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Spice synthetic marijuana side effects

Discussing the side effects of synthetic marijuana can be difficult. Namely, one user’s side effects are another’s desired effects. Thus the list of side effects below is my opinion of what constitutes a side effect. Let me illustrate further.

Various forums and discussion groups report that smoking “Spice” (we use the term “Spice” here to refer to all generic synthetic marijuana that contains JWH compounds, which do not yet show up on synthetic cannabis drug tests ) can have similar effects as hallucinogens. That is, reality is substantially altered for the user. Some people like to alter reality thus this effect for them at least is a desired effect. However, others, who were expecting a less intense more marijuana-like high from Spice, see this as a side-effect.

Natural marijuana short term side effects

Marijuana users generally report the following effects when they smoke cannabis:

  • increased sensitivity to touch
  • mild euphoria
  • reduced blood pressure
  • relaxation
  • sleepiness

These are desired effects and are one of the reasons why so many smoke cannabis. Less desired effects of cannabis use include paranoia and hunger (munchies). At higher doses and/or from habitual use, users may experience hallucinations and delusions but these side effects are relatively uncommon and rare.

Synthetic marijuana short term side effects

Spice is known as a marijuana substitute. As Spice is marketed as a cannabis alternative and binds to the same cannabinoid receptors in the brain as marijuana, you would expect it to have similar effects. Yet, in many cases this is not so. The side effects of Spice include (even at low doses):

  • delusions
  • elevated blood pressure
  • elevated heart rate
  • hallucinations
  • heart palpitations
  • increased agitation
  • nausea
  • pale skin
  • seizures
  • vomiting

Of course, it is only a minority who seems to suffer from these negative effects but it is a sizable minority. Furthermore, Dr.Anthony Scalzo of Saint Louis University believes that these side effects indicate that Spice and the compounds it contains, affect the cardiovascular system of those who smoke it. We will know more as we research more.

Spice synthetic marijuana long term side effects

Nobody knows.

Spice has not been around long enough for scientists to determine what kind of long term damage users are doing to themselves. What’s in legal buds? A blend of ethnobotanicals and liquid synthetic cannabinoids, which can lead to a very mind altered state. As I have already pointed out in a previous post, the JWH users of today are the guinea pigs for future generations. Let’s leave the last word to John W. Huffman who created JWH-108 (named after his initials) in the 1990’s.

“It’s like playing Russian roulette. You don’t know what it’s going to do to you.”

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired with synthetic weed? Learn more about the long term dangers of syntehtic marijuana use as well as available rehab options, and see what it’s like to seek help from Spice and K2 Addiction Treatment Programs so you can be better prepared for what you can expect. Help is available NOW!

Spice & legal weed questions

Your comments and questions are welcomed below.

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589 Responses to “Spice synthetic marijuana side effects
12:03 am September 30th, 2011

So I was ablet to find a store that was selling synthetic Marijuana, Now I have never smoked synthetic Marijuana,I have always smoked the real good stuff 100% weed. I am 34yrs old with a wonderful career and an awesome husband and 3 wonderful kids,but I also suffer from anxiety, depression and all the aches that comes with age. So when I smoke it relaxes me and I am ready to go on about my day in the happiest of moods with no neck pain and I am patience with everyone and am able to think things through in a relaxed peaceful way. However, because we recently moved to a new because of my husbands career i know absolutely no one. So when I came across this synthetic weed, i decided to try it out,and decided today to never smoke synthetic again. There has to be something really scary and dangerous about smoking this,so far I have been dizzy,headaches and have been extremely tired and unable to enjoy anything. Im going to bed early just so that I can sleep away this dizziness confusion feeling,in all the years that I have smoked marijuana it has never made me feel as if my brain is on fire. In my opinion synthetic can tottally kill.

2:40 pm September 30th, 2011

legal is bad stuff!!!!!!!

8:37 am October 2nd, 2011

Here’s my take on the various “spice” blends. I’ve been experimenting with it regularly for about a year now. I’m in my mid-thirties and have smoked the au natural stuff since age 16. I’ve tried a variety of other mind altering substances from time to time and had no issues with trying out the synthetic stuff, as it does not show up on drug tests.

For the first few months I experienced good highs and a few that made me sit down for a few minutes as my heart would race and I’d break out in a cold sweat. For the most part I didn’t feel any serious negative side effects and learned that if I kept it to a bowl at a time I had no problems handling it.

I read some of the stories about teens dying from it but there’s always very little information provided other than “someone smoked it and went into cardiac arrest.” Unfortunately, I’ve tried to follow up on some of these stories to see if a toxicology report confirmed a death was caused solely from synthetics. For the most part I don’t believe those stories as they seem to be written in a manner as to induce panic without looking into the matter deeply. So, I kept smoking.

After about 6 months of regular use I developed a mild cough that would not go away. This cough steadily worsened until I decided to go for a check up. The doctor told me I had a mild respiratory infection and gave me antibiotics. After taking the antibiotics for a day my condition worsened. I broke out with a hellacious fever and could not eat for about 48 hours. I finally made it back to the doctor the following Monday and he confirmed that my condition had gone to bronchitis, or possible pneumonia. He prescribed a more potent antibiotic and after about a week the fevers subsided and the cough was coming under control.

I have also smoked cigarettes on and off since 16, so while I was recovering I quit smoking cigs for about two months but continued to smoke the synthetics. This time I decided to stick to smaller amounts with dosages spread out. My appetite had been destroyed for about two months after recovering from bronchitis and lost about 20 lbs. After the two months my appetite recovered but I was still having issues with nausea in the morning. By now it would be stupid to continue using these products, but I haven’t been known to follow my own advice from time to time.

I began to wonder if the chemicals in them are as advertised. Sometimes when I’d light it up there would be black tendrils instead of the white you get from more traditional methods of herbal relaxation. I continued to use the synthetic throughout this summer and am now having issues with a cough that won’t go away once again. I’m not taking anymore chances with this stuff, and have also decided to quit smoking cigarettes again.

On a side note, after a year of smoking synthetics I still have occasional nausea in the morning. My brother, who has been smoking the stuff for about 6 months, just recently confided in me that he has been having issues with nausea in the mornings as well. I’ve also experienced a few dull pains in the chest from time to time and that has worried me. I did not share this side effect with my brother but he has stated that sometimes he feels there’s something wrong with his heart, as he has been having occasional pains in the chest as well.

This is just my story, and I’ve read quite a few blogs where people have defended the use of synthetics and stated they have had no negative side effects. I’ve also read plenty of stories from people like me, who are beginning to see that this product is not quite what it’s cracked up to be.

I’ll also note an observation I’ve read on other forums. The people who strongly support synthetics have trouble forming complete sentences. I’m not a grammar Nazi by any means, but some of these kids posting about how they think the negative side effects reported are just propaganda have offered some downright ignorant babble about how the government just wants to ban anything that makes people feel good.

I’m a strong believer in the Federal government pissing off when it comes to what a person chooses to do with their own body. I’m not advocating the ban of these substances, just offering my own experience for what it’s worth. In the end it doesn’t matter what’s legal and what’s not. What does matter is you can choose to live a healthy life or you can choose to keep spinning that cylinder with one round in it. If you choose the later you will eventually get a result you do not want.

11:31 am October 2nd, 2011

Extreme migraines and vomit will follow..going to hospital for test today

2:15 pm October 3rd, 2011

I havent smoked synthetic since the last time that I posted that I would never ever again try it and I have stuck to it. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that it has only been a few days since I stopped smoking, however, I still find myself sick but could that stuff still be causing me to be sick? Last night I felt my heart pounding fast and then slow and I cant seem to get rid of this constant headache and the feeling of wanting to throw up everytime I eat. One thing I do know is that I dont even have the desire to smoke weed again either and the thought of synthetic shoots an even bigger sharp pain through my head,,Ugh going off to bed to try to sleep this headache off..

5:13 am October 5th, 2011

I just returned from taking my husband to the Psych ward. He was a heavy “spice” user for about a year. A month ago he stopped using and started having severe anxiety. Then delusions and hallucinations and Mania set in. He is in for a long road to recovery. He thought using the “legal” stuff was better than the illegal or alcohol. (He has been a substance abuser since 15). This is horrible stuff! Stay away from it!

9:22 pm October 5th, 2011

i have the same migrains.
have they gone away for you yet?
im starting to get nervous, i never had a headache in my life, and now i have sever headache all day long.
are you back to normal yet?

3:09 pm October 6th, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Turns out that the effect of the Spice has done some damage to my head. I had tests done , and sorry I didnt respond sooner. THe shooting sharp pain in my head has diminished, but the headache lingers on. This is no coincidence that we are all having the same response to Spice. I smoked for about 8-12 months off and on, but regularly on the weekends. I regularly smoked “Relaxinol” for its stronger effects. THe panic attacks at night, the headaches, no appetite is from the SPice. THe ER told me they have about 2-6 cases a day from Spice poisoning. It took about 2 weeks to feel normal again, and have my head clear without shooting pains.

Honesly, I think that this is stuff manufactured overseas, and is shipped here. JW-018 has benn banned, so you have these jerks who are mixing chemicals in their kitchen and selling it. Obviously it was my choice, but I didnt think I was going ot have temporarty nerve damage to my head.

Good Luck to everyone who has these pains, It was the worst feeling in the world.

3:11 pm October 6th, 2011

Please let me know how people are purchasing SPice. I purchased it at a gas station close to my house. I am about ready to shut them down. These guys know exaclty what they are selling….they have that face when you come on….THese guys also sell synthetic cocaine…Bath salts…eewww

9:07 pm October 6th, 2011

went to the hospital last night, i couldnt take it anymore, i only took two hits off a blunt. filled with Mr. Nice Guy.
No one knows whats in it. 2 EKG’s later blood work urine test’s, they can find nothing wrong with me.
yet i have hot and cold flashes, im sweating thru my pillow, i have pains in my chest, and i cant take the sunlight, it makes my already excisting headache worse, i stiil have blured vision. i smoked it saturday night and its now thursday.
does anyone have the same symptoms?
has the side effects gone away?
can anyone help me?

10:16 am October 7th, 2011

Hey I smoked at least 1 gram per day for a few weeks less than 18 months. I started with black magic, and I thought it was the greatest new trend for 09! Then I discovered Mr. Nice guy. Oh boy. Mr. nice guy will hit you in the back of the head something serious! First time smoking it with my cousin, he had to pause Army of Two. He turned and looked at me and was like wow THIS IS ACTUALLY LEGAL?!?! I stuck with Mr nice guy ever since. Okay now I will attempt to give my spill of pros and cons. Pros: It is legal for the most part. Find a trusty head shop that keeps updated on local law. You can get a good job. Most people don’t look stoned when they are floating. I went on a 2 mile run right after smoking cloud 9 and had amazing endurance. I don’t know if it was because of the increased pulse? Cons: You can OD. Feels like an extreme bad trip. Racing heart, body jitters (like how your body feels when you are scared), you brain skips (have to feel it, can’t explain), puking endless vomit, exaggerated fear like you might die, and the OD feels like it last FOREVER. Other cons… I experienced the blurred vision any where from after high to up to 24hrs later. On mr. nice guy, I had hunger suppression and went from 186 down to 165 without exercise. If you smoke enough regularly you will build a tolerance. A buddy of mine keeps 5 different brands so that he can switch to avoid a tolerance. After smoking so much nice guy, I smoked cloud 9 thinking my mr. nice tolerance would carry over… not the case. Other cons… SLOWED speech. Sometimes slurred speech especially when peaking. If you smoke regularly you will feel it in your chest. Slow down it goes away. Also, I think it is addictive, similar to nicotine but not as strong. Well anyway I have to run but I’ll end it with this. It has been 7 months since I last smoke. Okay I lied. In the past 7 months i have smoked one time (Mr nice guy, one hit, WOWSERS, I could not hit it again if I wanted to) I have been excersicing regularly and working out. I can honestly speak on some minor long term effects. #1 I really have difficultly remembering. Its like its up there but it won’t come out, if that makes sense to anyone. And I think it might have a long term addictive effect because even now I still have dreams and a strong desire to smoke.

Overall I think that many people smoke this thinking because they might smoke a ton of marijiuana they will be able to handle the high. JWH gets you WAY higher. ALSO I quit because I was put in a position were I am unable to get it. Plus, now my wife won’t let me touch it. She says it makes me stupid.

Jennifer Rene'a
3:38 pm October 7th, 2011

All Im sayn is stay away from synthetic marijuana, smoke what I thought was real marijuana last night with who I thought was a real friend but OMG, I damn near went krazy, like a crack head, went butt naked outside looking and running for help cause I thought he was the enemy, call ed for the ambulance but left the destination, called for them again left that destination walking and running wild in the streets of ATL and finally called for a 3rd time and they got me, and thats when I heard abot synthetic marijuana, got admitted to the hospital took a urine test and no drug showed up, they say cant detect anything sounds like I had synthetic marijuana, Lord God I will never smoke nuttin again, I was litterally gone I am happy to be here. So embarrasing;-(

3:56 pm October 7th, 2011

Boston, I hope that you have gotten to feeling better,it has been about 2weeks since I smoked it,,but my headaches have gone away. I have always had frequent headaches but never the kind that shoots through your head, the headaches that I was experiencing with smoking the synthetic stuff. One thing I did learn from this, is I will never ever touch it again. I never experienced something like this with marijuana,if anything marijuana always made me feel better hope all goes well.

9:10 pm October 7th, 2011

thanks for your response.
i am feeling better for the first time. i still have sweaty feet and hands. but my headache is going away. i feel great today.but i feel sharp pains in my lungs once in a while. never will i smoke it again.









9:16 pm October 7th, 2011


freaked out!!
8:44 pm October 8th, 2011

Ok let me just start out n say that for all those non believers out there THIS STUFF IS REALLY TUE DEVIL!!!!! If u have been lucky enough to not have a bad reaction to this stuff be warned….U SOON WILL!!! My boyfriend n I have smoked the real stuff for years but both of us were trying to get new jobs n decided to quite.A friend of mine who’s in the military told us about this k2 stuff.At first I didn’t like the thought of smoking man made fake weed but me n my boyfriend decided to try it and were soon hooked. The first thing I noticed was the headaches I got.also the harshness of it. My throat would burn which turned into a full blown cough which still lingers. But on thurs nite Oct 6 was the worst nite. As usual me n my boyfriend would smoke a bowl n relax. So after we smoked at bowl my boyfriends eyes got real big and he had a look of pure terror in his face…at first I thought he was choking . He could talk then I thought he was having a heart attack. Then it just continued to get worse. He said it felt like the devil was trying to take his soul n it felt like he was leaving his body. His eyes loomed crazy n blank then he broke out in a cold sweat and got goosebumps all over his arms. I could see his heart beating through his chest. He wE confused and he thought he was going to die. I had to call 911. Once there n we told them about the black momba we smoked he said that a lot of people have come in after smoking this stuff. We have been smoking this stuff everyday for about 4 months and this just happened in a flash. This was the scariest thing I have ever seen. If u care about ur mental health I strongly urge everyone to stop smoking this stuff NOW!! I threw away what we had left. Never again .who knows what really in this stuff. There’s prob some mad scientists somewhere making all this ish and selling it to us. PEOPLE PLEASEEEE DON’T USE THIS STUFF!!!

2:48 pm October 9th, 2011


It has been almost 2 weeks since i stopped smoking spice. The headaches are almost gone, but kind of linger after i smoke regular pot. I live in south florida and it is out of hand here!

Freaked out, i know what u mean about what happened to your man. I had the same symptoms…but mine didnt come on until mid day. Almost 2 hours after smoking a bowl. I smoked about 2 grams a day on the weekends. The shooting pains in my head were the scariest thing ever. It was worst at night during sleep. I wouls wake up with a sharp pain in my head, vomit and breathe heavy. Did anyone ever wake up and have the scared feeling? Like you just got scared and your breathe is taken away? Thats what it felt like sometimes befors i got the sharp pains. I got the sweats, goosebumps, and veerryy pasty!

I know for a fact that it has long term residual effects. My levels of saratonin are fucked. But slowly i feel better every day, and so will everyone on this msg takes rougly 2 weeks to feel “normal”.

BOSTON- methamphetamine??? Holy shit! What brand were u smoking, not that it makes a difference, all the same poison. Are u feeling 100% yet? Thank you for your post. My hospital visit was also 5 grand :(. Totally not worth it and im beating myself up for going to far..

DO any of you think this is a recent addition to spice? I mean it cant be a coincidence that al of these headaches and mini strokes are popping up now. My uncle works for homeland security and told me that spice is the newest way for al quaeda to make money..he said that they are tracing spice all the wY from afganistan…scary stuff!

Good luck to all, and plz spread the word…i care to much about the well being of others and would hate for ANYONE to experience the pain i did in my head and chest…. thanks everyone!

12:14 pm October 10th, 2011

as a rabid marijuana smoker i have realized that i have a very addictive personality. i started smoking madhater which in my town is the strongest spice you get. i would smoke a personal bowl EVERY night for about a month. and it started all good. i fell in love with the high. and also the trip. i would trip pretty much the same thing every night and i built a connection to the place i would go in my mind. when i say i tripped i mean i really tripped i was in a different state of mind (if you know what i mean, you know what i mean) i figured out things that will never be discovered, i created explanations for religions and life. and i loved it. but then i got way too involved in my mind.
i even think that i died once, there was a complete battle between life and death in me and i swear i was brought back. but that’s beside the fact, this shits crazy.
i needed to smoke it to think differently and no one could understand any of my thoughts.then finally i convinced myself i was mentally insane, and quit cold turkey. hardest thing i have ever done. its a risk for your mind. any questions i am experienced and here to help :]

7:13 pm October 11th, 2011

i currently smoke spice daily. mostly in the night time but some days its almost and all day thing. The side affects are not an every time thing. somedays i show absolutely no side affects. Others are a different story. Most of the Side affects are but not excluded too
-blurred vision (until eye drops are used)
-night sweats
-faster heart beat
-heart palpitations (which i only experienced when smoking a full bowl out of a gas mask)
-memory loss (kinda like walking in a room and forgetting why your there)
-eyes become sensative to bright light
-thinking alot alot alot
-fainting (i smoked and moved furniture and well those two things dont mix)

NOTE!!! i only experience headaches and sensativity to my eyes and over thinking normally. the other symptoms were experienced when i smoked large amounts and dwelled in my mind about them. when you smoke dont sit there and think… omg my hearts beating fast…. omg… you psych yourself out. it is beating faster but not like you think it is. over thinking causes most headaches. when we smoke and go about town i experience none of theses symptoms except the eyes. IT IS OKAY TO SMOKE dont buy it off someone random. go to a smoke shop. you never know what could be in it. and pluss it is never as good. The best ones i have came across is aloha, bay xo, t8c, and k2. if you ever find one that is a small amout and a lot more expensive that means it is really concentrated. mix it with one not so concentrated. hope this helps some people.

7:14 pm October 11th, 2011

spice is almost like a drug more than a high.

9:41 am October 13th, 2011

Hello everyone my name is jay. Im a male, in my 20s, n a big spice user. I didcovered spice roughly a yr and 3 months ago. At 1st i didnt like it. Everytime i smoked i had chest pains for the 1st week n a half n that was enough for me to say “time to quit.” I managed to keep clean all of 2 weeks until a buddy came for a visit with a spice called red dragon. This time when i smoked, no chest pains. From that point on i became a full blown smoker (much like i did with pot during my teens). Fast foward about 8 or 9 months n i was up to roughly 3 to 4 bags a week, spending nearly 200 dollars a month for the spice. Around that time i started experiencing hallucinations and migrains, both in which i attributed to (at the time) my sobriety from my pill addiction. (at the time time i was a few days sober, i am now currently 4 to 5 months clean.) The hallucinations carried on for about the next month. I saw people that had recently died, i was chased by rabid dogs, n frewuent ly would see people that were totally uknown to me. Finally after a month, good bye hallucinations, hello increasing migrains, which i simply wrote off as heriditary from my farthers side of the family. Well another 2 months later goodbye migrains, fast foward a lil more n here we are 3 weeks ago where ive developed a loss of sleep. Some nights i sleep decent, 4 or 5 hrs sleep, others i sleep 1 or 2 hrs then im up. I tried to just fight n deal with it but as sleep became less (on average i used to sleep 7-9 hrs a night) i started using a hit or 2 of spice to easr myself to sleep, but sure enough id be up in an hr craving another hit. At the point i put 2 n 2 together n realized my body has now created a type of dependency now which got me disgusted. After all my drug battles, i have beaten them all, most of the stuff i havent done in yrs. Ive beaten crack, coke, pills, cigarettes n everything else that has ever hold me back n now ive become a self made victim for some gas station potpurri? So needless to say reading how we all have similar symptoms. Not only is it bad, its addicting (honestly the worst addiction ive ever dealt with n as ive said i used to smoke crack). Anyways would anyone happen to have tips on how to stop, or ween myself off of this. I know alot of people say “cold turkey” but lets be honest, just stoppong out of the blue can be just as harmful as continuing use of the substance. Also anyone else have the sleep issues?howd you handle that? Thank you all for your time.

6:17 am October 18th, 2011

jay a lot of people have the sleep issues. If you want more information click the authors name at the top of the page, he has several blogs about spice, all of which contain stories and information.

I’m no doctor, but I am an above average guy in my quest for knowledge, maybe a little conceited.

72 hours after your last smoke, the toxins are largely flushed from your system. Along with this, in my case, the ‘detoxification’ issues were pretty much resolved by this time (sweats, headaches and loss of appetite). Since this drug was made to react with the brain similarly to marijuana, it has alot of the same side effects like short term memory loss. However The dangers of spice are beyond our comprehension and the most obvious example of this is how the spice works on our brain similarly to marijuana to produce a high, while working the opposite way on our cardiovascular system, increasing blood pressure and heart rate

angry at the gov
9:20 pm October 18th, 2011

okay. here is my take on the synthetic marijuana. The government puts the shit out. Then, when people start to smoke it, they decide to come down on people for smoking it. My thing is, if you drink alcohol, you get liver disease. When you smoke crack, meth, pcp, lsd, and other chemical produced drugs, they kill you. When you smoke marijuana, you dont get diseased. When you smoke Spice, you dont get diseased. So, therefore, if doing something makes you sick, then you dont do the shit. Period. Now, the only reason why they dont want people to smoke Spice, is because they cant tax it. They know good and well that they can tax because THEY PUT IT OUT THERE!! It is all a big conspiracy. The government is nothing but a BIG JOKE!!!!

1:30 pm October 19th, 2011

Disregard the above comment as arrogance and 100% fallacious.

There is no government involvement in producing glade brand potpourri is there? They don’t ‘put that on the market’. Neither do they put spice on the market. The reasons they don’t want people to smoke spice is because no one knows the dangers and there have been no controlled scientific studies.

I reckon you are a user and supporter of ‘spice’. If that is the case i recommend you reread this blog, then click the authors name at the top of the page and read some of his other blogs on spice, as well as the stories and information given by respondents.

3:31 pm October 19th, 2011

So, there is a debate. Well, the spice has to be an approved product in order to be sold. Yes, I do smoke spice, and it doesnt make my brain swell. It doesnt cause me nausea. It doesnt cause sleepiness, for me anyways. If there are problems with someone smoking it, then the same concept applies to everything else. If it harms then dont do it. Sam rules applies to pharmacueticals, alcohol, cigarettes and any other not natural things. If it is chemical based, then you should not ingest the drug/drink anyways. If it is grown on the earth, then we as human beings have every right to ingest the earth grown plant. So what if the government hasnt done any research. Its not up to them anyways to tell us what to eat/drink/ingest. You can keep the blind fold on and keep believing what they tell you. I on the other, would die for my true freedom. Thank you very much for your ignorance. I wish that humans would wake up and realize that you are all being sheeped. I on the other hand, am an individual that does not believe in the draconian manipulation that has you all blinded. If you listen to what the GOVERNMENT says, you will die like a sheep or cattle, whichever you prefer. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!

3:36 pm October 19th, 2011

Yes, there is government involvment with glade potpourri. Smply because the fda has to approve it. So what if the government hasnt approved it. Does the government have to approve you to take a shit in the morning. Stand up for yourselves. Dont be ignorant. Im not ingorant. Im just a pissed off human being that is trying to tell you to not believe THEM!!!!….Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!!

5:29 am October 20th, 2011

Hello all. Sorry for the bad writing it’s because I’m on my itouch. I have been smoking for nearly 2 years and a good amount daily close to 3 to 4 bowls a day that was the easyest way to mesure it. As the addiction goes I have tried so many to quit and I find myself comming back to it every single time. I would say it’s addicting. And long term effect are speech problems well scratch that memory problems and speech issues. I also have depression and thoughts of suicide and can’t controll this. My life is now like a blur I have quit before for several months but the long term effect really is in memory. I have experenced most or all of the effects above and I find my self hopeless it’s been only 2 weeks since quitting And I stuggle to not go to the drug store and pick it up everyday. Seriously shits bad and bad for you smoke the real stuff because my mind is jacked and it won’t ever go back. Also my patience is really short and Im mean to my girlfriend like never before. Please help I just want to be happy and normal again life is boaring for me and I do everythig even ride a streetbike daily because it excites me. I’m only 21 but I often feel like dieing it’s sad and I miss my oldself. Take it from me u don’t want to be a spice tard and it will happen. Please let me know if you can help my depression and my mental addiction. I love spice and I don’t want to anymore. My life is one huge lie and no one knows about my problem and I can’t excapethis time. I recently have just got out of jail and I smoked it for 3 months straight since. My mind is gone and I feel stupid. I know it has ruined my mind. Also many other other side effects previously like caughing up stuff for weeks after quiting. Troubble sleeping. Suicidal thoughts. Loss of motivation. Loss of waight mostly musscle. And many more. The one that hurts the most is my mind and thoughts. Suicide WTF I’m better than that. I’m scared and just want to be happy. Although legal use the real stuff please. I usto be really smart and motivated now I feel worthless and like I’m walking around in fog all day. It’s sad and I miss my old self. I don’t want to smoke anymore but I feel like it’s calling me somehow. Not as much of an addiction as it is that I just lovethe effects and it’s so easy to get. I have been addicted to vicoden before and this is diffrent. Almost like no matter how manytimes I tell myself I don’t wan it i’ll waik up the next day finding myself driving to my local store. It’s so sad. The stuff I’m using is called r and has a star it’s brand is lil Wayne along with other brands from them. Help me I guess.

3:53 pm October 20th, 2011

gov guy, you were the one saying it’s a big government conspiracy because they can’t tax spice. Now you’re just off a tangent about me personally. Get back to the issue and try to focus on one line instead of waving on both sides of the fence.

9:18 pm October 23rd, 2011

Spice gets you toasted.

2:48 am October 25th, 2011

wow this has really been an eye opener. ive been smoking spice for about a year now. i never got to in to it real heavy like a lot of the people who post on here have. although i still feel some of the described symptoms. every time i smoke it i feel stupid as hell. and ive been feeling some dependence to it too. after i smoked a lot the next day i really want to smoke more. luckily i don’t feel like i need it yet so i have decided not to touch the stuff again. im really sorry for all of you who are suffering and hopefully you will get better. thank you for this post and these reply’s it might have saved my life.

5:54 am October 30th, 2011

I smoked these blends called Aloha, Wicked XX, Happy Hour, and Turbo. I dont know but for some reason I reach a “high” where I start to panic and my heart will start to race extremely fast, and I would feel a strong beating in my head. I start feeling a “fear” within me to the point where my girlfriend has to hold my hands and I would force myself to find my central breathing because I start to believe and feel that was going to die. I don’t know guys, its very scary feeling that keeps attacking me everytime I smoke, and its sad because i would like to get
high but i cant smoke weed. I get chest little pains here and there and its only been five months smoke these spice blend. I dont know… Sorry for the typos and grammar.

11:47 am October 31st, 2011

This is Josie again
Me, my friends, and my family have all decided that I have become addicted to spice (madhatter) I smoke 3-5 grams a day, and at work I took 34 smoking breaks in 6 hours. I need it. More than any other drug I have ever done. This is a real addiction and I am going to be starting therapy to help me off. I am really nervous because I have gotten real withdraw symptoms and have the worst headaches if I don’t smoke for about an hour. sleep is impossible without a hit. I’m telling you if you are smoking this to stop right now, because I promise I am a number one fan of spice, I have had so much fun with this and LOVE the high, but I am getting sick, my life is revolving around buying it and smoking it. Its my only motivation.

Wish me luck, I’ll update to let you all know how I am doing.

9:00 am November 9th, 2011

Hey everyone i just found this website today and would really like to share my exper­i­ence and see if anyone has any sug­ges­tions…
The exper­i­ence…
This happened 4⁄20 of this year. I was a pothead but smoked spice from time to time with some friends.. On 4⁄20 i went to my non weed smoking friends house to cel­eb­rate. We smoked a bowl or a bowl in a half between us both. We went inside and i started feeling really weird. Short­ness of breath, My body just felt weird and a tight­ness in my chest so we went outside for some air because i thought it might be the lights. When i went out side i sat down and it was not getting better. So 30 to 45 mins go by and i lose control. I jump up and was like… TAKE ME TO THE HOS­PITAL NOW! NOW WE HAVE TO GO! So we walk to my car which was park very close and we go inside. when i get in the car. cant move… I cant talk. I cant do any­thing.. I thought i was dieing right there.… Heres where it gets really fucking insane. I dont remember this part at all. My friend told me i started saying im dead. I cant believe im dead! you killed me josh! you did this and now im gonna kill you! BOOM i started to choke this kid! after that( i remember this part i had to lit­er­ally ask him if this happened before or after i attempted murder lmao) i get out my car start banging on my roof screaming im gonna die im gonna fucking die omg im gonna die ofmg! I get back in the then i start ranting.. I dont really remember about what anymore but i do rem­emebr saying stuff like god is real and just ranting like that part is what really fucked me up good. then i started speaking spanish( not like fluent spanish like i said in spanish look i can speak spanish now) then i snaped out of it and said omg im not gonna die and passed out. my friend got me in his house and i recuperated.
The after­math.
Well now i cant smoke weed which really sucks because i love that shit haha. I had a mini exper­i­ence on weed after this happened. I had/​still kind of have bad anixety since this has happened like thinking i really did die that night and im just a lost soul, was really bad like i would think about it 24⁄7 Now i have good or bad days.
What i really do want some help on is…
* I have had shor­ness of breath since so bad i have to yawn to get a breath( main problem) all day
* musel pains and musel spasams
* tight­ness in chest and thought im gonna die of a heart attack and shit. the funny thing is this happens in my car at night and at work at night! i was thinking like a sub­connsiouse annxiety.
* my balance is off and im very shaky too.
*Pains in chest
Please any advice would be so appriceated this happend so long ago and it still really does effect me every single day of my life.… IM ONLY 20 I SHOULD NOT BE THINKING IM DEAD OR IM GONNA DIE EVERY SINGLE DAY LMAO! Thanks so mucn. Also i would love to hear other exper­ence any­where near what i had it would help too.
I did go to the hospital in june.. Nothing was wrong, 5000 bill. Never paying that shit hhaha.

Now I know
4:00 pm November 15th, 2011

I am I am an occasional pot smoker over the last 30 years. I tried one THIRD of a hit on Nov 13th. Long story short, my soul was pulled from my body. I am calling it an unnatural death as, I have drown before and there was no “safety mechanism” associated with the SPICE death. Yes, this and possibly many more drugs, are a literally a vehicle of negative energy to invade your soul. Do I mean the Devil? Well, I am not the religious type of man but….yes, I do.
I know my experience was way way more than a drug hallucination. Because I predicted the date of my death a couple years ago. Nov 13th but not 2011. I have other proof as well, but this is only proof that was to convince ME and not others. My point of this is, we need to make everyone aware. People are dying from this evil crap.

6:42 am November 24th, 2011

Me and my brother where at my friends house across the road, he had weed and spice. I couldn’t smoke weed at the time because of drug tests so i decided to smoke spice…BAD idea. After smoking maybe 2 bowls, me and my brother were riding our bikes back to my house. I was riding fine, he was slouching pushing with his feet and looked like he was having a heart attack!i got to the porch and fell on a chair, sat up and start holding his whole body like it was all in pain. im 17 and 16 at the time, so i race upstairs to get my mom so she comes down PISSED! my brother was in the chair holding his heart saying very quiet but scared “help me” he couldn’t say ANYTHING else. We took him to the shower he fell and laid down we turned the water on and he was pale as shit and had a shade of green around the outline of his body. This whole time i feel like im on meth but having a TERRIBLE acid trip, i hear war sirens in my head and i was incredibly paranoid and having an anxiety attack. we had no money for the hospital but luckily my lil brother pulled through, i honestly thought he was dying in front of me. Now i stick too what god grows me. NO ONE should try this drug. Its the worst idea you could possibly have and could cost you or a buddy their life. Just please stick too weed…

5:52 am November 25th, 2011

Ive been smoking incense and pure chems for 2 years. All of your side effects like dizziness nausea and residuals will all go away in time. What you all need to do is eat things like sweet potatoes, red wine, spinach, broccoli etc. RAW. and take fiber supplements. Cut down your fat intake. This will help get you back on track. You need to realize that this stuff is up to 1000x stronger than THC and will have much worst come downs much worst side effects and much worst addictive properties, however they all will go away and you will be able to smoke MJ again in a few months time. I cant speak for everyone’s product but I can say that there are a number of people out there using untested illegal chems bought from china. These when tested have been known to contain lead, mercury and other toxic metals. If your buying a random product and know nothing about, then your a test subject and you really have no say in what happens to you. Your body will recover though. As far as long term your all on your own and you knew that before you smoked the stuff. If i die i die. I know what im doing and do it for my own reasons. Its life and we all want to feel better. People do drugs. We will always do drugs. This isnt safe but we still do it. Extacy started the same way. Meth started the same way. All research chemicals that made their way on the streets. It doesnt matter if it kills you people will still try it. Enough drop dead and they wont but a few here and there is good odds. We are wired this way. Dont beat yourselves up and stop blaming the manufacturers for your choice. I get tired of people doing something and then bitching about it later. Stop the drugs. Drink plenty of water. Eat raw foods and get exercise. You will be fine in the short run. Again long term your on your own but if you were smart you would’ve researched the drugs before you did them. I know what people are using not because i am special but because i follow the trends. We started 018 and 073 and have moved on to 203 and 250 to move on to AM and non cannibinoid products. People sell it because the banks and government left us with nothing else. We all need to live and pay bills. You want a good product then stop buying from Saudi Arabians. Stay clear of all ARABS, they will sell you cyanide if they can make a dollar. It really amazes me how ignorant everyone is to this shit. To finish I will say that Good clean tested chems do not do a lot of what you people are claiming. Try looking up lead poisoning before you jump on the synths as the culprit.

5:59 am November 25th, 2011

Ok i will add the lead poisoning to the post as you all will need to see it sooner than later. Looks familiar doesnt it? Seriously guys hit me up in an email if you want to talk more. I am aware of whats going on a little more than you. Besides its nice to shoot the shit with another person in the same boat.

Initially, lead poisoning can be hard to detect — even people who seem healthy can have high blood levels of lead. Signs and symptoms usually don’t appear until dangerous amounts have accumulated.

Symptoms in children
The signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in children may include:

* Irritability
* Loss of appetite
* Weight loss
* Sluggishness and fatigue
* Abdominal pain
* Vomiting
* Constipation
* Learning difficulties

Symptoms in newborns
Babies who are exposed to lead before birth may experience:

* Learning difficulties
* Slowed growth

Symptoms in adults
Although children are primarily at risk, lead poisoning is also dangerous for adults. Signs and symptoms in adults may include:

* High blood pressure
* Declines in mental functioning
* Pain, numbness or tingling of the extremities
* Muscular weakness
* Headache
* Abdominal pain
* Memory loss
* Mood disorders
* Reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm
* Miscarriage or premature birth in pregnant women

12:52 am November 28th, 2011

Another note to anyone else that shows up here. I did a little more research and found that a lot of these China manufacturers are making the chems in the same buildings as auto repair, electronic assembly including soldering. Basically they are manufacturing these chems in regular industrial factories hence the reason we are finding lead and other toxic metals. Take a sample of a blend and buy a lead test kit. they are cheap. Find out if its the culprit. then maybe you will all buy American made incense. There is a reason we have chemicals manufactured in the U.S. This is also the reason to stay clear of all ARAB retailers selling spice. They simply do not care about your life in any way shape or form. They are foreigners conducting criminal activity all over the country. Selling counterfeit products and illegal incense. None of which is being tested for lead or other toxins.
Another thing is hospitals in the U.S. do not regularly test for lead poisoning. In fact they rarely do it at all. This is because we simply do not have an issue with it in this country. However in Asian countries especially China they have a lot of problems with lead poisoning. I hope this reaches some of you because the synthetic scene is really great if its done buy the book. People are feeding their families and stimulating the economy. Bloomsberg magazine posted an article on the new synthetic scene and it has generated 500 billion dollars annually. If that isnt saving the economy i dont know what is.
All of you take good care of your bodies and be more mindful of what you smoke. Incense on a stick will more than likely kill you if you smoked it like this stuff. Nothing else you will get seriously sick.
Stop going to the hospital they cant do anything for you. You are simply way to high and cant handle the mass hallucinations and body changes. You will not die. I kjnow this from some animal testings i did. You wouldn’t believe the amount of chems it takes to put down a dog. More than anyone could ever consume. This also applies to specific chems as not all had testing done. You need a real chemist when it comes to this stuff. Not some youtube video on how to make spice. Thats how people get sick and die.
The drug companies kill people everyday. They deliberately leave out vital information regarding side effects and then people die and another class action lawsuit arises.
I will leave you all with this. About 6 months ago i was testing a new chem and i got so fucked up i thought i was in the middle east selling food to the locals and i never left my room. I tell you that was amazing.

7:26 am November 28th, 2011

after reading this blog, i feel humbled.

6:02 pm November 29th, 2011

This stuff scares me. I don’t care if it’s from the US, Arab nations, or China. I have been trying to study for an exam on schizophrenia all day but have been unable to focus because of the headaches and somewhat blurred vision. A friend of mine also told me one of his coworkers on a chicken farm has used every day for 6 months or so and no vomits every hour. That’s enough to make me quit, let alone before I go insane and possibly develop the disease I’m studying for. I know I’m just paranoid right now, but I cannot wait for these side effects to be over with.

11:24 pm December 1st, 2011

Jason- Out of all due respect, I appreciate your concern for everyone and your vast education on the syntetics however I do not agree that it should be continued to be smoked. There is a reason why companies are covering their asses when they mark each vial with the words ” not for human consumption”. I admit. I was one of the fools that did not research much before I tried it. I have smoked MJ since I was 23 and am 40 now. I know my shit with the good natural weed stuff. I developed my own strain and had Jack Herrer try it who claimed it was better than anything he ever smoked or developed himself. So its not like I’m a small time stoner, to dumb to investigate everything I put in my body. I have always had high standards to never ever put anything man made or any man made chemical into my body. I lived by this until about 4 months ago. I had lost my $65,000 a year job and with the economy and job market, have been unsuccessful finding new employment. Things have gotten tighter with money and me and my wife thought this would be a quick cheaper substitute until I could find work. Not to get off the subject but for anyone who thinks pot is not addictive, you are wrong! Try smoking it everday for 17 years and try to stop cold turkey. Harder to me than stopping ciggerettes. That is why we tried the synthetics. To try to ween ourselves off the pot. I had looked this stuff up online to find out more about it before I smoked it but not in depth as I should have. I wasn’t finding much because no one knows whats in it except the manufacturers and they sure the hell aren’t going to tell anyone the truth leading me to believe its either dangerous or they don’t want someone else to run them out of business by using their formula. Look up 10 different sites and you seem to get 10 different answers. That should have been my sign right there not to ever touch the stuff. One thing interesting I did find however is that is has the same chemical composition as Meth and LSD! That should be enough to stop right there!
Now that I’ve gave you my background in a nutshell, let me tell everyone of my “wonderful” testimony. I started smoking the fake shit about 3-4 months ago roughly. I have had horrible horrible experiences. I do not overdue it however from experience; a bong or a blunt is NOT a good way to go. It will hit you with such a force, you will regret it. I used a pipe instead and only 1-2 tokes. thats it.
My first episode, everything was spinning and I thought I was passing out. My heart started beating heavily and felt like it was going to explode through my chest. I honestly thought this was it for me. It subsided and went away. I thought I just smoked way to much, which I did. 1-2 tokes to many. The next time I felt extremely sad all the time and felt a close connection to death and felt like someone close to me was soon going to die. The misery and constant feeling of death was always on my mind for 3 days. About a month or so ago, I again found myself on the floor, spinning, and this time my heart was beating so fast, my entire body tensed up to the point every joint and bone in my body ached for days and days afterwards. I thought I was dying and swore I heard a demon laughing at me and telling me he got me. My last experience and my final one since I have finally decided never to smoke anything again in my lifetime due to this, was the night of 11/29/11. I literally went insane for about 10 minutes. My mind was almost complete butter. It was jumping from one thing to another and I saw myself standing in front of a wooden door from some ancient era in an old Egyptian or Isreali town. Very weird. I kept thinking Jesus or Satan was on the other side and I was afraid to open it and find out which one. I knew who I was and where I was in my living room however, but thought once again I was dying with all of the symptoms I had previously, all mixed into one experience. On top of the spins, I couldn’t make up from down and felt myself leaving my body looking down on it. With my eyes closed, I could literally see myself moving my legs or arms like my eyes were opened yet I had no feeling in my extremities. I was horrified and it felt like I was never ever going to be able to return to my old self again. I felt pure evil all around me. If anyone knows what that truly feels like, it is the most helpless horrifying experience anyone could have. The only way I felt I could get it to go away was to pray and pray and pray to Jesus to forgive me and help me. As soon as I did, the evil went away but the rest of the effects took much longer to get rid of. I had extreme shooting pains in the back of my head and around my eyes since then. It is getting better but not completely gone. the shooting pain no longer exists but the dull throb is still there. I thought I ruptured a blood vessel or something in my head from my muscles and body tensing up during the trip. This is coming from someone who hasn’t had a headache ever since 1988-89. When I finally got my sanity back, my wife said I was talking jibberish and not making any sense. She thought I completely lost my sanity and was ready to call 911. I can see how this stuff can put someone into the looney farm and now have more compassion for people who have. It’s so so horrible to lose your mind. That to me was the worst of all of the symptoms I had.
My point is this. The stuff is dangerous and the stuff has a complete EVIL behind it. The stuff needs to be banned and made illegal. The government got it backwards. The pot should be legalized and these companies manufacturing this shit needs to be held accountable. Since its made overseas, that seems impossible however the U.S. can put a good dent in their business by banning it. Jason- There will always be someone out there who does not care enough about their bodies to do it. There will be people to addicted to the need to be high to care enough. No one wants to die from it though. Some do it thinking stuff happens to other people, but it won’t happen to me. Its the leaders of this country that need to look out for these people whether they think the person is a loser or not. They still need our help. Not to many people who do drugs from my experience make many good decisions for themselves. Some of these people need help doing so. Its not a chemist that people need. Its not subjecting DOGS and animals to tests to see what it takes to kill them that people need. That is horrible. Especially knowing what just 2 big rips off the bong did to me. That poor animal. I really hope that that was not you that did this as I have a love for animals and beleive that they feel pain and emotions just as we do. They just do not know how to process it to put it all together for example ” That stove is hot. I burnt myself on it and now am experience pain from it”. For an animal its more like ” Man that stove was hot and I also have this extreme pain somehow for some reason. Must be just a bad day”. Jason- if you are the one doing tests on animals, I hope the good Lord above gets you back in the same manner as you dish it out 10 fold. I don’t care if its science and I don’t care if its what needs to be done to find cures for us. Find an alternative method for testing. If people are so smart to find cures for the stuff than someone can come up with something as an alternative testing method. The novel you wrote is still all theorys yet you make it sound as if its the truth without substantial proof to back it up. Your guessing like the rest of us if you ask me, only due to your education and knowledge in the area makes you sound like a genius with all the answers. I STILL SAY DON”T EVER SMOKE THE FAKE SHIT! Don’t ever put man made substances in your body period! You may be on to something here however and these things you mentioned very well may be the reason to some of the symptoms. Don’t get me wrong. I truly admire you for taking the time to really dig deep into this stuff and share it with all of us. The stuff I smoke is out of California though so I can’t imagine that stuff going undetected with the FDA who would have to be involved before legalizing it. Still though its just another reason not to smoke the stuff at all!

now I know
12:19 am December 4th, 2011

Kent, my experience was a bad one as well. I truly believe that this chemical (and others) literally separates your soul from your body….and to the doubters, it was NOT drug hallucination. I have all the personal proof I need….I even predicted it two weeks before it happened and told this to two people.
I believe the Native American Indians have been having “drug induced out of body experiences” for hundreds of years.
Anyway Kent, as weird and somewhat scary at it is to say, I believe your souls WAS pulled from your body and those were REAL demons. After my experience, I now believe that certain drugs, chemicals and even alcohol are not metaphorically evil, they are actually eveil…literally a vehicle for evil to invade you soul. Listen, before all the folks reading this think I am a bible thumper…no. I am a normal guy. I am not a lunatic idiot either lol!…. I actually have an above average IQ.
And Jason, I believe that your soul WAS in the middle east as you described. I believe the soul knows no boundary of space or time so, yes, it is logically possible. I could get into more detail of my theories but, I am not good at typing.

10:56 pm December 4th, 2011

I hope the medical community is keeping up to date with this blog. Drawing from my own experiences using the strongest blends I could find for the past year, this blog has the best compilation of first hand experiences from long time users anywhere. I know I’ve gone through the gammot of symptoms listed above. The one that surprised me most was the weight loss. 180 down to 160 in a year. And the withdrawls from quitting have not been pleasent either. Would rather cut off finger than eat something.

6:25 am December 5th, 2011

So I smoked this stuff (spice) Friday and Thursday night. On thursday it was okay, it wore off in an hour my heart was pounding but I heard that happens to everyone but when it wore off I had a headache and was lethargic.
On Friday, holy crap.. completely different story. I smoked a bowl to myself because I thought I hadn’t smoked enough the day before. About 5 minutes after I smoked it, I felt like I was on an extremely bad trip, it’s kind of hard to explain exactly how it felt but: I was detached from reality for sure, it felt like everything was rocking and spinning around me, my heart was beat SUPER fast, my body felt like it was rolling, I was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life, and I felt suicidal because it felt like it was never going to end.. if you have ever smoked enough spice you will know exactly what I’m talking about because my other friends that also smoked that night had the same thing happen to them..

So I say that there is something weird in this stuff that makes you feel like you’re on LSD or something for like an hour.. it SUCKS.

3:56 am December 7th, 2011

today i was in school walkin to my friends when my frined came up to me and asked me if i wanted to smoke synthetic,..i had smoked black mamba and hypnotic before( both r spice) and liked the feeling for an every now n then kinda type wen i dont got the green on me. it wuld make me feel the same as weed almost except insteaad of coming down from the high it wuld just go away after an hour or so.
but any way we go and take a big hit from the synthetic and hold it in. so after i released my breath i saw that i had ghosted it almost completly, then after a minut i left with one of the dudes that was there, as we wer waling bakc he said that he could feel all his weight on his shoulders and i to was feeling that. so we part ways and i go to take a piss but as im walking i feel like im losing control of my balance. so i regain my cool n try to keep calm
by the time i gt to the bathroom my heart is poundin, vision is blurry, im breathin lik a fukn dog that ran a marathon , i see my own skin as yellow, hold my hand up and c that im shaking and jittery as hell, im prety fucked up at this point and feel like im dying so i stand there and just think of my situation in the dead silence of the bathroom which makes me uncomfotable, i felt sick as shit and could not beleive what was goin on, feeling like a fetus in a big body i decide to go chill til the shit wears off
i realize how thirsty i am but its hurts wen i try to drink, i sit and listen to music while my head spins and im completely unfocused on anything and everything. tried to read a sentence but started havin tripy thoughts bout my nausea and headache. i sit around for about 20-30 minuts while my body fights off the shitty feeling. after that shit was over i had nausea and a slight headache for about 4 hours til i smoked some weed which helped.

1:50 pm December 8th, 2011

First of all I want to say how helpful this website is.I smoked spice for 5months,about 5g’s a day alone.Spice to me was an escape,it wasn’t a high, but a trip.My whole life revolved around it,and I loved it.I began taking gravs(water bongs) on the hour and that was the pinnacle of tripping for me.I never had a bad trip…ever,until one day in September.My head was spinning uncontrollably,and my heart was beating rapidly and hurting terribly.I knew I was dying. shortly after the grav. I heard voices in my head saying,”this is your life”.I asked my friend for water cause i thought maybe i was just dehydrated.Thats the last i remember. I was in a battle for my soul, I went to hell…heard screaming,pain,agony,torture,really stuff you cant put into words.I was pleading with God for another chance,and he gave me one.Regardless if i was on a “bad trip” or a religious journey i have turned my life around and have recently been saved.Praying about has been the most helpful thing I could of imagine.
The glass my friend gave me of water I chewed and swallowed,still have the broke glass.He told me I was “superhuman strength”, screaming Im dying, and jibberish. I never wish this on anyone I smoked close to 1000 times,like anything else…it only takes one.I thank the Lord daily for giving me another chance.

7:41 pm December 10th, 2011

I have smoked the real marijuana for over 10 years… I have been force to change to synthetic due to work related DTs since I have already been busted once. Granted I am 40 years old, seek the medicinal effect of THC since it really helps my body and nervous system.

Now that I have switch to synth (not by choice)… I have run into some good brands and some horrible brands.

On a daily basis I smoked NO more than a pencil erase amount… I am mature about it and very cautious seeing as there have been ALOT of bad issues with synth.

You do get a high, usually 1/3rd the amount of time but all based on the brand and its strength.

For people doing complete bowls of it once or more a day… you are pushing it… especially when you do not know if it is pure / clean and its strength.

Every new packet I got I would test lightly… no more than 2 small hits an hour…

I am not saying that it is good stuff or right to do it.. but it is my vice and the only option I have at the moment since real marij. is illegal due to taxation etc (which is a joke in itself).


I have hit some bad brands… 3 hits and I was puking… dizzy and pushed my limits… usually since it was new and I was just getting into synth.

None the less… anyone trying it beware… I have been lucky to find a brand that is reliable, stable, local, and usable is ultra small amounts…

That is the problem with kids and drugs these days… they are not mature with it… Pure marijuana can be a very good thing in moderation with experience and knowledge of your body, your consumption, and how it is all done.

Synth is dangerous to the general public due to everyone just wanting to spark a high and do not realize that there are very dangerous brands out there… and very very few ‘safe’ ones.

2:32 am December 12th, 2011

hey im alex ive used spice a lot and its bad stuff i never had a problem even tho my friend pasted out and his heart stoped i woke him up and he threw up a lot then was ok like a dumbass i kept smokin and one day i went to the restroom and my head was spining and my heart was beating very fast and i belive i had a small heart attack i think that spice weakens your heart slowly or fastly depending on the strength of someones heart im only 17 and ive been having heart pains and i mean pretty bad ones constintly since spice is bad mr. marley, mad hatter, cloud 9, 7h kush,hypnotic,jungle juice all of um i promise anyone who reads this that its better to stay away from it its fun for a little but its not worth it

2:54 pm December 12th, 2011

Read, read, read! I am not trying to scare anyone but to be alerted is one thing, to die of this death drug is another thing. Peace to you all. BJ

Scared in Tennessee
3:42 pm December 13th, 2011

My husband is in the hospital and the doctors cannot find anything wrong with him. His entire body hurts…he says it feels like he is one big bruise and is rotting from the inside out. The bottom of his feet are solid bruises and they feel like ice. He has severe chills and sweats. His vomitting and diarrhea are slowing down but he has become angry (having psychotic episodes several time a day)and suffers from really bad anxiety attacks. He has lost 15 pounds in less than a week, suffers with slurred speech, memory loss and depression. His blood pressure is high and is in danger of stroking out. He is paranoid and delusional and refuses any mental help, treatment or counseling.

I believe that all of these symptoms are directly related to cold turkey cessation of Spice. All tests have come back negative or inconclusive. I’m scared beyond words for him. I appeal to everyone out there…please stop the use of synthetic cannibus. Legalized or not, it is killing people. I am watching my husband slip away and my heart is breaking into a million pieces.


11:49 pm December 13th, 2011

my boyfirend and i smoke spice all the time he however says he never has had a bad trip on it me on the other hand i have felt the heart beating thru my chest n the pale skin and the jitters were i couldnt even hold my hand straight it just kept shaking…. i have been scared bout this stuff for awhike me n my boyfriend are trying to build a family and he recently got a great job offer as did i well we noticed as we had been smoking (him alot more than me bc it takes me one hit n he smokes as many bowls as he wants ) we noticed that he was not nutting anymore i do realize this is a very embarrising ? to ask nut on the other hand im a girl i have a million thoughts running thru my head 24-7 now i was just wondering that if anyother guys have smoked this spice shit alot (like my bf) and if u have for a long time ,….. has anyone had a problem nutting when having sex or do i just need to get a check on my man ??? i am very confused and do need answeres please ppl dont be rude just need to no

12:37 am December 14th, 2011

has anyone vomitted blood from it im trying to figure that out??????? please respond

10:59 am December 14th, 2011

Hi Jones.

Vomiting blood can be a sign of problems in the GI tract. I’d suggest that you see a doctor immediately.

3:19 pm December 14th, 2011

My daughter who is 22 was introduced to Spice during the summer of 2011. In the last few months I have noticed that when she was smoking becouse she could not focus on simple tasks and was not the “witty” personality we all know. I asked her about it and she said it “relaxed her” Other symptoms I noticed was weight lose, 20 pounds in a month. three weeks ago she started throwing up at all times of the day. I thought she was throwing up flem from a cold and I took her to the doctors where they said she has Acute Bronchitis. She stop smoking for three weeks. However, last night she bought another bag called Sexy at a corner Gas Station. She went in the bathroom to smoke it. She was not there very long… All of a sudden I heard her screaming as if in terror or pain. I went to the bathroom and she was passed out cold . The next thing I know she was having convultions. She then got up and looked at the bathroom walls acting as if they were falling down on her .. or that the bathroom was closing in . She then became very violent ..pulling my shirt. She was telling me that earlier in the day she went running nakid down the street….( really?) The behavior is not normal becouse she usually mild mannored. The eposode lasted about ten minutes. She then went to her room and layed in her bed. I called the ambulance and they said her heart was racing at an abnormal rate with heavy dialation in her eyes.they advised her to go to to the hospital. They did a Cat scan on her there and checked her lungs and said that she had acute bronchitis again or still? Seven hours later she is home. It is now 10 in the morning..She is telling me she is crazy. She spent twohours laying on the bathroom floor taking a shower. I can tell that the drug is still in her system becouse her thinking is not clear and behavior is impared. The men who cam to take her to the hospital say they have taken many people to the hospital for severe reactions to this drug. In the state of Georgia they are on the road to making this a felony to sellers or buyers.

3:42 pm December 14th, 2011

A Moms thought on this experience: For those people who have smoke shops, little neighbor hood gas stations who sell this”legal” product and believe that the buyers are doing so top make their house smell good! Please, I seriously doubt that. I will boycott you! I will write in to the local papers so that other parents are familier with your store location so they may do the same. So to you, dear sellers, If their kids come home with life long illness’s or maybe even dead like the child in Roswell, Georgia , we will look to you for answers . Please ask yourself, Whats is your good moral code you have as a business owner and ias an individual? I ask you too, Is that 20.00 pop you make per bag worth the worth the health of another? The way I see it is your nothing more than a drug dealing on the street, worthless.

10:59 am December 15th, 2011

Hi Chris. I agree with you. Everyone in the supply chain is responsible for the effects that synthetic cannabinoids can produce. But isn’t this true of bars that sell alcohol and stores that sell cigarettes, too?

2:18 am December 16th, 2011

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thank you all for posting your stories. I moved recently and cannot find the real stuff, but a friend said she could get me spice. I’ve taken one hit once before (a small hit) and didn’t like it because of the harshness on my throat. I didn’t feel any effects to speak of. Anyways, I decided to look up the effects of this drug and read what you all have written. I am not going to buy any spice. Thanks to all for potentially saving my life, and keep posting. You never know how many people like me will read this and decide to not try it! 🙂

12:47 pm December 16th, 2011

Hey I’m Aj.I’ve been smoking the synthetic for a few months now.I’m 16 years old.I’ve been smoking the real stuff on about a daily basis since I was 12 and I’ve use other illegal substances alot worst than pot but i havn’t recently since that fake came out.My cousin smoked some of this new spice with me not to long ago it was called redbull.It was alot stronger than most the other kinds we have tried.Thats all we would smoke any more we didn’t even smoke real weed since we started it.So about 3 weeks passed and I started to notice I had problems breathing and a bad cough.I thought it would stop in a few days so I tried to wait it out but it kept getting alot worst,I’m also getting sharp pains mainly in my heart and chest then I started getting it randomly all over my body.I’ve also been feeling dizzy and tired all the time but I can never go to sleep no matter how tired I get.My cousin only had a little cough but his went away with cough drops but I just keep getting worst I went to the doctor and they say they don’t know whats wrong that theres nothing they can do for me I’ve tried to quite the synthetic pot multiple times but I become outraged and impossible to be around if I go a day without it but I’ve come to find myself addicted to it and I have noticed that the longer I go without it the worst all of my symptoms get so I still continue to smoke the synthetic marijuana.Smokeing this stuff is the single most worst mistake I’ve ever made.I hope some of you out there will read this and learn from my mistake.WEEDS SAFER!!

5:51 pm December 16th, 2011

I have read all of the stories and it all hits home. I bought a bag called “One Hit” back in November 2011 and I had a terrible experience that I never want to experience again after I got home from the bar and smoked a few two many hits in my bathroom. By the time I opened the door and started walking towards my bed I started to not be able to use my arms and legs, as if i was slowly being paralyzed and I had to crawl and use my arms to pull myself up onto my bed. Then I laid face down in my pillow and became totally paralyzed. Then after realizing that I was paralyzed all I had was my mind that was the only thing that was still working. However I experienced the most evil thing I have ever experienced. I was stuck in and endless loop of good versus evil in my mind it was a huge struggle going on and and my heart was racing a million beats an hour and I was convinced that I was in Hell and that I was going to die. I really wasn’t prepared at all for this near death experience. After an hour of this hell I finally slowly regained use of my arms and legs as if my soul was spared and was reentering my body and finally went to sleep. It is because of this experience that has prompted me to research this drug and I came across this site. It appears im not the only one that has experienced this type of evil this drug causes. I threw out the bag and im never doing this stuff again. Seriously watch out don’t smoke this shit. Its been a few weeks now since that night and I still feel kinda burnt out and my pupils are always dilated when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. I also have had the most bizarre and most disturbing dreams every night since then.

8:50 pm December 16th, 2011

Synthetic Grass caught my eye reading some comment wishing i woulda read it a day sooner…last night i was in the car with my iys driving around like usauly lol. my boy had rolled a blunt of funky green stuuff and i hated smoking synthetic grass and knew the baadness of it very well, but at the time an my high on ways i was like let me rip that blunt like twice! and chiefed the blunt and chilled cruising around Michigan like a boss. but then i fealt the drug enter my blood stream and my legs tingled intensly and i was like yeaahhh this the shitt. but shortly i fealt it run through my thighs and the pleasentness stopped and began to slapp myself in a tapping out matter wanting to give up the feelng and then in there i would go through the worst thing in my life… it had reached my stomach and chest and i was in soo much pain and my abdominal section had just shooting pain an suddenly i had actualy feel like something just had bursted inside me and was draing out inside my body. it continued to travel through my bloodstream to my head! once it hit my head, my ears instantly popped and similtanlesouly ilosted my hearing and my vision closed down into a tunnel and couldnt even make out a shape or respond to light while i was intense PAINN. i then believed that iwas going to die right there in the car at walmart parking lot,internal bleeding,dialated blind eyes(and i already have a disease and stignastism),deafness, and chronic brain damage i was going to lose my life over a stupid fake blunt…i did not accept it that i was dying but had no choice and with every strength in my body i recored a memior that i wouldleave to world when i told my friend to take me home, and layed down in bed knowing that i would not wake up in the morning…IAM SO GRATEFUL THAT I DID, iwake up and ifeel like complete shit that inside out but grateful iam alive from a stupid mistake. iknow how all the adolescents and young adults that buy thisas alternitive when they cant get their narcotics but this is not the answer unless you want to die while your eyes are falling out your head….if you are pheening go buy a pack of sqr and you’ll live but if you choose this way, you are not. STAY HIGH and be wise about it.

8:02 am December 17th, 2011


I understand how you feel. I had 3 months of severely declining health before i just had to stop cause i was constantly nauseous, pale, shaky, no appetite. It was hard to smoke even, but still did every hour. Even waking up to smoke more. BUT WAIT!!! After 2 weeks of not using i feel pretty much back to normal. Trust us here. The week of withdrawls was worth getting my life back. Im actually thinking straight and motivated again. Drink fluids. I was also severly dehydrated during my first week off this crap which didnt help

Good luck everyone!

12:17 am December 18th, 2011

I am a back surgery patient. I have had 5 back surgeries and live in hell daily. After watching ‘weed wars’ I thought it may help. Since it’s not legal in my state, I tried jhW-210.

I put just a pinch in the end of my cigarette. Nothing for like 5 minutes, then WHAM!

Heart pounding, numbness, I thought my heart would explode.
Now, on the bright side, the numbness took the back pain. But I will be tossing the rest because DAYUM!!

It. Was. Bad.

Thanks for all who’ve posted!

7:34 pm December 19th, 2011

I am writing becouse I think it is important that people are aware of the withdraw effects of Spice. (See prievious postings) The first attempt to quit she vomited all day long. The second attempt to stop was worse. The first two days her body could not hold down food or liquids. (If this happens to you get Gatorade and plenty of fluids!) The third day she paced and paced, stating a feeling or boredom. Sleeping was an issue becouse she was not able to fall asleep until two and three in the morning. Melatonin has helpe
d. During the first two days she questioned her sanity. Day six now. Tired, but can eat food . …No talk of the Crazies but is very moody. I have searched the web and they said fish oil, Milk shakes, dark chocolate low acid drinks and helped others. I hope that this helps others.

Devastated Mom
3:30 am December 21st, 2011

It has now been a week and a half since my nightmare began. My 19 year old daughter is currently in the psychiatric ward suffering from paranoid delusions, hallucinations, insomnia, lack of appetite with weight loss probably greater than 50 pounds, anxiety, agitation and severe depression. We are still not certain that Spice was the cause but after investigation we determined that she had been smoking heavily for some time. I’ve been researching for several days now because there is NOTHING else that I can do. Every article I read convinces me that this was the cause. I would give anything to have my baby back and pray every day that she comes out of this. Nothing is more devastating to a parent than to watch your child struggle with the torment of their own mind and not be able to help them. She begged me to erase her mind and make it stop. If you are using this garbage or know anyone who is please stop now. There is not enough data or research into the long term effects. It’s not worth the risk. I can only hope and pray that she doesn’t have any long term effects and that she comes back to us.

9:42 pm December 21st, 2011

@devastated mom

Hang in there. She can pull through this. Many of us have. The first 2 weeks are really bad. Im on my 4th week and all hallucinations are gone and im able to eat and sleep again. Hang in there. It will get better if she doesnt use again. But like heroin, one hit threw me right back into my addiction so i know i can never go back even for a pinch. Instant stomach cramps. Have her read the comments above and she’ll make up her own mind on it.

11:22 pm December 21st, 2011

@Devastated Mom
I agree, She will get better. She has the help of professionals too. You are on the right course, My daughter is doing better as each day goes by without the drug in her system.

12:05 am December 22nd, 2011

I’ve smoked this stuff for about 3 mnths regularly now…. The only negative side-effects I’ve noticed is a bad trip here and there, maybe a slight addiction (but no more than I would be to smoking the real stuff), and I don’t seem to get a good high from the real stuff. I have noticed less of an appetite too…but I go through phases like this. You have to assume if the gov is making it legal, and it’s MADE by the gov, then there must be some catch. It’s no worse than cigs or alcohol, in my opinion.

4:41 am December 22nd, 2011

Smoked it for a few months, noticed a cough, still continued to smoke, tried this stuff called white rhino and it made me feel like I was going to be possessed, I was hearing voices and high pitched noise like a crowd screaming, and my chest was pounding and it felt like my brain was a balloon being filled until it was just about to POP… I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND SMOKING IT IF YOU DO YOU SHOULD PROBABLY STOP

5:00 am December 22nd, 2011

@ tns…. My cousin has had the same issues. And couldnt nut either, but he told me he smoked a lot at the time, and said he slowed down and wouldn’t smoke before sex and it helped.

