Snorting meth

Snorting meth (methamphetamine) can cause short and long term effects which result in physical and mental deterioration and even death. More on effects of snorting meth here.

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Snorting, or nasal insufflation, is one of the ways in which meth (methamphetamine) can be ingested. In fact, snorting is often preferred because of the speed at which it metabolizes. But if you are considering snorting meth, you should be aware of the effects it has on your body and brain.

The following is a review of what occurs in the body when snorting meth, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of this practice. We welcome questions about snorting meth or helping meth addiction at the end of this article.  We try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal reply ASAP.

Meth: What are you really snorting?

The active ingredients in methamphetamine are pseudoephedrine or ephedrine, ingredients generally used as antihistamines or allergy medicines. In addition to these chemicals, the meth that people snort for recreation also includes other dangerous chemical compounds. Quite often, in order to make this street drug, those who cook it use ordinary substances around the home ore easily purchased to produce the drug. Some of these items include: acetone, rubbing alcohol, iodine, starter fluid (used for its ether), gas additives (which contain methanol), drain cleaners,( for its sulfuric acid), match tips (they contain red phosphorus), lye, paint thinner, rock salt and lithium from batteries.

How does snorting meth affect the body?

Once methamphetamine is introduced into the system you can experience an increases in energy, making one extremely alert, while also decreasing appetite. There is also an intense rush, or sense of euphoria that is felt almost immediately. These pleasurable sensations are why people ingest meth.  However, you also risk an overdose on meth, stroke, and irreversible damage to the brain when you snort meth.

Snorting meth to get high

The euphoria from meth is caused when the methamphetamine causes high levels of dopamine to be released in the area of the brain which controls the feelings of pleasure. How long does meth work?  Methamphetamine effects can last up to 12 hours. However, chronic use of methamphetamine causes a tolerance to build up. When this happens, the user needs to take higher doses in order to achieve the desired effect. Taking it more frequently or using other methods than snorting to ingest the drug also help intensify the effect.

In extreme cases, the user will refrain from eating and sleeping and begin a “run,” which is a binge period in which they snort as much as a gram of methamphetamine every 2 to 3 hours over a period of several days.

Snorting meth vs. oral

The way in which methamphetamines are ingested alters the mood in different ways. For example, after a person either smokes or intravenously injects meth, he will experience an intense rush, also called “flash” which lasts only a few minutes, but is extremely pleasurable.

Snorting or ingesting meth orally also produces a sense of euphoria, but the intensity is not as great as when smoking or injecting. Snorting, however, results in a quicker effect of the drug, taking only 3 to 5 minutes to create the sensation. Orally ingesting meth can take as long as 20 minutes to create the desired effect.

Snorting meth side effects

Snorting methamphetamine, even in small doses, can cause increased wakefulness as well as a variety of cardiovascular reactions, including rapid or irregular heartbeats. Increased blood pressure is also quite common, as is hyperthermia, an elevation in body temperature. Short-term meth side effects may include:

  • decreased appetite
  • euphoria and rush
  • hyperthermia
  • increased activity and wakefulness
  • increased attention and decreased fatigue
  • increased respiration
  • rapid/irregular heartbeat

Snorting meth dangers

Perhaps the most insidious danger of snorting methamphetamine is that it results in addiction. In short, it causes the user to compulsively seek and use the drug while causing functional and molecular changes in the brain. Other dangers of chronic use include anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbance and violent behavior. Users can also exhibit paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, including delusions – such as the sensation of insects creeping under the skin. These effects may last for months or even years after the methamphetamine abuse has ended.

Methamphetamine abuse can also lead to an increased risk of stroke and irreversible damage to the brain.  Some of the long-term effects of snorting meth dangers include:

  • addiction
  • aggressive or violent behavior
  • changes in brain structure and function
  • memory Loss
  • mood disturbances
  • psychosis, including paranoia, hallucinations, repetitive motor activity
  • severe dental problems
  • weight loss

Abusing meth by snorting it (or taking it in any other way, for that matter) can take its toll on your health and quickly lead to addiction. Do you suspect that you or a loved one may have developed a problem with meth? Take your life back by taking matters into your own hands. Get prepared for what to expect when you seek help from methamphetamine addiction treatment programs.

Snorting Meth Safely

No known use for snorting methamphetamine has been found to be useful or safe. The active ingredients in meth are already used to treat colds and allergies. Other forms of meth, very low doses administered under a doctor’s supervision, are used to treat narcolepsy, ADD and ADHD, but even these are ingested orally – not snorted.

Snorting meth questions

If you still have any questions about snorting meth, please let us know. We will try to respond to all meth questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been snorting ice,which icannot believe for the past 5 years. Today I have a really hard time breathing ass to the point of panic. When I bend down and get up slowly still I feel dizzy and very weak. 5 years ago before I started is strong I was married a surfer yoga rock climber track in high school to nothing now no exercise no vitamins sugar candy and no energy no breath quite scared. you go to the hospital but they won’t help you once they find out that you have that in your system you’re out. Should not make you want to quit? I’m wondering when I quit or if I quit and get back into my healthy lifestyle would I be able to get my breathing back in my house back and is the breathing in a lack of energy from this is it from stress? Or am I just in denial? I can do a lot of the ice and sometimes I don’t feel anything and people around me are zooming and I can eat and sleep. I have friends I’ve been doing it over 20 years don’t have the side effects that I have 5 years and they still get high from it I really don’t should I become numb what do you think?

    1. I have never been addicted to stimulants, Although I am Familiar enough with addiction its sounds to me like you might be ready to lose your friends that still get high. Get back into being active and do the things you love. Exercise will have you feeling better almost immediately. also, eating REAL healthy food is just as important. make that your new addiction.. I can tell you from personal experience how resilient our human bodies are, To have the capability of putting itself back together in just a fraction of the time that it took you to destroy it.. Truly amazing!!! Im no NA nazi but as they say one addict helping another is without parallel. I hope this helps. GF

  2. Ok, I use daily, once a day in the A.M. right before I go to work. I lay out a line enough to keep your average smoker high for 3 days. I’ve mastered eating and sleeping regularly. and financially I get it cheap real cheap.
    something happened today that worried me….i start my morning routine. but instead of 5 minutes passing and I starting to feel more alert and ready to take on the day. 15 minutes past and I started getting very nauseous like a gag reflex it’s just a hair trigger away from activating. my head felt like it was having some kind of semi vibrational sensation that was extremely uncomfortable. and I was almost choking on nothing while I was trying to speak at times. now I did a rather bigger dose and I normally do but I just would like to know if something like this is a sure sign of an OD

  3. Can meth get into the eye from snorting it? ?

    I know it’s sounds crazy but a friend of mine thinks it might be getting into their eye, ?
    but only on one Specific eye when they snort it through the nostril on the same side as that eye. ?

    They tell me it gets red and burns sometimes. ?

    If it doesn’t get into the eye can it irritate the eye? ?

    Also Can it damage the eyes? ?

    I cannot for the life of me, find any info about this online and I am very worried about this person…. ?

    I hope you can answer this question for me, because my friend will not see a doctor about this maTter. ?

    They don’t trust doctors or hospitals, because they had many bad experiences where they almost died due to incorrect treatment. ?

    If you are able to answer these questions, thanks in advance. ?

    ? Sincerely yours – A concerned friend ?

  4. I snorted meth and I got a boil on my nose at top, I put warm compress on it! I burned my nose. I don’t do meth or any drugs no longer for a month. But this sore is still there and red and hurts, how do I get rid of it?

  5. What qualifies as a heavy meth user? I have been using it on and off for a bit and I would say I’ve snorted little lines before work almost everyday but I’ve only done a gram maybe 2 in the last 2-3 weeks is that considered a heavy user? And what are the chances I’ll pass a drug test on th 5th by 11am

  6. I took one big line and a small line 3 hours apart and the last one was over 20 hours ago and I still feel super high and can’t sleep I also have bladder issues where it constantly feels like it’s dripping but it’s not should I be concerned on why it’s still so strong? And the bladder issue could they be permanent?

  7. I have been doing meth for 2 years and last two days I’ve snorted it I’ve gotten blurry vision and it lasts all day. I did a little line and I’m just so confused. could it possibly not be meth? Has anyone else had this happen?

  8. I snorted meth and put some on my to tongue for the first time ever 4 days ago and ever since the last line i cant not stop the swallowing motion and maybe did 0.5g with 10 hours 4 days ago

  9. Is it typical or common for snorting a line of meth to cause mild skin mottling? Came up gradually over a few hours after. First time it’s ever happened. Could the freezing, winter temperatures be aggravating/exacerbating the circulatory effects of the methamphetamine and causing this? Or could it even just be the wicked cold and is coincidental to this particular use?

    I snort meth very infrequently – I’ll get less than half a gram maybe twice in a year. I enjoy the ‘pep’, but haven’t had any burning need for more or withdrawl once it’s gone.

    If the physiological realities of getting into my 30s now means these reactions are the new normal response for me… Adios glass. It was fun while it lasted, but no great loss.

  10. Hi I’m Larry my question is I just pop 3 times meth in the pipe tommorow afternoon I have a urine drug test. I don’t know if I do drug test will appear positive or negative

  11. I have a friend that is a regular small amount addict,(abt .05 per day-4 days a week) we are in a debate. He only snorts,never smokes or question is, at what point does your nose and sinus stop absorbing it? effectively consuming it sublingually or through your stomach or throat.
    The debate is – if you snort a point throughout the day(say 6 lines over 24 hrs) is it your tolerance or lack of sinus absorbtion causing the need to do more at higher intervals for the same effect?
    More information * not over a long period of time,never more than 2 weeks with at least a few days off,and also not at 24 hr long binges (just an example) I’m referring to never going more than 36 hrs without sleeping at least 8 hrs, and consuming at least 2 full meals, along with plenty of fluids and vitamin supplements. If you know meth, this is not a tweaker but a former opiate abuser who uses meth to have the energy to function with a very small amount of suboxon,(just to not be dope sick) also I’m assuming there is substantial nasal damage due to snorting different opidates and Subutex over the span of years on a daily basis.
    I know as a binge goes on you need more for the same effect bit does tolerance build and drop on a day to day, or even week to week basis? Or is he being fooled thinking he is snorting it,just to have it drip Into his throat and stomach effectively eating it? Witch has a lower ab. ? And takes longer to take effect?
    Appoliges for repeating and rambaling I’m tweaking..! Lol just jk

  12. Hello could you help answer why this happens? I’ve only snorted meth through right side of my nose,I’ve never did it any other way sense I’ve started using meth 6 months ago. Well maybe not even a month ago I started coughing right after I finished a line every time. And also I don’t really experience the drop like I used to. I taste it maybe a tiny bit or here and there a little and every now in then very good. For a while I felt the top of my throat burn when I done it. And my left arm feels like it’s numb a little or feels weird. I’m not scared I just wanna know.. Can you please help me out?

  13. Hello! So I’m 17 years old and first time I tried meth was 7 months ago and did 3 lines in 2 days for my first time and the come down sucked! I told myself I’d never do it again… Well I lied to myself. My ex left me a month later due to problems in our relationship. It wasn’t for the meth she never knew I done it. So when she left after 2 years of being together I wanted to do it again to get myself active and doing stuff to keep my mind off the breakup and it worked! So I started doing it every weekend and stay up the whole weekend while dad was gone for maybe a month… Then did it threw out the week every other day so I would get some sleep in between. In August I quit doing it so much and did maybe twice a week. Half way through October I did it more then 3 or 4 times a week because my paw was dying from cancer. When November came my paw pass and it got me doing it almost every day a week. I remember I could do a line that night and stay up until the next night. Eventually doing a line that night I would be up until around 8 that morning and could sleep a couple hours. Now I can sometimes stay up all night and sleep sometimes takes more then one line sometimes 2-3 lines. Did one last night and passed out 2 hours later. It’s amazing how quickly you can get addicted to meth! I never imagine in my life I’d ever do this but I grew up around it my whole life and was always around it. Being 17 makes you wanna try things even if they aren’t the best to do but i do enjoy it. Which isn’t good. And meth does affect people in different ways. I know people and family members who does meth and some do stupid shit when there on it and all kinds of weird shit and some are just as normal as if they didn’t do it. So you cant say meth fucks everyone’s life up Bec it don’t it’s not the drugs it’s the person that screws there life up for choosing to do it and how they do it. I act perfectly fine on out and haven’t changed…. I still eat everyday even when I’m on it. I still associate with everyone I still do everything I used to do off it as while I’m on it. Only thing I do different now is I don’t sleep 12+ hours a day every day like I used to unless I quit for a little. So don’t blame the meth blame the person it’s there choice to do it, how much they do, how often they do it, how they use meth, and it’s there choice to quit or keep doing it. I know what meth does to you Bec what’s in it but the person makes the choice to do it so can’t blame meth for ruining ur life its the person choice in my opinion. I haven’t lost any weight and still look the same but I only done it for maybe half year so I can’t say much as long term. But people tell me I won’t be able to stop using meth in about 2 months when I’m 18 Bec it’s hard to stop. Well me personally I can quit anything I want if I want to. It’s not hard for me to quit no matter what it is. But that’s me. I quit smoked weed after 3 years of smoking it everyday. I told myself I’m done and I meant is I never touched it after that day. Then after 3 years did it here and there and don’t do it anymore. Figured I’d share my experience with it!

