Do legal buds get you high?

Yes. Second generation legal bud can get you high. What’s the difference between types of legal bud? And do you risk more than just time? More here.

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The short answer is yes and no. Legal bud can get you high. But smoking it comes with serious legal bud side effects.  Some of which are not all that pleasant.

The longer answer is, it all depends on which legal bud you are referring to, first or second generation.

1. First generation legal bud

This is the stuff I used to get (well, once) when I was a kid. What you were buying, in theory, was a mixture of herbs, all said to have psychoactive properties and been used by ancient cultures for these properties. In reality what you got was a herbal looking mixture that may or may not have resembled the ‘real thing’, that tasted foul when smoked and had next to zero effects. Any high you might have got was purely psychosomatic.

2. Second generation legal bud

Second Generation bud is in a completely different league to its rather ineffectual parent. Although made up of the same ethnobotanicals, second generation bud has one added element added – synthetic cannabinoids – and this makes all the difference. This stuff will get you high alright, higher even than the substance that it is intended to mimic: marijuana. But, and this is a massive but, this high may not be all that you bargained for.

Paying the price: Is the legal buds high worth it?

Legal buds get you high, it’s official. No longer does legal mean lame. In fact, these second generation legal highs can be more powerful than cannabis itself. And even though legal bud drug tests do not yet exist, this does not mean that legal bud is not potent. It is. It’s just that the potent chemicals found in synthetic cannabis (JWH compounds) cannot be detected by traditional urine tests just yet. Legal and effective, surely a win-win situation, right?

Not really.

As can be seen from the comments readers have made to my previous posts on synthetic cannabinoids, legal buds have serious dangers and side effects. The two major dangers, at least in my opinion, are addiction potential and health issues associated with smoking legal bud.

1. Addiction potential – Just because something is allowed by law does not make it non-addictive. Just look at alcohol and cigarettes. People are under the misapprehension that these legal buds are safe otherwise they would be banned. Unfortunately, these new legal buds seem to be highly addictive, individuals are reporting psychological dependence after just one week of daily use and physical dependence after a mere month. The withdrawal symptoms reported by people who attempt to stop smoking legal bud are described as quite horrific.

2. Health issues – Barring the obvious impact of smoking on the lungs, users of legal bud have reported all kinds of side effects. Ranging from mental health issues to heart palpitations, synthetic cannabinoids seem to affect people in different ways. Some people report no adverse effects and others have to be admitted to Accident and Emergency Rooms after just one pull on a joint. On top of this, nobody knows the physical and psychological consequences of long term use of legal bud.

And this is not all, only now are we learning from users how they are being affected by habitual use of legal buds. Only time will tell whether the very real high users get from legal buds comes at a terrible cost.

Legal bud questions

Do you have questions, comment or feedback about legal bud? Please leave them below. We’ll post your experiences and feedback, and encourage you to discuss whether or not the euporic effect of getting high on legal bud is worth the risk.

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Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.
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