Cocaine overdose: How much amount of cocaine to overdose?

How can you tell that someone is OD-ing on cocaine? We review unintential cocaine overdose here.

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What provokes a cocaine overdose? Starting from dosage to overdose complications and signs of overdose, we review signs, symptoms, and prognosis for cocaine overdose. Stay with us and we invite you to ask your personal questions about cocaine overdose or risks of snorting cocaine at the end.

How does unintentional cocaine overdose happen?

Cocaine is a crystalline alkaloid obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Because cocaine is highly addictive, cocaine is significantly more dangerous compared to other central nervous system stimulants (including the entire class of amphetamine drugs). So, when we talk about overdose, the best way to describe cocaine overdose is using the term “intoxication”, which manifest as immediate effects of too much cocaine in the system.

Cocaine overdose – How much is too much?

Common doses of cocaine vary between 10-120 mg. The estimated minimal lethal dose of cocaine is 1.2 g, but individuals with hypersensitivity to cocaine have died from as little as 30 mg. Still, this is usually not the case with cocaine addicts, who develop a high tolerance to cocaine in the central nervous system. In fact, some cocaine addicts with considerable tolerance have reported that they can tolerate up to 5 g of cocaine daily.

Cocaine overdose complications

The biggest risk with most drug overdose is that people do not take as recommended. But that is not the case with cocaine. In fact, most cocaine deaths are accidental, usually because some of its effects increase risk of pre-existing health conditions, such as the elevated blood pressure. Additionally, repeated doses of cocaine administered to avoid the crash that often follows the initial intense euphoric effects put you at risk of overdose. Cocaine overdose also occurs when used in combination with other drugs such as a cocaine and alcohol mix.

The most common signs of cocaine OD include:

  • abdominal pain
  • agitation
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • chills
  • convulsions
  • death from respiratory failure
  • delirium, unconsciousness
  • enhanced reflexes
  • hallucinations
  • headache
  • heart failure
  • hostility
  • irregular respiration
  • nausea
  • rise in body temperature
  • seizures
  • stroke
  • tachycardia
  • vomiting

Cocaine overdose prognosis

The prognosis of cocaine overdose depends on many factors. Overdose from cocaine can be a very painful experience, among other things. And it takes time for the body to return to its stable condition after you OD. The body requires time to not only metabolize cocaine, but to normalize additional symptoms. For example, depression with suicidal ideation may develop in very heavy users.

There is no officially approved specific antidote for cocaine overdose. Emergency treatment for cocaine overdose often consists of administering a benzodiazepine sedation agent, such as diazepam (Valium) to decrease the elevated heart rate and blood pressure. In order to treat hyperthermia the physical cooling method (ice, cold blankets, etc…) may be used. There are specific treatments developed for any further complications.

Cocaine overdose death rate

High doses of cocaine due to the effects on sodium channels can cause cardiac attack.

Unlike other drugs, cocaine has certain qualities that make it cross the blood-brain barrier quickly, which can lead to brain shutdown.

Statistics indicate that 100 people die per day from drug overdoses each day in USA. After marijuana, cocaine is the second most used illicit drug in USA and causes three times more death rates than any other illicit drug. In fact, nearly 500,000 cocaine users visit the ED due to cocaine overdose annually; over 7,000 of them are fatalities.

Cocaine overdose amount questions

Do you still have questions about cocaine OD? Please feel free to post your questionsin the comments section below. We will be happy to provide you with a personal and prompt response as soon as possible.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi if u take 2.6-4.5grams of cocain in 2 days how long would it take to leave your system or breack down in your system enought to drive your motorcycle??? Should i leave it like 2 days after the day i took my last line???

  2. If u are under 21 and take coke don’t take more than 2 grams a week and if u do take more than that keep away from energy drinks if u mix both Ull die in space of month I had heavy users on coke and most of them died and the ones that are alive went to hospital heart problems or shut down half of the system in his body which was the brain eyes hearing and arms and bit leg and he was lucky it wasn’t the left side and it was the right side because if it was the left he would of died . In fact I’m heavy user and it has lots of affects on the heart and mental problems.stop as soon as u can it will kill u and if not the drug the dealer

  3. If I’ve done too much Cocaine and am worried about ODing, what is your heartbeat per minute for people who are about to overdose on cocaine?

  4. So i found out that my husband went on a three day coke binge, blew his whole check (he’s the only provider) on it. he done about 8 grams within those three days, I decided to stay with him and hope he doesn’t do it again. My question is, he’s been having diarrhea since he started his comedown (Saturday, today is now Monday). Is this normal? Should I convince his stupid a** to go see a doctor?

  5. If i have taken 15 grams of cocain from a tuesday to the following saterday. N repeat this action, once a week, every month, for 8 years. What sort of perminate damage and problems would i have to look falward to in later life?…. that is, if i even get to later life at all ?

  6. Just last year, February 4th 2017, to be exact, a dear friend of mine OD’d on coke. He had just turned 35 the previous month. I wasn’t there and have no idea how much he did. But, I DO know that he insufflated all of it. I had known him since about 1996 or 1997. In 2001, he rented a room in a house, where I was also renting a room, that was pretty much a “meth house”. He and I, among other tenants and occasional visitors, smoked lots of high-quality methamphetamine during the 3 or 4 months that we lived there. After a police raid on the house, I decided it was time to get my own apartment. I did, and my buddy moved with me and became my roommate. After a few months living there, another friend of mine (who was still living at home at the time) asked me if I could hold on to a “package” for him for an indeterminate amount of time, since he didn’t want his parents finding it. I looked inside… there was a belt, a spoon, and 2 syringes with the screw on/off-type needles. Shocked (this particular friend had always been pretty straight-laced since I had known him in elementary school), I asked him, “what the hell is all of this for?” He replied by telling me, “when it stopped working here” (pointing to his nose). I told him that I would, indeed, hold onto the items for him. After a while, I came across the opportunity to pick up some halfway-decent coke. I bought some. I did a few lines and enjoyed it. But, eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to try IVing some. I got the “kit” out, put some coke in the spoon, added some water, and drew up the solution into the syringe, without any cotton; I didn’t know any better. I stuck the needle into one of the veins in the crook of my arm and, without pulling back on the plunger to get a “red flag” (again, I didn’t know any better), I gently pushed the plunger down. It went down easily; there was no resistance. Almost immediately the rush hit me. At that point I knew that snorting or smoking or doing anything else with coke was a total waste. I couldn’t always get coke, though. Instead, I had an easy, regular supply of high-quality methamphetamine at my fingertips. I would get meth every single Friday after work for several months. Another friend of mine would visit somewhat regularly, and he had been an IV heroin addict while in his teens. I asked him one Friday night if he knew how we could shoot meth. He called a friend of his, back in his home state of Idaho, and asked. He got the answer and we did it. The high was incredible. Over the next 2 or 3 years, I shot several ounces-worth of meth, but always pined after cocaine. I had moved into a studio apartment after having lived with my aforementioned roommate for about a year. In this studio apartment, my “Idahoan” friend came to live for about 3 months. During that time, he had a girlfriend whose mother was a doctor and, apparently, had a pill problem; namely Vicodin. At the girlfriend’s mom’s house, there were cases of gigantic Vicodin bottles, each containg 1,000 pills per bottle (really high-quality “baby blues”). This new roommate of mine would occasionally take one of these bottles. He knew a guy who had ties to the Mexican Mafia, always had KILOS of coke, and, most importantly, had a great clientele base for selling high-quality pharmaceuticals, such as the “free”, ill-gotten baby blue Vicodin that he had so much of. So, it turned out that this connect would trade my buddy between 19 and 24 grams of extremely high-quality coke for every one of these bottles of Vicodin. In the 3 m9nths or so that my buddy lived with me, he made this exchange about 4 times; freely sharing it with me… as much as I wanted. I got my hands on some needles. I would PILE coke onto a tablespoon like a mountain, always looking to see if I could fix up a shot that would pass me out. I mean, like, probably a MINIMUM of 1.5 – 2 grams. I never passed out. As the years wore on, I found myself in my early-mid 30s with a newly-discovered connection for great coke. I almost immediately ordered a box of 100 insulin syringes online in anticipation of my next score. When the time came, I bought 1/4oz… really, really good stuff. I went through all of it, all IV’d, in less than 15 hours. I did this 3 or 4 different times. It always make me think… had I been a different person, with different physiology, a different genetic makeup, or whatever, that any one of the tens or hundreds of shots that I did could’ve killed me. I know FOR A FACT that however much coke it was that killed my close friend, I would’ve tolerated with minimal, if any, issues… hell, I probably could’ve IV’d all that he had done all night in a single shot. We’re ALL different biologically, physiologically, genetically, etc. You may very well not know where you stand with your body’s ability to handle/metabolize coke until it’s too late and you die, because, hey! you only did as much as your buddy, and HE/SHE’S okay, right? It doesn’t work that way. If you’re gonna do it, please be careful and be aware of the warning signs that your body may be sending you. For me, NOTHING can compare to a good IV coke hit, but that’s the problem… it’s so unbelievably addicting and the potential for OD is really high. Plus, it kinda makes a lot of things in life that you enjoy kinda suck… since nothing will ever make you feel like that. I haven’t IV’d anything or done any hard drugs at all, for that matter, in almost 3 years. After moving to a different state, I have nearly no friends and pretty much no way of scoring any type of street narcotics; it’s definitely for the best. Please be careful if you choose to use and GET HELP if you’re addicted and have nowhere to turn. God loves you! Much love, friends!