  14. hi, i’m tess. i have been snorting meth for about six months, only once a day and only tiny little lines. about a month and a half ago i completely quit, cold turkey. i haven’t gone back, although it tempted me sometimes. but i noticed, when i look up my nose with a flashlight and a mirror, i can see that my nose is still swollen and red. i can’t believe i can breath through it. anyway, i was wondering: when will the swelling go down? i want to see a doctor and get a check up but i don’t want this on my record because i’m ashamed so i wanted to wait until the swelling went down. should i just go get a check up anyway? is this permanent?

  15. I bought 4 ICE pills (speed) for the first time and snorted 3 lines out of half of the first pill. I haven’t done it before but I cannot express how disappointed I was when I felt absolutely NOTHING, bro, NOTHING at all. Why?

  16. i am like jumpy but its been like i feel like im shrugging my shoulders or like my whole body is trembling and im hot rather than cold? i had a pink colored molly cut with methamphetamine and im awake my body is trembling like i just want to sleep instead im super AWAKE paranoid and i could possibly be having a panic attack my fingers r now spasming every where and i feel like i could run a marathon and out run a cheetah….i know to stay calm but i am alone my friend went home and there’s nothing for me to do rather than feign sleep and violently tremble…..also is it normal to vomit after doing so much..i haven’t eaten much but im like afraid to eat bc i’ll vomit like i feel it wanting to come out like, “surprise bitch!”

    1. Hi, tree. The combination of molly and methamphetamine can be very dangerous. If you don’t feel well, call 911 ASAP. Or, you may go to a doctor and make complete check-up, just to be sure that everything is fine.

  17. I tried meth for the first time about two days ago and since it left my mouth really dry I’ve been trying to drink water . it is still dry and I want to know what do I have to do to get saliva back .

  18. I was unknowingly given meth. I don’t know if it’s because I have never done it. And never want to. It was 3 days ago. Extremely sick,throwing up, Diarrhea, and really weak, if I sat up I almost pass out. I have had 3 hrs sleep only 3 days. I dont know why I’m like this. The only drug I have ever done was weed. Am I go to make it? How much longer am I going to be like this. I hate this.

  19. I am not happy with my self, though I didn’t know that Meth mouth would give me these symptoms. I only took meth by snorting before not by oral.
    I took it around last night 11 pm maybe 12am.
    I hung out with friends an they showed me that way, but they hadn’t got the symptoms but I did least it’s very very very close.
    Vomited about 8 to Mrs today.
    Have not slept.
    Sweated and am still sweating all at.
    Numbness in palms, wrists arms , let’s and even my feet now.
    I have not been able to have an appetite.
    I feel nauseous.
    I can’t eat it makes me fat.
    I don’t have my inchurance since Ioved it got all fucked up.
    I brushed my teeth but from others comments that won’t change a thing.
    How long can I stay up before it harms me more? Cause I can’t sleep.
    I also have dry mouth.

    My mother and family don’t know and I’m afraid to let them find out, what if they don’t love me anymore.

  20. hi, bought and snorted two points of what i thought was speed (but was actually meth) last night, woke up this morning with a very sore tongue, stings whenever it touches anything but water, trying to understand what it is, small white and red dots all over my tongue, what is it, how bad is it will it get worse and is there a way to stop it. please reply asap, never intended to touch it


  21. Meth seems to affect me different in the different way i use it. I mainly snort it and it last a couple days longer but when I am up a couple days then my arms and legs start to hurt and I get very restless. Which I do have a bad case of restless leg and neouropathy. But when I smoke it, it doesn’t seem todime like that but I only smoke it when at the boyfriend’s house because I can’t let my brother know that I fool with or I would be homeless.and after a day or 2 of being on it I get very sexual aroused Why does it affect me different because of the way I use it?

  22. I have been up since Sat afternoon and it is now Monday afternoon. When I do meth my main way is to also snort. I have smoked it as well. But it seems like when I snort it last alot longer but after a cotof days of snorting my arms and stuff start to ache and I get so out of breath that I can barely it doesn’t seem to do me that way when I smoke it. I snort because as I said when I do purchase it it last more days. And I live with family so smoke it here is a definite no. They don’t even know I snort and I would be homeless if they found out. Lucky I stay in the basement. But I guess my question is why does it make my body and stuff ache when I snort and it also gives me a terrible headache. But when I hang out with my male acquintance we smoke ke it and it doesn’t do me like that. But also we inly will spend like a wkend together or a day or 2 during the week. And after a day or so I get extremely just curious as to why. I do know I need to stop messing with it as well

  23. I was totally off the stuff after 3 years back when i was living in hollywood. I tried it for the first time i snorted and was just talking and talking with my boyfriend(im gay). During that time, he was cheating on me because of my online pictures with other guys and i was about to become homeless. After that, it was only cocaine that i was interested in because of the comedown. Then i was kicked out and forced to live with my ex boyfriends family which kinda brought my spirits down, but it was safer with my ex. During that time, my ex and his sister brought me up to west hollywood where i did it again with this weight lifter and was so surprised to see that he was built but old. I had smoked it this time and didnt really get high. We smoked alot and then went home, i was chill but my ex wanted to go out around venice and talk to homeless people 🙁 i felt bad and wanted him home. I spent the whole night trying to get him home. At the time, i was dabbing so maybe thats what cured the comedown. Anyways, here i am in south central with my current boyfriend living in a 5 bedroom, i was closing my gate where i parked the car and saw a weed baggy but it was sorta smaller, so i picked it up and what do you know, meth is everywhere, a good $200 sack came falling from the sky( found it on the ground surprisingly and picked it up. Was a good rock and showed it to my bf. Then a couple days go by and i wanna sell it, but me going from place to place, paying all these bills and having no money and collecting foodstamps. I also suffer from borderline personality disorder and add so i didnt wanna touch the stuff, but i was feeling down one night so i crushed up like $5 worth into a bill and snorted alittle. I kept on using my finger to pick some up and snort it which seemed pretty harmless and way better then doing a line. After that, i went for a walk at 12am in south central just to clear the air and came back. My bf was worried and i had told him i did alittle bit mind you, i only did about .05 of it so i wasnt hooked until i went inside to play fornight lol then i started doing the rest which was little while my bf was drunk and asking for some but never gave it up. Kept doing some and then took a walk with my beer down central ave and back. Now i was hooked but kept telling myself i didnt need. Then i got home, felt bad so i flush the little bit down the toilet and hid the rock. During this time, i craved the drip it gave me. The drip in drugs for me is the best part knowing that its on its way. Felt so weird, even when i was walking, id get this sudden urge of annoyance from it but kept telling myself its okay. Also thought about what my mom would say and just started thinking about life which distracted me from wanting more which worked plus the walk felt great. Now its 7am and im still awake and restless. Im feeling slight shivers on my scalp, arms and legs but not as bad as the other times. Was wondering what i could do to comedown nice since i didnt do as much as before. I was thinking sleep, protein shake and an energy tea called yerba mate for later when i close. Any thoughts guys? I also have been smoking weed and drinking for the past 8 years on and off, also been snorting cocaine recently but stopped everything. Weed and drinking for like 3 days and cocaine for about 2 weeks. I was just feeling down and paranoid about my bf cheating or lying to me which woukd suck but past is past and being sober for a couple day kinda threw my bpd and add of alittle. Again, i dont over do it because im very responsible when it comes to moderation, also wanna have a low tolerance everytime. What should i do?!?!

  24. Will my primary dr check for illegal drugs when I go in for my monthly urine test for my pain meds. I am not a user just tried it once now I’m worried it will be revealed in a urine test I’ve never had a bad test before

  25. How does it affect the lungs and pulmonary system? I have just started and I get dyspnea feeling like I can never get a deep breath in. I was wondering if others have experienced this as well or does it maybe have to do with something else. I was thinking maybe it has something to do with the come down but I could be wrong.

  26. I was snorting n dry hotrailring for a while amd when i stopped my nose is in such a fuvmed up state….it hurts theres consyamtly like hard stuff in it its killibf ne what is it and howbto i fix jt

  27. Hello Mario,
    My husband has been snorting meth for approximately 11 years and before that he snorted cocaine for approximately 20 years. I am pretty sure his deviated septum is gone. So my question is now when he snorts meth, because he doesn’t do cocaine anymore, does it go straight to the brain and what does it do to the brain?

  28. When snorting meth my man’s scrotum sacks draws up and his sex drive just disappears.Is there anything we can do about it?

  29. I tried dope about 11 months ago *snorting* I would do it almost every weekend with my friends. As time passes by I started doing it 3/4 times a week I quit for about a month then did some with my friends one weekend after that I been stuck on it I’ve been snorting everyday all day for 4 almost 5 months straight . At this point I want to quit so bad I get so depressed/disgusted about it . I haven’t seen my dad since I was 4 because dope took over his life doesn’t even remember he has kids . Im 19 now I don’t ever want to get to that point. How can I stop?

  30. I have been doing meth for about a month now I got some last night An didn’t do it till this morning I hit a big line an it done it’s usuall burn like crazy but the effects are awful it made feel so slow at first than I started to just scratch my chest I do t why an I ended in the floor convulsing I guess no I am sitting in a chair an my body hot my eyes are bloodshot an I feel like I am breathing some kind of spice gas or something can someone help me

  31. I snorted meth for the first time tonight and the feeling that I got after was similar to when I use to get addies from my friend. I told myself I would never do it but I was drinking and had an open mind. I feel gross and very guilty for doing it but it was some sort of an experiment I guess. I’m 28 and just said screw it. I know I screwed up but I just want someone to be like “bruh you chill” kinda shit. What’s done is done and I’ll never do it again. For real. Need some thoughts.

  32. I think now that I used it on and off for about three years and to be honest it’s the best dam shit that happen to me I luv that I lost weight that I’m more alert more active I enjoy staying up 3 or 4 days out of the week and only sleep, eat, and rest for one day and be ready to get on it again the next day. At work I’m quick I’m they top and youngest @(26years)chef there and the ideas OMG they are awesome literally j come up with plating designs that are out of this world and no one would of thought of. But all being said meth is a great way to motivate your add and if you ever just wanna relax and mellow out marijuana is definitely the cure.
    So this one goes to all that don’t have the ballz to admit it say it but I LOVE METH & MARIJUANA. the world would be better off with it than with out it.

  33. I did about a half of gram of meth over the course of a week, I haven’t done it in a very long time. How long does that amount take to get out of your urine?

  34. Hi I have only been doing it for a couple of months and now my nose is all messed up and is swollen and is like melting idk what to do and I’m freaking out I need help ASAP with ways if can help myself get through this without medical treatment please help anyone

  35. Hi so one of my friends got me started on meth and now I am experiencing some pretty major problems and don’t know how to take care of them the first is that my face was literally melting an it’s hard to breath so is there any way I can cure these without metrical attention?

  36. I need help asap I did a little line of meth last night sept/19/2017 and most likely have a drug test Sept/21/2017 at 6pm..I don’t do this drug at all that was my first an only time..what can I do to have it out my urine or what do you thank it will even read on a drug screen sent to a lab.plz lmk all i can do to get outta my systm asap plz I’m scared

  37. Hi.. I recently started using meth .. (snorting) i get a really good wake up from it. Sometimes I have to double shift and even triple shift at work. I have a very serious qiestion. I only do a very tiny part of a master lock key.. I feel good for about an hour or 2. Then I feel the sensation of taking more. I guess it’s the habit of using cocaine every 30 to 40 minutes. Although I understand meth last longer on its effect. Is this normal for who ever uses meth? Or should I hold back for few hours before I take more? Any help or comment will be greatly appreciated as I am not knowledge on this meth drug .. thanks in advance.

  38. Can you smell it when kissing if you snort it. Check on my grandson. He was a big hugger always and now he is really distant. I did kiss him the other day. I smelled something just didn’t know. Some friend to me that it smells from breath and mouth. He chews gum too. Thank you

  39. i know someone who snorted meth for the first time, they snorted a gram basically in one bump. theyve been feeling the effect for days now. and their heart rate and blood pressure are extremely high, they said they feel like they are dying. im just wondering if for that amount if its normal or if they should be extremely worried? and what is something they can do to help get their high to go away and to help get their heartrate and blood pressure levels back to normal…

  40. I need some help, tried a fat line of meth for tje first time today and im pretty high, i took some non drowsy cough medicone cuz im sick, just wanna be sure im safe to try and sleep

  41. When meth is snorted does it make there nise run n is it white? I kno my bf is doing it but he denies it I called him out in a runny nose that the wind made his runny nose cone out white.

  42. This is the first time I tried Meth and I used not even a gram in 3 days cuz I still have 3-4 Tut’s left. On day 1 I did a little tut around 10am n another around 6pm n I always drank bottles of water. So day 1 I stayed up for 24 hours. Day 2 I did another tut around the morning and another one at 7pm. Like I said before I kept drinking water not really eating. That night I got 4 hours of sleep. Now I really didn’t go anywhere I just sat down and watched TV all day until I force myself to sleep. Now day 3 I took a turn in the morning again n my last one was a little bigger tut I took that 6pm. It’s 2:30am n I start getting the damn runs. I look and my eyes aren’t dilated any more and I slept for 6 hours even with taking a shit 8 damn times. I’m just trying to figure out why I didn’t crash it’s not like I want to I do have very high tolerance for drugs but I was trying to be cautious being it is my first time. My heart went back to its regular beating at 2:30am. Do I have the runs because that’s the meth getting out of me. Because I woke up at 8:30am with my last bathroom run n I feel good. But I’ll not sure if it’s out my system because I haven’t had any in the last 16 hours. On day 2 when I woke up my eyes were still dilated but today (day 3) I feel really good n my body isn’t asking for it but is that because I had lil tuts through out the 3 days. I can go back to sleep n I’m getting my hunger back! What do you guys think?

