How long does Spice stay in your system?

How long Spice stays in your system depends on the synthetic cannabinoids that are in the Spice mixture. Effects may last for days to weeks, and Spice compounds JWH-018 and JWH-073 can be detected in urine for up to 72 hours after use. More on Spice in the system here.

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We don’t really know.

How long Spice stays in your system depends on which synthetic cannabinoids are in the Spice mixture. New tests can detect synthetic marijuana Spice ingredients for up to 3 days after use. But we really do not know a lot about how Spice works and stays in the body. More on synthetic cannabis addiction, available treatment options, what’s the rehab process like, and ongoing recovery care in our detailed GUIDE on Spice and K2 Treatment Programs & Help.

Here, we review common synthetic cannabinoids which are used in Spice, and their pharmacokinetic properties. We invite your questions, comments and feedback at the end.

What’s in Spice?

It is not easy to determine exactly what is in Spice products. However, Spice is the generic name for plant material laced with synthetic cannabinoids. There are currently over 140 synthetic cannabinoids on the market and Spice is an unregulated mixture of any of these 100 different compounds.

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The most commonly found and used form of “Spice” is a compound called JWH-018, which was developed only in 1995. Other common synthetic cannabinoids found in Spice include:

  • CP 47497
  • JWH-018
  • JWH-073
  • HU-210

How do you take Spice? and what is Spice used for?

There is no approved medical use for Spice in the U.S. People take Spice recreationally for euphoric effect, most often smoked with tobacco in cigarettes or alone in pipes.  But before you rush out to buy some, you should know that side effects of  Spice have been reported to include psychotic episodes and unpleasant experiences.  And soon Spice will be regulated federally.

How does Spice work?

Spice effects begin 5-10 min after smoking its compounds and can result in anxiety, intense paranoia and even hallucinations. But how does Spice work in the body and the brain?

Synthetic cannabinoids are functionally similar to (although structurally distinct from) delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive principle of cannabis. So the ingredients in Spice work by binding tocannabinoid receptors in the brain and peripheral organs, resulting in clinical symptoms both typical and atypical of marijuana use.

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Peak levels and half life of JWH

Cannabinoids found in Spice are pharmacologically similar to THC and mimic its effects …but are many to ten times more potent than THC. When inhaled, Spice products are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Peak levels of synthetic cannabinoids are achieved relatively quickly, within 10-45 minutes.

Duration of effect varies by type of cannabinoid in a Spice mixture. However, both half life and duration of effect of synthetic cannabinoids tend to be longer than THC. The half life of compounds found in Spice is somewhat longer than THC (3-4 days), which is what causes increased duration of effects in users. But the half life of the drugs vary by type of cannabinoids, user, dosage and frequency of use.

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Spice drug testing

Currently, standard drug tests for cannabis do not detect Spice in the body. In fact, most synthetic cannabinoids added as not-listed ingredients to Spice products are very difficult to detect by commonly used drug screening procedures. Why not?

Apart from the analogs of THC such as HU-210, the structure of synthetic cannabinoids differs from that of THC, so that they probably will not trigger a positive test for cannabinoids in immunoassays of body fluids. And although new drug tests have been developed to identify particular synthetic cannabinoid compounds in the urine, these tests are relatively expensive and are not used regularly by legal or private systems. The most common sythetic cannabinoids are also more invasive to detect – they require a blood sample that targets bi-product of the drugs after they are metabolized in the body.

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How long does Spice stay in the body?

At present, we do not know how long Spice stays in the body. Much more research is needed regarding the metabolism and toxicology of synthetic cannabinoids. Why? Well, Spice is a very new drug. The synthetic cannabinoids that make up Spice have only been around for a couple of decardes. This is why little to no studies on Spice and its metabolism in the body have been completed.

However, you should know that the effects of spice have been reported to last for days to weeks. Detectable levels of Spice in the body also vary by use, but can be within 24 hours after use. And new urine tests for JWH-018 and JWH-073 have a testing window of up to 72 hours for both of these compounds.

Problems with Spice?

Spice smokers are exposed to drugs that are extremely variable in composition and potency, and are at risk of serious, if not lethal, outcomes. Not knowing what’s in Spice makes potential overdose more likely. If you have questions about using Spice or want to discuss its effects, please let us know. We will be happy to respond to your questions personally and promptly and help you as best as we can.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi our Daughter of 31 Years old has been using shynthetic Cannabis for Years She will not admit she has a problem & does not want any help. What can we do as Parents?

  2. If a person takes a single puff from spice will it still be detected in a drug test 48 hours later if the test is specifically for spice

  3. My question is this. I just took a spice test that was in the form of a dipstick into the urine. I don’t smoke spice and I have never used spice but my test came back positive for spice, or I suppose the chemicals they use for spice???? How the hell did that even happen? In the urine sample I gave it read clean for everything else, but then he got a dipstick out and tested it for spice in which it came back positive??? I’m completely stunned! How??? I’ve never once used it. They said they are sending out to a lab called Redwood Toxicology in California I here to screen for spice chemicals. I am confident that their further testing will clear me, but I’m so pissed. Could this be a mistake? I mean it has to be a mistake obviously, but will a retest of my urine prove me innocent? Could I have ate something that triggered a false positive? Thank you

  4. If I used some home grown spice just a few hours ago and got a drug test tomo for house arrest would it still be in my urine and what would the best strategy be to flush it out drink water or take vitamins b and nican pills

  5. Hey I bought some cannabis hash and flower the hash and kief from the flower gives off black smoke when burnt im thinking it has been sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids let’s just say I’m quiting weed the markets just full of rubbish

  6. I smoked k2 for 2 years & stopped smoking it for 2 months but I still feel withdrawal symptoms I feel like someone is hitting me with a baseball bat on my cheat & I have chest pain & now I am throwing up… I would never smoke this again why do I still feel it

  7. My son smokes k2 all day long. He sleeps outside my house and he will not leave I have a protective order against him from his k2 abuse. I don’t wish to call police I feel he needs rehab not jail. I adopted him he’s actually my nephew he was left in hospital he was a crack baby with an addiction. He’s 21 with a 9th grade education seems more like 6th grade he’s slow. Nobody bothers with him because of the things he has done to them. My neighbors are highly discussed with me because of his camping on my steps thru the night where do I turn

  8. i smoked spice and i feel like im in heaven and my head feels like their is balls inside os it how long does it take for it to leave your system all away

  9. I work at a prison in the mail room. I am constently smelling and touching k2 spice, are there side effects. When I come in contact with it i get heart palpitation.

  10. I bought some weed and it smelled like it but when I smoked it I had a increased heart rate and I also threw up . Can you tell me if I bought weed or was it spice

  11. I came back positive for benzo about a week or two ago song been doing the research about how long was going to stay in your system and I bought some home drug test and now they only stays in your system for about 24 hours I tested it out first right after I came back positive and then 24 hours later I tested it again and it came back negative so technically I smoke Friday night I was positive Saturday morning and on Sunday morning I took it again and it was negative so in my case when I was smoking spice I was only coming back positive benzo that’s what I was referencing to

  12. Stop now, am also on suboxun so i take drug test from 3 diffrent places, yea i know just stop with the jokes, i went to the subo clinic today and came back positive for benzo and the only thing am been doing is my subs and k2 thats et nothing i mean nothing else and yes i got lucky it wasnt my probation or prol other wise i wouldnt be telling u this and they do have drug test for it from what i know but its to expinsive but smoking k2 came back positive for benzos now i gatta stop smoking k2 too this is suck

  13. I am a chronic smoker of spice I like it and it makes me feel good I had an accident at work and got drug tested but I have not smoked spice two and a half days will I
    pass a drug test

  14. hi ,Hospital and myself are conviced my son has been spiked with spice or somethink ?we still have the empty water bottle [but has been washed ]my son has been to two different hospitals and been discharged ? been given 5mg diazepam . we have an idea of who it is ?what shall we do please ? This happened thurs afternoon ,it is now mon morn ,still not right ,taking him GP this morning ,should he be in hospital on a drip etc ,as hes hardly eating and drinking ,hes saying nasty things to me [mum ]blaming me ? Can the empty bottle [after been washed ]be tested for substances [traces] at all please ,we are so so worried and out of our minds ,we are frightened as these people said to my son [we stab people who grass] he can remember that he told us that Thursday ,please help me asap .Thankyou so much

  15. So I was given a was sent off to the labce test sent to Red Wood and it came back positive for k2. I didn’t smoke it. Is it possible for it to show up somehow? Also it was sealed right away after I tested and the paper I got said that the worker did a 12 panel test which came back negative and then was sent off to the lab. He never did I watched him seal it and put it in the bag and seal it. What are your thoughts on this?

  16. So I’m a yr and a half user of spice. Other than once having really terrible withdrawals; worse than heroin we asked our people to use a lot less of the drug or whatever They were adding to it to be addictive. Since then I haven’t been getting sick. Itnacrually helps me function in the morning. I have insomnia and by the morning I’m so sore I can barely get out of bed. The last 8 months or so I’ve been using it for the nausea I’ve been experiencing in the mornings. One hit and my nausea goes away and I can get moving. Also instead of relying on my clonazepam ibcan just take a hit of spice and be calm and sit back.not something I can do often. I love it. Its saved my life. Its even brought me out of anorexia this last year and now I was tested for it and have a week to quit. I love it. How do ubquit something That makes your day livable?

  17. Hi my boyfriend had been drinking heavily last night and took a couple hits of spice for the first time ever. within a few minutes he lost all control of his body. He dropped his beer and just slumped. His eyes were open but completely unresponsive in any way. I thought he was dieing I started looking for a pulse and found one but he could not move or talk AT ALL for about 15 minutes then he started to be able to talk a little but still could not move his body. We are both really worried now that he may still be in danger of reoccurring episodes like that. What if he was driving when it hit him or something. We are very freaked out please tell us what he may be in for, what to watch out for. Should I take him to the doctor? What can they even do?

  18. Ive been smoking spice for years,it recently had me very sick for the last two days ,people are as well mixing it with catnip causing deaths and serious problems,granted withdrawing and being sick isnt fun but iam glad god opened my eyes to how serious it really is today is the day god gave me the strength to leave it alone.

  19. I have been smoking spice for years and I haven’t smokes since January 9 I still have spice in my system how long will it take for it to come out my system can I get blood work done or hair test done to prove I’m clean?

  20. I would one day out of the week 1 gram, I haven’t touched it for 11 days. I had to take a urnie test today. I have failed before so I’m on the verge of going to jail I try really hard to stay clean. I don’t know what jw it has in it. Do you think I’ll be clean?

  21. hi i am wondering if anybody has infomation i have used spice for two years (5 days clean) started off as a light bit of fun in the hostel but soon grew into something much worse. up until five days ago i was smoking 7 grams a day every day got to the point where my sleep patterns are disturbed every fifteen minutes for a hit of the bong. but my question is how long until this shit is out of my system i have niticed that in the five days i have had clean i have had the most vile mood swings. does anybody have any infomation that would be helpfull na meetings have helped me get this far !!

  22. I’m in trouble my probation wants a spice test and I have been smoking this for 10 months almost daily how long does this stay in my system and how do I detox faster and safer because withdraws are really bad. Thank you.

  23. Hey @ i hate spice with a passion . It’s Alex remember me? We talked back in 2012.
    So it’s been 4 years now and I still feel empty and like I’m in a dream. I feel like I have no feelings and no interest in anything whatsoever. So I’m assuming I’m going to feel like this till I die? Whatever. Oh yea and btw, remember that christian crap I posted? I’m not a christian anymore lol
    So how are you feeling?

  24. so awhile back I smoked spice with some friends. we smoked the spice two days in a row. the first day was alright and everything seemed fine but the next day when I smoked again I had a really bad trip. From what I was told I guess I was laughing uncontrollably and then it turned to crying to screaming. I started seeing black matter zip across the room nonstop and heard weird noises. It has been many a little over a year since this and everytime I smoke marijuana I trip out like when I was on spice, I forget where I am and start to lose control and freak out in my head. I’ve heard of long term affects from spice usage but I’m just wondering will this ever go away ? or could this be something serious ?

  25. I have not been smoking long but I’m seven days clean. And don’t no what to do I feel like I’m dying my body hurt so bad and I have mental health problems it feel like I’m going to die

  26. I smoked before and I had seizures and then smoked more and Nothin happened for a while and I had another one and haven’t smoked it in two years and now I’m on probation and smoked it so I wanna know if it were to show up in a drug test that I have with in the week?

  27. Hi I accidentally smoked spice and my heart was beating really fast and it lasted about 4-5 hours and since then I lost a lot of weight and felt sick. I am also I pretty seasoned cannabis smoker and since I smoked spice I can’t smoke weed without it feeling spice. My legs and body were also tingling and vibrating a lot and I’m wondering if cannabis will ever go back to normal? I have however been feeling better and been able to eat as of yesterday. Do you think I may just be psyching myself out?

  28. Hi I’m 15 I overdoesed on spice when I was with my best friend and little sister , but only me and my best friend smoked looked like weed and I smoked weed before so I took 1 huge hit and nothing happened so I waited then I took another one… and in a minute I tripped out and its unexplainable it was the most worst 6 hours of my life.. My I blacked out for 2 hours but when I woke I saw puke every where, all over the room and sister crying with my best friend . I didnt understand like it wasnt me in controll. So anyway after hours and hours I was starting to come back but Then my heart stopped beating and I couldnt catch my breath.. a minute past by I start to come back we went home I took a bath and went to bed. Months passed i had huge effects after, but I overdoesed on sleeping pills one night I couldnt take it anymore. Nothing happened for a month or so then I was at school and I randomly Felt like I was on spice it scared me I ask my friend take me to the nurse I told what happened ,but I never told anyone that over does on spice. Any way I was in hell all over again. I overdoed last november.. but everytime I take any pill, even vitamins any sort of pill , I feel really high. I also feel very numb, I even have to ask if Im dreaming or am I awake because everything feels fake.Everything is hypth up like my heart beat is beats too fast like Im high, but I dont smoke. I dont know. I know that the pills should be gone everything so be gone, but its my body and I know ever since that happened I never feel normal or as I would say human.. I always feel a Little high. I’m scared and I need to know how to fix this. I dont want to go crazy. I know that something is wrong very wrong with me..
    I really need help figuring this out. I know people would want to feel high every day, but not me I hate it so much its been a year… and that fact that I dont smoke and feel high is scary.

  29. Hello I’ve got a drug test coming up in 25 days. It’s the initial drug test for USMC Boot Camp. I smoked k2 about 2 days ago, and it was the first time since forever ago. I’m just curious if the military drug tests are more accurate or if you think the 3 day window will still hold true. Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Alex. A chronic smoker have been smoking for a long time, and have a hard time stopping. And, 3 grams are huge amount to smoke at once.

  30. I smoked it with my friend thinking it was normal marijuana but the person who gave it to us still let us smoke it. I felt like I was going to die, I felt like I was in a horror movie and I was panicking for 3 hours straight and everything was disoriented. My friend felt the same way. This all happened last night. Today, I couldn’t go to work because I still felt effected by it because I was so light headed and dizzy and paranoid. I told my mom everything but I’m just really scared. I’m afraid that this feeling will last forever and the heart pounding won’t go away and idk what a doctor would even say.

