How does Spice work?

Spice works by affecting the brain, mimicking the effects of THC. More on Spice’s uses, side effects, and dangers here.

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Spice is a combination of plant products sprayed with chemicals called “synthetic cannabinoids” which mimic the effects of marijuana on the body.  But people getting high on Spice incense risk cardiovascular events, hallucinations, addiction or death.  In fact, Spice addictive potential can be high, especially if you have a history of past drug use.

Here, we review how Spice affects the body and brain. And we answer some other questions for you such as: Does Spice have the same effects for everyone? What are the dangers and side effects of Spice use? And is Spice addictive? We invite your additional questions about Spice and how it works at the end.

How does Spice work in the body?

No one’s completely sure how Spice works in the body, since Spice is a relatively new drug. Spice usually consists of shredded plants sprayed with chemical compounds meant to mimic the “high” of marijuana’s active ingredients, THC. These chemicals, called synthetic cannabinoids, seem to work as cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1 receptor) agonists, and their principle action is on the central nervous system. Some of these chemicals are reported to be 66-800 times more potent than THC. The most common synthetics (known) include:

  1. AM – 694
  2. CP – 47,497
  3. CP – 47,497-C8
  4. HU-210
  5. JWH – 015
  6. JWH – 018
  7. JWH – 019
  8. JWH – 073
  9. JWH – 122
  10. JWH – 200
  11. JWH – 250
  12. JWH – 398

Can Spice show up on drug tests?  Yes, if the test is specifically searching for the compounds present in Spice.  However, no one can know exactly what’s in each individual batch of Spice. Because there are over 100 types of synthetic cannaboids on the market, the chemical compunds have very different effects each time they are taken. The physical effects of Spice on the body include:

  • elevated blood pressure
  • non-responsiveness
  • seizures
  • tachycardia (rapid heart rate)
  • vomiting

How does Spice affect the brain and nervous system?

Synthetic cannabinoids are thought to work as full cannabinoid agonists. Spice ingredients have

an affinity for the CB1 receptors and the effects of these synthetic chemicals are many times greater than the effects of THC. The side effects of Spice on the brain and nervous system are usually unpleasant and can sometimes be very dangerous. Emergency departments across the US are seeing a rise in Spice-related visits. Even if you don’t overdose on Spice, the mental effects of Spice can be terrifying. Some of the psychological effects of Spice include:

  • agitation
  • anxiety
  • hallucinations (can be very intense)
  • panic attacks
  • paranoia
  • psychotic episodes
  • suicidal tendencies

How fast does Spice work?

Spice works fairly quickly when smoked. The effects begin within 5-10 minutes of taking the drug. Synthetic cannabinoids reaches peak levels in the blood within 10-45 minutes. However, it’s unclear how long Spice stays in the body after being taken.

How long does Spice work?

The effects of Spice can last from three to five hours. But some varieties of Spice don’t work for more than a couple of hours, since the effects start to drop off within 45 minutes. However, the half-life of synthetic cannabinoids is often slightly longer than that of THC, creating a longer-lasting high than marijuana.

What makes Spice work better?

Spice is normally taken rolled in cigarette paper (sometimes mixed with tobacco), or smoked out of a pipe. It’s often labeled as “incense” and marked “not for human consumption” – and with good reason, given the variety of potential side effects. Spice is also sometimes taken brewed as a tea, which will have a slower and milder onset of effects.

Does Spice work for everyone?

No, Spice is not right for everyone. In fact, Spice is not right for anyone.

Because so little is known about Spice, smoking Spice can be much more dangerous than taking a drug with more research behind it. While it’s sometimes marketed as being a “legal” alternative to weed, this isn’t true – many states and the U.S. military have made certain compounds illegal (Schedule I drugs under the Controlled Substances Act) and there are current federal restrictions on their use. While some people recommend taking Spice to avoid a positive drug test, it’s not a foolproof strategy. New drug tests are increasingly looking for the synthetic cannaboids found in Spice and similar products.

How Spice works questions

Do you still have questions about how Spice works in the body or brain? Please leave us your questions about Spice below. We will be happy to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply, or to refer you to someone who can help.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Im a weed smoker. I haven’t smoked weed for at least a year now due to when i used to smoke with my friends i was in a very finished state. Whenever i get up I’d black out. I barely understand reality properly , i feel weak i can’t run no more with stamina. Everything feels bad ive woken up the last year feeling miserable my brain feels messed. I feel like I’m in my own world i don’t know what to do.

  2. Do u have any real information on the chemicals or side affects? Works better than any perscription or street drug ive tried to heal myself with.

