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How long does cocaine withdrawal last?

Are you addicted to cocaine or know someone who is? Here we explore how long cocaine withdrawal lasts and what you can do to help ease the effects. Then, we invite your questions about cocaine withdrawal or signs of cocaine addiction at the end. We try to answer all legitimate questions about cocaine personally and promptly.

How long until cocaine withdrawal starts?

Cocaine is an incredibly effective stimulant and withdrawal symptoms usually start just hours after stopping cocaine. What are symptoms of cocaine withdrawal? Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal can include agitation, increased appetite, and fatigue, vivid and unpleasant dreams. While these acute symptoms usually resolve within a week or two of last dose, other symptoms linger. For example, cocaine cravings can persist for the rest of your life. And other psychological withdrawal symptoms of cocaine can last years.

Cocaine withdrawal timeline

How long to withdraw from cocaine? Cocaine withdrawal timelines can last from days to weeks to months after last use. Here’s a general cocaine withdrawal timeline to help guide you during this period.

24 – 72 hours: Within twenty four to seventy two hours you can expect to start to crash and feel remorse and depression. The brain will be severely sleep deprived and while you may be extremely fatigued, it may be difficult to get rest. Some people sleep heavily during this period but wake feeling awful.

Week 1: During week one of cocaine withdrawal, you will probably start feeling a lot better and the cravings will seem easy to manage. The effects of cocaine will seem to be wearing off and you may start to regain confidence in your ability to handle cocaine addiction. Symptoms present during this time generally include agitation, unpleasant dreams, and increased appetite.

Week 2: After about two weeks into cocaine withdrawal, the cravings for the drug can start to return and you will experience hunger, anger and depression. During week two you may experience vivid dreams and think about using again.

Week 3-4: After three to four weeks you may start to experience mood swings. Sleep may still be a problem, as can depression. Exercise and a healthy diet will help to address these issues. Many drug abusers cannot handle stress without abusing a substance, so a lot of drug addicts relapse during this time. If needed, you can seek help from a medical doctor or psychiatrist to address underlying mental health issues.

How long do cocaine withdrawal symptoms last?

Protracted cocaine withdrawal symptoms can last six months to two years. The amount of time that the symptoms last depends on the amount of time that cocaine was used, which will determine the severity and length of the withdrawal period. Typically, you can seek mental health treatment for persistent symptoms which can help to greatly reduce the effects of protracted withdrawal.

Cocaine withdrawal: how long?

How long cocaine withdrawal lasts fluctuates depending on how frequently you used the drug and how large the doses were. If you were a heavy user, then you could experience cocaine withdrawal for years.

People who have used cocaine for extended period of times may experience PAWS, which stands for post acute withdrawal syndrome. Symptoms of PAWS will appear usually three to six months after cessation of cocaine. PAWS occurs when the brain needs additional time to restore normal functions after long periods of drug dependence.

Duration of cocaine withdrawal questions

If you have further questions about how long cocaine withdrawal lasts, please ask them in the comments section below. We will try our best to respond promptly.

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150 Responses to “How long does cocaine withdrawal last?
7:49 am January 28th, 2014

Iv used every weekend cocaine for 4 months . About a half gram first 3 months a night then last month I would do 1 gram a night on Friday and Saturday

11:07 am January 31st, 2014

Hello Steven. Do you need help in getting treatment for detox? Please let us know, or you can always call 1-800-662-HELP, the national drug abuse treatment hotline (24-7).

4:36 pm June 4th, 2014

I’ve been using quasi-daily for the past month, prior to that I was an occasional user (once every 6 month even less). I decided to stop. Today I am at day 3 but still experiencing heavy withdrawal symptoms, mainly fatigue and lack of motivation.
How long these withdrawal symptoms will last taking into consideration that the period i was using is relatively short and the dose was small (less than 0.5 g per consumption day).

10:50 am June 5th, 2014

Hello Vaso. Cocaine can cause protracted withdrawal symptoms in mood and sleep disorders for weeks or months after use. I’d suggest that you seek help from a psychiatrist for an assessment of your level of physical dependency and to address any underlying psycho-emotional issues. The more support during withdrawal, the better!

3:36 am June 19th, 2014

I have used cocaine for 3 years off and on and for the past year I have used it daily to the point if 3.5 grams a day how long will the withdrawal process last and how long will the nightmares persist I have been clean for 3 weeks now almost a month Z d I still get terrible nightmares and wake up in cold sweats his long will it last?

1:30 pm June 19th, 2014

Hello Lisa. PAWS (post-acute withdrawal symptoms) can last for weeks or months after acute cocaine withdrawal. Have you spoken with an addiction specialist (MD or psychologist) about these symptoms? It can help to talk with a professional who can let you know what’s normal and how to track and address symptoms as they arise.

6:03 pm June 28th, 2014

I have used cocaine off and on for 3 years and in that time I used meth for two months that were spanned a year in between each month. The second month I used meth everyday for that month and took the drug by snorting it not smoking it (I don’t know if this makes any difference). I have been clean from drugs since August 2013 and my question is how long does the fatigue last? I feel like I am abnormally tired, like my brain can’t handle being awake a normal amount of hours during the day so I sleep a lot. It’s not even just the tired feeling you get from doing too much and not getting enough sleep. I get enough sleep, 8 hours per night and drink lots of water try to eat healthy and I’m only 25 but I am very, very tired all the time. Is this normal?

9:37 am June 30th, 2014

Hi Erika. It is expected that you may feel very tired, lethargic, and fatigued throughout the day. A drug like cocaine tends to give people increased energy, so it’s pretty obvious that when you come off of it, you will very likely experience fatigue. People may fall victim to what is called “hypersomnia” or excessive daytime sleeping. This feeling of sleepiness may be very extreme in some past users. It shouldn’t last for too long. Taking more vitamins may give you more energy and vitality throughout the day.

10:30 am July 30th, 2014

I tried cocaine once a couple of weeks ago and have recently been feeling very tired and lethargic during the day. I have heard that one-time use can have serious affects. Could my sleepiness be related to the cocaine or is that unlikely given that it was just one time?

6:46 pm July 31st, 2014

Hi Peter. It’s unlikely that fatigue is caused by one time cocaine use, especially once the acute effects of the drug have worn off and the body has received from intoxication. I’d suggest, however, that you seek medical help from a general physician and not be afraid of full disclosure of the circumstances surrounding your concerns. Fatigue and sleepiness can be caused by a number of medical conditions and you’ll need a proper diagnosis in order to address the symptoms.

1:56 am August 12th, 2014

I started using cocaine for the first time Saturday night and now I have these god awful headaches andthey jjust wwon’t budge I don’t have any of the other symptoms it’s been 24hrs since my last dose and I have no cravings what so ever what can I do

1:30 pm August 12th, 2014

Hi Susan. Cocaine raises your blood pressure, so that may be the cause for your headaches. It can also be your body’s normal reaction if it doesn’t like stimulants, or you over-did it. Anyway, coke is now more cut than ever. These days up to 80 percent is cut at the source with Levamisole. It could be a cut your body doesn’t like. Cocaine is very irritating to your body. You’re very lucky that all you have experienced is a headache.

10:25 pm August 17th, 2014

Hi .. i have two quick questions… one : can pregnancy cause cravings for cocaine or cat long after someone has stopped using the drug… about a year after the last use of the drug… and the second question if someone has been clean for about a year perhaps 13 month (i do not have the exact dates and timeframe that the person used and then stopped using the drug) what withdrawal symptoms can still be expected.. is sudden cravings for the drug usual after such a long period ??

1:16 pm August 19th, 2014

Hi anon. Cocaine cravings can persist for a long, long time after quitting cocaine use. Some people have to deal with the thoughts almost every day, for the rest of their lifetime. As far as the question about pregnancy causing cravings goes, I’d have to say that I’m not aware of such thing. However, using coke during pregnancy is VERY bad for the baby.

6:20 am October 16th, 2014

I have been off cocaine for 4 years && 5 months now. I used it for 1 year && 2 months, eventually, smoked it && also used crystal in that time. I quit cold turkey from 1 day to the next && never sought any type of help. The past years i have still had cravings. I can literally smell, taste && feel the drugs. Is this normal? Craving after all these years? What can I do?

10:01 am October 16th, 2014

Hi Staphanie. You can talk honestly about your feelings with an understanding (non-using) friend or therapist. Things that you can do on your own are keeping yourself busy, exercising, and waiting for the wave of cravings to pass.

