Can you die from taking Spice?

Maybe. It is possible to die from taking Spice. But Spice is a relatively new drug which is poorly understood. More on the adverse effects and systems affected by Spice here.

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The truth is, nobody’s really sure.

Still, we answer: Yes. It is possible that a severe reaction to Spice could kill you. More here on synthetic cannabis deaths, adverse side effects, and dangers of Spice. Plus, we welcome your questions about Spice at the end.

Dangers of  Spice ingredients

What’s really dangerous about Spice is the fact that no two brands contain the same ingredients. They all consist of chopped herbs sprayed with a synthetic cannabis substance, but that’s where the similarity ends. Manufacturers don’t even list what’s in Spice on the packaging; they’ve managed to get around ingredient listings by including the phrase, “Not intended for human consumption” on legal weed labels. However, there may be harmful heavy metal residues in some brands of Spice. And no batch contains the same ingredients. This is why some people have very intense, potent reactions to some types of synthetic weed, while others may experience little to no effect.  Note here that there is NO THC in Spice.

Serious adverse side effects of Spice

Spice can cause a variety of adverse, sometimes severe side effects. Although these have not yet been clinically studied, anecdotal evidence from self-reported Spice users is found on internet communities. From these reports, we gather that some of the serious side effects to Spice can include:

  • anxiety attacks
  • hallucinations
  • nausea
  • paranoia
  • psychotic episodes
  • rapid heart rate

In rare cases Spice can even result in potentially-deadly swelling of the brain.

Systems affected by Spice

The cannabinoid substances in Spice act on the THC receptors of the brain and central nervous system. The drugs in Spice are much more powerful and unpredictable than marijuana, and potentially more toxic. This is why Spice can cause a high similar to that of marijuana, but it can also cause hallucinations and similar effects.

Signs of Spice overdose

Spice is a new drug, and it’s poorly-understood. Different synthetic chemicals may be used in different batches, and different samples of the drug may not have the same strength. What is known is that this drug is addictive and has some serious adverse effects. Spice overdose can be difficult to treat, since so little is known about the substances used in its production, and since there’s so much variation between different brands and batches. However, the most commonly-reported overdose effects are:

  • anxiety attacks
  • convulsions
  • dangerously elevated heart rate
  • disorientation
  • increased blood pressure
  • vomiting

How to treat Spice overdose

If you suspect a Spice overdose, the most important thing is to get to a hospital as quickly as possible. These very serious adverse effects can’t be effectively treated at home and require medical attention.

Are you taking too much Spice?

You can get addicted to K2, or another variation of Spice.  Why?  Because Spice is addictive. Do you find yourself physically dependent on the drug? Do you find yourself craving Spice, or experiencing withdrawals when you can’t take it? If you’re using herbal incense and find yourself unable to stop, or feel you need to take it on a regular basis, you’re probably taking too much.

Help for Spice use or misuse

If you’re struggling to quit Spice, you can find help. Since the substances used in this drug as so similar to those in marijuana, joining a support group or 12-step program for marijuana abuse will probably be helpful. Therapy can also be successful in helping you resist situations, people, and places which might tempt you to use Spice again.

Dangers of Spice questions

Do you still have questions about the dangers of taking Spice? Maybe you want to report your own experiences. Please leave your comments, questions and feedback about Spice here. We try to respond to all questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP. You are not alone!

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Just came across your website. My son died in 2012. The result of the post mortem, after toxicology tests, stated death was caused by ” ACUTE PULMONARY HAEMORRHAGE DUE TO INHALATION OF SYNTHETIC CANNABINOID”

    Can you die from taking Spice? Yes – definitely.

  2. Hi I’ve been a spice user for years now going on and off with it and in my experience I got so addictive to it I almost lost my family due to this drug didn’t listen to anyone kept smoking bout 5 to 10 grams a day just ruined my life I would be outside all the time smoking not spending time with my new born son I would be passed out outside vomiting falling sweating and lack of eating and sleep I even knocked myself out once fell down punch myself in the face and was knocked out and now all my clothes have holes in them from passing out while smoking a cig so yea it’s not worth it the high feels good but u could loose everything due to this drug so I advise ppl not to take it

  3. My brother recently died from Spice a few days ago. He was only 37? I urge you to help your loved ones to get off the stuff!! The after effects are truly devastating ??

  4. I have smoked this stuff since its inception on Glasgow streets in 2011 and I’m fine
    I still smoke it now
    This is a scare tactic used by the government because it can’t be taxed,
    See if you know someone that can’t function on it tell them to try another blend
    And always always always, keep your sugar and hydration levels up and you will be absolutely fine thats peoples problem with it they don’t keep sugary juice and nutritional food around when they do it.

  5. Do not smoke spice or whatever you call it!!! Don’t matter how bad your phening for a high. This spice is killing people it’s super bad for you to use.

  6. I’ve smoked many variations of spice or k2 at first for a couple of years their were no signs of possible death the synthetic potpurri type is pretty freaking bad you’ll get hooked to it at first your like I’ll never do this stuff again but then you realize you can get past all the symptoms and the high comes down to a moderate marijuana feel. But once you start sleeping sometimes you can hit a coma like state and be out for to long of a time. Heck I had military brothers sent to the hospital because of that. I quit using for roughly 8 years. Then I found it by mere accident about 5 months ago and it’s form changed yet again. It’s now in liquid form and you can vaporize it and inhale. The symptoms you get from the vaping form are as if you took the potpourri version and multiplied it by 100 and the effects are instantaneous. But your first reaction makes you incognitive and then it’ll knock you out and and make you unconscious for 20 minutes basically brain dead for 20 minutes. I read deeper into the symptoms and realized the main 3 that stood out. Unconsciousness, coma, death stood out like a sore thumb. By all means if you want to continue smoking it that’s fine and dandy but whenever you’re on your death bed or when you wake up and all of your belongings on your person are gone don’t go crying to mommy.

  7. I am not a spice user, but my sister is. I’ve asked her numerous times not to bring any of that to my house when she comes to stay all night. Tonight I let her sleep upstairs in my daughter’s room. My daughter is two. She smoked spice up there. Will the residue of the spice harm my child? Should I wash all her clothes, toys and the walls? Please reply back.

  8. I had smoked spice but not heavy about 2 hits then I’m done then I quit withdrawed from it but still have anxiety attacks but everything else is I think gone cuz I smoke weed but when I don’t I have those attacks how could I fix it and get myself back on track

  9. Imy boyfriend has a very addictive personality and I’m so scared for his well-being. He’s only 17 and he wasn’t addicted to pot and Xanax and cocaine and he just texted me to not be mad or anything but he overdosed on spice last night. Can he die??? He’s body is shutting down from the coke and the drugs and everything’s and I’m a scared and he’s severely underweight and I don’t know what to do, he’s in drug court for weed and all but how do I help him

  10. My son went into seizes that the hospital could not manage for 10months he laid in Cleveland clinic in and out of coma from seizes from smoking spice k2 he became so addicted to it that his body and brain needed it to function when he stopped that’s when he seized and his body eventually all organs shut down. So yes it does kill you get help reach out before it’s too late

  11. July 22nd 2017 changed my life forever. My 23 year old son Javi DIED on his grandmas bathroom floor. I arrived at the apartment shorty after his death. I was told by the detective that he suspected drug use as a spoon was found in Javi’s pocket.. a spoon used for heroin according to this detective. 6 months have passed since the death of my boy and the medical examiner has finished and realesed my sons autopsy report. His death was ruled accidental due to synthetic cannibanoid toxins that IS SPICE! My son had no other drugs in his system just SPICE. I have searched the internet and there is little to no good information out there. Im here to tell you that its dangerous and can and will kill you. It needs to be taken off of the shelf before it kills another person.

  12. Let me be clear for anyone saying otherwise…the old stuff no, but the last three years the stuff out there has caused MASSIVE ER visits and not from people just freaking out but DYING! I didn’t believe it, I started using this stuff in 2009 and used it NO problems for five years. Suddenly the latest formulation was popping up in the news for causing instant death and kidney failure. I thought it was fear mongering…untill MY kidneys shut down! Had it not been for my dogs getting out and my family wondering why I hadn’t addressed it I would have died seizing on the floor with my tongue bit off. I was in a medically induced coma for 5 days on a vent (a machine that breathed for me)…100% on life support! They tried to take me off the vent but had to put another tube down my throat because my breathing was out of control. It was terrifying because I was awake and alert and they had 5 people holding me down to shove a tube into my lungs, they finally paralyzed me and I could no longer fight back as they placed a tube downy throat. Finally after a minute, which seemed like an eternity, they pushed propofol and knocked me out. I was then on fialysis for 5 months and have several scars from the dialysis access to prove it.

    ANYONE saying this stuff won’t kill you is an IGNORANT FOOL and should be ignored for their sheer stupidity!! I KNOW FOR A FACT PERSONALLY this stuff WILL kill you.

    Again the old formulations didn’t do this but you can’t get those anymore and I was SUPER careful where I got my “spice/k2”…it doesn’t matter.

    Only these latest blends are doing this but just search for news stories; there are DOZENS of kids dying from ONE hit and MANY others going through what I did. I saw these reports and ignored them like a moron…I wish I hadn’t and I hope you don’t. DO NOT LISTEN to people saying otherwise, I LOVE CANNABIS and HATE drug enforcement of ANY kind, I’m telling you this stuff WILL KILL YOU!!!

  13. I have been using spice for six years. I lost my motivation to be a productive member of society. I stop spending time with my children, and I am unemployed. All I wanted to do was smoke spice. I quit one week ago and now im having trouble sleeping. I got my appetite back, but I still have cravings. I used to hustle just to get spice, it was all I wanted.

  14. My brother smoked a large amount of an unknown kind of fake weed, and he has never been the same. When he went off to collage he spend all of his money from scholarships and money from my parents for food on spice. He started to steal from friends and family as well. He was so desperate he started taking out regular loans and debts from drug dealers. When he couldn’t pay the drug dealers came and found him and took him away. It is suspected that he was raped. He ended up getting arrested and put into a mental institution (for “strange behaviors” that I chose not to discuss). The brother that I knew that went off to collage is gone. He is now very strange, arrogant, paranoid, irrational, afraid, and malcontent. One can never truly know what you buy from a drug dealer.

  15. You can die from spice and such legal highs, in my stay in jail there was numerous people having to be resuscitated because their hearts have stopped whilst having a bad reaction to spice, if it wasn’t for jail staff and defibrillators they would be dead this was back in 2015 not only that I’ve witnessed many psychotic episodes from people who have smoked it, now very recently there has been a number of deaths involving spice attacks in UK jails due to swelling of the brain, who ever says spice doesn’t kill are in clear denial and most likely have a addiction of their own, please do your self and everyone around u a favour and stop or don’t take this substance, it ruins lives and can either seriously harm you or kill you. If you need evidence to support my claims then look up the Manchester evening news website and search for deaths from spice. Im not lying.
    Here’s one news article that can prove my claim

  16. My boyfriend and I have smoked k2 for 2 years. I guit 3 days ago,was dope sick for 1 day,now I’m in the clear. boyfriend won’t quit. Right now he is sick as hell,I told him that I would leave him if he doesn’t quit k2! He’s promised ,but only after one more ounce,and that was the 3rd promise!! What’s making it even worse,is our closest friends sell and smoke k2!! He lies and steals to get it,or trades his pain pills for fickinng k2. Do you think there is a legal way to help him with withdrawals?

  17. My husband is in jail withdrawing from spice he has been smoking it for the past 2 years or more. He is having major headaches and all other side effects. My concern is are having headaches a normal side effect of withdrawing?
    Keep in mind I haven’t spoken to him for 4 days while being in jail this is not normal of him we have been together for 6 years with kids, his is not normal of him to not contact me.

  18. YES YES YES YOU CAN!!!! I almost did, this stuff has been ALL OVER THE NEWS lately as it has been causing death in first time users, SEVERAL times. It also shuts down kidneys, it did mine. I was on dialysis for 4 months thanks to this stuff. Let me be clear, I am PRO cannabis legalization so what I’m telling you is factual, sincere, and trying to save your life! I smoked thus stuff constantly for years and each year they change the formula. These are laboratory chemicals meant to test the affects of enducing powerful responses to the receptors that cannabis activates. But they were NEVER meant for humans. The first formulations jwh18 didn’t do much harm, neither did the next two. But each is now illegal. The one being used last was an 2201 and it WILL shut off your kidneys and SEVERAL kids have died from literately one hit. I had some tolerance having used for a while but even I fell fictim.

    It isn’t a “bad batch” or one with a “hot spot”, thus stuff slowly shuts your kidneys down; nausea, vomiting, sweating, are thr first signs…but when your kidneys shut down you don’t really feels it. You may be lucky like me and go to ned one night and wake up a week later in the ICU. Or you could very easily die.

    It us oroven fact this stuff kills and shuts down kidneys, NUMEROUS er doctors reporting it. I ignored it thinking it waa fear mongering or anti-high people…but I’m a pro pot person, MY kidneys shut down, I’m telling you out of sincere concern for your life DO NOT USE THIS STUFF!!

  19. My brother is 20 been addicted to spice for a few years now and as of last year it landed him in the hospital flat lined brought back got better and was clean for a bit up till two weeks ago my mother found him in his room foaming from the mouth he is in ICU on a breathing machine and a cathader I believe my mom is lieing to me BC she only tells me its not from spice its a very bad case of phenomena I’m sorry but I’m pulling the bs card his kidneys are shutting down specialist says not permanent but he is extremely easily adjutated and docs can’t get his heart rate to slow down that he supposedly has infection in his body but dont know where its coming from its sad to say but I think he overdosed and its his end is there anything or any suggestions that may help

  20. I just want to say, YES you can die from posh. My 14 year old nieces autopsy report came back today and her cause of death was an overdose on posh. She died this past thanksgiving night. I wish people actually knew the side effects of posh and what it does to your Body and what it can do to your family.

  21. i am dating a 50+ year old man who smokes spice.
    he is always wants to go to the hospital, and never wants to get a job
    we are living with my mom and i hate living there but i have no other options
    he has choked , threw me around the room and gets angry very easily i want to leave him but i am afraid to be alone..
    should i leave him or should i keep quiet and stay with him
    i am also disabled i.e i get a check…
    i like to go to karaoke, and go to other outdoor places he wants to smoke all the time.. when he smokes it has the same effects to him as viagra

  22. Hi, I have been an opiate addict for 10 years, up until 14 day’s ago that is. I have had a lot of encouragement from my new friend’s that don’t use drug’s. But I have been smoking the chemical mmb-chimnaca in powder form, this is what you would put a gram an ounce of spice btw but I’m putting the powder straight into my joint’s and it’s getting me very stoned but what I’m trying to say is, it’s been my crutch! If I didn’t have this I wouldn’t have got this far. What do you make of that?

  23. Today was a very crazy experience i felt as if i was on the verge of death. I took a big hit of spice while my girlfriend was sitting next to me. She said after a few minutes i began to curl up n make weird faces n began to vomit which is something i remember but what she told me after that really scared me. Along with the psychotic panic attack iwas having she said i began to cry and began to try and choke which i do not remember at all. This shit is not no joke i really feel my death approaching

  24. Hello I am not sure if I tried spice or not it was me and some friends and we thought it was weed and I got high that day. Later on I kept feeling high, my heart was racing, I was like in a dream, I felt dizzy, and very emotional,had panick attacks and its been 9 days till last time I smoked 4 hits and now I keep just feeling dizzy,went to the doctor and I came out clean to drug test. My question is would this feeling ever go away and how long would it take. Is there anything I can drink? Or meds to take? Can it leave permanent damage to my brain? Plz help I’m not a spice smoker or a smoker at all but this one time.

  25. I went through many years of terror with my grown son. It all started when he had a psychotic episode believing he was an angel of the Lord sent to protect people. Which lead to bizarre behavior. One example was pacing around someone’s home all night through the winter because he thought they were in danger. He would go days without sleeping or eating. This went on for months and I tried to get him into Doctors, Psychiatrists, Therapist etc. He was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 with psychotic episodes. He then went into paranoia and then into deep depression. This cycle was repeated throughout the years. Never being able to hold down a job and therefore living with me. At one point I got him into subsidy housing 8 blocks from where I live to keep an eye on him but not be with him constantly. It was during this time that I went to his apartment and found him on his sofa in seizures. There was vomit everywhere. I called 911 immediately. While I was on the phone with him I saw a package on the coffee table and a pipe. When help arrived he was coming somewhat coherent but still confused and saying weird things. He refused care. The package was a smallish square and said K12 on it. To shorten this up I will just say that my son turns 28 next week. He has been off spice for 1 year now. He has just within the last 8 months got his brain back. He has within the last 4 months been working though only part time. Within the last 3 months he has been happy and has his old personality back which I had begun to think I would never see again. And for 1 year he has had NO Bipolar episodes which leads me to believe he was never bi-polar that it was the spice doing it all along. 10 years of his life gone. And don’t know how much longer till he is able to maintain a full time job and care completely for himself. I hate spice with a passion. I despise the companies that sell such a thing that can do this to someone and that it be legal to do so. This has been my introduction and experience with spice. I highly recommend to never try it. If you are on it to get off of it and if you know someone that is doing these strange behavior don’t just accept they are mentally ill before investigating. Look for those small square packages they are shiny and DANGEROUS

  26. please please please !!!!!!!! listen I use to smoke spice or k2 every day for 4 years I now have cardio atril fib its a condition that your heart skips beats and misses beats and beats all outta wack and I now have this from smoking spice I am now 2 years clean I have had 3 good friends have heart attacks from spice and one even had quadriple bypass from it and these are young men in their 20’s I am 30 years old and I now have the heart of an old man please if your thinking of smoking spice its not worth your life I will miss out on so much time with family and loved ones from thinking I was enjoying just a high these are chemicals that will kill you if you like to get high smoke pot ,I use to wake up in them idle of the night just to smoke and go to sleep now I wake up in the middle of the night to take asprins to thin my blood when I have chest pain please heed my advice im not telling you it might happen to you im telling you it WILL happen to you just a matter of time before it does and spice is more addictive than any outher drug I have evr done I was immediately hooked on it after one bag of it after the 2nd or third bag I actually started to go into with drawls and would puke and get sick and have massive diarria wherer I would just poop out yellow slime that is your bodys way of telling you these chemicals are hurting you I finally kicked it by laying in bed for 3 days straight , sweating puking pooping the whole 9 yards but I did it and outher than my afib heart problem I feel great off spice feel like a new man so please don’t smoke spice or if you do please stop the withdrawls out weigh the long term affects your going to have from it just suffer for the 3 days then your fine and you will be glad you did and I know a lot of people keep smoking spice because once ur hooked you can not get high off marijuana well if that to goes away after one day or so long as you stay away from the spice because it has thc blockers in it just please think abou tmy story im telling you from exspirience and if just one person listens it was worth me writing this thank you and have a blessed day

  27. Ok i tried spice for the first time n has a very bad experiènce i thought i was seda one hit almost took me out i wouldntsuggest to dont try it i thought i was fightingg the devil for my life i was out for 30 mins. am i Ok now even if i might of od on it

  28. I was a spice user for a few months; and I will never, ever smoke it again.
    In the beginning it was exciting; the high was fast, it lasted a long time. I started smoking it a lot. Every day. Soon it was every day throughout the day. So did my partner at the time. We were both blowing through a jar every 1-2 days. The auditory strangeness and then the hallucinations happened first along with increased heartrate. The paranoid set it, and it was the night I suddenly felt like my heart had stopped – then was exploding in my chest that I knew I had to quit.
    I did this cold turkey and at home. Trying to quit felt like I was going to die too. I was constantly sick, dizzy, I couldn’t keep food down. That lasted about a week and a half to two weeks.

    I am still dealing with the after effects. My vision is worse than it was before. I am extremely anxious. My memory isn’t half what it used to be, and my stamina is horrible. I feel my heart rate go wonky at times still. .

  29. Hello ,
    My name is Trevor. I’m 18 years old. A few hours prior to this message, I smoked some spice that a buddy had just bought. I hit it 1 time, because I don’t normally smoke the stuff so I wasn’t sure what would happen. After a few seconds , I started feeling the high. Everything was okay for about 25 more seconds. I began to trip. I heard voices in my head , and everything seemed as if I were in a cartoon. I started seeing things in slow motion. I closed my eyes , hoping that it’d help a little bit. But it didn’t , with my eyes closed I began to trip harder. I could feel my heart racing. I began stumbling forward. I lost my balance and blacked out. I felt and heard everyone around me, as I laid there unresponsive. I couldn’t move any part of my body, I couldn’t speak, I felt life sleeping away from me. It felt as if someone was choking me. Everything was dark, I began praying an begging for God to save me. I told myself that if he let me live I’d change my ways, and by the grace of God, i am here. As I was blacked out , I saw a light get stronger and stronger the longer I prayed. I woke up vomiting , and still feel sick every now and then. Are these side effects going to leave ? Or am I permanently messed up. Please help me.

  30. I had recently smoked spice, having no idea what it actually was since I could buy it in a store and the guy who sold it told me it was good for sleep, like marijuana. I have never done any kind of drugs, and only smoked pot like twice in my entire life, the first little bottle I smoked I guess mimicked Marijuana symptoms, I couldn’t feel pain(I get bad migraines and backaches) and slept like a baby. I bought another kind when the bottle finished because it was all the store had, and I overdosed. I stopped breathing three times before I called the hospital, and despite not being able to breath my heart rate was almost triple a normal pace. When they arrived I had hit the point where I could talk and understand everything they were saying but I kept vomiting, was freezing cold and shaking, sweaty, and ghost white. I experienced severe paranoia, thinking I was going to die every time I laid down, and I actually had to focus on breathing because if I didn’t my brain actually didn’t send the signal to my lungs and I started suffocating. My advice would be don’t even try this and risk getting a bad batch because it seriously could cost you your life. My doctor told me the last people that came into his ER from that sh** died. One went into a coma on arrival and the other was DOA from a subdural hematoma because his blood pressure shot up too quickly. Don’t even bother with this. It is so not worth your life.

  31. Hi there, say roughly 5 years ago I smoked spice 10-15 times over the span of about 3 months. My question is, have there been any long term effects documented from spice use? Memory, concentration, or any other cognitive issues? I haven’t smoked spice since then and I haven’t used cannabis in three years. However, I have had anxiety issues which did start before my spice use.

  32. It was my birthday on the 17th and I used to be a heavy crack cocaine user so when not wanting to take that I thought a legal high was ok, so I took one bong of this stuff all thought I been drinking smoking tablets and on anti psychotic drugs I started laughing which is fine then I saw all the things iv done wrong in my life flash before my eyes then the grim reaper appeared in front of me and said I’m here to take you to Hell. At that point I started running away from it and it was chasing me then i dropped to the floor saw a white light and thought that my life was over woke up in a ambulance with police and paramedics trying to safe my life.

  33. I was a senior in high school at the time when i had bought a special brownie from a friend. Smoking weed and spice was nothing new to me as were edibles. I knew how to handle myself in almost every aspect and knew what to expect. That night I had the brownie, everything changed. A blink felt as if it were 10 minutes but was in fact not because I was texting my friend at the time. I was able to make it to my room and right then an anxiety attack hit me. I was circling my room for what seemed to be forever and pacing back and forth to only become paranoid. After a period of paranoia, I quickly became disoriented and fell to my bed and made sure to lay on the edge of my bed with my head dangling off because of nausea. My leg began seizing as did my arm and I began to lose feeling in my legs and could feel loss of movement crawling up my body while my heart was literally beating out of my chest and I passed out. I woke up to confusion to roll off my bed and look in the bathroom mirror to see a new me and an ignorant old me who had overdosed on spice and refused help from my friend over the phone. I almost left this earth because of spice and this goes out to anyone reading this. This was the worst experience of my life and could physically and mentally feel death around the corner. I dont want anyone else to go through what I went through or even worse. Please stay away from spice

  34. My husband and daughter are so addicted, till they can’t stop and my Husband spends grocery money to buy spice. I’ve tried to get them to read these posts, but they won’t.

  35. I used spice for the first time two days ago ..with just two hits I was violently Ill ..had to call an ambulance ..I was shaking and vomiting ..and I felt like I was spinning ….it was horrible .scary I thought my heart my heart was going to explode chest hurt so bad ….it was the most scary and horrible experience I’ve ever had …..please stop if your using and please don’t even think of starting …..Im lucky to be alive …….

  36. Hello Scared Mom. What a situation! Spice withdrawal symptoms can peak in severity after 4-7 days of abstinence. In most cases, symptoms dissipate 2-3 weeks after use has ended. You may ease some of their symptoms with home remedies, like Tylenol and ibuprofen for headaches, other over-the-counter NSAIDs, or simple rest. If medical help is needed, don’t hesitate to call a doctor or take them to the ER even if they reists.

    After the physical withdrawal is done, they will need to go to some group sessions and counseling meetings in order to deal with the psychological withdrawal symptoms, which can persist for much longer.


  38. Let’s go so I been on this spice bull shit since I was 15 Igot clean at 17 and now I’m 21 I currently ran into it again it’s called red bag same chopped up herbs and shit but damn have I ever seen so many bodies drop and I was one of em. I’ve never Had an experience like the one I did so Imma in a half way house and shit livin it’s called cross roads you can’t have females over and it’s 4 guys per room 2 bunks so I hit the spice on my top bunk and dawgg not even cool brugh lol so I break into this house with these chicks I’m layin on the couch the cops are coming and I can’t move the owners are in the kitchen and this a iss all a triiipppppp ha so fucked very very addicting,loss of appetite,weird shits

  39. Hello my name is ryan and i have had a horrrible reaction to spice from taking it only once 1 small cone and i had a psychotic episode and completely lost control of myself i hit my neighbour had a seizure stopped breathing for a few minutes and ran up and down the street yelling like a madman and nearly choked on my own vomit i ended up at the hospital now i know what u are thinking (im a noob) let me assure you i have been smoking weed for ten years this shit nearly killed me as i have no doubt it has killed others please if you must get high stick to the real deal what would you rather be up for possession or dead how the hell anyone compares it to weed or takes it more than once baffles me russian roulette indeed even if it is a one in a hunred chance believe me you do not want to go through what i did these drugs will continue to thrive as long as the tested and true safe drugs(non lethal

  40. My boyfriend is on this product very hard that I think he’s on something else..He also is starting to itch everyday because he need this spice…He also is stilling from me..What can i do to let him realize he has a addiction..

  41. For all the people saying there is not document proof that spice harms the body (cody from cali) here is some PROOF for you people. It is such a shocker that a chemical that has never been tested might harm the body? Chemicals that pass the FDA screening tests still often end up causing bodily harm to people, and these are drugs that have been tested for 10 plus years. Here is a PEER REVIEWED EMPIRICAL study for you smokers of spice. Even short term use can cause KIDNEY FAILURE AND ACUTE KIDNEY DAMAGE.

  42. My adult son has been using spice/k2 for several years. He became manic delusional for 6 weeks during use when he was 22. He was then diagnosed with Bipolar with Psychotic episodes. He went to counseling and took meds briefly…I found him once having seizures with puke all over himself, his hair, his sofa the floor. I tried to speak to him and he was mumbling things I could not understand. I called 911. They kept me on the phone while in route. During this time he became somewhat oriented and wanted to know who I was talking to. I explained I found him in a seizure and the paramedics were on the way. He refused to let the paramedics in and to get any help whatsoever. He is now a full blown diabetic with BS running in the 300 and 400’s. He has high blood pressure. All of which he will not return to the Dr. or stay on his medications to treat. He goes months without work then works for a week or a month and quits and goes months again. The only thing he seems to be concerned about is how and where someone will get him high again. Trying to speak to him, reason with him, lecture him, get angry with him, offer him rehab, counseling….he veto’s it all and says he likes doing it. He will be 27 next month. He lives with us and we are at a complete loss as to what to do. It is heartbreaking to watch him slowly kill himself. We have reached out for help only to be told he is an adult and there is nothing at all we can legally do to get him help. I love my son and I am afraid of dying every day of my life as I don’t know what will happen to him if I am gone. Not that I seem to be doing much good for him now except for providing a roof over his head and food. I am scared….really scared…I don’t care what anyone says. I have watched my son go from a loving kind compassionate person to someone that no longer cares about himself or his health….only getting high…I am no angel. I smoked marijuana when I was in my early 20’s. It was nothing like what I am seeing. Spice is dangerous and if something cannot be done I feel I will watch my son die at it’s hands.

  43. I stopped smoking k2 aka spice in January of 2014. I had a fairly good job for my 23 years of age. Therefore I spent 30 -100 dollars daily on it. I also sold most of my worldly possessions to gain more of it. I had done spice for over three years. Before it the only drugs I had tried were tobacco alcohol and weed. I graduated high school in the top of my class. I worked as a cna 50- 80 hours a week since age 18. I have always and still do care deeply about people. The only reason I was able to quit this horrible, devastatingly harmful devil drug was because my spouse supported me in every way through the quitting process. He emotionally financially, and physically helped me. To this day I curse the sellers and manufacturerers of spice. I would not do it again if a gun was held to mybhead. You better just pull the trigger!!!! I don’t know how much money I threw away, but it was several several tens of thousands of dollars. No matter how much I smoked, I always wanted more. Whatever addictive substance they use in spice to hook you is the most potent substance I have encountered thus far in my life. On the day before new years eve I approached my spouse bawling. I pleaded for him to please help me stop. I knew I could not do it alone. I received medical care at the er of a fine methodist hospital. They had to give me iv fluids because I was so dehydrated. While receiving fluids they also gave me ativan to calm me down BC I was in a frenzy. I was very emotional and kept crying and saying I am sorry. My nurses and providers treated me with compassion and did not judge. If you go to the hospital for help yourself, they will help you. And they are bound by hippaa privacy laws to protect your privacy. After the subsequent hospital visit I had several appointments with my family healthcare provider in the same healthcare branch. I came to find out I was having serious heart issues due to this drug, even though I was no longer and to this day am no longer consuming it. I also had some kidney issues. The main reason for those renal problems is due to the fact that this drug leeches all of your body’s potassium. Many people are found with critical potassium levels, which could very possibly be fatal. I took 12 different supplements, a heart pill and anxiety pill for months. Then I stopped taking the supplements and got a different heart pill. I continued taking the anxiety medication. Through the first part of this I had to take benadryl and other sleep aids BC otherwise I couldn’t sleep at all. Nine months later I am still clean. I can not work, however, or my heart hurts! I still have disturbing dreams and my lungs are still trying to clean themselves of those toxins by coughing crap up. Synthetic pot does not exist. K2 is not similar to pot in any way. If it was you could get high off of both. If smoking k2 you can no longer get high off of pot. I urge everyone to stop consuming this harmful poison. My friends have told me that its harder to kick this addiction than it was when they did crack and meth!!!!!! I hope lawmakers will push for the harshest and most severe of penalties for those who manufacture and sell any form of the crap. Its a terribly evil thing. I wish I had never known about it. I pray that people will stop living in denial and realize just how horrible k2 is. If none of that phases you, perhaps this will, I was unaware of the fact until I quit: the us government has found that a lot of the money made from this substance is tied to funding international terrorist groups. That should tell you something. Terrorists do not care about your health. And they make this as addictive as they can to get as much money from you as they can!!!!!!!!! God bless all of you and may His wrath rain down upon these terrible people who make and distribute this evil substance.

  44. My Husband was addicited to this crap. he thought his body needed it to maintain his daily routine. Let me tell you at first it didnt bother me but after 1year things got really bad for him. he felt like he was dying. i had to call 911 his heart was racing but did not tell me when i saw him he looked very
    pale about to pass out i felt his chest and his heart felt like as it was going to pop out his chest. he managed to controll it but he still keep smoking after wards it kept happening to him but because he was able yo controll it he did not care. he took it everywhere to work if i visit a family member he would have to bring it and be high . if i askd him to do something he would have to go smoke first and then . and when the high blew he was back at it. so it was getting very bad. about a month ago he started feeling a pain in his throat he complained about it hurting so much . he would also sweat while getting this pain i began to think that he had cancer in his throat because on top of smoke spice he also smoked ciggerets. the feeling in his throat was not going away and he did not want to see a doctor . he decided to smoke weed and leave the k2 alone . when he stoped smoking k2 he had…

    a very bad aditude
    did not eat
    threw up what he ate
    did not sleep

    on the bright side the pain in his throat went away and smoking weed for about a week helped him go thru the withdraws. to the point where he quit COMPLETLY!

    he has been sober for 2 months and he is back to his best even put on weight.
    dont smoke this crap because its afforable or convinient because of your job . this stuff can and eventually will do permante damage!!! smoke weed and if u have a job that drug test u then quit until u get sober.
    hope your life means more then to get high. and u have to be willing to quit because quitting weed is easy my husband was a major pothead i thought by him replacing the spice that we’d had a problem but nope. and the crazy thing is he has been smoking his whole life and he did it so theres no excuse. i would not put ANYTHING in my system especially if i dont know whats in it. atleast when u smoke ciggerets u know where that leads to. K2 doesnt !!

