How long does heroin stay in your system?

Heroin has a very short half life – only about 8 minutes, so it doesn’t stay in the system long. Learn more about drug detection time for heroin in blood, urine, and hair here.

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Heroin doesn’t stay in the body long.

The half life for heroin is only 3-8 minutes and it clears most systems in the body within a couple of days, even with heavy use. However, heroin drug detection times can depend on a number of factors – how the drug was taken, how often a person takes the drug, and the person’s body time and metabolism. We review drug testing for heroin here, and invite your question about heroin in the system at the end.

Main heroin uses

Unlike many other narcotics, heroin has no recognized medical use but is used for its characteristic heroin feeling. Instead, heroin is a Schedule I controlled substance and cannot be obtained by a doctor’s prescription. In the U.S., it’s a crime to use, possess, or sell heroin.

How do you take heroin?

Heroin can be taken in multiple ways. Heroin is sometimes snorted or sniffed in the form of a powder, allowing it to enter the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. Smoking or inhaling heroin causes it to be absorbed by the lungs. Or heroin can be injected directly into the bloodstream.

Peak levels and half life of heroin

How quickly heroin hits peak levels depends on the method of administration. All methods of taking heroin release it into the bloodstream and deliver it fairly rapidly to the brain. But heroin is not a long-lasting drug, with a half life of only about 3-8 minutes. However, heroin is broken down by the body into morphine, which has a longer half life of about 3.6 hours.

Heroin drug testing: How long does heroin stay in the body?

Because of how quickly heroin is metabolized, it doesn’t stay very long in the body. Each person’s detection window is a unique combination of factors such as weight, body mass, amount of heroin taken, frequency of dosing, and personal metabolism. Still, drug screens can detect heroin accurately using a variety of methods. These include blood tests, urine tests and hair sample testing for heroin.

How long does heroin stay in blood?

Because of its very short half life, heroin does not stay in the blood for long. Blood tests would likely only be effective within a day of taking the drug, at which point a urine test might be more accurate.

How long does heroin stay in hair?

Heroin can be detected in hair for at least 90 days. Whether or not you can use a hair sample for evidence of heroin use depends on the length of someone’s hair and the amount of the drug they’ve taken.

How long does heroin stay in urine?

Heroin can be detected in urine for 1-2 days. However, heroin will show up in the urine for longer periods if taken in higher amounts, or if someone is a habitual heroin abuser. Sometimes heroin can linger in the body longer depending on factors like weight or body mass.

Heroin and addiction

Heroin is extremely addictive – more than one in five people who try heroin go on to become addicted to the drug.  Heroin addict stories are numerous. Addicts will develop a tolerance to heroin, so it will start taking more heroin to achieve any kind of high. This can lead to a host of issues –including nasty withdrawals when someone tries to quit heroin. Plus, heroin injection puts the user at risk for blood clots and infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis. It can cause serious heart conditions, and liver or kidney disease.

Problems with heroin?

If you struggle with heroin addiction, please see a doctor for help. In addition to therapeutic options, there are medical interventions which may be able to help you manage your addiction. Methadone, Clonidine, Buprenorphine or Tramadol for opiate withdrawal symptoms are just some possible drugs that can help you get off heroin. Staying open with friends and family about your struggles with heroin will help you build a support network that can help keep you accountable and away from relapse. And you can leave us your comments and feedback about heroin use here.

Heroin in the system questions

Do you still have questions about heroin’s detection or presence in the body? Please let us know. We try to respond to all legitimate questions with a personal and prompt response. So, ask your questions below!

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


  1. Oh and TAYLOR…you cant get a drug from sex…it’s not an STD.and im sorry to say but if yall have a child coming, he should be clean too. Give your child a better life than that.

  2. SWIM does not do heroin very often BUT SWIM did it on a monday and tuesday split 2 points with 2 others and SWIM just did it again on friday night at midnight but it was only a very small line (what most legit addicts would consider a bump) im 108 lbs barely any body fat. Will i pass a drug test this coming tuesday at 6pm?? That would be 3 full days without it and then an extra 12 hours..HELP?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh, and SWIM has been clean for weed for 16 days by the time SWIM takes the test. WHat are the chances on passing for that, as well?

  3. If I don’t smoke heroin but people smoke around me an I’m sexually active with a heroin smoker will it show up in a drug test mind you the people I’m around are very very heavy smokers

  4. I’m just wondering what is meant that the drug may linger in the system for more than a couple days for a habitual user. For example if use was about 4 bags a day through the nose for let’s day a month but maybe wasn’t using everyday will it take more than 4 days to leave the system? Or how long in some ones opinion do yas think.

  5. In the past week I’ve injected heroin 5days, but not in a row. I used on the 26 of Oct, & I also smoked a small amount of crack for the first time in years, I believe I’m gonna be drug tested on the 29th of October, what are the chances of me passing the urine test, im drinking tons of water, pepsi, coffee 2, I’m also thinking about taking a water pill. Please tell me honestly what you think. If I take a laxative will that help rid my system of these toxins I’ve stupidly put in my body? Thank you, Carol

  6. I snorted herion for about a 10 day bing everyday 50 $ I been clean for 7 days will I pass a drug store unrine test I way 145 pounds and I’m 54

  7. I snorted herion for about a 10 day bing everyday 50 $ I been clean for 7 days will I pass a drug store unrine test

  8. hi im on probation and have to see my po tomorrow which is friday i used heroin by injection friday sat sun and monday . can i get a quick answer im freeking out will i be clean ? there sending it to the labs

  9. What if it was not intentionally sniffed. As in invisible spores in the air from a bag being closed containing powder. How long will it stay in the system for assuming very trace amounts got in through the nose during one breath? There was no other contact like physically. Could it be gone within hours?

  10. One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people are not specifying the type of heroin used, such as raw or scramble. A lot of the cut heroin, aka “scramble”, that is being distributed lately is being cut with benzo’s. I would be concerned with the length of time that benzo’s could be detectable.

  11. I snorted a $20 bag of heroin at 2pm friday afternoon I run 2.5 miles a day and walk 2.5 miles a day . I drink over a gallon of water a day easy and eat vitamins .Tuesday night at 6:30 pm I will take a urin test. I have never done heroin before but I did cocaine until 9pm on Friday. Just tell me about the heroin. should I pass I weigh 185lbs i am 5’8.

  12. I keep having 24 hour relapses and I face jail time this time I will have 132 hours afrer shooting a gram I really would appreciate it if you were able to tell me my chances of passing a urine test if anay??? much love

  13. t the eyes . During use what is the appearance of the pupils during the dilation process…after about 4 to 5 hours what is the size of the pupils?

