Does synthetic weed show up on drug tests?

Synthetic weed shows up on specialized urine-based tests for up to 3 days after use. More on synthetic marijuana drug testing here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

ARTICLE SUMMARY: Currently, drug detection times for synthetic cannabinoids is up to 3 days after use. However, dug testing for synthetics is not yet available commercially via at home kits. Instead, testing requires special handling to specialized laboratories in the U.S.


What Types of Synthetics Are There?

The first synthetic marijuana compounds were developed in the 1980s and 1990s by researchers looking for new treatments for diseases such as HIV and multiple sclerosis. However, because these man-made cannabinoids act on the same brain cell receptors as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), people noted stronger effect and began using the compounds recreationally. In fact, synthetic cannabinoids are part of a group of drugs called by the National Institutes of Drug Abuse “new psychoactive substances”. Some compounds like JWH are relatively well-known, while others are created to meet market demand.

In fact, new strains of synthetic marijuana are constantly hitting the market, so it’s difficult to describe the exact chemical nature of their compounds. Most are sold under a brand names. K2 and Spice being the most famous. But, new brand names and new packaging come on the market regularly as manufacturers change the chemical composition to try to stay ahead of law enforcement. Buying the same brand twice is no guarantee that the content or quality of the drugs (or their effects) will be the same in both packages.

What’s in synthetic weed, exactly?

Synthetic marijuana is a type of chemical that is made to mimic the effects of THC and sprayed on dried plant material or are sold in liquid form for use in an e-cigarette or vape pen. Unlike THC, the compounds are high-potency, high-efficacy, cannabinoid-receptor full agonists.  This 2014 article from the medical journal, Psychopharmacology, outlines the exact nature of classic cannabinoids, naphtoylindoles, benzoylindones, or phenylacetylindoles found in synthetic weed compounds.These types of drugs are made in a laboratory, often located outside the United States.

According to the Washington D.C. Department of Behavioral Health, synthetic weed is very dangerous. Using it can cause:

  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • elevated heart rate
  • hallucinations
  • paranoia
  • suicidal thoughts
  • unconsciousness
  • violent behavior
  • vomiting

…and even death. In fact, the problem is so serious that, according to the 2011 DAWN Report, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) stated that synthetic cannabinoids were responsible for 28,500 emergency room visits in 2011. These drugs can cause a person to become incoherent, disorderly, and aggressive. Effects can last for hours and symptoms are very difficult for doctors to treat.

Why? Because the chemicals found in these branded packages includes potent hallucinogens. In fact, a single package may contain multiple drugs which are even more dangerous in combination. Indeed, much of what is known about the short and long-term effects of these substances on physical and psychological health comes from individual reports of use that crop up through emergency department visits, calls to poison control centers, and online forums.

Normal Drug Tests

Drug tests are performed using a biological specimen to determine the presence or absence of synthetic weed or its metabolites. One of the reasons that the use of synthetic cannabinoids became so popular over the last few years was that they don’t show up in traditional drug tests. Or more accurately, testing labs couldn’t detect the metabolite(s) in urine. This meant that folks could puff away at their JWH infused herbs safe in the knowledge that their jobs were not in danger.

There are a number of unique challenges when detecting synthetic cannabinoids present in urine, oral fluid, and serum samples. Mainly, each type of fake weed contains synthetic cannabinoids from different chemical classes and has a composition that is constantly changing. Therefore, a laboratory test that could cover all of these chemical classes is needed.

However, this seems to be about to change. Now that JWH compounds are banned because of the severity and seriousness of herbal incense side effects, there is big money to be made in developing a simple to use test for detecting synthetic cannabinoids in urine.

Specialized Drug Tests

As of yet there is no simple, practical way to test individuals for synthetic weed compounds on a mass, commercial scale. On the other hand, there is a test available now that can detect synthetic weed in urine or blood. Several compounds such as JWH and many metabolites can be measured in the serum through liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS). In future, hair and saliva testing are likely to receive more attention as viable biological sample specimens.

While there are no commercially available laboratory tests for the detection of synthetic cannabinoids, there are a number of specific laboratories that can detect synthetic cannabinoids. However, this is not some easy to use at home test. Rather, tests have to be sent to the lab (where the test was developed) within a specific time frame otherwise the urine will deteriorate to such an extent that the test will be useless. Furthermore, tests are usually sent to the laboratory via postal service; the results are not immediately available. So, these specialized drug tests are typically not used on-site for clinical diagnosis or treatment.

Detection Times

There are hundreds of current variations of fake weed, which makes an accurate assessment of detection times difficult. Two of the main cannabinoids that are commonly used in many batches, JWH-018 and JWH-073, will show up on a drug test for about three days. Many of these drugs, especially unchanged synthetic cannabinoids, exist in urine and blood for only a short period. More about specific cutoff limits in urine-based samples from this 2016 Department of Defense targeted study on synthetic marijuana.

Then how do I know if someone has been using synthetic weed?

You don’t. Other than using common sense and looking out for the telltale signs of use (which are very similar to those of marijuana) such as:

  • detachment
  • general slowness of movement
  • lethargy
  • loss of interest in work/hobbies
  • paranoia
  • red eyes
  • smoking paraphernalia such as papers, bongs, pipes etc.
  • subdued behaviour

If your recognize the signs and symptoms of synthetic cannabis abuse and/or addiction in yourself or someone close to you…don’t wait to get help from professionals. Get yourself prepared for what to expect by learning more about what’s it like to seek help from Spice and K2 addiction treatment programs and how you can choose the best treatment type, duration, and therapies for you.

More Questions?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about how synthetic cannabinoids (herbs infused with JWH compounds) are not some harmless legal substance that kids smoke in a vain attempt to get high. They are, in fact, a drug as potent (if not more potent) than top grade skunk with very real effects that are not always pleasurable and, in some cases, downright dangerous.

Do you have questions about synthetic cannabis? Please ask them below. We will respond to you personally, and help where we can.

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  1. Can the metabolites if synthetic cannabis result from any other substance? If so, what might those substances be? Performance enhancing products?

  2. I hope u can help… I am drug tested and I did slip and smoke synthetic… I need u to know I have very bad anxiety… Well my drug test does test for synthetic.. But when the results were in It showed I wasn’t dirty for synthetic however it showed I was dirty for cocaine metabolites!!! With my anxiety being so bad if I did cocaine I would probably have a heart attack.. And I have never been into uppers! Can there somehow be an ingredient in the synthetic that would show up as cocaine metabolites? I stayed up all night racking my brain wondering if it could be something I ate or anything! I very highly doubt that someone would put such an expensive drug in synthetic which is cheap… Plz help!

  3. Hello I was wondering if Tarrant county hair drug tests,test for k2. I am very interested in starting to smoke it again I’m just worried I will get in trouble with my PO. I just need to get high and this is about the only thing I can find besides salvia and the salvia isn’t really working for me anymore

  4. Was, out with a buddy he was smoking fake weed out of a pipe him and his woman i was in the vack may have drug and alchol test comming up will i be ok? I mean will i pass?

  5. I’m a chronic user of k2 my ex called my probation officer and told him i was smokeing k2 how can I get it out my system do I have anything to worry about

  6. I’m in the military and I’m wondering about damiana. if I drink it in a tea, smoke it or take in pill for will I fail a drug test. I know above it says it’s not a drug and stuff but I see it come up when o search stuff about smoking spice. the military tests for everything including spice. so if you could help me out with a final answer.

  7. What can trigger a false positive for synthetic marijuana I was tested and was told I failed are there medications that can trigger false positive?

  8. Hello. Where can I take weed to be tested to check if it’s synthetic? We live in Florida. I have a teenager that has been abusing on marijuana and has been in the hospital twice in two weeks due to his irrational behavior after smoking and tripping on lsd. And once last year for lsd. Please any information will be greatly appreatiate.

    Thank you,
    Very concerned parents seeking help!

  9. I want to know if the state of Louisiana has a test to see if someone is using synthetic marijuana. I believe my test was tampered because my hair folical test came back clean for all and any drugs.

  10. hi there are you based in new zealand and if so who can i contact about having test done.regards moira

  11. I have a cos. Case and my oldest son who is 20 smoked some k2 2 days later my Caseworker had him a random urine and hair test will he pass?

  12. Yesterday I smoked synthetic weed. Its called k3 from where I come from. I’m not sure of the components inside of it though. So when smoking I vomitted bad and a lot. My whole stomach area was in pain. Like a sharp pain under my both lungs but around there, the both sides of my kidney place around there. And now my vision is so blur. I already slept and I feel not so bad like yesterday but I still feel it. Is this all normal?

  13. Just wondering why is this information so old? This is 2017. We are still smoking it. And you are right it is because it’s much better. Well it’s much better than the Reggie that goes around and it’s much stronger than the Colorado. So I actually like it better. Now that I found out that it causes kidney failure even with the new non banned synthetic that is not ilegal, I have decided I need to watch it I have experienced a lot of those side effects vomiting withdrawal headaches. It’s very highly addictive all they did was just put another thing on the market to get people who like to smoke and people who like to get more and more hectic so basically that’s the bottom line. Least keep your website up and let us know what’s going on because it is legal still I still get it on the internet and I get a very potent brand. I have noticed they’re going to be Bitcoin for some reason. Also they are going from email to email and using fake websites. This is their methods now to sell them. It is really getting hard to find. And as far as the testing goes for every test that comes out there is a junkie or an addict that will tell you how you can beat it. You can find more drug test altercation then you can spice or what you call synthetic weed.

  14. HI my fiance is currently going through a custody battle and the children informed us of their mother using “mojo”. We are clueless as to catch it in her system. The drug is so dangerous and she’s doing it right in front of the kids. Have any suggestions?

  15. Good Morning
    My brother is using this herb stuff is it harmful to him and should I inform a family member about it ? Can he get addicted to the drug ?

  16. Got over heated and pasted out after work. cops pulled up behind me in the parking lot and hit me with a DWI because they thought I was drunk or high on this fake stuff. now I did smoke some that morning and I didn’t think it would show up but I had to do a blood test by court order. will it show up in my blood? no I was not on it when I was driving. I havnt smoked it in little over a year and got a one hit off a friend that morning a few hours before work. not sure what it was called nor can I find out.

  17. I have a drug test on Wednesday I have bean smoking the mamba for about a year now and wondering if it is going to show on the test or not need to have it done as work will not let me back until I have had it done pleas help as not sure whether to take the test or not

  18. My boyfriend is smoking some but he seem real clam and I am freaking out because I heard stuff about them I don’t do that kind of stuff … If it went bad would he already be acting crazy or does that take time?

  19. Hi this is Sam and I’m 15 years old. Yesterday my friends pier pressured me to smoke sythetic weed without knowing it was synthetic. This was the first time I ever smoked. Right now I have a lot of anxiety because I tried it. I had about 3-4 puffs. This was a horrible experience and I will probably won’t try it again. Do you think anything will happen if I had it once?

  20. How long does k2 stay in saliva?brain freeze is one of the most potent blends I’ve tried in five years .any info on that blend?

  21. Is there a test for the herb Damiana? aka- Turnera Diffusa. You may not be able to find all the chemicals that are in synthetic marijuana, but you can test for one of the main ingredients that they use as the herbal blend that the chemicals are sprayed on. It will give at least some rehab facilities the chance to find something out with their clients. If there is such a test, could you provide me with a source of which to locate it?

    1. Hi Tina. There may be residue that can be detected on a test. Surface drug tests are getting more sophisticated, and many do test for cannabis.

  22. If a urine test comes back with so called specs of spice is that really true and could something else cause that to show up in a drug test ??

  23. My hubby just went to jail they said he failed to test for k2 and he is on home confinement!! I’m so scared he has ben on hc for a year and had six months to go!! He ammited to smoking it and I think that’s why they took him a snitch has told them and they lied I think because they new he would tell the truth!!! What will happen we have two kids and I’m in college and need my hubby home!!! Can I fight this for him??

  24. I have to take A mouth swab test for a job at Kroger soon! Do you know what brand of swab test they use? And what all it test for? I need to know If it test for synthetic cannabinoids? And if so how far back? Please get back to me ASAP Thanks

  25. If I were to smoke k2 the moment after I take my drug test, would I be fine within the next week to take my other one?

  26. Please help. My kids dad was smoking and providing Potpourri to our kids age 14 and 15. My son had bad psycosis behavior for at least 4 months after. My daughter wants to go live with her dad and I know why. The problem is the state is going to allow it only because he took 4 ua drug test that were clean. However to my understanding there is no way to test for it. Can you email me whatever information that may help me argue my case?

