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Looking for help for Spice addiction? Help comes in the form of Spice addiction identification, intervention, assessment, diagnosis, counseling and health care. More on how to find Spice addiction help here.

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Spice addiction help

Can Spice be addictive?  You bet.  Spice products contain a mixture of natural herbs sprayed with man-made compounds which produce hallucinogenic effects. Common effects of Spice products include elevated mood, relaxation, and altered perception. However, dangers of fake weed are real.  Spice withdrawal and Spice addiction symptoms have been reported by regular users. So what can you do if you are in need of Spice addiction help?

Here, we review Spice addiction treatment options and where to go for Spice addiction help. Then, we invite your questions about Spice and addiction at the end.

How to help Spice addiction

Spice addiction treatment follows three important phases. First is withdrawal and detoxification of Spice from the body. Second is long-term physical treatment and stabilization. The third phase of treatment addresses psychological compulsion to use Spice.

1. Spice withdrawal treatment

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Detoxification of Spice eliminates cannabinoid compounds and their toxins from the body and brain after chronic Spice use. Nightmares, profuse sweating, nausea, tremors, and headaches are some of the most commonly reported withdrawal symptoms by people experience while detoxing from Spice. This is why the initial phase of Spice withdrawal is best completed in a detox center. The process can last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of physical dependence on Spice.

2. Physical stabilization and treatment of Spice PAWS

During withdrawal treatment, you can experience good and bad days. Post-acute withdrawal or the PAWS stage of Spice withdrawal occurs as the body physically readjusts to the absence of cannabinoids over time. Spice PAWS can be characterized by emotional and physical symptoms like depression, insomnia, impaired motor skills, and cravings. In fact, it can take a while for your brain chemistry to return to normal after Spice use. This cycle of emotional and mental imbalance can put you at risk of relapse. To stay on top of your health, seek help from medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating Spice PAWS and who can prescribe antidepressant medications, if necessary.

3. Psychological treatment of  Spice addiction

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Spice addiction can cause compulsive and addictive behavior. To help you take control of your own life again, it is highly recommended that you see an addictions counselor (a licensed clinical psychologist) and attend drug addiction support groups. During counseling, you will be taught how to recognize and manage psycho-emotional thoughts. The counselor will also teach you important life skills to help you overcome setbacks and prevent relapse. Support groups can help you recognize and change negative thought patterns. Plus, they help you feel a part of something larger than yourself.

Getting help for Spice addiction

Addiction is treatable. Overcoming Spice addiction starts by recognizing that there is a problem and that you need assistance. Who do you call for help?

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Family and Friends

It is difficult to go through recovery all by yourself. The support you can get from family and friends is very important. They can help you focus and ultimately, achieve your goals.

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Addiction professionals

Psychologists and psychiatrists specialize in different types of addiction therapies and can provide encouragement and motivation for you to continue treatment. They can also teach you different coping strategies that will help you handle stress and setbacks. Psychiatrists can provide mental health support and can also prescribe medications, if needed, to treat underlying mood or mental health disorders.

How to help a Spice addict

Intentionally ignoring an addiction can only contribute more to the problem. There are many ways family members can help their loved ones overcome Spice addiction problems. First, you can do your research about drug addiction as a brain disease. Second, you can seek help from a therapist or counselor who specializes in addiction or family therapy. Professionals offer guidance not just for the addict, but also to the other members of the family so that they can understand that addiction is a disease and it is highly treatable. If you know someone suffering from spice addiction, here’s are some practical suggestions for things you can do to help:

  • Recognize that there is a problem and speak with a professional therapist.
  • Research about Spice addiction and ask for help from a psychiatrist who specializes in treating hallucinogenic drug addiction.
  • Find and identify support groups and organizations that offer programs for families and friends of Spice abusers.
  • Show that you care and stay positive even if your loved one is being negative. However, avoid enabling the Spice addict. Do not give the addict money and do not allow an active addict to stay in your home. Show detached love by supporting positive steps but do not encourage negative, addictive behaviors.

Spice addiction helplines

Address Spice addiction and call the following helplines:

The Treatment Referral Helpline – This hotline is offered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They refer callers to the appropriate treatment facilities. Local organizations and support groups.

The National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center – This hotline number will help you find treatment and detox centers any place in the U.S.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone – Get connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area 24/7.

Help With Spice addiction questions

Stil have questions about Spice addiction? Feel free to share your queries and experiences about the topic and we will respond to you personally as soon as possible.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My husband is addicted to K2 and he needs to detox from it what is the best way for him to do it he’s also taking methadone Adderall and Gabapentin he’s tried very hard to just stop he seems to be having a difficult time with it but yet for some reason he just can’t I lock in in the bedroom for four days until he gets for the withdrawal because he gets very mean irritated

    1. Hi Leena. The best way to detox from a drug is under medical supervision. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best options for your husband.

  2. i do hope this will remain confidential.
    i live in rented accommodation with my land-lady and her son. i have lived with her for 6 years, he has lived with us for 17 months after coming out of prison in november 2015. In the past weeks her son, B and his friend, S have been acting irrationally.

