Is Spice addictive?

YES. Spice is addictive. Learn what Spice is made of (synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on dried plants) and how you get addicted to Spice here.

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YES. Spice is addictive.

You can even die on Spice.  What exactly makes Spice addictive?  How can you tell if you’re addicted to Spice? We’ll review these questions here and invite your questions about the addictive potential of Spice at the end.

What is Spice used for?

Spice was originally created during laboratory research to learn more about the cannabinoid receptors in the body. Pharmacological research into the design of effective THC analogs has never been a “legal” alternative to marijuana – it was simply undetected in herbal incense Spice blends until 2008. Since then, a Spice ban has been instituted by countries all over the world and in U.S. states and the U.S. military.  Currently, Spice shows up on drug tests created specifically to detect the main synthetic cannabinoids present in herbal weed because Spice has no legitimate medical use. It’s only abused by people seeking a euphoric “high.”

What is Spice made of?

Spice is a mixture of shredded plants and chemicals which is smoked or made into tea. Spices contains chemicals similar to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say what’s in Spice, because different batches may contain completely different substances. As such, the effects can vary greatly between batches.

How addictive is Spice?

It’s hard to say how addictive Spice is due to the lack of research into the drug and the chemicals used in it. However, Spice affects the central nervous system and can create feelings of euphoria, or “getting high.” Sometimes the euphoric effect can be multiple to tens of times more intense than THC. Although Spice may be used by people who see it as a “safer” alternative to marijuana, Spice can cause serious cardiovascular and psychoactive side effects. Spice can provoke a variety of unpleasant and unpredictable side effects, including rapid heart rate, vomiting, agitation, and hallucinations. There’s a reason the drug is usually labeled “not for human consumption.”

How do you get addicted to Spice?

Just like most other drugs, using Spice frequently or in large amounts can cause addiction, which is characterised by the obsessive compulsion to use the drug despite negative life consequences to health, finances, or relationships. There’s some evidence that repeated use can cause users to develop a tolerance to Spice, which means that you need increased amounts of Spice to achieve same initial effect when you first started taking it. And some users have self-reported Spice withdrawal symptoms upon lowered doses or stopping Spice altogether.

However, no clinical determination has yet been made about the addictive liability of Spice. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how addictive the difference substances used in Spice really are. And no one is sure what the long-term health effects of Spice addiction even are.

Signs of Spice addiction

Although experts have not officially established a diagnostic criteria for Spice, its characteristics are similar to any other type of drug addiction. Spice addiction is often characterized by a physical dependence on Spice (tolerance and/or withdrawal) coupled with a psychological craving for the drug. In other words, you may be addicted to Spice if you need Spice to deal with stress or cope with the world around you. Other signs of Spice addiction include:

  • Continued Spice abuse despite negative consequences.
  • Craving Spice and using Spice compulsively.
  • Seeking Spice in order to get high by affecting the reward center in the brain.

Spice addiction potential questions

Do you still have questions about Spice addiction potential? Please leave them here. We are happy to help answer your questions personally and promptly. If we do not know the answer to your particular question, we will refer you to someone who does.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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    1. Hi Susan. There is no sufficient reliable information available about the use of Manna during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Avoiding Manna in pregnancy is probably the best thing a woman can do.

  1. The addiction aspect of smoking or drinking spice has different effects on different people. If you have experienced seizures, a feeling of being dead, a feeling of suffocation, OCD type of behaiors, and lack of self awareness you are in trouble! Please seek treatment, counseling, get a good shrink, take medication as instructed. And for the love of God…please stop using. It is ruining your life by messing your brain up. You could not just FEEL dead. You could actually die as a result of using spice in any way. Hello? Macfly. Hello!

  2. I have a boyfriend that smokes spice daily every 30 mins or so and he is a completely different person I was wondering if he got clean would he go back to the same person he was it says it causes depersonalizations and I see that so can he go back to being himself after he’s not using anymore

  3. My son also says there is no drug rehab for spice because it is not addictive. He believes it helps to controls his emotions. Sometimes he says he wants to die and everybody hates him. I am so worried for him

    1. Hi Cindy. Spice is addictive. Call our helpline to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  4. My son who is 40 has been smoking spice because he says it helps with his mental problems. I told him I would help him get into a drug rehab he gets very angry and says spice is not addictive nor is it illegal but I know better than. when I found a package of spice called ” Mind Trip” he said he needed to smoked it or he would loose his mind I know right then this is a bigger problem than I thought could ever be.

  5. To add on to the physical dependency involved with smoking spice you may experience insomnia w/ body temp raised sweaty … May think of more later.

  6. 8 months off that shyte. If I can you can!
    Won’t be easy but the in the long term it will be better.
    You’ll get a buzz from being clean and being stronger.
    Learn to hate the stuff, it’s stealing your family, money and your head.
    It’s messing with your body, mind and soul.

  7. saying this isn”t addictive is both dangerous and stupidly selfish. just because you didn’t get addicted doesn”t mean anything. this stuff KILLS people. first time users, long time users, sometime users. it kills. it KILLS!! SEIZURES, VOMITING, DIAHRHEA, EATING DISORDERS, RAGE, OVERDOSE, HEART ATTACK, COMA, DEATH. There is nothing else it does. please, if you have never used it, just don’t!! and if you have, or are, please please stop!! do your research, and get help for your loved ones or yourself. spice is a killer and destroyer.

  8. My husband is addicted to spice and I can not get him to stop and get help. It’s causeing his ptsd and anger management problems to worsen every day. What do I bo? Please Jesus Christ help us!

  9. This is a great blog….need more recent posts. I am trying to understand SPICE. It’s addictive qualities any success stories. Based on the above stories it sounds like a horror show. Thanks for any sharing.

  10. I had been using this drug from leas 3 years but I had stopped smoking from last year and now just don’t feel good I have problem with sleeping and I can not concerntrate on anything my head gets really heavy everyday I woke up and my behavior changes constantly I think k2 is still in my body and I feel so negative most time so what can I do to avoid these feelings


  12. 8 months ago I stopped using spice. Im not gonna lie the withdrawal symptoms were killing me. Both mentally and physically. Paranoia and all kinds of mental problems frustated me. I was so sick to the point where I wanted to kill my self. You guys out there who are are being affected by this bullshit drug please stop. It will ruin your life. I cant even go to college no more cause I forget shit easily. But anyway for those having withdrawal symptoms it does get better , it takes some months thou .. youll go back to normality in bout 8 months …if u got any q’s please be sure to ask me

  13. Please give up the spice! someone on here asked what is does to the stomach and I will tell you that I was hospitalized last year after blood was coming out of both ends. They diagnosed me with salmonella poisoning and it was quite an ordeal. It was from the spice, k2 or whatever they are calling it now. This year I started buying it again from the local smoke shop and after roughly smoking several grams in a 2 week time period, here I went again with the same symptoms. I am 50 years old and smoked pot since I was 15. I thought how convienient that I could go to this store and get my party favors. Not good, you may get a buzz like pot but its such a short one nothing like pot and so much more expensive. If you look closely at the faces of the people that work in the smoke shop when you ask for it they are laughing at us for buying it and when they are out of it or some ban came into effect I swear they are loving the fact that we hurt because its not available. I think its ridiculous at my age to even let something like that have a stronghold on me because pot is not legal, you have to go through so much b.s. to get it from people who constantly rip you off with a pinch and a pinch there and you cant just buy and go because of others noticing traffic at the location, not to mention getting busted and going to jail. All I am seeing is the high dollar stuff that you cant possibly roll up at that price and pipes are a pain in the ass to keep lighting and really noticed if you wanted to be outside. I am clean not after 2 bout with salmonella poisoning and so many hospital bills from it. Noone knows what is in there and my advice is to stay away from it once you are clean.