  14. Hello, I’m hoping to be able to get some answer’s here. I had 9 yrs clean & just like so many others I let my problems overwhelm me & I started using, its been 6 months of using & I’m an interveinous user. It’s the 15th of August & I have a urine drug test coming up on the 18th, which is 3 days from now. I’m about 5’1 & weigh 145 lbs, the reason for the drug test is because I overdosed in my home & the paramedic’s had too revive me, so the test will be given at court. Iused about noon today like an iddiot! I have contacted my sponser& start my program on Monday, I didn’t forget the tools I learned 9yrs ago, I’m soO disappointed in myself& have been beating myself up. I appreciate any advice, & or answer you can giveme. Thank you, Carol

  15. please is somebody atall able to help me as to the questions above I am a very worried man and I face jail time for how long I do not know please

  16. will I pass a urine test for heroin after 6 days I used 20 pounds worth and if I do not pass the test I go to prison to be hones I don’t even know if it is possible to show up after 139 hours I am very worried and keep getting different awnsers from my friends.
    I did not use anything for a week prior to this also is green tea helpful

  17. I have only used herion in a little amount of time. lets say I used herion on sunday. after that i havnt used and been riding my bike a lot and drinking a lot of water. Im 5 4 hieght and weight 165 pounds. Will it be out of my system by wednesday?

  18. Hello there
    I went for an interveiw @ bussines where they pay employees very good. prior to the interveiw i think i might have snarfed heroin mixed with crystal meth about 2 months ago………..i tested positive for only heroin with a urine test. i am not a frequent user & would really like to know if this is possible & what i can do to eliminate all traces of the drug out of my system?

  19. I’m 53 and I have been using heroin for about a year I weight 124.
    I have copd and found out I have nodules on my lungs that have growed in just 3months.So they are about positive that I have lung cancer I see a pulmonary DR. on august 27. I did heroin today 7-10-2013 and I have to have a 10 panel blood test I have to take how long do you think it will be in my system for a blood test.Thank you for your time .

  20. Hi, I have the ultimate question. If I use only 1 weak-medium potent BAG per day will I get withdrawals. I have been doin this for about a week now and am wondering if i”ll get any withdrawals.


  21. Hello Tamara. Yes, bag the needles and take them to a third party toxicology or forensics laboratory for identification.

  22. I was wonder if I could find the use of heroin on a Needle hub that I found on my tenant apartments. The blood on the hub is dry and probably has more that 90 days. Could a laboratory determine if it was use with drugs consumsion? How else could I proof that he is using drugs such as heroin. I know for fact that he used marihjuana but after finding these niddle hubs (more than 3) Im thinking he is in soimething else.
    Thanks for the help.

  23. I had a drug test last week, a urine test, but slipped up and done heroin almost 4 days before the test. I just got a call from someone about that test I did and I am curious, why did I fail this test when I had only done heroin 1 time and took a test 3 and a 1/2 days after that??? I feel awful enough as it is for even doing it, but now even worse because everyone else is going to know about it!! Please write me back as soon as you can 🙁

  24. I did a couple of lines by snorting it on Friday night, then did one line sat morning do you think its out of my system today, Monday? Im a 30 year old male, Im about 5ft 6 in, and I weigh 165 lbs. I spent yesterday (Sun) working in a room that was 100 degrees, do you think Im safe for a urine test?

  25. I’m stressing I used probly a .1 or .2 last Thursday and I go for my military drug screen at Meps on that’s 6 days.i hear those lab test are on point so I’m worried.i have been drinkin tons of water and running and sweating.i weigh 190 to 200 pounds.need sum advice please!

  26. Hello, My Name is Jordan, Im 5’4 and Weigh about 186 lbs. i used to use frequently but stopped for about a month and a half, i used again once on only one day, i was wondering if you would know how long it would take to leave my system i cannot remember the exact date that i used, but im positive it was over a week before i took a drug test on thursday 5/30/13 for a job, and i am a little curious to know if i am surly going to come out clean

  27. Hair tests are usually more expensive than urine screens. But this is a good question and one that a drug court officer might be better able to answer. Check with your local state or county attorney’s office for more.

  28. If heroin can be detected in blood and urine tests for such a short time, but also by hair samples..why don’t drug courts use hair samples as the basis for probation?

  29. How long will herion be detected in a standard 5 panel drug test if it is a single use.

  30. hi i stoped using heroine friday as have urine test tuesday.prior to friday this i smoking small amounts as well as about 1oomls of methadone of 3 day drinking loads water and training hard how ya think ill do tuesday

  31. I have not used heroin for 11 months. Was on suboxone until dec. 2012. Recently did a hair folicle test and showed positive for heroin and morphine. My hair grows really slow. Does this sound possible or was the test in errer?

  32. I have not used heroin forr 11 months. Was on suboxone until dec 2012. Recently did a hair folicle test and showed positive for heroin and morphine. My hair grows really slow. Does this sound possible or was the test in error?

  33. Hi I have a drug test and used today . I used heroin today and benzos a few days ago. I have a bottle of adavanced detox solutions immediate cleanser and will drink tons of water . Should I be in the clear???

  34. last few months ive been using herion regularly probly minimm twice a week using bout over half a gram a shot. but the last last month ive been only using twice aweek.

    Last tuesday night bout 10pm i had a shot of heroin 0.08 worth wich is just under a gram, before that week i was clean for a whole week, what cosed me to use that day is sojmething sad came up.

    I havent used since then been eating healthy and i weigh 60kg now. ive got a urine drug screen coming up this monday, which adding it top my last use, ive been cleaned for6 days by monday morning.

    do you reckon i will surely get a clean urine drug screen?

  35. I have random drug testing through probation and I am a heavy heroin user. I want to kick but have not had a successful day clean yet. I’m scared that I am gonna get called in for a test and be dirty. Do things such as q carbo or the stuff work for covering up heroin in a urine test? if so, what is the best product to purchase? I am 5’10” and about 170 lbs. I appreciate the feedback very much. I may even get called in tomorrow. I want to be done with this way of life desperately but it is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. If I fail I could possible go to jail.

  36. I have been chronicly been smoking heroin, plus oxycotin before they were taken off the market.Thus the sudden huge spike in herion use, and oxy practicly quite. Ive been seeing this new dr, who is treating my pain and addiction with methodone. wich has been going great my last apoint i sat there for an hr waiting for the lab results to clear and they did. i go in there today and now he is saying i poped dirty last week for miniscule amounts of opiate and this week too. I have heard that by smoking herion it can stay in your system longer, causes it to resinate in you lungs. Is the true or not? and if it is some references pts

  37. I weigh 170, fast metabolism. I did 2 bags of heroin friday night and had a drug screening monday morning and i passed. So i’m just trying to ease some of your concerns of how long it really does stay in your system, it leaves my body after 48 hours. Just drink 6 bottles of water 2 days in a row, eat properly and try to get atleast 5 hours of rest each night you should be okay!

  38. my brother died in a county jail. the jail did not give him any meds plus he had extremly high bl pressure. the jail did know of his high bl pressure fron a previous stay there an new that he had severe withdrawls. thats why i asked if one could die.