9:31 pm December 28th, 2014

I used to abuse a considerable amount of it with alcohol once every 2 months for a long time. After I ran out of money I shifted my focus to LSD and ecstasy and alcohol to counter the withdrawal effects for about 3 months. The amount and frequency kept on decreasing because I was again running out of money and honestly they did not have the same ‘hit’ as much as coke did. They were different and weird. I was too scared to let this come into anybody’s knowledge so I started to take an anti-withdrawal med (naltrexone, sold here as Naltima) for about 6 months and it helped to a certain degree. I motivated myself to be sober, I fought battles within me everyday without letting anybody know. But its been 3 months now and the ‘bad’ feelings are taking over me again. I cant face the reality, I see no point in doing anything. I have become a miserable person. Is it normal for cocaine withdrawal symptoms last this long?? I currently am on nothing, just 2 packs of Nicorettes (sold here as Nicotex) per day. Please Help.

3:38 pm January 1st, 2015

Hi Hira. I’d suggest talking to a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist, or you can search for some support groups in your area. You need a moral boost to continue with your mission for a drug-free life. Bad feelings can drag you back if left untreated, so please try to find some professional help. It doesn’t mean you are getting weak, it means you’ve been dealing with a lot for a while now.

12:51 am January 4th, 2015

In some cases the user will never be set free. A relapse is almost inevitable. Don’t let yourself be fooled by an extended period of sobriety. The user will feel he or she has the addiction under use and therefore resumes use. An even deeper more painful addict is now created. Instead one should smoke marijuana. Thank you

4:52 pm January 6th, 2015

I need help. Ive lost 16 years of my life to this garbage. Im 12 days clean. Im having headaches & cant sleep. Im workingout & eating rite but its just part of the big lie of being a junky. I wanta be better

4:06 pm January 14th, 2015

Hello Scared. Get help through counseling! You’ll need psychotherapy: probably a combination of CBT and behavioral therapy to address cravings and underlying psycho-emotional issues that compel cocaine use. You are not alone and don’t need to be sober alone!

3:11 pm January 16th, 2015

I’m Planning on quiting tomorrow I can’t handle these sessions anymore I’m 21 & want more to life than take drugs!? I don’t think il withdrawal symptoms tho? Because half the coke round here is bashed

10:43 am January 19th, 2015

Hi I’ve been using drugs since 13 14 yrs old started on cannabis and moved to harder substances ive bin taking cocaine for about 7 years on and off having binges and detoxes throughout but I’m a month clean from everything now after I suffered a massive panic attack a afternoon after the night before and since I’ve not felt the same. I’m yet to have any scans done for damage but that is the next step. I’m 24 with a girlfriend and daughter of 2. It’s ruined my life made me a wreck. I now suffer from extreme anxiety and tremors etcs I feel I’m never going to get better like I’ve ruined it for ever. I just need a direction to take without feeling like a scumbag. I don’t feel the need to relapse im too scared too it’s just my health I worry about now the feeling like I’m going to die is enough for me to go this young please help

5:19 pm January 20th, 2015

Hello Harry. Sure you can do it! But, it’s not done easily and staying sober after half a life-time of substance abuse will probably require a continuous effort throughout many years to come. You need to detox first, and medical professionals can best assist you during the period of withdrawals-which won’t be very pleasant, but the sympoms can be managed with medications. After you are physically stable, the long period of being devoted to counselling and therapy sessions will begin. This is an absolutely essential step for staying drug-free by learning the root cause for your drug use and what compells you to reach for drugs; then, learning new coping techniques will help you stay drug-free.

For now, you can start by clicking on these links and finding treatment centers in your area: and

pamela handerson
1:29 am February 19th, 2015

ive used the white girl for a year and a bit now . i feel im heavy into it and want to stop but i notice i get irritable and depressed before it was jsut weekend now its coffee and cocaine before work meetings just so i dont look off and i pay attention , should i consider an anti-anxiety med or a ritalin? i have the attention span of a gold fish naturally , then found coke helped me focus now its the opposite , i try cleaning and next thing you know im styling my hair and doing my make up trying new looks , or painting endlessly untill 6 am . also i find im very introverted now when i do it anyone have any good coping methods to help kick the habbit? also anyone struggling with social anxiety who has good coping methods they find helping please reach out xoxo

10:21 pm March 2nd, 2015

Tried coke at a party this weekend maybe did 6-7 lines in one night then the next day I felt like I was hungover my stiffness loss of sleep I usually don’t do coke except 1-2 times a month with atleast a month space between. Should be worrying about this its lasted 3 days I’m not worried I have friends ready to help I’m just curious as to what’s going on

8:14 am April 10th, 2015

On sunday my friend did a 8ball and Monday thru Thursday she been doing if she stop on Saturday will it be out of her system

6:40 am April 17th, 2015

I used cocaine about 2 or 3 weeks ago for te first time in a while .. I’ve only done it about 6 times in my whole life but this last time I did a lot of it .. the come down was horrible .. I couldn’t goto work the next day .. I got fired … And ever since than I’ve been suffering worse anxiety and depression that normal.. Have I perminently ruined my brain function? I have so much anxiety lately it’s UNbelievable I WILL never do it again … Addiction runs in my family the thought of the drug makes me nervous inside all by itself At this Point .. I’m scared il never be the same again .. Helppppp

12:15 pm April 17th, 2015

Hi Nervouse. We are lucky because our brains and bodies have amazing self-healing properties and tend to return back to normal. Although the brain has a tendency to return to homeostasis, some damages can occur and can be irreversible. Especially if you already have the genetic make up for conditions such as anxiety and depression. I’ advise you to seek doctor’s help in order to find a treatment that will help with your anxiety problems.

3:06 am May 28th, 2015

I’ve been using Coke now for over 6 months regularly once or twice a week but I’d say the last 6 weeks it’s been a lot more and the last 4 constant everyday thing I’ve he’d one day off in that time this is now my second I’m going to make it permanent he’d enough of the stuff. Anyone with some advice many thanks

1:58 am June 15th, 2015

I had coke on and off for years until last year. I started taking it every single week, sometimes twice in one week. I tried to quit on several occasions but failed until now. It has been four weeks now clean. Im 100% certain I wont be touching that shit again. I just laid out the pros and cons of taking the drug. I could not find one pro but many cons. I realised that this drug simply is wrecking my life.

5:32 pm July 2nd, 2015

I didn’t think I had a coke problem until now. Over the past few months it developed from a gram on a night out with work friends to taking it sober in the house after work each night. I have not had any for nearly 3 weeks and it has been a horrific time. My heart Is racing, sleepless nights with sudden rush of energy when trying to sleep. Muscle spasms, suicidel thoughts (especially when driving) freaking out thinking I’m going to have a heart attack. In general not feeling myself. It has got a bit better in the last few days, however, when I think about it I start taking anxiety attacks. Will this ever disappear and allow me to be me again? I know one thing, I will never put myself in the position where I could take it ever again.

12:38 am July 26th, 2015

I was doing cocaine for about 6 months about half a gram every night got sick back in February of 2015 with bronchitis then I had mono I have not felt the same ever since how long until I can feel better again

11:02 pm August 22nd, 2015

I used to be addicted to cocaine for about a year. I was up to an 8ball a day. I stopped cold turkey because my fiance was ptegnat and I didn’t want that in my child’s life. After she lost the baby I did it again about 2 months and realized the monster i icreated. I was clean for a year and a half I want it everyday a month ago I snorted a gram. Since I quit the first time I get terrible headache the back right side of my head. I get very dizzy.can withdrawal last this long? I have the will power to stop I am a very strong person.I’m proud of what I overcame but the symptoms have never gone away. They vary on pain levels. Also in that from I used method a few times.

4:24 am September 18th, 2015

I have a houseguest who has just told us he has been using cocaine. He can’t afford treatment. Is it possible just to stop using? What can I do to help him?

4:36 pm September 22nd, 2015

Hi Lisa. It is possible to just quit, but addiction treatment takes a very little time to detox and a long time to recover. It is the treatment in the period that comes after the drug has left the system that is crucial for long-term sobriety. This involves psychotherapy, group counseling, family counseling, support groups, educational sessions etc. This will require financial support.

9:56 pm September 29th, 2015

Hi , my neighbor in the next apartment is suffering cocaine withdrawal , violence behavior has occurred many time , i tried to help him he went to a doctor and prescribed cymbalta and vitamins for him. i am worried about my children , could withdrawal or reusing be dangerous , and if so what can i do to avoid it ?