  31. Hello I smoked a blunt of synthetic bud. I get drug tested with my probation officer on Monday at 2pm. Will I get busted /:

  32. I found out my son has been doing spice for years! Although he has stopped, his Character has changed! He lies more often, does not respect my requests made, he’s forgetful almost immediately, he talks back, he makes bad decisions etc. Is this a life long problem he’s created? Is his brain permanently damaged? I’m so beside myself! At one point I would have sold my soul to the devil believing this boy would never use drugs! I watch him like a hawk and he’s made me paranoid and untrusting of him and it’s killing me!
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  33. I got probation and I smoked spice I want to know if its gonna be detected in my drug test can you help me??
    Would you know ??

  34. I tried weed for the 2nd time, it seems that this time we were sold K2 . We didn’t expect for this to happen. 10 minutes after smoking I began to black out and not know where I was . I repeatedly kept saying ” babe I’m high” to my boyfriend , as if I was a robot. I went to the hospital and left because they said they wouldn’t really do anything but let me sleep it off. It’s the next day and I feel weird and scared and out of it. At some points I feel burning sensations in different parts of my body or can’t feel them at all. Am I ok? What should I expect ? Should I be rushing to the hospital ?

  35. The spice I had just made me sleepy. Sure I felt the phsyco active high for a minute but that was just more like a fix. I’m worried that someone sprayed heroin on my spice. Is that possible? I’m finally waking up 12 hours later. I got to drug test Thursday. This Thursday and I want to know if I’ll test positive for something!!!!

  36. i smoke 4 hits of spice off a blunt 8/14/15 and might have a drug test on thursday will i pass ive been clean for a while

  37. If the ER were to run the normal tox screen, blood tests, and urine tests for an overdose, would there be any abnormalities in the results if someone was on spice? If so, what would be abnormal? How is spice detected?

  38. I smoked spice one time 6 days ago. Thought I was Ganna have to call 911 it’s now been six days and my body does not feel right my speech has gotten bad I get lightheaded and dizzy I don’t feel all here will this go away or do I need to get medical attention?

  39. mark
    7:55 pm July 27th, 2015

    I’m on parole and I smoke alot of spice will it show up on my test.

    Mark- don’t know mate. I bet that shyte has something to do with you being on parole.

    Get off that cr*p now and no more parole……bet ya!!

  40. Me again..!
    It’s about 11 days and no spice, I really hate the thought of it now and what I’ve spent on it.
    Not just money but the emotional investment.
    Still using a bit of mellow green but happy with that, I’m using it, it’s not using me with
    spice it’s the other way round.
    My spend on puff has halved overnight!!!
    Let me tell you life is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO better without SPICE.
    Not perfect but whos and what is.
    SPICE stands for SICK PEOPLE IN CARE EVERWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This aint no pal to be missed, this aint no mate who’ll dig you out the poop, this ain’t no lover who’ll hold and love you, this aint a child who call you Daddy and put there tiny hand in yours.

    This is your enemy, who at first makes out we’re all cool and paly.
    Then takes your money, then chipps away at the soul and keeps coming back to say, hey remember me? we are so good together!!!

    Truth is – He’s a C**T who is using you and he will not leave you alone until it’s far too late.

    He’s no pal. In fact he’s the Devil. Bet this has been developed by some ISIS Chemist to f**k
    the WEST and US.

    He’s not f**king me anymore.

    Rant over. thanks for listing xx

  41. Well been smoking this shyte on and off for about 3 or 4 years.
    The last year has been a bit heavy with 2 – 4 grams a day.
    Waking up at all hours and smoking, smoking on and off all day.
    Wasting money etc.
    5 days and no spice, a little grass as a taper. Sleeping really well, appitite returning, stools firming
    and clouds lifting.
    Feel really good, not smoking the grass anyway like the spice, just a couple of single skinners#
    to take the edge off, not strong stuff, a bit of weed.
    Please God, long may this continue, onwards and upwards.

  42. ps, This might not be for all people but a few beers days after might take the nasty edge off it. I worked for me. ( only a few take in mind ).

  43. Big shout out too ‘I hate spice with a passion ‘ I too have tried this hell off a RC and o’d by accident, I didnt feel well for nearly 4 days after some sort of psychotic episode , and still feel off key – but keep your heads up all it just takes time and remember not to panic yourself and remember that even though it might seem ages you’ll be back track and stay strong ( and it might be a long journey but you’ll come out of it 10 times stronger in the long run) stay strong.

  44. I smoked spice with a few friends July 1st and I felt fine after that but I smoked it 2 days later and I felt super weird like I was dizzy and I was also having bad enxiety and I was panicking a lot. And now it’s July 5th and I still feel very weird !!! I’m only 14 and also have Tourette’s syndrome and I got pressured into it

  45. @Pasha Drink lots if water Your body is dehydrated that’s why your heart is pumping fast and drink milk to bring down the high. let me know if anything else happens

  46. Hi,I smoked Spice today ,the “friend” that gave it to me said it was Marijuhana..later confesed it was Spice…After inhaling 3-4 smokes ,I started to feel numb (not extreme) after about 3min..My heart beated faster and my head was spinning,after 30min or so it started to get normal again ,but still felt the effect a little,It’s been 4 hours since that ,and my heart beat only because I’m afraid somethings gonna happen :/ I’m afraid to sleep !

    Anything to do? Thanks for any answear!

  47. I used spice to quit smoking pot big mistake it hooked me quick to the point that I had to smoke all day every day or with out fail I’d be layed up throwing up for days strait and without fail even wile i was on it I’d wake up in the middle of the night soked in my own sweat and had to smoke if I didn’t smoke every 2 hrs I’d be sick to the point ppl thot I was on heroin it took a lot to get clean I’m still fighting it but please stay away from it or get help if u can’t it had me for well over a yr

  48. I have smoked k2 for a few months almost every day I had stopped for 5 days took a drug test today after drinking two detox drinks water and cranberry juice my urine was clear for the drop cup and I also did detox baths and drank water with lemon and have been on drug court so they are running my p for k2. Will I be ok? Thanks

  49. I have roommates living with me and my husband and two kids. Over the last couple days I have been smelling this aweful incense-like, chemical burning smell. Something I’ve never smelled before until now. I’ve smoked pot before and am fully aware of its odor. But just before I smell this my roommate sprays a deodorizer that smells like oranges. Closes their door and doesn’t open it for anyone unless to use the bathroom. I have confronted them both with my suspicions in a mature respectable manner. These people are my friends and I value their friendship greatly. They deny smoking anything except cigarettes and also cannot smell the odor I’m speaking of. This is making me so nauseous I’m puking my guts out each time I smell it and confine myself to my room. Please tell me if this is what spice smells like or if I’m just being paranoid? I am not pregnant, nor do I do any other type of drugs to cause this nausea. I’m just looking to get some guidance on the possibilities of this smell. And whether or not I’m being lied to. I don’t want to accuse someone of this if its not happening.

  50. I have a friend who is on probation and gets drug tested everyday. He smoked spice and he went in for a drug test a few hours later when he was sober. They sent it off so he is really scared. Will they be able to detect it?

  51. I use spice regularly and have only had 1 bad experience. Usually I have an extreme high for 10 minutes and a weed high for a couple hours. I love it and the only adverse side effect is the extreme munchies

  52. Im back again still not smoking spice and still having fits although there not epaleptic my docter said its coused by anxiaty and the psychosis is still there aswell i have to see a nurolagist to have cat scans on my brain i will repost again when i get the results so we should no wot perminant damage it can course i aint guna put it down to 1 brand as i smoked bud factory/ vertex xmas addition/ vertex pirate addition/ sweet leaf ablitoration/ exadus damnation/ another exadus/ 4-20/ spun out/ blue chease/armogeden/ inalation/ inalation vol2 and many more

  53. Hello there, I smoked about 4 hits of potpourri for the first time 3 days ago, I had a terrible time, I was sweating I felt weak and exhausted, also I wanted to get rid of the feeling, so I went a bit paranoid, I woke up about 4 times each night and now I only feel a bad mood and I feel dizzy , will I get rid of this feeling and when? I hope I’ll be the same as I was before, please make me sure it isn’t permanent, I had a terrible time (and I still have) and I will never do this again, I made a huge mistake

  54. I was a heavey spice user before xmas smokin uoto 3 grams a day. I stopped smoking it for a couple of weeks. Then me and my ex partner split up and i went back to spice smokin 5 grams in under 24 hours. That is the most i ever consumed in 1 day then after that i cut down only having 1 gram. After about a week of not smoking it i had 1 nut on a bong it made my bodie start to shake but i was fine. Then 3 days after smoking the bong wich was only last week i woke up and was fine for half an hour or so then i went psychotic and was having seasures with ny eyes open and i new wot was going on whiles having fits. It scared me bad. I went to hospital and it was a waist of time the docter said i will have the symptoms for the next 6 hours wich he changed to 24 hours. That was last wednesday and i am only just feeling normal today (saterday). After doing some research on wikipidia it said that the psychosiscan last from 7 weeks to 7 months, dose this meen although im fine now i could go psychotic again in a couple of weeks time? Tge docter also said i have got drug indused psychosis dose this mean everytime i smoke spice will i go psychotic and hqve the seasures or im i ok to smoke it again to get the high i like without going weird again? I aint smoked it since but i went and brought vertex pirate addition (spice) but im unsure if to smoke it. I dont wont to go psychotic again after it happend i was stabbing nyself in the arm with a blunt hair grip peirced the skin. I dont wont to put myself in that kind of danger again. Would i be ok if i smoked it again or is it guna be 100% that i will go psychotic again? I apricuate any advice given and woild like to say thankyou in advanced

  55. I have recently started smoking spice here and there and i have had no problem with it although in till the other day when i was with my boyfriend and we smoked a bowl then i went into a seizure im not sure what happened, i cant remember a thing but i have never had one before and in which my boyfriend believes it spice. He had to give me mouth to mouth in hopes id breathe again he had told me that i was frothing at the mouth, and this went on for 3-4 1/2 minutes till he had to call 911. They had asked him alot of questions seeing i wasnt able to. But his main concern is how how does it last in your system? we smoke about i would say 4g per day.

  56. Hi Linds. I have gone through the wd process MULTIPLE times over the past 4 years. Your bf will be ok just be sure hes keeping atleast half of what hes trying to eat/drink down. The longest ive had to endure is 6 days. If hes not keeping anything down not even the ice chips then you need to take him to the er and get some fluids in him via IV. Dehydration is the quickest way to hurt yourself while dealing with wd.

  57. Can someone who has gone through the wd process from spice please help. .. my bf quit smoking 3 days ago and has not eaten but a few saltine crackers, he has been constantly sipping water and eating ice cubes …. but cannot pee more than a few trickles and has not pooped, is this cause to go to the er or is it from lack of appetite from the detox stage?we are starting to get worried, he is still having the hot/cold sweats and cannot sleep more than an hour or 2 at a time and has no appetite. please someone help.

  58. I smoked spice at about 10pm last night and have a drug test tomorrow at about 530. Can these chems be diluted in the same way thc can?

  59. I changed my face feature totally like a differrent person after attempt with experiments that trying to remove dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes by combining nutmed spice, Hemp body moisturizer and Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating cleanser and left them on my face for a whole night (eight hours) , now I want my former face feature back, please HELP, thks for a millions.

    Nancy Ta

  60. With what has been researched in the history of smoking spice do they know what has been the norm it would stay in someones system? Does the paranoia go away in time?

  61. I smoked about three hits of spice at about 3:00 Tuesday afternoon. I have to see my p.o. On Friday, not this Friday; but the following Friday. So that gives me about 9 days, would I be clean by then. Any info would helpful and greatly appreciated.

  62. Hello, I am a chronic spice smoker, smoking at about 1 joint a day. I have not smoked in 5 days since I am expecting to be special tested for spice by my probation officer today. Well I was. However, I also workout every day I am about 5’4” 135lb female. Do you think the test will come back positive? I won’t know the results for 2 weeks and I am freaking out.

  63. When my friend smoked a kind of spice called “Mr. Badass”; he had only taken one hit and he instantly blacked out and began running around like a maniac. He was arrested and brought to the hospital almost immediately. When he got back all he could remember was abut a half hour before he smoked and then about an hour after he was released from the hospital, everything in between is a blur. The time before that he blackout except this time we were inside, he was freaking out in his sleep and when he woke he said that he thought he had died and was in hell for what felt like hours. He hasn’t been the same person since. Are these symptoms normal? And will his memory return? And to all those who plan on trying this, honestly you’d be better off just risking smoking Marijuana.

  64. I have a pet that seems lathargic and has been hospitalized, but they can’t seem to find anything wrong with her if she eats this can this cause her to seem like she had a stroke not cohearant? Also what is Head Rush 50X

  65. Hi,
    Just wondered how long bud factory stays in your system for and what’s in it as my parents urine test me for synthetic cannabis and I’m off it now completely but worried there wasting there money on synthetic cannabis tests that don’t test for bud factory

  66. I’m 26; have been smoking spice on a daily basis for 3 years. It has cost me and my wife our marriage, we both used our lives were totally changed. Because of this my mouth hurts constantly, I have been in and out of ER for chest pain, stomach problems… I can honestly say it took over our life’s, we would do anything to get it. I stopped smoking it, have been trying to get my life together but it’s hard! I’m so addicted to this it is difficult! It has a hold on u. I can testify this is a horrible drug and people should be really careful with this. It’s not worth losing my family. I regret every minute of it.

  67. My best friend has been smoking spice for a few months now and I’ve always heard it wasn’t good for you but I didn’t know the extent of the danger until she just recently got really sick and had a psychotic breakdown on me and started cussing me out bc I told her no to doing something for her. She has been having kidney issues where she is in real bad pain in her back, vomiting and nausea and blood in her urine. She went to urgent care but they did nnothing.the symptoms have been going on for 1 week now and I’m really worried about her. She has a 5 yr old and a 10 month old. She smokes it, that I see, at least 7-10 times daily and will do anything to get it. She can not go a day without it. I want to tell her aunt who raised her about it but I know that if I do she will get extremely mad and make up rumors about me (bc she has recently started going crazy and doing crazy things ). I’m honestly scared to be around her when she is mad…Idk what to do…help?

  68. I’ve only smoked spice about 5 times and the first times all I did was get a high for about 40 minutes. I smoked it out of a pipe the first 3 times and I got high, then I smoked it out of a gravity bong the 4th time and everything was alright. Then, the 5th time I didn’t know it was spice and it was in a blunt…and anyways my friends were passing it around and so it got to me and I thought it was weed. I took 2 big hits and 1 minute later I saw to trip and then it just got worst so I fell asleep; in my dream I also tripped out bad; when I woke up and I’m still tripping…then it starts to go down lil by lil. When it’s fully done I get out of the car because we stopped at this park and my heart was pounding. I was scared but my friends calmed me down and got me water. After that I was fine and then, 3 years later I was in a theater watching a movie and I had that feeling again and my heart started pounding and I couldn’t stand still. So, I start praying and I just sit thru the whole movie. The next 2 to 5 days I started to feel the feeling almost the whole day. The only thing that got me thru it was reggae music and walking around and or talking to people. So, now I can’t go back to the same park because I start to feel it again and not even the street that it’s on. I still remember what I saw and it sucks.. I can’t really smoke real dank marijuana because it starts to come back.. I’m not sure I will be the same ever again.. but right now it’s July 7, 2014 .. I have marijuana but I don’t smoke it. I figured I would just have it for emergency. And I can’t sit in the same spot I sat on the car I tripped in, In any car. Let me tell you this… Stick To The Natural Stuff ONLY!!. And I was 13 when I tripped and now I’m 16…

  69. My son’s friend is 8 1/2 months pregnant and she has been smoking spice every day 3 to 4 times a day. can it be found in the baby’s blood if they get a blood test for it. the father want a blood test done to see if the baby has in it his body when its born. and maybe try and get the child. she only cans about herself…thanks hope you hear from you soon…

  70. If he won’t go to the hospital try and get him to go to an urgent care or his primary care doctor. The vomiting and diarrhea could cause him to dehydrate to the point that he would need to be hospitalized for IV fluids. The doctor will prescribe him something for the nausea and vomiting and will probably suggest something for the diarrhea, keeping his electrolytes in balance is very important.And ask the doctor what you can purchase to help get his fluids back in balance he will know. I’m a nurse and i work in a jail and i deal with this alot. Hope this helps…Christi

  71. So my boyfriend has been smoking spice off and on for the last year and daily for the last 3-4 months with many failed attempts to taper off and eventually quitting all together, which he was never successful at. He got called out on Sunday to start work , so on Monday night he quit smoked his last little bit. When he got me from work on Tuesday he was Nauseated, sweating, exhausted, irritated, and the list goes on. Tuesday night he didn’t sleep much and by morning had to call into work with the “Flu” Weds Morning, Same symptoms but worse: he was throwing up, on the toilet for 30 mins. at a time, sweating, had restless legs, couldn’t at and once again the list goes on. Thursday, He said he felt better, but that didn’t last long as he continued to vomit, can’t hold his liquids down for too long, still sweating, hasn’t been able to eat at all including broths, and has anxiety that has subsided a bit.

