Does synthetic weed cause death?

Synthetic weed has been tied to deaths in the U.S. Synthetic cannabinoids can be toxic – but quantities and ingredients are difficult to predict. More on the relationship between synthetic weed and adverse effects here.

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In fact, synthetic marijuana has been thought responsible for at least 12 deaths, and many users experience tremors, vomiting and sever “psychotic” episodes. We review synthetic weed dangers and invite your questions at the end.

Is synthetic weed harmful?

Synthetic weed is the stuff you can buy in head shops, garages and other stores throughout the U.S. Sold in glossy, psychedelic packaging it seems innocuous enough. Something for kids who can’t get hold of the ‘real thing’. The Spice high probably doesn’t even work. It wouldn’t be legal if it did any harm, would it?

Wrong, I’m afraid.

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Synthetic weed is a clear and present danger as witnessed by the hundreds of comments posted on Addiction Blog articles since we started writing about legal highs a few months ago. The negative effects some of our readers have experienced are truly terrifying and far worse than commonly encountered by those smoking marijuana. Does Spice have THC?  No.  It contains something more powerful and potent.  And synthetic weed can sometimes even make you feel like you are going to die.

Synthetic weed hallucinations

Smoking synthetic weed can make you feel like you’re dying, both physically and mentally. In fact, a common effect of synthetic weed as reported by a number of our readers is a so-called near death experience. Not the mellow, peace with the world, travelling towards a bright light type, rather a truly terrifying feeling of dying or imminent death.

For example, Al wrote about his first time smoking synthetic weed, “The feeling of death wasn’t like I was dying but like on the Family Guy when death is literally with me in the room playing Xbox looking at me like, “yeah, I’ll be with you after the game”.

Another reader, Jackson, commented, “I took 2 hits my first time and I thought I was dying.”

MissNurse wrote, “I am sure I came close to death. if not death, then definitely the feeling of what it would feel like to die.”

Long term use of synthetic weed

Long term use of synthetic weed is hazardous to your health. There are so many different types of synthetic weed with different concentrations of active chemical that it is almost impossible to say categorically what the long term effects of synthetic weed are. Presently, large scale studies on the effects of synthetic weed on human health or behavior do not exist. However, there is most definitely a pattern. Our readers have reported the following symptoms from long term synthetic weed use:

• anxiety/panic attacks
• a feeling of alienation/disassociation from the world
• constant coughing
• feelings of nausea or actual vomiting
• inability to hold a thought for longer than a few seconds
• irregular heart beat/palpitations
• loss of concentration
• psychotic episodes

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But blends of synthetic weed have many adverse effects, including, agitation, tachycardia (in the range of 110 to 150 beats per minute), elevated blood pressure (in the 140-160/100-110 range), pallor, numbness and tingling, vomiting (which can be severe and may require sedation), hallucinations (which can be intense), and, in some cases, tremors, and seizures.

The above symptoms are very worrying. We just do not know categorically the long term consequences of using synthetic weed but from the evidence provided by our readers, it is clear that using synthetic weed can have a serious impact on physical and mental health.

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Can you die if you smoke synthetic weed?

We know that synthetic weed is toxic. And it is possible to say that using synthetic weed (even once) may precipitate near death experiences and may well be hazardous to your health over the long term. However, until there is more data on the long term effects of these synthetic compounds and synthetic weed overdoses, cause of death and dosage are not yet predictable or accurate.

Questions about synthetic weed

Please leave us your questions or comments about synthetic weed here. We will be happy to respond to all legitimate concerns with a prompt and personal reply.

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About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. I tried synthetic canabis once out off a cone and I can tell you I didn’t feel nothing after 5 minutes then I just blacked out it felt like I was in hell I wondered if I actually died that day because I pasted out and I literally left my body I floated above myself and fast travelled to my family at all different places like I was reflecting on my whole life just a crazy experience I can never forget

  2. Hi wonered if you could answer me this can one die or have a blood clot from spice / a big mamba bong ?? as i have just lost my son 30yrs old he had his problems and couldnt face the real world without drugs / drink ! he lost his son in 2016 9months old which he never got over and now hes passed away , the coroners said there was a trace of canabis , and little alchol in his system , but there were traces of his meds diazapan and ethanal but whats ethanal ? from ! thanking you !

  3. Can smoking k2 cause one to experience respiratory problems ,and should one fear for your life when it comes to someone who’s been k2 smoking long term ?

  4. Never I mean Never try this drug, weather your persuade to do it or pure pressure or because your curious. This drug is not a joke. It shouldn’t even be called Synthetic Marijuana because it’s nothing like it. Here is the story –> One time I ran out of my stash of weed and my seller told me to try k2 he said “try it at your own risk” I didn’t care, all I wanted to do was get high. So I went home that night and took two puffs. Those 2 puffs were GOOD ENOUGH! after that I liked the feeling and so the next day i went outside for another “2 Puffs” so when I sparked it, the second time it had a nasty taste I didn’t like it but I still smoked. After my 2 puff I forgot not to puff anymore but when I looked at the blunt and realized I was half way through. That’s when something happend so unexplainable. I started throwing up for like an hour. I was trying to control myself but it was like my brain was fried. I sat there throwing up on myself like I had down syndrome. After 20 minutes later I managed to stand up and that when I started having HORRIBLE Hallucinations. Then I got terribly paranoid. I started having a psychotic episode where I could see myself dying over and over again. I saw myself being carried away in an ambulance. Then terrifying music started playing. Then I felt as if my heart was pushing so hard to pump my blood. I wanted to give myself CPR if I could. I AM LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. PLEASE NEVER TRY THIS DRUG EVER!!!

  5. Hi well that’s not I tryed fake weed or w.e you call it well I has a roach i put it done to another they both look the same rolled up I got up to get something came back and top one hit and to me I couldnt breath I felt my heart beating so fast I had to go out side I couldnt think I for got who I was and where I am I was freaking so bad I thought I was going to die my vision was thumping and it felt like I didnt no who I was and then I kept asking for my boyfriend but I for got he had to go out of town for work and everything came back to me I swear on my mom grave don’t try it u might die please don’t try it

  6. My best friend is highly addicted to Black VooDoo spice and has been for quite awhile. Yesterday while driving high, she totaled her car, after rear ending someone at 40mph. This accident was the direct cause of dosing off under the influence. Spice is a VERY DANDEROUS, and highly addictive drug. Anyone that’s says otherwise is uninformed and foolish!!!!!

  7. my brothers
    Really addicted to this crap. How can I get him off it. Does rehab help his only 16 years old it’s taking over his life

    1. Hi Laura. If your brother is experiencing synthetic weed dependency issues you should approach him carefully. People with addiction issues are very vulnerable and tend to deny their addiction problem. You can help your brother only if he expresses willingness to take actions towards his problem. To identify the presence of dependence read this article: Further more read about therapeutic approaches to marijuana addiction here:

  8. Cee, that doesn’t sound like smoke from synthetic weed, that sounds more like the side effects of the chemical fumes from making meth. You definitely need to talk to your landlord about that, or get the hell out of there if possible.

  9. I have neighbors in an apartment complex living below me smoking some type of spice or weed that comes through the vents that gives me itchy skin, headaches and burns my skin and mainly in the areas I sweat. I boil vinegar I spray air freshener I burn candles, but what ever it is they are using makes me paranoid and my heart palpitate. What could it be?

  10. Ok. So I smoked a roach with someone and I started freaking out like I was high on something else almost and I couldn’t go to sleep till really late. Then today. I feel like im in a daze, my body feels weird, and every once in awhile I have like a pushing feeling above my stomach. Please tell me it’s side effects from that stuff.

  11. synthetic weed, is very, very bad, my 3 nephews, had sezurse, 1 about 3-5 times medivacted to Winnipeg, man. & younger 1 about 1-2 times medivacted, to wpg, man. & younger almost had 1, there lifes are very change, they all go back buying again, my bros, kids. this sad. cause of no jobs in our town, & bad leaders in our town. should be more inuits on becoming leaders. we had wellness workers but , idon’t think they trust inuits only with big $$, they only let ppls practice cooks, not even doing inuits way, like sewing caribou, seal, skins. & mens even cooks like southerners, that’s b/s. mens should practice like snow houses, skinning caribous & other animals, cause, some young mens go out hunting some never return home, or frozen some where. or get to know lands names, & lakes for fishing, or sign of inukshut, where fish & caribous go by every year, only they can know carvings just to buy weed. our ways is dead for ever. & carvers used to carves thru- by storys long ago, that is so true, but marijuana tooks place some where in b.c. even they buys ski-doo’s , Honda’s trucks, brand new trucks only from selling weed. up here where I lived, is 1 gram of weed is $50,00- smaller 1’s 20 dollars, this is hell. not from there working to buy, I even got good certificates, but never been used yet since 10 yrs, cause of only whites leaders hating us for no ressons. head nurse in arviat should be removed really, cause shes sending young ppls to mental hospitals, & start let them used needles all there life, & there ruin forever. drugs are only way to every day life. how much can be in south to sell $10.00 a gram. & other place down south $50,00 ounce. buy out here is 28 grams to order is $250,00-$300,00 at b.c. they even order 224, or up to $6000,00, they they sell it & like they get 20-40 thousand dollars, that’s too stupid, they even hate ppls who calls to cops. cops even help more whites to charge inuits even 1 time white calls me I’m idiot for just asking if theres jobs, cause I got certificates then I just got charge by him cause he’s white & I’m inuits I then go to court for it then pay the find without making money this stupid thing they did for me, I would work then buy transportation to go out hunting for meat. not from weeds selling. synthetic are like purple kush, or kush in every name, they are very popilar out here. let marijuana be looked after to our young 1’s. thanks & go to church if any 1 stops for weed in there lifes that is all I know. I liked to becomes a committee to those who wants to stopped or becoming suisidles . too many suiside is the problem in small thing. sorry to say, but synthetic drugs are deadly poisons. god be with you.

  12. I overdosed with spice once and it has completely ruined regular weed for me. When i smoke weed i feel anxious tingly shaky and my thoughts run wild. I only ODed on spice once however this has had what seems like a permanent effect to my reaction to natural weed. How can I reverse this? Is this normal? How can i treat it?? I love weed but i cant enjoy it how i could before the overdose happened

  13. I do not know if it was real or synthetic because the person immediately got rid of the wrapper when I complained of being sick. Not the person that gifted the bakery item to me, but his jerk of an uncle, who is a bi-polar sociopath, and one of my worst nightmares. I believe that his rotten uncle may have been behind the whole mess.

  14. It made me feel like I was going to die and that someone was out to get me I felt as I was goin to kill myself so I stayed strong and stay on my bed if I didn’t stay on my bed and pray I think I would off done something stupid

  15. Can this weed make a person un conscious then ,wake up and be violent..the doctors had to heavily sedate my friend,that’s what he did,but, he also had Meth in his system…reply please

  16. If weed was legal you would not have shit like this and more ppl would not be in jail America is the only country that make most money off incarcerating 1/5 of its population

  17. It all started off in my 7th period class i was a junior I’m 17yrs old I’m on my Kik and a friend of mine txts me, this girl says “hey u wanna smoke” and I’m obviously gonna say yes thinking it was marijuana as she tells me to meet her on the first floor main hall I go down in a rush with exitment as I finally approach her we walk towards this hallway where there’s no cameras at all and she pulls out a baggie of “spice” I’m thinking it’s weed she then tells me it spice I ignored it and wanted to try it for the first time she finally stuffs the smallest bowlpack in a pencap I’m thinking, “dude this shits not gonna get me high” at all but I just wanted to see how it would feel and let me tell u I take one hugeeee loongg stroke of a bong rip off that little bit of spice I feel it burning my throat as I keep pulling with full force desperately wanting to get high from not smoking in 2weeks straight as I inhale it deep into my lungs for the longest that I could ever hold my breath once I coughed my lungs out I then think in my head “I don’t feel shit…this is fkn pointless” about 5-10seconds later BOOM!!! It hits me hard Asfff and I’m there looking at her with a cartoon image as every 10seconds its hitting me harder and harder as I walk taking about 8steps I then see a couple people walking by and my vision was fadig away as this hard chest pain starting occurring I then stop with my eyes wide open trying to concentrate on what I’m doing but it feels like I’m out of this world I’m having uncontrollably body movements I try and keep still but I stumble back and fourth as if I drank a whole bottle of vodka unable to keep still I then yell omgg please make this stop!!! I was so terrified this is the scariest feeling ever I’m falling off balance I’m panicing hardcore I start thinking of the word “drinking” for some reason and its like my mind is taking over of me I had a feeling of dissociation of the world like if I was in space I also seen demons all in split seconds my mind is going crazy the feeling is getting stronger and stronger I had felt as if I was dieing it so terrifying its just unexplainable u would have to go thru what I went the to know how it felt it was all from just one big ass hit this shit is crazy u never do spice in ur life guys it feels like its never ending everything was spinning I was so dizzy it felt like my soul was coming out from my body I then fell back against the wall while I hit my head hard asf and fall to the ground from there I blacked out I was foaming from my mouth overdosing like a fish out of water I was yelling for help as I was having some sort of a seizure my hands were all twisting more and more I luckily snapped put of it I could have been a vegetable I am so glad I’m normal and don’t have any mental problems god was with me as I begged for his help in my head when all of this was happening its the scariest feeling of life I get flashbacks its been two weeks I’m traumatized I Hardly can sleep but I’m doing better now I still do get uncontrollable thoughts as if I’m falling in a black hole its a fkn crazy feeling I will never do this again not even if u pay me $100,000 I have never been so scared in my life and I also have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) I’m just hoping it all gets out if my system its been weeks now and I still get side effects somewhat of what happened but not as strong even if I smoke weed it will bring it right back up I seriously thought it was never gonna end and I was going to die I will never do this ever again in my entre life please spread it around guys this is not no joke I rather play the wigi board than smoke this again!

  18. Hi my name is Haley, I have smoked before and never had any problems. I started to be go on Prozac 10 MG because my anxiety and depression are just horrific. I had a terrible past. Anyways I smoked weed again because I thought you know maybe it would help calm me down. Nope I began to hallucinate like the people who smoked the same exact pot as me were talking but repeating what they had said over and over. Now I begin to analyze and I’ve never have this type of feeling happen to me but I didn’t know what it was or what to think. So my heart started racing and I begin to feel like my whole body is burning I get extremely numb somebody could actually kill me and I wouldn’t feel a thing. Anyways I start freaking out. My friend was trying to calm me down I could not walk straight they tried giving me water and something to eat so maybe they could take the high down. I thought God was playing over what had happened to me before I died and i began saying to my friend nunae kill me please just please kill me I can’t do this anymore. The burning feeling is still there my whole body is really hot my face is sweating she feels me and she starts pouring water on me because I couldn’t breathe. So then I saw the light. I didn’t feel my body at all I thought I was gone. I ended up waking up and she kept tapping me on the face saying stay with me Haley please stay with me. So I ended up calling my boyfriend and I thought he was repeating himself “you already said that” I said. Now meanwhile I’m going back and fourth in the chair I was in saying that I was crying I didn’t know what to do. Everything was a mess. He ended up picking me up but I layed down on my friends bed for a while thinking I was still dead and I should just sleep and I won’t wake up so I should accept that I was gone. I tried ignoring everything, then I ended up hearing my family. Like I was in a hospital bed. My whole body was shaking like it was cold but I didn’t feel cold. Long story short. I haven’t smoked and I’m still having the issues only this time I’m hearing sirens in my head hallucinations. Repeating of people. I have no idea what is going on and I don’t know how to make it stop it is ruining my life I am only 16 years old and I’m going through this my doctor is a pediatrician and she’s not helping. Then of course I have a therapist and I end up having panic attacks when she’s over or when she comes to my school. I don’t know why any of these things are happening to me and I want it to stop. The burning feeling takes over my whole body every day now when shit like I said happens like I think they are repeating themselves and they aren’t. Everything is hectic I need it to stop ): help someone

  19. this is so true the other day I smoked some. took two small hit’s while driving. luckily I was at a stop light . within 30 seconds I felt extreme nausea. I pulled through the light and my brain said pull over or you’re going to die. I immediately pulled over and all I felt was this uncontrollable feeling of extreme nausea. I knew I was going to die I could just feel it.. all of a sudden I starTed vomiting. once I threw up i did feel somewhat better . I drove home to shower because I pissed my pants during the vomiting . so scary and since then I really don’t wanna smoke shit ever again lol

  20. I smoked spice for the first time the other day and I will never EVER do it again! Seriously this shit is fucked up. I felt like I was dying and I’d rather kill myself then feel the terror and torture I was feeling. I hallucinated God awful things, I saw myself harming myself and others. I was banging my head on everything and I kept biting my friend. If she hasn’t have been there I honestly think something really bad would have hapoened.

  21. You can only die from Spice you feel nice don’t smoke any more; if you let your addictive behavior takeover! If you feel crazy, evidently you’re killing yourself?

  22. I was a leagal high addict for a long time and towards the end of me useing spice I was uncontrollably being sick ,seeing things what whernt there ,hearing voice that whernt with me and even dropped and had a seizure

  23. I have been smoking this for about 5 years now on and off it wasn’t until recently the stuff actually got scary to me (I know what you’re thinking, he’s a druggie) well I was one of many grabbed by this extremely easy to get drug. Well here recently I got ahold of a batch that I started noticing the things you mentioned, and it wasn’t until I went into a freakish seizure while excessively vomiting, all the while I could only think “is this it, this is how I’m gonna go. In my own puke, shaking hiding from my family.” Well regrettably I didn’t stop there I tried to smoke in moderation to control that kind of reaction thought that was working until I realized I didn’t even have to be smoking and I could just suddenly convulse garage really loud my arms hands and roll up. It’s officially been about 3 days for me now first two definitely the roughest starting to notice haven’t really ate and don’t really feel like feel sick when I think about it but all I know is now randomly I have a friend in the hospital do I really had no idea smoked it and they have to medically sedate him to keep him from having seizures numerously he has fluid in the lungs low potassium dehydration all the same things that I seem to read about so after speaking with a mutual friend about him to try and find out more they explained but just a few weeks before they came by to see me for my birthday at which I have no recollection of very good friend of mine felt the need to quote unquote knock me out because of how possessed I looked he did not know if I was going to react on them knowing that and not remembering a thing scares me makes me wonder what I’ve been doing to myself now thankfully being broke most of the time and on house arrest so I can’t conveniently get it my withdrawals are not bad as my good friend but I just know but I can’t believe it this is something I’ve been doing to myself granted it wasn’t every time I had a bad trip but seeing what this is doing to me and knowing I’ve got three friends it’s left my house fell asleep at the wheel 2 in jail one hurt in the hospital I think it’s safe to say but I’m going to definitely keep that out of my life I just hope I haven’t screwed up myself to bad already

  24. I smoked spice it took me to a a computer virus on pause zone a full on mental emtropy worst than death , i would have preffered death over that will never smoke it again

    Side effects ticking my head or brain

  25. Hello i was wondering how would i know if it was synthetic weed my brother had smoked with some friends for the first time and he hasnt been feeling so well he says he feels diffrent and he doesnt want to eat and he feels like hes gonna die but not sure if it’s synthetic weed . ( he smoked weed on Thursday and on friday ate a brownie edible that some student had made .)

  26. This shit is just pure bad, i cant believe it’s legal and cannabis is illegal (australia)
    First time i tried kronic about 6-7 years ago, i was ok the first few times and then flipped it one night, had an understanding of who i was but had no idea where i was or what to do. I was at home btw. Must have sat for a good hour, frozen, scared unable to talk or move. Never touched it again….. Until

    Had 3 tokes of midnight or some garbage, felt instantly sick, coughing, boiling hot, thought i was going to die, in my coughing fit i grabbed the 4G bag and threw the contents all over the ground outside to get rid of it, moments later i woke up laying face down on the ground, legs and arms bleeding. And no idea how i came to be in a completely different part of my yard laying face down. No idea how long i was laying there. But shit it was scary, have had my billy for 5 years, it’s now in the bin, tainted with that crap. I don’t want it near me.
    This is by far the worst thing i have ever done. And i still can’t believe it’s legal. I’m even fearing going to bed tonight… Scared i wont wake up.
    Smoked pot on and off for 15 years, and never once had this feeling.
    Stay away from this legal garbage people, not worth potentially losing your life.

  27. lost 2 stone in less than 6 months,gone back to cannabis,unfortunately legals highs made me imune too them,glad too say,back too normal after about four weeks and put weight back on.unfotunately i drive for a or not legal cant win.

  28. I can say that this stuff is directly involved in my brother’s death on August 2, 2014. I figure that he was using it heavily during his last year of life, resulting in 3 hospitalizations, for an ulcerated esophagus caused by uncontrollable bouts of vomiting. His symptoms spanned the gamut of the usual horrors of the use of synthetic marijuana: acute nausea, long bouts of vomiting (8 straight days in one instance), extremely high blood pressure (180+), suicidal thoughts, low body weight, roasted throat/esophagus and extreme addiction. Sitting in his bed about a month before he died, he told me “I can’t quit. I am going to rehab when I get out of the hospital”. He did go to rehab, but checked himself out after 5 days , bought some KUSH from a head shop in League City and then smoked himself to death within 2 days. He finally died in the hospital during transport to Methodist. The determination at the time was heart attack, so for the respect of the family, we did not press for an autopsy, which I know would have linked KUSH as a major factor in his death. This stuff is a KILLER. Ironically, he was 7 years clean from Alcohol addiction and 20 clean from cocaine addiction. He never saw that what he thought was a legal alternative to marijuana smoking was going to hook him so badly that it would kill him. This stuff is absolute poison and anyone going to a top college to study chemistry to make chemicals to skirt the law and make money is nothing but a serial killer, no different than a black widow who poisons her spouse with rat poison to collect insurance money. I am also convinced that these molicules are engineered to produce addiction to keep these packages flying off the shelves; why else would someone endure days of vomiting and keep craving the stuff? I am a free market guy, but if I could destroy head shops and pawn shops, I would. There is not a thing this world would miss if either of those industries were wiped off the face of the earth.

  29. Pls I am so hopeless and desperate!!! Been smoking for about three weeks and the past week I have been so sick..not even smoking it unless it felt absolutely necessary for me to stay alive and not completely lose my mind..down to a few hits every three or four hours which is actually pretty good seeing just the day before I started feeling like I was dying I would smoke as much as I wanted or had…its sickening how in just the three weeks or so since first smoking it how derastic the changes to my physical and mental well being ntm just overall family life and mental toll it has given me..I need some tips as to anything that can get me thru this!!! I am currently on suboxone for opiate dependence due to severe back issues from car accident and prescribed added all for add also Prozac but haven’t taken the Prozac since Dr gave it to me after having my daughter… I have never felt so scared or hopeless and any suggestions or ways you personally have eased your own hell of detoxing\tapering ….I have never been so desperate to be able to be normal again nor have I ever felt the intensity of this even when detoxing from heroin all alone!!!pls someone has to be able to help me get this detox shit past me I’m scared if I don’t soon I may not have any fight left

  30. Hi y’all, I used to smoke this stuff a lot back in the day but I stopped because one of my friends had a seizure and then tripped out so hard he wasn’t him for like 2 hours he was trying to kill everyone but me and he kept talking this weird language and challenging everyone to a duel and he held a broken broom for a weapon and we finally got him to chill by tackling him to the ground and soaking him in cold ass water but he still has like problems ever since then but that’s not even why I’m here. Stay away from this shit, I smoke weed on the reg but my best fried threw some fake out called Sexy and he’s never smoked it before so I told him I would smoke it too (keep in mind it’s been 2 years since I’ve touched it) now we hit one grav a piece that’s it. At first I was instantly stoned but then all the sudden I had to throw up so I ran outside and puked up everything in me including stomach acid and then everything became slow motion and all the sudden my body got a hard vibration that brought me to my knees and then I couldn’t even talk for a minute and I started freaking out so I went inside to get some Mountain Dew and my friend was tripping out and he handed me the Mountain Dew and he felt the same thing I did but not as bad he started throwing up too but while he was throwing up I was beating on my heart trying to keep it beating and I couldn’t breathe or read my pulse but I was still alive and at this point calm was out the door. My friend said these words exactly and then face planted. He said do you feel like you’re dying man? And he hit the ground I thought he was dead so I booked it inside and started jumping up and down to create a heart beat and I started chugging water as fast as I could while making myself breathe but my braid felt like it was going to shut off and the only thing I could think of was call the police but I couldn’t find my phone. Guys I can’t make this shit up it lasted for 4 hours of me literally fighting to stay alive and making sure he was alive, I can’t explain the trip. But I’ll try, when it hit me my throat felt like it was a 90 degree angle and foam kept squeezing its way out of it then all the sudden I stared sweating and panicking and I couldn’t calm myself down, it felt as if my heart was going to explode. My vision went from normal to as if I was on shrooms to everts thing fading away and turning white, I could not feel anything on my body what so ever, and my lungs just weren’t working right. I finally felt like I wasn’t high anymore I felt like I was just going to die so I laid down and started deep breathing and tried to just accept my death and I woke up with a killer head ache 16 hours later and I couldn’t eat for 2 days I could only drink water. I smoked weed a few days after and I hit a grav so harsh I threw up and I had like a relapse with it and felt the same way only not as hard but my buddy thank god he put me in an ice bath and I was instantly cured, now when I drink Mountain Dew and get high I feel weird as if my body is waiting on the trip to happen again. This is not a joke if I would have smoked that shit alone I wouldn’t be here I think it was my will to live and my will for my brother who I thought had died, to live then I would be a dead man today.

  31. Guys. If you try this fake shit take a quick puff and pass let your high catch up to you and see how high you are don’t just chiefhat shit and get to your max level.

  32. Dear Jason, I just read your comment on smoking everyday. i’m asking you to think about what you have shared. If you get extremely sick when you don’t smoke, cough up all kinds of funky mess including blood and the people around you get even worse why would anyone suggest giving it a try. I am not judging you or anyone else but I recommend you get the guts to go thru the withdrawal and while your doing that read your comment over and over. I welcome you to get on board with this blog and tell it like it really is, people are suffering out here, lives ruined, families broken up and worse. You may be cruising for now but you will hit bottom and trust me it’s a sad and lonely place. Remember the people selling this don’t care what it does to you or anyone else and are laughing at you every time you are leaving there shops. To them you are just another loser, or did you think they are good people?

  33. I smoke pope everyday. I do feel when I run out I start to get extremely sick. I cough a lot a lot everyday. Sometimes up blood and different colors of weird shi*. But I enjoy the high, of mostly any kind the local head shops have in stock, 5g -10g bags While people are around me nodding out, puking, tripping pursay. I just get high, it simmers me down more ta less. I advise giving it a try never say never

  34. I have smoked this for near enough10 month and I am addicted, when I don’t have a joint in the morning I throw up continuously, I get pains in my stomach asif someone is stabbing me, this is EVERY DAY, EVERYTIME I DONT HAVE A JOINT. I have had bad experiences off it like ; 7 fits, disoriantation of the body and iv even battered my friends under the influence on it but I don’t remember ? The flem that comes up every morning and day is not normal, the pains are not normal, the depression is not normal but I can’t stop, all my money goes on it I lost everyone, it’s such a vile drug I advise anyone to stay of it

  35. Don’t smoke this horrible stuff tried it a few times an the last time I thought I was going to die had massive palpations in my chest an thought my heart was going to explode worst experience of any drug I tried an now my good friend was smoking it for the past year and a half an now he has died from the nasty evil substance that the government allow please please don’t try it

  36. I hit this fake stuff one time. Barely took a hit and I swear to my Lord, I felt like I was dying. As soon ad I hit I said I dont want anymore of this. And My vision went in and out, I pulled over and my body felt like I was shutting down. I needed a hospital asap. What’s sad I didn’t know I was smoking the shit. I will buy and roll my own shit for here on out. Never Again….terrifying to feel like your dying….I want to live

  37. My sister and her boy friend have been using it I think they both have brain damage. The boy friend just went to the hospital after using it. And had to be put on ventilator for four days he had pneumonia and a fever on his six day. Then left against doctors orders. My sister has two 16 year old kids that she sent away two family because they didn’t want to live with her amy more. She is not the same she wants nothing to do with her family.

  38. Hi,
    I was a long term pot smoker, purely to relax and sleep better, (I was doing a double degree plus full time work). I swapped to the legal side due to getting a new job that had mandatory drug testing after getting my degree. I brought it online from an australian store called whichlegalhigh. The first few times everything went fine, the only thing I noticed was my heart rate would increase dramatically, I would even wear my heart monitor for the gym sometimes and watch my heart beat skyrocket to 160+ beats a minute. I smoked this crap for about a year, very irregularly, I just got too busy for weed in general. And then a friend wanted to smoke one night, i went and brought a gram for myself, the old brand i was using (named ultrafuk) was discontinued, i ordered max relax, smoked a couple bowls with my mate and everything went fine, the following day after work I smoked a bowl by myself and had a really bad trip. I blacked out, and went into this other dimension full of dark purple colours, i wasn’t human anymore, i was an atom of some form in time waiting to turn into something, i had convinced myself that i had died, was sentenced to hell and this was my punishment. i was choking at some points, coughing like i was about to puke, i couldn’t open my eyes but could occasionally get a glimpse of my blinds, they were blurred and moving all around the room. i woke up half an hour later, ate, and everything was cool, but i was freaked out. About 2 weeks after that experience my mate and i ordered again from the same place, this time we ordered 7gs of mindrape extreme. it got delivered on my day off, but my mate was working, he asked me to try it by myself and see how long the high lasts as he was working the next day when we had planned to smoke but didn’t want to get too messed up for too long. i was staying at my grandmothers house for the night checking up on her, she went to bed and a couple of hours later i smoked a bowl in the guest room with the window open…. instant high, i remember trying to pack my pipe away, but couldn’t even move, everything went black and bam, straight into another dimension again like the previous bad high i had, but this was much worse, again i wasn’t human, i was just a thing, a thought of swishing colours combining into each other, again i had convinced myself it was hell, and it felt like pain. next thing i know, my grandma is shaking my shoulders asking if i’m okay, and all i could say was thank god it’s you, this is real etc etc. she told me later that i was screaming in my room, enough to make the neighbours dogs bark so she checked on me and i was naked, slumped over the table. she was freaked out, and i felt beyond awful for scaring her… but i was convinced it was just a bad high due to not being in my normal environment… so, at this point i was scared of the stuff, but i had 7gs, and i was stupid. I put it to the test one final time to see if it was really messed up, or if it was just me. I smoked half a bowl, at home, alone, in a comfortable environment, and i set up my laptop to record me because i could never remember my highs when smoking this crap. anyway, i smoked, i briefly remember tripping and thinking i was in another home that had an open home inspection, then i went downstairs ate, and watched tv….. nope not according to the footage, 1 minute and 40 seconds after smoking, off camera you can hear me screaming, like blood curdling screams, then occasional mumbled words of “oh my god” or just random slurred stuff i couldn’t comprehend, this went on for 10 minutes off camera, you see me come back on camera now with my hair everywhere and spit covered all over my face and hair, think saliva too, literally everywhere all over me, i slightly remember wiping it off. it was the scariest video i’ve ever watched though, i have no recollection of what i was doing, why was i screaming, what was i thinking… i woke in the morning with 3 large lumps on my head and bruises all on my back and shoulder, i’m convinced i had a seizure that night, fell and flipped around on the floor hurting myself… anyway, i flushed the remaining crap down the toilet the next morning after watching the scary video of myself seeming possessed…. It was the scariest thing to ever happen to me, I’ll never smoke again, it has made me scared for my health as now i have vertigo on a daily basis after that night, it has really made me question reality too…. i feel so messed up from it. please if you’re considering synthetic weed in any name/shape/form, DO NOT DO IT, it’s not worth it, it’s scary as hell.

  39. I smoked this the other day (1 hitt) and my heart stopped. I woke up with a paramedic over me saying I was lucky to be alive. CPR saved my life. Only 31 years old. Be careful out there. I’m happy to have a second chance at life.

  40. Okay guys im in need of some help my mom an brother are hooked on this sh*t how can i get them off of it any ideal are help ful my mom has break down an went from being in her home to being a hobo cause she rathered smoke climax then go to wrk so she quit an shes lost so much weight since smoking an ma bro has breakdown an ant concentrate on anything 🙁 help im losing the only family i have to climax

  41. I myself tried spice. The first few times it only took me one hit to get the strongest weed feeling high possible. And it did feel a bit different. One day I took to hits and I’ll tell u biggest mistake ever. I felt my body change. Almost felt like tunnel vision but with computer gigs and computer pieces! Is all I seen. Defiantly felt like I was freezing up like when a video game skips or stops. I make my way to my bed and wrap my arms around my now woken girlfriend. At this point it felt like my body was shutting down I had no control of anything. I felt almost like a skipping or glitches happening in my brain. When I snapped out of it my girl said I was crying and shaking. I new something felt wrong but my brain wasn’t registering it. All said and done that’s all it took for me to never touch it again. I’m so thankful I didn’t wind up brain dead or even dead for that matter. I thank my lucky stars, Angels and God daily. Never again. So I warn everybody sometimes it’s better just to take somebody else’s advice. Don’t be foolish my friend. Nothing is worth your life. ?

  42. I think my son is smoking climax or synthetic weed is there someone you can refer me to I’m very worried he asks so out of it and as if he is a different person since it’s not illegal he thinks it’s OK

  43. Whete cam I get help for my 17 yr.old grandson. He looks anorexic he’smokes Kali Mex please help I do not know what to do

    1. Hello Rose. Thank you for being a concerned and caring grandmother. You can call the helpline number displayed on our page to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers and discuss suitable treatment options for your grandson. Also, go to SAMHSA’s Treatment Locator to seek appropriate facilities and clinics in your are. You can go directly to their website by clicking here:

  44. I’m never doing fake bake again!!!! And that’s on my momma! I took that shit last night and felt like I was melting/dying

  45. When i turn 16 my mom gave me 20$ i wanted to go buy weed, i went to buy some they dident have anny so instead i bought kush not knowing how strong it was, after i rolled the joint like weed and smoking half the joint, i felt the sudden feeling of death around me like he was trying tell me (COME CLOSER) i felt sooo parenoid as the worst feeling in the wrold it was trying to engoulp my soul. after 15 minutes i trew it away and realize thats death or demons trying to take your life. that was the Scariest high in my life so far, then i wanted it to stop but it woulent go away the voice in my head till i praid to god with all my strength n i coulent even move. just never smoke that drug it like being in hell or close to death something you dont want to experience ever.

  46. Klimax help you get off of any drug it give you wat you want so if you want to stop smoking cigarettes you just smoke one joint or take a hit an you would not want to smoke cigarettes if you smoke weed it would take that weed feel all way weed won’t hit you the same , for any other drug it f helps you break off of it like brown coke ice etc,,

  47. I have been smoking legal for about 7 yrs now I have had that near death experience a couple times where I thought I was dead for sure. I told myself If God let me live I would stop. I still smoke and find myself keeping up with whats Good and bad .what’s safe and what’s killing people.people I’m 26 yrs old never in my life would I touch any hard drugs wrong this is the new crack never seen a drug so powerful where u no u r dying and can’t stop.I am having pain In my left hypo around the 4 th rib from the bottom .maybe I will be a example for u all stop befor its too late

  48. So i tried it , and felt odd after 40 secs of enhaling , I started to shake and my vision was distorted , I went upstairs and sat on the floor figuring out what to do as my heart was going so fast n thought I was gonna die , then I saw my face had drained all the blood from it and my lips were blue , my mother had to take me to a and e were I vomited all the way there and was put on a drip for several hours … Never again

  49. I had a bag of this stuff for free. Before i smoked it i asked my mate to joing me and he said it was shit and it can kill you. I thought it couldnt be that bad my cousin was dmoking it for weeks and never felt anything. In the end i threw it all out but decided to take half a puff in a herbal vaporiser just to experience it. It was the smallest puff but it made me forget who i was and how old i was. I though i was gonna die i had insane paranoia and insomnia and alot of cold sweats. This happened in tuesday and its now friday i have had about 6 hours of on and off sleep over the three nights and feel like i can live my normal life but im just still a bit trippy and high. Is this a normal part of withdrawal and how long will it take me to feel normal again? This was the first time i tried it and it was such a small amount btw

  50. I quit smoking spice a good while ago becausei had a seizure and then weeks later i remember every little detail of the seizure it bothers me deeply day to day wondering what was really going on in my head it felt like i was fighting or sorting through nerves in my body and every was forming and reforming i dont quite know what it is and no one can tell or will answer me back.

  51. I felt the same way I use to do it all the time but the last time I did so much cuz I usually do a lot but I don’t think it was the stuff I usually smoke it felt like I was going to die I haven’t touched drugs in over 10 yrs it’s really hard but I’m a mom/wife now

  52. hello, did anyone experience a sort of fit/panic attack thing? where it was like you were in side your head stuck in repeat… sort to say…. after the second time of that happening to me i haven’t touched it since 5 months maybe longer but then i was smoking a little bit of cannabis recently and had a flashback of that trip/ horrible repeat thing that was happening, has anyone had the same kind of experience?

  53. Hey everyone i am posting because i have quit this drug but i seem to have some lingeringing side effect of extreme memory loss.. Im very scared cause it seems as though i cant remember simple things this drug has caused me to have seizures and excessive weight loss i am able to eat now and was able to gain some weight my husband and i had smoking this stuff for almost a year and became paniced when we were told they were taking it off the shelf i guess thats how we were forced to quit. Now we were able to find it outside city limits and the store selling it had the potent stuff we ever had it scared us made me trip out and dump out both bags i had. I dont ever want to touch that stuff again. But i agree with everyone else the withdrawls are bad. I cant believe how blind we were as it was slowly killing us. I believe what it does is eats the lining of your stomach and we had to force ourselves to eat so we could gain weight. But man alive the extreme fighting that my husband and i went through trying to quit this drug. Is slowly causing harm to my marriage. We had huge blowouts like never before and we have been together for 18 years i believe it made me psycotic i think its been a few months since we quit but i feel like im still withdrawling. I cant remember things and because it didnt effect my husband like this he thinks im selective about the things i remember and he looks at me like im crazy and i think he doesnt believe me i cant remember things that happened a few months ago. When him and my son sit around talking i feel like a tard cause i dont remember the the things they say happened days before or even in the past for that matter. Several times this drug has caused me to have seizures. Can someone please comment or if experiencing the same thing let me know……very heartbroken

  54. I just had a 26 yr old friend die from cardiac arrest…the last thing he did on this earth was smoke a blunt of k2! …Please, if you value your life don’t smoke k2. Shalik Spruill you will not be forgotten. And your death shall not go in vain! R.I.Paradise my friend.

  55. I was 15 and never really ever smoked anything but a cigarette here and there when my buddy gave me a joint with what he called black spice . I didn’t know anybetter and I smoked all of it hit after hit. 30 minutes in everything I saw looked like I was looking through heat waves and when I turned my head it seemed like my vision took a sec to catch up with the movements. All I could hear was my heart beating . I freaked out and layed down and all I did was what seemed like pass out . When I woke I felt fine and I walked into the living room where I realized I must have only been laying down for like two minutes.. I strongly never recommend any type of synthetic. Doctor said if I would have smoked anymore I could have died … Real weeds the shit though

  56. I normally dont post on things like this but i wanted to get my.voice out there on how bad that stuff is. I recently started dating this guy who smokes weed alot. And I every now and then may smoke with him. So last night when he passed the blunt to me I took a hit without hesitation. What he failed to tell me what that it wasn’t weed (what we normally smoke) it was that fake stuff. I don’t know how quick or how bad it affects everyone else. I literally took one big hit. That’s when I realized it didn’t taste right. By the time I passed the blunt back.and turned back around to.the TV I became very dizzy and couldn’t concentrate on anything …then my whole body went number including my mouth and tongue. I couldn’t swallow and I began to get kinda freaked out. I could hear my heart beating faster….and faster. My boyfriend must have could tell I was freaking out and tried to get me to take another hit telling me the feeling will go away I tired to open my mouth to speak and say no but I couldnt. I just pushed his hand away. I felt as if I was stuck inside my body and couldn’t move or speak but was fully aware of what was going on. I attempted to get off the couch but I couldn’t move. It was like a weight was holding me down. I sat there and closed my eyes. All I could think was “I’m going to die” “my parents are going to be so disappointed” while I was stuck I promised myself if I survived I would never do it again . I remember begging god to let me live. I remember opening my eyes and trying to attempt to get up but still couldnt. Then I was confused. Couldn’t remember where I was at so I kept thinking….I looked over at my boyfriend and still couldn’t talk. I kept telling myself I was going to be okay. I was at my boyfriends house and I’m going to be okay. I kept telling myself this high can’t last forever. I attempted to get up again and I was finally able to stand on my feet. I went straight to the door and text my best friend to come get me and take me to the ER. She came and tried to get to calm down. The high had worn off a little but I was dripping wet with sweat. My palms were wet. I was a little shakey but I was able to talk…once I started talking I started stuttering. It was uncontrollable. I just started crying. When I was finally able to tell her what happened I was so frustrated. I didn’t end up going to the hospital that night but I honestly felt like I was gonna die and I was sure of it. NEVER in my life will I ever be able to trust someone even if they say it’s just weed. That stuff is dangerous and everyone should know that.

