay away from the stuff. This is where rehab and support groups play a role. Also, check into AA, NA, 12 step groups, or SMART Recovery or Rational Recovery. These groups each have self-treatment programs for getting and staying away from drugs.

    How does that sound?

  83. Patrick.. what I’m about to say is for everyone while at the same time totally for you. I had tried these “legal weeds” in the past before, but about 18 months ago I seemed to lose control. Like you, I wanted it all the time. I got heavier…then weaker, and in 6 months I was broke, behind on bills and having panic attacks. The first was in September of last year and the last was barely a month ago. Extensive doctor bills have piled up due to the pain that tortures my stomach daily and recently I have been informed that the cyst on my spleen may have alot to do with it. All for some fake damn weed. If there is ANYTHING that you remember about this post then please let it be that … Yes I know tons of people have smoked it and been fine….Yes I might have smoked different stuff…blah blah blah……………. Seriously…. Is it worth the risk?


  84. I am Patrick and have gotten to the point i just dont know what to do. I am highly addicted to this stuff and cant seem to stop thinking about it. I sleep all the time and have been starting to get naucious. When not on it things are dull and leave me feeling like if i dont get high theres nothing else to do. Its more then a cumpoltion it litterally controls me into thinking i need it when i no i dont. As is my anchles are starting to swell. Im 27a father of three and want nothing more but to quit but every time i try i start panicking. I need some real help mabie a resource to help but i cant go to rehab as my wife cant handel the kids alone. I hope you can contact me through here and i dont lose the link.

  85. Hi Deaya. Yes, herbal incense is addictive. TO get off it, you need a period of withdrawal and a plan for how to stay away from fake weed. The physical and psychic (mental) symptoms from long term use are not well documented. But given the number of people who report problems feeling “normal” after potpurri…it seems that the strong synthetic cannabinoids may possible alter the way that the brain and central nervous system interpret data from nerve cells.

    To stop, you just gotta quit cold turkey. Unless you’re willing to go to your parents and ask for help, and possible go to an inpatient drug addiction treatment center. Where are you on wanting to quit? Serious or just thinking about it?

  86. Hi, im a high school student and ive been smoking Potpourri for about two months. A friend of mine pushed me into it, the first time smoking it was scary as hell! Rapid heartbeat, though i was going to die, felt like you were choking and more. My friend urged me on that if you smoke more you will feel better. And so, i did. Its been two months and i dont smoke day to day but mainly when im bored. I made the mistake to smoke before i went to bed and i was on egde, afraid someone was in my room and going to hurt me. Thoughts of Slenderman bothered me. When my puppy licked my face it felt like it burned and it freaked me out. Time is like cut up in frames and its choppy. Your 5 senses (smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing) is taken to a new level so the tv that was too quiet to hear is now blasting so loud you feel like your ears are bleeding. Your body is so sensitive that if someone touches or pokes you, it feels like you just got stabbed or shot. If i dont smoke it for a few days, i feel the area around my eyes burning and the weird feeling mild that i get when i smoke it. Is it some kind of withdraw from not smoking it? This is crazy, im young and i dont want to loose my job. I live with christian parents and they would kill me if they knew. Is this addictive? If this is, how do you get off of this crap!

  87. I have been smoking for about 4 months – 1 gram a day. Not a day went by that I did not smoke it. Many people in this blog speak of nausea and vomitting (do they mean while still on the stuff or while trying to quit)? I have not experienced any vomitting, and only a few bouts of nausea that I can remember while being on the stuff. The stuff had a way of making you think of and want it all the time. he side affects I have experienced while on the stuff was ringing in my ears, balance problems, and recenlty joint pain that started in both of my knees. Only one blog out of hundreds spoke of joint pain. The pain is enough for me to quit. I fear the effects of withdrawal and face getting sober on my own as my family and friends don’t even know of my addiction. Does anyone have any suggestions that will help with alleviating all these terrible withdrawal symptoms that eveyone talks about!? I am a single mother who cannot miss work – I need to be prepared the best that I can. I know I can kick this, it’s just knowing what is to come in the next couple of weeks that sucks – so any piece of advice to help alleviate coming off of this crap would help greatly. Today is day #1 of being sober.