    So my question now, is should I take him to the Hopsital? he said he would let me earlier then as we were out the door changed his mind. Never did I think “Spice” would make someone feel like they were coming off of opiates and it’s scaring the shit out of me. I have ready anything and everything on it, but feel as though I am at a loss.
    If anyone can please help me with information related to these withdrawals I would greatly appreciate it.

  72. Ive been smoken spice for 2 yrs now….but.desided tostop due to it ruining my teeth and i keep hacking black stuff up…ive been off for 3 days now and still hacking black stuff got a chest x ray they say my lungs are ok…so wheres all this black stuff coming from and whens it going to stop…..

  73. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I haven’t smoke spice since April 8th, 2014. It’s currently the 25th of May, 2014. I am in a Drug Court program & am required to pay $30 every Monday & have got positive UA’s 3 times since I stopped snoking. I know I smoked a minimum of 5 grams a day of spice, but since this article was written about 3 years ago. Is there any updates that can help me out.

  74. I hate that spice drug it has made me and my family really ill I nearly lost my mother in law last night it is a very dangerous drug and it should not be being sold in head shops or gas stations it is killing people and making people really ill

  75. I had a birthday party last night and my mate passed a joint round but it wasn’t weed it was a drug called spice and it’s made a few of us really ill being sick dhiroer and sweating how long does it take to get out of your system after smoking 3 puffs on it x

  76. Last night I had nightmares of being in a horrible trip. I woke up so scared and lost. I feel like it’s just getting worse.

  77. On January 3, me and some friends smoked what we thought was just regular weed, but the person who dropped it off lied to us and actually gave us spice. It didn’t affect my friends like it did to me.. But To me “the weed” sort of off and I questioned it due to the fact that I have smoked ATLEAST 8 times before and I’m pretty sure I know it should look like. To me it was darkish green but I just shrugged it off and smoked. We had a dime of this stuff and there were 3 of us so we smoked it all. I noticed something was wrong when I forgot what conversation I was having with a friend and that everything seemed slow and my heart beat was the only thing I can feel. Yesterday was a month since it happened and I’m still having a dream like feeling, visual distortion, numbness (which makes me more scared) feelings that I’m someone else, and when I talk the sound of my voice doesn’t feel like I’m actually saying it..extreme anxiety due to the fact that I don’t feel like myself and just freak out because I don’t understand how things are happening and how I am a human and sleeping is not easy. I somewhat mix my dreams with reality since everything feels like a dream. I just want to feel better. Has anyone gone through this and got better like back to the way they were before smoking spice? If so please reply to this, it would give me the hope I need.

  78. Still having weird symptoms from k2 spice, like head pressure and shit.I have brain fog like a motherfucker and heart palpitations anxiety and confusion which I’ve never had so bad. K2 for me was an overall scary trip :p

  79. I think spice stays in your system for 30 days or more depending on your metabolism but I’ve been told the side effects can last up to 6 months umm that sucks there has to be a way to get it out faster

  80. Hi again ppl so I guess I’ll never get a rid of the static sound in my head.Its there every minute of every day and my mind is not functioning like it should. So is this just a short term side effect ? Or is it permanent ? Ugh idk

  81. Hey my name is Demetra I’m 18 and my first hit of spice was last December 1/2 weeks before Xmas.for the first 5 minutes was great I even felt a little buzzed until one of the friends I was with started looking like a first it didn’t bother me then I had this weird feeling in my chest and could feel my heart speeding up rapidly, I wasn’t prossesing anything anyone was saying.1 minute felt like forever and I felt like I was going to have a seizure.I felt like I couldn’t breath it felt like pressure in my was like my own personal living nightmare that I couldn’t escape my friend went to a gas station across the street from where the party was and bought me 2 of the 99 schnapps alcohol and within 15 min I was feeling better at least the panic attack stopped. Well its Jan 23 and on Jan 18th I was feigning for a CIG cuz I was out and let me add I hadn’t had one all day so I asked a friend for one. After the first 2 hits I started having heart was a fortuna short CIG and its taset was horrible it tasted like motor oil tbh it actually made me cough and then I started having a panic attack. Right now I feel like I’m not real its like I’m dreaming and I’m having trouble communicating with my family and friends I’m basically having panic attacks for no reason my head feels muddled and sometimes I hear static.I wonder if my CIG was laced with something cuz it didn’t taste normal. Ever since Jan 18th I’ve been feeling like there anyone out there that can help me I don’t know what to do anymore never been so depressed.

  82. I have a family member is addicted to this stuff and it is causing extreme problems for him. I need to help him and would like to know what I can do to help him kick this stuff. How can I help him detox off of this crap asap? I am scared for him. He has three children and a wife and he is out of control. Before my family and I have an intervention I would like to have some ideas on how to help and get him off of it. Do you have any tips on detox for the “coming down” effects? Please I am willing to do anything to help him!!

  83. i took two puffs of spice went to sleep that day and the next day i felt tingling and three weeks pasted and i still feel the tingling and some times i feel a little buzz but it goes away what do u think i should do for the tingling and this feeling?????

  84. My daughter took one hit off spice and went crazy from what iam hearing and was hallucinating and so her so called friends threw her in a cold shower to help her snap out, and no one thought to contact her mother so i can rush her to an ER, and 3 weeks later my daughter is still having the symptoms and iam not a happy mom, kids are stupid these days and im against all this crap studies have found there are some harsh chemicals and unknown chemicals in Spice, so now its a waiting game, and follow ups with Dr’s to see if there is any damage to the brain to keep having these symptoms. I will love to hear any feed back..

  85. she also keeps saying she feels foggy like shes not all here and slow and her speach slightly slurred. This is her 1st time and she also says her heart feels sore and pressure in her chest.

  86. My mother took a couple hits trying to go to sleep from rls and says she couldnt breathe and was completely paralized. Someone that found her said that her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she was lifeless. She said she thought she died and came back. Even when she came to she couldnt speak to anyone and had racing heart and cold and clammy skin very pale. That was just yesterday it mostly only lasted for about an hour. She then felt very confused and scared… As of this moment she is nervous, a little confused, shaky and a bit overwhelmed but refuses to seek treatment. Almost like anxiety… I am honestly more scared because of everything I have read and it seems she had one of the more severe cases. How long do I really have to worry about her, will she gain any more symptoms and what is the longest someone has had symptoms that you have heard. are there any reccomendations as to what I can do for her?

  87. I’ve been smoking Kush, klimax, Master Kush,etc. since 2010 HEAVILY!
    Most days a bag a day, give or take. Have been DRUG FREE 6 days now!
    At times my body feels drained, weak in my legs, just have no energy.
    Is this normal, one of the side effects? Any suggestions what I can do to help me regain my strength and energy? I’ve signed up with the marine corps so i really need some help on this issue as quick as possible…..thanks Howell

  88. i usually smoke a 10 gram bag or half (5grams) a day effects after each session of smoking usually a joint or 2 last 25 minutes to 40 mins. and withdraw (mental withdraw) after not smoking the substance for about to days more intense but way less lengthy than marijuana. I would have to disagree with most of all responses in terms of they amount of time spent high/intoxicated by consumer. although the paranoia effects are easily explained as un enjoyable. i do not understand they effects most of you are experiencing. not saying i dont think its unhealthy terrible congestion, small bumps on the roof of ur moth and hard to urinate at times which ibelieve is the prostate being effected after extented use

  89. @ i hate spice with a passion:

    From the timing of your posts I surmise it took approximately a year for you to feel fully recovered? In addition to your depression and anxiety, did you experience memory issues or have issues speaking (mixing up words and having trouble finding the right word to say)? The dementia/aphasia like symptoms I’ve experienced since I took that fateful hit are by far the most worrisome to me. It’s been about 7 months and I still feel far from “normal.”

  90. How come it is hard for someone to admit they are smoking spice? How can we get them off of spice? Is there a treatment we can send someone to help them to stop smoking it? Like a help line ? How can we go about getting it banned in our state?

  91. Sorry cassie for the verrryyy late reply, but yes everything does get better, its hard for a while but u just gotta keep your head up and keep telling yourself its all in ur head and u will be fine in no time, i was still effected by it the last time i commented, and its been several months and i am feeling no effects from it anymore! 🙂 im so happy to finaly be back to normal and its the best feeling in the world! no more depression, no more anxiety and panic attacks, no more paranoia, no more nothing! 🙂 just never go to the doctors about it because they will tell you that you will be like it for the rest of your life and that will fuck your head up into believing that its for life which will slow down your recovery… so like i said, stay on top, just think about the futture and how happy your going to be! 🙂 you’ll feel better in no time i promise,
    Stay strong!

  92. i once smoked spice but i didnt inhaled it and i only hited 1 time, 4 months later feb,14,2013 i smoked it and hited 3 times but i didnt knew spice could be that bad i was in the car with a couple of friends and 5 minutes later i started to hallucinate and have anxiety attack and i could hear myself speaking with echoes i was soffucating and really scare i scratch my neck and got out of the car and started runing away the only way i could feel ok was if i started to run faster, 4 hours later i was “ok” when i got home i told my mom what happened and i couldnt sleep thinking that i was gona die, the next they i was kind of hallucinating a little bit but not that much, 2 days later i was in the car with my boss and when i looked at him in the car i started to hallucinate and i could feel my boddy really hot, since then ive been scare to get inside of my car i cant drive or look inside the car i have to put my window down and put head phones on or the noise of thecar will start making me feel bad again, in 2 weeks im taking the ACT (test to go to college during the summer) and i dont want to start goign through this while im taking the test next to a whole bunch of people help me what should i do today its the 25th of march its been a month i dont want to stay like this forever:'(

  93. I tried synthetic weed on thursay around 8:40 pm. the effects were horrible. Now its Sunday and I still feel the side effects, especially anxiety and nausea, phopbia i feel a little better. Then the anxiety comes back again I go from being really hungry then when i eat i get full really quick and want to throw up . How long will this last. Im very scared. Im worried this will last a long time

  94. i just smoked yesterday and this person told me it was loud but it was really stink and smelled like eggs and shyt i havent been feeling good lately it just happened yesterday and i still dnt feel good please help me

  95. I have been detected with this substance AM-694, AM-2201 in my blood there has been several months since i smoked this substance. Is it posible that i still have it in my system??

  96. First off I want to say that I am very glad that I have found this site/ blog. I started smoking spice during my summer vacation when a friend offered it to me and did not know of it’s addictive qualities. After trying it a few more times socially I grew dependent on it and eventually that dependency turned into a full blown addiction. I smoked chronically for 3-4 months until I finally quit cold turkey and have refused to touch this stuff again. I had heard from other forums that alcohol works so I had tried it and I can say from my experience that it does relieve some of the pain. It’s been months now and I still feel some of the effects but they have been getting better, I still feel depressed and on occasion I do feel suicidal but i’ve had a long lasting history of depression. I’ve been trying to take hold of the situation but it’s difficult, the anxiety combined with the depression I already had has been taking it’s toll on me. One of the greatest ways to relieve this stress and pain however is through healthy exercise and eating healthy. It’s been a few months since I last ingested spice and I have noticed an improvement in my memory, health and anxiety and I was a chronic user, so there is hope for everyone else.

  97. I smoked spice throught my summer vacation. one time i had a bad trip it felt like pressure was building up in my chest and i was about to have a heart attack. ever since then i have shortness of breath and other anxiety like symptoms. and a bit of psychosis. is there a natural way to cure all of it or do i need a doctor? please help :0

  98. well me and my bud were both currious, he has a job to where they do random testing for spice due to past incidents in the company, our question is, since DEA has banned spice and companies still currently manufacture “herbal incense” that does not contain jwh-015/jwh018/hu210 or any of the five chemicals banned, what could they possibly be testing for? will this new breed of spice make him positive for a spice urinalysis? is there any new information on how long this stuff stays in your system?

  99. ok so i was reading and basically somone said that its not water saluable but id have to disagree because ive been smoking fake for 3 months now and not long ago they tested me 4 it and the results came back negitive wen i smokeed the whole week b4 except for the lastday. the day b4 my test i drank alot of water not to much though. oh n maybe the fake weed is light weight so it sticks to the top because i dumped out the top of my piss it was about an inch b/c the cup was full well eny ways im no docter but i knoe my piss came out clean

  100. hey, i smoke spice about 2 to 3 times a week, and its now selling on the streets like (bud, crack ect..) i have to take a hair folical test mid dec.. will it show up??

  101. Hi A.B. If you’ve taken a drug test at a SAMHSA certified lab, request that they test SAMPLE B for a re-confirmation. If this second sample tests dirty, the only conclusion for a Medical Review Officer is usually USE/ABUSE.

  102. I have a very serious question about the JWH-018 compound. I used an excess of “spice” for almost a year and a half. I stopped taking it and it continued to show up on specific drug tests for over 5 months. It has now been a year since the last usage and I have tested positive for JWH-018 after testing negative in the last month. How can this be possible if I did not use the product in any way shape or form? PLEASE HELP I need evidence to support my claim that I have not used it and it has shown in my urine. :/

  103. hi cassie, yeah the language skills are probably linked to the bad trip on the legal high, and its felt the same for me, even after a long time i still feel part of the effects, and the reason i like to help people out who have made the same mistake is because i tried this legal high as it come out, before people started experiencing bad side effects to it and i remember going through the whole anxiety/panic attack horror with no-one who would know what i was going through… i had no-one who could understand and feel what i felt so it just makes me feel better knowing someone else who had made the same mistake has at least got someone who understands it. But stay strong cus time is the only cure 🙂

  104. P.S. Mr. I hate spice with a passion,
    I should have made that my name, or something similar. I despise it, it is pure evil, it has fucked me up. I can almost guarantee it has effected my language skills. Before I smoked it i was approaching being fluent in spanish. Now i can’t remember half of what I have learned over my spanish teachings. I am already a paranoid person so this crap REALLY didn’t help and it has been a rollercoaster ride through hell. And I know many others out there are going through the same thing, that’s why I think its so wonderful that you offer yourself as an understanding ear

  105. Hi, I just wanted to share my story and hopefully keep others from making the same mistake I did. At the beginning of this past summer my boyfriend and I decided to try this certain spice called scooby snax. I read online that it worked and it was legit so we bought it and tried it. From the get-go it made me paranoid and was pretty unpleasant, but I kept smoking it. And after everytime i would ask myself why, why the hell did i smoke that crap again!? and I finally figured it out, I was addicted. My boyfriend was also hooked. We tried quitting, but that S**T was as addictive as heroine or cocaine, if not more. We literally spent ALL of our money on it throughout the duration of the summer. $200+ a week, and that was with a ten dollar discount. Whats more I had the most terrifying experience of my life. I accidentally took a big hit and immediately I felt something was wrong, I could tell I had just made a big mistake. And then it hit me, I tripped out full blown panic anxiety psychotic episode what ever you want to call it i was not on this earth anymore and everything i saw terrified me, my heart was racing, I couldn’t communicate, i felt incredibly sick to my stomach and was freaking the F**k out. My boyfriend almost called 911. Luckily the effects of spice don’t last long and I came down after what felt like roughly 30 minutes of tripping. My boyfriend informed me only 4 minutes had passed. Those were the longest most terrifying minutes of my life. We spent all our money on this sh*t, got addicted, and I personally almost lost my mind. Spice is HORRIBLE!!! It is HIGHLY addictive, ALL of them not just scooby btw. Do yourself a favor and never ever smoke synthetic marijuana.