    1. Hello Tabitha. I’d advise you to fight for your children’s custody and find a medical physician or addiction specialist that would take a stand in court and set things straight.

  27. I dont smoke but I know a friend who does. I wanna know does k2 drug show up in a mouth swod drug test.

  28. What can cause you to fail the urine test for spice if you’ve never smoked it been around it or even seen it because I failed one today and I’ve never used it or been around it EVER PERIOD! I AM SO CONFUSED AND NEED ANSWERS ASAP! Please answer as soon as possible cuz this test determined whether my kids get to stay at home with me it are removed from my custody by DHR!!!!!

  29. Would synthetic weed show up on a saliva test? Does it have buprenorphine or other chemical’s similar to suboxin in it???

  30. IV BEEN SMOKING maurijuanna but they only told me they needed to screen me for synthetic, because I already have a regular drug screen on file, should I be worried that the thc might show up? Keep in mind that they are testing for synthetic! Thank you… Pre Employment Ds

  31. so if i smoke syinthetics 3 hours before a drug test will it show up possitive and no it was only one hit and ive not smoked in months????? can you help

  32. I have not smoked synthetic marijuana since it became a felony in the U.S ahout 2 years ago…but I came out dirty for it. My question is how ?!

  33. If you are on bond in wy and have to submit to a .ua if police ask and fail but they do not take tow samples or even take a sample with them at all only that they say u fail for meth but don’t even take the test as evidence can they revoke ur bond plz somebody that really knows what there talking about

  34. Im curious, I have a drug test a week from today and I want to know if I use synthetic marijuana if it will show up on the drug test I only want to use it once and the job is for US Airways, im only curious and I would like an answer

  35. This past Monday, I witnessed the bizarre behavior of a client where I am employed. I questioned him about how he was feeling. He said he was okay. Moments later I heard screaming downstairs. I rushed down to investigate and the client was falling around, looking crazed. I called 9 11 for police and an ambulance. The client looked towards me, screamed and attacked me with his easel. Fortunately, two men were able to force him gently to the ground.
    This normally pleasant individual looked as though he was psychotic, having a seizure and a stroke all at the same time. He was taken to the hospital where it was discovered he had been smoking a brand of aromatic bath salts called “Angel”.I have used many drugs in my life, but these bathsalts turn people into vicious maniacs. I would rather have people smoke ice than this thing called SPICE.

  36. I wanna quit smoking but I can’t I need help. Can someone please let me know how I can stop ? Its so addicting and its tearing my family apart

  37. if incense is banned march 1st? why can I still buy it? cops know about the smoke shops? yes, some brands are really bad. that’s why I say legalize weed. weed is safer..

  38. just found out my son is using fake marijuana and he is a minor. will he get into legal trouble if i tell his docor about it so he can be checked to make sure no damage has been done?

  39. I’m wondering if I take a drug test in two weeks will I be dirty for synthetic marijuana? if so how long can it take to get clean from the synthetics? maybe you can help me answer this question as well. if I have been clean from marijuana for at least a month and then smoked one bowl (4-5 puffs) last night, nothing before or after, how long would it stay in my iron after that one time use? Would it be possible to pass if I take a drug test two weeks from now?

  40. So the jwh compounds are in the old synthetic weed. What compounds are in the newer generations? For example, scooby snacks, mr high, and so on…

  41. I smoked the synthetic weed and was out of my mind..I left the bonfire to get some water at a gas station and got lost..then I thought I was being followed and that I was drugged. I was convinced I had already died and the life im living now was my life before flashing through my eyes in my last dying seconds. I got into a car accident. .ran my car into a ditch and then hit a tree.I had a seizure while driving. Luckily I was the only one in the car. I came out okay. I saw blood on my hands and glass in my stomach. I ran to the closest house. They called the cops. When they got there I was in shock because I realized I wasnt bleeding at all! I told the cops it was the real shit I guess because nothing ever made me feel this way. They charged me with suspicion of a dwi only because I told them I had like 3beers. I refused blood and other tests. Its been 8months now and I just recieved the video from that night. The only thing I have to say is that fake weed isnt good. In any way! It makes people hallucinate. And have seizures. Take an adderol if you need that high feeling plus it helps you do productive things. Im 23 and from personal experience I will never do it again.

  42. As in synthetic chronic I get tested kinda regularly by a doctor and then it gets sent to a lab and the do whatever they do, can anyone help desperate to know because if I get done again I get put in a foster home!!?

  43. What about a drug screen would it show up in that?? And if not how long would it take to leave you system?

  44. I know someone who smokes synthetic weed…she just had to do a urine and the test that was checked off said COT. What is being tested for in this urine?

  45. There are drug tests that are used for detecting synthetic drugs such as synthetic marijuana however there are also drug test solutions for passing these types of tests and 1 hour or less.

  46. How can u get mojo out of ur system I way under 100 pounds n I’m n drug court is there a way to get it out n if so with what n how fast will it get out

  47. Yes, synthetic weed commonly sold as incense will show up on a drug test if the person or facility conducting the drug test(s) are testing for such substances.

  48. Faith I also have been on the twilite and I’m on felony probation. I tested positive for meth today. so I am doing some research myself!

  49. How long is passion sense twilite synthetic weed in your system does it show up in drug test if so what drug test does it show up on

  50. I would think there would be a way to test for at least one of the 300 chemicals found in spice. My son is 34 years old and is charged with child abuse. His roommate told me last night he has been smoking again. He is addicted. He has lost custody temporarily of his son. Now, faced with severed punishment he is smoking it again. What simple test can I do to scare the hell out of him?

  51. I was wondering can a person get a high from secondary smoke from synthetic weed being smoke close by? What is the smell of it after synthetic weed is smoked compare to the pungent smell of marijuana? How can you get rid of the bad smell on clothes and car seats?

  52. After being gone for almost 2 hours, my 14 &12 year old decided to get stoned…the 14 tear old ran off into the woods with no shoes. He was gone for a good 20 minutes…As evidenced in his vomit, it seems while he was out he was eating spiders…He locked himself in the bathroom for hours and when we were able to get in he was naked and said he was a quarter back. Only the 14 year old has this behavior. We had both boys drug tested. All negative! We found what’s left of what was smoked. It looks like pot but it’s moist and black coffee. It even resembles it by smell. How is it possible all drugs are negative? I can’t find any pictures of K2 that looks like what we have.

  53. yeah i live in CT and DCF is involved in my life I been going to a program an got tested for everything,an they recently said i can watch my daughter alone again,but i went to probation an was tested for k2 an they called DCF an said i used k2 my question is can they make it so i cant watch my daughter again.I feel there at fault for not having me tested themselves from my program i stop useing so can they still take her away from me?

  54. If I smoke spice will it show up in a urine test for marijuana? I like to smoke but my job frowns on it like most I would like to kno before I do it the test is at a local clinic nothing big I would like to kno soon…

  55. super flame hypnotic -was purchased and want to know ingredients and the effects that it has on the person who smokes it. Psychological and physical effects. Have a teenager and want to know. really did not realize how easily it could be bought at local head shops.

  56. hi . i am . on probation. and i have smoked k2 i gather.. (scooby snax.)
    will this show up in a (test redi) 4 pannel drug test for thc. opioates.. cocain. anouthyer drug of the probation office choice. please get back to me.. i never thought i would smoke k2. but i found myself wanting to smoke weed. and icannot. or i will be in jaill.. please get back to me.. thank you so much.

  57. My son recently got stopped at a DWI check point, he passed the alcohol breathalyzer but they still took him to jail and had him drug tested. my son admitted to smoking synthetic to the officer. weve been waiting almost 2 months for the test results and they aren’t in yet. Ive seen on a package of synthetic that it doesn’t contain the JWH. he says he will pass the drug test, Im afraid that whats taking so long is that theyre waiting a for a test that will throw a positive.

  58. i started smoking fake weed last year of october & i got addicted to it. i just got out of the hospital after 5 days, i drove myself there because i got paranoid and anxiety. i knew it was from the fake weed i’v been smoking whole day called the “wig-splitter” (which says that it was DEA compliant).
    everything came out normal on my blood test except that i had too much protein in my blood. and i am a healthy 30’s male.
    my question is that…would this fake weed affect our other organs like my kidneys?
    ya so for short…i quit smoking!!

  59. i just found out my son has been using California Dreams for a while now. one of his friends says he passes out or blacks out. It scared his friends, so they talked with my son yet he want stop. Two of his friends came and told me. He admitted it and now he is under house arrest. he promised me twice he had stopped and I caught him again. Now under house arrest some one is always with him pretty much. I also called all his friends and told them anyone caught helping him would be reported to their parents also. some have help me get names and locations of his suppliers. I have already dealt with those guys. now i am focused on my son

    I want a drug test for this stuff,, can anyone help me ? he is 21 and still allows me to father him to some degree…

    I love him dearly.. Help !

  60. ok so on 8/6/2012 i got busted with 5g’s and a one hitter, before this, all i had on my record was traffic tickets… (i live in houston texas) im just wondering if by now montgomery county is testing for every kind of fake bake and also what exactly happens if u fail a pee test for probation? do they lock u up or do they just fine u more and make u stay on probatioon longer??today was the most recent for me, i smoked kush… i start probation in 6 days

  61. i wanna know if ima fail my pee test by smoking this spice (k2) call king kong, cuss i heard that some stronge types of k2 show up on your pee test. and the pee test i take they send it to a lab. and im not an everyday smoker i just want to smoke a little but im afraid about failing my pee test

  62. I work in a rehab faucility and give drugs test daily and if you smoke spice it does come up positive only because it is tested separately from marijuana.

  63. and thep drug tested me the normal panels but they also sent it out to lab corp under 6473 whatever that is will my test come back negative please tellll me

  64. i smoked this stuff called cloud nine but its a herbal smoke blend that names all the additives it doesnt contain and it says does not contain no prohibited ingredients

  65. Hi
    My boyfriend was recently arrested and apparently the police found “Spice” on him and they said they tested it at the police dept. and it tested positive for marijuana. Can this be true? I’m a little doubtful because the cops here are really crooked and are known for lying to up people’s bonds so that they can get more money out of the prisioner or their family. Please help!

  66. Hello Jillian. I’d suggest that you ask your employer what you’re being tested for. I also looked online and could only find a reference guide to drugs of use. Follow these tabs for the same information:

    LabCorp{dot]com>Drug tests>Urine drug testing>Link in text

  67. Hi! Would you be able to tell me what the panel 737962 (also listed as H-737962) from LabCorp tests for exactly? I called their customer service line to ask, but they said they couldn’t tell me because I’m the one taking the test. Google doesn’t seem to be much help either. Thank you in advance.

  68. Hi guzman. Most drug screens do not include the separate and rather expensive outsourced lab screen required to detect Spice. But to err on the side of caution, it might be wise to refrain from using any kinds of drugs before a drug screen.

  69. Hi Muncho. I’d suggest that you call MedTox directly and ask a lab technician or administrator more about what is included in the test. You can even specifically ask is synthetic cannabinoids are included, and which ones. But most standard 10 panels test for and can detect the following drugs:

    Amphetamines (meth, speed, crank, ecstasy)
    THC (cannabinoids, marijuana, hash)
    Cocaine (coke, crack)
    Opiates (heroin, opium, codeine, morphine)
    Phencyclidine (PCP, angel dust)
    Barbiturates (phenobarbital, butalbital, secobarbital, downers)
    Benzodiazepines (tranquilizers like Valium, Librium, Xanax)
    Methaqualone (Quaaludes)
    Methadone (often used to treat heroin addiction)
    Propoxyphene (Darvon compounds)

  70. Did a Lil talking and found out that it’s possibly “OMG”, which play my research claims to be 50 state legal (even the iffy and funny about states) and a diff blend then anything out there. Yet can’t find what chemicals it contains, being a newer gen blend think this would show on current tests? And also if it does show would that be held against me if it truely is 50 state legal?

  71. What do u know about Medtox and the 10 panel tests? My copy of the test paperwork has 5 6 10 (panel) and other (which is checked) cant read the writing on the paperwork but looks like 10 panel (which I can make out) then some other letters that look like “exp” possibly and some more w/ the test code being 89470 which does not show up on the website under search test code. Anyways it’s a pre-emp test n I may or may not burn thru about 2G a week. Dunno named brand because since the federal ban have to get it from a head shop guy on the low in Lil plastic containers, last smoked Sunday and tested today (Friday) pretty much safe to say I’m caught? Or would a 10 panel pre-emp screen not show? Me and another lady who tested they allowed us to piss unsupervised and permitted us to flush, but when a diff fella had to piss I heard the head nurse tell the other one he had to lift shirt past belly button and drop pants mid thigh and make sure nothing was strapped to him, then said something about tests for synthetics. Only hope I have is maybe I will have a more basic test for the main 10 panel drugs while this other fellow was in for something more serious than a pre-employment screen thus that’s why they were so concerned about him faking but not me and the other lady…. I tried the method of eating fatty/greasy foods before wards to block the release of the stuff into the urine but now I’m gonna have to sweat it out for a few days and hope for a miracle…… Pretty much a long story just to see if 10 panel tests show synthetics even tho it’s not listed as one of the 10 and is it standard to test synthetics or is it more costly and employers shy from that test and also do u know the half lifes of synthetics and what the nanogram cut off is?