  57. I smoked this terrible thing for the first time . I had about half of the joint, afterwards i feelt like the world was spinning, i didn’t like it was like meh… But the day after my strenght was gone I felt dizzy and I wanted to sleep, but i couldn’t. I was lying on my bed and experiencing terrible mood changes my pulse was really heavy and at night i feelt like all my strenght was gone and i just wanted to sleep. I woke up 4 times that night. I keep drinking a lot of water and i don’t ear red meat and dairy products but it’s 2 days after and now i feel terribly weak. Will this side effect be gone or will I die?

  58. I dont see many follow ups from the people in recovery so I thought I would post one. My Sister ended up hospitalized for 8 days, they could not determine the cause of the vomiting and were never able to stop it. They ran IV antibiotics thru her as well as iv antiviral, her color was swollen so they werent able to do a colonoscopy, her throat and stomach were scoped. They never found the root of the problem. When they released her she started just a swallow here and there and fight to hold it down. I think once the meds worked she had already become anorexic and it became a psychological issue. My nephew slowly got better, it took 2 weeks for him to start recovering physically but the mental was unbelievable. Feelings of persecution, he became suicidal, the night he decided to kill himself I went looking for him.. found him walking down the road to the bridge over the river dragging a tow chain with the intent to hang himself over the bridge. He still has issues of rage and paranoia. My son was the heaviest smoker and the longest. He was smoking 2-3 bags a day.. for months. The newest batch is literally killer. Luckily he decided to stop of his own free will. He fought to drink as much as possible, if he threw up he drank more so that he would stay hydrated. This went on for over a week.. he was drinking gatorade and gingerale..He asked me to make a dr appointment for him. He was completely truthful with the dr about what he had done, I went to every appointment with him. His rages were OMG I mean my son wasnt my son he was a monster! He flew into a unbelievable rage because I mentioned the next day was valentines day.. screaming and raging all day about it. He acted like he was on speed ALL THE TIME! He didnt sleep for almost 2 weeks The dr was awesome! He recognized my sons cry for help, he had read a few articles about the stuff but had no knowledge. First thing he did after talking with my son for a bit was put him on Buspar and Paxil. The buspar was a godsend! he had him taking them 2 times a day to help him regain control of himself until the Paxil kicked in and that worked well for about a week and a half.. then he bumped it to 3 times a day. The Spice affects the serotonin uptake in the brain or something like that.. it messes with the brain chemical balance. Right now we are having issues with gruesomeness is what I call it. He has become fascinated by the isis videos of the beheadings. He has become fixated on the gory and gruesome… if this doesnt start straightening out soon he will have to start seeing a psychiatrist. It seems that the Buspar is making the greatest impact for improvement and is non addicting. Please.. If you have an addiction to Spice/Kush whatever.. go to your dr… have him read the blogs and use his best judgement to help you. Thats what we did our first visit was tell him about this website. He spent the next week reading thru the blogs and getting as much info as possible. My son goes weekly for follow ups to make sure the meds are doing what we need them to do.. At first the meds work great then your body adjusts and they have to increase the dose a bit…We are now at every 2 weeks unless there is a reason to go sooner. TG!! The dr listened to his patient and is willing to learn! The is very little knowledge about the effects because everyone that withdraws seems to have different withdrawls. The 1 thing that seems a constant is hydration!! If you are trying to kick it.. hydrate yourself as much as you possibly can for a week or so before you start quiting and taper off.. I think cold turkey is the worst way to quit.
    No matter how to do it…

    1. Thank you for the follow-up Therese. It may inspire others to share their stories and provide help by doing so!

  59. I use to live in missouri and alot of people smoke “fakebake” k12 and i tried it thought i was going to die i seen what it does to people and all i can say is if you smoke it be preparred to see your life flash like death

  60. It took me a year to find someone who would sell me medical marijuana. I was angry because I had spent $199.00 for a license to buy, but couldn’t find a “caregiver.” I called the office that had issued my license and was pretty upset that I had paid the money but could not obtain the grass. I even complained about a certain “caregiver” who would occasionally answer my calls, but never came through. Finally this nasty kind of guy said he would come but only if I bought $300.00 instead of $150.00 dollar’s worth. I could tell he heard about my complaints—which were “…why did you make me pay all that money for a license which is only good for a year, when I can’t get grass.” At any rate this nasty guy came with the stuff and every time I take one or two puffs I get sick–my lungs hurt and I got pneumonia. Is it possible that this nasty angry man laced the grass with something hurtful?

  61. The stuff is disgusting and deadly! All these symptoms are very true and horrible! ! It’s like you’re shitting dust, shaking, cold but sweating, no appetite, taste buds stop working. . They feel burned. You throw up a lot even though you have nothing to throw up because you don’t have an appetite. You constantly forget things even simple stuff. Stay away from it! !!

  62. I am only young, I first tried the stuff when my mate said it was just like the real thing and it wasn’t that bad, I bought a gram to myself short while after thinkin it was weed I had a 1 gram joint of k2, I have never been so scared in my life than I was back then, I felt a massive serious paranoia for hours on end I didn’t get any sleep, I was pacin round my room thinkin I was gunna die, I tried to stop it by deep breathing and even that didn’t work, I advise nobody to try this as I am sure I came close to death that night

  63. I’ve used a fake name/email to comment but my experience is anything but. A couple of friends, one of their older brothers and I had the day of school with parents at work so we decided to smoke. At last minute the older brother rolled a “warm up joint”. He told us it was strong but I still took a huge toke. Big mistake. What ensued was one and a half hours completely detatched from reality. Though according to my friends I appeared semi-conscious after collapsing off of my chair (landing in an awkward position – my friends were apparently ignorant to the recovery position) I was in fact in a wholly different world. A very dark one. At some point I became aware that I was having a bad trip and with this realisation came ever louder screams of negative words such as kill, torture or pain – reverberating through alternate ears. I experienced several different suicidal scenarios, one of which I must have experienced shortly after falling off my chair as I heard their voices saying put him back on the chair. In my mind this was because I’d hanged myself using the chair and was blind, struggling to breath because of the noose – having struggled to breath during the whole episode I’ve concluded that I may have actually suffered from some breathing issues although this may have been a result of the awkward position I was in. I also suffered from excrutiating pain and depressing hallucinations throughout the experience.
    Although we were not told that it was synthetic I’ve assumed so as, aswell as the described “bad trip”, my friend suffered from accute nausea during the high and for a couple of days after I lost the ability to maintain a thought

  64. And a Comment about pets getting it. My nephews dog had gotten ahold of a half empty bag of klimax. The dog is a little shihtzu. He came into the livingroom and kinda just leaned sideways and fell over.. I jumped up and went to him and his eyes were all spaced out.. I tried to stand him and he just fell over. At this time we didnt know what he had gotten into. I scooped him up and rushed him to the vet. His was extremely hypothermic with a body temp of 97.. 102 is normal for dogs. They immediately hooked him to warmed iv fluids. Mind you the dog was outside for under 5 minutes and it was the middle of Texas summer. He had to stay hooked to iv for 3 days.. it was very touch and go and we didnt think he was going to make it. He was hallucinating, vomiting as well. The vet gave him a sedative when he started having seizures. So yes.. it is lethal for your pet to ingest. If I hadnt have found him within minute of him ingesting and gotten him to the vet he would have died. He lived but was always “Stupid” after that.

  65. Please stay away from this stuff! My sister is hospitalized, has been for 5 days now, unable to stop vomiting even with all the anti vomiting meds, she has had continual iv and iv antibiotics, Inflammed colon, fades in and out, feels semi ok one minute, 5 minutes later is down again, my nephew, her son should be in the hosp, he has been unable to stop vomiting, has the feelings of impending doom, hot and cold chills, rebounding and hallucinatiuons. He went to the er, they gave him iv fluids and determined substance abuse and sent him home where he is steadily getting worse. My son, who has been smoking it for the longest, rebounds, fades, cant sleep, along with all of the other symptoms. He flies into rages over the least things then feels really bad for being that way. I see long term issues for the 3 of them. What is even sadder, my sister is the sole caretaker of her downs syndrome child that she cannot care for right now.
    Stay away from this crap! It will Kill You, It will kill what makes you YOU whether it is physical death buried in the ground or the death of what made you the person that people love. Leave it alone!

  66. I am an ex geriatric aid I try to talk to anyone in the public stores buses and warn them about using synthic drugs k2 k5
    or even street drugs and pain killers because there has been increase in fake pseudo drugs that are very dangerous and can possibly kill you with in days. I try to encourage people to quit or at least cut down .I read about this new drug that is from over seas and its popped up here and it eats away at your skin muscles and tissue . I know most people don’t pay attention to warnings but krokadill or desomorphine look up bid on you tube I pray to god nobody else gets addicted to this

  67. Since My last post i have learnt of another 5 deaths from Synthetics, such as Spice and Dank. One in our country, one in the states and three in Australia.

  68. Hello Jamie. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t want medical attention, he needs it. Please take him to the hospital to be examined by a doctor. Good luck to you both!

  69. I have a 18 yr. Old son who almost died from smoking klimax . He was hospitalized but released the same night. It’s been four months since then, but he is now experiencing other problems and I’m scared. He doesn’t want to go to emergency room. He is losing a lot of weight, his always throwing up, his waking up sweating when it’s cold. I don’t know what to do. Can you please help

  70. Dear WORRIED MOM,
    How is your son doing now, I just came back to reading these messages and don’t see any responses.

  71. Alex,
    Read the comments left by so many others: Don’t Smoke These Chemicals they will mess you up!
    See a doctor, get some face to face help know.

  72. ok so yesterday i smoked spice with my cousins and after 30 mins i felt dizzy and i felt like i was ganna die and i thought it would go away fast but it didnt until 3 hours later and then i felt normal again but then tdy i woke up feeling normal but at 6:30 today i felt dizzy and i still feel dizzy but not as bad as yesterday wat do i do help ???

  73. Hi All,

    Like some of the people have stated in the posts below – I too don’t tend to comment online but as soon as ii was physically able today, I jumped straight online to report this.

    I’m a weed smoker, 30 and have been smoking for a good ten years. (never taken class As in my life) and last night while out with a pal she lit a “legal high” spliff, I believe its called Annihilation? I’d never tried this stuff in my life and I honestly had 3 pulls, 4 at the most and I think I was so close to dying or never returning with my marbles!!

    Literally 5 minutes after smoking it, my legs went to jelly. I didn’t know who I was, where I was, how long i’d been there, where I lived. I was instantly mangled.

    My words started slurring and I could feel my brain going off into its own world. I tried to pull myself together but instead collapsed in the street.

    In my head I was imagining I was getting raped (I have never been raped) and I was absolutely terrified. Where i collapsed in the street, people and my friend carried me into a McDonalds (yes, this was out in the street at 8pm) when I came through, I had all this people crowding me, I started accusing them of attacking me – I was in fact experiencing psychosis.

    I was dipping in and out of the real world while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. At split minutes i’d talk to my friend acknowledging i’d smoked legal high and probably just needed to let it ware off but as quick as them thoughts came into my mind, I again started freaking out screaming that these people had raped me. I even got under a bench and table to hide from them, I was terrified.

    Don’t really remember the trip in the ambulance but I woke up screaming in the hospital as the doctors tried to take off my coat off so they could hook me up to a drip. I was terrified of them too. I told them with slurring words that I was finding it really difficult to establish what was fact and fiction and its scaring me to death as I think I’ve been raped and now I think the doctors are going to touch me. Although I knew I’d not, I was very confused as I had vivid images of it happening running through my mind.

    It took 6 hours to come down properly and today I’ve slept on and off all day. Although I’m fully aware i experienced psychosis and my mind was living out my worse nightmares, I’m still pretty scared today and hoping i’m back to normal properly tomorrow.

    Stay away from this stuff!!
    I honestly felt like I sat in deaths waiting room last night, my hart was beating so fast i’m surprised I didn’t die from that alone.

  74. It’s very very bad for you and should definitely not be consumed by anyone. It’s been linked to gastrointestinal problems as well as kidney and liver malfunction in addition to spinal/back problems. As far as I’m concerned it should all be destroyed so that no one else can be harmed by it.

  75. I sympathize with everyone below and have had quite a few strokes, heart palpitations, hallucinations, among others. Ive been smoking for a year and just stopped on jan 9th. God released me from it because I couldn’t do it myself. So glad people are becoming more aware of the dangers BECAUSE if it wasn’t for the lord I wouldn’t be here. STOP NOW!!

  76. Hi Kelly. Thank you for your comment, and I completely undrstand the frustration of not being able to find any valid scientific research on this drug. The thing is, it’s a relatively new drug and different packages (even form the same manufacturer) are composed of different ingredients that produce different effects (and that’s why synthetic marijuana can’t be patented).
    To answer your questions: 1) Yes, the dependence and addiction are definitley stornger. Many people also have a very hard time leaving the synthetic because the withdrawal symptoms can be excrutiating. 2) Upon use cessation, withdrawal steps in and it can be one hell of an experience. Scientists and medical researchest still haven’t come up with a way to treat the withdawal from these substances. However, you can treat the separate symptoms…so if you experience body aches, nausea and headake-you take pills that treat these conditions.

    I recommed reading these articles, to get a better idea of what comes next:

    You can also help address Spice addiction by calling the following helplines:
    a) 1-800-662-HELP The Treatment Referral Helpline – This hotline is offered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They refer callers to the appropriate treatment facilities. Local organizations and support groups

    b) 1-800-784-6776 The National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center – This hotline number will help you find treatment and detox centers any place in the U.S.

    c) 1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone – Get connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area 24/7

  77. Thanks for the informative article. A close friend of mine is 25 and is completely addicted to synthetic weed. He has most of the symptoms you describe in your article. Like you, I have not been able to find any published research regarding the harmful effects. I have two questions:

    1. Do these products create a dependence or addiction that is more powerful than addiction to marijuana?

    2. Do you have any recommendations for giving up and mmsgimg withdrawal etc?

    Thank you again,


  78. WORST TRIP EVER!!!I feel compelled to write a post on this, if anyone is thinking of trying it DONT DO IT! i cant explain it enough, its not worth finding out what its about, its not enjoyable at any moment, its the worst ive ever felt in my life and know i will never feel anything that bad ever again. Im 6’2 and weigh 100kg so im not a little skinny lad…ive had a good share of weed and it takes alot for me to get stoned but a few days ago, i found this synthetic weed in a tub owned by one of the housemates, it had been sitting there for atleast 5 months so i dunno if that makes things worse? either way it doesnt matter…ive never heard of it before, im from england and travelling australia atm, first time ever knowing of it, thought it would be a little light headed half ass feeling but was i wrong…heres what happened to me…I had a full cone on a bong, did 2 hits, within 10 seconds i felt beyond being stoned, a girl who was with me asked how i was, i turned to her and she told me after the whole scenario when i looked at her, my eyes instantly went from white to red in a matter of a few seconds, the slope went on for about 45 mins so im told as i had no collection of time or anything…i kept fading and coming back, as if i was never there, i couldnt hear anyone, i went blind, (this is all in less than one minute by the way) i went drop dead pale white, felt really hot yet really cold, instantly covered head to toe in sweat, i couldnt breathe, talk, move, i couldnt even think, i just knew within myself i was dying, thinking about finding energy to ask for an ambulance but worried about police etc and the lads with me were all mega stoned on normal weed so it wasnt good for anyone. people were shouting at me, shaking me etc and i had no response to anything, i felt pain all over my body and felt like i was falling into a vortex of nothingness, not even darkness and that went on getting deeper and deeper for about half an hour till i was totally lost from my body. Then i dont remember anything and in all honesty i well and truly felt the split second before going that i was dead, i could feel the pulse in my body and it just stopped. then apparently for about 3 minutes my eyes rolled all the way back i almost collapsed off my chair if it wasnt for friends catching me and holding me in the chair as i had some weird psychotic episode seizure kinda moment, and they said i just stopped, didnt make a noise, wasnt breathing and couldnt feel a pulse. All of this felt like it was all within seconds yet at the same time an endless amount of time. then i felt this burst and took a huge gasp for air, squeezing my arm rests and opening my eyes, not knowing where i was, who was there, didnt know what happened, didnt know who i was, just pure freaking out but still couldnt move, they carried me to the sofa where i had a nap for half hour then felt like i did before doing it, however i felt totally on edge due to feeling how i felt, its still with me know, i dont feel right, that experience stays in your head and is messing me up a little, ive felt entirely emotionless since, cant really think right, have no motivation for anything, it was that bad that i cant even think about smoking weed or even cigarettes anymore and ive smoked quite alot daily for 7 years…(im 24) I honestly wouldnt smoke it again for the world, i dont wanna see it ever again, it needs to be removed off the planet nevermind banned, its the worst thing known to man, i cant imagine anything worse, i would actually rather be tortured than go through that again, so anyone thinking of doing it just please trust what im saying tell your friends so they dont either, its not big, clever, funny or worth it its just shit, im lucky to be alive, dont take the chance.

  79. This stuff is seriously the worst thing you could ever do… I just came out of a trip that made me feel like I was dead. I was laying in my room at my parents house in the dark after I had a smoke and I felt complete and utter nothingness. I couldn’t feel my body and all I could see was the red standby light of my TV. I was staring into it thinking I was dead. I could feel everything and move everything but it all felt like a memory of something I’ve done previously. I couldn’t remember if I was in bed with my girlfriend, at my parents house or laying down on a cold hard concrete floor. I felt like I was sitting up with my hands over my face but I could still see the light, it felt like I was looking into a video camera that was filming me in complete nothingness. I don’t know if I was screaming out for help or if it was all in my head. no one came to my rescue or at least I don’t know if they did or not. I finally managed to move, thinking I was still dead. I was convinced I was dead and that I merely was turning on my bedroom light as if it was a memory and I had no attachment to the real world. I couldn’t find my phone and I felt like when I opened my bedroom door that I would be back in the black room of feeling dead and thats where I would be for the remainder of my days… I walked down the hallway expecting to just fall back into this sort of black abyss and that the only thing that was left of me was my memories, all the thoughts and emotions I had was all that I was and all that I could do… imagine your worst nightmare, imagine being in a black room and not being able to move, not knowing where you are in the world and being trapped in that darkness alone, with only your thoughts and your memories, imagine being completely and utterly helpless, screaming out for help but knowing that no one would ever hear you and you could never hear anyone ever again.

    I feel like I experienced what it was like to be dead and it was the most terrifying moment of my life and I would not wish this feeling upon the worst kind of people. it was like being trapped inside your mind as a memory…

    my god how can this stuff seriously be sold to people…
    I just wanted it so it could help me sleep… but instead it made me feel like I was dead…

    I still haven’t fully recovered from not knowing whats real and whats not, I am still sitting in my room, with the light on, not knowing whats outside my bedroom door, if it is the real world or if I’ll fall back into that black abyss. and I feel like I am a couple of seconds behind and that I can feel everything but experience nothing.

    scariest moment of my fucking life. this shit has to be banned.

  80. 1 question! Who’s the dumbAs* that put the word ‘Marijuana’ or ‘weed’ any where near the word synthetic? Should have used acid or LSD after the word ‘synthetic’! Im thinking less sales if that were the case.

  81. That’s true! Thanks for the comment, Gordon. You are right when you say that although it may not harm the dog physically, the whole experience can be traumatic and the psychological consequences may be greater than one could imagine. So, Lori, I’m not saying it’s ok to have it around…just that if your dog accidentally ingested some, it probably won’t be fatal.

  82. Dear Lori, Why do you think your dog might get some of this and eat it? Are you or is someone in your home using it? I wouldn’t want any pet to get at this and eat it, it consists of a number of chemicals. I’m not challenging Ivana it was nice of her to set you at ease but this stuff is nasty and could cause permanent damage to a small animal. When a pet experiences major fear it could take a long time and a lot of effort to reverse the results. I wouldn’t suggest any one or any thing experiment with this.
    Hear for you,

  83. Dear Audrey, I haven’t been on this web site for a while now, please let us know how your daughter is doing . As any parent we never expect to have this problem, it’s heart wrenching to see this and go thru this after trying to be the best parent we can. You are in my prayers and here for you if you want to talk. Best Regards, Gordon

  84. Hi Lori. If your dog ate some synthetic marijuana, it shouldn’t be in great danger, since large quantities are needed to have an adverse effect. But, you can take your pet to the vet if you notice some unusual behavior.

  85. On November 29th 2014 my 17 yr old son and a friend decided to try Dank. I know this for a fact because his phone has a picture of it and the word Dank as they were planning to try it. He smoked at around 7:19 PM, i know this because it is also on his phone through what’s App. He suffers from Asthma but is an exceptional sportsman who occassionally used a ventolin pump. We received a call at 8:15 pm and were told he was having a sever attack and his pump was not working. He had an acute Bronchial spasm and went into Cardiac arrest and no matter how hard the Paramedics, Pulmonolgist and nurse tried to revive him it was too late. They eventual got a pulse but with out oxygen to the brain for over 30 minutes he was pronounced brain dead and we laid him to rest on the 5th of December 2014. You now have another recorded death by Deadly Dank as the pushers call it.

  86. My daughter is unfortunately a long time user of spice. Within the last month 1/2 she has been put in ICU on a breathing machine. The extremely sever hallucinations started and had to be brought by Ambulance to the hospital. And people wonder if this “EVIL” can cause damage. She may or may not survive this time. This is an unpredictable drug that effects people in different ways and to keep it “legal”… they keep changing an ingredient in it, that’s all it takes to keep it legal…where its still legal. People please realize…you don’t know what your getting yourself into by smoking spice.

  87. My cousin committed suicide 2 months ago, the autopsy just came back today and it said that he had synthetic marijuana in his system. Could the effect of synthetic marijuana push him to that point?

  88. I’ve been additcted to weed for almost 3years now , a friend of a friend brought some weed and said it was 54 precent thc swear I had 3 drags of a spliff this guy gave me and I ended up seeing double verison next thing I was stood up in my room ner the window next thing I was shouting my boyfriends name but couldn’t see him , I endded up experincing some crazy shit , It all went black and my life was ending I swear , I seen my boyfriend and he was shouting baby baby and I couldn’t do anything I was passed out for an hour I came around and my boyfriend was sat on my bed I was on the floor lay in loads of sick I started to panic and said I was going to die it was a warning ! I will never smoke weed again after what I had gone thru , it was horrible ! I fort I was never going to see my daughter , my sister or my boyfriend ever again! I’m thankful to still be alive ! Please people open your eyes ! I neally died honest to god it was crazy!

  89. My husband has been smoking this stuff for a few weeks now and it worries me deeply. Until he started this, he was a fitness fanatic-big into body building etc. Now all he does is stay in the bedroom and smokes it all day long. Most of the time when he is trying to talk to me I can’t understand a word he says, he is always stumbling over his words and talks so softly now, he has withdrawn where he doesn’t want to do anything, he doesn’t work out anymore, he eats nonstop-junk food, sex is a NO, he looks so stoned. I try to talk to him about it but he says that it is no big deal, no worse than cigarettes, not that bad etc. He justifies it. It smells SO badly. I have also noticed that he now has a horrible cough, constantly complaining of having chills(he usually is always hot). I don’t know how to convince him that what he is doing is dangerous.
    My brother was on it few years ago and has SEVERE health problems from it-my husband has seen this and use to get on to my brother about his smoking this. Up until about a month ago he was dead against it at all cost. Now he is willing to do anything to get it. He says because the websites he buys it from tells him it is safe and legal than that means it is safe and legal.
    This stuff has changed my husband into a total stranger. I am very concerned about his health and mental state now.

  90. Where to start? Basically been smoking weed for approx 6 years… drugs test have poped up and have swapped to this legal shit. Tried a mixture of all brands approx 10 over different days, the final one was “happy joker blueberry” Hell came to me that day and hasn’t left. I was still stood up at a tram stop with my girlfriend and the haunting realisation that “its work tomorrow” came at me as though it was the last day ever at work. Bearing in mind it was a sunday, i then looked at her and in my own voice in my head it said “you ready to die? I replyed no… it said, too late, you’ve done too much, you’ve had too much, you have put too much in your body and you cant take no more. You die now.” I just screamed out loud that i was going to die and i cant hide from it. Guys basically this hasn’t left me, i feel like its done damage thats gone too far, like im trying to hide from something i cant… this was 3 days ago and the thoughts are as strong as ever. The monday night when i was asleep the voice came back, “are you ready?” I woke up and was covered in sweat, my bed as though a bucket of water had been thrown all over it. I woke my mom up and told her this is it, im going to die… she said jump in bed with me, im 22 years old and very strong minded when it comes to stuff, believe me i was scared, REAL scared. I got in bed with my mom with my hart beating quicker than its ever done, this was a day after my trip from hell. These thoughts aren’t leaving me and i believe that I will carry them for life, the short one that ive been given now… fear like this should never be felt. 30 guys with knives could be chasing me wanting me dead, that would not bring close the feeling of fear ive felt, no where close. 3 days later im still waiting to die 🙁 this is HELL pure hell, it wants me in my waking thoughts and sleeping ones… im scared to sleep because of the question it gives me, fuck taking sleeping tabs to be forced into a sleep i cant get out of. Do not take!!!!! It fine at first for me and now im in living HELL.

  91. My first time trying it was October 18 i took two hits after the second hit i start getting dizzy and than I thought I was going blind than my boyfriend put me in the cold shower ad i was in the shower my body was shutting down on me i can see my boyfriend talking too me but my vision became red and i can hear this ringing noise in my ear all i can see was myself at my funeral than I passed out but my boyfriend was trying too keep me up it was the worst feeling in the world i had too drink alot of gatorade and water too make myself to remember where I was but I had too throwup and pee and do the other all at the same time and now since than my heart been beating fast and I been having trouble breathing please stay away from fake weed i almost lost my life behind it

  92. I recently was put into hospital because of smoking a legal high named happy joker round my area, the things i expieranced were horrendous, like

    – no sense of my legs
    -unable to move any where
    -in and out of sleep where my whole body would shut off.
    – my eyes were dodgy and my hearing was also bad
    – no sense of speech

    They were all i expierianced above, i am only young. I was a right mess. No one was helping me and i wasnt getting any better, my mind was playing tricks and i can barely remember the things that happened. I had some awful friends with me who wanted to leave me in the state i was. Because they were responsible for giving me it, im slowly recovering still in shock, but never touching the legal highs again!

  93. Im 18 and I don’t smoke, ever. I did it for the first time on October 6th 2014, I was told that I was smoking fire kush. When I had a seizure and was admitted to the hospital nothing came up in the drug test witch confirmed it was K2. It was the scariest thing I had ever gone through, I hit it three times and as I went to set it out things started to change. I remember telling myself calm down your just trippin, so I tried to walk from the dumpster back to work witch was a matter of about 10 yards. I started moving in slow motion and like a scratched DVD, I managed 3 or 4 steps before I completely lost my mind. I remember spinning, screaming, pain, hatred, fear but no tears and no way out. I decided ok stop fighting it and maybe itll end, go with it and maybe itll get better. It didn’t, there was no common ground no safe heaven no getting better. I remember trying to talk but not using vowels so I had sounds and struggling. Imagine feeling live everything in the whole universe but nothing at all at the same time.I believe I was in hell. I remember at some points things started to make sence and come back together I was able to stand, but then BOOM everything would expload into little fragmints of chemicals and colors. It made me think that reality isn’t reality at all, its all an illusion of the chemicals in this universe holding together and letting you see what you want to see and feel what you want to feel. I was so scary, I still feel lost within myself I still feel like I could seize again at any minute, I still feel constantly nauseated I hate it, I learned my lesson and will never smoke again but I wish it would stop already.

  94. So I’ve only smoked Kush no more then 10x, but one night I smoked some kush out of a pink bag & I started tripping out bad. Everything was spinning & repeating itself, it just wouldnt stop at all. I was beyond scared, it lasted about 10 mins but it was such a horrible feeling. The whole time i kept my eyes closed because everytime i would open them it would start again. Never again am i smoking kush.
    But its been about 2 weeks now & ive been feeling dizzy, light headed & sometimes when i sleep the whole spinning, repeating itself thing happens again in my sleep & it scares me.
    All i want to know is if this permant or will it go away over time?
    & is it only happening because im overthinking it too much?

  95. This shit is the worst ever made. I had the worst trip and I want no body to go through what it causes. My mate brang it over and we went for a fish and I tried in down where we were fishing. It started great I was laughing running around having a good time. Then it just turned to shit! I felt Sick as hell walked back up to my car and spew my guts up everywhere continually for about 15 – 20 minutes I felt weak, I couldn’t walk properly, I could hardly talk but I heard my mates talking to me. I felt like I was dying and was so paranoid of getting caught by My parents. Eventually I had enough strenght to get in my car with my mates and go home. I went straight to bed, the next morning I could still feel it. Gut pains and feeling like I wanted to throw up again. It’s taken 3 days to fully get over it. Never again will I buy or do that shit and I recommend to anyone to never ever try it.

  96. About three and a half years ago I was told of this synthetic marijuana and I have prayed every day for the last three years that I did not try it.

    Talking with my brother over the phone he tells me of a synthetic weed product he has herd cool things about, and it can be purchased cheap from the adult/sex shops in town, within 2 days I was up at that shop buying my first bag. First time smoking I only did a very small amount (I have always been careful like that) Within 30 seconds I was….. I guess stoned, it felt similar to weed but off somehow and I was slightly anxious. I began to love this stuff, I loved the blueberry aroma, I Loved how stoned it made me, I loved how it made my sex life more amplified and intense. Every day after work or school I would smoke and play the xbox360, games were amazing and everything was more enjoyable. Wasn’t long before it started taking a toll, I need it and would do anything to get it, The highs didn’t last very long so I had to re-dose every 20 mins with big cones. I could not believe how addictive this stuff was, I become isolated, I did not go out, barely made it to work or school. Nothing was enjoyable unless I smoked this cr*p, music sucked, food was bad, couldn’t play video games anymore without smoking garbage. There was early warning signs this I wish I paid attention to – Losing feeling in my hands an arms, problems with movement and feelings, problems with balance, increased anger and an unusual anxiety. Yet all this and I still wanted to smoke, didn’t put 2 and 2 together, any way it was all gonna come to a screeching halt!!

    One night after smoking this cr*p I layed on my couch, my mind wasn’t right, my thoughts were paranoid and Brocken but very intense. I begun to feel very sick (and I mean very sick) so I got up to get a drink of water. To sick to get a glass I began to drink from the tap, My face then started melting of my head and was morphing into the sink, I couldn’t move. I could see my reflection in the window, Just bent over the sink not being able to move and could feel my face melting off (it may seem like a cool trippy thing… It Was Not) BANG! I was dying, My vision was going away and was tunnel like, My ears started ringing and at the same time was losing hearing, similar to being under water. I tried walking to my girlfriends room, but that walk down the hallway was one of the longest walks. I could fell my body turning off, I could barely stand, the ground was coming towards my face, I was leaving this planet. I finally got to my girlfriend an all I could say was “ambulance” I now noticed my heart, OMG it was beating so hard an fast, I remember thinking “hearts can’t do this, this organ is done for” I kept fading out (things would go black for a second) felt very dizzy and faint but the worst thing was the feeling of my sole leaving my body. I could hear sirens although my girlfriend did not ring the ambulance life flashed before my eyes and I new it would all go black and stay black soon.

    Six months I was smoking that cr*p until I had that horrible panic attack/trip/death experience. 3 years later and I am still dizzy, I still have problems with balance and I have barely left my house. After giving up smoking I thought that would be the end off it, I thought I would be fine but one day out at a coffee shop that bad trip happened again, thing was I hadn’t smoked in weeks. it happened again and again. The last three years have been hell I always feel way to stoned (I don’t do any drugs) I have panic attacks all the time except they are hallucinogenic, My entire thought process has changed and is stuck on death, fear and anxiety. I used to be happy and always an outdoors person and now I can’t leave my house because I get these bad experiences, and you guys know how bad they are when your tripping out and think your dying, well its worse when your sober.

    Over the last three years I have become complete phobic. I have phobias of every thing now. showers, shops, Panadol, so on. my mind has slowly over the past 3 years imploded, I’m stuck in a viscous circle of panic and fear, I’m obsessed with death, I’m just not in reality anymore.

    Some think that this may be a panic disorder/anxiety disorder which was triggered by the fake weed. All I know is it wasn’t there before the synthetic weed and no doctor or medication helps. Also problems I have just don’t have a name for.. and don’t exactly fit in with panic disorder or anything (I cant get around to telling all my symptoms, this comment had gone on way longer then I expected and I’m very tiered – one thing I actually sleep very well, guess Ill be grateful for that) So I have been dead for three years… hay im off all drugs now to scared to take anything… don’t want my mind altered. My brother is stilled hooked on this cr*p, he has lost everything, he has stolen from everyone who cares about him so he can purchase more fake weed, he has spent every scent. he is not my brother anymore he cares about nothing, he is a stranger, a complete different person with no sole, no life, no ambition but I guess even I am a very different person. Gong from a funny out doors, loving life person to a shell that is to afraid to leave the house. PLEASE DON”T SMOKE THIS CR*P it is more addictive then heroin and will do unbelievable damage to you physically and mentally

  97. I have a question my husband stop smoking that fake weed about a year and a half ago. Is it normal for him to get migraines and really bad anxiety attacks

  98. I smoked this stuff 3 years ago, they call it “Mojo”. I hit it 3 times and started flipping out. It’s like I was in a coma or something. I has a whole vision of how I was going to die.. I was sitting in the car with my friend who was heavily smoking it.. I kept thinking someone was going to shoot me, cause I kept seeing myself on the ground unconscious and I kept hearing my mothers crying voice saying “baby wake up” .. It’s like I was dead, but I was still alive in my head.. Kind of like death. I guess that’s how it feels to die.. It’s like I got a glimpse of my future death.. Now everytime I go outside back to the area I was smoking, I think someone is going to shoot me.. Yeah that was my last time smoking it , it’s the devil

  99. I bought this stuff recently as I will be getting drug tested at work soon, I’ve been a pot smoker for 10 years and was pleased when I found this stuff.
    Its NOT the same feeling as being high at all, it’s almost like a short blast of being on acid.
    Last night I only took one puff of my legal doobie, I started to feel unwell almost straight away, my heart was racing and thudding so hard in my chest it was terrifying.
    My husband was asleep next to me but I couldn’t move to tell him how scared I was. I thought I was dying and that my heart was going to stop. It was the most intense feeling of my life and when my heart finally slowed down, I was still terrified. I started crying and couldnt even explain what had happened to myself or my husband. It was like death was seeping though my pores.

    Please think twice before you try this stuff, its actually horrendous


  101. I smoked that synthetic weed and to make a long story short … I felt horrible Like I was gonna die I only did it once I will NEVER do this again … will I be okay in the long run

  102. Selma, Yes it most certainly can cause extreme rage & permanent damage to the brain! I personally experienced this with my husband of 20 years! It ruined him, our family, he lost his job, his license, his right to bear arms & our marriage!! He will never be the same man again and I am forever heart broken! :'(

  103. Does it cause people to go into extreme rage , to the point where your afraid they might hurt you? Does it permanently damage your brain? Why do people who smoke it think they are okay and refuse help or rehab?

  104. I have (until now) a good experience with herbal incense, and even better with recent e-liquids called “incense oils” that contain one particular chemical with a Japanese girls band name and generally seen as having the most cannabis-like effect. Incense oils are insanely strong, but I put just a few drops into normal e-liquid ! In fact I have always done the same thing with herbal incense, just small quantities mixed with 90% of natural legal herbs, such as damiana (which is already used in many incense brands and has a herbal spicy taste), melissa (which tastes like lemon, it’s wonderful), or why not passiflora or peppermint… Also, some incense brands have nice fruity flavors, that you can taste even with 10% incense and 90% damiana, at least if you vape them instead of smoking them. I use a well known small portable herb vaporizer called Magic Flight Launch Box, that heats the herbs without burning them. It’s far better than smoking, both for health and for the taste of incenses or natural herbs! No real sensation of smoking, but for this I have the very effective e-cigarette (with or without drops of incense oil!)

    I totally stopped smoking from one day to another, 2,5 years ago, after an emergency heart surgery (bypasses). No problem to stop tobacco, as I find e-cigarettes much, much better. But I missed cannabis. Then I discovered the vaporizers on the web, but I can easily get only poor quality resin (except on occasions), so I wondered what would be vaporized from it, and then I discovered the incense on the web and thought that maybe a good synthetic is better than a bad natural… And I didn’t feel like growing plants… Also the legality, and the possibility to receive it by mail are very appealing (no head shop in my country), especially for a 40 year old public engineer.

    But the key with these products is moderation. I did research about them on the web for more than one month, and understood that chemical cannabinoids which are total brain CB receptors agonists are much stronger than natural phytocannabinoids which are partial CB agonists. And the first time, the best is to try the smallest quantity you can take. Epsilon + epsilon + epsilon… And we’ll see. And it should be done with each new pack, even of a known brand, because poor quality control can lead to different strengths for two bags of the same brand. And to avoid hot spots, you can grind and mix the content of a bag to get an homogenous blend (i don’t do that each time). And for e-liquids, shaking of course.

    With all these reasonable safe guards, I never experienced bad trips although I tried many brands, some of which are considered killer poisons on the web (pandora’s box, sensate, sirius, exodus, clockwork orange…), but often by people who used them like grass without first researching what it was really. At worst, I felt 2 or 3 times, in the begging, some symptoms described as part of a panic attack (feeling to be an observer of oneself was the most strange), but maybe less strong, it didn’t make me panic, just a bit nervous, and 5 minutes walking in my office or riding my home bicycle were sufficient to get out of this strange feeling.

    Now, after 6 months daily use, I managed to prevent my tolerance from getting too high, watching it with evolution curves on Excel, so that I only consume 1 g incense in 9 days. And I feel good, sleep better, and don’t feel some negative effects of real cannabis like the sleepy comedowns or little headaches (these ones were maybe due to smoking instead of vaping, remember that smoking modifies the transport of oxygen to the brain). Anyway, as you see, I sometimes do new research on the web about the bad effects that can occur. And I rely on blood analysis to check there is no problem.

    To conclude, I find some advantages with these products in regard to real stuff. But they are too strong as sold, and should always be mixed with inoffensive herbs or e-liquids. If they were sold with smaller concentrations, we probably wouldn’t have so many scary stories like those told here. Good luck and good health to you all.

  105. Chris – You are a strong person. You described exactly what happened to me.. If you can find/read my posts from 2 years back, I was absolutely going insane. I feel blessed everyday that I got my sanity back. I almost didn’t survive it. Don’t know how I did to be honest, given my family situation, being poor, no support. This forum was the ONLY SUPPORT I had. And it saved my life. Good for you for locating it too! It is very therapeutic, this forum is.. I smoked last on March 3, 2011 or 12.. Can’t remember exactly but I’m guessing 2012. It was like it was building up in my system(I smoked every day all day for 2 YEARS, by the time I realized what was happening to me – going crazy – it was too late.. I was already crazy & couldn’t deal with it properly. 🙁 But I am alive now! So the last time I smoked, I OD’d, and the ER staff just laughed at me & let me lie on the dirty ER floor, and I’m a neat freak! They didn’t even test the stuff to see what was in it(to better treat me!), they simply did not give two shits. Afterwards I was TERRIFIED of the stuff & wouldn’t even look at it. Even so, I was CRAZY for 3 months afterwards, from the damage I/it had caused already. I almost killed myself because to me, life was not worth living that way & I had nothing to live for. BUT that is past now! For BOTH of us!
    Now I am having a hard time tapering off methadone(I was in a clinic, whole reason I started smoking it because it didn’t show up in a drug test.. Because they don’t test for poisons, LOL, I guess.. Not a joking matter though..). I’m at 6mgs & will try 3mgs tomorrow.. But cannot get my prescription refilled because of House bill 1(law made where you have to pass urine screen to obtain controlled substances.. and I smoke pot) so I am freaking out/trying to deal with that now.. I have a fiance now who knows all this happened to me before(except for the suicidal thoughts part) & still loves me unconditionally. I’ve never had such unconditional love before, and it’s worth living for. Apologies if I sound a bit off.. I’m stressing as usual about other things, lol. I’ll be fine. God bless you & your post really spoke to me. If you find my posts, you will likely be surprised by how similar ours are! YOU CAN DO THIS. *HUGS* I remember thinking the non-sleeping, terrible feelings would stay forever & no one could talk me out of that, but if you think logically about it(which is hard during the time, because you can’t think as straight), it has to eventually get out of your system.. (Especially if you are replacing it with healthy foods as you are. I went through the same thing.. Became a vegetarian, too. I eat meat now, but only farm raised/clean meats…) That’s what kept me going.. Respond to my post if you need any info, I will give all I know. Or can just be an open ear for you. <3 God Bless you, friend!! So much love to you <3 -Jess

  106. when my husband tried klimax he was lying in our bed and started screaming and then it was almost like he was seizing. He later told me that while that was happening his body was going threw Hell. said he could see himself being ripped apart in Hell and could feel everything. Never touched it again.