    1. So question, if I’m going to hypothetically be totally taking your word and going for the whole estimated weight you have been doing on a long time coming , and you seem to be having some thoughts or a assumption that you have a good chance of a personal predisposition that is , you believe then in turn what increases this supposed large scale physiological tolerance for coke, you are not making clear though when you said you flagged without getting any blood rise , but it was not a difficult thing pressurized while plunging , I’m curious is that what you do every time , I wanna wonder if so , you may be skin popping, injections direct into muscle tissue , not the vein and you if so , I gotta sAy would t have a comparison to realize the difference and totally would answer tolerating larger than average dose a mint peaking as fast entering slower

  7. meth till death no overdose just gotta watch all those around you that are on it lol better to slam it to coz smokers are the worse because thay can never be saticefide so keep chasing but no odz lol

  8. Is normal to puke like 5 times after sniffing coke?,I only bought 1.5 grams but i don’t take it all and I’m scaried for an overdose or die,please help me

  9. Hey,
    I am about to finish a quarter of high quality Coke. Now the reason I have been look at this website is because. I use coke via IV. And I noticed that if I shoot too much.which is very easy to do. I drop where ever I am standing and have the most intense seizure. It
    happened when I bought this high quality stuff before they call it mother of pearl. And after the first few times Ive tried to be really careful because I know It would upset my family to walk in and see me like that.the seizures are so intense that it would definitely look like I was dying if anyone BV where to walk in. But surprisingly when I am experiencing these seizures. It only feels like a muscular of occurrence. .y brain feels completely clear. So I lay there for a good five minutes with .my head and arms and legs thrashing around violently hoping that no one would hear it and come in to find me in that’s state. I’m just lucky the three times it happened i was. near a bed. Because if it had happened in a bathroom or on the street I would have cracked my skull open from the violent convulsions. I’ve had a tough year man. I just want to make it through alive.

  10. Here I am at 2:00 a.m. again researching how much I would have had to do for it to do me harm. I know it inevitably does me harm but coke has been my drug of choice since I was 16. I am now 25 I have a career, I graduated college but no matter how far I try to get I always come back to it, I am that person that literally can enjoy doing it alone with no alcohol. To answer the question Im a small girl 5’5″ 120 pounds and I have done relatively 3-4 grams in a day a with relatively no side effects other than the standard irritability. Today for example i’ve done at least 3 grams from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. by tomorrow i’ll be all remorseful but in about a week i’ll do it all over. Anyone have advice?

  11. Somebody said that they want to die from cocaine od. That’s crazy and it’s a horrible feeling. Not the way to go out believe me. A cocaine overdose is painful in many ways. Do not try this. You will regret it big time!

  12. Does sleep deprivation increase the chances of an overdose? For example, if someone were up for about 55 hours using high purity cocaine intranasally with no sleep and started feeling extremely tired after consuming more cocaine would it be safe to just go to sleep? Heart rate is slightly raised but nothing crazy, subject has been well hydrated and eating protein bars and drinking lots of water and gatorade throughout use. Here in the states an E.R. visit for the uninsured user would be financially devastating. No chest pain or shortness of breath, just extremely tired immediately after consuming cocaine.

  13. I overdose on cocaine about 2 hours ago and im feeling weird and tired was wantin 2 know when will I b safe 2 go 2 sleep

  14. Addiction is incredibly hard to deal with. I have done cocaine a bit but my true issue is with alcohol. Strangely enough when I was a teen and partying I really didn’t struggle with it. I would only drink during parties on the weekend for the most part. I started drinking very heavily in my mid twenties and carried on for many years. At first I was totally ignoring it. Telling myself that it was normal. I ended up getting a dui and almost completely ended my career. I cannot purchase any amount of alcohol without finishing it completely even when I tell myself I will just have a little. I am however getting better. The moment that I realized that I had an issue was the start of this. I was required to attend an aa meeting after my dui and at first I thought it was dumb. But actually listening to these brave people share their own stories really makes you feel a lot less hopeless. These people will support you and not judge. Cut the people out of your life that treat you negatively and spend time with the people that support you. It taught me who really loved me and who didn’t. Most importantly……forgive yourself. Everyone has a chance at redemption.

  15. Sandy I was hooked on pain pills for couple years if not more when I couldn’t find the pain pills I used Suboxone to get by them back to pain pills so finally decided I wanted to stop and the withdraws was bad so I went to a sub doctor and got my own prescription haven’t took a pain pills in years it was made to get off opioids/heroin works but got to watch it cause it can to also be addictive it has a blocker in it and really can’t abuse it

  16. I am sincerely sorry for anyone who has lost someone to addiction.

    The reason I say this is that I am personally in active addiction and understand maybe more than most people….. do or ever will. I have overdosed 2 twice that ended up in hospitalization and I believe anothe 2 times that I was lucky that my body thought through it. It was/is one of the most painful experiences that will ever accrue.

    Symptoms that I personally experienced from 1 to the end result as I remember it.

    Powder cocaine overdose used through the nose (alone with/ no alcohol but prescription diazepam/valium on alow dose to take the edge off…. maybe 20mgs daily)
    1. Heating up over the period of around 2 hours (I thought nothing of this as it was the first hot day here in the uk)

    2. I sat back on my bed and my body started shaking irratticly or convulsions if you prefer…… this was completely involuntary which led to –

    3. Heart beat rise to extreme levels and the worst panic attack imaginable… unless you have experienced this then trust me you do not want to.

    4. Increased heart rate more than before, complete confusion, fear and more.

    The ambulance took an incredible 2-3 hours to get to me. I was hooked up by the paramedics who discovered my heart beat was irregular and having palpitations also ( I could of died due to there timing as it was much worse prior to there arrival) so I spent some time in hospital….. not long and guess what?! Being the stupid fuck that I am I was on it again 5 hours later.

    Now I am writing this to worn anyone that is stuck in addiction or just using to have “fun” that this drug has destroyed my mental more than physical I believe… so far.

    I am 30 years old @ 5 foot 10 inches tall with relatively good genetics. Weighing a healthy 81kg with some muscle.

    I run my own business (just). I’m still married (just)

    I was using around 3.5 grams daily (high purity) for around nine months before the first OD….. not that quantity matters I dont believe. I am writing this to inform people here that cocaine has destroyed my life, mind and body. I know it’s not the drugs fault… it’s me! I took the ride and it’s ended in destruction.

    I wake up thinking about coke, I go to bed thinking about coke and fight it all day and im a very busy man at work both physically and mentally.

    I would advise anyone that reads this to please think really hard at where you use is and if it’s going to lead you to destruction and or death? Ask yourself this –

    1. Why do I use cocaine?
    2. How often do I do it?
    3. How much do I do when I do it?
    4. Do I think about it at random times?
    5. Do I dream about it
    6. Do I think… a line would solve that?

    There’s many more.

    I am part of Cocaine Anonymous and on prescription drugs to try and stop using cocaine. It is a living nightmare being addicted to this drug and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It changes you from a loving, kind, strong, integral individual. into your loved ones and your own demonic, selfish, lieing, manipulating and self pitying arsehole.

    I have destroyed around half of my family’s and closest friends relationships and ripped away there respect and peace of mind. I am an addict and will continue to fight the fucker running around in my head trying at any opportunity to continue to destroy my life or maybe kill me! Please take serious note from my experience as you do NOT WANT TO LIVE IN MY HEAD FOR ANY PERIOD OF TIME.

    This is real and true addiction at its worse.

    If anyone would like any further information or advice from me please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Yours kindly,

    Tony H

    1. Hi Danny. People often underestimate how dangerous and addictive cocaine is. There is always a possibility of overdose. Don’t put yourself at risk.