Devastated Mom
12:53 pm December 22nd, 2011

Andrew and Chris,
Thank you so much for the encouraging comments. I really needed them last night. It was our first visit at the hospital and I came away with a loss of hope after seeing her. They have increased the Risperdal to 3.5mg a day. I am a long term care nurse and very familiar with Risperdal, its effects as well as side effects. Seeing her sedated, still with no desire to eat at all and still complaining of hearing voices broke my heart. I had hoped we would see some slight improvements. I know that it has only been approximately one week that she been unable to smoke. The psychiatrist seemed to feel that the symptoms should subside within 4 to 5 days. He also stated there was no withdrawel. But, everything I’ve read over the past week tells me that people do experience withdrawel. We don’t know the full duration of her usage or exactly what brands she was smoking. I don’t think at this point it really matters. I just know what it has done to her. Thank you for your encouraging words and sharing your stories. I will pray for you all as I do for my babygirl. When she is clear headed enough to concentrate I plan to share this website with her as well as plenty of counseling and therapy.

8:33 am December 23rd, 2011

I have recently stop smoking weed so i figured ill try spice it was called code 69it was the worst thing i done in my life my heart started beating fast everything started spining and like i felt like i was gonna die it felt like an outter body feeling and it felt someone was after me DO NOT SMOKE THIS CRAP IT IS NOT GOOD NOT KNOWING WAT COULD HAPPEN IT WAS SOMEONE WAS GONNA HURT ME OR I WAS GONNA HURT SOMEONE I WAS SO SCARED DO NOT TRY THIS SYNTHETIC CRAP

4:52 pm December 28th, 2011

I knew nothing about the negative effects of Spice until after developing high blood pressure, chest pains, and joint/back problems. I have never smoked it but was around people who did Spice and K2. I didn’t think nothing of it because I was told it was “legal” and “fake”. Many strange things have happened to my family and friends in the past four years that I believe is related to Spice and K2. Young adults and children with chest pains, hypertension, and back conditions, strokes, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Ailments that did not exit before. I believe Spice and K2 not only have negative effects on people that use it, but also effects others “second-hand” like crack cocaine and cigarettes. When I stopped hanging around Spice and K2 users and stopped people from smoking in my house and car, my health got better and continues to improve everyday. Thus, beware…

Casey s. Ga
6:21 am December 29th, 2011

REAd!!!!!!! Spice does effect your cardiovascular system. after I became addicted (very easy) I was smoking 5 to 8 grams a day for A month straight. Never showing any side effects. Then one day my body tried to shut down, I had to prevent my body from going into constant seizures ,my heart was racing and skipping beats. This went on for 6 hours… after this I quit, relapsed, and it happened again every time I tried it after that. I beleive this chemical in it becomes stored in your brain , spine, or cardio system. Either way once you hit this point you dont need to do any drug your body will react the same. Even when I smoke canibus it still happens. And for those of you that say its just a trip? One day you’ll realize its not and you might not wake up. I was told im lucky to beleive alive and have perminent heart damage

9:42 pm December 30th, 2011

The first thing that I can say is to NOT smoke spice often, not even once a week. It’s not super horrible like harder drugs, but doing it TOO often can destroy you and cause many more effects than marijuana. Smoking it every once in a while is okay, you won’t really have major side effects there. But doing it even once a week, and especially every 2-3 days can cause lots of physical and mental problems.

I’ve only been doing it for about 2-3 months or so, and I don’t do it everyday, but I do it on a regular basis. But it’s not good to do AT ALL. The effects destroy your body, makes you crazy. I’m not gunna lie, the experiences you get from it are intense and fun, well in my opinion anyways. I actually like the highs from it, most people hate them but I find them fun and intense. I’ve smoked many various types, the best I smoked was called crazy camel. That shit messes you up pretty good, gave me a pretty intense high. But here’s what has been happening to me from all of it.

The main thing that has been worrying/bothering me from all my spice smoking is my body, but mainly in my chest, pains. They hurt, and it majorly worries me a lot. It feels like something is wrong with my heart, and while i’m high it feels like my heart is irregularly beating and beating uncomfortably fast. I’m sure everyone has been experiencing this, but I wanted to make the people who have/are feel a little less worried because I have it too. I’ve been getting pains in the left side of my chest, in my forearms, my upper chest muscles, and my thighs. The more I cut down though, the better the pains feel and they eventually start to lessen and feel less unbearable. The advice I can give for it that I have noticed works is to SLEEP, and drink WATER. These both make the healing process a lot faster.

The second thing i’ve been feeling is my emotional imbalance and being “out of it” the days following after being high of spice. My emotions have been on a rampage, I feel happy one second and the next I just want to cry. It’s a horrible experience. I can’t really say much else about that, but it sucks and makes you feel suicidal.

And the third is my memory and learning skills, also my speech. It gets harder and harder to remember even the simplest things, and it makes life harder as well. And this links in with my learning skills, because you have to remember to learn. Then my speech is being affected as well, waking up the next day after smoking spice, I feel like it’s hard to speak even a sentence without freezing in the middle of it or losing your train of though. Marijuana can do this as well, but you need a lot of it and for it to be a regular habit for this side affect to really show up.

You also get massive paranoia from smoking it, just as you do with weed. Also you get anxiety, insomnia, impared judgement and memory, increased heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, body pains, and believe or not, Addiction.

Now i’m going to talk about the feeling of the high and how i’ve seen people react on their highs, because everyone reacts different to them. When I get high off it; my heart beats really fast, as well as irregularly beats, I have intense rushes going throughout my body, I feel good, I get extremely paranoid when outside or even inside an area, my senses are intensified especially touch, everything feels different than it usually would, my testicles tingle and if I sit still too long it feels like someone is stabbing a needle in them, also my genetalia area starts to feel very hot as if it’s baking unless I air them out, it’s very strange. But not all my spice highs have been the same, it all depending on the type and quality. It seems the stronger and more expensive it was, the more better feeling the high would be. I’ve only one bad trip where my whole body would hurt if I didn’t stay moving and I had extreme cottonmouth and I couldn’t eat or drink anything because it all felt too dry. It was horrible but i’m not gunna lie it was intense and fun. I’ve never seen anything that wasn’t there, but i’ve had physical hallucinations where it would feel like something was wrong with a certain area of my body, especially in my testicles and recently my chest. Much more to say, but that’s the basic summary of how MY highs feel.

Now i’m going to talk about the highs i’ve seen people have. I have a short friend who smokes with me all the time. He has seemed to have the worst trips out of anyone I know, and has never seemed to enjoy it until his small body finally gained more of a tolerance to it. But depending on the spice, he usually gets; Anxiety, pukes, stays quiet, laughs extremely hard, can’t eat, and looks really scared at the beginning of all is highs. But yeah, it’s different for everyone. Then there’s my addicted friend, who smokes around a 2 gram jar a day. He is literally addicted to spice, to where if he goes one day without it he goes through detox, Which is the body’s way of fighting the need for a drug, it causes him to puke and feel nausea until he gets some. His body literally needs the chemicals in it, he’s gained an addiction to it and needs it to stay happy. It’s horrible to watch.

I hope this has helped people. Later.

12:19 am December 31st, 2011

I’m writing to share my experience. I did a variety of “Spices” for a month, using approximately 1 gram a day. I love it – but I wish now I never did it. I did not experience hallucinations, but had an INCREASE in appetite during it’s use and a major loss of appetite when I came down. I lost 10% of my body weight when I first got off Spice and am now eating regularly. When i used spice I would initially feel my heart race and some anxiety right after smoking it, but it went away pretty quickly so it didn’t concern me. I loved falling to sleep early because of the spice (I’m an insomniac) and waking up refreshed to watch the sun rise ever day. The “high” was absolutely delightful to me and I found that I was actually addicted to it. When I ran out, I obsessed over the store opening so I could majorly go out of my way to buy it again. I stopped only because I developed a major cough and because it was becoming expensive for me and because I thought it was absolutely stupid of me to drive 1 hour (one way) to the head shop to buy it. When I stopped I thought at that time that I had developed pneumonia and cracked a rib from coughing so much. I went to a doctor who prescribed me an antibiotic and luckly didn’t have pneumonia or cracked ribs, but I had pulled muscles in my chest and it took 2 weeks for me to stop coughing up a lung. Now that I have stopped using spice for about a month now, I have had EXTREME fatigue. I can’t lose that feeling. Thankfully the coughing has stopped and my lung muscles are almost healed. I have had tons of blood work done and doctor’s can’t find a reason for my SEVERE FATIGUE. I have been failing in school as a result of not having the energy to put in quality study time. I BEG for the day that this withdrawl or side effects of using spice leaves me. I have spent a lot of money on doctors and none of them can find a cause. I went to a doctor today and my Blood Pressure was 175 over 110 with a 111 heart rate (SCAREY), but it then dropped to 125 /90 while I was in his office. I did not tell my Dr. I have been using spice because I did not want him to put that in my chart. Too I have had the most bizarre dreams since I stopped using the Spice. I have spent 2/3 rds of each day sleeping (and I’m a supposed insomniac mind you). If I don’t sleep that much I feel like a steam roller just ran over me and I cry at the drop of a pin because I find the perpetual fatigue to wear on my emotions. I KNOW THIS IS BECAUSE OF USING SPICE. The friend of mine who turned me onto this tells me that he parks his work truck during the day, hides from his boss and sleeps in his truck during parts of the work day. I called him today to tell him that HE SHOULD QUIT SPICE and I doubt he will. I wish I found this post before I did Spice. I ONLY USED IT FOR A MONTH. I would like to learn if other people experience this extreme fatigue after stopping spice for a month. How long will this last? I really want to get back on track. Hopefully this helps someone out there. Hopefully I have not permanently messed myself up – I pray!

2:26 pm January 4th, 2012

i quit when i got in a bad car accident about a month ago and have been sober ever since. i have major problems controlling my emotions, and still find it hard to not smoke spice. its rough people.

6:39 pm January 6th, 2012

I have never smoked pot, I tried spice last nite, took 4 hits off of it in about 5 minutes. Again I never tried pot so I probably thought smoking like a cigarette was OK. After a few minutes, it seemed as though I had tunnel vision seemed as if light was all around what i was looking at and i kept reaching my hand out to see if the item or person was that far away. I lost time. And I vaguely remember anything that happened during the night. My Bf was with me and so was a girlfriend. He tied me down because i was shaking. I remember him asking her, who smokes daily all day, if he should call an ambulance. I was very dry mouth. I could not talk at all. I felt like my legs weighed 100 pounds when he moved me to the bedroom. He said I was going crazy and that’s why they tried to restrain me. Then I got really cold. Like get the electric blanket cold. After about 2 hours, which I don’t remember any of it, I somehow went back to the couch and started masturbating and I don’t remember being horny. My bf told me that me and my girlfriend had “fun” in the bedroom, which is not unusual, but I don’t remember. Its the first and last time, because I didn’t have control of my body. I am lucky when I tried it that I was with people who care about me and looked out for me that nite. My boyfriend did give me a 4 yellow anxiety pills to help with me come down. My girlfriend said when I hit it and started having these problems, that I would be OK in about 20 minutes, 3 hours later is when I took the pills and went into a very restful sleep, although I feel the effects of the pills today. I was still feeling the effects. No more for me unless I am with someone I can trust.

2:26 am January 7th, 2012

I wanted to add to my experience. I finally found out that after all my blood work I found out that I have Macrocytic Anemia, which can be cause by a lack of B-12 and or folic acid OR BEING POISONED. I have had extreme fatigue since stopping because macrocytic anemia can cause fatigue, which was caused by the POISONS in spice. I have been drinking ALL NATURAL Green teas, which is REALLY, REALLY helping me detox that crap out of my system!!!! Glad I could share an will keep you posted on my next blood test to see if all that crap has left my system!!! My fatigue isn’t as extreme, but it is still not pleasant. I’m not a doctor, but I hope this information helps you.

2:09 pm January 7th, 2012

The people that post here are all saying the same thing. The part that you all need to understand is this synthetic drug is doing the same stuff to all. I know, I did smoke it and it is a NWO thing. I suppose the moderator (s) of this site hate me saying this but I know for sure. There is lead in these mixtures, it is poison to your system. Ask yourself this question, “When I went to the hospital, and they took blood, did they check it for lead”? The answer is no as I have had to research alot of this and I found that the test results did not include lead. There is a nano technology introduced in this so-called-synth-pot! want proof? Just search all the data and never belive everything that some sites are saying. I care, we all care and we all want you to be fully aware of what you are doing! Out of body experiences, heavy feeling in legs, increased appitite but no weigt gain only loss. If I am right then please post and tell me. I do monitor this blog site and I do read. Stop this drug, stop smoking it. If you have a circle of friends that experience the same, talk about it. Agree to stop smoking it. Call daily, check on them, even expect the same in return. We can all beat this if you try. It is the worst new drug to come out and the people that make, manufacture it are all laughing. Keep peace in your heart and trust in God as in the end it will prove that you will be fine. God bless and may the lords will keep you safe. B.J.

1:29 am January 8th, 2012

Okay, so i smoke this stuff pretty much every weekend. But last night my boyfriend smoked after i told him not too. Well i was out side with my girl cracking up and she walks in and i walk in behind her and im standing in the kitchen chiilin and she starts freaking out and screaming my boyfriends name. Well i started freaking out which made me go into panic attack mode. Well my boyfriend couldnt move talk open his eyes or anything. well i walk back out side then come back in and my friend is trying to open his eyes. He opens them and looks at me like he is going to kill me. I have never been that scared in my life. I wouldnt even let him touch me. But i talked to him and he said he could hear what was going on and kinda knew what was going on but it went really slow. Well every time i smoke it i get bad headaches i get some what sick. and i get really mad when im coming off my high. Like with the real stuff i have never felt like this. But now when i smoke it i think about the night i thought my boyfriend was going to die. So we promised each other we would never smoke it again and i hope it stays that way.

6:22 pm January 8th, 2012

I thought I died and went to hell when I did it. I didn’t expect it at all because I did it a lot before the time I almost died. I thought I was going to puke so I left the room and tried to go to the bathroom, then I blacked out. The next thing I remember is feeling confused and in a lot of pain. I thought I was in Hell that seemed never ending. Not the fire and demons kind of Hell, but way worse. It was complete and utter torture. I can’t imagine anything being worse than the feeling I had. I didn’t even know I had a body and I couldn’t remember my past or my existence in general. I remember wondering why I would be created just to feel the anguish I was feeling. Finally, I heard panicking voices which reminded me that I had a body and I was human. So, I thought I was dead, or at least dying. I started screaming to God, asking his forgiveness and praying he would save me. It was the loudest scream I have ever screamed in my life, but I thought I was dead so I didn’t know anyone could hear me. I thought it was all in my head, but apparently everyone in the dorm building heard me. People reactions to my screams made me realize I wasn’t dead yet. The officers and the ER arrived and all I could say was “I’m dying”. I didn’t know I puked at all, but they said there was puke all over my face and all down the front of me. Apparently I was lying on the stairs with my mouth open, unresponsive, and eyes wide open, but I couldn’t see a thing (I actually thought my eyes were closed the entire time). I went to the hospital. I would have died if no one found me. Apparently, after I blacked out (heading to the bathroom), I went past the bathroom and went up the stairs (not sure why I would do that). We think I fell down the stairs because I had many knots on my head. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. Two guys were with me when we were smoking it. One guy just got super nauseous and paranoid, and the other guy got violently sick but didn’t have to go to the hospital. After this incident, we had a lot more left (it didn’t take much at all to almost die from smoking this specific stuff), so the guy holding on to it didn’t even ask, he just flushed it. We all were thankful we were alive and we didn’t want that stuff in our sights ever again. PLEASE don’t do it. I beg you. I had good experiences with it in the past, but that one time was enough to make me afraid. It’s seriously not worth the risk. Both the officers and the doctors told me they’d rather me do weed instead of this “fake weed”. They all agreed that the “fake weed” should be illegal. It is way more dangerous than weed. Alcohol is even more dangerous than weed. SODA is even more dangerous than weed in the long run. JUST PLEASE DON’T DO “FAKE WEED”, “K2”, “SPICE”, SYNTHETIC WEED”, ETC. It is extremely dangerous.

6:55 pm January 8th, 2012

This website actually helped me out alot. I’m glad I’m not the only one who suffered these side-effects. I smoked spice with a couple of friends last night and when I realised what I was smoking was spice not weed/marijuana I was tripping even worse. I thought I was gonna die because I had excruciating pain in my chest. I have asthma and bronchitis so I know what my chest pains usually feel like. Earlier that day I took my Gabipiton for my Fibromyalgia and I was still feeling the effects of it, lets just say taking a pain medication and smoking spice is the worse thing to do. I passed out in my friends arms and they tried waking me up and nothing. Thank God I still live at home. If not they wouldn’t know what to do. They rang my door bell andmy grandma brought me inside and changed my clothes and gotten me in bed and she told me to relax and try to go to sleep which was kinda hard since my mind was in reality. I almost had a heart attack from my heart racing so fast. Then, I finally fell asleep. Woke up this morning with a migraine and chest pains. Thank God my grandma was a hippie. I’m just saying like everyone else here has said Don’t smoke spice it can kill you.

12:12 pm January 9th, 2012

I’ve been smoking the fake stuff for six months, I would wake and bake on it. I didn’t realize how bad it was until i couldn’t remember anything or even start an intelligent conversation. I got tired of the feeling like i was going to die which i noticed happened more when they changed the chemicals and took jwh 18 out. They are constantly changing the chemicals, so who knows if the next batch will kill you or not. I’ve also noticed that i have become emotionless it’s hard for me to feel anything and it feels like i don’t have a conscience anymore. I recently stopped a couple weeks ago and you will have withdrawals from it, most terrible thing i’ve ever been through. Puking, anxiety attacks, no appetite, stomach pains, too much mental thinking (i seriously thought i was going insane), and constant tiredness. Trust me the withdrawals are worth getting yourself back. I’m feeling much better, i can actually think properly again and i’m getting some of my memory back i doubt it will ever be the same again though. The withdrawals will last for about a week, drink lots of water and cranberry juice it helps get it all out of your system and get lots of sleep. I’m never going back to this. It is terrible, and will drive you crazy. Smoke pot if you can it never made me feel like i was going to die or mess with my chest and it’s all natural. I hope you guys can overcome this and things will return to normal once you stop.

1:26 pm January 10th, 2012

So I came here to check out side effects of Spice because i heard stories about people having seizures because of it. I have been smoking it for maybe 2 months now, but 1 time 5 months prior. When I smoked it, great stuff right? Same high as weed, didnt last as long, but was great to feel that high again since my job does a urine test. Well, good thing i read up on this. I have begun to get just little headaches, and in the last month, i have lost plenty of weight, more than i would defiantly have wanted. I caught strep throat off of it, and that didnt help the fact that i could hardly eat, but when whatever i did, it came right back up. I finally got cured off that, but have headaches every now and then. I dont smoke much, maybe 3-4 bowls a day, so a gram would last me about little over a week. After reading this, i still have half a gram left, but I am getting rid of this. I would rather stick to the real thing if i could, because it is MUCH safer. I wish all who read this, quit too.

Think about it like this, you are smoking chemicals right? Well hey, if its such a good idea, lets just soak a piece of paper in bleach, wait for it to dry then smoke it? Sounds like a real stupid idea, and when you think about all the side effects and what it is doing to peoples lives, pot heads just as a few of us, its not worth it.

So if you are looking for votes on to quit, here is mine. Quit while you are ahead, cause that is one race you will not win, as some will find it too late, and you will live with this, for a bit at least.

1:33 pm January 11th, 2012

In searching for long-term side effects of sythethic marijuana, I found this website. I am the mother of an teenage son who used it for a couple months. Now, we are trying to figure out what is wrong with him. He laughs or cries for no reasons. He speaks in a staccato fashion. He stares. He’s not the same person. I think it’s the K2. Please don’t do this to your body.

Devastated Mom
12:35 pm January 12th, 2012

@ Judy, get your son to a medical professional ASAP and be honest about what has been going on. We are a little over a month into this and my daughter is still experiencing psychosis and is on fairly high doses of an antipsychotic, antidepressant and antianxiety. She does a little bit better everyday but she is still not the same person. It has been a living nightmare. She spent 10 days in the hospital psychiatric unit and 6 more in a step down treatment facility before we were able to bring her home. This was basically for them to observe her behaviors, make sure she was safe and monitor the meds. The doc tells us now that she is manifesting all the symptoms of schizophrenia but we have to continue to monitor for the next 6 months. I’ve clung to hope for the past several weeks that it was the spice. But, from what I am reading that should have resolved by now. It certainly contributed to this and perhaps even brought it on. Studies show that marijuana can bring on schizophrenia in a genetically predisposed person, it now appears that the spice can as well. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me anymore whether it is or it isn’t. All that matters is getting her well. I pray everyday that this will resolve and she will not have another psychotic break but there is no way to tell but time. Your son may be in the beginnings of psychosis and he needs treated as soon as possible. Early treatment is best. Is my daughter schizophrenic now because of this, we don’t know and may not ever know. It is not worth it. I wish there were some way to make these kids understand the dangers of what they are playing with. I wish you all the best and can not stress enough the urgency of getting your son to a professional. And do not let them blow you off, make sure they understand that this is not normal behavior. Keep a journal and document everything, what his behaviors have been, what you have done and who you have seen.

5:49 pm January 14th, 2012

Has anyone smoked spice, had an awful high, smoked weed and felt the same high as the spice??? if so, does one overcome that by smoking more pot?

johnny smith
11:39 pm January 15th, 2012

i smoked mr nice guy for the first time yesterday with 2 friends and never again haha it was fun while i was high, but today i feel like absolute shit i threw up twice and am cold with a slight headache
i took two hits on the first bowl and they told me not to hold it in like weed so i didnt then the second time about an hour later i took 3-4 hits and held one in i was pretty gone and i was snowboarding and getting on the lift was soo scary ahaha but the third time i hit it 5-6 time about 2 hours later and got the most messed up so today im having trouble eating and im a little out of it can anyone tell me if niacin will flush it out and if not how long should i exppect to feel like this

2:05 pm January 16th, 2012

Devestated Mom: keep a journal – document everything for a “lawsuit”. Your a nurse, not a doctor. I am not a hand holder, as you can see. I do dislike spice. If your daughter is hospitalized, they have some form of behavioural chart, aside from a bloodwork base and ongoing chart. Just let your Dr. do his job and let go! – let him or her Dr. discide what is best – YOU ARE NOT A DR. It’s okay to discribe your experience.

3:12 pm January 16th, 2012

Scott and Devistated Mom:
Mom, my daughter has smoked Spice and I too went on the internet to educate myself on the substance. This is the only site I could find that has helped me. It is the users who gave me the insite of the effects of smoking and the withdraws. It is the moms like you who helped me understand that my daughter need the help on ” why ” she smokes. She has been off spice for one month now. But I still see her a difference’s in her behavior. If it were not for your postings I would not be taking her to the doctor today. Thankyou for your anidotes and your personal feelings of what you are going though.
Scott: I want to thankyou too for what you post too. It is the users notes that helped me understand why she was throwing up for days, losing dramatic amounts of weight, and what they did to help themselves get well.
From what I have read we do not know the long term effects from using this drug. I have read from doctors that they believe Spice and Pot may bring out psychotic in individuals who have the tendency to have it in their genes. I will clarify this to be true on my experience with my daughter. When I witnessed my daughter on both pot and spice, it put her in a psychotic state of mind. The psychotic eposodes happened when she was smoking pot at the age of 17 years of age, and now at 23 with smoking spice. Both drugs brought on a violent, superstrong, dilutional personality. In between the drugs she did not drink or do any other kind of drug. She is a soft spoken , kind, and thoughtful lady.
It is important while posting to be conciderate of others who are already in trama with seeing those we care about sick.
It is important that we educate ourselves though, doctors , users, and those who can give added light to this drug called spice.
To the young man who is 16 who is afraid to get off of the drug becouse he is afraid to be sick everyday. Seek help. Tell someone who can help you to be well.

Devastated Mom
7:21 pm January 16th, 2012

@ Scott, I found that seeking professional help got the ball rolling and has helped my daughter tremendously. Furthermore the journal keeping was a suggestion that I was given and that has helped me. Keeping track of behaviors, meds used, treatment given and the effects of same are helpful in her treatment as well as giving a parent or caregiver a way to feel useful, instead of helpless.

Brown Boy
8:24 pm January 16th, 2012

And this, my friends, is what happens as a result of the “war on drugs”. Legislate and Educate, and allow people to make informed choices about drugs. We wouldn’t have all this synthetic crap about then.
Too much propaganda and not enough education.

2:23 am January 17th, 2012

Wicked X, Medusa, and Happy Hour are made by the same company. These latest generations of herbal incense do not tell you what is in the product but they DO label with lot numbers in case of death or lawsuit. Guess what? There is a big ole’ NO JWH on the label. So, we aren’t dealing with the synthetic cannabanoid issue here folks -its something much worse. Trust me, you don’t want to use this shit!
I’m in my third day of withdrawals from this stuff and wish that I never would have touched it.
One thing that is certain, smoking this crap depletes your body of B vitamins. That’s why so many on here (myself included) complain of headaches, depression, muscle cramps, irregular heart beat, anxiety, etc.Instead of going to the head shop tonight I went to the health food store and got a good vitamin B complex supplement. After replenishing my Vitamin B and 16 ozs of water, I felt better within minutes. For anyone trying to kick the herbal incense, I highly recommend getting a bottle of B complex from the grocery or drug store.

12:05 pm January 17th, 2012

The fact of this drug is that no one knows the full effects or possible damage and lasting effects. Medical professionals admit this. The only things we do know for certain are what people out there are experiencing and what the professionals are seeing…..and that is psychosis, cardiac issues, and death.

1:11 pm January 17th, 2012

@Devastated Mom: Thank you for your story. We have been getting professional counseling and recently had an appointment with a psychiatrist. I have read that some people may be predisposed to schizophrenia and that marijuana may bring it on, etc. The issue with counseling is that he doesn’t think he has a problem so we’re on our third counselor. Now I’m looking for a group that he might go to. I just want my son back. He was a smart, funny, popular teenager before K2.

1:52 am January 21st, 2012

Jesus, im so tired of seeing both sides of things. Now im no intellect, but it doesnt take much to realize new things are misunderstood. Now i’ve smoked spice for almost 2 years (on and off) and this morning i had a horrible puke attack from what i think is the chem i ingested. I smoked one hit of pin up (pretty big hit) and then started vomiting in my car. I have no idea if it is because of the spice but unlike most people i will not assume that that is the reason. I have puked 3-4 times today and its pretty scary to be honest. Though without any more biased story telling… JWH / K2 / AM are (lets make this noticeable
people die off tons of research chems bought either offline or through a head shop. I know people who smoke spice everyday and are fine. I also know people who smoke it and think they’re on crack. once again THESE CANNABOIDS ARE RESEARCH CHEMICALS. Who knows if they are bad?? they vary from user to user. When you smoke a chemical you throw yourself into a testing lab and you take the risk of death. Not the majority of people die off spice (you can say im wrong) but i swear the majority stay fine. There is a number who tend to have really bad trips and really bad health issues via spice. I have always took this into consideration when using (it scares me usually) but sitting there spreading rumors that it kills people, is pretty far out.

~*~*~There is nothing anyone can say that is a fact (including myself) but the various chemical blends in spice are changed frequently, and can kill you. This doesnt not mean that if you smoke it once, or smoke it for a year you will die. This means that its a whatever goes type deal. So if you’re a person who is going to throw their “OMG “X” died from “X”” making it illegal is not the solution though. Understanding that a chemical that is just now being ingested into humans and is possibly a life risk. Is the solution. I mean, you can make it illegal all you want, but blending your own spice blend is easy as 1,2,3. ~*~*~

10:02 pm January 22nd, 2012

D – With only two hits of spice ,My daughter fell to the floor, .went into a state of psychosis, had aggressive behavior where she could have injured someone, had delutions – ” the walls are caving in, see them peeling?” and “What is that screaming I hear?
When the ambulance came her heart rate was severly abnormal . She was in the hospital ‘s emergancy room for a few hours until she became .
Her path to recovery :She spent weeks throwing up; Stayed in a state of depression for weeks. Her nose would bleed for no reason, and she felt tired all the time. It has been a month now and she seems to be getting better.
If you asked her how Spice was before this she would have told you it made her mellow, laugh, and happy. But she would also tell you she wanted it all the time. Smoking it constantly. When she would stop smoking she would throw up for days. After the hospital emergency incident which by the way cost her 3000 dollars, she was throwing up for two weeks ;every hour on week one.
The reason I say this to you D is becouse this is not a rumor, it is fact. With an abnormal heart rate can come death. With falling to the floor you can hurt yourself or cause death. By being dulutional you may do things you might not if you were sober.
D- you are throwing up – please asssume it may be from Spice.

4:24 pm January 23rd, 2012

Hi well i been sick for the past 2 months….I tried to stop smoking “tiger Blood” that’s what we have out here…But i can i feel sick throw up all day and night and i have withdrawn systoms like i was a dope feen…..I have had a bad cough thats has been going on for 2 months now… my ribs hurt like hell……….I started smoking it last year in feb so it only been 11 months and i smoked all different kinds…If i try and smoke “cloud 9” or anything else i use too it dont do anything too me i feel like i smoked air…. My body has become immune to them all………I found that i have trouble falling asleep if i dont smoke it….Imma goignt o stop before it kills me.

10:16 pm January 23rd, 2012

This stuff is EVIL, bottom line. You might as well smoke dirty crack cocaine mixed with who knows what, actually the side effects from that might not be as bad. In all seriousness though, stay away from synthetic weed. I wish more people knew about this. The information displayed on this website is not common knowledge, kids everywhere think that because you can but it over the counter it must not be that bad and they are dying from it, no joke. Just do a google search on ‘herbal (or synthetic) weed death’ and look at how many people have died from this stuff. It should be banned, and shame on the people who sell it after they discover how bad it is for their customers.

The Former
5:15 am January 24th, 2012

1-1-11- 3g package smoked over the course of three days. 6-1-11 approximate time of using was 6 months. During the time I was using my days ran together and time was a blurr. I began to crave more and use more each day. Using this drug was all I wanted to do and my life revolved around getting high. It was a secret so I spent much of this time smoking alone. I would smoke approximately 3g every 2 weeks and this was only limited by other obligations, if I wasn’t involved with other healthy behaviors I would have surely smoked more. At the worst I was smoking every night and three times a day, three days a week. I was addicted despite the unpleasant high it gave me and as soon as I came down I wanted to smoke more. The high lasted around one hour but it felt like years.
Within seconds it begins: Euphoric rush, difficulty breathing, mind racing, rapid heart rate, bloodshot eyes, numbness, weakness, lethargy, pseudoparalysis, PARANOIA, closed eye visuals/hallucinations, out of body experience, fear of death, feeling of death, religious experiences, waiting the high out, and finally thanking God you lived, repeat.
The most significant side effects are paranoia: I most often felt that people were against me, spying on me, plotting on ways to have me arrested; cardiopulmonary: Every time I became worried that my heart would stop, my throat would close, or my lungs wouldn’t be able to continue functioning.
I found that laying in bed with a huge glass of ice water and meditating on the idea that this would last an hour or so at most eased these symptoms. I knew that I would never call for help or go to the hospital so I had no choice but to wait it out (many times I couldn’t mentally bring myself to stand up so I often had no choice)
When I wasn’t using I found myself highly irratable and anticipating the next time I would get high despite my awarness of the negative effects it was bringing upon every aspect of my life.
I quite for fear of long term health proplems (and fear of sudden death). Within two months after I quit I relapsed and smoked 1g more. While quit I experienced irratibility, fatigue, stomach discomfort, and malaise until 1 week had passed followed by improvement in all aspects of life. Six months later I am free from this terrible drug. I might suggest it has caused a very mild visual impairment and a state of depression but couldn’t say this was directly caused by the drug.
I am 20 something and have had experience with a fair amount of other common drugs save meth/crack/heroin etc. and this is by far the worst drug I have come accross.
People will do what they want but I feel that this drug should get more “respect” and consideration in comparison to the others.

Concerned Friend
11:09 pm January 24th, 2012

How long has it taken for the headaches to disappear? Have you, your friends, or your family members regained their former mental state? How long does the vomitting last? A friend of mine was recently admitted into the psychiatric unit due to her paranoia, hallucinations, depression, and anxiety. In the past, she never experienced any of these. So my question is how long does this last? Will she ever be herself again? Please, help!

5:09 pm January 25th, 2012

I recently smoked spice about 4 months ago. I’ve never smoked any type of weed or done any drugs before this. I took 4 1/2 hits, started to fall into it, the mind alter I had was unbelievable. if I’d close my eyes, I felt like I was 20 feet behind myself, the entire time I didn’t know who I was, who anyone was, I thought I was dead, I didn’t have any realization that I’m even alive or anything existed, couldn’t feel anything, it was like 100 things happening at once in one plain eye sight yet it was really only me spinning and screaming in a field for 1 1/2 hours. I wish I could explain what I saw, but it would take so long to explain.

A couple months later, I started randomly getting a feeling of almost like being on the edge of reality, like I don’t really exist, and everything pauses, again; extremely hard to explain. Anyway, I got an MRI, and got diagnosed with panic attacks. They help I guess, it’s starting to go away, though.

Don’t smoke Spice.

11:40 pm January 26th, 2012

i am currently day 9 in detox. I have smoked this stuff called klimax that is made by the makers of Kush. I live in Texas and am wondering if anyone on here is from Texas as well. I’ve kept up with this blog and another one on this same website for some time now. it actually has helped me stop. so many people who blog on here talk about stuff I’ve never even heard of. different names of synthetic weed. I am trying to find anyone who has smoked the same thing I have. any help would be appreciated. thanks

10:00 am January 27th, 2012

Hey everyone. Me and my sister has been smoking spice for about exactly a year and we both has had bad sharp pains in our stomach and bad headachs I always try stopping but the spice kept pulling me back because it seemed as if we didn’t have it we would go crazy from bordom anyways I’ve been reading these posts on this website,( THANK YOU ALL for motivating me to stop ) anyways this is going to be my first time trying to quite without smoking again due to my concerns about my health and there is no way to get it. PLEASE help me quite without getting the withdraw effects, if u can please let me know of methods u guys might have to quitting such a drug without having crazy shit happining like seeing crazy stuff or losing sleep or weight…..please I already have symptoms of minor headachs and stomach pain

please stay healthy
10:13 am January 27th, 2012

To all those who smoked spice recently, please please please stop. Your destroying your body and mind. some of you might might not have crazy effects now but believe me it will come back on you in some type of major health issue ranging from brain damage to cancer of all kinds…. just remmember it onley takes one cell to mutate to produce cancer…please stop smoking spice……ill pray for all of those with horrifiying stories on here.. please just stop and if u have that feeling like I do to have one more bowl won’t hurt please don’t because believe me it leads to another till your at the point that another couple of month went buy and you still havnt quit. Me I’m just beginning to stop after smoking a year straight and I’m scared to death of having the symtoms some of yous had….

Brian (Please don't try this)
4:23 am January 29th, 2012

Hey everyone. I am a fairly healthy 21 year old and I would like to share my story with K2 Spice with you all in hopes of increasing awareness of the dangers of this product.

For the past 4 years, I have been an occasional marijuana/cigar smoker. and when I mean occasionaly, I mean like a gram of weed every 3 months on average. I am a fairly fit individual who exercises and tries not to eat too unhealthy.

Last wednesday, I went into my local smoke shop and bought a bag of K2 Spice. I thought, this is legal and gives you 4x the high, and was totally excited about smoking this. The first time I smoked about a bowl’s worth and I felt fantastic. Nothing bad whatsoever, just pure euphoric, almost like a crackhead high type of feeling and was really excited I found this product.

The next day, I smoked a little more than a bowls worth again, but the experience was absolutely horrifying. Almost immediately, my heart race elevated and was having very heavy irregular beats. This along with loss of feeling on my entire left side of the body, and having panic attacks, I thought I was going to die. My entire lifes dreams, ambitions, and successes all flashed before me.

For the next 5 days, the irregular heavy heart beats would continue and I believe this will take a very long time for me to fully recover.

I urge you to cease using this product or any of its mock products. It will serioulsy harm you

Man in the mirror
4:26 am January 29th, 2012

I’ve smoked spice for around 8 months now. the last 2 months have been on and off. As far as side-effects, I’ve experienced blurred vision, upset stomach (even days after smoking), nausea, and even depression. I’m not going to type a whole big essay about this stuff. If you are smoking it, stop now. I’m currently doing my best to quit, but it has some addictive properties. If you haven’t smoked spice, do NOT try it. If you’re trying to quit, best of luck.

A Distraut Mother
10:08 am January 29th, 2012

My son had confessed to my husband and I that he had smoked this synthetic stuff saying how awesome it was and how it made him so high. He even went on to tell me that his best friend had panic attacks from it. I went to bed and i heard the toilet lid slamming up and down. So i came downstairs and he said he was sick to his stomach. I went to his bedroom and sure enough there was a pack of climax power plant on the bed. Let me back up by saying that my mothers intuition kicked in earlier tonight because i said to my husband that somethings not right. So when i found it he became very pissed and defensive. He even had the balls to ask for it back.

I am reading all of your comments and this is scaring the hell out of me. Should i send him to rehab? The really messed up thing is that he is asthmatic. I know… Dumbass!! He has had terrible flares with it the past month. My first reaction was to slap his face and throw him out. I wanna help him if he has a problem but he will never admit it. Does vomiting means that you OD’d on this? I have smoked the real stuff in my younger days but this is all new territory for me, any advice for this mother who is completely ignorant to this stuff?? It says that it dont contain that jwh018 or is that all smoke and mirrors?? I would appreciate any feedback!! Thanks

4:09 pm January 29th, 2012

Ricky- You can do it- keep reading the blog, the suport will be of help to you. The longer you Detox the better you will feel….Keep good company… pick up a hobby from not being bored… eat well… can do it!

no name
10:44 pm January 30th, 2012

Hi. I just thought I should let everyone know that synthetic weed is NOOOO good. I am a pot smoker and recently I tried the synthetic weed and it was the worst experience of my life. I was smoking the synthetic weed with my friend and everything was fine at first. I remember sitting down on the chair and my mouth feeling dry I kept drinking water and nothing I stood up and I was dizzy I seent bright lights spots everywhere I couldn’t speak breathe or think right… I was splashing water on me and I was throwing up like an amity horror scene it was crazy. I could walk all I remember saying is “I’m here I’m here” but I didn’t feel as if I was here. I was scared to go upstairs to my room I was cold had shakes but I think the worst part of it all was throwing up and not ebing able to stop or talk I could speak my speech was offf….. I drank a cup of milk and spoon of sour cream it worked wonders don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner but grandma always said dairy makes u throw up w.e is in your system and its great for alcohol poisoning and shortly after I threw upp and started coming back to life… I WILLL NEVER EVER TRY IT AGAIN I WILL STICK TO POT AND PLSZ PPL DON’T TRY IT ITS NOT A GOOD FEELING AT ALL TO FEEL AS IF YOU ALMOST DIED….

Joe Blowsmoke
5:01 pm January 31st, 2012

I’ve read through your posts, as well as many other posts from various “spice” forums/blogs. I have been smoking spice for a good 6 months now. I am 33, and in my past, I was a heavy user of Ecstasy and GHB and coke. We also dabbled occasionally in Acid, weed to come down etc..I have a masters degree, which I obtained with a 3.9 grade point average, and have a career at a prestigious firm. I say this not to boast, but to state that it is possible to have your cake and eat it to. In my opinion, it all comes down to moderation. I believe that anything within reason in moderation is okay. Don’t be the guy that says that he’s going to take it to the next level by smoking “spice” through a gas mask… I’ll also be the first to admit that “spice” is not for everyone. It just seems to affect some people differently. I believe that if you a predisposition to a mental psychosis, that smoking this stuff will probably emphasize your issue and draw it out. I smoke this stuff infrequently, perhaps in social environments or at night while watching t.v. I hear people post on here that regular “spice” users have difficultly formulating sentences. Well… let’s just say that you’d have a difficult time beating me in scrabble, and yes, I smoke. When I smoke, I go into with a certain level of understanding. You may call it a respect level, which I have obtained by years of dabbling in various

Joe Blowsmoke
5:06 pm January 31st, 2012

cont- substances. I don’t roll “fatty’s” and I don’t smoke it out of a bowl. I don’t use a gas mask, and I don’t use a water bong. I give it the respect it deserves and roll a little skinny one, hit it 2 to 4 times and put it out. I’ve been known to smoke all night, but I never lose respect and say, “ah hell! I’m gonna roll a hog leg!” I have no hang-overs in the morning. I have no side affects to mention. I have, however, had many great nights chillin’ with my boys drinkin’ beers and smokin’ it up! 🙂 As with anything, moderation is the key! Moderation…… 🙂

Joe Blowsmoke
5:24 pm February 2nd, 2012

To A Distraught Mother: It is certainly not good that your teenager is dabbling in “Spice”. I would guess that to this generation it is what we considered to be weed in our day. But, of course, Spice is not weed. I can tell you that Spice most certainly contains some elements of speed, as well as some hallucinagenic (sp) qualities. More than likely, your son throwing up is comparable to drinking too much at a keg party and getting the spins. I can almost guarantee that there is no physical dependency at this point, so rehab probably wouldn’t do him much good. I would say that he more than likely is in an experimental phase of his life that many of us seem to go through…If you think he would listen, you may take the approach of educating yourself on the dangers of habitual usage, or smoking too much at one sitting, have a talk with him, and hope that something sticks with him. Unfortunately, teenagers are teenagers and they seem to use drugs as a sense of independence. I smoke spice, but I am an adult, so I understand that limits and boundaries and respect that should be given. I do not feel that teenagers have the mental experience to be able to moderate their intake levels to ensure safety if that makes sense… I wish you the best!

8:38 pm February 3rd, 2012

I’m 16 nd I’ve been smoking “fake weed” like demon, 777, nd funky green stuff for a little over a year usually everyday. My friend nd I were getting sick of all the headaches nd feeling like we’re going to die or puke while smoking, so we stopped for a little. Yesterday I smoked a left over roach that was pretty big, we had rolled a blunt of funky. I only had 10 minutes to smoke nd have a cigarette, so i killed that roach just barely nd had a few hits of my cigarette.
I’m blown as hell nd freaking out soo bad b/c I didn’t want to go to school. I had absolutely no problems going to school high anyother day. I used to smoke everyday befor school. This time was different, I never felt this high smoking fake before, especially a roach. I get in the car (senior next door that drives me to school) nd we leave. I remember the ride to school felt so long like we were driving in circles, but anyways we get to school nd park nd I get out. when I got out it was cold nd dark out (I live in michigan) nd I went blind. Whenever I get up too fast that normally happens so I didn’t sweat it, so I waited a minute just wobbling there b/c I can’t even balance, I didn’t know where the car was a minute after I got out I was too scared to move nd I was blind so I’m still just wibbling there. The senior goes “you commen” nd i said “come here” I told him I went blind nd he obvsly could tell I was out of it, so he opens the door for me nd right when he does that I look in the car nd I can see again but not very good, most things were still black, he’s talking to me, making sure everythigs alright. When we get to my house I can see again when I got out, I got my full vision back but I was still wobbling bs couldn’t walk straight. I will never smoke posh ever again after that, I can barely remember yesterday, I’m scared straight.

10:44 pm February 4th, 2012

Joe Blowsmoke, “But, of course, Spice is not weed. I can tell you that Spice most certainly contains some elements of speed, as well as some hallucinagenic”

My research: In “legal highs” are due to such ingredients as Salvia divinorum, fact, ongoing investigations into the substance have reveled that the so-called a hallucinogen that has been blamed as a contributory factor in teenage suicides. The psychoactive herb, sold legally over the internet, is said to cause uncontrollable laughter and evoke childhood memories. Kathleen Sylvia, R.N. MBA

According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, the active ingredient in spice is JWH-018 and can be four to five times more potent than tetrahydrocannabinol, the main ingredient in marijuana…..Spice mimics the effects of marijuana but can be more powerful,” said Linda Glynn, a 23rd Medical Group family practice nurse……
“Because of the lack of quality control, you never really know much about what you’re putting in your body. Spice can be laced with varying amounts of synthetic chemicals that lead to a dependency on the drug……it is this lack of control during manufacturing that makes spice dangerous.

“When you take these drugs, you are hijacking the part of the brain important for many functions: temperature control, food intake, perception, memory, and problem solving,” Huestis says. “And people taking these high-potency drugs are affecting other important functions throughout their bodies — hormone functions, for example……………..And since these products are not regulated drugs, there’s no way to know how big a dose you’re getting. No drug is safe if you don’t know what it is and how much of it you’re taking…..”In terms of biological activity, these things are similar to THC, the active compound in cannabis,” Huffman tells WebMD. “Now the thing is, nobody knows anything about how these new compounds act in the human body. Anecdotal reports say they stick around in the body for quite a long time……”It is like Russian roulette to use these drugs. We don’t know a darn thing about them for real,” he tells WebMD

10:52 pm February 4th, 2012

Joe Quote:More than likely, your son throwing up is comparable to drinking too much at a keg party and getting the spins

Research states:
Research on the safety of synthetic cannabis is only now becoming available. Initial studies are focused on the role of synthetic cannabis and psychosis. It seems likely that synthetic cannabis can precipitate psychosis and in some cases it is prolonged. These studies suggest that synthetic cannabinoid intoxication is associated with acute psychosis, worsening of previously stable psychotic disorders, and also may have the ability to trigger a chronic (long-term) psychotic disorder among vulnerable individuals such as those with a family history of mental illness. From a Wiki on synthetic cannabis

German researchers were able to determine that Spice contained a variety of synthetic cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds devised to produce marijuana-like effects. There was a high quantity of other synthetic chemicals found as well, indicating that a user really has no way of knowing what they are being exposed to. Worse yet, Spice appears to have many negative side effects that marijuana does not such as anxiety attacks, hallucinations, nausea, and a chemical dependency. Three teenagers in Roswell, GA were recently hospitalized after using Spice. One teen had a severe reaction to the drug, resulting in swelling of the brain.

10:56 pm February 4th, 2012

Ps Joe……reading more you will find it only takes a few “moderate” smokes to have severe negative impact from smoking Spice.Why risk your intellegence?

A Distraut Mother
2:34 am February 6th, 2012

Thank you so much for your responses. My son is actually 21and has now checked himself into rehab. He has admitted that he has been smoking this stuff and drinking heavily on a daily basis. What sucks the most from a parents perspective is the feeling of being helpless and at his age I certainly cannot punish him. It all came to a head when he wanted to do something and he became down right hostile because we prevented him from getting his fix. My son would have never acted like that but I was amazed at how he let himself become so weak to let this over power him. I have read all your blogs and have educated myself on this stuff. I have smoked pot in my younger years not to say I’m old at the age of 40 but this shit but this stuff makes pot sound like nothing. My experience from knowing people that went to rehab seems as though they were just hook up joints for people to make more drug connections. For now I at least can sleep at night knowing he is clean and sober if only for a little while although I pray it works. The sad thing is that who knows what damage he had done to his lungs and body from all the drugs. I am not so naive to think spice was the only thing he was doing. Thats just what I caught him with. I am sure you will see him blog on here. If he does nothing else I will at least have him read all of your experiences. I just dont understand how something that has those side effects makes you want to do it again. Thank you for responding to me. I greatly appreciate it.

2:21 pm February 6th, 2012

Distraut Mom,
I wear your shoes! I have have found that educating myself on addictive personalities has helped me. I found it is not the -drug but the – addictive personality that needs fine tuned. Searching on the internet, reading books from professionals, talking with expert has helped me a great deal. . Education on is key to your well being as well as your sons.

Hang in there….

John Smith
7:13 am February 8th, 2012

I found all of these posts quite interesting. A friend and I have been smoking this stuff for about a year now. We have tried several different brands and potentcies. We essentially started with a weaker brand and built up our tolerance to the stronger stuff. After reading everything that people have posted on here, I’m feeling rather perplexed. We haven’t experienced any of these crazy side effects such as puking, crazy psychotic episodes, etc. Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is certainly addicting but unlike some of the people on here, we’re not smoking several grams every single day. We have definitely had our big days but then there are also other times where we don’t smoke for a while. The best thing to do while smoking this stuff is to share a bowl, and watch something funny on tv or listen to some really good music. Just relax…don’t go ride your bike after a huge phatty. We really enjoy just talking about life and everything in and around. It’s funny how the simplest things suddenly are mindblowing- likely because it is making us dumber who knows.

There have been a few different blends that definitely got us too fucking high. Enough to the point where you just have to hang on and fight it out. Never once did either of us ever consider going to the hospital however. You’ll come down eventually.

I’ll certainly agree that this stuff can make other things in life more depressing and it certainly makes you more irritable during the day. If I were to quit tomorrow for good, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be going through crazy withdrawls like some of these people have mentioned. What is all this weight loss everyone keeps talking about!? If anything this stuff makes you eat more. In any case…

If there is anyone looking for a positive review of this stuff- here it is. Perhaps we’re lucky enough to have never gone through any of this crazy stuff and hopefully we never do. I don’t see this train slowing down any time soon though. Use this stuff recreationally and don’t go smoking 5-8 grams a day and you should be fine. I’m no doctor though.

7:49 pm February 8th, 2012

@ John Smith, I am glad you are not experiencing any severe side effects and hope that you do not in the future. I hope tho that you keep in mind the possibility of something going wrong in the future and get any help that you might need. It seems clear that there are some serious issues associated with these chemicals, perhaps you have to have some sort of predisposition, perhaps there is a tolerance level or even some sort of over dose point. But, please do not take it lightly that you have not experienced any problems and use caution. Too many people have had too many serious and life threatening if not life altering experiences with it to not take it seriously. Best of luck to you.

10:55 pm February 8th, 2012

Started spice a week ago. Did it twice, the third time is the last.

The guy at the smoke shop did recommend I didn’t smoke this stuff, but I was curious. I still feel pretty high, some side effects. I smoked some last night around 11 pm. It is now 4 pm. I have work tomorrow and I’m in so much pain. Everything hurts!

Ugh…I’m not doin’ this crap again! Neither is my little brother or my friend or his friend for that matter!

1:00 am February 10th, 2012


3:17 am February 14th, 2012

I just want to put my two cents in. I’ve been smoking synthetic for about 18 months. I have not had any of the side effects reported here EXCEPT for the night sweats. Every single night I would soak through my pillow and blanket. I stopped smoking up about one week ago… no more sweating.

For research purposes:
25-30 yrs old
smoking approximately 3grams every 5 days.

3:20 am February 14th, 2012

I forgot to add…. since I stopped smoking I can’t eat. I haven’t eaten a morsel in five days.

6:10 pm February 14th, 2012

Hey everyone. I see more and more people on here everyday sharinging their experiences. Good to see. Wanted to report that national geographic’s show “drugs inc” had an episode the other night about designer drugs including synthetic cannabis. Check it out.

@nicole. Have him read these blogs. I too was in denial about my smoking causing my ill effects. Have him read these posts. If it doesnt hit home to him, then nothing will. Have him post himself. It helped me alot in the beginning when i decided to stop.

5:27 pm February 17th, 2012

I have a story somewhat similar. What made you say god was real, how did you feel?

11:03 am February 18th, 2012

Spice is my life. Just saying you guys ive been smokin it for like a year r to now and im perfektly find i hank its about a tolerece thang becuase me and my friends will smoke atleast a oz but we only smoke garden vqlley products only thank you garden valley i smoke so much they gunna have to stqrt pqyin me lolnaw but fereal yall i thank its a tolerence thqng i stated smokin pirates cove bomb marley and stuff like that me myself dont thank sits harmful but aye smoke at your own risk it says not for human consumption yes, but they would they make a product just so happens it gets u high its better than salvia

Afraid in Arizona
7:11 pm February 18th, 2012

My fiance is a spice smoker and I found that I have had to reach ou to strangers to talk about this. I came across and began blogging my experiences on ‘married to an addict’. I am 7 months pregnant wih our first child and have no intention of leaving him but his beyond excessive spice use has me worried. He goes to the smoke shop 3 or 4 times a day and smokes between 5 and 10 grams a day of hysteria. I am a non-smoker. Always have been. I grew up around cigarette smokers my entire life and hated that so I never smoked anything ever. I started dating my fiance 2 years ago and he decided on his own to quit smoking pot. I did not know he was a pot smoker until he came to me and old me he quit (I made a comment about not liking it during our second date). I was happy he came to that decision on his own. He told me that he thought I was special and he wanted me in his life so I was more important than pot. He stopped smoking pot and switched to chew tobacco. I was fine with that….I still didn’t like it but it was better than pot in my eyes. He then moved to spice and it has gotten completely out of control. He quit his job and is going to college….I am not working because he and his mom did not want me to work while I was pregnant. I am finishing my bachelor’s degree (will graduate in may) and our baby will be born in april. We are broke because of his multiple trips to the smoke shop….spending $10-40 each time. He old me he wants to quit before our daughter is born (in 2 months) but he is not showing me that he wants to quit. He sneaks off to the smoke shop twice a day and has begin digging in couch cushions for spare change for the smoke shop. I don’t know what to do. we fight all the time about it. We both agreed that he will be 100% smoke free when our daughter is born….BUT since he is not taking the gradual steps to quitting, he is going to have to quit cold turkey when she is born and that will be a major struggle. We are going to have a crying baby needing love and attention, pair that with a man who is craving some spice and is crabby because he doesn’t have any… will be world war 3! We are supposed to be saving money for a new car (we drive his work van with no back seats). He has spent about $200 of it on spice. I am losing my mind and I have no one to talk to about this! HELP!!!!!!

5:07 am February 19th, 2012

im tired of letting spice beat up on me…its time to get up and fight…i did my research before i got into spice,but there wasnt reports of all these bad things happening to people so i started…if i only knew then what i do now….i was in denile for sure..all the side effects were caused by something else…so i told myself…cronic cough,muscle pains,zero appitite,loss of sleep,depression.adhd,INTERNAL UNREST,vomiting,hemroids from coughing so much,lung problems…but it got me high though..think thats a fair trade?….now for the good news…it gets better when u quit….ive been off for 5 days and things are looking up…i ate today and didnt have to force it down,it was a good feeling.breathing better each day feeling better each day…and most of the other stuff is gone to….i let it get a bad hold on me….im glad my girfriend was honest enough with me to say “hey that stuffs killing you bad and u dont see it” .i love you crystal………….we got this beat

Guillermo Rudolpho Mombaso
3:41 pm February 19th, 2012

Well, I’m 19 been toking the real stuff for about five years, but just recently I moved, didn’t know anywhere to get tree, so i decided against all better judgement to purchase a few grams of some spice. Now I’ve smoked spice before , albeit about a year before this happened, and aside from some panic attacks and irrational fear I haven’t had any bad reactions. I had even smoked a blunt of the stuff and nothing like what i’m about to explain happened. I rolled it into a skinny j, hit it and held three times. I didn’t start to feel anything until I stood up and walked back into the warm house, but when i did it was the harshest scariest high i’ve had, and i’v had a bad acid trip and this was worse. The TV was on and all I heard were the screams from a basketball game amplified till it pierced my ears, then I started to get shortness of breath, a burning sensation in the back of my throat and my heart was racing, so much that I could feel it pounding in my feels and jumping like it wanted to break free of my chest. Freaking out, I then tried to run into the bathroom, cause i thought the oroblem was i had to be, when I pulled down my pants or even went near my crotch, it felt like fire. I took off my clothes and started to scroll through the computer, frantically trying to find any info at all that would help me stop this. I could barely type in a full sentence into google search and whenever i tried to read something its like I began to have tunnel vision. About 10 minutes later ( after pacing around like a madman, screaming for it to stop, and writhing on the carpet) I was so close to calling an ambulance but then it felt as if it started to cool down. I was so grateful at that point, I ended up crashing and promised meself I’de never do that again, I don’t know if its pesticides or whatever, but that IS NOT normal, i’ve done every single drug except horse/pig tranquilizers and this was tied for worst right next to the one time I was fooled into snortin H. Fortunately, the only side effect I’ve experienced since then is a few tinges of pain in my heart a few times a week, but still, I would steer everyone away from this, I may have had some great highs on it but this one was not a worth a million more.

11:24 pm February 19th, 2012

I smoked some of this last night and I swore I was going to die. My heart was racing, I was having uncontrolled hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. I could not distinguish between reality and the imaginary. I say this being a guy that smokes marijuana on a regular basis and have never had a bad experience. This stuff is dangerous and Ill never do it again and I want to warn others not to ever do it either.

5:11 pm February 21st, 2012

So glad i goton here im at the hospital on my tablet, excuse the grammer hard to type. My husbanf has had night sweats soaking the entire bed, mood swings, and abdominal pains 4 days out the month for abour six months. He smokes about 7 grams of “$exY” a week smokes out of a onehitter or a pipe. Doctors here in augusta say this is not a first and that ppl have died here from the same symptoms.

Afraid in Arizona
6:36 pm February 21st, 2012


I am really glad you listened to your girlfriend when she spoke to you. My fiance laughs at me when I try to tell him how I feel and how bad spice is hurting him.

9:09 am February 22nd, 2012

I smoked juana before and the highs i get from it is very relaxing. When it comes to the synthetics i.e. bayou blaster,demon, super kush. I never know what to expect. When i first started smoking it i figured it was like the real thc boy was i wrong after a few months they must have changed the formula of the spray they used. I literally felt like a lower case r, my neck started to tingle or my heart felt like it was gonna jump out my chest.i felt like i was running down a hallway but i never moved a muscle. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone even if i hated the person.i also smoked salvia before and all i can tell u is if u get some and smoke it clear ur plans for the next joke. I read online a guy had a panic attack after smoking the synthetic and he drove his car into a wall and died the thing that baffles me is tha this isnt getting the coverage it should ppl need to know LEAVE THIS STUFF ALONE. Sure ur first couple of times u may like it but it will only take one time for it to take a puff out of you. Im 23 im not a seasoned smoker only been smokin bout 2 yrs but there is wisdom behind my words im sure some of you agree if u havent been there yourself

9:21 am February 22nd, 2012

Also i have a friend who wont stop smoking this stuff i tell him time and time again not to buy it that it has to be some long term health issues with it if not death. I can recall a few times when he calls me scared out his mind reason being he got lost on his way home.(after deciding to take a hit out his one shot).. me and my bro took a few hits one time at a park and i swear i was in the disney movie bambi nothing felt real.

10:17 pm February 22nd, 2012

I tried three hits from Mr. Happy last night. I was lookng for something to use instead of MJ due to our random testing here at work. I honestly thought I was going to die. My heart has never beat so fast and so hard and I had to pace around the bedroom for ten minutes to keep from blacking out. My heart rate finally subsided, I calmed down, and then went to bed. I am 39 years old and I have never felt that close to death. If my wife, who was downstairs watching TV with my daughter at the time, had walked in and seen me pacing around, clutching my chest, and unable to speak she would have FREAKED and called 9-1-1. I am so lucky I shook it off. That stuff is going in the trash. DON’T USE IT.

4:08 am February 23rd, 2012

I’ve Been on this stuff for a year. What a nightmare! At first it was fine. Once the chemicals or whatever changed, all hell broke lose. Haven’t smoked for 5 days and feel sick as a dog. Can’t sleep, can’t eat, look like a train wreck. Doctor can find nothing wrong. All these symptoms I read here, I have. Was smoking 3 grams per day. If someone knows, please tell me how long I’m gonna feel so badly! My own fault! Learn from this, don’t mess with it!

2:57 pm February 23rd, 2012

Artimus, My daughter’s recovery tok about a week to two to stop “feeling like a “train wreck” I congradulate you on your efforts! Drink plenty of water!

Please help me
4:57 am February 24th, 2012

I am physically hooked on syrenity(spice). I am sick as anything, I dont know what to do and I am scared. If I dont smoke I start vomiting.. I haven’t told anyone……… If there is anyone out there who can help me PLEASE write a post for me, I am only 21, I do not want to become an addict.

Please help me
4:59 am February 24th, 2012

I am physically hooked on syrenity(spice). I am sick as all get out, I dont know what to do and I am scared. If I dont smoke I start vomiting.. I haven’t told anyone……… If there is anyone out there who can help me PLEASE write a post for me, I am only 21, I do not want to become an addict !!!!!

Jessica Sneesby
6:53 pm February 24th, 2012

The best advice on this page: if u wanna get high without ending up in the hospital, order straight Damiana leaf, and stay away from the Herbal Incense/ Mr. Happy. Everybodys brain is different, and most people don’t smoke as much of it as I did (because of price, or whatever), but I quit on Feb. 8th 2012, and ive had a movement disorder since 4 days after. I cant work or drive. Still seeking treatment. Thought. I was having seizures because it was so bad! So u can rationalize ur usage all u want, but we have no idea what chemicals are being put on some of them. Stop smoking it!

Jessica Sneesby
10:27 pm February 24th, 2012

I smoked Mr. Nice guy while being piss tested once a week, and i never tested positive for methamphetamines.

John Smith
4:08 am February 25th, 2012

@Mitch -I have been off of this stuff over a week now and haven’t gone through any major side effects or anything crazy. I was surprised that I was able to kick this stuff that easily. I feel for the people on here who are clearly addicted and are experiencing awful side effects. Hang in there everyone.

4:36 am February 25th, 2012

wow reading these stories def makes me feel a little better knowing that im not alone…im 20 years old an my last experience with spice was very life was almost 2 months ago and i still dont feel normal…i had smoked spice probably a total of 50 times an enjoyed it very much becuase i was unable to smoke put due to drug tests..i had smoked large amounts at one time and never had a issue..this night i took 3 or 4 hits of a joint i was smokign with about 5 friends at school when i started hallucinating and having a huge panic attack..i felt like my soul was being ripped from my body my skin felt like it was melting off i couldnt talk i started babbling and couldnt control was i was saying it was the scariest thing imaginable…ive had experiences with every drug you can possible think of an ive never had one bad experience weather it be lsd, mushrooms, mdma whaterever…well its been about 2 months since that night and i still have severe panic/anxiety attacks and wierd chest pains that go into my arms an teeth..i still dont feel mentally stable and i know its all due to this spice that is evil i literally felt like the devil consumed my body that night…the worse part about it is ive been a huge pot smoker since i was very young an ive tried smoking weed since then an its completely ruined i get a panic attack and hallucinate just from smoking which absolutly sucks considering how much i love smoking weed….i just wish i new how to reverse the effects of what happened to me cus i feel like ill never be the same again…DONT SMOKE SPICE ITS EVIL!!!!!!!

11:15 pm February 25th, 2012

i smoked mr.nice guy and diablo…..all it took was one hit and i started acting freaking weird….like i was losing my mind, i felt like i was in a dream…like i was floating, i would leave and i can feel my ears pop and i was having a bad memory, like i didnt care wat i was doing…basically all my troubles went away and i wasnt embarrassed of anything but then i came back and i started feeling myself again…its like i leave then i come back…it lasted about 2 days…

11:16 pm February 25th, 2012

never smoking that again…..scary….

Jessica Sneesby
10:15 am February 26th, 2012

Afraid in Arizona… sounds like u need to tell him to choose between you and the baby, or the drug. Ur enabling him by staying. Sounds like the only thing that will help him is rehab. I understand that u think u cant raise the baby, but it could stress u worse staying with him with the baby then leaving him. Don’t allow urself to be dependent on him. Ive been a single mother since I was prego, and tried to make it work with the loser a couple times since. Even married him. But I cant be with somebody who fights with me in front of my daughter. I know ur hormones are clouding ur judgement, but wake up! Don’t put ur child thru what hes putting u thru.

5:17 pm February 26th, 2012

So I have been smoking spice for a total of 6 months now.
In the beginning I didn’t use it as often as I have been recently.
I’ve been smoking 5 grams in a span of three days approximately (At the most).
I decided to quit today because I noticed that I have become constipated, and sometimes have abdominal pain.
My blood pressure has risen, i feel slight fatigue, i get mild headaches, mild chest pains, i sweat a lot at night, and i sometimes i break out in sweat and get chills.
I put all these symptoms in WebMD at first because I didnt know what was wrong with me, and I had all sorts of diagnosis like cancer etc.
I’m rather convinced now that the reason for my poor health is smoking this stuff.
I feel like total shit, and I have changed my diet by adding a great deal of fibers and drinking A LOT of water throughout the day.
Does anyone know if you will get better after completely getting off this stuff? How long have you been off and how much better do you feel?

9:20 pm February 26th, 2012

Today is my 8th day off spice. This is the first day I’ve eaten more than one meal. Still poopin water, still nauseated. Doctor says my heart is enlarged. Worst detox ever, and I withdrew from oxy and heroin in the past! Lungs show start of emphysema! Cool drug huh? I only smoked this trash for a year (6 months heavy..3g’s a day) like I said before, it’s my own fault. If I’m gonna die from this junk I hope it’s soon! Just wanted to get high, but keep a job I don’t even like! It’s so cool being a addict! It’s too bad this forum is so tricky to find. Who knows, someone on the fence about spice could avoid all this pain!

7:59 pm February 27th, 2012

On a side note, I’ve read just about all the blogs on synthetic marijuana on here yesterday and all the comments, well most. But by compiling all of what people have said,
– drinking lots of water/natural teas
– sleep/rest
– staying sober from it (MUST)
– taking Vitamin B-12 (supposedly you lose a lot of it, but i think vitamin Bs in general you need.)
helps you get better from symptoms from synthetic marijuana.

I’ve actually had some constipation also and so I’ve been taking dulcolax as well. Anyone else?