  107. Read this if you want to know what synthetic cannabinoids do to you. I smoked weed from 16 to 20, I stopped smoking weed, drinking an taking other drugs recreationally when I started smoking these once called ‘legal highs’
    I smoked around 500g of the stuff give or take, maybe more. Started on Exodus Damnation and eventually was smoking both Exodus and Pandoras box. The problem with them is they contain serious poisons, autoimmunesupressors (which surpress your immune system) antibiotics, and much worse drugs as most of it is made in China. But I’ll tell you why you feel bad if you are someone like me who smoked it everyday and then went cold turkey because you realised the damage you were doing. The main problem is it throws your hormones off balance and by doing so causes alot of other problems with it. The drugs in the highs act as hormones in your body by blocking the signals in your brain so that once you go cold turkey they reactive fairly quickly and can lead to all sorts of problems. Like me for example. I was 6ft2 weighing just under 13st which I was a decent size for my age and height to now weighing 9st10 or 62kg if you like. The drugs throw your hormones so of balance that it switches off your main hormone that sends signals to your others called your pituitary gland, it’s known as resistance and when this happens you get all sorts of problems that lead to autoimmune conditions like lupus. The good news is that there isn’t any unless you make a dramatic change to your like. When I say dramatic I mean, no smoking at all. Eat raw organic foods but chew them alot and avoid milk. Seriously Avoid milk or you will regret it as you might become or have become allergic to it. Only because your hormones are not working so your body does not create digestive enzymes properly. Also the problem with these legal high smokes is because they surpress your immune system and have epsom salts with toxins in them. When you come off them your immune system starts attacking your own cells hence being called an autoimmune disease. It really isn’t good stuff to smoke. If you are smoking it everyday and in large amounts like I was and want to stop. You have to stop straight away and go to a plain food diet, get tested for heavy metal toxicity and sort that out and DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES by doing this you are making your immune system more confused as it is trying to recover and those night sweats you have well that is the toxins being sweat out of your skin so if you smoke cigarettes you will greatly increase your chance of an autoimmune disease.
    I am not in a good way. But learn from my mistakes and either keep smoking weed and stay away from synthetic. Or keep smoking synthetic and ruin your life. I have been off the stuff for 9weeks and when I eat, I itch when I drink my favourite drinks I itch. My lymph nodes are swollen and my thyroid gland is swollen thanks to hormonal inbalance which I now have a lump in my neck as well. I am dying and slowly and painfully. I was off work for 5 weeks, I am back at work now and everyone looks at me like omg Chris you have lost so much weight. I am screwed yet been diagnosed with nothing. My daily routine was wake up, smoke exodus damnation in my bed before I got out of it, then get ready for work but not have breakfast, then I would make a spliff of pandora’s box to walk to the bus stop with. I used to roll another pandora’s box spliff on the bus so when I got off it I could smoke again while I waited for my 2nd bus. Sometimes I would miss the bus because of smoking and end up getting a taxi to work even when I was half way and then roll another one in the taxi and smoke it before I started work. All this caught up on me. I felt really I’ll towards when I was about to stop, but that’s just it when you stop you are on a continuous struggle, your best bet is to work on hormones, eat a healthy strict diet, get tested for heavy metal toxicity and relieve stress. Sleep will be a problem because of the sleep hormone, you might cry even if you don’t cry much ever because of your stress hormone and of you immune system attacks your own cells. The only thing I can suggest is to eat Greek plain yoghurt and take probiotics, digestive enzymes, multivitamins but not a cheap one. Meditate or do yoga. I used to have a life but now I haven’t got one and it feels like I am fighting to keep mine! Good luck. Smoke this and you will be screwed, eventually. To take a test on how bad it is, smoke it indoors with say an animal like a cat and even the second hand fumes make the cat all wobbly and like it’s going to pass out. Imagine what it’s doing to you.
    Good luck recovering, I know no one who has only those who smoked it occasionally but as soon as it’s everyday or fully addicted, I seen people commit suicide, get lung cancer, stomach cancer. Yeast infections. It really is terrible. STAY AWAY

  108. I smoked some kush earlier. I was out on the balcony of my apartment smoking & my friend was out with me. Now this feeling was just horrid. I felt like everything that was grabbing on to me was pulling me down. Everything that touched me made me numb in the spot it was touching me in. I literally started freaking physical slapping kicking & hitting my friends that tried to help me. They had to hold me down. Everything that I was looking at was all messed up. Stuff that I looked at was in four different squares. They would collide with eachother & it scared everything I had out of me. While all of this was happening i really was scared & thought that i was dying. I kept having the thought i was mental. Everything i heard echoed. Im never smoking again. That was horrible.

  109. I gave up smoking herbal highs 8weeks ago my cough as cleared and I feel abit better, though I’ve started back on weed and prescription meds. I feel the legal has messed me up mentally worse then before I ever tried it. I’m glad I stopped when I did because it got to the point were the buzz was no good and I felt ill or like I could die soon. I had the near death feeling when smokin it in a bong. Nasty stuff stick to weed

  110. My Grandsons step brother just died Saturday night he was only 20. Family of this boy kept telling us they didn’t know what he has / had. I just wondering if it could of been K2 . He had seizures, periods of feeling sick. He died having collapsed lung and kidneys clogged up which Drs. say it was meds he was on. Then Drs. put him a medically induced coma a wk & 1/2 later died having heart attacks. On his Face Book page he had about 6 bottles of medical marijuana. Now that he has passed the families don’t want a autopsy done… It’s possible they know more than what they are saying…?? What you think?


  111. I was in the Marine Corps from 2006-2010 camp pendleton 22 area. First tried with friends who told me it was like weed. Started buying it from headshops in Oceanside. Didnt quit till 3 yrs after I got out. Headshops in L.A.area sold it.
    This stuff ruined my mind. Still trying to recover. In my past I have been an addict to meth, coke and this was so much worst. Psychological damage.
    Made me crazy. Lost my mind. Memory gone. Dont try it guys. Please. Not worth it. Im married with 4 kids. Its not fair.
    sensations in body.cant sleep. Voices in head.Evil drug.
    Seen a lot of us go down. Addicted to spice. Wouldn’t admit it. Bunch of hypes with uniforms. Getting spice delivered on deployments. Out of control. Took all our $.
    Introduced it to many friends and regret it now. It messed them up. Hurt my family. STAY AWAY.IT WILL COST YOU.YOUR LIFE.YOUR SANITY.

  112. My husband smoked spice for about 6 months back in 2011. It ruined his brain, he went from a loving hard working family man, to a man who has nothing, lost his job, his marriage of 20 years, our home and he now sits in Jail.. Wish I had known how bad this stuff was before he started smoking it! It ruined my life & his.. Truly Heartbroken!

  113. fake bake has put me in the hospital twice in a matter of 7 months, gave me kidney stones, made my body numb and if I wouldn have stop it would have killed me since I couldn eat or drink nothing for over 2 weeks. the only thing that kept me alive was the I.v.’s the hospital had in me

  114. I had one hit of clockwork orange this morning at 9am GMT with a 1 hit pipe. It took effect within 30 seconds. This was my first and last time using a legal high!
    First my arms tensed and the sun on my back felt hotter and then I stood up and the room was tilting left and right. All I wanted to do was lay down as I became very relaxed and vibrating. While laying down I suddenly felt like I was dieing, my heart was beating slow and felt like it was stopping. I was in a panick and pleading with God to not let me die so for the next hour and a half I was on my feet moving about and shuffling with the rooms still moving about because every time I stopped moving I almost lost consciousness.

  115. How do you know if your bag is bad? If you smoke kush a few times and are fine, are you risking it each time you smoke, or is your bag safe?

  116. I’ve tried multiple legal high smokes, powders and pills over the years and rarely ever had any adverse reactions. However earlier today i share a small amount of legal high (exodus damnation) in a joint with my friend and had dying sensationa. this is the second time this has ever happened and will be my last time smoking legal smoke. I had severe pain running all across my body, it felt like everywhere was bleeding especially my lungs. My heart was racing and my vision kept fading, every time i swallowed it felt like i was going to swallow my tongue or just choke to death it felt like my throat was collasping in on itself. I was having severe shakes all across my body and i was pleading for my life. I have overdose intentionally before and ende up in ICU and even that wasnt as scary or painful as this expierence. To everyone reading this stick to cannabis it won’t kill you, legal highs might.

  117. The man I loved died of a fatal seizure and heart failure, and he was only 52 yrs old. But, the thing is, he loved it! He loved wherever it was it took him. He pushed on past the nausea and sick feelings at the beginning. All I see are the negatives, and there are SO many. But, he even invited his sister to take a hit. He said it had finally taken him where he wanted. He and his brother were using 3-3 oz packs a day, over $100 a day. It turned them into zombies; when they smoked it, they left their bodies. His sister and I were so scared and worried,, and they couldn’t see it. It was death. Perhaps it was a death wish. Addiction breaks hearts, so many hearts. Regardless of his inability to recover from his many addictions, I kow he is in heaven, and I will see him someday!! Clean and sober and high on heaven.

  118. My first experience with it was two days ago and it was probably the worst feeling I’ve ever felt. I was with a few friends and they told this shit is gonna get me stoned out of my mind. So of course I wanted to try it. They only told me to take like two hits, but I took 4 big ones which was a huge mistake. As soon as I handed over the blunt I immediately felt intensely high, like it all had hit me so fast. Then my heart started pounding so fast I could feel it hit my chest. In my head I started thinking I’m going to do and I should call the ambulance. They could tell I was freaking out and just told me to relax cause it’s just the high. Then my heart stopped and I felt like I was surrounded by death like it said in this article. I felt like every step I could it was waiting for me. I got up and move somewhere else and I felt like it had followed me. Then the dog there was starring at me and I thought he was reading my thoughts and talking back to me in mind.. This all only lasted about 10 minutes but it was terrifying. I would reccomend to just stick with weed because it’s much safer and and much better high..

  119. I smoke it for 3 day and now can’t hold food down keep vomiting and have chilled how long does this shit last

  120. Hi, I had a terrible experience like others here have written about “death” being near you. It was 4 years ago, some people came over to me and my boyfriend’s apartment and we all started partying. I had only had 2 beers and a shot when I went out on the balcony to smoke a bowl. I only had two hits and immediately I blacked out…… No idea what happened or how much time passed, I suddenly came to and I was lying in our bed. My drunk friend and her boyfriend were there and I was begging them not to leave me. I was terrified!!!! My friend started freaking out and left with her boyfriend to the other room, probably to go have intercourse, since they obviously didn’t have much concern for me. I suddenly was enveloped in complete darkness. This darkness was entirely head. but it CONSUMED me. I was in a black room with no walls or windows! Then suddenly I knew that I was dying and going to hell! I was in utter mental anguish, I can’t even explain. I would rather give birth to my son every hour for the rest of my life than to feel anguish like that for eternity. It was insane. I don’t know how long it lasted, it probably was just like 15 minutes. I don’t know. It was like my past seemed a million years away and I couldn’t possibly imagine that I had a future. I tried to imagine going to the gym and doing my regular day to day activities but it just seemed impossible. I eventually started praying to God. I “saw”(imagined I found out the next day) that there was this air vent on the wall. I knew God was coming through that. I prayed and prayed to Him to release me from this anguish. He eventually did. I wasn’t right for the next week….my mind was still a little messed up.
    I have always kind of wondered what drug I was on that night, because the people that I was with told me it was only weed. I thought maybe it was laced with something, but now I think it was this stuff.
    I am drug free now and have a beautiful baby named Noah Benjamin. LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL WITH OUT DRUGS. Life is harder at times, but also, easier at other times. Not giving in to immediate satisfaction with drugs, food, a better way to live.

    **********Follow the Light*******

  121. Hi , I am a 29 year old Hispanic female from NYC. I began smoking marijuana at 16,assiociated with heavy drinking. I had to quit smoking weed at 25 years old because I was blessed with a great government job. I started smoking herbal incense, potpourri, catnip, synthetic cannibus since June ’13. I initially was having it mailed to my home address until it became illegal to sell it online. I started purchasing it from a local corner store and tried many different blends. Certain blends make me feel mellow, hyper, funny, horny, paranoid, lost in my thoughts and sleepy. I have had no side effects at all up until a few days ago, where I had a sudden brain freeze like headache out of no where. It lasted about 30 seconds and it hurt really bad. I don’t get headaches at all, ever. Which rose my concern. I eat healthy, I exercise, I don’t stress much, but I do socially drink heavily on weekends and smoke a blunt a night of potpourri. I go on vacations every 3months for about a week or 2, and I DO NOT smoke any synthetic weed and I DO NOT withdrawal whatsoever for the time I am vacationing. If I happen to be hungover at home, I won’t smoke the fake stuff for 2-3days. I usually rely on it to put me to sleep. I know for a fact, it HAS to be bad for long term. I always suffered from memory loss here and there, but for 9years, I was an AVID pot smoker. I am slowly weening myself off, only because, that headache I felt that day, was terrible. I don’t suffer from any headaches or any pains at that, so I do eventually want to quit. Other then that, I’ve never got nausues , palpitations, felt like dying, or hallucinating ( ahh I wish, lol) The only other drug beside synthetic weed and real weed is shrooms ( you want to talk about hallucinating!!) Have no interest in trying XTC, Coke, Molly, Meth, none of that. I do plan to quit and if I go thru anymore side effects or any withdrawals, I will post again! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

  122. As a mom I kno first hand how horrible this stuff is ! This stuff is up there with meth crack n heroin ! I have watched the things ppl will do for a fix I have seen the withdrawals from this ! Horrible doesn’t even come close to wht u watch ur loved one go thru and the physcotic episodes r unlike anything I have seen ! Ppl we need to get rid of this before we loose anymore from this ! So sad and an epidemic !

  123. I AM WARNING AND BEGGING PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE THIS.. I am 20 year old female … I have smoked Marijuana for years, I have tried ice and pills. and have small hullisnations but NOTHING LIKE THIS… first time I had one small puff and instantly felt paranoid and lost all of my memory.. scared me but not enough I smoked it yesturday and in 2 minutes I lost all control. I have a broken foot I started to walk on it. and then collapsed on to the floor and went into a really bad trip…I felt like I had been taking to HELL. like the devil was terrorizing me!!!! I started screaming like I was horriflied ( I have no memory of this ) my uncle held me and said it will be okay.. I continued screaming I didn’t even see them or hear my family. all I could see, hear, and feel was DEATH. I couldn’t breath I had a fit and began to kick my family member out of control.. I was swearing WHAT THE FUCK FUCK OFF… It was something like I had never seen before. it was like something happens before you die. BUT IT WAS NOT A GOOD FEELING… I was going to hell. I couldn’t see my body all I was left with was my soul and the devil had my soul. taking me through the worst thoughts, pain, and feelings. I am a very strong person and for a young girl I can handle weed and ice BUT THIS ALMOST KILLED ME… I knew it was my punishment for smoking it. I have had panic attacks I was to frightened to sleep or to close my eyes incase I didn’t wake up or the devil would be in my face again…. thank GOD I had my aunty after 10 mintues I heard her talking to me.. I started begging please keep talking to me HOLD ME. DO NOT LEAVE ME… keep talking to me! because that was the only thing in reality . I felt like I was slipping away I was very sad I thought my life was over and I was thinking of my family members. saying goodbye to them in my head…. I prayed like I have never prayed before to god to save me help me, be with me.. I was so lost and slipping away INTO HELL….. thing drug is dangerous. the things I seen was something you could not imagine!!! my life was over ….. but my soul wide awake with the devil in HELL……… I want to do something to stop this. I am to young to have died and I am scared for others health and safety …. we need to get this off the streets….. this is PURE EVIL. I don’t know any drug that makes so many people experience HELL AND DEATH like this,…. before I am so scared to ever touch drugs. im even to scared to sleep or to be alone incase I go back into the trip… but remember this dose not feel like a trip this is real your body mind and soul FACES DEATH it is not nice experiencing a walk thought hell…. it felt like hours… but was only for 10 minutes… I have panic attacks and I vomited everywhere.i thought I was chocking to death…. it was the most horrible time of my life… I would rather be put in a war zone to defend for my life… then to be put back into that feeling of hell…. WORST FEELING YOU WILL EVER EXPERINCE IT WAS NO FUN OR FUNNY OR COOL AT ALL…. it was hell!!!!! if you want to meet th e devil and take a walk through hell.. go smoke it and walk with all of your demons and negative thoughts….. because that’s exactly what it will do for you, it wasn’t even a HIGH. it was a dying experince

  124. Hello just a concern friend. My friend has been smoking this a few months now and just decided this was it for her she never wants to touch it again. But now she’s having the withdrawals .She wants to know how long will it last? She hasn’t gone to the hospital and doesn’t plan to. Should she go and get evaluated?

  125. I think that some people may be capable of smoking it for a time before that effect snaps in. But when that awareness kicks in, it’s like the brain recognizes there’s something there and it dysfunctions. You’re brain either can’t tell the perceptive flavor or something, but when it actually kicks it, it does degrade your brain, it’s bad news kids. I mean bad. It may be age, it’s like being able to tell, it knocks you out of a loop and it hurts bad, it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced, it was very painful and hopeless and it only last a few minutes but it felt like years went by.. I’m not kidding.

  126. Hi, I am 14 years old. Two nights ago I was with a couple of people and they asked me if I wanted to smoke some shit called legal. Im not somebody who is a drug attic or anything I have smoked weed like twice. But anyways they finally convinced me to take a few hits. I ended up taking four hits. Seconds later I found everything spinning. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was beating out of my chest. Alll the sudden I collapsed. My throat went dry and I went into a stage where I could see the people around me but could barely move and sweated really bad. It was like a huge dream. I woke up hours later. My friends mom drove me home and i have felt like junk since. I have headaches, dizziness, and I feel like im hot like all the time and i randomly cough. I need answers please ASAP! I am a track star at are school. And I cant let my parents find out i did this. Will this go away?!? How long will it take?

  127. His mother is staying with us for a few weeks and she feels the same about the synthetic stuff; however she relapsed and she also is trying to become abstinant again from one of the worst drugs ever. She had 16 years sober and a hard break up had her relapsing. She gets to nag him about the smoking and the ashes and he has to take it; it’s his mom, and I no longer am the bad guy in his mind. They are one and the same; his mother and him. He needs her to quit and she needs him to quit and hopefully; in doling out advice to each other they will together have the strength to realize what an issue their addictions are; you can only preach so long before you start listening to yourself right? I hope so; if not I don’t see this lasting, but leaving him means me going back across the country and trying to split custody between states and him maybe spiraling more into a bigger hole. All I can think of is to pray; pray that our son and his health is enough to get him to quit. Oh– the coughing started a few month ago with the vomiting. Thought he had an ulcer but doesn’t. Didn’t realize until I read this site that other people were getting those symptoms along with the psychosis. I want to help him so much but when I try it doesn’t work; he grows more distant and shuts me out completely. He knows the right path; but his addiction won’t let go of it’s grasp on him. Plus he hates hearing about what he’s not doing right when he already is beating himself up for it. If he won’t even talk to me– what do we have? What do I have to work with? I don’t know how to deal with this at all. I feel stuck, limited to my options, conflicted in my emotions, and just overall helpless. I’m normally good at putting myself in other people’s shoes that’s why it seems at times I’m defending him or helping justify reasons why it’s hard for him to break this terrible addiction; but it truly is hard to break an addiction.

    I wish they’d just ban head shops altogether. All the synthetic shit is making people go crazy literally and crazy people do not know they are crazy; and they are in a state of insanity. Thinking they can smoke their problems away and coping with things the same way hoping for a different result. Insanity.

    Some days I just want to say “Enough! You don’t have to smoke today! Be a normal human being today and just don’t puff! Deal with life on life’s term’s today; feel your emotions for once and count your blessings, and above it all living with a insane person is going to drive me insane just say no today!” And then just throw away his cigars and bag and fight him if I have to for him to get the point.

    I don’t have that strength though. ;( Also I figure he’d just storm off and go buy another bag. pfft. Staying is enabling and leaving is giving up on someone I care about.

    I don’t know if i wrote this for advice; I know all about codependency and I’ve read all the advice articles; I kind of think I just typed this out to vent along with everyone else that has and maybe someone will read this and realize what they are doing to their loved ones; or just never to start up with this stuff. IF I had the same awareness with xanax, i wouldn’t have started with that ever!

    Anywho.. thanks for reading if you did and I apologize it was so long.

  128. Beware this is going to be long lol

    I’m also a person that doesn’t normally write on other’s blogs because I normally feel it’s useless. Let me start off by saying I’m no saint; I am heavily dependant on xanax I can take an outrageous amount and feel… maybe a hint of relaxation for say 15 minutes if that. It’s regulated to the point where I take it only to feel normal. I started on it because it was fun at first; a quarter of a bar; you pass out but wake up feeling awesome and hungry. Then you go through the I don’t give a f stage and you do some crazy things and do some violent things and get mad easily and this downer became an upper. However everyone around me then knew I was barred out because it made me hyper and I could stay up for days and I would always want to go do things when I was more of a homebody before. Here comes the part where my boyfriend has been smoking any and all brands of this stuff for approximately a year and a half now; can’t quit and justifies his addiction because I have mine and now we know there are withdrawls and him nor I want to face our respective months of torture. Both drugs have long term affects however I truly do have anxiety and I no longer get high I feel sober all the time and I have better impulse control than I use to before I was a mother. Mind you I am only 25 and I am only referring to when I was 22 and younger. Anyways lets skip to how it started.

    At first a $40 bag of Kush, 11 grams, (later on found for $20 till that store got busted) lasted 3 days between 3 people; My boyfriend, a roommate and I sometimes. First time I tried it I hit it three times and had the bad trip like so many people say; ironically after I hit it and I don’t even have a tolerance to weed so thinking this stuff coming out of a legal store couldn’t possibly do much; a friend who was over who didn’t smoke it told me there were reports of people going to the hospital over the stuff and I nearly wanted to but didn’t want to feel like a dumbass for going to the hospital over a bad trip once I got sober. If she had said something before I would have never tried it. I rode it out and said I would never hit it again but somehow I tried it a few more times just taking less hits. Never had the bad trip again; just sometimes feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest and I knew that intense feeling would fade in 15 minutes or so or I would just pass out. In the beginning it was a social thing; a blunt between three people every 2 hours or so. I never smoked as much or as often as the other two; but I also don’t smoke ciggarettes or weed. I mostly did it as a social thing with him and my roommate as I didn’t share in smoking cigarrettes or weed lol. My boyfriend and roommate smoked it because they were on probation; I had issues related to my son which was probation-like so everyone was getting ua’d. I thought this stuff harmless enough and my boyfriend had 2 very big scares for failing ua’s with mj before but the judge had mercy on him and didn’t violate him. Before he would just use the body cleansing systems or use water pills to dilute when he smoked the real stuff but the two times it didn’t work were truly scary experiences and he couldn’t keep risking his freedom like that; we have a 3 year old now and at the time he was only 1 ish. This legal stuff seemed like a great solution. First 6 months I didn’t notice anything except his and our roommate’s tolerance were going up and one 11 gram bag per 3 days switched up and it was more like 2-3 bags a day! Between him and our roommate because I stopped I couldn’t stand the burning in my throat or the cough it gave me and sometimes I’d be dizzy when I woke up it just wasn’t that great of a high to me. I started noticing that between the two of them they had a blunt going at all times of the day sometimes 2 simultaneously! Still no harm no foul minus how expensive it was getting. Oh and the copious amounts of ashes everywhere because for some odd reason they both got too lazy to ash in an ashtray or sometimes pass out with blunt in hand; and sometimes they were on my computer and would ash on it or roll their blunts on it and get twigs and kush in my keyboard. To this day my shift key doesn’t always hit so letters that should be capitalized aren’t. You cannot begin to know how annoying that is to me and how utterly ridiculous it is that they cannot at least ash and the cigar guts; they are too lazy oftentimes to even make it to the trash can. I even made them their own trash can for cigar guts but that failed. my constant talking about them ashing on all counters and surfaces got me a lot of “stop nagging and you do lazy stuff too” type of comments so I just shut up and let them destroy our duplex. (Not that it was a nice one to begin with)

    Fast forward to now. My boyfriend has not been in trouble with probation again and we haven’t had to go to court and haven’t had scares with ua’s anymore. We have moved to a house where it was beautiful; now some rooms are starting to look like the old duplex. In a given day I can see 10-20 cigars being gone through from my boyfriend alone and it’s gotten so bad I believe he’s resorted to lying about how much he smokes but I know it’s more than a bag a day like he says because he’s constantly running out of money and he goes to the store for something numerous times a day. The roommate I referred to before moved to this house with us; but a few months in has gone on and now we are more like enemies; or at least I just don’t associate with her because hating and being enemies eh just seems like too much energy. (However she seems to easily agitate me just talking about her and I have learned to pick my battles fairly well and this girl that’s 4 years younger than me can still push my buttons.. and the fact she can get me mad makes me mad! lol) Before she moved out though all I saw them do was smoke. All day long. They argued over who buys the next bag; who smoked the last cigar; it was so dope-fiendish to me. They both started getting snappier. My boyfriend already is a tell you how he feels type of person; and already had trouble controlling his temper all the time; but now he can NEVER control his anger and ANYTHING angers him even down to if you ask if he’s okay. You might get a response like “Why N***** why’s it concern you why you always trying to figure me out” or something stupid mean and insensitive like that. The roommate was always a push-over and more passive- now she smoked and drank a lot and got the liquid courage to actually speak up and argue back with my boyfriend. Sometimes she just pure got an attitude and became a brat for no reason and I had to check her on it when I never had to before. I don’t just get attitudes with people; I think of myself as polite and can handle a lot and talk kindly to people until you speak crazy to me so her attitudes to me were always uncalled for.

    They argued about the dumbest things all the time and my boyfriend even started getting violent with her; not hitting her but destroying her stuff or cornering her and just being a bully and she would egg it on also and he was just being really snappy mean and aggressive to everyone! At first I thought it was just me; we had been together too long and he had just got comfortable; or he was just tired of seeing the same faces everyday; but he started telling me stories of how he got so mad at some stranger some convenient store guy or whatever. The normally friendly guy I met and fell in love with was changing into a selfish mean bully that had a chip on his shoulders for no reason and became a glass half empty guy. We no longer could talk it was always arguments. I broke up with him for approximately 7 months in which time we still lived together but I had to show him he was taking me for granted. I had to show him that his actions and behaviours were going to make him lose me; someone he claims is the love of his life. Before this stuff I was madly in love with this man; enough to have a child with him. Even through our crazy episodes we were able to resolve things and our highs were high and we have been through a lot in our lives and we were best friends then; could tell each other nearly anything and compromised for our relationship. I always wanted to be near him touch him I was so happy I thought I found my forever. Through tactless years of mistreatment of me and doing all the most horriblest things you can do in a relationship; fighting, cheating, and our passion fizzling to dang near a nill; I had to break up with him. I believe that’s what sealed the deal. I’m a romantic at heart and he was killing our romance by being so mean! He hates being thought of as mean; has said so many times but he doesn’t change and just points out how I’m not perfect. I’ve attempted to give this thing another try we’ve been back together for about a month and a half now; my godson passed away and it was truly the first close death that I have had to deal with and I didn’t want to waste another minute of my life arguing over petty things and in my godson’s honor I wanted to cherish all my loved ones. It made me start missing him; it made me wonder if I changed some of my ways maybe things could work. In the beginning it did; he was telling me he did take me for granted and he has never been happy a day of our break-up; we’re meant to be a unit and he still loved me as much if not more than before. Asked me to help him be a better person; gave me props for dissolving some situations that could have easily escalated because he still had the same pet peeves and we still constantly misconstrued what each other were talking about; arguments would nearly start but I would just suck it up and apologize even if I thought he was crazy. Most days I truly just think he’s crazy. It worked for 3 weeks; and he was all over me and our passion was coming back a little and the roommate moved out and I thought we could focus on us again. He’s not happy with that and he still smokes a lot and after the first 3 honey-moonish weeks if you can even call it that, things have gotten to the point where I want to break up again. We had a crazy argument; a semi-physical fight in public where I jumped out the car before he could go haywire in the middle of nowhere. All over an email where I addressed my concerns with his smoking and our passion and trying to communicate to him that I had needs and what I was dealing with; and maybe an email was better than talking face to face and he could email me back. I forgot to mention; he is also another person that has said a few times “I’ll quit tomorrow”or I need to quit because I want to be alive long enough to see my son have grandchildren. He wants to quit for health reasons but his addictive personality and his depression of his reality makes him run to the store as soon as he wakes up. I believe it’s the state of mind he always wants to be in; he cannot handle being sober for too long. That’s not even the worst part— it’s the change and the extreme at which his angry disposition is that is crazy. He doesn’t believe he’s changed; he won’t admit it’s the synthetic when everyone around him including his mother has seen it and she lives an hour away!

    Last few days I have just kept to keeping my distance. He’s gotten so distant that he’ll actually tell me to leave our bedroom; sometimes he watches shows on the computer with me such as the voice; today he said “I don’t want to watch any shows and i don’t want you to narrate it to me either! i don’t want to hear about any shows.” Just like that; for no reason. All I can say is okayyyy and I’ve been in the living room writing this and he just comes out of the room every once in a while to go to the kitchen or something and pass by and maybe say I love you. It sees keeping my distance helps me because I don’t have to hear how annoyed he is with me; it’s sad but I think we just need our space or we are just not meant to be.

    Then I find this site and a few others that had details about withdrawals. I never thought in a million years he had to face withdrawals from this. I thought it was like weed— at least in the quitting part. Now it makes him want to stop even less– such as I with the xanax. I think he doesn’t even get high either; I believe he smokes to feel normal. I’m at a loss; I don’t know what to do. People can say just leave; break up again; but it’s just not that simple. We have a child together and we live together and share responsibilities and now more than ever I believe this substance changed him and his brain chemistry; it didn’t just happen because of how our relationship evolved. I haven’t fallen back in infatuation with him but I look back on what we had all the time; we don’t even go on dates anymore and I’ve even asked him numerous times.

  129. why cant they ban the active chemical in synthetic weed which would make all of them elegal no matter what name it go’s by

  130. I work in a marijuana paraphernalia shop. the store sells brainfreeze. ive been smoking Brainfreeze (synthetic marijuana) every day for the past half year. and disliked the feeling every time. ive vomited severeal ocations even to the point of over thirty times in a row while shaking vigorasley and fading in and out of consousness truly feeling death holding my hands for hours only to wake up feeling tired and forgetting about Mr. Death visiting me. so then I go and consume the brainfreeze again (I know it seems stupid to do it again. But I do??????). i’m 20 years old have a kid on the way, and I don’t want to die, but yet I keep consuming something that puts me so close to death. any other time I’ve consumed something was cause of curiosity, I needed it, or I liked. this is the only thing I’ve ever continuously consumed that I dislike completely. so if I don’t like anything about it why do I consume it. why am I escaping reality when I want to be in it????

  131. Me.devil: by far the absolute worst trip I have ever seen. My buddies smoked it and freaked out. One of them started screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs and the other one couldn’t breathe and was throwing up all over himself. I’m only posting this to hopefully save someone from doing it. Don’t mess with Mr. Devil. THIS STUFF IS BAD

  132. I got on the stuff just the something to do.I had stop Drinking did little amounts of coaine pills seen people do pills had teeth problems they I tried them too much speeds stayed up all night could not get a orgasm not me am a Whore . So with the fake week it has inhanst so se x was the greatest for along drung changes all the time my thought prossess has changed and smarter now its has gave me the most motorvation I wen back with my whole life and on this sht my the shit smoking this shit on time I prayed to a ll the gods and I DONT BELIEVED IN GOD . He cant have all the power . this stuff has thought me to get something u build engery say hi thats power straight out your life every thing .Kids food exersixe and the power am gonna biuld a cab company ,SMOKING THIS I thought of way to change .bottom line it has exspan my mind spot very addtives more than ciggerittes AS a former drug dealer I wouldn,t sell the it make u a loser this is the geatest drug out thier peoiod my spell is bad cause this . but I BELIEVE THOUGHTS ont his tell u more

  133. I first tried spice in 2009 while on active duty. I had quit many times, ie. deployment and bannings of chemicals but always had the urge to return to it. i have been addicted to this crap for about year. i just quit again 2 weeks ago for good this time! the negative effects spice has is terrifying. my whole body has a constant numb feeling that DOES NOT go away atleast it hasn’t yet. i am scared i have PERMENANTLY damaged myself. i come to this blog hoping this will be banned once and for all. does anyone know if the numbness disappears?

  134. I bought a 10 gram bag of night train for 55 bucks thinking that was a good deal.When i got home i filled my hitter box and smoked all day over and over just to keep a buzz.It got to were i only caught that one good buzz every morning.So about an hour ago i put the rest in my box and cut the package open and scraped the bag.I got about two hitters worth of dust.I loaded my hitter half and half n hit it.I thought i was going to die and could have.PLEASE dont do it.Buy real weed if you wanna live.

  135. Wow – genuinely can’t believe the amount of responses from people who have had an eerily similar experience to me.

    I seriously believed that I was the only person who experienced this horrible, nasty evil ‘DYING’ feeling. I thought I was the only person in the whole world who had ever experienced it, it felt so supernatural and .. out of this world. Simply madness. It was the most disturbing and petrifying thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m trying to articulate this feeling with a word, that would help those who haven’t experienced it to understand the pure terror of the feeling but I seriously cannot. There isn’t a word horrible enough out there.

    I was at my best friend’s house and we’d been up all night on Mandy (mdma), pills and a speedy type thing I think.. I was 17 years old at the time, I’m 18 now, and have/had been taking illegal drugs (not crack or heroin or meth but pretty much all the ‘fun’ party ones) on the weekends with friends for recreational purposes since I was about 14. I know that drugs are neither big or clever, but I was very ‘well acquainted’ with them – I knew exactly what to expect from them, knew how long it would take me to come up, knew exactly what kind of dose I should be taking for certain feelings, knew where to get them, knew what to do if a friend freaked out ..

    So when I was offered some legal weed at about 4 in the morning at my friends a while after we’d taken our proper drugs, I thought yeah, why not. It’ll help me sleep. I’ve smoked marijuana on a regular basis since I was younger too, so didn’t think twice about legal weed. If anything I think I was quite sceptical about it even ‘doing anything’ to me.

    So, I went outside and had a toke or two. Felt fine. Smoked some more. And then I started feeling WEIRD as fuck. I went back inside and told my best friend that I thought I was going to die. Her and her boyfriend just laughed at me, in a ‘oh my god you are so wasted’ kind of way. And then I layed down. Big mistake.

    I’d never freaked out or ‘gone weird’ before, although when I took LSD I didn’t have a great experience – NOTHING, absolutely nothing was as bad as this. it was like all my nightmares, all the negative thoughts I’d ever had, all my fears and all the deaths in the whole world rolled into one thing.

    I felt paralyzed, like I wasn’t able to pull myself up again. The most awful thoughts were going round and round in my head, there was a voice. A voice as clear as day, “this is it. you’ve done it now. you’re going to die. this is it. you’ve done it now. you’re going to die. you’re dying zoe, this is it.. welcome to hell, this is it, welcome to hell, you’ve really done it this time, idiot” phrases like that. And the word “shit” was going round and round and I could genuinely see the word floating around in my brain. I felt pure panic, although I wasn’t capable of moving or doing anything about it as I was stuck in my own bubble of death. The voice wasn’t just a voice, it was words too. So so real, and I wasn’t making the voice up, it wasn’t my own “head voice” if that makes sense. I do not hear scary voices in day to day life, just my own.. the voice you are using in your head now to read this piece of writing. But yeah, it wasn’t that voice. It was a higher powers voice, maybe God’s or Satans or.. fuck man I don’t even know but it was awful. Pure torture, pure panic, pure psychosis, a pure melt down.

    Over these voices, I could see my family.. the two most important people to me, my mum and my granny. Writing this now is making my eyes water, I could see them at my funeral. I remember having an awareness/other thought that I should call them and tell them how sorry I was for killing myself with drugs and how much I loved them, but I wasn’t able to. I think this was because I was still paralysed.

    The voice had slowed down, although it was still saying the same alarming things.. But it was just becoming slower, quiter and the words were more strung out. I felt that this was because all of my internal organs were shutting down. I felt light and even weaker and even less like I was able to move. I couldn’t even open my eyes.

    And that was it. I thought I had died. but then, the most amazing thing happened. I WOKE UP!!!!!

    It was about 4 hours later and it was the morning. I was so, so happy. I am eternally grateful to the higher power or God or whoever it may have been who was up there that night fighting for my life.

    This stuff is not a joke, it is not something to be messed around with. DO NOT BONG IT, bonging ordinary weed gives you such an intense hit, oh my I couldn’t imagine how intense a hit of legal weed from a bong would be.. 4 measly tokes are enough to put you in a what seems like a never ending vortex of psychosis and death.

    If you really have to smoke it, please DO NOT over do your limits. I could sit there and smoke 10 normal joints and be totally fine just tired, I could take a gram of mdma in an hour and be great!. This stuff is UNPREDICTABLE. five tokes is probably just as intense as fifty.

    Thank you for reading. Stay well away from this crap and bless you all x

  136. I was wondering if anyone knows of any Class Action Lawsuits relating the permanent brain/physical damage caused by the use of Spice any manufacture/any brand. My life has been completely ruined from this stuff & I think someone should be responsible!

  137. @Fnord
    Are you a pusher(My first thought/gut feeling)? If so – Get off this page. I’m the nicest person anyone would meet, but seeing as how you try to use subtle tactics to persuade people with addictions(& thus, problems) to have a casual or nonchalant approach to a drug that clearly is being made by meth-grade cultivators & contains heavy metals & other various poisons, I have a bit less sympathy. I see through this charade, sir.. Even though.. I still reach out to you & wish you the best. If you are not a pusher, but a user, I am most definitely here for you! I went through this & it almost killed me. You can rebut this fact as you see fit, just know I will be here to knock it down, with facts & love to back me up.
    When I was using this, it made me go slowly & subtly in-sane. I didn’t know until it was much too late, that I even had changed. My memory was affected first, then slowly I became un-empathetic to others(though still more empathetic at this point than some, which is crazy!). My conclusion I came to, is that this most certainly contains heavy metals.. The symptoms fit so well.. The productive cough, the general & ever-present ill feeling, the loss of mind, the loss of memory, imminent feeling of death or hypochondria.. It’s just downright sad, and I cannot stand by & hear/read(lol) someone belittle others pleading for help, sharing their stories or asking questions in general. This is a safeplace.. We want to keep it that way.
    God Bless you, if you need to talk or want to ask any questions, I am here for you, for sure. I say this mainly because I myself had no clue it was affecting me, and got offended when I heard people talking bad about spice/incense. I remember saying, “If it’s bad for you, I’m the one to watch! And since I’m fine..” I found out the hard way, and all at once, when I felt my brain sizzling & cracking like bacon one day when it almost killed me.. I remember that “Family Guy” episode when Stewie made the clones of himself & Brian, and they were ‘degenerating’.. The clone(which falling apart physically – literally) says, “Hey Why does everything sound like rushing water..?” Then he melts.. Lmfao. That sound is brain damage occurring. ‘Nuff said! But back to my point.. If you want to talk, I’m here.. I left clues about my identity so Gordon could find me earlier in the log, if you go back you’ll find these clues.. Follow them & send me a request, if you feel.. I will surely accept it..

    @Everyone I hope things are going well for everyone.. I apologize for not being on for a while, but stopped by & wanted to see what’s up with everyone.. This website/forum saved my life. 100%. If it weren’t for this forum, I wouldn’t have had an outlet to express my angst & general cluelessness as to what was happening to me, and find others who experienced the EXACT same symptoms. That was a breakthrough.. to know I wasn’t just “Crazy” & “Out for attention” as family members & others put it. It really helped me.. And I thank God for such kind people as Gordon, who do such loving & caring work reaching out to others & telling them everything will be fine & giving great advice.. We need more people like this in the world..
    God Bless, everyone.. *Extremely Tight Hugs* 😉

    “Be the change you want to see in the world”.. Mahatma Gandhi..

  138. ive smoked weed for 10 years, and yesterday was the 1st time ive tried synthetic marijuana. Ive tried LSD(acid) a few times and I think im the type who doesnt easily get hallucinations.

    Anyway i tried some of this stuff called everest (its labeled as higher than K2 so im assuming its derived from K2) It tasted and smelt like the real thing … and the initial buzz feeling was like marijuana … and then … it kept getting stronger and stronger.

    Similar to how you get when you smoke alot of weed, i began to realize that i had become really really high and was losing control of my senses. It felt that with every heartbeat i was becoming more stoned. Ive had similar experiences with weed but this was different and much more intense.

    I remember thinking to myself … oh boy, here we go …. im not ready for this. I then made my way to my room so that i could crash on my bed and ride this thing out. However as soon as i got to my bed i was many more times higher than when i was in the kitchen. When i landed on my bed i began to have the feeling of free falling. I then became a bit scared because this was unlike anything i have ever experienced before. It felt like my free fall had become me spiraling down into a black hole of nothingness, and there was nothing i could do to stop it from swallowing me, i was completelly helpless …. and thats when i thought… this must be how it feels like to die.

    From there things got bizzare and i cant quite explain well what happened. I remember calling out for help and that i was dieing (yet nobody was home). I thought about what my family would think, or if i made it out of this would my mind be allright ? It litereally felt like i had broken my mind, like this is what crazy people experience, it felt like i was going through a psychotic meltdown.

