How long does morphine stay in the blood, urine, hair, or sweat?

Morphine stays in your system for up to four (4) days. More on morphine levels in the blood, urine, sweat, and hair here.

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Have you been ordered a drug test for morphine levels?  Or perhaps you are ready to withdraw from morphine.  Here, we review how long morphine stays in the blood, urine, sweat, and hair. Then we invite your questions about drug testing for morphine, how morphine affects the brain or how to help morphine addiction at the end.

How do you take morphine?

Morphine is marketed under generic and brand names and is available in many prescription forms, such as an injection, orals solutions, immediate and sustained-release tablets and suppositories. Therefore, the traditional route of administration (injecting morphine intravenously) is now supported by oral, rectal and other routes.

Main morphine uses

Morphine is indicated for relief of severe pain. Morphine sulfate is actually the only opioid analgesic approved by the FDA that is available on the market in a dosage form. During surgery, morphine is used in conjunction with other agents, supporting the so called “balanced” anesthesia. It is often recommended for pain due to acute myocardial infraction. Morphine is even indicated in some cases for the treatment of diarrhea, when not caused by toxic materials.

Peak levels and half life of morphine

Depending on the route of administration, morphine has different time ranges of effectiveness and presence in the body. In general, morphine has a short half-life of 1.5 – 7 hours.

Following a morphine sulfate injection, morphine reaches the peak after 20 minutes with a half-life of 1.5 hours.

Following epidural administration of the smallest dose of extended-release morphine, the opiate has a half-life of 16.2 hours.

In contrast, after oral ingestion, morphine reaches peak levels after about 30 minutes and has a half life of about 2-4 hours.

Morphine drug testing: How long does morphine stay in the body?

Morphine may remain in the body for up to 4 days. Almost the whole amount of morphine leaves the body during the first day, through excretion. However, there are traces still present in the feces and the urine for several days.

There are also several factors which can influence the metabolic rate of processing morphine. A patient’s altered metabolism can result in the morphine leaving the body too fast, which will result with not reaching the therapeutic target. It can also result in the opposite direction, with staying in the body for too long and causing toxic effects. A person’s metabolism is totally individual and should go under series of tests and analysis in order to predict the morphine length of stay in the body.

How long does morphine stay in blood?

It is good to know that blood testing provides information about the accurate presence of drugs at the moment of taking the sample, often practiced in drug testing on workplace. A blood testing “time window” for morphine is about 12 hours. The peak level of morphine concentrated in the plasma appears within an hour of oral administration and 5 minutes following an IV injection.

How long does morphine stay in hair?

Morphine stays in hair and can be detected on hair follicle drug tests for weeks or months after use. A single strand of human hair can provide information about the drug-use history going back as far as 90 days, but does not provide any evidence on current impairment.

How long does morphine stay in urine?

Urine excretion is the main route that morphine takes to leave the body and takes place during the first 24 hours within the last taken dose. Interestingly, a really small amount of the dose finds it’s way out with the urine, being totally unchanged! Often the concentration of that amount may indicate a chronic use of the drug. Nonetheless, test results show positive on morphine even after 2 to 3 days after prolonged use.

How long does morphine stay in saliva or sweat?

Drugs do not stay in oral fluids as long as in urine. Only small traces of morphine appear in the sweat or in a mother’s breast milk up to 4 days after injection.

Morphine and addiction

What should you do if you think you’re addicted to morphine? First, you should never stop taking morphine, or any other opioid, without consulting your doctor, because you could experience sudden withdrawal effects. However, physical dependence on morphine is not the same as drug addiction. The risk of becoming addicted to morphine is higher if you’ve previously been addicted to other drugs or alcohol, or you have a history of mental problems. So if you think that you may be at risk of addiction, seek help with your primary physician, a drug counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist for evaluation.

Problems with morphine?

In case you have been taking morphine for too long, you can develop a certain level of morphine tolerance. If you are experiencing breathing problems, nausea and diarrhea, then you’re going through some of the most common side effects of the use of morphine. In such cases it is best to contact a doctor.

If you or a loved one of yours showing sighs of opium addiction? Don’t panic…help is available. Learn more about the opium addiction treatment process and programs to learn what you can do to help yourself or someone you care about TODAY.

Morphine system questions

Still have questions about the metabolism of morphine? Please leave your questions in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to respond to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. If I took 2 15mlg morphine tablets today for the first time in my life I have a urine test in 2 days will I come up positive

  2. My kids were taking opoids for several yrs. They been clean for several months now.{I do randomly test tho}The main complaining from them are the urges. Is there anything they can take to stop those urges to use? Also how long does it take for those urges to go away on their own? From a Concerned Parent…

  3. hello i was on morphine 15mg exr 3 times a day , but i stopped taking it 7 days ago, i am going to have a urine drug test done where they use gas chromotography , i have been on the morphine for about 3 weeks and i am about 146 in weight and 5’4 height i am not to active , will i pass the gas urine test

  4. I was involved in a car accident . I was given morphine by the roadside paramedic . Was taken to hospital and was given more morphine due to neck and back injury . After many checks and a CT scan police took a blood sample to test for alcohol .. Can anyone tell me if the morphine that was given could interfere with blood results readings ?

  5. Hi, I was wondering if it matters if morphine is instant release or extended release, would that have anything to do with how long it takes to leave urine?

  6. I do not usually take morphine. I have taken 240 mg in the last 48 hours and am wondering how long I can expect to drop dirty for morphine for a work drug screen. As the 30mg pills are from my expired script, I’m not thinking work will allow this. Is there any way to push this drug clear of my system in a little less than 24 hours if needed?

  7. I took one 60mg morphine for my pain issues that was last Tuesday will it be out of my system on the next Tuesday its not a habit for me I only took it once and don’t plan to do it any more

  8. I’ve been on MS 15mg, 4 times daily, since 2006. I have extreme bone burning, bone destruction since being over exposed to radiation, during my employment. My doctor monitors the radiation spreading, and gives treatments to prevent the radiation from going into my bone marrow.
    My question: considering I have been on Morphine, same low dose for over a decade, is there a different, pain medication that can ease this agonizing pain? My doctor has offered to increase my dosage of MS, but I have always refused, as it has been humiliating enough to be taking anything. But this pain has become unbearable. I suffer at my employment, have extreme pain during sleep, as I usually don’t get much sleep because of this pain. I am tired of being “enslaved” to morphine, yet have agonizing pain when I attempt to NOT take it. Is there a comparable alternative? I know that all pain meds work through different Neuro-pathways, and that’s why my Neuro surgeon & Neuro doctor have me on Morphine. But there’s got to be something else…less addictive, with better pain relief. I refuse to go on Disability….My pride, and I can still function, although with difficulty. This pain is unbelievably, unbearable….help!

  9. I’ve taken a 60 mlg. Morphine tablet..i don’t do drugs .and don’t have a build up in my system .im 55 yrsold .how long will this take to leave my system.

  10. I took a morfine 60 by accedebt and I just took it how long for it to be out of my system I have a Dr apt the 9 th will i pass the pew test

  11. I took 5 mg morphine sat night and sun morning. Will it be out my system for a drug Irvine test wed morning. Thx for the help

  12. So, I read the info, but need a for sure answer in my case. It’s VERY important I get accurate answer please. So I’ve been told I have a fast metabolism for one thing, and I only took a 1/4th of a 200mg morphine er tab (broke the coating obviously) I don’t take regularly, for yrs now, my question is if I get called in for random u/a, aka urine drug test, how many days sience I took it will I come up “dirty” ?
    Please help ? My opiate addiction recovery program depends on accurate answer. I can’t get kicked out & have to go back to heroin.
    Thank you.

