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How long does cocaine stay in blood, hair, or urine?

Cocaine generally stays in your system for about 2-4 days. In fact, this is the detection window for urine for most casual users. However, chronic or heavy cocaine users may have a much longer detection window.

If you want to learn more about cocaine drug testing and your chances to pass a urine, blood, hair, or saliva drug test, continue reading. Main cocaine uses, detection time frames and other aspect of cocaine use here. And if you still have questions about cocaine in your system, you are more than welcome to ask them in the comments section at the end.

How do you take cocaine?

The principal routes of cocaine administration are oral, intranasal, intravenous, and inhalation. Snorting cocaine occurs when the cocaine powder is inhaled through the nose. There, cocaine is absorbed through the nasal tissue to the bloodstream.

Injecting cocaine, or IV cocaine use, releases the drug directly into the bloodstream and heightens the intensity of its effects. Smoking involves inhaling the cocaine vapor or smoke into the lungs. The absorption after smoking cocaine is as fast as by injection.

Main cocaine uses

Cocaine is used mainly for recreational purposes to increase alertness, relieve fatigue, feel stronger and more decisive. Often, cocaine is abused for its intense euphoric effects.  Rarely or seldom is cocaine used as a topical local anesthetic for ear, nose and throat surgery. Traditionally, the coca leaves are chewed or brewed into a tea for refreshment and to relieve fatigue.

Peak levels and half life of cocaine

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug made from the leaves of the coca plant.Cocaine has a short half-life of about 0.8 to 0.2 hours. The half-life of benzoylecgonine, the main cocaine metabolite though is 6 hours.

However, the most important factor for cocaine performance in the body is the route of administration. For example, snorting 160 mg of cocaine results in peak levels at 30 minutes; the peak of benzoylecgonine, is around 3 hours. After oral administration of 140 mg cocaine, peak levels occur in plasma concentrations at 1 hour. And while a single dose of 32 mg IV injected cocaine produces peak plasma concentration within 5 minutes, smoking reaches the peak at 45 minutes.

Cocaine drug testing: How long does cocaine stay in the body?

Cocaine is extensively metabolized to a variety of compounds which are centrally inactive. Most of it metabolizes within 4 hours. But cocaine is still detectable on most drug tests up to a week later and can be “visible” for up to three months in other specific kinds of drug testing.

How long does cocaine stay in blood?

Small part of a cocaine dose may stay in the system and be detected in blood for 48 hours after use. Many users may develop cocaine tolerance, and the changes in cocaine concentrations in storage are also crucial for blood testing. Unlike other drugs, cocaine has a large overlap between toxic, lethal and therapeutic concentrations. There are cases when no cocaine presence in the blood was measured, even after prolonged use.

How long does cocaine stay in hair?

As with other drugs, cocaine concentrations in hair are visible for at least 90 days after dosing. However, cocaine does not leave its marks at the root of the hair, but to specific areas. That means that it is there until the hair falls out or is cut off.

How long does cocaine stay in urine?

As with other drugs, there is no exact window of detection for cocaine in urine. Cocaine metabolites may be excreted in the urine for up to several weeks after use.

Very low concentrations may be detected during the initial few hours, however, benzoylecgonine persists in urine at detectable concentrations from 2-4 days.  Chronic, heavy use of cocaine can result in detectable amounts for up to 10 days following a binge use.

How long does cocaine stay in saliva or sweat?

Saliva elimination of cocaine has a half-life of 2 hours, while some cases have reported cocaine concentrations in the saliva even after 19 hours. Generally. the peak level of cocaine concentrations in sweat is at 4.5 to 24 hours.

Cocaine and addiction

People often underestimate how cocaine can be addictive. Defined as a desire for more of the drug despite the negative consequences, cocaine addiction happens very often to drug users, including all routes of administration.

Problems with cocaine?

Are you using cocaine and experiencing some problems, strange symptoms or extended side effects? Maybe you want to know more about the cocaine testing procedures?

Please feel free to ask your questions about cocaine use here. We will do our best in giving you a personal and prompt answer.

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Photo credit: David Goehring

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877 Responses to “How long does cocaine stay in blood, hair, or urine?
5:00 am February 25th, 2014

I snorted less than 1/2 a line. Just a fingernail. & was tested about 4.5 hours later. What are the probability of it being enough to show positive?

9:28 am February 25th, 2014

Hello Christy. What kind of test? Urine based? Blood based?

9:37 pm March 4th, 2014

Why after 5 days am I coming up positive

12:55 pm April 4th, 2014

i done cocaine 5 days ago, only a couple of small lines and havnt touched any for weeks before and i have a drug test on monday so it will have been 8 days. should i be ok. im running 3 miles a day trying to sweat it out also drinking alot of water. let me no thanks

10:47 pm April 23rd, 2014

I am 5’11 246 pounds i last used cocaine 32 days ago. i have a test on the 33rd day. Is that ample time for me to be rid of a detectable amount of metabolites to pass urine screen?

7:27 am May 2nd, 2014

If someone uses between 2-3 20’s of crack every day for 4 years how long would it take to produce clean urine once stopping. This is for someone 5’6 and 140 lbs.

9:13 am May 2nd, 2014

Hello Rollin. It can generally take about 2-4 days for cocaine to leave the system. However, long term use can be detected for 7-10 days or even a couple of weeks after last use.

4:25 am May 8th, 2014

Hello I smoked crack last month on12/04/14 I haven’t smoked since then now I’m pregnant will it harm my unborn baby in anyway? If you could answer my question I will be more than happy right now I’m shaking with worry. If you could get back to me ASAP I will be grateful thank you for your time.

12:00 pm May 12th, 2014

Hello Shamina. One time use of crack can usually stay in the system for 2-4 days after use (the drug testing detection window), but acute effects usually wear off within minutes of use. Whether or not a fetus will be impacted by former crack use depends on your level of dependency. How often and how much crack have you used in the past?

10:54 pm May 21st, 2014

I did lines of cocaine the first time ever on Sunday at 9:45 p.m..i.have aurine drug test Thursday at 10:45 a.m. Will I pass

Peter Peter
3:27 am May 26th, 2014

Is there any possible way coke or the metabolite come up in swap test over 30 days later when I took at home piss test and all was neg ? Obviously I know that the lab test is way more elaborate with there testing and shit done .. So is that possible swap test Pos after 31-32 days / urine test same pos in lab but neg on take home test .. I just wanna know if my doctor was just trying to get rid of me that’s my whole thing .. Thanks

5:42 am June 5th, 2014

I’m usually a consistent weekend user of cocaine, about a $50 bag. How long will it stay in my system?

jsabon deas
2:40 pm June 6th, 2014

I took a small hit of cocaine about three months ago. Can it still be in my hair?

9:44 pm June 18th, 2014

I used crack about 145 days ago will I pass an up coming hair test

4:52 pm June 22nd, 2014

I am going to use crack July 3rd, will it be out of my system /urine by July 17th?

5:17 am June 30th, 2014

How long does shooting crack stay in your urine

1:33 pm June 30th, 2014

There are several factors that will effect the detection time of cocaine in the system, such as length of use, amount used and the individual’s metabolism. Generally, coke can be detected in urine 3-4 days after the last use of the drug. Here is an elaborate study that goes deep into hair drug detection:

1:06 am July 1st, 2014

for Jsabon: 90 days is what they test for in hair. It will be looked at on a scale of how long ago you used.
For Shamima: if you test pos. for coke they will look at the mucomiom (baby’s 1st stool ) and they do this all the time. This will show wether or not you have been using drugs. what kind and for how long. I have a friend going through this right now. good luck

8:52 pm July 4th, 2014

If I only did four lines of cocaine on Friday night and took a urine test on Wednesday will it be clean.

9:10 pm July 6th, 2014

I did 2 lines of cocaine 1 month ago. Will I fail a hair drug test tomorrow?

7:48 am July 7th, 2014

Hi bre. Many sources say it takes 48-72 hours to get cocaine out of your system if you’re an infrequent user. But it’s possible to be detected. Cocaine metabolites can be detectable in urine from 1-4 days. It depends on your metabolism and physical state, the dose you took and your level of hydration.

9:23 am July 9th, 2014

Small use (half a gram MAX) of cocaine 8 weeks ago, how likely is this going to show on a hair test? It was what I believe to be not very ‘pure’.
I have really thick hair that grows quite fast and due to its thickness has to be thinned out every haircut (which surely goes in my favour).

Please can you respond ASAP. Thanks

11:58 pm July 12th, 2014

I have never used cocain before but when I did my piss test I barely passed for cocain. How is that?

Hair System
8:14 am July 14th, 2014

First thing cocaine is bad. I never use it but as on TV and media information cocaine is 1 or 2 days survive in blood.

11:19 pm July 14th, 2014

I did two grams on Friday and I have a drug test on Tuesday. I think it will be a urine test not a hair sample. Will I be clean?

6:41 am July 20th, 2014

if i use crack one time will it show up on hair test

5:32 pm July 24th, 2014

I’ve used very lightly in the last few days…Just some bumps, not even a gram. But I’d like to finish the gram through out this week. Here’s are the questions: 1) If I was going to get my blood tested for anemia, would this potentially show up even if they are not purposely scanning for drugs? 2) Can my blood be used for a transfusion if there is cocaine in my system?

4:10 am July 29th, 2014

I did cocaine last night around 4am split a gram between me and my cousin and was hit with a oral drug test the next day at work around 7pm. Do you think I would fail or pass?

1:10 am July 31st, 2014

I sniffed 4 bumps of coke and got my urine drug test 6 hours later will it show?

10:32 pm August 3rd, 2014

Can cocaine lower your blood level,.?

3:24 am August 6th, 2014

I stopped using 2 years ago but i still get rhinitis every morning and when exposed to dust. Is this still due to my drug use? Will my nasal passages ever heal and recover fully?

6:12 am August 10th, 2014

I sniffed one line of cocaine; two days ago. It was my first time and now I am having headache. What should I do ! 82kg; 5;9.

9:40 pm August 10th, 2014

My son has been exposed to cocaine and we found out that he has been exposed for quite some time now. He was hair tested in February and showed medium levels. He was tested in June, and the results showed he has low exposure. Im a very concerned mother and Im trying to figure out if he is still being exposed because I feel like the drug should have been out of his system a long time ago, never mind never. He even got his hair cut two days before being tested which I thought was odd. Anyhow, I am trying to figure some things out because he is with his Father and everyone is somehow accusing me although I was tested to prove negative and could really use your opinion on this. I know this sounds bad but it is what it is.

10:15 pm August 10th, 2014

I did about 1gram of Cocain for the first time in 7 years, im very healthy, go to the gym daily and drink lots of water, I weigh 160,and body fat is about 10 % how long will it stay in my system, I drank too when I was doing the Cocain but that was the first time drinking in years too.

7:58 pm August 13th, 2014

If I did about a quarter of a gram Friday night/saturday am and took a drug test Monday evening, will it still be in my urine? That’s about 2 and 1/2 days and my metabolism is pretty fast then on top of that I got a little sick cuz ppl in my house were sick..

8:01 pm August 13th, 2014

If I did cocaine last month and it’s been about 7 yrs that I have done it.. would it still take as long as 90 days???/

8:36 pm August 13th, 2014

My husband use powder cocaine about 15 years ago. Now he do for a hair sample for a high paying job do u think it may show up positive.

11:03 pm August 17th, 2014

Hi my friend is 31 weeks pregnant n lastnight stressed out sniffed a little of cocaine before this she has not used in months will it b out her system in 3 days

5:47 pm August 19th, 2014

Ive been doin coke everyday for about a year..2 grams or more perday ..i stopped 2 days ago coz i have a drug test when i show up to the police ..what is the fastest way to clean up and please its urgent or i will serve 5 years in jail if it shows positive

2:21 pm August 22nd, 2014

On Monday i told my boyfriend i knew he was taking cocaine since then he’s barely spoke to me n goes bed at 8pm is that a withdrawal sign??

ginger edwards
7:22 pm August 22nd, 2014

If i smoked crack cocaine, about 50 dollars worth, on thursday night and on monday have a saliva drug test will it show up on test?

1:00 pm August 23rd, 2014

If U Are Not A Drug User, But Small Trace Of Cocaine Showed In Urine Test… How Is This Possible, WHat Are Ways That It Can Get In Your Urine If You NEVER did Any Type Of Drugs. I Am Convinced They Mixed Up Urine Samples. Can Someone Please Help Cause I Dont Understand, Thanks

11:18 am August 24th, 2014

for how many days after taking cocaine would the cocaine left in the body affect the body and a pregnancy if suddenly falling pregnant?

2:34 am August 26th, 2014

i did cocaine 9days ago would it be a change im still dirty?

10:45 am August 26th, 2014

Stop being so fuckin paranoid. Dont do it at all if your going to whinge about it

2:13 pm August 26th, 2014

I’m 43, I did 2 lines of coke Saturday, All I drink is water and have bin all weekend, Monday and today, Tuesday. I’m getting urine tested today in an hour. Right now my urine is pretty clear, just a very lil tint of yellow. Will I pass the test?

4:23 pm August 26th, 2014

I did cocaine on sunday anf i have a urine test on wensday will i come out positive

9:48 pm August 27th, 2014

You might pass, I did a half gram on Saturday, was drinking too, then on Tuesday was tested and passed, and it was sent to a lab, it was federal government probation testing and I passed. Now it was the first time

3:17 am August 30th, 2014

Does cocaine stay in your system the same amount of time even if you work out?

5:44 pm August 31st, 2014

I did a 20 of crack on fri. 08/29/14 i have a drug test on ,09/05/14 , will it be out of my urine and what can i do to help me flush

7:10 am September 1st, 2014

I used crack cocaine on 8/25/2014 to 8/26/2014 haven’t touch none since will the crack be in my urine on 9/32014

7:25 am September 2nd, 2014

I was kinda worried about if a sexual partner could use coca in and then pass it into the vagina via seamen and also if I’ve used it myself one time if its going to show up on a test 3 days later !??? Thank you kaidee..

11:22 pm September 5th, 2014

It’s Friday I’m getting urine tested Tuesday what is the chance it will still be in my system

11:28 pm September 5th, 2014

My daughter and I are in a custody battle with my grand daughter, we went to court today GAL made her take hair drug test she tested positive for cocaine over 18,000 pg/mg. does this mean she uses everyday?

11:03 am September 6th, 2014

I did the stupidest thing ever on thursday! I had wine y developed really bad stomach ache and really dizzy, i threw up the wine and for the first time someone i just met suggested i take coke to feel better and i did. I didn’t feel better a was very sleepy and very cold all the time. Since i wasn’t feeling better o even awake i took like 5 small lines (snorting). It has been 24 hours since i’ve been shaking, my heart is beating so loud, so dizzy, so uncomfortable, but most of all, i am just really scared, and don’t have anybody to talk to. Are all this feelings of withdral or something?

2:58 pm September 10th, 2014

Hi Mia. The signs and symptoms indicating cocaine overdose are: profuse sweating, very fast heartbeat, chest pain or pressure (feels like someone’s sitting on your chest), shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling or shaking, tingling, blurry vision, confusion, delusions or hallucinations.

Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free over-the-phone assessment of the risk of overdose and advise on what you can do next.

7:22 pm September 10th, 2014

I did approximately one gram cocaine in about 1 hour last thursday 4th sept. I havent done any in over 6 months. I would say I have a very fast metabolism. I eat 4 times a day and drink plenty of liquids because I exercise alot. What would be a timeframe that cocaine would stay in my blod/urine?

4:24 am September 11th, 2014

How long caan cocaine stay in your bllood. Longest to shortest timeframe

10:02 am September 11th, 2014

Hi James. Blood tests can detect heroin in the body for 12 hours after use, but it can stay detectable for 48 hours (tops) in some cases.

7:37 pm September 12th, 2014

im not worried about a urine test as much as a blood test. however i am concerned about norcocaine the minor metabolite. if that shows up i cannot explain that one. the other benzoylecgonine can be explained by eating plenty of vegetables like tomatoes potatoes and berries with the combination of using fungal creams.

9:26 pm September 14th, 2014

I accidentally ingested a small trace amount of cocaine..I don’t use the drug and I am upset about it and my health. I am just wondering how long it takes to pass out of the blood. I am nursing mom and I am too afraid to nurse my baby. How long should I wait.? I weigh about 144 lbs 5’7′ height, not necessarily the best diet or exercise in my life. ?

9:29 pm September 14th, 2014

It was literally the smallest was coke dust off a table it got into my mouth because for whatever reason I picked up the wrong cup and it was in the bottom of the cup where someone had been snorting it out of a punch was the reminisce so to speak.

11:50 pm September 15th, 2014

I f*cked up sat night and snorted .5 g Sunday morning 1am-5am… Haven’t done it in over a year found out got a piss test weds at 8 am… If it looks flushed is automatic failure.. I can’t do 13 years bro!!! It’s a stick test that’ll be about 75 hrs I’m giving tripping… It’ll never happen again what’s the chances I’m hot??? Need help now o got three kids I can’t let them down

4:26 pm September 16th, 2014

I dont do heroine and I didnt ask bout heroine. I clearly stated I want to know how long cocaine and its metabolites stay in you blood.

4:37 pm September 16th, 2014

Hi, James. Sorry about the missunderstanding. So, to answer your question: Cocaine is detectable in blood starting in a few minutes after use, up to a few hours at most. Within the next 1-2 days it is detectable in blood as benzoylecgonine. Still, this is highly dependent on dosage consumed.

6:20 pm September 16th, 2014

Thank. You for the quick response. What about the minor metabolite norocaine in your system?

12:35 am September 17th, 2014

How long does crack cocaine stay in your urine for a one night use? It has been since the 5th of Sept. It has been 10 days since using.

3:20 pm September 17th, 2014

Had literally 1 line of cocaine after some alcohol . Big mistake that was midnight on Saturday ( now 1800 on wed ) would the metabolites still be present in system ? Had no alcohol since just water. 5’6 82kg

11:32 am September 18th, 2014

If ya’ll are using this shit to get high, ya’ll are fucked. Drugs Ruin lives, and if you haven’t figured that one out yet, then God bless you. But hey, now days its safe to snort your life away while your awaiting the birth of a brand new baby. And how about that job you want? Eventually the truth will expose and it can change your life forever. But relax and smoke a joint cause I know you just must hate me by now, but feels good being selfish don’t it.

10:56 pm September 18th, 2014

I’m most likely getting a urine test next month (October 10th) if I consumed a gram of cocaine this weekend ( 9/19 -9/21) what are the chances it will come up on my test?

2:56 pm September 20th, 2014

I did less than a gram of coke a week ago and one more time before that about a month ago..wat are my chances at passing a hair follicle drug test

11:00 pm September 24th, 2014

I did something on a sat nite came up postive on mon and thurs did it have time to get out of system or is that test lieing didnt do ne thing on mon tues wed or thurs

11:49 pm September 24th, 2014

Will coc show up on a ua if i havent four day and have been drinking lots of water and detox tea plz help

6:38 am September 27th, 2014

How long will a half gram show up in urine? Only did once in one night for about 5 hours.

ash davies
6:42 am September 27th, 2014

How long will a half gram be detectable in urine? FIRST TIME USING

7:27 pm September 27th, 2014

What do u need to do to get power cocaine out ur hair for hair follicle.

1:57 pm September 30th, 2014

Does drinking water help crack get out of your system faster?

9:15 pm September 30th, 2014

I occasionally snort a half gram once a month or every other month. I last did some on August 29,2014. I had a urine test today September 30. Will I pass?

4:03 pm October 1st, 2014

Why would a trace of cocaine show up on a palm swab test if you havn’t had any for a month?

4:27 pm October 7th, 2014

Can you please enlighten me about a salvia drug test ? I have heard about one that is on a stick and turns blue and gets really soggy under the tounge . I hear it is a very in-depth test for every substance . How does it work and can I purchase it ? I am concerned about someone I love very much and this saliva test is supposed to be the best . Please please answer , I need to all you can tell me about these sorts of test so I can help a loved one .

6:20 pm October 7th, 2014

well i have been clean for 11 12 months its it still possible to fail a hair drug test

3:43 am October 11th, 2014

I have a question about cocaine, i’ve never used it but have touched a small amount of crack! I got called to take a drug screen for a good job position, which was an hair sample and got a call today saying that I tested positive for cocaine….smh! How is that possible from touching crack and how long do it stay in my system before i try another test? Thanx in advance…please respond (anyone)

1:18 pm October 13th, 2014

Hi Jordan. Here is a list of substances or medical conditions that can cause a false-positive for drugs, including cocaine: So, see if any of them match your use or health condition (try pressing Ctrl+F and write “cocaine” to find results easier). Also, you can ask for another test to be done. Labs can mix up the resluts, they are only human, so it happens.

5:21 pm October 14th, 2014

I used cocaine september 27, 2014 will it still be in my urine win I go back to the dr on october 20, 2014

9:50 pm October 14th, 2014

Hi I did cocaine on the 11th of October like at 2 in the morning and I haven’t done it in years almost 2 years and I got tested today which is the 14th at 820 in the morning will I be ok?

3:24 pm October 17th, 2014

I used cocaine for the first time in 2 years about 5 days ago , I still feel like I’m high, my anxiety levels are through the roof, my eyes are still dililated and I spell for about 2 hours and that’s it , 5 days later and I still feel this . Is this normal or should I got to the hospital ?

4:19 pm October 17th, 2014

Hello Tim. I’d say it’s best to get examined by a doctor. Have someone drive you ASAP.

12:02 pm October 18th, 2014

I just did cocaine all day Friday. I don’t use on a regular basis. How long will in remain in my urine?