11:27 pm February 27th, 2012

How long will my heart hurt ?? Will it ever stop hurting please someone answer me?

2:48 pm February 28th, 2012

My husband has been smoking spice. Only where we live it is called red bull. My husband already suffers from P.T.S.D from being a soldier for the past month he has been getting mean, distant, and hateful. The other day we got in a fight over a towel. Over me not getting laundry done fast enough for him. He called me really bad names. He mimiced me and my crying. He was so cold and callus. I know it is this fake pot stuff doing it. I am just trying to get enough information to make him stop. I will not stay with him for much loger if I have to put up with this bull. He started smoking it because he is in a grave amount of pain everyday. This is not worth it.

5:34 am March 1st, 2012

low man going through the same stuff my heart hasnt stopped hurting in 2 months idk what it could beee i feel like im gonnacatch a heart attak one of these days

1:22 am March 2nd, 2012

I’ve been smoking spice for 2 years, I’m only 17 and in high school. not gonna lie i used to be an outgoing kid, always going outside and fishing and what not. those were my memories before i started. now the only thing i can remember is smoking and smoking and smoking., i thought it was the best drug and i just ignored everything i heard about it. until recently i have started to get heat flashes and cold sweats, and when i don’t smoke it i can’t sleep. reality has become distorted and feels like my existence on this planet is pointless. when i do sleep i wake up maybe an hour later drenched in sweat. I’ve been trying to stop for a while now but never really could until i started reading these stories. i just threw away everything, i even threw away my bag in the middle of the school day. i always found it as non-addictive, boy was i wrong. so i just kept smoking it. its time to stop this drug thats destroying our generation. I’m looking at about a week of withdrawals according to the posts. i gotta stay strong and i can do this. i just wanted to thank every single one of you for posting your stories. it has really helped me get over the hump to finally stop. it turns you into a dull shell guys. its not worth it. it is addictive and horribly at that.

Casey s. Ga
11:49 am March 2nd, 2012

Seeing all of these people say ” naw you just have to build a tolerance” or “just don’t smoke that much”. Any substance you can overdose on. If you take to many vitamins you can overdose on those or tylonel just like bruce lee. I once thought I was one of the lucky few that it didn’t effect? I was wrong. And I’ve seen several people say theyvr smoked for a year or more? Did it never occur to you that if ciggerets can cause cancer that maybe this could to but at a more advance rate? I don’t blame you for not taking the time to think about it but seriously stop smoking it now!!! I’ve been clean for several months and still show signs of it like seizures and I constantly check my heart rate. Also someone askef if any one else gets that death feeling from smokinh canabis now, yes. I think the part of our brain that handles the high feeling is now more weakend and also I think long term this will effect our brain in a god awful way. Like early signs of alseimers (not a spelling major) and memory loss, possibly even tumors. But the loss of appitight I can’t explain? Maybe its because the chemicals react with the acud in your stomachs or that part of our brain is so fried it can’t tell our stomach were running on empty?

Casey s. Ga
12:19 pm March 2nd, 2012

@ low. If ur having constant heart pains see a doctor immediately don’t wait around and see if it gets better this is your life not a game. Go to the doctor a.s.a.p

2:17 am March 3rd, 2012

I feel like I am in a bad dream but all I have to say is that this stuff has my boyfriend in a death bed….for the past months I have seen some rather strang side effects that my boyfriend (he really is my commonlaw husband/no marriage papers) like confusion, twitching, convulsions, seizures and black out…..even after two ER Visits he kept on…..I kept tellin him, this stuff is not approved by FDA and is just now been tested on rats…..findings are scary as the poision they put in it is so toxic it is lkie it took over like a virus…..kidnapping my husbands normal ways, then hebegan to be always in a dream like place/never talking to me–only asking when I would get the next bag….he hated going to work and all he wanted to do was smoke this chillin thing that now mysteriously has him in the hospital for an infection in the bloodstream that has caused absesses and legions all over his organs… man, unbelievably is dying–wait/I retract this statement because I almost precicted that he was slipping…..although it was only JWH and it was legal–he figured it was not a big deal–not as bad as the hard drugs he used to do……he also used to go to Methadone treatment however when he started getting his take homes he was taking crazy high dosages and apparently even injecting his medication—–now my normal husband would never in his right mind do this……the JWH got him all F—-D up where he no longer made wise decisions. I cannot believe something LEGAL actually led him to be hospitalized with tubes so he can breathe for the pneumonia, and his heart and lungs are failing…..I am so sad……it is almost not real—but unforutnately he knew better—I kept warning him—why I ask myself is this stuff so addicting to some people thar even after almost dying a few times they keep smoking…….I want to get a lawyer and go after these people. My man will probably die and if he survives he will never be the same–due to JWH–most likely (probably interacting with METHADONE OVERDOSAGE)

12:33 pm March 3rd, 2012

I been smoking this stuff for 3 years with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

7:50 pm March 3rd, 2012

Day 16 off spice. Your not going to see many side effects til you stop smoking spice. That’s when you go into withdrawal, knucklehead! I can now eat like a normal person. While physically I’m feeling a little better, (still have enlarged heart of course) mentally, things are far from good. Depression is constant and the ability to enjoy anything in life is simply gone. Just not the same person anymore. Never feel to good about anything. Really wonder what’s in that garbage! While vitamins and alot of water helped with the detox, what’s going to fix my enlarged heart and messed up mind. Anyone who says this junk doesn’t have side effects is simply in denial. I was like that. I did this to myself but you don’t have to! Honestly, I would have been better off risking my job and smoking pot instead! Noticed Demi moore’s in rehab for spice! Not even sure if getting between her legs would make me feel better! Somebody’s gotta do something before people start dying from this poison.

6:47 pm March 4th, 2012

I smoked synthetics for about 5 years now. I have noticed short term memory loss, complete mood changes, anxiety, head aches, no appetite, breathing difficulties, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, pains, and clinical depression. Along with acid like hallucination.

After visiting doctor after doctor to try and find out what was going on, none were able to give me an answer. I lost about 100 lbs in 2 months of time. My logic and reasoning have went to almost none. I can’t concentrate on anything. Finally, a doctor sent me to a neurologist. This synthetic caused me to have holes in my brain and various brain tumors. Recovery isn’t an option, I’m pretty much stuck like this for the rest of my life. Before smoking this synthetic stuff I had an IQ of 180, now it’s 95. This literally destroyed my brain, and my life as I know it. I would really suggest not smoking it, because I’m one of the few that have experienced the long term side effects of this substance.

6:52 pm March 4th, 2012

I can also say that after smoking for 5 years I had to visit a rehab center to quit smoking, it’s more addicting then meth, and I know that from experience. It’s rather hard to quit smoking it, all you think about is fake stuff. If the government would only legalize marijuana we wouldn’t have to smoke these types of drugs that are made in similar ways as meth. I had a friend that discovered how to make these chemicals and it is similar to the way meth is cooked.

12:39 pm March 5th, 2012

I also just gt done serving6months in prison, where I had to quit cold turkey!! NO SIDE EFFECTS! I have been smoking this stuff longer than ANYONE on here. Also, side effects are.what you experience from using a product, WITHDRAWALS is what you experience when you quit using the product.

2:53 pm March 5th, 2012

St.1 – You are lucky to not have had side effects from Spice. But who knows what damage you have done inside your body. Please read other internet scientific sites regarding Spice. If you look in this blog I have done the research for you and for others who might think twice about smoking Spice.

3:25 pm March 5th, 2012

This garbage is messing people up left and right! Don’t waste time trying to justify your own drug dependency.

3:48 pm March 5th, 2012

Yoo Jeff !! Are I serious ?? Has your heart gotten any better ?? 2, months? Have you gone seen a doctor yet ? Man this stuff is really starting to worry me man ..I might have to go to the e.r to see whats wrong with me ..

1:39 am March 6th, 2012

spice only lasts 10 mins and then after 3 bowls you cant get high once your addicted

2:48 am March 6th, 2012

I have quit smoking synthetic stuff for 3 months now, and have regained my health and appetite, as well as other side effects such as throwing up in the morning have all subsided. Only thing i still have, is this horse cough that never seems to go away. I have not gone to the doc yet cause it is not always consistent, and the cold weather may be contributing to it. If you are a reader such as myself, researching this, you should probably really quit. I wont lecture anyone about their life, but if you have any value of it, just smoke weed… Its illegal yea but only side effect I seen from that is memory loss, period.

Best of luck to all quitting, or if your reading for someone, just show them this page with everyone’s post. This stuff is not addicting unless your the type to have a addicting personality of course, so stop while your ahead.

3:31 am March 6th, 2012

~I want to give the struggling people some hope~
I quit smoking synthetic on February 7th, 2012. I went through a horrible detoxification. My head ached, my heart would pound for no real reason, TOTAL loss of appetite, had trouble sleeping, achy muscles and sensitivity to sunlight.
I want to stress that when I was smoking up I didn’t experience many side effects at all (only night sweats and weird appetite).
Well, it was DAMN hard… and there were a few times that I didn’t think that I was strong enough. However, it has been almost a month and I feel really good! I feel almost completely back to normal. No more headaches, heartbeat is consistently normal, sleeping good, muscles feel good… sunglasses are still a must but I’ve always been that way.

So, I’m here to report that quitting is damn rough… but, you can do it. Life feels better away from this stuff.

I’m just a little bit sad that there will be no more “highs” for me. I get randomly tested at work and synthetic was my only alternative. Sad… but, really- I feel better than I have in a LONG time.

Just put it down. Walk away. Don’t go back.

If I can do it- you can do it. I promise.

6:11 pm March 6th, 2012

back in August of 2010 I smoked 3 bowls of mr. nice guy, within a 10 hour period. i got extremely disoriented, my heart started racing, and i couldnt walk without stumbling. after that i never touched in again. now it is march of 2012 and i am still being affected by it. o have heart palpitations, with lightheadedness and shortness of breath that sometimes last for days at a time. ive been to the doctor,’s and been tested for EVERYTHING health wise that would have these symptoms ( thyroid, anemia) and everything wS normal. i even had to wer a hart monitor for a month and they found nothing abnormal. so needless to say, spice can cause long term affects. DO NOT SMOKE IT!!!!

6:45 pm March 6th, 2012

i laso forgot to dd that i still lack an appetite, and becuase of it am considered anorexic. this crap ruined my life. i have a 3 year old son, and somedays i feel so horrible that i can hrdly take care of him. im also a smoker(cigarettes) and coffee dribker. the doctors did say that my smoking nd drinking coffee could be causing these affects. but ive been a smoker since i was 18 and im 24 now and have been drinking coffee on daily basis since i was 21. im positive its the mr. nice guy that did this to me, not cigs and coffee.

2:47 am March 7th, 2012

My question is not about marijuana, but it is URGENT! I broke my tailbone at the end of November and have been on morphine ER since January. I got a new job and start Thursday. So, I called my doc and scheduled a steroid injection so that I can fast track the healing and be ready to work. The procedure was today and since I wasn’t able to eat or drink all day, I took 2 pills this morning. Two hours later my recruiter called me in for a drug test. My question is this: Can drug tests detect the levels of a drug in your system? Please help. Anything you can provide would be great. Thanks.

5:15 am March 7th, 2012

Hi Linda. Thanks for your question. Many employers use what is called a standard DOT 5 panel drug screen, which will pick up on the morphine. But if you have a prescription or doctor’s note for use, just rake it along to the testing center. The Medical Officer in charge of the results will account for the amount of opiates in your system, if you were taking as prescribed, and offer a “negative” result for your employer. Call the testing center to ask the same question, just to ease your mind.

1:28 pm March 7th, 2012

Thanks for the note. That’s the point though. I did not take as prescribed because I was in so much pain. I did have the injection yesterday, and my hope is that I will now no lOnger need the meds. Will they be able to determine that I haven’t been takin as prescribed? Thanks again for the fast response. I hardly got any sleep last night thinking and praying about this. I’m so afraid!!! Please help!!!

1:54 pm March 7th, 2012

I’m so glad I ran into this blog it’s helped me beat my spice addiction. With that being said, I think I’m finally ready to share my story so here goes.
To begin with I used to be a heavy pot smoker. My husband was, too. In 2009 he got laid off from his job and he quit smoking pot so I quit with him to support him. Meanwhile, our dealer had told us about this Space (an extremely potent spice that got immediately banned). Us being the pot smokers we were decided to give it a shot. I took one hit and was completely blown away. It was way stronger than any pot I’d ever smoked in my life. I took a second hit and started tripping my brains out…but I liked it. Soon enough Space was no longer available so we started playing around with other brands of spice. We smoked Kind, K2 Diamond, Cloud 9, 420 ultra and Black Mamba. I only tried Mr. Nice guy (and MadHatter) once because at one of the Indian owned shops they put a Black mamba label over a Mr. Nice Guy label. OMG MR Nice Guy was the worst thing I’ve ever smoked in my life next to MadHatter. All along the way my husband and I thought we were invincible and kept smoking this crap, mainly the Black Mamba and the Cloud 9 since the other mixes were no longer around. It wasn’t until about 1 week ago that I finally noticed my first side effects. The coughing, racing heart, puking hours on end, lack of appetite, constipation, blurred vision, loss of movement and the latest for me had been seizures. Now that I’ve quit I’m still experiencing a few withdraw symptoms that go hand in hand with the side effects. Ladies this also does things to your period. I’ve had up to 3 periods in one month! At first i didn’t notice because mine have always been a month to 35 days apart. I don’t smoke cigs that often if I do smoke a cig it’s one hit and I put it out. i think the brunt of my withdraws are over and it’s only been a week off of it completely so I consider myself lucky compared to some of the posts I’ve seen. So I think diet and recreational use of other things such as cigs definitely factor into your spice addiction recovery. My husband had been harvesting the resin from this crap and finally I had enough and threw it all away last night and I’ll tell you I’ve not felt this great since before I started smoking this crap. A week has nearly went by and it’s been rough but the only thing I’m going through now is cravings once in a while and a frequent cough. But I am allergic to everything so my cough could be attributed to something else. The best way to overcome this brutal addiction is to find a friend, seek faith in something, drink tons and tons of water, make yourself eat even if you do throw it up, (I’ve been using cheerios in the yellow box as a staple for vitamins and food), get plenty of rest even if it’s 2 hours a stretch eventually you will regain your old sleeping pattern, keep your head propped up as high as you can stand it when you are laying down to help control nausea. Prilosec helped me with both the panic attacks and the vomitting. Try to reduce any caffiene or sugar intake as this will make the heart beat faster and make you freak out more. Find a hobby. i’ve been playing lots of video games and doing little things around the house like playing with my cats, working out ect. All of this I’ve done in the course of a week to overcome my spice addiction.I still think different brands out there give different withdraws because no 2 spices are the same. Sounds like those who frequently did the Mr. Nice Guy spice have the worst recovery out of anyone. Still keep in mind you’re not going to die, you will overcome and get through it and when you do it will feel like you literally excersized a demon. Good luck to any and all who are dealing with this powerful demon.

4:05 pm March 7th, 2012

Thanks for the information. That is exactly the point. I didn’t exactly take it as prescribed on Monday and early Tuesday morning. My question is, will they be able to determine the exact level of the drug in my system? Please respond ASAP. I am getting no sleep, and this is all I can think about. I appreciate any help that anyone can give.

Thanks again.

7:55 pm March 7th, 2012

Thank you 9090 and thank you Marie for sharing your experiences. I have to say I am now 2 weeks off of spice. I use to smoke cigarettes too, but in efforts to recover, I have stopped smoking cigarettes too. I have to say I feel a little better if not a lot better. But I mean I have always been the type of person to constantly worry when im sick so I always feel like im not TOTALLY healed but as far as I can tell I am getting better. My sleeping pattern is getting better, pain in my abdomen and constipation has disappeared. headache is very slight but that should go away soon too as it has been getting milder.

What I have been doing these past two weeks is this.
A shot of wheat grass on a empty stomach in the morning.
About thirty minutes later I eat my breakfast, usually some fruit or anything whole grain or both.
Then I take a multi vitamin and a Vitamin B complex (Naturemade)

Throughout the day I try to eat healthier and do more things outside of the house so that I don’t get tempted to smoke anymore. Finding a hobby is definitely a good idea. Exercise is also good for the body so maybe a sport would be a good idea.

5:54 pm March 9th, 2012

Can someone please answer this quesion?

How long does it take for this stuff to get out of your system?

It’s been a couple days since I threw mine away (cause of a really bad trip) and everynight I hallucinate and throughout the day I just feel stoned/cloudy in the head. Also, I would strongly advise NEVER smoking spice if you never have before. And just because you have smoked it and been fine, that does not mean you could have a real bad experience (it wasn’t until my like sixth time smoking it that I like thought I was gonna die). Go natural. It sucks that the good stuff (that’s actually good for you) is illegal. Everyone I personally know who has smoked this can testify that it will EFF you up. Be safe, guys; Thanks for any help.

lizz foster
1:31 am March 10th, 2012

this stuff gave me BRAIN DAMAGE. i have not smoked LOL or related “synthetic Weed” in over five months now. Yet i still get side effects. I’m NOT nearly as smart as i used to be. I used to be able to see all the little details of everything. I will admit, there are times where i still want some. I swear i can smell the stuff from a mile away. But then i remember all the scary highs i would get off of it. One time i thought i could FLY thank GOD i was in a safe place where i couldn’t get hurt if i jumped off of anything.

3:57 pm March 10th, 2012

I havent smoked weed in about 5 years. My friend sent me a jont n the mail of WHITE WIDOW. I hit the joint 3 times. Almost immediately i felt like thngs were slowing down. I was paranoid and felt as if i was havng an out of body experience. I saw myslef doing things then snapped into reality and would talk on the phone with slow responses. I honestly felt lke i was dying, i was being coached threw my trip. Thank God I had my friend. She told me to go get in the tub to help me come down and response was “NAW AINT THAT WHAT WHITNEY DID”. I was trppn. Then she was like go look in the mirrir to see if my eyes were red and I was like “NO I MIGHT SCARE MYSLEF”. I thought I was going to see bloody mary. She told me to get something to munch on, but while esatng i felt lke i was choking. I saw myself doing all of this but then i would snap into reality and be like did i do that. or thinking is this real. Now what I can say positive about it is that it really made me think and i was able to put alot into perspective. But still DONT DO IT. The next day, i hit the joint once. Same affect, but that night i couldnt sleep just still having out of body experiences. I just wanted to rebel just alittle bit but ths definitely isnt the way to go. I hope by me htting the joint a total of 4 times, that i didnt damage my heart or brain. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

6:27 am March 11th, 2012

@saved my grace.i know exactly what u mean and where u live at to mail a joint lmao. Here in maryland we have bayou blaster,demon,red eye,space cadet. And a few more that just hit the stores. I stopped smoking that stuff since dec. And i dont even crave it anymore. The highs i got from it freaked me out..i mean to the point where i either have tunnel vision or i was a character in a 3rd person game .i told a friend of mine the high u get from the synthetic is to abnormal there is no reason i should feel like im running down the street and im sitting down …its bad i tell u bad

8:33 am March 12th, 2012

ok, 3 weeks off spice. im feeling much better now but still cant sleep! if i get to sleep before 6am i feel like im winning. i quit smoking cigs, coffee, soda pop, and any other crap i feel might be keeping me up. doctor said my heart was enlarged, but after 3 weeks and a heart stress test it seems to be back to normal. i still cant believe the detox from this poison.
at least im still alive. all my smoking buddies have similar stories. i was burning 3 grams a day, but 3 weeks to feel kinda normal again? you gotta be kiddin me man! what is this poison? everyone just seems to pretend its not out there. ill never forget the feeling i had when i found this site and all the people who where screwed up just like me! as far as long term side effects, who the hell knows! we were all fools! hopefully i avoided permanent damage! if your in trouble with this, trust me, the detox is severe but you will feel better with vitamins, alot of water, and some luck. not sure but for me, i had no idea of the trouble i was in til i didnt smoke, then the bottom fell out! while smoking i felt bad but nothing like when i stopped! people who say theres no nasty detox are lying to you. you decide if you want to smoke this poison, but if you do get ready cuz a hard rains gonna fall! good luck fellow addicts!!

9:55 pm March 12th, 2012

Instead of drinking alcohol for recreation I have chosen to smoke weed for years now, and my sister is the same. Within the last 3 months she has switched to legal weed because of random drug testing at her work. I tried one puff and said, “NO WAY” I could taste the chemicals and the difference immediately. I smoke the natural stuff because it is far safer and just down right better for our bodies than the fake. I understand kids like the fake stuff b/c it’s really easy to obtain and not illegal yet, but it’s just not good. I’ve seen my sister’s coloring go away, her complain about not sleeping right for “some reason”, her whole being is different, even her eye color has changed in pigment growing redder from a rich brown. It’s the chemicals that are staying in her body from that fake weed, and no one can tell me any different because it will be a lie. There is no way that that catnip sprayed with chemicals is worth getting caught for the real stuff. Instead of buying fake weed these same people should be banning together to legalize the real stuff. There is just so much information regarding the good it does, and corporations would lose millions in the pharm business and other type businesses if it was legal. When it comes down to it that is the reason why it’s not legal. Who is gonna pay for expensive pain killers when they can eat THC for a quarter of the price? I’ve had two procedures done and received two prescriptions for oxy that went into my shredder. I didn’t need that toxic way of thinking that so many people have.

6:12 am March 13th, 2012

Your naive if you think you are not going to eventually have a painic attack or any of the other side effects for spice. It is not natural at all. its almost like Drug dealers are using government loopholes to mess people up with this dangerous drugs that have not been properly tested. it should not be compared to pot a weed that grows from the ground, it should be compared to Meth, Cocaine man made terrors. Weed will not give you such intense parinoia no one not even your loved ones can talk you out of it and trust me I have smoked some of the best bud in the country. My brother has also smoked some really good weed and never had a bad “trip” or parinoia. He recently experienced an extreme parinoia trip what ever you want to call it from using this dangerous drug, he belived he knew how and when the world would end he figured it out using religious symbols. He is now in a psych hospital and thinks my parents put him in jail and will not see them. He still thinks if he could get some more spice he could explain this all to a scientist. He may never be the same. My family is beside them self. But go ahead play with your life. I will stick to MARIJUANA, if I get a job that drug tests I will go cold turkey. I see NO good excuse for using this drug unless you like playing with your LIFE.

3:14 am March 15th, 2012

I tried diablo and I smoke and for like three days I don’t feel normal I feel like I left planet earth what do I do

4:57 am March 15th, 2012

I am sorry, but I just gotta say, this could be avoided if the government would just leave real, NATURAL marijuana alone! I have smoked it since I was 15 (29 now) No adverse reactions, I’m not living in a gutter with no job. Matter of fact, we just bought our first house! We are fully functioning, capable adults who contribute to our community and church. And there are millions just like us. I believe everything natural on this earth can be utilized in some way or another. 10 months ago, I literally lost my mind because of a stomach pill that my doctor prescribed me! I took it for 3 weeks and completely lost it. Completely. I had extreme non-stop panic attacks for 2 1/2 months and could not be left alone. Off to the psych ward i went. I am just NOW getting back to normal. This was an effin stomach pill people! Reglan. Know why I took it? Nausea. Know what REALLY works for nausea? Marijuana. How DARE the government deny me the only thing that does work for me and give me something to make me lose my mind instead! I have a disorder called gastroparesis, it causes lots of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite. Reglan is the only thing for it. Refuse to take that again! So I wake up puking every morning. Im lucky if I eat once a day and even then it’s a toddler-sized meal. Come summertime I am moving to where I can get a prescription for what I really need- Mary Jane! Screw this spice ish and screw dying over stomach pills!!!!

3:11 am March 16th, 2012

I smoked spice for months with no bad side effects. But then again i only smoked a pinch of spice at a time. I got get a great high for 30 min with no bad side effects.

8:26 am March 16th, 2012

Im a 19 year old male and i’ve been smoking different types of spice for around 5 months and have never had any visits to emergency rooms or seisures or anything like that, i also have numerous friends that have been smoking even longer and they haven’t had any problems either. We’ve decided to use a bit of commom sense and have decided to quit. Just curious as to how much damage has been done and if your body is able to recover over time?

3:50 pm March 16th, 2012

and goodluck to anyone who is seriously struggling with this or has friends and family going through it. I’m no doctor or anything and i graduated highschool with a 3.5, but i must admit that since smoking this stuff, things dont really seem right, hopefully it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. Not telling anyone how to live there lives but i would advise you to quit using it, if the developers have to keep changing chemicals in it to keep the police from banning it then something must be harmful about the chemicals

8:43 pm March 17th, 2012

Hello I have a question in which I will explain how I ended up here. So about a week ago I was drinking with some friends and everything was cool. A friend of mine had some spice idk wats it called but anyways I took about 3 hits and 1 of them ghosted. After a few minutes I felt like I was dying I remember playing guitar and Thend telling my friend to call the ambulance. My friends say I washing saying stuff like if I don’t keep walking around I would die. I walked back and forth for a little over an hour. Iwent home and fell asleep the next day I fElt like I was still messed up. It has been a week and i feel like i cant focus and i feel somewhat dumber. Idk what to do if i should wait a couple more days to see if it goes away or go to the hospital. Thanks

short or longterm
9:07 pm March 17th, 2012

So this is my story I was drinking with friends at their house and then another friend took out some spice. I took 3 hits only one ghosted and I immediately. Felt like I was dying. I remember telling my friends to call the ambulance I have been on a bad trip before but this felt nothing like it. It has been a week and I can’t focus and I feel somewhat out of it? Should I wait a couple more days and go to hospital or what.? Idk what to do.

im dumb for tryn it
9:16 am March 20th, 2012

Look I’m 32 been smoking weed on a regulate basis since 15 and I tried spice…. Let me tell u I had a panic attack my heart heart and I thought I was really gonna die for sum reason and I’ve never had anxiety issues so the hell with it I Will stick with good ole Mary Jane period.

JJ Red
10:49 am March 20th, 2012

Just wanted to weigh in on this. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but I am going to try to elaborate on 14 years of drug history in one post and bring it up to present day to underscore my points about synth weed. I have had extensive experience with many drugs over the course of my life. I am 29 and have always had a passion for cannabis since at least 16 or 17, perhaps to a fault smoking it nearly every week since. I have been lucky enough to go to Amsterdam and Jamaica and have smoked some of the best hash and herbs on this planet. Bottum line I have smoked A LOT of trees in my day. I also experimented with harder substances such as opium, cocaine, and exstacy in my rave going days, along with Lsd, ketamine, mushrooms, all kinds of painkillers like roxi and oxy, even a little ghb. We even used to smoke coke on the end of our cigarettes, so I guess you could say I did crack too, although never in rock form. Luckily for me, I never experienced Heroin or meth and I always went back to the good ole natural herb and left EVERYTHING else in the past as simple experimentation. Now that you understand that I’m not just not some young noob, I will proceed with my experiences with and opinions of this so called synthetic cannabis.
In the initial wave of press about the synthetic marijuana craze at about the end of 09, I assumed that the people against it opposed it for the same reason they oppose cannabis and dismissed the hype as prohibitionist propaganda. Although I had no need to use the fake stuff, being the cannabis enthusiast that I am, I must say I was curious about a true synthetic “THC analogue.” Well a few months pass and I found myself in headshop New Years eve of 10-11. I saw the display for the synths and asked the younger headshop clerk if he had any experience with the stuff and he said no. His friend also said he had not tried them, which I thought was odd because these were punky looking skate boarder kids, and I thought, what you guys don’t like to smoke? I should have known right then that this stuff was bad news, but instead i asked him which was the best selling. He gave some stuff called Golden Sunset for $30 a gram. I remember thinking how stupid it was that it was even more expensive than the dankiest REAL dank, but I was doing it merely as a new years novelty to see what the fake weed was all about. Upon getting to the party another of my longtime stoner friends was also curious so we tried it out by itself and it seemed quite nice. Keep in mind this is the FIRST GENERATION jwh 019 and 051 I believe.The high seemed quite similar to a descent high grade cannabis high and I was initially impressed becasue i was expecting something like wizard smoke or the really weak fake bud that they used to sell in high times. The only differences me and my friend noticed from the real deal was that it didnt last as long and it was a slightly headier rushier high, but we concluded that it mimicked a sativa high almost to a T all the way down to the slight weighty feeling over the eyes, even slight munchies and we mixed it with our bowls and blunts, but some other people had a very hostile reaction to me even having it. One of my true pothead friends threatend to kick my ass if i put any in the bowl he was hitting because he had read the article where jwh himself said “anyone who smokes this is stupid.” Anyways after reading the not for human consumption label i was a little worried but i thought this was just a clever way to avoid fda regulations. We smoked almost the whole gram, between several people, and none of us had any bad reaction whatsoever except in retrospect, I do remember my heart racing a little when I laid down for bed that night. A few months later when I was in my local headshop and my herb dealer wouldnt pick up i noticed some other synth stuff called Gonjah, and figured what the heck. Again, no adverse affects really and this time I smoked the whole gram to my self, however I did notice it slightly effecting my real cannabis high, but not much and it was back to normal by the next day. Seeing this stuff as generally weak and never wanting to put any man made chems in my body, I continued to happily smoke my natural herb. Then came 4 weeks ago. My cousin who is a law student at emory with a masters invited me over to hang one night. He’s about 5 years younger than me and we call him ‘one hit wonder.’ Everytime im smoking a blunt or a spliff he always just hits it once or twice. He is by no means a noob, he actually introduced ME to concentrated salvia two years ago when i had only tried the lighter version. I ended up literally falling on my ass and basically passing out off 1 hit. I was majorly impaired. I felt fine after about 20 minutes and remember thinking “how could this be legal and bud isnt” I was surprised that ANY herb could make me feel like that after doing real hullucinogens. But even that was nothing compared to what he had on this nite. Turned out my cousin was stressin about an important employment drug test so he was burnin the synthetic stuff. Now I had heard that it was banned and honestly didnt follow the jwh scene. I didnt know this was the untested and far more dangerous second generation of synthetics that the DEA so conveniantly failed to regulate. He said he had tried a few different ones and he thought this ‘spaz’ was the best and he wanted my opinion of it. So he asked me to try it and unfortunately, I did thinking this was the regular jhw i had tried a year or so before. It was called ‘Spaz.’ I should have known better than to smoke anything called spaz. I took two hits off a bowl. At first it seemed somewhat similar to the other jwh i had tried, but it was MUCH more harsh on the throat especially. I noticed I became very talkative, but not the kind of talkative I normally got on weed, it was more like a stimulant feeling, somewhat similar to what I remember ecstacy being like as far as the weird jaw movements, but no where near as pleasurable. I also noticed a terrible scratchy cotton mouth and terrible somewhat metallic taste and it felt like there was a film of coating going all the way down my throat. I drove the hour back home with no issues and got into bed to try to go sleep at about 5 am and thats when the problems really started. I felt like I had taken some kind of stimulant. i had that frozen feeling that I get on ritalin or coke. I had only slept three hours the night before, but I wasnt tired at all. I began having a feeling like I couldnt catch my breath, and my heart seemed to beat faster and faster. I thought it’s all in your head, just breathe it’ll pass, just like any bad trip. It didnt. I began having uncontrollable tremors and shakes laying in my bed. My arm was just shaking erratically and my leg muscles clinched as tight as they could contract, shooting with repeated muscle spasms, all involuntarily. My whole body was shaking uncontrollable and my jaw was chatterreing like I was very cold, but I was covered in sweat and i felt hot. I realized that this was actually a mini seizure and if these spasms traveled to my heart, I could have a heart attack. This went on for at least 15-20 and then sheer terror and panic set in. I am 29 and I wanted to call my mom and tell her that I had smoked synthetic cannabis and I literally felt like i was going to die. Thats how bad it was. I was very very close to picking up my cell phone and dialing 911. But I didnt and luckily I somehow fell asleep at about 11 am after hours of sheer terror. But it didnt stop there. The next day, I had no desire to smoke bud whatsoever, and when I did it had literally no effect. My throat still felt coated and I couldnt taste anything. My breathing felt poor and I felt like I couldnt concentrate or think or form cogent sentances and I had this contsant high strung anxiety feeling in my chest. My thought patterns were completely skewed and I literally felt like I had a full frontal labotomy. I noticed a huge loss of appetite not wanting to eat at all. These feelings went on for a whole month. I can only now eat three meals and taste food again and my throat just stopped hurting after it felt like I had bumps on the back of my throat like strepp thrraot or something. Today I just starting feeling normal again, thank God. Now my brain is working again but not 100% as you can probably tell from the extended rambling that is this post, I can catch my breath and real weed affects me like it did before. But that took four full weeks just to recover. This stuff stays glued to your receptors for a long time. The best advice I can give to those suffering from this stuff is excercise, good food, high fiber, lots of water, b vitamins, amino acids, and if possible use a sauna or steam room or both 2-3 times a week. Learn about the blood/brain barrier and sympathetic nervous system fires. Thats what is happening with your neurochemicals. All this has helped me tremendously. This stuff had me majorly screwed OFF TWO HITS. I began researching more and the more i found out I was shocked. Thank god for boards like this. This is one of the few places you will get the truth instead of people selling something or hiding the facts to make a profit. Look at firsthand accounts of users on youtube. realize that we are the guinea pigs for this stuff. It seems like the worst effects happen when you quit so some people have been smoking this for years and not realizing the damage theyve done til they try to quit, and thats whats different about this from all other drugs. Usually you can decide if you like a substance based on how you feel on it, but the effects of this drug are much more deceptive and dont hit you right away. Take it for what its worth. I called my cousin and told him he needed to look for another alternative like synthetic urine for his test instead of synthetic pot. I wrote down a whole page of symptoms i had and read them to him. I told him how this is a 5 billion dollar a year industry and that there is a lot of deliberate deception going on about the real dangers of this stuff and that some of the synthetic analogues being used were actually coke and meth analogues (makes a lot of sense to me based on how spaz felt) Not to mention that tested samples of these blends have revealed mercury and lead, poiosonous heavy metals! I told him he should flush whatever he had left down the toilet immediately. Again he is a law student so he isnt stupid. I summed it up like this. There are only two kinds of people smoking this second generation jwh. People who are truly stupid, and people who are uninformed. I urged him like I urge anyone reading this to become more informed about this if you or a friend is using this truly awful poisonous substance. I’m all for cognitive liberty and letting people do what they want, but people are deciding to do this without realizing the impacts and true implications. I hope my experiences and opinions as an ex druggie and cannabis veteran have some value for you guys thinking it’s all soccer moms and cops who are against this stuff. If you value your health, your mental ability, your happiness, and your sanity, or if you just value being able to enjoy natural cannabis at some point in the future, you should stop smoking this fake lethal garbage immediately.

3:59 pm March 21st, 2012

so i agree with everyone on here about their postings! This is my story and i feel like dying literally, and need adive,

I have had stomach problems before so i would smoke the real weed, well i had to get a job so i thought i would just smoke the fake stuff, hey whats the worse that could happen right? (well the worst did happen)
This all started two months ago, thats how long i smoked it for, it started with headaches, but i have migraines so did not think anything about it at all! Than the puking started in the morning, it was so bad that i could not stop! My face would turn so red and i could not breathe! At this point and time i would start feeling nausea all day….so i went to the doctors, had a scope done, got my about every organ in me tested, and NOTHING was showing up. So at this point i was getting very upset, and thought i was going crazy! Than the sweats came on, and i couldn’t stop, my fiance had to liteally change my clothes for me because i felt so out of and just so sick! Than it all hit me, and decided and read if someone else was getting sick off of this stuff, and yes they were, actually the same signs.

I feel so stupid that i had all this done, but how was i to know this was making me so violently ill? I can say i will never touch it again in my life, it is stupid, and it should be illegal everywhere! and i also think people should have the right to know what is in it. But if you have not stopped smoking it, do it now, because im telling you it slowly kills you!

6:42 am March 22nd, 2012

so it sounds like everyone who’s laid off of this garbage crap has started to feel normal again? And as a past user of this stuff just stay away from it, once again, i never experienced or have seen anyone experience the serious emergency side effects but some of my friends that smoked it do say they feel increased heart rate and are short of breath, and they arent noobs, but they arent stonecold drug heads either, i cant smoke the real stuff due to my job but from what everyone tells me, the high from real weed is 10000 times better. If you really think about it, the high from this fake creep really isnt that great especially since everyone using it are just guinea pigs, and i dont believe any type of high is worth risking your life for, but if there is, this fake weed sure as hell isnt it

8:04 am March 23rd, 2012

Hi everyone this is serious! I was addicted for a year to this stuff. While I was on it everything went fine for about 6 months, then things went down hill from there. After a while I began to start getting this sense of fear when I was using.Once I quit smoking this from hell I didn’t sleep for about a month I was only getting roughly 1-2 hours a night, an this sense of fear kept me up. So I went to get blood work done; everything was fine! I had to go to a Psychiatrist for a Psych Evaluation. Once I saw the Psychiatrist, he in turn prescribed me Saphris for sleeping telling me you are going to be bi-polar for a while. He also informed me that spice shrinks your Hipothalamus in your brain which has to do with dealing with mood/sleep-wake cycle/ emotions, however its gives you brain damage, but it is reversible brain damage thank God for that at least. My affects have been long term fear out of the blue for no reason, but are dissipating in time, so I suppose that part of my brain is unshrinking day by day. Thank God for PSYCIATRIST stay away from this, it will destroy your life, and health!

8:36 am March 24th, 2012

This goes out to David, thanks for lifting this monkey off my back. I have the same symptoms and am nervous. I didn’t go as hard in the paint, 1 month. Literally 1 month and I think I am going to die. These products need to be banned immediately.

3:55 pm March 26th, 2012

It took me over a month to begin feeling normal again. Still can’t sleep though. It ain’t worth it! Wonder what long term damage Ive done! These guys who justify marijuana crack me up! Its funny what drug addicts justify! I know. I’m an addict. Bottom line: all drugs mess you up! Marijuana’s a drug. If you wanna do it, go ahead! All drugs have side effects and destroy your brain. The trap we fall into with spice differs in that alot of us smoke it because we can’t get busted at work. The hard part comes when you stop smoking spice. The withdrawal was so bad, I thought I was dying! It happened to all my friends too! You will feel better but it takes at least a month. I wonder if I’ll ever sleep right again! I think this garbage could actually kill you, and feel lucky to have gotten off of it! I’m going to stick with masterbating, it just feels better!

Syn G
4:19 am March 29th, 2012

I have smoked this Maui wowie, Jazz, Elegance Potpourri. I started off getting high and feeling good. A month later My head hurts, feeling like I wanna throw up some times but no heart attacks or anything. I just wat to say that if the REAL stuff was LEGAL. We would not be smoking Synthetic pot or other drugs.

9:13 pm April 2nd, 2012

Hey Guys…..I found this website by googling Aloha kush….Me and my fiancee were using this for about a year until yesterday… I will be honest it is a high that did make me feel good and at times I definately yearned for it. My first experience was on Valentines Day. Me and my hubby were feeling nice, drinking, setting the mood. I was laying across the bed after hitting one and within a half a second my mind was racing out of control. I had all types of things running through my mind. I could never just be focused on one thing which really freaked me out. My fiancee started looking like the devil to me I go t so scared that all I could do is pray. After about an hour I finally became myself again. I stopped using it for about 2 weeks and then I ended up smoking it again. Well yesterday I was up early in the morn so I decided to hit a little, with a couple of seconds my visio became blury and I my heart was beating sooo fucking fast that you could see it, my fiancee put his hand on my chest and I was not tripping he felt the same shit. I got so scared and my mind started racing like crazy about God and Jesus and like others have stated I to felt like half of my mind was in heaven and the other half was in hell. I saw demonic faces and all I could do was pray to God that I did not want to do. I truly thought that my heart was going to explode right then and there. ALOHA KUSH is evil as well. I do take accountability for my own actions but I am writing this to warn others who are thinking about trying it if not already. Please leave this alone. This stuff is not right at all.

Syracuse NY
9:20 pm April 2nd, 2012

My brand of choice was called Atomic made by Mr. Happy. I started this habit becasue i couldnt smoke weed. I used to smoke an 8th of real stuff a day but when lifes ambitons took over and i couldnt smoke the real stuff no more i decided to switch things up. I smoked 4 grams of this shit everyday for six months. i became completely addicted to it. i must admit i do have a very addictive personality but i never thought i would get this hooked. i would wake up and not be able to function without it. i heard all the stories about adverse health effects and people dieing from it, hell i myself could name a long list of thigs i expericenced, terribal night sweats, cheast pains, back pains,( i think my kidneys took the brunt of the damage. I knew it was killing me slowley but it wasnt enough to make me stop. i just wanted that feeling the high gave me. it was like an exstacy feeling that i could give myself whenever i wanted to, just as long as i had my stuff. it was a security thing. many nights i stayed up feening untill the gas station that that sold the stuff opened at 4:30AM. i spend atleast 150 a week on the stuff and didnt blink an eye. i knew my health was in decline becasuse of it so i set a quit date for 420. i Figured thats when i just switch back over to smoking real weed. that didnt work out cause the state took over instead. its been roughly three days since NYS banned legal weed and its been 2 days since iv smoked it. Theres times where i feel overwhelemd and sad. i kinda feel lost and scared without it. i really havent left my room for an extedned amount of time since beiong sober but thats not very different from when i was getting high. i never thought it would be this hard to give up. looking back now if NYS didnt ban it idk if id be able to stop on my intended qiut date. i think i forgot what life was like outside my little 6 month mini trip. i no this stuff has screwed with me mentaly i just hope its not long term. i tryed smoking pot yesterday and didnt even get high.AT ALL. its been like that ever since i first started using. is there anyone out there who can relate? and if so after you quit the legal stuff dose real weed ever safice again? i can only conclude that time heals everything but in the back of my mind i no howjust how much i waisted. maybe legal Weed isnt my problem. maybe its just getting high in general.

10:32 pm April 2nd, 2012

This gave me heart problems! I had an anxiety attack after taking two decent hits, my heart was over 200bpm. The next morning my heart suffered from frequent flutters, and almost had no regular beat at all. It’s been two weeks now and heart is still messed up. PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE THIS. It is not worth the risk of permanently or severely damaging your health, I do not wish this upon anyone.

10:57 am April 5th, 2012

My age 27. I never did any drugs in my life. I wanted to give this “Spice” stuff a try cause I told it was legal to do, This was awesome let me tell you.I was only doing one small hit a day for about a week.One day I didn’t do any at all then out of no where mid day I was all buzzed. The next came around and I was fine so I did a hit in the morning and I was all good and happy. Took one hit befor bed, Worst thing ever to do I was having a anxiety attack!!! Every noise in the house was scaring me to death, I kept think is was going to die thank GOD someone was home and that I could talk to too clam me down and I felt if I fall asleep that I was going to pass away and not wake up the next day. I was able to go to sleep just make sure you have someone check on you if you go to sleep. As the day came I felt some much better, I told myself never doing this again I trashed all of it away. I woke up at 9:00AM every thing was fine but when it was 1:30PM I felt buzzed I was like oh… NO! I still feel buzz/sick. All I have to say is if your going to use this stuff make sure you tell someone what your doing this. If you feel something is wrong then stop right away don’t do no more and toss that in the trash. All I know is this is the wrost thing I’v ever tryed/done in my life. People don’t smoke this fake stuff, I think if your going to smoke then stick to the real pot. BUT IN ALL’N’ALL DON’T GIVE THIS SO CALLED “SPICE” A TRY, TRUST ME PLEASE!!!

fear god
5:56 pm April 5th, 2012

spice i bring the end of the world. i have smoked this stuff and felt like the devil was laughing at me sayin ha ha i got you agin. and im not the only one who has experienced this. its all more then a mear trip. open your eye your eyes yall to whats happening. we are gods children. thank god he didnt kill you like others have had it happen. smoking it has brought me to a place of faith i never knew. its awesome. i pray that he keeps me away from this junk and he gives me strength never to touch it again. like my father who smoked pot since he was 18 and me his son now 24 got him into nsmokin spice. IF YOU SMOKE SPICE I DARE YOU TO LISTIN TO CRISTIAN MUSIC. YOU WILL FEEL SOMETHING INSIDE YOU YOU NEVER KNEW. you dont need spice to feel that way. is what i learned. it allows your subcontious to take over when smokin this spice. are you for or agenst god. there is syliminal messages in everythin these days. i.e. commercial where he is buying a car and his ”men in black” (johnny knoxvill) head pops out and he says its his confidence. again the axe commercial where everything is on fire representing the end of the world. everyone is screaming while others ore in pure love not careing at all. its commin ya’ll i smoked for years. there are to many things in my life, things ive heard, experienced to say what he has put me through is a mear coincidence. anyone who has an ear let him hear. get to church. become saved romans 12 christian. its never to late for that 180 in the right way. only when your 6 ft under is it to late. good luck to all you addicts. i was one and still am. just a different addiction. no substance, but god. god bless and good luck. if i can anyone can.

2:25 pm April 6th, 2012

aight ive been following along with this for too long now ive been smoking headtrip daily for about a year now no problems except maybe a fierce case of the munchies the symptoms u all have been describing to me r the same ones the weak minded pot heads talk about whenever they take one too many hits off my blend which is also the same symptoms that these kids get when they smoke way too much bud puking rise in heart rate pale ness of skin ive seen it all and honestly its either the shitty blends u people r buying or its all in ur head ive had the supposed freak out from smoking too much honestly its not an anxiety attack it more or less feels like a bad trip and u just gotta smoke a cig and ride that horse out

Healthy 24yr old
11:19 pm April 9th, 2012

@ Clutch – I smoked nothing but the quality/expensive stuff (spice) for about 7 months (I wouldn’t touch the cheap nasty looking blends) and this gave me seizures. Straight up. I started smoking pot when I was 14 (reggies) and switched to chronic once I built a tolerance and never had any issues with my MJ. This spice is whack and it will kill you.

Healthy 24yr old
11:22 pm April 9th, 2012

Oh and also, it gave me bronchitis!! I quit a week ago and switched back to my MJ and I feel sooooo much better already. I have been taking a multi-vitamin and drinking a lot of water. I think the fact that I went and got a bag of reggie straight away after throwing this junk away helped me to avoid withdrawal and probably even saved my life. Don’t mess with mother nature because that is just something that mankind can never mimic perfectly.

ME Myself
6:42 pm April 10th, 2012

The fake crap is crap, horrible for you and very capable of rendering your body useless to your brain or vice versa. this bad stuff will have you feeling like you’ve had some PCP or some other bad stuff. argue your cases about legality, government and what not, it doesnt matter, Marijuana never made me feel the way fake stuff mad me feel. Yes the freedom is yours to smoke it, I dont care. But There are more negative effects than positive effects. I had to “ride out” an experience with Mr Happy for about 20 mins, I eventually threw up and continued my life as normal. when I say bad experience, I mean bad. If it was the first time I had experienced a drug related reaction of this nature, I would have certainly begged for medical help and ruined many peoples night, possibly career and who knows what else. but I rode it out, breathed through it and endured the suck. Stick with the real stuff, weed and shrooms… what more do you need? EVERYONE whos smoked it has had a bad experience with fake weed, some worse than others. so call it a conspiracy, call it controversial…. Ill be sitting here calling it bad…

8:43 pm April 14th, 2012

l smoked the Kush Brand synthetic weed a few days ago with my friend. l was feeling fine for maybe 20 minutes after and then a few minutes later l felt like l could feel every vein and pulse in my body and lt felt like my body was constricting me of my own life. l didn’t know what was wrong with me, l’d be fine for 10 mins and then the same feeling would come over me again but it was worse each time. l tried not to get freaked out because that’d only make it worse. l thought l was just having a bad trip. l tried drinking something and eating and l got calmed down for maybe 5 mins and then the feeling came back, this time l felt like l my heart was going to explode it was pounding so hard and fast in my chest at this point l was so scared. l thought l might die. l got freaked out and yelled for help, my neighbor in our apartment heard me and came over. When he did l explained what l smoked and how l was feeling, l was shaking so bad, l thought l might have a seizure and l could barely walk. He called the paramedics and they came and took my blood pressure and listened to my heart rate. They didn’t tell me anything immediately, all they said was l needed to go to the hospital and fast. So l was loaded up in the ambulance and they stuck an iv in my arm. At this point l was freaking out even more, l lost consciousness for maybe 2 minutes. When we got to the hospital l was surrounded with doctors and nurses and being asked questions l can’t remember. My heart rate was up to 160 and raising and l almost had a heart attack/stroke they gave me some pills and a drug through my iv to make me sleep so l could calm down. lt took a few minutes and l was knocked out but when l woke up l was way better but my heart rate was still high but not as high and they let me go home.

Oregon boy
5:38 am April 17th, 2012

@ Syracuse NY – I had similar symptons. First off I had a freak out on spice about 7-8 months ago. Anxiety like symptons, feeling everlasting doom, thought my consciousness was shrinking until my very existence was gone. Right then and there I quit Oh and might I add I was smoking it pretty hevily given the fact I was a heavy marijuana smoker and thought this stuff can’t be too bad. Boy was I ever wrong. Anyways, I went straight back to MJ even knowing I could fail a UA for work at any time. Got my high like always. Then, the feeling of the spice started coming back 3-4 months in but I kept smoking my MJ thinking that feelings would subside, but no IT GOT WORSE. I started having involuntary tongue movement, anxiety all the time (no attacks yet), hot/ cold sweats, sweating in sleep, lower back pain, shoulders tight, neck and spine burning. I ignored it still thinking MJ the natural healer it was, would eventually do its job. Once again, I was very wrong. I became extremely depressed. Didn’t want to excecise because of the physical pain I was feeling, posture abnormalities (which I am still coping with). I wasn’t use to this at all because I was a healthy human up until 8 months ago. I continued my use on MJ until about a month and a half ago I had a stran reaction to a couple Knife hits of MJ (want to emphasize during this period there was no spice use or use of any other drugs strictly marijuana). My tongue started to move on its own, it was very weird, I started feeling the same feeling of everlasting doom, hallucinations, heart pumping out of chest so I decided to walk to see if it would help, nope I felt as if my very existence was shrinking again. I felt shorter than usual, hands shrinking I was yelling to myself the whole time I am a child of God and I will not let you win ( I had deep feeling that was being possessed ) I ended up calling an ambulance in and went to a hospital. Got blood test, came back good. I don’t know much about what happened but I know after 4 years of Marijuana use I had never came close to a feeling that until I had smoked spice. I haven’t induced my body with any MJ for 2 and half months now and the symptons are subsiding but I still feel very weird inside. If anyone has any insight on my information please please please let me know.

Uncle Hempy
12:37 am April 19th, 2012

F#%K fake. Real ganja or nothing at all.

Old Town
8:11 pm April 19th, 2012

So i found this website today i felt i just had to post my experience. I used to be a regular pot smoker. One day a few buddies of mine decided to have me try Spice, i had never heard of it so i asked them and they told me its a legal form of pot, so of course i was all for it. My friend and i smoked one joint together and we were getting ready to head back to school when i realized i couldnt move my body. I FREAKED out. Fell onto the ground screaming and crying. My body at this point felt all twitchy everywhere and i felt like i couldnt breathe. My friend ended up calling the peremedics and before they even got there i swear i died. My vision went blank and i felt like i was floating away. When i came to the peremedics were already there. They say i suffered from a seizure. Now 3 months late im still feeling the effects. Severe migraines, feelin creepy crawleys all over and im scared all the time that these feelings wont go away. If anyone else has had these things happent o them please let me know wat to do?

7:16 am April 21st, 2012

First, this message board has been rather insightful so far. I say “so far” because I have only read through the first four months of posts, so forgive me if I seem ignorant to anything posted recently.

I am in my mid-twenties and am currently a full-time college student. I am dedicated to doing well in school, but tonight I had to stop doing homework and look into something that has just cropped up over the past couple days… but first a little background. I have smoked real herb for ten years. When I started, I found that it allowed me to better focus on my studies. It would make almost anything interesting and would, of course, dull the everyday stresses of being a self-aware being. At the very least, the slight paranoia (“Oh no, I’m going to fail {insert class} if I don’t start studying right now”) would motivate me to get my face in a textbook. About two months ago, I found myself dry with no means of re-upping. I didn’t, and don’t, have the time track any down, so I decided to try spice to help me focus. I had heard of people dying from using it, but after very little research (I obviously missed this site) I deduced that adverse effects had to be a result of a lack of respect for the substance i.e. smoking entire bowls/bongs/blunts. So, I have been smoking 2-3 hits once or twice a day since. I haven’t had any obvious side-effects until the other day….

This past Thursday, I was in the middle of what is my favorite class of the semester. I enjoy it so much that two hours often feels like less than one. I never have trouble focusing in this class, high or not. About 45 minutes into class I looked down to take some more notes, started writing, and all of the sudden it was like I was watching someone else write. It wasn’t like I was leaving my body, I could still communicate with my hands and tell them what I wanted to write down, but there was this extreme detachment from them. I looked back up and discretely put my hands in front of my face… no detachment. I then chalked it up as a flashback (I’ve ingested LSD about ten times in the past) and giggled to myself. However, EVERY time thereafter that I looked down to write the same thing would happen. Then when I looked up, normal again. This continued for the remainder of the class and was pretty distracting. For studying that night, I only read, no writing, and had forgotten about the phenomenon. The same thing happened the next day for a brief period and tonight (right before I found this site) it started happening again, but to greater degree. All three episodes occurred several hours after having come down. Considering that nothing like this has happened to me before and it seems to be developing some sort of regularity, I am now inclined to believe that this was caused by use of spice. After this realization (or maybe educated assumption is a more fitting term?) and after reading the laundry list of terrible accounts of spice use, I am done with it. Stick with the real stuff everybody.

Thanks to all for your input… and to those who are dealing with addiction of any kind, good luck and god speed

1 yr of side effects
5:54 pm April 21st, 2012

I was around my friends who were smoking matrix red and green at the time in a closed car. I spun and vomited. Finally got back to the house and slept. Then the side effects took me over, anxiety and hallucunations. I could not figure out what was going on. I could not be home thinking that everything was tapped and I was being tracked everywhere I went. My hallucinations were auditory not visual. I thought my neighbors were stalking me, I even called the cops on them. I did apologize and told them what happened, but they still think i am crazy. I have always been a calm person and pretty much have a good sense of what was going on. But I went completly into the trip, but if lucky was able to sleep a few hours a day. I was going back to my friends house thinking my house was not safe and little did I realize that he was still smokiing it and just the aroma and second hand smoke kept me in this state. I am an extremely sensitive person to all things and only takes a little to go a long way. This all started april of 2011. I finally realized what the trigger was and washed everything, even your clothes hold the smell and the chemical and avoided all who consumed it. but still could not avoid the public who were using it and still can’t. I feel better doing things and when my adrenaline and focus is on something physical but sitting, going to sleep or during stressful times, I hear voices and still think people are watching me. I believe in dealing with the public I am constantly being reactivated by just the smell of others still smoking the synthetic stuff. I know it is not for human consumption but the chemicals are still there by touch and smell we can still consume them. Even as I write this I am constantly trying to keep the other voices out of my head. Praying does help, but have not been able to completely get back to normal and it has been a year. I tried an antianxiety/antidepressant and it was ok for 2 days then i went suicidal and took another one to offset that one and had to get off it also. man made chemical are too strong and are not quite right. I feel as if my right side of my brain has a small seizures and I am only good when my adrenaline is going and when i stop it starts again. If anyone has found an answer to fully detox or to offset the sideffects please post.

No name
11:32 pm April 24th, 2012

Losten everyone I smoke this for two years and when it went illegal for a short period of time I couldn’t get it and my heart bargain to palpitating now I decided on my own it was time and it’s been 3 weeks and my heart is still doing it off and on I’m worried about it but have got to tell all u none believers it’s time stop smoking potpourri or what ever name given to it it’s not worth your life

Dave Winchester
2:39 am April 25th, 2012

Just want to share an experience, bought some of this “legal high” stuff called ZOMBIE KILLAH thinking it was one of these synthetic weed products… Man was I wrong. This stuff was a very powerful psychedelic that not only gave me an anxiety attack but two other people who smoked it with me. I took one hit, ONE, and had a very unpleasant trip (normally I like psychedelics, LSD is my favorite drug) for about 4-5 hours. I was terribly sleepy, but for some reason was afraid to sleep thinking I wasn’t going to wake up. I had what I assume were heart palpitations as well. One of the people I smoked this with felt like he was blacking out every time he closed his eyes… He was just blinking. The third person literally thought she was gonna die. She said she couldn’t swallow, that her throat was swelling up. She freaked out for 4 hours.

This stuff is serious bad news. Do yourselves a huge favor and don’t touch it.

7:27 pm April 26th, 2012

I wish I would have searched these side effects and stories before my friend gave me some to smoke with her. It seriously was the worst night of my life. I took one hit, just one, and I felt like I was going to die. I’ve never been so scared, it felt like my heart was going to break through my chest at how fast as it was going. I started running around her apartment shutting off everything because the slightest noise was like someone was screaming into my ears. I just wanted it to end, and once it dawned on me that it wasnt ending, it was in fact getting worse, it further sent me into panic mode. There was nothing to do but wait it out, trying to calm yourself down. I haven’t really been the same since.

The ringing in my ears still hasnt fully gone away and its been over a week. I have random chest pains and my heart rate jumps up randomly every now and then. There is a dull ache at the bottom of right lung and sometimes sends stabbing pains into my back. I cant sleep worth crap anymore and the headaches are awful. I have to force myself to eat because I know I have to, but I am constantly queezy and have no desire to eat or drink…

I’m not telling you to not do it, just be cautious… My friend and boyfriend had no side effects, so it depends on how your body takes it… If you are going to do it, I recommend a safety person to take you to the hospital if things get out of hand. You only get one life… be safe.

Wishin' I did my homework....
5:18 am April 27th, 2012

Man, here I am feeling what I thought was at my worst, & then went and found this addiction blog! I want to thank you first AND foremost for creating this blog, as previously stated, I DID NOT research spice before partaking in it. BIG MISTAKE!! I have fibromyalgia, and was diagnosed with it about 10 yrs ago, pain was tolerable up til about 4 yrs ago or so. I had experimented with one illegal drug in my entire 34 yrs of life, and that was MJ. Everyone says its a gateway drug, etc, whatever, I used it to help ease my muscle tenseness on bad days mostly. My boyfriend of 2 yrs and I both smoked pretty regularly, until his job started cracking down on testing. (Hence the reason this evil product even came forth in my life) I was content with MJ, I never use other than at home, don’t go driving under influence, not a drinker of any kind, etc. I work 2 jobs currently now, one FT & one PT, my bf works a FT job too. We make decent money for what we do, and live a comfortable lifestyle I guess you could say. Or DID, now NOT SO MUCH! I now have to work the second job because our $40 wk MJ habit, was escalated to a whopping $500+ a month EASY! Literally, we were driving every day practically out of state to replenish our supply. Of course we would kid ourselves saying, “last one”, or “this is it, we mean it!” But would end up right back there the very next day purchasing another 3-4g package (literally disgusted). There are too many names to list of brands that have come and gone since we started smoking spice almost a year ago. My bf nor I neither had a horrific, life-threatening experiences, but I will tell ya this…….we had some damn near close ones! I mean out of body experiences, be staring at the coffee table and your very set of own 2 legs, but be envisioning the entire time you see your 2 legs NOT moving a mirage of yourself moving on about thee house like im cleaning or doing housework, but in a 3rd person kinda sense if that means anything to you lol. FREAKY shit! I have smoked some chronic that’ll make ya forget your name, but never have I experienced such lows as I have on spice. My bf and I have been just chilling in the living room on the sofa aft jus smoking a gravity each and I looked at his, his skin was the color of gray, his eyes sunken with dark circles beneath, and a hue of the color blue surrounding his lips, he looked DEAD. That was one of the most frightening moments for me, along side of the fact we are now in financial chaos due to the amount of quantities we consumed due to the tolerance you build to it. We now can no longer smoke MJ and get any kind of fulfillment out of it. My bf and I have been physically ill for 4 months now off and on, MOSTLY on. We both have respiratory issues starting with a cough, leading to bronchitis, fortunately no pneumonia as of yet. We decided 2 days ago we are OFFICIALLY through, but withdrawal symptoms have us very feeble and “just don’t feel right” (easiest way to describe it lol) He already has a HUGE problem with night sweats, but now the problem we’re dealing with at hand mostly is clamminess to sweating profusely, moodiness, etc. I haven’t had any problems sleeping as of yet, but working 2 jobs I don’t forsee that being much of a problem for me anyways. Headaches I often have daily, even if slight tinge of one, so is hard for me to decipher from spice, but no sharp pains as referred to by others thank goodness. I do have the heart palpitation thing from time to time, and lemme tell ya, that is a very disturbing feeling! I have to nausea in the mornings from time to time, although NOT daily as also described by others. All I know is this, when we smoked MJ, I wasn’t near as broke, nor was my body as broke-down! I still smoke cigarettes, which is soon to be ceased as soon as I can get through this whole mess. I will never touch the stuff again nor will my bf long as he’s living under the same roof as me. Seeing him in that condition was a scary enough image and placed morbid enough thoughts into my mind that reality has set in, we are dumbasses no longer! Yeah, it’s been only 2 days, but the way I look at it is, that’s $40 saved, and 2 days more we had to apply to the rest of our lives!! Good luck everyone and God Bless!

12:37 pm April 27th, 2012

Hello Everyone,
I just want to say that I know people from all different walks of life & all different ages that have tried “Spice”.
I am 40 years of age, a professional, an author(who can’t spell) with a good life. I just wanted a way to relax so, I started smoking weed about 4 yrs. ago. I smoked maybe 4 days a week. I studied Ethnobotany as a hobby & decided to try some natural legal herbs for relaxation & well, fun. I used to like to mix weed & blue lotus equally & really liked that. Then one day I went to a smoke shop to buy a water pipe & found something there called “Black Dragon”(expensive as Hell…$59.99 for 1.5 grams)…We mixed it 1/2 & 1/2 with the weed…it was, euphoric. Unbelievable…a whole body experience. It was almost intimarte but, not & it lasted for close to 2 hrs. w/ the peak being at about 20 minutes in. One of the best feelings that I had ever experienced. I only ever felt that once…after that inital “high” it never quite felt that way again. I then strated trying all types of spice & even purchased JWH-018 & JWH-250 in it’s pure form to spray on Damiana & Marshmallow(to help with burning throat)…I never did get to that point & I am glad that I didn’t. I destroyed it…
That will be a year ago at the end of next month…May 28th to be exact…that will mark the anniversary of me giving up “Spice” & cigarettes…I went cold turkey & I smoked cigarettes for over 25 yrs. I tried everything to quit but, that night is what made it happen. I haven’t touch another cigarette or “Spice” since.
I had smoked “Spice” for a little under a year. I was a relatively healthy person, only ever seeing a doctor maybe a dozen times in my life at that point. The use started out with the mixing of 1/2 & 1/2 with weed. The weed where I used to live was getting worse & worse in quality & we had decided to just start using the “Spice”. I found some that was a mix of 018 & 250(1 oz of marshmallow, the herb not the puffy white candy…sprayed with 1 gram each of 018 & 250). The first time that I ever used it I felt ice cold starting at the top of my head which felt as if it were dripping down my neck & into my shoulders, down the length of my spine. I felt uncomfortably high, anxiety, paranoid unlike anything that I have ever felt…I had to concentrate on my breath & heart rate to keep it down…it felt like it was lasting forever…it was difficult to breath & I was trying to keep it together in front of my friend. I managed & once it calmed down we talked about it & decided that we must have taken too much but, that’s the thing…from one brand to the next, from one batch to the next…you don’t know what you are getting. Over the course of that year there were a lot of hits & misses but, I started to notice that I wasn’t feeling quite like myself.
I started to feel strange with the following symptoms which just increased in intensity as time went on.
Strange or irrational thoughts or realizations
Talking out loud to one’s self
Increased heart rate…sometimes out of the blue even when not smoking it…sometimes very random but, quite a bit at night while trying to fall asleep.
Dry, sore mouth with reddened gums, teeth…especially in the front would ache.
Rapid & erratic heart beat
Rapid yet shallow breathing
Vision issues
Light headed
Feeling of heart beat/pulse in ears
Throbbing pulse in neck
Feeling as if I couldn’t get enough air
Extreme panic
Extreme anxiety
Extreme itching
Pain in lungs/chest
Lack of sleep
Metallic or tangy, tinny taste in the back of throat
Constant loooong lasting sore throat
Persistent cough
Feelings of impending death
I had also passed out twice. Once I awoke in an actual puddle of sweat, I was freezing & couldn’t hear properly for several minutes & couldn’t focus…The second time I was tanning & about two minutes before my time was up I felt like I couldn’t breath, was very dizzy & just had to sit down. I stepped out of the booth & awoke on the floor. Again hard to focus or hear properly…I got up, got a drink & sat in my car until I felt well enough to drive. I felt a lot better after I ate but, had a difficult time keeping it down.(These episodes were about 3-4 months apart.)
On May 28 2011, I hadn’t smoked “Spice” in over 2-3 weeks but, the feelings that I listed above were unbearable. I hadn’t slept for close to 3 days & I was starting to go into shock. I was shaking uncontrollably & was so flipping tired I could actually cry…I headed to the emergency room. I thought that I was having a heart attack…after 4 hrs. & several tests everything came back normal with the exception of elevated histamine…which makes sense. Histamine is our bodies response to an allergen. It wraps around the invader trying to immobilize it which causes several of the above reactions such as the extreme anxiety, itching, rapid heart rate , lack of sleep etc…They gave me a script for Visteral which is a 1st generation antihistamine. They give it to you before surgery to calm you before they put you under. It help you sleep, calms anxiety & reduces inflammation to clear the air ways. It really helped. I still have to use it once in a while & it’s been almost a year.
It had caused a seemingly severe hormonal issue as well resulting in issues with body temp & metabolism & about three months after going to the E.R. excessive hair loss…most likely as a result of the physical stresses that it caused to the body.
Like I said, it has been almost a year & I am still feeling the effects. I do feel soooo much better than I had.
For those stating that the symptoms are from lead or other chemicals..if you know anything about science or biology, even chemistry…then you whould know that these drugs have a direct affect on the Hypothalamus which basically controls it all, meaning that the symptoms can & most likely would be the same.
I am a very strong willed person & need to experience most things for myself before I believe anything…please, don’t be that way when it comes to this matter. I believe that to truly live you need to experience…just don’t experience this. When these people say that this is a living HELL, they mean it.

