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Smoking herbal incense effects

When attempting to discuss the effects of herbal ‘incense’ (synthetic cannabinoids) it is first important to keep three points in mind:

1. Herbal incense is a generic name for products containing synthetic cannabinoids (more commonly JWH but now including second generation compounds such as AM 1220, AM 2223, AM 2201, AM 1248 etc.). It is called herbal incense to bypass laws prohibiting the advertising of smoking herbal incense ingredients and mixtures that have not been approved by the relevant authorities. Nobody uses it as incense.

2. Although synthetic cannabinoids were created back in the 1970s it is only since 2002 that they have been widely available to consumers. This means that, compared to other drugs such as marijuana, we do not have that much data on the effects of synthetic weed.

3. The effects of synthetic cannabinoids seem to vary greatly from individual to individual. e.g. some users say that effects last for no longer than 30 minutes, while others say that they can last for up to 5 hours.

How similar is herbal incense to marijuana?

Synthetic cannabinoids are so-called because their effects do, to a certain degree, mimic those of marijuana. This is because both marijuana and synthetic weed bind to the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which control such functions as short term memory and appetite. However, synthetic cannabinoids seem to have a much greater affinity for the CB1 receptors which accounts for its strong psychotropic properties. Some research has also shown that JWH-018, the most commonly used of these synthetic cannabinoids due to its apparent similarities to cannabis, is also far more potent than cannabis.

Aside from its effects, the reasons herbal incense is closely associated with cannabis because it is herbal in nature (although the herbs themselves have no psychoactive effects) and it is smoked in joints.

Side effects of herbal incense

Herbal incense is different from cannabis in that it does not increase libido or add to music appreciation. It seems to be more of a ‘dirty high’ (i.e. a feeling that you’re just using it to get off your face) without the spiritual aspect of cannabis smoking. Even among users, opinion is divided as to the validity of comparing herbal incense with cannabis with some claiming it is identical to cannabis and others claiming it is a different beast altogether. Some of the similar side effects of smoking herbal incense and smoking marijuana which are documented include:

  • feelings of euphoria
  • increased appetite
  • lethargy
  • red eye
  • heavy limbs
  • paranoia

Where synthetic cannabinoids really differ from cannabis is in how often users experience negative effects. Many record how, after smoking herbal incense they have experienced:

  • heart palpitations
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • intense fear of death
  • irrational behavior
  • panic attacks
  • psychosis

Can I get addicted to herbal incense?

Yes, herbal incense is both physically and psychologically addictive. Where herbal incense most definitely does not differ from cannabis is in its potential for abuse and addiction. On the internet (and this blog) there are countless stories of how individuals have become dependent on synthetic cannabinoids. The withdrawal symptoms are very similar to marijuana withdrawal symptoms, and usually require no medical intervention, although it’s always wise to have medical supervision during a drug detox.

Herbal incense questions

Are you smoking too much herbal incense? Do you wonder what herbal incense can do in the long term? Are you frightened that you might be addicted to legal weed? Please leave your questions below. We will do our best to answer you promptly and personally.

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1,352 Responses to “Smoking herbal incense effects
Ashley Williams
1:26 pm September 13th, 2011

I’am Ashley, and I wanted to know that,
is this will be a substitute for cigarettes?

London Calling
5:06 pm September 13th, 2011

This sounds like a scary experience. It’s rather like when Heroin first hit the market and was advertised as a cure for morphine addiction. Talk about substituting one problem for another.

Danger Zone
10:49 pm September 15th, 2011

I have only had a couple of panic attacks and one time had the extreme feeling like I was going to die…it felt like someone was yelling at me really mean……a great alternative to the illegal lifestyle marijuana can lead you through…

6:47 am September 16th, 2011

try it … just hit it twice. no need for more. god forbid you smoke a whole joint.. u will be in

8:22 am September 16th, 2011

i would strongly advise you to think twice about how much, how often or size of quanities you decide to do, I can honestly say i have had ONE mild trip and one of my first out of body expieriences. I Dont care what anyone says, i am sure i came close to death. If not death than definetly the feeling of what it would feel like to die. If you have any questions please comment here. i can tell u a few to avoid and ones that are quiet types/ and how much is too much.

2:42 pm September 16th, 2011

Can any of this herbal incense be detected in a drug screening if so does it stay in your system ?

6:49 pm September 16th, 2011

As far as I an aware no they contain a drug different from what they test for ..most are DEA compliant exceptt maybe MAYBE military cuz they are so invasive and

11:50 pm September 17th, 2011

So I started out at like 13 smokin and tokin like a champ. Really haven’t had to think about stoppin till lately and im 22 now. So I found this stuff called Ed Hardy lol, just k2 with a sticker on the front, and it was decent. But it really didn’t last very long and the buzz was less than perfect. They quickly banned it in my county as soon as they found out that we were gettin high and stayin clean lol. I found this stuff the next county over and its called, “Kaotic”, and it is by far the best herbal incense i have ever found. The buzz lasts hours off of one or two hits and the taste is great, the amount you recieve for the price you pay, 10 dollars a gram, is a lot better than when this stuff first came out, anyway, love the stuff and it has majorly saved my ass, as well as some money as compared to the real stuff lol. Let me know if anyone else has tried this or have found something better. Stuff Is Badass! PERIOD!

8:53 pm September 18th, 2011

Jett i prefer green grenade! tried it??

3:24 am September 19th, 2011

I am a 16 year old guy from texas. I used to smoke weed until i started getting drugtested. I found this stuff called “Diablo” in a local gas station. I have heard of k2 because its banned in my town, well the JWH chemical is banned. This stuff doesnt have that JWH stuff but it messes you up all the same. I took 2 hits my first time and i thought i was dying. I didnt know whomy mom was, and it felt like there was a really tight helmet on my head. I did it again and its now just like a weed high. I would just recommend weed

9:27 pm September 22nd, 2011

Hey guys, here with a little truth. I have been a major stoner for 11 years. Ive not gone a frull 48 hrs without in 6 years. I own a head shop and I began selling the fake stuff. Never wanted to try it, untill i seen how much money was surfing behind this stuff. I researched the shit out of it and payed lots of money to aquire the things necessary to make it. I produced incense for a year with 6 different kinds (varying in intensity and price) and each one of those having from 4 to 12 scents. (flavs). My shit was good, it was so good i started somking it. For a while i smoked both, but the high was so big off the incense it wasnt worth hittn pot. I began useing pretty heavy . I made quite a bit of money off of it, which is why you can value my opinion. I would love to keep making the money i have been making the last year. I would be a millionaire if i had two more months of being able to sell my product. (if that tells you the volume i was movin.) i feel just shy, but im on the other team, the team that wants you to think its a okay, and encourage you to keep buying. I was in the process of moving my operation to another state, and keeping right on truckin to being rich, but in the mean time I didnt have any incense, and i began to notice right away some withdrawl effects.
*nausea, insane cold sweats, hot flashes that lasted hours, severe loss of appetite, detatched mentality.
got worse and lasted three days. after the second day i started using again, not near as heavy, but i was smokin. symptoms went away after the third day, and i was literally in another state preparing to sign a lease when i had to go 24 hrs without and the exact symptoms returned, they lasted for three days before i was frightned and saught medical attention, i was tested for ALOT of shiz. Thyroid, aids, hepatitis, diabetes i mean you name it, (cost a pretty penny)
sure enough nothing. after putting together the obvious……..felling syptoms 24hrs after stoped usage ……. twice! I knew what it was. I immediatly stopped, and after 5 daays the symptoms began to dwindle, after two weeks, back to normal. I still get high, just went back to mother natures version.(shes smarter than our scientist)
Needless to say i solved my problem. I decided not to move, closed my incense company, and now have a lil trouble sleepin thing that people did that to them selves, and i was just a big inabler. but i just wanted to share my story, because i am a spit fire, counter culture, full of piss and vinegar, mid 20s, SCREW THE LIEN MAN. type of dude. so hopefully my point of view will be considerd by all you folks like me. I see people on these forums genuinly scared and lookin for help and then others just droppin lines about how awsome it is and those folks should quit bein weiners. thats why i wrote this for those people . IM ON THE OTHER TEAM AND IM TELLIN YOU THE SHIT HAS ADVERSE EFFECTS< AND PRETTY BAD WITHDRAWAL EXPEIRENCE. hope this helps so of you stubborn ones to take another look, and if you are a heavy user and you think it dosent affect you. THEN STOP cause thats what i thought until i experienced it first hand
love love and after that find a way to love more

12:18 am September 24th, 2011

I am currently in a psych ward because of this drug. STAY AWAY from it.

6:16 am September 25th, 2011

your in a psych ward because you let it take that effect on you and you fed into the crap going around you and probably just got too high…. it really hightens your sensativity and lowers your judgment

4:06 pm September 25th, 2011

I obviously allowed for it to take that effect on me, by simply using it despite of noticing how addicted I was getting. Denial is a bitch. I am a 32 y/o female, been smoking this for almost a year and I have tried many brands/amounts, even made my own for a while. This was not a one time thing, or an instance of just getting too high. This drug will destroy your physical and mental health.

John Martin
3:55 am September 28th, 2011

I have been smoking weed since I was 13 I’m now 19 and for 2 yrs have been smoking herbal incense crinicly everyday. I suffer from nausea every once in awhile but other than that for done reason I don’t feel like I have to smoke but I just do it anyway and enjoy the 30min buzz. I don’t know if in addicted but I definitely am curious bout what side effects I’m facing . Physically & mentally. At times I feel I am more myself alert and concentrated when I do smoke herbal incense then when I don’t smoke. I can only smoke the most intense and best quality incenses to feel what I am shooting for. Thus probably sounds bad but just want to hear an opinion and facts. Thanks

9:17 am September 28th, 2011

Hi John. Thanks for your question.

I’d suggest that if you think you have a problem smoking weed or herbal incense, you probably do. If you can stop, why don’t you? This is the nature of addiction. You can read more about addiction vs. physical dependence in today’s article.

8:32 pm September 29th, 2011

I began smoking in october of 2010.. some friends of mine had some and told me i just had to try it.. being in the line of work i am i am frequently tested and cannot be around people who smoke things like that anyways. But they insisted that it was legal and when they showed me the package and the reciept i remembered seeing it myself at the store and had heard about it previously but never wanted to try it. I thought iw as just like the salvia and would really do anything always. So agasint my better judgement i decided to try it.. the “water pipe” went around 3 times and I hit it like a champ long..deep puffs.. by the time the 4th turn come around i said no no.. my friend said “you want another hit” i said no non no.. i want to give the last one back! they all began laughing hysterically which then in turn made me laugh hysterically and within a few minuted i found myself STUCK! Unable to move, speak, and having to remind myself to breathe. I got so lost in my head i was afraid i was going to die and that they were in the same condition i was and in no way able to help me if i needed it. I then convinced myself it wasnt real that i was back in high school and my life for the last 12 years had been just a bad dream. finally someone touched me and i came too.. but only to run to the bathroom to throw up violently. I sweated so much i wet my clothes. I thought i wouldnt do it again but ran into it again and began smoking it regularly without any adverse reactions.. i foudn if i did too much that i would slip into a STUCK state and just had to regulate my intake. I just did it casually to counter effect my anxiety issues i usually took xanex for and i found it was better than taking a xanex and i could funciton better. This went on for months.. i even got about 20 other people smoking it…. i stopped smoking in june of 2011.. since then I’ve noticed that i cannot remember conversations ive had my memory that used to be very dependable has now become shotty.. ive been diagnosed with narcolepsy.. i am very jumpy and have bad anxiety attacks worse than before. I am wondering if the incense did this to me? of course i know it was of my own doing.. but id like to be able to testify that people shouldnt do it for this reason

10:02 pm October 2nd, 2011

I tried this yesterday. Smoke a whole”j” it was my first time… I remember everything but I feel disconnected , slowed state of mind…. what can I do to help get normal???

7:57 am October 3rd, 2011

you take like 3-5 bong hits ONLY smooth ones!! which kind did u try??? the best calm one is green grenade its the least dangerous.

7:58 am October 3rd, 2011

ohhhh wait are you saying you still feel it?

1:24 pm October 3rd, 2011

Yes, it was October 1st. And todays the 3rd. I still feel desensitized.. numbed to the world,, slower reaction… anxiety… and moments ago my heart felt like icy hot was on my chest.

Whos came out Of this ? How long did it take? Anything I can do to help?

8:43 pm October 3rd, 2011

I am posting this from my cellphone and while I find it necessary to post my experiences with herbal incense and how deathly ill it made me I will save that for later when I can get to an actual computer. My first suggestion to everyone here would be NOT to listen to anything MissNurse tells you. Decide for yourself what you think is true and who you think is right. I will tell you that I am a REAL nurse in the real world. Working in the medical field, we obviously get drug tested. This is the reason I tried herbal incense. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad I is for you, again you’ll only believe what you’ll want but I have to say it. Do your research. Read peoples stories. It may not effect you now, but one, two years down the road it can destroy you. And don’t ever listen to anyone that says they’re “MissNurse” and would still recommend drugs.

1:25 am October 4th, 2011

It’s only been about two weeks since I quit. Time has gone by slower than imaginable. It feels like the last two weeks has been two months. On the plus side, pretty much most of the negative effects have gone away: the nausea, the vomiting, the headaches, everything. I feel no desire whatsoever to smoke that crap. And hopefully some of you will wise up and do the same.
Don’t believe me?

4:27 am October 4th, 2011

Listen, Aaron.
My friends and I started smoking this stuff back in feburary of 2010.. And I PERSONALLY know exactly what you feel. My friend actually called that feeling “the hump”, you just have to stay sober for a couple days to come back to reality. But, I swear on everything that that particular feeling with go away. I have been smoking good ‘ole mary Jane for years, but there came a point where going to buy “fake shit” was so much easier than searching all over town for weed. It became our easy replacement. I had my good trips, and my horror trips, but in the end I always felt disconnected and useless. I couldn’t fully communicate or comprehend anything anyone was saying. Since smoking it for over a year, I feel like a level of my mind has been exposed. Kind of like when I first smoked weed but not nearly as inspiring. Unfortunately, this story ends like most of the became illegal (actually, if you were caught with it it was held as a cocaine charge), when you could find it, it didn’t get you high but for 15 minutes, and all of us were getting sick. I have chronic bronchitis and COPD. And since I smoke cigarettes, which are a REAL addiction, it will come back every time it feels like it.
I am a straight A senior, kept a job since the day I turned 16, and drive a car that I pay for..I’m not your average ‘pot head.’
I am successful, and I enjoy smoking weed. If you have a strong enough mind set to balance your goals with your wants, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Synthetic is out. Where’s the weed at?

2:18 pm October 4th, 2011

It’s still fading sway,,, feels like I’m mellowed out kind of feeling… its oct 4 and just been eating and fluids,,, no more of that shit.

7:52 pm October 6th, 2011

im 21 and have been smoking pot for the past 8 years but here recently i have had to stop bc im looking fo another job but i have been smoking the legal for over a year everyday all day i now wae up in the morning masuated and vomiting till i smoke then it casually goes away the same thing happened with pot im no beginner im straight up toker but the herbal shit is a body high vs where weed is a mind high ! Smoke it if u wont idc just thought i wuld put his story out here

6:01 am October 7th, 2011

I will just say i am a Real nurse and while ive never tried real weed this is legal and i am not promoting i also gave my bad expierience!

1:18 pm October 7th, 2011

well its day 2 with nothing and honestly kinda dont know how to feel not high i been throwing up all morning with nasua i feel like shit right now all cause i aint got no weed or herbal im done smoking like a damn train hopefully withdrawel wont last long but then again it dont matter cause no way im starting over if i had to give advice for ppl who wont to try and sart smoking is becareful put it last not first and u will be alright its cool to smoke what ever thats our right so im not trying to tell ppl to stop smoking but make sure u got it and not it having you ! Thanks

4:25 pm October 7th, 2011

i’ve been smoking this stuff since jan and i’m stuck to it. before then, i smoked weed for several months, but because of job/school, i get tested so i switched. i am battling two extremes…being high makes the severe hot flashes/night sweats go away! (i had a hysterectomy so i take hormones, that dont work) without, i have depression, anxiety, ptsd, and get super stressed. on the other hand, smoking it gives me heatburn, and a nasty cough! i’ve tried to quit, but the withdrawals are horrible, so i end up smoking again. it’s gotten as bad as i was trying to wean off, and not buy any, i scraped my glass pipe almost clean of resin to smoke. i had to take the edge off, and when i start having another hot flash, usually 20-40 mins later, it’s time to have another hit. i’ve noticed i am more laid back, loveable, laughable and easier to get along with when i’m bakin. my family and i enjoy each other. however, i am very scared because i have noticed how bad my temperament is when i’m not smoking, and how terrible i feel…but the focus clears. clear focus, good…then the sweating and nausea, bad=another hit. i’ve also noticed the very unmotivated me, whereas i loved school and studying and i have almost completely blown it off. i have a profession i am entering and requires the utmost focus and attention. my 2 cents: don’t start.anything.ever. because i’m having a terrible time trying to quit.

goodman brown
6:38 pm October 7th, 2011

stop bitchin’….if you don’t like something then don’t do it; but, don’t beat others up for living. people really can be too tight at times. It’s kind of annoying. loosen up america!

2:42 pm October 9th, 2011

goodman brown how about u get the fuck off this website just bc u dont got no problems dont mean everyone has to be like u so how bout u stop bitching and stfu u have no idea who i am or what he fuck i go through mother fucker

2:46 pm October 9th, 2011

we putting our stories out there to help people that do got problems and fuck even ?s so go smoke a nother joint and think about ur own mother fucking life dude and stop being a asshole

6:38 pm October 10th, 2011

i have smoked this crap for about a year now, and all i can say is that i regret every minute of it.
all this stuff does is cause problems!. still listening?! hope so…..
(My head gets cold sometimes then really hot)
(my heart herts sometimes like im being stabbed with pain)
(get the feeling of death and depression)
(spitting up little grey looking crap, i have to cough a thousand times for it to show up)
(lose of sleep, anxiety)!!!
DO NOT SMOKE THIS STUFF ANYMORE! we dont even know what this crap does to us,. ever think about the longterm effects!!!
And all the “DEA” is gonna do is keep banning this crap,
then the people who are making this, change the mixture or make a new brand name, so then they can turn around and keep selling it!!!.
IN THE END THERE TAKING YOUR MONEY. AND YOUR HURTING YOUR BODY!…. and it was addicting, like ciggs. and what to ciggs do? hert your body!! Give it to God and let him heal your mind, let god be addicting to you, because in the end God is the answer!!

8:17 pm October 10th, 2011

Ok I need help ppl!!! I have been smoking this stuff for 2 months now and I need help getting off. Any ideas? I have smoked a couple of good kinds. But last night I got a different kind I have to say BAD IDEA!! It was called Night light and I just have to say smoking this kind makes want to stop. I smoke to help me relaxe and sleep at night not Night Light.. Im was up all tonight. Someone please help me get off of this stuff..

john doe
2:24 am October 11th, 2011

Gemnimedic: I know exactly what your goin through I scraped a pipe so hard it broke last night. My smokein started out as a hobby and has turned into a complete lifestyle.. or addiction
I find myself lyin just to buy another gram. There’s nothing good or easy about quiting an addiction, I smoked weed for years before joining the military. Quiting bud actually was easy for me, but I can’t seem to shake this stuff. My best success has come from boxing all my pipes up and tryin to not think about it.. ot gets easier after a week and soon hopefully we can be normal unsmokein happy people
Goodman brown: your obviously an unexpierienced person in general and have many life lessons to learn. Weak to hate on someone reaching out for help or suggestions

4:17 pm October 11th, 2011

I am so glad others are posting about this..glad you guys want to stop. I’ve been clean from herbal incense for a month now. Posted here a few weeks ago from the psych ward where this drug took me to. Quitting this has been hell. I notice I am not the same anymore, wonder if I ever will be. I don’t talk the same, can’t concentrate and I’m anxious all the time…trying to get into an inpatient treatment because I just want to be the person I was before this.

If anyone here is interested in starting some sort of online support group please let me know.

4:54 am October 12th, 2011

I had been smoking herbal incense for about eight months.
I had grown increasingly paranoid about the illegality of’
marijuana, and the possibly of it ruining my otherwise law
abiding life. I switched over to incense and I smoked the
stronger blends. As I could see that it was costing me more
and more financially I decided to stop. I have now been off of
the incense for about a week. I can tell you that the addiction
side of incense is very real. I felt pretty sick at my stomach
for three days and couldn’t sleep well either. I also had spells
of hot flashes and then cold shivers. I also scraped all my
pipes and even broke the plastic ones to scrape resin for
smoking. I did this for two days, and finally hid the rest of
my pipes away out of sight. I felt like a junkie for the first time
in my life. I will never go back to marijuana either as it is
still illegal, and probably always will be. If you can find it in
yourself to quit please do. Anything this hard to get off of
can’t be good. I admit I would still like to order more of this
stuff but I won’t.

Southern By Grace
3:26 pm October 12th, 2011

I smoked pot from 1985 until June of 2011. I finally was able to stop smoking. I enjoyed smoking pot. Love the taste of it… then the feeling you get when that first toke hits your lungs. But it is costly and getting harder to find. Then someone introduced me to herbal incense. The first 2 to 3 weeks the high was smooth and lasted 4 to 5 hours. But I have started getting minor headaches several times a week. After smoking this past week or so…..I have experienced trouble communicating with others or having full thought process. Almost like you are in a fog. So last night I smoked the last I had and broke my glass pipe. I refuse to ever buy anymore “herbal incense”. To all of you that has stopped smoking “herbal incense” congratulations and keep up the good work! One day hopefully “We The People” will make Marijuana legal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:18 pm October 12th, 2011

it definitely has its goods and its bads glad to see your doing better gretchen

5:22 pm October 12th, 2011

i am on the last of what i have and good because i am flat broke. i am normally a very hardworking person, work and dedicated to my studies in school until now. i am realllly scared about detoxing again and am wondering if there is “anonymous” help. i have now a horrible cough, producing gross stuff and headache and stuffy nose. this stuff is terrible.

5:45 pm October 12th, 2011

gem it wll be hard ad u will only be able to do it if ur really ready keep urself doing somthing its alwy harder just sitting there lettingur mind get to u

7:00 pm October 12th, 2011

As gemnimedic said I also had horrible congestion particularly
in the morning. It became better during the day, but did not
go away. I almost wonder if part of the high with incense is
lack of oxygen to the brain and body. Another part of the
detox process that I failed to mention is unexpected spells
where you can’t catch your breath for a few minutes. Any
physical activity of any kind only makes it worse. There
were a few times I had to lay down where I was and catch
my breath. Kind of scary.

9:25 pm October 12th, 2011

see i never have any of these problems i can stop and pick up whenever i want and there is no side effects i really think its the kind. My friend owns a head shop and they send theirs out to test if their safe, she also told me they do match pricing because tons of places around the united states not just only where i live but everywhere will take a bag or container and dump it out and fill it with their own concoctions of stuff sometimes even pencil shaving and i could see how pencil shaving would make you sick. maybe this is what their doing? she said they do that because they make a HUGE profit and keep the spendy stuff

Here are a few i feel are relatively safe and a few not

Green Grenade- no weird feelings- felt just like weed

Zombie matter ultra blackout- if you go slow and let it work in its a little more of a rugged high. tho if you go too far you may freak out a little for me its about 4 bong hits equals normal.

Twizted Hysteria- BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD- i had an out of body experience with them and thought i was for sure going to die.

MR NICE GUY PRODUCTS- BAD BAD BAD BAD same as above but more intense

zombie matter ulra twilight is normal and just a tad above a regular weed feeling

if your going to smoke it anyways regardless what everyone has said i suggest you find green grenade

good luck everyone on your detoxing.

9:26 pm October 12th, 2011

oh and i suggest nikki if you found a few good mellow normal ones! do not go out of your normal ones. dont experiment

1:21 am October 13th, 2011

if you are coughing up guey crap, thats possibly an infection.
go to your doctor and ask for a “sputum culture test”……….
and stop smoking incense! it is very addicting! It is not good for your organs, heart, everything!! This stuff can hurt you, please consider what i am saying and quit!!! CHANGE IS FOR THE BETTER!!

1:24 am October 13th, 2011


2:41 pm October 13th, 2011

My turn. First I have to say that this blog was way too hard to find and there are not enough of them. I am positive there are hundreds possibly thousands of people out there, like me, who have tried to research these products and see what other people are saying. I am grateful to have found this section. I would like to preface saying I smoked pot from age 16 to age 23 (I am 24 currently). I smoked incense daily from oct 2010 to sept 2011.Now for my incense story.

Began smoking Oct 2010, on the brand Space, before JWH became illegal. From the beginning I knew moderation was important. In the first couple months, I would smoke 3 hits maximum out a one-hitter (Remember JWH was legal) and I would be done. One time a friend rolled a joint of Purple Magic brand (pre-jwh ban) and this caused OD symptoms paranoia etc. So first, moderation is important if you MUST smoke this. I do not condone it, but people have their reasons.

I continued smoking post JWH ban with a local brand called Purple Magic. They have ‘regular’ and ‘xxx’ potency in a variety of flavors. Around March I began to notice that I almost dreaded going to the store to buy, and after I purchased, I remember feeling demoralized and just looking at the bottle. I am not sure but I believe it was an early sign of my body subconsciously rejecting the chemicals. I like to get high, so that cannot be the question.

As time wore on I began to feel aches and pains in my joints, which after seeing numerous other stories, I feel comfortable attributing to incense. I cannot say if the pains were withdrawl symptoms, but today 1 month after stopping incense, I still feel random joint and muscle pain. I now take Omeprazole Magnesium to help with an ulcer, which could heighten my joint pain, but it was present before I started that med.

I quit incense a month ago as I said, here is why. I have always felt the palpitations and arrhythmia (this is seen in everyone that uses, if you deny this, I say you do not know what the above symptoms mean: I base this on questions I have asked everyone I know who has smoked this stuff) However the headaches became so regular that I ingested ibuprofen at a regular rate daily. In turn this led me to develop a gastric ulcer. The day I had my first ulcer symptoms I stopped using incense and went and bought a bag of weed.

For the next few days post quitting, I experienced several of the withdrawl symptoms I believe, however coinciding with ulcer symptoms it’s truly tough to differentiate. I had the sweats/chills and just felt weak in general.

Lingering effects: I have read in other blogs and possibly this one about teeth chipping and discoloration. I can attest to this, I smoked out a one hitter, and i noticed my middle bottom four teeth are all stained (unlike-tobacco stains) and are rigid/chipping on the dorsal side. Meth mouth to a lesser degree if you will. And I brush daily and have good oral hygiene. This along with joint pains are the symptoms I attribute to smoking spice.

I would like to conclude with randomness. I like the incense, fast heart rate didn’t bother me for the longest time. However after about a year of abuse, you will start to feel pains in your chest cavity (a good way to tell if the pain is actually inside your chest is to push on your ribs, since your heart and lungs are protected by the peritoneal wall, pushing your ribs will not affect your pain at all). Ultimately just feels like its taxing your cardiovascular system.

This is a dangerous drug and my ultimate view is: I see some of you speak of handling certain brands with no problem, quitting and starting as you wish. I say that if you continuously smoke these products you will do irreparable damage to your body, mouth at the least. I believe if used in moderation (average 1time/week) you would see little adverse effects over the long run.

For the people who have hangovers, seventy-two hour system flush and the toxins are largely gone. I think the incense hangover is similar to weedover, but I cannot attest to first time or inexperienced users hangovers as I do not recall if I had one my first time.

I hope the US Govt. has invested in long term studies, though I am pessimistic about it. Thank you for letting me share. I could write much much more, I have done a lot of homework on this and believe my mind body connection is sound.

3:58 pm October 13th, 2011

i have smoked,
space cadet, space, kush, super kush, cloud 10, southern max, down2earth, juicy chong…..
all i can say is i started noticing symptoms you could say.
body sweats, my brain would get really hot and cold, but that went away. now i have chest pains sometimes, and get that feeling of death, and unwanted anxiety…
i have not smoked this stuff for about 5 days, and its getting easier to not want to smoke.. noticing that this stuff does this to me, why would i continue.. thats just plain stupid on my part..
and then i started looking at it like this, you only live once, so why risk your life… you have the will power to quit, do something else that can counter smoking, or just dont smoke at all. you can do it!!

7:52 am October 14th, 2011

herbal incense, seemed like a good alternative to the illegal bud, but after experimenting for a week, i’ve come to the conclusion that its just like marijuana, a psychologically addictive habit,except it grasps you with legality,the”there’s nothing wrong with it”mentality is very dangerous when abused. People i encourage you to be smarter than Spice,easier said than done ,but once you get over the fascination of mastering a high of near fatal paranoia, you see the potential of a harmful addiction. before reading these testimonies, i felt “A-OK” about using herb-incense, but there are a few believable consistent complaints about the stuff. i pray that those with health complications have the strength to move on, and those who continue to use or abuse quit while their ahead. God loves you and this blog is meant to inform and help, dont take these statements lightly, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy yourself, seek and you will find. and do some more home work on JWH

6:11 pm October 14th, 2011


JWH was banned months ago by the DEA, it is no longer in products on the market. Damiana is the main ingredient for most ‘spice’

Do homework on spice in general, forget JWH

10:40 pm October 14th, 2011

yes GP, it does cause mental problems, and internal problems..
what i am saying isn’t to scare you, its to advise you! Warn you!
Do not continue to smoke this! i just got my chest x-rayed today!
The ingredients they use is not made to be smoked or inhaled in anyway. please stop smoking this stuff.
Realizing what this does to you, should change your mind about the whole situation.

Southern By Grace
8:46 pm October 15th, 2011

Well, it has been 3 days since I have stopped altogether. The first 2 days were AWFUL. Absolutely no appetite! I didn’t sleep for 38 hrs. Didn’t even feel sleepy. It was like I had done some kind of speed. Then the vomiting, sweats and I felt as if I were going to have a bladder infection. Today has been much better. The only thing today is sweats. Oh yeah, I was finally able to eat today too!!

Hopes and prayers goes out to all of you on this blog. Be safe and stay strong!!

One secret of success is to know your own weaknesses. An even better secret is to know the ONE who is the source of your strength!

2:33 am October 16th, 2011

I have noticed one other change since I quit herbal incense. I was
gettiing up as many as 4 times a night to pee when smoking it.
I am now back to normal in that department too. I have only
gotten up once for the past two nights. I also go more easily
now too. Has anyone else noticed this? I am off it for about 11 days
now, and will not go back. Thanks for your guys support and

9:02 pm October 16th, 2011

I have been smoking this stuff for a couple years now. I started out buying it in the gas stations when it was legal. I figured out I could buy larger quantities on Ebay from sellers that made it homemade. For months and months I rolled one joint a week. I would have a bad trip at least three times a week. Some bad trips were psychotic episodes and others were frightening panic attacks. Now I smoke a couple joints a day. This tolerence I have built up has been for the last three months. I now crave this stuff so bad that I can’t concentrate for the last three or four hours of my work day. My lungs feel like I am inhalling glass all the time now. I cough all the time. My last joint was at 9pm last night. It is 5pm now. My legs are aching bad. I allready have had bouts of sweating and I feel nauseated. I will keep you all updated. I am gonna quit this stuff. Yes, this stuff is bad for you and yes it is addictive.

2:14 pm October 17th, 2011

Hey I work ten hours a day n every single day after work only I blaze up fat amounts Of spice maybe a lil bath salt. U see I used to smoke weed and large amounts of good cronic I was lovin it the quality of life weed gives u is amazing exspecially when u mix it with other fun stuff like hot gurls pills… Now I had to leave this life and start a job drug free cuz of drug tests.
I noticed I would make decisions that made no sence like going outside for nothing or doing something twice n not kno why.
I hope these aren’t permanent because after a hard long day of work all I want to do I kick back and blaze up it’s how I get thro my day plus fall asleep
All I drink is energy drinks because I was madly addicted to uppers like adderall n now instead I jus drink energy drinks.

5:39 pm October 17th, 2011

If you really must compare illicit drugs to legal ‘substances’, I would say drugs like Marijuana pose less risk. But when considering almost anything else from Coca to prescription drugs, illicit or legal, they are very very bad for your body.

When considering the amount of knowledge we have on the drugs that are illegal today v.s. the ones we see in our smoke shops right now, logic says illicit drugs are less dangerous, because the unknown is powerful, and spice, bath salts etc. represent the unknown.

4:11 am October 18th, 2011

ashley im glad you got off this stuff,
i am 2weeks strong off this stuff, so you could say i am doing alot better

12:51 am October 19th, 2011

The main ingredients are still chemicals. Toxic chemicals. No body has any idea what Long term issues may be. Cancer, brain damage, etc. The chemicals are toxic before you burn them, when combustion is introduced you take it to a sick level. You people are absolutely stupid or crazy for smoking this stuff. Yes jwh 018…etc are illegal and banned now but there are countless synthetic cannabinoids that are not. Such as am2201 etc…this is what they are using. Yes idiot, they are using Damania, but that is not the ingredient that gets you high, it’s just the herb that it is sprayed on or soaked in. There are new synthetics being developed every day, when one is banned another is used.
Usually mass produced by some chinks in s china who hate Americans and relish the fact that they are producing a substance
which is turning the idiot Americans into even more dumb ass retards.
It is then purchased by some money hungry scumbag who can care less about the dickhead who buys it. He has a “lab” set up in his mothers basement where he puts his not so sterile solution on some pesticide ridden weeds and bags it in some plastic zip lock bag with a “cool” name and psychadelic pic….hook line and sinker some moron buys it and smokes it because “it’s herbal dude, it must be safe”. Gimme a break dumbasses, please.

Southern By Grace
12:57 pm October 19th, 2011

WOW….. if we all just had a “DUDE” in our lives or hell a “DUDE” running our country for that matter!!!! Because we are sure that a “DUDE” wouldn’t ever put ANY kind of “chemical” or “drug” in “DUDE’S” body. Because I have always heard that a “DUDE” (being an American himself ?? ) would know better than to do that!!!

Thank you so much DUDE ! NOW, we all know the REAL truth !


1:26 pm October 19th, 2011

We need constructive comments here ‘dude’. You offered no information, no story, nothing.

You didn’t even make sense on damiana. There is a reason it is illegal in Louisiana. Anyone who knows anything about spice knows there are unknown chemicals being sprayed on the product.

Please reconsider before wasting your time again.

1:47 pm October 19th, 2011

Someone has to tell it like it is. I’ve used drugs, responsibly. Sorry I’m not mr nicey nice, apparently that doesn’t work.

2:01 pm October 19th, 2011

Are you really that dense? Damania is NOT spice. Buy organic damania and I guarantee you nothing but a slight headache. Damania, blue lotus, or any other plant matter is simply a method of transport for the chemicals. You can use grass from your front lawn Mathew. It’s the jwh compounds that provide the high. The only natural cb antagonist is marijuana. Anything else is a synthetic chemical. My story? Researched it and threw it away. WTF do you expect when I read story after story of heart, brain, and lung problems from people who know nothing about it and STILL use it. Believe me I wish everyone here would trash it…but a duck is a duck and nothing else

5:09 pm October 19th, 2011

i used to do it all the time and was having headaches, vomiting, and going to the bathroom all the time, i quit for about a month but couldnt keep off and started again last week, im already regretting it because the frequent urination has returned along with congestion and head aches, and feeling “out of it” and disconected. dont do it it sucks

9:08 pm October 19th, 2011

I’ve been married to the Friday night toker for longer than most of you have been around, and he was like a kid under the Christmas tree when he found this “Legal” high. After years of worrying if he would get arrested and we would lose our home, or job or both… he found a high that was legal, only to stumble around drunk, slide off the sofa and vomit for a hour on the floor – where I left him. I told him “maybe you should not smoke this stuff” and after several minutes wavering in and out of awareness he said, “I think you may be right.” He now smokes several times a day–everyday– and has for months. His side effects are: gooey hacking cough, day and night, often getting out of bed to spit out what is coming up, so Shandi beware! If he is not getting up for that he is getting up to Pee, Ashley beware! because what was the 4 am visit is now about every 2 hours–NIGHT AND DAY. He is getting more and more forgetful and unfocused and once he BLACKED OUT while taking a puff, ending up face down on concrete for who knows how long and when he found enough brain cells to stumble inside— he had broken his nose and blood was every where!!!
The toll you all are taking on yourselves is horrible, stupid and for what… a few minutes of escape? Well you may escape but your loved ones are going through the nightmare of watching you and seeing the addiction and destruction — please for GODS sake STOP before there is no loved one there for you stumble back to.

11:20 pm October 19th, 2011

Started smokin incense a couple months ago. Brother actually turned me on to it cause he hated it and knew I may be into it. Well, I’m into it. Before I started making regular purchases I did a meager amount o “research” and was unable to find anything negative in the way of consumer reviews. Started off with Mr.Smiley …. Was okay but not quite what I was after so I tried a couple others. Enter dead man walking Platinum. LLOOOVED IT!! (I’m getting to the point, promise)
So things worked out in such a way that I was not going to be able to have the amount I would need to last till payday. I figured no big deal… Can’t be worse than spending a couple days lookin for pot right?

Ya… It was worse. Can’t sleep, not hungry and now my front 2 teeth are starting to chip ALOT. I am by my own admission a creature of habit …. My favorites seem to be bad habits. I kinda thought that alot of my symptoms were something else but after reading all this I know what to cut out. My whole point is just reaffirming what alot of you have said. That shit is poison, leave it in the shop or gas station or wherever you find it

Southern Magnolia
4:35 am October 20th, 2011

Wow! I tried the Mind Eraser. I have smoked Demon, New Dimension, High Times, Wicked X, and Bayou Blaster in the past. So I wanted to try this one. I took one bong rip and… I turned around… Looked at everyone -the colors in the room were intense. I started getting dizzy, feeling like I was going to vomit. I started hearing this insane screaming. Sounded like a death metal scream. I can’t remember what it was saying. I started to involuntarily shake. It sounded like I was screaming. I seriously had a meltdown. My friends said that I passed out. Then I woke up and started vomiting. I could feel myself vomiting violently. I just remember being grossed out and wondering why my friend was holding my face and telling me that everything would be alright. His voice was so calming and I tried with every ounce of energy to focus on him. To look at him and calm down. I really thought that I was talking to them, crying, and I felt another of my friend’s put a cold wash cloth over my neck and face. It helped me. I can honestly say that I have never been more afraid in my whole life. I really thought that I was dying. The hallucinations that I had of looking at everyone in the room and feeling my body move without my control was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I have smoked pot and taken pain pills lightly in the past. I drink occasionally. I like the numbing experience it gives me. Never have I been so afraid. I kept thinking in my mind while this was going on that I can’t believe it was real and how I couldn’t make it stop. This freaking out that was going on inside of me. I couldn’t control it. It erased 20 minutes of my life. I got up. Walked outside. Got some fresh air. They drove me home. Hours later I don’t feel bad. No headache or anything. I do remember the fear though. I didn’t know my experience was going to be so dramatic. Everyone in the room was scared for me. I didn’t know what to expect but that is the highest I have ever been and that experience has taught me that I don’t like losing control. LOL

8:54 am October 20th, 2011

I am back to let you all know the progress of me trying to quit. I became “dope sick” when I didn’t smoke it. My legs cramped, and I had diarrhrea. The symptoms completely stopped with one hit. One hit didn’t get me high, just made me stop being sick. I baught a pack of cigs yesterday because the intitial craving reminds me of when I used to smoke. It sorta helped the psychological craving for the fake weed. I didn’t smoke it yesterday. I went to sleep last night at 9pm after taking a xanax prescribed for me due to menapause and insomnia. I woke up at 3am and I wanted to smoke my fake pot but I have smoked 4 cigs one after another. My plan is to flush the fake pot whenever I feel strong enough to do so. After I wean myself off of it of course. I am going to start going to Cellebrate Recovery and NA meetings. Cellebrate Recovery meets on Thurdays. Please don’t ever smoke this stuff. It is addictive. I will keep you posted on my efforts to recovery.

9:23 pm October 20th, 2011

I too want to quit the synthetic stuff, I use Space. I don’t have horrible side effects yet except that I want to use it all the time. I assume its the same feeling cig smokers feel. I can’t sleep if I don’t use it. I don’t think I can just quit on my own. Has anyone went to the dr and been honest about what your using and asked for help getting off? Are there any medications that might help me stop using and get some rest so I can keep my job and get off this stuff?

1:28 am October 21st, 2011

I’ve been smokin this stuff called “trip supreme” for about 11 months now and ive never loved something so much one moment, and then hate it the next. It gets me high as hell but i am literaly constantly thinking about how much i have left, how i can afford more, how i am going to get it, ect. This stuff is EXTEREMELY addicting. Ive been smokin about 5 grams a day. I long overdue am trying to quit after a panic attack i had yesterday (which was all becase i only had 1 bag left) and many health issues such as esophagagial erosion, cold sweats, rediculous sleep paterns, axiety, depression, and just being lazy as hell. All i wanted was a safe alternative to pot and i clearly found a more dangerous kind. Are ther any safe and healthy alternatives to pot?

2:39 am October 21st, 2011

Hey southern magnolia, don’t think you’ve done enough. Do society a favor and try 10 more bags. Get back to us and let us know if you think it’s unhealthy. “LOL”

11:09 am October 21st, 2011

I just wanted to leave my experience here in hopes that someone who is thinking about trying this and is doing research like i did will read it. I have done my fair share of experimenting with drugs and thought i had put all that behind me. Well I had heard abut a poss legal alternative to marijuana and thought i would give it a try, I did research on herbal incense and found out that it would get you high like weed and was totally legal. I had also found several people with very negative experiences but my thinking was “I have tried harder stuff and was fine so this cant be bad I mean its legal right?”. Well I am here to tell you how wrong i was. I smoked one bowel of it and instantly felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I was indeed very “stoned” but i instantly started freaking out. With in a few minutes I had an overwhelming feeling like something very bad was going to happen. I felt death was indeed coming soon and that everything around me was crashing down. I called my wife at work because i needed a familiar voice but that didn’t help. I cant even imagine what she was thinking because I know I had to sound insane. So my experience may be unique but if you are thinking at all about trying this please take this into consideration. I have no agenda other then to poss prevent someone trying this and having the same experience I did. I for one will never think of trying this again in fact i threw the bag I had in the woods behind my house.

1:46 pm October 21st, 2011

I would be inclined to say that it’s really up to each person if they choose to use RCs or not. I don’t want to stand in one spot and say,”…don’t do this sh*t, it’s so bad for you, etc…” when it’s not for me to say. You make up your own mind, just be careful with the chems. Same way you’d tell your buddy, “..hey man, be careful with that bayonet, point it that way…”

Those who have indulged their curiosity and pushed the dosage to the limit (or past) their own level of comfort/control are speaking from their own experiences when giving accounts of bad trips. I know they’re telling the truth about how bad it seemed at the time. I’ve had a couple mind-f*cked episodes too and lemme say, it can get a little spooky. I just did too much, but I came back down and returned to baseline.

Now as for addiction, ah, well, um jeez, it is as addictive as any other chemical, delivered into the body over a period of time, paired with the level of addictive behavior exhibited by the user. I’m not trying to be a smartass, I’m just saying that if you have an addictive personality, you can get addicted to this stuff or anything else if you let it spin out of control. But try this little test: If you absolutely swear to yourself you will not do anymore and that was the last hit you’re going to take and now you’re done and you promise no more. AND THEN later, just afterwhile, you go and unlock the bag and the pipe and all the smoking gadgets and pinch just a little bit, just to even things out, well, you might be addicted.

Some of the incense active chems are becoming banned in many jurisdictions and new ones are popping up in their place. Sometimes it’s harder to get synthetic chems than to get real ganja. So, at that point, you might ask “..Does that make any sense ? How much trouble is this sh*t really worth ?”

Anyway that’s all I wanted to say. Love if you can and don’t hate.

9:22 pm October 22nd, 2011

Yo, Im about to smoke synthetic Space Cadet FLIGHT RISK 100X AND waterer weed I’m bout to hav. 2GethEr 🙂

I’ve been using the synthetic stuff for about a gram now, ha.

Okay on the serious note for ppl reading for info on this stuff and are deciding whether to try it or are very new to smoking all together, read this:

1. Do not confuse this as “synthetic pot.” – THC is not what incense have, or CBD or most of the psychoactive compounds that are found in naturally occurring cannabis buds.

This incense is simply a various blend or junk plants that are not by themselves harmful to smoke other than the simple risk of inhaling carbon compounds produced in any smoke, that people inhale typically without an issue. The “drug” part is a sprayed solution–containing what scientists would refer to as “Junk cannabinoids” as they mimic the mainly secondary compounds of marijuana. The only synthetic form of true marijuana is a legal prescription only drug called Marinol. The tablet that dissolves in your mouth contains a chemical known as Dronabinol–This is the product of mixing two specific chemicals that only one company in the country produces and mixes properly with other steps requiring a lab setting to create the exact same Delta9-THC product, that is in a way, entirely a legal substance, but is high under prescribed….

2. Any smoke can be called a not so great thing to inhale, but some are much much worse than others. For example, a 8th grader recently hurt himself quite seriously–with the fake weed incense stuff. The Brand K2, which is among the first I tried, is absolutely disgusting….do not judge all synthetics on that junk. That needs to be smoked on a water pipe and you shouldn’t hold it in long….

There are better brands, I recommend Space Cadet and any that are green and leafy….not brown stems and actual weeds, ha. Ask the ppl at the stores that carry these items…don’t just get wat your dumb friends get.

Start slow… try a small pinch of the nicest leafy stuff and put it in a GLASS PIPE! not a metal or one hitter and definitely not in a plastic pea dispenser, like the young boy did… he’s on a list for lung transplants was what the story concluded at….he was diagnosed with “chemical burns in his lung tissues” and could have died had treatment not been as quickly administered. NEVER INHALE PLASTIC! burning plastic is almost worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day… and cigarettes kill nearly half a million Americans annually if you add up its multiple routes and functions of killing the human body.

I’m an experienced herb smoker and don’t ever smoke cigarette, I’ve had a few but not enough to say I ever smoked them. I think that you need to understand:

Marijuana is a plant, naturally occurring and in itself has never been positively linked to a single human death, not including accidents behind the wheel of dumb people who are obviously too immature to be doing this stuff anyway…. never drive on a new substance, especially when you have no tolerance and don’t know the effects of a buzz on this stuff….

Be careful, It is in my opinion a good thing, if used properly and responsibly by individuals at least 18 years of age and if quality control steps up. I wish they’d just market it as an alternative smokable substance, which would take away many of its dangers… The audience drawn to this is largely young teens, with a smaller population of experienced adults… the adults rarely have the emergency room visits or increased car insurance if you see where I’m going with this. Take the taboo away, teach kids at a younger age about these things–when old enough, tell them how it’s used responsibly, don’t just let them buy it in a shady store and end up in the OR or worse because of a simple ignorance of what being safe and responsible use is.

There’s my 2 cents.

1:05 am October 23rd, 2011

10 days of no smoking. The hot flashes and night sweats aren’t great. I get them usually, as I’ve had a hysterectomy, but they’re still bothersome. The nausea however, is a different story. I’ve lost about 13 lbs in 10 days because I still cannot eat hardly at all ( I sip soup when I can handle it) and nausea with the hot flashes too. Never done that before. I throw up all the time. im starting to get weak. Not sure if this is all tied together, but its not good. Anyone else stop smoking incense and be sick this long? The cough is gone, but still some brown gunk coming up when I get sick. I’m starting to get worried. 🙁

Southern By Grace
3:48 pm October 23rd, 2011

Yes Gemnimedic…. It has been 12 days now and I still have nausea several times a day. Still have the jitters on and off all day. I have absolutely NO appetite. I make myself eat one healthy meal a day. It usually takes me a good bit to get the meal down but I force myself to eat it all. I know I need the nutrition to heal. I feel dehydrated so I force the fluids too. You (Gemnimedic) probably should do the same. You don’t want to end up in the ER. If you do, don’t tell them about the spice because the ER visit will not be covered by your insurance. Hang in there surely this is going to start subsiding soon.

9:43 pm October 24th, 2011

Ok so far I’ve been moved by everyone’s stories I was smokin the stuff when I found this site lol. Even though I can strongly relate to everybody’s story’s I’ve been smokin for a year started post ban. I used the stuff just to relax I use 1 g a day or less depending on my mood. which is starting to get expensive now. I’ve tried ALOT of different brands. Am-mi-co, bonzi (amazing but hard to get),k2,k3,black magic,holy ghost,one-hit, tombstone, pink lotus,wicked x, mystic extreme, ect… ( had my 1st trip extreme panic attack thought I was gonna die all because I was nervouse & paranoid standing in line at a store. One of my friends jumped off a 2nd story balcony smoke this shit claimed he was hearing “the devil”. Maybe he was mental maybe it made he’s shit worse idk. Lately I’ve been giving myself excuses to buy I would crave its feeling of eutopia some days I would come take some to work and smoke at lunch the stuff is amazing used in small doses through out the day. Its starting to effect my work now taking every chance I get to sneak in a few puffs. On Days I would do without I had one physical sideeffect coughing other then that. Just mental cravings of the 30min high to relax. Today Im quitting because Im depressed and ive been abusing the fuck out of incense. Like a addict

4:41 am October 25th, 2011

I have been off of it for over three weeks now, and for the most
part I feel pretty normal again. I admit I have forced myself to
eat even when I didn’t really have an appetite. I always feel
better after eating, and it helps me to relax with a full
stomach. I also drink fluids all day long, as I know that
I was dehydrated from the detox period. I am also able to
do physical activities without getting out of breath.
My house has many trees around it, and I am out there every
couple of days raking and blowing leaves to keep my yard
looking good. I know I would not have had the energy to do
this a few weeks ago. I really feel that sharing my experiences
with others has helped me, and I hope it in turn that it has
helped others. Thanks again for listening.

4:58 pm October 25th, 2011

I started smoking MJ at 17 years old as a freshman in College. I had some issues that caused me to leave school and I ended getting a good job that prevented me from continuing my education. Well, I finally graduated from College in May of this year at 33 years old. I would light up a spliff on my way to class and and hey, I graduated Cum Laude. Number 1 in my major. Would have been Magna had I not messed up my GPA in my first run in school. Well, I am getting a promotion that will require me to have a CDL and such therefore smoking weed is not an option for me. I heard about these legal incense for years and figured hey, let me give it a shot. I bought some K2 by Kush. Opened the pack and the smell was terrific. It smelled like Wrigley’s Spearmint to me. I was so excited to finally be able to get my smoke on. The feeling of twisting up a bud is one that I missed with all my heart. I rolled up, took a hit and felt this feeling in my brain that almost felt like there was a man behind me with a feather running it ever so lightly across my cranium – from the inside. The chest pain felt like I was getting a tattoo from within. The headache was comparable to swimming in a pool with your eyes open that contained to much chlorine. The feeling of death wasn’t like I was dying, but like on the family guy when death is literally in the room with me playing Xbox looking at me like, “yeah, i’ll be with you after this game”. I was walking straight ahead in my mind but I kept hitting the wall until I realized I was actually leaning against the wall. I went to see my father in the hospital who had just had elective surgery and almost checked myself in. It took a while for those feelings to subside but eventually, I came back down. I flushed that crap down the toilet immediatly. Fast forward – 3 months later. I said ok, maybe that K2 was just too strong. I went to a different head shop and picked some stuff called “Space Cadet”. This time I rolled it up in joint paper, real thin, and took 3 small hits. No heartache or anything but I noticed my balance was completely thrown off. I felt like I needed a V8. My arm felt numb and boy was my head spinning. Now take into consideration that I have been a weed smoker from the age of 17 to the age of 33 with no lapse in smoking. Everyday, 16 years. In my 20’s we are talking about 3 times a day, good herb – not the yak. This stuff right here is not for a person who is weed smoker. Maybe a person who does hard drugs and has to stop for legal reasons. If you are person who lives by the creed, “nah, I don’t do drugs, I just smoke weed”, I would highly recommend you leave this alone. We have certain habits that we form as weed smokers. We roll blunts nice and loose for good hits. We take long pulls. We take 3 hits. We do these things because thats what weed has taught us. If you take that same habitual approach and a mindset of getting a nice afterwork, chill out and watch a movie feeling into herbal incense, you are going to hurt yourself. If you light up on the road for a nice long trip down south for a weekend, don’t be surprised when you end up in a ditch or somewhere heading towards the mid-west when you come to because this is a completely different world. **Legal Note** The package clearly states “Not Intended for Human Consumption”. So when you do smoke it and possibly kill yourself or someone else, the company who made it and the shop who sold it to you, more than likely cannot be brought up on charges. This is real talk right here from a cool ass, urban dude from NY who knows the realness about what goes on in the mind of people who just love weed and think this may be a good way to get high without getting caught out there. One…

10:20 am October 26th, 2011

I have done all sorts of drugs in the past and I never had any withdrawal symptoms……until I smoked this Herbal incense CRAP! I was always skeptical but my boyfriend tried it one day before me and he looked liked he was having fun. The next day I decided to take my first hit. White Widow from DaBrand Products. WOW. Talk about crazy! My heart racing, paranoid as a MF! However, I did not get that first high feeling ever again when I smoked it. White Widow wasnt always available. Other items we found werent as strong so we decided to hunt down the local headshop that would carry DaBrand products. They had Mind Eraser there so we tried that too. WOW AGAIN! It will definitely erase your mind! We tried other DaBrand products — kush, dabluebonic chronic, dank, ripits-mango and cotton candy. For two months him and I smoked this CRAP. Just two weeks ago we didnt have any and it was too late to go to the head shop. I couldnt sleep, hot and cold sweats, shaking, nausea, vomiting, severe congestion, cough that was horrible and headaches galore! My boyfriend and I realized I was going through withdrawals. I cried so much on top of feeling like CRAP because I was ashamed that I had put something in my body that I was withdrawaling from. I liked drugs in the past but am always smart enough to use recrerationally not abusivley. My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years and he was so worried cuz he has never seen me like that. He knew what the withdrawals symptoms were because he is a recovering addict. ( 7yrs cln from heroin) He has the addictive personality. NOT ME. His advice was to quit cold turkey. My advice to him back was no way I am going to put my body through this feeling. I was going to ween myself off and never touch it again. For me DaBrands strengths go like this: white widow is the strongest, then bluebonic chronic, dank, ripits-mango, kush, ripits-cotton candy being the weakest. I weened myself off by doing this- I bought 1 of each of the bluebonic, kush, and ripits cotton candy. I eased my withdrawals of course with the bluebonic for two days, then kush for two days and finally the ripits cotton candy. I limited my intake of each spacing them out longer each time I would smoke. By me picking the order I did and ending with the weakest product- I do not have any withdrawals. I do not feel like crap. I feel completely normal and guess what— I will never buy, smoke this CRAP again. My boyfriend on the other hand is not so good right as we speak. He is in the ER in MD with severe vomiting, he hasnt slept in 3 days or ate in 3 days, hes shaking uncontrollably, and he is having a hard time breathing. The sucky part is I’m in NC and cant be there to offer him support. He travels for work and I take care of the kids.

I can only give my experience and hope that herbal incense to be banned period! If it has these effects on inhaling through smoking –well what about if we did actually use it for its intended purpose—we still would be inhaling the smoke it puts in the air using the incense burners! cant be any different- right? I mean they say second hand smoke is worse from cigarettes. The CRAP should be banned all together and our government should realize that not legalizing marijuana is not doing any of us justice. I used to smoke weed. I havent smoked in almost a year–HOWEVER- I am for legalizing it.

Good luck to those on your adventures. Be safe and I hope the weening process I did can help someone else.

11:41 am October 26th, 2011

this stuff would always make me wig out like I was vibrating and I lost all control. the last time I smoked I collasped in the floor and laid in my own vomit for three hours until my mom came in the room and saw me. she called the ambulance and they said if she hadn’t walked in when she did I would have been dead. My pulse and blood pressure were so weak they gave me a shot of adreniline and kept me in the hospital for a few days for observation. this has been almost a month ago I feel fine now but I still have trouble recalling things and remembering conversation I hope it isn’t something I have to deal with permanently but it’s the price I paid because I thought it was cool. The point of this comment would be that just because it’s something everyone else is doing doesn’t mean you have to. The effect of these incense have no upside other than you get a buzz and even then if you health and or life worth it ? Is it worth the trouble it causes not only for yourself but for those around you ? No it isn’t and this stuff will never be completely outlawed and people will continue to purchase it. Sooner or later you’ll have an experince and I pray you reevaluate your choices and that you decide to stop before it’s too late to make that decision. I feel that I’ve got lucky I have had friends die or are in a coma or lost most of their higher cognitive function and some who have had strokes and can barely even speak now

1:35 pm October 27th, 2011

I was discussing my experiences with herbal incense with a
close friend. This is someone who tells me absolutely everything.
He quit smoking this stuff at the same time I did. He then
proceeded to tell me about something that happened to him
when we were still smoking it. He went to a local fair in a
nearby town, and while walking down the midway passed
out without warning. The next thing he knew strangers were
gathered around asking if he was all right. He said that he
told them that he had started a new medication, but that he
was o.k. He said he heard one of them say “boy he fell hard”.
I was really surprised that he hadn’t told me about this sooner.
I mean he could have died by hitting his head or from that
crap alone. I would have stopped sooner if I had known
about this. Be honest with yourself and your friends. You
could save your own or somone elses life.

6:40 pm October 27th, 2011

I have lost my mind smoking this Spice! I buy in wholesale for personal use…I swear I just wanna kill myself. Do not start smoking it for any reason other than appetite enhancement, cuz’ it does make you eat up the cupboards.

5:34 am October 28th, 2011

Ive been smoking herbal incense on and off for about a year now. I havent had any for two days and i think im feeling withdrawl symptoms. Not horrible but, every couple hourse i throw up this white foam. i havent ate in the two days, just drank water and gatorade because i have no appetite. headaches. hard time sleeping. cold sweats that come and go. But something else that ive noticed is a bad cough, grey stuff coming up with it. And then there looks like there is slimy stuff in my stool. Gross i know. but i just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the slime in stool after using this stuff. i plan on quitting. im just worried about these symptoms and im not about to go tell the dr i smoked it. Heard slime in stool could be ulcers?! sigh. wish i never got hooked on this crap.

6:01 pm October 29th, 2011

Not worth it. This drug is similar to marijuana but definatley not for smoking. It will kill your lungs and possibly give you a mental disorder. The high from marijuana is better because ut can help with nauesea. While this one inducles vomiting if yoy smoke enough. spice high makes me feel agitated and paranoid. The after effects make me feel overly tired and detatched. I would Never recommend fot any one to smoke “herbal incense” or to even smoke anything. Have some self control.

10:29 pm October 29th, 2011

i am 23 years old and began smoking this incent called ultra weekend about 8 months ago. i am not into pills or any other drugs i smoked pot on and off but never was hooked ive been in a physical contact sport since the age of 16 and have always been fairly active with positive energy.ha well here i go… my mom has noticed my use with incense go from fun to want and need within weeks of use i was told every negative effect but had no impact on me till reality slapped me in the face and slapped me fucking hard. i didnt think i was hooked but started noticing a loss of appetite and was only hungry when i smoked the shit. so i wanted to see what would happend when i stopped, heres what happend to me nasia, heat flashes, headaches, panic attacks i couldnt hold any food down for 2 days and my 200lbs muscular body had dropped to 183lbs in 3 days yes no joke i lost 17 lbs in 3 days i realized what was happening to me it was this incent shit detoxing its way out of me. im on day 6 right now from being clean and im being fucking honest im a mess from a legal FUCKING product i bought right down the road at a store. i am pretty much teaching my body to function normal again im teaching it to eat sleep, and move normally without that incense because i got so used to smoking before not asking for advice or preaching to you all to quit your gonna do what you do any way but a lil word of advise stay off the shit its not right im again a non drug user and for the last 8 months my life has revolved around an incense. i hurt my pride my family my coaches and i surely let myself go. im slowly fighting my way back to health and happieness, and i really hope some people will take this into consideration. or maybe check twice and see is you are hooked. good luck to you all and may god lead you to safe sanity.

2:22 am October 30th, 2011

I am not calling anyone a liar or anything, but I personally like the fake stuff. Been using it for 4 months now and quit for 2 days with no bad side effects. I take 1 to 2 hits at a times a day several
times. I use Mr. Bad Guy brand. Not promoting anything…just saying maybe its the blend/brand that gives ppl a bad experience. That being said..if pot were legal, I would smoke it instead.

1:23 am October 31st, 2011

Hi I’m 14… I’ve been using this stuff for about 3 weeks strait now I’ve been getting this stuff called hypnotic and blueberry… Well I have a few bad trips on it last time I use me and my friend rolled a joint and smoked the hole thing.. We were sitting on his porch waiting for our Trip to come I sat there for about 5 secs and I started get the giggles and increased laughing.(: haha then my heart started hurting and felt as if it was going to Bristol threw my chest and it began to really hurt.. Then my friend looked at me and said he thought he saollowed a criket which made me really scared and he started coughing really bad and I thought I seen him cough up blood then I thought I was in a movie and he had cancer and he was dying and I was playing the movie as this kid named micheal and I thought that this movie was based on a true story so I started bawling my eyes out. Then I looked off his pouch out in the black and i thought I saw I huge army lining up in his back yard. And then my friend looked at me an told me to get a glass of water so me bawling runs into his house were his parents were fills up a glass of water and runs back out the and gives it to his and gets on the ground and crys “please don’t die man please I love you broo!!” then boom. 11:34 it just stops and all goes back to normal.. Since that night I’ve havnt smoked.. And it’s Been a good 4 days and I have expirenced some trouble sleeping and some depression such as I just bought more felt like I really wanted it and I’m a pretty good looking kid so I talk to a bunch of girls and when I txt them I usually happy and feel flirty but lately I’ve been a dick and moppy and just don’t really care anymore..

3:28 pm October 31st, 2011

get a prescription for some heavy duty anti anxiety meds and chill out. then use amphetamines to counteract those. add meds for sleeping. add chew. adult swim.

yeah, i guess every road does lead back to mota or spice.


