Does Spice show up on drug tests?

Yes. Spice can be detected in urine. But Spice will not show up on a standard drug screen. More on Spice and drug tests here.

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Yes. It is possible to screen for Spice in urine.

But, no. Spice won’t show up on a standard drug test. Although Spice is similar to marijuana and contains synthetic cannabinoid substances, it doesn’t show up on tests for marijuana or THC. And pre-employment drug screens or random drug tests don’t normally include specific tests for synthetic cannabis ingredients like Spice. The urine tests are still expensive and not used across the board.

Here we review why employers test for Spice and how. Plus, we invite your questions about drug tests for Spice at the end of the article. We try to answer all Spice questions ASAP and welcome your comments, questions or feedback about Spice here.

Why order a drug test for Spice?

Many people don’t know this but most of the ingredients in Spice are illegal to own or use in the US (you can die from Spice). In fact, some of the more common synthetic cannabinoids are currently classified as Schedule I controlled substances, just like marijuana, while authorities learn more about the dangers of the drug. So you might be tested for Spice in the context of employment or a law enforcement situation.

Spice use is also prohibited in the U.S. Military – which can and does run regular screenings for illicit substances, including Spice. Keep in mind that synthetic cannabis deaths are possible, and government organization drug tests can be in your best interest.

Types of Spice drug tests

Currently, Spice is detected using special urine tests which look for the synthetic substances typically used in various brands of the drug. The list includes:

  • HU-210
  • JWH-018
  • JWH-073
  • CP-47,497

However, these tests are not part of any routine labs. Usually, a test for Spice will only be ordered if there’s some reason to suspect a person has used the drug. For example, if a soldier’s commanding officer found some evidence of the drug in his or her possession. Or if your employer or probation office specifically wants to know if you have been using “legal herb” as a marijuana substitute.

Spice detection

Since so little is known about the synthetic cannabinoids that are in Spice, it’s not entirely clear just how long it stays in the human body. In fact, most of these chemicals have only been discovered and reproduced in the past few decades.

However, we do know about the half life and detection times for THC in the body. For example, marijuana can be detected in the body for up to five weeks after the last time it was taken, so these synthetic cannabinoids may have a similar detection window. Additionally, laboratory testing websites claim to be able to test for Spice in urine for 2-3 days after use.  And the duration of Spice in the system is about 3 days.  How long Spice stays in the blood and hair, though, is less apparent.

Positive drug testing for Spice

If you test positive for Spice you could be arrested, as use of the drug is illegal across the United States. Or you may lose a job opportunity or be fired from a current position. If you test positive for Spice and you’re an employee of the U.S. Military, you could lose your job. You may even be demoted or dismissed entirely.

When you or a loved one of yours come up positive on a drug test for synthetic cannabis…this may be a sign of a bigger problem. If you are concerned that along with Spice abuse, addiction to the drug might also be in the picture…don’t panic! Help is available. Learn more about Spice and K2 addiction treatment process and programs to learn what you can do to help yourself or someone you care about TODAY.

Spice and drug test questions

Do you still have questions about drug testing? Please leave your questions here. We try to respond to all queries with a personal and prompt reply. And feel free to let us know more about your experiences with Spice. We welcome all comments and feedback about Spice use here.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My question is that can k2 spice show up on blood work? If a Dr. Orders several blood WORK to be done. Should I be worried it’s going to show up in the. Blood work?

  2. I have a suspension that my nephew is useing this synthetic stuff where can I get some test to check him out to make sure he ain’t using

  3. Hi
    Am currently Neurology Doctor, and I have seen many young Patient who Presents with AMS, Behavior change, Seizures, Cardiac arrest, Anoxic brain injury and Stroke. I do really think most of this symptoms related to Spice. What drug test that I need to order to confirm that these Patients used Spice. Thanks.

  4. I’m I was wondering if I took 5 to 6 pulls of k2 will it show up on a drug test 1hour later? My probation officer sent to lab said I was drinking? Which I wasn’t just scared now that it my show up for positive urine???

  5. For all you asking if spice will show up on a drug test. Yes and no. A regular 12 panel drug test will not test for JWH compounds. Unless the requester specifically asks for the testing of JWH chemicals…it won’t show up. One thing to keep in mind is that there are all types of JWH compounds and more then likely only the more common ones will be tested for. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED TO TEST FOR JWH COMPOUNDS IT WILL NOT SHOW UP. Drug testing protocols may differ from state to State but here in Colorado a standard probation drug test requires the testing of twelve drugs which typically looks for cocaine, marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, propoxyphene, Quaaludes, Ecstasy/MDA, & Oxycodone/Percoset. Spice won’t show up on a ten panel either and so forth. I am not sure of mouth swabs. If there is anyway you can figure out what your drug test specifically tests for I would go that route. If JWH isn’t on the list…IT WONT SHOW UP.

  6. i was wanting to know if you can tell me how you can tell if someone is using spice. what are the tell tale signs of using the drug. what are the signs that i should look for if any of my kids use this drug. thank you for your time.

  7. I’m having a problem it seems where ever I go somehow someone is sprinkling or putting this in my food, drink, or allowing it to blow on me I need help with this

  8. A person is totally void of understanding doing spice,it’s much like pot yes,but is far more dangerous and can cause death due it’s poisonous ingredients…

  9. How can someone test positive for k2 if they never had it? And is there other ways of it getting into your system if you haven’t smoked it?

  10. does a parole officer have to pacifically request that a parolee be tested for spice K2 drug or does the parolee automatically get tested for spice K2 drug by TASC drug testing

  11. if someone is on parole and they smoke spice 24 hours before they are drug tested will spice show up in their drug test or do they have to be specifically drug tested for spice

  12. Aye they did a drug lab test but did not say nothing about no spice test are any thing da paper said thc and pcp meth and opiates will I be good

  13. Yes my son took a drug test for a job , they called him two days later and said he failed for synthetic marijuana pills . wth is that ??? He does not even know , he asked them so I failed for smoking marijuana ? And they told him no they said he took some some synthetic marijuana pills that’s what he failed for.. Any answers for me ?? I’m at a lost

  14. if i’m having a normal blood test that isn’t being done for any reason to do with drugs, will spice come up?

  15. why do I keep coming out dirty of spice if I don’t even smoke it ? People around me smoke it but I don’t ? I keep coming out dirty with FUB-AMB chemical .

  16. My son smokes spice and I believe the person he gets it from sprays some kind of chemical on it or so he has told me. I am scared for his life. I found some he had stashed is there anyway I could have it tested to see what kind of chemical is being sprayed on it? If so where? He has been tested twice for spice and it came back negative. I have smelt him smoking it and it smells like a chemical. What does spice smell like?

  17. Hi

    I was wondering if it is possible that a person could have used Spice without knowing, considering all of the side effects that it is known to have? Also what are the likely levels that would show up on a urine test and would they differ if you were a regular user or a first time user? The reason I ask is because someone I know has tested positive for spice (namely AB-FUBINACA) with a level of +100ng. He swears he has never used it in his life and doesnt understand how his urine tested positive.

  18. There is this k2 called black bag\black pack. And I would like to know how long does it stay in your system and the time frame of a urine test?? Like how long does it take to not show in your urine test?

  19. I smoke synthetic not sure what kind, I just kno they’re different names. I smoke 1-2 days out of the week, last I smoke was Sunday march 19 and have a u.a test for cps on Tuesday march 21 will I come out dirty?

  20. So I’m on probation and I’ve done spice.. I just got done with a standard 4 strip pee test and I was clean for all of em THC cocaine opiates I forgot the last one but anyways their going to send it to a lab to screen for other drug use.. will spice be detected in that lab screening or what? I saw that most labs don’t use that specific test for spice but I’m not sure.

  21. If I am concerned about a family member who has 3 children and has passed past drug tests because she is using K2, is there a way to get her tested specifically for that drug? Would DFS perform a nonstandard test like this? And can something be done, legally, to a mother who is currently taking this drug?

  22. In a OHP BLOOD drug test kit is spice or k2 one of the drugs they are testing for these days. 12-15-2016 i was arrested on a duid and had been clean 5 months si i would like to know how they tell me im under the influence of it and nothing was found in my vehicle i was riding in. Can i get some positive feed back please.

  23. I got a blood test for dwi and had been smoking some synthetic pot. Does the state test for that? The officer had no idea i had been smoking the synthetic pot.

  24. “You might as well do the real thing”because doing spice is very dangerous and poisonous,as the label says,not for human consumption!!!youngsters die from this stuff as a result of use!!One must view self , as a positive or a negative,am I really in need to be high or drunk??

  25. Do these new test hold up in court? Are there regulations or industry standards, as far as level paremeters? What else can make you positive for spice?

  26. I had a drug screen today for probation the instant test came back negative but they sent it to the lab cause it was diluted ..can the lab find out about me smokeing spice

  27. When I went to probation this month I passed my drug test like always but my probation officer said she was sending my piss to the lab for testing for K2, I’m a heavy smoker of it but I work in the heat and I’m only 120lbs, how screwed am I?

  28. Im on probation and they are sending my drug test to lab and I smoked k2 the day befor the drug test will I fell

  29. What color does spice turn up if tested on a picture I recently sent a picture to my husband in prison n they said they found a unknown substance n when tested it turned up brown n that was the outcome for spice is that true in have never been in contact w spice I only have smoked marijuana

  30. Am In drug court and have been smoking about $40 k2 per week for a couple of months now up until last week. A week ago(Wednesday) I smoked a joint of it and the same the next day (Thursday) and then a little roach Friday morning. They labbed me for it Monday Tuesday and Wednesday(today) this week. Will I be safe under the 72 hour rule or would my use be considered chronic, making it last longer in my system? And also why would they lab me 3 days in a row? Is there something they can measure daily that would tell them something? I am 45 with a college degree and2 great kids so I have a lot to lose because this would send me to prison. I’m a worrier so would appreciate your help on this before results come back. If I get through this no more

  31. so id like to confirm is spice which has so many names now in the market and is sold with different potencies, do all of these synthetic marijuana don’t show up on a cannabis test? Please reply ASAP

  32. I do not use drugs for synthetic marijuana k2 spice but I am testing positive for a a certain strain I am on four different medicines this is preventing me from getting my children back

  33. My son is on this,he just got sent to juvie in tx. He is tearing myhome up when he has his fits kicking holes in the walls. He is beating his mom up and she is afariad to even go to sleep. How do i go about telling the cops to test him for this. They are putting hin on porole for a year. He is 16 an going down hill.