1:44 pm October 3rd, 2015

I used coke for about a year then quit for 7 weeks with no withdrawal then started again every day for 4 months and quit again its been 13 days now and i jus wanna knw if this dizzyness im feel all day is part of the withdrawls its doing my head in and quite scary will it go or is this perminent

8:25 pm October 8th, 2015

Hi, my boyfriend told me that he’s been doing cocaine off and on since May of this year. He’a recently stopped for about a month or two, and seems to be find some days and then other days he’s a bit moody. He gets really stuffed noses every morning and throughout the day his nose is really runny. He sometimes thinks about it but says that being with me distracts him and helps him forget about it. Since I love him very much, it only scares me seeing him like this. I want to help him, but I just don’t know how since I don’t know know a thing about this. I know he has the strong mentality to never do it again, but I’m afraid that in a moment of weakness he’ll think of doing it again and I just don’t know what to do to help prevent that. How long will this withdrawal period last for him? And what are ways that I can help?

2:21 pm November 4th, 2015

Hi A. Aside from the immediate symptoms of cocaine withdrawal which I am sure your boyfriend is experiencing at the moment, there are also symptoms that may be present for weeks or even months. Depression and craving are symptoms that can be present for a very long period of time following the final use of cocaine. It is important to seek treatment, such as behavioral therapy, in order to address the psychological symptoms of cocaine withdrawal because of their severity and the length of time in which you will be affected. I suggest you search for counseling and psychotherapy groups in your area that he can attend to increase chances of long term sobriety and prevent relapse.

3:11 am October 13th, 2015

Ive used (don’t even know if it’s CAT or Coke) for two years (once every three weeks or so) but since I left my job about three months ago, Ive done more doses and more frequently.. I tried couple of times to quit but have realised that I can’t say no to it if it’s in front of me. I’ve obviously become more abrasive and agitated, which is a dead giveaway for someone who is known to be sweet and understanding.
My question is the withdrawal symptoms. I get a sharp pain from the centre of my neck upwards towards my head.. I know it’s addiction coz I don’t get the pain when I use.. Is there anyway of getting my life back again? Of getting rid of the pain?

5:20 pm October 22nd, 2015

Iv done many drugs for over 15 years but the last 7 was mainly cocaine the first few years of this I was doing around 7 grams a weekend then down to 3 then the last year was 7 again. I’m almost 4 weeks free but today iv woke up with a big haze over me. It kinda feels the same when iv had an extream paranoia episode but then realised it was in my head!

7:41 pm October 23rd, 2015




2:51 am October 28th, 2015

I was with a woman that used cocaine for about a year and half we just split up Friday and her mom died Sunday she didn’t want me because she thought I was being dishonest to her over the 8:months we were together starting 2 months after we were together is this a normal insuritey for them I was 95 percent truthful with her maybe white lie

1:14 am November 5th, 2015

My girlfriend stop using cocaine 3 months ago and she doesn’t trust anyone and she just lost her mother and we split up how can I still help her I have never used how do I help or do I leave her alone?

9:17 pm November 8th, 2015

I have been a user of drugs since I was 18. I started taking ecstasy at 18 until about 23 then I stopped for 2 years and then started taking coke when drinking with friends which then led to more and more and I was taking at work to help me deal with stress as I have my own business with staff. After 5-6 years of the cocaine one evening after taking it at work when staying behind to finish some jobs I had what I thought was a mini heart attack which was actually a panic attack and more followed for months on and off but I was taking nothing. From this day on I changed completely. I immediately stopped taking cocaine and also stopped drinking alcohol as it made my panic attacks come back and I would end up in tears losing my mind. This all made me go into deep depression where at the same time I had to keep my busy business afloat to feed my family(2 children and a wife). My head was absolutely mashed, I did not want to go out with my friends as I could not drink, I did not want to go on holiday as I felt depressed and I was simply emotionally dead. I eventually come clean to my wife and doctor as I was feeling fatigued, depressed and having sucidel thoughts but had so much to live for with a excellent family and business. I have been to nhs and numerous private different therapies which have helped me cope with the negative thoughts. I’m now 6 years on since I broke down and my fatigue is still all over the place but the doctors just say I’m anxious and have tried me on about 6 different anti depressants over the last 6 years and my fatigue Or anxiety whatever it is that makes me feel like a zombie is still a problem but is only when I’m not working, I’m totally fine at work when im busy. 2 years ago my non drug taking friends managed to get me out the house and I started drinking steadily again and my depression now is gone but I struggle going away on holidays still as my fatigue seems to kick in when away when I drink alcohol. The bad thing though now is that I have started taking 1/2 grammes of coke again when I go out drinking which which can sometimes be once a week or every other week but 3 weeks without it seems to be most I can do before I start craving it. I’m not sure if I take cocaine to help my work related stress and tiredness or the cocaine is actually causing the fatigue I feel. I had not been out drinking for 3 full weeks in October but was busy with everything else keeping my mind busy and for a couple of weeks I felt great but last weekend 8 days ago I went out drinking and took 1/2 gramme of coke also which made me very paranoid whilst on it and I could hardly look or speak to anybody as I was trying to hide my drug taking from them. Last Sunday morning I woke up so annoyed with myself once again for taking the coke but as always just tried to ignore my head from beating me up for using then This from the monday I have been off with my staff, grumpy and just peed off but at the same time but kept busy with work from 8am to 8pm until Friday so managed to get through it easier as I had less time to think. On my day off yesterday I felt totally flat, fatigued and could not be bothered speaking to anybody as I wanted to be left alone. Today I woke up feeling bettee and went to work for the morning and come home about 1pm. Since coming home and having nothing to do and I struggle with Bordem i feel absolutely fatigued and weak. Could this fatigue be cocaine related from only 1/2 gramme with about 15-20 vodkas last sat Nite? Also what do you recommend for my problem as I worry myself so much the days after taking it about it escalating back to how I was but a few weeks down the line my mind starts wanting a drink with friends but drinking means sniffing so its time to use again but even before I use i feel annoyed with myself for buying it but I can’t help myself. It seems a never ending cycle where I don’t know what’s actually causing me to feel so fatigued for no reason especially at times of having nothing to keep my mind busy. I’m not sure if my problems are caused by coke or if the coke is causing me my problems???? The doctors are no help they just think I’m a hypochondriac but I do feel lost with it all.

11:48 pm November 11th, 2015

I’ve been taking cocaine for about 5 years year. Fairly heavily and go through stages. For the majority of this time I have probably been sniffing twice a week doing a couple of grams per sitting… My nose has definitely lobsided and I’m so paranoid about it. My chest seems to tight and the panic attacks are unbearable sometimes. I haven’t done any for 5 days now and I am determined not to do it again. Alcohol is such a trigger and I’m sure it’s the same for most. I guess my question is… Does the nose heal and how long before you notice a change in your breathing etc… I welcome any feedback.

8:41 am December 9th, 2015

Cocaine has ruined my life. The past 6 years have been nothing but oh let’s get High everyday, it’s been fun and everything was fine doin 2 grams a day … Then yesterday I did 5 grams within 3 hours … Chest Pain and heart pain, hallucinations such as seeing bugs .. My body was numb, I developed cocaine psychosis, I feel mentally slow right now. That was a wake up call before it was too late .. Starting today I’m on the road to recovery .. With research and determination I’ll be able to make it

4:07 pm December 9th, 2015

Good luck Shakeyah. If you need any support or questions answered, you are always welcome to write back. Also, don’t hesitate to share your achievements as you go! You never know if someone currently caught up in the addictive cycle might find your story inspirational and start recovery. I wish you a good recovery and learning experience!

8:00 am December 11th, 2015

Hi, my case is the following I abused cocaine on a weekly basis average 0.5 g on use for about 4-5 times what happened: after my last use i felt very horny as always but three days after I stopped getting morning erections and during the day hardly kept up one going. Second week feee but still no morning wood even though erections got better but waaay below my normal performance i am an athleete and have been very potent now seem like impotent wtf moreover i sleep no more than three to four hours and wake up by panic attack since my last use. When i wake up and see no morning wood i start to panic. I dont know what to do my libido and man strenght has been the strongest feature of me and now ….I feel destroyed …no cravings realliy if now someone offers me a bump i woud probably break both of his arms in my anger. Other info male 27 years extreemly fit physically / pro athleete level. Any help what to do

1:21 pm December 15th, 2015

Hi Peter. Sexual dysfunction is listed as a cocaine-induced disorder in the mental health clinician’s handbook, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (also known as the DSM-IV-TR). Sexual difficulties can occur in people who have experienced intoxication or withdrawal from cocaine. Seek medical help and aks whether taking these herbs can help you with recovery:

1. Rehmannia Glutinosa, Bupleurum Chinense, Paeonia Suffruticosa, Tumeric Root, Milk Thristle, and Fo Ti – detoxify, rejuvenate and reverse the harmful side effects caused by cocaine.
2. Cnidium Monnieri, Maca, Cuscuta Chinensis, and Cynomorium – help males recover from erectile dysfunction by increasing enzymes that produce nitric oxide and sex hormones.
3. Rhodiola Rosea, Fo-Ti, Siberian Ginseng, and Panax Ginseng – serve as well-known adaptogenic herbs that enhance endurance and improve both physical and mental stamina.

