Cocaine detox timeline: How long to detox from cocaine?

It takes a little under a week to recover from the acute effects of a cocaine binge. What can you expect during this time? We review a common timeline of cocaine detox effects here.

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Detoxifying from cocaine is crucial to recovery from addiction. But cocaine is a habit forming drug which triggers intense cravings upon cessation. So, what can you expect during detox? What kind of timeline can be predicted?

We review here. Then, we invite your questions about cocaine detox or treatments for cocaine detox in the comments section at the end. We try to respond to all legitimate questions personally and promptly.

Cocaine detox duration and length

Acute withdrawal from cocaine typically last from 1-3 weeks.  Cocaine will be present in the body for approximately 72 hours after use. It can be detected in urine during this time, although traces of cocaine can be found in urine for up to 12 weeks in cases of habitual use.

Furthermore, the length of time it will take cocaine to leave a person’s system depends on how frequent and heavy the cocaine use was.  People who have developed extreme dependence on cocaine, after years of use will usually experience more intense withdrawal than those who use cocaine occasionally on binges. For example, following binge use of cocaine, the “crash” can last from 9 hours to 4 days. However, long term users can develop protracted withdrawal symptoms which can take weeks or motnhs to resolve.

Cocaine detox timeline and schedule

Days 1-3: In the period of 24 to 72 hours after last use of cocaine, it is possible for you to feel remorse and depression. It may be hard for you to sleep and wake up feeling bad in the morning. Hunger is common, as is irritability. You may feel disoriented and confused.

Days 4-7: Alternating low and high drug craving can be present during this time. Extreme craving begins to decrease after 3-4 days. Long periods of sleep may be needed, as well as attention to water consumption and nutrition. Other symptoms of withdrawal can include:

  • anxiety
  • apathy
  • depression
  • dysphoria (general dissatisfaction with life)
  • irritability
  • paranoia

Week 1: After a week, you’ll probably start feeling much better. This may increase your confidence you may start to think that it`s easy for you to handle cocaine addiction. However, depressive symptoms, mood disorders, and problems sleeping can occur in cycles. Cravings can also disappear and resurface without warning. After the first week of withdrawal, symptoms may remain such as agitation, unpleasant dreams, and increased appetite.

Week 2: In the two weeks after acute cocaine detox, the cravings for the drug can start to return and you may continue to experience hunger, anger and depression. During week two you may continue to experience vivid dreams and think about using cocaine again.

Later withdrawal phases

After about a month, you may start to experience unaccountable change of mood. Sleep and depression may still be a problem. These issues can be addressed through exercise and a healthy diet. Many former cocaine users cannot handle stress, so relapse is common during this time. Because no one particular treatment method has yet been shown to completely and effectively treat cocaine dependence, it’s best for you to ask help from a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist to learn more about behavioral, psychological and pharmacological (antidepressant) therapies that can help.

How long to detox from cocaine?

It takes about a week to detox from cocaine.

Breaking the binge/crash cycle is probably one of the hardest parts of cocaine detox. The extreme craving that occurs after the crash begins to decrease after 3-4 days, so if you can get past that period of time, you are more likely to stay abstinent. Psychological treatments are reallythe best in current practice, but can help if you stick with them. Researchers are investing much time and energy into the development of some medicines for cocaine withdrawal, but none have been approved by the FDA at the moment..

Cocaine detox scheduling questions

Do you still have questions about cocaine detox? Please address any questions about cocaine detoxification duration in the section below. We are eager to hear from you and will reply to you ASAP.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi, I’m Jeni. I was using cocaine heavily for about 3 years with tapering myself to smaller amounts over the last 8 months. I’m almost a month clean and I feel so much better.
    However, a few months ago, I began getting random sharp pains above my right ear. The pain is crippling for all of 2 seconds and it would happen every now and then, but now they’re happening more frequently. I’ve never been one prone to headaches so I’m really scared of done some major damage from all of my cocaine use. I can also feel pain behind my right ear drum.
    Has anyone here ever had something similar happen? If so, what was the problem?

  2. Hi am 16 days clean cold turkey , feeling great till 2 of my family had a go at me to go see a doctor cus they dont trust me , which turn in to a big row and me feeling like rubbish and depressed and upset . I have not took any but how can I get through to them I have to do this for me first my way if I need help i will ask . Because they really made me feel bad when I felt so good

    1. Hi Michelle. You show that they are wrong… If you relapse after doing a great job, you will show them that they are right after all. Your sobriety is only yours, stay sober for you only. Your family just need time to trust you again.

  3. Me and my hubby keep using for 2-3 days then we feel beyond bad for us and our kids then have every intention on stopping but the second we get money in our hands we look at each other don’t have to say anything and we both think we both want to use. If one of us says no the other gets mad until they change their minds so it’s easier to say go ahead. But we are also in a methadone clinic for opiates and and after we dose from 7am to 10am we come home and DO NOTHING. No work, no school, no church, no !meetings nothing. No human contact other than clinic and our kids when they get home from school. My parents were addicts growing up and his father was a violent alcoholic this life is the last thing we want for our kids…we all deserve better

  4. I have been clean for almost 2 months after a 6.5 year cocaine addiction. I feel great. I quit cold Turkey. I now do absolutely no drugs at all. I feel great. I did it for myself. I weighed 70lbs I was killing myself. After 21 days of kicking it to the curb I gained 23lbs. I now weigh 94.8 lbs and feel great. Best advice I can give if someone you are with also has a habit. Walk away from them and drugs. Love yourself more than them. I was better than the habit and I learned I have a place in this world and I feel GREAT!!

  5. I think you need to due some research on CBD oil treatment I think that when i started to began my studies on treatment for cocaine rehabilitation i read on a lot of different studies on it but came across the CBD oil which was done with rats afte te 7 days they wouldnt touch it . I began this process for 30 days its effectiveness was astonishing im drug free . Its been 45 days no cravings no thoughts .

  6. Hello,
    I’m curious as to how to help someone with a cocaine addiction who also has depression and suicidal tendencies. He is currently not seeking treatment and quitting cold turkey doesnt seem to help due to the psychological effects during the detox period. Please help me in telling me what to do to help this person as he insist on doing it on his own without rehab or a detox facility.
    Thank you


  7. I haven’t used in round 2 month bc I thought I fix in at party and try it and when I seem I out line it have you I stop and never want that feeling again so I just said no mean no but I want to job and got test after and I fail and that don’t feel good so long do got wait so this want happen again

  8. Well last month I used cocaine because I had some problems which by the way didn’t go away LOL…I have probation tomorrow I been clean for 2 weeks…you think I should be clean by now???

  9. if I used cocaine on Saturday and have to get an out patient operation will the drs know
    I had the cbc blood test before the cocaine use.

  10. @robin d – your daughter is lying.
    @ everyone else, im 3 weeks’ 5 days off a 7 year, every weekend cocaine addixtion. I managed the limit intake due to work and my lack of ability if i took it any other time bar fridays and Saturdays. About 3 days ago iv started having really lucid dreams, waking up every 30-45 min. Will be glad when im free of, and back to myself – Cant remember what it was like.
    Good luck to everyone in their personal battles with addiction and life. It gets easier in the end

  11. My friend has been doing cocaine for six years, and finally agreed to go to rehab. What would that process be like, and how long would he be there??

  12. My Daughter say she did not do Cocaine but it came up positive in the test. She said she had sex with her boyfriend and thats how she is positive, is this possible

  13. What about a couple months of doing it daily, mostly evenings, but some days to get thru…we always sleep tho, when we feel like it, but we can shut it down and sleep.. How long with this withdrawal be?