  13. I have been on Morphine ER 30 mg x 2 a day and Morphine 30 mg IR once a day for 5 years now. My last urine test came back with no drugs in my system at all!!! I don’t know how this can be possible! I am very upset! The clinic sent a brand new PA in to see me last week at my appointment that doesn’t know anything about me. She said she was taking away the Morphine IR until I have 3 consecutive urine tests but would keep me on the Morphine ER. I didn’t look at the prescription she gave me so when I was at the pharmacy, the pharmacist asked me if I was aware my dose had been decreased. I told her what transpired at the appointment and she said “no, I’m talking about the ER! No, I was not aware so she called the clinic to see if it was an error and they said, no! It was reduced down to 15mg twice a day! How can they do this without informing me first and what I should expect from the reaction to my body? To prevent myself going into withdrawals and getting sick, I am taking 2 15mgs of the ER twice a day. It’s just impossible for me to take it as described! How can they do this? Is it even legal or ethical? I go back next week and of course I won’t have anything left! I don’t know what to do!


  15. Could you please explain why after 40 mg of Methadone, even a full month later MS-CONTIN 30 mg ER does not work.

    If I take a 30 ‘S-CONTIN ER, will I pass a drug screen at 1:00 PM the next day ?

  16. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but none of this takes time-released morphine into consideration. I go to a clinic where I’m randomly given urinalysis once a month., and I typically take around 300mg of morphine sulfate (MS Contin), but never more than one day a week, and I have tested positive for up to 10 days later. Even the doctor confirmed this to be expected. This is not a metabolism issue, as I’m 6′ 2, 140 lbs and have always had a lightening fast metabolism.

    I know this is an old site and thread, but I just want people to be properly informed.

  17. I have urine drug test on 19th been taking morphine 15mg three times a day for 10 days today was last day will it be out of my system in 9 days

  18. ok so i know morphines half life is 12 hrs but what i would like to know when morphine is and has uptaken to the blood and blood plasma how long will it stay in it when you have taken morphine for 22+ yrs and on a curant dose of 30mg ir and 30 mg sr since 2013 so how long will it stay in blood and plasma and should it show up in a state lab test the next day being that it binds to blood and plasma???

  19. If I’ve taken 15,mg of morphine for at least half a month and need one for pain now will all of it be gone by the 31st of this month

  20. If i stopped taking opioids about 2 years there any way for that to be tested for. In my hair or nails or skin or any other ways of proving. I have to answer if i ever abuised drugs and i am considering saying no but i did hsve a serios problem 2years ago

  21. I took 30 mgs of Morphine about 6pm and another 30mgs at about midnight Tuesday night. I had a urine test Thursday morning. I also take oxycodone. This is the first and only time I have taken Morphine. I was wondering if it would show up on my test and if it will show up as Morphine?

  22. My mum has been on morphine patches for a long period, her hands, feet are breaking out in massive blisters, they are slowly appearing all over her body, we are now requesting our mum’s GP to have them removed as we are very concerned that the patches are the cause of these blisters, when will we notice an improvent once these patches have been removed if this is the case.

  23. Ok so I am a chronic pain patient and have been receiving morphine 30 mgs every 12 hours for a few years now i recently got hit with a bad case of pancreatitis where in I was chronicling throwing up every thing my meds included I ended up having to receive I’ve treatments at my primary doctor office several times over a three week period it was almost 4 weeks before I could really keep any thing down well being in a pain clinic you must be drug tested every visit prior to my appointment I let my pain doctor know what was going on as well as my mom and dad whom I live with after the car accident I told my pain doc again at my appointment that I was not going to come up with the medication in my system and as such I got a letter in the mail dismissing me from the pain clinic with no medication at all now I’m in terrible pain and hitting withdrawal the pain doc canceled my last appointment scheduled and I went to the pain clinic but was turned away at the desk being told that the doctor refused to see me again and I should refer to there letter in a high lighted portion that says there would be no further descusstion with the doctor I live in North Carolina can anyone on here help me to understand why this has happened I have never misused my medication and I was not throwing up for the fun of it it was also a seliva drug test that was done can some one help me what do I do I cantacted another clinic but they say it could be a month before they even let me know if they will take me and my primary doc refuses to handle pain control and they tell me that the likelihood of getting in to another clinic after being kicked out is not good please help anyone any advice

  24. I dont normally take any pain meds. But my back was bothering me so bad with all the rain we are having anf I took a morphine pill on Saturday and have a drug test on Tuesday would the pill still be in my system.

  25. I took 2 morphine 15mg er and have a urine test Tuesday afternoon could you please let me know how long does it take for a clean urine test

  26. How bad is the withdraws from taking morphine 180 mgs. Per day? How long are the withdrawals? This is a really cool site. Thank you, Diana.

  27. Take morphine 30 mg ir hospital gave me 10 mg in an iv, can doctor tell the difference if he does a urine test and sends it to a lab?

  28. I had been on m.s.contin 15mg for over 1yr. I had not had a dose in 2 1/2 days due to being out. He did a routine drug screen an it was negative. Why? In addition i am uncontrolled diabetic with b.s. above 300 so i dring alot.

  29. If a patient tells you he has taken 200 mgs of oramorphine but is not showing signs of toxicity he appears alert ,sluggish pupils ,normal resps 24 as he suffers from heart failure but they are now only 14 per min would you give him naloxone , could you detect morphine in his bloods .thank you

  30. I only took morphine twice in the pill form 15 mg broken in half. After 45 hours I had a routine urine test with a new dr.will it show up.thank you

  31. I am on my 20th day of being off 12g of morphine a day. Ended up in er. But….I had a pre-existing uti which I was not aware of. I am also 67 yrs. old. I went off cold turkey with no medical assistance. Boy, what a ride! I would never suggest doing this solo w/o the assistance from a professional. I am a lot better, but weak. For me, at my age, it is a physical, spiritual and psychological journey which I am diarying. Please, please be careful going off this drug!!!! And get help. Never go on it again. I see morphine pills as a “demon seed”!!!

  32. hi
    my is how to differentiate between morphine detection is it via metabolize by body or it has been added manually in urine after collection?

  33. Was involved in a bad car wreck took morphine for about two weeks, have not taken it since July 12th and have a 12 pound drug test to take next week. Will I pass a 12 pound drug test or fail it?

  34. I have been off of morphene for two weeks. I was taking two pills a day the lowest dose. I stopped one dose 6 wks ago, then the other one two wks ago. I have been on it about two yrs for fibromyalgia pain. I also take oxicodone for pain. I want to stay off morphene and just try the oxicodone, it helped before but the pain clinic put me on the morphene too. My question is how long does it take to get completely out of my system, also brain. I am experiencing some withdrawal in as my fibro pain is worse. I only take 5mg of oxi 4 times a day. If my dr would subscribe 5 pills a day I think my pain level would be better. I just don’t want to take the morphine LA pills anymore. Ty I remain kathy j eckerle.

  35. If I passed a UA one day and ate a poppy seed muffin the next then had a UA 2hours later and failed for morphine and codeine my level was 217 what would my level be if I actually took morphine or codeine in that 18 hours I know the federal standard is 2000

  36. I took 3 x Xanax 0,5 mg on sunday around 12h and tested negative on tuesday afternoon. But i’ve been doing heavy weight training for 20+ years, my point being, heavy weight training in my opinion accelerates the drug excretion by at least 100%.Heroin test years ago was negative after 4 days. Xanax was taken recreationally, but heroin ive been taking daily at that time. so if you can do weight trainings when dozing off, you will accelerate the excretion. Also, believe me, when taking an opiate and than doing a hard workout, you are 3 times more stoned than usually 🙂

    morphine = positive for opiates
    heroin = positive for opiates
    codeine = positive for opiates
    methadone = negative for opiates, separate test needed
    buprenorphine = negative for opiates, separate test needed
    fentanyl = negative for opiates, separate tes needed
    tramadol = negative for opiates, separate test needed.

    in any case, i would say the sure period of being negative is 6 days for any of the above.

  37. I was insulted that the urine test came back that I crushed the Embeda I told the doctor not to refill it
    I would never crush pills of any kind and I would like to know why it showed this could happen.