  14. HELP!!! I have a son who is a heroin addict. he is now on methadone…..he says he needs to smoke pot to help with the side effects of the methadone…but after having criminal charges brought on him with poss of prescription drugs and heroin he was placed in prop 36. he had to stop smoking pot or go to jail. that’s when he started smoking spice. I have never been more frightened than I am now. he is like a different person…I can’t reason with him , I can’t reach him at all. now he is spending all his paycheck on it and is crazy until he gets it. obviously it is highly addictive, it almost seems worse that heroin. what can I do?

  15. Hello Ryan. I’d suggest that you slowly lower the amount of Spice that you take daily before stopping cold turkey. This can help with the physical dependence. But one you detox from Spice, you’ll need to address the psycho-emotional reasons you use the drugs. You can do this with the help of a licensed psychologist and can find one here:

  16. When I was 14, I tried marijuana. I loved it. It got me away from my depression. After smoking pot socially for 2 years, I started doing it everyday. After high school I was introduced to synthetic marijuana. I also used to smoke it socially or if I’ve had a bad day until now. For the past 2 years I have smoked spice everyday, all day. I can not sleep, eat, pay attention, be happy, or get through the day with out it. I have ruined my finances, my relationships with my friends/family, my memory, and my body. I can barley use the stairs without stopping to catch my breath, I cough up black tar in the mornings, I have lost muscle from lounging around smoking all day, I have had my car searched twice for hanging out in bad places with bad people and almost have been caught with it, I am $22,000 in debt from student loans and instead of paying my debt, I take out thousand dollar loans for spice. I am only 21 years old. I want and I NEED to stop. I cannot do this anymore. After I’ve started my new job, I have made new friends, and I’ve even met my boyfriend of 1yr. I cannot go on like this any longer. When I get my checks, half of it goes towards spice. No stores in my town sell it and it is now illegal in my county. So instead of quitting, I buy it from a guy in a disgusting trailer that makes it himself. If I don’t die from it, than I am going to ruin my life. Today is the first day I haven’t smoked. I’m scared, paranoid, shaky, sweaty, and my body aches. I need help.

  17. Dang this is an effective article. There are posts from may 2012. Usually they tend to burn out weather they are good or not. Well anyway iv gotten seizeors from spice and have anxiety parinoia and OCD maby affective bipolar depression all that horrid crap and I still can’t stop smoking spice and doing things I know are not what I need. Addiction truly affects people in such a way that no matter what geans or addictive or non addictive personality Youv got you can become hooked just as easy as the nexed if you find the right things. Addiction starts by repetitive and obsessive thoughts that you want to feel like you did that time. Your brain ignores the negatives in your life that’s caused by drugs and you may or may not except the fact your causing yourself to be that way. We all need things to spark up or chemicals so don’t think for a second that we don’t need things like that but it’s all about the right approach.

  18. I started smoking spice roughly five years ago when it first came out in the military. After I had gotten out I smoked lots of pot because I could. When that became too “expensive” and my wife, being active duty, wanted to smoke spice i said sure why not. She being as small as she is only needed a little and a little gets her twisted pretty good. Me though I needed a lot, at 220 lbs. 6’4″ I smoked about 7-8 grams a day. I did that for a couple years before I “stopped” again. Actually before I quit a couple weeks being completely drunk as to not think or hurt from the Spice. Eventually I would go back to spice. Zonked out away from my kids and blowing every penny my wife made at the time. We had to drive an hour and a half to get the stuff and it didn’t matter, two three times a day DIDN’T MATTER. My wife had quit by now and it was just me, all alone, nodding off all day every day. Now I have a job and have had it several months. I’ve decided I have more to live for than poison grass. I had to take today off work because I feel so doubled over. Can’t eat food, the food I had eaten, without spice wasn’t staying down. Water don’t want to either. Night terrors, cold sweats the works now. Body aches and the rest. Feels like i’m trying to kick Oxy or something.
    I am an addict. I get addicted to all things it seems in life until I “master” it. Well there is no mastering spice.
    If you think you are okay smokeing spice, think again. I bet most cigarrette smokers thought they were okay also.
    Difference is smokes cost less…think about it.

  19. I currently am trying to quit smoking this garbage but its got me even though i know its mentally messing me up…. VERY ADDICTIVE STAY AWAY>> Why the physiological side effects.. What is the chemical they are using now..

  20. Spice is very addicting it’s like crack. You get super high and feel good for a short time. It’s not something you want to do if you want a mellow high. I’m not aginsed drugs or promote them but they can have benefits over risks.

  21. While I myself deal with drug problems, I have a freind with an extremely urgent drug problem and I mean those words to the fullest of their meaning. I don’t know what any of you guys know abute dxm but he takes the mucinex dm because it has 60mg of dxm in it and if you don’t really do it for a 200 pound person it takes from100 to 300 to feel the lower plato effects simulate to illegal drugs with dissociative effects and he took many times up to 55 pills that alone I’m not sure how he’s even alive ant doing mma. Now I remember him taking 42 pills 2 40 oz beer and smoking a LOT of spice like its freakin crack and basically dropped dead got frost bite hypothermia hyper tension wich led to a seizer and no heart beat or pro or lung function the did re-sesatate him. But it was scary someone dialed 911 on his phone and put it on his chest and zipped it up in the jacket for cops to find. It was a mess they actually had a chalk line there and wer ready to press murder or attempted murder charges for dealing with drugs in a malishous manor that caused a fatality. They interacted asking who called 911 and what was he on and they said how’d he get the pills we found on him. Such a serious problem that could have landed 5 people in jail because he thought it was a good idea to sneak take the pills and almost die on us. We did not give him a thing he steals these things. I do hope he gets better but I won’t be dragged down too. He still continues with this problem he goes to a physiatrics hospital and ends up slowly or getting back at it. We all have warned him long ago and many times since that he will die and at the least be mentally screwed up for life. Yet he keeps it up.

  22. I started smoking this after my wife told me to leave because of my pot use, which was chronic. I bought spice because I thought that it was safe, after all, it was being sold in the open and I could move back in with my family. But it didn’t take long for me to forget about pot, and seek only spice. I remember having the choice between the two once, and I chose spice. The bottom line, this isn’t weed, and it isn’t even close.

    I would smoke in the morning, before anything else. After I smoked, I had no desire to eat, and no desire to leave my space where I have my release. I can be in this room for hours without realizing how much time has passed, and what commitments where being neglected.

    Once I realize that I need to quit or slow down because of responsibilities, my body seemed to crave it more, and my use would increase drastically. I’ve had moments where I had no idea who I was, slowly I was able to put my thoughts back together, and I said no more, but 20 minutes later, I was back at it. I’ve taken the last 100 dollars out of our checking for this, even when taking the money meant the necessities in life would not be met. Enough was enough.

    At that point, I made up my mind to be as honest as I can with my doctor. He saw nothing wrong with pot, but he sent me to a therapist, and they had not idea what spice was. They treated all addictions the same. But at least it was a relief to bring this affliction into the open and talk about it.

    If you have any question on your use, try using match sticks to light your pipe. In an hour count the burnt match sticks, even if you know that you have a problem, this will put it into perspective.

    I am going to beat this,and finding this forum gives me the motivation from reading some of these posts. The main point is, we are not alone, we are human and by the very nature of our specific addition we are not bad people. We tried to do the right thing, but we were just mislead. WE CAN BEAT THIS.

    One last thought, if you are with an addict, please rememember that the addict doesn’t have much of a choice for their actions, a sober partner has the choice of how to react. Please show your support by not being their therapist, but by being their partner, and even though I am sure it will be very difficult, please show them that you love them, and you will stand by them to get them through this. Conditional love will not work on an addict,

    I will update you all with my progress during the next week. Sorry for the rambling, and the lack of spell check.