  14. Heyy I quit cocaine 3 months ago but since I quit I been having chest stabbing pain any body had something similar please reply

  15. DO not give up. I have a nick name for coke. A “expensive lie”.At the end of the day it is not worth it, just spend the time with family and loved ones. smoke some weed, order chicken wings and watch a movie or play games. play board games. I am young, 24, and I have done it once every week and a half for the past 2 months. It really isn’t hard to stop and I wish you all the best, I have read some deep stories up above. I pray Allah will help you all. Do not give up. We are human. We can always beat the struggle. Always take a b vitamin complex to help your body especially with uppers and do NOT FORGET THE FISH OILS, EPA AND DHA. STay hydrated and get protein. Hug your wife and your kids if you have or your family and do not give in to the lies. There is so much beauty out there. I wish I can help you all more. I will definitely pray for you and plant tress on your behalf. to all of you. Ive been watching X Files lately. 2 days ago was 25 years of X Files. read books, meet people. learn about different cultures and civilizations. smile, be happy, be kind and do not give up. Asalamu alaikum..

  16. I have done cocaine for the past 10yrs. 38yrs old now and practically done it at LEAST 1nce a week. I used to love it. But the last couple of yrs I have had a feeling of shame and embarrassment. I have a family and they do not know about it. I actually came clean in 2015 to my wife and my mother. They were both shocked and I vowed to quit. Well that lasted 2 weeks. Never told ne1 when I picked it up again though. I have become really good at controlling myself if I have used when or if I am around them. Also in 2016 I had thyroid cancer and swore that I would quit . 1st was cigarettes. 2 yrs clean but kept with the coke and alcohol. After my surgery it took 3 weeks to get the itch and get back into it. Never I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself picked up cigs again. But coke and drinking …. just couldn’t stop. Many nights I looked at myself in the mirror telling myself ” what are you doing ” “You can beat this”. When I look at my kids I realize I lost a lot of time with them due to my addiction and I never want to feel like I have let them down ever again or that feeling of being disappointed in myself. I was a functioning addict which in my eyes is the worst kind. I have gone to work with an 80 and a bottle of whiskey and no one suspects a thing. About 2 months ago my wife and I started riding our bikes and exercising together. Noticed my attitude changing the need or crave/itch faded more and more. Well no more feeling worthless and bad for myself . I am almost 1 month clean now feel that I don’t have that need or craving for it. I am damn proud of myself and my new addiction is changing my body and mind, and appreciating and spoiling the beautiful family that God has blessed me with. Don’t know why it took so long. Should have realized it sooner. Thanks for listening.

    1. Me in a nutshell. Glad it’s doable. I am at that point that it’s just not worth it anymore. Seriously.

      I was always into fitness and hiking and stuff, but the want was too much craving.

      Just going to get through it.

  17. I have to take a urine drug test at the lab for my doctor. I’m in treatment for drug addiction. I told him I screwed up last week and did a bag. But what I’m worried about is when we talked it seemed like what I got was also cut with probably cocaine. I know the metabolites can be tested and failed even after its been awhile. To be safe I am trying to find out how long can they test that. Like say the test for heroin is 6 days later at the lab? And cocaine 12 days at the lab? all done by urine testing in lab. I’m 5’3″ and 125lbs. It’s 12 days for the heroin for me but the 6 days for a friend who’s getting the same tests done. Is it possible for me or both of us to pass for it all or good chance we’re going to fail? I’m panicking about this I don’t want to loose my treatment and I was stupid for even screwing up.

  18. Hello, found out on July 4th my husband had been using cocaine for 6ish months now. He has quit, since I found it. He’s been really tired, hungry and emotional. I am clueless to all of this. Any info to help him get through this? I just want to help him and keep him strong. Thanks

  19. Hi. This is my 1st time doing anything like this. I have a long long history of spousal abuse etc and drugs were brought into my house. I never did coke till I dated this guy at 19 and had his child at 21. I left him at 36 from abuse. We had a son together and when I left at 36 my son was about 16-17 years old. I left for safety reasons and also addicted to cocaine. I had no family…no support. I am now 55 and still hooked on cocaine. I think I do it now because my body has done it all these years. I live alone, and hooked on this crap. I am going to start counselling this month but cannot stop doing it. I think I do it only because my body doesn’t seem to want to function without it. Can anyone help me with how I can wake up tomorrow and not make that “easy” call to my drug dealer who enables me. Please help me cope.

  20. I have a bad liver, am at stage 4 so how long do it take to Detox, after a 1 gram, what can I drink àre take to Detox faster.

  21. I’ve been taking coke for over a year now, I was doing it most days but then slowed it down to just weekends, I can control myself in the week but at the weekend I just wanna do it, what’s the best way to help myself stop this?

    1. Hi Luke. The safest way to quit cocaine is under medical supervision. You may call the helpline you see on the website t get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  22. Hi I’m been using cocaine for the past 8 months consuming about 1 gran a day I had stopped 12 days ago. Now I have to get the urine test, can I still be possible to come positive or can I go with no worries and get my test after all those day without using it?

    Thank you so much.

  23. Hello , i partyed on Thursday and went on a cocaine binge until 6 am , after sleeping for few hours the next day i woke up with a stutter and feeling disoriented. I don’t have an addictive personality but I tend to use every now and then . Please help

  24. Have to do a urine text Thursday. Last use Tuesday. 9 days difference. Been drinking 3 litres of water everyday and will not be using until after urine test. Will it show up?

  25. I started using coke when I was 13 year old after my dad dieing I was using coke for 17 years I’m 34 now every other day sum times every day for a week solid I managed to stop my self no help from doctor had a fue relapse.
    But only like 30bit on 2/3 times in 8 months But I’m saverly depressed to the point I don’t want to go out. can’t concentrate on nothing for long time lost interest in life to be honest can’t see an end to it . Is this normal.. ?? Thanks

  26. Hey everyone, I had a heavy alcohol & cocaine addiction for two years, but I am sober since almost 6 months because of COCAINE ANONYMOUS and working the 12 steps.
    I am sure you can find a meeting this week close to where you live and talk people who managed to get out and live good lives today. I thought I´d never be able to stop living reckless. PEACE!

  27. I have used cocaine for years. I have been clean of cocaine for about 2 weeks now, however I am hungry all the time and have gained about 10 lbs When will I stop feeling sorry for my self and get to the gym or start to enjoy the life moments I once knew and have forgotten about. Is there a time frame that past users can begin to enjoy things they once did?

  28. My boyfriend was using cocaine heavy a ball a day and he was injecting it hes been using for about 6 months now he last used on the 3rd todays date is the 9th he is having EXTREAM paranoia and hallucinations like thinking im cheating thinks my house is wired he thinks i hacked his phones stole his money he thinks my job (im a waitress) is an underground prostitution ring etc how long does this last? Will he ever be the same again?

  29. Okay so I have been using crazy amount of cocaine roughly 2/3 gram a night and that’s full grams not point 5 I really want to stop I can see if I don’t I will lose my family and I don’t want to I am 25 and successful that’s the reason I got in to Cocaine because money is not really a problem can anyone give tips how to quit thanks in advance

  30. Hi my fiance has apparently been hiding his coke habit which he says he has randomly used throughout our relationship “recreationally” so he says. The product he bought was “pure”. It’s now been 3 weeks and 5 days. I tested him 3 weeks and 3 days after he got busted and the test is still coming up positive. Should I suspect that he is still using or could it be taking that long to actually wave his body? What course of action should I take toward leading him on the right road to sobriety?

  31. Hi, I know this post is a bit old but I was hoping you could get back to me with some help. I took cocaine for the first time last Sunday night, (now is Thursday morning), and it has been four days since then. The night after, so on Monday night, I had a very unpleasant panic attack while in the gym so I had to leave and found myself alone in my bedroom with shortness of breath and extreme guilt for the type of person I am, in other words, I lost all my self-esteem and suddenly I felt like I was about to go crazy. Although, in this whole state of uncertainty and caos, I called my sister and after four hours of being on the phone I felt so much better just as I was before consuming cocaine. Following on the next day, I went to my morning lectures, I had lunch like usual and then I came back home where again I could feel that same depression and anxiety. This time it was not as bad as the first day but I managed to get myself together and go to the gym and do some workout. Yesterday, so Wednesday was so much better, I had a very good day and full of interactions with colleagues from uni. However, just as I got home, I felt depression and anxiety once again. This time I decided to go to sleep straight away and not wake up the next day until I decided I was fully rested. This meant that I missed the last lectures of the week and might not see my usual friends until next week as I work during the weekend. So here are my main points:

    • I don’t find joy on doing the things I regularly do.
    • I feel guilt and question why I am such a bad person.
    • I find it difficult to imagine a positive future.
    • I feel changed.
    • I feel like I have no one who loves me and would be there for when I feel that sort of depression and anxiety.
    • I am emotionally absent, which means that I can’t appreciate the good things in my life.
    • And last, I overthink too much.