  45. Ive smoked klimax for about 2 years now nd ihavent experienced any side effects halluvinations nothing at all iam 19 years old nd ismoke everyday iwannaa know whats up with that what do you recommend??

  46. well im in day 4 and to be honest i feel like shit finally a little solidity in my stool i smoked every day for a little over a year and its time to get my life back and to say the least its not a cake walk im 40 lbs under weight in a year my mind is not at all like it was and i feel i need to smoke to function butt i just cant so im telling my story i pay 5 dollars and can get it anywhere and well i smoked 10 dollars a day my first hit was flying aces one hit od lights out felt like i was not gonna make it i did and to say the least it was on all day every day well until 4 days ago and a wake up call people dont let it get this far i started to smoke too od to get that effect i was addicted to oding aint that grand i smoked to pass out well my bodys paying for it right now and my mind i could tell stories facts watched peoples ner death experiances and i just want my life back and to tell people that it aint worth it

  47. When a person mixes drugs they’re asking for trouble! When someone bong hits insence there asking for trouble! When u go swimming do u just jump in or check the water first? When it says “not fit for human consumption” it means what it says. So, if you smoke it, smoke from a joint and if ya do wait till what your feeling off the first hit goes away from the first hit unless u don’t care then good luck cause u knew before u took that hit what the dangers were! If u smoke a 3gr sack wait at least a week for the diarriah goes away before u smoke again and be frickn careful. Kids like to brag about how much they do until it kills them, this is not what insence are about.

  48. where do i begin…my sister has been smoking spice…i would say about 3-4 years. Lost her job, her family, friends, and losing weight and just getting worse. How can we help her…she’s not willing to be helped. We need help!

  49. Look, I’m not say that spice is good for you, but I do feel as if the same thing that causes weed to still be illegal “propaganda from the 50’s, ignorance, a simple fact of not wanting to change with the times do to life long politicians, pharmaceutical companies sending lobbyists to Washington DC to make sure that marijuana stays illegal so that pharmaceutical companies can keep raking in your money because only their drugs are legal” is what is going to cause spice user to be labeled as junkies, and addicts. I stand by this and no one will convince me otherwise k2, p.e.p spice, spice gold, and any other derivative thereof, SPICE IS NOT ADDICTIVE! If you have the addictive drug addict trate then mental dependency will always occur when using any stimulant or depressant may it be cocaine may it be alcohol. Sometime between 05 & 10 before it was all of the internet, before u could pick it up at your local smoke shop, before people started “dieing on it”, before it was “cool”, I was using it almost everyday for 2 straight years. I worked at a job where we could not use organic cannabinoids such as marijuana. So I cheated the system by using SPICE much like the reason why a lot of people are using SPICE today. From my experience with the substance I never suffered from with drawals, overdose, suicidal thoughts, any sort of physical illness do to not using and after I quit working for the company that did not allow the use cannabinoids I quit using SPICE with no problems or side effects. I feel as if a lot of misinformation is passed around because no one who speaks on the topic has experience with said substances. Thus causing those who know nothing about said substance to immediately be struck with fear when reading that people are dying from using SPICE. I’m not saying that no one has died from SPICE because I don’t know everyone on this entire planet but I will say that after much research on the internet SPICE Does not seem to be the corporate behind the deathes. Mentally unstable individuals who are using substances are causing the majoirty of of deaths in SPICE death cases. Now I ponder do you think if marijuana was legal that people would be searching out an alternative so that they would not lose their jobs. I know that’s why I used it. With that said SPICE does not kill people, mentally unstable people on SPICE kill people.

  50. i have been smoking spice for 5 months and i decided to quit today that shit really fuked up im on probation and thats all i could smoke but no lie when i get out of papers i will smoke a lot of weed

  51. I smoked spice about 3 or 4 years ago. It was available everywhere, head shops, convenience stores, gas stations etc I smoked this shit called colorado chronic. It was great. Worked just like weed, was legal, and didn’t experience withdrawals. I was a stoner at the time but now I’m in some legal trouble so had to quit everything. So I looked around for spice. Banned. Then found that colorado chronic stuff at the same store I found it b4. I was so happy. It worked the same as it originally did. I thought I was set. Then a couple weeks later I turn on the news…that store was selling it illegally and the DEA busted the store, seized the building, guns, spice, bath salts whatever the hell they had in there. So presently I started looking around online and found the spice that’s available to us that I’m sure all of us here have smoked b4. I placed my first order on that site. I ordered this stuff called bizarro. It arrived 2 days later. Looked like the original spice packaging that I knew I few years ago. “Not for human consumption” blah blah. Took a hit. Baked. Ordered 15g bag. So far I’ve smoked 75g of all different spices from that site in the last month. Yes I experienced the waking up in the middle of the night to smoke or I couldn’t sleep. Wake and baked or I felt like fucking shit. I’ve been out of spice for 3 days
    now and have been withdrawing like a bitch. I’ve used Rock, meth, heroin, Molly I’ve done it all and I’ll tell u this is the most fucked up drug I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve never experienced a withdrawal like this in my life. I’m a changed person. I can’t live with out it seems. My body’s sweating, I’ve been puking, I lost 10 pounds in the last week, and haven’t eaten in the last 4 days. Last night my withdrawal got so bad my heart started beating rapidly faster And faster. There’s discoloration in my skin. My chest started to hurt. My face, hands, and feet started tingling then went numb. I couldn’t breathe. I was admitted into the emergency room last night due to drug withdrawal from this s**t. This is the worst experience of my life. I’m scared s**tless. I feel like I have no control of my body anymore. I can’t eat and if I do I puke. All I can keep in my body is this nasty s**t. I’m hocking up black mucus. And my breathing sucks. I feel like I lost control of my life. I just got released from the hospital a couple hours ago. Up all night because I don’t have any spice just browsing the internet for help. I may go back to the hospital today because symptoms are coming back. But the spice is being delivered today. I’m stuck. I wanna flush the s**t down the toilet but don’t know if I can. If u have gotten thru this piece of s**t addiction what are some affective tips?

  52. I have been addicted to spice since it first came out almost 6 years ago. I started because I was getting drug tested every week and I couldn’t smoke weed anymore. I would’ve never thought 6 years later I’d still be so hooked on this horrible drug. I’ve had panic attacks, rapid heartbeat, passed out multiple times, and vomited and no matter what I always go back to it. The withdrawals are so horrible…vomiting for days, coughing up a black/grey mucusy substance, horrible stomach pains. I only smoke weed besides spice. No other drugs and I don’t even drink alcohol. So insane how a bag of herbal incense has taken control over my life. If you are reading this and wondering if maybe you should smoke it, DO NOT DO IT. I regret ever starting. It’s very hard for me to become addicted to somethinf but with this I was hooked immediately after my first hit. Please don’t put yourself or your family through the terrible times I’ve caused because of spice.

  53. My girlfriend and i recently ODed on spice. We had severe abdominal pains for 2 and a half days vomitting and spewwing black tar and foam from the other end too. We finally dont feel sick but i still dont feel completely sober. its been days since ive smoked and i still feel like im coming down! i cant believe id ever say this in life but i just want to be sober again!! I honestly fear im gonna spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how to act normal while high. All i want is to come down!!!!!

  54. Hi.iam a mother who’s son is on spice .he has changed so much I worry about him day and night I tried talking to him and I asked him to quite.but I seems it has him and he gets mad if he dont have any.I don’t know what to do I need help …

  55. Hello Addiction Blog,

    I had a quick question, I was prone to panic attacks when I was younger child but never had them when I was an adult well about a year ago I tried spice 2-3 times and had a panic attack on it and the next morning and after that I was fine. Then about 8 months later I read about on the psychosis reports, and deaths and It gave me panic disorder. Is this anxiety or spice?? People tell me it’s anxiety, I think I’m freaking myself out. I haven’t touched it since and never will again.

  56. I believe people have died from spice OD. I’ve been sober for 2 years. Before that. I was using up to a gram a day and that went on for months. My addiction consumed me, and I didn’t think I had a problem until I found myself in jail because of it. I was the only one in my pod who was arrested because of spice. I was a spice girl for 3 days (I laughed about it then, and I still do today :D) It gave me time to think about my next move. I decided that unless I made the necessary changes in order to have a better life, this was a good as it’s going to get. Before I was released, I carved a message into a bar of soap, and left it in the cell for the next person to find. It read “choose life”.

    The withdrawals suck, so does jail… but I would still be using if I hadn’t gotten arrested. I’m glad to be rid of that demon, and I’m a better person without it. Spice is a waste of time.. all the more reason to choose life.

  57. I took a few pulls the other night from spice. as soon as i handed back the spliff i felt my face twitch, i then felt this explainable feeling coming on me all over my whole body like it was tingling and burning right from my tongue down to my feet. It felt like my hole body was being poisoned by something toxic. Then My heart then started to beat soo soo fast. it was pounding and pounding, i started to sweat my heart kept going. Straight away i knew that this was something really bad. I genuinely thought i was going to die. my heart was pounding so fast. i couldn’t open my eyes. i felt as do i was dying, i was sweating and my friend was trying to cool me down i just felt unreal………….im so freaked out by it all and i am so glad to be alive after that experience. after 2 hours i was ok. can anyone tell me why this happened to me and is this dangerous?could i have died.

  58. Spice is dangerous i was very addicted to it all i could remember is fienn for the drug and all i wanted to do is get withdrawals, where very bad after one month of eveyday all day usage i wokr up sweating even after i stopped my palms were sweaty shaky i couldnt write my own name deppression damn i couldnt even put my own make up on i felt like i was not alive like i stayed on cloud nine and couldnt come down off da high even one week later after discontinuing using it i had hallucinations i thought i was never gonna b normal ever again my advice is never smoke dat drug i hate that drug so bad it really took control of me all because i couldnt smoke weed because of my drug test best recommendation people stay sober or smoke weed straight up is more natural i used $exY monkey mad monkey crazy monkey.weed is more natural n it will never kill you please listen do not smoke these spices u may never be the same again

  59. I smoke spice was the name I used for 3 years I’m messed my life I rob my family all kinds of crazy shit I did to get high I couldn’t go more then two hours with out smoking I got deadly sick would pass out from not smoke I’ve been clean now for fourweek n I feel great the only way to stop smoking spice you just have to be sick n tired of being sick n tired I had it bad guys I couldn’t eat or do nothing with out smoking I sleep all nite long n it feels great to everyone who is trying to stop use in keep up the good work

  60. Ive been clean a lil over 7 days now with 1 relapse i eas at a party and it was schocking people there were smoking the 35x brand i hit the blunt once and dam was it strong like i smoked pcp i rused outside to the cold air to try and shake the high its much stronger now than when i first started 3 yrs ago since ive been clean its like my body is rebuilding as far as energy and strength i can feel i was slowly dying i ate some fruit and the juices i mean dam i was dry as a saharah desert and that smell OMG i dont wanna sound like a hypocrite but this stuff is deadly and now i keep coughing up all this flem off my lungs i can breath better im so glad GOD delivered me society should quit calling this synthetic weed it has nothing in common with weed at all dont be tricked and it can kill a boy smoked it out of a hookah pipe his tounge swolled up and he died in a matter of minutes.. I will share my experience with anyone at anytime to help them stop or realize its just no good

  61. I was smokin spice then I started having chest pain migraines in the back of my head so bad the last one I got I actually called 911 and took a ambulance into the hospital I’m still having anxiety attacks I didn’t know that the spice was causing this so I decided today to do some research what I found was absolutely amazing I now know that this was affecting my health to a certain point that I will never ever smoke again my health is much more important than a 20 minute hi. I read that it can cause the brain to swell and even caused us Ito die get migraines in the back of my head but come on so bad that I thought that they are anxiety attack. I’m guessing out of doing my research that the pain and migraines in the back of my head are the side effects from the spice can you please email me back and give me some release on if I am correct or not thank you so much and have a blessed day.

  62. Dont mess with this stuff we tricc our minds its nothing because society has put synthetic weed label in our brain this shit soo far from weed its a shame ITS NOTHING LIKE WEED THTS THE TRICK TO GET U TO BUY IT its very adicting and will take u outta yo element before u realize whats going on have u feeling like ur still in the groove but if someone see u they can clearly tell u r spaced out. i mean zombied out this shit us baad stay away pray for me im weaning myself off but it is not EAZY at all now im finding myself always cold and feels like immune system shutting down if u read this pray for me….

  63. Have been smoking various brands of spuce gor 3 yrs now it affects bladder hair growth two of my children were born with no eye brows hair growth really slow and my hair is falling out mimics the effects of pcp not weed kills appetite self esteem it makes u not care about appearence im tryn to get off weaning myself git this really strong brands that vary in strength 35x they have lucky luciano very strong 50x knocks u out like a heroin nod.. Then they have capone and godfather part two which is 60x has u laid out incohherent to everything like a zombie state throws off equillibrium …

  64. If you are thinking about smoking synthetic weed please DON’T take the chance. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your sanity, health.and life, why chance it? YOU are worth much more than subjecting yourself to this evil drug with cute, eye popping packaging. If you’re hooked, find the strength to quit or get help. I know its difficult to quit,the withdrawals can be challenging. I’ve seen first hand what this stuff can do, everything from psychiatric problems, seizures, heart and lung problems to mild issues. It seems to effect the brain more often than other parts of the body from my experience with patients, all age groups, men, women, children (17 and under). At least the brain seems to be the first organ effected which can lead to many other problems since our brains are essentially the command post for our whole body. Our bodies CAN heal, that’s what is so amazing about our bodies. If you think you’ve done irreversible damage to your psyche or lungs or whatever, you can heal. Just takes a little research and a good support system. I know not everyone has a support system and that’s ok too, be your own cheerleader, eat healthy (foods have amazing healing properties) just regular fresh fruit and vegies at the grocery store. Talk to a professional if possible, some people might need antidepressants or other meds to help with anxiety. Reach out to anyone who will listen. Love yourself to the fullest and your body will heal.

  65. This is not safe. Im a 15 year old athlete who is healthy. I have never smoked before but me and my friend found a package called “Scooby snacks” in her sisters drawer and decided to smoke it, not knowing what it would do. After a few hits my friend was completely fine but i wasn’t. My heart started pounding really fast, i was breathing like crazy and i couldn’t really see. Scared for my life we called 911. In the ambulance i prayed that i wouldn’t loose my life. We got to the hospital and i was uncontrollably shaking and my heart was still pounding. They put me on a heart monitor and my heart rate and blood pressure was on someone who was having a heart attack. Keep in mind I’m only 15. I spent 7 long hours in the ER waiting for the drug to ware off and for my heart rate to go back to normal. Not only did i learn a HUGE lesson but i have to live with the fact that i actually did this drug, almost died, let down my whole family, and my whole school knows about it. Don’t risk your life like i did. Never take this drug and anything related to it. It’s not worth your life.

  66. My daughter has been throwing up and she thought she was pregnant and has had 2
    negative results. Thanks for posting Sally.. this explains it.

  67. Majority of the time when I smoke spice I vomit… Sometimes multiple times, I’ve never needed medical attention but I wanna know why I vomit.

  68. Yesterday I was so desperate for a high that I thought about going back to the spice, even though I have been off it for over 6 months. Then I read some of the above postings today. I remember what that was like, all the nausea that came with withdrawals. Getting sick to the stomach after eating just a couple bites of food. The nights where I never got a decent amount of sleep and woke up every hour on the hour to take a hit from the pipe. I never want to go back to those days again. I think for now I’ll just stick with my boring old sober life.

    But damn, is it ever so boring. Somebody help me. Please.

  69. Hey, my now ex supplier played a prank on me yesterday. He gave me a huge bong hit without my knowing that it was spice. I started feeling bad and breathing became difficult. I was having an anxiety attack and my chest hurt very much. I laid my head back and closed my eyes and all of the sudden I got this light headed feeling in my head as if I had just taken nitrous oxide. I figured if I stayed like that, I’d die of oxygen deprivation. It was a struggle trying to stay awake and I tried my best by texting friends. I only started getting better after I ate. Perhaps eating could be a way to treat an overdose.

  70. Hello again. I posted previously about my experience with spice. It has been 6 days since my trip to the emergency room and I still have not smoked any spice. I feel very good about my choice and notice an improvement in my demeanor and am starting to feel like my old self again.

    But I still do not have an appetite and can only eat a few bites of food a day. At least I am eating now vrs. going 3-5 days with out eating at all. I can sleep through the night now and am going to bed at a decent hour vrs. waking up through out the night to smoke more spice. I am more social and open about my addiction to spice with my family and friends instead of hiding it and find that they are very supportive of me and love me regardless.

    Reading theses posts reminded me that when I was in the emergency room they gave me a shot of potassium due to my extremely low levels. I registered an 8 when it should have been registering an 12.

    Since my incident all of my friends and family except 1 has quit smoking this horrible crap. That is exactly what it is, crap and anyone who says that it is safe and or not harmful needs to re-read these posts and maybe quit being in denial.

  71. GUYS! Something happened. I was reading these. And people were saying that they weren’t feeling like them selves. Then I started thinking. And then I realized that I wasn’t my self. And then about 5. Minutes later. Something happened. Something weird. I feel like my self. My brain. It’s clicking just like it was before the spice. I don’t have nah side effects anymore. I’m… Happy. I’m extremely happy. I have a hobby. Snowboarding. That’s my hobby. I used to go every weekend or so with my season pass but ever since I got into drugs I havnt gone since. And now. All I want to do is snowboard. I want to sleep. Wake up early in the morning, get a ride from my dad to powder mountain. And snowboard. I want to go to school and get my life together. I want all of you to join hands and just say F@&$ drugs !

  72. Hi. My name is Tristan and I’m 14 years old. I need to share my experience. Alright
    So I have a friend. He’s been my best friend for years. And he has a step brother. And me him and his step brother smoked MJ for the first time when I was about 10. And he got caught. Since then I’ve been a lot more carefull. But 2 days ago I was introduced to a new “legal” drug that was “just like weed”. So I did it. I smoked 5. Huge. Giant hits. The kind of hits a 20 year old “pro smoker” would take. It only took about 30 seconds before I couldn’t tell the difference between life and hallucinations. That’s when I felt my heart. My heart that was vibrating at the fricken speed of light. I felt my pulse to see how many beats it was. You know? The thing were you put your finger to your neck and feel how many beats in 10 sec. My resting heart rate “normal heart rate” is 70. Which is amazing. I exercise everyday and drink loads of water. My moving heart rate is about 100-120 per minute. Also very good. My vigorous heart rate is 140-160. Still good. Ok. Here’s where I got my anxiety attack while smoking spice. I felt my pulse and it was around 180-240. Jesus Christ. I could’ve died. I was running around the room SCREAMING “CALL 911 PLEASE” and my friends stepbrother opened his back window, lifted me out of it, and dialed 911. Then he said “go home, RUN, RUN HOME!” So I did. And that’s when I hallucinated the mountains exploding and the ground melting. I finally got to my house and I couldn’t feel my legs. I thought about going into my parents bedroom and screaming please call 911. But then I just said no. And went to my room. I then vomited and realized that I could die tonight. So I grabbed a paper, and started writing down my will. ” I love you mom, dad, brother, sister, uncles, and grandparents. Take care. My legs then gave out and I started having a seizure. I woke up around 7:00AM. And realized that I wasn’t dead and I’m not high anymore. I promised myself and made a prayer and swore to god that I’m never going to touch spice ever again. EVER. I love you all and thank you for sharing your experience. If you can. Get help. And if your having withdraws like me. Fight it. Don’t restart.

  73. Since the over dose incident I have not smoked any spice, nor do I plan to. And another good thing is all of my friends and family who smoke spice have stopped or are in the process of stopping. So in a way my OD’ing on spice was a God send.

  74. I have been smoking spice for about a year now, and I do find that it is very hard to quit smoking spice. It is so readily available at every smoke shop in town and so many different choices. Two nights ago I was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance due to spice over dose. I had two seizures and my blood pressure dropped to 50/30. I was incoherent and unresponsive to my family as they frantically tried to revive me. At the hospital they started 2 IV’s, one in case they had to give me blood due to the extremely low bp. I was in the trauma room for 7 hours as I kept going in and out of consciousness. Finally after 3 bags of IV fluids my blood pressure was deemed safe 98/69 I was allowed to go home. I have never had a seizure before in my life but now have had two due to smoking of spice.

  75. One of my best friends was a regular smoker of “spice”, he started having blackouts & would sit on the couch all night, eyes wide open but completely unresponsive. Then he started having problems walking straight & couldnt think clearly. His employer sent him to the ER for tests & the MRI, the CT scan, all came back A-ok. So he went home & smoked more spice. Next day he blacked out while driving & rolled his car. Thank God or his guardian angel, dont scoff if you dont believe in that stuff- whatever it is it saved his life & there was no oncoming traffic. He knew right then that spice was to blame & he quit cold turkey. Withdrawals be damned, dont make excuses for yourself, quit NOW & deal with the diahrea & headaches. He slowly recovered & is now completely normal. I have read as much as possible on this subject because I love my friend & want to help him. I realize that everyone is different & some may have long lasting problems, but I truly believe that just like heroin pr crack addiction, you CAN recover & live a better life & feel damn good about yourself for taking control. Good luck & God Bless!

  76. my son just died lat week from an enlarged heart (at least thats what the coroner report says)
    from long term use of “spice” he never show any signs of an enlarged heart and he had been clean for about 4months! They really need to get this suff banned !!

  77. There is a guy who died last week from using bath salts in the next town over from me. They found him in the woods with only his underware on and one sock with his cell phone inside it. This stuff is bad.

  78. Hey Jarred, thanks for sharing that. I used spice in ridiculous amounts for a good year and 1/2. I’ve now been clean of spice for coming up on a year. Just like a lot of other people i’ve wondered what permanent effects it might have had on my brain. I’ve heard a couple of people say they’ve gotten blood work, brain scans, tests ect. done to figure out what kind of damage it might have caused just to get healthy results back. I’ll never understand how. My question is where would I go and how would I check for the type of damage you mentioned? I feel ok now but at the time there was not a doubt in what was left of my mind that I knew I was screwing my brain up. Did the rehab center mention if those effects heal over time? Any extra info would be great, thanks.

  79. @hollie that’s quite a story..I can understand your concern ! I do have some info I learned while in rehab..spice causes the most brain damage in the shortest amount of..for example causing has also caused peoples brain to swell to the point doctors would have to somehow smash through their skull to releive the pressure which would cause serious mental problems..there has also been reports of vital blood vessels going to The brain bursting. I hope you get better just hang in there 🙂

  80. Last year I posted this comment

    ‘Hello, I did weed a few years ago only once and had a bad affect from it, the affect was that everything was repeating itself (Every time someone put there arm down i’d see it go down multiple times or everytime someone moved there head i’d see it repeat) And i never done it again.

    Although about 8 months ago I tried spice once and i only had a few puffs of it, But i got the same affect i did off weed (the repeating etc) it only lasted about half an hour, But ever since i’ve been suffering really bad anxiety. Get really freaked out when there are lots of people around etc, And the other night I randomly out of no where got the same feeling i got when i was on the drug?

    Could this drug have messed my head up from only using it once?! Could i have problems with my brain or is it just anxiety? I Always feel insane, But i’m not sure if its in my head or could be serious…

    Since then my anxiety has calmed down a lot, I haven’t had the trip I was experiencing (Where I felt everyones movements was repeating themselves) Which I had a few times after words (one of them almost a year after)

    I Still don’t feel like my head is normal, Although i’m not anxious or scared about it anymore, just accepted there is nothing I can do about it. I’m just curious if using this substance only once could have messed my head up? Like could it of gave me slight brain damage? Or did it just set of my anxiety? Curious to see if others have had any experiences that I have had, (that arnt addicts and only used it a couple of times)

  81. Spice has been the worse thing I have ever smoked..I used to smoke this stuff called sha bam and it would.make me black out but in these black outs I would see angels..and talk to Angels…and when I would come to my brain would feel like it was squirming and my face would be soaked with tears even though I wouldn’t realize I was crying..has anyone else experienced this ?

  82. My boyfriend smoked the synthetic marijuana “Spice” and now he is in the psychiatric department. He smoked it for 3 days from Friday-Sunday afternoon. Sunday is when things hit rock bottom. So far, three days after, he has not slept once, he is extremely paranoid, he is scared, he hallucinates, and he cries a lot. We went to the ER and they ran a bunch of exams on him. Urine test came back negative. Blood test were normal. CT scan was normal. Heart rate and blood pressure were both high. According to my boyfriend, he told me and doctors that he smoked marijuana, but if he did, it would of showed up it the urine exam. That’s when someone told me that he could of smoked spice. I am so worried. I am wondering if this will get out of his system and if he will be okay again. My heart is breaking. It so hard watching him go through this, and I cant do anything for him to get better. Sometimes he looks at me like he does not know me, or he gets scared of me. Does anyone know if these effects will go away? or how long would it take for him to get better? Is there anything he can do to get better?

  83. Here’s my story.. Ive been an off and on smoker of spice, because of my line of work i did and the company I worked for, they always tested for illegal drugs.. So it was 2011 when a coworker of mine gave me a hit of spice after work. My first experience i must admit was awesome, i never felt so high. Like, i felt disconnected from my body and just high.. From tat point on i was sold. I would go to the smoke shops here and 3grams at a time, it got to the point where i would drain my account.. When doing it, i would try the newest and latest ones, some gave me good trips and some where really bad (the one hit wonders). I noticed when i did smoke spice, life stopped for me.. I would lock myself in the house and just lay on my couch and smoke all day, not doing nothing.. After going on binges for days or a week, i noticed i stopped maintaining my house, there would cups, plates, silverware, wrappers from foods, fast food bags, garbage piling up, and even clothes all over the place.. I stopped caring.. All i cared about was getting that short buzz.. I admit, i considered myself a professional smoker.. I knew which brands was the best, which gave good and bad trips, and which ones were weak. I would buy the stronger brands, because i felt i was building a tolerance. Well, i would have outer body experiences that altered my perspective of life.. I would be crying through some, because i would reflect on things past.. Thats when i tried to stop, but the urge to get the fix was so strong. I would go cold turkey for a day then by night i would go and but more.. My binges would be like a month on, two months off and so on.. When i was one i was just focused on getting high, thats all i thought, didnt care about the trips or about anything.. But when im off i was focusing on life.. I didnt do it long enough at a time because was afraid of any withdraws, so thats why i would go off and on.. However, on night last year in 2012 changed me, i had such a bad trip.. I was have like an outer body/religious trip.. Started getting paranoid, just praying, then getting paranoid if i was talking to loud or if my neighbors could hear, crying, reflecting, just the worst experience.. Since then i would try to stop only have a few relapses now and then.. Now, ive been clean 3 months.. The lasting effect i noticed from doing spice is my view on life on things. Its like i look at life differently. Things i enjoyed, i have a different feeling towards them.. I just feel different and i scares me at times, wondering if i messed my brain up using this crap.. I dont know if my testimony will help anyone or what but be careful.. This stuff isnt as safe as its advertised.. But to those using and not sure if you are addicted, heres a test to see.. You know you got a problem, when you think about it all day, dont have money, house is a mess, and the worst one is when you run out and the smoke shop is closed and you find yourself scrapping the tar out of your pipe to smoke it.. At that point, wise up, because ive been that low, look like a tweaker just scrapping, trying to get as much tar as possible and i know for a fact that those who read this and use spice for awhile know exactly what im talking about.. Aloha..

  84. I rarely ever smoke spice but latley i have like twice in the last week, i am exspiriencing some major chest pain when i breath out and im afraid ill have an attack.. Should i be worried?

  85. I just wanted to share my experience. I started when I was 17 am now 19 I have been on and off the drug in that period of time I have OD three times and been scared to death and still go back to it this stuff is crazy it really isn’t like weed although I used it as a substitute for it. Am not smoking anymore and hope not to fall again because am scared I smoked marihuana right after just a few days ago and felt the damage it did to my brain idk if this happens to all of us but my head hurts my face is pale and you can REALLY see the damage ilunser your eyes. At night I feel like am sorrounded and I constantly hallucinate. If stuff like this happens to you try to quit I hope I don’t ever go back to spice although it is a crazy high it’s just a different one and need to experience it again from abq NM Ps Thanks for reading this and be strong also breaking bad was awesome 🙂

  86. By the way.. i was much better off smoking regular weed. I don’t want to not take responsibility for my actions but if I could just smoke weed in peace I never would have gotten into this mess. Oh well.

  87. The only thing I can do is wean myself down (maybe with the help of my someone to dose me in a way). I’ve done a lot of research and basically if you smoke a real lot you will def become physically addicted.

    I’m f*cked, screwed, can’t believe it. Never thought it was this serious of a drug. Makes sense that the thc stays in your fat cells and leaves so slow there is no detox with regular pot. Amazing.

    Well, i guess there’s only one thing to do … be honest with my loved ones, wean down, wean down real real slow and get off of this stuff.

    Good Luck Guys!

  88. One more thing… I can only imagine the damage that is being done to my stomach because im constantly throwing up and if i go into withdrawal i will throw up until i don’t have anything left.

    I need help but the professionals have no clue so idk i guess im screwed?

  89. I was also a heavy pot smoker and then i got a good job that required drug testing. When I got to know a few guys at work they told me that they smoked ‘spice’ or ‘scooby snax’ … i laughed, didn’t think it would work (get me high) but it did get me high, real high.

    Fast forward 1 year …….

    I probably smoke about 4 grams of scooby snax every day. If I go longer than one day without it I get violently ill. The withdrawal symptoms are very very severe. I have a lot of experience with drugs and the withdrawal symptoms are much more severe than even the strongest drugs like oxycontin or heroin. NO, i’m not kidding, I have withdrawn from heroin before and the withdrawal symptoms are much worse with scooby snax. I didn’t even know withdrawal was a possibility never mind withdrawal more severe then heroin.

    I want to stop but i don’t know how.

    Scared in Boston – Patrick

  90. I’m not an advocate for drugs and/or alcohol, but after seeing first hand, just how destructive and life altering, this “legal” killer drug spice IS. I’d rather see, the legalization of cannabis.

    My b/f, had only been smoking this “legal” killer drug spice, for a month, maybe less and is addicted to it.
    The gurgling, on his own spit, while he was sleeping. When he could, as it caused him to toss and turn, in pure agony. Being woken, to his screaming in pain, due to a severe muscle cramp, in his calf. One night passing out, falling to the floor, hitting his head and convulsing. It may have only lasted a few seconds, but when he came out of it, was totally blank, to what had occurred. This is the denial, of sucking this “legal” killer drug spice, into ones body.
    When the passing out incident occurred, I started researching this “legal” killer drug spice and what side affects, it was causing. I found many, are reporting passing out, vomiting, the cold sweats, and a few other symptoms, he is also experiencing. Once I had some “facts” and seeing as he wasn’t willing to listen to me. Writing me off, as my just being a non-smoker and against him smoking. I was relentless, in getting him to “read” for himself. Read what “real” people are saying about this “legal” killing drug spice. Stop believing the bullshit, the manufacture is spewing out. Yeah you get the affects, of being high. Yeah, you can pass a random drug testing, but at what cost? Your life? Really? Is it worth that much to ya?

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! IT’S AN UNKNOWN CHEMICAL! If it were that “safe”, why “hide” what it is?

    Hell the packaging, doesn’t even cover the “medicinal benefits”, of using it as” aroma therapy”!
    Good news is, that he did finally circum to my relentlessness and found this site. Bad news is, dealing with the withdraws. Some have reported weaning off, others have replaced the “legal” killer drug spice, with the “illegal” cannabis. Some were strong enough, to do it the cold turkey way. So, out of those options, he is weaning. I’m not in agreeance with this method of choice, but I’m standing by him. If it doesn’t work, then we’ll go another route.