  23. Hi lablover. You can call 1-800-662-HELP, which is a national hotline for drug abuse sponsored by the U.S. government. Or search for SAMHSA treatment locator online. They are both referral services and can search for local treatment centers by zip code or city or state. Good luck!

  24. I sought help today for my spice addiction. They have no idea how to treat this addiction. I explained to them that my withdrawals when I go cold turkey cause me to get angry violent and sometimes suicidal.

    Basically, I was told by them that they do not rx meds for withdrawal symptoms, no matter how dangerous they are.

    I had to get a psychiatrist at the ER give me risperidone so I wont snap and go nuts during the withdrawal process

  25. I have been using Spice for the past 2 years and I am absolutely sickened with what this has done to me. I have lost all connections with any friends because I would constantly blow them off to get high. They did not approve, so I kept it from them and eventually alienated myself. My significant other and I both use Spice to escape the stresses we encounter, and I often come to the realization that we need to stop, typically when we are completely out of money. There have been several times that I’ve gotten over it, simply because I couldnt afford it, but and the typical “hump” seems to be about 3 days each time. Now it gets harder and harder because I know that I can do it in 3 days time, but my significant other is having a hard time kicking the habit. Since we are together all the time, we are without a doubt fueling each other’s addictions and when one of us stops, the other helps pick it back up. How can we both get on the same page?

  26. I’ve been a daily user of spice/herbal incense for well over a year now. I’ve had normal, marijuana-like experiences with it but I have also had a lot of terrifying experiences. Forgotten who I was, who my boyfriend was, where I was. Lost touch with my body. Felt like I was having a psychedelic trip without the visuals. Last night, I had a particularly horrifying mental experience. I’m not sure exactly how to explain it except to say that the rabbit hole just went too deep. I decided then and there to quit. This stuff is too scary. Marijuana never found me staring down my own eventual death or fearing that a loved one was going to attack me. And I figure, if someone with my drug experiences, who is capable of controlling nearly any high, can’t control this stuff…then it is seriously bad. I would urge anyone reading this who is on the fence, arguing with themselves about the reality of their spice addiction, to take a real close look at who you were before you started smoking it, and who you have become now. I did, and I found that I don’t like myself much.

  27. Hello everyone, It was Nov. 21rst. that I posted that I was going to stop poisoning myself with SPICE!
    I am proud to say that I quit it without a relapse.
    Now that I look back at the last 4 years,,, I can honestly say that SPICE, or synthetic cannabinoids, or research chemicals are all very, very bad.
    I didn’t crave it once I put myself in the mind set that;
    When using it I craved it 20 minutes after I smoked it. I also was looking everywhere for bits of pieces of SPICE like a crack head.

    I spent thousands of dollars on it since 2009. I got behind on bills, became angry all the time, and was not the nice person that I am known to be.

    I would wake every hour at night to smoke.

    I would vomit every morning, sorry to be gross,,, but I would cough until I vomited up thick mucous that was like elastic. Then when it dried it was like a crystalized plastic. Pretty gross, and scary.

    Once I made my mind up to stop poisoning myself, it wasn’t really that difficult for me.

    I lost my appetite and felt lethargic, and just plain crappy for about 5 days.

    Today I feel fantastic, and I know now that if I continued to smoke the poison that it sooner or later would have caused me more serious problems then what it did.

    I am a believer that MJ and all plants should be legal, and that we should be educated on the pros and cons of these plants.

    The only reason I started smoking spice is because of drug testing, and MJ is illegal in my state.

    Please take it from someone who has been there,,,, SPICE IS NOTHING BUT BAD FOR YOU!!! IT IS POISON!!!
    we as humans strive on stimulation,,, and addiction is stimulation, on the mind, and body,,, as it destroys us and everyone that we love and care about.

  28. Spice… if only marijuana were legal… I am a 55 year old female and was introduced to spice by my 21 year old son. I wake up frequently with migraines and nausea, smoking marijuana has always alleviated these symptoms. But with marijuana being illegal, spice is the next comparable thing. I have been to the doctor to find out why I have frequent migraines and why the nausea is so intense (I find myself barfing about every ten minutes for hours at a time). I have missed many days of work due to being sick. However, when I smoke a few hits of the spice, the nausea does go away and I am able to function. So I smoke almost immediately after I awaken each day, to avoid getting nauseated. Is spice addictive? I don’t really know, but I do know that I can take it or leave it for hours or days. I can make a 10 gram bag last me for 4 or 5 days. I don’t smoke one bowl after another, I only smoke a few hits (3 or 4) at one sitting. These sittings are spaced out hours apart during the day. I have been smoking spice in this manner for over one year. (Oh btw, the doctors can find nothing wrong to indicate why I am getting so intensely nauseated each day.) If I were financially able, I would move to a state where marijuana is legal but right now that just isn’t possible. As far as addiction… I truly believe people either have an addictive personality or not… be it spice, marijuana, alcohol, whatever your drug of choice may be. If you have an addictive personality, then you can allow yourself to become addicted to just about anything. Don’t blame all addiction issues on the drugs being abused… accept a bit of that responsibility if you so choose to indulge.

  29. I too just came off a 2 year addiction to spice.The only other drug ive ever used is pot and a occasional vicoden for cramps but this spice would make me crave it and want it. My whole life revolved around spice. I have been clean now 10 days with help from the real maryjane. This spice would have me driving to mini marts in the middle of the night to get it as soon as i ran out,pawning my stuff and I would also search the floor like a crack head for loose spice i had dropped. I pray to god i can stay off of it and get my life back

  30. This SPICE is not good, is evil. I am an experienced pot smoker and I also have experience with other nasty stuff, but yesterday I had some spice for the 1st time and it was a very bad experience. Then I came to that blog and read your stories, emediately after I took the remaining back and I flushed down the toilet… never again. This SPICE cleaverly is adertised as weed alternative, in reality is something like crack combined with heroine. This blog is very helpfull though… keep up the good work.

    On the other hand all that started because people ask you to do drug tests in order to get a job. That is fasistic is against human rights and it is discriminative and invasive. The drug tests must be banned and must be used only in special cases.

  31. The research chemical industry is chemical warfare people.
    These chems are being manufactered in Asia that should say it all right there.
    Ive been addicted to it since 2009. Yesterday was my LAST DAY OF POISIONING MYSELF!!!!!! POISION POISION POISION 🙁

  32. I smoke weed since I was 15 My first time smoking synthetic spice was 19 during my winter break in december 2010 the brand was mr nice guy. I took 3 hits off my bong about 3 minutes later i felt like dying my heart was beating like crazy. Since I smoke weed before I know it was just a bad trip so I got up walk outside in the snow with no shoe no jacket and immediately i started to calm down and sober up after 10 minutes in the cold snow. But that didn’t stop me from smoking it I smoke it everyday for about 4 months later it make me lazy,angry,crazy,confused,stupid and my relationships to my family,friends and girlfriend suffered bad. So I stopped for a good 3 months in the summer but picked it up again around march 2012 to august 2012. Right now I’m 3 months clean from smoking this ADDICTIVE drug and I will never go back to smoking synthetic again. All I can say is stay away from this drug and stick to weed the ORIGINAL HIGH.

  33. Wow Lexi, your plate is full and then some. Do you have family close to you? Is God in your life? With God and family you will have strength!!! Apparently your soon to be ex husband had some qualities about him that you fell in love with. You both have a beautiful child together. Love your baby boy, pray for your husband and for yourself. I hope these words help but I can assure you, YOUR SON NEEDS YOU!!!!