    Thank you

  38. So ok I am a disabled veteran on 100% permanent and total disability, about 12 or 13 years ago I was switched from tramadol to morphine for my pain, the VA said tramadol was too expensive and were only prescribing it to “severe cases or end of life patients” so they put me on morphine, I didn’t want to take it but pain is too much to deal with, I was worried about becoming addicted to the morphine, but the pain clinic doctor said that people who are in real pain do not become addicted to it, only those using recreationally so I decided to take the medication, they prescribed both fast acting and 12 hour sustained release tablets and I remained on the same dosage for over 12 years now and have never had a dosage increase but it still works fairly well for my chronic pain, when I am out of morphine I do not suffer from withdrawals but instead the pain starts to become very intense and it’s like all the nerves in my body are on fire especially my back and hips, which is where I was injured, anyway other then the pain I don’t have any withdrawal symptoms, so is this normal for someone who has been on the medication for over 12 years? And I also was told I would build up a tolerance to it but as I said it still works pretty good even after so long taking it, I do take large doses of the morphine and I do not get a high feeling when I take it, I just feel the pain start to slowly diminish after a short time.

    Anyway anyone have any thoughts on my case? And no I am not in denial and am really an addict, I take it as prescribed every day!!!!

  39. I was put on 30mg.Of morphine sulfate 2 times a day followed by Norco 2 times a day as well taken alternately throughout the day for pain about 2 yrs.ago. I recently asked my pain specialist to increase the quantity in the Norco and take me off Morphine because I didn’t feel it working for me and I didn’t want to increase the dose, and possibly finish killing off my liver. In that sense I am glad I did but I am feeling all the symptoms of the flu chills,body aches,hot and cold flashes how long will this go on for should I increase my water intake be on a special diet and help flush this drug out? Please advise as I never want to take morphine again but it seems like the Norco at this point isn’t working at all my next move is to contact my pain specialist and relate all this to them as well. Will I be alright after it all it scares me to think of all I have to submit myself through and it would be easier to just stay on it. But I’m thinking long term I may not be as healthy or have the strength to overcome the symptoms I’m feeling now. Please help!

  40. I had the gastric bypass done several years ago. And since I have went down in my back, and it’s inoperable. So, I am on morphine time released for pain. Last, month I was given an oral drug test and it didn’t show any of the medication. I am upset because I take my medicine how it’s prescribed but, now my regular doctor is sending me back to pain management which I have already been to and they done bi-lateral, spinal blocks and epidural on me which I could not tell any difference after having them. So, is it possible to test negative after all this they didn’t want to give me a prescription for any of my medicine because of the negative test please let me know? Worried

  41. At a pain management urine test if I take a morphine the day before the test will it show up as an opiate. I’m on p ER cover and ran out and need to.pass thatvtest

  42. If a non user of Morphine takes 30mg extended release on Thursday night and again in the morning on Friday, will Morphine show up in a pain management drug urine test done at 2pm?

  43. My brother’s young wife died recently under really bad circumstances. He took some of the liquid morphine she’d been prescribed, thinking he wanted to just end it all, and then realized what a mistake he was making. He did not swallow much but he’s really worried it will show up in hair follicle tests. How much does it take to show up in a follicle test, how long does it stay in your system, and how much would he have had to swallow for it to show up? (He is in therapy now and doing much better by the way) Thank you.


  45. I have been on morphine 30 mg tab once a day for a few years. How long will it take to get this out of my body, to pass a urine test?

  46. Can you give a gage of about how long I might see Morphine in my urine? I take it prescribed. 15mg 4 times a day. Then the Morphine ER 15mg only like once a day. For about 10 months. I don’t ever abuse it. I just might need to get a urine drug screen and want to know about how long to stay off of it. I know I will go through a withdrawl.

  47. Hi I take 130mg BD and have e done for 2 years.. recently I couldn’t get to me Dr as he was away so I didn’t have my medal for 48hrs. When I did see him and gave a urine sample it came back negative for morphine. He has now said he will not be prescribing my meds. At all. Question. Is it safe to stop taking g it immediately.. and why have given enough a negative when I e been taking it so ling

  48. I’ve taken 30mg morphine ER x 4yrs . I am going to go off do to many issues…..Addiction, family , life effects etc. What should I expect as far as detoxing cold turkey ? How long ? And any possible long term , maybe permanent side effects ?
    I’ve been known to self medicate in past years with Vicaden but NEVER have with the Morphine 30mg ER. I just want to be PRESENT.
    PLEASE am looking forward to getting clean from this bondage and just will help to know what I’ll be up against. No doubt I’m doing it one way or a other . Just need a friend to talk to I guess …That gets it thx kim ,?

  49. Can prolonged use of Morphine cause/contribute to Elevated recurring CK levels?
    If so how long after last does would one need to rule out morphine as the cause or vice versus?
    Thank you for your article and timely answer.

  50. I have chronic pain due to degenerative spine disease and sciatica. I’m disabled and in 2003 my doctor put me on 4 30mg oxycontin per day. Then he increased my dosage to 5 80mg tabs/day. I had to switch meds due to the ceiling on my work’s prescription insurance and for 1 month supply was $1500. No way could I afford it. So my dr put me on 5 60mg tablets of Opana. Started detoxing….bad. So he prescribed Morphine Sulfate 60mg 5/day. Then I could no longer afford the 60mg ER’s and asked my dr to prescribe something cheaper since I could no longer work. He prescribed the 30mg Morphine Sulfate IR’s taking 5/day. I’m still in pain but it takes the sharp edge off. My husband takes 2 of the Morphine Sulfate IR’s every day. He’s had 4 back surgeries and was going to a pain clinic who refused to treat him because he was told he missed his appointment, which he did not. He showed the receptionist his appt card and her response was they changed his appt without contacting us. He has a urine test next time he goes to his appt. How long does he need to stop taking my Morphine Sulfate IR’s in order for him to pass his urine test?

  51. I was wondering, if I never took morphine sulfate before. And I took half of a 100 mg. ER pill. How fast or will it even show up in a urine test.

  52. I did a shot of heroin sunday afternoon. I have a drug test Thursday afternoon. I had been clean 30 days prior to use. Do you think i should pass since there will be 4 days of no using before i take my test.

  53. I have been taking 2- 15mg of morphine sulfate for over 9 years but the last 3 urine drug test did not show it in my system. What would cause this and what other test can be done to detect it? My Dr has dropped me because of this.

  54. I already drink a lot of water and have pretty high metabolism also just about 160lbs if I took a 20mg morphine on Wed morning would I be ok for a test early Fri, especially after increasing my water intake?

  55. I went to the hospital last month on the 14 and 15. In the doctor have gave me morphine thru a iv for chronic pain . How long well it stay in my urine???

  56. My husband has been on valuim , oxycodone and morphine for 8 yrs 3 times a day , he stopped every pill on July 1st 2016 he took all these pills together along with a mood pill and stool softener , I am having a hard time dealing with his withdrawal behaviors, how long will he be like this ? His moods are terrible he stays to himself when he’s not being mean to me , did the pills he was taking have a long time affect on him or is this something that goes away after a certain amount of time off the pills ? Is 4 months long enough or is he still detoxing ? Thanks for your time

  57. hi i started on morpine er with primary 15mm 3x a day i developed a tolerance,so i was sent to pain management and raised to 30,, 3x daily,,after almost a year i had a urine test,,i was shocked by the results that another drug was found hhydrocodone i think,,anyway dr asked if i had even used one i of course said no and this was a truthful answer,but i didnt tell him that sometimes i end up waking late at night in pain and up the rest of night so i have time to time have been short one pill making me short and having only 2 x daily he again gave me the script and said please be right that u didnt take the other med which i again promised but now i am concerned since my urine went to a lab will the fact that for 3 days i only had 2 pills a day instead of 3..i am so concerned i would be kicked off and then deal not only with pain but withdrawels,i have multiple discs pressing on nerve roots scoliosis, alot of arthrtis in my neck back and hands,i am worrying for nothing,please i hope someone sees this and answers,i did alot of research but cant find conclusion about how my levels could be read,also in the whole time i have been on i have never completely ran out or missed any days

  58. Because I was in a lot of pain yesterday I took one 10mg OxyContin & 6 hours later I took one 30mg morphine sulfate ER tablet. I have slept most of today and my head is real foggy and I am a little off balance. Could this be the result of taking these two pills?