12:51 pm April 27th, 2012

Oh, to detox from this, try…Calcium D-Glucarate(500mgs. to 750mgs a day). It is one of the most powerful Liver detoxifiers out there. Just remember to drink plenty of water as it’s mode of elimination is primarily by way of the kidneys. It has helped quite a bit…drink at least 6-8 8oz. glasses of water a day or try 4 bottles of bottled water a day. Read up on it…it’s some pretty amazing stuff.

11:35 pm April 27th, 2012

omg….i had an out of body experience on k2(bang bang) on april 25,2012..i felt like a hung in the balance between heaven and hell, i felt god wanted me to choose between good and evil, “to choose life”…i was shaking uncontrollably, my heart was beating rapidly, i felt like i was dying, i remembered pleading with God to let me live and return to earth…i literally felt my spirit leave my body and zoom to purgatory or some other world…my friend asked if i was ok, to which i replied no,no i’m not and then i started calling on the name of the lord….after about 10-15 minutes i realized i was going to get another chance to live and redeem was terrifying to say the least…i have smoked marijuana for 35 years (i am over 50) and only tried k2 because i have be unable to find pot for 2 weeks..but i WILL NEVER smoke synthetic marijuana again..if you ask me it’s the DEVIL and a way for america’s enemies to pick us off by our own accord…i should have known better but now i definitely know to just say NO to spice/k2

1:09 am April 30th, 2012


I thought it would be just like weed but it was far from it. I did 3 hits and for about the first 20 seconds it felt like some really strong weed but then my body fell asleep (kinda like how it feels when your foot or something falls asleep) and was controlling itself then i blacked out and was having these childhood flashbacks and it felt like i was floating in space and couldnt get back to the room…and my friend said i was begging him to kill me to get me out of it….i tore up everything the tv xbox it was not worth it im never trying it again.

We've exersised OUR demons.....
3:38 am April 30th, 2012

My bf & I have been avid smokers of MJ for many years, both in our early 30’s, good paying jobs, well-established in life, MOSTLY. His job started random testing, he developed a fear of losing his job & had heard of spice from a friend at work. I was VERY reluctant at first to even experiment with it AT ALL in the beginning. I had never did any other type of drug besides MJ in life, and had no intentions of starting them either. My bf on the other hand had experimented in his past life (we’re talking 18-20 yrs of age) with other types of drugs, i.e. cocaine, heroine, E, special K, meth, and other various pills, now, nothing but spice. He started smoking about 10 months ago, I gradually phased over from MJ to spice 2 months later. There have been SO many various brands that have since come & gone thanks to formula changes due to bans I can barely remember all of them. The few that stick out are Aloha, Red Dragon, Kush, Mad Hatter, Dead Man Walking (how fitting huh?), Caution, Super Caution, and Atomic. The ease and accessibility to just jump in your vehicle and drive down to your local quickie mart vs. waiting for the weedman was VERY convenient. Except for the fact almost a year later, we almost hit rock bottom. We went from $200-250 a month habit with MJ, to a $500-560 a month habit with spice. Literally we were smoking 4+ grams a day. On few occasions I would try smoking MJ, but to no avail, it was pointless, even dro wouldn’t phase me I had such a high tolerance built up from spice. We didn’t have any horrid experiences as many have shared, but some damn near close ones. I had started to notice a decrease in daily functions in both our lives; i.e. house chores slacked, we didn’t turn into recluses or anti-socials or anything, but spending that much on smoke definitely depleted our finances to the point of pawning the very laptop im typing this on, to the rings on the fingers typing (fyi…NEVER had to pawn anything before a day in my life). I consider myself to be a fairly educated person, with a good head on my shoulders for the most part. But my bf and I do both share one thing in common, we both have addictive personalities. That’s the main reasoning for me having absolutely no desire to drink or experiment with any other type of drug. We started having issues in our relationship, small squabbles to an almost non-existent love life. We’re talking two people who had a great relationship in AND out of the bedroom prior. It seemed all he wanted to do was sleep (he works 3rd shift as well), which didn’t help matters any. Money woes and frivolous fighting was pretty much tearing us apart. We’ve both been ill pretty much since Christmas, off & on we can’t shake these respiratory issues, he’s had bronchitis 3 times and STILL currently has it! I cannot describe to you the painful headaches we’ve both experienced. The stress levels of either not having any to smoke, to raising the money to even smoke, or to even keep continuing to smoke was too much to bear. If we were without smoke, we were both on edge, ready to snap any moment, and OMG road rage is an understatement!! I have absolutely no patience it seems anymore, always in a hurry because of procrastination from being high or trying to get that next high. Spice is VERY addictive, I don’t give a damn what “they” say. It seems as if it consumes your very being, your every thought, every notion is always surrounded by it. The final straw for ME was after a couple hits each, I glanced over at him and I swear he looked DEAD. I wish I was exaggerating, seriously, his face was sunken in, his skin ashen-gray in color, a blue hue surrounding his lips, and deep dark circles beneath his eyes. I lost an uncle at 33 yrs of age, all I could fathom was how horrid it must of been for his wife to come home and find him on the couch, as if he were asleep. All for some stupid ass drug, is it really worth it? Losing all your life’s worth, just to get high? It’s as if the makers of this shit want you to be submissive to its evil ways. The people selling it act as if patronage is a burden when asking for it at times, but yet they’re reaping in profits off of others sorrows. We are morally and financially bankrupt practically. I can tell you the withdrawals I have NEVER experienced when smoking MJ. Him and I cannot stop sweating uncontrollably, he especially had issues with night sweats prior, now its horrendous!! Food to me is like the plague at the moment, I crave it on occasion, but soon as I go to take a bite, it instantly repulses me, especially while chewing, and I have to muster up every bit of will power I have to swallow it down. The first 3-4 days, we both had this “just don’t feel right” feeling about us. I have never been dope sick before, I know the majority is all in our heads mostly, psyche all screwed up because we stopped cold turkey. The final straw for HIM to decide to quit, was me finally taking a bank statement and highlighting every single purchase made of spice. That coupled with the reality if a change wasn’t made, we could of possibly lost our house, our cars, or worse each other. Quite frankly, the shit isn’t THAT great. It’s going on 6 days since either one of us has touched spice, and I can tell we’re truly on the mend. Anytime we get a craving, we just replay the horror stories we’ve read online in our minds, and think about how low it’s brought us. We currently have 3 payday loans out because of this shit, trying to rob from Peter to pay Paul, and getting our next buzz has gotten us into this predicament. I am completely and thoroughly disgusted on how far I had let myself get into this mess. I would of thought I was a better person then that, but then again, as stated by others previously, YOU aren’t YOU any longer. I am ever so thankful this blog is here to help educate those who are looking for answers and help. Even if surrounded by people, you still feel isolated, the fear of embarrassment or ridicule keep most silent, causing them to have to endure it alone. Good luck everyone, I hope your journey ends in a happy one as ours will be, EVENTUALLY!!

11:48 am May 1st, 2012

First day without it. No blues. Drinking a lot of liquid to help clean the stuff out, but I am not losing my focus. Just knowing it is on sale less than 30 min away by train isn’t helping.

11:56 am May 1st, 2012

There seems to be a lot more replies from yesterday, but I am reading them all. It’s helping me keep sane here, knowing I am not alone. I don’t feel any cravings so far, so I am not even really tempted. Won’t be, I think.

But it’s interesting that so many people who have tried it felt the same thing when it comes to closeness to death. I really did think it was all over. The game was done. I WAS GOING TO DIE.

Now, intellectually I know that I face death every day. It could be a random meaningless event like a car crash, it could be an earthquake, it could be anything. But peering over the edge of the abyss like that…

No. HELL NO. NEVER AGAIN! Don’t even think about touching this stuff.

No name
12:00 am May 3rd, 2012

After a month. Or so my heart palpitation have become less stay away from potpourri I know it’s hard but I couldn’t even eat a McDouble with out starting my heart issues last time I put a post on here cause I quit this shit on my own stop now it’s a very bad way to end your life the email is fake that I used and use Pom ,oranges ,apples your body is complete toxic after using it stay away from this I did black sabbath for a very long time now I’m finally done good luck to you all!!

bobby flay
10:54 pm May 3rd, 2012

i smoked spice a few times on and off. recently i got some aloha spice so il review that. its JUST LIKE WEED. i mean seriously JUST LIKE IT! just supper supper potent. have a few marijuana edibles and tell me it dosnt feel just like that. it FREAKED me the hell out the first time because i hadnt expected it to work so well. this is a synthetic cannabinoid, very very similar chemical makeup to cannabis. if your getting bad headaches its most likely from the herbs your smoking it off of. iv had no ill effects except for once when i got cross faded (drunk and high) i thought i was gonna die but once i told myself that i was just way fucked up, i felt better….just like the first time i got cross faded smoking weed. dont smoke this stuff like you would marijuana because its not. in moderation though, i think its 100% safe. im an athlete, so maybe if your a fat slob that gobbles down fast food all day things could be different. but if your healthy, and you use it in moderation, dont burn the herbs down to ash (remember, you only want to vape the synthetics sprayed on the herbs and dont rip a fat bowl on your first try). youll be just fine.

9:14 pm May 4th, 2012

I’m 16 and I started smoking the stuff last summer, it never affected me because I never had much of it very often, I usually just stuck to MJ and a little bit of incense (spice) now and then. But then a few of my friends started doing it and I did it too, the first time I ever smoked it I took WAY more than anyone ever should, about 7 or 8 hits of this, Mad Hatter, ghosted them all, I fell over onto my friends lap and started laughing uncontrollably. I don’t remember everything that happened, but I do remember screaming and crying because of the pain I thought I was in, and I was really thinking I was about to die. Every single memory or image that I had ever seen flashed before my eyes at the same time, and I could hear everything that was going on around me aswell as what was going on in my head. My friends were screaming at me and asking if I needed an ambulance. I vaguely remember rolling around on my bed beggin my friends to make it stop, tell them that I didn’t want it anymore.
I blacked out for what seemed like 4 hours (turned out to be 30 mintues) and woke up in my bathroom throwing up every I had eaten that day, including blood.

I thought that it only happened the first time you smoked it so I kept smoking it and having worse and worse trips every time. I would scream and cry and throw up, I thought I was talking to the devil at one point. I ended up addicted to it, smoking at least 15 grams a day, at most about 26. I OD’d 4 times, and was hospitalized 2 times month.

My advice to you isn’t to NOT smoke it, but if you are then just know how to control yourself. I haven’t smoked it about a month, and I still have some side affects. Just be careful.

No name
6:17 pm May 6th, 2012

5 weeks and the palpitation continue since I quit my only vices is drinking please stay away from this

3:06 am May 7th, 2012

I smoked this stuff last night, not knowing what i was getting my self into i took about 7 big bong hits and this hit me like a brick.


This stuff is more like meth. (Iv had experience with meth)
The hallucinations.
Extreme Paranoia.
Rapid heart beat.

the brand name was “Mr. evil”

7:37 pm May 7th, 2012

I gave up pot and took up this as many others have, because of drug screening in the work place.

Smoked many different blends daily over a couple years span. My body seemed to handle this spice well, well I was using it. Now that this can be tested for, (I have some single panel test strips on hand) I thought that I would just give it up for 3-4 days to test myself, then just go down and get some more after words, as 3 days aint bad to go without to pass a test.

Pot took me 6 weeks to clean out of my system. The withdrawls from just a 1/2 day without spice sucked and got worse for the next few days. (Never ever had physical withdrawls from pot & abstained from pot several times in my using.) My withdrawls from spice were a killer but better now after 7 days (I will not go through them again, and is about the same story as most others have posted about their withdrawls.)

Now I also worry about long term side affects, as they are not yet known. Never worried about that with pot.

I will never use this again, cause a job is no good to a dead person!


Would like to get into more detail about this, but still my mind will not let me keep focused enough to complete a sentence without reading over it several times. And even still, looks like a 3rd grader wrote this.

8:40 pm May 7th, 2012

March, it was a normal day. Me and my friends wanted to get high. We didint have much money but one of my friends said spice/k2 is really cheap and we will get super high! so we went to marathon and got some. We got cloud 9. We drove to the park and i took a couple hits off a blunt. I felt great i couldint stop laughing. When the high came down 30 mins later, we went back to his house. Later that night we decided to smoke more. I took a huge hit off a bong and i couldint make it back to my seat before the high hit me like a brick wall. It wasint like the last high. I got nervous and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. My hands felt weird and my vision was shitty. I couldint control my legs they were having spasms or somthing. I finally fell asleep on my friends bed. I woke up later and my friend said lets smoke a blunt really fast. There highs were fine. I said nah i’ll pass and he smoked another blunt. For some reason my high came out again. I later found out it was anxiety because i was so scared of getting caught. My mom came to get me the next day and i was pale,nervous,and just wanted the buzz to go away. I took a cold shower tried to sleep and tried to eat alot. Nothing helped. It was the worst day of my life. I prayed alot. I told myself if i didint feel better sunday i would tell my parents. I didint get any sleep that night and i just felt the same the next day. I told my parents after my mother crying and my dad pissed i felt kinda better. The anxiety was making me feel so horrible. Now about two months later. I feel alot better. My anxiety attacks havint happened in two weeks. Now all i suffer from is my sight. It seems like it’s got worse. I look at the walls and its like i’m seeing stars and its blurry. I look at my hand and it looks fine. But the walls and floors and sky just looks blurry. I dont know if this is a long term effect of the cloud 9 spice. I want to go get my vision and eyes checked. Has anyone had anything like this? it’s not making me want to kill myself its just annoying and i want my vision back. Dont smoke spice. Worst decsion of my life and i only smoked it twice in the same day.

2:02 am May 8th, 2012

I’ve never posted anything in my life, but I feel compelled to share my brief experience with potpourri. After reading several stories, I have found the strength to quit. I am fortunate that my addiction has lasted only a month, as I quit about a week ago.

I’m 25, smoked weed daily from age 19-23, quit because of growing responsibilities. My friend introduces me to potpourri around the time I quit smoking weed. I tried it, absolutely hated it for the first 20 minutes. Face tingling, fingers numb, heart rate of 160-180, shallow breaths, ears ringing, and yes, “feeling close to death”. I swore then never again. I’ve done some heavy stuff in my college days, but I always felt in control of my body. Not on this stuff…scary feeling. I played it off, my body calmed down, and I enjoyed the rest of the experience.

Now, about a month ago, stress possesses me to buy a bag. Even though I had the same bad experience as I did the first time, it soon passed and I continued smoking. I finished the bag in about 3 days (3.5g’s) with no other ill effects. After a week I was smoking a bag a day…literally hitting the pipe every 20-30 minutes, often 2 bowls at a time. After two weeks of smoking, I’m exchanging my quarters at the bank to support my habit. $12 a day is expensive for a broke student.

I’ve never felt ‘addicted’ to anything in my life. Over the next 2 weeks I felt morally defeated and emotionally weak every time I purchased this stuff, knowing all day in class I was telling myself “today is the day I quit.”

Why smoke potpourri?

Why not?
Heart palpitations (anyone who denies this is lying)
Drastically increased pulse rates
Night sweats
Severe diarrhea that wakes you up in the middle of the night
Stomach cramps with the diarrhea
Changes in personality
Feeling ‘not you’ without smoking it
Highly physically addictive
Inability to eat without smoking it
Inability to stop eating when smoking it
The constant desire to just chain smoke, bowl after bowl after bowl
Sitting around, horrendously un-motivated to even change the GD channel
Inability to think straight

I could go on, but these are just the ones off the top of my head. Say what you want about weed…its scientifically proven that it’s not physically addictive. Psychologically addictive yes, but good god I never had withdraw symptoms with weed, never thought about it constantly when I didn’t have it. Please, stop now if you are smoking this synthetic s***. If you need help, just ask.

2:18 am May 8th, 2012

I have read most of these stories with great sadness and a lot of horror at some of the experiences you have had. My grandson is bipolar and also has suffered from addictions for years. Last year he was in drug court because of a DUI. At some point he discovered “synthetic marijuana” at the local Shell station. Since, at the time, it was legal and could not be detected in a drug test, I guess the temptation was just too great for him.

I don’t know all the things he was experiencing as he began to deteriorate. Before starting to use this, he was working and going to college. His behavior became so erratic and frightening that his Mother had to call his probation officer and someone from the drug court to come to their house and take him to the hospital. After spending the night there, the next morning he was transported to the State mental hospital where he stayed for nearly seven weeks. He had a complete psychotic break. The bottom line is that it is now seven months later and he now seems to have the mind of a child and he is 27 years old. He is very insecure and wants to go everywhere with his Mother. His entire personality has changed. He is very sweet and very anxious. If you even cough around him he panics and asks if you are okay. He laughs very loudly at innapropriate times and about things that are not really funny. He talks to himself.

He is taking several medicines and has to get some kind of very expensive shot every three to four weeks to even keep him stable. (By the way, when he went to get the shot today, they were told until they had a denial letter from disability that he would not be able to get any more shots. Now, isn’t that just great. He can go off that cold turkey and probably have another psychotic break!) The doctor told my daughter a couple of weeks ago that they were at a point that she needed to accept the fact that he was not going to get any better. The goal was simply to keep him stable and out of the hospital.

As a grandmother, and a mother, we are totally devasted. All our hopes and dreams for him to have a good life, a job, a home, a family – all seem out of reach now. If he does not improve, my daughter will have to find some type of home where he can live. She has two younger children, one who is seven years old and autistic, and all of this is causing a huge problem for everyone.

I am still trying to have hope that somehow his brain has not been permanently damaged and that one day he will recover. But, there is no guarantee that he will. Most of you seem to have had more physical conditions than mental ones, and many of you have been fortunate enough to recover. Please, for your own sake and for the sake of your loved ones, DO NOT ever smoke any of this crap. It is poison and the contents and what has been sprayed on it are unknown, so they do not know how to treat you. Good luck and God bless all of you in your struggles.

3:07 am May 8th, 2012

When I tried stuck by mr nice guy it was an instant hit and I blacked out. My friend had gotten woken up my me she says I was screaming and crying. She said I would not stop telling her at i wan to die she was very concerned for my health and called 911 it was about 11 at night when they showed up and I told them I didn’t want to go and they took me anyways after I had sobered up a bit the doctor actually told me I should stick with real pot not the fake stuff and I was still high until 8 pm the next day. I have been diagnosed wit severe depression and anxiety. I feel like nothing is real any more and I just want to smoke it again so that I can be live that this is real or its not real.

Mary Jane
6:03 am May 8th, 2012

I’m a 22 year old female. Thin, in shape. I’m a smoker. Smoked weed for the past seven years, and I recently switched to spice about 4 months. I’ve always been wary of the product. It just didnt sound right. Chemically synthesized Marijuana? But the time came when I realized that I wasnt going to get a decent job if my pot smoking continued.
When I first began smoking Spice, I wouldnt smoke a large amount. A couple bowls. Now my roommates and I (we all are addicted) smoke on average at least 3 grams a day. We have all developed a horrible deep, moist yet dry, cough. We are weezy. Recently, the effects have started getting worse. Mornings make it difficult to breathe. I cant even smoke a cigarette anymore without choking on it. I coughed so hard, that my throat bled. I know it’s stupid for me to keep using this ridiculous product. I have become chemically dependent on it. I love smoking weed, but I hate the de-motivational aspect of it. Spice doesnt make me feel lazy. I need help!

2:44 pm May 8th, 2012

David!! What did to do so that the doctors detected damage in your head? How long did it take for you to get better
From this?

9:54 pm May 8th, 2012

It’s been a full week since my last hit and I have not experienced withdrawal symptoms, but the night before last I got a bottle of scotch and had a few drinks while working on a late night writing project.

Things were going fine, then suddenly my heart started going crazy again. It was like someone had stomped on the gas pedal of a Formula One racer. No warning. One moment fine, the next? God help me.

I’m taking multi-vitamins and drinking as much water as I can stand to try to clean out my system, but as someone else said, this stuff stays glued to your receptors for a LONG time.

Mary Jane, peer pressure is the hardest thing in the world to resist and the temptation to join in when someone else fires up is unbearable . If you want to get off this stuff, you’re going to have to get new roommates — or you’re going to have to convince them to go cold turkey with you. I know that both of those choices are hard, but nothing else will work.

Good luck!

7:54 pm May 10th, 2012

So I took this drug when I was at school one day. I’m 15 and a freshman in high school. I was in Russian class when I was high on spice. I started hallucinating and screaming at my teacher that my stomach was exploding and that I need to go to the nurse now. She had one my other peers walk me to the nurse, becasue I obviously couldn’t do it myself. Once there, the ofiice got the police and they took me away. I got expelled from school and went to jail. I’m still doing it, having worse experiences everytime. I do not encourage anyone to do this drug at school.. or anywhere. It’s extremely dangerous and can cost you your life!

Daniel McCoy
2:57 pm May 11th, 2012

I am 16 and smoked marijuana for a long time, one day i tried the legal spice call M-20 it was amazing for about 3months, untill it was banned. once i was sober i realized i was smokeing way more then i thought, 3-5 bowls of this a day. because my highs were only lasting 45 mins. i became very depreesed, and had constant headaches when i wasnt on the drug. then their was a new spice called terminator. i smoked it for the first time before church with a couple of friends we literally felt like terminators. we couldnt even make it inside we sat on a canoe for 2 hours with the craziest hallucinations and running from whatever we saw. i quickly became addicted to this one too, smoking more and more to get the same high. one night i was laying in my bed after smoking it. and had the craziest out of body experience. my eyes started to close and i had the hardest pounding in my head. and i felt like all i had was a head that was being closed in a shrinking cube. then i remember seeing myself laying in my bed. it was so freaky. then i just remember wakeing up the next morning super sweaty and freaked i didnt know who i was or how i got there, all i could remember was the trip. after about 2 hours of laying there i came to my sense and had a small talk with my brother. eventually my highs were lasting 20mins on this stuff, and i was smoking 8-10bowls a day i didnt ever feel like eating i lost over 25pounds and i was only 140 to start. i found a new spice called wicked clown. This stuff was crazy! i wrecked my car on my way home from my cousins one night. and i didnt even know what happened i woke up to police surounding the car, the car was flipped upside down. later my insurance didnt cover the car because the black box revealed i was going 90. so i think i blacked out. i spent 9days in a phyciatric hostpital, i became very tired, had the constant headaches i began to cough up black junk, witch still occurs to this day, my appetite was really bad and that was hospital food i was going for 2 servings. but once i got out i couldn’t resist the temptation i went and bought me a new bag and my trips started again. untill that blend was banned. i had all the same withdrawl syptoms as before. i was greatly considering taking my life. i just couldnt reason anymore i was sneaking auround, stealing, lieing, cheating on my girlfriend. my parents an my relationship became very screwed up. and it destroyed my whole life i had. i switched schools and hooked up with some new kids and they gave me some cloud 9 me and one of them smoked a bowl of cloud 9 and Viedue in the bathroom. i had been sober for about 2 weeks at this point, but was constantly throwing up sick, i had only threw up 3 times in my life before the spice, but when im not on it its a normal everyday thing. after we smoked You could smell it 3 halls away, then we went to the cafe for lunch and it seamed so fake like a cartoon or a dream. so were just messing auround with each other by the time the high was over i wanted to do it again i bought a few bags and i was dragged right back into the evil trips. we were suspended for the rest of the year for smoking in school. i smoked for a tottall of about 7 months everyday, except for when i was forced to quit. when some of my friends started having major health problems alot of us decided to quit. some of my friends experience siezures (witch i witnessed), 2 had heart attacks, one has a liver problem, and i have had an irregular heart beat witch i still have to this day, im still hacking up black crap. have the worst cough. sweat way more, head spinning flashbacks. now all of these do go away when i smoke marijuana but i cannot get super blasted like i used too. now i smoke an 1/8th of grade A a week just to feel normal. i cannot imagine what heroin withdrawls and addiction would be like i lost my self with spice. i still constantly forget what im doing this has taken me about an hour and a half. i cannot recall memories i know ive had, vacations, time with my grandparents who are now gone ect. im glad i didnt hurt anyone and that im still here. this stuff is sick! people do not smoke it! the consequences are going to be seen throughtout the coming decades i believe. we were the testers of this drug and we will suffer for the rest of are lives. just smoke marijuana! NO MORE SPICE!!!!!

elizabeth edwarrds
5:12 pm May 12th, 2012

not sure if thsi will post but im not a pot head i do stuff every once in a blue moon. Well this morning i took one took off synthetic marajuana just one toke.i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. so yeah i had that i felt hot too.okay this is a few hours later. Granted i havent really slept maybe two to three hours last night but ist now 1 and im still feeling a little off . i dont know if its from lack of sleep. or that freaking toke. i can think but i seem really agitated. i havent had haluciantions or anything. but one toke will this wear off soon most likely
i feel hot but i can feel that way too after drinking boot leggers too. which is wine’ and i drunk those last night. i have claudinpins that help with anxiety but im scared to take them cause i dont knowt he effect.any help would be appreactated but be gentle i suffper for hypocondriact plus anxiety. so i imagine i have everything on a bad high .

elizabeth edwarrds
12:48 am May 13th, 2012

oh i found out the stuff was called brain freeze oh great. had a heck of a time getting to sleep. i dont like the way i feel right now like my brain is still either hot or cold.of course i have anxiety attacks so its hard to tell if im just freaking myself out any help would be helpful

Marsha Peters
2:31 am May 13th, 2012

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE DON’T SMOKE THIS STUFF. A couple of hours ago, my husband smoke some. He had been smoking it for about six months with out any side effects until tonight. He had two grand mal seizures. We don’t know what the long turm effects will be but I’m really scare. I don’t smoke it and never will. I hope no one else will either.

11:20 am May 14th, 2012

I smoked spice fairly regularly, with one break of a few months, for about 10 months. I am now firmly off of it, and believe me, do not smoke it. It’s extremely addictive. When I stopped using it after the first bout, I had about five days of nausea, general “negative” feelings, and cold sweats until the stuff got out of my system. I went a few months without it, but then I convinced myself that smoking a “little” would be ok. Pretty soon I was convincing myself that smoking every day wasn’t so bad, because “it helped me be creative”. But in reality, it made me into a lazy POS. I couldn’t focus anymore, my room become a disgusting pit, and I just sat smoking and playing Team Fortress 2 (my other addiction) all night. It affects your quality of sleep…I always felt tired. And the feeling when you’re on it isn’t even really that good, swinging from “this feels interesting” to “oh no, when will this feeling stop”. Just don’t use it. No one knows what it does to you long term. You may be setting yourself up for some crazy cancers later in life, you just don’t know. I love weed, but I will never smoke spice again.

elizabeth edwarrds
2:50 pm May 14th, 2012

I forgot to add in my earlier posts that i had a metal taste in mouth from the time i took that one toke saturday morning till later evening sunday night. I had brushed my teeth ate food but that metal taste kept coming back. Took my anxiety medicene yesterday and depression one and my claudipin and it helpeed but im keeping a slight headache. Funny thing is i was sitting on the couch and my chiwaws had been all over me saturday and sunday like they could pick up on my anxiety. Well last night they were being really in my face trying to lick my face and i told them to stop well while i was telling them to stop one of them actually got her tongue in my mouth. yuck right. But i noticed no more metal taste. I know strange just made me wonder what is in dog saliva. Though i seriusly doubt it was the dog licking my tongue lol.

1:57 am May 18th, 2012

Now, 17 days without and most the withdrawls have gone. But sleeping still is not right, First few days I was lucky to get 1-2 hours. Now atleast I am getting maybe 5 hours a night. I can go to bed dead tired at 9:00 but lay there and toss and turn till around 1 or 2 in the morning before I fall asleep. Then up around 6 am wide awake.
Still my mind ain’t right, (very fuzzy at times or feel light headed for extended periods) but does seem to come back to normal. These too are becoming shorter and normal feelings are becoming longer.

9:25 am May 18th, 2012

Thanks to everybody for posting, this information definitely needs to be publicly available. I am a seasoned pothead and I can say that this stuff is very dangerous. I tried it a couple of times and it felt very much like LSD with the same chemical aftertaste. I was very careful and only smoked a couple tokes but that was enough to cause a very pronounced high that got much more abrasive as I smoked more.

The man above talking about lead and heavy metal poisoning probably has a point, the smell of this stuff is very similar to industrial solvents. I am very fortunate that I came across this blog as I was just considering trying to buy some more as it does seem terribly addictive

Everybody in Tel Aviv, do not go to allenby or יפו and buy this stuff, it is very bad for your health, as the above posters can attest to.

שלום לעולם

elizabeth edwarrds
1:02 pm May 18th, 2012

These stories worry me cause it seems like a lot of pot smokers are becoming spice addics. In college i actually did a paper on legalization of marijuana. I did the research that was several years ago. But the affects of pot are not reported usually to be that bad. And i did one hit of spice and i still feel like my heart seems more apt to have small aches now and that was several days ago i did the hit. Im scared for the pot smokers but my question is this how would marijuana succesfully be legalized when it can cause some to be slower. Like in refrence to jobs and being high at work. My heart goes out to all the spice smokers you just wanted to find something that worked like pot and instead got thrown into hell when it became addictive. Im not a pot smoker but i have done it enough to have bad and good highs to relize pot really isnt for me but for others it does help them deal better. They need to really outlaw spice since god knows what is in it.

2:23 pm May 18th, 2012

I’ve smoked real weed, no big deal. yesterday my mom was like i have this new fake week you wanna try it “one hit and your gone” blah blah. so i was like okay i’ve smoked fake weed, it was always a giggly high for me. so i walked into her room and took a hit. and while i was taking a second hit i could already feel a high in my whole body. i took a small second hit. and walked out into the living room to tell my sister about how high i already was.. i tried to make it to the kitchen and realized i couldn’t so i sat on a chair. what happened next was the most terrifying insanely horrible physically and mentally experience i’ve ever endured. i sat there staring at my family i remember everything they said, my sister first said “is she joking” and in my mind she repeated it over and over again, after the 20th time i heard my boyfriend say idk and i looked over at him and he just kept repeating it. it was like we were all on a loop like where your rewind a movie and then you press play and the repeat that over and over again. it felt like i woke up from this trance that we were and had always been in my whole life. i woke up from it, i was screaming at them telling them to wake up to stop repeating. and they couldn’t hear me i stumbled onto a baby chair on the floor and cut my knee’s up my sister kelly helped me up and then i fell down over and over again 20 times the same thing over and over again. i woke up in this trance but couldn’t stop everyone else or my body i had no control of anything, i thought it’d never stop that this was it for the rest of my life i finally fell down and everyone slowly stopped repeating themselves and an hour later i was feeling better. it was worse mentally then my dad dying and my grandma dying combined and i can’t even talk about how physically painful it was i thought i was dying and that this was my hell this horrible thing. later i asked them how i acted towards them and they said “your sister would ask you a question and right after i would ask you something and it took you like a minute later to look at me.” the whole time i was repeating them and they had no clue. i had been screaming to them telling them to stop and they said i didn’t say one word while it was happening i just stood there zoned out with my mouth open. and i only fell one time onto the chair, but with me i did it over 20 times. they said i was in this zombie like trance for 5-10 minutes with me i felt like it had been my whole life. my entire life i’m not even coming close to exaggerating. last night i woke up to it happening to me again ( like 7 hours after i had taken those 2 hits) it was the worst day of my life, i’d rather relive every single horrible day in my life all at once if i could take back what happened to me. i feel i’ll never be the same. it is going to haunt me for forever. because to them it was 5 to 10 minutes, but to me it was literally mentally and physically an eternity. i’ve cried 3 times already today about it, i’m shaking right now thinking that if this happens to me again i’ll kill myself. DO NOT EVER SMOKE THIS.

4:39 am May 21st, 2012

@Afraid in Arizona tell him to stop spice & smoke pot. Pot will let him have his sanity & health. If you’re against pot that’s you’re problem for being judgemental, because it’s clearly better than spice. There’s NO COMPARISON between the two. One is good-marijuana & one is evil-spice. With marijuana he can be a great, caring husband & a great caring father to your baby. Don’t believe the disgusting propaganda about marijuana. If he enjoys getting high that’s his perogative, and smoking marijuana is the safest way to do it. people need to stop being so controlling(I’m talking about people who sperad lies about marijuana & don’t want others to have joy if they can’t, or simply misinformed(you said yourself you didn’t know he was even smoking it until he told you he quit- &/or wanting to make billions off us in fines or tickets from the government-which is the main motivation for people controlling others in this situation). the fact marijuana is illegal & probably because you didn’t approve is the only reason he picked this posion up in the first place. It’s the same reason I picked it up & it ruined my life. I’ll take smoking marijuana ANYDAY over getting brain damage & doing domething that ruined my life because the “spice” maed me go insane. If you present him with this option(smoke marijuana instead of spice) you two will have a VERY happy life together. He will have his health & sanity. Which would you prefer? Also, when he does take your offer of this option(smoking marijuana instead of poison), trust me he will, then tell him-I know this for a fact-that it will take him a little while to start feeling marijuana again because the spice superglues to your THC receptors, meaning he’ll have to cut down on the spice & replace it with marijuana before he’ll feel it again, also the marijuana will help him with the withdrawels that come from quitting spice. The marijuana will help him with the loss of appetite, the lack of sleep/insomnia, the mood swings, and the overall aggitation that comes from the withdrawels off spice. Don’ try to change him & what he likes to do(enjoy marijuana), just help him get off this poison so that he can be a great husband & father. My father smoked marijuana his whole life & still does & he’s the greatest father I could ever ask for, would die for his wife & children, supported us by working up to 3 jobs at a time and is there for us whenever we need him. People need to get over this propaganda they’re fed about marijuana. If it was legal many people would still be alive from Od’ing off this spice or going psycho & commiting suicide from it, many great, respectable human beings would not be serving outrageous prison sentences that outweigh the ones pedophiles, rapists & murderers receive, and I’d never have almost died & have brain damage now(acquired chiari malformation) ruined my life with this poison by getting raped & getting VD. This stuff is evil & present your husband with this alternative if you want him to live & have a happy life with you. I hope you at least try this alternative. It’s worth all the legal implications from smoking marijuana bc then you’ll at least have your life, health & sanity. I wish you the best & hope you don’t judge him for smoking marijuana for your sake & life, your baby’s & his. This stuff almost took my life so it’s a soft spot for me & I don’t like anyone being judged for what they enjoy doing if it hurts no one! God Bless & I don’t mean to judge you(about the marijuana), because we’re all ignorant about some things we’re only human! Much love to you, Afraid in Arizona. I hope things are great for you from here on out. 🙂

4:46 am May 21st, 2012

@Afraid in Arizona, Also, about the lengthy prison sentences, those are gone, now. States will just give you a ticket for possession, and that rarely happens anyway. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea about marijuana or our laws on it now. If you live in some states you ca even get a Card or license to smoke it legally if you have asthma, insomnia, pain et cetera. so if you live in one of these states then there are NO consquences to smoking it. So even more of a reason to get him to switch back & off this deadly poison. God Bless!

1:32 am May 22nd, 2012

I tried quitting this horrible drug several times, but every time i would the withdraws would make me go back. for some people it doesn’t seem bad, it just gives you a very strong and unique high but it will slowly destroy every good aspect of you , and others it will mess with their mind and send them to the hospital. i am now a week and three days off this stuff after several months of heavy use. you will not feel the negative impact this has on your mind and body until you stop. then you have to stay strong throughout the withdraws. I have OD twice and it is horrible. i am only 18 years old and i cant believe the bad choices i have made. i am disgusted with myself for doing this to my family and my own body. only a couple weeks ago i would ignore any body who has just said what i have and though i would be just fine. but the truth is im not. my mind will not be the same. i am very smart and i can actually feel a decline in my brain productivity. i know this sounds dumb but i have. i am trying to put every word down possible that would convince any body to stop, not only this drug but also others. there is nothing good that will come of it.

12:24 pm May 23rd, 2012

I will never smoke spice or any other drug for that matter…I was pulled from reality & after a month I am still having side effects….I’m taking medication to help with the problems…to cut a long story short, I thought I was in hell for 5 days w no food or water until I was hospitalized for a week

3:15 pm May 23rd, 2012

It has been a week an a half since the hallucination, and I woke up for the 5th time again with the nightmare of it all happening again.. just in a different way.. it’s toucher every time! I’m wondering if this will ever stop! If I can ever get over it.

2:07 pm May 24th, 2012

I have been smoking spice about for about 4 years now and last night was the first time i had a bad experiecne. I was not super high or heart was not ponding but the left side of my brian was feeling weird. my head dont hurt but it feels strange. like i can actually feel the left side of my brian and my left eye gets red everyonce in awhile…. idk whats up with my head but i can not sleep without waking up really fast all of a sudden. also my head gets warm… has anybody had these side effects? by the way i am done with spice … im not smoking or drinking.

5:16 am May 25th, 2012

Has anyone had this weird side-effect? I have been getting – out of the blue – random, vivid, old dreams popping up into my head constantly since ODing & almost dying form this poison. When it happens they’re so clear it’s how I’d remember them right when I woke up afterwards. This is a scary symptom to me having to do with my brain which is where I sustained the injury, and your brain is a comples, sensitive organ that you only get one of. Anyone else who’s had this symptom pleese respond. If you have, I was diagnosed with an acquired Chiari Malformation(damage to the brainstem) after the accident, so maybe you’re suffering ffrom something simililar if you’re having this same symptom? thank & God Bless you all & Good luck on your recoveries!! Thanks for the wonderful support & Forum, it saved my life while this stuff completely dissociated me & made me suicidal during withdrawels & dealing with the painful brainstem damage which made me act completely out of character. It also helped me realize it does get better & I wasn’t just insane! It DOES get better, it takes up to 2 months for some to start thinking as clearly or “as their old self” again. Love to you all!!!

Blake and kasey
8:00 pm May 27th, 2012

This is to Jdog from octobter 2011 and to whom ever else that needs to hear this. My husband and i have suffered from the addiction of k2 or whatever else its called. nightsweats throwing up confusion not sleeping memory loss all that… now that we have stopped for a week now i have heart problems but dont want to ruin my name at the e.r so i wont go get it checked. I can honestly say the only way we got away from it was move out of town. To where no1 knows what it is really. We smoked about 6-7 3 gram bags a day… alot i know and 15 dollars a pop is expensive. after about 1 yr we had enough we fought all the time i hit my husband over the last hit all that. we are full blown addicts we have done multiple types of drugs im 25 my husband is 21 and the only thing that has saved our relationship is getting away from it. The fien is still there and its hard to get around it. my husband is still mean about getting high from time to time but there is a god and he will help us through it. So believe us or not thats your choice i just wanted to help someone because no1 helped us. Have a good life and god bless all of you!!!

11:06 am May 28th, 2012

Ive been smoking at least a gram a day for about 3 months and EVERY morning i wake up to diarrhea and an upset stomach lately. maybe within the last 2 weeks. and sometimes i’ll throw up. if i think about it too much. It is definitely the spice. gotta go back to that more health stuff that you get behind the supermarket at midnight 😉

4:15 pm May 28th, 2012

Worst thing I have ever done… Im 27 and have partied down and have had trips but I could always control it..I have two kids now and now all I do is work and occasionally have a few drinks. But the other night I was at a little get to gather and somebody mentioned spice. So I was like ok that’s do some how bad could it be if it’s legal.I was wrong I took a very hard toke and withing 30 seconds it was uncontrollable. I tried to hide it at first but there was nothing I could do.I cannot remember it all but at one point I thought I was in hell and i was riding on a roller coaster with the demons.At a another point I remember getting on a space ship and looking down at the earth.And when I started having seizures I thought I was outside and had been shot because it felt like blood was pouring out of me.And all I could hear was “Youre gonna be alright youre gonna make” at that time I thought it was the paramedics but it was a buddy of mind.There were other things that happened but it is just really hard to explain. It’s been two days since that night and I still feel HIGH but I would not recommend this stuff. If you trip on it the devil well play with mind and

1:57 am May 29th, 2012

@jaseeka1986 that’s what happens to me its been a few weeks, and everything keeps happening to me on and off and it seems so real. it’s the worst thing in the world. after one time i feel like i’m damaged for life :(!

5:28 am May 30th, 2012

@Katey, I’m glad I read this right before I went to sleep. I didn’t ever think I’d think clearly again, keep in mind this was after I almost died & was dx’d with an acquired Chiari Malformation(Brain Stem Damage). But it DID get better I promise, I just want you to know that, because it was like my serotonin had depleted & I couldn’t even smile. It took me over a month to laugh again, so I honestly want you to know, besides the dreams popping up, I’m just starting to deal with that, it DOES get better, I got mad at people when they said that almost, because in that mindset I couldn’t fathom anything changing, but it gets better little by little everyday. I thank God it’s been a couple of weeks for you, because that means you’ll be seeing a difference soon, a measureable one. The best advice I can give you is to eat fresh fruits & vegtables to help detox the junkfood as well as it weighs your body & brain down in turn slowing your healing as well. Force yourself to eat at least a meal a day, as food is energy & power to your body. This is one of the biggest: Watch GOOD things on TV & internet, things you enjoy, do things you liked to do normally, things that brought you joy. Try to keep your mind occupied, just think happy thoughts as much as you can control it until one day you forget about it, it’s like one day you wake up. Many people will tell you the One month point is the biggest milestone, it’s when you can actually see certain things objectively & control your anger, Please keep us posted, Katey, after a couple more weeks I promise you will feel a difference, and it will give you massive hope. Please let me know if the dreams popping up go away or subside a bit, & I will let you know how mine go as well. This is how a lot of us spread important information to each other, the best Iadvice I got was off one of these forums related to “Synthetics & Incense”, the part about eating right, if anything it gives you a healthy habit to put your mind towards while healing & speeds recovery as well, honestly. Use what judgement you feel you have right now that’s good, trust me you’re still there, I at least knew what I was thinking was bad or wrong when a bad thought popped in my head. I know after almost dying from it my “censors” were off & I said the truth to everyone, was mortified at my job once I “came back to conscienceness*”. If you have a loved one, hold onto them & if you can trust them tell them what’s going on & that you need their love & trust & just understanding right now. That’s one thing that definitely would’ve helped me get better quicker, I know finding this website helped immensely as I didn’t have anyone(even though I lived with my parents-just recently), only my estranged “husband” who I didn’t live with-another bad decision from this crap- & was hurt but still sat on the phone with me night after night & listened to my rantings about how this stuff had damaged & changed me & he said he believed me(he knew me better than anyone so it was obvious) & he put wisdom through when he could get it.. that’s true love. If you don’t have family or a loved one, try friends and if not them try this website, there will be kind people that will help you. I just want to leave you with this: You WILL feel better very soon, I PROMISE, I had anxiety attacks for almost 2 wks to a month, then started not thinking as much in my head & could concentrate a bit better which gave me hope because it was a sign things were getting better, a lot sooner than we think to ourselves. As much as I didn’t want to face it, it’s a type of withdrawel from this stuff, either that or healing from the damage it caused or both. So that alone gave me peace once I felt myself laugh for instance, I knew I was getting better. You will feel “good” again I swear & this will be just a memory, one that will fade with time, it’s crazy how time really does heal some wounds. Keep us posted, please. Much Love, Katey. God Bless & Take Care, -Jessica

10:43 pm May 30th, 2012

It’s now been over a month since I quit and I still feel the affects in my chest. My heartbeat is sometimes irregular, I gasp and wheeze climbing stairs, sometimes my hands shake so badly I can’t type or even light a cigarette.

All in all, though, it’s better now than it was the first two weeks.

Have I been tempted to go get more? Yeah. And when the temptation gets bad, I come back here and read a few of the posts.

I still haven’t been back to the gym like I hoped to be. Part of that is a full work schedule, but there is another part that says my heart would probably burst if I tried. Hopefully I can start again in June. Slowly and cautiously.

As for the rest, as Jessica and others have said, good nutritious food, multi-vitamins, lots of water and/or fruit juices… and staying away from anywhere that you might run into the stuff.

Ben 27
1:18 am June 1st, 2012

Hi everyone
just wanted to leave a quick note about my experiences on synthetic weed. I am a 27 year old regular pot smoker who decieded to give the legal stuff a go after i was drug tested for work and failed.
I tried it and had a resonable experience, not as enjoyable as the real stuff just a sense of mind paranoia and increased heartrate. One night i had a small amount after having a couple of beers. Looking back on it i can see i had a paranoid breakdown of some kind but at the time i was convinced that the devil had taken my soul and i would suffer for all time. From what i remember my first reaction was to commit suicide, i decieded against this and dialled 000 (the 911 in australia). My girlfriend and a housemate found me on the ground and assumed i was having a siesure or something. I came back to reality and calmed down a bit but for the next half an hour or so was convinced the i was still in some kinda of hell and of the existence of god and the devil. I find this maybe the strangest because i am an atheist. Suffice to say i am never going to smoke the crap again and i would urge everyone to make the same decision as i have

9:00 pm June 1st, 2012

I smoke it for about a year regularly and at first i thought it was great. Then one night i was watching tv and took my first hit of the day. I held it in. First thing i noticed was the top of my head felt cold. Almost like i had an ice pack on it. I started to have this falling feeling and my heart started pounding. not racing but POUNDING. I knew right away that i was in trouble because usually it took a minute for the spice chemicals to kick in whenever it was gonna be a good buzz. This was instant. I got up and went to the bathroom to splash water on my face and realized i couldnt feel my face. I started to feel really heavy like i couldnt walk. I started towards my room to lay down till it passed and fell down slamming my head against the wall. I began crawling, terrified. I managed to get to my feet by holding on to things. I felt that if i layed down i was dead so i kept walking around. I started having color hallucinations like everything was the color of a sunset. Ambers, reds and yellows. I layed down and called a friend to let him know to check on me in a little while because i was having a bad trip then i started talking to myself about what an idiot i am. This lasted for about an hour compared to the usual 10 minutes. Ill never smoke that garbage again. Just dont do it man. You think its cool then one day you take one hit. Its been a year since and i still get panic attacks almost like what i experienced that night.

6:08 pm June 4th, 2012

So sorry to hear that so many are still trying this horrible stuff, but glad to hear that many of you have survived AND are getting better. I posted several weeks ago with my grandson’s story, so won’t tell it again. I just want to tell you that it has now been a little over seven months and he is no better. He had a complete psychotic break and was in a mental hospital for seven weeks. Since then he has been living with his parents, no longer able to work or go to school. So, even though it sounds like most of you have had terrible physical side effects, it can also cause mental problems. At this point they do not think he will ever be any better. He is 27 years old, but seems to have the mind of a child now. We are completely devasted that the life he had hoped for, and we wanted for him, will probably never happen. I am still praying, however, that by some miracle he will one day be “normal” again. PLEASE do not ever think about taking this synthetic marijuana again. There is no way of knowing what it will do to you until it is too late. Good luck to all of you.

should i get a brain scan
5:58 am June 5th, 2012

I had with some sort of brain damage where I couldn’t focus . It’s been 3 months and I. Am still suffering from the lack of focus still feel like this iis a dream. I’m thinking I should get checked for brain damage.

7:48 am June 5th, 2012

Hi should i get a brain scan.

Yes, if you think that there is lasting effect or possible damage from smoking Spice…by all means seek help from a neurologist. Unfortunately, it is the consumer who ends up being the guinea pig for all Spice products, as none are clinically tested. So, we don’t really know what some of the long term effects of smoking synthetic cannabinoids is on the brain. Please let us know what you decide and how you proceed.

3:53 pm June 5th, 2012

I don’t know if anything will show up on a brain scan, but it is worth trying. My daughter has not done that yet because my grandson has no insurance and a neurologist and MRI’s are quite expensive. However, I have offered to have it done, but she has another friend whose son is in the same condition. They did have an MRI done on him, but nothing showed up. He is still talking to the trees and bushes and pretty much out of touch with reality after nearly a year. Good luck to you and if you get any new information would be appreciated if you could share with us. Thank you and good luck.

5:46 pm June 7th, 2012

i smoked this stuff last night and i felt like i was having a heart attack. After about two minutes i layed down and began to enjoy my high, then all the sudden i felt like passing out and i couldn’t breath. I jumped up wide eyed and began to pace fighting the urge to black out. I felt like i was leaving my body. My heart began to beat so rapidly and i could see it pounding out of my chest. My vision blurred and I was shaky and could barely walk. I fought to stay awake. My heart never beat so fast and hard in my life i was ready to call an ambulance. I thought I was going to die and any minute could be my last. it really felt as though my body was trying to shut down and my heart was too. I wouldn’t reccommend this stuff either. i flushed it down the toilet and said never again. the experience was oo traumaic for me.

5:57 pm June 7th, 2012

I have been an avid smoker of spice for some time now with an extreme addiction. I have had all kinds of side effects but nothing that scared me away until 3 days ago when my Epiglottis (the flap in your throat that protects your wind pipe from anything entering) and throat began to swell. A swollen epiglottis is life threatening and will often times cause you to wake up suddenly during sleep with the feeling of not being able to breathe. The ones that actually wake up are the lucky ones.

I have smoked spice for more than 3 years and have tried every kind on the market. Primo was the most recent and one of the most potent i have ever tried. More so than Mr Nice Guy, King Krypto, Serenity Now, $exy, Mad Hatter, etc…

Spice will kill you. Quit today – give it 2 – 3 weeks and your lungs will begin cleaning themselves out. You will cough up Black Tar. Don’t be surprised when this happens. Give you r body the time it needs to heal itself and if you re going to smoke anything stay natural. For me – this has been a reality check.

11:41 pm June 7th, 2012

out of the 50 times i have smoked synthetic now and have had some awesome trips, i have only had 2 bad trips in which i felt like some people say {in hell}. it sucked ass and even after i still smoked it again. honestly i feel like its something you can smoke but just for a short period of time…im also very healthy and work out allot..i have even worked out while on synthetic and it made me feel like i was superman {epic}…if you’re going to smoke synthetic regardless of the bad comments people have made on it…i just have to say don’t hit it hard! toke it nice and slow, or you might just end up in that hell state and regret it lol. i don’t have much to say about it but i just wanted to throw something in their.

7:16 pm June 8th, 2012

Okay so last night I smoked synthetics with a few friends thinking it was gonna be like a weed high because I’ve smoked week before. I don’tknow what kind of synthetics it was but it fucked me up. I took two big hits and about a minute later I started feeling dizzy. Before this I never smoked synthetics. I started saying weird things that I knew sounded weird but I said them. We walked out into the kitchen and I was super dizzy and I had blurred vision. My body was tingly and numb. I had my hands on the side of my head asking if this was real life. It started getting worse and one of the guys there said to put me in a dark room with the lights off and brig water and have me lie down. My pulse was super fast, it had never need that fast before and I guess I was shaking really bad but I didn’t notice. I was still tingly and warm. I felt nauseas but I didn’t puke. When I was laying there I thought I was gonna die. I felt like my soul was gonna come out of my chest. My voice was higher pitched and monotone. I kept saying stuff like “I don’t wanna die, I want this to be over, how long is this gonna last?” I had never been so scared. My friends thought they were gonna have to call 911 but I felt better. It was weird because I knew what was happening. I knew I smoked synthetics and I knew I was having a bad reactio and I could hold a conversation, but I slowly felt like my soul was leaving my body. After awhile I was able to sit up and smoke a cig and go walk around outside and get fresh air. I still felt numb and tingly and dizzy and had blurred Vision and increased heart rate but it wasn’t bad and I knew I was gonna live. After I came dOwn I had a killer headache. Can somebody explain why this happened? (I also drank a bit before doing the synthetics, two beers and two mikes hard lemonades) any feed back would be appreciated!

9:01 pm June 9th, 2012

ohhhhkayy soo after reading some thing this i need to ask if anyone has any of the issues i have.

i have been smoking spice for about a year and a half, $150.00 and then more i am spending on this DAILY, addictive yes i think so. what i have noticed is the pain in the chest, hard time remembering things, my speech has gotten so bad i have never in my life had a studding problem, when i try and tell someone a story i have the hardest time using words and making a sentence. also i am going to be very blunt, i haven’t had a normal bowl movement in about 5 or 6 months its absolutely disgusting its almost as if i’m peeing out of my rectum i have noticed blood and my stomach hurts all the time if i eat or drink i swear i can feel everything passing it hurts, i have COPD now and have to use a steroid breathing machine and have to carry a inhaler on me at all times, i wake up in the morning coughing up nasty gunk choking on it then gettting so sick from the taste of when just came up that i puke. i feel as though i need help. ive talked to people about spice being addictive and got laughed at.(ppl dont think its addictive because its “fake” but no ones knows the side effects.

i have every intention of quitting smoking but i just cant its like in my head i need it i wake up thinking about it and go to bed dreaming about it its terrible.

i am a drug user and being able to kick the spice is hard because is so easy to get i cant get in trouble for having it its easy.

if anyone eles can relate to this please speak up.

lizz foster
8:59 am June 10th, 2012

ok so. i got into this stuff really bad last summer. the first time i even heard of it, it was when everyone still smoked Sylvia. i thought it was the dumbest idea ever. i realized that it wouldnt be the same high as weed. the first time i smoked spice was with my boyfriend at the time. it was called K2. when i smoked it i thought it would give me a scary high because of all of the stories i had heard. but when the high kicked in i couldnt stop laughing. then i tried LOL and i only took two hits but i was already depressed because my boyfriend had cheated on me… with my best friend. but smoking the LOL made me suicidal. the second time i smoked LOL it was lunch time at school. i smoked with three other people and all together we almost smoked the whole container. i felt fine for a minute then i started to halluicnate that i was by a waterfall. i started to freak out because there was this blue stuff in the spice, the flavor was fruity pebbles and i was arguing with my friend because he was trying to tell me that the blue stuff was pieces of fruity pebbles. everyones voice was weird. it felt like i was on laughing gas. like i was really short and my mouth felt like it was huge like a cartoon mouth. and it felt like i only had one really big eye. we were walking back to the school and i was getting deja-vu really bad. it felt like i was dreaming. and my heart was beating superfast. i felt like i was going to pass out. and this red car passed us and i was watching it but it just looked like it was passing us over and over and over and over. i kept snapping back to reality for a second but then i would start tripping again. i guess i was talking alot of nonsense because everyone kept telling me to stop yelling and that i wasnt making any sense. it wore off after awhile but when i got home that day i was so tired and i didnt eat anything even though i felt kindof hungry. i didnt really start smoking it again until i hung out with this new guy that i liked. we smoked a few times but then i dont remember what happend but i guess i talked crap about my friends and i dont remember anything! but it ruined mine and his relationship. after that i got really depressed and started cutting myself and got dignosed with mild depression and had to go to therepy. then i met ANOTHER guy and i started to take vikodin. he got me to stop and i thought he was a really good guy. then he cheated on me. and i was with another guy after that. during that time i was smoking spice every day and i dont remember what days were which. but i do remember at one point thinking i could fly. when i was high all i could think about was intercourse and i hadnt even realized that my period was almost going to be late. when i did it was a day late and i thought i was pregnant but i wasnt. i had intercourse with my friends boyfriend. who was the same guy who cheated on me for her. but he told me that they had broken up. we didnt use a condom. a week after i missed my period i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. i was so scared. i thought i knew who the father was but wasnt sure. i knew i had to stop smoking spice so i just quit cold turky because i didnt want the baby to get hurt. i got so sick. i wouldnt eat. i was moody and you know all of the stuff that happens when your pregnant but it was ten times worse because i was also going through withdrawls. i was afraid that i was going to have a misscarrage. so i started smoking weed to make me hungry. i was worse and worse into my depression. but then i met this amazing boy. he knew i was pregnant but he didnt care. he made me feel like my life was worth something. and i stopped going to therepy:). and i stopped smoking weed because the doctor gave me pills that made the morning sickness go away. my life was looking like it was going alot better. then something happend. the boy that i had slept with that was my friends ex told me that he thinks that hes the father. i didnt even remember sleeping with him because i was so high. so i was really lost for awhile and my boyfriend beat him up. my friends were smoking spice all of the time and a few of them almost died because they started doing skittles. my boyfriend was already on probation because of spice. i started to get depressed again but i didnt tell anyone. and i never told anyone that to this day i still get trips like im on spice. i dont feel like myself anymore and weed is the only way for me to feel normal again. if i could take it all back i would but then again i wouldnt have my beautiful son<3

10:43 pm June 11th, 2012

My husband and I have been smoking pot for over 20 years, we have played with other drugs recreationaly on and off over the years.2 years ago we found “spice” how awesome we thought, we can get high and not get into any legal trouble! Well…we found out how poisonous the stuff really is. After about a year we started to feel diffrent, both mentaly and physicaly. I had a decrease in appitite, which, at first, I thought was great. But after a while I could not hold down any food at all, shortly after my husband began having the same issues with eating.Extreme paranoia set in after a few months.It got so bad that we started having issues in our relationship.I stopped using the stuff a few months before my husband did. I started feeling better after about a week, but he started getting worse. We went through some very serious issues….things got really bad. My husband was commited for a few months due to a psychotic episode. The doctors told us if we would have continued using “spice” My husband would have gone completly mad…..It’s been 3 months now and my husband is just now returning to normal. I understand that this does not happen to everyone who uses “spice” but we have found we are not alone. This drug is a man made poision, not any diffrent than Meth, Ice, Crank or Bath Salts. I would never presume to tell people how to live but if your going to use drugs, keep it natural….

11:55 am June 12th, 2012

I’m actually pretty excited to put my input here about spice. This is going to be extremely long, and it still won’t say all of the stuff I want to say. I am a 20 year old girl. I have smoked cigarettes since 14, off and on, I really don’t look to cigarettes as an addiction. I don’t NEED them. Right before I started smoking cigarettes, I started smoking weed, and kept that up until November of last year. Weed always makes me feel soooo bad, I feel unsettled and weird, and I become agitated because I’m vulnerable and I really hate that. I have dropped acid, when I was 17, as well as did coke at 17. Asthma is the only respiratory problem that runs in my family. My mother has chronic bronchitis, but that’s brought on recently from cigarette smoking. (Another reason why I don’t really look to cigarettes)

The first time I smoked anything was around December 2010, I had just turned 19. I didn’t like it, it made me feel like I had to pee every 2 seconds, and I was really really messed up. I was scared that if I got up to go pee, that I would fall over, or stumble, or trip. Not a good first experience.

Well, a couple of months go by, and April 2011 rolls around. My friend comes over one day and wants to take a drive and smoke spice, so I agree, and I liked it that time and smoked it maybe once or twice again after that.

I began dating my boyfriend in May of 2011, he had been smoking spice for a bit of time, and was the one that provided the spice for my first time experience, actually. He had stuff like Mr. Nice Guy, and Barely Legal. We then came across Cloud 9, and Down2Earth Climax. D2E is one of those kinds you don’t give to first time users. It’s way too strong, but damn, I will miss what it did to me. We would smoke a good bit of stuff during the day, but it didn’t get really bad until a couple of months down the road.
I can’t explain to you how we are when we can’t have this stuff. I know it’s addictive, I see that for myself, I can feel it for myself. He’s so anxious and everything makes him mad, and everything makes me mad, and I feel so bored. I live with him in PA, and I moved away from where I used to live in MD, so obviously, I never see any of my friends or do anything because all there is to do around here is go through the woods. I’d rather not get lyme disease, though. Ticks are bad around here. I would freak out if I had to be here alone without anything to smoke. I would begin scraping my pieces for res like a maniac.

Of course, within a few months time of smoking it everyday, I had a really bad cough, and I still do. However, the severity of my cough is highly led on by allergies now at this point. I have analyzed the hell out of everything. I only got tar when I would cough stuff up, when they still put Cannabis in it. The last known spice around this area to have that in it, was the Down2Earth which I know for a fact sent a gooooood bit of people to the hospital. That is entirely illegal, and I have not seen a Cannabis spice since they cracked down on it.

I purchase my spice from a headshop, not a gas station, that knows their stuff. No offense to anyone here, but they aren’t Indian or Middle Eastern, they are regular white guys that we have befriended from being in there just about every day. They even smoke the stuff too. And the stuff they sell comes guaranteed to not show up in drug tests, or have any traces of drug material. Their entire headshop is based upon the idea of natural smoking blends, so you tell me what you think.
The ones we use now are two different brands – MJ and Black Lotus Blends. Black Lotus Blends has 3 different one gram bags that I know about- Wet, Black Lotus, and Drenched, and I will type what a couple of the back of the bags say.
Now, if you read the back of an MJ bag, it will tell give you the plant names of the different material in the bag. They are really plant names, they do not list any chemicals.

Black Lotus WET bag says:
“NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. WET the Original Potpourri is a blend of dried naturally fragrant plant material as wel as other aromatic properties. Wet is lab tested and does not contain any banned or illegal substances. Recommended use contents of one package per 1,000sq ft area. Must be 18+ to purchase.”

Don’t take my exact word on this, but I believe the Drenched bags list the two different plant materials it uses.

Honestly, I feel a bit better now. Yesterday was the first day that I started feeling alright again. I have just felt like … drained for the past year. There were so many new things that I tried to attribute to it, but I know what’s really up.
The allergies are on-set from living in a house with three cats, when I’m in fact allergic, and during the worst allergy season EVER, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I am not going homeless over some fur, and the flowers finally have died out.
Now, as for the Doctors. I went to my doctor twice. I told her the things that were affecting me, and at first she said it was Bronchitis, gave me inhalers and medicines which did nothing but make things worse. She then put me on a steroid inhaler, I had two discs that equal to one full month of dosages. About a couple of days into that and I was coughing up blood from inhaling powder. But that’s a given, and I would know, being that I have a colorful history. But anyway, the whole thing didn’t seem right to me, the inhaler just made everything drier and worse. I left a message on her machine, only to not get a reply and I haven’t seen her since. That was in January.

I have been seeing a lot of posts about nausea and stuff, too. I think that’s because what happens is, the spice irritates the air passage, causing a postnasal drip which ends up causing a cough, and mucous drainage into the stomach. Obviously, we all know how that ends up. I can’t tell you how many times I have just randomly gotten sick. My boyfriend is worse with it though. Sometimes, we have to stop on the side of the road. It’s always directly caused by mucous though. The first initial vomit contains a lot of snot and stuff, and his and I’s stuff looks different. He coughs up black and gray stuff, and I cough up white/clear stuff. So as you can see, I don’t see the alarm in mine at least, but with his, I know that has to mostly be because he wolfs cigarettes down like they’re nothing.
I have coughed up blood without the steroid inhaler, but it was only a couple of droplets and it was regular red blood, which I found was only from coughing and blowing my nose too hard. God, does it bring up memories of being 17 again haha. Be careful when you cough and sneeze by the way! It’s so easy to rupture something.

I’m not sure how I feel about spice really. I won’t defend it anymore, nor will I be against it. I do not hallucinate, ever. I don’t hear things. My memory is a bit shot, but it has been since I first hit my teen years. My heart doesn’t go racing when I smoke it. I can still eat and sleep without spice, although I prefer having it. I’m still a functioning, able-to-communicate-with person. I don’t do stupid crazy stuff. I’m still really really normal, trust me haha. I think the people that go into seizures, or cardiac arrest are having those problems because they let their minds over-exaggerate. Anytime I have ever seen anybody freak out while smoking spice, it’s because they freaked themselves out. You really have to inform people to keep a good, clear mind. If you think the devil is getting you, you’re going to act like the devil is getting you. Make sense? Same thing. It’s absolutely crazy what the human mind can do. Just look at stigmata, that still just… leaves me speechless that such thing is possible.

Now, the thing I have been so hell bent on researching was influenced entirely by the show My Strange Addiction. It really is a nauseating program, but it made me think.
There was a woman on there who ate couch cushions. For years. Ever since she was a little girl, and she was a full grown woman when she was made to face her addiction. For the first couple of years after she started, she was getting stomach pain, so she went to the doctor and they did an xray and said that it’s only going to get worse from there. Well, years and years after, they make her go back, and it turns out she has no problems, at all. Her stomach looks like that of a person who doesn’t each couch cushions. A lot of people on these shows don’t have any signs of physical problems, but maybe because of their mind, and thinking what they’re doing is nothing out of the ordinary because of their addiction, their body maintains a healthy standard.
So who’s to say what’s really ACTUALLY bad for us, and what’s not. Being someone who has been smoking bowls throughout the day for almost a year now, I can tell you for a fact that you don’t want to overdo it. If you need your couple of packs throughout the day, before eating, or when you feel sick, do it. Apart from the boredom, I have always had pretty bad stomach problems, too. That’s why I like smoking spice. It keeps it away, considering marijuana doesn’t work for me. Literally anything can trigger nausea in me.