3:22 pm November 1st, 2011

Update: quit on the 13th of October and within the last 3-4 days have FINALLY started feeling better. My appetite is finally returning, the n/v/d has subsided thankfully. I will never, ever, ever smoke this again. I’ve started back on antidepressants/anxiety meds (ptsd, etc…) and they seem to have helped the withdrawal symptoms as well. Please, if you know anyone having problems with this, beg them to stop right now. It is extremely bad. I really believe long term effects of this stuff is real and on it’s way, for me at least. Thanks for all the replies, and for those that are struggling: it is hard, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Take care of your bodies, it’s the only one you have.

Southern By Grace
3:59 pm November 1st, 2011

To Gemnimedic.. glad to hear that you are finally doing better. I have finally got my appetite back as well. For like 2-3 weeks I had force food down at least once a day. I had become dehydrated somewhat.

That being said. A friend of ours had started smoking it about a month ago and we finally convinced him to stop smoking. Well, in the process of him stopping he started getting suicidal thoughts. That was not a good thing because he has gun safe with over 50+ guns. Luckily he has Rx for Xanies and he is coming off of the incense a little better than most of us.

And to AMANDA ….. hun if you think it is just depends on the brand name YOU are smoking….YOU are sadly mistaken. Every pack of incense that states “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTIONS” has some form of JWH or other synthetic cannabinoids in it. Do NOT let yourself be fooled just because you are not having any side effects at this time. Keep smoking and we will read your post a few months to a year from now about how it has effected your body then. Seriously if this many people are having the exact same side effects, what makes you think that YOU will be the only one that it does not effect.

4:53 pm November 1st, 2011

okay so ive been smoking this stuff for 3 years now and have breathing problems and my side teeth are broken and i was famous for my smile. in 22 yrs old and have been smoking since i was 10. ive read all these storeys and i know im addicted. When i tryed to quit it made me really angry so i gave in. it eventually made me broke and ruined my marriage. but thant god after 10 months my husbands trying to help me becuz he knows the severity of this. Ive had the cold sweets and everything. I fall asleep when i drive and all that what the hell am i thinking. Ive been cosuming more than 8 grams per day. and not to be all vein but im too beautiful for this. i need to go to the store and buy one more gram or three. A lil good news for me is that ive slowed down the last 2 effin days!!! to about 3 grams. Im ready for the throwing up and cold sweets and all that because i have gone through it before thinking i was menapasuing reaalllly early. but now i know. now i know eveything that ive been dealing with mentaly physically is all becuz of this. just one more high and im good. My husband said if im not off of this in a month or 2 im going into rehab.. im ready.. i just gotta get that gram damn …… i do know how to spell i just am in a huryy cuz i dont want my husbands friend reading my message. tell me what you think people… im a real addict please dont judge me i know im crazy and i need to stop i just had to vent to the other spice people… going to go get sonic boom! im embarrassed. but my body wants it. im sorry body!!

5:03 pm November 1st, 2011

And i cant believe thisstuff makes everyone go through withdrawls and it only last 3 daysssss. first day sucks 2 day ur scrapping bowl and looking for roaches in every corner and not the ones that crawl. why not legalize pot!!!!! this shit pisses me off even tho i cant smoke pot anymore cuz my lungs are so sensitive from smoking inscence for 3 yrs. i cant even get high from pot anymore… ive tryed but i just cant the caughing is just to much… but i tryed cuz that was the only way it helped me last years when they said they banned it DEC 24th. i was clean for about 2 or 3 weeks untill i found a gas station that sold it. god i cant believe that shit fucked up my teeth. i thought it could have been from that but really didnt want to think it was like crack or fuckin meth.but yep it isssss. hmmmmm somebody should seriously put me on tv for this so i can try to help people but i guess this website is as good as it gets….. any ways thnx for letting me tpye.. oh and i just have got to say miss nurse lady … ur addicted. u are way to interested as how i was…. ur addicted admit it lol i did

6:22 pm November 1st, 2011

hey “icky” funny, you described it perfect, i’ve been on it for two years, as of late i wake smoke all day the n go to bed, every hour to half hour im smoking., when i wake up in the morning, i puke white foam and/or black specks inside a nasty snotty type spit, i have slimy snot? in my craps, i lose my train of thought mid conversation, and a cough that wont quit. constant diarrhea i haven’t shit hard in over 6 months.

curious george
1:33 am November 2nd, 2011

I also like you guys have been smoking a long time. I started with weed got caught and couldnt smoke anymore then i found the incense, me and my buddies have been smoking it ever since we get super high and have a blast but now im worried. I want to know real medical facts about this stuff whats it doing to me? am i going to get some terminal or crippling side effect from this stuff in the long run? if anyone knows anything thats legitimate information on the negative medical side effects of this stuff i and everyone else im sure would greatly appreciate it.

5:11 am November 2nd, 2011

Southern By Grace…I never claimed to be an expert, but I have read many testimonials and I am speaking from my OWN experience. I’m sorry your friend was suicidal, but who is to say he wasn’t already? Like I said I’m NOT promoting the use of spice/incense…I am just letting my voice be heard since everyone else is putting it down. I doubt you will hear negative things from me here about it because I know when I am in my right mind enough to quit something if I feel it is having adverse effects on my body.

10:14 am November 2nd, 2011

Amanda I am not coming down on you. I am glad that you haven’t had a bad experience and I appreciate you not calling those of of us who have had bad experiences stupid ad I have seen others do on other sites. But let me tell you I am a very happy go lucky guy and the one time I tried it I felt like I was going crazy and felt like the only option was to end my life to make it stop. Luckily I am not a gun person and had my wife and son to pull me back to the light. Just be careful please. I don’t know you of course and have no clue about your experience with drugs but this can mess you up bad no matter what kinda of person you are. I just don’t want any one to have an experience like mine.

11:44 am November 3rd, 2011

I concur with the ones who said they haven’t had any bad experience. Been smoking this stuff for a year. No side effects when I don’t smoke it.

It’s either the brand (quality) or the quantity. Few hits and you don’t need anything else. Helped me actually to relax (I suffer from anxiety)

Too much of a good thing CAN turn to a bad one….just saying

2:25 pm November 3rd, 2011

@pricanlady: get help if you have to, but you need to stop; for your health and your marriage. there are free community services out there to help and if rehab is what it takes DO IT! i really had a hard time, and didnt have anyone really to help. i wanted to go to the rehab, but i couldn’t do that to my son. i stopped and after about a month FINALLY feel better. i still have some appetite loss, and watery BM, but otherwise my head is finally clear. good luck.

5:47 pm November 3rd, 2011

well its been about 2 days and have slowed down to about a gram a day. it beats 8 huh? i think im doin a lil better thanks to my husband and my 4 year old boy who i look at everyday. but one problem.. i think i caughed up some lung cartilage. im a lil scared. i give people about a 5 years of smokin this horrible stuff before they die. ill keep u wonderful ppl updated with me and my health thanks gemnimedic

9:09 pm November 3rd, 2011

I really hate to add a blog to this site, but I’ve had an experience and I’d like to know anything and everything I can in order to tell the doctors, and for my own peace of mind.

I am 21, and I started smoking weed at 16. I didn’t smoke consistently until I was 18. I’ve tried other drugs, but only once because they simply weren’t what I enjoyed, weed was. I had to stop smoking for a job almost 2 months ago, so my boyfriend bought the synthetic weed. I had never heard of it, but trusted him, and unfortunately as DUDE said, I was your typical american thinking it was safe if it was a form of herbal. We smoked 3 blunts of 3 different kinds while at the beach (2months ago) and I didn’t have any truly negative effects. I didn’t smoke it again until a little over a week later and this time he had bought Mind Eraser and put it in a blunt. I took 3 hits and within 5 minutes I was sweating, losing consciousness, my heart was pounding out of my chest, and I felt a tearing pain as if someone was ripping my heart in half slowly. I then felt my heart stop, begin to beat again, and stop, that followed with me passing out, except according to my boyfriend I was no longer breathing or with a pulse. He proceeded to blow into my mouth, and called 911, all while talking to me. I remember regaining consciousness to him saying “stay with me babe” and then i was taken to the ER. They did an EKG then and the results were normal. Against my better judgement I left after that thinking it was all in my head, just a really bad panic attack even though I have never experienced one before and I had CPR performed on me in order for me to come to.

After that evening I’ve been short of breath, chest pains all in my left side, my left should and arm hurt as if I’ve torn a muscle through them, I’m nauseaus but not to where I can’t eat. I have no tolerance for heat and keep my apartment anywhere from 60 to 68 degrees, when before this occurred I couldn’t hold heat to save my life and my hands were constantly cold, whereas now they are always sweaty or clammy. I sweat constantly and my heart will begin to beat rapidly randomly since then.

The worse part is that I tried to smoke real weed a couple of times after that and every time it made my heart increase too drastically, short of breath, chest pains, rapid increase in temperature, and involuntary shaking (extreme shaking).

I have had 2 EKGS, a sonogram on my heart, and I have been given a portable EKG to wear the last week and a half. The doctors cannot find something wrong with my heart, nor do they believe I am simply having panic attacks given the fact that I do not panic until I am in pain. I have had nothing to record on the portable EKG because I no longer smoke weed or have a tolerance to be around it even though it wasn’t what put me in the hospital. I swear though just being around it now makes me hurt and ill.

It’s been a little over a month now since I’ve smoked Mind Eraser, but the even though the effects haven’t been nearly as drastic as the evening I smoked it, they haven’t disappeared either.

I’ve spent today reading blogs and articles to find out what I can, so that I will at least be educated in order to help myself and my doctors. I have quit smoking cigarettes, weed (for 2weeks now), and I haven’t even drank a beer in 2 days. I plan to start running the 2mi around the lake I live by tomorrow, which I’ve been too frightened to do since I went to the ER.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve read about others that I can relate to, but as expected none are quite the same. I haven’t had vomiting or migraines, and I wasn’t a consistent user nor a long term user.

Please don’t respond unless it’s actually something that can help restore my peace of mind, or is useful information.

Thanks all, sorry this is so long winded- I appreciate any help given.

6:51 am November 4th, 2011

I’ve been smoking incense for about a month now and I am so scared for my life. I can’t believe I was so irresponsible in the use of this drug. I let my mother down, my sisters down.. I feel psychotic but I don’t want to admit it, I just want to be back to normal.. I’m depersonalized and I’m afraid my view of life will never be the same again. Oh my gosh quit smoking this stuff, it isn’t worth it… real talk.

12:46 pm November 4th, 2011

@ Becky….your symptoms sound to me like anxiety.

Since this stuff does increase heartbeat and if scared (you were most likely tripping) triggers reaction similar to heart attack but it’s anxiety mixed with panic attack.

I’ve had that happening on weed (when it was bad). I do suffer from anxiety.

For the record: women don’t get heart attack symptoms like men. isn’t the arm pain etc..etc..

7:23 pm November 4th, 2011

I have a friend who is now a disabled former truck driver, more than likely because of this stuff. He had a major stroke and had been buying lots of this stuff traveling cross county every week. Can you really trust the people who make it? I wouldn’t put my life in the hands of these kinds of chemists. Time to quit.

9:10 pm November 4th, 2011

My boyfriend smokes this. This stuff makes him cough up black mucus flem. It is so nasty. I am worried about him. I feel like in the future he might have some crazy disease cuz of this. A lot of his friends smoke weed so this is his alternative cuz of work purposes. When his friends that smoke weed try this they get scared they hit it too hard and start feeling really bad. I would say moderation is key. Like with anything else. Once you are grown you can’t be stopped from doing this “legal” stuff. So just becareful.

10:42 pm November 4th, 2011

I am off this shit for 6 weeks now. I know that much of what I
thought was signs of getting older were just more effects of
the incense. I feel as good now as I did before I ever touched this
crap. The only good thing that has come from the incense is
that I don’t smoke pot anymore either. I never have been a
drinker as members of my family had many problems from
alcohol in the past. I now only drink coffee and unfortunately
smoke cigarettes still. I know one thing for sure. Cigarettes
are not nearly as hard on the lungs as the incense. I now
wake up congestion free in the morning, and don’t even think
about smoking that crap anymore. Keep up the fight those of
you who are trying to quit, as it is worth it. Good luck!

12:53 am November 5th, 2011

hey DEA,FBI and President Obama and anyother person out there to get this shit outa stores. Do wut u can, you have ur proof. its harder to stop when u can get it down the street (yaya along with other drugs too). this is just like when they used to sell LSD and all that shit back in the 70s we being messed with. we r probably the ginny pigs and were all fallin for it. i dont know if anyone else has noticed but this is like AA online meetings for free but for spice and its helping really…crazy shit happening expecially with the girl who had to go to the er. i had that same expierance when i smoked 20x stingray….this is crazy ppl its not the same withdrawls as pot eff that shiz its way worse….

12:58 am November 5th, 2011

oh and anyone have nasty like gray spot mucus spit??? just want to know just in case i need a lung transplant

1:52 am November 5th, 2011

My story.. I was a weed smoker for ever but recently got put on probation so I decided to smoke spice. I had my good highs and bad highs and i finnally decided to quit a little over a month ago. My symptoms included chest pains, hot flashes, paranoia, and a few others. I just want to say to all the people saying they want to quit, just do it. It will be hard, and you wont want to do it. thats what addiction is. step back and be real with yourself. Here is a link to a story my local news did on the stuff, they found the guy that invented the stuff, and he DID NOT invent it as a high and does not appprove of it being used as such. Step back and be real with yourself guys, i will pray for you.

3:54 am November 5th, 2011

In answer to your question pricanlady, I did have the nasty gray
mucus. Sometimes it was nearly black. I have smoked cigarettes
since my teens, and never had anything like that. It does go
away when you quit I promise. I have made probably more than
my share of posts on here, but never mentioned as someone
above did that I felt as if I was going crazy. I mean not violently
or anything I just felt like I was somebody else. That in itself
sounds crazy, but that is the only way I can explain it. I am
back to the old me for the most part, and happy to be free of
that crap. I have friends who were already on anti-depressant
drugs, and it really did make them crazy and I do mean violently.
They also said that they did not hardly sleep at all and went
out roaming the streets at all hours of the night. They had
hallucinations that consisted of being attractive to
everyone. They swore that everybody was giving them “the eye”.
That is a good way to get your ass kicked or in big trouble.
I just want to share all experiences of my own and my friends,
in the event that it will help somebody out there. Thanks to all.

3:44 pm November 5th, 2011

thanx ashley ur awsome!!

2:21 am November 6th, 2011

I don’t know what you’re financial situation is but there are a few things you can do. Go to local healthfood store;
1. Quality fish oil 2x day, Carlson brand is good
2. Krill oil 2x per day
3. L -theanine per directions
4. green tea as often as you like
5. Buy cold pressed flaxseed oil from refrigerated section. Mix 2 tbls with 2 tbls of 2% cottage cheese. Mix very thoroughly. Eat 2x a day. You can put walnuts in this too.
6. If you are restless at night, can’t sleep, or sleep lightly, use melatonin.
Sounds like much but really is not.
Good luck,

5:59 am November 6th, 2011

To the quitters: stay strong! The human body has an amazing capacity for recovery.

Many thanks for sharing. Too late to save me but I sincerely hope that others will read this thread before they try synthetics.

My life changed 6 months ago in much the same way that has been described too many times. In a fit of boredom and stupidity, I decided to try this #*%! from my local head shop called relaxinol. In retrospect, a self-administered labotomy would have been a better choice. Make no mistake, this junk WILL CONSUME YOU without descrimination. On any given day, all types from business professionals and executives to laborers parade in and out of the shop trading cash for Mylar envelopes. It has become an epidemic.

I know this trash will kill me and everything I once cared about if I don’t quit. Your stories, courage and strength are inspirational.

Please don’t misconstrue. Not suicidal, just trying to manage a horrible addiction.

Sunshine State
2:29 pm November 6th, 2011

This junk will ruin you without descrimination. Wish I had the opportunity to read this blog first. Would like to see some of these comments printed as disclaimers on the Mylar envelopes.

My poison is Relaxinol. Wish I had the strength and courage that I did when I first tried this trash 6 mos ago. Hope I am not in over my head. Thought I was in control. I am a c-level exec and helped build a major national Corp/brand. Never imagined this stuff could have such terrible effects.

To the quitters: stay strong! Your courage is enspiring. The human body has an incredible capacity for recovery.

2:55 am November 7th, 2011

i use the stuff called cloud 9 n its other products like mad hatter. its no joke u can get a addicted to it! i started smoking in august like once then twice then it escalated to about 8 times a day before i realized i lost control. when i realized this i stopped but felt awful without it (i think i got a physical addiction but im no doctor) so just like any other substance abuse problem i weened my self down to 2 times a day and smoked some god made stuff 🙂 and eventually stopped Dont ever smoke this stuff 2/5 trips were really bad trips, for me it was crazy fear of getting killed by anything which was scary as hell. i never had those kind of thoughts sober or on mary jane. This is some scary dark shit that belongs in hell with the devil

1:09 am November 8th, 2011

I have been a user of almost every single drug u can think of.

I have to say, I only started using other drugs because I got in trouble and could not use MJ.

I have been an IV heroin and cocaine user…

I stopped all that shit about 6yrs ago and went back to my love of smoking weed. Marijuana maintanence, whatever.

I work in the oil industry so had to stop cause of randoms but eventually just started carrying fake piss on me.

I eventually decided to quit using drugs and started smoking incense to help, lol…

Let me tell u, I have NEVER had withdrawal symptoms from heroin like I have had from incense.

My withdrawals were accompanied with pretty extreme dehydration from work, so I think that is why mine were so intense.

Okay, let’s just say aside from the physical, yes, as well as psychological withdrawals. I felt like I was going insane. Really, I am one of those guys that has a pretty level head, aside from all the addiction issues, lol. I have never lost it on acid, eyeliner, mescaline, nothing… But incense, I Damn near lost my mind for a few days.

U dont have to take my advice but heed to my experience…

1:35 am November 8th, 2011

Mushrooms, not eyeliner…

BTW I was smoking Jamaican spirit by Maya company, bonsai, boom, all Maya products before Jamaican…

4:18 am November 9th, 2011

Ok so i have never actually tried any of this stuff or any other drugs but my husband & father of my 9mo old baby is highly addictd to it [even though he will never admit it] We have been together forever and when he was in highschool he use to smoke weed. He was always a very mellow guy & never yelled or got irrational.Then i never really had a problem with weed, my philosophy was idc what you do as long as you dont do it around me. Well that was all fine and dandy till he got pulled over and thrown in jail for being high and having a large amount of weed on him ( on the same day i found out i was pregnant with our baby boy) I dont judge but i didnt want to be that girl so i asked him to quit, without giving him an oppurtunity to say no, it was me & his child or gettin high. I thought he had done away with everthing till i caught him smokin ‘fake weed’ or whatever the real name is. He continued this stuff and wouldnt stop. He is going on a year of smoking this stuff. The past year has been the worse year of my life we have fought more due to his irrational behavior and the constant need of this substance. Im scared to death my child is going to have to grow up without his daddy in his life.My father died on Christmas when i was in the 5th grade & i never want my child to go through anything like that. He has told me he will quit millions of times but then something small sets him off (that wouldnt of even phased him before) & he heads right to his pipe & lights up.He says it helps his eating [he has a stomach olser & gets sick alot] he always looks a if he has been hit by a truck ater he smokes. Its almost a drunken high, his speech is slurred and he stumbles. Most of the time he cant remeber what he has said or done. I love hime to death & im really worried about What if? if he continues smoking this. Does anyone have ay suggestions of getting through to him? I just dont know what else to do.

High im HIgh
5:42 am November 9th, 2011

Im 17 and Ive been smoking incense for about a 4 months now. When me and my friends first stared we smoke Funkey Monkey 2x. (that probably spelt wrong) The first time i smoked it was the first time i had ever gotten high. It was like a living dream, and one of the greatest experiences of my life. We started doing it more and more and eventually my friends started to stop. I however got a 4 gram container for myself and began to smoke every night. I smoked a whole joint a night for a week straight. I smoked around 12 and would lay in bed for two hours hallucinating for about two hours then fall asleep and have the realest weirdest fucking dreams you can imagine. When you hallucinate on this it is not that you see actually objects but more that you are looking through something. But, ive only had a few serious freak outs. One was when i took about a 6th of a gram bong hit for the first time. I immediately realized it was gonna hit pretty hard and lied down in bed. At its peak i could not see anything. It was like everything went into pixels, ( i realizes this sounds stupid but it not something you describe) and was to distorted to see. Almost waves of panic/pain/fear went through my body for 20min. After a while i my field of vision narrowed to my tv, and though it was still more intense than any other high i had gotten, i was fine. The other was taking 4 hits of a joint of a brand called something swag. They guy at the head ship i bought it from (hes high as hell all the time and only pretends to look at your id) said that it was 100 times better than the fonkey monkey and that there were two more that he had that were slightly more intense than this. Its lasted about 6 hours all together and my body was numb for around a day. Its was intense hallucination to the point i couldnt see anything around me without the pain or fear. School started back 13 weeks or so ago an i smoke around half a joint of fonkey monkey 4x every day when i get home. The high last me for about 2 hours. While it is hard to find the perfect high, once you do is when it effects you in ways past just an intense high. Once i smoke, it like nothing around me matter. None of my problems, or insecurities are problems anymore and i can think clearer than i though possible. Problems i have struggled with for years, i understand without a problem. I know this sounds dumb but its hard to describe these feeling. Once i come down, i remember the solutions to my problems, and half the time what i have learned helps me, but alot of the time it dosnt. Its not that once i come down i dont belive that the decision i made right, but more that i cant remember enough of the details, and that i dont have the feeling of acceptance and understanding, I not saying im actually fucking Buddah or anything, but i honestly feel like i am. As far as with draws go i tried to cut back for a couple weeks and would only smoke every 3-4 days and i got the heat flashes and sudden mood swings. Its wasnt just being moody, but like having to set of emotions and randomly switching between them. I was myself most of the time but i would hit periods where i literally didnt give a shit about anything. I knew that i did care about my girlfriend for instance, but couldnt feel it, This is probably just going to sound like a bunch of senseless rambling but i was just typing as i though. This drug can be highly addictive physiologically. My girl friend sad that when i was on it, i seemed so much happier, but that i wasnt me, that i was a completely different person. And i dont really think about it often but im sure there are negative side affects in the body, the only noticeable ones for me, are that my piss is much clearer than normal. Generally light light yellow and after smoking the swag completely clear. It also make my bowel movements very dry and hard. Not like pellets or anything but just really hard. I hope this will help anyone considering trying this. One last note is that when i got into it on my own i tried another head shop where i though a guy was giving me deals on large amount of the herbal incense. I would get 5 three gram packets for 10$ each. I went back after i had ran out of the kind i like and he lowered the prices more. I was really just getting scammed and sold shit incense. Brand to for sure stay away from are Voodoo magic, bob marley, rush, boodah, ed hardey. I cant remember all the names but the one i would for sure recommend for a first time user is fonkey monkey 2x. Its is 30 for 4gs but the high price is worth. The other brand gave me a much lower high but increased my heart rate, whcih is normally around 75, to 120 for hours at a time. It also made my face flush and turn very red at time. Foneky monkey 4x is considerably stronger than 2x. Sorry for the rambling and type-os i hope this helps.

7:02 am November 9th, 2011


My wife can tell your story, its just not fair. This shit has become an epidemic and its pretty much behind closed doors.

Until the DEA/FDA releases some accurate info in this stuff, we just cannot know exactly what we are consuming…

The only thing I can recommend is for u to leave him, maybe not right away but eventually. U need to set boundaries for your child and you. I am not saying permanently just until he realizes what really matters in this world.

I have been through the ringer and can say, NOTHING has taken me like incense.

I could feel my mind deteriorate the substance left my body, or maybe just feel the deterioration after the affects were off.

I have never been so agg, I almost whipped, fryer to whip, two guys assess today for looking at my wife.

I am five days clean and its still affecting me..

Set some boundaries and scare the shit out of him.

2:39 pm November 9th, 2011

If your thinking about doing this, Try going with the milder stuff, I WOULD NOT EVER RECOMMEND Mind Eraser, It sent me on a wild trip, I Was watching A movie, and things started to slow down and I felt like death was creeping up on me, After that passed I calmed down and that’s when I started noticing I felt like I was out of my body like my eyes were in the wrong place, After That (Call me crazy or a Liar) I think I took control of my cat I was whispering to it and staring and it started to scratch at the places I was looking at, This is some intense Stuff so please be careful. This is more of a warning that a Review.

High im HIgh
11:42 pm November 10th, 2011

OhMyBerry, ya i get that a lot it feels like your eyes are like and inch out in front of your head haha.

3:15 am November 11th, 2011

My 20 yr old son smoked synthetic weed for about 10 days, until I figured it out- that was Monday- he was taken into protective custody, and transferred to an inpatient psychiatric facility – He is now taking Risperdol for hallucinations/paranoia – This is a kid with an IQ of 125 – hearing voices, asking me if I have any other offspring… wha? – not my son right now, I have been reading online as much as i can regarding coming off this crap- It has been at least 75 hours since his last hit – and he’s still hallucinating – this ‘legal weed’ is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS !! DON’T EVER TRY IT!! If you have any soul- pray for my son and any others in the same situation- that they have a full recovery, and no long term effects of smoking herbal marijuana !

1:48 pm November 14th, 2011

Hey everyone,

I decided to write in here today because i was looking at all the symptoms for withdrawl. You see i started smoking spice about 5 months before the JWH ban. I started with I-High, which was so potent that after 3 hits, i was unable to drive. I-High had a particular smell to it… like the smell of a smudge burning at a pow-wow.
After JWH was banned, i started smoking Mr. Smiley, Dead Man, Grim Reefer, Happy Tiger, Black Rooster, and Buddah. I’ve noticed much.
First symptoms were coughing. i was coughing up mucus, so at first i thought it was a cold. Then the mucus became infected, as i coughed out little gray and brown peices. I’ve also noticed the usual, hot and cold sweats, nausia, lack of sleep. For the past 3 weeks i have been waking up every 2 hours at night and feeling nausia. I get sick about 2 times a night. Taking a few more hits will make the sickness, anxiety, and lack of sleep go away, but only for a while. Hours later, it comes back. I also found that it has an adverse side effect on the brain too. I am A.D.D., so at first when my thoughts became cloudy, i assumed it was my medicine. But after taking my prescribed Adderall, thoughts still cloudy.
Today is day one of quitting so far. And i honestly can say i want some. Its bad for ya… but i want it.

1:54 pm November 14th, 2011

I suppose i failed to mention how often i smoke. I smoke a bowl of spice every 45 minutes.

8:25 pm November 14th, 2011

same here maybe every thirty if ive got it like that mephisto but i dont have any today cuz i dont have a ride ive got 1600 an no ride to get it this stuff sucks but i guess its whatever i also enjoyed buddah 😉 now i like lotus. i too get up at night i havent sleptmuch since i ran out. I was up untill 3 am watching movies with the hubby and woke up at 5 then 7 then 9 theni said eff it im done and just got up for the day. im writing cuz im bored wantng to smoke but i cant. tryed to quit cold turkey but descided to just slow…. down today suxxx tho im not gonna lieeee ! :/

2:14 am November 15th, 2011

i first smoked in oct 2010 because its legal.since then i ve been addicted .its been over a year now. and the effects are the same . vomiting, HUGE loss of apetite and sleep. finding myself taking a puff before going to sleep otherwise i couldnt fall sleep at all. i quit last week and its been hard. also some other effects i readon some website is pale skin and roughskin on ur forehead.
hate myself for getting into this stuff . damage already been done 🙁

10:11 pm November 15th, 2011

I am off this stuff for good, but I still am concerned with what others are going through. I know that in my case when I first started smoking the spice it seemed like wow I only need to smoke a couple hits and I am good. That quickly changes and soon it a couple hits every hour or so. That gets expensive to the point where it costs more than weed, not to mention the increased stress on your body from higher consumption. As far as the damage already being done I am proof that quitting will improve your health. There are still times when I think I would like just a hit or two, but those are few and far between now. I now get my tasks done in a more timely manner and am happier with myself. I hope that those of you who want to quit will do so. It is not that easy but is survivable. Good luck.

1:18 pm November 19th, 2011

i found this website not too long ago, this just seems like peoples experiences with spice and herb. ive been smoking herb for probably four years now, and delt with slight addiction in the past year. ive never really experiemented with anything other than herb. for the safety of knowing what im smoking. however, only about a month ago, i tried my first experiment.. “mind eraser” im not sure if anyone has heard of this (a legal form of herb) i cant find hardly anything on the internet about it. the only things ive found have been about k2. this was a form of legal synthetic, however..much different. my body didnt handle this well. i went into hallucinations.. as well as a seizure. my mind… meanless to say.. was erased, forgetting how to talk as well as, walk.. or inform the people around me i needed serious help. I now have an anxiety disorder due to this “mind eraser” i have irrational thoughts about the world and people.. and i have major sleeping problems. if i had to guess i would say im younger than most people using this site..most people my age are probably waking up from a hangover this early in the morning on a saturday. I’ve contemplated it over and over.. and i just wanted to let people know.. although, it is scary that legal substances.. K2, Mind Eraser, ect.. are not okay.. and i hope that those of you suffering addiction in whatever region get help and support from this website. i just hope that someone, anyone.. who may be thinking about trying a legal substance for the first time would maybe run across this while looking up whats exactly their going to be smoking.. i really wish i would have heard something relative to what i just typed about this substance before i tried it..i also should mention that i am seventeen years old.

5:21 am November 20th, 2011

I can tell you first hand about the dangers of these drugs. I have pushed myself to the limits with herbal incense and am now paying for it. I smoked it day and night for about 10 months. Im talking if I woke up for a glass of water in the middle of the night I would toke and go back to sleep. Now, I am having the most horrible withdrawls I have ever seen aside from the movie “Trainspotting”. Can’t sleep, vomiting, heart hurts and skips beats, pouring sweat, headache, extreme anger, tremors, and the feeling that any moment I could go into a seizure. I smoked marijuana for over 18 years nearly daily and never had this problem. I get a small prescription of xanax tommorow, and I think that will be about the only thing that can pull me through without going to the hospital. Used in moderation, incense seems harmless. There is a fine line between a nice buzz and an intense overdose trip so you have to be careful. Im not trying to be a prude, or a square, but this shit surprised me when I finally decided to quit.

9:18 am November 20th, 2011

me and my girlfriend now ex as of tonight used a blend a guy i made at home from scratch mats he got off the enternet, he opened a store and gave us huge discounts and even free bags and used coupons to get his clientel up. we were smoking atleast 5 grams a day easy in a double chamber ashcatcher. i got so additcted i was taking off early from the family buisness and she was smoking 2 grams easy at work every day not counting what she smoked at home. last sunday we smoked as usual. that night i woke up to her convulsing and and having labored breathing. she was having her first siezure brother who smoked less than us but still alot complained constantly of stomache pains.the siezure woke us up but my head stays cloudy he still has stomache issues and my nerves.. well i have none i snapped and picked a fight with a store teller tonight. as for my exgf, she went straight up psycotic tonight in front of my 7 year old niece with agitation and pulling her hair and screaming she wanted a siezure just to make time stop. not to mention the omfg im gonna dies over the last 6 months…everyone i know that has smoked this shit has had some kinda symptom, and this shit in 1 week of being clean has ripped a 4 year relationship apart. make it all illegal and legalize weed PLEASE. the nightmares, agitation, sick stomachs, crazy depressions and manic behavior this stuff causes just isn’t worth it.

9:37 am November 20th, 2011

btw hey mario, cloud 9.. u ain’t kidding, that was our norm back before the ban, pill high with a chance of heart racing omg i’m dying god if i live i’ll never do it again and that was off a quater of a blunt…. thank god its illegal now i dunno if we’d still be around if it wasn’t… we were stupid and mixed it with china a few times… that was a stroke in the making im sure… thank god i’m clean now.

9:59 am November 28th, 2011

The recent Wicked X blend has me in mental ruins, even almost 24 hours after relapsing. I can’t even hang out with my close friends, because I freak out and get paranoid and totally self-conscious. This stuff makes me such a hermit. Please do not do it.

9:40 pm November 28th, 2011

Reading this has been most informative. I am in my lower 50’s and grew up in SoCal so as you imagine I was a stoner from an early age. I quit for about 10 years since I felt illegal smoke was not worth the loss of my lifestyle for getting caught. I discovered the synthetic about 18 mo ago. I have various health condition such as painful RA and other rheumatic conditions. I daily use Oxy and I am more afraid of the addiction with that then I have been with the “spice”. I Like the fact that I can easily control my state of mind if I have over done it… eat or drink… simple way out. But, now I am on the horns of a personal dilemma. I can’t imagine going any time without it. I feel so much better when using… But, I can totally relate to scraping resin to get that last little bit. I have unfortunately found that my tolerances has gotten to the point where a months supply is now lasting a week only.( I use the strongest legal herb I can find…MindBender… I use a sneak-a-toke so I don’t waste any. I really don’t want to stop…I do however know I am missing out on a lot good and bad…Taking it I miss out on pain and get great sleep… I also miss out on clear unclouded thought processed… But I feel I experience heightened artistic abilities…I think defiantly out of the box…I am glad I have found this blog I can see where others are experiencing what I am going thru.

3:17 pm November 30th, 2011

I smoked weed for almost 50 years with no issues. After my company started random drug testing I switched to K2. Instant bliss,legal high.
Last Friday after one hit of kryptonite I went down like I was hit with a bat! Severe chest pains, left side twitching and on the edge of passing out. There is obviously no control at the lab that mixesthis stuff. Went to er and got the EKG and everything was ok. Haven’t smoked since and it has been five days No withdrawal problems yet but my chest area around my heart still hurts. I will never do incense again. It’s like Russian Roulette. You don’t know the potency even if you stick to the same brand.

5:42 pm November 30th, 2011

Getting off the spice is much harder than you would think.I was smoking a bowl whenever I could about 7gs daily. Its been a couple days and I am still craving, similar to opiates, psychological and physical addiction sucks.I have quit weed before and never had this persistent demon in head to get high off a THC substance? Synthetic drugs ie, mscontins, oxys, spice;I have found to be much harder to get off of than natural drugs that grow out of the ground(green,herion,coke).I would put spice as a backup plan if you can not get the real green, but do not use habitually. I kind of feel like a took acid last night and its wearing off. Anxiety/high blood pressure/Temperature/restless..rrrrrr

1:50 pm December 1st, 2011

I’m glad to have found this site as to I’m too embarrassed to talk about my addiction at an N/A meeting in front of people who might not understand. I’ve been smoking herbal incense for about a year and a half and all the symptoms everybody above have described i have every one of them down to the last detail. The only solution is to quit right? well it really isn’t easy, like at all, infact it’s rather difficult. The level of addiction that spice carries is unbelievably high, and to those out there who just start smoking, you really don’t know what your getting yourself into. The blend i’m smoking now and have been for the last 5 months is “diablo.” I’ve been working two shitty line cook jobs, basically working 70+ hours a week, and still managing to get high pretty much anytime i’m not working, i’m what you would call a fuctioning addict. It’s really degrading because I’m so incredibly tired of having this addiction in my life. I have trouble communicating with others, like stuttering except randomly forgetting what i was saying mid sentence, hot/cold flashes, anxiety, depression, never have money, always have mood swings, and i lost some weight. The most negative side effect that i’ve experienced would be the anxiety almost like a weight is being put on your mind, and only allowing you to operate (work, making decisions) at a certain level, so high levels of stress (cooking environment) became difficult. Despite knowing the potential of my addiction in the beginning i still chose to use, because I almost can’t help it, i don’t care about alcohol, and weed isn’t an option (probation) so this shit’s got me hooked bad. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

6:50 pm December 1st, 2011

My husband is smoking “funky monkey” and has been probably for 8 months now. He has continually gotten more & more into smoking. He smokes just about every hour of the day, and doesnt get anything accomplished, seeming to just be waiting on the next buzz. He coughs continually, & in his sleep so much that he seems to be choking. He has complained of terrible “indigestion”/pain in his chest that causes him to squat down & he gets pale. Every time I try to talk to him about what this is potentially doing to his body; he doesnt want to hear it.He did stop for a few days, twice now; but for no apparent reason goes back to it. Even though, it seems as soon as he quits smoking it his coughing stops. He does not think this is a problem or/and seems like he feels invincible. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get him to quit? I have read a lot of blogs to him & what it has done to other people but he just ignores it. PLEASE HELP

7:17 pm December 1st, 2011

side effects after chronic usage:

memory loss, restless, depression, fever, hot/cold flashes, paranoid, no motivation, agitation, vomiting, excessive coughing, back pain, muscles week, twitching,dilated pupils.
I can not think of the 20 other side effects because I have all the ones above right now.

NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:54 pm December 1st, 2011

Me and my friend started smoking this legal incense called G-13 after hearing of how awesome it was from our stoner friends. We went to our nearest valeros (gas station) and bought some. We went back to my house and smoked some of it out of a pipe. It gave us a fuzzy feeling in our heads and almost felt like we smoked some really dank bud. Later that night we went to our friend toms house which was a giant empty house, somewhere we could relax and get as fucked up as possible. Our friend brought out is 2ft bong and I immediately packed some of it and took one toke. That was all it took, one hit and I was in a different world. It was like nothing I ever experienced before. Everything got really hazy and there was minimal activity going on in my brain. I don’t remember much from that night but I remember my friend asking me if I wanted to smoke a pipe of real weed. I felt like I was being LEGITIMATELY POSSESSED to say yes to him. That’s the only word tat could come out of my mouth. Even though that was the last thing I wanted to do because I was so fucked up. All I wanted was help but I could not vocalize my thoughts. Thankfully this drug is not long lasting and I did eventually come down about an our later. Do you know that song by the red hot chili peppers “Under the Bridge”? The lyrics go
“I DON’T EVER WANNA FEEL LIKE I DID THAT DAY”. Against my better judgement we kept smoking it because it was cheap and available. This was a mistake, although I haven’t had any bad experiences like the first time when I did eventually stop smoking it the withdrawal symptoms were so that my parents could easily tell what I was going though. I didn’t eat more than a couple bites over a week long period.
This stuff is DANGEROUS DON’T KID YOURSELF, LIKE I DID. If you are smoking this stuff do yourself a favor and stop. What you are about to experience when you do will turn you off the legal sit forever.

11:29 am December 2nd, 2011

Tim- find a local Mental Health Clinic or Doc that has experience with this crap…. my son was involuntarily checked in to an inpatient facility for 10 days by his probation officer for his own protection.. they gave him resperdone to help with the hallucinations/paranoia – he is clean about 14 days now and looking for a job…. there is always help, just keep looking…. he tried the stuff because of probation also… maybe even tell your P.O. – they would be able to direct you to the correct place for assistance.. do not be ashamed about your situation, be proud that you recognize it’s hurting your future and want to QUIT !! Take advantage of any help you are offerred, and remember, if you didn’t want help, you wouldn’t have taken the time to look it up online, find this website, and share your story… it gets better buddy – don’t let it keep you from really enjoying life ! *Love Life* I’m rootin for ya !

7:44 am December 3rd, 2011

Like anything used in excess, these products can be harmful, and boy did I abuse. Im having experiences similar to Tim and Jon.

Originally MJ user for 10 years with little to no problems. Except legality of course.

Daily user of incense blends for about 1 year now. Started off light occasional use and just enjoying the feeling of getting high again since I quit for work. It was intenst my first time trying a fat bowl of Mr. Nice Guy with no forewarning. I have had bad trips on a variety of blends, all of which would subside after calming self. Heart racing like a heart attack yes, but no ER call. Cant say I had any overpowering hallucinations or anything.

As my tolerance built, it quickly turned into a 2-4 gram per day habit smoking any chance I could. I was sneaking around my girlfriend of 5 years. Wake up in middle of night and sneak out for a toke. Spending all available funds and energy in smoking and aquiring incense.

Several months ago I started noticing symtpoms of the heavy use. I ignored it at first, but eventually you cant ignore the insomnia, cold sweats, nausea, coughing, cloudyness, lack of appetite, diaherria, weight loss. Doctor ran some blood and urine tests and nothing came up irregular at the time except for high bloodpressure. (sorry for lack of specifics here) No matter how much I smoke, I never seem to catch that high again like I used to. Tolerance builds quick.

I decided to quit cold turkey 2 days ago. Tired of the crap. The withdrawl symptoms have been AWEFUL! Hoping they fade in the next few days. They are currently incomnia, sore muscles, cloudyness in though process, headaches, TOTAL loss of appetite (I’ve barely eaten), constipation, sweats, chills, and more chills.

Please read the posts above. Wish I had done my research more before trying first time… Hope I did not cause any permanent damage. If not used in excess I hope these blends dont cause any ill effects. But I have to stay away from them because 1 hit turns into 1 bowl turns into 1 gram really quickly. I did attend a N/A meeting for the first time tonight, and we’re not alone out there. I will update my post once withdrawl subsides.

9:28 pm December 4th, 2011

Woot Woot to you Andrew… and yes all you readers… believe it *YOU ARE NOT ALONE* !

7:33 pm December 5th, 2011

Eliza– Did you ever come off feeling like shit long term from Mind Eraser?

Johnny Smokes
1:39 am December 6th, 2011

I am very familiar with DIABLO ( packaged with a flaming skull on the front and a white backing with barcode and ingredients). I would think it is probably one of the strongest out there ,giving a strong indica body buzz.

I used a good detox drink ( flush-out) by CHAMP and it significantly stopped the addiction “craving”. I would try that first, before a self turn-in to anyone.

Natural only
4:42 am December 6th, 2011

I posted a reply but it was removed…that’s odd. Well this stuff is poison, and I’m a month clean and I feel better than I did a month ago at this time. Please stay far away from herbal incense. I remember last summer it was so fun getting high and then I became a totally different person. I think I can relate to crack heads now…well not entirely but the addiction is something I have never experienced before.

5:24 am December 6th, 2011

I had a seizure today read my last blogs

5:26 am December 6th, 2011

been smoking for about 3 years now i gave people a 5 year limit to survive and i was right i almost died today in walgreens in front my 4 year old. its honestly poison pls stop im 22 years old.

5:28 am December 6th, 2011

i also quit cold ham about a week ago

5:44 am December 6th, 2011

WWWOOOOWWW so now we all know seizureS are common with this drug. now people r waiting for the day. it will happen. THE QUESTION IS WHEN. im home alone tonight with my 4 year old while my husband is at the station/ base. im scared after reading cynthias blog. im so sorry that happend i hope god puts me in his hands tonight.



5:46 am December 6th, 2011

Good to report that today is my first “clear headed” day without the slew of withdraw symptoms. 5 full days clean. I fully expect another week before I feel like a normal person again; whatever that is… Hopefully I will be up to eating something tomorrow. Also, doctor visit scheduled for Friday. Time to come clean to my doctor about my use for over a year and and check for any long term effects. Ill post update if doctor visit provides any useful information.

Stop as soon as you can please. It gets out of control way too fast. There’s ALOT of us out there. This drug was way too convenient and available to not be widespread. And the inability to drug screen initially….


pricanlady, I hope you and others are able to find the help that you need.

8:41 pm December 6th, 2011

update: It took all the courage i had in me to finally come to terms with this and i told my parents this morning, my moms taking me to the doctors in the morning, i’m excited and relieved at the same time. I’ve decided from this point on getting high isn’t for me, i’m the type of person who can’t use drugs recreationally, it’s either all or nothing. But seriously this stuff is disgusting, its taken me to a really dark place mentally and physically. So far its been about 24 hours since i’ve smoked last, respectively and yes the withdrawl is hell but im gonna stick with it because i want a future for myself.I’m praying for everybody out there that’s struggling with addiction because it really is terrible to have to go through. I’m gonna beat this addiction, mark my words.

10:14 am December 8th, 2011

On paper, been smokin diablo 9 months. For a while i was smokin diablo a pack a day. I smoked it a pack a day because it hella fucked me up and feels great. I decided it was too expensive and stopped. No withdrawls other than i wanted to get high. Honestly if
Your haveig cravings, then you’re an addict.use somthing else to get high. Take a xanax. Drink some beer. The high doesnt last long, thats why people smoke in such short intervals. No physical addiction. Period.
The shit is STRONG. Increases heart rate. Can cause panic attacks if you have no tolerance. I did get diarreah though. After i stopped buying so much my tolerance went waaaay down. A pack lasts me like 3 weeks now. A little pinch will get me high for a really long time and i cant even hold it in otherwise ill get too high

Just In Time
12:55 am December 9th, 2011

pot smoker for 15 + years
switch to herbal based on some friends advice
smoked for 2.5 months but got up to smoking alllll day long.

Hit some UltraWeekend X2. 3 puffs.
Puked and deficated 10 minutes later, couldn’t reach the phone to call for help.

made it. Felt ‘gritty’ the next day and missed work since I couldn’t focus long enough to add numbes much less perform at my job.

Got some weed and it helped ease me out over the next week of withdrawl. No hallucinations, but all the other symptoms are spot on for me.

makes me so mad that I was sold on the pipe dream of a ‘legal high using natural herbs’. I’m so dumb to fall for that…… Just not stupid enough to stay down, thank you Jesus.

Mostly, I wanted to thank you all for sharring your stories. So much dis-information out there, not to mention how incredibly hard it is to find information in general on herb essence.

So thank you all for helping me to see how dangerous that was,

3:02 am December 9th, 2011

It has been a while since I last posted on here. I have been off of this stuff for several months now, and am really back to normal. I said before that after several months of abuse you just don’t feel like the same person. I had completely different thought processes with far less coping mechanisms than normal. It starts out like a potent form of marijuana that you don’t have to smoke much of. Tolerance quickly builds up and it is more like crack, costing more money and making you feel like a crackhead. It is great to quit and the old self does return. Good luck to those who are trying to quit. It is worth it.

Natural only
12:37 am December 10th, 2011

It really does make you feel like a crack head. The after effects would linger for days. Just in time I had the same issues at work with concentration and the most simple tasks would seem like I was working out the theory of relativity or something. This stuff destroys your mind and I lost all interest in intercourse as well. My libido has always been high, but this poison almost reduced me to a walking zombie. I thank God that I made it through the whole ordeal and can live to tell others about my experience.

your so swag
8:41 pm December 10th, 2011

I see no harm in the incense other than the people who take it home and go crazy and throw down a whole 1.5 in a hour or whatever. After a while the effects lessen and the time you are high lessens unless you smoke like a few hits a day. In my case weed cannot be found in my system or im hurt -_-, that being said Im 18 been on this stuff for almost 2 years and nothing has gone down the drain as far as mentality and physical strength. I have had the paranoid death thoughts but that was my first time I ever tried it. Herbal incense just have not been the same since they banned Spike Diamond and Spike Max off shelves.Ive burned so many brands id need 5 hands to count them all up and NONE of them hit me like the Spike herbal incense ever hit me. It had me and my buddys in a room just stung out after 2 big rips for what felt like 2 or 3 hours of just being…what we can definetly call,stoned.

your so swag
8:49 pm December 10th, 2011

Like my local head shop guy says about every kind of incense i ask about. It hits EVERYBODY different no matter what because its basically a chemical in some leaves and shit. You also cant distinguish who smokes it either, i went into my head shop the other day and saw this one girl i graduated with buying 2 packs of green cobra(GREAT STUFF) and she was a straight A student through her 4 years of highschool, finished ranked #1 in our school as far as gpa goes. Like i was saying anyways, I just think this incense will do different negative effects to everybody if any occur. Just dont smoke a whole bunch in a hour and end up like this kid i saw on youtube in the back of a cop car freaking out and laughing and going crazy. They interpereted he was high on meth until he finally gathered up the sense to let them know what it was

10:31 pm December 10th, 2011

Any long-time spice smokers feel like their teeth are falling out?

12:18 pm December 11th, 2011

For the NEWBIES who are smoking any INCENSE like DIABLO, etc..

Just take 2 small hits, the best way to smoke this stuff is to just take a hit, chill for a couple of minutes to see if you feel it, if you SLIGHTLY feel it, just take another hit, and you’re solid, no need to feel death and all that jolly stuff, just be smarter than what you are smoking.

And stop worrying about all this, the more you read the more you’re going to freak yourself out, you may think “yeah I forgot about it” so it won’t bother, but really, it is in the back of your mind, in your sub-concious thoughts.

Just chill, relax, smoke, and maintain!

3:52 pm December 11th, 2011

I’ve never felt like a crack head throughout my many years of marijuana smoking, but this crack head is exactly how I felt. I’ve never fiend-ed for anything before. But once I was up to a pack a day of Bonzai or Madd Hatter or Maya or Head Trip or Diamond Extreme, i was hooked.

Diablo, I truly hope you have a better experience than the rest of us. I don’t want anyone to go through what I did; that’s why I’m sharing here. I too had diarrhea for MONTHS and I just denied the fact that it due to my heavy using. As well as the drop in intimate activity with my spouse due to me isolating and hiding my increasing usage. I knew I shouldn’t be smoking that much, but still continued like that for 4 months.

I guess anything done in excess is not good for you, and as with Tim I now know that with things like this its either all or nothing for me so I’m staying away. Best of luck to everyone!!! If you are not currently abusing this stuff or just doing some research, then stop smoking or be EXTRA mindful or your tolerance and consumption. Once you see yourself picking up the pace, and your wallet will let you know, SLOW DOWN. POST HERE. Here to help if I can.

3:38 am December 12th, 2011

update:since my seizure, ive stopped of course who wouldnt after that. but now i have a problem controlling my angeri have these epoisodes where if something adjitates me i loose it and i hit things and scream and yell i cant controll my anger. I know its like a 4 year old but i cant seem to stop!!!!!!!!!! im happy im sober but now its affecting my relationship with my husband. i felt better when i was smokin cuz i was alot calmer, but i WONT go back to it. but now ive gotta go to the doctor tomorrow so i can find out how to controll these crazy epoisodes im having. i cant explain it other than i might have depression or im bipolar since it runs in my family and i used to take medication for it but stopped last year bcuz my husband thought the problem was just in my head( boink) and i could control it. gosh i just wanna be normal. maybe if i say that smoking helped maybe i could get medical marijuana then a xanex. i hate pills counseling doesn’t work for me either cuz all they wanna do is talk about there life for an hour so they can still get paid ! oh and i forget things more easily and i say things that are so random outa no where like i saw a hand print on the wall or i like whoppers from BK right after. i hope medication or something can help me. but i think my brains to far gone. i can be nice. if you looked at me i wouldnt come off as a crazy person im worried but at least i quit cuz it is like crack

9:11 am December 12th, 2011

I’m so glad all of you are still alive, and have come here to share your stories. A big THANK YOU to Ashley for providing much-needed hope. It’s been two weeks since I broke my bowl, and I just know I won’t ever touch the shit again, as I wouldn’t survive one more hit, since these “2nd generation blends” send me into instant psychotic-suicidal desires. I feel 1000000x better, in my head, and do not have weird headaches or anything. Thank god. that had me really worried!

“Jason” on another thread noticed that these terrible symptoms are/were popping up with these “2nd generation blends,” but I believe the entire thing has had a profound effect on me. I feel ashamed for doing them anyway, I take full responsibility. Although I was raised to not care what’s in products on store shelves/read & explore ingredients, I knew better after learning it was “sprayed with chemicals” and not “a mixture of herbs”.

Good luck to everyone on here. I wish you all the VERY BEST! Just stop doing the shit, and return to the natural. Risk your job!!! It’s not worth it!!!!

1:26 am December 15th, 2011

Codyw i think that was nice for you to say those things to the others who were like us. I think that this blog page helped me in some way. Its like its support even tho none of you are here with me… thank you for helping me. ive come along way its a miracle im alive today. really… Even tho i now have to actually deal with my bipolar. im glad im alive and now i have to learn how to control my anger but i feel much better im having a normal moment right now lol thanks alot guys really u helped me. u helped me save my life.

5:07 am December 16th, 2011

ok i’ve posted before, but here’s my 2 and a half year story. and my near death experience.

it started going to a head shop to get my first pipe, “whats that?” i said instantly drawn to it. big package for 30 i wonder what it does….”oh its like pot” he says. i believed him. that’s when my 2 and a half year addiction begin. within 6 months i was kicked out of my home. at age 18, no car no college. only my life savings. and the savings of those foolish enough to GIVE me money, i never offered to pay it back or stole to get it but between me and others $1000+ a month, and if i could sell it i sold it. except my tv bed couch neccecitys and computer, thank god. by the time super kush came out, after the jwh ban…oh god how i wish the jwh ban was the end, i was at about 1g a day of the most potent shit.

every high until the jwh ban fucked me up bad, heart racing, sweating like crazy, “oh god, if i live through this one i swear, i’ll never smoke this shit again”…of course 30 minutes to an hour later…back to the pipe.

i was put in an institution because the cops stopped me for walking and i foolishly thought i lived in a country with free speech and told the officer if he touched me again i’d take him out.” still pissy on that one, 7 days in a mental hospital, they said in two days i’d be out illegally drugged me, i was calm, and did not want it. they changed my doctor 3 times, and the 5th day i gave my newest doc an either or option, “either you stay and be my fucking doctor, or i’m not going to try anymore, and when that happens you better have fucking eyes in the back of your head.” he said why are you angry at me, “you’re my 3rd fucking doctor in 5 days.” well i got out on the 7th day and lasted a week, then hit the pipe when a friend came over.

5:07 am December 16th, 2011

back to addiction, i swept through demon, super kush, green cobra and many many more brands easily 20, i then tried this shit called lights out. omg 1 hit fucked up every time…for a couple weeks, then i started smoking 3 grams or more a day. at 37 a 3g. then the chemical switched and i had to pay 1 dollar more for 3g of rush.

i blew all my money, my collection of video games 3000+ dollars worth of xbox 360 games let alone the previous systems and games.

well now its the 4th day of quitting and after getting addicted twice for year stretches, i’ve decided to never touch it again…now are you ready for the part that’ll make you put down that pipe, and promptly throw all of it out, and probably make you a little pissed at your head shop owner.

i was told it was safe. i was told its an all natural herb, well when you’re addicted you don’t pay attention to shit, my stomach hurt so bad for 3 days, i smoked the pain away, my craps became loose then turned to a snotty slimy diarrhea.

i was puking and coughing up resin, that’s exactly what it is, your lungs are absolutely covered in resin. think about how nasty your pipe looks after 3-6 grams of incense comparatively to pot, now imagine your lungs with that liquid resin.

i had heart pain, chest pain, and the right side of my chest hurt opposite of my heart, my lungs began to feel like i was not actually breathing in oxygen, i was out of breathe constantly, i caused many family problems, kicked in my locked door then punched a window while on it and severed my artery in my right hand, my grandma luckily was dropping me off, came rushing in said we have to go check it out at the hospital after she wrapped it up, i jumped out of the car mid way there. because i didn’t want to wait at the ER forever. i walked with a blood soaked full size towel through the middle of town to my grandfathers store, my grandmother horrified. nobody stopped me and a said do you need help nothing. i walked in and opened the towel to show my grandpa and blood squirted out all over the cash register, then i started puking, the next thing i remember is him yelling at me in tears “you’re dying god dammit” and calling the 911, then getting up to walk to the paramedics, and joking with them in the ambulance about how i’m the new Frankenstein and i watched as the paramedic eyes watered, but kept joking to try and make it better.

the next thing that happened fucked me up bad…i do not know for sure it was a vision, but in the hallucination/vision, i saw Jesus, or god or whatever in a white robe to the left of a man in a black robe who were discussing me, whether to take me, and i knew it, but i wasn’t afraid, it was so peaceful, imagine no fear, no anxiety, perfectly content. no needs, nothing, with a light not overly bright because the source seemed to be behind the figures, then i didn’t hear but more felt, knew what was being said, its not your time, and when i awoke i was sitting in a chair and directly in front of me was a clock, and my dad to the left, then i was seen by a doctor who sowed the outer skin together, the paramedic had apparently at some point stitched the vein but he showed me it and i watched as he stitched it up, he said i was lucky because had i hit 1mm farther i would of cut the tendon, i did cut the tendon sheath.

then i hit the smoke and i hit it hard, when i tried to redraw my vision/hallucination i cried hysterically, unable to draw more than a basic outline. and before this event i was not religious one bit, all i know now is that when i go, they’ll be waiting.

the way i took it was that the white robed man stood for the good I’ve done, and the black robed man was the evil. the left was only taller by a bit. which meant to me, if i keep fucking up, ima go to hell, and not experience the perfect content i felt during the vision/dream whatever.

4 days ago i quit, the first two days i couldn’t eat much, bread and bland food, then the 3rd i got some appetite back the 4th I’m all good, and ill never touch that fucking shit again, I’d advise you to do the same. it caused health and family problems, and completely changed me while i was on it, i was constantly self conscious, never wanting to do anything. always felt like everybody was watching me. when i would walk at some points it felt like i just dropped to the ground but my legs were still there, like intense anxiety. please do not start this for you’re family’s sake if not for yours.

5:14 am December 16th, 2011

oh and when i told my head shop owner i quit, because i owed him 2 dollars and i said “sorry i couldn’t get it down sooner, i’ve been sick from quitting this shit”, and he replied “yeah right whatever”

thats today on the 4th day, i almost knocked him out.

because im no longer filling his pocket, he has to act like an ass? argg.

2:02 am December 17th, 2011

ive been smokeing Zombie Matter, for almost a year now. iv realized that i am addicted to it. when i have it (which is all the time if i can pay for it.) i smoke it all the time. as soon as the high wears off i need to smoke more. when i dont have it i get sick.. i get very cold then very hot, my tummy hurts, i get naueated. its all not a pretty picture. i also cough up mucas with bits of black stuff in it, my stool is light brown, and if i dont smoke it i dont get hungry.= not normal!!!!! the sad thing is i care so much about the high that as long as im high i dont care. i dont even care about food anymore i just want my zombie. this shit has changed me, im not who i used to be at all. im less smart,iv lied to my parents to get money for zombie, almost stole somthing from my father, but i didnt. i never would have thought about stealing or lieing to my parents. i love/respect/ them to much.and i dont want to dissapoint them. but i love zombie too..strongly.Altogether it made me into a zombie. it fuckd with my health, my relationship with my parents(i spent more time with my bowl than with my parents which is not normal for me), i lost my job, i never wanna do anything, its put me into a depression.which i didnt even think depression was real untill i felt it.But the worst part is all my friends smoke it too. mostly bc of me having it and them relizing that they like it, so now they smoke it too. i drugd them down with me and i didnt even know it. i didnt understand how some one could become adicted to somthing. BUT ITS SO EASY!!! its also crazy expencive, even when i had a job, all my money when to was gas an d zombie, i saved no money, the only reason i dont have it now is bc i have no money to my name. yes i will buy it agian thats how bad its got me. i know its hurting me, and ill buy it agian. i hate myself for saying that im hurting my family as much as my self. but i cant let it go thats how bad this shit is. just stay away. dont self destruct like me. i dont think i will ever b the same.

3:24 am December 18th, 2011

I started smokin (stuk) a mr nice guy product about 4 months ago and since then I swear this has ruined my entire gastrointestinal track system… I’m going back to all natural…. it really needs to band and legalize weed..

5:08 am December 20th, 2011

@Ricky. Wow just reading everything you had to say represents a mirrored image of myself about a month ago. I totally understand everything you went through and just reading and re-reading your story breaks my heart. I’m so happy that you made it through this addiction and that your alive! Fortunately for myself I got out of it before things got as bad as they did for you, i’m so sorry that you had to go through this, you have no idea. I too explained to my head shop owner (that sold me a bag every single day) that not only had i concluded that I was going to dye from this substance but that It was nearly impossible for me to stop and stupidly expecting some sentimental response from him, he sat there and fucking laughed at me so I understand the psychological pain you experienced with that situation alone. I can truly say that in the last month my life has completely changed in a positive way, I’ve saved thousands of dollars, gained a lot of true friends and reunited with most of my old true (non using) friends and it really is amazing. Addiction in general is a terrible thing and recently I’ve been trying to discover the root of why I was using drugs to that extent in the first place and I’ve yet to come up with a solution. Unfortunately I’m at the point now where i’m bordering on suicide and I think about going back to drugs, not necessarily spice, but it’s entirely because there is something missing in my life, a void, and I’ve yet to figure it out. I know drugs are not the answer and will only make matters worse, but something inside of me is making me hold on and hang in there. Ultimately your family and your true friends love you and want the best for you. Once again I’m just very happy for you Ricky that you made it out of that. Stay strong, thing’s will only improve for you, and that’s a promise. Best regard’s to you and to everybody.

5:20 am December 20th, 2011

@Emily (sorry for the double post) but I wanted to openly help two different people based off two different posts. The very last sentence you wrote, “i dont think i will ever b the same” I too thought the exact same thing but let me ensure you that if you can find the strength and courage to quit and I’m positive you will that you will return back to your old self. This mentality of thinking entirely contributes to you wanting to use again because you think you’re already so fucked that what’s the point in even stopping at this point, correct me if i’m wrong? That’s the drug controlling you and deep down you know you’re a good person and are perfectly capable of stopping. The way I look at it is, If I was able to stop using this highly addictive substance, anybody can do it. After reading what Ricky went through, his story alone should enforce you to want to stop what your doing. At this point I realize that eventually the addict will come to terms with themselves and realize they’ve had enough. I know you can make it through this Emily because based off your post, it’s pretty clear that your a loving caring person that has a lot to offer to the world. Stay strong I know you’ll be okay.

7:50 am December 20th, 2011

pricanlady, i hope you’re doing well, and staying off the synthetic, for yourself and your little one(s). Tim is right!!! We can change, even though we had gotten to a point where it seemed the damage was permanent. But we have to make the first step. The first step is QUITTING. YOU HAVE TO QUIT. TRUST ME. YOU WILL REALIZE IT. I purposely broke two bowls, at different times. And the saving money part is REALLY NICE. The damage we have done does not seem to be permanent. My addictions counselor (who has a LOT of experience with synthetic) told me my neural pathways “are rebuilding”. She also said if you’re going to smoke the synthetic blends, “you may as well be huffing cans in Wal-Mart,” because it “cinges your brain’s nerve endings.” Please. Just take the time to heal. do it for yourself. You only have THE WORLD to gain. It’s been a little over 3 weeks now since I quit, and I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Break your bowl if you have to. Please.

4:41 am December 21st, 2011

Emily you must not give up. You are too young to be caught in this trap of deceit. Think about the people who create “zombie matter” and what they have done. Do not give them or anyone else who creates this crap your money. It sounds like you have a very good relationship with your parents, know it will be hard to talk to them about this but maybe you can. You are pointed in the right direction but need to keep moving. You can be the same again. Please do not buy this stuff, no matter how much you think you need it do not buy it. Tell yourself every hour of every day that you do not need it and you will not succumb to these temporary cravings anymore. Take up a new hobby. Something new that interest you. Do it when you have these cravings, you just need to get past a week or two and things will clear up. You cannot go on like this forever and you know it, be positive and don’t give up!