  72. My bf is in drug court. He has starting smoking a synthetic called Wig Scalper. He says it is undetectable. He gets tested at least once weekly and I am scared he will test positive. I do know his weekly test are urine, some of which are sent to a lab in California for further testing. I am not sure what lab, but do know they test for alcohol, since he has failed this one before. He also tested positive after use of synthetics before we met, which was 5 months ago. If anyone is familiar with this product, and the possibility of it showing a positive, please let me know.

  73. Hi Robin. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to detect Spice in someone exposed to second hand Spice smoke. I’d suggest that your friend request a re-test…and if possible submit a hair sample for analysis in order to seek innocence. It might also help to consult a lawyer well versed in the science of drug screening to pinpoint weaknesses in testing procedures, etc.

  74. I have a friend who was in a federal halfway house, the gave 6 guys a urinalysis and they all failed and sent back to prison. Two of the guys swear they never smoked it but were around the other guys smoking it. is it possible to FAIL without smoking spice?

  75. hey man just wondering i was in tha same room as a couple friends smokin some k2 like a joint or two but could smell it covered my nose with shirt and took a drug test for P,O should i pass just real freaked out should i be?

  76. If you smoke Gorilla Dro (Po Po) will you test positive for marajuana metabolites on DOT test at US HealtWorks here in Tx? Smoked it the night before random test at work. At home drug test was negative however it wasn’t the first void of the day. Please respond ASAP!

  77. Hello im from louisiana i smoke this stuff called pow reloaded aromatic sachet yesterday and i have a drug test comin up was wonder Does this stuff come up in drug urine test and hair test and does not have all the jwh in it. What can you tell me about that let me know

  78. hi has anyone ever smoked bizzaro spice i took one hit today and i could have to take a drug test anyday now im just wondering if its gonna show up or not or how i can clean it out of my system faster will alot of water work or cranberry juice ?????

  79. @Mary. Hi. I live in Lexington. Unless you’ve got a test for synthetics only you should be ok. Were you tested for it in the past? If not you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I doubt they’d waste the test on anyone they figure doesn’t smoke it. They probably do the standard tests on you like Brabituates, THC, Amphetamines, Opiates, etc. Let me tell you something, though. I smoked this crap for 2 years & it gave me brain damage & drove me insane simultaneously from Feb., 2012 until July, 2012. Clinically insane. I suffered from major psychosis. This shit will either drive you mad or kill you. Honest to God truth. I’m lucky I ever gained my sanity back. I want everyone to know. Stay away from any of it, but in particular, “Aztec Warrior” – that crap almost killed me. NO joke. And I was a regular smoker. Also stay away from “Head Trip”, it will drive you crazy. It all will, no matter what brand, but you should pass this info on to your friends in KY. It will give you brain damage, extreme psychosis/insanity or kill you. I hope you pass your test. Don’t touch it again. It’s Russian Roulette. It’s poison. Literally.

  80. Hi my name is Mary an I live in Ky..I smoked all diff kinds of the fake weed I have a P.O an I just got out of jail..I used to smoke alot of real weed until I got cought then i turnd to fake..I went awhole month without smoke but I smoked 10 to 15gs a day…I took 2 hits off sum El cheepo today my po calls an I have to take the test..Do u think it will show up? Im scared to death

  81. the kids on this nasty fake weed, came clean on a test from Medtox, I read the list of testing, it was a 10 panel, but the problem is, her PO sent a test out to Cal. How much better are the tests? The goof said she smoked the morning of both tests. She’s clean today, but I also read about the Honesty being the best policy, I agree, to an extent, but….with who? She got honest with me and a few others…worried about consequences…

  82. Ive Smoking The Spice’ Jazz Hypnotic’ & have my 1 st drug test on Monday… im really worried now that i see all this
    So does or has anyone smoked ” jazz hypnotic ” & passed a drug test???
    Cuz it claims to not have JWC… it says on the packet

  83. there testing for thc mainly but the girl knows i smoke spice so i believe she set it up for them to test for that also… i really want to quit smoking because im so addicted to it and im spending way to much money on it. ive spent over 1000$ in one week just in spice… i feel like i dont no how to live with myself anymore or how to stop. rehabs arnt going to get me to stop. I mean my daughter isnt even enough motivation for me to stop i feel so low and sad…. how pathetic is that…

  84. Hi richter. If they are testing for Spice and synthetic weed, and there’s a period of about 3 weeks between use and testing…it’s possible that the synthetics are still in your system at that time. Like THC, chemical cannabinoid compoundss can build up and are stored in the fat cells. So, it may take upwards of >30 days or so for Spice to leave your system, given you were a chronic, heavy user.

  85. im a heavy spice smoker always have been, I always smoked hammer head or mr nice guy until they banned it all again. as of right now i only smoke ak-47 Gold, almost 3 grams a day. my family and friends told me i need to quit smoking spice because i dont know what is in it. I decided to start smoking weed again so i bought 2 grams of REAL KUSH, i didnt get high off of it ( not like spice ) so i ended up getting rid of it. about 2 weeks later i got hit with a random at work, i obviously failed so they sent me to a rehab.. my first appt was august 30 they gave me a piss test to send out to the lab to test for spice and everything else and a quick dip stick. it instantly showed that i was still positive for thc ( which is ok ) my whole concern is my next appt is september 19 i want to know if i will pass the drug test for spice. I only smoke ak-47 gold 3grams a day or under.

  86. Hello helpp. It sounds like the state of Texas hasn’t yet started to test for synthetics…however, it’s possible that your probation officer also pee test you for fake weed. So, there’s no real easy answer. It’s possible that you tested positive for THC the last time you were randomly tested. And it’s possible that they test you for fake weed, too. The most reasonable suggestion I have is that while you’re on probation, follow the rules of the sentencing and stay away from drugs 100% to ensure that you are not caught.

  87. n before tht i had a drug test i was smokin ALOT i came out diluted cause i bought some detox drink called stinger so he called me to take another test and i just smoked 2hrs before he called :O i ran to the head shop n bought the most expensive detox thy had called detoxify?? drank tht wit 32oz of water made me piss quite alot went n took the test now waitin on the results …its been 5 days since he havent contacted me and i ahvent smoked since thn & now im tryin this fake stuff. so should i keep smokin this till my next test?

  88. i quit smokin weed for bout 4 days now. soo tonight i decided to smoke some venom shit i bought and it trippd me out lol lik wtff type of trip…. hahaha sooooo if i keep smokin this instead of weed will i get caught if i took a pee test???? i sty in tx and on probation i have a drug test on the 17th of step.

  89. Hello Alyssa. Thanks for your question. At the moment, Spice is generally not included as a drug of use in hair follicle drug screens. The hair assay technology is still rather expensive, and synthetic compound detection is also expensive. Perhaps one day, a hair assay will include the many different chemical compounds which are in Spice…but at the moment, the market supply for this technology is rather low.

  90. Here’s my question, how the hell can an employer fire you for synthetic weed that is perfectly legal to purchase at a gas station, smoke shop, etc. If it is legal then you should be able to sue them for wrongful dismissal. Dont lay down and take it, fight for your rights, the system needs to change and it never will unless we work together and stand up for what’s right. Drug testing as a condition of employment is a violation of our constitutinal rights and personal liberties. What I do in the privacy of my own home on my own time is my business.

  91. Hi Josh. That sounds accurate. Current drug screens for Spice target the “first generation” synthetic compounds like JWH and HU. So, as long as there are none present in Northern Lights Primo and Cheeky Monkey, you should be OK and have the Spice use go undetected. But beware….drug testing will become more sophisticated over time and will eventually include second generation synthetics, as well.

  92. they do test for synthetics, however I called the suppliers and they claim that they wont come up in drug test as they are compliant with all the federal laws on synthetics. Is this reliable?

    are there urine tests outhere that will pick up products regardless if they do not contain JWH or HU compounds

    Thanks allot!

  93. Hi Josh. Do the mines test for Spice/K2/synthetics?

    It’s likely that the THC will be out of your system for a drug screen in one month’s time. And given the time out, Spice will also (most likely) have passed through your system by then. To be sure, you can always order an at home testing kit to check your levels of THC. And stay away from the Spice…no more slip ups!

  94. Hey I have been reading this blog and can see that I have more chance getting straight forward answers here than anywhere else

    My situation is:
    11 weeks since any THC

    I smoked 3grams of Nothern lights Primo (which claims to be compliant with all the Federal Laws in Aus) about 2 weeks ago and product called Cheeky monkey which I had about 1 gram yesterday ( on the pack it says NO JWH, CP, HU or AM)

    I have a drug test for the mines any time from 78 hours- 4 weeks away, which will clearly be very stringent. I have lost a substantial amount of body fat over the last couple of weeks and I drink 2.5 litres of water a day and a minimum of 1l between cones.

    If you could advise me if I should be alarmed because I slipped up yesterday?!?!

    Please REPLY 🙂

  95. Hi Ross. Sorry – I don’t understand. Where you charged with possession of marijuana or another drug? If you smoked weed every day for the course of a couple of years, it can take up to a month or longer for THC to leave your system in detectable amounts. Smoking synthetics may not contribute to the detection of THC, but if you are tested for synthetics…it’s the same thing. Daily use can be detected for weeks after last use.

  96. i was recently charged with possession and will most likely have to take drug test soon. I haven’t smoked in 2 days, prior to that i smoked everyday for probably 1 to 2 years. About how long should it take to leave my system? & Is there aanything i can do to speed up the process? I have a fast metabolism and pee alot lol. And will smoking synthetics worsen the situation?

  97. Hi FLA Mike.

    a) Not to my knowledge. Synthetic tests are expensive at the moment ($60 each), which may be a financial barrier for insurance companies keeping an eye on the bottom line. But maybe someone else can weigh in on this?

    b) Cotinine, a chemical that is produced when nicotine is present, can stay in your system for up to 6 months. So you may want to revise your tobacco statement to be truthful.

  98. Also, our physicals are this Friday morning (today is Tuesday). Is that enough time for the synthetics to be gone considering that we don’t smoke it all day long? Thanks again.

  99. I’ve read most of the posts here trying to see if synthetics will show up when my wife and I are tested for life insurance. We both quit smoking cigarettes over a year ago but, up until July 4th, we still puffed (and inhaled) cigars a few times a day. We both smoked real weed until July 4th as well. Since then, we’ve been smoking synthetic called 7-11. I have no idea what’s in it but we plan to go without for three days prior to the blood and urine tests for life insurance. In your experience, a) will they test for synthetics for a life insurance policy, and b) do you think we’ve gone long enough without tobacco for them to believe us when we say we’ve never been smokers? Thanks for all the help.

  100. Hi locc. Yes, it seems that drug tests for Spice are mainstream in New Zealand. You can search Google using these terms for the latest news and information:

    “ spice drug test”
    “ spice drug test

  101. hi there im from newzealand and was wondering if they are testing for synthetics yet??? i no that some products have been banned here in the last two years and recently k2 has just been banned.

  102. Hmmm…it’s possible that you test positive for Spice even one week after quitting (if they use the Spice-specific test) because cannabinoids are fat soluble and stored in fat cells. Chronic smoking builds up the presence of metabolites over time, which take a while to clear the system.

    Please let us know how it goes for you.

  103. I smoked spice daily for about a month, haven’t smoked in one week test is Tuesday, handbook says no use of synthetic drugs so they might test for it, 5’6″ 150 lbs. Really nervous…. Thoughts

  104. I just had a hair test done by the company called Omega. I haven’t smoke weed in about a year. I have been smoking the spice called Black Mamba. I stopped smoking it Monday and today is Friday. Am I going to be ok and pass the test? ADMIN please help! this is driving me crazy.

  105. Hi nc boy. Yes. Two weeks time after ingestion for one time use of marijuana or Spice is usually long enough for the use to go undetected.