    PEOPLE: If smoking cannabis, is that important to you, then get out and vote! Get petitions going! Be PRO-ACTIVE, rather then harming your health and/or possibly DIEING!

  91. I had a very close friend aged 69 who became very addicted to this stuff spending hundereds of dollars a week on it. He wanted to stop and did for a few days and then killed himself. Has this happened to others???? please let me know. thanks.

  92. I smoke spice 24 7 did for 2 years realized it was probably just poison now im back on it at 18 just outta high school it can and will kill you. I need help to get off this bs its so cheap I get off and find myself back on it, I find myself waking up wide awake every 30 minutes at night taking a hit to fall back asleep. Also idk what vomiting is a sign of but I vomit a insane amount when I am using spice its not good fuck this

  93. I want to share my experience, I was a heavy pot smoker and then after getting accepted in ADN program I swapped to spice. A fellow classmate introduced it to me and it was great I got so high. After doing this I started to notice my friend becoming as I describe zomiefied. Saying I would not let my self get that way and I could control my self but after six months or so it controlled me. If I was not at work or school I was getting spiced up. Literally smoke a bowl pass out wake up smoke and pass out. I was not at all functional. I would clean my pipe and get sick of the gooey bad smelling crap that would come out of the pipe I could turn it upside down and it looked like pure liquid tar streaming out of it. OMG this is what I am putting into my lungs this scared me but not enough to overcome my addiction, my chest got to where it would hurt, I was throwing up quiet often, and could not sleep except for when I passed out from smoking come to think of it maybe have been black outs cause I would not be out very long then up smoking again, my hubby took videos and pics of me in that state of mind to share with me hoping I would quit any way just before day break I was out of bed getting up early just so I could smoke. Seemed if I was not smoking every few hours I would go through withdraws sweating shaking nausea and did not want to eat. I knew I had a problem wanted to stop thought if I started smoking real weed again it would be ok. Wrong! I could not get high off real weed any more no matter how much I smoked and even high grade I could not get even a little buzz. I thought man I am doomed now, I tough about moving to a different state even call authorities on place I was getting it to get it shut down, I did not now what to do so I prayed and prayed about it. Miracle the store told me the cops was on to them and I would have to go a new route by getting my purchase, still had access to it and God was testing me I took this as a sign, ripped up their phone number walked away from their store and never went back if heat was on them I was not getting caught in middle of it. I gritted my teeth beared down and started to detox. I went through many sleepless nights and throwing up night sweats and waking up to burrning feet. IT WAS NOT AS HARD AS YOU THINK! I think the worst lasted a couple off weeks. I have been clean for four months now, I feel better sleep better eat better look better and care more oh yeah I breath better dont throw up anymore my chest dont hurt anymore. I AM NOT ZOBIEFIED ANY MORE!

  94. In the most polite way possible Corey YOU ARE WRONG. This stuff is VERY dang dangerous. Read these stories buddy. People try this crap one time ONE time and suffer mental illnesses and hear and see demons over a year later in some rare cases and it isnt dangerous? This stuff made me go completely deaf in my left ear and RIPPED my life apart not to mention thinking i was going to have to bury a few of my friends. And the poison is still getting stronger?! Get off of it today brother your going to be the next horror story before you even realize it. Prayin for you youll need it. Messege back

  95. I’ve smoked spice plenty of times and yes had many different moments where I have felt like I was dieing. I even smoked a bowl of JWH018 the chemical itself. I got super stoned but I didn’t die. I’ve had many people tell me about their “near death experience” with the stuff and it all sounds too familiar to what I’ve felt. If someone is throwing up or whatever its the herb(s) they’re smoking with the spice. I say herb(s) because so many different herbs can go into it like strawberry leaves for example. All I’m saying is this stuff isn’t as dangerous as people make it out to be. If you’re going to smoke something for the first time have a sitter like any smart person would do and take only one small hit and to see how it hits you.

  96. I am attempting to do research on what the effects are of the synthetic drug “spice”. As of right now it is being legally sold over the counter at the smoke shops in our city are nicely packaged, marked legal weed, and sitting right next to the cash register with some small bottles of 5 hour energy shots. Our children are buying this and smoking it with the belief that if it sold legally and over the counter as one would buy a hershey bar or coca cola pop that it is perfectly safe and there is nothing to worry about. Well this is not true and I am in a fight for my son’s life. My son just turned 20 years old and he and a couple of friends went to another town about an hour away from our home and he knew no other people there and my son smoked spice (every parents’ worst nightmare) and when he became aggitated he ran and his friends say they looked for him and could not find him; well the police found him later and had arrested him because my boy who is extremely modest and quiet was running naked (and someone stated they saw him masturbating) this was a huge shock because my son doesn’t even like for us to accidently see him in his boxer going from the restroom to his room and he surely would never do what they said if he wasn’t on “spice”. My son has been charged with indecent exposure (which may require him to file as a molester for life and I am fighting hard not to allow this to happen), attempted illegal entry, assault on an officer, attempted assault on an EMT who had come to take him to the hospital. They said it took several officers to get him under control, he was banging his own head into the asphalt, screaming that the FBI were poking him with sticks and how claws were coming out of peoples’ bodies. I understand why the police want him punished, but my son has always been such a good young man, very polite, well-mannered, receiving good grades in college and graduated from high school with 4 academic awards. He was never like this before “spice” and when we first went to see him in the mental facility (a whole day after he was taken there) he was talking fast and all over the place jumping from things about the ocean and the air to moving over to the window and literally smearing his face in the window pane in an up and down motion, then turning quickly and looking at me with a blank stare and started humming a song I used to hum to him and his sister when they were babies. This broke my heart and having my hands tied and not being able to help him is destroying me. The Judge put him in jail under a 50,000.00 bond. They do not understand what the drugs make these young people do while they are under the influence of “spice”. They seem to think this is just “how” they are. I have spoken with several Drug Enforcement Officers in my city and was told they do see claws coming out of people’s bodies, that they get so hot so quick that they almost rip their clothes off and some have touched their private parts believeing that alien, and so strong that it takes several officers to restrain them so they don’t hurt themselves. I truly need your expert opinion on these side effects of this drug and how it would affect someone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders which my son was diagnosed with a few years ago, but was managed under medications.

  97. Amen Junior!! Weed is Gods medicine. Its a natural plant! This synthetic shit is killing people and making them insane. Yet you can buy it in stores worldwide. <<<< THATS insane!! Weed does not hurt you. It makes you calmer, makes you think deep, relaxed, feel good, and is used for medicinal purposes. Please just smoke natural. Stay away from chemicals!!!

  98. I think it is stupid that they can sell synthetic marijuana which can kill you but yet you can not over dose on real marijuana what is this country coming to just legalize weed tax it and treat it like alcohol. His stupid is this government.

  99. I don’t get it I started smoking spice around march and I feel fine I’m on it as we speak but it’s just a good high I don’t get paranoid or anything I haven’t vomited I sleep well. I feel fine but my girlfriend said that her friend has smoke spice for the second time and he had to be hospitalized and my cousin been smoking spice for about 2 years and he is also fine I think it all depends on how your body reacts to it if it can handle it or not but I’m not sure can you please help me?

  100. Please dont smoke spice You do not want to have bad trips that you are posessed or that aliens have taken control of your body! Me and my bf were highly addicted until he became “posessed” It was the scariest thing in my life. His eyes were different, he was screaming and exorcist vomiting. It happened to me too. I did not have control of my own body. I felt like something took control over me. These were two seperate trips but we both heard the same thing, a voice saying “this is it, your time is up” I am permanently mentally scarred from this. Please just smoke weed, its natural. You dont want to experience whatwe went through. My bf was never religous but right after it happened he made me take him to a church because he felt something inside him.This shit will make you insane! Please stop before its too late!

  101. My cousin, who is also my roommate, has been smoking spice daily for two years straight. Anytime he is awake, he getting high on this spice junk. I have taken him to the ER TWO TIMES in the past FIVE DAYS because he has all the symptoms of a spice abuser. I almost took him again today but he said he felt better. He coughs constantly, has severe chest pain from coughing, gets the dry heaves because he can’t eat or drink; therefore there is nothing for him to throw up. He won’t admit that the spice is his problem but he doesn’t do anything else. He refused to tell the doctor both times I took him that he was smoking spice. Next time I take him to the ER, I am going to let the doctor know so that they can give him the help he needs. I wish all of you good luck with your addictions. I mean that too. All you can do is try your best.

  102. my fianca smokes the new zero graity all the time. i hae heard there are serious side effects he seems to think diffrent. could you gie me some information on side effects and what could happend to him brain from smoking too much??

  103. OK sooo i am high on this stuff as we speak.
    I am 20 years old now. But i started experimenting with spice my freshman year of highschool because my parents started drug testing me and my brother after we got caught smoking weed. Back then i would only buy it occasionally, once a month maybe. Had no issues with any addictive qualities. I quit smoking it off and on many times after that. Until my senior year of highschool when i came into 3000 dollars… I got addicted to spice and blew that 3 grand on spice and fast food in 3 months flat… When my bank account was empty…. and i could not buy anymore spice…. i realized i had a **** problem. I quit cold turkey after that. and had some minor withdrawls.
    Just a little nausea and isomnia. i stayed mostly off the stuff till my 20th birthday 6 months ago…I relapsed and in the past six months i have smoked 1.5 grams of some VERY POTENT spice everyday. Even after this level of use it is potent enough to get me stoned with just 2 or 3 hits. I tried to quit cold turkey 2 weeks ago and experienced SEVERE withdrawl. Vomiting, loss of appetite, cold sweats, extreme depression, and insomnia. After 4 days the isomnia got to me and i am now happily high again…. This Stuff is VERY ADDICTIVE and very hard to stop if you get really hooked. Best choice. do not start, and stop NOW if you are hooked on it. I am going to try to gradually lean myself off over the next couple weeks to try to lessen my withdrawls…. I gotta kick this stuff. I am broke, addicted, and my happiness is now completely based on whether or not i can smoke.

  104. I have been hooked on this fake garbage for the last 9 months and I’m sick of it.

    How did I get hooked on it? Well, I had heard all the news stories about the dangers of synthetic weed, but then again, I was lied to about real weed back in the day. So I had no reason to trust what I was hearing.

    Even the guy I was married to at the time said doing this stuff was a bad idea, I didn’t listen because he has never done a drug in his life and has never been high. So I had no reason to trust what I was hearing.

    I have always been the type to learn all my lessons the hard way. This doesn’t happen on purpose, but that’s just the way it ends up.

    Now, I am trying to wean myself off of it gradually. Right now I am trying to stretch out the periods of time between smoking sessions so that I can acclimate my body to sobriety.

    In the past, I had tried substitution with alcohol. This did not work. I think the buzz was clouding the thinking.

    Risperidone helps too, if you can get an rx. When you are in withdrawals, you get violent angry suicidal. That med was specifically for those symptoms. It can help keep you on a more even keel when you aren’t using and trying to stop.

    My goal is to be completely free of this crap by the anniversary of my first use on May 13. After that day, I no longer want to see or touch another spice packet again.

    I’ll go back to smoking real weed if I have to.

  105. I started spice about my 3rd month at my first assignment in the army.. I felt like I was kicking ass, in amazing physical condition, and just wanted something to chill on at the end of a hard duty day..but I heard about alot of guys getting caught with this stuff, so I was careful at first, but soon I was smoking without a care in the world of my career or service to my country.. I even brought it to the field because I couldn’t be with out it. I remember some nights I would run out, so I would scrape the resin of the edges of a pipe until I was inhaling nothing but lighter fluid . I always told myself that It wasn’t hurtin my physical condition, because I had always taken great care of myself, but after over 2 years of smoking( I would say i smoked 90% of those days, sometimes 10 gs in one day than waking up for 5+ mile runs) I knew my health was dangerously deteroriating.. I would be without an appetite for days, cold sweats, vomiting, painful coughs during cardio training, but finally went cold turkey after my gf told me I had disgraced the commitment I made to my country.. That was it. It’s been a week, the withdrawals were unbearable for a couple days, but today I woke up and felt normal for the first time in so long, a normal appetite, and the urge to work out, read, write and all the other things that use to fill my free time before spice came in and consumed everything.. I just want to say to any kids who are smoking this shit, or to the many other service members who are battling this filth, to STOP now I can guarantee those around you have noticed changes in you, it’s better to stop on your power than get arrested for it because your boss turns you in or sent to rehab because your parents can no longer watch you destroy yourself.. This is a serious problem and those of us who have beaten addiction must get the word out.. I know my health is not even close to what it used to be, but i know now I can get back to that condition in no time with spice no longer hindering me.

  106. I just heard from a friend that his kidneys are failing and after a quick doctors visit im now on meds to keep mine from doing the same all because we wanted a quick “legal” high thanks spice


  108. Hey everyone…ive been smokin weed since i was 13 ,everyday and all day..i had to quit bout 3 yrs ago for my ive been doin kush ever since during the time it wasnt banned…when it was banned a few months ago i went bak to weed ,i recently quit weed for job and other legal agency..court,cps…yada yada yada..I recently started smoking kush again since jan 12 2013..even before kush i was a big pothead,but had serious anger problems so it was hard to come off it…BUT I REALLY BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE OVER DOING IT BY SMOKING TOO MUCH SPICE.ALOT OF COMMENTS I READ ARE BY FIRST TIME USERS AND PEOPLE TAKING BLUNTS TO DA DOME.I HONESTLY ONLY TAKE TWO HITS AND IM GOOD..THEN GO SMOKE AGAIN AN HR OR 2 LATER.U CANT SMOKE KUSH LIKE ITS WEED…BUT IF U NEVA SMOKED WEED(HOW DO U KNW HOW IT WILL AFFECT U) .THATS WHER PEOPLE MESS UP,,CUZ IVE SEEN PEOPLE PASS OUT AFTER SMOKIN WEED..SO ITS ALL ON UR BODY…YES SPICE IS POISON BUT I STILL DO IT…BUT IF U HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY OF BEIN ABLE TO SMOKE WEED WITHOUT WORRIES .STICK TO WEED…I CANT SO I DONT.BUT IF I COULD ID BE BLOWIN POUNDS AGAIN..CUZ I LOVE MY MARYJANE………………….SO OBAMA HURRY UP AND LEGALIZE IT IN TEXAS……P.S LOOK AT AMSTERDAM ,THEIR CRIME RATE AINT NO WHERE NEAR THE RATE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS CITY IN THE USA..

  109. yeah this stuffs bad news how they can sell it round the world….it does hav similar effects to weed. I smoked weed for a decade everyday and never had the bad experiences or side effects this poison has. i only use it for bout 5 months when i quit weed…The second time i did this, two months after quiting weed. I started to trip bad with tunnel vision and started to think that this could be the end AND HONESTLY THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO PASS OUT AND DIE THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BUSH IN MY 4WD ON MY OWN…To preach to anyone STOP USING THIS STUFF though people who are addicted already will lie to themself,justifiy there actions and steal from there mother to get this its hard to change anyone if they dont want too…people say weed isnt addictive an for sum it may not be ,..or they jus havent used frequentily anuff, or long anuff…most of the people ive known to smoke weed use everyday isnt that an indication?? i started using spice well we call it kronic here in oz for somethin different an not to smoke weed although it got me out of the routine of buyin weed i really jus replaced it with this crap which is way more damaging mentally in my opinon I dont recommend that route. IT took a lot of trial an error to get my self control back from either of these things and a lot of dark days. If anyones trying to clean up just stick too it and u can do it… Ive have read that peoples comments on here are false cause where not doctors.. Though most docs havent never smoked the poison an only go of wat they heard an read no personal experiences..It seems to hav a regretable high and u feel trapped within..It seems to be more addictive I think they put highly addictive chemicals in it on purpose which makes sense for there business..It has the worst smells and would make me feel sick..when i got a wiff…{thats australia slang}…kay ive had my rant haha…it does bother me that this stuffs legal an weed is not when this is basically replicating weed but much worst for ur health…though human beings an society would be better of without any drugs or alcohol an a 3 day working week…peace an happyness too u all

  110. i never really smoke spice i’ve always been against it. personally weed is way better. it just ever since spice has came around that’s all anyone ever has so i decided to try it. the first time i smoked it like i would smoke weed which was a big mistake and i told myself to keep it at a one hit limit until it wears off. now i just smoked some more with some friends the other day and i’m feeling something that i did that first time that kinda worries me. i keep trying to look stuff up but can’t really find anything about it. but it’s like my hands/arms and sometimes legs will feel this overwhelming you might call it numbness. it’s kinda tingly all over and it’s just really irritating and like i know i’m touching stuff but it just feels way off. but what people say is that spice isn’t suppose to last that long and i haven’t really had much at all but here i am having this feeling. nothing with my head just my numbness for like a day and a half. hopefully that’s all. i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else for that long and if there’s anything to kinda speed the process of give some comfort till it passes.

  111. Hey guys I’ve been smoking spice for about three years now, the bans have come and gone, the stuf was never completely ousted out of my area so I always had access to it. It started out with a one gram container I picked up, the feeling was amazing, it was like a light switch was turned on in my brain. I thought, hell, this stuff is easier to get than pot and I can pass a drug test with it. It seemed like theb

  112. Hello again everyone I’m keep coming back to these sites to remind me how sickening my addiction was and I also want people to know its a long and rough road but more than possible to quit and move on with your life. I have been clean 3 weeks now an I feel amazing my gf has even notice the difference she made the comment last night that I’m such a changed happier person now a days and she’s loving every moment of it. I admitted myself to the ER about 4 days after quitting due to not being able to take the pain in my kidneys anymore when I signed in the nurse looked up at me and asked what the reason for my visit was today I replied with ” I think I have kidney failure” and she says now why would you think that? I told her because I smoked spice for 2 years her eyes opened really wide and she said come with me they immediately checked me in and brought me to the back were they began to run a whole bunch of test ( urine analysis, blood work, CAT scans an the list goes on) turned out that my kidneys were still at 100% but I had a horrible infection in them I also was extremely dehydrated and had 1% potassium in my system which could be deadly. The doctor began to explain to me that these are just some of the side effects of spice and had I not seeked medical attention most likely I would have died in a few days or maybe even hours. They prescribed me antibiotics and potassium pills and pumped me full of fluids. Now 2and 1/2 weeks later I feel great I finished my prescriptions and the infection is gone and my potassium levels are up. Although I still have a nasty cough full of green phlem its getting better day by day I have no urge to smoke that crap at all I almost killed myself for being oblivious to facts of spice but now I’m educated and stronger than ever. I feel like a whole new person happier and I’ve even picked my hobbies back up as well as I got to spend the holidays with my family that I haven’t seen in years due to my stupid addiction, I was scared to go out of town because I had the fear of running out of spice and not knowing where I could get more. This is a sick drug that I wish was never introduced to me or anyone for that matter its ripping lives apart and changing who you really are so I beg to anyone who’s smoking it and thinks there’s nothing wrong with it to think again your slowly killing yourself put the shit down its not worth your life. My pockets have money I’m happy and I got my life back now do the same for yourself your friends and family will appreciate it just as much as you will trust me I know it hard and you will be sick for a day or so but it passes and you will feel like your on top of the world when it does!

  113. From reading stories on here where people have experienced terrible as well as minor side effects from spice, we need to all realize that all blends are not the same. We’ve probably all experienced this at one point or another. I’ve smoked some that was about as bad as rolling up a blunt of grass out of my yard, yet I have smoked some that was pure poison. The bad thing is that the more toxic blends give you a more intense high, even if you have to deal with the occasional bad trip and panic attack. Thus people get addicted to the stronger blends, and consuming these chemicals over a long period of time has serious effects that lead to the terrible withdrawals and cravings.

  114. Wow, so many of the stories that you all wrote are shocking. It hurts to read of how much pain this stuff has caused so many of you. My story isn’t as extreme as a lot of your’s, but I was tettering on a full -blown addiction. If you are smoking this stuff, stop now. You may think you are in control but it can lead you down a long dark path. Here’s my story.

    I started smoking Spice about two and half years ago. Like so many of you, I started because my job gives random drug tests, and mandatory tests if you get injured on the job. I can’t afford to lose my job. It was the summer of 2009 and my brother told me he tried Spice and that I should too. This was the first time I had ever heard of “legal weed.” I was thinking it can’t be all that powerful, but he assured me “it was the dank.” He tried a brand called Kim-Chi. It was a Friday and I had nothing to do so I said what the hell. I went to the only head shop nearby which was about 30 minutes away. I would make SO MANY trips to this shop over the next 8 months before the ban kicked in. I went in and the guy showed me their selection. I decided to try Black Magic for my first smoke. When I smoked weed as a teen and in college, blunts were my favorite. So I stopped off and picked up some blunt wraps on the way home. I lit up the charcoal in the grill and rolled up a blunt. It was broad daylight and I took two deep hits standing near the grill. A few seconds later I was completely overwhelmed. I ran inside, locked the doors, and went deep into a bad trip. I thought I was going to commit suicide and felt powerless to stop myself from doing it. I was terrified and kept saying No, No. Thankfully the feeling began to subside and I was able to get a grip on myself.

    After such a bad experience, you would think a person would never try it again. I kept smoking anyway, only having one more bad trip that occurred about 8 months ago with a 2nd generation brand called Barely Legal Wacked. I had tried Barely Legal before, but Barely Legal Wacked was advertised on their website as 10 times more powerful. I smoked Wacked and ended up face first on the floor thinking I was actually going to die. I thought I was being transported to the end of the universe and would die alll alone.

    Those are just two isolated experiences, now let me tell you how it affected my life. Before the ban kicked in, I didn’t smoke every day because it was $40 for 3 grams at the head shop I mentioned previously. But I still smoked several times a week. At this point I was spending a good $400 a month on this shit. When the ban hit, I was incredibly disappointed thinking I would never be able to smoke it again. I went a few weeks without any, and while at a friend’s house somehow we got to talking about herbal incense and a guy said they still sell K2 at a gas station in town, just 5 miles from home. Damn I wish he had never told me that. Not only that but it was on $12 for a 3 gram bag instead of $40. At this point I started smoking nearly every day, often going back to get more the same day because of an intense craving for more. My tolerance went through the roof. I remember smoking 14 blunts of K2 by myself in one night. And it was always by myself, and this was one of the worst aspects of my addiction. I became very isolated because all I wanted to do was smoke spice. I lost interest in almost everything else.

    I’m 32 and since college I have always eaten healthy and stayed in shape. During my two and half year addiction I still did just enough to not let my body deteriorate. My cardio suffered tremendously though. At one point I was coughing up thick green/grey flim every morning like a lifetime smoker but only worse. When I smoked spice I would eat enormous amounts of food. I’m talking about seven double cheeseburgers, those kind of binges.

    I would wake from a long night of smoking and the first thing I would do I roll up another blunt, or smoke the roaches if that was all I had. It wasn’t so bad when I could just drive 5 miles up the road and get another bag. But about a year later the 2nd generation blends were also banned in my state, South Carolina. I was desperate to find a way to get more Spice, so I began searching the internet and was delighted to find plenty of websites still selling it. I could place an order and it would arrive in my mailbox in two days. I would get so excited they day that I knew it would arrive and that is all I could think about at work. I would check the usps tracking dozens of times a day to make sure it had arrived at my local post office. You cannot imagine the disappointment I felt the few times I checked my mailbox and it wasn’t there. I would be in a rage. And you cannot imagine the excitement I felt when I opened the mailbox and saw that familiar envelope. But when I smoked my last bit, I could no longer drive 5 minutes to a gas station, and this is when I looked like a crackhead, lifting up the cough to see if any flakes or roaches had fallen on the floor, chopping up stems to rull up in a one inch piece of blunt paper, tearing open empty bags and thumping out any tiny bit of residue to get a few more puffs. There have been times where a roach would fall into a drink can I was using to ash in. I would tear open the can and dry the roach out in the microwave because of how desperate I was. This stuff is addictive as hell, and the cravings are incredibly intense.

    It made my life feel purposeless, meaningless, and made me withdraw from friends and family. I was dating a girl for 8 months during this time and I would often make up excuses to not go see her so I could sit home and smoke. I would guess I’ve spent nearly $15000 on this stuff, and wasted countless hours where I could have been doing something productive.

    It’s been about three weeks since I’ve quit, and thankfully I haven’t experienced the severe physical symptoms some of you have, such as vomiting, not being able to eat, nights sweats. If I would have had local access to it at the gas station the entire two and half years, I think I would have been smoking everyday and would now be experiencing those symptoms. Having to purchase it online and waiting for the mail to arrive has been a blessing in disguise. I am dealing the depression and restlessness. That is the tough part for me and I am doing whatever I can to keep myself occupied and busy. I am pouring myself into getting back into peak shape, and doing home improvement projects. Do whatever you can to keep your mind off smoking this shit.

    That is my story. To all of you battling this addiction, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you CAN come out of this a better person that you have ever been.

  115. Hey guys..I wanted to just talk about my experiences about spice. There was a time I thought I had to get drug tested when I really didn’t. I smoked weed all day everyday and. I started smoking Magic Spice for about a week ALL the time. I couldn’t take it after a week because it started making me feel sick and I could feel my heart racing all the time and it made me panic. This was so bad I switched back over to weed and started smoking that again everyday. I stopped smoking spice for about 2 months and than tried it once after and FREAKED out and was panicing. I was also being pressured by my friends to do it so I did. Ever since then I smoked it off and on and mostly did it when I was bored and seeking a “buzz” to keep myself busy but it did not work out for me because whenever I smoke this stuff..I completely regret smoking it! but I do anyway and I get good and bad feelings depending on the spice. But still I always regret it all the time and I still get the craving to do it at times. I cant smoke weed anymore because of the FAST program and before that I used to smoke weed everyday. Ive been sober for about a month and a half and ive been smoking spice occasionally and STILL get the bad feelings. I dont know what I should do to keep myself healthier I’m not noticing any bad effects but I know this stuff is god awful for you and I’m afraid I’m gonna die shorter than I would normally live to.

  116. Starchild what is up with the rotting toung? Have you seen a medical professional about it? What is the answer? Is this a direct result of using spice?
    I like almost everyone else on this blog have questions and I am activly looking for answers. Although I am off spice I still wonder if some of the effects are long term, if I changed my physical make-up and will just have to learn how to live with some of the still persistant symtoms. Thankfully my symptoms are not as bad as some listed on this blog, but what have I done to my long term health and will I recover? I came across a web site that had what I thought to be some very interesting information if anyone is really interested in checking it out perhaps some questions we all have pertaining to this drug will be answered .For those of us who have been to the doctor after researching and as much as we may not want to admit our “crimes” it is in our best intrest to let our doctors know what we have been doing.
    It seems like most of us end up on this blog after the fact instead of before trying “the legal high” that may prove to be unfortunate, and like I have stated before I am by no means an expert, just an average citizen looking for answers, but here we go…my best wishes to us all.
    “What’s the buzz?: Synthetic marijuana, K2, Spice, JWH-018. This site goes over the possibility of spice being linked to causing a potentially fatal but rare disorder known as serotonin syndrome, if I gleaned the information correctly.
    Many of the symptoms that we are discussing in this blog are similar to the symptoms I looked up online. See for yourself.

  117. After reading these heart wrenching stories from caring loved ones and the people whose lives and minds have been destroyed by this drug, one wonders why someone like “Waza” would get on this blog and say that this stuff isn’t so bad, and sound like someone enouraging it’s use. Follow the money, people. Waza sounds a lot like someone who sells it and wants you to continue using! Please ignore any of Waza’s posts, and save yourself and your loved ones by not falling for this type of persuasion.

  118. I am 30, also started smoking spiced due to probation drug tests. Like alot of you it ended up controlling my life after a year. The high was so short but i didn’t care as long as i had a bag i was comfortable. went from 1 – 2 grams to 4 – 11 grams a day depending on money. which i spent all of it on.

    I’ve decided to quit as my PO is trying to get me off probation early so i have no more need or want for this drug that makes me feel like crap unless i’m on it.

    I’m weaning off and at the point where as i used to smoke bowls all day i now smoke 3 or 4 times a day, plus actually get a bigger buzz the less i smoke, ironically. To ease withdrawls, i eat snack food, sleep, and even though i have dogs, i got a few mice to spoil. Whenever i get a craving i give the mice some treat or a toy and it seems to calm me to give them the same pleasure i get from expensive drugs, from such cheap things as fruit loops and cardboard tubes. GOOD LUCK ALL -end rambling

  119. Update update on my struggle its going awesome today is day 2 for me being clean yesterday was hell I will admit I was throwing up I had aches an pains my body was cold headache and the moodiness was thru the roof, but then last night I slept all night without waking once I woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks I haven’t had any withdrawals today not even psychological it great i think I was so freaked out with reading all these post and hearing of all the kidney failure cases due smoking spice so I’m staying strong and I will make it please take this stuff super serious because it Is just that please value yourself more I know u have family and friends that love u and don’t want to see anything happen to you so please don’t smoke it ever or STOP right away its dangerous

  120. Hello everyone,

    Just an update on my progress.

    I was smoking 5-8gms of herbal incense a day. I loved the way it hit me the first few weeks of using it. Byt I came immune and needed more and more. A 3g packet used to last a weekend, not just a few hours.

    After a horeendous cold, cough and blood clot i my right lung I decided to stop. Well, being in hospital meant I didn’t have a choice.

    Luckily I had few withdrawals. A few night sweats, but not worse than when I was using.

    Sleep improved after a couple of days. Stick with it. Even a couple of hours refreshing sleep is better then being a bloody drugged up zombie.

    Food – what food? Yes, this is still a struggle, fruit juice, but sweet ones, such as mango and peach are packed with goodness and calories are helping.

    I will write more later and keep you up to speed on my progress.

    Good luck everyone, you can do it. Honestly, I had some really down moods WHEN I was smoking, today I had my first real laugh and was completely sober and drug free. It was amazing! Like being a care free child again.

    All the best


  121. Ok so I read thru a bunch of these postings and OMG this stuff is a nightmare. not only figuring that from the postings, but my own experience I’m currently going thru I’m a 25 yr old female for the most part of my life I was completely healthy you know I had the occasional cold upset stomach oh yeah there was the one time I got my appendix removed but I’m sure that the most major complication I ever had that is until the past 3 to 4 months. I have been smoking spice almost 2 yrs now i mean i smoke alot about every 10 min im hitting my bat its about 10 grams a day I tried all types of different batches fortunately I’ve never had a bad trip or anything I just notice the difference in my body and I’m pretty sure I’ve got some type of kidney complications I exhibit all the signs. I have cold/hot spells I can’t sleep thru the night because I’ve got to wake up every hour to smoke I have headaches backaches I’m always congested and have this Nasty cough I feel as if I’m about to piss my pants and when I get to the toilet nothing but sum trickles I have social anxiety to the max I’m depressed and super lazy all I want to so is smoke I can’t sit still for more that 20 min and I actually have to try to sit that long I’m constantly pacing the house especially when I’m out if I don’t smoke that day i dont eat oh and the nausea is insane even though i have thrown up about a total of 5 times it is mostly nausea I’ve lost about 40 pounds and I can’t drink alcohol because it will make me so sick to my stomach and it instantly comes back up I have this yellow tounge that’s turning black in some spots and the thick film in my mouth drives me nuts I’m constantly spitting and brushing my teeth to get rid of it I’m so sick of smoking this crap but I can’t stop it’s crazy the only time I stop is when I have exhausted all my funds and it sucks because that’s when the withdraws kick in an. It just make me even more insane about it that all I think of how I’m goin to get money to buy it I can honestly say I don’t pay my gf any attention actually our relationship is on the rocks right now because she says I’ve turned into someone she doesn’t know irresponsible lazy and u never spend time or pay me any attention she is unaware of the fact that I’m smoking spice she’s not into drugs so she thinks its weed she found a pack that it comes in one day and I guess she did her research because when she confronted me with it she said she hopes I’m not killing myself over a stupid high of course I denied it all and said that my friend left that at our house even though she left it alone I don’t think she believese because about a week later she asked me if I was mixing anything in my weed I told her no and she said well that don’t smell like weed so u need a new weed man I don’t know I just want to stop that’s what I do know and I can’t which sucks because I feel like I’m dying so I know it’s effecting me tramendasly

    1. My friend got me hooked on this stuff like 9 months ago, and until 3 days ago I was smoking about 7.5g daily. It does suck. The trick is to just go cold turkey and keep youself distracted with other things to do. The first day was the worst (cravings and focusing only on how to get it like you said), but since then it hasn’t been that bad. I think about it every once in a while, but do my best to immediately think of something else. I just can’t wait til good ‘ol THC has an affect on me again. Never touching this stuff again.

