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How long does XTC stay in your system?

XTC (or ecstacy) is the street name for a drug called methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA).  XTC is a derivative of methamphetamine. Illegal in the U.S., XTC can be detected in urine up to 2 days after you take it. But when do you get addicted to XTC? And how fast does it move through your system? We review more on XTC and invite your questions below.

How do you take XTC?

XTC is primarily taken orally, although the primary acting agent in XTC, MDMA, can also be dissolved and injected, or crushed and snorted.

What is XTC used for?

MDMA is used recreationally for its stimulant, mild hallucinogenic, psychedelic, and empathogenic properties. XTC is used mainly in party, rave and dance scenes, as it can induces feelings of empathy and connectedness in the user. Although MDMA was originally patented as an appetite suppressant and used in psychotherapeutic settings, this drug has no medical use and is illegal in the U.S.

Peak levels and half life of XTC

XTC is rapidly absorbed in and passes through the body quickly; the half-life of MDMA is around 7 hours. MDMA levels in the body peak at 1.5-2 hours after ingestion. Following oral administration, MDMA effects usually begin in 20-30 minutes. Desired effects may last only an hour or more, depending on dose. Other general effects of taking XTC last about 2-3 hours.

XTC drug testing

MDMA is metabolized to MDA which is a metabolite reported in blood and plasma drug screens. However, another metabolite hydroxymethoxymethamphetamine (HMMA) can also be detected in drug screens. Urine drug screens are most frequently used to identify MDMA use. Urine drug screening tests are made to be sensitive to amphetamine or methamphetamine and can detect compounds including both MDA and MDMA. Standard cutoff concentrations for screening are 500 ng/ml for positive tests.

How long does MDMA stay in the body? Detection windows for MDMA, HMMA, and MDA are longer than previously thought. Although MDMA has a short detection period in urine (30-48 hours), detection times do vary according to dose and metabolite. But generally, XTC is out of the system within 4 days of use, even for heavy or conescutive dosing.

XTC, MDMA and addiction

Addiction to any drug includes characteristics of compulsive use despite negative consequences and mental dependence on the drug. The same is trues for XTC. Taking consecutive single doses of XTC as effects begin to wear off is typical of weekend use. But is taking XTC on the weekends setting you up for a weekday crash? And if you use XTC every weekend…can you get addicted to it?


And yes, you can get addicted to XTC.

Weekend XTC binges can result in exhaustion early the next week. Side effects of coming off XTC include apathy, depression, irritability, insomnia and muscle tension. Plus, the more you use XTC, the more the body and brain adapt to its presence. You can start to develop physical tolerance to XTC, needing to take more XTC to get similar effect. But patterns of physical and/or psychological dependence are still unknown. But some government agencies, such as the Nation Institute for Drug Abuse state that MDMA can be addictive. It is the combination of psychological dependence with possible tolerance or withdrawal that defines addiction. So, if you think that you can’t live life without XTC, it’s time to seek help.

Problems with XTC?

If you’ve been taking XTC over a long period of time, you may begin to experience persistent neurological deficits such as serotonergic neuron damage. But you may also develop a mental dependence on XTC in order to feel normal. If you think that you have a problem with XTC, you probably do. Please go ahead and leave us your questions and comments about using MDMA here. We can help you find local treatment, or can answer other XTC questions personally. You are not alone!

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10 Responses to “How long does XTC stay in your system?
6:52 am September 1st, 2012

my 17year old daughter is using ecstasy and taking Molly’s. I am scared! I need to Stop her, convince her this path isn’t THE path for her. I am going to give her a home drug test. How can I parent her with out losing her?

11:22 am September 1st, 2012

Hi Diane.

You ask a great question. And one which many parents can relate to. Personally, I think that parents need to risk “losing their kids” by setting very clear limits about drug use, and enforcing them by sending kids to treatment programs if drug use continues. I’d suggest a few things:

1. Check out the website called theantidrug [dot] com, which is sponsored by The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, itself a program of the ONDCP. There are MANY resources here and guidance for parents in your situation.

2. Seek information about local teen drug programs. You can also call 1-800-662-HELP and seek information for drug treatment in your area, as well as advice on how to intervene in your daughter’s case.

3. Call treatment centers and ask about family interventions, and how you can best address the issue. Good treatment centers will have a psychologist or trained addiction professional on hand who can help you plan and execute an intervention.

4. Seek help with Al-Anon. It’s not just for loved ones of alcoholics!

5. Find a certified mental health therapist who specializes in family addiction issues and discuss how you can maintain a health outlook, as well as plan actions to help your daughter. You DO NOT want to continue enabling the behavior, but you also want to remain open to your daughter’s pain and difficulty. Do not underestimate how much support YOU will need in this time.

6. Educate yourself on the nature of drug abuse and possible addiction. Know that you cannot change your daughter, but you can inform her of your concerns.

8:47 am November 26th, 2012

Hello, I took XTC several times already, but try to keep months between it. I myself am not scared for addiction because I am aware of what can cause mental addiction, and I do know that there is some risk involved.

But about the damage, by taking how much can you damage yourself? How do you notice the damage? And isn’t strong alcohol much more dangerous than XTC, since MDMA can only kill in rare cases, and death of alcohol is a lot more common, and damages much quicker.

9:41 am November 27th, 2012

Hi Dario. The risks of MDMA are actually much like other stimulants, and can affect the cardiovascular system. MDMA can increase heart rate and blood pressure, as well as affect the regulation of temperature in the body. Check out more on MDMA health effects at the National Institute of Drug Abuse here:

4:48 pm September 18th, 2013

I was wondering how quick mdma can be detected in ur urine. I only did a little before I was surprised with random dot drug screening. Everyone has information on how long it will be I ur system.. I want to know how fast it will show up in ur urine.. Please help me.

11:42 am September 27th, 2014

My son has used weed and suspected ( Molly) for the last two years.He has made impulsive decisions and involved himself in criminal activity, I assume to support his habit . We’ve tried substance abuse treatment and counseling for him, pursued treatment center inpatient treatment but turned away 3 times because we were told his test only tested positive for marijuana so they could not place for marijuana only. He is locked up again and we are still seeking help for him before he ruins him completely physically and psychologically. We can clearly see how it is affecting him? How can we get help for him now while he is locked up. This kid is intelligent with lots of potential. We want to help but feel helpless.

Mr, Smith
11:20 pm October 8th, 2014

If you were to take about .8 of a gram over a few hours on a friday night, finishing at about 2:00 A.M Saturday morning, Would it be out of your system by wednesday by 2 PM? After drinking atleast a gallon of water a day and profuse sweating?

Jon d
7:23 am November 13th, 2014

Hi I Have been using molly for about six months now and have tryed to stop several times using Molly by I always seem to relapse could someone please help me stop or lead to to a rehab that will help me stop

11:58 am November 18th, 2014

Hi Jon d. Call the free number 1.800.725.0922 to get addmited into treatment. You can also look for treatment using this locator: or this one: To find ways you can cut costs, explore your options here:

9:58 am June 15th, 2017

I took half of an ecstasy pill nearly a month ago and I have to have a blood test today to check for any illnesses will they find any traces of the pill in my blood???

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