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Meth overdose: How much amount of meth to OD?

The main signs of meth overdose can be difficult to recognize. This is because unlike other forms of drug intoxication, methamphetamine provides you with no immediate signs of problems. Although rarely prescribed, meth is also available as Desoxyn for medical treatment, but can also be purchased illegally. More here on meth overdose, prognosis, and death rates. Then, we invite your questions about meth use and available medical options for treating methamphetamine addiction at the end.

How does unintentional meth overdose happen?

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, is a central nervous system stimulant. Meth affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. But meth is extremely habit-forming (how does methamphetamine work), and can trigger both long-term and/or chronic use. Methamphetamine intoxication occurs when excessive amounts of the drug are administered to the body, often used in combination with other drugs or alcohol, the purity of meth is usually really high, and can result in lethal doses. So how much meth is too much?

Meth overdose – How much is too much?

A lethal dose of methamphetamine varies depending on characteristics of the drug and the user. In fact, each person has a different sensitivity to a specific amount of methamphetamine due to personal tolerance to meth. In this way, toxic levels are different for each individual. Meth overdose may also be complicated by other drugs the user may have taken. Diseases that the person may have developed also play a role due to the current health condition of the body.

Meth overdose complications

Signs of meth overdose are associated with stages of overdose progression. However, meth users can take a lethal dose and not realize it right away. But in general, meth overdose is characterized by physiological deterioration, eventually leading to a heart attack or stroke. Further, meth should not be used by people with heart, thyroid disorders and diabetes, because these chronic conditions may lead to sudden death.

At the beginning of meth overdose, as the heart beats faster, more energy is needed for the body to keep up with higher temperature and body fluid generation. Physiological effects on the sympathetic nervous system can increase heart rate and blood pressure, and may affect many organ systems, causing chronic heart problems, stroke, and acute kidney failure. Because the body does not have an effective way to release the heat, the heat accumulates and produces a rise in body temperature.

Other common signs of meth overdose include:

  • cardiovascular collapse
  • chest pains
  • confusion
  • convulsions
  • dehydration
  • delirium
  • dilated pupils
  • hyperactivity
  • hyperthermia
  • rapid breathing
  • severe hypertension
  • stroke
  • sweating profusely
  • tachycardia (irregular or fast heart beat)

Meth overdose prognosis

If you are witness to a meth overdose, do not take any actions with further drugs on your own. Only professional medical staff are competent to treat meth overdose. However, drinking liquids can help prevent excessive dehydration and restore body fluids.To treat the rapid rise in temperature, ice blankets can cool the body externally, while special drugs control internal cooling.

Meth overdose death rate

Because of rapid onset, death proceeds suddenly and unexpectedly after a meth OD. Many fatalities usually manifest symptoms of coma, shock, inability to pass and secrete urine, and muscle twitching. Emergency department visits due to meth overdose have been up to 130,000 per year, out of which almost 15% were fatalities.

Meth overdose amount questions

Do you still have questions related to meth overdose? Please feel free to post them in the comments section below. We at Addiction Blog do our best to provide you with a personal and prompt response to any legitimate question.

Reference sources: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Methamphetamine
SASMSHA/ DAWN: Area Profiles of Drug-Related Mortality
Erowid on meth doses

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111 Responses to “Meth overdose: How much amount of meth to OD?
Christy mcmullen
8:23 am April 15th, 2014

Well simply stop killing people with it .find another solution. Kind regards christy mcmullen

Matt DiSabatino
11:01 pm April 25th, 2014

Injection and intranasal routes enter the venous circulation. Smoking enters the arterial circulation. Why is intranasal more “potent” than injection ?

1:34 am August 5th, 2014

Can you overdose from smoking?

8:53 am August 5th, 2014

Hi Jon. Good question! The risk for lethal intoxication from smoking methamphertamine may vary depending on the individual. But, ODing from smoking meth isn’t easy to do. The reaction in most cases is delayed, it doesn’t come on as the drug is being smoked. But later, an unexpected cardiac episode, heart attack or stroke can strike with little warning.

If you thing you or someone near you has overdosed from smoking meth, go to the ER emediatley or Call 911. Or Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert.

4:13 am August 18th, 2014

My husband got pulled over and wallowed a little over a gram of meth. How severe are the effects going to be if he is a daily user anyway. How should we proceed?

7:31 pm September 15th, 2014

my sister has just been arrested for the second time for possession of meth…my parents no longer know what to do. Last year, for the first arrest… They hired the big lawyer to get everything reduced. My sister was forced to take court appointed drug classes. But she had a bad attitude in their regard.

She was just picked up again this last Wednesday for possession, as well as felony theft.

We are at a loss as to how to help her… We believe she is homeless, again. My folks tried to put her up in an apartment last year, after she arrested the 1st time…. But she got evicted several weeks later due to heavy traffic.

Will we ever get her back?

I am living my life without a sister…and my daughter without an Aunt.

3:52 pm September 16th, 2014

Hi Kelley. I’m very sorry that your sister is in such a situation. I’d suggest talking to a family addiction therapist, they make things a lot clearer. You see, the line between taking care of or helping an addict and enabling or codependence is thin. And meth is one powerful drug…but, you can’t make someone get in rehab, unless they themselves are willing to quit.