  122. yesterday I experienced one of the scariest moments of my life. I smoked spice for the first time. My heart began to race at a very abnormal rate. my hearing completely went away. My vision became blurry. I could hear myself talk but it was like I wasn’t there. I thought I was dying. I told my family to call 911! the ambulance came. Seriously I suggest NOONE ever take this drug because I still feel like crap… my head kills and it was such a waste of time.

  123. I am so glad that this blog exists. I, too, am a professional who is totally embarrassed and ashamed about using this stupid stuff. I quit drinking and turned to spice as a crutch. Lost 50 lbs, picking small bits of spice out of the carpet, paying bills and rent late. Walked off my job for no reason….sound like I have tuberculosis. Have not smoked since Tuesday, and feel like hell. Barfing, sweating, terrible nausea…ick! Im glad Im not alone in this. I want to be ‘me’ again! I want to eat a cheeseburger!

  124. I just wanted to share some info about my present situation. I posted earlier and I just wanted to update everyone. Up with hope, dowwwn with dope!!! Spice is some really messed up stuff. I have been in and out of the hospital for three weeks now. It has taking me three hours to type this much, between the coughing and temporary vision loss. Spice sucks. My tongue is black and orange looking. I can’t remember anything. What have I done to myself. I just wanted to smoke and relax. Now I have vision loss, lungs of black goop, and a rotting tongue. Bye.

  125. Sean and Dom I am by no means an expert on spice. I have been told that the drugs used to make spice does mess with your bowels, one reason I stopped is because one of my friends began having stomach and esaphagus problems…SCARY. His physical reaction has me thinking long term problems may arrise from constant use of spice. As for myself tummy gurgling and watery bowel movements were normal when smoking spice. SCARY.

  126. My use of spice started last year when my 15 year old step son started talking about it. Pot has been a part of my life since I was 13, but like most others I found myself in the position where smoking pot having a job, family and responsibilities does not go together.
    The first time I tried spice was to find out what the kids were gettting into and wondering if spice would work in my life the same way pot has, I was skeptical and concerned what spice would do to a body, expecially the underdeveloped body of a teenager.
    I was pleasantly suprised to find that smoking spice was harsh on my lungs, with the effect alot like pot. I smoked several containers before the substance was banned from where I live. Other than the longing to be able to smoke spice I didn’t notice any changes in my demeanor. No worse than smoking pot and having to give that up.
    Once a year I allow myself to indulge in pot to re interest me in my life so the following year once again preparing for my indulgenc, a co-worker let on that he could get spice. Finding myself at a job where random drug tests are frequent and being assured that spice would not show up I decided that spice would be the way to go.
    That was several bags of cool XXX ago… this time was different however.
    My method is to roll a bit of tobbaco out of my cigarette, fill the space with spice ( 2 to 3 hits) and smoke it that way. At first a couple of hits a few times a day was sufficent but as time went on I was smoking more and more to the point where I was smoking every 15 minutes, or less averaging a 5 gram bag every three to four days. I was monitoring myself very aware that I was getting out of controll. My family would ask me when I was high (without their knowing) if I was okay because apparently I would just sit around with a blank look on my face. Co-workers would ask me if I was okay because my disposition had changed even though I didn’t smoke at work; the lasting effects made me feel like my head was in the clouds even when I wasn’t high. I became anti social preferring instead to be alone with my spice.
    I must say I agree with Charon The Psychopomp however in his assumption that the spice helped me utilize a part of my self that I haven’t been in touch with for a long time, if ever. That is I blacked out two times after hearing the “voices” and having the feelings of other presences not of this world with me.
    My experience I believe was specific to me and I would never encourage anyone else to try such methods; but be confident in the knowledge of the testomony of what I experienced one day on spice. To make a long story short I thought I was dying. In that moment and for my time since I am very thankful for my life and no longer desire to test fate by playing with a drug that may be responsible for death of anyone.
    Spice is considerably more addictive than pot in my opinion, the drug reminded me of the year I smoked cocaine and how addictive I found that drug was. Friends have compared spice to meth in the level of addiction they experienced, fortunatly friends of mine who have tried spice have had the constitution to care more for their lives than the drug and we have all been able to quit and support one another in healthier lifestyle choices, we would recommend anyone considering using spice don’t waste your time and make you life harder than it needs to be.

  127. hey buddy i saw your post about spice… ive been smokeing it for about 5 months now like everyday … just the past couple times my heart went crazyy and i passed out for like 20sec n found my self onm the floor , so i statred the weeker stuff and iam fine now but my stomach makes nosies and iam not sure if its from the spice…. but iam not addicted to this spice at all.. . but for all means should i just quit or 5 months of smokeing this might of messed me up n i need to see a doctor asap…… i need to no thanksalot hope to hear from you soon

  128. hello everyone , ive been on spice for about 5 months now , been smokeing everyday , is this really bad for you … i had to bad highs my heart went nutts but i went on a lower dose so i wouldnt have that effect … iam thinking about quiting becouse i dont no whats the long term effects …. but i read alot of the past storys and i feel the same way sometimes but i never trhrew up sometime my stomach would make noises but i think that its becouse iam hungry … well i guess not …. hopefully i get off this but i hitt the gym everyday i eat like 5 times a day i work alot n spice never affected me like am lazyyy ,,, i smoke the 5x and 10 x this stuff is week i will never go higher then that beacouse when i tried the god father i passed out but i woke up like nothing ever happened ,,,, so iam not sure if i should quit or not ….

  129. Hi my name is Seth, im 19 and have had a shady past my last 2 years in high school starting with tobacco products to alcohol to weed and finally tried spice few months later did again, the last year i have gone through days were id smoke upto 10 grams between me and a friend of spice. i have been clean for 2 weeks now but the one huge effect spice has taken on me is that i feel my life is boring, im usually feel lonely, life without spice seems dull. i am putting all my effort into staying away, but would gladly speak to anyone who is looking for help to get off/stay away from spice, i have many past experiences with spice, and many storys that will make someone think twice before smoking spice. my email is madbear54.

  130. will spice affect my brain, i smoke spice all day everyday blunt after blunt.. i want to stop if its affecting my brain but its the only way to help with my problems ..
    i just dont want my brain to be affected ,

    and i always have headaches . Can the spice be doing this to me !!
    Please give all the details on spice and the way it affects the brain.


  131. Just as an update, I have been off Spice for a week now. No more symptoms, withdrawals, nothing. Glad I stopped before it got out of control.

  132. i started spice about a 2 weeks ago and after only 3 days i was already addicted but then i stopped for a week and had some yesterday but i hit it to hard and now my jaw is goin numb and my head feels weird even though its been 13hrs since i smoked it i havent slept at al i cant without my head going numb and me getting cold and sounds like im hearing some i dont know what to do and im really worried…also im only 14 :'(

  133. mate, i even took 3 hits between 2 weeks ( total of 6 hits in my life ) , it’s been 5 months , sometimes i feel i dont have a control on my brain..

    a feeling of head spinning and when i effort, i feel from my throat that my heart skipped a beat

    all tests are normal but you know your body better than anybody u kno.

    you’re a miracle all the months using that, u should had done very good things in a part of your life, God knows it and gives you another chance i think lol

  134. [You dont have to read the whole thing, I just wrote in depth my total experience with spice] [100% story of my life]

    I am going to make this short and sweet, I am 19 started using spice at 15 when at school they were drug testing for all the sports. I played football and basketball. At first I was mad to let go of weed and get used to the spice. A friend of mine told me it was legal and safe, but he was wrong. It was legal, but far from safe.

    The first month of using spice, no effects. They kept changing the brand name and I just kept buying anything that had the words “botanical incense” on it. As far as I was concerned It was legal weed in my opinion.

    After the first month, It happened. I noticed my addiction, I would toke before practice, after practice, before the game, after the game, before seeing my girlfriend, after seeing my girlfriend. It became a part of my life. I played well when I was high, i was focused on the field/court felt little to no pain when playing and had no distractions. For a while I considered it my secret ingredient to being the best I could be.

    Third month came by, Basketball season was coming up and winter came early that year. We had conditioning in the gym every weekend at 5 am until 8. I would wake up at 4 and smoke a whole joint to myself (my tolerance was beyond the limits). I was at a point where i needed 2-3 joints just to get the high I got the first month. Still no side effects. I was still in shape and eating well.

    Within the 5th month, all my sports were done for the year, i had 4 months of freshmen high school left. I had the same smoking habits, but this time with no exercise or a healthy diet. I was eating once to twice a day, and consuming about 800 calories at the most. My appetite was gone. Although when I smoked spice I would get an epic munchy feeling.So I would raid the fridge.

    After just one week of this, (malnutrition, no exercise) I got the symptoms, Vomiting/ anxiety/ thoughts of death/ thoughts of suicide/ seizures/ High blood pressure/ blurry vision/ EXTREME LAZINESS.

    I gained 90 pounds within those 4 months. Summer football practice coach wanted me to go from wide receiver to line backer. It was bad.

    I couldnt quit. I tried and tried but somehow my feet kept pushing me towards the stupid smoke shop that sold the spice.

    I continued with this bad habit through out my whole high school years. I just graduated last year, I have been getting these symptoms regularly, I learned to live with them. Until just 2 weeks ago when It finally hit me. 4 years later it happened.

    I have not seen anyone describe this experience, I am probably on of the few who have had it. I woke up one morning, did the usual steps of brush my teeth, smoke a joint of spice. I start walking towards the kitchen when I suddenly lose my vision. Everything’s black, I get down on the floor and start crying, I was blind for 3 minutes. Slowly my vision grew back painfully. I then feel my head pounding and it feels like I have a tight ass football helmet on my head, I cough up blood in chunks. Hard lumps of puss and blood are all over the kitchen counter. I was trying to reach over to the counter to get the phone and dial for an ambulance. I couldn’t, my body was too weak, so I just laid there on the floor, surrounded by my blood vomit. My stomach was making loud noises like as if I was hungry. Then out of nowhere I felt better again. This whole experience took no longer than an hour. That;s when I realized I needed help. I felt stupid thinking to myself it took 4 years.

    4 years to realize it was killing me. My body knew all along, giving me symptoms that were plagues for what was to come. For years I would search online for stories of people who were smoking spice and would always read bad reviews, but ignored it because it was not affecting me. Reviews just like this one at the top of the page, I would just ignore


    FYI: The main brand I smoked was “Diablo botanical incense” Spent around 10-20 thousand dollars in the stuff in my lifetime, around 2000 hours with the poison in my lungs.

  135. I have a couple questions for whoever has actually used Spice themselves. My husband and I have been using it for nearly a year. We quit Saturday. I have not had many withdrawal symptoms, other than the night sweats. What is concerning me is my voice. It is really really HOARSE. When I first started smoking it, I had laryngitis for three weeks. It went away. Now I have it again. I haven’t smoked since Saturday and my voice won’t come back. Should I be seeing a doctor, freaking out, or give it a few more days? Tried water, hot liquids, and not talking as much, it hasn’t helped. THIS IS TO ANYONE THINKING OF DOING SPICE: DO NOT! It is a ridiculous waste of money for a stupid buzz that doesn’t last long! It can be as addictive as crack cocaine. Don’t do it!

  136. I should start by clarifying for everyone what we are talking about when we say “spice.” There are over a hundred chemicals, called cannaboids; about six or so are banned. From these chemicals different blends are made. So, by doing the math you can see that not everyone is smoking the same thing here. Spice actually covers many, many different smokes, with many different, unpredictable effects.

    And it should be clear to anyone reading this that you should not smoke it if you have “issues,” such as bipolar, schitzophrenia, depression, anxiety…. or if you are young, inexperienced, unsure about life, insecure about your future, if you question reality….etc. Basically, if you are a weak-minded individual, it is not good to use spice, because it can have powerful effects. What it is doing is unlocking parts of your brain that is usually dormant (99%)

    For those who are mentally strong and stable, who tend to even be “bored” with life and wish to push the limits of their own “reality” it is great. Many of you have described the journey to the outer dimensions, or spheres, of reality. Unfortunately, due to the frailty of your psyche, it came across as an undesirable experience.

    Don’t get me wrong, I too was severely disturbed the first time my mind was overtaken and the voice came to me, telling me that all I knew was not real. Seriously, that can freak anyone out. I remember things looked like an oil painting, completely unreal. I was told that my family members were also alien. I forced myself to go to sleep while he continued to control my mind. Then I had insane (but cool) dreams.

    Anyway, now I realize that it was simply my elevated state of consciousness, and when I smoke I am transported to various astral worlds, each time bringing back a little more of what I am coming to know as my TRUE reality, my true life.

    The emergence of this stuff in our low vibrational world of the physical was by cosmic design. Naturally, most aren’t ready. For the majority of lost peoples, I implore you to LEAVE IT ALONE!

    1. That voice is pretty much the same as the voices in a schizophrenic’s head. It may all sound dreamy and wonderful that therens this whole reality, but when it’s farse, it ain’t all that pretty. If it’s telling you things like people are aliens and you’re tapping into other dimensions in your brain, doesn’t it seem more logical that this voice just likes messing with you?
      Think of a prankster, if he fooled you once he would fool you again just because of how gullible you were the first time. Anyways, this is what goes on with schizophrenics, don’t think it’s any different from what you experienced.

  137. To DontWorryAboutIt. Maybe you can control your Spice use. When I started Spice, I said the same things as you. Fast forward a couple of years, and I was in a mess. You’ve read a lot of horror stories on this page. Please take heed. However, you know yourself, and you may never get hooked. But why take the chance? I wish you well in whatever you decide. Life is free will. I’ve made my choice. I hope you will reconsider your choice.

  138. I smoked weed for a really long time but never got addicted to it. I recently started on Spice and haven’t felt any different. I personally dont think Spice is addictive (just like I dont think weed is addictive) but every person reacts differently to controlled substances. Its just will power/self control. I never crave weed or spice, if i feel like smoking and i have some i will. if i feel like smoking but i dont have any i dont really care, i just continue about my day with no withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

  139. I was introduced to spice in August 2009 by a girl I used to know from college. I ended up taking a few bong rips of black mamba and fifteen minutes later it hit me hard. I was high for 2 hours.. Before this I had just quit smoking pot a week ago. Fast forward to today. I have been working at a head shop for 7 months that sells it and my habit went from 1 g a day to 10 g a day. I couldn’t sleep for more then hour without waking up to take a few hits and falling back asleep only to wake up an hour and half later for another hit. My insomnia has went on for months. It also gave me bad heart palpatations. I also couldn’t eat at all without smoking first. Everytime I smoked Id have a guilt trip cuz I know its killing me. I smoke every 10 minutes all day every day. I been to the hospital once due to my severe cough. That didn’t make me quit. Coughing up blood a few months ago didn’t make me quit either. I have just realized that this spice sh** is killing me. I flunked math in college because my mind can’t function mathematically when I am high 100% of the time. I would have been done with college this past June but now i’m in the process of re-entering just to take one math class. Then I will have a bachelors in criminal justice. 3 days ago i flushed all my spice down the toilet because my mother threatened to kick me out cuz she has caught me smoking it in my room numerous times. THIS IS THE WAKE UP CALL I NEEDED! I feel better after 2 days of sobriety..At first my anxiety was through the roof but today I am feeling a little better and i see the light at the end of the tunnel. My appetite is slowly coming back too. Last night a took a dose of melatonin and slept the best I slept in 5 months. I have more energy and the cravings are only mild. I am smoking bidis and cigarettes to curve the cravings. Things can only get better. I quit my job at the head shop 2 days ago and just got a construction job that i start monday. I want to be clear minded for my new job. I will never touch spice again. If you are considering trying spice, DON’T! I wish I never heard of the stuff. My life would be so much easier if I wasn’t so strung out on it for 27 months.

  140. TO STILLTRAUMATIZED. Thanks for the advice. Shame is a terrible thing. I began to deal with my problem when it became know to the people from whom I had been hiding my addiction and my problems from many, many, many months. As for the initial shame, it was just that I caught, not that I was doing something that was so wrong for me and my body. Then, I became honestly ashamed. Now, I’m getting beyond that shame, but I’m still to scared to go public, and somebody needs shout the horrors of something that initially seemed so innocuous (and is legal to possess in many states). A start for me has been to quit feeling like one of life’s victims. I can control myself, and I will/am! TO JULIE: I quit cold turkey. As for what’s best in your case, I don’t know. Anybody have suggestions for Julie? I think every case is different, but I just don’t know.

  141. ISABELLA, you’re very brave to seek help. I think you’re doing the right thing to seek help. Here are some options: 1) This is the option I most recommend. Would you feel comfortable calling the guidance counselor at the school you used to attend before taking classes online? While you may no longer be a student at the school you attended, the counselor (or principal) there should be able to direct you to the appropriate individual or agency for help. I think they will help. 2) Another VERY good option: If you attend church, call your pastor, youth pastor Sunday school teacher. If you don’t attend a church (and even if you do or don’t believe in God), call the office of one of the larger churches in your town and ask to speak with the “youth minister.” If they ask why you’re calling, be totally honest. 3) I might suggest contacting your local state department of health or state mental health center. 4) Call a teen crisis hotline, if one exists for your community. Isabella, people care about you, even if you don’t realize. I don’t even know you, and I care. You are important, and you’re smart to seek help when you think you need it! You might also find help with other issues that are tough for any teenager. I used to be a teen. I remember. Be strong, Isabella!

  142. Hi Isabella. I would suggest that you speak with a doctor and seek a referral to a psychiatrist. The symptoms that you are describing point to a few features of mental conditions that may require looking into. Psychiatrists are trained doctors who treat mental problems. And even if nothing is wrong, it will make you feel 100% better to see a specialist and know that all is OK.

  143. I am 16 an a few months ago like 3 or four maybe. I tried darkness. But I only took one hit. See I have never done drugs before. But I really need an anwser. I am having anxiety attacks. And I am feeling so not real. And I have talked to a friend of mine an he said that it is out of my system an that I am over reacting. But, I am so scared cause It is like I no everything is real. Around me objects. But, it is like my brain is telling me it isent real. Idk, I am scared. I have talked to my mom about it. She was mad of course but said I would be fine. I had a terriable trip. And after that I wasent the same. I dont feel real. Can you please help me. I am going to be seeing a doctor about somthing personal. But, I cant wait that long. I am scared. Can you please give me an anwser. 🙂 Please. And what I should do, an what could be the cause. I mean I only took one hit an I was out of it. Before I was normal an now I feel like a completely diffrent person. I dont kno who I am anymore. I am only 16. I was pressered into it. I had no friends an I thought if I didnt do it then I would have no frineds And now, I dont have any. And I am glad. I am home alone all day everyday, an I do online schooling from being bullied at aschool. Can you oplease help me.

  144. I’m truly humbled by all the posts on here.

    I’ve been smoking this stuff and want to stop. Is it best to stop full stop or reduce the amount I smoke over a period of time?

    ANY help would be most welcome as I’m in a terrible state.

  145. @MAX I too am a professional and very ashamed to say i was addicted too. I agree 100% with everything you just said. I started smoking spice for the exact same reasons. Never had a problem with pot, spice is not the same. It has been 2 weeks today and trust me the withdraws do get better. B6 with folic acid and vit. c, because I can’t eat either still, valerian root and melitonin for sleep, and I went to and herbalist who gave me some herbs to make a tea out of which has all seemed to help. Lots of water and gatorade. Good luck!

  146. Okay, in my post of just this morning, I was deluding myself, again. I’m still going through withdrawal-type systems after numerous weeks of being off Spice. I made a very irrational decision today (nothing to do with a substance and nothing irrepairable), but stupid still the same. I did finally call my doctor today to see what I should do about my rage issues. He said I was over the worst of it and I just needed to manage my anger through prescribed anti-depressants that I already had. That in itself carries another set of problems. As for “this horrible chapter in my life,” well, it’s not over, as badly as I’d like to think it. States that haven’t illegalized Spice need to follow suit and quit making it so easy to buy, in opinion. If it’s legal where you live, it must be okay, right? Wrong. Spice was killing me. I mustered through, but I probably would have benefited from earlier medical help. It’s easy for me to say you should be brave and go get help, but I’m the biggest coward among us all. If you have a problem, PLEASE talk with a trusted friend, family member, doctor or emergency hotline. You need somebody who can think rationally to give you support you need and deserve.

  147. I am a professional man. I had been smoking Spice regularly for about two years. Then one day, I had a reaction. I had planned to smoke one bowl (which I did) and go to sleep for a badly-needed nap after a rough day at work. I blacked out for about twenty minutes. During this time, I was told I kept hitting the walls, and yelling “make it stop, make it stop.” I was also told that I had a wild look in my eyes, and it was as if a demon had come out in me. (I don’t know your faith, but if a demon’s going to grab me, this was the time.) I immediately quit and wanted to tell the world about this awful stuff, which I’d started after my company had implemented a drug policy that stopped my pot use. (Incidentally, I’d smoke pot pretty regularly off and on for about 30 years with ABSOLUTELY no problems. Can’t say the same of Spice or alcohol.) Well, one of my best friends (also a professional) is trying to come down off this stuff so I thought I’d share my experiences. As for my withdrawal, it seems pretty textbook now, but it was less severe than my friend’s right now. I could eat (my friend hasn’t eaten for about five days), but I did have difficulty staying asleep for a few weeks. I was very irritable and would become mad at the drop of a hat. In fact, I’m still irritable, but I think this is the new me. It’s like I woke up. I’d read about problems with Spice, but I’d also read bogus information about pot. Well, all the bad stuff I’d read about Spice is proving true in my book. I look back, and I showed all of the addictive symptoms. I am so embarassed, but I want the world to know to stay away from this. If not for my friend, I would not be posting this, but I want to help others, if I can. Spice is awful, and the withdrawal is terrible. If you’re smoking this now, please heed my warning. I’m a smart man (Mensa member, even), who got hooked. I feel stupid now, but I have smartly kicked this forever. I promise I will NEVER do this stuff again. NEVER! Right now, I’m starting to cry, remembering this horrible chapter in my life. I want to help friend so badly, but all I can do is offer my experience and support. Be careful, friends. This doesn’t make you a bad person, but please realize if you need help and get it!

  148. Hi New Mommy. I’d suggest that you speak with you OB-GYN and fully disclose the drug use. Use of drugs in the first trimester of pregnancy can alter the development of internal organs. But you’ll need to speak with a specialist to assess the risks to the fetus.

  149. So I just found that I’m pregnant, I predict maybe about a month to a month and a half. Prior to finding out, I was smoking about 5 grams of spice a day and now I’m completely scared about what it could have done to my baby!!! Help??? Does anybody know anything???

  150. Hi Sharon. You can call 1-800-662-HELP to talk with a 24 hour national hotline for drug abuse and to receive counseling on what to do. I wish you, your family, and your grandson all the best!

  151. my grandson smokes spice. He has become very violent to his pregnant wife. I am so upset. I don’t know what to do or where to start. I love him very much. He can really be a good guy. He loves his children so much. He has become a very different person he started doing this. Please, does anyone have an suggestions of what I can do?????

  152. Spice sucks. Its the only drug I do. No cigarettes and no alcohol either. Lucky for me I only smoke spice, the curse. Life is going good, but my health is taking a toll. I’m tired of coughing and I’m tired of crapping 50 times a day. I function pretty well. I’m gonna quit smoking spice after years of daily use. Up with hope, down with dope!! Peace and Love. Not to mention Black Ops 2 is coming out next week.

  153. @Missmyfriend…Unfortunately, people will only change when they hit bottom…As long as he doesn’t see a problem and is in denial he will never change…Once it all falls down and he’s broke, hungry or in trouble he’ll try to change.

    Walk away from him right now…Don’t lend him money or help him until he attempts to change…Because right now all he is is a user of people.

  154. So I’m really concerned about a friend of mine. He used to smoke weed, it irritated me when he would say he wanted to do this or that with his life but it wasn’t gonna happen cuz they might drug test for that job or if he was living at this place or that place he wouldn’t be able to smoke. It was irritating to see him throwing his life away and know that he wasn’t happy, but for the most part I didn’t really care about the pot usage I don’t think its a big deal, I used to smoke pot, lots of my friends smoke pot…
    About a two years ago this friend got busted for possession, he ended up on probation…did fine on probation, but since he has been off he’s been smoking spice. He isn’t the same person. He lies, he says really hurtful things and makes really stupid choices. He has no money now, even though he has a decent job and very few bills. He even started hanging out regularly with my exhusband, some one he begged me to leave for two years because the guy is a loser, constantly in and out of jail, doesn’t support his three kids and was very abusive on top of being drug addicted. Even though he knew that if he was around my ex I wouldn’t be able to hang out with him (We’ve been close friends for over 13 years) he still made the choice to be friends with him over me because “He buys spice and we both smoke it, so it’s saving me money, we really aren’t friends I’m just using him” He thought that was funny, to me it is sick. This is not the friend I used to know! I know he is progressively smoking more and more (and around here its more expensive than weed!) I’m worried about what he is doing to his body, and to his life! Is there anything I can do to help him?

  155. these new synthetic drugs are by far the worst thing anyone can mess with. seems like nobody knew the long term side affects when i started so i found out myself what happens.. jus wondering if it couses any kind of cancer?

  156. Anyone who posted early on this blog and said they smoke spice and have no side effects or problems, can you tell me now that some time has passed are you still having no problems?

  157. My husband started smoking Spice about 2 months ago and now he smokes it all through out the day and can’t stop. It seems like crack, like he’s acting like a crack addict but of course not. I don’t know what to do. He was a frequent user of Marijuana and wants to get a better job by smoking spice. It’s worse.

  158. Yes i only used twice times spice in my life. Last one was with alchocol.. And seems i got some damage.. Sometimes phasing out reality, can’t think clearly, feel my thoughts are frozen sometimes..

    Also symptoms started 2 weeks after i quit

    The worst part of it 4 months passed and i started to believe i got permanent brain damage even from that low dosage..

  159. mixed salvia with spice now my my mind feels disconectd from body and jus cant really come bak been like this for a few days now and its undescribable this is the scariest feeling ever worst than a spice overdose im scared

  160. Severe anxiety, paranoia,extreme agitation, physically violent, vomiting, tremors to whole body, black lung, deep depression, mental break downs,suicidal, unsociable, crying, fear of dying, dry mouth, diarrhea, can’t sleep, repetition thinking, no appetite, crazy behavioral acts, weird dreams, headaches. Smoked spice for 8 months, these are the side affects for detoxing, this is the third week and still have all the BAD symptoms,no improvement at all. Dr. gave me antidepressant & anxiety meds, not working. I bit my brothers mouth and face. 3rd fight in 4 days & very confrontational!!! Ya go ahead smoke spice lets see your family ruined.

  161. I wonder what people are actually smoking. “…such as DMT” “….nearly identical to opiates” How are you a veteran user, if one hit gets you whacked out. If one hit is way too much for you, then why even mention DMT. Please people, don’t get up here trying to scare people. Spice is not even close to DMT, lmao. Thats funny. ***when I first started smoking spice, I did have the “im gonna die feeling”**** Four years later, I smoke 10 to 20 grams a day. I don’t smoke cigarettes and I don’t drink alcohol. I do take a 1mg Xanax in the evening, no other pills though. The only bad withdrawal I noticed was the rage. John Strong sounds like he is smoking 2C-E. Strong will power can overcome every addiction. I smoke to pass time and study, laugh, forget, and just be human. I remember when “weed would cook your brain like an egg in a frying pan” if you “used” it. People need to go with their heart more, stop thinking, and start feeling. When we all understand that Earth was meant for a lot more then paying bills and saving money, then we can put stress, anger, despair, hate, greed, etc… in the trash. My daughter who is a first grader brought a book home from school titled ” I have better things to do than drugs” She said the police handed them out and then she asked, “dadddd what are drugs?” The school would have been better to hand out something saying, “I have better things to do than play video games and watch t.v.” Needless to say, my children will be attending private schools next year. Public schools cause hate. I wonder if public schools still teach that Blacks were the only slaves.
    I’ll stop ranting.

    Back to the spice problem, I don’t see a problem with myself, I enjoy it. I’m a single parent of two, I dropoff/pickup kids from school everyday, never late, children are A -B honor roll, I have my own house, I have my own car, I have my vrod muscle, Bills are always paid on time,, I keep a clean home, and I smoke +10 grams of spice daily(outside on the deck of course). I’m feel sad that people act the way they on any substance. Lets take alcohol, you have different violent drunks, silly drunks, flirty drunks, and so on. That is the same with any other chemical on this planet, everyone is effected differently.

    peace, love, and harmony.

  162. I’ve been smoking spice about three years, and I’m still in the process of weaning myself off. The new analogs I’ve been exposed to are far scarier than what was around two months back, prior to the latest ban. The effects are more akin to a hardcore psychedelic, such as DMT. Complete dissociation from reality, steeped with lots of primal fear. Also, it much more speedy and crack-like in its current forms. The stuff that was around a few months back seemed comparatively safe and stable. Two current brands I would recommend avoiding at all cost are Pirate Boot and Nidara. If anyone tried to blunt one of these, they could easily end up dead or committed. One hit is way too much, and I’m a veteran user.

    The withdrawal symptoms I’ve experienced are nearly identical to those of opiates, except there isn’t a noticeable increase in physical pain. The last good batch had heavy narcotic overtones. I was still experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms after a month of sobriety. I still play with it occasionally, but this too will soon be a thing of the past. Good luck with anyone addicted to this substance.

  163. So i got on here for another attempt to get my husband to stop smoking spice, i only wanted to learn more so i can share with him and he of course fell asleep on me while i was talking to him (happens everytime after his “smoke session”). He has been smoking spice ever since it first came out its been so long i cant remember and during this time my family and his all smoke it now…

    All side effects that you can get from spice ive seen on all my family members and im so scared i will loose everyone to this.. My husband is always smoking, going to get spice, trying to find it, or trying to get money for it. I have to deal with the anger issues when he doesnt have it or with the effects when hes on it day in and day out. Spice has consumed him and i dont know what to do anymore.

    I have been with my husband for 10 yrs and we have 2 beautiful children we met when we where 14 so its not exactly easy to just leave, he’s my life but i feel like spice is his.. i dont know what to do anymore everytime i talk to him about it it just turns into a huge fight, that makes me hate it more cuz we always fight about it..

    When he smokes it scares me so bad and i hate seeing him like that he cant talk, walk, or look strait. Its so hard to see someone you love like that. Im at a loss right now on what to do, i need to fix this beefore it completely breaks our relationship, i dont want it to get that far, and i have noone to talk to about it.. ALL my friends, brothers, sister, and dad smoke spice,, ive never tried it seeing what it has done to people has made me hate it …
    Please someone help me out with some advise..

  164. I forgot to mention side effects of my usage(sorry)… Forgetfullness, constant cough(look up hacker on youtube), the craps, and I find it hard to sleep.

  165. Hello everyone. I smoke 10 to 20 grams daily. It sucks balls trying to stay smoking all day(and night). Like everything else in life, it has pros and cons. The con is the smoke, the resin, the constant urge to get high, and the stigma that everyone thinks your crazy if you smoke it. The pro… I love it, it takes me out of this society we all were raised in. I’ve been smoking for 4 years. I’m a little crazy, but who isn’t. LSD DMT Jwh THC.

  166. Hi Melissa,

    I’m doing a lot better! I can’t remember if I’m three months clean or getting close to four, but it MAY be possible that it’s from what you smoked, even though it was a small amount, but there isn’t enough information about what the side effects are from using this drug, only what we’ve learned from other’s and what they are going through and/or went through.

    If you’re also having night sweats, times you feel really hyper or that you need to stay really busy, on top of also having the moments when you daze out, then it may have been from your small amount of use.
    Also, if you’re taking anti-depressants, blood pressure medication, and drinking, these may also be reason’s for what you’re feeling. Or if you just drink a lot and don’t use any other drugs. Or if you’re not keeping yourself well hydrated and eating properly like you should. There could be ANY number of reasons this is happening. Like I mentioned to others, when you feel dizzy or dazed, eat some sugar, drink some orange juice or eat a snickers. See if that helps. This isn’t medical advice, this is just my opinion on things that helped me and may, or may not, help you.

