How much Spice is too much?

A description of how Spice is packaged, and difficulties in estimating overdose amounts. Plus, more on the signs of Spice overdose and their treatment here.

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It’s hard to say how much Spice is too much.

The very fact that Spice reads “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” makes it clear that this herbal mixture is not safe for using. Further, overdose on the synthetic cannabinoids contained in Spice can be very likely, simply because the ingredients contained in a batch of Spice are potent and unevenly dispersed. Even a single puff can provoke severe psychiatric episodes, some of which many cause long term consequences.

So, how much Spice is safe to smoke? How can you tell when you’ve smoked too much? Moreover, can you die from smoking Spice? We review these questions here and at the end we invite your questions questions and comments.

Spice strengths

The manufacturing process of Spice is not standardized, which makes it hard to determine its strength. Manufactures have over 140 synthetic cannabinoids at their disposal and are often changing the composition of Spice in order to exclude those ingredients which have been classified as illegal, thus maintaining Spice’s “legal” status. While these cannabinoids target the same receptors marijuana does (CB1 and CB2) and produce similar effects, Spice is not structurally related to marijuana. Chemical analysis have shown that synthetic cannabinoids found in Spice labeled products can be up dozens of times more potent than the THC found in marijuana.

How much Spice is safe?

Smoking Spice is very risky.

However, people tend to abuse it for its marijuana-like effects not considering what the actual package consists of are not aware of the possible consequences. Simply put, no amount of Spice is safe and no one should disobey the precaution on the packaging.

How much Spice can you take at once?

It depends. The amount and the type of  synthetic cannabinoids that are included in a particular package of Spice can never be certain unless you send it off to a lab for identification. Effects can vary from mild to severe and can result in long-term consequences. Reports of death from Spice related hallucinations as well as increasing numbers of psychiatric conditions (that do not pass) are alarming.

How much Spice to overdose?

Overdose levels depends on the potency of the synthetic cannabinoid. While sometimes it takes a puff or two to overdose and provoke severe consequences, other times it may take much more to even feel its effects. The most common signs of Spice overdose include:

  • agitation
  • arrhythmia
  • excessive sweating
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased heart rate
  • hallucinations
  • palpitations
  • paranoia
  • seizures
  • tachycardia

How much Spice is fatal?

Most of the reported fatalities related to Spice abuse have been consequences of suicides and violent behavior as a result Spice overdose. However, little is known about the possible side effects of all the active ingredients a Spice product can contain so it would be speculating to write about the fatality of Spice as of yet.

How much Spice is too much questions?

Do you have additional questions about Spice overdose? In case this article does not answer your question, please send us your feedback via the comments section below. We will do our best to answer your questions personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi, my partner recently died in prison the coroner support saying methadone overdose … we have received a report from an independent person ..he saying the methadone alone could have not killed him .. and saying this spice could’ve helped to killed him with some methadone … but we don’t understand this as the coroners report mention no sign of spice ? Can this spice be detected in a dead body

    1. Hi Maria. I’m really sorry for your loss. I suggest that you speak with another coroner or other professional about your concerns.

  2. Spice isn’t just one thing. There’s quite a few of chemicals that will vary from pouch to pouch of each brand sold. Drug tests are finnicky when it comes to testing, because those tests will look for things identified by legislatures that determine whether the chemical in the certain pouch is “Spice” or not. For example, “Devil’s Advocate” may contain chemicals that aren’t in “Hulk”, and only the chemicals in “Hulk” have been targeted and will be found in a drug test. The brands are constantly evolving with different chemicals, and none are safe to consume. None, none. and none. I was halfway passed out when I ran a red light and T-boned a man, and then ran into a building. Take it from someone who didn’t think it was serious. You won’t think it is either until someone’s dead, or you’re going to court for something you thought was preposterous.

  3. Then why don’t we study this thing called spice. I have nothing to loose I’m up for it. We need to study these things so we can better inform the public of this drug.

  4. If drug tests can show if you’re smoking spice then how come everyone in the military that I know smoke it instead of weed because it Don’t Show Up in Drug Tests?
    Perhaps work places shouldn’t make such a big deal about weed and people wouldn’t be smoking this stuff to begin with.

    1. Hello Telvina. Probably, they can if they have experience with spice users. But, drug test can definitely show if you are smoking spice.

  5. A wolf in a psychedelic cloak.

    It took me a long fucking time to figure out that it was the spice that was ruining my life, considering I was also using a product called “viva Zen” which contained a highly concentrated extract of Kratom. It wasn’t until local authorities were moved the Viva Zenz from our gas stations that I realized that my hot flashes and nausea were not because of that.
    I didn’t even know that this stuff was still sold or illegal, but one day I was walking in the city and found an empty packet on a window ledge that said, “legal in all 50 states.” So I googled that term and quickly found a site where I could buy the stuff. This was nothing like the spice I smoked in 2010. The stuff was crazy strong, and like other users, I have experienced death like experiences and I have had panic attacks and anxiety attacks, freaked out on people, “checked out” for weeks at a time, sometimes nodding off at stoplights while working my delivery job. It got to be aware I had to smoke it constantly or I would feel like shit. Whenever I ran out and I had to order more, that week while waiting for it to arrive from across the country was the longest week of my life. I quit on a Sunday, and it is now the following Saturday, and only just now am I starting to feel a little bit normal. I still have to eat fistful’s of blurry in route to fulfill Leap, and I’m only going to be able to keep food down Think clearly. The only reason I even got into this shit is because I joined a trade union and have to be able to pass drug test. I’m a pothead and normally would never touch this crap, but being poor is the worst thing you can be in America, so this is how I ended up here. Stick with Kratom. That’s a safe legal high. This 6th generation Spice is China’s revenge for the Opium Wars