  106. Lots of good info on this page that helped me out so I thought I’d contribute. I’ve been using different brands of what you guys call ‘spice’ (we have different brands here in Australia) for 2 years. I’ve got a high level career where I’m constantly getting tested. It’s usually just the standard tests that don’t look for synthetic cannabinoids so I’ve been ok. I’m potentially facing a test that does include these so I did a lot of research including contacting various workplace test providers and the manufacturers of the product I use. In short – the second generation blends CAN BE DETECTED. In particular, the JWH-018 variants. As everyone knows there are many different variants of each of the main synthetic cannabinoid compounds. So for those using the second gen products thinking they’ll be ok, unfortunately, think again. Addiction Blog, firstly thanks for all the info, your a very knowledgable guy. You discussed this issue earlier and suggested the second gen products probably wouldn’t be detected. Unfortunately I have found out otherwise, and thought I’d share on here for any others wondering.

  107. Hi i was wondering if u bought spice that says it does not contain JWH will u still drop dirty for spice if there testing u with a spice test? I bought it from a smoke shop and havent had a bad trip since ive been using.

  108. i am on probahtion but want to do something like spice once or twice a month. do you think that it would show up on a drug test a month after i smoke it?

  109. one last thing since the government keep banning some chemical they are alway changing and if you get the ones they sell in the store the test that they might have wont pick it up because the chemicals are not the same anymore. but if you are on probation and smoke it because of that dont because when you get off weed wont work and it is very addictive it is like the crack of weed just like crack is to cocaine. just putting it out there that what you read on the internet and hear in the news is not the 100 percent

  110. no one has truly died from smoking straight spice they die because they do stupid stuff like smoking it out of a plasic pez dispencer or slipping on a wet rock and busting their head open and drowning and the media is tring to scare people so they stop bying spice. i was a chronic smoke for 3 year and the only thing that i can say is when you quit you get realy bad anxiety and when you try to smoke real weed it wont work for like a month or 2. and the test they have are not accurate and are only in the fist few stages of development.

  111. Hello Ovid. We’re glad that you found us, too!

    Yes, it’s possible to have such a strong reaction to one hit because cannabinoids are not 100% evenly distributed as the product is sprayed on the plant materials. In fact, some herbs absorb much, much more cannabinoid compound than others. The uneven dosing is what makes one blend or one bunch of herbs particularly potent and hallucinations possible. This is one of the very dangerous outcomes of smoking Spice: because Spice is unregulated, smoking any blend of Spice is like playing “Russian roulette”.

  112. I want to first say that I am very glad that I found this blog, and the intelligent, patient, and professional manner in which the blog is answering the questions just seems great. I’ll be brief. A little over a month ago, some friends and I smoked some spice (it was a very stupid decision, one I think we all regret). I can’t remember the brand name, I would have to go to my local cigar shop and ask.
    One of my friends told me last night that she has had three hallucinatory panic attacks that resulted in her getting sick, since we smoked the spice. I have spent all morning researching, and traversing the internet to find answers, and I am seeing a trend of having some mental affects after its usage, but it seemed to me that people having anxiety / panic attacks did it multiple times, took too much, have been taking it over a period of time, etc. She only took one puff of it from a bowl, a single hit, is it possible that she is having a reaction to the spice? I had some of the spice as well, and I have been feeling fine since then. Is it possible that some people are unaffected and others are not? I really want to give her answers that will calm her down, reassure her, and make her feel better, I am extremely worried for her sake. I feel responsible, being the one who provided the spice to my friends – and I would feel absolutely terrible if I have caused permanent mental damage to a close friend. I was up half the night, and have been furiously researching all morning in hopes that I can give her some calming, reassuring news. Anything you can tell me at all would be greatly appreciated, and I will be sure to report anything / everything I can back to this blog, to help increase the overall knowledge concerning spice and its effects.

  113. I feel like im in a dream, its only been one day and i hope it goes away but i feel so anxious, when it first hit me i kinda blacked out and my spine felt hot and my head felt shaky. I’ve functioned fine throughout the day but I do not feel like im all there. I want this to go away ive been running and drinking water all day and it hasnt seemed to help yet. Dont do spice!

  114. michelle,
    spice has a burning plastic sort of smell when being smoked, but if someone has been smoking spice then you wont be able to tell… the only ways in which you can tell if he is still under the influence of the drug, is his reactions…. when i was smoking spice i could barely talk to my family or friends…. i would be called for dinner and go downstairs and eat in in peace while everyone is talking. Another way to tell if he is still under the influence is that he may have moments when he stares into nothing and maybe smiles sometimes “zones out” but this also happens when under the influence of cannabis, so you wouldnt know which one he is on. Unless he is acting strange and really unsocial, there are not a lot of other ways to tell, hope this helps 🙂

  115. Hi Nikki. As far as I know, Spice is tested via urinalysis and has not yet been commercially developed as a hair follicle test. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  116. Hi Michelle,

    While I don’t know the answer to your question based on personal experience, I have looked into it for you on the web. It seems that unlike marijuana, synthetic cannabis does not have a signature smell. So it’s possible that Spice use might go undetected from a smell-sense-perspective.

  117. thank you so much for your responses. I had no idea i could order a test for this. One more question, does spice have a smell? Does it smell like weed or not even close? just wondering if thats a way he is doing it right under my nose and I would have no idea.

  118. Hi Michelle. Thanks for your questions.

    Spice is currently detected in outsourced laboratory urinalysis testing. Home test kits detect THC, not synthetic cannabinoids. You’ll have to ask what kind of drug panel is used in the doctor’s office. If it’s a DOT 5 panel to test for other drugs of use (THC, opiates, PCP, amphetamines, cocaine)…Spice will NOT show up.

    Yes, I would also be suspicious of his Spice use. You can always order a send-away Spice testing kit from the outsourced laboratories and test him yourself!

  119. My fiance and I have battle about him smoking weed. last time to my knowledge he smoked was Sept 5th. when I drug tested him, now a little over 2 weeks ago it came up pos for weed. I then had him go to his suboxone drs to get drug tested so I could see the levels of weed in his system. Well for one, the test came back inconclusive, when he went to his appt the other day I guess the level of weed was supposed to be between .0003 and .0050 well it showed up .0001 which I guess is TOO low, meaning he drank too much water. I asked him how much water he drank before his test he tells me FOUR of the poland spring bottles that have the pop top, they are just about 24oz. I said um ya I too would think u tried to flush it out of your system as well as your dr did. He has to go back to his drs in 2 weeks to see how his new drug test comes about, ya well of course the weed SHOULD be lower in his system if the last time he smoked was Sept 5th. I guess time will tell. Anyways as I previously said, I found THIS website in our history on the computer. At the same time he took the drug test at home and was showing me how long weed stays in the system he LOOKED UP how long does SPICE stay in the system. It does NOT show up in home drug test correct? and would it show up in the drug test at his suboxone drs??? And I mean am I the only one that thinks, well if he looked it up he must be doing it???

  120. I have had weird things happening with my digestive system since I’ve been smoking herbal incense…mainly cramping, diarrhea, and my stools have a lot of mucous..scared me the first time because it looked like a worm!!! Have you heard of this?? Scared me enough to stop, but have you guys heard similar stories?

  121. hi, i have been battling with my fiance for a while now with him smoking weed. mostly because he got out of detox back in july and is on suboxone, i just dont think he should be doing any drugs. We are having a baby together next April and I also do not want my 4 yr old daughter around anything. Well apparently he smoked weed september 5th. I drug tested him 2 weeks ago, and it showed up positive for it. He says it is from September 5th. He looked up websites to show me that it can take up to 45 days to leave the system. Well I happened to be looking at the history on our computer for a website I had forgotten the name to. I happened to come across THIS website. So at the same time I drug tested him and he was looking up how long does marijuana stay in the system he apparently looked up how long does spice as well. Hmmm cant really seem to figure out why he would need to if he had NOT smoked any. Well he then went to his suboxone drs 2 days later from the drug test to get drug tested there so he could show me the LEVELS of weed in his system to try and prove to me it was from September 5th. Well guess what, he had his regular dr appt today to get a refill on his subs, his dr told him his test was inconclusive that it had been tampered with. My assumption, which I hate assuming the worst but this is what happens when someone lies to you over and over, is that he either smoked weed after Sept 5th(which btw his Suboxone dr knows about cuz he didnt start subs w that dr til sept 13th) or he did Spice and idk maybe that ruined the test or he ruined the test himself somehow. Well actually my question to you was does Spice show up in drug testing at suboxone dr’s? and can Spice do anything to a test that would make it seem tampered with???? Thanks!!!!

  122. sorry for the late reply alex, and yeah its really wierd … ive started college and still get a little anxiety from time to time but it is almost gone… yeah ive tried explaining it to my mum but it felt as if she didnt know what i was going through… the hardest thing is that you will not understand how it makes you feel unless youve done it… so no matter how in depth i explain it to people, they just think im going insane, just whenever you feel depressed about it, keep your head up and remind yourself to stay strong and you will be on the road of recovery in no time 🙂

  123. Hey guys, it’s Emily! 🙂
    Just wanted to get back on and update my situation.
    It’s been almost 4 months since I’ve smoked spice, and all of my symptoms of psychosis or whatever you’d like to call it are gone.
    I’m so happy about it! Thank you for your advice and for being an ear for me to speak about what I was feeling.
    Oh, and I’m (hopefully!) getting a job next week! Clean and sober for four months, I’m happy I’ll pass my test. <3
    Good luck you guys!

  124. Hi Ive smoked spice religiously for about 2 yrs now and decided to quit recently because my po is testing for it. When i say religiously i mean i smoked it from the time i woke up until i can fall asleep at night. Im just wondering how long do i have to take these detox drinks before its completely out of my system? and yes Im specifically being tested for it

  125. Hello
    I have a meeting with my P.O in 15 days.
    I’ve been smoking spice heavily for about 2 months now everyday had been clean from anything else for about 4 months now. Yesterday I smoked 2 bowls of some decent weed.
    I know the weed can be out of my system in the 2 week gap. The thing is I didn’t think about all the spice i’d been consuming and now im freaking out since I don’t think 2 weeks is enough time to get all the toxins out of my body. Just a bit confused weather the spice needs to get out of my system before the THC gets a chance to clear out? Or does the amount of spice consumption not matter at all with the amount of time THC will take to get out of my system?
    Age 20- weight 130- height 5’7

  126. I will have somebody call and check on that. But any it idea if working out Hard for the next two weeks will help? and do you think taking niacin and maybe a fat burner will help? what I mean by a fat burner is something like hydroxycut or oxy elite which I purchased at GNC. They’re both supposed to help eliminate total percentage of body fat.

  127. Hey, I tried Spice a couple of months ago and it was only a couple of hits, but about 2 weeks after that I started getting terrible anxiety which I had never had before. It has gotten better since then, but I still suffer from the anxiety. If I only started experiencing symptoms 2 weeks after trying Spice, could it still have been the cause?
    (I will add that right before the anxiety started I’d been smoking a lot of marijuana, but I don’t think that was the cause because I’d been fine with it in the past.)

  128. Hello rj. Do you know if the probation office will test for Spice, or not? It might be worth your while to ease your anxiety to give them a call and ask about whether or not they test for synthetic marijuana. If you can’t call, perhaps have a third party person call for you. Probation testing policies are public information and should be provided to you.

  129. Hey im going to be on probation in like 1-2 weeks. I took 3 too 4 hits tonight. Since to night i havent had any in a week and a half. At that time i took 3 hits. Then before that it was like 2 and a half weeks before i tried it for the first time. I only took 2 hits. Im just really nervous that i wont be able to pass a drug test for my probation officer. Please helm me.

    I was only smoking spice just for the record. Im planing on not smoking it ever again. A little help would be greatly appreciated. Also will working out hard for the next week or two help me clean out my system?

  130. All i can say is that this “Spice” is from satan himself, fooling people trying to get them to go to hell with him. well you know what satan, God made his move first and came to me weeks before i smoked your evil crap, God obviously knew that i was going to smoke the spice so he came to me before that cuz i was a major pothead before i became a new Christian. If it wasn’t for God, i would’ve killed myself or either died from smoking it alone, because i know i would’ve died without God. i couldn’t take the hallucination. And yes people, God and Satan exist.

  131. Thanks –>i hate spice with a passion.. its been about 3 months since the day i hallucinated on spice. I feel way better, i don’t feel like killing myself or anything. but i do feel empty inside sometimes, my vision is still blurry and i still cant focus sometimes. it’s still affecting me, and i’m still sad cuz of it, but i know i’ll get better, it just takes a long time. I don’t want anybody to smoke this, all it does, if you take a huge puff, is make you hallucinate and after give you depression that you don’t even want to live… i almost killed myself. The day after i smoked it, i went to go run with my mom, then we sat down and we started talking about what happened to me. the whole time my mom was there, it felt like she wasn’t there and that i was completely alone in hell by myself crying forever with sadness as my only emotion… so as i was sitting my head was telling me to go jump off the mountain that my mom and i just ran up.. but i didn’t do it because i knew my mom was there.. sometimes i ask myself who i am and who my family is… till this day i still cant exactly explain how i felt that day.

  132. Helo my name is carlos im in a drug diversion program in phoenix i was a preatty heavy smoker of spice for about 1month an a half. The last time i got drug tested for spice was aug. 9 ii had smoked aug.8 thoe i got my results on aug. 15 an i showed positive if i have not smoked for over 45 days will still show positive on a spice drug test that i take in a lab call (tasc) im 5’3 about 135-140lbs fast metabolism an preatty active i would really like to take this concern of my head plss hell asap

  133. Hey I smoked a K2 brand called Assassin. It claims that there are no Cannabinoids in its contents. I feel perfectly normal, and I only smoked it once with only one hit. I feel dumb, but if I have to take a test say within 72 will I be okay? Also, will I be after about 72 hours? You have my promise that it will never happen again because my firs experience of it did give me the hebie jebies.

  134. i never smoke and i never heard of spice. i tried it and i almost die.. and my friend call emergency.. after that, i feel better, but i dont feel like im hungry.. my body get thinner.. what should i do…? i want my normal life.. how should i do..? i have make big mistake…

  135. Hi im a 150 pound 21 year old male with probably 8 tp 10% body fat i smoked about a gram of dragon spice and took a spice u.a 5 days later im very active drank alot of water . I live in the desert and work as a welder so i sweat way more than most people i also ride a bike tp get to and from places i need to be .. Do you think i will pass or fail the test ?