  106. hey i was wondering if i hadent smoked any weed for for mounths then smoked some real and the fake think it will be gone within two weeks only smoked a little bit and no more fake stuff was very bad exsperince b ut do you think it will be gone by then

  107. Hi Sadi. THC tests in a traditional 5 panel urine screen will (most likely) not be detected 6 weeks after use, although chronic weed smokers have been shown to test positive for THC 30 days after they stop smoking it. It really depends on your personal metabolism, age, height, weight, body mass index, etc.

    Also, most drug screens do not test for Spice at the moment. If you’ve been smoking daily for a while, a Spice test may be able to pick up your recent Spice use…but the test is usually taken as a different specimen and sent off to another laboratory.

  108. I have a test next Tuesday drug test, I use to smoke weed a lot… A lot. Now I’ve been smoking spice, different types, do you think I’m going to fail the test? Last time I smoked weed was a month and a half ago? Think I’ll fail?

  109. Amen ! lol i kept researching how long does it stay in your system but its says 3 days , or 5- 8 days , or even a month but i was sure it couldn’t be that long … thanks for the info im going to keep drinking water and working out just in case lol

  110. One time, binge use of Spice will probably be out of your system within a few days of smoking it. So even if the Monday drug test includes Spice compounds, you will probably test negative for use.

  111. i took about 8 hits of a spice called scooby snacks on tuesday , i have a drug test on monday , i drink gallons of water and work out alot during the week i should be okay right ?

  112. Hi jmama. As far as we know, hair samples do not yet systematically test for Spice. But this could change in the near future. At any rate, you can’t change your past drug use so you’ll have to take the test and find out.

  113. P.S. I am slim and athletic with a quicker metabolism. Please help me. Be brutally honest. I can barely get any sleep.

  114. Hello. I was duped into smoking spice. I thought it was a cigarette. I only took two drags before I realized it was not tobacco. I have a drug test coming up and I am so upset at being put in this position as I never do drugs. The drug test will be urinalysis and they will test for this spice thing. I will be taking the test 5 days after smoking it. Is it likely that I pop positive on this test after these 5 days? Also, what do you know of test strips for this K-2/Spice? My research found that they do exist. Are the tests more accurate now than 1 year ago? I am living in a constant state of fear and paranoia over my predicament. Please help me by sharing your knowledge.

  115. Hello scared to death. It’s hard to know what a “standard pre-employment urine dip test” is…but let’s assume that your employer is talking about a DOT 5 panel drug screen. In this case, NO. Spice and AM-2201 are not included on the drug panel. If you can get more specific information on the drug screen, we can help you further.

  116. i was using this as a legal substitue because I do have medical conditions…but now I am aware that AM-2201 has just reached Schedule 1 drug and is now illegal…of course upon hearing this I have stopped using it…but I am still scared that it will show up on the test

  117. Hello…I have to take a pre-employment drug test on Friday. I am a chronic smoker and use AM-2201. Will this show up on a urine test? I asked the employer what type of tests they used and what the turnaround time on results was and was told that they use the standard pre-employment urine dip test and that the reulsts are always back within 24 hours. I have read that to test for AM-2201 they would need a specific urine sample for that and that i t would have to be done at a lab. Should I be ok for my drug test?

  118. I really believe this stuff is horrible for you. I have never smoked it because YUCK, it smells like someone set the landfill on fire or something, but seriously I believe it is much more dangerous that any “real” weed you could find. I mean the problem is, who really knows what is in this stuff? I have a brother who smokes this synthetic stuff daily and seriously I think he is addicted to it much more than he ever was to marijuana. I think it’s like buying a bag of that potpourri stuff from the shelf at wal-mart and then coming home and soaking it in all the chemicals you find in your cleaning cabinet and then smoking it. This shit is killing people and hurting young kids…..maybe this will make the government legalize marijuana? Either way if you have to piss in a cup for someone, you should probably stay clean……..this stuff IS NOT POT (no pun intended) and NO GOOD FOR YOU!!

  119. Hello CHRISTI. Yes, urine dip tests do exist for Spice. But to answer your question, you would have to call your son’s place of employment and ask the human resources department for more information.

  120. We live in PA, my son was wondering if they have a dipstick in office yet for Synthetic , he smokes CAUTION.

  121. Hi Jay. Secondhand exposure to synthetic weed can theoretically be detected in urinalysis…but I’m not sure about the probability. Please let us know how the test turns out.

  122. I was around secondhand synthetic weed smoke, but it was outside. I am on probation and have to drop. What are the chances of that showing up on the test, even though I didn’t smoke anything?

  123. It is a simple concept. The hospital will not pick it up in a test. Probation cannot detect it in a test unless they send it away to the one lab in the world that has a test for 2/500 of the synthetic cannabinoid blends that exist. As far add duration goes or how long out ” stays in you’re system” each chem is radically different so there’s no way of checking. I like spice more then pot.

  124. On color code in the state of Iowa. Will I test positive for anything from something called ak47 grape ape or Bombay blue?

  125. Hi,
    Am about to get a drug screen in 3 weeks by pembrooke occupational health (partner of ADP Human Resources, an outsourcing HR company) for a job. I’ve been off the real stuff for 3 weeks now, but I have smoked a synthetic pot recently. Checked ADP’s website, and they said that pembrooke can do up to a 9 panel drug screen…just wondering if the synthetic stuff would show up for a test like this. Anyone been tested by this company before an know a little more about them? (google search wasn’t too helpful)
    Not sure what brand the synth stuff was cuz my friend gave it to me.

  126. I took a single little bitty hit of some mr. happy today. It was probably 4 or 5 little baby leaves that I jus packed into the tip of a cig. Im talming like barely any where you woyld think it wouldnt do anything but I definetly felt it. Will I test positive for a lab analaysis now? Anf how long will it show up. Littlr worried .

  127. Please let me know if you have the answers to the following questions:
    When was a urine test made for K-2 spice (cannabimimetics)

    If Yes, was it approved by the CDC- and FDA?

    How long can a urine test stay in a cup before testing?

    What can cause a false positive for cannabimimetics

    How reliable is this lab Phamatech?

    I would highly appreciate your response. My brother is in federal prison and they are constantly accusing him of having dirty urine for synthetic marijuana. He swears he is not using. He does not lie to me. Please help.

  128. Hi Angieboo. It’s hard to predict what a drug court screen will include. I imagine that there may be some combination testing to try to catch Spice use. The best thing to do to avoid consequences of drug use is to avoid drugs for this period.

  129. I get a 12 pannel drug screening every other week which is court ordered( this test was not sent to lab). They recently just ordered a synthetic testing as well which is every 3 weeks (this test was sent to the lab). Since these two testings are different times, are they likely to test for everything every time it is sent to the lab only for synthetic?

  130. Hi Richard. Each drug testing center has a its own internal coding system, so you’ll have to call the lab and ask a technician which drugs that specific test includes. They are generally very polite and helpful.

  131. I have read a couple of the questions here and the DEA compiant ones caught my eye.

    As far as I know the military is only able to test for the 5 main synthetic cannaboids that have been outlawed by the DEA. You have to figure if anyone is able to spend money on the expensive tests it is the Federal government. If they arent able to then its a safe bet you are good with the DEA compliant brands.

  132. Hi I am new to this site. I just got tested but my probation for spice. They send it to redwood lab. The sample I gave my PO was clear, maybe a lil bit of yellowing but I drank a gallon of water before the test. I smoked 3 kinds of spice. Chronic spice. Hysteria and brain freeze. I took a spice test and passed before drinking water before but but i was only smoking chronic spice. this time my PO said that the urine sample was too clear so he would have them check for gravity.. It was the same color as the first one but I think he’s suspects something. Do u think I will pass this test too? Also do u know what chemicals are in brainfreeze and hysteria. Its fairly new to the smoke shop I go to so hopefully it doesn’t contain anything redwood would test for.

  133. Hello Jack. Depending on the amount and frequency that you were smoking before this period of 2 week “detox”, synthetic marijuana cannabinoids can be detected (like THC) for weeks after last use. If you were a daily smoker, it is possible that these compounds can be detected, as they are lipid soluble and stored in fat cells.

  134. Hello Megajuana. I’m not sure whether or not this specific version of Spice contains the main JWH chemicals and compounds that synthetic marijuana drug screens test for. You’ll have to know the ingredients of D ZL 2nd edition domiana before you can know if drug screens will detect its ingredients.

  135. MNG: Demi-Glaze, as per my original post.

    @Jaseeka1986 Thank you very much, best wishes to you as well!

  136. Can you fail a drug test for D ZL 2nd addition domiana? i havent smoked spice in 5 months and ive heard this is safe and chemical free
    i get tested every monday

  137. @Test Subject, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Much love & I hope you have a great life, you deserve it, sir 😉

  138. Honesty is never the best policy(unless jailtime is OFF the table), because you never know if the P.O., judge or police officer is a bad person(they ARE people, too, many of then seek out jobs such as these for the power & many abuse opportunities), having a bad day, or just an abuser themselves on a power trip. If you’ve “made a mistake” by their standards(using), recognize it, have learned from it & are in no way shape or form in jeopardy of being having it known to anyone else, why make your situation worse by getting a felony conviction or jail or prison time if you know you won’t repeat it? Do you think someone getting their felony probation revoked fits the “crime”? Most of the time people’s lives are already bad enough by the disproportinate drug laws’ effects, many outweighing the drug usage itself intensely. For one, I think the health issues are punishment enough, and two, I think if they’re only hurting themselves it’s no one else’s business. If they hurt someone else, that’s obviously a different story. When you said “Honesty brings changes for people”, it brings jail time disproportionate to the “crime”, which is not the change they’re looking for. You also said, “And that seems fair enough to me”. People are not looking for your skewed opinion of right & wrong. They are scared & looking for facts. That is sick in my opinion to demean them. If you feel our laws enacted by the Drugs War until present, especially Drug Court laws, have intelligence behind them, you haven’t lived in the real world & seen the effects these laws have had on individuals. Judges, cops, are all people, and people have flaws. Ours are just more targeted & visible. These “drug Laws” have made criminals out of loving, caring, great citizens: young adults, adults, parents, grandparents who many are active in the community & you never know have an interest in this. God Bless all you great, loving, responsible people out there who may be caught up by the system or not.

  139. Still waiting on results. I can tell you this much though, If I had done the research before that I did after the test. I would not have thought that there was only a 72 hour window and I would be good with 8 days off. I would have treated it like Marijuana and not done it at all if there was a chance of a drug test. My only hope at this point is that the firm I am currently seeking employment, is not looking for the specific chemicals in my brand of “spice” and that all in it are “legal”. The firm I applied to states specifically the controlled substances in its employment guide that are not allowed synthetic cannobinoids is not listed and specifically listed ‘marijuana’ , the guide is up to date copyrighted 2012. So looks like I could be lucky and dodge a bullet. My advice, unless you like sweating, is stay away if drug tests could, at any point, be in your future.

    As a libertarian though if it is not illegal do what ever you want but 1 gram of this stuff should last a week or 2 easy….little goes a long way.

  140. I currently smoke HEADTRIP- could you point me to somewhere i could find the ingredients? Has anyone failed a syththetic test while using Headtrip?

  141. Me and my friend are smoking kush herbal incense and we are curious to find out how long it will be in the system, would like to find if it gets tested for hair folical. Would it be tested positive for urine test. PLEASE REPLY ADDICTION BLOG WE ARE VERY CURIOUS TO FIND OUT THE ANSWER. AND WE REALLY LIKE U R BLOG. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  142. Hi Mercedes. You may want to consult with a lawyer more well versed in your state’s drug court laws that we are here. But in principle, if you are on probation or are a part of a drug screening program, you are subject to random or planned drug screens that test for drugs which are illegal via state of federal law. And that seems fair enough to me.

  143. Hi Test subject. If you were smoking chronically, the chances of a positive test 8 days after last smoke are higher than a negative test. Also, synthetic tests are generally taken IN ADDITION TO a 5 or 7 panel test, so you would generally submit two samples, which are sent to two separate labs. But, the procedures might be different according to the testing center. So, let us know what happens.

  144. Hi James. Although excessive water can dilute samples, this will be noted on the drug screen. The previous smoke (2 months earlier) will not really be a problem, but your most recent smoke will. Please let us know how it goes.

  145. I am on probation, and I heard a rumor that probation departments were testing for k2 now. I am on felony probation, and all the people who were on misdameter probation and have to come drop everyday were called in to sign a paper stating they would now be tested and violated for k2. I was never mentioned this at all, I never signed a paper and my probation officer never brought it up to me. Can I legally be violated for something I didn’t know was against my probation? And I was smoking Dr. feel good, and I report on tuesday. I smoked today should I be worried?

  146. Took test May 18th, Lab corp, pre employment urine analysis. Only worried about Demi-Glaze (Mr Nice Guy 3G). Stopped smoking 8 days before 1 gram over 2 weeks….no idea if it’s 5 or 7 panel, thoughts? Will inform when I know results….