  34. my friend smokes mad hatter 2nd generation synthetic and he is on probation. Everything he has read says that they will not test for this on there typical panel urine dip stick test. But any further info or opinions would be helpful. He lives in TN. So is it different state to state?

  35. Dot Truck drivers can we test for it. If they are using it can they legally lose their jobs for using k2 and other such drugs? Are the laws in Oklahoma and Texas the same?

  36. Question for y’all I currently in drug court and I had a piss test Friday and tested positive for spice. Just curious would that be a false positive because the last two weeks prior to the piss test I was in and out of the hospital for kidney stones could any of the medicine they gave me cause a false positive for spice

  37. Hey so I smoked some street spice on Tuesday and I got tested today but it’s going to the lab for urine analysis I’m 17 and 6 feet tall and 172 pounds I box regularly every night for 2 hours and sweat like a ton and I drank a Tom of water on Wednesday and today I pissed clear for the last half of yeterday and the first half of today I’m on probation and am facing out of home placement most likely secure confinement and am extremely worried I mean I used to sell drugs before I got locked up in my treatment program and I just got out Last month and I have a job and a girlfriend and my life is going great I just the anniversary of my dad’s death was on Tuesday so I got really depressed and my so called friend offered me some spice I tested clean in the cup but it’s going to a lab in salt lake city I’m scared to death and don’t wanna keep down the path I am on so do u think it will show up and I have a fast metabolism

  38. I am currently on probation and was getting a 12-panel and an instant spice urine test. I violated my probation and once I got out of jail probation changed my test to a LABK2 test. So given this information when I go in for my drug screen will they test my urine for marijuana even though it is a LabK2 test? Or can they test for marijuana in my urine on a LabK2 test?

  39. I just took a urine test this morning after I got out of Jail and I tested positive for k2 on a stick test , the last time I smoked was 35 days ago and my probation officer said its supposed to be out of your system in 1-3 days and it’s been 35 and I have tested positive twice for it . It has to be the tests or it’s still in my system , what’s your input . Please let me know asap

  40. I am required by law to submit an 8 panel drug test with an ETG. I was curious to know if spice will show up on an ETG test. I have researched different information stating that it is not tested for on a standard 8 panel drug test unless a specific test is requested and performed to detect the metabolites. Is this true? Is there any chance at all that the synthetic cannabinoids will be detected on an 8 panel ETG drug test?

  41. If the first urine test is negative for a person take spice once or twice , the second test what may give result ? From the same urine sample

  42. Hey I was wondering about the newer & newer generations of spice. Do you think it would still show up on a spice test considering they keep switching up the synthetic cannibinoids? Or if they would be so close that it would just show up as a false positive?

  43. If u r a heavey smoker of spice like say smoking 80 dollars worth in 2 days what’s the down side to smoking spice this person if not smoked any spice for a few hours will flip out on anyone for any reason and if u say any thing to this person about getting help he will fight u

  44. I am in an iop program and probation. I have some (dazed)synthetic weed, but get tested. Do you think they will detect in my urine that I smoked some?
    Respectively yours

  45. Do NBT cigarettes contain any compounds that would cause a ua to come back positive for spice? Also what levels will cause a test to come back positive for spice?

  46. I am the director of an addictions and a couple of the city court systems use us. I supply reports as well as drug testing to the courts, however, there are times that the drug of choice is spice and wanted to know the best recommended test for the drug. The makers of spice tend to change up some ingredients to escape the positive test and makes it very hard to detect. I have seen spice destroy many lives even to the cause of death and only want to help others get victory over it. Their are too many children and spouses out there hurting because of the bad decisions people make. Abusers of drugs only care for their self and don’t take the time to think of others.

  47. I just had a UA come back positive for spice something that I have never used in my entire life I had smoked a little bit of weed weeks before my test would the weed show up as SPICE or is there anything else that would throw a false positive the first place

  48. If someone smokes joker incense and has a drug test sent to the lab 2 weeks later how likely is it that it will be detected? 5’6 120lbs (hypothetical situation of course)

  49. I recently had a blood test done for a methadone clinic I am seeing help from. It was a peak n flow test. It was done first week of June. My counselor said today 5 August, 2015 the blood test came back with components of k2 in it. I take prescription drugs prescribed to me but never used k2 and I nevsr used k2, what could be making this false positive?

  50. I have an employee whom i suspected might be smoking spice – I took her for drug test that tests for spice and it came back negative! I’m 98./. Sure she smoking a form of spice why would test come back negative? I took her same day she walked out of restroom smelling like burning electrical? Or something burning.. Slurring .. Stumbling.. And hiding something in purse Just never thought it would come back negative!

  51. Are there other substances that will create a fals positive. And in case the other question didn’t get through. What is the threshold level that indicates (ie nanograms) the presence of spice

  52. I want to know what could possible cause you to fail a drug test for spice when you’ve NEVER DONE IT OR EVEN BEEN AROUND ANYONE DOING IT… I failed a drug test today for k2/spice and I’ve never even done it been around it or even seen it PERIOD.. therefore why did I fail this drug screen (which was for DHR by the way)… I am on the following prescribed meds could they have caused me to fail for k2/spice: suboxone, xanax, and celexa and the only over the counter meds I rarely use are melatonin, BC or Goody powders & acid reducers and sometimes I take multi vitamins that’s it… Nothing more nothing less… I am completely baffled by these results and SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT!!! Thanks in advance… Vanita Nichols

  53. I’m in drug court and I wanted to know if spice will come out on my drug test. Even if they send it to the lab or don’t send it

  54. I Smoked K2 Last Friday I Might Have A Swabb Test Today Its Been 11 Days Today Will I Be Good ? If NOT how Can I Become Clean ?

  55. I have a drug test coming up .And I was arrested for buying k2 question Is the test still expensive and will they bother test a juvenile For k2 since its expensive and how long does it stay in your system I’m a }HEAVY BLOWER{ help a lil nigga out please

  56. I was a very chronic user of spice and the last time i used it was in the beginning of March, I am currently still showing up positive for spice in my urine samples, and in the beginning i was showing up hot for two types of spice, and am now showing hot for only one type, the only logical thing would be that spice is still leaving my system, is this possible when its been a month since i’ve used?

  57. My son has currently been placed in drug court… He tested positive for spice the day after court ( 10 days after he was arrested). They placed an ankle bracelet on him and put him on house arrest. He is 13 and skinny, could it be possible for spice to show in a urine test for a longer duration of 72 hours? I do not condone his drug use, I would just appreciate any intelligent feed back.. This drug has me very worried as a parent… He should have consequences for his abuse but he is telling me he has not smoked spice since he was arrested. I don’t want to punish him if he has not indeed smoked it again. I want him to be a productive citizen. I hope you understand why I am inquiring about this.

  58. I have a son who was addicted to opiates- oxy cotton, norco, percocet etc. He has been in and out of rehab like 4 times. He is finally 8 months clean for the first time in 4 years. My question is:
    How does a person who uses spice appear after they smoke it. My mom and my daughter are saying that he is doing spice now because it doesn’t show up in drug testing. He is on probation and they test him weekly at the moment. He is beginning to act as he did when he was on drugs. Lying, manipulating, no energy, gained weight in rehab and no ambition. His self esteem seems low. I just want to know what to look for to see if he needs to get help for this spice drug now. He has a serious health condition called borhaves disease. I think that is how you spell it and he should not even be smoking cigarettes but he is doing that also. How can I help me son. i think he is mentally not healthy. He is in counciling and has a sponsor.

  59. hi im 16 and i got arrested a while back, im on house arrest and probation right now. they drug test me because i told them i smoke weed, i hear that they have to get a specific test to test for spice. now if they dont think im smoking spice, will they test for it anyway? and can a normal urine test, test positive for spice? i really need to know so please help me out with a reply.

  60. So how does this apply to the herbal smokes/incense found in stores that are legal and do not contain these compounds of artificial cannaboids? I know Spice and K2 are illegal to include other brands with the same compounds however, there are herbal smokes on the market and in stores now that only have herbs like wild dagga & blue lilly etc. Herbs that you can by separately in an herbal shop which are perfectly legal. How does this test apply to those brands including but not limited to Green Buddha, Green Jabba, Armageddon, Scooby Snax, Mad Hatter, Joker, GHB, etc? And how long do these stay in your system for someone who is extremely active and eats healthy versus someone who is seemingly a couch potatoe? I hate to use extremes but I’d like to know the window. Also would you happen to have a list of different brands of Spice/K2 that are similar which have also been found to have the illegal compounds of artificial cannaboids that you have listed?

  61. I had recently taken a drug test and tested positive for spike. Never have I used that drug or any other synthetic drug like that. How could this have come up positive? I don’t even smoke cigarettes.
    Looking forward to your response,
    Thank you!

  62. my buddy smoked extreme brandy spice last night (3 bowls) he is wondering if he will pass a piss test for a job tomorrow? if not what can he do to clean his body fast.?

  63. I smoke spices once back in 2012 and on felony probation which I UA two times a month today they came me a spice or a haze test and it came up as it in my system so I had them send it into a lab. What I would like to know is what food or drink or over the counter meds will show up as haze

  64. Spice that is legally sold shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think what you do on your own time is any bodies damn business. Get a catheter and a bladder bag, fill yourself up with clean and pass the piss test. This is contrary to the 4th and 5th amendments of the Constitution. Use espionage to defeat the police state.

  65. Hi Jamie. Spice tests aren’t done routinely, but only if someone suspects spice use. If you’ve never touched the stuff, It’s highly unlikely to test positive unless you framed to take it without knowing. However, you would have felt some effects…Also, you can ask for another test to be done. It’s possible that the lab made a mistake.