  88. Hi Lee
    Thank you for the support.
    I really think we might actually be getting somewhere with Alex.
    He seems to be smoking less of the stuff.
    But then I think he is also realising that he can not afford haze and an x box game. At the moment the game is winning 🙂
    I have heard nothing from watchdog.
    I have sent the same information to my local MP.

    Sandy x

  89. Oh man, i’m not going to lie, seeing all of these comments referencing anyone to go to a treatment center over this.. It’s not crack man! I buy a bag of Diablo 3 gram if I don’t have some of my Medical Marijuana. 3 grams lasts me 1-2 months. You need to use the drug, and not let the drug use you.

  90. Hi Sandy. Congrats for coming up with a plan and supporting your son in recovery from legal weed addiction. I’d suggest that you get in touch with your congressional representative, both in the House and Senate and write letters about your concern. The Controlled Substances Act is the governing law that dictates which drugs are legal and illegal…and it must be amended quicker to include these synthetic compounds, rather than later. Please send an update when you can. All the best.


  91. Hello
    Thank you for replying.
    My son lives in supported accommodation. He does come home when he feels he needs rest and help from us.
    Over the weekend Alex was very ill His stomach was sore and painful and he was constantly vomiting. He then admitted to us that he had been like this for a number weeks but the symptoms were now too intense to ignore.
    We took him to A&E where they took his bloods. On checking his stomach the Doctor said he dehydrated so he was hooked up with a fluid drip and other medicines. They sent the crises team to talk to him about the dangers of using Herbal highs.
    We have since been talking with different authorities and now have a plan in place which Alex agreed with.
    He was smoking 3g a day and has now decided with support to smoke 1 g a day for this week then try and cut down to half a gram next week.
    I will keep you posted with his progress.

    I have wrote to Watchdog about this Legal High problem but I suppose nothing will be done about it.
    Sandy x

  92. Hi Sandy. It sounds as if your son has become emotionally and psychologically dependent on Spice synthetic weed. Going to the doctor may help diagnose symptoms of overuse, but until your son is ready to quit, there is nothing that you can do to stop him. Unless you provide him with a structured home environment where smoking is not tolerated. In other words if he smokes, he needs to find another place to live.

  93. Hi
    My son has Aspergus and mental health. He started smoking this herbal haze and something called holy smoke about 6 months ago. Since then we have seen a huge difference in his personality. His personal appearance has dropped below zero he rarely has clean clothes or a shower.
    He has become more paranoid feels there is no life wants to die.
    His flat is a complete mess and stinks to high heaven.
    He has just come back home in a complete state.

    He wants to come of the crap but he dont know where to begin.
    I too have no idea. We have a doctors appointment on Wednesday next week,but right now that seems to far away.
    Especially with him saying he is vomiting having diarrhea, stomach pains loss of appetite and many more horrible side effects.
    What I am asking for here is some good advice
    Thank you
    Sandy x

  94. My bad, I understand. I’m pretty sure addiction is just a form of OCD. From what I learned in psychology class, controlling ones compulsions is always possible, but more difficult for some. This is true with all addictions, it get’s harder to stop the longer you stay dependent. So if it is harmful to your body, why continue? I understand how it is continuing to use a physically addictive substance even when you want to take a break or quit, and you just don’t feel like (or can’t at the time) deal with the withdrawals it offers. Luckily I was dependent on a legal herb mentioned in the article, that to me at least was FAR from detrimental even compared to coffee (gives me anxiety, BAD). And easy to quit too, but it was the FEAR of the withdrawals that seem much worse. And as I understand this is part of what drives the addiction.