11:31 pm December 21st, 2011

I smoked weed a few times in my life, but stopped once junior year rolled around this year and I had to do a lot more work. Now, it is winter break, so I decided to go to a party at my friend’s house with a few other guys. We couldn’t get any regular weed in time, well, not enough of it at least. We had about a nick of regular natural weed, and a lot more of some legal incense in Georgia called “On Point”. We went out for the first round and I smoked a very tiny hit of the legal stuff along with a nice long drag of the natural weed. Then we went back inside and were chillin and I was fairly buzzed. The second time around, I finished off the regular stuff with another of the guys and took 2 small hits of On Point. I was pretty high by this point and laughing up a storm while watching Sucker Punch and explaining all the trippy stuff happening. Then, we made the mistake of going out a third time. I took 3 moderate drags of On Point and began to walk inside and one of my friends made a fairly funny joke and I began laughing hysterically. I then layed back down to watch Inception and found myself shivering. Granted, it was cold outside, but after thirty minutes of laying in the warm room under a blanket, I was still shaking uncontrollably. Paranoia quickly swept in as I reached for my heart every time I wasn’t drinking water. My heart was racing BADLY and I turned to my friend and told him I thought I was about to die. The whole room was shaking and I couldn’t focus on what is normally my favorite movie to save my life. I spilled water on myself because my depth perception was so off I couldn’t tell when it was close to my mouth and I was shaking. I once smoked a gram and a half of natural weed out of a gravity bong and was stoned out of my mind, but it was an amazing feeling. This was totally different, and I definitely recommend sticking to regular stuff

9:25 pm December 23rd, 2011

I recommend moving to Colorado or something. This stuff right here is exactly the reason why marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana opens your mind to new ideas and lets you appreciate the little things more than you ever have without THC (and it makes me a pool shark.) Take such a great thing away and this is what happens. An awesome new legal drug that scares people half to death and can do some damage. WHATS Up AMERICA!!!!!! We can trip, vomit, shiver, feel like your gonna die but we can’t just kick back and bite into a McDouble? Not if the government doesn’t make money off of it apparently.

2:30 am December 24th, 2011

im 31… been smoking marijuana since I was 13… hard drugs in my youth, but nothing (not even alcohol for the last 5 years) just marijuana. – I tried some legal incense smoke last night because I ran into an old friend who was on probation, and he rolled some up,


okay, its nothing like a marijuana high… rapid heart beat, inability to form complete sentences or even have the desire to speak, sinking feeling of impending catastrophe, shortness of breath… etc.

when I woke up, I felt disconnected most of the day today… but the most ALARMING thing was about 10 minutes after I smoked it I got this really bad aftertaste in my mouth, and it felt like I had burned my tongue. I got something to drink but it made it WORSE, like some weird residue had coated my mouth and throat. – since then the aftertaste has been overpowering, brushing my teeth doesn’t help, drinking fluids doesn’t help, mints don’t help… I have been stuck with this terrible aftertaste for 27 hours now, and im worried I have damaged my taste buds.

I have no reason to quit smoking marijuana, and im GLAD. I only smoke once or twice a week, have a job that doesn’t drug test, and generally maintain myself well… I wished I had never picked even tried the legal crap, after reading these and other testimonies, I am SURE that I will never smoke it again, even though most of the ‘side effects’ were supposedly normal the first 1-2 times you try it… I have no desire to ever smoke any again, and only hope my taste buds are not forever ruined.

12:12 am December 26th, 2011

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with smoking this garbage. I was a pot smoker for years and somehow got addicted to this incense. I can so relate to many of your feelings. When I first started smoking it, I actually liked it. It made me a house cleaning machine. As time went on it began to have the opposite effect. I didn’t feel like doing anything but vegging out after I smoked it. And then there’s the money. Every dime I can get my hands on goes to it and it goes quickly then I’m depressed again. I’ve fought addictions my whole life but this one is awful. That horrible cough is driving me nuts. It’s tough because even though the high lasts only a few minutes, those few minutes of dulling my depression seems worth it but it’s not. I pray that all of you that want to kick it can do so. I just know I have to or a totally ruined life will be my result. I don’t want to do that to my family. I suppose if I want to ruin my life I have that right. What I don’t have the right to do is drag three innocent people down with me. Thank you.

7:38 am December 26th, 2011

i smoke the best spice 3 grams 10 dollers get you filling like your goin to die every time you smoke it if you only smoke that bag stuff this is way better

9:07 pm December 26th, 2011

I think this stuff is for occasional smokes…The weekend smoker as I would say. I also got very addicted to this stuff and lied and stole for the money to get what I could. My friends also smoke it which makes it difficult to stop. As a weed smoker you automatically feel like you gotta take the biggest rip possible.DONT. specially for a first time use. Take a one hitter or chillum and use that if your truly addicted to slow your roll. Ive never felt like i wanna die or anything. I used to smoke fat bowls of Spike Diamond and Spike Max when it was legal haha. That stuff is fucking crazy! anyways I can smoke a blunt of higg quality spice now and be high like i was off weed just not as fun. and not as tasty :(. I love this spice shit and it sucks. I usually just buy a 1.5 of green cobra and a half oz of some good buds and smoke a little bud and then smoke a tiny puff of spice and man its a good good high. I dont recommend it but thats just me. As far as what you hear about spice, its all true. I dont see it harming me mentally or physically because i graduated from high school, im still working out and still going strong with my communication skills. I can go through the day without it but before i go to bed i like to take a small hit or a small hit here and there when im at the house doin chores and stuff just to keep my brain entertained. This stuff will stone you out leaving your brain empty in a daze having you staring at whatever in a trance. It will have you waking up in the middle of the night because you just gotta have that hit. It will give you withdrawels. It will make you feel like shit at times and possibly all the time depending on the user. If you smoke spice people DO look at you and say WTF is wrong with you for smoking that shit? trust me its the absolute most awkward/bad feeling ever hearing that. It will make you do things without even realizing, little things like, your just sitting there and you reach over to move your keys aside for no reason, then getting up to go drive somewhere and not knowing where the hell your keys are. trust me on that. I cant sit here and say its good for you and this and that because I know its not. I still continue to puff the stuff anyways because im 18, i have a job to support myself and im not smoking it like some fiend anymore and thats the way to smoke spice. Its not meant for human consumption. In my opinion im not gonna say dont go smoke this, i will say dont get addicted to it like I was for a month or two. The hazey feeling of spice is when your smoking bowl by bowl by bowl all day everyday, you just cannot operate normally not even on a good nights rest if your able to get that. Im done typing because I could write a book with my report haha. I DO love this high when im drunk though…phewy man take a hit of this when your weeble wobblin and youll be havin a great time, i dont reccomend getting drunk and smoking spice if you cant even handle a bowl of it without alchohol.

9:13 pm December 26th, 2011

I forgot to mention I used to go through 3.5 gram bags in less than 24 hours of purchase and a new smoker that would last them like…a week atleast maybe less. Its a costly game just like any other thing out there you need when you run out. Id say when i was actually addicted to it i would run through an easy $90-120 a week. Over the two months i was truly addicted to this stuff i spent a minimum of $700 bucks… That is 2 months of grocerys for a family of 3 or 4.

9:31 pm December 27th, 2011

i was addicted to spice from march till july…i aint gonna lie I LOVED IT i was finally 18 and having a good time. i was buying head trip, mojo, bayou blaster, demon, northern lights and hell i cant even remember the rest haha first time i smoked it yea i was trippin a little cuz shit i thought i was gonna die or something haha but after that it was best feeling/high i ever had and i couldnt stop i was smoking all day every day and never ate i mean like never. it turned me into someone i thought id never be i treated my parents like shit and would just go off at any second. but they would always give into me and give me cash to get more…well that didnt last long so i packed my shit up and left home to live with friends and all we did was smooooooke. took me about 2 months before i noticed what i had done with my life and to the people that loved me so one day i called my mom and told her i was sorry and i was finished with the spice and i moved back home and oh boy let me tell you….WITHDRAWL EFFECTS FROM HELL. i ended up in a psych ward in lake charles,LA thats how bad it was….i dont regeret smoking it because i wanted to do it ya know but i regret letting myself get to the point where thats all my life revolved around was smoking spice….louisiana banned it not long after that which i was kinda glad cuz i was so tempted to get more. im not saying smoke it or dont smoke it cuz thats your choice. it might be fun and good and all that shit but just remember the party has to end sometime….mary jane was still waiting for me in the end haha i stick to the real stuff now haha luv ya mary jane xD peace

1:33 am December 28th, 2011

down2eathclimaxxx is the illest self exploration mechanism on the planet anyone trying to say whats up to their purest form should smoke that shit be warned you will need a reminder your part of the human race on planet earth led by its unknown leader nasdaq

3:12 pm December 28th, 2011

Yeeeeeaaaaa. Down to earth climaxxx. Last time i smoked that shit, i was trippin balls till i forced myself to puke. That was my self exploration with that crap. And its not even the strongest i was getting! Thank god i woke up and stopped.

11:40 pm December 28th, 2011

Reading these stories makes me feel lucky. Despite using on and off for the last couple of years, I’ve been lucky that I haven’t exceeded 3 grams per week. Other than increased paranoia (whether high or sober) the side effects I’ve experienced have been relatively mild. Except for the teeth. I’ve had tooth problems for some years, not directly related to any substance abuse, but it’s become much worse lately. I’ve been able to correlate the worsening directly to use of this “incense.”

For anyone who thinks that using these synthetic chemicals will give them the same ability to distance themselves from any pain they feel, I can state quite definitively that the opposite is true. A toothache while under the influence of any “incense” I’ve tried is as bad as or worse than it would be if I were sober and took nothing for the pain. In fact, It’s all I can think about.

So, today I am saying goodbye to K2, Spice, Space Cadet, etc. forever. If I really feel the need to alter my consciousness I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way and find someone to hook me up with the real deal. At least with that I didn’t feel like my life amounted to nothing and I had become a failure at everything.

11:52 pm December 28th, 2011

I smoked on and off for about 1.5 years, then for the last 3 months every day, about 1.5 g. Quit altogether, It has now been 2 weeks off the crap and I still cannot think straight, like I am in a fog all the time, somewhat dizzy as well. It is finally becoming illegal Jan 1, so there will be nowhere to buy it locally, but even it is was legal, I would never touch this crap again. I just hope the side effects will go away, I can think straight again, and regain my memory.

12:05 am December 29th, 2011

Sorry for the second post, but I wanted to address one person directly.

I don’t know if you mean in a melting into the couch kind of way or if you are referring to actual damage to your teeth. If the first, no and that doesn’t sound pleasant. As for the second, I’ve known alot of people who’ve used meth and seen the disasters their mouths turned into. I first started to realize how bad herbal incense is when I was laying in bed one night hoping for the pain to end and drew a comparison between my mouth and that of one of the addicts I knew as a child.

As soon as I could, I switched to pot and stuck with that for 3 months with no problem. Money got tight and so I went to the store and bought the first packet that caught my eye. Within 3 days one side of my face swelled up and I was back in agony. Once I stopped using the pain and swelling faded. Which lasted until I inevitably went back to buy another packet. And so began another cycle.

Whatever the direct cause (dry mouth, immune inhibition, etc) if you think you are losing your teeth because of your use of these products it is because you are.

1:02 am December 29th, 2011

My cousin had a bad trip on this stuff on Thanksgiving and seems to be out of his mind for the past month. He was really on the deep end and seems like he couldn’t handle repressed issues from childhood anymore. He claims to have stopped smoking this stuff but also stopped eating as well and lost 30 pounds. His skin and eyes are yellowish. He told my grandmother that he was his late father, his father talked to and through him. Tried to talk at her church.

I talked to him earlier when it started but I didn’t know what was wrong as his mother tried to hide it. He was telling me people at his job were crazy, he was scared and confused, he never dealt with his fathers death and knows how I feel about my mother. That he was bipolar now. Cried all the time. Couldn’t sleep anymore. Very restless and maniac. This sprinkled over a several encounters but I never put the picture together until his mom called asking if I’d seen him. She finally told me it was K2 reaction that started it. She didn’t tell me the details but sounds like a complete freak out.

He won’t stay in the hospital and nobody can force him because he’s not breaking any laws and over 30. I am worried that this is a perm situation because of the time frame seems past the time for withdraw unless he’s still doing it.

He called me today still disillusional, irrational and frantically rambling but he’s not the emotional wreck he was. He is very confident and unrelenting about completing these crazy plans he has.

Anyone had a situation like this?

9:40 pm December 29th, 2011

Oh my goodness, I can honestly say that I am so happy I finally found a site like this one. My husband and I have always been the occasional participants, only with pot though! We absolutely love smoking every once in awhile, and when we had to move because of job transfers, my husband came across herbal incense. We started smoking it about two years ago, here and there, and then it became every night. We stopped about year ago, but that of course only lasted about three months. It is just too easily available, and now I am so scared after reading all of these posts. I have noticed that it is taking more and more to even get a little high off of the incense, and the taste it leaves in my mouth is so not worth it!

This is only day two of not smoking, and honestly I was thinking I had the flu. SO NOT THE FLU! I wish I had come across this site before we even started this awful habit. I have noticed the coughing has become so much worse in the past couple of months, and with grey bits coming up when I cough. Why on earth would I do this to myself? I can totally relate to pieces of everyone’s stories, and the stuff is really expensive. I am no longer going to pay money to kill myself. I am done. And will never go back to it. I do not know how or why it got to the point it did, or why this stuff is even available to the public. The health effects, mental effects, emotional effects, relationship effect, etc. in no way, shape, or size are worth a 10-30 minute high, just to smoke more again for the rest of evening. I want to feel good again, and I really want my energy and drive back.

I have noticed that within the past couple of months, my appetite has also sunk. It is almost like food does not taste good anymore. What the heck? This is not normal. I feel like absolute crud right now, but I am very much looking forward to feeling good again, having hope again, having drive again, and not feeling ashamed and guilty everyday for something I was killing myself with.

It is a choice. To each their own. But for me, the negatives far outweigh the positive. Thank you for sharing your stories, and shedding light on addiction that I didn’t really know I even had. I pray that each one of you struggling finds peace with being able to put the incense down.

2:27 am December 30th, 2011

i hate this stuff, but i can’t stop doing it.
it makes me feel like i’m starving, and i just keep putting on weight. i hate myself for it.

i try to quit, and i get sick. i get about 6 hours of sleep before my body NEEDS to wake up and smoke. when i don’t smoke, i’m anxious as all hell and smoking is all that i can think about. nausea sets in, along with sweating, dizziness, intense gut-ache and some dry heaves/vomiting. so i smoke some more.

it’s the first thing i do in the morning, the first thing i do when i get home from work and the last thing i do each night. it doesn’t even get me high enough, and “high” lasts only for minutes.

just depressed that i don’t seem to have the ability to quit this stuff.

12:32 am December 31st, 2011

So here’s my story:
K2 was popular in Dallas in 08’…being that I was 17 at the time and on probation I started smoking spice. I had smoked weed only before then. I started by smoking a pack maybe in 3 days. Now it’s become about a 3 grams a day of the most potent spice habit. I’m smoking this as I write this but hopefully this will be the last pack I bought cus I read some of other propels stories and now I know whey I get hot flashesh on my face when I go in the heat or in the shower. This stuff is truly more addicting and more dangerous for you than marijuana, and it’s legal…go figure.

3:44 pm December 31st, 2011

hi i just try Diablo 2 days ago today i feel like i need get high again. what i can do.

How-to Quit
3:12 am January 2nd, 2012

I was smoking 1.5-7g of Kush/voodoo/spike max/atomic/trainwreck everyday, for over a year…… Beware….

Take incense seriously, it’s not a joke. And to those struggling to quit here’s the way I did it.

1. Switch to an acetone-free incense (like trainwreck) and gradually taper. Cold turkey from an incense binge will leave you hungry but unable to eat, anxious but too depressed to move (so you shake and twitch), and get really, really, really confused for days even weeks.

2. Work out. You’re going to feel like shit at first, but increasing your heart rate will metabolize all the synthetic gunk out of you a billion times faster than if you were doing nothing. This will help you deal with the insomnia, restlessness, increased production of epinephrine, and mental exhaustion that washes over you while you lie awake at night, in torment, sweating your balls off. Personally I’d say exercise is the most important step.

3. DRINK WATER AND WHOLE MILK!!! Chances are, for the first week you’ll be able to choke down 1-2 meals a day. Inbetween those meals, drink whole milk cause you definitely will be starving but unable to get anything past your gag reflex (remember you were only eating like 2 meals a day during the incense binge so not only do you have to fix your appetite but also re-stretch your stomach to fit the 6-8 small meals you should be eating through out the day.

4. Multivitamins, ZMA, fish oil, and GABA should all be taken to ease the transition of dependence on artificial dopamine antagonists (or at the very least antagonists the hypothalamus hasn’t had to make much of for the past however long you’ve been on the incense) to the natural state of the brain and endocrine/nervous system where it will naturally produce the chemicals that make you feel like a human being again.

I spent so much time addicted to this shit, and attempted to quit so many times, I could EASILY write 20 pages on synthetic cannabinoids, withdrawal from them, and specific feedback mechanisms in the brain that are affected by the consumption of them.

12:31 am January 3rd, 2012

Hi all…

Just wanted to give my two cents…being that I have been deemed “The Iron Lung” and used both genuine and synthetic smoke to get high.

WARNING! This product can be eminantly dangerous!!!

Not trying to start a pissing match…I know I will NEVER come to this blog again. I did, however want to make a personal comment to “Miss Nurse”. It is shamefull that as a medical professional you are discounting the chance that this drug could be causing people harm. Although YOU have had no adverse reaction; it is pitiful that you’re putting your own experience above that of others. Chantix helped a lot of people quit smoking…right??? It also killed a crap load of people too!

Stop defending this possibly deadly drug and DO YOUR JOB….be impartial, and realize no two bodies are alike. Also if you haven’t ever smoked the real deal….

MissNurse: “I will just say i am a Real nurse and while ive never tried real weed this is legal and i am not promoting i also gave my bad expierience!”

Stop giving advice on what’s closest to the high you get with Mary-Jane…

MissNurse: “Green Grenade- no weird feelings- felt just like weed”

Just wanted everyone to think twice…and hopefully get a second opinion…and no, not mine. If you are experiencing symptoms of withdrawl, there is NOTHING WRONG with admitting you need help.

Good luck to all those unfortunate souls that are going through, what I know to be, a very painful cleaning up period. You are all in my prayers.

trying to kick
5:29 am January 3rd, 2012

trying to get off mind eraser. did not realize how bad i had become. feel like i have vertigo or something. light headed and shallow breathing. was anyone else worried they might stop breathing in their sleep from the withdrawals? And what is with the weird headache. i feel like i need to go to the doctor.

pot head
9:25 pm January 3rd, 2012

sounds like the same withdraws i go through when i try to quit pot. Cant sleep, the sweats, cant eat, irritable. Ive been smoking pot for 13 years now and have tried to quit several times. I am very successful. I have two degrees, a certified personal trainer, and have a trade. I am currently working in the oil field and get drug tests on the regular basis. There are ways to pass but im tired of always trying to beat the system. I have a real good job and is frightened that my luck will run out soon. Would anyone recommend using the synthetic weed to try and quit the real stuff

11:13 pm January 3rd, 2012

I am going on day 6 with no herbal incense. Last day was December 28. I smoked for 2.5 month and develope a tolerance rather quickly. at first I smoked Nugz, they stopped selling that so i started Golden Leaf and FlyHigh. Near the end I was smoking nearly 3 grams daily. I still feel so stupid. I have a great job and a good life. I tried this stuff as an alternative to quit smoking. It worked, but now I still feel as if I ruined my life. If my work were to find out what would they think gosh. I am a very strong minded person and know I can beat this, but still i feel like this will never end. Please help. I forcing to eat and to drink still. How can I calm this worry feeling in my mind. As for the withdrawals and everything else i know I will eventually beat with time.

8:44 am January 4th, 2012

I used to smoke pot before this stuff. pot usually to help me eat cause i never really had much of an appetite, relax and go to sleep cause i had trouble sleeping, wake and bake before school it made school a little bit more interesting for me, and i smoked when i was on my monthly, it helped ease the cramps… lol One day my brother and i were trying to find a bag of weed but everyone in town was out. our friend had came over to smoke a bowl of k2 and i remember having like an outter body experience… like looking at things through someone elses perspective, after that accident i didnt smoke it until my brothers friend had come over again but with this stuff called “lol” it comes in 3 different pottencies “LOL” “OMG” and “IDK” and i remember smoking it the first time and thinking it was…i had this awesome idea that herbal incense would be the new best thing for me cause at the time i was trying to find a job and couldnt smoke weed anymore. I have been addicted to this stuff for 2 long ass years. at first a gram could last me a week, alls i needed was a puff before bed or before i wand i was stoned to the dome forever lol Before my boyfriend and i were smoking about 15 grams or more a week and now we only smoke 5 grams a week. hes also been smoking herbal incense for a year now. but this stuff messes you up. im not the same person i used to be. When i dont have it or havent smoked all day i get this pain in my gut that wont go away until i smoke it again, i get cold and sweaty, hot and sweaty, very few hours of sleep, i vomit food and if i dont have food to spew its just mucus coming out and i cant keep nothing down. i get really fidgety anxious nervous scared, all i can think about is when my next high will be. its definitely consumed me.I really want to quit but ive experienced the withdraws waaaaaayy too many times and my body absolutely cannot take it. so i keep smoking it to make me not sick. im going to the doctors in a few days to see if theres anyway she can help me. i never wanted to bring up my addiction to her any other time i saw her, i was too embarassed of what she might think. but now i know im not the only one going through this and i just dont care what she thinks, cause i want to quit this stuff and im tired of the pain and suffering it causes me. hopefully she can help fix me, if not im screwed.

Trying to kick
6:55 pm January 4th, 2012

I had to take off work yesterday. Back to work now. I wish this blog had been around when I first tried spike so long ago. Would have never picked it up. I still get wierd sensations sometimes and find it difficult to focus but I believe that I will be able to be normal once again. Thought I had found a legal alternative to pot. What a mistake

Trying to kick
2:05 am January 5th, 2012

Just smoked a little pot. Making me feel bad side effects like to mind eraser used to. I hope this stuff has not ruined pot for me forever 🙁

7:09 pm January 6th, 2012

Its me again. Been a while. I must say I am one of the stupidest people I know at this point. Realizing what it really is doing to my body and I’ve just been ignoring everything. Continued smoking nearly 2g a day for the past year. All time, day and night. I couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours.. I hate myself for turning to this DRUG. 22,mother of 2, smoked pot a few times never any other drug.. new year, meant new resolution. Not to mention. I let myself go WAY in debt over this crap. Today is day 3 of having NO spice. I haven’t gone more than 2 days without! My chest feels like its on fire, pain all in my left side around my heart, back pain, no appetite. Shaky hands. Sweats. I am so clueless on what to do for withdrawls. Scared to go to the doctor but know that my body is breaking down. Loss of memory in mid sentence all the time. Tooth chipped.. it all adds up and I am so mad at myself for this. This wasn’t me.I don’t know what to I tell them or not about the incense if I go to the ER. This stuff is horrible and I’m never ever touching it again…I just wonder if weaning off it would’ve been easier on the body though.. advice??

10:12 pm January 6th, 2012

my boyfriend is addicted to it and is turning into an asshole. is there any way i could get him to stop smoking it?

1:52 am January 7th, 2012

take aspirin/tylenol, the shit inside calms you, releases some of the tension, and nibble bread, and water, i’ve been through the withdrawal after two years on the most potent brand at any given time, trust me.

4:21 am January 7th, 2012

Damn, where to begin?

I’ve been looking for a site like this for a while now. I suppose i really don’t know if this will work or not, but if im to finally quit all this stupid bullshit, i guess i need some closure.

I started smoking pot when I was a junior in high school.
After those first few months, i became a pretty regular smoker, began smoking cigarettes, and my grades began to drop. I was in pretty good shape, exercised regularly, and had great grades, until i started pot. After high school ended, i tried the fake, and got hooked. It was so AVAILABLE! Every gas station had them! I smoked roughly a gram a day, until my tolerance went up. Eventually even the stuff like pow and the really strong bad-trip inducing ones couldnt get me high at all, or if it did, i felt sick, or suicidal, and short lived. It could only get better right?

No. It didn’t. After some persuation, my friend had convinced me to try some legal ex. It was the white dove, or some stuff like that. I started doing it thinking it was safe, with only about 100mg doses. I also introduced them to my sister, a war veteran who fought in Iraq. Unfortunately, we both got hooked, and broke, and i had a huge fight with her and her husband, because it was my fault, and i knew it.

Eventually, that stuff was made illegal, which was good, because, as of now, i had failed out of my first year at college, had no social life
(i had become obsessed with physics and weird shit, and didn’t want anyone around so i could be high without being reprimanded.) and was using literally every drop of my finances and anyone else’s who loan me any.

I finally got out, or so i thought.
I met steve when i went to live with my parents for a fresh start away from the city, and wouldn’t you know it, we got along. He was actually one of the manufacturers of a new synth speed. I didnt know, but he was actually making a kind of dirty(er) crack. This was my low point. Long story short, i escaped that life, but now am back on the fake pot with a vengeance. I have never smoked this much. If i was awake, and not at work, i was high. THIS MUST STOP!!! I just want my life back….Today was the last day for me. I’ll check back with progress and w/d descriptions later!

6:24 pm January 7th, 2012

I would direct this comment at Icky. You are NOT stupid. People have a way of thinking addicted people are dumb, lazy and just lousy people. Not the case. They have a problem which can happen to almost anyone if they allow it to.
I’m still working on quitting and have tapered off but I want to be done with it altogether. My sincere best to all. I know it’s hard to kick.

Trying to kick
8:46 pm January 8th, 2012

Keep at it people. I feel better every day

1:19 am January 9th, 2012

Been to ER. Twice in 2 heart rate was through the roof. Ekg was normal. Xray of chest. Normal. I have to usean inhaler now to help with breathing. Chest/back pain first visit. Next day my face was numb & still is. All my test were normal. I admitted to the daily use of this drug because i want to know whatis going on. They push me away with mild chest pain and withdrawl. Which duh i knew. Scarrd my insurance will denu coverage now that i admitted to this. Face and ears burning still and i also threw up blood. My mom just drove 10 hours to get me. Turned right around and we are heading back to her house. Hoping to go to dr again torrow for the mumbness still. Read it could do with damage or tumor to the brain. Chest pain has weakened today thank god. Its just the numbness icant shake.. they gave me benadryl. For the mumbnes

3:41 am January 9th, 2012

@icky. Hang in there! I had alot of health problems before I quit so the sooner you do the better. And tell them whats going on. It’s the only way they can help you and others going through the same thing. My doc was stunned my first visit when I told her, but now we are on the same page and it helps.

@ Everyone else reading.
Keep it up guys! The sooner you stop, the sooner you get to have money again! I can’t believe the amount of money I have saved in the past month. Was smoking about 2-3 grams a day of the strongest stuff I could find. Even found a source of the banned synthetics that I used for a while till he ran out.

After abstaining since December 1st, I am happy to report that life is getting back to normal. I have gained a couple pounds back with eating three meals a day again, though light meals. The cough was gone after three weeks of not using which is really good cause I had dark specks in my flem. I can focus on tasks again and can actually remember things. Attitude is better. Girlfriend is thinking of taking me back. Life is getting much much better.

We can stop this guys before they even ban it. Supply and Demand. Kill the demand! Post here if your not sure, or scared of what stopping will entail, or just dont know how to quit which was my case. Just getting out for a long walk with the dog and a good tune on the ipod helps clear the cravings too, which are less and less each day. But they are still there. Be strong. Be brave. I can’t go back.

12:29 pm January 9th, 2012

@andrww did u have the numb feelings in your face? Thats My main concern but hoping its just another withdrawl symptom.i just know im npt going to stop stressing until i know that My brain is ok. But i dont know if they will do anything to Check. Did your health insurance deny coverage because of using a banned product? I want to be completely honest with the docs but have read some people say not to tell them because ins denial?!

trying to kick
2:01 pm January 9th, 2012

ouch icky i feel for you. When i get the strange headaches it makes me scared. There has been no one out there that ended up getting a brain tumor from smoking this i hope…. i hope i dont have one from it.

11:55 am January 10th, 2012

For everyone who says this isn’t addicting it is.. I just always had some and I think I was really uneducated as to how much is a lot when your smoking. I was smoking bowl after bowl… never had to stop but as soon as I wanted to this all started happening. I’m sure if I were to continue smoking I wouldn’t have noticed all the shit its done to my body. I never went more than 2 days without this.. please if you are one of those people who think we are al making up these nasty side effects… take a break from ur daily habit.. go a week without any and see if you don’t get all the withdrawal symptoms and pain I seem to be going through. Our military is abusing the shit out of this drug and its scary shit.

How-to Quit
4:26 pm January 10th, 2012


-Exercise 1-2 hours a day
-Eat 6-8 small meals (clean healthy food) and drink lots of whole milk/water
-Multivitamin, flax seed oil, GABA, Glutamine (10g/day), .25mg klonopin (if you can get it use it before bed for sleep).

If you do the above, withdrawal effects will be less severe and your body will eliminate the toxicity from all the crap you’ve been smoking… Mind you symptoms will still be pretty severe just….. less uncomfortable/anxious/twitchy if that makes any sense.

Look here is what it comes down to…… Remember when you smoked that first bowl of incense?? Shit, I was so high and it hit so hard, there was no possible way I could function as a normal human being out in society while high on this right? ….. One month later i’m smoking before work …. another month passes and i’m smoking AT work (bartender) …… a YEAR passes and I’m averaging a 4g bag of Atomic every 24 hours. So now that feeling you once had regarding your inability to function under the influence of incense, shifts to your sober consciousness and as you adapt to the effects of withdrawal, you genuinely don’t believe you can function “normally” anymore. Rest assured you will return to normal when you’re endocrine/nervous systems rebound in anywhere from 3 days to 3 months depending on how much you’ve been smoking and lifestyle choices.

So now I get the opportunity to take a week off from work… Bad idea… Cause I never went back!! For a full 1-2 months all I did was smoke anywhere between 4.0g-8.0g every 24 hours. Not one day went by where I told myself I had to quit, made an excuse to buy more, pledged to smoke “just 2g today”, and couldn’t put my bowl down even after 2g of Atomic or Dank. I once CHAINED 1.5g of train-wreck ultra in an hour, then drove to get more so i wouldn’t be out in the morning.

I have never been to the E.R. or even the doctors because of this stuff, though I’ve passed out a couple times, and woken up in different rooms than i fell asleep in (usually on the floor). No one’s superman, and I have experienced the extreme dizzy/shortness of breath/pounding headache/completely immobilized feeling that a lot of others have experienced, but the difference is I can actually trick myself into believing that I WANT to die. “That’s right, what would be a better legacy to leave behind than a law enacted in YOUR name. YOU!! Some dumbass OD’ing on legal plant matter sprayed with synthetic chemical, and dissolved in nail polish remover in your house watching Dexter and munchin the fourth meal lmfao.” is what I’d always think. I’d laugh inside and my heart rate would slow down, i’d slow my breathing, and wait to wake up fresh as a daisy the next morning. (SIDE NOTE: I have NEVER experienced a panic attack or any of the “OD” symptoms in absence of nicotine!!)

As for the actual withdrawal aspect of this I will guarantee 100% of those who quit will return to normal. Numb face/body is kinda interesting, and I find the vertigo entertaining at times but the mental fuzz is really fucking frustrating. NOTHING seems like a simple task and the mental focus and effort required to do/prioritize things is severely impared. Along with the mental fuzz may or may not come temporary symptoms common to schizophrenia (schizophreniform??) including but not limited to (at least in my case), severe thought blocking, inability to draw parallels between tangents in conversation. Repeated flashes of life I experienced high, that for a few moments I actually believe to be a dream (or something mundane in a dream that i believe happened in real life). Olfactory sensations that i’ll tie to inappropriate memories/events (certain smells trigger strange emotions/childhood memories unrelated with the smell itself), and auditory hallucinations regarding my internal dialogue. Dialogue got much louder, sometimes to the point where I could swear I was just talking aloud to myself. Any-whoo if you have to take anything from this dissertation, please consider the following…..

Remember how long it took you to build an incense tolerance?? Well now you have to build a REALITY tolerance. Get yourself physically well ASAP, and your mind will follow, not the other way around.

Action is the language of the will.

6:38 pm January 10th, 2012

@How to Quit.

Sounds like you and I were smoking about the same amount of this crap. So did you also feel the face numbness? My right eye feels funky as shit. I just dont know if i should worry about it. its been 7 days or so since ive smoked last. the pain in my chest is almost completley gone but my ribs are sore as hell on the sides when i push on them, my right leg seems to feel different from the left and i dont know how to explain the feeling other than different. my right side of my face is what feels funny, the left feels normal. my joints and body just hurt still.. kinda scary. ready to be back to normal.

9:51 pm January 10th, 2012


I was so distraught and such a mess during my first week I can’t really say for sure if I was numb in the face. I know there a couple of times where I felt “numb” but it was more just faint from lack of food and sleep and the anxiety and shakes. I did not have numbness in my face while using that I can remember. It’s such a haze though.

No my insurance did not deny my claim. I’m been to the doc several times and now they are assisting in payment of therapist visits. It’s substance abuse.

Please dont kill me on my lack of specific knowledge of the medical coding and billing. This is my experience only.
My visits are filed under a general substance abuse code. I’m not even sure that the exact substance of use would even make it to the insurance company. Is that against privacy rights between doctor and patient? If your doctor cares even a little bit for you, and remember that they want to get paid too, then they might be able to work with you on the billing code that is used. If there is a marijuana code, I recommend that it is used if you are still worried. But then again I have sent in about only 600-700 in claims so far. No MRIs or CAT scans or anything, which costs and might get questioned more. I really dont know though. Anyone in the medical billing profession willing to chime in?

My 2 Cents. Hope it helps. Be sober. Be smart. Be safe.

2:32 am January 11th, 2012

@icky I am going on day 12 and the numbness in my face has started to fade.

How-to Quit
3:01 pm January 11th, 2012


Yeah you’ll be fine and all will return to normal if you get active and really care for yourself physically. Yoga, running, walking, lifting, w/e. This stuff can really fuck with your nervous system and you have got to detox. The proof is in the pudding…. Anyone i know who’s quit while working out/stretching etc lost w/d symptoms in 3 days-3 weeks. There are some serious stoners who have quit over 6 months ago and are still feeling the effects. Detox…. make good lifestyle decisions… uk? And hell yeah my face was numb but i thought it was kinda cool. The rest of my body was numb-ish too but it was only noticable when I showered. On a side note, the first week your balls are likely to shrink. This is not a testosterone/LH issue but just dehydration, theyll come back 🙂

3:32 pm January 11th, 2012

Ok .. and I’m a girl 😛 so I don’t think I need to worry about the balls part lol.

3:42 pm January 11th, 2012

This is really is addicting, and it makes me really dumb but i love it<3

12:36 pm January 12th, 2012

its been 72 hours since i last smoked. my friend took all of my stuff, including bowls, etc., and threw them away. i was so angry with her and blew up on her 24 hours later when i wanted my shit back. she said she feared that i was going to hit her and that i seemed out of my mind.
the first day i tried sleeping for as long as possible in a 24 hour period. this seemed to help, but i think i may have slept too much because now i’m having a hard time not being anxious and agitated. did about 4 shots of peppermint scnapps and a dose of nyquil last night in an effort to make myself fall asleep. it didn’t really work. the nausea is bad. i’m still having some diarrhea. the sweats and the chills alternate and seem to be relentless. my lungs are still clearing out, and i’m coughing a lot. my lungs ached horribly the first day and a half…not just in a painful way, but in a needful, craving way. i am so anxious and agitated. restless. horrible.
i’m going to try going to aa/na. i had a problem with weed, alcohol and other drugs in the past and going to meetings seemed to help. i went last night and couldn’t stop thinking about using almost the entire time i was there…(but then i came home and drank the schnapps). i’m still hating myself and i have realized that i have to rid my environment of all drugs, including alcohol, so that i’m not tempted to self-medicate my withdrawal symptoms.
this just sucks, and i feel so alone.
thanks people for posting stuff. it does help.
i hate that i know this stuff is physically and mentally damaging to me but i still want to use it so badly that i can’t even begin to desribe how much i want it.

1:26 pm January 12th, 2012

@j 72 hours? one more day you should be clear on physical symptoms, for me it was 72 hours and it went away,after 2-4 days your physical symptoms should go away, for most its 3, don’t be fooled by your mind. after 7-10 days, psychologically its gone. and totally worth it don’t relapse ever! 1 bowl and you’ll be hooked again instantly. no pot, no alcohol, nothing, don’t risk doing other things while quitting, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

i quit after 2+ years on the strongest brand out at any given time, it is possible don’t give up.

How-to Quit
2:28 am January 13th, 2012

@j and ricky

SPOT on. Just one innocent puff, and you will relapse HARD.

stupid and addicted
4:00 am January 13th, 2012

my fiancee and I began doing this fake weed about two or three years ago, memory isn’t all that great. But please wish and pray or whatever you do for hope for others, we could do it/quit. I’m scared bc I’m already an anxious person and I’m nervous to remember how life is not smoking, having that relief after work, or just to chill on a day off.I’m also thinking that since we r only in ur twenties I hope and wish and pray that we won’t get cancer. It gives me hope not reading any stories about that on this page.

stupid and addicted
4:20 am January 13th, 2012

He last insert. Hopefully someone will read this. I cough up phlegm like every half hour, it is pretty gross. I always feel it sitting there lately. My heart will like f feel tight when and after I smoke. I am afraid I might die off this bc of my heart and irregular breathing. Our sleep has gotton weird too bc of it so lately I’ve just been getting a couple hours of sleep at a time, the addiction has seemed to get worse however we really need to quit. I will quit soon either way I need to, oh and our bank accounts have decreased dramatically this stuffs expensive as hell 50$ a day at least 11 grams and cigars galore that is just how we have smoked it from the beggining, we used to smoke weed but we both get dt now and its funny cuz neither of us have been dted while smoking this fake stuff but i’m sure the day after well get a random dt… fiancee started smoking (weed) when he was 13 and I never wanted to smke I thought I never would, but u see people do it and r somewhat successful and ur one time trying it and just doing it here n there has turnd into such ad addiction I’m ashamed neways I need to just take responsibilty that I’m one of those stupid people that are killing themselves smoke by smoke hour or amazing life by hour, unless u smoke so much and do other bad thhings u get a shorter end of life, diseases, etc. But then again who the hell knows cuz I’ve heard some. People who live great lives end up getting cancer and having ends of lives. Wow getting deep. please don’t do this if it messes up others lived like it or the addiction and memory and money and body heart breathing worrying anxiety which I think is normal for me neways…it was good talking to you, I wish us health please help and I will pray and wish and hope all of you toocan be halthy after this, peace, love enjoy life and don’t to stupid shit

stupid and addicted
4:23 am January 13th, 2012

Thank u all for ur comments I’m going to take in mind a few, like how to quit, I’m glad I read some good storiesof ppl who actually quit and r ok I ts hard to think of life w out it and sorry for punctuation arrors

4:43 am January 13th, 2012

Wow quitting this stuff really was the worst i have ever felt in my life. Finally, day 15 and I’m back. Mind and all. Never will i ever go back. To all you quitters out there keep your head up. You will get better. These threads here really helped me out. Thank You All so much. i shall return to fill you in on my story and my stratagies that aided in my recovery. but for now mainly I just wanted to give thanks and to Bless All going thru withdrawals right now. Just think of it this way for now. The worst thing you have done is also the best thing you have ever done. Now you can focus on your family and life goals. Listen to you kids drugs are bad. Advocate and help spread the word about the gateway drug and where it lead you and how it put you in this life threatening situation. Everytime I see herbal incense now at a store I just want to puke and when I see someone buying them I just want to help. Good Luck everyone.

7:44 pm January 13th, 2012

my best advise to ease the anxiety symptoms while withdrawing, is Tylenol, it calms the shaking feeling. (inside and out). *disclaimer* ask your doctor if Tylenol is right for you.

8:33 pm January 13th, 2012

Ive been smoking this off and on for two years. Kids start smoking it because theyre on probation or in trouble and they think it’s a substitute for pot, they are sadly mistaken. I was one of those kids. My stories are too long to type but what I went through the first two months of quitting I can’t even describe to you. EXTREME paranoia about the devil, not kidding, I would see him everywhere , behind every corner, I didn’t sleep for days and couldn’t sleep downstairs in my room, demons, ghosts, shadows everything, freaked me the fuck out, of you can about imagine, no eating, no talking, lash out at people for saying “hi” to me, extreme anxiety and nervousness, violent vomiting, my heart even skipped beats twice one night, yeah there’s more i’m like fuckin’ retarded now, I forget what I’m talking about mid sentence and can’t remember what I was talking about until someone reminds me, well to make a long story longer the physical withdrawals went away in a week, the paranoia a couple months, but the forgetfulness is still there, I guess you could say I “scared” myself out of smoking anymore. Ive been in treatment several times and completed so i know my triggers and whatnot, but i give credit to this blog (been following since it started) for helping me come to a realization and helpin me overcome this, now I’m 105 days sober today. THANK YOU ALL!!!

9:04 pm January 13th, 2012

Oh I forgot to mention the night terrors I had every night in a row for eleven days. P.s. how rediculous is it that this is legal and weed isn’t?!.

9:42 pm January 13th, 2012

I agree that this “blog” has helped me so much. I’m starting to feel normal again but still have A LOT of things I’m worried about health wise. I will never ever smoke anything again.. this turned my world upside down.

@JT. I’m with you on the whole getting sick everytime you see it in stores.. I don’t even like to think about it. I never liked using this drug.. in my situation, I just did it because it was available.. I am not working and had nothing else to do so this turned into my life. Still so angry at myself but time will come when I forgive myself and realize that I already did the hardest part by stopping. Going back has never been crossed my mind, I’m more worried about the damage done to my body after a year of daily abuse.

@stupid and addicted. You can do this! Your gonna freak out when you first start feeling the withdrawal but I totally relate to the debt andworry about disease and cancers.. I had my annual pap and breast exam and they found a small tissue that was thicker.. I can’t help but wonder if this could be the start of something from this piece of shit drug. Best of luck to everyone trying to kick this drug. YOU HAVE TO BE THE ONE WHO WANTS TO QUIT! Do it for you!!

9:59 pm January 13th, 2012

@Icky I can completely relate to you, ever since my heart skipped two beats I’ve been scared about my heart, I’ve been reading up on cardio toxicity and other heart problems and it’s frightening. It feels amazing to breathe clear and work out and get exercise. Now if I could only quit cigarettes..

2:39 am January 14th, 2012

As far as I can tell I have the longest running habit posted so far. I first smoked Spice 5 years ago. Dude said he had the same five little containers of it in his store for six months. Before the bans started I was able to replace my little pot habit with Spice with no noticeable differences. My one addictive vice has always been tobacco; I have always intentionally avoided highly addictive drugs. I have smoked pot off and on for many years, starting and stopping at will with no real side effects other than some very mild irritability for a day or two. Looking back, it was when the bans started that I began to have negative experiences and withdrawal symptoms. Now I’m not saying that good old fashioned Spice (the first and original) is safe. I believe they probably used synthetics that presented the least negative side effects before the first round of bans, and the “quality” of the synthetics deteriorates with each subsequent ban.

To make a long story short and hopefully not sound arrogant, I’m one of the smartest people I know and I really called this play completely wrong. The addiction creeps on you. When I first started, I would go back and forth between synthetics and pot. Over the course of a couple years this changed to just using synthetics. After the passage of even more time it began to have an effect on my personality, similar to the effects of PCP.

I know there’s A LOT of folks out there who feel that the world is full of weenies who inspire Big Brother to make ridiculous laws that detract from all our personal liberties. I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. The only problem here is that we all know what’s going to happen if you pick up a heroin addiction. This experience has shown me that as smart as I am and at my age, I was very naive. Actually, STUPID is the right word.

I see the blend debate going on here and all I can do is WARN you, I’m not lightweight punk and I know the difference between a heavy trip and SOMETHING WRONG. As far as how or why or which blend or body type blah blah I DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THAT MATTERS. This drug does not behave itself. It does not demonstrate it’s intentions the way you would expect, which creates false assurance for the user. The high itself changes over time, even with the same blend. I’ve smoked every blend out there; some are better than others and some present negative effects sooner than others, but they ALL lead to the same place eventually.

In fact, all you who are saying that the withdrawals are in our heads MUST be noobs. Have you ever considered the possibility that you just haven’t caught up with some of us?

I’m ashamed to admit that I am currently kicking this habit for the SECOND time in a year. That’s part of how I know that the blend doesn’t matter. I quit this exact time last year and picked it back up in November 2011. I found a blend that, once again, didn’t present the negative effects I was expecting, and was able to keep it under moderation for about a month, so I did not feel addiction coming. By the end of December I was back to a gram a day. We’re halfway through January and I’m on day three of withdrawals….AGAIN. I have never had an issue like this in my life and I’m ashamed of myself. I believe this stuff seriously interferes with your body’s natural doping system, which is where the severe depression comes from. I’m not a moody guy. Cannabis NEVER made me feel depressed. The first few days off synthetics are very, very sad. Anxiety, sweats, unusual pains and a feeling of impending doom….the whole bag. I can see why people have psychotic episodes on this stuff. I have a very strong mind and I find myself having to refer to my logical self quite often to remain calm at times. My logical self tells me that I am a drug addict breaking a dependency. My emotional self can’t believe that after all the experimenting I’ve done with drugs, I avoided meth, crack, coke, smack and booze but managed to get hooked on this crappy drug sprayed on sticks and leaves.

I encourage everyone suffering to stay calm; my experience has been that the real nasty physical issues are quite bearable after a week and completely gone by the end of the second week.

The heartbreak comes for me in two areas. This drug IS similar to PCP in that it makes you emotionless, detached and sometimes even mean. If you are blessed to have love in your life, then the outcome here is obvious. It will put distance between you and the most beautiful woman in the world.

I can tell that it has slowed down my mind, and I don’t mean like pot. I have a highly technical job that requires quick thinking. If I smoke weed, I’ll make the same decisions I’d make when I was sober, just slower. Synthetics seem to leave unreferenced registry entries in my brain. It crosses wires. I have found that clearing that fog takes longer than two weeks, but it does clear.

The prospect of long term effects frightens me. In fact, this entire experience has convinced me it’s time to go straight edge. I’m too old for this shit. I’m now eating like a man approaching 40, beginning to exercise and preparing to give up tobacco after my body is finished punishing me for smoking leaves and sticks sprayed with poison.

I have a prescription for xanax but rarely use them because I hate addictive drugs. They do help relieve some of the withdrawal symptoms, but don’t trade one addiction for another. After the insomnia and anxiety disappear, I’m going to wait a couple months and stop the xanax script.

If there is anything positive to be said about this, it is that it has caused me to appreciate clear-thinking-sober-mindedness. I’m actually excited about it. Don’t worry, I won’t let it all turn me into a jerk. There’s no way it could make me as unbearable as this incense mess.

11:53 am January 14th, 2012

Ive tried mind eraser, blueberry fubar, and high times. Personally I love mind eraser. It doesnt really freak me out,it just makes me laugh 😀

11:57 am January 14th, 2012

Hello. I began smoking spice roughly a year ago. I started out just taking a couple hits off the bowl in the evenings after I got home from work to relax. Of course over time I started smoking more and more cuz my tolerance got higher. I smoke as soon as I wake up and the only time in not smoking is when I’m at work now. My head is never clear, I cannot remember anything , every day seems like a blur for me. This stuff has completely changed my life. I only wanted to smoke it occasionally to jus chill and have a good time but it’s not like that with this stuff. If I’m not smoking I don’t feel right. Im constantly aggravated and upset. I feel depressed and it really bothers me. I have plenty of things to be happy about but I let this crap over run my life for a year and overlooked the truth because I like getting high to much. I have been sick now since thanksgiving. I started throwing up constantly couldn’t keep anything down, I was having terrible chills and shakes and headaches. That lasted for three days and then I finally went to the urgent care. They didnt find anything wrong. A week later I went back because I still couldnt keep any food down. Still nothing wrong. I now can only eat jus enough to get me by each day. I have no strength. I’m so scared. Two days ago I was looking up online if this crap shows up in a drug test and wound up here. I started reading the blogs and comments that people were posting and idk it was a real eye opener for me. Right then and there I decided I was never ever going to smoke spice again. What really hit home though was how everyone is having the same symptoms as I am. A couple days ago I would of never of dreamt that the reason why I have been getting so sick is because of this stuff. I have so much money in medical bills from all the tests they done on me. It makes sick to think of what this stuff has done to me. I was a happy healthy person. I wasted money buying this crap. I wasted practically a year of my life.and now I’m wasting money on medical bills. Im going to do as much as I possibly can to make others aware of this drug. I want to thank the author of these blogs and I also want to thank everyone who has shared there stories. Without you guys I would of kept on smoking this stuff. I have successfully made it a day without smoking. Hasnt been easy tho the nausea has gotten really bad and Ive been throwing up and having extreme chills and shaking. I will make it through this!

4:25 am January 15th, 2012

Hello again. It has been over a month since I last posted on here. I have now been off of this shit for several months now. I was astonished to see how many posts are on here since I last posted. It is obviously a more widespread problem than people realize. I am so thankful to have found this blog, as it has helped me to share my experience with others. I know this blog has helped many others who just had nobody to share the experience with in their daily life. The only good thing that came out of the incense is I never went back to pot either. To those still in the throws of detox, the spongy legs,numbness and stomach issues will all go away in time. The only issue that still is bothersome to me is to forgive myself for smoking it in the first place. Wish I had the money back I spent on it, but my bank account has recovered greatly since quitting. Good luck to all of you and hang in there.

6:47 pm January 15th, 2012

I’m glad that I found this blog I thank you everyone who has shared their experience with this stuff. I’ve smoked pot since I was a teenager and smoked a lot of it. I’m in my mid 30’s and have a professional job now so didn’t want to take the chance of failing a drug test so when I heard about a “legal” weed that would not fail a drug test I decided to try it. The high at first was intense, even from 1-2 hits I could barely move.

Over the course of a couple of months the high gradually decreased in intensity so I consumed more. I never thought I’d become addicted to this stuff but I did. After using this stuff recreationally for only a couple of months I knew every store in town that sold it and would rotate brands and stores just so that they wouldn’t see me every day.

I’ve been smoking it for about a year now and decided to quit this January. When I quit I felt like I was sick, almost like a really bad cold or the flu. I had really bad nausea, vomiting, and headaches and felt very tired. I nearly lost my job because of having to call out for several days but thankfully the bought that I had a bad cold. I’ve also been hacking up black stuff out of my lungs. This NEVER happened when smoking MJ, none of it. And I smoked more MJ in quantity and duration than the fake stuff.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I quit and I still feel like I want to smoke it but I will not ever smoke this stuff again, EVER. I feel better and the nausea and vomiting have gone away but I am still coughing up black stuff out of my lungs every day. If you use a pipe I would suggest looking at the amount of resin this leaves behind and know that your lungs probably look the same.

My advice for anyone using this would be to quit immediately, throw whatever you have away and do whatever it takes to stop using. I am all for legalization of MJ, even for recreational use, but this stuff should be banned. There is no place for using it, even occasionally.

If you have never tried it, DON’T. If you know someone using please be supportive and encourage them to quit. Show them this blog and what others have gone though. I’m going to send a letter to my state senators to ban this stuff and would encourage you to do the same. Smoke weed, have fun, and stay away from the synthetic stuff, its evil and no good.

i smoke it..
3:50 am January 16th, 2012

i just don’t see it,i have been smoking this stuff for a couple years..and there’s many times i have ran out and not have none for a couple weeks and its never been a big deal,other than a mind thing sometimes the first few days just wishing you had some,but i little will power this stuff should’t be a issue but i don’t know maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t do all this stuff when ever i stop.

7:47 am January 16th, 2012

I came across this site since i just quit smokIng this stuff as of 2 dAys ago. I have smoked these legal blends for over a year and before i smoked weed for the past 5 years or so steadily. I started smoking it occasionaly when weed was unavailable but soon i lost the want for weed and turned to strictly incense. It got to the point that i was making sure i had incense with me wherever i went and smoked it every chance i got. I became very distant from my family, friends, and even my girlfriend. I experience night sweats that wake me up multiple times in a night. All i cared about was smoking it and when i didnt have it all i wanted to do was go buy more. I spent over $100 a week on this stuff. Dont get me wrong i work a full time job ive had for almost 4 years and have a brand new car i pay for so im not just some scummy pot head. Since i quit ive been experiencing constant chills, nausia, anxiety, loss of appitite, dizzyness, clammy hands, and still dont feel like myself. I still feel somewhat spaced out. Thank all you for your info on this. It helped me and i hope this will help others that are smoking this stuff. Its horrible for you mentally and physically.

8:15 am January 16th, 2012

im 16 years old amd been smoking the legal incense for a year and a half now. amd iv attemped to get off the shit and i could not eat ,sleep an had the worse attitude in the world. i feel no better than a crackhead the ways i try t get money for the stuff and the addiction puts me in a deep depresseing. i need help now. and i put this cause i dont want anyone ging thru what im goin thru.

trying to kick
2:23 pm January 16th, 2012

its just after 2 weeks and i am still feeling better every day. I just get light headed now and again. Weed intensifies the light headedness too much still. I think my brain still does strange things because it is used to acting a certain way when on the mind eraser. I am just glad to finally be feeling better. Hopefully i will post on here in another week and will still be feeling better. my roommate quit with me as well and had the same experience. i hope people out there take what i am going through as a warning against getting hooked on mind eraser. Dont listen to people who obviously dont know what they are talking about. im glad mind eraser doesnt freak moww(: out. keep smoking it a few months and see how much you are laughing

Alex doc
7:51 pm January 16th, 2012

Just recently graduated from med school and would never think I would be smoking this shit and I wouldnt be if it wasn’t for that cup…I smoked them all even the preban ones, uhh where to begin (from K2, serenity now, blaze it, mr miagi, majic stick, zombie ultra(my current one), down to earth(bassically crack), rip its, dank, bayu blaster, green cobra, kush, kryptonite, kamikazi… you want me to keep goin or you get the jist)

As of this minute I have a chronic cough…day and night! In fact does anyone on here not have one thats a daily user??? I would be very surprised and if so share you secrets) It being convenient I snapped a chect x-ray at work yesterday. The bronchioles are inflamed and irritated and comming up much darker than need be on the image. The main bronchal tree is dark meaning a shit load of irritation. Thank god its not a barrel chest yet with irreversible copd. I dont really get cardiovascular chest pains that ppl mentioned that I can think off, or maybe I just never noticed.( I would think those are atributed to increased heart rate as with weed)

I withdrew from this stuff once before when I went on a week trip to spain. For me I went back to normal… As for coughing stuff up….yes you will cough shit up for several weeks- months probably after you quit cause its your lungs coughing the remainder of that shit up. In fact you will see gunk in your sputum later than sooner actually which tends to worry people that dont know about this. You will cough up slime for a while which is your overactive goblet cells due to continuous irritation, after a few days they will temper off and you will finally get some productive stuff coming up. People freek out here but this is good its all the crud and bassically lung scab comming out. Happens to any smoker that quits cigs (went through that too).

Funny someone mentioned having to pee more…its true i just never realized it till I read it on here. Trying to think of why medically and it doesnt make sence unless it acts on your NAP in the heart which in turn would act similar to a diuretic. True physical withdrawls are aprox 3 days for me the heaviest being day/night 2. Not saying you wont feel antzy after day 3 but its very tolerable. After day 3 its mostly psychological people so please dont make excuses. Sorry I’m bold. As people mentioned you can try going less and less to wein yourself of but once again this is incredibly hard to do for addictive personalities especially when you can buy more. Makes it easy when you are flat broke!

Withdrawls will include severe jitters for me at least, insomnia from hell (body tired as hell but cant sleep, eyes keep racing/twitching when they are closed),sweats like someone got a waterhose on you (your body is overactive overcracking atp for energy), sensitivity to light and I havent seen it mentioned on here ( this is a big one for me, after the second day withdrawl I couldnt go outside without shades for a week) ( like tony montana himself).

Granted I chipped my teeth on my 21st bday when I fell face flat on the floor they were repaired. I noticed them chipping at that spot over the last 4 months and simply thought its the filling thats just wearing out but guess not after seeing the same complaints on here.

I just burned the last of it last night… I have a g of zombie ultra from last night laying in front of me I think I’m gonna flush cause I want last night to be the last time.

Now for withdrawl advise…In order to drop this easily you have to substitute it for things that would act on you nervous system in the same manner. For example ( drugs like benzos,barbs) all your ativans, xanexs… (but we dont all have those), Alcohol (yeah a reason to get waisted. Its cheap and really helps me), Mary jane(even though you are not gonna get lit off of it for the first few days it is still acting on the propper dopamine and seratonin receptops to sunconciously mellow you out). Lastly drink a lot of fluids cause you are gonna sweat them out anyway

Oh and earlier I saw a comment about someone saying that they tried it for the first time and now its the second day and they still feel funny. I’ll tell you what, after I quit smoking for a month or two and went to my buddies and burned a j of oj kush ( 5-6 tokes). Woke up high as hell next morning and I felt retarted for 3 days lol.

On another note anything you smoke is gonna cause you to cough and irritate the shit out of you lungs this shit just seems to have more stems in it so it burns harsher. So all that shit with lung burns blah blah… I can do that with cigarettes. carbon compounds cause tissues to die faster hence any smoke at all. The problem is not burning the lungs its what the chemicals are reacting with in your body when they are burned and how they are tweeking your endocrine system that we still have no research data. Ive been a guinea pig long enough…

Oh one more thing this is a downer people so all those anxious feelings you are having with withdrawl are normal cause your body is used to being in a stuppor. Now that its normal you mind tells you that something is wrong hence normal functioning becomes like being on speed. That is why we lose out on so much in the environment around us when we are on this shit.

Didn’t know if I was gonna mention it cause its kind of embaracing but since I saw it I also only once but recently actully passed out in the middle of burning the “dank” incense…one of the more potent ones. This is after burning hard for 2+years so dont think it cant happen to you. Long story short I totalled my fkn awesome caddilac cause I just went off the side of the road. I was stupid to burn in the car anyway but I know all of you do as well so let not fool anyone. Is it worth it???

Just wrote this on here cause I wanted to maybe help someone

4:26 am January 17th, 2012

I tried it, i just took like 1 puff and it messed me up really bad, i swear to god, I felt it was the end of my life and I was going to die. Rapid heart beat, I couldn’t calculate the distance b/w objects, I felt things were far away even though they were at a foot away. I swear I felt like i was going to die, I had to sit in front of a mirror and talk myself out, saying” few more minutes, I cannot die right now”. I was trying whole timeto control my breathing and heart beats. Synthetic incense is worst thing ever.

10:21 am January 17th, 2012

Open note to all of the chemists and quasi medical personnel:
I’ve been going through hellish withdrawals from herbal incense for over three days now (doesn’t matter what brand -tried about 50).
Right now I’m thinking about the people that turned me on to this, gave me advice, and sold it to me and I’m Very pissed!
Do you really want the responsibility of advising someone to try a different brand of incense?

3:19 pm January 17th, 2012

Yea…. I’m 19 and I’ve been smoking herbal incense for about 3 years now. Idk what you guys mean by “you only need a few hits”. I smoke 10g bags of Cloud 9 on a daily basis. Nightmare barely even messes me up anymore lol.

4:31 pm January 17th, 2012

wow, i went from sep or november without having anyb ut then just last week i smoked 12 grams of dead man walking in the last 5 days split with a friend of mine, i have been CRAVING to get more too. i dont like the want to smoke. i want it even at school and work, ive never been like this before. any help on how to get past it? i gave in twice already and smoked again yesterday

6:16 pm January 17th, 2012

NEED ADVICE ON DETOX: I have been using this for 6 months and am 1 day clean. I want to know IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO to expedite the detox? I need to find full time work right now and can’t even fit in my clothes b/c I’ve gained 20 pounds! Now? I have NO appetite. I think the biggest side effect that scares me are the psychological effects: I have felt SO detached…even after losing my job…it’s like I’ve come COMPLETELY apathetic and lost all drive… if anyone has any suggestion on how to relieve myself of this in my body and its lingering influence on me…smoked the real stuff almost every day for 10 day years, now this… hopefully there is still a chance I can get normal again. The memory thing REALLY scares me: I will LITERALLY forget what I am talking about 5 seconds later… HELP and THANKS… I really do need some information and insight, because right now…I’ve kind of been pushing away everybody else… ;(

11:40 pm January 17th, 2012

How long does this mental fog take to clear. Tasks at work still feel so difficult and require extream concentration. I am going on day 19 of quitting this horrible addiction. Please, let me know how long it took for some of you guy for the stupid feeling in the brain to go away. I used for 3 months strait.

12:02 pm January 18th, 2012

Day number 5 detoxing from about two years of being continually wasted on herbal incense. Been drinking Gatorade and taking a good vitamin B complex. I finally got a good nights sleep last night without the night sweats and waking every hour. My head is still a bit foggy but green tea or a cup of coffee helps.
I went to a walk -in clinic last week and some idiot nurse said “go to rehab.” Stupid bitch.

2:10 pm January 18th, 2012

@Jack doesn’t it just discourage you to even talk to medical “professionals” about this.. there needs to be people out there WILLING to help and not judge… its embarresing enough as it is, but your making the best decision in seeking help. Screw her.

As for me Jan 3 was last day and I’m really stating to feel like me. now the memory issues are still a problem. Like everyone else I lose thought in mid sentence and feel like a f’n idiot when I have to say “what was I just saying ” this stuff will mess you up. As for everyone who doesn’t think so… I was one of you at one time… until I WANTED to stop for good. Your not going to understand what we are talking about until you are ready to stop and really stop for good. I straight up went from smoking 2 to 3 grams a day to none. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea but I wanted to be done with that shit. Worse part about me and my hubby doing it was we used our credit cards to buy this shit… never let our bills get behind but sure racked up out cards. Stupid. So now I gotta do my best this year to pay offour horrible habit from last year. Pretty much mad at myself for letting things get so bad…. but I’m happy. To say I’m done. This next step of this loong process is going to be hard, but I’m going to get my life back. Praying for all you guys. Stay healthy. Stay strong. And kick this spice out the door!