6:27 pm January 12th, 2016

I was drunk one saturday night and took 2 small lines of cocaine at about 5 am, went home from the party and fell asleep from 7 am to around 3 pm. Slept okay. But that’s the last bit of sleep I’ve gotten and it’s not tuesday, so I’ve had two sleepless nights, my body feels tired but my head seems to just be constantly awake. I lay in bed trying my hardest to sleep but I just can’t. Is this like an after effect/ like a withdrawal that will last a week or a few days or what ? Any help will be amazing!

5:40 pm January 22nd, 2016

i’ve been doing coke only very occasionally. in fact, last saturday is the only time i’ve touched it for a while. but a week after doing 0.75 of a gram of raw, i’m still feeling intense cravings at times. i have a very addictive personality as i’ve been addicted to weed, mephedrone and mdma. how long will these cravings last?

5:08 am January 26th, 2016

I got a bad coccain problem can’t go to rehab cause no insurence

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:07 am January 26th, 2016

Hi, John. I suggest that you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access an adequate treatment program.

8:44 am January 30th, 2016

I started using coke about 2 years ago and probably once a week to once every two weeks on average, sometimes more sometimes less, I haven’t done any for about 3 weeks, I’ve been getting extremely itchy mostly late at night, I’m wondering if this is normal and how long if might last. Also if there’s anything I can do to stop it.

2:50 pm February 22nd, 2016

I have a friend that has used cocaine this week 4 times. Small doses but everytime she upped her consumption. Yesterday she had headaches and felt really tired. Is that because she’s hooked on it already eventhough she says she is not hooked on it?

6:19 am February 25th, 2016

Hi my bf was a habitual user he’s been clean 8 months and he has these mood swings one minute he loves me this that the next he’s trying to bail! Please help me to understand Thanks

11:13 am February 28th, 2016

I am a heavy user…been smoking at least 2 grams of rock a day. Unfortunately I think the party’s over because I have mouth sores and my throat hurts profusely after doing a hit. How do I know if it’s infection?

9:39 pm March 5th, 2016

I’ve been using cocain for the past 2 years. It started slow, doing it just once but quickly became an everyday thing. For the last 6 or so months I’ve cut down significantly maybe doing it once a week sometimes once every two weeks. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve done anything and I just have this headache that comes and goes almost if it were a sinus headache but I’m not sick. Also I’ve been feeling really tired. Is this normal are the withdrawal symptoms lasting longer because of how I was using? All in all I’m done with this drug and will deal with the aftermath

9:46 pm March 7th, 2016

I did cocaine for about 9 months on a daily bases, I stopped doing cocain this December and started getting withdrawals 3 days after, its been two months since and im still getting withdrawals,(anxiety attacks I believe) is this normal and how long are they going to last?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:11 pm March 8th, 2016

Hi, Jesus. It seem to me that you are experiencing Cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Protracted cocaine withdrawal symptoms may last six months to two years. The time frame depends on the amount of time that cocaine was used, which will determine the severity and length of the withdrawal period.

3:44 pm April 10th, 2016

What does it mean when a cocaine withdrawal lasts all night? My loved one is 37 days clean and he couldn’t shake his craving at all last night.

3:57 pm April 11th, 2016

I have a quick question, i have been sober for a little over a year now. Have had bad issues with my digestion and sometimes when i see everything it looks like a dream, kimd of like i know its me but that im in a dream. Would these issues be considered like i will feel this way forever or is it a temporary situation until i heal more?

4:13 pm April 12th, 2016

I did cocaine every other week for about 4 months,im 2 months clean but i have been noticing that my brain has slowed down in processing speed,everything seems fast paced when it normally wouldnt,are these things normal while withdrawing.?

8:55 pm April 18th, 2016

I’ve only done it once but I did a large amount. I started feeling anxiety a day after and I was freaking out really bad, so then I went to the hospital and they told me I was crashing so they gave me an anxiety pill to help calm down. It worked but today I woke feeling super weird. I was just wondering how long will a withdraw last for a first user? I know I will never be trying cocaine again because this feelings aren’t pleasant.

6:18 am April 19th, 2016

My boyfriend started doing cocaine, he said hes been doing it for about 2 months now, but doesnt really remember. Last night one of our friends saw him and she said he had sweat pouring down his face and as soon as they said hi to him he said he had to go and was gone, he told me that he took his last line last night at that time, now Im not sure if he was withdrawing or he took too much and his body couldnt handle it. Now today he told me he hasnt had any lines at all, i actually threw a tiny piece of it out because he told me he had it. But all day today he has not been acting like he is withdrawing, he acts like his normal self but a little more jittery than usual. He wont admit to me if he is on it, but i feel like he is especially if he was profusely sweating last night then suddenly fine the next day. Any advice or do you know if he is on it at the moment?

2:18 pm April 30th, 2016

I’ve been a user of cocaine for about 15 years. My habit has fluctuated over the years. There have been periods (a few years back) where I have used virtually every weekend but the for the most time I’ve taken 1 or sometimes 2 gms on my own about 5 to 10 times per year. I did go 5 months without it once but about three years ago but I then started taking it once every 6 weeks or so. I have a family who need me. When I do it, I tuck myself away on Friday night and take it through throughout the night using internet porn. To me its a form of escapism, to break free from every day life into a dark world for those few hours, no-one knows about it apart from me.
I hate myself the next day, I’m 46 years old and feel that I am entering into a zone where this is going to have serious implications for my health. On a few occasions, into my sessions my heart has gone into a spasm which is absolutely terrifying, me lying on the kitchen floor with my wife and children sleeping upstairs, praying to God that I’m not going to die there and then. What a position to put myself in, the addictive nature of this stuff seems to know no bounds, there are no limits.
Currently I am 7 weeks dry and feeling ok. I’m feeling determined that this time I will beat it, I keep a diary about it that helps, it helped me get to 5 months abstinence before. I’ve made a decision that if I can’t beat it on my own, I will seek help. If I come clean about my problem, this will have a massive implications on my family relations, public life and work but its something that I am staring in the face if I can’t beat it on my own.
When I look back, I can’t believe that this innocent looking white powder could have made me fall in the way it has. If you met me you wouldn’t think for one minute that this would be part of my life but all of us have our secrets. This is mine. This is the first time Ive written about it so maybe expressing this way may help me in my fight.
Bloody stuff.

6:40 am May 7th, 2016

I have to work when can I drive and stay awake during withdrael

8:11 pm May 15th, 2016

9 weeks and 2 days dry. I’ve had some cravings but have kept telling myself that they will pass and they did. However as each week goes past I think my cravings get stronger and more regular. If I were to have a drink on a Friday evening around the time that I would have usually gone and scored then I think i would really struggle not to make that phone call and have a couple of g sent round.
I have had low mood swings, I wouldn’t say that I have been depressed just a bit short tempered and generally feeling ‘blue’.
Having said that, I feel good at the moment. I feel that I have achieved something and I have an extra few hundred quid in my pocket that wouldn’t have been there of I’d of indulged in my usually 2-3 sessions over the last couple of months.

11:49 pm May 15th, 2016

I had just tried coccaine for the first time. Didn’t experience any effect for the first two days. On the third day I developed a fever but it cleared the next morning. Then from there, I started having a goose bump feeling all over my skin but there was no goose bumps, I was shaking and I felt light. Like I’m going to fall if I was walking. Now for over two weeks after the incidence, my limb muscles are weak down to my lower spine, I get this internal vibrations and it is affecting my movement when I walk. I don’t know what to do.