    Otherwise the best advice that I can give you is to see your doctor and tell him how you’re feeling, and reasons you think you might be feeling this way. Just be leery of antidepressants, especially if you don’t feel depressed and he tries to push them on you.

    Also take Addiction Blog’s advice and keep us informed of what has helped you, and whether or not it ever stops. My bouts of confusion and depression started two weeks after I quit, and lasted quite some time, like once or twice, sometimes three times a day for at least three months, but my doctor had me on blood pressure medication and anti-depressants, when I stopped taking them the confusion went away and I’ve only had a reasonably clear head the last few weeks. So I cannot say for certain if it was the antidepressant’s exacerbating by confused and dazed out moments, or if I was still suffering side effects from my use of this drug.

    That’s where we need you, and what you’ve learned, and when you stop feeling “funny”

    Thank you for sharing, all of us here, as well as future users look forward to your updates.


    – Justin

  167. Hi Melissa. Thanks for sharing more about your treatment! I will pass this on to others who I see asking about treatment for Spice side effects. All the best, and please check in and let us know how you’re doing!

  168. Hi I messed up too,

    I read bout your posts.. How are you now? And any difference?

    Also i have a question to ask..

    I’ve smoked this stuff a total of 8 hits in my life. And it was like 4 hits in Wednesday and other 4 for next wednesday lol.

    Three and half months passed and i’m having concentrating and derealization problems sometimes. I’m having the illision of my head is spinning..

    Could even 8 hits not even a full cigarette shared in a week cause these symptoms? If yes will they wear off a one day? 🙂

    Also i was so high from alchocol already while i was getting the stuff..


  169. Howdy IM 13, READ THIS PLEASE HELP,

    What I CAN say is that at thirteen, your heart SHOULD be healthy enough to pump much faster.

    What you need to know, is that this drug is terribly bad for you; just read the posts above, including mine.

    Also remember that you’ll be paying for what you’re doing to your body later on down the road. You’re paving the way to an early death or heart attack. Our bodies can only take so much. While you may survive the severe heart pumping now, it’s going to wear you down in the long run. Look at the BIG PICTURE, quit smoking this stuff!

  170. i am a 13 years old and smoke spice about every other day for the past 3 weeks it is kind of like weed but , the only reason i smoke spice is because it wont show up on my drug test. My Girlfriend and i have been smoking weed a lot before we found out about spice , when i have intercourse with my girlfriend and were high on spice my heart pumps MUTCH faster then normal and i get scared im having a heart attack!! so somebody please tell me if its possible for me to have a heart attack or anything PLEASE HELP

  171. Short and simple: Friend smoked it…6’4″ 280lbs nice guy…Had a psychotic episode…Stabbed himself to death…Had wife and 3 kids…Now? What the hell will they live on? How will his kids end up? (Shakes head)

    Don’t take the stuff.

  172. 2 months ago I oversodes on spiece . I’ve been what people call “adicted” to smoking weed . I use to smoke spiece for about 3 months on and off. One day randomly my homie offred it to me. I had ben sober for 1 month I took it and within 5 mins my heart was beating fast I was sweating . And my blood presure was high some side effects . I was taken to the hospital while I was their the tell me I needed to go to the mental hospital cause I was saying their was a spirt inside of me wanting to eat me . I was so scared . Spiece messed me up . I’m so scared of even smoke anymore . I was so close to dying al for a dumb unkown drug . My comment maybe never read but spiece is not the best . It changed my life . It gave me a secound chance to leave my drugs . I don’t recomend it I’m 15 and I’m strong <3

  173. Hello everyone! My name is Ryan, I’m 28 and have been smoking spice for the past 3 years daily and heavily. I can honestly say that I am addicted. I’ve smoked weed since I was 14 everyday till I was 23 and got a job with the government that requires random drug testing. After being with the government for a few years, a buddy from work told me about herbal incense and said it was just like weed. Me being the weed fanatic that I am, I decided to give it a shot. I won’t lie, I loved it, and quickly became hooked on it. I’ve been through all the different generations of spice and the different chemical changes so I’m sure I have smoked me all. The new blends are the worse from personal experience. I tried to quit many times but always find myself going back to it within a few days. The withdrawals I experienced while trying to quit was, cold sweats, no appetite, extreme insomnia, and occasional mind farts while engaging in conversation. I’m 2 days sober at the moment, and the only reason I haven’t smoked is because the websites I order from have been shutdown. I want to quit sooooo bad and regret the day I picked is crap up, but my body won’t allow me to quit and all I do is crave it. It got to the point where I was smoking at work on my breaks just to catch that quick 10-20 min high. Also it’s affecting my marriage. I’m extremely lazy, I don’t want to get out of bed, all I want to do is keep smoking and not have to worry about anything. I stopped doing my husband duties around the house, ignore my wife and 2 step kids, I snap at any gIven time if I’m not high. I was NEVER this way at any point in my life. My mind is always in a blur, I catch myself spacing out all the time. Scary part is, is that I would come home from work, sit in my lazy boy and fall asleep while still smoking, and wake up with joint burns on my clothes, pipe and lighter still in my hand. I know my relationship is going to end soon if I keep this up,but I know I’m better than that. For anyone thinking about trying this, please DOnT, I won’t lie, yes it was fun, the high was phenomenal , but its not worth damaging your body with this crap. I forgot to mention a few side effects I’m currently experiencing, throwing up a white foam like substance, and extreme mucus build up and cough. If anyone has any questions about my experience or whatever, feel free to ask, I’m here to support!!

  174. i jus read someones blog about how they thought they wher dying. i can say i did that 3 times a week something about spice makes u panic and nervous and think ur gonna die but then realize ur not and i used to think i was in hell somtimes and i would start crying and screaming it was reaaly scary stuff really messed my head up

  175. im back im now clean (from spice) and have been for 1 month and can defenetley say i can no longer think or remember things like iused to. but do feel alot better. i pawned everything i had and was coufhing black stuff with blood before i figured out i REALLY need to stop. i mean it got bad i was going through two 11 gram bags a day and had been smoking it for a good 2 years. it seemed like i was rolling blunts right after i smoked em. ive done alot of drugs and spice is one of the worst. when i didnt have the stuff i got violent even with family. me and my mom pond all our stuff we both wher hooked bad. im now smoking weed and doing fine, dont crave it or need it jus want it but can stop wenever and dont go crazy with out it. it took a while before weed got me high becouse spice put my tolerence thru the roof. but if anyone you kno is hooked on it get em help becouse this stuff is REALLLYY bad news. this stuff is illigal but this one store still sells it and they make bank they literlly have a line to buy it every day. and if are smoking this stuff be carefull with the bong

    and o yea it has given me a realllllllyyyyy bad social anxziety problem i cant be around any body or talk to people. defenetley the worst thing ive ever done and ive done alot trust me on this. very addicting

    as you can see my spelling is now worse and am very scatter brained learn somthing and get ur loved ones help and dont get mad at em its very hard to stop. i was the definition of a crack head

  176. Hi I would like to share my bit, I am an 18y old male last year i was arrested for possession and para of marijuana, I couldnt smoke for 6 months, for me i need a buzz of some kind to keep me going and marijuana is the safest!, no harmful!, easiest way to do that, but since i was being drug tested i couldnt risk smoking, instead i was introduced to spice by a friend, I started smoking flame 2.0 and at first it was great, cheaper than weed only $20 for 5grams, When i began using i could tell this stuff was extremely sensitive. Sometimes I would get blasted beyond belief from one hit other times i could smoke whole joints and feel fine. I would never smoke it through a bowl you can burn your lungs that way. But within the 4 months i used it i almost died 5 times and scary part was after an episode i would still use. An episode resulted in me being incoherent and drifting into different realities, into different mind sets i was literally tripping hard close enough to death, the only way to pull out was to eat and eat until i was coherent but i couldnt do it on my own my friends and family would have to help me while im doing the tuna. It would make my veins and arms hurt and my brain. This stuff is just as bad as heroin coke and meth, I had no idea how Fucked my reality was until i stopped. Its sickening how sick i was and how sick my mind was. All I did was eat sleep and smoke spice. Its one of the most dangerous things out there and it will alter your mind and reality till you don’t recognize whats what. I wasted 1,000’s of dollars, stole 100’s from family all to buy more spice. I could of had a brand new car with the money i poured into it, and If i didnt have it then that was my only goal, forget about anything else, spending time with family, homework, chores, all were put to the way side if i didnt have my drug

  177. I have been trying not to get so upset with him about the smoking. Everytime he asks to buy a bag, I express that I do not approve, but if I don’t let him, he will just do something illegal to get the money or do it anyways. He thinks he is different from everyone else, and it helps take away his anxiety. He really believes that it is not hurting him or affecting him and that he is really normal when hes smoking. If I showed him these posts, he would just laugh and say something stupid about it. He says hes been smoking it for so long, and his body knows how to handle it. Lately he has been using the excuse of back pain and that he has no insurance so he can’t see a doctor. So he smokes spice instead for the pain.. I’ve smoked spice before and it does not get rid of pain, so I know its just another excuse. I like to believe he will quit when hes ready.. but when is enough enough?

  178. Hi… I have a pretty important question. I was 14 when I smoked spice, it was the first and last time ever. It was February 4th 2012. It was me and a couple friends and my friends parents. They offered us spice, and at the time I didn’t know how dangerous it was. Me and my friend Katy reacted badly to it, she was throwing up and didn’t even know where we were. And me, I didn’t even feel like myself, I couldn’t grasp what was going on. I couldn’t even consentrate. Once it went away I felt great. But maybe two weeks after the concert I got real sick, and it hasn’t went away and it’s been 8 months and I’ve read that spice can do that to you, I’m too afraid to bring it up to my mom. I mean, some days I can’t Even eat because my stomachs killing me. I don’t know what to do. I just want to know if this could be the long term effects of spice.. If you could email me privately, I’d really really appreciate it..

  179. I came here to find out if I was the only one having these hallucinations from these spice substances, I’m not alone. So Im a daily weed toker and a friend of mine introduced me to spice. He’s been smoking for years and he basically lives off this stuff. Saying the usual, “legal” and “safe”. I smoked some batches and had fun. then we tried a batch called Diablo and I had the WORST hallucination and out of body or what ever you wanna call it if you can name it cause I can’t explain it. I had sunk into the couch just spacing on nothing and my friend was talking to me but I kept hearing it echo and time slowed down. My heart rate dropped and I had chest pain then it quickly elevated. I was so confused I thought I was dreaming. I finally gained control and tried standing but I fell right back down and they said I blacked out for 30 or so seconds and came back and I was extremely pissed and confused. I remember asking how long the trip was because i had no preception of time. I threw up and then all was well but I kept re-living the trip. That was about three or so weeka ago. Weed helped relieve the thoughts for me. I tried the same blend today and experienced a lighter side of the same thing and I’m done with this stuff it’s not good and i fear for my friend who wake and bakes in the middle of the night just to sleep. Stay away from spice kids and can anyone explain what I went through because I would really like to know.

  180. I used to be an avid pot smoker several months ago smoking at least a gram a day.decided to slow down tremendously because of my high tolerance and other personal reasons including i blaze about three times or less a month.

    I experienced spice for the first and last time yesterday night.

    Took about 4 deep hits from a j and immediately felt light headed. I go inside to take a seat and boom it hits me. Negative thoughts, anxiety, unable to understand what my friend is saying.

    Then the worst part. My heart rate spikes to dangerously high levels. It was beating louder, stonger and faster. All i could hear was my heart beat. The main artery jn my neck was pulsating rapidly with alot of force. I can not explain in words how hard my heart was working it was quite painful.

    I decided to lay down, then jitters set in. I was unable to control my legs as they began to twitch. It seemed like my body was going throug a mini nervous system went into shock.

    My heart was working overtime with a resting heart rate well over 100. Fortunatley i work out often but i feel like the 45mins of constant high blood pressure and heart rate did damage to my beloved heart.not sure if the vessels were damaged or over stressed. It has only been 24 hours and i have a slight soreness in my chest.

    I hope nobody experiences what i went through but unfortunatley it will still happen. Wish i read these posts before smokin this bs! I cant believe this happened to me but its my fault considering the package stated “not for human consumption

  181. I hit spice black voodoo 3 times. and its been almost three days and its not gone yet. i feel like everthing is a dream i feel like im going too be like this for the rest of my life is there anything i can do too get rid of this feel. is there anything i can take im only 14. I dont want too feel like this forever i need help. how long does this ussally last.

  182. Okoay. i smoked this ‘spice’ called black voodoo. i hit it 3 times on saturday at about 1 in the morning. i still feel it and its monday at 7 pm. it feels like nothing is real im in a dream . I feel as if im not even writing this right now. but i went the th ER today they ran all type of test and they said im fine i just need too let it were off. But i feel like im going too be like this forever. i just want too sleep because i feel if i sleep it will go away faster i just need help im emotional all i want too do is cry im scared i need help what do i do

  183. Can spice kill you? If you just tried it once… I’m scare now.. I’m getting thinner and I don’t like to eat.. I still have a headache. I tried it on last Friday..

  184. I’m not an addict, no where close. But I was smoking hookah with friends and then they decided to add spice. It was my first time smoking hookah, so I was a little dizzy and giggly. I was up for anything. When I took the first hit of spice I was already done. But I felt the need to take one more. I shouldn’t of. It got so bad. I couldn’t feel my legs. Then it was my heart. I was numb. Everywhere. I had a major panic attack and screamed on the top of my lungs for everyone to call my mom. I felt the need to puke, but i couldn’t. I knew I was dying. I tried to stop screaming, but I couldn’t wake up from this terrible nightmare. I knew I was done for. Dead. So, I tried to scream louder and louder to make it faster. It felt like hours and hours. I started to come out of it but had minor memory loss for a few seconds. I started to talk again, but I was still nauseous. I didn’t throw up, but I wanted to. They said I looked really pale and my hands were ice cold. It was horrible. The most embarrassing thing I’ve been through. Please, do NOT smoke spice. It’s horrible. You never know if you could go through was I did.

  185. Hi. About three or four hours ago, I took two hits of the fake weed k2 or spice. The “friend” who said it was all good just called it ‘legal weed’ so I thought it was okay. The first hit I took was small, but the second hit I took was probably way too much than it should have been. It was my first time trying the stuff and much like the others who posted here, my heart rate sky-rocketed and I panicked, I was numb, I couldn’t focus, the world spun, I felt like I was leaving my body. I thought I was going to die. I did some breathing exercises before I finally calmed down. I laughed it off with my friend, thinking “Wow, what an awful trip.” But then I started feeling it again, it was lesser than before, but still, it made me uncomfortable and worrisome, so I got my bro to drive me to the hospital, even though I don’t have health insurance (this is how terrified I was). I admitted myself in and was there for maybe two hours. I had an EKG, they checked my blood pressure and the doc checked my heart and said everything was alright, just told me to never use the drug again. I won’t. But I’m home again and I cannot sleep, I’m almost afraid to. I just need a little advice. I’m 21, almost 400 pounds…. How long will this awful feeling last? Because I’m seeing a lot of people who have been smoking the stuff for a while and just had a bad hit. This was my first time, will I be okay?

  186. ~I felt pretty good about this stuff from the beginning.. then everything changed… The night before last I smoked a bit and played Dead Island, a game in which you kill zombies. Everything went as usual… then I began to feel a bit “strange”. I found it was harder for me to focus on more than one thing… Being that I would play, then look at the tv and found I had been staring at the tv for 30minutes, and had died numerous times ingame. Now this is no problem… But then i found that my knees were starting to feel weird. The fact that I felt how it would be if you sat on the toilet for a long period of time and acquired sleep in your leg, a constant tickling needle but coldness around my toes and heel. I couldn’t feel my lips either and constantly licked at them to make sure I could, realizing that, when coming to for a short period of time before going back into the trance, that my tongue was infact pushed out of my mouth and extended far to the left where my whole face sagged and had no feeling. I then turned the game off and went to sleep.
    ~Last night… was the scariest time in my life and the near death feeling made me give up smoking anything from Hookah, to this, to even the real stuff. I smoked a bit and felt decent… even making jokes about how harmless it was to my wife. Then after a second I found that my body to brain function was damn near cut off. I would talk and found my lips weighed 100 lbs a piece. Then I noticed that my heart was at about 120 bpm and I felt terrified. I remember walking into the bedroom of my mother-in-laws gripping my chest and neck trying to find a pulse. They sat me down and tried to test my blood pressure and heart rate. They seemed to come back slightly high but they noted that my whole body was pale as a ghost. I was terrified… sitting there I felt as though I was swallowing myself..That my lifeforce was falling down my gullet and if I didn’t pull myself out in time I was dead for sure.
    Suddenly, my heartbeat vanished… I couldn’t feel it, nor could I hear it inside my head and I cried hard. Suddenly thoughts of my life rushed to my head that I would be another statistic of the drug… What everyone would think… how my family would feel, how my wife would make it without me… but most importantly, my brothers and how they would live through life with a dead 20 yr old brother.
    ~I still don’t feel well… My vision isn’t clear at all and I feel like I have to try extremely hard to focus. I don’t notice things until I think upon them. For instance, I went to eat and bit my tongue (I believe) and was like oh… I taste blood. Because all I could focus on was tasting my food, not the pain. My finger tips dance across the keyboard as I write this as they’re all I can focus on atm. Music has stopped playing and I can’t even bring myself to change the song because It will take me off track to this… I was scared to sleep last night because I was scared I wouldn’t wake up. I figure that I will feel better with some sleep. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  187. I can somewhat relate to you ‘hate spice’. My husband smokes constantly all day long. It makes me so disappointed and sad because he’ll tell me that this is his last bag or bong hit, no more begging me to give him money for it or whatever. Then not even the whole day and he’s already talking about going to his brothers or trying to con me into giving him the money or getting his mom to buy it for him. He can’t ever not be high, he has to smoke before we leave, while in the car, at his buddys, before pictures, on my birthday, when hes supposed to be watching our 2 kids(1 & 3yrs). If i telling him to stop or threaten to leave” your being a controlling b$%ch” i even poured his bag out threw his gravity bong lids in the woods bc he tellls me that was the last bag and he wants to change , straighten up…but it always seems to fail sooner or later. He went a few months without it when it was hard to find but that didnt last. back at it 20 gravity bongs a day or more. We have had lots of financial struggling bc of spice. He just wasnt very motivated when we lived on our own. This really upsets me bc its a fight i might never win bc he never realizes how much it hurts our family…to him its just me complaining at a grown man that can do as he wants and every bag will always be his last until the next one. He has tripped out on it before too. He smoked “time traveler” and wound up in the bathroom just spaced out towards the wall. His eyes were blood shot and you could see him shaking, his heart beating like crazy threw his chest. I told him i didnt want him going in the stores with me when hes like that bc its embarrassing and i feel like m slowlystarting to get utterly disgusted with him and his behavior. I mean im no saint and have smoked the stuff and tripped out but i do NOT smoke it only ever blue moon. Idk what to do to make him actually listen to me. I miss the man i first met and hate this stranger thatmakes me cry more!

  188. I tried spice in school earlier in my life. It was an alternative to weed, since I had parents who never trusted me because of my older siblings who constantly abused it. So, I have had my fair share of close to death experiences, and I will say it scared me alot. Its just that a life of sobriety sounded and still sounds too boring and horrible. Now, its been three years and I have regular physicals and check ups using myself as a test subject for long-term effects of spice. I have had not one sign of discomfort in any way, and my mental and physical abilities have not not been altered at all. In fact, I smoke quite alot of spice and I love it. Weed is not strong enough and just smells and tastes awful. Spice is better in every way! Now you must think I sound like an addict, but I have been through months without spice and never needed it (Its kind of a bonus to social life for me, really.) I read alot of these comments and stories, and I am deeply sorry for everyone’s losses and traumatic changes to their life. It all goes down to quantity of spice people smoke and the effects on the user. Its different for everyone. One person could have cardiovascular or respiratory failure, while the other has no problems what so ever.

  189. I smoked this “k2” today with my friend and at first it was just like weed, then we smoked more and out of nowhere my heart started to pound out of my chest , i was freaking out and i thought i was having a heart attack, my heart did this for about 15 minutes and once i calmed myself down and took some breaths, it finally went back to normal, but my friend said that this also happend to her also except that she was sitting on the floor and she was unable to get up or speak. I was very scared today and i seriously thought that there was a chance that i couldve died. i will NEVER smoke this crap ever again, and my advice to others is to stop and now researching about it and seeing all the side effects, i truly believe this crap is dangerous. lets leagalize weed! the real stuff, the natural plant!

  190. I smoke weed on a daily basis nuthing wrong with that but wen my friends offered me a blunt of spice i was like alright lets try it i took three hits from the blunt and my whole body went numb than my vision was in seperate pictures from thn i ran home as i was running it looked like i was staying still but i would snap out of it and be somewhere totally different my heart beat was fast and uncontrollable after a day my chest hurts and still have to experiance the addictive effects from it i had a restless night the same day plz give me any advice plz but for the love of god or something DONT SMOKE SPICE

  191. Hates Spice,

    Please read my experience above yours. Please see what your husband is going through. The anxiety is tremendous and it seems like the only way you can feel normal is if you’re taking another hit. I also smoked it about every hour, and would wake up in the night, to smoke another hit, just to fall back asleep.

    This addiction is terrible, and you don’t even know you’re addicted. All you want is to feel normal and you think spice is the only thing that will make you feel normal.

    What he needs to remember is that he felt normal before he began smoking spice. That if it takes smoking spice to feel okay, then it means you have an addiction. He will have to want to quit.

    I’m certain you’re not seeing the same man you saw when the two of you first met. Please remember that. Also remember that HAS to want to quit. The denial is only going to make things worse. Pot will not do the same thing that spice does anymore. He’s going to have to quit. You can’t taper it down, or only smoke a little, read above about what my mind went through. Read further about what others like me went through. Show him these posts!!! So that he can come to terms with what he is facing and that he HAS to STOP!

    What’s important for him to know is that he will, eventually, feel normal again. However, the process is, or can be, extensive. Spice is a general name for the same crap, but each batch of crap can have different chemical make-ups. He may or may not experience the serious side effects that myself, and others have gone through after quitting. Personally, the serious mental side effects began about two weeks after quitting.

    Get him to the doctor, stay by his side, tell him he’s not going crazy. Make him eat, make him drink water, calm him down with a few shots of Vodka if you need to, keep him calm, he’ll continue breathing. Blood pressure is a serious issue and it may possibly get higher as your body begins to detox from Spice. That is why, ultimately, I recommend a doctor’s help. If you read my previous posts, you’ll see that I say this to everyone. Get HELP!

    You’re on the right road of seeking help in this very crappy situation. You need to get him on the same track. I’m subscribed to this post, and I will answer any questions you would like to ask. Educate him, and educate yourself as to what it takes to quit Spice! There isn’t enough factual information available, but keep in mind that most of us here have gone through the same troubles from the same drug. Documents or not, it’s most likely what can be expected from it’s use, and from when you quit.

    Hope to hear an update from you, and that you and your husband have taken positive action to quit using the poison he is constantly consuming and killing who he really is,,,, which I’m sure is a good man.


    – Justin

  192. oh, and he gives me the excuse of he has “anxiety problems” and thats why he HAS to smoke. Load of BS and excuses everytime I say something to him. He gets REALLY defensive if I even mention it. I asked him to at least cut down, and he agrees, but he says whatever he can to get me to drop it and leave him alone. It went from smoking 3gm a day, to a 10gm bag a day, and now he can go through as much as three 10gm bags if he can get away with spending that much money. Then when hes totally out, he rolls up all the roaches and smokes that. I cry sometimes, but I’ve become numb. I have to force myself not to think about it, but its extremely hard when I have to watch him do it 24/7. Or when I clean out the car and find 50+ empty bags in the back. He blames other people.. (“oh, some of those my boss bought”) but i know he bought majority of them and even if his boss bought them.. he was smoking it too. I tell him hes going to die, he smokes a ridiculous amount. He says hes got a high tolerance because hes been smoking forever.
    He is forbidden to handle the bills in the house.. the past 4 times I gave him bill money and demanded a receipt, the receipt goes missing and the bills don’t get paid. He always blames the business for “messing up”, and it turns into a big fight until I just let it go. I usually don’t find out until the power gets turned off, or my cell phone, or i get a late notice for rent. He is an incredible liar.. everything he says, I always assume its the opposite now.
    Sorry for ranting so much, but I can’t talk to my parents about it or my friends. I’m really ashamed of him and myself for letting this continue. I feel helpless. I think of how great our life would be if he didn’t spend over $200 a week on spice.

  193. I’ve been wondering if I’m the only one feeling this way. My fiance is 100% addicted to spice. He admits he is, says he wants help, but has a million excuses why he can’t quit. He says he will, but can not pursue it. I have tried it with him and had a really bad trip. The same scene kept replaying over and over, and when I researched it online, I had a trip similar to taking Salvia. He smokes at least two 10 gram bags a day. When he wakes up, before he goes to work, while hes working, before he takes a shower, after he showers, before he takes out the garbage, after he takes out the garbage. There is not more than 10 minutes he doesn’t smoke and he won’t go to bed until he is completely out. He will pawn anything we have worth anything to get a bag. He has been smoking it for at least 5 years. He throws up everyday, has night sweats, dazes out in the middle of no where. He always has another excuse as to why hes sick (of course it CANT be the spice he smokes every second of his life) . He says he knows his body and the spice isnt making him sick. His fingers are stained from the joints, he constantly smells like the nasty scent it sends off.. I’ve tried to force him to quit several times, but he will hide it and say hes going to the store or taking out the garbage and will go smoke. Its also really hard to get him to quit because his boss at work buys and smokes it with him. I really don’t know what to do anymore. All he does is smoke spice and play video games. Friends have openly offered him real pot, but he refuses because hes so addicted to spice. I don’t even know what would happen if he stopped using it because hes never gone longer than an hour without it. He openly gets high and tells me hes messed up in the brain while he dazes in and out. I may not have money, but I am a responsible person, I have a nice place, I have nice things, I have a good job. This is not supposed to be what I have to deal with in my life. I wish I could force him to get help and get my fiance back. If I was smoking it with him, I could hit it once and be fine and go about my day.. but he sits there and smokes a whole joint to himself everytime. I don’t know how he can even function with as much as he smokes. I think I’m going to end up losing him.

  194. I would like to share my experience for everyone to read. I started smoking spice while I was in the military back in 2008. Back then, it was a clean high and seemed harmless. After I left the military last year I stopped smoking. Didn’t have access to it and it didn’t really bother me. Recently they started selling it in the area I live in. A friend of mine told me so I decided to try it out. I immediately became addicted again. I was smoking upwards of 4 grams a day and completely shut myself off from the world. I stopped smoking for about 2 weeks and then I had a really bad day(details are irrelevant), started stressing out, and went and bought another bag. That night my heart started racing and I had what felt like a panic attack. My mother was able to calm me down and I promised not to buy anymore. I was genuinely scared. I’d never had that kind of reaction to it before. Lo and behold, next week on payday I found myself buying another bag. That night, after one hit my heart started racing again, just as before. I was able to calm myself down a bit until my vision became spotty and I was in a weird haze. I ran cold water over my head to no avail. I decided the best course of action was to go outside and get some cool air. By te way, it was 4:30 in the morning. I started walking through my house and was stumbling across the kitchen when I blacked out. Next thing I know, my family is standing around me and I’m in the floor surrounded by the silverware I had knocked over and the cat litter that I had fallen in. I drank some water and kept talking about how I was dying and I could feel it. My little brother helped me outside and I started projectile vomiting. For a full minute or two I couldn’t stop and it got so bad that I couldn’t breathe. Finally my brother was able to talk me out of it, but I was still in a haze. I fell asleep later, and my mother let me know that she was sitting on my bed the entire time to make sure I was still breathing. This stuff is bad. I don’t know how else to say it. I will never put myself nor my family through that again.

  195. Despair,

    Show him our posts, show him everything. He needs to know what he’s getting himself in to.

    I was glad I found a substitute for pot too! I thought I had it made; but it only gets worse from here unless he quits, and get’s help quitting if he can’t do it alone. I’m surprised to hear he needed rehab for marijuana, however, if his personality is that addictive than he is going to need to check back in. The symptoms only get worse.

    He is your husband, and his problems are your problems too. The bad thing about Spice is that you aren’t aware of how quickly it’s consuming you and who you are. Mentally, he may be aware of the fact that he’s got a habit forming, but he isn’t aware that it’s a full on addiction. I kept going because I thought I could stop and got a HUGE surprise when I quit cold turkey. Read above, it’s all there. I hope to hear from you and that positive action is taken on both of your parts. He HAS to STOP smoking this CRAP! He can do it, I did it, read all of these posts and make it happen.

    Please stay in touch….

    – Justin

  196. my husband was smoking weed every day, after several rehabs he started to clean up and we were so happy, finally doing things with the money we saved. nearly 400 or more a month. We went shopping the other day and i know he was smoking this new thing spice because he told me. I noticed he would eat and then he threw up. he did this 3 times in less than an hour , I was shocked. I only saw him throw up twice in 5 years, and once he was drunk the other time sick. Then he was agitated and he took bus and train 15 miles away to buy spice because i refused to drive him. I dont know what to expect , I dont think he can ever be clean and sober. He actually told me I should be happy hes smoking spice and not pot ! Its the end for us, he thinks if they sell it on a shelf its ok. Hes still addicted , short on the rent and we are struggling .back to square one.

  197. I tried Spice for the first time last night. I loaded my bong and hit it 3 good times. Before I knew it my heart was racing faster than I’ve ever experienced, I was going in and out of consciousness, and I could not move. This is poison. I almost had a heart attack, seriously. I have never been that scared I was going to die. Don’t be stupid, if you want to get high, smoke pot, Hell snorting a line of Ajax would probably be safer than the toxic garbage I inhaled last night. FAIR WARNING- SPICE CAN AND WILL SEVERELY DAMAGE YOUR BODY AND MAY LEAD TO DEATH!!!

  198. Hey Corey,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you’re ready for what is to come. Personally, for me, the withdrawal symptoms start about two weeks after you first stop smoking.

    You’ll have night sweats and probably grind your teeth

    Depression is going to be overwhelming, even though you know you’re feeling that way because of the spice you were smoking

    You’re going to start coughing up some pretty nasty greyish colored phlegm. I’m over two months clean and it’s still coming up every once in a while.

    PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR! I don’t think I could have done it without the anxiety medication to slow my brain down. When I stopped smoking this crap, my mind sped up so fast I felt like I was on speed. This is very taxing on your body and they can give you medications to help keep you safe and healthy. Like I tell everyone, be honest with your doctor, let him know you’ve screwed up and your taking positive action to get rid of the addiction you managed to get yourself in to….. like smoking cigarettes, The point is you want to stop and they will help you.

    If you’ve got a good friend, ask him/her to be there for you for at least the next three days – after your symptoms hit – Looping thoughts, the feeling that you NEED to be doing something, not being able to pay attention. You need someone there to put you back in check and tell you that you’re not going crazy. You also need to occupy your free time by any means necessary; other than drug use. Read a book. Learn a new skill, Play some chess, Origami is pretty time consuming and fun. Just keep yourself busy.

    I hope the best for you buddy, and I hope you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, the next few weeks or so are going to suck, but that pales in comparison to what happens to your mind if you continue on your current path.

    If you’re a Monday through Friday worker, call in sick on a Friday, after your symptoms hit, and you should be good by Monday. The most important thing to do, is drink the hell out of water, eat a lot of fatty food and keep yourself busy. And of course, Always, call a doctor, call a friend, call someone if your mind is driving you crazy…. I can tell you it’s temporary, but I’ve been there and done that. Hearing that it goes away doesn’t make you feel any better.

    Good Luck Man,


  199. Read a few of these stories and decided to share my experiences with Spice:

    A buddy of mine introduced me to spice a little over a year ago. I’ve smoked weed with him plenty of times but nothing beyond that. First time I tried it, I was out of it for about a good hour. Similar to the high brought on by weed, but a little heavier. I’m actually gonna start coming off it slowly day by day, because in my opinion in the end its not worth it. Sometimes when I smoke it, its ok and calm other times I do it I think I am gonna die. I can usually spread 3g over the course of a weekend or a work week, just depending. But, here are the symptoms I have experienced while on one form of spice or another:

    headache, blurry vision, fatigue, paranoia, breathing problems, huge increase in blood pressure, odd heart pumps, felt like my brain was bleeding inside my head, dizzy spells, extreme cotton mouth.