  66. My question about spice is that I have never used or even seen this drug but have now failed for 2 drug test do to it. I don’t do drugs but because of these failed test of spice I’ve lost 3 of my kids. I don’t really understand how this has or can happen.

  67. Hi I smoked joker second generation spice on a thursday I got tested friday morning does joker second generation come out on a ptest if they test you for spice?

  68. So spice Doesn’t Show Up In A UA? And, another question if You Were To Inhale Some Ones Second Hand Smoke Of THC Would That Show Up In A UA?

  69. Hi Justin. Spice is usually tested for in urine, but cannot really be detected through a regular drug screening test. Spice stays in the system about 3 days, however how long it stays in the blood and hair, is still not clear.

  70. Is there any possible way to test someone for spice through a blood test? If so.. how long does the substance stay in your system.
    thanks justin

  71. I have a friend that is incarcerated. He informed me that some of the guys in prison came up for positive K2 test and dont even smoke. What im wondering could some spice or food they are eating cause a false positive?

  72. Hi I was just recently placed on probation two months ago so I had to quite smoking pot, I just tried spice over the weekend and I smoked it Fri,Sat,Sun,and Monday, I have to go in probation Wednesday at 7:00 pm for urine test I am 5/8 160 do u think I will pass I am drinking a lot of water.. plzzz help.

  73. Had a urine test for the purposes of getting my driving license back today, problem is I took 4 small hits on a joint 3 weeks ago… Will I be ok?

  74. i got pulled over and they took my blood to see if i was geting a dui if i have spice in my syatem can they fingd it even with all the new chemicals in the spice

  75. There is synthetic cannabis that u can smoke on a tea leaf. There’s several chemicals u can spray on them that’s are familiar to the JWH-018 and beat any lab test. Even if a probation officer specially orders a drug test for fake weed they won’t be able to take it? Am I right? My friend has been on parole for the past 3 years. They test regularly and sometimes specifically test for synthetic weed and he has never failed a drug test. Hes been high out of his mind on these chemicals that are close to the JWH-018 while giving a sample and sent to the lab and hes never failed. Is this correct? I’d like to hear what you have to say about that. Please reply soon.

  76. My friend had to go to doctor’s office yesterday for a drug test they sent it off and he’s not able to return to work since they haven’t got results back, just wondering when doctors office sent it off what all they testing for

  77. i was an a occasional smoker of spice and quit for a week and then smoked a half blunt sunday night then took random drug test monday around 7 pm and was sent to lab in missouri and will return in about 3 days is possible it will come back positive

  78. Can somone fail a drug test for damiana mugwort blue lotus wild luttuce wormwood or wild dagga? Thanks for your time i look forwerd to hearing from ya

  79. I am a member of an addictions program called Refirmer’s Unanimous that has really changed my life. It breaks my heart to see soooo many comments on how not to get caught, pass a rest, get high legally. I would just like to comment that freedom from addiction is way better than a temporary freedom from getting caught. Not going to jail, losing a job, doesn’t keep you from losing your health, friends, relationships. Through Christ you too can be really free! The Bible says “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed” love to all! Be free, really free!

  80. My son is 16 years old and yesterday I received a call from a dare officer at the school he attends. He was caught with a pipe in a plastic bag with a lighter. He was taken to a juvenile facility where he had to spend the night and I am picking him up today. This is the first time we have experienced anything like this so I’m trying to figure out what to do next. His drug tests came back negative including marijuana but positive for meth. The officer I spoke to said that sometimes a meth positive can be spice. The pipe is currently being tested but results won’t be ready immediately. MY question is this: can a meth positive be spice? He has come home from school and napped a few times a week for the last few weeks but I thought maybe it may have something to do with the fact that my mom, his grandmother died and it’s hit us all hard. I’d love to find out anything you can provide that can help me figure out how to help and what to do from here. I have to go to the probation officer with him in the morning (friday) at 9am and then to the school next tuesday to determine how long he’ll be out of school. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  81. My 21 year old daughter has epileptic seizures (grand mah) to the point of she can not drive or work but has been with a guy for about a year now that is on probation, so he smokes this K2 crap constantly. My daughter resisted for about 6 months of this relationship and tried to get him away from it but has given in and now smokes it everyday. She just had a seizure in a convenient store about a week ago and was taken by ambulance to a hospital….Of course, they would’ve not had any idea of K2 abuse and she checked out before I arrived. She is angry ALL of the time and has alienated her whole family now. She was allowed at my house and has showed up mostly every night for the last couple weeks…. but after I go to bed. Her sister pd. for an apartment for her for several months but she was unapprechiatable for that, so her sis disowned her. Before that she wore out her welcome at her mothers house and also her brothers house. Tonight she went off on me, yelling and screaming like a maniac but could not hardly even talk a couple hours earlier. Because of this I told her she is not welcome here anymore. I am at wit’s end and have no idea what to do. She is so out of control. Any ideas ?????

  82. does drinking water before u get drug tested so your urin is clear will u still fail I somked a day and a half whats the chance I will pass only smoked 2g

  83. Hi bob my names john, I use spice or whatever the name of the it is called for replacement of smoking marijuana. I do random drug test and was wondering how long it stays in your system. I dont wanna fail and I only pay 30 bucks for a pee test. My brother said it wouldnt show up on a urine test but im still precautious about smoking it. Any information wouldbe greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

  84. I am on probation, i started smoking spice and now they are getting some drug tests the bags i buy say it doesn’t have any of those substances would they do show up?

  85. I’m wondering if spice will show up in a blood draw that was sent to the lab to detect for the use of “drugs” within the blood?
    I am not talking about a urine test for spice, but rather a blood draw.

  86. Hello, I just took a UA that was sent in for the usual drugs & etc. I smoked spice about 50hrs ago, will it show up as something even if its not specifically for spice?

  87. Dear Addiction Blog:
    I have a friend who is on probation and does not smoke spice. He did find these herbal cigarettes called NBT. You can find them at Smoker Friendly’s by the regular cigarettes and I’ve looked up all the ingredients and none seem to match up with what I’ve researched is in spice. I am still concerned – do you know anything about these herbal smokes??

  88. Hi David. First of all there is a difference between screening test that rely on immunoassy and confirmation tests that use GC/MS. If the test wasn’t a GC/MS there are several reasons for a false positive. A number of common medications including ibuprofen, Prilosec, Benadryl, decongestants etc. could be responsible for a positive result.

    You can ask the liboratory for information on the technology used and the specifics of inteference testing that has been done on the test. However, if it was a GC/MS test, the only reason for testing positive is because you used Spice. Maybe someone else slipped it in.

  89. I have a question I popped on a urine test for spice yet I have never taken spice in my life…what can I do to prove that I’ve never done it?

  90. My girlfriend has tested positive for spice and has never smoken it. She takes only medicine that is prescribed from the doctor. How is that possible?

  91. Its a all natural mixture, jwh-200 is in it, how long will it stay in your system after smoking it and will it show up in a urine drug test?

  92. I get 8 panel pi*s tests from my po at this institution called bi and they send their cups to a lab will spice show up??? Please reply quickly I have three days until I see my po

  93. Hey I have a spice test n a pee test coming up and a hair test coming up I’m almost 100% sure I’ll pass both pee test but not as much on the hair is there anything that I could do to help my chances of passing all of these test I smoked spice two weekends ago will I be able to pass all of these test n what can I do to make sure I pass all them it excreamly important that I do if I do I get my daughters back after 7 months so please help me I have quite n will never do so agin but stressing out I’m 5 ft 4″ and 120 lbs

  94. Hello Nathan. Synthetic marijuana, which is also called Spice, is sold legally as “incense” under the names Mr. Nice Guy and K2. Synthetic weed is not the same as marijuana, and it’s not even close. Synthetic marijuana can be detected in drug tests up to three days after use. But how long it takes for spice to leave your system is still unknown, since it’s a relatively new drug and much more research is needed.

  95. Any idea how long it takes spice to leave your system after consuming.
    Also, here in Tel Aviv, Israel there is something called “mr. nice guy” and there is also “spice”. Is there any difference in these two substances?

  96. Blood is drawn in hospital and tested for alcohol and drugs. Came back negative and same blood sent to special lab to test for spice. Is this legal handling procedure?

  97. the other day i had a drug test done for my drug course class and sunt off to the lab, will they be testing for spice please let me kno asap thankyou

  98. I was wondering how will a test come back positive of using platinum spice?? Is there a time period that it is out of your system?
    Thanks 🙂

  99. My cousin is in a treatment court program and tested positive for spice today. She did not use any drugs and has never used synthetic marijuana. Is there anything she could have ingested that could shop up as spice?

  100. I have been smoking spice everyday for past month or so. I just took a ten panel drug urine test for hospital position. Will it show up?

  101. Help found staff doing spice need to
    Medical test went to LAb they said they have no drug test to find it? What protocol
    Can be used to test comfi and fire employee?

  102. I took one small hit of K2 last night and just got a random oral drug test about 18 hrs later that will be sent into a lab. I’m not sure what they will all test for but their website says they have that test available. Should I be worried about failing?

  103. soooo , i took a few hits of spice today with my friends, and i get drug tested tomorrow morning…. but i dont smoke weed or spice , its been almost 6 months iv been clean , will i be okayy ?

  104. After smokin spice , can it case a 5 or 7 Pannel drug screen to read that u took something n all u did was smoke spice….read as something else ?

  105. If I smoke spice and got tested for it about 1 hr nd a half later will it pop up. Or how long after you smoke it does it take to show up on yur urine?

  106. doe twilite spice show up dirty in a drug test
    i drank alot of water and was pissing clear do you think im positive or negative on test

  107. im on probation and have been smoking synthetic potpourri for 2 months heavy. i have a probation drug test in one week. will i be clean in a week?

  108. I was told that skunk herbal blends are just herbs and no chemicals ….I take spice tests and would feel a lot better if I knew if the spice test will come back positive from Damiana leaf…stressed about it

  109. i tried spice today and later on that day i found i have a drug test for work in the morning with my job being a federal job my urine gets sent to the lab can they find spice in a lab test

  110. what type of test is done to detect spice? Is there a specific name of the test or is is just ordered though a urine toxicology, or a Urinalysis

  111. If I haven’t smoked marijuana on a regular basis for a long time, how long would it stay in my system after only two uses in 48 hours? Does regular water drinking and apple cider vinegar really help rid the body of it for a possible lab test in the next week?