    1. Carla, untreated/unmediated withdrawal from opiates—especially by someone with existing high blood pressure—CAN definitely (and sadly) kill them.

      I’m very sorry to hear about your brother.

      If I were you, I’d alert every agency/authority I could until an investigation was launched into his cause of death and the jail’s involvement (or lack thereof) in it…

      It might be too late for him (and you/your family) but you very well could save the lives of other poor souls going through detox while incarcerated.

      My thoughts are with you,


  39. Hi, I’ve recently been clean for about 150 days, I’m currently on 120 mgs methadone and unfortunately came accross 3 bags of heroin while cleaning 4 days ago now. I used them intravenously 4 days ago, on a thurs evening after an intense, advanced yoga class. The next day, fri was a regular day, drank about 2 cups of coffee and drank regular amount of liquids, got plenty of sleep. The next day, sat, I showed up to my methadone program and was drug tested around 9:45 am. Do you think this urine analysis will come up positive? Thanks.

  40. How long does the metabolite of heroin stay in the system? I suppose what i,m really trying to say is how long is heroin use distinguishable from other opiates such as codeine in urine using GC-MS.
    Also i iv,d 0.4 grams of heroin at 1pm saturday and i,m due for urine screen on monday 1.30pm,i know i,m going to test positive for opiates but will they be able to tell its heroin? The tests get sent to the Lab. Am i better trying to put off the test until Tuesday? Im an habitual user and for the past 2wks have been taking codeine phosphate for backpain,will i be able to use this as the reason for the positive sample. Much appreciated for any help,my whole treatment plan and family life depends on this sample,an opiate positive is sort of ok an Heroin positive i LOSE ALL. Thanks in advance

  41. I probably have only a week until i get a drug test, the longest i’ve seen anyone say it will stay in your system is a week but what if it was large amounts like 180-200 bags in 2 months or so?

  42. i went through my bank statements and it looks like ive done at least 180 bags in the last 45 days. I’ve never been this out of control before….does anyone have an idea of how long it will take to be out of my system?

  43. Hi Carla. A heavy user can experience complications during heroin withdrawal, especially if the body is unhealthy. Multiple body systems are affected by heroin use. If there is any question about the health of a heroin user, seek help from a detox clinic for professional medical supervision during withdrawal.

  44. HELP ME PLEASE I took a piss test for my po and failed for herion today. but i have been clean for six days and just got out of a rapid detox rehab program. But before i took the test i touched some herion(didnt do any just picked some up and through it down the tolit) and i touched the inside of the cup i pissed in for the test. i failed and denied doing it. My PO sent it to the lab. Will it show as If it was in my system. PLEASE help me

  45. also i used IV and im worried about next weeks test witch i alredy took if u miss does this matter like does it take longer to leave beacause it dint get diectly in ur system idk im freaking out i toyally think these tests should have been clean

  46. i used half a gram on the 15th and took a test on the 20th my results came back witchsaid i was postive but was a small amount i dont uderstand why i wasent clean this should have been plenty of ime and in the past has been im concerned b/c i think my ex might have slipped me somthing to make me fail because i reallly think i should have been clean im about 130 and somewat active all my previous times ive been clean and i always use the same amount on just that one day please lmk

  47. if i used about a half a tenth on mon an have been clean for 60 days prior to will i drop clean today wed. thank you

  48. Hi, I’ve been clean off heroin for 4years and recently lapsed but sorted now thanks to methadone! Anyway, in 2009 it took 17 days for my urine test to show neg to opiates. I put this down to a 10year heavy addiction. Well, it’s happening again this time. Been heroin free for 8 days and I’m STILL positive on the urine dip test. Any help/answers please?? It’s driving me mad and I feel like people don’t believe me. The weirdest thing is my partner is exactly the same. We only smoked heroin & used about 1/2gram each a day. I’m 11stone 5ft 4″ and he’s 13stone 5ft 9″. Any logical answers please!

  49. hey ! i am using heroin in cigrettes for 2 years and i smoke it alot 8 to 15 grams somtimes a day i make 2 cigrettes from 1 grams i wanted to know are my withdrawls going to last longer and can it kill me soon like in a year i have never injected or snorted heroin just smoked in cigrettes ?

  50. If someone that was 150 pounds and used heroin one time how long would it take to get out of your system for a urine test?

  51. Hello, I have been back on heroin for about 4 months with daily IV use. I have had periods of short term and long term sobriety in the past. I am now trying to get back on my suboxone. I will have a urinalysis for probation on Thursday of Friday of next week, the 31st or the 1st. This will give me 6 or 7 days clean before my test. I am wondering what the chances are that my screen will come back negative. I know in the past I have passed tests with 3 or 4 days clean, but I had not been using for such a consisted period of time. I am hoping to find out how much long term use plays into the detection time of heroin metabolites in urine. Thank you for any answers you can provide.

  52. I tried herion for the first time today. I only did one small line of it and snorted it, how long would it take for me to be clean again? I did the small line about 2 PM 1.23.2013.

  53. hi i had a urine sample taken and i was still positive for heroin after 6 days why is that i am 5ft 8in tall 10stone in weight average active why did that happen do you think its because i have a slow metabolism

  54. Hi Rhonda. Yes, heroin is an opiate. Methadone is the preferred treatment now for heroin addicts as an opiate substitution therapy. While some people argue that methadone maintenance programs simply replace one drug addiction for another, outcomes are much more positive and include rehabilitation into society.

    The best way to quit any opioid is in a clinical detox. There, doctors and medical staff can manage symptoms and provide medications if and when necessary. A few medications such as clonidine, buprenorphine and naltrexone may help during heroin detox.

  55. I know someone trying to quit heroin by using methadone. How safe is this and will that just be another drug to get addicted to. What is the best way to really quit any opioid. Is heroin considered to be an opiate.

  56. My son is in Norco prison for the second time…his struggle with heroin is on going even in prison. He is sent there to rehab but finds ways to take heroin. I would like to share a part of a recent letter he sent me from prison, quote”There is no joy in this anymore. I am off it for now but when the drug is almost all out of your system the brain makes its final all out attempt to get drugs. It wants drugs, it needs it, it pleads and begs and cajoles, you think you are meant to be strong but where are your balls? I tried to cry but there was nothing. My mind circled itself in its maddening dance of despair every moment of the day. I feel like a monster, something that should be living deep, deep underground, rather than up here in the unforgiving glare of the sun, but I’m already away..down, down, down no looking back, not even at the devils on my heels, and I don’t think I am ever going to surface, finding a reason to carry on, seeing the world for the wide screen, technicolor spectacle it truly can be instead of black and white druggie eyed view from underneath a mountain of garbage. I am still a prisoner to the screaming, whining dying part of my brain that is content to wallow in the gutter for all eternity and I know what I have to do, I have known all along, I have to see this to the end and end this cycle of drug abuse once and for all.” Drastic

  57. hi! i have been snorting heroin for 2 years, about 5-10 bags a day but sometimes i take breaks. my last period was nov. 9th and i have taken 4 pregnancy tests within the last week and they all came up positive! i am scared to death. i have cut my using down to 1- 2 bags a day and i have a doctors appointment on thursday. i want to have a healthy baby and i am starting my own detox tomorrow. just stopping all together because i have done it before. i am just so scared i dont know how far along i am and dont know what damage i have done this far! please ANY advice would help at this point!! thank you sooooooooooooo much

  58. I am going to take a blood test on opiates in two days, i was wondering if i’m clean for like 2 days will i be clean on the test?? there are some websites that say heroin comes out in 6 hours from the bloodstream and about 2-3 for urine is that true??? please let me know if you know thanks =)

  59. I was wondering how long it would stay in your system if I used only today (thursday) and was getting drug tested on wednesday? I’m 120 lb and would only being doing 2 bags.