    So my question is, do you think that after using cocaine for the first time only four days ago I will be able to overcome this depression and anxiety within the three weeks that your article says or would I be better off seeking doctors help as soon as possible? And just one last question. Do you think life could be the same after I overcome this depression and anxiety?

    Thank you very much for your support and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful day!

  32. I stopped using 4 weeks ago and I’m finding it hard can anyone please send some advice I actually went out Friday n I wanted to get some but I have a supporting partner who has been helping me it’s when I go out on a night out I want it more iv had to change my drinking alcohol to pop now because that is when I seem to want it

    1. Hi Samantha. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  33. Reading the comments most of you don’t need to worry. My supplier was my friend so I had easy and cheap access to very high purity cocaine. I’ve bedn doing atleast 1.5 gram a day for the last two years. I’ve blown a hole through my nose, lost about 20lbs of weight and my skin has just gone downhill. I’m always poorly and even lost a job over my use. I’ve been clean for three days now and already feel 100 times better. Take it each day as it comes, and remember there’s always somebody with a worse addiction than you. Oh and as I could never sleep I became addicted to sleeping tabs and benzos aswell. Kicked them at the same time as the Charlie. All of you can do it just remember one day at a time and whoever you get it from delete the number!! Good luck

  34. Ive been off coke for 2 weeks now and drink im really struggling to sleep constant nightmares i was doing coke a couple of times aweek

  35. Hi can someone please help.. I have been using cocaine on and off for 4 months and have used 3G in 2 days I have been researching On how long it will stay in urine for some say 5 days some even weeks. I have a lab urine drug test in 17 days I have spoken to one drug worker who says I will be fine.. ? Yet some people are saying 1 month till clear.. ..? Has anyone been in this position if so what happened many thanks Emj

  36. Permanent damage from cocaine addiction is real. My wife and I had two successful businesses and were very much workaholics and considered very hard working,intelligent people with extreme financial means. I tried cocaine for the first time at 35 yrs of age….after 5 yrs. Of heavy use and clean for five years now I’m divorced, lost my vehicles, alienated family and long time friends. I find myself reliving the horror everyday due to permanent psychosis which is irreversible .

  37. I sniffed 1.5 grams of cocaine 23 days ago and had a urine test today. I am a one time user , eat rite, exercise daily and drink plenty of fluids. I drank heavily the night I used and take suboxone daily. Is 23 days enough time for my urine to test clean which is being sent to a lab?? Please put my mind at ease……thank u

  38. Hi ,I’ve been clean now for 4 years from heavy cocaine using ,im still fighting depression on a daily base ,.and lately it’s been on my mind ,like everyday again I’m thinking about it …And craving it why us this happening .

  39. If i stop using cocain over 30 days should i be clean for the federal DOT drug testing there level cut off is 100 nonograms

  40. Hey I did an ounce in 4 days and did not sleep. I’ve been clean for 1 month and I’m trying to stay positive. It’s very hard as I use to do 3 grams a day for the past 3 years. I’ve also been getting dreams of me taking cocaine and waking up very happy. But then realise it was a dream and go through depression. Anyways I’ve never been happier and never realised how amazing life is when you can control your life. So people if I can do it you can. Stay positive and be strong dont

  41. My boyfriend has been clean since November 2016, it’s now October 2017 and hes still craving it mostly when he gets depressed.. how long will it take before he doesn’t crave it anymore?

  42. I split with my partner a couple of months ago and have been heavily taking coke, I tried to lay off it but I found I was really depressed so bought some again and now hate myself. I’m going to really try now and not touch it . I hope I can do this’s beating the lows when off it, any ideas on how to stay focussed not to take it and beat the blues.

  43. I’m on week 4 or just over to be exact. Today I had a pretty big craving and I was riding around an area on my Mountain bike somewhere I knew it was at least 40 to 50% likely to bump into the fella that I went to school with from age 5 to 16 and was the person to give me my first crack pipe. I am glad I never found him this could have easily tipped me back on as he would have phoned someone for me because he’s addicted still himself and he knows I would have “sorted” him some crack.
    I wont be taking that risk again so this is a warning to myself and to help others .. don’t do anything that can essentially tip you back on stay away from your old “friends” they are not friends.

  44. I do it ounce every 2 weeks but every time I drink more than I should I feel like I need it then I go on a drinking n coke binge for like 24 to 48 h I have very easy access to it what would be your advice

  45. Hi, my son of 33 has been snorting coke for almost a year. He’s very heavily in debt to dealers and family. He’s now decided he wants to stop and is starting up with NA meetings. How can I help him through this? When he’s craving how can I help? I don’t know what yo say or do. He just says I don’t understand how he feels and although I read up as much as I can, I admit I don’t know anything. I don’t think he’s actually stopped yet as his first meeting was only last night and am I right in thinking he will prob continue to use until well into the programme or do they stop acutely as soon as they decide they want to stop? I’m really scared for him and the whole family. I feel I’m not doing enough to help but I don’t know how to? Will I know if he’s craving? What do I say if he is? Yo I encourage him to tell me if he’s craving so I can do something to help? I’m sorry to go on but I’m so confused. Any advise will be greatly appreciated, thankyou

    1. Hi Julia. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7.

  46. HI, I keep catching my self going back to coke within the first 10 days of been off from coke, I did a lot of changes but i keep going back, I keep distance from friends, and places that i would do it before and now i do it alone pretty much everywhere, like I said, no more than 2 or 3 times per month, but I’m worried eventually it will affect my life, career, family, etc, I always regret when on to, but when I’m not the craving takes over, knowing that i will regret it after. What can I do??

  47. Hi, I have been taking cocaine in small amounts and rarely for quite some time now,I am trying to conceive but the biggest issue is that when I drink alcohol I feel I need to take cocaine,what can i do?and does it effect me being not fertile? i have been trying to have kids for about 5 months or so

    1. Hi Amy. Heavy drinking definitely affects women’s fertility. If you’re frequently drinking alcohol it can be much harder to conceive and carry a baby. Plus you risk carrying a child that will probably develop an alcohol dependence later in life and/or be born with health irregularities. The use of hard drugs such as cocaine is devastating for pregnancy. According to some animal studies, the use of cocaine has impaired ovulation and ovarian function in male monkeys. If you are considering to get pregnant and have a child you should stop drinking alcohol and using cocaine. In case you feel unable to do this, by yourself look for medical help at 1-877-424-4952.

    1. Hi Jose. Did you call the helpline displayed on the website? Call it to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  48. I tried it once threw my nose 2 lines.. About 24 hours ago… I’m just now feeling the effects and so I tried this. Luckily I found you guys lol. The question is : How much longer will I feel these effects? 🙁

  49. Hi i had been using cocaine for about 3 years! i can say almost for 2 years daily on a regular basis. I finally became strong enough to give it up and now its been about 2 month that i have not had cocaine, and I am just curious how long does it take to fully heal a long term drug user? such as paranoia or hearing things

  50. Hi, while I was studying at uni, I developed a pretty base cocaine addiction. After having somewhat of a mental breakdown after a 3 day binge I have it up cold turkey and hadn’t looked back. Unfortunately though I’ve recently started back up. My fiancee was in the latter weeks of pregnancy when this started, and it’s been going on now for about 2 months, anywhere between 0.5g-2g a day. The extra energy has been helpful with being up to do the late night bottle feeds with the little one, but it’s starting to get to the point where I’m not eating, I’m always drained and completely broke! Nobody actually knows about my habit and I’d like to kick it before they start to realise why I’m going to the bathroom so often…

  51. I’m breastfeeding my 5 month premature baby I regretted taking 3 lines of cocaine first time this happen I hate it I feel sorry for my baby I’m pumping n dumping ATM it’s been 48hrs now what helps to clean ur body n breast milk and will it detect on ur baby

  52. My job will take a drug test on me when I’m hired. I want to know how long it will take for cocaine to come out of my system so I can pass the test. I’ve been doing very little everyday for a month now and if I stop now, will it be positive still in a week or two?