  112. Im on drug court i recently failed a test for spice ive never smoked spice in my life i would like to know if doctors can do hair folical test for spice and what would cause a false positive i did recive zofran and toradol at the hospital two days before i need to prove my innocence ive been clean two years from drugs please help

  113. do most drug testing labs for the plants test for synthetic marijuana kush and how long is it detected in your urine if they send the specimen off to a lab. thanks for any feedback

  114. Hi my names jennifer and im trying to help my sister get off spice she dont want to but shes needs to she vomits she acts mom hid her bong an she freeked out punched the way tore up our house ran away she smoke it like 40 times a day how do i get her to stop what kind of test can we use my mom wants to put her on pins

  115. I am trying to find out if there is anything else that could make a test come back positive or synthetic marijuana. My husband just had a test come back positive for synthetic marijuana and neither of us ever heard of this before. So just wondering if there are other things that could cause this positive reading. Thank you

  116. If Thunderstruck doesn’t have any of the ingredients, HU-210, JWH-018, JWH-073, and CP-47,497, will it show up in a UA that is sent to a lab?

  117. I am very concerned that a family member of mine is using this drug, but they are of course denying it. They are on probation in MS and insist the proof they aren’t using is that they get tested once a month by the state and their job – dollar store clerk. I’m reluctant to just accept this as ‘proof’ as I can’t be sure this is accurate. From everything I’ve read, I’m just not that confident that it is part of the testing. I also don’t want to be unfair to this person, but truly believe they are having a problem, but won’t admit it. The family is on the verge of an intervention, but we are all torn and unsure. Do you know if it is true that they would test for this drug specifically?

  118. Is there any new information on this particular subject?
    Detection times?
    If it is more common in work care laboratories?
    Stuff like that etc

  119. Hi am in court over my kids. i have passed a ten panel but have not yet been tested for spice. My ex hubby is going to have me tested, is the test through urine or hair? amd if its hair how long is it stay!!

    Thank you

  120. Do probation drug tests test for spice in Massachusetts as of April 2013 and how long does spice last in your system as of April 2013? I am very interested in this subject as i am writing a paper on it so i would love any knew and updated information if it has come available. Thanks

  121. Can your child be taken away from you and can spice use if detected in your system go against you for your probation for use of cannibas and is there a way to hide it from lab test?

  122. I was tested for spice. The test was sent to the lab I smoke the night before and was tested 4pm with a massive amount of water drank. The turnaround time for the lab test they said was 2 to 3 weeks it had been a month and one week. Should I still worry ?

  123. i smoked half of a joint and its been 5 and a half days since i used it will it be detected and if ive been pissing in the same cup they give me to bring it to a lab does it take a diffrent cup for them to test for spice?

  124. I smoked k2 second generation last night and I have a ua today, its an instant test it will say on the side of the cup if i have anything in my system. Will the spice show up?

  125. Hi addiction blog

    I took an intercept oral saliva test, ‘stick you hold in your cheek for a few minutes’ for probation, I’m curious what my results will b considering I was smoking spice the night before the test. I have researched ALOT over the Internet but everyone seems to only talk about urine tests ! Any feed back would be appreciated.

  126. i smoked k2 spice last night and today for the first time how long should it stay in my system with exercise and plenty of water?

  127. Hello highdosage. Spice can be found in hair samples, but I’m not sure that this method is being used commercially, or not. The method was fully validated and proved to be accurate, precise, selective and specific as of August 2012 with satisfactory results at 0.5 pg/mg for 20 compounds. More here:

  128. Koal – You will be fine, unless they take out a “dip” stick specifically fot synthetics then youre fine. But thats only possiable if your PO or Job suspects you smoking it. But on a 5 panel you’re good believe me no worries. But my suggestion would be to stop smoking this garbage. Not worth it. Just wait til you get off probation and smoke weeeeeeeed.

    Addiction Blog, have you recieved any info on spice showing up in hair test still? Can they even test for spice in the hair if they(P.O) request?

  129. hi, does it still show nothing. I am on a random urine drug test and my test tries to detected cannabis metabolites, opiates, amphetamine type substances, adulterants tests and creatinine. if i smoke k2 today and get tested tomorrow will it show ?

  130. Does anyone know if the new spice is being tested for for example (bizzaro) I know its legal it being sold right in sight up the street but what are the chemicals in this new legal brand?

  131. Iv been smoking this stuff called red devil or something like that I smoked it like 4 times yesterday but only took 2 tokes each time . I smoked two tokes today at 6:55am and I might possibly have a drug test tomorrow for probation . I’m 17 I weigh 172 And I’m 5’8 . Will I pass the test ?? I’m freaking out !

  132. I had a ten panel drug screen and smoked some of this stuff the night before. I was wondering if it shows up on this kind of test. And are they testing it as a standard now that it is illegal? Thanks in advance for the answer to my questions.

  133. Just wondering if spice can be detected in a retina scan drug test? I’m not too sure how those work to begin with so some help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  134. Hi, my name is Erica. I live in fort collins colorado. i was smoking this stuff called johhny appleseed sold locally at one of our shops. the store owner told me it was legal and contained no banned ingredients. i was just spice tested for my probation and am freaking out. i went to the store owner and he got defensive and said he would deny selling it and admitted there was a chemical in it. he said the chemical is brand new called hg-420 and that it is not testable. he has lied to me once already. i googled the name brand and this supposed new chemical to find nothing. i dont expect you to feel sorry for me. i messed up. i will never touch it again. i am a mother of three and just used it to relax at night after a long day. do you have any info on this because i go in tuesday and if i failed i am so screwed and am worried about my three kids. please help. i am so scared. so the stuff is called johhny appleseed its in a bag with a green apple and the owner said the new chemical is called hg-420. if its ok, then why did he get defensive and say he would deny selling it. am i gonna fail? can they test new chemicals?
    thank you, erica

  135. Hi,

    I have a friend that goes to a methadone clinic. He is a user of spice. The test came back and the counselor told him that there were cannibinoids in his system. Do they test for these on all standard random employer tests???

  136. So to my understanding of reading the comments above, if i have a urine test that costs $20 i am not being tested for spice. I personally have not smoke any and i havent smoked weed for 3 months, and i’ve quit drinking. My first test is tommorow.

    If they are testing for spice the urine test would be around $60 correct?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  137. Hey! So i dont smoke this Spice stuff on a regular basis but did hit it like 4 times 6 days ago. Im 5’3 and 115 lbs. Im very active. Ive been offered a job working for the city and am afraid they will test for this. Im thinking, well hell, if the military tests for it, What makes you think the City want. What do ya think? Does City jobs test for this crap? And do you think it will be out of my system by now?

  138. I failed a synthetic UA from smoking am2201. Even though am2201 was not on the test. Apparently it metabalizes the same as jwh018..

    My question for you is will 5fur-144 show up on the same test as a possitive or is it different enough not to show up?

  139. Ok my husband was tested at work, a normal 10 panel and then a seprate spot they add a code number and it said synth, drug profile. The lab called today and said he had tested POSITIVE for synth. marijuana. I am so angry cause we don’t do drugs, real or synth. I am at a loss for words on how angry I am. We just became grand parents and he has past every drug test with work for 23yrs and now this crap. My question is, how accurant is this synth. test suppose to be and could it be something he ate?

  140. I have a very serious question about the JWH-018 compound. I used an excess of “spice” for almost a year and a half. I stopped taking it and it continued to show up on specific drug tests for over 5 months. It has now been a year since the last usage and I have tested positive for JWH-018 after testing negative in the last month. How can this be possible if I did not use the product in any way shape or form? PLEASE HELP I need evidence to support my claim that I have not used it and it has shown in my urine. :/

  141. Hi Keshawn. Thanks for your question. From what I have read, yes you can test positive from second hand smoke, but the levels will be really low and are usually detected only with a highly sensitive test with low cutoff levels for cannabinoids.

  142. I have a friend who makes his own spice I smoked it for about a month then I stopped a few days ago he told me that the JWH 018, 073, 250 . AM-2201. RCS4 JWH081 are not what they use to make it but that what they use is in the family of those will I fail a probabtion drug test?

  143. How long does Synthetic really stay in your system? It has been maybe 1 and a half to maybe 2 months since i have used synthetic and i just got tested today by my probation officer and i came out Positive. Im really confused as to how long i will be positive to this since it has already been more than a month and a half? help please

  144. Hi Angie. Lab error can be common, as administrative processes can confuse samples. However, if you were a daily smoker, it’s possible that K2 ingredients are STILL in your system, even weeks later. If you need evidence of longitudinal use of Spice, you might look into hair analysis testing for Spice, although this will probably be expensive and I don’t know where you can request it.

  145. Hi, I had a lab test done for k2 on Oct. 22nd. The last time I honestly smoked was Oct. 8th, however it still showed up positive on my lab test. I have a lot riding on this test, and am hoping I may get some sort of explanation on why it’s still showing up positive. I was honest with every persons involved on the date that I smoked so this test can really mess things up. I am not lying, I really have not smoked since the 8th of Oct.

  146. Hi Victoria. It’s a tough call. If you believe the packaging, it’s possible that the cannabinoid compounds will not be detected in a Spice test. However, the manufacturers of Spice are not known to be concerned about their users (have you seen any response by the manufacturers to the hallucinations, psychoses, or adverse side effects Spice has provoked?). In other words, the only way to tell what’s in Spice is to have the ingredients tested in a laboratory.

  147. If the spice u buy from the smoke shop does not contain JWH, HU, and CP and it says 100% legal, will it still show up in ur system if u have to drop for spice?

  148. Hello Wiley. I’m not sure what you mean by “lab reports”. From what I understand, the U.S. military has a procedure for testing for Spice, for both recruits and currently enlisted soldiers. It’s part of the protocol.

  149. Hello Wiley. Yes, if you’re a daily smoker, Spice can show up on a MEPS drug screen for weeks after use. It might be best to postpone your physical for a few more weeks, or at least a month to be sure that Spice use is not detected.