  60. was wondering if I used only for two days at about 4 to 6 bags will I be ok to pass a test 4 to 5 days later please help thanks…

  61. Just want to tell everyone my story…
    When I was on probation (this was 4-5 yrs ago), we were given colors and we had to call in every day to make sure our color was called — if it was, we had until 4:30 PM to go down to the office to give a urine test. They have a mirror and the officer stands there and watches you do it. If they suspect anything they have the right to make you strip and — basically, if you get caught trying to use a whizzinator / fake sample in any way, they put the cuffs on you right then and there — and not only do you violate your probation but they will add a new charge on top of it. At the time, I was using maybe twice a week. Anyway, I did three bags of east coast powder #4 heroin IV’d — and exactly 24 hours later, I came up clean on the test.

    This was an isolated incident though…Prior to using this exact time, I had not used for at least a week. I weigh 200 lbs and I’m about 6’3 and at the time I was 21 years old. I suspect when you get older, and if you use for extended periods at a time, it will take longer than 24 hours for you to be clean.

    The hardest part when I first started probation was trying to get a single clean urine. They have a three strikes rule — three dirtys and you’re gone..automatic jail. Anyway, yeah, I went to jail on violations a few times, needless to say. I would slways try and try and I could never go 24 hours without using back then. I did not have access to suboxone or methadone at that time though. For the 24 hour came up clean test — I did — I was using Suboxone during the whole week prior and afterwords and it’s really what allows me to not use as much heroin as I would have if I didnt have access to it. I had a legit script for suboxone though — don’t think you can buy it on the street and then get away with that on a test — they WILL test for both methadone AND suboxone, and if you don’t have a prescription for either, you’ll fail the test.

  62. Hi
    I have done 1 dime bag of D last Sat 12-15-12.
    Do you think I have time to pass my test in 4 days on Wed 12-19-12.
    my plans is to drink a gallon of water each day.
    Any suggestions.

  63. I took an instant urine test last week and it showed up positive, even though it had been 4 days before that when I used last. The week before I took a test that they sent to the lab and that came back negative, even though I had used only 3 days before. My drugworker said that they can detect slight traces of opiate with these new instant urine tests that go back as far as 6 days. Is that true? If thats the case, I’ve got another test Wednesday morning and I used Friday night, will it show up as positive? I think it will be just over 5 days. By the way, I saw the traces of opiate show up with my own eyes, its a bit like a pregnancy test, with the 2 lines coming up.

  64. Sorry if that last reply was a little snippy, but I think that the baking soda/Gatorade blogger probably just got lucky somehow.
    If I’m wrong, please let me know. I don’t use heroin, but have occasionally worried about popping a test over Lortab or Vicodin, etc. If you have found something that cleanses opiates or shields them from detection….well, that would be quite a big deal.
    There are potions that work for pot, but I’ve really never heard of anything that works for opiates.

  65. This whole tale sounds a bit bogus to me. First of all, you used these things until 5 a.m.??? Did you take the oxy, snort or shoot yourself some heroin and take a big pull off of your Wild Turkey bottle all together AT 5 a.m….???? Then at 8 a.m., you drank this miracle concoction…(really, it sounds to me like you were using at least until 8 a.m. Between 5 and 8, then, you just weren’t using? Hmmmm…) Plus, you don’t remember any withdrawal symptoms…Um, honey, if you’ve ever had withdrawal, you remember you had it.

    This whole thing sounds like some ridiculous fantasy to me. But if I’m wrong and you HAVE discovered some miracle drug-test-passing cleanse, I suggest you bottle it and market it. LOL.

  66. A couple of years ago, I used alcohol, heroin, & Oxycontin 80 mg until 5 am. At about 8:00 am, I used about 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda with Gatorade to clean my system for a drug test. I took a drug test around 10:30 am, & passed. It has been working for me, except I did fail for alcohol on the ETG test. I can’t remember if it made me sick from withdrawals after I cleaned my system. Will I get sick from withdrawals if I do the baking soda trip that works for me, in order to pass a drug test?

  67. I have to do a drug test, a ten panel that is sent to california.. i have used heroin for the past four years daily.. i have not done any since thursday 11/15. i took a 10mg methadone late friday night. I did an at home 6 panel drug test that came up positive for opiates.. see how mathadones arent opiates its obviously the heroin right? how long would i need to get it out of my system…?? please and thank u

  68. I recently touched (with my fingers) heroin. Today is saturday. It is about 7 Pm. I have a drug test Monday at 5 pm. What are the chances I drop dirty?

  69. oh i am also 4’11 112lbs i think my metabolism is normal not fast or slow i walk alot i was thinking about going jogging the next couple of days will that help and the day of my test i gonna pee in the morning then drink a ton of water will that help please let me know wat u think thank you and also please dont guess if u dont know then dont answer if u answer please be pretty confident that u are right my freedom depends on it

  70. i have a drug test on thursday at probation i used today 1 bag and yesterday 1 bag and the day before that 3 bags i injected them will my test come up dirty or clean the probation sends there tests to the lab its not and instatest i just wanna be perpared if its gonna come up dirty

  71. Im 5’5″ 175-180lbs. female. 22. I used 1 bag today (friday) (i want to get a 1-2 more cause its the last day i can use but i don’t know if that’d be smart) and was told i get drug tested (a friend told me) when i do my intake on tuesday and iop. Im scared i’m not going to pass. I used almost everyday this week but 1-2bags the most a day. Maybe 2-3days this week i didn’t use but i really don’t remember. I sniff it, i don’t inject or smoke it. And I really want to know how i can clean my system out before tuesday if i should just drink alot of water or what, i was told by someone that works but im not sure. Please help a.s.a.p.

  72. TWO to THREE days, guys! It varies, yes…but unless youre a hardcore user with a slow metabolism, youre unlikely to fail the test after 5 days being clean. And asking if youll pass after 48 hours or a bit less is pointless, the answer will always be “most likely, unless you have a fast metabolism and/or only took one dose the past 2 days”.