    I remember walking around the house, feeling like i was in another dimension, seeing weird colors everywhere, , then crashing back into my bed … then repeating the same thing over and over. It felt like ground hog day, like i was stuck in some type of time loop or something.

    The feeling of dread, like i had made a really bad decision was all pervasive, you know when you see stories of people dieing on tv and you think to yourself sometimes, what their last moments were like ? did they realize they were about to die ? did they regret the choices that lead them to that situation ? Did they feel helpless ?

    well it feels like i had a near death experience and i dont want another one :/

    You could chalk it up to a bad 1st trip, but i dont care, im done with this stuff. Natural weed is far safer and more enjoyable

  139. Dear Ron,
    Please keep reading the letters people have written and believe that this stuff is bad news. Why make life any harder than it is. The effects of drugs particularly chemicals like this don’t just last for a while they can effect your whole life. Look around I’m sure you know a few people that have lost everything and everyone, don’t take it for granted that can’t be you. Your health is one thing you can’t afford to lose. While getting through the tough times ask your higher power, for me it’s the Lord, for strength and ask that this is over for you forever.

  140. I have been dealing with kids with various addictions and behavioural problems for over 10 years, in my experience I have not seen anything like this drug before, it seems like it is more addictive than crack or meth, we operate an open door policy, so we have young teens coming into our centre, often at late hours and we try not to judge, we can’t allow any illegal drugs whilst the kids are taking part of the learning/motivation programs, some of the staff (myself included) have a history with drug usage and addiction, many of the kids we see openly talk about smoking hash or grass often without major damage to their lives we deal more with alcoholism and social issues more than anything, a brand called Mr.Niceguy is available here in various strengths, since it is legal and not considered a problem by many authorities it falls outside our jurisdiction and the overwhelming majority of counsellors and Pastors did not think it a problem to allow it at first, seeing as we allow tobacco and it was legal… Serious mistake, after several of the counsellors themselves began smoking it regularly I thought I would try it as well, as someone who smoked a great deal of weed in college I thought it would be a weak counterfeit to the real thing and that it would give me a little insight into what the big fuss was about, I became addicted to it within a few weeks and could not go more than a few days without it, avoiding my wife and children so I could smoke more, the program descended into utter chaos with various spice junkies hanging out and smoking all the time, people were experiencing hallucinations, heart palpitations and other symptoms, serious mood swings and violent behaviours, I saw the warning signs and managed to get off the stuff with the help of my wife, the program shut down in order to break the cycle and many of the boys who we were helping left with me to a separate centre to help them get off the spice. Now I am trying to raise awareness of how terrible this legal drug is, I cannot fathom how it is legal and being sold in gas stations all over, it is clearly seriously addictive and terrible, with damage seen in terms of memory and social function. Stay well away from this evil junk, several of the Pastors were removed from office given that they demonstrated terribly poor judgements, selling and smoking with the at risk youth, we are talking careers of 30+ years, good people who could not hold it together on this stuff.

  141. Felt that i was dying, yes, it happend to me, but it’s only when you are not ready, other times i smoked after that bad experience, i knew i need to concentrate on positive thinks, and then sometimes it felt like heaven.

    Your mind is like wondering around the room, it’s expanding of counciosness, not death.. Saying that, it’s still can be risky because i can’t always control what i think, and last times it was mixed: I felt those bad feelings like death but i knew it was only imagination. And when i concentrate about positive feelings it was great:)
    Like extreem sport, lunapark, and alcohol, the bad is part of the experience, oh, i’m talking also about real weed, synthetic most of the time caused negative reactions including closness to death.. I won’t buy weed anymore, but if there is a party and other people around etc. then it’s safe enviroment, what do you think?

  142. hey all smoked green for 10 years , although been trying to cut down lately..

    A friend told me about this synthetic stuff a little while ago. Anyway last night he rolled a joint with some in and said try it (i didnt quite realise what was in it) and another friend toked it too not knowing (he had double the pulls i did).

    anyway my heart started racing and my breathing got shallow. didnt feel quite right. However, i had a big panic attack years ago from weed so i knew the moment would pass.

    my friend dissapeared to the bathroom after 5 mins and stayed up there.. i went out the back and really didnt feel so good.

    my friend came down and he was not in a good way, was very upset and thought he was dieing.. i told him dont worry it will pass but it did linger and i think he went through the worst of it (a hour or two later he was fine) but i did feel very sickly and generally like i couldnt move when we were watching tv.

    I still feel weird today, but hopefully will pass.

    My other friends seemed fine but they had it before. I tried to reason with them it’s dangerous and not fully tested but its down to them if they listen.

    for me im not trying the stuff again and going to see how i go without smoking green at all cos it was not a nice feeling.

    i would hate for a 12-15 year old to go through this. At least weed is natural unlike this chemical laden substance. It didn’t really feel like weed as well, reminded me of salvia to a little extent (but again, once and never again..)

  143. Fnord,
    Only a lightweight thinks that this or any of this kind of crap is O.K. Keep reading and try to get the picture, these folks are no different than you or I or anyone else. Trust me no one is Superman when it comes to poison or throwing your life away. I hope someday you’ll get straight without to much damage.
    Best Regards and Prayers

  144. Dear ILLUMINATI,
    People don’t need to worry about the Gov. controlling life or death, they need to take a look at what they’re doing to themselves. Give this poison up and stop supporting these selfish dirt bags who are out there for the money even at your life’s expense. Call me what you want I wish you well and if I can help you turn it around I’m here. I’ve been there, it was so bad one day I realized I had no one or anything left, I couldn’t even take care of myself and had no where to turn. That was many years ago now but I still clearly remember how people treated me and looked at me when I didn’t have the MONEY!
    Some pain is so deep you have to change, there’s no where but up!
    Believe me, some will never let you forget but that’s their crutch, it’s not me they’re talking about today.

  145. Dear Rob, I am sending you this note which I hope will make you see how your lifestyle looks from the outside in. This is far from a critical message please have faith in that. How you got exposed to this stuff I don’t know but I will guess someone you know was using it and brought you along. As a friend try to be supportive to those you know who are using this phony product. We all have things that trouble us inside that we don ‘t think we can change, well maybe we can’t but what we can do is accept whatever it is and work towards letting it go and not allowing it to happen again. I hope you get up tomorrow look at it as a new start, forget about smoking and replace it with anything that is helpful to you and the people around you that are interested. When I got sober there were more than a few people I had to tell straight up “I’m not around anymore”. Most tried to talk me into coming around and don’t use I,it would be o.k. with them but I knew I couldn’t and eventually when I felt comfortable my hand would be reaching out for a hit and off I’d be. Your mind will clear up in time, that cough will take some time and you will probably be coughing up that crap for a while, I think it was months and I recall someone saying it was strange not hearing me coughing and spitting up some thick nasty mass. What ever it was that made you start using whether to fit in or escape some bad feelings this will not make anything for you better. Stop for yourself, say no for yourself don’t bother joking around about it or trying to replace it with something else. Take each day as it comes, don’t let others bring you down because they need someone that makes them look better. If you can find a 12 step group nearby, there all over, find someone to speak with that has been straight for some time and you’ll get thru it. You’ll start seeing the good things around you or find new things and places to do. Helping others is a great way to remember how bad life was and how good it is today being straight hanging out with good folks doing good things. Give yourself a timeframe, lets say 90 days and compare how your doing compared to how you were doing. Remember do it for yourself to make yourself feel good. Let me know how it’s going, I will respond. If you need to write everyday that’s O.K. I’m here for you and your worth every second of time it takes. Pray for support you’ll receive it, I did! Gordon

  146. actualy there are many people that have sezures or pass out…
    i think it can be controled by the state of mind your in when u are hitting it..nd u cant hit it hard like bud cause..u can still ghost hit french inhale nd rings..but i dont think u should play “mexican sweat:”where u hit it hold it pass it nd let it out when it gets back to you. i do belive the gov wants population reduction that explanes why tabbaco and alcohal are legal nd monsoto GMO foods…

  147. Im in a state where it isnt legal so its a bit harder to get. ive run dry after a few weeks of use and ill wake up not knowing what day it is, i vaigly remember anything within the last hour, and i strain to remember anything thats happened in the past month.. plus i have this mean ass cough that cough syrup wont help.

  148. Meh.

    So many anecdotal stories here and ZOMG-style reactions from folks who have maybe tried something once and think they know what they’re talking about.

    I’ve smoked weed off and on (mostly on) for decades. I’ve also tried “spice” in various forms, and even smoked straight JWH-018 (when it was still legal). Use your heads, people- too much of ANY drug will f you up, go e you weird experiences, ,are you feel like you’re going to die, etc.

    Part of the problem with so-called “spice” is that it comes in so many forms with different ingredients. A packet of one type may be different strength than other packets of a different type. Compound this with the very real problem of (lack of) quality control and “hot spots” (areas of unusually high concentrations of the active ingredients), and sure- you gotta be careful.

    OF COURSE IT’S NOT WEED- what idiot would think it is? Just because it tickles similar areas of the brain doesn’t make it identical.

    Be careful, take it slow, use your brain, and you’ll be fine.

    So much bs info and paranoia about this stuff… I do agree, however, that it shouldn’t be available to minors.

  149. @spicesux I wrote this a month or two ago, and apparently didn’t get to post it! I apologize for that. Here’s what I wrote then, and at the end I’ve added updates & more of what I wanted to say to you:

    @spicesux Hi!! So very nice to hear from you again. I know the only reason I remember the exact date I quit was because I almost died that day. It makes me soo happy to hear you’ve quit completely & it has been almost a year for you, too. I remember we were battling around the same time, and hearing from you helped me very much. I’ve updated my email to alert me to new posts, I will continue to check back in, in case you have more updates to share, too.
    You are absolutely correct about the reading. Because of the neurological problems this poison causes, it may be frustrating at first, but nothing but benefit can come from the brain exercise of reading; we just have to be calm & try our best. It will become easier & easier for us.
    I wish you so much happiness. Support is one of the most important things, I’ve found. And it’s honestly why I made a commitment to try to help anyone I can with getting through this. I was paying close attention to this forum, and people who needed a kind word or inspiration, when I was going through the withdraw of it. It really helped me, too, as well as others. My family turned their backs on me, so I went through this completely alone, and didn’t want anyone to feel that way; it’s not right. Speaking of those who help others, GORDON is a constant rock of faith who helps others who need it. God Bless him! Rarely do we find people like this, who are there to pick people up, and demonstrating such faith while doing so. Seeing someone not only “talk the talk” but also demonstrate this kindness to others, for me, this is a huge deal. I see he replied to you, too, that is wonderful! If you have any questions, spicesux, about anything that helped me or anything at all, I am here for you. I am so proud & happy that you are as strong as you are. I agree, too, about not having time to read.. I was just saying this to a friend of mine(he reads a lot), I have such an interest in learning(I get this feeling from you, that you also do) so a great idea inspired by your great idea, is maybe to watch good documentaries, or find books on tape? I’ve always thought about this but forgot about books on tape, so thank you for your suggestion about reading! Great! 🙂
    One more thing, the dumb feeling you spoke of.. You may remember I mentioned having this for a while, too, about 3 months! I am beyond lucky that I came out of it. The fact that you are able to be as articulate as you are is GREEEAT! Because this means it’s out of your system, especially if it’s been a year, so this means we just have to exercise our brains again to get back to where we were. This stuff brought us down, so we have to work our way back up. And for those who stop smoking this, this dumb feeling will become less & less, until it’s felt not at all! Which is great! This gives you hope, and that’s just what you need during this time. Anything to hope for & look forward to is a reason to smile & feel better.
    You sound very smart, by the way! So I can totally see that you were an honor student. You will never lose this or the potential! 🙂
    Once this stuff has detoxed from our systems(which seemed to take a long time being that it took me 3 months after quitting cold turkey!) you will go nowhere but up. You will start remembering better, and having your normal behavior back, because you’re becoming healthy again. Honestly, I never thought I’d be better again. It was very scary, too. The fact the behavior, feelings & illness are caused by detox means that it has to get better; this means one day it will then fully be out of your system & the behavior will be nonexistent. That gave me much hope. Know that you will get better & better.
    Soo great to hear from you, spicesux! Keep in touch, friend. 🙂 I want to know how you are doing & if you have any more milestones or good advice. 🙂 Sooo much love to you! God Bless you! 😉

    To all those battling this. IT DOES GET BETTER. SO much better. It will be over soon, just know this. This stuff is poison, and the way it affects our body is evidence of this. No one knows what this stuff is. It’s worse than meth because at least they know roughly what’s in it! Even after all my research, I wasn’t able to track down one single chemical that was constant in this. It’s research chemicals, and some assholes just apply some science in how it’s used to get high. Stick with natural substances. You will never go wrong! If you want to live your life without any substances, that is even greater! If you choose to get high occasionally, stick to marijuana. You will never overdose from it. Ever. It’s safe. In my humble opinion you should stay away from alcohol, completely. Just love life, and be thankful for everything. There’s SO much beauty in the world. We have to see it everyday. It’s in every one of us, this beauty is.
    One of the best pieces of advice I think I gave when going through this, was to watch funny or happy things as much as possible, whether on TV or the internet. Laugh as much as possible! Exercise if you can! Both these things will release natural endorphines & make your happy & feel wonderful, relying on nothing else! It took me 3 months to smile even, after this experience.. So I know how valuable smiles & laughter are. And how therapeutic they are!

    God Bless you all, you all have the strength. So much love to every one of you. 🙂 You deserve love & are wonderful people. You must know this. <3

  150. also, do NOT scrape your pipe to metal shavings for resign. (i think thats how you spell it) it just puts metal shavings, or glass shavings if you smoke out of a glass pipe, in your lungs, throat, stomach, and in your intestines. (my theory when i was tripping out on bake.) makes since though.

    Ive also choked my self by shoving my hand down my throat several times and been POSSESSED by a demon named Paxton. hes a cocky little guy too.

  151. I smoke bake for about a year. i stopped about a month ago. My first time smoking it was scary. It was like I was in a tornado, i couldnt breathe, my head was spinning. i was 15 when i started. i can tell you one thing… do not start smoking it. My sister has been on it for three years and still going strong. Skitzo, bipolar, flash blacks, anxiety, vomiting, & bleeding ulcers. this is by far WORSE than meth. it sucks up your money and before you know it your scrounging up change to buy a bag so youll stop vomiting. yeah, the high might be great… the feeling in your neck… right when it kicks in… but the high lasts for about 10 minutes for someone whos smoked it awhile. if you wanna get high PLEASE go the natural. Marijuana. shes the only wife you should have. on a side note i found this stuff at a head store that gives you a high. no chemicals. just herbs. gives u a 15 min high, legal, and comes with a pack of papers. if anyone lives in okc i know they sell it at Mr. Coolz and 23rd st. 🙂 BUT id still choose pot.

  152. Dear ‘The girl who lost everything ‘
    The Best way to Help these people you love is without falter set a GOOD example. Your success will tell the whole story. Pray for your own strength and ask that yours be shared thru testimony. It may get very difficult for you but remember your traveling the right path if they want what you have they will have to follow your example.
    In the early days I been called just about everything, it was so hard to respond with supportive words and methods. The Lord will give you the strength. 23 Psalm

  153. If someone can give me advice please do so. alot of people in our town are destroying there lives while the head shops are getting rich! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

  154. I have been smoking it for over a year. I have recently stopped. it took me being froze, cold, and homeless to stop. Lost my family home and alot of money. now that im off of it after a while i realized what it was doing to me. ALL THE THINGS I READ IS TRUE! now I have to sit and watch what it is doing to my friends and family. until you get away from it you dont realize it. Its crazy. HOW DO I HELP THEM? PLEASE PLEASE someone help.

  155. Dear Anon254,
    I would never suggest to anyone who’s feeling poorly not to see a doctor. The incense is a group of chemicals that burn they have no connection with marijuana, recently I read on here a description of the contents of this so called incense, look back and search for it. I’m sure you will catch some other descriptions of how some people are doing after stopping using this stuff. If you go to a judgemental doctor who can’t get out of his own way to be of help move on, some advice comes out just like critisim or just a plain old judgemental lecture. These doctors have done more harm than help and don’t even see it. Only God has the right to judge. I would suggest having your blood work done for vitamins and other basic health levels. If you aren’t paying enough attention to eating good foods and even drinking the recomended water intake, maybe even coconut water to get your hydrated. Keep thinking positivley, ask questions of people who have had success and stick with the winners. Since you don’t use this anymore you will see improvement even if it takes a little longer than you think it should. I pray every day ask for help and give thanks for what I have received. Try meditation the calming effects will help you recharge your energy and a good time to reflect and be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. I think your doing fine and reaching out to others with success will carry you thru. Please let us know how your doing and if you have any questions or concerns. Pray for strength and comfort. You are not alone.
    God Bless,

  156. With these reports of very unnerving, scary symptoms, I do not understand what is positive about this incense. Someone gave it to me once, and I thought it was regular pot, and if I was a violent sort, I might have punched him when it wore off. But, I had to lie down immediately, felt like I was dying, could not focus, blurry vision. It made me miss one of the world series games which I wouldn’t have done for anything! This was my boyfriend who gave it to me without telling me. And he is the one who died from it. He died from a fatal seizure and heart attack. And my life is so empty without him, and he selfishly left me here thinking about all the times I begged him to stop, cried because he could not stop, could not stand to be around him as he had left his body while tripping and could not be accessed. It was so sad for his sister and I watching both her brothers “check out” and take such risks with their health. Then my pothead boyfriend had found something better for which he could never go back to plain pot again. If only pot had been legal or that he could have gotten a script. It has been 3-1/2 months. It feels like forever, and it seems worse now as time goes on with me wanting his presence and looking forward to seeing him, then realizing that I will not and that my life is dead and empty now. We had something special; he made me happy. Please don’t kill your loved ones by getting hooked on this! Get help, work hard to find it if you have to! Ask for help!

  157. Dear Erika,
    Your message is not unique, I am just as concerned about you as everyone I’ve come in contact with and for good reason. When you put this behind you and you can please take the time to write back and share your expeiriences with others. Why you have tried this poison is one thing you can work on after you have made a commitment to Yourself to never do this again. I put in caps Yourself because stopping for someone else like your boyfriend, family or even children doesn’t make it, it is something you can only do for Yourself and your the only one who can. From my reading cold turkey is what works with this, a few days that are difficult and you will start getting back to where you were. I don’t know if there is an exact to do list I haven’t seen or heard of one. I have read and do myself use vitamin supplements to build up my strength and clean out my system. Vitamin D,E, omega oils and some for detoxing yourself to clean out these chemicals. There are notes about the ingredients of this incense if you think theres anything natural or healthy about it. I also suggest that you pray to your higher power for strength, courage and the will to get thru this. If you can get some exposure to meditation and deep breathing exercising they will help you to overcome the anxiety. You’ll be fine, maybe it will take a little longer for your mind to clear up but again you’ll be fine. Stick with the winners and don’t be shy to ask for help there are a lot of caring people on this board, we each help the other with our common goal.
    Best Regards,

  158. I had the worst experience yesterday with this stuff. I had smoked it before, but I had never felt the way I did yesterday. My heart rate went through the roof, over 200 beats per minute for sure. I thought I was going to die. I couldnt think. I couldnt feel. I stared at myself in the mirror for a few seconds and could not recognize myself. Slowly, I started to feel like I was having a panic attack, and that made my heart beat even faster. I thought I was dying for sure. I started to black out and I went up to my boyfriend in a daze and told him I was dying. He took me outside, and I could not calm down. I could not bring my heart rate down. I thought I was having heart attack. This is the worst thing I have ever felt in my life, and I would not wish this on my worst enemy.I could not breathe, I could not think. I honestly thought that was it for me. I could picture myself dead. It was the worst thing ever and I really hope that people stop using this stuff. I never bother to write on any of these things, but reading all these other posts lets me know I am not the only one who went through this.

    Thank you for your time,


  159. Dear Dianne,
    This will take all for 38 yearsthe courage and risk you may be able to come up with. First step, I’m sure he knows your unhappy and worried for his health and probably how long he’ll make it when he keeps living like this. I have not had a drink of any kind for 38 years now, there is NO doubt I would not be trying to give something back had I not stopped. I do not say any of this to make myself feel proud or like a big deal or to some probably a freak. 🙂 hahahaha Yes I have heard that but not from anyone that has been where I’ve been.
    Second suggestion, even though you are sober and maybe in the program start attending Alonon. He will notice this and you will get support you need. Remember we have no controll over others.
    If you start here let us know how YOU are doing. This site has a ton of expeirience and folks who care. There are other pages related to this but I guarantee if he begins with this incense his road will become awfull, overwhelming, frightful, dangerous. PRAY!!

  160. Ratpoison detroys kidneys. Duh. K2, Spice, XLR11 doesn’t contain THC, CBD or any other cannabinoids for that matter. Why categorized and associated with cannabis. Metanol is alcohol, but drinking it makes you blind. The cannabis has been around for as long as alcohol and tobacco. There are no surprises to discover with Marijuana. Decriminalize of federal level, and leave to the states to regulate what is appropriate medicinal and recreational use.

  161. Im concern for my husband he is 61 years old and

    he smokes weed and drinks beer every night. i myself

    am a recovered alcoholic for 5years and Im 52 years old

    my husband say’s he is not stopping for nothing. Help

  162. Dear spicesux ,
    I wonder if the chemicals from smoking spice are trapped in with the cigarette tar and nicotine. I humbly say I stopped smoking cigs about 29 years ago now. I got a tip from someone to put the butts and ashes from the ash tray into a small jar, like a peanut butter or mustard jar and add a little water just enough to dampen them. I kept the jar with me for a while, left it on my dash board in the sun and when I just had to have a smoke I opened the jar and took a big pull of it. Somedays I was doing it all the time, it smelled real bad and I was told thats what I smelled like when I smoked, I didn’t like hearing that at all b ecause it was true. I don’t recall how long I carried that jar.
    I do recall feeling sick at times and being edgey and how the comments went from rude to support and then being looked at as a winner. The caugh lasted about a year, bad dreams in the begining, and I stayed away from places and situations where the smoke was everywhere. Today on occasion the smoke still smells good but on most days I get a nausea feeling, watery eyes and have to get away from it. I also get a runnynose, and again have actually thrown up, and this can still happen. I didn’t mean to get of track but I’m sure it works and will help with spice also. Keep in touch and share how your doing.

  163. Jaseeka its been a while since i checked in on here, but I am glad I did I have the same Neurological issues as well. But its seems as if , If I could fight back I could conquer the issues, are you a reader?? I wonder if that would help. Educational reading in excess seems like it would help a lot. But, who has the time for that I know I don’t, Anyways, I have forgotten the exact day I quit but I know we’re close to a year, and I constantly hope and pray that I will be back as I was and honors student as well and cant stand the DUMB feeling at all, although it does seem to be getting better. And rarely I have chest(heart) pains still. Oh and by the way today is day #1 for my COLD TURKEY Marlboro Mission. I have been smoking cigarettes for 13 years and since i am almost 30 now it is time to stop. And I know the withdrawals wont be near as bad as the synthetic stuff, so I am optimistic. Thank you for checking in and updating I will continue to do the same. FOR ALL OF YOU BATTLING IT GOOD LUCK!!!

  164. I have been a casual pot smoker for years and decided that it would be easier to use K2 and yes, the first time I used it, nice little pot like buzz for about 30-45 mins…all good.

    I have been on holiday for two weeks and my use of k2 significantly increased during this time to several times a day. Then about four nights ago I noticed, after using it that I suddenly was very short of breath and dizzy feeling. As I am asthmatic my friend called an ambulance. The emergency room could not find anything wrong with me (and I didn’t tell them about the K2) though they did notice that everytime I would go dizzy feeling my CO2 levels were falling dangerously low (meaning that I was hyperventolating). At the time, I was very concious of my need to breath and felt as though I wasn’t doing this automatically so would force big breaths in – hence the hyperventolating.

    I didn’t make the immediate connection with K2 (and neither did the hospital) so two days later, had some more. The thing is, the weird symptoms don’t seem to happen during the synthetic high so I didn’t make the connection.

    Today I haven’t consumed any however I am still having moments where I think I am not breathing so have to breathe; I have been losing sensation in my arms and hands; I am dizzy and a bit scared that I am going to stop breathing, pass out and die…my blood pressure has been shooting up and down and well I am not entirely sure whether I should ring an ambulance (home alone) or ride it out – its not a nice feeling (and yes I have thrown the rest of it out!!!)

  165. Its pretty simple, if you smoke this stuff. you are no better than a crack head. im clean now day 16. i feel amazing. i have my relationship back. i have my friends back. im gaining my weight back. get off this. head shops should be burned to the ground for being so selfish to there customers. i live in baltimore md. there are three shops side by side that sell it. they should be suid and shut down. Karmic connection, the love zone and broadway market. horrible horrible business people.

  166. Its pretty simple, if you smoke this stuff. you are in the same place as a crack head. im clean now day 16. i feel amazing. i have my relationship back. i have my friends back. im gaining my weight back. get off this. head shops should be burned to the ground for being so selfish to there customers. i live in baltimore md. there are three shops side by side that sell it. they should be suid and shut down. Karmic connection, the love zone and broadway market. horrible horrible business people.

  167. Where do i begin…Today is my 7th day of being clean…and I’m 93 lbs,,,when I started smoking this stuff ( Diablo),,I weighed 112 lbs. getting off this stuff was as hard as getting off of Xanax…uncontrollable crying,,,fits…and temper tantrums…I’m 53 years old…at first..I loved it. but after a year smoking fake weed..its taking a toll on my body…I’ve worked out and kepy myself up for 27 years..until I;ve found myself addicted to it…& days clean, and I still want it…but I found out my son was also addicted to the stuff..out of Love for him, we have both made a deal with each other,,NOT to do it anymore…I’m proud to say we have beat the Devil, and we;re winning…Just wanna say you can get off of it…find your reasons to get clean..becouse, Your life is so much more important, than anything,,and when you see your child hurting over this,,,make the decision to stop…it’ll mean everything to them..and it even helps them get off of it…and maybe,,just maybe,,,they won’t ever start..I’ve lost some of my eye-sight from this stuff Diablo…and now have Tachocardia…my health is not the best anymore…so please you young ppl….it’ll make ya old Quick…If me and my son can get off…so can you…My prayers are with you…and I do know how you feel….

  168. I smoked legal herb with a few friends at first. Then I began smoking it at home when no one was around, then I moved on to sneaking a hit in the bathroom at restaurants or the movies… The fact that I felt like I just had to have some in order to have some fun made me feel guilty for even trying it at all.

    The real damage came after about 3 months of smoking legal herb. Mind you, everyone is different and wont always have these side effects. But I began to hallucinate about 15 minutes after a hit. Normally after about 20 minutes or so I come down completely and feel like smoking some more. The hallucination wasnt of spiders crawling down the walls or something as unrealistic as that, but I was putting on my contacts and dropped a few drops of solution in my eyes to wet them so I could put in my contacts (dry eyes you know?) I felt an immense amount of pain and my sinus’s were burning. I looked at my eye and it looked as if it were shrinking. I began to have a panic attack thinking that this brand new bottle of contact solution had been poisoned and I was going to die. I cried out to my brother. I was staggering because of a panic attack. I collapsed on the floor and they called the paramedics. By the time they arived I was lucid again and refused treatment. But the whole thing was terrifying and even more so embarrassing

    So glad that I quit the stuff, but I can guarantee that I don’t think as well as I used to. Every now and again I still feel high… but not in a good way. Its always when I am trying to focus, and it makes it impossible.

    It is scary how easy it is to get this stuff. It needs to be off the shelves.

  169. Hey guys. i have posted on this blog before now. up till 10 days ago i believed i was completly addicted to this stuff i had all the same crazy scary symtptoms. they all camr from reading this blog. this is all in ur heads. you people are making othrs belive really scary things. you have to jst say i am done and my life is worth more than this crap. do yall really like feeling like a crack head because that is all this is making you like. you have to be strong and throw all pipes and whatever else in the trash. i am clean ten days now cold turky. i feel amazing. im eating agaim im getting back to life and out of hiding. all of you can do the same. i thought i was so weak but when i told my partner the truth about what i was doing, his support complelty helped me stop. i promise this is way easier than you guya are making people believe. be strong and throw all of it away. you will have a stressfull next three days but it is so worth getting ur life back. stay strong people you can do this, you cant let this stuff beat you. you beat it.

  170. This is such a beautiful and anointed prayer. I hope you will keep posting these prayers of healing as they are SO needed in this difficult world.

  171. Dear Jaseeka1986,
    I’m very pleased to here how you are doing and sharing the way that you accomplished this very difficult challenge. Sharing your negitive expieriences in order to help others shows the sincerity and caring you have for your fellow man. These are difficult times we are going thru, life is complicated at best. The response we recieve from others can be confusing and often hurtful. Feel proud that you are, the person who’s intensions are of the best quality even though the support you’ve recieved may even be meant to be hurtful and discouraging your still standing straight up with the hand of Love extended. Possessing this strength is no coincidence it is flowing thru you from a higher power. I call this higher power my father in heaven and his son our Lord JESUS Christ our saviour on earth. Feel the blessings you have received and believe in there truth and intent. I have been given many blessings and thru example humbley share them. I have so much to be grateful for including the tasks of sharing my expieriences and the teachings that I am trusted with. Our Father promises us if we follow these truths and share what we know he will always be with us. I believe your memory and the strength you hold will rebuild in time, this I do not ever question, this I give Thanks for from the depths of my heart. I will keep working as I know I should and we are all gathered together for his good. He has made me strong when I’ve been weak, he rebuilds us thru the power of prayer. Dear Father I have so much to be grateful for in your name, and in the name of your Son. When I wake in the morning I will feel his presence and start the day feeling the blessings and path he has set forward for me. Thank You Father, I say this in the name of your Holy Son, my Saviour, my Lord on earth Jesus Christ Amen

  172. @GORDON I recently got a new email. How are you? I hope well as always! To answer your question, I am listed on Youtube as Jaseeka1986, but on Facebook I go by my full name. My first & middle name on there is Jessica Arlene. I live in Lexington. 🙂 Couple this with the other hints I gave you & send me a friend request, if you can’t find me still, I will find a way somehow! God Bless you, Gordon, you’re a great man. A giving, helping soul.

    An update on my condition:
    It’s been a long time since I’ve felt any bad side effects from this poison. I still have this one thought that bothered me & reoccurred frequently as I was smoking the poison, still popping up in my head now. It’s a pretty disturbing thought that involves death. Now that I think about it, I still have neuro problems such as spelling(I used to be an A+ speller, won the school spelling bee & never understood how people could make certain grammatical & spelling errors – until the brain damage from this poison struck me) and seeming dyslexia sometimes! Scary stuff. I pray daily & intensely I will be back to my former self in all aspects. Anyone with any questions on what helped me get through this, I’ve signed up now with my more frequently used email address, so I will be notified better now & I will check the blog again as I used to.

    To those who think it hasn’t & won’t affect you:
    You’re wrong. It’s ok to be wrong, everyone’s ignorant. This stuff is poison, simply do the research to find out what you’re smoking.

    God Bless everyone! Much love to all of you feeling sadness. Sadness isn’t what life’s about, it’s about love. Love is the only true thing in the Universe, it’s the only thing that matters.

  173. Dear Diana,
    I am glad that you asked your parents for advice. I pray at least a few times a day. Our prayers are answered with the purest of love and strength there is. Please let us know how you are and try to reach out to others who are also having this problem to get thru.


  174. Synthetic marijuana or spice can most definitely kill you. Even if one doesn’t want to believe that the mind is powerful enough that if you experience the prior mentioned death experience you can die for real. It is a scientific fact that overdosing on any substance can kill you if untreated. I have recently become addicted to synthetic marijuana ( or synth as I like to call it). Oddly the cheapest stuff that can be bought locally is also the strongest. A product known as bizarro.My first time using it straight out of the package, at full strength, a single hit sent me straight into the death experience halucination. This is the most horrific side affect I ever experienced. I was absolutely certain I was dying and actually believed I had till I came to about a half hour later. I have experienced the death halucination several times since . I have been able to stave it off by reminding myself that I had gone through it before . Since you can only die once, the likely hood that I was dying when I had gone through it before was unlikely. I have since found deep breathing exercises to be far more effective for stopping the death halucination. Simply breathe in for the count of 4 and breathe out for the count of 6. If you breathe for longer than 4 and out for longer than 6 so much the better. This has a 3 fold benefit. First making sure you breathe in and out without hyperventilating helps make sure you continue breathing which (duh) is vital to staying alive. Second diaphramatic breathing (as it is called) helps to keep you calm and relaxed, or at least enough that your heart doesn’t explode from panic attacks. And the previous statement leads us to the third benefit. Focusing on your breathing distracts you from the halucination and as such the panic it can cause. the best solution I’ve found to using it without the wicked halucination is to cut it with tobacco. However a 3.5 gram pouch for ime takes 1 & 1/2 packs of cigarette tobacco to get it at a tollirable level and even that is stronger than I like..

  175. Thank you for answering me, it means a lot.. i went to see a generalist and checked my hole body and he told me everything is perfect.. but i kept thinking i was going to die, i am muslim and i never prayed, and when i told my parents about how i felt they told me its the devil that is trying to play with your mind and that you should start praying .. and i did, and with time i started forgetting, cause in my prayers its said that only god knows when you are going to die.. i am not touching weed ever again because death feeling is the worse ever, i spent the worst 5 days of my life :s !! anyways thank you so much for your help and answer, take care.

  176. Dear Diana,
    No one on this page is medically qualified to evaluate symptoms, PLEASE go to the EMERGENCY ROOM at the HOSPITAL they are the ones who can advise you correctly. I wouldn’t go by guess work. After you get the advice you need please share the outcome, and how you are now.

  177. Monday night i smoked weed with some friends and it felt good until i added another 5 hits.. then i felt like dying, i could see my skin becoming white, my face became pale, my heartbeats were very fast .. i couldn’t even sleep because i was thinking that if i did i would automatically die .. it was the worse night of my hole life.. i slept then woke up i felt good for a moment but the idea of death came back again .. had a hard time sleeping again because i was thinking of dying and not waking up, it is very hard… but as i learned here it might be paranoia, or a panic attack .. but now i’m thinking that it has been 2 days now .. is it that i keep thinking about it or am i seriously going to die .. i feel really bad and i need some advices

  178. Ya this stuff is not made for everyone. If you are not to experienced in getting really high and don’t know how to calm yourself down this is not the stuff for you. The key thing is is to know how to control it and if you start freaking out look towards the back of your mind and just tell yourself you are ok and it will go away eventually because it will feel like it’s going to stay forever

  179. Forgot to add im from ny and i dont use spice. What I have is spike aka black mamba strawberry flavor. So many different flavors lol.

  180. Honestly, i read every comment on here and found out that its really all in your mind how you feel and act. Im on probation for about year an a half and i never smoke this fake bud before until i got on probation. My 1st time was weird in my mind cuz i no i didnt smoke the real thing so it got me thinking and if thc was really in it or what not. After i read about it i was fine, i smoke it like normal bud. When im high off it and i go to work, i work so much better, no worries at all, to me no red eyes, i dont smell at all like bud, cotton mouth is still there =( but all good when you can get a drink. I really have nothing bad to say about this fake bud, Im on it right now. I like how i dont get hungry like how i did on normal bud. Saves me less worries about losing the calories lol. But yeah i think its just how peoples minds work, everyone is different on things. Nobody is the same. Big Ups to the fake bud. without it id probably be in jail for smoking the real thing on probation…cant drink alcohol btw..reason for being on probation. So if anybody reads this take in affect that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT WHEN THEY SMOKE THIS. I have no craving for it, no pains at all, someone said they vomited off it haha sucks for them. Only time i came close to throwin up while smoking it was when the ash hit the back of my throat from my bowl. Well yea, thats how i feel while im on it. I smoke like 3-5 grams in a week cuz all i need is a lil bowl pack or two to get me started then just finish when im coming down. I hope this is a pro then a con…about fake bud to other people. Thanks for your time to read this.

  181. I’ve been smoking this stuff for 3 or 4 years now. Since near the beginning, when the K2 first hit the shelves. Now I’ve had enough, but can’t seem to quit. I’m going through about a 10g bag of Klimax a day when I can afford it, and going through mood swings and depression when I can’t. I’ve been trying to quit for about 2 weeks now. I broke down and bought a 3 gram bag of Kush tonight. It may be a blessing, but it’s bunk. I’ve already smoked 14 joints in the past 3 hours and fixing to have another one. The high is very slight and only lasts about 10 minutes. Man I was pissed, but I think it’s just what I needed. I have quit before when it was inevitable and was very happy without it. The first time I smoked it after the few month break I had a very bad feeling. I really didn’t like the high that much, but before I knew it I was smoking it constantly. I really want to get back to the way I was when I had stopped, but it seems to be alot harder to stop this time. I wonder if some of the newer chemicals may be more addictive. I hope you all have an easier time stopping than I am. This time, I don’t plan on going through this again.

  182. Dear Jaseeka1986,
    I tried to get with you on Facebook but did’nt get a return message. Are you listed a Jessica or Jaseeka1986? I’ll try again, any more hints as how to find you there?
    Gordon 🙂 ********@*

  183. I was a weed smoker for a decade an got to the point where i had used enough an needed to quit because of work, drug tests, an such.
    I then heard about the sythetic…an thought yer that could be alright…cause no thc an gets out of your system quick… it at the local shops great..wrong…. the second time i used i was at a lookout chilli enjoying the view after a couple two many sent me into a trip i never experinced with weed….thought i was flyiny, tunnel vision an had that feelling I was going to die near passed out then who knows whether i would have came too?? which ive never had in my life. though i kept my shit together an try not to panic which i think most do though… u cant blame them….an yes i still kept smoking though now i realize that it isnt worth it and i dont trust the crap…i know weed can cause people problems… though it seems to be alot safer when used in moderation
    how this is legal jus cause of a few changes in chemicals which arent illegal even though the side affects as well,vomiting,feeling depressed,its seems awell that u r never satified and just want more an more…then when u come off the binge the next day is hell…its like ur brain is fucked an isnt interested in doing anything….the worst thing is it does force weed smokers to use it to aviod drug test…
    Even though i should say stop using it to everyone who does most people who use drugs arent stoppin til they are ready to change
    im to that point an glad i made the decision to stop i hope others
    wake up to themselfs……..peace

  184. i was on this crap for 9 months heavy everyday. id smoke a bowl every 30 min to an hour some times 2 or 3 bowls. i was smoking 3 to 5 gram bag a day. its very very addictive, i wanted to get off of it so bad and finally just put it down, i drank v8 splash, went and sat in the shower every time i had a withdrawl or craving it bad. i sat in there until it went away. bout 15 min. th3 frirst 4 to 5 days are rough. but after that u start feeling a lot better. u wont have much of an apatite for a month or so, but it will help u loose weight and make up for all the munchies u had while on it. i had stomach pains pheans for it. vomiting. every now and then from smoking it and alot of times from craving it and not having it for a coupke hours. having black crap wen u go to the bathroom. it makes u pail, and it makes u stink bad. sugest highly getting off of it if ur on it
    ill pray for u

  185. @Jaseeka – thank you – God is God no matter our religion. Minor differences mean nothing. We all believe, that is what matters. 🙂

  186. Dear DJ,
    The moments are just moments, relax, breath in goodness and health, exhale bad thoughts and anything negative. You can do this, don’t feel alone, your not. Please let us know how your doing and how you feel. By not smoking you ensure these ugly moments will go and the joy you seek will come out.
    I pray for inner peace,

  187. @ALLY & @GORDON

    @ALLY You too are a blessing to many. Sharing your story is such a brave & great thing to do. I think one of the biggest things that helped me was reading such stories, and relating to them! Seeing I wasn’t alone was a huge turning point for me! I was suffering from psychosis, majorly, and this was extremely therapeutic while going through that. The psychosis made me detach, so I think it helped my heart so much to finally connect again. God Bless you for staying strong, continuing to share, and making a point to be there for others with words of encouragement & wisdom. When you said Atheist or not earlier to another, this is also very good. I have been Christian all my life, and more recently have been studying beautiful, ancient religious culture(some call Hindu or Santana Dharma) that supplied us with texts such as The Vedas(Veda means knowledge in Sanskrit). I have never lost faith. I never will. This is a different view of God I was not accustomed to until now. Everyone prays, worships, lives & loves uniquely. Spirituality is not one size fits all 😉 and I appreciated the comment you made. People may call God by different names, but in my opinion, this is our view of Him. Beautiful words concerning God & I thank you for them! Thank you as well for your kind words regarding Gordon’s & my statements as well. He is a kindred spirit who says many things I love & are very uplifting! We all know this is a hard thing to go through. People need all the help they can get. God Bless you!

    @GORDON Hi there! 🙂 I completely understand about the Youtube thing. I hope my writing after this sentence helps, I would really like to connect & see how each other is doing, and try to find a way to do so while seemingly being covert. 🙂 I am also on Facebook. Last name Walker. I live in Kentucky. If you were to send me a message or friend request I wouldn’t have to think twice about accepting! God Bless you & I’ve been very happy to read your recent posts! They sound great. You definitely share the love & wisdom & it is most appreciated! Take care, Gordon.