6:11 pm January 18th, 2012

Absolutely do not smoke legal herb. I did it for the first time, only taking one hit, and had a heart attack, and muscle spasms. I laid on my bed gasping for air as my chest was crushing inward, and my limbs were flailing violently. I watched as death danced me around like a marionette, showing me my whole life and everyone I met, before offering me his hand. I was tempted to grab it but wasn’t ready to go yet. I fought it off, passed out, and surprised to be alive, drove myself to the hospital in the morning. I had a heart attack at 19. Don’t smoke this stuff. It’s not marijuana, not even close. Worse yet, I want to do it again, even after all that. Just do heroin. It’s safer.

9:05 pm January 18th, 2012

i had been using it alot for a short time now i stoped and im foggy and missing things i normlay wouldnt how long will this last?

2:32 am January 19th, 2012

3 days CJ, stay off it man and you’ll feel better soon. good luck.

3:08 am January 19th, 2012

im 43 iv been smoking legal weed since march 2011 has anyone been losing weight iv lost 35 lbs in a month im not bragging im sick i puke when i dont have it and have diareha when i do have it i wake up about every hour to smoke cant remember the last time i slept all night infact i just dont give a shit what goes on around me iv lost interest in intamacy ofcourse so has my boyfriend i was smoking 4grams a day now im down to about 1 gram if i gradualy come off that will i have withdraws

8:12 am January 19th, 2012

Im a 18 year old girl, and i have come to admit i have a drug problem.
I struggle everyday of my life with anxiety, depression, and addiction.
Theese 3 things have lead me to many scary substances to ease my pain.
The fake stuff is one of them.
The stuff i smoked this morning is called,
Its exactly what it sounds like, the devil.
I have smoked this shit plenty before, ALWAYS gets me super fucked up.
But today was a whole different kind of messed up:(

I smoked right before school, 3 or 4 rips.
As i was walking through the doors of my school this morning i realized somethings not right. I was REALLLLLLY high.
I was afraid i wouldn’t be able to handle it.
I didnt have much choice though.. I had to deal with it.
I legitly thought i was going to fall over, walking was such a challenge. Plus i could barely see.
Some how i managed (without falling over) to find my classroom and into my seat.
By this time i swear my heart was racing a million beats per minute.
Heavy heavy breathing.
Then lost all hearing..
I then began to panic.
I coulnt think straight and only couldnt keep my mind focused.
I then told myself to count.. 1,2,3.
I tried to calm myslef down as best i could, but..
Diablo got to me.

My arms and legs felt like they were possessed.
I still believe that they were.
I tried to copy notes off the board, because i didnt want my teacher to be suspicious.
I was expecting to see my nice girly hand-writting..
The letters were completeley mangled and twisted and i couldnt read what i was writting. I focused so hard on writting good, but it wasnt possible, because it wasnt my writing.
I was very scared at this point.
Oh but things got worse. .
The lights were off in the classroom at the time,and i noticed there was a corner in the room close to celing that was extra dark.
I felt a presesnse in that corner.
I had no doubt in my mind that it was a dark energy.
Well i was right.
As i would turn my head torwards that side of the room i would see it.. the devil.
Everytime i would turn my head to the right side of the room, my mind would vibrate and pulsate insanley, then i would see faces coming towards me. Red faces..
I head screaming. In my mind i yelled back, just made the voice scream at me louder.
My right ear hurt so bad from all the noise in my head.
I then noticed it wasnt as intense when i looked left, towards the door. Where there was LIGHT. I felt a good presesnse coming from the light.
I believe in god, so i knew it was him.
I then started crying inside my head, begging god to make this go away.
FINALLY the high started to wear off..

All day i have been seeing devils and scary images everywhere i look!
Like on bumper stickers, peoples clothes, posters, artwork, movie covers, and cd covers.
No joke all day ive come across many scary things that remind me of my morning.
Im so traumatized.

Ive always known drugs and alcohol open evil doors from what my family has been through and has told me.
But damn i wasnt expecting such a trip to come from fake mj that i can buy at a store.
I was scared.
I believe drugs such as weed, shrooms, and acid take me to amazing places. I believe drugs open your mind to many many doors into this universe.
But just remember not all the doors are good.
Be careful people!!!
I understand why people smoke this, we all have our reasons.
All im going to say about it is… if you can stop, STOP!
I understand quitting anything is easier said than done, im even debating to smoke the last pinch of diablo i have.
Even after all that… wow whats wrong with me:(
oh ya, its called addiction.

Lifes hard, but life is absolutley precious and wonderful.
So dont let something like incense keep you from living yours.

10:08 am January 19th, 2012

This product should be illegal. I’ve had a REALLY hard time quitting, so much so that I made a scene in the headshop just so I’d get banned. Stay far away!

10:57 am January 19th, 2012

Hi everyone, I am a college baseball player who gets drug tested so I started using legal marijuana. I had smoked pot for years without any serious side effects, but I can honestly say that legal bud SCREWS up your body. I never believed it when people like my dad and friends told me that legal was bad for you because I thought they were just saying it was bad because it’s something you smoke, but I was wrong and they were right. If you read up on the chemicals that scientists put in these bags, you’ll find out that once you stop using the legal bud, your body goes into withdrawal mode… no joke. DO NOT SMOKE THIS STUFF!!! My side effects include: I have zero appetite, I cannot sleep more than an hour or so at night without waking up, I get hot flashes that last a long time as well as cold chills and cold sweats at night. My head feels foggy, and I just feel.. off. I never thought that I could get addicted to legal bud, but it definitely happened. I was smoking a couple grams a day usually, and I am so stoked to say that I’m done with this stuff. Yes, the high is great, but is it really worth it? I mean for all we know, in ten years, doctors might tell us this stuff causes Alzheimers. The scientist from Clemson that created one of the main ingredients in legal admits that he has no clue what effect smoking his product has on the mind or body. I wish I had done some research on this stuff before I started using it at all, let along as heavy as I smoked it. Marijuana is less potent, but a hundred times safer. I am starting day three of detox, and I can finally eat a little bit of food and hold some water down. It’s a shame that something so fun can have such a terrible effect on one’s body, but I guess that’s the price I have to pay for getting high off of chemicles.

6:35 am January 20th, 2012

I tried this a couple of weeks ago and at first I didn’t think it was gonna hit me the way weed does, but it did. Couple days back I’m at home, smoking and I just took 5 puffs and I was out. Suddenly I started feeling nauseous, and hungry, so I ate. Couple of minutes passed by and I started vomiting. I tried to come back but it wasn’t until I took a long nap before I was back to myself. Don’t know if maybe it was the flavor… The incense I smoked is called Happy Hour, cherry flavored, the first time I did it was with a blueberry flavored on. Today I friend of mine also smoked it, and started vomiting too…

How- to- Quit
10:43 pm January 20th, 2012

Hey guys if you’re still trying to quit keep scrolling up for part one regarding the physical changes 3 days-1 week after you quit and supplements/life changes that will help get you there…

Look… I know your not all philosophers and motivational speakers but come on…. the human body will adapt to any circumstance or present situation (quit the hypochondria and do something productive you’ll forget all about it.)

Though I have many of the answers, others I do not. What happpens when we die, why is the govt so messed up etc….. All I know is that I need medical marijuana to live a normal life. I got arrested using marijuana medically (though in a non-medicated de-criminalized state.) And began using herbal incense. It’s ADDICTIVE, and more expense in the long run (see addiction), and my “mental” health professionals tried for at lease 30 hours to convince me I don’t need it.

Some people need boos and cigaretts…. me I just need good ol’ medical cannabis. Admit you need medical marijuana and move to a medical state, best decision I’ve ever made in my life and the only herbal incense (how to quit) method i’ve found… switch to the natural stuff, within days I swear you will feel normal again 🙂

How- to- Quit
10:58 pm January 20th, 2012

A little background for everyone: Went through a major (MAJOR) life upheaval after facing a marijuana charge, ACD (adjournment contemplating dismissal) AND becoming addicted to herbal incense (marijuana is NOTHING compared to herbal incense, I can smoke a pack of cigs in ONE day then go the next without ONE physical craving), herbal incense leaves you with what I call Goldfish Syndrome (inability to stop consuming!) )

I’ve just gotten settled here in Colorado (used to live in SH^%$#Y upstate New York, providing benefits and SS to the more populated NYC area) and have immediatly started to feel human again. MMJ is what I need, no more denying it and I was in (most of you’s) situation just last week!!

The perspective from East to West coast is astounding. People do flee areas of increased control (eastern US) for areas of increased living standard (western U.S.). And don’t get confused, the west has a much higher standard of living despite in creased cost of living.

How many times have I said to myself “man if I could only smoke weed everyday, AND save myself some money”.

Welcome to Colorado.

1:49 pm January 22nd, 2012

I was smoking different ver of the the syn weed and never really had a problem til last friday night. I got cold sweats and started to think that the world was going to collapse around me….I lost my peripheral vision…i couldnt breath and got chest pains. after this i flushed and havent had any since. this is not weed and should never be the substitute of it.

2:29 pm January 22nd, 2012

I just woke up from the baddest experience in my life because of the “legal weed” Please people stop smoking it please Just it’s legal because the government want us to get fuckd up please understand that it’s taking our soul away. I really felt I was death thank Jesus I think I’m all right now anyway don’t do it

6:24 pm January 22nd, 2012

This forum has helped me immensely. I had been consuming approx. 1-2 grams of this “substitute” for about 8 months. It felt like I didn’t have a single problem in the world while I was on it. I was convinced that this spice crap was the answer to all my problems. That was until I decided to drop the habit. I stopped using two days ago. Since the drug was so cheap, obtainable, and guilt-free, I tricked myself into thinking there would be no significant withdrawal. Boy, was I WRONG. Never in my life had I felt so confused. I can feel myself getting better day by day. Just to make others more aware, and to make anyone else going through an uncomfortable withdrawal, I will list everything I have been feeling.

-Dream “state of mind” (As if everything around me was unfamiliar)
-As if none of these symptoms would ever disappear.

It was only through this forum that I gathered the courage and reasoning to stop. Awareness must be spread. This is killing the people who use it. I’m posting this in hopes that someone else may come across it and feel just “that much better” when they are going through withdrawal. It really is miserable. But I assure you, with time it gets better. Hope this helps. Stay strong people! Never give up.

9:52 pm January 22nd, 2012

@ How- to- Quit,

wouldn’t happen to be around the pburgh area? (12901)

i live in upstate NY, and from what others have told me, our city gets the most potent shit, and its killing and ruining peoples lives.

its also very competitive here, other towns have a bit higher prices, while our head shops go as close to cost as they can to outsell other head shops. “the shop”, if you did live in the area had rush…which was damn near a meth high.

felt like my brain was bleeding, almost 2 months sober, and thank fucking god, i was getting nose bleeds puking, couldn’t think clearly.

@anyone who has quit…per chance did any of you get really into physics while quitting? i covered 3 areas of physics (over email with my very smart uncle. my own ideas, with no prior knowledge) and was correct! (mostly). i talked to a few others who said they didn’t necessarily have their own ideas but did get fascinated with physic while withdrawing…just a curiosity, prob no value to it.

I’d consider myself smarter than the people I’ve talked to though, if only because (for my ideas and other peoples ideas) before i accept something as true, i question it as much as i try to prove it true. so if you say aliens live on mars, i don’t just brush you off as a nut, i look at you’re evidence, the evidence to the contrary, neutral evidence, and if i can not prove either way will admit i do not know, i may lean towards one side or the other, but unless something is proven 100% true, AND the questions disproving it proved false, i admit i don’t know.

religion is a better example, i would believe it was implemented to keep people from living an “evil” life, however i do not have proof there is no god, nor proof that there is, once proof becomes available, and undeniable, then i will accept the side with said proof.


2+2=4 that is true, you clearly have all factors.

2+H=4 i do not know without knowing H’s value, if someone said make the the equation true, or the following equation is correct/true. then i would say H would = 2

but just because someone says 2+H=4 (now figuratively speaking)

“=” is read “equal to”

2 being = religions

H being = are true

2+H = religions are true, represented as 4


does not make the statement true. it simply gave a known subject “religions” and added a possibility for the unknown factor “are true” to say it as a fact, is incorrect. (fact meaning proven true)

sorry for the long demonstration but i find this stuff incredibly fun! lol.

Never Again
6:37 am January 23rd, 2012

I tried this stuff for 1 week, and what I tried was Mr. Nice Guy. Yea, there was absolutely nothing nice about this guy!! I tried it the first, nausea, vomited, extremely anxious, then extreme energy unlike anything I have ever felt before, didn’t like it, AT ALL!! Tried it second night, not too bad, still didn’t care for it tho. Didn’t want for 2 days. Third time, sick again, head on fire than cold, anxious. Hopped in shower to try and feel better/ hoping to sober up, as soon as the water hit my head it felt like my brain stopped, and everything went black, I regained control, thankfully, and when that happened I swear I looked death right in the face. If it was a hallucination, I don’t know nor do I care! Made a vow right then and there, if a petition comes out to ban this crap, I will, willingly, sign it! You can call me whatever you want, think whatever you want about me, that shit isn’t worth dying for!!! People will do what they will, I just wanted to share my experience with it.

1:16 pm January 23rd, 2012

The only way i could quit smoking that bs was when i bought a vaporizer and a big bag of chronic, i needed the vape cause the herbals f*cked my lungs up so bad i couldnt even smoke

10:30 pm January 23rd, 2012

I think we should all send a letter to your House Representative encouraging them to take a look at this information for them to realize the danger and harm this stuff is doing to people. This isn’t a left or right issue but something we must all take responsibility for and do what we can to help those who want to get off of it and to keep people, especially kids away from this stuff. As far as I know there isn’t even an age limit, which is why school kids are dying from it. I’ll post the link below…

1:50 am January 24th, 2012

If you think this stuff is at all not harmful I seriously suggest you do a google search for “synthetic (or herbal) weed death” and take a look at how many lives this stuff has already taken, and most of them are children. How many more people have to DIE for someone to do something about this????

12:10 am January 25th, 2012

Hi all,

Stopped this for 4 days now and have been getting really weird pains in the centre of my abdomen and left side of my lower ribs, also been sweating a lot (but not been hot), been constipated as well, but when I can go its a really light brown colour.

I’m really paranoid that I may have messed up chronically by using this stuff. Both my wife and myself have smoked about 3g a week for the past 5 months. My wife is constantly feeling bloated, mood swings, and has major diarrhoea.

I went to the dr’s a couple of days ago, as I am scared senseless, didn’t mention that I’d been smoking, but explained all my symptoms. He took a couple of tubes of blood to do some tests and I have to call back in a few days for the results, but I’m really worried.

Has anyone else had weird stomach/rib/chest pains like I mentioned when getting off this stuff, and how long do they last?

Thanks to anyone who replies, and well done to those who’ve kicked it, from personal experience over the last few days, I can honestly say the withdrawals are tough.

3:03 pm January 25th, 2012

I am going on day 27 clean. some days are still hard to focus. I work out every day. my body feels healthy. but my mind ouch. doesnt hurt I just feel like light headed and hear a light ringing. sometime I still get withdraw still like I wont want to eat or emotional. im really fistrayed with this mind fog. how much longer till my mind is clear. has anyone expirienced this. let me know thanks.

3:58 pm January 25th, 2012

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this, but I stumbled upon this blog and could not help but comment. I’ve smoked herbal incense on a daily basis since January 2011, at first as a recreational drug, later as a treatment for insomnia, and by May I found myself selling all of my possessions because I would become severely agitated and suicidal if I had none to smoke. Even after I managed to secure a job, all of my money was poured into the incense.

This Sunday, I finally decided to quit after a near overdose on Saturday. I’ve had panic attacks almost every hour since, feeling as though I am in a constant “out of body” state, my memory has become so poor I can’t recall what I ate for dinner last night. I am a writer, and I haven’t been able to put a pen to paper since then.

The short-term effects of herbal incense are fun, and I was a very strong proponent of it until recently. Once your supply runs dry, so does your sense of reality. I’m using an herbal detox program and haven’t experienced much relief.

I rue the day I first smoked Black Magic, and I urge everyone to smoke REAL weed if they choose. Withdrawing is like Hell, so if anyone has advice on a better way to detox, or if anyone has experienced what I am currently experiencing and has overcome it, and is willing to share with me how, I would appreciate all feedback!

smokers wife
7:35 pm January 25th, 2012

My husband got in trouble in Jan. 2011 for smoking pot while driving during our seperation. We got back together in March of 2011 with one reason being that he had quit. He started smoking this synthetic stuff sometime last spring/summer. Things had been going great until around July then he would just get super pissed off at things that seemed so small. I didn’t understand it at the time. He had a birthday recently and I knew he smoked at least 5 times in a two week period so I was mad because it wasn’t as he had promised “once in a while” thing. He said he was letting off some steam because it was his birthday. I stressed to him that I had a major issue with it and he promised it would only be a once a week thing…..then this week came, he did it Sunday and then again Tuesday. I made him sign a promise note that he wouldn’t smoke it anymore. If he does our marriage is over. Thank you to everyone who has shared on here it is definately an eye opener to a lot of the side effects and how horrible this stuff can be.

9:44 pm January 25th, 2012

i found a quik way o stop, i just switched to something else… i just hope this is easier to get off of its a natrul drug so its not chemicals or somethiong being put into your body and it just makes you dream while awake.

10:05 pm January 25th, 2012


First off, congratulations on quitting.

Secondly, tell your doctor! why not tell him? he can not tell anyone. and by not telling him you are making him work harder for a possible wrong diagnosis.

Be completely honest, he can not make you go to rehab, he can not tell anyone. doctor patient confidentiality.

As for the abdominal pain, i had some shortly after quitting, and it turned out to be appendicitis, i always thought if i had appendicitis i would cry, however that is not the case for all people.

This does not mean you have appendicitis, i was just explaining a possibility.

*my advise or any internet advise should not be taken as medical advise, you should get checked out by your doctor.*

12:03 am January 26th, 2012

On Day 9 of quitting, I almost feel normal physically other than my ridiculously low/no appetite.

What is most frustrating for me is my inability to FOLLOW THROUGH with the most simple tasks…its like I’ll think “I have to do laundry” and walk over to the laundry and stare at it, feeling INCREDIBLY unmotivated.

I’ve never experienced lack of focus or motivation like this, does anyone have any suggestions for these feelings? I WANT MY MIND AND ENERGY BACK!

No More for Me -- Ever
12:09 am January 26th, 2012

It was hell for me to quit herbal incense. Thankfully I’m three months clean and NEVER going back. I’d been smoking off and on for about a year and a half, and the withdrawal symptoms really sucked.

I quit for many reasons. Every time I ran out of it, I would go into this horrible rage — anything could set me off, even the slightest look from somebody else. One time, I was so infuriated that I broke a yardstick over my head (in retrospect I laugh about it, but it was still a pretty childish thing to do). So much of my time was spent worrying about whether I’d have the money to buy more Mr. Nice Guy, and I hated watching my stash dwindle away as I smoked hit after hit.

Also, my brother is paranoid schizophrenic, and he loves smoking this incense. Please note: the herbal incense DID NOT cause his disease, but it sure as hell doesn’t help his condition, especially when it causes symptoms like hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis (all three of which are trademarks of schizophrenia).

He told me that this stuff and cigarettes are the only things that make him happy, which is really sad, especially since he refuses to take medicine. You might say it’s difficult to draw the line between the schizophrenic symptoms and what the incense is doing to him, and that’s absolutely true. I certainly can’t draw that line. However, it’s clear to me that smoking it makes his problems worse than they already are.

He gets the same way I used to when there’s no more incense: everyone and everything pisses him off. At this very moment he’s in the other room calling my mom a bitch because she didn’t give him a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to a question. He’s prone to fits of screaming and name-calling without the incense. He enjoys calling me a horrible person, but I suspect that’s partly out of jealousy that I managed to quit and he didn’t.

When my brother does have incense, he goes way overboard. He smokes so much that vomiting is now a habit for him, yet he doesn’t seem to care as long as he can get high. Sometimes he even avoids eating so that he can smoke more and not have to worry about a bigger mess.

So why did I quit? I couldn’t look at myself from an outsider’s perspective and see what I was doing to myself with this drug, but when I looked at my brother, it was obvious that smoking this stuff (and going through instant withdrawal) was turning me into a douche and a monster. The hate-filled anger episodes, worrying all the time about my money situation but still spending loads on this crap, the side effects — none of it was worth getting that pathetically weak high anymore.

If you need some help quitting, think of it this way: you’re ingesting a mystery substance and you have no idea what it will do to you long-term. Even the guy who synthesized JWH-018, John W. Huffman, says it’s stupid to smoke these synthetic chemicals, whether they’re JWH or not. “‘It is like Russian roulette to use these drugs. We don’t know a darn thing about them for real,’ he tells WebMD”.

I’m three months clean and I’m still coughing up black and brown lumps of resiny tar. Yes, lumps. I don’t even smoke cigarettes, so I know all of that was from the incense. Chances are if you’re smoking it, you just don’t want to know what it’s doing to your body and mind. You want to go on having fun in ignorance like I did, and like my brother still does.

I have a saying: if you buy a little bit of heaven, you’re going to pay with a little bit of hell. It all balances out eventually. Would you ever buy something without knowing exactly what you’re going to pay for it? Are you absolutely — without ANY shadow of a doubt — certain that smoking herbal incense won’t harm you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially now or in the future? If you’re not 100% sure, then the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be smoking it. But that’s your call.

It was a big boost to my self-confidence when I quit. Never again will I let that addiction make me its little bitch. I wish you the best of luck. If I managed to quit, SO CAN YOU.

3:49 am January 26th, 2012

I smoked Diablo once with my cousin after returning from my sophomore year at college. I hated the shit at first. We smoked around 6 hits each. I didnt know any better. I thought I was going insane. After mellowing out and trying it a few more times I came to like it and started smoking regularly. A rotation of Diablo, and 7h. Whatever the guy had It took about a month for it to get to the point where my cousin and I were smoking two bags a day between the two of us. We continued this from August 2011 to a week before this last thanksgiving. Id never been addicted to anything before but Every day I was buying going through a minimum of one bag. Eventually I started puking and getting the shits ALL THE TIME. I never felt hungry but was losing weight rapidly my insides felt torn up and I couldnt think clearly. I knew I had to quit or I was going to die so I locked myself in my room room and had my brother bring me food through the window twice a day. After about a week Imy brain feel back to normal and let myself out. Took about a month for my insides to stop hurting. THree months later and a Trip to the dentist revealed 6 cavities in half a year,(Bringing my lifetime total to 8) I have alot of difficulty remembering recent events and retaining information, I still havnt gained all the weight back, and maybe Im just paranoid but I do not remember my hairline having receded prior to starting. In honesty I went on this shit pretty hard(one to two bags daily for a period of four months) however I strongly recommend avoiding it. Intense high with a short half life is the perfect recipe for addiction. If you want to get high smoke pot. It lasts longer and is much more relaxing.

3:56 am January 26th, 2012

Btw my cousin is still smoking it regularly at the same frequency and he dosnt even act human anymore. He lives to get high off synthetic marijuana. Hes fucked up on it 24/7 and without it he lays in his room and wont talk to anyone unless its about borrowing money. Hes stolen from me his parents and some of his friends just to be able to pay the twenty$s. It horrifies me thinking that I could have ever acted like that. Weve tried professional intervention and he continues. The police have arrested him for it twice and he continues. He has court next week but he continues. Its really addicting stuff atleast to my genepool.

How- to- Quit
4:49 am January 26th, 2012


I used to live in a major city near the Erie canal and great lakes…

Withdrawal from incense (and MJ), can induce a bi-polar and schizophrenic effect, allowing people to hone in and direct a LOT of energy and focus into subjects of interest. This increased ability to learn and retain information is often the result of a manic episode that can be of any duration. Every time I quit, and went through withdrawal, I’d be up a long time (sometimes 24 hours or more) just reading through law books, medical journals, and especially areas of study specifically relating to the physiological effects I was experiencing. I myself have wondered if incense’s withdrawal effects could possibly be used in some way to increase learning ability or retention of information, but honestly I don’t think the mania is worth it…..

WHAT IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU THINKING!!! MORE LAWS IS NOT WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS. You and you alone make the decision to get in your car, drive to the smoke shop, purchase the packets, pack the bowl, spark the lighter, and inhale. Take responsibility for your own actions instead of begging the government to do it for you. Move back home with your parents if you need guidance or want someone to make your life decisions… Better yet, find a bossy partner that will tell you what to do, but don’t keep everyone else from responsibly (or irresponsibly if they so CHOOSE) using a substance, just because there is a compulsion that lies within you. Again, seek professional help in the form of behavior modification or something. The problem is yours and yours alone, don’t spoil it for everyone else.

That’s why we’re all in this mess in the first place!! People like Ryan had a bad experience with MJ in the early 1900’s, and decided to push congress to prohibition. Do you really think any of us would have ever tried “fake weed” had MJ been as legally available and socially acceptable as alcohol and tobacco?? Hell no!!

I beg of everyone PLEASE DO NOT sent a letter to your local Representative, and if you do the subjects should be PIPA&SOPA or the recently passed NDAA.

Take a deep breath (not too deep if it hurts), you’re going to be fine. I’ve also felt the chest pain you’re experiencing, and it’s actually very common with people who quit smoking tobacco. Your lungs are just healing and moving all that all that nasty goo like resin/tar that’s in your pipe, out of your lungs. I promise a week from now you’ll feel much better 🙂

12:16 pm January 26th, 2012

Spice is fine as long as you smoke the right chemicals.

Stay away from the ultra potent blends due to the fact that the chemicals they contain are the least safe. IE: AM2201

I’m quitting this though, I’m tired of waking up and craving a bowl of something that messes me up for 5 minutes.

3:01 pm January 26th, 2012

Well. I’ve been smoking different kind of incense for about 4 years on and off. I took my one hit last night to try to get some sleep, and oh man did I have the opposite affect. I got a Sharp pain in my head and everything felt blurry so I closed my eyes. I started feeling myself moving my hand in circular movements then my legs started twitching. I went into a strange state, I guess a ceisure, my fiancee said I kept stocking my tongue in am out my mouth. This all felt like it was going on in a dream, but at the same time I couldn’t tell if it was real. It started to feel like my lungs were caving in and like something was stopping my breathing. I let out a long scream and then began to scream “I’m dying” my fiancee ended up handing me something to drink and I calmed down but not completely. Took a while to feel back to normal. Needless to say my fiancee had called 911 and Hung up while I screamed I’m dying and the cops showed up thinking he was killing me. It’s not worth it. That was the scariest feeling I have ever felt, amd all I could think about was my fiancee and his son and how bad it would be if I died on them. Think about this before you continue to do it. One small hit did this to me, not anything more. And I think if it would’ve lasted any longer I would have went to the hospital PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU SMOKE THIS STUFF. POW WAS THE KIND I HAD, and I don’t think any should be legal.

3:17 pm January 26th, 2012

@How- to -Quit Thank you for the kind words, and reassuarnce, I really appreciate it. I’ll just wait it out then. My blood tests came back today all perfectly normal, so I’ll just hang in there. I’m going to try really throwing myself into my work and see if that helps at all. Thank you though, it means a lot that you took the time to reply.

To everyone else who is considering smoking this stuff, really don’t do it, it’s not worth it. I loved it while I was using it, but getting off this stuff is not fun at all. I’ve honestly been terrified these last few days, and it seems that I’m not the only one on here.

3:14 am January 27th, 2012

@How- to- Quit –

This stuff can be deadly and if you do a quick search like I suggested you’ll see that this stuff is killing people, and mostly children who were just experimenting with something they bought at the gas station.


I have never once advocated for the the criminalization or banning marijuana, in fact quite the opposite. There isn’t one single case of marijuana killing anyone from the drug itself, there ARE cases of death with this synthetic stiff. Also, do you want them to both be put in the same category? If people see synthetic weed as being the same as marijuana, mj will never be legal. Should we also make crack cocaine legal too? Why not, it doesn’t kill most people, makes you high for about 20 minutes, but get a bad dose or too much and it’ll kill you too. It is NOT mj man, not at all. People are guinea pigs with this stuff. Also, what if it was your kid who got a hold of some dank fake weed, smoked it and then died, how would you feel about it then? I know plenty of kids, including myself who smoke mj at a very young age and we are ALL here to tell about it.

7:03 am January 27th, 2012

After reading all these experiences, I feel that it is necessary to share my story of incense addiction I know it’s long, but if you’re thinking about using incense or wondering if you should stop using PLEASE READ.

I’m a 24 year old college graduate and never had any serious drug problems in my life until I met incense. I’ve smoked weed throughout my life, but never felt like I was physically or mentally addicted. I have been an occasional recreational user since 16, nothing that serious.

I began using incense as a replacement for my occasional toke of mary j about 5 months ago so I could pass drug tests at work. It started out as no big deal. I’d smoke a little after work to relax and maybe some before going to bed. I was probably smoking it no more than 3 days a week for the first 4 weeks. This eventually evolved to doing it 4-5 times daily. I felt like I still had control at this point and would take a day off occasionally with no adverse effects. Looking back though I was on a slippery slope, and this was the beginning of me losing control. Once you start the daily habit its very very hard to stop. This stuff will consume your life.

Eventually, I get laid off from my job right before Christmas. So, no longer working I have a lot more free time on my hands. The old me would have been motivated to find a new job ASAP and get on with my life. Instead, I had many negative, depressing, and self loathing, thoughts of myself that I am certain were spawned from my incense use. This stuff will completely change your mindset on life in quite a negative fashion.

With a work schedule no longer slowing down my usage, I began to smoke 2-4 grams daily. This continued for about 3 weeks. After the first week, I developed a cough that wouldn’t quit. It was deep in my chest, and I would have to cough numerous times to break up the gooey nasty congestion. I woke up during the night barely able to breathe almost everyday out of those few weeks. Unbelievably, I would get up and smoke some more after I’d cleared out the chest congestion before I’d go back to bed. Just writing that makes me sick to my stomach. Also, my tongue was stained by the stuff and was brown colored while I was using it. I have always prided myself on my good oral hygiene, but because of the incense I couldn’t have cared less. Every morning I would be nauseous until i got my incense fix. Incense also made me become a lazy slug. Your appetite is huge on this stuff and over the 5 months of my use I put on almost 40 lbs. I had absolutely no urge to work out or eat healthy anymore. I just didn’t give a sh*$.

My personal relationships were strained to the max. I was choosing the drug over my girlfriend, family, and friends. My girlfriend of 5 years said I was a completely different person on it so I would try to hide my usage, but she always knew. This led to many intense arguments with me usually taking a selfish immature stance. The incense was clouding my mind so much that I didn’t care if I lost the most important person in my life. My mood swings were terrible on this stuff as well and really affected my relationships with others.

Thankfully, about 5 days ago I had an intervention type moment with my parents. They could clearly see the changes in my behavior over the previous months and were very worried about me. I am so glad that they decided to confront me. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I admitted to them that I had a problem and that i wanted to change. To see the two people that brought me into this world and supported me 100% my entire life so scared, angry, confused, and worried shook me enough for me to realize it was time to wake up. I threw away the rest of my incense and my pipe and made the determination that I was stronger than the addiction.

I have been off incense for 5 days now, and I don’t have a single regret leaving it in my past. I decided to quit cold turkey and supplement that with an all juice detox diet. It has been tough but you have to have discipline and control. The withdrawal off incense is terrible, and I’m hoping it will be finished soon. I have been having hot and cold flashes, night sweats, I can’t fall asleep, I have trouble thinking and remembering things, I have an anxious almost wired feeling all day long, and have been severely dehydrated. Luckily, my cough has improved at least 90%, thank God.

I will never touch this again, and I really wish I would have done some more research before I began to use it. I feel so much better about my future now. My self-confidence is back and I’m no longer lazy and unmotivated. I’m working out and eating healthy again, and this is truly the best I’ve felt in over 5 months. This stuff should be illegal but regardless of legality only you can make your own life decisions. Sorry for the essay, but I felt it was necessary.

4:18 pm January 27th, 2012

Hey. Just wanted everyone to know I’m feeling so much like me again. I get a lot of headaches. And random chest pain still. I hope everyone can reach their own goals on getting over this… I’m proud of myself and so happy to be done with this stuff. <3

trying to kick
4:22 pm January 27th, 2012

I have been off the incense since new years day and i am almost completely normal. At first i thought the symptoms would never end…. i am very glad to be back to my old self. keep off the spice people and you wont regret it! I am happy that i did not do critical damage to my body, mind, job, or relationships during my use. Its crazy how many fun times i missed out on while smoking incense all weekend for all those months…..

12:58 am January 28th, 2012

Isn’t this the stuff that Demi Moore just got hospitalized for taking? They said she was having seizures!

9:33 am January 28th, 2012

I just got back from the ER with my husband who took 1 hit. He started throwing up, could hardly breathe and could not really speak. I have never been so scared in my life. I took 1 hit as well and didn’t feel anything, but why take the chance? He is feeling better now, but he was out of it for almost 3 hours. We were smoking that bob marley stuff. I have smoked it a few times before and got a little head change but nothing major. After tonight though, I will never smoke it again. I never want to feel the way he did tonight. When I brought him to the ER, he had no color, hes lips were white and hes body kept shaking. It was really scary. I hope if anyone decides to try or continue to smoke this stays safe.

1:43 pm January 28th, 2012

hey man i been smoking this stuff for a year now 3 4 times a day yes i no thats tarible but how can you quite and also what are the long terms effects?

7:02 pm January 28th, 2012

I am scared to death after reading all these posts! I’ve smoke MJ since 16. Started to job hunt so I stopped MJ and began smoking incense only 3 months ago. I have a horrible cough and have brownish-black ick coming up. Was just diagnosed as having mild asthma and am waiting on results from chest xray. NOW I’m scared of all these withdrawal symptoms!! And if I will have them! I’m seriously freaking out now. I started back with MJ today, throwing my last 2 grams of incense in the GARBAGE!!! Plus with the 2012 incense, I didn’t feel like it was a good as the 2011 stuff… I was smoking entirely too much everyday trying to get the buzz… And it’s more expensive now, too! Basically just really worried about my chest xray and withdrawals…… : (

3:00 am January 29th, 2012

I just finish smoke clould nine. I promise you , I will never smoke that again in my life. I thought I was going to die. My boyfriend is still freaking out from it . I don’t know what to do.

7:47 pm January 29th, 2012

It’s been one week since I quit smoking spice. The popular one here in town, Diablo, was sold at a head shop that was just recently busted by the local drug task force. Listen guys, I’ve done a lot of different drugs and have smoked all kinds of bud, but I’ve got to testify to those that don’t think this stuff isn’t dangerous. I smoked it for at least 5 months and 9 times out of 10 I was straight. I could maintain. Sure I felt a lil panicky, but I thought hey its legal. At least I can’t get busted. But let me tell you about the 10% that some of these people on here maybe haven’t experienced or aren’t telling you about. Dread and fear like you have never felt. Even those experienced LSD users would have crumbled. I’ve had numbness in limbs, severve headaches, heart arythmia (irregular heartbeat), faintness, and I even blacked out for 5 hours on one occasion. Listen people…I love bud . I enjoy escaping reality from time to time with other recreational drugs, but this has made me revaluate what I’m doing. The people making this junk DON’T care if you end up in the hospital with holes in your lungs (A VERY REAL POSSIBLE EFFECT…LOOK IT UP) or if you, and more importantly, off yourself because of the dread. I’ll never touch that crap again and after being off of it for a week, I am ashamed at myself for all the time and money lost. I’m thankful that I’ve come to my senses. Smoke all the bud you want. But I’d recommend chugging bleach before anybody touches this garbage…any brand or any flavor. Its current legality doesn’t justify the potentially incredible effects! I’d also like to extend my support to those kicking this crap. Reading “Regretful’s” blog nearly brought tears to my eyes because its like looking into a mirror. Keep up the good fight and remember that this addiction is a of OUR minds, and WE can live a life free for self-loathing and fear.

2:29 am January 30th, 2012

my anxiety is horrible, racing thoughts all day long. Ive been clean for a week and a half. I feel cloudy, confused, and like things are never gonna get better. The physical symptoms disappeared after 3-4 days and I dont have cravings, but im just concerned that I’m never gonna snap out of this blur. Please, any answers that give hope and truth is what i need.

5:31 pm January 30th, 2012


congrats you got the hardest part out of the way, i personally had physical symptoms for 3 days, the psychological shit went away within 3-4 weeks. the “fog” will go away.

again good job quitting.

@jacob in my town a person died from holes inside his throat (idk where), he bled into himself. i do not know the full details, only what a family member of his was saying about it.

My doctor says he sees this more and more, bleeding in the throat. it’s literally making holes, and bleeding. now im not sure where in the throat. he pointed beneath his neck and said a medical term, i don’t recall the part he said is getting screwed up.

@all please do not smoke this stuff, for those who are currently smoking please try and quit, yes it is hard, but you will be so much more happy once you’re clean and through withdrawal.

I’ve been through withdrawal. i know it is a bitch, I’ve had one of the longest addictions I’ve seen posted here, my posts are November 1st (on the shit) and 3 posts on December 16th explaining the 2 1/2 year addiction. (off the shit)

anyone can quit, it is going to be hard, it is going to suck, but please do it. I’m rooting for you guys.

How- to- Quit
3:09 am January 31st, 2012

@icky and trying to quit

Congrats on your successful cessation!! I myself haven’t had even one craving in what seems like forever, and feel like i’m right back where I was physically/mentally/emotionally before I even tried the stuff. Dare I say that heavy, long term use of even the most potent blends; though resulting in serious addiction and withdrawal; do not cause any lasting damage to your well being. That being said…

“To date, there are about 4.5 million reported dog bites in the United States alone, or roughly 2% of the total American population. Dog bites account for being the second leading cause of childhood injury, surpassing playground accidents.”

Using your logic, all dog owners should be forced to put their beloved pets down, and breading them should be a felony. This is, of course, after we shut down all public playgrounds.

At least if I (or my child) CHOOSES to smoke something using their own FREE WILL, can hopefully one day accept the consequences of their actions or a valuable lesson could be learned by friends and family should death occur. I don’t have a choice if some irresponsible jerk-off with a dog fucks up and I, or someone I love gets attacked!!

Guaranteed more people have died from doing whip-its and other inhalants, than they have from smoking herbal incense. That being said, perhaps you should declare a “War on Whipped Cream”, before writing your legislator, begging him to hold your hand because you can’t accept responsibility for smoking an “unknown” substance you found at a head shop.

Don’t even make me look up stats regarding peanut allergies, alcohol and tobacco, or night construction.

8:22 am January 31st, 2012

you guys say that it induces vomitting??? i beg to differ… its like weed except more potent… dont call it a heroin like drug. because it isnt…

8:29 am January 31st, 2012

Dear, jacob your blowing spice out of proportion!
my only effects were
euphoria.(weed also gives this effect)
floating feeling. (weed also gives this effect)
my heart beats faster… (weed also gives this effect)
i had an urge to eat. (weed also gives this effect)
i had some paranoia (weed also gives this effect)

you have no reason do dis on spice… effects are different for every1


8:43 am January 31st, 2012

regretful…. im sorry you had these effects but remember: to much of anything is a bad thing… make sure everything is in moderation

9:19 pm January 31st, 2012

I am a 32 year old woman, light but pretty regular toker. Marijuana is illegal in Texas and I find I have to cross with shady types to get it, so I thought herbal incense would be easier. I got a gram and took one hit and was feeling great- euphoric, creative. I kept up my usual weed smoking habits over the weekend-a hit here and there throughout the day and evening. Halfway through the bag I started getting very paranoid, feeling disconnected, feeling like my mouth was coated with waxy substance. Then I’d be chasing the high all over again. Two days into this I vomited violently but thought it was from a bad combination of food. The next day I had two hits of the stuff then threw my pipe in the trash. I noticed I was having difficulty completing simple household chores, I was disconnected again and it was getting worse. I also had the waxy, bitter coating in my mouth. I had never experienced a bad side effect from a couple of hits of pot before so this stuff is nothing like marijuana. Just because it mimics the high- that is the ONLY similarity. After I stopped smoking this stuff I had very negative thoughts and difficulty sleeping. I also couldn’t stop thinking about everything I had done over those couple of days- like I was stuck on repeat. The only good thing to come of this was to make me realize that while most often I am a recreational user, sometimes I cross over into addict/abuser territory, and settling for this dangerous chemical when I couldn’t get the real stuff is proof that I needed to work on myself instead of getting high at any cost.

10:21 pm January 31st, 2012

I’ve been smoking this crap for about 2 yrs, switched from weed. I ignored all these types of warnings bcuz it didnt do anything bad to me(noticeably) but i have had trouble trying to quit. not so much from withdrawls but a lack of willpower and bcuz im addicted. well, after coming to this forum and hearing more and more about the dangers(demi moore) im calling it quits. Yesterday i finished it off and everything went fine today at work. k2, krucial, diesel, lol, legal devil, etc all garbage! I’ll come back to update ina couple days, but so far so good.

11:14 pm January 31st, 2012

@how to quit –

Going by your logic we should also make heroin, crack, cocaine, and any other deadly drug legal, even for kids. And your analogy about dogs biting people is quite ridiculous considering we are talking about a drug, not animals. I find it very interesting that your screen name is “how to quit” and you try to advise people on here how to quit using this horrible stuff but you also think it should be freely distributed to anyone who wants to have it, even the children who have died from it (“a valuable lesson could be learned by friends and family should death occur”.)

Synthetic weed is marketed as a “safe and legal” alternative to marijuana and that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s dangerous, and killing people. And killing mostly children who were just experimenting with a legal substance they bought at a gas station, did you not read that before? If those same kids had bought real marijuana illegally, they may have gotten busted with it but they’d still be alive. This stuff serves no real purpose, is falsely marketed – not for human consumption? yeah right, give me a break – and is ruining the health of those who have good intentions and do not know the consequences of using this drug.

Do you really think everyone who has used this or is going to use it is looking at this website and reading your post on “how to quit”? Of course not, as far as most people understand this stuff is harmless. If it should remain legal the manufacturers should advise people of the very adverse consequences, just like tobacco and alcohol (only this stuff is worse), and quit marketing it falsely with the “not for consumption” crap they put on the labels. And put an age limit on it, there is no reason a child should ever be able to buy synthetic marijuana.

Read all the posts on here and tell me one legal drug you can purchase freely that has the same drastic effects as this, other than bath salts, which is another one that is dubious because it’s not even bath salts. And whipped cream isn’t being marked as a drug, so that’s a pretty lame comparison. I guess if you want to go smoke this stuff an ruin you life go ahead, no one is stopping you, but synthetic weed is like the wolf in sheep clothing, it looks all innocent until you realize your lungs are shot after only a few months or even worse your family is attending your funeral.

And by the way I have contacted my state representative, I heard back from them the other day and they are looking into this new batch of synthetics. JWH-018 and others have already been banned, I don’t see why these won’t or shouldn’t be. maybe the chemists will come out with another batch but if people keep dying from this and something isn’t done, it’ll set back marijuana legalization big time. And I think you and I can both agree that marijuana is the one that should be legal. I just think the fake stuff should go away as fast as it came.

smokers wife
12:12 am February 1st, 2012

Can anyone tell me how long after quitting it takes for someone to stop being so angry all the time about small things? I don’t know how long I can take this attitude from my husband. I would say he smoked 2 to 3 times a week for several lmonths, but not sure because he hid it from me most of the time.

2:54 am February 1st, 2012

@ how to quit –

You said, “Dare I say that heavy, long term use of even the most potent blends; though resulting in serious addiction and withdrawal; do not cause any lasting damage to your well being.”

How do you know this? Can you see your cells and know that synthetic weed hasn’t modified any of your genes to turn them cancerous? Have you observed the long-term health effects of everyone who has used it? No you haven’t and in fact MANY people on this blog are reporting long-lasting effects such as persistant coughing, lowered lung function, schizophrenic type experiences, depression, and others. Maybe you aren’t experiencing any adverse effects just yet, but that’s not to say you won’t and that others will not either. Like the creator of JWH-018 John Huffman said himself, “It’s like playing russian roulette because we don’t have toxicity data, we don’t know the metabolites, and we don’t know the pharmacokinetics”. And also, “I figured once it got started in Germany it was going to spread. I’m concerned that it could hurt people,” Huffman said. “I think this was something that was more or less inevitable. It bothers me that people are so stupid as to use this stuff”.

5:54 am February 1st, 2012

Anyone who says this is good is either trying to sell it to you, hasn’t even tried it themself, or is a major junkie that will take any form of high. this is not the kind of high you want. if you wanna smoke, find a reliable source and get the real stuff.

8:16 pm February 1st, 2012

So other people are having irritibility after quitting smoking herbals? I’m finding that with myself, too.

6:09 pm February 2nd, 2012

I’ve been smoking pot since I was 13 until 42 , off and on .
One of my longest stints smoking it was in Hawaii for 12 years straight without quitting in between.

Recently I was out of weed and have heard of the synthetic version of THC that was in these little packets of herbal incense.
I asked the clerk at the local head shop , give me the strongest one.

He gave me a product called TripleXHi5 .
I had read online to be careful and take just one hit at first, so I did.

(later I found out the one I purchased was 3 times stronger than the previous strongest version)

Well HOLY fricken MOLY this one hit knocked me into the gates of hell for about 2 hours. I was splashing water on my face , telling myself to just wait it out. I also decided to drink about 3 glasses of water trying to dilute the chemical in my body.
I was pacing in my room trying to stay alert , I was afraid if I sat down I would die.

In all the years I’ve smoked pot I HAVE NEVER EVER experienced what I experienced with just one hit of herbal incense.

I just wanted to warn others out there to stick to real weed.
Real weed is so perfectly calming to me compared to herbal incense.

I’ve had my fair share of basic paranoia weed highs, BUT NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING compared to the bowels of Hell trip that I took while on herbal incense.

I will say once a few hours passed the buzz felt better , more mellow.
But I will never ever F with that crap again, who knows WTF is in that stuff.

I seriously thought I was dying , right after the first hit , I felt , wow this stuff is already hitting me hard like a ton of bricks. Then my heart was beating out of my chest out of know where , that kind of freaked me out. Luckily I’m 42 and have had experience with some bad trips (weed laced with pcp) and knew to just stay calm and try to dilute the chemical by drinking lots of fluids, also Splash warm/cold water on your face etc.

I Prayed a couple times and waited out the hellish nightmare.
Man I was really stupid for asking for the strongest stuff they had in the store. I never imagined the high I would receive from a little plastic pouch of some lab chemical sprayed onto a fuzzy gram of vegetable cotton.
I am DAMN serious TRY TO FIND real weed STAY AWAY from that herbal incense B.S.

I can’t imagine smoking this stuff on a long term basis I feel like it would fuck me up seriously. I mean weed (real weed) I’ve smoked for years and years without any issues .
But with just one hit of herbal incense I’m still kind of foggy this morning after smoking just one toke out of my pipe.
I feel kind of like lost in a white haze or something not a good vibe.

After experiencing this I really have come to respect real ole fashioned from mother earth weed, it’s so calming so pure , so simple and so mellow.
NOT like that from hell in a plastic packet shit they sell.
I can’t even imagine why I can walk into a store and smoke something that fucking potent , but I can’t buy the real deal Holyfield in store?
F-Me I wish they would legalize weed I may never have touched that incense crap if they had.

7:21 pm February 2nd, 2012


I went through serious withdrawls for 3 weeks from smoking spice (weed does not give this effect).

6:27 am February 3rd, 2012

This is the first time I have ever felt it necessary to write a post. My son is 26 years old and has suffered with addiction for years. He got into trouble and has to report to the courts. He stayed clean for a while and then decided to try K2 since it’s “legal”. I can’t say what brand or how much, but I do know it was daily. A couple weeks ago he came to the realization that he had to quit because his life was spiraling out of control once again. There is no drug out there that he hasn’t used. I have seen him go through withdrawal from opiates and benzodiazepines. NOTHING has been as bad as this. He vomits constantly. He says his head is hurting to the point of intolerance .His blood pressure is higher than normal and his eyes have rolled back in his head twice(scary). I have had him in the ER three times. They have run every test imaginable and they all come back normal. They did say he has a very slight bladder infection. I found this blog because I was looking for answers. He has not used for over two weeks and I was trying to see how long this will last. He is surviving only as long as he is on meds for the nausea. This is the worst thing I have seen! This is pure poison. I have survived my life and faced troubles without drugs. It can be done! Don’t destroy your life. I beg of you! My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. The best high in life comes from giving your troubles to God. Please don’t think I am a “religious nut”. I am simply a Christian speaking from experience.

12:20 pm February 3rd, 2012

I’m a true weed smoker but some of my boys that i hang out with only smoke Mad Hatter incense(red pack) because they’re going through legal problems and i’ve smoked my fair share of it. I read about people “losing reality” i’ve never had that. I have felt like i’m dying, immobilized, racing heart but i don’t lose my thoughts. i am perfectly mentally coherent. When i’m in this state i can talk myself back to normal but it may take about 10 minutes.(i have seen this last up to a half hour!!) My friends thought i was dying but its hard to communicate to tell him what it is like. One thing that i should mention is that the few times i’ve been into this state i do have a shortness in breath and heart pain for a few days after having this high. The first time i reached this high i seriously thought it was my time to go; i thought about my 3 year old pit bull and how my death would affect my family but having a couple people there to keep talking to me helped me get through it. This may seem stupid but now i try for that state to help sharpen my mind against it so it won’t happen as often. Kind of like building a mental tolorence to the trip part of it (which i have never fully tripped:(). Now after smoking it for a while the occurrences have been further apart and now i can smoke a blunt of it between 3 other people and it’ll put me on my ass yeah but i don’t get the feeling like i’m dying just really high but its taken a while for me to get there. i still recommend weed above all drugs and alcohol and i definately don’t recommend this stuff but if your going to smoke this be careful you won’t need a lot to reach that feeling of death. so smoke at your own discression!!

6:51 pm February 3rd, 2012

There’s no way I can ever get back the two years of my life and copious amounts of money I pissed away on this crap. I smoked weed for many years but wanted to find a job to supplement my income so I gave it up and started on this hideous crap. I’m working hard on a home based business and was spending everything I made on this smoke. Since most dope dealers don’t take American Express but party stores do I thought I was set. Wrong answer. I applied for a job on a whim and had to take a drug test so I thought it was good experiment to get tested for a job I didn’t care whether I got or not. The test came back negative but that could change anytime and places will start testing for it. I used to smoke LOL which was ten bucks a gram around here and then they started selling this 616 stuff for 5, 7 and 9 bucks for two gram pouches. I’d smoke the 5 dollar bags thinking at least it’s cheaper. I was still constantly broke and telling my wife I needed gas money or I’d just take money out of the bank which we needed for bills. A pouch would last maybe a few hours. The high would last maybe a few minutes and then I’d be depressed because I was out again. A ridiculous cycle to live in. I’ve quit now and don’t want it anymore. I was just so stupid and who knows what I did to myself long term. I know it’s not easy to quit but ever so worth it. The party store will have to find another piggy bank because I’m done with it. I overheard the store owner tell someone that’s what was keeping them in business. I feel so much better and have some money again. This blog has been a Godsend to me and I’m grateful to all who have shared their experiences and I truly wish you well.

Matthew J
7:26 pm February 3rd, 2012

Mind Eraser…

All I have to say is, “DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT”! Even burning it as it is intended, in an incense burner, will cause addictive qualities and YOU WILL go through the withdrawal symptoms as everyone has stated above. If ANYONE on this site/forum can get me the name of the company that created this product and contact information, I feel that a class-action lawsuit is in order, as well as media . I say lets put a stop to them once and for all, get our childrenn cleaned up and prevent people from dying from the effects of Mind Eraser. Anyone agree?

9:29 pm February 3rd, 2012


Congratulations on your cessation, and in your opinion though I’m sure you feel bad about all the time and money you spent on this crap….. aren’t you glad you learned a valuable lesson about addiction and most importantly about the inner strength you have within?? Not everyone can quit this stuff. Just look at all the people who try to quit smoking cigarettes and fail day in and day out. The two years that you went smoking off and on attempting to quit week after week has raised your mental tolerance to stress and painful situations. Nothing will ever be as difficult as quitting this and if it is, remember how much strength and courage it took to finally put the pipe down and say NO MORE!! Regardless of how many times you had to fail to succeed you showed great courage in the face of adversity and WON!!!….

9:54 pm February 3rd, 2012

It says Not for Human Consumption, so I don’t think a lawsuit will happen.

My coughing is subsiding and the brown ick is not coming up hardly at all now. My chest xray came back normal (thank God). But who knows the damage I’ve caused my body smoking this stuff.

5:30 am February 4th, 2012

Update on myself: I’m feeling amazing. All the withdrawal symptoms are gone, I’ve landed a great job, and I’m getting back into shape (lost 20lbs already). My motivation and confidence has been restored. Wish the best to everyone who is still fighting the battle. Be strong, disciplined, and find support if needed. You will reach the end of the tunnel eventually just keep fighting towards the light. Peace

5:44 am February 4th, 2012

Does this Herbal incense show up in a urine drug test?

1:50 pm February 5th, 2012


they say it doesn’t, but I heard one instance that it did. I don’t know for sure. The company would have to look specifically for that, too, I guess……

2:25 pm February 5th, 2012

It is good to see so many people taking control and getting off this crap. It is strange how some say it made them gain weight. It had the opposite effect on me. I was not overweight to begin with, but Spice has made me exceedingly thin. I am back to normal weight now. It just shows that this like any drug has different effects on each person.

7:05 pm February 5th, 2012

I smoked a herbal incense last night and i have a very bad trip, i thought that i was going to die and i felt horrible. today i am much better but i still feel weird, is that normal? please answer to me.. i feel like i am in a dream or something like that.. (sorry about my bad english)

answer me please.. thanks

10:04 pm February 5th, 2012

So I used to smoke weed pretty much daily a few years ago. Quit it as it was messing my life up as that’s literally all I did. I’ve had a few tokes of the real deal every few months since, nothing major and felt like pretty good. Anyway, I thought I’d try some stuff called “super chillem” last night. Made a little one to start with, felt alright, a bit paranoid for a few minutes but overall not bad. Then had a second normal one and oh my god it was BAD! Major paranoia thinking I was going to die, heart was beating so fast. I really thought I was in trouble.

Anyway this super chillem shite doesn’t chill you out in the slightest. I never experienced anything like smoking proper weed. Either don’t smoke or smoke the real stuff, forget the incense cr@p!!!!

Good luck all

Matthew J
4:04 am February 6th, 2012

@justgotsmart –

Have some VERY important news for you…

Consumption means to eat…”Not for human consumption”, by law and definition, means that you are not to EAT the product. Therefore, any manner of intake whether it be inhalation by mouth or by nose (this is typically how you would enjoy “incense”), is called inhalation. Regardless of whether you think the lawsuit is viable or not, it is within anyone’s legal right as a citizen in the United States, a lawsuit can be started. Given the facts and the experiences by others, including kids, we have a case. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this case will not only hold water, but will win. Look at how many DA’s in the country have already stated “Mind Eraser and similar products are illegal and are aimed at allowing our nation’s children to get addicted to something, all for the sake of capitalism. That being said, the offer is still on the table and I would like someone’s assistance in getting these folks shut down, so ANYONE with their information, and can provide it to me, will be greatly appreciated.

6:25 am February 6th, 2012

Ok. I’ve not done this drug.but my friend went on a6 wk binge…spitting up matter, seizures, pyschosis, halycinations, sweats, no sleep, cancer!!!!if u choose not to heed to these death warnings, then do us a favor and dont brag on this forum, and please don’t recommend to others, because their blood will b on ur hands one day. Its the devil!!!!!! The devil is deceiving andA a liar…. So pls recognize this drug. Bad stay away! U might nor get this warning again .

12:18 am February 7th, 2012

@ Matthew J

If you would like to contact your State House Representative please see the link posted at:

3:35 am February 7th, 2012


Is that u? I’m w you. I want to help. My phone keeps freezing up and misspelling all my words. U and Wendy hang in there, we are going to beat this market. U can do it! Everyone, please share your stories& experiences

5:33 am February 7th, 2012

Im speaking from the perspective of a passive and infrequent marijuana enthusiast, usually smoking on the weekends with friends or when I found myself with a bag left over from one of these escapades. I recently got a much needed job that required me to take a drug test, and is subject to random drug tests, so me and my a couple of buddies decide to go out and buy some herbal incense (NYC Diesel I think, not sure the label was part of the disposable part of the container) to blow through as a piss-friendly substitute. Taking the advice of some of my more experienced friends we moderated our use to a couple of tokes per session after hearing some negative experiences of over doing it. At first it doesn’t really seem all that bad, the high is similar to the real deal in a lot of aspects (euphoria, increased appetite, red eyes, ect.) albeit considerably shorter than actual marijuana. At the end of the night I ended up with the lion’s share of the leftovers, so following my usual routine I would toke up over the next couple of nights as a plus before I went to bed. At first it was the same effect, no real negatives and a pretty similar high, but over the next couple of days it took me to attempt to finish the stuff off I started noticing some noticeable and increasingly prevalent side effects during the high.The first notable one was an overall “seperation” from the world around me, in the sense that my mental faculties were slower, I had a hard time focusing of conversations and understanding what I would consider simple concepts and was generally feeling slightly diminished by comparison to my norm. The second most notable side effect on my part was noticeable joint pain, especially in my hands and knees. Granted I’m slightly more susceptible to joint pain just based on family history and the fact that I’ve had lyme disease in the past but I only mention this because after I had come down from the high and slept it off my joints went back to feeling normal again. The third being nausia and stomach pain, nothing too severe as I haven’t actually puked while on the stuff but I noticed it none the less. The last being an increased need for fluids, not really specific to water but just fluids in general.It is possibly just a percieved one on my part as I’ve heard very few similar experiences. This is all over a 5 day period with about 3 grams of herbal incense, granted I didn’t actually finish it off as I burned the rest in the fireplace to keep me from second guessing myself about any adverse effect it might have. My main advice for this stuff is use at your own risk. After reading the testimonies of people on this site and my own personal experience, coupled with the fact that the active and passive ingredients of these incenses are constantly changing in an extremely unpredictable way due to the pressure from ol’ uncle sam, Im confident in saying that no matter what the legality of these products implies, herbal incenses are by no means a good substitiute for marijuana and could lead to some serious problems for you down the road. I noticed side effects after 5 days of smoking this stuff fairly regularly, which haven’t returned since I stopped which is proof enough for me that herbal incenses aren’t the way to go.

12:48 pm February 7th, 2012

I’m done. Had a bad experience last nite.

I’ve been a heavy hitter for over a year now…and had my first negative experience. Not listing what happened, I’ve read plenty of stories that have some of the exact same accounts as mine so what’s the point. Stay natural. 420 all day every day. The synthetic stuff, make ur own judgement, as for me, I’m goin back to tha woods.

Matthew J
5:16 pm February 7th, 2012


@Lew – Yes it’s me.

@Ryan – Thank you, I will take note.

Contacted the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as a few District Attorneys yesterday. Waiting on responses, but will also be sure to bring it to the attention of the attendees of the Democratic/Republican National Conventions held in Charlotte, NC and Tampa FL in August. Here is our goal: have the DEA/FDA define the term “Human Consumption”, as a singularity and not attached to any specific product, as is defined for synthetic cathinone usage in Product Number 2011-S0787-004 ( These manufacturers must be stopped, and that starts with class-action to remove their funding. Next we attack their marketing methodologies, making them tell us what the product actually is and have to label the containers for novelty use only. Finally, using the backing of local D.A.’s, stop the purchase and use of “for novelty” products that are also “absorbed, burned, smoked, inhaled, consumed, etc.”, illegal to sell/manufacture/possess within the limits of their jurisdiction. Based on the fact that the District Attorney is an elected official and serves term, bring voter awareness into play as a tactic to get the D.A.’s who are not in accordance with our decision, on-board. They like money and they like power, threaten that and you will find they will listen. SO…there’s plan A, Plan B/C have also been written and are on the back burner.

10:41 pm February 7th, 2012

i’ve smoked this so called”alternative”to weed for 2 weeks straight….and i can tell you(after years of being an herb smoker)that it’s only similar to marijuana with bad side effects…. at first it will give a similar type buzz,but unlike marijuana where you get a tad bit of discomfort(mental lapses)and paranoia you actually come down and have a good high…with this stuff(depending on the strength)it’s like reaching a bad climax(all the crappy parts of the marijuana high but with a quick comedown)and then being relieved from being in that place…..also i’ve noticed some detachment and bad side effects with the withdrawal symptoms…today is only my second day of ceseding use and i’m probably only about 40-50 percent back to normal mentally(this stuff will fry you and depress you,and make you feel emotionally detached and angry with repeated daily use)i’ve learned the hard way never to make this crappy drug a habit-your getting a very dirty high,and it more feels like your brain is being poisoned by chemicals than an actual euphoria…….my advice to those who are planning to do this drug is to excersize extreme caution and DO NOT GET HOOKED…trust me the withdrawal symptoms and depression you get afterwards aren’t worth it…..luckily for me i am on anti-depressants to help balance things out but i still feel foggy a bit angry and detached because i went on a straight 2 week binge…but it no way would i ever make smoking this stuff a regular practice(and i’ve only smoked it daily for 2 weeks unlike others who have smoked for years or more)so take heed and excersize caution with this stuff….by the way real weed is 20 times much safer than this…

2:38 pm February 8th, 2012

i tried it for the first time yesterday and hated it. i have never felt a trip like that b4. i couldnt stay awake unless i hit myself in the head with a bottle. i hit my self so much that i cut my forehead open… i advise everyone to stop using the “legal mary jane” my lips were on fire and at one point i was “stuck” to the chair. hope everyone stops this bs

2:39 pm February 8th, 2012

i also felt as if i was going to die… felt as if i was outside of my body watching myself do stupid stuff. just dont do it

6:41 pm February 8th, 2012

i smoked this incence stuff for prolly a litle short of a year and i started haveing pains and quit it i have since developed a lump bellow my midle rite part of my chest i am exstreemly concerned i have met 2 other people with it and they told me it wont go away unless u smoke more please help me out i dont know what to do

6:52 pm February 8th, 2012

P.S. i have no urge to smoke it but i am more concerned upon what this could be if anyone else has had it please tell me if it will go away or eventualy cause worse problems in the long run

1:03 am February 9th, 2012

After three and a half weeks off this devil dope, my son has quit vomiting and the headaches have subsided. He is still having an occasional hallucination ( Says its like the walls are melting). These are getting fewer and fewer. As I said, this is the worst withdrawal I have ever seen him go through. For those trying to quit…hang in there…It does get better! I am continuing to pray for you all. God Bless!!