  59. I am still unsure is to how long morphine can be detectable in the urine this is friday will morphine be detectable in my urine monday or tuesday or oxycodone for the matter i need to pass a drug test to get an important job please help with answers

  60. I have been on 30 mg of morphine twice a day for sometime. I am on oxygen at 2 lts 24/7. I do not seem to have any problems. I’ve heard from several sources that they are not good for me to use together and could be dangerous. Does anyone know if there is any truth in this? Thank you.

  61. Hi
    I have a work friend (women). She went for her annully medical exam. On Monday and in her urine test it shows morphine she went again today Thursday and still shows. She says she didn’t even take a headache tablet and no medicine. Could there be anything else that could cause this.
    Concerned Friend
    Please help

  62. Does fast acting morphine stay in urine as long as reg. morphine? I was given a 15 mg. tab for break through pain I was having on Lortabs. It acts much faster so I figured it might dissipate quicker.

  63. i am on oxycodone 10 mg and alot my urine test been testing positive for oxymorphone and morphine ive never taken oxymorphone only time ive had morphine is in the er i had morphine er on 6 th and tested positive on 13 th probation , i am overweight , is this y

  64. I have been on opiate medications for pain management for over 20 years due to severe back pain labeled as ‘failed back surgery syndrome’ I had 3 of those! I’ve been on Fentanyl patch & Morphine 30mg tabs for breakthrough pain for many years. In mid May my Dr ordered a urine drug screen & the Morphine was not detected. The urine was tested 11 days after it was collected, sent to a different state from one of the largest New York City hospitals, which I find unusual to begin with. The Dr refused to test it again but took me completely off the Morphine immediately saying I wasn’t taking my medication. This Dr. had already reduced the amount of Morphine to the point I had to stretch them out so I’m forced to take overdoses of OTC’s. I take 4 Aleeve & 4 Excedrin an average of 3 times daily in order to save Morphine for extreme emergencies, I’m always worrying about those nights when I have what feels like an electric current circulating my legs & lower back. It wakes me up & NOTHING helps but the Morphine. I defiantly took Morphine! I do know I have a quick medication metabolism rate (confirmed in past by more than 1 surprised anesthesiologist) aside from that I can see no reason for it not being in my urine other than the delay in preforming the test. Is that a possible reason for the undetected medication?

  65. My Mom (79 yr old) goes to Pain Management. She has had back surgery years ago. Her back isn’t even good candidate for another surgery. She received injections and MS contin. Last visit they did a urine test and it came back NEGATIVE for morphine. Today at another visit they released her. I don’t understand why her test is Neg when she takes her morphine (time release) twice a day everyday. Is there a medication that will cause a Neg result. She takes several included Xaltro (blood thinner), Nexium, Synthriod, Paxil, and a couple other meds. Please any help is appreciated!

  66. I have been taking morphine ir and er for many years, going down in dosage as possible. My daughter has developed a pain condition related to a sclerosis on her mid-spine and was given 5mg Percocet 3x daily. She came short 2 days and I did (I know) supplement her for the 1 1/2 days and her dr visit requires urine. This month they requested to see her first before refills due to inconsistency in her urine. I understand now that morphine metabolizes similar to heroin and not perc. She won’t be seen until 7/12. How do I help and safely wean her off so her test is clean? Thank you. I can’t continue ER visits if her pain isn’t controlled, she can’t work but she is not using anything else.

  67. is morphine supposed to turn into hydromorphone. Cnp tried to tell me because hydromorphone was Negative on my urine test I the DEA will say I’m Selling my morphine I did test positive for morphine which is consistent with me taking morphine. I feel from how this cnp. Is only trying to get more money from my ins co. Please help.

  68. I snorted 90 mgs of time released morphine on saturday night.And on sunday snorted 50 mg of morphine.
    I have a urine test at the doctor s office on wensday at 2 pm
    Will i pass

  69. I’m a disabled veteran, I have many health issues including the need for a pain management specialist. Today I took my morning 60 mg dose and went to see my PMS, i take 60mg every 8 hours like clockwork and two 10 mg oxycodone in between for break through pain. Recently I was part of a study that tested my DNA and it came back that I metabolize morphine more quickly than other people. I also usually only eat 1 time a day due to suffering from Crohn’s and Celiac’s disease. This is all leading up to my very important question my pain specialist told me my urine sample was negative for morphine, it showed oxycodone but no Morphine. I take my first dose at 5am every morning so it is working when I get up at 6am. I see the Doctor at 9am but he said my urine test showed no morphine in my urine and said if it happened again I would be dropped from his care. I have been on this regimen of drugs for over six years without a problem. Could the fact that I’ve been on this therapy for so long and my genetic disposition to metabolize morphine fast result in a negative morphine urinalysis 5 1/2 hours later? If he drops me I will not be able to get another doctor to take me. My drug counts are always right on always. I’m very worried because I have two kids that count on me and without the relief of my pain medications I am bed ridden. The medications don’t take away all the pain but as an Army Ranger I have learned to handle the pain with the medications. I take my Meds as prescribed why would my Urinalysis show up negative in this case. Please respond my life depends upon giving him a reason when I know I do what I am supposed to without any deviation ever. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rick. Urine test results show positive on morphine even after 2 to 3 days after prolonged use.

  70. I took 90 mgs of morphine sulfate on Sunday night first time I used in months I have a drug test tuseday afternoon is there anyway that I could pee clean or am I screwed ?

  71. Hi, I have been taking oramorph for seven weeks following a car accident. Can I drink a small amount of alcohol due to tolerance? If not can I drink alcohol 24 hours after my last dose?

  72. I read this because I was urine tested at pain Dr, came back positive for morphine, and I had not taken morphine in MONTHS, and they can look it up because they prescribed it.

    I also tested positive for alcohol once, and a don’t drink or even use a mouthwash w/ the substance.

    They are going to dismiss me as a patient when I am not guilty! I can’t, I won’t Dr hop to find …it takes too much time and effort.

  73. How long does morphine stay in ur body for urine test from the last time u use n can u cover up a urine test so even though it may be positive can u do something to make it negative.

  74. I took 4 of the 60 mg morphine pills on 4-17 and on 04-25 i have to do a UA.Will I be clean if I drink some cranberry juice?

  75. Hi, I’m currently on opana 20mg 3x a day but it doesn’t help with my pain. I was on 60mg morphine 3x day plus 10mg oxycodene 4x day for breakthrough. My question is I found a bottle with 3 morphine in it and took them today. I have a urine test at the pain center on Tuesday of next wk. Will the morphine show up? I can’t afford to be kicked out, I’ve got a lot of physical problems.

  76. I take extended release morphine 15 mg, if I only take one every 24 hours will it still show positive in a urine test

  77. is there any industry graph showing morphine in specimens and length of time in the body related to gender and weight?

  78. If you’ve been on morphine for one year and it’s morphine ER 60 milligrams how long do the DTs and get out of your system

  79. I got pulled over by Phoenix Police and they took blood for morphine and the test came out at 20 nano grams. I took the 30 mg of ER at 4:00am and they took my blood around 8:00am. Would it be that I’ve been on it for so long and that’
    I’ve been on morphine for 10 years. I go to a new pain place and I get told that if I take over 100 mg a day, it will cause respiratory failure; when I’ve been taking 150 mg to 180 for 9+ years with no problems. Now I might have RSD; and my pain has jumped way up but they won’t give me what I was on when I started there. The Nurse Practitioner took away my immediate release. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. I FOUND OUT YOU HAD TO BE ON 400 MG TO BUILD UP FLUID IN THE LUNGS.