  188. Are you willing to go into treatment? Considering all we know and all that has been said about it, I would feel better about being monitored at a hospital. Does anyone know if the synthetic pot does damage to the brain that is long lasting?

  189. ctk – your friend is in my prayers. This poison causes wonderful people to suffer psychotic breaks with no warning bringing out an incredible evil. I know this from firsthand experience as it happened to my husband (you can find my story in an above posting). What happened to your friend is horrifying and was hard to read but I thank you for sharing. These stories need to be told, not one person who is using this poison is immune. All users need to know that they are at risk for such things at any time.

    Deerdra – please listen to the words of Jaseeka & Gordon. You are special and loved. God is omnipresent (He is everywhere at the same time) and omniscient (He knows all things at once – He knows the thoughts of every person on the planet right now this instant, all six billion plus) and he loves every single one of us as a father loves his child. It is an overwhelming thing to understand but it is true. It has taken me many years to figure this out but you can know without a doubt that you are special and God has a plan for you – Atheist or not.

    Jaseeka & Gordon – thank you both for your encouraging words. Your posts are more than comforting and your prayers for all on this blog are doing more than most can possibly know or understand.

    God Bless you all.

  190. Synthetic pot is Russian Roulette. If you like being reckless and taking grave chances that could end up in heart attack or sudden death, then who can stop you?

  191. Im 14 Years Old. Note: (just turned 14) Ive Been Addicted To Spice For About A Year Now, And This Stuff Is Nothing To Mess With. At First When I Heard Of It, I Was Doubtful. Then One Day My Boyfriend And About 4 Of Our Friends Were Chillen. My Friend Troy Said I Got Some Down To Earth (spice), Yall Wanna Smoke. At First I Said No But Then I Felt Left Out Cause My Friends Were Doing It And I Wanted To Be On That Level. I Took 5 Hits Out Of His Pipe And I Cant Even Describe The Feeling I Got. I Felt Like Life Wasnt Real Like I Was In A Dream. Well We Started To Walk, I Fell Straight To The Ground And They Said I Layed There For About A Minute. Woke up Started To Run Then Just Fell Again They Picked Me Up And Carried Me Home. The Whole Time I Was Doing That. I Thought I Was Dying. It Felt Like A Hour Later But Really About 20 Minutes Later I Came Off My High And Was Like WTF. I Regret The Day I Tried It And Should Have Said No. I Still Smoke The Stuff. And Since Then I Have Loss 20 Pounds Do To The Stuff Because I Have No Appetite And I Cant Keep Food Down… And I Have Forgetfulness But I Cant Stop Smokin It Cause When I Come Down From The High Im Just Like “Haha Woww I Caan’t Believe That Just Happened!” I Pray For Everyone Who Does It. Thanks (: Ohh And Before Spice I Smoked MJ, In Total Ive Been Smokin Since I Was 11 I Smoke MJ From 11 To 13 And Now Ive Smoked Spice From 13 To 14 And Many More Years To Come Prolly. I HATE It 🙁

  192. @Deedra I completely feel you. I know exactly what you are talking about. I felt stuck, like I’d never be the same. I promise you, no matter how hard it is & terrible you feel right now, it gets better. I know that sounds completely & utterly simplistic, but it’s true, a fact it was so hard for me to realize. It took 3 whole, extremely draining months for me to finally start to see some bit of happiness. I can tell you what’s happening & why you’re feeling this way. My personal belief, which I came to a realization of just today, is that these ‘incense'(which by the way I call them poison – that’s what they are & therefor what it does it you) are full of heavy metals, which poison you & can take a while to get out your system. After my poisoning(from smoking ‘incense’), I was stuck in psychosis for 3 months afterwards. I was stuck. I didn’t think I’d ever be the same, EVER. It took me 3 months to even smile. It may not take you this long at all, so don’t worry, please. I smoked for 2 years, so I had a lot in my system. I will be here for you. I swear to you. I went through the exact same thing, I went through it completely alone plus everyone who was supposed to care about me abused me & said I was faking being crazy! So I made it through this DESPITE them, rather than with their help. So, given this, I refuse to let anyone go through this alone. I know how draining it is mentally & physically. You WILL be better. You WILL feel good again, You WILL feel love again, smile, and feel like you once did, before this happened. I got angry when people said this to me, but after a couple of months, the poison worked itself out of my system & my brain could work right again. I care about you & want you to know everything will be ok. I swear to you it will. I want you to know this so badly. To truly feel it & know it as fact. I know how hard it is to believe anything right now, feeling the way you do at the moment. Because I felt the exact same way. I didn’t think I’d ever be ‘right’ again. Finally understanding that this poison was still in my system(which was causing me to think & feel the way I was) helped me, because it meant it’d be out at some point! That was everything to me! To know I wasn’t permanently stuck this way. This is a form of detox our body goes through afterwards. If we’re detoxing this poison, it means it will logically be out soon! Which means we will feel better again & soon it will have left us completely! Everything I’ve said so far is fact, I swear to you. It’s fact from life experience & from being astute while having gone through this. I posted on this forum daily while going through this. It saved my life. Post here as many times as you need to, it’s truly therapeutic. Some advice I can give you while going through this is, surround yourself with people you trust & who truly care about you. Positive people & things. Watch positive, funny or happy things on the internet & TV. To help detox this poison quicker, eat organically. Drink plenty of fluids. The junk food we eat weighs our bodies, & most importantly, our minds down. If we eat organic everything – fresh fruits, vegetables, grains – it will help get the junk that weighs us down out of our system & will help us think better & detox quicker. Fresh food even tastes better! Imagine that! 🙂 Try to stay active, busy if possible, it helps keep you not thinking. Go to the doctor & get a checkup if possible, they can help you with seeing a psychiatrist if you want it, honestly, anti-anxiety meds helped me SO much while going through this myself. Only if it’s right for you, though. But I mainly suggest the doctor because they can give you a clean bill of health, which can help you not worry. Mainly, eat right. It will give you something to focus on & will help you exponentially through this short time. I promise you it will be short. God Bless you, Deedra. I promise I will be here for you as much & whenever you need me. I had to write to you to tell you what I know now, and that you will be ok. I had to tell this to you. So much love to you, Deedra. If you’ve got ANY questions or thoughts for me, I will be here. I swear. Also, there are two other forums that might help you on this website: “Spice synthetic marijuana side effects” & “Smoking herbal incense effects” Use the search engine in the top right corner to search for these, they will help you, too. I’ve posted on all of these as far back as March 4th, 2012, when I had my poisoning/brain damage. I’m ok, now, thank God. I promise you, you will feel SO much better very soon. Nothing but Love, prayers & good wishes to you, Deedra.
    Talk to you soon,
    God Bless, and SO much love to you!
    I will be here if you ever need me.

  193. Dear Deedra,
    Would you spend a couple of days straight and share your feelings at that point. I have read your letter three times and have thoughts on this, however I wonder if your interpritation of that high may become clearer and easier to relate to with a little more background. Please don’t discount your role or importance in your life, we all are here for a reason.

  194. Someone please read this and respond to me!!!! I need…someone else to tell me this happened to them :'(

    It’s like my brain freaked out and I have PTSD…its become the most ‘important’ thing in my life because my brain cant help but interpret this freak out as something to rememeber (our brains evolved to remember terrifying to learn but its not always good for us)

    Scariest time of my life after taking smoking ‘Aloha – Kush’ spice. I had already smoked a some earlier that night and was feeling not relaxed but spacey which I kind of like because I like getting out of my regualar depressive thoughts.

    I decided to see how taking big hits would affect me. I held it in a long time and even after I was feeling woozy I took another big hit.

    I kind of stumbled to my bed and closed my eyes.

    Heavy things I had THOUGHT before, I FELT.

    The full weight of nothingness!!!! I will never be the same. I cursed my neihbor who gave me this because I knew he had ruined me for the rest of my life…..I could never forget these thoughts:

    A dreadful feeling…feelings that I had considered as skeptic/cynical person all my life accept…it’s the sort of thing your brain natural sorts out/ignores/passes on to KEEP YOU SANE. It was this terrifying realization/understanding that we, just like every other creature on this planet floating in space are SIMPLE, PATHETICALLY PREDICATABLE creatures that have merely evolved to a degree that we don’t realize how TRULY ALIKE we are to even the simplest of creatures. Its no wonder that humans created religion to escape this feeling.

    I really FELT the full force of inescapable, inevitable death was and how meaningless my life is (think: BILLIONS of other PEOPLE CREATURES on this planet!!!!! Seriously, you are not special!!!! At all!!!! And yet, unless you are tripping like this you DO FEEL LIKE YOURE SPECIAL. Our brains EVOLVED this feeling of selfishness to be a “successful” living creature. Stuff that any rational human KNOWS but this drug made me truly FEEL. Truly terrifying.

    I lost any sense of importance in my life bc I could SEE how literally nothing I could ever do…even if I spent my entire life working on a every single thing in millions of lifetimes–because are consciousness is just matter looking at itself and there is nothing beyond that. Things just exist and there is nothing else. WE WILL ALL DIE UNSATISFIED. Our brains have merely evolved to distract ourselves because ITS NOT GOOD FOR US to FEEL the CHAOS of the universe. To paint a picture of this, I see a person rocking back and forth eyes wide open staring off at nothingness and that is EXISTENCE.

    I realized that the human brain can come much closer to objectivity than normal daily processing usually allows. Our brains don’t want us to see ourselves for who we really are (we have to take/steal energy to continue living ie RODENTS SCROUNGING OFF OF SCRAPS).

    I truly FELT how limited we are as humans…WE ACT LIKE GODS TO OTHER CREATURES AND TO EACH OTHER but in reality we are only capable of experiencing

    I will never fell the same. I feel stuck…like an alien watching a documentary on humans and being unimpressed. We think were great but the complexity of universe so far surpasses anything our simple minds can ever conceive. Everything we are and everything we like…the sensations, the pretty colors, the nice sounds…how SIMPLE and completely DWARFED in comparison to the universe that allowed us these PERCEPTIONS. It’s this irreconcilable feeling that we are a simple datum (that is, data in the singular) inside a infinitely vast/complex/choatic program. Our human existence depends on our brains to see patterns and exploit them for our benefit–we cant help but feel powerful because there is RELATIVE stability in the universe and we have evolved well enough to exploit it and develop consciousness—and yet with this drug I could not hold back the FLOOD of feelings that FORCED me to acknowledge just how little we are in compared to the universe. Truly terrifying feeling for an atheist.

  195. I smoked several types of herbal legal highs, and I have never had any kind of bad mental psychotic episode or destroying a cabinet with my bare hands, or had a hand amputated or any of the other really odd occurances people are complainging about, what I will say is that herbal highs they are way more addictive then weed, I find they give you a permanent cough, which weed does not. Although I didn’t really experience any bad negative emotions or physical issues, I still had to stop smoking this stuff also, and the reason I chose to is a very simple never know what the hell is in that stuff, and it’s scary, weed has been on the planet for more then 250,000,000 years, there’s a reason for that, it’s like natures tylenol……..

  196. Today I feel the strength and power deep from within, it is surrounded by the calm and peaceful energy of my soul.
    Thank You Father in the Lords name.

  197. Something to remember: Drug dealers, manufacturers of products like incense use the excuse when cornered that they just put it out there, they don’t make anyone use it. (not twisting they’re arms) Life is difficult and for some worse just to escape they’re hell for a few moments they reach out to alcohol, drugs (of all description) and even an unknown batch chemicals. Many years ago I spoke with a friends son by saying “when you feel the pain and anger in life and it’s unbareable reach out to another person not drugs, You will get help, relief, and hope.”
    I must add that when I was there and asked for help the first two people said “I don’t have the time right now”. In desperation I got the name of one more person from a guy I met at a 12 step group, he said “Yes”. I asked him to sponsor me and asked for help because I didn’t know where to turn. For over 18 years till his natural death we were there for each other, God bless him for helping me to be the person I really am, far from perfect but doing the best I can “one day at a time”.
    Throw out the reasons you can’t stop and fight with all you have for any reason to begin traveling a new road with all its adventures. Be proud of yourself and humble enough to know why.

  198. To All,
    When we reach out to others it’s their choice to grasp the helping hand or to listen. Pray for those who may need help doing so.
    Share the Gift

  199. @CandL – You and your wife may say “no regrets” but many of the people affected by this stuff are much younger and have plenty more to live for. Like I said in my post I didn’t think it affected me either, all it takes is that one different package, that one batch just like all the other unregulated batches.

  200. Have just heard some pretty unsettling news. A guy I used to work with has just been arrested for poisoning and then decapitating his flatmates 2 cats while high on this stuff. Apparently, he’d been drinking and then started toking up on K2 Chocolate, one of the latest and more potent brands we have down here in New Zealand. What followed was sadistically evil and made me quite sick really hearing about it. He force fed his flatties cats vodka until they were barely alive, and then mercilessly decapitated both of them and proceeded to play with the heads like a toy, apparently taking a significant amount of pleasure in doing so. After becoming increasingly violent when challenged by others present, Police were called, and he was promptly arrested and taken into custody. I knew this guy (only about 19 years old) before he started smoking this stuff, and I will say he had not an ounce of evil in him. A caring guy who only ever looked out for other people, and a general joy to be around. We witnessed a change in him over time, especially as the smoking K2 became more intense. Iv heard that he has also amassed a considerable amount of debt as his habit progressed, in order to support it. He’s been outcasted by pretty much all of the boys, and generally nobody wants to know the guy. When I kicked the habit completely, I distanced myself from him. That was a few months back and word is he only got worse. His likening for other, harder drugs also increased apparently as well. So now I’m going to ask, is something that robs you of your money, your mates, your girlfriend, and basically everything that was once good in you really worth it? He’s probably asking himself the same question, yeah, in a cell. Good one bro. And for what? All in the name of drugs? More specifically, K2? This guy had a great career ahead of him, he was training to get bigger and stronger, he had a girlfriend and mates that thought the world of him, a nice car (which I know he sold for money to buy K2), and a solid future in store had he played his cards right. Now he’s a very lonely, broke, drug addicted loser whose physical condition on first glance is horrible. Deteriorated, malnutritioned. Lets not even go into his mental condition. Look at this and learn from it. Its just not worth it, plain and simple. Peace <3

  201. CandL – you and your wife are playing Russian Roulette and are in my prayers. Please don’t be fooled. I truly hope you will seriously consider stopping and seek professional help.
    God Bless you both.

  202. Losing my boyfriend does not get easier, it gets worse. For him to die suddenly and alone hurts me. Knowing he did not mean to die that day and that I am so lost without him. He was everything to me (drugs or no drugs). He is the only man I’ve wanted to marry and was my soul mate. We were so in love. Now I have to live the rest of my life on this wretched planet with him. He was my joy and happiness and I could not even say goodbye. The day we talked last, we argued about the damnable synthetic poison. Just because it had a different package, he justified, and that he deserved to relax, he should be able to smoke it. But one he started, he couldn’t stop. The two nights before he died he was up all night smoking it in his room. He was the only man in my life that I could feel the oneness of our relationship. It has been 16 days, and the pain in my chest gets more like a knife, and I feel like I will die. What do I do now?

  203. Thank you Jaseeka, well said!
    CandL – you and your wife are playing Russian Roulette and are in my prayers. I truly hope that you both survive this. I ditto everything Jaseeka said. Please don’t be fooled. My husband has never before suffered a psychotic break, not ever, until smoking Gold Rush natural incense. It is only a matter of time before you or your wife or both suffer some sort of consequence. Usually people won’t stop an addictive drug until they go through something traumatic but maybe you can avoid that. People have become homicidal, suicidal, sick to the point of death, delusional, or suffer an affect that feels like death or hell.
    One man beat his baby girl up after smoking it because voices told him to. Another man was beaten to death by his son with a baseball bat who was high on spice. A teenage boy who had just graduated and was excited for his future killed himself after one time of smoking it. These are only some of the experiences I’ve found in the news but even in my small city there have been some very horrific experiences due to this drug alone. I truly hope you and your wife will seriously consider stopping.
    God Bless you both.

  204. @CandL I mean, really. To post such a comment on a forum with people asking for help and having almost died or having had a friend/loved one who has died from this poison? I will tell you, I was positive this poison hadn’t affected me in any way – until I suffered horrible brain damage, couldn’t smoke it or even smell it after that, I ran from it. I smoked “faithfully” for over 2 years, daily. Once I got brain damage from it & was stuck in psychosis for 3 months afterwards, I was finally clear enough to then see how PSYCHO I’d become. I’d become nothing that even resembled my true, loving self. But this poison is so dangerous because it drives you insane slowly, and subtly. It had caused me to think I was smarter than everyone, that there was nothing wrong with it, and that the only people who’d had a ‘near death’ experience or overdose were “little kids who took too much”, & that those same “kids” were now giving it a bad name & now I had to suffer for it! I now realize how wrong I was to think such an incredibly ridiculous thing. So I will not be hard on anyone who could be stuck in the thinking/mental tar-pit this poison gets you in. I suggest you go to to see what you are inhaling. Do not kid yourself or anyone else, by giving them ill-conceived advice that this stuff is anything other than poison. Now you must’ve been prepared to receive a reply such as this, I must come to such a conclusion. If you’ve been sober for as long as you say you’ve been, can I seriously, politely ask why or how you found your way to this forum? If you at all think you need help, even in the least, not only will I be here for you, but there are many other fantastic people who will be as well. You are not only elevating yourself to a higher status than those who’ve been hurt by this(by claiming no ill effects whatsoever, even “no regrets”) but you are also giving those in extreme denial – most of the time this denial being caused by this poison – a reason to continue & play Russian roulette! This happened to me, this poison had eaten away my mind so badly, it had driven me crazy, so crazy I didn’t even realize I was crazy! I am an extremely intelligent person. Therefor I can come to a couple of conclusions to explain your comment. It is either written by someone who is unfortunate as I was, to not see what has happened to their mind as a result of constant use, someone who is in extreme denial, or lastly, someone who’s a pusher who’s desperately trying to hold onto profits & “dispel” any “myths” about chronic or even one time use of this poison. Poison is exactly what this is – research what’s put into this garbage, they can’t drug test for it because it’s downright insane what’s in it = poison + research chemicals+ “trash” herbs! As I stated earlier, go to, then Google some of the ingredients therein.(These are the “ingredients” that are used to create this “incense”) After a quick Google search, take a look at the chemical placards & warnings associated with these chemicals. They are ALL the Skull & Crossbones placards. In laments terms this symbol means: If inhaled – you risk dying, if ingested – you risk dying, If handled – you risk dying. They all are accompanied with warnings such as: if inhaled, handled or ingested in any way seek medical attention immediately. Now imagine all these chemicals, plus more unknowns, all combined, then ingested. I shouldn’t have to spell it out any more than I already have. The people who create this garbage are the same exact people in the Methamphetamine production business. Same breed of human. The same people who “shake & bake” meth to make quick money. Therefor.. they are all people who don’t give a damn about your health or their own, they’re looking for a quick buck & will kill you – & do kill people – to get it. I truly hope you are just someone as I was, who used this poison so much it literally made me incapable of finishing a thought & made me think it was harmless – all at the same time! I felt my brain literally fry while suffering from brain damage from this poison. I cannot let people read comments like yours & think there’s a possibility of using this even once without almost dying. That is so thoroughly untrue. I mean no ill-will towards anyone, I don’t like making anyone feel bad, it’s not who I am. I really have strong feelings about this subject. It’s caused people in my circle of friends to commit suicide in horrific ways(I almost did), as well as caused many deaths by heart injury/failure, organ failure, and has even caused many people to have gone completely insane(I was one of them, I thank God every day I have my senses back – And don’t get me started on my tolerance to drugs, I’ve almost overdosed 4 separate times, 3 of which before the age of 16. Drugs were my life, I should be dead many times over & could handle anything.). Some people are still stuck in insanity/psychosis. We cannot undermine their horrific circumstances. God Bless you & your wife; I hope & pray you end up ok, and truly do not have any long-term ill effects from this poison. That of course would be the best case scenario. God bless everyone, I hope you are all doing better. It DOES get better. I promise it does. Much love to you all.

  205. If theres anyone still trying to kick this habit, try giving green tea a go, plus chamomile for sleep. Can’t guarantee it will work, but it’s worked wonders for me. Almost 3 months down and I havent even really thought about the stuff. Which is a first, every other time i tried to quit it was a tonne harder than this time. If you feel yourself getting the crave for whatever reason, cook up a brew of GT, and smash one of them back. Feels good man. I recommend, heaps of tea, good diet. Get into the gym or something fuark, for the fellas jump onto the Zyzz page on Facey or Youtube if you need the motivation haha. As i said may not be for everyone but i reckon well worth giving it a go, it can be done.

  206. Everyone has her or his own tolerance to certain chemicals/drugs. My wife and I have been using this for the past 3 years. Both in our 50’s. No pyschotic episodes, no crazy acts or impuslive acts(except the wife buying clothes!), no “near death’ experiences or any other type of experiences. No withdrawl(2 months without). No vomiting or any other type body sickness. No High or Low blood pressure.
    Does this mean it’s safe for anyone? No. Apparently everyone here has had a bad episode or reaction? We both do not understand it? Maybe…other people have also tried it and didn’t have any reactions to it like us and they haven’t posted on this website too? We both take medications, I won’t lie. I’v taken blood pressure meds for more than 10 years. My wife, Thyroid for 15 yrs.
    Again, not everyone has the same reactions. But, my wife and I will say one thing that we both agree on. “No regrets”.

  207. Francesca I am so sorry for your incredible loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I cannot fathom the horrific pain you must be experiencing right now. Thank you for posting even while going through this nightmare. Others need to know what this drug has done and is doing. I know without a doubt that my husband was meant to murder my daughter and myself. Satan is using this drug with all his might right now. He meant for us to die knowing that when my husband snapped out of his delusion he would have killed himself seeing what he had done. Not everyone believes in the supernatural but there is a common theme in all the above experiences – death and hell.

    God is the reason my family is alive today. You are all in my prayers daily – prayer is a powerful weapon and without my parents praying for us daily my little family wouldn’t be alive because of this drug.

    Francesca we are praying that you will find peace and comfort and relief in the agony you are experiencing right now. The thought of losing my husband is to much to bear and the fact that you have lost the love of your life this way is impossibly wrong and unfair.

    God Bless you dear Francesca.

  208. @Francesca Oh my goodness. May God bless you, Francesca. I am sorry beyond any words. I am sending love to you through prayer & good wishes. If ever you want someone to lean on through talk or any other way I can help, just let me know anytime anywhere. I promise I will be here. I cannot deny anyone who needs help, we all want the same if we’re in need. I hope you visit this forum again so you can read these words. I want you to know our loved ones never leave us. This Universe is supreme & we are all a part of it. We are all energy & energy continues. We will see our loved ones again. Time is a complicated thing to understand, so when we finally do meet our loved ones again, it may not seem like any time has passed. I think time will then be irrelevant & that we will all just feel an extremely intense love.
    God bless you, your boyfriend, your family, all your loved ones. May you have all the support you need or desire during this time. There are many great people here on this forum who will send you love, and help you if you ever need it.
    I completely share your pain, Francesca. I can feel it through your words when I read them. We must always spread love, that is what life is all about, the only important thing in the Universe. Love sustains you. We need it as much as food. Science has even proven this, though we already knew this! Keep your dearest love in your memories always. Remember he wants nothing more then for you to be happy, to smile. He loves you very much.
    If you have a good family, keep them close. They will take care of you. There are some wonderful people out there. Maybe even a forum with people who’ve had a similar experience as you, we can find comfort in knowing we’re not alone, and also that if we help one another through a tough time in their life, that will translate into helping someone else, so on & so forth! Again, God Bless you, girl. Your story has completely touched me & I want you to never be sad, ever. So, so much love to you!! -Jessica 🙂


  210. hello everyone no one should be smoking this ….it should be bannd. i myself have never done it. but at this very moment my baby brother of nineteen is sittin in the hospital .. from this.. it started as votmiting an being very gassy to something very very bad. i tookj him to the er three time an they told him it was a ulsar.. my mom took him in this tusesday they did a xray they thought they saw gallstone an sent him to a bigger bigger hospital where they did a ctscan an found that there are stones but they arent the issue. the hospial is running multipal test cause his liver an kiddnies are failing him. the doc said that most ppl have gall stones an dont know it cause they are in a gall ducked to cause pain.,. the liver failing will make your skin an eyes yellow an your kiddnies failing your pee will be bloody this is for real the it needs to stop

  211. I’ve used this stuff before around a year a two ago and thought everyone and there symptoms were crazy. Took many hits and definitely was high but didn’t feel crazy or anything. Was never addicted or anything, used it sparingly until gone.

    Today I bought some new stuff after not using for quite some time. My mistake was thinking that they’re all the same and you can take as many hits as you like. As many of said, moderation is key. If you absolutely feel like you have to use this stuff for some reason or another, don’t go all out. Best advice is to not use at all. But I really honest to god thought that tonight would be my last night alive after about 10 minutes. Scariest feeling ever thinking you are really going to die. I thought about my family, my two little brothers, my girlfriend of 3 years, my future career after finishing grad school. Everything as I knew it was soon to be no more. I just remember at one point “Yelling” my girlfriends name because I just could not leave her, not like that. It wasn’t fair for anyone, not for a high. Once the death feeling wore off my heart was beating so hard I felt like it was just going to explode. Really you can’t put that death feeling into words, but just know it is probably the most terrifying thing by far that can happen to anyone.

  212. people should never smoke weed or any drug for that matter because believe it or not it will catch up with you and you can die from it. a lot of people say theres more positive reasons for smoking weed than negative reasons but those people are wrong.

  213. @GORDON, @Tom H., @Mariel & @JoeBuddy:
    @GORDON Hi there! I have been gone for a bit because I was in the hospital for about 2 weeks. It was unrelated to the spice use/effects, thank God. I don’t have much time right now, but I juts had to write you, as well as everyone else who’s been so awesome, supportive & all-around great, to let you all know where I’ve been and why haven’t responded yet to anyone in particular. I may need surgery soon, it would be minor, but any surgery is still scary since I’ve never had it before! It’s crazy Gordon that you, Tom H. & I have all had medical problems lately, around the same time.. That’s just a weird coincidence I think! They say things “come in 3’s”, like pregnancies, etc.. But as to your question above, I have a YouTube account with my screenname “Jaseeka1986”, if you could create a screenname or account on YouTube, (all you need is an email account to do so) then we could communicate anonymously through that channel. Then I could give you my screenname. If this won’t work, then just let me know & I’ll post my email account, I doubt I’d get many uninvited/unsolicited emails by doings so. It’d be worth it to be able to communicate. 🙂 So if you can get on YouTube, just go to this video:
    and find where I’ve commented, either reply or click on my screenname & it’ll bring you to my channel where you can “private message” me(by clicking on my name again). God Bless you & stay strong as always, Gordon!!! -Jessica
    @Tom H. Hi Tom! 🙂 I read your great message, and I am so thankful to get such kind words from someone, I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to say so!! I myself just got out of the hospital, I was there for about 2 weeks for something unrelated to this spice, thank God. It’s been a rough time healthwise for all of us it seems! I’m so glad to hear about you going strong, and really appreciate the updates as far as what all you’ve been through since last time we’ve caught up. I do know, that if it weren’t for the brain damage & inability to handle smoking this, that if that hadn’t happened, I’m positive I would’ve picked it back up, so I completely understand about the pull it has, as you said. It is very strong. Especially because when it builds up in your system it can sway your thinking ability as well, so it makes it easier to be coerced sometimes into smoking or buying it. It took something like not being able to purchase it legally anymore, as well as brain damage for me to break it. So it is great that they can’t sell it anymore locally in your town, so you can not have that near you at all. I know in Florida they’re hardcore about drug laws. Kentucky adopts many of them, too! And I’m in KY, too. But at least if they make it illegal people will be more tempted to use marijuana rather than this poison, especially if it’s the same consequence. We both know which is healthier! Keep staying strong, I really do believe you are after everything you’ve been through. It’s evident to anyone who’s read a post of yours.. The best advice I can give to any friend going through this & trying to stay away for good: Surround yourself with positive people & things(TV, internet, activities)-people you trust, and of course, eat non-processed foods(fruits & vegetables-organic) & take Calcium, Vitamin C & Vitamin D supplements, usually everyone can do this(but check with your doctor first).. 🙂 Whenever you need me I’ll definitely be here, if you ever do. Thank you for being a great friend! Keep us updated on your progress, we all care for you very much! Much love & God Bless, Tom. -Jessica 🙂
    @Mariel AWESOME!! That’s so great you’re feeling at 100% again, that’s huge for anyone who’s been down from this poison. It means the world to someone to be able to think regularly & feel regularly once again, it seems so far away at times while battling through this. So I’m so happy for you, Mariel! I SO appreciate the kind words, too, they mean a whole lot to me. It was very painful going through such a thing and I never want anyone to go through it alone or with hardship, especially without anyone to console them or be there for them. I’ll continue to pray & thank God for everyday you feel at 100%. Thanks for taking the time to say such nice & inspiring words, it says a lot. 🙂 Stay strong, healthy & happy. Much love & God Bless you, girl! 🙂 -Jessica
    @JoeBuddy Hi old friend. 😉 So nice to hear that! Sometimes posts make me tear up, and for sure this one did. 🙂 May you have all the blessings God can give. I return your beautiful words if I can! I’ll try that’s for sure 🙂 I hope this message finds you well & you continue to succeed & do well in whatever you strive for, daily. Thanks again, friend.. Stay strong & positive as you are!! Much love to you & God Bless, Joe. -Jessica

  214. Dear SWIM,
    I sure hope the negative expierience you’all had will close the door to trying anything like this again. My thoughts make me wonder why with all this info. on horrible highs (if they can be called that) people are having why do people like us still go ahead with no regard for the what it does to our brains and lungs. I’m sure that I am older than most on this blog but trust me one day when you need everything we’ve been blessed with someday you may wish you took better care of yourself. I SURE DO! Try to see the sunshine in life as much as you can because there really is a fine line when it comes to our brains, thoughts, and even perception. Please keep in touch there are a lot of folks that need you to succeed. You might want to open a dialog with “Jaseeka1986” she’s got it down!

  215. i smoked this stuff and weed many times before and ive had trips on spice like none other. the last two times ive tripped were the absolute worst and i will never touch this shit ever again. i felt death. i was minutes away from dying. i said my last words. i felt my heart beating and my pulse in every place you can check for a pulse. i needed something to concentrate on so maybe i could get out of the trip, i started playing a game on my ipad, i couldnt even figure out how i lost control i couldnt even find one single reason to hang on to life. there was no holding on because that was death you cant escape it. i had to bargain with the grim reaper who wasnt like you see in movies he was in my head. he was telling me that because i was being a stubborn bitch and walking around trying to regulate my heart beat i couldnt die but if i so much as smoked one more hit he would burry me where ever i was. i saw a casket come up it started slow where my feet were and then over time it came closer to my eyes. it was nothing that anyone could stop. i wanted to call 911 and stop it so bad i wanted to but my boyfriend told me i was tripping and he wrestled the phone out of my hand. if this wasnt death, than it was what it would feel like for sure. i feel like i have the devil inside of me, i dont know what to do i am so scared to die i am so scared to sleep. my boyfriend wont stop smoking it. but i sound like im a freak, but it happened to me i just cant explain what DEATH feels like. you dont care, you lose everything, nothing matters, youre going to be gone and nothing at all matters. except the person you leave with because you know what they are going to have to deal with the rest of their life. they saw you die in their bed, and you told them “im dying” and they didnt believe you.

  216. Me and a few friends decided to get together and pitch in on some weed. we couldn’t find a dealer so we decided to get some spice (I had never tried it before, but everyone else said they had done it and it was great, so i joined in on it) one of our 18 yo friends went in to buy it and when he came back he said “The dude behind the counter was like “We dont sell ‘SPICE’ but we do have potpourri” this made me a bit iffy on the situation but i went along anyways. we get to my house, as is for the usual smoke sesh, and start smoking. my first hit burnt my lungs really bad and tasted HORRIBLE, but i got a ok (kinda like weed but i could tell it was weird) feeling almost instantly, everybody took two hits and was doing fine until my chest started hurting and i could barley stand then one of the girls in the group became very un-responsive and reported having intense hallucinations(she was barely intelligible, but , then she started vomiting over and over again, then passed out. we woke her up when we had sobered up and she was still acting funny, we couldn’t understand a word she was saying. we started to panic, googling “spice side effects” ect.ect. and the results were only scaring us even more, then she finally came to and we were all asking her if she was ok and what not. she described it as being in hell for what seemed like forever. even tho i had an ok (other than the chest pains) time, this experience makes me never want to touch the stuff again.

    i hope everyone learns that this is NOT a safe drug NOR does it feel similar to marijuana in any way, and the people who make this “potpourri” get arrested for the crimes they commit everyday.

  217. Dear Anon aka 1U87,
    Hope is a main ingredient of acceptance and shows the willingness and desire to change. I got a small notebook and as thoughts came up I wrote them down, this enabled me to focus rather than go over them time and time again, waste of time and energy.
    Evaluate your college situation, do you feel you can’t pull it off or is there someone, professor, guidance, tutor, classmate that can come up with a solution method. I believe some things that seem lost aren’t, it could be mostly how you feel or even what others have talked you into, folks around you often lay this shit on us as a passive way to beat us up or feel shame.
    Your wife, parents, and others may not come around for a while this is where the to yourself be true comes in. I had to juggle their emotions and do what was good for my rebuild in order to get back on track. What I’m saying is don’t allow others to keep you down, shit happens and I don’t know what some folks get out of beating you up for yesterdays mistakes forcing us to waste today. THIS has to be their problem not yours. I found doing my best everyday and showing that your commited should work well and for the haters again thats nothing you can change, we can only work on us. After 37 years w/o a drink of any kind there are still those who try to judge me today for that time so many years ago. Yes I have had times when I did this or that but even those days are like ancient history. Many times you’ll find the ones throwing the biggest stones have many times the past you’ve had their hiding it by keeping you up front. Stick with it, don’t let anyone discourage you or make themselves look good at your expense. Spend time with sober, happy people who see the true you and distance the rest as hard as that will be. Keep in touch if you’de like and I’ll be here for you, that keeps me sober and on track.

  218. Hey…

    I tried this legal weed yesterday for the first time. I usually smoke the real thing and not this fake stuff but yesterday a couple of friends wanted to try it and they convinced me to do it. I took like 2 pretty good hits and 15 seconds later I was having the worst experience I have ever felt in my entire life. I had passed out for like 10 min is what they said but i promise you it felt like it would never end. It felt like i had died and i was looking at myself from a distance and i could hear my friends saying “Ayo is he okay? Nah he’s trippin, he’ll be okay, just leave him alone for a little bit.” While i was going through this i was feeling the worst pain a person can feel in my chest. I couldnt get back to myself the pain was so intense… My friends said i was screaming in a low way which sounded creepy. But looking back at it i think that was me struggling so hard to stay sane. To be back to normal… I promise you i thought i was dead. With what i was feeling i would of rather died…. but the pain would never stop i thought i was going to go on for ever just feeling the pain i felt in my chest. I had already accepted that i was going to die and i just wanted to pain to stop. I thought i was the friend that was going to die and be an example to the others to quit doing shit like this… You don’t understand what i went though… even today the next day i feel traumatized about the whole thing… Please i would never recommend anyone to try this.. i would stay with the real stuff. But after that happened im probably going to quit smoking and drinking altogether. I feel like i got a second chance at life because i didnt die. Please dont ever try it.

  219. Hi, I have been smoking this stuff since basicly janurary. I believe i am very addicted i can not go long at all without smoking or i feel like my world is ending and there is nothing to life. I smoke about 3.5 grams a day. i am spending so much money. But now i am having serious inside pains. i know this stuff is doing serious damage to me and i can not stop. i dont know what to do at this point but i truely believe if i dont do something i will be dead soon. if someone knows how they can help me please let me know. I want to stop this completly.

  220. To Jaseeka1986,
    I’ve had my info changed, if I don’t hear back I want you say God is with you and there are no coincidences.
    All of the Best Jessica,
    An old friend!!

  221. @GORDON … Thanks for reply (lU87). I honestly have no idea what I find so appealing about drugs. I’ve had a pretty descent life growing up, and it’s great now (minus the last couple months). My family does have a history of drug use, and I’ve always been a wildman. Could very well be something deeper though…

    I can’t tell you how much better I feel after quitting (approx. 2 weeks). I still have all sorts of problems to straighten out, but atleast now I have some hope. Pretty much fucked myself out of graduating college this year, destroyed my wife’s trust, pissed my parents off, threw away my summer savings, and more. These things can be fixed with time and money, it’s just frustrating. I essentially froze in time while life kept moving, and now I must catch up and make amends.

    The silver lining to this experience is that I have decided to remain sober. Looking back, drugs haven’t done one good thing for me. I’m putting them down.


  222. Dear Tyler T I am praying for you right now. Please keep me posted and know that you can pray as well. Christian or not God will hear you and he does answer prayer. If you can seek outside help from a professional or even from a local church please do. This is a scary drug and quitting it won’t be easy on your own. But you can do it. God Bless you Tyler.

  223. My husband could have killed us. The following is our nightmare, our very own horror movie came to life for us this past Sunday morning.
    Quick side note – I am a Christian as is my husband. My husband loves my daughter and myself more than his own life. He has been our protector and provider and would never in a million years lay a hand on either of us until this Sunday when he tried the ‘natural’ incense called Gold Rush to alleviate pain from a kidney stone attack.
    In the past my husband has been able to smoke weed to help with the pain of kidney stones but due to drug testing at work he has stopped using marijuana medicinally or otherwise.
    So my daughter and I, hating seeing him suffer, decided to buy him some rush from the local head shop. Some of her friends are using it and we figured why not. It’s legal and it’s supposedly just like mj. I did a little research on it but didn’t find anything too bad. Unless you search with the proper key words (ie. psychosis + spice) most sites only mention very slight bad affects if any at all.
    He smoked a little bit Friday night (couple hits if that) and he felt amazing – took his pain away instantly. Saturday he smoked a few hits randomly throughout the day and was still fine. Sunday morning he woke up and said he didn’t need the stuff anymore as his kidney stones had passed but for some reason decided to take one hit anyway.
    I was in bed reading a book while he went for a shower and shave. He came out of the bathroom at one point to give me a kiss (which is normal, he’s an amazing husband and loves me dearly) and then went back into the bathroom. I remember thinking it was weird the amount of time he was taking in the bathroom but didn’t really give it much thought.
    This is when our hell began. He suddenly walked out of the bathroom, immediately stripped out of his clothes and in a voice i’ve never heard before told me he was god. He was yelling at me in the scariest voice while advancing on me. I knew within 2 seconds that my life and my daughter’s life was in danger and that the man coming at me was in no way my husband, he was literally not there. He continued to rant while trying to attack myself, my daughter and my dog. He would yell something in that scary deep voice and then would say ‘snap’ after every sentence. I inherently knew that I couldn’t argue with him or do anything to anger him more than he was. He was calling me the devil and saying awful things. He trashed my daughter’s room while I stood in front of her trying to protect her. She had her phone and called 911 but she was so scared and couldn’t stop screaming in terror so i took her phone and just kept repeating our address over and over. Every time i’d look at a possible weapon he would grab it so all i could do was become submissive and pray. I also knew that if i was to find a weapon he would have it out of my hands in a second flat and would probably use it on me. He was not my husband. After 11 minutes on the phone with 911 (the terror in whole lasted about 25 mins) the police showed up. At that exact moment he snapped out of it. His face completely changed and registered extreme confusion and fright. He saw the trashed room and the terror on our faces and had no clue what had happened. He was taken to the hospital by the police where I picked him up about an hour later.
    I know in my heart that God was protecting us that morning. Satan was using this drug to take all of us out. I know it without a doubt. But he overplayed his hand. My parents are pastors and pray for all of us on a daily basis and we were protected – traumatized to the extreme but protected. He was attacking us but some force didn’t allow him to actually hurt us. At one point he reached around me and grabbed my daughter’s hair, my poor girl, but somehow never actually harmed us.
    I now have to find a counsellor for my daughter. She is sad and despondent. I am still afraid, not of my husband but I keep replaying what happened over and over. It was a scene played straight out of an exorcist movie.
    My husband can’t recall a bit of it. He remembers being in the bathroom, looking in the mirror thinking he needed to be a better soldier for God and that is the last thing he knows until he came to in my daughter’s room. He believed he was all powerful, that he was actually God. He would flick a wall like he was making it disappear. He is now having flashes but not actual memory of the experience.
    I’m not sure how to fix this except to pray and pray. My daughter and I are having a hard time thinking about anything else. It has been only two days but the trauma of the experience is over powering.
    I feel extremely lucky though. What satan wanted to happen didn’t. This experience has been a wake up call to us spiritually. We are now seeking counselling from our Church that we never attend but will be now.
    I am putting a plan into motion to bring awareness to the head shops in my town. I am from Canada where this stuff is legal. The consequences of this drug are beyond anything a person could imagine. I am on a mission and will do anything I can to help make this illegal.
    If you are addicted to this drug please pray for God’s help to come off it and seek help from other sources. If you are thinking about trying it, don’t do it. The possibility of you killing yourself or someone else is very real, never mind the health issues people suffer from using this drug. I will pray for you if you would like, just post on here to let me know.
    I also wanted to mention that Saturday I had a bad feeling about my husband smoking it. An inner voice was saying somethings not right even though there were no outward signs displayed at that point. I didn’t listen to that inner voice which i know was God trying to warn me. Listen to your inner voice, I wish I had. Everything happens for a reason but having a hard time making peace with the fact that my daughter saw such a horrifying thing.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks to all of you for posting your experiences. For those of you still struggling you are in my prayers.