  34. Hey everyone. I just came across this and am so glad. My husband and I are onthe verge of a divorce. I just recently had a baby and had noticed him very different. I finnalyy one day got the light shined on me when i found a bag and lost it. He is in the military and I fear so much hes going to get kicked out if and when he gets caught. Everyone says it is not my problem, but when I am a full time student and fear him losing his job which means im out of child support it is my problem. My baby boy was hospitalized for Phuemonia this past week and was there for a week. My husband visited 4 times. When i checked our acct we have no money, were actually negative. Now my 4 year old wonders why daddy smells and acts weird. he just acts like nothing is going on and avoid speaking of it. last week he didnt get high for a few hrs and his withdrawls were to the extreme. ive never seen someone withdrawl. it was disgusting. Idk what to do anymore.

  35. Hello Should Have Known,

    Speaking from personal experience, I felt the EXACT same way. Especially the TV and the programs that I would watch. Look for some of my other posts, mainly on it’s the same website, but the comments are more informative of similar experiences so that you know that you’re not alone and that it IS because of the drug you’re using.

    What you’re experiencing is a very high level of paranoia. The medication your doctor prescribed you should help you with these episodes.

    In all honesty, it took about 3 months to completely stop feeling withdrawal symptoms from smoking this “Shit” as you put it. What’s important is that you realize that getting back on it won’t make things better, staying away from it will.

    My head is much clearer and all of the paranoia and thinking that I’m seeing “unseen” things is gone. I get exactly what you’re saying and I promise it’s from the drug. It’s a bit of a long road ahead of you, but what matters is that you’re reaching out, sharing your experience, and looking for help. There is very little Factual information about what the chemical make-up is in this stuff, So keep a log of how you feel, when you daze out or become confused, get REALLY Hyper and feel the need to run around the block, how long your night sweats last, when your appetite comes back, when you stop coughing up black crap and get your voice back, and when you really start to feel normal again. People NEED this information and you need to stay busy. So help up out here on this blog and share your process just as I shared mine. Awareness is all any of us ever needed when it comes to this stuff, I know for sure that I’d have never touched it if I would have known just how bad it is.

    Also, my doctor tried putting me on antidepressants, I never told him why I felt the way I did, but tried taking them to see if they’d help. Now that I’ve stopped taking them, I feel a whole lot less crazy; my mind stopped racing so much and I stopped feeling empty. If your doctor thinks you’re suffering from depression then maybe tell him why you’re feeling the way you are at this exact moment and that maybe antidepressants aren’t the answer. What is important is that you are checking your blood pressure, that your anxiety levels are being put in check, and that you’re eating food. Fatty Food!! And drinking lots of water. Stay away from caffeine, drink Power Aid or Gatorade, Sprite, but nothing with caffeine, it makes and/or triggers your anxiety. Personally, when I had confused moments, I drank a large glass of orange juice or ate something with a lot of sugar and it seemed to clear my head up.

    Please keep us posted and help others become aware of what it takes to quit as well as what it took you to realize that you needed to quit yourself. Pay it Forward.


    – Justin

  36. Spice has been a problem in our society for a while now. I mean a fair amount of time has passed since herbal “incense” has started flooding the market. I’m just curious if addiction blog has come across any new developments as far as medical research into the matter? I’ve been off it for a while now and life has returned to normal but I’ve been surfing the web and letting people know the truth about this stuff. Last night a girl I went to school with died from a heroin OD and addiction is just a hard thing to swallow and I don’t want to see anyone else slip into that hell just because they didn’t know something was addictive.

  37. All I know is light uses and goood controol and do more goood than abuseing it, I will make it simple you can live with peerscription drugs in your system, so within realality you can have some cronic and live a normal life, I am just trying to cut back so it is not somthing to have just socaily and for only relaxation reasions and thats it

  38. Pot smoker since 16 with no problems recently ran out so thought i would try something new and more easier to get……….. am currently trying to after 3 months smoking 2-6 grams per day get off this SHIT as it can only be called.
    Yesterday i nearly got comiited to hospital. I thought i was going crazy, i couldnt read, could hardly comprehend what people where saying to me, extrem anxiety attacks, headaches, hearing people saying my name…i thought i was losing my mind! and was so hopeless i almost felt like ending it. when do doctor got some lorezpam to help anxiety. Have my first full nite sleep last nite, feel little better today but still weird like ‘life’ just isnt quite rite . when i look at peoples faces on tv its like they are only looking at me specifically when they make eye contact and it makes me anxious. God i hope everything settes down soon, i feel better than yesterday but now where nere as normal as like before…..

  39. BlackJ I feel the same way. There are so many allegations for the damages spice does physically. I just want to know the truth, I want to hear it from the medical professionals themselves.

    How did this happen to me it’s time I confess to something I am terribly ashamed of. Before I realized that my spice use was an addiction I had introduced it to my mom. She had a job that does random drug tests and was missing marijuana. So while I thought it was just a legal alternative and not as dangerous as it turned out to be I had some with her. Before you know it she was addicted just like me and it took seeing that in her to realize how horrible of an affect it had on both of us. So when I decided enough was enough I had to convince her as well that we just had to stop.once and for all. It IS NOTHING LIKE MARIJUANA. It took her seeing what I went through when I quit to realize I wasn’t overreacting. She followed suit. The emotional breakdowns, the complete helplessness it passes. It feels like forever but it’s only temporary. I’ve recovered, gotten back on my feet financially, and so has my mother though I will never forgive myself for falling prey to that and introducing it to my own MOTHER. I’m just glad she has given it up as well because I’d feel even worse if I had quit and she was still addicted. You can both do it. It’s gonna be a rough month at first but avoid your husband when you or him are feeling volatile. Isolation and being in a safe place is key when you feel out of control. I’d wrap myself in a blanket as tight as possible and cry it out, scream into my pillow, and no matter what DO NOT GIVE IN.

  40. Hey guys/girls… Please don’t think I am trying to preach to you.. All I can say is there is only one way/one person who can give you the peace you desire.. I am speaking from experience. I was addicted to both alcohol and cigarettes. I have a beautiful family, house and financially successful but…. I felt oh so empty. I attended church when I didn’t have something else planned. Now I have God at the center of my life and for the first time in my entire life I have a peace that is priceless. Open your heart and let him in. There are people who love you and want to support you but until you surrender and achknowledge you can’t do this by yourself, you will not succeed…

  41. I’m a grown a$$ adult and married mother of three amazing children ages, 18, 17, and 13! My husband and I both are addicted to smoking this “devil weed” My finances are in the toilet. Because I’d spend my last penny to smoke it up!!! My husband and I have been together for 18 years, but our addiction seems to be our only link.. Things didn’t use to be like this. I do remember when I felt normal.. kinda. I keep trying to stop. We both do! Crying after taking a hit. Feeling like your never going to be able to STOP. Our sleep paterns alone are going to kill us, if the hacking coughing unability to freak’n breathe doesn’t do it first! We both started smoking this legal alternative to pot about a year or so ago… We are both increasingly violent, and moody and CAN NOT stop!! He’ll hide some from me… I’ll hide it from him.. etc etc. We both blame the other for the addiction and not being able to STOP! Oh God my life as become my hell!! My husband my best friend a stranger. I’m going to quit this TODAY! Even if it kills me!! and trust me it feels like I’m gonna die!

  42. I’m an addict as well, but what’s grinding my gears right now is the lack of sources… I really want to see some serious research done on these substances. Abscesses? Lesions? Holes in the brain? Please back up these very serious claims.