    Please get help man, this stuff in my opinion should not be legal for any reason. And also, I believe addiction just exasperates the predetermined psychological abnormality, but someone please correct me if I am wrong. Good luck man, that must feel like hell. 🙁

  95. Howe, yea it’s not that easy. I’ve told myself countless times I wouldn’t only smoke on “special occasions”, which turned into after work to wind down, which turned into every night when I went to sleep, then back again to every waking moment pretty much. I’ve smoked on and off for probably about two or three years now, since I can first remember hearing about the stuff back when it wad Serenity, and I’d like nothing more than to be rid of the habit, trust me. Don’t tell someone they can quit with self control until you’ve tried the exact same thing with success.

  96. Not trying to be rude, but platitudes don’t help anyone. Addiction causes physiological changes that make self-control almost impossible. Not smoking 2 days in a row is a fine idea except when you can’t go for more than a few hours without vomiting your guts out if you don’t have some. The dread of dealing with withdrawals has prolonged many bad drug habits.

  97. Daffodil…. Dude, no need to be rude. Or make excuses like you are not in control of yourself already. Once you get off it this time, just never do it to days in a row, better actually 3 times a week or less. Or when you realize the downs aren’t worth it, it will probably be a lot easier.

  98. “as for everybody who is reporting addiction to the substances, I think the key is balance and self control.”

    Well thanks for that, Sherlock. I guess I will just go start controlling myself and all will be fine. Thanks.

  99. I used to smoke legal weed about once every week or two. Not once did I have negative side effects like these people did. I never got addicted or anything. I smoked it for 8 months or so and there were barely any noticeable negative side effects. The only time I felt something bad was when me and my friends smoked .7 grams between us. It was one of the highest times I’ve ever been; I started hallucinating, got paranoid, and felt nauseous. This stuff is intense but they’ve changed the chemicals so the stuff I was smoking is different than whats in there now. Note that the blend I smoked in which I had that bad experience was an herbal incense that came out after the synthetic cannabinoid ban. While using the incenses with synthetic cannabinoids I experienced no harmful side effects. That being said however, soon after my bad experienced I laid off the herbal incenses and went back to natural cannabis. YES the herbal incenses can get you high, but with all the unknowns, its not worth it. Manufacturers rarely list the ingredients, and nobody knows the long term health effects of using those substances. I have peace of mind when smoking cannabis knowing that its natural and the effects of its use are barely harmful [if at all].

    as for everybody who is reporting addiction to the substances, I think the key is balance and self control. From my experiences, the herbal incenses had no addictive qualities. Lets compare it to the consumption of alcohol. They lack addictive qualities, yet many people know somebody whos alcoholic or has substance abuse issues. It is all in the mind. If people are able to practice self control when using these substances they would not become psychologically addicted.

  100. I am extremely addicted i wake up every day throwing up can’t eat can’t sleep the withdraws are so bad I can’t go a whole day without smoking I am not asking for pity just putting this out there I thought wow its legal it’ll be fine.. I’ve never been addicted to ANYTHING like I am legal weed its way more potent and addictive than I thought it would be I’ve never dealt with addiction before not like this ill go without food and cigarettes just to have money to buy it I go in rages when I’m without I smoke so much I can barely breathe I know its making me sick just can’t seem to let go

  101. I have smoked the fake weed off and on for over a year now. For a long time it seemed to have no adverse affects and I was able to use it responsibly. At some point things changed dramatically. It got to the point where I HAD to smoke it. If my eyes were open, I was high on the crap. I couldn’t make myself not use it. The high lost its intensity and its original longevity. What started out as 2 hits every 2 or 3 hours turned into 2 hits every 20 to 30 minutes. I got severely dehydrated. My urine stank. I was an even bigger asshole than normal. I was cramping constantly. My woman knew something was going on but due to her intolerance of marijuana I knew better than to let her in on my lil secret. I’m very sorry I ever tried the shit in the 1st place. I have so far quit cold turkey. (Going on 2 weeks) I think about it all the time. But due to the shame it made me feel concerning my actions surrounding it, I don’t have a real desire to go back to it. I’m almost 50 years old and I can tell you, it’s not just kids using this stuff. The lure of “legal weed” is strong. Make weed legal and this evil shit will go away. I’ve been a pot smoker since I was 18 and I can tell you, it’s nowhere near as dangerous as “spice”. Wish me luck with my abstinence from the man-made crap. Mother nature does a much better job of creating a user friendly substance. When will the government wise up? Prohibition only serves to line the pockets of criminals. Make mother nature legal! No one has ever overdosed on weed that I have ever heard of. I live in Missouri and it looks like marijuana legalization may come up for vote soon. I pray it happens. If anyone reading these rambles is smart, they won’t ever touch the fake shit. It will grab you and hold you in its cold grip pretty fiercely. It will alter your ability to function correctly. I believe that in the years to come we will find out that it is deadlier than anyone ever suspected.