    B was cleaning the car he shares with S at 10 pm leaving doors open, talking loudly to S on his phone and using a torch to see what he is doing. He seems to be driving back and forth to S’s house and in time returning home. He drinks and smokes and slurs his words and is becoming very secretive, slamming doors. Then he seems to sleep a lot and be quite reasonable then it all starts again. My land-lady has bent over backwards to help B, who is 40. She is a fantastically busy person and i feel she is exasperated with him right now. She is becoming tetchy with me and pouring more responsibilities upon herself. i do not wish to leave as the positives outweigh the negatives, i do wish to know how to be with her A, and with B Thank you very much

  3. I haven’t smoked it in almost 2 maybe 3 weeks and still feeling withdrawals from not smoking it. What can i do to help cause the cravings aren’t getting better but not getting worse. Im afraid the withdrawals is damaging my relationship. Please help me

    1. Hi Veronica. It all depends from the test results, what symptoms the patient has, etc. I suggest that you speak with the doctors in the hospital.

  4. Need to help my boyfriend off of spice addiction he’s going thru the first symptoms of quiting profusely vommitting but he doesn’t want to go to rehab due to embarrassement

  5. I am coming off a very bad spice addiction. For about 8 months I was smoking 15 grams of spice a day every single day. I was overdosing everyday but not to the point where it was hospital bad. 3 weeks ago I finally hit that point and flatlined in a hospital and miracally was brought back. I chose to put myself into a detox center for some time. I’ve been off spice for about a week and a half now and am goin through a lot of severe withdrawals and am honestly scared. I get cold sweats, night terrors, sleepless nights, tremors, loss of voice, constant puking, bad cough, loss of appetite, infected eyes, sores on my body all over and many more to list.. Do y’all have any information on how long this will last and also any suggestions on what I should do to be helping cleanse my body and detox all the stuff out? Is there a certain food? A drink? Anything that can help at all would be appreciated.

  6. I have kicked many addictions in the past but have been sadly smoking spice uncontrollable for four years. My girlfriend wants to help me get off but been getting mixed signals bc my body may b too far gone. Any advice on how to find a good center bc most ppl round me do now smoke spice

    1. Hi, Alex. You may contact our trusted treatment provider to learn more about your treatment options. The number is displayed on the site.

  7. Hi my husband has been smoking spice for about 5yrs. He has been wanting to quit but he works a lot n the symptoms last to long for him to just stop. We just had a baby n he doesn’t want to miss out on work is there anything that we can do to get this drug out of our life.?”

    1. Hi Freddie. He will need professional help to quit safely. He will also need to take some time off work. It may be a tough decision to make at the moment, but it is worthwhile in the long run. You can call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers. And, congratulations on having a baby. I’m sure it is a great motivation for your husband to become a better dad.

  8. Would it be a good idea to tell my boyfriends probation officer that he is smoking k2? What will be the outcome? Will they add k2 to his probation and test him for it? I really want him to get help. He says he is going to quit but it was been a couple weeks since he said he would quit and he still smokes it.

  9. Hi Bobbie. You can Call the K2 and spice recovery hotline at 1-888-298-6689 to talk about rehab and recovery treatment options for addiction to synthetic marijuana.

  10. I have been living with a spice addict, and he can’t seem to stop lying or doing spice. I see the physical effects on him, and it is also affecting my mental and physical well being. He knows he needs help..but we have no money to do so. Also, I need just as much support as he does, it has been hard living with someone you love dearly, but seems to love their addiction more. Please, help me by providing some info on how he (and myself) can seek help.

  11. Hello Michael. Thanks for sharing more about your experience in getting off Spice. I’d suggest that you continue treatment by looking into outpatient addiction treatment, or counseling with an addictions specialist. There are often underlying psycho-emotional issues which compel drug abuse (wanting to get high) and unless treated, these issues can lead you to feeling isolated, lonely, and troubled. You can look for a counselor in your area here:

  12. Hello my name is Michael. I am 23 year old young man that is writing this because I have to get this information out cause GOD WANTS ME TO GET IT OUT TO THE REST OF THE WORLD! Its the worse thing I’ve ever done in my life and I have begged god to forgive me for it all and I will not be ashamed of it because God has told me he put me on this earth to warn everyone else. PLEASE TAKE NOTES IF NEEDED!!
    I smoked more spice then any human being can say they have ever wanted to smoke ever literally. not to offend anyone in anyway but this is god coming out of me to warn all of you about this. this is one of gods way to put you through HELL ON THIS EARTH. I am living proof the only way you can get off this stuff is with GOD. He wants ALL OF US to TALK and LISTEN and everything we feel and do feel that is cause him………. why I’m writing this cause I will not hold anything in anymore!! Every day I go without spice the stronger I get and take it from me you might think that spice is awesome at first but its really god tricking you because the real weed should be legal instead of that spice being in stores! The government is who to blame for all that BS making it illegal and everything because without god and his gift helping me through all this I would not be here! HERES THE BEST WAY TO GET OFF SPICE FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW TAKE NOTES!!! THIS IS GOD GIVING THEM TO YOU THROUGH ME!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO GET “EXOTIC” “A GRADE” ‘REALLY DAMN EXPENSIVE’ WEED YES I SAID IT WEED MARIJUANA!!! YES MOST STATES ITS ILLEGAL FOR THE WRONG DAMN REASON!! BUT BACK TO THE POINT.. YOU HAVE TO SMOKE “A” GRADE WEED FOR 5 DAYS NONSTOP AND I MEAN NONSTOP DONT PUT THE PIPE DOWN. (speaking from experience today is actually the end of day 5 for me and god helped me all the way with his great gift to the world which is weed!! but back to the point) WHEN YOU STOP SMOKING THE “A” GRADE WEED THE ANGER AGGRESOR OF THE SPICE COMES OUT EVEN MORE THEN YOU BEING RELAXED FROM THE NATURAL HERB. THIS IS GODS NATURAL WAY TO GETTING OFF SPICE!!! IM SPEAKING FROM THE EXPERIENCE AT THE END OF DAY 5 AND I SWEAR TO ALL OF YALL THAT 6 DAYS AGO I WAS SMOKING WILLINGLY THINKING THAT SHIT WASNT BAD FOR ME CAUSE I COULD BUY IT IN THE DAMN STORE CAUSE OUR GOVERNMENT LET IT GET SOLD ACROSS THE UNITED STATES INSTEAD OF WEED HOPING TO GET CONTROL OF IT AND ALL THE TAX DOLLARS CAUSE THEY COULDNT CONTROL THE WEED LIKE THAT!!

  13. Hey Michael, I know what it is like to be addicted to synthetic cannabis and not want to live. All I can advise you to do is try to get into a rehab centre. Take all the classes there you can and listen to all the advice. They will pop you on some meds to help with the anxiety in the first place. When you begin to live without the substance you can start working on the other issues that you have and try to work towards a future. You may be very helpful for those who struggle with addictions as a peer worker. There is hope but you have to really want to change. Love and light, Michael,

  14. Hi Michael. You are NOT alone. You need to detox from Spice and address the reasons why you are smoking it. I’d suggest that you call the national hotline for drug abuse at 1-800-662-HELP. They can refer you to a local program in Indiana that offers low cost addiction treatment. Life is worth living if you can only see to the other side!

  15. i need so help but these doctors in indiana dont care i need to hear that im not the only one i need to hear ill be ok
    i need somebody to tell me im worth helping
    i need to get off this k2 but (i) wont let me. I need a human
    i feel like no body wants me around
    it feels like all the voices of people i know and love are telling me
    to kill my self it wont stop and has been going on for a few years
    i called the dont kill yourself hot line and all they could say was dont do it…….well i gave my address to the hot line and they sent the police so i went to communty north as a danger person but they took me for a joke and kicked me out. I feel God lost faith i was happy in prison then i have been since i got out in 2011

    If you dont think i need help then im a loser but your a bigger loser for being carless. My choices has made me carless but im trying to get out of this hole dont want to keep falling because once i hit the ground im dead. The only people who will talk to me and treet me only do it for the money. Im a three time felon hit for armed robbery…nobody wants to hire an armed robber. How the hell can i pay for my help with out money i put a gun in peoples face in 2008. I robbed them and got cought. Nobody wants to be robbed so nobody wants to give me the chance all i see is nobody wants me around so tell me what the hell i can do with my self so i dont have to cause any more trouble in my community keep violating probation because when i dont have spice i smoke weed and fail probations drug test well i dont want to live anymore. call -help-talk to me-i just need somebody to talk to. My parents are older and fotgetting everything and its killing me soon they wont even know there own son

  16. its just very sad that i cant stop messing my life up. I’m sure i will be dead with in a year. I try to get help but the help takes so long im throwing up…cant sleep..cant eat…what do i do? Go get a thing of spice so the body trouble will stop…its like crack…DONT SMOKE THE CRAP…if any body wants to help me

  17. I have been smoking spice since 2011 when it was llegal. Just because it was out lawed i had to keep smoking because my body wouldnt work with out it. If i dont have spice i cant sleep or eat and i become very angry to the point of wanting to hurt my self. I call 911 told them im thinking about killing my self. The police came took me to community north and they turned me down. Now i have no reason to live. I just wanted to enjoy a buz but i didnt know i would be paying for it like this.Im ready to die. I cant keep paying for the crap. Only smoking spice calms me down. I have had some bad panic attacks. The only thing that will help me is the same thing messing my body up.

  18. Hello jicky. Little is known about Spice withdrawal, and although protracted withdrawal symptoms are possible, they are usually less physical and more psychological in nature. If you notice excessive sweating, I’d suggest that you consult with a doctor and seek a diagnosis. Good luck to you!

  19. hi there, i had an addiction to synthetic cannabis over about a 2 year period. at it’s peak i was smoking about 5-6 grams per day but managed to reduce it to approx 1 gram before i went into a detox facility. i have been clean for over 5 weeks but still wake up in the early hours of the morning literally bathed in a cold sweat from head to toe. this may be the result of stress (at how much money i have spent on the substance and how it has affected my life, not employed atm). i am wondering if it is likely my body is still changing from being strongly addicted to the substance?

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