  43. All these stories are heartbreaking… Since my last update back in June, things have gotten worse with my husband. He’s still my husband as of today until our divorce next month. I tried and tried to get him to get help, but he denied his addiction, we tried to work through this marriage only to be torn apart because of his denial and anger, n he’s not the man i married. IT has even escalated to DV because of it and we have both gotten arrested, that was my last of my help to him. He’s put my job on the line and what I tried to do is nothing to him, so I finally drew the line and got a protection order, because he just doesn’t understand. IT breaks my heart and literally had to stop crying to save him.. All I have to do is me and the kids with counseling I hope we get the healing, I don’t know what is gonna come of him, all I have left are prayers and hope that he get the help he needs… Spice is bad & has torn my marriage apart.

  44. Sky,

    I hope you took them time, or had the clarity, to subscribe to this post. It helps to know that you’re going to feel normal, okay, again. What matter’s more than anything is that you get help NOW. Don’t worry about what people think, just be honest, go to the ER and be HONEST! You’re not alone, and you NEED HELP! GO GET IT! I’m so sorry you’ve gotten as deeply wrapped up in to this stuff; what’s important is that you get out, and get out now! I hope to hear from you soon. I’m a subscriber to this post.


    – Justin


  46. I FEEL LIKE IM DYING. HELP IS ALL I CAN THINK. i have been using spice for the last year. All generations from the first jwh to the new 2012home legal ur144 blends. I AM CURRENTLY IN TEARS FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!! i have used 10 to 20 grams a day every day. I am 25. I am NOT okay. Ive kicked meth. THIS IS WORSE. I WATCHED MY MOM DIE. THIS PAIN IS WORSE!



  47. I went into treatment voluntarily when battling other addictions. Just because you are not cornered there legally does not mean you do not have as much to lose. There are government funded and non profit recovery programs. I suggest those if you need help financing rehab your doctor can help you with those as well. Definitely go to a doctor.

    The first thing that will surprise you is how much professionals are willing to help. There are countless addicts out there and it’s a universally recognized major event when one reaches out for help.

  48. Hello big screw up,

    I know what you’re going through. Quitting is a slightly lengthy process, but it is possible.

    First things first, you need to see a doctor, Your mind is not in control of your body anymore and you need mood stabilizers to keep you sane. Even if you don’t have insurance, you can cough of the cash for a Doctor’s appointment; especially if you can shell out the cash for gas and spice like you mentioned in your post.

    Be honest about your addiction, about the anxiety you’re going to experience, accept the medications he chooses to dispense to you and have the patience to let them work.

    I agree with Addiction Blog when he says you do not need to, nor should you try to do this alone. Being alone is your worst enemy during this time of healing.

    Apologize to your family and keep an open line of communication. You made a mistake and have gotten hooked on something that is messing up your brain. Let them know that you’re on the road to recovery and ask them to be very understanding. They have no idea what you are going through and most of your symptoms are going to be internal and not physically obvious.

    Keep yourself busy, pick up a hobby, read a book, learn to knit, go to the mall, exercise. Whatever you choose to do, do it and stay busy. Embrace the fact that you’re feeling like crap and that it means you’re getting better. I say this to everyone, and I’m going to say it to you. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!

    When you get angry, bite your tongue and remember that you’re over reacting. Remember that what you’re feeling is not how you normally do. Count to five, count to fifty, but try to focus on the fact that you’re not angry at the situation, you’re just over thinking a problematic scenario and getting mad for the wrong reasons. You have to practice self control, Deep breaths, stretch, exercise, re-focus your anger on another topic. Stop the looping that is going on in your head.

    You’ve got to do this for yourself, because you’re worth it. We all make mistakes and don’t know how to fix them.

    Keep yourself hydrated, keep yourself fed. Sleep when you can and the worst part will be over in about three or four days. However, these symptoms hit me about two weeks after I quit, not immediately.

    Keep us/me updated on your recovery process. I’m here to listen and help as much as I can for anyone who went through what I did.

    Be Strong!

    – Justin

  49. yes theres people in my community i trust and i like, but all my old friends i cut ties with because they were continuing to harder drugs. i just need to find something fun to do to take my mind off drugs. i used to have a dirtbike and when i rode it i felt free and untoachable. i appreciate your support and writing back.
    sincerly, max

  50. Hi big screw up. The good news is that you haven’t run into legal trouble yet. And you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. I bet your parents love you, but don’t know how to help you.

    Is there someone in your school or community that you trust and respect who you can talk to? You do need help, and you don’t need to quit alone.

  51. Hi im addicted to spice, its very hard to admit. i have problems sleeping at night i get agitated easily and have no drive to do anything. i was smokin weed all through highschool and after getting in trouble i decided it was time for change. thats when all hell broke lose when one of my so called “friends” introduced me to spice. at first i thought it was nasty and tasted bad but then i got used to it. i could make a 3g bag last 4-5 days. but as time kept on slipping i could only make a bag last a day sometimes shorter. i couldnt get some brands because i would smoke it and nothing happened. after repeating this cycle for months the cornerstore that sells it got busted and i now have to go two counties away to get it. its causing my family many sleepless nights of wondering if im ok or if im going to get better. but all im worried about is where the next bags coming from. i have easliy brought over 100 bags of spice at the store at 30 bucks each. i cough up black stuff and am constanly weezing and fighting to get a breath of air. i was diagnosed with bi polar and sports induced asthma in middle school. basicly i relize ive messed up and i want to quit but cant. i get VERY violent without spice. my parents despise me. i need help quiting but how do i get this help

  52. On four separate occasions I have taken a couple hits of marijuana to help me sleep. I was having dreadful insomnia and it’s slowly getting better. I get about 5 hours a night now where I was lucky to sleep at all coming off this stuff. That did take a while to hit me. I’m ashamed I ever took that risk because having already been on medication (anti-depressants anti- anxiety.and mood stabilizers for PTSD Anxiety and Depression) I could have unknowingly had a horrible reaction smoking unknown substances. I should’ve known better being a former junkie. I’d say the hardest for me at this point is maintaining self control and not going from one addiction to another. (I get urges to drink ALL the time and I’ve never had a drinking problem before. That’s what killed my dad.) So my body may be healing but my mind is the next to fix. I have had trouble focusing too not just from lack of sleep and not just visual focus but simple tasks like how do I mess up laundry?! Anyways I think it’s time to go sell another piece of my soul to Verizon for a new phone. That I haven’t broken this one in a rage is miracle in itself. Good luck all. We can beat this.

  53. Hi Victor,

    I’m in to my second month and doing %100 percent better. However, my doctor has prescribed me medications for my anxiety and blood pressure, as well as an anti-depressant, which I’m not sure I need at this point.

    If you mean focusing visually, then yes, I did have trouble with that the first 3 or four weeks, I believe it’s a part of the paranoia. You’re paying closer attention to your body because you know there is something off about the way you feel.

    See things in your peripheral vision can also be due to lack of sleep, and nutrition. When your body begins to weaken, it plays tricks on your eyes. Please be sure you’re keeping yourself well fed, and trying to get good sleep.

    If this continues, or becomes more persistent, then please see a doctor and be honest about your experiences. Doctors will help those who make it clear they are trying to help themselves and are honest when explaining what they feel is wrong with them and why.

    Let me know if this continues are if, over time, it goes away.


    – Justin

  54. im 3 months clean , justin are u having problems focusing? , im having a hard time with it. it seems that when im lokking at something i see things moving besides me, has anybody experienced that too?

  55. Hello everyone. I’m also on the road to recovery as I quit almost two months ago. I came to this website because I wasn’t sure what was happening to my body and whether or not it was because of my spice use.

    Everyone here is saying exactly the same thing about when you use it and what it does to you, but very few are mentioning what it takes to quit.

    This is where I’d like to help.