12:17 am July 29th, 2016

I am new to smoking crack (i was smoking it for a year) . I usually smoke it not often at all like may be once a month and only if my friends pay for it( i don’t really like the crack high) , and I didn’t really have any problems with cocaine withdrawals. I mean i get the crash in a 24 hour period, but usually I am I fall asleep with no problem and i feel fine next day. I try other drugs like once molly, LSD, lean,, PCP , and the withdraw symptoms were much much worse then from cocaine. And one of the reasons why i don’t like cocaine because usually me and my friends , do at night and in the morning i am getting the crash withdraw symptom so i ended up going to sleep like at 7 in the morning and then my sleeping schedule is getting messed up. I am not sure if i just have a pretty strong will power because i have done some hard drugs and i had no problem quitting them t or if there is no real crack in my area. Sorry if i made any mistakes , English is my second language

4:44 am August 12th, 2016

I got off heroin 4yr ago then 3yr later lost my daughter the reason for giving up I ended up substituting cocaine instead.I’ve been through every withdrawal benzodiazepines gear everything but I got the scariest withdrawal of my life last week.I was taking it 3weekz straight stopped on a Sat night .so had Sun to Wed til had worst experience of my life.Sunday Monday the usual agitation panic attacks but Tuesday wednesday I started to full on hallucinations it was so real I watched a horror went bed woke up sweating thinking I was still dreaming I couldn’t control my brain I curled up in ball on bed cause I thought there was a woman in the wardrobe it took me hours to open the wardrobe .once got the balls to do it I said monk don’t be stupid nobody there ,well when I opened it she was staring out at me as real as the person next to you.I had to go get xanax I was full sure I was insane life over.she was next to me all way to bus then when got on bus I closed my eyes cause my mind was racing torture.when opened my eys I was sitting next to me.I was trying keep it together my imaginary twin was convincing me to commit suicide I knew I was fucked up and tried my best not to start answering myself but couldn’t help it everyone must been saying look this nutjob.I couldn’t have taken another few hours of this I prob would have listened to my mad hallucinations.I said if I get to where I’m going get xanax and I’m ok great but that’s all I was giving it if got no tabs I wudda done away with myself.I’d wish it on nobody .I’d be ok if happened before but this first time in years had proper hallucinating.if ever happens anybody go straight to hospital get strapped to bed for night cause you could easily top yourself when can’t figure reality and what’s worry then am I ever gonna be right.a lot scarier stuff happened but u think I’m off my game.hope never happens to any of you but u abuse the brain nuf and it will pay u back.heroin is physical4 days it over.coce can leave u fucked in head.I’d rather go thru 30days of physical withdrawal than1day of mental withdrawal.sorry so long just had say it cause been round long time and this first time this ever happened.
Take care .

7:22 pm October 5th, 2016

I had use cocaine for half of my life off and on I’m 32 years old married with 2 beautiful kids I have 2 months that I haven’t used it and I thank god for that but i feel terrible I can’t sleep well no more why is that?

12:25 am October 6th, 2016

My name is Loni . I use cocaine all day everyday usually over a gram everyday I can get it. My last use was 2 days ago , as though you all know its very expensive. An I don’t have money at the time. Is it normal that I feel sick , lazy , mad , tired an I can’t stop thinking about using?

10:25 pm October 22nd, 2016

I have been using cocaine with my friends for about 3 to 4 months now off and on, sometimes just on the weekend or random week days. Well I realize this is no way to continue so I’m wondering how long will it take for me to not sleep for 15 hours a day lol seeing as I have been doing that for about 3 days now. I know there is no sure time frame but what would you say. I also believe cocaine is all mental, if you are strong minded you don’t have bad cravings, I don’t have to have the stuff

5:16 am November 25th, 2016

hi, I’ve been using cocaine for 8 years use to be just social but for the last 2 years been almost every week sometimes twice a week ranging from 1-2 grams. each week I assure myself I won’t use again but I’ve always struggled with stress and anxiety all my life and when on cocaine it gives me an escape I feel confident and great all be it for just a matter of hours! I know I’m addicted but I can’t break this cycle I’ve got myself in to and this year being one of the worst in my life personally and financially I can’t see it getting better I still look forward to that 1 or 2 days of the week I forget all my problems.

1:19 am December 10th, 2016

I have been a long long time user I have gave up for two weeks now and keep getting bad headaches and dizziness and very weak
Is this normal

6:15 am December 28th, 2016

Been using for around 12yrs on and off just recently quot for 1 1/2 months really think it’s time to kick the habit, any suggestions for outpatient help

6:01 pm January 10th, 2017

I’ve used cocaine for several years, in and out of jail never really quit. It’s to the point we’re its getting really hard to take life without. It’s really all I think about day and night. It’s like my we’re to go place for all my misfortunes in my life, I grew up in a crack house always there always watching hating everything about it. Watching the affects take my mothers soul hurting from her attempts to take her life shooting herself in the chests with a gun, after this point I was 15 lost all friendships I had including my girlfriend lost I turned to the drugs. It’s getting to be way out of my control anymore my depression, my anger my self worth is falling out of my hands were I know I need help to manage my self to open my eyes another day yes I have serious problems I know losing every relationship I’ve had over it at this point I have four beautiful children that I love. With what soul I feel I have left and still not enough to quit I know I need to talk to someone I’ve never really done that it’s kinda felt like pitty never wanting someone to feel sorry for me in reality I’m so hurting to be strong for what love I have left my eyes have seen so many horrible terrifying things with the life I have lead and don’t know how to even start rebuilding my life for my loved ones that need me I cant even keep it together to write this I really need help

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:45 pm January 12th, 2017

Hi Colin. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

4:44 pm January 20th, 2017

I have a friend who was a cocaine user, as far as I know quite a heavy user. He is now off the drug and has been for about 9 months but he is suffering terrible mood swings and I don’t know how much this is down to withdrawal symptoms and how much is down to other factors in his life now. He has very stressful problems, his wife has left him because of his addiction and he is utterly in love with her plus family rejection problems based on an unsympathetic family but even given those stresses the mood swings seem to be too wild to be reasonably based on actual causes. That’s why I wanted to check with you about PAWS and what the treatment is for it. Does it require medication of some kind to help sufferers out of it? Your speedy reply would be much appreciated I am so worried about my friend. Thankyou!

2:31 pm January 26th, 2017

My boyfriend has been abusing coke, xanax and weed cocktail for over a year and he just landed himself in jail without bond. He declined visitors during admission so I have not heard from him in a week although I got word he wants to see me. After reading these comments and article about widthsrawl I am totally freaked out. Will a doctor see him in there? Is he going to be left alone in this?

8:38 am February 10th, 2017

Been sniffing 4 months everyday how long will my with draw last

10:17 pm February 12th, 2017

I took coke every day for 40 days. Now I’m wanting to quit. How long will it be for my cravings go away?

6:20 pm February 20th, 2017

so I been using about 3g a week for the past 4months, I did stop in between those months for approx 22days, didn’t really have cravings when I stopped but when I was like bored, I was like eh why not , got back into the routine. I don’t know if I am addicted if I did go 22days without it in this 4 month binge that started out of no-where. I never touched the stuff like this before, I just am so exhausted from work and trying to work out. The energy drinks and diets they all fade out, but when doing 3g a week, approx .5g a day weekdays, and weekend off I felt alive but the comedowns would suck but w/e I see how many days I can go before I relapse , I am on my 2nd attempt to stop within this 4month bad habit, I am day 3 off. I am not really anxious about getting some , just more like bored and trying to find my-self busy with other things. What happens if I don’t hit my dealer up, and I just ignore them ? should I feel bad I quit , should I respond and say I decided to go clean, or just leave it at that? should I change my number? I don’t know? I always paid cash, so I don’t owe anyone money but you know this is the path some of us chose and now regrets and guilt , no nightmares yet I think…

2:12 pm March 2nd, 2017

Hi I have been using alcohol and cocaine for about 5 years first it started off recreation and then quickly taken over and would be used as reward or if I was angry or down alcohol that is then the covaine followed. I havnt drank alcohol for 7 weeks and havnt taken cocaine for 9.
How long until I can drink alcohol again without going out of control either drinking silly amounts to compensate for no cocaine or take cocaine? Thanks

11:56 pm March 11th, 2017

Hi. Been doing coke for 30yrs!! First time clean for 3 months. I still think about it everyday and still soooo tired. In menopause so dont know if its from the addiction or not. Was a very heavy user for last 15 yrs at least an 8ball every week sometimes all at once or couple times a week. Been a well kept secret still managed to have a career and a life. Happy to have made it out alive. Just finally had enough. Work hard at it everyday even quit smoking jan 1st!!! But im still just exhausted all the time. Anyone have any ideas how to combat the fatigue? I eat well and exercise but just have no energy. I realize with a 30year addiction symptoms arent going away anytime soon but would appreciate any suggestions to keep motivated in staying clean when im so tired and want a pick me up. Thanks everyone. You can get clean!!! Just do it!! If i can you can.