3:00 am October 21st, 2014

I did 1 line of cocaine Saturday morning around 4 will I be clean by Thursday at 2pm

5:38 pm October 21st, 2014

My boyfriend tested dirty for cocaine on Thursday morning. The last time he could have used was Wednesday night. He is pushing for a drug test (urine) but the judge said he won’t test clean. My boyfriend is in jail because of the failed test even though he wasn’t on probation or anything. His court appearance was decided the day before and was to put him on probation. Should he wait a couple more days since he had used for about a week or do the numbers work the same?

11:00 am October 23rd, 2014

For the past 2 months I have done 1-2 grams of coke every weekend. I am 5 7′ 130 pounds. When do you think I can come up clean on a urine drug test from a last use? Is there anything I can do to help increase the chances of coming up clean like drinking lots of water or taking something over the counter?

11:57 am October 24th, 2014

If i smoked a 10 dollar piece of crack on friday,had saliva test on tuesday,will my test come back clean?

2:56 am October 25th, 2014

If i used $20 worth on a Thursday afternoon and took a drug test wednesday night should my urine be clean,

7:12 am October 26th, 2014

I took 1 hit of Crack and that’s all how long before it leaves my system? ???

7:31 pm October 27th, 2014

I smoked crack 2 days ago and I have a blood test in 2 more days from now. Will it show up in my blood work?

12:11 am October 29th, 2014

I’m a casual cocaine user basically Friday and Saturday nights from 1 to 2 grams. How long would cocaine remain in my system for a urine drug test?

4:02 pm October 30th, 2014

I did 2small ammounts om key tipon sat.nyte wednesday at 330 had urine test. Will it show

6:30 am October 31st, 2014

I did coke one night and I was snoring it will it show in a hair test how long does it get out of your setyem

1:48 pm November 1st, 2014

I used crack for about 3 days then stopped for a few day then used it heavily for 2 days 12 days later it was positive in my urine. I had it sent off bc I thought it had to b a false positive. Was this a wise thing to do or did I just hang myself?

3:43 pm November 3rd, 2014

I did about 15units of cocaine on Friday and I haven’t did any in about 3months,so is it still in my system

9:19 am November 4th, 2014

I took coke at around 730 sat night only did 3 bumps haven’t had any since will be tested on Tuesday around 11 am by piss test should u be worried also bin going to gym sweating a lot an drinking lots of water please respond ASAP thank u

12:21 am November 6th, 2014

My boyfriend says he hasn’t done cocaine in 2 months. He went for a urine test and tested positive with traces of it in his system. If he hasn’t done it…. How else could it possibly get in his system

11:26 pm November 6th, 2014

I only did cocaine one time during the day and it was only 40 dollars worth. It was on a Thursday will it be outta my urine by the coming Monday

E King
5:41 pm November 7th, 2014

i have a question, I did coke last night and it was one hit. The amount was at the tip of the key, will it still show on a drug test?

11:49 pm November 11th, 2014

How long does cocaine stay in your saliva and sweat for? getting tested forehead back of neck and hairline will it be clean after 30 days?

6:24 am November 12th, 2014

How long is cocaine in ur blood? If I use in hail 3/4 x a week? Does it stay in ur blood or urine longer? Is there any test I can do at home to check before I have the blood test? Should I try a at home urine test? If the at home urine test is positive will that mean that the blood test will also be positive? Thank you for any help and advise u can give me!

6:11 am November 15th, 2014

I had some stronger coke on Friday the 31st of October ( 8 ball) over the day and part of the next day. Then did some that was about half the the strength of the 8 ball this past Monday the 10. Would I be good to go today??

6:15 pm November 17th, 2014

I smoked 2 rocks of Crack cocain in about a week I have a blood test checking for drugs can you tell me if that’s enough time please.

8:43 pm November 17th, 2014

I did about 3 lines of cocaine on Friday and drank alcohol. Will it be detected in my system the next Thursday?

12:58 pm November 18th, 2014

Hi Nancy. Small part of cocaine may stay in the system and be detected in blood for 48 hours after use. Cocaine stays detectable in urine much longer than in blood. Cocaine metabolites may be excreted in the urine for up to several weeks after use. You can do a home test, if it’s out of your urine it has been out of your blood for a while.

9:02 pm November 19th, 2014

i hadn’t used cocaine since high school and last Friday I used some and I drug tested Monday and it showed up on a dip stick they sent it to lab will it still show up after that many hours I snorted it and it was before 8:00 Friday thank you

7:19 pm November 21st, 2014

I snorted an right ball of cocaine Saturday, and a teener on Sunday for the first time in a year, will I be clean to pass a urine test?

6:25 pm November 22nd, 2014

I did cocaine 13 days ago and I took a urine on the 13th day I am not a chronic use I did it out of the blue will it still be in my system 13 days later system meeting will still be in my urine 13 days later

4:54 am November 27th, 2014

If you use 100.00 dollars worth of cocaine how long do it stays in your system

1:28 am December 3rd, 2014

Ok snorted about 0.3(off of scale) on 11-21-14 about 10pm I took a urine test 12-1-14 came out clean worried about lab results

1:31 am December 3rd, 2014

I apologize snorted cocaine

1:37 am December 3rd, 2014

Ok snorted about 0.3 of cocaine (off of scale) on 11-21-14 about 10pm I took a urine test 12-1-14 came out clean worried about lab results

10:20 pm December 3rd, 2014

Hi, I am trying to find someone I can ask questions to regarding my husbands usages of Cocaine. He passed away in October and the M.E. just contacted me saying he died from Cocaine. They said he had 830ml in his blood when he passed. Is there anyone you can put me in touch with that can maybe answer a few questions.
Thank you.

11:55 am December 4th, 2014

Hi Janet. Check in with a toxicologist or coroner for an expert medical opinion about levels of cocaine in the system; it can help in trying to find answers about a possible overdose to have the facts directly.

3:42 am December 6th, 2014

Yesterday, thurs I did a dime, today fri I did a twenty. I haven’t used in a long time. I have a urine test this thurs at 1pm, do u think it will come back clean?

8:31 am December 6th, 2014

how long will smoked crack cocaine show up in a blood test after the blood has been taken. use used once or twice a month and sometimes went as long as 2 months without use at all. its been over six months since blood test have been taken and now they say maybe another three months before toxixolgy test results are in? thank you so very much.

7:03 pm December 11th, 2014

Went on a binge on Tue night till Wed night smoking cocaine..Have a Drug Test..(not lab) non Sunday..Have been flushing my system..What are my chances

1:29 am December 13th, 2014

Hello there ! I’ve done about 1 line of cocaine on Friday and had urine test week later ! If I passed regular test will I pass lab test ?

6:41 pm December 13th, 2014

I have a question. i did about .5 or .7 of coke and it was throughout 12 hrs than i stopped but i drank lots of water during and after. i have cystic fibrosis and i weigh like 130 and im 5ft 9 how long would it take to leave my urine? it was just last night that i did this. im seeing alot of people say 1-2 days im not a cronic or heavy user i just did a one time thing

11:27 pm December 13th, 2014

I did about a gram of cocaine Saturday night and took pist test Thursday at 11’30 will it show up

2:20 am December 15th, 2014

I am Male, 6’1 165 lb’s..
Saturday night I used cocaine for the first time, technically Sunday morning because it was 1AM, it was a very small dose. I was drinking at a bar (2-3 Drinks, not drunk) and a friend offered me some. Right after I did it, I forgot and I realized I have drug test scheduled on Monday.. Will I come up positive for cocaine?

7:08 am December 15th, 2014

I snorted last Sunday would it be out by dec .15

4:46 pm December 16th, 2014

Hello Jay. As with other drugs, there is no exact window of detection for cocaine in urine. A gram might stay detectable for about 2-4 days. I’d say you are safe.

7:48 pm December 16th, 2014

I did one line on Nov 19. Then I waited 12 days and cut my hair now I have a hair test the first of the new year will I be ok

12:33 am December 17th, 2014

I smoke cocaine half of gram three weeks ago. Before that I was clean since october.. Tomorrow I have to take a hair follicle drug test, will the half gram show up on test??

2:54 am December 18th, 2014

i take a salvia twice a month, and iv gotten high off of dope and crack the day before and still passed, the best thing about snorting lines or smoking rock is that antibiotics will show up as a false positive for cock and amphetamines. so just tell them your on some sort of antibiotic and make sure you tell them a real one and you will get away with it, iv done this for over 2 years and never had a problem. But when it comes to a piss test it might be hard to do, but the best way to get drug tested is a blood test…this may sound dumb but any kind of drug will only stay in your blood for the 3 or 5 hours at the most. (this might sound crazy but its true i know from experience) i even went to court to have the judge change me to blood tests and he had no problem with it because it he thought it more accuracy then any other test.

12:15 pm December 18th, 2014

I went on a heavy binge of coke like 6 weeks ago, was clean until 4 days ago but I only hit 2 tiny bumps of some not good stuff, should I be good? Been taking cranberry pills an chugging water like a mother

5:56 pm December 24th, 2014

I have a blood test on the 23rd jan 2015 and have been using small amounts off cocain too date, will the cocaine be out my system bye the 23rd if i stop using now?

4:40 am December 27th, 2014

If a person is doing cocaine for a almost a year, then how long the cocaine stays in the blood of that person. Please reply asap. thanks

jose j
9:46 am December 29th, 2014

i did crack cocaine on wed to mon morning how long will it take to clear up

5:49 pm December 29th, 2014

Even Tho You Are Not The One Who Does Cocaine Can Making Out With A Guy WhO Puts Coke In His Mouth Affect The Baby At All? What Are The Chances?

12:06 am December 31st, 2014

Hello. I have to take a drug on monday but i had like 4 dumps yesterday. I wanted to know do you think it will be in my urine and\or blood.

2:19 pm December 31st, 2014

Hi i did a stupid 2 lines last sunday i may have a drug test on monday so eight days in between i have been eating clean and drinking lots of fluids water and non caffiene drinks will i be ok ??

6:57 pm December 31st, 2014

i smoked 2 dimes of crack on tuesday and have to take a urine on friday , will i be alright considering i only smoked 2 small dimes.

9:12 pm January 2nd, 2015

dnt tk it jst once nt at oll save life its evil 🙁

7:31 am January 3rd, 2015

I did 3 or 4 lines two weeks ago. And then one line 2 days ago these were the only times I have done this. But I had huge amounts of alcohol these 2 times. I am wondering how long it will take to get out my system. (6ft2 male bit overweight)

1:48 pm January 3rd, 2015

Who on earth would plan to use crack like one person did in July? That’s a planned relapse. It makes zero sense.

12:54 am January 4th, 2015

Why would you take that chance and do it anyway? The cocaine will be out of your system by that monday, but it still may show up in your hair. Don’t do that anymore, its not worth losing.

10:57 pm January 5th, 2015

I smoked crack last Friday and I have drug test this Wendsday. I have drank a gallon of water every day. Will It be out of my system

12:56 am January 6th, 2015

While drinking with some old friends they started doing some cocaine. Since I wanted to fit inn I did like 3-5 lines. This was on Dec 27- tomorrow Jan 6 I’ll be getting Urine Tested. Would it show up on my urine???

3:43 am January 6th, 2015

Does Cocaine show up in an ETG test after 1 Month?

3:18 am January 8th, 2015

Hi: If I took cocaine a 20$ bag on December 31@11pm and have a urine test on January 8@4pm would I be clean and pass it and em 29 years ago and 185 pound

6:18 am January 8th, 2015

I did crack on new year day like 2gm and I need to go to c my po on Thursday will it come out in my urine if I tested in my urine

pretty girl
9:05 pm January 8th, 2015

okay I snorted a line of cocaine 2 and a half weeks ago today I have to do a hair follicle 1-8-15 will it show up in test?i don’t do coacaine ever

9:38 pm January 8th, 2015

yeah umm so I been clean for two tears now

3:45 am January 9th, 2015


5:46 pm January 11th, 2015

How long dose it really last in your blood stream?

5:23 pm January 12th, 2015

ok Im asking if cocaine stay in ur system for a long time, I only do it one day a weekend, not other time, but I will have a blood test or urine test , nexst thurday, with it come out positive, please get back to me soon, thank u.

5:44 pm January 12th, 2015

Hi this lou i used crack cocian on las wed on 7th of jan and i havent used a week before tht and i gotta urine test today at 2 OCLOCK in after noon, should b ok

10:06 pm January 12th, 2015

How long can the coke show in a test that is sent a lab if u smoke like a gram or a gram and half.

10:32 am January 14th, 2015

i use cocaine twice a week 4 small lines,i want to know am i addict to this drugs or not?
also i get anxiety afeter useing every time.

tks fr yr reply

6:59 am January 20th, 2015

I did a small line 2 weeks ago have hair test in 2 weeks will it. Show up?

louise hinton
11:34 pm January 20th, 2015

i have a problem I’m an addict help me 🙁

10:50 pm January 21st, 2015

I done coke Friday had a blood test today (wed) will I pass ????? It’s for dvla for liscene back

8:11 am January 22nd, 2015

I haven’t smoked crack in 2years I took 4 hits Tuesday if I have a urine Thursday will I pass

8:37 am January 24th, 2015

How long does meth stay in your system for a blood test?

2:19 pm January 25th, 2015

how long does your cocain stay in your system for I’ve been taking cocain for 18 years I stop on the 30th December I going to turning point for help I took it last night I only bought £20 bag but I’ve got a test coming up and I want to no how long it stays in my wee or blood for

12:09 am January 31st, 2015

Hi I had 3 lines off cocaine and have a urine test in 7 days will it be detected? I use it proberly 2 times a month? Wat is best way to clear it if possible?

1:58 am January 31st, 2015

My parents have been cocaine users for over 30 years and they were reported to family services because my baby sister. They binge 4-5 days a week, and are up until the early mornings when they do it. They’ve known for 5 days now and I’m sure they are cleaning up. Do u think that when DCFS comes for a drug test in 1-3 days it will show? I’m assume it’ll be an UA.

2:24 am January 31st, 2015

I used about a gram of cocaine last night through IV, what are my chances of passing a urine test Monday?

worried person
9:31 am January 31st, 2015

5′ about 125#
I have done small key bumps (less than a gram) last week making Wednesday the last time I’ve done it, with no alcohol. Last time I had blow was November 14′ and not an every week user BTW. Anyway I drank the purple royal flush drink Friday thinking I had a random but didn’t. I have been drinking water and today (Friday 1-30-15) I had the drug test. Should I be worried bout the call back saying my test is positive?

6:29 am February 2nd, 2015

lately i have done entirely too much cocaine and its hurting my body. I had my appendix and my gull bladder removed as a result to much use. I need help please

6:42 am February 4th, 2015

I did a gram of coke on Sunday January 1 2015. I snorted it. Tuesday came along and I had a urine test. Now before Sunday Ihad already started flushing with water, cranberry juice and I ate some oranges. Should I be concerned

9:32 am February 4th, 2015

If I use coke on Saturday how long dos it stay in the blood

7:07 pm February 7th, 2015

How long does cocaine stay in your blood?????????

9:05 pm February 9th, 2015

I snorted three key bumbs of cocaine on February the six 2015.i am not a chronic user.its was the first time years.will i pass a urine test and maybe a hair test.on feb 10th our on a later date

9:22 am February 11th, 2015

i used crack on Saturday and have to take a drug test on Wednesday will i be ok

7:04 am February 16th, 2015

Should i be worried? I smoked ten dollars worth of crack on Friday have urine test on Monday or Tuesday. What do you think?

10:41 am February 17th, 2015

How does cocaine effect the stomach and digestive system

10:45 am February 17th, 2015

I have used cocaine heavily for about a year I have a hole in my nose how can I treat it till I see a doctor

7:55 pm February 17th, 2015

I did about 100 pounds worth of coke yesterday and thats pretty much every weekend wen I go out friends would that be out my system in 4 days?

7:50 am February 18th, 2015

I am 20 years old and use cocaine on a daily basis. I spend around $50 a day or so.
I have a drug test coming up thursday. By when will I be clean?

11:56 pm February 20th, 2015

I did some lines yesterday and now a job wants to drug test us in two days !… there gonna swab our saliva. Will it be detected or not? How sure are you?

2:39 pm February 21st, 2015

I jst smoked cocain about 5 hours early and in 10 day to come ill be tested for drugs will it the results come negative or positive?please help

no name
5:33 am February 23rd, 2015

Did like 5 lines of coke but have not done it in 4 yrs have to do a blood test. how long does coke stay in your blood. Pls respond to me asp

6:42 am February 23rd, 2015

I never used drugs I’m 13 weeks pregnant and found out from my doctor that I’m positive for cocaine it was past from my boyfriend to me I’m scared never knew he was doing this How can I get it out my system

4:27 pm February 27th, 2015

Hello Tabby. For now you can only stay well hydrated and eat healthy. Cocaine is metabolized and excreted by our organism, and there is nothing you can do to quickly eliminate it. Stay calm and continue to be healthy for your own, and your baby’s sake. I’ sending you my sincere congratulations to being pregnant!

4:58 am February 25th, 2015


jay love
5:46 am February 25th, 2015

My girlfriend is 7 months pregnant she admitted to me she did crack cocaine once.but she showed me signs of doing it more than once.i talk to the dr but no trace came up at concern about my baby girl she is due April 17 2015.i try to get her help she fuss about it and holla she don’t need help . What else can I do to help her.

4:21 pm February 25th, 2015

My husband admitted to me he used cocaine one night we became intimate . Now I have a drug test I have to take for a new job I was hired for . I never used it myself in my whole like .will this affect my testing .this was 12 days ago .. I am so upset !!Please let me know

11:05 pm February 25th, 2015

Recently found out our 19 yr old son is doing cocaine..he has a highly addictive personality.he’s under treatment for bipolar disorder.any suggestions on can we help him??

11:05 pm February 25th, 2015

Hi I’m on methedom and I need to do a drug test I done coke sat evening about a gram it’s wednesday evening now and I shoots it up will I pee clean yes or no ??

Susan Flint
6:43 pm February 26th, 2015

how Long can crack that was smoked show up in bloodwork, if it was smoke rather heavily?

No name
5:07 am February 27th, 2015

Please help me understand this, I know using cocaine and alcohol makes benzoylecgonine stay in your system longer but what if you drink a couple days after without using cocaine? Does that still effect it to stay in your system longer or is it only when the two are mixed? Thanks in advance

6:01 am March 2nd, 2015

Ok, I understand the whole 90day detection but my question is does it show up in new hair if it was grown after the Coke has completely left your system?

7:45 am March 2nd, 2015

Today is march the 2nd. Last time I snorted some was about 8 days ago. Before that every weekend for the last year or so. Never a problem, until recently a new policy at my workplace is demanding that everyone is tested. The method is urine. I know I know, I should quit, and I’m willing to, I don’t want to loose my job over this. So, how can I test negative? Is it too late?

8:44 pm March 2nd, 2015

Hi with this new laws comeing in with drug drivers if you have coke on a fri night does that mean you ar wide opern next day or for weeks latter till its out your body ???? If so ar roads be empty . Wot is the law saying.

5:27 pm March 3rd, 2015

I snorted one pretty small line of coke on Saturday @ about 11pm. I went for routine blood tests on Tuesday @ 8:30am. Will this show up in the bloods?

2:02 am March 4th, 2015

i smoked crack 60 hours it was a one time use and about .4 gram before a drug screen and have been drinking water none stop any chance i will pass

5:43 am March 4th, 2015

I did two 20’s on Saturday and have a urine test on Friday will I be clean ?

7:18 pm March 11th, 2015

I have to take a hair follicles test in a couple of weeks I did a line or 2 in the beginning of the year and have not used anything else in many years will it come up on the test or is it a good chance that it might not show

8:01 am March 13th, 2015

I heard this from a navy seals man …and he said you could do whatever drug you want ….
Now listen to pass 100% of the time. ..

Make sure you have to pee alot the second your about to finish because you do feel when your about to finish ..put the rest in the cup ..
Your welcome “!
It helped for me an inew iwas dirty for marijuana and that’s cause it stays longer in your system

John smith
8:40 am March 13th, 2015

If I have one line of cocaine and have a urine test in a week will I pass?

11:22 pm March 14th, 2015

How long will cocaine take if I’m taking water pills?

2:40 am March 16th, 2015

I snorted half gram on Saturday got a test in 10 days wil I be clean it is a urine rest??

4:05 am March 16th, 2015

cam a hair test determine how long ago a person last used cocaine ?

4:10 am March 16th, 2015

i have a chinese ameriican patient, Is E metabolized more sllowly in asians than in whites ?

2:50 am March 18th, 2015

if I smoke a half gram of crack and not a everyday user and had a drug test in 80 hours after I smoke it will I past

5:40 pm March 19th, 2015

I did coke this weekend the latest was Sunday I have a lab urine test tomorrow will I be okay

5:44 pm March 19th, 2015

I did coke last on Sunday and didnt do that one maybe a gram all weekend I have a lab urine test tomorrow will I be okay to do it

Dr Vllayanur
2:43 am March 20th, 2015

Can the urine test be faked? can the hair-follicle test be passed by consumption of certain agents or special shampoos designed to fool the test ?
Can the hair test reveal approximately HOW LONG AGO the last cocaine use was ? Eg weeks versus months ?

Dr Vllayanur
2:45 am March 20th, 2015

thanks Terry thats very useful to know

Dr Vllayanur
2:46 am March 20th, 2015

Terry you are referring to a urine test or hair test ?