    The worst trip I ever experienced was my heart rate was out of control for at least 40 mins. My skin started to turn yellow and I could see every single vein in my body pulsing. I actually sat in the shower putting cold water on me (wasnt working) so the next thing I wanted to do was text my friends and family that I fucked up and was gonna die…

    After writing those, it makes you wonder “Why would anyone do this, if that’s what it does?” You’re right..but it is very addictive. I see it being illegal in my state very soon. Some shops in my area have stopped selling it for whatever reason, but the day is coming soon. I guess I only smoked when I was bored. I tried to stay hydrated during my “trips”, it seemed to help but I know its not doing anything in the long run.

    One last point Ill make that kind of started the quitting cycle, was my pipe that I used would get so clogged, smelly, and just gunked up with a disgusting tar that I only could imagine what is sitting in my lungs. Hopefully i caught it in time.

  200. Hey Shelby,

    Thank you for sharing your current situation with us. I’m glad that you understand that you’ve gotten yourself in to a crappy situation, just like I did, and most of the other people on here, but rehab isn’t the only answer.

    Go to a doctor, screw the bill if you don’t have insurance, and tell them how you’re feeling and why. Let them know that you are aware of the fact and gotten yourself into a pickle and that is why you are here asking for help.

    When you quit, the most you have to worry about is anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. The anxious feeling can be overwhelming, but medications can help. Even without insurance these medications, a months supply, will cost you a whole lot less than the Spice you’re smoking.

    The point is, you DO have time to get this fixes, it’s only going to get worse! Kick this habit before it kicks you and you break down and absolutely cannot function in life. I quit when I became aware of the same things you’re now aware of. You’ve got an addiction to something that is making you sicker and sicker.

    Do you get confused all of a sudden or forget what you were doing? Feel anxious? Lose sight of time and space; 5 minutes feels like 20 minutes,,, etc… These are symptoms of it’s use. I’m sure you’re appetite is crap also, so try and eat and drink water, Detox your body!

    YOU CAN DO THIS! Use you free time on here, helping others like us, read a book, pick up a hobby, walk around the mall, keep yourself busy. Find something other than Spice to fill that empty feeling you have. I promise, that feeling will go away, but it’s going to take some time and patience.

    I hope you get the chance to read this, and I hope you take the time to heal your body and get to feel normal again. Please keep me/us posted.



  201. I’ve been smoking for almost a year now, daily.
    The thing is, i haven’t started noticing the effects until now.. I’m in college and i have a job and i find myself smoking spice all the time,when my body feels like i have no time to do anything besides study, do homework and go to work. My life is a little crazy but i will go to no end to get a buzz everyday. Spice is very addicting, almost scary. I know it’s bad for me, and i know i need help but i’ve lost control. I’m currently in counseling but im very close to being sent somewhere because i just CANT stop getting high. And the money i’ve lost to spice is ridiculous, I used to buy it for ten dollars a day but they “stopped” making those and only make 16 dollar things. Don’y say that its legal either, me and my best friend were at a party this summer and it was busted mind you i’m only 19 so too young to drink ! I received an underage and my friend was a little more unlucky. He had the bowl and a package of spice on him. The cops told him he would be charged for a felony (drug Paraphernalia) and ingesting harmful toxins which would be the spice charge! The same thing they charge people for having bath salts or meth. I think one day i will receive help but not today, i have too much going on in my life to stop it just to go to rehab, and sobriety scares me. thanks for listening!!

  202. Waza, I beg to differ with your conclusion that spice isn’t harmful. Read the two posts I made ‘reallylucky’ – First, it DID almost kill me, and secondly nobody really knows what exact formulations are used by the different vendors. So the spice you think is fine might kill another person.

  203. Thanks you for replying Waza..

    Well i feel better each passing day.. I still have some symptoms like, feeling strange especially when i’m outside, brain fog, questioning my existence, like i have low blood pressure and like i have fake head spinnings etc. It’s like 2 days non stop playing PC games without sleeping.. But i less care every passing day.. And noticeable tinnitus ( ear ringings ).. But i had this tinnitus before that issue, just more noticable or louder..

    The thing i wonder is, after my 3-4 hits 2 months ago, it was TOTALLY OKAY for 2 weeks. Even the next day and following 2 weeks i had nothing or not even a symptom. That 2 weeks later, i woke up with a head spinning and all other symptoms started.. ( before that night i was taking some alcohol )

    I mean can it really be? Can it show its reaction 2 weeks later? Or maybe alchocol triggered reaction with spice which still hiding in my fat cells?

    I wanna believe that’s completely anxiety but the night i took that 3-4 hits of spice, i also had 3 times heart pulpitation. And got the last pulpitation noticed with my finger while listening pulse..

    From what you wrote, i found myself lucky. And never gonna do this shit again.. And here how i feel better..

    1. I took Coconot oil ( Herbal ) after breakfast with its dosage.
    2. After lunch i took Tebokan ( Herbal but doctor gave )
    3. Fish oil before i sleep
    4. And sometimes i take pure cacao ( read it helps fading brain fog )

    I also found a site explaining about long term damages and user opinions..

    Thanks Waza

  204. Waza, I’m curious — your latest post, you say that nobody has done lab tests about how spice affects the brain and body, yet you also say that people should not think of spice as being toxic and don’t fear smoking it. Shouldn’t you fear something that has affected so many people in a negative way that hasn’t been tested?

    Also, this blog started out as a support blog for those having questions about their withdrawals (feeling like they may die from smoking spice), yet your posts seem to encourage people to continue smoking spice. Why are you in support of people smoking spice on this blog?

  205. Overdosed,
    The thing here is that nobody has done the lab tests about how spice affects on body and brain, not even basic tests, and nobody ever-ever did any tests about what particular toxic abilities spice got and how that affects too. So nobody know for how long spice agonists can be in your system or how long does it takes to fully detox it. I say it takes from 1week to 1month (depended on amount smoked ofc) – so this is not your case.

    So, based on your story, i will say that you dont have to worry about anything, because cople hits of spice will do nothing to you(even if you had bad trip while that). Im 100% sure. However, mixing spice with alcohol might bring some king new level of detox. process when spice chemicals are combined with alcohol chemicals(EXTREMELY DANGEROUS), so when they hit a brain they might bring damage, but nothing that you could not cope with. (i dont say you got the damage right there)

    I just want to add that you should not think about spice like it is megatoxic shit and when you smoke it – you will never became same again, its wrong. All you face is FEAR and psychological tension.(which is normal because nobody know spice for 100% and that even makes you alerted which is also good.) Since i dont have that much info about your symptoms, i could say that spice affects on all people different way. So for example if you had panick attacks years ago and you coped with it, smoking spice might bring your panic back and even put it higher if you know what im saying. So i recommend to relax (thinking positive), eat normally(also taking all kind of vitamines help things a lot), and important DO SPORTS or somekind of exercise that make your body stressed (physically)- for me doing sports always and ALWAYS helps from spice symptoms(strange feelings, bad mood, headache, loss of appetite, anxiety). The most important point here is that all spice symptoms will fade away in some period of time (some people got better genetic abilities than others) so that affects too.

    Please wright back, and tell how you feel at the moment.
    Any questions – put em here!

  206. Hi i suck. I know that you may be worried about an administrative decision by the military to kick you out for Spice use. However, as it’s the end of your employment, I’d suggest that you seriously consider using their medical system to ask for help. Drug addiction is partly a medical issue, and it sounds like you may need clinical observation during detox, especially if you think that seizures may be a possibility. Cold turkey withdrawal from ANY DRUG at home is never recommended by medical authorities. Plus, the military may have resources through their network to send you to drug addiction treatment, or refer you outside the network. I’d suggest you speak with a trusted confidante within the system to learn more about how the military deals with drug use, and how you can GET HELP within the system, before you’re out and have no medical insurance.

  207. i need help!. i am very addicted to spice.i have been smoking 4-8 grams a day for the past year. my wife hates it but loves me and supports me and i need to stop for her and myself but its so hard.i am in a branch of the military and am about to get out. my wife moved back home to establish an apt for us.i still go to work but can;t keep this up anymore. i live alone and want to quit but dont want to go into sezuires if i stop. what can i do to give myself the best success rate without getting hurt. if i go to a hosp then i will prob get in trouble with the military . how long show i expect to be sick for . anyone have any advice for me . please help . i’m 27 and have so much ahead. spice is evil and destroys lives.

  208. An addendum to my previous post that I hope better conveys what can happen under certain circumstances…I took two very light hits of spice, I’m sitting in an recliner in front of the computer. About 3 or 4 minutes later, I notice my breathing is labored, I had to think about it and take control of my breathing. In seconds it’s gotten massively worse. It felt as if my brain had disconnected from its control of breath, heart (racing), vomiting, retching, and it’s getting worse. My brain entered panic survival mode – you can feel your death coming in every cell in your body. You know that saying a “chill down your spine” – WHAM, I felt that times 1000 – death is imminent and you KNOW it. I’m fighting for control, and on the hairy edge of losing it. Dizzy, sick, I’m not dying in this chair with the damn pipe next to me for the police and autopsy and family to know about. I (barely) made the decision to stand up and at least die on my feet. I had only three coherent thoughts available at that moment. 1) Keep Breathing, 2) Stand up NOW and do the basic human functionality – MOVE (move feet, move arms, try to walk) 3) The drug can’t last too long, do this until it passes or I’m dead. I’m really really lucky and I know it – I’ve NEVER felt anything remotely like this. Spice is pure poison masquerading behind a thin veneer of ‘feel good’. It was a life changing event. It probably lasted 15 minutes, about a half-hour later I threw all the crap away, forever, will not ever go through that again and I hope you never do either. Got Point?

  209. I’m a guy in my mid 50’s and lifetime pot smoker – twice now spice has taken me to what I think is the brink of death after only two hits. It happened incredibly fast, I basically lost control of the ability to breath. Two hits. It took everything I had (literally a fight for my life) to get my central nervous system back into ‘automatic’ control. I’ve smoked pot all my life and never experience anything remotely like this. Two hits…I’m done, I flushed the crap. It’s poison, in it’s pure form.

  210. My name is Samantha, I’m 17 years old! I just recently smoked spice for the first time and I was at my friends house, it felt like I was in a bad dream I couldnt control myself, I didnt know what was going on I completly lost control, all I wanted was to wake up from such a horible nightmare, and I couldnt I prayed to the Lord to help me once I started to calm down I talked to the Lord to help me! And I found myself on here sharing my storie! I will never again smoke spice I’m not gonna smoke weed anymore I’m not gonna smoke ciggarets anymore It was a life changing moment for me! I thank God I’m still alive and that is all I want is to live my life now!

  211. Waza you got my respect and attention..

    Here’s my story..

    -First time, I took spice 3 months ago for JUST 4 hits from a cigar.

    -Second time, I took some spice mixed with jamaican gold for JUST 4 hits again 2 months ago (but i was also unconcious from very very big amount alcohol.)

    – That was it. I took a total of just 8 hits for Spice, not makes even a cigarette.

    – But for 2 months, i feel like i’m in dream, i can not see and think clearly, cant focus on anything,head and mind spinnings. Like having a brain fog and losing my existence sometimes like depersonalisation. I had panic attacks 4 years ago for 5-6 months. I know what it means. But this is so real, not like panic attacks..

    – The worst thing it was 2 months ago, and i still have these symptoms. But i feel better everyday. For example, i’m not having head spinnings anymore..

    – Is this the detox process you’re talking about? Could i still be having the detox process even i quit from it 2 months ago? And not even took a big amount of it in total..

    Actually seems like a permanent brain damage to me lol. It’s bit scary here. Believe me i’d give everything to be %100 sure all i am having is psychological things.. I can see some of them are body’s self recovering things but i know some of them are not : (

  212. First of all Id like to start off saying this stuff is dangerous. My gf is highly addicted to the stuff. Shes been an avid pot smoker for four years, and last year switched to this stuff. She smokes 4 g’s a day. She vomits at least twice a day, she cant sleep unless she has it. She will fall asleep randomly after being high, regardless of the time of day. She will just sit there and stare, and she will nod off, then start mumbling some thing unknown. This stuff should be outlawed for real. its ruining her life. She spend 300-400 a week on it. When she doesnt have it, she is moody and belligerent. She will sell anything to support her habit. She has sever anxiety and depression. I encourage everyone to stay away from it, itll ruin your life!!

  213. Hello, I did weed a few years ago only once and had a bad affect from it, the affect was that everything was repeating itself (Every time someone put there arm down i’d see it go down multiple times or everytime someone moved there head i’d see it repeat) And i never done it again.

    Although about 8 months ago I tried spice once and i only had a few puffs of it, But i got the same affect i did off weed (the repeating etc) it only lasted about half an hour, But ever since i’ve been suffering really bad anxiety. Get really freaked out when there are lots of people around etc, And the other night I randomly out of no where got the same feeling i got when i was on the drug?

    Could this drug have messed my head up from only using it once?! Could i have problems with my brain or is it just anxiety? I Always feel insane, But i’m not sure if its in my head or could be serious…

  214. @Erich… You poor soul. Unfortunately nothing I, or anyone else tells you will ease the pain of your wife’s betrayal. To put so much effort into something….for nothing. Only time will heal the pain. I will pray for you. You sound like a stand up guy…Be strong. Laugh now, cry later…it is what it is….life is too short to spend it being miserable. As a Christian, I have faith all will answer for their sins…your pain will one day become God’s wrath and the Lord shall have her answer for her sins..forgive and forget…just make sure u go your seperate way and at some point, you will find happiness…have faith. The Lord will give you the strength to continue.

    @everyone else… STFU and hit the blunt(of MJ) one time and see if it don’t change your perspective. Let’s say today we all started smoking… What do you think is the next logical step… Are we all fired and no one will have a job or will mj finally become legal? man created spice. God created weed. Who do you trust? Genesis 1:29 “Then d said, ‘i give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth’….” Wake up people! It is our God given right to use mj.

  215. Hey guys. I used to smoke spice within a five month period every night. Towards the end of those five months my use increased considerably to where i did many of my daily activities high on spice (namely Head Trip, Triple X Hi-5, Revelation Ultra, and MadHatter). One night i had a terrible overdose on Ritalin (180mg). Since that day i completely quit all stimulant and spice use. Good right? That was 10 months ago… I still feel completely different than i used too. I dont think the same. My depression has sognoficantly increased, and my social anxiety has risen significantly. I could easily see myself becoming homeless some day. My brain does not click right like it used to. Simply not the same guy anymore. I am very frustrated at myself for succuming to addiction. It felt great to be on it. And now o feel like a potato every day. Need help. Hard to explain it all.

  216. Hello Waza,

    I can’t help but agree with you on quite a few things you’ve said. However, the symptoms I experienced, personally, began while I was using spice, and worsened after I stopped smoking it. While smoking spice, I had no appetite at all; I lost 30 pounds. While smoking spice my paranoia was severe. I’m thinking that what you use, and what I used are two different chemical make-ups.

    That is why we are here, communicating our experiences, because of the instability in the different “brands” of spice, the lack of knowledge as to what it does to you, can do to you, and how bad of an addiction it can turn out to be; even without your knowledge.

    I am not mentally unstable, there isn’t a history of mental instability in my family. Like you I am also very aware of my body, what it’s going through, and what I was doing to myself. However, I never smoked as much as you did at any given time.

    Two weeks after quitting I went to my doctor for severe depression and anxiety. Withdrawals two weeks later, following in to a month and a half. From a short amount of use, at most four months of smoking in, the last two, smoking it heavily; 5grams over three days.

    My liver functions are normal, my body is healthy. Call it detox, call it withdrawal. The point is, this is a drug that IS addictive to the body and mind and YES, most of us are very surprised when our bodies and minds begin to turn against us. We aren’t junkies, we messed with a drug we knew very little about and so we choose to help educate those who may be curious as to the consequences of such choices.

    These aren’t one sided stories, they are personal experiences. Just ask the casual heroin user, meth user, coke user and occasional marijuana smoker. They love it and support it’s use until they understand what it’s done to them and that they never really needed it to be happy, the drug just made them think they did.

    Spice did not take my life either, but taking the time to belittle those who have not been as lucky as both you and I is only self deprecating.

    Stop smoking for a few weeks and come back and tell me how you feel. I thought I was fine too. If you make it two weeks, try a month and tell me that you’re still okay because your liver made it all go away.

    While I appreciate you taking the time to share your half baked story and offer some solace to those who may want to try it. Understand you’re speaking to the general public and that your promotions may lead to them down the same path many of us have already traversed.



  217. Hello. Im 19 and Im from Finland. I have read all these posts and now going to clear out things for people. I have been knowing spice for around 3 years. Myself im semi mid drug user. I dont smoke cigarettes, i dont drink alcohol at all, i visit church i do sports and.. I smoke greenies. From the start i have been smoking pot/mj/bud/hash what ever you call it. Because in finland its really hard to get that stuff, sometimes even impossible – even while expensive prices. 20€ for gramm of bud. I never felt like im highly addicted to anything, i always knew and felt what is real drug addiction (my father was heroin addicted) so i kinda knew how to deal with it while getting only positive things from my smoking moments. Cople years ago i got introduced to spice, unlikely like most of people here it did not take my life.
    But for start ofc it felt amazing and it was also cheaper( buying from internet). That spice we smoked on that time was jwh-18, that thing was extremly addictive and strong yes, im only sure that possibility to get and price straight affects on your addiction level. Im also kinda amazed that some of you can buy it from shop or gas station ( not surprised at all that there is so many uncontrolled drug addicts) Anyways, after the years shelves been changed and also did we. The jwh-18 got banned nearly in all countries, simply because people flipped over it so much and soo badly, taking crazy ass overdoses. Seems like manufacturers understood the mistake they started developing new chemical structures to lower the effect and avoid laws. At the moment when i buy it from reseller 3$/g i simply cant get as strong spice as it was before, this only because it is dea compliant aka legal(its actually marked as air freshner in custom declaration). Even after years and big experience regardless this stuff i cant tell you for sure if spice smoking affects on your health in long-term time. All i know it does affect your liver (mostly cus its sort of poison) and brains. All theese flip overs that i have read here happened only because people was not ready for that what was waiting em after they smoke some spice. I tell you that all your previous experience with any other drugs does not affect on your spice tolerance. All these withdrawals symptoms that i read of here are typical overdose and body detoxification processes. If you got panic attacks, votiming, anxiety, weird heart pain, blood pressure, rushing of thoughts its first sign that you took spice too much, also like 85% of first time smokers experience that kind of things. In my experience getting “bad high” are close to zero, only because im mentally stabile person, i know my body-my source- and my dose and i also know THAT YOU CANT DIE FROM TAKING SPICE UNLESS YOU SMOKE cople bags for once or mix it with big amount of alcohol (in that you most likely to lose your consciesness and nothing else). This is because spice affects same brain receptors as Marihuana (THC) they are CB-1 and CB-2 receptors. The only difference is that spice chemicals are potentially 50-150 times stronger than THC agonists (medically researched) Now imagine how is your brain like when you give it doses that overhelm you normal (lets say weed dose) by hundred times – i can tell you : you get fucked up, totally. Now about withdrawal symptoms. They appear only when you smoke amounts that your body cannot detoxificate properly. Another link from thc. Same as thc, its chemicals does postpone in your fat cells and brain cells, and as long as you keep smoking wholeday all day they will not leave your body completely, but will store in it. Thats where all symptoms come from, your body thinks its normal to have these chemicals so basically when you are not high your body cant work as it did before you started to smoke. Loss of appetite, nausea, headache, votiming, cold sweat all from that your liver tries to push chemicals outside and clean the mess you caused. I cant remember any of symptoms on me exept loss of appetite, which straightly affects on liver functionality and detoxification process. This happened to me when i smoked over 100g of spice in one week with my friends.(it was big mistake, i could not eat any food for 5days after i stopped smoking spice.) Seems like most of people here dont have any point of how usually poisons affect on body and what it really does to you – and what organs are affected – becaus you all seems to be so surprised over theese withdrawals and overdoses. BUT DONT BE – IGNORANCE DOES KILL! Im also kinda agreed with that person who said that whole spice image here is a bit wrong(one side stories). I remind you that not all people get addicted to spice like many here and there is alot of happy people who are using spice and can live their lives. So if you smoke spice now it doesent mean that you will become a junkie. My story is here, hopefully when you read it – it will help you and you will be able to controll your own or somebodys spice addiction. Please take care and remember: Know your mind, know your nody, know your source, know your dose. All my thoughts and analysis are based on big experience regardless spice, spice smoking people and drug addiction over all. Feel free to ask anything you like.

  218. hey my name’s makaylah and I thought thta spice was weed bc i stole it from my firends sister and I took like 8 hits and i was worried that i could die bc i took it like 4 months ago but everytime I like go swimming I feel like high and it has been worrying me and I dont knwo how to get rid of it… help me please:(

    Also I am 13 years old and I smoked it out from a bowl…

    also it feels like my head is on fire and i have been very shaky and pale and my pupils have been very small

  219. One day I couldn’t find anywhere to get bud, so I bpught some spice. This was probably about 4 months ago. I’ve been smoking about 5-7 grams of spice a day since then. I mostly smoke this stuff called avatar in fact that’s like all I will smoke now. In the past 3-4 weeks I’ve been sick, vomiting and diarea mostly at night like in the middle of the night, ill wake up sick. If I don’t smoke, I can’t fall back asleep and my bellyhurts, vomiting somwtimes all night I’m up MISERABLE. if I smoke though, I’m fine. Basically, I’m addicted, I get sick when I don’t smoke amd oh yeah, even when I do smoke when I wake up in the middle of the night, I pass back out, wake up an hour later. I CANT SLEEP. I have not got a full good nights rest in weeks and I am drained. I think I’m dying.

  220. Spice is bad! If your getting high on that you might as well smoke weed same affect. I have had 3-5 friends DIE! From spice never from weed . I wish people would stop with the fake shit and stop or smoke bud it’s much more safe to smoke and I’m not a doctor or an expert but Spice is wack but I don’t recommend smoking spice or bud at all!

  221. Hi! I’m hoping that somebody can offer me some advice or insight to what I’m going through. In about 2009 my husband and I were regular spice users. I smoked on weekends but that soon escalated to every night. The original K2 or Spice seemed to cause a mildy dissosciative and euphoric affect on me.
    However, in 2010 I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. I found out pretty fast that I couldn’t smoke it with my plethora of medications, and cannaboids react badly with the Bi-Polar brain anyways. I can attest that it is addictive. It was hard the first couple of months. It was easier to quit. However, my husband has continued to smoke it. Constant. He chain smokes it when he gets home and all through the weekends, it’s just what he does.
    I’ve noticed him becoming more irritable and more withdrawn for a while, then in the past month he’s just become mean and vindictive. Saying things that make me burst out in tears and then just shrugging it off or saying it again.
    He’s also been having health problems. His skin is always clammy, he’ll get these pain attacks that affect both legs and keep him in such pain he can’t even walk. Then of course the vomiting. He’s also started taking diet pills. He’s supposed to be injecting testosterone once a week and be taking an anti-depressant, with an off brand use for neuropathy. But doesn’t because he doesn’t have time to follow up with doctors.
    So a few days ago he came to me with one of the Spice thingies made after the ban. It’s so ‘awesome’ I have to try it. I was really stressed so I did 🙁 FREAKED ME OUT. I felt like my heart was going to explode in my chest and I couldn’t tell if the wavy colors and dots in the air were a hallucination or from being light-headed because I literally was forgetting to breathe.
    The next night he tries to get me to do it again. I said No Way I thought I was going to die. So he said just take a smaller hit and come chill with him, please? (I’m a loser, so I did) SO MUCH WORSE. We were watching Family Guy with the lights off. It felt like I was in the show, like they had become my reality. So my husband keeps pulling on me and everytime I see him- I’m mildy terrified at the thought this alternate reality exists. He got pissed and went downstairs. I followed him and he accused me of cheating on him!! I tried to tell him I’m having a really bad trip and told him of the pencils I could see when I closed my eyes. Green pencils making a tree and blue pencils making a bird and they were trying to stab eachother…… anyways yeah, I can guarantee I’ll never do that again!
    However, I still have my husband to contend with. He doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m cheating on him. He hasn’t talked to me in two days, he came home early yesterday and went right to his pipe and stayed there all night. The callousness and agression had been going on for months. I’m trying so hard to take me meds and be a good person, but he’s just SO MEAN and negative. Can this stuff cause permanent brain damage? He was like staggering around last night looking for his phone and he couldn’t understand what I was saying. He’s also been forgetting everything. And HE’S MEAN. Did I mention that? I’m at the end of my rope. Everyone, including his mom has agreed that I’ve been in a verbally abusive relationship even before Spice came into our lives. When is enough enough?? Thanks.

  222. Hi IamScared. Experts aren’t yet clear about the long term damage that Spice can cause, even when taken in small amounts. The events that you describe seem to sound like flashbacks and psychotic/hallucinogenic episodes induced by synthetic cannabinoids. Have you sought help with a psychiatrist or a neurologist? It might be a good idea to seek an expert medical opinion if you are really nervous about long term damage.

  223. I have been clean from spice for 6 mos now. I still have weird cloudy thoughts, and do not feel quite like “myself”, the way i did before the first spice hit. I was smoking a blend called fubar for about 9 mos. And like many others have said, at first it was great! I was on probation, so i found out about the stuff and had to try it. I am 28 years old and have used and abused drugs a lot in the past (ages 16 -21). I have never experienced changes in my body and mind after quitting a drug until quitting this one. The initial withdrawal symptoms are horrible: panic attacks, cloudy thoughts, nausea and vomitting, weight loss, loss of appetite, cold sweats, shivers. But the long term effects are what scare me the most. I try to tell my self that it is all in my head, but the reality is that its not. AM I THE ONLY ONE FEELING LIKE THIS, THIS LONG AFTER QUITTING SPICE, OR ARE THEIR OTHERS OUT THERE LIKE ME? If you are still smoking spice and know your addicted, the longer you keep smoking the more damage you are going to do, this stuff is pure evil, take my advice and stop!!! It will not be easy but you will be glad you did it in the end!

  224. Hi Kristiain, and hello Ryan.

    I’m about one month and a half into quitting myself. I also had very terrible night sweats and I’m pretty sure I was grinding my teeth, as I had a very bad toothache for a few days. I also have, still have very lucid dreams, but I’ve always had those, it’s kind of nice getting them back. However the dissipate before I can make any sense of them. I still have bouts of confusion and a lot of nervous energy. Most of these withdrawal symptoms did not appear until about two weeks after I quit. I didn’t know it was withdrawal at the time.

    I did go see the doctor, his main concern was my blood pressure. That is why I would also recommend medical treatment. Eventually, with each passing day, you’ll feel better. I finally stopped coughing up black crap every day.

    Ryan, both using Spice and withdrawing from Spice take a toll on your mental health. I still get moments where I’m confused and unable to follow through with a thought, but those moments are becoming fewer and farther between. I am also worried, still, that there might be permanent damage.

    The only hope I can offer is that, with time, most of these symptoms have gone away. I still get a build up of nervous energy, but if I stay very busy, and very focused on a task, I can ride through it and put that energy to use.

    I hope this helps ya’ll feel a little better.

  225. I feel horrible with spice right mow everythin is moving forreals dont ssmoke anythin from herbal stores or smoke stores!!! Its horrible!

  226. Hello,

    I am 29 years old. At 30 of June i tried spice mixed with something called supernova ( told 5x spice effect ) with alcohol for the first and last time in my life. It was just 4 breaths..

    Not counting death trips whole the night, my heart stopped and worked for 3 times for 2 seconds each in a min after 3 hours later taking the drug. At hospital everything and the heart seemed fine until 1 month later.

    1 month later my head started spinning a bit suddenly.. Now for the 3 weeks its spinning ( not the objects but inside my head ) 7 / 24, and sometimes heavier.. Doctor said this is vertigo and may caused by inner-ear. I am not having balance problems btw..

    Could the spice i took 45 days ago cause this? If it is or not anything bad could happen still 45 days passed? In blood checkup only problem seems just a bit high colestrol..

    If i get over this or not, there s noway in the world i use again.. Cause lately but deeply i realise Health > Enjoy.

  227. Hey I usxd to smoke all types of spice due to the fact that its way cheaper than bud and when I couldn’t afford weed I resorted to spice… I quickly realized that my desire to redose exponentially increased.. long story short I realized I had to quit so I did about a month or so agoo… it toook about 3 to 4 days for my appetite to come back, the ability to sleep without it, and to lose the awful cough.. now I have insomnia way worse than I ever used to.. I just wanna know if anyone else has extremely lucid dreams, and if anyone is waking up in the middle of the night sweating, having to get a towel wipe off and sleep on it due to the bed being pretty wet as well as the pillows… I am asking this to see if its me quitting smoking that did this or if I might have another condition? Id appreciate if someone with a good answer could reply to me… thanks and if anyone has any other questions about it feel free to ask me cuz I did pretty extensive research on spice… this night sweating thing I can’t figure out though

  228. Hey. I started smoking spice in January. I went on probation for a felony drug charge and probation was killing me. I would get extreme trippy highs at times, other times I would feel like I had smoked real marijuana. It eventually started to mess with my head. It was almost like I was in my own world. I was acting like a junkie, driving at random hours of the night to get more, spending all the money I had just to get a high that would last me 20 minutes. When I didn’t have any I would start to with drawl from it extremely bad. It caused me to have manic episodes.. Punching brick walls, slitting my wrists and screaming at all hours of the night. I started having back pains and ended up going to a hospital. My parents had been aware of my situation and recommended a mental evaluation. Blood tests were done, ekgs taken, and 2 hours later I was locked in the psych ward in cleveland, ohio. A couple days there and I was released. I haven’t smoked any spice since then… and its been about a month. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor since I was discharged. Before I went to bed last night I rolled my neck forwards to try to crack it and got a weird sensation down my back. It was around 3 a.m. when I shut off the lights, turned on my Macbook and started watching youtube videos. This is where things started getting weird. I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. It was 6:56 and I was literally tripping, I vividly remember my entire dream which had led into me waking up. I was still in the dream while blankly staring into my clock. Finally the tripping sensation had gone away but I just don’t feel right. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m afraid of the damage i’ve done to my body from smoking that crap. I don’t know whether to seek medical attention or just ride it out. Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions on what I should do.

  229. Hi Scared Mom. It’s very difficult to watch a son or daughter in the grips of addiction. You are powerless to stop it, but present to watch the downfall.

    I’d suggest that you seek help at Al-Anon for yourself! Al-Anon isn’t just for loved ones of alcoholics. It’s an organization devoted to helping people who are affected by addiction.

    Also, please let us know what the psychiatrist says. Very good move to consider seeking an expert opinion!

  230. ok ive been smokin scooby snax for a while and that is sooooo bad for your health i took a drag and blew it into a paper towel and it left a really big yellow spot the size of a 50 cent peice and right after that i had seen enought and i never touched it again and it can kill u it puts holes in your brain and heart and im 16 years old so for any parent if u child says they are smoinkt k2 ,scooby snax, flight risk, joker, climax, zombie matter, or anothing of that sort i dont care what u have to do get them off of that because its killing ppl and is not right if u have to tell them to buy a fuckin bag of weed because there puttin that in the same class as heroine and no high is worth your life

  231. I’d like to share a little more information now that I’ve read through each and every comment.

    First off, I am so sorry for what all of you, myself included, have gone through. I do believe that if I’d have known what I was getting myself in to, I never would have tried it. I’ve never felt the need to share my story before, but I hope it helps others STAY AWAY from it.

    I too used to smoke marijuana and needed to quit. It was getting expensive, hard to find, and on top of all of that illegal. While I had heard of these alternatives, I didn’t think they worked. I tried the original K2 about two years ago. My cousin wanted to smoke some pot, I couldn’t find any but I had heard of K2. I found a tobacco shop in Waco, Tx that sold it. This was about 2 weeks before that particular chemical make up was banned. We rolled it up, smoked it, and it did almost nothing to us. Maybe a little buzz, but it could have been placebo for all I know, the point is, it didn’t work. No problem, we tried it and it was a hit and miss.