  73. i have recently been using heroin almost daily for the past month give or take a few days here and there. i last used tuesday night around 11:30-midnight. i use at least a half gram a day and now i have a urine test for probation on monday at 1:00 in the afternoon. i am 22 yrs old, 5’10, and wiegh approximately 150 lbs. i have a rather fast metabolism and am planning on drinking large amounts of water and taking a body cleansing drink the morning of the test. what are my chances of passing this test. please let me know asap

  74. Hi Jake. The phenomenon of craving can return immediately to an addict when he or she consumes the drug of choice, regardless of time abstinent. However, withdrawal symptoms only occur when you are physically dependent on a chemical, which usually takes time. Every person develops physical dependence within their own unique time frame (the same for drug tolerance, or needing more drug to achieve same initial effect)…so it’s possible that heroin dependence can develop over 2-3 weeks time, which is indicated by withdrawal symptoms upon cessation or dosage cut-back.

  75. Hello,

    I have a few questions I would like assistance with:

    First of all, I woudl consider myself a heavy user and i inject at least 4 times a day (please no lectures) anyway, lately I have been noticing that when I shoot, I really dont feel much of anything anymore!!! Why is this? Could I have developed such a high tolerance that it just doesnt effect me anymore??? Is that even possible??? What can I do if anything to make it so I actually feel the heroin and get high again??? Is there any way tha i can increase the effects or anything like that????

    Secondly, i am on probation and I have to go see my PO on Thursdays in the evening. I have been Using heavily as described above beginning Thursday evening after I see my PO up until Sunday when I will do a nice big shot in the morning and then stop completely until after I see my PO on Thursday evening and then do it all over again. My question is, if I were to be tested (urine) by my PO when I see him on Thursdays will I come uip positive??? As I said I use heavily from THursday night through until Sunday Morning and am completely clean most of sunday, monday, tuesay, wednesday and thursday when I see my PO at arond 6:00pm. Will I be Clean????
    Your help will be much appreciated!!!!!

  76. If I smoked a tenth of Black Tar Heroin today at 1 pm and used Q carbo 16 tomorrow would I pee Clean on a UA at 9 am? Ive drank a ton of water taken Niacin and Active Charcoal

  77. Awesome — thanks! Do you think an addict with over a year of sobriety under his/her belt would immediately go through withdrawal symptoms after using again just once? Would chronic need come back immediately or would he/she have to use a few times before fully losing control?

  78. Hi Jake. Following heroin use, the intense euphoria lasts from 45 seconds to several minutes, peak effects last 1-2 hours, and the overall effects wear off in 3-5 hours, depending on dose. You can do an internet browser search for the following keyword terms to learn more: euphoric effect heroin last

  79. Hello and thank you for this blog. It’s a fantastic resource. I’m wondering how long 3 or 4 small snorted lines of heroin would keep a recovered addict high. My boss is having me do research for a story he’s writing and I’m not sure who to contact about this question because it is so specific. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.


  80. Thank you for saying that. Nobody really knows what I did I have been clean since then but yes beating myself up, I just jope this mistake doesn’t change my life.

  81. Hi. I use less than a half gram of heroin a day. If I quit today, and have a drug test on Wednesday night, and friday morning, and drink gallons of water, and go for a long jog, will I be okay? I’m freaking out and really need some help.


  83. Dear Missy B.,
    Speaking about having 18 months without heroin is something to be so very proud of. I am asking you to think about what it was that got you thinking about using it on that momement. I wouldn’t through in the towel by feeling like a failure so it doesn’t matter anymore because you do matter. I knew a guy that slipped (so called) and as a group we decided that his straight time was the same minus one day. He stated how much this meant to him, it was love not punishment or judgement. He got into his straight rhythm and still had his support people who made some helpful suggestions. Being a slave to dope and those who profit from it robs us from the basic feelings needed to go on. I hope you have someone that loves you and will hug you and tell you it’s alright your still the Best!!

  84. Hello Missy. Urine analyses for heroin generally are accurate and can detect heroin up to 48 hours after use.

  85. I relapsed after 18 months clean on Friday. Since then I have shot about $40 worth of heroin. I am a small girl, 5’3 110 pounds, how soon will I be safe to give a u.a.?

  86. Everyone has lots of questions about how quickly drugs get out of your system… well i use herion a few times a week and ive passed my drug tests for probation in just 36hrs… and this probation sends every test to lab in California.. i didnt know i was going to be tested so i used tuesday afternoon and ended up getting tested thurday morning.. since i didnt know about the test ididnt go outta my way to drink a bunch of water or anything but i did drink a few monster energy drinks… im not a small girl either i weigh like 165ish n im 5’6 so it is definitely possible to get it out of your system quickly.. hope this helps!

  87. I used today and possibly have a urine test on monday if my color is called. I seen on paper that it is only 4 panel drug test. Will i be okay if i do happen to get tested on monday. I have very fast metabolism, im 6 ft and 160 pounds and i shoot up. Will i be ok? Anyway to make sure i will be?

  88. hi, so I’m sure this is going to be a lot to understand but I need your opinion . My fiance is currently in prison for failing a drug test for heroin, while on probation. His father has been using for years and he is telling me that he failed because he was poked with one of his needles the morning of his probation meeting…because of that he used fake urine and not only got caught but tested positive for heroin- my question is, is that even true or does it have to be more to be detected…please help, any info is much appreciated!!!

  89. Hi Sharon. You can find a lot of scholarly articles on this subject by searching Google Scholar using these keywords: heroin addiction personality

    In one study, I have read that former heroin addicts can are significantly lower in self-esteem and significantly less inclined to project a flattering self-image than non-addict controls.

  90. Hi, im 19 5’9 and about 200 lbs. I used a pack a day for the last three days its sunday and I test wed, will I be negative?

  91. hey guys,
    i IV’d a small amount of heroin sat morning at 930 am,i have a lab test monday at 6pm,ive drinkin lots of water and excercised inbetween , do you think ill be alright?i have a fast metabolism and im not a habitual user

  92. hi…i am 22 years old…weigh about 215 and around six feet tall…i have court in three days and will have to take a urine test…i know i will pass the test but if i used afterwords how long should it take for me to be able to pee clean again…any info would be great thanks..


  94. Hi Willow tree. If you abstain for the next couple of days and have a good 72 hour window between last use and testing, it’s possible that a urine screen will be negative for heroin use. But any hair analysis drug screens will detect the long term use in your hair.