  136. Hello im from louisiana let me ask you this i have a urine drug test comin up and was wondering if pow reloaded comes up in the test and on hair test

  137. What if it it spice says like pow does not contain any if the followin class of compounds which are prohibited by louisiana law cathinones,naphtoylindoles,naphthylmethylindoles,naphthoylpyrroles,naphyhylmethylindoles,phenylacetylindoles,cyclohexylphyenois, dibenzopyrans,benzoylindoles,or tetramethyclycloppropanoylindoles then it says louisiana sb 195 compliant does that mean it wont come up in any urine and bloodstream test

  138. yo, im sorry to disagree with you addiction blog, but the thing is, telling people to go see a doctor or psychiatrist is not the answer. they will only say you have, peronality disorder, schizophrenia or depersonalisation… this is wrong, it is just the long lasting effects of the horrible legal high, active chemical jwh-018… anyone need any real advice of how to get over the intense anxiety that it leads you with, please feel free to email me as i have first hand experience from this dangerous herbal blend…. i am almost completely better form this shit, but it caused so much shit with my life when i was still using it…. i feel for the people who are being misdiagnosed with dosorders which they do not have, as they will never get better due to the government and nhs system…. stay strong and remember, no matter what they tell you to make you give up and keep this anxiety for ever, it is curable…. email me for advice,
    thanks in advance,

  139. You can buy home drug testing kits on line for spice k-2. USADRUGSCREENING.COM HOMEDRUGTESTKITS.COM to name a few. They test for JWH-018 PENTANOIC ACID and for JWH-073 BUTANOIC ACID. These test sticks are about $8 each. In my line of work, we use these items to test those on probation. When they are rejected for a positive result they are blown away. They actually have said the stuff they smoke says right on the lable does not contain JWH anything! I suggest two things. Do not believe labels. What are you going to do? sue that company? good luck with that. and second, test yourself before any drug screen. Thens theres the best way to pass the test and thats not to smoke anything!.

  140. I keep reading over and over posts wanting to know if Spice will show up on a drug screen… but I work at a rehab and I would like to know what the results have been on people that have been tested??? ANY ONE HAVE ANYTHING TO POST ABOUT HOW LONG IT TOOK TO TEST NEGATIVE AFTER USING???

  141. spice is not the same as bud i personally think it’s better yeah it’s a heavy trip treat it like every other drug don’t smoke and drive don’t go out and smoke chill at the house if your going to get lit that’s what I call it getting lit and if u start to trip don’t smoke as much next time like other drugs u have to feel it out. I’ve smoked all kinds over 300 different types and I’m good been smoken since 2005 o and 72 hour in ur system is correct.

  142. hi i will never smoke that but today i smoke a little bit but in 2 weeks the army go to make me a drug test?? do you think reslut positive??

  143. Hi Jake. My #1 recommendation would be to go see a medical doctor, and seek a referral to a psychiatrist or neurologist. Medical science knows SO LITTLE about Spice that I know of no treatment for the symptoms which you describe…yet. We need people like yourself to provide more information to experts so that treatments can be offered.

  144. hello, I used to spice about 12 months ago. I was smoking spice because my mom would drug test me for marijuana and I wanted to still be able to get high. When I first tried it I thought it was awesome. I was laughing a lot, it hit really hard and thought it would be a cool replacement for marijuana for the time being. My close friend ( who I smoked the spice with) became what you can say a “spice head”. He would pick up the strongest stuff called Head Trip. I realized that he would always be tripping out thinking people are after him. But everytime I was with him I would smoke the spice to. I soon would start getting my own packs to smoke and we’d smoke the Head Trip a lot. My high was much different from the first time now. It was like I was being filled with these thoughts that seemed to have all the answers. Everything I thought in my head I would believe. I also thought my friends were after me, and people were out to get me. Soon after I got kicked out of my moms house and went to go live with my dad. I told myself I would stay away from it. Ive been living at my dads and almost feel like this depression has not gone away. I tried smoking weed a couple times and I almost feel like the marijuana high is what used to be my spice high. I would always think people were trying to kill me. Id find myself with a knife in my house waiting for the enemy to walk in the door. It was all in my head. Ive been clean from all that for about 2 months now and slowly feel like things are starting to look up. But I still feel like I have some major symptems that havent gone away such as depression, anxiety, and not knowing who I am and not confident. Please let me know if theres any solution. Ive been off the spice for about 9 months and marijuana for 2, but still feel like I have the spice symptoms.

  145. Hi Jonathan. We’ve read many reports of people feeling the lingering side effects of acute Spice intoxication days to weeks after use. Because Spice and its synthetic compounds are VERY NEW to human consumption, experts don’t know yet about its effects on the body or brain in either the short or long term.

  146. hello. I have recently failed a frug test for thc and then switched to spice.. I have a DOT test tomorrow will it come up positive..??

  147. To anyone using synthetic marijuana quit before it alters your life it isnt worth it I smoked various kinds for 2years I used daily not realizing there were bad side effects until 2 weeks ago I used to just get high from it like marijuana then a couple weeks ago I got up saturday morning and smoked some got high like normal took an early afternoon nap and woke up took just a couple hits off one and felt this heat radiate from my chest my left arm went numb and my heart felt like it was going to explode I really thought I was going to die the symtoms did finally cease I no longer use but still have these side effects occasionly will these side effects go away I worry I have done permanent damage to myself

  148. Hello swipper. Hmmm. It’s really difficult to predict the outcome of a drug screen. You might want to buy a home drug testing kit at Walgreens, or another pharmacy and test yourself today before your test tomorrow. This way, you’ll have an idea an an estimate. If a home drug kit (which are less sensitive than a lab’s test) detects THC in your urine, you are likely to test positive for THC tomorrow.

  149. I smoked bud on Saturday I have to drug test on Monday but I haven’t smoked in over 1yr and 6months I am 511 160 and I am really active do yhu think I will pass or fail my ua

  150. Hello alphastate. Please check out our other article called “Does Spice show up on drug tests” for the answer to your question.

  151. The shop by my house sells spice by the gram out of pyrex jars. They claim that it’s new and it seems like they have a different blend every time I walk in. The names are always unique (Halo, Brainfreeze, Makes Sense, etc.) and I don’t know if they are naming them or the company they get it from is. Do you know anything about the new synthetics in terms of showing up on drug screens?

  152. Street legal can stay in your system for weeks, depending on the volume and frequency of use. It’s like THC – it stores up in your fats cells, as the synthetic compounds are lipid soluble.

    A retina scan for drug screen has a short window of detection – about 48 hours after drug use. So, you should not test POSITIVE if you have not smoked recently before the exam. During this test, the eye is scanned while following a series of flashing lights and a a pupillometer machine measures the involuntary reflexes of the eye’s reaction. The instrument collects four ocular measurements (saccadic velocity, latency, diameter, and amplitude) and compares your reaction to a baseline which indicates whether or not you’ve used certain drugs in the past 2 days.

    Any more questions? Check out this:

  153. I am not sure if, they test or not want I think it is a eight panel test and a eye screen is a machine that scans ur retinas ans can detect use but how long can street legal stay in ur system?

  154. Hi Joe. I think that you’re talking about a saliva test that both screens for certain drugs of use and also records a donor’s identity. The test was designed to make it nearly impossible to cheat on a drug screen, as your DNA will also be matched.

    Spice is still not easily detected in standard drug tests. So, it’s possible that your use may go undetected. I’d suggest that you call the probation office anonymously and ask for complete information on the drug test name, ID number, and testing laboratory so that you can confirm whether or not Spice and its ingredients is included in the test, or not.

  155. yes it is for a drug screening, idk wat the name of the test i was on pre trial probation and was using smoking dragon dragon 7x and now I’m on probation and my po told me that i will have to do a DNA test. I’m at risk of going to prision..

  156. Hi Joe. Most DNA tests that I know of which are ordered by courts are related to paternity issues. Do you think that the DNA test is related to drug screening? Do you know that name of the test?

  157. I’ve smoked this stuff called smoking dragon 7x for a couple months i stopped for a week and 3 days i have a DNA test coming up and if i drop dirty I’m going to prision I’m reallly stressing out about this, will it show up? please help

  158. Hello dark boi. Street legal potpourri spice can still be federally illegal depending on ingredients. Do you know if your probation office includes a test for fake weed, or not? IF so, it’s possible that past use is detected, especially if you were a daily user.

    Also, what’s an “eye screen”?

  159. So I have a urine screen on Tues for house arrest and wanted to no how long it takes for street legal potpourri spice how long would that stay in ur system and can it be detected.. and will it show up on a eye screen or no ??

  160. For anyone who needs help or info about this, please ask me here, as i know from first hand experience how horrible it is to go through! the awkward moment when something legal is worse than a natural illegal plant right? :S

  161. Alex, your not alone man, i know exactly what your going through. You are only a month passed and its gunna get a lot worse for a while but trust me if you stay strong and get a mind frame that your going to come out a stronger person, you will. I am not a suicidal person at all, but many people who have gone through what we are have killed themselves, look it up its true man. And i know exactly why they did it. I couldnt even talk to family, close friends, or anyone without feel really anxious, couldnt even look into peoples eyes for a while. I feel a lot better lately but i still feel the effects there. When i meet strangers i feel as if i cant talk, which is annoying because before i was a very outgoing and confident person. Just stay strong mate and if you feel as if you cant talk, just force yourself, keep telling yourself that your getting better, because you are…. but you will get moments when you feel really depressed and want to give up but if you stay strong you will make it through a stronger person 🙂 do not seek medical attention as they will just put you on medications that will make you out of your head and you will get addicted to with bad side effects. Also, they will not find whats wrong with you and put it down to schizophrenia or depersonalization. This will just make you believe you do have one of them as your mind will be easy to accept things for a couple months… Its been about 6-8 months, although i do not know the exact date as it fucked my memory up bad :/ but im getting back on track and so will you. Time is the only method of being cured. Please let me know how you are, and i will help you through this as when i went through it i had no-one that understood what i was going through which made it harder, so i know what its like. Msg me and i’ll help you through it 🙂

  162. Hi Addiction Blog and all others who have read and commented with their experiences with Spice,

    I, personally, use Spice occasionally(maybe a 1.5 to 3.5 gram bottle every two months or so). Mostly, when I cant find the “Kronic”. Anyways, I have experienced SOME of the affects you guys have been feeling. The hot flashes, high heart rate, dizziness, nasuea, you name it.

    I have found a way to alter it somewhat and it’s by taking SMALLER HITS and not smoking so much in one or two sessions. Think of Bill Clinton and the “I did not inhale” speech. Take in the hit and let it out real quick. And as most people tell me, they feel the high b4 the joint even goes out. Once you feel it, STOP! Ur high enough right there, trust me. However, it might not work for all of you. And I suggest that anyone who has tried Spice and tried this method of how to smoke it. If it makes you feel bad in any kind of way, QUIT. I’ve thrown out alot of this stuff because of my bad trips. But since I’ve started smoking it like how I just explained and smoking it occasionally, I’ve had no side affects since I used to take in the “BIG BOY” hits.

    Best of luck to you all. I hope that this has helped!

  163. Hi apt_cat99. Yes, it’s possible that the time between smoking from the 12th to the 18th was not enough for the initial 1.5 grams to clear your system, in which case the synthetic compounds may have compounded or at least remained in the body, as synthetic cannabinoids are stored in fat cells. How did the test go?

  164. Hello, I smoked 1.5gram spice Aug 11-12, stayed clean all week of the 13-17, and then smoked another 1.5g the weekend of Aug 18th. I have not smoked anything since then. I have a test coming up this Thursday the 30th so that will be 10 days of not smoking. Any chance I’ll come up positive on the test?

  165. Thanks a lot….Benevolence mentioned that running and doing exercise takes it all away and you feel normal again, that the fake thc in your fat goes away when you burn fat… i tried running yesterday and it does help, but it seems like it’s going to take a long time but running does help a little, just do exercise everyday. Later i’ll post how i’m feeling after i run again today. People Do not touch Spice!!! DO NOT! It’s pure evil! It’s not even worth it to just get high.

  166. Hi Alex. What you describe seems to be increasingly reported by Spice users. I’d suggest that you seek medical help, either via a psychiatrist, neurologist, or even consider a help through a clinical trial related to Spice. Not much is known about Spice effects on the psyche, but there are people who report lingering effects of anxiety, paranoia, disassociation, just not feeling “normal”.

  167. Hi, i read these comments and i found out i’m not alone… i smoked synthetic weed i’d say a month ago and i hallucinated so bad for the first time. Ever since the day i smoked it, my life hasn’t been the same. A week or so after that, i smoked Real weed and i became depressed and now i have anxiety… i feel like i’m in a dream that never ends.. sometimes i feel ok but then it comes back, like right now as i was typing this i was freaking out a little.. i’m so scared i don’t know what to do! I don’t want to feel like this for the rest of my life! Please help me!

  168. NEVER EVER smoke that months ago i was camping with friends and one of them had this, i didnt know what it was and at the time was dumb because i used to smoke weed everyday, so anyway he offered me some and i said fuck it why not. I had the most horrible experience ever which has fucked my social life up bigtime, i dont remember the whole night but i do remember sitting on a log talking to myself and tripping absolute balls all night, puking my guts up. Anyway, since that horrible night i have been suffering with intense anxiety and panic attacks which i cannot get rid of no matter what… but the worst thing about it is that i cant smoke weed anymore without having an anxiety attack so i cannot enjoy myself. This was hard to take in because weed was the best thing in my life, i would have a bad day at school everyday and think to myself, ” I cant wait to go home and have a bong” Now i dont have that… ive tried so many different things to try and get rid of it and its just not going… if anyone out there knows how i can get rid of this and introduce sweet mary jane back into my life then please tell… its been months and i just dont want this to be forever 🙁

  169. Hi alpha. Spice will probably take AT LEAST a few weeks to clear the body. But the THC levels are a little more sporadic…and will be less likely to show on a drug screen because you’re not smoking 3-4 times per week. However, to be sure, you can order an at home drug screening kit or actually go to a lab to test yourself for THC and synthetic levels before you are to appear for an official drug screen.

  170. no but the mind is a powerful thing not to be messed with! this is not fun, although I am now clean and sober for 4 months. I just dont like revisiting this experience. Thank you.

  171. I have been smoking spice chronically (more than once a day, average 4-5 days a week) for at least six months. I quit smoking weed, but took one hit of it four weeks ago, then smoked more two days in a row last night and the night before. Last time I smoked spice was Monday. Based on this, how long do you think it will take for either spice or THC will be out of my system?

  172. Hi :(. No one knows for sure. But it does sound as if you are experiencing flashbacks, doesn’t it? Have you consulted with a neurologist?

  173. look I am a 32 year old mother who is still scared on and off months later. I told my psychiatrist and he said that it should have done what it will and that I AM JUST HAVING ANXIETY. I JUST WANT TO BE MYSELF AGAIN! WHEN WILL IT COMPLETELY STOP? PLEASE JUST TAKE AN EDUCATED GUESS!

  174. Hi Logan. If you’re being tested for Spice, Spice will probably be detected on the urinalysis, because daily use for the past 10 days is stored and accumulates in the fat cells of the body (even if you are thin). However, most standard DOT or employer drug screens DO NOT include synthetic cannabinoids or test for Spice ingredients. Do you know what kind of drug test you’ll be taking?

