How long does Spice last?

How long Spice lasts in your body depends on which synthetic cannabinoids are found in the Spice mixture. Its effects may last for hours to days, even weeks. More on Spice duration of action here.

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How long does Spice last?

No one really knows.

Why? Because how long Spice lasts in your body depends on which synthetic cannabinoids are found in the Spice mixture. But in general, its effects can last for hours to days or even weeks after use, while specific Spice ingredients JWH-073 and JWH-018 can be spotted in the system up to 3 days after use. More on Spice, how fast Spice works, and its duration of effects here… with a section for your questions about helping Spice addiction at the end.

What is in Spice?

Spice (synthetic marijuana) is a synthetic type of marijuana that it is made of herbal mixtures sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. Currently, there are more than 140 cannabinoids used in Spice, but most commonly compounds are JWH-018, JWH-073, CP 47497, and HU-210. Spice produces experience similar to marijuana, and it is sold under different names including fake weed, K2, Skunk, Black Mamba, and many others.

Spice effects on the body and brain

The effects of Spice on the body are highly similar to those of marijuana and include relaxation, altered perception, and elevated mood. In some cases, the effects are more stronger and can include physical symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, elevated heart rate, diaphoresis, palpitations, and tremulousness. Some Spice users claim psychotic effects like hallucinations, paranoia, agitation, and anxiety. Others report Spice tolerance increases after days to weeks of daily dosing.

Since Spice is an herbal mixture and relatively new drug, there have been no scientific studies of its effects on the brain to date. What we know is that the cannabinoid compounds found in Spice mixture affect the same cell receptors as THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive component. However, some Spice components act more strongly on those receptors, which can trigger more powerful and unpredictable brain effects.

Spice duration of action

Usually, Spice is smoked in joints or pipes, but some users prefer making a tea from it. Spice’s effects start about 5-10 minutes after smoking the mixture. It is strong drug which produces its effects only after one or two inhales. Onset of effects for Spice teas or baked goods is around 20-40 minutes after consumption.

Spice time in the body

There is no record of how long Spice lasts in your body. It definitely depends on which cannabinoids are found in the particular mixture of Spice, and its effects may last for days. The most commonly used Spice compounds JWH-018 and JWH-73 can be detected in the human system up to 72 hours after use. Also, these synthetic compounds are not traceable in the blood or urine with a common DOT 5-7-9 or 10 panel drug test, which makes Spice attractive for many people.

How long do Spice effects last?

Since Spice is made of different components, the duration of its effects vary depending of which cannabinoid is found in the Spice mix. Nevertheless, the Spice components tend to last longer than THC. We must point out here that the duration of its effects depend upon the type of cannabinoid, dosage, and frequency of use. However, it is generally agreed that Spice effects can last up to 5 times as long as those of marijuana.

How long does a Spice high last?

The duration of a Spice high is anywhere from 1-8 hours. Some researchers have reported that an intense Spice high lasts possibly between 10-30 minutes; other reports (mostly from users) claim that the high lasts for significantly longer. What appears constant in research is the fact that it does not seem to take much more than a hit or two of the pipe to activate the Spice high.

Spice high effects

Similar to marijuana, Spice high effects include changes to perception and brain neurotransmitters, only stronger. Spice ingredients act by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system, producing symptoms typical of marijuana usage, but with more intense psycho activity.

There are still no studies how Spice affects human body, but public health concern is that there may be harmful remains in Spice mixtures and that users are actually experimenting on themselves. So far, thousands of ER visits are made each year due to Spice overdose and related deaths have been investigated for being connected with Spice. Moreover, in 2012, a 17-year old girl suffered multiple strokes after two weeks daily use of Spice. These cases show that, after all, Spice remains a dangerous drug.

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