  147. Well look, I took the test already and waitin to get the results. I drank alot of water, and 3beers the day b4 and peed about 30times. Cus the day b4 that I took two hits. And n the morning peed 3 times before the test. And wen I took it, gave jus the middle of my pee. That mornin drank abig cup of coffee and a 20oz bottle of water goin there….. How do u think is gonna come out…..? And it’s been aweek and ahalf already….. The test was gonna go to a lab too, dats no doubt…..

  148. Day 18, the negative was there! Still very faint, but could see it right away.
    I just gotta say stay away from this stuff, is using it worth it?

  149. Hello James. Yes, you may be able to dilute drug screen test results for Spice by drinking lots of water. But then the test will appear as a “dilute specimen”, which is a red flag for drug use to the Medical Review Officer. Instead of trying to trick the test, we suggest a policy of rigorous honesty and responsibility for drug testing. Drug tests are in place to help people create a better life for themselves, not continue to live in an addictive cycle.

  150. Hello clutch. Sweat patches can detect several drugs, including amphetamine and methamphetamine, heroin, morphine,
    methadone, marijuana and phencyclidine. At the moment, sweat patches can possibly detect Spice or synthetic cannabinoids but have probably not been specifically developed for such. Drug testing for synthetic cannabinoids tends to lag behind drug manufacturing, as manufacturers are constantly changing chemicals and ingredients.

    This is not to say that Spice is a solution. Or can go undetected. Many probation offices now send urine analyses for 5 or 10 panel drug screens along WITH Spice specific tests.

  151. Hello Beam. If you’ve smoked herbal incense, it is possible that the mixture contains cannabinoids which are in Spice, and this can give a positive result for Spice.

  152. So I’m on probation and get tested for spice via lab urine analysis. I do not smoke spice or marijuana and my last test came up “detected” on a the lab result. Are there any products such as inscence that could give a positive seeing as it’s a pass/fail drug screen, or could secondhand exposure produce a positive result? I’m freaking out!!! Thank you for any help anyone can give me!

  153. Hello titano2. It seems like you got a 5 panel + a synthetic test. Please let us know how it goes.

  154. i took a 5 panel drug test for for my job. on the paper we sign it tells u what they r testing for THC, Coc, amps, OPI, and PCP……if they r testing for synthetics, wouldnt it also be be on the as the 6th panel. or would it fall under THC? The urine collection was split into 2 bottles and sent to Foresic Toxicology Drug testing Laboratory. ive been smoking kush, should i be worried, please answer asap!

  155. “after 3 days, a positive result… 6 days and still a positive… now 10 days still positive! I smoked on a daily bases for about 2 years.”

    Day 16: I think it is still positive, though I could see the faintest line on the dip. Controll line was bright. I understand that if you can see any line, that is a negative but in my opinion it was so faint that it would of still been sent to a lab for verification.
    Will try again in a few more days.

  156. Hi Motorider. Mouth swabs can detect THC for up to 3 days after use, or even up to a week in some cases. So, it is possible that a Spice mouth swab detect synthetic cannabinoid use 80 hours after ingestion, especially given the large amounts you smoked.

    We do recommend a policy of complete honesty during drug testing, especially if you want to change your life. Honesty bring about changes for people, and even though you face the consequences of your action, you become stronger when you are honest.

  157. I have a question for the synethic .. I smoked on Friday and Saturday a total of maybe half a gram and have a drug test for probation on Wednesday so it’ll b about 80hour window .. But I hear it’s a mouth swap and they rumor is they test for the synethic any help?

  158. I better add that I am no expert in this, just a x-user sharing my own experience with what is going on in my life.
    Hope I don’t get called in for a random at work in the next month, (Don’t know if my workplace even test for this yet, though I know they eventually will) cause I already got the short straw 3 times in the last 3 1/2 years!

  159. “after 3 days, a positive result… 6 days and still a positive… now 10 days still positive! I smoked on a daily bases for about 2 years.”

    Well, now day 13 and I was going to test again, but I got some more info from the treatment center. A fax came in just recently, I think from the MN department of health and human resorces. Didn’t get the whole scoop, but they say depending on amount of use it can come up positive for up to 6 weeks. So I’m gonna wait another week to test. I can only get so many test strips.
    Even after 13 days, I still feel some side effects from this poison, and it still sucks!

    Info on the package I have:
    DrugCheck Dip drug test
    Single Dip Cassette
    REF: 30122C
    LOT: PB-03296
    From Express Diagnostics Int’l, Inc.

    I’m sure that if this test comes up positive, they will send it to a lab for varification unless you fess up to using.
    Also these are supposed to find all synthetic pot, not just the first stuff that came out that is illegal.
    I will share my results again in about a week.

  160. I just found out I have a drug test Wednesday I quit smoking marijuana a month ago I’ve tried spice since then (I absolutely hate it and decided not to even mess with it) that was about a week ago since then nothing. I really want to pass this test (I’m not on parole or anything just trying to get a better job) do you think its going to be out of my system? I’m going to get a store drug test tomorrow and check but I know quest sends the tests out so even that won’t make me feel better. Also would a cleanser help I get such mixed answers whenever I ask anyone I know. I’ve also been told to take niacin. Please help! I really want this job thanks.

  161. I took a pre-employment hair follicle and UA test from Quest Diagnostics in October 2011 and passed while smoking a LOT of legal herb. I also took a standard five panel test for an expungement (quest diagnostics) a few weeks ago and also passed. Both times I was afraid of failing since I have been smoking the shit out of the store bought legal herb (that says “Lab certified contains no JWH” but as said above that means nothing). I am still smoking it and a friend called me today that his company (same industry as the one I work for) tested him and all of his co-workers for synthetic MJ and two of them have failed for it. I just wanted to let everyone know it is really hit or miss. A coworker friend of his passed one a month ago from the same company and took one this week and failed. So caution to all synthetic smokers: you CAN fail at anytime!! I have some right now and when I’m done with this bag I am never touching this stuff again…

  162. My wife works at a treatment center, so she has access to these new dip pannels for spice/k-2. Knowing that my work place will soon start testing for spice/k-2 (covers all synthetic weed) I was going to abstain for the 72 hours, test myself & when a neg came up I would go get some more and enjoy.
    After just a day with out, started to have the withdrawls as many others have experienced, and found these sights about this stuff. These horror stories are true.
    10 days later, they have subsided much, but are still there and suck. I have not and will never touch this stuff again, I like my life.
    Also, after 3 days, a positive result… 6 days and still a positive… now 10 days still positive! I smoked on a daily bases for about 2 years.
    My advice is quit now and if you know anybody that has never smoked it, but is considering it, try and steer them away.
    Oh yeh, I took it up at that time because it was legal, but more so because it WAS untestable.

  163. The federal gov’s sweat patch in KCMO doesn’t test for it. But I’ve found out the hard way they do test for “spice” in most urine tests. Like said previously…stay away.

  164. Hi in the uk can employers test for herbal incense, is there such a test available in the uk, i have smoked kanna black mamba thinking this was a legal blend but am thinking that this might not be the case and show up positive

  165. I just recently took a 6 panel(3703) ua in Pa. for probation and it was sent to pharmatec, inc. labs. do they check for synthetic weed or how can i find out?

  166. Hi Sol. Thanks for your question. As his friend, you may want to support your buddy’s decision to stay away from Spice by abstaining from it, as well (if you use Spice, that is). It is always helpful to be around people who are positive when trying to make a big life change.

    But my best advice would be to be honest about any type of drug use. Help is ALWAYS available to those who seek it, and as adults, we face consequences of our decisions, even if that means discharge. In my opinion, taking responsibility for our actions is what it means to have integrity and bravery.

  167. Hello I have been smoking Primo Herbal Satchet dailey for a few months now and was randomly tested at work. The package says it contains no banned substances and is DEA certified. Also they have a “lab report” posted on their website that says it contains none of the banned substances and alot more. I took a normal 5 panel test with no synthetic testing as far as I know this past Wednesday. It is now Tuesday and i am still extremely worried. The test had to be mailed to a lab. Do I have anything to be worried about ?

  168. we r fixing to get a stick test for synthetic weed wut chemicals do i need to look for in a urin stick test


  170. they have to do a spice test tho. it doesnt show up om a regular ome yet…. as far as i know. we all had a mandatory spice test. . it also took 9 days for them to get all the results. state- florida

  171. spice IS urine testable. i failed after a week of not smoking it and other people i know have failed 2+ weeks after smoking spice and 2 people also tested positive for cocaine from smoking spice when i violated papers for spice so did 8+ other people all smoking different kinds. my suggestion stop! ive heard as well that all 13 chemicals in spice may cause cancer. mind you-i exercise and sweat daily and still failed!

  172. Havent smoked in 2 1/2 weeks. When I did it was only one hit. 200+ pounds. 5″7. Will it show up on a navy synthetic drug test?

  173. hello. I have some synthetic that says it is lab certified and DEA compliant it is called mad monkey. can this make me fail if it says it is compliant with the DEA?

  174. Greetings –

    I have been trying to get info on a incense blend by the name of Diablo, my main concern was whether or not this product can show up in a drug urinalysis. I am currently on probation in the state of California and usually get tested each time I report.
    During my most recent test I got to get a good look at the test kit itself; it appears to be the standard multi-bar test that has been around for some time now, with one bar each for THC, Cocaine, Amph., M-Amph., Opiates, Benzos, and 1 or 2 others.

    My concern is whether or not the state is investing in new tests for incense blends such as diablo- even though the county I live in is very strapped for cash I still would like to know any solid info about the screening procedures, before I make a move to give this Diablo a try. This is just to make sure that I end up being completely safe about it in the end as best I can.

    Thank you very much.

    So far every link I’ve tried on Google has been a dead end

  175. If they legalized marijuana,people wouldn’t be smoking unknown chemicals.I smoked lots of them.Now they are junk weed not skunk weed.Might as well by pot again.DEA is forcing people back to Marijuana. Got to get a better job to afford it,before I get the right stuff. I am 57 years of age and still smoking.

  176. What drugs does sterling reference labs test for? Can they test for organic sachets( the new spice)? A list of everything hey test for would be nice.

  177. Hello,

    A friend was caught in a surprise military urine test this morning in an nrotc group. He had smoked a little bit of spice saturday night and sunday morning, and is not a regular smoker – he is in good shape as well. 82 hours have passed, and he is worried that the spice (called ‘Head Trip’) will pop up positive. Although he reads that it only lasts up to 72 hours, he cannot be sure if he is clean – is there any advice that you could give on this matter? (He has basically decided to go cold turkey – no point in going through all of this anxiety and possible health issues anymore).


  178. Hi Stefan. What state is the federal court located in? Also, you can check out some really good search results by Googling the phrase: “federal court drug screen”

  179. Syn – I found the most recent law (2010) put into effect in the state of Alabama about drug courts here:

    And you can find information about contacting your county drug court supervisors here (or maybe contact another county’s judge with your questions).

    If you have more questions, contact the Administrative Office of Courts and ask for help. Or maybe seek out the help of a drug court lawyer. Here is the contact information for your state’s legal center:

    300 Dexter Ave.
    Montgomery, Al 36104
    (334) 954-5000

  180. Hi Stefan. Who do you mean by feds? The U.S. military has been on the cutting edge of using random and mandatory Spice drug testing for a few years now. But is there a department that you are specifically thinking about?

  181. Hi Syn.

    1. Most synthetic weed drug screens test for chemicals called JHW, HU or CP. Check out some of our other articles here on synthetic cannabinoids (do a search at the top) for exact details.

    2. I don’t know. Good question.

    3. What state and county are you in? Also, give me some time to research the answers to your questions…they are good ones.

  182. Hi,

    I have a few questions about this drug too. I have a little background myself in this area just not with this particular drug. My daughter has been on a court orderes program for a year. She has been ridgidly doiing all they require. She lives with me and she drives over 100 miles round trip to go to their classes, courts, and testing. She was suppose to graduate April 29. She has never been sactioned. One month ago they sais she came back positive for alcohol two weeks prior (they have a machine but evidently choose to wait a week before using it on current samples). I digress my daughter came back positive for alcohol. We immediately told them to send it off. We paid to have this done. They told her that no one has ever sent it off and not been verified positive. She stressed out completely for two weeks knowing she did not drink. We did a lot of praying because the court systems are not trusted in this area. Two weeks later it came back negative April the 28th they called and told her she was eligible for graduation. Then called two hours later saying that the tests she took during our waiting period came back positive for K2. We immediately told them to send them off. First question: What are they testing for since there are so many additives? Second question: How long can a court lab hold someone’s urine before testing and it be accurate? Third Question: Are these court labs not cerified and their procedures not monitored by the State (because they are affecting people’s lives here they shoukd be monitored). My daughter did get to graduate with conditions. If these test come back positive she gets a really hard sanction and four more months, if negative her graduation stands.