4:52 am October 30th, 2014

My son overdosed on meth. I was told he was shaking then all of a sudden looked liked he was sleeping then start snoring and then there was a snorting noise and he wasn’t breathing so what does it mean he died in his sleep . I wonder if he didn’t even know what was happening and just fell into unconsciousness.I think about this always

4:35 pm November 11th, 2014

Its now past midnight i injected a small amount of meth about 1pm now yesterday.felt rush got energetic and felt fine till 9pm.then i felt hot yet temp was norm.heart felt pounding but norm i think.slight headache numbness down left side blood rushes to head pain in left arm and occasionally on chest.shivers come and go.had something to eat and been drinking water and had sport drink.few yawns but not question is after so many hours later could i be having an overdose?or something else happening i should seek medical attention for?also pins and needles here and there.

12:10 pm November 24th, 2014

Hi Vicki. Your body is reacting to the meth. I’d say it’s either some side-effects from the drug or meth withdrawal. But, in order to be sure and safe, you need to see a doctor. Wish you all the best.

1:53 am December 13th, 2014

My stepdaughter`s mother just died from drinking liquid meth-supposedly unknowing–(she has had drug issues in the past) I wonder how much she had to drink and I would like to tell my stepdaughter that her mother did not suffer.

3:47 pm December 16th, 2014

Hello Annette. I’m very sorry for what happened. The doses required to cause an overdose and death are different for many inividuals. Didn’t they give you results from the autopsy? I believe it’s best to talk to a doctor, prehaps an addiction specialist, to get a professional answer to your question.

2:55 am March 7th, 2015

in an attempted suicide a 46 year old female, a second time user ingests a chunk of meth equalling approximately 30 – 35 “lines”. within 48 hours of snorting 10 “lines”. what is the possibility that this woman, otherwise generally healthy, will survive as if nothing happened, resuming normal activity within 8 hours.

4:02 pm March 12th, 2015

Hi MrsY. I apologize but I am not qualified to answer such a question. Maybe you should direct it at the medical professionals who are treating her and monitoring her state. I hope and pray she recovers form this! God bless!

12:06 pm March 19th, 2015

A good friend of mine passed away when alive it showed he had 107ng/MG of meth in his system when he died and had a toxology done shows he had >5000ng/mg in his system how is that possible

4:55 am April 13th, 2015

My husband just passed away 3 weeks ago while he was incarcerated due to meth overdose. Does anyone know if there is any sort of warning before a person OD’s? He was in a cell all by himself, and the prison isnt telling me anything except that he was found on the floor, and was “already gone” before help could get to him. Is the prison held liable?

4:27 am May 2nd, 2015

Hi, I caught my 44yrs old husband doing meth, he has uncontrollable diabetes his sugar is never under 350 ever, he takes 150 mg of methadone daily and now crystal meth on top of this.Im at my end with him I have 3 small children and I’m loosing everything he comes in at 1,2,3 in the morning smelling like a sweet sickening smell.I was wondering what are the odds of him living .He has lost about 50 lbs in a few months.

9:57 am July 29th, 2015

Would meth cause loss of feelings in your hands and feet with no strength a very heavy uncoordinated feeling or better yet could it cause prehini. Sensory neuropathy. Thank you

12:01 am August 24th, 2015

my son overdosed….autopsy report reads .12mg of meth/ .22mg of lorazepan (giving to him by his ex girlfriend) to slow him down /and .31mg amphetamine…my question is why is it a methamphetamine intoxication cause of death with meth being the lowest amount of drugs in his system? I need answers…..its been 3 months tonight and I’m literally losing my son was only 27 yrs old

10:36 am August 24th, 2015

Hi Debra. I’m really sorry for your loss. I’d suggest you talk to a doctor from the laboratory or a pharmacist who will be able to go over the toxicology reports and give you more professional answers.

4:46 am October 6th, 2015

I OD-d and got a overwhelming feeling which I think was really high heart pressure. this lasted about 1 hour. thinking I would die as my body felt like it was overloaded, which lowered but still noticable and unknown if it would kill me or not, this lasted about 3 or 5 hours. After that I feel 80% normal again and relaxed, but it screws with your brain too so read up before you try anything your not certain on.

3 years ago I swallowed 350 mg and had no effect for some reason. After taking around 700 mg over 2 weeks. I tried taking 270 mg and had the OD experience you just read. It says online 15% OD die in hospital care and I was not in this fraction so idk how relevant my experience is. I knew I OD but didn’t die so I don’t see how others OD and die, I survived over double a normal amount so it varys from person to person.

~Don’t combine drugs (death % rise while mixing drugs)
~Don’t be alone, Even if you die you can be brought back if you had someone to help
~Don’t try having more than you can handle
……if you use frequently don’t try to increase the amount
……if you do it time to time, Don’t try taking anymore than the last time you used as you could have lost your tolerance, also different batches means different potency, start low and add if needed
~ If your feeling of OD becomes better than worsens, it may be your mind not body, I’d probably go to the ER if you feel any sort of symptoms worsen a second time.
~ You can find yourself in a psychotic state anytime after the first use, Stop and get help before becoming an addict. if you use sometimes and want to see if your addicted, look up online, you’ll find something like: wait 3 or 4 weeks from use to see if you are dependent.
Don’t just assume you are fine after 5-6 or 7 days. you could easily turn dependent.