6:11 pm February 9th, 2012

Just wanted to update my experience.

Today is the first day that I’ve started to feel normal again after just one hit of herbal incense/potpourri a week ago last Tuesday. (9 days ago)

For these 9 days it was as if someone turned off the ‘happy switch’ in my brain. Nothing seemed fun or normal. I could laugh at TV shows and movies now and then, but it’s as if I was in an ab-normal mental state the entire last week.

At one point I was suicidal thinking if this is how living is gonna be (with the happy switch turned off) I don’t wanna live like this.
But I prayed and prayed some more ,hoping whatever I inhaled into my lungs and brain would eventually wash out of my system.

From the time I was born up until the moment before I smoked that herbal incense I felt pretty normal generally. But the week following the smoking indecent I just didn’t feel right at all, for the first time in 42 years of living, something was off in a big way .

There was a dark void, a cloud over my mental processes.
My first inclination was to just act normal and go about my daily routine , I told myself I will get back to normal.
But the creeping monster that was in my brain would not let me be at peace.

Today though is the first day I see a ray of light a new hope, my mind doesn’t feel so clouded.
Keep in mind I smoked weed (real weed ) for almost 29 years off and on and never had these experiences like I had with JUST ONE HIT of herbal incense/potpourri.

In these last 9 days or so..I’ve done allot of research on the chemicals in those packets and there’s nothing ‘herbal’ about any of them.
Sure you may get one batch here , one batch there that is ‘herbal’ but most of them are lawn clippings or lab vegetable cotton sprayed or dipped in liquid pure vile brain poison.

When people say ‘synthetic THC’ it’s a misnomer in my opinion , it leads people to falsely assume that it’s just a synthetic form of something , kind of like what sweet-n-low or splenda is to real sugar.

Just wanted to say to others feeling like I did , hang in there, you’ll eventually feel better. Although it’s hell getting there just keep hanging in there.

During my research regarding synthetic THC as it is known regarding agonists etc.

The popular “synthetic THCs” of the JWH-XXX (and most other) series are full CB (JWH-018 is a full agonist at CB-1 & -2) agonists and disrupt GABA binding more effectively than does natural THC (which may account for its greater likelihood of inducing anxiety and paranoia). THC is only a partial CB agonist. This makes (many of) the JWH-XXX series much stronger in effect than THC. Also natural marijuana usually contains CBD, which counters the anxiety which some people feel with THC (and other cannabinoids). A 2008 study, reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry, indicated that CBD is an anti-psychotic, and counteracts some of the deleterious effects of THC

Think of it this way in simple terms:

Real weed has safety nets like a car has air bags, full time active automatic seat belts , in the chemical structure of the bud, the smoked product. If it hits the fan , real weed has chemical structures to negate the negative reactions before they ever happen.

While Fake weed doesn’t have any seat belts ,no air bags,it’s all pure aggressive, there’s no safety net , there’s no red lights, no brake pedal , not even a steering wheel. You’re just along for the ride , you could die you could not die. There’s a huge risk involved.

Some of these chemical structures are up to 800 times more potent than real weed.
So yeah one hit could be like 800 hits of real weed without seat belts etc.

Unlike real weed I could smoke joint after joint after joint and reach a plateau , effectively I could never smoke too much to get into a mental state like I did with herbal incense/potpourri (aka fake weed).

Also one important note when I had rapid heart beat , it’s not like a weed paranoia where ‘first your a little paranoid, THEN your heart beats little bit’

With fake weed my experience was RAPID heart beat THEN paranoia, feeling of death etc. The Rapid heart beat came out of nowhere like a ton of bricks.

It was vice a’ versa in that respect , which shows that the fake stuff is just pure poison in my opinion.

People should grow their own real weed , if they can and smoke the real stuff. Or find a dispensary in their town, PLEASE don’t try that fake crap when you’re jonesin’ for real bud like I did , I made a huge mistake that could have cost me my life.

I know I’ll never touch that fake crap ever again for as long as I live.

Peace to all and good luck

7:19 pm February 9th, 2012

please i would love to get some input from anyone who has even the slightist idea of what this mighte be i am checking multiple times a day.

7:43 pm February 9th, 2012

I have been trying out smoking Herbal Incense blends for the past two weeks, i have smoked it before but i wanted to see what happened when i smoked it on a daily basis. So, i went to a local Gas station and bought 3 Grams of Cloud 9’s “Mad Hatter”. The high on this stuff is a really great high in my opinion but some people don’t like the feeling of it, like my sister didn’t enjoy it too much because she became more paranoid than if she were to just smoke weed. Anyhow, you seem to become very lazy and unproductive when you continually smoke herbal blends, and i’m warning they become very addictive, once i ran out of 3g i was freaking out because i wanted more. it’s a good alternative to weed when you’re being drug tested however there are several side effects i experienced, like nausea, sore muscles, increased heart beat and so on, if you plan on trying out herbal incense i HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you smoke in small portions at a time, don’t go taking huge hits because this stuff only takes a small amount to get you high in most cases. hope this helped! (:

4:47 am February 10th, 2012

omg i smoked so much of this stuff it was crazy i spent so much money on it and i regret it so much cause in the end its not worth it it ruined me so bad with everything and if urt thinking about trying it…. please dont because you hear ppl tlking about the trip where u feel like ur dieng and yes its real its so real that u think your dieng and u cqnt escape it its just everything in the world coming down on you all your worst fears coming true at once i had a demon dragging me to hell as i was throwing up blood….i was so scared i will never tpouch this again and please i beg u if you read tjhis dont even think twice dont touch it

Ron Holmes
5:35 am February 10th, 2012

I just read so many of these articles because I tried this new Zombie Matter Ultra stuff. Never really had a problem before but this has been giving me heart palps and thoughts that my heart might explode. Used a blood pressure monitor for a week and every time I smoked just a little my pulse and Sys increased by up to 15. Not much off a concern but enough to make me think.

There are human beings that genuinely need help/advice about this. Ive done just about every drug there is. This is about the only thing that have me concerned for my life. This is dangerous. All i gotta say is if our government (who obviously has to know) is willing to put the entire country at risk or death or insanity just so they can keep makin that little money off of weed prohibition! And I am very patriotic. But there is a line that our government crossed some 70 years ago violating our civil rights making weed illegal in the first place. I think every person who has to do with the government should be forced to study and know the constitution front to back. Sad thing is I bet most of our govt cant tell you half of what it says. Tell me I’m wrong. One more thing for all you people who callin people names for being concerned about their own health, wait till it happens to you!

BTW Im 26 and I run pretty often and take care of myself pretty good for the most part, should not be concerned with heart problems. And my heart rate wasn’t steady either which was freakin me out.

10:21 pm February 10th, 2012

@andrew omg yes i noticed it too! i asked my doctor and he said our body’s are not symmetrical :/ but i know it wasn’t there before i quit, however now, 2 months quit, it has receded, all gone.

do not smoke more just to try and get a lump to go away, that’s like smoking a cigarette to cure empathize….

my biggest problem with it was it felt so weird on my desk while using the computer, very uncomfortable. XD i sorta make the chair go on to the front two legs so i can see the screen better 🙂 and i rock it back and forth for some reason….probably because it has a soothing effect…………..WOW…did i really just admit that?

oh well 😉 i’ve also been way happier since quitting, 1st month i felt good, now i feel ecstatic, and before using incense and quitting…i was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ocd, adhd, bipolar, etc etc…but honestly i think they just started naming shit so they could push pills on me, which i have not taken since before using incense, and trust me i was bad off, on the pills more so than off, now i just feel great.

maybe my problem was the way they treated me, and many, many misdiagnosis, most people do not know this, but if you give pills to someone who does not have said impairment, it can cause psychotic episodes!

causing more misdiagnosis and for me anyway, made me depressed at how much of my life was wasted, now i don’t even think about it really, i live in the moment, and am easily 100X happier…well i guess this is one of those TMI moments

Farrod W.
10:25 am February 11th, 2012

This stuff is perfectly fine, I been smoking incense for a couple weeks now and I feel great… you guys just cant handle it. Trust me let me tell you, There are some great blends out there that give you the best highs of ur life almost 10x better then marijuana. Dont get me wrong, Im not tryna hype this stuff up… I had my share of bad trips only if you test the product to the limit, dont dive deep In thinking ur a hard ass In take 3 or 4 huge hits cause this stuff will put you N your place foreal.

5:40 pm February 11th, 2012

Many thanks for the support I’ve gotten from people on this blog. This was the toughest thing I ever had to kick. I’m not sure I’d even want to know how much money I wasted. I felt horrible about the fact that I would walk into the party store I’d buy it at and have the clerk ask me how many bags I wanted that day. One day I heard the store owner tell a guy who apparently owned another party store that did not carry it that selling this was practically keeping them in business. That was bad enough then I heard him tell the other owner “you guys really missed the boat on this.” I felt like the biggest moron. I know how hard it is for some of you to tell your stories but if it’s any consolation I’ll bet I’m only one person you’ve helped and I want to be here to help you as well. Moderation has never been my strength and I have an addictive personality so if I can quit I know you can.

6:15 pm February 11th, 2012

I’ve been feeling numb for 2 days. Will it go away? I smoked a bit from a joint and took 3 to 4 hits with a bong. The stuff was called happy hour. Same thing as wicked x

1:57 pm February 12th, 2012

im 14 ive been addicted to “legals” for 1 year and im worried about long long term effects besides for craving, witch sucks too.

9:28 pm February 12th, 2012

i typically smoke a 4 gram bag daily of (its usually) Mr. Happy potpourri out of my bong and small metal pipe. the effects for me are always just mild, and i constantly smoke it throughout the day as i complete regular activities, including 6-hour pizza delivery shifts, all with little to no problem. in fact, if i go the day without smoking anything i feel a bit off with everything and sometimes experience restlessness and shaky extremities. but smoking 4 grams or more a day and im good and relaxed. ive also been smoking it for 7 months and during that time i started taking sertraline which hasnt affected my consumption of incense negatively or positively

Matthew J.
2:50 pm February 13th, 2012

@ Andrew
What you have been experiencing is most likely a swollen liver caused by a buildup of fluid. Your liver is attempting to clear out certain toxins and without avail. What ends up happening is that you have an overactive liver and no chance for it to clear out the toxins because of the properties they hold. It shuold eventually go down, but if not, you will need to have a doctor check your liver and pray to God that you can get rid of it. To this day, there are peple who have cloudy urine and strangely colored stool due to the prolonged use of these products. Yes, it affects you organs in mysterious ways and until we can get the toxicology reports from the manufacturers, there is no telling what you are actually putting into your system. My suggestion is to go on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables, very little red meat, water ONLY, lots of rest (I know how hard it is to sleep, guys), and absolutely NO ALCOHOL! This will be the absolute quickest way to return to normal, as your liver and other organs are working overtime and need vitamins, antioxidants (blueberries and pomegranate) to heal. If after a few weeks, the “lump” does not subside, you might need to be checked for cirrhosis of the liver. Yes, liver disease. Your liver is what clears toxins out of your body and once you lose it, you either die or have a transplant…there is no other option. By the way, have your gums started turning white or your eyes and skin yellowing?


Matthew J.
3:02 pm February 13th, 2012

Tt’s sad to know that the people who advocate the sales of these products are capitalizing on making people sick and taking advantage of your trust for their product. I really need some help with getting this stuff off the street and that starts with knowing who the manufacturers are. ANYONE who can provide assistance will be doing a great service to others. I need names, addresses and any other details so that we can stop the products. There are ways to do this and it starts with the vendors. Does anyone here work for, or know anyone who works for a smoke (head) shop, who can find out where the products are coming from or provide toxicology reports?

5:12 pm February 13th, 2012

@Farrod W “This stuff is perfectly fine, I been smoking incense for a couple weeks now and I feel great… you guys just cant handle it”

a couple weeks? most of us were on it for years….you need to quit while you are ahead buddy,

“dont dive deep … take 3 or 4 huge hits cause this stuff will put you N your place foreal.” again LOL 3 or 4 hits…XD i do not advise smoking this at all. did you ever think that the reason us experienced users are saying do not do this is not because of the high, but rather the health problems it creates? you are at that stage where its a wonderful product, but soon you will be broke, will be having mood swings, will wish you woulda listened, instead of playing the tough guy. read through the comments and see the health problems it produces.

@mathew j. they only show what chemicals is in what brand, they do not show health related problems.

@all – anyone new to this do not continue using.

anyone advocating it, read others comments then decide if using for 2 months is long enough for you to give your 2 cents….

it really isn’t. if you would like to quit, there’s many people who would help you, and talk you through it here.

and all experienced users, quit or no, would advise you to quit. it is not worth it.

just another user
6:28 pm February 13th, 2012

Okay i see there are alot of stories here. Let me share something with you guys. I used to be a chronic marijuana user until i got busted for my friends weed. He did not take the blame for it, therefore I was put in jail and had to take the fall. ( I do not snitch out anyone, whether they are my worst enemies or a random person down the street) Anyways, because of this I cannot smoke weed anymore and had to resort to this herbal incense.. I have tried herbal incense before and I knew it was harmful. But as a Mary J lover ( i know im not addicted to weed, just crazy in love with it) i just couldnt get by my drug tests without getting high the ‘legal’ way. Anyways i just started smoking the incense stuff for about 2 weeks. AND ALREADY I am acknowledging the side effects. THIS STUFF IS BAD, but yes i am going to keep using just until i can smoke weed again. but keep in mind, try to have a minimal use of this stuff.

example: if you know a friend that uses this as well. roll up a blunt / joint and take about 4 hits, maybe less ( you will get high even though you dont feel it that instant)

the one time i had the worst side effects ever and thought i really would die was when i smoked 1.5 grams of ‘mr nice guy’ herbal incense to MYSELF. that was one of the worst times in my life and would never do it again.

PS: it may seem like i am addicted to weed (getting high) , but in truth i am not. Let me break this down for you non pot smokers that believe it is all harmful and whatnot. I believe that God has put this natural herb ( marijuana) on this earth for a reason. And yes it is considered a drug, but it is not BAD. There may be some long term side effects for this drug, but NEVER in my life have i experience a bad high or a negative effect from this. I believe that smoking WEED is like playing videogames or playing basketball.

Example: Kobe Bryant loves to play basketball, hence he plays alot of basketball

I myself, love marijuana / videogames / taking walks / cooking
which is why i do them. ( cant smoke weed until classes are over)

ANYways this was very long but i just wanted to share with you guys my views on this ‘weed vs herbal incense’ matter

just another user
6:35 pm February 13th, 2012

And i would like to add, for those thinking this is okay to use just because it hasnt taken its toll on you. You Are WRONG.

I use this stuff as well and i know i can handle it. BUT KEEP THIS IN MIND. this drug is MANMADE. nothing ever good comes from manmade stuff.

I usually dont help others out, but i felt like i needed to share about this subject because its THAT harmful. you CAN overdose. take too much and you WILL throwup and not feel very good. stop smoking this stuff for about 2-3 days after chronc use. and you WILL feel the side effects.

dont feel like taking my advice? so be it, but learning the hard way is not fun. trust me

9:09 pm February 13th, 2012

I’m very glad to have found this blog. I have been dailiy pot smoker for 6-7 yrs or so and I lost my job to new ownership. I was able to get on unemployment and for the last few months I thought it would be a good idea to make the switch to herbal incense so I can pass a drug test if I got a job. At first it was awsome, pretty similar to pot and soon enough I was buying the strongest stuff the smoke shop sold(which wasent even under the counter out of sight) simply called XXX. This was STRONG, and I was goin through about a gram a day. Not long ago I noticed most of these symptoms occuring and was able to watch a documentry on these new designer drugs and these things are stright poison. I switched back to pot a week ago and I am finaly eating and thinking clearly. Some people claim no side effects but these chemicals found in these drugs are not nautral and are untested. It could be pure cancer for all we know. GIVE IT UP its not worth it!

Kevin Taylor
4:58 am February 14th, 2012

This article states that “herbal incense is both physically and psychologically addictive” First off there is no such thing as something being psychologically addictive… you can be psychologically dependent on something.. but that is not an addiction. Also there is no proof that synthetic pot is physically addictive. There is no physical withdrawal like opiates, alcohol and benzos. I agree that any mood altering drug has abuse potential… but making blanket statements about addiction is wrong.

4:41 pm February 14th, 2012

@kevin taylor, you are right, there is no proof of what these designer drugs can do, because they have never been tested. These chemical compounds do not occur in nature. Its only a matter of time before it effects you in a very negitive way my friend.

4:45 pm February 14th, 2012

@kevin taylor and yes I have had physical withdraw symptoms. In about 5-7 days after quitting herbal incense I could not eat, almost at all. I was consuming about 200-500 calories a day tops. I have not been able to sleep at night and could not think right for the life of me. After a full week without synthetics I feel absolutly great. So how can you tell me there is no addiction there?

8:57 pm February 14th, 2012

quit this 3 wks ago, after about 2 yrs of using-from k2 to Krucial, legal devil, mr. happy, etc. got up to almost 5 grams a day- sometimes smoking them as often as cigarettes. Thank God im ok-i think. I tried many times to quit but would end up at the store again buying another jar- even though i threw away some just hours before. dr kevin taylor says its not addictive, but i beg to differ. somehow my withdrawl symptoms werent as bad as most of ya’lls. very edgy, some discomforts, chills,to hot flashes but only for a day or two. well i went back to the natural- weed. i dont know what bto say, i like the “high” but still feel like im once again trading one addiction for another, but at least people dont have seizures and what not from the herb. i did relapse a couple times also in these past few weeks, but am done done.

12:14 am February 15th, 2012


I am a 23 year-old female.

I used to smoke spice – heavily, about 3 blunts every night alone – this addiction got pretty INTENSE. I could not stop doing it even though I knew it was causing me serious mental harm (not to mention bankrupting me), but I eventually had a wake-up call. I smoked Diablo (I used to LOVE the potent ones … but ANYTHING with “devil” of any language is bad news) which I was used to since I paid ridiculous money for the most potent I could get… Anyway, this time something was different. It caused me to have involuntary muscle spasms/movements – I could not stop thinking that my hypothalamus would shut down any minute and I would die b/c of this stupid drug. After about 24 (yes, 24) painfully LONG hours I started to come back down to normal. Now, I was seriously addicted to this, SO I tried 100% Pure Evil, another one that I knew was potent, SAME thing occurred – only worse! This time I could not control my thoughts – it seemed that a thousand people were talking to me at once about every single problem that had/could potentially occur – this combined with the uncontrolled muscle spasms and the fact that I had to pace constantly for 5 hours straight FINALLY scared me straight! (lol) While I still get the urge to do it, I am done with it FOR GOOD. (I’d like to interject here and say that I had to stick to weak blends, such as Green Window, when trying to quit because I was unable to quit cold turkey. Even with the horrible things it did to me, it is SO ADDICTING that I had to taper off.) I believe this stuff has the potential to cause serious mental illness and should not be used by anyone. I heard voices for some time after using spice. I’ve honestly tried almost every kind I could get my hands on – BUT the ones I would seriously recommend staying away from are – 100% Pure Evil, Diablo, and Red Devil – the rest cause issue, but it was mild in comparison. I used to be a huge proponent of spice and urged all of my friends to try it, but now I regret that I ever even did the stuff. It causes much more harm than good and I only used it for about 5 months before the “incident.” Also, I might add that the more potent ones (like the ones mentioned) tend to cause psychedelic trips – surreal reality, visions – in fact, one time, I had an entire cartoon/talk show in my head. I wasn’t even able to reach reality after a certain point. In conclusion, spice (any form) is BAD NEWS – do it if you must, but eventually, I guarantee you will regret it. I was lucky to survive this. Good luck to the rest of you.

6:46 pm February 15th, 2012

@ Kevin Taylor….If you read the posts on this blog and many others, you will see that most people(not all, there are always exceptions) are experiencing the same symptoms upon stopping use of this synthetic. I have witnessed this in my son and it is withdrawal and it is horrid. As I stated in my original post, I have seen my son withdrawal from opiates and it wasn’t as bad as this. Because this is a newer issue there isn’t a category to put it in. Addiction is addiction though. True addicts will use what they can at the time. I’m not sure why you feel one addiction should be labeled different than another. They are all destructive behaviors. I just thank God that my son has kicked this and pray that he makes it…one day at a time. Let’s not worry about a category. Let’s just get the message out that this stuff can kill you!

11:52 pm February 15th, 2012

i been smoking since 4th grade I’m 29 been locked up a few times thats really the only time i stop i was offered a great job so i had a choice weed or money money it is i had lots of boys on probation n parole that been smoking all kinds of fake weed so i tried it jus 2 get over this hump now I’ve been waking up with cold sweats headache i thought it was from not smoking real weed but its already been 2weeks n running so i knew what its from the fake lol not 2 mention I’ve found feathers n all kinds of stuff in the bag of fake kush but hey I’ve tried both never had side effects from weed .

2:30 pm February 16th, 2012

@texasmade I have found sandspurs in mine before :/ its like yard trimmings sprayed with poison, that gets you high.

3:10 pm February 16th, 2012

Are there any females out there that smoked this daily while on birth control?I nevere even thought of not smoking while on it. I quit smoking january 3rd and still feel like there’s stuff wrong with me. Just wondering if anyone else hadn’t thought of it cuz your not suppose to even smoke cigs on birth control and I don’t smoke, this herbal incense was the only thing I’ve ever got on and obviously didn’t tell my dr about it, does anyone know if I do tell my dr if they can keep it out of my charts? I just don’t want my insurance to deny coverage :/

5:45 pm February 16th, 2012

@just another user you have decided to use until you can smoke weed again…

but there is a problem with that, good in theory, not so much in application. this makes it incredibly hard to get high off pot after prolonged use. to this day, 2 months quitting, i can not get high of pot. it does nothing for me.

so wouldn’t you rather go on the straight and narrow until you can enjoy beautiful MJ again? if you continue smoking incense pot will NOT get you high.

@Kevin Taylor YOU ARE WRONG. no physical withdrawal? no psychological addiction? have you ever smoked this? for most people quitting results in withdrawal, where you can’t eat for 3 days..i say most because for some it is longer!

in short

-mental fog
-can’t eat
-mood swings
…. that’s just from withdrawal

while using symptoms are

-black gooey shit you cough up
-mood swings

and through withdrawal and while using, you constantly want it. you will do anything for it.

Xanax, ativan, hydro, oxy, is all way easier to withdraw from….have you done any of this substance? maybe still using? if you had withdrawal from both, and i have, opiates at the most gives a little bit of “shutup” attitude, no patience for anything, and slight headache.

incense is WAY WAY WORSE!

d wayne
8:00 pm February 16th, 2012

dude i been smoking this ever since i got out of jail on put on probation so about 2 years now i used to jus smoke weed n occasionally snort some dope here and there but i smoke like 4 differant brands KLIMAX red and blue pack cause they both taste and smell like weed KUSH tried all flavors love it jus cause its cheap and still has the same weed taste SPACE cause it puts me on another level and this underground TEXAS stuff called COMATOSE CANDY but what im tryin to say is my homeboy died off one of those i think it might have been KLIMAX but he was a heavy user like me ..i still feel like im going to die sometimes like my heart isnt working right and i sometimes get this weird feeling when i breathe in that im not getting enough oxygen to my lungs like i breathe and nothing goes in but its think its jus cause im so high and cant tell but ive had countless NOSEBLEEDS not only when i smoke but at random times like at work on pavement or jus while taking a piss blood jus starts drippin out my nose its usually when im doing something and i dont have a way or place to get high and every morning when i wake up i cough up this nasty brown stuff i know cant be normal and i jus cant go anywhere without one rolled up or being high as hell…
i slipped up and smoked real weed recently cause i couldnt get my hands on fake cause cops been busting all the stores that used to sell it i smoked some good dro the best thing about it was jus the taste i coughed alot got baked but not near as high as i do on that legal i had an 8th but i didnt even finish it i gave the rest away cause i got a new connect but i still needed that secruity knowing that i still can get high off something ..i guess what im tryin to say is im pretty dependent on this LEGAL drug reguardless the problems and stresses it has caused me in my life..
im 19 had an awesome life so far i had 26 year old girlfriend but i jus couldnt kick the habit she didnt want that around her son i jus smoked to get high cause i needed something else so she kicked me out when i told her i quit and she found a pouch in my wallet the next day.. its pretty much ruined my life yet still i just bought 250 dollars worth of all my favs call me dumb stupid or whatever but im jus not gunna quit until im either back in jail or laying on my death bed

12:35 am February 17th, 2012

@ Kevin Taylor I’m sitting here sweating having hot flashes committing crying lost my saving and u say it’s not addicting .

6:34 am February 17th, 2012

I cannot tell you how sad I am that our youth are not being protected from this poison. They are led to believe it is a safe alternative to MJ, but that is far from the truth. My son graduated in June 2011 and has not been the same since using an “unknown” substace believed to be some form of Spice or K-2. He has the mental fogginess that many of you describe and it is not going away. It has been 8 months. Supposedly, it was only from one time use. We are all entitled to our own opinion, but trying to convince yourself that this synthetic substance is eventually not going to get you is a joke. My son who was once the “life of the party” and very happy is now anti-social and has set aside any plans to go to college, because he simplyis too cognitively impaired to do so. My son also has liver enzyme readings that are triple the normal level and has a swollen Spleen. We struggle weekly to make some headway on helping him, but it is really hard. No one knows (or seems to care) about the side effects of synthetic marijuana, Physicians have actually turned my son away when they hear that issues are connected to synthetic marijuana. It is like it is phobic to the medical field because they have no answers and obviously don’t want to look stupid.
Is this a new concept? No. This stuff has been in the news since 2008 and was actually created in the labs in the 1990’s Take a look a the credentials of the fool who started all of this: Dr. Huffman earned his B.S. (1954) from Northwestern University followed by his A.M. and Ph.D. (1957) with the late Prof. R. B. Woodward at Harvard. He began his academic career at Georgia Institute of Technology (1957-60) and joined Clemson as assistant professor in 1960. He was an NSF Predoctoral Fellow at Harvard and received an NIH Career Development Award (1965-70). He was a visiting professor at Colorado State University (1982). What a waste of time and talent! He should be ashamed of what he created. Maybe he should take some of his creation on the long walks he enjoys in his retired years and get some good ol’ heart palpatations in a lonely place. If anyone would like to tell me that I am angry, feel free to do so…I fully admit- I am angry. And if you are an advocate of synthetic marijuana, don’t bother. I can ignore a fool!

12:38 pm February 17th, 2012

@mom, while yes you have a right to be angry, and yes synthetic should be banned…Dr. huffman, does not want people to use this, it was created and tested on mice, and he says anyone who does use it is an idiot and “its like playing russian roulette, you just dont know what will happen” he may of created it, but by no means does he want people to use it.

i just dont believe you should get mad at someone for having a drive to learn, and experiment.

3:02 pm February 17th, 2012

@mom ricky is right, he has no idea how the formula got out, and the one he created is illegal, the ones on the street are tweeked versions of the original. Now about every month or two they change the formula again and again so it can’t get banned, adding more unknown substances to the mix. I would also like to mention that I have stopped smokng the incense about ten days ago and I feel great. All the withdraw symptoms seemed to have finally stopped. I am smoking mj again and couldent be happier.

3:10 pm February 17th, 2012

I can’t believe the news won’t focus on the real reason Demi Moore had to go to the hospital it says right in the 911 tapes that she smoked something like pot but a kind of Inscence . Are u kidding me and them TMZ goes and says they received a tip from her inner circle it was whippets and not herbal incense Why would they cover that up

6:12 pm February 17th, 2012

I recently smoked Mr. Nice Guys Stuk! Herbal incense with my boyfriend and my closest friend, they both were smoking it and I had yet to try it. I smoked a small amount of it and suddenly started to feel really weird. I started to feel really disorientated and was not happy with what I was feeling. I started to lose my grasp on reality and couldn’t remember who I was with or what was going on or where I was(which was my bedroom). I don’t know why I didn’t tell my bf or friend that I didn’t like it, but I think it was because I thought that this was supposed to happen, and that they knew what was going on with me and I thought that I would just freak myself out more to talk about it. I wasn’t getting any kind of visuals like you would on some psychedelics, but I was definitely tripping out really hard. I was looking at my boyfriend and I couldn’t remember who he was, I knew I loved him, but I didn’t remember anything about him. I also remember looking at my friend and having no idea how he got there, why he was there or how I knew him. I still somewhat felt connected to myself and realized I was going to lose it, so I started to grab out for things, to touch them and know that they were real. I thought I was going to be okay. I remember at one point my foot was contorting around the edge of my bed, that really made me scared. I thought my friends knew what was happening to me, I thought that they did it to me. I thought they tricked me into smoking something else. At one point I remember my boyfriend talking on the phone and I thought he was conspiring against me. I crawled onto my bed and was grabbing out for my pillows and blankets and the wall. I was scared, I was falling, I was going to get lost. I didn’t want that to happen. I thought that when I ended up in the corner or my room on my bed, with my bf and friend coming to help me that I was going to be okay. I was far from okay. Apparently I blacked out at this point. I don’t remember going into the bathroom. For some reason I knew I was in the bathroom because I kept seeing it as I was “falling”/ looping(I don’t know how to explain it). Apparently at some point I had a seizure, I was really surprised to hear that when I came to, but at the same time it definitely explains why I was seeing and feeling what I was. I remember being able to see my bathroom and my bf and friend every couple of seconds, but the room was all crooked and nothing was “right”. I thought they knew what was going on and that they were either trying to help me or force me deeper, I don’t really know. I didn’t realize they were reacting to the fact that I was in trouble and seizing out. At one point I was completely gone. I was in a whole different world. I felt detached from my body and I thought my soul, spirit, energy or something was falling into a world of static or a void of some sort. I was seeing some intense visuals(if anyone knows the xbox visuals you can get when you play music, it was like that). I was petrified. I was so scared; I didn’t want this to happen. I also remember at one point hovering over the toliet, but I was looping/blacking out so badly that I was falling into it. This is when I really lost it and fell into a totally different world. I remember seeing all black and these weird blue and purple visuals were playing over it. I also remember hearing two male voices in my head and the visuals shook as they spoke. I remember thinking that I was lost forever and that my soul was never going to return to my body. I was really scared that the rest of my existence was going to be this chaos. I wanted my identity back. I wanted to return to my bf and my friend and my house. I missed myself. I was so scared that I was never coming back, that this was what I was going to be forever, and that scared me to death. Once I realized all this, I felt like I knew what I had to do. I forced myself to look at my bathroom. I was forcing myself to remember that I was a person, I had a life, and this was my boyfriend and my best friend. I was forcing myself to remember what reality was and what wasn’t. I remember standing up, but for me it felt like I was falling up somehow. I grabbed onto my bf and my friend and started saying their names and whatever thoughts about them came to mind. I was starting to name all the stuff in my bathroom. I was trying to reconnect myself with myself and get all my memories back, because in the beginning I lost all my memory and I lost my sense of being and I didn’t know who I was or where I was. I would have much rather preferred to have this experience with something that it was meant for. This was not supposed to happen to me, but I am not surprised it did. I knew the risk, but I was just ignorant. I have a lot of experience with MDMA and psychedelics. I have also had experiences with other kinds of herbal incense but never had a reaction like this at all. I have also been really open to doing DMT, but nothing could have prepared me for this. I am never going to touch another “legal high” ever again. I have really mixed emotions about what happened to me, I sure did learn a lot about myself, I just wasn’t ready for this. It would have been totally different if this was WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, but it wasn’t. I had a SEIZURE and didnt even know. That really scares me. DO NOT USE THIS! STAY AWAY! Seriously, if you are even considering wasting your money on this, then just don’t, just buy some weed or something. I know it says NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, and I realize now that IT SAYS THAT FOR A REASON. Don’t ever be ignorant of that.
Is there anything that could have been permanently done to me?
My doctor has said I appear to be fine, but is there any long-term effects?

6:49 pm February 17th, 2012

@Leagallyhooked wow I didn’t hear that, nobody would go to the hospital for whippets, it only lasts a couple mins right?

9:54 pm February 17th, 2012

wow there’s alot of stories here lol…I would like to encourage all of you in your in efforts to stop smoking this devils drug…I had smoked weed for yrs and yrs i was highly addicted and just like many of you I switched to this insence crap(my cronies and i call it swerve here in lower alabama) bcause of its avalibility and lower price…it was cool at first. I smoked comatouse candy, zero gravity, kimchi and a few others. Then 1 day I got something called sic and it was terrible!!!!! My husband felt the effects first…he shoved me down and said he was done this shit is bad and crazy. I did not understand at first then about 10 min. later it took hold of me and i was terrified…my heart felt as if it was going to pound out of my chest i really thought it would explode…i was disoriented and could not catch my breath….i could hardly speak and when i did my voice was a raspy wisper it felt as if my chest and throat were closing..all i could do was sit on the porch and pray i lived…my heart rate eventually slowed and i calmed down. I blamed these feelings on a panic attack induced by my husbands freak out and much to my demise i smoked it again and was fine. then we got a brand called lick me all over and i again felt the same terrors, only this time i had just woke up and had no reason to be freaking out except the swerve. I stopped cold turkey. I havent smoked it for almost 3 months and havent had any urge what so ever…i dont even smoke pot anymore because for some reason i tried smoking pot and felt my heart rate increase drastically…the swerve has cured my addictions. I was able to stop because im TERRIFIED of the drug. Ive done much more hardcore drugs earlier in life and did not feel anything near the experience swerve gave me. I miss weed but i dont feen for it ive smoked it maybe twice in the past 3 months. im sorry to those of u seeking advise i dont have much to give but a story, but do know others r with u and praying for you.

super crazy dude
2:37 am February 18th, 2012

I’ve used herbal incense before a bit while i was sick. I got better, but now my throat still hurts a bit and i get a little chest/lung pain. Is this normal when you quit and/or have used it?

6:37 am February 18th, 2012

I really dont know anything about whippets I wish Demi would come and speak against herbals but she probably has people doing damage control that would advise her against it. Can anybody tweet her and propose to her that she can save a lot of people by speaking out

10:44 am February 18th, 2012

Take a look at the article titled:
Synthetic Marijuana Organic chemist, John Huffman invented the formula for synthetic marijuana By Mary Bellis, Guide

This information is quoted from the above article:
“According to his curriculum vitae, the principal emphasis in Dr. Huffman’s research group is on the synthesis of analogues and metabolites of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol THC, the principal active component of marijuana. The long term goals of this research are two-fold and include
the potential development of new pharmaceutical products and
an exploration of the geometry of both the cannabinoid brain (CB1) and peripheral (CB2) receptors.

Bear with me..I promise I have a legitimate question out of all of this.

OK- Lets break all this mumbo jumbo down a little by defining
1.)Synthesis, 2.) Pharmaceutical Product and 3.) Cannaboid

1.) Synthesis-
n. , pl. , -ses ( ). The combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole.
2.) Pharmaceutical Product
1. medicine (1). 2. impregnation with a medicine.3. administration of a
3.) Cannabinoid-
Cannabinoids are compounds that are structurally similar to THC and naturally occur in Cannabis. They also occur naturally in the nervous and immune systems of animals.
CB1 receptors are expressed most densely in the central nervous … for mediating the effects of cannabinoid binding in the brain. medicine or other remedy.
CB2 receptors are expressed by perivascular microglial cells in the human brain

Almost done…promise…

Given Dr. Huffman’s (ironic name don’t you think?) credentials; one could say he is most likely very intelligent. So why is it you think he wants to be known as “unwitting”. The very intelligent Dr. Huffman was dealing directly with a compound and its effect on the human body. Do you seriously think it never once crossed his mind that success of a synthetic marijuana/THC could be a bad thing? Ricky, you say: “he may of created it, but by no means does he want people to use it.” Given all the definitions of pertinent words from his own “curriculum vitae” (La te da- Sorry, can’t help myself) what other end result did he plan on; than a strong likelihood of human consumption? I also couldn’t help but to laugh when I read that his original source of funding came from NIH. There are currently no NIH studies being done on synthetic marijuana….Hmmmm?

Last point…
The article goes on to state:
“In the summer of 1995, the first one hundred milligrams of JWH-018, a synthetic cannabinoid, was manufactured by Huffman’s students, tested on laboratory mice, and a report was written.JWH-018 was forgotten about by John Huffman and his research team. However, a few years later JWH-018 resurfaced as part of a smoking mixture intended as a substitute for real marijuana, that allowed a user to pass a drug test, avoid arrest, and get high.”

So, I am supposed to let Dr. Huffman off the hook because “someone” (perhaps a student) took the “recipe” for JWH-018 (named after John W. Huffman) and began mass producing a synthetic marijuana. I think it is called responsibility. Being responsible to know the dangers of what can go wrong in this type of an experiment. He is the “originator” whether he likes it or wants to admit to it. Of course, he is going to say he never intended it for human consumption. He would have a lot of people waiting in line for a law suit if he didn’t.

4:25 pm February 18th, 2012

I’ve been clean for almost two weeks now and am now back to good ol mj. One thing I noticed is when I use bowls/bongs that I was smoking the incense out of, they are now like.. contaminated. When I smoke mj I can still get a hint of the taste/effect of the incense. So when you do stop smoking the horrible incense remember to clean your apparatus before you use them again. 😀

4:26 pm February 18th, 2012

@supercrazydude how long did you stop using? And do you smoke cigs or cigars?

9:58 pm February 19th, 2012

I smoke Space Cadet Flight Risk 100x. This is the only incense I smoke. I was wondering if a persons tolerance can be the same for marijuana and space cadet. That is to say, if one smokes Space Cadet instead of Marijuana, will their tolerance to marijuana be increased? I was having problems getting an effect from weed before but now that I smoke almost exclusively Space Cadet weed dosn’t seem to do anything to me anymore. Also, I think your site is wrong when it says that incense dosn’t make intercourse better. Also, I was wondering if because I cough much less smoking Space Cadet does this mean that it is better for your lungs than marijuana? Thanks.

9:58 pm February 19th, 2012

Ok guys please read this . I live in Wi and am now 26 years old. i remember the first hit hit i ever took in 7th grade . i smoked for nearly 12 years befor drug test forced me to stop . I eventually smoked some k2 with a girl and loved it. I went into laughing fits like the first time i smoked weed . So i bought some. I noticed a quick tolerence build , so i ventured out and tried other varities . blue berry yum yum , red,green, n purple dragon , cronic , mouy wowi and a varity of others . i never had any negitive or advers effect other then quick tolerance. Then the Bans began to happen , first by county then by state . So whats a stoner to do . Naturlly i gassed up the ride and drove my feinding but to Mi. to find some more. Find more i did. since the ban this stuff has grown so powerfull. I smoked some and was stupid stoned. i was sitting down and it felt like an overwhelming weed high. It was a real heavy brain buzz that felt real nice, then felt a lil scary . it went from nice to holy crap i cant controll this. it felt like a 10 pound weight was resting on the back of my head . i was a lil afraid that it would not go away , but it did so all was well and i continued doing this for the next six months . Everytime i would go to buy more it would always have a different name k6, me smile , the good stuff , hammer head and so on . then one day i got atomic , i was told its a more potent form of mr smily . i got 4.5g @ $25 . i smoked it for a few days . then one day i smoked and began to walk to my bed room . my moted skills were F’d i was staggering down the hall way but my head felt fine… Pay attention to this part ……. I layed down on the bed and all hell broke lose . I am going to try to describe somthing that can only be understood by experience. it felt like my head was independent from the rest of the world . picture a universe comprised of only 2 things , the 1st being you , and the 2nd being everything else . Now imagine the 2nd converges into your head all at once . it felt like everything that ever was was now bouncing back in forth in side my head . it was the most wonderfull and horrerfying thing i have ever felt. i stood up and felt a cold feeling move from the top point of my head down to the front of my face . it felt like my nose was bleeding. i was touching my face to see if i was bleed and discoved i was not . but it felt like a cold liquid was flowing from face i looked at my girlfriend who had a cunfused concernd look on her face . i remember trying to tell her that i thought somthing bad was happening , she later told me that i was stainding ther touching my face whispering “bad now happening , over and over again . i began to get ahold of it but i could still feel the lingering reverbarations inside my head . i stood for a few mins. then in a flash it all went away . it was like a light switch was turned on , i felt 100% normal . the fear was gone and i had full controll again ..

i write this as a warning . This is the worst thing i have ever felt . I know some of you are thinking you are ok because you smoke so much and nothing bad happed . well i tell you i smoked all day everyday for months befor this happen.. This worst part is . I would still still do it again. Quit if you can , dont start if you havnt already . Marijuaua never made me feel this way , the worst thig about weed is it made me unmotived. herble incense made me fear death and question my own reality . good luck smokers this choice is up to , just remember if you die or go mentle other people have to live you

6:42 am February 20th, 2012

i and 2 of my friends had used some today called purple train thinking it would be like a strong weed ….. i still feel sick from smoking it and its been almost 12 hours. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HELL IS THEN SMOKE IT OR BETTER YET DON’T

2:28 am February 21st, 2012

Had a sample bag from a smokeshop; it was 15minutes of heart-beating, swaying, disorientation. It’s been 8 hours since and I have a terrible headache;; SMoke real not synthetic, Quickfix is only $40.. anything thats manmade is imperfect, like modern medicine.

4:38 pm February 21st, 2012

my husband smokes this stuff. i hate it. i dont even like chemicals in my food. the smoke lingers in the air. it has a resin thats so thick and smells aweful. THATS GOING INTO HIS LUNGS. im scared. he has really bad withdraws, get very angry, wont eat, cant sleep, throws up. hes 24, 160lbs and 5’7, and cant catch his breath after making love or going up stairs. This is ridiculous, and i feel that its going to lead to his death eventually and that ill be a single mother. you can say what you want, but chemicals are chemicals, man has a terrible way of manipulating words to make things seem ok.

9:06 am February 22nd, 2012

ive been smokin klimax for the last 3 weeks and have not sucked weed at all… but lately i havent been able to sleep due to cold swet … i could fall asleep n 3 hours later i laying in a podle of sweet.. its this because of the legal weed or no

5:02 pm February 22nd, 2012

i’m watching people i love change before my very eyes because of this evil s#*t…the changes are frightening and i pray for them every day…IF U R DOING THIS PLEASE STOP

Sweet lucy
3:12 am February 23rd, 2012

Just like everyone here i was a daily weed smoker until my friend put me on a blend called sweet lucy it was a high that felt just like weed and was way cheaper and legal, worst mistake i made in my life i was smoking this shit for about 6 months about a gram a day i quit about 12 days ago and the withdrawls were the worst thing ive ever expirenced im still going thru the withdrawls but it is getting better finally, i thought i wuz screwed forever but by reading these post i have hope…anyone whose intrested in the crap just dont do it save your self from this trap

3:36 am February 23rd, 2012

I smoked for the past 8 months. Started with Down to Earth which was extremely powerful, then switched to Happy Hour as it was cheaper and not quite so intense. This stuff is crap. I’ve had the worst highs ever and thrown so much of this crap either out my car window or down the toilet, vowing to never touch it again….and sure enough a day or two later and I am back buying more. Right now I am 5 days into quitting. Mind is foggy. Agitated. My eye is blurry and weeping a lot…but I am not turning back this time. While smoking this crap I would get strange pains in abdomen, an occasional panic attack and of course a terrible cough.
This stuff is addictive and it is a f’ing shame that a lot of good people are getting hooked on something dangerous, potentially life threatening …..all because they can’t smoke weed legally. Meanwhile, alcohol and tobacco kill more than all other drugs combined. Not that weed is good for you either. I’m not going back to that either.

4:38 am February 23rd, 2012

I smoked various brands of these herbal blends from Oct. 2010 to June 2011. Cloud 9, Barely Legal, Mr. Nice Guy, and G-14 were just a few of the different ones I tried. Before smoking this synthetic CRAP, because that’s exactly what it is, I smoked weed. Lots and lots of weed. So I’m no newbie to toking. Anyway, in the beginning, I found the highs to be pretty good and enjoyed mixing the fake stuff with real weed until, for financial reasons and just because it was easier to obtain, began only smoking the herbal incense. Weed out, incense in… 24/7. And I mean that literally. My tolerance to it was incredibly high (no pun intended) so in order to get where I wanted to be, I’d have to do several hits. For the first few months the highs went from pleasurable to just OK to eventually sort of pathetic and sad, to extreme paranoia and eventually, toward the last 3 months or so of me smoking this stuff, to outright terrifying. Seriously. My girlfriend at the time was with me during a lot of these bad trips and she noticed a huge change in my behavior just in general, even when I wasn’t smoking. I became extremely detached from everyone, including my own feelings and her. I became a monster, literally. Angry, depressed, anxious, and downright fearful for my life. I can’t even began to explain the horrifying, obsessive thoughts in my head during these highs… thoughts I couldn’t shake no matter how hard I tried to fight them. Thoughts of being murdered by my own parents, that they were not the loving people I had known them to be my whole life. Thoughts of what it would be like to burn eternally in Hell. I couldn’t stop smoking and would only do so to feel the absolute worse I had ever felt in my life, only to have what I referred to as a “reverse high” which is where I got my ‘high’ after the trip had lifted and I was clear headed and sane, because I realized life wasn’t so bad after all and the place I had just been in for the last hour or so, was pure hell. It felt GREAT to be relieved of this hellish trip, so good in fact, I felt happy and alive and that things would be OK. Only until the following night when I had the bizarre addictive urge to return to that nightmare. I literally feel that I now know what it’s like to be a raving, schizophrenic with no grip on reality. I was losing my mind and trust me, this stuff is evil. I was able to quit on my own, get back into shape, get reconnected with my family and friends whom I had distanced myself from..although I do feel my self-esteem and confidence has been forever scarred because of this and a portion of my overall well-being and happiness has been stripped away and who knows if I’ll ever really be myself again. This stuff truly has been a personality changing thing. For anyone thinking of trying it.. please, please I urge you to re-consider. I am not exaggerating any of this, in fact I can’t overstate just how damn scary this stuff is. It makes you feel worthless. For anyone hooked on it – just tell yourself enough is enough, throw it in the trash, the pipe, whatever, all of it and be done with it once and for all. Best decision I ever made.

marsha smarr
12:42 pm February 23rd, 2012

Can people with congestive heart failure smoke synthetic canibus???

3:33 pm February 23rd, 2012

well I’m only 16 and have been smoking pot almost everyday multiple times a day since I was 14. I have had 2 jobs so money is not an issue. I started smoking posh Wickedxxx to be specific about 4 months ago and I honestly lose count of how many bowls I smoke a day. i love the high so much more then Mj it’s so much more intense and amazing it’s just this warm tingly feeling that gives you this pleasurable heat rush throughout your body after yu exhale. that rush is priceless and you won’t get it from smoking pot. if you asked me if I’m addicted I guess so? I don’t want to give it up… but I’m scared what my poor little lungs look like. I’ve been coughing up these gross green blobs and it’s never happened until a few months into smoking posh. it’s scary to think that they came out of my lungs but the high is something I can always run too when i feel like escaping reality and I don’t want to let it go. posh is like my best friend and it will always be there for me. if they ever banned it I would be devastated that I would have to go back to the meteokre

4:47 pm February 23rd, 2012

I wouldent suggest anyone with any condition to even consider this especially a heart condition. The most common short term symtom is accelerated heart rate. Also for thos feeling pains in the abdomine, if it is perdomenently on the left side it is most likely your spleen, it gets enlarged after long term use and could eventually burst(you will know if it does). And if the pain is higher and possibly on both sides it could be your kidneys failing which has been happening to long term users.

8:02 pm February 23rd, 2012

has anyone tried “tease” herbal incense

10:32 pm February 23rd, 2012

@marsha smarr i wouldnt suggest it…my dad died of a heart attack and i believe the incense had something to do with it

10:34 pm February 23rd, 2012

as i said earlier i quite a while back and i didnt notice withdrawls other than wanting a buzz…but has any1 noticed themselves itching all over??? wat could this be i have itching all over my body with no rash or reason…could it be the incense???

3:59 am February 24th, 2012

@marsha smarr…. NO!

are you kidding me? you are reading all these negatives effects, including heart palputations, and you think its a good idea to smoke it?

@mom…you are getting mad at the wrong man, did you also read he was funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse?

let me put it in a very simple way, i wrote it before but it must not of been approved.

if you have a gun in your home, your son shoots himself with it, are you going to blame Smith and Wesson?

they created the gun, but even worse than Huffman, they made it for 1 reason…to destroy.

who is more at fault? I’d say smith and Wesson, but still they are not responsible for human choices.

huffman is not responsible for your son’s poor decisions.

if your son goes and kills 10 people and robs stores are you responsible? no? by your logic, you created him so you are responsible.

Jay T
5:43 am February 24th, 2012

Im 19 years old and from Texas, I got some incense called “El Diablo” and it was the worst thing that I’ve ever came into contact with. I’ve done shrooms, smoked bud, and nothing come close to how this made me feel. I didn’t even get carded when I went to the gas station to get it and this happened when I was 17… The guy behind the counter even suggested it saying it’s a Better high, when infact this was the opposite of a high.. Me and a friend were sitting in a AMC bowling alley parking lot in my truck when we were smoking it.. We smoked more than half a blunt before the effects kicked in but when it happened in was horrible.. First my ass got really hot, almost as if there were very intense seat warmers on, then out of nowhere I noticed I wasn’t feeling right at all, almost like I was lost in a track of time and had no idea who I was or what was going on.. All I knew is that right after I told my friend “I can’t drive” my mind started to go into agonizing pain from sound and the whole trip that my brain was seeing, hearing, feeling, and everything.. I blacked out for 4 hours after I smoked it and my friend said I laid my head on the steering wheel and started begging God to take the pain away, take it all away and I would never do it again, and he said as soon as I said that my body stared shaking and I threw up all over the floorboard of my truck 3 times, and my friend who was watching me suffer while he was as well but barely keeping himself together started to throw up too.. I regained my consiousness after I threw up and opened my eyes to find the scariest trip, I was staring at my hand in my lap, now picture staring at your hand and your hand being massively huge and your forearm being about an inch big.. My whole sense of distance and demensions were messed up… Needless to say after the effects wore off two hours after that, I had my friend (who doesn’t even own a license) drive us to his house where when we finally got there we claimed to be sick because we ate something, but nedless to say nobodies mom is a dumbass, when they see a kid laying in a truck covered in throw up trying to sleep just because it’s relief that it’s over and thats more comfortable than moving.. you know theres something wrong.. Moral of the story don’t do incense at all.. It’s the same comparison to inhaling wendex.. and don’t think because It didn’t happen to you that it wont because when you least expect it something will happen.. Decriminalize Cannabis!

Zach Eversole
10:45 am February 24th, 2012

I have smoked herbal incence since 2008 and well. I will just tell people this. It has ruined my life. I cant even function and get through a day normaly now without wanting to tear someones face off for even the slightest little things and i am no mean person by any means herbal incense has made me crazy. Even at the moment my skin even like i could just scratch it off because i havent smoked since yesterday morning. Im blogging because i hit a wall tonight this feeling is terrible and im tired of sitting back like everyone else and just blowing off that it is causing a problem in my life and the lives of the people around me my wife hates me when i dont have it these days because i cannot take any kinds of stressor. I lose sleep waking up almost every hour on the hour just to wake up take another hit and right back to bed. when i am asleep i will literally dehydrate myself in my sleep sweating so bad sometimes even goes as far as changing my sheets and shit cause theyre not just wet…they are soaked. I am fatigued 24/7 theres not a day that goes by now where i feel like standing up and leaving my house because my body feels so ate up with the shit. i am not the only one that experiences these things i have a neighbor and friend direclty under me who does the same things i do every single day. THIS STUFF IS NOT A JOKE PEOPLE SO KIDS OUT THERE STOP DISREGARDING IT LIKE ITS YOUR AVERAGE EVERYDAY THING CAUSE ITS NOT AND THAT WHERE THE CASES OF KIDS GOING TO THE ER COME FROM IS IRRATIONAL THINKING LIKE HEY THIS STUFF WONT DO MUCH LETS SMOKE THE WHOLE BAG. OR WELL JUST TRY IT ONCE THEN BUY IT EVERYDAY LIKE ME AND MY FRIENDS AND SO MANY OTHERS I SEE. i do not condone nor support this stuff at all it is not safe and i was one of the careless ones who found out the hard way. and i do not look down upon people who get high either being high is awesome ill admit. gives ya that screw it in your system but thats the slight problem with it is that get over rules our better judgements sometimes and things get the best of us. so for all of you who wonder wonder no more im withdrawing from the stuff as i type it is not safe it is not studied enough and it will continue hurting peoples lives until A we stop selling or B we reconsider the stuff we do sell and make it alot more manageable and safe because what this is doing to young men like myself and teens all over is a growing epidemic that needs to be changed!

5:22 pm February 24th, 2012

I smoked a spice with my friends a while back called Head Trip. I only took two hits and everything started out fine, but when the blunt got passed back around to me, My friend was handing it to me, and I shook my head and said “no.” That’s when I lost it. I’m still not sure how many times i said “no.” but It felt like three or four, when i was shaking my head I couldn’t see right, and began to feel like I had no control of my body.One of my other friends was acting like a fool and making everyone geek out, and I didn’t want to laugh anymore, because I felt totally out of control.
I got up to walk to the bathroom, but couldn’t stand up because I was so confused. Eventually I got help to the bathroom and stood over the sink and splashed water in my face, I felt in control, but still confused, so I sat on the floor by the shower. When I leaned my head back, (only way i can explain) I felt as if I was literally separating from my body, I could hear everything 10 times louder than it really was, and i felt disgusting. I had absolutely no sense of time, people would come in and talk to me, but the second that they left, I was unsure if I even actually talked to them, or how long ago it had happened. 2 Friends came it, they were tripping pretty bad too but were handling it WAY better than I was, they started repeating “1..2..3 BACK TO REALITY” And then snapping their fingers, It totally and completely freaked me out, and then they decided to tell me I was going to can guess how that went. I guess what I’m getting at, is that this was possibly one of the scariest times of my life. I strongly reccomend never, ever smoking any of the herbal incenses.

11:07 pm February 24th, 2012

I smoked 3 bowls of this stuff in two days about a week ago. I had a bad trip but nothing like what I’ve been reading other people have experienced. My two trips were frightening to say the least but I felt like I had control of my experience so thankfully I didn’t panic. Now a week later, I’m left with this foggy mental state and feel very slow. I feel disconnected with reality and in a dream like state. If anybody knows what I’m referring to, WILL THIS EVER GO AWAY? Any responses are appreciated…stay safe everybody!

BTW if anybody is considering trying this stuff or thinks these negative stories regarding spice are nothing but propaganda…this stuff is marijuana’s evil twin. It’s just not worth smoking something that hasn’t been properly researched yet so please try to avoid it at all costs. I’m not one to talk but, this dream like state that I’m in now (and I don’t know if it will ever go away) is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

1:12 am February 25th, 2012

Marsha, not if they don’t want to die. My 20 yr. old son was rushed to the er by ambulance last week after smoking this poison. He had severe nausea and dehydration, and was on the brink of heart failure. Enough said? P.S. Look at Also, lots of helpful info on youtube. It’ll tell you everything you want to know about this deadly stuff.

12:05 am February 26th, 2012

I don’t care what any of you say or think, this drug is bad….. I’ve

smoked weed for a long time ( what I consider a long time) started when

I was 13 , I am now 20. Point being , this is nothing like WEED!!! ….

Just last night , my first time trying it, I took 5 hits , I was ok for about

10 mins. After that , My heart started racing! It truly felt like I was

having a heart attack. You all may say its all in your head , but it’s

not! …. THis CANNNOT be healthy whatsoever….. I love getting high,

so if this product was something good , i would recommend it…. BUT

I RECOMMEND NOT TOUCHING IT !! I have tried some drugs in my

day and I have never experienced something like that, it is not worth

the high….. go smoke mary jane , the REAL stuff, thats not

going to kill you, wether it be now or later…. I TRULY believe with all

my heart you can overdose and die off this!

Jack white
10:01 am February 26th, 2012

You people buy into the physiological effects incense produces too much. I’ve smoked between 3or7 grams everyday for the past year and a half. There are going to be bad highs with incense. It’s inevitable. You just have to stay calm and tell yourself to breathe. I’ve smoked 3-4 joints back to back and have been fine.

9:16 pm February 26th, 2012

Smoking this is definitely not safe. There may be no studies done but from personal experience, I guarantee that smoking even small amounts of this stuff regularly will build up in your body.
So I have been smoking spice for a total of 6 months now.
In the beginning I didn’t use it as often as I have been recently.
I’ve been smoking 5 grams in a span of three days approximately (At the most).
I’ve been mostly using products from (mostly california dreams blue).
I’ve used scooby snax, $exY monkey, and black mamba in the past.
I decided to quit yesterday because I noticed that I have become constipated, and sometimes have abdominal pain.
My blood pressure has risen, i feel slight fatigue, i get mild headaches, mild chest pains, i sweat a lot at night, and i sometimes i break out in sweat and get chills.
I put all these symptoms in WebMD at first because I didnt know what was wrong with me, and I had all sorts of diagnosis like cancer etc. (seems like a useless place to be really reliable)
I’m rather convinced now that the reason for my poor health is smoking this stuff.
I feel horrible, and I have changed my diet by adding a great deal of fibers and drinking A LOT of water throughout the day.
I have taken laxatives to try and get rid of the constipation and hopefully to get all this stuff out of my system.
Does anyone know if you will get better after completely getting off this stuff? How long have you been off and how much better do you feel?

On a side note, I’ve read just about all the blogs on synthetic marijuana on here yesterday and all the comments, well most. But by compiling all of what people have said,
– drinking lots of water/natural teas
– sleep/rest
– staying sober from it (MUST)
– taking Vitamin B-12 (supposedly you lose a lot of it)
helps you get better from symptoms from synthetic marijuana.

1:23 am February 27th, 2012

I started smoking this in 2010 then quit after a few months because I stopped getting drug tested and went back to weed. The first time around this stuff caused a fungus to grow in my lungs so I swore I would never smoke it again. But then, later on in 2011, a lot of my friends were talking about how awesome this new stuff was. I went to try it and noticed the brands and varieties had broadened a lot since my last go around. So i figured it had changed for the better. But I was definitely wrong. I just quit smoking it about two days ago and started experiencing Sharp abdominal pains, absolute loss of apetite, vomiting up bile, and increased fatique. This stuff has made me feel like a junky. I felt like I wasnt going to make it through a day without it. This stuff is not safe. That I can promise. Because, as a person who used to always defend the good aspects of spice, i realize, now that I’m sober from it what it really does to your body.

1:36 am February 27th, 2012

I tried Mr Happy for the first time last week. Ive smoked weed for about a couple of years. I love the feeling. I decided to give herbal incense a go. Never again! This stuff should not be legal. It is way to dangerous. I literally felt like i was going to die. Death was knocking on my doorsteps. I felt like i was there ready to take last breath. My body felt like it was shutting down. My friends were freaking out. They had to call 911. Although the experience might not have been “real”. It will forever change my life. I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy! To feel like ur life is ending, to have the feeling like u will not be able to say goodbye to ur loved ones, to have it all taken away when i have so much more i want to do…..its just not worth it. I do not get how anyone would want to try this stuff again after having or reading about the above experiences. I am telling anyone who is thinking about trying. Stay away! It is not worth the experience, the panic, etc. i have been brought to tears multiple times after trying this drug. And it has been a week since ive tried it. I take care of my body and i abused the hell out of it by trying this sh:@. There are other ways to deal with the problems in ur life. This is not a viable solution. I wanted to use it to forget and to chill from my day to day. This is not the answer! Please stay away. What people are saying here is accurate. You never want to feel like u are going to die. I can tell u….as bad as things get, when u feel like ur life is being taken away things change. I did not want to die and i felt like it was over. :(. I am happy to be healthy and will never even think about abusing my body like i did. Ur life is precious and u need to treat it as it is.

Killer K
12:33 pm February 27th, 2012

I smoked pot for almost a year. Loved every second of it. Moved onto the synthetics, because of the legality of marijuana. I looked into everything about it before i put it in my body. And at the time around december 2010 there wasnt any information like this on the internet. Stupid me took that as an okay and continued to smoke. The high for me. one hit of better brands (Wicked X, Zombie Matter, Happy Hour, Space Cadet, Flight Risk 100X)will literally send you into the sky off a hit. (dont do it please). I highly advise to especially stay away from those brands if you are a smoker with the same problem as me. quitting. But anyways at first smoking this was awesome. Who wouldnt want to go get a legal high you can buy right at a store right? I mean it must be safe. But sadly i was mistaken. Now it being february of 2012 I can tell you that i personally have always enjoyed smoking this it from day one but now i can see the health effects it has caused. When ever my heart rate increases even the slightest I start sweating excessively. Breathing has diminished as well. I feel i have lost quite abit of lung power. Memory loss- never had the greatest memory but now i just feel stupid. I cannot carry a conversation with anyone whatsoever, even my best friend. The last time i smoked this stuff I experinced somethingthat i didnt think would happen having a good tolerance and all. Anyways it was the usual take a few hits and watch some tv. I got up after smoking and relocated to a couch and when i sat down, I could hear my heartbeat in my head(which is normal for me because i have a heart non lethal heart problem already. However this time my heart wasnt beating the way it should, take a few beats, skip one or two beats then a powerful beat then normal for a few seconds and back to that again. While hearing this (it must have been all in my head) but i swore in my chest i felt something burst almost like an arterie burst. I started panicking but tried to remain calm. I have never been so scared of dying in my entire life and seriously thought my body was shutting down right there on the couch leaving me to die. After awhile when the high would have been going away usually, it just startedgetting more intense with less of a feeling of dying. My whole body was tingling from my head to my feet. I sat there and rode out the storm, and finally worked up the courage to get up. BUT WHAT DID I DO, Smoke again. I didnt have that feeling seince but yet i havent smoked anything since. This is nothing but bad news. And the assholes that get on here and brag about smoking and not being addicted are just fools. Many things have changed about me aswell since the synthetics took over my life. I’m not happy anymore in the least bit. I atleast used to feel happy when i wasnt high with marijuana. I still want this and thats what bothers even me the most. not being able to stop even though this is killing me and others. If i can quench this i will be back on the real stuff. Marijuana, but in no way do i feel i could ever get like this with marijuana. k2/spice whatever you want to call it is nothing like marijuana. nothing at all. I understand that you may think it at first. but keep smoking it homie you will find it is not anything like weed in the least bit. I will be checking this forum regurily as i am trying to quit this myself. This has been my best week yet in almost 2 years from smoking anything. If anyone has questions/concerns about this stuff, well i do know alot about it and wouldnt mind educating people who would like to know from a very experienced user. but last but deffinatley not least STAY AWAY FROM THIS!