There is so much stuff I have found out spice because of my constant need to know everything about stuff directly involving myself lol. I’ve decided maybe, since I’m already a Guinea Pig, to try a test myself. I want to see if using a waterpiece collects more of the bad toxins out. I actually find that when I do use a waterpiece, it works better and doesn’t taste bad like wet dog with chemicals. It’s just… cool-feeling smoke at that point. Sometimes this stuff can really smell like cigarette smoke, and sometimes, I’ve been curious as to where the hell I’m smelling weed from, only to find out it’s the spice.

Another bad consequence spice is having, is that people are now robbing for it, and going homeless for it. If you go to certain city places, you’ll see homeless people begging you for money so they can get potpourri. I have heard of so many robberies of spice, and it sucks, because I always saw that as a couple of bad eggs ruining things for the rest of the population.

But I mean, I’m 20, what do I really know yet? lol.

12:26 pm June 12th, 2012

Oh, and, one really important thing to remember.
EVERYONE is DIFFERENT, no one will have the exact same experience.
Green makes me sick.

And as for the suicidal thoughts thing, my friend went through that and she explained how she felt, and it makes sense.
When people are sent into a state that is different than their normal being, they spook easily. She did, and she thought the only way she’d be able to escape is if she killed herself. I’ve never experienced this, but I could see where being REALLY messed up would make you feel that way.

12:42 pm June 12th, 2012

Ever notice how everyone THINKS they’re going to die, but yet, they are obviously still alive…

3:29 pm June 12th, 2012

Ok, well after reading this, I pretty much flushed what I had down my toilet! Truth is, I agree with “Guy” I live in Europe and when I do go back to the states, it (synthetic Weed) is sold in every gas station in Michigan, so just about everyone I know Michigan from my son’s friends who are 19 and up to people I know in our 40’s smoke it. Personally, what scares me is that no matter WHAT BRAND you smoke, you can OD, and the effects at that moment are just not worth it.

1. Smoke to much, and you get the “HELL” effect. It’s not cool and I swear, you’ve read this already in this thread a few doze times, but there’s no other way to describe it, you feel as if your soul is being ripped away from your body.

2. After smoking it on a consistent basis, you really start pondering on things other wise you’d never ponder. DEATH!! Your death, the death of other people,ect… It really fools you into a depression.

3. Pain in your chest, and pains occurring in the back of your arms. Simply put, if you have heart problems,high blood pressure, or heart disease of any kind in your family DON’T SMOKE THIS!!

4.This stuff is Addicting. You can disagree with me all you want, but I don’t have addictions, and have never had em, but this stuff had me looking around here until I found a shop that was “low key” giving samples away. I was hooked!!!

5. Loss of balance. I was smoking out of a one hitter, maybe about one good hit, no more then that, and at one point while in the shower, I fell out backwards. Screwed my back up and my head. But it was a loss of balance like I’ve never experienced before. I didn’t realize i wa on my way down until it was to late and them BAAM!!

6. Even on days that I don’t smoke, sometimes I start to experience the same chest pains, not to mention the paranoia of death.

7. Losing my temper. Man, unlike weed, this stuff makes you cranky on off days. Now maybe I’m wrong to blame this stuff directly, but if it is screwing with your heart, then that means your chem levels( Sugars,Vits.Circulation) in your body are being stressed as well, and that can cause a whole host of personality problems starting with anger and depression.

8. Sleeping has become a serious problem too. Dreams, again about death and dying. DRY MOUTH like real bad, which again is the begining signs of Heart and Circulation problems. A serious lack of sleep, and feeling tired ALL DAY.

9. Audio hallucinations along with time (brain) skips. Someone ask’s you a question and you answer it in what you thought is real time, but instead the question was asked about 5 minutes prior. Not cool. And sounds of alarms going off in your head.

10. Eventually, my wife has had enough.

Truth is, this shit is not cool. STICK TO WEED. If you can score a MJ card and smoke legally, then do it, other wise, this stuff will eventually KILL YOU. I know I just threw my stash away, but I doubt I’ll go back to it. Your life should mean more then dying over a “Legal” untested drug. Thank God or this thread!!

3:33 pm June 12th, 2012

Sorry for the bad grammar & misspellings ……..hmmm, maybe a symptom??

8:42 pm June 12th, 2012

I just found an organic herbal plant website that lists plants around the world that are used as tea or as something to smoke, and they are all natural. I went to the head shop today to get the MJ brand spice I like called Primo, and I look at the back to see the ingredients which are plants, and I happen to have found the same plants on the organic plant website. So yeah, it’s possible to get non-synthetic, cannabinoid-free spice, and it’s really mild. You won’t have a seizure, or freak out, it’s very relaxing and makes you sleepy. I don’t feel like crap when I wake up after smoking this stuff. I knew I was onto something with it there. It isn’t sprayed either, it’s pretty hairy itself lol, and these types of blends are used to replace maryjane, without being harmful and full of chemicals. Of course, no one is at discretion to tell you to smoke it, so on all spice packages, you’ll see the same not for human consumption, however, by the FDA’s standards, I’m sure they probably have to say that.

Scared gf
2:47 am June 14th, 2012

Hi just had to drop in an experience, maybe some one else has had this happen too. My bf has been smoking k2 for awhile now and his anger has taken over him. He gets sooo mad at nothing. At first it started with him hitting the wall out side or stomping off. Now he throws stuff at me and bullies me.then the next second he is nice to me. He smokes like three to four packs a day of k2. I was wondering has anyone else had this experience? He wont admitt that he is smoking it. But i find the packets or containers. What do i do? Any advice at all would help.

Also your guys testimonials have helped a ton too as to what he may be experiencing.

4:51 pm June 14th, 2012

The problem here is that so many people are smoking spice thinking it’s like weed, & that they should smoke the same amount as weed. The stuff is concentrated, who knows how many more times powerful than weed, so try SMALL AMOUNTS to begin with! I have a tiny pipe, the bowl is about the size of a pencil eraser. I take 2 hits off of that, not even using the whole thing up, and I’m STONED. Yes, the high has some similarities to weed, but it also messes with your head a lot worse, & a lot quicker. It’s almost like salvia divinorum – a small amount = huge head trip. The spice I smoked was Dragon, maybe it’s a little different than what other people have tried, but it made me numb all over but not real bad. I’ve lost feeling in my limbs with weed worse than spice. I do not get bad headaches, although a little too much does end up making me feel lethargic after the fast heartbeat wears off. I can’t say it’s a “pleasant high,” yet something makes me want to keep going back to it. It does make you feel kind of at a mental loss for words, yet I don’t feel STUPID like weed makes me feel. After smoking spice I did not have chest pains but I did have a cough, but weed gives me a cough too. Even after the effects of spice wore off, I felt a bit more ‘spiritual’ about life in general. I never felt like puking but it does seem to have an appetite suppressing effect.

I think the majority of people posting here with horror stories have, in effect, all overdosed. Even the ones who smoked spice every day, they maybe just did a little too much one day, or maybe it has a build-up effect…but more likely, the concentration of chemical on the spice is not under strict control, & you just got some extra-potent stuff but there’s no way of telling. With weed that wouldn’t be a huge deal, but with stuff like this that is very borderline between a good trip & a horrific one, you can never tell. A tiny bit more could mean the difference between a pleasant headtrip & a visit to the ER.

I’m not advocating this stuff, I’m just saying if you’re going to try it (or ANY substance you’ve never tried before) then use with extreme moderation! It hits you all at once, and if you’ve overdone it, it’s going to feel like you were hit with a ton of lead, hence the “OMG I’M DYING!” effect. The way it raises one’s heartbeat & blood pressure, it seems like it HAS to have killed someone already. Which is sad because people have mostly turned to this drug as a legal weed-replacement, either because they get drug-tested frequently, or because they can’t get weed. Even if the gov’t makes the chemical in spice illegal, people are just going to make some other kind of replacement drug, on & on, until the gov’t finally lets people have their fucking WEED. The “war on drugs” is & always has been complete & utter BULLSHIT…ever since the war on drugs started, drug use has gone UP in amount, use & frequency. One would think that the gov’t would recognize this as a losing battle, but guess what? It’s LUCRATIVE for them to keep going! They make money doing it! The gov’t doesn’t really give a crap about the health of the citizens…the only motivation of anything the U.S. gov’t does is based 100% on whether they can make money or not.

So the poor slobs like us who just want to relax after working hard with a little weed, we end up paying the price.

7:16 pm June 14th, 2012

i was never really much of a marijuana smoker. it was fun, but i was always so busy and it made me so lazy. few years ago is when i was introduced to spice. worse experience ever. idk if i just have a weak tolerance or what, but EVERY time i smoked my world got soooo effed up. I know it’s going to be hard to follow, but just try and hang on.
My first weirdness was a major hallucination. to me it looked like my life, the real world, was a cartoon. like clay cartoons ya know? i had to keep telling myself its ok its ok, youre gonna come down.
The second one was i literally felt like i wasnt breathing. i know that sounds weird, but i couldnt even feel myself breathing. then i tried to reason with myself saying if you werent breathing youd pass out. so i eventually calmed myself down.
Then I had the second worst one. I felt like i was watching everything. like an out of body experience. some people think it’s cool, but everything felt fake. kinda like the Matrix. like we were pods, dreaming about everything going on ya know?
And the ABSOLUTE worst…i though i had gone crazy. idk if i had for a short period of time or was just extremely paranoid. me my boyfriend and his friend were all smoking on my balcony, his friend started playin a song and the beat of it like filled my world, thats ALL i heard and it seemed to me like everything was going in slow motion to the beat. i know its weird. and then i felt REALLY REALLY high up. i had a table out there and when i looked at it i felt like i was looking at it from MILES away. thats when the panic set it. everything moving slow motion and idk….i flipped. i stood up so fast and grabbed onto my boyfriend and kept saying tell me im alright tell me im alright. wtf is going on, holy shit. i think ive lost my mind. and once that thought got into my head its like i couldnt shake it. i felt like i went insane. it was horrible.
after that i quit. call me a chicken, idc, it scared me. i am now scared of the stuff. i got in so many arguements with my bf cuz he kept smoking. then it happened to him. we have both stopped. thank god. unfortunately, sometimes i remember it, and my heart starts beating faster and then i remember that last night and its almost lke i get a TINY little high and i can feel what it felt like again. idk, ive messed up beforein my life, but never this bad. please trust me, anyone who smokes this stuff, you need to quit.

**Rumor has it the originaly creator is in a forever high. It constantly seems like he’s walking on top of water. Everything ripples when he takes a step**
**FACT: A college student tried spice ONCE. His friends found him hours later huddled in the closet. He screamed at them to get away from him. He is permanently stuck in a hallucination that he is a glass of orange juice and everyone wants to drink him. May cause you to giggle, but he is in a psych ward and is terrified**

lizz foster
3:09 am June 15th, 2012

today i looked at my calender. i have been sober from everything for nine months:) i had an expirence today. i got really hot and it felt like i was falling into one of my trips. only this one was way worse. but im so glad that i quit. i would probably be in lockup or dead if i wouldnt have. and my baby wouldnt be heathy like he is now.

1:39 am June 16th, 2012

fresssh… regarding your comment, “Ever notice how everyone THINKS they’re going to die, but yet, they are obviously still alive…”, you are missing something obvious.


We have no idea how many people are dying because of Spice because the stuff is not detectable the way marijuana or alcohol is, so when the cops come across a corpse, they and the medical types attribute the death to other things — a weak heart, brain stroke, etc.

Since the stuff is legal, sold everywhere, and people die every day, there is no telling how many people had the same sensations so many of us reported — and actually did meet THE MAN.

8:55 pm June 17th, 2012

Ive just been forced to quit.
Apparently I’m mean or agitated easily without it.
But it is a drug. I can say for 4 years I have been smoking this synthetic weed and I’m a lucky one that hasn’t had side effects.
I have vomited from bad batches but at the same extent I haven’t hallucinated, blacked out, I still have a 3.5gpa in college and I’m 20.
So I guess it’s pick n choose Ur poison.

Angela Daly
5:35 pm June 18th, 2012

I need help pleaseeeee!! My 18 year old is addicted has probably most all these symptoms that everyone has listed. I am watching my baby die right before my eyes. She loves it, says she can’t get high off the real stuff. What are ways I can help her? They say you can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped. I feel so helpless sitting back and not doing anything. I have talked to sherriffs, councilmans, you name it, trying to get it off shelfs. She lost her job, her apartment, has nothing to do with her family and is basically homeless. And a boyfriend who is supplying and hooked too!!! So please tell me what can I do????

jeff from p.a
12:20 am June 19th, 2012

wow.i started smoking this stuff 3 days ago,and i already feel addicted,im fortunate to find this site. at first i thought finaly something legal to get high on,im glad i know the truth now,i think about fake weed
constantly, ive been addicted to herion,and its no different,its actulaly worse,cuz its easier to access.i cant beleave that this is legal to sell. i now think its a dirty arab drug,thats gonna ruin are youth,it is a new epedemic,and if its not nipped in the butt soon,it will become worst then crack,because most of the ppl doing it are good citizens,that are bieng tricked into thinking,thats its ok to do.

tara m
5:26 pm June 19th, 2012

i agree with you yo. My bf smokes this stuff all the time. He looses his temper all the time. worse now then in the past few months. Its really starting to get outta hand.

9:19 am June 20th, 2012

So let me start off by saying this stuff is BAD!!! And i agree with everyone else in this blog who said so. My roommate sold the stuff for about a year and we were putting the chems on ourselves. You never know with “store bought” though Mr. nice guy has been confirmed to have METHAMPHETAMINES in it so god only knows. Thats another thing, you never what your smoking. Not just chemical wise but the material they spray it on, it could be leaves, cabbage, flowers NO ONE KNOWS and no one knows what the effects of those are on your lungs long term. I’m not 100% sure but im pretty sure if you were to go outside and smoke leaves everyday you might have some health problems. I have had to this date 4 of my friends almost die on me. Its not worth your life or the people around you. Because this stuff changes you. I NEVER used to be paranoid if anything i had no fear and now i cant even be alone because im afraid i might have a panic attack. It was REALLY tough to break the addiction because it matches many of heroines withdrawl effects. No sleep, vomiting, not being able to sleep or eat,etc,etc. But you can and must do it for yourself and the people around you.

jeff from p.a
12:19 am June 23rd, 2012

im an addict,currently clean from everything,i know for a fact,this is highly addictive,i smoked it for 3 days,and now ive been clean from it for 3 days,its still on my mind,i got 1 more thing to say,if u are a pot head,like myself,u will fall in love with this,dont do it, but if u choose to. do urself a favor,right ur WILL out,and give ur family a kiss good bye,u will die,maybe not today,but soon enough.these new chemicals are bieng traced back to osama bin ladins ppl,what does that tell u,in my opinion is no worst then anthrax,just kills u slower,and gets all ur money before u die.think about it who the hell sells this crap,i know in philadelphia and surrounding areas,its all arabs that sell it,u mise well just go under ur sink,grab the bottle of drano,and guzzle it,atleast u wont spend all ur money. U WONT EVER HEAR FROM ME AGAIN,I LOVE MY LIFE AND A QUICK HIGH ANINT WORTH LOOSING LIFE AS U KNOW IT.

5:21 am June 23rd, 2012

i have never had a bad trip on spice, but have heard so much bad stuff bout it i am preparing to quit by taking a vacation to Georgia with my sister. i am only fifteen, and i started using this just because i found some of my sisters and got hooked on it. im a little smarter than the average guy, and i know something up when the only sotre miles around that sells spice is run by two indian men who try to sell me tobaco when i look well under age. i have had some pretty harsh trips, but ive never lost it, but when i smoek alot i seem to hear something talking or weird screaming noises, and have the visions of completely random stuff that will pop into my vision of real life, and i will see it IN FRONT of whatever i am looking at, so its not just me thinking it in my head. its not even stuff i voluntarily think of, it just shoots right into my head. theres something darker than to what meets the eye behind this drug, and im nt sure i really want to find out what it is

P. A.
6:26 am June 24th, 2012

Let me attempt to describe the effect the drug had on me. It was my first experience, and evidently, I got a pretty huge hit. As far as I can piece together, the effects went as follows. First, I noticed a very strange and regular wavy sensation and intense heat in my muscles and skin. This grew and began to affect not only my vision, but also my spacial awareness. My body felt like it was rippling with everything else. All the while, at this point, my conscious thought was not affected. After a few minutes, my balance was apparently impaired, and I began to fall forward. This is where it got really screwed up.. I transitioned into a sort of mental state where I only knew one thing: and that was that I existed, and I was moving through time. As far as I can gather, my perception of events following were scrunched into incredibly small, self similar iterations. At its worst, I remember being only a consciousness; locked in a rapidly shifting, fractal based spiral. It seemed to repeat for ages. I remember mentally coping with my new fate. I didn’t have any memory at that point. I thought in an abstract way that I must be some manifestation of thought existing in an eternal loop of endless self similar iterations. Long story short, the rest of the trip consisted of the iterations gradually (perhaps parabolically) increasing in length (or decreasing in speed). I literally had to relearn who my friends were in those moments. I had to gradually piece together the events. I WOULD STRONGLY DISCOURAGE ITS USE. The only possibly beneficial things that came from this were, 1) that I now have the most intimate knowledge of what it might be like to live inside of the Mandelbrot set, and 2) what it means to be utterly and completely hopelessly lost in fractal iterations of reality. AGAIN, I WOULD STRONGLY DISCOURAGE ITS USE.

7:41 pm June 25th, 2012

I use to smoke spice everyday I was addicted I could not stop. Even the pain in chest, cough that would not go away, nausea , vomiting could not make me stop. After many times of trying to quit I finally realized that I had to stop because I started having horrible thought of hurting others and hallucinations on occasion scared me. I did not even realized some of the things I was doing or saying. I would forget things in general. If you are smoking spice or know anyone that is you should stop. Being high is not worth going crazy,losing your life or hurting others. I still struggle with this addiction , I feel like smoking now but I know that its not worth it. I think should be banned because so many people are getting sick.

7:04 am June 28th, 2012

Okay I was recently introduced to this stuff I am 28 years old and tried real marjuana at 14. I didnt ever actually get high from this stuff but felt weird. Point being, the guy i am datin is 34 sometimes he has a problem keeping or getting it up. lol But he smokes spice like its going out if style….. I think this has something to do with it? I am attractive and this relationship is fairly new so I know its not me but could it be the spiced he smokes all time. He has smoke it for about 3 years as well. It has kind of put a damper on our situation. I dont care if he wants to smoke it but I can’t marry that. Impotent at 34???

no name given
8:31 am June 28th, 2012

I started smoking this synthetic pot about two years ago (I live in Missouri). I never noticed problems with it besides the typical cough, headache and cravings for more. But now, I wish I never did it. I can’t blame the pot yet cause there’s no evidence, I can ejaculated like I use to. And if I do, I’m wore out. I can’t keep it hard always now either. Mind you I’m 23 years old, male, and have ALWAYS BEEN FREAKING AMAZING DOWN THERE. But now, I hate myself.

no name given
8:38 am June 28th, 2012


I really hope people stop smoking this stuff, coughing isn’t anything compared to my lose in the message I wrote above.

3:19 am July 4th, 2012

I have a question. My husband has been smoking this stuff for some time and i am very worried that he is dying. He has all the symptoms everyone has talked about but there is one more that is driving me crazy. When he sleeps his legs and arms jerk like crazy. I cant tell you how many times i have been woken up to being hit in the face or kicked really hard. He never remembers doing it at all. He always promises he will quit but he never does. Does this happen to anyone else?

9:58 am July 4th, 2012

Ive been off incense for about 6 months and let me tell you. This has some LASTING effects. Every once and awhile I’ll have these moments where my brain just stops working for few seconds. There is no way to describe the absolute horror you feel. It’s the same as the extreme paranoia you feel from a bad trip off of this. Also sometimes Ill have a thought in my head and ill be unable to vocalize what I am thinking. The thought is there but I just can’t get it out. Incense made me go absolutely crazy. I was sad and angry and o found myself crying almost every night for no reason. It really fucked with my emotions. My girlfriend broke up with me, I lost a lot of good friends and I had no money. It ruined My life. But trust me when I say this, if you stop now….IT WILL GET BETTER!! The symptoms will stop or become less frequent. You will get your life back Together. BECOME RELIGIOUS!! It will help you get over this Soooo much. Hope I helped.

wanting to know
6:07 am July 5th, 2012

Can SOMEONE who has smoked this stuff for 4 months or more (preferrably closer to 4 months) tell me what the first three or four days sober were like and what will help alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms. I am addicted to Brainfreeze and want to quit. Today is day #1. After reading people’s blogs, I realized I have a long road ahead of me. On the drug, I am experiencing dizzyness, increased urination, ringing in my ears, joint pain in both knees that started just in the last few days, irritability, and a serious lack of motivation. ANY advice will help. Thank you.

9:14 am July 5th, 2012

@Terry Thanks for replying so well to the fresssh person. you said it for me so I didn’t have to. “Dead people don’t make blog posts” and subsequent statements were just Perfect. Thank you. 🙂
To everyone, Stop this while you’re ahead & haven’t done something that ruins your life. It happened to me & is so bad I can’t post it.. at least under this name.
1. Continued use drives you insane.
2. While insane you will ruin your life & others aorund you, mainly those you love most.
3. It takes your spiritual side & love for anything/anyone away.
4. The health problems or resulting death are not worth getting a buzz. Find another way if you must get high.

2:16 am July 6th, 2012

@Josie, it’s not good if his health is getting worse, I’ve been off now for a month and the effects are long lasting. As of recently, I now have High Blood Pressure and my blood suger is off the charts. I’m not saying that this stuff had to do with any of what I have now, but I was a very healthy person before i started smoking this stuff, and now I’m really fucked up.

Please tell ur husband to quite soon, or he will die eventually. Good luck.

Expert Needed
4:59 pm July 6th, 2012

People are dying from this stuff. I’m working on a case right now related to a death which resulted from Spice use and a episode of psychosis.

Just reading some of these testimonies is truly chilling. This stuff needs to be taken off the shelves. This is not the way to legalize a drug.

Without going into details, we are looking for an expert “spice user” who might be willing to testify and explain to a jury exactly how real and harmful the psychosis effects of this substance can be. Prolonged experience with the drug will would be needed.

4:29 pm July 7th, 2012

Once again, I can only advise you to stop smoking it while you still can. More deaths and viscious attacks in Georgia from people smoking it. I have posted before that my 27 year old grandson had a complete psychotic break, was in a mental hospital for nearly two months. Has been living with his mother since he got out seven months ago. His brain has been damaged, most likely permanently. He now has many issues and also has the mind of a child. He can no longer work or go to school. His life is ruined as well as his family. Please, it can’t be worth it to risk it all!

2:07 am July 10th, 2012

hey i just wanted to ask since you ppl now more and better about this synthetic weed. well 1st of all the 1st time i smoked it was 2 days ago and i have been smoking it for 2 days now since i havent been smoking this synth. weed what happend was skin peeling i was wondering if anyone else here has experienced the same as me and if they know when it will go just i need to be brightened up about this. ty.

2:19 am July 10th, 2012

well i read this whole thing and my husband smokes and acts like yall are all lying cause he is really addicted and smokes 10 grams a day.

5:09 pm July 10th, 2012

I had two to four seizures on some pure evil as well as vomiting and hallucinations. Also had short term memory loss and yea no beuno. never again will i smoke this again.

7:42 am July 12th, 2012

@Expert Needed Which state are you located? I’m in Kentucky but would be willing to testify in a surrounding state. In my experience I smoked daily, heavily for 6 to 7 months. I went completely insane by the 6th month, had a terrible sexual experience as a results of the complete insanity. I almost died from the incense 2 days following the incident. I smoked to try and “feel normal” again.. It didn’t work but I felt extreme & horrifying pain along with “rushing water” sounds in my head/brain. It felt as if my brain was being over-heated & I couldn’t walk but barely. I stumbled into the car & had to scream at my father , after falling into his arms saying “I don’t want to die, dad.” Chilling is the word. My heart was irregular & beating to speedily I thought it would genuinely rupture or give out, whichever cam first. I got to the E.R. & they laughed at me. Then yelled at me to sit down. They gave me an ECG 30 whole minutes after the initial ordeal, so of course it came back “normal”, but who knows they could’ve been lying to calm me down or shut me up, or both. They then contacted a representative from The Ridge(Formerly known as “Charter Ridge”) to give me a legally required Mental Assessment. I passed, only because I’d calmed down somewhat & had been through Ridge as a teen(parents being both abusive & not wanting to be parents), so I knew the “correct” answers. Being “locked up” in a facility such as that drives any sane person insane IMO. It nearly did when I was younger. So I suffered from terrible migraine headaches for at least 2 weeks afterwards. Could retain NO information which was critical to functioning at my job. Have no idea how I still retained my job after being clearly insane. I guess they hoped it would pass, which thank God it actually did. I never thought I’d be right again. Ever. I still have some Neuro & other problems after having quit that very day of almost dying from it on March 4th, 2012. I am more than willing to be an “expert” witness. While going through this ordeal I’ve tried to help many people who’ve suffered from this poison. Let them know my ordeal & how different things helped while recovering & how to deal with the withdrawing & mental psychosis from detoxing or continued use. i think I’d be good for the part since I can now think rationally, and can function again. So I’ve got background & plenty of memories/experience to compare it to reality with. It was like I was in a terrible nightmare. I told my father the only word I could use to describe how I feel now compared to then was now I’m in “attendance”. Before I was not. God Bless & I seriously hope I can help. I hate being a warning story but if it’ll help anyone else form going through this tragedy again, or bring awareness to another’s story, therefor bringing insight, more purpose or forewarn others, it’ll be such a worthy cause. Thank you.

@Daniel Mccoy I grew up with a best friend with the female version of your name, so your post particularly stuck out to me. You mentioned not having or wishing to do Heroin since this was a bitch to withdraw from. I can tell you hands down, that this is hands down the CLOSEST thing I’ve ever withdrawn from that compares to Heroin/Methadone. I’ve been taking Methadone for 5 years & I could’ve thrown it out the window. I could’ve quit smoking cigarettes, too! It was insane. My body was completely out of whack, but I was searching for any normalcy to cling to, so I persisted, plus i didn’t want the withdraws to become even worse than they already were! But anyway, I withdrew from this incense JUST LIKE HEROIN & pain pills! I had the cold & hot sweats, the agitation from Hell, the general psychosis(You’re emotions are all out of whack coming off of opiates) which led to thoughts of suicide if just to make the insane feelings physically & mentally, stop. I was in complete & utter pain from head to toe, got nauseous, completely and had terrible digestive troubles! All of this at the same time for almost a month. Anyone who’s gone through it will tell you that’s the exact same symptoms people go through while detoxing from heroin & other opiates. So what you went through(which I read your whole post, classic withdraws & hard time from quitting these poisons!) was exactly comparable to opiate withdraw. I just thought someone should tell you that you went through one of the roughest things you’ll probably ever go through. So God Bless & I hope you feel better, everyday will be better & better. Read my other posts on this forum & the other incense related ones on this website, there are many recent ones where I listed good advice that helped or would’ve helped me while going through this. Much love & if you’ve got any questions, I’m here, I hope you feel better & this is all just a memory, soon.

@elizabeth edwarrds Klonopin or the generic, Clonazepam, helped me tremendously. It helped me “snap back into reality” after the first month of being sober 7 going through Hell. I smoked everyday for 6-7 months. Daily. And it’s taken me 3 months in total to feel anything liek what I used to before this poison. You only took one toke, so it should be a bit faster for you. Just be sure to stay hydrated, take your Klonopin(Clonazepam), eat healthy – I suggest eat Vegan or vegetarian at the least, there’s completely too many additives in your food, but you say you’re a hypochondriac so I woun’t get into all that 🙂 – I was the SAME way before & after this experience. I thought I had everything wrong with me, which I did have some serious problems afterwards, but I smoked all day everyday for 6 months straight! Can you imagine that? I never thought I’d be right again. If you’ve got any questions feel free & comfortable to ask & I’ll try to answer as quickly & to the absolute BEST of my ability. Having the anti-anxiety meds I think puts you at an advantage as far as having something to reach for when you need it if it gets too bad, at least then you can sleep. It also gives me an appetite, does it do that to you? God Bless & I hope by now(I think it’s been about a month since your original post) you’ve gotten some relief. I seriously hope so, I don’t underestimate just one toke of this poison. We’re all here for you & hope you feel at 100% asap! 🙂 God Bless everyone! Much, much love to you all & your recoveries! -Jessica

3:29 pm July 15th, 2012

Well, I’ve read alot of the comments here and felt I needed to add mine to the mix.

I’m fifty, a very light “real thing” user, but don’t know anyone to get it from, so usually do without. My cousin gave me some of the synthetic stuff a few times, and it was OK, but no big deal.

Yesterday, he comes over and I smoke one toke off of what I think he said was spice… it was red. Well, I quickly developed a serious pychosis. I was so high I became scared… I thought to myself that this drug was so powerful, it was created by aliens to take over the world, and my cousin was an agent, along with his girlfriend. I tried to act non-chalant about it, pretending to listen to the conversation, and perhaps ease out quietly before they figured out I was on to them. Well, they quickly saw I was in trouble, and being the gentle and kind people they are, quickly came to me and held me. They didn’t know I was in a delusional state. I decided to confront them as aliens and scare them off from what I thought as a takeover, since their cover was blown. I had no clue who they were. So, I did the gorilla thing and tore off a branch, and threatened them with it. I clearly thought out a pattern of attack on them. My cousin is an incredibly smart guy, and was able to defuse this whole episode. I hate to admit it, but I might have turned violent on them. I was scared to death, and my life was at stake; thats how delusional I was at the time. I have no idea what I said to him, but eventually they left (though they kept and eye on me ) and I came down. It felt like it lasted for hours, but it was only about 20 minutes.

I thought I had just got out of bed, and had dreamed all of this, until I saw the torn branch. Alot of it came back to me then. I had been reading a science fiction book about an alien conspiracy, and I somehow became emeshed in the story line.

I was fortunate I was with someone who was looking out for me, and was willing to talk me down.

Folks, stick with the real thing. We don’t know what’s going in that stuff, but we can be sure that the people who are making it are not our friends; they just want to make money on our desire to step out of reality from time to time. From what I can tell on this forum, it can happen out of the blue, and you can hurt yourself or others. It’s just not worth it.

11:43 pm July 15th, 2012

I had the same kind of experience happen to me. i had been staying in the hospital with my little niece after she was in a bad go-kart accident and took one hit then went into the bathroom. next thing i know it was like I was on a rollercoaster floating all through my life I remember hearing a crash which was my head hitting the wall and next thing I know I felt like I was my little cousin screaming for water my lips felt swollen like hers and I was in so much pain I thought for sure I was dieing I had no clue who I was or what my life was. These voices slowly started coming to me and when I opened my eyes my sister was holding me and there were 10 nurses standing above me. My sister didnt know I was in there at first she thought some woman had lost her child and was mourning and she said I was begging God not to let me die screaming in a different voice that didnt even sound like me. I have never gone through anything so terrifying and still have nightmares from it. Its such a shame that real weed which has never impaired anyone or caused anyone to hallucinate or have psychotic states is illegal and they are so determined to give you a ticket or put you in jail for having some but they are handing this stuff out and now people are eating other people and dogs from it? Our nation needs a reality check thats for sure!

8:24 pm July 16th, 2012

I’m 41 years old and have been using variety of different brands daily for 2 years. I’ve smoked pot for years and it is the ease of access to spice that got me hooked. Even though it’s illegal here it’s still not hard to get. I thought I was being careful taking one hitters and not a whole bunch at one time. Turns out I just ended up taking more and more little ones without realizing impact of the poison. I never had problems controlling pot use and this is clearly not in the same league. It’s addictive.

First sign it is poison was my urine was cloudy from my body doing it’s job of flushing out the toxins. Justified continue to smoke that my body was cleansing and didn’t see the harmful effects.

I went to the doctor Friday with migraines, chills/sweats, and overall body aches. Took some X-Rays of my chest and Dr diagnosed Bronchitis. I found an older post where Dr diagnosed the same thing to someone. I didn’t mention Spice to Dr because didn’t want to get documented as a drug user on my record, even though the whole time I kept mentally linking all my issues to it.

I’ve had migraines in the past but could tell these were different. It knocked me out for a good 3 days. Worst part was my body unable to control it’s temperature. First day headaches were so bad I went back to the poison to see if it could help me get thru the night but it didn’t help.

Short term effects of increased heart rate and memory loss didn’t matter to me because of the awesome high I was getting and didn’t worry about it until I started feeling these long term effects. Going to be a struggle but it’s clear it’s an addictive poison.

3:42 pm July 17th, 2012

i have been n everyday user of the pure evil (spice) since the first batch of k2 was released in my state back in 2008. Since then i have smoked about 3 grams a day and have been to the hospital 5 times just because of it. Its mainly from vomitin spells one of which lasted for 6 hours straight just recently and now im on some kind of medications for many things includin tremors, twitchin ,high blood pressure, and nausea. Its gettin pretty bad im a really fit lookin kid but cant yell or even walk outside without breakin a sweat and i used to wake up and vommit every night this literally eats the lining of your heart and stomach and causes a lot of problems in the long run im having all these problems with it and i just turned 18. If ur not a constant user of the stuff some people go into a short bad trip but its a really bad trip which still randomly happens with long term use just randomly cuz of how used to the drug your body is there are reports of people diein almost instantly on a bad trip one of which was my best friends found on the sidewalk where im from just a few weeks ago from smokin a bad batch of synthetics. it seems hard to believe after all the problems ive had with it that i still smoke it and am still having problems. If u know people strugglin with this stuff try to help they are startin to compare it to heroin in terms of addiction cuz of how hard it is to kick and how bad peoples withdrawal symptoms are.I used to smoke real budd but then found this stuff and the high was way more intense and its cheaper then real weed is here so i kept smokin it ive been incarcerated in youth prisons for charges related to the drug and also many treatment programs for c.d. issues with this and many other things. If u havent smoked it already i wouldnt even think about smokin it you might think im jokin about it all but after even 6 months of use youll start to notice things changin with your body i hope noone wants to be a lab rat and try it out cuz it will make your life miserable. If u dont die sometimes youll get sick to the point that u wish you do. None of this is stupid text book the things there sayin about it online and on tv are true it is really bad for you and does have a potential of killin you even from takin one hit all it takes is an increased heart rate to take someones life and when people start havin panic attacks or hallucinations your heart rates through the roof ne1 whos had a bad trip will tell u that. All you have to do is take a hit feel your heart and think to yourself maybe this is not good for u and just you thinkin that could throw you into a psychosis and youll get your own heart rate goin juss by thinkin bout that some ppl get really lucky get scared and think there diein and some people dont get lucky and do die. All it takes is one hit and theres no turnin back its all absorbed so quickly . That one hit has the potential to take your life it juss depends on how your body takes it that time im to the point where i feel normal when i smoke and im sick shakin sweatin and throwin up if i dont get at least a bat in the mornin. They see me at the store everyday buyin it cuz its legal and dont think bout wut it does to the people they sell it to . Just think our governments what started all of this had they made real harmless marijuana legal years ago noone would be in this mess. If u think about it all the legal mj is mor harmfull to your body. I mean look at all the drunk drivers killin or severly injurin someone or destroyin there liver then think about how many people you know that smoked a joint and ran over someones family or gave someone a heart attack or anything like that cuz i cant find anything in recorded history about anyone diein from smokin real weed. its actually proven to help many people why do u think they medicate some people with it. The fedz need to figure there stuff out b4 more ppl die and hurry up and throw some real weed on the market like they shoulda done b4 the synthetic drug outbreak across the U.S

6:55 am July 18th, 2012

Okay so its been about 4 months after that ithink im dying trip and im experiencing some side effects still to this day. Im depressed all the time, lack of focus,a little memory loss, and think ive grown dumb because i barely got out of school in may and i couldnt remember how to run a macro on excel which i did plenty of times last semester…. if anyone have or has had these effects how long did they last and if u still do feel these effects how long have u had them. .i enter back to school in august so im praying that i get my head together by than or else im most likely going to fail next semester. Or worse the rest of my collegiac life….help

1:21 pm July 18th, 2012

I smoked this crap and had a negative experience. I only took a few hits of the stuff several times. The last time was horrible. I awoke the following day suffering from anxiety and hypochondria. For some strange reason I taught I had damaged my vision, because it seemed blurred, that morning. I had tons of anxiety/hypochondria. Three months after the experience I developed prominent eye floaters. Do you know anyone who has recovered from this stuff? My trip was not as bad as some peoples described above. Are the eye floaters caused from anxiety and hypochondria.

3:12 pm July 18th, 2012

@ Devastated- My husband has been smoking this fake stuff for over a year and a half now. It is ruining our marriage. He will stop smoking it for a few days, then begins hiding it behind my back. My life has been surrounded by addicts of all sorts, so it is hard for me to wrap my head around this new type of addiction. It really is like a heroin-type addiction. He smokes up to three of those bags a day. He smokes it worse than cigarettes (which I can compare, because I am a cigarette smoker). He says he will quit, but then just finds excuses to leave the house for a few hours and comes back high and with a bad attitude after it wears off. I feel like he makes me feel like its me that is the cause of our marriage problems, but I am starting to figure out- its this addiction that is sending us down the divorce-road

7:25 pm July 18th, 2012

I had the worst experience yesterday evening after I took a singal Bong hit of ” Mr. Nice Guy relaxinol “. After I blew the smoke out and locked my shed I began to feel the effects as if I smoked a couple bowls of some danky dank. As I entered my home behind my friend the only thing I could do was plop down on the couch. After laying there in an akward position the whole room began to violently shake. The next thing I know ( all jokes aside ) from the minute I was born up to the point when I followed my friend in my home flashed before my eyes. Everything went dark, darker then anything I’ve ever seen something so strong it felt like it was taking me. I spoke and heard it as (Slowmotion Deep Speech)
I felt nothing but scared and lonely. I think I was between life and death. I began to hear my wifes voice in the far distance but she was right next to me. I was coming back slowly, I was still fighting after I thought I gave up. I truely felt there was no more Christopher C________ and I had fought to the bitter end.
I finally was back in my living room on my couch in a puddle of sweat from head to toe and as pale as a corpse. My wife and my friend put me in a bath of cold water as I was curled up in a ball. Slowly but surely I was me again but I wasn’t me. I have a new found appreciation for my life. I didnt see god or jesus or light just bitter over whelming darkness that felt as if it had a hold of me sooo tight I couldnt escape. I didnt feel hot or see demons or fire, just darkness. Life doesnt exist after death, theres nothing. we are in heaven everyday we wake up and take another breath. This experience hasn’t made me religous or find god. It’s just made me realize whats real and important. I will never try something thinking its safe just because its legal and you get a reciept for it. I’m out!!! Thanks for letting me share.

9:40 pm July 18th, 2012

I didn’t smoke much of the stuff; several hits from various blends. Anxiety for about a year and prominent eye floaters. Still have eye floaters all over the place. Anxiety has almost left. Having eye floaters don’t help with the small amount of anxiety. Will I get better?
Has anyone fully recovered? The side effects and the worry about long term problems depresses me. Please help, I need some advice. Would you reckon the the floaters were caused by the anxiety and the hypochondria concerning my vision.

12:39 pm July 19th, 2012

Christopher that was almost the same experience I had my whole life was like in a rollercoaster before my eyes in pure darkness I thought I was in hell but didnt see fire or demons justdarkness and all I could say was please God dont let me die

6:04 pm July 20th, 2012

Last night i smoke this stuff from a blunt and i had the worst trip in my life . Blurred vision and i was psychotic which made me wanna kill myself. I realized how addictied i really am . I just go out a rehab for this stuff and now im still spending most my money on it .. This stuff is so evil and yet im still smoking it .

11:58 pm July 20th, 2012

All I can say is if you smoke spice, please stop. The effects become very very bad if you become an addict, and yes this is a very addictive drug. I’m 18 years old and already my body is showing me how much it hates me.

My friends and I began smoking this stuff once it came out and at first I only smoked it when there wasn’t pot around and sometimes I even rejected it. I thought I had control at first but I soon found myself selling things to buy this stupid drug. We would smoke it and I would feel like I couldn’t breath and as soon as I felt my heart racing I would go into panic mode but I knew in my head that everything was going to be alright. Every day after school we would load up in our friends truck and get as high as we possibly could. After awhile I got used to my heart beating so fast and I just didn’t care anymore but then weird things starting happening during my trips, it felt almost like I was on speed or cocaine(I’ve never done these I just know they make your pupils big and you are wired).

One of the worst trips was when I smoked alot with one of my friends and we were sitting up in his bed. We talked and bullshitted and then I went to my house and slept, woke up, went throughout my day, slept again and then went throughout the next day, then my friend and I went to a friends house pretty close to mine. We were smoking in his garage and talking then all of the sudden my vision starts flashing and I’m not sure whats going on. As it flashes it starts forming into another picture, I start going back to sitting up in my friends bed where we were smoking and I look at my hands then look at him. I tell him not to freak out because at this point I was scared out of my mind, and I ask him what the date is. He tells me and I realize that all of these events that occurred over 3 days never happened and it was all in my head. He then told me that my eyes were only closed for 20 seconds. After I got done freaking out we smoked another bowl and passed out. This happened multiple times and I got used to it just like the heartbeat.

Pretty soon my friend who was addicted was telling me that I needed to slow down because everytime I would smoke, my pupils would(this is literal) get so big that you couldn’t see any color and I would be screaming when it sounded to me like I was whispering. I felt like a meth addict or something.

So far I am 3 months clean of everything right now and feeling great for the most part. I am still addicted because the second I saw an empty bag the first thing that came to my mind was I wonder if there’s anything in there. I won’t smoke it again though. My major side effects are scary though. My heartbeat is ultra irregular and all of the time I fear having a heart attack. When I am sitting down it runs about 130 bpm and when I run about 160-180. I can tell that it was frying the left side of my brain because my right eye is more closed than the left one and when I smile the left side is regular when the right side is kind of droopy. Also the right side of my face looks swollen a little bit.

Everytime I look in the mirror I am so ashamed because I can see the damage synthetic marijuana has done to me and I can feel it at night when I try to sleep but I cant because my heartbeat is keeping me up. Please do not do synthetics, they will hurt you in the long run and completely destroy your brain.

2:53 am July 21st, 2012

well i have been reading all these posts about spice and i have had a bad experience as well im not blaming no1 cos i was the 1 buying it no1 was making me buy it but i have been smoking spice for 2 1/2 years now and over the last 5 or 6 months i have had sum bad episodes like i would smoke a blount and my heart would feel like it was tryin 2 stop beating and i would jump up and walk fast around the house 2 make it feel better or make that feeling go away it would last for about 45 seconds or so then i would smoke again like i said this was goin on for 5 or 6 months but i have noticed a change in my health like my lungs r allways conjested and i cough up grey lookin flem outta my lungs and a wheeze and last year i started having a stomach problem i dont know 4 sure if the spice was causing it or what but my stomach started burning real bad i couldnt hardly stand up let alone walk vomiting gagging much much pain n my stomachwent 2 the hospital several time and they couldnt find nothing wrong i wouldnt tell them i was smoking spice cos i was shamed 2 say so but then they admited me n the hospital and still said nothing was wrong but after months and months it stoped but sumtimes it flares up but like i said im not sure the spice is what caused it but i think sumtimes it was but i have had the sharp pains n my brain and the headachs but this leads me 2 my last episode i had on july 15, 2012 again like allways i smoked a blount and then the episodes started real bad this time like my heart was beating hard and really fast so fast that it felt like it was trying 2 explode angzity was bad i thought i was about 2 die all i kept tellin myself is i guess i fucked upim bout 2 loose my life i really thought it was over it lasted for about 45 min 2 an hour the longest 1 yet so i havnt smoked any since then i promised myself i would not but it it so hard cos its all i think about sumtimes i thing i smoked a little 2 much but im not 4 sure but i havnt smoked any since i am going through the depression, withdraws, angzity not wanting 2 eat im just goin throuh hell sum of the spice i was useing was, icky sticky, mallow, bird of paridise, wild sex, dank, mad hatter, kush, kushie kush, blossom, the list goes on and on i would love 2 talk 2 sum of u that has the same problems so please feel free 2 message me @ i would really like 2 chat with u all ill post again later

8:07 am July 22nd, 2012

@Garrett This is why I love this forum, people like you say things like that & make me realize new side effects I haven’t caught on to. When you talk about eye floaters, it just clicked that I’ve been having more than usual. I usually notice them like once or twice a year, but now I’ve noticed them like once a month or more! So you’re not alone with that, I’m sure many others will speak up if they’ve felt this, too. These are two other side effects that I’ve put together I’ve had, one from reading this forum & one from self experience: the first is violently shaking at night time, someone mentioned this about their husband & someone else chimed in, too. I’ve experienced this, usually right as I drift off to sleep I get a violent jerk ..along with a bright light I see at the moment of the “jerk”. This has happened less frequently but still happens fairly consistently! The next one is one that I’ve noticed & another girl on here said she felt it as well, I’ve been getting constant thoughts of old dreams. It’s so clear when I remember them it’s as if I’d woken up the next morning & gotten lucky to have remembered my dream from the night before, which rarely ever happened in the first place. But here recently after my near-death experience with this stuff – it wasn’t a “bad trip”, this was full fledged almost dying, my body was shutting down & I almost had a heart attack, followed by brain damage(classic brain damage markers) & insanity for 2 whole months – so anyway, right after quitting, having smoked all day every day for 6 1/2 months, I’ve been getting old dreams popping into my head, they’re so vivid & it happens almost constantly. So maybe you’ve experienced some of these. One more, my vision was messed up before but now it’s really bad. So bad I’ve got to get contacts before I even think about taking my driver’s license test, the driving one. I’ve heard many people say they’ve gotten way worse vision form this.
God bless everyone!

7:14 pm July 22nd, 2012

Me and my GF smoked spice for the first time when my buddy came back from the ARMY.

NEVER AGAIN! It’s nothing like a weed high, I took one hit and knew it was fucked up. My GF had a total panic attack, I have no idea how my buddy smokes that.

I’ve smoked some kind bud over the years but this high was fucked up. Id strongly advise against ever smoking it and I never will again. That’s an honest warning… YOU DONT WANT NONE OF THAT.

5:17 pm July 23rd, 2012

@Jaseeka1986, i totally know what u r talking about when u say u would jerk after u dose off 2 sleep cos i was doin that every night as well so u r not alone but my worst episode was the constant feeling of dieing my heart would sumtimes feel like it wasnt beating at all or my heart would race so till it would feel like my heart was going 2 explode in my chest i have been off the spice now for 1 week after smoking it 2 1/2 years i dont advise any1 2 smoke it everything that shines aint allways gold but it is hard 2 kick the habbit u just have 2 find sumthin 2 do i would also have the numbness and tingleing down my arms and pains n my head

5:42 am July 25th, 2012

Im 25 done every drug out there- love getting messed up- stopped doing all drugs but marijuana two years ago because i found out i was gunna be a father- about a year ago i started spice so i could find a fancy job and it turns out everything people say is mostly true- this is by far the hardest drug i have ever had to quit – never had emotional or suicidal problems in my life i used to love life -got phyisical problems now feels like my throat is on fire- ive been off for a week now but thanks to this site and myself realizing how ive been i know this will be the last time i quit spice- DONT EVER SMOKE FAKE I PROMISE LONG TERM USE WILL RUIN UR LIFE MORE THAN SHOOTING HEROIN INTO YOUR VEINS!

tom h
6:02 pm July 25th, 2012

Jessica, I’m glad I found this site through your suggestion, there are so many things that now come to mind, and I can’t believe I have not scared myself straight, there have been times when I’ve gone out to my porch late at night while everyone is asleep, and I’ve had maybe twice where my mind and body was taken over, now by what, I have no clue, but it seemed extremely paranormal, I literally was at this things mercy until it would subside, I said OMG this thing has crossed over to possession, I know this sounds absurd, but one time I felt the contents of my stomach literally churn on it’s own as if by command of this “thing”, usually I can control weird things, but I truly felt possessed a couple of times and it scared me like nothing else….I never knew myself to be any kind of daredevil, but why on earth have I not taken this serious enough to stop? I mean I know it’s bad for me, I know I could die and felt like I almost did, I’ve had chest pains that felt like I was having a heart attack, why do I continue my routine, being scared to death is not enough I guess, so I feel doomed and all alone, I really think I’m going to succomb to this crap and I wish I can be free from everything, I want to love life again, I know it’s out there (happiness) I just wish I didn’t have access to this!

7:32 pm July 27th, 2012

Is anybody still on here that I can talk to I need help I’m 14 my names oscar I’m from northern California I smoked spice about a mont ago and it feels like I’m in a dream all the time with headaches and a little more ad vision. I will givi you details if someone replies just need help….. And also bad anxiety at night time. Any help Is highly apretiated and will help me so much I just need to talk to someone somebody that’s been through this stupid crap I don’t recommend doing this at all ever. Thank you. Oscar.

10:47 pm July 27th, 2012

Im 17 years old and ive been smoking herbal incense, for the past month as an alternative to marijuana, i realized theres legal alternatives that are not dangerous, mostly are pure herbs just like cannabis, for example leonuros leonetis ( probably not spelled right ), but the best alternative to cannabis is a plant called american waltheria, chemical free, it comes from nature so it probably doesnt have negative side effects, stoped synthetic weed when i started getting bad trips, my kidneys felt like they were gonna burst and my brain felt like it was getting cooked by electric shocks.
i hope it helps 🙂 remember mother nature doesnt fool you

10:04 am July 29th, 2012

@Tom H. Hi, I’m glad to hear from you. I want to say that I can completely relate to you situation. To clarify, my incident where I last smoked was different than my other “bad” trips. This is why I stopped then but not the other times. This last time on March 4th, 2012 I’d been pushed to a mental breakdown & it was because this stuff had built up so much I guess, and that I’d had major stressers* in my life. I couldn’t handle any type of stress anymore because I couldn’t deal with it properly, and was just breaking down. I don’t want to scare you, though. So I did something terrible & completely out of character because I allowed a “friend” to put me in the worst situation possible. I couldn’t deal with what had happened so I smoked one last time, to feel “What normal was again”. I was on a permanent high from this stuff & just wanted to feel better again. So I smoked this last time & something unlike any other time happened. I wasn’t able to keep standing, felt & heard rushing water in my head, and my brain got very hot. This is the scariest part & what told me brain damage was taking place: I heard very loud crackling & thundering in my head. I even remember looking up into the sky to see what it was & it was a beautiful clear, blue sky & was very sunny. It hurt very badly, and I had to scream at my father to take me to the hospital. It was hard because he was high, too, and wasn’t “with it” & told me I was just freaking. Long story short he just didn’t want to get in trouble. Shame I could’ve & almost died because he was high & didn’t want to get in trouble. Hence why I yelled at him. I won’t get any more into it just needless to say a very unpleasant experience at the hospital where they treated me like I was crazy & a legal mental evaluation was completed in my hospital bed with a Charter Ridge worker. It was all extremely insulting since they knew what was going on & my father being fucking high & not acting as this was not normal behavior from me I’m sure made them wonder. So this is how I relate to your wondering of why you haven’t quit despite many scary incidents. I literally HAD to quit because my brain hurt so badly & if I did again I surely would’ve suffered even more painful experiences. There’s a difference with scary and painful. We can’t talk ourselves out of painful. It honestly did scare me & still does. I’ve been close to dying 3 times in my life & I’m only 25 yrs. old. The first time I was tripping on Coriciden Cough & Cold & it was a little scary(would’ve been more if I hadn’t been mostly out of it), and the second time I can’t remember but bits & pieces. but this last one I just told you about was terrifying to say the least, because I was completely aware of everything but out of control of things. I just wanted you to know so you’d know you’re not alone, I kept using until this happened, but at the same time I was so far gone I had no idea it was the incense doing it to me. You at least have a “leg up” while dealing with this because you’re now aware of what this stuff is doing. Do you feel like you’re dying a lot? Even when sober? Do you think of death constantly? What about fast heart-beats or chest pain, thinking negatively 24-7 & worthless? This poison is the culprit, so don’t think for one second this is your normal thinking pattern. I remember in a post saying “I used to be sunshine, now I’m cloudy.” There is so much hope, Tom. I think you should cut down little by little (and if you only smoke a couple of hits a day that should make a major difference). I usually don’t recommend this, I usually say to quit cold-turkey because the sooner the better & this stuff builds up in your system so it doesn’t really matter if you cut down, but this may be a little different because you’re not losing it even while sober, when it gets to that point you must stop immediately. I recommend getting some pot, honestly. If you’ve got pot you’ve got something healthy to replace this poison with. Marijuana won’t work as well at first because this stuff “super-glues” to your THC receptors & renders them not as viable as before, it’s like you’ve got to give them time to re-cooperate* or get this stuff out of your system more so they’ll work better. The pot will work for helping with the withdrawing massively. It’ll help physically with the eating, sleeping, pain and emotional detoxing off this stuff. It’ll help mentally with the emotions & the mental aspects of having something to use or do to replace the poison(that’s just what it is). If you’d like another scare-tactic that may help in quitting this stuff(lol, I know I’m full of them..)you should go to & take a look at what they’re selling to make this stuff with. Then google the ingredients & you’ll be astounded. They’ve all got the skull & crossbones placard that represent them. But some good advice I can give you is to watch good, positive things on the internet & TV while detoxing. Stay busy if possible, rest as much as possible, take it easy & EAT HEALTHY – that is a big one, which is why I capitalize it. This stuff makes you not eat or hungry at all, so many of us lose inordinate amounts of weight. I got down to 98 lbs. & am now 116lbs.(just weighed myself at the office yesterday). I wasn’t eating anything! And had no idea I was missing meals or losing such weight. Eating was just cut out of my routine. That’s another reason why I think you’re doing well at this point, because you have seen these types of things, you know something’s wrong. I was so gone I was defending this stuff while it was killing me & driving me crazy. I honestly thank God everyday & every chance I get that I’m sane, now. Once you’ve felt insanity even while sober, that’s something you’ll never forget. It was like a bad dream, or like I was in the clouds or in a fog 24/7. I can’t explain it properly, but I don’t ever want to experience this again. You’re not at this point yet so you’ve got such a great chance. But anyway, eat healthily. Take this opportunity to become healthy, direct all your energy to doing this & only smoking pot if you have/want to get high. I believe there’s nothing wrong with getting high! Even after all I’ve been through I feel this way. If I’d stuck with pot I wouldn’t be in this position/have gone through this. Life can be hard & God gave us marijuana for a reason. Did you know that Hemp oil supposedly cures Cancer? There’s a documentary called “Run from the Cure” you should see. I’m planning to see it. I’ve seen videos giving advice from that documentary. Taking half a grain of rice amount orally, daily is supposed to help your Cancer immensely & any other ailments. THC slows cell development so this makes sense. While getting older many would find this helpful/applicable :). So don’t buy propaganda about pot being harmful or wrong. That’s people with monetary gains at stake or just people who are idiots who obviously have never tried this medicine before. As I said earlier, Marijuana is life in a bag & this stuff is the opposite. One last thing, the major reason besides obvious ones why you should start eating healthy is that it helps your brain while detoxing this junk, it helps you so much in so many ways. Makes you feel better everyday & helps battle anything in your body that shouldn’t be there. Also, unhealthy food weighs the brain & body down, making it harder or slower to detox. God Bless, Tom. I hope this info helps at all. Stay strong & you’ll do great getting through this chapter(more like a mini-chapter :)) Hope to hear from you soon concerning your progress or how you’re doing! God Bless,

8:29 am July 30th, 2012

Hello all,

This is my first time here and i am so glad I found this place because I need some help.

I have been an on and off closet case smoker of K2 for 2 years now. I use to love it and only do it every once in a while but just like many on here as well i got sucked into it. Tolerance got higher, the amount of money i spent on it kept increasing too. For about 3 months i would always say “I’m done with this stuff” but i didn’t really have a support network.

I smoked myself stupid everyday for the past month, I became the most important thing in my life. I could not stop, i would smoke before work, work my 8-5 and came back and blazed till i passed out on the couch. When the big ban happened it really pissed me off and I tried like hell to find more.

I am only a couple days in and this shit sucks. I have a really hard time sleeping because i told myself i needed it to help me sleep. I am having trouble eating because i am not hungry, because i always blazed before meals. I am expecting a few more long nights of rolling in bed, but do the other symptoms kick in immediately, or is that what i have to look forward to?

The hardest part about quitting for me is that i am a closet case smoker. The people i love and care about don’t know i smoke because i keep those things very apart, unfortunately that is also why i am having a hard time quitting because my support group is down to zero. My friends that don’t smoke would be angry if they heard i had been smoking and lying about it for 2 years. One the flip side i am slowly realizing my stoner buddies are not helpful to talk to or be around at all.

I have heard success from many of you out there and i want it too, I am tired of feeling like i am handicapping all of my abilities, and i feel like a horrible person to my family and friends. I just want to be the me i was 2 years ago.

I will come back here in a couple days to give you updates. I am quitting this time and i am doing it cold turkey!

10:16 pm July 30th, 2012

My prominent eye floaters just came on me; like a shower. My trip was not as bad as some peoples. More like a panic attack and when the high peaked I had a kind of an image in my mind of something like a complex structure being damaged or a link in this complex structure being damaged. People who have developed HPPD from smoking a lot of strong marijuana have felt a kind of twang in their mind; as if their brain was telling them that the receptors had too much. The following morning I had major hypochondria, especially concerning my vision. I was aware that it might cause short term vision problems previous to smoking the stuff. I read somewhere something about it causing vision problems on the internet. I was stupid to still try it, I know. So the vision thing was more than likely in my subconscious the following morning. All my energy was directed towards my vision. If I saw a dark spot on a wall for example my eye and psyche would gravitate towards the dark spot thinking that it was a defect in my vision. just totally a hypochondriac concerning my vision field. Underneath all this fear about my vision was horrible general anxiety about my health and a pounding heart. I was anticipating any kind of horrible side effect, i just could not help it. My anxiety has left and I don’t notice my heart anymore thank GOD. It took almost 2 years for the anxiety to leave me, and remember I only had few smokes. When you have a bad experience the human body goes into fight or flight mode and some people notice the floaters only then. A lot prayer works folks. Prayer works. Sometimes horrible things happen to people and it opens our eyes for the good.

2:12 am July 31st, 2012

Oscar44 im here with ya buddy i been thru all that the night anzity is awfull feels like ur heart is gonna explode or stop u can talk 2 me

2:29 am July 31st, 2012

@b im so glad ur quiting cold turkey thats good i did it its very hard just keep busy and rest

5:41 am August 1st, 2012

hello again,

Wanted to give you all an update on how its going. The good part is im still clean from this, but it was not an easy few first days.

In the first few days I noticed a few changes. It was very hard to sleep sober (because i smoked every night to “help me” sleep, i went 2 days with about 4 hours of total sleep. Last night i got 7 hours in and it was amazing. I just recently started to get my appetite back (lost about 6 lbs, when i use to smoke all i did was eat constantly so this was actually needed, but it could have been done healthier). I have noticed that that constant bloated feeling is gone now too.

My mind is more focused now, i am able to remember things that happened a couple hours ago, which is always nice. And i have also been having more meaningful conversations with people instead of the patented “let me use closed-ended questions and one word responses so i can hit this bowl “. It was probably the best when i talked with my family this week and just caught up, i haven’t done that in about 4 months. For those of you out there thinking about quitting do it for at least one week and talk to the people you care about and see how good it feels to listen and remember their voice it is a double sided sword because on one hand you relaize how much you missed that feeling of running your life, and the other side sucks because you let it get this way.

Overall i have been doing well at quitting, being busy and being positive is the most important thing you can do. I have not gotten any headaches yet and i know lots of people usually complain about the headaches, does anyone know if there is a pattern to the detox or if you don’t have headaches when you quit then you wont get them when your back?

Long story short, i am so glad i quit and am moving on with my life to things that actually matter instead of just getting numb for the day.

5:47 am August 1st, 2012

@ Lisa Thanks for the encouraging words, how is quitting going for you?

5:55 am August 1st, 2012

@lisa I felt the exact same thing. It was non-stop for a month or two. Hell is what I called it. But it did get better, it honestly did! I’m now my normal self again. I didn’t think I’d ever be “right” again. Thanks for replying about the night jerking. I thought others may’ve felt this, too, but wasn’t sure. I was sure however that it was from this poison. If you’ve got and questions about how to handle the detox or build life & happiness again(It’s finding your “swing” again), I’ll help. God Bless & Everything’s going to be alright, It gets better, honestly. Much, much love, -Jessica
@Oscar, I’m replying to you next, below so you’ll definitely see it. I replied on another forum similar to this, to you, too. Look below!

5:58 am August 1st, 2012

@ Jaseeka1986

The dream thing you are speaking of is something i noticed when i tried to quit a while back the first time. this is something that i am almost positive a lot of people go through. A majority of my friends smoked this stuff and upon quitting we all talked about how cool it was to have dreams again. I think it might have something to do with the receptors finally being a bit cleaned off and they can actually work now. but i am not an expert and this may have been just what we smoked but i can’t wait for my dreams again!

6:04 am August 1st, 2012

@Oscar Hey there. I know what you’re going through I swear. Many of us have either gone through it or are going through it right now. I quit on March 4th, 2012. I had to quit cold-turkey or I would’ve gotten even worse brain damage, gone irreversibly insane or died. I did go insane. I smoked all day every day for 7 months almost. I had a mental breakdown. but even after going completely insane & never thinking I’d be right again, it got better! Slowly but surely. And it actually does go by faster than we think. After smoking for 7 months all day every day, it still only took me 2 months to get better. I’m guessing you smoked way less, hence it will take you way less to feel better. I swear you’ll be feeling good very soon. Watch good, funny things on the TV & the internet. Eat organic foods & fresh fruits & vegetables. Junk food weighs down your brain & body so it takes longer to get this poison out of your system. Also, Drink much water! This speeds it up as well. We love you, Oscar, and feel free to ask us any questions AT ALL. Nothing is embarrassing or shameful here, as long as it’ll help you, we’ll answer it. God Bless & like Lisa said, try to stay busy & rest if at all possible anytime anywhere. Sleep as much as possible, it’ll make time go by faster & you always need your rest. Stay positive & good, funny or happy TV & Internet helps SO MUCH with this! Watch Family Guy is you like it & it’ll make you laugh & help build up your endorphines & serotonin! Those are the “Happy chemicals” in your brain! If you build them up it’ll reward you with more happiness, better mood & better feeling physically & mentally. God Bless you & write back soon about your progress so we can help & be there for you, ok? Mu, Much, love, Oscar! 🙂 -Jessica

8:11 pm August 1st, 2012

@ B or anyone whomever is interested….Calcium D-Glucarate is one of if not the best detoxifier of the liver. Once you do that, your body is then free to process the toxins within more efficiently. I sware by this stuff, it helped me so much. It also helps to take it if you have consumed a bit to much alcohol as it assists the liver in processing those toxins as well.
Calcium D-Glucarate includes the patented compound glucarate which has been shown to enhance the major detoxification pathways in the body. Calcium D-glucarate, the calcium salt of D-glucaric acid, is found naturally in the human body and in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Animal studies have shown that high doses of calcium D-glucarate inhibit beta-glucuronidase, thereby enhancing the process of glucuronidation, in which foreign organic compounds, fat-soluble toxins and excess steroid hormones such as estrogen are detoxified and excreted from our bodies. The best & least expensive place to get it is Swanson’s Vitamins. It truly works wonders…remember to drink plenty of water with it. I hope this helps.

4:18 am August 2nd, 2012

Thanks Enigma,

Appreciate the post, I feel as if i am already past the worst part right now, and starting to get less cloudy and more back to reality. Drinking is not a bad substitute as long as your use it in moderation too!