7:30 pm April 2nd, 2016

Hi excellent blog. I was an addict and it got really bad last summer. I got kicked out of my parents place but I still had my job and some money saved. I ended up moving into a motel for a short amt of time and doing tons of meth. At one point I swallowed like .8 liquid meth and instantly went into psychosis. I got really hot, my body was still as a rod, and it was hell for like 12hours. I’m glad im not there and im glad to be alive. I think the most brutal part is the aftermath of this. Not only do you have to suffer the worst comedown after a hellish high, but you are even more addicted after hitting your receptors so hard. Not to mention the months it takes for your brain to restabilize.

6:26 am May 21st, 2016

My son recently died from using meth
I don’t understand, how using it for a few hours, can cause overdose
He wasn’t using it 3 or 4days prior to his death
He did get hot , then sweaty and had a seizure
Soon after he died. I don’t understand, what happened

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:49 pm May 26th, 2016

Hi Kathy. I’m really sorry for your loss… I wish you peace in this hard time…

5:40 am September 5th, 2016

My son died in 2110 of a meth overdose. He walked into the er and in 3 hours he was dead. He died in my arms. Evidently he had smoked some aND got parinoid and ate the rest. The er nurses never checked his temp . His temp was 108 when he died. Please don’t do drugs. This was his first time.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:19 pm September 5th, 2016

Hi Kim. I’m really sorry for your loss… Hope others will get your message…

6:13 am September 5th, 2016

Kathy your son burned up from the inside because the docs messed up . My heart bleeds for you.

10:57 am September 23rd, 2016

My friend snorted 3 lines smoked 4 different foils with a friend then 3 times in a glass bowl , she has injected herself 4 times in the same vein …SHOULD I LET HER LIE DOWN LIKE SHE WANTS TO ?
SHE HAS ONLY BEEN DOING METH AND WEED SCENE MAY OF THIS YEAR …everyone that knows her or kinda does by face , keeps telling her she has lost so much weight , allot of weight but she doesn’t believe us , she still calls herself fat
She will go 8 days or more straight without eating anything only drinking water or juice , I am worried about her

8:04 am October 2nd, 2016

My son died just 2 days ago. He was 20. A suspected meth od.He very very rarely maytake a smoke of meth..but took subs daily. He was up all night..puking..excessive thorst..said he had the worst headach ever. Laid down..slept up..had a cig..went and laid back down..and never woke up. Why did he die over 24hrsof use? What was causing the heafach and other syptoms? If anyone has any info plz tell me..i honestly dont know if im gonna be able to get thru this..thank yoi

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:05 pm October 4th, 2016

Hi Deidra. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concerns. We are not able to provide with an answer. I wish you peace in these hard times.

7:39 pm October 6th, 2016

My son died 7 days ago..a suspected meth od. He was not a regular user at all. He was on suboxone and he smoked pot. It was a little over 24hours till he passed. He even got up..smoked a cig..but was still vomiting and said he had a horrible headache. He laid back down and did t wake up. Plz does anyone have any comments about anything relating to this. Im finding it hard to go on. Thank you

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:35 pm October 14th, 2016

Hi Deidra. I’m really sorry for your loss… I’d suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concerns.

6:00 am October 28th, 2016

Hi there my name is rod/working here in thailand. im 32 and i just tried meth for the first time (yes first time). I have promised to myself before that I have to finish study and get a stable job, earning high enough before trying this stuff.
I’ve been taking ya-ba (crazy medicine in English) /one medicine consist of 40 mg. meth and 60 mg. of caffeine/ for almost 3 months (not daily, for about 2-3 times a week), and i can say my tolerance gets high. Unlike the first time that I took 2 tablets and i felt the high and it is so fantastic. Now I took 10 tablets for me to feel the high and the wonderfull feeling in my body. But offcourse as a health concious person I recently think i might be hook on this and might affect my whole life. Yes I can controll this habit but i just want to know if im taking too much.
For some people here with wide experience, am I taking much? And how often can I take it so i can be safe, i dont wanna end up loosing all my teeth and be psychotic like other hurting their own family….
Any comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

5:59 am November 20th, 2016

This afternoon one of my employees went on his break. When he didn’t come back, we went looking for him. A customer in the parking lot saw him slumped over in his car. Paramedics arrived, but he had no signs. They tried to revive him for an hour, but never got a response. They found meth pipes in his car, but no drugs. He has a wife and baby girl. He announced yesterday that his wife is pregnant again. They are living in her parents’ garage. Maybe life was just too much for him. Maybe at least his wife can now go on with life without worrying every day whether he will come home alive.

8:31 am December 14th, 2016

My brother recently OD’ed n I just got the. Corners report n it says he overdosed on meth and Ritalin.. I guess my question is is it possible and if so how much of each would it take for my brother to die from it.. and what is the death rate of it thankyou

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:08 pm December 19th, 2016

Hi Jennifer. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a toxicologist, coroner or another professional. We are not able to provide with an answer. Wish you peace in this hard time.

Justin case.
8:23 am January 15th, 2017

I spilled some paint onto my meth and mixed it with water or vodka and shot it up I’m feeling really really weird my vision is blurry seeing spot hallucinating and feel like with paint a problem or an overdose on meth please respond ASAP do I go to the emergency room or do I not

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:24 pm January 16th, 2017

Hey Justin case. I suggest that you call 911.

2:23 am January 24th, 2017

my friend recently was found in her THE SHOWER HANDS AND KNEES the family said Rig a mortes had already taken place. the autopsy came back a week ago DEATH BY ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE THE BODY OVERWHELMED BY METHAMPHETAMINE. HER BOYFRIEND 2 DAYS LATER WAS TAKEN TO HOSPITAL FOR STROKE/High blood pressure. a girl told me today she had a friend who died of an overdose HE TOO WAS FOUND IN THE SHOWER. Is this just quaint that they were in the shower or does the water have something to contribute to the OD ? AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN her body was overwhelmed with meth??