  17. There is no dose that’s safe the best way to not od is to not take cocaine, the other night against my better judgement after a bottle of jd, a bottle of southern comfort, a bottle of brandy and god knows what else i decided with my cousin to get some coke, then like a idiot I took a massive line and then another straight after, after about 5 mins I was blacked out on the floor unconscious, luckily my cousins girlfriend reacted quickly and got to keeping my body cool until I came round, still intoxicated I did more drink and more coke, but one thing i will say is life’s more important than any night out doing drink and drugs, and my eyes are now wide open, I feel slightly better today but the last 2 days I have felt like death warmed up, let this be a warning to us all, I have on and off used coke for years and never had anything like that, I believe I was close to the brink, I value my existence more than that and I assure you it won’t be happening again, but I hope my message can deter some of you!

  18. I’ve never OD on it before, but I watched someone take a seizure from banging a shot of it. It freaked me the fuck out. I thought I was on my way to an OD once, shit started turning black, I got really hot, crawled to the bath room and stuck my head under the foset with cold water. In reality, it was just a really good blast. If ur ears start ringing and u can taste the shit and ur heart starts pumping, just take a seat and you will be fine. Again, I’m talking about shooting the shit. And for those of you who wanna die and wanna know how much… I’ve been there, even tried once… I’m so glad I failed at that too because I’m 39 now and living a pretty awesome life. I spent to many years living that junkie life…heroin overdoses, rehabs and jail and eventually a prison sentence. My advise is if u don’t go get help and put the same amount of effort into getting clean as u did getting high, u will either die from it eventually or be locked up off and on. If ur gonna off urself, heroin overdose is the way to go… u feel nothing…. u either come back or u don’t. But seriously, nothing is worth taking ur own life… nothing.

  19. So about a year ago my eldest brother overdosed on cocain however I think it was personally cat anyway he experienced heart failed , respiratory failure and said he felt like his organs where shutting down when I asked how much he took he told me about 2g overdose on this substance is no joke and can cause major health issues my brothers lucky to be alive .. I do coke myself usually on a night out but iv never gone more than 2g keep safe and keep your coke as clean as possible to avoid a bad trip

  20. I typically snort 2 lines and wait at least 30 minutes before I snort 2 more lines. Is this the safest way to prevent overdose?

  21. If someone is nervous because it’s their first time sniffing crack, being that they know they can overdose but doesn’t think it would happen because everyone is sniffing from the same strain and everyone else is good, different bodies react to certain drugs correct? I mean just because they’re good does that mean my boy would be good?

  22. My son passed away and in autopsy report says 0.05 ethnal and 0.02 cocain and said cause of death intoxication of cacain. How is that possiable with such a low amount
    He was very heathy playing football for years. Started doing cocain not even a month before he passed

    1. Hi Amy. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your concerns.

  23. Can the medical examiner determine if the deceased snorted the cocaine that killed the individual? If cocaine intoxication was the cause would the ME see the nasal passage compromised with cocaine?

  24. Honestly this is my opinion and own doing. I did cocoaine when i was young around the age 14-16 from starting to a bump then doing 3 8balls within the week. Honestly was addictive at that point i quit for almost 2 or 3 years till just last week i had found a way to get my hands on this drug. Yes the drug is very willing but its they way you do this drug. You have to be strong in what you. Granted i already spent 105$ in the week buying good amounts of this stuff. Yes i do call my self addicted but also strong. I will stop using this drug so much so i can protect my chances of ODing . I already expeirenced a mad comedown but fought threw it just putting in my mind i deserve this comedown for my stupidity. Will i stop this drug for good? Maybe im 18 and right now i play smart with how i do this . Learned how much money i have to spend with out harming my budget . I will one day stop for good . But at this point i am playing smart with my drug. A week of doing coke i get is bad and to say atleast done 6 grams this week in total . But i am satisified tjat i had my little fun now i am pushing my self to only do it after a week or 2 of a break from this drug. Long story short . Im 18, 5,10 and only 125 pounds , if i can be strong enough to tell my self and stay away from this drug as much as possible till i quit? Then you can too. Having a strong mind set is all you need!

  25. This is to danni or anyone that says they want to die. Its not the answer i was in the same shoes as you feeling the same way im 25 now an i did OD an i thought it woukd make thi gs better but it was a mistake you have so much more to live for if your at rock bottom you can only come up from here man your not alone i lost my younger brother to it my ex girlfriend died from it worst feeling in the world worse then wjat your going through if you need someone to talk to ill always respond dont OD people care about you i dont even know you an i care if it means i can save your life. Nobody was there for me when i felt the same way

  26. I have been on a cocaine binge over the past 4/5days,I have taken approximately 4 grams over this time period and I’m now worried that I may be at risk of overdosing

  27. someone is dieing in a hospital what is the first thing they do. Could a hospital give a person that come in with Cocaine in their body Percocet and methadone at the same time and if a person is in the hospital for 3days this person should be clear from cocaine specially if they have IV on

  28. There was a very traumatic car accident where a person survived but if you seen the car you would not believe that he did. We just seen his records that they said he consumed a brick of cocaine in his system. But someone that worked up there explained that he was fine and did not have nothing in his system at the time of his accident . So my question is if he consumed a brick , thats like 1000 grams in one consumption and was in this accident as he was he would not have survived alone because of the drugs. Or how does that work? Like what steps would we need to go thru to show that he does not do drugs in any fashion.

  29. I just fund out my son overdose from cocaine I feel so loss and never knew he was on this drug.I just pray he wasn’t in any pain or didn’t suffer .This is the third overdose of drugs I hearing about close too me It’s crushing

  30. I started using cocaine in April of this year and it has intensified to where I just did 8.75g in 3 days, would this be considered an overdose and should I seek help?

  31. The first two weaks is important if you eant leac coke.
    Dont drink alcohol or something else.
    After 2 weeks you will save

  32. There’s a typo in the last section of this article, to the author who wrote this you wrote, “100 people day per die”. What I think you meant to write, “100 people die per day”.

  33. My 24 daughter was found suddenly dead. We were unaware she took cocaine. Her flatmates did not check on Her for 46 hours. The bed was covered in blood. How would she have died and was it painful thankyou

    1. Hi Kathleen. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your issues.

  34. anyone been in same place?
    any advice
    coz i think im getting a real addiction for this stuff an could really do with some guidence .. before i ruin everything or maybe even od fataly

  35. Alright, I picked up quite a bit, been doing it more and more. Started with about 2 lines a day. Now its progressed to telling myself “one more and thats it” all the time. I had to put It in my safe and give the key to a friend, thats how much I constantly wanted it. It turns highly addictive pretty quick but it needs to be done at the right times and in moderation. If you find yourself doing lines by yourself and doing nothing. you need to put it away like I have… It takes hold, haven’t had an appetite and I have noticeably lost some muscle from lack of eating. I hope this helps someone. Be careful everyone! And anybody depressed put there, life is all we really got so do your best and enjoy life. There is so much out there besides drugs. Drugs are causing your depression and depression is causing your excessive drug use. Its a vicious circle but you have to do everything you can to break it.

  36. Know your limits and when to stop and you won’t OD. If you’re chasing the high and not getting it but becoming more paranoid, heart racing, sweating etc etc than your overdosing. Have some valium on hand or see a doc.

  37. How can you get cocaine in your system if you have never used this drug. Alot is going on in my life and this is one of those problems. I took 2 drug tests the same day a hair folical and a ua they both say 2 diffrent things. I dont know nothing about cocaine other than it comes from the coca plant. Now i have tobdeal with (cps) child protective services behind this and i dont have my beautifl children with me because of this. Im just asking for a little insight. I have never used this drug nor associate myself with people who does. I love my kids dearly and im trying to get them back.

  38. I have a friend who they said died of an cocaine overdoes …. how many anagrams of coke would have to be in his system to consider it a cocaine overdose??? He also had heroin, moriphene and other drugs in his system ….

    1. Hi Jasper. I’m really sorry for your loss… The anagrams are different for each individual. It depends from the drug dependency level that the person has. You may want to speak with a coroner or another expert about your concerns.