3:39 am March 15th, 2017

I am very new to this field of cocaine withdrawal as I have started searching for cocaine withdrawal probably from last 2 days.
To begin with I have been using cocaine from last 10 months to be precise. Initially first 2 months I was using 1/2 gram over 1 week along with alcohol and weed. But as time progressed my dosage increased and it went upto 1 gram over whole week (that means I used to buy 1/2 gram and later 1 gram and only used to do 2-3 lines at evenings along with weed and alcohol). By that time I was feeling good and happy and was not affecting my life at all. But from last 5-6 months now I use 1/2 gram every day and thus from last 5 months my health is deteriorating because of this. I have runny nose always (that may be because that I use a very local dealer so I am very sure the stuff I buy is one of the poorest quality). M degrading with my personnel hygiene and personnel appearance as well, I used to dress up very smart for my work and used to look nice. Like that used to be my top priority to be in shape, shop good clothes and always dress up very nicely and look good but now from last 5 months I look like shit, that is exactly the right word to use.I am burning all my salary, not eating healthy food just eating crap. I am late for work everyday and not even working properly whereas earlier I used to be the best performer in my team in my company. Now I have reached a point that I use 1/2 gram every day on weekdays and Friday-Sunday 1 gram every day. Worst thing is that I have got this habit of doing it alone in my room along with drinks and smoke, I have stopped going out, dont even pick up my friends calls.

I think I have said enough to explain my situation. My real questions are:

1) Is 10 months a very long time of coke abuse, the way I have been doing it (I explained above)
2) Can i recover from this, considering the fact that I have been using it from 10 months now.
3) if yes, what is the best advise to take first step forward to quit this, please suggest.
4) How long will I have withdrawal symptoms, what will be the symptoms, how to handle them

Also I would like to mention that in these 10 months I went out on overseas trips for 10-15 days each with my friends and family, and during that time I never had any urge to do coke. But yes I was just drinking heavily. But though I was drinking alot (alot here means like 6-7 beers every evening) but I never had even 1% urge to do coke. But as soon as used to return back home, the first thing I used to do is meet my dealer and snort it.

Kindly suggest and guide me towards right path as I am now genuinely sick of this. But just cant control it, as all day at work I think that today I am not gonna do it but as soon as work ends and I leave office first thing I do is call my dealer and meet him.

Kindly advise me and guide me in right direction if any one can I would be genuinely thankful to you guys.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:17 am March 21st, 2017

Hi Kaniv. Everything is possible, if you want. With your decision and will, you’ll be able to stop abusing cocaine. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms is different for each individual, and its severity depends from various factors such as level of dependency, frequency of use, dosage, human body itself, etc. The best way to detox from cocaine is under medical supervision. In this way, the medical staff will have under-control all cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, you may call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

2:14 am March 28th, 2017

I have been using very pure cocaine for about a month and a half every two days to every day usually not over a half a gram a day. I have a lot of willpower and have quit before. I dont really have any symptoms of dependance besides some depression and craving. My question is how long will the craving take to stop at my level of usage and my willpower.

4:48 am April 30th, 2017

I tried cocaine for the first time and I did three lines. About 13 hours later I started to feel depressed. I hate this feeling and of course I will never do this drug again because of this feeling I have. I’m never sad but I feel very worried and guilty. I am completely disgusted by the drug. How long do you think this will last?

3:41 pm May 15th, 2017

I haven’t read through all of these messages so i hope i dont repeat anything. I have been on a “bender” for about a week to keep my self awake after a heavy work week with 3 jobs. becasue i have to keep working next week and weeks after pretty hard i know i want to stop before it becomes a habit. How long would you say a person who hasnt been using for a long time would feel the withdrawals? i just want to knw what to expect.

11:18 pm May 27th, 2017

I have been using cocain everyday for a year now and can’t get off of it, before this it was just a weekend thing (for about 5 years, never had a problem) but for a year and 3 months it’s been every day. I’ve tried so hard to not do it, but I can’t even do 1 day. On average I will do about 3 grams a day but recently I have it down to one a day as I do really wanna get off this shit. Without it I just don’t function, I’m so tired and cannot do anything not even get out of bed, I can’t even get myself something to eat or drink because I just feel so tired and weak. How long will this excessive tiredness and weakness last? I need to know how long without gear will these symptoms last? I just need to be normal again. I can deal with the cravings just not the symptoms. How long will this excessive tiredness last?

1:40 am May 29th, 2017

I stopping 🔥 crack cocaine it’s been 7 months and my eyes always look big or small bur their always going back and fourth i feel really tired today as i was cleaning i started sweating alot i hate this feeling i camt even feel contorable at work people look at me and give me that look i feel so sad about all this i just wanna be a happy peroson and not llok atupid in my eyes no more what could i do i need help plzz.

1:51 pm June 10th, 2017

I recently found out by boyfriend has been using cocaine my whole relationship (4 years). He says he wants to stop, but does not want help from me. He wants to get clean cold turkey on his own. All his friends do it and I’ve been paranoid since finding out that he is still using or will use. What can I do to help? How long does the withdrawal symptoms usually last? It’s been 4 days since he last used (as far as I know) and from when I found out.

7:35 pm June 10th, 2017

I have never used cocaine. But for over two years it attracts me. What can I do to get that idea out of my mind?

Al G
8:45 pm June 23rd, 2017

I used cocaine recreationally when going out once every 3 – 4 weeks for about 3 years. I’ve now stopped, but libido appears to be low. Granted this could be due to many factors (eg I’ve also been on anti-depressants)., but if it’s due to the cocaine – will my libido eventually return?

10:15 pm June 28th, 2017

Used at least once a week all year this year, and most of last year. It took an emergency trip to the hospital 2 weeks ago to make me realise what this was doing to me, don’t let it get that far guys! You’re in control, it might not feel like it but you are. Get help if you need it. Make strong decisions, stay away from things/people that influence you to take cocaine, and every time you make one of these decisions reward yourself, I’ve been doing that with food these last couple of weeks but that’s just my personal choice. It may seem impossible to quit but everyone has an inner strength that is much more powerful than this need to take cocaine – you just have to find it somehow.

Remember: You are in control

Much love

2:13 am July 3rd, 2017

I am concerned. I am an older man in good health and regular workouts. For stupid reason s I started using cocaine. I had about 1/8 of an ounce per week for a period of 3 -4 months. My last dosage was over 3 months ago. I do not have cravings as I never want to see the stuff again. What is bothering me is the extreme fatigue i feel almost constantly. I sleep about 8-9 hours/day and have crazy vivid dreams right before I wake up.It is a real chore just getting out of bed and I lack motivation, All i want to do is lay down!
Could this still be from the withdraw or is something else wrong?
thank you in advance as I am going nuts.

punk master
9:14 pm July 4th, 2017

It’s been 5 days since my last drag and I seem to cannot sleep. I’m an occasional user so before this it had been months before use or any type of contact. When I close my eyes I’m constantly thinking and passout without getting drowsy. I’ve tried almost everything and have run out of ideas please help

9:10 pm July 13th, 2017

I have abused the substance for approx. 2 wks where I almost took everyday. Its been now approx almost a month since i last abused. I took approx 1 – 2 lines and one time 7 lines. How long will the symptoms take to be gone permanently? as they have started to effect me mentally, emotionally and also physically

1:02 am July 16th, 2017

I’ve been a frequent user of cocaine for 5 years I want to quit so bad but I also don’t want to lose my job because of rehab or detox what should I do

9:19 am July 22nd, 2017

I’m 26 bin on it since I was 15 can only ever do 3-4 without it. I have 2 kids and a small business selling products online .after 3 days without I’m Mr unstoppable I’m hard Bruce Lee king of the beak recovery program . I know right from wrong during these 3-4 weeks without it pay out the cost of living spoil my kids rotton and buy new\replen stock for the business.. But something always makes me do it after 3-4 week and 90% of the time its me liking it to much and just end up buying some for no reason at all. Tried everything. Work more hours. Go gym earse all coke head fiends (99% of them). The last time I Evan started praying for strength everyNight to my christian god . its not about the money its about the way it harms my body. Little affect my kids lives . closes some doors business wise . but its always my decision to use again. Maybe I like it 2 much(smackhead) maybe I’ll grow out of it I dunno. Evan after once every 4 week I still feel like a everyday user. So really I don’t get any were… And that’s wat puts Mr perfect in the same league as the down n outs.. Go on say it.. I’m a junky hahahha fuck it….. Best thing I can do is keep my kids as far away as possible but that is stupidty wen using it myself. I will! Keep a close eye on everyday moves wen they get to the ages were I started and hope for the best. I know its not me in my body wen I use it . and want to bury this once and for all