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:09 pm February 1st, 2017

Hi Babbles. I’m really sorry for your loss… I really don’t know if the water has any connection with meth OD, but it seems to me that the steam and high temperature may have something to do with it. I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concerns.

12:07 pm February 7th, 2017

Hay babbles that’s really odd that that happend I’m only 17 years old and been using meth since I was 15 idont think the water had anything to do with it every time I feel to lit I take a hot shower n it makes me feel a lot better it calms my mind & body down my opinion is when off meth people overdose off of overthinking too much that when ur brain gets worried and keeps thinking about being too lit and that’s when a seizure can occur or even a heart attack

10:01 am February 8th, 2017

I know this may sound stupid. But I’m going on a week now binge whatever you want to call it. I’m not sure if I’m just tripping out but it’s like every time I exhale I see smoke but I havent touched my bat at all. I’m dehydrated but it wouldn’t matter if I even drank water because it’s like no matter how much I drink it’s not gonna help me. I smoke and inject. It’s not really about getting high anymore. I feel like I’m on fire but I’m so cold. I litetally feel like I’m getting eaten alive. Basically like someone lit me on fire. Literally both my hands are numb like I’ve been in the cold a really long time

3:13 pm February 10th, 2017

IV been snorting meth for 32 hours now. Bout every 4 I did a line. I haven’t done but only half a gram in total and still have the other half left.. I feel so relaxed that it’s kinda scaring me but it feels good. I’m all bundled up in sweats because it’s cold in my room but I’m worried that this feeling of relaxation is an overdose.. I thought meth boosted you with energy.. not melo u out and make u numb. I have another line to do rn before my parents wake up . I can’t just leave it on my desk and I don’t wanna waste it.. do u think I’ll be okay to snort it? Considering I’ve only done not even a gram so far in 30 hours? Idc if I od and die honestly.. but I’d rather not..
My main worry is my heart, my heart naturally skips or hops a beat. And it’s beating normal but every 5 mins it’ll spaz out and beat really hard about 6 times and hurt then go back to normal.. also I bet if I closed my eyes I could pass out .. should I sleep my high off or stay up longer till it goes away tonight, probly at like 10 pm. It’s 7 am now

I like this feeling tho.. never had it before.. plus I’ve only done meth 5 times and was with my ex every time keeping company and doing random shit. But I’ve been laying here a solid 30 hours with occasionaly getting up to smoke a cig or drink water or just to snort another line.. every other time I’ve done meth whether I smoked it or snorted it I got super wired and was talking fast and all over the place.. but this time since I’m all alone, I’m super chilled and it really feels like there “ice” in my vanes. If ur a meth user and u read this, please explain to me why my high is affecting me differently now .. is it normal? Or is my body or brain accepting the drug in a weird way? Please respond

7:59 am February 13th, 2017

Last night around 11:40pm I decided to take meth orally and, honestly, I don’t even know what a gram is.. all I can say is that there was probably about 3 small little ice thingies on my palm and I put them in my mouth, taste was sour and horrible and tramautizing and it is my FIRST time… I didn’t feel anything at first and then an hour passed by and I felt very light but nothing wild. I wasn’t sleepy of course and so I got up from couch and went upstairs to my room… is it normal for your vision to slowly start to black out ?? But not fully because it cleared instantly in about 5 seconds ? Because that happened and My knees gave out. But I stood up and laid down, I felt normal but a little hyper. It was already around 7am and I was feeling bad. My heart wasn’t RAPIDLY beating but it wasn’t slow it was in between and I was sweating a lot as well, and my heard did hurt maybe like a 5/10 type of pain but it was there for a very long while. Around 6pm I finally felt sleepy and I was still sweating and having the headaches, I took an hour long nap and I woke up feeling fine. Not 100% but I definitely didn’t feel like before. The headache did leave but maybe sometimes when I move my head a little too fast it’ll hurt for a few seconds and leave, my heart is calm now as well and I finally got mg appetite and I did eat and drink water. I’m just over thinking and hoping for this to stop and leave ! I don’t know what to do, does this mean that I’m going to be okay? Or am I going to have a random stroke later on… I’m a bit scared. Please reply when you can

8:15 am February 13th, 2017

Since November 5, 2017 been using a few puffs during day, not everyday , but yes one week in Dec smoked probably 6 puffs which wasn’t enough and most comes out mouth or I’d cough. Have pain management appt in 12-13 days so haven’t done any except Sat and took puff from friends pipe. So since November 5, 2016 to Feb 11th 2017 with few days off will I be clean by 27th of this month❓ What would help too take like vinegar, and water or anything to make sure urine test passes❓

11:19 pm February 17th, 2017

Hi i just took meth on friday early morning and i had some yesterday night too but i took it first time and am feeling like little paining in the chest and being lazy so i don’t wanna touch it again and I feels like i will be alright after couple of hours more i took it nearly 2 o clock on yesterday friday night, can you please tell me can I take couple of pegs of whisky with coke or water which i use too drink whisky on weekend

6:42 pm February 24th, 2017

My son is involved in a court case in which a woman weighing about 120 pounds says she smoked 2 grams of crystal meth in less than an hour. Is this possible and what would be the side affects? She said she was using the meth to get off of fentenol. Would she be hallucinating? Could she accurately describe a situation after taking 2 grams of meth? Thank you.