  39. I’ve been using coke off and on for about 6 months. once i have the craving, nothing and no one can stop me from doing it. just had friends over for the last 2 days and I’ve done about 5.5 grams total in 6 days. 2 days ago i only did about .4 grams and didn’t sleep for 40 hours because of work, which then i did more coke to make it through the day. tonight i did 1.2 grams by myself in about 6 hours. when i found this article i started freaking out but i scrolled down to the comments and feel less anxious about an overdose. I’ve done .8 g in one sitting before but never 1.2 g. I’m 125 pounds so i was worried that 1.2 grams would be too much for me, 19 years old and want to stop using it so much because its so expensive but i like it too much to fully commit. only one person could stop me if they knew but i don’t have the heart to tell them. i don’t know how much my body can handle and i don’t know how to fully commit to quitting for good.

  40. I honestly feel like this post is meant to scare more than to teach about the drug. Of these listed signs of od headache , chills , rise in body temp , hostility , and enhanced reflex are (from my personal experience) are not necessarily signs of od. Ive done a lot of white girl and not just over time in total but in one day. While high ive almost always experienced enhanced reflex and sometimes a rise in body temp. A few times ive done to much in one go and gotten headaches but all i ever did was sit down and chill until it went away. Ive also gotten headaches from the come down and a couple times ive gotten chills while coming down from a large amount aswell as increased hostility. The most white girl ive ever done in a day was almost 3gs over the course of around 10-12 hours. When k finally hit the comedown i experienced a mild headache , chills and toward the end i became a bit more hostile (ive never experienced increased hostility for no reason so coming off its never just had me like a want to just go and start some shit) but only toward things that would normally get a flare from me anyway. So in my personal experience some lf these “signs of od” are just normal side effects from the use of this drug. If you want to do this drug and not have it take you over you gotta be grown and have will power. Learn what itll do to you when on it and how itll treat you when coming off it. If youre not strong enough to do it and have fun then deal with the shity side effects of use after dont even do it. Its already a waste of money as is even if you do control yourself and moderate and if you cant control and moderate yourself or deal with the comedown and all you want when you deal with that comedown is to do more so you dont feel that way anymore then youll just end up blowing most if not all your money and Fucking your life up and possibly actually od’ing from over use. At the end of the day if youre gonna do it be smart , learn about it , never just do anything handed to you Fucking check that shit first (fuckers will lace it with crazy ass Shit) moderate yourself ,

  41. I’ve broke up with my girlfriend literally. Month Gibbs u started to miss her loads and loads I spoke to her and I asked her. Question if she’s slept with someone else while being apart and she told me the truth it’s not what I wanted to hear but it is what it is… i suicidal i hardly do cocaine but today I just didn’t wanna feel that pain anymore so throughout the night I’ve sniffed nearly 3.5!grams and have taken a few viagras in ain’t gna have a wank or anything i took one before ages ago and frltnny heart rush a lot and I was hoping I’d die quickly… I love the life out of this girl and I can’t be without her at all I’d rather just die she doesn’t know I feel this kind of way or anything but it’s just that I didn’t like hearing that she’s blocked me on everything and said it’s best to stay away from her so I don’t feel the pain but I do feel it and I’m gna feel that pain forna very long time I’m scared I won’t be able to love someone as much as I loved her it’s mad howbibrb feel bad right now ilmyneyes are bluriy and I feel cold as fuck I’m shivering but I’m fine I think will I be alright if I just try and go bed? I’ve read everyone’s post on here and it’s true I shouldn’t kill myselfmbecahsenkfn of this I’m stirngerbbrhsn this but I’m notnstbthenssme time I feel really diZyb and sweaty I’m going to ring the ambulance after this but tsntime for everyone to wake up and I’m scared to ring anyone for help because if rbey find out inbeenndeeling this way everyone will be worried and I’d look stupid.. I do wish I do die to be fair though I’ve lost the most important person in my life she means eveeythingntknmennb Shen I don’t know what to do? I’m from UK and feel mad like I’m superman but having trouble s breathing snlttlrnnj I’m trynand to sleep but unfit gets worse I’ll get help I’ll let you people know what Vuagraa and 3.5 of come Dodd I’ve sniffed a gram within a hour probably in like 3! Lines one after the other

  42. Why am i overdosing so easily i had 200 dollars 100 on two differents days an then i did 10 worth an felt like i was overdosing why am i overdosing so easily?

  43. Swim likes to do cocaine 1 or two times a week and always drinks with it…. Once he reaches a certain point(long before the people he is doing it with) his heart rate raises and he gets quiet and starts to REALLY NOT FEEL GOOD… What does this mean and should he stop doing it all together?

  44. I have on and off relationship with this drug. I just recently started using again its not stop me from living but I know its something I have to let go. What can I do to stop for good?

    1. Hi James. Call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to speak to a treatment support specialist about cocaine rehabilitation programs for you. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day.

  45. How long after doing your last line of coke can and OD happen i it can happen as soon and u snort a line but how long after that last one gone do u have to worry about oding

  46. A close friend admitted to me 3 hours ago he did a 8 ball of cocaine and was drinking vodka all night
    His heart rate is 64 low considering he has high bp in the last 2 months he has lost weight. Helluinates he has Post pardon stress disorder and suicidal thoughts..what should I do ?? Please help

    1. Hi Brenda. Call 911 ASAP, or call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  47. In the last 36 hours I’ve taken 4.5 grams of the most potent cocaine flake I’ve ever had in the UK. I just kept on going as to not crumble and sleep all day as I had things that needed doing. I feel bodily drained but am scared to sleep as I also suffer from anxiety and am medicated for this also. I can’t find anything online to say I shouldn’t sleep but I’ve also not seem anybody else that have snorted this much to themselves in such short time. Please advise asap.

  48. i came here looking for how much i can do before risking an od and leaving with a bit more awareness on how dangerous this drug is. started using it a month or so ago. pulse up to 140 bpm after a 12 hour binge and 2g or so last fri, sat pretty much written off as a recovery day after no sleep, sunday not wanting to do it but finding myself thinking about it all day, like fuck i really want to do it right now, but i shouldn’t damn it, but i can’t even imagine doing anything without it, like it was calling me, come to me, come get me, come use me, it will be ok, you can have just a little, just a little bump, it will make it so much better, I’m that little bit that you like, that you love, that you need, it won’t be the same without me, it won’t be worth it without me, come taste me just a little, just a little won’t hurt, but i didn’t do it and now its the end of the day about to go to bed and have to get up early and work tomorrow and still want it and thinking about it

  49. Hey I’M SCARED…how are you doing? I hope you made it through this , but my I guess is you are hard at it unfortunately… I understand. I have been there. Pretty much kicked the habit 7 years ago..BUT I am in Playa Del Carmen RIGHT NOW and bought a bit of decent coke a few days ago, enjoyed it, suffered the loss of sleep the last couple days, and was considering going out for more tonight, but decided to do some research, and found this blog. Not going out now! Sitting at the bar settling with Tequila and Beer! let me know if i can help. BTW, lost my ass 7 years ago, now have a great waterfront home, girlfriend, and just climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in January! Let me know if I can help! I feel your situation. Did I mention I just turned 60?

  50. So.. Danni.. it’s been 3 years, did you go through with it? If you tried and chickened out, can you at least let us know if cocaine OD experience was very unpleasant or if it seemed like a viable option? If you didn’t give up, then obviously you’re not around any more to respond to this so I’m happy you don’t have to suffer any more and I wish I had your strength.

  51. Hi, I was hoping that someone can settle a dispute that I can not believe I even engaged in because its absolutely ridiculous. However, I would appreciate some feedback from outside sources. I have a female cousin who is 42 5’2, 105 lbs..4 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through chemo and radiation, and had a single mastectomy. 1 1/2 years ago she had said her cancer came back, she started dabbling in cocaine a year ago and drinking heavily saying she wasn’t going through chemo or radiation and she will let the cancer kill her before she goes through being sick.
    Now this this brings me to my dispute. Over the course of a year she was drinking and doing cocaine regularly in which she never did cocaine and was completely against it. One particular night she came to my moms, which is her Aunts house, went into the bedroom and my mom heard a big THUD…She went into the bedroom and my cousin was Latin face down incoherant. My mom called Ems and they came and they gave her Narcan. So, my cousin dealer who is a “friend” ( hardly a friend) said she did (3) 8 balls and took 5 xanax within 10 hr period…so is it possible that if she consumed that much in that period of time she would of been in bad shape long before she actually was? And the xanax only brought her heart rate waaay down after all that coke consumption? For me I just find it hard to believe that a woman who is not a ” true” addict per say with a low tolerance that she could not have been able to do half of that in that period of time that she did. OK any thoughts?