  224. Hey Jaseeka I wanted to tell you that I’m 100% now after using that stuff that one time I let that toxic get out of my body it took my body like 3 to 4 wks to be back to normal and ur words truly helped me u actually knew what u were talking about (continue helping others ur awesome 🙂 and I haven’t been experiencing anything since. It still scares feels that other people are still using and that its still being sold out there.This cant never be compare with marijuana.

    I haven’t smoke marijuana since I was 17 and i’m 25 now and i thought one try of this wouldnt be nothing since its legal and being sold in stores. So it really bothered me when I was being told here that I was addicted and so on.This stuff completely messes u up for a couple of wks but if you dont use it again and let ur body get rid of those chemicals you dont need any type of medication for those who arent heavy users… n just try to sorround urself with people u trust and happy thoughts … God bless…

  225. Dear noemi,
    If you know what he’s doing ask him in a lovingf way and tell him your affraid and how progression is a guarantee. It’s a dark road he going down, tell him you love him and your dreams with him and go from there.

  226. Dear Jaseeka1986,
    Jessica :-),
    I am trying to find the correct solution for some of my difficulties. I would like to speak with you but I don’t know how not to break your anominity or mine. If you have an idea please let me know.

  227. dear georgeisabamf,
    I was also shy and my self esteem had been taken away by life, being told your a failure and don’t bother to try things your just wasting your time does have a devestating result. Affraid of what you say or how you act will make you unwanted. It took me many years and much suffering to turn my thoughts around, I went to meetings, AA, I found courses at community schools on well being, I kept aware if something said made me feel bad. Keep working on you, have your own goals and wishes they will come to you but not if your still trying to escape. “FACE UP TO LIFE WITH THE SMILE OF SUCCESS”
    God Bless You and is with you,

  228. Dear lU87,
    You have recognized what is happening to you. What you were searching for when you began I don’t know, you should think about that and make your own judgement. There are things in our lives that are difficult to see and understand, some of these things start to effect us in ways that we also don’t see. Our friends see it and some disapear, your life is about you, you can’t make everyone happy at your expense. Starting today put yourself in first place, do the best for yourself. The people that you hang with, most likely the newer ones need someone to do what their doing to make it alright, it’s a form of support but for the wrong reasons. This morning go out look up at the sky, breath the air and think of the good things around you and how you can add to them. You have what it takes to have a better life and recieve the many blessings that are there for you in sobriety. Good will enter your life, let go of where you’ve been and stay in the moment.
    God be with you,

  229. I’ve been smoking for about a year. Lately it’s gotten out of control and I’ve been smoking 3g a day (Zenscense). I’ve spent WAY more than I could afford on this crap. I’ve always struggled with addiction, but this stuff made me it’s bitch. The only other drug that was able to sink its teeth so deep was opiates. I noticed the addiction got out of control after the last ban wave (when dascents was illegallized). I ordered the new generation online, which was very different, and my use skyrocketed.
    Recently I realized I’ve just been kicking a dead horse, and I decided to clean up. Been clean a day and a half. I’m glad I found this blog because I thought I was being a pussy. Good to know I’m not the only one kicking. My brain isn’t right, cough, cold sweats, and vomiting. Not to mention the mess I’ve made of my life that I have yet to deal with. But I am feeling less depressed now that I’ve decided to stop

  230. glad I am not the alone one who conquered this stuff!! I have been clean for a couple months now with no relapse. I quit when my county (Pasco County, FL) banned the sale of ALL synthetic marijuana (not just a particular chemical, but all of it) and I knew it was either I drove to another county and searched for the stuff in areas I had no idea of where the sellers were, or I just quit outright.

    I am so happy I chose to quit. I still have some differences in my life that I blame my 1 or so years of daily spice smoking to, namely the fact that I SUCK in social situations now, talking to new people scares me and I get panic attacks from it, I get hot and sweaty and my heart races and whatnot, it isn’t fun. But at least I don’t rely on such a dirty high to get through my life. I had withdrawals and couldn’t sleep for a while but it’s calmed down and is manageable now, I hope that all of you can quit before it’s too late like I did.

    I hope I don’t have these side effects forever, but as aforementioned, it’s a lot better than living off spice just to make me feel “normal” again.

  231. Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve popped my head in here, but allow me to give an update on what’s going on with me. Jaseeka, I just read your post, God bless you darlin’ for caring about me, you have no idea how heart warming that is, when coming from someone you’ve never really met, I bet we’d be best of friends had we crossed paths before, you really are that cool!!! I’m realizing a lot of time has passed, and I hope that you didn’t think that I dropped dead over all this nonsense, which is very plausible. Well, if you read my other post, you know that I’ve been struggling to kick this fake weed stuff -that really makes real weed seem as harmless as cotton candy! This stuff nis no joke, and after my medical issues, that I whole heartedly believe was derived from smoking this, I had a couple relapses, but FORTUNATELY the guys at the corner gas station told me they no longer can sell this spice, and they were one of the last ones selling it despite the new Florida laws that banned pretty much all combinations of the main ingredient, they had a lawyer that pretty much kept them in the loop, and as the laws were inforced, they stayed barely within it as the manufactures would simply just change a small variation of the chemical to make it exempt from being on that Control/level 2 narcotics, which is a felony, and I really worried about that a lot, I would have visions of me walking out after a purchase only to get tackled by undercovers just for buying $10 worth of that stuff, that’s really not how you want to get off of drugs is by being incarcerated, life would surely suck if not downright impossible to endure, and considering what I have in my system (Jaseeka knows), well the thought alone would give me the worst sensation, SO I had no choice but to stop, but I really wonder if I was strong enough to stop smoking that on my own. I think the worst part of all this was when it was enjoyable, I think that’s what keeps people going back for more. So, when they said no more spice, I said well, I HAVE to stop now, I got no other choice……I was bracing for this big withdrawl episode that I was gonna have to endure, and I’ll be quite honest, and maybe it’s because of the medication I’m currently taking, but I never had any withdraws at all, thank God!! Now, I still feel this loud ringing in my ears, which I had when coming off prescription meds, I even have it now, but I don’t have any real symptoms that rob me of sleep and that sort of thing. Jaseeka, you mentioned how strong I was, but really that is not the case, I am lucky to be alive right now, and all these people that keep hitting that stuff, please know there will be a finality to this lifestyle, it can and will kill you if you keep smoking it, and the cops are getting aggressive too with this stuff, I mean who wants to have a felony on their record for life, or have to spend time in jail? It’s totally not worth it, listen to Jaseeka, here’s someone that is really compassionate towards anyone who needs reaching out to, and knows what she’s talking about! Thanks again for being there my friend, and here’s to a clear path ahead, with more than a fighting chance to succeed, thanks so much!

  232. I’m also very conserned about my husband he has a bad cough!!! Thought he was getting sick but its lasted a while and after reading all of these I’m very worried!!!! Don’t know what to do???

  233. about 7 months ago, i took 2 hits of this. i thought i was going to die for 2 weeks straight. i have high blood pressure now and i know i have had some brain damage from it, so 1 long term effect is high blood pressure. i should have stuck to my first instinct about it and not even tried it NOT EVEN ONCE. one of the biggest mistakes in my life because i have high blood pressure, sensitivity to caffeine, and i cant smoke weed anymore now.

  234. @Gordon Hi there! I wrote to you a bit to touch base, on the forum: “Smoking herbal incense effects”. I hope you’re doing much better physically since the injury. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the well wishes & kind words you gave me above!:) God Bless you & Take care of yourself! 🙂 much, much love! -Jessica

  235. dont smoke spice or wat ever u call it now i almost died my heart almost gave out on me water water water was da only thing that kept me from dyingg i have been in gang fights shotings but i never felt so scared and close to death dont smoke it no more its diffrent u will die im lucky to be alive water saved me from crossing to da next life da new ingredients are super addicting but yor heart can onlytake so much trusmt me im a true smoker i smoke weedall day but had to stop for a job test trow it away thats. why i smoked spice smokers stick together and i dont want non of u to dye. if u have to smoke smoke weed i have some spice left and i still want to smoke it im so dumb

  236. OMG>>>>>>>>>>> When you read symptoms of heart attack and see impending doom….. This is what they were talking about. I felt like I was progressively dying for five minutes. It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I’m not sure if it’s cause I hit it to hard like back in the day or what. This stuff is not weed. It’s not even close. This is a freakin man made chemical that is dangerous. The manufacturer of this company should be sued. Closest i’ve ever been to death was one hit later after smoking this BS. I called my buddy and told him to immediately get here that I was dying. Ten minutes later I let him know I was ok and explained I felt like I wasn’t going to come back from this horrible feeling. SCARY AS >>>>

  237. Spice sux ive been smoking this stuff for the same mount of time and i have the same exact problems…. And withdraws ws the worse this in the world waking up running to the bathroom puking going to bed shaking waking up drenched and shaking i would get chills non stop… I spit up black mucus non stops… Im dizzy all the time… I have.memory loss like forgettig something going bacj to get it then forgetting why i came back…. Idk whats going to happen to me but ive never felt this sick before and its been going on ever since i smoked it…. Now i cant put it down ill go a couple days without it because if i dont i know that this will progress faster and may even kill me… But when im off it i cant eat or sleep i have heart pains nerve pains muscle spasms… I feel so horrible right now and it only getting worse day by day… Ive went to hospitals and they cant fix me… But i didnt tell them i smoked this cuse ive never really have a real trip of this the only stuff ive ever really tripped off of was salvia and thats the only other strong drug ive tried… So its not me just freaking out… I want people to learn from this tht just because its legal doesnt mean anything this stuff is addictive and it messes with ur everyday life… Im not me anymore and its ruining alot of things…I smoked this stuff everyday for 5 months but all together 7 months… And this is what its doing to me ^

  238. the first time i smoked spice i took 2 hits in a row within 5 minutes my face felt numb things started turning 3D my vision then started getting blurry before i knew it i was seeing black i could only hear my friends i didnt recognize their voices anymore though i no longer remembered anything. my body started to feel as if i was being spinned downward like in a roller coaster or something but it kept spinning faster and faster to the point where i felt like it was hurting me physically i felt like i was being tortured and i felt like i was dying i would even ask myself “did i get hit by a car or something so fast that i didnt even notice it” this lasted for at least 10 minutes till i opened my eyes and saw everyone my memory slowly started coming back but still wen i would close my eyes for a sec i would feel the feeling coming back so i would quickly open them and keep my self awake i nevfer smoked that same brand of spice ever again… but i still smoke other brands and i think i am becoming quite addicted i only think of when to smoke it and who to smoke it with..

    I went to a party and we were just smokin weed with some guys. Then some guy told me it wasn’t weed right after I took my last hit! Like 10 mins later I was freaking out and didn’t know what was going on. I was so paranoid and I had to leave the party and walk back to campus. I felt like everyone was watching me and I could only think negative things about myself! It felt like it took forever but I managed to get back to my dorm. I layer in my bed for 6 hours and I felt like I was goin to die. I thought about calling the ambulance so many times! My heart felt like it was going to explode, I thought I had seriously messed up my entire life! That was yesterday and I still don’t feel the same! I really hope this weird effect goes away soon!

  240. i am 16 years old i have smoked weed for about a year now.Tonight about 9:30 i smoked some spice called mean green.I am still feeling the high i took 1 hit and i lost it i walked into my cousins house and i started to trip at first i was just standing there i couldn’t see anyone but i could hear voices i thought i was asleep but i see blurs about my life i had my eyes close i hit my head against the table and i hit the refrigerator so hard that i broke the door i started to swing at everything people i beg u not to do this stuff real weed will never do this to you this stuff is very very bad for you i am begging you not do to it I am 16 years old i have a 4.0 GPA i have a scholarship to Purdue university and i hate my life now weed should be legal yes spice no do not do this

  241. I felt pretty good about this stuff from the beginning.. then everything changed… The night before last I smoked a bit and played Dead Island, a game in which you kill zombies. Everything went as usual… then I began to feel a bit “strange”. I found it was harder for me to focus on more than one thing… Being that I would play, then look at the tv and found I had been staring at the tv for 30minutes, and had died numerous times ingame. Now this is no problem… But then i found that my knees were starting to feel weird. The fact that I felt how it would be if you sat on the toilet for a long period of time and acquired sleep in your leg, a constant tickling needle but coldness around my toes and heel. I couldn’t feel my lips either and constantly licked at them to make sure I could, realizing that, when coming to for a short period of time before going back into the trance, that my tongue was infact pushed out of my mouth and extended far to the left where my whole face sagged and had no feeling. I then turned the game off and went to sleep.
    Last night… was the scariest time in my life and the near death feeling made me give up smoking anything from Hookah, to this, to even the real stuff. I smoked a bit and felt decent… even making jokes about how harmless it was to my wife. Then after a second I found that my body to brain function was damn near cut off. I would talk and found my lips weighed 100 lbs a piece. Then I noticed that my heart was at about 120 bpm and I felt terrified. I remember walking into the bedroom of my mother-in-laws gripping my chest and neck trying to find a pulse. They sat me down and tried to test my blood pressure and heart rate. They seemed to come back slightly high but they noted that my whole body was pale as a ghost. I was terrified… sitting there I felt as though I was swallowing myself..That my lifeforce was falling down my gullet and if I didn’t pull myself out in time I was dead for sure.
    Suddenly, my heartbeat vanished… I couldn’t feel it, nor could I hear it inside my head and I cried hard. Suddenly thoughts of my life rushed to my head that I would be another statistic of the drug… What everyone would think… how my family would feel, how my wife would make it without me… but most importantly, my brothers and how they would live through life with a dead 20 yr old brother.
    I still don’t feel well… My vision isn’t clear at all and I feel like I have to try extremely hard to focus. I don’t notice things until I think upon them. For instance, I went to eat and bit my tongue (I believe) and was like oh… I taste blood. Because all I could focus on was tasting my food, not the pain. My finger tips dance across the keyboard as I write this as they’re all I can focus on atm. Music has stopped playing and I can’t even bring myself to change the song because It will take me off track to this… I was scared to sleep last night because I was scared I wouldn’t wake up. I figure that I will feel better with some sleep. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  242. I smoked a new one called Klimax by Kush and I only took a drag and I have been feeling like crap for the last three days! I can’t feel my legs they are all tingling and it hasn’t gone away! Its crazy I feel bad! I stepped on a tack that was on my living room floor and I didn’t feel it I just noticed my foot felt heavy and I look down and I had a tack in my foot! I feel like I’m in this daze I can’t even think straight and I figured it would go away by now I’m on day three after smoking! I was wondering how can I get this outta my system?

  243. Im 19 male from australia, and tonight i got some synthetic weed from a mate that said , the guy at the tobaccanist said that it was really strong, so i said whatever , i had 2 cones and i was ok, then later on the night i had another 2 cones from a bong of the synthetic stuff, about 2 mins after i exhaled, i was sittin in my computer chair, lights closed in my room and only the computer screens light on. it felt like my heart was pounding through my neck and my ears, and it just wouldnt stop beating. then i started trippping out with my eyes, i don’t know what was happening but i was so scared, everything looked cartoony, and i kept doing reppetitive things with my eyes, kept looking at the floor, then the bed, then the computer screen and i would keep tripping out and i had to lay in bed with the lights off and everything and it was just scaring me, everything looked like a shade of blue. i was horrified and still am, only happend to me 2 hours ago ( from when im writing this), i seriously kept thinking in my head ” WTF IS GOING ON I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME, why is my vision like” i couldnt concentrate on anything,i was seriously crying from my soul, thats what it felt like, so much inner pain. i felt scared to walk inside the loungeroom where my brother n hes friends were, i just laid down in bed trying to relax, then after 10 mins of having a episode, i started to calm down and it went away. Btw ive been smoking weed for close to 3 years now, and this was the first time i tried synthetic weed.


  244. Hello folks, Just reading these and thought I would share my experiences.I’ve loved Marijuana and smoke for probably about 4 years now. I quit MJ a while ago when K2 was popular. I have been addicted to incense/spice ever since. Now adays I am smoking Diablo, Hammerhead, Mr. Nice Guy, Kryptonite, Supernova etc etc etc. I’ve about tried them all. I smoke anywhere from .5 gram to 2 grams a day depending on how strong the incense is.

    When I say addict, I am a controlled addict (if that exists). I understand how some of these posts have talked about insanity, losing family, and being alone. But, I have always managed my addiction if that is possible. I will smoke when the wife isn’t home or at night only. If my wife is home I force myself to stay sober and spend the day with her knowing that I can get high when she goes to bed early. I’ll always go to work, walk the dog, pay bills, and do housework. But I like to get high…And then walk the dog. 😉 I can’t say alot of negativity about the high itself. It does get you high, and I find myself more productive when I am on it.

    BUT it does have a dark side. It is very addicting! mentally and somewhat physically for me. It needs to be used in HIGH moderation. These are untested, unmoderated chemicals. Anyone who considers smoking a joint or blunt of spice is asking for a trip to the hospital for OD. This is not weed! Do not think there is no limit!!

    When I run out I suffer from slight anxiety…Mainly anxiousness from wanting more incense but being unable to get it. I suffer from sleeplessness and lack of appetite. I also struggle with a low sexual libido when withdrawing. Also slight irritibility and sweats. I am not sure which of these are mental and physical. I know it has alot of mental pull with me because I become a depressed d@*# when I am out.

    Long story short, If you haven’t tried it, DONT! In moderation it can be ok but it comes with many troubles!!

    I’ve had a couple bad trips where I smoked to much and thought I was dying as well but if I maintain a level head it always seemed to dissipate and I would play it off as just being high. Good luck all!

  245. I’m a frequent pot user, who recently ordered two pouches of this, after reading all the problems you guys have had with spice, I’m pretty certain that I don’t wish to use it, and it will be going in the bin as soon as it arrives. I truly wish you all the best for recovery.

  246. @Tom H Hi Tom, I’m really happy, very happy to see you on here once again. I did wonder where you’d gone & how you were doing. I honestly was worried. I know by your story you had an addiction very similar to many on here who have many problems when quitting & especially before quitting(memory loss, heart problems, paranoia, I could go on & on, you know what I’m talking about). You & I tried this because of the exact same reason more exact than just trying to bypass a drug test, but because of the medication we’re both on & the setting we are treated in. I go to a place similar to a pain management clinic, many people who went to those clinics come to my treatment-type facility. They’re looked at better than someone who’s gotten there for my reason for being there is. My father once went to the pain management for a while & was kicked out, swiftly I might add, for the reasons you explained. It does seem rather an oxymoron the treatment they apply there & not having any acceptance for marijuana. You don’t have withdrawel from Marijuana, but the drugs they use.. good luck! It’s terrible! I have some anger issues towards the places here because my father was left dealing with severe pain because he smoked marijuana. But rest assured, Tom, just in case anything ever happens, there are many doctors out there who will prescribe you the medication you need, and let me say, it is very easy to get past doctor’s office drug tests. I don’t like to say that of course, but I believe one should be able to smoke marijuana without worrying that their lives can be altered severely for it. Especially when it helps their pain & anxiety. I missed 3 days of my medication one time & had a contraction when I wasn’t even pregnant! I felt like I was dying & was sure something horrible was happening to my body & that I couldn’t take the intense pain anymore, then I had the contraction & the intense pain stopped. It was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced. It was also scary as Hell. If I’d been pregnant it would’ve been very bad; they’ve even got Federal laws for pregnant women taking it not being able to be kicked out of treatment & they can even ‘ignore’ their bill & still receive their meds. That’s how hardcore it is coming off this medication. Again, you already know this, though!
    I’m so happy to hear you’re doing better, you are dealing with some scary health issues to say the least, & I for one thank God you’re still here. You’re a very nice, respectful person who’s got a lot to give & can help many people, with your story alone, and your family needs & loves you very much & doesn’t want anything to happen to you. Be sure to take it easy, stress is a killer, and you don’t need any extra right now. Put things in God’s hands to rest assured things will be ok if you ever worry too much.
    I, too have many highs where I was begging God to get me through it, if I could even recognize Him in some of them! They were truly experiences I will NEVER forget & will carry with me for the rest of my life. I didn’t know who I was during one of them. I became THAT detached. I was afraid I’d be stuck that way. But, as you’ve recognized & stated as well, we both kept going back. Justifying it could’ve just been that particular brand(which actually in some cases was true!) or that we’d smoked too much, it won’t happen again, or lightening won’t strike twice, et cetera. Classic addictive behavior. On that topic, I for one don’t like labels, as far as labeling myself an “addict”. I recognize I have this type of personality, but won’t let it rule my life in a negative way, like let it demean me. But I do understand until you(in general) make some serious changes, you will be destined to repeat such behavior, so it’s only logical to recognize this. I just don’t like the negative connotation associated with it; it’s a trait, not who we are. We’re not bad people. Just had some bad behaviors we needed to address & work on.
    Wow, just wow about what you suffered! many people have died from half of what you’ve gone through. You are a very strong person, Tom. I’m very glad you recognize what you can & can’t do while suffering from these pulmonary embolisms. It really is best you stay off of work or any strenuous activity. Especially stress. What you’ve described is so terribly frightening. I just can’t believe how painful it must’ve been! You are very strong. I just can’t believe you’re still here, I’ve never heard of anyone experiencing such an event & surviving, let alone being as active as you are right now. Once again, a testament to your willpower & strength. Man, your experience must be a wake-up call to many thinking this poison will not affect them. I’m praying for you & pulling for you. I know you’ve got it in you to beat this & succeed. You know, I feel similarly about how I quit. It wasn’t a choice anymore, I HAD to. If I wanted to live. And I DID want to live. I would’ve suffered more & intense brain damage if I’d continues/picked it up again. I LITERALLY RAN from it. Didn’t want to smell it, anything. I was terrified of it. Whatever it takes I guess.. It is sad it came to this but at least we’re smart enough to have learned from it & continue to, and tell our story & help others not to make the same mistake. Not to take life for granted now that we know how fleeting life is & can be. We definitely shouldn’t be embarrassed, there are many who ignored the warnings our bodies have given us, continued & now have either permanent brain damage or are not here today. It could’ve become awfully tragic awfully quick. God Bless you & stay strong!
    As far as being embarrassed, that’s a common theme we see with going through this ordeal. We’re embarrassed we didn’t know what we know now, that it’s poison, and/or that we didn’t stop sooner. This stuff was so new, we found out before doctors what this stuff does to people! Who knew we’d be educating them about this product & it’s side effects & health defects it causes. Some are downright unbelievable. Your story is an amazing one, what you’re body has gone through. I think we all know this poison had a role in your health going through this battle, if anything it attributed to it. I think you should honestly look into meditation, stress relieving techniques, scented candles or natural oils, alternative medicine & that way of living. Everyone would be good to research these things, it’s really a way of life. It’ll be much less stress on your body than the food & elements we expose ourselves to regularly without taking into consideration how healthy they are for us to be exposed to(like shampoo, sunscreen, lotions, etc., many have sulfates & chemicals we don’t need or want to have anywhere near our bodies, some/most of which can actually have an affect on our personalities & behavior, even!).
    You are doing AWESOME! The fact you stopped, especially after seeing how it had gotten you even after the hospital stay is great on your part! You could have & likely would have DIED had you hit that pipe again, it was poison your body could not take at that point & Thank GOD you’re smart & realized this & that being ALIVE is far more important. Not to mention extremely less PAINFUL!
    God Bless, Tom. Any help you need along the way, we’re here. There are some great people on these forums who will help immediately. We all care about you & want you to feel better & be ok. You go through many mental effects as well as physical. So it can be hard to deal with on top of everything else, so having this kind of a support system is great! We love you & want the best for you & your recovery. I’m praying for you & your health in particular. God Bless, and stay safe & take it suuuper easy! Much, much love 🙂 -Jessica

  247. I too, like many others, was looking for an alternative to real weed. I started smoking this stuff called black magic after I moved out of my parents house and moved in with my boyfriend in an apt. Unlike many, I had no issues with it for the first few months. I mean, I never preffered “black magic” over real weed, but never the less, was still a high. My boyfriend noticed I had become more and more irritable where usually like most weed heads am a very easy going person. I was in denial, and thought I was fine. He left me. I had cried myself into a dark depression and began constantly smoking “black magic” and other fake crap. I closed my blinds, locked my door and sat in my apartment by myself for long periods of time, unless I ran out. The business I worked for went under, so I lost my job. Here I was alone, jobless and sinking into a dark hole.. I decided to run to the store, pick up a bottle of wine and some fake pot to lift my spirits. After feeling pretty buzzed, I went to lay down.. I cannot even begin to explain next what I felt. First, I realized I was not asleep, but I couldn’t move. In my mind, I was being controlled by the devil. I saw things that the darkest mind could not even imagine. I felt powerless, weak, and I felt phyically sick. When I was finally able to move, I threw up for hours on end. This was 1 year ago. After quitting, I actively tried to convince others that did it to quit as well. I wouldn’t wish the feeling I had that night on my worst enemy. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones from this crap. I hope someone who is or wants to try this will read these stories and realize this is not a fun drug. Luckily, I have not had any long term effects that I know of.

  248. Dear George,
    As Martial Artists we have a code to live and demonstrate, a code of ethics, some refer to violence as the last resort or in direct self defense only. Many who study toward these goals of quality and example rarely if ever use physical contact to solve their inner and outer conflicts. In our Do Jang anyone using drugs would be shown the door, and I mean only once.
    These values are a direct reflection of your instructor, school, and on your Grand Master.

  249. Spicesux, I really appreciate your story man, it seems very similar to mine, the chest pains, fogginess/forgetfulness…the works! I appreciate most that you stopped because you realized what you have in your family, I pray that you continue to see this as a very negative and evil poison. If you ever do have a relapse (God forbid), please keep your dog close by, I think you are spot on in it’s ability to have that extra sense of nearing trouble to it’s master. Please keep us posted as I’m still battling myself and need to relate to people just like you. Keep it up brother!

  250. I was smoking about 2 1/2 grams a day, everyday, for about 7 months. When I started i thought ” oh cool! its legal and the shit really does get me high!” (since my job does random drug tests it was even better). Then about 3 months in i noticed i was craving it, and had an addiction to it. I kept telling myself “this will be the last bag” but i kept driving myself to the store to get some because i was afraid of running out. All of this is before i even knew there were withdrawal symptoms. I only briefly researched the product before trying it and mostly just to find out if it was untraceable or not. Little did i know i was in for one HELL of a ride! I decided to quit when I started feeling weird pains in my chest. I have a beautiful wife, and two gorgeous daughters, and could not chance my health for anything. ( Let me remind you, I did little research on the product, and thought if it was legal it must be ok). I was sitting at home on the weekend and just got done taking some hits, then went inside to watch tv when i noticed the pains. It really freaked me out especially because my dog was going crazy bouncing around, and would not leave my side, i swear he sensed something that day, I still think that if i didnt have one I was damn close to having a heart attack. So that day i through a half bag out the window and never looked back. That night, the withdrawals were horrible, I MEAN HORRIBLE! I had severe night sweats, frequent panic attacks, I couldnt catch my breath, I was vomiting, very dizzy and I couldnt shake it for anything. This lasted for about a week. After that week I started the long journey to where I am now. It started off bad: horrible memory, loss of words,(I graduated with honors, and could not even put together a sentence at one point), Still had some dizziness, and I would sweat profusely with little work. The heart pains would come and go, anxiety attacks, trouble focusing, and general cloudiness. I noticed to that it gradually got better. I now have my happy personality back. No word loss. seldom heart pains, anxiety attacks are rare. But I have noticed a pattern, mostly the spacey feelings happen whenever I accelerate my heart rate, I have a very physical job, which requires hard work and I mostly get these feelings when I am working hard or at a fast pace. Also could be the sweating. It feels like when you “stare off into space” constantly . but all of this is getting better just feeling weird and want it to stop completely

  251. hello, i am 15 years old. the first time i tried fake weed was when i was 14 years old. i never liked the stuff it was callled down to earth or dte,d2e etc.. but i never liked it but yet i kept doing it. i freaked out alot thought i had cancer, brain tremors and more. i have social phobia i dont know if its from this fake weed but i never had social phobia untill i tried this. i do smoke weed. but i wishi never did it ! it messes with peoples minds. i kinda still think i am dieing from it… but i am going to quit but its hard to quit sometimes because when i dont have or get weed i can get down to earth any second of the day. PLEASE DO NO TRY IT OR PLEASE STOP

  252. @GORDON In case you can’t find the link, here it is again:

    God Bless everyone, the link is a great song, if anyone’s interested or loves art, you may enjoy it as well. It’s called “Night Raga”, pretty much means Night music, or music best suitable for night. Something peaceful helps when going through this.. Stay strong all of you & Much Love to you all.

  253. @spicesux & @GORDON (@Tom H. I will be on here tomorrow & will write you 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’re back & doing better as far as quitting!!)
    @GORDON: I hope you’ve been well, if you want to talk away from here for support, go to the link I sent @POISONED and you can leave a message there. You may have to set up a YouTube account, but either way, let me know when you’ve sent a message & I can return it. My screenname is the same on YouTube as it is here, so if it’s possible to search someone that way, feel free to & then to send a message. God Bless you, sir!

    @spicesux Hi. I did go through the same experience, when you say you were certain you had AIDS or Cancer, I went through that, too. I was positive I was dying. I suffered from brain damage & was in & out of the hospital at the time so this didn’t help matters at all. But I want you to know I felt the same things. I felt like I was going to die 24/7 & thought of death constantly. This stuff is terrible for causing those feelings. Almost everyone I’ve talked to here has felt these feelings, plus the extremely rapid heartbeats & heart pain which play into the thoughts of death, too. Thinking that way makes your heartbeat more & hurt even more. Bad cycle.
    To get an idea of your withdrawels, how long did you smoke & how heavy? Since you had strong withdraw that tells me you smoked a good amount fairly often I’d assume for sure. Well, it took me about 3 months to figure out it for sure was getting better & I wasn’t gong to be stuck that way forever. I felt the most normalcy I’d ever felt since I started smoking this poison. I did get the same feelings you’re talking about, and honestly I still do. I get flashbacks sometimes, but I think it’s mainly because my last time smoking(and the last month of being psycho before stopping) caused me such trauma. I have flashbacks about how scared I was to die, mainly because the poison had taken my spiritual side away from me & I didn’t believe or think anything was on the other side, but I knew at the same time, but was terrified of what was going to come next. All this besides the physical intense pain. But besides that even I do have little flashbacks, like weird thoughts pop into my head. It may be because we had so many of these thoughts come into our heads during this that it stuck with us like a memory & that’s why we have these thoughts come back sometimes, like it’s a memory popping back into our head, a memory with intense feelings because it scares us maybe? I don’t want to sound too serious or down, I just want to be completely honest.
    Yes I do feel weird sometimes. I am actually I’m just now starting my 7th month of being sober off this crap. So we’re close in time as far as healing. Great job on quitting, seriously. Let me just say I’m extremely proud of you!! Seriously, awesome job. 🙂 Especially as hard as it was for you to do so. I commend you for that. I know how hard & draining it is on you & I’m glad this forum helped you, too. It definitely saved my life.
    You know, something that helped me a looot is getting prescribed anti-anxiety medication for just a short time. I only took it for about a month, if even, and when I stopped, I felt like I’d ‘snapped back’ into reality so much more. I think it helps our body & minds recuperate, helps take the edge off so we can take it much easier & our body & mind can help rebuild itself, part of what it’d lost while smoking this poison. If not anxiety meds, I know resting whenever possible, absolutel whenever possible can help SO much. This may help you, too. But to answer your question, I still don’t feel 100%, I’d say I feel about 95%. The missing 5% accounting for the occasional weird thoughts(although I can push them out now when I couldn’t before), occasional freezing up(anxiety’s a little worse than it was, still), but overall it’s so much better than before. I bet this will go away very soon. We should keep each other posted if anything every month or so, to let/see if the other’s improved fully or noticeably. I do feel great, though. Finding something that makes us happy can help fill the void of time which we may think of these random thoughts occasionally, so that our mind is occupied on something else, and the happy thing builds more endorphins* & serotonin. Maybe mind exercises, too can help? Like puzzles, studying things you enjoy – like I like watching documentaries or different news pieces that have a lot of facts, helping retain them can help our memory & build our brain more, which I bet would help us a lot in this regard.
    I want to help you find any closure you need, so if I can help any more than this, let me know, ok? You’re helping me as well, we’re both healing. I really appreciate it, too. If I can think of anything that may be helpful to you I’ll let you know, and if you can think of anything you need, like help or advice or even if you happen to need someone to talk to who’s been there, I’m here. God Bless you & Much, Much love to you, Be safe & stay strong as you have been! 🙂 -Jessica

  254. Well, it’s been a while since my last post, there may be a couple of you wondering if I succombed to this ridiculous drug (poison?) they call “legal weed”Spice”, whatever you want to call it, all I know that if you are not strong enough within nyourself, there is only ONE conclusion to this lifestyle, and it’s either death or a living hell until death. I had started this shit about a year ago, my story is pretty much been on display here and I’ve had some very good people that took the time to give me some help/advice, and I totally appreciate you all! I’m very embarrassed to say the least, but I need to share my experience with this stuff. Before I had ever tried this, I smoked real pot regularly, and it was becoming more and more difficult to do recreationally as I was being drug tested at my doctors office, which I am on pain management for neck and back injuries/surgeries, ect. and that’s the quickest way to get kicked out is to have illicit drugs in your system, while they are prescribing hard narcotics to combat my daily pain, and what I’m on, you just can’t come off cold turkey without welcoming death, it’s really that bad, so I had heard about this Spice stuff, but never really thought about trying it because I thought because it was legal, that it surely would be a watered down version of marijuana, and I wasn’t going to waste my money or lungs on something so synthetic, but one day I was at the corner gas station and seen the packs in the casing and thought, what the hell, it;s the weekend, football season was starting and I wanted to do what I always did with pot and mix it with the things I enjoyed the most, so I purchased it. Well that first time I tried it, I was blown away at how strong this stuff was, it wasn’t particularly a good feeling, but after the first several minutes, it became tolerable and had some nice things about it, that quickly changed as time went on, and through trial and many errors and getting some bags MUCH stronger than others, a year later and my opinion has changed dramatically! I bought this stuff called Charlie (as in Sheen) and it packed a wallop of a punch, that it got real scary at times, I had incidents where I swear it had some very supernatural effects, and I mean this in the most clear state of mind, there were times where it made a point to show me that there was something much bigger and sinnister behind this, I mean through the years I had tried everything, and strong drugs too, but never did I ever lose complet6e control over everything while using, I always had atleast one foot on the ground, so I’m not a newbie to hard psycodelic drugs (even though it was years ago), so with Charlie, I had to be careful because there were times I bit off way more than I could chew, one time it attacked my stomache in a very profound manner, I had to vomit a few times, usually I feel better like most people do after ridding your body of what ails you, but this night something had complete physical control over my body and I could feel my insides completely being manipulated by this “evil presence” (if you will), I looked down and seen my stomach moving by itself, my insides were being handled at will by something, I can’t exactly explain it other than something beyond this 3 demensional world was letting me know I was playing with a dark force and IT was in charge, it scared the hell out of me, and I can’t honestly say why I wasn’t scared enough to stop right then and there despite my cries to God to please get me through this, and swearing to myself that I would NEVER do this again, but the next day would come, and I’d be on myn porch dancing with the devil, now these (we’ll call it hard episodes) didn’t happen all the time, in fact, most of the stuff I bought was pretty mild and gave me a decent high, I suppose that’s what made me justify my stupidity to keep trying. As bad as these hard episodes were, there was this sick appeal that I had for it when I was straight, almost like venturing into this wicked world of trippiness, and the fact that I made it through them, I guess gave me the gumption to keep doing it, but I did NOT like not being in control of my body, I guess if someone were to get possessed by an unclean entity, this is what I guess it would be like….not fun at all. So anyways, I’m really ashamed I never heeded Jaseeka, Gordon or Tracy’s advise to run like hell away from this weed with the roots from hell! But I was again, justifying it by staying with the mild stuff, one time it gave me a very pleasurable high, and from there I thought it would only get me so high, that there was no chance of those hard episodes because it just wasn’t that strong, but I developed an immunity to the high, I simply wasn’t getting nothing out of it but a bad cough, so I went back and asked for the strong stuff, they said we have “Fairly Legal”, it was more expensive and only came in a gram or two….well, there was a reason for the price, this was the stronest stuff yet! It gave me those hard episodes everytime I did it, so I knew it was just too strong and mixed it with the milder stuff, well before I did that, I did have 4 or 5 “Hard episodes” that really was the scariest thing you could imagine, I felt like this thing had a strong grip around my neck and I was totally without free will during these times, and I would often ask myself if I will EVER be able to break myself from this, I have way too many other issues to deal with, this is the LAST thing I needed to add to my plate, and the thought of knowing how I am (addictive personality), well I just knew it was going to be the end of me unless something drastic happened……..and it did. I was at work a few weeks ago when I felt this unbelievable pain in my left leg, it got so bad that I noticed it was hard as a rock swollen, and even noticed a couple of veins on my shin that weere very profound, I knew something wasn’t right, but as much as I tried to get it out of my mind, the pain was just too much and I made the choice to leave work and go to the ER… it turns out, that was my saving grace because it was discovered that I had a blood clot in that leg, and after further test and catscans, it was also determined that I had 2 pulminary embolisms (1 in each lung), NOW I wonder how this happened, I’m 46yrs old and in pretty good shape, I’ve always played sports my whole life, so it didn’t get there from being a bump on a log, so I was immediately admitted, and was there until just yesterday, I am having to take all kinds of meds like blood thinners, and I failed to mention that am also type 2 Diabetic! Needless to say, I have to make some life altering decisions regarding my health, I can’t even go back to work for another 3 weeks as I’m told I could drop dead without the slightest warning, but to emphasize the power of this SHIT, when I got back home, I kept thinking about my “routine” and when the time was right, I slipped out onto my lanai and packed me a bowl and barely could muster taking in one hit when I realized everything that I just went through and flung that fucking pipe against the wall, got up off my chair and said No fucking way am I going to let you do this to me, I shot it a bird and went back in the house and sat there asking myself why in the world would I do that, was the high that good? Hell no, infact most of the time it was torture, but it’s amazing how the human brain works, many times in your favor, but sometimes downright against us! Well, I haven’t touched it since, nor do I crave it, I do not have any withdraws and wouldn’t care if I did as I am going to make the herculean effort to never smoke that shit again, will I succeed? Not sure, but if I don’t, one thing is certain, you will never see another post from me, as I probably would no longer exist, and for what? I’m sorry for the cursing, but I can’t help but show my emotions as I write this. I don’t think I’m like most of the people on here, most, sadly enough, are much younger, PLEASE read all these experiences and get out while you can, ’cause even if you survive this demon weed and live, there may be lifelong repercussions that are irreversable, and it may always be a part of your life whether smoking it or not! Again, thanks to those who reached out to me, especially Jaseeka, who’s description of her brain crackling like frying bacon really resonated with me, and Tracy, who’s husband’s story is very similar to mine, I hope he’s done with this too! God bless all of you, party on life because you will not like the alternative.

  255. I tried it just the other day….never again. dont try this stuff if you have deep seated conflict and issues. my story…
    I took 2 hits, really big hits, anyways instantly i started seein bright dots in my vision until i lost eyesight and just heard the music playing in the background, i panicked and m,y heart started beating faster and faster i thought i was having a heart attack, now i was really freaking out but the high was getting worse i started just seeing red and blue and fading out of conscieness i kept trying to snap out of it because i was scared but i could hear my friends saying “oh my god, hes about to fall off the chair ”
    than i felt myself fall out and my face smacked the something my heart was beating really fast and all i could see was bizarre flashing colors. i thought i was dying im like im dying i need help but i wasnt conscience enough to say it. than i blacked out i woke up and heard the door open and heard my friends freaking out saying call 911…saying is he dead?…i wanted to wake up and talk but i couldnt i started freaking out more i blacked out and woke up again and heard paramedics saying “hes going in to cardiac arrest” i heard them say “charge” and count down i guess it was a difribillator once they counted down i blacked out and opened my eyes i could see and i though the high was over i got up but when i did i couldnt go anywhere i would run to the door only to end up by the bathroom and black out and the memory kept happening over and over again like it wouldnt end….it felt like an eternity to the point where i wanted to kill myself to end it so i fough to get to the door and jumped over the balcony to kill myself….once that happened i totally blacked out but i didnt wake up…i was in darkness eternal darkness, i though i was dead in real life or hooked up to a machine brian dead and this was going to be for the rest of my life or my hell, than i just gave up….on everything like i dodnt care anymore i just wanted someone to unplug me kill me anything….after that my eyes opened and i was standing with 3 people holding me asking me if i was alright, they said i fell down 3 flight of stairs and jumped off the 2nd floor balcony.
    ever since that night i dont feel right anymore like i broke something inside of me…..

    thats my story of trying spice, and i will never do it again and you shouldnt either it really messes with you

  256. I am going to share my horror story in hopes to aid anyone, because I know that reading many of these has helped me IMMENSELY.