  150. Hey, so i’ve been vaporizing spice a lot recently and i get my spice from this smoke shop that has lab reports on every single spice they sell; but i have to go to MEPS in a week or so and i was wondering if it’ll show up. i’m kinda freakin out, and i hope to quit spice VERY soon because i’m training for the special forces and when your running and coughing up grey mucous it’s not exactly fun. i will say since i’ve started vaporizing it, i haven’t coughed nearly as much up as i used to. Thanks so much for everything you guys do, your really helping a lot of people… especially me 🙂

  151. I have a young couple who are trying to “beat the system” by using spice since it doesnt show up in their drug tests. Besides their lives at stake, there is the life of their very young son to consider, of who I have custody. Any advice that I can pass on to my case worker? They cant seem to accept the idea of getting thier lives straightened out. They waste all their time and energy for a destructive lifestyle.

  152. Hi Rick. Thanks for your question. Possibly, but because Spice testing is still rather expensive, is sent out to a lab (doctors need immediate results to diagnose possible overdose, drug interactions, etc.) I wonder if this has become policy yet. So while possible, testing for Spice in hospitals is unlikely. You can always ask a doctor or nurse or lab technician, or even a hospital administrator for more details on drug testing in general or a particular drug test.

  153. Hi Guys,

    Just a little info for you from the land of Australia. I am an onsite drug tester we test mainly worksites. 30-50% of our negatives both urine & saliva tests get sent off for Kronic, K2, splice,Kaos,Voodoo and many more. There are two main components in them to which they test for these are 023 & 018. I am not sure what the laws in the US are but in Australia they can carry a $25k fine and/or 20 years in jail. This stuff can be lethal and does baaaad things to your brain… We had one guy here who had been smoking Kronic for a while, had 1 to many, beat his wife & daughter up so bad they we in hospital for nearly a month… all cause he thought they were breaking into the house 🙁 Testing here for these substances is not as expensive as it is over there & soon 100% will be tested. I guess all I wanted to say is… be aware, its coming & it wont be long before testing for “Spice” will be the norm. Thanks for having a read 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  154. Hi Looper. Thanks for the question. I actually don’t know the answer to whether or not THC and synthetic cannabinoid(s) collect and store in fat cells the same way, or not. I’d suggest that you get in touch with a pharmacist, a Medical Review Officer at a drug testing lab, or a toxicology expert to learn more. And please let us know!

  155. Hi.
    I have a really important question no one has been able to answer so it’d be greatly appreciated if someone here did :).

    I was a chronic spice user for about 4 months 3g/day. I am on probation
    and have my next meeting in 2 weeks. I was dumb enough to smoke marijuana which was the dumbest decision i’ve done in a while…I know my body can clean itself in 2 weeks from the marijuana I did not take into consent my spice use.
    So my question is does spice store in fat cells just like marijuana? and will it affect the time span of marijuana getting out of my system?

  156. can the kryponite,pupple haze,tropical thunder,and so on show up as an opiaite,i have on an 8 panel drug test as i have not done anything but smoke that and i failed for an opiait at my subox doctor,needless to say if i fail again i get kicked off,will that cause it,thank you

  157. Ive been smoking syntheic weed brain frezze its called steady for a bout a week ive been off weed 45 days i got a standard piss test in 1 day will ot show up as THC positive? I never realized it was that bad for a guy i just flushed it never touch it again

  158. Hello
    I have a meeting with my P.O in 15 days.
    I’ve been smoking spice heavily for about 2 months now everyday had been clean from anything else for about 4 months now. Yesterday I smoked 2 bowls of some decent weed.
    I know the weed can be out of my system in the 2 week gap. The thing is I didn’t think about all the spice i’d been consuming and now im freaking out since I don’t think 2 weeks is enough time to get all the toxins out of my body. Just a bit confused weather the spice needs to get out of my system before the THC gets a chance to clear out? Or does the amount of spice consumption not matter at all with the amount of time THC will take to get out of my system?
    Age 20- weight 130- height 5’7

  159. Hi i go to a millitary acadamy and they do random drug testing. They made it verry clear to the school that they are testing for herbal incense!! I smoke one brand named marry jane it sais that it dosnt contain any of the chemicals that the k2 test kan detect, and on the package it sais does not contain any motabolites! Should i worry about ffailing? Do these packages lie about that? Also it is reely expensive for just one gram the shop i buy it from sais its so much money becouse it is completely legal

  160. Hello Willy. While Military Entrance Processing Stations do test for Spice, the detection window for Spice use in urinalysis is currently about 48-72 hours after use. One time use of Spice will probably not be detected 10 days later, so you probably don’t need to reschedule your entry testing. However, every person metabolizes chemicals differently. Still the possibility of testing positive for Spice 10 days after use is rather remote, unless you were a daily or chronic smoker.

  161. I was with some friends 10 days ago for some reason i was peer pressured into smoking a brand of spice called Kick Brains and am now freaking out because i have M.E.P.S tomorrow and was unaware that it is banned in the military i would like to know if i need to delay my M.E.P.S

  162. Hi Karly. Do you know the name of the drug test? Most drug screens are based on a DOT 5 panel drug screen, which tests for Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP). Synthetics are not THC, so they won’t show up on a drug screen for Marijuana.

  163. Hello so I go to classes and on Tuesday my friend said yeah I get high everyday and it doesn’t show on the test. So I tried it I smoked a joint with her tuesday night. I had the worst headache ever. We both went for testing on Friday. She wasn’t even scared but I am. Do they only test for meth/marihuana/cocaine? Will they test me for it I think it was a spice. Black jack was the name of it. Thanx

  164. I have been a chronic smoker for 9 months of spice . I just herd it’s being taken off the market and now consider illegal in California.I will be taken a DOT physical in a few weeks from now to October and today is my last day smoking spice . Can DOT detect spice substance from my urine. I was understood its not detectable but not totally sure. its also may be a driving position for me please tell me if I will be ok

  165. Hi austink2012. Thanks for your question. Whether or not a probation office will use Spice drug screens really depends on the state and county where you live. What’s your zip? And have you tried calling and asking a probation officer administrator more about drug testing? It seems like it’s your right to have information.

  166. Hi, I was just wondering if still to this day, does a probation standard test include testing for synthetic cannabis or k2? I have a test tonight so I was hoping for a quick reply if you could. Thank you!

  167. so i am on house arrest and smoked a blunt of the spice called street legal v8 and i was wondering if i can be detected in a 8 panel test or even a eye scan. because i have been clean this far sure dont want to chance it.. and also can beer be detected in ur system days after…

  168. i have been smoking spice for 3 months about 1-2 grams a day i have a pre employment urine test with quest dia. tomorrow. i havent smoked thc in over 1 month should i be worried?

  169. Hi Swiper. No. Ingesting even up to three tablespoons of baking soda DOES NOT induce a false negative drug screen for Spice.

  170. Hi again i was wondering if yhu kno da answer to dis question i heard if yhu take a spoon full of baking soda it will clear out yhur system to pass a drug test for bud Andother types of drugs is that true or is it not true if yhu can answer this i would be greatly appreciated please and thank yhu

  171. my son has tested positive for JWH 250, 210, 081 and AM 2201. however we think that this test is bogus in this country (not u.s.) and is fabricated as a means to extract statement of guilt.
    can these substances be tested vis L/C and M/S?
    please reply quickly he has to be in for prosecution tomorrow.

  172. Hi Mike. It’s difficult to say, because how can you trust a Spice label? Manufacturers are not required to print what is in each batch, and each batch varies in intensity. So while I’d like to provide some comfort, it’s really not possible to predict whether or not the Spice will show up on a drug test, unless you are NOT being tested for Spice. Please let us know how it goes.

  173. Hi i have been smoking a spice called “Revolution V”, “Revolution IV”, “Revolution I, and so on they are all the same product i think because the only difference between them is the color of the package and the roman numeral printed on the package. On the back of all the packets it says ” Does not contain JWH-018, JWH-073, HU-210, HU-211, JWH-250, C-47, or other chemicals banned by the D.E.A.”
    I am on Juvenile Probation in Massachusetts and i have my first drug test tommarow morning. Am i going to PASS or FAIL?

  174. You were right! I’m drug free/ Spice free and Loving It!!! Praise God I will never stoop that low ever again. Be Blessed

  175. Hi Swiper. Even if the probation standardized test includes an extra test for synthetic marijuana compounds, there should be enough time between ingestion and the drug screen for your body to metabolize the synthetic cannabinoids and for the Spice use to go undetected.

    As for the chemicals in Grand Daddy Spice, it is really difficult to know the ingredients in any Spice blend unless you have them examined by a lab.

  176. Hi i smoked grand daddy spice on a Friday i will get drug tested the following Thursday will it show uhp on a probation standard drug test i smoked about a gram on Friday but i haven’t smoked bud or spice before that in over a year would it show uhp on a probation standardized test i am 5 11 165 pounds if yhu can answer my question it will be much appreciated

    Ps what chemicals are in grand daddy spice do yhu knows and if so do they test for those chemicals again if yhu can answer my questions i would greatly appreciate it please and thank yhu

  177. Hello krazysexykool. Smoking chronic Spice for a couple of weeks can test positive for synthetic cannabinoids for about a couple of weeks, or longer. This is because the compounds found in Spice can be stored in the fat cells of the body. And the more continually you smoke, the higher the levels of these compounds (kind of like the additive effect of THC in the fat cells). Give it at least 4-6 weeks, and you should be testing NEGATIVE for use in urinalysis.

  178. Hi….I stopped smoking weed about a month and a half ago…I started smoking spice about a couple weeks after I stopped smoking it…after about 7 blunts of spice, I decided to stop because of the funny feelings…then I began to drank plenty of water and also took about 2000 mg of niacin pills. I took a at home drug test and it was positive. I’m 5’9 193lbs…so is the spice causing me to be dirty or is it my weight. I drug tested last Thursday and my last time using spice was about 2 wks ago.

  179. Hi Jonny. You should probably test NEGATIVE for synthetic cannabinoids because the time between ingestion and testing is outside of the normal detection window for Spice compounds.