  43. i normally am only an oxycodone or tab user nothing else,, years ago i was strung out on coke,, i have been searching for my drug of choice for several days which where i am living it’s getting difficult to find most of the time, i enjoy crushing up a tab and a clonipin together because it gives me a bigger rush i look for when doing them,, but for the last three days i have failed to come across what i enjoy snorting, so tonight i broke down and got a half gram of ice and never have tried it,, but earlier today like maybe two hours before deciding to try it i had done a half a tab mixed with a clonipin,, i done two small lines of ice like two hours after the tab mixed with clonmipin,, i’m really not feeling much of any thing from the ice or the tab either one and it’s been over two hours since doing it all,, should i expect it to kick in on me shortly and what should i expect from it after doing three different types of drugs in a short period of time,,,

  44. I snorted. harder and the line was bigger than usual Burned lke hell vision was blurer It’s been 4 days now Vision of the eye same side in which i snorted Still so blurry clouds and color diferance in them Did i burn the sh#!@t out of the back of my eye ball it’s like it was splattered From Dumb Sh#!:&Tttt HELP

  45. Thank You Lydia @ Addiction Blog it was a great help I just hope it helps me out with this . it is getting to the point that i do not want to be home but i have to be . It is a scary thing to watch someone you love go down this road . Thank you again for the sites and blog .

  46. A friend of mine after snorting meth she could not stop burping and it hurt in her chest and stomach. What could be the reason behind this?

  47. My husband has been snorting meth for about a year now and he tells me that it is not a problem and he can stop when he feels he needs to, I know from having friends that have messed up their lives from doing this nasty drug. Other than seeing a Dr for addiction what other help can i get for him? I have in the past found (2x’s) the first time I told him i found it and he accused me of putting salt in the bag ( no i did not) the second time i found it i tossed it in the trash . well i guess that was the last straw with him cause since i did that he is not talking about divorce and finding someone else i think he just wants to find a woman that does not have a problem with him doing this horrible drug . I NEED HELP and i’m feeling Helpless any advice would help thank yu for your time and for reading this .

    1. Hi Staci. First, I suggest that you look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:
      Then, read our contributor Amanda Andruzzi’s articles, who speaks from a personal experience as an ex-wife of an addict. Feel free to leave a comment on some of her articles, she will respond personally and promptly:

  48. What makes the shinny glitter look in meth?? Two months ago I started meth that had little black
    Warms in it!! I’ve been seeing a shinny glitter look look in the meth. When I blow my nose it comes out a slim then when the slim disappears I saw warms and different parasites!! Also the same happens out of my butt and bag. My fingers fell like I poured bleach on them, nose these brown things coming out of my skin. What could this shiny stuff be?? I saw pink glitter n white. I’m thinking they use deraino… Does coconut oil kill parasites

  49. I snorted 2 small lines & ate a small rock of meth within 30 minutes. I feel no effect yet of the drug.when will I get that rush feeling .& how long will I be high.I normally smoke it,but this time I snorted & are a small piece.need to know when it will kick the effect I want.

  50. I snorted meth for first time for 5 days. Was able to eathe and sleep with xanax. Last taken 9 am yesterday. Just starting to feel really tired. How long will this last.

  51. I snorted two lines one day then there the other and now my piss is dark dark yellow and having very bad chest pain what should I do

  52. Can i donate plasma with in 24 hours after snorting less than a half gram of meth and sleep 5 hours

  53. Honestly, I never touched METH until I was 50 years old. I already have a hyper focused personality and am slightly “up” generally and naturally. I decided to try an experiment using Meth in a safe self medicated way by adding the Meth to my regiment prescribed drugs. That was 6 years ago. The first thing I learned while under the influence of the Meth was to try to retain and use it in my daily life, as well as to log in to a notebook about what happened, how much ingested, dates and times and any thoughts that I felt pertaining to the regiment. I found that I had deep thoughts about things and wrote them all down. Tragic things that happened to me with friends, girlfriends and family seemed to have an answer as to why when I was using, so i wrote down the reasons. I made a list of things to do that would test my idea. Most of what I tested on myself were: How many memories I could think of and how far I could go back in my life; Why someone or people may have stopped talking to me, or unfriended me as well as many other things similar to that thinking. I also tried my hand at writing and music, as well as procuring emails and posts on social media, which sounded very prolific when writing them on the meth and half prolific when not on the Meth. I compared writing and posts between when I was not on the drug & when I was. I made a chart and tracked everything. Yes, Meth is a horrid addictive drug when used wrong, but I am not actually using it wrong. I’m just trying to see if there is a normal dosing pattern and schedule so that things can’t get out of hand. Usually I will smoke it, but that raises the suspicions of neighbors and roommates. So I tried snorting. The first line burned my left nose like acid, which meant the Meth was of high quality. I looked at the large crystals and held them up to the light. The quality was so good I could see right through them like glass. I thought of putting some of them in a plastic making mold along with the a $20 dollar bill half rolled up and even a little one hitter Meth pipe… When it dries you tear off the mold and you have this clear plastic square with a base at the bottom and inside you see the items. I have labels to add to the base like “METH MADNESS” “DON’T TRY IT UNLESS YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE” “DO NOT BREAK:”. I’ve seen the same thing in stores where they took stamps and coins and made blocks as paper weights. Since Meth is that kind of drug, you do not need a lot to feel its effects. The latest bag is going to last about 4 to 6 months and cost $120. Out of all the ways I’ve tried it, snorting seems the best. Although none of the ways to tqke it is foolproof, or safe, but I feel snorting one or two lines is sufficient, even one line is fine for at least 7 hours, since I know this is the best quality made. Be sure you talk about it with your “go to guy” about the batch he/she sold you. Get light and friendly, ask questions, talk in the car about things, discuss issues, joke about if he is a cop or with the DEA. You will be able to tell. The first time I met my “go to guy” I was very nervous. I was paranoid as I got into his white Mercedes. I really had no reason to feel nervous, he came highly recommended. So I took a chance. As soon as I got into the car, sat down and started the transaction, I noticed he wasn’t grubby or greasy. He’s Australian and looked like a president of a large corporation. We sat in the darkness of the street in his car that smelled of new leather, shiny metal and nice men’s Old Spice! He spoke in a very thick Australian accent and seemed very bright as he asked me many questions and we made the transaction like swooping birds to their target. He said, “Hug”.. We embraced and he put the bag in my pocket, I slipped the cash between his legs. After more banter about the quality and such, we said bye and I went back to my little cottage. I put the package down and did other things before I even open it. I clean the cottage, have a meal, shower and dress in a most comfortable way. Next I will take out the things I need to have fun and create. I make the telephone available for anyone wanting to talk. I make sure the whole place is neat and orderly. Then I go to my room and shut the door. I take the product out and examine it. It looks very good and wherever my dealer gets it, it must be made by the same guys from the tv show BREAKING BAD, because when I finally do it, it’s instant and stays with me for hours. The product is put away and the day begins. I will start with cleaning something or rearranging it. Then I go to the computer and go to my favorite media sites and post photos I’ve never bothered to post before. I also think up funny things to say or ask so folks see it and answer back on Facebook. Sometimes I call someone who I had a fight with and try to get them to make up. A lot of the times I try to do creative stuff like writing, art or poems and music. I try not to drag problems in, only solve them. Throughout the day I find things to meditate on, get involved in, clean or throw out. Then I have a lot of fun talking about my funny and odd incidents that happened in the past and lately. I call myself the SELF METH MEDIC, like a doctor who medicates himself using the knowledge he has and uses that ideology to not let it get out of hand. If the doctor is prescribing a drug, he is going monitor usage and dosage, he’s going to make sure you don’t doctor shop, he will cut you off if he thinks you are abusing the drug, even the pharmacy will get involved if they see you are being “over-medicated, they will flag your doctor. If you obtain a good batch of Meth, be assured that you can even eat while under its effects. I always have little snacks and food with me, and a big bottle of Alkaline water and drink plenty. TIP: Use the restroom a lot to keep things moving. Peeing is the best way for your body to get out the many toxins in Meth, that’s why it’s a good thing to drink lots of liquids, except soda. Do not waste time being with your mate or boyfriend/girlfriend, this is a solitary drug, not really for couples. Because if you have a fight, he/she may say, “What’s wrong, out of your druggie powder!” I don’t need a guilt trip like that, so when I use, I make sure no one is home, or I use in private and lock the door. When I am on this drug, I will notice the reasons for some break off with someone months ago and realize why and how. I also noticed that I can have a bit of a temper and recall when l impulsively wrote my old girlfriend and ask why she never writes me or calls. But I sounded snarky and angry, so she didn’t answer or call. I realized this when I was on the Meth… It was the way I was writing them… On the other hand, I had to contact my doctor via for some reason, and before I call him, I take a long time shaping on paper what I am going to say to her, making sure to add positive things and power words in the conversation. After i practice my speech over and over, I will call my doctor and give her the speech verbatim and don’t deviate from that script. Speak slowly and matter of fact with her. Don’t say the words “medication” “pills” “drugs” or “I need your help.” Say this: Hi Doctor…. I would need a few of the 10 mg. “tablets”. I’ve been out of my medication for 2 days. “Here is my pharmacy number for you to call in.” The doctor will usually do it. There’s a key to conversation, but I never realized it until I started up with the Meth. Believe it or not, Meth has taught me how to be a better person and to recognize the bad parts of myself that others run from. The best thing about Self medicating with Meth is that it puts a really interesting swing to life. It’s not to be done every day, or even every other day. It should be done for one day at certain times, then put away until the next self medication session, which should be scheduled 2 or even 3 months later. It works if you have willpower. And dopamine has to be replaced with fresh dopamine or the Meth can be rendered useless. Best way is to stop for 90 days. You may not want to use any video while on METH. Once I taped myself ranting and talking and when I viewed it back, I seemed frantic and my movements and voice seemed too up, too crazy, and people may guess why. Finally, the one thing Meth is good for is for when you decide you want to stop and go back to school to learn how to be a counselor or therapist especially for Meth users. With my experience with it, I could help others who have a big problem with it. But I’d never be on Meth when meeting clients. Meth is a private thing like sex and masturbation. Meth should be used by a person who can be controlled and regimented so self policing figures in. Don’t mention your meth use to anyone in your family or if you belong to a country club or golfing posse. Be assured that your use will travel to the family members that don’t like you, or somehow someone will slip up and talk too loud and someone else hears them and they are talking about your Meth use. Keep it to yourself. But share your experiences, like “Wow, guess what!? I found out why my girlfriend doesn’t call me too much!” Or, some other tidbit that is interesting. If they say, “How did you come to that conclusion” you say, “I just did, I was thinking about and just came to terms with it!” That gets you off the hook. Try and achieve something positive like finishing a task and using the energy you have from Meth. If you do it all right, you will find that Meth can work for you… It’s just like when you drink a vodka… you don’t drink it everyday, but more like twice a week on a Saturday. Everyone is different, so don’t take my post to heart for yourself. I just wanted people to read how Meth actually works for me and is not destroying anything but a few stray dopamine cells… Good luck and best not to do this drug at all. On a scale from 1 to 10, whereas 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest amount of people, I’d put meth use and all it entails to a high 8, meaning the majority of people using are not using like I may use, and therefore they are addicted and not using it the way it should be. That’s the majority. Thanks.

  54. If you don’t do meth for years then u do it again, does your brain remember? Can snorting one line trigger a past addiction?

  55. I desperately need to quit my daily meth use. I withdrawal really hard when i stop. I need to get into detox today. I don’t have insurance or money. Any suggestions

  56. Hello, I recently found out my kidsfather does crystal he told me 2016 i cryed i was hurt. He is a very responsible father he teaches his kids good from bas including me he smokes weed for about 7 years including wax he does crystal every now and then he talks alot hes awake full energy when he is on it he doesnt act different he just feels like he thinks better he usally smokes weed and smokes crysta/sniff to get even more eye but he tends to play with his lip alot to the point where they are swollen when his high is going away he is bitchy and everything i do bothers him i get upset so mad but i stay quite so i won’t argue he wants to do many things in life but he is not motivated he doesnt work nor go to school and if i mention it and say like its hard you jyst make it harder he gets irritated by me and i feel like its my fauggt so i stop telling him i just go with the flow but i still handle my stuff with or without him.

  57. This will be day two for me, I snort crystal meth I have been experiencing stomach pains hot flashes and constipation. I’ve been taking anti-acid tablets, Alka-Seltzer, and drinking 100% fruit juice eating soup and crackers. I’m wondering is this episode i,’m going thrqough caused by the crystal meth or the stomach flu.

  58. Snorted a line almost 2 months ago. Just out of the blue decided id snort a line. A lot of acquantences i know have and do it regularly. I snorted a decent size line.. and went about my night. 2days later woke up sore throat burning nose swollen eye. Sore throat and nose pain went away within a day or 2. My right eye though is swollen as well as my right side of face. Constant pressuer behind the eye and in my right ear. What is going on? I have been to drs.. eye drs.. ent. They all say everything seems normal and dont know what to do for me. My eye is potruding out of my head and i cant get any help. Please!! Any thoughts?!

  59. I just started smoking meth about a month ago and the first time was great for awhile. Then after some time my throat started to hurt badly. After I started taking medicine for the pain and layed off of it for a while i got back into it last week. Now my throat is kinda sore and I have had chest pains come and go the past few days. Is it because of the way I’m using it? Will the pain come back Everytime I do it? And how do I stop the pain as quickly as possible? Let me know please I need an answer.