  80. I’ve been on morphine for 10 years. I go to a new pain place and I get told that if I take over 100 mg a day, it will cause respitory failure; when I’ve been taking 150 mg to 180 for 9+ years with no problems. Now I might have RSD; and my pain has jumped way up but they won’t give me what I was on when I started there. The Nurse Practitioner took away my immediate release. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. I FOUND OUT YOU HAD TO BE ON 400 MG TO BUILD UP FLUID IN THE LUNGS.

  81. I took two 15mg Morphine pills once, how long will take for me to be urine tested, and test clean? I exercise (swim) 3x a week, take Lasix for swelling, and drink at least four 44oz waters every day. I will have to take a urine drug screen on or around April 11, 2016 and I cannot tested positive! I took the Morphine in a moment of extreme pain, and wasn’t thinking clearly. Note in freaked out that I’m going to test dirty!

  82. There are too many questions/answers for me to read as most I read dont apply to my question, but are informative. Several years ago, I did have an addiction to RX methadone. Poor choice for migraines… live & learn! I put myself in rehab. Recently, during a brutal migraine, my son bought several moraphine tablets. He was relunctant, however, he needed to go out of town & didn’t want to leave me in pain w/no way to go to the ER for an injection. I took one moraphine tablet every 8 hours for 24 hours. I have a standard urine drug test in 2 weeks, without documentation from an ER doctor. If I drink alot of water for the next two weeks, will I pass the urine drug test? Additionally, the pills worked beautifully for my migraine & I do wish I had more. Am I harking-back to the methadone years after taking only 3 moraphine tablets? I’ve found myself preoccupied with wishing I had more. Pain management gives me several norcos a month, in the event of a migraine, and they seldom even take the edge off the pain. So, water for test & did I blow my several years of sobriety by taking the moraphine? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

  83. Hi I was recent dismissed for morphine in urine. I just had my meds switched from morphine ER to OxyContin.

    65.7 nano grams was detected.
    50 ng is the cut off

    Is it possible after taking this medicine in a 12 hour format 30mg every 24 hours for over 80 days. That I test positive at close to the cut off rate two months later.

    I also want to add that I wasn’t drug tested since the switch from morphine to OxyContin. So the first test I get since then was the one they gave me the boot on.

    I do not like morphine. Was glad to get away from it as it was having bad side effects that was unattended.

    I do not take any meds that aren’t presently prescribed to me. I would never do that. I have no need to do it.

  84. Hi.I take morphine maybe one time in a week or even in a month but i do heavy morphine days goes like this
    first eating then smoking a big amount of opium.after 30min i take heroin(never tried injection only snorting and after in smoking) then i eat about 30mg of morphine sulfate and then fighting with sleep.and i’m a heavy cocaine user powder and base.
    last time my opiet using got out of control but after2week using with even heavier amount of before and when i stoped i was accualy sleep all the times for like 3-4 long does it takes for morphine to completely flush out of my system?

  85. I maybe use 2 a week. I’m a iv user. My question is…. if I did a 30mg morhine on Saturday evening do you think it’s outta my system by Monday?

  86. I have a questions how long dose it take to get 30 mg morphine. Sulfate out of your system if you have taken one a day for one week if I drink a gallon of water the day before I go to have a urine drug sreen

  87. After 10 years of taking morphine what are the chances of it showing up in a urine drug test after 12 days ????

  88. Im 56 yrs old currently with chronic copd, chronic bronchitus, edema in lower legs & ankles keep swelling been told bed rest & follow up w/physician. Im taking arithamycin prescribed by er doctor. I have chronic lower back pain which is at its worse now due to trying to prevent my mom from falling. I also have pain from idiopathic bowel syndrome w/constipation. No excuses but need something to relieve me from pain. My mother gives me her morphine until I can see a doc. Will I be in trouble for taking her pain med? I dont want to take her meds or no ones pills only I must get relief. Please advise.

  89. I’ve been taking a quarter of a morphine 30 pill every 15 to 18 hrs for about 2 months to get off heroine and it worked. I have no more withdrawal from anything. Took my last quarter two days ago. Have a drug screen in two more days. Don’t know if it’s urine or blood testing. Do I have any chance of passing? Quit heroine a month ago.

  90. I have used pain killers sinc 1990 after spine injury. I would rather face pain than morphine highs and loes etc..
    I have been one day off morphine. I expect to start hard withdrawals tonight.

    1. What substance can I take to help my withdrawals?

    2. How long can I expect to have withdrawals?


  91. Hi , I Was given 10mg/5ml Morphine oral solution in hospital after having had an operation in a day case , the pain was awful so I took it four times but felt worse each time , a full up feeling , couldn’t eat , felt sick , fighting not to be sick , agitated , headache like pressure , dizzy and sweats . I stopped , I can’t deal feeling like that , my head is sensitive since the one haemorrhage and one thrombosis stroke half an hour apart 5 years ago that gives me a lot of allergies , sensitivities and epilepsy . I stopped taking it Saturday PM , I still feel yuk and my stomach is still sore and feeling sick after eating . I do take Ranitidine tablets for my hiatus hernia and often reflux acid , I have also taken an extra one mid day to try and help . I still feel agitated to. How long will it take to get to normal , was it safe with my epilepsy and strokes , the brain has quite a lot of damage . Thank you very much , all the best , Julie

  92. I was given 5 30mg. Pink morphine pills cause my broken back has bad me down for days because of winter. When will it be out of my system for urine test? 212lb. Male well fit. Not heavy. Thanks for reply. Also, “what’s half life” ?

  93. I took one 100mg time release morphene pill on Tuesday afternoon for a severe headache. I forgot that I was getting drug tested (urine) at work on Thursday around noon. Any chance of this not showing up?

  94. I tested negative on a saliva swab for morphine ms contin when I had taken 30mg the day b4… This is making me crazy! Will my urine test show no morphine in the same situation… 30mg 24 hours b4 test?

  95. I take MS Contin as well as some instant release. I’ve NEVER taken more than told, more likely to have missed my afternoon dose than anything. Well my pain mgt does urine screening to make sure you’re taking your meds, they called me to say my levels were at a critical level. I don’t understand how it could be at a critical level if I never take more than I’m told.

  96. is there a graph showing the relation of morphine taken, the rate of dissipation, and residual measurements for an adult male? if so is it in an industry recognized study?
    thank you

  97. my dad had a breathing problem of which the doctors priscribed 2.5 mg of morphine four times a day for three days… now he cant move…hes just sleeping and not doing good any suggestios on what to do..

  98. If took a 30 mg morphine today and have a drug test Monday will it be out of my system for a drug test Monday. If drink water

  99. I took a 30mg morpine today at 7:41 pm. And I have a drug test Monday will it be out of my system by than. I won not use regularly. I onlyweigh 110. If iI drink water will it help if I pee alot

  100. I was in the hospital for Pancreatitus about 65 days ago. (was so bad, there was a 24 hour period that I had given up and started praying for God to take my life) But, Fortunately I survived, but during my stay I was given Dilaudid and morphine both. As far as i can tell, the hair tests will go back about 90 days. now finally getting Job and they are running a Hair follicle test. I got hurt a couple weeks ago and took a couple morphine pills to help me sleep at night through the pain. will I be alright because of my hospital stay where it was all legitimate to cover up what I took 2 weeks ago? This has me very worried. Thank you in advance for any knowledgeable replies.