  183. Hi eager2knw. Enough time has passed that the synthetic cannabinoids will not show up on a urine screen. And hair sample tests do not frequently test for Spice (too expensive). But to be sure, we recommend a policy of full disclosure because honesty, which is better than sitting it out and hoping that use is not detected.

  184. Hi Andre. We need to know what is in Dead Man Walking before advising on if the ingredients are detectable in a Spice drug test, or not.

  185. I have been smoking this substance called Aloha that I have been able to purchase from a gas station for a little over a month. There is a tiny sticker on the container that I believe claims it is lab tested or doesn’t contain jwh’s, but it’s very hard to read. I must get drug tested this week, the method will be a urine sample using a GC/MS. My questions are, does the GC/MS test for synthetic marijuana-like substances? Would something like Aloha show up on this test? If so, how long does this Aloha stuff stay in your system? I smoked it as early as this morning, and am scheduled to be teste tomorrow, however I can reschedule to later this week if there’s any chance I can remove this stuff from my system…currently freaking out

    Thank you

  186. hi my name is jessikah my boyfriend quit smoking regular weed by smoking the synthetic stuff and ever since then hes been very rude and its just gotten worse should i worry like the other night cause i had my tonsils removed and im on lortab and it makes me very sleepy i didnt know he knocked on our bedroom door we live with his mother and the door has locks on it and he hit the wall so i woke up and then right as i went to go open the door he rammed into it and broke it down and ripped off the door linning should i be worried. cause like when he doesnt smoke it hes perfectly fine but he constantly said i wanna smoke i wanna smoke so he will smoke the resin out of his pipe until he gets more of the synthetic weed is that meaning he is addicted to it??? please get back to me asap i need to know wat to do please i have a 5month old daughter i bring him around but hes fine wen he dont smoke it he wont smoke it around her or come near her high.

  187. Okay so I’m on juvinal probatipn but I’m 18 now, I smoked blue kush organic sachet yesterday (4/20). I have a drug test 5/10/12 I’m woundering a few things, if they test for spice will an organic sachet make you come up positive on the test? Also how long would the chemicals come up positive? I’m 18 years old 225LB and 6″3′, if that effects anything. And also could I show up on a normal drug test? An lastly do you think they’ll even test me for spice? I was caught for possession of marijuana. I’ve been to 1 other meeting, my dirt one and I was not drug tested at all.

  188. Hi i was wondering if i smoke this legal bud.. called Caution and my probation uses a dip stick test what are the odds off it showing up positive?

  189. Hi Addiction Blog, wondered if you could help me. I work a very good job that I want a career in, however I started smoking synthetic herbal incense over 6 months ago a few times a day with a few days break randomly. I now have moved to a new incense that states DEA compliant no banned substances lab certified. Legal in all 50 states. This particular one is alot less potent then the recent few that I had. Well anyway I had an work accident after smoking it about 6-8 hours previous I had to give a urine sample which will be shipped off to Labcorp for a Dot 10 panel 2-9 test results in 3-5 days. I drank alot of water and had virtually clear urine for the test, also I have prescription adderall which they said will be excused from the test. Labcorp says it tests for THC, Cannabanoids, Barbituates, Amphetamines, mdma, morphine, codeine, phencyclidine, methadone, propoxyphene, benzodlazepines, cocaine. I just want to know If what you think of my chances of a clean test? The one thing going for me is that this incense was new on our market only out less than a month. Please help Im in a life changing situation.

  190. My son is being treated for depression and bi-polar disorder with medication. He is also in rehab for drug/alcohol addiction. He was recently drug tested and came up “dirty” for spice using a new instant test that the rehab had received samples for. Could his prescription medications cause a false positive on a test used for spice? Any other plausible reasons for a false positive on a urine test for spice?

  191. Hi. I might be tested for drug screening in probably a month’s time. I had smoked junglemonkey twice last month around the 15th of March. The drug test could be a hair test or urine test too. Also,I am not sure what all components will I be tested for. This was the only time I smoked this and have not been into marijuana for like 2 years or so. I was eager to know whether there is a possibility of me testing positive. I am worried as I was told then that it was legal stuff by the friends who asked me to try it. bt nw I know that it might have contained JWH components which were banned like a year ago. request you to respond to this. Thanks!!!

  192. Hi Researcher. False positives do not occur too often when testing for Spice or K2. Instead, K2 drug tests are designed to pick up multiple compound metabolites. In fact, because the metabolites are so distinct, there are no cutoff levels required for detected in industry leader urinalysis testing.

  193. Hi Tony. I’d suggest that you follow the guidelines of your probation. Planning a relapse doesn’t sound good in terms of making a long term change in your life.

    Hi Sal. It sounds like your house arrest officer is attuned to what is happening with you. I cannot tell you how often, who or how law enforcement departments order synthetic marijuana drug testing. This would be a question for someone who works internally. But I would encourage you to either be honest about your drug use or face the consequences. Trying to dodge the authorities may last for a while, but in the end, it will catch up with you.

  194. I’m on juvenile probation in house arrest officer told me I might be tested for spice so I stopped smoking it while on house arrest
    When I get off C.D.he will not be my officer any more and my regular P.O.swiched to adult probation,so I currently have no P.O.i smoked it all day every day when I was not on C.D.and had no problems. When I do get off C.D.i was thinking about starting again. I know they cost extra. How do they specifically order them? Who specifically orders them? And how commonly are they ordered?
    Please get back to me ASAP

  195. Hi Addiction Blog,
    4-20 is coming up and i have been recently put on probation with alcohol and drug testing with what looks like the same type of testing as the cup in the above picture, i’m wondering on 4-20 can i smoke k2 and pass the drug test i have to take?

  196. Hi Outkast – Most Spice tests are outsourced to laboratories, so would be sent out to a lab.

    Hi Tina – Home drug tests do not yet have the ability to detect synthetic cannabinoid compounds. Depending on patterns of use (frequency, amount), synthetics can remain in your system for days to weeks after use.

    Hi Jake – Yes. If the urine anaylsis is designed to detect synthetic cannabinoids, you do have a chance that use will be detected.

  197. Hello, I just smoked some k2 on Saturday and had to drop a ua today on monday an it tested for k2 would it come back dirty ?

  198. Hi Troy. Most saliva based drug screens are not yet manufactured to include synthetic cannabinoids. Instead, swabs are usually used for the more common drugs of abuse such as cocaine, marijuana, opiates, opioids, and benzidoazepines. You will most likely test negative for Spice.

  199. ive also read and have been told that the saliva swab testing is only used for detecting recent use of marijuana and other drugs 12-24hrs since the drug was ingested because of how our cheek folicals work is that true because if it is i should have nothing to worry about

  200. hey i smoked the synthetic marijuana aloha about 2-3 weeks ago and today i was given the saliva swab drug test will i pass it?

  201. I recently bought a small package of 24 Karat Gold Ak-47 spice at a head shop and was wondering if you knew much about it. I know that it states the illegal products (JWH-018, JWH-037, JWH-200, CP-47, CP-497) are not contained in the spice, but the details could be false. I was wondering if this type of spice can show up on a First Choice urine test at home? I also am tested at the doctors as well and was wondering if anyone had any type of positive test result from smoking this. Also, how long, if you have tried this kind, does it stay in your system?

  202. i have to see my po tomorrow he dosent usually drug test me and when he does it never goes to the lab. i would like to know if spice can be detected there in a test or if it has to be sent out to a lab

  203. Hi Daniel. If your contact with fake weed is isolated to only this one event, you have a good chance of testing NEGATIVE during a urine drug screen one week later. But we can never know for sure. What’s the test for? If you’re on probation, we do recommend a policy of honesty.

  204. Hi drug court. Thanks for your question. It really depends on the length of your body hair or head hair. On average, it’s 90 days because that’s the length of hair available for sample testing.

  205. i already took a urine test specifically for spice and passed do im not worried about that just the hair test is up in the air some people are saying 6 months others 90 days….

  206. i have to take a hair test for synthetic spice will it show up and how long do u thing it can go back to? i smoked likke a month ago….

  207. ok so i smoked this fake weed called”Dreams” that i bought at a local gas station and i only took two hits of it and flushed the rest because it make me trip out and ade my heart start racing..I am being tested for fake weed next week and i was wondering if it will show up or not?? Im not sure what the product contained…please let me know ASAP…please..

  208. Thank you for explaining thca. Wasn’t real sure about that one at all! My son did pass and started his new job today. I’m guessing they probably didn’t test him for synthetic marijuana… hoping he learned from this!

  209. Hi Jay. More and more colleges are testing for synthetics. I checked out the Drug Free Sport website, and found that they test for steroids, masking agents and “drugs of abuse”. I’d suggest that you call them (816.474.8655) to confirm what tests your university has requested. Ask specifically if they will be testing for HU-201 or JWH compounds. Good luck and let us know if you need help or support for withdrawal and detox from Spice.

  210. Hi. I am a college athlete and recently smoked aloha,zombie matter, dead man walking and space cadet 100x. I get tested by drug free sport, do you think they test for the chemicals in those blends. I recently quit all smoking to get my life together and focus on my sport. Thank you…

  211. Hi ola. 10 panel tests vary. But as far as I know, most do not yet include synthetic weed. If you don’t have the name and series number of the test, I cannot look further into it.

  212. i use this stuff called g6 aromatic incense and on the packaging it states that it does not contain JWH-018,073,081,200,250,HU-210,211,CP-047,497,55,cannabicyclohexanol, or salvia. should i be worried about a ten panel drug test i have to take on monday please reply as soon as possible.

  213. @Brandon I just read your other posts, and if you’ve already told them you smoke it, then they may try the ‘ol bluff on you. I’m a great person; I’m just used to the system tearing lives apart when they should be helping. If they cared they’d put you into contact with a counselor or something, but it’s just a cold hard truth about any state system that you cannot be honest with them to get a better standing, it just won’t happen. To them, we’re the criminals-by their standards aka “laws”-(even though we’re not & are beautiful people inside & out). You are a good person, Brandon & that’s all you need to know, find & get in contact with someone who loves you, Love is what will heal us from this ordeal. And the state, especially the state of Texas, has NO love for us. We give them a reason to make money(court costs, fines et cetera), so they’ll do anything to keep that going. Just remember you cannot trust state officials to do the right thing, by telling them you do it, that already counts as a dirty, but they didn’t tell you that. Just know this for future reference. I have much love for a younger person going through what I went through hwehn I was younger, Brandon & I know since you’ve stopped smoking this poison you’ll just keep getting better & better form this point on. God Bless.

  214. @Brandon, NO! Do not tell them before it comes back dirty, if you do & it doesn’t come back dirty, you’ll face jail time, our system has no compassion or logic. Trust me, there is no test they have to prove you’re smoking it, Some PO’s will use the fact that you’ve told them & make you THINK it came back dirty to get you to confess to get you jail time. PO’s are people just like us & some are bad people, most in my experience. They’re just there to do a job, not help you(there may be 1% out there that really care, but even then if you confess there goes your freedom, it’s not right, but it’s self preservation & it saves you from getting MORE of a record. Just as long as you’ve stopped smoking it’ll be ok & you won’t have to worry about it ANYMORE.(which I see you say you have, good because it can kill you)And that alone is it’s own freedom. I just had to say something because I get drug tested & our system doesn’t care about honesty, they don’t care, period. But we do. And we will help you. God Bless you & things will get better, just heed my warning, please, because I’ve been there & know there are people who wan t to see the stigmatization perpetuated at your/our expense & telling the truth to people in their line of work just isn’t logical. God Bless you, Much Much love to you.

  215. i have to take a 10 panel ua test for work and i use g6 herbal insence and i was wondering if it will show up on the test or not please respond asap if possible i test on monday.

  216. Hi Brandon. IF you are ready to face the consequences, then yes…tell your PO. It’s always better to be honest and try to change than to hide and run.

  217. Hi Worried Mom.

    7 panel tests vary. But as far as I know, most do not yet include synthetic weed. They do, however, include testing for marijuana and THC. So what is THCA?

    As you probably know, the principal psychoactive agent in cannabinoids is delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is metabolized extensively in the liver and the major metabolite is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol 9 carboxylic acid (THCA or THC-COOH). Certified laboratories are required to use confirmatory testing that specifically identifies the major marijuana metabolite, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid (commonly referred to as THCA or THC-COOH). In other words, the immunoassay procedures detect multiple metabolites of marijuana, while the confirmatory test specifically identifies and quantitates delta-9 THCA.