    So almost two years later, My partner and I went to a “Adult Toy Store” to look around. I saw it on the shelf “Mary Jane”. My initial thought was,,, I thought it was banned?? They were 2 gram vials, looking all green and pot like. I was tempted, but didn’t buy it. We left, went and saw a movie, while in the back of my head I was still contemplating purchasing this new product. I mentioned it after the movie and we went back and I bought one vial for 30 bucks….

    I took my first hit when I got home, by myself, that night. I too felt like I was going to die, for about 20 minutes. However, I’m no stranger to panic attacks and was able to wrestle my brain back in to control. I calmed down, watched some Cartoon Network, and laughed at some silly cartoon that usually only drew a small chuckle. I felt like doors in my brain were being opened and that I was seeing things in a manner that most people would usually over look. Like I was aware of things going on around me, around us, that seem normal at first glance, but were actually ways to control our silly, mundane little lives. The media seemed so programmed, advertisements, commercials, even religion. They all seemed like ways to control the masses, to stop us from realizing that we are all just little robots, serving some greater purpose, without any of the benefits of being happy.

    At this point I didn’t quite realize just how paranoid I had become. To me, I felt enlightened. I also found these new truths to be detrimental to my existence. Why should I perform these functions when they don’t make me happy? Why should I feed “The Man” with my blood sweat and tears and sit here in my misery when clearly that is all I am? A pawn in a game of chess.

    These thoughts came when my level of use was very low, and affordable. There were other real life issues going on in my life. I was being affected by situations in my living environment that were beyond my control. My Dad and Step-mom were dealing with hardships related to her daughter, and her daughter’s children had to come stay with us.

    Spice became my escape from these conditions, I was still able to function at work, I didn’t smoke it then, only late at night before I went to bed. All I wanted to really do was get some sleep and be happy. Spice pretended to fulfill both of these needs. This was about one month in to my use. When things became more stressful, I felt I needed more relief. I didn’t want to drink, I didn’t want to smoke illegal pot, so I leaned harder on Spice. My tolerance quickly grew. My paranoia became more extreme, I felt isolated thought I went to work, functioned properly, smiled and said hello. Inside my head however, I felt hollow, empty. No sense of purpose, no hope of a better tomorrow, it felt like it was just a matter of time, and I was okay with that. My partner, completely clueless as to my internal battles, helped buy it for me when it was evident that I could not afford my, now obvious, addiction. He thought he was doing the right thing, I let him. I’m so sorry I did that to him. His diagnosis was “Mid-Life Crisis”. I’m 31 by the way.

    Like others above me have stated before, it quickly becomes an addiction. Your tolerance builds pretty quick and you’re no longer “Chasing the Dragon” as I’ve heard it put before, you’re only trying to feel okay. Not better, not happy, just okay. I knew what was happening, I’ve had a similar issue with alcohol. Anything done in excess is clearly unhealthy. However this time, with this knowledge, I still let it happen. I let this go on for another month or so. It’s all kind of a blur. Then I decided that I didn’t like myself anymore and where all of this was going. I knew from my past experience, that the drug I thought was my friend was actually my enemy. I was smoking it every 2 hours at this point, barely eating a crumb or two of food, drinking fluids out of necessity, enjoying that sick feeling, tearing myself apart physically by my lack of hope, self worth, and motivation to care for myself. I’m 6’3, and at one time weighed a healthy 185lbs, that was many many years ago, since then I had ballooned to about 290lbs at one point, through diet and exercise, got myself back down to about 249lbs, better but still obese…. just ask my Wii. So that sick feeling and lack of appetite was appeasing my want to lose weight. When I finally went to the doctor, about a month ago, I weighed in at 230lbs, severely depressed and anxious from withdrawal, and in dire need of help. I still hadn’t put two and two together, that I was an addict going through severe withdrawal. I thought my stress at work and at home were the causes of these issues and besides, I had quit smoking this crap two weeks prior, this WAS “Mid-Life Crisis” I was having a nervous break down.

    Looking back now, I see the truth for what it really is. It was a True Addiction, on a level that I can only guess to be equivalent to that of crack or meth. While I have tried meth, I used it and let it go like a glass of water, it was fun, but eghh, goodbye. Not spice, this puppy sank it’s teeth in to me quickly, softly, and with an earnest grip. I’m so glad I put this puppy down. It certainly deserved to die, not me.

    Since then I’ve been all apologies, to my friends, my family, and most importantly, my other half. This has been over the past month now. The anti-depressants my doctor prescribed my “Celexa” had very adverse affects on me and only made my anxiety worse, I’m currently taking Xanex, to snap my mind back in to 1st gear. He’s also put my on blood pressure medicine, as it is still very high. I will not be taking Xanex very long. I know better. I also know that I’m getting better. I am worried, still, that this anxious feeling will never fully go away. I don’t want to use drugs to feel normal. I fell down a path of troubles very quickly and consider myself very lucky to have someone who loves me enough to help me through all of this. I am of enough intelligence to know that the only person I physically harmed was myself, by smoking this crap. By the way, my voice for the last month of my use was so hoarse most people thought I had laryngitis, I was coughing so bad you’d think I was a very heavy cigarette smoker or had whooping cough. I couldn’t sing like I used to, I love to sing and I was eating next to nothing. I had dry coughs, I had the sweats, my hunger pangs made me feel sicker, not hungrier, paranoia was through the roof, my partner never became distant, just closer. I realized I had a lot to lose, including a person who loves me unconditionally. I cleaned myself up for him and I both. He has been the rock on which I stand. I opened up to my family about the situation I got myself in to. I’m not embarrassed to talk about what I went through because it was honest mistake and I don’t want others to make it like I did. I am very sorry for having been the person that others had to work with, live with, and love. That wasn’t me. I’m still not completely out of the woods, but I do have hope. My motivation for life is back. That feeling of worthlessness is gone, I am Somebody! And I am worth loving,,,, I am not perfect, I am human. I am a man who has gone through and still is going through one of the worse times in his life and it’s all because I made an ignorant choice. PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE! I know a lot of you lost a lot in your journey to where I am and I’m sorry. Erich, that’s not your wife, that’s spice you’re looking at. It’s an ugly monster that snuck in and stole her away from you and everything the both of you knew. I don’t know if you can get her back, I made excuses too. Your wife, I’m certain, still loves you, the woman you speak of, doesn’t even love herself anymore. I hope she can one day fight back the demon that has overcome her life and that some how, some way the woman you knew can come back, but she has to get help. Intervention is never pretty, but if they love you, and you love them. It’s worth it. They WILL thank you once their addiction is gone. I’m certain.

    If you’re the victim of someone who is using this terrible drug, realize exactly that please. It wasn’t them. They do need help. I did, still do, the public needs to know, Spice will only bring you bad tidings.

    Good Luck Everyone. I do plan on keeping people posted on how long these side effects continue. I know for certain, there will be no relapse. I want the man I knew,,,, me,,, back in my life.

  232. Oh my god i can’t beleive i am seeing this. I just wanna tell you a little bit of my story. My son is 21 he stared smoking spice for same reasons a lot of you a job he smoked it probably 6 months or so then i finaly told him he was gonna be out on the street if he kept smoking it. he had a good job a beautiful house with two roomates. is a very smart giving caring person, when he smoked spice he was not the same person all the same things as i have read… slurred sentences started getting paranoid thinking someone was watching him well he moved back in with me. he quit smoking it a little over a month ago i was so happy. then july 15th he went to a party, was drinking and a fight broke out, he tried to break it up. some body hit him with something one time in the lip, he does not know who did it i think it knocked him out for a moment but he had to have plastic surgery on his lip, well he stared acting different a few days after attack. he is VERY paranoid , thinking people are out to hurt him he thinks people EVERY where are watching him, much more than he was before attack i took him back to the hospital and they gave him a cat scan and blood tests and then a lady from the psych ward came down and interveiwed him she said he has ACUTE STRESS DISORDER. but i think she didnt really take the smoking spice part too seriously but i think i am just now realizing it was not from the attack but from the spice, its all making sense now he actually has an appointment tomorrow with a psychiatrist. now i can tell him every thing i have been reading. i am just praying i get my son back soon he is a wonderful young man with potential to do anything he sets his mind to… heartbroken 🙁

  233. Hello everyone, I’m looking for some of the same answers as a few of you on here. I quit smoking this crap over a month ago, after I realized just how bad off I was getting. The thoughts that went through my head are very hard to describe, but they were terrible. They went away when I smoked it, but it had to be every hour or so. After your tolerance level begins to grow and you’re only smoking it to be O.K. You’re screwed! I DID quit cold turkey, however, the withdrawal/depression did send me to the doctor. I’m worried about how long these side effects will last. My energy levels are through the roof and I constantly feel like I should be running around the block. If I don’t keep busy my mind goes crazy. I didn’t tell the doctor why I felt so sad. That I was just depressed and anxious. While this anxious feeling comes in waves,,,, when they hit, it’s tidal waves. My emotions are extreme at times and I need to stay on an even keel. There is no way in hell I would ever smoke this stuff again. If I only knew that it would come to this, and feeling this way, I would have never tried to substitute it for Marijuana. I’m also worried about permanent damage. I only smoked it for about 4 months/ heavily. I lost about 30 pounds because food made me sick. When I realized just how much my body was breaking down I made the choice to save my life. While I am happy for the most part, the anxious feeling is near debilitating. Will this ever stop? One month clean and looking for the light at the end of this incredibly long tunnel.

    – So far my withdrawal symptoms at this point only seem to be

    – Extreme Emotions – Mostly happy, some angry, some sad
    – Way too Hyper – I think people may think I’m on crack – I’m not
    – Times of confusion – I’m finding sugar has helped battle this, and I’m not diabetic or hypoglycemic, the doctor ran all the panels when I went in

    Again, this is after one month clean

    Please share, most people are aware of what it does to you when you smoke it. They don’t think about what happens when you quit.

  234. No name – Yes your boyfriend is certainly in danger. If he is like many people he is smoking this stuff as an alternative to marijuana. I have significant experience with both marijuana and spice. On 3 different occasions over about a 6 month period I had panic attacks when using spice. After the 3rd time I’d had enough and wanted to quit, but there was a major problem. Spice is HIGHLY addictive. I didnt want to continue using the product yet I couldnt stop. Since I would rather have been smoking marijuana to begin with and I know marijuana is not very addictive I decided to replace the spice with marijuana. Over a period of a couple weeks I was able to ween myself off of the marijuana easily. I would never suggest breaking the law so I hope you live in a medical maijuana state or can move to one. Good luck.

  235. My boyfriend smokes k2 he’s highly addicted he stays high on it and buys the most powerfull bags and buys almost 2 bags a day he has bad withdraws , I’m so scard for him I love him so much I’m scard to wake up and he’s dead if he don’t have his spice he can’t eat sleep and he goes insane .. Whats the worst that can happen to him ? I don’t know what to do ? I’m just so scard to loose him .

  236. Hi Erich. I know that Al-Anon accepts all loved ones for people affected by addiction, not only alcoholism. I’d suggest that you go to one meeting, introduce yourself and ask to speak with someone after the meeting.

    Hi no name. Yes, you’re right. The worst that can happen to any kind of drug addict is: jails, institutions or death. I’d suggest that you speak with an addiction therapist counselor and talk about how you can best intervene or to schedule an intervention. This kind of K2 addiction is very difficult to live with, and you need support as well as a professional guide out of it!

  237. I smoke spice for about a month. One time I was in my bathroom and I was by myself. There is a window in the bathroom that i smoked out of. The next thing I knew was that I could not control myself, I felt the most horrible sensation. I was the most scared I have ever been in my life but I cannot completely describe what happened to me. However the side effects that people list on this blog are very accurate and are part of what I experienced as a result of smoking spice. I felt myself almost losing my train of thought, I felt like my mind wandered off and had a mind of its own. I felt like I was losing my mind, and I felt like my heart was racing and all the blood in my body was rushing straight to my head, and it felt like my head was going to explode. Please keep in mind that these things that I describe are only remembered after the fact, and that during the episode I could not comprehend even my own existence, as abstract as that may sound. I think that I suffered a panic attack, and I remember a feeling as if I got hit by a car….I ended up on the floor, convulsing. I think it was a seizure, and I soon realized that I was in very deep trouble but there was nothing that I could do in all my will power to keep myself together. I bumped my hand up against the radiator in the bathroom pretty good, and broke the watch my girlfriend gave me. There was vomit all over the floor and on the wall and I woke up on the bathroom floor. I kept puking and puking, I felt exhausted and completely out of it. I recovered eventually but I don’t how long it took me. I’ll never forget the feeling of complete helplessness, horror, and absence of self that I had when it all happened.
    I just smoked some before I wrote this, about two hours before. I had more symptoms, like my blood pressure was on a roller coaster ride. The blood rushing to my head happened again and I was getting very antsy, like maybe I get my parents to get me to a hospital. I still feel a bit funny, but I feel like I’m in control now. I have decided that this would be the last time I smoke spice ever again. I will be throwing everything out tomorrow, right out. I will never touch the stuff again, its too dangerous. If anyone is reading this, please I cannot urge you enough.
    STAY AWAY from this stuff. You will know the true meaning of horror when you experience what I have, it really is not a fun time.

  238. Hello Erich. It sounds like, while you are on the receiving end of the betrayal, it’s really best for YOU to split with this woman. She is an addict, in full blown addiction, and denial. Have you considered going to Al-Anon to try to get some support for yourself?

  239. Hi, Thanks for you response. The grounds for divorce/separation is that she has fallen for another man and had relations with him. In his hospital room while at work. She says while I full filled many of her needs he was able to touch the few I didn’t. He is a complete loser in jail for assault and drug charges however he will be released soon. She told me he wants to open his own rehab place but will need to hustle some dope to get the cash to open it. He has hep c and can’t drink or do drugs. Maybe she will use the divorce settlement. I am a good provider, no criminal record, no physical abuse, I do 3/4 of the chores and gave lots of attention. I’m well liked by her family. I’m not perfect but I tried. However as I said the constant spice abuse and dealing with her really high all the time created resentments for me. And sharing my feelings about the drug only infuriated her. Probably pushing me away in her mind. This gave me no outlet to resolve my resentments as she never wanted to discuss anything related to cutting back. The thought of a family intervention scared me. So I’m sure I wasn’t as affectionate as I had been in the past. She constantly claims the spice is needed to deal with me and it hurts like hell to hear that. But for a long time the spice was just for fun? So somewhere along the way it went from fun to being needed to deal? Possibly when I asked her to cut back? But who knows… She says she is quitting after this last bit runs out so she can move on with her new life. No one else knows she does it as it’s only around me. His kid, family and all the freshness of a new romance seem to replace the need for spice and that hurts too. We are trying to be amicable and I will be moving into the guest room. The divorce will take some time and we have to live together thru that.

  240. Hi Erich. I am so sorry to hear that your wife is in full-on Spice addiction mode right now. Just keep in mind that drug addicts are not really “themselves”, and that the compulsion and obsession to use Spice are the most important thing to her right now. While it may be tempting to stay in a relationship that you’ve work so hard on, you may want to consider creating boundaries. What can you accept and tolerate? What is grounds for separation?

  241. My wife started smoking spice when she got a great new job at a hospital requiring drug tests. Prior to that we smoked weed and drank a bit. I smoked spice for awhile but in much smaller quantities mixing with real pot and have since quit spice completely. My wife however over last 8 months smokes more and more. She is a professional. The minute she is out of work she is high. Over last few months I have asked her to cut back which only caused fights. And has built resentments within me. Last Thursday she told me she wants to separate we had a 3 hour tearful conversation about our relationship. She barely put the pipe down the entire conversation. She said she needed it to help deal/cope with me and her life. We have been together for 7 years-married for 11 months. Times were financially tough for a long time but we pulled thru bought our dream house and she finally got a great job. Now shes says she cant stand our house, the huge garden we built together that she has cultivated daily for over a year and so many other things she said she always wanted. She met an inmate who was a patient in her hospital and had some sort of physical relationship. There are tons of calls on her cell from his family and jail where he is back now. All of this happened over a 10 day period! A week before that I got a text that I was her soulmate. I AM DEVASTATED!!! Recently I have caught her in SO MANY lies!! I believe the spice has changed her. Of course she disagrees… It is now going to be a divorce. I have never been so lost or hurt in my entire life. Any kinds words would be appreciated as I am destroyed right now.

  242. I would just like to say i’m lucky i’m alive. My husband smoked spice and was acting weird I approached him t see what was wrong and he said I was trying to kill him, The next thing i know i was punched in my jaw he knocked me to the ground and waschocking me he was trying to kill me. I woul not be here now if it wasnt for my daughter she heard me screaming and hit my husband on the head so that i could get away. He got arrested and still does not remember what happen. Spice is so dangerous. I will never be the same i could never trust my husband again.

  243. Hi Tim. I have read from other user reports that, in general, most Spice withdrawal symptoms resolve within a week, or so. The first 72 hours are the worst, when symptoms peak in intensity and discomfort. But each day gets better. How are you feeling now, a few more days into withdrawal?

  244. I’m having serious withdraw symptoms. Cold sweats. Head numbness, i also haven’t eaten in three days. I took my last hit on Thursday night. Its now Sunday at 2:00 pm the stuff has driving me crazy. Still am not hungry. Will this ever go away or is this permanent. nobody on hear has really said how long these withdraw symptoms last. I guess when they feel better they forget to come back to this site for a timeline of how long this shitty feeling lasts. I had to go cold turkey because you cant buy it anymore in the st louis area. I bet there are thousands of people in my town feeling like i do right now. Because of being forced to quit. by not being able to buy it. I never realized how bad this stuff was. All i want is to feel normal again. Never even start smoking this crap. If the stupid government would just legalize weed none of us would be going through this shit. Look at what our government has created by not legalizing weed.

  245. hello my name is bryan and i was addicted to spice. i started smoking about a year and a half ago. i have smoked over $3000 of a single brand of spice. last year in novermber i had a seizure. i have had many panic attacks. the worst felling i ever expernce was when it felt like something inside of my head broke and fell down my throut and then immediatley after it felt like there was a hole where whatever it was fell and it felt like blood rushing down. when i happened i tried to stand and my legs felt like wet noodles. when i stood up i lost my vision for about 30 seconds. to anybody who is reading this do not smoke spice. it is addictive and it is dangerous. i only hope i got away from it in time to turn my life around. i regret everything that spice made me do and everything it has done to me. im paranoid, i have trouble paying attention and i almost destroyed a relationship. it took me almost losing my fiance to make me stop i hope everybody learns from my mistakes DO NOT DO THIS!!!! IT ALMOST RUINED MY LIFE AND IT CAN DO THE SAME TO YOU!!!

  246. Hello, just want to say I once was addicted to spice and had every side effect mentioned. I would buy spice, guy it once and get a terrible high like I was going to die and my heart beat was very fast as though it was going to explode. Ive stop smoking 3 months ado but I can tel that my heart was effected. my heart beats out of control when I wake up from a nap and I find myself seeing things

  247. Any tips on how to ease the withdrawal symptoms? They are pretty bad. The psychological part is the worst. Spice is all I can think about and when I don’t have it I am an angry, miserable person. Life seems like all the happiness is sucked out of it when I don’t have spice.

  248. Hi Kathy. Yes, there have been some reported cases of instant death when smoking Spice. However, there have been reported cases of delayed psychotic effects even AFTER you stop smoking Spice. Kind of like a delayed effect. I’d suggest that you see a doctor and ask for a referral to a neurologist or a psychiatrist to report the possible effects Spice has had on your thinking.

  249. i used to be an avid marijuana smoker. i loved the highs and how i felt.
    i tried spice felt alright but not the best. couple months later (still smoke pot but spice aswell) i took a hit off of some spice and thought my fucking face was melting. i literally turned white i was so scared. i tried it 3 more time(ish) afterwards all making me feel like i will die.
    i’ve tried smoking weed lately and i get very minor, but the same body (bad) high i got from spice, along with my heart hurting a tad from time to time, and like my lower abdominal (my belly?) left and right side toward the front hurts on both sides from time to time. i don’t know what it did to me, but i’m scared to go to the hospital. and i have decided to live a life sober. as a chronic weed user this is extremely difficult and i’ve made this decision very recently. don’t know if i will ever recover, let alone survive. but this sucks. best of luck to you all.

  250. Okay so ive been smoking spice since December, but i took some hits today, i naturally have aniexty attacks, but after i took the hits, i felt perfectly fine, everything started feeling weird like an hour & 47mins ago, once i started to sit down and relax, but is spice like an instant death or what? Im scared, im gonna stop & im only 16.

  251. I have been smoking spice for over a year now, an I have not had one single side effect that any of u are describing. My two favs are scooby, an kush get 66g about every month, I do fall asleep an get very tired when I’m smoking but have never had heart prob or chest problems.

    I have a healthy appetite an that has not changed since I started, I have absolutely no paranoia, no hallucinations, and definitly, no thought of dying.

    I believe everyone is different en will react diff.

  252. thanks for the article. It is wild how many new ways people are figuring out how to get high. The effects can be disastrous. I used more ‘established’ drugs…I got clean and sober when I was 17 years old. And anyone looking to stop smoking Spice should consider a sober living house.

  253. Hi Misty. You quit by going through withdrawal, and having a plan for how to stay clean. You can ask for medical help for withdrawing from Spice, but there is a lot of emotional and psychological work that goes into staying away from it. Do you have a doctor (even a family doctor or an outpatient clinic) you can see so that you can start the process?

  254. How do you quit? My bf and I have been addicted for well over a year but lately it’s out of control. We can’t function without it. We are so agitated and violent when we don’t have it that we can’t be around each other. We smoke all day every day, we have no money, it’s taking over our entire life. If I don’t smoke, I hate my life completely. I feel miserable and would rather sleep than be sober. I simply can’t function without it. Somebody please help me.

  255. I’m a 39 year old spice user. I smoke about 1-2 grams/day. I’ve been smoking it for 2 years straight. Yes it is addictive, but not as bad as most other drugs including alcohol. I have a very good job as a director of IT operations at a major company. I get up every morning between 4:30 and 5:00, work out at least 3 times a week and run 5 miles at least once a week. I have 4 kids and a wonderful wife who I am actively engaged with everyday. I don’t neglect my kids or wife, I don’t “hide” in a closet and smoke myself silly. I can manage without it, but my ADD personality interferes with my ability to concentrate and complete tasks. I prefer good old MaryJane, but I cannot afford to lose my job by failing a random drug test.

    However I am able to maintain this only because I let my wife handle the spice. She delves it out to me as needed. Usually I will come home at lunch, have 2 hits off a one hitter pipe, eat and go back to work. Then I’ll come home and take a couple hits every couple hours until I fall asleep. I do not smoke in the mornings. Like most addictive people if it is there I will smoke it non-stop, but having my wife act as a gatekeeper helps me regulate my use.

    I know addiction is different for everyone, but really guys you are making spice out to be worse than it actually is. If you want to stop just stop! Know it will suck for a day or two, maybe even a week but the feeling that you need it will go away! Weed was just as bad for me to quit, maybe even worse.

  256. hi, im from miami florida and ive been hooked on this ever since i couldnt smoke my weed and get my fix due to probation. about a year or so. ive lost almost everything to this! even my freedom, yes ive been arrested for spice!! it is NOT legal! over 5 grams is a felony. i was doing my regular daily routine wen i was stopped and charged for spice! i spent 90 days in jail and 3500$ on a lawyer just to get me BACK on probation. i came out of jail and the desire was still there. i can still get high and go undetected on my drug test. (ive been high* while taking a drug test) well now its officaly banned in dade county from what i hear. it is not sold over the counter any more but now under the counter. you got to beg the store owner to sell you the stuff. and search for a spot that has in stock. this stuff gets VERY EXPENSIVE once you grow a tolerance. when i first began i was like this stuff is perfect, cheap, gets me high, stays off tests. but i didnt put the effects into the equation. all the stores around my area are “dry”. and ive been goin on crazy withdrawls! i use to abuse cocaine and zanax and it compares nothing to what im living thru right now! cant sleep at all, breaking out heavy, mood swings, intense paranoia, no value to life, no hope basically. hope and faith just ran out the door. (i got both those words tattood on me) this drug is very evil like some of you have stated! VERY! ive lost alot of money friends and most important time! yes time! ive did 90 days to this so called “legal”
    high. ive lost sleep time. i lost having a girlfriend. ive pretty much lost ALOT. ive been off spice for 3 days and decided enough is enough. i have no job and cant live off mommy and daddy forever. i needa get my shit together and get thru these withdrawls. they are way more worse then cocaine and zanax. ive been up for 30+ hours, i layed in bed for 12 hours without sleeping. kicking and turning and drinking water and bathroom. simply going nuts/hitting the fan. i cant live like this any more. no more! thanks for you guys sharing, heres my 2 cents. if you havent tried spice DONT! if your trying to get off it, best of luck and kick that ****** out the door cause shes tempting and bites you in the ass. thanks agian to everyone that shared. no more spice for me, for good.

  257. Sadly catherine, your son gonna have to get to tjat point where he thinks hes dying then hes gonna have to make that choice, trust me that feeling really sux, mightbe brave enough for another round but unlikely. I had to buy weed because I wouldnt have been able to beat that disease, and yes it is a ailment when you dont get hit you cant funvtion kinw is that, what weed smoker really wants to go thru that. Now im fixing to stop smoking weed because I eed a job and hair test. Thats the real issue employment drug test which drive us to these goverment controlled poisons , a man got to work. Trip on this I quit weed get job by atering pee , I am clean all the time im working two half month later get random ,i fail, the guy next to me smokes spice and snorts bath salts daily, yet he keeps his job while im outta luck. Tell me how is this right does the goverment want me to smoke there stuff instead or what?

  258. thank you everyone who has posted their experiences here. Hope it helps you to know this thread scared the kids more than anything else I’ve found. The biggest problem is people are clueless as to what they’re getting into. My son smoked pot recreationally, wouldn’t touch “hard drugs” duto seeing his father prescribed oxys (also presented as non addictive at the time, we saw what happened there! ) and graduate to heroin, after our divorce. He had no idea, like everyone else, that it was a chemical high. how sadly ironic hes addicted now, and acts similar to his father did right before he left our lives. Can’t talk to him, always angry, not working or socializing. I don’t know him now. everyday im waiting for a call saying e ODd. Hes not welcome here, I’ve got a 6yr old and my 16yr old. He’s to unpredictable to be here. we’re not speaking right now,. if its any comfort to anyone, these posts prevented spice smoking with the other kids. Thank you for that

  259. nobody here knew what it was, only reason I knew it was garbage is because my son and I are watching it 1st hand. since you don’t hear about anything like the information above, people here weren’t thinking it was anything other than “natural pot” and a legal loophole. I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but im seeing it.people are listening now, because I’ve been showing them the reality. why the information isnt out there (news etc.) i’ve no idea??? I know its free will, but knowing what it really is makes a diffirence. they thought I was overreacting and listening to rumors started by those that are anti pot,since spice is a. legal pot,”they” want it banned. im not anti pot and having information is helping. people were horrified reading what ive found. Sadly, its a little late for those addicted. There too screwed up to care at this point. at least the 16-18yr olds know now so there not touching it. My older son is already addicted, 20yrs old. hes been smoking for 3months as are several of his. friends. Im informing people so it doesn’t get worse here, prove its not rumors, or im a overreacting mom. My son I dont know what to do about at this point, not alot I can do. I can inform others of the reality of spice, since for some reason nobody else is…?

  260. Dearmother in Mass , its only gonna get worse here in my toen which is a border town we had onr head shop and it was in south padre island pre tty far drive now theres bout six shops opened in last 2 yrs , this things big buisness , and its our fault we want to put poison on our body . Freewill is a beatiful thing

  261. I have no insurance either so couldnt get myself locked up in rehab, but lucky for me weed is cheal and abundant in my area so i bought a sack and went at it , wouldnt hit but dam it i knew eventuallyit would and it did , two weeks spice free i feel like a pimp. Thing with spice is is you abuse it it will mess you up, to top it of its addicting , you dont get your fix you cant function, on the reals thats why most of us smoke pot we dont want to be controlled by substance but still have good time. Well this spice will control you, unless youvr got will power of the highest power, think its safe to say most dont, like me.

  262. im in Massachusetts, were its new, legal, and people think. it’s safe because its legal? my son and I are seeing 1st hand its not. kids smoking it are drastically changing after just a few weeks of regular use. there slow mentally and physically, iirritable,angry, turning anti social and acting like junkies. Not the same kids they were just a month ago?s. nobody’s listening though because they think s all rumors started by”anti pot” groups. im trying to gather info to show them this crap is poison!!

  263. Hi smokes. Some people wean off Spice and gradually introduce marijuana back into their systems, although it may take some time for “euphoric effect” to occur again. But you’ve got to cut Spice out fully to free up the cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system so that THC can have effect on them. So stop smoking Spice, even if you don’t feel high on marijuana immediately. The idea is that eventually, you will. Does this make sense?

  264. Yea I have no job so I have no insurance so no doctor. At this point I dont think that would scare me only add to my worry I only want to stop smoking k2 nd smoke weed n nobody could evr change my opinion on weed

  265. Hi Smokes. Maybe the best thing for you to do is to go and see a doctor and report all of the symptoms you are experiencing. I think that a full physical exam may “scare you straight” and that it may be the dose of reality that you need to stop smoking…but you will need to seek treatment for drug addiction at the same time. Are you really ready to stop?

  266. I go through 1 or 2 10 gram bags of klimax nd honestly im scared. My throat, chest, heart, nd chest are in constant pain. Ive been smoking it for a year all day every day I fear long term side affect. I feel like im just waitin to die anybody that has more smoking experience let me kno how long I can keep this up.

    And anybody whos ever overdosed on it knos its the worst experience of ur life no joke I honestly started screaming n crying because I thought I was in hell. Also be careful using a bong thats how ive overdosed every time. im thinkin it causes brain damage cuz my thoughts r constantly jus clouded n mixed pretty much I cant think straight I hope all this heals in time if I can ever stop.

    I want to switch bak to weed but even the best weed cant get me high.. All I hav to say is screw k2.. O yea can I get high without smoking it like a tea or something my lungs jus cant take it no more.

    I wake up literaly every hour or 2 jus to smoke a blunt n fall asleep its like I withdraw in my sleep n I hav to stay high.. I cant go without this or things get ugly really quick it sad because me my mom n her boyfriend are all hooked on this stuff.

    Sometimes I get really crazy thoughts thats people are plotting against me I even tore up my house looking for ”hidden cameras” that I thought people had hidden in my house. Im not saying much on this but I feel like one day I might hert someone cuz these thoughts seme so reall I often act on them

  267. Wow. That sounds insidious. You’d probably benefit from some lifestyle changes like drinking lots of water, regular exercise, and healthy, veggie and fruit heavy meals. But I would definitely check in with an MD if I were you and see if there are other things that you could be doing (supplements, diet, etc.) as well as evaluate your physical health. As it can take a few weeks for Spice to clear your system, the effects of long term use can also take weeks for your body to recovery.

  268. How long will the chems from spice be in my system and is there anyway to speed it up. Been smoking 5g a day at least . well I know this makes you dependent couldnt without it , id
    lay in bed waiting for headshop to open , id go half dying get my fix . After 1st hit puke then 2nd higt would get me where I could function. Like it was medicine or something. Stuffs worse than crack man

  269. Hello astrofan80. Synthetics occupy the cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system and may prevent feelings of euphoria for some time if you try smoking natural weed. One thing people suggest is weaning from synthetics gradually, and then going totally off and checking in with a doctor before trying anything else. Synthetics are so new that we don’t know the long term effects of them right now.

  270. Been smoking since feb up untill 2 days ago. Ive been sick for past month stomach aches loss appetite nausea vomiting dry cough that doesnt produce phelgm , cant sleep. I know I cant quit cold turkey , withdrawell is a bitch so I bought some real bud and trip on this it wont hit, wtf. Does the spice block the thc for a while or what. Btw the bud smells good fresh I know its good. Im not feeling good bout being dirty again as it narrows down where I can work ,oh well. I know stoping smoking mj doesnt cause these withdrawell symptoms . btw was smoking king kong and down to earthclimaxx. Also this last month whenever id open pack of spice id puke with the smell.

  271. Thanks, Terry. Will do.

    Thanks also MADE IT AND HATE IT. Real life experience is the best help for others going through the same. And tapering drugs to prevent more painful withdrawal is a good strategy for many chemical dependencies. But I would also suggest to ANYONE coming off Spice to also seek help from a neurologist or psychiatrist, because Spice has been reported to trigger psychotic events. Best of luck to you!