    I quit cold turkey after 4 months of use, 2 months of which was very heavy use. The withdrawal didn’t really hit until about two weeks afterwards, at least, the hardcore withdrawal. A lot of change was going on in my life around the same time I quit. I thought I was having a nervous break down because of all of the stresses in my home life and at work; So I wasn’t aware, at first, that most of the crazy, hopeless, suicidal thoughts that were going through my head were also a direct result of withdrawing from spice. It’s now, that I look back and see that I should have been fine with the way things were going on in my life and should have been able to handle it. Spice had my head screwed on backwards and I didn’t even know it. That’s the problem people, you really aren’t aware that it’s happening to you so you need to listen and listen well to what us, past users, are saying.

    You are in trouble! You are going to need help! It is not a simple process, but I PROMISE YOU THIS! Your will to live will come back! That hopeless feeling WILL go away! You’re going to feel confused for a few moments at times, even weeks later. Just as earnest said, you’ll start coughing up a lot of grey nasty crap. I finally quit coughing mine up a few days ago. But know that you are getting better.

    Personally, I went to the doctor and told him I was severely depressed and severely anxious. I told him I was overwhelmed by all of the things that were going on in my life and I that I knew I needed help to feel better again. I didn’t tell him it was from smoking fake weed because honestly, I didn’t know I was withdrawing.
    His main concern was my blood pressure, and it should be yours too. There are some serious side effects/ withdrawal symptoms when you quit. You’ll know you’re on the path to recovery when your appetite comes back, you’re sweating at night while you sleep, you start craving sugar, and you have an enormous amount of nervous energy. For me, it felt like I was on speed. That feeling is also gone now, after almost two months. So just know that it does get better and that ultimately you’ll be okay.

    I came to the same realization that Wesley and Earnest did. I wasn’t myself, I remembered when I used to laugh, smile and interact with others. I remembered the man I was before I became an addict and I wanted him back. Some of us are strong enough to come these realizations on their own. Other’s are going to need help to see it! They need to read these posts! They need to know that they are not okay!

    The first thing they’ll have to realize is that the drug they are using, the drug they think is their friend; is actually their worst enemy.

    If you’re strong enough to stand by the person you love and help them through this addiction, be aware of what you’re getting yourself in to. While I am not a violent person, crazy thoughts went through my head. My emotions were extreme, mostly happy, some very sad, and some very very angry and for very stupid reasons. I was able to control myself, but I cannot speak for others.

    Rebecca, he is in very deep addiction, and if it’s any similar to my case, he doesn’t even know it. He thinks smoking is the only cure and it’s completely poisoning his thoughts. There really isn’t much you can say to convince him that you are right and he is wrong. For me, the entire world looked screwed up and I was the only that could see it, I was so, so, wrong.

    The best time to try and talk a little sense in to him is right after he’s taken a few hits and probably feels somewhat normal. For me that window of “feeling normal” only lasted about 15-25 minutes, before i’d fall back in to self loathing, paranoia, and complete hopelessness.

    But the user is going to have to want to quit for themselves. Without that desire, there is very little you can do to make them quit.

    I hope some of my information was helpful to ya’ll. I’m not going to take the time to proof read any of what I’ve written so please forgive me for any punctual, spelling and/or grammatical errors I may have made while spouting out my thoughts.

    I’ve subscribed to this post and will be checking back in for follow ups.


    – Justin

  56. I am a spice addict. Thats a very hard thing to say or admit! I have been smoking spice since i first discovered it 2 years ago with my friend. The effects of this stuff are awful and everytime i achieve my goal of finding some after i chased it all day, i quickly find myself asking why did i go through so much to get this awful “high”. I smoked weed all my life till high school ended and gave it up to try and grow up and hit the work force. But soon after i found spice and realized i could get jobs and get high without worrying of the failed drug tests. Thats when things started to spiral out of control. I knew i had nothing stopping me so i began smoking on a daily basis proble a bag a day if i was lucky. My family seen how bad i was getting as i lost my energy and emotions and turned into a zombie that thought about nothing other than how much spice was still in the bag or where i could get more. Even after the friend i started with way back had a seizure and my girlfriend of 3 yrs is saying she will leave if i dont stop , i continue to smoke! This is the worst drug is could of ever started and regret it everytime i buy some cause i know its wrong and im killing myself but i cant seem to find something to fill the void of getting high. I only pray that no more young people like myself try spice to mimic their marijuana habbit because its a no where road of hurting your body and your wallet. ill hopefully find a way to beat this and become the old michael that everyone loved instead of the strung of drug addict they see now 🙁

  57. Yes I smoked spice for along time and I’ve turned green and as white this box I’m typing in its bad its made me stupider and slower I’ve also heard it puts holes in your brain and after awhile it would make my head hurt so bad that I’d have to smoke so much just to get rid of it I hope pray that it becomes illegal same with bath salts ….lien really just smoke weed man

  58. Hi Rebecca. As his wife, you can set limits to what you will accept. IT does sound that your husband is addicted to Spice! Have you considered seeking counseling help for yourself or going to Al-Anon?

  59. Rebecca sounds like he’s deep in addiction. I’d try intervention and as hard as it is cutting him off, you can’t enable him by sticking around. When it’s time for an addict to hit rock bottom all of the people they depend on to always be around (spouses, family, etc) must be prepared to sever ties unless he gets help and goes somewhere to detox like a clinic or in-patient program. Best of luck, I’m sorry people are going through this.

  60. my husband smokes at least 6grams a day now at least and we he runs out he sweats and vomits and is sorry to say this a terrible asshole and he wont let it go i have tried showing him theres happier alternatives but he chooses to sit in the bathroom and smoke himself till he passes out sitting up.

  61. My social interactions have always been poor but spice definitely didn’t help. Thc did make me less fearful of social settings but we don’t have medical and it’s not worth the risk of trying to self medicate with street weed because ya never know what’s in that either This is why I got fed up and am moving to a medical state because I’m worth it and I have a personality to offer. I wonder how much of a problem this spice would be if nationally we legalized the medical use of marijuana. Hmm

  62. As Earnest said, I just used my self control, realized how much of an effect it was not only having on my life, but my family and friend’s as well. Everyone I know who has become a spice smoker have changed from out going friendly people to recluses who will bite at you the instant you say something about their spice smoking. I just looked back at what my life used to be without Spice, how happy I used to be and how I used to go places all the time and decided I want that back. Spice may give you a high, but it’s rarely euphoric and more often depressing as I would wallow in my thoughts while high, thinking about how much it has wrecked my life, social image, and my relationships with friends and family.

  63. Wesley I had the same problem with the coughing up grey mucous I smoked about a gram and a half a day. I too quit cold turkey and am still coughing it up but much less now. Addiction blog how I quit was simply self control. I finally just got fed up with it not being like a thc high. Of course it wasn’t easy but since I can’t get weed anymore I just told myself I’d save thtoney for if t

  64. Thanks for sharing, Wesley. Would you mind sharing more about HOW you stopped smoking Spice for others going through the same thing?

  65. I’m 19, in good health and shape and I just recently dropped my spice addiction cold turkey after smoking about 3 grams a day. I used to smoke marijuana heavily everyday given my best friend was a dealer but after we had a fall out I started smoking spice because it was cheaper and always available. Spice MOST DEFINITELY has addictive properties as I would find myself smoking the resin once I was out and none was available and let me tell you, I hit an empty bowl to smoke the resin more times than most people have EVER even hit bowls. My mind would revolve around it, “When can I get outta here and smoke?” The instant I ran out if stores were open I’d be there. I’d find myself driving to 24/7 stores that sold spice no matter how late, whether it was 12 PM or 4 AM, I was hitting the store. Now for the withdrawals, let me mention first I am diagnosed with anger management though at times it is controllable. Without spice, I would RAGE at the littlest things. I treated my girlfriend like shit, my family like shit. I lied to my family and stole money from them to support my addiction. I experienced and am currently still experiencing (I quit a little over a week ago) withdrawal symptoms: head aches, loss of appetite, major depression, major mood swings, and many times while smoking spice I would take a couple of hits and after a span of about 10 minutes all of a sudden it would slam me and I’d be getting higher and higher and it wouldn’t stop, causing major paranoia, knowing something was wrong and eventually throw up, this happened to me at least 5 times in my experience with the drug. I also found myself hacking up the nastiest grey mucous and it wasn’t a little, I’d be coughing A LOT of it up, not to mention the mucous tastes EXACTLY like the resin of spice. This drug is a major life ruiner and is definitely addictive and has withdrawal symptoms.