  95. I’ve been using like two weeks straight now I used Friday..yesterday I’m sick and want to use but I’m drug tested on Monday do u think I’ll pass I’m 5’7 155 pounds and I’ve been taking niacin and drinking a lot of water…help

  96. Hi there I lnject about 2 tenner bags a day I was
    Gettin swabs and it was 3 days I wood stay off
    It and come back clean now it is piss test I took
    On we’d and dun urin test on sat nite and it’s with
    My gp thy send it to hospital to be tested so can
    U let me no if that will be ok and tell me how
    Meny days to stay off herion for to insure a
    Pass thanks

  97. i did .2 of heroin on friday afternoon with a buddy for a going away party, i have a drug test wednesday afternoon. its a urine test and it will be 5 days since i last did anything. will i be okay? this job means everything to me and i NEED it! please i need an answer asap. im kind of freaking out

  98. So glad I’ve found this thread. I’ve read it all, and it’s giving me hope. I wasn’t a heavy heroin user. Maybe one or two bags per day for two months, but God knows the addiciton hit quick. Withing six or more hours after a bag, I’d be thrown right into withdrawal. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Hot/cold flashes, aches and pains from head to toe, depression, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, restlesness, over-emotional, nauseated, unable to eat, trouble sleeping, feeling agitated, feeling like I have a severe flu, dibilitating weakness, etc. I was told much of it was mental. I disagree. I had NO idea about withdrawal. I thought I was sick. It wasn’t until I took another bag and ALL of the symptoms went away within 10 minutes. So I’m officially addicted.

    So, I did my last back Thursday evening at 5:00. Friday eve at 5:00 would have been 24 hours. I made it. I’ts now Saturday morn at 11:00, so I’ve made it over 36 hours. I’m surviving. Very emotinal. Achy. Weak. Tired. No will to do anything. But, thanks to God, I feel like I’m making it through this fairly easily. I’ve heard that between 48 hours and 72 hours is the worst. Since my symptoms of withdrawal came on so quickly, is it possible that my body is moving through this more quickly? Could the worst of it be over?

    More importantly, I have a drug test on Monday from CPS because my abusive baby’s father and grandmother call them on me every few months (every case unfounded-and I’ve been clean all the way up until two months ago when I couldn’t take their threats any longer and needed a relief.) By then, it would have been well over 72 hours since my last bag. Should a test come up clean by then?

    Thank you! And any suggestions on making it through the next few days?

  99. hi i used heroine for 1month up to date and after 10 days i m going to give medical test of urine and also blood can u tell me that whether it can be detected or not

  100. I really need some help and someone and support to talk to really. bad. for about the past 4 months I have been snorting herion on and off at some points it got really bad where I was doing bout 5 bags a day for weeks at a time and id take suboxone so I wouldnt be sick. I found out I was pregnant and have been trying so hard to stop for my baby and I’m down to doing 2 bags every couple days cause I can go about a day with out being sick…. again I do not shoot it never have just snort it .. but I’m very concerned about my baby … my question/questions is if I just quit cold turkey now with just doing that little will my baby be okay and not go into premature labor.. and how bad do u think my withdrawls will be. how long will it b in our systems will my baby go through them when she is born and any advice on how to gey it outta my system faster so I’m not so sick .. please please please dont criticise me for doing this knowing I’m pregnany. I no it was wrong n I’m tryin so hard for my baby. I really need someone to talk to to help me get through this I have noone. so if anyone has gone through this pleasr help. its been stressin me so bad. I dnt want to zympathy I dnt expect it just someone to have faith and a supporter. its so hard to do this alone.

  101. Hello,
    Hubby was using everyday, 3 times a day, for 4-5 months, went to rehab, supposedly been clean for 3 weeks. He took a urine drug test (in home, dipstick test) and it came up positive. Could it still be in his system after 3 weeks????

  102. I’m so confused the last time I used was on Friday and had urine test today and showed up positive I’m 35 about 141lbs and fairly active I thought it would be out of system by now!

  103. if i would happen to take a little 20doller hit of herion at 330 friday and i take a pie test on monday at 700 would it show up.

  104. Hi I was using heroin via needle then I sought help and was put on methadone but I continued to use but I switched to snorting and now I have gone cold turky I feel physically fine but the angsiety is a little bad but I have plenty destractions now my big problrm is I can not sleep no matter how hard I try or how tired I am I just cant get more than an hr of sleep at a time iv tried sleeping pills but that doesnt work because when I switched to snorting I mixed it with dorman (a common sleep aid) what can I do to sleep through the night

  105. Hi Pat. Thanks for your question. Yes, there is a difference between dipstick urinalysis testing for heroin and laboratory testing from a urine sample for heroin. Sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values or “test cutoff points” vary … with laboratory testing of urine for heroin and its metabolites being more accurate and sensitive than dipsticks. So while you may have tested negative on the dipstick, it’s possible that a lab analysis is returned positive within the same 48 hour window after heroin use.

  106. i used on sat, the 8th @10:00 pm. i have been able to pass the dipstick urinalysis after 2 days often but this time they are sending it to a lab. i took the test today, tues, the 11th @9:00 am. i guess my question is: what’s the difference in the tests and if i’m able to pass the dipstick test in 2 days, will there be different results in a lab test?

  107. Hi cj. Your chances are better of passing a heroin test if the time between drug use and drug screening is closer to 48 hours than 24 hours. Urine tests for heroin generally test for recent use, while hair analysis tests are reserved for longitudinal study of drug use. Can you confess use or do you face prison time?

  108. ive been clean for over 60 days and like an idiot i did a bag weighing about.3 saturday into sunday and i most likely have a urine test tomorrow im 5’10 160 what are the chances of me passing the test

  109. i saw hippie chicks comment and had to reply, although im a little late… im a heroin addict too went to rehab 7/24/12-8/6/12 (was exactly 12 days sober too) and left my 30 day prgram ama, picked up a couple bags, and im snorting 1-2 bags a day. Before I went to rehab it was like 1.5-2 bundles a day, but i cant support that habit any longer. I find it funny that we are so similar, im 18 too 5’7 and 150 lbs so very close 🙂 its nice to kknow im not the only one stuck on this shit thats why i loved rehab.. anyway DCF is coming to my husbands house where I live today because someone called them and told them about me and my husbands drug use claiming were unsafe to be around his mothers two minor children (8 and 16).. I dont really know what to expect and have been sober for about 36 hours now at the time of the test it will be 44 hours clean.. i dont know if they are testing.. if you know anything about dcf investigations as well lmk.. thanks!

  110. Hi Scared. No, the heroin will most likely not be still in your urine if it’s a good seven days between use and drug screen. Please let us know how it goes.

  111. I tried heroine for the first time last week through needle. It wasn’t a large amount but In on probation and have to report on September 11th. Will it still be in my urine? I was very stupid to try it and hated it. I’m 5’1 114 pounds and i work in the heat and do sweat alot and very active at work, i do drink a lot of water due to the heat. Please let me know thank you

  112. yeah thats true im bout 5’9″ 178-180lbs and im 19..i drank a decent amount of water not a ton though and i worked monday and sweat a good amount. does that help any?..what would your opinion be? clean or dirty?..

  113. Hello rach. It’s possible that the drug screen detected traces of heroin metabolites…and while the levels were low, the doctor felt it evidence enough to return a POSITIVE drug screen. Given you have been using heroin, there is no real way that you can appeal the results.