  60. hello, I tried snoring meth for the very first time yesterday. ever since yesterday I haven’t been able to sleep or eat I have tried forcing my self to eat and drink water to stay hydrated. I have hade several symptom’s all day today which include the. Faster heart rated which I have hade most of the day but are now starting to Settle back to its normal pace. but it still scares me, also I have hade nausea, I started to twitch or shake, and when I breath it takes a little more effort. it has been 16 hours or so since I have last snored. My main question is can I over dose even after 16 hours? or do I feel all these symptoms because its wearing of? Any way I will never do meth in my life again.

  61. My friend snorts meth. Has been for a couple months straight. He had trouble breathing a couple times. But this time it’s really bad. What can we do?

  62. I just found out my 26 yr old son has been doing meth for the past 4 months. I am so very scared , sad and cry a lot. He refuses any outside help whether it be counseling or in or out patient treatment. He was in a treatment center 3 years ago for cocaine. He says it’s not everyday but probably has been spending $300 a month or so and I do not know how much that it. I have taken his phone away, called his dealer and demanded his number be blocked and have taken his ATM cash machine card way. He hates me now. of course he says he will stop. I don’t know if I should have mandatory hair analysis drug tests here if he is to stay at our house ? He has no where else to go. I am so scared. Please any advise for me and him ??

  63. I hve a son C who just recently states that he snorted meth. His DX is Bipolar, ADHD and Memory Loss.
    He has been seeking help thru as Psychiatrist and therapist for the last year. He claims he has been clean for 1 yr. He 24 days ago was arrested for running in and out of traffic when i was on my way to take to him to the ER for his behavior until he left. Now he has been incarcerated for the last 25 days. For a previous violaton of probation of an attempt to commit property damage. I am behind him all the way to try and get him help and for his support! what else should i do?? He has been incarcerated for the past 25 days on his PV ??

  64. Hello my mouth feels numb and I do meth everyday except for today and now the back of my head feels numb too would you know y
    Can you please let me know y I feel dizzy

  65. My husband has been using meth for over 20 years and he just came to me in tears telling mme he was in pain inside his nose. That it just keeps running and feels line there is razor blades in his nose what can I do to help him

  66. Been doing meth off and on for two months I would go week or 2 without doing it than do it for couple days but I would let myself come down before doing anymore well haven’t done any since yesterday morning and I’m having hard time breathing I never have and constantly yawning but I have slept plenty just worried about my breathing

  67. If you die and you have meth in your system can you still donate your organs to save other people’s lives or if it’s in your system they won’t use your organs ?

  68. so I’ve been on one for about 14 hours now and my head is killing me my neck is aching my muscles are twitching my eyes are lazy it feels like they’re about toooo Pop out of the sockets. What do I do????? I need help asap

  69. I snorted meth for the first time yesterday night at 2-3 AM and it’s 5:30 PM now. I haven’t slept, eaten or drank anything. I have used the bathroom many times though. It wasn’t a lot of meth I don’t think. About the size of a dime and a half. My question is, why didn’tit work right? I didn’t feel a rush of euphoria or anything. I just feel kinda spacey and my teeth won’t stop grinding, but I just put a pacifier in my mouth because I couldn’t take it. When will I sleep, and for how long, and why didn’t I feel a distinctive high? I’ve never done meth before.

  70. My boyfriend is 50 yrs old. I know he’s been snorting meth for at least the last 3 years. I find meth residue on his hand mirror every time I check. He discovered a hole in his nose about 2 years ago. He sleeps a few hours on average, sometimes he will sleep 2 or 3 days in a row. His backpack & work shoes reek of cat urine..from his sweat? I’ve found small bags of meth shavings or powder. As well as found meth crystals occasionally. Does this make him an addict? I noticed he lost weight 3 yrs ago, now he’s gained weight and is not happy about it. I think he may start to use more meth. I don’t know what to do. He says he’s not hooked but then gets defensive. We really don’t talk about it but I don’t want to grow ild with a man who’s hooked on meth. Any suggestions?

  71. I did meth for the first time on Sunday I was fine did 4 lines was up two days on Tuesday night I kept seeing spots and ever since then I keep seeing them they wont go away and I dont know why I haven’t done anymore since Monday afternoon

  72. Hey, so I just did 2 keys of Meth and it’s been 3 hrs since its 5 in the morning and can’t sleep I didn’t finish my burger I bought I feel weak and want to know anyway to help calm me down I also feel tried but can’t seem to fall asleep any help would be fine

  73. Hi , ive been suffering anxiety for 2 months after last using Crystal meth. My last binge resulted in a sudden panic attack and then chest pains. Went to the Er the next day and they didnt find anything wrong with my heart or lungs. I so after had powerful panic attacks and anxitey and tension headaches for two months now. Just wanted to know if i will get better or i permanently damaged my self. Or some info on how to treat. I haven’t really talked to a doctor but the er put me on some hydroxyzine for mean time. And when i drink a lot i wake up with terrible pauns and delusional feeling the next day. Help.

  74. I have been doing meth on and off for about 2 years but I’m finally giving it up.
    My questions are simple.
    1. My face got super dry and my nose and forhead and chin look extremely dry and dark patchy spots.
    What can I do to fix that.
    2. I have scabs like things in my nose and I keep pulling them off is that okay or should I just stop and them grow and heal if that’s what it’s doing…
    Or what can I apply too my nose so it’s not so itchy
    Someome please help!!!!!!

    1. Hi Jen. I suggest you go to a doctor and make complete check-up, just to be sure that everything is fine.

  75. I started using meth a week ago but I use it only at work and I take two key shots through out my shift and my question is if I do it for a month and only take two key shots will that mess me up or that’s if you continuously use it more than a month? Also when I smoke a lot of bud it helps me sleep while I’m on one ,is that a good thing ? I’m not trying to make it a habit or make myself a user I’m just using it to take advantage of the weight loss and once I’m in my weight goal ima stop ,and I know my limit I just don’t want to get those side effects or dental problem for using it less than a month?

  76. I just snorted a couple lines for the first time…but I smoked meth on a water bong unknowingly…am I gunna be an addict now? What steps can I take to ensure I don’t make these irrational decisions

  77. If your meth doesn’t do any of the following, then your batch is no good and you got slapped 300 for a brick of drywall, anyways your meth should sparkle and glisten in the light, burn like a mother fucker, your probably thinking too yourself something like “the burn never bothers me when I snort my drugs” then you my friend have never had the real deal, that straight dope, un

  78. If you’re dope doesn’t make your nostrils feel like it’s burning from inside out after you snort a line.. Then that’s a problem. Say your first ever line that your about to rail, js some pure, un-cut, crystal meth… Then you’re going to feel “the burn” if you evThen you’re “dope” isn’t real dope… for several seconds depending on the size of your line.

  79. Simply put, you’ve got some straight up dope(uncut) in ya hands if it: Glistens and sparkles like diamonds when under a light, makes your nostrils burn like a Gahdamn MAHFACKA when you snort a line, pre fuckin warning, the burn isn’t pleasant whatsoever, and last if you snort a line, you’ll know damn well it’s that dope because it shouldn’t be but 5-10 seconds TOPS, before you feel like not a single thing can stop you from taking over the universe. Real shit. If it’s anything other than what I just explained, than like I said someone got off on you. Ask anyone who has ever fucked with some un cut, will tell you the same shit. It’s not hard people, quit slapping y’all own selfs. Would be surprised af if someone actually has made it this far reading, 2yrs lmao, if you are tho props lmao. Hope you learned something kids. Just don’t let it take over you’re life, if you can manage to control it and not abuse and have your priorities straight, then hell yeah, rail that shit pussy.

  80. I took a substance at a music festival and was told it was meth. I’ve researched the high you get off of meth but I don’t remember anything? Is not remembering a side effect of snorting meth?

  81. Hey I’ve done meth only a handful of times this is my 5th time ever doin it I snorted around 9 or so when will my pupils go back to normal I snorted 1 line just a lil bump

  82. I got this bump in my mouth, it feels numb.. I checked it out its a white movable bump. I hardly do it. I do it once in a couple months. And I regret doing it. I don’t have n addictive personality. I don’t think of it, and I’m freaking out. Is it mouth cancer?

  83. HI
    I’ve been to lot of clubs going out having fun as it goes me and my brother began experimenting with some drugs for fun and a year later I’ve found my brother doing meth everyday he lost his job and interest in his family only for a meath high.
    So I didn’t know about meth until last night, my brother told me it was khat I believed him and took almost half a gram. Found myself with a increased heart rate.. Paranoia and anxiety to loud sounds is driving me insane I’ve also experienced some hallucinations what can I do to calm down? I’m still awake 2 days later without eny sleep. I’ve also experienced a deep” empty feeling ” so bad that I couldn’t drive and had to pull over to calm down. Would also want to know where I can find some help for my brother?
    My regards C

  84. I currently feel that I’m bleeding from the inside I took like 2 lines but I might of not crushed them up real good please help wat should I do

  85. If I took a Meath line but didn’t break it up or crush it really good should I b worried ?? Can I die or have eternal bleeding ??
    If so what should I do

  86. I relapsed last Thursday after being 5 weeks sober and now it’s Friday 8 days later I’ve slept at least a hour everyday but before I never did it more than three days. Well I only snorted a line about four hours ago and I don’t have a high tolerance but I don’t even feel high anymore I feel horrible I can hardly keep my eyes open my whole mouth and face hurts and my jaws feel heavy and sunk in plus my stomach hurts and I feel like I’m going to get sick. What’s going on with me, why do I feel like this?

  87. I used meth befor and it affected the way i think dramatically , I have a major issue whit schizophrenia. In the first period of my drug addiction i was really addicted the second face of it i just did it because i wanted to feel conference. The last face of my drug addiction was horrible and now i have a bad case of inxiaty and schizophrenia . I wish i never try the drug and refuse to ever do it its a waist of time and in the long run and the only one that benefits from it is the and the ones that sale it and the ones that are already addicted . This drug is like a relation ship at first its the best thing you done but at the end it leaves u wishing it never happen . Day by day i try to stay posetive but its hard . If your going to take one thing from what i say its dont hang out whit people that do it its not worth it those people dont think like a regular human and it may not seem like the want to get you hook but deep inside their head they do . Thank you hope you guys stay safe and possetive .

  88. I just am coming down from doing meth for about 10 days now I made a little go a long way maybe about 3-4 grams over that stretch of time.Diring this period there was a couple nights I didn’t sleep, other nights I forced myself to sleep, which I think is very important, it’s the lack of sleep that will drive you insane, even a little sleep will help! This time was a little different, I became constipated, the entire time i was doing it I didn’t go once, is this a normal side effect?I’ve always been an off and on user. I feel depressed, hungry, craving more,tired, the usual routine! I know I need to stop this but easier said than done, the alone feeling is horrible, I know for now I’m goin to stop but 2 weeks 2 months 2 years down the road when I get the itch may be a different story, why will this craving never go away? Anyways it’s been about 14 hours since My last line and it sucks lol but I’ll live! Keep trucking people!

  89. I’m living in a nightmare right now. The past few days I have been partying mainly with coke and meth. The other night I did I think about 5 grams worth of meth, (some coke idk how much). I haven’t slept in 3 days or eaten a whole lot. I am constantly sobbing, have agitation, and am hallucinating. Is all this just a result of doing too much meth and I’m having a bad come down? and how much long mer do you think I’ll have insomnia for?????

  90. When I sweat and it dries up ( usually when I’m sleeping) does it leave residue on my bed or sheet which look like white flakes

  91. Me and my friend did 8 lines we mistaken it as cocaine and I’m feeling really weird I’m not as active I did it a day ago I’ve been brushing my teeth and drinking milk , my question is how long does it take to get out your system and how long will I be feeling like a shitty zombie ?

    1. Hi Geo. Usually, meth can stay in the system and be detected in urinalysis drug tests 1-4 days after use.

  92. If a person were to snort meth one night. Are they gonna be addicted fiends? Does it Change the way the brain functions after 1 night of snorting? What will it do to reproductive organs? Testicles? Is my dumb friend gonna die? How long will he sleep for afterA debaucherous evening it’s been almost twenty hrs sleeping.

  93. I don’t use more than maybe once a week, and small amnts. I am very muscular late 30’s and work out daily. I snorted about 5 lines of meth last night. How quickly can I flush this all out if my system??

  94. Yesterday a friend of mine said she had coke I did two lines and realized it was meth. The lines.were taken about an hour and a half apart. Well before I went to her house I took two pain pills. Later that night around 830 I went to the hospital because I couldn’t breathe, I felt I was going to fall over. Came home was able to sleep but was really scared to fall asleep due to not waking up. I got 7 hours of sleep woke up feeling a little funky still. Its been over 13 hours since I have done it (mind u it was only two lines) can I take a pain pill and be safe? I have chronic back pain. Please send responses

  95. I generally snort tabs or percs everyday of my life. I started about 3 years ago snorting the pills because I have a nerve disorder on the side of my brain called trigeminal neuralgia, and when I have an attack its the worse pain you can be in humanly conscious. It feels like every tooth in my head is hurting and also if that isn’t bad enough during this my ear hurts so bad I just wanna jam a pencil in my ear to stop the pain and also my eye feels like it’s pulsating so hard that its going to come out of my head. At first the doctors put me on Xanax’s and those kind of helped but they would soon put me to sleep sometimes for a day or two. So I traded those in for the pain pills which I snort for fast relief. We’ll back in October of last year I got together with a old friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and he was smoking meth and I didn’t even wanna try it but he convinced me to try with him we smoke very little but of what we done we snorted a really really small line and every since I have had a severe sore throat and the only thing that eases the pain is to do a pain pill and since trying the meth that started this I’ve not done the meth again but I’ve been to all kinds of doctors been given several different antibiotics even been given repeated shots of antibiotics for about the first two months and none of it helped my throat. I went to a ear nose and throat doctor and told him the truth and he refused to help me and my throat hurts so terribly I can’t even sleep threw the night!! I wake up every night between 3 and 5 times with my throat hurting so bad i have to do a half to get relief so i can get some rest and nothing helps but doing a pain pill and I break those into halfs to because I’m not doing them to get high I’m honestly doing them to keep from hurting and I’m honestly in no way a puss but I’ve tried not doing pills at all and the pain is just to severe. Please anybody what can I do to make this go a way. Any advice on any tricks or actual ways to end this would be greatly appreciated. I work as a call center customer rep and I can’t afford to keep having to do these like I’m having to and I just wanna go back to a normal life if the pain in my throat could go away I know everything else will fall into place please somebody help me Please!!!