2:40 pm August 2nd, 2017

so I used coke in my early 20s, decided to stop after a total of 4 or 5 grams over a few months or so. Didn’t touch it again for 20 years. Then mistakenly decided that when mixed with alcohol it had many benefits (no hangovers, no embarrassingly falling asleep after a drinks and a big meal, relatively mentally sharp after quite a lot of drinks, etc). After 4 months of doing it about 5 times a week I gave it up (0.5g – 1g at weekends and a nibbler through the week). Gave up drinking too. I noticed quite a few side effects, long heavy sleeps and achey in the mornings. But altogether not too bad and symptoms eased over a month or so. I exercise a lot so that helps. Then another short stint after 8 months sober. Symptoms not too bad except a lot of cravings because I didn’t actually want to stop, but my supply got cut off. Then 4 months later after this, another stint for 3 months. Lower volumes because I’ve moved and it’s very expensive in this part of the world. Off it now for 3 weeks and it’s hard. Really hard. I don’t want to do coke, I’m not craving. But I’m anxious and really moody. Very forgetful Long sleeps and I just can’t focus in the mornings. This time I’m really paying for it, maybe the accumulative result. However previously when giving up I didn’t rule out doing it again. I am now ruling that out. I’ve stopped drinking as well, which is a bugger, I quite like drinking and didn’t get too carried away for most of my drinking life, I believe it was well under control. But it’s now a major trigger for coke use, so I’m off it indefinitely.
Big weight gain as well which I read somewhere maybe because my metabolism has changed and I can’t process fat properly. Hope that reverses! I’m not eating that much, considering how much I exercise anyway.

4:12 pm August 8th, 2017

I did coke and speed mixed. About almost 3 days ago and been having a hard time sleeping. I feel as if I try to sleep I feel kinda sick. My heart beat and body temp is still irregular as well.. I know I’m never gonna touch that stiff again . Do I just wait it off? I’ve been eating and drinking lots of water and even took some anti oxidents .

7:12 pm August 21st, 2017

I NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY. I started using coke about 3.5 months ago due to depression, anxiety, not being able to sleep at night and needing something to keep me going throughout the day…
Anyways i know i have a problem and have tried to stop but i cant seem to do it by myself. I do have a few friends amd family here, but my friends are the ones i started with and i dont want family to know. I dont know what to do. i have looked into NA groups but not sure how they will work for me due to work hours, which i cannot let know i am using.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:21 pm August 22nd, 2017

Hi Cjs. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

2:38 am August 23rd, 2017

I did a 1/2 to a gram everyday for 3 week’s , it was not very strong but not the weakest, I just stopped last night , I quit some bad stuff in my days so i’m no stranger to feeling like crap. can some one tell me how i’m going to feel , this is why I stopped after 3 weeks I can see this is a dead end road. I hope because I didn’t do it for months or years I should be ok I guess, some one talk to me. BE BLESSED

11:29 am September 12th, 2017

I have a friend who just used less than 24 hrs ago she came over my house after going home on cocaime and kept complaining saying she felt like her heart was about to explode out of her chest and she is continuously shaking she hasn’t slept at all yet and still says she feels the same like the symptoms arent calming down or getting any better i have been staying up with her all night to make sure she is okay but im getting worried what should i do?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:54 pm September 12th, 2017

Hi Star. Call 911 ASAP.

4:27 am October 10th, 2017

I’ve been using crackcocain ever day since I’ve found that my partner had been message ing pith women and other things I’m very in sure about he keep saying I’m paranoid I’ve seen ever thing ???

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:43 pm October 10th, 2017

Hi Kelly. Put yourself on the first place… Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

12:03 am October 19th, 2017

Hey, So ive only used this drug a couple times socially at very low amounts and I hadnt done it in about a year, up until yesterday when I did 3 small lines. I felt aggressive and I did not really enjoy the high I got and told myself I would not consider doing this again.
Today I started to feel very anxious and depressed and I couldnt for the life of me figure out why I was so down feeling. After doing some research I found out it is a common withdrawal effect from coke. Its such an intense depressive feeling that I feel like crying and lonely.
How long do you think before I start feeling like myself again?

9:22 am November 2nd, 2017

Hi I used cocaine only a few time this year but last time it was different. I used 4 days ago and I still have feelings of detachment and being extremely scared. I didn’t use much but I’m scared this may be permanent. I’m not an addict and I don’t know why I feel like this but I’m terrified and I feel like I can’t stop shaking either. I feel like I’m in dreamlike state. Please tell me this will go away soon. I only started feeling like this on the 4th day. Extreme regret 😢

8:54 pm December 4th, 2017

A got to nine week’s an relapse ave tryed everything is their any medicine you can take some told me baclofen how do a go about getting that

1:24 pm December 9th, 2017

I’ve used cocaine since I was 19 iam 29 now I want to stop but also I don’t want my kids or family to know what can be recommended for me because I’ve also damaged my nose already and it’s actually embarrassing for a women my age I’ve also been through the withdrawals several times and I can handle it but then I can’t stand being asleep and tired all the time and I go back to using please if y’all could just give me advice I would really appreciate it thank you!

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:00 pm December 11th, 2017

Call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

4:41 pm December 24th, 2017

I’ve been using coke heavily for over 15 years . My mum passed away the grief And actual pain I felt was so hard for me to handle so my friend came to mine with something to cheer me up , cocaine ! My first line took all the pain away and I couldnt get enough .. started using gram a night then I needed more and more I’d stay up for days snorting , I’ve tried to stop so many times but failed miserably. My nose has started to erode and is misshapen .. I need help and I need someone please to tell me what I should do

5:47 pm December 24th, 2017

I’ve been using coke heavily for over 15 years . My mum passed away the grief And actual pain I felt was so hard for me to handle so my friend came to mine with something to cheer me up , cocaine ! My first line took all the pain away and I could get enough .. start using gram a night then just got

Help me
8:37 am January 5th, 2018

I have been using cocaine for about 5 years every 2/3 months. Alcohol is what triggers it. During 2017, I didnt use a lot until December. I binged drinking and coke for 3 days. January the first was my last. I am going through horrible withdrawal symptoms. I can’t sleep, i feel depressed, can’t stop crying. How many days will these symptoms last? I am giving up drinking and coke for good. Help me please.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:51 pm January 10th, 2018

Hi Help me. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

3:31 am February 27th, 2018

I’ve been clean of cocaine for about 30 days cold turkey I would do it everyday and spend hundreds of dollars a week on it. The first couple weeks were ok had withdraw symptoms everyday during the first couple weeks but now it’s got easy for me some things would trigger me to want to do it and relapse but I just try to stay positive and think it’s not worth it and try to stay busy to keep it off my mind. The best way for me to stop and go cold turkey was to stop drinking and to not be around people who are using and or drinking. My month of being sober and clean is coming up and it’s the best feeling ever it’s a better feeling then using cocaine.

10:21 pm February 28th, 2018

Hello I was just wondering if someone can guide me on what to expect after 4 months pretty much a gram a day and stopping. I was wondering if anyone can give me any guidance on what to expect after stopping for 4 months cause I have no idea. Any info would be greatly appreciated

11:29 pm March 12th, 2018

Ive been uaing cocaine everyday for a year a lot like 1 to 3 grams depending on the night hum if u want some jk lol i wanna stop this drugs is been taking overthing of me ebery little single piece of my life

1:07 am March 23rd, 2018

Hello, ive been a steady user of cocaine for 6 years, in the last year I have maintained a 4.5 grams a day intake, often times once or twice a week substantially more (2-3 times as much) I’m 24 hours since my last use and have tingling off and on in my hands and feet, likely circulation issues. What I can only describe as narcoleptic like episodes of disorientation, zoned out attention or wakefulness, and confusion. Eating more than a few bites of anything will be evacuated minutes later. Headaches that can near blind me for a few minutes , and then fatigue. I’m worried after reading about mood and depression. I’ve not yet felt it but concerned going forward.