  3. I have an 18yr old nephew that admitted 2 smoking Spice” early Sunday morning 3/3/2019 he right now is still under the influence & being detained in a county jail it’s 4 days later HOW LONG DOES THIS HIGH LAST?? Will he ever be the same? please help me

  4. I was on BBC panorama for using, selling and owning a shop that sold, made and distributed spice. At that time it was legal due to the technicalities on the packets and the legal legislation we had, we under law had to tell people not to buy it, it was their choice if they did after reading our signs and listening to our warnings. After a while it sickened me. Im one of the last survivors of some of the nastiest spice that will ever hit the world, i was a guinea pig for new stuff and now suffer massively. The effects dont hit me like most so i dont gouge out and have seizures but have witnessed hundreds. I come off spice thanks to my Xbox and an appetite. The rattles last approximately 3 minutes but come in sessions every 10 minutes or so. Coming off them, you need to try not to panic, drink lots of water, you will shake, you will sweat and you will feel like your dying, just remember that will pass. Spice is psychological so if you have underlining problems already, your pretty much dead off the first 2 draws. I have seen people peel their own facial skin off, murder others and even top themselves because of spice, its effectiveness and how much of an evil world the legal high one is. The people here in Newcastle are literally killing each other for a gram. All the beggars here and in Stockton, Leeds etc are all sat there to make money for a spice dealer, in 1 city or another, believe me I’ve been there and done it all. I am not proud of what i have done but now am an advocate for those that need me.
    Spice rots your bowels more than anything, you are guaranteed to either get piles (hemoroids) or need a colostomy bag. One of my mates died and his autopsy results were unreal, his insides had rotted to the point he only had 30% of anything natural left. The brain was completely dead.
    Whatever you do, never ever try it, whether your having a bad day or a great day, that 2 draws can and possibly WILL kill you. Trust me I’m the only person here that has any real experience and knowledge of the spice trade

    i was on it for 8 years

  5. My 44 yr old son had abused spice and k2 along with crack when he was very young and I was not aware. He has tried cocaine but I am not sure to what extent. He suffered a bad accident Oct 1, 2016 and has not been the same since. Says he remembers nothing. He was going to addiction meetings for 2 years and said he was clean. He has been in and out of mental hospitals and is currently being seen by someone but is not well. He has terrible panic attacks,constant thoughts of suiccide, hallucinations, day terrors, severe depression, no self esteem, just to name a few. I was wondering if it is possible for the spice to have done permanent drain damage. Looking for answers with nowhere to turn. God bless.

  6. My boyfriend smoked spice for two days back to back. He experienced suicidal thoughts and what not. Then, the third day he woke up to smoke more and aftwr he did. He started twitching and blacking out. He eventually went into a seizure. I ended up having to call 911 to come get him.
    It was the most horrific experience in my life.

  7. I help run a soup kitchen. We come across lots of people affected and smoking spice. I have noticed that since being around them the day after I get what feels like a hangover headache and I have started with anxiety issues. Is this down to secondary inhaling of spice. I am concerned about thsee effects.

  8. I’m really curious about this “drug”. I have smoked weed on the past a few times but I didn’t enjoy it. I have tried many different kinds but they all make me paranoid to the point that I am very close to anxiety attacks. Does this mean that I will have the same effect using spice that I do using weed? I have many different mental issues and this is why I’m searching for SOME type of relief…bipolr, severe anxiety, PTSD, dissociation from past traumas ect… i am on numerous meds for all of my issues and also continue to see 7 therapists a week all for different types of issues that I am dealing with. Can someone please tell me if I will get the same effect with spice as I have had with marijuana? Thank you in advance.

  9. My boyfriend is addicted to spice and we can’t afford a rehab. I’v tried to have his spice dealers cut him off and it didn’t work. I’ve also threatened to leave and keep our kids from him and that hasn’t worked either.. im scared he’s going to die and would like some advice on how to help him to. stop smoking it.

  10. What is wrong with our system? Why are children wanting to try this so badd? Take this off the market, shut down stores that sell it. Bust them like you do the drug houses. SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!!! PERSERVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE!!!!! TEACH, TEACH, TEACH!!! AFTER ALL THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!!!!!

  11. Pam. It might sound insincere but call the cops. Spice is now illegal to sell or possess. I smoked it for about 4 years on and off and that was 3 years ago and I’m still feeling the repercussions. The last time I used it I couldn’t breath at all. Now I deal with it ever day. I can’t ever breath I’ve spent thousands on doctors and tests just for them to tell me they have no idea what’s wrong with me. I can’t function or even live a good life anymore. In the 5 minutes I’ve been writing this I’ve almost passed out 3 times. Spice is a horrible drug and way worse than any drug I’ve ever done. It was the stupidest decision I’ve ever made to start smoking it and I regret ever even trying it. My brain is all messed up and confused. You can’t even call what I’m doing living anymore.

  12. My. Daughter is using spice to help with the withdrawal symptoms of heroin. I have tried to talk to her about the additive qualities of spice but she refuses to listen. She’s also on methadone. I don’t know how to help her, any advice would be really appreciated.

  13. I took it about october and I don’t feel myself any more im seeing a doctor about panic attacks but its a bit like im in a bubble I don’t know what it is… unexplainable I guess it’s hallucinations I really don’t know if I can explain but you can tell im paranoid about it have I ruined my life??? Basically I see things as if I was not there. my vision is intimidating me like its bigger smaller. im not addicted I took it in oct only 7time In total I had about 3 and a half joints. Im only 14 what do I do?? Without medical help I don’t know if this makes sense to you and who ever sees this 🙁

  14. I smoked spice all the time for 2.5 years. A lot of times 5 grams a day. I love that shit. I only quit smoking because circumstances prohibit me from smoking it right now. I only smoked Crazy or Mad Monkey though. All the others I tried were garbage. I haven’t had any for 5 months and I really miss it. I was totally able to function, did everything, rode my bike around town all the time. I liked how I felt I could focus better and my consciousness was expanded and I knew what other people were thinking. Whatever effects you get is what’s already in your own mind. Most people simply don’t have a clue as to what’s in the depths of their own minds.