    Hello jwiz. You’re really just outside the detection window for heroin if you’ve taken a drug test 2 1/2 days after using heroin. It’s difficult to predict whether or not heroin will be detected in a urine sample. As you can see from the above responses…some people are detected while others are not. It really depends upon your personal metabolism, age, general health, etc.

  114. hello, im kinda ina situation here…i used a pretty small amount of heroin wednesday night (a tenth of a gram) friday night(half a tenth) and saturday night(like not even a half of a tenth)…the first 2 times i snorted and the last time i injected it…i did it at about 10:30pm saturday night and took a urine test at 3:30pm tuesday…stressing right now on if i will be positive or not??..what do you think? ??

  115. The last time I used heroin was Friday night had urine test today it said negative but the dr. Said futher analysis shows positive what does that mean I use maybe twice a week that’s it

  116. Thanks for your answers… I got my results back today. I got a call this morning and they wanted me to come see them. So i was a nervous wreck cuz Im not supposed to see them until Friday so I was thinking it was going to be bad. Well I got there and they told me that it came back negative. I was so releved it took the stress and worry away. Thank God I’m done with heroin im not going to risk it anymore. And thanks again

  117. Hi worried. Onsite urine tests and lab tests are usually both based on urine samples. However, the difference between an onsite test and a lab test that is sent out is the testing method. Onsite testing normally uses a dipstick method, while laboratories use more precise tools such as GC/MS (gas chromatography–mass spectrometry) confirmations to identify more precise levels of drug metabolites in urine.

    As the drug screen was more than 48 hours after last use, heroin will most likely go undetected in a urine screen, but if you are asked for a hair sample, heroin use can be detected for up to 90 days before the screen.

  118. i was almost 4 days clean and am just worried if i past the test or not. And being sent to lab does it make a difference if they send it there or test on site

  119. Hi worried. It’s not clear how long a period you’ve had between the most recent dose and your drug screen. If you are tested for opiates and used in 48 hours or less BEFORE the test…it’s possible that heroin use can be detected in a urine screen.

  120. I used on last Fri and on Mon i was a heavy user but have slowed down only using a few times a week. I had probation yesterday and had a drug test that gets sent to lab do you think i will pass it.

  121. i used on friday at 2 have been usuing for about 2 months daily. i am 5 5 110 pounds and have a test on monday will i pass

  122. Hi jrock. Heroin metabolizes quickly in the body and clears most systems within a couple of days for drug testing, even with heavy use. So the weekend use will probably go undetected if you are drug tested on a Friday after Sunday use. Also, drug metabolism does not change according to mode of administration. The only thing that shooting heroin vs. snorting heroin does in terms of drug detection is speeds up the process of heroin first hitting the blood system. Once in the blood system, the same amount of heroin takes the same amount of time to metabolize through the body.

  123. Hi. I shoot up heroin on Friday Saturday n Sunday. Today is Friday n I have to take a urine test for probation. Will it be detected. I exercise and been drinking a lot of water. I only shoot up one bag each day. And also will it stay in my urine longer if I shoot it compared to snorting it?

  124. Hi Toni. Thanks for your question. Relapse can be a learning process, and can help you achieve long term sobriety. If you are serious about recovery and view the relapse as an episode you don’t want to repeat, you’re headed towards life without heroin. Read more about how to avoid relapse here:

    In terms of the urine test: yes, the urine will most likely be clean so that you can enter the sober house. From Saturday to Friday is about 6 days, or so. Because heroin clears most systems in the body within a couple of days, even with heavy use, you should be OK.

    Please let us know how it goes!

  125. i shot heroin friday and saturday and i am trying to get into a sober house i have an interview tomorrow and they are giving me a urine test i should be ok right i am so mad i relapsed i had almost 3 weeks clean ugh!!!

  126. Hi hippie chick. If you were to take heroin on Friday, it takes about 48 hours to leave the system and become undetected. So a Monday test may not show a Friday use.

    But it troubles me that you’re recently out of rehab and using again. Sooner or later the tests will identify your drug use. Do you face jail time or other consequences of using yet?

  127. Dear not happy,
    All I can say is, I was tought early on that being dishonest is only lying to ourselves and are the only ones to get hurt.
    Do your best ask for help.

  128. Dear Hippie Chick,
    I have been reading about cravings, it seems that imbalance in our system cause all kinds of cravings and addiction, weight gain or loss and all kinds of things. I am more concerned that you may think this is a sign of short comings that has caused you to be judged and discredited. It takes so much for us to get posistive support and get a new outlook and plan to stick too. Be kind to yourself, know your worth it. I don’t know where you’ve been or what follow up and support thats been offered. Being with sober people and sharing your hopes and expeiriences with them does work. As far as your test goes be straight up about it, honesty in the long run doesn’t hurt.
    Best Wishes,

  129. Hi I recently went to rehab and quit using heroin for 12 days. I picked back up Tuesday using just a little each day. I want to use some today but I may be drug tested Monday evening. Thc seems to fet out of my system very quickly. I’m 5’6 165 pounds, 18 years old and a woman. Do you think it will show up

  130. Hi not happy. Opiates are included on ALL drug screens, including 4, 5, 10 and 12 panels. You are just outside the detection window for heroin use, if you are taking the test about 72 hours after use. So, it can go either way depending on your metabolism rate, overall health, etc.

  131. okay so i am 5’9” 139 lbs very skinny lanky whatever i have been cleaned for sometime but have used recently and i have a drug screen coming up they dont use the normal four panel drug test they use the one that has like 10 or 12 things on it i think but i amof fairly good health exercise on occasion and my last use was late sunday evening at about 11:45 i am wondering if i will be okay if i drug screen on wednesday if i go in late at about 11 with several pees before i go in

  132. OK. You are dealing with A LOT right now. First of all, you are not to blame. And you are not responsible for his actions. Policing him to make sure he doesn’t use heroin will not help. Instead, the best help that you can provide is to encourage him to seek help from an addiction treatment center or better yet, FREE support groups with programs to get clean like Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, or Rational Recovery. You may be financially entangled, but there may also be emotional entanglement as well. The emotional stuff will be much easier to deal with if you take his parents’ suggestion, and consider taking a break for a little while. Start taking steps to become financially independent, because he can and may start to drain your income (he’s already using tactics of blame to make you feel guilty for finding a doctor…his responsibility, not yours). And take some emotional space, as well. Your partner has been lying to you for years…and that should not be taken lightly.