  53. I have been in recovery for 3 months I am have symptoms like motion sickness. Feeling a bit nauseous and could last for a few days my drug of choice was cocain is this normal? I have used cocain for 12 to 13 years and everyday for about the last 3 to 4 years I also included alcohol with that to some days a few beers some days a lot again is this normal?

  54. i have tried cocaine twice in my life. The last time i tried it was about 3 days ago and since then i have been feeling dizziness in the head at times and sometimes my eyes get blurred.After this experience i never want ever try that again. i have no cravings towards it or any addiction. But how long would i continue getting dizziness in head, eyes feeling heavy ,blurring and sometimes a little anxiety. Also my speech was slurred a few times. Any suggestions?

  55. hi, i m sniffing white crystal powder from 3 months and i wanna quit it but didn’t worked on it till now, i m sniffing almost 1 grms in a day. i’ve started it in substance of weed because i was smoking weed since i was 10 n used smoking weed for 12yrs without a break. now i’m 22 and i wanna quit all the drug activities properly and want a normal life like normal people. when i was using weed, in 2015 i’ve attended a rehad center for 55days and that time i didn’t even tried white for once but in 2017 somehow i got tired of smoking weed and i started white as i told u in substance of weed. it’s been 3months i m using it without a break maximum 1grm after time to time in 24hrs. last night i finally decided to quit sniffing for ever. would it help if i take pain killers, anti itching and anti depressant medicines for how long period? and how much time will it takes to get normal properly? i m scared of being heavily addicted of white because since i have started sniffing this drug, i didn’t used weed for once even and i have satisfied my heart personally that i will never take it again. i did not told any body that i m using this drug but i m scared of going again to rehab center and also being addict like the way i was addict of weed abuse. kindly reply me as soon as possible on my email also i love my family and i don’t wanna break their trust i’m badly worried cause i’m younger in family and nobody ever used any kind of drugs in my family except me.

  56. Are used cocaine every three months and i use 4-7 g that night
    I can’t controlled when it starts
    Please give me some advice

  57. If you noticed a change in behavior or anger after using for a while just your whole life style how you act and how it changes you completely. When you stop using will you ever go back to how you were before.

  58. Have used at least 3 times a week for two years straight now. Gonna try and quit. All the ‘highs’ aren’t achievable anymore and it only makes me feel sketchy and paranoid. What type of permanent damage should I expect? Is it safe to quit cold turkey?

    1. Hi Js. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best way to quit cocaine.

  59. So i had 5 hits of coke. Sunday evenin never had before healthy person. 130lbs 5’9. Now find oyt a tox test wed afternoon. Will i pass?
    What can i do other then drink water.????

  60. My husband has Cirrhosis of the liver. He has never quit drinking and probably drinks between 12 and 18 beers every day. In September, I found out he was doing drugs and I left. We have been speaking lately. Today he flunked a drug test for cocaine. He claims it has been over a month since he took cocaine, however, as with many addicts, he probably lies. Is it possible for him to quit taking cocaine and still test positive a month later? He does take other medications including methadone and hydro morphine for pain and other drugs for his lives condition, depression and thyroid. I personally think he is lying but is it possible for him to be clean and test positive??

  61. Hi,

    So i used cocaine for the first time on Saturday night after some drinks and had about 5 lines. It is Tuesday now and ive been feeling a little low and a bit of a headache in the back of my head. I guess i just want to make sure that i am recovering and that there isn’t anything life threatening i have to worry about 3 days after. Over all i am feeling better each day since i did it and i do not see myself ever doing it again. Hope i can get a little feedback from what i said. thanks

  62. I’ve been doing cocaine for about 10years now and I’ve never been depressed moody or very sick like in flu and so on. I go to the doctor every 6 months for a check up and the response was I’m very healthy and in good health. When I first started using cocaine I new nothing about it or the side affects. As time went by I noticed a big change in my body and the way I was sleeping a few days later I found my self going through 4 to 6 bags a day and I stopped eating and had about 2hrs sleep in 7 days. I finally did some research and found that there was herrowin mixed into the cocaine the way to spot herrowin in ur cocaine is by looking to see if there are any gray patches mixed with ur cocaine. If u do find gray spots stop. This is how dealers get u hooked so they no u will be back for more. So if u are moody depressed can’t sleep eat and so on there is a strong possibility its the herrowin do that to u.

  63. I was an avid drinker for about 2 years, 21-23 years old. And recently I started experimenting with cocaine as well. I tried to stop drinking before, but the constant threat of anxiety I would get would start ruining my ability to function with everyday task. I’ve done coke about 10 times over a year (Always 1/2+ gram with friends because it was easy to get), but almost always mixing it with booze because I was told it would balance me out. The last time I tried it, on Valentines day was a real eye opener for me, because the next day at work I had a full blown panic attack and had to be sent home from work. This has never happened to me, and told me I needed to get my life in shape. Since then I have been struggling with the common symptoms of withdrawal, however the returning anxiety and mood swings have been a big concern to me. Lately they have started to subside, with increased sobriety effort. I’m sure i’m not the only one who is scared that this just might be their life now. Many articles online suggest that the damage may be permanent and that is terrifying. Has anyone else had experience with this?

  64. Hi, I’ve been clean for 5 months now after a year of heavy usage. My appetite is regular again, but I just can’t gain the weight. My question is, how long will it take for the body to store fat once again? Or have I completely messed up my metabolism. I’m worried, as before my usage I had a healthy amount of body fat. Thanks in adavance.

  65. Hi my nose is getting very thin on one side and I’m starting to get a dent on it, no holes or anything, if I stop cocaine use completely will my nose heal itself without needing surgery? Thank you please get back to me ASAP

    1. Hi Ell. Yes, you have a much greater chance at avoiding surgery if you don’t worsen the problem by using more. But, do see a doctor if you notice an inflammation or any other complication at the spot.

  66. Friends! Let me share something with you that helped me. I was formerly addicted to ecstacy, prescription pills, alcohol, marijuana, coke, and cigarettes. I’ve got it all boiled away now to just Cigarettes which is the hardest thing in my life to quit.

    This is what I’ve learned:
    With most habit forming substances… the act of detox, the effects it produces, the stabilizing of the blood pressure, the sudden missing element from blood content that gets filtered through our bodies on the way back to our brain, its all going to mimic the feeling of a craving, and you might not even crave the substance, but usually if its on your mind that is what mind defaults to. Your body just knows that something is different from the “Normal” and is pumping chemicals from your pineal gland into your nervous system to force a nervous system reaction.

    In actually, what feels like a craving is your body going through the process of detoxing. Same with Cigarettes, Alcohol, and other substances. The important thing here is that once you start detox, you not mistake the sensations of the detox for craving. It’s going to suck if you think of it as a craving. A craving you can’t get rid of. Your mind constantly keeps track of your body and knows that such abrasive chemicals are missing. Thanks to the rush of dopamine and other chems in the gland, your brain is tricked into perceiving the presense of harsh substances as good and the absence as bad. The presence of the parasite as good, and its disappearance as bad (ever get sick while trying to detox? your body think’s its being hurt and alerts you to its condition. It’s just freaking out because it remembers parasitic chemicals available for use and cant find any). It’s going to suck because it is supposed to happen. Eventually your body will turn to realize that it doesn’t need that chemical compound to function, and that it was just a waste of time. It will slowly begin forget about its old “normal”. You will have mood swings because of this. One moment you’ll be up, and the next you’ll be down until you realize “ITS NOT A CRAVING. IT SUCKS, BUT ITS A GOOD KIND OF SUCKS. YOU WANT THIS KIND OF SUCKS THAN THE KIND OF SUCKS THE OTHER ROUTE LEADS DOWN.”