  15. I’ve seen people on this stupid drug and all I have to say is wow. This is nothing cool or wise to smoke shoot up swallow eat or even burn as insence its poisoning affects are scary and especially heart wrenching when u see some one u love on it all I have to say to people out there that haven’t tried it is DON’T be an idiot this can kill u somebody I love oh so dearly almost died. By time we gt them to the hospital they were having a miner heart attack. And who am I to judge but please anybody selling this drug or smoking it or even thinking about it absolutely don’t do it I see someone on it ev day I can’t even sleep without wandering if I need to check on them to make sure they didn’t slip into a como. Please stop selling this horrible poisonis drug and more even so stop smoking it when it says not for human consumption it means NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMSTION!!!!!!!! Okay I mean if there’s a bottle of somthis u see laying on the side of the street and its full and says do not drink u guns drink it ??? Cmon people it comon sense ;( STOP THE USE OF THIS SHIT ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!! Don’t the videos and stories of what its doing and has done to people scare u if not u ain’t human

  16. hi…i’m wondering about the dangers of inhaling 2nd hand spice…i work in a prison and often inhale 2nd hand fumes causing temporary increased heart rate/disorientation and a general loss of reality feeling….is there anything documented about the dangers of 2nd hand spice fumes?

  17. had smoked brain freeze potpourri in august and then stopped after had a panic attack.havent smoked anything till now.however i am now having heart palpitations when i smoke cigarettes/drink alcohol.i have lost part of my creativity /sense of humour.Also dont feel excited about life the way i used to.Can anyone tell me if someone has felt these symptoms? also can someone advisehow long does the effect of this potpourri continue.I just hope this isnt permanent..any advice will be greatly appreciated

  18. I kind of need help so about a week ago I smoked some brain freeze potpourri, and as soon as I took a big hit out of itI kept it in my lungs for about a minute and after I let it out I immediately began tripping balls!!! but it wasn’t a normal high or like making me hallucinate it made me think too hard inside my brain and I got stuck there I got out of it eventually but it was like a reoccurring puzzle that I couldn’t connect or a never ending maze running through my brain and I just remember thinking I was going to die I remember hearing voices saying I was going to die I was wondering if anybody else out there I knew what it’s like to be trapped inside your own head kinda like in a coma off of a drug like spice

  19. About 2 weeks ago, I was at my boyfriends apartment hanging out with him and his brother. His brother, Brian, insisted that we go and get some spice from the gas station and try it out. My boyfriend and I were hesitant but eventually we gave in. (Keep in mind, this happened 2 weeks ago). I had never tried spice before and I never really thought about it, but I gave it a shot anyway. The first time wasn’t bad but the second time I smoked it I had a terrible experience. I felt like I wasn’t in my own body, kind of like I was watching myself. I couldn’t feel myself breathe through my nose or my mouth, so I had a panic attack because I thought I wasn’t breathing. I thought I was going to die. It only lasted about 15 minutes in the real world, but in my mind it felt like an eternity. I did smoke it again after that, but I was too scared to smoke too much of it.

    A couple of days ago my boyfriend and I were sitting in the living room and he took a couple pretty big hits of the spice, we were just sitting there and he started freaking out. He said he could feel his heart beating really fast and it felt like it could explode. He made me shut off the TV because he said that he could hear all the sounds around him and it was way too loud. He even had me shut the AC off because it was bothering him that much.

    I haven’t smoked spice for 2 days now, and as I said I only did it my first time about 2 weeks ago and I feel like absolute shit. I’m very depressed, I’ve had thoughts about wanting to die and about how everyone would be much better off if I wasn’t here and that is NOT like me at all.
    I can’t sleep. When it gets to around 11 o’clock at night, that’s when I start to really go crazy. I lay there and close my eyes and I can’t sleep even though I’m dead tired. My stomach always hurts really bad and I’ve had bad diarrhea. I’ve read from a few different sites people also experience a lot of vomiting, thankfully I haven’t thrown up but I’ve sure felt sick to my stomach.

    My head is just really cloudy too…I can’t really think straight. I don’t feel like myself anymore. Whenever I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror, it’s like I”m looking at a totally different person. I know that this will all go away soon and I’ll eventually be back to normal, but ever since I stopped smoking that stuff I’ve been OBSESSED with researching it and seeing other people’s stories, and I decided I wanted to share mine too.

    So if you’re reading this and thinking about trying spice, DO NOT do it. It’s not worth it. Stick to the real stuff, you’re much better off. I will never smoke that fake shit EVER again.

  20. i smoke on a regular bassis mainly for interactive purposes and have withdrawls or none of that, just some people are different.