3:42 pm April 16th, 2018

Positive energy and love at all y’all. So, by us being here on this website it means that we all want a change in life. I decided to stop abusing cocaine and clean up my life. My reasons for stopping this behavior ( as fun as it has been at times) is realizing that I have not done the things I used to love to do in a very long time and a picture of myself in shape with my shirt off from 2 years ago. It’s crazy how blow makes me not care about anything other than sleeping all day and getting railed all night while my fitness tanks along with my desire for everything beautiful. The final kicker for me was realizing that I could not even do my favorite activity in life anymore, SEX. Seriously, the lack of desire and ability to have sex like I once did is the reason I stopped and will not look back. I know we’re all different and that sex is not everything but to me it is the best cause we can share ourselves and enjoy the physical escape from reality like a drug. So, I’m totally using that as my motivation to continue down the path of staying clean and coke free. I quit abusing xanax like 2 years ago which was tough, I cold turkeyed it and had like 2 weeks of no sleep and what got me through that was not wanting to live in a fog. Although I would love a bar now, I’m happy I don’t need one and am looking at stopping the blow the same way. Every sleepless night, every time I see a friend do a line, every time I can stand it and want to break down and score a tiny plastic bag of blow, I’m going to say to myself that this is the pathway back to snow skiing like a freak, dirt biking, having money to go to shows and getting myself back to having sick sex. I know we’re all motivated by different things, I feel like writing this has helped me and I hope it helps you. We got this, I’m still gonna puff herb, I’ll still trip out. I don’t want to be consumed by cocaine anymore cause it does nothing for me when I really think about it.

destined for this apparently
9:42 pm May 1st, 2018

so i have been a drug abuser my entire adult life. but always, mostly, managed with high level of education, and a great job and family. i have always been a casual coke user until about 16-18 months ago. it has now reached a point that i can do an ounce a coke mostly by myself, intra-nasally in less than a week.

i used to be able to make an 8 ball last that long… duh.. its the beast eh.

in the 16-18 month time frame mentioned, i can take periods of a few weeks and not do any… and usually i am fine after just a few days. but i have noticed that the last round has hit me differently. i have this intense dizziness that reminds me what i feel like when i get like strep or something. i have terrible nightmares,,, which isnt new when i am coming off.. but something seems different this time. my head is hazy in a way that i havent felt prior. i have a big score happening later today… i am interested to see if use will make these subside. i am incredibly strong willed…. i quit drinking cold turkey 15 years ago because i saw it was going to kill me. i have always been able to handle coke better than any other drug.. but maybe that is a fallacy.

anyway, if the protracted symptoms subside immediately after i do some today, i am going to have to realize that my body has had enough.. and this will be it.
there is a chance, too, these symptoms mean, i am getting sick, as aforementioned it does seem the same as when that happens.

any comments of suggestions appreciated.. i know i know . i am in deep. i dont need a lecture please.

5:45 am June 17th, 2018

I do cocaine one in a while. I shoot it. I have done anything in 2 days and tonight jyst got a random taste of it just watching tv. What does this mean?

8:48 pm June 22nd, 2018

my son has been off cocaine for 1week but sleeps a lot is this normal? Desperate mom needs help…

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:43 am June 25th, 2018

Hi Lisa. One of the cocaine withdrawal symptoms is sleep disturbances. He may overslept or having insomnia.

10:01 am July 1st, 2018

I have just found out my husband had been a user of cocaine. He says he has been free of it for two months now. He didn’t take it everyday just weekends really as he works nights and was tired. He is seeing a counsellor through his work every 2 weeks and has said he is on the up. He said he has been feeling depressed because of his dad’s death. He has promised to tell me if he does any and has given me access to all his money and his cards. He won’t be able to access any money without me knowing. I would just like to know how long before any cravings will subside within him and what I can do to help him. I had no idea he was using and he had been doing it for 2 years approx

8:15 pm July 18th, 2018

Well i been on it for almost a year an out if that time i was useing it everyday. Now that i quite for bout 4 weeks iv been feeling like my muscles are worn out and my anxiety has been high what can I do still in this warm sensation all over my body and my joints

10:20 am July 24th, 2018

I’m 23 years old I started with this drug when I was 18 I was off an on for years now I’m an active user I spend about 20$ Every day or other day I crave chocolate all the time but my withdrawals are bad dream an I sweat very bad when I sleep an my back a tummy will hurt very bad when I got 2 days or more

4:28 am August 7th, 2018

My daughter has been using cocaine for close to three months . I am cincerned about withdrawal n what can i expect n for how long

9:10 am August 11th, 2018

I’ve been on crack cocaine and heroin for 24 years I e been taking methadone now for 12 months I used to inject but only stopped when overdosed and was given another chance in life, I’m now struggling really bad to come off the crack cocaine it’s the depression and the insomnia that’s bringing me down. I need to do this I’ve moved away from eveyone all the druggies and ex users I’m with family. The support is what you deco need but it’s the not sleeping that’s doing me in.

12:49 pm August 19th, 2018

Hi I’ve been using cocaine for about 12 years just on an odd weekend with friends to start with but now I’m using it every weekend and sometimes through the week I probably use around 4-5 grams a week I’ve just admitted to my self today that I have a problem and am going to seek help tomorrow,
All my friends do it and I don’t want to cut them out of my life but also know that the temptation will always be there can you give me any tips??

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:53 am August 20th, 2018

Hi Karl. You are right. You need to cut all your sources to cocaine. Change your environment into a healthy one. Also, call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

11:12 am September 6th, 2018

If you took cocaine once a day for five months is that considered prolong use? How long will the withdrawal symptoms last. My son won’t go for professional help. He stopped cold turkey a week ago. Everything agitaeees him. He is flipped out once a day for the past three days. He yells, throws objects and then stannds and stairs at me for a long time. This stair is scary. You can see anger and hate. He looks like he is getting ready to kill me. How late it is this going to last. Should I be afraid. My daughter and her two children age three and five are also in the house.

4:05 pm September 6th, 2018

Hi Kathy. The cocaine withdrawal length is different for each individual. It mostly depends on the frequency of use, dosage, person’s general health, etc. He will probably go through many of the stages described in the article. I suggest you call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider and explore treatment options.

9:43 pm September 19th, 2018

My son had been using cocaine for the past 6 months and the last months he was doing it everyday in very large amounts plus marihuana pkus pills…. he came to us for help and we took him to a detox rehab but he hated it now he is home with us its been 16 days without any drugs but he is still not acting normal, could it be that he is not going to be normal? He thinks ppl are hacking our phones etc
His dad and me are here h lping him but we are not proffesionals
And we are very exhausted he wakes up every 10 min what can we do who can help.

12:41 am September 29th, 2018

For about the past 2 months I’ve used Cocaine about 15 different times. I have done as much as two grams in a night. I have only done this a handful of times. I do suffer from and am medicated for both anxiety and depression. I last used a gram about three day’s ago. I’ve been really anxious and depressed. If I stop doing Cocaine how long do you think it will be before I feel myself again.

12:10 am October 31st, 2018

If I use cocaine by snorting it everyday for three weeks a $50 bag I haven’t used in 48hrs how long do withdral symptoms last and get out of my system what can I do at home to ease my withdrawal feelings

4:10 pm October 31st, 2018

Hi Brenda. Cocaine withdrawal can last from days to weeks to months after last use. You could detox at home, but it’s not recommended. I suggest you consult a doctor before you start detoxification and withdrawal.
For more info check out this article:

6:34 pm November 6th, 2018

12 year user of cocaine. Every other day, then 2,3 days in a row. Have been severely congested, bad headache, my teeth are hurting so bad like cavity damage. Open nerves ect. Heart palpitations, i also have a bad bladder condition, intersticial cystitus. Blood in my urine for more than 3 years. Please help

Karina R
9:18 pm November 27th, 2018

Used cocaina for a 3 year 2 or 3 times week I just find out the I’m pregnant two months I’m not doing anything right now if the baby is gonna be OK

10:55 pm December 7th, 2018

How long until my body stops aching ?

5:13 pm December 10th, 2018

Hi I use cocaine for the very first time a month ago to be exact I only use a little wasn’t even a line but last week witch was my 3 week and up to today I been feeling really tired the only time I feel good is when I’m sleeping I been depress and thinking all kind of things also my muscle hurts and been having bad dreams about weird things I been so depress one day I thought of killing my self like a lot was passing true my mind . Today I don’t feel that tired but I still feeling like I’m having a withdrawal I was wondering how long this gonna last ? What should I do I’m a very active person and this feel horrible I’m never trying it again this the worst feeling I ever felt in my entire life .

11:51 am December 30th, 2018

I just found out that my son has been using Cocaine on and off for YEARS. He is currently home from college for the holidays, and has been trying to stop as he will have his wisdom teeth out next week, and the oral surgeon was ADAMANT about not using this!. He just had a DUI arrest and is now extremely depressed and angry, and drank heavily with his friends because of this. When I picked him up and brought him home, he confided in me that he is going thru withdrawals, does not want to go on and is quite distraught. I’ve been reading some of the articles on here and worry now about what will happen when he goes back to school? I desperately want to help him thru this, and I am wondering if we just stay strong and get him over this hump, then get HIM to get assistance thru his student health center? I am so sad and at a loss of how best to proceed.

6:17 pm January 4th, 2019

Hi Michelle. Have you considered some treatment options? I suggest you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for your son.

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