1:45 am March 5th, 2017

When the person dies, will there be foam at the mouth, blood from the nose, fluid in the lungs and swollen brain?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:17 pm March 20th, 2017

Hi Shena. It depends from the cause of death. This could happen.

6:21 am April 4th, 2017

How long would it be before i noticed i may be oding on meth

8:40 pm April 7th, 2017

How Much Is Too Much? Any is too much.

1:18 am April 26th, 2017

Is there any research on the deaths from methamphetmine?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:58 pm April 27th, 2017
Active user
8:39 am April 27th, 2017

From what I hear the speed people get in America is really bad. I’ve been an every day user where I live for the past 9 months and before that 8 years with a 6 year break of recovery AA/NA in between. I don’t want to come off like an ass or belittle anyone’s loss that has said something here but… every single person I’ve ever known to use speed (meth), smoking and snorting only, have never OD’d or died. NOT A SINGLE PERSON! I’m most definitely not advocating the use of this drug however it is truly the only thing that keeps me going. I’m a manic depressive and have been on every type of pharmaceutical you can imagine. Every drug varies from person to person on how it effects you. I would say stay away from intruavenis use. And don’t try something alone for the first time. Life’s tough and some people want to feel something other than being sober all the time. Do you drink? Smoke pot? On prescriptions? Every thing has its downsides. It’s knowing yourself and understanding what you are taking. The statistics are very clear … nothing comes close to alcohol related deaths but because it’s “legal” and “accepted” it’s not shunned like other “illegal” substances. Most people that get arrested for selling “illegal” drugs will stay in jail for not paying taxes! Think about that. All drugs, like alcohol and weed more and more around the world, should be decriminalized and “addicts” should be treated woth mental health well being in mind, NOT AS CRIMINALS! I truly hope that everyone can just understand that, at least in my mind, one drug is no different than an other if you use responsibly.

4:14 am May 16th, 2017

I need to know why and how this test result is possible? I did a DOT UA and the level to pass the UA TO RECIEVE the medical card the level is 250 or lower. I received over a 3000. I do take BP meds And they all say they could make.a false – positive on a UA test for math. How is this possible for meth. Why is it so high? What could make it like that? How do I fix it?

2:03 am May 19th, 2017

My 38 year old daughter died from a meth overdose my question is this could she have taken it days before then died or is it a sudden death after snorting it. I need to know if my girl died after snorting meth my son in law swears he did not give her anything but there was no one here but him then he said it takes days to die

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:34 pm May 31st, 2017

Hi Cathy. I’m sorry for your loss… Not all overdoses happen quickly and sometimes it can take hours for someone to die. I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your concerns.

9:53 pm June 9th, 2017

My daughter died of a meth overdose. No needle was found, but, the word of another person was used to determine that was the cause of death at the time. I finally received word of the toxicology report by talking to the sheriff, who talked to the coroner while I was in his office. He told me that the average meth user had 200-250, whatever is used to measure the amount, but, my daughter had well over 3000. My question, how long would it have taken for this amount to be lethal, and, would she have been aware that something was wrong?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:44 am June 27th, 2017

Hi Betty. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concerns.

6:41 am June 18th, 2017

I have a family member who is dying from a meth overdose, the doctors say his body is 97% methanphetamines….my question is how much would it take to cause those kinds of effects?

6:43 am June 18th, 2017

I have a family member who is dying from a meth overdose, the doctors say his body is 97% methanphetamines….my question is how much would it take to cause those kinds of effects? He is 5ft 10–215 pounds

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:42 am June 19th, 2017

Hi Dakota. I’m really sorry for your loss… I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response.

2:28 pm June 26th, 2017

In November of 2015, I swallowed about 1/5 of a gram of meth by mistake. I thought the cops were at the door. It was in a baggie but not a zip lock. I have ingested meth many times and never had a problem. I started feeling kinda funny and thank God I went and sat by my husband on the couch. That’s the last thing I remember until February 2016 when I woke up in a long-term care hospital. I found out I had 3 cardiac arrests. My husband and 14-year-old son had performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. For three months my family waited hoping I would not be severely brain damaged due to the lack of oxygen to my brain. The doctors thought I would probably never be able to live on my own again. I am so BLESSED, my husband and son’s quick response and CPR saved my brain. I have some short-term memory loss but according to the neuropsychologist, I have achieved as favorable an outcome from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest as he can recall in 30 years.
Please understand I am VERY lucky I am alive. A METH OVERDOSE is quick and fatal without IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION. The meth causes your heart to STOP, when your heart stops your brain does not receive oxygen. Death or permanent brain damage occurs within four to six minutes. A sudden cardiac arrest is also called sudden cardiac death, there is no warning you are just DEAD. I was dead for 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived. Having my family immediately begin CPR with Rescue Breaths saved me.

5:32 pm August 19th, 2017

I used cyrestal meth for 5 day well when should it be out my system

7:10 pm October 6th, 2017

Hi, My fiancee overdosed on meth and from my knowledge I dont think he has done it before.He has done heroine and crack in his past but one day he went and did it and died. I dont know the amounts in his system yet but do you have to take a crazy amount of meth to die? Also maybe he wanted crack and got meth instead? Does it look the same?