  21. im a little more than 1 year in spice and have quit 3 days ago .if you dont think it will hurt you have another thing comming my symtoms are fitigue diarrara loss of felling shakes cont sleep well what im trying to say im fkt up and i pray i get through this i throw up any food i try to eat i tingle walking and to be quite frank im damn scared people ive known have died and here i sit feening that shit so if your just hitting it for the first time and it fells soo good last for along time how about a life time is it worth it i dont think soo im 46 years old ive did a lot drugs in my daynever withdrawls like this never DONT DO IT >>>>>>>>>

  22. Hi Nicole. There are many side effects from smoking synthetic marijuana. Often first time users experience hallucinations, suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions, intense feelings of fear and paranoia. Many users have reported getting rashes in specific parts of the body or all over, even with one time experience. So, I’d suggest you go and see a doctor, maybe you’re allergic to something, maybe it’s the spice. You’ll need a more thorough check up to get a diagnoses.

  23. I just smoke spice once and it will be my last time. I have crazy effects from it. I couldn’t feel my body thoughts that I was about to die. It is nothing like smoking weed. I recommend no one to smoke it. Anyways my question that I have is how long does it effect your body afterwards? And can it cause a rash? I have a red rash around part of my neck but I was wearing a necklace? I don’t know please let me know.

  24. Is Spice as bad and hazard as second hand smoking that it can cause health issues as causing cancer for other persons that are exposed to it?

  25. hi I need to know what I can do to help someone who is a spice addict. my boyfriend now has been relapsing on this for a little more than a year. I don’t know what else I can do to help him. the withdrawals are bad. anxiety. nightmares. tremors. cold sweats. vomiting. he goes through it all just so that in a few months he goes back to smoking it again. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this. I no longer know what to tell him or what to do to help him. he refuses any kind of treatment.

  26. This took everything from me. To JUST now start smoking it is just stupid given the countless deaths, and injuries that have been reported in recent news. Its not like nothing is known about it.. a lot is known about it, AND NONE OF IT IS GOOD. How about you just go down to the nearest corner and buy some heroin? Believe me, detoxing off this is like having the worst flu you’ve ever had.

  27. Clint, 90% of the spice out there right now is really weak. The DEA has forced so many changes to the chemical compounds there is almost no way you will find anything as potent as it was a year or two ago. I’d suggest forgetting about it altogether and stick to weed. I fear the constant changes have put not just sub par quality but potentially more dangerous combinations of drugs on the market. The spice effect used to be 3-4 hits tops before you were stoned beyond belief. Now you could smoke the entire bag non stop and barely feel a buzz, which is what is dangerous because you are bombarding your liver and brain with too many toxins too fast for little to no high effect.

  28. I’ve just started smoking spice, as a substitute for weed. I like the effect it has, but doesn’t last. I keep smoking hoping to get higher but nothing. Anyway to keep it rolling?????

  29. I urge people not to abuse this drug. If overdone you will have many problems including lack of energy/focus due to insomnia and severe mental withdrawls that make it very hard to relax. My experience with this drug spans about a year and a half. I was severely depressed when I started using this in Oct 2012 at the age of 35. I have suffered brain damage from over masturbation over the course of my life, and I have an impossibly hard time feeling normal due to the constant release of dopamine in my brain due to porn. I tried anti depressants off and on for years with no relief, just more frustration from lack of the SSRI blocker effects or lack of being able to achieve an erection due to the anti-depressants. Since I have found spice I have been happy and able to focus again. I dose once a day to once a week depending on how I feel. Going over more than 3-4g a week will trigger withdrawals so I stay under that. I believe if used in moderation this can be beneficial to those with severe depression who are not currently taking any medication for depression. Unfortunately I do not see this being sold in pharmacies or as an anti-depressant any time soon, so my advice to those who use it or are trying to get off it is to limit yourself to 1g or less per day until you get a grasp on why you use it and when you actually need it. For now I am happy to be using this and not the SSRI blockers that doctors prescribe. In the end I trust my body and how I feel more than what a doctor with limited knowledge would suggest.

  30. PLEASE READ!! HI im 18 and have been smoking spice,k2,potperrouri, inscense on an off for the past 4 years. But it was just a here an there thing , the past year maybe year an a half ive really been smoking it. Ive smoked all differnt kinds from mad hatter, demon, darkness, barzzo,twlight, black magic, caution, lights out, pretty much the best that was out there i could get my hands on. Is this stuff addicting? 100% addicting i want everyone to be clear of this, i got so bad i would buy up to 3 5gram bags a day to myself. I would wake up at like 9 or 10 am figure out how to get smoke i would go get it get high all day come home at like 1am or 2am and i would wake up almost every hour of sleeping to smoke. Im serious this stuff,chemical,spice isnt a game, i dont look people in the eyes anymore because of it even if im not high, i studder alot when i talk, i feel as if it may have made me less intelgent and it turened me from my family. I would barley talk to my mom n dad i would just hurry out of the house to go get high and they wouldnt see me till the next morning an i would do the same thing. It seemed as if it were just a big circle of the same thing everyday. If you dont have the smoke you crave it your feein for it. You get mad because you dknt have any it makes you depressed. And ill be honstest i smoked this untill yetersday and i pretty sure i was having withdraws from it because i didnt have any and i hated it! I couldnt sleep i was getting hot an cold like i would be really cold then i would throw up and get really really hot all of a sudden like i was goana pass out. I havent atten anything in 3 days now and i decided to stop because i cant keep hurting my self and my family. Trust me i know what im talking about when you take 1200 to the city to buy a big qualinty then youll know. My best friend sells this shit like crazy in a big city hes the main supply so i knkw how this shit is for you. An if this wasnt enoguh to convince you well here ya go. This dude n his girl were smoking n driving n his girl had a seasor, he pulled over to grab her and he woke up in the hospital ripped the ivs out of his arms beat up a doctor and had 7 grand in his wallet that came up missing his girl friend is still in intensive care. This spice is made by people just like you and me in there houses its just cut up plants with chemicals sprayed on them. Whos to regulate how much chemial is to be put on them. No one so you never no what your getting. I just have alot of experience with this stuff and alot of knowledge about this such as one of the main chemicals is raid bug spary. Bet you didnt think you were smoking that? People you do what you want its your life live it how you want to. But for my concern and your saftey please please becareful its dargerous and addictive, remember this inst a game its your life.