  52. I had 2 x 100mg lines, then I went out. I put the straw in the bag that had half a gram and meant to just have a 1/3. I snorted the whole half gram. I was ok for a bit, then got such a dry mouth I drank liters of water quickly, then I remembered you can die from drinking too much water on drugs. I got super nervous and didn’t want to go to hospital because of police, when I got there I was going to leave but I stayed. They hooked me up to oxygen, heart monitor and iv drip. At one point I knew my name in my head but my speaking didn’t work, at the worst point I had a fit or left my body and screamed, yet I had no control over the screaming it was involuntary and full of terror.
    I was only using prior to this a few times here and there 100mg to test quality, and even this small amount in a month I got bad depression, didn’t shower or even notice I didn’t. Stopped going to gym. I don’t fear dying in my sleep etc but an OD on cocaine is full on terror, and not short.
    I don’t know if I would of survived not going to hospital, and I feel bad taking up a bed because of my own stupidity. It’s easy to say but I will never touch cocaine again or give to people, it’s not safe and the good feeling has an opposite feeling. It’s the equivalent of jumping off a diving board into an empty pool, the jump was fun but it’s not worth it.

  53. I use cocane every friday night im 33 usually its 1 gram or 2 at most last night i did 4grams and drank like a fish i have been up for 19 hrs slowly winding down about to go to bed in my experience i can only do as much as my nose will let me also you can only get so high then you have pretty much sniffed yourself sober and or dont want any more n go to bed. I have 20 plus friend that sniff twice a week never more then 1 gram at a time and every one of us is fine. Yes its highly addictive but it gets old real quick. I no a guy who had some realy good stuff and did .5 ounce in 24 to 30 hrs he is still fine we all are. Over the years your nose starts to cave in. Thanks for reading.

  54. I just wanted to send a personal thank you to wesley and mamL. Both of your stories were incredibly powerful. I currently am coming down from a high and I literally feel like I’m dying. My heart is beating incredibly irregular, my chest feels like it’s going to explode. I sweat and then I’m freezing, I’m nauseas and twitching. I’m losing my mind and my mind is racing. I can’t stop thinking about how death would affect all of my loved ones. This was my last visit with the devil. I just hope god keeps me alive right now to prove that. Too young to die and can’t leave my 6 year old daughter without her father. Please lord let me live so I can be here for my family. I’m only 23. God bless and thanks again for expanding my perception and thoughts towards positivity.

  55. My beautiful, clever, handsome son died 4 years ago from a cocaine overdose. He had a secret habit. Myself and his live in partner had no idea what he was up to. He had a good job, good circle of fiends and supportive family. What made him get addicted to this vile, destructive drug is beyond me. I haven’t been able to be honest with people about the reason for his death as I don’t want people to think less of him, or even that he deserved to die. If this got out it would kill his grandparents and brother. If anyone is reading this and is struggling with drug addiction please please please I beg you get help…. if not for yourself but for the people in your life that love you. My son’s death has destroyed our lives, it has taken away our hopes our dreams and we will now have to live out the rest of our days with the regret that our beautiful boy died at 30 years of age. PLEASE GET HELP…. PLEASE DON’T THINK YOU CAN CONTROL THIS INSIDIOUS DRUG AND PLEASE FIND A WAY TO STOP.BEFORE YOU DESTROY YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. I hope my sons death and my post helps someone out there to find a way to kick this habit before it kills them. My son took 1g of cocaine.he went into respiratory failure, his lungs were full of fluid, so in effect he drowned. He died alone on a bathroom floor. If this post sounds harsh, I don’t apologise. I want you to think about my words and get help to stop taking this filth. Thank you for reading this post from an utterly devastated mother who is living a a life of sorrow and regret…. a life sentence of misery.

    1. Hi Mam L. I’m really sorry for your loss… Your son is in a better place now… Hope your message will help others to seek help for cocaine addiction ASAP!

  56. My 32 year old beautiful daughter died October 25, 2016. I just found out that it was from acute cocaine and alcohol toxicity as it took several weeks for her toxicology report from the state. For those of you using, go get help… still have a chance, my daughter doesn’t. Her senseless death has broken many people whose lives will never be the same.

    1. Hi Joyce. I’m really sorry for your loss… I wish you peace in these hard times, and I hope that your message will help those in need…

  57. I have never used drugs in my life. I split up with my wife of 17 years almost 2 years ago. Getting involved in the dating scene again has been fun yet terrifying at the same time. I dated a girl last summer who seemed fun at first but after a long night of drinking and hard time finding a cab a guy offered us a ride and sold us some crack and speed. We did it all that night and went out for more crack since that is all we could find. A day later my come down was horrible. I was paranoid and thought the world hated me. I spoke with a trusted friend who told me it was the speed that was doing it to me. Needless to say I don’t think I would ever do it again.
    Now… I have been dating an incredible woman for the last 5 months. After a couple months of dating she asked if I had ever snorted coke. I had not, but I told her about my experience last summer. She convinced me to give it a try. I was able to find a supplier that I personally know that I knew was a dealer in the past. Turns out he still is. He sold me a gram that my girlfriend and I shared over a weekend. It was an amazing experience with no come down that I noticed. We started doing it every weekend together. A few weeks ago I bought a gram and did a line on my own. I felt horrible and told my girlfriend I was afraid I was becoming addicted rather than just a recreational user. We made the decision to only do it every 2 week (pay day). We missed last Friday’s pay day purchase because we were in Mexico last week. I wanted to buy some in Playa Del Carmen but my girlfriend didn’t trust the street dealers. We got home this Monday morning and I texted my dealer right away but he was too busy to get me any.
    I ended up seeing my dealer today and bought 1 1/2 grams. 4 of us were there and shared my 1/2 gram and I was gonna save the 1 gram for myself and my girlfriend when I see her tomorrow. The stuff I got my dealer told me was not the same stuff I normally get. Actually it is MUCH better. I got to my place and decided to mix the 2 half baggies into 1 and left a little on the table do do a line by myself. My high was and is still extremely intense. I opened up my work laptop and did some emails and work like I have never done before. I impressed the heck out of myself with my own productivity. I have now gone through the entire gram but still have 2 lines left…1 now. I started wondering how much coke it takes to overdose and found this blog. I read many posts and am getting seriously concerned. I do not feel like I am going to overdose… I am under the 1.2 gram “minimum” that has been mentioned. I feel fine… might be a bit paranoid though since I am trying to research overdosing.
    I am freaking out that I am becoming addicted. As it is I have already texted my dealer and told him I need another gram because I have snorted all the stuff I bought today. My girlfriend is expecting some tomorrow.
    How do I stop this? It seems that waiting the 2 weeks between purchases is killing me. I wanted it so bad in Mexico but was able to control my desire for it with the help of my girlfriend.
    Money is not really an issue right now but it’s very expensive and I feel at this rate I will be dipping into my savings to support this nasty habit if I continue doing it on my own.
    I have only been doing coke for about 3 months now and have probably spent close to $1500 on it. That’s a trip to Mexico again!!! I am working with a realtor to buy a house and don’t want to f$%k my life up over an addiction that less than a year ago never thought would happen to me.
    I never wanted to do coke by myself and have now finished an entire gram by myself tonight over the last 6 hours… not to mention the 4 lines I did with my dealer an hour before I started on my own.
    I’m freaking out… I’m Scared… I don’t want to tell my girlfriend as she does not have an addictive personality and may not understand my problem. Although she is the one who introduced me to this amazing yet absolutely horrible drug I do not blame her at all. I have been extremely open to trying everything in life that I have never experienced and would have gotten around to it soon enough I’m sure.
    I have an excellent job that I enjoy and earn enough money to live life and have fun (although I have never budgeted for an additional $500 per month for drug usage). I see people on the street who have been affected by addiction to the extreme. I do not want to ever be there.
    Yet I watch movies like Wolf of Wall Street that glorify the usage of drugs and it makes me feel justified in my own usage. They were successful right? I don’t have unlimited money like them, but I do have over $100,000 in my savings account for a down payment on a home. I am seriously freaking out that I am going to start using it. I need that money!
    I don’t remember if i mentioned it earlier in this way too long post, I apologize if I am repeating myself. I am a talker without being high. This drug seems to make me talk 100 times more… Off my point… I was trying to say I have only been a user for about 3 months. Is it that quick to get addicted? Should I seek professional help? I DO NOT want to continue this habit buy enjoy it so much. Last line is now done… It’s 1am and I am alert and feel like I can stay awake all night, although no more coke so I guess I will see what a crash after a gram feels like in half an hour or so.
    I don’t want to see my doctor about my own addiction problem. He already looks down on me since he was my ex’s doctor (she doesn’t see him anymore), because I have seen him about my promiscuous behaviors since being single and he has sent me for std testing twice in the last year and a half. I guess he thinks I should be celibate? He just shakes his head at me. I dunno… He seemed happier my last visit when I told him I am exclusively seeing one person. I despise my doctor but it’s tough to find a doctor that will accept new patients. Well, I know I’m rambling on and on… I doubt anyone will read this nonsense, but if you have read all I have said (typed), Thank You. I am scared out of my mind about becoming a junkie and possibly messing my life up to the point where I am jobless and homeless, but also don’t want to disappoint my girlfriend by not doing this “recreationally” with her every couple weeks. How do I do one without the other? I will hate myself tomorrow for snorting all this stuff. I should never have bought it the day before I meet up with my girlfriend. I feel terrible. I want to tell her what I did. I hate secrets, that is what killed my marriage (I was a closet smoker with my ex-wife as she hated smoking, but my addictive personality wouldn’t let me stop since we both smoked early in the marriage. I hated hiding it and lying) and I promised myself I would be me after my marriage. I do not want to keep secrets from my girlfriend but I am scared that she will see me as week and kick me to the curb. I know 5 months is not long for a relationship but I love this woman and don’t want to f&%k it up by keeping secrets about doing drugs alone… especially since I told her the last time I did it and told her I hated myself for doing it. And that was only 1 line!!! I have just inhaled an entire gram!!! I know she would want me to tell her, I’m just scared… I’m a weak man (that is hard to admit). I have a feeling she will understand and try to help me but this will prove to her I am weak. I don’t think she sees me as being that way right now.
    What do I do?!?!?! Please do not comment about finding God. I am an Atheist and will not join any type of AA style groups that promote finding God to help them. I just am curious if anyone else has pulled out of a short-term drug habit and made it out, and really did just use recreationally after that without the urge to do more. I do not feel bad doing coke at all when I am with my girlfriend or with my dealer. I have not told any of my friends that I have been doing coke so I have not done any with them… Actually I don’t even know if some of my friends do it. Are most coke users closet users or are people fairly open about drug usage? Great!!! Now I’m keeping secrets from friends! Paranoid? I don’t feel it but it sure looks like I’m typing that way.
    I am gonna end here because I think I could keep going for hours and hours.
    Summary. I hate myself for using coke by alone… I do want to continue using recreationally.
    Almost 2am now. Time to see if sleep is possible.