  180. hi i smoked spice last thurs and have a military drug test 18-19 do i have to worry about anything i only had 6 puffs it was called kush scared wat do i dod

  181. Hello Andrew. Good question. THC can stay stored in the fat cells for months after use, especially for chronic users like yourself. That said, probation officers are most likely more interested in CURRENT use, rather than past use (unless they want a clear picture of your drug use). Hair sample analysis is the most frequently used method for detecting use up to 90 days in the past. So as long as you stay off the weed, it’s unlikely that you’ll screen positive for marijuana use…unless you get a hair test (maybe cut your hair short? including body hair).

    Mr. Green. No. DOT standard tests do not yet include synthetic marijuana/Spice compounds.

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for sharing. I do hope that probation offices can afford the tests and that the market starts to bring testing into an affordable zone. We need them more and more!

  182. We are testing for spice now,and its becoming cheaper to test,i am a probation officer.Dont do it.u will end up in the can,or loose ur job.Not worth it.

  183. Hello, Addiction blog. A lot of this post is speculative and far off in the future, but I cannot afford to be careless anymore. I have a court date August 15th for a DUI. Multiple sources(including my own sister) leads me to believe I will be put on probation and given a PO. I just started smoking marijuana this school year, and the last few months I have smoked pretty regularly. Although it varied, I will estimate roughly an eighth a week for the past few months, smoking roughly 3-5 bowls a day. I have now(as of 6/26) decided to stop smoking in preparation for a possible probation drug testing. Is there ANY chance at all that my smoking will show up given that the the earliest the testing could possibly take place is the day after my trial/sentencing(8/16). Stats: 5’9, 120 pounds, moderately active.

    Thank you so much

  184. Hi Stephanie. Drug ordered testing usually covers the more common drugs in a 5 to 10 panel screen: cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, benzos, etc. Drug courts need to send out urine samples to labs who specialize in testing for Spice in order to make Spice a no-no during probation.

    Because you understand recovery and the need for consequences, I’d suggest that you connect with your son’s drug court judge or probation officer and air out your concerns. A mother’s intuition can be very helpful in times like these, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’ve done your best to try to help him face the music. Also, check out Al-Anon in S. Florida. I used to live in Palm Beach County and know that there were many weekly meetings there.

    Does this help?

  185. my son was recently arrested for possession of cannibas under 20 grams. I am sure he will be put on court ordered drug testing. Will this test detect spice or other drugs as I am very concerned that he might use something else because he cannot smotke marijuana anymore.Spice just became illegal in Dade county florida according to the sun sentinel. This drug and all drugs scare me sooo much as I am a recovering drug addict and I know how they screw up lives, Jails, institutuons or death!!!

  186. Hi Confused. Most testing centers which test for synthetic cannabis use urine based metabolite tests using LC/MS/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry) tests, a very sophisticated way of identifying compound metabolites in urine. Also, testing centers generally only test for compounds which are illegal by law, not those which have been recently developed and are still under the radar (and potentially VERY dangerous!).

  187. Hi would you fail a random urine drug screen in the uk for synthetic cannabis that gets collected by a chain of custody and taken to a lab for testing, i have been smoking herbal incense black mamaba thats is legal to sell in the shops. what is the procedure when it arrives at the lab does it normally get dip tested. If they were to test for synthetic cannabis would it just be the banned ones that they would test for and not the stuff that is illegal to buy.

  188. Hello audrey. Firstly, it’s really difficult to trust Spice labels, as manufacturers aren’t the most trust worthy types. So, it will really be impossible to know what’s actually in a batch of Spice until you send it to a lab to be examined. Second, most urinanalyses for Spice test only for the compounds that you mentioned. So, if it’s true that what you smoke DOES NOT contain these compounds, your Spice use will most likely go undetected.

  189. I am a heavy spice user, I smoke atleast 5 grams a day if not more. I want to know what kind of chemicals they try to detect in urine panel tests for probation. I smoke a brand called WTF i love it and its all i smoke. It say’s it does not contain AM2201,JWH081,JWH019,JWH018,JWH073,HU211, JWH015, JWH 200 JWH 250, HU210, CP47, 497 ALONG WITH STIMULANT BZP ANDTFMPP. please i need to know, I know a very good person who doesnt deservere to violate probation for crap like that.

  190. Hi worker. No, you were probably given a multiple panel drug test to help the doctor identify what’s in your body before medical treatment. It’s pretty routine. And because drug testing for Spice is relatively expensive, I doubt that the hospital tested you for Spice.

  191. i havent smoked weed in 5 months and took 4 or 5 small hits of spice on the 5th, i took a drug test today for the hospital. do you think they drug test for spice. be in mind i live in Mississippi. im active and drink plenty of water everyday.

  192. Hi Tom. No. Spice is not yet included on most multiple drug panel screens. It’s a separate test that usually requires a separate urine sample.

  193. hi, just wondering if this spice will show up on a 5, 7, or 10 panel drug screen that is being sent to a lab, results get back to me within 3 days of it being sent out everytime… just curious if any ingrediant in the spice would fall on any of those test panels. THANKS

  194. Hi scared. Yes, blood screens are usually for opiates, methamphetamines, and THC…and possible other drugs such as benzodiazepines, PCP, etc. As far as I know, the military uses urinanalysis to test for Spice. Please let us know if you experience otherwise.

  195. I am a service member who has been a chronic spice smoker 4 months, and 2morrow i have 2 take a blood drug test.. they said they would have the answer by afternoon, does that mean they r just testing 4 the other stuff right?

  196. Hi Doobie. If you smoked Spice chronically, then it may still be stored in your fat cells. Like THC, synthetic cannabinoids are lipid soluble and if you were a heavy smoker for more than a few weeks, it’s possible that this false positive is a result of the built up chemicals which are still in your body.

    Hi Buzz.

    1. I’m not sure. Each drug court is different, but you can ask their administrative offices about their drug testing procedures, at this is public information. In theory, yes. Random drug testing is one way that drug courts work.

    2. Spice only shows up on drug tests specific for Spice. If the drug court tests for Spice, however, you’ll probably be OK because one time use is detectable for only a few days in a urine screen.

  197. Hi again, Scott. The second generation, more dangerous compounds are called AM 1220, AM 2223, AM 2201, AM 1248 etc. I guess you could contact the manufacturers of Mr. Happy to ask what’s in it…but the only real way to find out is to have a sample tested by an independent lab.

  198. Hi Smokie. Yes, 5 panel drug tests may detect THC, but the compounds found in Spice require a more specific and separate test, often completed by urinalysis and analyzed in a laboratory.

  199. I was pulled over with marijuana in my car and had to go to court because of it. The judge told me to come back after I was done with school. He said if I stayed out of trouble and showed him good grades on my transcripts we would settle it outside of court. Also while at court he asked if I would pass a UA, I honestly answered no. I have abstained from marijuana use since my original court date, (Mid March) however last Saturday I stupidly took 2 hits of spice. My court date is scheduled two and a half weeks from when I smoked spice. My questions are:
    1. Do the courts have to give you notice ahead of time before testing you, por could they just randomly ask me to do it while I am there.
    2. Would spice show up on a urine analysis test provided I do have to take one, I am 5′ 11″ 175, moderately active.
    Thank you, much love Buzz

  200. I haven’t smoked spice in a month and it still comes up in a test. I actually b around ppl who still smoke it. Is that the reason why it would come up in my system??

  201. hmm,, ok well with that in mind are you aware whether or not name brand mr. happy is 1st or 2nd gen? and if you arent aware is their anyway to find out what synthetics are 1st gen and what synthetics are 2nd gen aside from paying for it to be tested at a lab?

  202. FYI, I smoked spice this morning (I’m talking major hits) and just took a 5 panel dip (4 hours later) and came up clean.

  203. Hi Face. You need to learn the name of the oral mouth swab tests before knowing if it targets the ingredients in Spice, or not. You should be able to make an anonymous phone call to the human resources department of your workplace and find out this information.

  204. I smoked some spice like 2 days ago. 4-5 hits at most, there are random mouth swabs at my job a lot. So I’m super paranoid that it will show up. I was assured that it wouldn’t show, but I’m pretty sketched out about it. They drug test is like a quetip you chew on for a while and they dip it into something and yea. I dont know. Still pretty sketched out. Help?

  205. Hi Scott. I know relatively little about the second generation synthetics. I’m just learning now about them. Drug tests for Spice generally DO NOT include these new compounds.

    Hi Smokie. No. Spice compounds are not yet included on standard 10 panel drug screens that are in office // point-of-care tests. Spice compounds such as JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-081, JWH-250, AM-2201, RCS-4 and their metabolites are usually detected in urine screens using the liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) technique. This technique is more accurate than in office tests, but must be sent to a laboratory for analysis. For Spice, there are actually only a few labs in the U.S. which currently analyze urine specimens for Spice ingredients. So, your Spice use will most likely go undetected.

  206. I smoked spice this morning and found out i have a 10 panel drug screen tomorrow morning. Will this come up on the test. It’s not being sent to a lab, it will be the dipstick with the color blocks on it? Instant results………..

  207. Thank you for all your answers, just another question that popped into my mind, do 2nd generation synthetics also have a 2-4 day time span that they can be detected in your system? or is it different than the 1st generation synthetics?

  208. Hi Dano. I’d suggest that you call the employer’s human resources office and anonymously ask about whether or not they drug screen and if so, what tests they order. You have the right to this information!

  209. Hi Scott. As far as I know, drug screens for synthetic cannabinoids are only available via diagnostic labs and not sold in convenient stores. The market price for one test is around $50-75, and many labs charge a handling fee. The turn around time on the tests is also long, with results sent back 2-3 weeks after sample submission.

  210. Hi Scott. Here are some responses to your questions.

    1. Perhaps the $10 is a co-pay?
    2. Each blend of Spice (even if branded and packaged the same) may contain different ingredients. So it’s possible that different packages of Mr. Happy contain different chemical compounds. The only way to identify the synthetic cannabis ingredients in any blend is to send the package directly for laboratory analysis.
    3. Most first generation synthetics (JWH, HU, etc.) stay in the system and can be detected within 2-4 days after use.