Killer K
12:38 pm February 27th, 2012

In response to marsha: Smoke pot. screw a piss test. I could see the stuff i was smoking easily killing someone like you. very easily especially having no tolerance. This stuff is linked to hert attacks COPD ad i have also heard Lung cancer.

1:05 pm February 27th, 2012

please don’t smoke this. I’m skipping school today because something in me feels wrong. My throat feels full of flem and it hurts to swallow. I think this is because I smoked herbal incense about three days ago. My head hurts. I had decided to be clean of this shit but took a few hits the other night after a break and now I feel this is some sort of withdraw. Please stop smoking this. I used to get so insanely high from this stuff and I hated smoking it because unlike smoking pot I somehow felt like I couldn’t breath while smoking it. I think Getting high from the lack of oxygen may be right on. I just felt like what I was doing wasn’t right. Now I need to try to help my friends. One is constantly sick and has been replacing weed with incense, I’m worried for his life.

1:24 pm February 27th, 2012

marsha smarr – bad idea. I hear a lot about people feeling like they’re going to have a heart attack. so bad idea. My father had congestive heart failure due to a heart defect, I may have this same problem I I should of never started smoking this. I never experienced any sort of dying feeling but I’m not going to keep smoking to find out. I think you’ll probably give yourself a heart attack just from pure paranoia thinking you’ll die.
don’t start smoking this. quit if you have because its will only get worse the longer you smoke it. If people smoke this they know that they really just want some weed so go find some

8:35 pm February 27th, 2012

Does anyone have excessive sweating every time their heart beat increases? would this be considered anxiety that everyone has mentioned?

3:52 am February 28th, 2012

that stuff is the devil

5:46 am February 28th, 2012

So I have two weeks totally clean and I am still having bouts of nausea and cold sweats especially the back of my neck my t shirt collar is usually damp The worst time is when I get up in the morning. It’s not as severe as when I first quit but it is just so frustrating. I am wondering if I will continue to improve or have I hit a wall and this is as close to normal as I will get. Should I look into anti nausea treatment or just wait and see what happens I don’t know. I guess the uncertainty of what’s gonna happen to me is getting to me. I wish I could do the last year over what a disaster.

8:10 pm February 28th, 2012

Killer K,
Please post more about your knowledge on the stuff. Me and my friends have been smoking this shit for a littler over a year. and i agree, it is absolutely nothing like the real stuff. I’ve noticed a difference in using it now than a year ago. It used to be intense when i first started. now its still just as intense but with extra perks. i get random sharp ass pains that run through my head and body. Sometimes i can feel like air or something escaping from my ears. (almost as if the pressure in my head is rising) And the biggest problem i have is that i can’t stop smoking it. i work in a smoke shop and i find myself stealing 1g bags (paying it back later of course). Things are getting worse not only for me but my friends as well. They dont have symptoms like me but they have problems all the same. Please if anyone has any good tips to kick this habit and return to the real stuff (which doesn’t quite do it for me anymore) It would be so appreciated. And people who read this please heed me=y word. it’s fun at first but it becomes a real bad health and financial problem, and its not worth it.

3:32 pm February 29th, 2012

@Legallyhooked It’s taken me close on a month an a half to feel almost normal, so don’t stress too much. You can (and more importantly will) get through this, just hang in there. I had really bad sweats, constant nausea and constant abdominal pains, the sweats cleared up completely after a month, and the abdominal pains and nausea are now starting to ease up (about 7 weeks clean now). I think that we now realise how stupid we all were, but hey.

I went to the doctor about 4 times because of all my issues and had full blood counts, full urine tests and he found nothing at all, then I found this forum and well unfortunately it all seems normal. It just seems to take some people longer than others to get over the withdrawals.

Just hang in there, you’ll be okay man.

1:50 pm March 1st, 2012

Ok I had a horrible experience last night with some spice called king John really good stuff now I’ve seen my best friend think she was dieing now I’ve done it I swear I thought I was going to swallow my tounge. It was after my high that this had happend which is what made me scared to do it anymore I started to get on the shower and all I could do was try to remember all the people in my life kinda like trying to re grow my brain cells and getting my mind off my high was Impossible I started shaking uncontrolably I was really pale and my heart was beating out of my chest and I though I was going to swallow my tounge all I could do was tell my boyfriend who had also been smoking to be nice to me and keep me warm finally I went to sleep this morning I still feel really shakey and not my self I’ve been smoking this since I first tried it everyday for almost a year I feel addicted and don’t know if I can stop without any help. The scary part like I mentioned was it was after a hour of being high that I started to feel sick I wasn’t high anymore but my brain just kept spinning. I want to stop. It’s funny I’d never even looked this stuff up and found this blog to type on unless I really did feel like my life was in danger now I’m addicted and they sell it in almost every store I go in to so its going to be a struggle but I have to stop I have low blood pressure anyway it can’t be good for me . So legalize weed it would help the kids of America not die from using spice. NOBODY dies from marajuana it’s all natural 🙂 female

8:06 pm March 1st, 2012


quitting is a bitch. expect 3 days of sweating anxiety, stomach pain (unable to eat anything more than nibbles), mental fog.

after 3 days you will still have a mental fog, eventually the fog will go away, roughly 1 to 4 weeks, for me it took 2 weeks.

you may get a lump under your nipple, probably 3-6 inches below, depending on body size.. i cannot remember if it was the left or right (not joking, i thought it was me being paranoid, but others have commented on it.)

the first 3 days are the worst, but worth it.

if you are having very bad anxiety, i would recommend if it is healthy for you to do so (not like incense is less healthy : / ) ……….

take aspirin, anything with acetaminophen, it will relax you, i would suggest only taking it in extreme anxiety (stomach feels like its moving inside you, EXTREME shaking, expect to shake a little, your body is ridding itself of poison.) do not use too much aspirin.

it will take away the anxiety, do not dwell on poor me, oh my god i cant do it type thinking. throw away and put in trash outside any pipes you used to smoke incense.

do not smoke weed! do not smoke out of a pipe that has been used for synthetic! i am 3 months sober, my buddy 2 months, the difference is he went back to weed almost immediately, he gets like a mini high while smoking MJ, but it does not last, now he has that habit….

after smoking incense, MJ is very hard to get high from again, however, when i hit the 6 month mark i will try again, i will post my experience in another 3 months.

personally i never really got ripped off weed, but maybe it was the source? either way you do not want to do a drug that will increase your likely hood of relapsing back to incense.

good luck!

Must stop
5:36 am March 2nd, 2012

I would love to be free of this curse that is herbal incense. It’s getting harder and harder to breathe but somehow I can’t seem to put it down… I was able to quit smoking tobacco, why can’t I stop smoking this?

3:55 pm March 2nd, 2012

ALL forms of this stuff were outlawed in New Jersey yesterday. All the smoke shops and gas stations have stopped selling it. This was the right thing to do, but man, are there going to be a lot of pissed off addicts walking around the next few weeks.

6:22 am March 3rd, 2012

is there any way to increase the duration of the effects of synthetic CBD’s? i’ve been using this kind called “kamikaze” because legislations in PA are killing everything pretty much. I don’t know which chemical is used in it but i believe its part of the WIN series. The effects after smoking 1-2 nice sized bowls are akin to several bowls of nice quality mids except the effects last maybe 15 minutes before I’m pretty much sober again. i’ve tried adding other chemicals to enhance such as beta-blockers, MAOIs (terrible decision), dxm, diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate and alcohol, but to no avail. I would very much like to know how to increase the duration of the effects.

6:24 am March 3rd, 2012

i also would like to stress that i do not believe i am addicted nor do i believe that these synthetic cannabinoids are addictive physically. psychologically yes, but if you think about it, anything could be considered psychologically addictive. i dont believe there is any more chance of addiction that if you were just smoking weed. responsibility and moderation are any toker’s best friend.

6:25 am March 3rd, 2012

aight coming from a long time headtrip user i can honestly say its not as harmful as everyone is putting on i can put away good joint of headtrip and be fine added cig at the end of the sesh and im good for bed cuz of my rather mild insomnia i used to date mary jane but after finding headtrip a cheaper and way more potent alternative i refuse to let others tell me how dangerous it is do ur research this stuff isnt harmful like the older k2 blends i can stay up in the clouds all day and function normally the whole panic attack thing comes from people not knowing what an actually peak high feels like samething happens to people when they do shrooms they freak out because they have never experienced something like that before

9:45 pm March 3rd, 2012

Saw another article about Spice and the damage it is doing to people…

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) _ Health officials say at least six people in the Casper area have been hospitalized for kidney failure after smoking the drug spice.

Three of those people are said to be in life-threatening condition from using the synthetic drug which mimics the effects of marijuana.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports that as many as eight other people also might have fallen ill.

The Wyoming Department of Health issued a statewide warning about the drug Thursday. Department spokeswoman Kim Deti says health officials can’t assume that the tainted batch of blueberry-flavored spice is only in the Casper area.

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh says one patient was transferred to a Denver hospital with full kidney failure. Walsh says those sickened were between the ages of 15 and their mid-20s.

5:40 am March 4th, 2012

i have smoked for 8 months almost everyday..i am on proabtion (very thankful i got on) now and have pissed dirty several times forit…i talked to my p.o and i have a couselor now. i quit last week and then relapsed yesterday but i am quitting again..i am veryscared of how my insides and my brain look because i get headaches, my stomach feels like its eroding, sometimes my brain feels swollen, i have irregular heartbeats and i have mood swings. when i do go without it i am very shakk. sometimes i will randomly think to myself “is this real” and i feel like im dreaming. i feel like its making me psycho and mentally retarded……i am still doing fine in school (all As) but my mind feels like it works slower when im not thinking bout school.

5:49 am March 4th, 2012

i have had bad and good trips and i can handle them both because i am a little high-on but i know its messing my brain and body up permanently and thats why im deciding to quit, im 15 (yes very young) but i am very mature and very smart..all i can say is smoking this everyday for eigth months has made me slow and weed never made me feel slow or dumb. and me and my friends used to smoke like a 8th or quarter a day…once im off probation i am going to stick to the organic.

4:15 pm March 4th, 2012

i tripped out the first time that i smoked space and i thought i was going to die but after that i was fine and i don’t think there is a limit to how much you can smoke me and my 2 friends smoke 22 grams of klimax in one night and the only problem we had is it quit getting us high but i live in Texas and maybe we just cant get the good stuff because of the banned which i don’t get because more people die from alcohol then this and i can drive fine even when im telling me friend im to messed up for this right now he say im driving like i normally do but i have ran in t6o a tree when i was drunk in my friends yard of all places.

4:32 pm March 4th, 2012

oh and the best way to calm a friend down who thinks there hart is beating way to fast is to take there hand put it on your chest and say your hart is beating the same as mine trust me it works then put there hand back on there chest and they should calm down this has worked on me one time and on alot of my friends when they first smoked it with me my i let my sister and her to friends try this with me and they freaked out and wanted to call my dad and have him take them to the emergency room so i took there phones and locked them in a room for thirty minutes it was funny watching then they had herd it could kill you and that’s why they freaked out on me to many people have that in there head when they try it normally after that first time they start to like it my sister and her friends do

9:40 pm March 4th, 2012

I smoked this for a little over a year and it became a nightmare. I started out just substituting for weed when I didn’t have any and could make a bag of incense last for a week. But then I started liking the high better because it is so potent. So then it became 2 bags a week..then 3…then almost a bag everyday and was getting completely out of control and losing respect for myself for blowing the money and my mind on this. I started getting really sick from it…I couldn’t breath, my lungs swelled up and developed severe broncitis with lots of phleghm that would NOT come up. I was actually suffocating from this and almost blacked out a few times. I went to the ER and and had to be perscribed prednisone to take the swelling down, Albuterol inhaler to open up my airways and antibiotic to get rid of any infection that was there. There is no doubt in my mind that the synthetics caused this and I made the decision to stop smoking it. But it’s not letting me go that easily…having really bad WD’s, the cravings are intense…feel like I am scratching and clawing my way out of a hole. Been almost totally clean for over a week and I am feeling much better now. MJ never caused these problems for me or anyone else I know. I’m so pissed that the shop owners gladly take your money with a smile and send you out the door with a bag of poison and are getting rich from it. I feel like throwing rocks through their windows. To all the people who still think it is ok to do this I have this to say: GO AHEAD, keep on smokin, if ya aint sick now…YOU WILL BE!!!

6:01 pm March 5th, 2012

So after almost 3 weeks clean I slipped last night and smoked real weed at a party just to see what would happen. Bad choice it’s like I’m back to day one of quiting and the high was like smoking that fake stuff again. I was close to feeling human again and threw it all away on about 4 tokes on a joint. If you really want to quit you are gonna have to put it all down weed fake weed drinking all of it. I just fooled myself to think that alcohol and real weed would medicate my way out of fake weed withdrawals. I know I need to exercise to get my brain pRoducing endorphins naturally. U know what I’m going to the gym right after this pOst. Good luck out there keep fighting and stay strong

6:09 pm March 5th, 2012

I just want to say to the pEople who are saying its not so bad that there aren’t any withdrawals or addictive properties like my friend HelloSpice derkiffer and informed. Likely you own a head shop or manufacture the stuff yourself.

4:30 am March 6th, 2012

I am SO glad I found this.
For the past few months, my friends and I
have been smoking a pretty large amount of
“Down 2 Earth” and “Kush.”
I started noticing about a month ago that it
was making us all REALLY sick.
We would wake up every morning vomiting,
and with HORRIBLE diarrhea.
A bunch of my friends decided to stop smoking
it, but I decided to just, “cut back.”
But two weeks ago, one of my friends
brought this guy over, and he had never
smoked the fake stuff before, but decided to take
a hit of Down 2 Earth. He immediately said he
felt it, and said he was tripping out.
He was sitting on a stool, and we asked if he
wanted to sit on the couch, but he said he was fine.
No more than ten minutes later, out of nowhere,
he just passed out, and fell off of the stool on to his
face. We sat him up, but he didn’t wake up.
We thought maybe he had knocked himself out when
he fell, so we just laid him down.
A few minutes later, he opened his eyes.
He started looking everywhere, and he
seemed to be really confused.
Then his eyes started to roll back in his head,
and he started seizing.
For two hours this kid laid on my floor, unable to
move or speak, just crying. Making no noise whatsoever.
When he came to, he told us that he felt like he was in hell.
Like, he was taken out if his body, and thrown
into the universe, and was being forced to repeat the
same actions over and over for what felt like years.
This scared the SHIT out of me, and I swore to never smoke it again.
Sure enough, two days later, I was smoking it again.
Telling myself, “I have a higher tolerance than him. That won’t
happen to me. I know my limits.”
But this shit has no limits.
I have officially been scared straight by this site,
and I will NEVER touch this stuff again.
I cannot wait for my body to be back to normal.
From now on, I am strictly smoking only real weed.

I know a lot of you think you’re okay just because you’re not having,
“bad trips.” But I never had a bad trip either, but that doesn’t mean
it’s okay for me, or anyone else. As great as the high is, it’s not worth
the potential damage being done to your body.
And most of the people who use this, like myself, are
I don’t know about you, but I’m nineteen, and I am not ready
to lose my life. Especially over something as stupid as,
“Fake weed.”
Please, people. Stop smoking this stuff and save your bodies
while you still can.

6:29 pm March 6th, 2012

I have been an inscense user for 5 years now and I truly believe I am the cause of the inscence explosion. Regretfully I let the secret loose in a group meeting one day and 6 months later it was all over the news. Anyways. I just now was able to quit. This stuff has destroyed my life. I have spent years wasted on my couch smokin this shit and I’m glad to finally be free. Good luck to anyone else struggling with the addiction.

3:43 am March 7th, 2012

I know that addiction is a very powerful thing and so is this legal mj.. The way I see it is… EVERYTHING EVEN MOST FOODS THE WAY THEY R PROCESSED HURTS OUR BODY AND CAN CAUSE JUST AS MUCH LONG TERM EFFECTS AS THIS. And yes it effects everyone differently just like an allergy… I have been smoking this for 2 years and I agree you should not smoke it I get headachespalpitation and panic attacks sometimes I’ve even had dizziness and vomiting before unfortunately I can’t be reunited with Mary Jane so this is my alternative… EVERYBODY HAS TO DIE SOMETIME NO REASON TO NOT ENJOY THE LIFE YOU HAVE and I ENJOY being HIGH!!!

3:45 am March 7th, 2012


5:19 am March 7th, 2012

Hey everyone i am a 25 year old that lives with her fiancee of about a year now… before we got together he asked me how i felt about weed and i told him i was totally against it and didnt want anything to do with it… So he stopped then about 3 months into us being together he stared feaning and i was like what the hell ya know… and then i finally gave in and told him he could get the fake stuff.. which was a totaly mistake because from the moment i have said that it hasent stopped he even goes and buys it when we didnt even have money to feed ourselves i didnt know what to do he knew it upset me i even cryed and cryed to him about it.. and of course he promised to quit!!! never ever trust a guys promise bc they lie!! he thinks its all he needs to keep himself going and it drives me nuts.!!!! currently i am the only one working and he thinks that i should buy him this … and if i dont he freaks nuts on me.. he will litteraly set there and smoke a whole gram within an hour or two it scares me his heart races outta control needless to say he is nicer and funnier on it ya know but i still dont like it.. i told him to choose me er the fake stuff and he couldnt even do that… so i have been having second thoughts on alot of things… he was suppose to get me a ring from his babysitting money and everytime he got paid he would skate to the store like it was the end of the world!!! ya i got my ring but i had to kick him and kick him before he did it and if you really loved someone why would you have to do that ya know?? he has not yet had any hardcore side effects but i told him that its bound tohappen like i will even cry about it i know he doesnt care and obviously just thinks about himself when it comes to basically anything… but idk what to do in this situation…. he said he would stop buying it and only have it 1x a week which is like 50 bucks a month that we dont have and the only way he would stop is if and when i get pregnant i mean he already has 3 kids you think that would do something but i think the stuff is horrible and i think itneeds to be banned for life seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:39 pm March 7th, 2012

LindsayC first of all not all guys lie and im hooked on this. to its very hard to quit but i pay for my own stuff. i would never sit at home and not let my girl friend eat just to get high. your boy friend sounds like a loser. there are plenty of good guys out there so why are you with this loser and if you do break up with him and he trys to get back with you don’t do it because if he cant pick you over synthetics then you should not marry him because he dose not really love you he is just useing you is what it sounds like to me

3:16 pm March 7th, 2012

I smoked weed every day before i started smoking kush but then i just stopped smoking weed even free weed just because i dose not get me high it just makes me feel sleepy dose any one know how long it would take for me to get high on weed again if i quit which i need to do me and my buddy’s have only been smoking for 8 months but we got out of control way to fast the first 3 weeks every one was just smoking every other night during the weekends and a all day but the forth week we started to notice that we had to get high to want to eat so then it was all day every day and i have blown threw so much cash i don’t even want to think about it we are smoking about 8 grams a day we buy 11 gram bags for 25$ just so we can wake up every day sick as hell throwing up coughing up a little blood one time i cant even take a good hit any more on weed i could fill my lungs with out coughing i really miss weed i hope one day it will get me high again

7:37 pm March 7th, 2012

I’m addicted, I spend about 160 weekly. Horrible habbit but I love the high

8:28 pm March 7th, 2012

If anyone knows how addictive this stuff it’s me. But this site is a constant source of inspiration for me. I’ve been off it six weeks now and don’t miss it a bit. I don’t have that horrible cough and bills are getting paid. The financial aspect alone is worth quitting. I can drive past the store I bought it at and not think twice about it. Thank you to all for sharing your stories and if you really want to stop it can be done.

10:06 pm March 7th, 2012

kushead- yeah idk what i am going to do bc i really do love him and he claims that he loves me to but damn ya know its a hard desicion and i am sure i will make the right one.. i have a good head on my shoulders but thanks man…. and i know all guys arent liars but the majority are maybe i just dont know how to look for one idk

11:17 pm March 7th, 2012

Im a junkie to it. The whole fungus thing, is just the chemicals u r inhaling, i asked my doctor. Ive been smoking this stuff for almost 2 years goin on 3. I want to stop and i have before, but like i said im an addict. Im honest, i dont want to smoke it, but shits got me lit. Im bipolar and seems like this is the only thing that will calm me down beside my meds (xanax serious)) I was up here before telling people about my seizure expeirance. Thought id quit then? deff did not. I smoke it every day. I get pissed when i dont have it. Ive noticed when i dont smoke it for a day or so my body deflates like all the toxins are making me bloated or something . Its deff not healthy and i want a boob job but im spending all my money to get high.(15 $ a day for 6 g) My guyfriends the same way (smokes like a chiminey),but my husband doesnt know i smoke. sad huh. im an addict and addicts do stupid things but hey its what ever. I dont recommend starting this stuff. its a bad habbit like cigs.

11:18 pm March 7th, 2012

i feel u janelLike i said it gets me lit

11:20 pm March 7th, 2012

kus head or how ever u spell it. i had the same problem that why i just smoke the spice, even tho real weed is better for u. It will take about 3 to 5 days for you to get high again. right now ur brain cells from the spice is blockin the weed if that makes any sence good luck bro

11:21 pm March 7th, 2012

it hurt when u smoke weed huh? that my friend will go away after a week in a half.

12:58 am March 8th, 2012

I used to smoke spice blends back in 2008. Old skool style – spice diamond was the new blend of the day. I also used to get horrible night sweats. I never put one and two together until I read this blog.

I stopped several years ago smoking this crap when my lungs started to feel like they were ripping apart. I knew it had to be horrible for my system. You see, back in 2008 everyone still actually believed that the product was all natural. At least the only vendors around said it was. We never even knew it was a chemical additive. What a devious trick all for money.

Sounds like the newer blends are even worse. I fortunatly never had serious withdrawl when I quit. I was smoking perhaps 2g a day of the old blends at the time. The duration was perhaps 8 months. My best wishes to everyone trying to quit this junk.

12:36 pm March 8th, 2012

Hello Everybody, I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you that shared your stories, The good, The Bad and The Ugly!!!! Cause all it Did was Motivate me and SCARED the Daylight out of me, Lol. Especially Brittany’s story, I was actually smoking a Blunt of the same type of Spice you were describing in your story (KUSH) and I was reading Your blog and at the moment I started reading The part when you said that the guy your friend brought with him that had never smoke it before came down off of the high and was describing what he was feeling and had experianced about going to HELL, My heart started to race fast and paranoia started sitting in and all I could picture was the same thing happening to me and I started to pray and asked God that if you don’t take me on this (BAD TRIP) I promise I will leave this stuff alone, And thanks to the Lord, I Didn’t go on that trip and To be truthfully honest I don’t wanna EVER experiance seeing or meeting the DEVIL, Sorry I don’t want that type of picture to follow me the rest of my life and to be honest with you everyone that speaks of these (Bad Trip) all Described the same feeling of Dying and Seeing the Devil or going to hell. Like I said before I wanna Thank You all cause after reading this blog and another blog from another site,Same types of stories, So I quit after 4 Days of usage, The blunt that I was actually smoking at the time of reading Brittany’s post went out the window and the rest I had left over I tossed in the trash. As I said after reading Brittany’s post all I could do is picture what that guy experianced and I watch a lot of horror movies and the thought of having NO CONTROL over my own body scared the HELL out of me and I wouldn’t wish that TYPE OF FEAR upon anybody, So Thank you all for helping me decide to leave this stuff alone before I had a Bad Trip. God bless you all.

6:53 am March 9th, 2012

I started smoking spike gold in June 2010. Like everyone else I used to smoke pot but now get drug tested for work/lost weed sources and thought this stuff was just a different plant that was like weed not an chemical spray.
Luckily I started off slow. Saving it for the one or two nights a week I came home drunk from bars and used it to reach that extra messed up feeling for a last hoo-ra of the night.
Then I became underemployed and started smoking while playing video games. Mostly Madden, got into call of duty but it gave me nightmares and I liked the football dreams better. The smoke made the games feel more real and my heart thumped with intensity on big plays the way it did when I was playing college ball. I was only using 3 grams a week at that point, limiting it to 3 or 4 hits a night but did notice how it was hard not to smoke but I just thought it was just because I could walk to the store and buy it with a credit card.
Once my application to grad school was declined it was a slippery slope because I had to continue being underemployed or find a new job and finding a new job wasn’t easy. Long story short, I end up giving up on new jobs or school and just smoke whenever I’m not working the slow job I have, I stop showing emotions to my girlfriend as my relationship suffers and eventually ends due to me being sneaky about my habit, lazy, and defensive. I actually happened to start eating really healthy when I started smoking maybe to compensate but still ended up with loose turds regularly and stomachaches every day while I abstained. I got really into physics and conspiracy theories and rarely left the house. My outlook on the future was bleak to say the least. I always felt as if total disaster were just around the corner.
So now I’m addicted to this legal incense despite the fact that a few trips scared the crap out of me early on and every time I smoke alot I have that voice in my head telling me I’m going to kill myself with this stuff, if not directly I was going to make a dumb mistake to get myself killed while stoned. I smoked all the time while I drove, sometimes 8 hours at a time because I got unbearable road rage when I didn’t toke plus it didn’t seem to slow my reaction time and made me more cautious, as long as I didn’t go overboard.
On another note I haven’t had the mouth problems but have been having dreams for about 3 months that my teeth are all rotten or my throat or face has rotted away.
Lastly, I read every comment on here yesterday and it gave me a lot of hope. Doesn’t seem like many people relapse, probably because it totally isn’t worth it. Its funny that some people are pissed at the guy at the head shop. I’m pissed weed hasn’t been legalized because I don’t think any of us would have ever bought that second or third bag if the store had a bag of nuggs for sale. We would have gotten sick of that garbage and went back. It would have never left the laboratory if ganja was legal. A lot of people would still be alive if ganja was legal although I’m not so sure sucking burning weed through a pez dispenser wouldn’t kill you the same way.

12:15 pm March 9th, 2012

i am from texas and have been a avid smoker since 13, i am now 19. Unfortunately i now smoke straight high grade weed and cigarettes. A couple friends brought this to my attention, so i had to do my research. i have tried spice twice and it was juss like smokin weed (well in my opinion). I love to get high so despite all these people stories that are tellin me not to, i juss cant help but to feed my curiosity (curiosity killed the cat). So, with that being said, i have been readin alllllllllll these comments bout every1 personal stories and is truly blessed to have come across this site, but my craziness is my downfall, i really would like to try it, i want to be thrown in to one of the craziests tripps out there juss to see on what term this “legal weed” is, BUT PLEASE BELIEVE WHEN I SAY THIS, I WILL NOT, I REPEAT, WILL NOT LET THIS TAKE HOLD OF ME, so with that being said everybody here is really cool so would annybody be able to educate me more on how this whole process is.

Thank You

7:38 pm March 9th, 2012

Lungz, just don’t get “down to earth”, that stuff was hands down the most frightening and unpleasant. Seamed like a different drug than the others actually. You were smart to find out how addictive it is before starting. Hopefully you still remember these testimonies after your brain gets cooked. Seriously though, knowledge is power. I would have been alot more consertvative with my smoking had I known about the physical dependance. I also wouldn’t recommend smoking huge hits or drinking any energy drinks before you smoke, for your own comfort.

Dena Bowling
12:25 am March 10th, 2012

I have been smoking that fake stuff for about 6 months and i dont feel like me. I cant sleep, eat, feel my skin, i get sick every once in a while, and i cant stop sweating! I am so scared i dont know what to do..I stopped smoking 4 days ago and its still going on..i havent slept in 4 days..i need help what do i do?

5:56 am March 10th, 2012

I came across this blog while doing some research after feeling some negative side effects of these incense. I had recently moved to Florida with my wife from Michigan, and was a regular pot smoker. A few months ago an acquaintance of mine introduced me to this stuff called bullet. Now since MJ was hard to find down here, and since i had tried a few incense before, I figured I’d give it a try. I got high as hell off two rips, and since they sold it up at the local party store, I decided to go grab some for myself. i grabbed a gram worth, and eagerly walked home to smoke it. THATS WHEN IT WENT DOWNHILL. About half way through the tube, I’m starring off into another world, drooling, and struggling to stay conscious. My wife managed to get me to get into bed, and i could barely even stand. I started mumbling and babbling, and wobbling as i tried to piss. then when i finally got in bed, she cried to me about how fearful it made her, and how she never wanted me to do it again. at this point, im looking at this from outside my body, I look out the door into the living room and all the lights were off, it was like i was staring into a dark black abyss, and something inside was calling me to enter. I felt that i was in a battle for my very soul, and that if i left that room, my soul would be lost forever, and i could never return from the netherworld. I WAS TERRIFIED. but not enough to quit smoke’n it. I found that I would be so agitated if i didn’t have it, that i would shut myself out from my pregnant wife. I can’t stand it now, it makes my heart palpitate, kills my appetite, cold sweats and every other symptom that so many have describe. Plus that PARANIO IS INSANE. at one point, I was waiting for goons to kick in my door and kill me and my family, by chopping us up. i heard car doors open and close and was sure they were getting ready to break in. Right now i have a little bit of Next Gen CoolBeanz, but after this im done. this stuff will make you lose money, your sanity, your health, and probably your life eventually. If your thinking of smoking this, DONT! The side effects are real and they are dangerous. don’t get involved in this, i wish i never had. thankfully, im moving back home to Michigan tomorrow, far away from this Beanz where i can smoke legal buds to my hearts content. good luck to everyone trying to kick the habit. of all the drugs I’ve been addicted to, this one is straight from the devil himself. Don’t believe me, take a couple big puffs, and he’ll be standing in your doorway as you tremble in terror, and pray for your life.

1:50 pm March 10th, 2012

For me exercise snuffed out most withdrawel symptoms. I quit from smoking just over a gram a day when i went hunting in WY i got up two hours before the sun and went hiking through mountains at 5,000 ft all day everyday for nine days in a row. I also had 3-4 beers each night and sat in a hot tub night 3,4,5. I woke up with a bad headache the first 3 mornings but that went away as soon as i got up and moving around in fresh air.

That worked for me although at that point i didn’t know i could WD and had blamed the morning headaches on cold dry air.I was also smoking just over a gram per day of strong stuff. So once i got home i got another bag after a few days back home and it was on again

3:00 am March 11th, 2012

I actually got lucky. I smoked weed for about a year and decided to give Mr. Happy a try. I posted my first experience on this site Feb 27h. It was the scariest moment of my life by far. Your priorities get put into perspective very quickly when you have the feeling like you are about to die. Ive only tried the synthetic stuff twice but NEVER again. I do not want to harm my mind or body. It really is not worth it. And for what?? Its not even worth it. If you are addicted please get help. Speak to someone you trust. Go to a doctor. Ask for help. Throw away your bowls, etc. Come onto this site and read about the experiences of the people here. I can tell you. My experience was real! And I am very sure that every horror story on this website is true. There is a ton of value in having a clear mind and a healthy body. You do not want to waste away the years and days sitting on your couch just killing your body. There are healthier ways to deal with the difficulties of life. For those of you who are really struggling take this as a positive that you have this website as a resource. There are other people struggling and who also want to stop using this drug. Listen to their stories. Tell your stories. This website only reinforced for me the danger of this drug. Keep your head up. There are better days to come.

3:11 am March 11th, 2012

And when i say lucky. My first experience was so bad that I would NEVER try this again. I did not get the false sense of comfort about this drug. There was no amazing high. It was hell from the first time. My friend is experienced and has also tried many different types of drugs. All he could say when we tried HI was “I wish this feeling would stop….this is not cool.” When he said it was not cool I knew we were in something deep.

The other reason I got lucky was my first time trying HI was when i was with friends. I am not sure what the outcome would have been if i tried this at my house on my own. I luckily had someone to help me. To talk me through it. To hold my hand. To tell me that i was eventually going to be okay. To bring me water. I could not move at all!!!

The after effects from that horrible night lasted about 4 days. The next day i felt like my head was in fog. I had a horrible hang over. I felt a slight pain in my chest and in my head. I did not feel like i was going to vomit like some of the other people. I am sure if i kept it up I would have had to do deal with the vomiting too.

Its been a couple weeks since that night. My body feels great. Mind feels normal. I have also stopped smoking weed for a few weeks. I just lost the desire to want to alter my mind. I am dealing with life in a more positive way. .

12:55 pm March 11th, 2012

Lungz420. There seem to be a ton of different blends of the herbal incense. I have also read every story on here. What I gather from the stories and from the experience of my friend and I…Your body and each one of these drugs are different. Your friend can take one of the HI’s and get through it scared but ok and you can go through hell. I guess if you already experience what a lot of us felt you would understand why we do not understand why someone would want to try a drug with so many horror stories. It is a major reality check…whether my body was close to dying or not. I thought i was never going to see my family and friends again. The feeling is that intense. I would not wish that feeling on anyone. Try at your own risk…but you have been warned. Stay away!

8:58 pm March 11th, 2012

I have been clean from potpourri since early 2011. My thinking has changed since started smoking potpourri, I am not quick on my feet as I used to be. I am not saying that I have become completely slow. But there is definitely a difference being able to be social and knowing how to say or present things quickly. I now have a lack of motivation and concentration not from depression or anything but almost like ADHD symptoms. I know there are no studies on the long term effects so far but it would be interesting to see if it could possibly throw someone off balance like this. I smoked the largest amounts in the whole town I lived in. I never once had a seizure or any crazy things like that happen to me. I did believe I discovered the meaning of life at one point but that is about all. I will say that I do think more to myself rather than being social since. I do not know if this makes sense to anyone else maybe it is just me who has experienced this. If there are more like this then can not help to think it needs to be looked into.

9:01 pm March 11th, 2012

I am a 21 yr old white male who has been smoking K2 (mainly Down2Earth Climaxxx Texas Blitz) for almost a year straight now. Thank God I quit today. I’m writing this for anyone who might be using it and have questions about what it is doing to your body. I can’t find any info about long time user effects, and I hear of people dying from it but I can’t find one example. I live in Florida so it is quite easy to get. I eventually decided to drop real weed and just stick with k2, since it wont show up in a drug test. I got to where I would smoke anywhere from 1 – 5, 1 gram bags a day. (at $10 each) And would give up every last cent, even sacrificing food or gas for one more bag. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE I KID YOU NOT!!! The feeling is a good, warm and relaxed high that kind of leaves a cloudy feeling in your head. Lasts about a half hour. If you constantly keep smoking it, then it really just makes you tired more than re-up your high. Smoke too much without a proper tolerance and you will be talking to God to keep you alive I promise you. Anyways, I’ll wrap it up.

Pros – Easily attainable drug, even sold to minors by most Indian gas stations (If you consider that a pro), doesn’t show up in most of today’s standard drug tests, although I hear dt’s are being developed to test for synthetic drugs. Legal in some states.

Cons – (Every health problem I describe I experienced firsthand) Heart Palpitations, ranging from skipped heartbeats to accelerated pulse to extreme difficulty breathing, constant hacking of the throat and constant sore throat, hearing fading in and out and loud ringing in the ears coming and going, Hallucinations, Short Term Memory Loss, Impaired Vision, extreme chest congestion and violent coughs, waking up from sleep due to inability to breathe, vomiting, loss of appetite, cold sweating while sleeping so much that it soaks the bed, and moderate to severe withdraw symptoms, depending on usage, the biggest ones I have noticed is emotional instability and extreme hot then cold flashes.

I blacked out this morning because I couldn’t breathe in the shower and I woke up on the floor with my family around me and my back looking like I got ran over by a garden tiller because the shower knobs cut me up on the way down. My life is worth more than a cheap high. And yours is too. Trust me on this one, if you HAVE to smoke something, stick with Marijuana. The people who make this stuff know it can kill you, they slap “Not for human consumption” right on the back of each bag, not to create a loophole so they can sell it, but simply so that they aren’t held liable if anyone dies from it. Once enough time has passed that they’re is data on long term effects of k2 users, it will be pictures of people in caskets.

Dena Bowling
11:02 pm March 11th, 2012

Man oh man, today is day 6 and i have to say I feel not throwing up anymore but still feel the effects.. my whole body is numb. I cant feel my lips or my skin..I cant get in a bath cause i cant feel the hot water and dont know how hot the water is.. I have to have my boyfriend feel the water to make sure its not too hot.. If i stand for a long period of time i pass out and start to shake.. I haven’t done any other drug besides weed to make me feel calm.. I dont know if i should go to the hosiptal or not? what can they do? will i get into trouble? Will they take my baby away cause of my dumb ass? Can someone please tell me what will happen to me cause i need help dealing with this something is wrong with my body and mind..

9:03 pm March 13th, 2012

So I’m on day 3 off blends and so far have not shown any sign of withdrawal. I had been smoking a gram to 2 grams daily for 4 month and then another 4 months at 2-3 grams a day. I was smoking Panic, Mr. Nice Guy, Jeffery, Zombie Matter Ultra. I decided to switch to cannabis for a week and then quit that in hopes that i will be make things as easy as possible. There was no problem making the switch i did it with out missing a nights sleep or even any sleep at all. I have a HUGE appetite which i did not have while using incense. I am doubting the likely hood that i will have any more withdrawals then normal when coming off the marijuana in 5 days.

Zach Eversole
2:04 am March 15th, 2012

im the guy that posted a long tiime ago about this you can see my story up top i was one who defended this. well now i know better. after my post there i was admitted to the hospital with an irregular heartbeat brain and lung damage and partial paralysis i couldnt stand or move my neck side to side at all. i am now taking meds to keep my heart under control it will beat super hard if i dont take my meds. well point in this blog is. when i showed up to the er and they did the ekg, brain and lung x rays, a ct scan for my insides, and a tube for nutrients, the doctor came back in the room with the results and told me i was lucky to make it when i did because if not i would have died this came from a doctors mouth. which killed me. because i never thought id be the guy brought to my knees from something i was smoking and thought wouldnt do anything cause it was legal and i could pass a piss test. i even went to counseling in the time frame i smoked this stuff high as hell on it and my own counselour couldnt tell it bothered me this is a man who deals with substance abuse everyday thats how well i was at hiding my problems and living in denial. this stuff is not safe no way shape or form. stay away from it. anyone with facebook, i created a group before the hospital and the page after so people werent slammed with notifications its basically like this just on social networking i am now a HUGE advocate to aboloshing this evil stuff if youd like to join the fight feel free to

thanks all you of for having enough compassion to tell people the real deal on this poison. ill leave you guys with this from the man who created all of the synthetic marijuana. then you decide.

2:58 am March 15th, 2012

I wanted to transfer my original account of my experience with fake weed from another threat on this site. This is my first post and second one a week later and the following weeks u can read about above. Hi everyone I’m tying right now to detox at home cold turkey is Pretty rough i can tell you . I have been smoking mr nice guys crap mostly relaxinol about 10 grams a day for the never really stopping for more than a couple of hours. Well I def messed my life up lost my job cashed I my pension money to support my sick habit. I live In a project in NYC u can actually find insence at 3 different newstands on my block. Anyways I hit rock bottom one morning called my father crying like a girl to come get me imagine that a thirty year old man crying beggIng for help. People around the neighborhood ask me if I’m lost when they see me or if I had begun smoking crack

2:59 am March 15th, 2012

I wanna update my status it’s day 7 since I have been off the stuff. My appetite has returned to about 2 small meals aday. I don’t sweat as much but it’s still uncomfortable to have to keep mopping yourself up all day long. I was able to take relief in about 4mg of Valium a day it reduced the anxiety and helped me get some much needed sleep. I think I’m over the hump. I don’t think I will be going into detox or rehab but if I had to go through what I have just been I would have checked myself into somewhere. Thanks for the offer for assistance I have a strong support system in my family. Again caution to those who think thOs is a safe alternative to weed it isn’t I would say its more like meth or crack in the sense that u have to use every few hours or u will be sick. MJ never had me waking up 3 times a night just to get off.

4:38 am March 15th, 2012

Please guys, this stuff CAN AND WILL KILL YOU OVER TIME! It is even possible to die off the 1st time. I took 1 hit and had heart palipatations. Smoke therealstuff.

natural only
11:08 pm March 15th, 2012

I have a friend who is now selling spice and he keeps trying to lure me back into the trap…which is exactly what one bowl will do to me. Have me back into the spiral of addiction, because one bowl turns into another one no less than 30 minutes later. Haven’t touched it since November, and I will never go back to it.

1:25 pm March 16th, 2012

I know somebody who smokes happy hour and does it quite bit through out the day. When he wakes up in the morning he have cold chills and starts sweating, then soon after that he starts to vomit. This happens 2-3 times a week and always when he wakes up in the morning. I don’t know if smoking this fake bud leading him to have such symptoms. Please if somebody have more information about this, let me know.

12:03 am March 17th, 2012

Hello, I’m in a different type of situation concerning smoking incese. I have smoked so much of it that I think I poisoned my body. For the past few days all I have been doing is vomiting and stomach nasuea. I can’t even hold down water. Any advice, struggeling here. This is the devil.

Zach Eversole
4:39 am March 17th, 2012

@LegallyHooked. i dont want to put you on blast to much but if you could share what you smoked i may be able to help you. Try getting some real bath salt(epsom salt for smooth skin and muscle aches) and dumb the whole thing in the hottest water you can bear. DO NOT do to rehab or talk to any kind of social worker for drug counseling theyre dumbfounded and will treat you as any other drug addict trust me been there done that. Water therapy worked great for me. Im now prescribed clonindine for my chest pains and super high blood pressure which is also for withdrawls i actually saved a young mans life overdosing on bath salt(the fake dope) by giving him 2 of my pills when he was fading in and out of conciousness and gasping for air 30 minutes later he was talking and walking around i dont know what they meds ive been prescribed do but they work but try water therapy before trying doctors i went to the doctor and from the word addiction they wouldnt treat me for anything i left with the same symptoms i went in with because they couldnt tell me what i was messed up from and try antioxidants drink tons of them. Now @ natural only. DO NOT and i mean DO NOT!!!! go back to the trap. i did it over and over for 2 years and it made me the shell i am today. @Karen its its the fake stuff thats doing that. I woke every night at least 20 times i was a bad case but heres my point i would wake sweating so bad id have to change. and went i would wake i would either have to smoke or i would get terribly sick id vomit every morning i went out with my wife to eat 2 or 3 times a week if i didnt smoke first i would vomit after eating and this is embarrising to both me and my wife when im getting up to go vomit in a public place and leave my wife at the table alone. ive got tons of info for both synthetic marijuana and bath salt i was stuck on both and im now a super advocate to the ban of these terrible chemicals

Zach Eversole
4:54 am March 17th, 2012

sorry legallyhooked i didnt see where you said what you smoked but i will tell you be lucky you smoked mr nice guys products there not as strong as the rest hints why you smoked so much a day tolerance builds fast and effects come on hard

5:47 am March 17th, 2012

I’m very sad, ashamed, and pissed at my self. I have now uped to 3 grams a day($40a day) ,$280 a week!!! This has truley tooken my life over .. I want to stop but I’m scared to, and just don’t know how. I never thought I’d be addicted to anything.

Recovering 1
3:17 am March 18th, 2012

@Zack does any one know long term affects I’m clean 7 days now and seem to be getting better other than nausea in the morn.This has been a nightmare this site has been a Godsend thank you I’ve done all the drugs u can think of and am an addict this crap is of Satan please in the name of God don’t try it if you smoke stop!!!

Recovering 1
3:31 am March 18th, 2012

I quit weed and pills by smoking spice it was awesome I thought buy while I buy my smokes at the gas station I had know idea I’ve smoked for around 6mos with no negative affects other than taking a trip to hell about every other time I was high the feeling of coming out of the high made u love life I can’t describe the horror I’ve lived days in my head in the span of minutes I can’t explain first I could hit it once a couple times a day and be great then suddenly bam I’m a crack head for spice couldn’t eat unless I was high sick every morning smoking 2grams a day I had an epiphany from Hod to stop a strong one do I did cold turkey and was sicker than I have ever been I didn’t know what was wrong with me then I found this site and now I know I’ve had almost every side effect listed I’ve read all the comms here and frankly scares the crap outta me I hope this makes some of you feel better to know there is a light I seem to be recovering my appetite is slowly returning and the nausea happens less I’m starting to become social again I’m just scared of long term it’s obviously poison we have taken in test show nothing wrong with us at the hospital I don’t understand how this stuff stays so quite is it a cover what the crap! I love you guys and am praying for allof you and will be checking thi site daily and keep u posted on if I continue to get better.Im trusting God. Btw I have no urge to smoke again!!!

8:19 am March 18th, 2012

So some info on my quitting experience…I had my last puff 8 days ago and I can say I will never touch this wicked mistress again. I feel like gagging just thinking of smoking again and I smoked nearly everyday for about 20 months. The last 5 months i smoked 1.75 – 2.5 g a day of the most potent stuff i could find.
For four days before I was totally free I took about a pea-sized amount and put it between my lip and gum like chew around 1pm which did not give me any kind of buzz but certainly seemed to eased the craving. I smoked just a few crumbs of the stuff 3 times a night. I made sure to wait at least two hours in between.

Then finally I put my little metal pipe inside the bag that still had about 3 g in it and threw it into the ocean(this is much better psychologically than finishing it off trust me) along with my glass so I wouldn’t come back to try and retrieve it or smoke the rez. As soon as it left my hand and disappeared under water I smiled and felt better instantly. I then took a ten day trip with non-spice users who didn’t know about my habit to a place where spice would be impossible to get.

As soon as I cut back I started taking Ultra Mega Green multivitamin, 100% of just about everything. Seemed like the thing to do since I couldn’t stomach a nutritious diet. My pee turned neon like a greenish highlighter. Thats normal though. Also took 1000mg fish oil which is good for your heart/blood pressure. And I ate fruity generic tums for stomach aches as well as magnesium to balance the increased calcium (probably unneccessary).

Once I stopped completely I took Liv-Flush, a liver cleanser, but took only half the recomended dose to avoid potential complications, 3000mcg of vitamin B-12 (50,000% DV) even though the mega greens had over 4000% daily value, zinc for my immune system just because I didn’t want to be vulnerable to disease and further illness.
I took generic mucinex to help with the coughing up of the black speckled mucus everyone is talking about. Coughing this stuff out is a good thing and mine is still going strong on day 8. I took chromium picolinate to counter the hunger for fat and carbohydrates (yes it really works) while my stomach couldn’t handle eating. It is also used to treat Atypical Depresion (actually the most common form of depression) which is likely part of what drove me to addiction in the first place. I took 400mg of ibuprofen pm the first two nights before bed to deal with the minor headache and inability to sleep along with 5mg of melatonin. I stayed moderatly active to keep up my metabolism as well as to help fall asleep and got plenty of fresh air. I bought everything I used for under $50.

The first night I woke up soaked with cold sweat but never again, i had a mild headache set in about 30 hours after last use but nothing bad. I had some difficulty sleeping but did fall asleep and got 5-6 hrs a night waking up at 6-7am for light exersize. Did not have much of an appetite. My diet for 6 days consisted of two eggs around 11, saltines or cereal around 3, and a late dinner sized for a 12 year old and I’m 240 lbs. Also, my turds were small hard balls, and a bit difficult to pass in case you were wondering. I also continued using tobacco and drinking coffee as usual, although the tobacco is the next to go.

Overall, I would say I actually enjoyed the experience. Although I felt slightly ill my mind knew it was for a good reason and it honestly felt way better than being in the smoked up stupor I had been in. The thought to smoke did pop in my head occasionally, but since there was simply no way I could, the thought didn’t hang in my head long and as soon as it left I would think to myself, man this feels so much better than being retarded and barely able to communicate with the people around me. I’ve been back in Florida for three days now and could get up and walk to the store to get more but have zero desire to feel messed up in that way again.

I’m certainly not a doctor but I am an animal biologist and have taken plenty of human and animal physiology and neurochemistry courses and did research on the meds I used. Besides, it doesn’t seem like any doctors have a clue how to deal with this anyway. I have read alot of people’s horror stories of withdrawls upon quitting and knew that it didn’t have to be such a bad experience. Quitting shouldn’t be something to put off because your afraid to feel awful.

I feel I went about quitting this stuff the best way possible. Not only did I manage to quit a highly addictive substance but it was a postive and enjoyable experience and I hope this information helps people to realize there are things you can do to make quitting easier because just quitting cold turkey and not changing anything else will leave you jonesing and feeling miserable. I hope it not only encourages you to quit but to share the experience because there is a serious lack of information on this stuff and it needs to be shared with the people who need it.

8:24 am March 18th, 2012

Sorry, I see I put that I went on a ten day trip, but it was really five. Originally planned to be a ten dayer but it got cut short.

Zach Eversole
7:36 pm March 18th, 2012

@ Recovering 1. Man you sound just like me. I know exactly how you feel. Couldnt eat without being high or id suddenly be sick and go throw up. Couldnt sleep couldnt do anything without smoking first and even than half the time i sit like a lifeless lump in my chair and did nothing but be lonely in my house cause no one wants to be around someone that just sit zombified. I myself was a hardcore user would smoke up to 9 10 grams a day if i could but i smoked since 2008 till just about a month ago I tried to quit and it almost killed me literally the doctor told me i was lucky to have made it in i got so sick the first day second day i was rushed by ambulance to the hospital i couldnt stand on my own 2 feet or feed myself I was in a helpless form of myself from this toxin. Try water therapy. go swimming or get in the bath tub with some bath salt exercise and drink lots of anti oxidants its took me over 2 weeks to finally feel i could go without even than the cravings still came but i know if i smoke the poison im gonna die i now have to take medicine for my heart because if i dont my hearts beats so hard sometime i feel it in my ears no kidding. feel free to contact me on facebook or my email im open to questions im like a super man for this stuff in my community ive got everyone off of it an helped people through the terrible withdrawls hell i couldnt even feel my skin for over a week thats just like a meth heads withdrawls. DO NOT SMOKE SPICE, K2, MAD HATTER, HAPPY HOUR, DOUBLE DUTCH, BOOM, MAYA, RED EYE, DANK, KUSH, WICKED X OR XXX, ULTRA, ATOMIC, i mean i could go on for days with names they all contain the same toxins regardless what they “dea compliant” sticker says or the stupid label they put on it sayin no jwh. sorry chemist but its ALL the same chemical compounds they tweek one ingredient to beat the law and its pathetic they lie to the world to make a buck

Recovering 1
2:22 am March 19th, 2012

Day 8 feel better today went to church no noticeable sIDE effects today praise God but I’m not gonna lie I get scared from every ghost pain my jaw hurts on the left side but I think that from chewing gum all day

4:46 am March 19th, 2012

A month and a week clean. Can’t say I feel 100 percent Something just feels off about life I don’t know what it is. I just don’t have the confidence or gusto I feel like shit basically and my sleep is still messed up but I’m exhausted all the time.

12:13 pm March 19th, 2012

Man this is nuts. I swear me and just about everyone I know in the Midwest city area is addicted fake cake. We hit the gravity bong, religiously. We all have one at our house. Diablo, the brand that made everybody trip the hell out is now a favorite. It’s like we have to have it. I swear I wake up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to hit some fake and I can stop. I cant sleep or eat without it. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up. Just wanna get faked. I swear all of our stories are the same. We started with real then tried this fake bake and we were hoooked. I just don’t know what to do. I can’t think straight with out thinking about hittin the gravity. It’s 6:00 am an me and my best friend are about to head to the legal store now.. I wanna quit so bad.

Recovering 1
1:13 pm March 19th, 2012

Day 9 most symptoms gone I do notice however I sweat excessive any time I get worked up also going to sleep is still a problem though not as much of one as at first it is getting better as well my advice is don’t smoke any more be thankful you stopped and realize Dr.s can’t help and you can’t help only God can help I swear thats the only way I’ve gotten through this nightmare is with the Grace of Christ….

3:58 pm March 19th, 2012

I was gonna buy some of this cause i cant find weed since im in a new city….but i better wait for when i can find real weed….cause i dont need all this crap. thanks.

Recovering 1
9:20 pm March 19th, 2012

Day 10 noticed anxiety all day don’t know if this is my addict side screaming for escape or the freaking spice hard to decipher I hope it’s just my body needing drugs I’ve been clean of every thing but smokes only taking one loritab a day down from 15 didn’t notice any opiate withdrawals while dts through spice interesting staying clean this stuff scared me straight!!!

9:18 am March 20th, 2012

Okay I have a question. I never smoked before until recently. I mean I’ve smoked pot a few times when I was younger. I just curious how long should this last? Like the high and symptoms. I was drinking and decided to smoke. I felt like I was dying. And now it’s been almost 24 hrs and I’m still feeling fucked up from it. Not as bad as before but I know this isn’t normal to still be feeling it. Any answers that might help?

2:28 pm March 20th, 2012

Like a lot of people on this forum I have been smoking the synthetic blends for sometime now , approx 5 gram 1-2 days. I can honestly say my life has changed for the worst. I fear losing my job, family,etc….. My wife is unaware of the issue since I would typically work from the house, however it is now taking over my life. My wife has a suspicion, but I deny it and hope I can get through this.They finally banned it again here in state, hopefully for good now. Had a horrible fight with the family this weekend and my life is spinning out of control. This is DAY ONE. I tried to get sleep last night, like everyone I could not….. woke up destroyed all my stuff and hopefully can make it through this.

I appreciate everyone sharing. Helps to know I am not the only one.

2:30 pm March 20th, 2012

Was posting these on another site, but did not seem as active. I read through @recovering 1 comments and it inspired me to also document my journey on this site.

DAY 2:

I must admit I think this site has saved my life. After reading everyone else experiences it is reassuring that while difficult this will end. I am determined to get my life and family back. Now I just need to figure out a way to tell the wife (she suspects), just concerned about the arguing and desire to go back. I did call my father, we have not had much of a relationship since I left home 20 years ago, but figured I needed someone to vent to. He too had an alcohol problem most of his life, but had a significant alcohol involved hospitalization, so he is a 3 months clean doing AA. I must say aside from this blog it was the best thing I have done. I consider myself a reasonable intelligent and strong man that has not cried since I was 10 (ish) and I breaking down and talking with someone about this really help, especially someone with an addition problem. I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel and are determined to turn this around.

Same withdrawals as everyone else. night sweats are horrible and I am constantly moving around (little antsy), but guess I am really starting get the things done that I missed over the last few years because I was trashed all the time. I must say that I sat on the exercise bike last night while watching TV for about and hour on a low setting (just peddling, no sweating) and I instantly felt better. Drinking plenty water and gatorage, stomach is still upset from time to time, but milk and toast helps. I am just constantly drinking and munching on small things. I could never sleep before without knocking myself out with spice. I do have insomina, but last night after I did the exercise, I hydrated, showered, and took 4 Valarien tablets (all natural sleep aid/valium). I got it from Walgreen, but you can get it anywhere. My mind raced for and hour, I got up google ‘meditating/ mediating in bed’, spent 30 mins reading up on different ‘bed techniques’ and I was out like a light for 8 hours of good sleep, still sweating like hell but sleep nonetheless. Got up hydrated, toast did exercise bike for 10 mins while watching new. I am a new man. I feel great. Not sure if it is the valarien or mediation that helped with the sleep, but the sleep definitely helped with the withdrawal. Will try just mediation tonight.

2:33 pm March 20th, 2012

I do have one question…. the original spice I started using was laced with JWH, etc…. what is the new stuff laced with. I have done Daminia/Salivia D in the past and it was nothing like this stuff. Is it simply concentrated. It says All Natural.

2:58 pm March 20th, 2012

I have recently stopped smoking weed, which I have smoked for
roughly 8 years, as a heavy smoker (after work, evenings, weekends, etc) and tried to use stinger incense to curb the habit.

BAD IDEA…..I had a very bad trip when myself and a couple buddies passed around 2 bowlfuls, I started to panic, the walls looked like they were moving, I couldent walk, I felt extremely sick to my stomach, my head was spinning, I thought I was going to die, I was even crying and stuff, I must say, I’ve smoked some pretty good weed in my time, but I have never been that high in my life, it was soooo scarry, it scared me off any drugs all together….Im not a small guy either, Im 6’2 and 220 lbs…and I was crying like a baby….lol…not a cool sight at all….if you’re gonna use this stuff, use with extreme caution, most of the by-products from smoking are extremely toxic, if you want a high, just smoke weed, its safer and cheaper….but each to his own….

Recovering 1
3:14 pm March 20th, 2012

@fancy taco it will pass Ina day or so NEVER do it again

5:13 pm March 20th, 2012

hi just a quik question. does anyone know how long this synthetic smoke take to clear your system? I work in a mine and have to submit a drug test to a lab on friday. any sugestions/ thoughts? I stopped smokin it a week ago, jst worried bout my job

5:44 pm March 20th, 2012

Day 1 quitting. Just woke up. I resin hit my pipe last night. It’s like I know I don’t need it but I just do it anyways. Me and my buddy signed our names on a pack yesterday and said it’s our last one. Let’s see if I can go a whole day..