10:48 am March 21st, 2015

If i did an 8ball of cocaine how long will it get out of my system. I dont do it everyday

2:51 pm March 23rd, 2015

Hello Jordan. Cocaine generally stays in your system for about 2-4 days. It can be detected for a longer period of time depending on the type of test, but if you are an infrequent user you might be able to slide by.

5:09 pm March 27th, 2015

If you did powder for one day how long will it stay up your system and will it show in a urine test

1:39 am March 28th, 2015

I snorted cocain tuesday and i have a drug test on monday is that enough time for the cocain to be out if my system and if i. Start detoxing my body today with juat water and cranberry juice will that detox me fast enough to pass the drug test ccan u please let me know thanks

5:05 am March 29th, 2015

I had 3 lines of cocaine 7 days before i had to take a saliva test. I don’t ever do it…kinda spontaneous that day..Will i be okay? Thank You

11:59 am March 30th, 2015

Hi nervous. Cocaine cannot show up on a saliva drug test after a week has passed since your last use. I truly believe you are in the clear.

2:02 am April 2nd, 2015

I used this morning at about 11:30, I only did a small line or more like a bump of cocaine. Tomorrow I have my first intake at a drug and alcohol counselor. Will they even UA me? I was told it was just a list of questions. Will I be clean? I’m drinking tons of water.

11:29 am April 6th, 2015

I fell bad, on medicare A & D, no part B because ex husband won’t sign Social Security papers to get me my part me I’ve tried 3 times and with an attorney and with his attorney and I can’t get him to sign the papersmy name dealio is I snorted some cocaine not very much not more than a half a gram 2 days ago and I’m afraid to go to the hospital and get checked out I have metal in my neck and I mentally and physically disabled with no Part B I can’t move my head I’m in extreme pain but I don’t want to get busted for the cocaine I take all my psych meds and everything else as I shouldhowever this cocaine thing hasn’t happened for over two years it was just the party nighttoo afraid to go get a urinalysis at the hospital cuz I have Part A and I can’t see your regular doctor thanks to President Obama. I have a crush disc herniated disc in mint toll in my neck I’m in so much pain and its 2 o’clock in the morning and I don’t know what to do I’m all alone and I have no friends and just went through a hairy divorce and moved my old house by myself it hurts so bad mentally and physically

5:01 am April 7th, 2015

I did about two 20’s this morning and have to test tonight before 9pm. Can it be detected if I dilute my urine with alot of water??

4:46 am April 8th, 2015

I did one small line on a Tuesday will it show up on a urine drug screen the coming Monday?

2:20 pm April 8th, 2015

Im beginnin to get very bad headaches and dizziness. I want to go to the doctor, but im worried he wont treat me if he finds cocaine in my system i tried it approximately 36 hours ago and im not a chronic user. Ive only done it once or twice but my first time was a couple days before that as well. Will it show up in a blood or urine test?

7:04 pm April 9th, 2015

Hi there aye have been snorting coke every other day for year aye have a blood and urine test on Tuesday will nothing to then do think if aye flush myself wot u think will aye pass

2:04 pm April 10th, 2015

I snorted half a gram on Saturday night April 4th while drinking alcohol. I just took a home drug test today, Friday April 10th and it tested positive for cocaine. How is this possible?

3:38 pm April 10th, 2015

I did a few lines today and yesterday its been a couble of weeks since i used last…i have a urine test in 5days….do you think i will pass? And is there anything to help clean the system you suggest

for my brother
10:38 am April 11th, 2015

My brother did cocaine at 2am 4/11 will it still be in his system 4/13 if he drinks lots of water and goes to a spa

7:26 pm April 12th, 2015

Hello my friend is 6.5 months pregnant and just stopped will cocaine be in her baby’s system when born July 1st

7:37 am April 16th, 2015

If u do cocaine for 2weeks how long would it be in ur system

6:06 pm April 16th, 2015

I used some white on Sunday and they took my urine drug test on Wednesday.I drank lots of water in between .What are my chances of coming out positive? thanks in advance

10:17 pm April 16th, 2015

I have a history of crack cocaine use ,last time I used was about 7-8 weeks ,I have been going to NA -AA meetings. now I hav been offered a job which took a fingernail , drug screening ,very nervous that it will be positive . can you give more insight on my situation ?

5:53 am April 18th, 2015

I did about .5 of coke 5 weeks ago, but I rarely ever use. I’ve gotta do a hair folical test tomorrow. So. Scale 1-10, how fucked am I?

4:27 pm April 20th, 2015

Hi Steele. Cocaine stays in hair for 90 days after use. You may slide by if you had cut your hair since then and removed the cocaine residue from your hair. If not, it will most probably be detected.

Hurry Please????
5:02 am April 20th, 2015

I use cocaine every Friday night but no other times, I have a urine test Monday at 1 please tell me if I will be clean, I’m around 100 lbs, but I had surgery about a month ago and still on pain meds, will that cover the cocaine? Please I need a response like an hour ago, I am very worried, this test is for the government, and I’m scared they will arrest me if I fail.

5:22 pm April 20th, 2015

I did cocaine for like two days maybe a gram how kong do u think it will b in my system…will it b out in 4 days???

8:04 pm April 21st, 2015

Sunday I did a line of coke and one hit of meth today is Tue and I drunk a cup of pickle juice and a top of bleach what are my chances of passing a urine test

8:03 pm April 24th, 2015

Im 5ft n about 115lbs i use crack cocaine about once a week.i have a drug test/urine coming up on Wednesday.if i use friday will i pass on Wednesday

7:28 pm April 27th, 2015

Can cocaine get in my system through oral sex?

Justin B
7:35 pm April 28th, 2015

Hello, I have taken cocaine every Friday for the last 4 Fridays. We share with friends (4 of us) around a 80 dollars worth I do about 6 good sized lines a night but do not touch it afterwords like sat or Sunday… I was wondering how long it would stay in my system for a normal drugtest at a hiring place (pee test) also for a note I am very active at work I walk about 3-6 miles every day at work.

4:15 am April 29th, 2015

How long can cocaine stay in my system .

8:10 pm May 4th, 2015

I drank coca tea while in the Andes of Peru to prevent altitude sickness. I drank it daily and chewed leaves over the course of two weeks. Would drink coca tea and leaves cause a positive cocaine test? Would it be eliminated from within the same timelines as given for cocaine?

9:47 pm May 4th, 2015

i am a slender female standing 5’11 and 150 lbs. I had a few lines on Saturday may 2nd and have a urinalysis drug test may 11th for a new job. I do not do this regularly but also had a few lines april 19th. Do you think I will be okay or should I buy some sort of detox drink? I also go to the gym and sat in the sauna today and plan to the next few days as well.

12:12 pm May 5th, 2015

Hi I would like to find out if I take someone for drug test every months will it show if the used it in the month.

12:16 am May 8th, 2015

If I do coke today Thur.may,7th
And I do a pee test on Tuesday will I come out positive ???

6:24 pm May 8th, 2015

I have done some coke in the past week (between 0.5-1.3 grams a day) but also have been sharing my dosage. Went on a 4 day binge I guess you could call it, but haven’t done any in the past 3 days. How long would the cocaine stay in my pee and blood? I have a drug test coming up probably by next week for a job that’s a huge opportunity that I can’t miss on. Thanks for the reply in advance

11:53 am May 9th, 2015

I just found out i was pregnant and did a lil bit of cocaine about .30 grams on Saturday morning and have a suboxone appt monday at 11 am this was my first time doing it in 3weeks .I only dis it to stay up for work now im worried i will be dirty.Now that i know im pregnant i will not do it anymore. I was wondering if i used my friends urine who isn’t pregnant will they know by the test ?

5:43 am May 12th, 2015

Hello im 185 pounds 5’10 i snorted 10 grams and gram month later i havent done none since then in two weeks i have hair test will i fail?

9:54 am May 13th, 2015

I just used crack just tonite I smoked it how long we’ll it stay 2 pieces

9:20 pm May 13th, 2015

Here it goes i am having a child custody court hearing and my ex have said that i use coke and cannabis I stopped using cannabis at least 2 month ago but i had some lines last sat. is most likely they will request a drug test within a month.
now as I understand the hair takes 1 week to grow from the moment you take something. and 1 month to grow 1 cm.
If i shave my whole body one week after taken something and let it grow for a whole month. and also cut my hair below 1 cm can i get away with it?

4:58 am May 18th, 2015

i have 13 weeks left and I will give birth to a baby I’m so scared last night I relapsed. So disappointed at my self I reacted from my feelings due to my son father is cheating on me. After being clean for a whole year now I screwed up and I’m scared that the baby will come out withdrawal and be taken from me. Can anyone please help what can I do

6:33 am May 19th, 2015

I snorted a half a gram of cocaine through out the day Saturday and I have a drug test tomorrow witch is Tuesday can you tell me if I will pass out fail??

1:41 am May 23rd, 2015

Ive taken cociane for abot 2 years every weekend. between 2-4 gs and its strong stuff n was wondering how long wud it take to be completely out my system?

4:34 pm May 25th, 2015

Hi, I did 2 grams of Cocaine 4 days ago. It wasn’t even good Cocaine and I did a self test as soon as I woke up this morning and it is saying positive. I have a drug test tomorrow. Will I pass?

4:26 pm May 27th, 2015

I I’ve been a everday 1gram user for do I quit, what is involved. ..any tips ?

10:11 pm May 27th, 2015

I snorted cocaine about 180 days ago. Roughly six months ago. Will it be detected in a urine test?

9:46 pm May 28th, 2015

I did a drug test for a government job and when i received my test results it showed that i had a trace of cocaine / benzo. How is that possible? ?

4:35 pm June 5th, 2015

Hi Vale. Here is a list of all medications and substances that can cause a false positive for other drugs/meds on a drug test:

11:11 pm May 30th, 2015

how long does cocaine stay in your hair for a hair follicle test I have a hair follicle test in 30 days I’m a hundred and eighty five pounds 5 foot 11 well I pass

1:13 pm May 31st, 2015

I just snorted a lot of coke tonight. The wife and I want to make a baby. How long should I wait before I actually try? What impact would it have if i knock her up 3-4 days after doing it?

8:07 pm June 1st, 2015

I did cocaine thursday and saturday about a 20 each day i ll have a u. test on tuesday morning. Will i be good?thanks

6:42 pm June 2nd, 2015

If i used about $50 of cocaine on Saturday, and take a drug test today (tuesday), do you think i would be able to pass? I need to know asap! Ive been drinking water sunday,monday,and tuesday!

11:30 pm June 3rd, 2015

Hi I did about 4 to 5 lines last Saturday but I don’t do it all the time….can your skin feel itchy from it cause my body feels itchy all over and I’m never doing it again

12:49 pm June 4th, 2015

Does anyone know if cocaine will come up in a test well after 72 hrs. If u have ur period? Im thinking it staied in my system filterd out with my period? Idk but I tested positive after like 10 days of an iv use…a one time use….Does anyone know that can shine some light for me?

6:39 pm June 5th, 2015

I snorted half a gram of cocaine yesterday 6/4/15 how long will it stay in my system , I have a urine drug test 6/14/15. – Im 249 , 5/6.

11:23 pm June 9th, 2015

Can certain hair detox shampoo get rid of Cocaine toxins in the hair

11:33 am June 10th, 2015

Hi Suzi. I was able to find such shampoos on the internet. One was called Test Pass Detox Shampoo, and promises to mask the residue of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. However, I cannot recommend this product with certainty, since I have no knowledge whether it really works or if it’s a scam. Otherwise, hair dyes, bleaches and chemical treatments may affect drug test results.

5:51 pm June 10th, 2015

How long does crack stay in your system

8:29 pm June 14th, 2015

Hi will I test positive for cocaine In a hair test 2wks after just one hit of crack on a pipe. Test is in under 2days time.

4:53 pm June 15th, 2015

My fiancé is name John, he has been an coke user going on ten to twelve years as long as we have known each other. I had recently found after that he is using again and has been sent in a downward swirl since. He has his adoptive mom trying everything that she feels right in her power to help him, how she sees fit. By giving him tough love, boundaries and suggestion to help.
Which he had finally took her advice and emitted himself into an mental program Saturday night in order for him to come down on his high he was.
Now here comes the tough part for me I have a seven year old daughter that he loves and she loves him as if John is her real dad. I do not want my child around him at that stage of their life. I told him he needs to first go get clean for himself and then for us if he wanted to be part of this family. He told me that that’s why he emitted himself in the first place cause he didn’t want to lose us or live that double life any more.
Though after only one night and two days in this place they are saying they have no choice but to release him, which I am confused, cause that doesn’t seem long enough for someone like him to get the help he truly needs. I don’t want my fiancé out on the streets or in a homeless shelter, cause I know he’ll turn right back to his drug of choice and this time I know there won’t be any want for me to reach him again. We live in Jacksonville Fl and I am running out of solution to help him and give to him. Can someone please help me?

no name
8:09 am June 17th, 2015

I did about 1gram three days ago all In one hour and have done no more also I haven’t touched it in over two mo before this I’m about 5’6 and 150 pounds I’ve been flushing for three days with water and cranberry juice I’m worried I may get a drug test any day and come up positive for cocaine. Tomorrow will make four days if I make it past to marrow without getting tested do you think I’m safe? If not when would you guess I’d be safe to assume I’d be clear.

4:05 pm June 17th, 2015

If Cocaine has not been used for a month and hair is cut about an inch off can Cocaine still be detected

7:59 am June 18th, 2015

I’ve done 3 balls (3.5 grams is in 1ball) of cocaine,snorting it within 1week. Last I had was 4am Saturday morning. My urine test is on Friday. How long will that anount be out of urine? Have not used at all until now. Thank you for all your help!

5:07 pm June 20th, 2015

If my girlfriend used a gram of cocaine Thursday will she pass her test on Monday at 4 pm

4:20 pm June 21st, 2015

I have been snorting 1/2 to 1 gram a day for several weeks. Possible purity of the coke around 70 percent. How long will it stay in my urine if I have a drug test ? Is this chronic usage.

6:18 pm June 23rd, 2015

hi my name is not a big cocain user at all but this past fri i was at a bachelor party and i did about 2grams of coke.the problem is i am on methadone for oxy pills & I get drug tested every thursday.will the cocain still be in my urine. thank you very much for taking the time to read &hopefully respond to me

1:35 am June 26th, 2015

I have never done any type of cocaine in my life! My husband has an addiction but, we have done nothing for almost 90 days. I took a hair strain test and they say it is positive for cocaine. How is that possible?

4:53 am June 26th, 2015

if took a hit of coke resin wensday and tested thursday would i be clean

5:14 pm June 26th, 2015

I snorted 2-3 small lines of cocaine 10 days ago, and I am scheduled to go have a hair follicle test done today. What is the likeliness of passing the test or it showing up at all? I am not a frequent user and the last time I touched it was 6 months ago or more. I have heard it all depends on the amount you do and how often you do the drug, is there any truth to that?

10:37 pm June 29th, 2015

I have a urine test coming up in 7 days…i did about $40 worth of crack last night. Do u think I will pass the drug test?…Give u a little history of my past,,,I use crack like 2-4 times a week…like $20 worth at a time. Im 5’9 l60lbs… u think I have a chance in passing the test?

8:10 am July 2nd, 2015

I snorted 3 lines 10 days ago and I jus took a piss test will I pass it

8:11 am July 2nd, 2015

I snorted 3 lines 10 days ago n took a piss test will I pass it

6:09 pm July 4th, 2015

If a breast feeding mother were to pump off for a couple of days . then do some cocaine and use the already pumped milk for a couple of days, How long would it take for it to be safe to feed her child again from the breast?

2:49 am July 6th, 2015

I took 2 small key bumps what’s the average time it will be out of my urine

9:52 pm July 6th, 2015

Is i t possible if cocaine can get out of my system in 54 hours I don’t use often an only did 10$ worth

Curtis C
5:30 pm July 8th, 2015

It’s been 7 days and I still have it in my system

2:13 am July 11th, 2015

I did coke last night there 10th n have to drop on the 27th of July..i weigh exactly 265 should i be ok to pass my urine test

3:35 am July 11th, 2015

Hi please can you help me. I have been clean for 4 months. And had a hair stran test, and it still showing trace of crack. Y is that please?

6:13 pm July 14th, 2015

Hello Alicia. Hair drug tests can show traces of drugs for up to 90 days since cessation of use, and even longer.

5:25 pm July 11th, 2015

I smoked .3 of a gram two nights this wrek and will have s urine test 136 hours after my last use. What r the chances it will show in my urine?

8:31 pm July 13th, 2015

I used cocaine this weekend. Havent used in a few yrs. I have surgery the 23 and i have pre op fri which im sure includes blood urine testing —plz tell me the chances of it showing and the fastest way to clean my system–its a hip replacement. So i cant be really active. I swim alot. Snorted about eight small lines

2:19 am July 15th, 2015

A small snort of coke less than 1/2 of line can it be detected in a urine test 31/2 days later?

7:16 am July 16th, 2015

How long would cocaine stay in breast milk for a first time user only doing one line? As in when would it be safe to feed from the breast again?

5:36 am July 17th, 2015

I have used coke on and off for the last month so like probably like 7-10 lines in the lad 30 days Im 6’1 155 pounds very high matabolism and on my feet all day at work and sweating I have a 5 panel uriNE test Monday morning and have not used since very late wenesday night will I pass

1:13 pm July 17th, 2015

People… A lot of your questions can be answered if you read above…I’m assuming your not getting answers because of that fact… 🙂

P.S- Im high right now lol

5:41 am July 20th, 2015

I did one key bump Saturday while at a party and have a possible urine test Thursday. Im 6’5 and 150lbs with a verry high metabolism. I havnt done Cocaine in about 6 months before Saturday which was last night

10:07 pm July 22nd, 2015

I snorted coke almost three months ago I have a hair test but I cut my hair every week will it still show

6:30 am July 26th, 2015

I think I have a coke problem and need help I have a very good job and a family can any 1 help to kick this habit. I take on average 3 gram a week so need to stop but I can’t seem to say no

3:18 pm July 29th, 2015

If I had taken cocaine on Friday eveving into the early hours of Saturday mornin, when will it be out of my system?

5:29 pm July 29th, 2015

Can cocaine be detected in blood on drug test after 14days from using? Please reply asap. Thx

2:50 am July 30th, 2015

Hi, how do you test positive for cocaine via hair follicle testing if you don’t use it?

12:55 am July 31st, 2015

I’ve been clean from crack coaine almost a yr why is my hair still testing positive??please help i have a cps case goin and trying to convience them I HAVE NOT USED

5:54 am July 31st, 2015

If ur all worried about ur tests. Take co-codamol or codeine with u too the test. Tell them u have been taking them for a couple of day due to headaches or back pain. U will be alright as there’s traces of cocain in both these drugs. Problem solved?

8:39 am July 31st, 2015

I am ashamed to admit it but I had a relapse after 5 years of being clean. I’m a chronic pain patient with severe pain and I thought just smoking it would help me but it just comounded it.i smoked about a half a gram.on the 30th and I have a urine test on the 5th. Do you think that I might pass it? I weigh 280.

9:01 am July 31st, 2015

I have been clean for 5 years. I am a chronic pain patient and I smoked it thinking it would help me but it didn’t. I smoked a half a gram. I have a urine test on the 5th and I smoked the half on the 31st do you think I might pass my urine test.
on the 5th.

I smoked a half a gram.on the 30th and I have to take a urine on the 5th. Do you think that I might pass? It has been 5 years since I did any. Do you think that I might pass.

10:25 pm July 31st, 2015

I snorted cocaine this past Saturday while at a club party,if I where to take a urine test will it come out l?thank you in advance….

6:02 am August 1st, 2015

I used about 3 dime bags of cocaine on Sunday by iv use & I was urine tested on that Friday. It’s been 5 days, will my results be negative?

10:32 am August 2nd, 2015

Ok here is my question…

I did 4 20’s of cocaine my height is 6’1″ weight is 200 lbs and my daily activities make me sweat but not as much as exercise, also im very sexual active so i wanted to know how long would those 4 20’s will be in my urine?

8:17 pm August 3rd, 2015

I took about 5 lines of cocain lastnight I never normaly do this and I’m worried as I have an offshore medical in 3 weeks.will it be out of my system by then.will there be any kind of trace left over

9:04 am August 4th, 2015

So say if i only snorted i little bit amount of the tip of a key for both sides of my nose and only one time and i did on a sunday will it detect on a drug test that i have for tuesday

2:06 am August 5th, 2015

If you are in your period the last time I used was 6 days ago and if I take a ua will it come out

how can u get it out of your body?
8:21 pm August 6th, 2015

How can u get it out of your body?

11:36 am August 13th, 2015

My lad just admitted spending 600pounds on coke in a weekend,he done a test the day before and passed, how can I help him get off this

4:25 pm August 14th, 2015

If I snorted a line of cocaine on Friday night at midnight and started flushing my body with water from Saturday through to Monday and then provided a urine test on Monday would the results come up clean?

6:08 am August 18th, 2015

I did like 10 lines of cocain when I went to Vegas about a month ago it was my 1st time doing it …I have a DOT drug test in 1 month would it appear?

No name
1:57 pm August 23rd, 2015

Took a gram of coke Saturday night and have a urine test the following Friday will I pass. What can I do to flush my system Out so I pass my test

2:46 pm August 23rd, 2015

Hello i took a line of cocaine friday night,will i past a urine test on monday?please answer before tomorrow

6:32 pm August 23rd, 2015

I did cocaine for 2 weeks my urine test was negative. Should the hair came out negative to I only use a fingernail daily for 2 weeks please reply. Thanks

11:28 pm August 23rd, 2015

I did one line of coke bout 3-4 weeks ago I passed a urine long does it show positive can I pass a hair follicle test

Oh shit
1:22 am August 25th, 2015

Oh shit. I used cocaine and method for about 5 days and now 30 days later I have to take a hair test how do I pass? Or can I?