  31. My wife has been smoking herbal incense for about two years now. She is completely out of control….I am so scared and don’t know what to do. We have two children, 4 and 5 years old. Time after time, she’s chosen her addiction over her family. I’ve basically been left to raise our girls by myself because she can’t be trusted. She’s been to counseling, meetings, even went to rehab…which only lasted three days before she checked herself out. I had to take her name off our bank account because she has spent thousands of dollars on this. However, she’s very sneaky, and always seems to find a way to get money. I don’t let her use the car and hide the keys, but when I forget and leave them out she will take the car and be gone for days at a time. In fact, she just stole my brand new car to go get her stuff…she’s not answering her phone, and I have no idea when she will be back. And to this day, she doesn’t believe it’s a problem. I have tried kicking her out of the house, but her name is on the mortgage, so she has just as much right to be here as me. I love her so much and don’t want to give up on our marriage, but I just can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to have to get a divorce because I know it will get really ugly, but I am so emotionally exhausted. I am so angry, depressed, and hurt. I worry so much about the future, and most of all, our kids. I just don’t know what to do.

  32. I once got fooled and accidentally smoked spice,just one zipp. that gave me an in about five minutes an effect ofcourse. but my main problem is that i am not as smart as i used to be before i smoked that shit. that is what i am really afraid of. i know that it affects more like kills the cells in the brain. Is their anyway i can get my memory back?. if you could reply and help me out i’d appriciate it.

  33. My brother been smoking spice for 2 yrs on and off 1st time off he has experience no withdraws secound time withdraws in his sleep hallucations shakes 3rd time off he finally did some research and is scared is shit I kno for a fact he won’t go back after reading this now he exprience headeaces and nervouse system really got and huge affect on this any suggestions on the nervous system I know last time all of the side effects he got over his bones keep cracking culd barely hold a phone and just sum parts of his body is twitching

  34. I’ve been an aspiring artist since i was young , an smoking pot was never a problem untill my friends introduced me to spice …i havent touched it since high school but i still feel , paranioa and as if all my past memories where whipped out of my mind . an im just a hollow shell with no past . its great for my artwork but kills me in inside … is there any way to reverse these effects

  35. hi people ive been smoking spice for the last two year straight every. ive smoked almost everty different kind of spice there is to smoke. from $exY monkey to xxx to bizzarro and a many many others.this is veru higjly addicting drug. im very strong when it comes to the mind and im very thankful for that. iI dont in addiction thou iI think its about how mentally strong you are. its been 4 days that ive been clean and just by cold turkey. iI just didnt want to but my symtoms are so bad. im wide awake right now and iI worked all day long. lack of appetite,lack of sleep, vomiting, headaches,nausea,weak all over,cant produce a solid stool, and iI believe iI also have stomach ulcers. night sweats hot and cold. one night iI even blackoed out while driving on the hwy and went through the median across oncoming traffic and into the shoulder luckily no one was hurt and iI didnt hit nothing. this is really bad stuff. causes high blood preessure fast heart beat etc. stop while you can. iI have two friends that have smoke spice for a couple months and already have side effects. iI cant believe ive done this to myself. everyonws side effects are most like going to be different but im starting to feel better and better each day but the lack of sleep kills me. how long have these ppl that smoked for years does it take to start gettong back into my regular sleep routine? if you have any other questions feel free to ask and ill try my best to answer it. im only 21 and iI wanna see at least another 50 yrs of life so ill never smoke it again. pipes are gone and im just gonna have to wait to get off probation to smoke trees again.. good luck to anyone in this same boat. and chris if you dont quit you will die. so think about your familu and friends and dont be so damn selfish.

  36. I’ve been having really bad problems breathing lately I completely stoped smoking this s$&#+ months and months ago I’m wondering if my breathing problems could be caused by this

  37. I heard after smoking spice for a while it does damage to your lungs when breathing and makes your breath smell bad, my question is after quitting spice for a while how long will it take for it to clear from your lungs so your breath smell normal again

  38. Since my last blog i have quit smoking as i was in a wreck not due to spice but it was enough for me stop using,I had experienced withdrawal cold sweat, loss of apatite, depression, suicidal thoughts,stayed in the bed for three days it was really bad.I still struggle and think about it will i ever use again as it stands right now no, but its an addiction like any other drug its truly hard to put down.I am not certain of the damage caused by this legal drug but i know a lot of people who wish that they were in my shoes right now as this drug will park you in front of the TV or video game and you will smoke back to back until its all gone and then you will find a way to come up with the money to get more, it will cause you to lie cheat and steal as any other drug as i want to say that its a bit worse than crack cocaine as the addiction is just that intense. If you are a user i pray that you truly pay attention to what is being said before its too late take it from the horses mouth I KNOW.. till the next i will keep you updated on my progress good or bad as this country needs to know the magnitude of this so called simple legal drug .chat with you later……

  39. Sold in my area despite a ban. My 18 year old son became addicted. After rehab he went back out and bought from a different smoke shop and ended up committing a horrific crime while hallucinating. He is looking at 99 years. Police would not enforce the ban. Now I am without my son.