  96. I snorted the drug for three days I’m not sure how many lines I did, but after I woke up with a sore throat to where It hurt to eat, drink, talk, and swallow. I’m not exactly sure why this happened, my friends that also did it didn’t have this problem, but they also use it more frequently. It’s been two days since I’ve done the drug and my throat is still the same with the pains and losing my voice

  97. Trappedinthestorm I did it with my boyfriend last Saturday for the first time ever we bought $50 worth and he kept wanting to do it every two hours convinces him to save a line for the next day cause unlike him who went to sleep right away I didn’t sleep at all did a tiny line at 12am the next day and I was good all day, took a couple of xanax and a sleeping pill and passed out cold felt fine the next day. Problem was that I wanted to try it again and use it the right way so on Monday night 100$ and have been doing one to two lines ever date since and still got some for tomorrow, I have gotten Lots done like I wanted to use it for but I’ll start something and get half way through it and then bounce to singing else and get nothing done now instead of taking my normal cancan and sleeping pill I did already line at 11 so anyway try to talk something to help you sleep and then something to hydrat like vitamin water and something for energy the next date and realize that every side effect you feel now will be teen times worse if you do it again. I just hope when this bag is gone I’m strong enough to stop cause I can’t afford my bills let alone another drug I’m addicted to. Good luck babe.

  98. I did meth ive snorted & been up since yesterday havent ate yet slept . & my hiqh hasnt came down … my question please if you can asap is how long can a few lines of meth keep you up for ?

  99. I’m scarred my “friend” who I knew since 5th grade trick me he said he had Coke which a rarely do so I ask for some but after my 2nd bump he told me it was g funk I didn’t know what it really was so I looked it up n it meth n I’m freaking out shaking scarred that I’m going to be hooked I hate this feeling

  100. Oh no I scrolled down and those where the new messages lol. Well, if anyone wants to know I’m talking to Mario.. Like on Sunday March 9th 24′ lmao.
    But seriously meth isn’t even that great of a thing and ITS POINTLESS literally NO POINT to the stupid god damn fucking drug I Zhate it so much but I can’t stop and I don’t care about myself enough to get treatment / I am too zoned out / that would put a big fucking label on
    Me walking through those hallways in some
    Drug addict center learning about how God Is really really real guys cmon believe in Jesus please and y be saved please -no im not going back into that stupid story fairy tell eatin bullcrap fuck that stupid shit religion makes me laugh, people who follow it are searching for some answer that seems to make sense to them. No theyY are crazy oh my gosh they are completely insane believing in some book devoting their whole life to it like it has some made up purpose they grew up being told and brainwashed into thinking basically ways the higher ups in the usa to keep the gullible Fools literally Bowing to their little imaginary fun land mascot

  101. Mario, let me tell you something alright your last comment on there was the first thing i even thought when I did it. That was in Augest 15′, but if you got access to that stuff every day, you can make up excuses for where you’re going… are able to stay out for days and not being scared if facing your parents/guardians/friends/roommates/yourself in the mirror when you get home at 11am. Literally time is not a concept, after you do it for long enough your time management just turns to shit, you zone out when you’re on it and when you’re not on it. You get really super focused on one thing, like me, with my phone right now been staring at the damn thing since 6 am when I got home from work. See I started at the end of summer and am still doing it and every day I’ve found a new excuse for every time I was out, would make up people to make my mom think I had good friends. But then what happens when you start getting skinny.. Gaunt, white, you’re weak you start breathing REALLY heavy all the time like you just got home from a jog. And keep in mind this drug literally will just kill you for your money health and peice of mind. Take it from ME I can’t stop and I can’t feel my left arm my leg and especially my foot goes weird and numb cause it cuts off your circulation man.
    It’s just no good. No good no good don’t do it Mario lines yea you feel cool cause you’re snortin
    shards with you’re big bro or gettin it cause you wanna feel UP to not fall asleep. Ok speaking of sleep uh yea good luck with getting any of that you do not decide when you sleep meth does, you will be up oh you’ll be UP alright up until your dopamine sensors in your brain are so overused and dead without the drug you’ll keep
    Wanting it and and
    Wanting it
    If you know where to find it you literally can’t stop or else you’ll be hella depressed and emotional, no hope of motivation, and now it’s even worse for me it’s all that plus the weight of having a graveyard shift I feel like I literally have to do it and anything FYI meth talks to you, beckons you, when you’re out, you make it your number one priority to get the shits just so you can have it… I never shit up but damn are lines good. BUT I’m suffering, put myself in a hole, I used to be a program director at my church when I was 15 so this is four years ago.. had a lot more of a personality. I definitely here the voices now the hallucinations your brain places things in your ears into different catigories and sounds like something it’s not suppose to be or your thoughts are so loud they scream
    Ok that’s my advice lol hope it helps but I.. also kinda probably should take this advice.. Hey Mario moral of the story don’t put yourself around people who smoke meth or just do yourself a favor and stop talking to them you literally have to want to orelse you won’t and it’ll just drag on for longer than you think but only if you have the connects get rid of em
    Tho K bye

  102. Can meth cause a person to jerk, twitch, move his head back and forth repetitively while making snorting and growling sounds and weird mouth movements. ALL WHILE HES ASLEEP!.. It was very scarey did he nearly overdose??

  103. hello f I snort a line the more that i do i notice the inside of my nose becomes scabby and honestly want to know is it possible to end up going right through your nose and if so how can make shure that my nose dosent loose its shape and believe me when i say id rather snort it than smoke it slam it because the other two ways you end up waisting it if you smoke not only do you through about an 8th in one sitting you sit their you think of all you can do and how can u do it and nothing gets done and all you end up doing is makingit into a gases state and cuases a chemical reaction to stimulate your brain intensely to a point where you have every emotion running through your mind)( now when your snorting it your at least get something done you don’t blow any access out that stuff about how it crystalizes your luungs is bullshit crack cocaine does that because their is no amino acid to break down the calicium molecules for te body to be able to allow it into the blood strem and over time ends up blocking your major breathing path way and that’s what people generally think happens when you smoke dope well just like alcohol it gies straight into your blood stream no matter what you do once you touch it it starts realeasing into your blood stream and instantly your body is affected bye it that’s why alcholo and dope are the only stimulants in the world that honestly are the only drugs that have taking peoples lives countlessly including my own father , if you put it in side of a bag it will melt if it gets to hot the onlu other drug that melts is LSD because technically 9chemist understanding ) LSD is 125 melt speed so if you were to burn it you would have to get it above 125F ^ that’s using a 50 dollar nap gas torch with a red and blue flame in order to smoke it normal speed only needs to get approx.68-72 degress and what it does it is acid that truthfully is like a weaker medication like the morphine they give elders when their are passing at first they give them a dose that is nothing hardly and it slowly and shurley shut their vital organs down and when they come to theirs last days they end up giving them higher doses what I’m getting at is speed is the same as lsd just one keeps you away and burn every vitamin that it gets in your body while your high onit it really sucks because you end up going so fast buht because its nothing like lsd its like the difference between liquor and beer sand concept as to which one you thing is worse and technically the one that’s worse isn’t always the one with the worst story for exam ( lsd got ahold of me , and i ended up in a tree , next thing you know i have people laughing at me , so what did i do i laugh along and shure enough i was rong i was in a tree but no one was their laughing but me )<- this scenario is both (LSD-BEER)
    next (i can see a drink for me may short may be small i wont want another at all when i think when i should always going to turn to the glass spout not do i relize a harm cuase i wake each day with a bottle /(pipe ) in my arm so years go on lifes all over have begun and here i stopped with the bottle in hand saying i wish i was a better man , but instead do i change the obvious dought no !! i rather shout and wake up to my bottle and then I'm found to be righteous in my personal head i argue with me him and i and if anyone gives their two scence their gona pay the price for nothing they did and what they didn't will soon catch if not bye the mean of ACTION BYE THE SUDDEN RELIZATION YOUR KIDNEYS ARE SHOT AND YOUR BRAINS LAYER HAS DRCREASED TO MILLIMETERS THINKNESS AND YOU TRIP YOUR GONE SO DONT SMOKE DONT SLAM DONT think your missing out on anything yea it feels great buht the overcome for that moument you didn't nessacarily diserve because you were acting a such character well life will chase that chacter andlife is like the alphabet you have 28 choice technically 27 because thiers n old saying "never tell a lie or your going to have to remember that lie " because life is going to get fed up and like the alphabet you only can go throught so manybefore you the last to the end your choice is now gonna be the factor to why you either make it and attain it or loose it and hurt for it old saying goes the letter "Y" is CROOKEED meaning is no matter happens its going to and as much as u might say no but when you spell YES whats the first initial thougth if we were play jeopardy were gona already know weather its going to be a yes for them or you reguardless y is the last letter before we are stuck with only one and no matter what you did in your past choices is going to diuliberate how you end out all based on your intergrety but even then based on your self moralization in realization that only you have the power to make a choice and that all folks
    all on you only you are lifes greatest creation and only you can be the one who see to where the choice of influential guidance the motivations the needs ad well as the wants all comes from what your drawn intrest lies as have integrity tell your self you don't need to have a cop ever tell you a word if you are your cop nnoone will ever be introuble because you cannot see yourself well maby that's where you start

  104. Okay my question is…. I’ve been doing Meth since October 2015 … I’m still doing it till this day and I’ve been feeling like movements as if I have a baby inside me.. but it’s only in my back? The last month’s I’ve been getting weird signs of being pregnant, periods normal and everything. But I’ve been feeling moments in my back and I wanna know Iwhat should I do? Or what? Pls helps!

  105. Hey I’m rob i’m not proud of it but last night I took a bump of crystal meth and was given two shots of Gatorade with a little bit in that. I wasn’t extremely alert for energized but I was able to stay awake all night which is unusual but I understand it’s a side effect my question is how long will this stay in my system and is there anyway to naturally flush it out . Thanks

    1. Hi, Rob. Meth stays in the body much longer than some other drugs. Moreover, urinalysis can turn up a positive result for meth within 1-4 days, but heavy and/or chronic use can extend this time frame.

  106. My son is on meth, he needs treatment, but hr says he can stop on his own because this 51/50 was a wake up call for him, i dont think he can do it on his own. My insurance has not kick in yet where can i go thats affordable that he can get counseling and treatment ?? I live in California in the inland empire.

  107. I did a line of meth yesterday and I don’t really know what it did exactly because I was also stoned/drunk today I have no appetite also after I did it I felt thirsty but not hungry I feel a little off today do you think it’s because of the line ? I’m not planning on trying it again I’m just wondering if the way I’m feeling today has anything to do with yesterday

  108. I quit snorting meth 6 days ago and I still have no energy. All I want to do is sleep. How long does it take for my body to get back to normal. I used Pretty much on a daily basis for 3 months. I quit cold turkey.

  109. I just did meth for the first time on a Tuesday, and went full force until Sunday. To start from the beginning I’ve been on suboxone for a year now and totally clean from all drugs but heroin was my choice of drug and using that was only because I ran out of mine subs. I snorted the mask from Tuesday until Fridays when I stopped feeling it and I couldn’t do it because it was burning so bad and I could not feel anything so I tried smoking and smoking and it wasn’t doing anything for me so I tried eating it so I was putting it on my tongue and let it melt until I feel something that I did this until my tongue started to hurt so I started swallowing it. This went on for five days and then I stopped and went back on my suboxin and haven’t touched it since and Here I am 4 days later and every time I stand up at work or standing at work I am constantly dizzy and I still feel the effects like it still in my body and I feel weird all the time and depressed. My question is is when will this go away and will I feel normal soon?

  110. I did this for the first time and I’m coming down after way to long and my legs are tingly and blotchy and every time I stand up I almost black out… what does this mean and will it go away?

  111. My freind been off and on for a year now not a heavy user
    Only snorted it and recently he did lines after every lunch and dinner for 2 weeks he looked strung out and his eyes were wondering like when he looks at you one eye would be looking at you and the other was slightly off why is this ?

  112. Well i snorted line of coke last week when i came down from the drug i never felt the same i feel like my right side of the face feels weird i get panic si i went to the emegency they did a mri but nothig was wring with my brain. I still feel weird on myvright side of my face i didi snorted from my right nose please help what could it be did i messs up my artery i dont know im scared ..