  101. Hello, thank you for considering my question. This is the first time I have taken morpheme in a pill form and I am nervous. Usually I am administered this drug in a controlled environment and through my IV’s. I have already made a mistake and took the 2 of the 100 mg tables at a time as I did with my oxycodone and hydrocodone twice since 1:00 pm. O was only suppose to take 1 at a time. Because I did this, I can’t stop itching which is a normal response but as stayed, I’m usually n the hospital and re viewing diphenhydramine thigh my IV at the same time. I have maxed out the recommended dose of the diphenhydramine, but I am still itching pretty bad. I am wondering how much longer the itching might be and any suggestions of how to resolve.

  102. I go to a pain clinic and they prescribe methadone and Percosets. I missed an appointment accidentally so just this morning they gave me a new appointment for tomorrow. But Saturday and Sunday a friend of mine gave me 3 60 milligram morphine pills to help me with the withdraws. The last pill I took was on Sunday at 2 o’clock pm and I have my appointment on Tuesday which is tomorrow. At 1:30 pm do you think if I drank 1 gallon of water that the morphine will be out of my urine in time for the urine test? Please let me know because I’m really worried they will kick me out. Thank you very much

  103. The doctor gave me Morphine for surgery, and now it’s been almost 2 weeks since I had it. Do morphine give you the itches? Cause when I was in the hospital I was itching like crazy and I still have the itching. Is that from the morphine?

  104. i have been on morphine for five years now under a doctor supervision however I started taken 4-30mg a day and 4-60mg a day I am now on my own done to one each at nite I think later next week they are going to do a drug test at the dream job I been wanting how long and is there anything I can do to get it out of my system? Please help not much time

  105. My baby is seven days old and fed breastmilk. I started cramping severly and had to take one N 15 morphine pill. I’m worried how one pill will affect my breastmilk. What can i do to make sure she will not be affected by my dosage. My baby already stayed her first four days in the NICU, and thank you for your response.

    1. Hi, Michelleises. I suggest you talk with a doctor or a pediatrician on this matter. Hope everything’s fine! Good luck!

  106. I’m telling you right now from experience i took just a few morphine 30mg extended tabs and a couple of 10mg oxycodons Sunday morning and I got a 10 panel urine test Thursday morning and I am 50 years old and I showed up positive for opiates!!!I hope this helps someone! BIG B!

  107. I have been taking Morphine 30 mg ER & 15 mg IR for over a year. I usually take the 30 in the am and fine until the evening. Then I take both at bedtime. I am going to go for a job interview and want to know how long with it be in my system if I did a urine text?

    1. Hi, Joanne. Morphine may stay in the body up to 4 days. However, it all depends from the frequency of use, dosage, metabolism, etc.

  108. but I miss my message from Program on Saturday so I used heroin they usually don’t show up as opiate but it shows up as morphine on a drug test and now I had to see my probation officer Tuesday with using saturday will the morphine still be in my urine test when I drop?

  109. My girlfriend wanted to know if her last dose of morphine on 11/27/2015 and she wanted to know if she takes a drug teat in this Friday would the morphine be gone out of her system where it will come out negative she is trying to get a job & she is on a methadone out-patient program but she ran out while she was away for 5 sausage took between 45mg to 60 mg every day & only once a day & she finished it on November 27, 2015 so she really wants this job & really needs this job too

  110. I was prescribed 5mg morphine twice a day. It doesn’t really help so Dr prescribed 30mg Morphine ER….. I have heard horror stories about 30mg Morphine ER vs just 5mg immediate release. I know I have to take the 30mg ER, eventually cause the pain keeps me homebound. Just terrified of addiction. Dr. said flush the 5mg morphine and switch to 30mg Er. .. Well I didn’t listen and just have been taking the 5mg immediate dose because it does only help for about two hours and I suffer the rest. Ok, Doc called today and wants periodic urine test. I do plan on taking the 30mg ER, but not till my wife is home all day to monitor me. Can the Dr tell the morphine level in a urine test, like how many mg I am taking or just does it show the presence of morphine??? I don’t drink, smoke, take any other narcotics, and lead a clean life. Just scared.

  111. So if morphine stays for 4 days in the human body why do a person has to consume everyday not waiting for that 4 days to finish in order to take another one?

    1. Hi Mmoledi. The time it takes for a medication to get completely eliminated from your system (substance + metabolites) is very different from the time that said medication stays active and produces effects in your system. Plus, there is a stable level that is usually achieved after several first doses that helps maintain levels of medication in plasma even as the effects start to wear of.

  112. Most people say morpine gets out of your system in 3 days well I’m waiting for 6 days then I’ll take the test ,,, it better not be positive ,,,or I will bad mouth you all,,,

  113. I have been taking medications for chonic pain for more than 8 yrs. My employer does not belive people can work while taking pain medications. Someone may have found that I do and reported it. How long to I have to stop before it shows up on a test.

  114. To ANN,
    it might show up but then again it might not! i realise that this doesnt help you but it depends on alot of factorsafter 4 days though my guess is it would be out of your system 4-5 days is how long it takes me to pass a urine test.

  115. If I took 120mg of morphine sulphate tablets but drank lots of water how long would it take to leave my system how long til it didntshow up in a swab test like the ones the police use


  117. My wife used, morphine for more than 5 years, prescribed by a pain clinic. She had a arm operation 2 and a half months ago, and is since on subutex and clean. She fractured her arm badly a week and a half, and only tool paracetamol and diiclofenac, we did a drug screen to make sure she test negative before her operation n nut tested posetive for morphine, is morphine absorbed in bone, and could the fracture explain the posetive test?

  118. I use 30mg of morphine er the slow one but I want to quit due to getting a new job been taking it for years because severe back pain I need to know how long does it take to get out of my urine to do a drug test 4 to 7 days and will it be cleared the job is a sitting job so my back will be ok pleases let me know then I no when to do the test. Can you please give me a answer I do want to try to get this job I have 7 days before testing been on this for two years now for my back. I take 30 mg of slow action morphine three times a day for two years how long will it take ti get out of the urine 4 7 days I want ti get that job I have 7 days before the test.

  119. I was on Morphine 15mg then 30mg then on 60mg twice a day for over a year. 2 months ago I was changed to Oxycontins 30mg why am I still testing positive for morphine

  120. Hello. I have a question on morphine. On some parts of your blog on morphine you say that the half life is 2 to 4 hours. And on some 1 to 7 hours and on this one is 16.2 hours. Im having a hard time understanding that. Because I took one dose of of 60mg morphine Friday at 5am and may have a drug test on Monday i can come and do it before 9pm so it gives me about 86 hours till I test. I don’t do opiates I have prescription for Vicodin so I’ll take 2 or 3 once a week maybe. But this morphine is what really scares me. Would you please be able to help me out so I know from now on. I appreciate everything. Thank you. And I believe it was 60mg St or sulfate. It had an N on one side and 60 on the other. From what I have heard its sustained release but I crushed it and took it orally like that. Again Thank you.

  121. I read some of this stuff and can barely stifle the angst for those poor souls in the grips of Morphine whether it’s a medically induced condition or not. I don’t do distinctions because the bottom line is the bottom line…I had no drug history prior to the onset a second back surgery necessitated by an accidental flight from a tree 25″ up…Shattered hip and fenur, lots of hardware, nerve damage apparently disrupted earlier surgical effort in ’89…surgical effort of 6/14 to correct a hellacious L/5-S-3 nerve impingement, a hole and added a spacer given four other compressed discs…Surgery was successful in that pain from S-3 dissipated FINALLY after six months. 30 mg. of straight up Morphine was the only thing that would touch it in conjunction with Hydrocodone and Gabapentin….Went to 30 mgs. E/R 3x a day in month two and only used the Hydrocodone as needed…Had a few sensational flare-ups where nothing worked and Methadone came under consideration…Balked at that and weathered these storms with E/R visits and shots of Hydromorphone, the big brother to morphine…Will spare you the horrors of neuropathy from waist to toes but miraculously it has started to dissipate of late to the point where I can function pretty darn well with just Hydrocodone (325’s) every 7/8 hours with the 300mg. of Gabapentin and the introduction of Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg) 2x a day…

    Self de-tox of Morphine wasn’t much fun after so many months but curious to know just how long traces of it will remain in my system and prevent me from passing a drug test….I am seven days in w/o morphine having substituted Hydrocodone in it’s stead….Do these urine collection tests search for both opiates and opioids? Already failed one given the opiate usage now needing to know how long before urine clean enuf before taking a second? Or do I even bother?
    Any help or insights greatly appreciated… TKU

  122. My Mom was given morphine for 3 weeks every other day by mouth. She had a skin tear. Her skin is healed and she is off the drug but still gets a little tired. This is a very helpful article thank you.

