How long does LSD stay in your system?

LSD effects usually last for 12 hours. But LSD can stay in your system for up to 5 days after use. More on the bioavailability, half life and detection window of LSD here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

Article Overview: LSD is a powerful hallucinogen, it’s effects usually last for 12 hours. But LSD can stay in your system for up to 5 days after use. Although it is not physically addictive, LSD use can lead to repeated dosing and psychotic effects. More on what happens in the body when you take LSD, the bioavailability, half life and detection window of LSD here below.

What is LSD used for?

People take LSD as a hallucinogen and for its ability to alter human perception and mood. LSD is taken mainly orally, although the potency of liquid LSD in dropper bottles may vary because the liquid is water based. LSD can be also inhaled, injected, and applied to the skin.

Peak levels and half life of LSD

LSD has a plasma half-life of 2.5-4 hours. The onset of LSD effects is rapid following intravenous administration (10 minutes) and slower when taken orally (20-30 minutes). LSD effects usually peak at 2-4 hours and gradually diminishing over 6-8 hours. Residual effects may last longer but usually resolve within 12 hours of dosing.

LSD drug testing

In order to test positive for most types of drugs, at least two criteria must be met:

1. The sample must be positive by the screening test above a set cutoff level
2. The sample must be positive by a confirmation test above a set cutoff level

However, recreational drugs like LSD that have no approved medical use are not tested within therapeutic ranges. Therefore, cutoff concentrations for LSD drug tests are set low: micro detection limits and/or concentrations that are likely to be reached 24 hours after use of a typical dose of the drug (0.5-55 ng/mL).  How long does LSD stay in the body? LSD can be detected in urine within 2-5 days of use.

LSD and addiction

Addiction is a state of physical dependence marked by increased tolerance to a drug combined with physiological withdrawal symptoms when the drug is reduced or withheld from the system.

Addiction and dependence on LSD are possible, although rare. Firstly, tolerance to LSD develops rapidly, but also dissipates rapidly. Tolerance to the behavioral effects of LSD develops rapidly after 3-4 consecutive daily doses. And then sensitivity returns to baseline after 3 to 4 days of abstinence.

Secondly, use of LSD DOES NOT cause patterns of repetitive use over prolonged periods. In fact, the most common psychedelic-use pattern is the occasional trip, separated by intervals of weeks or months. So, although long term dependence on LSD can cause psychological and social damage, incidences of physical dependence are rare.

Still, some users may require medical help to stay off of LSD or other psychoactive drug use. You can learn more about LSD Addiction Treatment programs and help options if you or a loved one are in need of professional medical assistance.

Problems with LSD?

Do you have a problem with LSD that you’d like to share? Maybe a question that you want to answer? Please leave your LSD questions below. We respect all legitimate queries and will respond personally and promptly to your comments, concern or feedback.

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    1. Honestly sis no because you’ll think that your casually drifting to sleep and wake up in your “dream” and your dumbass is still awake. Trippy right

  1. Damn people love getting fucked up. Everyone who’s getting these lasting trip’s you most likely are somewhat bi-polar and are going thru an episode. These drug’s are very hard on your adrenal glands which sit on top of your kidney’s, and don’t forget about the liver. You all need to start changing your diet’s to vegan and take some herbal formulas, and stop living in fear we all have many personality’s and you shatter the ego when you take these substances so don’t worry so much and live your life please and thank you.

  2. I have been taking Lsd and shrooms a lot lately but I’ve noticed that I’m getting these floaters inside my eyes is could it be because of my several trips ???

  3. my friend took acid last night (1) how do we get out of her system she says she doesn’t feel right and she didn’t sleep

  4. i took lsd night before this day i posted this. my question is how long does the sweating over? sorry for my english. thanks before

  5. i’m scared , like really scared i don’t think i’ll ever be the same way again after this. it’s about 16 hours later and i still see tracks of red and gree everywhere. does this ever stop ? i have really bad anxiety and i can’t function. i’m so scared and i don’t know what to do.

  6. Few days ago I had my first trip, I didke it in fact I was in badtrip up like 5 and at those four hours went me crazy , I was thinking so many things I thought Im gonna lose my mind ! I couldn’t sleep or eat and things happen that I dont even remember, I had lost the time I was traveling , but I will never ever do that again !!!