  113. I was wondering why I have a hard big irradiated bump Inside my nose nd I just got it and I do meth by smokin, snorting and shooting up

  114. I snorted a little over a quarter gram yesterday, throughout the day. I have rarely used meth before…maybe ten times ever… but in the last week I have used a couple different nights, total amount totaling a quarter gram. Yesterday I didn’t really ever get a rush, I was alert and awake till around 4-5pm and from there on any additional lines I did just gave me left chest and arm pains and it did not make me alert…I was tired and had an appetite, which has never happened before. Around 2am I was on my computer googling things about meth and started nodding out and then seeing faint hallucinations….curtains, blanket, hat…all looked like they were being air blown, they had a wavy movement. My research said I needed to sleep and I did. I have some.of the gram left and frankly only want to do it because I, not because.I like it…I would like it but something isn’t right with this stuff or me. I took a line about an hour ago and I feel nothing, slightly alert but still tired and just pressure in my head. Every time I’ve used, esp. Recently I’ve always been in overdrive and constantly talking….What’s going on? Is the meth not good? Or since I dont have much history with meth and now I’ve done it more often…is it my tolerance? I’m afraid to snort more because of how my nose already feels and afraid of overdosing. I dont want to do it any other way….I have before…..but.don’t want to cause I work in the a.m, and my boss is an addict in recovery, he would know. I figured snorting a line this a.m. would be enough and it hasn’t done anything but put pressure in my head. Why? (I’ve googled every page there is on anything to do with meth, thought I’d ask about my specific situation)

  115. Hello, I’m 17, and I fucked up last night at a party nd got pressured into doin lines of meth, and thankfully I’m able to fight off addictions only cause where I live there isn’t any it does drugs so I’m able to fully recooperate but I haven’t been eatin to much this past 5-6 days and when I do instantly hates me when food touches my mouth so I’ve been forcing bread down to help suck the drugs out Is there any advise that could help fix my stomach? Cause I’m not a druggie I’m legitly a straight A and graded top of my class and am goin to college a year early. All I’m doin is tryin to get stomach feeling better so pls le me know

    1. Hi Eric. It’s good that you are trying to eat, but don’t forget the hydration too. I suggest you keep drinking water, preferably electrolyte enhanced or Gatorade. Also, try ginger which is available in many different forms and is well known to calm down an upset stomach. You can take ginger extract capsules, drink ginger tea, and eat ginger snaps or candy to get its benefits. Avoid coffee as it will additionally dehydrate your organism, no peptobismol either, and no heavy, fatty foods that will only make it more difficult for your stomach to digest.

  116. Hi, I have been using Meth for over 20 years I have fabulous teeth not even a cavity and look 10 years younger than my age. But as with most thing my body has a high tolerance, I use about $40 a week. I sleep and eat have only snorted never any other way.. This is my question could I have gotten to the point my body needs it.. Not like an addict but like I DONT know. But when I don’t do it my body hurts really bad. What medical issues will this bring? I am completely functioning great job friends family nobody knows nor would even suspect. But do to the years of ingesting this into my body.has to come at a price. Iam sure.

  117. Hey my friend gave me Meth it was my first time trying it two days ago I snorted it and I still feel weak and even get dizzy can’t eat am able to drink I don’t ever feel like I want it again I cried and didn’t know why I was crying what to do and I am still nausea and my body feels like heavy and pain in my joints what to do to get back to my normal self

  118. Okay so I have been sniffing lines and smoking but my preferred choice is sniffing. I like the burn at the moment but lately have realized my nose being funky. Its cut up from the inside and just feels awkward/uncomfortable. I can only imagine how it can end up if I keep on going I’ve only been at it FOR 6 MONTHS .. Also sniffing is a more Trippy High you Don’t want to make eye contact with Anybody!! You start working or anything that’s active and you Start sweating like your in a Sauna it’s crazy and really uncomfortable and let’s not forget that nasty Drip. SMOKING it though my personal effect is just trying to Isolate myself from everybody being to stuck/focused on w.e your doing which is usually on my phone. It also makes your mouth feel nasty . Once you get in the rhythm of it You start Feening for it. The comedown sometimes is pretty bad you just decide to keep it going to get you back Up. WHOLE POINT IS THIS DRUG IS THE WORST OF THE WORST JUST LOOK HOW IT LEAVES PEOPLE IN THE STREETS.

  119. I want to know why my lips r getting numb I really don’t know why just wondering about is it supposed to be like that or not

  120. I’ve been snorting meth for almost a year now socially, I snorted two lines of speed today which were the equivalent of one pill. I’ve just now noticed my nose seems to be, not swollen per se but more filled with liquid on the bottom surrounding my nostrils and top, around tip of my nose wondering what this could mean and if I should seek medical attention

  121. Hi am Jose and I did 4 meth lines and I have had the sythems for 3 days already! ! How long will they last!! It was my 1st time

  122. I was on meth for a few months. Mainly snorting it. But every once in a while I would smoke it. Well, I quit both snorting & smoking. I’ve quit for over a month now. I have done absolutely nothing. & I STILL have the taste in my mouth. I’ve tried everything I can think of &I I don’t know how to get rid of it. PLEASE HELP ME!

  123. Hey i have one question ive only done meth like 6 or 7 times pinky finger dips only and yesterday i did some at 10 am and i couldnt sleep and i cant eat well eigther and im stoping it i just want to know how long will it take to get off my system get back to eating well sleeping well and not have stomach aches?

  124. Can snorting meth give me a lot of white bumps in my mouth tounge and also in my genitals ? It looks like herpis but doctors tell me that it doesn’t look like that kind of virus

  125. I snorted meth on and off for a couple months last year and every since I did I burp so much its disruptive . I was wondering if the short time I snorted it messed my insides up

  126. I snorted like 3 1/2 lines of meth today and I was wondering how long it will be in my system I did the last line around 11:30 AM thanks

    1. Hello Mikaela.Meth might be detected in urinalysis drug tests 1-4 days after use, and for approximately 24-48 hours in the blood. However, chronic meth use can extend the detection period for much longer.

  127. I have snorted 3 grams of meth in the past 10 days.
    Its been 3 days i since my last line. I forgot to clean my nostrils on the last day n now i am not able to sleep. The problem is m coughing up a lot of phelgm n with it comes the meth n i get high all over again.
    Its been 3 days i hvnt slept. I cleaned up my nostrils as soon as i realised but its still the same. I m drinking enough water. Please help

  128. Last night i went to one of my close friends partys and i got too drunk Is there anything I can do to stop the the rush its been 7 hours already or any place I can go to treat it

  129. Ive always had an all or nothing, competitive or could give a shit personality. Since sports, college, and the joys of early parenthood i find myself progressing from questionable alcholism and substance abuse to trying meth a month ago and being hooked for the past two weeks. I was limitless at first but now find myslef snorting in the bathroom and tweaking for hours over one email that used to fly off my fingers. Im out of excuses for the money blown on meth and booze. Im paranoid, 10pounds lighter, and feel like everyone is looking at me. Most of all i dont think i can stop, not after all the talks in the mirror, the holes chewed in my cheek or my wife begging to help me. I cant control it this time.

  130. So disgusted in myself . I was heavily snorting meth in 2011 . I’m bi polar and have had an eating disorder since age 13. I am in my early 40’s . Successful career and a loving family . An abusive relationship triggered my ED in 2010. Used meth to just starve and stop binging and purging . I would starve daily , drink alcohol , take Rx benzodiazepines and use meth . Ended up with DUI and I tried to kill myself on benzodiazepines . I was 5150 twice in 2 weeks for OD on pills. Due to good insurance I was placed in in patient rehab for the eating disorder . No one knew I used meth . When I was allowed to leave after 6 weeks of in patient I would go there daily for supervised meals. I started seeing weight creep up and lost it. Went back to meth which another patient gave me while we went out. Someone told the staff , drug tested and kicked out of program. I was pretty much forced to stop due to an accident causing emergency spine surgery . I couldn’t really move much for months . After my surgery I fell in love with prescription opiates. I was floating , forgetting my pain and weight. Fast forward I’ve been on Morphine, Percocet and Xanax since 2012. I was able to work again early this year but had no energy and pain ( opiates don’t work anymore ) . So convinced my Dr to give me Vyvanse to function better . 6 months ago on top of all this I started using 2 lines of meth daily to lose weight. I’ve lost 60 lbs. eat maybe 500 cal daily . I love my weight loss , but I’m having difficulty walking . I have tremors and numbness . I walk funny and my pain is worse . I have a highly tolerance because my opiate receptors are fried. Yes I’m skinny , but my nose has scabs inside and hurts to touch . My daily routine is 2 lines , Vyvanse 60 mg , morphine twice a day and Xanax to come down at night. I have muscle weakness , tremors, wrinkled skin , mood swings and now hallucinations . Off work again . I think the damage is permanent . I still combine all these drugs which my Drs have me flagged for Med seeker. I’m on last refill of opiates and getting cut off . Has anyone used all this together ? Why hallucinations now ? Can any of these tremors and pain be reversed ? I quit snorting but go back 2 days later . Still no one knows . They think it’s the Rx drugs and anorexia . I don’t want treatment because everyone will know . Advice ?

  131. I was an everyday meth user for about 8 months I finally gave it up and was clean for about 3 months. I recently have tried using again on weekends but not feeling same affects as before every time I use I feel horrible physically. I’m a little concerned about my health I know I should stop using but is this normal. I get dizzy and have minor chest tightness.

  132. So I normally never ever do glass but this past Saturday I did like two lines not knowing it was glass I thought it was coke but over after to get scared i had to check myself in the hospital but now my body feels so weak and nasty and its still hard to get an appitie after 3 days how or what can I do or take to feel better to feel back normal I know am down from it just this feeling after i hate it someone please help I been drinkin pedialight and lots and lots of water 🙁

  133. I put a voice recorder in my boyfreind car,what I heard sounded like snorting meth or coke he snift and a cough came behind the snif,he is always accusing me of doing drugs or drinking,he gets mad and pack up all his clothes and leave,two weeks later he back,he have down graded everybody who use drugs,he want sex more then me at his age,I’m 49,he would come home and ask me who been here or have I ever cheated on him ,sometimes he would just verbal abuse me so bad,he have accused people of stealing his tool and 500 dollars,I realy love him but every since I told about what I heard sent him the recordings I haven’t heard from him at all no call no text respond ,he’d don’t even answer his phone ,do you think I’m right and the guilt is eating him up or he just don’t give a damm and has move on.lost for answer in bakersfiled,ca

  134. I have been struggling with doing meth “on the side”, just here and there every now and then (for a few days/week at a time) …. Then feeling the EXTREME depression and sadness that come with the ending of usage ….. Swearing not to do it again, sometimes joining groups or taking small steps toward help ….. Recognizing that my drinking problem contributes to it because it seems like mostly especially when I am a bit drunk then I think it’s a good time to go buy some, and trying to go on Antabuse, which becomes an on-and-off battle in and of itself.

    Reflecting on why I’m almost reaching middle age, with a beautiful family and a good career and a lot to be happy about, WHY I still cannot shake this need for substance abuse, I was thinking about the reason behind the principle, “sometimes you have to hit rock bottom”. (or is it you Always have to? the thought terrifies me a little). I know now why you have to hit bottom first, and I think I understand why because of my situation.
    There are many suggestions people give for how to get serious about quitting drugs or alcohol. The problem is that all of them present a major problem for anyone who hasn’t yet hit rock bottom – i.e. they have a lot to lose, and they are still hiding the problem from their boss, job, spouse, family, etc. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. I’m in a catch 22. Just intuitively I know that it’s probably true that I would be helped by going into some intense inpatient program for 30, 60, 90 days. But tell that to someone who is supporting a family of 4 and doing that would mean probably quitting their job that they’ve worked decades to build up???? It’s an awful set of options to have to decide between. Church C.R. groups? Sure, if you want to admit that instead of the person they thought you were, you’re a substance abuser. AA? That’s one thing I probably haven’t tried as much as I could .. going there next. Inpatient program? Impossible for someone with a job, unless you’ve hit rock bottom, in which case, of course, it seems worth it then. Outpatient counseling?–Umm., that’s the funny thing about addicts. That persistent little part of you that DOES want to keep doing the drug or alcohol will eventually surface and even circumvent that–I’ve gone to counseling before, and ended up lying to my provider at some point, even ended up leaving a few months of counseling with prescription pills that did me more harm than good – and I knew what I was doing. I feel bad and yes I did want to quit, but the part of me that didn’t, for Christ’s sake I’d gouge it out with a knife if I could. Both persons are in me at the same time, the bad guy just keeps winning. Wretched man that I am.
    So I keep trying to quit without going to extremes …. But I have a feeling I am losing this battle. When you are alone in your secret, your chances of winning against something this powerful seem slim to none. For the first time in my nearing 40 years, thoughts of killing myself occasionally, briefly, enter my head. The only thing stopping me is I reason that the pain that would cause my family is probably more than the pain of having a dad/spouse who is a bit screwed up 20% of the time, but ok 80% of the time and in fact a good father/husband otherwise.

    I’m worried about what happens when it finally seems like the balance is tipping. I wouldn’t wish a long term substance addiction on my worst enemy, and I hope anyone reading this finds whatever inspiration you might be able to find from this desperate and lonely soul.

  135. I am a addicted to meth and I love it.
    I mean I use to smoke it a lot now I just snort I usually do tiny bumps to get me thru the day the guy I’m dating is totally obvious

  136. I did meth for the first time yesterday and i feel like im going to die. My heart feels like its going to bust. What should i do?

  137. I snorted meth a month ago. My teeth and gums are sufferimg. I ferl terrible. Doed this ever stop? Now I regret ever doing it.