  133. Thanks! I am addressing the relationship issue, I know these postings are about how long IT stays in your system, but I need some insight. What do you mean , but you do not want to continue to stay and enable the drug use, making matters worse? How would I enable this by what and how? With my rage? Monday I watched him like a guard dog, all was well, but had to work tue , came by his job swore up and down that he didn’t do anything, same was wed, and Thur. All the days taking money out and providing “almost valid” excuses .only Thur found the used stash in garbage at work! I informed his parents was told to threaten him with leaving and stuff, I was like he needs help not threatening, he said that he doesn’t want their help as its material help and he will not take their money. I told him I need help with helping him as the financial situation is getting out of hand, we are 3 days and 500 short, $ which can b used for bills. Blamed me for not doing anything in regards of getting a Dr for him meanwhile he said he doesn’t want to go no where (but I was searching regardless). I am at a loss of what to do and where to start as we have financial bindings together, and he owns a business where his absence would loose business. And all of this makes me livid, drained and sad. Maybe we could mix up that order…I m trying to grasp where did it go wrong…

  134. Hi Dallas. It’s hard to say whether or not heroin will be detected in your system. Each person metabolizes heroin differently…and you are definitely within the detection period for heroin use if you are tested within 48 hours of taking it.

    Hi livid. I cannot imagine the betrayal and disappointment that you must feel. I’d suggest that you immediately seek help with a psychotherapist, counselor, or someone that you trust to work out your next steps. Serious consideration should be taken in leaving the relationship, as a consequence of the lying and drug use. This is a highly personal decision, but you do not want to continue to stay and enable the drug use, making matters worse. You might also want to check out Al-Anon, and learn how to take care of yourself and address possible co-dependency issues.

  135. In a relationship for over 8yrs, noticed some strange behaviour as well as appearance here and there thru out the yrs this is just becoming so vivid to me, but since he was/is on some meds I thought it was pills…over few moths he began looking pale, coming late, would hardly see him when came home slept on couch (i figured lots of wrk), locking bathroom, when I snooped found nothing, because always took his stuff with him, slept in the bed was shacking bed was vibrating, eyes opened rolled back, making noises, itching , I was like this is beyond pills…launched an investigation snoop attack, found the stash, cried like crazy, shacking cryin…now I m livid ..gotta go will post later


  137. Hi Sat. The only thing that works (that we know of) to metabolize a drug from your system is time. Time may be on your side, as heroin doesn’t show up much past a couple of days in urine. To be sure, you can buy an at home drug test to sample urine test yourself before the exam. But that’s about it. Best of luck to you.

  138. hi i just recently quit using herion a week ago, last night (friday) i took 2-3 hits of some by smoking. they were pretty tiny hits so i didnt do alot like i usually would have when i was still addicted. i might have a urine test i have to do monday and im freaking out! i cant fail this. im skinny and athletic but i havent worked out much lately with everything going on. im drinking water and might go for a run but will that be enough? what should i do? please help.

  139. Hi Stew. It’s hard to say. The time it takes to go through heroin withdrawal differs by each person. In general, the symptoms tend to peak in intensity 72 hours after you stop dosing, and resolve within 7-10 days. But you don’t need to do it alone! I’d suggest that you seek help from a medical doctor who may also prescribe you clonidine for the more uncomfortable symptoms, and can also provide medical backup in the case of complications. Although complications rarely occur, it is good to have someone to talk you through withdrawal.

  140. I have been using herion for about 7 months I snort it an im goin to stop today cold turkey how long do you think the withdraw is going to take also ill have work the rest of the week any pointers to help me get thru withdrawling while working goin cold turkey? immodium will help wit the dirrahia what else could help me?

  141. Hello kkh. Thanks for your question. Regardless of the mode of administration, heroin can be detected in urine for 1-2 days after use.

  142. how long after injecting heroin will it show up in your urine? assuming you dont do a ton of it, just a normal amount?

  143. Hi Sam. Heroin metabolizes relatively quickly…and is not detected in urinalysis much past 48 hours. So the Friday use on a Tuesday urinalysis will probably not be detected.

  144. if I used heroin (IV) Friday afternoon, will I pass a urine screen tmrw? I have been peeing a ton since then

  145. It is a general 4 pannel test…opiates thc asid and I cant remember the other one. Thank u for your help. So u dont think it will pop up…its a 40$ test..thanks again!

  146. Hi Alyssa. What kind of home drug test will be used? A general opiate screen? If so, heroin should not show up in a urinalysis. But you can also provide blood samples for more immediate drug use. Blood tests are used to check for 12 hour past use.

  147. Hi, I recently quit using herion. Like literally this past saturday was my first day clean. My boyfriend wants to drug test me 2 night after he gets done with work but im scared its stil in my system. Im now taking suboxone, and when I used herion I used alot of it in s day. I have low metabo. Lupus, and dont really work out again yet. I used interveinously everyday. So with all of that said, should I be clean with in not even a full 5 days? I apprecite the help! (PA)

  148. Hi Ace. Yes. Although each person is different, heroin should pass through your system within a week after use. Heroin has a very short half life and passes through the body relatively quickly compared with other drugs.

  149. if i did heroin one time will it be out of my system in 7 days? i have a slow metabolizm and dont excersize

  150. Hi Rene. I would suggest that you call your probation officer now and reach out for help. Probation officers are not only there to “punish” you and provide consequences for your actions, but also to help support you in getting back on track in addiction recovery. If you show complete honesty and a willingness to change, you may benefit more than from trying to dodge a drug screen. Also, check out Narcotics Anonymous or SMART Recovery or Rational Recovery for support for drug addiction. IF you keep slipping, it will be MUCH more difficult for you down the road, because you’ll start where you left off.

  151. Hello and thank you for your reply, I have no support group and I’m struggling to get by, with all my family living in Wisconsin and I’m the only one living in Chicago with my wife. I had to see my probation officer today but I have rescheduled for next week Tuesday, I’m starting to feel sick when I do no heroin and I hate that feeling I’m so disappointed in myself. If I don’t do any more heroin will I pass if tested next Tuesday? Everyone I speak to tells me that in 2 or 3 days my urine will be clean I’m so determined to stop. I allowed all my problems to become the excuse for relapsing and I don’t want to live that life again thank you very much for your time and advice.

  152. Hi Rene. Time will tell about whether or not you will test clean. Nothing that I know of will speed the metabolism of opiates through the system. But please let us know how it goes.

    And have you talked with someone about going back to heroin? It really helps to talk to someone or seek professional help immediately after a slip to prevent further use and tolerance from building up. Think of all the work you have done and all the lessons you have learned! You still take these with you, but you need to stop while you are ahead. Also, do you have a support group you can turn to?

  153. Hello and thank you for this very important information, I have been clean for 3 years and recently allowed all my problems to get the best of me, I began using about a week ago I did a small amount for 3 days from the first of May until the 5th of May. Then I stopped from the 5th to the 7th and I used a small amount today. I’m 42 years old 5.9 weigh 190 pounds and I have a very important job screening on Thursday, This job will change my life for ever if I get it {pass the screening} Do you think I can make it by Thursday If I stop using these small amounts I have been using? Is there anything I should take to help me clean my system? like cranberry juice or something? thank you very much for your help…. I would love to become a writer and contribute to the site I have been struggling with addiction since a very young age first week then and then the hard core drugs I would love to help others steer clear from a life of drug abuse thank you.

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