    I graduated high school this past May (2012) and during my time in high school I was highly involved with clubs, sports, as well as academically focused. The school that I went to had random drug tests, and I saw many people panicking on the day of the tests, so although I partied in high school, I decided to refrain from weed until after graduation. It never bothered me like when you think of peer pressure, because a lot of athletes chose to do the same, it just wasn’t worth the risk. Graduation rolled around and I hadn’t even thought about the opportunity to try marijuana. One night in early June, I was at a friends bonfire. Nothing crazy, just a small gathering. My best friend and I decided we would try smoking that night because it was the perfect time, a chill gathering and what not. We asked a guy who was so kind enough to give it to us for free. I had no nerves whatsoever, I pretty much expected to feel somewhat drunk? I didn’t really know too much of what to expect but many of my friends said being high was better than drunk. I wasn’t scared of getting caught or what it would feel like, I was ready to go! They pass around the blunt and I take a hit. I felt no different except I was uncontrollably coughing. I had heard that the first time you smoke you probably won’t get high so I was not surprised. it came around again and i took a really big hit. About 30 seconds later I just felt myself come back to reality. I couldn’t really talk i just said “woah” And my friend who was driving me home looked at me and smiled and i said “Is time really messed up when you’re high?” She shook her head yes and then no. When I tell this part to my friends they all say this is relatively normal, (since I had no prior experience and this basically messed up my view on weed) so as i am sitting there i start getting really fidgety and wanting to go home. I asked my friend please take me home please take me home, she was like yeah one second. So all of us head up to the cars and I am feeling weird time-wise but nothing horrible yet. So we get in the car and are waiting for the guy who gave us the “weed” to get in as well. Mind you, I completely trusted all these people I am with..I had been family friends for years so this was not some sketched out random guy. I had gone to school with them since Kindergarten. So we are in the car and I am STARING at my phone keep turning it on and off hoping time will move faster. I stared at the clock for what had seemed to be an hour, and not a minute would pass. I kept saying come on guys lets go i want to go home. My other friend in the car who was high kept laughing, and then the driver who did not smoke was just singing to the radio. “Drunk on YOu” by luke bryan was playing and i STILL get spooked when I hear it because it was going SOOO slow it was unbearable to listen to. So the guy who gave it to me gets in the car and they start to back out. I still don’t know if the following part is real or not, but we kept backing out, jerking the car stoping, and they would all just stare at me and smile. I felt like everyone was out to get me and I was about to cry saying “Please just drive!!” but they kept driving a foot, stopping the car and turning to look at me. As we INCH up this driveway I am panicking and can feel my heart feeling hot and beating so fast as if it is about to explode. We get to the tip of the driveway and for some reason all i can remember are the faces staring at me, the car in park, and really bright yellow street signs and at that moment I though I am dead. This CANNOT happen to you if you are alive. I was raised in a Catholic family and went to church and all but never really embraced it or anything if you know what I mean? Never took it too seriously as bad as that sounds. All of a sudden I knew I was dying and did not know what to do. The only thing I could think to do was pray. So i started just screaming that God would help this end. Praying and praying and during this I was hallucinating. When I though of hallucination, I thought of 21 Jump street stuff like melting ice cream cones and rainbows and happy bizarre things…and I also imagined that I would see the world as it is with just random additions. This was NOT the case. My eyes were open but I was seeing an ENTIRELY different world. I was seeing what i describe as like constant deja vu images that i just KNOW i have seen before at some point in my young life, whether it be in infancy or when my mom was pregnant with me. It is so hard to describe maybe someone else understands…Like one image I remember was a specific garage opening that i just know i have seen before… another was an image i swear was from a book I had when i was like one. I cannot describe they were all going so fast. The spookiest one that I specifically remember was like a soft yellow image surrounded by soft teal and purple nonsense that i just KNOW i used to see all the time. This was the one that made me think i saw it when i was tiny. I just cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it. BUt I saw it often. This whole thing is going to sound very religious but this is just how I was perceiving it all because I associate no other thing with death than religion. But I swear when I was like 3 I used to pray before bed and see these images as i fell asleep every night…But then I find it so bizarre so I jump back to the infancy/pregnancy theory. I know I am ranting about nothing but maybe someone out there will understand these images. So anyway I look down at my hands and they are blue and boney and veiny and bleeding in a praying position. All of a sudden after what seems like an ETERNITY of me SCREAMING just hoping I will be saved from this misery, I jolt up and see all my friends staring at me in the car saying “What the hell just happened?” “OMG WHAT IS GOING ON” Just making me just as confused. I looked at the clock and it was 2 minutes after I had just checked it. I sat in silence as they took me home no longer feeling any effects of the high. So i get out of the car not a word said and see my sister coming home from her night out as well. I remember her giving me a dirty look and then I went in after her. I ran straight upstairs into my bedroom. My other sister was sleeping there and I shoved her and made her wake up. I said to her “I just want to tell you I smoked weed tonight and something is wrong with me.” I felt okay at this point just panicky that it might happen again. So she was just asking me questions trying to call some of my friends asking what she should do. I remember taking all my clothes off and throwng them in the closet and starting to feel my heart beat and burn again. I am sitting in just underwear/sports bra and sit on my bed and just say its going to happen again.. ALl of a sudden I am back into the same whirlwind of images. This time I remember one specific image (although there were hundreds I am sure) and I was lying in a crib being lifted up by my mom as if I was a baby. I was then lying on the ground having my diaper changed with this same lamp we used to have on and that was it, it was pretty dark but just like a moment in my life. I felt so vulnerable. I thought in my head, wow i actually am dead. When they say your life flashes before your eyes this is what they mean. I was absolutely terrified so I kept screaming and praying. All of a sudden I woke up SOAKING wet (thinking I am sweating from a heart attack or something later to find out my dad splashed me with a bucket of water) and I see my parents standing over me. They were like “what is going on?” I just stared at them feeling fine again and embarrassed and said take me to the hospital. They said come on were going for a drive. I then thought okay..if this were real my parents would be calling an ambulance and taking me to the hospital, this is not real I am dead. As i read in an earlier post, it was like the devil would give you slips of hope and then rip them away and also like you were experiencing what was going on around you as you were dying. WE start driving back to my friends house and in my mind I thought I am going to go back to her backyard seeing my life flash before my eyes, see myself dead by the fire standing with my parents. I start going back into hallucinations again and wake up again to see my parents standing talking to my friends parents, me sitting in the back seat of the car, and my 3 sisters looking for the boy who gave it to me literally about to jump him or something. My older brother had experimented with drugs and was relaxed saying i did shrooms or something. So next we drive to the hospital and another episode occurs. We then walk into the hospital and they are questioning me. At this point by the way it is 1:17 because the song “Need you now” started playing and I am singing because it was a quarter after one and i thought this song would only play now if i were dead which sounds silly and it was i was giggling, it was the only happy moment of the night. So we get to the hospital and I trusted NO ONE. I thought all the doctors were trying to shut me up and kill me. I thought this was all a hallucination and I was really lying beside the bonfire dead and my friends all walking around me “doctors” wondering what to do with me. They fought with me for a good hour while i was saying weird observations about them and refusing the treatment (just a tranquilizer and an IV) and I just thought my parents were the most amazing people ever and I was in awe with them and thought this was my last moment before I die. I stopped the hallucinations and I recalled what I learned from Catholicism that there is purgatory before heaven and it is suffering so maybe that was purgatory? And the length of it relates to how bad you were in your life. So i must have been horrible because it seemed unending. Now I was so confused? Should I accept the treatment? WIll it mean relief or is it the easy way out and will I have to endure more suffering? SHould I reject it and suffer more or is the hard way better? I was so confused, asking the doctors their opinions and my parents. At this point I was just so utterly confused. AT about 4 AM the doctors decided I could go home. The entire walk out of the hospital and drive home I have absolutely NO recollection of whatsoever. I don’t remember going in my house or going to bed. I woke up the next day at 1 PM in my parents bed. It did not seem real. 2 of my friends visited me in the hospital wondering if I was okay, they came with the boy who gave it to me’s mom. Obviously in high school, word spreads like wildfire. I had so many friends calling asking if they could see me asking what happened. Several friends visited and I would just cry because I couldn’t explain what had happened. My parents were not mad, I told them the truth that no one pressured me, I had wanted to experiment I trusted everyone. I apparently was drug tested in the hospital and it came up with no trace of any drug in my system and he said it was synthetic. I began researching this stuff and found some similarities to my experience. For the following two months of summer I continues to have panic attacks. I felt that I was completely disconnected from myself, I felt as if nothing was real and it was all an illusion, i felt as if i was still dead and this was all just a trick to make me think I was begin saved and all of a sudden I would wake up and be dead again. I would start to breathe heavily and become dizzy, my heart would beat very fast and I felt completely out of body. It only happened when I was alone. One day i was working and it began to happen and my coworker looked really concerned and was trying to help me and kept feeling my forehead saying “you okay? you look really pale?” at this point i realized it wasn’t in my head. I looked up what it could be and found myself very similar to Panic Disorder, an anxiety disorder. Obviously, I could be hypochondriac, but none of this occurred until after i smoked the synthetic stuff, which by the way everyone else got the regular high and this guy still will not admit that it waas synthetic. I remembered learning in psychology (I am a psych major) that many people who have underlying schizophrenia and do LSD, it can bring the schiz. out earlier than it should have come out, but LSD cannot cause it. I thought maybe I had an underlying anxiety disorder, and this brought it out of me and maybe the chemicals in my brain as opposed to others brought out this horrible reaction and then caused the anxiety to come out of me. just a thought. I recently stumbled upon this website with my sister and her friend and started having another panic attack when i read the article. My sister and her friend started crying when I told them my story. I felt so much better reading it and then started reading all the above stories and have never felt so comforted to know that other people understand. I still get made fun of for it, I try to laugh it off I mean I don’t take any of them seriously and I don’t get my feelings hurt because of it. My name is emily and some people call me “The Exorcism of Emily *” with my last name. I kinda laugh but inside I know that this is NOTHING to joke about. This was literally the scariest thing I think you can endure. You truly could not understand unless you experience it. I wanted to die the entire time I just wanted it to be black and be done. I could not handle it. I recently left for college and have not been as affected by this anxiety. Not sure why? Maybe just being in a different setting? I cannot even describe how thankful I am to be alive right now. This is nothing to mess around with and should be banned. I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy, I would not wish this experience on anyone. Worst experience of my entire life but definitely taught me a lot and gained a new perspective on life. I kept telling my mom i had a near death experience and she kept saying no you didn’t you were with us the whole time? THose of you who can relate know otherwise..

  257. @jaseeka1986 and anyone else who has abused spice in the past and been clean for a long period of time.
    I too was a spice user and have been observing all of the posts for quite some time now. I have only posted once on another topic. I went through major withdrawals when coming off of spice. The immeadiate symtoms were a living hell and those subsided after about a week to two weeks. The after effects or “psychosis” is another story. At first (within the first couple of months) I was really freaked out, and thought i might have aids or cancer. And then I found all of these blogs with people having the same feelings or symptoms that I had, which was a little relief. But now I am just looking for some closure. I have been clean for almost 7 months and the psychosis is gone, and i am almost completely myself. Everyday though, I can tell that there is something definetly still there, and am wondering if you feel the same, it is like a faint lightheaded feeling, and i am at a loss of words when i get nervous(especially around new people or my bosses) more than before the spice use. So “jaseeka1986″, you said it took 3 months to feel normal again for you, do you still have the “flashbacks” if you would, or the weird feelings or thought processes like i do? Honestly? And I would love to hear from everyone else who is clean.

  258. I’m going to keep it short and sweet. take this how you may.
    I been smoking this stuff for about a year now and mainly everyday smoking 3grams in a couple of days. sometimes in a day if I’m at home on the weekend.


    I had dose last night.. worst trip ever! I’ve been close to death before with this stuff but last night took me to a other level. It has completely change me as a person. I will never go back. God loves you

  259. Honestly I never post on stuff like this but anyone who is smoking this crap needs to hear me out. Take it from me and understand that spice does nothing but make you addicted! I thought it’d never happen to me, I’ve smoked the real thing for years, had hardly any problems with quitting that. But after smoking this stuff daily for a year or so, I can say that quitting is easier said than done. I stopped a couple days ago due to the area I live in banning spice (something that should have been done FOREVER ago if you ask me), so I was forced to quit. I knew it wouldn’t be easy just because I’m so used to feeling that “high” these days that I knew it’d be hard without it.

    I have been using the real stuff to cope with withdrawals, and even that has next to no effect on me these days. I can hardly sleep at night, I feel anxiety (more than I normally do), I can feel my heart and breathing changing when I am in public and shit, this stuff is NOT cool! I’ve quit harder drugs in my life (including Oxycontin) but I must say this crap is dirty stuff, it’s not a good habit to pick up.

  260. @jaseeka1986 and anyone else who has abused spice in the past and been clean for a long period of time.

    I too was a spice user and have been observing all of the posts for quite some time now. I have only posted once on another topic. I went through major withdrawals when coming off of spice. The immeadiate symtoms were a living hell and those subsided after about a week to two weeks. The after effects or “psychosis” is another story. At first (within the first couple of months) I was really freaked out, and thought i might have aids or cancer. And then I found all of these blogs with people having the same feelings or symptoms that I had, which was a little relief. But now I am just looking for some closure. I have been clean for almost 7 months and the psychosis is gone, and i am almost completely myself. Everyday though, I can tell that there is something definetly still there, and am wondering if you feel the same, it is like a faint lightheaded feeling, and i am at a loss of words when i get nervous(especially around new people or my bosses) more than before the spice use. So “jaseeka1986”, you said it took 3 months to feel normal again for you, do you still have the “flashbacks” if you would, or the weird feelings or thought processes like i do? Honestly? And I would love to hear from everyone else who is clean.


  261. If we were supposed to be messin with it we would know all about it. We are not ancient sharmins and are not priviledged to there secret ways. Save your brain!!! Save your time!!!! And don’t listen to all the wacky ideas that WILL mess you up. Fill your time with beneficial activities.
    With concern,

  262. @Addiction Blog & @courtney When he said “Poppery” he meant “Potpourri”.. by which he meant Spice or any other brand it goes by.

  263. Hi Courtney. Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is an herb common to southern Mexico and Central and South America which activates the kappa opioid receptors in the brain. People who abuse Salvia generally experience hallucinations or “psychotomimetic” episodes (a transient experience that mimics a psychosis).

    I’m not sure what “poppery” is. Does it go by another name?

  264. @Jeff I’m SO happy you’re doing better!! I’m happy to hear about your appetite, the more it comes back the better you’ll feel because you’ll get energy from the food. Try to eat as healthy as possible. Garbage food(junk food, processed food, meat with hormones & anti-biotics, and any food with GMOs-genetically modified organisms) will only weigh your brain & body down, slowing the recovery process. Your attitude getting better is so good, great news. I know how negatively this impacts your thinking process, so you feeling better is welcome news. I, too, had the thoughts of death, it’s beautiful that you don’t have those thoughts anymore, those thoughts were the worst! I could’ve quit smoking cigarettes as well, I think the thought of death really help with making you quit, lol! But the reason I didn’t is because I was a bit on the insane side & was trying to attach myself to any normalcy or connection to my normal self as i could, weird I know, but I was trying anything I could to stay normal & not slip into madness. I passed up a great opportunity that you took! Great for you! 🙂 That’ll lengthen your life-expectancy so much & save you money & make quality of life SO much better. 🙂 As far as weed, I feel completely the same about it, it’s from mother Nature, Mother Earth. SHE knows what she’s doing! Man can mess up, so by sticking with only natural things you’re sure to be safe & have safe fun. If I could smoke I would be right now, but I get drug tested which is why I touched this poison in the first place. Hopefully they’ll legalize it soon so we can do it without worry & this poison will be completely off the market! That will save so many lives. Also, the high off marijuana is lessened when smoking this poison because the poison attaches, superglues, really, itself to your THC receptors rendering them less viable, so many need to know that while quitting & not use it as an excuse to keep smoking this poison. Since you’ve quit it seems you can feel pot better now, so that’s great. It will also help with attitude & appetite. 😉 Once again, I’m SO proud of you for quitting & doing so much better! 🙂 Keep up the admirable work. Get plenty of rest & exercise, or just be active, this will also help your recovery. Watch funny, happy things on TV & internet, this will help even more with the attitude. Surround yourself with trusting, loving family members & friends. This helps a lot. God Bless you, Jeff, and I know things will just get better & better for you since you’ve quit. You can love & enjoy happiness even more-so! 🙂 You’re an extremely valuable person, many people love & care for you. Much, much love to you, Jeff! -Jessica

  265. @Alex Yes! Stop now, that’s what made me stop, too. I almost died & DID suffer brain damage, you describe well how I felt when it happened. Funnily, I got an acquired chiari malformation, I say funnily because you saying it felt like you were “Sitting on your spine”, the trauma I sustained was at the base of my skull, at the top of my spine. It’s a malformation of the brain stem & affects your spinal fluid function. This will happen to you if you did continue, but honestly it may’ve already happened, given what you’ve just explained was much like what I felt when it happened to me. Did you hear crackling & thundering? It hurt SO bad, and I almost died. This was NO “bad trip”. Bad trips don’t cause intense, excruciating pain and cause you to almost die. I quit cold turkey after this because I wanted to live! I suffered from psychosis for months afterwards. I smoked since Winter of 2010 until March 4th, 2012, when this happened. Keep me/us posted on your progress, if you need any help at all on your feelings going through this, how to handle the detox/withdraw, or how to cope in any way, hit me up, just reference me in a post of yours & I will help you, Alex. I care about everyone & love everyone. I don’t want anyone to suffer, especially while alone. I suffered through it basically alone with the exception of this forum & with my boyfriend who was angry with me at the time because I’d gone crazy & do’t stupid things.. He didn’t know it was the incense causing this behavior, which he should have! He knows me better than anyone. So practically alone I faced this tough, tough experience. But it gets SO much better, Alex. I can now walk, talk & think. 🙂 I can think objectively, perform my job as I used to, which honestly, this is the first time I’ve been sober from this poison at my job. I was smoking it when I got this job in July of 2011. You’re going to feel better & better. Watch funny/good, uplifting things on TV & the internet. Eat healthy, follow the AyurVedic diet(look it up, it’s incredible), get plenty of rest & try to stay active. All these things will dramatically influence you recovery time in a positive manner! I will get more into detail on how to improve & detox through this if you want me to, ok? I know this stuff zaps your energy, but as long as you know it’s just withdraw, you’ll know this means it will get better! The stuff will eventually be out of your system completely so this means you’ll feel SO much better. Your normal self again. You’re right, this stuff is no laughing matter, you will either get brain damage go insane or die. I suffered from the the first two: brain damage & insanity, so I know how to help others going through it. And I will always be here for anyone who needs it. God Bless, Alex. Much, much love to you! 🙂 -Jessica

  266. Oh geeze, where to start? I started smoking this stuff back at the end of 2009- current. The spice from 2009-2010 wasn’t that bad. But the legal that was produced from the end of 2010-2012 Is a soul taking death trip.
    Every time that I smoke I start to get paranoid and then I feel like the devil or something else is watching me. I feel that there is multiple people that I am talking to simultaneously in my head. I play call of duty 4 team death match when I’m on this…. I like it cause I’m an “Unknown soldier”. Its hard to explain but it’s fighting for your life and is pretty much war. Every game that I play is very intense and war like, even the other players get stressed out. I think I don’t have much of my soul left because of this. I think this product either communicates with God: Not liking that you are doing this, Demons, and or aliens. THIS MAKES YOU FREAK OUT! You will only know and understand the spiritual world once you try this. It makes me mad because when I try to talk to people they just think I’m crazy. I think they should make a movie or documentry about this to show people how bad it is. It would honestly probably be rated R. I hate this feeling, but I find myself going back to it and I hate IT! I need people that will talk to me about it, so If you see this and have experience the spiritual realm… message me.

  267. Yeah hell was a weird experience of all things the worst place to be, mabey I was tripin balls or I did die and went to hell…if I di either it was a vision from up above or just me tripin out of all the drugs ive ever used shrooms/acid/xtc weed/DXM/pills/booz/wine/ never had that type of vision and feeling..! never again will I mess with “poppery” is stupid imature and makes you FREAK out, I am however gonna try some 100x salvia and see how that gos :]I know I will be more use to a bad trip it just depends on how your feeling at the time well the problem with the “poppery” was 1 “I was in a parking lot in a car” 2 “I thought somone was gonna notice and call the cops” 3 “I am on drug court so yeah all that got the best of me lol. But I HAVE smoked salvia before but only 70x strong kind really dident even do anything but make the room tilt for a good 5 seconds wasent like “scary” or anything it was just funny like shrooms I dont need to take a ton of shrooms to have a good time half a 8th is good for me makes me laugh and giggle have a damn good time with my friends on that was so damn fun :]

  268. @Jaseeka1986 thanks for caring and the advice.Things are getting a lot better my appetite is starting coming back more and more each day. my attitude and mood is starting to improve a lot. my thoughts of death has completely stopped. i quit smoking cigaratts to. i still smoke weed every now and then and i feel that my high on weed is completely different and intense. but anyway thank you:)

  269. I have been smoking this stuff since it has came out the stuff at the store in my town is called gold rush, cyclone2, the mix, I<3 strawberry and watermelon they are all pretty much the same you take a hoot and you feel like your in another world.. Me n my friends smoke this every day and sometimes we see the odd person do it and fall over and black out, it's very common for people to black out and see they're life flash in front of them I've seen it too many times, anyways recently when I've done it my brain starts to burn and feel really how then it feels like I'm sitting on my spine and it's all I can feel it feels as if you are getting brain damage. It's not fun and I just stopped doing it because of these pains I get now, it's all fun and games until u get brain damage

  270. Hi my name is Ingrid my boyfriend has been smoking this herbal insence nd he cant stop buyin it its been makin him vomit terabally wit blood in it meenin his vomit hes became violent vervally too he has became addicted to this shit nd its has ruined my relationship

  271. Hello again, folks! Day 21 on my road to recovery, and I gotta say, the light at the end of the tunnel just keeps getting brighter. Roughly three days ago, I went to a local clinic to see about the last remainder of my symptoms, and to just generally see how I’m recovering. I ended up educating the doctor as to the dangers and availability of the synthetic blends in my area. Needless to say, the medical community has not been prepared for this. I walked out knowing exactly as much as I went in knowing. Which is to say, my symptoms were caused from withdrawal and that I should eat healthily, exercise, and take in lots of fluids. Since my last post here I’ve given up cigarettes and caffeine, which has lengthened my withdrawal process (breaking multiple addictions at once).

    Anyhow, all, just know I’m rootin’ for you and yours to break out of this addiction. There is hope, all is not lost.

  272. Hi Jermaine. It must be scary to go through hallucinations like the one that you describe. Can you see a doctor to have a check-up and possibly get a referral to a psychiatrist or neurologist?

  273. thanks addiction blog. I don’t know yet if my sister is anywhere near being ready for rehab. And I feel like it would be hard to convince my family to do one. But it’s good to know there are resources when/if she does get to the point of wanting to do that. I think this stuff is messing up her head to the point she doesn’t even realize it’s bad for her. Either that or she’s so addicted that she’s not willing to make an admission that would threaten her ability to stay with the addiction.

    A friend of mine, who is in recovery himself (not from this particular substance) told me that even when it’s your loved one who’s an addict you still have to take it “one day at a time.” That’s what I’m doing now. There’s only so much power I have. My sister is the one who has the power to end her addiction, not me, and I’ve let her know that I would be 1000% supportive of her should she choose to do so.

  274. I have had more then a few out of body trips from this, and i have been doing it heavily since jan. 2012… i know its done alot to me, i cant focus on one thing for more then a few minutes, i forget things, i go crazy without it, i go crazy with it, i spent every dime i could on it and nothing else. I put it before the girl I love, my family, and my friends. The only friends i had were the ones that smoked weed. I have planned on going in the army ever since i was a kid, and now im 17 and i dont even have confidence in myself to go in anymore. i have been with the same girl for 2 years and we planned on getting married before i left for the army, but now im stuck not knowing what to do. i know i have to quit, and i am also addicted to dip, which is not bad, and if i have got a can of snuff ill be alright. theres way to many things i have lost from this and i couldnt feel like a bigger numbskull. this needs to get off the market as soon as possible, in every way. every company needs shut down and it does not need to be on the earth. its made to mess up lives and i dont see why someone would want to do it in the first place. i dont know why i did it, coming from addict parents and alcoholic parents, i am a foster child and i know what it can do to you. i still did it and i got addicted. if you are addicted find help, and if you havent done it dont. it will mess with you, that is for sure. i promise you that.


  276. DearDobber,
    Try to accept that yesterday is gone. Today do your best, tommorow do your best. Looking back with regrets and allowing them to keep you down is the first thing to let go. Let me know how your doing.

  277. Dear Jessika1986,
    I humbled by your comments.
    I am now 63 and again going thru a tough time dealing with my health, I will be fine. It has been said to me many times you don’t know what it’s like or you haven’t been here. I have had a tough life, the effects of physicall and mental abuse as a child and teenager unable to escape, no-one to turn to through those years, robs us of many things. Seeking love and acception can take us to equally damaging places and regret.
    As you very well know it’s the personall aceptance of a lot of things that is the first step, this is very painfull and may even increase the methods of others to keep us down.Taking action is next and needed to keep on. If it weren’t for my faith in God, our Lord on earth and knowing he is with me by his Grace and strength, I had gotten to weak to change my life. During difficult times I have learned how to look in the Bible and to see how others were giuded through these same things, pretty cool.. As you travel thru life and find certain things or comments to really hit you, in my expierience by the grace of God, most times I can step back and look from the outside in. The Persistance of this from people who consictintly, consciently or not, doal this out for manipulation or intimadation as a mean of controll are the ones we must keep away from. Learning to deal with this is essential, however like “PTSD” some things bring back those memories. Even after ridding myself of these harmful substances for decades, have had many other succsesses, and am thought well of, my family still continues the same treatment. Years ago for myself, wife and especially my son I stated what this is and has effected me, met by more I had to say Goodbye to them. I have heard from some, not understanding what the continuation of this indoctration has infected their very own children. Stateing how hard it is to call me and accepting no part in this dysfuntion I am asked to reach out to these abused kids and help them. It has been my pain and hardships that enables me. Please trust in your faith, life can be rewarding, bring you everything you dream of, Joy beyond description, but it is not always on our own schedule. Life is full of tests many very hard, that are there to help us grow, relay on your knowledge, seek out wisdom.

  278. Dear Alicia,
    I’ve been thinking about you and your family. I hope that your husband has been able to see thru this intoxication and searched for the way out. Even with all the love in our hearts sometimes we can’t conquer all. I will continue to pray for you and your family and as I have, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit

  279. in my experience with spice i had some 20x and was at a party with alot of my close friends. One of my friends and i went out back to smoke some of this spice. it was only my second time with spice, i normally would do the real stuff, but i wanted to try it for a second time. we had a waterfall (watty) or also referred to as a gravity bong, and a 1/4 inch bit for it. we had a torch too, we were gonna burn it all and get the most out of it as possible. after 1 huge hit that i barely cleared and i held it and held it for about 30 seconds. i exhaled only to find my self as high as i would be after hitting a bong for 7 good hits. i then only remember feeling higher and higher and couldnt stop, my vision started to fade like the static from losing connection. my brother who just showed up to the party came over and knew right away something was very wrong. my friend and my brother told me that they had carried me into the house and put me on a couch in a separate room. i was hilucinating in my head, i could see myself melting like a wax candle and the devil and demons running around my body and trying to rip me apart. while this was going on, they said i was unconcious and was barely breathing with a deathly look on my face. i only remember the terrify point in which i felt myself being ripped apart and fighting for my life . my brother’s gf was dialing 911 right as i regained consciousness and felt my body in horrible pain, and my head. i had thrown up while being unconscious and had a erratic flexing fit, where my body locked up for 2 minutes before i went unconscious. i can not stress enough how close to death i felt inside, it scared me so bad. this is not something to mess with. everyone at that party freaked out when they were told and showed what happened. My other brother had caught my flexing fit and me going unconscious on his iphone. it is horrific and being that close to death is the scariest thing in the world. please dont even consider this as an alternative, because it has the capability to kill you.

  280. My boyfriend and i have been to hell and back as a result of this and we are still trying to recover from what seems to be a never ending trip to hell. And the everyday struggle that goes along with it. We spent alot of money on it. I could have had a better car or a car by now. But no all our money had to go on getting high.

  281. Forgot to mention that ive gotten sick from smoking spice and a couple times i thought i was gonna die. When i dont have any i feel depressed and irritated and pissed off. Also i cant eat that much when i dont have any which is messed up cuz i love food.

  282. I started smoking synthetic marijuana about two years ago because i had to take ua’s. I found myself getting more hooked when i realized i was spending most of or all of my money on that didnt last long at all. I was pawning my stuff so i could get high. I lost my apartment, my car, and i feel like my life!! Ive never thought about taking myself from this earth since i been heavily on it. I feel more out of control than ever! Its been only twenty four hours or so since i had any. I kinda feel like crap. This sucks. I hope things will get better soon.And it kinda scares me that you can overdose or even die from that.I’ve always been a weed smoker but i can honestly say that this fake is way addictive because of the chemicals that are sprayed onto that and i dont even know what the f im smokin. Plus around here it costs too much for everyday use. At least i will save money from not buying it! And i hope to get my own place back. I thought mean green was the bomb but no its not. So far it has messed my life up. I think spice is the devils drug.

  283. Hi moon puppy. Yes, I agree with you on these points:

    a.) Rehab centers are unprepared for this particular drug.

    Doctors, psychiatrists, counselors and toxicologists do not yet understand the long term damage synthetics can have on the brain, nervous system, and the body. Research is at its infancy in terms of how synthetic weed/Spice/K2 affects humans.

    b.) Wouldn’t it be nice if rehab were affordable and readily available to people who would use it if they had the option?

    Try searching the SAMHSA treatment locator directory for a sliding scale fee treatment center near you. Some organizations have a pay-to-scale plan according to your income. But if your sister does not want to go to treatment, you’ll have to consider organizing an intervention…or waiting until she is tired enough (or in enough pain) to change.

  284. My sister is highly addicted to this stuff. She might as well be on crack or meth the way she’s acting and the choices she’s making. She’s been smoking it for a year, and smoking multiple times daily probably for several months (it’s hard to know exactly because she tries to hide it from me how much she is smoking).

    I actually smoked it on multiple occasions myself, and I feel very lucky that I did not get hooked. Probably the only thing that saved me from it was the fact that I used to be a pothead, and for over a year was high on marijuana basically every waking moment except for a week or two once or twice a month to save money.

    So after deciding this was obviously an addiction, I gave myself an “only once every two months” rule for smoking. It was around this time my sister introduced me to synthetic. If I didn’t have the rule of only getting weed/synthetic once every two months, I would probably be a synthetic addict myself.

    Right now I’m sober from everything (except caffeine, which I’d like to quit as well!) and it feels much better.

    Like Jaseeka1986 above said, my sister does not even realize that the symptoms she’s having are from the synthetic use. She blames it all on fibromyalgia. She’s lost 30 pounds in less than two months. Her memory is horrible. She crashes and burns. She was neglecting and endangering her child without even realizing her choices were not normal (like taking your child in her carseat in the middle of the night to party for hours while the child sleeps in the backseat, just for example).

    I’ve always thought my sister was a good mom. Even for months of her using this stuff, before I realized how bad it was, it seemed like she was at least caring for her child. This last time I visited things had gone downhill 1000%. I had to talk to my aunt (who raised us) about all of this so that I could make sure that my niece was safe and taken care of. My aunt even called CPS on her. These are things I never imagined for my sister. She has a Ph.D. She is very caring and loving normally. Now she isn’t speaking to me because she blames me for CPS being called.

    I can bare her being angry, but it is difficult not feeling like I have any power to change the situation. My niece’s father at least is also concerned (he does not live wit her now, but did live with her for awhile and saw her smoking that stuff all the time) but I don’t think he really realizes how bad it is.

    In fact I was in denial myself for a long time. Denial is not just something an addict experiences, but also something friends and family of an addict experience about their loved one. It is hard to believe that someone you love could be so self-destructive or make such horrible parenting choices.

    I believe my sister has done lasting damage to herself. I hope she quits, but she will not even entertain the idea that there is a problem. I cannot make her have her lightbulb moment.

    Also–I really think a.) rehab centers are unprepared for this particular drug. they need to be required to read this forum! 😉 and b.) wouldn’t it be nice if rehab were affordable and readily available to people who would use it if they had the option? I talked to an addiction counselor today because I was so stressed out with worry about my sister, and the center where he works costs $12,000 minimum. That’s ridiculous. Obviously there are cheaper options, but not enough and the free ones are probably really not very good quality plus there’s a months-long waiting list.

  285. Ive smoked it for about a year off and on, it wasnt anything like some good ole green. about a week ago i got some new ish, cuz they change the laws here and there so they change names and diff ingredients when that time comes when its illegal, it changes names again etc, well anyways, tried some new :ish: … waited til it was late nite to relax, and took literally 3 hits off a pipe…You know that feeling when you did something, you know you shouldnt have….and start thinking…OH FUCK…well that feeling is what i had a week ago, I sat down and relaxed watched some t.v…then i started feeling heavy, and my heart rate went up..alot..when i went to get up, i realized my vision was messed up…like TRIPPING on shrooms/ecstacy messed up…i was like wtf…i got to a point i called my brother over and over..and when i decided to leave a message i couldnt speak…only whisper…i started to trip harder and got to a point i almost dialed 911, my heart rate was at ” i just ran from a cop and got away” levels…after a good 30 minutes of feeling i was going to die..i started to stabalize..then..threw up..alot….”taco bell gone bad alot”…well…i passed out right after..nasty….and next day hangover headache head thumping…ill never smoke that ever when i think about what literaly turns my stomach.

  286. Oh btw I talked to my brother about what happned 2 days ago..he told me what I just described to him was the exact words in the bible that describes hell, And I have never read the bible…scary shit? I tihnk so.

    If there is a hell then that must be Hell I cant even explain how much horrible violently gore filled thoughts and feelings it was for me. if God is real I would have to let everyone know from my own experience this was not a good place and is not a way to live life eternal…

  287. my bf loves this stuff he goes threw 11 grams in 2/3 days an by the forth day he is looking for dubies…idk what to do about it..i have asked him to night we were together an he smoked some he coulld not even open his eyes, talk to me or even understand what i was saying… he dnt understand that he needs to stop smoking this stuff not only does he smoke kush he smokes all the different kinds like blueberry, mango, pineapple, grape, green apple, original, all in kush he also smokes the red, green, yellow and blue bags of klimax both bags are 11 grams and he goes threw it in 2/3 days, were are currently not together at the moment… after getting addicted to this stuff he started putting his hands on me alot..idk if its because of the kush or he is just changing b4 my eyes.., but i do suggest that everyone stop smoking that stuff!!! please!!!

  288. Hi you can call me Flame, I use to smoke alot of spice and never get to bad of highs from it cus well I was a drug addict, I couldent get ahold of the real cus all the cops around my town were bustin all my hook ups for the real stuff then I turn to spice “popery” its not a incense if you light that crap on fire to burn in your room it would most likley turn your whole family into zombies have them kill eachother hah. Seriously I have been clean off ALL drugs for 9 months goin to celibrate recovery yesterday a dude outside of chuch when I got off chuch was smokin a rolly I asked for a hit and took a deep breath in and held it “I smoke cigs like this” then tasted that spice in it blew it out and was like dude is this a cig? “haha no man thats spice enjoy it” fuuu you know? havent smoked for 9months this is really messed and of all things smokin infront of gods chuch hah. anyways started my way home I was home alone couldent even cross the damn streat right got inside the house was tripin out thinkin people were watching me went downstairs turned on the pc im on facebook..ok this is good everythings good I dont have to worry..ok ok BAM! “your computer has a virus” WHAT!? ok so anyways I freaked out about my computer and couldent handle it so I unpluged it from the wall layed down on the coutch and I think I died for about 10mins cus I couldent breath and my heart stoped and I was in hell for about a good gut wrenching gore filled 10mins mabey 30 I cant remember it felt like a long time and was the worst fealing somone could ever have imagine being in hell have your insides grinding out of your mouth over and over again no stoping is just a repeditive death and all you can hear is “you died and now your in hell for eternity” Ok so I really think I did die and go to hell cus I am not a very good person hah. But for some reason after about 30minutes of hell for myself and ever living scared the piss out of me I was able to see the light then 20minutes into looking into the light figured out I was looking at my window from the couch I was laying on so I was aive again…I dont think I actuley triped out or I died for a bit and went to hell but I am 100% sure I was in hell and it had to do with my death..anyways it took some balls to say this so yeah hah. Thanks.

  289. HI my name is cody and i have been smoking spice for about a year now. the first time i smoked i had a bad trip where the whole world was spinning like i was being pushed around and around in a office chair then forced to walk. the paintings on the walls came to life and without warning i puked. down on all four i looked into my puke pile and i saw the devils face. i yelled “f*** you” and used my hand to spread the puke into the carpet. after a 30 mins shower and begging god for my life. i then walked to my room slept for about 8 hours and i woke up high! i just chalked it up to a bad trip and me and my friends keep on smoking for about a year and we tell the joke about my “first time trip” now after all most a year without any problems, i have been experiencing heart rates ranging from 120 to 150 and my bp is in the 140-160/100-110 range (as stated above) iv tryed to slowly come off and even have used weed to help ease off but im still struggling with the come down. please if your reading this and have thought about trying spice, K2, what ever, just DONT! it will mess you up.

  290. im stoned on spice right now, only because the heads who make the rules we have to live by, won’t legalize weed 🙁 ive been smoking weed for like 8 years now, and the only problem i’ve ever had is cloudy thinking the next day for the first half of the morning, and stress when i run out, i’ve tried qutting pot a few times mainly because i feel i get too lazy when i smoke weed.. about 2 years ago i was up north in the mines, and the entire time i was up there, i was smoking a blend of spice called puff (because of stupid drug tests, i needed something to wind down a 12 hour day of work) it wasnt very intense at all.. but it was super addictive, i used to buy a massive tin that cost me 250 dollars every 2 weeks, i was earning enough cash so it wasn’t a problem, but if by any chance i couldnt get any, and for the 2 weeks i was away without it, it was hell.. id be up all night, not being able to sleep and i’d get really moody and angry at everyone. once again im going back up north, anyway… i was on that for like 9 months, then quit my job and quit the spice, got a normal 9-5 job and got back on the all natural M.J, things were great.. but now i’ve been offered another job up north, so ive had to quit weed again, and the withdrawl symptoms have been hectic.. nausia and headaches and gut aches that wont go away.. so i decided to try a new blend of spice, its called blue diablo, apparently its a popular buy from a headshop that just opened up in my town, the first thing i noticed when i smoked it was a weird sensation of my throat closing up, and breathing was hard, followed by an intense high that got my heart racing for a good 10 minutes, then followed by a nice soothing stoned feeling.. it is really enjoyable, and feels just like real weed. but i have learnt my lesson from the PUFF crap i used to smoke, so i am only going to be smoking this stuff til the bags empty, then i’m gonna just give up getting high all together….i’ll still try sneak in some MJ here and there, but i guess the best thing to do is to just find happiness elsewhere, rid the need of “getting high” but yeah, if theres any australian government officials reading into this forum, please…legalize pot.. you assholes are just killing innocent people banning a natural substance, and introducing synthetic alternatives that KILL.

  291. I had to quit smoking. I went to buy some spice for the first time yesterday. I didn’t really know how I would fee. I will never again buy this stuff and I hope they do ban it from being sold. I don’t see how weed is illegal and this crap isn’t. Weed makes me happy and all sorts of good stuff. .spice made me feel like I had no reason to be alive. As if I’m worthless. I wanted to hurt myself and just cry for no reason. Nobody should have to go thru any of this bulls*** . How can something so deadly be sold worldwide and nothing be done about it. All the things that have happened and still everywhere I go the smoke shops sell it.

  292. Hello again, all. Just a quick update on my time of sobriety. Symptoms mostly gone, occasional pains are all that remain.