  218. Hi Brandon. Yes, if the county probation office has a problem with K2 and the funds to provide for the testing, they will most likely outsource the testing to a lab that specializes in detecting synthetic marijuana or cannabinoids. If you have the opportunity to disclose K2 use to your probation officer and have been using, I’d suggest that you volunteer the information. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to taking responsibility for drug use.

  219. Still no news n it’s been over 48 hrs. Is no news good news. I sure hope so! I called lab corp yest n asked what tests most companies screen with n they said 5 or 7 panel tests usually. Mind u ive called their 1-800# a couple of days ago n asked if they test for synthetic cannibinoids n their reply was “yes we do” now my question is: does a 7 panel ua test for synthetic marijuana? What is thca? Yes thc with an a

  220. Hi Jiggy. Probably the best way to find out the content of POW are to send the ingredients to a lab yourself for analysis. Each blend can contain different quantities of synthetic, and there is no standard.

    Redwood is still ahead of the drug testing curve, and I believe is the most widely used lab for synthetics, especially urine based drug tests.

  221. Thanks for the quick reply, one more question, how long would you have to be clean from smoking marijuana before a hair analysis?

  222. Hi I just got out of prison about 2 weeks ago, ive been smoking POW satchet from Metairie,LA right outside of New Orleans, it is DEA compliant, the package and the people at the shop assure me it contains absolutly NO synthetic cannabanoids of any kind ( which I find hard to believe since its so strong ) Ive been researching and smoking synthetics for about 3 years now, I wanted to see if anyone knows what exact chemicals are in POW and are they currently detectable in a panel test, and/or the more serious gs/ms type test? Also I wanted your opinion as to if Redwood is the the utmost authority on the subject, I know they were before I went to prison? any help would be appreciated, and I must say POW is an excellent product, very very strong, but the hang time is not that long,

  223. Hi Worried Mom. If your son smokes chronically, the synthetic cannabinoids might show up past the 2 days detection window for a urine based test. But time will tell.

  224. Sry I should add he had quit smoking it 60 hrs before the test. Does anyone know if the banned chemicals are in venom, train wreck or Jeffrey? Ty again

  225. My son just went for pre employment drug screen yest. It is thru lab corp and it is a urinalysis and they do test for synthetic marijuana. He smokes venom Jeffrey n train wreck excessively. He wasn’t aware he could fail for store bought marijuana. He stopped smoking it Sat at 3am I’ve been cramming water cranberry juice n working him so he could sweat it out. He’s a small build about 5’8 140lbs tops. This is an awesome, high paying career that my 18 yr old son may have lost over a decision to smoke this stuff he can buy in the store. Will let y’all know how we come out. Ty,praying n worried mom

  226. Hi yoli. Thanks for your question. Some companies may be looking into testing hair samples for synthetic herb, but as far as I know, the only tests that are accurate and in use now are urine drug screens for synthetics.

  227. My husband is a truck driver and will be drug tested through hair analysis, will synthetic herbal smoke test positive?

  228. Hi Joe Dirt. IT sounds from your message that you tested positive for Spice recently. Can you be more specific and let us know what type of drug screen (urine, blood, hair, saliva) that detected Spice use? And what was the drug screen name (manufacturer code)?

  229. Hi Dewayne. Thanks for the update. I hope that you are able to stay off Spice while working with Patterson. Did you get the job?

  230. Hi kitty. Yes, as long as you don’t take more Spice you should test clean for a urine screen. But it might be helpful to disclose use to show honesty. If you are serious about getting clean, telling your probation officer about use builds trust and respect.

  231. hi. im not on probation yet but i smoked some “aloha spice”. and my trial will be in like a month. do you think i will be ok by then ??

  232. Hi Marley. It would probably be best from here on out to stop smoking Spice totally. Do you think that you are ready to take this step?

  233. revocation.Jail time. I was accused of smoking it within that 3 day period though. I hadn’t smoked. I also don’t think the single panel test could have caught it due to the rarity of my smoking habbits (and the research I’ve done). Am I making sence?

  234. Hello Marley. If you smoked Spice and it has been detected in your system, the best path forward is to take responsibility for your actions, and not look for loopholes. What consequences are you facing as a result of a positive K2 urine screen?

  235. Hi. I failed a k2 spice test (single panel) and was accused of smoking spice. I hadnt smoked for a week before that (7 days). It is bieng sent to a lab for confirmation. do you think the test picked up traces? and will the lab detect it? Its been 6 days and no responce from the lab yet. oh and I rarely smoke everyother weekend maybe 5-7 hits. Thanx for your time.

  236. Hi again, Dewayne. Researchers really don’t know how long Kush will stay in your system, because the drug is really new and has not been tested on human subjects. It’s most likely not going to show up on a hair follicle test, but please let us know and keep us informed of the results.

  237. Hi Dewayne. Thanks for your question. Do you know if the hair follicle test is specific to synthetic marijuana? If not, the synthetic marijuana should not show up. You can check with the human resources department at Patterson to confirm the type of test that is required.

  238. Hi I have to take a hair follicle with Patterson drilling I’ve been smoking Kush a lot lately will I pass I does it show up cause thay going back 90 days

  239. i am still trying to find out if g6 herbal incense will show up in an employment drug screening if any one knows please reply

  240. Hi ola. Thanks for your question. Most pre-employment drug screens do not include synthetic weed because it is TOO EXPENSIVE. What is the name and number of the drug screen that you need to take?

  241. Hi nikki. Most likely, no. Most probation offices do not want to spend $60 per test for synthetic cannabis. But, in the interest of your sentence and in being honest, it might be good to let your probation officer know what is happening up front.

  242. Hi Sam. Just don’t trust the labeling on synthetic cannabis packs. The manufacturers are not required to print ingredients, and it isn’t really to their benefit to do so. Just be cautious.

  243. Well my company started testing for it and I just wanted an idea, but when I get a pack I will type what it says on the back

  244. Hi Heath. Thanks for your question. Depending on the length, color, and dye in your hair, hair test samples for drugs usually detect drug use up to 90 days back in time. However, I am not sure if hair testing has been developed for synthetic cannabinoids, or not. I will look into it and get back with you.

  245. Hi Sam. New Dimension can show up on a urine/piss test made specifically for the chemicals present in the incense. But these tests are expensive and infrequently used. Do you know exactly what kinds of chemical synthetic cannabis is in this type of herbal incense?

  246. Hi Funny. Thanks for your question. Certain compounds in legal herb are still “legal”, while others are not. This is because governments cannot keep up with the laboratory synthesis of different cannabinoids in order to ban them. They are being produced quicker than laws can ban them. Laws need to define drugs chemically, and these drugs are being changed and tweaked enough to evade the law. Another reason it’s so dangerous to use. If you smoke herbal incense, it is like you are a human guinea pig.

  247. my Q is if it is legal then how would you get it in troble for using it. You can buy it at the store how can the gov say you can get in for a drity ua. It is not mary jane it is like its cousin but it is legal.

  248. More on the Quest Diagnostics UR Drug Screening 6633N SAP 1050 GC/MS.

    6633N = Quest reference number, like a bar code

    SAP = “substance abuse panel”

    1050 = not quite sure

    GC/MS = Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

    From what I can understand, this is a 10 panel drug screen that uses Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry technology for drug confirmation. The GC/MS manner of drug testing is facilitate with the help of computerized machine which transforms a urine sample to a gas. The test is fairly accurate, and the possibility of false positive tests is low.

    Cannabinoids are included on the test. I am NOT sure of GC/MS screens will include synthetic cannabinoids, or only THC. There is no harm in calling Quest and asking them directly. From what I know, standard drug screens are screening for THC metabolites and cannot yet detect synthetics…although the technology is rapidly changing as new synthetic testing methods are appearing. I might actually call Quest and check it out myself!

    Do you know what type of drug test your psychiatrist used? Did your psychiatrist used a quick urine screen or did the doctor send it to a lab? Ask your psychiatrist’s office for more information, so that you can compare the tests…and then you will know more about your odds.

  249. I have told him that I smoke the synthetics to help calm me down and relax so I can sleep at night since the medication he gave me for sleeping stopped working. I specifically told him, “I have no coping skills, I need to learn better ways to cope” but he almost brushes my comment off, suggestion that i call my insurance to find a therapist close to my home. I looked up what JWH and HU compounds are NOT in scoobie since i haven’t found a list of ingredients and it said: “Scooby Snax 4g Does NOT Contain: JWH-081, JWH-019, JWH-018, JWH-073, HU-211, JWH-015, JWH-200, JWH-250, HU-210, CP47, 497 Along with Stimulant BZP and TFMPP.”

    Do you mean you want me to list the JWH and UH compounds I think are present in Scoobie Snax to the people at Quest when I go in?

    Thank you for your help!

  250. Hi Jen. Thanks for your question. Keep in mind that psychiatrists are experts in mental health. Perhaps it wasn’t a drug test thhst alerted your doctor to comment about drug use, but symptoms or behaviors that you exhibit during a session. Can you be honest with your psychiatrist and talk about why you smoke synthetics with the same effect as THC at night? Some kind of coping mechanism is going on and it would be good to get it out in the open.

    As far as the pre- employment test….let me check into it. You can also call the Quest Labs directly and ask if this particular test screens for synthetic cannabinoids, and then list the JWH and HU compounds that you think may be present in Scoobie Snax.

  251. I smoke something called Scoobie Snax at night usually. Last night was the last time I smoked it. When I went to my psychiatrist last week he asked me why I was smoking weed and I told him I wasn’t but something showed up on the drug test to make him think that. Now I have finally gotten a job after 3 yrs of trying and I need to take a drug test by Monday…what will show up? The sheet I have to take to Quest Diagnostics says UR Drug Screening 6633N SAP 1050 GC/MS if that means anything to you! I have no clue why my doctor said that to me and now I am afraid it will show up. Will I be ok for a test tomorrow or Monday?

  252. Hi Candis. It sounds like you are really trying your best. Have you asked for another drug screen to confirm the first? Perhaps a hair based sample may be more precise…although they are expensive, hair testing can show when and how much of a substance is in your system.

  253. thank you for answering my question I really appreciate it .Well today is day 45 being drug free and I am proud of myself as for telling my probation officer,I have been honest with everyone bout everything you are exactly right being honest is the greatest thing and since I have been being honest it liberates me.I just dont understand that 45 days after smoking the last marijuana and now on the synthetic I have not smoked any since Monday evening.One of the main reason I quit smoking was because I am looking at a long time away from my 11 year old daughter if I fail any more drug screens.I have been clean since january 24,well havent smokes since january 23 was my last day of use. Now my probation officer made me sign a paper saying I would stay clean and I have except for that synthetic crap now if that dont show up in the drug tests why am I still showing thc in my system. If you know of any reason I am dirty please let me know But like I said yesterday I swear on everything I have NOT smoked any illegal anything .Thanks again I am waiting for your comment thanks candis

  254. i recently smoked new deminsion organic sachet, its lab certified and contains no form of synthetic. I actualky mixed it with a black and mild and took a drug screen the next day. Will it show up on test? Help please!!

  255. Hi Candis. I know that you probably don’t want to her this, but I suggest that you reveal everything to your probation officer that you have posted here. If you are ready for a new life without drugs, then honesty is the way forward. If you are trying to beat the system, I can only tell you that urine screens usually detect THC for 2-3 days after use, or a couple of weeks after chronic use. And synthetic cannabis tests which are urine based detect use 2-3 days after use…although I’m not sure about chronic use.

  256. I have not smoked real marijuana(not spelled right) in 43 days and I am still coming up positive on my home tests.I have smoked synthetic weed a few times. I first tried the Styker XL,then I tried Zombie Matter and lastly I had Melon Eraser. These products were used over a 2-3 month period. I smoked the last of the melon eraser yesterday.I have to take a test gor my probation monday march 12th.And If I dont pass I am going to be in alot of trouble. They will never believe I quit smoking the real weed and I swear on everything I love that I have.I want to know if this stuff is making me fail my home tests. The test that is giving to me is a urine test that is placed in a large clear cup that you put the lid on then flip it up side down for a couple of minutes then you flip it back over and the lid will read the results red lines show if its not in your system if it IS in your system there is NO line. HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

  257. Hello ola. Thanks for your question. It might be difficult to trust herbal incense labeling, because product manufacturers are not required by law to list actual ingredients. So, you can’t really trust the manufacturers and believe that non-banned synthetics are not present in the blend. That’s number one.