10:00 pm August 2nd, 2012

I know exactly what you guys mean about the panic attacks! I had a really scary incidence after smoking a blunt of spice and as hard as I try I will never be able to forget it. I felt as if I lost complete control of my body and then the devil started talking to me. I got so scared and paranoid that I literally physically couldn’t move! This is coming from someone who is 6’3 230 and plays football at Wisconsin! The scariest thing about spice is that you can go from relaxed to terrified in a matter of 1-2 hits! Hope everyone thinks twice before subjecting themselves to being our governments guinea pigs anymore,

Peace and Love

12:57 am August 3rd, 2012

HELLO Everyone, and thank you for sharing your experiences w/ synthetics…..
Ive been using spice since 2008….. I am in a safety sensitive job and take random drug test….. I found a way to beat the system,,,, like 1000’s of others like us who are paying the price for useing spice.
AM 2201 pure powder tripped me out morethen anything I have ever done.
I built up a massive tolerance….. I would smoke a gram of powder a week…..
I at times didnt know if it was night or day,,,, if I had togo to work,,, or was it time for bed….. I at times didnt even know my name.
My feet went completely numb once and I thought my brake pedal was missing….. Im 53 and should know better,,,,,, but I have always been thrill seeker, and have done from heroin, to acid, to, DMT,
Shroom, x, meth, glass, etc.
I am sick every morning, ,,,, know appitite,,,,, lost over 60 pounds the past year.
Thought I might have cancer,,,,, 18,000 in medical bills,,,, cat scan, mri’s, tube shoved up my phallus, ouch,,,,, test after test.
When I was the sickest,,,, last fall,,,, I switched to jwh 210,,,,,,,
I wasokay until I switched to 210. Thats when I started vomiting ever morning,,,,weezing BAD!
Had pnuemonia winter before last,,,, now I know it was from synthetics.
The comment above about heavy metals being found in some synthetics is 100% true…..
After 1000’s of dollars of testing,,,, I ask to be checked for heavy metal poisoining,,,,,, mercury, benzine, and lead were found in my blood.
I quit all synthetis in December,,,,,, broke my arm, ,, had surgery,,, was on pain meds,,,, so I lost the desire,,,( for a month or so) to smoke synthetics.
One day I found a bag of am 2201 powder I had stashed,,,,, smoked it when on oxy’s was so out of it,,,, I couldnt remember that 911 was the ER hotline…… it passed,,,, and Im still here.
I am still smoking synthetics,,,, most addictive drug I have ever done.
I was detoxed off of benzos twice,,,,, synthetic WD’s is like a cross between opiate WD’s and benzo WD’s
I now use f 5 ur 144.
Ive based,,,, jwh 018, 073, 250, 210, am 2201 am 694, ur 144, and now f5 ur144.
I really need to stop….. I will…..but when?
Its getting to the point where I am finally bored with the short lived high.
Its like smoking crack or glass,,,, that is a fact.
Now alot of the RC’s being used arent even cannabinoids……
Tryptamines are being used,,,,
Could be why you got a positive amphetamine drug test from spice.
This is just the very beginning of the RC epidemic,,,,
Thats what it has become…
There are alot of deadly chems available,,,
Google bromo dragonfly for some horror stories,,,
People dieing and having to get body parts amputated.
Its chemical warfare people…
And I am going to stop using this once I ween myself off,,,,I have 3 grams of f5 ur 144,,,
Once that is gone,,,,,im clean,,,,,
I dont even have the desire to enjoy a beer,,,,,
I am spinning every time i close my eyes,,,,,
I know I know,,,52 and I sound like a teen ager…
Pathetic,,,,,,, I know we will all kick the habbit…
If my state paases med. mJ this year,,, I will run a grow op,,,and smoke mother nature only,,,,vaporize that,,,,my heart goes out to all that suffer.
Please excuse typos, grammer, etc using my galaxy tablet with big fingers,,,,, and for the grammer,,,, synthetic cannabinoid sponge brain syndrom lol

2:01 am August 3rd, 2012

I did want to add,,,,,, my worste wd’s from the synthetics was from jwh 210,,,,, the high lasted for hrs….. I would smoke sunday night,,, go on the road monday and be sick all week until i got home to smoke again,,,
The ur 144’s wd’s are just like mj wd’s for me.
I smoke sunday,,, i feel crappy in the am until wednesday,,,then i feel fine,,,i can eat, sleep, work, laugh, smile, and even have intercourse,,lol
AM 2201 killed my libido, and so did am 2201,,,,,
I think since Ive been through opiate and benzo wd’s that the wd’s from synthetics are tolerable.
I need to quit though and will…. Everything that I have done in my life runs its course, ,,I get sick, and dored, and feel guilty for what I am doing to my mind and body,.
I thought I would never stop smoking glass,,,,,
Havent done meth or glass for 9 years……
I did do a weak hit of E last saturday,,,,,,,, i was surprized that it was real mdma,,,, not mpve,,,,
Proper nutrition, and hydration are VERY IMPORTANT in recovery.
Supplements and vitamins help.
Speed walking, jogging, or any cardio really helps to get the endorphines flowing,,, do this my friends and you will feel soooo much better,,,
Also talking and sharing experiences with each other helps to educate us in the does and donts in the world of research chemicals..
They are not ALL bad,,,,,, but they are not all good either….
Do your research,,,read all you can before you consume…
If i only new benzo wd’s were so bad, ,,, way worse then opiate wd’s,,,
I never would have started them,,,,, benzo wd’s can last for months,,,, and will,,,,,,
Take care everyone,,, and thank you again for sharing,,,
if the world would leagalize weed it would stop this epidemic,,,and start to repay the usa ‘s 16 trillion $$$ debt….
Overgrow the world…. spread the seed!,,,
Plant 1000’s of seeds,,,,,,, 🙂

4:27 am August 8th, 2012

spices long term affects are loss of appitite, liver enlargement, damaged esophagas, bad withdrals if trying to stop, and heart problems i know because i did it for a yeay 10 times a day and i have(had) all if these. sorry for the spelling.

4:36 am August 11th, 2012

Please. if you are thinking about smoking it. Don’t. I smoked pot probably every other day for a year or so. I had many friends who
Had tried spice and said it wasn’t that bad so I decided to give it a shot with a buddy. We went to the headshop and had some guy buy us “coconut dreemz” . We went home and packed a bowl. After one hit. I was gone. This drug isn’t like weed. I felt like I was in a cartoon video game. Like I was somebodys puppet. Being forced to laugh. My heart was beating faster than ever before. I thought my friend was evil. A demon for letting me try it. I was thinking about calling 911 but decided to just drink a couple glasses of water. I kept forgetting to breathe. I felt like a ghost just here to observe earth. Every thought seemed to hit me at once. A Min felt like a week. My friend was repeating The same sentence” I’m thinking about it” for a legit 10 mins just staring. I hallucinated tiki face things everywhere. I decided to go drink more water and lay down and wait it out. After i came down. I was scared to go to bed. Not knowing if i was gonna wake up or not. So I prayed. And I’m very happy I did. I still don’t feel the same. I look at things differently now. I’m still scared to go to bed. Like I’m still observing like a ghost. I feel phychotic. But I believe I will be normal in due time. It seems like time is the only answer by reading
Everyone elses comments. Wish me luck. And keep me in your prayers as I shall with all of you.

11:40 pm August 11th, 2012

I think this substance is very toxic. My husband started smoking it . about 6 or 8 months ago. He was coughing alot and acting stupid. He denied it over and over, but I knew something bad was happening to his health, and several times I found the empty packages hidden in his room. He has lost about 35 pounds and vomits almost every day. He could be just fine and in an instant just start vomiting and couldnt eat. He would wake up and vomit. He looks like hes been in a prison camp for a year. He has this awful cough that wont go away. He has kidney stones frequently and pains in his stomach. His teeth have turned all brown looking with cavities between even his front teeth. He has frequent toothaches and his teeth have started breaking off and abcessing causing his face to swell. I swear, he was a healthy looking, normal 33 year old man before this stuff and now he has gone all to hell. I have never seen such a sickly person with so many ailments. He said he doesnt smoke it anymore and I havent found anymore packages but of course he would throw them away now instead of hiding it from me. I DESPISE any type of substance abuse and he knows it. I hate to see him destroy his health, but all I can do is ask him to stop. Anyone who messes with this stuff is going to pay a big price in the end. It will make you sick.

10:39 pm August 12th, 2012

I’ve been smoking this stuff on a regular basis for over a year now. I’ve had anxiety fits and bad headaches, but last night something very scary happened. I woke up out of a dead sleep and I was completely lost. My vision was messed up and my whole room was wiggling around. I couldn’t remember who I was or where I was. I had a strong feeling that I was in hell …or rather, I was about to be taken into hell and I was waiting. I was completely confused and terrified. My roommate and my friend were sleeping downstairs and heard me screaming. I didn’t even know who they were at first. I had a paranoid idea in my head that they were demons (sounds dumb, I know) and that they were trying to trick me into letting down my guard. They talked me through it with simple questions (what’s your name, where is your house, etc). With their help, I started to regain composure. It was possibly the most terrifying experience in my life. I never believed anyone about the weird side effects, but I can ignore what happened to me. I flushed the rest of the stuff down the toilet (the brand was called K4 and it came in a beige baggy). I’m nervous about the withdraw effects. I have tried to quit before, but could never do it. I’m hoping that after last night, I won’t have too much of a compulsion to do it again. I NEVER BELIEVED THE WARNINGS, BUT NOW I WISH I HAVE. TAKE MY ADVISE AND STOP BEFORE YOU HAVE A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE.

6:58 am August 13th, 2012

I’d like to share my experience. I tried this synthetic poison a few times, but just a few puffs, half a joint and then pass out high as hell. I would wake up fine. That was about 2 years ago. Haven’t touched it since 2 weeks ago.
I have had issues with addiction, but I’ve been fighting to be strong and change my life. I’m more accomplished now, making more money, bettering my credit, really just climbing the ladder in my life.
A week ago exactly, because my girlfriend doesn’t like me pounding down beer, I decided it would be a GRAND idea to get that ‘fake weed’.
I smoke cigarettes (which I’m so ready to quit especially after what I went through). I smoke outside. So I got this stuff and some papers. My girlfriend noticed I was smoking what she thought was cigarettes every 10-15 minutes. She said she would look at me and I would be sitting on the couch looking up at the clock like a fiend. And she was right. The high was so short and the withdrawl BIG.

********1st night – Saturday
I smoked just a joint and ate about 15 trail mix bars and then threw them up outside.
*******2nd night – Sunday
Same thing, just smoked MORE, vomited outside again.
Girlfriend leaves because I’m ignoring her and she reads up on this stuff and doesn’t feel safe because my behavior was like a crackhead, like there was NO soul in my eyes. I didn’t CARE about anything, but smoking the stuff.
—-Woke up on my side on the concrete with my head split open. I must have passed out. There was blood everywhere. I didn’t care.
My clothes were dirty. I looked like a crack addict. My back and leg were badly bruised. I DO NOT know how it happened.

NOW – Monday 8-13-12
Last Monday I was rushed to the hospital. My girlfriend had mercy on me and my anger and addiction and was compassionate.
***I couldn’t BREATHE. I had almost no lung capacity, I was so, SO mentally out of it. Coughing SO HARD, hyperventilating. She took me to the ER.

They rushed me in, put oxygen on me immediately, took blood and told me “That stuff, “Spice” is poison, did you know that? We have been seeing an insurgence here with these cases, but mostly when it’s too late.”

My mind is SLOW, MEMORY IS GONE. I can’t remember what someone said in the conversation I’m having. I had someone say yesterday at work, “Where are you??”. My girlfriend will say something and I will forget or not EVEN hear what she said and create my own reality.

My cough is horrible. A week of constant hacking my lungs out. Spitting up phlegm constantly.

My stomach muscles are just aching from the coughing.

I feel SO TIRED. I STILL have dark circles under my eyes and I haven’t smoked that rat poison in a week now.

I have been juicing and eating so healthy just to help rid this out of my poor body!!! I feel so bad that I did that to my body.

I feel scared, horrible about how I’ve been acting around my girlfriend. I’m ERRATIC!!!!

The other morning, my emotions are messed up, my vision, my gf said one thing and it hurt my feelings and I cried, which turned to anger and I punched the wall and tore down the shower curtain flipping out.


I will **NnnnNNEVER touch any of that AGAIN.


I am doing everything to get myself recovered from just a WEEK with that stuff.

I’ve had to lie to people saying I have a respiratory infection.

When I woke up on the concrete with blood all over, I sat up with dirty clothes, a big cigarette burn on my knee, and I felt a warm drip on my ear, it was blood leaking from the top of my head to the back of my ear and down my neck and I didn’t EVEN CARE. I stayed out there.

I finally went to sleep and threw a shirt on my pillow to catch the blood. It leaked the entire night through the shirt and all the way through the pillow.

$5,000.00 hospital bill. Embarrassment on how that turned me into a crackhead in a matter of days, embarrassment that my GF SAW me like that, that I let myself get to that point!!!!

And the whopper: have I screwed my brain for good? Can I recover from this? Can I get my full cognitive back? My memory? My FOCUS? My emotional balance? My calm?



SMOKE WEED if you have to..

Just wanted to share. I feel mentally retarded. I’m just hoping sooner than later I return to normal.

Namaste –

J against synthetics
2:53 am August 15th, 2012

Hey all, after reading everything here, I decided it was time to weigh in. As a natural substance only smoker for close to 10 years, I recently moved to a new town, and found out that my younger brother has also started smoking. I was unaware that he was using synthetics, as I had been maintaining an ‘anti’ synthetic stance since their conception. Deciding that I cannot make claims without factual evidence, I joined him and a friend of his one night when they were headed out to smoke a bowl of Gorilla Dro/Armaggedon mixture. I should note here, that I have also tried salvia once, when it was legal, and that the hit and subsequent exhale of smoke was almost identical to that of synthetic bud. A massive depression of respiratory system, followed by a feeling of emptiness in the lungs was the first thing I noticed, after the first hit. As I forced myself to regulate breathing, I took my second hit. As soon as I began exhaling, the substance found its way into my system, and everything took a massive downhill-turn from there. My heart rate increased higher than it has ever reached in 24 years of life, and the resulting blast of heightened color-awareness I can only assume came from an increased strain of blood oxygen to the brain. I immediately regretted my decision, and began losing my grasp on the world around me. I could hardly speak, I felt as though I was having a heart attack, and immediately began considering dying from this absolutely stupid stuff. Deciding against pursuing such thoughts, I began walking, pacing, more like. This was an effort to again regulate the blood pumping and frantic pounding of my heart. My hands and fingers were shaking like leaves, and I knew that if I died, I needed to have my brother and his friend near the car to take me to a hospital, or at least make it home. In a moment of sheer stupidity, I headed back to the truck, and attempted to unlock the door with the key. I make no exaggeration in saying that I was physically incapable of getting the key into the lock due to my shaking hands and lack of cohesion between my brain and visual centers. Finally after unlocking it, we all climbed into the truck, and prepared to go. Somewhere from within the depths of my mind came my conscience, which was screaming not to drive, or even move from the area. Thankfully I had enough self control to listen, and told them that we wouldn’t be going anywhere. At this point I was almost 90% lost, I couldn’t remember anything, I couldn’t focus on anything other than my impending heart attack, and what the consequences would be for the other two young teens in the truck. In a final attempt to reign myself in, I caught sight of myself (accidentally) in the rear view mirror. I studied my pupils, which were normal, if not slightly dilated, and somehow connected this fact with my reality. For some unknown reason, I felt instantly soothed, and knew that I would be okay. I removed myself, and the other two from the truck, and told them that we would be going for a walk, as long as it took, for me to come down. About halfway back to the spot we had smoked at, everything relaxed. My heart rate reduced, my blood flow felt normal, and I actually seemed to enjoy the high. I know now, that this was simply my brain again receiving natural oxygen flow, and because my muscle contractions were forcing blood back to my body. The heightened colors, headache, and mild anxiety continued until the next day. This is bad stuff. Horrible stuff. And children and teens are using it as an accepted and trusted substitute to naturally grown marijuana. It is NEITHER. I HIGHLY recommend an intervention-type scenario for everyone that knows ANYONE regularly using this, because the long term effects from even MILD usage are going to be completely negative. For all of you that experienced even 25% of the symptoms you’ve all agreed upon, and yet continued usage for up to or over a year, I am seriously questioning your judgement. The first signs of bodily harm, especially if the harm is only alleviated after continuous use, should have told you to back the fuck off. We may be ‘guinea pigs’ for this trash, but it is only because you’ve convinced yourselves that it is worth continued use. My recommendation is that you immediately quit, or find some professional or family help in doing so. And never allow ANYONE YOU KNOW to continue using it! I have made it my goal to stop all of this activity, in every person I meet. And will only advocate naturally grown herb, or no intoxicants at all. Nothing is worth what this is doing to our bodies. Nothing. PS=To the idiot children claiming that it must be useable because the ‘government okays it’… You are completely ignorant of the truth. The government does not need to okay, much less test, any of these products. The FDA does not even test a massive percentage of the products that people eat and drink, as testing these products is a multi-year ordeal, and they are not REQUIRED PER FEDERAL LAW to test the products bearing their seal of approval. Educate yourselves, beyond reading blog comments, before you potentially harm or kill a reading passerby.

7:10 pm August 16th, 2012

There is no FDA, USDA okay-ing this product. It’s hard to illegalize it because it is sold as “Incense”. The packaging clearly says, “DO NOT INHALE”, “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”, but was invented in a college chem lab by someone with the initials JWH with the intention of making a cannibis off-shoot.

Now John W Henry gravely regrets creating this chemical because he’s seen how badly it has spiraled out of control. This is what the naked Miami man was on when he ATE another man’s face. He smoked so much of this stuff he lost his MIND and was enraged.

They spray it with all kinds of deadly chemicals for us to consume.

I’ve done my research now.

My Update:

Well, my reasoning is still messed up. My motor skills are still not completely returned; I find myself losing balance on my feet. My emotions are still up and down. One day awesome, next day not so good. Sounds like bi-polar..great.

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks, my voice is still gone, I’m still coughing so hard that I shake and have to spit out brown phlegm.

My head is scabbed over. But, I twisted my right knee somehow during that episode. I don’t remember. I do remember it being swollen, but now it’s cracking whenever I move it.

After people eating other people, people running around crazily and naked, losing their minds, the ER reports, the government is cracking down on this.

The packaging is what is so messed up. They make it seem so harmless. Smoke that for a week straight, hitting it every 10 minutes. You’ll know what HURT is. You will find that you NO LONGER feel like yourself again. Your thinking is different, you’re angry, you wanna rip someone’s head off for walking in front of your car or bumping into you; WHATEVER.

Or…do yourself a favor and take it from us and DON’T. There’s nothing scarier then thinking after just a week episode and you will never be the same……

Empty, rageful, poisoned body mulling through life.

Russell Dorgan, III
10:10 am August 18th, 2012

Hey guys. I tried this for the first time last week with my boy. We only took a hit each every like hour or so for just a bit to get a vibe while playing Madden. It was kind of meh, it was far from enjoyable but it wasn’t crazy. Well 2 days ago I rez scraped my bowl and was taking rez whacks. All it took was one fat rez whack of this to send me spiraling into an alternate world. About 5 minutes in my heart started beating abnormally fast, I’m talking I couldn’t feel any stops in it, it just felt like a machine gun. I went on my bed and curled up, a minute later my whole body felt like I was rolling off Ecstacy, my heart was racing on coke, and I was hallucinating like I was on PCP all simultaneously. I thought my eyes were closed since I was hallucinating but they were wide awake. I kept hearing a dark voice in my head saying to kill myself, and to kill my mom. Now keep in mind I am a very mentally structured individual. I read about a book or two a week – all insightful material. I couldn’t move – I couldn’t stand. I had to roll off my bed to get my phone off my desk to call my mother. She was 2 hours away so I had to stick it out – after an hour the full fledged effect went away but I was still really messed up, just able to walk and think a bit better. My pupils covered my whole eye, I saw no blue whatsoever. So tonight, about 12 AM. This starts happening again – and I didn’t even smoke it. I started having cold sweats, heart beating insanely fast, chattering of my teeth and shaking hardcore. I went down stairs and had my mother bring me to the hospital. I had no control over my emotions, I didn’t know what was happening to me. I wanted to die. When she brought me tonight, I got blood tests, and there where traces of Methamphetamine as well as other substances. I don’t understand how a legal substance can be this messed up for you and put actual hard drugs in it. I’m afraid this new found paranoia I have won’t go away. My mind doesn’t think I am paranoid but I constantly find myself jarting my eyes left to right left to right and chomping on my nails. I strongly urge never to try this EVER. And will this paranoia go away? I am scared what brilliance I have is being replaced by a melted butter plate.

loving mother
11:06 pm August 19th, 2012

Can anyone help. I have never done drugs, so I am at a loss for the effects on individuals. My son is smoking Happy Hour. He has smoke pot for over 15 years. But since he is on probation, he must take drug tests. He started smoking Happy Hour about six weeks ago. I have never seen him so high. He is totally confused with severe memory loss. His body shakes and his eyes are dilated. He can not carry a good conversation with you. He is totally a mental wreck. However, he does not believe me. He thinks it is fine, since it is legal. I am afraid of the brain damage already caused and the future affects of this drug. I don’t know how to get him to listen to reason. Please give me suggestions to help my son. He is 32 years old and has never had a job for more than a week.

4:29 am August 20th, 2012

Well I’d been a weed smoker and a kinda go with the flow kind of guy but a few months ago I was at a party with my girlfriend and like usual was tryna get messed up. The whole “ima teen” “you only live once” type attitude and an old friend passed me a bowl of what I thought was weed. So I hit it ridiculously hard because at parties you often don’t get a second hit. I immediately started saying “Man im fucked up” but still was in control at that point. Then I went and sat next to my girlfriend and thats when it set in. I don’t remember getting to the point of losing myself but I remember when I was gone. All I could do was yell to my girlfriend of my distress. Continuously yelling her name grabbing her face and hair as she cried over me and everyone around looked in terror. I then was picked up by the arms by friends as they tried to control me but to me all I could see were arms reaching out of darkness trying to grab me. And I was not about to let em touch me so I fought for my life and finally came to and threw up. As I came back to myself I started remembering my friends as id forgotten them in the trip. Id forgotten my entire life. I remember at one point I wasnt in my body. I was just watching myself freak out from inside myself. I was completely calm but my body ,which id lost control of ,was screaming in terror for help. I now know without a doubt that our bodies are mere vessels and we are something greater. But I don’t ask for anyone to believe me as you’ll all see one day. And In one last statement as this whole remembrance has been painful. Some people will say that people like me who have freaked out are “pussies” and “just couldn’t take it”. Well this message is not for them. This message is for all those fortunate enough to not have experienced it yet or people looking for someone else who had a bad experience like them. No matter if you can “take it” or not, your body is taking a beating and you ARE slowly driving yourself insane. Spice messes with your brain and WILL cause problems. But if you don’t want to listen, dont. Try it for yourself and experience a pure hell that makes death look like a relief. You may not get it after the first time you smoke it. Or the second even, but one day you’ll experience the terror that I describe and you will be infuriated with yourself for not heeding my warning. So smoke, toke and fall right into your own trap of pain. But for those who may listen. Please, please, please know that this Drug is not a person and will have no mercy when you’re at its effect. I’ve seen people beg for the effects to be lifted as if the drug is negotiable. After you smoke it there’s no turning back. Months of handicapping agony that nobody can help because spice is so new and has no treatment set up. It’s not worth it and every part of me is telling whoever reads this to NEVER put yourself through this. I made the idiotic mistake and now cant enjoy a simple trip to the bathroom without stopping myself from having a panic attack from the memory of the spice. I even doubt reality sometimes. Might have to see a psychiatric professional. But if after all that (and I swear I exaggerated nothing at all), you still want to smoke any brand or variation of it? Go ahead. You may have already smoked it and now are under its control subconsciously and thats why you still want to. But some people just need to be burned before they see why not to touch the flame. I would NEVER have stopped smoking but after that I will never touch a mind altering substance. Heed my warning or don’t and see for yourself. That is all.

4:54 am August 20th, 2012

@POISONED I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. After I was poisoned by it all I would call this substance was “poison.” It’s not anything close to a drug. I will not refer to it as a drug. I smoked daily since Winter of 2010 until March 4th, 2012. I will never forget that day, the month preceding it & the following 3 months after. I went completely insane for a total of 4 months. My life has been ruined because of this(Can’t get into how, it’s embarrassing). I’m all about taking responsibility for your actions, but I had no wherewithal, no idea what was going on. Was in Hell daily. But I don’t want you to think for a second this will happen to you. It’s all about how much you smoked. It built up completely in my system, so of course, it took forever to get out of my system. I wanted to write to you to give you hope. I am my normal self again. Trust me please, when I tell you you will be ok. I want to answer a couple of your questions you ended your post with. First, no, you have not screwed your brain for good. Any effects you are feeling right now WILL go away. I promise they will. I used to get angry(when I was suffering from psychosis from this stuff plus the withdraw from it on top of it) when people told me “It will get better” or “I feel great now, life’s good” – also completely opposite of my normal behavior to get angry over anything! I was suffering so badly from it it made me hate life & made me not have a grasp on reality. As in, I was just “not there” or “with it”. So I couldn’t & wouldn’t believe them. I felt like I was in a bad dream 24/7(while smoking the poison & directly after quitting), like I was underwater as far as my brain & thinking ability. So when people told me these things, I didn’t believe them & could see no way things could get any better. It screwed me & my thinking up for a while, but I got through it, it did get better, SO much better. It’s night & day comparing then to now. I went through the absolute worst of the worst of the psychosis induced by this poison & subsequent withdraw symptoms, that I know exactly what I’m talking about, I’ve been there, POISONED(Don’t know your name). You will recover from this, and very soon! It will not take you anything near the amount of time I spoke of earlier, that was caused by doing this poison all day every day for about a year & a half. Thank God you were smart enough to have stopped when you did. So you don’t get hurt anymore, I’mso sorry you’re in pain & suffered those injuries. You will get your cognitive back. It took me a while to be able to laugh again, think objectively, and problem solve, but it DID come back. You must know this & know I’m telling you the absolute truth. I didn’t think I’d ever be “right” again, but I’m back to normal now, my intelligence is back to what it once was. As for you saying that a co-worker looked at you & said, “Where are you at?” I went through the SAME thing! I had co-workers look at me & ask me a SIMPLE question & all I could say was,”Uhhh, ummm..” with a completely blank stare on my face. Wtf? How embarrassing is that? I wasn’t even smoking at this time, I forgot to tell you I’d suffered brain damage from the last time I used, almost died(not just a bad trip – it’s insulting that people would assume I don’t know the difference, I’m very experienced with drug use & trips), so this coupled with the withdrawel, I simply could not function, let alone think. But I can, now! 🙂 So you must know that it does get better. You will love life again, and very soon. You will feel love & happiness very soon. Your memory WILL return. I thought the same exact questions you have just asked! But no one was there to tell me things were going to be better, especially someone who’d actually been there. This is why I try & help people as much as possible, who’re going through this, because I know exactly how helpless you feel while going through it. I’m sure you’ve gone through the worst of it already, the fact you’re as articulated & what you’ve articulated in your posts speaks to this. It will just get better & better every day. The main thing to focus on now is what you’re doing as stated in your posts, getting healthy: Drink plenty of fluids, keep juicing, cut all the garbage out of your diet. Try the AyurVedic diet, people have been following it for thousands of years & they know what they’re talking about. It will speed your recovery time exponentially! The garbage(junk food & any processed foods, any food/meat with GMOs, anti-biotics, hormones et cetera) we consume weighs our brains & bodies down, slowing recovery. On top of it all, fresh food TASTES better! ..Imagine that.. 🙂 You can let this become your new obsession. Getting healthy & creating a better body & mind, a purer body & mind. I hope your head & knee are feeling better. Did the doc check them out? Is the prognosis good? I know knee injuries can be extremely painful & can affect daily living. I hope you’ve not sustained too much damage, so you’re not in pain. Thank God no one got hurt while we both were doing this poison(physically at least, emotions, as you’ve recognized as well, can be out of whack & affect others, but if they’re understanding they’ll know we weren’t in our right minds, and they’ll forgive us)! We were fortunate it was only US who got hurt. I don’t know about you but I’ll take myself getting hurt over others anyday. Your emotional balance will return. The withdrawel process causes emotional imbalance. I was SO happy to find out the psychosis I was suffering from was mainly caused by withdraw(otherwise from the brain damage from this poison), because using logic/reasoning this means it has to get better, it will get better(because it’s soon out of your system for good). The fact you only did this for a week is great in the withdrawel aspect, because the time you’ll suffer imbalance will be significantly shorter than many out there who’ve done it for extreme amounts of time. Try to meditate, this should help as well. It will bring you peace. I love different Indian Raga(you ended your post with Namaste, so I thought you may be particularly interested). A night raga from Shruti Sadolikar is one of my favs to listen to while meditating or just trying to relax.
If you use YouTube & are interested search this:
It’s absolutely gorgeous. I recommend that link to anyone who likes art..
Some good advice that helped me, or would’ve helped me had I been thinking clearly.. would be the following. Watch funny things on the TV & Internet, surround yourself with trusted & loving family members. This helps with the comfort level. Watching & surrounding yourself with good, peaceful or funny things will help with the attitude that comes naturally with going through this. Having hope & knowing in your heart – which I need for you to believe & know in your heart is completely true, because it’s fact – will help with everyday until things are more apparently getting better. You’ll regain your natural thinking process & happiness very, very soon. I’d say in two weeks tops you’ll be feeling SO much better. The month point was a milestone for me, as many others, I actually could smile & laughed for the first time. It was just out of the blue while watching something funny on the internet. That gave me such hope! Man, how we take things for granted! I was so grateful to have only laughed. So was my father, he told me he loved it when I laughed, because i hadn’t for soo long because of this. This stuff had done such a number on me. Now, I can perform my job well again, I can think fast as I could before, I can LOVE again. Love left me during my psychosis. I had no emotions. Very scary thing feeling no emotions, I’m pretty sure that is the definition of a psychopath, one who feels no emotion. Though I knew it was wrong, so I was ok as far as not acting upon any wrong thoughts. I no longer have bad thoughts or think of death constantly, other side effects from this poison. Don’t feel ashamed, ok? We didn’t know this would happen. No one can fault us for that. I can tell you are intelligent. We are both smart & this still happened, therefor it can happen to anyone. No one knew to warn us, no one knew of these side effects to have warned us. We thought this was an alternative to marijuana that wouldn’t show up in drug tests. The fact is, which I know you know now, too, that this stuff isn’t anything near Marijuana. It’s a complete falsity. It’s ruined many people’s lives because of this marketing technique. We know better now, and are spreading the word to others, if anything by just telling our story & experience with this poison. So I just had to write you to try and give you some hope. Sorry if I was a little dark here & there, I just wanted you to know I’ve been there & know what I’m talking about, & that I care & made it through & so you will, too. I had to let you know that you WILL be better, you will feel better very soon. I promise it will. This tough time only lasts for a short amount of time, it’s the withdraw process.
You seem to be very intelligent, and you will not lose this, ok? You will get smarter & smarter. And going through this experience has made you wiser. We’re both now educated on the dangers of this drug & have learned important life lessons through this experience. This will & has made us stronger individuals. God bless you & take it easy, get rest. Plenty of rest, get good exercise in when you can. Just being active is great, because many suffer from low energy going through this(Especially before they quit & directly after because many don’t eat well or at all – I got down to 98 lbs!! I now weigh a healthy 118(I’m 5’3″)) Try to surround yourself with love. Love is what it’s all about. It’s the reason we’re here. It’s what everyone needs to sustain their lives & existence. This whole Universe is about love. Love is what’s important. Always remember this. 🙂 Again, God Bless you & I hope this letter/post finds you feeling well, or better. I’m sending love to you that you feel better & receive strength for this. Much, much love to you, -Jessica 🙂

7:16 am August 20th, 2012

After after reading this blog I now have the courage to quit, knowing that I’m not alone thank you AOL

Joe m
4:32 pm August 20th, 2012


Me and my friend used to smoke this everyday all day.. I was going through a rough time and had nothing better to do and hated my life so why not i thought.. DONT DO IT! Yea at the time i hated my life and needed something to pick me up but dont let it be this incense… I tried so many different brands and it really mentally messed me up in the long run… For those of you who had a bad high from this drug which i know a lot of you had.. imagine a year down the road your mental state starts to slowly turn into the panics of the bad high.. Recently after quitting this for just under a year i been getting panic attacks. and they get worse and worse.. and the only thing i can relate the panic attack to is the panic attacks you get when you have a bad high… unless you wanna be stuck with the bad high of the spice for the rest of your life i suggest you STOP NOWWW, im just warning you all.. everyone says im fine but im not. I get panic attacks, i feel like im gonna die, i get sharp pains in my chest, i constantly think im seriously ill as if i have cancer or some hidden serious medical problem.. paranoia gets really bad.. the way my brain works is obviously different. im not as smart. i forget things really easily. dont ruin your life for a 20 min high… please. coming from someone with experience..

done with spice
5:38 am August 21st, 2012

ive ben smocking spice for about 3 or 4 years now never had anything happen to change my mind untill here recently i smoked some stuff and it was easily the scariest nite of my life i would promise that god was speaking to me i was so terrifified i thought he was goin to send me to hell for all my sins and all i could do was pray for mercy i wasnt really a believer until then now i believ in good 100 percent.i think everyone needs to stop smokin this stuff before something like this happens and trust me it will sooner or later its easier to just quit then to have something this tramatic happen.if you arent stopin because of the withdraws all you have to do is put the fake stuff down and switch to reall for about 3 days because the reall thing isnt addictive.

Sonja Sherrell
2:57 pm August 21st, 2012

So glad to hear that some of you are actually getting better. I have posted before to tell you that my 27 year old grandson smoked various kinds of synthetic spice during the summer of 2011, The short story is, that he became completely psychotic in October of 2011 and was in a mental hospital for two months. They released him, even though he was nowhere near “normal”. The way it affected his brain was that he became like a child in many ways. He was working part-time and going to college to become a computer programmer. He was unable to function in any capacity that would allow that anymore. I have never seen such a complete personality change. He became very sweet and concerned about me and his mother and others. He found just about everything very funny and laughed out loud, even when it was inappropriate. He was very paranoid and anxious and went everywhere his mother went. He is bipolar so that may be why this stuff hit him so hard, but that was under control when he started using it. We are now ten months out and I can say that he has started acting more normal. He is far from well and still unable to work. He is taking a computer class now so we will be able to see if he can concentrate and learn again. It has been a long, slow road back, but hopefully he will eventually be whole again. It definitely damaged his brain. He takes several meds plus he has to have some kind of shot every three weeks to try to control his anxiety. Please listen to the stories posted here and stop or never start before you do terrible harm to your mind and your body. Good luck to each of you.

9:11 pm August 21st, 2012

Can anyone above relate to have to having very prominent eye floaters after bad experience. I see them everywhere now. I just had a bad panic attack compared to the hell some you you went through. After my panic attack I awoke the following morning with hypochondria. I just could not stop worrying about my health. Especially my eyes and vision. I had tons of anxiety as well which lasted for over 1 and 1/2. Is it a kind of HPPD or just anxiety.

6:12 pm August 23rd, 2012

Has anyone fully recovered? I read some blogs but all stated the negatives. My experience was terrible as well. I felt like the devil was taking me to hell. I builtt an alternate reality around this in which I was doomed. I am barely just now snapping out its been almost five months. I experienced cold sweats, rapid hearbeat, and a falling feeling like ny brain was exploding. I thought my friend was gonna kill me. It killed all cravings though and I’ve been sober for around four months. I guess my question is if anyone came back from this???

5:18 am August 24th, 2012

Thank you very much for your encouraging words, Jaseeka1986. I really appreciate it. Very kind of you. How long after you stopped smoking it, did it take you to feel back to yourself? And do you feel 100% back?

@ Loving Mother

He needs to get off it NOW. PERIOD. Okay? He might be trying to pass a drug test to keep a job, but he may also kill you and end up in prison for the rest of his life as a zombie or dead himself which would be better probably.

This is SERIOUS.

The problem with this is that people don’t stop (if they stop) until something BAD happens and IF they can recover it’s hard to return to normal again and when they do stop they go through major withdrawl and anger and are emotionally imbalanced for a while.

WATCH YOURSELF and your belongings until he is OFF of it. Get him back on natural weed (if you have to go buy it yourself) and get him some psychological help so he can get off drugs period and they can show him how to be a productive adult who’s proud of himself.


I’ve experienced this. It AIN’T PRETTY.

Loving Mother
3:13 pm August 24th, 2012

Poisoned- Thanks for your information. My son is 32 years old and has been doing drugs since he was a teenager. Five different times I arranged for him inhouse drug rehab. None of the times did he want to go or did he want help. All he has to do for visitation of his daughter, is start drug counseling. He puts his drugs before his daughter and has not seen her for over 5 years. I thought that when he had the choice between drugs and his daughter, he would pick his daughter. But that has never happen.

Now he is on synthetic drugs. He calls them “mr. Happy”. It smells like potpurri. I have asked him over and over again to stop. His behavior is worse than I have ever seen in my life. And he has been on crack and meth before, but never this extreme behavior. I really don’t know how to stop him. He has never held a job. He is on food stamps and lives in one of my rental properties. Doesn’t pay any bills. This time when i visited him, I offered to give him a car if he would stop the synthetic drug. No response. He would not give up this drug, so he would have transportation. This drug seems to be more addictive than anything he has taken before. His memory is really bad and he shakes all the time. I am almost scared to be around him. In fact, I am scared to be around him. I never know how he will react. He has no insurance which makes it worse. But he will never voluntarily go to treatment. He does see a psychologist sometimes. But it is one of his buddies that really agrees with everything that he does.

I can’t sleep at night wondering when he will die or have a heart attack. It is easy to say get him off the drugs, BUT how do you do this. He won’t listen to me and all his friends are doing the same stuff.

IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME I SURE WOULD APPRECIATE IT. I AM LOST ON WHAT TO DO NEXT. He is killing himself and he lives in denial. Thanks for all your help.

11:38 am August 26th, 2012

@Kris I just read this post from way above from July from you. In the ending of your post you state this “fact” about a man who smoked spice once, thinks he’s a glass of Orange juice & doesn’t want people to “tip him over”. I’ve heard this story years ago. This is a rumor that’s been around for at least decades. When I heard it as a teen, it was a man who did Acid & ended up this way. There may be someone out there with this problem, but they didn’t inspire this story. NOT to say it couldn’t happen, just that the story is too similar to the one I’d heard, so it fits into “rumor” category. Just wanted to clarify this.. I’m sure there are many out there who’ve heard this story as well. Spice can cause things like that to happen, I’d just never heard that story applied to spice use before.

5:47 pm August 27th, 2012

About two years ago I had an experience that can be called a hallucination, but it felt like so much more. I have taken all sorts of drugs, weed, coke, acid, shrooms, ex, oxys, and I have never had any kind of out of body experience on any of them (unfortunately lol)…but when I had the hallucination I had not been on anything except for weed that my friend shared with me. Now I realize that it must have had synthetic in it, because the experience I had was out of this world. I came home after smoking the “weed” and laid down to sleep. I dreamed (or hallucinated) that I had gotten arrested at work. When I woke up, I had to call my boss and check out that everything was okay, because it just felt so real. The next night when I laid down on my bed (after not smoking anything at all!) I felt my body slip into a semi-conscious state. It was almost like meditating. If I focused just enough, I “popped” into this alternate world. It was amazing. My whole family was there, in this weird cartoon. Everyone was happy, in harmony, and I felt so happy. This was my heaven. And I had come to find it before I had to die. In this alternate world, my cartoon mom told me that every night when I went to sleep that I would be able to come visit. It was like this big secret that I was allowed in on because I came across it myself. The thing is, I would have been able to easily pass this off as a crazy dream, except that for the next few nights, I was able to return to this world. And when I woke up in the morning, I believed that this REALLY happened to me, 100%. Now I know that it was this synthetic drug that did this to my brain after reading all these posts. I told my boyfriend about this hallucination and he was scared for me. He thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I had no idea at the time what could have caused it, because for all I knew I had just smoked some pot, no big deal. Anyway…I didnt touch this stuff again until I got put on probation about a year ago.
This stuff is bad news! I never really thought about the side effects until recently. When I first started, it always gave me a really good high. It was intense, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It was like an everyday thing. The high only lasted like 20 minutes, so I of course smoked more of it. I developed a mild smokers cough. I didn’t even notice I was coughing so much until my mom asked me about it. I realized that I wasnt breathing as well as I had in the past. But yet, I kept smoking it, because frankly I just wanted to get high, and a cough wasnt really that big of a deal. About two months after I started smoking it, I started getting nauseous everyday and throwing up whatever I put in my stomach. I looked past this side effect as well. I wanted to beat the drug tests I was given for probation, and synthetic was the only thing I thought I could get away with. And I liked the high. Watching a movie high on the stuff was amazing, and just sitting quietly I would think about crazy things. I would have these sudden “realizations” that I would have never thought about otherwise. I would get tiny flashbacks of my previous hallucination of my cartoon world. More than a few times, I smoked way too much of this stuff to see if it would send me back there. Synthetic really makes you lose your mind! I thought it was cool at first, because of the trippy highs and all, but then the high kind of turned. I would take a hit, and my lungs would literally feel like they were going to collapse. My brain would feel like it was expanding, and I felt the center of my brain tightening, like I could feel my brain being damaged. My heart would race, and no matter how much I tried, I couldnt get it to slow down. I have gained like 20 pounds for no reason. I feel so stupid at times, and I was always a great student. Almost all the symptoms that are on this blog, I have experienced some time in my usage. I would get so PARANOID. I would hear voices in the wall. I would hear my parents talking in the next room about me, like they knew I was high and smoking in my room, but they werent busting me, they were just talking about it. I know my parents. If they thought I was smoking in my bedroom, they would flip out. They wouldnt just whisper and not say anything to me. I am not religious, but when I was high on this stuff, I would feel an evil presence. I see shadows pass by me when Im alone, I look out my window and see people standing outside in the darkness, but when my mom looks theres no one there. I am so afraid I might be schizophrenic. I feel like my lungs are damaged, but I dont want to get them checked. I dont want my parents to find out Ive been smoking. I am an adult (22) so I shouldnt be afraid of them, but I dont want them to be disappointed. This thread has made me stop smoking this stuff for good. I havent smoked any in two days, and I am surprised that I havent had any withdrawal symptoms. I smoked this stuff everyday (at least 2 bowls, usually way more). But this blog has made me realize all the side effects. I will so rather wait and smoke pot whenI get off probation than kill myself over this poison. I hope someone will read this. PLEASE DON’T SMOKE SYNTHETIC! If you want to get high, smoke weed. If you really want to trip out (although I advise against it) take shrooms! Anything is better than this awful drug. It is killing people. Straight up. Throughout this entire blog, I have not seen ANYONE try to defend this drug. When there isn’t even one stupid person that thinks this stuff wont harm you really bad or worse, that is a big red flag saying STOP AND THINK! I will post back after a while to tell how I am feeling. I really hope these effects will go away.

3:50 am August 29th, 2012

hello i have been smoking spice for 4 months and the first time i tired it i thought it was weed, till i noticed i was on a high i had never felt before ( n I’ve been smoking weed since i was 14, I’m 26) at first i would just take a hit or two and i would be fucken sky high then i started smoking it more often it got the the point were i built a tolerance and i needed more and more to get me high. then i started smoking everyday i noted as more time went on i had to keep smoking more and more one time after another, i did noticed i started to get headaches and a horrible cough that won’t go away, but nothing to serious, it wasn’t until this past weekend that i believe suffered an overdose form this shit … i had smoked a joint by myself of some 5x spice then i hit a bowl of what I’m guessing was 10x i took 2 big hits and held them in long, shortly after i felt so fucken high, i felt like a cartoon, like everything wasn’t real, i had an urge to vomit , so i went to the rest room where i was sweating bullets and my heart was racing so fast, my face turned pale and my lips too i felt like i was gona die, i too felt like if my brain was on fire, its a feeling you can’t explain, good thing is i kept my self calm and jus tried to cool down i knew it would go down… but not gona lie i got so fucken skerd.. i really thought i was gona die for a second there … the next day i smoked on the way to work always smoke and drive.. and the weird thing happen to me. i got so high i thougt i was close to my work already i could swear i was on the street then i snapped out of andy realize i was on a whole other street not even close to where i thought it was .. its like my brain skipped and i don’t even remember driving or what happen.. a friend told me he’s heard a lot of bad surf about spice so i decided to look it up and i can relate wit a lot of these comments..

5:15 am August 30th, 2012

My husband has been a heavy smoker for a while life has gone down the tubes since anywho I’m sick and have been on bed rest we had an incident today I told him if he is gonna smoke use it sparingly because I need him to give our child a ride somewhere later and but he smoked himself out of his mind and could not talk straight and wasn’t making any sense and when it was time to go I was like I’m just gonna take her myself because your not driving in the car with her like that and he’s like we’ll your suppose to stay in bed well I can’t if our kids have places to go and they need rides and your in no condition to drive so I’m taking her myself after that he got raging mad and threw his pipe away and flushed all of the stuff down the toilet and said I hope your happy I’m never gonna touch the stuff again he’s like running around the house raging mad and sweating terribly and being so so mean maybe he’s ready to quit now I don’t know what’s the next step what should I do what should I say or what if someone can help it would be great

7:26 am August 31st, 2012

Hi, my boyfriend has been smoking climax he was smoking some other stuff but now cant find it. He use to be nice and goofy on it. But now he is crabby. We were arguing about him being hooked on it, spending 30 every two days on it! And I told him I was going to get rid of it he needs to quit. I barely picked it up and before I could blink he pushed me on the floor and then I got up to get away and even faster he had my arm and went to twist it so fast if I had not dropped it right away I know he would have broke my arm. Then he has been vomittng alot. Now tonight he came home and I was looking outside to see what he was doing it was 1:30 am and he was outside naked with the water hose. I am not going to lie I am scared! I have been sleeping in another room for weeks now because I have 3 kids and he won’t get a clue I dont want them to see or now about stuff like that and he continues to smoke in his car in the front or with the garage open. I tell him I dont need people seeing u do that because we have kids. We have been together for almost 10 years but honestly this is not worth the safety of my kids and I have tried to get him to leave but he wont unless I take him to court I am scared to keep pushing it because I seen what this stuff did with man eating dog and so on. I mean I am so scared right now I grabbed 3 of my daughters biggest snow globes from her collection because I dont know what else to use if he comes at me. I know he went to his room and shut the door I am hoping he is sleeping but I WILL NOT go to sleep I am afraid for my kids and me. I dont think he would do anything to my kids but he was just outside naked so I dont trust nothing now! I don’t know what to do. Can someone at least tell me how long before they snap or signs of it or any suggestions.

stick to weed
3:18 pm September 1st, 2012

I been using spice and every brand there is availble to me for about 3 years on and off this stuff almost kill me a couple of times thank God that I am alive today. This synthetic stuff is very addictive as nicotine if anyone is still using this stuff PLEASE STOP now because this is legal CRACK!

4:41 pm September 2nd, 2012

okay i been an on and off spice smoker for a while, I smoked some Bob Marley like 6 months ago and i just recently picked up this new jammy called Johnny Appleseed ERUPTION. its good stuff, the only effect i got was a headache, it you smoke enough youll start tripping and hallucinating. Yesterday I thought my neighbor was getting shot upstairs because she was watching Bad Boys and i could hear her tv and the gun shots, so i had my wife text her and i put on my body armor and was looking through the windows for about 20 minutes. This high last for about 30-40 minutes and then you actually start to feel yourself come down from it especially when u drink water, water is like your EMERGENCY IF TO HIGH switch.

2:39 am September 3rd, 2012

I have read your blogs over and over. I have never touched this stuff and will never do it. My husband on the other hand did and he is in a hospital trying to get his mind back. My husband started to smoke this stuff about a year ago. My husband has always had problems with anxiety and depression. He is also a recovering alcoholic and has not touched liquour in years. He is also a diabetic and takes daily medication for all of these. We had a great life. He was a great husband, had a wonderful job and was a great dad. He wanted to smoke the real stuff but didnt want to lose his job with the random testing. A friend turned him on to this crap. I researched this over and over and he wouldnt listen. Finally things began to get worse. His cravings were bad for this stuff. He was spending about $250 to $300 a month on this stuff. He was lying about the money he was spending to buy this stuff. He started to stay up for days at a time and seemed to only be happy and able to cope with life if he was smoking this crap. We were starting to argue about the stuff all the time and he was calling me horrible names and started to treat me different. He had side effects: headaches, horrible nite sweats, rapid heart, high blood pressure, vomiting (he started to vomit in his sleep), a horrible cough, got flashes, and finally a heart attack. Of course I talked to the doctors about this stuff and was told that they didnt know much about it and that they couldnt say if it was the reason or a part of the reason he had a heart attack. After his heart attack his behavior got worse. He was staying up for days and days. He was smoking and smoking. Lying and Lying. This was not the man I married or knew. He was changing right before my eyes. On September 18th my husband left the house mad at me and I didnt see him for days until I was bailing him out of jail. My husband smoked him self to craziness. He picked up a drink and fell off the wagon. He wiped out our accounts, drank and smoked our money away. He also comitted 3 felonies while on his binge. He was arrested for aggrivated robbery. This man doesnt need any money. WTF! He doesnt remember anything. He tried to rob 2 woman of their purses and then pulled a gun on a man and told him to give him his billfold.OMG!!! Eluded the police and wrecked his car.This was not my husband. He is now facing so many problems. He is in a mental/rehab hospital trying to find himself. Once he leaves there he will face charges on three felonies. This crap ruins lives. It makes you sick and plays with your mind. It makes you do things you would never do. If you are smoking this stuff, think of your future. It will ruin your life if it doesnt kill you .

8:17 pm September 3rd, 2012

@ Molly…
Well said!
I am so sorry for all that you are going through.

6:22 pm September 4th, 2012


I had a similar experience so I feel your pain!!! I’m so thankful to read these posts about similar experiences because now I’m 100% sure it was the “spice” that did that to me!

The other night my husbands (grown) nephew and his gf stopped by. He was smoking spice and asked me if I wanted to try it. I’ve smoked it a couple of times a few years ago and it gave me the same feeling as regular weed so I didn’t think anything of it. Once I hit it one time my whole world flipped upside down! The room went silent and I felt like I was underwater for a moment. Then it was like I knew where I was but I didn’t know where I was. Then I started to panic and scream. All I could hear was my own voice in my head and my heartbeating really fast. It was like I was outside of my self looking at myself terrified and out of control. I kept trying to pull it together mentally but it got worse and seemed to last forever. I was certain that I was about to die and that is a terrifying feeling that I wouldnt wish on anybody. I was afraid to close my eyes because I thought I may never open them again. Finally my husband came to check on me and was able to get me back to normal. That stuff is the devil! And I will never ever ever go anywhere near it. They need to outlaw this stuff before the whole world goes nuts. I can’t stop thinking about that experience and I’ve been having this blank moments when I completely forget what I’m doing then it will suddenly come back.

I’m starting a personal campaign to stop everybody I know that uses that stuff to STOP IMMEDIATELY!

5:16 am September 6th, 2012

First off, i urge anyone reading this that is cutoous about spice to never do it! If you want somethig to get you high stay with weed! So heres my story, in the beginning, when i was 14/ early 15 i smoke spice very rarely! I didnt like it very much an i would have definately rathered smoking real weed except for one problem; MY DAD DRUG TESTS ME! So i resorted to smokin spice. I started hanging out with two other friends when i was 15/16 and eventually we were smokin three grams a day between us. We had grown such a tolerance to it that we were smoking about every 15 min. I have a week stomach and i would honestly puke at least once a week if not more. I could tell if i was going to puke through a series of various symtoms- very fast heart rate, starting to sweat, lost feeling of reality ( worse than the normal effects of being high) and queezy stomach then BLAHHHHH!!! Puke everywhere.. Sometimes i would only puke once, and other times i would puke for hours, depending on how much my friends and i had smoked. I realized keeping it to one bowl at a time lowered my chances of puking. Also, i hates the taste if spice, it made me cringe every time i even got a whiff of it and jt was very easy fir me to get a bad hit and if that happened i would start uncontollably druling like you do right hefore u puke, and i would have horrible chest pain coming frommyheart. It almost felt as though my heart was rising in my body and it was creating pessure on the other organs if that amkes sense to anyone. After a year of constant smoking i finally realized enough was enough and i stopped. I can easily say that spice is addictive! I definately had withdrawls frim not smoking for a few weeks. Now that ive shared my back story, i want to talk about the long term effects that i think are the result of spice. I am 16 almost 17 amd havent touched spice since that faithful day where i finally realized enough was enough. It has been probably 8 months and i have noticed some effects. I am a smart kid! And i know some people reading this will thinkto themselves ” well obiously hes not that bright i he decided to smoke spice for that long.” but its true! I make straight A’s! But ive noticed im not able to remember things nearly as well as i used to ie. names or facts. Actually, i really cant remember everything that happend in that year of smoking it.I have chest pains from from time to time and they definately do not feel good. I have nausea more often for no aparent reason. But the worst side affect by far is my speech. I sometimes slur my words or or mix up the words to my sentences. I know exactly what i want to say in my mind but the process of speaking what i am thinking is sometimes difficult. It is also embarrassing mixing up your words and sounding like a dumbass. I had never had any of these problems till i started using spice snd now looking back on it.. Its depressing that i did that to my body. I really hope this helped someone and/or answered some questions u might if had. Be smart and smoke weed if u want to get high not something that has killed people

3:09 am September 11th, 2012

My friend started smoking spice, and now he doesn’t even smoke weed anymore. It’s really scary, he buys it all the time. He is actually showing signs of addiction. He told me “weed just didn’t do it for him anymore”. It really pisses me off. That stuff is stupid. There is going to be a lot of pissed off people when several hundred thousand people develop Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, or some other crazy affliction from smoking that crap. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but ban the hell out of it. I want my friend back.

11:17 am September 13th, 2012

Well its been awhile since i smoked spice alot… Back when it was nuts!!! Now its not as strong, but i have to say im not smoke n it agin! Back then i smoked Judgement day and armageddon, that was some stuff… I remember one time i took like 6 hits/bouls to the head/which was a bad idea… all i can remember was pinokio had strings around me and he was controlling me like a robot… he walkd me over to the middle of the room and sat me down… at this point a was on a beach, waves were at my feet/ then i was shooting hydro pumps out of my eyes/ my friend later told me i had two tears come n down my face, which were the hydros… crazy isnt it … then a demon came behind me and ripped my heart out of my body/felt like a black hole suck me in through my heart… after that my mom came into my room and said daniel what the … is rong with you r u smoke n spice agin… my mom in my eyes was so … scary looking you dont even know!!! i melted into the ground after that / my mind turnd scard. so scard that i dont know what was with me. i told my friend i got to get away from my mom shes evil !!! so my mom ran to me and shook me and said wake up, at that time i wanted so far from my mom it was make n a earth quake like fire everywhere . so my friend told my mom what was going on and he took me outside and waited alittle and it wore off … just like that…. the messed up part was after that day my life felt fake like the world was bull, if u know what im talk n about u know cuz all my friends said the same stuff after they smoked it, now its nothing like it used to be weak… thats my trip of my life… back to why m here .. i was just ckeck n what the side effects were long term or the day after… i can see that so far i feel sad,my head hurts,like a pressure like feeling,ahhhh mad monkey. i felt like a crack head like i need more… but i dont no body does its going to kill us….. the goverment just needs to kill of some population thats why its here… well need to go to bed haha /by the way i wasnt lie n about my trip some crazy

7:42 pm September 19th, 2012

My son smoked spice about 20-25 times. He spent over 60 days in hospitals recovering. He is now suffering from anxiety disorder and depression. The doctors say the spice will take a long to leave his system as it binds to the cells 100 times stronger than marijuana,. They have diagnosed his present issues to the spice. He never had a panic attack or any anxiety beore smoking it. It has been a nightmare for him and the people who love him. We have to watch him struggle every day. This stuff is really, really bad.

David Y.
10:22 pm September 19th, 2012

I only smoked the stuff probably under 20 times and I never had any problems with the stuff during the high… but about 2 years ago (about a month after the last time I used it) I started having major panic attacks for no reason and would think I was going to die… These panic attacks lasted for about 5 months and I’m all good on that now. However, I am STILL extremely sensitive to light and I have to wear sunglasses all day until the sun goes down (even inside). Also, what I am wondering about is if any of you have experienced thousands of tiny specks that move around in your vision? If I look at a bright colored object I can clearly see them, just moving around. The best way to describe it is what your tv would look like when the channel goes out, that “snow”, but not quite as bad. If anyone has anything like this, I would like to know so that I can hopefully eliminate the spice as the cause. SPICE IS CRAZY. Do yourself a favor and don’t smoke it, EVER.

11:52 am September 23rd, 2012

my story starts out as.. i bought what i thought was a real bag of weed. (which i’m so livid about.) it tasted a little weird, kinda like downy fabric softener, i didn’t put to much thought into it. it took a couple of days to smoke the sack but then all of the sudden after smoking a bowl one morning i went into a full panic attack. i knew i was dying, i couldn’t breath right, my head was burning, my vision was blurry, i was so dizzy i couldn’t stand not alone walk. now my story differs because i had no idea i wasn’t smoking real marijuana, i really thought i was dying. not cool. i eventually pulled through this most awful experience, thank god, but afterwards i was sooo nervous, i thought i had a stroke or something? i was extremely dizzy the rest of the day and the next day and had no desire to smoke anything or eat anything. now me not realizing what caused this disturbing episode, i hit another bowl after i felt a little better and drove to get food. i was waiting for my food when it hit me like a ton of bricks. all the same symptoms. i rushed out in a panic because i didn’t want to die in cassano’s. i tried to force a couple of bites in the car because maybe it was diabetes are something, i had no idea? i couldn’t swallow it. horrible feeling. i went to the hospital. i got diagnosed with panic attacks and sent home. wow, but what caused my body to go into a full blown panic attack? i stopped drinking all caffeine, drinking only water, stopped smoking all together, and was beginning to feel normal again. it’s like it just lingered in my body for days making me feel sick and dizzy. i told my friend all my test claim i’m healthy so maybe i’ve been poisoned or something? i still really didn’t know.. until, after a week i was feeling pretty good again, back to my old self, so i decided to hit one of the roaches that was left from the sack from hell. i went into the same trip but this time my brain registered it as the pot i had just smoked. “it’s been laced are something?” i said to myself, “a mofo is trying to kill me!” (haha) i’ve tried synthetic marijuana once a long time ago i thought it was kinda stupid and it just gave me a headache. so to put 2 and 2 together i was telling a friend of mine and she had mentioned that some fake pot was supposedly dangerous. what?!!! i must research this claim and low and behold here are my symptoms to a tee. my point of this testimony is to inform regular pot smokers to watch your, “real marijuana” i think they added it for weight? i’ve been smoking for 23 years and got fooled. if it doesn’t taste like pot.. stop smoking it asap. my lungs keep getting sharp pains (which is a horrible feeling that i’ve never felt before from all my years of smoking real pot.) and i just hope that it didn’t cause any long term damage. i didn’t sign up for this trip and i’m pissed about it. so please beware. 🙁

9:15 pm October 5th, 2012

To Molly, The police took my son to a mental facility as well. He needed to go. He was completely delusional and having auditory hallucinations. This was last year before anyone started talking about Spice, but thanks goodness this facility was a rehab/drug center as well and the doctors were well aware of Spice and it’s side effects.
I know how scary it is to see your loved one acting like a schizophrenic. My son is now on Abilify and Lexipro it is working very well on his depression and anxiety. He got over over his psychosis, but had to take meds to clear it. Thankfully they worked and the doctors tapered him off with no lingering side effects. I am on a mission to let people know how bad this stuff is. The doctor told my son last week that he is lucky this is all that has happened to him as she had a metting with local ER doctors and they have had 2 kids come in brain dead after smoking it. BRAIN DEAD.

7:06 pm October 6th, 2012

I’m feeling a million times better. My heart is fine and the anxiety has 99.9% left me. I still have the prominent eye floaters eye floaters. The static I see is not visual snow, more like visual tadpoles. I am sure this is just natural eye phenomena heightened by anxiety. The floaters do disturb me and I hope my mind cancels them out again. Can someone talk to me about the floaters? Will they dissipate or will my mind cancel them out in the future?


8:52 am October 7th, 2012

@David Y. & @Christy:
@Christy I’m really sorry to hear about your son. I went through the same thing. I didn’t think I’d ever be right again. Ever, honestly. I smoke daily since Winter of 2010 to March 4th, 2012. The last time I almost died. I got brain damage & was ‘stuck’ in severe psychosis for 3 months immediately after the damage before I could even get my mind to finally go on auto-pilot without having to think of death & feel like I was in a bad dream. But looong story as short as possible, it did take a while to get out of my system & for me to normalize. Although I almost died & suffered brain damage instead of just using many time like your son did, so I’m positive it’ll be less of an amount of time for him to deal with than what I endured. It’s still no less serious. My moods were up & down & I felt as if I were underwater/in a fog/ in a nightmare for 3 month. It was Hell. But feeling as normal as I do now, I appreciate it & value it so much more than before. Our sanity is something we cannot, absolutely cannot take for granted. It’s everything. If you can’t tell this traumatic experience affected me a bit.. But my point of writing you is to tell you how much better it is now. There’s a little bit of a hard time you(in general) go through after smoking/while detoxing this poison. But once our bodies work the poison out of our system & we see the light for the first time in a loong time, it works pure magic. It just fantastic he’s got a mother such as yourself; you care & love him very much, this is evident. The fact you’ve found this forum is incredible & will be nothing but great for helping yourself & him not only find comfort in the sense you are not alone in dealing with this ordeal, but also in finding manners to deal with it & how others have coped. Two other forums you may be interested in & that may help you do this are: “Does synthetic weed cause death?” & “Smoking herbal incense effects” search these with the homepage search engine on this site & you will be amazed at the stories & insight/perspective/info. you gain. I want you to know that he needs you more than ever right now, I have a feeling you know this, though! Be sure to have patience with his temperament as it’s only the incense affecting him & his behavior. My family for example did not understand nor care about me, so this made it particularly hard to deal with such things. Let him know(if you feel it appropriate) that you’ve done research & found others who have suffered & that they’re now fine, and healed; that they went through a very similar experience & are now normal, healthy & happy. He will be, and most importantly, feel like himself again. Remind him how much you love him! 🙂 Keep being strong & as wise as you are. He’s extremely lucky(& I’m sure thankful!) to have such a mother. You are not judgmental as some people & parents may be, which can only make things harder. Take your time & know time may seem to go slow in the moment, but it will fly by & you all will be wiser, stronger & happier very, very soon! I wish you all the best & I will be praying for you & your son. God Bless you! 🙂 -Jessica

@David Y I know it’s been a little while since you’ve posted your post, but I’m just now seeing it. I wanted to tell you that immediately following my “ordeal” of brain damage & almost death from this poison, I’d seen many more “floaters” than usual. I didn’t realize this was likely a symptom/side effect from the incense until I’d seen a post similar to yours on another forum on this website. I wanted to inform you that there’s another guy on this similar forum(on this website) who’s been posting very much about the same subject as you have just addressed. There are two forums that he’s possibly posted on, I can’t seem to remember the exact one. It’s either, “Does synthetic weed cause death?” or “Smoking herbal incense effects”. You should check them out regardless, they’re fantastic for anyone going through this ordeal. Another thing, my vision directly following this incident, and 2 years of constant smoking of this poison, my vision is royally fucked. Sorry for the language. That word really describes it though. Before I definitely needed glasses, but could pass a vision test at the DMV or could drive safely without them. Now I cannot! Night vision is terrible & regular vision is insane compared to before. I know HAVE to get contacts in order to even take my driver’s license test! I’ve never been so blind. I don’t trust my driving without vision ‘enhancers’. So once again, loong story short, check out the other forums for that one poster who talked at length on the same subject, I’ve had terrible vision problems following the incense ingestion & lastly, be sure to get your eyes checked immediately! You need to know what you’re working with, if it can be helped & if you’ve possibly suffered irreversible damage. I don’t want to scare you though, since it could just be a simple side effect that can & may work itself out very soon. One last thing, I’ve heard the supplement(Vitamin) “Lutein” is great for eye health, that & “Beta Carotene” from carrots & other foods. Check that out as well, it’s worth a try, especially if it improves your vision or eye health & in turn, your overall health. God Bless you & I hope you feel better as far as vision goes, as well as overall health! I’m praying for you & your health. Stay strong. Much love & again, God Bless you!
-Jessica 🙂

4:26 pm October 8th, 2012

to Jaseeka1986
Thanks so much for your encouraging words! I will check out the other sites as well. I was so happy to find this site, reading other peoples experiences has helpd me to understand what he has gone through better. Throughout this ordeal I had alot of people telling me to kick my son out of the house, show him “tough love”, let him take care of himself, etc. I didn’t listen to them as I cannot and will not kick someone when they are already down. I love my son very much, and the simple fact is he made a mistake. A bad decision for a 20 year old, but we all make errors in judgement no matter our age. But as his mother, it’s my job to be there for him when he needs me and help him when he cant help himself. He didnt wake up one day and say “Gee, I think I’ll start smoking Spice so I cann induce psychosis, go to the ER every weekend with massive panic attacks and be diagnosed with major depression”. None of the people who smoked this thought that, I’m sure. I’m not making excuses for his drug use, but believe me he has learned his lesson in the worst possible way.
I wish you all the luck in the world; it sounds like you are feeling better now!

retired drug addict
11:05 pm October 8th, 2012

Well. look, i’ve done just about every drug you can imagine, from weed to DMT and salvia divinorum.. Just tried K@ for the 1st time because someone said it was a similar high to marijuana and undetectable. I love pot, and plan to smoke it in moderation for the rest of my life. I can also I would recommend ANY other drug before I would recommend this synthetic crap. Yes, U are completely under it’s influence for almost an hour, and it is very unpleasant. I thought I was going to die. I tried it on my bed for the first time, just held one hit in for about 20 secs, and I didn’t leave the bed for an hour. Immediately after coming out it I had to research it(wish i had first) because I had to know,WHAT IS THIS SHIT!?
I remember feeling as if I were on some drug made by the government to destroy people, and that I was never going to be the same again. I did come down but I’m still disturbed by It’s memory. This is not a substitute for weed, but a nasty nasty chemical.. You would probably be better of huffing paint. Really. DO NOT TRY. I had a love affair with drugs and I can say this stuff is pure evil. trust me

retired drug addict
11:14 pm October 8th, 2012

and if people are getting addicted to it I believe they must be adding other addictive qualities, like cigarettes, because no one should enjoy being that scared and for lack of a better word completely f@$#ed up. I know drugs, and this is the worst one i’ve ever come across. I reiterate, don’t do it! you will regret it immediately. Horrifying…

retired drug addict
11:31 pm October 8th, 2012

sorry to drag this out into 3 statements but i believe my comments may be helpful. I have been addicted to cigarettes, heroin, coc, benzos, everything you you can be addicted besides meth. After this experience I flushed the remainder of this stuff down the toilet because I remembered myself thinking”this is not a drug I want to ever do again.” But now, after only trying once, and hating it I can feel the same addictive qualities I’ve felt from the illegal drugs i’ve done, like heroin. I can see how someone may not remember how just horrible it was and end up beginning a nightmare cycle. Thank god I threw it away and read this blog. DANGER SYNTHETIC WEED IS HORRIBLE STUFF. c’mon government protect our children from evil companies like this, and just legalize the natural stuff…

5:45 am October 10th, 2012

If you all want to know what that sharp pain in your head is…it is your brain actually swelling up with blood from the spice. My neighbor is a pretty straight guy and is a neurologist. He says the stuff scares the shit out of him. Ive smoked spice 4 times. I keep telling myself not to do it again because the headaches, the lag (slowed thinking), and the annoying sensitivity to light. I was playing soccer after smoking it once…it was the girls varsity team vs boys varsity team and I scored a goal with my head…holy fucking shit. I had to walk off of the field, go into the woods and wait for practice to end…. i couldnt even drive home. I had to take the bus because I i couldnt take my hands off my head. This was after smoking some shit called “aztec”. Also my bro Chris smoked this out of a pen and became very VERY pale and started shaking and having all the symptoms of a seizure. He also through up numerous times. He slept in his car for four hours he said. Then he went home. All im going to end this with is….please dont do this stuff. Don’t do it, dont encourage others to do it, and dont let yourself be hassled into it.