  211. Hi addiction blog. Do you think a good paying factory job in fl. will test for spice in a preemployment drug screening?

  212. I have just one more question for you, I forgot to put in the last post, I was curious if a synthetic marijuana drug test can be obtained by the public, if so where would I get one, and around how much would it cost roughly, I am looking to get one to be able to test myself to see if any chemicals are in my system currently. Would this be something maybe a local pharmacy, or cvs/ convenience store would carry? Thanks again for the answers.

  213. I have a few questions, first of all I am currently on probation,and I am being told by my probation officer that I have to pay an extra $10 to be tested for synthetic marijuana use. First of all I am aware that drug tests for synthetic’s are out there, however I was under the impression that they are very expensive, my first question is can one be obtained for 10 dollars or is my p.o just yanking my chain for some extra cash, secondly I would like to know if you are aware of the synthetic product known as Mr. Happy and if you are, if you could maybe inform me of what chemicals makeup that particular herbal blend, lastly I was wondering what the average length of time any of the herbal synthetics usually stays in a persons system, to be specific the amount of time Mr. Happy specifically would stay in my system. If you could help me out with any of these questions it would be greatly apprecieated as I have recently smoked this herbal blend, and am worried about dropping dirty on the next test my p.o gives me, if she is really testing me at all. 10 dollars for a test seems a little cheap to me. My height is about 6 foot, and I weigh around 135 pounds with 1-1.5% body fat. (if that helps with the question about the length of time it stays in my system) Thank you very much for the answers if you can provide them. This will set my mind at ease, and help me out in the long run.

  214. Hi Andrea. That’s interesting. The new generation of synthetics after JWH (from accounts I’ve read here) are actually more severe and cause intense symptoms such as hallucinations or rapid heart beat. Maybe you encountered a version of “herbal incense” that is made of plant products? Good luck!

  215. okay , well when i purchased the herb at the smoke shop the lady said it doesnt contain anything that regular spice chemicals contain because regular spice is illegal and she doesnt allow it. so it is “new” . do youu think they’ll detect anything if it isnt regular spice? … it looked like a bunch of flowers a puffy things .. not like a regular spice blend and the effects didnt make me feel like i was going to die it was more of a mellow high .

  216. Hello Andrea – Given that you were a regular, daily smoker…yes, it is possible that either THC or synthetic marijuana compounds will be detected during a drug screen 1-2 weeks after your last dose. These chemicals are lipid soluble and stored in fat cells, and after time, build up to a level that it is quite easy to detect them, even days or weeks after last use.

    Hi Basse – If you have smoked Spice only twice about 5 or 10 tens before a urinalysis screen for synthetic cannabinoids, it seems unlikely that the compounds will be detected. However, every case and every body is unique. So, in the end, it’s difficult to be certain.

    Hi Emily – From a quick search, kryp2nite ingredients might include damiana, Mugwort, marshmallow leaf, pukatea, vanilla and honey. But the only way to know is to have the contents examined by a laboratory.

    Hi Andy – One time use of Spice should not be detected during a drug screen a couple of weeks later.

    Hi Marine – Thanks for sharing the info with us!

  217. I have a friend who was tested for spice. He is also a service member, he had not smoked it in over a month and a half and still came up positive for the substance, he wasn’t a chronic user but definitely did it more than a couple times a week. I asked him how long it usually stays in the system all he can say is a very long time. Simply I suggest no one does this synthetic or any synthetic drug, he is now in a military rehab center an tells me that the guys that are in there for the same thing are extremely psychotic and paranoid all the time, BEWARE please

  218. Hi so I have a meeting with my PO tomorrow. It’s my second meeting with her and most likely will get urine tested. I have been smoking spice pretty often though. I smoke “Smokin dragon potpurri” and it says it does not contain CP-47, 497, HU-210, HU211, JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-019, JWH-398, JWH-200, JWH-250, JWH-015, and C8 Homologue. I’m hoping that i don’t get spice tested but if for some reason I do…do you think it will show up on the test?

  219. so does kryp2nite that they are selling does it have the illegal chemicals in it and if so how are they still selling it if they are testing for it? what exactly are they testing for in your urine when they test for spice is it just those 5 chemicals?

  220. I did spice on thursday the 24th of may and the 20th of may. Now I am most likely to have a urine test for spice tomorrow. Do you think this test will show possitive? If so, what can I do to make it negative?

  221. hi , i smoked weed on may. 11 And im not a regular user of it but i am of spice .. im getting tested for spice and weed for legal purposes and the last time i smoked spice was may.24 and about 3.5 grams through that week until the 24 , wich was my last day.. i stopped because i go to court june 18 so im getting drug tested about the week before that date .. will anything show up if i continue to stay clean of it until then.. ?

  222. Hi Bennie. Single doses of THC stay in the system and can be detected by urinalysis 3-4 days after ingestion, so you should be clear by the time the drug screen occurs.

  223. alright ive been clean for around 5 months im in drugcourt im 17 5 foot 10 and around 155 pounds…i found a very little bit of weed im talken like less than a hit and its been sitting out for like 5 or so months atleast..i smoked it with some of the older spice and im not worried about comeing up dirty for the spice its that little bit of real weed..i have a screen in 5 days should i be worried?

  224. Hi Tay. From what I understand about cannabinoids, they show binding affinities for the CB1 and/or the CB2 receptors, which is what makes you feel high and are lipid soluble, like THC. So, because many cannabinoids are stored in fat cells, this explains the longer detection time when you smoke chronically. Does this help?

  225. yeah i smoked it on the regular until last week but didnt smoke for a week and i was worried that it could show up and i sweat alot at work and stay pretty active thc stays in you system for 30 days because it coats your fat cells do you think for real that there is a possibility even thoe its not weed pills take 3 to 5 days cocaine about the same why should it be diffrent for spice??

  226. Hi Tay. If you smoked only once, the synthetics will most likely NOT be detected on a urine screen a week later. But if you were a chronic smoker until last week, it’s possible that the synthetic cannabinoids will be detected.

  227. Hello Mr. Fisher. As far as I know, hair tests do not yet include synthetic cannabinoids as detectable compounds. But please let us know how it goes.

  228. Hello K.C. If you smoke right before the class and the urine screen was for synthetics, you have a very likely chance of showing positive for synthetic cannabinoids, regardless of how long you abstained before the test. How do you feel about full disclosure to the instructors of the class? Are you ready to be honest?

  229. Hey im in a drug counseling class and they normally just dip stick my pee. But today he took it to the lab and he did it to everyone else to but this is his first time doing it and i smoked half a joint of K2 before I went into class. And before that I havent smoked for 7 days and i sweat everyday cause I work. Will it show up in the drug test and what will happen if it does. I’ve never pissed positive for them.

  230. I recently quit smoking weed about 3months ago because school is almost up and I want to be able to pass a hair test…. I’ve smoked the “flynin high” spice now for about a week… will this show up in my hair test?

  231. Hi David. Testing for Spice evolves a little less quickly than manufacturers – they seem to create new synthetic cannabinoids at a very quick pace. However, we always recommend a policy of complete honesty during drug testing. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, drug screens are meant to HELP you get better. So even though you may test positive, if you continue to have the same evasive style and action, your life will not really change.

  232. Hi Deeds. Hair tests, to my knowledge, do not yet detect Spice. Hair tests are an accurate way to indicate chronic drug use over time, but may be more difficult for specialists to identify one-time drug use. So there is hope for you.

    And aside from the Spice incident, it sounds like you’re doing a great job on your probation. Congratulations!

  233. Hi ok i get tested for spice regularly since an admittance i was smokin heavilyfor maybe a little over a month i havent smoked in over a month and im still coming up positive i took another one today andim really scared because im gonna end up in jail even tho i quit smokin

  234. ok i am in juvenile drugcourt right now and today i smoked a pack of “POW” and on the pack it said that it had non of those ingridents that you listed up there…does this mean i should test clean later today?

  235. Hey addiction blog, my PO thinks that since i dont have a job or license atm is because im doing drugs. When i was arrested which is almost a year from now (may 17th 2011) i have not touched weed or anything of that matter, only been around it when i went to little social gathers at friends here and there, never touched it. So since i dont have a job atm (which i will hopeufully today around 11AM!) she wants to hair test me for drugs, really silly isnt it? I told her and looked right into her eyes and said well i havnt done any drugs, i have not failed one drug test, ive been on colors for over a time span of 10 months (random drug test by color you call) never failed, so i got on probation in january, and she tested me every month for the most part. She wants to test me on my next visit which is june 8th, i havnt smoked anytype of spice or drugs in a while, the last time i did was on 4/20 with a buddy and that was it. Im just wondering if you know any information about “spice” being in hair test. btw on the bag it said (does not contain JWH-018,081,HU-210,CP-47, 200, 073, C8, cannabicyclohexano1, AM678 or 497) But really i think she wants to try to pull the “oh im going to hair test you next month” thing to motivate me, because really, ive had motivation issues my whole life, ive dealt with depression (had a severe issue for a while) but got over it and have occasional flashes of it here and there on days. So hopefully when i get a job tomorrow and my license i hope she will back off, and if she doesnt ill just ask for a new probation officer since i feel like shes just picking on me with everything. (I pay for my fee’s everytime i go in and she still belittles me.) Im 22 now fyi. so please any information or help would be awesome of you. Thank you


  236. I am on diversion. They already know they i may test positive for weed, So im pretty sure they wont also test me for k2 spice. Especially because i am just on diversion for a misdemeanor. Also it will have been 3 days since i had smoked k2 spice when they drug test me, Do you think it will be completely out of my system?

  237. Hi Jared Jones. Although testing for Spice is a possibility while on any kind of probation, many counties and states do not have the budget to be able to afford the expensive ($60 per test) fee for K2/Spice testing. So, while possible, K2 Spice testing is unlikely. However, we do advocate for complete honesty during drug testing, because we feel that this is a way forward to leading a drug free life.

  238. Hey i took probably about 5 hits of k2 spice on Sunday night, i am now drug testing Wednesday day. Is it possible that i will pass? i am 5’6″ and 140 pounds. Also i am only on diversion for an offense not related to drugs, but they are still drug testing me in a laboratory(only once) if i pass this, Do you think they will even test me for k2 spice? is that even a possibility?