  175. I recently smoked at least 9 grams of spice this past week and a half and i hate it. I want to stop and i can but im possibly getting drug tested within the next few days. Will i be able to pass it? Im very skinny and i have a very high metabolism. Please give me advice or an answer.

  176. Hi Nick. Regular, daily doses of Spice remain in the fat cells and can take weeks to metabolize. So, if the Air Force is testing for Spice…chances are they will find it in a urine sample unless the test results are corrupted.

  177. Hello sir, I am nick, right now I am unfortunately sitting I a drug testing facility for the air force. I am in the air force, and I was dumb enough to smoke spice for the past few months! The last time I smoked was about 3 days ago, I do have a very fast metabolism, I only weigh 158 at 5’11. I am in mortal fear of my career right now, please give me a honest estimate as to my chances, the last few times I smoked I smoked less then usual, a little more than half a gram a day. And I have been very active, sweating alot, and working out, also drinking lots of fluids. Please contact me as soon as possible, and thank you so much.

  178. Hi Jon. No, it’s unlikely that a one-time episode of smoking Spice will be detected in a drug screen urinalysis two months after ingestion. One-time ingestion usually clears the system within a couple of days.

  179. Hi- I used to smoke and It was obvious to family members that I was on something. I wasn’t my sef. I actually even hallucinated and passed out. I stopped its dangerous and by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. It was called King Kong. Don’t do it it’s my advice, any of it! Here’s my question it’s been over two months. I eat healthy don’t drink soda and I work out and run every day. My work out is insanity so I know I’m burning some cals there and when I run I’m burning anywhere from 450-700 depending on my run. I never worried about it before but the company I work for started sending our urine test off to a lab to be tested and a guy tested positive for synthetic spice. He also smoked it a few days before hand (that’s what he said anyway). Would it still be in my system? I mean two months and all the fat I’ve burned everyday..

  180. hello i am from baltimore county maryland just here to inform that drug court does in fact test for spice now but only the 5 illegal chemicals i came up dirty for jwh-018 i am a chronic user i have never had a bad experience from spice altho some of my friends have

  181. Thank you so much Mr. Addiction Blog! Your advice is very helpful, and has put me at ease. I’m probably going to make a follow up with my Doc soon.

  182. Hi Jamie. The long term effects of one incident of Spice intoxication are really not clear at the moment. But permanent brain damage is unlikely, and can only be diagnosed with an MRI or CT scan of the brain. I’ve been reading first hand accounts of people who experience flashbacks or sustained mental psychoses as the result of smoking Spice, but most of these were chronic or high dose users. I’d suggest that you report this use to your doctor, so it’s documented and if you need it down the road, maybe the basis for follow up.

  183. Hi, there’s a little story behind how I was introduced to Spice. It was more of a misunderstanding as a matter of fact. 5 nights ago my boyfriend and I met up with one of our friends at a bar. We all got really drunk (go figure) and we were really craving some weed. So, our friend called up one of his friends (whom we didn’t know), so that he could smoke us up. When the guy arrived to pick us up, we all went into his car and he rolled a joint (which we thought was weed). Then, we drove around and each took a hit or two of it. After those first hits, I completely lost my mind. My heart was pounding through my chest and I had so much anxiety. We all lost our minds. Clearly that wasn’t weed. Later on that night I found out it was a brand of Spice called “Bang Bang Potpourri” because I took the bag from out of his car. The next day, I had so much anxiety and heart cramps that lasted up until about yesterday. I went to the doctor and they took an EKG and blood tests and said everything came back normal (which was a relief).I have one question about this stuff; DO I HAVE PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE NOW FROM SMOKING THAT STUFF THE ONE TIME? I feel okay mentally now, just a little traumatized from the event still. Obviously, I am never ever going to do it again, because I am never going to smoke from someone I don’t know. I am a 5’6′ tall woman who is 23 years old and weighs about 125lbs. I would appreciate any advice! Thanks.

  184. Hi Arnold. Most likely, at this moment, my best guess is: NO. From what I understand, military Spice tests detect first generation synthetics, and not the new variants. I could, however, be wrong. So if someone is more knowledgeable, please let us know.

  185. Hello. Have a friend Curtis who smoked some new type of synthetic called Avalanche also Darkness these two batches said they did not contain JWH stuff and he is leaving to basic training for military in three days.. Lol. Would their drug test detect that?

  186. Hi bcrich. You may want to wait a little more than 3 weeks for a Spice test. I know that THC has been tested in urine for people who DID NOT USE FOR 30 DAYS…and longer. To be sure the synthetics have cleared your system and are no longer stored in fat cells, you may want to wait for 5 weeks or more before going for the test.

  187. Hi there,I just recently stopped smoking spice of all different types a few weeks ago im 6 ft 206ibs and im a pretty active runner.i am going to meps next week,meps is pre employment screening for the armed forces.i have read that spice is tested by military as a rule and also that if u were a “chronic” user it can stay in ure system for as ong as pot would.word to those concerned….spice is strong the scary stuff will go away if u keep living,go out run drink with friends just ignore it over time it will leave you alone.dont focus on question is will spice show up in that test and if they do test for it will someone in my shape still test pos if i havent touched it for over 3 weeks? Thanks so much.

  188. Hi Mario. Thanks for sharing more about what’s going on with you. There’s really not a lot that medical experts know about the long term effects of Spice. It sounds like you may have gotten hold of a more potent form of these synthetic cannabinoids and it has provoked some kind of psychosis. I’d suggest that you seek help immediately from a family doctor or a psychiatrist. These cases need to be documented, and it’s possible that there are treatments which can help you start to feel more yourself.

  189. I got high with spice I’ev been doing it for like a month and a half or two and tje other day I did the same thing as always and kinda freaked out but played it cool and let it go away and then in the morening I woke up still high and been feeling like this for two days. I have been feeling realy stressed and feel like fliping out in rage out of nowhere and cant consentrate and from time to time I get scared that maybe I lost my mind and my hart starts going realy fast what should I do is there any type of counteracting substance or will it stay like this for ever and my muscles feel tens and I have angsioty Any advice or am I stuck in my own world for ever

  190. Hi Kupkake – No. At the moment, I do not know of any studies that document the long term effects of synthetic weed. This is probably because the compounds are so new that institutions have not had enough time to gather data!

    Hi Emily – I’ve read of other self-reported cases of lingering psychotic and mental symptoms after smoking Spice. I can only urge you to seek the truth and fess up to your parents, so that you can get medical help, should you feel you need it.

  191. Hey, so, I smoked weed and spice mixed (I think…) on July 14th.
    I was staying with a friend and was sort of pressured into it, I didn’t know what was in it, but I know for sure it was at least just spice.
    I had a terrible panic attack, I felt like my body was going numb in different places, and my vision was blurry.
    Well, it’s been a few weeks later, and I still feel really paranoid. I’m feeling depressed, tired, apathetic, stressed..
    My worst side effect though, has been that lately it feels like I just can’t get enough air.
    I really don’t want to have to go to my doctor, I’m only 16 and I don’t want my parents to find out. 🙁 this was one mistake, and I try so hard to make them proud…
    I’ll never ever do this again, I’m just scared and I want to know if I’m okay…

  192. I love spice, I love the intense high, I love everything about it, but I would like to know, is it cancerous? What can happen from long term usage? I’d like any info you could give me please =)

  193. Hi BJ. Most one time uses of Spice stay in the system for less than 72 hours after use. What kind of drug test is ordered in your case?

  194. Thank you do much. But I was wondering if any body can tell me why I feel like I’m in a dream And have a headache on one side of my head that feels like its burning and I’m really tired and have anxiety at night I was just wondering when all this will stop. I don’t recommend smoking this to anyone. Thank you. Oscar.

  195. Hey. There is this stuff they sell by my house . its called mr myiagi. how long will that stuff stay in my system for a urine test?

  196. Hello Tim. Spice is fat soluble, which means that when you smoke it chronically over the period of a few weeks to months…it build up in your fat cells and can be continued to be detected for weeks later.

    A little while longer, and the cannabinoids should clear your system totally.

  197. Someone please help me understand why it has stayed in my system for over 5 weeks now? I have completely stopped cold turkey I smoked a kind called out of this world and it made me test positive for JWH-018. When I got my first test back it was at a 6.7, here I am almost 6 weeks later and it’s still at a 0.3. Why is everyone saying 72 hours?! I don’t understand? Please please help, I’m so frustrated.

  198. Hi Oscar. Well, it might help you to know that you are not alone. I’ve read of other personal accounts of delayed hallucinations or psychotic episodes after smoking Spice.

    I know that you are probably unwilling to share this with your parents, but they need to know about it. Medical experts still don’t know that long term effects of smoking Spice, and you can benefit from getting help from a specialist. But you need to ask for help first.

    Does that make sense?

  199. Hi my names Oscar I smoked spice with my friends about a month and a half ago it was called cryptonyte and a weak later I took a hit of a roach more like a half a hit I barely felt it but about two weeks after this I was helping my grandfather work on our house at about 4:00 in the morning and something hit me out of nowhere and I felt like I was high I was shaking horribly and my grand father put me in front of a fan. It kind of stopped then we realized I had to go to the hospital so he took me too the er and they said I was dehydrated ever since then I feel like in a dream also or as if I’m not really here it’s really scary and I went to my doctor and they said it was alergies and gave me some medicine but when I started taking it I would wake up in middle of the night and feel scared or like my breath was taken away and I take a breath and fall back to sleep I have headaches and burry vision I am 14 years old and I have no clue what to do I don’t know if I should tell my parents or what any information is highly appreciated. Also I have a doctors appointment In September for ADHD I don’t know if that’s it or what I have also been having bad anxiety at nigh Any information is apretiated thank you. Oscar.

  200. Hi Wellborn Fiddle. Thanks for your question. No, most run of the mill pre-employment drug screens tend to leave out Spice tests, as they are separate urinalysis screens and tend to be quite expensive at the moment. In theory, an employer should be required to provide information on mandatory drug screens, so contact the human resources department for more information.

  201. Do your run of the mill pre-employment screens test for “Spice”? Will the paperwork that is given to the applicant show what they are testing for and if so, how can I tell if they are testing for “Spice”?

  202. What about if they send it out I smoked a little bit on Monday about half a joint if that. Would it still be in my system if I have to take a test tmrw?

  203. Haha!!!! I figured it out!! When i workout, I feel normal. I understand it! Workout! Burn the fats! When you do, you release the thc/fake cannabinoids thc!
    If you feel dreamlike from it just workout and it will go away when possible. No doctor needed! Hahaaa I feel it slowly going away. I feel semi dreamlike now 😀

  204. I smoked a type of spice called “Zombie Matter” about a year and a half ago and it triggered a trip, serious disassociation, and anxiety attacks. I’ve managed to get the anxiety under control since then, although for months I was still very, very sick. If I haven’t done any drugs since for this amount of time, will there be any side effects if I’m going under for a wisdom tooth removal? Surely there isn’t anything in my system that can cause complications?

  205. Hi Deadhead22. No, most 8 panel drug screens do not yet include screens for synthetic compounds found in synthetic marijuana. 8 panels drug screens do typically drug test for:

    Amphetamines (meth, speed, crank, ecstasy)
    THC (cannabinoids, marijuana, hash)
    Cocaine (coke, crack)
    Opiates (heroin, opium, codeine, morphine)
    Phencyclidine (PCP, angel dust)
    Barbiturates (phenobarbital, butalbital, secobarbital, downers)
    Benzodiazepines (tranquilizers like Valium, Librium, Xanax)
    Methaqualone (Quaaludes)

  206. Does a 8 panel drug screen test for synthetic marijuana? I smoke scooby snax and have a test on Thursday for probation. Will it show up on the screen. When I get my paper work it has 8 panel circled. They say they send it out should I stop smoking or will I be safe? Also not going to tell my probation officer about my smoking. Please let me know ASAP thx

  207. You don’t have any OTHER kind of ways? I just feel lightheaded in a way.. Only when I think about it,
    Do i feel so unreal

  208. Hi dude. From what I’ve read, Spice is lipid soluble, like THC and is stored in fat cells. So, the complete detox time for chronic smoking is about the same as for marijuana. Waiting for at least 90 days before testing seems to be a cautious and well-planned move. Not to mention – your body will thank you later!

  209. For about 5 months I was smoking spice all day everyday. I’ve decided to quit and try to join the air force and my question is how long until my system is clean of the chemical. i know marijuana can take up to 3 months to be completely clean if your a daily smoker so what about spice?

  210. Hello Benevolence. Not much is known about the long term psychotic effects of Spice. I’ve only read anecdotal experiences like yours. So, I’d suggest that instead of a family MD, you see either a neurologist or psychiatrist.

  211. I smoked spice with my buddy on the 5th of July… And I still feel like I’m in a dream. I need any advice not involving the doctor. I usually have an issue going to the bathroom (feces-wise) and I wonder if that’s what’s keeping the spice mixture in my body. Because everytime I think about my life. It feels like a dream and the only thing that runs in my mind is “what is life, this is almost dreamlike”
    Give me some ideas mostly not involving the doctor. I need that to be last thing I do.. As many as you can come up with please. Hurry please on the reply. Thank you

  212. Ok thank you, but wat would b the best way to flush it from my system without dilluting a urine sample or useing detox agents. Should i drink alot of fluids and pee and sweat alot. Would that work to clean my system.

  213. Hi Duey. Spice can show in your system for up to a week, or so after you use it. So, I’d suggest that you first stop smoking it, then report former use to your probation officer, and go from there. IF you test positive on the first couple of tests, don’t be surprised (even if you haven’t smoked it for a couple of weeks).

  214. So i smoke spice and im wat would be a heavy smoker i smoked almost all day everyday and im now on the juvinile drug diversion program and my JPO said she will be testing for spice. I have to go to tasc once every week and im worried about spice showing up on the test. I know it depends on height weight and physical health. So my questions wud be since im going to tasc and they r testing for spice would it test positive for spice if i havent smoked in a few days. And wat would b the best way to flush spice from my system without doluting the sample or useing detox agents. I weigh 120Lb im 5’5 and im normally an active person so wat would work for me??

  215. Hi Justin. Tolerance to cannabinoids is one aspect of Spice use. But the other unknown which makes Spice dangerous is the amount of each synthetic cannabinoid and potency of each Spice blend. They vary considerably. And while a newbie can experience psychosis and hallucinations, so can habitual marijuana or Spice users. It’s all about WHAT you’re smoking, which you can’t really quantify because you never really know.

  216. .Hi there addiction blog i’d like to make a point. I’ve been smoking majiuana for 3 years straight on a regular basis. Im not addicted. I quit 3 weeks ago. But this spice drug should be for only experienced users. I can smoke a blunt of it within me and a friend and the high leaves around a hr later. These people sound like newbie smokers who are panicing way to much. If you had true pot heads or stoners come on here. They would tell you that smoking a blunt of it is like really strong weed for us since it takes more for us to get high. This drug as i said is for experienced smokers. And newbies should not try it.

  217. Hi Rob. Spice works on the same cannabinoid receptors that THC does…and with more potency! But Spice and weed are detected using different tests. At the moment, I know that Spice is most typically detected in urine using either a dipstick test or a an GC/MS or LC/MS test. There is an oral fluid test out there, but I’m not sure about hair sample tests.

  218. I used to smoke good weed daily, i have been clean for 15 days but now i smoke spice all day everyday. Is spice going to make weed show up in my system after 30 days if i continue to smoke it?And can spice be found in only urine sample?-or mouth swabs and hair test?