9:20 am October 11th, 2012

Just started smoking this stuff last week. I have only tried one kind “Mr. Happy”. Did not have any problems with it till a few hours ago. Took one hit and my heart started going crazy, it has never beat like that before in my whole life {I am 35). Thought for sure I was going to die. Woke my roomate up and told him I was having a heart attack. Really scary. Will never ever touch spice again.

Thanks to everyone that has posted, I feel alot better knowing it is the drug and not my heart.

4:26 am October 13th, 2012

@Anon Do you live anywhere near Kentucky? I live in Lexington, and some incense(poison I call it now) called “Aztec Warrior” almost killed me. I am so lucky to be alive. I’ve almost died 3 times in my life, so I know the feeling. I heard crackling & thundering SO loud, heard rushing water & my brain felt very hot. My balance then went out of my control. Would you do me the biggest favor in the world & ask your neighbor what his opinion is on what I experienced? I seriously looked into the sky to see if it was thundering(because the sound was so intense) & it was the clearest, blue sky I’d seen in a while; it was beautiful outside. It was brain damage occurring. I just would like to know specifics on what type of brain damage. The neurologist I went to just performed a basic physical test to see how I was responding to balance etc. Plus he was horribly patronizing & condemning. I just saw that you smoked ‘Aztec’ & wanted to be sure if it was the same brand I’d used. The police here in town took “Happy Tiger”(my regular brand) off the shelves for about a week, so I found whatever was left at the local Headshop. One more thing(I promise.. :)) I watched a documentary on women(particularly young women) soccer players who’d suffered a type of brain damage from ‘heading’ the ball so many times. They said it was mandated by their coach to do(heading) in darn near every game.They specifically had a sensitivity to light & have to now have all the lights dimmed & wear sunglasses for an undetermined amount of time & of course, give up soccer. They’d had mini-concussions, which added up to brain damage. So I’m really hoping/happy you are safe.

You seem very wise to have educated yourself about all this. I hope to hear from you regardless about you & your brother’s progress, we’ve got a great support system here if you need it, ever.
God bless & I hope you live a happy, healthy life,
Take care,

1:57 am October 15th, 2012

first of all I want to thank everyone for posting, it has helped me a lot. I have never done this but know that my husband is addicted. He started smoking this instead of weed like everyone for drug test, but now the test is over and he still wants this!! The hard part is, he lies to me about it! Like will be high, eyes barely open and bloodshot cant barely talk, and running outside every chance he gets and will tell me that he isnt high, or hit a reg joint 3 hours ago (which wouldnt have him high) or hes just tired, Yesterday I actually caught him red handed with the bowl filled and he still lied to my face!!,,,when I already knew, smelled it and and everything and hes gonna hit it in front of me and say wow that tastes wierd ( like it wasnt weed) like im stupid! Ive smoked plenty of weed nobody can tell me something is weed when its not especially because i already knew before i seen or smelld it
He was on it a couple months ago and did the same thing until he finally admitted it only because i was blaming him for something else and i think he stopped for a while, then all of a sudden the lying came and I knew. Ive tried to be mad at him, Ive tried to tell him im worried and its going to break us up (together for 9 years!) even when he wakes up so hes sober when i say it and i leave and come back and hes high again saying hes not and dont have any. hes been thrwing up every morning for the past week. and last time he was doing it it got real bad when he didnt have it…mornings for example and was being a complete ass. He would leave out of nowhere even if it was late at night to go get it. But my question is how do i get him to stop when he wont even admit that he has it or is doing it? even when he will talk with me about it its only half of the truth. to me an addiction is an addiction no matter what it is and i dont know how far i should let this go. I have two small children with him and do not want a “bad trip” or a heart attack or seizure to happen with it. and its hard because hes really nice when hes on it and just changes the subject or get really mad when i wont let up on it, or like this morning when he kind of admitted that it wasnt easy to stop but he knows he has to, that he doesnt have any more and isnt going to do it and was high by the time i came home from the store…. n lied about it! Im pulling my hair out not knowing what to do for me or him. If anyone has any ideas that they tried with their man or any man; who was on it that can give me a insight on what could get through to him I would be very appriciative. worst of all, most of the guys at his work do it so its not like i can keep them ppl away.

4:44 am October 15th, 2012

Thank you for the input Jessica. It was very helpful. Thank you to everyone else that has posted, as well.

5:42 am October 15th, 2012


9:53 am October 15th, 2012

Hello Carlos. Thanks for your question. It’s a great one. I’d suggest checking into the CLINICALTRIALS.GOV site every now and then to seek actively recruiting trials and searching for the keywords “synthetic cannabinoids” or “Spice” or “synthetic marijuana”. You can also try to search for trials related to THC and then get in touch with doctors who are currently testing THC and contact them about possible trials for synthetics. Otherwise, ask you family doctor for more information and to seek a referral to local resources of university, hospital or private practice research being done in this realm.

4:15 pm October 15th, 2012

Smoked Mad Hatter one night two weeks ago somewhat heavily after a few months of very occasional, light use. I was out of pot and I guess went a little overboard. I experienced a severe anxiety/panic attack that simply would not go away. I was literally pacing in my house, although thankfully no hallucinations.

I went to the ER for the first time in my life the following afternoon. They perscribed me a few lorazapam and sent me on my way, saying I should be fine the next day. Two weeks later I’m still having all these crazy triggers (eating has become a big one, I’m down 10 pounds in 2 weeks) and I’ve made an appointment to see a psychiatrist in hopes of getting a rx for anti-anxiety meds (yes,I will be filling her in on what has lead up to this).

My questions is, we all seem to be experiencing similar things, but are there herbal rememdies/detoxifiers for this? Could a clay supplement help with pulling this crap out of our systems?

6:53 am October 16th, 2012

Spice is terrible and is getting worse everyday. Each time they outlaw a chemical in spice they find another one that’s even worse. The high is very intense and very brief leaving you wanting more. It’s like crack. My partner and I threw hundreds of dollars away on that stuff. We finally quit when things got so bad I attempted suicide. Now my partner is addicted again. It’s a major struggle. The new kind he smoked made him look like he was having a seizure. Just make marijuana legal already.

1:14 am October 19th, 2012

Saw the psychiatrist today and it was really helpful. She prescribed me Zoloft (FDA approved for panic disorders) and told me to continue taking the Xanax I obtained to keep myself sane, at least for the next few weeks till the Zoloft kicks in. Made sure to ask her about protocol for getting off the Zoloft eventually cause I’m not a fan of pharmacueticals.

If anyone is having a similar reaction to mine, I really recommend this method of treatment. I cannot imagine going through months of this like some of the people above, and she really gave me hope that this will not be forever. My psychiatrist visit was $175 (to see a nurse practitioner, no less and I was REALLY lucky to get in just 4 days after I called) and the Zoloft was $28.

I have health insurance but it doesn’t cover psychiatric issues (so I can’t wait to see that ER bill from 2 weeks ago.) She wants to see me back in two weeks just to check in and also for an hour of therapy, and lowered her price to $125 since I’m self pay. Maybe I could’ve gone to my GP, but it was really comforting to talk to someone who I knew would not be judgmental, who did not rush me, and was incredibly sympathetic.

Point being, if you’ve smoked this crap and messed yourself up, you CAN get help. Go to your doctor and do NOT be afraid to be honest. You purchased a legal substance, don’t be ashamed. Good luck to all of you.

5:31 am October 23rd, 2012

i tried some syntheic weed because they said that the weed wouldn’t show up in your body.but if i would have known that it makes you feel like that i would not have touched was a once thing but it was a lesson.i thought i was loosing my mind,my heart was beating fast all kinds of crazy feelings.i advise no one to use spice.its not good for u i will be sticking to the regular weed.that stuff needs to band nation wide.

1:53 am October 26th, 2012

I smoked Hades Gods of War around two years ago.
Terrible experience… and my first and hopefully last with any mind-altering drug
I’ve been reading the reply’s since the incident and just wanted to come on and report my progress to anyone who cares.
I’m feeling much better and only experience slight uneasiness when sitting in complete silence.
I have eye floaters as many of you have stated and although it hardly bothers me I wish they would go away. On the bright side I think my new mind-state after going through that experience is better so…(:
Because the person now is who I am.. and I fucking love myself.
I wish the best of all of you.

7:28 am October 31st, 2012

Ok so it’s been 3 days since I last smoked. It’s midnight I have no ability to sleep but much,much desire. I stumbled on this blog bc of the bad trip I had 3 days ago and I am still feeling like crap! I wanted to see if there was any hope out there and apparently there is…..thank god for blogs like this. This stuff has messed up my life. I lost my job, have been to the ER 12 times, and 3 days ago ended up in a homeless shelter after that bad trip. All of this in 10 months of smoking spice.
What happened last Saturday is what everyone has described….I felt like I was going to die. Rapid heart rate, sweating, hot/cold, shaking, vomiting non stop, screaming, loosing my mind, going crazy, dying, going to hell, hallucinating. After I was taken to the ER by 911 completely out of it they got me to some how say I would go to “rehab”. The next thing I knew some people in a van picked my up and took me to a place downtown and dropped me off. The place was a detox “crisis” center where you had to wait for a bed to become available with every other “intoxicated” person downtown. I have no sense of time that night all I know is I was throwing up non stop, my whole body hurt like hell, I had no bra, under ware, or shoes on and I had no idea where I was. After what seemed like an eternity at 330am they said I had a bed. They gave me some nausea medicine and some anxiety medicine and I fell asleep. I remember waking up a few times and not being able to figure out what time it was. Finally at 300 pm I woke up and I’m like now what? So they say do you want to go home now? Do you need a ride? And, I’m like hell yeah! Get me home. So I am home now and trying to stay off spice. I just can’t wait for it to get better. I have lost 40lbs and have no appetite whatsoever. My whole body still aches and I have bad anxiety. Reading all of this has really helped. Try to keep you updated.

7:59 pm October 31st, 2012

Hi Chris
I have the floaters also. Did your floaters just pop up or did you kind of dig them out due to hypochondria. I did not notice my floaters until about 2-3 months after my panic attack. I had tons of anxiety after the panic, I taught I had done some damage to my brain and that the way I was feeling would never leave me. Because it was in my subconscious that legal highs could damage ones vision, after my experience I could not get the taught out on my mind. So with all the anxiety, worry, hypochondria about 2-3 months down the line the floaters just burst out all over the place. I got very depressed and they only increased my anxiety. I am feeling a million times better now. No anxiety, no hypochondria. I just worry sometimes. People told me the floaters were anxiety related. I still kind of wonder about the truth about that. Maybe it’s a mild form of HPPD. I have just the floaters and I also notice a kind of static or visual snow. I am not sure if it’s the HPPD visual type visual snow that I have or if it’s just my white blood cells zipping around. People who have traumatic experiences go through flight or fight mode and people report eye floaters. I wish I new for sure. Some develop floaters after cannabis or just anxiety in general. Drugs can affect the brain and liver. One great improvement with me was the heart rate; mine has returned to normal, so skipping heart beats and anxiety. I have a feeling that the eye floaters will dissipate in another few years. Change your whole life. The following book is very good: Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can By CAROLINE MYSS, PH.D.

10:11 am November 1st, 2012

This is just a theory, but I believe this can lead to heart and lung disease, cancer, arteriosclerosis, COPD, depression, and short term memory loss.
I’ve simply weighted the actions and side effects, of what everyone is experiencing.

2:14 pm November 1st, 2012

Just about every person on here has reported prolonged panic attacks, enxiety & depression after smoking Spice. The same thing happened to my son. He is now on meds for depression & anxiety. The codtor says he will get back to normal byt it will take some time. Prior to his smoking this he never had a day of anxiety, no depression and had never had a panic attack before. I think those symptoms alone would be enough to keep people off of this poison! Having to take him to the ER every weekend before he started getting better was horrible and frightening for him. I hope this blog will stop some people from starting this stuff.

7:18 am November 4th, 2012

I smoked some form of the synthetic and I nearly had a heart attack.

6:27 am November 5th, 2012

i did this a few years back. we were waiting for our dealer to come by and our buddy had some on him and says he does it all the time its harmless…we packed a bong pack or two…one friend was skeptical and barely milked it so he was fine…my other frend seizured….we went to play video games and I couldnt understand, idk what i couldnt understand but i just ouldnt handle the game, my hands looked small and my heart started to pound out of my chest, after awhile I hallucinated watching myself die where I sat. I thought i was sure I was having a heart attack and believed death was envdable at that point. something in my head told me to walk id feel better so thats what i did i left where i was and walked. it slowed down my heart rate and i started to think maybe forrest gump was doin it right. about 10 mins in I started to think that the world was against me and everyone was playin a joke on me and it was all fake. I went back where i was and checked on my friend who seizured and when i left his house a second time i halluicinated aface in the sky i believed was God who told me i was invincible and now one of his angels. I woke up the next morning uncomfortable like something was inside of me, my heart beat was bascally none existant and i snapped on everyone over pointless stuff. I also couldnt get it up which lasted for about a day. I smoked it twice. once someone sprinkled it in the blunt so no one had a bad trip and second time through the bong. I used to have a great memory, years later i cant remember things all the time and i find myself wondering wtf i was doing or saying reguraly…granted i smoke pot hahaha….took a few days for me to go back to pot after the spice and i was paranoid what would happen but i was and am fine….It has changed who I am and how I think, sometimes i miss the old me but sometimes i recognize the stupidity behind ever touching it and as long as my long term health is ok im happy to say i have learned

8:47 pm November 5th, 2012

This blog is great. I have only one problem reading the blogs and that is I tend to be an analytical person and I am attaching other peoples side effects to my existing ones. I had terrible anxiety for over a year and hypochondria due the effect of the drug and the worry surrounding the unknown side effects. My anxiety is gone, I have mild depression. I still have prominent eye floaters. Because I was worried about whether I had damaged my vision after the panic attack or if the anxiety was the main cause of the floaters. Have I a form of HPPD? I know there is correlation between eye floaters and panic attack experiences. If I my eye floaters would dissipate I would feel zero depersonalization and then I would be back to my self. Regarding memory problems, I am not so sure if I have that problem.
All I know is that after the bad experience I developed hypochondria, especially concerning my vision. My bad experience was mild compared to some above. the peak of the high from the fake wade was just horrible anxiety and racing heart and I felt at that moment(just a taught) that I had damaged my brain or my nervous system. The next day I woke up, I could not get this taught out of my being and I was also convinced that I had damaged my vision. I was scanning my vision consciously and I must have subconsciously also. Is this the reason for seeing my floaters all of the time or is HPPD? Can someone please put me at rest. I have spoken to people many people who have smoked real weed for years and they say that they had tons of them and that they went away after a few years.
the idea about not being oneself scares me and it is very unhealthy to be hyper scanning my being all of the time. I must let go of this experience. One more question are my symptoms psychosomatic?
Surely people have recovered. Can somebody give some peace of mind?

8:27 pm November 6th, 2012

To Garret – You will recover, th worst of it is over. My son has gone to a doctor out of state who trains ER doctors on what symptoms to look for with synthetic marijuana. She is very knowledgeable and has told him he his symptoms will subside; it will take some time. It would probably help you to get a mild anti-anxiety to help with the worrying, though. Doesnt mean you have to stay on them forever, just until all the symptoms pass. It has helped my son quite a bit. He is feeling back to normal now.

3:28 am November 7th, 2012

Ok so here is an update if anyone is interested. It has been 10 days since I smoked spice. Slowly day by day my symptoms have gotten better. I am not constantly “craving” it. It seemed like even though I was through with this stuff mentally, my body NEEDED it. I have been drinking lots of water, exercising, and taking B12 with vit C and folic acid, valerian root, and melitonin. I went to an herbalist yesterday and he prescribed me some concoction that I make a tea out of and drink for 5 nights. He said my circulation is very poor. I told him about the GI symptoms, anxiety, and insomnia and he threw some herbs in for those too. After one night of drinking this tea the stabbing pain I had in my right kidney for the last 2 weeks is completely gone. Last night I actually had dreams. I still feel anxious at time but progressively less and less. I am still forcing myself to eat. At time my brain still feels numb. Luckily so far no depression or vision probs. I am still worried about permanent damage. Although I don’t come anywhere near to getting high small bowls of real weed seem to help with the nausea and tingling skin sensations. I’ll keep updating for anyone interested.

11:55 am November 12th, 2012

Hey guys..
Just wanted to say congrats to everyone that’s come off this stuff, it’s not easy. Wanted to share my story..the condensed version, anyway.
I’ve smoked marijuana since I was 15. I’ve always been a decent person–no criminal record, no desire to get into any trouble. I was always super paranoid about getting caught.
I heard about ‘spice’ and decided to give it a go.
Besides cigarettes, I’ve never been addicted to anything in my life-until spice.
Before I knew it, I’d been smoking it every day for 6 months.. Then a year.. Then 18 months.
I can remember about 5 seperate occasions when smoking it where I puked my guts up, sobbed, and told my friends I didn’t think I could stop if I tried. I was right. It took me hitting rock bottom to quit. Right now, I’m working on paying back stores for bad checks I wrote to get cash to buy the stuff. That’s not something I’m proud to admit, but it’s one of the many things I hold onto in the back of my mind that’ll keep me from ever taking another hit.
I got up to 7 grams a day. If it actually has killed people, I don’t see how I’m not one of them. I had so many horrible side effects–head aches, confusion, vomiting, complete loss of apetite, hallucinations.. I got to the point that I had to have it to eat. If I wasn’t completely blazed, eating made me sick. And once, I thought my spine was melting into my friend’s car. I could literally feel the plastic bumper being joined with my bones. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever went through..
I have Bipolar Disorder, so I’ve always dealt with depression and anxiety, but nothing like I did when I was smoking spice. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t commit suicide. I’m thankful to be alive every day now.
For anyone still smoking.. Please stop. Please. When you do, I PROMISE you’ll look back at this time and realize some things that you can’t see right now. I didn’t even know who I was. In hindsight, I was somebody I never want to be again.
The 2 years I smoked is a shameful time in my life, but I’m grateful for it. I’ve gotten several of my friends to stop by telling them my story.
I’m not embelishing or being dramatic, I have no reason to. I just want people to see this stuff for what it really is.

12:24 pm November 12th, 2012

@J against synthetics:
You’re very well-spoken. I enjoyed reading your story, as I could relate to it..
However, don’t go so hard on the ones that continued use.. I consider myself to be an intelligent person who makes semi-decent choices. This stuff isn’t a choice. Not after a while. It becomes an obligation. Anyone that tried to argue that this stuff isn’t totally and completely addictive apparently never smoked much. I went hardcore from the beginning, a stupid decision on my part, I know. But after a while, I couldn’t stop if I’d wanted to. It just doesn’t work that way.
I quit back in June and I’m still dealing with some side effects. This stuff is way worse than people can even imagine.

3:28 am November 13th, 2012

THE CURE!!! I OVERCAME IT!!!! Hello everyone, my name is Daniel and no this is not spam. I am sixteen years old and i have experimented with spice and it was hell. I smoked about 4 cigars and 5 joints of it in 3 days. On the third day is when it hit me… Started to feel i was going to die, heart beating fast, anxiety attacks, head pumping. Just horrible, and the next day i was so beat. After my trip, i started to feel derealization,insomnia, depersonalization and i couldn’t focus much. If you are experiencing the same symptoms then keep reading. I started to use spice again after the incident but not as abusive, but then i stopped smoking all together for 2 months. I was scared to do it again because i thought it would be a weird high. After those 2 months i used REGULAR WEED. Street weed, you know that backyard stuff, and let me tell you how great it was. This was truly the cure, and i was still scared but it worked! I know it will work for you if you feel like your not yourself. I am still a bit shaky but it was so awesome that i could get rid of that feeling and i hope this inspires you to stop and use regular weed, LISTEN, it’s not only, stop and then do regular. You have to wait a pretty good while, at least 2 months WITHOUT SMOKING ANYTHING. Then start with reggie and you can continue using reggie and it will feel the same, but if you don’t wait a while then nothing will happen. If you have a religion then embrace it, and i myself am a believer in Jesus Christ. Any questions contact me and send me a thank you if this works for you because it did for me! God bless you all!

8:09 pm November 14th, 2012

Hi I Love My Savior.
I love your handle. I love Jesus as well and I know He loves me too. Not sure why but I am certainly not complaining.
I am not getting a clear understanding of what you are saying. Are you saying “weed” as in Marijuana will get you through withdrawals. I am taking Hydrocodone 40-50 mg. per day and having a hard time deciding whether to taper or go cold turkey.
I am 58, so the odds of me finding marijuana are slim to none. Who is going to sell it to and old goat like me? LOL…
Please tell me more in detail what you are talking about. I am interested as I have an outside shot from my nephew who knows people that have it. ANYTHING is better than suffering withdrawals. I am praying that God heals and delivers me from all of my medications so that I can be a better example for him and get back to carrying out The Great Commission as He told us all to do!!! -Gary

12:09 am November 15th, 2012

I posted back in August I think, telling everyone all of the nasty side effects this stuff had on my husband. Well come to find out, him, his dad and his best friend had been smoking alot of it for 6 or 8 months. His dad had a liver disease when I last posted. I found out shortly afterward that they had purchased several shipments of this crap through the mail. About 2 weeks after these purchases, his dad got severely demented, I mean like walking around naked and being totally out of it. His abdomen began swelling up huge, to where he had to go to the hospital and get the fluid drained off. The liver disease progressed so rapidly, even his physicians were at a loss. He went into a coma and stayed out for a week. He never recovered. He died two weeks later. Second. His friend has something wrong with his pancreas. Since August, he has become severely ill, to the point that he has had to have a feeding tube put in because he cannot tolerate food!! He is now terminally ill and has been given only months to live. Im telling you people, this crap is lethal. If you have any type of illness, this stuff will magnify it a hundredfold and kill you. I am convinced that them smoking this poison has lead to their demise. My husband is now very slow minded, almost like a child sometimes. He forgets everything and is really slow. Im afraid of what the long term effects on his organs is going to be, I already know his brain is fried. Take this very seriously if you have any doubts about the toxicity to your entire system. You will suffer in one way or another, or even worse, die.

4:02 am November 19th, 2012

Sorry I never responded to you, I only check this blog when i’m depressed. My vision has gotten 99% back normal since I started having floaters a couple months after smoking spice. I just stopped worrying about them one night and I hardly ever notice any hindrance to my eyesight again. I’m positive that the floaters are anxiety related. Hopefully this gives you some peace of mind. Good luck man. I’ll check this blog more often for you. Oh and one more thing to anyone else who is on here, do any of you have symptoms tied to depersonalization? This could be unrelated to my spice trip.. considering it was two years ago.
Okay good luck everyone, peace out cub scout.

8:16 pm November 22nd, 2012

Hi Chris
No not really Chris. It just feels like I may have tiny bit of depsonalization due to the floaters and over analizing everthing. Let go!
Good Luck! Thanks for the reply


5:13 am November 23rd, 2012

@ Gary, hey bud! thanks for your response. What i mean is after i had my bad trip, i started to feel horrible, maybe it was withdrawals..That’s what i’m thinking but it didn’t feel like that.. Anyways, while i was going through my feelings (derealization, body feeling out of place, unclear thoughts, depersonalization) i thought up a plan.. I knew the spice was affecting my brain with it’s harsh chemicals and that’s why i was feeling that way. So i contemplated about messing with the chemistry in my head. I know, it sounds completely insane but every single drug messes with the chemistry in your brain. i decided the closest i would get is to use marijuana, as i messed myself up with legal bud, maybe regular bud would do the trick? So i tried it and sure enough,, I started to feel like the old me,, No more anxiety attacks.. Everything went back to normal and i thank the Lord for marijuana because it saved me from an ugly feeling. So what i am saying is yes, do try the marijuana a couple of times. It might reverse the effects of your brain’s chemistry and no more withdrawals. Let me know what happens! i will pray for you friend. TC and talk to you soon.

4:13 pm November 25th, 2012

My nephew, 17 years old, is in the ER right now. He has been using spice. He has been throwing up every day for the last month. This morning he had a seizure and was taken to the ER. He is diagnosed with kidney failure. His potasium level is dangerously high and is at risk for heart failure. I found this blog because I was looking for more information on the drug spice. They are not saying right now that spice is the cause of all this, but they are not ruling it out. The thing is he has been a healthy kid until he got messed up with this drug. Just felt the need to let everyone know. Don’t take chances with your precious lives.

Tampa FL
7:34 am November 29th, 2012

Name isnt important but the issue is. I have been smoking this synthetic stuff for about a year and a half and i have had hardly any side effects. I smoke just about everyday with about 6 blunts worth of the stuff. From some of the few posts that i have read i have also tried some of these same products as well that were post like Red Magic or Mr.Happy guy and never got as high as you people have stated. the only side effects i have come across was slight memory loss while smoking the stuff, what i mean about memory loss is me and a friend of mine that smokes with me can be talking about a subject and seconds later cant remember what we were talking about but a few moments later we ended up remembering. When i first had started smoking the stuff i experienced a minor seizure but i dont really know, i was just thinking about playing some video games and the next thing i know my friend is tilting me forward saying are you ok and i look down and i had vomited on the floor and on myself with out knowing, but that happened once and never again. I think im just a lucky one and now i dont even get high from the stuff anymore and i have tried numerous different kinds and nothing. I do at time find myself wanting to smoke but i dont. Honestly i think this drug effect people in a different way and for those out there that may have been affected or have im sorry you had to go through with what ever hapened.

3:09 am November 30th, 2012

to jenny what kind of spice where they smoking

I have tried it
2:15 pm December 1st, 2012

I smoked spice for about 2 -4 weeks smoking maybe 5 grams every couple of days. It caused me to become severly depressed, so I quit! However shortly after smoking it I had a respiratory tract infection; all the garbage I hacked up from my lungs caused me to become high again, like I was smoking spice. My throat went numb everytime I coughed this stuff up. Now 6 months later I am just getting over a serious cold and I started to hack stuff up from my lungs and I have that same numbing aweful taste in my throat. I am convinced it was the chemicals from spice, I just hope it eventually goes away..

10:29 am January 7th, 2013

I am a recovering addict, I’ve been through it all.
It started as me trying the stuff with my new boyfriend.
And then it became a weekly thing.. then a daily.. then an hourly…
My boyfriend at the time had a good friend by the name of Chad, and we started hanging out with him a lot more once we started smoking, the reason was that he made spice for our local head shop. He would (and still does) Order chemicals off line and then plant matter and synthesize it all with acetone.. once me and my ex (at this point, happy and in love) started smoking his stuff we started spending all our time at his house. we Spent all our money on spice, we didnt even eat. eventually, we lost our apartment because the thought of “paying rent” never crossed our minds when we got payed, it was “Go to chads house and get messed up” our friend lived in an RV behind our local head shop with his two dogs and girlfriend and her son, and thats where me, and always at least 5 other people would load bowl after bowl after bowl of the stuff out of bins our friend had made. We smoked so much… I wouldnt be exagerating if I said we smoked ten grams a day. It got to the point about a year later where we were living outside of the headshop in a tent with multiple other addicts in the subdivision around the head shop. all of them avid spice smokers, it ranged from teenagers to 70 year old men. all we did was walk around like zombies asking if someone had a bowl, or a cigarette, or some food. we had a little tent city where everyone lived, and we were all “Content” We smoked, and smoked and smoked, a good friend of mine lost her son because she was so high she couldnt move when his father was taking the kid out of her home. she never saw him again. after about 6 months of this, Our friend moved into his own house and made his own, lets say “labratory” and me and my ex moved in. There were Gallon sized bags of these chemicals, there were hundreds of gram bags filled with different colered chemicals that we used to make our drug.. we didnt know what they were besides the lable on the bag, jwh-018, hu-210 etc.. We just knew that it got us high. we lived with him and made spice, sold it to the local headshops and even kids. I have sold a bag of spice that was triple dosed to a 12 year old kid.. I will never forgive myself. it got to the point about 3 months later where we stopped making spice..our friend had lost his job at the head shop for un-related reasons. we stopped making spice and started smoking the chemicals on cigarettes.. or just plain bowls of it. out of bubbles, any way we could do it. normal “spice” wouldnt do it for us. we stopped getting high.. smoked more and more and more.. a good friend of ours who was also in the spice making game, and was starting to get to our level, selling his stuff to the local head shops.. killed himself with a ten gram bag of “demon” on his chest, with full and empty bags of chemicals littering his home. it all started to go down hill.. me and my ex couldnt afford the chemicals after he died.. he was our connection.. we went through our last 20? I think bags of chemicals and had not payed rent in months.. we got kicked out of our home and our loving relationship had turned into “If I cant get us high, the other can” we moved into a vacant trailer that was dilapitated and Condemned.. we lived far from town and started living off of un-employment because we couldnt function in society doing day to day things like making burgers. or standing in line. every time we got paid, it was a rush to the head shop. which closed thirty minutes after we got paid, and a 45 minute drive from our home and we would always make it. sometimes we would run out of gas because of the excitement and he would run. worry about gas later. after a while, about a year of this pathetic living off of unemployment our relationship ended violently, not because we didnt love eachother. because we werent high. when we werent high we hated the world and everything around us, we were bitter and resentful to the thought of anything that didnt have something to do with getting high,(weed, did NOT get us high anymore, regardless of how much we smoked) He went right back to a tent out side of the headshop, I willingly followed. I have gotten and lost around five jobs since then, lost every friend I ever had, I lost my family, I lost my innocence, I lost my mind, and the love of my life. We lived together around the head shop for a while.. not going into detail but it didnt last long. all we would do was get high and when we werent high we hated eachother. I sat those three months in my little atco unit, being completely surrounded by spice addicts, my walls were so thin I had to start using matches to smoke my spice, alone. because if I used a lighter the whole neighborhood knew and they were knocking at my door. I have seen a husband and wife live in a van with two dogs and a 16 year old son. they destroyed that able and willing boys mind. he used to be willing and motivated, excited about life. and now all he worries about is getting high. I sat and just took in what was happening around me, all these sickly looking people. giving up everything they have just for a bowl. I watched good friends of mine have heart attacks after smoking.. Ive seen peoples minds dissapear and never come back.. Ive watched people rob the headshop and come out with hundreds of grams of spice and have it gone in a matter of days, and thats keeping it to themselves.I watched the world slowly degrade around me and I started to notice that we were all zombies, maybe we werent looking for brains but our next fix. Eventually I had gotten kicked out of my small atco apartment and I moved into a tent outside of the head shop, again. I realized what I was turning into.. I wasnt these people slowly dying around me.. though I looked it.. Yellow skin, red and purple around my eyes, skinny and sickly looking, covered in sores. I twitched when I was starting to come down, I couldnt think or talk, I didnt even take showers. I was a zombie. Within a few weeks of my realization I was 86’d from all the headshops that were within a 20 mile radius of me, one was my fault, one was my friend who noticed the change in me and 86’d me because he cared and knew what was happening to me. I had to stand outside and beg people to buy it for me. after a while people got tired of seeing me and started to treat me badly because I never shared my spice. I moved back in with my mom and I would just cry and plead for her to get it to me, I needed it. I was Crying hysterically and puking and convulsing on the bathroom floor begging my mom to please just get me a gram. She wouldnt get it for me.. after a few days of being sober, now being sober after what I had put myself through was unbeleivable. I Could not sleep, I could not eat, I could not focus on anything around me. I was puking , and crying, and screaming. I spent that week in the bathroom, my body burning at each end. I didnt know what to do.. after that week it started to get a little better,,, my head was starting to get clear..I noticed the color of my skin starting to return. But what followed is no more pleasant than the last two and a half years had been.. I started to have anxiety attacks daily, my stomach always made noise. every time I puked , which was daily All i tasted was chemicals, what I coughed up was black and the sores on my skin got bigger and tripled in numbers. I started seeing spots in my vision. Every day all day there were headaches. shooting pains, heart palpitations.
this was about nine months ago, when I quit.
The scary thing is I never knew I was addicted until i Quit.
And still to this day, nine months later, the headache has NOT gone away, now bearable because i’ve gotten used to it, I still have sores on my skin but they have lowered in numbers drastically. I still have heart palpitations, I still see spots in my vision. I catch myself with my jaw clenched often. random terrifying Tremors I cant sleep still. my anxiety has dropped massivley. and It ruined getting high or drunk for me, I hear my heart beat in my left ear every day, followed by those shooting pains. my adrenaline glands are shot and I cant be happy to save my life, My ability to process words and communicate has gone out the window. I will never be as able as I was, as smart as i was, or who I was before I started smoking that. it ruined my body, my mind, and me. I will never forgive myself for the irreversable damage ive done to my body and mind. I would give my life to get anyone who smokes that, to get them off of it.. My story has helped a few good friends of mine to quit, and they all have health problems like myself, them having smoked for years, or MONTHS! and all of those people living around the head shop.. are still there. just geting sicker and sicker by the day, I cant go there anymore because the last time I did all I did was cry. I’m watching all of my friends and the man I love with my whole heart slowly die.. I hope this story made someone understand how powerful this drug is. and how it is ruining our people from the inside out. in my town, you will find more people that smoke spice than pot. The world has come to an end.

claudette patton
10:23 pm January 16th, 2013

My son age 42 has been smoking spice for about 3 or mre months. He is way out of control, he has hallucinations and does not think it’s the spice. he has history of drug abuse and been clean for several yrs. I.m really scared for him and do not know what to do ! he has lost so much weight and looks bad. Please Don’t use this it is no good for any one !!!!!!.

3:34 am January 20th, 2013

i have tried the legal weed and i dont experience none of this sickness anyone else experience i dont know if its cause i have bipolar or adhd but it keeps me calm

3:03 am January 24th, 2013

i have not experienced any side effects i seem much calmer and more relaxed have not had any problems and i have a ton of mental issues this actually takes the pain away from my body it is somr kind of muscle relaxer at first i would always eat but now im more than fine i enjoy my high and im still in a very good state of mind maybe i had a good batch ive been working on the same batch for over a year now it doesn’t bother me i use a one-hitter take about three drags cant inhale much in one hit and two hours later im back to normal i sleep fine i can remember everything dont know why everyone else has probs but im more than fine smoked this stuff since 2010 an not an addict either smoke once to twice in a blue moon

7:11 pm January 25th, 2013

Spice is not as bad as people make it out to be. No one knows the long term effects but ive been smoking spice for almost 4 years now. I smoke at the lest 5 grams a day. Its highly addictive but no severe consequences like mental problems, Nausea, Ect. like everyone says. Dont listen to all these websites.There wack. I know from exsperence. So many people wouldnt be smoking spice if weed was legal.

Russian Roulette
10:10 pm January 28th, 2013

The maker of JWH was right about the Russian roulette thing. I used to smoke marijuana. I quit about 5yrs ago. A couple years ago a friend introduced me to spice. The first time I felt extremely paranoid and it was a little calmer after that. I continued smoking for several months. Different kinds had different effects headaches, nausea, paranoia, anxiety but one thing remains the same I still want to smoke! I quit months ago. It is highly addictive and consumes your mind you want to smoke constantly because most highs wear off quickly. A few months ago I smoked “Black Magic” with a friend and I was violently ill, threw up for hours, had a fever, sweats and was in and out of consciousness. They were afraid I was going to die at one point when I was blacking out and sweating. I am lucky they didn’t rush me to the ER. This stuff is harmful. My friend is still smoking it and has been for years and she always has a horrible cough and many health problems that were non-existent before this. I am shocked that someone tested positive for meth after using it but IDK why it makes perfect sense that something soo addictive with horrific effects would contain that substance or something chemically similar. The high was awesome I have to admit and I still want to do it but I like my life. I still haven’t gone back to pot and am not smoking synthetic either. Sadly every day I watch my friend get sicker on this and I fear it is doing substantial long term damage to her lungs and organs. Honestly if you want to get high just smoke the real thing it is natural and at least you know what’s in it. Please stay healthy. Like the creator of JWH said this is a game of Russian roulette. Is the high worth your health?

Russian Roulette
1:52 am January 29th, 2013

Anyone who thinks you aren’t addicted and have no side effects I challenge you to quit all legal and everything for a few days and see if you have withdraws or can EVER stop thinking about the next high. Please come back and share your story.

2:33 am January 30th, 2013

To rannonymous – I am glad you have not been affected so far, but please don’t make the mistake of believing that your situation cannot change. My grandson is also bi-polar and has had problems with alcohol and smoking pot. His bad experiences included being sent to a Youth Dentention Center when he was younger. Even though his medical information was sent with him, as well as the names of the drugs he had been taking for a long time to control his bipolar condition, this facility took him off his meds – cold turkey. He started going downhill almost immediately, doing all kinds of crazy things, including trying to drown himself in a toilet bowl. Rather than recognize that he was ill, they sent him to a very bad prison where he was treated horribly. To make a long story short, when we found him, they had just sent him to the State mental hospital where he was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia. They told us he would never recover. Thank God, he did, eventually. However, as time passed and he got out, he started smoking pot again while he was on probation and was sentenced to two years in prison. This was a pretty horrible time. You would think by then he would have learned his lesson, but he had not. When he learned about the “synthetic marijuana” and it was legal at a gas station near his home, he started smoking it. At the time he was working and going to college. However, his behavior began to deteriorate over the summer to the point that his Mother was afraid of him. She finally had to call his probation officer and ask him to come and get him. They took him to a local hospital and he was completely psychotic. He was transferred to another State mental hospital where he stayed six weeks as they tried to stabilize him. When his Mother and I visited him we were just devasted at the mental condition he was in and the violent behavior he was exhibiting. After he was released he went back to his parents home and has been there ever since. That has been a year and three months now. His mind had been reduced to that of a child, even though he was 27 years old. He has recovered to an extent, but after trying to start school again, he is unable to concentrate long enough to do the work. The doctors have no idea if he will ever regain his mental status again and he recently was approved for something – SSI i believe, as he had not worked long enough to qualify for disability. So, he has been reduced to living on $700 a month somewhere. His future is gone as far as an education, a job, the possibiity of a wife and children, etc. As his grandmother, this has nearly killed me watching him like this. Of course, it has pretty much destroyed his family. So, I have told you all of this in hopes that you, and others on here who do not believe that smoking synthetic marijuana can hurt you, will see what it can do to you. It didn’t hapen the first time he smoked it, but I believe he was doing it all summer and just getting more and more psychotic. He suffers from extreme anxiety and paranoia and other things. Please, please, for your own sake and the sake of your families, do not start smoking this poison and if you are already doing it, make every effort to get off before something terrible happens to you. May God bless all of you and watch over you, especially those who are suffering and those who are trying to stop.

3:38 am January 30th, 2013

i have i smoke every once or twice in a blue moon its possible u have an addctive personality i dont have symptoms or withdraw im even trying to get consent for medicinal marijuana cause it helps my adhd and add plus it helps my insomnia so i have never had a problem prolly never will the last time i smoked was over a week ago not having any problems or withdrawls.

8:19 pm January 31st, 2013

I still have the prominent eye floaters and some depersonalization maybe due to the floaters. Would anxiety cause you to see them more? I had anxiety for along time after bad experience. To Christy above, when you say my symptoms will subside, did you also mean the floaters?
Maybe I’m still depressed?

6:47 pm February 1st, 2013

Hi Garret,

I am not sure about the floaters as my son never told me he had that. But the anxiety and depression will eventually subside. This synthetic stuff binds to your cell in a different way than marijuana and for alot longer. After you smoke pot, as you are probably aware, you will still test positive for it for about a month or so. Thats because it is still in your cells. This stuff needs to leave your system, but it takes a while. Have you seen a doctor? I would strongly suggest you see one for a mild anti-depressive to help you while the spice leaves your system. It helped my son. He is off of all meds now, working full time, new gf, new friends (who dont smoke). There IS a light at the end of the tunnel for you. Because this stuff is so new the doctors dont know alot about it yet, but they do know that it causes anxiety and depression that lasts after you stop smoking it. I hope this helps you, and of course, if I can answer any other questions (based on my sons experience) to assist you I am happy to do it.

10:33 am February 2nd, 2013

Hello everyone. Let me start my story. About 3 years ago I was a single father of 3. I had always struggled with drug use my whole adult life while taking care of them. I lost my kids in sept2010 becuz of a random drug test I had failled, and they went to live with there mother. So I was than put in a drug program becuz there was a possibility that I would get them back being that their mother had issues herself that she had to fix(it wasn’t drug related though) While in the program someone there told me about spice and how it wouldn’t show up in the urine test. I had been smoking weed for so long I Thought I couldn’t stop smoking so I tried the spice so I wouldn’t show up dirty on my piss test. Well, I wasn’t dirty, and I eventually finished the program, but only becuz I was using the spice instead of weed. After the program I went back to weed, only to find that it didn’t make me high anymore,not at all. Turns out the spice was so strong that I lost the taste for weed. So I started using spice again. And thats when things started FALLING APART. I had got addicted to it to the point were I was stealing from work(I was working at Walmart at the time) to support my habit. I started not paying my rent on time, eventually I started not paying it at all. Between giving my kids mother money for the kids, rent, living expenses and my drug use, I found myself not being able to do them all. So the landlord put me out, and I moved in with my cousin. Things started out o.k. at first but then I eventually started using more and more spice, The more I used the less money I had. So I started stealing like crazy at work just so I could have money to smoke more spice. Even with the side-effects,(paranoia, sleepness nights, extreme depression and fear for no reason,dizziness at times, headaches,etc.) I still had to have a few grams of spice a day! I had never been hooked on any drug like this before, and I’ve done coke, ex, mollys, and alcohol. Well wouldn’t you guess it? I just got fired Thursday. While they were firing me I got a call from my son who was living with his mother and the other kids. Guess what? They needed money becuz his mom lost HER JOB a month earlier and all her savings ran out. So now I’m jobless and so is she. I was allready broke before I got the call because I spent all my money on, yep you guessed it, SPICE! Now what am I gonna do? Cuz dispite all of this I still want to smoke. And the place where I get my spice from credits me when I don’t have any money, which is making things worse becuz I can get it anytime I want with or without money. Well, I now owe them 375 dollars, and I have no job. So I guess I won’t be paying them back, right? But now how am I gonna get more spice if I don’t pay them back what I owe them? They’re the only store that sells it in my part of town becuz they are supposed to be banned. With all that has happened in past few months you would think I would want NOTHING to do with spice right? Well, thats how I know I’m addicted.I NEED HELP!!! Please don’t try that drug. IT IS ADDICTIVE!!!!! I wish I could go back in time and never used it. I lost my job becuz of it, and I was at Walmart for 6 years. Never did I steal from my job for weed, coke or anything else even though I was hooked on those things too. I have to get my life back in order, but I’m afraid I don’t know how. Please pray for me to be strong enough to kick this addition for my kids, and take my advice:NEVER TRY SPICE!!!!!!!!!! ONCE AGAIN, IT’S ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!! Peace

Russian Roulette
4:13 pm February 4th, 2013

Rannonymous smoking “once in a blue moon” wont cause you to have withdraw symptoms. You have to smoke several times every day to even have a chance at getting withdraws. Even then not everyone does. We should consider ourselves fortunate. I didn’t have withdraws but I still want to smoke occasionally just as you with pot right? The word “addictive personality” is a misnomer. Your soul isn’t addicted your body and mind are. It’s a chemical thing.

Russian Roulette
9:15 pm February 5th, 2013

Patrick, I am soo sorry this drug has ruined your life. It has done this to soo many people. I am sorry to everyone here who’s life has been torn apart. May God bless you with strength to quit and encourage others to quit. I pray that this is made illegal and completely unavailable. Peace, love, happiness and good health to all.

3:09 pm February 7th, 2013

Im a 27 year old female, I was a user of marijuana for years and never experienced what I experienced from the synthetic marijuana. I should have trusted my instincts but which I decided to say screw lets try.. I didn’t do much research about this mysterious new drug so I didn’t much about it. When I first tried it I threw up, So I stopped using and went back to real marijuana and everything was just wonderful. Now January is the month that I will never forget. I bought this stuff called ” Orgazmo Inscense” I took like large amounts of the stuff cause my body had become use to the stuff so I had to take bigger amounts to even get that high feeling from it. ( first bad experience from it ) Luckily I had people with me. They said I had fallen backwards and fallen asleep with my eyes wide open and did not respond no one. What I felt was like I was a machine like no one was even real, I could not Feel nothing. I felt like I was in a dream. I could hear tons of people talking but couldn’t see anyone. I remember them saying numerous of times saying ” You must go back to your body, and I kept on saying there is no such thing as humans are they?” I seriously went beyond reality, I felt like I understood how the world actually worked like a computer simulation. When I was coming too, I felt so different since then, Ive done numerous research on how is humans even real etc etc. and I have found stuff that made go what? Leaving with questions like did i die and actually witness on how we actually feel when we die.. I do have many websites that had confirm what i felt was actually real.

Now on January 23rd at night, I was so depressed where i didn’t want to be alive anymore, I couldn’t handle the every day stress that life was throwing at me.. So again I smoked a pipe after a pipe after a pipe… You get the hint. but didn’t get high what so ever.. I once more got Very tired. So i laid down, Then the next thing I felt like was these waves coming from my heart ( Like butterfies ) I felt really hot and the burning pain in my head. I wasn’t scared though :?, I had such severe pain coming from my stomach is unbelievable ( I have overdose once before but this was 100x more painful ) I heard this saying ” relax “, So weirdly i said to myself relaxed, Now that is where it got even weird and strange for me. It started from toes and up my head, Waves of numbness where i could no longer feel the pain from my stomach.. There was this warm blanket feeling that came over me, I was really relaxed, TOO much relaxed. All i could feel was that burning pain in my head. Then I seriously saw my what it seems was my life flash right before me very rapidly but also clear. I was not scared. Then this flash of light happen, That’s when I heard this voice saying ” You gotta get Up now,Your dying” I opened my eyes and it felt like was that my heart had stopped and I was slowly passing away.. What it felt like was someone shaking my leg, I immediately felt the pain again, It took me a couple seconds ( to me it felt like forever ) to jump up and try to get my blood moving to get my heart going.. I felt this painful jolt in heart asif it had stopped and my breathing was extremely fast asif i did not breathe at all for that 20 mins, Too me it felt for a long time but it was 20 mins. I started shaking and i was sweating bad.. The next morning the same effects happen once more but this time I felt like I was melting. I cant really describe it but i felt like my soul was trying to leave my body, when i looked at my bed i got the flash blacks and i said oh my god. I looked at my pillow where my head was and it had a big stain from me drooling. If that is what death feels like its relaxing and calm. I did not want to get up. But what i don’t get is, if i did how come Im here alive and remember everything pretty much?.

I can no longer smoke the real marijuana anymore, I cant get high anymore and its all because of that legal shit !!.

Now the symptoms i have now is : Heart palpations, Fatigue, Severe headaches, Blurriness sometimes, Neck and back pain, numbness waves that comes from the chest and stomach area. left arm weakness..

Ive searched up so much of this synthetic marijuana and i cant find anything like what happen to me. Unless they just don’t say.
I don’t get how the government don’t legal marijuana it has never killed anyone and its use for “Medical” I no longer smoke the synthetic marijuana it seriously scares the crap out of me..

Real marijuana never did.. but now in a way it does..

” Man made kills, God made never kills”

7:35 pm February 11th, 2013

how long does it take to get over the dt of this drug a friend of mine is trying to stop using but feels so agitated and stressed . he is trying to hold out until it is out of his system but is struggling. how long will he feel this way and what can i do to help him

Russian Roulette
12:56 am February 12th, 2013

I hope you recover quickly. That is a terrifying experience! If you wait a while and choose to go back to pot you may have lost your over-tolerance from legal. I wish you the best and pray for your health.

7:55 pm February 12th, 2013

Russian Roulette –
Thank you. I’m getting better day by day.. First couple of weeks has been horrible… I’m now experiencing severe hallucation’s. But the heart problems has finally just became the past. :).

To those who is still addicted you must get off of it, I understand its hard but you must for your health and your mental state.. The addiction will finally pass.. took me a week to finally to get pass that feeling of needing it.. Talk to your doctor they will help you :). My doctor helped me and she didn’t put in the notes..

If you don’t you will feel like how I felt… hating myself and felt so stupid.. My bipolar did not help.. But I have over came it..

Russian Roulette
8:24 pm February 13th, 2013

Unknown that is great to hear! I know you will keep improving and feel better again soon! Wanda, I think it will take at least a couple weeks. Just bear with it. If he will see a dr that is good. Just sleep it off for as long as possible. He will get over it! Praying for his health and well being.

11:48 pm February 18th, 2013

Was just woundering, can it be bad for a person breathing spice in when you are with other people that smoke??

6:19 pm March 1st, 2013

In my own experience i saw rapid colors and was very confused i was sleepy and i was very hungry…

bad Stuff
1:00 pm March 4th, 2013

Anonymous – Im sorry, But how you are stating that most of the people on here is just telling lies, is completely wrong of you to do so. What i experience was real and terrifying. Im the other Anonymous who stated passing out with eyes wide open, etc etc.. You wasnt there to see these people go threw what they experienced. So before you judge you need to look at their point also. My doctor also stated that this stuff has killed teens also.. So your research wasnt too good at all. Lack of facts what you got. And just because you didnt go threw what some of us went threw dont mean you wont.. I can no longer smoker real weed, due to the synthetic weed.. Some people yes, Can handle this.. yet a few cant. this stuff is more potent then the real marijuana, And it can cause Seizures, Cardic arrest, hallucination, Coma, confusion, Headaches, nausea and even death.. Just another skeptic that dont believe our stories on what happen to us. I posted my truth on here to show people this stuff is legit bad for your health and mental health.. Now if you dont believe us, Why would you even read it or even post something on here?. I may miss understood your blog, but i took it, That you dont believe our horrible experience.

2:16 am March 9th, 2013

Avoid spice like the plague

3:55 am March 15th, 2013

I used to smoke Mr. Nice Guy on the reg and, at the time, it was awesome. Then I switched to Down to Earth Climax, and that was even better. Both were fantastic when I was drunk and smoked and I thought I had found my solution to smoking and passing a drug test. One night, I came back from the bar and smoked with a couple of good friends on my patio. Two hits and I was flying, so I figured why not hit it again. Big fuckin mistake. I felt like I wasn’t in control of what I was doing. My buddies were talking and I thought they were taking turns talking in order to mess with and prove a point that I was retarded. WHAT?! I asked them both about it a few days later and, according to them, they were having a casual conversation and i just ran away. I still don’t feel the same mentally after that night. I am extremely paranoid and I feel like other people are in my head sometimes. Before smoking spice, I had never had any sort of problem in social situations. Now, I feel like everyone is out to get me and it’s horrible. I don’t know if anyone else has similar feelings post-spice, but any input would be swell.

no words
10:33 am March 23rd, 2013

I have to tell you this stuff is very scary my boyfriend and his friends have been smoking this stuff every night for the last month and it had gotten up to four to five bowls a night……….Well, tonight we had just got new things to smoke out of and so him and his friends started smoking…… Mind you i have been telling him for ever not to smoke that crap i smoke the real stuff ok so back to what i wanted you guys to hear….. so my boyfriend had just took a few good hits on the second bowl i was getting water the next thing i know they are telling me to look at him and i did and he had vomited and was passed out sitting up so i had to put him on the ground and get him to throw up and he did for a few minutes then he just went limp. he had stop breathing and he had no pulse for a few seconds i had got cold water and was pouring it on him and he started to come back to me but had to keep pouring water on him to keep him breathing. we got him to his feet and he was dazed and was acting weird he got in the shower to come together he is ok now but i was talking to him after and he said he has never experienced anything like that ever and it was the worst feeling in his life. he told me when we got him to his feet and he was looking at us that he didn’t remember who we were. i have never been so scared in my life please for your family and loved ones stop smoking this stuff. smoke weed if you have too.

Addicted to Bizarro
11:22 pm March 29th, 2013

I am a 32 year old female. I have been smoking marijuana since I was 19. Some friends introduced the legal weed to me about 18 months ago and I am having the hardest time trying to quit.

I am also bi-polar and suffer from depression. I feel this makes it so much harder to stop, it truly makes me able to “cope” with my racing mind, dpression, etc. I overcame a pill addiction by completing rehab in Nov 2010. I smoke Bizarro and it is has been harder to quit than ANY narcotic I have been addicted to.

I also experienced negative side effects and worry for my life: Coughing with a horrible white flem, very sick of a morning (I throw up every morning), memory loss, my attitude is SO terrible unless I smoke it, I have ZERO appetite if I don’t smoke it, I no longer can get high from marijuana, etc.

I am so ashamed of myself for getting addicted to something that is “legal” after my long road of recovery from pill/drug addiction. I am scared and not sure I can beat this. I do not want to talk to family about it, because I feel unless you’ve been there, one cannot understand.

Not to mention how expensive and inconvinient it is; have to drive an hour and fifteen minutes (one way) to purchase it because its not legal in my state. If I run out, I will scrape my pipes to get some resin so that I get a liitle high, and to cure the restlessness and aggitation my body has without it.

I feel powerless to it. It controls my life. Terrible stuff. Run from it!!

7:37 pm March 31st, 2013

I have been smoking “spice” for nearly 2 years. I am experincing some of the listed symptoms, including nausea and vomiting. I have also experienced significant weight loss. Wondering if the weight loss can be attributed to spice use. I am quitting as of this post, but want to know if anyone else has experienced unwanted weight loss. Thanks for your time. – Mark

Russian Roulette
6:51 pm April 1st, 2013

I am sorry to all of you who are having a hard time quitting or are still addicted to this! I feel soo much better since I quit. You can do it! If you have anxiety and or depression I recommend that you get rx from your doctor for that before quitting so you can cope with it. I don’t smoke or do any other drugs or drink. I had no substitute so I stayed very busy volunteering more and exercising to keep my mind off of it. Take your life back and be confident and healthy again you are worth it! Come back and tell us when you have and how you did it.

7:00 pm April 10th, 2013

Did anybody develop Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD) from this substance. I’m not even taking full blown HPPD; but instead mild variations such eye floaters, static or visual snow as it is called in the trade. I also dabbled(small amounts) with real weed so can’t really pin point what caused my very prominent eye floaters and mild static. I think the static is just the white blood cells jumping around. The real and the fake weed left me with a lot of anxiety after I put it down. A correlation between anxiety, stress and eye floaters has been found.
Can anyone identify with me?

1:16 pm April 11th, 2013

@ Garret – I have the same thing, Eye floaters..Problem is though I have always had those due severe headaches. After i smoked the legal herb which was back in Jan of this year It has got alot worse. With no headache now.. I have not smoked legal herb since January, I am so much better now, I can finally smoke real weed without feeling the side effects that i once did feel with the legal herb.. Although my headaches has increased drastically ( Feels like my head is about too burst open ) feeling..

I have a question. Did anyone ever felt the melting feeling in the brain after smoking the legal herb.. Like at first your hands and feet will go numb, Then youll feel heart palpations, then my brain seriously felt like it was melting like water just flowing threw my body. I couldnt move, Then i couldnt see…

11:49 pm April 21st, 2013

My last post was in August of 2012, but I didn’t completely stop smoking this until December 2012. After having a panic attack off spice, I thought that if I cut my intake down to just one hit a day, I could still smoke just a little without really bad side effects. But it didn’t work out that way. I found myself just fighting the panic. It was counter-productive to get high but be miserable. Since I stopped smoking this completely, I feel so, so, so much better. I can almost say I’m back to normal. I still have anxiety, and my vision is worse than it used to be. Especially when driving. It almost feels like I’m going to have a panic attack while I’m driving. I’m worried that spice may have triggered an onset of epilepsy or MS. I started smoking real pot when I got off probation in January, and that seemed to really help. The first time I smoked pot after smoking spice, I had an anxious high, but it felt okay. Now when I smoke pot, its a good, normal high. Sometimes I’ll get a little wave of paranoia, but I think that is normal. I also take clonazepam, which really makes me feel back to normal. I just don’t want to have to be on this medication forever.

I have the eye floaters, too. Eye floaters can be caused by stress. I think that when I smoked the spice, I put my brain through a lot of stress, which may have caused them. It would feel like my brain was inflating in my skull, so I may have popped some blood vessels or something. I have not gone to an eye doctor yet, but I am in the process of making an appointment. I think a lot of it is the anxiety, because it makes me notice things and worry about them. The anti-anxiety meds help with all of my symptoms.

5:50 pm April 22nd, 2013

I have experienced dramatic and unwanted weight loss that coincides exactly with the time I started smoking spice. I no longer smoke it (about six weeks). Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this side effect. I have been to my doctor and have had a full blood workup. All results show excellent health, except I have low testorone and am receiving successful treatment for it. Thanks to anyone who can respond to this e-mail! – Mark C.

7:04 pm April 22nd, 2013

Hi folks, Yeah stress, hypochondria and anxiety more than likely caused the eye floaters. I don’t think I am able for the real weed also. I have took one pull from small joints with minuscule amount of weed and I can just about handle that. Can’t deal with the paranoia and the fear from the stuff.

2:57 am May 14th, 2013

To answer your question, though, yes, I too have minor HPPD. Its far from the worst of my symptoms and even if I have visual snow and an abundance of floaters for the rest of my life I can live with that. If you aren’t cursed with difficulties with speech and memory, count yourself lucker and learn to love the floaters.

6:46 pm May 31st, 2013

Is it HPPD? I was told by a guy how knows a lot about HPPD that eye floaters should be taken of the list of HPPD symptoms, because many people have them. I have a lot of web-type floaters for sure. I am sure these were caused by stress and extreme anxiety about the state of my health before they popped up. The slight static I see seems to be white blood cells. Any more ideas folks?

Tszeekai Kopaatszu
1:40 pm June 3rd, 2013

Poisonous manufactured chemicals that never contained that force science can’t ever explain; LIFE.
We have ‘receptors’ for natural canabis, we evolved here together on this beautiful planet, over millions of years.
To have blind Religion, Politics, sound Economic ‘practices’ and ignorant laws literally put this manmade poisonous death into the hands of millions of healthy people who just want to relax, meditate and commune with friends without being arrested, charged, tested & fired (don’t get paranoid will you!).
Makes me ashamed to be Human, and it makes our world a sick, sick place.
This is seriously the time to call again for decriminalisation, world wide.
Not ONE MORE DEATH from this foul aberration.
Governments: Your draconian canabis laws are now killing people- driving them mad.
There is no conspiracy, just blind ignorance and fear of losing power.
Now, canabis really isn’t for everyone, but jeez neither is racing.
(I don’t mind a little adrenaline now and again- or is THAT natural chemical now on some banned class 1 list!!!!).
We all run on chemicals-or drugs-or compounds-or substances,, what’s in a word?.. Anyways, I need a coffee.

1:39 am June 4th, 2013

Ive made posts on here trying to defend the synthetics and ive come back to tell you how wrong i was. For 2 years i smoked chems everyday and have now been clean for over a year. The first month i quit i felt like i was dying. It was like an opiate withdrawal. Since then ive had lung issues and nerve problems. I hack up black phlegm everyday and it never seems to get better. I was a big distributor and made some good money till one day i ran into someone who was really strung out on it and it dawned on me I needed to stop selling this garbage. I fell on my face and cried out to God to help me. I heard His voice tell me to walk away from the business and that he would take care of the rest. 3 times i heard Him say this and so I did. I threw all my product away called all my customers and told them i was out for good and gave up a sizable income with no means for a job or money. God came through and realy blessed me for walking out on faith. He has done wonders in my life as i have had many health problems since using these drugs. He has healed me from gall bladder issues to liver and kidney problems. Now i dont expect you all to believe me nor did i come here to convince you all of anything. All I can say Is Jesus showed me the truth of this poison and now i will never have anything to do with it again. I pray you all come to the same decision I did and walk away from it for good. Its the devils drug and it will eventually kill you if you let it.

1:44 am June 4th, 2013

Mark yes its a diuretic and will destroy your appetite. You will lose weight as i did. It will effect you intestines your lungs and your whole nervous system. Get off of it its poison and i also went to the doctor to have perfect results. But in time those results will change. The reason i beleive they come back clean is because they only do the basic blood work. I feel it would take a more in depth study to see what the real damage is. A lot of things get untreated and misdiagnosed form that blood work. Its not a detect all test. Just the major issues.

1:46 pm July 11th, 2013

All of these stories that i have read just make me re-iderate what i have been saying since the age of 7. As an avid pot smoker they need to FEDERALLY LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. Because this state to state BULLSHIT is just pissing everyone off. I have tried that fake crap and it taste like shit and smells like shit. Obviously, if it is having an adverse affect on the majority of users than they should legalize marijuana. Colorado profits 1.4 billion annually and pot there has only been legal for 7 months. Washington profits 1.8 billion annually. Michigan profits 2.4 billion annually. California profits 12.7 billion annually. And if we are so concerned about getting out of debt all we have to do is LEGALIZE MARIJUANA

1:49 pm July 31st, 2013

I am fifteen years old, and mixed between black, white, and Mexican . I smoked the Demon synthetic weed a few times, the first few times with my best friend and her boyfriend, and the highs were incredible, so I asked my best friend to give me a little weed for the road, and she did . I made one of those handmade bowls that kinda suck but work nonetheless . The stoned part would only last an hour, but the high-ness would stay in my system till the next day . The last time I smoked it, which was last night, I must’ve smoked more than I could handle, because as soon as it set in good, I experienced this smashing headache that felt like my brain was being brutally murdered . It wasn’t the typical pain in a usual headache, either . It was like a very high pitched ringing that got closer and closer until some unknown pressure smashed my brain together and it would make me scream … it was so bad that I wasn’t sure if I would make it through the night and was contemplating calling 911 . I told my boyfriend to call me because I was crying hysterically and nothing I did would make it go away–fresh air, cold shower, eating, drinking water, milk, juice, running . All I could do was cry and hold my head and pray to God for mercy . It came around 7:30 and lasted a good four hours before there was any relief at all . Every time I would start to go to sleep, it would start to come back . I eventually fell asleep and the headache is gone for the most part, but there is still a slight headache that will hopefully go away soon . I am quitting weed, at LEAST fake weed, because of that death defying experience .

12:13 am August 3rd, 2013

Kevin I agree with you but the only reason they wont do it federally is because they would have to legalize Hemp. And anyone that knows about Hemp also knows it would replace the oil industry world wide as its the number one most abundant fuel source on the planet. Not to mention the most abundant source for all plastics. I think we are making progress with pot but we need to legalize hemp and end every war in the world over oil and resources.