  272. I have been participating in creating and smoking spice for 3 years. I’ve done so many hard drugs I never thought the spice could be that bad. I am currently finishing to detox and go through the withdrawl on my own. So far I’ve had vomiting, loose stools, intense mood swings, a very dry chest cough and sour stomach. I get very lethargic and at times feel like I can hardly move. IF YOU ARE ATTEMPTING DETOX ON YOUR OWN!! Heres my advice; DO NOT go cold turkey off of the spice. Decrease amount slowly as a doctor would any medication. Drink ENSURE nutritional drinks. Its hard to keep food inside during this time and nutrition is key to getting through the hardest part of the detox. I cannot express enough how helpful the ENSURE shakes are. Also occasional asprin for the headaches and Exedrin Migraine work well. Usually I take Ibruprofen but it doesnt seem to help Spice headaches. Rest and sleep as much as possible. EAT HEALTHY foods like fruit that keep you hydrated.

  273. Paco-san, you can stop. It is addicting, but not in the physical sense. If you can grit it out the first couple of weeks you can stop. The big thing is just to keep reading the stuff you see here and other places.

    @ Addiction blog: If this guy asks, give him my email. I’d like to help him get through the rough times.

  274. Hello Paco. Sure. Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) for the national drug hotline. And (888) 866-0328 for the Montana Mental Health Services helpline. Both can talk you through the steps of what you can do to quit and how to take care of yourself.

    Death usually occurs during periods of intoxication on Spice, so once you stop you should be safe. But go and see a doctor, as well. Doctors can help you identify physical illness as the result of smoking Spice for a year…and help you find the treatment that you need.

  275. hi ive been using spice for almost a year now went to jaill quit then got back into it its addicticting still till this day im scared that im going to die so i got some now if i quit after this little bit wich will be 2 days will i die i just so scared but so addictin can u guys right a couple numbers down i can call i live in missoula mt and im 15 please im scared of dieng thanks

  276. Hi Sad Spouse. Stay strong! Your wife is an addict. You and your children will be better off in the long run living out of the path of her addiction. Trust that you are doing the right thing, and there will be a better companion for you and your kids who can provide the love, care and attention that a healthy mother and wife can give. I wish you all the best!

  277. hey Spice is bad i have smoked it for almost a year and still struggling to stop. It makes me feel different physical and mentaly this stuff affects your cardio system i cant even really workout or run without throwing up. Please people join me and quit today!

  278. I appreciate the advice and it does help. I have outlined a plan and am willing to stick to it. Just to update, since my wife has left her life has gone down the tube. She has lost her job and has gotten kicked out of her home with our friend because of the behavior she displays. She still smokes whenever she can but without my money, she finds it hard to purchase Head Smasher. She has now asked for a divorce because in her mind, I have ruined her life. She still does not know the destruction this drug has caused. She can’t remember a conversation for more than 2-3 minutes and still denies doing anything wrong. I did file divorce papers and am now raising my three children by myself. So my advice to anyone reading this is if you don’t think this stuff causes problems, it does. I have three very hurt children that will tell you the same. Please stay away from it if you can.

  279. Mindy, I don’t know what to tell you. That’s a pretty rough situation. All I know is that I used to be the same way, until I realized how it was affecting me and went through rehab to get off it. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope he will soon realize the destruction it causes.

  280. My boyfriend is addicted to this crap. That’s all he thinks about. He spends all our money on it and I don’t know what to do anymore, we have an 18 month old and I’m the only one working. I pay all the bills while he sits at home smoking all day. If he doesn’t have it or I refuse to buy it for him he blows up on me, we fight at least once a day over it and I don’t know how much more I can take. Any advice would be really helpful. I don’t know why they introduced this crap in the first place. To make peoples lives hell!
    Spice is EVIL!!!

  281. Hi Cris. If you really start to feel badly, you might want to see a psychiatrist. Spice has been known to cause psychotic episodes and have lasting effects.

    Hello lucid stu. For millenia, people have been expanding consciousness through many different practices. Discipline is key to this, and increasing awareness does not require substances or chemicals.

    Hello Jagit. Heart palpitations are regularly reported while taking Spice, but this cardiovascular event can be unpredictable. Sudden death can also occur while smoking Spice, as can hallucinations and psychotic episodes, so you are wise to stay away.

  282. I Smoked for the first time and it was spice, it was the first time i got high, and when i was smoking i was drinking monster at the same time. after that. my heart was palpitating and i was lightheaded. is this normal? cause im really really scared cause this was the first time i was high and the first time i experienced my heart palpitate and beat fast, and remember this was the first time i smoke something, im not gonna try anything ever again, i just want to know if im still gonna be alive, or i damaged something in my body, or im gonna be fine? by the way, im a 15 year old boy

  283. How do we know that Spice/Weed/drugs aren’t the next evolutionary step for mankind? How do we know that we aren’t supposed to be taking these substances to get away from our 3-dimensional world and take flight in the 5-dimensional universe? Nobody knows, but it’s bound to scare a lot of people.

  284. Here is my story, what happend to me.
    im 17 years old and i started smoking spice 7-8 months ago with a friend. and i liked it alot just sometimes i tipped out bad and could not walk heard sounds in my head an stuff …creepy stuff well then later i had some spice home so i smoked it alone and man i tipped so bad i could not hear anything at all just wierd BASS sounds could not stnad up and walk i i layed in my bed like that for 5 houers and i meart rased so damn fast. Thought i would die. Then it stoped… i was so happy… until bed time when it started aigen… and aigen-… and aigen i was home from school like 2 months just could not do anything i was to the hospital sevarl times. i could not even be near a computer the sound bade me crazzy. then it when down aigen and i could finnaly go to school aigen. Later on i got a cold just a normal cold and it all started aigen i could wake up not feeling my bodey not hearing freak out…look its been 8 months and i still feel wierd( i cant drink alcohol anymore i cant some weed… Here is proof that spice can be bad! u never know what will happend when u smoke it it can be just like that from 1 smoke good. and next time u somke… it can ruin ur life.(Made me derpessed aswell)

  285. Hi Sad Spouse. Setting boundaries and taking care of yourself is a priority when dealing with a spouse in active addiction. Have you heard about Al-Anon? The support group can help you if you’re interested. And you might also want to consult a family counselor to establish for yourself what you want to do if this behavior continues. But enabling and denial are the most difficult phases to break free from, and it sounds like you’re moving down the right path. Does this help?

  286. Just as others have noted, synthetic weed is truly evil. My wife has recently started smoking a product called “Head Smasher”. She has told me she started this to replace it’s illegal counterpart and thought she was doing a good thing because it is definitely cheaper. However, within 3 weeks, she has lied and stolen to get it. She is not even close to the woman I married. She has crashed my new car, she ignores her children, and can’t even carry a rational thought while smoking it. When the high comes down, she will admit she has a problem and wants to quit but then will do whatever she can to get more.

    I now have resorted to making her leave my home because I cannot deal with the stress of her lies and irrational behavior. I just thank God we have a close family friend who is willing to take her in. I love my wife and miss her every waking moment. Is there any help out there to stop the addiction before she is too far gone?

  287. I’m 32, and have used spice for about 10 months. Like everyone else, used to smoke weed (many years ago) but heard about spice last August. I ran down to the store and fell in love instantly. My usage has gotten out of control, and a high that took one hit last year, takes 5 or 6 hits now. The worst side effect is that I feel constant heart pain, and now fear if I have caused permanent damage. I also eat nonstop when smoking spice, so I’ve gained around 35 pounds this year. I haven’t had any in 6 days, and my heart still hurts……no other side effects, but that’s obviously not a good one. I am married with a 3rd child on the way, and am disgusted with how I let myself abuse this drug.
    I’m done. I strongly encourage others reading through these replies to do what you need to do to stop. I fear what permanent damage I’ve done, and it’s not fair to my family first and foremost.

  288. I am married to a Spice Addict. Just like many of the stories my husband starting smoking spice to replace weed. He has now been an addict for a year, and resembles nothing of the man I married. The longest Ive seen him sober is 2 days. When he tries to quit he goes through withdrawals like kicking heroin. Horrible sweats, vomiting, shaking, paranoia,anger, rage, personality changes. He refuses to get help. You can only make someone stay in rehab if they want to and in his his case he wont. He lies, and steals to get it.
    The people that invented spice have blood and broken lives on they’re hands, all for the all mighty dollar! (Just like any othe drug dealer) There needs to be an awareness made about Spice and its addictive side effects . I have been trying to find support groups just for Spice addicts and have not found any. If anyone has any information about support groups and advocates against Spice please post. Something has got to be done, this stuff is pure EVIL ! My prayers go out to all of you suffering.

  289. What is possibly most alarming is that the government is not really keeping up with getting this stuff off the street…oh, that’s right, they are making money off it…as a 20 year addict, I would recommend just trying to live without drugs or alcohol – or cigs – good luck to everyone!

  290. @Addiction blog — I find myself wondering, quite fearfully, how many people are dying because of this stuff, but with the deaths being attributed to other causes simply because the side effects of spice do not match any known drug — or because there is no test available to detect the stuff inside the cooling corpses?

    I am sadly convinced that the numbers are far greater than anyone has even contemplated because — just looking at the wide variety of horrifying side effects that others have noted — it’s clear that the synthetic chemicals contained in spice screw with the inner workings of the human brain in ways that are simply beyond current medical understanding.

    More has to be done to get the word out. This stuff kills.

  291. Hi Terry. Thanks so much for sharing your real life experience. I am totally with you and share your opinion about the manufacturer’s deadly mix. From what I’ve seen, each time a compound becomes illegal, the new law actually creates a new market for derivatives or for new compounds. Given that these compounds are not clinically tested before arriving on the market, it is PEOPLE WHO BUY SPICE who are acting like the guinea pigs. It is so dangerous!!! And if you read the comments people post here, it makes me cringe to think that teens and kids are trying this out as an alternative to illegal marijuana.

  292. @notforme — you just put your finger on the weirdest and deadliest point to this stuff. Each batch is different. Each package is different. Hell, each hit is different. Rush and roulette, indeed!

    I won’t lie. I had a LOT of great highs off of spice before my near brush with death. And that is what it was. I. WAS. GOING. TO. DIE. Somehow I just knew it. I am alive now by the Grace of God, and I have to acknowledge that.

    With other drugs, you can basically know what you’re getting into. Natural marijuana, even the most potent varieties, seldom cause unforeseen side effects because the chemical properties are known and relatively stable. That means you can regulate your intake, if such is your desire.

    Not so spice. They keep changing the chemical mix to play side-and-seek with law enforcement, but that means we simply never know whether the next hit is going to be a mellow high or a bullet in the brain.

    I am a libertarian at heart. I believe in personal responsibility and free choices, but this stuff is just too dangerous.

  293. I am not addicted to spice. My best friend has been smoking it for a few months. And I smoke it with her from time to time. Although I prefer marajuana, I smoked it with her because she is trying to get a new job. The spice I was smoking with her was a regular verson. That version did give me hallucinations, and I rarely smoke it. One day she was telling me about the stronger version of the incense. Some one had some and I hit it about 3-4 times before I started feeling horrible. Like I thought I was going to seriously die. My heart was beating so fast that I was shaking. I spilled my bottled water I was drinking all over myself because I couldn’t couldn’t stop shaking. My whole body was a mess. I didn’t smoke that version with her again. Until yesterday when she bought some regular and after hitting it about 4-5 times I realized that it wasn’t. And I felt horrible again!! I was so angry with myself for allowing that to happen again. After reading these blogs I realized that not all spice is created equal and you really are playing rush and roulette. My friend continues to smoke the stuff and I wish she would stop. But she is an adult, she will figure it out. But as for me, tthat stuff is not for me. I hope that one day soon it will be illegal. I hate the stuff!!!!

  294. Hi Baby Tornado. We wish you the best in your decision to live a drug free life. Know that you don’t need to do it alone and that there are support groups out there like 12 step groups, SMART Recovery or Rational Recovery that have helped people overcome addictions. And let us know how we can help!

  295. Hey people , I came here to read about spice because I stopped smoking about 2 mos ago, and still feel the chills and sweats, nausea, paranoia and panic attacks. Its really freaky to think that this nasty chem is still causing problems in my body and mind. I had smoked weed from the time I was 13 up until about 2 years ago when I got a job that drug tests.
    Well I was doing good…. then I went through a traumatic experience when I witnessed a crash and people died right there at my work. I was hurting, and needed to cope. I had heard of spice through a co worker, and so I tried some and it wasn’t too bad, even though it made me even more paranoid and scared than weed.
    well a few days later, was thinking about it and figured I’d buy some. that was the beginning of a 3 month binge on this crap. I remember this very vivid experience I had one day. Been smokin all that day and it was around noonish, had not eaten at all. I never liked to eat while I was smoking because I felt that it made the “high” go away faster. So I hit the bowl and woah this was different, I felf as if my heart was about to explode it was buzzing like scary fast. Oh God, what did I do? I went inside and avoided my family, straight to my room. I changed into nice clothes, laid down on my bed and thought this is it… If ima die ima die in nice clothes… I waited a few mins, and said naw screw this I went and hugged my mom and dad, and some how kept it together. I was so tempted to tell them to call 911, but I thought no what if it goes away before they get here, and i have to explain that i was smoking some of this here spice.didnt want to gett dragged to the ER cuz then I wouldnt be able to get high later on. So you would think that would scare me enough to stop. Wrong! kept on smoking for 3 solid months of getting high first thing in the morn, and keep it up all day. and when i went to “sleep” around midnight I would wake up around 2 or 3 am and have this awful urge to smoke. and I would, then nod off till maybe 6 am and get up and start the cycle all over again. It didn’t matter if i had to work or not, I was getting high and clocking in. nodding off at work. lack of sleep and feed. irritated… lost job smoke more!
    it was insane… I had to kick it somehow so I run back to weed to take the place of this crud, and spent a month smoking that instead.
    now I am 2 days sober feeling like shit, Im stressed out about finding a job, but i tell you what…… I feel a lot better after reading these accounts on here that I decided to add mine. It is time. I want to live my life drug and alcohol free. I hope some one finds this helpful, and yes I did pray to God for mercy and to help me get off it once and for all. And he did help, thanks to him I see hope now.

  296. Hi Chris. It sounds like you are describing the hallucinogenic quality that some of the new era synthetics can provoke. Very LITTLE is known about the way that the new ingredients of Spice affect the human mind and body. So, I cannot answer your question. I do wonder if you might be able to contact your doctor and ask for medical advice. Perhaps you can get a referral to a neurologist or a psychiatrist? I wish you the all the best, and hope that your symptoms are relieved soon.

  297. Well I used to smoke weed all the time until I started getting drug tested. Then I began to smoke spice for about 3 months until I smoked one night and I began to trip out, feeling like I couldn’t breath. I didn’t know what I was doing half of the time. I could hear voices in my head, I also started blacking out, I felt like I had no control over my body. I stopped smoking spice after that night. I recently began smoking weed again and I began to feel shaky and I can hear my heart beat throughout my whole body, I feel like I am in a dream. I want to know why do I continue to feel this way if I haven’t smoked spice since December?

  298. Hello Mark. I hope that these acute symptoms that present during the period of intoxication have passed. If not, I’d suggest that you see a medical doctor immediately. Many people report similar symptoms after smoking Spice, and cases of ER visits due to hallucinations and cardiovascular abnormalities are on the rise. I hope that you can stay away in the future!

  299. I started smoking spice n I hate it …. it had my heart racing n I started hearing things i thought I was gonna die …. =[

  300. Hi Maria. Yes, others have become addicted to Spice, even to the point of illness. But you cannot make him stop smoking Scooby Snax Spice if he is not ready. Sometimes people have to experience many negative consequences of drug use (lose a job, lose a home, lose a relationship) before they realize the harm that they are doing to themselves.

    I’d suggest that you check out Al-Anon for yourself and perhaps get into counseling. I’d also suggest that you consider leaving the relationship. It is very difficult to live with an active addict and not ENABLE their behavior.

  301. I hope im not to late on this blog, but last night i tried two hits of spice. i was parranoid with myself. and my friend if i was going to die. and i had to walk home by my self to the party we were smoking at. it was in my neighbor hood and my friend snuck out. we did it in the woods and i walked him home. when i was walking home i got parranoid that my friend was going to have a seizer and die. now my throat is soar and i dont now if this is going to be a long term effect. i had a soar throat after i smoked weed some time ago. but it was a lot. im just hoping i dont get these long term effects like some people say they do. any help would be appreciated.

  302. My bf is highly addicted to Scooby Snax spice. He had to quit smoking weed for a promotion at work so he started buying the spice. Over the past couple months i’ve noticed alot of changes in him. When he smokes, which is ALL the time, he starts to nod off like a heroin addict. when he talks, he doesn’t make any sense and slurs his speech. One night he started vomitting, shaking and sweating like crazy. I got freaked out and took him straight to the hospital. He was like that for about 2 days. It obviously didn’t scare him enough to quit because he’s smoking it more and more. He carries his pipe and scoobys with him everywhere, even to work. I tell him all the time that hes addicted and he needs to at least slow down but he just sits there and stares. Ive caught him a few times nodding off while hes just standing there…Its FREAKIN ME OUT! This stuff is no joke and needs to be banned! I don’t really know what to do anymore. Im not going to leave him because im scared of what will happen to him if hes left alone. Im also worried about whats going to happen if he does stop and how severe the withdraw will be. Has anyone been addicted to the point where its effecting their WHOLE life? I dont know anyone else that smoke this stuff so i can’t really talk to anyone about it.

  303. Hi Vanessa. An overdose occurs when the drug is in your system. Although you may experience protracted symptoms from drug use, you cannot die from the effects of a drug months after you take it. If you fear mental problems after using Spice, you might want to check with a neurologist or psychiatrist and seek a diagnosis.

  304. i was woundering about this i over does on spice and live and its been like 7 mouths since it happedend and after that whole expirience i gave up everything cigerets alcohol weed an spice i am so afraid to do any drug cause i want to live an i going to live or can you still die from spice even though you over doesed alond time ago could the affects still kill you will i be ok i been paranoied about dieing ever since

  305. I am a male in my 50s, a son of the natural weed generation that infested the beaches of SoCal, and a professional businessman. I was also a spice user for the last eight months. But hopefully never again.

    I live in Japan and was introduced to the substance through a college professor friend of mine who claimed it was not only safe, but totally legal. Since cannabis products are severely prosecuted and can result in serious prison sentences and visa revocation, I considered it harmless. No more.

    Most of the trips I had with spice were OK. Some more intense than others, but OK. This last batch I got scared at least 10 years off of my life and may have damaged my heart.

    My first bad experience was two weeks ago. I had been drinking heavily the night before and fired up a new bowl from a new batch on a Saturday morning. Moments later, I was twice as scared as I was when the earthquake rumbled through Tokyo March last year. My heart was racing so fast it was vibrating, not beating, my breath was coming in super gasps, everything took on a reddish tinge and my panic was indescribable. I was reduced to mumbling the Lord’s Prayer in hopes that if I did die, it would be sufficient to at least keep me out of Hell. The intense out-of-control feelings surged and faded, and eventually I came back down.

    OK. I survived that. I came back down. It took a while, but it did. Then, idiot that I am, I convinced myself over the next couple of days that it was the fact that I had mixed it with alcohol that caused the reaction, so I started smoking a bit more, then a lot more, then several times a day during the last week.

    Today, the same thing happened. Paranoia, heart out of control, even worse. I swore to God then, and I hope to keep the promise now that I will NEVER touch this stuff again. I dumped and flushed what I had, I will not buy again.

    Ironically, the thing that may have saved my life, besides the Grace of God, is that I have been working out at the gym for almost the same amount of time that I was using — spending more than 60s minutes several times weekly on the elliptical machine.

    That exercise may have strengthened my heart so that it could keep working through the spice attack, but I will NEVER risk it again. I can’t.

    Am I addicted? Well, I’ll find out soon. I plan on getting back to the gym, drinking lots of water, using the sauna and getting back on the elliptical as much as I can. I managed to do 30 minutes on Saturday evening. Hopefully, I can flush the remaining stuff from my bloodstream and recover.

    But I’ll have to start slow because I although the danger seems to have past now, I am not sure what damage I have already done to my health long term — but I won’t do any more. Saunas should help.

    If you’re reading this stuff for the first time, and if you think it has to be safe because it’s legal, don’t be fooled. The stuff is very dangerous. I’d rather risk prison and deportation by puffing on a real joint than I would touch “legal” spice again. And I am by no means willing to risk that.

    Once again, we come to a true reality of life “If something seems to be too good to be true, it is.” Spice is a deadly trap. I just hope I escaped in time.

    Dead end, people. Don’t go.

  306. My son who is 18yrs old has just been admitted to the hospital after smoking a form of K2. We still are not sure if this was homemade or bought. He is extremely paranoid and has severe panic attacks. He truly believes people want to harm him. He is so scared he shakes and cry’s uncontrollably for hrs. Is there anyone out there that has any experience/advice to help me through this?

  307. I smoked spice for the first time a few months ago. I had a very intense head trip, I hallucinated, and had a panic attack. After that, I didn’t smoke it for about a month. I then smoked again, and I got a weed-similar high, so I figured it was okay. I smoked spice on three other occaisions. But this last time, about 2 weeks ago, has really messed me up. I experienced a head trip, and had an out-of-body-experience. I quit breathing at one point, but started breathing again in a matter of seconds. (20 seconds most likely.) But the problem is, NOW I’m having these weird trip out moments, where I lose my balance, feel like the ground is moving under me, feel like I’m closed in (claustrophobic) and I get very jittery/shaky/nervous easily. I’m supposed to be smoking weed tomorrow, for the first time since then, and I don’t know if I should or not. I’m afraid I’ve damaged something, but of course, I don’t know for sure, because I don’t know anyone who reacted this severely. I haven’t been to a hospital, and would like to avoid going at all costs. Any help would be amazing.

  308. I used to smoke weed all the time then about 4 months ago i had to stop smoking to get a job so I decided to switch to smoking spice. I had smoked it before but when I did it gave me the same high I got when I smoked weed. Well about 2 months ago I took 1 hit of spice (mind you I was an avid marijuana smoker, 4-5 grams a day at least) and when I took that hit of spice it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I got very paranoid, my heart rate increased dramatically, my vision blurred I got the spins and it made me hyper. The effects lasted from that night until the night 2 nights later and I could NOT sleep even 1 second those 3 nights no matter how hard I tried. It has been about 2 months since that happened and I just barely stopped having major panic attacks, I have to take a medication to lower my heart rate because when I went to the doctors after that all happened I was still having mini panic attacks and my heart would beat fast and it turns out my heart rate had increased from the normal rate of 63-72 to 92. I still get a tiny bit disoriented around night time or randomly but these effects are just barely starting to fade away. This all happened from just 1 hit of spice. So there is the proof of this stuff being bad. Just because you haven’t had my experience from it yet doesn’t mean you wont. If I knew what I know now I would have never touched the stuff and I hope that this story will help open peoples eyes about it.

  309. I find spice is highly addictive. for me its cause im bored as hell most times unless i get a buzz. I have had a long term anxiety issue way before smoking spice , from real weed.. to the point I stopped driving. yes the real weed. elevated blood pressure too { I have a blood pressure machine}. to me the side effects from spice , I can drive again.. I don’t go into anxiety as much now. I have had freaky feelings if i did to much.. same with strong hydro real weed..but the spice doesn’t last as long , then after 15 minutes I get a nice buzz for the rest of the night.. plus alot of these posts are dated .. the new spice doesn’t seem as strong.. over all most the effects I get from spice is exact to real bud.. but seems im the only person in the world that does,from real weed.due to hardly no research and if there is no actual long term dangers from spice , I would take spice over weed anyday. I don’t like handcuffs..the only spice scare I have is not knowing. but then again cigarettes has over 1000 chemicals. so who knows ?? best luck to all

  310. Hope I’m not posting too many comments, but as this a rapidly growing issue with too little knowledge, I try to keep everybody updated with any information I can.
    Here we are right at a week of being off spice, and the withdrawals are starting to weaken. I actually managed to get some sleep last night, and only broke out in a cold sweat once. I haven’t felt sick at all today, and though my appetite still hasn’t come back, I can eat without feeling full. The best part of it for me though, is that I woke up wanting to do something, and that something WAS NOT smoke! Instead of doing something exciting, all I did was clean, but the fact that cleaning was not bothering me (i disliked cleaning so much I used to have a caretaker for my apartment), made me happier than ever. I feel as though the worst of it is about over, but I am still going to attend the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center for a while, hopefully to prepare/prevent relapse and let my old “friends” forget I exist.

  311. Thanks for sharing, Caleb. I truly hope that your experiences can help others avoid the same.

    Jessica – There is nothing that you can do to make your boyfriend stop doing drugs or smoking Spice. You can seek help for yourself at groups like Al-Anon, or through counseling. But a drug user who is not ready to stop will not, even to death.

  312. I would like to give my story, as I have found spice to be extremely addictive. Enough so that I didn’t realize it until this morning, when my brother told me to go to rehab.

    I started smoking spice back in 2010, just after I graduated from technical school. I had been smoking weed until that point, but it was time to find something that could pass a drug test at last minutes notice, and my savoir was Cloud 10.

    It was so amazing. 2 hits could get you higher than a blunt, and I was even more impressed by the fact that the high only lasts a few minutes. For me, that was perfect. I could still get my high, at any time I wanted (even during work breaks) and still be sober when it was time to be social again.

    Over the course of the next year, I gradually moved from smoking about 1g a day to smoking around 5. The increase brought on by a tolerance build-up, requiring an additional 2-3 hits to get a good high at this point. This didn’t bother me though, as I had been through the exact same thing with pot, and spice was “legal”. Not too hard to weigh the options there.

    Then we get to the last few months. I moved from smoking during break/lunch maybe 1 or 2 times a week to sneaking out of work when things were slow just to get a quick buzz. At this point I had become what I considered a professional smoker. I knew a large majority of all the available brands, where you could get them, their prices, and the quality of each brand as relates to me. Depending on how much money was on me that day, I would smoke anywhere from 3-10 grams a day. After just a week or so of this, I stopped going to work completely, emailing my supervisor excuses such as vomitting, family death, car wreck, busted water pipe, etc…, just so my spice funding would not run out. After I expired all my vacation and personal leave time at work, I immediately found a new job with paid training, so I could continue my non working, continual-smoking habits.

    This brings us to the near present. Last friday I went to visit my little brother. I have always assumed he looks up to me, and as such he is the one person on this planet that I would not want to know of any of my improper activities. I left my bowl and spice behind as I travelled across states to see him. Friday went great. We had some awesome food, played some great games, and had a really nice conversation that meant a lot to me. Friday night, I was a little restless, but mom likes it cold in the house, and it was a new bed, so being a little restless seemed nothing out-of-norm. Saturday, I started feeling sick, like I needed to throw-up. Eventually I did, and felt much better. A few hours later, I felt the need again. Again I did, and since no headache or fever had decided to show up, I brushed it off as bad dinner and went on. Saturday night, restless couldn’t describe it. It started with random shivers, which turned into cold sweats. Halfway through the night the last bit of dinner decided to make an appearance. After that, my leg wouldn’t stop shaking. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, only slightly worsened by the lake of energy and sleep from the previous night. When I got ready to leave Sunday evening, I hugged my brother goodbye, and as I did he whispered into my ear “I know why, and I’ll support you, but you have to decide to go on your own.” I looked at him, puzzled, and told him I already decided to go, just hadn’t made it to the car yet. He replied “I don’t mean go home, you’re home now. Go get rehab, because I don’t like seeing you like this.”
    As I sat in my car to leave, it hit me. He had seen, just from the few days I was there, that I had an addiction. It took my brother 2 days to see what it took me over a year and an outside POV to notice. Now, at day 4 of no smoking, I don’t get nausea near as bad, though I still can’t get to sleep and I have cold sweats all the time. I lose my appetite after taking only 1 or 2 bites of something, too. On the bright side though, even with the lack of energy and sleep, I can already tell I’m benefiting from sobriety.
    It took my brother to get me to stop. If you are smoking spice, I would highly recommend stopping now before it gets a chance to get out of control. If for one second you think you’re going through withdrawals or start having bad symptoms when you try to quit, by all means reach out for some support.

    I can’t really call this some cold hard proof, but here are some little facts/statistics I’ve drawn up during what would normally be my sleep hours.

    -Spent over $25,000 on spice, over 10K on a single brand.
    -Smoked over 5000 grams
    -Driven 75,000+ miles searching for spice
    -Spent approximately 2000 hours, or almost 3 months, smoking away my life and money.

    So if my math is near-okay, that comes to something around the ballpark of:

    During a total 3 months worth of smoking, I spent over $40,000 in expenses getting smoke, lied to multiple employers about numerous scenarios to fund my addiction, stole from multiple companies, and drove the equivalent of the radius of Saturn.

    I hope my story helps you, whether you get off spice, reach out for support, or just found out some new information. Whatever the case may be, do whatever you can to stay away from these chemicals, and help provide information and guidance to others on them so they don’t make my mistakes.

  313. Hi I’m Jessica I’m so so scared because my bf is started to do spice I’m scared that something is going to happen to him :,( please help me and he promise me he will never do drugs again what should I do

  314. Alright, here we go. I started smoking spice 2 years ago come June. It has been taken off the shelves 3-4 times and replaced with different formulas since I started. I, myself, have no physical adverse reactions to it at all. I see a doctor once a month, every month (personal reasons). Blood pressure & other tests are always normal. I’ve not lost any weight until here recently, and it’s because I have started dieting. As far as whether it is addictive, I believe it is. Maybe just a little more so than Marijuana (& I don’t care what anyone says, when I smoked MJ, if I didn’t have my sack, I was a B*@$&!), but nonetheless I believe it’s addictive. If I am out of Spice I feel the same way I felt when I wanted my weed, only its intensified. Especially the anger and irritability. I have to stop everything now, as I plan on getting pregnant later this year and I need to know how I can stop without going to in treatment. I can’t go away.
    @Cody from Cali I think the cold hard proof is right in front of your face. Read what you wrote again. Sounds like you about stroked out! Seriously. If you are waiting for others to give you proof, you’ll be waiting for a while. Think about it. If someone comes to an ER DOA, how are the doctors supposed to know whether or not the patient has even HEARD of spice? They can’t test for it yet, & who knows if they’ll ever fully be able to. There are so many different “recipes” using so many different chemicals. If you think you should be off of it, get off of it!! Do NOT wait for someone to validate what you are feeling. Especially if it is doing things to you like that! Everyone reacts to everything differently & you body might not mesh well with spice, if you get what I’m trying to say.

  315. ok so i have been smoking spice for well over a year, and that is constant everyday. No since people dont document human testings i will tell a little about my experiences. First offf it works wonders, i fell an almost identical high as to the one i would recieve form smoking weed, whick i smoked prior to getting a good job. I have always studied drugs before doing them and i have never been an addictibe person. I am very addicted to spice. I have no clue why, the longest i can go without smoking it is while im at work. I get edgy, and irrited and i feel very very violent at the touch of a button, but only when i dont have any, i do know my wife is worried becuase we hear alot about the bad stuff but if its so true why is it not proven, all you can find is from like 08 09 10, it has change alot and there is no proof that it has caused death. But i can promise it is addicting. I get high i get parranoid just like weed, but i have also experienceed fast heart beat and a feeling of blood rushing, mainly to my face and ears, on one occason my left arm started acting wierd, hard to move or would move on its own. i went sugar white allover and when i tried to get up enough to my suprise i could barley walk i had to fight for my steps….. but that only happend once. other than that i would like to see some proof becuase i need help and with out proof my addiction will not allow me to stop. so please show me DOCUMENTED proof….

  316. Hi April. If your daughter is interested in getting help, she should go immediately to a medical detox center, where she can get off synthetic cannabinoids under supervision. Then, she will need to address the emotional and psychological issues that compel her to use. To find treatment centers and detox near year, go to the SAMHSA website treatment locator. You can search by state or zip code.

  317. I am extremely scared for my daughter. All she does is Vomit, she cannot hold food in her body, shes lost a massive amount of weight. The only thing she can do is SMOKE. I dont know what to do. She is 23. Please help me help her. She feels like she’s dying. She looks like shes dying

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