    1. Hi I’m scared… Don’t be scared… I suggest that you call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  58. Hey, if you seriously want to get better and off the hard shit, i highly suggest you give ayahuasca and/or Iboga some serious consideration. It has saved my life and empowered me to make the first steps in a long time that I have taken towards becoming exactly the person I’ve always wanted to be. The person true to your heart. It can be a pretty full on and difficult process but if you can handle the pain that comes from addiction you can learn to handle letting it all go and seeing yourself grow, and then the purer the body and mind during this process, the better the experience becomes. Do a little research yourselves but remember this, it’s a two way street. You have to meet in the middle with the plant medicines. It won’t give you the healing if you don’t want it though with a short burst of motivation and will to see yourself heal whatever it is that keeps us locked up in these endless cycles of suffering, you can really accomplish a traumendous amount. Little by little, day by day of working with the plant medicines and the guidelines of your teacher throughout this process, you will find yourself flying with pure happiness as you are being relived of all of those blockage that keep you suppressed from who you really are. You can live without fears or anxiety for daily life. You can feel pure, happy, and content with yourself in any situation you happen to find yourself in, learning instinctually how to overcome the many obstacles that push us to be stressed, depressed, and for many of us, use. Ayahuasca is not addictive and it has no side effects of long or short term use. In the Peruvian Amazon, it has been used for at least 2 thousand years to aid in the relief of all manor of illnesses. It wasn’t until recently (last 40-50 years) when they starting having the patients drink the medicine. Before it was only the shamans who drank and did the healing work. This was has been known to simply be because It was only a shaman who could heal another and not themselves yet what many have found is that this keeps people from maintaining their quality of life without the help of the shaman. For this reason I highly suggest for anyone with a problem with addiction to make their way to a place where you can take ayahuasca and learn to heal yourself, only with the guidance and support of the shaman who can hold the proper space for you to do the work you are willing to do for the sake of your life and simply clarity of mind.

  59. I need help as my friend has taking 6 big lines and she has put some in to 2 joints and she is only 17 and small and her weight is not good eather as she is only 6 stone so what dose that mean

  60. I was a frequent user in my younger days. I couldn’t stand waking up the next day with no sleep. The paranoia was hectic. I think the stress of having my door kicked down was my biggest fear. I can’t believe how much I spent on this Devil Drug. It started when I was 14 years old. Was just selling it. I made so much money. Never touched it till i was 21.Then you know what happened next. I got hooked. From making about 150,000 a month to nothing. Lost the trust. Of my employer. I lost respect of myself. Well after one lost marriage and almost my second. Thank God my wife changed my ways. And God almighty. But I still find myself getting a little every 6 month. God I hate myself. I dont want to go back to my old day’s. To everybody who’s reading this. Stop before its to late.

  61. Well considering the purity of the cocaine that goes about it is very hard to od on.

    On many ocassions recenty i have taken a cocktail of coke mdma and valium over like 3 day periods with no sleep, maybe a half oz 14g per sesh, its fairly common in my area.

    The comedowns are really bad but a few vallium help it.

  62. I was out drinking and ended up talking one line of coke on Saturday night around 8 will I die it is now 32 hours late.

  63. I just wanna share what I’m going through right now, I’m an ex heroine addict been recovering n sober for more than 7 months now. 3 days ago a HUGE MAJOR HUGE fight with mother n siblings so I took off and traveled away carrying on me 20 grams of cocaine. I started using and up till now its been 48 hours n yet still using, iv done almost 10 grams the dose is not lasting more than 2 mins then severe depression hitting so bad wich brings me back to using….I sincerely feel I’m dying. And the country I’m in right now has zero drugs tolerance so if rather die than contacting anyone.

  64. Chiky, seek a rehab center! Immediately! There is no shame in wanting to cure your addiction and even more than that, it takes a strong individual to face their short comings or stop a vice that they have but it is possible and it can be better and you absolutely CAN live without it. Think of your family and what would happen if they lost you. You may have an addiction…like most people…you’re human! But you can do something about it and I urge you to take they leap and go to rehab for your family and for yourself! Best regards, Nova.

  65. It’s perfectly normal, what you’re feeling mrs lewis. Even after a single use even if you only did it once in your entire life your body will go through withdrawal. It will pass and you will get back to yourself. Just don’t use it again! You can cause a serious addiction if you do it too much in a time frame. I had to learn how to space out my pain pills and frequently change them at my doctors office so that I do not become addicted to any one thing. Positive vibes doll. If you ever need anything then just say so! I’ll watch this post to see if you reply!

  66. Friday i did some coke around 5 pm then did some more around 10 then a few hours later i went back and got more and all together i spent about 170 my comedown felt horrible im not sure how long comedowns last but on saturday night my heart was racing i couldnt sleep or eat i kept drinking water and using the bathroom i felt nauseated and i tried to make myself throw up but i still felt like crap then felt shortness of breath and my chest started to hurt i fianlly was able to get some rest but on sunday i still felt the same way and i been feeling very paranoid i went to the ER and they said my heart was find and everything looked good but i been having anxiety attacks and i still feel very paranoid and scared and i dont know what to do please help i need some positive advice please

  67. My daughter passed away from accidental drug overdose. She had less than 100 ug /kg of cocaine . And less than 100 ug/kg for opiates . I have toxology report to show this. It says I think from brain. This seems low to me .

    1. Hi Carolyn. I’m really sorry for your loss… I’d suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional. I wish you peace in these hard times.

  68. A 2007 study by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction showed that the purity levels for street purchased cocaine was often under 5% and on average under 50% pure. So when there are 6000 people in the USA dying (2014) because of coke OD do they actually die of cocaine OD or of all the other crap that’s in there? How is a cocaine OD identified as such?

  69. I smoke the devil Crack every day I still able to take care of my home my self and my family. . I most of the time smoke for free.. I smoke maybe one or two 20s daily.. something inside of me wants to stop because am get scared because of my heath or to die .. hoh do I stop this shit for good

  70. Ive been up all night snorting cocain in small incumbents ( dont judge me ) buy my heart rate is boosted i have a minkr hesd ache and my voice is very weak. Just to say hello takes a lot i mean my voice is very soft. Are these symptoms of me staying up for over 23 hrs or am i having a cocain overdose?