4:19 am August 25th, 2015

hi, i did some what alot of cocaine on friday night saturday morning, have a urine test on tuesday at 4:00. i am a first time user will i pass my urine test

9:17 am August 26th, 2015

Hi I did roughly about 3 grams of cocaine with a few friends early Sunday Morning. Last line about 12pm sunday. Before that i did it the weekend before about half a gram. I never did cocaine since March and pissed clean in early April. Just got caught up in the wrong party crowd. Now i might be going back to work and scared to do a piss test i workout regulary weight about 250pounds. The test date is not set in stone till i book it what do you think my window would be to test clean as i do wanna go back to work but don’t wanna piss dirty and get suspended. I know it was stupid to do it which is why i disseappeared from that crowd. Some advice would be appreciated on what i need to do to piss clean what would be a good wait period to piss clean

2:24 am August 28th, 2015

First time user but i did it Saturday i want to kno is it out my system i never did it again since that day

5:28 am August 30th, 2015

I snort about 0.01 of a gram how long does it take for to get out of system does not snort often

1:46 pm August 31st, 2015

hay guys, first time writing in a forum like this. I have a worry! I was on weekend break and taken about half gram of let’s say medium to pore cola. It was Friday about 7 and a surprise urine test Wednesday about 11.00. This could mean the end of my jockey license for a stupid mistake! Will I be ok?

6:17 pm August 31st, 2015

I’ve smoked maybe4 grams within a few days how long will it take for my urine to be clean I have a few appts??

5:21 pm September 3rd, 2015

Hi. I snorted some cocaine on Monday and I have blood test this Friday i want to know if I will come out clean on a drug test?

8:30 pm September 5th, 2015

I had snorted some cocaine on Aug.29, 2015 and had a urine and hair follicle test on Sept. 4, 2015. The amount of cocaine was small but I wanted to know will it show in a urine test and a hair follicle test. I used the hair from my legs not on my head.

12:14 am September 8th, 2015

I took 4 keys yesterday I was drink too I work out run 3miles a day I have a urin drug test tomorrow how can I flush it out

3:45 pm September 9th, 2015

What is the best/ fastest way to get cocaine out of your urine?

5:36 pm September 11th, 2015

I had like five keys of cane 3 weeks ago got a hair test today will it show #addictionblog

11:35 pm September 11th, 2015

Hello i know someone that does coke every weeked or every other weekend, and his on probation and they don’t sometimes drug test him it even came out positive one time and he lied to his probation officer and said he don’t do drugs and they didnt do nothing to him and thats cause he is a alcoholic too. So now he does coke and is on probation and dont get in trouble even though he is violating it.WHY IS THIS.!?????

4:38 am September 13th, 2015

drugs stay in ur hair for years u have to shave it off , trust me it dont matter how long u did the drugs if they test u by ur hair u fail cuz the drugs do stay in ur hair for a very long time so good luck guys and stop smoking crack and doing coke then u wont have to worry about failing drug tests!!!!

4:40 am September 13th, 2015

luna buy a flush in a pharmacy its like 70 $ but make sure u drink it 4-5 hours before ur test then drink alots of water and make sure u pee a few times before u pee in a cup for a drug test or u can take cranberry pills they help

5:01 pm September 14th, 2015

I did cocaine snorted about a week ago well almost 11 days first time dont care for it just did it as a dare but now i have a hair folicle in 5 day on the 19 th does it show i think i did like teaspoon size

5:21 pm September 14th, 2015

How long does cocaine stay in your system its been five days

2:43 pm September 16th, 2015

I had half a gram of Coke on Friday night and had a urine test today Wednesday what are the chances of testing positive

10:19 am September 18th, 2015

just wondering if I be lean for my 5 panel Hair test have not did any cocaine scents June 1 and I took my test on sep 9

4:26 pm September 18th, 2015

i use cocaine and heroin maybe twice a month and I’m on methadone but I keep coming up positive for cocaine and heroin after 10 or more days clean. Why is this cuz I think someone is messing with my tests

11:37 am September 21st, 2015

I usually have around 1 gram most weekends and I used this Saturday past and only had around 3-4 keys. I have a urine test Wednesday, will I show positive?

11:51 pm September 23rd, 2015

I have been clean for 180 days I have a hair test in a couple days. Will cocaine show up in my chest hair after I’ve been clean this long?

4:29 pm September 30th, 2015

Hi I ues 1 to 2gr of cocaine at the weekends for the past year my job are doing drug test I was just wondering how long it stays in my urine


7:37 am October 2nd, 2015

I smoked cracking for two days straight. I’m 5’3 and 150 pounds if I take a urine screen Monday or Tuesday, will I test positive. Please help as best u can. Also does water and cranberry juice help.

7:02 pm October 2nd, 2015

I am pregnant and been use cocaine during my hole term I am 8 months I haven’t used in 90 is they going to be able to tell through my baby system that u was using with it

3:39 am October 3rd, 2015

My bf bought some crack cocaine on 10/2/2015 and he smoked it in his weed pipe and i wanna kno how long does that shit stay in ur system?

10:48 am October 6th, 2015

Can anything else give you a postive result for cocaine? (poppy seeds etc)

5:01 pm October 6th, 2015

I slammed a gram of coke and 12 days i geet tesed for a job …urine….will it be out of my urine as undetectable……

2:36 am October 7th, 2015

Okay I took 2 hair follicles test within a 90 days for cps and they have told me that the last test reading is 683 what legal rights do they have against me please contact me ASAP really needing help OHHHHHHH I also take latuda and hydrocodone for my back pain

9:59 pm October 8th, 2015

I did a few line last night an to day will it show in my urine I’m not a user just was trying some

4:09 pm October 9th, 2015

ive never used cocaine ever in my life and I took a drug screen about a week and a half ago and they found cocaine in my hair. how long is residue or whatever I may have came in contact with visible in my hair if that’s the case. I have never dosed any cocaine. I took the same test a month prior to this and I passed that test.

10:42 pm October 10th, 2015

I smoke 20 dollars worth of crack every nite after work . How long will it take when I quit for it not to show up on a urine sample for a drug test

5:28 pm October 11th, 2015

For how long a person have to b clean of cocaine in order for the blood work to come back negative for cocaine?

3:28 pm October 13th, 2015

Hi Myriam. Cocaine is detectable in blood tests for a long period of time. About 48 hours after use is very difficult to find any traces of cocaine in blood.

10:07 pm October 11th, 2015

How long would it it take an average human body to get rid of 700mg of cocaine inhaled along with metabolites on average keep in mind i dont use often maybe once every 1 or 2 months i have a urinalysis in approximately 8 day do you think i will be clean?

7:54 am October 13th, 2015

i got a zanax from my friend, I later learned that it was in a bottle with a small amount of cocaine. I had to do a urine test and it came out positive for cocaine. I never did it in my life. Now a month from then I will be doing a hair test? what do you think?

1:38 pm October 14th, 2015

If I used crack cocaine and Heroin one time in the middle of September and I’ve got a drug hairstrand test in November will it show after one time use if I dye the hair aswell

6:16 am October 15th, 2015

I wear a prescribed Fentanyl patch (75 MCG). If I were in a car accident, even if it wasn’ t my fault, would I be in trouble. I carry a doctor”s note in my car at all times and exhibit no signs of wearing it. It’s not readily visible but I’m still concerned.? Thanks in advance for your time and effort. Diane

7:11 pm October 15th, 2015

I snorted coke on sept 25th i did a few keys shots and my probation officer is going to drug test me today will i pass of fail??

3:05 pm October 16th, 2015

Hello, i totally messed up. I had some clean time like 30 days and i went back and used yesterday. And just so happens i get a call to do a hair follicle. How long does cocaine take to set in your hair. If i went and did the test today can they detect if i used yesterday

6:41 pm October 16th, 2015

did cocaine for the first time last night just like 2 keys dirint whant to but tried it not doing it again how long does it stay in ur system

2:28 pm October 18th, 2015

If I only smoked a $10 crack rock Saturday night will I pass a drug test on Tuesday afternoon if I drink a lot of water

9:29 pm October 19th, 2015

I smoked a joint with a so called friend well not any more and then they told me that they sprinkled it with coccaine and it was a very tiny bit and that was on Friday and I just found out and it’s Monday will it show n my urine still I have never used it before and never will again

12:41 pm October 21st, 2015

I snorted a gram of cocaine on 16th october 2015 ive got a drug test 22nd october 2015 tomorrow. Not sure how there doing it im guessing a urine sample – wil it be out my system by then even tough ive drank a gallon of water.. steam room. Sauna etc. Please let me know asap thankyou

3:55 pm October 21st, 2015

I smoke some crack Monday night,like 2 days ago,I got to take a drug test,how long will it take to get out of my system

8:10 pm October 22nd, 2015

How long does cocaine stay in your system if you only use it 2 days and 5 year.

3:27 pm October 24th, 2015

How can I get cocaine out of my urine the quickest way I have smoked about a gram in the past 2days

3:35 pm October 24th, 2015

How can you get cocaine that you smoke out of your urine the quickest way?

3:13 am October 27th, 2015

If swim used cocaine for 5 hrs one day and 4 hours the next day, how long would it be in swims urine?

Tommy tom
5:15 am November 4th, 2015

I used concaine friday until 5am is it still in my body for piss test. Wensday use very little about a gram cut

2:11 am November 5th, 2015

I snorted one little tiny key hit and that was all on saturday at 11pm. Will i be clean the following thursday morning at 8am?

2:57 am November 5th, 2015

I snorted one little tiny key hit and that was all on saturday at 11pm. Will i be clean the following thursday morning at 8am on a urine test?

In shock
8:26 pm November 5th, 2015

Had a hair test done 0CT 15 2015 tested positive for cocaine I never done drugs a day in my life how long will it be in my hair

4:08 am November 6th, 2015

If you do two bumps of cocaine on Sunday,and you drugtest on Friday morning would you be clean?

4:18 am November 6th, 2015

I’m “5.0” ft 120pounds I did 2 bumbs on Sunday,and have a UA on Friday morning should I be ok?

2:36 am November 10th, 2015

I did about 4-5 lines last night. Last line was done at 4a.m. I breastfeed my newborn daughter and im wondering how long i should pump and dump for before resuming to breastfeed? Please help! I feel so terrible.

11:50 am November 10th, 2015

Hello Mir. Breastfeeding should be delayed sufficiently after cocaine use to allow for drug elimination. It is suggested to wait approximately 24 hours before you can breastfeed your baby.

5:31 am November 11th, 2015

It’s been 39 days since I did coca in last time I did it I did a lot of it but it was very poor quality coke it was cut and didn’t even get me high really . I’ve drank probably 6 times in this 39 day window and today I had a pee test for work and I’m scared I’ll fail. Are the chances of me passing good?

1:48 am November 12th, 2015

Can you explain what a chronic cocaine user is? I usually consune a half gram a week over the weekend.

4:14 pm November 12th, 2015

Hi Brian. Sure! Chronic use indicates: frequent or long term use, cravings to use more frequently and desire to use a larger amount, as well as continued use despite feeling harmful effects. In this case, it means every-day or at least more frequent use, for a longer period of time.

6:17 am November 13th, 2015

I have a friend who does not inhale or use needles but puts cocaine in his mouth to ingest it because he doesn’t like anything up his nose and hates needles . I know all this is bad but how much worse is this ? Im really worried about him .

1:37 pm November 13th, 2015

Hi Rhonda. Rubbing it on the gums is pretty common. But, many find eating cocaine to be a very less effective way of administration. Not only does it take about 30 minutes to enter the bloodstream, typically only a third of a dose is absorbed into the organism. The point of ingesting cocaine orally is the slow onset of effects, and it’s effects may even last for an hour.

6:56 pm November 13th, 2015

I did 6 key bumps of cocaine on Friday night and I will have a UA come up soon, probably next week. They send mine to the lab, will it be more detectable in the lab? Are they able to see the metabolites for a longer period of time? What do they do differently in a lab than in a regular on site UA’s?

9:05 pm November 13th, 2015

I am really concerned about a person and still do not know if she makes use of cocaine or not.
Is it possible for someone who takes cocaine stays without it for about four weeks? I will be more than pleased if you will be able to give me an answer please.

11:08 pm November 13th, 2015

I have been using cocaine as well as codeine based meds for plus minus two to three months last use was this morning and would like to know how long will this drug be in my system, ie blood and urine?

7:10 pm November 15th, 2015

if I did 4 lines of powder cocaine on Sunday at 3pm in the afternoon will I be clean on the following Wednesday at 3pm in the afternoon?????

6:38 am November 18th, 2015

I did coke in August and fell a hair follicle in da beginning of November will it be out at da end of November how long does it take to get out system it wasn’t in piss tho real talk get at me

4:35 pm November 20th, 2015

i did 2 20s on monday. ive been drinkin water to clean myself out. do u think im clean by now?

10:29 pm November 24th, 2015

I used cocaine for the first time and I consumed alcohol with it over the course of 8 hours partying. I have a 5 panel urine test in 7 days. Will it show up in my urine? I know I have seen 2-4 days for infrequent users but it also says it stays longer when used with alcohol. And this is why I’m worried… Please help

7:44 pm November 27th, 2015

how long does cocaine stay in your blood and is there a way to remove it from your blood

4:48 pm November 28th, 2015

Hello. Our son has been cocain free for 3 years. About 3 days ago he did one or two lines. He has a urine / 5 stick test in a few days. Will his urine appear clean. He is thin & tall with almost no body fat. He’s been flushing with water; detox tea & pure cranberry juice. Thanks.

3:27 pm December 2nd, 2015

I wanted to donate blood this week and was told that I can’t because I used cocaine a couple of times and my blood donation will be disqualified from now on and it doesn’t matter how much time passed
Is there any truth to that?

3:05 am December 3rd, 2015

I used over 200 dollars worth of crack over the weekend . I’m not a casual user ,just got on a Bing .I don’t drink alcohol, I work everyday .I’m 45 yrs old I have to take a drug test Friday morning .I’ve been active eating lemons ,drinking a lot off water will I pass my drug test test I’m terrified ,I new better than to do but anyways I did it .if I fail it I will probably go to jail

10:21 pm December 4th, 2015

thank you for this service!
If this can be estimated…how long after snorting cocaine (perhaps ~ 6 lines thru an evening) would it be safe to have a dental appointment w/local anesthetic (for a cavity)?

11:41 pm December 4th, 2015

how long is cocaine detectable in a hair follicle test?

8:18 am December 6th, 2015

Ok so my cousin said she snorted a couple very small lines on thur night & 1 even smaller line (about a small pinky nail amount) the next day (7am fri morning). Its now sunday (about 48hrs later). Shes having an unrelated health issue, which likely will require me to take her to the hospital E.R but shes refusing to go as shes scared when they take routine blood work, it’ll show cocaine in her blood system. Is this true or is she just being over paranoid? This was the 1st time shes ever sone this as well (not sure if that makes any difference ) idk anything about it so i cant give her a definitive answer so can anyone with knowledge on this plz help me with an answer so i can get her to a DR.? Thanx in advance

10:47 pm December 6th, 2015

I did a small single line of cocaine for the first time in then middle of October….how long will it be until it clears from my system I have a piss test tomorrow

12:14 am December 8th, 2015

Hi I had a bad cocaine addiction for 6-7 months doing 1-2 grann a day I Hare not done it for 2 week but stil saying positive on drug test why this

12:16 am December 8th, 2015

I had a cocaine addiction for 6-7 month doing 1-2 gram a day but have not done it for 2 week but test still saying positive why

5:46 am December 10th, 2015

Can you get positive when you have sex with someone who using cocaine

2:44 pm December 18th, 2015

I did a line of coke 5 days ago,
I just did a 10 panel hair drug test yesterday.
Will it show up?

4:07 pm December 19th, 2015

I use cocaine every weekend it makes me extremely horny how long will need to stop to be clean

5:14 pm December 22nd, 2015

I did a single shot of cocaine on Tuesday about 5:00 and I have to check into probation today Tuesday at 2:00. Which gave me a week to clean out. I have been sober for about 7 months. How long does it take for cocaine to leave your system and not show in a urine test? It was a mistake and I know now why I quit. If anyone knows or has been it the same situation and info will be helpful.

5:37 pm December 22nd, 2015

Someone please answer ASAP. I am really worried and can’t stop stressing out. Please any info will help. I think I will be okay after almost 7 days of cleaning out I have been drinking water all day and I only did one injection of cocaine on last Tuesday and I have to check I to probation today a week later on Tuesday. I may not get a urine but just in case I am worried. Will it be detectable in my iron after almost 7 days. I have been clean and have not used anything other then the suboxone I am prescribed for the last 7 months. Please someone answer

9:12 pm December 22nd, 2015

What specific part of the hair is cocaine detected. And how long can it be detected

11:24 pm December 22nd, 2015

Hey I only did one line of coke on Sunday I have a hair test coming up will it show

1:01 pm December 23rd, 2015

Yes it will show up! I’m ex fbi

2:38 am December 29th, 2015

How long will cocaine stay in body if smoked or snorted and how long will it take to be completely clean…please and thank you

1:36 am January 2nd, 2016

I went to a party with some friends on new years an was givin a cigarette that was laced with cocaine. I was pretty mad at not knowing this until I had finished it. I have a job interview Monday that requires a drug test. Do I need to worry about not getting the job?

2:13 am January 3rd, 2016

How long does Coke stay in urine

2:15 am January 4th, 2016

I have a urin test coming up on Tue , i dont think im a chronic user but not an occasional either..on December 31 i did a half gram..i have been drinking n drinking water to flush..eating protein. .n exercising. ..question is can i pass with a 4 day window?

2:31 am January 4th, 2016

Hi, I snorted Coke about a month ago for the first time. It was fine, nothing crazy occurred. Tomorrow I have to go for blood work just to get checked for the normal stuff like my iron levels, Cholesteryl levels etc. like I’m not getting a drug test. Will cocain still show up in the blood test and if so would I be in trouble or would they have to tell my parents? I’m 18 years old.

3:53 am January 6th, 2016

Hi there,

Would a single first time ever small dose of cocaine fail a hair follical test 3-4 weeks after exposer?


11:33 pm January 6th, 2016

I snorted one line on Friday night and have a drug test tonight, on wendsday, should I be ok?

8:17 pm January 8th, 2016

hi.. i am a hardcore user of cocaine and facing some strange symptons but i cant share it here because its personal. can you please provide me any mail id where i can talk to you guys.. thanks

11:24 pm January 8th, 2016

How much cocaine is in the 20’s..i mean how many mg…after 45 days since the last time, can it be detected in a test???

4:27 am January 9th, 2016

My friend says she did 2 grams of cocaine on January 2nd how long will it take to be competing out her system urine blood and hair?? Please she needs answers soon!!??

10:55 pm January 9th, 2016

How much cocaine does it take to Overdose? Also can it be injected for quicker effect?

1:41 am January 11th, 2016

I tried cocaine in the first day of 2016 for the first time nd I’m gonna get drug tested today will it still be in my system. Can u help me?

4:35 am January 11th, 2016

I did a small line Saturday night I have a drug test monday morning will I pass my urine test?

4:40 am January 11th, 2016

thes last two weeks of withdrawal have been miserable do I need a higher dose?

9:15 pm January 11th, 2016

Hey there! i use cocaine in the summer, when i go abroad and party’s and all that, but there’s a very big big big problem.The problem is when i go and buy some and i smell it, it automatically get’s me high, and make’s me go all weird, and my heary starts beading very quickly and i get all paronoid, how weird is that?? and when i sniff it, it feels like i’vr done half a gram of md…… just one line and my eyes are all opened and i start going all weird! lol and the most shit thing about it, that really is fucking me off is, when i have the stuff, it dosoent seem like i come down!!! it normally takes 1week for me to feel that i’m back to reality, and when i have a joint it’s feels like im on the coke again! i’kow it’s a complicated thing, but what shall i do, i love th stuff i can dance for hours, i use to do it, and this never happened, i think this started to happen since i’ve popped 1bean (ecsdasy) seems like i get flashbacks now and again, i think since then it’s has scared me?? what shall i do?? i was thinking buying half a g of (coke) and doing it on my own trying to control it! ???

4:16 am January 12th, 2016

I have decided to give up cocaine as I have applied for a job I took cocaine about 4 days ago and if I get an interview I will be drug tested how long will it be till no trace is found in my body by urine or hair test and is there anything I can do to get any trace out of my system

4:52 pm January 12th, 2016

U inhaled cocaine thrusday and went drop a ua will i pass the test

6:28 pm January 13th, 2016

I did coke on Sunday and I need to do a urine drug test today or tomorrow will I pass or not

6:29 pm January 14th, 2016

I’m back to let y’all know how my urine test came back.I used about maybe $20 worth on friday night into sat morning.I also had one drink of coke n rum.I began drinking lots of water aftrward n also eating fruits.I had to test had been 41/2 days. (Because I used very early sat.2am) I just got the results and I tested positive for not on parole or nothing but I am in recovery.I had slipped up 6 mos ago after 5 yrs being clean..and now this.everyones different..but I’d at lest wait a wk after using to test if a bit overweight n may have slow also in a methadone clinic.all thesee things may have contributed to the positive result after nearly 5 days…good luck to all

1:35 am January 15th, 2016

Are there any types of prescription drugs that would cause a positive for a urine test?