  66. Also where is the proof of this stuff causing abscesses all over your organs? Link with more than one source or that “physicist” was just high when he declared that. Never trust just one source.

  67. Sadly addiction is preexisting and if it’s not drugs it’s shopping, or compulsory behavior. It usually goes hand-in-hand with mental illness. I know they use all different kinds of chemical cocktails in these spice mixes, and they are changing all the time due to laws. So besides some of the extreme cases I’ve only heard about, I’d say it’s not what people are making it out to be. BATH SALTS are the real danger and for those whose husbands, kids, wives, or siblings are abusing these spices I’d say they need some support. Someone to make it known that “I’m here for you, you don’t need that shit.” And follow through! Show support and concern without taking the driver’s seat in someone else’s life. Be attentive and if they are replenishing their stash, take it. Follow them around with suggestions for more enjoyable and memorable activities instead of getting faded on the couch. The if all else fails it’s time for the professional help.

  68. thx for ur response. I have been searching for rehabs and have found the westcare foundation and frm the info I have read they have facilities in many states. I want to lie to the police and say she threatened to hurt herself so they will take her on a 5150. Not sure I have the heart to do it…i hate the fact that addiction makes the addict and the family think about desperate solutions and tearing loved ones apart..this really sux. I know she wont go. I dont want her to die in her disease

  69. Hello Debbie. It will certainly help to talk with and plan an intervention with a professional in Las Vegas. You can search by city of state or zip for a specialist in this federal goverment database here:

    But you know the deal. Maybe she will accept. Maybe she will not. But you’ve got to set your own boundaries and keep them, should she not be willing to accept help. Either way, don’t do it alone! Look into getting support from a well known treatment center in Las Vegas, and plan ahead!

  70. my 51 yr old sister who is in denial about her addiction to this shit…me being a recovering addict, I am very aware of addiction and its end results if not treated…i was also curious about it and tried it….once was enuf, I was so hi I got paranoid. I am bipolar and it was awful. My sis is no longer the person I once knew and the asswipe gives it to her for free. I confronted him and told him to stop or my next

    visit would not be pleasant for him. Im in L.A. shes in las vegas,im looking to do an intervention,but she wont im sure….denial…..all us addicts r famous for it…i need help for and especially the family she is going to leave behind……helpless

  71. Please don’t let anyone near this stuff. I live in Florida and am involved with a 56 year old packet a day spice user. We dated for six years before I would move in with him. He took a job in Florida and I still waited two more years before I relocated to join him. Three weeks after selling my house, closing my business, and moving in with him, he started doing spice. Even though it is illegal here now, it is still sold from many locations. Nine months after he started doing this stuff he is hardly recognizable. He is a zombie and spends every second of his free time with a pipe in his hand and his mouth hanging open. He has lost his sense of drive, passion, personality, sense of humor, and all of his ambition. He survived the sixties and seventies without becoming addicted to anything and yet within nine months he is hooked. I told him it was time to choose between it and me and he chose it. In spite of all of the frightening facts I print out and put in his chair, he continues non stop. I never believed I would find myself in this situation at my age. I thought this was a young persons problem but this stuff is insidious. I even took two hits to see for myself what it was like. I couldn’t move my legs and the sensation was like falling in a very dark depressing hole. I am torn between trying to help him or running for my life. I will be forced to live in a tent somewhere until I can get back on my feet financially. This does not move him in any way. I found out this stuff is manufactured in China and it sells for thirteen dollars a gram. The store where he gets it had an entire garbage bag full of thousands of packets. The next day they were sold out! Look out people, this is the next worst thing to sweep our culture. God help us!!!

  72. So here is my story. About 5 years ago I would have never known what spice is. I was seriously addicted to heroin and cocaine. Speed balling is a death sentance. 2 overdoses and 5 months in a halfway house and 6 in intensive outpatient treatment. I “kicked” the habit. I’ve had mental illness since adolescence and have been clear of narcotics for years now. I maintained smoking weed (real thc) and eventually I was introduced to spice by my friends in the military. (I dubbed it army weed.) Ok I gotta say we just need to legalize marijuana because that army weed is a mess. I hear these awful stories of people having seizures and shit and if I knew what I know now I would continue breaking the law and smoking pot. I haven’t experienced anything like some of these extreme cases but I realized I was NEEDING spice every day. I’ve quit and the only withdrawal I feel is a diminishing moodiness. If you smoke spice on the regular do yourself a favor and just bear through those couple of depressing days and be glad it’s not like dope sickness. I mean vomiting diarreah seizures freezing fevers and body aches I have survived and I feel so dumb getting hooked on spice but at least I’m really no moodier than when I tried to quit cigarettes. I just had to sleep through the worst of it then get on with life. Oh but I do smoke cigarettes again but not spice. I think the Almighty tobacco giant is still a little more addicting. Maybe not as damaging but I feel like I’d die without my camels I don’t fret about spice like that. So from heroin withdrawal which is like death bed shit to spice withdrawal which is like super bad pms plus anxiety to cigarettes which I really would fight someone over those they shouldn’t encourage that in rehab I’d say spice is not as bad coming off of as some of these studies say. I do find it addictive though…bring back the weed! That just comes and goes like a visiting buddy and it’s no big deal. PLUS it does have medical properties. That army weed is living a lie. For shame.

  73. Hi Syree. Yay! Good for you. I wish you all of the best. You do not need or deserve to live with a Spice addict. Please update on your progress.

    Hi Rebecca. Check out the advice written to Syree. Likewise, you need to take care of yourself and start making decisions without your husband. If he is unwilling to stop, you need to set a boundary for what you are willing to tolerate. And even if it means breaking it off, you need to help yourself get away from a codependent relationships (enabling him to continue, denying there is a problem) and start setting up a healthy way of life for yourself. Do you have someone (a professional) who you can talk to?

  74. My husband is also addicted to spice and it has gotten so out of hand it’s terrible he is constantly smoking it even to the point were he is passing out while smoking it I have to stay up and watch him now because he has dropped it on the floor and set the floor on fire and the money he smoked over 600 dollars worth in a week and even one time 66g in a week and a half he thinks he’s fine but he’s not if he’s not sleeping he’s smoking it’s caused a major strain on our finances or marriage and everything I try to tell him to get help but he swears there’s no problem and gets mad at me for daring to ask him to stop what am I suppose to do because I can’t keep goin on like this anymore.

  75. Thanks I have gone to Alanon and have an appt with counselor. I have had enough of this and its literally driving me crazy of his rudness and disrespect towards me and ignoring me.. I have done what i feel is right & yet he choose to stay away but text just to say how he loves me but he aint no where. I can not live like this and I will not tolerate it because I have not before why would I now. But this really has open my eyes to see things differently & I know i’m not the one with the problem even thou it may seem harsh in his eyes and blame me for all of this. Thanks!

  76. Dear Syree. We all learn through experience. I’d suggest that you check out Al-Anon and get yourself a guidance counselor / psychotherapist to talk to. These kinds of big decisions can benefit from talking it out. And you are not alone! You basically need to decide if you can live with your husband’s drug use, or if you cannot tolerate it. If you cannot live with it, you need to live without him. Does this resonate with you?