JJ Red
10:56 pm March 20th, 2012

Just wanted to weigh in on this. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but I am going to try to elaborate on 14 years of drug history in one post and bring it up to present day to underscore my points about synth weed. I have had extensive experience with many drugs over the course of my life. I am 29 and have always had a passion for cannabis since at least 16 or 17, perhaps to a fault smoking it nearly every week since. I have been lucky enough to go to Amsterdam and Jamaica and have smoked some of the best hash and herbs on this planet. Bottum line I have smoked A LOT of trees in my day. I also experimented with harder substances such as opium, cocaine, and exstacy in my rave going days, along with Lsd, ketamine, mushrooms, all kinds of painkillers like roxi and oxy, even a little ghb. We even used to smoke coke on the end of our cigarettes, so I guess you could say I did crack too, although never in rock form. Luckily for me, I never experienced Heroin or meth and I always went back to the good ole natural herb and left EVERYTHING else in the past as simple experimentation. Now that you understand that I’m not just not some young noob, I will proceed with my experiences with and opinions of this so called synthetic cannabis, which I truly consider to be more toxic than ALL the drugs I have listed above.
In the initial wave of press about the synthetic marijuana craze at about the end of 09, I assumed that the people against it opposed it for the same reason they oppose cannabis and dismissed the hype as prohibitionist propaganda. Although I had no need to use the fake stuff, being the cannabis enthusiast that I am, I must say I was curious about a true synthetic “THC analogue.” Well a few months pass and I found myself in a headshop New Years eve of 10-11. I saw the display for the synths and asked the younger headshop clerk if he had any experience with the stuff and he said no. His friend also said he had not tried them, which I thought was odd because these were punky looking skate boarder kids, and I thought, what you guys don’t like to smoke? I should have known right then that this stuff was bad news, but instead i asked him which was the best selling. He gave me some stuff called Golden Sunset for $30 a gram. I remember thinking how stupid it was that it was even more expensive than the dankiest REAL dank, but I was doing it merely as a new years novelty to see what the fake weed was all about. Upon getting to the party another of my longtime stoner friends was also curious so we tried it out by itself and it SEEMED quite nice. Keep in mind this is the FIRST GENERATION jwh 019 and 051 I believe.The high seemed quite similar to a descent high grade cannabis high and I was initially impressed because i was expecting something like wizard smoke or the really weak fake bud that they used to sell in high times. The only differences me and my friend noticed from the real deal was that it didnt last as long and it was a slightly headier rushier high, but we concluded that it mimicked a sativa high almost to a T all the way down to the slight weighty feeling over the eyes, even slight munchies and we mixed it with our bowls and blunts, but some other people had a very hostile reaction to me even having it. One of my true pothead friends threatend to kick my ass if i put any in the bowl he was hitting because he had read the article where jwh himself said “anyone who smokes this is stupid.” Anyways after reading the not for human consumption label i was a little worried but i thought this was just a clever way to avoid FDA regulations. We smoked almost the whole gram, between several people, and none of us had any bad reaction whatsoever except in retrospect, I do remember my heart racing a little when I laid down for bed that night. A few months later when I was in my local headshop again and my herb dealer wouldnt pick up i noticed some other synth stuff called Gonjah, and figured what the heck. Again, no adverse affects really and this time I smoked the whole gram to my self, however I did notice it slightly effecting my real cannabis high, but not much and it was back to normal by the next day. Seeing this stuff as generally weak and never wanting to put any man made chems in my body, having access to good herb, I continued to happily smoke my natural herb. Then came 4 weeks ago. My cousin who is a law student at emory with a masters invited me over to hang one night. He’s about 5 years younger than me and we call him ‘one hit wonder.’ Everytime im smoking a blunt or a spliff he always just hits it once or twice. He is by no means a noob, he actually introduced ME to concentrated salvia two years ago when i had only tried the lighter version. I ended up literally falling on my ass and basically passing out off 1 hit. I was majorly impaired. I felt fine after about 20 minutes and remember thinking “how could this be legal and bud isnt” I was surprised that ANY herb could make me feel like that after doing real hullucinogens. But even THAT experience was NOTHING compared to what he had on this night. Turned out my cousin was stressin about an important employment drug test so he was burnin the synthetic stuff. Now I had heard that it was banned and honestly didnt follow the jwh scene. I didnt know this was the untested and far more dangerous second generation of synthetics that the DEA so conveniantly failed to regulate. He said he had tried a few different ones and he thought this ‘spaz’ was the best and he wanted my opinion of it, cuz he knows how much of a connoisuer i am of the herb. So he asked me to try it and unfortunately, I did thinking this was the regular jhw i had tried a year or so before. It was called ‘Spaz.’ I should have known better than to smoke anything called spaz. I took only two small hits off a bowl. At first it seemed somewhat similar to the other jwh i had tried, but it was MUCH more harsh on the throat especially. I noticed I became very talkative, but not the kind of talkative I normally got on weed, it was more like a stimulant feeling, somewhat similar to what I remember ecstacy being like as far as the weird jaw movements, but no where near as pleasurable. I also noticed a terrible scratchy cotton mouth and terrible somewhat metallic taste and it felt like there was a film of coating going all the way down my throat. I drove the hour back home with no issues and got into bed to try to go sleep at about 5 am and thats when the problems really started. I felt like I had taken some kind of stimulant. I had that dirty frozen feeling that I get on ritalin or coke. I had only slept three hours the night before, but I wasnt tired at all. I began having a feeling like I couldnt catch my breath, and my heart seemed to beat faster and faster. I felt like I had just ran a mile, completely out of breath and heart racing and I was only laying down in my bed. I thought it’s all in your head, just breathe it’ll pass, just like any bad trip. It didnt. I began having uncontrollable tremors and shakes laying in my bed. My arm was just shaking erratically and my leg muscles clinched as tight as they could contract, shooting with repeated muscle spasms, all involuntarily. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably so much that the bed was banging against the wall and my jaw was chattering like I was very cold, but I was covered in sweat and i felt hot. I physically could not stop my muscles from convulsing and shaking no matter how hard I tried. I realized that this was actually a mini seizure and if these spasms traveled to my heart, I could have a heart attack. This went on for at least 15-20 minutes and then sheer terror and panic set in. I am 29 and I literally wanted to call my mom and tell her that I had smoked synthetic cannabis and I felt like i was going to die. Thats how bad it was. I was very very close to picking up my cell phone and dialing 911. But I didnt and luckily I somehow fell asleep at about 11 am after hours of sheer terror. But it didnt stop there. The next day, I had no desire to smoke real bud whatsoever, and when I did it had literally no effect. My throat still felt coated and I couldnt taste anything. My breathing felt poor and I felt like I couldnt concentrate or think or form cogent sentances and I had this contsant high strung anxiety feeling in my chest. My thought patterns were completely skewed and I literally felt like I had undergone a full frontal labotomy. I noticed a huge loss of appetite not wanting to eat at all. These feelings went on for a whole month. I can only now eat three meals and taste food again and my throat just stopped hurting after it felt like I had bumps on the back of my throat like strepp thrraot or something. Today I just started feeling normal again, thank God. Now my brain is working again but not 100% as you can probably tell from the extended rambling that is this post, I can catch my breath and real weed affects me almost like it did before. BUT THAT TOOK FOUR FULL WEEKS just to somewhat recover FROM TWO SMALL HITS OFF A BOWL!. This stuff stays glued to your brain receptors for a long time. Much longer than actual cannabis. The best advice I can give to those suffering from this stuff is excercise, good food, high fiber, lots of water, Geen Tea, natural honey, b vitamins, amino acids, and if possible use a sauna or steam room or both 2-3 times a week. Learn about the blood/brain barrier and sympathetic nervous system fires. Thats what is happening with your neurochemicals. All this has helped me tremendously. This stuff had me majorly screwed OFF TWO HITS. I can only imagine what some of you are going through having smoked this for weeks, months, or even years. I began researching more and the more i found out, the more I was shocked. Thank God for boards like this. This is one of the few places you will get the truth instead of people selling something or hiding the facts to make a profit. It’s reassuring that there are only a couple of idiots who even dare post here like ‘Farrod’ (who judging by the name probably owns a factory that exports this stuff) and who would be so stupid as to even try to actually defend this stuff and even go so far as to say “Theres nothing wrong with it” and that “all the people who are having problems just don’t know how to handle it.” Look here you little 17 year old punk, I have smoked and done more drugs and had more experineces than you and all your little punk friends in your whole school combined, and if you think your bad and you can handle it while everyone else on this board is just some newB chump who just doesnt get it, just keep on puffin and you will surely get whats comin to ya 10 fold and with an attitude like that you will deserve every bit of what happens to you. And as for people like ‘Amanda’, ‘HelloSpice’, and the other guy who claimed we cant prove it’s addictive, I actually feel sorry for you because you think you are in control but dont realize you are in complete denial because you value your sick unnatural addiction that much that you can twist the truth and hide from reality just to keep getting your fix. Understand that this is not some lecture from someone who thinks getting high is a sin. We really do care and we don’t want to see you suffer like we have. You can say that we just dont get it like Amanda claiming that you are smart enough to stop using something that is damaging to you, but I promise you, you are wrong. This drug subtly and deceptively destroys your mind, body and spirit. This is not a joke this is not an exaggeration at all. Its very simple. Quit while your ahead or you will regret it.Use your head. I challenge you to look at firsthand accounts of users on youtube. Have you read ALL the comments on this site? Do you think ALL these people are just idiots who can’t handle it? Why are there so many horror stories on sites like this? Do you think it’s all just some big conspiracy to bash synth weed? In fact all the ‘inconclusive’ information and hiding the dangers by the media (ie why demi moore REALLY was hospitalized) is more likey a conspiracy to PROMOTE synth weed. The goverment hates real weed because it is a regulatory nightmare that in and of itself brings them no money, and they want their cut of everything. Real cannibus brings hundreds of millions of people the happiness and well being they desire everyday and it can be grown in the ground almost anywhere. If people realized how simple it is and how much it can benefit them there would be much less revenue for multi-billion dollar pharamceutical companies, alcohol companies, therapy sessions and therefore less money for the government. They would much rather have you addicted to someones PATENTED formula of synthetic crap that can ONLY be produced in a lab. And thats why this was created, specifically to target people who enjoy herb. It is no coincidence that this stuff remains legal and readliy available, and I can guarantee the people claiming to regulate it are cashing in on this. If the DEA TRULY WANTED to ban any substance, it would be off the shelves tommorrow. Realize that we are participants in a poorly controlled massive study and we truly are the guinea pigs for this stuff, and if you go to the hospital, understand that you will be on your own. You will be given tests, told there is nothing physically wrong with you and sent home with a $5000 bill like numerous people have reported on this site. You think doctors are in a hurry to stop something that brings 5000 a visit multiple times a day, all over the country? Maybe thats why we cant ‘prove’ it’s addictive. But thank God for common sense and common human experiences and borads like this. Thank God most people know better and we don’t need to wait for modern science to tell us how bad it is. It seems like the worst effects happen when you quit so some people have been smoking this for years and not realizing the damage theyve done til they try to quit, and thats whats different about this from all other drugs. Usually you can decide if you like a substance based on how you feel on it, (Amanda) but the effects of this drug are much more deceptive and dont hit you right away. Take it for what its worth. I called my cousin and told him he needed to look for another alternative like synthetic urine for his test instead of synthetic pot. I wrote down a whole page of symptoms I had and read them to him. I told him how this is a 5 billion dollar a year industry that pays for a multi-million dollar lobby group called ‘Americans for cognitive liberty’ that pays for news spots and lobbies congress to keep this crap legal, and that there is a lot of deliberate deception going on about the real dangers of this stuff and that some of the synthetic analogues being used are actually now coke and meth analogues. (Makes a lot of sense to me based on how spaz felt) Not to mention that tested samples of these blends have revealed mercury and lead, poiosonous heavy metals! I told him he should flush whatever he had left down the toilet immediately. Again he is a law student so he isnt stupid. I summed it up like this. There are only two kinds of people smoking this second generation jwh. People who are truly stupid, and people who are uninformed. I urged him like I urge anyone reading this to become more informed about this if you or a friend is using this truly awful poisonous substance. I’m all for ‘cognitive liberty’ and letting people do what they want, but people are deciding to do this without realizing the impacts and true implications. I hope my experiences and opinions as an ex druggie and cannabis veteran have some value for you people thinking it’s all inexperienced scared newbies and soccer moms and cops who are against this stuff. If you value your health, your mental ability, your happiness, and your sanity, or if you just value being able to enjoy natural cannabis at some point in the future, you should stop smoking this fake lethal garbage immediately.

11:00 pm March 20th, 2012

To IAMdone – your story sounds Nearly identical to mine with the only exception being my fiance left me due to me sneaking my habit. She knew I smoked but thought it was nighttime me getting stoned while watching a movie before bed thing because i used to smoke weed which she was ok with but now get piss tested for work. She didn’t realize that the whole time she was ever away from the house I was getting blazed and I would have to stop shortly before she came back because while she was ok with me smoking weed she wasn’t cool with me smoking all day.

Obviously, I wasn’t myself, couldn’t handle the stress of dealing with anything negative, I was crabby, distant and occasionally said harsh things without thinking and it led to fights over little things. She suspected I may be cheating and all I could do was deny it and say she was paranoid because I was incaple of actually showing her how much i loved her when I was jonesing for fake weed. Then I would smoke later on and be happy and warm hearted and everything would be fine.

From her point of view I wasn’t happy being in a relationship with her and deep down I didn’t want to marry her. She thought I couldn’t stand being around her anymore unless I was high to make me forget about my crappy life with her. Writing that just now made me cry. Like everyone else I refered to it as fake weed and she was under the impression that it worked alot like weed so to her it was me who was angry and the drug that made me happy while in reality i had every reason to be happy while really it was the drug or not smoking that was making me a miserable person to be around. After coming across this site a month after our seperation I finally opened up and told her how much I was using, that it is nothing like weed, and told her i was severly addicted and suffering from withdrawl symptoms. It made her feel sorry for me and tell me she missed me and still loved me but I’m afraid the damage has been done and after kicking me out of her house, having her friend move in as a roommate, and telling her family I grew cold and turned into an ass it looks as though it is best for her to just move on with her life. I’m alone yet have no desire to be with anyone but her because I know how great we are for eachother minus the drugs. I’m not going to give you advice because you’re already doing better than I did but please don’t let this happen to you and try to find some way to tell her whats going on.

12:25 am March 21st, 2012

i have only smoked this a couple of times and now i feel like i am having a out of body experance all the time,it’s like i’m here but i’m not i thought i was getting better then i smoked some weed and it triggered it again my vishion is blury all the time will this get better nad if not is there something i can do?

Recovering 1
1:41 pm March 21st, 2012

@JJ dude thanks for the info 14 days clean thank God I’m recovering mOre and more daily my hunger isn’t back yet though I would appreciate if you have any other info regarding long term to post it here I love all of you keep up the fight I’m praying for you all!

8:56 pm March 21st, 2012

@Recovering 1-Keep it up man. Im 29 days in now ive been exercising like hell and drinking tons of fluids i could never eat and now i can eat like a horse hungry all the time if you have a place with a pool you can go to swimming helped me out alot or even the bath tub for that matter water therapy just does something i got that tip from someone else. Anitoxidants help me alot to drink vitamin water or sobe life water juice green tea and so on. I was a hardcore user that literally almost died from it the doctor that worked on me told me i was lucky to be alive no joke. Im over a month clean now and i feel brand new though my concentration is still a little screwed and i have a hard time remembering things I feel like im finally getting back to where i was before i started smoking. Not saying all people are the same cause i personally know a few people that are crazy in the head from doing it and they dont seem to be coming back anytime soon it effects peoples brains differently like any man made chemical like me i could take massive amounts of pills with really no effects drink tons of alcohol and im no drinker but the synthetic marijuana and bath salt took a totally different effect i could take 2 hits be high its nothing like any drug ive ever come across just keep it up youll get through it if your not one thats lost your mind and from the looks you havent. The stuff you describe is the same thing i went through after the second week most of my symptoms started fading

9:38 pm March 21st, 2012

Im 14and started smoking weed in december I smoked almost every day and had no problem with it. But in yhe beginning of march anout the eigjt I was with my friends and decided to try k2. I only took one hit it was a big one thougj but it was the worst decision I ever mad. A few seconds after I lost balance had to sit down I had to tell myself to breathcouldnt feel anything was hallucinating badly had a seizer and thought I died and went to hell it was tje scariest tjing tht ever happened to me. I ran inside to my mother my heart was racing very fast and kept feeling as if it missed beats and when I was in the ambulance felt as if the medivc broke my knee, foynd out it qas kush max please do not do it I was very close to dieng at only 14! I was nt feeling right for 2 weeks and still dont my heart hurts sometimes and it scares me… Please be smarter than I was

9:44 pm March 21st, 2012

Sorry I misspelled so much, im typing on my phone and get very anxcious when I remember that night. So many other things happened that night,theres just too much to write on here if you have any questions just ask me. And believe I know im too young to be doing this stuff! But that didnt stop me…

JJ Red
12:25 am March 22nd, 2012

@Recoverering 1, it’s not easy at all. I am still not 100% after 25 days. My vision is still a little blurry, I still feel kind of blank and slightly off. I have a hard time getting motivated like I could only four weeks ago. I feel weak in the morning and natural herb is still slightly different than I remember it being before I did ‘spaz.’
My job as a research analyst requires a lot of ‘higher brain’ processing. I am tasked with interpreting important information and deciding how that applies to multiple situations and possibilities. Where I have always had the ability to do this almost effortlessly, I have noticed that for the last four weeks this is much harder for me and requires much more conscious effort to get my brain to work and complete higher brain tasks and I find myself forgetting more and having to review notes more than I ever did.
So I also know that this stuff affected my brain directly. (way more than 14 years of HEAVY natural cannabis use) It also drastically affects endorphins and hormones in the blood and brain such as seratonin and epinephrine which most people do not understand, and I am only beginning to. These are called the brain’s ‘reward chemicals’ and they dictate everything you do, from what you think about, how you feel, to when you decide to eat. Normally your brain ‘rewards’ you for eating a good meal, excercising or otherwise doing something beneficial to your being. This is why your heart flutters when you see a girl you like, your subconcious animal biology is actually rewarding you for the chance to spread your genes and reproduce. People in China (where most of this stuff is made) have a very thorough understanding of this brain/nervous reward system as they have been manipulating it through the use of ancient medicines and herbs for well over 5000 years.
We have to understand that this drug has completely destabilized and disrupted this system in our brains, and since it causes such an unnatural rush of endorphins, not only has it damaged us physically and physiologically, but now our brains associate ‘reward’ ONLY with the use of a certain substance. Understanding all this, where do you go from here? Well the good news Recovering 1, is that it CAN be reversed. I can say that I truly feel more like my self again with each passing day and the big cutoff for me was day 21. That’s when I was finally able to catch my breath and breathe normally, and my throat stopped feeling numb all the time and for me that was the day that the constant high strung anxiety feeling that you speak of finally left my chest, and I could at least focus and somewhat think again. I thought I would never be the same, but I have improved greatly in three or four weeks and have seen daily improvement since.
This stuff is extremely deceptive because the adverse after-effects are disproportionately high compared with the hour to 2 of ‘desired’ effects. Thats why this substance is different from all other drugs that I have done. This stuff stays SUPERGLUED to your brain and nervous system for MONTHS. Again, I strongly feel the best things people can do to heal are
Excercise- run, bike, swim, lift weights to sweat as much as safely and comfortably possible. For guys, I would recommend at least some heavy lifting like squats or bench press to really boost the natural endorphine process. Sauna and steam is very importnat if you have access, do BOTH 2-3 times a week. If you dont have these take a hot shower every day.
Drink lots of water and natural green tea and local honey if you can find it.
Take supplements to replenish your brains nutrients such as LOTS of B vitamins (especially b12) L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-carnitine and other amino acids. Take Flax oil, Fish oil, Borage Oil, Evening primrose oil. Look into detox drinks teas and pills but follow directions and don’t over do it.You can take some niacin but keep doses low and remember some people are allergic to it.
Eating right is also very important. Constantly eating fried fatty foods only weighs down your brain and keeps toxins in the cells in the brain and body longer. Eat fresh brocoli, carrots, Pineapple, cranberries and cranberry juice, apples, watermelon, grapes, bananas, whole grains, granola and light proteins such as grilled chicken breasts, things you can’t get at a fast food place. Even if you are not hungry FORCE at least two small healthy meals a day, and your appetite will slowly return. You can also fast (not eat at all for day) as this cleanses out toxins, just don’t make it a habit and drink at least SOME water.
This is a difficult struggle. You have to understand that you TRAINED your body and mind to react this way by using unknown chemicals. Now you have to RETRAIN your mind and body to live healthily and naturally. If you try these things you will notice that you don’t have to try as hard to live normal and your automated life systems will kick back in and you will find you don’t have to try as hard to get to sleep for example because you exerted yourself physically during the day and you will be tired. It’s all about a natural balance which all of us in this world have disrupted by modern living and we specifically have disrupted it way way more by using this poison.
We are ALL responsible for our own pharmacology. Western doctors believe in a one size fits all appraoch using pills and shots and racking in billions for big pharma companies. THEY WILL MAKE YOUR PROBLEM WORSE! You must find your own natural balance in life and no doctor or therapist can do it for you. I also see that you are taking Lortab, Rec1 which is good if it relaxes you, but you must understand that these are also synthetic unnatural substances that also bind to your sympathetic nervous system and your brain’s receptors and will only delay a natural recovery. I dont want to give you bad advice, maybe you were prescribed it because of an injury, and to quit Lortab cold turkey may be more damaging than helpful, but I would honestly suggest at least slowly reducing your dosage over time. And if you find that you just can’t cope without SOMETHING to calm you down, at least take something that is NATURAL (not made in a lab or out of a chemical process but in it’s naturally occuring form.)
In all their wisdom doctors can’t even tell you how or why synthetic medicines work, they can only tell you ‘it is believed to work because of this.’ It would be like shooting someone to cure a headache and then saying “we don’t know how it worked, but the headache is gone so thats the answer.” That sounds like an exageration but the basis of western medicine is simply guesswork and people follow their advice and take every pill and shot on time and of course end up going back with the same or worse problems, and worse yet, now their bodies have become chemically dependant on unnatural substances just to function and they pay higher bills and the doctors and pharma companies make a killing. They will gladly keep you in this cycle forever. They are essentially drug dealers, only the drugs they sell are a patented formula that is created in a lab that you can only get from them.
For me, I have access to natural organically grown high grade cannibus grown in soil, not hydro. I know the person who grows it and I know where it comes from. I don’t want to sound boastful and realize that I am very lucky to have such access while most people do not. I have identified specific strains that are most beneficial to me with the least adverse effects and the most beneficial effects. FOR ME this has been the answer. You might say that I am just substituting one drug for another and say that im a hypocrit because maybe real herb is just as bad, but the difference is this drug is completely unadulturated, naturally occuring, and has thousands of years of continuous use by humans throughout human history, WITHOUT 1 DEATH whereas these other substances were only discovered, isolated and created using chemicals and concentrations within the last few decades DIRECTLY CAUSINIG LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS OF DEATHS. Herb may not be best for everyone, I can only speak for myself. Many people on this site have reported that this triggers a relapse of synth weed effects and slows overall recovery as well. I noticed more paranoia when returning to real herb, but the main thing for me was that after spaz, real weed had no effect AT ALL and I couldnt taste it like I could before but thankfully this has now subsided. In some ways I had to retrain myself to enjoy herb, and since that was such a part of my identity before spaz I was determined not to let some punk ass coward ass foreigners sittin in a lab somewhere hijack my pharmalogical well being from thousands of miles away and change me forever. I refused to let that happen, and I am now feeling normal again off natural medication, and returning to a natural balance. Now those are the physiological and psychological elements of recovery, but I think another element of recovery that can be equally helpful is spiritual recovery. I say this, Recovering1 only because you mention God in your post. I understand that there may be many people reading this who are struggling with addiction seeking help, who have no belief or affinity for the spiritual world and no acceptance or acknowledgement of any higher supreme power or being whatsoever. For those people I would suggest to stop reading now and simply follow the advice above, it will help you. As for the rest of us…

I hate to get religious or spiritual on people on a scientific blog site such as this, but I understand that this fight is indeed a very real spiritual struggle. It is not all physical and mental. Here in America we have a very skewed view of the spiritual world. Most of us tend to think of it as a bunch of hickory dickory dock cow jumped over the moon BS. In China however there is a strong belief in the powers of the spiritual world, and you will find this also across every single ancient culture that has ever existed on the face of this planet. If you look hard enough you will find it in the history of this country as well. The occult is real. This isnt just peoples imagination. Just because we cant directly see it doesnt mean it’s not there. Most of the ancient spiritual cultures that preceded all of the world’s major religions believed that by taking certain plants and substances like peyote, mushrooms, and other plants we would call hallucinogenic that they could actually interact with the unseen spiritual world. We excuse this as just their overactive imagination but there is a lot of credence to this. This stuff is very real. All religions throughout time, though different, all give credence to the idea of opposing forces of light and darkness, good and evil, the idea of a dualistic struggle between these forces. Living humans are seen largely as neutral forces that can be POSSESSED and motivated or directed towards one of these two energies. Life or death, destruction or creation. Spiritual possession is real. Exorcism isnt just done as a waste of time based on a silly tradition, itis real and draws upon these same principles. Humans can be invaded and infested by destructive spiritual forces, although we quantify them as diseases, these are still the same manifestations categorized using modern terminology. These ‘demons’ or whatever you want to call them can invade the mind in various ways, and one is drug use. I don’t think it is a coincidence that peoples seemingly random and seperate hallucinations on this stuff and on other truly evil substances such as meth and crack all report seeing devils or demons. How many people on this board talk about seeing satan or going to hell. We dismiss this as just crazy talk, but isnt that quite a coincidence that all these people, many of whom do not consider themselves religious or spritual at all, have no coneection to eachother and live different lifestyles in different parts of the world almost all use the same words to describe this? Just accept that there may be SOMETHING to these coinicidences. Now some of you might dismiss this as BS, but this is where I believe prayer comes in. I believe doing this jumpstarted my recovery and brought about the fastest changes when I did this. I would advise you if you are a religious or spiritual person to ACTIVELY pray. Not passively saying whatever prayers you were taught in church or by your parents that you just memorized, but to close your eyes, lower your head and address whomever you percieve to be your God. Talk out loud to him/her/it and in the name of the prophet you believe to be the manifestation of God on Earth whether it be Jesus, Muhommed, Buddha, Yahweh, Yeshua or just God or the creator himself. Say something to the effect of “By the power of _ I COMMAND you dark forces to leave from me and my mind body and spirit AT ONCE, _, I ask that you break their bonds upon me and cast away their evil spells. I ask that you restore my mind body and spirit and return me to the natural form in which you created me.” Say it out loud. Yell it. Believe it. Repeat it like a chant. Do this and tell me you don’t feel the chills run up your spine, and the tears come down your face and the unmistakeable instant empowerment and rejuvination. I strongly believe in this to the point that I KNOW it’s real , but even if you think it’s just your imagination or whatever, no one can deny the beneficial power that it has if you actually try it. If you can’t do that for whatever reason than meditate, but you have to do something to restore your spiritual strength and awareness which has been devastated by this truly demon drug.

There is no simple fix. Getting destabilized for more was as simple as two hits. The path to recovery has no such quick fix. It is long complex and a constant struggle that will require you to search your soul and try to determine all the UNDERLYING causes of your problems, not taking some morons advice to ‘pop a pill and call me in the morning.’ We must all strive constantly towards natural living and resist temptation everyday trying to get in touch with our natural balance as much as possible. I wish all of you the best in your struggles and understand that you are not alone. These types of problems are being faced and conquered everyday not just by people who are addicted to something, but these types of struggles are really the basis of all human existance and experience.Sorry for the lengthy post again, but theres a lot to discuss here. If this novel long post has helped just 1 person it was well worth it, and I truly hope that anyone who reads this can achieve at least SOME benefit from something written here.

Just That Guy
3:03 am March 22nd, 2012

Synthetic is bad for you mentally and defiantly physically. im not saying its ok to smoke it but if you do just do like one bowl a day. i mean who the hell goes around smoking like a whole gram in one sitting? if just think about it thats so bad for you. especially if your an athlete

7:40 am March 22nd, 2012

Hey guys. I tried some chocolate strain of synth on Saturday. I went on a trip for 20 minutes. My mates thought I was pezest. And it’s now thursday and I have this feeling of not being real… How long will this last?? I’m kinda scared..

8:02 am March 22nd, 2012

How long will I feel out of it for? It’s been 5 days..

8:34 am March 22nd, 2012

ok so I been reading this forum for the last 3 days and I would really like to try and tell my story.. I would like anyones input or help! please

I been smoking k2 / herbal incense for 2 years and 4 months now.
Im gonna start from the begaining so bare with me as ill try not to tell my life story

I grew up in a small town where weed wasn’t even heard of. It was me, my loving mother, my sister, and step dad and aunts, uncles, and grandparents a short drive away. around the age of 16 my mom met this girl that owned a craft shop in our small town. At the time, I thought “perfect my mom gots a new friend” (she never got out and did anything) well i shortly found out this girl did meth and got my mom hooked on it witch broke my heart. soon after my house burned down due to my mom smoking cigs. we lived in the middle of this small town just a block over from the school. I never made good grades but was always good at sports so fit in and got along with most people. when my house burned all kinds of rumors spread from my mom having a meth lab to people trying to kill us. anyways I met this girl at this school who also lived inside this town, we met when i was about 12. I bring her up because she will later effect my life in a big way. I now live about 30 miles away from my old house in alot bigger town. I changed schools really just cause i wanted to meet different people the rumors didn’t effect me to much cause noone was gonna try telling me my mom was cooking meth in the house i grew up in for the last 10 years. plus i knew alot of people that went to the school i was gonna be changing to including my sister. so i finished my 10th grade year and we moved into the house my parent are curently staying in. that summer after my 10th grade year i started hanging out with this guy who now is my brother in law. who also smoked weed. I was raised to believe weed and any other drug was bad so i never smoked with him. anyways i felt like I was going through some shit and had the right to try it so at age 16 i got high for the first time and everyday after. It was all good at first getting high then seeing what shit we can get into. I quickly started getting in trouble first a few poss. charges then property damage. me and 5 friends egg’ed a guys house that lived in my old town because when my house burn’ed i took my dog over to my girlfriends house. we’ll her neighbor (this guy) shot my dog. we called the police and blaaa blaa blaa not shit was done about it so i took care of it. well this landed me a 3000 fine for damages and 5 days in the county jail. was 17 at this time. soon after my release i was busted for shrooms. Now you wouldn’t think shrooms would be such of heavy charge but i was the first to be caught with shrooms in the town im currently living so i guess the judge thought he had to throw the book at me. I got 30 days in county with a 5 year SIS probation sentence with a 5 year back up. still being young i thought “ill still smoke and just quit when i have to see my PO”.. well that didn’t work and now i got a dirty UA and standing infront of this fucking judge again. luckly it was my first violation and got dropped.. I quickly learned that i was gonna have to stop smoking. whats there to think about? either quit or go back to jail so I quit. also the sametime they had a drug sting operation in my town where they had a female officer undercover pose as a young party girl buying drugs this girl was able to get involved with my group of people and busted 6 of my closes friends for weed/cocain sells.. so here i was on the verge of going to prision with 6 other of my friends
soon after in late 2009 i started hearing about this fake weed but just blew it off till a week later i seen it on the news..
and this is where it all started..

That night i was on ebay buying a gram. It took 3 days. i got it in the mail and don’t even remember being excited about trying it. I just put it up so my girlfriend couldn’t find it. that night when she went to bed i took 2 or 3 hits and didn’t feel nothing, so i took 2 or 3 more and started feeling a little buzzed. about 3mins after taking the last hit i was blasted out of my mind. my heart started racing i went upstairs and layed in bed with my girlfriend thinking im gonna die and shes gonna find me in the morning. I layed there for about a hour and got up with the most biggest smile on my face thinking THIS SHIT WORKS! how could i be so stupid. now looking back on it how could i be in bed praying to god to see my girl again, clinging to life, to smiling and thinking “this shit works”. did i mention i wasn’t the brightest person. but i was happy i found in alter to getting high and staying out of jail. just like when i started smoking weed, shit was all good at first even my friends started smoking it. ive had every symptom that everyone has mentioned in this forum from high heart rate to skipping beats. I knew that this shit couldn’t be good for you but kept smoking.. I soon got in more trouble that i don’t really want to get into. but got my probation restated and served 4 months in the county.. while in county i withdrawed like crazy, never have i withdrawed from anything before but i couldn’t sleep couldn’t eat, was throwing up, being cold and sweeting at the sametime but after about 5 days i was ok. I met up with some of my friends who was in there on drug charges and plan on smoking herbal incense when they get out. I warned them that the shit is dangerous. I knew that i would go back to smoking when i got out just thought i would slow down. while i was in there my sister got married to my brother in law. (The guy i started smoking weed with.. His older brother) anyways he joined the army and had to leave for basic soon after. This was this time last year, i was in jail.. anyways i get out and go back to my old habbits and my sister moved to georgia where they were stationed. I got out April of last year. at this time all my old friends are out of prision for selling to this undercover cop. as soon as I got out, the next day i met up with my bestfriend who was release the sametime i went in for selling to the cop. at this point hes been smokning herbal incense for the last 4 months i was in jail. So this started to be a everyday all day thing for us and our other friends. about a week after i get out me and my bestfriend start seeing the HUGH demain in herbal incense. at the time we been getting weak shit from the gas station inless i bought some off the internet. at this point i have been smoking herbal incense for over a year so i thought i knew everything about it. how to make it, the best kinds, ect. anyways me and my bestfriend start ordering shit to make it. we experimented for weeks on ourselves and others that volunteered intell finding the perfect herb with the perfect amount of chemical. it was the strongest shit ive ever tried and our friends even liked it. we gave it a name and started selling more of it for a less price then the gas stations. with in 2 months i was making 5,000-7,000 off selling this to friends.. that don’t include what my bestfriends made witch is bout the same.. to me being 22 i thought it sure in the hell beats working. when i served the four months my girlfriend got with this guy I hated.. Yeah my girlfriend of 10 years got with someone else. this hurt me so bad i was ready to kill myself. thats why when i got out i was emotional and determined at the sametime. I spent all my time with friends i shouldn’t have been with. witch gave me time to think of some dumb shit like making it and selling it for a profit. anyways we was split up and I was all about making money. I took a trip down to georgia to visit my sister for a week and loved the lifestlye everyone was living down there. it was layed back and relaxed right by the ocean. my sister husband learned about all the money i was making back home because me and my sister tell eachother everything. we was drinking just talking about our lifes and how far him and my sister has came and how i haven’t done anything. Then i asked if he wanted to smoke some of my herbal incense seeing how he cant smoke weed since he was in the army. he use to be a major pothead then just up and quit and joined the army. I thought he say no but didnt want to be rude and not offier it and just smoke right infront of him. so I asked and he said he wanted to try it.. a few hits later and hes blasted talking about how much money I can make with this shit if i brought it down here. he lived in a straight military town. k2 was already labeled a felony there and the closest place you can get it is a 10 hour drive. the next night i left for the 18 hour drive back. all the way home his words “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WOULD MAKE” kept echo’ing in my head over and over. I soon got back to town and begain to plot with my bestfriend.. soon after i was making 6 trips in a month to georgia one week to take the product the next to pick up the money.. This went on till about a month ago, when my chemical supplier went under for some strange reason. I went from making 4-5,000 a month to being broke. I now see how highly addictive it is.. I watched friends lives being ruined in this short amount of time ive seen people steal and spend every last dime on this shit.. myself included I don’t want to live like this!! i feel as if i can’t even make it through the day without smoking this.. today has been day 1 since ive quit. the withdraws was bad a hour after i woke up and not smoking but i delt with it till around 5 and hit a friend up for some weed.. this makes it alot better even though i feel like i don’t even get high off weed anymore.. not even some decent kind. This also runs the rick of me getting violated and going back to jail.. maybe i can use weed to wing myself off it then quit before any trouble is caused.. I have a hard time falling asleep when i went without it but i find a few shots of whisky helps that. my girlfriend is back in my life but is 3 months pregnant with this guys babys.. sometimes i think stopping now is pointless. this was suppose to be my kid. I don’t think anyone realizes how hard this hurts and to have to quit in addiction at the sametime.

I need advice from anyone on how to stop.. anybody that has been in this situation with someone that they love so much. I want to be there for her but just gonna get hurt in the end.. either way i get hurt..

will someone out there please save my life and give me some advice Please!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for taking the time to read this

~one lost boy

12:46 pm March 22nd, 2012

Just to establish a little ethos here, I am an experienced drug user. Tried pretty much it all. Was a heavy pot used since high school. I was 16 then; 23 now. Stopped smoking green and all other drugs at 22 and switched to legal due to career reasons. In a year, went from only needing a hit or two to smoking multiple grams a day. Constant cough, relentless vomiting almost every morning. Its like it causes the mucus to produce in excessive amounts and all night it drains into you stomach only to be voided for an hours when you wake up and can not take it anymore. Head aces come and go. Check pain has been manifesting, just like what some people have described. Feels like its under your rips. You can punch the area that hurts and you feel the pain is deeper. My brother, girlfriend and I all smoke legal. All of use have the same nasty always cough, all three of us vomit usually in the mornings. O and guess what, I never had a cavity my entire life, or any other oral issues and the other day I was holding a pen in my mouth, bearly holding it. Tooth chipped, wtf. I have like 1 gram left and when its done, I am locking my self in a room and getting though this. We all need to. Yes moderation will most likely not kill you, but not everyone is the same. We all have physical and phycological differences and genetic predispositions that cause our bodies to react every so slightly different to product. So just because Cockboy can smoke 10grams a day and says hes fine, dosent hold true for all. If you feel like you are smoking to much…..YOU ARE. It should never be a question. I am not looking for ooo pitty me, im just sharing my experiences, for they have had years in the making. Example of differences. I have a friend who smokes about as often as I do, he has no problems….but then when you condider …me, my brother, girlfriend, and friend….only one is not showing adverse reactions. 25% chance of not having bad effects so got for it…make your own descisions, just make sure you are informed. OOOOOOOO one more thing… I started having to take High Blood Pressure meds 6 months after heavy use, im not overweight at all and have no family history of heart problems. Maybe these symptoms are not related, I just wanted to share this, and If one person reads this and chooses to not smoke “legal”, It all good. If you smoke legal, im not saying im better than a “god” of something im not. Just be careful, dont power chain smoke 5 bowls by yourself home alone. If you havent started….dont. Thanks for reading.

3:59 pm March 22nd, 2012

Me and my boyfriend first heard of this stuff last summer. At first we we didnt believe it. It seemed to good to be true. So we tried it and smoked for a month straight. Mr. Nice Guy is what they called it. Thw first night we went without out it, it felt like we were about to die. Hot and sweaty, heart racing, and i dont know how to explian it, everything around us seemed like it wasnt real. Its weired. Also we had some bad mood swings. This stuff is NO GOOD!!!!!! If you have anxiety problems i would strongly advise you to stay away from this. It would cause a nervous breakdown. Also, im pretty sure were all adults here, so dont be STUPID!!!! The real Mary Jane is where its at.

5:44 pm March 22nd, 2012

im finally off of this after an almost 3 year addiction. i went through withdrawals 3 times and went back to it each time after that. (dont do it, terrible withdrawals, do it once and never do it again)

let me just say that if you kick this habit, dont think you can just smoke a bowl down the road and be find, it opens pandoras box back up.

its best to just throw all your stuff in the garbage, pipes and all, and have a friend stay with you for a week or so to help you get clean. i also gave my friend my debit card/i.d./ anything i could use to obtain money from my bank or purchase it with.

if you need help, ask for it, your true friends will help you.

im thinking of starting an online chat group for support for those who are trying to kick this. we need to help those who really need it.

Recovering 1
7:56 pm March 22nd, 2012

@JJ thank you so much for the insight you explained things to a tee especially the spirit battle sounds lIke we are on the same page my God is Christ and it has most definitely been my strength thanks again brother!Well said

average joe
10:16 pm March 22nd, 2012

im 19 years old and have been addicted to k2 for 2 years and. im posting this so ppl can see that k2 is a horrible substitute for anything bc k2 in the end will run ur life u will have almost no control over yourself trying to get that next high. i honestly dont know where to start i have stolen thousands of dollars for this i used to smoke up to 14 grams a day i could actually feel my brain bleed i have holes in my brain from it not sure how big they r but they r there, i feel them u start to think crazy things like suicide and abunch of other crazy shit i wake up with bloody noses all the time everytime i blow my nose there is blood today i have been throwing up and spitting blood since 5 in the morning it is now 5pm i dont know what to do anymore im at the end of the road with no place to turn im crying out for help but nobody can hear im posting this hoping someone reads this and gets off k2 or doesnt even start it bc i dont want anyone to go through what i have just to get a 10 min high trust me destoying ur life, family and friendship isnt worth it.

El duende420
2:55 am March 23rd, 2012

Whats up everybody…ive been smoking incense for over two years straight. At first i thought it was a glorious loop hole in the system bcause i been on probation.i live in the rio grande valley ( south texas )
Where life is cheaper. A pound of killa ass green is 180-230 or 6gz of potporri 4 10bucks. I know how yall think ( weak shit ).but no ! g.ood shit. N e. I started smoking a gram a day then two. A year in i notecied my heart hurting slightly bout 3 grams by now per day.. I thought it was air or something it continued. I did as well it ket hurting but i kept smoking untill it hurt me so bad it sat me on my ass. I have had about 3 of those experiances but i /ever stopped b cause ive gone this far already …were all going to die …right welli eventually got caught driving around smoking and got chrged with parifanilia and spent a week in jail i havent sm(ked since i got a month . My heart hurts still every couple of days not as much but it still hurts. Ive done an ekg and cat scan everything came out normal… B4 incense i was bl8zn gren

El duende420
3:47 am March 23rd, 2012

If i can save one life bysharing my story i would b very leased jst remember b for you smoke that therr really isnt any test about this the only test there is is our experiances we r da lab rats i just want to thank god for opening my eyes….lord jesus i pray that you open many eyes, give us wisdom and rebuke evil precense and put Ahedge of pertection for all your children lord jesus we speak by faith that i will be done and waite to hear many testomonies ,by yur stripes we are healed and i pray father god that your blood brakes the bondages of addictions in jesus name we pray , amen

4:13 am March 23rd, 2012

my wife smokes it is there anything i could add to it to make her a little sick like an upset stomach or sum thing like that i want her to stop and its driving us apart.

9:05 pm March 23rd, 2012

if your smoking it or know someone who is, STOP THEM NOW I BEG YOU! I stopped smoking for about 6 months now and I’m experiencing daily Hallucinations. I used to laugh at people who commited suicide thinking there alway has to be an alterative solution, but now adays I find myself thinking about the possibility of suicide has something real. Thats crazy! Its scary too.

Cause: Spice
Brand: Wicked X triple XXX

(Since I stopped)
Symptoms: Daily Hallucinations,constant rubbing the back of my head,trouble sleeping, wake up screaming, Low brain activity(feeling brain dead),thoughts of suicide, thoughts of homicide, strange visual effects when looking at something.sensitve to bright and flashing lights, sensitve to loud music. I can no longer drink alcohol or smoke weed or drinking coffee or soda drinks(caffinated drinks)

SPICE!!! you ruined my life. And poor me for buying into all that legal hi!

I’ve been so high at times, I was on my knees excepting death. Yelling, ” if its my time to die, so be it!!!”

This happened numerous times because I was so addicted. I didn’t even enjoy the high any more, but the addiction over powered me. Its true, I mean why else would i use a drug that makes me feel like I’m dying???

God Bless anyone using this drug and give them the strength to stop before its to late.

11:39 pm March 23rd, 2012

Yesterday i had i really bad trip from cool beans which which is an herbal incesnse. I was slow moving and i had that feeling of death. Right now i really cant sleep and at some points my reaction time is slow, ive never ever doing this again. Can someone please help me and tell me how can i sober up from this because im scared?

5:16 pm March 24th, 2012

I just started smoking this stuff since Feburary and I the stuff I got was weak until I ordered KissAss from an online herbal seller ( shut down now) and I had a mental/out of body experience, which I researched endless to find out it’s called “kumulani awakening” which gave me a panic attack and I felt great humiliation in front of what I thought was God. It’s changed how I view the world forever. But was it the drugs that brought it on? Did I have a real experince? I don’t know. So I tried to reach that mental awareness last night, I smoked KissAss and I reached a mental point that I felt like I was going absolutely insane. I wanted to check myself into the mental ward. My body went cold, my skin was like ice, I closed my eyes and I can see and feel myself falling into a cold black abyss, white lightening sparking from miles away. I felt like I was falling into HELL. Today I’m going to throw that garbage away, all of it! I love being “normal” and I will never take my clear mental state for granted again. I feel like Ive been to the other side of insanity, you do not want this. Real Life is so much more kind and easier to deal with than these psychotic drugs. Don’t give your hard earned money, your health, your sanity, your values, your truth, your family, your friends, your pets, your future away for a false lie, you will lose your sanity!!! If your doing drugs to fill a void, get a hobby, just do something you love to fill that void. There is no reason to escape life, because this is an easy as it’s going to get!!! Anything different is a lie and a path to insanity.

Recovering 1
5:38 pm March 24th, 2012

About 3wks clean and have improved to about 90 percent I notice I don’t seem as smart as before and short term memory is hit and miss I’ve had no urges to smoke again until last night I had an urge but it passed I had bloody nose before as well but never chalked it to spice until this site now I haven’t had one also sores in nose gone as well hunger slowly returning I trust God we will make full recovery the reason test come back negative is because this poison affects brain function changes thought patern even your body’s natural instinctual patterns it’s evil straight from the devil look at it it’s a lie that you can’t see until you step away from it Thankyou Jesus for removing the vale over mine and all these your children’s eyes guys you WILL recover!

7:07 pm March 24th, 2012

So yesturday was my first day ever trying this incense stuff ( $exY monkey) and it was the worst experience ever. It will be my last time also as ive seen im not the only one whom experienced that they felt they was dieing but i litteraly know how you feel. As i laid in my bfs bed passed out i inhaled real big and i was out but i could litteraly see my bf trying to wake me up but i was seeing all this from an upper angle who was so scary i could see him trying to pick me up an i would try to wake myself up so he wouldnt get scared and at one point he thought i was gone and just laid his head on mine and he would tell me bby wake up tell me you love me and i would grip on his arm as hard as i could and would tell him sorry cause i was leaving him…. Omg it was the worst

9:05 pm March 24th, 2012

I’m 53 and have been smoking barely legal and fairly legal for about 6 months. I get about 6 packs on the first of the month, I don’t smoke it all the time. I have had no side effects, I feel calm and really good. I only smoke 2 hits at a time and I’ve had no problems…so far. When I don’t have it, I don’t crave it and don’t feel any withdrawal. But reading all this is making me think about continuing to smoke it.

1:45 am March 25th, 2012

@speedy high blood pressure is attributed to k2/spice/incense, everyone who smokes it for prolonged time frames has high blood pressure, when you are off for abit it will go down, SO when and if you quit make sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor and see if you need to be on the blood pressure medicine, tell him you were on k2, but have since stopped, otherwise he will attribute a blood pressure drop to the medicine. i will not give you medical advise, but advise you see a doctor, and tell him exactly the situation, say my buddy had high blood pressure while on it too, once he quit it went down, should i continue taking the medicine?

@average joe i know exactly what you mean, but please try to quit, its only 3 days of physical withdrawal, 7-15 of mental fog. aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen helps with anxiety feeling.

@PEZest 3 days of physical withdrawal, 7-15 of mental fog.

@jhvgcfghvhgjcv do not lace her bag with anything, it already gives her a stomach ache. trust me.

what you should do, and i know you love your wife, so i will not say leave her. i wouldn’t do that.

here is what i will say, tell her you love her, let her know you are her rock. let her know that her use is affecting your relationship with her, you don’t want her to quit, you NEED her to quit. tell her you want to spend a lifetime with her, but by using incense that lifetime WILL be alot shorter than expected, you can not allow her to use something that is killing her. tell her i am not going to abandon you, but i need you to get clean, i WILL help you, after tonight no more, your pipe is going in the trash, so is any that you have left in the bag. comfort her, she needs 3 days for physical withdrawal to go away, what helps for that is Tylenol, or ibuprofen, she will be in a mental fog for 7-15 days, be there for her, make sure she is done, no sneaking any, no one a day, just cold turkey. most important thing is no slipping up, and to be there for her.

aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen helps with anxiety feeling. anything with acetaminophen.

–for all people I’ve responded to, my advice should not be taken as medical advise please consult a doctor before taking or stopping use of any medication.–

6:54 am March 25th, 2012

My smoking buddy mentioned he had some “fake weed” he calle d it and wanted to smoke it up with me. So i grabbed my other friend and we all shared the joint of his called 420spirit.. At first I didnt feel much but when we got through the middle of the joint i really felt like i was baked, and i wasnt bashing the whole “fake weed, this stuff wont work” to my friend anymore cuz i was like wow this stuff really works! (although it lacks in areas of spiritual/deep appreciation of music highs from real marajuana, it just blew my way that something on the market can actually relatively imitate a weed high) so my friend gave me some before i left to class to smoke on my own so i gladly took some. When i got home i rolled up a joint.. believing this is LEGAL and its synthetic i should experience the similar “weed high” i got with my buddies. Little did i know you shouldnt be smoking a personal to yourself of this! i was taking huge hits, puffin it down like real marijuana smoke. First 5 mins it became like a marijuana high, all of sudden i experienced most of the symptoms others had experienced on this board.. my heart started beating FAST and i mean FAST, i swear i could hear my heart beating it was trippin me out. Muscle spasms, my arms were shaky and i walked around my house in circles just thinking of what is goin on and is my heart gonna stop. I turned off all the lights in the house because it made me very dizzy, As this is all happening i get strong fear of dieing never felt like this before, (literally had play back visions in my head of me collapsing of a heart attack.. creepy..) i ran up to my room, grabbed my bag put this in my cabinet and i pointed at it and said NEVER AGAIN. NO. I was at the point where i also wanted to call my parents, or just make contact with somebody letting them know how bad im trippin through this whole process. My vision became very staticy like everything was fuzzy and i just sat in my room, lights off, taking deep breaths and drinking plenty of water trying to calm my self down. I ended up chillin in my room watchin neil tyson degrasse interviews on cosmos, and the trip went down slowly. What a bad experience. On top of that i think it may of induced a really bad nightmare, like the ones where your on the verge of falling from a highrise building while trying to save a sibling.. those gut wrenching ones. Stick to real marijuana people.

I also noticed a nasty mucus taste in the morning, i was like what? NOT WORTH IT.

8:01 am March 25th, 2012

don’t do this.. is not worth it. my family is going through so much pain right now. God be with you

9:57 am March 25th, 2012

Hi..I started smoking this stuff at the end of October, and was up to about 2 grams a day. I definately had heart palpitations a few times, but the 2 biggest side effects for me were the cough and also how it affected my sleep. I had the cough everyone mentions…just cough and cough, and finally the muscus. I never slept more than 3 hours at a time..would be wide awake, so I’d do some more to fall back asleep, which would eventually happen….round and round we go…

I found this forum after I had already decided I was just poisoning myself with this stuff. I was able to get some of the real thing, and switched to that. The first few days I mixed what I had left over with the real stuff, because otherwise it didn’t seem to be “enough”. Used less and less of that for a few days until I ran out. I’m past that stage now, and starting to cut back on how much I’m using of the real stuff.

It’s been about a week and a half since I started the transition. My cough is gone and I am sleeping sooo much better now!! After reading some of the suggestions I am drinking lots of water, and taking a fish oil and a vitamin D3 combination supplement. The fish oil is good for the heart and immune system, and also depression (which I figure comes with withdrawals). The D3 helps maintain bone strength, and I’m mildly concerned about my teeth. I’ve had 2 chipped teeth recently but they have been problem molars in the past, but I am being as proactive as possible since some have mentioned chipping problems.

I was close to the store I buy it at the other day, and for a fleeting moment thought..maybe i should buy some to have on hand. I was smart enough to keep on driving, but I’m concerned that I will go back if I don’t have the real stuff. I’m starting to excerise…just walking right now, but the endorphines are definatey a boost to help get thru this.

Hugs to all of you who are struggling with this. My suggestions are to drink lots of fluids, exercise, take vitamns, and maybe a few supplements. Get outside and enjoy the spring air. Find as many ways to change your old routine into a new positive routine.

2:03 pm March 25th, 2012

I have been smoking “Cool Beanz” herbal incense quite a lot lately for the past maybe month and a half maybe 2 months. As weed has become harder to find and purchase. I definitely felt at some points that I had been close to death, and I can honestly say at the same time it was a euphoria. The “come down” for me varies, but it mainly consists of being utterly tired and feeling somewhat brain-dead. I do believe this stuff does lower your immune system. I believe this because I THINK I have developed a certain disease (In which I see possible physical symptoms of.) that I am not comfortable with disclosing at this moment. In all honesty, I adore the feeling I obtain when I consume this product, but I would not recommend it to anyone. Stick with the natural stuff, or kick the habit completely.

6 months wasted
7:21 am March 26th, 2012

I just want to say thanks for everyone that has told your stories I had almost all the symptoms. You guys really gave me the courage to quit knowing that I will (eventually) be back to normal.

I’m now going to try and safe my mom and little brother’s life. I hope that it doesn’t tare us apart. I cant wait for this stupid shit to be illegal. please never use this. Just quit,the withdrawals will never make you want to smoke again anyways.

If you are reading this just pay attantion that almost everyone had the same syptoms. So please hear all the warnings.

One life saved from this blog, makes it all worth it, then seeing that this site has saved a lot more.

Good luck to all who quit, And God thank you for saving the people that will never wittness what i had to go threw.

Stay Strong.

7:45 pm March 26th, 2012

I’m 22 yrs old and I started smoking this on 420 2011 when i quit smoking weed for my job i started smokin 3 to 4 gs a day till xmas and now im down to 2 to four hits a day (of smokin dragon) I get horrible headaches pain under my right Peck right below rib cage my eye is always twitching and my stomache constantly growls and i have the hardest time remebering anything when speaking to anyone and studder alot fml. But i smoked cigarettes since 11 and quit 2 weeks ago 🙂 only thing is this spice i was done with it same time as cigs but my gf brought home a 7gram bottle told her i didnt want and just know it was in my house i opened it 🙁 it will prlly last 21 days or so but might just throw down the toilet. Does this affect your eyelids like air in between i can always here my it and now iwhen im in a quit room i can here my heart beat in my ears like i got headphones on i hope this long t3erm i hoping to start p90x next week and running a mile a day please dont start this spice insence or potpourri saves you money and worries

10:47 pm March 26th, 2012

I am so glad i found this site. I have been questioning a lot of stuff about herbal incense. I have spent soooooo much money on this stuff. I replaced smoking pot for this stuff. I did cuz my husband couldnt smoke reg. weeed. So I joined him in the herbal incense smoke!!! What a mistake. I really want to quit. I don’t want to go spend anymore money and really want to quit. After reading this I am even more convinced for all the obvious health reasons. I will pray that I dont go and buy another bag…I am going to try my best…..Please help. What should I do when I get so irritable and just yell at everbody??? Get some reg weed just until I can get the edge off the Kush? Are there pills I can get to help me withdraw? Man this stuff is bad and I am so glad I have read all your stories. You really are helping me. What should I do at this point? I’ve been smoking daily for a long time….HELP!!!!!! Afraid I can’t stop! Lazy and I’m almost 49 yrs old with a 8 yr old boy who deserves a better Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

angelo y
12:07 am March 27th, 2012

ive smoked this and now im having heart pains wen i get high on it and it can hurt u i wanna know will i ever go back to normal and the scared of dien is true now all i think about is not dien im scared shitless of this drug i dnt recomend it

4:42 am March 27th, 2012

Im 19 and I’ve been smoking spice for 3 years now and I’ve used many of the blends stated the only side effect I’ve ever had was the occasional headache (keep in mind my immune system is really good and to the surprise of many people I still happen to have an IQ of 175

4:46 am March 27th, 2012

And I didn’t think to mention this I never had withdrawal effects even when I would occasionally go weeks without it and what I said before is not to encourage others to use it but to demonstrate how it affects different people in different ways

2:48 pm March 27th, 2012

bryce…I had some mild twitching of the eyes. More so, I had weird sensations at the edges of my little pains…probably nerve endings??

2:53 pm March 27th, 2012

addictedkush…hows it going? I did replace with the real stuff, and I’m getting low. I’m staying strong and reading posts to remind myself how poisonous this is so if I run out, I won’t be tempted to buy any.

6 months wasted
1:53 am March 28th, 2012

@addictedkush hey I have been clean for 3 days now.

I still feel anxiety (bad). I no longer need to force feed my self, but I still dont have an apetite. What I did was force fed my self toast and cereal, drank nothing but water and ginger ale. Tried to eat as much as i could, First day about a quater peice of toast was all I could manage. Tried to eat every 2 hours(if you cant at least eat one bite so you dont risk getting any stomach problems. Second day got a little better. was able to eat about 3/4 a peice of toast, also this is the day i tried eating cereal (i was just getting sick of eating toast).
Now today i was able to eat a small protion of dinner.

To help with my pain i would take 2 tums and 2ibuprofen . Felt like it helped (could be a mental thing).

At night I would cover up with an extra sheet or blanket. The more I sweat the better I feel (and trust me you will get them cold sweats, I have them as I am writing this), try and be as active as possible, go see family or someone you havn’t seen in awhile. I’ve been smoking a crap load of cigs, kinda takes the edge off for a bit. I havn’t smoked any weed (going to quit).

Also i went to walmart today and use the blood pressure machine and my blood pressure was 149/90. That is really bad especially for someone who has never had high blood pressure before (me). That might be something to check if you can.

Really the only things i feel is anxiety, a little nausea, feel fuzzy in the head, a little hard to think.

Please just stay strong it’ll be over soon and you will have a great relief lifted.

8:19 am March 28th, 2012

i can not believe the trickery to buy .it is your choice but they should not intise people. .i went to er for low grade withdraw thank god.When i told the shop dealer what happened his first words where you do not tell where you got it?.If it is so safe why be nervous

8:22 am March 28th, 2012

i pray you all recover 100 percent bless you all i am with you all.Please warn everyone thank you kh

6:34 pm March 28th, 2012

im victor im 14 years old i mean ive never smoked spic but weed and im stuck on high my mind gets a hot feeling and i get dizzy for a secnond why is that weed did to me was is laste was something i wish i had my real smart me back how can i fix myself from not being stuck on high i hate so mmuch im depressed sad and now im just failing school because i cant think or even use my head its hard i mean i do use it but it takes a long time to renemeber i hate my life i just want my mind to be stuck off high!! i neeed help 🙁 someone really help is it death is the cure or is it really a cure to fix my mind to get stuck off high because i reall want that i wont even touch weed no more and today i got offered spice i looked it up im not doing it and now im stuck on high i tryy weed only one weak hit im already thinking ima die and i cant breathe i need help i really want to have a life go to college i really want a cure is there one for me and dont sayy god i tried and i tried no matter what no anwser for 4 years ive been like this he never helped not one bit so im athesit i just want to be off high and be smart again i really want to be helped is there anythiing to help me ! please,… i really want to be stuck off high i regret what i did

8:26 pm March 28th, 2012

hello. i have been smoking potpouri for about a year straight. alot of it. im starting to get extremely scared for my health because i heard of a kid i know that is in the hospital because he smoked the same thing and he is being fed through an I.V. my stomach growls all the time now. not just a little hunger growl like it growls alll day, loud, long and its scaring me horribly. i quit smoking it about a week ago. if anyone has any info on that i would greatly appreciate it. thank you.

10:33 pm March 28th, 2012

Personally I’ve smoked on an of fer about 6 years my buddy started buying this legal stuff an using it all the time replacing real stuff for it I’ve always herd bad things about it so I tended to stay away from but curiosity finally got me an honestly just one hit was all I needed an needless to say I was stoned an pretty impressed I wouldn’t dare take more than one hit just from getting pretty high from just one wack I’d say if your curious or sketchy about trying it just get atomic it’s pretty decent stuff an one hits all yea need don’t need to be mr tuff guy an suck it all down cuz trust me from what I’ve herd an seen you will regret it if u do know your limits an just let one hit set in an go from there I promise if you smoked in the past you will be fine after it weres of u feel a little strug out no big thing just relaxed an a lil timid maybe a lil ansy but just chill an it’s all good peace everyone good luck to yall

Recovering 1
3:17 am March 29th, 2012

Almost a month now still not 100perxent can’t sleep as wella but am improving appetite was great today love you guys!

6:43 pm March 29th, 2012

Glad to hear that Recovering 1 !! Thanks for the update..and stay strong and healthy!

6:50 pm March 29th, 2012

Ok, so today is Day 1 of complete sobriety. I weaned myself off the zombie matter for about a week, mixing less and less with the real thing. Used the real thing for about a week, and am out now. I feel real good today, we’ll see how the next few days go. I didn;t have the severe withdrawal symptoms some of you had, maybe because I weaned myself, maybe less of a tolerance. My cough stopped after a few days without the zombie, even though I was smoking the real thing…interesting, huh? I sleep soo much better now. I actually slept 7 hours straight the other night…a miracle! My bpo is still waaay high, even on my meds (i had hi bp before starting zombie). i’m gonna to give it another week, and then see my dr. I’m sortof scared i messed with my bp, but I can only move forward at this point and not beat myself up for my mistakes.

I hope I’m not tempted to get some more zombie over the next few days, now that I don;t have any of the real thing. If I am…I will just re-read everyones posts and remind myself what a poison this crap is.

7:20 pm March 29th, 2012

Victor…please talk to a doctor. Death is not the answer. I’m not sure why you are still feeling high from weed, I’ve never heard that happening before. It sounds to me like you may be suffering from depression, which can make your mind too busy to think. Regardless, please confide in someone, a parent, teacher, school nurse, pastor…anyone who you feel comfortable telling everything.

I’m worried about you victor, and care what happens to you. I have a 14 year old boy myself, and I wish I could be there to help you out! hugs!

5:12 am March 30th, 2012

Yeah ive done and do this on the average. its not what they make it out to be. i mean sizing and dosage is important though. and IF YOU DO IT, DO LISTEN TO DUBSTEP, YOU WILL TRIP. but do small amount 2-3 hits. we do sumb and hit up 8 bowls its was fun but i almost thought i was dead…dont do that. have fun smokers…

11:58 am March 30th, 2012

I’ve smoked a fair bit of weed and done all kinds of mushrooms, but nothing could prepare me for where blue puff was going to take me. This stuff is hectic. So much more potent than weed for me. I have had a few massive freak outs on it. Everything enters a dreamscape. They just need to legalise weed rather than go down this path.

Recovering 1
4:32 pm March 30th, 2012

Close to a month clean!!!no urges to go back today is the first day my appetite has been back to normal praise God!!There is light at the end of the tunnel stay on track I didn’t think I’d ever be back to normal this crap is a liar!Stay strong love y’all!!