    Secondly, although random drug testing does not usually include synthetic weed, more and more employers are willing to pay the extra cost for synthetic cannabinoids urine tests, which are accurate and can detected use 2-4 days after consumption.

    Check with your employer to know what kind of drug testing standard they use. The human resources department should be able to answer this question for you.

  258. Hi Jessica. Thanks for your question. Most synthetic cannabinoids trigger reactions in the body similar to THC. But synthetics metabolize (are broken down in the body) and are broken into metabolites different than THC. One possible explanation that you tested positive for THC is that you smoked cannabis (hash or marijuana) without knowing it. Another explanation, especially in cases of hair sample testing, is that past used of cannabis has been detected.

    What type of test did you take?

  259. i use this stuff called g6 and i am not sure what is all in it but it does state on the package that it does not contain any of the ingredients lists on the dea ban so can you tell me if anyone using this product has failed a random drug test by your employer

  260. Hi Maggie. From what I see on the MedTox Lab website, they have developed a urine screen specifically for synthetic cannabinoids which detects JWH-018 and JWH-073, as well as:

    JWH 250
    JWH 122
    JWH 398
    JWH 200
    RCS 4
    AM 2201

    Was your friend tested for this?

    If so, you will have to cross compare the ingredients in Diesel Spice with this list of synthetics. But generally, in urine based samples, levels of synthetic weed in the body can be detected anywhere from 24-72 hours after use.

  261. pls hurry….this is urgent! also, she is not a smoker @ all. 1st time in a couple weeks…if that makesa diff. thnk u

  262. hi, my friend has to take a drugtst for medtox lab and she smoked diesel spice monday night and they tested her today @ 3….the spice bottle says labcertified….wil it show up? if so…its been almost 72 hrs could it be out of her urine if so?

  263. Hi Kurt.

    In general, the half life of compounds found in synthetic weed is somewhat longer than THC (3-4 days). Detectable levels of synthetic in the body vary by use, but can be from 24-72 hours after use. Urine based tests for JWH-018 and JWH-073 have a detection window of up to 72 hours.

    I’m not sure if synthetics are fat soluble, or not. If you let me know the exact compound, I’ll try to found out.

  264. Thank you for the info, I was unaware of the legality of labeling, its always a downside to anything you put in your body, its never clearly stated.

    I am not sure, Its probation in texas for a misdemeanor marijuana charge. I haven’t had my first drug test yet, I went through intake on the 17th. I was told by the judge to inform my PO them of my last day of smoking marijuana (feb 15) and when they do the first test it won’t be counted as a dirty UA. I go in sometime next week.

    Is it possible for the Synthetic Cannabinoids to stay in your system for more than two weeks?


    Are they fat-soluable?

    Thanks for the quick response last time


  265. Hi Kurt. Thanks for your question. Labeling on Spice packaging cannot be trusted. Manufacturers are not required (and simply do not) list the synthetic products that they spray on the “natural” herbs. Manufacturers of Spice are not regulated and are often unknown since these products are purchased via the Internet whether wholesale or retail. Several websites that sell herbal weed are based in China. Some products may contain an herb called damiana, which is native to Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

    And there are many different types of synthetics that laboratories develop in order to get around being “legal”. In addition to JWH compounds, there also exists HU-210, CP-47,497 and other THC analogs. The main thing that they have in common are that they are powerful cannabinoids that cause potent reactions in the brain.

    Does your test include synthetic cannabinoids, or not?

  266. Hi Jose. Can you help clarify your question, please? Are you smoking and being testing for THC or for synthetic marijuana?

  267. I recently smoked some “50 state legal” blend named “Family Guy” on the package it says it contains no JWH compounds. . . or maybe it listed only about 7-8 that weren’t used. Does that mean that they could use other ones that haven’t been banned in texas? Or does it truly make it an all herbal blend. . .I have a drug test in around 10 days or so, and was curious if I have anything to be worried about.

    Another question, most of them have a list of ingredients on them, mainly flowers and leafs etc, do they add anything else to the “50 state legal” brands?

  268. so i smoked .5 10$ worth of weed on the 10th and have a drug test tomorrow i been drinking a lot of water and some green tea do you think i will pass or fail?i havent smoked like in more than a month after that and it wasent much that i smoked im about 5’7 175lbs if that helps?

  269. Hi Jeff. Thanks for your comment. Point taken.

    University sports programs may be starting a new standard for drug screening for “legal weed”. The testing standards, however, have not yet changed …. and until day-to-day clinics include a specific test for synthetic cannabinoids on their panels, these drug tests are priced out of the market for most institutions.

  270. Caution Super strong incense claims not to have any illegal sythetics in it , Red wood Tox report came back Positive , Careful they have a new Extended panel.. GL

  271. Hi ty and insence. Yes, it seems logical that a bag of incense that claims that it “contains no synthetic cannabanoids” would not contain JWH. However, unless the incense has gone through lab tests for verification, you cannot know what was really in the bag.

  272. Helps a little, the incense says it does not contain any synthetic cannabinoids, and urine tests for metabolites, thus my question is, if the blend contains no synthetic cannabinoids, will i fail my test because any metabolites wer detected?

  273. ok,thanks for getting more question, if jwh is all that can test positive..does that mean if a bag of incense says “contains No synthetic cannabanoids” this can NOT be tested at all since it does not have jwh??

  274. Hello insence. Most probation drug testing kits do not include drug screens for incense blends (they are too expensive). But if your county or state drug screening board has the funds, they might include JWH screens as well. Does this help?

  275. Hello ty. One problem with synthetic weed blends is that companies that produce the stuff do not list ingredients. So, I’m not sure (and can’t find info yet) about what’s in Diablo. As far as I know, synthetic weed blends right now only test positive for JWH-108 and JWH-073. Perhaps you can update us and let us know what you learn?

  276. I have a drug test tommaro for probation, i smoked the legal insence in illinois and it says it does not contail synthetic cannabinoids, will the test come positive, plz i need answer asap

  277. i was told that the oil rig company H&P drilling does random test and can test for everything including synthetics… wanting to know if they honestly can test for synthetics(diablo)? or if they only test for certain jwh ? how long does diablo stay in your system??

  278. My husband was just notified that his company has picked up a new contract with a local refinery that requires anyone working there,even contractors,must first initially pass a hair follicle test.My husband smokes fake bake,Kush,if im not mistaken-but its the new blend that supposedly doesnt have any of the JWH etc etc in it.Anyone know if any hair follicle tests are now testing for synthetic marijuana? Since its not his company thats testing,we dont know what type of test it is.His boss doesnt even know and hes freaking out because he said legally if my husband fails his test,then he MUST fire him-even if its another company that is testing him.Yes i know all the dangers and so does my husband,but I havent been able to get him to quit no matter what i say or do even though he is aware of all the dangers and consequences…

  279. Hello RJ. It depends on if your opiate treatment program tests specifically for “legal weed” blends containing synthetic cannabinoids. Most likely, the screening series does not cover synthetic weed. But it is possible. You need to ask the clinic in order to know what is covered.

  280. Got the Black Mamba and I am in the Methadone Maintnence Program-Anyone know about how their test would go? I know they send it to be tested.

  281. Why not just find a better recreational activity and stop messing up your brains with drugs in the first place? There are a lot better more worthwhile pursuits in life than trying to find out how to beat the system because you want to do something illegal and harmful to your body.

  282. Top-ranked LSU suspended cornerbacks Tyrann Mathieu and Tharold Simon and tailback Spencer Ware from the team after they tested positive for synthetic marijuana in a school-administered drug test earlier this month, two people familiar with the situation told on Thursday.

  283. Hi Charles.

    I may have test coming up for a job that also tests union workers randomly. Do you think or know if they would use a certain test that also tests for synthetic cannabis?


  284. Hi Joe. I’m not familiar with laws of consent for drug testing. What you say, however, does seem to make sense. But if you’re using synthetic cannabis…you should be ready for the consequences of use, as well.

    I’d suggest that you consult with a lawyer for more information on legal right to test for synthetic weed.

  285. my question is about the consent. i sign a consent to be tested for cocaine, opiates,pcp,amphetamines, marijuana. hair folicle and urine test. if they test for synthetic then they have exceeded the perameters of the screen. if synthetic is not thc or marijuana, then they can’t group it it with weed for the test. and if they test it for the chemicals in sythetic, then i should be told that i am being tested for that too. so, do they have the right to just throw it in there with out the test subject’s consent?

  286. Hi Jose. Probably not. Drug tests for synthetic weed are just becoming commercially available. However, if you are taking it knowingly, you should be ready for the consequences if caught.

  287. so i live in chicago and they just made synthetic marijuana illegal over here like a week ago so i was wondering if i get some online if i will still show up on a drug test??now that it is illegal in chicago will they drug test for it?

  288. Hi ganjaman. Most drug screens, even the more broad 8 panel or 10 panel drug screens DO NOT pick up synthetic marijuana. You can ask the hospital what drug screen they are using, though, just to be sure. And let us know – we’ll look to see what the hospital is testing for.

  289. was just wondering if you were to smoke some of this spice stuff and say i got called in for a interveiw for a job and then they sent me to the hospital to take a drug test i was wondering if it would pick up on the synthetic stuff since its i a more detailed screening if you could git back to me asap it would be great thx

  290. Hi Sam. Yes, most likely you will pass. The standard DOT 5 panel screens for THC, which is structurally different than synthetic cannabinoids. Did you check out the posts here about the dangers of synthetics? It might be worth checking out…

  291. I smoked a synthetic called Wizard. I have not smoke any since Sunday and have to take a 5 panel drug test for DOD. Will I pass the test?

  292. Hi Whit.

    That does seem strange. But here are a few pieces of information that might help you piece together the puzzle.

    RE: JWH tests. Yes, JWH can be detected in urine samples. New urine based tests can detect Spice ingredients for up to 3 days after use. There is one particular lab in CA called Redwood Toxicology Lab ( that claims to be able to detect JWH in urine and oral fluid samples.

    RE: How your boyfriend came into contact with JWH in the first place. There are over 140+ synthetic cannabinoids on the market right now. From what I’ve read, every Spice batch is different. Spice products contain sometimes 100 different synthetics. And the presence of JWH in any mixture of these can be detected….but only within a few days of use.

    RE: 2 weeks at the lab. The length of time a sample stays at a lab can be accounted for by time for posting, preliminary testing followed up by a confirmatory test. But I agree, 2 weeks does sound long.

    Are you wanting to contest a positive result?

  293. my bf didn’t pop dirty for THC, i never mentioned THC. He popped dirty for JWH when every single product sold in nevada says it is lab certified and does NOT contain JWH. how is this possible and how long does JWH stay in your system not THC (i’m not retarded i know that shit stays in your system for at least 30 days). I want to know how he is popping dirty for something we didn’t smoke and how long JWH stays in your system……could it be that there are still small traces of it so small that the lab doesnt have to claim it on packaging but it still shows up dirty on a test? or could it be from smoking samples? idk, his P.O. said that synthetics can stay in your system for 7 months but i really think he is lying. they mailed his pee to a lab in cali and it took 2 weeks to come back.

  294. Hi Whit and Gail.

    Synthetic cannabinoids are structurally different than THC. What we know about THC is that the amount of time that THC can be detected depends on quantity, potency, duration and frequency of ingestion. THC generally stays in your system and can be detected in urine several weeks or months after initial administration with precision. We’ll have to do some more research on synthetic cannabinoids to learn more…check back. We’ll try to write a new article about this soon.

  295. Hey does k2 show on a mouth swob drug test? How long does it stay in your system? if cannabinoids come up positive, then does synthetic cannabinoids do the same? If a job is testing for cannabinoids( THC, Pot, Hash) what chances does synthetic cannabinoids show up positive?

  296. actually my bf just got drug tested in las vegas by federal probation for synthetic marijuana that does NOT contain JWH at all or K-2 and he still popped dirty. there is a test my friend and he failed it. so now my question to you is, how long does it stay in your system?

  297. I sure don’t. The labels that the employees put on the sample bottles of our pee is usually red…the ones that those 3 uys had were they believer there is some correlation with the latter. I really don’t know if they were smoking the current up to date dea approved or lab certified stuff since the us marshalls came and took then off in chains back to prison. I just said to hell with out and decided not to mess with the current LAb certified crap at all.not worth my freedom.

  298. So i’m at a halfway house and they are busting people for dirty urinalysis with the title synthetic cannabinoid. And its from the lab certified incense Kush.

  299. I know more and more people are learning and using fake thc but do those people/the law care if people smoke it?

    Do u actually know of some one that smokes the fake stuff every day and took a drug test or many test to see what would happen?

    I dont understand why it is sold at a gas station and not allowed to be used by everyone.

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