  102. Thanks for all this information, I don’t know about legal weed and this will definitely keep me away. But my only complaint is you throw kratom in with salvia, when it should be thrown in with coffee or green tea in my opinion. I have used it everyday for years with no “addiction” if I take a week of stem and vein (higher antagonist to agonist– anti tolerance to tolerance) effects. Sorry, I just don’t want kratom grouped in with these when it is the most effective natural pain reliever/ add / anxiety / depression reliever I have come across. Google murple kratom for all the info on the good AND bad of this herb, because exaggeration leads to distrust which leads to harm increase rather than the obviously sought after harm reduction, and thank you for that.

    Thanks, Howe

  103. For scott m….plz takee ur child to a regular hospital. They do hv the facilities to take care of this. I have one child already gone thru it n i am trying to take my son to onenow forthe exact same reason.

  104. I hear you. When you’re ready, check out treatment centers that specialize in dual diagnosis or alternatives to 12 step programs. There are a handful that offer treatment based on sound psychological principles and evidence based practices. And get to the root of the mental and emotional reasons that compel you to choose euphoria over reality. I wish you luck, daffodil!

  105. I’ve been through the rehab thing before. Since 98% of the rehab facilities tow the 12-step line, I doubt it would be remotely helpful to me.
    I will quit when I get down to a target weight. (you’d think losing 80 lbs already would have gotten me there, but alas, not yet). Who would have categorized Spice as a weight-loss drug?

  106. Hi daffodil. Thanks for sharing. Do you want to stop? The time may come when the adverse side effects are strong enough to compel you to quit using. But if you are serious, you can get help from a treatment center or rehab. Maybe the costs of smoking do not yet ouweigh the benefits of quitting?

  107. Hina, it doesn’t show up on most drug tests, but it can be tested for with a special (and very expensive)lab test of blood or urine. Most urine drug screens will not include tests for the synthetic cannabinoids like those found in Spice.
    This stuff needs to be studied for its long term effects. It is definitely something to avoid if you can. I’ve lost 80 lbs (which was a good thing for me, but not like this) over the last 9 months because of constant nausea and vomiting, and no appetite whatsoever, even when I have had some incense to smoke. I am surprised to see people claim that smoking Spice gives munchies, because it does the opposite to me. I wake up every morning and puke, smoke, and sip water and nibble crackers all day. It’s all I can tolerate most of the time. Some days I can eat a little dinner, but usually I take a bite and can’t eat any more. I feel like I am on the edge of a panic attack unless I have smoked some of the most powerful blends, like Hayze Trainwreck Ultra and Senor Loko. I am wasting loads of money on this crap and can’t seem to stop. When I run out, I scape the bowl of all that goopy resin and smoke that. I have had a nasty cough, with lots of gray or black phlegm. Wish I never started with this crap.

  108. I tried this at 16(I’m 18) and it was horrible, incent, bulllcrap, it smells horible, and taste worse, I have nuthing agins people smoking weed, I use to smoke that all day, bu this popurri kills you, idk bout u guys but I didn’t feel the same high with that then I did with weed. But anyways, I’m justv sayin I’m thankful I dint like anything about it. Case its stupid, it causes your brain to function “off” of what it should and puts holes in ur brain. I got friends that do it. Its stupid, I’ve seen bad trip off It, I’ve experienced bad trips also.