10:42 pm January 24th, 2016

Hi, I need some advice, basically my boyfriend is a regular cocaine user, approx 1gram per week for approx 2 years. His been clean for the past 6 weeks, however I tested him with the cocaine urine tests and it came out positive. He has been clean for 6 weeks, so my question is how long does it take for it to be out of his system?

11:00 pm January 24th, 2016

I snorted two grams of cocaine friday took water pills friday and Saturday will it be out my system by Tuesday

11:21 am January 25th, 2016

I am not a heavy user of cocaine, atleast once every 2 months, does it still show I’m hair drug even though I don’t use often, and another I did cocaine about 2 months ago and within that time I’ve cut my hair twice, if I do a hair follicle right now, will I still pass?

4:35 pm January 26th, 2016

I sniffed half gram flake (strong cocaine) friday just gone will it be out my system by ghe following friday??

6:38 am January 27th, 2016

Please please please answer! I did two key bumps dec11 and did a piss test dec22… Will I be ok??

11:07 am January 27th, 2016

I snorted a line off my husbands ball sack and was high for 6 days does Puerto Rican ball sweat increase your high?

8:57 am January 29th, 2016

I thought of the most crazy thing one day . which I believe someone offended me by telling me to hold a big amount of crack cocaine with positive HIV blood mix with . it thinking that’s how the rapper easy e must have been infected. Also what would have happen to me point blank?

7:12 am January 30th, 2016

I havent done a line in over 10 years, but when i did, why is it that I seemed to hold concentration and be able to sit down and write an entire book?

8:58 am February 2nd, 2016

If I use it like 20min ago but its not even a 10 how long does it take

10:13 am February 3rd, 2016

If you smoke a lot of cocaine in one day how long does it stay in your system? And what can you do to make it leave faster?

12:31 pm February 3rd, 2016

I failed a drug test for crack cocaine and a week later took another one and the line was very faint, now if I had a piece stuck in a broken tooth would that line be faint ?

6:38 pm February 3rd, 2016

I injected cocaine but done a urine 10 mins later will it show up in a urine based test? Thanks

9:32 pm February 6th, 2016

I smoked crack Thursday will I pass my drug test monday

7:03 pm February 7th, 2016

I dif a bit of cocaine off a key on Saturday night, tiny amount, I have a urine test Monday. Do you think it will still be detectable?

11:29 pm February 8th, 2016

I snorted 1 gram ov cocaine on the Saturday night I have urine test this Friday comin will I pass

5:53 pm February 9th, 2016

I can’t find the answer to this anywhere please help.Sunday after noon I smoked some Coke and I’d need to know, from the time that I took that first hit,how long did it take for it to start to show in my urine. Please help Daniel

5:40 am February 10th, 2016

Did about a gram of Coke was done by midnight on Saturday ! I get tested wensday and been drunk about three gallons of water a day ! Should I be clean? And been running and sitting in a sona!

5:01 pm February 14th, 2016

I snorted one hit of coke and had a saliva test the next day I rinse with peroxide before testing will it show up

8:23 pm February 14th, 2016

I have not used drugs in YEARS! However the other day which was two days ago i snorted a few lines of cocaine. Three to be exact. How long will it last in my urine? It was the first time in years and the last.

2:51 pm February 17th, 2016

I gave a swab after being clean for 30 days and it came.back dirty do you know why that would happen?

4:58 pm February 24th, 2016

A friend of mine did a line of cocain on a friday night and she doesnt do the drug often she had a ua on tuesday what are the chances that she would be clean?

3:38 pm February 25th, 2016

I used 3 grams of cocain last Wednesday Thursday I used a gram and a half and Sunday I used a gram and I have a urine screen today at 5 will I be ok??? It’s a instant screen no lab

7:04 am February 28th, 2016

How can you get cocain out of your hair before you take a hair folical drug test ?

8:30 am February 29th, 2016

My friend did 5 grams of cocaine on Tuesday going into Wednesday morning and she has s drug test tomorrow. Will it show up in her system?

3:06 pm March 5th, 2016

Those cocaine stay in ur hair

7:15 pm March 7th, 2016

If I took less then a gram of coca in on Thursday but have been flushing my system out with sonny 7 since Thursday will I test positive on Monday

6:05 am March 8th, 2016

I did 3 lines late Thursday night, I have a piss test Tuesday, I have drunk a lot of water over the last 4 days. What’s my chances on passing this test tomorrow? I really need answer quick hope your able to give me one….

Big boiiii
9:23 am March 9th, 2016

Eat veggies and exercise works for me

3:32 pm March 13th, 2016

I did 2 lines of cocaine 3 days ago it wasn’t very strong stuff I would like to know how long it will be visible in a drug hair test? Thank you

7:26 pm March 14th, 2016

I have used crack about 4 days ago and I need to go for a drug screen for Parole in two day will I test clean

1:45 am March 15th, 2016

Snorted cocaine breastfed baby 24hrs later it’s been almost 48hrs if he was going to have a reaction would it have happened already ?

2:47 am March 15th, 2016

I made the biggest mistake ever. 🙁 a friend was smoking crack and she.offered me a drag…then it ledtto more than one. Like 2 grams! I feel horribly guilty, bwcause im a nursing mother…well i was before i had a drag. I went and got formula newborn but i want to know how long before i can continue breasfeeding. As this was the worste mistake i could make. :-/ its been 12 hours since i had my.last drag, how many more before i can resume…or is there a way i can clear it quicker.? i miss the bond between us. I hate what ive done. Please help.

9:15 pm March 16th, 2016

I used a half gram of cocain for the first time in about 5 months and I snorted Saturday around 9.00 pm and I have a drug test of my urin this Thursday at I am 200 pounds 5 11 could this be detected in my urin

10:23 am March 19th, 2016

Hello, I was on a party just yesterday and well I did a large dose of cocaine (6 lines) and smoke pod and even a small part of LSD. I am not a regular user but I do consume smaller doses of cocaine and pod one time every 15 -20 days when i go out on payday… I have a drug test coming up next month (within 25-30 days) do you think I’ll be ok if I stay clear of anything within now and the test date?

8:00 am March 21st, 2016

I did coke yesterday and just now I have a drug test Thursday will I pee clean???

7:37 pm March 21st, 2016

if i did cocane one time a week ago will it show up in a hair test. that was the frisit time IVE ever tried it

9:08 pm March 21st, 2016

Im worried ..i did 3 – 20s on a friday night .. 6 days later i did a urine test .will i come out positive . the sample was sent off to be tested .

Willie mccullen
9:20 pm March 21st, 2016

If you snorted a twenty dollar bag on friday will it show minday in uribe test

lone kknight
9:09 am March 22nd, 2016

Hello I did about 2 grams of Cocaine On Sunday night witch was March 21 2016 and I have a Urine Test on April 6th 2016 should I be worried about failing my test.. thank you

2:54 pm March 22nd, 2016

I have never used cocaine ever. I just had a random drug test done and it tested positive for cocaine. How is this possible..

6:15 pm March 24th, 2016

I have not smoked cocaine in ten years. Just recently failed a hair follicle test. I don’t understand how that happened. I need an answer.

1:29 am March 28th, 2016

Can the scent of cocaine, without actually snorting the cocaine, just its odor cause it to get in your system and be detectable in a urinalysis teat? And how much cocaine do you have to touch for it to enter your system that way? Will a portion the size of a grain of sand be enough?

12:30 am March 29th, 2016

Hi, I did less than a gram on saturday night. drug sample will be taken in 2-4 days from today (monday). drinking lots of water. I also have diabetes and found out that can show false positive. thoughts?

4:54 am March 29th, 2016

my brother did cocain for the first time saterday at noon and now has a drug test tomorrow at 5am he is 5’6 and 180lbs

8:28 am March 30th, 2016

I have been smoking crack everyday about 1 gram a day or less not more for about a month how long will it stay in my system for drug test ua

joe eeee
7:54 am April 3rd, 2016

A little key hit of coke for someone who doesnt do it will it show up in a hair test?

10:34 pm April 4th, 2016

If u stop using cocaine 7 days ago should I be ok for. Drug test tomorrow

Dee Dee
1:18 pm April 5th, 2016

I only use cocaine 2/3 times a year recreationally, but ever since I started my nose keeps getting blocked daily something hourly, is this because of the drug use?

4:23 pm April 5th, 2016

I snorted, maybe two lines of coke about 68 days ago and had to take a hair follicle test. Will I fail the test??? Beyond worried!!!!

8:17 am April 6th, 2016

Hey there I went on a 3 day cocaine ended 7 days ago have a upcoming piss test I’ve frank lots of water and exercised i don’t usually binge like that do you think I’ll puss clean?

7:56 am April 8th, 2016

Did an 8 ball Sunday, will I pass my drug test Friday? it’s a urine test

4:48 am April 9th, 2016

Am stopping cocaine tonight as have a doctors medical bout 3 weeks time as becoming a foster parent with my partners grandchildren I will be doing a urine sample will I be ok

5:41 pm April 11th, 2016

I barely use it but I did two little scoops yesterday afternoon how long will it be in my system and will I be detected in my urine if yes how lon will it be in there for?

1:34 am April 16th, 2016

Hello. I was in recovery,or maintenance stage for eight years. I recently relapsed mostly alcohol. I am working in getting sober again was unemployed and recently found work. I am 5’8″ 190 lbs and last night around midnight did a very small line of cocaine. It was Thursday night when I snorted it (maybe 200 mg) and I’m supposed to take a mouth swab tomorrow (Saturday) for a job and currently unemployed. It will be approximately 34 – 36 hours before the swab. I need this job desperately can I be confident according to what I read above about mouth swabs and saliva duration. Can I be confident to think I will be clean for swab testing in this time? Or should I plan on trying to reschedule my appointment?

11:33 am April 16th, 2016

I have a friend that used and they wanted to know how long it would be to get out of their system? Please help

7:33 pm April 16th, 2016

I don’t do cocaine r any drug but have sex with a partner who do Will i get expose to it in my urnie n hair

4:05 pm April 17th, 2016

I’m 5’7″, 101 lbs. I did 0.2 gram (two tenths) of cocaine on Friday. I may have a urine drug screen Monday. Will I pass?

12:17 am April 19th, 2016

I used crack about seventeen days ago,and before then a month and a half clean,and before then prtically every day,maybe a day or two time gap.Is it possible its still in my system and hair?

4:15 pm April 20th, 2016

If cocaine is used twice per week how long would it stay in your urine for ?

5:29 pm April 20th, 2016

I know that you said cocaine stays in your hair for up to 90 days unless it is cut or falls out, my question: so if you cut your hair when it grow back the cocaine want be there when it grows back??

7:53 pm April 20th, 2016

I did about .25 of eyther based and have to drug test in 2 days it will have been exactly 55 hours since I did it if I drink plenty water should I be ok?

1:30 am April 21st, 2016

i am trying to get my daughter back shes only 2. after her dad died i messed up and smoked crack but not alot . i failed two hair follicles..last one was a little over a month ago…i am going to take another on my own before court again on may 9th will my levels have gone down since the last one or no? i havemt used since. thankyou

8:28 pm April 22nd, 2016

Hi I did a very small amount on tues around 2:00 N have a drug test at 3:00 in fri will it stl b n my system

6:58 am April 23rd, 2016

If i sniffed a tiny bump of cocaine on Tuesday at like 3:00 p.m. will i pass a lab urinalysis on Friday at 3:00 p.m??

3:27 am April 25th, 2016

if I smoke a 20 of crack on tuesday will it show up in my saliva on the next tuesday

4:59 am April 27th, 2016

What is alot of used? Im worried i have a urine drug test tomorrow i haven’t used since april 13 2016 this month am i good for this test tomorrow?

5:53 am April 28th, 2016

I have a sweat patch an it said I’ve done cocaine. An ice been clean for 93 days. I have been on antibiotics an i have a,liver disorder. When I did a hair follicle test it said my cocaine level was 500 mg an my benzoglycocine level don’t know,if that,is spelled right was 50. Does this mean i got cocaine in my system somehow with out me sniffing smoking or shooting it?

2:50 pm April 28th, 2016

I live my addiction to hiroin how much Time to out my blood end my urine

2:50 am April 30th, 2016

Hi. Thank you for this detailed article, it was very helpful. I’ll be very specific in my question, so that you can answer more specifically. I used to do cocaine regularly, but have not used it in 5 years. 3 weeks ago, I got a hold of some coke. Over the past 3 weeks, I have been snorting small amounts (a dot the size of a pea) throughout the day – about 5-8 times a day. I have to take a urine test in 4 days (aprox. 85 hours from now) when I go to my suboxone doctor. I weigh 160 and have a medium metabolism. If I stop using the coke now, drink lots of water, and work out daily, is there a good chance I will pass the test? Is there anything else I can do to help rid my body of the drug? I would really really appreciate someone answering. Thank you sooo much!!!!

10:33 pm May 1st, 2016

I had months without doing Coke and I did it on sat like around 5pm and I have a drug test on Tuesday do you think I would come out positive?

9:28 am May 3rd, 2016

Hello. My boyfriend is a crack cocaine user and I have an open case with children’s services. I am required to call a random drug screen number daily to see if I am required to take a urine drug test. With all that being said and concerning to me, I am needing to find out if having oral sex, heaving amounts of kissing and making out, and having intercourse at least once but sometimes a few times a day without using protection with my boyfriend, can his drug use somehow be detected in my urine.

4:44 am May 5th, 2016

I snorted a little less than .5 gram of coke. I was also consuming a decent amount of alcohol. I have a urine test about 8-9 days after I did the coke. How am I looking regarding passing? It was the first time I did blow in 6 or so months.

9:21 pm May 5th, 2016

If I do coke every weekend about a 40 bag every weekend and then stopped for about two weeks and getting drug tested in a few days will it be detected?

11:34 pm May 5th, 2016

I am seeing my pain doctor June 1 but I did not much cocaine on April 22 ..the doctor told me he really cool with me and I will be so emmbrass if he finds out. He does the urine test then it goes on a machine the goes around really quick I seen it with that machine to test my urine would it detect if I use cocaine someone Plz help

5:03 pm May 6th, 2016

i am not a usual use of cocaine and have most probably snorted 5 lines in 4 weeks.However i snorted 2 lines on Saturday and have a urine test either on Monday,weds or Friday, what are the chances showing positive on those mentioned days.

9:50 pm May 7th, 2016

I really want to stop my abuse of this addiction I have to cocaine, what can I do? I’m in a rehab facility now but the craving for it are still there…… Please notify me and help me because I’m sooooooo ready to STOP!
Thanks for your time with this matter

3:40 am May 9th, 2016

Not nessarley is everything accurate i snifed about less than a 20 in 2 days consecutive. I had a drug test 3 days later and nothing was detectable even though i drank alot of cafeine drinks and alot of beer. They say cafeine slows down the discomposition process and thats a lie. I guess it all depends on your metabolizm. Im 5’7″ and weight 145

7:11 am May 10th, 2016

Haw many days does coca in stay in your system for a urine test

3:46 pm May 11th, 2016

Is it possible for cocaine to stay in the body for more four to three days and cause delusions?

5:08 pm May 11th, 2016

Was wondering if I snorted a couple of lines 5 days ago if it would show up in a urine test

1:13 am May 19th, 2016

Hello there, i DONT know if this site is still active or not but i am on Probation for Marijuana…. I am clean for it. I took a mouth swab and it came back Postive for Cocaine and Opiates…. I’m really scared because i have no idea where it came from and my Judge is really harsh…. Someone help with this. Pls.

2:40 am May 19th, 2016

iCarly sniff cocaine on Sunday and I have to take a drug test next week Wednesday which is the 25th of Maywould it show up in a urinalysis

10:07 pm May 21st, 2016

If you smoke long does it stay in your blood stream….if they are checking for tiders and vaccines.will it show up

8:17 am May 22nd, 2016

We have read various questions please guys start posting answers meaning did you get caught? How much did you have prior to the test and how many days before ! Thanks

8:26 pm May 26th, 2016

I tooking 2 key sizes of cocaine approx. 6 days ago. I was recently given a new unexpected job opportunity which involves a substance misuse test in 8 days thats 14 days in between taking it and the test. I have never used it before and was wondering if this amount will be visible in a hair folical test. Thanks

1:53 am May 27th, 2016

Ive never used cocaine, but i was fired from my job for alleged positive cocaine results? Afterward s ive taken several test from urine to blood and two hair folicle test that were all negative for cocaine and every other drug. How does this happen?

2:04 am May 28th, 2016

I shot up an 8 ball of crack with vinegar last night and I have a drug test for probation in 9 or 10 days in the form of urine test. Is that considered a high dose amount? And will I pass the drug test? I am 6’4″ and 225lbs, also I have a high metabolism. I am not a regular user. I haven’t used cocaine in 2 years except for last night. Also, I am currently on a cycle of steroids. Testosterone and Decca, will that make the cocaine stay in my liver or kidneys for a longer time? I know that steroids make my body retain water weight and I’m just wondering if that will have any type of role in getting the cocaine out of my system? Any advice about my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

6:17 pm May 30th, 2016

I did just a lil of cocaine last night like a 20 bag will it be in my hair for 90 days

6:22 pm May 30th, 2016

I had somked 7 $10.00 crack rocks sunday evening. I have a urine cup (not lab) test next week on tuesday morning. Will it show as positive? Oh i am 5’7 and weigh 148. I have hep c.

4:29 pm May 31st, 2016

I did a little cocaine lastnight.i have a urine on weneday june 1.will my urine cime up positive?

9:36 pm May 31st, 2016

My friend snorted some coke on Friday. He has a drug test for a new job today he’s worried he won’t pass. His last use was over two weeks ago. Any advice. They taking blood

10:11 pm May 31st, 2016

There are certain topical muscle relaxers that can cause a positive test for a condition called myalgia which is nothing more then server muscle aches pains and strains. Slot of you should look it up. Also for this who think they may be suffering overdose symptoms Xanax will bring you down as well as milk.. I have never used but have had lots of friends who used so it is important to stay informed. God Bless you all and may he take your urge’s do harm to your body in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!!!

2:20 am June 1st, 2016

Hello I I did cocaine all Diz weekend 5/28 29 30/16 and I have to go to probation on 6/7/16 will I be clean I am just drinking a lot of water will I be clean

8:17 pm June 1st, 2016

I did a gram last Wednesday will I be clean today for a urine test

4:58 am June 2nd, 2016

I m on parole n I got a urine test 7 days after I smoked 3 hits of crack n I almost failed. The line was very faint. Good luck.

5:27 am June 4th, 2016

My boyfriend has been shooting up cocaine for a whole month how long would it take to be clean on a drug test for parole

12:21 am June 7th, 2016

I’m in ibiza right now and have been going on a binge and my parents might want to test me when I return in a week. Will they be able to detect anything?

9:41 am June 9th, 2016

I took a couple of bumps on 5/20/2016. I’m just took a drug test today 6/09/2016 and my hair was pulled. Do you think it will show up in my hair. I’m not a normal user

1:01 am June 13th, 2016

I have a drug teat this week not sure what day I did about a 40 bag and i took two ecstacy pills will that shiw in the blood test

8:33 pm June 13th, 2016

Took two hits off pipe no other use for 9 mos. How long will it be in my system

12:26 am June 15th, 2016

30 days clean from not doing any cocaine and have to take a hair follicle test will I come up negative or positive on test results

2:45 pm June 15th, 2016

If i did it this past Friday and i take a test Thursday coming will i be clean. Now i know i spend 60$ for three20

9:16 pm June 17th, 2016

I recently did cocaine approximately a week ago from today. I have a drug test coming up a week from now. What are the probabilities of having a positive drug test? I do it once or twice maybe every 2 months+

4:49 am June 19th, 2016

Is 90 days all the time it takes for cocaine to be out of your system especially your hair completely? I’m concerned for a loved one is why I ask and I’m trying to prevent a terrible disaster from happening once she comes home.

8:59 pm June 28th, 2016

The last time I used cocaine was last Saturday and I have a drug test this Thursday will I pass let me know ASAP. And I only had a little bag and I was doing it with someone else. please thanks

12:08 am June 30th, 2016

Would like to know how long crack Vicodin and perksets stay in the blood stream for a drug test

12:03 am July 1st, 2016

I did coke earlier and I think I may be tested on Monday due to the nature of my work. I’ve only done two bumps so not much, but I do it most weekends. What will the test say if I drink lots of water over the weekend and go for ALL the runs?

5:25 pm July 3rd, 2016

Hi I did a line of cocaine 63 ish days ago, and have been running/exercising and drinking multiple liters of water a day since, will it still show up in my hair (I haven’t gotten a hair cut since then)

12:42 am July 4th, 2016

Hi! I recently did a key bump on Friday and have a drug test this Thursday. I am 6’0″ 190lbs with a good metabolism. I have been clean for almost 6 months and just relapsed with that key bump. I know that cocaine stays in your body for up to 1 week . The question I need to be answered is that the drug test I will be taking is urine but it is through my rehabilitation , even if the bump isn’t enough to be over the “positive limit” I need to know if it is going to be out of my system 100% in 6 days time? Thank you so much for your help!

10:45 pm July 4th, 2016

If I have to go to the doctor Thursday for a complete blood count and I stopped using crack cocaine Sunday July 3rd will it be out of my system and bloodstream Thursday July 17th when I do my testing

4:54 pm July 5th, 2016

I put .01mg on the filter of my cigarette, it was only enough to numb my lips. I had a urine drug screen 35 hours later, am I in the clear?