  77. THis has been very information to me. I am married to spice user, and it wasn’t until this past month that I got to really see how bad it has become with him.. I should have read on this a long time ago, I heard about it but not getting into the details of the symtoms or addictin of this.. We dated before we got married and I only got to see him do it occationally which probably behind closed doors he was doing it all the time. He always said it was safer than bud and that it was addictive cuz he could stop it at any time. Then I noticed that he would get aggressive n break up with me for no reason n leave to be alone for days or weeks before i would hear from him. Even wen we got married I didn’t think of it, he would say its safer than ciggs cuz he would be hacking in the morning like crazy.. I would say that, that didn’t sound right, you need to stop your smoking.. But then after we married I would see him rolling joints after he would finish one.. He would say its like a cigg, but not addictive with no nicotine… Now all this all makes sense… He left a couple of days ago, I told him our marriage would not work as long as he stayed on this drug, but he still claims he can quit without help… Couple of hours later he’ll message bout how I abandon him and not care… THis is really crazy, I would never have seen this if I stayed blinded by his lies… I don’t know what to do now, I feel lost and stupid that I got into a marriage with not knowing his smokes were that addictive.

  78. Thanks for sharing your experience with Spice, Andy. I hope that others can benefit from reading about how addictive it is and stay away from herbal incense as a result.

  79. I am writing to say that herbal insence is VERY addicting. USER BEWARE the effects are VERY fast and you get a quick strong upper high and the effects are PROBABLY working on dopamine and serotonin receptors because time passes faster on this and it raised my heart rate above 200

    Once i smoked a bowl I was suddenly onto my next bowl and next and could not stop smoking it. The urge to maintain concentrations of this stuff in your system and smoke the resin when you run out is ENORMOUS. It is a VERY powerful drug with NO real information on its ingredients and it could easily be carrying various cocaine/bath salts ingredients to make it addicting.

  80. Vada/ son with asthma, another thing is spice eats the lining of the lungs. you will want to get him into the dr or psych unit immediately lie and do whatever it takes to stop him from killing himself. he is not himself on this drug. dont kick him out and dont let him be. have your husband help you or you could lose him to this in a way you wont have control like found od’d next to a dumpster or etc. he could already have lung cancer or worse absasses all over his organs and not know it

  81. Also, Vada and your husband, instead of judging so quickly, try to view the spice addiction through a “drug sick” like cancer sickness perspective so try not to judge as to they didnt graduate or they lost their jobs or have mood swings and so forth… Spice effects the Hippacamus of the brainstem in the back that connects to the spinal column, thus effects all control of emotions/mood swings/judgment/sleep routines and its taking months for people to feel normal after getting on medicine. Everyone needs something different to get back to normalcy

  82. Vada, according to a blog by a physicist who tried Spice he read spice has a JWH compound that evaporates the lining of the lungs. An entire single Cigarette has 200 ug’s of a particular cancercausing (carcinigen), spice has 900 per “hit” not joint, per hit of a single rolled joint. spice puts absesses all over organs inside the body and its effects are like meth and crack and heroin combined into one joint. Some blog entries suggest its one chemical and varied amounts sprayed on different blends, but studies show theres 2-3 different chemicals minimum sprayed and then they change the chemistry mixture as more spice shops are closed down. the addiction is like being drug sick–like you have to get medicine to resolve it.
    One addict said its like being in a nightmare all the time and you dont remember anything, people black out, people have seizures strokes theyre overdosing on the stuff. they become homeless lose their jobs, it sounds like the one with bipolar has to hit his own rock bottom it sounds like hes angry. has he dealt with any grief or any trauma in childhood,,has he always wanted to use substances? This usually stems from psychological deeply rooted emotional pain the person cannot deal with so it comes out on the surface through use of drugs. be careful theyre already addicted and when they stop or try or want to they wont be able to because they will go through withdrawals, nausea vomiting insomnia shaking tremors,
    yeah read all these blogs every single one even if you think you cant handle it you have to b/c you need to understand your sons physiological behavior and the drs wont talk to you but other addicts whove gone through this open up online and you can reply and they will not be rosy about the addiction.

  83. Hi Vada. Again, the only thing that you can control is what you allow in your house and how you react to your sons’ decisions. The best thing that you can do to help them is by standing up for what you know is right and setting limits. Reporting drug use to their doctor will not make them want to seek help. In fact, addicts seek help only when they are ready. Get your boys to face the responsibilities of being adults by making them responsible for their choices: DRUGS = NO HOME WITH YOU.

  84. One thing I didn’t mention is that the younger of my two boys is bi polar, and to this day has not come to terms with it and accepted it so he is not on any meds for that. However, they both have gone to their family Dr and gotten different things prescribed to them such as xanex, and my older says he suffers from anxiety and has for years, but it has only been since he has been smoking this. He had a wonderful girlfriend and was planning on getting married sometime, but he got so mean and uncaring to her and she broke up with him, but continues to worry about him. I want to call their Dr and tell him about their smoking this stuff but I know the heppa laws will not allow him to talk to me. I am one very worried mother yet also at the same time fed up.

  85. Hi Vada. Spice is a drug. And although some ingredients found in Spice are legal now, they won’t be for long. I have a few suggestions.

    1. Check out Al-Anon for yourself. You can learn to set boundaries with your sons, and how to structure life for yourself loving them without being wrapped up in their drama.

    2. It is OK to require your sons be drug free at home. Kick them out if they are using drugs. This is a consequence that they need to face. Otherwise, you are ENABLING their drug use.

    3. Talk with a family counselor about building trust, communication, and love in your family. It sounds like there may be residual issues to face, because addiction affects the entire family.

  86. Any substance that alters the chemical balance of the mind can become addictive. Although each person has individual triggers, the process and cycle of addiction is always the same.

  87. I am a mother of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls. For the last year, my two boys smoke this stuff they buy from the smoke shops. They are both over 18 and one of my daughters is also over 18, one however is not, she is 12. My husband and I have tried to talk to our boys about this, we have never let anyone even smoke cigarets in our home as 5 of us have asthma, including my boys. They actually get so angry with us, walk away and slam their bedroom door. I have asked them to leave our home as I fear that my 12 year old could be taken away from us if the police ever came to my home and when I tell them that, they laugh at me. I have called the police department just to get info on whether or not they can take her away for us “letting” my boys do drugs in our home, no one has been able to tell me anything, they suggested I call the narcotics division, so I will do that tomorrow. Their lives have become consumed with this stuff, and they don’t see it. Our oldest is 23 and goes to college, and is studying of all things psychology to become a counselor. He used to be so ambitious, but now just wants to “take his time” in college, he should have had his bachelors this year, but just doesn’t seem to care much any more. My other son has a very good job and is 21, they do random drug testing all the time and just because he is the boss, he thinks he is safe. I fear for their lives all the time, one of them has already been taken to the hospital by ambulance because he passed out on the street one day after taking a hit, he just laughs at it and says he was just stupid that day. I now decided that they are going to do this no matter what, and all I can do is save my little girl from being taken away. So, I have to some how make them move out, then I will have two things to worry about, if they have a place to live and are they still alive. I just don’t know what to do anymore, I am so afraid for our boys, my husband, their father, just told me tonight that feels hatred for our boys, and can’t stand to look at them anymore. What do I do, how can I help my family??

  88. To this claim that spice is addictive, I think the key is balance and self control. From my experiences, the herbal incenses had no addictive qualities. Lets compare it to the consumption of alcohol. They lack addictive qualities, yet many people know somebody whos alcoholic or has substance abuse issues. It is all in the mind. If people are able to practice self control when using these substances they would not become psychologically addicted.

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