  138. I want to know how long it would take for meth to leave my body the last time I did it was from a 1 dollar bill and it was pack but I did like 2 dollar during the day and I want to know if I could sweat it out and pee it out and how long would it take some one help me

  139. Hi i have done meth for the second time now and my pupils is really big and during the day it looks like my eyes is watery i have desided not to do it again how long whill this side effects last coz im stressing alot bout it

  140. I normally would not post on these blogs, I’m pretty private, but felt if I put it out there then I have accountability. I’m in my 50’s with a history of addiction, probably my addiction of choice is food which my mother gave me whenever I had ANY emotion. But I’ve been through alcohol and cocaine (which I hated) in my 20’s and pain pills in my 40’s after a series of accidents that left me with chronic pain. It took a while but I pulled myself out of a pit and really changed my life. Even got a motorcycle license which I wanted for years and the Harley of my dreams recently (which I haven’t been riding because I won’t get on it til I kick this) I’ve been with the same man for 21 years – through it all. We are probably a little co-dependent on each other. My son is grown and incredible, in spite of me, BA, MA and a great career.

    A couple of years ago my husband and I “tried” a line of meth because we were curious. Yeah, stupid huh, especially knowing my background with addiction. Although I personally haven’t done more than a couple of lines a day it’s been almost every day with a few breaks of a week or a few days here and there. It is the most addicting drug I have ever found. And you are talking about someone who took more prescriptions on a daily basis 10+ years ago then I care to admit. I got off pain medication, anxiety medication, sleeping medication, everything.

    For a while it was ok and I fooled myself into thinking I’d quite “tomorrow.” I tend to get extremely fatigued as I do deal with pain issues but don’t take anything so I exercise or keep very busy to keep from pain pills….I think I realized the meth gave me more energy (at first). After 18 months I can really see what it has done. I don’t socialize (and I’m VERY social), we don’t get together with friends, my temper is quick, I don’t seem to have much empathy as I used to, my skin looks worse… weight stayed fine for a while but now I am actually HEAVIER because my metabolism is just screwed up… I just don’t exercise anymore and I loved to exercise 5x/week. In fact, I went from 210 to 139 not to long ago when my thyroid went bonkers and kept it off for quite a while and now I’ve packed on 40 pounds again. The worst thing is the hyperthermia which I PRAY goes away after I have stopped. I sweat all the time and it’s so uncomfortable. I hear myself saying “how did I let this happen when I know so much better?” That’s how strong the drug is. It’s not fun anymore either. My husband and I are both stopping. For whatever reason it doesn’t seem to effect him physically as it does me but I’ve seen other changes. It has made our relationship blah …… not at first but now it is. I want to stop before something bad happens like it did with the pain pills.

    For everyone younger on this blog….even it you think “it won’t happen to me” STOP. It will happen. I guarantee it. I stopped drinking at 22! I realize now that I have had a lot of emotional stress going on that I didn’t deal with as well as older ones coming to the surface and it built up. We weren’t going to church anymore either. That’s how it starts, you give up one thing, then another, then another. I’m just thankful my son lives a few hours away. I don’t think he has any idea as I only see him a few times a year BUT he’s getting married! I love his gf whom he has been with for 6 years and her family. That would all be ruined. That was my catalyst. There is no way in HELL I’m going to be involved in this wedding like this. I have 11 months and it starts today. I’m going to go back to a local Celebrate Recovery and start that again (I’m just not comfortable at NA, at least not where I live). This is a horrible drug. Luckily the recovery I do have kicked in before I died. I don’t like who I am like this one bit. I realize now the issues from long ago weren’t dealt with like I thought they had been – they will come back to bite you in the ass. I can assure you. I’ve been through what a lot of us have, I’m sure.

  141. No doubt my 43 year old son is a meth addict. He recently has been drinking glass after glass of very sweet cool aid. Could this be a sign that he is doing meth? He is disabled due to an incurable lung disease (alpha I anti-tripsin) His health is declining daily. I have no influence on him to try and get clean. HELP

    1. Hi Judy. A drug test can prove whether he’s using meth again or not. You will need professional help to get him in treatment. You can call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers and talk about suitable treatment options.

  142. Is there any harm reduction strategies for protecting the nasal passageway. I use a “neti pot’ and saline nasal rinses and use a polysporin cream often. What other skin protectants / ointments can be used to protect the integrity of the skin?

  143. Someone I know was addicted to vicodin…or whatever the stuff that’s in vicodin is. He never did heroin only took the pills. He did ice for a five days straight to try and get off the pills. Well he hasn’t taken pills in two weeks but even after not doing ice for a week…he feels fucked up still. Not fucked up Luke he was when he was high tho. He says he feels like he is in a dream all day long. He says his hands and feet tingle and his vision is weird. He said he will feel his brain pulsate and then his vision goes like tunnel vision and then he tingles. He can’t even work it is so bad. He feels like it’s gotten no better than it was the day after sleeping for the first time. Could he have permant brain damage. Or will he get back to nirmal. He was addicted to vicodin for like three years he had done meth before but it was like twelve Yeats ago..I am worried what should we do

  144. Snorting meth and its effects

    1. You will not be able to get intoxicated by drinking at a more than steadily pace, or if you are feeling a little bit tipsy, snorting a decent line will bring you back to a more sober state
    2. Erectile dysfunction/struggling to get an erection or getting it to stay up
    3. Muscle cramps/tics/jerking
    4. Your temperature will rise, but eventually you will get cold shivers
    5. The feeling of sand with a bit of stinging in the eye, mostly the side you snorted up
    6. Sweating from underarms, palms of your hands and on the forehead
    7. On the comedown or sometimes even on the high, you lose focus in your eyes, struggling to read small words. Struggling to write a text message or even finding it hard to get your words out while having a conversation

    Always be aware of how much you’re using, if it’s been 2 days since you’ve had any sleep and you want the happy, unstoppable, energetic feel, don’t try snorting a big line to try and get you there, or multiple lines, your body is drained, it needs to recover, and to rest, snorting more will just keep you awake and make matters worse.
    Try and control your snorting habits with eating at the same time, even if you just nibble on food throughout the day, it’s putting much needed energy into your body and keeping food in your stomach is always good.

    Snort responsibly

  145. I’ve just started using meth 4 days ago ! I only snored like over a gram in 4 days and today I woke up with my lips all dry and feel burning ‘ also with my lip all swollen on my right top and I can’t really eat feel pain ‘ have like 4-5 yellow stains inside my mouth by my lip that burn also ?? How long would it take for all this to take off ?? And how long does Meth stay in your system ? I’ve only Snored like a gram ‘ like in 3-4 days 1st time user

  146. Hi I have snorted cocaine before but I only snorted method twice. My first time had me feeling good but when I crashed I felt like crap but wanted more. This past Saturday I snorted some method at bout 9am I started crashing bout 5pm and was looking for more but couldn’t find any. Anyway my question is Am I addicted or just a binge addict. Before I snorted this time I was sober for six months from cocaine and only one month from snorting method the first time. Do u think I need help.

  147. I did what I was told was ice Friday night/early Saturday morning I have never done it before and had no effects when I did it it was a small amount I snorted I never felt anything and slept normally and everything I have a drug test Monday and don’t know what to do considering I never felt anything and everyone I showed the picture of it I was told it was cut majorly and had hardly any meth in it if any at all what will it show up as and if it wasn’t ice what could it have been? Cuz I had no effects at all I felt completely normal never had my heart race or get hyper or anything I swore I’d never do ice/meth and have no idea what to do if I fail the drug test Monday I’m in major trouble but was told by the person I did it with it would be out by Monday morning I’m completely scared and ashamed what do I do?

  148. ive been an addicted on and off. This last time I stopped using ive been expensing, idk what. At times I get dizzy, like Im going to faint, cant seem to remember a lot, cant function. it comes and goes, im so scared that this aint gunna go away ive been clean for a while now never going to use again. what do I do is my symptoms cause of drugs? Im only 20, I have a babygirl, idk what to do.

  149. ive been using for a while. and today when i snorted “like i always do” i just got a head/neck ache an thats it. lots of head pressure. im pretty concerned. opinion?

  150. So my friend has been on a binge for three days and this morning around three he was totally fine and comming down from his high then out of no where he catchs a high temperature and began seeing things vividly when he also feels weak also faints ever time he relax even standing it’s been 8 hours since he last used but he’s to paraniod of his heart stopong to sleep is any of this common cause its the first time

  151. Im 17 years old and i started using meth when i was 14. I’ve been clean now for about 7 months and the other day i went to a blood drive because i wanted to donate blood and i knew that my blood was clean. But they told me i couldnt donate because my pulse was too fast. And i said, “well, im not nervous and myblood is clean, so…”. But they didnt let me, could it possibly be that i forever have an irregular heart beat ever since i use to use?

    1. Hi Jazmin. They were right to not let you donate blood if you have an increased heart-rate. I don’t believe it’s like that all the time.

  152. SWIM had done it for the first time ever, but didn’t know how much to do, so he did like 4 lines. He did the last two lines around 5 am. When he started going to work, he said he felt like sh*t, he was dizzy, nauseas, his heart was beating really fast and he had shortness of breathe, followed by fatigue and shortness of breathe. He snorted it. He said that he felt absolutely no pleasure and didn’t know what the he’ll other people were talking about. What do you think happened to SWIM

  153. since I first tried meth about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago, I have been snorting it simply because it is fast, and apparently will not damage my teeth in the way smoking from a meth pipe does, although I have tried it and find that the high is barely present considering I smoked meth for 12 hours straight with a friend, and didn’t feel the effects nearly as powerfully as when I snort it. I have realized however that the contouring skin of my lips, which are usually very soft and sometimes peel in the summer, have become sore and rough to touch,and I was wondering if that could possibly be from he the crystal meth and if there was anything I could do to reverse it, besides the obvious of eliminating the crystal, which I haven’t done that many times, and don’t “fiend” for.


  154. I have been clean sober 260 day…. I have to holes in the roof of my mouth is that for the ice I snored.and what should I do… Plzz help

    1. Hi Kate. Congratulations on staying sober so far! My advise to you is to see a doctor to help treat the open spots.

    1. Hi Jose. You can call the helpline number on our site. It’s 1-888-985-1595 and you can speak to treatment facilities that are specialized in providing the right treatment program for your addiction recovery.

  155. You also should know every batch of drugs is different and often comes from different places. Especially meth. It’s a gamble most of the time, some ppl don’t make it well, and your inhaling more harm than high. This drug will cause future damage slight or major, depends how much it’s abused or regulated. It causes damage to the nasal passage by burning the hairs away which protect you from inhaling foreign particles and leaves your mucus membranes exposed and dry to the elements. Snorting anything for extended amounts of time will do this

  156. Hello i started taking meth from the month of February 2015, but only every Saturday of the month till date, ive been snorting approx 1g every saturday, so its been like 6 to 7 saturdays of meth use till date, i have decided to stop it, but would just like to know if i could get any side effects from it, i dont not feel addicted but would like to know if i could get any side effects from that much use of it.

  157. Look guys. Looks to me like most of u guys r amateurs. Ima gonna break it down 4 ya an also tell u a bit bout me so u know i ain’t full of shit. I smoked weed, drank an popped pills alittle while i was pretty young but my usage didn’t didnt get heavy until bout 17 wen my dad passed away. i held on briefly but ovr time decided that getting high was the easiest, quikest, simplest way to b happy an deal with my probs. i just gave up. Within 2 months i was poppin every pill, smokin pot, snorting dope as much as i could. it became normal. freinds changed, school became unimportant, an motivation was to do anything but get high an hang out was completly gone. At this point the gas pedal to hell was to the metal. Went to school out of my mind everyday an lost respect from ecery1 i new because i would drasticly make a fool of myself. at first dint realize it but wen i realiezed i didnt care. Went from highly admired, respected an wanted young man to loser, weirdo, immature an avoided kid. people dont really remember who u use to b. After 2 months of this bwhavior. I felt there opinions were set n stone. Tbh,, theg

  158. I done Meth for the first time about 4 years ago, I did it twice and never thought to touch it again after that, also forgot how great it was over these past 4 years. About a Month ago I went to get some coke (it was my first time trying it) but it turns out that I actually got Meth. It gave me this incredible euphoric feeling, it took me back to the times I did Meth, and I thought I had found my drug, cocaine. (at the time I didn’t know it was Meth). So a couple weeks ago, I decided to get some more coke. I got it from a different person though. It didn’t give me a good feeling, energy only lasted about 2 hours after doing the last line I had. Easy to say I was very disappointed. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Well, 2 days ago someone offered me Meth. I was timid about doing it again after 4 years but decided what the hell and snorted a line. The amazing euphoric feeling was so familiar and satisfying.Then I realized that the time I thought I was trying coke for the first time, I had actually done Meth. I asked the guy I got it from why he lied to me, he claimed he didn’t know, that he was selling for a buddy. So I learned that I did not like cocaine bc Meth was so much better. After the one line I was high for at least 12 hours and around noon yesterday I did another slightly smaller line, it boosted my energy a little but not like I wanted so I did another line about the same size at like 4 pm and still didn’t feel like I wanted to. So waited until around 6 and snorted a fairly big line. Shortly after I became hot, sweaty, dizzy and fatigued. I forced myself to eat something despite my extreme lack of appetite and started to feel better shortly after. I was wide awake but still didn’t get that euphoric feeling that I got 4 years ago, last month, and the other day before I started this search for euphoria. I wasn’t talkative like before the last few times I’ve done it. I felt awake but had no desire to do anything so I did another decent size line at about 11pm and felt ni different than before I had done it so I just watched TV until 4 this morning when I finally fell asleep and slept about 3 hours. It’s been around 14 hours since I last did it, I have slightly regained my appetite but feel very tired and unable to fall asleep. I have a little bit left and I want to do it but only bc I never got that euphoric feeling I tried to get so many times yesterday. I’m not sure if now, with a little food in my stomach and a few hours of rest, if it was possible that maybe I could get that feeling one last time before I ran out. If not then I’ll chunk it or save it for a rainy day. I’d just like to know why it stopped working for me bc I know I’m not addicted. I was thinking maybe I have built up a slight tolerance? If so how long until that tolerance goes away? I don’t use drugs regularly, other than smoking pot. These past couple months have just been a wild adventure and I’ve wanted to venture and try different things. I don’t want to become a regular Meth user, after I’m out I’m not going to do it again for a while.. I just need to know why it stopped working & how I can get back to that high. Also, how to deal with a comedown after a few days of doing it..