    Now you know. Addiction is reprogram. Without substance, your mind is programmed to perform all of its essential tasks without that booze/coke/weed/nicotine. With substance, your mind is programmed to *manage* or keep *expedite* use of the stored chemicals for potential use. Your brand of Cigarettes? You brain is a calculator and appreciates the processes and effects of only that brand (as your body is conditioned to the specific task of the dopamine rush unleashed when you take a deep breath for a moment).

    Let that sink in for a moment. Our brains wonder what something is on first contact, breaks it down to see how to make use of it, and then applies it and stores excess to keep a steady supply of it to the nervous systems. Every time you feel a craving…. its because your body is undergoing detox and running out of that substance. It calls to you for more. Your throat is too clear and the air feels to sensitive against the back of it. You’re thinking too much… too frantically. You’re not too used to having an active mind during certain circumstance without that alcohol suppressant. You’re feeling depressed. You think you need that stuff to give you happiness. But all its doing to you is tricking you into slavery. It will not allow you to do a single thing of your own accord without first consulting that substance. People look long and hard over drinks, cigarettes, cannabis… this is because their medulla’s single-tracks are seriously congested. So some of the signals your body may send to you regarding the toxicity of substance might be overpowered or even blocked all together. I lose count of how many times my cigarette cherry burned through my clothes and hit my skin, but I never react to it like I should if i’m smoking said cigarette, instead its just sluggish.

    Substance Free = Clear mind, focused resolve, abundance in will power.

    There is nothing you cannot accomplish. Stop beating yourself up! Don’t do drugs’ job for them.

    Go to the window! Inhale the fresh air! Tell your body that is what it needs more. Condition your brain to nature. Hell, go to the oxygen bar. Stop letting your brain trick you into thinking expensive poison is what you need. Its not even your brain that’s tricking you. It’s the deep inhalation, the inducing of the dopamine rush, that tricks your mind into thinking a terrible thing is good.

    Next craving. Take a deep breath. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you don’t get it.

    Go take a shower, drink plenty of water, take a nap, do some work with your hands, play with a stress device. Write a journal or a book (it can even be crappy, just keep your mind active).


    Your mind relates certain experiences and actions to what is seen and experienced around you. Watching some of your favorite shows during their regularly scheduled viewing time can unintentionally initiate dopamine rush while doing nothing physical at all. Mind has been programmed, remember? Certain exposures will certainly activate the subconscious anxiety that comes along with waiting through commercials and the like, especially if it was routine for you to smoke after specific events, and TV is really good about sliding icky-icky substances in your face.

    Breaking the addiction is an inner self-journey. You must rediscover who you are before addiction. It will help to figure out who that person would have been, what they would be now, had you never had addiction.

    This is your goal. your motivation. The best version of you, substance free. You are that person. You just have to remember your own will, and your will is YOURS. No animate/inanimate object can take that from you.

    Now and then, my head starts to spin…
    But I’ll never turn back again!
    From this moment on.
    I am moving strong.
    And I’ll never … turn back…

  67. Thank you very much for your article and the helpful timeline in understanding the symptoms it’s been of some help , in an update to this information it would be wise to point out that alcohol should be completely off limits when you are going through this , as I found out the hard way I had a couple drinks and it completely started the craving , I have found that taking a sleeping tablet when the craving is at its highist really helps , I would like to ask a question I have been blowing my nose for the last six days and so much rubbish is coming out how long would this usually carry on for ? regards and thank you for your post

  68. I tend to do cocaine every other weekend, sometimes once a month but that’s not my biggest problem, the problem is once I do cocaine i can’t stop and the use turns into going into the next day 3 grabs later. Due to the binge I find it easy to not want to use cocaine for a couple of weeks but once again one drink to many I find myself fancying a line with the intent to just stop after 1/2gram but it never happens !! I don’t know what to do apart from cut out all social life for a while as drink is a massive catalyst but am I addicted? I don’t ever touch it in the week it wouldn’t ever cross my mind so these binges tend to happen from a Friday night in to Saturday

  69. My boyfriend went to his family over xmas he met up with his mates and they all had coke he came back 2 days later profusely sweating , impotent ,angry and just horrid , he goes a few months without it and then goes through this , hes goes to bed at 9 and wakes early , I cant take anymore of this ridiculous waste of money and abuse of me , Ive just told him go live with someone else. His sons a drug dealer, his whole family are denial and wont even listen to me , he says im nieve well I am ive never taken drugs ever I want to call the police and shop the lot of them every drug dealer and every person sniffing this shit with him it is taking the person I loved away from me .

  70. Hello,
    I have been seeing this guy for a couple weeks, and for the past 14 days, he has gone without the use of cocaine and has been really proud of himself and talks a lot about how hes sleeping and eating better, has way more energy and all around just feels great! 🙂 I really want to show him how proud I am of him and had the idea that every time he makes it to a certain amount of days without coke, I tell him how his body is improving! I’ve seen lots of things like this with smoking, often there are posters up in doctors offices saying things like, after 7 days you can breathe better, after a month your chance of lung cancer decreases by a certain amount.. things like that. I was wondering if there is something that you could send me to show a timeline of positive changes your body goes through in a sort of a timeline! I looked it up and all I could find is negative effects and I wanted to show him how much his body appreciates him taking care of himself to motivate him to continue despite the struggle of withdrawal! From what I know, he was never really dependent on coke, just did it at a party on the weekend sort of thing, so I don’t think the withdrawal symptoms are intense for him. The only things I have noticed and also others at work have definitely noticed that he is happier, looks healthier, and is all around doing great!
    I don’t know much about this drug or any drugs for that matter, this lifestyle is very new to me so any other information you could send to me about supporting him would be amazing! He has definitely found me as a positive influence on his life and I definitely want that to continue, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much, I really look forward to hearing back from you!!

  71. To all those who have been using for less than 5 years and are writing in with your concerns: don’t try to make yourselves ‘Interesting’ by pretending you have a problem. Come back in 5 years time.

  72. my son was using weed & Cocaine , sent him for very expensive Rehab Center, he came home
    clean & sober after one month start using every thing again.

    Now from Nov.16. he promise me he will detox himself. He is sleeping all day & all night, gets up
    in a evening eat & go back to sleep. today is day three please advise. he is very angery if you talk to him.

  73. I want to know if I did cocaine on the 18th day of the month would it be detectable on the 23rd by urnine in that amount of time

  74. I’m not cocaine addict myself, but my boyfriend is, he doesn’t want to go to rehab, I tried to convince him but he said that I can help him way more than anyone in rehab could, this is what is pushing me to research ways to help. Yesterday was his first day without cocaine, it was very tough, he drank a bottle of wine in an hour by himself, I am worried about this too. I can’t be there physically for him all the time because of personal reasons, is there any advise for me? I really want to help in any way possible. Is there any way I can convince him to go to rehab? He is 100% convinced he doesn’t want the life he currently has

  75. Hi, Have a fam member wanting to stop coke but she refuses formal tx. I read where there are not meds for detox so may I assume it’s safe to stop at once? I didn’t see that tapering is needed, but I’ll be helping and trying to be safe. Thanks so much for any help!

    1. Hi Kenneth. If you have questions about addiction treatment and their options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  76. I have been clean from daily intravenous cocaine and heroin use for about five weeks now. This last relapse with heroin lasted roughly a year and was turned onto cocaine about four months before i quit. I still have yet to get a period and was curious how long this could last. I know my body is going through some things but I am praying to the guy upstairs everyday that something happens and soon. Periods. Let’s just say it’s a love \hate relationship. But, for real, can you please help me find some clarity here? I’m freaking out!