  109. ive been smoking potpourri since november and I am truly addicted to this shit man. I know its not good, stomach pains and I sweat all night. I smoke like 2-4gs every day and I used to be an alll day stoner until probation. these legal drugs are trouble. LEGALIZE MARIJUANNA OR WATCH THE EARTH CRUMBLE….

  110. Will this finally teach our government the lesson on banning nature? Cannabis never caused any major health problems, and this is the legal, more potent, and deadly alternative? Come on, please!!!

  111. hell ya….bad stuff. Stuff is going to end up on weed. Cigarette Company’s and smoke shops should be worried too.. People are cutting back on buying cigs & glass water pipes. Sales in the smoke shops are all backwards with synthetic’s dominating sales now…Ask a store owner. there all spice pushers, and this is there bread and butter now.
    Maybe when a big high ranking politicians kids smoke it and something bad happens..
    Why is are government allowing this poison. Obama,,, needs to ban all potpourri w/chem on it. Now!, turning people into fry brain zombies . you will sleep better if you stop……don’t be fooled. fools gold is for is synthetic’s Mary Jane. hello!

  112. @BJ. I just wanted to know if you have been addicted to this stuff and qiut cold turkey. I’m addicted to it right now. I know I need to stop but I can’t seem to. I was wondering what the side effects are to quitting. I’ve also quit smoking cigarettes recently and I think I’ve also been using the legal weed as a crutch. I have been thinking about just buying Marijuana to trick myself until I can quit. I can say that I am DEFINITELY addicted to this stuff. I didn’t even know you could get addicted when I started smoking it. I think people need to be made aware of this so you don’t end up like me. I am suffering many side effects including a few that haven’t been mentioned. I have become severely depressed since I began smoking it. Anyone reading that’s is thinking about trying it, DON’T!!

  113. Please read up on these topics and you will see what is really happening not just with this synthetic weed but in your world.

    Yes, this synthetic potpourri (legal smoke) will cause weight loss, loss of appetite, paranoia, stomach pain, vomiting, loss of sleep, night sweats, dry mouth and anxiety to name a few. I know, I went through all of this. Remedy and cure: Stop cold turkey, drink excessive fluids like gator aid, eat do not skip meals. Ask anyone who is on this stuff, “Do you think about it all the time”? I know that I am right. I am sorry for you and your family. Please know that I care also. This is a terrible so-called legal smoke. Believe it or not, President Obama knows about it and doesn’t care. He is part of the puppet illumaniti. God bless you and peace throughout this planet. I will monitor for replys good or bad. Thnk you. BJ

  114. Hi Mom W. Is your son ready to stop smoking legal weed? If so, please email me your zip code and I can research local drug treatment centers from the SAMHSA treatment directory for you. If he is not ready to stop smoking legal weed, I may suggest that you check out Al-Anon, a 12 step support group for loved ones of addicts. There you can learn more about how to cope with your relationship to your son, and to be content and peaceful even in the middle of his addiction.

  115. My 26 yo is also addicted. We don’t know what to do. He doesn’t have a job or medical insurance. And he is going to school to be an RN. Please help.

  116. Hi Scott,

    First you can get help yourself with AlAnon. You can learn how to cope with your son’s addiction by taking care of yourself first.

    Second, have you searched the SAMHSA treatment locator database? There may be subsidized treatment near you but you need to search first.

    Best of luck!!!

  117. our son has been using this drug for months and is seriously addicted. he vomits daily and cannot seem to stop using it regardless of the effects. he has stomach pain on and off and we need to get him help as he is 19 years old and lost his job because of the addiction. sleeps when he can and uses the legal weed when he can get it which is everyday. he has trouble sleeping and ius miserable but cant stop using. we dont know where to look for help and cant afford 30 K to send him away. he needs out of this envirement but is on probation so he cant leave the state. His Probation officer knows he is using (he says) but its legal so nothing happens. what advice can you offer?

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