  219. Hi Regret. It’s really a matter of medical necessity. Your parents will be upset. But if you are sure that you don’t want to smoke again, and want things to change, you might want to consider telling them immediately. I’m not sure if there are medications currently that can address the potency of synthetic cannabinoids, but I do know that it’s not fun to live with a chronic mental state that goes undiagnosed. If you find the right doctors, you can ease your mind and know that you’re doing your best for your own health. It’s really a matter of personal choice, taking responsibility and deciding what’s best for you and your future.

  220. How long should i wait to come clean with my parents. Should i try anything before telling them, like detox kits? My friends have been telling me that its all in my head because they smoked it too and they were fine. Will this last forever?

  221. Hi Sasha. Your boyfriend was drug tested for Spice within the 72 hour detection window for most synthetic cannabinoid compounds. It is likely that the test will screen POSITIVE for Spice, if the Spice blend contained the compounds most commonly tested for…

  222. Hey my boyfriend took two hits of spice at at 10pm and got tested the next day for spice at 5pm, results come back in 14 Days will he pass? It was the first time he smoked it in 3 weeks..

  223. Hi Messiah. From what I’ve read and understand, one time use of Spice metabolizes in the body within 72 hours of ingestion. So you should be OK.

  224. Okay so I took a few hits of spice 2 days ago and I have an air force test on the 8th will it show ??!? Helpp mee please I’m like literally in fear here !!

  225. Hi Jonny. One time, isolated use of Spice will probably not be detected in a urinalysis screen a few weeks after ingestion. However, if you want to verify, you can order a home-based test for synthetic cannabinoids to be sure.

  226. hello i took spice last thurs and it was my first time and i have a military drug test on 18-19 of july do you think it will be in my system is there anything i can do to get it out quicker?????

  227. How long should i wait to come clean with my parents. Should i try anything before telling them, like detox kits? My friends have been telling me that its all in my head because they smoked it too and they were fine. Do you think this is a permanent thing?

  228. Hi Regret. Hmmm. Yes, I see your situation. I’d suggest that if you want to stop smoking Spice that you come clean with your parents and ask for their help. Not only will you want to see an MD, but you may also want to see either a psychiatrist and/or neurologist for the symptoms that you described.

  229. Hi Armando. In theory, Spice can be detected longer than 72 hour if you have been smoking it chronically (daily) over a period of weeks or months. So, it really depends on your use.

  230. I smoked almost a whole bowl of spice a few weeks ago, and it felt as if i were dying. However, the effects were gone by the next day. A few days ago, i tried it again for some reason, but I only took half of a hit. For some reason, I do not feel like myself anymore. Sometimes i feel as if im not “here” and my vision is a bit blurry. Is this just an effect of the spice? Or is this some sort of permanent brain damage? Will it go away? Will i have to live with it forever? It would be hard for me to go to a doctor without me telling my parents about it since im a minor, and I dont want to do that unless its a last resort. What do i do?

  231. Hey there. I’m so worried because about five days ago, someone put spice in a bong without telling me and I smoked it, thinking it was just weed. It made me have a horrible trip. I never had intentions of smoking spice because I know that it can kill you and that it’s so horrible for you. I tripped so badly and felt bad the next morning. It’s five days later and I’m functioning normally but everything feels like a dream and unreal. It’s so scary, like I just want to feel alive again. Every so often I just stop and question my existence. I’m scared that it will never go away. I’ve been eatiung healthy and exercising and doing what I can but I’m scared 🙁 HELP has anyone ever experienced this?

  232. Hi BumRatata. Thanks for sharing about your current medical state. The long term effects of synthetic cannabinoids are still not clear to medical authorities. Increasing numbers of people are being sent to psychiatric hospitals or treated by psychiatrists for physical and mental symptoms of psychosis related to smoking Spice. I’d suggest that you seek counsel from a good general practitioner and see what medical science knows about Spice and its after effects. Good luck and I truly hope that you start to feel normal soon.

  233. Greetings, i’ve been smoking spice for a short period, smoked it 10 times, 3-4 joints at a time. Been doing fine since i tried a very strong potent called “Maya”, was a bad experience tho and was my last time on spice ever.Now its been like almost 2 months that i’m clean, but seems like spice and all those synthetic marijuana caused a permanent damage on my brain, feels similar with epilepytic attacks, i feel dizzy, feel like having heart attack and freak out, vision blurs, hard to breathe, feel like gonna pass out, like i am in dream not alive etc.. Mostly happens druing evening times. im going to have a check-up next week also gonna scan my brain for further informations. So my Question is if this is a permanent damage caused by synthetic marijuana, will these effects ear off by time? can my brain self heal the damage caused by these drugs?its been almost 2 months im not using these stuff and still having some health issues kinda messy here. And anyone who’s curious about these synthetic drugs, just dont use them, they ruined all my joy of life, smoke organic weed if you wanna get high but never try this piece of sh*t. Thanks.

  234. How is spice made? What type of chemicals are in the spice product? Are they natural or synthetic?

    Are there any clinical trials or studies being done to show affects on brain and neurological systems?

    My son admits to smoking and he’s schzophrenic.

  235. Hi Shibari Warrior. Yes, there are generally two simultaneous tests employers administer that are a sign that you are being tested for Spice. The first is generally a 5-7-9- or 10 panel drug screen which tests for opiates, THC, cocaine, PCP, benzos, etc. This general drug screen is usually a urinalysis screen and will show POSITIVE or NEGATIVE use for a number of different chemicals. On the other hand, a Spice test is a very specific urinalysis that uses the same sample in a different specimen container…and is usually sent out to a lab.

    Does this help answer your question?

  236. I am in the military and occasionally smoke Spice. After talking to the SACO, substance abuse guy, for my unit, he explained that the standard drug urinalysis does NOT test for spice and synthetics. He said the process for testing for spice is just like for steroids– a seperate test administered only if the command has suspicions of someone being on steroids or using spice.

    This was a month or so ago, but is there any way you can validate his answer, or give me some links to what substances the various branches of military specifically test for?

  237. About 2 weeks ago, I tried smoking spice with my boys from high school. The last week I started having these weird pains in the back of my head. I don’t if from the anxiety or is it something serious I told my mom what I did a few days ago. And she thinks it from the anxiety.

  238. Also it effects people a myriad of different ways…all of them go somewhere in their mind i havent figured it out what they think they see but it usually is filled with yelling, seizures, and mostly bad stuff STAY AWAY FROM THE STUFF!!!

  239. i cant give you all the answers obviously but i can say that it destroy your lungs at a….hyper accelerated rate smoke spice for more than a year and you will be able to tell from the blackness in your lungs you begin to cough up…and i mean black!!! Plus its highly addictive withdrawl symptoms are similar to heroine…plus it destroys the lining of your esophagus blood and mucus drains down your throat and come out in your stool…thats all i got sorry im no scientist

  240. Hi Greg. From what I’ve read, yes. Like THC, synthetics build up and are stored in your fat cells. So chronic, heavy use can be detected for months after you stop smoking. I’d suggest that you contact a Spice specific testing lab and request more information to present to your rehab program.

  241. I’ve been an avid smoker of spice for about 5 months now, and I believe I have some advice for anyone looking to try it or anyone who had a bad experience.

    I believe that the main reason that people end up in the hospital is because they smoke too much. Spice has the potential to be 10x stronger than weed, and many people take large hits of it thinking that it’s similar to weed. It isn’t!

    If any of your friends are going to use spice, tell them that they need to PACE themselves. I cannot stress this enough. There is no tolerance (as far as I can tell) with spice. One small bowl hit is usually enough for a mellow high. Two bowl hits is enough to get f*cked up. Three bowl hits usually causes symptoms related to overdoses. Bong rips are not recommended for the first use. I recommend using a small bowl and using a very small amount of spice. Spice has a different chemical structure than weed, so it is possible that you will overdose. If you experience any of the below symptoms after smoking spice, you may have done a bit too much and you need to know that you are close to overdosing:

    1: Increased body temperature. I only experienced this once and it isn’t much fun. Just make sure you go in a cool place or next to a fan and you will be fine.

    2: Sounds have increased volume. It’s hard to explain this one. I only had this happen to me twice and both times I had complete silence around me and it was deafening. My ears were hallucinating and I actually had some kind of beat going on in my head.

    3: Dizziness or vomiting. Self-explanatory. You did too much and you didn’t pace yourself correctly.

    I don’t recommend using spice if you have school or work that it may interfere with.

    I do wonder if there are any known side-effects to long term use of spice. I smoke maybe 5 times a day (it lasts about 45 minutes each time) and I use very little (3.5 grams lasted one month.)

  242. Hey so I was a chronic spice smoker for a long time almost two years to be exact. I quit about sixty days ago. With that in mind would my spice test come up positive still. Im wondering this because my rehab programis thoroughly convinced that I have relapsed. This is despite the fact I overdosed the last time I used and am scared to death of the stuff. Also I want to say this too the long term side effect that was found with my bloodwork at the hospital was that my body had begun to stop producing plaitlets and my levels were in the low 100 range. Normally I was told they should be up in the 300-400 range.

  243. Hi again, William m. You may test negative for Spice as long as you weren’t smoking it every day, multiple times per day. Occasional use is usually undetectable after a few days. But if you were a chronic, heavy smoker, Spice may still be in your system.

  244. I thought maybe i ncould sleeep it off but when i closed my eyes i was at a party and i could feel the carpet under my feet and everything then when i opened them i was alone and higher then before. thats when the voices told me to kill myself. ill never forget that night. also my friend shot his bestfriend in the head with a rifle bcause of spice. now hes in prison and his friends kids and new born wont get to know there amazing father. RIP M.M.

  245. Well right before my last trip to jail me and my friends wanted to get really high. i told them i would smoke weed but they said no because i was on papers so we went to get spice. i had smoked spice previousl to this and used to do it constantly then quit after i watched my friend have a seizure on the bed of my other friends truck. so for some reason i agreed. we got head trip because that was like the only one i had never tried. so i rolled a j and started to smoke it like a ciggerate cause ussually spice didnt effect me. all of asudden i felt paralized and sick. i told my friends i needed water and they brought me a cup but for some reason the cup scared me. then i felt sick so i got a bucket when i puicked it started to make a face and laugh at me. i forced my body up so i could move away from the vomit. i had this little kitten that was always jumping on me but when it came near me i seen the devil but since i couldnt move i couldnt get it away. my mind was telling me to kill it.

  246. Greetings fellow smokers….I’ve read most of the comments and responses, and would like to share my opinion on Spice. I’ve been smoking weed since I was 13…I’m 50 now….I’ve been smoking Spice for approx. 9 months….and I’m amazed at how good this stuff is! By the 3-4 hit….your high! lol
    The only reaction I’ve had is it aggravates my IBS(Irriatable Bowel Sydrome), and have had cramping and diarrhea….also…when smoking it….in the middle of conversation…I’ll completely forget what I’m talking about..but when my acquaintance repeats 1-3 words, then it suddenly comes to me as fast as it left. ? Spice is poor-man’s weeds these days. It def. is for me…..I’m in a homeless shelter awaiting my SS disability court hearing soon….and if it weren’t for Spice to help me relax and deal with all this…I’d be crazy! lol The Jazz Cush brand….gives me the best high…it’s like a drunken high almost. Sooo…..
    So please reiterate the test process…I’ve heard that the shelter whereI reside recently has the test for it. ??? I thought there was no test for Spice. Soooo….please clarify for me….and for us! 😀

  247. Hi Ephixa. No. The drug test will probably show positive for cannabis and THC (marijuana). The blood plasma and urinary half-life of marijuana chemicals are best estimated at 3 – 4 days after ingestion.

  248. Hi Jimmy. The sad truth is that no one knows how long the effects of synthetics linger. These chemicals are so new that there have been no clinical studies done on the effects of cannabinoids on humans. And they are strong!

    Good for you for taking responsibility and seeing the doctor. I am so happy for you. Many people fear getting “caught” smoking synthetics that they overlook their physical and mental health. Please let us know what the MD says. You are definitely on the right path!

  249. uhmm I Know This Isnt About Spice.. But I Smoked Weed Monday today Is Wednesday I Get Drug Tested Tommorrow. It Was Chronic But I Took Two Little Hits .. Will It Be Out?

  250. I have never done “spice” per se, but I was at my friends house and I took a hit of a synthetic cannabinoid called AM-2201. It was my first time doing any type of drug and I took about 4mg of the pure stuff, and it was one of the worst experiences ever, I was scared crazy. I asked my friends to call 911, but then I calmed down a little while later. I ended up going to the ER the next day anyway because my legs and arms still felt numb and I felt dizzy and disoriented. Well it’s been about a week and a half and I am still feeling some slight lingering effects of the drug. I am seeing another doctor tomorrow, but I want to know how long this will take to leave my body and for the effects to go away.

  251. Hi Sami. It’s difficult to identify the source of nausea and vomiting after acute drug intoxication. For example, maybe your body has reacted to the Spice but perhaps your immune system is low and you’ve caught a stomach virus. If you’re still concerned about the psychotic effects of Spice, I’d suggest that you check in your primary doctor and seek a referral to a neurologist or a psychiatrist. But because so little is known about Spice and its ingredients, the symptoms that you report are not well understood or treated.

  252. I smoked spice 2 nights ago, and still feel the effects. I feel like I’m in a dream and I don’t remember much of the past week. I even went on a walk yesterday and I didn’t know where I was going. I puked this morning and sometimes feel like I’m not even in my own skin. Could I have puked from the spice intake?

  253. Hi vs. There are some people who have posted and reported side effects they think originate from Spice use months after ingestion. I’d suggest that you see a medical doctor for a professional opinion and referrals to a neurologist and or psychiatrist, if necessary. Good luck!

  254. i smoked spice 2 nights ago. i was high from before but i took 1 big hit. minutes later my vision was blured, my ears started to pop, i was dizzy and had a huge headache. my headache is still there and i some times feel about dizzy and sometimes i say things which make no sense. will this go away?
    ive allready tried drinking loads of water but i still have the massive headache. is this brain swelling?

  255. ya im not sure if they test for that too its just a standard urine test pee in the cup and click the lid shut so im not sure.

  256. Hi Andy. Like THC, synthetic cannabis can be stored in fat cells. So, if you were smoking frequently or heavily, it is still possible that Spice show up on the employment drug test (if you are tested specifically for Spice).

  257. Hi i smoked spice a few times this month and havent toutched it in about a week and a half to two weeks and i have a pre employment drug test tomorrow and i need to know if i will be clean or not.

  258. Hello Ted. Drug metabolism can generally not be sped up. And we recommend a policy of honesty during drug testing so that you can have a chance to live a new life.

  259. Hello Elizabeth. Very little is known about the prolonged effects of smoking Spice, as it is a VERY new drug. I’d suggest that you schedule an appointment with your family doctor and write a list of these symptoms down. You can get straight talk from a medical expert, and be sure that nothing else is going on with you or your health after a medical visit.

  260. saturday morning i did one and a half hit off a pipe of brain freeze spice. Had a horrible hot flashes brain freezing kind of high hated it dont like pot highs eiter. Never done spice before. Well for the first few days my anxiety was increased my mother tasted like metal and i had small heart palpatation and aches in my chest. Its friday now and my mental meds seemed to help when i took them sunday and on.But my chest still has small aches and pains and up till yesterday i kepts a headache. head doesnt hurt right now finally . But my chest still gets pains here and there. With info that is known so far will my chest lungs and heart finally calm down or could it be from something else and not the toke i took.