  77. Hi all, I’m currently high on coke! I didn’t have anything for a week and was doing ok. But then I got a bit of cash. Paid all my dealers off and decided to get a gram because I thought I could handle it. Now, even when I’m high, I feel guilty! I’ve just moved away from a toxic relationship three weeks ago after seven years. I want to crack this, pardon the pun! But I don’t know how to avoid the triggers! It’s a long road, with many obstacles and been effectively homeless doesn’t help! Who knows what the future holds but determination seems to be the key!!

  78. Hi on reading some of the messages just thought positive one may help
    was a solid coke user for 12yrs+ at worst 7g a day
    Then down to around 3 a week towards the end
    When I finally stopped first 3 months was the hardest clean started to feel alive again clean 18months now found strengths I had forgotten problem is its everywhere you get offered a live rather than a drink in today’s society so you need to be ready for it
    So the secret is find your inner strength with stopping avoid anyone who uses …don’t leave many people btw
    Find the world were its not cool but patronising but if I can do it believe me any one can
    Good luck you will need it

  79. I smoke weed long enough time more than 20 years daily but this year i was introduced to coke. I went over a g pretty fast, not regularly, 2-3 times a week till late June when I started doing a g day in day out. I’m clean one week, leave alone craving which is insane, severe body chills and heart palpitations increased, having hard time falling asleep. Tried to help the situation with smoking weed but it doesn’t seem to affect me the same way it used to. I keep going towards my goal and stay clean for good. People don’t do this horrible drug! 10-20 minutes of high not worth suffering I go through. Stay AWAY from blow! I wish I kept blazing now but it’s too play you pay…

  80. I have used coke maybe 5 times in my life. Did about 1.5 grams over the course of a day two Saturdays ago, and then was urine tested last Saturday. I drank lots of water, especially because it’s been hot out. Average shape/size, should I have passed or no?

    1. Hi Jacob. Cocaine has a short half life (about 60 minutes), and it usually can stay in your system and be detected in urine 2-4 days after use. However, detection time increases to 12-14 days for chronic or binge users.

  81. tomorrow is 7.5 years clean for me from infranasal CXXXXXX use
    a docotor said it can take my brain 7 to 10 years to be normal. i have since . Never wanted to use, ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you will have what i have too. a sense of normalcy. whatever you do, remind me im addicted . Medically speaking, this is the western medicine world, anyway. right Kiddo? oh i used for 25 years. maybe 26
    submit comment… thanks for reading.

  82. These are the first steps of helping my fiance’ with detoxification. He is in full agreement, but somewhat reluctant that he may not get to eat what he wants, when he wants. Can someone recommend a safe way to detox his body, in turn detoxifying cocaine traces and toxins from his body?

  83. Is it safe to take naltrexone after i used the cocaine and drank some liquor to slow my habit down to stop using

  84. I’ve been using cocaine heavily for years. A mixture of earning too much and not having to work that much has made this lifestyle easy. I stopped 4 nights ago (along with alcohol) and this week has been tough. Extremely low and very little energy.

    I’m scheduled to drink ayahuasca next weekend and am confident this will help my cleansing.

    I still have a couple of grams stashed in my closet and I’m finding it very difficult to throw it away. Help!

  85. I have been of almost going ninty days. on the 16th, but I am still haveing some days where i am down, other days good?? Is this normal?? And alchol as well.

  86. I keep slipping up, failing my wife and son. I have everything in my mind sooo logical and scientific to control my drug usage and cleanse my anatomy, but I keep relapsing and abusing. I promise and devout myself to stopping as that is all I can do. The first week is blurred between my perceptions of sobriety and intoxication and the deep sleep I seem to not be able to resist. I’ve neglected my family, the family I’ve made and intermediate family as well. I’m a full time college student on the fritz too with my GPA. Yet I still climb out of the s*#t hole I’ve made and make it to about a week the most maybe two, without abuse. I’m scared I’ve lost the ability to be naturally happy cause the long term use of cocaine (about 2 years habitual.) Medically and psychological can I recover and what’s the timeline? Can I be free of white girl forever or is it true like they say “once an addict always an addict”? I guess more than anything I wished to vent and open up about this to someone or even something (a blog lols.) I’m a 29 Hispanic male and average across the board. I want to know is complete recovery possible?

  87. Right after I got over a percocet addiction I went on suboxone for 3 months and was scared for the withdrawl of fatigue so a new acquaintance had said coke will help me get thru the withdrawls. Well 9 months ago with the help of that and herbal medicine I took yes it was easy to get off suboxone, however, I then continued cocaine use with the purest form of coke you can get out there I paid high dollar for it but it damaged my nose so bad it developed a couple large holes in my septum, I have cartilage coming out every day. Anyway, I am going on a cruise in 2 days for 8 days and am using this opportunity to detox from the coke and was hoping to come home feeling great and craving free, however, by reading the above article I may have a long road ahead of me. Fatigue is my biggest trigger…I can fall asleep on a rollercoaster and am about to lose my job if I dont return from vacation 100% improved in my job performance. I dont know how I will feel 10 days from now or when I return to work. Last rehab I called they said no they dont treat that since there is no detox for cocaine (compared to opiates/alcohol). Sorry for rambling…just so happy to see somewhere I can share my fears with since nobody knows I am suffering with this addiction except 1 person..the one person I need to cut ties guy who gets it for me. Wish me luck! Hoping to return from my cruise 5/28 totally refreshed!

  88. Hi, I’m new to all things cocaine. My family is very clean and haven’t used drugs ever. About a month ago, I found out my fiancé was using coke and I was at my breaking point with him. What changed my mind was that he reached out and admitted he had a problem and wanted to stop using because it was ruining his life. I committed myself to doing everything I can to help him through this journey and I let him know it’ll be the hardest thing he’d ever have to do in his life. In the past month, he has relapsed 2-3 times. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s progress and I always let him know I’m proud of him for coming this far. Is there anything else I can do to support him and help him through this? We already discussed seeing a substance abuse counselor and possibly rehab.

  89. Hi my name Crystal been using for 10years I stoped in Feb I went 15days,strong cold turkey nothin but my 15th day I had a sezuire body went convulsion was scared so after that two later started again but now I’m ready to try again went to doc.I told him what was going on he proscribed me librium another word chlordiazepoxide so going start taking it tomorrow very scared that after my 15th day i will have a sezuire so do you think this meds will help so scared but so ready i was raped at 16 told no-one handled alone when I turned 23 someone inturdced me to cocaine but that shit made my life worst now I’m ready again please gave me some advice. thank you I been praying to get better I want this so bad help me

  90. Was doing 1-3G a day for 14 months. It has been two weeks zero use and I am finally feeling half normal but will wake up feeling worse some days than others. Is this normal and how long will it take till I am completely back to my normal self mentally that existed before the coke scene came into play.

  91. my husband was on cocaine. We’d been together 10 years married 5. In june 2015 he started them. this February i got a msg out of the blue some woman whod hed been having on affair with. She didnt know about the drugs either but he’d been going to her house instead of work getting high and spending his come down there. thats why he started it ruined our families, relationships marriage and trust. hes never taken it since i found about his affair right now hes going through depression and anxiety attacks hes been offered it n feels so strong when he walks away hes found God now and we r working on it i just wish he could have been open with me ive never gave up on him and im not now im just trying to get him to deal another way with his emotions and open up about problems and emotions.

    1. Hi Susan. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  92. My boyfriend (well ex now due to paranoia) he goes on 2 day binges 2-3 times a week sometimes he can go 2 weeks with out going out but recently it’s got worse and his last binge lasted around 56 hours where he has no2 broke up with me due to being depressed paranoid and angry I really want to help him but don’t no how he isn’t talking to me at the min when will his come down be over so I can approach him help

  93. My boyfriend was using cocaime for about 5 years it was usually once a week if anything and he wuit cold turkey is it normal that he hasnt shown any signs of withdrawl its been 4 months…

  94. My husband is going through withdrawals from cocaine. I’m trying to be string and help him but the mood swings and getting mad for every little thing is pushing me away.