  123. I have been in a pain mgmt program for over 14 years. The first pain mgmt doctor, I fired because he had me in OxyContin & Oxycodone in addition to 3 others meds. I couldn’t function. He wouldn’t listen. I transferred to a different pain mgmt/Neuro Surgeon. And he changed me to Morrphine 15mg, 4 times a day . ..which I have been on for 9 years. I have never had an increase nor abused my meds. I have been seeing his PA for the last 2 months. She did a drug screen which was fine….but tested for 4 days and thehydromorphone level was zero…..but the mmorphine level was 6, 756…..which means, by an expert…..I am not at a therapuetic level. The PA accused me of selling my pills….even though my pill count was correct. In researching, I found that Hydromorphone is Dilaudid….but high levels & long term morphine use would metabolize into small levels if Hydromorphone. Two tests later….it still showed low levels of both with a correct pill count. Now she’s done a genetic test I cannot afford. I feel she is discriminating against me. I have a high metabolic rate and move a lot out of fear of muscle atrophy & joint contractures. So I sweat a lot. Will that cause my Hydromorphone/Dilaudumid level to be zero?….even though my morphine level & pill count is correct? Some articles say I am not receiving a high enough dose…..considering I have been on the same thing for over 9 years. I just don’t think she knows what she’s doing or is discriminating against me. My pain is from radiation exposure and now I ambborderline Osteoporosis/Osteopenia….with multiple fractures if my left rib cage and degrading right hip joint. I don’t know what to do. Help me understand what is the normal morphine level, in urine, on 15mg 4 times daily. Does anyone know? Am I supposed to be increased to 30mg?

  124. I am prescribed 30mg a day i have been taking some time 100mg if i have a urine test tuesday morning and stop taking the 100mg will my morphine levels beright for my test and i will drink alot of water

  125. Hi I have a question I am on adderal and morphine prescribed and have to take a urine test for a very good job and they say it’s a drug Free work place so I now know that it won’t be out of my system before I have to go will this cause me not to get my job

  126. I took just a half of a 60mg this morning at 7am monday have a drug test in about 3 day do u think if i drink alot of water i would pass

  127. Hi I have been going to pain management for like a year now I am prescribed 30mg morphine sulfate 1 pill 2 times a day and Percocet 10mg every 4 hrs the last 3 times I went to my dr he has said that there was herion in my urine I have never done herion in my life I take the pills I’m prescribed and that’s it how is it possible that my urnie has herion also I was thinking it’s the morohine so I want to stop taking it and then take another urine test and prove to him I’m not lying that I have never done herion in my life so how long till it comes out of my ststen

  128. my man & I went on a short vaca. I put our medications in containers but took one of his 30mg morphine by accident. I take methadone & oxycodone…I am wondering if this will show in my Urine Analysis I get from my methadone/oxycodone doctor. It will be about 80 hours from time of ingestion to UA. Thanks.

  129. I have been taking morphine for migraine headache and nucynta, two weeks later the morphine didn’t show up in my urine, so I was thrown off the pain treatment program, what happen/

  130. My Mom is in a nursing home and is getting morphine by mouth to fix a wound on her leg. How long is the morphine in her system. They are giving it to her 3 times a week when they change her dressing.


  132. I was on morphine for years and went off of it. In the emergency room they gave it to me for three days. Will this send me into any withdraws?

  133. is it possible for morphine given in the emergency room cause you to test positive on a urine test 11 days later?

  134. Im a guy been taking morphine pills 15mg and I feel numb and cant get a hard one or even get off how long after stop taking them will I get my stuff back and sex life its ruining my relationship please help???

  135. If I take 3 60 MG morphine sulfate tables a day for 2 weeks, then stop taking them how long would it take to get out of my system if I take a urinalysis

  136. I took 1, 30mg morphine by mouth, I am approx 185 lbs. Do not regularly, was just the 1, 30mg tab Wednesday. How long does it show up in urine.

  137. I last used morphine 10 days ago when I started methadone maitance. Yesterday I took a urine test with a cutoff level of 300ng. Is it possible I have a slow metabolism with taking the methadone. That’s why I tested positive for morphine 10 days later.

  138. hello although I am prescribed slow release morphine both 30 milligram tablets and 60 milligram tablets I only take at night this website did not address slow release and how long it stays in your urine and the worst part is I need an answer right away …god bless you

  139. Hi. I had a drug screening and it came back positive for morphine when I’ve never used before? It said the amount found was 156mg and I was wondering what that could possibly be from

  140. I take 100 mg ms morphine a day some times 2 a day for 3 years trying to pass a piss test for government. test level 2 test cdl. How long will I need to stop taking it to be out my urine. Thanks

  141. I have been taking 30mg’s or morphine for 3 years now. I take it 4-5 x per day and I want to know how long it stays in your urine since I have been on it for so long ? I’m waiting on a back surgery but I want to slowly start cutting back off of them.
    Thanks. SHEP

  142. I took one morphine 60 mg two days ago i dont know when ill be poped on a drug test how long will it show in a urine test this is the only time i have ever used

  143. I took a one-time dose of morphine ir 30mg on a Friday night, or possibly Saturday night I am not certain, and was random urine tested Monday afternoon. I’m just slightly overweight and not super active. Will this show? Thank you for your time and prompt response.

    1. Hi Lisa. If more than 24 hours have passed from your morphine use until the urine test was collected, you have good chances of passing. Of course, there are many variables that influence the outcome, so you can never tell for sure.

  144. I was a heavy morphine/opiate abuser for two years (I popped the pain pills) but I quit nearly two months ago. I felt great. However, unfortunately I relapsed about three days ago when I took three pills (of the 15 mgs). I drank three energy drinks and had a seizure. Is the withdraw period going to be as bad this time around now that I’ve stopped again? I also have a urine and blood test coming up at a doctor’s office later next week; if I go back on track to recovery, will I be able to pass them? Please, I’m really scared because my doctor won’t prescribe me the ADD meds I need if I don’t. Thanks…

    1. Hi Brandi. No, withdrawal won’t be like the last time because now your mind and body are not dependent on the presence of morphine to function normally. I’d doubt that you’d feel any symptoms at all. No traces of morphine after a single use should be detectable after 24 hours have passed, so I believe you are safe. Good luck and keep yourself on track with your recovery.

  145. Obviously answer to my question will depend on my specific metabolism etc but generally speaking I was wodering if a hair test taken in a week or so would show the 6 15mg morphine pills I’ve taken over the last few days. Those were the only ones I’ve taken in a few months. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rob. It also depends on how quick your hair grows. They cut it from the root and any amounts, recent or former, may be detectable. I know this doesn’t answer your question, but there is no way anyone can know for sure.

  146. Rick if you last took on tuesday! then its more likely that you would test negative for opiates on the saturday. But everybody is differant! with me it usualy takes 4 days, exercise,eating healthy and plenty of water (but not on the day of the test) will help.

  147. I have took a total of 8 /30 morphine. immediate reland I truck 4 on Monday 4 on Tuesday and now I got a urinalysis coming up on Friday basically 68 hours the cleanup well I’ll be in the safe zone

  148. I’ve been on Sandoz-morphine sulfate SR 15mg x 6 pills a day which equals 90 mg/day for 8months. I will be screened for life/health insurance and I was wondering how long the morphine will show in my blood and urine. Thanks

    1. Hi Josette. Morphine is detectable in blood within 12 hours since the last use. Urine tests may detect the morphine and metabolites for about 2-3 days since last administration. Hope this helps and good luck on your insurance screening.