  293. January 29, 2012
    My new years resolution for 2012 was to party hard. Recently I have given up my values of no drinking or drugs, and so tonight was just one of those nights. I was going to chill with my girl Ana and smoke a bowl. Little did I know that this action would influence the rest of my life. We were in the bathroom when she asked if I had ever smoked k2. I don’t know much about weed so I answered no and she said it was cool cuz the high only lasted about 45 minutes and doesn’t leave traces in your system. I was willing to give it a shot. It was completely normal while we were taking hits on the pipe. I only took about 3 and we decided to go watch a movie. The first few seconds into the movie I started tripping balls. I remember the guy had a tattoo of 4 lines on his arm, and then I remember being in the bathroom. How I got there I don’t recall. As I looked in the mirror I realized I was no longer in my right mind. At first I pretty much saw my shadow but it was swirling gray and black, everything in the background of the bathroom was completely normal it was only myself that was strange in the picture. I turned to face my friend who followed me to the bathroom, and as I looked at her I could still see all the details of the room and her speaking to me but everything was moving like your reflection in a funhouse mirror. I kept turning back to the mirror and back to her looking for answers and she just kept saying calm down. It felt as if I was reliving that moment for eternity. I would turn to her and say dude im tripping out, and everything would be like tunnel vision. There were a thousand of her behind her. My mind was in a panic and I could feel my body and heart racing. Then I would look back in the mirror then to her. It felt as if I was reliving that moment for eternity and this would be my life from now on. I was like a skipping cd that kept playing one part. If this was my life I no longer wanted any part of it. I kept trying to close my eyes and open them as if waking up from a dream except that wouldn’t work I kept waking up in that reality. So then I tried to evoke feeling to see if I was really awake. I remember looking to the mirror to comfirm my exsistance and I saw my reflection stick my hands inside my mouth and tear the flesh completely off my skull, like unzipped an outfit. My friend(who also smoked but was having a “weed-like” high) said we should get some fresh air and so we went to sit outside. I got lost in trance looking at the stairwell focused right in front of me. I could still hear my friend talking but I could not quit looking at the vortex. Again it was the only thing spinning while the other surroundings stay normal and still. And my vision had a weird glow on the outside of the picture. Like a television screen with the inner perimeter of the screen with a glowing border. She potisioned herself on the strairwell to try to keep me from tripping out worst but wouldnt you guess it made it worst. I saw her as physically as myself at age 5 but she had her voice and wisdom. She came to sit by me instead and kept touching my back. This helped for awhile because I had some grasp on the outside world through sense of feel. I remember telling her that she was my angel guiding me to the lights of heaven. I presumed myself as dead already and she walking me through my last moments of life. I didn’t see everything flash before my eyes but I felt great loss knowing this would be my last time in this world with those I love in it. She kept telling me I was alive and I thought the only way id know this would be to call my boyfriend who loves science and has researched hallucinations before. He didn’t answer which is very unlikely so I left him a recording of me describing what I felt like to ana. I then proceeded to text him. “I need you now wake me up! I’m tripping balls. Need help.” I then thought it was silly to text him because I was obviously dead so he’d never receive them. I then went inside to try to get some food in my system. In the most savage way I reached my hand into the cheez it box and shoved as much food in one bite I could get. I don’t eat like this normally so I went back to the assumption this wasn’t reality and spit the food everywhere. I saw my friend in the kitchen and had déjà vu back to a time when I had a nightmare about her trying to kill me with a knife. This is the exact frame that dream started in, her reaching into the skin. In fear, I bolted for the door and called the police. I ran up prince road with my friend trailing behind. I was scared of her and of everything going on so the only thought running through my head was how to get out of this dream? I either had to find my dead body so I may move on to the afterlife, or I have to die. I looked at oncoming cars and figured that may work. The police were still on the phone and kept me from doing that by sending a spotlight helicopter to find me. I just remember thinking “this would never fucking happen in real life”. Once I stepped in the spotlight the dispatcher on the phone with me said that they found the target. I was then sat down by a bunch of policemen to be evaluated. They took me on a stretcher into an ambulance. This is the part where I really lost it. While in the ambulance I could see out the window and we kept making the continuous circle past a sign that said “drivetime” and the background was starry like we were driving through space. We kept doing the same turn over and over again. In the ambulance the doctor was talking to me keeping real time. So I was literally experience both present time and the past (going through continuous loop past the sign in space) at the same time. I was experiencing both dimensions. I kept asking the doctor which position I was sitting in so that I could confirm that all this was really happening. I could see myself sitting up, and he told me I was. This proved to me everything was actually happening but in my mind it all felt like all a dream. The best way I can concoct to describe how I felt this whole trip was supernatural. It was like being possessed, having an out of body experience, déjà vu, being a ghost, alternate universes, not existing, nirvana, and every other profound experience you don’t have unless your usually dead or dieing, all at one time; as well as living in the past, present, and future in one fluid realm. I would never wish this experience on anybody, and I know I will never see the world the same again. I woke up this morning and felt completely empty. No feelings, no purpose, nothing. Like I am a ghost wandering in a world I no longer am I part of. A part of me honestly died that night. It was both the most horrifying and in a strange way profound experience I have ever had. And here’s the kicker, everything that happened in my trip (beside the swirling vortex’s and shadow in the very beginning) actually happened. I asked my friend the next day to tell me what happened that night from her point of view and all the events were the same. And as freaked out as I was in my head while all this was happened, apparently when I talked to her I was completely calm. Even the voicemail I left for my boyfriend I was calm. I knew in my mind I was on a bad trip, and I also didn’t know how to stop it or embrace it. This all just goes to show you that our mind is so much more powerful then we could ever experience in our normal life. There is a reason we only use a small part of our brain, because if we used all of it we could not handle this world. I had convinced myself that I was dead, and if it wasn’t for my friend being there with me I would have been.

    I was released from the hospital hours after I got there and told there are not any long term effects associated with this drug. I took this for granted and did ecstasy about a month later. Nothing bad happened when I took it, but a few weeks later I had relapses of my hallucinations of thinking I was dead. I would be sitting at home watching tv, and then I would imagine the walls crumbling and me being in another universe. I know longer had any sense of reality. They became more and more frequent until I could no longer be a part of this world, I would freak out in my home and at work. I confided in a co-worker and went to the hospital. I was then sent to a mental institution for a few days and put on anti-psychicotics. I was told I had “temporary drug-induced psychosis”. The pills they had prescribed me made the thoughts go away, but did more bad then good. I devolped a phobia of sleeping or ever being unconscious. And while on the pills I was practically a vegetable with no thoughts or feelings. I decided I couldn’t live my life this way and I stopped taking them. At first the hallucinations came back, but over time they have started to become less frequent. It has been about 7 months now and I still have problems but I am slowly learning to cope. I am only 20 years old and although I am less severe now, I still deal with the aftereffects. I still don’t really know what reality truly is, and I get lost in my own life. I had dreams of a bright future and family and now I don’t know if I can have those things. Please take it from me, it only takes once. Don’t ruin our future to try to fit in, or see what its like, or have one good night. Its not worth it. I hope that this helps someone out there so that my mistakes will not be those of others as well.

  294. @ Gordon Thank you so much for the inspirational words. We seem to think alike on this front. I once had a younger person on one of these forums call me an angel & said I’d save him from or at the very least postponed his suicide. He then talked to me a couple times after this & was doing SO much better than the first time we’d talked. If that’s the only thing I do, like you said, I know I’ve helped someone & can be happy. I appreciate how centered you are & am trying to work on this. This stuff has affected me & I say things I would’ve usually kept in my head before, but it’s getting better slowly, so once again, thank you for helping people & being there for everyone, you are doing a great job. God Bless, -Jessica 🙂

  295. @Jeff I am SO glad you’ve quit. Let me say a couple of things. The fact you’ve been off this for 3 months is a great thing & I’ll tell you why I know this. I have been off this poison for around 5 months. It took me about 3 months to fully become completely normal again. I, too, went through the same thing you’re describing. I felt like I was dying over & over again after quitting. I would constantly think of death & that would get my heart rate going, so I would freak out more & think I was going to have a heart attack because I could no longer control or ignore(like my heartbeat) my unconscious bodily functions at that time. Here are a couple of milestones I hit, at one month I smiled for the first time, at 2 months I didn’t think of death anymore constantly or have suicidal or homicidal thoughts, which both scared me, at least I could recognize it was wrong. After that, at the 3 month point I could finally start to think correctly & be able to perform my job as I used to. I didn’t have that blank stare & completely blank thoughts. People would ask me questions at work & I couldn’t even think, I know they must’ve thought I was so stupid, which they knew me, though & knew I was very intelligent, I would just stare at them blankly & say, “Uhhhhh”. So my point is, I promise you things will be getting better very soon, Some people get better faster than others, I smoked longer than you, but maybe you smoked more at a time & overall, which would explain why you’re having symptoms I had in my second month in your third. So that may mean you’re just a month behind, which should mean you’re going to be having some major milestones soon & be completely better within a week or two at the most I’d say. I felt “messed up” as you said. The way I describe it to people is that I felt like I was in a bad dream, or it was as if I was underwater or my brain was cloudy or my thoughts were clouded. The cloud lifts, it honestly does. i know when people used to tell me this I would get upset, because at that point in time I couldn’t fathom things getting better ever. I didn’t think I’d ever be “right” again. You will be feeling better very soon. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, organic, and I would suggest stop eating meat unless it’s locally raised without antibiotics, hormones or GMOs. The more natural the diet, the better. The processed & junk food just weighs down your mind, brain & body. The quicker you eat better the quicker you’ll start feeling better. Can you handle Klonopin? Or an anti-anxiety medication? I would suggest going to a doctor & telling them your symptoms, you don’t have to tell them what you smoked, I honestly wouldn’t unless you think you’re in danger of hurting yourself or others, because otherwise, if you’re not a danger & tell them what you smoked, they will not prescribe this to you even if it will help you exponentially, because they’ve seen you’ve got a “history of drug abuse”. Well, since I’d done major damage to my brain from this stuff & almost died, I was afraid to take my Klonopin, so I only took it after the 2 month point, I didn’t want to add anything I thought could be harmful to my brain after it’d already been injured as well as put anything unnatural into my body that affected my brain, too. but I credit the Klonopin of helping my “snap back into reality.” I only took it daily for at the most 3 weeks, then when I stopped I felt SO much better. I promise you will be feeling better very soon, every day, even though time seems to go by slow, it really does get better & better from the last. If you’ve got any questions about how I detoxed, or advice of any other sort, I’m here for you, ok? We’ve got a great support system here. The fact you found this website speaks greatly to your abilities & I’m SO proud of you for quitting, you saved yourself a lot of damage! At least we can both put together sentences & think at all, some people are not as lucky, and this I feel speaks to your ability to recuperate & think clearly. always remember, it’s the incense making you feel & think the way you are if it’s negative. This stuff makes you not love life, but as soon as it’s out of your system completely this will go away(which again, I believe will be extremely soon) & you’ll love life. Watch Good, funny things on the Internet & TV, that’s another one. If you enjoy “Family Guy” or funny cartoons like that I’d recommend watching them as much as possible. Do things that give you joy & contentment. Get back into your regular routine, You will be back to normal soon. Much, much love to you, Jeff, You are priceless, ok? Always remember this. God Bless, -Jessica

  296. My brother and I bought 5 grams of that legal devil stuff to celebrate my 18th birthday. I’ve smoked weed a few times and never gotten super high. We went to a park and shared a single bowl. I had two hits and almost immediately took off. I started laughing uncontrollably, my vision blurred around the edges, and I thought “wow, this is gonna be fun.” But after that it turned into a NIGHTMARE. I started laughing and crying uncontrollably and the trees and surrounding area started to, well, jump. I couldn’t focus on anything and my eyesight was pulsing in and out fast. I’m not exactly sure what happened but everything went crazy and I struggled to escape from the nightmarish fear that I was going to die. My thoughts were racing and I could feel my blood pounding in my neck. In the distance I could hear my brother saying “just go to sleep dude, I know where you’re at right now and you need to try to sleep” over and over again. I looked over at him and his eyes were flourescent. I was so scared. I thought I was going to die. It was worse than any nightmare I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some pretty vivid and frightening nightmares. I struggled to lie down and close my eyes and focus on my breathing. Afterwards, my brother told me that I had been laughing and crying and rolling around on the ground. I asked him how long it had been, and he said about 10 minutes. It felt like hours had passed. My brother told me that was a normal reaction- that I was just really, really high. Even if that’s true, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon.

  297. Jeff, you need to tell your parents about the spice you’ve taken now. You don’t know the long-term effects it could have on your body and mind. Please. My son took spice about 20 times over the course of a year. He lived with my ex-husband-I had no idea. Several months ago, he had a psycotic break and was institutionalized in a mental institution. After a month is a state hospital, he moved in with me and held a full-time job and took a class at a community college. Even though he had not taken spice for several months, the psychosis appeared again and he was readmitted. I live in hell everyday. I feel as if I’ve lost my son-he is not the loving, sweet, great kid he was in the past. I AM BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE TELL YOUR PARENTS, AN OLDER SIBLING, AN ADULT YOUR TRUST OR SOMEONE AT YOUR SCHOOL! This drug can kill you Jeff.

  298. I carried him upstairs into his room and threw a cold wash cloth around his neck. He’ll be alright. Nonetheless, spice is not welcome around me.

  299. I’ve never tried spice before. I also havent smoked weed in 10 years. My father tried spice for the first time tonight and took one hit. He had an immediate sense of euphoria and within 10 mintues, he fell into a sleep mode while sitting in his chair. He started to moan and groan as if he started hallucinate and as this was happening he began to urinate on himself. A grown man urinating himself and hallucinate. He has tried all types of drugs and I know he can control himself but this spice stuff gave him an uncontrollable high. Scarry stuff man. I will have to pass on spice.

  300. I tried this stuff, only took 3 hits and it only took 30 seconds to take effect i first felt dizzy and felt like i was vibrating, i stood up and couldnt stop moving back and forth, the room was like sideways or something and i just kept thinking weird stuf and ecerything felt like a dream when i was done i felt like the time flew by fast…. Later that day we went fishing and i took a few hits but nothing happened but later That same niht i took 3 huge hits out of my friends bong not knowing what it was and when i looked at him i was like oh shit was that the climax and he said yeah, i couldnt lay down. I looked at my friend and got scared because i didnt know who he was or where i was at, everything was dizzy again and i felt like i was sitting down watching my friend laugh at me through a tv?, he looked like a monkey too. It was crazy idk if i would try it again

  301. hi i’m jeff and i’m 16 years of age. i’ve smoked synthetic marijuana for a good 8 months to a year. i quit a couple months ago and now im seeing alot of changes to my body. the skin on my hand keeps peeling off. my appetite is really messed up. i use to be able to eat whenever, now i eat very little. whenever i try to do activities i feel like im going to pass out even though i drink a gallon of water a day. i feel really messed up and i thought i was going to die multiple times already. i feel messed up. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS.

  302. Dear Jaseeka1986,
    Trying to help others out of what you know can be so very painful and is hardly an easy task. Many times we may feel very hurt and disrecspected. If I have helped one person to have a better life I am grateful and have had to endure the pain and scars left by people who don’t believe they really do have a problem or regect the obvious truth. Are we always correct with our approach, probably not, but we have been blessed with the gift of desperation not everyone has YET!
    Sometimes to keep on in life we are forced get up from this shake ourselves off and keep going. Be who you are, give back your knowlege it’s a responsabilty to those who helped you.
    Your Friend,

  303. @Justin You can do whatever you want(as to your comment of having “reckless fun”) but when you drag others into it on a support forum for people affected by this poison, that’s wrong. Do whatever you want, but don’t misinform others into thinking it’s at all safe. Many here know first hand it’s not & I’m sure will call you on it. I hope you have a great life, we should all think about what we’re saying & how it can affect others in life, before we speak, especially when writing it, you can always proof-read it! Proof-reading is an opportunity to take back something you feel you shouldn’t have said, we don’t get that chance when verbalizing. God Bless.

  304. @Justin I apologize if I was rude, I just really didn’t understand your comment. The subsequent one was a little clearer, but no need to attack me. My purpose on this Earth is to try to help others. I went through this & almost died, and want to help anyone I can to get through this. Your comment to me made me sad, I don’t like being attacked. Please spread love. Me being Christian has nothing to do with this. And don’t assume I am Christian, I’ve been studying Santana Dharma & trying to study the Vedas lately, so I’d say many would say that’s un-Chritianlike, so because i say God bless don’t box me in, please. We’re all on this journey. but DON’T talk about “good times” you had on this poison. It’s poison & address it as such. Do not misinform people into thinking it’ll be fun when they CAN DIE. I almost did. You’ll never hear me talk about the fun times I had, because this POISON almost killed me. You may enjoy DEATH but I don’t. People who murder people are on another level of Evil, I almost died & it was the most terrifying experience of my life which I will never forget(Was just at work on break today & had a flashback of almost dying & thought about how scared I was & how people who inflict that fear on others are Evil). This poison did it to me. Again, don’t do that whole “You’re christian don’t judge me” thing, not just Christians shouldn’t judge NO ONE should. Please follow your own advice. I do have love for everyone & I will say I’m sorry if I offended you, it may’ve been not long ago that you quit & still have a bit of psychosis like I did after quitting, so if that’s the case, too, I apologize. Just throw love out there. I have every right to give good advice such as “Everyone should love each other”. God Bless & I hope you feel better. -Jessica

  305. Howdy again, all! Day 8, and things are just getting closer and closer to normal. The palpitations have all but stopped, the last of the body pain is slipping away, no nausea, no chills or fevers, no lack of breath, etc.

    Basically, I’m getting healthy again. Now, the results might vary from person to person. I was a 1 gram a day smoker for roughly two months. I’ve been eating lots of leafy greens and fruits and drinking lots of green tea, as well as taking multiple showers throughout the day.

  306. By taking life serious do you mean the big picture of unity and balance of our earths human race for a peaceful progressive existence which most deem impossible? Do you mean i should create arguable shades of grey on which recreational drug’s side effects are tolerable? Perhaps you should take life more seriously like Justin ( me). Weirded out? Well what “weirds” me out is I exist. Seriously. Jaseeka what’s your purpose on earth? Does it bother you that I have reckless fun? I see you are Christian are you judging me? Pray for me. Please also help irriaticate hunger, disease, and war amongst ourselves. There’s three parts to realization, untill you realize that you realize nothing – Justin

  307. I had an interesting experience on k2. its a new blend. iv been an on and off smoker of this stuff for about a year now. iv had periods of time where i havent touched the stuff for months. and sometimes i have it everyday. Honestly, i would really only smoke the stuff to pass the time when bored. if i have work on or something, il flag it till a time when iv got stuff all on. but last night i can‘t describe the sheer terror i felt after taking two hits of this new stuff. what was intended to be a quiet night on the video games turned into complete and utter hell. i mean, think of every horror movie you‘ve ever seen, and then imagine it playing out right in front of you. feeling as though your fate laid in the hands of the very darkness that surrounds you. unreal il say that. Eventually i snapped out of it, after having one hell of a good spew. Skyrim eased me into a much needed sleep. looking back, this shit is no good. something that makes you question your very mortality in such a dark and terrifying manner should not be legal. i cn say that iv been hooked bad on this stuff at is getting better though. im down to maybe a pinch or two a day..which is a far cry from what i used to smoke at times. and im slowly reducing the amount i smoke and increasing the time in between. the classic ‘tier‘ method. i can tell you that there is hope, and a way through. ive found that keeping yourself occupied, eating well, maintaining good hydration and surrounding yourself with those who care, are a good way to start. you need to want to quit too. Its no use sitting there being like “im gonna quit im gonna quit“ but not really knowing why. me? i like my brain, i miss the days where i could honestly say i dont need any extra shit to complete me. Haha now im rambling. to those stuck on this shit, game face on and get off it. there are many ways to skin a cat, and there are many ways to kick this habit. the tier method is working for me, it may for you. maybe jus kicking it cold turkey is what you need. Who knows. but i already feel as though coming clean is within grasp. it all depends on you. to those who have yet to try this , DO NOT DO IT TO YOURSELF. STAY AWAY FROM IT. THERE CAN BE NO GOOD GAINED FROM IT. TAKE MY WORDS AND THE WORDS AND STRUGGLES OF ALL OF US WHO HAVE BEEN THERE. YOU DONT WANT TO DO IT.

  308. Hey all! Just figured I’d give you folks an update. Today’s day 7, one week since I stopped smoking spice. My heart palpitations are fewer and fewer, today I’ve yet to have one episode of them. I’m feeling more like myself, I can get up and function around the house. So far, so good. I’ll keep updating as time goes by until my withdrawals are completely over, at the very least to help others getting off of Spice know what they’re in for.

    I want to thank all of you for posting your own stories, information, and experiences. This site’s shown me that the long, hard road out of hell is worth the hike.

  309. I am only 14 and the other day, me and my friends were hanging out. They have both done synthetic, and real weed. But I have only smoked cigarettes. So we decided to smoke some synthetic, and it was my first time so I only did 3 hits and I was loopy as hell. The whole world was spinning, and I thought I was dead, and I thought everyone was fake. I saw myself as a cartoon, or a movie. I couldn’t feel anything unless it touched me. I saw like blinking, like dizzy for hours, like in the very beginning of Twilight with the deer. I have no idea what I did though. but they said that I was being a spazz. and apparently my dad drove by and I yelled a bunch of crap at him. My parents said nothing when I came home. I think it was actually pretty fun, but I probably wont do synthetic ever again. I’m gonna try weed though. And I think that synthetic should not be sold, and people should not try it. If I wasnt with my friends I probably would have jumped off of a building.

  310. Dear Justin,
    I have been working on my PH levels, this has exposed me to a ton of information about getting toxins out of our systems, clearing up the mind and memory issues, digestion and helping with our breathing. I had no idea that poor PH levels affected so much. I’m not affraid of dying either, I have been thru so much in life and faced death more than once that I just react to survive, including heading straight at it to prevail. I humbley suggest that you go after your lifes pains and deal with them head-on crush these negative expieriences by setting an example, the strongest way to help yourself and those around you is to succede and set an example. Be a champion, focus on what’s really good for you, make yourself strong in health, and mind. Study a martial art the results of non-violience and solving inner and outer conflicts will come clear to you in time. God is with you, beleive it or not.

  311. who ever it. was who decided tht a good idea to sell have totally ruined not my life and my fmilies as well. i just week ago i was living out my drem the same dream my father had.put evey red scent he could scrape up. at 8 yrs of age my father saidvi was mu destiny to be a singer. he was a vetern, he had much pain abd he found marijuana to help him but the v.a. piss test and he would be in alot of trouble if found out to be smoking marijuana. my father s cousin was visiting and she brought that evil w heshe insisted that it had been deemed safe and she n my daddy smoked. you see that ne morning i was to leave to go on the road.w my bnd for thw first time out west . daddyalways told me he wouldnt leave this earth till he saw me married happily with my own familyand sining infront of hundreds. that morning my husband my one yr old and myself woke to poundinh on ourdoor. thinkinmy parents were early my husband opend the door .. came back into our room and said baby u have to get up your daddy died. his heart.. the worst moment of my life well. my mom swears it was that.bmy cousin who brought it to my daddys stayed that day and helped me and mom get the funneral home and policereports

  312. @Required?(You can make up a name as you did :)) Hi, “Smokable Evil” is right! I am so glad you didn’t die, because on FIVE 30mg Adderral(I’m no lightweight, but I might’ve keeled from that alone! I only did 2 at the most when I was younger) plus the Evil smoke, that’s enough to kill many a user. Thank goodness you’re ok, though & will never try it again. I can’t get over the combo you did, Some people die from either one of those things alone, so you’re very lucky, I think you know this already, though. God Bless & Stay positive & loving 😉 -Jessica

  313. @Justin I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s a little out there. I love to have fun, but seriously, take life serious, as far as we know we only get one. I am no buzzkill, I love smoking weed & it’s never hurt anyone, just saying. I’m really weirded out by that comment of yours…

  314. I read these stories and wonder why this stuff is being allowed for sale in the stores. As for an update on my previous posting, the now ex girlfriend says she quit smoking synthetic weed , she coughs almost non stop in the morning and sporadically throughout the day. I wnder if she damaged her lungs? Honestly I believe there are a lot of psychological behaviors linked to weed / synthetic weed such as short attention span hence getting restless and bored causing one to run around aimlessly. Real weed probably at least psychologically addictive, Synthetic weed is a chemical high and is highly addictive.

  315. I was getting spice daily and smoking an average of six grams a day. I had a blast! Fun doing nothing and the death experiences were super fun for me. I vividly remember that death was just about to happen with knife like destruction to my chest especially my heart I was uncomfortable at first but I learned to expect it and found it desirable. The worst thing about spice is addictive and huge appetite increase I would eat till I threw up and maybe eat more. I love to bike play games be highly creative I just don’t like running out at 2am and waitng for the shop to open. Oh yeah I never called it spice either but witch hazel. So I would witch up, sing, whistle, rap, smoke fools on cod3, eat, laugh, ride my bicycle, work. I dont fear death we all gotta go and I will not be terrified on my way out. Love life fam and friends but I ain’t afraid of no death honestly I would fear birth more maybe that’s why I had so much fun I will never forget my witch hazling days ever and what’s truly remarkable my desire to not smoke it or weed because I just wanted some consistency with me. That and the shops distributor was apparently raided and has not had any in like 10 days so I was forced to stop and am over it. Easier said however as I said additive so a few tossing nights, no appetite, irratibilty, ah now I’m just human again waitng for death but I still will enjoy myself on the rock mass wacko thing everyone calls earth

  316. Hello, all. My name’s Edward and today marks my sixth day off of Spice. My brand of choice was BrainFreeze. I smoked it solidly for about two months with no ill effects. That is until last Thursday. I was with a good friend of mine who also smoked spice. I’d noticed, as had he, that our heart rate would increase for the duration of our high, but we’d not thought much of it. Well, that was exactly what started to go wrong for me. I had a small hit and found myself able to watch my heartbeat through my teeshirt. Then I felt a creeping tingle along my left arm. I sat down and took a many deep breaths and calmed myself, though I dreaded my girlfriend would come home to learn I’d fallen dead in front of my friend at home. THAT is what made me stop smoking this wicked stuff, I realized how much she means to me, and some fake cannabis is not worth putting her through that. No high is.

    Anyways, that horrid mess was six days ago. Day one, I felt fatigue, and vomited once. Day two was hellish, I couldn’t get out of bed, my heart has started palpitating, and I broke out in sweat at the slightest temperature change. Day three was better than both day one and two, but sweats and heart palpitations remain. Day four and five were much the same, and day six has only gotten easier. The palpitations seem to be lessening, and the sluggishness and pains and sweating seem to also be gradually fading away.

    I strongly urge people to not do this. It’s synthetic, unstable, unstudied, and poisonous. If you have to get your kicks, do it the natural way.

  317. @Tom H. Hi, I’m glad to hear from you. I want to say that I can completely relate to you situation. To clarify, my incident where I last smoked was different than my other “bad” trips. This is why I stopped then but not the other times. This last time on March 4th, 2012 I’d been pushed to a mental breakdown & it was because this stuff had built up so much I guess, and that I’d had major stressers* in my life. I couldn’t handle any type of stress anymore because I couldn’t deal with it properly, and was just breaking down. I don’t want to scare you, though. So I did something terrible & completely out of character because I allowed a “friend” to put me in the worst situation possible. I couldn’t deal with what had happened so I smoked one last time, to feel “What normal was again”. I was on a permanent high from this stuff & just wanted to feel better again. So I smoked this last time & something unlike any other time happened. I wasn’t able to keep standing, felt & heard rushing water in my head, and my brain got very hot. This is the scariest part & what told me brain damage was taking place: I heard very loud crackling & thundering in my head. I even remember looking up into the sky to see what it was & it was a beautiful clear, blue sky & was very sunny. It hurt very badly, and I had to scream at my father to take me to the hospital. It was hard because he was high, too, and wasn’t “with it” & told me I was just freaking. Long story short he just didn’t want to get in trouble. Shame I could’ve & almost died because he was high & didn’t want to get in trouble. Hence why I yelled at him. I won’t get any more into it just needless to say a very unpleasant experience at the hospital where they treated me like I was crazy & a legal mental evaluation was completed in my hospital bed with a Charter Ridge worker. It was all extremely insulting since they knew what was going on & my father being f-g high & not acting as this was not normal behavior from me I’m sure made them wonder. So this is how I relate to your wondering of why you haven’t quit despite many scary incidents. I literally HAD to quit because my brain hurt so badly & if I did again I surely would’ve suffered even more painful experiences. There’s a difference with scary and painful. We can’t talk ourselves out of painful. It honestly did scare me & still does. I’ve been close to dying 3 times in my life & I’m only 25 yrs. old. The first time I was tripping on Coriciden Cough & Cold & it was a little scary(would’ve been more if I hadn’t been mostly out of it), and the second time I can’t remember but bits & pieces. but this last one I just told you about was terrifying to say the least, because I was completely aware of everything but out of control of things. I just wanted you to know so you’d know you’re not alone, I kept using until this happened, but at the same time I was so far gone I had no idea it was the incense doing it to me. You at least have a “leg up” while dealing with this because you’re now aware of what this stuff is doing. Do you feel like you’re dying a lot? Even when sober? Do you think of death constantly? What about fast heart-beats or chest pain, thinking negatively 24-7 & worthless? This poison is the culprit, so don’t think for one second this is your normal thinking pattern. I remember in a post saying “I used to be sunshine, now I’m cloudy.” There is so much hope, Tom. I think you should cut down little by little (and if you only smoke a couple of hits a day that should make a major difference). I usually don’t recommend this, I usually say to quit cold-turkey because the sooner the better & this stuff builds up in your system so it doesn’t really matter if you cut down, but this may be a little different because you’re not losing it even while sober, when it gets to that point you must stop immediately. I recommend getting some pot, honestly. If you’ve got pot you’ve got something healthy to replace this poison with. Marijuana won’t work as well at first because this stuff “super-glues” to your THC receptors & renders them not as viable as before, it’s like you’ve got to give them time to re-cooperate* or get this stuff out of your system more so they’ll work better. The pot will work for helping with the withdrawing massively. It’ll help physically with the eating, sleeping, pain and emotional detoxing off this stuff. It’ll help mentally with the emotions & the mental aspects of having something to use or do to replace the poison(that’s just what it is). If you’d like another scare-tactic that may help in quitting this stuff(lol, I know I’m full of them..)you should go to & take a look at what they’re selling to make this stuff with. Then google the ingredients & you’ll be astounded. They’ve all got the skull & crossbones placard that represent them. But some good advice I can give you is to watch good, positive things on the internet & TV while detoxing. Stay busy if possible, rest as much as possible, take it easy & EAT HEALTHY – that is a big one, which is why I capitalize it. This stuff makes you not eat or hungry at all, so many of us lose inordinate amounts of weight. I got down to 98 lbs. & am now 116lbs.(just weighed myself at the office yesterday). I wasn’t eating anything! And had no idea I was missing meals or losing such weight. Eating was just cut out of my routine. That’s another reason why I think you’re doing well at this point, because you have seen these types of things, you know something’s wrong. I was so gone I was defending this stuff while it was killing me & driving me crazy. I honestly thank God everyday & every chance I get that I’m sane, now. Once you’ve felt insanity even while sober, that’s something you’ll never forget. It was like a bad dream, or like I was in the clouds or in a fog 24/7. I can’t explain it properly, but I don’t ever want to experience this again. You’re not at this point yet so you’ve got such a great chance. But anyway, eat healthily. Take this opportunity to become healthy, direct all your energy to doing this & only smoking pot if you have/want to get high. I believe there’s nothing wrong with getting high! Even after all I’ve been through I feel this way. If I’d stuck with pot I wouldn’t be in this position/have gone through this. Life can be hard & God gave us marijuana for a reason. Did you know that Hemp oil supposedly cures Cancer? There’s a documentary called “Run from the Cure” you should see. I’m planning to see it. I’ve seen videos giving advice from that documentary. Taking half a grain of rice amount orally, daily is supposed to help your Cancer immensely & any other ailments. THC slows cell development so this makes sense. While getting older many would find this helpful/applicable :). So don’t buy propaganda about pot being harmful or wrong. That’s people with monetary gains at stake or just people who are idiots who obviously have never tried this medicine before. As I said earlier, Marijuana is life in a bag & this stuff is the opposite. One last thing, the major reason besides obvious ones why you should start eating healthy is that it helps your brain while detoxing this junk, it helps you so much in so many ways. Makes you feel better everyday & helps battle anything in your body that shouldn’t be there. Also, unhealthy food weighs the brain & body down, making it harder or slower to detox. God Bless, Tom. I hope this info helps at all. Stay strong & you’ll do great getting through this chapter(more like a mini-chapter :)) Hope to hear from you soon concerning your progress or how you’re doing! God Bless,

  318. @Oscar Hi! I still get on here regularly. So sorry it took me so long to write back! I can completely relate to what you’re going through, and I honestly described it the exact same way! It felt like I was in a bad dream all the time for about 2 months(It goes by quicker I promise, I’d smoked all day everyday for like 7 months, so it took me longer). Then I almost died so I had no option but to quit, but actually it was after I quit that I felt like I was in a bad dream. It really does get better, I swear it does. I really needed someone to tell me that & assure me that when I was going through the same thing. Everything’s going to be alright. It lasts like this for maybe a month to a month & a half. Maybe even shorter for you if you only smoked a couple of times, then I’d say a month at the most, you’d probably feel better by a week or 2 weeks. I am here for you, ok? Ever since I went through it practically alone I refuse to let anyone else do it, so if you need to ask any questions at all, feel free to. This forum saved my life, for sure. I’ve got many tips that helped me or would’ve helped. There are many great people on here that will help, too. I hope to hear from you soon & that you’re doing good, Be sure to watch good things on TV & internet, and eat healthy! Those will help SO much! Much, much love to you, -Jessica

  319. I smoked this last night called down to earth at my friends house and had the worst experience of my life. i took a big hit and held it in for a while, and started to get higher and higher to the point where i was in a full out trip. like on salvia. my heart beat was racing to the point where i was afraid i might have a heart attack and die (i had also takin five 30mg adderall) at this moment its hard to put into words what i saw but everything would go 2D and then start spinning and going into patterns i heard a voice say “welcome to hell” and thats exactly what i would say i experienced because in this “other reality” i was in the whole time i experienced unimaginable horrar and mental tourture to the point were i didnt know if i would be mentally sane after. NO JOKE!!! i cannot even put into words how horrible of an experience this was it was only a couple of minutes but felt like an eternity!(no exageration, literally an eternity!) i have seen other posts where people have an experience eerily similar to mine. i dont think this is a coincidence and belive this to be “smokable EVIL” DO NOT DO IT!!! SMOKE THE REAL STUFF!!!

  320. Dear Alicia,
    This isn’t what you bargained for, there is no excuse for a man to do this to himself let alone you. I don’t have all the answers but I do believe if you put up with this your life will be dreadfully harmed,you must tell him to hit the road and don’t look back.
    The definition of being loyal doesn’t include someone else who isn’t carrying their part and putting this pain on you. Yes I have been saying “you” because his choices are not including your life and happiness. This is straight up about himself and only himself. We all know that we don’t have any controll over others actions so why in a way should we support this and let this to continue putting a hardship on you and your good family. Anyone that wants change needs to roll thier own sleeves up and stop putting it on others. The bottom line is so hard, being safe and having a good life is what we all want, it’s wrong to take this away from others.

  321. Adamn,
    Did you think the people you were with were your friends, when it comes to drugs “Don’t Trust Anyone”. Anyone who would do that to you isn’t capable of being a friend to anyone! In this world there is Good and Evil and there is no fine line between them. I know this is difficult to fully believe and accept but it is the truth. Example: Our Lord and Satin. Best Wishes

  322. Wade,
    That expeirience may always be with you, help others that are looking for it. Even though it was terrificley vivid and frightening it was a direct veiw of where you could be headed to some extent, if you take your health, mental state, and other blessings for granted. Why develope the concept that you are immune to disaster, anyone that messes with this and other harmful products is just playing roulette, the more you pull the trigger the better the odds are for disaster. People who say that weed is O.K. maybe in someways have a point but I know it robs you from your dreams, it’s very suttle and takes time to see all youv’ve let go bye until the day comes when you start getting the “I could have been preparing for life all this time” and now it may not be possible to catch up and be there for yourself and others like when your girl and you get married, maybe have some health issues or small children you have to say no to because you never worked hard enough or learned a good trade, or be able to save backup money because slowly you have spent it on escaping from your bad memories. Life is very real and often takes all we have to stay afloat. Please take care of yourself put a gameplan in place to be successful in your own eyes. Look at the people who have big family or health issues, be grateful for what you don’t have as well as what you do have.

  323. I’ve been smoking this with my cousins. It gave me a really bad fever. I got body aches. Nose bleeds too. Bad coughs as well. Don’t smoke that. Just puff on some REAL dank.

  324. I have not read any responses yet. I just smoked this on Sunday.

    I drove out of town with my younger brother, his friend and my girlfriend. I was not driving my car but my mothers vehicle. We stopped at my gf’s Aunt and Uncles place. Her Uncle is 61 and Nam veteran, and needless to say has smoked tons of week since he got back, to cope one would imagine.

    Recently his works started random urine testing so he needed to find an alternative to weed so he would not have THC in his system come testing time. Enter “The Mix” complete with “100% organic” and “not for human consumtion” stamped on the bag that was void of ingredients. He was smoking it with out a care in the world and was fine, so we all passed the pipe around, my girlfriend didnt feel much, my brothers friend got a buzz, but brother said he felt body high.

    It got weird with me. My gf’s aunt said it will be really intense then wear off by the time you have had your beer. Well I have a very vivid imagination so I put some of this down to that.

    I took a small hoot, passed the pipe when it came back I did a really big one. After several mintues I felt it, I was like “wow, this is great, I am so high.” Initially I put the panic down to the fact that I had someone elses car, my younger brother and his friend, I had to drive back to town and we had not even started our day yet. After reading this I am having second thoughts.

    After I started to relaize the high was very trong I started panicing, my heart rate stared going up, and my body was tense, after a while of this I started really getting stressed. I was looking around at everyone and I felt very paranoid like they were plotting or scrutinizing me. I felt hyper aware, and was paying attention to smal sounds, but couldn’t get a straight train of thought. I felt so wasted I couldnt even reach across the table to get my drink so I just sat there. I felt like a prisoner in a deck chair.

    My imaginationwas running wild and I felt forced to take short breaths, because I imagines I hate tachometer (RPM gauge) attatched to me heart and lungs and the deaper I breathed the higher my rmps went, fucked up right, I like cars I think this is where this came from. Needless to say I imagined an engine roaring and that made my anxiety far worse so I continued with shallow breaths. I contuinued with the paranoia but couldnt get a grip of myself.

    I went to get up and move and I felt like my bones were made of jelly, I was also shaking vigorously. I decided it was time to say something.

    I was trying to vocalize my concerns with being this messed up it felt like noone was listening and I couldn’t find the right words to use, so I opted to do the childish thing and get my girlfriends attention and start crying. She helped my up and out of the back year ut I had trouble moving and I got a new level of paranoia that thuis had brought on some nuerological disease. (No logic there I know).

    It was a bright summers day but I could not keep my eyes open because it was too bright, even when I did open them I seemed to have no bearing on reality and the world around me, it felt like I was in Sims 2 for godsake. I would look down the road to see an edless sidewalk and stretch of grass and blue sky.

    Eventually my gf talked me back and it all wore off. I was effected the hardest and longest out of the group and ti was terrifying. I did feel the “Oh my god Im not going to live through this” feeling throught the experience.

    I know some people are going to say I made this up, nad call me names and say I have never smoke before and all that shit. However you can take it as you will, this is wha I experience two days ago, all of it. Like I said my imaignation is probably partly to blame.

    I know I seems stupid saying this, but I am buyng some this week for myself and we will be doing this again on the weekend in a different setting, when I’m not out of town with my brother, in my mothers vehicle.

    I will keep you all posted.

  325. I had the wrist trip on this stuff. A few months ago I smoked this out of a gravity bong clearing two gallons full of smoke and it was my first time to smoke anything that would get me high. After a few seconds I fell down and in the most lifeless voice I said I’m going to die call 911. They put me on the bed passed out not breathing begging me to wake up. I woke up and went crazy I got up and ran full speed trying to kill my friend for making me do that stuff. I crashed into the bookcase and sat down and passed out and what happened next was the biggest life changer I’ve ever experience d, I thought I died and went to hell. Not a fiery Biblical hell but just as bad. I was unable to move with no self identity. I felt the worst pain it was such an awful existence. I could hear millions cursing god or yelling for god to rescue them. It was unexplainable what I was seeing. I was being shown all the wrong doing s in my life but no with words or pictures but I just knew what I did and I had to accept it. My friend s said I was screaming the fire the fire the pain god please forgive my sins. But I don’t remember speaking for I was in too much pain to speak and there was no fire.I later awoke and threw up for hours. It’s been months and my mental still isn’t back.

  326. If people say this doesn’t affect you in a different way, they’re FULL OF IT. I accidentally smoked some last night thinking it was regular bud and it was terrible. It felt like I knew what dying would be like, that I had seen another side of life I won’t want to see ever again. People were like videos and I failed at conceiving time. Everything was pixelized around me and I kept on repeating “fart barf cunt” in my head over and over. I was proud of myself when I moved without throwing up. I thought I was six again and at this ass-hole chris’ house, a kid I THOUGHT was my friend when I was that age but he was a douche. I really felt the dearth of all things, all in one small room, and I never will do this stuff again. Of course, it was by ACCIDENT, so I will never smoke again I’m sure. This sucks knowing I’ve smoked it. I’m hoping I’ll be more than better within the week. In fact I’m sure I will, but screw ever trying it again. I’m DONE.