12:23 am July 13th, 2016

how long will crack cocaine stay in the urine if had only five puffs

6:05 am July 14th, 2016

Ok i had a gram fri and have a test in a couple weeks and woundering how long does it stay in the hair (head hair). Quick response would be appreciated thanks.

8:17 pm July 14th, 2016

When can it low on your hair

12:08 am July 18th, 2016

Hi I’ve taken coke for years only when I go out at the weekends however but the last couple of years I’ve done it I’ve developed worrying symtems when I’ve taken it like tightness and hotness of my chest and tingling and shooting pains as well. Just would like to know what it could be other than a sign to stop taken it of cours?

6:48 am July 19th, 2016

I did a very small amount of cocaine how long will,it take to geo out of my urine.I got a test at 8am,est

6:41 pm July 20th, 2016

My friend has been going to a pain management facility for over 2 years, and of course there have been lots of pee test done because of the medication he takes for his chronic back pain. He was released from their care because his last urine test came back showing cocain, something he hasn’t done in over 12 year, and because it was a breech of his contract they won’t even give him another test in case may be there was a mix up in urine being someone else’s , because when he put his out there were 3 other samples next to his. Have you heard of this happening to anyone else? And I know he is telling the truth about not using cocain because I know how someone acts when they do and I’m around him all the time

8:33 pm July 22nd, 2016

Hi my name is Alexander, I would like to know if I did $10.00 worth of crack cocaine how would it last in my system even though i drink a lot of water

9:35 pm July 24th, 2016

Can touching crack for 5 seconds mistaking it for a mint be in my system . I didn’t taste it or nothing just picked it up and threw it away. Would appreciate a response Thank you

2:46 am July 25th, 2016

Took cocaine a few times in the past 4 weeks, with alcohol, and smoked cannabis for three days. The amount of cocaine was 5 grams spread out among 4 nights out on the town. My question is how long will the metabolites from cocaine be detectable in my system for a drug test looking for all drugs in my system?? I want to be drug free, the test will be in 12 weeks and it’s crucial I don’t fail, any info will help please !!!!!

12:47 am July 27th, 2016

I snorted a little bit of cocaine a like 5 lines a few weeks before I had to do a drug test and it came back positive for it I don’t understand how that can happen I thought cocaine doesn’t stay in your system that long I thought it was only a few days??

5:31 am July 27th, 2016

I last used cocaine on last Monday night and I have a drug test coming up in the morning. I’ve been drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice and my job is a outside work. So I wet constantly. What are my chances of not being positive. Any last minute suggestions

3:16 pm July 27th, 2016

How long does cocaine last and how long does it take to leave the body and when would it be safe to try having a baby after using cocaine. how long should a person wait to have sex or do fertility after using cocaine. 3grams in 12hrs?

12:14 am July 28th, 2016

I have a friend who did some cocaine on Tuesday 07/26/2016 and she has a blood test this Friday 07/29/2016. What are the possibility of it being detectable? She doesn’t ever use

4:47 pm July 28th, 2016

I haven’t used in 100 days if I take a hit or two how long u think it will stay in my system for a urine test?

3:25 am July 29th, 2016

Clean 3 weeks sign still in urine how long till its out? Need to put all behind me and move on and as for you paranoid fools that take it and realise that your job/lively hood is at risk seriously get a grip it destroys lives all well and good at the time but it takes you to a dark place as well as cleans your pockets advice to you all quit while your ahead because it will grab ahold of you and leave you with nothing trust me

8:13 am July 30th, 2016

I did maybe 4, lines two days ago will it be out my system by Monday

6:18 pm July 30th, 2016

If I take 1 gram of coke tonight . I have a drugs test on Monday morning . If I drink plenty of water will that help with passing the drugs test

12:37 am August 3rd, 2016

Hi I have a sinus clearing surgery tomorrow, Wednesday involving the use of general anesthesia at 10 AM. I did 2 lines of coke Sunday morning around 9-10 AM. Plus I did another line of coke Monday morning around 10-11 AM. Not to mention I also popped a pill and a quarter of ecstasy at a music festival on Sunday. All in all it’s been at leadt 36 hours since my last drug use. Will the drugs clear out of my system by then or should I just tell my doctor that I do drugs.

2:08 pm August 3rd, 2016

I sniffed a gram of average/low grade cocaine 19 days ago. I had my hair cut to 5mm long yesterday. Are there likely to be any traces of cocaine in my hair now.. My thinking is this: if the hair grow on average, 12mm per month then this new hair on my head of 5mm should be clean- right?? Please help me confirm this is correct. Thank you.

10:07 pm August 5th, 2016

Hi I am concerned I have had 5 x £10.00 of cocaine and 2 x £10.00 heroine in the last 2 days, I am flying to Spain on Tuesday and am concerned I will be deteceted when I go through passport control?

10:17 am August 6th, 2016

I did cocaine on the 6th I have a drug test on the 19th will I be okay or no??

2:24 am August 7th, 2016

If I use about a 40.00bag of cocaine every Saturday night and i do some tonight will Sure up on my urine test on Tuesday or if I take the text on Wednesday

3:30 pm August 11th, 2016

My last day doing crack cocaine was Saturday night, it is now Thursday morning and I have a drug test, will it be in my urine still?!

3:59 am August 17th, 2016

Can you get contaminated with cocain during Intercourse?

6:23 pm August 17th, 2016

I did about 6-7 lines of coke July 8th and then was asked by new employer to give hair sample August 16th…. Will coke show up in my test

5:11 pm August 18th, 2016

Last year I was recreationally using cocaine. I started to take college classes and wasn’t working anymore. My job was doing regular urine test so I never took a chance with excess drug use. After resigning though I started to use ore than before. Before that, use was sporadic throughout my years. Maybe once a year I would do a couple of lines since the age of about 35 I am now 47. I have not used any type of street drugs since Dec of 2015. Due to the fact the field of study I am going in to, they required a hair follicle. I did a hair follicle on Aug of 2016 and cocaine was detected in my hair. I was so sure that they would only go back 3 months and I did not understand how this could be still in my system. This is very devastating because I worked so hard to stay clean for 8 months I will continue to be clean, but how long will it take for my system to be clean for hair follicle?

6:10 pm August 18th, 2016

I did .5 of cocaine and do it about once a week how long will it take till I can pass a urine test

11:26 pm August 18th, 2016

Recreational use and forgot about a routine blood and urin test. If it is just a routine do they check for drugs?

12:02 pm August 21st, 2016

Can i get a testing kit to see if someone has taken cocaine in say the past fortnight? If so where do i get them from and how quickly will it get here?

Ms. Arnetha
11:35 pm August 21st, 2016

Mr. X, we will say – had a 8.5 level of cocaine in his system.

May I ask, what exactly does that mean?

Mr. X was arrested, and that’s what the arresting officer said.

Mr. X also said they tried to get the doctor to raise the number up. Do you know why?

Your answer will just help me understand Mr. X drug use.

Thank you.

7:42 pm August 22nd, 2016

Center says I’m still using cause still testing positive on screen for coc but I used every day for last three years I stoped on the 5 th is that possible to still test positive

7:48 pm August 22nd, 2016

Omg I jus read a blog on here my boyfriend still uses and we don’t use protection please don’t tell me that’s why I’m still testing positive

4:41 am August 24th, 2016

I did cocaine July 31, 2016. How long will it take to get out of my system to pass a hair follicle test? Also how long will it take to grow out?

7:27 pm August 25th, 2016

Just see hiu long Coke in in you sistim With being oN It for 1 day and got a med 8 days laser Will It show up ?

8:20 pm August 29th, 2016

I took two lines of Coke and two Xanax 2 mg last night & I have a drug test really soon I’m not even sure it might be today or tomorrow. How long would it take to get out of my system? Or is there a way to spend the process up?

8:49 pm August 29th, 2016

Wow. Isn’t that real reliable

8:23 am September 2nd, 2016

What are the side affects from cocaine?

10:12 pm September 6th, 2016

I haven’t done cocaine in 3 month but cocaine showed up in my hair follicles could it be that I’m really stressed and it’s still showing what was in there because I’m African-American are hair grows the slowest out of any other race

11:12 pm September 7th, 2016

I’m not a chronic coke user the last time I used coke was about sixteen days ago. it should be out of my system wight.

5:36 am September 8th, 2016

I did about a 1/2 gram of cocaine 3 weeks ago and i cut all my hair off about a week ago. If i go for a hair follicle test in the next month, will there be any trace of iit still there??

3:33 pm September 10th, 2016

I haven’t used coke in years last week I snorted a gram a week ago how long will it stay in my urine

1:59 pm September 13th, 2016

just once you took 1gram of cocaine and for how long its gonna be seen in urine while having urine test

7:53 pm September 15th, 2016

If I smoked crack on Sunday about 3 20’s and I have pain management on Friday if they do a drug test will I be ok I’m not a regular usagar and don’t plan on doing it again it was in my face and got week

7:45 am September 16th, 2016

I was clean for 15 yrs and has a relapse that lasted 3 yrs I have been clean for 2 months now will I come out clean in a drug test if clean 2 months? I will also be having surgery soon my doctors are aware of my addiction and recovery

10:24 pm September 22nd, 2016

I smoked probably a little over a gram of rock cocaine on Sat. night, Sun. morning. It is now about 50 hours later. I’m 5’9″ 170lbs, athletic. Do you think I’d piss clean? Also… I have not smoked any for six years prior.

2:53 pm September 23rd, 2016

Does USCIS check for drug use in examination for naturalization? If yes, what time of test? Thanks.

10:30 pm September 23rd, 2016

I did coke and it showed up in my system for this normal

8:36 pm September 25th, 2016

I sniffed a gram of coke Thursday night and am getting drug tested Tommora morning will I pass or fail?

3:40 pm September 26th, 2016

i smoked Crack heavy all day and night Friday into Saturday morning . I drank plenty fluids all day Saturday and Sunday. Today is Monday do you think I can pass a urine screen?

6:51 pm September 27th, 2016

Hi mate,
I am getting drug tested on the 17th of October. I take cocoain and ket most weekends.
I’ve read lots it’s out of your system in 2-4 days but I was wondering if this classes me had a heavy user and if I should stop now??

Thanks mate

12:25 am September 29th, 2016

My daughter relapsed with cocaine (not her drug of choice) has been clean for months she injected cocaine how many days does it take to come out of urine? For drug testing.? Ty

5:00 am September 30th, 2016

I never used cocaine an I was positive for it mad an confused

11:43 pm September 30th, 2016

I did coke on Friday Monday had a urine test does that give me enough time to get clean

7:24 pm October 4th, 2016

Hi Thanks for your e-mail which I found useful. I have been using cocaine for 3 months now and think its being mixed with other stuff if you get what I mean but I keep going back for m, I cant seem to stop. Even though it sometimes makes me ill.

6:07 am October 6th, 2016

If you don’t use cocaine and you try it but only like two or three lines how will that effect a hair test.

If a person..
7:49 pm October 11th, 2016

Approximately how long could only one line of cocaine stay in your urine when snorted, thank you . Snorts one line of cocaine and have never before, what is the approximate time for it to show in a urine test ,thank you very much

6:50 pm October 12th, 2016

I did 2g of cocain about 12days ago and took a frug yrst and it came back possitive long will i be dirty and how much longer is it gona takr to get clran i havent done any since,, i have a drug test on the nov 1

12:44 am October 13th, 2016

I recently took a hair follicle test how much cocaine is 675 mg/pg is I woukd have to have done what

4:31 am October 14th, 2016

I have a swab test due tomorrow at 1030am last time I snorted cocaine was Wednesday will I pass or fail?

5:55 pm October 14th, 2016

I stopped snoring for a month and a half andi had a drug test and they all came back as.i have been using but i have not before that i was a heavy user

11:32 pm October 16th, 2016

Hi Chris,I took a hair follicles test on August 5th 2016…it still showed up even when I didn’t do anything in 3 whole months…I’m African American or hair grow the slowest, out of different other race. And I’m really depressed I don’t think my hair could have grew being depressed in I never drink water really.that is a reason it could still show right? And I read that in some areas it just stay in your hair until it fall out or cut out. Please help.

12:14 am October 18th, 2016

Does the antibiotic Mupirocin show up as a false positive for cocaine

10:42 pm October 18th, 2016

If you take cocaine fri and Saturday how long does it stay in your blood or urine test

2:23 pm October 19th, 2016

I’m in a agreement with Steven, how long does it takes before cocaine and marijuana is out of your blood system?

8:18 am November 2nd, 2016

someone put coke in my drink?? At a Halloween party On Saturday night I have a blood test tomorrow will I be ok? That’s 4 days???

9:49 pm November 2nd, 2016

If you take a test for cocaine and you don’t use it can u get a false reading .

12:55 am November 3rd, 2016

I’ve had a drug screening done 10/21/16 ahair follicle I don’t do drugs but the test can back positive how is this possible dhs has been testing me for 2 yes.

8:44 am November 4th, 2016

i used crack cocaine very often and in abundance for years.I havent touched it in almost a month.I took a and came up positive there saying its impossible for me to be dirty.SOMBODY please explain this to me.

7:05 pm November 4th, 2016

I did cocaine Sunday till like 5am and did a mouth swab Friday around 12:14pm will I be clean I snorted it

6:29 pm November 7th, 2016

i smoked crack on saturday 11/5/16 will my urine be clean by monday 11/14/16 just enough time for probation ?

2:36 am November 8th, 2016

If I did small amount of crack on Friday night and take a u.a. on Tuesday would I be clean? I drink alot of water and eat a couple times aday.

11:49 pm November 8th, 2016

My question is can cocaine be passed through spit during sex? I tested positive and I haven’t done anything. I my boyfriend and I has oral sex Saturday late night n Monday I took a test and positive for a small amount

12:18 am November 9th, 2016

I did like 4 lines on Thursday. I Have been having a lot of oral sex and him cumin in me. And lot of spit passing Thursday Friday Saturday with my partner whom is a heavy user and I was tested and it came up slightly positive. Could the fact that he does 2-3 grams a night be the reason

4:47 pm November 13th, 2016

My husband has been on cocaine for about a year now on and off he says. I literally found out about this yesterday so his been lying to me all this time and that’s because he lost $800 dollars on gambling if not I would probably still know nothing! He also has a kidney transplant for about 5 years now. As his wife I’m lost I don’t know if to stay or leave:( he also had a problem with drinking before this idk if his using both now when he does get that high. He says he doesn’t want to loose his family but then he says he has demons inside he can’t control. Please any advise will help?

I also have done some research and I read if people don’t do it often then it doesn’t hurt it’s like drinking is that true? then I hear so many bad things about this drug.

6:35 pm November 14th, 2016

I have a coke problem! I started about a month ago and. Ow that’s all I seem to think about is how and when the next line is coming! I sniff over a 7bag about 4/5 times a week and on the weekend I sniff even more! How do I stop the control it has over me?

8:14 pm November 15th, 2016

how long does crack stay in urine going to rehab on Nov,28.2016 and did it today will it still be there in urune testing on the day of Nov,28.2016 if so is there a way to get it out of system fast please email me to let me know thank you kindly

10:38 pm November 16th, 2016

I used cocain this past weekend Friday and Saturday night, I don’t do it often but I may have blown a little less than a gram. 8 took a urine test this afternoon (Wednesday) around 3:30 pm. Looking to know my chances given my dosage…

6:07 am November 18th, 2016

I used crack tonight have drug test soon when will I be clean? What do I have to do to get clean fatser then normal. Haven’t done this in so long

12:44 am November 21st, 2016

Hey I did some Saturday Night like around 10 and didn’t finish till 3 Sunday morning will my system be clean by Friday?

6:08 pm November 21st, 2016

I get a line of cocaine on Friday and I’m supposed to do a test today urine test will God show up

6:19 pm November 22nd, 2016

I did one line of cocaine late sat nigh and got a urine test Monday morning @ work but before taking urine I did the q carbo detox drink, the drink said take after an hour before urine test unfortunately I didn’t have that long and had to take the urine with the drink beeing in me for about 50 min, what do u think my chances are of it coming up dirty

2:27 am November 23rd, 2016

I have been using coke for about 7 months two to three times per week. About a half to 3 quarters of a gram per. I have a lab urine test in 20 days. Should I be worried? Also I consumed big amounts of alcohol with the coke.

8:01 pm November 23rd, 2016

I done a small amount of cociane just a keys worth of that a couple weeks ago I have a drug hair test coming up, will it be detected even though it was a small amount

1:50 am November 29th, 2016

Im on federal probations and for the last 3 months im drug test has come back negative but my probation officer still states that small amounts of cocaine has been found in my system. How is that even posd5?

3:25 am November 30th, 2016

I use cocain Thursday night and had a drug test Tuesday at 6pm. Will I pass the urine test

2:04 pm November 30th, 2016

I done 1 n a half GS of cocaine Friday nite iv stayed clean since n have drugs test Friday mornin I done home test today n it shows positive will it still be positive Friday 🙁

8:48 pm December 2nd, 2016

My boyfriend weights about 260. He tested positive for cocaine after not using for 10 days (or so he says)
Anyways,he claims it because he’s over weight and it stays way longer in overweight people. Is this true?

8:50 pm December 2nd, 2016

My boyfriend tested positive for cocaine after 10 days of not using. He says it’s cause he’s over weight. Is that true. Does it stay in overweight people longer? He’s 5’9 bout 269?

4:38 pm December 3rd, 2016

What is the best thing to drink or eat to clean cocaine out of your pee??

9:45 am December 4th, 2016

My doctors did some test an knew I had been using for months what test was it an how long will it take my blood to-be clean again because he won’t prescribe my pain pills until I am clean

4:13 pm December 4th, 2016

If I submit to a hair sample test would cocaine still be dectable off the hair if shaved let’s say 3 weeks after my last use. Given the test 60-90 after wards?

7:58 pm December 6th, 2016

I used cocaine everyday with herion and I have a doctor appointment on the 13th of this month, but I’m going to get blood test on the 12 will it be out of my system if I don’t use anymore? Please reply ASAP. Thank you for your help.

8:02 pm December 6th, 2016

I have a blood test on the 12th of this month and I use cocaine everyday with herion will it be out of my system if I don’t use anymore? Please give me an answer soon. Thank you.

2:32 am December 7th, 2016

are their any real home remedies or toxins in stores that really clean your hair follicles and or body of cocaine so u can past a drug test, other than time?

9:01 pm December 7th, 2016

If I did Coc 2 days in a row last week and I took a personal drug test today and it came back positive. This Friday will be 7 days since I’ve used it, how long can it stay in my urine and is there anything I can take to help cleans my urine or drinking a certain amount of water will help? Does your body fat content determine how long it stays in your system

10:08 pm December 13th, 2016

I smoked crack 36 hours before a blood test can I pass

11:52 am December 23rd, 2016

I had a positive for cocaine on my recent drug test. I have never done this drug. I live in a house with basement dwellers who cook all the time
Could their cooking and smoking cause this?

11:24 am January 14th, 2017

I’ve used a couple of time I like it
But j don’t like the fact that I like it
I don’t use it on a daily basis
But lately ive used at least once a week but I have done it a total of 10 times
The past 4 times has been in the last month how can I do to stop liking it so much i know the more you use the more you like
Even though I don’t use it frequently I think it’s a cool recreative drug but like i said I don’t like the fact that I think of it that way i think i need help xd

4:15 pm January 14th, 2017

I just found out I’m 71/2 mo pregnant an smoked 4 20$ bags of cocaine on thurs! I’ve stopped! Will i be clean in 2 mo for my delivery?

2:10 am January 17th, 2017

Snorted cocaine on the 31 of Dec.and on the first of Jan will it still show up on urine test its that I get tested randomly and I think I might get tested tomorrow

3:48 am January 18th, 2017

If I used cocaine for about a year 3 x a week for a year and then started after a break for 4 months then started again 3x a week for 3 months. Then I took a 15 day attempt to quit and took another street amount of a 20 how long will it take to leave the bloodstream?

4:38 pm January 24th, 2017

I sniffed coke Sun. Morning about. 1am-2am and I Took one small line of meth. I have drank already 3 gallons of water since pissing every few minutes since Sunday morning is now tues and I got to take a urine test before 6pm I only sniff like 1/2 a 20 bag what are my chances I’ll come up clean

12:08 am January 26th, 2017

I am freaking out. I got a Great job offer and they do hair testing. I smoked last Friday and the test
is this Thursday. Will it show positive? Should I get a short haircut. I need the answer
immediately as tomorrow is Thursday….PLEASE HELP!!!!

7:07 pm January 26th, 2017

I snorted a .2 grams of powder Saturday night and I have a urine test today at 2pm. Should I be worried. I weigh 177.5 lbs and I’m 5’11” talk.

12:00 am January 27th, 2017

I have a question I tried cocaine for the first time on Saturday I smoked about 2 grams Saturday at 11pm till Sunday morning 11am I had a drug test Thursday will the results be negative or will the lab still be able to detect the cocaine

9:35 pm January 28th, 2017

Yesterday I did about 2grams of cocaine sniffed it. I have a urine in 7days should my urine come back clean if I drink mainly water until then. Or should I go another route say buying that stuff to flush your system from GNC?

10:17 pm January 31st, 2017

I did 2 lines of cocaine about 2 and a half months ago and was hair tested today. Will this show because I did such a small amount

3:26 am February 1st, 2017

I have a friend who had not done cocaine in over 15 years. He did 10 grams i bekieve he said over a 3 week period. How long will it take to clear his system thru a blood or urine test?