  40. I agree with most of what was said,I am speaking of the drug spice. when smoking the effects are the same but come and go a lot sooner than 45 minutes. I myself would like to know the effects of what its done to my body,as I have been a user for over three years and exhibit all the aforementioned symptoms. The high comes after your second hit off a joint,your first off a blunt. If a person has never smoked before they are in trouble if they smoke it like weed,seizure bound. The high last fora good 20 minutes and you want more until you build up a tolerance where you need it more and more and before you know it your smoking two ounces a week. It robs you just like any other drug that includes the legal stuff that’s still being sold. Am willing to do a study for the long term effects of this drug as i have been using over three years. I possibly can help someone or a lot of people,contact me via email to discuss this. Its important that people know the long term effects of this drug. There are way too many users and a lot of them are very young. Thanks for listening.

  41. its bad stuff i had quite 14 days ago and the head sweats are just now stopping but also been taking wassabi root pills its getting my liver fat cells clear i developed anxiety/panic attacks from it also i had chest pains all the time but everyday i get less and less so ur body can heal with a little help DONT SMOKE INCENSE

  42. as for my oppinion.
    the effect of spice is horrible!
    i was high for 3 hours after i smoked it, and i was high at the same evening, and the next 2 days!
    when i was high, i thought i could kill myself!
    i was loosing tough with reality, it was pretty hard to walk, or move,
    when i was holding a pencil in my hand, one moment i felt the feeling of holding it(kinda glumy though)
    the next moment i didn’t feel it.

  43. please help me, i have a son 21 yrs old that was smoking spice, he has stopped but is having many issues like no appetite, very depressed, anxiety and hallucinating and delusional…what can he do to get it out of his system? he needs help

  44. I smoked some of a product that sounded interesting, (Ashamed to admit that I did something that could have potentially killed me.) The product was called “Devils Eye” Which the name should have warned me it would be intense but I continued to do it for a few days, and now that I’ve stopped I still feel the delayed sense of touch, is there any way to get this to stop? I hate this and I really don’t care for this crap anymore. Any advice given would be much appreciated.
    I will never touch this stuff again, and I hope to ward others away from this stuff as well.

  45. @Margret it for sure does that to people me and my room mate do that exact same thing and im so sick and tired of doing this i swear i feel like my life is a vhs tape constantly being rewind and im doin the same thing everyday, so this morning i got rid of all my smoking objects i put them in a bag and through them out, so when i got home from work i found a pretty nice pile of spice wrapped in a peice of paper so i actually went back to the trash to grab atleast 1 smoking utensil so i could ” Finish the rest Ive got left” Im really hoping after 4 days i Too can stop craving this crap…

  46. I smoked spice once,had a horrible trip,did somethings I don’t remember and I blacked out; happen so fast; 2 weeks and a half have passed and iv been feeling very very depressed and at times confused’ im very scared and don’t know what to do’ I have been feeling better at times,but still get the depressions; please give me some advice? what should I do?

  47. @tay none.

    I am doing a project for health class on this stuff and find it very heplful that you guys are listing they symptoms of it. Since not much is known about spice, it is helpful to have 1st person accounts of it.

  48. Does spice effect your sleeping cells? Because I have a friend that smokes it and wakes up constantly through out the night to take hits and go back to bed.

  49. When i tried Spice i had never smoked cannabis or anything else…
    So the first trip for me was Near death experience… But my friend who got me addicted to this didn’t tell me it’s spice.. He told me it’s weed…
    I couldn’t tell the difference because i had never tried Real weed or even cannabis in my life… And only after a month i found out it’s spice not weed… So i kind of got really scared but i felt addicted already… So i kept on smoking it for 3 month’s and only then i thought to myself that this is not what i want to do with my life…

    Could i have any lung damage or anything like that? I have never Vomited from spice or anything.. I’m kind of scared to see a doctro because my parent’s doesn’t know about my addiction… So i don’t really know what i should do right now.. I’m 4 day’s clean and i have no craving for it anymore.

  50. @Bejuwala did you watch your friend hooked to tubes hooked to his lungs in a hospital bc of a spice addiction. Untl youve read ALL these forums on spice and all of the news of murders and beatings and eating of homeless mens’ faces while ON spice and read month and months of research on spice addicts.

  51. Dear America, please think of the future of this country! Your children and their children. I feel like this is an attack from foreign countries or something. Its like they know we will destroy ourselves…
    This spice thing is scary. Im being seperated from the military from it. That I don’t care…but the mind games this plays with u…Ugh!