  159. Hi Erica. I guess you know how the detox process goes out of personal experience. Only, this time, stay commited to counseling sessions and psychotherpay. You may not feel the need to go to therapy after a while, but it can help you cope with cravings and personal issues that compel you to start using again. It is a long-term condition-addiction, but it can be managed. Don’t give up!

  160. I’m in need of help please .i was an addict was doing a gram a day smoking it .i stopped cold turkey moved away from that life now only to find it everywhere here ..was clean for 5 months now I’m snorting close to a gram a day again just got promoted with my job ,I have two kids I just need help to stop again I just can’t do it this time

  161. hi guys i snorted meth today and fel really good , i snorted it around 7:40 and now infeel my mouth really dry and mouth moving alot. ive only snorted meth one time will the mouth dryness go away?

  162. If you smoked it and held it in for too long it would recrystallize on your lungs, just as it would if you watch burning the smoke in a bowl and it settles down on the glass. I was young also when I was using this stuff 3 years ago; it ruined my college because I had one year left then the addiction was too much. I used it to conquer my social anxiety which was a mistake but it truly did work (in the moment). For the first time in my life I could sit next to the most attractive girl in class and strike up a convo just because I was so happy feeling and fearless…but at what price? Wasting money on a drug that was killing me or would have if I didn’t cut it off when I did. I don’t think I noticed any of the things mentioned in the post above with my lungs or other physical aspects, but definitely could complain about how it ruined my college career just due to the addictiveness alone.

  163. I need some information on long term effects. I snorted meth 4 years ago and quite a bit, for about a month straight. After almost overdosing, I haven’t touched it sence. I was very young and didn’t know the side effects or amounts to use. My question is now I have jaw issues where my jaw won’t close correctly and snaps when it opens. It does this on the left side where I snorted the meth in my nose. After I quit my left side jaw was very sore. Also my left lung has pain in the top of my back and my left eye is constantly bothering me. My question is did the drugs do this from snorting. Can the meth change the alinement of the jaw. Could it be that snorting meth broke through the sinus walls and directly went into the jaw and eye and lung to do this?

  164. Hey Jose!
    So to answer your question, meth just affects everyone differently and based on how much you do at any given time. So to answer your question, yes. Meth creates a sense of euphoria (and me being gay myself) know that it tends to pump and enhance ones sex drive, which is why a lot of gay couples (at least from what I am told or hear) use this and molly for sex. I’m assuming you’re straight?…never heard that happening. There isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with that if you are open to the idea. I just know it enhances sexual intercourse (not just from hearsay but from experience; I have done it myself) but haven’t heard much of it giving someone a “gay sex urge” LOL. Very interesting

  165. No sorry I haven’t found out anything. My mom is about to start seeing a psychogist because of her divorce she just went through so hopefully she’ll feel comfortable enough to tell the doctor and get some help from her. I realize at the end of the day I can’t make my mom do anything she doesn’t want to do. I just don’t want her to die or get in trouble.

  166. So stopped doing meth many yrs ago and recently became tempted after a green dealer said he had some in case I wanted to try some. Okay I knew I shouldnt knew my history but figured was drunk and high already well dont know why but as soon as it I snort about 3 lines I almost immediately started to get this urge to get involve in gay sex to the point that I drop offer to orally satisfy this person. Does the drug make u do this because I otherwise never feel like this only when on meth?!

  167. Thanks Megan. I have an almost identical problem with my mom. Have you found out any additional info from professionals? I really cant find any overwhelming reason to prevent her from feeling “normal”. Maybe if being completely open with mental health professionals she can get something legal that will mimic it ???? Adderall, methylp(sp), etc.

  168. Um, hi, so I snorted a little like of Molly yesterday.. Like not even a full point. I’ve done Molly multiple times in the past n thought thoes day afters sucked…but I’ve never had a come down like this. I’ve been up over 24 hrs, I can feel my heart like freakin out in side me, I swear my eyelashes are so long there fuckin with me n I’m kinda seein things? Like almost trails on acid but not? Anyway… My question…. When the fuck am I gonna stop feeling like this? Not happy I tried it in the first place but I’m happy I don’t like it.

  169. I’ve only tried method a couple times and last night around 5 PM I took 2 hits and snorted a line.I was unable to sleep all night which I’m aware s a normal side effect, but today at around 4:30 AM I tried to get up for some water and once was almost to the bedroom door I got lightheaded and my vision went black And i collapsed I remember feeling my body jerk but I blacked out for a minute and I don’t even remember falling I came too the floor. I layed back down because I still felt lightheaded and dizzy. Its now 7AM and still every time I try to get up I feel like I’m gonna black out. Is this normal or something I should be worried about?

  170. Hey Joe. To get help near where you live, you can click on the “Find Treatment” section at the top of the page, or visist this link:
    And here are a few ideas on what to do if you have no health unsurance and need addiction treatment :

    When quitting meth, supprot is one of the keys to success. This means you’ll need your family and friends for support, but also regular face-to-face support groups bring great results. But, medical help is the starting point, so speak with a doctor fist.

  171. I have been snorting meth for almost 2 years. I am now snorting 0.4 grams weekly. I need help to quit but have no idea what to expect or where I can go for help. I have no health insurance and live in San Antonio, Texas. Can you help with what kind of withdrawals I can expect and where I might be able to get help?

  172. I just found out my bf was snorting meth for a week. at the time my youngest daughter was 5 months old and my oldest 4 years old. He did the drug away from home but he came back. Did that put my daughters health at risk? I’m afraid that he brought back residue or something into our home?

  173. Hi Jade. You can talk to him openly and ask him about it. Try not to be judgemental, and if he confesses, you can be there to support him in quitting. Another way to be sure is a drug test.

  174. My boyfriend works at a mobile home plant. I know that one of his friends uses meth but I think my boyfriend is using, but not all the time. Sometimes when I call him on his break his nose sounds stuffy and he talks really loud. But when comes home he only a few signs like drinking sweet koolaid and eating doughnuts. Also his nose is stopped up. And stays up later than usually. And when go to bed he can’t be still….his legs jumps! I don’t think he does it everyday but do you think it could be just he does it cause he’s tired some days. Or I’m I just over acting?

  175. It’s insane and irrational to some of us to believe that something bad will happen especially if all we do is snort lol but reality is it takes a great wear and tear on our body without us noticing…I for example was perfectly healthy without any aches or pains. Now? I suffer from extreme anxiety and insomnia yet I still can’t stop!! I am TERRIFIED of dying from this or getting a heart attack..but I just can’t stop. I cry sometimes while I lay out my lines telling myself that it’s the last time and that everything will be okay just as long as I remember that every line will be my last. It’s dumb and doesn’t make sense I know but it’s how I live, I can’t stop on my own yet I don’t seek help. I never thought I’d sink this low…it’s hard on us and on our family, we know it and we care that it hurts you guys but we just can’t deal with the idea of having to function on our own..scared of facing reality in a sober state of mind. Just be there for us please and don’t lose hope…we hold on to you for that warmth and reassurance that in the end we’ll have enough strength to choose life

  176. I just found out my bf was snorting meth for a week. at the time my youngest daughter was 5 months old and my oldest 4 years old. He did the drug away from home but he came back. Did that put my daughters health at risk? I’m afraid that he brought back residue or something into our home?

  177. Hi! Thank you for this post! My mother has been snorting Meth for at least 6 year but I suspect it has been nearly two decades. Unlike the addict who shoot up meth my mom is not frail or skinny. She is about a size 14, eats three times a day, snacks and excerises. She is seemingly normal and no one knows she is a meth addict except for our immediate family. She is a “functional” addict. She is very successful and is the Vice President of a corporation. She is always been super mom to me and I never suspected why until I found her stash. My mom was abused as a child and I think that’s partly why she uses. She also married a lady asshole who doesn’t help her do anything so she’s always had to pick up his slack. Back to the point. Just from my experience being around my mom I have hypothesized that meth addicts who snort do not have the same side effects or immediate apparent effects on their health as those who shoot up. My mom does have weird “ticks” she does without realizing and she talks for hours with no end constantly repeating herself, but besides that no one would ever expect that she’s a user. I have an internal struggle figuring out a way to get my mom help because she essentially seems fine. I know she may eventually die due to complications and effects the drugs do to her internal organs. I have tried explaining the potential risks but she refuses to think those things will happen to her because she doesn’t shoot up, she does it the “safer way”. She’s 53 and she looks great. She is not concerned for her health and there seems to be no immediate risk but I can’t help but worry about the future. How can I show her the true risks of snorting when ever website only has research on shooting up?

  178. Hi there! And yes I have, that’s how I became sober the first time. I’ve considered going back but I live a semi busy life and just can’t find the time nor will to go.

  179. Hello Rose. We tend to return to the levels of tolerance and use where we left off. Meth is incredibly hard to quit. Have you tried with the help of a rehab center?

  180. I was sober for a year but two months ago I relapsed.The things I’m experiencing now are no where close to the one’s I did back then. I’m not’s more like concern. I try to limit myself but always fail. I just don’t want to overdose and I know the only way is to stop using but that’s just too hard and frightening to even consider…I’m an idiot for this but I just wanted to feel it again and now that’s all I want!! Please don’t lecture me just be there..

  181. my bf/ father of my kids admitted to have been using meth/ speed for the last 2 years he is so different he is insisting that he isn’t hooked but I spent 3-4 days with him and he had no sleep he was purely focused on his phone fixing it .. it was very obsessive he couldn’t put it down even tho he hadn’t seen me or our son in 4 months … his major fixation is our family dog he gets really heated if he doesn’t have her after he ran this time I kept our dog now I am a c&*~ and he hates me I lost him forever I will never see him he wants his dog I stole … will this ever change are these all result of the drug?? I need help

  182. Hello G. I think that your concern is justified. Meth is a Schedule II narcotic as outlined in the Substance Abuse Act, which means that it has a high potential for abuse and is available only through a prescription that cannot be refilled. How is she getting meth?

    Also, I’d suggest that you follow up and take your concerns to a psychologist who specializes in substance abuse in the family. You can really benefit from long term guidance in this situation.

  183. I recently found out that my wife does 2 grams of meth per month. She maintains that she never smokes it she only snorts it. She lines up a small line in the morning and that’s it. She say’s it helps her with her adhd and other instability issues. She justify’s her meth use by saying that she also is prescribed meds which if she stops her mood will be affected. She argues meth is the same thing for her. An anti-depressant which enables her to get up and face the day. If she only snorts and doesn’t esculate her use is this a possibility? What are anyone’s thoughts on this? I’m afraid we’re in for a “train wreck” at some point.

  184. I started smoking it couple months ago, then snorting it. It was a rush, took me to outspace, was so blinded And unaware forgot about the people I left on earth, my teeth were crackin, talking to my shadow . And was passing out from the damag in my nose. Thank you addiction blog made me awar and stop before of the future dangers . Going to go get help now and repair the damage 🙂

  185. Hi Lex. You’re describing the thin line between drug abuse and developing a habit. While meth does have effect on energy, it has so many down sides. But, I understand your desire to do well at work, too. Can you enhance your performance naturally? Also, have you spoken about the drug use with anyone else? A doctor? Psychologist? Having support to stop can help tremendously.

  186. I barely started using the drug but not often I bought my first 20 and I felt bad about myself but when I work it’s like magic I don’t use it on my day offs just mostly on Saturday nights and friday nights because it gets busy. Oh I’m a cook. Should I stop? I just like the pros I get from the blue hats and my bosses, makes me feel good.

  187. I just bumped for the first time this last couple of days and yesterday my mouth felt like I had burnt my tongue with something hot. Well it’s gotten worse today and I can’t even eat. What would cause this to happen and what can I do about it??

  188. Hi Mario. You might be interested in checking out this article:
    Generally, once a drug has passed through your system and is no longer active, it does not impact your health. The exception tends to be overdose, which when taking psychoactive substances, can provoke hallucination or psychosis. Check in with your doctor for a physical and medical exam (including blood and urine testing) for an internal organ check …. if for nothing else, than to set your mind at ease. 🙂 Best to you, Mario!

  189. Hi Mario. I guess it depends on where you live; psychologists can set up a sliding scale fee for you. Most cost somewhere from $50-$100 an hour, although I’ve personally received counseling at a cost of about $20 an hour when I was working with therapists in training. It was great!

  190. Hello Mario. One time use puts you at less risk of meth abuse than regular use. I’d suggest that you follow up by speaking with a psychologist about drug use, if you are dealing with the guilt and shame of the behavior. And you can learn what drives you to drives, and what psycho-emotional issues you are dealing with. Check out this psychologist locator from the APA here:

    Best of luck to you!

  191. i need help i did 4 lines of meth with out even knowing i dont really do drugs.Cocain once in a while not really but anyways when i did it i thought i thought it was cocain please need help some info or some advice i did it like a week ago and feel like something bad is going to happen i feel terrible and a loser i always told myself i would never do meth !

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