  149. Hi I was wanting to ask a huge question that is causing an issue in result of my husband getting his job. He has not used morphine in 3-4 weeks and he went for his urine drug screen for work and it showed positive still. He has had prolonged use over the periode of 2 years can it still release in the muscles outta the body tissues through the urine ? He is also on methadone 90 mg per day but hasn’t used morphine in as I mentioned 3 weeks. Can the methadone leave a positive result showing up as morphine through a urinalysis Screen. He needs this job we need to figure this out like why is it still showing a positive result after 3 weeks? Thank you or you’re help

  150. I have been told by a few that the cups can be bad at the pain clinics and they know this I was on methadone that was the only thing that has helped my nerve pain and I tested positive for morphine and didn’t do it and got treated like a drug dealer and kicked out and can not find another pain clinic to take me

  151. i have a friend 🙂 and hes on methodone and occasionaly takes heroin. when he has had some heroin (say on a saturday evening) he will then not use, and then on the thursday he will be urine tested ! the dip test says opiates negative but then when the urine sample is sent too the labit comes back morphine positive!! he understand whybut would like to know how long it takes to be fully out of the system

  152. I took some liquid moraphine about november15,20014 never taken before and never taken after I go for a hair folicale test on Monday feb.2,2015 will it show positive

  153. Hi Mike. Actually, morphine after it is administered and reaches the bloodstream, the liver breaks down a large proportion of morphine. It this process called “fist-pass metabolism” only about 40-50% reach the CNS. Then, around 90% of morphine is excreted from the body within 24 hours, mostly in the form of urine. So, within a few days, your body is free of morphine.

  154. I took morphone sulfate , prescribed for my back for a year, I stopped taking it by doctor advice, how long before it all clears the body?

  155. Due to extensive back, neck, shoulder, knee of OA, I’ve been seeing a pain management outfit for over 4 years. This summer I had a gastric sleeve operation, and while in the hospital, and also at home, I was having constant amounts of morphine. Long story short, pain management did a urine test (nothing that hadn’t been going on over the 4+ years) I flunked the urine test, and when the horrible office manager called to question the morphine usage, I was totally honest, and told her I had taken a few morphine tabs of my husbands, so they won’t give me any pain medicines. What to do now?

  156. I was talking EXALGO for severe arthritis pain. Then drug stores were not allowing it to be dispensed any longer, so my doctor gave me a script for morphine. But it did not give me any pain relief at all. I took it for about only a week. Then got a script again for Exalgo finally. ( not filled yet) Changing those two drugs did something to my mind. I had/have memory lapses, bad jugjment, brain fog, etc. I was caught shop lifting. I had never done this before. I felt I did not know or remember what I was doing. I was caught BT a security officer & went to jail. Can brain/mind problems occur when taking these type drugs? I am 71 years old, have no record whatsoever,

  157. I took a 60 mg morphine tablet Wednesday night because I had a horrible headache. Now I have to take a urine drug test Thursday, will that still be in my system. I don’t take it on a regular basis at all.

  158. Hi,
    I was fired from a pain clinic after receiving 1 negative for the opiods I was prescribed. But I had taken a 60 mg that morning like every morning, I took it about 8:00 a.m. & was tested about 4:00. I couldn’t believe it came up negative when I was taking my medication as prescribed. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but got fired anyway. Every month my urine tests came out positive for opiods. I keep explaining to pain doctors and other doctors that morphine wouldn’t show in my blood that many hours later. It says <50 ng/mL LOW. Do you know what that means? I was taking 2 60mg Morphine a day so I was so shocked to be fired. This is so unfair. I still haven't found a pain clinic that will take me & was even accused by 1 pain doctor that I am a drug dealer!!!!! I was so insulted!!!! I've been on painkillers since 2007 & have never sold 1 pill !!!!! Yet he judged me because of a blood test.
    Thanks for your help.

  159. I took 1 100mg morphine pill after bein clean for over a year and have high metabolism. How long will it stay in urine for drug test

  160. I have been on a morphine patch for two and a half months. I had to come off it due to very bad side effects. I was on a 15mg dose. I want to know how long it takes to leave your body, as I have still the effects. I am off it now 5 days.

  161. I wanna take 15mg of morphine before iud insertion as I am nulliporous and the three procedure would be intolerable without. How long before insertion should I take it and is it recommended with food or not?

  162. I have taken 1 oxycodone30mg every day for the past 3 weeks and 4 morphine 60mg the past two days I have to take a urin test in 11 days will it be outta my system if I stop taking them today and drink plenty of water? ? Please help me

  163. I did a stupid thing my normal pain meds went missing after a family gathering . Here’s the stupid part a friend gave me a few morphine. Not my normal Meg’s. I aborted 2 15mg

  164. Hi T. He might be gaming the system by using for the week before the visit, and stopping 2-4 days before he sees your son.

    Ask the court if you can get a hair follicle test ordered; this shows past 90 days in an average sample. If he shaves his head, ask for an armpit hair.

  165. Hello, my ex has had a really bad drug addiction for many yrs. I finally had enough about 6 Mts ago and now he is only allowed to see his son at supervised visits as long as he passes a drug test that same day. He has been addicted to hydrocodone, Vicodin, xanas, pretty much anything he can get his hands on. We are soposto go to court next week regarding custody of our son. He has still been taking the drugs but yet passing the drug tests for the visits, I found out that today he got some morphine. My question is how can I prove that he is still using and addicted to drugs? And what is the best form of testing that I should request the court to do to prove it? Also the visits are every 2 weeks and he has to take the drug test test same day as the visit, so how is he passing the tests even tho he is still using. I wan t my child to be safe, and he definitely isn’t around him. Please help?

  166. My family has a problem with my morphine usage. I have been prescribed by my PCP for multiple, inoperable back problems. I am 100% disabled and although I did spend the last week or so weaning myself off the drug, I am back to my initial condition of being flat on my back unable to do anything. So, I am faced with finding an alternative way or back on Tue morphine. To be clear, I had been prescribed 60mg ER morphine 3x a day, with a prescription for oxycodone 15mg immediate release, 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours. I rarely took three morphine per day and never went beyond four tablets of the oxycodone per day. My question is if I have been on this med for so long without increasing my dosages, does this mean I will invariably become more and more tolerant to the effects of all opioids? Last, how do I explain to my brothers and whoever else buys their unprofessional opinions that I am an addict and in a bad way?

  167. Hello Abbs. It all depends on how long were you wearing the patch. Normally, the effects of this medicine can last up to 30 hour after removing it from the skin, and this includes the side effects, too. It is not advised by doctors to be started on a different medicine, especially not on another opioid painkiller for at least another 24 hours. However, this can vary depending on your body and system, and is an individual matter. So, it’s best to consult a medical professional.

  168. I have been on 7 day patches but took a skin reaction had to take it off. How long does it stay in the system so I can take other pain killers I have MS so need some sort of pain relieve

  169. If u have to take a drug urine screen and have been takeing morphine, will drinking 2 gallons of water right before u go, will u pass? And is there any home remedys u can do to make u pass with no problem?

  170. Hello MK. It will usually depend on your use history. Are you a one time or regular morphine user? Heavy, chronic morphine use can be detected for longer times in the body than occasional use. You can try an at home drug detection test to get a better feel for how your testing might go.

  171. Hello Valerie. Thanks for your question. No, I don’t think that you can donate blood or plasma when you are taking opiates like morphine. Once, they refused my blood because I was on antibiotics. But you can always call your local blood bank or medical clinic for confirmation and to avoid an unnecessary trip.

  172. I take 30 mg morphine sulfate ER. i want to donate plasma today. Can I donate or will I be turned down because of the morphine

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