  71. My husband died of cocaine intoxication. It was actually the metabolite of cocaine
    The amt was 300 mg/ml. Was that alot? Thanks

  72. I need help i do coke even after i feel like i going to die. i had a overdose or near overdose were i was about to die , felt sad in pain anxiety and paranoid for couple hours more side effects but i made it so i thought it was just a bad come down after. my point is after that i started doing coke with more care. saving some lines for the end so when its all over i can do half a line or even less to keep to come down after coke to beat me to hard. I have some pain meds from my cancer days 4mg hydromorphone pills little yellow buggers dont do much but will that help with my come down and slow my heart down?

    also plz if anyone can tell me the difference between good coke and bad coke that would be really helpfull…. i started coke when i was younger for fun then got cancer so got healty and kicked cancers butt. i know im stupid… but i got back into drugs after doing heroine { black tar} and well after a while i had to quit it cause i didn’t get any were i was going. so i thought coke might help with the withdraws / Barly but its keeping me from laying down and crying like a you know what in pain from them. im on coke now so thats why i might not make much sence or smell very good but any body want to help me anything right now would help me from doing more coke…..i dont know how good of a idea it is to replace one drug with another to quit that first drug but i saw the coke withdraws are nothing if you put them up with Black tar PHEEM {heroine } so IF anyone even gets to this point in my stupid mini essay any help plz would be lovely.

    i would also like to say i quit drugs before i know i can do it again. before i quit black tar H i went to hell for a month locked in my basement , well the first 2-3 weeks were hell after that it got better day by day…I just putting this out there so ill know that theres some hope in me… i have no one else to talk to about this. so i guess mostly im trying to tell myself by typing this that i can do it but any way with help you know of plz let me know>>> scared to go to the doctor to get anything for withdrawls.

  73. Addiction is a very real thing. I started using coke about 3 years ago. At first it was just a bump here and there while drinking to keep me alert and not stupid drunk. Then I noticed I couldn’t have a few drinks without having serious cravings, so I started buying .5’s to get me through the night. The .5’s turned into g’s and lately I’ll finish a g long before I want to and usually find some awful stuff at whatever bar I’m at. Now I’ve progressed to using 4-5 times a week. Quantities depend on how much cash I have. My gf works nights so that makes it easy for me to start after she leaves, usually around 7, use until 12 or 1, or whenever it’s gone and try to get a few hours sleep before she gets home. I’m taking allergy pills constantly so I’m not stuffy around her because I don’t want her to ask questions. I’ve become accustomed to going on 2-3 hours sleep each night and still functioning at work (3 jobs). No one has any clue. It’s getting bad though. Last night I ran out and didn’t have the high I wanted. I always use the same plate to sniff off so it had built up some residue. I spent an hour scraping that plate with a razor just to scrounge up a mediocre line. It was 1:30am and I was trying to figure out any way to find some but I had been drinking so no driving and I’m also broke as hell because I spent all my money on blow. Today, after 2 hours sleep last night I worked my normal 9-6 and then did a cash job (I’m a tradesperson) so I could get a g for tonight even though I swore all day that I wouldn’t do any tonight so I could get some sleep. Now I’m high and reading a bunch of articles on how to get to sleep after this g. I’m an addict and I’m 32. I’m a bit overweight and my blood pressure is high-normal, at least that’s what my doc said 2 months ago. My gf has big dreams for us that I share with her but I’m going to snort myself to death before we realize any of those dreams. I start college in 3 weeks for my final block of school and I’m terrified of cutting back to part time because I won’t be able to afford blow. I owe $15k in taxes because they found out about my side jobs but I haven’t paid them a cent. I’m in some big trouble, but, to hell with my problems, I’m high. It’s so effing stupid. I’ve never told anyone this. No one. So I guess I’m just using this message board to vent. If you’re reading this and have never done coke and you’re thinking about trying it DON’T. Some people can just do a bit and stop, but there are many others like me. Oh, and don’t forget about the comedown. I’ve had such severe depression and anxiety I have sat in the tub with a knife to my wrist on multiple occasions. The only reason I didn’t go through with it is because I love my gf more than I love myself. She’s bipolar and is coping well with me as support. If I were to ever go ahead with “it” I know she’d be right behind me. Thank you for your time.

  74. All you people who say you can’t overdose off cocaine are crazy. Either you’ve got bad stuff or Canada has stronger stuff than everyone else but a ball here will kill you if you do it to yourself. I’ve overdosed of two grams before

  75. I used to do it allot in the old days back when i was a teen I ain’t gonna say don’t do it because I would be a hypocrite not that i condone taking it butif someone is going to do it they will do it just take your time don’t mix with other drugs or alcohol. Make sure you watch each other but it’s expensive and you could get a simaler feeling of happiness if you spent your money at a theme park well hell it would save you the hassle of the comedown the day after. But like I said be carefully and allways stick with friends

  76. I shared a gram of cocaine with 2 other friends the other night over 3 hous so i must have gotten 0.3 g. It was my first time and we had been drinking. I had some high pulse and heart beating and couldn’t slep a few hours later. Had small chestpains a couple Now i’m anxious that i’ll get a seizure og cerebral hemorrhage. I told my doctor that i did a little with alcohol who checked my pulse and said i was fine. Still worried I will die suddenly though it has been over 3 days. How big is the risk that i’ll die from the cocaine after 3 days?

  77. if you havent started doing coke, or any other hard drug, then don’t. if you do, expect to do it more then once. withdraw aint no joke, and will start after the first time you use it. i used to think withdraw just made you physically sick. nope it is mostly mental at first, i never knew i could even feel that depressed before. think of it like this: in exchange for a huge emotional boost you have to go through the opposite for a longer period of time; and it just gets worse; plus tolerance goes up fast

  78. I am 53 years old and have done cocaine sporadically for many years. Today after having a few drinks I had a rush for cocsine and bought 2 grams… I am about to finish them… I started early yesterday around 8 so in all it has been already 22 hours… I feel dizzy, anxious, and starter shaking a bit… I do not want to throw the .5 gr That I still have… I am waiting to see if I can resist or not…’ I don’t think I am close to OD but really feel super anxious!!!

  79. So my cousin just died from what we were told a cocaine overdose he was a heavy user and usually did about 9-14 grams a week of some pretty strong stuff he lived in chicago with his newly wife and addopted son i live in toledo ohio were our family is from he was found oddly here in toledo at a cemetery in his car soaked with a fishing pole no note or goodbye which is kinda odd why the theatrics if it was a suicide especially intentionally trying to overdose could be kinda difficult to plan not knowing how much it will actually take unless you had a mixture with it such as heroin oddly enough a week prior his wife opened a life insurance policy on him police will not release any information to anyone but his newly wife

  80. Hey guys. My girlfriend and I have been doing bliw for about 9 months off an on… When were on its an out a quarter ounce a week. So roughly an eight ball every third day. We’re both the same age in our late 30s. We’re in good shape an have good health. How long until serious health issues or damages should arise? Pls serious responses only pls

  81. I’ve been using coke for the last three months on and off w/o feeling headache or upset stomach or any of the symptoms listed above, however this time I purchased 5g and have been hitting 2-3 lines every hour or so now since 4am this morning and it is now 1:40pm and I started to feel nauseous and a minor headache so I stopped railing lines about 2 hours ago. So I guess my question is am I suffering from a minor OD and if so how could I flush the drugs out of my system faster to prevent it from getting worse?

  82. Hi I have a couple more questions for you about cocain overdose/fatalities. How long does it usually take to die from overdose, mins? Hours? Days?
    Also how painful is it to die this way?

    1. Hi, Darrel. Every person reacts differently to each drug. So, the fatal dosage varies from person to person.

  83. I’ve done three grams of cocaine within one hour in one sitting, within my first few times of using. didn’t feel the slightest overdosed. more so I felt intense.

    1. Hi, T. If you get any worse, call 991 ASAP. Or, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

  84. my daughter over dose from coaine the 31th of last month the hardest thing i ever have been threw i dident even no she did that pray for my family please thank you from cathy

    1. Hello Cathy. I’m really sorry for what you and your daughter are going through… I hope everything ends fine…Your family is in my prayers!

  85. I understand that cocaine is cut in many different ways, but that being said I go to school in Texas and it is hard to find anything over 40-50%. That is just the way it is whether people realize it or not. If someone tells me they have 60%+ most of the time they are lying to your face. Now, my question is this… When buying cocaine through a dealer what can you look for in terms of quality because, if they cut it with something that your body isnt use to can that be the way people OD?