  261. Hi Becca. Thanks for sharing. From the sounds of it, the symptoms could be from mixing MJ with synthetics, yes. Your son’s adrenal system is probably very stressed, as may be his parasympathetic nervous system. The best way to help him, as you may know, is tough love. Are you ready to offer him the real consequence of finding another place to live if he doesn’t stop smoking weed and Spice?

  262. Ok so my 16 yr old son was caught last Monday high. He s smoking weed n spice together from what I gathered.. he is short tempered and he is my mellow laid back kid.. I am wondering are the effects longer because he mixed it? It has been a week and he is really tired.. I been giving him like 1000mg of vitamin c. He still seems out of it. Please let me know. Just for the record I’m clean nnsober over 10yrs.. and to all you out there smoking this CRAPIT ISNT WORTH IT! Getting high to get that mind change doesn’t make reality dissappear.. because when u come down REALITY IS JUST WAITING FOR U!! GET HELP PLEASE!! 🙁

  263. Hi Dave. It’s hard to really predict how long any drug takes to metabolize in the body. Individual factors like weight, height, BMI, and personal metabolic processes play a role in the time frame for chemicals to enter and leave the system. In general, though, if this was a one time instance, Spice cannot usually be detected in urine more than 3 days after use.

  264. Hi Randy. Yes, you probation officer can test for Spice. But it’s expensive. Most drug courts or law enforcement agencies cannot afford Spice drug testing. But it’s possible.

    Hi gilbert V. Yes. That’s correct. Most Spice compounds are not detected in urine based drug tests after about a 3 day window, unless you were also smoking Spice chronically. Then, the detection window can be much longer.

  265. ok so i have freind whos in the military he jjust got back from deployment, he smoked spice one time like a day ago, he never smoked it before and will never smoke it again, hes about 135 pounds 5 foot 6 how long do u think it will take for it to get out of his system for a urinalysis test

  266. I smoked blue kush organic sachet 4/20/12. I have a chance of being drug screened on 5/10/12. What are the chances ill pass the test if it is for spice? Im 6″3′ 225lbs and 18 years old. Also this is what The package say bodly that it is lab certified and command NO CANNABIMIMETIC AGENTS & DOES MOT CONTAIN cp-47,497,cp-47-497 c8 homologous, jhw-018, am 678, jhw-073, jhw-019, jhw-200, jhw-250, jhw-081, jhw-122, jhw-398, am2201, am694, sr-18, rcs-8, jhw-203, hu-210.
    Or any substance compound mixture or preperation which contains any quantity of a synthetic cannibiniod whether salts, isomers, homologues, and/or analogues with the following structure classes: cyclohexylphenols, naphthoylindoles, naprhylmethylindoles, naphthoylpyrroles, naphthylmethylindenes, phenylacetylimdoles, benzoylindoles, or dibenzopyrams.
    So without any of those compounds can me having smoked this show up in ANY drug test at all? And if so how? Would it be tested with the same test of a normal spice test?

  267. got a question about spice an how long it stays in system , i quit smoking chronic FEB 1 an been smoking spice mite have drug test coming up i hear it can be out of urine within 72 hr or 3 days?

  268. Hello Joe. Like THC, synthetic cannabinoids are lipid (fat) soluble. Chronic use is generally understood by frequency of consumption and time period. Daily use over the period of a few weeks or more constitutes a “drug problem”. And when drug abuse continues despite substantial injury to a person’s health or interferes with his or her social or economic functioning or when a drug user loses self-control over the use of drugs, the continued compulsion to use is considered “addiction”.

    The best means for any detox is abstinence from the substance for a period of time. For Spice, this can require a period of days to weeks, depending on use patterns.

  269. Hi so the military is now testing for spice utilizing the services of redwood toxicology. I do not smoke it but I know of people in my unit who did and have since quit. My question is jwh-018 fat soluble or water soluble what would be the best means to detox and what would constitute chronic use. An email reply with any info would be greatly appreciated.

  270. Hi Troy. As far as I know, the most accurate and frequently used tests for Spice are urine based, not swab tests. Also, if Aloha contains synthetic cannabinoids: Yes, it is “Spice”.

  271. is aloha spice? and i smoked some about 2 weeks ago and got saliva swabbed today at my job interview will it show up? i really need to know

  272. Hi Brett. I’d suggest that you go and see your family doctor and ask for a check up and/or a referral to a specialist. From what I’ve read, acute intoxication from Spice can trigger high anxiety states, but these are often underlying issues. And if anxiety is a problem, you might also look into meditation or other practices in order to learn how to control worry through calming the mind.

  273. Hi, smoked spice 5 months ago and I still feel like im in a dream and get panic attacks. My vision is constantly distorted, like anyone who has done this drug, I couldn’t regret it more. My condition seems to only get worse. What should I do??? How long will I feel like this??

  274. Hi im in the military and have a briefing coming up to explain the Spice drug and its effects, i’d like to know more information if you have it dealing with more side affects, if the drug is cancerous, any statistics on the usage, and more. email would be fine

  275. Hmm. Corporate? Retail? What kind of job? I suppose that if you can do without the job, you can await the results, right? But if you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, you might also present a doctor’s note or prescription to the Medical Review Officer in charge of the test results in order to test NEGATIVE.

  276. Hi Moe. I think that perhaps your best strategy would be to be upfront about MJ use before testing with your employer or probation officer. It seems likely that you’ll test dirty, but honesty can open up the discussion and is an act of taking responsibility for your actions, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. How does this sit with you?

  277. Hi Moe. THC is notorious for compounding and staying in the body in measurable quantities, especially if you were a chronic smoker. Is the drug test for marijuana or Spice? And is it a hair, urine or blood screen?

  278. I’m the queen of dumb. Quit smoking bud back in January, had some resiny badness maybe early/mid February.Took up spice in place of weed. I just threw out all of my paraphernelia b/c I’m quitting. The problem: unexpected drug screen, likely Friday the 6th. I’m planning to hit the head shop for detoxers… What is the likelihood of coming thru this unscathed??

  279. Hi b. Most likely, a drug court does not have the budget to pay for drug screens for Spice. At the moment, there are only a few labs which in the country which run urine based samples, so the price is relatively high. However, you may want to be up front and disclose to the drug court judge that you smoked Spice. Drug court is all about honesty, and less about avoidance.

  280. Hi Toni. As a parent, yes, there are certain actions that you can take to set boundaries for your son.

    1. Set up a drug contract with him (you can find variations of similar contracts online but let me know if you need help).
    2. Drug screen your son as part of the contract. Positive drug use will mean consequences like not staying in your home, going to rehab, etc.
    3. Address any possible family issues that can compel teenagers to turn to drugs in the first place. The more honest you are about yourself and your family problems, the better.

    And these are just starting places. Do these suggestions help?

  281. My son is smoking spice. He is moody now with times when he is depressed. He is now seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. He is taking medications to even out his moods, but what he really needs to do is quit smoking this stuff. The depression came after smoking spice, not before. I know it is a choice he needs to make for himself, quitting that is, and I was just wondering if I could do something to force him in that direction. Any thoughts?

  282. I feel better each day, it is day 6 and I am almost back to normal. This has been by far my worst experience with a substance in 31 years. I believe that it is way to strong to be on the open market. VERY SCARY!!!

  283. Hi Nicaeres. When you drink lots of water before a drug screen, the Medical Review Officer in charge of the test can see from the results that you were drinking large amounts of fluid previous to providing a urine screen. In fact, certifying technicians or certifying scientists at a laboratory can report a specimen as dilute in conjunction with either a positive or negative drug test. In these cases, the next time that you are selected for a drug test, your employer may require that the specimen to be collected under direct observation because the specimen was dilute.

    Furthermore, the closest chemical to synthetic cannabinoids is THC, which is highly lipid soluble. THC urinary elimination half-life is best estimated at 3-4 days, where the rate-limiting step is the slow redistribution to plasma of THC sequestered in the tissues. In other words, because the chemical is stored in fat, it cannot be “flushed” out with water.

  284. Hi April. You may want to report these symptoms to your family doctor. I think that it’s important to have full disclosure (especially because you want to stop) with your doctor, who can diagnose or send you to a referral specialist in toxicology, if needed.

    So little is known about how synthetic cannabinoids affect humans, that medical case records add to our collective understanding of the drug and can lead to legal change of the status.

  285. Please I am so scared my body feel so stange numbness and flaoty. It is freaking me out. Seems to be slowly lessening after 2 days please! how much longer will *I feel this way? I am a mother and I am just so scared and upset with myself I smoked it for a few weeks and I hate it! will I be okay?! When?!

    Also it comes and goes but not completely. Please I just want to feel normal.

  286. Hi Thomas. If snythetics are anything like THC, they build up and can be detected for weeks after use in a urine screen. And no, drinking water will not flush the synthetic cannabinoid compounds from your body.

  287. Hi. Does water help flush spice out of your system? Is it water soluble?
    Redwood toxicology states that the the detection window for spice is 72 hours for a single low dose and “much longer” for chronic users.
    How much longer?

  288. Hi Jimmy. I am sorry to hear about your friend. I have not yet read or heard of this type of reaction to Spice, nor know anything about its treatment. I suggest, however, that your friend see a family doctor first and ask for a referral to a neurologist to begin a plan of diagnosis and treatment.

    Hi Nick. Urine screens do not detect Spice, unless it is a test specifically made for synthetics.

  289. Hi Keith. Not yet. DOT does not include synthetic cannabinoids in a standard 5 panel screen. I’m not sure how far off they are from including Spice products in testing requirements…but I do know that current urine based tests for Spice are relatively new to the market and expensive. I would think that until the market equalizes (increase in demand for synthetic tests) and additional testing centers enter the market (increase in competition)…the prices will remain high. Still, government regulations can create markets, as well…

    The best thing to do would be to contact the DOT Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance yourself and ask. And then let us know what they say!

  290. I also have a pre-employment drug test sometime in the near future. I used to be a chronic user of marijuana, using it daily for about 3 years, but I quit December 15, 2011 in knowledge of the pre-employment drug test I would have to undergo for a job at an auto parts warehouse. It’s been 65 days since I last used marijuana, and have been smoking spice of various brands (Kush, Kryp2nite, Space Monkey, and Happy Daze) for about a month and a half instead. I had been reading about how spice isn’t detected in urine tests, so I thought I had found a loophole. I took a 1 panel THC urine test a few hours ago, and tested positive. I am wondering if that is because I am still not clean, or if it detected spice? I am unaware of what drugs they screen for exactly, save marijuana, cocaine, and heroine (qll 3 of which were listed in the application).

  291. Hi Hope. I’d suggest that you get in touch with the HR department of the company that you have applied for and ask for information on the drug tests that they do. You need to know the names of the drug screens, and then you can know what drugs they are looking for. It is in your rights to know this information. Otherwise, you really have no idea whether or not synthetic blends are included in the pre-employment scan.

  292. I have a pre-employment drug test coming up in less than a week at a hospital.. I have been smoking “barely legal incense blend” for a couple months now, they say it does not contain JWH or CP chemicals, and i have the same questions as someone else asked, except this isn’t spice with JWH or any known spice chemicals, I am wondering if will i even be tested for spice and it’s by-products? and will ANY of these tests detect the chemicals in “barely legal incense blend”?

  293. Hi Jorge. The DOT standard 5 panel test does NOT include synthetic marijuana. And to date, drug screens for synthetic marijuana are mainly urine based tests. Still most hair follicle tests show the presence of drugs for 3-6 months after use. Please let us know how it goes.

  294. As far as hair follicle testing, are they able to test for it that way? I have just stopped smoking spice this past week. I was a very avid smoker like over 5 grams a day. I am not going to be taking this DOT test till the end of March. How likely is it that it would show up in that test.

  295. Hi Cman.

    A.) Most employer screens do not include synthetic cannabis. However, check with the HR Department of the hospital and ask EXACTLY what screens they use – a DOT standard 5 panel? 9 panel? 10 or 11 panel? None of these includes synthetic cannabinoids for JWH detection yet.

    B.) If the hospital screens for Spice, most likely, NO…the test will not detect Spice in your system. Most urine based tests for Spice work during the detection window for Spice, which is about 3 days after use.

  296. I have a pre-employment drug test coming up in about a week for a hospital.. Spice is the only thing in my system, but I am wondering A.) Will i even be tested for spice and it’s by-products and B.) If so am i already caught? I am a “chronic” smoker and have read that it builds up in your system faster than THC. Also, there are urine tests for it, just go to Redwood Toxicology. My whole thing is that if my buddy who is on parole does not get tested for it, am I really going to?

  297. So i smoked it for a week straight and everything was cool but i was always so paranoid i hated it!! And finally the last straw was at the movies. I smoked some before i walked in to “enjoy” the movie a little more and i felt like i was in a nightmare in the lobby buying tickets! My heart beat a million times per minute i started feeling nauscious and dizzy! I walked quickly outside and had my friend take me home! F&@) this!! And plus everyone is starting to incorporate this stuff on drug test! So its just as risky with real weed! Bottom line This stuff is garbage!! No more!!! My heart and stomach still hurt! If problem persist im going to the doctors tomarrow 🙂 hopefully this helped out to someone who is thinking about doing it!

  298. alright so i was sold some “bud” the other day which is what i thoght but then found out it was k2, but before i founf that out i smoked maybe 3/4 of a blunt to the face and what happend was i was in the movies and the screen started to go blury but i was haveing some warm feeling going all aroundf my body, then it just started to go numb also my stomache started to hurt so i walked to the bathroom, on my way to the bathroom my vision went all grey like a staticky tv, and i couldnt walk so i started to stumble and hang on to the wall… my friend was right behind me to carry me to the bathroom as we got there i felt like my body felt like it was shutting down and just giveing out so i washed my face with water and started to feel a little more sober but my face was so pale which is weird cause im tan.. iv read alot about this k2 stuff and im just very worried because people havew died from smoking it,can you please help me out?

  299. You are welcome, Bajadawg.

    Hi Diana. Thanks for sharing about your Spice experience. It sounds like you feel a mixture of guilt and worry for smoking Spice. I think that although most effects stop after a week, or so…you may feel better telling your parent(s) or a trusted about smoking Spice, and then see a doctor. Honesty can open up the situation and can make you feel like you are not so alone.

    Does that help?

  300. I smoke spice with some friends, I’ve never tried it before it was my first time, the effects were really scary, I didn’t enjoy it at all, the effects went away after like 5 hours, and the next day I felt okey only tire and even went to school but before school started I felt the effects again like if i was dreaming I panicked alot , then they went away, and came back again and they haven’t go away it’s been 5 days since then, I’m really scare I don’t know what to do ? HELLPPP 🙁 !

  301. Hi Bajadawg. Thanks for your question. Many people who smoke synthetics end up in the ER, so you are not alone. Additionally, effects of synthetic weed have been reported to last for up to a week after use. I’d suggest that if you are worried, you schedule a check up with your doctor. These chemicals are potent, and it’s best to avoid all forms of “legal weed” in the future.

  302. I smoked spice with a friend over the weekend, and got really messed up and scared and almost called 911. It has been 5 days since I smoked it, and I feel really dizzy, and my vision is blurred. I almost feel like i am in a dream. I get really bad anxiety since I smoked. Will these effects finally go away, or should i seek a doctor?

  303. The current testing available for synthetic cannaboids can be highly unreliable. Many halfway houses to whom we refer are having difficulty getting the tests back in a resonable amount of time. Results often take 2 weeks or more. Also, several long term recovery programs have reported to us that the results are often found to be incorrct when retested. Use caution when relying upon these tests.

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