  239. Hello. I have a drug test on Monday at a clinic for a lifeguardong job and I took about 14 small hits from a bowl on Friday and I’m just wondering if you think that they will even look for spice or that it will even come up. This is a pre employment test. Thank you

  240. curious does kryptonite show up on a test kinda freakin out hhere says it doesnt contain any of the stuff u said except for the hu210 or whatever but idk??

  241. Thanks for your candor, Dan. As a new parent (my son is only 2), I can only tell you that your parents will probably NEVER stop worrying and caring for you, no matter your age. Also, if you ever seriously want to stop and 12 step programs aren’t right for you, check out SMART Recovery or Rational Recovery, two programs based on behavioral therapy. In other words, change your beliefs and thoughts about the world, and your actions will change, too. Good luck on the road of life, and please let us know if we can support you if the time comes that you want to stop for good.

  242. to a degree, yes i do think i have a bit of a problem, however i don’t think that is a reason to never do drugs, i do however want to quit them until I’m 18 and able to take full responsibility for my actions rather than the burdens falling upon my parents, both financially and emotionally. I am sickened that they have to go through these things over what i have done my PO even had the audacity to tell them my behavior was from THEIR genetics and did a background check on them, in all reality, my mother smokes A LOT of pot(secretively) and my dad was an alcoholic. The lectures weren’t really mandatory, it was a preemptive thing that my parents started after my therapist recommended it, the visitations to my therapist are now mandatory. I actually found the lectures somewhat interesting even though they were focused around alcohol which i had hardly ever used, but i still felt as though it was a waste of my time-which is mostly devoted to PC video games. The therapy I’m unsure of, i don’t really think these things would change a “drug users” mind and pretty much ALL of the people in these programs relapse, even if the therapists don’t know it, they just get extremely paranoid and secure once the probation blows over.

  243. Yes, me too. Let us know. Just out of curiosity, do you think that you have problems with drugs? Do you agree with the mandatory lectures? And will you continue therapy afterwards?

  244. Unfortunately, my PO isn’t the most forgiving, I’ve heard stories of him throwing people into jail/juvy for as much as diluted samples with no positive tests. I’m on this special consent calender where if i don’t get into any more trouble with the court system this will be wiped off my record completely when I’m 17. The contract that i signed obligated that if i was to fail my first test the PO has the right to terminate my place on the calender, and to basically do with me as he sees fit which frightens me. I have gotten onto probation for a extremely minor charge of a class IV drug, which i even had a prescription to, but because it was out of the bottle, that was the only way they could legally prosecute me considering i also was in possession of spice products which they could do nothing about. Over the past 4-5 months i have been going to weekly meetings with a therapist and attended a 8-part series of drug abuse lectures. This was my single slip up, I’m curious as to how long they are going to make me wait for my results.

  245. I totally agree with you, Dan. I do not think that jail time does drug addicts or users any good. I wish you the best. Can you be honest with your probation officer? Also, have you tried 12 step or other addiction recovery groups?

  246. Hi Axl. Good question. New compounds still go undetected, as of yet, until new patterns are identified and drug screens are developed to detect these new derivatives or chemicals.

  247. hello i am also in the juvenile probation court, after abstaining from spice for a good number of months i was dumbfounded by my own ignorance and smoked a container of OMG incense on 4/20 up till 4/22 even going through the process of boiling my bowl to extract the resone from it, i was heavily addicted to it in the late 2011 and am planning on keeping with my abstinence aside from this one instance, i was tested specifically for spice after a 5 month wait on a court date and received 4 months of probation, i already submitted my test on 4/27 on Friday, I’m scared to death if the results will come back positive, i truly am not a bad person i just held my belief too firmly that one person cant tell another what to put into their own body, but than again I’m a minor and of course in this “free country” I’m ensured no rights and how i chosen to purue my happiness. Anyways ill keep you posted on how the test will go, and i dont mean any offense to you, but throwing people into jail and even penalizing them in general for drug use is no way an acceptable or efficient means to help them, we could do the same to people who eat fast food all the time, after all Mc Donalds alone has killed and affected far more many peoples lives than both illicit and legal drugs.

  248. A lot of the spice you see for sell today says this product has been certified by an independent laboratory to not contain any banned subs including JWH-018,081,HU-210,CP47 or 497 like Platinum Super Strong Incense for example right on the package. Does that make it safe as far as a drug screening goes or will it still show up?

  249. Drug testing is standard for entry into drug treatment. Spice is a drug like any other, and it seems pretty fair that if you are to go into treatment that you should not be using drugs.

  250. An update, the package say bodly that it is lab certified and command NO CANNABIMIMETIC AGENTS & DOES MOT CONTAIN cp-47,497,cp-47-497 c8 homologous, jhw-018, am 678, jhw-073, jhw-019, jhw-200, jhw-250, jhw-081, jhw-122, jhw-398, am2201, am694, sr-18, rcs-8, jhw-203, hu-210.
    Or any substance compound mixture or preperation which contains any quantity of a synthetic cannibiniod whether salts, isomers, homologues, and/or analogues with the following structure classes: cyclohexylphenols, naphthoylindoles, naprhylmethylindoles, naphthoylpyrroles, naphthylmethylindenes, phenylacetylimdoles, benzoylindoles, or dibenzopyrams.
    So without any of those compounds can me having smoked this show up in ANY drug test at all?

  251. I’m on juvinal probation for a possession of marijuana charge, I’m 18 now and I smoked blue kush organic sachet (one of the newest forms of “spice”) and it doesn’t contain any of the illegal drugs or any shown above for testing, it clearly states it does not on the package. I smoked it on 4/20/12 and am going to see my p.o. 5/10/12, what are the chances I will be tested for spice? If I am tested for spice will the stuff I smoked produce a positive test since it has none of the illegal compounds and clearly states that? How does it stay in your body, as in does it store in fat like THC or does it just stay in the blood stream? How long will it stay in my body (I’m 6″3′ 225 lbs and 18 years old)? Lastly, I smoked about 5 bowls that night, probably 30 hits total, by the time I take a drug test would it be out of my system? I have chosen to never smoke spice again because I had a really bad trip and thought I was having a heart attack. My heart felt like it stopped after I held my breath for 10 seconds and I was pretty much ready for death, because if I’d told anyone I would have risked going to juvee. I didn’t actually have a heart attack, it was just a really bad trip.. My stomach felt like it was filling with blood until I finally came down. When I thought my heart stopped I think about 10 minutes actually went by due to 3 missed texts from my girlfriend in a 10 minute time span. Please answer my questions, and don’t tell me to tell my p.o. Because I’m not willing to do that until she literally shows me a positive test.

  252. I’m in a drug program named choices in las vegas 800 s valley view. I heard they say in orientation they test for spice and any similar products.does any one know if this is true or legal. Every one is interested in this question but no one seems to know the answer.. curious Tally.

  253. Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know my test was fine. Nothing showed up. Still, it was too close for comfort. Even though I was fine I’m still going to stay away from this substance. There’s nothing good that can come from it

  254. I see. As far as I know, 10 panel drug screens do not yet cover synthetics. Bur Spice side effects are unpredictable and we do not condone using Spice at all! Did you know that Spice has been known to cause heart problems and hallucinations? Even after one hit?

  255. Hi nik. At the moment, there are not set standards for Spice ingredients, so standardizing the testing is quite difficult, as well. I do know that there are urine based drug screens for the most common Spice ingredients (JWH compounds and HU-210). And although saliva swab testing is relatively non-invasive (compared to blood tests) and convenient, it is not currently a standard used in drug testing. In fact, over 90+% of all standard drug screens are urine based.

    Why do you ask?

  256. You’re welcome. Good for you on the decision to stay away. From what I’ve been reading from other user, Spice has some serious side effects, including hallucinations and cardiac effects. Let us know how the test goes!

  257. Thanks for the help. I’m so freaked out I’m never gonna use it again. I only used that Friday and did not have a build up in my system so I’m hoping for the best. Plus I’m a pretty active person and I don’t even know if I’ll be screened for that substance. Thanks for the help and advise. I won’t be touching that stuff again

  258. Hi Jimbo. Herbal incense packages are not technically sold “for human consumption”, so the manufacturers are not required to list their ingredients on packaging labels. Therefore, you NEVER KNOW what is in a packet of Spice unless you have the product analyzed by a laboratory.

    It is not possible to predict whether or not any drug test will be positive or negative, because individual metabolism of substances is different in each person and is affected by your height, weight, size, and physical condition. Synthetic marijuana tests are about as precise as screens for THC, and can detect past use at least up to a few days after ingestion. So, you are really close to the limit of detection.

    That said, if you are on probation and still smoking “legal” but not allowed substances, you might want to stop. Sooner or later you will have to face the consequences of using, Jimbo and change the behavior…or you just continue to get the same results in life.

  259. So I’ve been smoking “Happy Shaman” herbs while on probation. The back of the pouch lists that it does not contain any of the chemicals listed in the article above. Is there still a way to test for it? If so what are the chemicals that get you high from smoking it?

  260. Hi Nicaeres. The test costs about $60 consumer retail price (patient), but I’m sure that clinics pay a little less, especially if they are contracting with the laboratories directly. The military has been enforcing their “No-Spice” policies with testing, so detection is possible.

    What consequences do you face should you test positive?

  261. Does drinking an extreme amount of water right before a test help dilute the urine enough to where the metabolites can’t be detected. That day i started having symptoms of water intoxication. on a urine sample and they don’t test to see if it’s been diluted here in the military I honestly only inhaled twice and it had been 48 hours and during those 2 days I was also exercising do I have anything worry about?

  262. Hi Nicaeres. Thanks for your questions. There is no way to speed up the process of synthetic cannabinoids leaving your system. Occasional use can be detected up to three days after use, and drinking water, fasting etc. will not “flush” the metabolites from your system. However, every body is unique so the detection window for Spice varies based on weight, height, size, metabolic processes, etc.

  263. How does a person metabolize spice? Does fasting help on the day of a drug test? Does it really stay in the system for 3 days is it possible that it can be less if ur not a regular user

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