  7. I don’t get the attraction to taking blotter acid (lsd.)
    I took a hit recently and my experience was horrible. I did not enjoy one minute of that reaction. That’s all I can say. I poisoned myself.
    I’ll spare the details but I will say i wouldn’t take that crap again if your life depended on it. It is poison.
    I lost all solid and liquid food after the first 24 hours. The remaining 16 hours I was naked and expelling strange and unsightly body fluids from onto my clean sheets…more than once…oh the sheets…
    I’m glad I was alone. I wouldn’t have wanted any one to see me in that cindition. I didn’t drink water for 24 hours plus. I didn’t eat or sleep for 48 hours.
    I asked for magic mushrooms and a “friend” suggested the blotter. I didn’t know what I was getting into. Why do you think they call it Blotter acid?

  8. I had a blood test 6 months ago and the Dumb Dr file me positive for LSD head , I am diatbetic and had blood test from year before the Dr said they found something in my blood and I said yes but that was back in 1969 and 1972, and I am 63 y/o now and they are still telling me I am positive for LSD. I have. a law suit against this Dr and the clinic for releasing my file info to others marking me a drug user and I am not. Can LSD still be in my blood because they are to finding it. They are finding led in my system after 48 years I am 63 now and Am diabetic and every time T get a blood test they find positive for lad. This is b/s. … Stupid Dr marked me and told others of my rest of lsd .

    1. Hi Al. You may look for a confirmation test. The confirmation test in most laboratories (and all SAMHSA certified labs) is performed using mass spectrometry, and is precise but expensive. False positive samples from the screening test will almost always be negative on the confirmation test. Most laboratories save positive samples for some period of months or years in the event of a disputed result or lawsuit.

  9. Hello, so last weekend i did shrooms i took about half an 8th and had an awesome time! I love it! The next day my friends wanted to try acid so i did it with them. I had the worst trip of my life, i didnt feel real, i was drowining in anxiety and i couldnt keep calm. The next day i felt normal, a little off but normal. A week after(saturday) i decided to try shrooms again, and when i did, I ate about 1.3 grams. BUT this time the trip came back like the acid trip and i had a bad time, i couldnt stop throwing up and i had sooo much anxiety. it wasnt as intense as the first time but it was still bad. The next day (sunday) i woke up feeling anxiety in my whole body, i feel really shaky and my heart has been racing the whole day. The anxiety comes and go troughout the whole day. The day after (monday/today) i woke up feeling the same, i get random anxiety attacks. I dont feel safe in my own body, im really shaky. I hate it. My question is: Is this a permenant effect from the Lsd? Will the axtiety stop after a few days? What can i do to help get better? How can i make it stop? …. I also do want to mention that i been a regular weed smoker for the past 6 months and on sunday when i was feeling sick i decided i wanted to smoke to see of it will make me feel better, but it made it WORST, i felt like the acid feelings where comming back so i stopped smoking but felt super anxious for the rest of the night. Thank you so much hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Worried mom…sounds like your son may be suffering from depression. He may need some positive feedback…especially if he’s not popular in school.

  11. Hi everyone, I posted a few weeks back about my troubles after taking LSD as I took it one night when I was drunk, the same night before I took the tab I also took a full ectasy tab and a couple lines of ket, this made my LSD Trip last a lot longer than it should and I wasn’t feeling right for about a week, my brain tingled I had slight depression and my social skills, once perfect, went severely downhill for that week, however I am now completely back to normal and if you are to use LSD I wouldn’t reccomend mixing it with any of these substances as despite the trip being good, it lasted way to long and the after math was awful! Haha sorry to post again was just wanting to let you guys know, thanks.

  12. I just found out my 21 yr old son did acid last March. He says he has not been the same since. He was slightly depressed before doing this, but has gotten worse since. That was the only time he has ever done it and never wants to do it again. His grades went way down hill this last semester. He has had trouble sleeping, concentrating, and feels achy and crappy in the mornings. He saw a psychologist a few times which made him feel worse because it made him think about what he did that he regrets now. He just started taking Paxil. On wk 2 now, but feels no different yet. How long do the long term effects of acid last? What can be done to repair the damage done to brain cells,etc? Can certain supplements help? Also, he wonders if maybe they were given something else besides LSD. Do these symptoms sound like anything else?

  13. My name is Marie I’m 21 years old and I’ve been wanting to try LSD since I was 17, but I;m a bit afraid of… I just want to know what it feels like, because my friends have tried it and they say it changes your perspective of life.

  14. I took 2 tabs of acid , two halfs of an ecstasy and weed all in the same day about 6 days ago , but it was only last night i realised i still kinda see the swirly distorted vision and my sleep has been disturbing like i saw small hallucinations but only the once. Im really concerned because i take anti depressants as well . Would that cause more of an effect?