  6. This sight is horrendous!! NO WAY is spice SAFE!! You f*ckn f*ck wads!! Post THAT its poison! That it’s NOT SAFE. F’U!! And China TOO!! $$$$.. U MUST be making at the expenses of Young people!! Ur heading to HELL. And your EVIL. Satan has ALOT of power.. But God WILL f*ck the punk up on judgement DAY!! I can’t wait!! Well yes I CAN. I have NO choice.. God WILL be here when He gets here. G/L on judgement DAY!!

    1. Hello Molly. Did you even read the text? I don’t think so…because if you did, you would know that it actually speaks that Spice is not safe and warns of the dangers of using it. Please let us know in which part of the text you think we are promoting that – as you say “spice is safe”.

  7. If i have a drug test and have been taking little one hitters off the tip cigarettes.. like 2 or 3 a day.. will it show up in a test?

  8. i recently bought a bag of spice only cuz i moved 2 a new state and simply couldn’t find no weed (marijuana). My gf & i smoked 1 blunt and it felt lyke an l.s.d trip, tha 2nd blunt a couple hrz later had similar effectz but wuznt az intense. i smoked a couple ov bowls tha next day and got a small buzz but that same night i smoked a hlf a bowl & a hlf a cigarette and attempted 2 go 2 bed, thatz when “HELL” opened up. i wuz seeing flash and hearing thunder and everything looked all shadowy. My gf wuz sleep and i considered waking her up 2 tell her i need help but didnt cuz of embarrassment and also n fear that she might agitate me and make it worse (if thatz possible). i questioned wut tha hell wuz wrong wit me and left my house 4 tha safety ov my family. i ended up riding my bicycle for bout 45min. or so till i came dwn enough 2 go bck home. i’v 4got 2 mention that i hve tried it b4 a couple ov yearz bck but didnt feel anything (i thnk it cuz im a heavy weed smoker but since i moved i hvnt smoked shyt). Needless to i will “NEVER” do that shyt again. P.s i still had a lil more than hlf tha bag i ordered and i dumped it out on that bike ride.

  9. I remember I was with some friends, we had all smoked meth that night. After, one of my friends and I smoked some spice and this wasn’t the 1st time we had mixed the two. Everything was fine and after a few hours passed, during which we kept smoking spice not meth, I was “packing a bowl” took a big “hit” and next thing i feel like im in dream but everything felt real next I hear a ringing sound everything goes black and it felt like death, where I heard, thought and felt nothing. Then I wake up but i had an overwhelming sense of sorrow, loneliness and I was crying but i had no reason to. My friends calm me down and then the paranoia sets in. Eventually I came back but if they weren’t there I’m sure the next step would have been suicide. Im not a meth user it had been about two weeks sense i had started but i am a heavy smoker starting with marijuana at 15 switched to cigarettes 18 and stayed with spice sense 21 or 22. Im 23 going on 24 so about 2 to 3yrs smoking it and never had something like that happen. Our usual dosages ranged from at least 5 to 10 grams a day. It wasnt untill about 4 months ago that we lowered our intake to 5 -10gs a week and a about a 1 and half months later that i had that experience. After that experience i stopped smoking meth and kept to 5-10gs of spice a week. Its about 2 months sense that experience and everything was fine, however these last two weeks i have noticed a difference. One week, after smoking i started falling asleep 15-30mins after consumption if i did not continue to smoke. This passed week its been keeping me up until the next day, one time two days in a row, and when i do go to sleep its only for about 2 hours if lucky 6. My friend, who smokes spice as much as i do, also went through the whole sleeping and staying up symptoms that i had except, this week when we started staying, he has been able to sleep for 6 sometimes 12hrs. He didn’t experience that blackout death experience i had and he too had just started and left meth when i did. Everything seems to point towards the spice. So my question is, with everything you know about spice, do these symptoms match that information you know about spice and what else can you tell me about spice? Even if you cant give me an exact answer a general one will do. I Hope this info helps with the research of this legal product, and hopefully help someone figure what is going ob with them. You have my consent to use this story. Thank you and I hope to receive a response soon

  10. Hey i smoked some weed and i been expreriencing hallucination of like if something was crawling on me and its like everywhere on my body and my head hurts and wakes me out of sleep and my heart was racing extremly fast i wanted to know do you have a clue of what drug this could be and if so how long do you think this would last cause its scaring me

  11. Hi can u tell me what is spice this the first time i’ve ever heard of it I’m 55 nd I have two grandchildren n would like to know if this has any real home spices. I bake a lot n my grandchildren help me, so i’d like to be sure there not going to use species as a drug to get high.

    1. Hello Virginia. No, Spice is not a kind of spice used in food that people can get high on. It’s actually a brand name for synthetic marijuana, like K2, Dancing Monkey, Blaze, Blueberry Haze, Dank, Demon Passion Smoke, Genie, etc. You can explore more on this topic here:

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