  95. I’m 22 years old, the first time I did cocaine I was 19, on a new years party, did it just to be able to keep drinking cause my friends said it would help. I think I found the drug attractive to begin with because I’ve always been the shy quiet guy and always physically tired.
    Since then I’ve done it about 10 to 15 more times (considering times I might not remember), of which 3 have been in the past 10 days, before that I used to do it like once every 3 months on average, never did it too often, so I craved it sometimes while partying but never felt the need, like I’m feeling for the first time today, I want it I crave it, I get a feeling in my nose like it needs it and it’s weird and difficult for me to comprehend because I always did it so sparsely and have never done 1 gram on my own, I always split about .8 grams between 2 or 3 other people, sometimes more. The last time I did it I just snorted twice and I think it was the best cocaine I’ve ever had. If it also helps I should say that I have struggled with sex addiction since I learned to masturbate and I used to smoke weed on a daily basis but am 2 months clean right now from marijuana.
    Now that I’ve given some context I want to calm my main concerns which are: Am I addicted? Is my brain okay? What will be the benefits of stopping now? Is it too late? Will I ever feel normal about cocaine again, as in, will I ever stop craving it?

  96. Ted,
    i was a big user too for many years i quit last march and had many different things that i went through quitting cold turkey.
    Now at over a year i see a big difference. Depending on the years of use and the quantity of use it can take months to years to let the body heal and repair itself. Especially depending on how much damage has been done. Only time can tell you what kind of damage will be permanent and what are just effects of your bodys healing itself.

  97. I’ve been a heavy cocaine user for about 15 yrs, using sometimes everyday. Staying up for days at a time. I last used saturday night into Sunday morning, I woke up Monday and called an outpatient treatment program I’m ready to get clean any advice to help me stay clean until my appt next week would be greatly appreciated thank you Jack

  98. I am a binge user of cocaine for 20 years at least. I’m sure I’ve damaged my heart and arteries. After stopping now, can I expect the damage I’ve done to repair itself ? or should I expect the damage to be permanent?

    1. Hi Destiny. Call the number you see on the site to speak with trusted treatment consultants. They can help you find a treatment program that fits your needs.

  99. I have recently relapsed using Coke. I am deciding to go sober again. I am just very worried that the damage done to my heart is done already. I’m very scarec

  100. I did not use before just from one evening about 4pm to at about 3 am and for 1hr only next moring none prior to that time and none since then.

  101. I used cocaine for one 24 hour period. And how long does it take for it clear out of the body,was used overnight only.Not before and not after. Will my blood test be clear in 30 days?

  102. I’m not dependent on blow… Drug dependencey isn’t in my blood line. Alcohol is. That being said. Just how long before this hangover is over with and I feel normal again? I excersise frequent, only drink water, booze on the weekends. And healthy food with vitamin and supplements is a daily for me. I’ve done a lot of drugs in my life, I don’t get stuck on anything. It’s just a hear and now living in the moment that has me doing them every so often. I use drugs seldom to never on a scale of 1 every 3 months. The last time I did blow was probably a few years ago.

  103. Hello
    I have been clean from smoking crack for 6 years, what I would like to know if you still experience symptoms from detoxing mentally and physically. Depression, memory loss, ect.

    I had smoked crack since I was 18, on a every day basis. When I stopped I experienced muscle aches, depression, dreams, fatigue, ect.

    Can those symptoms still be present?

  104. Hello guys,

    thought i’d join this forum to find some people similar to me I am full time working lad I train at the gym have the usual life. I’ve been wild used to party non stop until not that long ago I was smoking crack all the time couldn’t have a drink without coke.

    Anyway long story short I’m a chronic pain sufferer and recently got put on oxycontin which i instantly loved they stopped me drinking doing any other drug except weed. I have oxynorms for break threw pain anyway I ended up abusing them as they made my life so much better! I was ok at first now I’m only prescribed 56 60mg tablets and 112 10mg tablets and this is the first month I’ve ran out early.

    I have had to get some heroin to get me by as nothing touchs me I have that high tolerance I am having to inject the heroin as I don’t have time to smoke the amount id need! I’m do not inject normally I plug Oxys but heroin was no good plugged not to me anyway.

    So if I want to keep using oxy I’m going to have to supplement it with IV heroin can people give me tips on lowering tolerance and how to rotate sites for inj so I don’t get spotted at work with marks and so I don’t lose a vein? Is anyone Darling as I could do with some advice before I really fuck it up.

    Truth is I like being a junky I function I just want to do it the best most secret way so I can continue to use these drugs what do others do to hide their habit I get up to fucking alsorts lol share some tips and story’s please I am pleased to meet you all 🙂

  105. Hi! When I was travelling in Latin America last year for some time, and i did well and often, and sometimes a lot of cocaine, i was wondering if its possible that some of the brain is still damaged, or since cells in the body reproduce all the time that its “completely normal” again? ( i didnt use any type of drugs the last two months )…

  106. Hello ,

    I recently found out that my friend has started to use Cocaine. I had spoken to him about it and said that he has only been doing it once a month for 4 moths. We both spoke and he said that he wasn’t going to do it again. That he would start changing a lot of things in his life. I want to start helping him by detoxing so he could get that out of his system. I was wondering if going to the gym would help, so he could swear it all off. I’m really worried about him and I want to help him. I can’t tell if he is being honest about him doing it once a month and that if he really could just stop doing it.

  107. I have had several failed back surgeries and am on a lot of pain meds as well as a motphine pump in my stomach. I was 11 yrs clean until recently my back pain began to become intolerable. I have to be drug tested monthly. I waited 4 days and did my urine test and cocain was detected in my urine. I am due for another test and hhave enjoyed clean from it for four days again but am afraid I might fail test again. I do not use it ever day mainly on weekends bit if I fail again I am at risk of loosing my pain meds . How long should I give it this time before I get tested?

  108. From the last day of use of cocaine drinking detox tea 1_2 times a day bout how long will the cocaine stay in your system

  109. Hi I’ve been using cocaine since April 2009 from then till now 2015 my life change drastically more my mind tho i feel alone depress I lost interests in women and a lot of more things I’ve been clean for a month and I feel so fuck up i cry alone at times and I don’t know what to do no more

  110. Had been djing out las Thursday night and bought a gram. Ended up buying and doing cocaine every day for the following five days and drinking heavily. Did sleep in between but didn’t eat properly. Ended up in the hospitals ER due to high blood pressure and panic attack. Don’t do this shit people. Slowly recovering now and going home for a while to recover and eat myself up. Hope this is the last binge only had a few ones in my life but it was always weird. Coke even makes be bad these days I don’t know why I kept up. Keep off!

  111. My concern is when your skin looks discoloration and breaking out on one side what do you recomend? Just ingore it or use hot or cold water on face? Idk so please mgs me back

  112. I been using for 4 years now every weekend so ready to stop but the cravings are so bad and trying to do this by my self . It’s so hard . Had drug workers they not help if any thing g make it worse by talking about it . I want to try get help but I can’t because people knew that I was still using I’ll lose every thing . So desperate stop but how by my self ?

    1. Hi, Terri. I suggest you seek help from a professional. Also, you may consider counseling sessions, or enroll into anonymous group support. Good luck!

  113. I’ve been using cocaine recreationally since more than 10 years, let’s say between 0,5 and 3 g per week depending on the circumstances and companies. I’ve been also off for more than a year when in countries where I couldn’t access it and often with brakes of more than 2 weeks or so, but let’s say if I can have it and I m partying I will always get it just because.. Why not, it’s more fun. This last month had maybe 2 g in total couse didn’t go out much… Do I have an addiction problem?

  114. I’ve been using cocaine for about 13 years and I’m trying to see how long will it take to return back to normal my face is beat up from using for so long and at one point of time a had quit for 6 months but I started back use because I didn’t feel normal what can I do to help me feel normal without useing

  115. I’ve never been a Coke user. I’m in my mid 30′ now and just got married and now suddenly I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks straight. I’ve always been good at quitting any addiction but I’m getting really worried about this one bc it’s starting to ruin my life. Any tips on to quit before it’s too late??