    My only advice for people trting to quit is to do it slowly…when u wanna smokr only do one hit or something…god bless yall and good luck

  52. well i am doing a report on spice for court and the prosecutor…i got busted with it..but i thot it was legal and it is. well dats wat i ask the cops cuz i got busted twice. and they said yes it is…but obviously its not good for the brain and body..reading all these comments i noticed all the symptoms i have…rele addicted, nausea, feel like a vegetable sometimes…but the more i smoke it..the more i dnt feel sick..only sleepy and braindead…i cnt stop…just doing this report made me scrap an old bowl and thats just to say how addictive it is…i smoke non stop wen i get it….i try to pace myself..but its like smoke…smoke…smoke….not only is it dangerous..its also an expensive habit….especially with prices going up on them…so hopefully we can stop and find a way to help each other with advice and conversation..cuz i doubt a hotline will help..u need another user with the same experience and addiction

  53. My husband is 45 years old smoking spice. He stays up most of the night and sleeps at odd times of the day. He has high blodf pressure and breathing problems and on mess for it…what do I do about spice?

  54. I overdosed spice (kronic) exactly a month a go, i tripped out 3 times within 1-2 hours but i felt fine after it, but now im experiencing the possible short/long term effect of taking that drugs. my head is heavy and i have a heavy heartbeat time to time. I was just wondering how long will this last and how long will it takes me to get back to normal again? thank you.

  55. Hello everyone and thank you for sharing your spice experiences.
    I have been addicted to it for four years now.
    I have quit a few times for two months. 2 months ishow long it took to feel like I didnt have a permanent buzz.
    I think if we get into the mindset that this is CNHEMICALWAREFARE?
    Really think deep and hard about that.
    Look where these chemicals are being manufactured, ASIA
    CHINA is been trying to kill and control us buy phsychoactive chemicals.
    FREAKOUT 2012!!!!!!

    I am really trying hard to stop this stuff,,,,but from past wd’s I know its tough.

    I just caved an hour ago Clean 2 whole days Iknow I can beat this addiction.
    I’ve beat anxiety med, and meth, and opiate addiction,,,, that was PURE100% HELL

    Spice wd’s as said by many who know is just like coming off of meth, heroin, and crack, and benzos all at the same time

    This is by far the worse drug I have ever done.

    I bought a gram and a half this is definitly the last time I by it.

    It is still being sold in my stateat the headshop 6miles away….

    I have found in the past when I quit that excersize, REHYDRATION VERY IMPORTANT, and proper nutrition.

    I found that valerian root helps with the anxiety and insomnia.

    I think if we get into the mind set as I am trying to do that this is chemical warefare and that these chembals are poision, …

  56. yes i agree spice is very addictive. but its great other wise . Ive been smoking spice for about three years now and Ive never had a problem with it as in side affects or anything like that. seems to me that the only real problem with it is its price it keeps going up. my main concern is armatures trying to make it there self or buying it in bulk and mixing it with other spices such as basal or sage or things like that… Ive had walked on spice and home made and it makes you sick and gives you the worst headache you have ever had and taste like piss. thank you and good day ppl. in closing don’t knock it in till you try it for your self. and stop making spice heads out like we are on crack please.

  57. Hi Janie. Thanks for your question. As a non-professional, it seems that a CT-scan/MRI would be the best way to test for brain damage. But you’d do best to check in with your general physician or family doctor and learn more about diagnostic tools. Then, you can seek a referral to the services that you need. And please let us know how it turns out!

  58. I was arrested in January and was put on 3 years of supervised probation. I was smoking marijuana but because of the UA’s i began smoking spice. At first i really thought that this was a great way of beating the system. At my worst i smoked around 10 grams of “Wrath” in one evening. Soon after a few weeks of smoking i began to notice not being able to sleep all the way through the night and shortly after anxiety , paranoia, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite etc set in. I went to jail and cleaned out for almost 4 months and everything went back to normal. I recently picked spice back up and am starting the symptom cycle all over again only 3 weeks after returning to the drug. I have done many different and highly addictive drugs in my day and this type of withdrawl is something i would compare to meth. I have decided as of yesterday its cold turkey for me, but again from experience, its not easy.

  59. My experience with spice has been horrific. I have no clue how long it took me to become addicted because it happened so fast. I was on it from June-December in 2011 and experienced horrible withdrawal side effects including INSOMNIA, confusion, joint pain, anxiety, depression, and nausea. I swore never again. Relapsed beginning of October for a month. Withdrawals again. Main problem is insomnia nausea confusion muscle and joint pain- The first hit I took reminded me of why I both hated it and wanted it. One puff… just “GONE.” No thinking, no worrying, completely wasted. With continued use,this time, I also experienced auditory and visual hallucinations, severe headaches, very strong drive to get more ,more,more… I have been without sleep for at least 48 hours although I couldn’t tell you for sure because the last couple of weeks I have been up throughout the night getting high when I could do it more secretively. I realize this drug is very difficult to give information on because of the many variables, but I would like to ask about permanent brain damage . Would a CT scan/MRI show this type of damage? What about the effects on my lungs and stomache? (I am a 40 year old woman,medium build)

  60. Hi Al. You can call the National Drug Abuse Hotline at 1-800-662-HELP. They can refer you to local services including treatment facilities, psychologists, or detox centers. Reach out and help is there.