  86. I am a 62 year old man in good health but i am beginning to experience vertigo symptoms and am inquiring about my cocaine consumption. I started snorting cocaine at age 24 in 1977 and did more and more until 1988 when I stopped for 9 years and then stared again in 1997 at age 44 and did coke for 3 more years and stopped again in 2000. i was clean until 2010 and in the last 5 1/2 years have been doing an eight ball a month. i guesstimate i have snorted (only snorted never smoked or shot) 50 ounces in those 19 years; that equates to 1400 grams.
    What are my health risks at this point? i know the obvious ones like a heart attack or stroke but this vertigo has me freaked. Thanks.

  87. Danni I’m exactly where you are. I’ve just found your post by chance. Out of vulnerability I’m feeling you. Maybe we can figure it out together? Hopefully I’m not too late danni. I feel you

  88. I have been in the military 28 years. And as an Military Policeman I have worked the drug suppression team on a number of those years. One think I have seen is soldiers trying to mainline and miss the vein. This can also lead to a certain death. Just stay away from it. Do what I tell my soldiers. If you must get screwed up because of to much stress. Go get a 6 pack of beer and sit down by the lake and relax. It works for me. and all of my troops.

    Best Regards To All.

  89. I used to take huge amounts of cocaine on an almost daily basis, % grams a day was not uncommon, I have often read the snorting cocaine raises the heart rate and blood pressure I have a very good blood pressure monitor and have often tested my self while under the influence, My personal experience was that although my heart rate always increased ( sometimes alarmingly so) my blood pressure never increased one iota, as a matter of fact it frequently went down when I had a particularly high amount or the quality was particularly good, Can anyone explain this? Am I an anomaly or is the information that it increases the blood pressure incorrect?

  90. Im not sure how true that is about ODing but I went 11days non stop snorting cocaine and i didnt OD. I went threw $1250 worth of uncut coke, and Im still here. Maybe my drug tolerance is super high, idk. Maybe sum1 on here can help me understand.

    Thanks 4 da help in advance

  91. I hv used cocaine maybe once a year since I was 18-20 and back then I could put some away. I find nothing wrong as long as you don’t shoot that’s way more addictive, but this last Ko hoaine r whatever is crazy I know of two different ppl that od and died on slaming cocaine. Be careful

  92. Fully functioning hard seller and addict altho addict is for the light weights I slam and smoke up to and over 14 grams a day….if there was a way to overdose I would have iwhile taking a thumbnail sisze overflowing blast all the while calling them our death hits….been doing this with my crew and we live life as anyone would and injoy every aspect….of the way we can manipulat the feeling itself and the stages…..been thus rar over 20 years met thousands of people living the same way with families work responsibility family support dance recite blasting in bathrooms in you’re car….I have never known anyone to die or any adverse reaction….it overdose death……text book propaganda. Don’t get me wrong I have destroys lives but never have heard of death no matter the use I’m living proof and hi as fuck on coke you can’t die or I’d shake you’re head…..someone pease debatet me on this been selling and using Dore over 20 years very successful

  93. Herion, cocaine, crack, ALL drugs are work of the devil. The devil wants us dead. I’m not dead yet so the devil did not win. It won’t win. I’m trying to pray for a better tomorrow because thoughts will consume you and eat you inside. So will heroin. I’m trying my best man. Addiction is no joke. Please don’t mess around with this stuff if you know for a fact you cant handle what it spits back at you. That’s how the devil’ll reward you NOW..but it looks for something in return later. But then again I don’t think anyone can handle what it spits back at you..people die over these drugs man..something that doesn’t have a heart beat people are DYING over. These terrible drugs don’t have a heart beat because they want yours. Im trying my hardest to get outta the web its gotten me in. This stuff will bring a GROWN MAN to his knees. KILL. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HEROIN AND COCAINE..because the devil is 100% alive

  94. Yes there is no magic number that one can use as a measure of what is too much to cause death. After my friend died the coroner explained that normally the amount of cocaine found in the system of my friend would not cause death. But he advised that the additives in the drugs had recently been known to impact women more severely than men.
    Find a meeting or a trusted friend or professional to help you. It’s not worth giving your friends and family the heart ache of having to cope with an accidental overdose death.

  95. Hello Lucy. Accidental overdose can occur when you’re mixing substances or when the coke is cut with something unexpected. I wish you continued improvements in therapy! All the best to you, Lucy.

  96. It depends on the purity of the drug. Most suppliers have mixed them and often the drug is only 20%-40& pure, however, if you know the dealers you can purchase higher quality cocaine.Though this will still vary rarely be pure as the growers and producers of the drug mix it as soon as it has been produced to increase profits.This happens many times and is eventually given to the end user. You can not guarantee what it has been mixed with but usually it will be mixed with glucose and teething powders that provide a a rush and numbing affect. So to get back to the overdose queries/awnsers it depends is they are talking about 1.2g of pure coke or mixed. I imagine pure as it would be impossible to say 1.2g of mixed as they cannot determine its purity. Therefore, to overdoes on your average street cocaine, 2-3g could cause an overdose. Or there could be a nasty additive that could make you brown bread!! Boom

  97. i am so sorry for your loss. thats the only that keeps me from going over the absolute top is when i think of close friends and family and how unfair it would be to them if i ever left the earth too early. ive been really hitting danger zone a ton on coke recently and i feel fine when i take it and i know the come down. im up to multiple grams within super short periods of time. i dont want to overdose by mistake one time. does anyone know how one can accidntally overdose? i know my limits but i dont want to mess up real bad. i am currently in therapy and working unfortunately slowly on gettin help. prayers out to you and your friend’s family and friends… thank u for sharing

  98. Hello Cody. Cocaine is a drug that varies greatly when it comes to purity. People usually decide how much cocaine they want to do and buy grams, and count the lines.

  99. When doing cocaine is there a way to know when you’ve reached your limit? Any tell tale signs physically or mentally that warns you that your body cannot take any more or an overdose will occur?

  100. So I dont use coke very often but I got a few extra bucks thanks to my second job and was crazy tired and the opportunity presented itself. I used to do alot of pills about a year ago but never uppers. In the past year ive prob done coke and only coke 5 times. I bought a g last night and did it all between 930 am and 330 today. Then the come down started sucking so I decided to buy another half. Alrhough I feel ok I dont want to od. That would be pretty shitty. So I guess my question is how much can I do before im at risk to od? I saw up in the article a g to 1.2 g. But is that at 1 time or throughout the day. Cause I shouldn’t have a tolerance but ive prob done 1.2 gs since 930 am.

  101. Hey Danni,

    You don`t know the pain that they will feel and “Life was given to you for a reason“!
    God gave you this gift, your body is fearfully and wonderfully made. He wants the best for you Danni, your life is important, OK, and he loves you, so work through this bro. I lost a beautiful girlfriend earlier this year vacationing in Nicaragua and she overdosed on cocaine. WE are bought with a price, our souls belong to God and its up to him to take us home in His time. I`ll be praying for healing and peace during this time. Love you man. Yaweh Bless you.

  102. I’m sorry for your loss, that’s horrible. But the thing is I want to die. So I was just curious how much could do it … hopefully it won’t be so paniful, as for my family they’ll be fine one less mouth feed

  103. I know a lot of people think that really bad things could never happen to them, particularly a lethal accidental overdose. I lost my closest friend to an accidental overdose and I assure you, if it could happen to them, it could happen to you. My friend was young (26), fit (we went to the gym regularly) and as I later learned, a regular user of powder cocaine.
    Members of my friend’s family, as well as myself, were unaware of the frequency of use that was occurring – people are very good at hiding these often secretive activities.
    But on one seemingly normal Sunday afternoon my friend went into a violent seizure and slowly died in my arms, as family members called the Ambulance. Despite the efforts of medics who arrived a short time later, my friend had died from a cerebral hemorrhage caused by cocaine use, according to the Neurologist and the Coroner.
    It is unbearable to watch someone close to you in a seizure lasting 15 minutes, with blood flowing out of their mouth and their eyes rolled back in their head while they convulse uncontrollably in your arms, each minute going by seeming longer.
    I still have not come to terms with the unexpected and unnecessary death of my closest friend. The grief that follows for so many people that are affected by the loss of such a beautiful, vibrant, otherwise healthy person, is unbearable.
    So if you don’t think it can happen to you and aren’t worried about an accidental overdose, think again. Whether you are a regular user or a weekend warrior, consider the impact that an accidental and lethal overdose will have on your family and friends. Could your partner, your mother, your sister or your best friend’s handle the grief they would be forced to endure. Stop using cocaine for them, if not for yourself.
    Wes Copp

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