4:20 am March 31st, 2012

@JJRed OMG, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve given me hope, (Please excuse how I’m not eloquent, I’m very intelligent but can’t think straight, I know you understand this by your AMAZINGLY INTELLIGENT POSTS-I thank God for you and We have the exact same way of view of the world-crazy!(Crazy in a good way) My story(I’m withdraweling from this stuff I assume(I HOPE because that means I’ll get better & won’t be in time-still hell). I’ve had “bad trips” before, but this time I(one month ago almost to the day) cheated death I should be dead(and that’s not just the paranoia this stuff induces), It’s like while smoking each time it would get worse & worse with this Aztec stuff & then it finally like broke through a barrier in my brain & it was shutting down-that’s the absolute best way I can describe it-I even told the ER dept.(while babbling incoherently-trying to relay info so they could save me-bs-they don’t care about us “druggies”, they laughed at me, literally when I was on the floor) that I’ve heard it breaks through the brain/blood barrier & that’s probably what’s happening with me & even brought the crap with me so they could test it to know how to treat me-THEY DIDN’T-no surprise there, I know how cold this world is especially when you’re a “drug addict”.) I heard crackling & thundering in my head(brain damage occuring) & my heart was palpitating so badly that (You’re right again the ER let me lay on the nasty floor & ME ALONE calmed myself down in turn saving my own life.), but also have been on Methadone for FIVE years(which is why I did this stuff in the first place-the FUCKING MARKETING(I know now) of “synthetic marijuana” made me think it was like pot because the researh I did told me Huffman made it to be like pot-but didn’t know all the poisons others put in it etc. but I tried it because of that & becasue I got drug tested & thought I’d found a loophole to smoke pot again)-I tried to get off it(Methadone) within the first year but my(I call her(actions) evil for keeping me hooked just so she could get a control fix & I know they don’t want you to leave bc there goes that $$..) “counselor” authoritatively “informed me” that I was NOT STABLE because I smoked Marijuana so she said no. I was 19 at the time & wasn’t informed of the rules that I could cut down whenever I wanted regardless of (what they call) “Stability”-what a joke, as if methadone is better/safer than pot..I know you know this as well-whole nother topic-so this goes hand in hand to what you’re saying about western medicine & pharmaceutical companies just wanting your money) I smoked Happy Tiger for nearly a year, then they(cops-legal fight/monetary reasons/or just the fact it was so “hot”)took it off the shelves & I “felt” I had to keep smoking so I bought Aztec Warrior. I smoked this for about a week, wwhich ultimately led to my nearly dying-this was NOT just a “bad trip” I was getting major brain damage & God knows what I’ve done to my heart-as you can read so far I’m not healthy to begin with not just because of my medicine but because I left my bf for a stranger on the internet who never showed(once again, the “Happy Tiger” made me do something I wouldn’t’ve done in a million years-I could’ve been raped or murdered) so I started losing weight because my bad oral health(while using lortabs-reason I went to clinic-silly me if I’d only known I’d be here five years later still on methadone which withdraweling off lortab would’ve taken a lot shorter time & a lot less pain) & my depression from being separated(his mother is evil & wouldn’t let me come back because she used him for his money so she could buy drugs behind his back he wouldn’t give her money if he knew that’s what it was for-nother topic) I was wasting away(It’s not a coincedence to me that my life has fallen apart since I started smoking this crap) & weigh 99 pounds now that I’ve almost died. A Month ago: & My “friend” hasn’t liked my bf I’ve had for 8 years(not too healthy of a relationship but it was TRUE LOVE & the only love I’ve ever experienced that was unconditional)took me out because she’s an alcoholic & used me as an alibi(I know now & this stuff made me numb emotionnally & impulsive @ the same time & I’m a “people-pleaser” and this stuff made me act like a child) & I drank liquor(I hate liquor and always have, I just wanted to feel better because this stuff messed me up-I knew & kept telling everyone my endorphines &/or serotonin is depleted-I know that much about the brain) then SLEPT WITH a guy I didn’t even know, had enough wherewithall to wear a condom, but gave him oral pleasure without one?!?!(doing this stuff made me do things I never thought I would do) Also, two days before sleeping with this stranger(By the way the first person I slept with in 8 years becasue I’m a fatihful loving person who would hurt no one especially the one who’s been there for me since I was 17 & all my adult life) I had a fight with my bf & went & smoked that aztec warrior & literally had a mental breakdown, I lost it becasue I thought my bf was through with me because it was a bad fight. So I had snapped even more before sleeping with the stranger. So I had a mental breakdown, slept with a stranger, then thought I’d contracted something(which I’m still thinking I have because this crap lowered my immune system which wasn’t great to begin with, & two days after sleeping with him I developed the worst UTI & felt like I’d caught the flu(which told me-the actual(intelligent) me..-that I’d caught something Viral such as HPV, Aids, et cetera) So going through all that I smoked Aztec warrior for the last time(trying to calm down becasue I thought I’d contracted something so I knew I’d have to tell my BF, so I wanted to calm down so I smoked it & Thank God I’m alive today. So my question is(I know how tiring it is being a counselor while going through withdrawel from this crap, so you are an angel just for writing/posting what you have so far) Being on Methadone & now being prescribed Klonopin(I know from your post to get the damn pharmaceuticals out of the way-which I’m in a catch 22 with the klonopin, becasue this stuff(“incense”) has made me so anxious that I can barely speak & all my muscles on the inside are seemingly permanently tightened(which gives women UTIs-sorry I know you’re a guy) but I need them just to sleep & to be able to speak at all while at work. I never misspell words by the way that’s another way side effect, what is your advice to me? I want to get back to normal, I’ve taken into consideration all the advice you’ve given so far & will apply it, I just need to know how I can do this while on Methadone(I can’t even think of cutting down right now becasue I need my sanity back first & withdrawel from methadone makes your emotions out of whack as well-which would make it double bad) & now I need it for the pain of withdrawel from this incense crap-I couldn’t work without it(methadone) anyway for withdrawel reasons but now I need it for the pain I’m experiencing from the withdrawel from this crap. So anyway, I love you for being as caring, you remind me of myself I want to get back to(I’m not being conceided*) how I was/am kind of still- very intelligent, would give you the shirt off my back-literally if you were cold & needed one, and full of life & loved learning about ancient cultures-anything related to humanity(our past mainly really as long as it was worth knowing. I have moments of clarity & then I don’t, so I’m saving this website so I can read your posts/advice becasue It’s the best I’ve read on any site so far & You are very intelligent. Please ignore the ramblings, but also, I would like to have my MRI read by a real doctor(one who won’t judge me for making a bad decision..or two..) because he said I’ve got a Chiari Malformation which explains a lot of the neuro problems I’m having, but I’m just throwing that info in there for you to take into consideration. I really value your opinion, JJRED. And when I get better hopefully soon, it does seem to get better everyday but I live with my “mom” & dad now(since the separation from my love) & they all don’t respect me becasue they judge me & my little sister has sick control over them& doesn’t live here but stays here 24/7 now that she knows I don’t want her here becasue she steals everything I own & she(sister) has used this lapse in my sanity to ruin my standing with my mom so long story as if this is.. I hate wher I live(even the real me, but I could ignore it at least before I went “insane”) so being inside this house is making me not get better because my older sister lives across the street & they all have “ganged up on me” & said it’s not brain damage, you’re fine just wanting attention like when you were younger..that’s sick if you ask me when I’m goingthrough the roughest time in my life. I just say rude things this past month & sdon’t remember half of it & they jsut don’t care beacsue anyone who knows me a even a little can see & hear something very bad has happened becasue I am not the same & not acting right like myself. My family just thinks it’s the trouble in my ordinary ligfe(but once again I could handle all that before I started smoking this stuff) Sorry again to ramble I just finally found someone who gets what I’m going through & at that, an INTELLIGENT openminded person! God Bless(This stuff & the personal living situation & other personal things I’ve described(bf.. etc)has seemingly stripped me of being genuinly emotional-I think that’s mainly because of living with people who don’t respect me so I’ve shut down my emotions becasue why even bother with explaining anything to them if they just look at me like I’m stupid(that wide eye’d cock your head to the side..”huh” when they know what I’m talking about, just don’t agree with it & are being patronizing.) I don’t want to be childish like this & let their opinion effect me lik it would as if I’m 5. I want to be better. Thank you again for all your wisdom & understanding, that’s so therapeutic to people going what we’re going through. GOD BLESS!! I would love to be pen pals or friends now or when I get better because I need some light in my life right now, and an intelligent, understanding person such as yourself helping me get back in touch with wisdom again & loving learning again could help a lot. Thank you, sir.

6:58 am March 31st, 2012

Hey. Everyone I been reading your post about it being okayto do just one hit….sorry but its not I just came from the doctor yesterdya he told me I had abrain aneurysm….!! And I keep getting numbness in my legs toes arms and fingers dr. Said its possibly from this spice Please everyone that thinks of trying it just say no just like meth not even once. Please spread the word of how bad this is.

9:52 am March 31st, 2012

I came across this forum by accident while looking for a legal way to buy some of my brand of spice now that it’s completely illegal in my state. I’m glad I did because I was very impressed with the stories of recovery that I’ve read here and know first hand that it all will pass with time and you will get better. Here’s my take from a strictly personal point of view and why this drug has a hold on me. Like many others I wanted to stay “inside the law” and still get a Marijuana like high. I started out with a weak version but just had to try something a little stronger. When I found my “brand”, I experimented with different dosages and experienced the range of adverse and amazing effects listed above. Here’s my two big problems. The first is that, as a songwriter, pot has always given me a stronger connection to what I refer to as “The Source” or collective consciousness or God or whatever you want to call it. When I figured out my correct dosages I realized that I was in contact with this feed on a level of 10x or greater than anything else I’ve ever tried to write with including LSD and mushrooms. I found I could write 3-4 really good complete songs in about 20-30 minutes. They were made up of music and lyrics that I’d never dreamed I could write and i played at a level way beyond my comprehension in some cases to the point that I couldn’t reproduce what I had recorded. It was a “magical” connection that I now feel cheated on not having now that I’ve experienced it. I’ve done serious meditation, prayer, and as I mentioned other drugs throughout my life and no, you cannot convince me that any of the other routes can connect me in this way.I tried to use spice in a band format but that just didn’t work because of how internalized the trips are for me anyway. So on to problem 2. There is one drug that I have made a pact with myself since I was little a kid that I would never try in my life and that’s Heroin. As I started to recognize my addiction to this condition it dawned on me that whether it was Heroin or not, all of the symptoms of what I imagine Heroin addiction to be were manifesting themselves regardless. But instead of stopping I started to use my wife as my pharmacist to only dole out what I would need for a writing session. Right …. By the end of the year I was back up to twice daily. If anything the connection and my control/manipulation of it was getting stronger and I could still convince myself that I was still in control of what I was doing. What finally did stop me was not the illegality of it. What I started experiencing started to really scare me in a couple of ways. When I would smoke, it started to feel as if I was being poked all over my body with what I can only describe as toothpicks. It was excrutiating and yet I still could rationalize it because I was still connected spiritually/musically. It was only when I started to feel as though I was being “punished” or paying for this gift at the spiritual level.

Here’s what I can truthfully say about spice (my brand to me only):
I accomplished more positive internal dialog and psychotherapy than I could ever hope to accomplish even under a doctor or shaman’s care (quit chewing tabacoo and oddly enough the drug itself got me to stop using it if that makes any sense, among many other positive self talks).
I’ve never been scared that I was going to die or disconnect so many times from the same substance like this does.
I definitely connected to that place that I always strive to as an artist in an unprecedented way and came away with an impressive body of work even by my usual standards (sorry, not trying to be boastful just trying to convey the best I can)
The addiction grew stronger at physical and spiritual levels exponentially
Deep down I knew it was damaging me which is why I compared it to Heroin

I don’t know if I will NEVER do it again, but this site has definitely helped stop me again from trying it again for now. The reason I am writing this is to let anyone know that in my opinion, if you’re not willing to try a drug like Heroin for fear of becoming hooked after one time, then DO NOT TRY THESE COMPOUNDS!! If you feel that you can handle being a guinea pig for humanity for the sake of art or making the world a better place or in whatever capacity that applies, then be very cautious, keep a log of doses and responses, and be diligent in looking out for addiction signs even if you don’t have an addictive personality. For me it wasn’t the high that hooked me but the connection to the world. I guess addiction can take many forms and I would not assume you are immune … It will sneak up on you and snare you somehow. Sorry again for the length of the post but I do feel as if I’ve taken a more positive step away by getting this out. Please, please don’t approach these drugs offhandedly like you would pot or even the psychotropic’s for that matter. Even if you can escape physically with no long term ill effects, you’re running the risk of damaging your soul, psyche, or mental health permanently if you don’t know exactly what you’re dealing with. I actually got angry at a Dead Head friend of mine telling me to stop doing it for the same words I’ve just written, seeing as how this guy has done hundreds of acid trips, a chemical that you don’t know what you’re going to get either. I don’t feel that way anymore. There are just too many variables to play it safe. I don’t wish I’d never tried it, I just wish I’d never tried it ;P

1:39 pm March 31st, 2012

come on ppl. i smoked this 4 bout 5 years evry day. oz a week easy, decided to stop, did, went back a couple times. ended up seeing the shop where i scored n said to stop selling to me. they laughed n sed ‘do it ya slf’. so went camping for a week. couple days, but it passes, will power is key. make a decision n do it.

Run From This Crap Now!
7:56 pm March 31st, 2012

Congradulations to the people who still have enough brain cells left to realize this “synthetic” stuff is dangerous. Its not even synthetic weed, its whipped up batches of spray chemicals that have nothing to do with a marijuana plant. To the people who are still using this and defending this stuff: If you need a buzz that bad, save your money and just go to your local auto body repair shop and stand in the paint booth with no mask on while they spray a car. Government didnt ban that.

Is what pisses me off is these synthetic companies marketed this like it was lab tested SAFE legal alternative to marijuana so people could peacefully catch a buzz and be worry free about losing their job.Oh yeah, Not For Human Consumption kind of raises a red flag, but thats on the package just to throw the law off. F that, I will smoke reg weed first and lose my job with pride, at least you will still have a heart, lung , kidneys, brain, appetite, a comfortable nights rest to go look for a new job.

Is what really takes the synthetic cake is the stuff is highly addictive and its a hellride when you go to ditch it. How do I know this? Hmm, and all the symptoms line right up with what the poor folks are reporting here. To everyone whos getting away from it, keep up the good work, your health is far far far more important, and besides we still have good old mother nature to resort to. I just hope and pray no long effects from this synth start popping up later. All the hardcore users should go get a dr. physical and quit using. I dont know about anyone else, but I kinda need my heart, brain, and kidneys. Peace

5:05 am April 2nd, 2012

@Run From this crap now: TRUE, TRUE, TRUE. I was taken by the marketing(I am vry intelligent & even researched everywhere, specifically on the NORML website that this stuff was an alternative to weed created by Huffman)WRONG. This stuuf, like you said, is NOT WEED, the fact that it connects to THC receptors is what fooled me, but when you research Huffman, he really was just doing research on how the receptors work & how drugs attach to them-that’s it-, and apparently some “smart & evil people” got ahold of his research & applied it to get around the law & make BILLIONS off of the fact that weed isn’t legal. My father lost his job because he hit a deer on the highway while being a lab technician delivery driver, well, they tested him & he came up positive for pot, they were wanting to get rid of him anyway for political reasons so they used this as a perfect oppurtunity.(TOTALLY WRONG & INJUSTICE) He is the best person I know, would give you the shirt off his back, would die for his children. Now I’ve got him & my older sister introduced to this stuff, & it almost killed me a month ago & my father witnessed it & said he saw the fear of God in my eyes. I’m so spiritual & it’s taken from me even that, I made terrible decisions and cheated on my bf whic I would never do, becasue a friend was able to manipulate me because this stuff fucked up my thinking. Sorry for the language. This was different from a bad trip, I WAS wrong move & I would be dead. It definitely broke through a barrier in my brain & I heard crackling & thundering besides my heart beating out of my chest, I have one hell of a strong body, to be alive today. I’ve been smoking this stuff for a year now in one form or another & had to get an MRI on my own & see a neurologist, and he told me one thing: “Now don’t you smoke that stuff anymore” That makes me sick, after practically dieing, that was enough to scare me straight & I was asking/BEGGING FOR HELP & he patronized me.. The kicker? I went to the ER & brought the stuff with me & they didn’t even test it, let me lie on the dirty ER floor & like many videos you see on our news here in America, I was dying on the ER floor, while rambling so they took the oppurtunity to act like I was crazy & not to treat me & tried to admit me to a mental facility, no care, no love, (which I know from growing up poor, anyway)only an ECG, which they didn’t even tell me the results of. (My dad didn’t even want to drive me to the hospital because this stuff has got him not thinking right because he was too scared he’d get in trouble for smoking it. That’s sick that America has fucked my family so bad by letting pot be illegal for political reasons, then letting this stuff come around & by the wya making billions off the poor for outrageous drug charges & sentences. Then making us being the bad guy when we’re great, loving people & then when this stuff fucked me & I was dying & I’m the bad guy for smoking it? I don’t deserve treatment in the DOCTOR’S EYES because I’m a “low-life drug user” The stigmatization of pot & the fact that alcohol KILLS PEOPLE & is legal is such Crap. Total crap. I work at a drs. office & this stuff messed me up so bad I couldn’t even ask for help correctly. My heart’s hurting physically, because I’m so angry, I’ve got to calm down. My family has used thi oppurtunity to act like I’m just being “Jessica”(I’m the scapegoat & always have been) & they don’t even validate the fact I almost died & could die any minute from this stuff. They said(my rich Nana-while I grew up dirt poor mind you)You’re on your own & we’ll miss you at Easter. I said, you’ll really miss me when I die of an aneurysm or heart attack & once again I’m the bad guy. I’ve been begging for help & it drives me crazy that Ik now & have always known I’m on my own in this world, I just find it hard to accept when I’m dying. Peace. I’ve got to calm down before I have a heart attack, again.

6:53 pm April 2nd, 2012

well i have went 3 weeks with being clean and i have even been around people doing it it smells sooo terrible to me now….. but i feel great i have all my energy back and i have been hanging out with more than my “smoking group” my life is wayyy better without it!

12:07 am April 3rd, 2012

Im so glad to have saw all these courageous people speaking out about this if i hadnt of found this site well id probably be dead you can find my very first post way up above somewhere i was losing my mind when i posted it the day after was rushed to the er by ambulance where i was put through tons of test and told i was lucky to have made it in the hospital. I have now dedicated most of my free time to advocating the ban of this evil junk i smoked it for almost 3 years and the day i decided to quit not cause i didnt wanna get high anymore but because it was tearing my home life apart and i spent over 300 dollars a week on the shit i had no desire to stop but it was that or divorce and i love my wife and kids so i chose to quit. 2 days later i almost died i couldnt move couldnt turn my head couldnt eat drink nothing i was falling apart day by day i now have brain damage from it the left side of my brain on an xray has spots all over it and i have a really weak heart im prescribed meds and if i dont take them my chest hurts super bad and no for those who try to say its panic attacks or something stupid like that its real health problems with my body not chemical imbalances in my brain im about 3 months off now i exercise my ass off and eat really healthy and just make sure i take good care of myself and it seems to be working. i have a facebook group called NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!! for those who would like to see more and learn more on this i have tons of people on there and info like you wouldnt believe not only about synthetic cannabanoids but bath salts as well check it out spread the word because even though its banned most places. the web is readily availalable to anyone with a card and its bullshit good luck to all and hope all goes well you can learn how to help with withdrawls on my page as well.

2:19 pm April 3rd, 2012

just like everyone, i started smoking spice because of legality and how easy it is to get. i smoked heaily like a gram or two daily for like 2 months. i quit because something told me to. im about 2 weeks sober. sleping has become better, still completely soaked when i wake up. i keep spitting this black gunk. i fell dizzy.. im very worried for my life.. i hope i get better.

2:30 am April 4th, 2012

Ok, so I have read maybe 1/4th of the posts here, there’s just too many. And I see the majority of them are about the negative aspects of this substance.
Where I live there have been 2 bans on this product. Each ban has reduced the potency of the available incense.
I smoked incense for about 9 months straight (1 month I was smoking Mr. Nice Guy, then switched to Panic, the other 8 months I was smoking various post-banned types including Barely Legal, Genarik, and One-N-Done “Double Strength”…I didn’t smoke any of the really weak stuff now available here after the 2nd ban). I purchased most of my incense online from sites I trusted.
At the time I worked night shift 6pm-6am. I would wake up, smoke; smoke before I headed into work. Smoke at work, smoke before heading home from work. I would smoke when I arrived home, and then I smoked before I went to sleep. On my days off I would smoke upon waking, and smoke casually throughout the day, depending on what I had planned, and smoked before going to bed again. Many times I would mix it with weed, I also smoked panic during and while I was coming down from a mushroom trip. Not once have I had a withdrawal, I dropped it very easily once my circumstances didn’t allow for it.
I LOVE this stuff. Not once have I vomited, or had seizures, or flip out or anything like that as a result of smoking.
The only negative side effect (not negative for me) to it I experienced is that if you aren’t careful you can smoke too much at once. However, the only effect this had on me was that it induced out of body experiences.

This stuff is way more powerful than marijuana, and it should be RESPECTED and used WISELY. It can be a powerful tool for self realization, spiritual advancements, or just plain getting higher than you ever thought imaginable. Either your body can handle it, or it can’t. Either your mind can handle it, or it can’t. Do some research behind ANY drug you plan on using….isn’t that just common sense? And as far as the people that gungho it and smoke an entire blunt of it because they can do that with marijuana…you’re just asking for it.

And to anyone that has had legitimate problems concerning incense, in any variation, you have my deepest condolences…that truly sucks. But, don’t put sole blame on the drug. There are many people out there, including myself, and probably people that will never visit this page (because why would they? they aren’t having problems with it), that have had NO ill side-effects with it. Are peanuts evil and should they be banned and trashed because some people are allergic and will die if they come in contact with them? I think not.

3:17 am April 4th, 2012

When I first discovered this blog and posted on it, responses were sometimes days between each other. Now each time I check back there are several new posts after a couple of days. That just shows how many people are affected by spice and it’s addiction. To those still struggling with withdrawals, hand in there. It does take some time to really start feeling normal again, but you will trust me. I am clean for seven months now. I feel very good and am so glad I made myself stop this crap. To those who still defend it and say it’s O.K. to do, you are only fooling and harming yourself. Even if you think it is not harming your health, you have to notice how much it costs financially. Give your body and check book a break and stop now. You will not regret it.

9:26 am April 4th, 2012

This stuff sounds horrible and like it is affecting lots of you!

Recovering 1
1:37 pm April 4th, 2012

I’ve used every drug under the sun and nothing has ever done me this bad I’m just now normal after a month and still wake up sick a lot my hunger is back and my drive those of you struggling you will overcome but you must persevere Much love to all of you keep up the fight God bless!

5:28 pm April 4th, 2012

hello, i first wanna start off with i am a mother engaged to be married and my fiance too, had tried this stuff called “super kush-banana potpourri” & has since NOT been the same whatsoever. it is honestly startin to scare me, he doesnt act the same he was hospitalized for a day or two for dehydration and to flush his system. he had only done it 3 times, about 3weeks ago and still hasnt eaten barely anything. he has no appetite. in the beginning he came home from work, sick, lightheaded which lead to passing out, which lead to goin straight to the ER, which resulted in hospitalization & discharged. they couldnt find the fake pot, and still to this day hes not himself. his symptoms were:weak, no appetite, dizzy, passing out, vomiting, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia. PLEASE if anyone knows HOW LONG this last PLEASE INFORM ME. I WANT HIM TO RETURN TO NORMAL AGAIN. just please let me know if anyone has any HELPFUL INFO.
thanks, a worried/scared fiancee.

5:37 pm April 4th, 2012

@JoJo-I get there are people that dont have side effects. I smoke for almost 3 years with none smoked every brand you can think of loved it while it lasted even started making my own and selling it smoked the chemical you put in the trash leaf they call herbal( you can put the chem on anything that you can burn why its called herbal idk) but to my point. Look at the bags or packages you puchase. Is there a warning saying could cause heath problems or side effects. Is there and ingriedients label. Is there any damn label at all other than a sticker on most saying dea compliant or not for human consumption. NO. this is why all these people are finding the side effects and problems the hard way because this legal shit is advertised as “herbal incense” or “bath salts” which i might add false adverstising is also illegal but they get away with that to. I made and smoke this shit for years know everything there is to know about it been in labs where they make the chem hell i was banking thousands a week from it. Till the day i decided my family was more important and decided to quit my daily use and youll never guess what happened to the guy with NO SIDE EFFECTS i almost died. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance because my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest and i couldnt even stand on my own 2 feel(not anxiety or panic attacks for the smartasses that think so) I have ate up spots on my brain from it i have super problems with my lungs and idc who you are you smoke this for a period of time your gonna cough black stuff because it attaches rezin balls to your lungs. I had tons of test done on me i now have brain damage and an irregular heart beat which i have to make regular appointments to the doctor now to monitor cause my heart is really weak im 21 years old and now feel like an old man with aches and pains all over(never felt that way till i quit) so back to my point in seeing people say theyve had no effects from it. you probably havent stopped long enough to see and if you cant stop well its time you admit you have a problem its not like any other man made thing or PEANUTS laughed a little on that one. every man made thing on earth has labels that either tell you whats in it or warning labels telling you what it can do and the side effects this trash on the other hand is advertised as “like marijuana” and id love to see someone dig up a case of someone have health problems or dying from the natural growing plant marijuana there is none you cant die from it nor is any other know drug fasly advertised as something theyre not if thats the case i can sell oxys to kids and say theyre candy but dont eat them its not for human consumption or package meth and sell it to the public as bath salts and put not for human consumption rat poison also says that does that mean i eat it NO get on the web and do your homework. make a little if youd like or want to try i warn you its hard to get right i did it forever(NO I DO NOT ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO TRY AND DO IT) but you already showed your problem which is the same as all the others. YOU HAVENT STOPPED. jus like i didnt have any effects from it im a trooper when it comes to drugs i use to eat like 30 tabs a day and still function and done every other drug under the sun none which i had a problem quitiing or almost died from not saying people dont cause pills and alcohol kill thousands so does any other chemical substance. TAKE IT FROM A GUY WHOS MADE IT AND DONE IT ALL it will catch up with you

5:49 pm April 4th, 2012

@ivang-water therapy helps alot and for the black gunk your coughing idk about it i dont cough it up anymore but i did for about a month. the symptoms get better with time i still have problems with concentration and motivation but i can eat like a horse and my sleeping is a bit more normal the night sweats. let me tell you i woke soaking wet for a long time i think thats the chem coming out I slept with very thing covers or in my underwear but even with no clothes on if i used a thick blanket id sweat my ass off thats just something that has to pass on its own i suppose alot of people go through that specifically. Im about 3 months sober now and I have no side effects other than i feel like im older which im only 21 6 foot 180 look healthy i ran track wrestled played football all that jazz in highschool i look fit but dont feel it at all and its from what its done to my brain the only way i can describe my brain is it looks like water spots on the left side on my x rays. just keep up the fight and youll pull through exercise drink alot of fluids like anti oxidants and think that are good for you. steer away from junk and caffeine for some that is hard i know but i will help get through things faster boosting your metabolism and immune system by eating and drinking healthy and exercising. it works for me running is my new drug i run about 5 miles a day while using youd be lucky to see me run a block

5:55 pm April 4th, 2012

@jaseeka86-just read your whole story i got the same treatment till i went off on them and made them treat me like a human from the word drug i was treated as a low life just like you say. i got furious though and told the doctor about the way the er was treating me and they changed it real quick they also tried admitting me to rehab and a mental place and i bluntly refused i made them admit me to the hospital i told them exactly what i thought about the way they were acting i told them i came to get help for what the stuff did to me not to go to rehab or get off drugs. needless to say they treated me correctly after i tore into there asses about it and then even sent me a letter after my results saying they paid for everything 🙂 which was great considering i have no insurance.

9:19 pm April 4th, 2012

DAY 15: Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything, so figured I would jump back on as a way to vent and offer hope (somewhat) to others going through the same thing. I am happy to say that I am still clean after 15 days of not using. I had an amzing trip with the family that left me renewed and refresh. I believe someone mentioned it before, but I would definitely recommend getting away from work and surround yourself with peole to help prevent you from using if you are just trying to stop. I have even given up my drinking (alcohol and coffee) and must say I will never go back to any of this crap. I have been working out religiously especially when I start feeling antsy or angry. My appetite is back 100%. I AM STILL HAVING ANGER ISSUES. I have always been a little high strung and historically reduced it using natural supplements (St John Wort/Valerian), but am trying to stay away from it since the spice was supposedly all natural and organic and look where that got me. I tried meditation and it really worked with the anger issues, but stopped and need to start back up.

I still need to come clean to the wife since she is the one taking the brunt of the anger and not sure she will be sticking around much longer. Perhaps that is why I am back on the forum, to keep me sane, get inspiration and find a way to tell my wife (wife whom I am absolutely and totally in love with).

I have noticed that my eyes are a little more photo sensitive than before, but for the most part I think this crap is almost out of my system. I have started working on a regular schedule again and sleeping. I force myself now to be in situations (work at the office and not at home) where I cannot use, even though I must admit I have no desire to use any drugs or alcohol again.

Will keep everyone posted in hopes it helps someone as others comments have helped me.

1:26 pm April 5th, 2012

@Zach, “Not once have I had a withdrawal, I dropped it very easily once my circumstances didn’t allow for it.” I didn’t smoke any for six months..just smoked some last week because someone I met was into it. Was out of this world for 2 days straight, and I haven’t touched the stuff since.

You know, seeing that you say you “made” the stuff, kind of makes me think. A lot of these people that have negative side effects really know nothing about the drug, they usually just go out to their local headshop, or some shady internet site and get their products. There is no telling what is added to the sprays or soaks. Are you a chemist? How do you know the chemicals you used while making it were pure? Do you have a lab to test the ingredients yourself? Can you honestly say you were trained to conduct and produce this type of substance? If you are, then that’s great, but I have a hankering suspicion you aren’t.

Maybe instead of banning this stuff it should be regulated! (wait, hasn’t someone already suggested that???) Why do you think it’s dangerous to go and drink moonshine from some amateur that thinks they can brew up the best? Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you can do it right.

And yes, peanuts! This substance is no different than anything else! Name ONE thing in this existence that isn’t addictive, and with said addiction comes harmful side effects.

It’s a shame seeing people cry out ban ban ban to something like this when there are far greater injustices in this world, or in this country for that matter. Why doesn’t everyone put forth the zeal they have banning this shit to a better use. Oh wait, that’s right, you would rather drink yourself into submission, and then say it’s ok for drunk drivers to go out and kill people everyday. Or have teenagers and even adults drink themselves to death with alcohol poisoning. Or have people ruin their lives with alcohol abuse and addiction. Do I hear people screaming ban for that? Or maybe ban ban ban for cigarettes?? No? That’s right, you can’t go a day without lighting up one of those beauties despite how many people it kills everyday. But I guess seeing someone slowly kill themselves is a lot better, right?

Give me a break with this stuff.

1:53 pm April 5th, 2012

hopefully the black gunk is only tar and nothing else coming out. im soo happy i found this forum and knowing im not the only one. cant believe i poisoned my body for so much..i got to a point to where it didnt even affect me anymore.. ive started to work out and gonna TRY to start running, but can anybody tell me what water therapy is?

Sweet lucy
2:04 pm April 5th, 2012

Ive been 2 months clean now the physical withdrawls are gone but mentally i just dont feel right still my memory is shot i do still get light headed somtimes and not really intrests me anymore and im still having really vivid dreams and wake up about 2 times per night,is any one still having some of these symptoms from quitting for at least a month and longer and will i ever be the same again please help!!!

5:50 am April 6th, 2012

@Zach I appreciate the reply, you’re the only one that has. The only problem with my story is that I was literally getting brain damage by the second & couldn’t talk coherently, it was like I was a five year old, though i still had enough wherewithall to tell them it was most likely breaking through the blood/brain barrier, brought it with me & everything. But anywho, It’s been a month ow, And I know my kidneys are fucked, but I can finally start to think clearer & I will be able to get help now. It’s just traumatizing because I relayed all the info, but couldn’t get on their asses because they were yelling at ME(WTF?!) to “sit down & shut up & answer their question”, fucking yelled at me, I wasn’t completely nuts though, because I would’ve knocked that fat bitch out for yelling at me when I was clearly dieing. It was the most caring hospital in our city as well, and the other hospital(the one that drug tests its patients behind their backs, mind you) actually helped me, I think because it was a woman(I’m a woman) MD & she saw some sanity in me & believed my story, especially since I told her what CBH did(their “rival” hospital”, I work at a doctors office, mind you UNDER this specific hospital!-the one that laughed at me- ) But anyway, I’m glad, seriously, that you got the help you deserved. I’m still looking.

6:26 am April 6th, 2012

Hi, I just want you to know that I went through exactly what your husband is going through, I became irrational, and everything opposite of what I am. If you read my earliest post from March 31st and that was the month point for me, after a month, I started thinking clearer, I wouldn’t snap on people just for saying something I thought may have been a jab at me, and thinking everyone was confronting me and acting like a 5 yr old. Anyway, it took roughly a month for the symptoms to start subsiding, mostly the emotional ones, but just know if he says anything weird that he’s got brain damage & it’s nothing you should take personal, because he’s not in his right mind & doesn’t mean it, ok? I want you to know that for your own well being. Also, be as NICE & CARING as possible to him, because it made it worse & stalled my recovery by living with a family that yelled at me & said I was just being a “victim” & being an attention seeker.. I almost died & that being said to me by my OWN family almost made me go completely bananas & honestly, wanted to hurt them. I never would, but thoughts like that did pop into my head(because I was “insane” & not thinking correctly, but still thinking enough to know never to do anything like that & know it was wrong thinking) So anyway, my best advice to you is that I honestly didn’t thinkI’d ever be the same or think better again, but the month point, like you may read a lot by different posts onthis page, was the major mile-stone as far as being able to even think correctly, which makes you feel a lot better because it’s a sign you’re getting back to normal & becoming yourself again, so you can tell him if he’s aware of his situation, or even show him this website(only the good posts about recovery, not the “a-hole ones defending it calling us stupid-that’s not therapeutic) if you think he can handle it tell him that it will get better, that his body is normalizing itself out & to treat his body healthily & just that you’re there for him & love him dearly & THIS IS A BIG ONE – “Everything’s going to be ok”, “everything’s going to be good, you don’t have to worry anymore, I’ve got you” – I know having my father tell me this helped extremely much, if anything just for that moment or a little while. I honestly NEVER thought I’d be able to think correctly again, but I thank GOD that I’m ok & almost better & that there’s web pages & forums like this because that helped me I think more than anything. Also, read JJRED’s post up there from March 20th & March 22nd. They helped me tremendously! & I tink they’d help you & your fiance out. There are also some very good ones from around that time, look for ones where people give tips on how to feel better by what helped them. I hope I helped a little & will be back soon on this page so if you have any more questions or concerns just ask & I will help. As best I can, and God Bless you & if you’re spiritual, pray for him immensly, prayer can heal & be therapeutic..
God is Great & God Bless You & your family, I hope to hear from you soon concerning his progress. Love.

jesus romo
8:42 am April 6th, 2012

i have been smoking this lega lweed since july it is now march . and i smoke heavy. well that was until yesterday i was smoking 2 differant kind’s of incense. i was getting dropped off when i felt really weird. like ost sort of. well as i walked to my gateto open it i lost complete control of my body. and i just slumped over on my gate. i was in the sun for like 10 minutes until i came to just enough to open my gate. then i fellin and fell unconscious. i was unconscious for a total of 30 minutes. until my dad came home and found me with my mouth foaming .and just laying their .. so i came to . and i didn’t know what i was doing on the floor. . you know i’ve been smoking this stuff alot .. like i would smoke blunt’s of it . and now im scared to even hit it. . man this stuff ain’t worth it.. i would be at work and i would go to the fridge to get something and by the time i would get their i would forget .. or i would get major headache’s . . i mean this stuff just ain’t worth it.

1:15 pm April 6th, 2012

I have been reading and re-reading through these posts for over 2 hours now. Gotta say, as a user who constantly stresses about quitting, this is some scary shit. The whole time I’m reading how badly this drug has impacted the lives of countless others, I’m counting down the minutes until the local convenience mart opens so as to purchase another bag.

As with most others I started smoking weed, got into trouble (now required to take drug tests), and still wanted to get high without the threat of county jail looming over my head with every puff. Been smoking it for about 8 months now. Here is how it has impacted my body and mind.

Initially it was nothing more than a sore throat. Then the phlegm started. Coughing and wheezing constantly. i wake up ever night between 3 and 4 am coughing and gagging. This is followed by 1-2 hours of sleeplessness and more coughing. I cannot sleep without being high, I cannot wake up without reaching immediately for smoking utensil. Whenever I am not physically and mentally busy I am thinking about smoking, how much I have left, what time it is (i.e. do I have enough time to get to the store before they close?), if I don’t have enough money will the cashier front me? The list goes on… I find myself not wanting to do anything once high, absolutely 0 motivation to accomplish anything beyond carving an ever deepening ass-indent into my friends love seat. It has ruined my libido (not a symptom I’ve read about). Not to get overly personal but at 23 years old I shouldn’t be loosing interest in my intimate life. Also, during intercourse, I have to stop several times to avoid from couching something up (not the best way to keep the mood alive). Then there are the appetite issues I have been facing. Normally I eat like a horse. Now I’m lucky if I can choke down 1 decent sized meal in a day. My digestive system can’t distinguish up from down. Vomiting and diarrhea are a part of every day life.

I don’t even want to get into the mental effects of this drug. I am not a psychologist or doctor but I do know how I used to comprehend and process information has changed drastically. I find myself day-dreaming or “spacing out” quite often. Never before have I been content to sit in my chair and stair at my toaster for an hour without stopping. My motor functions are decreasing (becoming clumsy and unbalanced). My vocabulary isn’t half of what it was just a year ago, in fact it took me about 30 seconds to come up with the word “vocabulary” used earlier in this same sentence. For someone who held a 4.1 GPA throughout school this is more than a little frustrating. I have to ask people to repeat themselves continually because I didn’t have the focus to listen to what they were saying the first time…

Long story short, My mental and physical faculties are deteriorating rapidly and I’m breaking the bank to do it. (spending anywhere from 20-50 dollars in a day).

Now for the fun part. Here is my “scare story” involving herb, spice, posh whatever it’s called in your area.

My wife and I are siting in a friends apartment drinking some beers and playing c@rd$. Friend hands me his bong and says “go to town”. Naturally I went. 3 massive chokers later I’m not feeling ok. At first I played it off as nothing but the feeling of dread only increased with each passing second. Friend asks if I’m ok to which I respond I may need to puke. As I stand up and start heading for the bathroom hell struck. Passing by his couch my equilibrium shuts down causing me to loose my balance. I layed on the couch to calm down for a minute. As I’m laying there, a feeling of undeniable profound De` Ja Vue sweeps over me. I mentioned it to my friend and for some reason started laughing hysterically. Now is when things get ugly. I have no recollection of the physical world around me. I experienced what I would describe as “complete chronological disassociation”. From my perspective I was witnessing the same 10 seconds loop endlessly. The same series of events and words over and over again. I was “gone” for what felt like an eternity but in reality it was only 3 minutes start to finish. I remember wondering what was happening to me, wondering If I was possessed, perma tripping, insane, delusional…Terrified beyond reason I cried out to God to save me from what I thought was certain death with an express pass to hell. During this episode I had a vision / dream. Nightmare would more adequately describe what I saw. Unlike ordinary dreams though, I had no control of the outcome. Bear in mind I’m fully conscious as well as “blacked out” for the entirety of this tale. Meaning my body was awake and reacting to the world around me while my mind was elsewhere reacting to what it was perceiving at the time.
Physically my body felt as if it was under millions of pounds of pressure from all sides. I felt as if someone had skinned me alive and doused me in salt. By far the worst pain I have ever been in. I woke up on the floor screaming for help, clinging to my friends waist as if I were a child waking from a nightmare. Upon regaining consciousness I immediately rolled over and vomited profusely. I continued to vomit until blood appeared. After this episode I remained in a semi-conscious, disconnected fog for about a day. That was my experience from my perspective.
After finding my way to the couch and subsequently cracking up I changed. According to my wife and friend I stopped laughing ubruptly as I started. What followed next was most disturbing. I looked past my fiend with a horrified expression and started screaming at the top of my lungs. My wife said it sounded like I was being tortured. Naturally my friend tried to calm me down and help but I would have none of it. I hurtled across the room fleeing from some unseen assailant overturning furniture and breaking a lamp wailing in agony the whole time. My friend tried to physically restrain me by wrapping his arms around me from behind and holding me in a bear hug. I broke loose from him and turned on him and to face what I thought was an attacker. After a brief struggle I collapsed to the floor. After falling, the time loop ceased and I was left huddled on the floor clinging to my friend for dear life, crying like an infant.

So, take it from me. Don’t try this shit if you haven’t already and if you smoke it, stop. before it kills you. Even now after somewhat re-living that horrible experience my hands are sweating in anticipation of a newly acquired bag… VERY ADDICTIVE

Sorry I wrote an entire book. Hope it helps someone, and I hope I can get off this shit before something like this reoccurs.

8:33 pm April 6th, 2012

thanks so much for all the info 🙂 it helped calm my nerves & his too. i mean honestly the doctors told us that he isnt clinically depressed and didnt need meds, but they prescribed them anyhow, which is makin him walk around lifeless pretty much. he has a great job, which he hasnt been to, since the incident. but they understand that vhe was sick, and i was just worried if it was short or long term of him feeling the way he does, but as you told me roughly a month it has extremely made us feel alot better about the situation. he is so worried he isnt gonna be normal again, and we have a baby and hes so scared he wont be able to play w our child as he done before in his normal mind. but thanks so much again 🙂 & yes, the posts about its good for you, more so pissed me off than anythin, because eventually those people will find out the true effects of the stuff & it could be worse for them. and im sorry you had such a rough time w your family coping and your recovery process, he and i are the only ones who live together aside from our child, but i am nice to him, i care tremendously for him, i honestly was so scared i thought he was goin to die hoenstly. ive sat up numerous hours crying, thinking of ways to help him. but pretty much its a waiting game & we can see what happens ina few weeks or so for his month mark. the stuff was supposedly LEGAL but come to find out, 27 people DIED from it so far, 3 were flown by helicopter to another hospital & one died on the way there. then all of a sudden the stuff is ILLEGAL yet many shops sell the crap, which pisses me off. but yano the death toll scared us and make things alot worse, the doctors & nurses told us the stuff has 5 poisonous chemicals in it, along with traces of heroin. I MEAN REALLY? freaked us out, but thanks so much again for all the info, i hope you hhave a speedy recovery as i hope the same for my fiance, i pray every single minute of every day, LITERALLY! hes alot better than he was to begin with but its just somethin that has to run its course. the fake pot is out of his system but the effects are still there :/ not all, but the weird feeling, & the feeling hes not himself. but i will read the other posts & if you know of anymore forums i can read will you let me know please? thanks so much, love & prayers to you as well.

7:35 am April 7th, 2012

hello all.. ignore the symptoms and stay strong…you can do this! i pray for you all. love, peace, keep these close and family or support system..distract your mind… some other form of help . Dialectical behavior therapy research it if you want it really helped me also. God is love, God is peace .. take care of you and your people 🙂

3:48 pm April 7th, 2012

Hi everyone im 16 and i smoked spice for a while when i couldnt get anyweed, well one time i got reccomened this stuff from my friend he said it will mess you up, it was called cation, soo i smoked a bowl of it and like my vision was messed up and had what is called heart palpitation or something like that and when that trip went away i took another hit and it happened again, so i stop smoking spice, then like 2 weeks later i smoke real weed and the same things happened, and now ive been smoke free for almost 3 months but sometimes ill get that weird vision where things look messed up and it freaks me out then i get heart palpitation it doesnt last long but it scares me, will these ever stop, it sucks when it happens in class and i jump up and leave class to get water which sometimes help, some please help me on this i just want it to stop,

2:05 am April 8th, 2012

I dont get it… I smoked for about 5 months just about everyday and decided to quit because of things I have heard and read. I have had 0 withdrawls. Not going to lie; unless you have been smoking the stuff for about two years or more, I think its all in your mind. Just quit. Get over it. And dont look back. Its honestly that simple. At least thats how it was for me; im sure you can do the same.

2:32 am April 8th, 2012

Any questions or comments just let me know. Im being completly honest. I think people just worry to much. All i keep reading is people freaking out because they feel there having withdrawals. Well to be honest, this stuff is a drug, and last time I checked, every drug has withdrawals if taken for a certain amount of time. Although personally, I have had zero problems after quiting. People who say your having problems months later… thats just seems rediculous, it almost sounds like you people are trying to find something to blame all your problems on. Just move on people! Sorry if that sounds cold hearted. My advice; if you want to get high, smoke weed. Dont be as stupid as me and everyone else on here by trying stuff you know nothing about. No matter if its legal or not. Its just common sense. Welcome to the real world.

4:09 am April 8th, 2012

Has anyone had problems with the Code Black Incense? I see so many great reviews about it on forums and everything, and wonder if it’s the same as the “spice” or the “JWH” I keep reading about here.

5:17 am April 8th, 2012

So, I dont know if anyone else has had an experience like this or not [too many replies to read; sorry] but my bf and I started smoking this about two years ago [if not more] I quit a few months ago after having had to smoke it for everyday [only about three times a day] and all I experienced were severe migraines. My boyfriend just recently quit and has been physically unable to move since. He smoked almost a bag a day, which was expensive at first but because he bought so often; he was given a lot. I feel he had pretty much grown a tolerance that was way stronger then I had ever experienced, and up until he quit he was still smoking that much just to get going for the day. He now has severe pain, sweats, vomitting, insomnia, he can barely speak because of it, and he has the worst irritability. He has high blood pressure, and his mother has severe heart problems; he keep on saying he’s afraid that these withdrawals will end him. Could it ust be severe paraonia of death? Or could that actually play a role in this? I don’t understand what he’s going through, so Im just wondering if someone else does…

2:15 am April 9th, 2012

PM3 I don’t think you should say people are “rediculous” saying they have long term after affects from spice. I was being “completely” honest as well when I told the tale of mine and my friends experiences with it. Just because you had an easy time with quitting doesn’t mean it is like that for everyone. It is not something to blame our problems on, it was the problem and caused many more. Consider yourself lucky that the effects of quitting were minimal for you. All drugs affect people differently.

2:46 am April 9th, 2012

@Merq It’s all the same, no matter what name it goes by. It’s all poison.
@PM3 Get the hell off this forum if you’re not going to take anyone’s advice & just belittle people. I had “withdrawels” because it gave me permanent brain damage. So the term “withdrawel” is just another way of saying you’re body normalizing itself by getting the toxins out, and slowly may I add. I didn’t think I’d ever be right again. So you’re just lucky that it didn’t cause permanent damage. But if you keep smoking you WILL get a “bad batch”.

2:58 am April 9th, 2012

Not a good idea. Anything that alters the mind to this degree can not have positive effects on the mind.

6:58 am April 9th, 2012

Green Grenade is the only kind I’ve ever tried. I like it. If you’re looking to try some of this legal stuff out, go for GG. Its somewhat mellow, but still feels like “the real deal”. Just don’t do too much of it… like anything.

I kinda like it for an every once in a while thing. And its nice that its legal, and can be obtained somewhat easily.

Sweet lucy
12:14 am April 10th, 2012

@jeremy-the heart palpitations are from anxiety i had them for about a month and a half after quitting..this shit fucks up your nervouse system and it is scary but i learned the more you think that somthings wrong the more you stress whitch means more anxiety so try not to worry too much..i had a ecg and it came back normal..go to a doc if you think somthings wrong it will give you a piece of mind once everything comes back clean

Sweet lucy
12:23 am April 10th, 2012

@jeremy-also run like a mile a day it helps with anxiety and the palpitations should go away..the messed up vision could be from a chemical imbalance so exercise should help to fix your brain chemistry also…

4:49 am April 10th, 2012

So here’s a little bit of my story behind the poison. I smoked the synthetic weed(herbal incense) for about 3 years. I thought it was ok cause it was herbal. Boy was I wrong! I smoked everyday all day, my life revolved around this. I wasted so much time and money on this poison. I’ve been clean for 6 days and man all I can say is, it was not easy one bit. When the withdraws started which was on the first day I quit. I mean the withdraws came after like 2 hours after I stopped. Take into concideration I was smoking 3 to 4 times and hour. Which I would only take 1 to 2 hits not big hits either. Withdraw symptoms included racing mind, could not concentrate, shakes, vomiting, hot & cold flashes, night sweats(I would wake up every hour or so and have to change shirts cause I soaking wet from sweating) no apitite. All and all I was a mess and did not think I could do this. But I had the drive to over come this cause I had to much responsibility in my life. A 2 year old and one on the way. After the first day of quitting I about broke down and bought more but I knew this was not an option. So I dropped to my knees and I prayed! Cause god is the only one that can help me get through this. Giving the fact that I smoked the real deal(mj) for over14 years. As I said before its my 6th day and I’m feeling better. I know its not over by a long shot but I feel the hardest part is over(god I hope so) So to all who are thinking of quitting or those who have taking the first step, your not alone in this cause I thought I was till I stumbled upon this site. All you can do is keep your head up and think of the big picture and your future. You want to be around for that. Everyone is in my prayers, so I hope this story could help someone through this hard struggle. Because reading other peoples story helped me stay in the fight and I hope it will do the same for you.

10:23 pm April 10th, 2012

I’ve been smoking spice for about two and a half years now. i have never gotten sick from it, i am not addicted, i smoke almost everyday, but when i cant its just “oh well maybe later” i dont know what everyone is talking about. ive only had one bad trip (first time out of a bong) i think people just need to learn their own limits, and most of the bad stories ive eard were from someone smoking way more than they should. is not pot, its alot stronger. if it’s your first time smoking it, only take one hit, wait ten minutes and hit it again depending on how you feel. people just need self control. just hit it and relax, and dont go into it thinking youll freak out. chances are you wont. yes there is a possibility, but its not very large. ive only seen two bad trips apart from mine, and both times it was their first time, and they thought they were badass stoners so they didnt heed my warning.

4:47 am April 11th, 2012

i have been smokin it for at least a few months now with a few weekly breaks. i dont have any of these awful side effects except eye headaches when i smoke too much at once. my eye doctor says it could b cutting the oxygen off from my optical nerves and affecting my vision so ive decided to quit. my plan is to cut down and taper off. then smoke it on rare occasion if i can control my addiction. wish me luck and im grateful for all of your warnings and postings. im going to stop before its too late and the damage starts showing up. <3

4:52 am April 11th, 2012

oh annnnnnnd i also have experienced the mood swings too…find myself acting like a child with blind ragelasting a couple hrs or until i smoke more with a couple beers. thats no way to live and i think im losing friends bc of the moodiness. screw that. thanks to this blog i am done! ill post if i struggle with withdrawals etc and let u know how it goes

7:02 pm April 11th, 2012

“So I’m on day 3 off blends and so far have not shown any sign of withdrawal. I had been smoking a gram to 2 grams daily for 4 month and then another 4 months at 2-3 grams a day. I was smoking Panic, Mr. Nice Guy, Jeffery, Zombie Matter Ultra. I decided to switch to cannabis for a week and then quit that in hopes that i will be make things as easy as possible. There was no problem making the switch i did it with out missing a nights sleep or even any sleep at all. I have a HUGE appetite which i did not have while using incense. I am doubting the likely hood that i will have any more withdrawals then normal when coming off the marijuana in 5 days.”

Yo fellas. My plan was executed without any problems! Its my recommendation to switch to marijuana if you can.

chief roca
1:37 pm April 12th, 2012

smoking weed will negate the withdrawals. the way i quit was by smoking lots of trees for the first week after stopping the spice.

5:31 am April 13th, 2012

I am 18 years old. when i was in jr high and high school i smoked alot of pot. i got sent to prison when i was 15 for car hopping. i got tryed as an adult and sent to prison for almost 2 years. i got released just before turning 18 just to find alot of my stoner friends still doing the same ol stuff. only this time it wasnt pot. local store by me called chan man he makes this stuff himself. calls it stingray comes in different strengths like 5x 10x 15x 20x….. all the way up to 35. the 35x has soo much chemical sprayed on it you can literally see the stuff on the damiana. anyway, i started noticing alot of side effects. at first they were severe mental side effects. but they went away and i continued to smoke the stuff. after that the physical part started to get to me. my lungs. waking up in the middle of the night coughing like a crazy man. feeling really week in the limbs. having trouble keeping my eyes open. i work at a tire shop and i can tell somedays when my mind is only on like 50%. yesterday i got pulled over and a cop searched me and began to tell me that this stuff actually slowly wears away at the lining of your lungs. but unlike ciggarettes this is a chemichal. think of the difference in the high from weed to spice. Spice is magnified by like ten huh? Well what about the side effects? same rules apply? the officer told me there are two kids in my county in the last 2 months who’s lining wore down so far theyre lungs just started to bleed. one of the kids drown in his own blood one night. started as one of those simple midnight wake ups trying to get that little bit of flem out of his throat, next thing he knew he was drowning. in his blood. he died that night. the other kid is still at opmc on a respirator. im not too sure of any details on that one but that was enough right there to make me stop. cold turkey. i have gone all day without taking one hit and i didnt too much notice a difference until i got around all my friends. they all looked like zombies man. mindlessly rolling joints and pulling gbs. tearing away at theyre lungs while they smoke a cigg waiting for the jay to come back. but something about this drug just makes you not care. you think yah ill quit tomorow. but in the morning your buddy callls. hey bro got some spice??? lol. man if your reading this and you are a spice smoker. please. stop now! its bad bad bad. im telling you. everyone will see in about a year or two when ppl just start falling off cuz of this stuff. you gotta think. it just came out. so we dont know long term side effects cuz NO ONE HAS GOT TO THE LONG TERM YET! IM NOT GONNA BE THE LABRAT! Please if you want my advice or anything im here. ill be looking at this blog everyday for a while. mind you this is the end of day 1 for me. last spice i smoked was last night. so please wish me luck. anyone care to join me?

he who smokealot
12:43 pm April 14th, 2012

im trying to stop smoking illegal green will synthetics help or will i get addicted to it?

8:26 am April 15th, 2012

all i can say is quit i smoked real weed for years and gave up a few time never felt to bad from that now i smoke this shit for three months (northern lights herbal incence ) and started to feel pretty funny in the chest so i gave it up cold turkey now for a week i have been to doctors twice had ecgs scans and checked by a number of doctors with no out come but i have felt like i been on deaths door i struggled to work 3 days at work of a 6 day week i been vomiting sweating cant sleep head akes all sort of problems to many to explain its been 5 days now and im only just starting to feel a bit normal i would advise anyone on it to stop and just do your best to deal with the withdrawals till u come good in other words this shit is so bad ive had ecstacy before many of time and this is worse than that is just plan junk this stuff no good for your body or your mind hope this helps if i sound a bit out of wac with my story sorry but its just i cant think straight still so hope it helps anyone needing an anwser email me if you need to chat i will be glad to offer some advice if i can plus my brothers mates mum died after this stuff i mean she was not healthy to start with but this pushed her body to far and i guess she just could not deal with it i wish i read about it first and listened to my family to start with just cause its legal dont make it safe look a energy drinks for example

8:34 am April 15th, 2012

ps i stocked up for the ban spent 2000 dollars on it and about 1800 went down the toilet on tuesday night lifes way more important its not just u who is affected think about your loved ones im just glad i got a great family and gf who have stuck by me in this stage

4:18 am April 16th, 2012

It’s as if they programmed another chemical with this drug to poison us. Shut our bodies down if we dont continue, cause brain damage. The US military….its like China is trying to destroy them with it. Our military is destroying themselves with it. Oh china…. Im sure thats where all the modified “legal” Jwh-018 offsets come from. Theyd love to see us all die one by one.

4:29 pm April 16th, 2012

anyone ever smoke a brand called Lick Me All Over ?
I can’t find anything about it on the internet, I just know that that stuff was the shit .
I used to smoke 4 or 5 grams a day, everyone said i was a completely different person on that stuff . I know this is going to sound crazy, but when I smoked it, it made everything look like a cartoon . Coming off of this stuff after a good 6 months or more smoking it was hard . I didn’t want to quit smoking it but it became illegal where im from so i was forced to . even after 2 weeks of not having it I’ll still get the shakes & at night I can’t sleep . Anyways, I just wanted to see if anyone else had these same experiences or has heard anything about it .

2:38 pm April 17th, 2012

about a 6 months ago i found this website. I was smoking 2 – 4 grams of Happy Tiger, Black Rooster, Dead Man Walking, Grim Reefer, I-High.. etc. I smoked spice for amost two years straight on probation. Yes, ts addictive. Totally. I mean i have an addictive personality, but the withdrawls and side effects are worse. After two years of smoking, i was vomiting every night. Not huge amounts, just a short 5 minute hover over the toilet, dry heaving and throwing up occasionally. It also causes infection in the lungs. I had this checked out by my doctor. The chemicals in spice cause lung infection. This is why we get the whooping cough with Phlegm. Other side effects i suffered are mental instability. I noticed myself becoming more and more irritable, more unstable. I began to think of death. I know this sounds NUTS.. but i began to think of death ALL THE TIME. Like i was dying, or should have been dying… or was about to die. It was a very VERY bad feeling. It also affected my nervous system. The docs ended up putting me on a high dose of nerve medicine for the withdrawl, and i ended up on anti-psychotic medicines.

i am not messing with you.

this happened to me, and many of my friends. Smoke like I did, and you risk it all. period.

5:15 am April 18th, 2012

Hello all I am 24 years old and have been smoking herbal incense for the past 3 to 4 months pretty much every day and I have smoked marijuana. I would say that the high is similar but not the same as herbal incense. brands that I found to enjoy the most are triple high-five down-to-earth climax and burning man. Although I am not here to report my experiences with all different brands but I am here to say that I did enjoy smoking incense as a substitute for marijuana because of drug testing with my job but over a period of time I have noticed my lung function deteriorating, my overall mental status and vocabulary deteriorating, I began coughing up thick colored mucus, and found myself completely dependent on it as a sleep aid. Recently after finding this forum and reading multiple reviews I decided to try and attempt to stop smoking herbal incense and this is currently week one and after about day three the withdrawal symptoms were very strong that is not to say that I felt like I needed herbal incense because overtime I feel like I did not I needed it less and less but the withdrawal symptoms include for me; loss of appetite constant nausea night sweats headaches pour mental function weakness and diarrhea. My cousin who also smokes herbal incense and has been for about a year now has developed stomach ulcers and has had similar symptoms to mine and as others have claimed. I agree with most of the negative comments that most people have posted but I am here to just give you my experience with attempting to stop smoking and I believe that the longer that you continue to smoke it the poor your mental and physical health will be in the long term that is why I’ve stopped and that is why I recommend that you never try this and if you are currently smoking this to stop as soon as soon as possible. thank you!

Recovering 1
3:30 pm April 18th, 2012

I’ve been clean over a month and I’m as close to normal as I’ve ever been I shared all my exp. in post above it was a nightmare but a blessing as well I’ve stoped smoking cigg* and eating pills I’m 33 and feel great y’all keep fighting there is light Praise Jesus!

Sweet lucy
4:24 pm April 18th, 2012

@chris- hey chris i wanted to know how long have you been clean now and are you back to normal yet and if you are how long did it take to get back to normal because i also have been having thoughts of death and i still dont feel 100% i been 2 and a half months clean now

recovering.. day 3
12:48 am April 19th, 2012

it all started 9 months ago when i tried it for the hell of it because weed was harder to get and this was so easy, ever since then Ive been doing it every single day. If i didn’t i would get naseus and sick and extremely mean. My boyfriend notices my changes, always in bed, lazy, sad, snapped at anything, anxiety THRU THE ROOF. and then he found an article about a man who had been doing it for about a year and he made me read it so i did. instantly i cried, it sounded just like me. my bf lives in vermont and i live in philly. one night it was like 130 am and i was hanging out on his bed i don’t even remember if we had just smoked or if an hour had passed or whatever (btw that was only 5 days ago and i can’t remember….) anyways so he went into the bathroom or something and i looked down at my phone and saw it was 130 i was like oh my god i need to call mike! and he walked in and i was like what the fuck are you doing here….? i literally thought i was in my own bed in philadelphia. that was the moment i knew i needed to stop, I’ve been so moody. day one i was an emotional wreck, i even resorted to cutting myself which i hadn’t done in 4 years… day 2 was so so, really sick and didn’t eat. and day 3 i just had another major meltdown where i wanted to hurt myself so i called a friend. i will never touch that stuff again. i had a schedule. id wake up, smoke two bowls, get ready, smoke another one before i left and as soon as i was done with school or work id go home and smoke 2 bowls, makes some food, smoke another bowl and then eat, then fall asleep, wake up and smoke and so on and so on. i was smoking 3-5 grams a day, depending on how much money i had. please don’t try this people. i smoked pot for 5 years and NEVER had this issue, i could stop pot for months and it wouldn’t bother me. please people stick to maryjane. this almost made my kill myself. i don’t want to hear that about other people

recovering.. day 3
1:00 am April 19th, 2012

oh yeah that doesn’t include days i had off… those days were a i could smoke the 5 gram bag of space cadet in less than 24 hours

3:18 am April 19th, 2012

@Recovering 1 I know exactly what you mean, after my near death experience(from this stuff), I felt as if I could stop smoking & taking my maintenance medication, but I didn’t because I was (weird) trying to “normalize” & didn’t want it to be any worse(withdrawel from meds too), the maintenace medication actually helped for the pain, which I never needed it for that before, but I thank God I had it for the pain at least, but I know exactly what you mean by that, it was the weirdest & scariest feeling, because my body wasn’t working right, especially my brain, heart & kidneys. Thank you for staying around & posting your experience, it helps SO much to be able to relate & see someone’s been through it & came out good, even better! God Bless & I’m ecstatic to hear of all the positive changes you’ve made & had! I hope you keep feeling better & better because you deserve it! 🙂

3:37 am April 19th, 2012

@Recovering.. day 3 I completely identify with your story. I was always sunshine before this. If you see my post up there at about March 31st, that was about a month clean & I still couldn’t think right. Never thought about death & actually thought about it constantly. I had a near death experience, it wasn’t just a “bad trip”, I actually heard crackling & thundering & I heard rushing water. Reminds me of a Family Guy episode when they made clones.. But I want to tell you it does get better, the month point is a major milestone, and I can actually not snap on people ow & think before I act, so that’s great news & hope for you & everyone who’s quitting & scared straight. I didn’t hit it once after that, because I knew I’d die, & that wasn’t just paranoia this induces. The best advice I read was from JJRED who posted a little before my original one on March31st, you should read it, too. It & this forum I can say was a true & literal life-saver. God Bless & I hope & give you my strength through prayer & hope that you Have a great recovery & life. 🙂

Ras Andy
11:20 pm April 19th, 2012

I took a couple small tugs of Mr. Smiley (kush) last night. At first it was pretty chill! It felt very similar to the real deal. After 20 minutes, it was over. I took a couple more pulls and got very stoned! I went to sleep feeling very hot and breathing strangely. Today I feel horrible!! Cold sweats, body aches, feeling like I’m gonna commit, very tired, and no appetite. This is my own personal experience, I’m sure results will vary. But I will never smoke this again!!! My advice to anyone curious is; don’t do it!!

4:15 am April 20th, 2012

k2 is like acid, if u have a certain gene when u smoke it, it will unlock the gene, and can give u things like, schizophrenia, paranoia, panic atacks, etc: which means some people can smoke it for 10 years and be fine (i no some people) but some people smoke it 1nce or 2ce and start feeling different, slow, memory loss, if u do feel this symptoms and theres alot more. STOP SMOKING IT, or gradually wing yourself away from it, if u completely stop and ur addicted u can actually harm your body more than smoking a small amount each day or other day to quite, please dont be stupid, Your only supposed to take 1-2 hits THATS IT! and if u do that you should be safe, but i cant stresss enough if u feel any diferent after smoking this shit or get head aches and cant remember stuff, STOP

5:31 am April 20th, 2012

I am so thankful for this blog. I first found it shortly after I quit spice. It helped me so much to know that others went through what I did. The number of posts have increased greatly since I first saw this blog. Many people’s lives have been affected by spice, and I feel a kinship to all of them. God bless you for helping myself and others, and let us continue to help others still in the grips of this addiction. They need a listening ear like I did.

Random punk
9:10 pm April 20th, 2012

Like many on here I was a heavy pot smoker before my ex gf got us busted by lying to a cops face that we hadnt been smoking… They would have let us go with a mere traffic ticket had she been honest as we were busted anyways… I got put on probation and I tried this shit as an alternative after a bandmate loaded a bowl for me during a band practice. It felt great. I hadnt smoked the real deal in months as I want to get through the system quickly and back to my green smoking evil lol. I was immediately hooked. To the point that I went to a gas station bought a new piece and 5 grams of krucial k blueberry by DW anyways I smoked it about 2 weeks straight. Most addictive I’ve ever been stupid enough to try. I almost died one night because I had a bad trip (I only hit it twice mind you). I have never been that high before on natural… I literally had to tell myself to breathe. I passed out and thankfully woke up about an hour or 2 later. This is poison. I quit it immediately after and got withdrawals, couldn’t sleep, foggy mind, nauseous, headaches from hell, and also sweats. Don’t do this. I only smoked it for TWO WEEKS, not even heavily (like I used to do with MJ). Pot should be legalized. Kids can go by this without being carded or anything (I’m 20 btw, and not a very big druggie besides pot and booze for the most part). This is bad news. Btw my heart was beating out of my chest. This is definitely bad and Super addictive. If I wanted to be hooked I’d just do heroin. Hope this helps. 2 weeks heavy use and abuse, 3-5 day withdrawals after smoking the last bowl almost immediately after the high came down… Don’t do it. This is bad. Smoke trees. Make trees legal. Ban, or heavily regulate this poison. That’s just my two cents. Peace.

Random punk
9:14 pm April 20th, 2012