11:07 am October 21st, 2017

If cardiac arrest and kidney failure are possible when od of meth would it show in autopsy?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:24 pm October 26th, 2017

Hi Abbott. It may be possible. I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your issue.

3:23 am November 12th, 2017

I need help with meth addiction

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:42 pm November 14th, 2017

Hi veronica. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

8:46 pm November 18th, 2017

Hello my name is stephanie & on August 22,2017 my boyfriend died in my hands.12weeks later i was told it was a meth overdose wich i believe is not true. My boyfriend used it for about 2.5years & he injected it. He would do around 10-15units about 3times a day but when he died he had been complaining about a major headace for about 3days & was sleeping what happend was i was laying in bed with him & everything was normal & i went upstairs to us the bathroom,when i came down he was sitting up & his hands where clentched up close to him & looked like he had arthritis,he was tensed up & making a funny noise.all of his vains where buldging, he red really red & his where bulding & red too & then they rolled back in his head.i didnt no what was happening so i ran & got my neighbor but he was dead when we came back.all of this happend from the normal state to the fatal 1 was in about 15min.i believe it was a anerism but we where told it was a overdose.what do you think

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:20 pm November 20th, 2017

Hi Stephanie. I’m really sorry for your loss. I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your issue.

1:20 am December 7th, 2017

Deidra ,
i dont know if you will see this response, but if there is a chance you do im going to respond. im not medical professional so im guessing based on experience of what has happened to others i know.
first of all it sounds to me like your son was an addict not just meth but heroin.
he may have had meth in his system but the symptoms he had such as vomitting and stuff sounds like heroin and suboxone. suboxone is supposed to make you sick if you use heroin while taking suboxone..
now if he had a really severe headache ive known one person who used meth snorting it only for many years and had a brain anuerysm and survived. he may have had one from the meth.
or he could have thought he was buying meth and gotten bath salts …
in any event im so sorry for the pain and loss you are going through.
i lost a sister to a heroin od. it sucks. i miss her all the time. its been 13 years.
your son knows how much you love him and you will see him someday again.

1:35 am December 7th, 2017

Bob from Friday in february of this year- hope you are alright. sounds like you snorted mdma.
thats what it did to me made me relaxed so much that even with methamphetamine still in my system i just fell asleep. no overdose i was careful to dose out the mdma and take 1mg orally.
but you should f***ing care if you overdose and die in your parents house!!
do you know how cruel and mean that is and how it would break their hearts and drive them crazy having to solve a mystery not knowing what youve been up to?
its sociopathic and quite frankly heartless and thoughtless. which could just mean you are an addict. which is just about the same thing as having no soul.

12:15 am December 12th, 2017

My son was found dead in a back yard. The medical examiner ruled it meth toxicity. He weighed 225lbs. He only had 14mg. And no other drugs. Is that possible? Because there is other things that lead me to believe it was foul play and the police closed the case even though his who was in the trunk of someone’s car.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:33 pm December 12th, 2017

Hi Pam. I’m really sorry for your loss. I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your issues.

4:11 pm December 12th, 2017

So ive been reading on some people’s questions and comments because i have asked a question about a over dose on meth. I started useing meth when i was 13 and i am now 36.the only time i was able to quit was for my 3 pregnancies.what i can say from my own personal experience is that mostly it is very addicting and to get out as soon asap if you still can.i am a very rare type of meth addict because i use it to keep up with my responseabilities. I am a full time student and i already graduated 1 course in my field but im a single mother with 3 kids and i value that.but in most cases it takes people away from there responseabilites and true emotions.on August 22 my boyfriend died in my hands and they say it was a meth over dose but im having a real Hard time excepting that because over the years of my useage i have done it every way and in extream amounts and hav only ovr can a completely healthy 33yr old man who only shot up abt 1/10 of a gram 2-3times a day ovr dose on it.

4:18 pm December 12th, 2017

Pam. I understand ware your coming from. I too have a hard time with a loss of my boyfriend that they say was a meth over dose. You are probably right that there is more to it then that and the cops are being lazy and simply don’t care. I wouldn’t except that as a mother. In your heart you know

4:27 pm January 31st, 2018

If someone dies of a suspected meth user can the corners office detect a heart attack or stroke?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:22 pm February 1st, 2018

Hi Terry. Yes. A coroner’s main responsibility is to determine the manners and causes of death.

8:41 am February 1st, 2018

I did some ice and am going nuts. Should I go to er

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:38 pm February 1st, 2018

Hi Chuck. If you don’t feel well, go to the ER.

1:34 am February 7th, 2018

My brother died of an overdose of meth. My question is, its speculated tht he was murdered. His autopsy reported 20,000 units was put in his system at the last seconds before his death. Is that alot or just seem like alot & if to switch from units to grams how many.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:06 pm February 8th, 2018

Hi Angel. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your issue.

11:27 pm February 8th, 2018

Hi, I posted a couple years ago here about my addiction. At that point, I never imagined being clean would be possible for me. I say this being 6months sober today. I don’t miss it, cravings come and go and it scares me to death the thought of going down that path again.

I never thought being happy and content would be possible for me without meth. I was a daily user and I used for 3 and a half years. I’m 25 now and started at 21. There’s hope, it’s worth it. My family had to do everything the could for me and showed me love even when I screwed up. It took them a long time to offer the help I needed, and it took me a long time to accept that help. Now I have an Associate’s degree in Science and I’m studying Electrical Engineering. I can’t believe how things are finally going my way. When I started using, I had just flunked out of college and was incredibly depressed and self destructive. I felt I threw away all my parent’s money and support and just wanted to destroy myself.