    1. Hello PAT. The sooner you stop, the better for you! Cocaine detox usually lasts between 5-14 days. You could detox at home, but it’s not recommended. I suggest you consult a doctor before you start detoxification and withdrawal.

  116. I was a habitual user off and on for about 6 years and then 7 months or so before march of this year when i quit and have had alot of issues since quitting. Like, bad pain and dizziness for the first few months along with stomach issues and still dealing with it… memory issues, lightheaded spells now as well as fatigue and other problems can i heal from this fully or am i going to have stomach, memory and panic attacks the rest of my life? Please help i am at my wits end

    1. Hello Nathan. You did a great job quitting drugs! Withdrawal symptoms are hard, but you must deal with them. I’d recommend you to call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers.

  117. Hey I used cocaine the other night, now I’m feeling depressed. I’ve used cocaine in the past but never really was a constant user. Now I’m feeling depressed is this just apart of the withdrawal symptoms and will get better after a few weeks or is this gonna last longer

    1. Hi Jim. There is usually that state of ‘crush’ after the cocaine high, when your brain has been depleted of neurotransmitters. I believe that your brain, as well as your emotional state will soon return to normal. If the depression persist, you should definitely see a doctor.

  118. My boyfriend of almost a year has been doing coke daily. As soon as he wakes up and every hour or two after that. Sometimes staying up for days at a time. I knew that he used but I had no idea the extent of it. During the past couple weeks he has told me everything. I guess he was just a high functioning addict because I did not see that coming. He has now booked himself in a detox program starting today. I don’t know when he will be back or what to expect when he does get back. I love this man and I need to know how I can help him.

    1. Hi Amy. There are actually many counseling groups for the loved ones of addicts. There are certain behaviors that are encouraged, while others may compel the addict to use again or enable their addiction. You can search online for such groups and start attending. Then, once he is back, he will still be in recovery for a long time, and if there is a need you can go to therapy together.

  119. Hi i have a gf in ontario whos in a methadone program butbdoes cocaine were supposed to go on vacation n 2 weeks n urine wasnt ckean and theyre telkibg her she cant have carries is there ne thin we can do to let her be able to go????

  120. Hi, I completed two weeks in an addiction center. While there, I was given Phenobarbital for week and half and was on steroids for a cut the whole time. I’ve smoked crack everyday for seven years. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms the whole time I was there. Now I’m suffering from headache, fever, chills, body aches, one time vomiting and sweats four days after I left. I went to my doctor’s today. No virus so he thinks detoxing. Is that possible? I did the drugs as week, heroin, clonozapam, lorazapam, four weeks ago, but on lol y did those for one session each however a good among. $20 worth of heroin and few days later took 40 of the pills at once all before I went to rehab. So could I still be experiencing physical detox?


    1. Hi Lora. It is possible to be experiencing some withdrawal and maybe the medications you were given while in the center were only masking these symptoms. Now, that you are off them too, they have re-emerged. You can treat them medically with over-the-counter meds for a short period of time and then they should start to subside.

  121. I have used cocaine for three months straight every other two or three days.but today Im a week an four days clean I wasn’t heavily addicted but I would just like to know how long it would probably take to get out my system for a drug screening because I’m currently job searching

  122. I have just discovered two neat lines of white powder and a straw hidden in my 21 year old son’s room. I washed the substance away down the sink and put a note in its place. “We love you. It’s time to come clean and get help. It takes 1 week to detox. xxx
    My son has Emotional Dysregulation, ADHD and probably Bipolar. This was evident to his family at a very young age and even as a young boy my son used to say “Help me mum, there’s something wrong in my head!” Unfortunately we feel somewhat let down by the mental health services. My son has manic outbursts of uncontrollable rage which we have learnt as a family to support him with as best we can. He has also developed a problem with alcohol abuse by binging. He admits to having a problem with alcohol but has flatly denied the use of cocaine. He expresses fears that one day he will fatally hurt someone, he is scared of what he might be capable of and ‘often’ talks of having something seriously wrong in his head. I am no expert but I strongly suspect the risks of these fears becoming a sad reality are considerably higher with the use of alcohol and cocaine. I suspected he was using cocaine when I noticed significant changes in his behaviour. When we ‘talk’, which we often do, I point out these changes in behaviour and ask about cocaine. He will fly off the handle in a rage and begs me to believe him when he say’s he is not a user.
    So you see, we have a big problem…..a serious mental health condition which I fear will be permanently scared by cocaine and alcohol. I am scared for what the future holds but don’t know where to go to for help. I have sent similar letters like this over the years (before alcohol/cocaine) to the GP, Mental Health and even Police. ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING LOUD but we are just not getting the right support.
    It’s such a tragic story as my son can be such a delight and is loved and yes, respected by many. He can have an amazingly positive effect on people. I am totally in ore of this gift that he has with people, in particular the young. His energy could be channelled to have such a positive effect on society…..but he needs help to realise this.
    Signed a loving mum, family and friends.

  123. Hi! So basically around a month ago i have used the drug “cocaine” and before that i have already suffered from anxiety and depression.. i have riped a couple of lines one night about a month ago and before that tried it twice. Now it has been 27 days after my last attempt and i am feeling very depressed and there is a triger in anxiety. MY QURSTION IS :How long would this last for … what must be done… and is it from it?

  124. Habitual cocaine user on an off before the past week maybe one twice three times a month the past week I’ve used probably a gram for the past four days one each day I have a drug test for a new job I’m extremely exited for in 17 days what do you think I can do to help expedite the detoxification process and what do you think the odds are of me coming up clean?

  125. I gave up 6months a go but do I need to tel doctors about it coz I never told any one, I had panick attack n now I feel as I dnt have energy, I went doctor other day n he send me for blood test it come up ok only thing is my cleatrol level was high so I’m taking atorvastatin now I’m scared I have good days n bad day is that normal? N do I need to tel doctors about cocain

    1. Hi Mohammed. Not unless you have a condition that may be caused by your past cocaine use. If the tests came up fine, I believe you’ll be ok. I guess your doctor run the tests, but it is important to not have a history of liver disease, kidney disease, muscle pain or weakness, a thyroid disorder, or not to drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages daily.

  126. I want to know how many months the body needs to detoxify itself without using any medication, and does the patient feel brain heaviness and drowsiness due to cocaine withdrawal and what can be used to treat this kind of withdrawal symptoms. Thanks

  127. I’ve been clean from cocaine for 12 days and its been really really tough. My girlfriend and I decided to quite after 2 years of weekly use. I’ve been so emotional the last 3-4 days . I’m trying to stay strong for my kids, girlfriend, and business. My girlfriend has been strong for Me I just want to be there for her.

  128. Hi Angel. Congratulations on you and your partner for being devoted and giving each other support. Don’t beat yourself up for relapsing, it happens, and you should’t be ashamed or blame yourself for anything. You and your partner have used it for different periods of time, different amounts, your brains and bodies are different, and what compels you to use is completely different from anyone else’s triggers. So, you never were in the same level to begin with. AND most importantly, you didn’t mess up your recovery process, just try to catch up where you were. Keep striving for progress, be devoted to your recovery, keep giving the needed support and understanding to one another. I salute you both and just keep doing it! Good luck!

  129. Hi I have been clean of coke for 3 wks & 1 day . But lst night I stupidly done 4 tiny lines & today not feeling gd with my self & shaking . I am detoxing with my partner & fair play to him he said no . I am now worried & wondering if this will effect the hard work I have done with the detox so far , also will I be on a different level than my partner . I feal I have really messed up . I dnt wont to do coke I hate the shit . My partner’s habbit was worse than mine & he suffers more than I do . So even tho I did it & he didn’t can I catch him up and still have the same thought process of where we both was before I stupidly took it ?????

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