8:55 pm February 6th, 2017

I would like to know if you have bugs in your skin and your heavy user of cocaine will that keep the cocaine in your system longer because you got scabies or bugs on you

10:02 pm February 7th, 2017

I truly need help with my addiction I’m losing everything

8:50 am February 9th, 2017

I’ve been clean for sometime now, years back I used Crack everyday. I used quite alot for months approx. 4-5 months. I got locked up in jail and was tested 30 days into my stay I tested positive for cocaine Still!! to this day I still think about how much was in me to create that long of a period of still being Dirty, how to judge what is going on here: everyday a person is still positive after 3-4 days indicates the person has been using alot of cocaine on a daily basis, the more days after 5 days the more they are using. Mine was positive after 30 days which is a long time and years afterwards I still wonder what kind of damage I was doing to my body.

5:59 pm February 10th, 2017

I used crack over a month ago, I’m black and balding, was informed that I have to do a hair testyle? No hair, body hair is shaven close often but still present, can I pass this test?

3:04 am February 11th, 2017

1 did 100 dollarsbwirth if coke i did a 40 at around 2 am and than I did a 60 around 9pm later that day will i be clean by tuesday

11:50 am February 11th, 2017

How can i seek help that does not go on my record

10:14 pm February 15th, 2017

I use it almost once a week , sometimes more some times less , never more than one night out maybe some left over wen i get home . The next 2 days after i use it i feel some shap pain in my heart and it really scares me , but its all gone after a day or 2 . Does that mean im adicted? and can that efect turn in to a heartatack ?

1:08 am February 24th, 2017

I did coke for the first time and very little about about 2 months back.I have a hair follicle test will i be positive?

5:30 pm February 24th, 2017

Hey Ayani. Not to give you any false hope, but if it was a small dose and you only did it that one time, you just might have a chance at not testing positive. It all depends on the sensitivity of the hair follicle test and the amount you used.

5:10 am March 1st, 2017

My friend snorted coke and has been very nauseous right after. They are a very infrequent user of coke and wondered if it might be something added into it? From my personal history many years ago I don’t remember ever being nauseated. I appreciate any feedback. it wasn’t alot ingested they said they had a 8 ball its lasted 3 days and has 1/4 left since they’ve been getting so sick they can’t stand to do much of it. Sorry just wanted to add more info. Thx

8:15 am March 1st, 2017

Is there s such thing as a recreational coke user? My husband says it is only weekend but i suspect throughout week.still learning signs???

10:43 pm March 2nd, 2017

Hello, I only did a fingernail worth of cocaine 8 days ago and have a hair follicle exam tomm (day 9) but will be giving my hair sample for the exam from my leg hairs…will it test positive? I really appreciate any info on this thanks…

6:10 pm March 4th, 2017

I am 7 months pregnant and used cocaine only once last night I have my baby in may will it be out by then

3:18 am March 9th, 2017

Ok so on the 7th I use like a 30 and today 8th I had a 20 will text in 2 days will I drop dirty? And im on parole what kind of test do they run when being dropped?

4:38 pm March 9th, 2017

I have tested a cocaine a friday and it was negative, an othe the following monday and it test positive, them an other the following friday and it result negative., my question is, how i test positive if i haven’t do cocaine?, coul the ampiciline do this to me?

7:45 pm March 11th, 2017

Hi. I am a black male, 250 plus lbs, and had been smoking crack almost daily for about 6 months, although the amount varied from several hundred dollars over a 2 day period to a couple of dime bags a day. However, I haven’t used in almost 3 months. I have a hair test coming up and I was wondering if I would still come up positive on a hair test

12:42 pm March 13th, 2017

I used crack on Saturday night.. I test on Tuesday will it show up in a urine test

4:17 pm March 14th, 2017

I binged on coke one Friday night and was sick all the next week took a urine test 14 days to the day later what is the chance of pass. It was a urine test???

5:32 pm March 14th, 2017

I failed a hair test for cocaine which was in my system in around Oct 13 and was tested February 24 why would it still be there if i haven’t used since October

9:19 am March 16th, 2017

How much does it take to overdose on cocaine? I’ve been an active user for a little over a year now taking breaks for 2 weeks at a time.

2:47 am March 17th, 2017

dont do cocaine often but did 3 grams sunday night into monday will i be clean by friday morning at 10 for a preemployment urine screen

8:38 pm March 17th, 2017

Over the last month I have been doing small amounts of cocaine about two times per week.
Last week I had a little bit of a binge and did it Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday, so 4 days !
One week from the last time I used I will have a drug test… I have a feeling that I will not pass… Any thoughts?

5:19 pm March 18th, 2017

I used cocaine on Thursday the 16th of March. I am scheduled to take a drug test in 60 days. And am terrified of the results. It is a urine and hair follicle test. I cut all my hair off due to perm damage. But am concerned as to whether or not I will pass screening

11:02 pm March 19th, 2017

I injected cocaine a few times in the past month. I also missed a vein a few times leaving hard bumps which go away but not for a few weeks. Will it still be detectable in my urine until the bumps go away? Because I had two bad urine tests and for one I hasn’t used for seven days.

Confused and in need of advice.

11:03 pm March 20th, 2017

My daughter got caught using cocane at college in Idaho. She’s used it 5 times but smoked marijuana everyday for a year. We are looking for help. Drug testing to prove to the courts she has stopped and counseling and anything else she might need
We are in Pottowattime Co. Oklahoma

1:27 am March 22nd, 2017

These drug tests are shit. I was in detox doing a 5ml per day Methadone reduction and after twelve days I still tested positive for Heroin in a mouth swab which is supposed to be out of your system in 72 hours. I smashed the fuckin place up when they kicked me out. Cunts

5:26 am March 22nd, 2017

How long does crack cocaine stay in ur system if u used it one time on a Thursday an what day should it be out if u don’t use it but every once in a while.

5:55 pm March 23rd, 2017

I snorted cocaine for two weeks on n off now I have to take a urine n a hair drug test tomorrow. Will I be clean or dirty n I’m a 260lb female

6:18 pm March 23rd, 2017

I snorted cocaine for two weeks on and off now I got to take a urine and hair sample drug test on Friday which is tomorrow. What’s my chances of passing

12:27 am March 26th, 2017

I never use Cocaine but I snorted 1 line the other day. How long can it be detected in my blood ?

10:15 am March 26th, 2017

I have been taking Coke for 16 months now and I notice its effecting my sex life.

How long do I stay away form it before I get my sex life back on track?

10:22 pm March 27th, 2017

I’m happy l got the correct answers.
Thank you so much
Ms ada

9:04 am March 28th, 2017

I took a hair test and came up positive and I never used cocaine…..

11:08 pm March 30th, 2017

I recently had a drug test on the 29th,I had nomore than 2 grams of cocaine on the 10th of march I’m 6ft 2 and very slim I’m waiting on my results back,what’s the odds of me failing?

10:11 pm March 31st, 2017

I did 3 lines of not so good cocain. 5 days ago haven’t did any for 10 year’s ,none since, how long would it be detected in my hair?

7:51 pm April 2nd, 2017

I was find positive for cocaine hair test , I don’t use drugs , I do not know how it got there ,but it was probably put in a drink when I was in Honduras ; I shaved my hair after ,would it still be there in the new hair ?

9:22 am April 3rd, 2017

Jay was using about a half a gram to full gram almost every day for three weeks. Jay will have 8 days sober tomorrow. Do you think Jay pass a urine drug screen?

6:19 pm April 3rd, 2017

I took half a gram on Saturday and have a drug test on Wednesday not suer if it’s a saliva or urune test will i pas it?

9:48 pm April 5th, 2017

The last time i did drugs cocaine was dec 1st and i got tested from my hair march 4th well when i first got tested it was 20,000 but now in march it was 527 why wasnt it completely clean cuz its been 90 days

9:50 pm April 16th, 2017

I have not used cocaine in over 6 months why is my urine test still coming back positive with a level of 183

8:44 pm April 18th, 2017

If I was using cocaine intravenously about once a week would it show up in a hair follicle test?

7:10 pm April 20th, 2017

Iv smoked crack for a few days den stopped for two days,but iv smoked it again for three days, how long does it take to come out my urine

7:18 pm April 20th, 2017

How long does it take to come out of my urine crack if iv smoked it for 3 days not much

5:15 am April 21st, 2017

I smoked about a $20 maybe a $30 today on a Thursday. Haven’t smoked it in years until today. My question is considering the small amount I did am I likely to pass my urine drug screen on Monday if they decide to test me randomly. I never had to worry about passing a drug test until now.? Any advice or knowledge on this subject if I may pass my urine drug screen Monday should I have one? Thanks in advance.

2:49 pm April 30th, 2017

If you do cocaine while breastfeeding how long should you leave before feeding again?

6:14 pm April 30th, 2017

I usually do cocaine on the weekends. Last use was about Friday night -Saturday afternoon. I have to do a urine and blood test for my job. I’m not sure when exactly but within two weeks. How long will It take for me to be clean?

2:40 am May 2nd, 2017

On april 2016 i failed a ua by very little went up to dec 2016 did less than a 20 then went to march 2017 2smalll bumps then april 26 2017 2 more smsll bumps was on vacation this day return to work get emsil in july 1 they will start hair test will i come out positive if picked do not know how far compsny will go back. Is safe to tell them that my last day

was April 2016 when i failed not habitual user

2:23 pm May 4th, 2017

I did cocaine 17 days ago and done a drug screen on the 2 of this month will my drug screen be ok

7:38 pm May 5th, 2017

Have urine test for job. Inhaled 0.5 cocaine 15 days by now and I’m under depakine chrono cure. Can it result in the next week?

8:36 am May 8th, 2017

I have used about 2 grams of coke in the at past few days. Would taking an epidural shot to the spine for physical therapy, have negative consequences on my body about 4 days later?

2:15 pm May 8th, 2017

If I took crack on Sunday until Monday 3am. Will I be able to pass a urine test next Wednesday?

1:42 am May 10th, 2017

@ivana, i did cocaine exactly twelve days ago and when I went to pain management the 12th day they gave me a urine test, I did approx 1 gram, was curious if it will come back as negative on cocaine?

If I could get a speedy answer would appreciate it, thanks


2:45 am May 10th, 2017

Does benzel give u a positive for cocaine on a dottle drug test kit?

1:07 am May 11th, 2017

How long is crack cocaine detected in a test of the body hair if the user last used 120 days ago

4:15 am May 14th, 2017

I am confused, haven’t used crack in ten days, did a home drug test came up positive. I have been drinking only water, eating healthy and still positive results. Can you help explain.

4:16 am May 14th, 2017

Clean 10 days for crack, home drug test came back positive. Can you comment

5:43 pm May 14th, 2017

Ok I did coke on Saturday the 13th of may and I did lines and I would like to know how to get it out of my body because I am not a drug user and it was done on complete acsident and I want it out…….how do I get it out

5:46 pm May 14th, 2017

I did lines of coke and I am not a drug user and happened when I was barely conscious and I would like to get it out of my body as soon as possible how would I do this

2:35 pm May 16th, 2017

I used on Sunday note if I were to be tested the following Monday would it be clean

3:31 pm May 16th, 2017

Hi Gail.
Cocaine generally stays in your system for about 2-4 days. So if you used on Sunday and get tested for cocaine presence on Monday, your test will come up positive for drug presence.

5:57 pm May 16th, 2017

I snorted cocaine on Friday Saturday and Sunday it was less than a gram each long will it be in my urine? I have to go take a piss test tomorrow I have been drinking water will that help get it out?

9:08 pm May 16th, 2017

This is an estimate…but some synthetics can last longer. Everyone’s body metabolizes differently. Labs tests are gaining ground on the masking of these drugs. Also, urine tests only show what your body has processed…blood tests will show what is still in your system.

2:36 pm May 17th, 2017

I have been a heavy user of cocaine for 25 years. I recently abstained for a week but now back using. Having a hair drug test in 9 days. If I quit now will I pass?

12:49 pm May 18th, 2017

I done two small lines of coke sunday and i tested today will i be clean

9:12 pm May 18th, 2017

I done alittle cocaine last week n alittle sunday I’m 5″11 &159 lb I have a urine test tomorrow will it come up clean ?

11:52 pm May 21st, 2017

I have taken 4gs of cocaine since yesterday & i have a drug screen on wedensday will i pass??

5:11 am May 27th, 2017

Hi i used 0,1 grams of coke , ive heard its 2-4 days to get it out of ur urine is there a way i heard to home test? but yes do u think i will be ok i stopped friday 8pm and my urine test is tues , nooish usually
so do i need to chug lots of water and would it be good to try to sweat lots or can i just drink lots and be ok by then? thx!

12:42 am May 31st, 2017

I was just told I passed got for marijuana and cocaine and I haven’t used either I took a home text for the mj negative etc right I just don’t have the funds for the cocaine test any ideas of how I have this in my system my boyfriend smokes cocaine and I’ve fee is to help him stop but my point is can it get in my system if I’m constantly breathing in the smoke because we live in a bedroom …we share a apt

11:51 pm June 5th, 2017

What is the average dose? Approximately how many doses per gram?

2:43 pm June 7th, 2017

Did 3 line of powder cocaine g to do urine test today will it show? My friend said he will take me tomorrow. Need answer ASAP

10:28 pm June 7th, 2017

As a wise man once said Cocain is a hell of a drug

2:31 pm June 8th, 2017

I last used cocaine about a month ago. Prior to that it has been years. However, if I have to take a hair test it seems as though I will not pass. However, because you mentioned that cocaine resides in the shaft of the hair and not the actual folicle then it would seem that if I shaved my entire body from head to toe then the new hair would not show signs of cocaine use correct? Thanks in advance for your response.

12:41 am June 14th, 2017

If a user is on interveinous feeding for nutrition, will coke stay in his piss longer or shorter? Takes in and pisses out 2 liters a day. Did coke couple times a week for 3 weeks. 1/2 – 3/4 gram each time. Was clean 4 1/2 days and failed. I would think it would be flushed out fast with all that fluid and piss

3:36 am June 25th, 2017

How long will the metobolites of cocaine stay in your urine if you used on the second of june and you have a test on July 12th? It was only a small amount not even a full line and at a weight of 240 pounds a smoker and I don’t exercise do you think I have a chance of passing a urine test for my pain management doctor?

4:01 am June 29th, 2017

The key to getting it out of your system is to start by drinking water early. Like as soon as you wake up the next day. Dont over do it. Just make sure are pissing quite frequently. Water is your best weapon above all else. You should have it cleared for a urine screen in 72 hours whether you consumed alcohol with it or not.

3:08 am July 4th, 2017

How long does it take for crack cocaine to remain in you’re hair I’ve been clean 100 days still testing dirty?

11:48 pm July 6th, 2017

If I snorted about 4 lines of cocaine on the 4th of July between 6pm to 10 pm will I be clean by July 10th at 3pm for a urine test?

2:03 pm July 7th, 2017

I have used cocaine Monday which was the third of July will I pass a swab test on the 11th of July?

10:54 am July 12th, 2017

Is there a specific or quicker way to get out of system

7:38 pm July 12th, 2017


I was just wondering what is considered heavy use of cocaine for detection up to the week period? Usually it takes 3 days but I’ve heard up to a week after binge or heavy use. What is considered the amount for heavy usage in grams if you will. For a 5’2 145 pound person, how long would it take. I have snorted 2 grams one time and tool a test a week later and was ok so do you think by the 3 day mark I will be fine?

10:23 am July 14th, 2017

Last time i shot coke was 7/12. Down DNM helps

7:42 pm July 14th, 2017

A friend of mine smoked a small amount of crack (10 dollar hit) last Friday night, is it still in his system?

12:19 am July 21st, 2017

I never did any drugs and I tested positive. Don’t understand this, and I tested positive for a drug test for a job. Not understanding the concept.

2:50 am July 23rd, 2017

I snorted 4 lines of cocaine this past Sunday (the 16th) and smoked about 8 blunts of marijuana. I have an upcoming urine test and blood test for a job. Will I show positive??

7:41 pm July 29th, 2017

I did coke Friday night will I be good for urine drug test Wed?

11:28 pm August 2nd, 2017

I hit a line of cocaine on a Tuesday I gotta test Monday will that show up

5:47 pm August 17th, 2017

Hi I have a question I recently took a drug test yesterday for a job n failed it cause they said I have cocaine in my system I now I don’t use it but I have friends that do how can cocaine get in to mine if I don’t use ?

10:35 am August 19th, 2017

a court has ordered a drug test going back 6 months for cocaine only. my hair is short and dark brown roughly an inch and a half long. I was wondering if they take a body hair sample would they detect cocaine. I last took cocaine through my nose about a month to a month and a half ago. Please help!

11:28 pm August 20th, 2017

I’m a weekend user of crack cocaine an I have to have hair test, how long will it be in my hair? This is for work an when should I stop?

8:46 pm August 22nd, 2017

So my birthday was on the 19th and i did snort about 2 lines but im dropping UA’s randomly, I’ve been drinking alot of detox water and because of it have been urinating more frequently, my question is does detox water really help get rid of cocaine or even with detox water can i still come up positive?? is there anything (besides not doing it anymore) to try and help speed up the process of cleaning my system out???? pleaseeeeee let me know ASAP!

10:04 am August 25th, 2017

How have I got cocaine in my hair test when I’ve never taken cocaine??

5:50 pm September 6th, 2017

i want to know if you can urinate cocaine instead of its metabolites i think if you are urinating it already went through your liver and then should be metabolites so if pure cocaine is in urine shouldnt it be

8:47 pm September 6th, 2017

Hi, I’ve been sniffing a teenth 1.75 grams of cacaine daily for 2 years consecutively till yesterday, I have a drug test on 20/09/2017.

Need help please, any advise to extremely rapidly get it out of my system.


I anxiously await for your reply.


1:57 pm September 8th, 2017

If I just done just a small line and snorted it how long will it stay in my blood

12:56 am September 14th, 2017

My question is can they retest an old urine again for cocaine.

8:45 pm September 14th, 2017

I did less then half a line of coke a hour ago I have a urine test tomorrow morning will it still be in my system?

12:32 am September 15th, 2017

I did 180 worth of coke plus smoke three hits of meth will I be clean in eight days I have to pee for my doctor and po by then and I was gonna get a detox at plane k do those work?

12:25 am September 23rd, 2017

I’m not a heavy user, I used about $60 of crack Thursday and have to be tested Monday. How can I make sure I’m clean?

11:37 pm September 23rd, 2017

I did a couple of lines yesterday . … How long will I have to wait to pass a blood test ? thanks

5:38 am September 24th, 2017

If I shoot cocaine on Monday morning would it be out of my system by Friday morning

2:24 am September 30th, 2017

I stopped doing coke for at least 6 years , one night I did 3 Small lines it’s been 5 weeks can it still come out on a hair test

9:21 pm October 7th, 2017

Haven’t used 80 day is cocaine still detectable hair test

10:31 pm October 8th, 2017

I caught my fiance using cocaine two days ago I’m honestly not sure how often he uses. If I were to buy a drug test just for cocaine would it sill come up in his system or has it already been two long.?

2:01 am October 14th, 2017

It’s been 81 days since I have used crack cocaine do u think that I can pass a hair follicle drug test

10:34 pm October 18th, 2017

So I just used a half g of coke yesterday and I have to pass a hair follicle test a month or two from now. If I cut my hair off completely like buzzed and let it grow back to over two inches( my hair grows fast) well I still show up positive for coke in a hair follicle test?

3:12 am October 20th, 2017

Did cocaine about a month ago have a hair drug test on monday will it come out clean????

6:50 pm October 23rd, 2017

I am a african american female my hair hasn’t grown in 3 yrs same length will it continue to show same level of cocaine it goes up and down

1:18 am October 26th, 2017

stopped using on Wednesday night and had test on Tuesday and came up positive with high levels is that usual

3:41 am October 27th, 2017

my daughter is nearly 5mnth pregnant she doesn’t use cocaine but her urine sample came back positive what has caused this ?

8:20 pm October 28th, 2017

I did a little thin line of cocaine like friday night. And might have a Urine test on that thurday. Is 5 days enough time to get out of system? How to gwt out quicker

6:46 pm November 3rd, 2017

done cocaine on 14 october and have drug test on 8 november will i be okay

10:11 pm November 3rd, 2017

What can you drink to get coke out of your system for an urine test.

5:28 pm November 9th, 2017

It always best to leave at least 7-10 days before you get tested a swab can be positive still between 4-5 days and if they are testing your urine to best to leave it alone for at least 7 days if your test is being sent off for more testing you will need to leave it alone for 16 days.

5:33 pm November 9th, 2017

it takes between 4-7 days with a swab 7 days with a urine test and if hey send it off for better testing it takes 16 days

7:47 am November 14th, 2017

I did one gram last week, the first time in years. How long will it stay in my system if I get tested? I regret the lapse so much now.

3:00 am November 15th, 2017

I snorted about half of gram of cocaine yesterday. And got tested today. Would I come out positive?.

3:08 pm November 29th, 2017

am about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds. I run and work out everyday, sometimes twice a day. I have been clean for almost a month now but this past Sunday (early hours of the morning) I had snorted about 4-5 lines and had quite a bit of alcohol in my system. I have a very important drug test coming up next Monday (8 1/2 days after last use) and I am drinking nothing but water with lemon, continuing with my regular exercise and eating relatively healthy. Also taking my vitamins, peeing non stop as well as regular poop’s. What are my chances of being clean in my urine and blood next Monday? Again, the last time I had used cocaine before this was late September/early October of this year, I have never been a consistent day to day user but have experienced a couple binges in the past few years. I am also 22 years old and an average to high metabolism. Thank you.