I just want to ask Chuck above me, are you doing okay?

Maybe a week or so idk
12:08 pm February 18th, 2018

Why does meth cause a man to get a severe head ache and nausea and later on down the road 4 month’s or so have a seizer an be totally clean for a couple month’s or even yrs with sobriety??

2:02 pm February 19th, 2018

So my first 3 times i did more than the od limit you guys have. And actually felt nothing. Took my 4th time to get that rush as far as injecting it. I already had a tolerance from smoking it. But one time i did just a little under a half gram in one shot. Im glad i took some out and put it in my pipe. Bout passed out on the shot. But the main rush lasted bout 15 mins then i was up for 2 days. But i do one that are considered small by almost everybodies standards and even still they are usually
.3 of a gram so thats 300mg. I understand tolerance and body play into it but that number you guys have seems really small

5:30 am March 9th, 2018

I do enjoy life sometime with the help of modern chemistry. I DO SPEED. There are some times when I’m sleeping after having been enjoying speed for a few days when one or both legs will try to and in some cases FULLY LOCK UP ON ME. This to say the least will wake me from a sound sleep to try and stop it . When they do lock the pain is unreal and unless I can get into a tub of hot water which stops it almost at once, if however I can’t make it to a tub then I’m in for at least a hard 20+ minute ride of pain. Is this related to the speed it’s self or more to something I’m NOT giving my body like water or something else. Thanks for your time and I await your reply.

5:34 am March 9th, 2018

Honestly Scared.
Used meth almost 3 days ago, with my ignorance of the drug I did not bother to measure any of it, while I did not do alot at once the amount of time between either snorting or eating it was not very long, in fact I used it all in less than a day.
With that being said I’m unsure about the amount that was taken, during the end of the day I barely spaced out any of it.
I experienced, visions shadow people and of course the blue and orange lines as I closed my eyes.
I had anxiety and panicked about dying today , my symptoms include: elevated body temp, tingles, and chest and muscles spasms.
As of now (3days later) I’m feeling , alright tightness in my muscles and pressure on my chest area, and my face is warm. But the symptoms seem to vanish randomly and come back.
My question is am I gonna die,? Can I still over dose,? This was my first time even doing it. I never wanna experience this feeling again.

12:03 am March 18th, 2018

Hey Patrick you just need to make sure you eat and drink while high. Bananas work well for the potassium. Which is why you cramp up. DO NOT TAKE potassium pills trust me they are a bit to much and made my heart hurt once. Plus my ex gf is a cardiovascular sonogram technician she does ultrasounds on the heart in other words. But she said definitely do take potassium pills unless dr. Says so. So thats your issue is you gotta take care of your body while high. I onow its hard sometimes but itll stop those cramps. Best thing to do for full leg cramp is stand up and walk around and work that muscle. Idk if its best but quickest. If its just your foot i found that grab your toes and pull back on the towards your body basically stretch the muscles is what u need. But yea full 9n leg i recommend fixing the quicker the better the longer it takes the more itll hurt after. Also start recognizing even in sleep what and when the cramps coming on. Once again resolve quicker for best results

12:08 am March 18th, 2018

Veronica how long have you been a user? Even if its the first time doing it a certain way. You shouldnt bee feeling like that. If you shot up where at and did you miss at all? Either way im no dr but you unless have been up for days and days and didnt take care of yourself (eating,resting,drinking ) should go see a dr. Everyone gets the shadow people and hallucinations but the tightness of your chest days afterwards isnt normal even for a heavy smoker so you shouldnt be dying but you could have had some cardiovascular event that should be checked

7:52 pm March 19th, 2018

Thomas I used meth for 3 years but I’m clean now. Tightness in chest can be easily caused by being tense while tweaking. It happened to me quite a lot, it can lead to panic attacks too which cause a lot of those symptoms. The first time I used adderall this happened to me as well. I triggered my panic disorder for the first time in my life and it took me months to work through it. It can cause sharp pain in your chest from straining your pectoral muscles while you’re stiff and tense while using. I agree, see a doc

5:37 am March 27th, 2018

I was pulled over and swallowed somewhere around 1.5 grams of meth. Its been 4days ago now. And now one of my lymph nodes under my jaw are severely swollen. Could this be a result from eating the meth?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:08 am March 27th, 2018

Hi Dennis. Did you check up with a doctor?

6:40 pm March 27th, 2018

I’m a breastfeeding mom and I had 4g meth 1day before and continues feeding my 15 months old girl

1:05 pm March 28th, 2018

Jasmin…. omg no no no. No matter how much or little you do. Do not breastfeed thats not good and you can put meth in the babies bloodstream /body that way. And 4grams is alot in this case. Anytime you use never breastfeed and always wash your hands and take showers if your sweating, as to no contaminate anything the baby eats or touches. One lady fell asleep with her baby on her chest and they sweated in the heat and the baby absorbed it and died i read like 7 yrs ago. But not even one hit should you breast feed after. And 4gs id say atleast a week b4 you do again. Meth is generally out of the body 3 days or so. But 4gs and its your baby give it a week. And also if they draw blood at a drs visit and see any form of it in the kids system dss does not hesitate to take your kid away either

1:09 pm March 28th, 2018

Dennis 4 days does seem a bit long for that. Did you grind your teeth while high? Or did you constantly try clearing your throat during that time? Sometimes i do that and aggravate my sinus or throat. How much in all did u do? You said 1.5g but was there anymore b4 that or even after

9:38 am April 4th, 2018

Hello. Thank you for this platform. My church recently began ministering to this population. Many of them turned to the drug after being hurt by someone. Usually a girlfriend or boyfriend situation that went south. It broke them. Anyway, we’re housing a young woman who uses this drug. She is making some wonderful progress, but slips from time-to-time. She recently started talking about having stomach gas and strange feelings of a liquid near her heart. Is there some specialized physician that could help her determine the problem? She frequently goes to the emergency room. They did X-rays and found nothing. Who specializes in this? How can prevent a heart attack for her?