  61. Ive been on it for almost 3 years now, ive tried to stop multiple times but keep coming back. I feel lost some days and others i feel ok. the days im sober i feel fine its just hard to focus on anything else besides the want to get hi….I seriously need some help before i die…

  62. Hi New. Yes, I’d suggest that you follow your instincts and see a doctor. You may require a referral to a psychiatrist, toxologist or neurologist but it’s definitely worth seeking a medical opinion.

  63. I think I smoked too much of that stuff Sunday with my brother. I am still trippin and my lungs burn, I keep thinking I’m dead. Because I can hardly focus. I keep feeling like I’m replaying things, every time I fall asleep I wake up tingling. Its really weird, how do I come down fro this stuff, I shouldn’t still feel this way.

  64. I think it being addictive is Crap. I own fire arms I have a clean record and I have full control of my actions on and off spice I smoke four grams a day! Yes I believe it makes you more prone to impulsive activitys like smoking more and more to keep the peek high but when I take a day off of spice I see no adverse affects …I think that drugs amplify the natural selection process for eliminating emotionally weak people who would otherwise ruin there lives drunk driving or something else..I have notice d flem building in my lungs which I work out a lot and take multi vitamins..I have one question is it the plant matter that is putting tare in my lungs or is it the chemical? Cause you can Buy just the chemical

  65. Hi Jerry. Call a hotline and ask for help. Here are some good ones:

    Drug Abuse Information & Referral Line 800-662-HELP (662-4356)
    Alcohol and Drug Helpline 800-821-4357
    National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Hopeline 800-622-2255
    National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline 800-662-4357
    National Helpline for Substance Abuse 800-262-2463

  66. i have been smoking spice for 2 years now ive smoked every kind made and im addicted to this stuff real killing my family and friends and myself.plz some help me.

  67. After smoking spice for a short while like every other week I did notice my sexual appetite was decreasing rapidly is it because of the spice? Do the side effects kick in that quickly? If I stop smoking the spice would my sexual appetite go back to normal? Should I go to the doctor? Concerned about it, appriciate a reply thank you

  68. Hi Victor. It sounds like you are experiencing some kind of visual hallucination. Spice has been known to induce hallucinations, espcially if you get a batch with certain types of cannabinoid compounds present, or overdosed with chemical spray.

  69. thanks for the info really appreciated, and well sometimes i experience objects around me kinda like moving or coming against me with some sort of pressure what can that be?

  70. Hi Victor. Thanks for your questions. Dysphoria, or a general dissatisfaction with life, is common when you stop using drugs that make you feel high. While a body cleanse can help you energetically, so can taking care of your mental health. I’d suggest that you seek help by seeing a counselor or certified psychologist who can work with you on the cognitive (mental) processes that may be holding you back from experiencing life as wonderful and limitless.

  71. 3 months clean and still feeling this confusion and extreme depression what can i do? will a detox help after 3 months

  72. Dear the future, stop while you can! You may think you have no side effects now but thats because you havent noticed them yet.. Ive been smoking for 8 months straight, went one afternoon without it like 2 months ago and had the worst withdrawal symptoms you will ever experience. I never would have continued if i knew it would result in this.

  73. Hello the future. We advocate for a drug and alcohol free life….so we suggest that you stop taking Spice and look into the reasons you are smoking it everyday. Emotional and psychological problems are behind chronic drug use…and these problems are not going away until you are able to face them and move beyond them.

  74. Hi Bejuwala. Thanks for sharing information about herbs for addiction recovery and supporting the endocrine system. And I agree: having guidance and the help of a psychotherapist can really help when stopping any chemical substance or compulsive behavior.

  75. [Facts, please, Shamana1. Dramatic and specious expressions like “eats the lining of your lungs” and “worse than crack” lead to outrageous urban legends and even more disinformation.]

    I can say from personal experience that females seem to experience far greater adverse reactions than males, particularly if alcohol is involved. I suspect this is from the fact that glucuronidation in females results in lower/slower clearance. Couple that magnitude of some of these analogs and you get many a likely ER scenario.

    As far as cessation goes, a counselor is highly recommended. Certain herbal preparations may help by modulating the endocrine system to cope with more stress (“adaptogens” like ashwagandha, rhodiola, huperizine A, etc.).

  76. Thanks for sharing your experience, shamana1. We appreciate hearing from those who have been there, gotten off Spice and can speak from experience. Every person’s story is different, and together we can offer options for people who want to quit.

  77. Carri: Spice eats the lining of your lungs and causes seizures. drink water, take B vitamins and joint vitamins/multivitamins, supplements, try bolthouse farms bom dia it has all the antioxidant superfruits in it and ;its all natural plus flowers/herbs its at the grocery store. this stuff is worse than heroin/crack/meth the effects are like all three.

  78. Allen–you can’t wean off spice. either stop or you will smoke until you have to go the ER b/c its that addictive. read every single entry theres hundreds of people who’ve talked about their spice addiction and how they stopped. many of them have had to get meds for insomnia anxiety depression suicide etc. go to the dr get your lungs/

  79. Hello Carrie. As with other drugs, tapering dose amounts and frequencies can help. And you may also want to detox under medical supervision, especially if there are any underlying symptoms of depression or other mental health issues. Some people advocate for exercise, diet and drinking lots of water while detoxing. Others wean off by smoking marijuana. Check out the other thread that we have here called, “Smoking herbal incense effects” to read up more on people’s experiences with Spice.

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