2:10 pm August 13th, 2013

Have not read anything on the blog in quite awhile, but after reading many of your stories today, just have to remind you of something I did not see mentioned in what I read. Not only can and will you have severe physical symptoms, but some of you will suffer from severe mental disabilities. My grandson pretty much lost his mind and had to be taken to a mental hospital where he stayed for two months. Once he was stabilized, they sent him home. He was far from well I promise you. At the time he was 26 or 27 years old and when he returned he had the mind of possibly a ten year old. He laughed at everything whether it was appropriate or not. He talked absolute nonsense, his anxiety was terrible. If you even coughed around him, he immediately became concerned and wanted to know if you were all right. His entire personality changed. He was very sweet, pleasant to be around, etc., except that wasn’t his normal attitude. He followed his Mother everywhere she went for over a year and didn’t want to be alone. I could go on and on, but you get the point. He was going to college at the time, studying computer programming and also holding down a part-time job. Had to quit both. We thought his mind was gone for good, but after nearly eighteen months there is some light at the end of the tunnel. He seems to be returning to “normal”, even though there are issues that continue. He is starting back to school in a couple of weeks so we will see if he is able to study and comprehend enough to be able to pass the courses. I beg you not to continue to take the chance that this could happen to you. Not only does it destroy your life, but takes a terrible toll on whatever family is willing to help you. It is just not worth it. Good luck to all of you.

Lisa B
6:21 pm September 6th, 2013

I really do feel bad for you guys…. I was diagnosed with a severe panic disorder (my seratonion isnt always level) and these symptoms of sudden fear, and dying and thinking your dying are what i used to have all the time, FOR NO REASON ! I dealt with this for many years and now is finally under control, im 42 now. But to actually continue to take something that makes you feel this way? (those of you who continue to do this) that is just REALLY insane.There is no way i would even allow myself to CRAVE this mess……and believe me i have had a time even with pills, so i know what craving means…..I say a prayer for all of you battling this.

5:08 pm September 23rd, 2013

Hey am michael and am a new user to this type of staff i live in sweden i have used before Xtc, hash, weed ,cocaine, buzz , but am new to this chemical weed the staff called vanilla forst or sunshine vanilla 5F-AKB-48 .i decided to smoke from this staff just as weekends and jut couple of puffs . since i cant find the real weed. and so boring so so nothing to do well my questions is.
1- those couple puffs harm the sperm cells ?
2- And how much does ur body need to be clean before you decide to make love and bring a baby ?
3- does this couple puffs make you addicated ?

Am so worried and dont know what to do please someone help

9:49 pm October 4th, 2013

Essentially what the problem with spice is is that unlike marijuana there are no cannabis receptor regulators so to speak, which take the place of CBD’s in marijuana and whose presence is nil in spice. Basically what this means is that when you smoke spice there is nothing regulating the amount of synthetic thc going into those receptors. That is why the dosage is so important. The wrong dose and you could be in a world of hurt. I remember I smoked 4 bowls of Nightmare revisited out of a bong and felt like my world was ending. I thought I was dying, for real. It was horrifying. Worst of all I was trapped in a 20square foot room for the duration of the trip because I was at my house with my parents. I would say the worst thing about spice is the ignorance of the users. No one who is using it has any idea what they are dealing with. People think that it is safer than weed because the smell is more concealable, or because it doesn’t make you look stoned (it makes you look cracked out, retards) but this is simply not the case. It is this ignorance that has killed and taken the lives of many while they attempt to drive their cars under the influence of spice. They thought they could handle it. They were wrong.

6:12 pm October 24th, 2013

To Loco:
Not to be rude, but have you even read this blog? 95% of the people on here are telling you their near death stories (and the other 5% just haven’t had the privilege of experiencing the horror yet). This stuff is chemicals made by workers in factories who could give a shit less if you die. Did you know you could get high on rat poison? Or bug spray? Oh, it will definitely kill you, but you’ll get a buzz if you spray it on your weed before it starts killing your body. I smoked this stuff for over a year, and I am completely terrified that when I get pregnant my child will come out with something wrong with it.
So…1. Yes its harmful to your sperm cells. Its in your system. It hasn’t been widely studied yet, so no one knows the actual damage it can cause. Why risk it?
2. If its just a few puffs, it won’t be in your system too long. But one puff of the wrong batch might kill you. Why risk it?
3. That depends on your personality. But if you look into something thats obviously killing people, and wanting to still smoke it because you can’t find real weed, it seems like you have an addictive personality. So to answer your question, yes, probably. This stuff gave me the greatest high ever for a year before I got the wrong batch. Now I’m on panic attack medication and am just not normal anymore.
Honestly, I would rather do cocaine or heroin if I cant find weed before this stuff any day.
But anyway, went to the eye doctor and they didn’t see anything wrong with my eyes, or signs of ms, so my next step is getting an mri on my brain. I’m really scared to see it, but if its reversible i want to catch it early. Just an update. DON’T SMOKE SPICE!!!!!!!

7:25 pm November 6th, 2013

if u r thinking about doing spice, DONT!!!! this is one of the worst thing I have ever done. I have been doing spice for about 4 yrs….I recently stopped because I was having these really bad hallucinations, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, u name it I have gone threw it….I have tried all kinds of spice. This has really ruined my life….I lost my friends, lost my family, everything that could go wrong went wrong. My mind is so messed up. I would lay in the bed and hear voices that told me to do things. One day I ran out of my house in my draws. Thats when I knew it was a problem….I dropped to my knees and prayed because I knew this was something greater than myself. Now that I have stopped I cant eat, I cant sleep, I sweat soooo much, im irritated, agitated, u name it I have gone thru it. Please please please do not do this…..please!!!!!!!!

11:38 am December 27th, 2013

my boyfriend smokes this crap the synthetic weed back to back every single day and aft night he gets nauseated and starts vomiting could this also be causing the night sweats too

8:54 pm January 25th, 2014

This stuff seems nothing like real weed. My husband,39 yrs old, started smoking synthetic weed (Diablo and Kush) a couple of months ago. He has all kinds of side effects-nausea, throwing up, constant bowel emptying, chills, hot flashAzizes, zombie like appearence, paranoia. Once, he got so bad he couldn’t keep anything down,not even water. He got so dehydrated that his muscles started to violently cramp due to lack of water,minerals and electrolytes. He got an IV at the hospital and some meds but that didn’t stop him from smoking. He stays in his room and smokes that shit 24/7, nothing else matters. He seriously reminds me of a zombie because of his physical appearance and state of mind. DON’T SMOKE THIS MAN MADE, EVIL, LIFE SUCKING, NOTHING LIKE WEED, CRAP.

10:33 pm January 31st, 2014

Me and My fiancé started smoking spice or as we call it here pope about 9 months ago. At first we had enjoyed the high and it seemed to make us more talkative and happy. We smoked what they call “heavens grass” after about a month and a half of everyday use we had horrible side effects. We got violent towards one another and stayed constantly sick without it. so 7 months later after battling this devil, god opened our eyes thankfully and we decided to stop. The problem with that was sleep deprivation and violent puking and suicidal thoughts. The only thing that helped us fight through the withdrawls was benzodiazapines now I do not recommend someone get hooked on benzos to get off of spice but to battle the withdrawls it helps so so so so much. like valium, Xanax, adavan etc. I hope that this helps someone and if it does I have done my part.

4:05 pm February 6th, 2014

On January 3, me and some friends smoked what we thought was just regular weed, but the person who dropped it off lied to us and actually gave us spice. It didn’t affect my friends like it did to me.. But To me “the weed” sort of off and I questioned it due to the fact that I have smoked ATLEAST 8 times before and I’m pretty sure I know it should look like. To me it was darkish green but I just shrugged it off and smoked. We had a dime of this stuff and there were 3 of us so we smoked it all. I noticed something was wrong when I forgot what conversation I was having with a friend and that everything seemed slow and my heart beat was the only thing I can feel. Yesterday was a month since it happened and I’m still having a dream like feeling, visual distortion, numbness (which makes me more scared) feelings that I’m someone else, and when I talk the sound of my voice doesn’t feel like I’m actually saying it..extreme anxiety due to the fact that I don’t feel like myself and just freak out because I don’t understand how things are happening and how I am a human and sleeping is not easy. I somewhat mix my dreams with reality since everything feels like a dream, and intense nightmares rage I’m having another trip.I just want to feel better. I’m only 15 and I just want to live my life normally Has anyone gone through this and got better like back to the way they were before smoking spice? If so please reply to this, it would give me the hope I need.

N Hell
2:02 pm February 10th, 2014

I started smoking spice in early 2012 and stopped a year later. When I first started I swore it was harmless and I could easily pass drug tests, 2 months into it I had almost lost my mind. I quit my job and was in the emergency room every week with a horrible cough and thoughts of suicide. I left home, hurt myself over and over plus destroyed my family in the process. I didn’t realize it was the spice until I started having seizures. Every side effect I have read here I suffered from…and more. The night sweats, numerous bouts of extreme maddness, delusions, paranoia, coughing, waking up when I did sleep thru the night crying with numb arms and the non stop coughing that even caused me to break 2 ribs. It was horrible and one of the most addicting substances I have ever encountered. When I realized, in a moment of clarity, I was going to die if I did not stop. I had withdraw symptoms for months. I didn’t sleep for what seemed like months. I have been clean for a year as of Friday. I have just stared feeling normal in the last 3. I feel for anyone who is going thru the same but please stick with it and know that you will get thru it. I was so lucky I read horror stories daily of people dying I thank God I didnt. Please stay away from this crap and find help for loved ones who use. Good luck and prayers to everyone.

N Hell
3:54 pm February 11th, 2014

To all of you talking about being diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder since smoking spice, I was to. Today a year being clean I am no longer experiencing any of the mental anguish I was a year and a half ago. Drugs in general (with the exception of real marijuana) will cause symptoms of mental defects. No medication will help, I don’t care what a doctor tells you, if you are smoking or using then you will keep being dependent on antidepressants, if you stop doing drugs you can get off of the medication, I know because I did. It is a horrible, horrible cycle, only you can make the choice to fight and be the person you were meant to be. That junk makes you feel worthless and that feeling will not go away until you stop and get help. If I can do it cold turkey, as hard as it is, then anyone can. I thought I was doomed for failure and now I know I am meant for something more then I ever gave myself credit for. You have to fight to come back from that abyss of darkness but you can do it with determination, Good luck to anyone who is fighting to stay clean, I am right there with you!

Russian Roulette
2:21 pm February 13th, 2014

It is awesome to see how many people have escaped this drug and are helping others do the same! I thank God for my recovery and my friends as well. Anyone who is still using please quit! The cough that feels like fiberglass in your throat will never go away until you quit. It will creep down to your lungs painfully and stay! The chemicals affect your every organ you may experience other issues with heart, kidney or liver function. Your brain is greatly affected by this drug as well and you can’t always recover from that. Keep the happy recovery posts rolling and try to stay healthy everybody!

5:01 am February 27th, 2014

My fifteen year old nephew smoked syn marijuana this week and now has heart damage. The agents in the drug have cause permanent muscle damage to his heart and he will never be the same. He was an inspiring golfer and this drug has ruined his life.

10:58 pm March 1st, 2014

I don’t even know where to start this…
My fiancé & I have been together now for two years. He has been smoking spice for 3 years. He told me when we got together that it helped him to relax & calm his bi-polar disorder & he also liked it because it didn’t show up on his drug screens he has to take randomly for work. I knew nothing about this stuff until I met him. Up until recently his smoking it didn’t bother me. He was just happy when he smoked it & after the rough life he has had, I couldn’t be mad at him being happy. Then things changed… They banned it in our state and took it out of all of the stores. I started to do research and I’ve read some pretty terrible things. I would read these horror stories to him and his only response would be that it had never done anything like that to him. So he kept smoking and I kept my mouth shut because after all, I wasn’t his mother, and a woman in my eyes is suppose to stand by their man. So I did. He would buy a 3.5 gram bag at the same time his other spice smoking friend would, but his would last all week compared to his friends only lasting 2 days. Then the place where they would go buy it got raided so it wasn’t readily available for at least 3 months. During this time he never showed any signs of withdrawl. Then one day he gets a phone call from a gut he works with saying that he knows where to go to get it. From this exact point on my whole outlook on him, on us, has changed. He was driving to sleezy motels known for drug activity to buy spice. Driving to other states to buy it. Then a headshop close to us started to sell spice called scooby snax. This only started a few months back & in the course of these few months I have come to feel helpless when it comes to trying to get him to see what he’s doing to himself & our family. He has literally spent over $600 in a months time on spice. I cannot take care of our family on my barely over minimum wage job by myself. He will take spice to work with him (where they randomly do drug screens) and not to mention his job is dangerous! He will sneak off & smoke some and come back looking like a pale zombified shell of himself. He will sit in the back room of the house & smoke it until he passes out. Sometimes for hours on end leaving me to worry about him & try to manage our household alone. He is now up to smoking 4 grams a day and all he does is stay passed out. And if he isn’t passed out he’s in the bathroom emptying his bowls constantly or throwing up. He sweats constantly…. To the point where I have taken it upon myself to put towels down on the bed so he doesn’t saturate the sheets. He becomes unresponsive, has irregular breathing and eats like a pig (to the point where we have nothing for the children to eat) the newest is that he woke me up in the early hours of yesterday morning telling me that he is freaking out because he is coughing up blood. Mind you, that we fight about his spice use EVERY day and he has told me several times he will not buy or smoke anymore if it means losing his family. So he wakes me up telling me this & then goes to smoke some more of it. That was my boiling point. We didn’t hardly talk at all yesterday except for him asking why I’m always causing drama between us. Today was no different. Today he went to buy some more, because his friend needed some too, or that was the excuse and it was an argument as soon as he returned home with it in hand. It was the same kind of fight… Him telling me that I need to calm down & that us fighting over it is stupid. Today, I go as far as to tell him that he’s continually pushing me further away & as I’m crying & telling him that I HATE what spice has done to us, our finances, to him, he slams the door to the bedroom where I am & goes to the living room to smoke some more. I’m at a loss on what to do. He’s in denial, I don’t know of a treatment center anywhere around here that I could afford along with taking care of all of our finances and I don’t want him to lose his job that he has been at for 17 years. He’s ruining his reputation along with every relationship he has. HELP.

10:25 pm March 5th, 2014

to Ann: You really should get your children out of this situation for safety’s sake. This drug is well known to cause the onset of mental issues including auditory and visual hallucinations as well as delusions. Trust me, I lived thru it with my son. He thought I was a demon, he thought his cousin was trying to hurt him, etc. etc. Don’t have a false sense of security thinking that he has never hurt the kids under normal circumstances, so he won’t now. Trust me, this can make him turn on a dime and you won’t know him.

Russian Roulette
11:40 pm March 12th, 2014

Ann, Make him choose family or spice. You will never regret protecting your kids from this and he will thank you when you do get him to quit! I will pray for your family. He can be healthy and your family happy again. Pray, pray, pray. We’re all pulling for you!

3:02 pm March 15th, 2014

This is really crazy last night I smoked $exY monkey for the second time…It totaly gave me sensational feeling. Sensitive to touch Wow!!! And then all of a sudden I was going in and out of conciences. It scared the living daylights out of me. I had very surpressed breathing, mouth was very dry (dehydration) I had chills and was shaking like a leaf.. my toes and fingers were numb and I literally felt like a zombie honestly….I am lying in bed today exhausted reading these comments and hoping and praying I don’t have any long term side effects. I’m very scared to be honest…How can you legalize something like this? My friend thinks I had a seizure lastnight…

4:20 pm March 16th, 2014

Thank you all for the prayers & comments. The day I posted my story, I ended up leaving. I didn’t want to but I felt I had no choice. I couldn’t drown with him. I couldn’t allow my family to drown. Leaving was my last straw to grasp… And it worked. We are working on making a happy home

Russian Roulette
5:27 am March 18th, 2014

That’s great Ann! I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless.

3:18 pm March 18th, 2014

Thank you Russian Roulette! Addiction is a hard, long process for a lot of people. I’ve seen it too many times but with spice, it was on a whole other level that was terrifying to see him go through. He as well as I are thankful & lucky that he walked away. The moment of clarity was losing his family. Sometimes it takes more than that for addicts & I thank God that it wasnt that way for us. The recovery road is looking bright! Now we are just hoping & praying there are no long term effects.

Russian Roulette
4:03 pm March 19th, 2014

Ann, I don’t have any long term effects. I hope he does not either. It will take a couple weeks for him to be back to himself. I also watched my friends recover very quickly. I hope it’s the same for him. Please let me know when he has completely recovered. Still praying <3

2:01 am March 24th, 2014

Hello everybody , I smoked the garbage for two years and I’ve been off it for a year now. I don’t want to scare anyone but I don’t know if I’m out of the woods , I got some medical issues going on myself. I may get a little graffic here so here it goes. I been having this severe pain lasting for hours after I have a bowel movement. Went to a few doctors they call it a n anal fissure. They asked me if I was constipated and now I realize yes I was like a bastard and you know what I never had no problems like that before. I’ve read some stories from others saying the spice causes GI problems so maybe its from that, maybe it isn’t. When I say pain I mean PAIN. Its out of control. I’m having a colonoscopy done tomorrow. I’m scared as sh%t. FYI the prep for this procedure is awful to. Well that’s not all. My GP did a whole blood work and my testosterone came back really low like bad low. This info has now sent me over the edge. Someone else has wrote that to in this forum. Low T. Now I’m thinking my brain is fu%#ed. Its funny because for the past 8 months everything was going great and now I feel like I’m stuck in a hole. And all I do is regret my past. I’m not saying this is from the spice but who knows, I wouldn’t put it past it. I’m trying to stay calm and be a man but its tough if I don’t have any man in me anymore

Russian Roulette
5:03 pm March 24th, 2014

Tony you can feel better regardless of what brought you to this point! No matter what made you sick be confident that you aren’t continuing to do things to keep you that way! You are making changes for the better and can get past this mentally and physically!

jeff chapman
6:21 pm April 8th, 2014

I used spice for 6 months. Then I realized what this drug was doing to me. I started having chronic headaches, and still kind of have them. Whats helped my body is talking a detox clay and it helps draw out the chemicals. Im also going to take a nerve supplement. That aids in the body’s recovery of its nervous system. This stuff is bad news. Im also taking omega 3 6 & 9 oils to help the brain. Its seems to work. The recovery is slow. In the bible the word sorcery is mention as a sin. If practiced then one becomes guilty of it. The word actually has a definition in the greek of pharmaceuticals. (Mind altering substances.) This drug along with many other drugs open a persons mind up to the realm of darkness. The demons want u to believe your hallucinating but your not. You come in contact with what the bible says are evil spirits (demons). Ive came to Jesus Christ as my saviour. And he saved me. He shed his blood at the cross and died Then rose again, and if anyone comes to him by faith believing who he is and what he did. Then they will be saved. Jesus has the power and authority to forgive us and save our souls. He paid for our sins at the cross. His blood speaks righteousness and forgiveness. Is has its physical effects but also spiritual to.

Worried Mom
1:54 pm April 16th, 2014

To all of you out there, when my 20 yr. old son detoxed he was throwing up blood and black stuff for a few weeks, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time, had chills but was sweating at the same time, he was talking to people that weren’t there in different voices that we never heard him talk in before, and he experienced severe pain. He went through hell and back. He has smoked legal weed before and has experimented with other drugs and has said that this is the only drug that had him so addicted that he worked strictly for his habit. He did say depending on which state you get it from the effects are different. He began using in a state where it was legal to buy in stores while he was working a job for about a year but when he returned home you had to buy it on the streets because it is illegal. That would be in Louisiana. They are making it here and lacing it with heroin, pcp, and many other unknown substances. That is when he noticed the difference and knew he had to get off of it because it became his life. He lived for the drug and without it he could no longer function! I watched him suffer. Please do yourself a favor and get off now!!!! Just last week someone we knew died from detoxing! It IS that serious!

demon spice was the strongest
2:09 am April 21st, 2014

So my “friend” did demon spice, and found that it raised his testosterone to insane levels without being hyped up. He went from 240 lbs to 190 lbs, going to the gym and putting up the best lifts of his life, then running for 5-10 miles a day. Very little sleep was required. It also was common for other people in his city were doing the same thing. The sex shop said women bought it nonstop for weight loss. It also made him a beast in the sack, talking 5-6-7 times a day, no lie. He was applying to government jobs he had tested for before. Previously he scored around 88-90 percent on these which is good, he finish the tests 1st in record time and scored 98 percent…sounds too good to be true right? He was solving and figuring out literally anything he focused on. The problem became the cost and the addiction. He needed it. He played football on it and was a monster. Everyone assumed he was just on steroids or meth. He goes to the doctor and is in the best shape of his life. The problem is after a while he began to lose his social skills with the average person. It appeared everyone was slow and dumb, stating the obvious. He became short, less fun to be around…sure he finally had a six pack after being the fat kid his whole life. He was picking up women left and right just going out to grocery stores. Everyone was impressed with his tricks to unraveling complex chemistry formulas. It was literally like a Jason Bourne super drug. But the cost was too much, he eventually tries to quit. He doesn’t want to necessarily, but there is something amazing to being average. Like others he claimed to have out of body experiences. He would beat anyone at strategy games, and memorized every single road in the big city he lived in. He would read nonstop, and to this day considers this a life changing experience. Sure he was a little weird, but now he was ready to be a normal blissful idiot. Like the matrix he took the other pill and wanted to go back. He quit and had horrible withdrawal, quit cold turkey. He began to workout lightly and after a full week of heavy withdrawal symptoms, returned to normal. He still craved it for the next year and to this day. He is very successful in his job. He rarely talks about his experiences because many think it is truly drug induced. It was by far the strongest addiction because of the great side effects and the physical addiction. He has been clean for 2 years now, lost the strength, muscles gains, and is now back up to 240 lbs or more. Is normal, 1-2 times a day with his gf, but is no longer superman in the sack. Sure life isn’t as fun, but he is normal, there is a beauty to being normal. He also claims the out of body experiences, and claims he inherited the souls/abilities of past people. He knows they were delusions, but he proved to us over and over he would awake with their abilities and knowledge. Once was a WWII pilot, we thought he was bullshitting until he randomly did a flight simulator and knew everything about it. Also how he was cracking the chemical formulas. Crazy talk I know. He is much more relaxed and average joe now. But he did document how the package used to have a ziplock like seal. Then around spring/summer of 2011 they changed to say “DOD” and a number like: “DOD1253” on the seal instead of double zip lock. He photographed and tracked hundreds of packages that were the same. He is now interested in finding out why the DOD was on here? DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE he claims. Anyone else notice this with demon spice and bayou blaster?

4:33 am May 30th, 2014

I did it for four months and lost 100 lbs. I don’t care for the stuff but would like to figure out what was in it to help lose weight. Do not want to use this stuff. Just wanna research what could have been. Anyone have any ideas? Leaves? JHW?

2:08 pm May 30th, 2014

WOW!!!! Never in my life did I believe I would be here. I’m thankful that I can even type. I’m thankful that I can read, breath, and talk. Seriously. If you are reading this, you probably are in a world of hurt. I’m so sorry. Grab your love one right NOW, and drag their tail to Rehab. No choices!!!!! If you don’t, say goodbye. I’m a product of the 70’s. A child of former drug addicts, took my dad. Always considered myself strong, intelligent, and reliable. Not anymore. I have synthetic to thank for that. It was nov 13 when I found this stuff. Trying to get off weed used to pass the time. Never did I realize that something so devastating could be bought at a store. Sure you can argue about alcohol and other drugs, but this is different. At first it was a miracle. A great high, no recognizableAble smell, legal, etc. it wasn’t. The devil deffenetly got in me and took me. You or your loved one are not safe. I was in IOP at the time for alcohol abuse. I was smarter than them. They couldn’t catch me. UntIl I was found on my patio by my wife completely cracked out. Yes that’s right cracked out. Every seen a crack head. Smoke legal and look in the mirror. Couldn’t talk, pipe fell out my hand. At this point I was using at least every 2 hours. I would find myself in very familiar places, but not knowing where I was, or where I was going. I would have to wait for the rush to subside to realize or remember what I was doing. Then I would smoke all over again. And this process repeated itself over and over again. No rational thought process. I am very fortunate that I didn’t lose everything. Actually I did, not in the physical sence, but mentally and spirituality. I had to chose, life or legal. I hate to admit, but LEGAL BEAT JESUS!!!!! If you haven’t left for the hospital yet, keep reading. No sleep. No sex. No food. No water. Just legal. That’s all that mattered. The only time I felt safe was when I had secured enough product to last through the day. You or your love one probably feel the same way. Users don’t usually read blogs about their problems until its too late. I say good luck. The fight has been tough and I am no where’s close to being ok. Random moments of clarity happen. They do want to quit. Trust me. They just don’t know how, or are scared of being sick. Well you or they will be sick, mad, hateful, mean, just terrible. All this will go away in about a week or so. My wife has been my rock. It was only when I asked for her help that I had the courage and strength to stop. Let me now tell you it’s only been a week. I am writing this as therapy to myself. Please don’t disregard what I have said, do my total inexperience. What I am saying is true. My wife and zi researched all types of help. I reccomend in patient if you can. I am too hard headed to admit to strangers my problems, so I decided to go the hard way. I don’t recommend , but it’s better than being a vegetable. That’s right, it’s not if but WHEN. That’s a fact. I read these blogs and they helped. In moments of sobriety I was able to tell I wasn’t alone. There have been many more before me. The problem I have with inpatient is that they will say they have no idea about this drug, and won’t garantee a recovery. So I decided to quit, and if I couldn’t recover and had to die, I would do itat home. Today y mind is clear, but my heart is broken. I am ashamed, not relieved. I hope I can start being proud of the hard days of the past week, but I am still recovering. I want so badly to beat this. I want to love myself again. That’s what this drug has taken from me. ME! If you have been using, the fellowship of other users will help. I am now where I can talk about it, but it’s so embarrassing that emotions just go crazy. I look forward to the day when the no good MF’s that brought this in my life are in prison, or killed by their own medicine. I know that’s harsh, but not as harsh as what I have lost and been through. The stories below mine are the same. Story after story of heartache and despair. Why could such a thing be allowed to be sold at a store or online. So I will stop ranting and tell you what I have done in the last week.
Voluntary lock down. No keys, money, no way! Taking Benadryl to calm my nerves. Imodiumto control bowel dumping. Gatorade to combat dehydration. I went to my GP. He put me on Welbutryn. But most importantly the love and support of my family. No judging, just love and support. I feel stronger than I have in a year. My mind is starting to come back. My memory is better. I know what day it is and the date. Believe me that is huge! Please grab your loved one and go now. Don’t try to talk, it doesn’t help. Just grab them and go. Go now, or say goodbye!

Daniel Brady
4:32 am June 9th, 2014

It’s been five months since I’ve used spice. But I didn’t quit soon enough.. I was addicted for five years straight, I’m so lucky I’m not dead. I did come close more than a few times but it wasn’t enough to scare me into quitting. I ended up homeless even tho I was making good money every day, it literally all went to my addiction. I lost a good woman because I was so blinded by the drug I could express any emotion, I lost my libido, my memory slipped, I wasn’t me anymore. I exiled myself from my friends and family because I didn’t want to be seen in the zombie like state I was constantly in. One day things were going as usual, smoke, sleep, smoke, sleep… But at a certain point in the day I woke up with extreme pain in my right leg, that eventually turned into numbness and tingling, sometimes like I had been stabbed with a million needles from my knee down. I had a clear thought for the first time in five years, I thought if I didn’t do something I was going to die. So I confided in a friend, she took me in and helped me rid myself of the toxic chemicals. On December 31st I put it down for good and made a resolution to quit for good and use my experience to help others, I’m currently looking into drug addiction counseling. If you’re still reading this I thank you for taking the time, and I hope you either quit already or have the desire to quit. It’s doable, if I can kick it after five years, you can too! Peace and love. And yes, I used my real name because I am proud of what I’ve done in quitting.

Aaron Baldwin
7:23 pm June 9th, 2014

Hey guys I am from the UK and there is no doubt that the synthetic stuff we get here is far weaker than those bought elsewhere, for example America. However the effects are just as bad, all these negative comments really opened my eyes. I stopped just over a week ago, and while I feel much better, i am still so worried that I will never get back to normal, the pressure in my head, fear of dying, the paranoia ! Does it get better guys? There is no doubt that this stuff has scared me beyond words and I am very lucky that I realsied to quit before it was too late, I only smoked the stuff for a month, and it left me a wreck ! I am so glad to have found people like you all to know I am not alone, but guys really, just pay the bit extra and smoke the real stuff, because spice simply is not worth it!

Finally just to mention the blends I have smoked and if amyone has any information? as it seems the American incense blends are much different than those we get here in the UK, these are the only blends I have ever tried and will ever try..

“Blueberry incense blend”
“5F-PB22 – AKB- 48F”

Hope to hear from you all soon, but thank you all so much for posting, thank you so much !!

12:18 am June 19th, 2014

Eh, I’ll try and be brief. First I want to list my noticeable side effects so you may cross check with mine, because for the laymen just browsing through, he won’t want to read all this.

Noticeable negative Side Effects:
Chronic headaches more prevalent
Shortness of breath
Pain in left chest (actually goes a way after a couple weeks- more than likely directly related to ‘spice’)
Personality changes
Appetite- weight gain/loss (I’ve noticed while I’m on a binge, I can’t eat unless I’m high. And than I don’t get full at that point either)
Bad breath
Tendency to more lazy
Tendency to be more aggressive
Tendency to be much more careless

And one more, I’ve noticed I have a nagging pain in my right hip. Now I may have pulled something, but if you are experiencing a discomfort or pain there, I would say maybe get it checked out, an MRI or RT might be in order for you, provided you have good enough insurance.

Quite frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is. What happened to responsibility, and moderation? I’ve smoked different blends of synthetic chemicals off and on since about 2011. The highs are all generally the same, with an enormous headache after. The high is noticeable almost instantly, and you are back to base cognitive levels after around 20 mins give or take. With a few hours of ‘hangover’ effect, For example I felt a lot more irritable and short tempered, I was tired and groggy, and I felt hella lazy. Sobriety came by way of just being tired of the high. It’s not near as thrilling as it was, and never was comparable to regular marijuana. However, it does take A LOT more marijuana to obtain the same type high that 7H achieved for me (our your choice blend), and I’ll even admit, marijuana doesn’t have near the strength and effect on me that it used to a couple years ago. Anyways, if you are on this website looking for information, you are already in the right direction. Take control of your life and strangle your addiction. It’s not going away on its own, and it’s a lot easier to solve it now than in a couple years when you are left picking up the pieces of your then broken life.

However, I need to call someone out, and the whole reason for my comment posting.

“Yes its harmful to your sperm cells. Its in your system. It hasn’t been widely studied yet, so no one knows the actual damage it can cause.”- MsJ (THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24TH, 2013)

Who the fuck are you!? Are you a microbiologist? Are you a organic chemist? Do you even have a Bachelors of Science degree!? No? Than shut the fuck up! I’m so god damn sick of people trying to HELP others by spreading blatant misinformation. What on earth gives you the audacity to tell anyone that the drug is harmful to your sperm cells? You reason that because it’s ‘in your system’ than it must be harmful to sperm cells. Well first of all, sperm cells are regenerated to the tune of millions a day, second of all, your body naturally removes toxins from your body and bloodstream, problems with these types of drugs (and others while I’m at it) is that the drug causes damage to the major organs in the body, at which point the toxins are harder to rid. However, by the time this happens you have way bigger worries than sperm cell characteristics like speed, quantity, size, etc.
So not only do you blatantly lie in order to further your argument, or justify your lie by ‘helping someone make the right decision for themselves’, you than contradict your statement by promptly adding “It hasn’t been widely studied yet, so no one knows…” So please tell me why you feel the need to spread misinformation like this? People reading this, do not just read a few peoples comments on a drug addiction website and act you know what you are talking about when you don’t. Do your own research, get opinions from multiple sources, preferably from unbiased places. However the topic at hand can make certainly make it more difficult to find unbiased opinions, and even harder to find actual legitimate science. But it’s out there, do a little hard searching, and ask in places like Shroomery, Bluelight, Reddit and the likes. Besides, it’s not your sperm you should worry about anyways, it’s your kidneys and or liver.

Jon T
6:56 am June 19th, 2014

Hello everybody, my name is Jon (obviously) and I would like to share my story with you all. Maybe I can help someone else who went through the battle I’ve been going through for the past 2 (I think) years. I say I think that its been two years because doing this shit has messed with my perception of time so badly that the days seem to melt together even from the past week and I have to focus to remember when things happened. I can remember clearly events in my life, just the order/time period they happened in is very fuzzy. I have been clean for 4 days now. This may not seem like much, but I know for sure I am done this time for good.

I’ll start from the beginning and work my way up to the scariest event of my life so far that spurred me to stop this evil drug. A friend of my dads was watching our house while my dad was in prison, and he smoked spice. One day he offered it to me. I accepted, not knowing of any Ill side effects, and began doing it regularly. By the time I had researched it and discovered all of the horrible things it can do to you, I found I didn’t care, dismissing it all as propaganda to scare me out of having a legal high. I still didn’t consider myself addicted to it. By the time my dad got out of prison and everything in the household was back to normal, I had found out how easy and cheap this stuff was to obtain. I was doing it every day at this point, about a gram every day or two. It got to the point where the law starting cracking down on it ( I live in the US) and I had to go to certain gas stations at certain times to get it. It was so bad I was having these guys front it to me to give me time to steal money to get it.

At this point, I was getting a feeling I was addicted, but the worst undesired effect I had experienced up to this point was dozing off in my chair when I stayed up late bingeing. It seemed harmless, so I didn’t give a damn about being hooked. I even got my girlfriend to try it a few times so she would be okay with me doing it around her.

Then came the woeful day when I thought I was finally done. I believe I had been doing it for about a year, then all the spice in the stores was suddenly gone, I couldn’t even get it under the table from the guys I knew. It just wasn’t being packaged and sold anymore. I was at the end of my senior year in high school at this point, and it sucked going to school withdrawing from this stuff more than it did being high on it. At my graduation ceremony about a month or two after it stopped being sold in stores some friends of mine from school who also did it introduced me to someone who sealed home made batches of it, in bags like you would get weed. It was amazing, I felt on top of the world. I had access to it again! And no legislative action would stop these guys, as they were fully aware of its legal status.

I attempted college that fall, hooked on it as bad as ever. At first I went to all my classes and did everything I was supposed to do, albeit while high. Then it got to where I couldn’t stand not being able to binge on it like I used to. At home my family was fully aware I was (or at least had been) addicted to spice, so that was a no go. I couldn’t sit there and get high in class, so I started going out to the college, and getting high in my car all day, then going home. I still showed up to classes sometimes, just barely enough to keep up with things (or so I thought) until it became apparent I was going to fail no matter what I did. That was the breaking point. I started using my gas money on this it, hiding at a library near my house all day JUST FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING HIGH. AND I STILL DIDNT REALIZE I HAD A PROBLEM. After I failed college, I decided to get a job for the first time in my life. That did nothing but fuel my addiction, it gave me more money than I knew what to do with. After about six months of working, we come to the final chapter of my addiction. This past Saturday, the 14th of June, 2014, was where the shit hit the fan. I got off work at around 10:30 and started smoking once I got home. After about 4 hours of sitting next to my girlfriend while she slept I began to get paranoid. I went into the other room and took a couple more hits from my pipe. I bumped into something when I went to come back in the bedroom, with the intention of laying down. The noise woke my girlfriend, and she rushed into the room I was in before I had taken a few steps. I’m not exactly sure why this happened at this moment, but I remember suddenly feeling terrified and I started to have a seizure. When I say started to I mean I didn’t fully loose consciousness, but my legs and arms were shaking uncontrollably and my girlfriend immediately grabbed my arms and asked if I was okay. I tried to tell her I was but my speech was impaired. I believe I was foaming from the mouth slightly because she wiped my mouth and looked really scared. My eyes were fluttering, and I suddenly thought to myself “no, I’m not going to let this happen to me” and I felt I needed something to hold onto or I would lose it completely. I asked my girlfriend repeatedly to let me wrap my arms around her while I was still seizing, and when she finally let me, is when it stopped. I don’t know how or why, maybe the seizure was just over and I had a false sense of control over it. This alone wouldn’t have been enough to terrify me away from this substance however. I’ll tell you right now, 5 days after it happened it already feels like a dream and if it were not for what happened next I can almost guarantee I would be smoking it right now. My gifriend had the brilliant idea of recording a video of me to show me how I looked on that shit after I sobered up (once she was sure I wasnt going to die, although I was still very much fucked up). So she sat me down in a chair and interrogated me for about 11 minutes, all on video. When I saw that video the next day I wanted to cry and laugh at myself at the same time for how absolutely retarded I acted. I can’t believe that I could be reduced to a stuttering idiot who takes 10 seconds to get out a sentence AND NOT EVEN CARE. If it weren’t for me having this video as a reminder to myself of how bad this stuff really is, I probably still wouldn’t care. Fellow addicts or loved ones of addicts, try to get a recording of yourself or the loved one in question while they are really fucked up and show it to them while sober. They will be shocked at how simple minded they were. I hope my story will help someone out there get clean.

Now, I want to go into a little bit of detail as to what the withdrawal has done to ravage my body and mind so far. I will note that the cravings are minimal, and have been even since the first day clean. 1. I have had insomnia, resulting in me getting to sleep around 3 in the morning every night thus far, and then not being able to sleep again once I wake up in the morning. I never understood insomnia before this, I’ve never once in my life has issues sleeping or getting to sleep. Now I truly understand what it means to get frustrated at laying in bed for hours at a time trying to sleep. 2. I can’t eat. I mean I literally can’t do it. I feel the hunger in my stomach, but unless I smoke some pot to aid my appetite, every time I go to chew and swallow something solid I feel all of a sudden like my stomach is bursting full already and I’m going to throw up if I swallow. 3. Im an emotional rollercoaster. I haven’t cried, or in fact felt much of anything except euphoria, paranoia, and utter depression for the past few years. Now its like a floodgate has been opened in my heart, and I find myself tearing up at the things that usually wouldn’t faze me. Hell I bet I could induce some tears right now if I wanted to. Aside from that, I forgot what the difference between true hapiness and euphoria is. Its subtle, but real, true happiness is more fulfilling. Also, anger. Anger is a healthy emotion, and I didn’t realize how passive I had been prior to my quitting of synthetics. I have some fire, some passion in me now. Don’t get me wrong, these things aren’t pleasant, because like I said, its a rollercoaster. I can’t tell when I’m about to get struck by an emotion so strong I don’t know what to do with myself. There are more than the three I listed, but my comment is already lengthy, and I want people to be able to finish this without getting bored. Just one last thing I’d like to add. I feel like there’s something different about me now. I want to wait for a few months to say for sure, but I fear some part of me was lost in this addiction. I used to be brilliant, top 10 of my class in high school, all sorts of amazing prospects for life, but I don’t know if I have it in me to continue my education. Maybe I will someday regain what was lost, and I will be able to do it. Don’t ask me what it is I lost, I don’t know. I just know something is gone from my mental capacities. Okay, im done. This was what I needed, to get this off my chest and put it in writing to make my promise to myself concrete. I promise I will never touch this hell spawned drug ever again.

Mike p
3:19 am June 23rd, 2014

Jon T I’ve also been threw the same shit. I’ve been clean for months now and it gets better bro. It’s withdrawal is worse than methadone.

Jon T
1:01 am June 26th, 2014

This is Jon T reporting back, and after being clean for a week and a half I can definitely say it does get better. Its like I’m a whole new person already, and my resolution to stay away from spice hasn’t wavered as of yet. I appreciate your response mike p, I’m glad to know someone else has had a similar reaction.

10:06 pm July 14th, 2014

I smoked thi for about a year. It got bad, 10 gram a day bad between me and my buddy. I desided to stop on July 11, 2014. Now I have a few questions at this point.
1.How long until I can feel somewhat normal again?
2. It almost feels my skin is numb all of the time. Anyone else ever hear about this because it’s the one that has me the most frightened right now?
3. Can you develope insomnia from this
4. I’m taking a risk on this one, but I’m in the Army, Infantry to be particular. I was a good soldier at one point. Going nowhere but up. I was the star, I was just good at it and enjoyed my job. Now I’m a compleat bag. I leave work to go burn all of the time. My PT is going down. My squad leader is constantly pulling me aside to make sure I’m all right. It takes me longer to learn things. I guess I’m just asking how much of myself I can expect to have been killed by this.

2:01 pm July 18th, 2014

ok so im basically freaking out i started smoking this cr*p about mid of 2011. I was a regular pot head, but since it wasn’t getting me high anymore and saw my friends doing this cr*p i decided to do it as well. At first the highs were good but then, i started to smoke even more so i could get higher ended up maybe 2 jars a day towards this year. 2014 was only 1 jar a day, just for the fact that i didn’t have any money. My unemployment was cut off at the end of 2013 so, recently on July 9th i stopped completely. Haven’t touched it since then; today i believe is my 10th day with out which i’m very proud but i’m scared out my mind though. The first couple of days with out smoking had chest pains, muscle spasms, sweating on my feet and hands, tingling feeling all over my body, lil nausea… i’m still eating and i do get hungry. I’ve been fine the last couple of days; haven’t been sleeping all night, i did sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon a day ago but, yesterday night i didnt sleep at all. I thought i was going to be able to, but once it go to be like 5 am or 6 am my body stared to do the whole muscle movement for no reason. My body just felt like it wants to go numb so, i get up and since all i’ve been doing is drinking for these 10 days (lots of water tea with out sugar and juice). But once my body feels real tired i feel like my soul is ready to come out of my body so i can’t rest, i wake up instantly because i get scared that i’ll get stuck like that.
It’s 10 am right now and i’m still feeling tingly as hell and feel like my body wants to go numb. I’m so tired i want to go to sleep but i am scared will this go away?? If someone could please write and let me know it would be highly appreciated. I’m not sure if i should go into a program for detox or what should i do. Will it go away? I just took some laxative so i can use the bathroom and see if it could come out that way. Please help me! I’m only 26 haven’t experienced much in life and want to still live! This is definitely a wake up call i def don’t ever want to touch nor want to smoke it i hate it to death! Could someone help me with these questions ????

8:27 am July 22nd, 2014

My bf smokes this alot.. everyday. Once he is home from work it’s all he does. Its been 2 yrs now of constant smoking and in the last 6 mos. Ive noticed a huge change in his personality. He does not. And then gets upset w me when I try to tlk about it. I dnt know what to do.. tonight he had drank prob 8 beers and then when we went to head to bed he smoked a joint of spice. Turned the light & went to sleep.. next thing I know hes freaking out bc he is hearing voices. I cant live w him doing this. We have kids in the house also. I dnt know how to get him to realise it is ruining things. There has been other bad times mainly him yelling at me for no reason. & crazy mood swings. How do I help him!??

3:44 am July 24th, 2014

girl i had a boyfriend that did the same thing thank god after years smoking it hes nothaveing the symtoms im haveing buts hes off it but alot of people will im telling u now for a fact get him help becuase its going to get worse that are people who have died on it so im telling im praying to god that u hear what i have to say becus i dont want people to go thru what iw ent thru and what other people are going thru its worse pain n the world and if u dont stop him now then im not sure but get him girl asap

11:29 pm August 10th, 2014

My son is smoking herbs. Is this the same as spice?

10:59 am August 11th, 2014

This sh*t is the devils drug!! Should be banned class a++. Everybody, please stay off this garbage as it absolutely f*cks with your mental state. I only smoked it for a couple of weeks, a gram a day. Can’t believe you can buy this over the counter. Whoever thought of this shit needs a slap!! My brain feels like it’s burning. I can’t eat or sleep and I sweat like f*ck. Freaking me the hell out. I also feel wide eyed and my whole body shaking like a dirty little smack head. I quit on Thursday, 7th August 2014 it’s only been 4 days. Hope it goes away… In a way now it’s a blessing in disguise if I get through it. I am never doing any type of drug ever again in my life not even weed or alcohol!! I’ve seen the light. This is not who I am or want to be!! Time to start winning at life and stop wasting time on killing my brain cells! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! STAY OFF THIS DEVILS WEED!!

11:19 am August 11th, 2014

Concernedmom4 get your son off this by any means necessary.. It’s called spice on the street but the real name is HERBAL INCENSE!! HERBS?? He ain’t going to like it as I never had any problems while smoking it!! It’s when you ain’t got it when it drives you mad!! If you love your son which I’m 100000% sure that you do!! Stop it right now do anything and everything. The more he smokes it-the more damage will be done to his mental health … Or god forbid lose his life!! ACT NOW !! WASTE NO MORE TIME!!

11:35 am August 11th, 2014

Hi concernedmom4. Herbal Incense is referred to as Spice, K2, K2 Spice, K2 Summit, Premium Blend K2, Spice Gold, Spice 99, Black Mamba Spice, Synthetic Marijuana, Legal Herb, Legal, Weed, K2 Weed, Synthetic THC, JWH-018, Vodoo Spice, Serenity Now and many other names.

7:44 pm August 12th, 2014

I smoked weed , about 2 days ago , ever since then I can’t remember anything , don’t know where I am half the time , I feel depressed, never hungry , I hVe no idea how long this will last untill I am back to normal does anyone know?

11:30 am August 22nd, 2014

As im sitting here in the hospital with my brother seeing the pain he is goimg through kills me. Remember spice users it doesn’t only hurt you but those around you as well.
He is having symptoms like

Shaking uncontrollably
Sweating like crazy
Abdominal pain

I ask that you guys DO NOT DO THIS PLEASE!!!

Note: he’s had 9 seizures in the last 20 minutes.

This is no joke!

He has visited more than 3 to 4 hospitals and they have not found “anything wrong with him”. In the end of ’12 he weighed 225 he was a big guy he was all muscle. He started losing it after a while and in the beginning of ’13 he got really swollen. In those years he had no appetite at this point all he could eat was soft food that was blended up in the blender and baby food. He moved out of town for a while and came back a couple of months and he was exactly the same. Any normal food he would eat would come right back up. Now he is around 130.. please I cant stress this enough do not do this.

6:31 pm September 1st, 2014

Hey everybody. I’ve started smoking a spice called Black Lotus recently. At first, the only effects I had were the high. Now I’m hurting trying to fight off withdrawals, but I think I can do it. This feeling has only started recently, as far as the withdrawal symptoms. I have the same symptoms as everyone else, minus the nausea, vomiting and headaches. It’s been two days, but I feel like I’m getting slowly better. Was actually able to sleep for some okay hours last night. I still get the shakes, I’m hot and cold now as we speak. I have intense mood swings. I’ve even threatened harm to a friend I’ve known for most of my life, and now we don’t speak. Everything is in a haze for the most part, though I do get the occasional bouts of clarity.

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!!! This is what the sellers do- They give bags to you that they have portioned in a certain way chemically. The ones they give you at first don’t have the chemical that makes you have withdrawals. It’s called Black Lotus- Avoid it please!! I’m at my parent’s house right now tryin to detox, though they are clueless about my condition. Anyways, they start to give you more potent bags. It got to a point where I wouldn’t feel a spice high, just an amplification of the withdrawal feeling before about an hour of physical relief. Seeing what it’s doing to me and my community, I reported them. I will do everything in my power to stop these people.

See how easily I got sidetracked? 🙁 They sell bags to you in a certain way. It’s to get you addicted. They KNOW what they’re doing. The people who sell this shit are Indian. Their’s no good intent with this! They WANT to poison us! They have bags set up knowing what to give to increase potency in doses to people and start introducing this highly addictive substance inside. It’s almost like it forces you to move in a weak manner, mentally and physically. THINK about it! Why is this the ONLY thing doing this? I’ve smoked a lot of brands of spice in a period of time (I’m really not that heavy of a smoker) and I’ve NEVER had this type of feeling! 🙁 This is made specifically to kill us. We need to stick together and get this shit BANNED PERMANENTLY. I already reported my spice seller to the police and my local news station. Call me what you want, but at the end of the day I’m helping to SAVE LIVES. It really is that serious!! If you’re here it’s cause you’re feeling bad like the rest of us, but we can pull through this! We’re STRONG! Fuck those devil worshiping Indians selling us this poison to kill us slowly. I will NEVER smoke again, and if I see someone smoking it around me either I’m gonna take that bag and flush it, or walk away and not care. I can’t walk away because I care about my fellow human. Good Luck!! I’ll check back in 2 days to report progress, wish me luck!!

9:02 am September 2nd, 2014

Good luck Tony. Let us know how it all goes and don’t hesitate to ask for medical help if there is need. Stay away from synthetic marijuana from now on.

Tommy 1
5:35 am September 13th, 2014

Hello, I am a 40 year old male who has tried most blends over the past 3 yrs. Never once going through with drawl when stopping. Sometimes really getting it in when at a party or group setting of friends on the weekends and smoking up to 15 grams between 4 people wasn’t a strange thing. There were many breaks with use to use throughout these years, sometimes lasting 9 months before trying a blend again. Natural weed being the choice 4 me it wasn’t like these away times from the spice wad missed horribly and there was no substance in my system at all.
Having started playing around with the spice again 2 months ago I decided to get the strongest the foreign store owner recommended. He seemed to have a trust in me and knew I wasn’t a whistle blower somehow. He felt relaxed and happy around me and always said hello even when I would see him outside store hours or days of in operation of the risky business. I really liked the taste and smell of one particular brand that had a strong initial high and a lasting effect. Soon I got a tolerance to it and was becoming frustrated that all my ditch town could produce was this level of strength in the new 4grm. Pack everyone with 20 bucks could have. The next visit to Happy foreign friends store was going good to ask him straight up the strongest sh*t he has. Why not? He had already made me comfortable in being a customer by way of politeness and generosity. The next visit to “the store” was a great day for me, or at least I thought it would be. I left with a new colorful pouch in my cargo pocket pants that day , feeling a sense of fear of hmmm maybe it’s going to be too strong and that was exciting 4 me.
When I got home and went straight to the bedroom to try the new treat I was already having elevated heart beats due to the 22 stairs in my town home to the upper level I just scaled like an olympian.
I am going to skip my story and save all the day by day details for when I am asked to tell it I will no problem. I will leave you with this though…….and Take this to be real!!!!!!!!! I now have a disfigured evil ugly spirit like ghoul a.k.a. an Entity or ghost like demon of large size and strength living, walking, slamming doors, and rearranging my littlest daughter in an upright position every night to sleep leaning on her little bed smiling with her eyes closed but in a full sleep state. No matter how many times my wife and I arrange her back into normal sleep position.
And for the doubters, I have a photo of this entity and my daughter is not repositioning herself back to sleep standing again. 24 hr. Video supports that.
He’s ugly and pure evil, and 30 seconds ago just had 2 stop typing cuz, well, he decided to interrupt me in a way that was less than pleasant. I’m not on a big data plan so I don’t spend a ton of time on the net but I feel that the people who have been a target of evil demons should know they are NOT alone!
I just don’t know if it was the blend spray that gave our new hated household destroyer his last key or not to crossover to our turf. Thank you for reading. Sleep well all.

3:56 pm September 14th, 2014

Hey everybody! This is Tony from the previous post and I’m here to tell you YOU CAN DO IT! I set my foot down and refused to smoke and went through the craziest experience in my life with the withdrawals. You WILL feel like it’s NEVER going to end, but it WILL! You will completely go back to normal, but YOU have to be STRONG enough to stay away! You CAN! I did, and it changed my life for the better. I actually have a lust for life now beyond what I previously had. I have a lot more passion now for the things you do in life. If you’re going through it and you’re having a hard time, I’m here for anybody. I made it through, and so can you. You’ll feel like you’re going to die, but you won’t. The human body is an amazing thing, and you will learn to be more appreciative of what you put into your body afterwards. Good luck everyone and stay STRONG!

4:31 pm September 18th, 2014

Hey Tommy! I hope you read this and you fix your solution. I had a trip once with spice that i talk about way higher up in the section. But yes, i do believe you are telling the truth and decided to help you. During my horrible trip, i had demonic voices in my head telling me to kill myself and that my life was not worth it at the time. You have to understand that being unsober, especially what spice does to you… WILL increase the possibility of a demon coming to your life and maybe even your body. So the first thing you have to do is honestly and truly believe that whatever is causing this is actually there. Once you establish that ground, do not be afraid. Let me put it like this, now since you know there is evil, well the opposite which is good is also definitely there. Therefore, seek the things of light, pray and go to church. Speak the name of Jesus Christ around your house because his name brings power and truly believe this. Where there is room for God, there is no room for anything else. This is the time to step out of your comfort zone and trust your Creator. For he will protect you.

If anyone else is suffering from an addiction and/or demonic presence. Seek to contact me so that we may lift each of those by the power of God

2:51 pm September 19th, 2014

Idk why all Yale tripping I’ve smoked spice for years and nothings happened . The only time you trip is the first time you smoke it after you haven’t in a long time. And I’ve smoked all kinds red magic, blue magic, dzl, mad hatter, scobby snack, Mr nice guy , tons of kinds besides k2 . And nothings happened only dzl with long term smoking makes your body hurt and that’s when it’s time to switch brands. I think personally people think their way into od’ING or whatever cuz YES your gonna trip balls but if the person next to you is Str8 you gonna be too. The last time I smoked was diablo and I hadn’t smoke it like 6 mths I was with my bf and two other ppl and they were saying crazy shit which made me trip harder so I got up went in the cool ac came back out and just focused on my babydaddy he was chill like always. You have to stay calm don’t think of tripping or anything crazy like that, just think you are smoking weed. And if you do start thinking crazy stop yourself change the subject of your convo start talking, kissing, whatever you have to do to keep it 100 and then after you smoke the first time all the other times will be much better, also the high don’t last that long! So if you tripping tell yourself you ain’t gonna be high in 10 mins anyway. So seriously ppl calm down stop making yourself trip some it cuz it don’t show up on any drug test unless requested and stop over thinking ! Its a short good high 🙂

2:46 pm October 15th, 2014

I was addicted to this for six or seven months, and it doesnt seem like its bad at first. i use to go to my friend house who we would sit down and smoke weed, the natural one, well i guess that stopped coming around spice started to come around. i had knew bout spice and i didnt want to do it at first. well i decided to try it one time. The high was so intense, So powerful i fell in love. It made me sleepy and it just made me in another world. i wasnt in the world i was in. I was really depressed before i started smoking it. So i escaped everytime i smoked it. It got to the point i was smoking it in the mornings before school, go over there during lunch and smoke it, then after school i smoked it util my mom came and got me. I never stopped. It was so fun forthe first the months. My mom noticed a change she knew i wasnt smoking regular weed because i still would socialize and talk to the family. It got to the point i came home ate three plates of dinner and then go to sleep. But that the only time i ate was at night. Im not gonna lie the sleeping was amazing on it. But i would wake up every two hours craving it. i started to stay with my friend almost everyday to do it. My mom started to noticed i kind of woke up and was ready, didnt do anything for schooling didnt wash myself at all, and didnt take care of myself. My hair was gross. Then bout the fourth month i had the worst trip in the world. everybody was in my friends room so it was so small i just started thinking i was shrinking his door wass small i had to crawl out of it. but i blew that trip off and kept smoking it, i thought i was in hell a lot of times. my frinds room literally looked like hell. i thought i was dead looking at my body. i literally thought the devil had been inside me. i thought i had so many demons, i didnt care bout anything. Not my mom, my dad, my neices, my nephews, my sisters, no one. I was evil. i really did have demons inside me. i didnt pray or believe in god at the time. But i quit Janurary 7th 2014. I feel so good now. i pray to god every night, i love my family. i clean myself and care for my self. my friend still on it which makes me upset but i cant tell him not to do it. it even messes up my weed high sometimes, like i start tripping. My mind like to play games with me because thats what it is use to. But i will stop one day.

7:35 pm October 16th, 2014

Before I smoked 7h, I had smoked weed once. A very small amount. Somehow I got convinced by my boyfriend to try 7h, I let him shot gun me three times & I didn’t feel anything. I then hit the bowl myself two or three more times. Still, nothing. I went to lay down & immediately got up and stood in the door way screaming for my boyfriend to get me water. We were in a friends apartment who had just left for work and I didn’t know I was screaming loud enough for everyone to hear, thankfully no one did. I sat on the couch and thought I was about to die, that my heart was about to reach as fast as it could beat and just stop. When he got me the water all I remember is thinking I was drinking it and I was just pouring it down into my lap. I would try to lay down and feel better, but I don’t remember if I was breathing by or not. Either way, I couldn’t lay down. Eventually after my heart slowed back down to a semi natural beat, and I stopped screaming and could actually function… I started to geek, like it was a normal high. Which was by far the worst experience of my life. A couple weeks after, I had my very first, and to this date, the worst panic attack I’ve ever had. Ever since I’ve experienced severe horrible anxiety. Every single day, the same or sometimes different symptoms and severity of anxiety. I never ever ever recommend anyone to smoke this. Ever. It’s been almost two years and my symptoms ruin everyday life for me. I constantly think I’m about die from a terminal illness or something. I always feel detached and just lousy all the time. I especially don’t recommend if you suffer from bipolar or depression like I did prior to smoking 7h. It enhances your mental illnesses and makes life difficult. I’m so thankful my boyfriend quit smoking it now that he’s off probation and smokes the real weed on a daily basis. After he foamed from the mouth one night, I truly knew that I could never watch someone I love smoke this terrible stuff. I can’t even smoke real weed now, it imitates the bad high I had because that’s what I perceived would happen every time. Now I’m 19, & I feel like my life is temporarily or maybe even permanently damaged from one stupid stupid decision. Don’t smoke this or any other synthetic cannabis. No matter what anyone says.

6:31 pm November 12th, 2014

hello peple i been smoking spice for about 4 years now. i dont really seeam to feeel any bad things.
ii always get high and i like it. i relax and look at the world in a differnt day. some times i feel like i cant even get hungry or sleep if i donnt smoke. if i dont smoke it for more than a day i get angry. y is this stuff some addicting.

12:31 am November 29th, 2014

My bf ran out of k2 and money yesterday morning around 8:30 am. He was sick all day vomiting and sweating. I woke up at 4:30 am this morning he wasn’t breathing and his whole body was stiff. It seemed like forever but it only took 5 min for the emt to get here. He had started breathing just before they arrived. He couldn’t remember who he or I was, didn’t know his age, kept handing me invisible objects, and asking for tools like he thought he was at work. He’s home now and is responding better. He told me he ate half of the sandwich I gave him when he asked if he was hungry. I made no sandwich. He said he was hot and I asked if he wanted me to open the door cuz he’ll be cold again. He said he needed boxers and new flooring to fix the floors in places. We rent and our floors are fine. Will he be alright again? The ct at the hospital was normal but the dr said he could still have brain damage?

12:11 pm December 12th, 2014

Hey I’m Liz from Australia, me, my sister and my best friend have been doing ‘black magic’ and ‘mojo’ if anyone on here has smoked either I’d love to hear your stories. The first time my friend and sister did it they felt like they were going to die. I felt like I was on heroin. Or what I’d expect being on heroin to feel like, having never done it. It makes me very paranoid but you can learn to control the thoughts and enjoy the trip you sort of go on.

8:42 am January 11th, 2015

I think my husband is dying, he won’t let me take him to hospital, he is vomiting, hallucinating, grabbing heart, yelling, insane.

3:43 am January 12th, 2015

I could use any advice referrals anything at this point my brother smoked some spice and he hasn’t been the same 🙁 it’s killing me to see him this way my mom took him to dr they told him to detox himself he has the shakes sweats like crazy looks like he just did a line of cocaine what can we do to help who can I go to for him someone please I don’t know what to do is this long term or will this go away TIA

5:43 pm January 13th, 2015

Hello Help. Is he a Spice user? Call 911

7:31 pm January 13th, 2015

Well I started smoking this crap after they banned JWH compounds so I have no idea what was in my bags it was called death grip and pure fire….It messed up my basic motor functions to the point i couldn’t light my lighter or walk its like i would forget…i was paranoid to the point that one day I ran out of my room with a knife yelling to my mom that someone was robbing us….i would dig in the carpet for hours looking for little pieces i dropped like a crack head..i passed out in the most random places even when i was standing up…i lost my job because i was yelling at these customers and kept rubbing my pockets at the same time i dindt even know i wad fired until i walked in the next day…boy he was yelling at me…when i quit i would have night terrors and it would feel like my skin was constantly moving and bad cold sweats…ive done alot of drugs and by far this is the most scary I’ve done..when people compare it to weed i laugh cause weed doesn’t make you OD weed doesn’t make your legs stop working when your walking weed doesn’t make you pass out in the middle of a conversation with someone…if you don’t believe me smoke a whole blunt of spice and see how that goes..i could barely smoke one when my tolerance was high as crap

3:45 am February 5th, 2015

Hey, I was addicted to spice for 3 years, im only 17. Ive finally fully recovered from spice. I had bought so many & tried so many. I smoked a 10 g bag almost everyday on my front lawn with my sister almost everyday for about two years. The kind from gas stations. Then I slowed down to 5, 3,& 1¹/² gram bags every now&then. I moved to a different state & started smking the man made spice. Man made was in little clear bags.I smoked that for a year. I came to realise ineeded to quit. I was puking up everythig I ate , everything that went in my body except for spice. I was spitting up blood, ribs were sticking way out, losing&couldnt keep on weight. So I went on a road trip for a week. I only brought 2 blunts with me. I made them stretch for two days. After that, I thought I was gonna die. Die of starvation&collapse over. Crying out loud. Freaking out. Saying I need spig. Didnt wanna eat ANYTHING. The dts’ were horrible.It was so bad . I was like a crackhead on tht shit. Never pick that shit up! Youll get hooked! Its all you ever think about once youre addicted. Dont ever try it.

4:07 am February 5th, 2015

NIGHTMARE WAS THE WORST SPICE EVER. I was addicted for three years. Ive tried just about all the gas station kinds, I hda whole photo albumn full of mad hatter, kind kong, pure fire, nightmare,mr. Nice guy, lucky devil, hammerhead, blck mamba, ak 47s , I can go on. I moved states and smoked the homemade spice . Its just as bad / if not even worse than crack. I quit eventually. The withdrawls were horrible. Puking every hour, throwing up blood, spitting up blood,BAD congestion, loss of appetite, stomack pains, hot /cold flashes, heaches, couldnt sleep, let alone spice was the ONLY thing on your mind. I thought I was going to die lf starvation, I was so hungry but couldnt eat unless I had spice, I had thoughts od suicide when I didnt have it, I lost so much weight. Im 17 at 95.4 pounds… Just dont ever do it. &If your addited right now, STOP. It will kill you!. Ive been about 4 weeks clean from it now tho! I feel alot slower in my head now, I cant concentrate right. I cant seem to stay focused on one thing. Loss in interest of everything. Im a person who has been permanently damaged from spice. Its my fault tho, I should’ve never picked it up!!

4:26 am February 15th, 2015

Mann i dont know what the hell is going on but its driving me crazy. I use synthetic Marijuana and when i dont smoke it i cannot eat. I just ate but only a few bites. Before that i havent ate for 19 hours because my stomach felt sicker than a mf. Im feeling sick as a matter of fact now because of the synthetic Marijuana. My stomach feels as if it is shrinking because i cant eat because my stomach is nauseating and its been like that for the past two days now and it is now 8:23 p.m on February 14, 2015. Help me please someone give me an answer or resolution to my problems. Its driving me crazy and i dont know how long i could go on for with this stomach pain and cramping. Is there some kinda help out there?

9:39 pm February 16th, 2015

Taj , seek medical attention & start drawing up your will .

8:38 pm February 18th, 2015

I felt weird today i only smoke 2 times but it had pass like 2 weeks since i smoke and today i felt like i was goin in a trip and felt scared beacuse i haven’t been smoking .

3:53 am February 21st, 2015

Here is my testimony.

When I was 27, I smoked various brands of “spice” for about a year. I smoked pot constantly. On a lark, my brother and I decided to try it. Bad idea.

Short term side effects? At first, morning nausea. Bad.

Later came the heart palpitations, the angina pectoralis. Hallucinations.

I lost my ability to eat for almost a week. I went 3 days without sleeping.

Then, I fainted. I smacked my face and neck on a table or chair on the way down. When I woke up, I had nerve damage in my hands from the fall. My hands felt like they were on fire. It was agonizing.

My blood pressure these days is through the roof. I haven’t smoked in 3 years. I’m better. The first year I suffered from extreme, horrible anxiety. Unbelievable anxiety. It was frightening. Dizzy spells.

Things are better, but my blood pressure is usually somewhere around 155/90. I have no doubt shaved precious years off from my life because of this…. this shit.

7:07 pm February 23rd, 2015

I smoked that legal one time and i still think that im on fire whenever i get around anything that smells like a fire, Why does that happen??

Lil Leo
7:13 pm February 23rd, 2015

I have been smoking legal for about 3 years. the first time when it first came out in the stores is when i started smoking. And now whenever i see others smoking it makes me want it even more, but then again the other day on January 17, I fell into a deep deep sleep and was dreaming, but honestly it felt like in was in real life dying… getting beat to death, and being burned. Like if someone has lite my hair on fire with a lighter or ciggarette

7:31 pm March 11th, 2015

Hello everyone …
Now a days we call “Spice”… “Space”… My boyfriend been smoking space for a long time, maybe about 5-6 years .. i know, i only been smoking it about a year. Ever since i been smoking i had about 2 or 3 bad accidents, i didnt know where i was.. i was trying to fight people thinking they were against me.. my boyfriend had no bad side affects but he passed out twice in less than 10 minutes and he has some memory loss, he forgets lil things in conversation…. i have some memory loss like.. long term memories , or ill forget why i came into a room then i rememb