1:19 am December 9th, 2017

hi i took a urine and hair test today at around 2:30pm and last took about .4 of cocaine at around 5:00am i drank lots of water and had a shower before testing will it show positive ?

9:55 am December 28th, 2017

I haven’t done cocaine in 3 months these past 2 weeks I’ve done 2 grams is that considered a chronic user ?

6:11 pm January 3rd, 2018

I did a couple lines throughout the night for New Year’s Eve. Last dose was probably around 3 am so technically Monday morning. I have a urine test tomorrow afternoon and I’m also overweight . Will the metabolite still show up? Will I still test positive?

11:47 am January 19th, 2018

If constantly touch cocaine will it show up in hair test

11:58 am January 19th, 2018

If I constantly touch cocaine will it show up in my hair test ??

8:25 pm January 21st, 2018

Hey there. How many days should I come off cocaine before a general anaesthetic….. ?

12:20 am January 24th, 2018

Hi my Dr said that there are trace amount of cocaine in my system. I’m 2 yes clean.She is using a new lab and this is when the problem began. One time it was at 25 ,two weeks later. 9 ,,two weeks later 18. This is causing me sleepless nights, knowing that I’m not using, but trace amounts have been in my urine. My husband however is still using, but claims he doesnt in the house. Yes I know he’s lying. My question is I’m I getting it in my system from sex ,or any other contact with he ?

1:25 am February 2nd, 2018

My assistant has been clean for months I get hit two hits on Tuesday and I have to test on Friday will it still be in my system

11:14 pm February 2nd, 2018

Do you know what happens when you snort calomel?

2:50 pm February 3rd, 2018

If I never used cocaine but did touch it to sell it will it show up in a drug hair test?

2:48 am February 7th, 2018

I took a tiny half a line on Monday and have a urine test on Thurs. I also threw up that same night, will it still be detectable? I am 5’7 160 pds.

1:25 pm February 7th, 2018

Pretty much yes it will come out. Dirty go to smoke shops and buy a drug test just the cheap one and see if u r dirty

1:00 am February 8th, 2018

I last used cocaine november 2017, should my hair follicle come back clean??

9:26 pm February 9th, 2018

Can I have a baby after cocaine use?

10:03 pm February 9th, 2018

Hello!! I have a question, will my future baby be born alright after consuming cocaine, I consumed it since 2 years ago just a really small amount and I’m hoping that it’ll leave my body someday

1:07 pm February 15th, 2018

Took cocaine and I am having a general anthetic operation in 18 days time. I have only took it twice.maybe 3 or 4 small lines. Will it be ok to have the operation.?

6:44 pm February 19th, 2018

I used 2bags of Heroin and I got a urine drug test tomorrow I should be clean?

2:14 am February 24th, 2018

I snorted an unknown amount but no more than 1.5 grams 20 days ago. It has been over 2 years since my last use before that. I have a hair test coming up, will it be detected? Male 31 210 lbs

6:02 pm March 2nd, 2018

Took a small dosage of cocaine. Not even a line just a small amount. I am 25 highly active and in good shape. Took a drug test 36 hours later. What will be my results

12:44 am March 5th, 2018

if I took cocaine today would it show in a hair test tomorrow

11:09 am March 5th, 2018

I have been clean for almost a month but for some reason i did a small and another small one. Im in a program were u have to call a number every day to see if i have to test. Im scared, how can i flush my system fast?

11:14 am March 5th, 2018

I need info about how look how it takes for cocaine to leave your system….help

7:44 am March 8th, 2018

If took a little number how long will it affect a urine sample?

No name
5:01 pm March 10th, 2018

I have a question I did Cocaine 4 days ago I have drug urine and hair sample test to do would I fail ?

9:52 am March 11th, 2018

I tested positive twice around February 17. I delivered my baby on March 6. They sent her stool off. Is it gonna come back positive

1:53 pm March 12th, 2018

My question was…I dropped dirty twice in February and I delivered on March 6. They sent my babies stool off. How long does crack stay in her stool

11:41 pm March 12th, 2018

I did 3.5grams spaced over 5 days plus i dont do it but 2 a year will it be out of my system in 10 days

Southern guy
6:43 am March 16th, 2018

Used a small bump 57 days ago brownish black hair cut hair 3 or 4 times since then but will have a hair test soon chances and levels of showing up? Now hair is about 8mm in length

5:31 pm March 16th, 2018

I got a urine base test coming up in 3 days from last usage it would be 10 days. Im a weekend user and use about 1/4 to 1/2 gram every weekend. I weigh 185 pounds and 6’1 slim will i be able to pass the test?..

10:37 pm March 21st, 2018

Never used drugs tested yet positive traces of cocaine in my urine. What source can this come ?

12:08 am March 22nd, 2018

I have use cocaine a few times a week for a month and. I have a urine drug screen in bout 8 days.. Will I pass amd is there any thing i can do to pass

12:04 pm March 24th, 2018

Used about a gram and half of cocaine. First time i have used in close to 10 years. Should i be ok on a urine test in 4 days? Any thoughts appreciated!

12:17 pm March 24th, 2018

So I’m a plasma doner and I have a question.

I did participate in 1 line inhalation of cocaine (by nose) last night. So i wanted to know if it is OK to donate plasma in 2 days or should i wait longer? Amd what are the possibility of passing a drug test? (Urine, blood, salvia, & hair etc…)

3:57 pm March 24th, 2018

going to get blood work done for surgery ,but i smoked crack cocaine 3 three days prior will it show up in y bloodwowk

1:49 am March 31st, 2018

Why would I test positive for cocain but not for hydrocodone. When I take the pain meds as prisribed but never use coke

12:03 am April 2nd, 2018

I messed up, me n my ex did about 8lines of coke on sat night, all night. I have a urine test Thursday the 5th will I pass? What can I drink or take to get this out of my system? Really worried. I am on subutext,have not done coke for months. I am 6’@weight is 140.will I pass, the test is at 9:30 in the morning Thursday. Please reply.

10:22 am April 2nd, 2018

I never really use cocaine but I had some on Thursday ,only 5 small doses
Would it be out my system by now?

6:57 am April 4th, 2018

My son has had a sweat patch for cocaine for about 3 weeks now and it keeps showing high levels. I know he isn’t doing it so why is he getting these readings. It is court ordered and could send him to jail. How can he prove he is not doing it? He was a chronic user before the patch but hasn’t used since it got put on. We knew it would show up for a while but what could be going on after this long? We need help fast!!

5:27 pm April 8th, 2018

I recently did about half a gram of coke this weekend and found out I will have to take a urine test in a month. Will I still drop positive?

8:25 am April 11th, 2018

Hey, I snorted 1 gram of coke on Saturday April 7th and I drank about 6 beers before and another 6 beers during the night that I was doing lines. I haven’t done any coke for about 6 months prior to this night. I just found out I will have a pre employment urine test on Monday April 16th. Will the metabolites of cocaine be found in my urine? I have heard of a 3rd drug that gets formed in your liver after combining cocaine with alcohol called Cocaethylene. Will this be tested for and if so, will it be out of my system after about 8 days. I’m panicking and drinking water like crazy. Please help. Thank you!

11:06 am April 12th, 2018

I have done a gram of cocaine and have a lab piss test 4 and a half days before I go in to do the test. Will I pass it!

12:30 pm April 22nd, 2018

I last used January 3rd but social worker wants to go bk to October how can I remove cocaine from October I wasent clean then an need to show I was in October November an Dec please help wat shud I do

6:11 pm April 25th, 2018

How would you define or quantify Chronic, heavy use of Cocaine? for instance.. if a person used about 3 times per week for a month, would that be considered heavy use or somewhere in between? Also, you say that metabolites can be excreted in the urine for up to several weeks, but that heavy, chronic users could be positive for up to 10 days. are those metabolites detectable creating a positive test result for several weeks after use? Or would 10 days be about the maximum window? Lastly, are there any other factors besides frequency and amount of use such as bad liver or kidneys, or any other possible outside factors that would change the expected window of a positive result?

7:02 am April 26th, 2018

I haven’t use cocaine over 20 years I used last week Wednesday less than half gram I have urine test tomorrow will it test positive

8:17 pm April 27th, 2018

Hi I was just acking how long do this stuff stay in your body and your blood or do it get in your blood buy smoken it in your weed just want to know

5:50 am April 28th, 2018

If I been clean for 4 months n do one shot of cocaine .02 how long til I can pass a urine drug test

8:00 pm May 2nd, 2018

If I have to take drug test on Thursday n used cocaine on Sunday will I pass

6:58 pm May 8th, 2018

Go to family dollar buy the 3 pack of plastic travel shampoo bottled pee in it before you party if you have a drug test coming up, freeze it, boil some water before you leave put it in a thermos, put your pee in it to defrost and heat up about 10 minutes, takes about 15-18 minutes to cool down to 100 degrees then you have about 10 minute window for it to drop to 90 degrees, so need to take your piss in that window, unsupervised of course

5:34 pm May 9th, 2018

How long does crack cocaine stay in your system exame i reached out to get help afyeri relapsed and do not intend to use again so will i pass a,drug hair follicle test in 6 month grom today??

2:51 am May 11th, 2018

So i didn’t snort coke but I tasted it (ex I dipped my pinky finger in the bag an put it on my tounge) this was Saturday in the afternoon. I have a hair follicle test on Friday. Will I fail or pass

John doe
1:37 pm May 12th, 2018

Will Cocaine still be in your hair after to years can you pass a hair test after that time frame

7:54 am May 16th, 2018

Did one line of coke 14 days ago next day had a hair test will it show up

4:15 pm May 18th, 2018

I did cocaine about a month and half ago would it still show up in a hair follicle test? Maybe a half gram and haven’t used in a long time before that and have not used after either.

9:14 am May 19th, 2018

How can you pass a hair drug test if cocaine or marijuana is in your system?

5:25 am May 20th, 2018

I haven’t used cocaine for over 3 years. But today, I smoked about a half gram of freebased cocaine. And after that, snorted almost 2 grams, (I shared a little bit). How long will this take to leave my system? There is a possibility that I will have to take a drug test in 36hrs from now. It will probably be a saliva drug screen. However, out may be a urine test. So, how long do I need to pass eithet of these tests? Our any I just screwed?

10:10 pm May 27th, 2018

Does cocaine show up in a hair follicle from kissing someone who has been taking it… iv been clean nearly a year now n due to do a test in probably a month

3:28 pm May 30th, 2018

My friend swears she doesn’t ever take cocaine but her husband does. He’s very sloppy with it apparently and spreads it everywhere (on furniture etc). Her urine was tested (her alcohol additction) and cocaine came out in result. Is it possible that she accidentally ingested it and such small amount is detectable?

4:38 am May 31st, 2018

I haven’t done drugs in over a year but my hair test came back positive for cocaine. Is there anyway to dispute this test? I really need this job!

7:20 am June 4th, 2018

I have a friend on probation who is randomly being tested for the presence of cocaine in his urine in order to succesfully complete his probation. He has tested 2 or three times and all were positive, however, the program directors were aware that he was a long term heavy user and it wasn’t abnormal to have a few more positive tests than the average recreational user. He stopped using cocaine 60 days ago today (6/3/2018) and tested himself on the last day of May and still showed positive for cocaine. How is this possible. He does take prescription medication which includes weakened kidney function as a side effect and I read that a situation like that could definately influence the time to test clean. Is this even possible? How can abstaining from cocaine for 2 months still show positive on a urine test. Help! He has explained the situation to his probation officer, but he’s going to have to have some kind of justification for this or it will sound like the standard b.s. that they are fed all day from people. Any help would be appreciated!

10:23 am June 4th, 2018

I used close to a gram in the span of 2 days, and I MIGHT be getting tested 4-5 daya after my cocaine use, Ive been drinking lots of water, eating healthy and exercising. I am not a regular cocaine user, in fact this is my first time in more than a year. Will i be able to pass a urine test if I am tested after 5 days ? I weigh 175lbs and generally healthy .

5:23 am June 11th, 2018

Just wanted know I did cocaine a mth ago June 8 made 30 days I wanted know how long it take to get out of my hair I loss my kids bc my daughter level was so high but never did it around her pples tell me by her underneath me so n the sweat n came from my hands.just wanted out of my head period what I need to do

7:19 pm June 12th, 2018

Is it any product i can take to get the cocain out of my system mainly hair please let me kno. I snorted coke june 11th and i need to get clean by sept. Is that possible Thanks

Blood test for drug use
12:29 pm June 13th, 2018

this is really an important post, very fruitful. great share.

5:24 pm June 13th, 2018

After reading the pdf it mentions nothing regarding time frame of cocaine being detected after a person cuts all the hair. My question is how long after use would a person need to wait to shave all hair to avoid cocaine re entering the newly grown hair?

6:24 pm June 18th, 2018

I smoked crack just to try it….it was only 2hits that was like about a month ago and I have a hair follicle exam this coming Wednesday will i come out positive??

1:20 am June 19th, 2018

I have been using cocaine for years. I hace not used in 3 days. If i drink alot of Pedialyte and gatorade can i pass a drug test scheduled 15 hours from now. If i continue to drink ut

3:32 am June 19th, 2018

I did less than a half a gram of coke on Saturday the 16th and I have a urine test Tuesday the 19th I’m 19 years old 5’10” and 180lbs I’ve been drinking plenty of water as well. Will I be able to pass the drug test?

6:58 pm June 19th, 2018

I used cocaine on Friday. And today is Tuesday and have to take a urine test. Is is possible I can drop dirty.

2:09 am June 21st, 2018

I do not do drugs but i have been in the same room with people who smokes crack cocaine will it show up in a hair test on me because I’m around people

1:26 am June 22nd, 2018

I do not use cocaine much. Maybe 2 times a month. I have a drug test in exactly 4 days. Will I be ok ?

10:22 am June 22nd, 2018

I don’t do cokecain but it showed up in my pee.How could this happen

8:35 pm June 24th, 2018

Hi I am well was a heavy user of cocaine and my employers have brought in urine tests I am on holiday for 15 days were am out the country n won’t touch the drug do u think that 15 day period will be long enough to pass test thanks

9:42 pm June 24th, 2018

Hi am a regular user of coke but trying to stop but it’s so hard after so long on it my employers have just brought in drug testing n I got mine in 15 days if I stop now so none for that period do u think I will pass if I drink slot of water every day

2:18 am June 27th, 2018

I am wondering how long snorted cocaine / methamphetamine is detectable in the nasal tissues? Thanks.

10:37 pm June 27th, 2018

Hi there so I did about a 70 dollars piece 8 days ago would I still test positive??

4:19 am July 3rd, 2018

I used half a gram a week of Cocaine for two months
Had 3 weeks off
And had two lines
When will that be out of my urine

10:54 am July 8th, 2018

I had a 2 day binge with probably 12 lines in 48 hours and snorted less than 1/4 gram of crystal meth. How long does it stay in my system. I drank good amount of water.

6:38 pm July 8th, 2018

How long do cocaine stay in the blood and if so how long or what can you do to have it undetected

1:20 am July 11th, 2018

What if i did some 2 1/2 months ago with it still be in my hair

3:04 am July 11th, 2018

Can I get rid of fat after the use of cocaine??

4:05 am July 11th, 2018

If I smoke weed laced with crack for about 2 yrs everyday how long will it be detected in my blood after last use

1:43 pm July 11th, 2018

Can you test positive for cocaine from 15 yrs ago if body hair is collected that has never been cut? I handled/used cocaine for years and have been legit for the last 4 but had to do a hair follicle in which they took body hair.

10:18 pm July 11th, 2018

What if I accidentally got some coke on my finger and it made it’s way to my mouth on accident then my mouth went numb will it be in my system very little I guess was an accident

9:53 pm July 20th, 2018

If I’ve been clean one month of cocaine and cut my hair off. Will it still shows on a hair drug test

9:29 pm July 24th, 2018

When you take a Silva drug test how long does it test positive fpr

9:42 pm July 25th, 2018

Idk what do my husand doesnt do it but all his family parents do it am scatwd he fall into it. We dont have engough money move out his anget stress high am scares loose my husamnd that drug

2:42 pm August 3rd, 2018

I’m having an issue with being sober since January 5, 2018 and having hair tests come back still positive. Any Information that’s useful…please help. I need this drug out of my hair please

7:39 pm August 7th, 2018

How long last cocaine in you’re blood

12:09 am August 8th, 2018

If I took cocaine at 3:00pm when will it come out my system.

11:44 pm August 9th, 2018

If a did a 20 of Cocaine a week ago will it show in a hair follicle next month ??

10:52 pm August 10th, 2018

If i have touched crack gow long will it stay in my system

9:28 pm August 12th, 2018

I snorted all together maybe 2-3 small lines and drank maybe 3-4 beers. I weigh about 130 and female and have a high metabolism and I am also active and drink alot of water. This was Friday night into about 3-4 am Saturday morning. Will I be okay for a drug test on Wednesday at 11 am?? Please help. I know I was an idiot!!

11:19 pm August 29th, 2018

if you pass a drug screening for urine and shave your pubic hair will your hair after it grows back be detected for drug use

6:38 pm September 4th, 2018

I tested positive for a small trace of cocaine in July. The amount they said was 5.9 I have never used any kind of ilegal drugs and I am trying to find answers to how I could if tested positive for cocaine. Can you please help.

5:33 am September 11th, 2018

I have done about a half of a gram to a gram a day for about 2 years straight. Hiw long will it still be in my urine?

2:33 am September 17th, 2018

I did cocaine on the first and have to do a hair test on Tuesday I ruined clean on Thursday but they still want blood n hair

11:27 am September 22nd, 2018

I did probably about .6 or .7 of cocaine how long will it take for it to ware off? And if my nose fills runny and I talk to my family a lot how should I act so they don’t think I do cocaine

6:06 pm September 22nd, 2018

i did a small amount of cocaine saturday at 8 pm have to see my po weds at 2 pm will it be out of my system on a urine po test by weds by 230

4:09 am October 7th, 2018

I have a possibly drug test Monday or Tuesday and just did cocaine today what are the odds I’ll come out dirty even if using a cleanser? Thank you

2:17 pm October 23rd, 2018

I never used cocaine, but took hair follicle test and they said cocaine was in my hair. How did that happen, please help

9:12 pm October 24th, 2018

I have used cocaine for years and now need to get blood work done to determine if I’m a match to be a donor for my brother for bone marrow transplant. Please advise if cocaine will be detected in my blood for this and whether it will jeopardize my being a candidate if I am a match as soon as possible

5:06 pm October 29th, 2018

I’m a chronic crack user and how long does it take it to be out of your salvia

6:20 am November 8th, 2018

If I snort 2 lines on Saturday and if I get drug tested tomorrow will it come out positive?

12:46 am November 16th, 2018

If you do not take cocaine nor do you have friends who do, how is cocaine not showing up in my urine but in my hair? I am really battled, this can cost me my job

5:53 am November 19th, 2018

I did about a gram n half of coke between yesterday n today …it wasn’t very good…..cut considerably….it’s the 18th n 19th…I’m on Percocet n my Dr does random drug tests n i have an appointment on the 27th….what are my my news of passing..??’s a urine test….he sends them out….

7:42 pm November 19th, 2018

I took only 3 hits of crack yesterday at 1pm got aswab test today @ 415 think i wil pass?

8:47 pm November 26th, 2018

can you pass a hair follicle drug screening after using cocaine a week later?

2:50 am November 27th, 2018

Hi, i snorted coke about a week ago and I have a urine and hair drug test in 2 weeks. If I cut my hair now since coke doesn’t stay in the roots I should be good right?

2:13 am December 4th, 2018

I did cocaine on august 17 2018. Im gitting hair fallicle drug test tomorrow at 9 woud it be showing on my sistem or woud it come out possitive

11:52 pm December 6th, 2018

I took a very small amount of cocaine through the nose. It was a small bump. If I take a hair follicle test how long would it stay visible? I’m not a regular user. Very rare that I use it . How long will it stay in my hair ?

6:00 pm December 12th, 2018

I smoked 2 grams of crack friday at 3am. I have a drug test for parole thursday at noon… I have drank tons of water. Will i be ok and pass or will i fail.. Iby the time i go and get tested inwill be clean for 120 hours. Can someone please help me. Thank you…

6:04 pm December 12th, 2018

I smoked 2 grams of crack friday at 4 am. I have a drug test at parole on thursday at noin.. By the time i go for the drug test at parole i will have 120 hours of clean time. Will i be ok. Can someone please help

Marie S
10:46 pm December 17th, 2018

I did a very small IV hit of coke on Friday and I have to do a UA on Tuesday will it be out of my system? I use maybe once a month so no heavy use at all, but I’ve never taken a UA this soon.

7:38 am December 21st, 2018

How can i get cocaine out of my system for a urine test in 3 days… Please let me know of anything that will get it out of my system quicker yhanks…

4:02 pm December 28th, 2018

I smoked cocaine/crack 4 days ago, I am not a regular drug user of anykind, I am going for urine testing for it today and I am really curious if it will show on my screening test?

4:03 pm December 28th, 2018

I have a question for you guys

8:06 pm January 3rd, 2019

I have recently used cocaine i believe four time in three months but not a crazy amount never more than .5 grams max how will this show up in a hair test when i have passed a urine screen

7:34 am January 7th, 2019

I used less than a half gram of crack I have a urine test in 3 days will I pass

9:35 pm January 10th, 2019

Im recently did some cocaine & have to take a hair follicle test in a month. This is the first time i have done it in about a year & a half. How long will it take for it to not show up in my hair?

11:43 pm January 12th, 2019

Approximately how many times should we pee in order to pass a drug test for cocaine?

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