12:06 pm April 5th, 2018

Yeah carrie she may need to go see a Dr/ make an appointment to see one. Thing is, there are alot of people who go to the ER like her that only go to abuse it and try to get prescription drugs. The ER where the lady you talk about goes, may think that is the case. And since it doesn’t seem to be an immediate danger to her. She needs to go see a regular Dr. And from there she can get to the proper specialist. Never heard of a situation like hers before

6:34 pm July 1st, 2018

My friend’s bf injected her with up to 1/2gram at a time or more for a week or more now she has come off it and has vomiting spells and severe leg and muscle akes. Is this from meth? Withdraws maybe.

8:26 pm July 4th, 2018

My son had3000ng/dl of meth in his system when he passed. How much is that?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:50 am July 10th, 2018

Hi Cynthia. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consult with a coroner or another specialist about your issues.

11:59 am July 11th, 2018

Cynthia I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve posted here before, first a few years ago as a full fledged addict and more recently in recovery. I’m approaching a year now off meth. I just wanna say to everyone who is struggling it IS possible. The more time away from it the easier it is. I never thought it was possible when I was hooked but it is. It is so worth it. Getting through the first few months is the hardest. It will take a few tries. There will be relapses. Keep at it, you and EVERYONE you love around you. If the people around you turn negative when you relapse you are screwed. I hope somebody reading this is aided in my personal experience. When you beat up an addict when they fuck up, it makes them want to use again. Your best weapon against addiction is LOVE.

10:09 pm July 11th, 2018

OmG!!ok so it’s been 12 yrs clean…like an idiot, I just couldn’t get “using” out of my mind. So I figured I’d just get it out of my head/system, do it, hate it, then go on with finding my purpose in life…right. WRONG!! Like a dumb donkey…I got paranoid…like I thought things would be different..WRONG! My dog started acting like someone..them…were busting in on me. At that very second, thunder so loud (my dog hates bed weather by the way).. so he’s “feeding” off of my nervousness, thunder cracked, he freaked, I freaked & swallowed quite a bit!!! Now I’m in a state of panic which is NOT helping matters, if u know what I mean? HELP! I CANNOT go to Er, Dr or anything public…for reasons I’m not willing to get into. It’d just be bad all around! Milk..I heard milk helped with other drugs when one …not me of course…gets too high.. Believe me I don’t know how I’m still alive at my age…been dead 5 times now & I just keep coming back! OmG…it’s getting shaky up in this place. Make matters worse…I can’t tell my significant other that I’ve even gotten any much less eat it!! Please anyone…yes I’m a writer so you all can get free copies, signed to whom ever can help’s Reality Check…I’ll be nervously waiting. Ty ALL & God bless

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:18 am July 13th, 2018

Hi Angella. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a rehab just for you.

4:26 pm August 10th, 2018

Ok I’ve been wanting to no if say if I was doing meth everyday and my 2 year old son was sleeping with me every night .and I had tested positive for enfedemans .and 14 day after the took my 2 year old hey tested positive for meth and it was 3000 points higher then mine how is that possible

6:16 am August 29th, 2018

My friend just smoked several times ice. About an hour later she said she feels light headed & tingling feet like she was going to pass out

2:40 am September 11th, 2018

Is it possible for a person to self inject 6 grams of meth before dying from OD? I ask this because where i live a girl had been missing for several days and the “friends” that had last seen her alive claims they all injected meth and went running in the woods at night but they lost her she was later found dead in the woods and half decomposed her toxicology report came back today and coroner ruled her death a overdose saying she injected 6 grams of meth along with 2 medications that are for s that cause drowsiness so allegedly she shoots up all these drugs and then ran a half a mile before collapsing is this possible?

10:06 am October 13th, 2018

I injected some meth. I got my ears and chest got hot and I tasted a weird taste in the back of my throat. I’m saky and have vomited several time what do I do

2:26 pm October 13th, 2018

Hi Cassie. If you don’t feel well call 911 or call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

1:08 pm October 20th, 2018

My daughter died from meth over dose can you tell me how she might have suffered before her death and how much she had ingested in her system if you Google her name Michele quantele smiley you will see her death report and what happened and do you think she could have been saved if 911 had been called

11:01 am October 22nd, 2018

My daughters mother recently died from acute methamphetamine poisoning according to the coroners report, .As far as I know she only smoked it, but it is possible she snorted too. Additionally, she had recently (less than two weeks) been released from jail after serving 2 months and she had problems with alcoholism. From what I understand it is very difficult to OD on meth by smoking it. Could an OD by smoking become less difficult as result of lowered tolerance due to having been clean while in jail? How much easier is it to OD by snorting? Although she was a alcoholic there were no signs of alcohol that I’m aware of. Thank you

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