    1. Hi, Brook. That’s a lot dosage and variety of drugs…If you still have problems, I suggest you consult with a doctor.

  15. I found that those little after trips are pretty awesome not gonna lie I like it when all of a sudden you have a little trip again but It does eventually go away or if not will become a lot less frequent all in all acid is a great drug and really opens your eyes to the world alot of people problem is that they have bad thoughts before they trip you have to go into a trip with a clear and open mind otherwise it will turn out bad alot of “bad” trips are caused by paranoia before the drug is even taken once you take it all you have to realize is in 12 hours or so you will be fine and be able to continue your week I also recommend trying smoking alot of pot before and during a trip and also experiment with weekday before you trip for the first time because once you can get used to smoking pot and getting through that paranoia tripping will be alot easier because you’ll with already have a slight idea of what it feels like now dont get me wrong pot is nothing like acid but it will give you an idea of what to expect

  16. Hi I took LSD in the early hours of yesterday morning stupidly when I was drunk, I got about 8 hours sleep last night and I still feel strange in side and occasionaly get abit shakey? I was wondering if this feeling will go away and will I get back to normal, socialising with others has helped a little but I just really want it to go away! Thanks.

    1. Hi Connor. Eventually, that feeling will go away, but be careful in future. Mixing alcohol and LSD is very dangerous, and do not put yourself in that kind of trouble.

  17. Back in my freshman year of high school I had took a tab of LSD, had a proper trip, after that I tripped about 1 more time. I’m done with it, but sometimes I see weird visuals and my temper changes but how long until all this stops ?

  18. Its been 4 days since I did acid and I kind of still have its effects because when I read something letter do this weird movements and shake an appear bigger and then smaller. Im not exactly scared but I want to know why the hell effects havent stop and if I should worry.
    Excuse my english.

  19. I’m gettin drug tested by the court for sellin weed will they test for LSD.
    I’m also wanting to no if the synthetic acid tabs will show up in a drug test dont they contain something else other then LSD

  20. Hi Todd. Sorry to dissapoint you, but there is no such test that can prove the presence of any drug that far back. Any substance taken once and 7 months ago is long gone from your system.

  21. I believe I was silp LSD or some kind of halation type drug back in may 2014 it made my wife think I lost it so I went on other drugs for that an that screwrd up are marriage even more I’ve done acid when I was in high school iam 44 havent done any drug like that in all my years after school I know it was no mental break I really feel it was her friends scrrwing with me is there anyway to test that far back it really could repair my marriage that most important to me so could you help I guess hair only works 90 days it’d been a least 7 months

  22. I want to find a drug like ambien. i used to take 10 to20 mg tabs. at once,to get high. but would do shit that i don’t remember the next day and end up in jail. what can i take to trip besides that?

  23. Last week I had taken about half a tab of acid and right after I started getting these huge bumps under my skin by my neck and around my ear on my right side, I’m going to the doctors today.
    The bumps are still there and they are as big as a plum, is this normal to happen after taking acid ?
    Was it the acid that made these bumps? Will it come up if they drug test me? ..

  24. Hi Sandy. IT sounds like the weed was definitely laced with something. Synthetic cannabinoids can also produce similar hallucinogenic effects as LSD. I’d suggest that you see a psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating mind disorders. While the drug has passed through your system, it might be good to have a second opinion about the causes of these symptoms and to get a better understanding of longer term outcomes.

  25. Four weeks ago, I smoked weed which I think something was laced in it..most likely LSD because
    • my eys got blurred/distortion/telescopic sort-of vision
    • I blacked out for a couple of minutes
    • I felt like melting in the car seat
    • When I scratched myself I couldn’t feel it
    • I couldn’t feel my legs and kept falling to the ground without feeling pain

    On urban dictionary it says It can cause schitzophrenia in sensitive people; and post-traumatic stress after a bad trip (which means nothing more then that you fought of the effect too mch) and in some cazes flashbacks (random comming back of the effect).

    This is exactly what im experiencing. Now i can’t even go in a car. It’s been 4 weeks and i still think about the episode that had happened to me and im feeling anxiety and my heart races as if im experiencing it again. Basically when I go in a car, the movement triggers me and I feel like it’s going to start flying in the air. I never want to go in a car again. This is very bad.

    Im thinking of calling an ambulance to analyze my head or something. I dont know what to do. Please tell me what to do.

    My doctor prescribed me with anti-depressants and I have not started them yet because im scared that if the street drug is still in my system, there will be an interaction which will be deadly.

    How long will this post traumatic stress last? When will it go away?

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