Meth withdrawal signs

Signs that you’ve started meth withdrawal include fatigue, paranoia, and difficulty concentrating. More on the physical and psychological signs of withdrawal from meth here.

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Treatment for meth dependence and withdrawal is possible. People do recover and learn to live drug-free. Treatments during meth withdrawal include supportive medical interventions during acute detoxification. Furthermore, ongoing psychiatric care with antidepressant therapy has been shown to be effective in early recovery. But in order to stay off meth, issues that need to be addressed in treatment settings include modifying thinking, expectations, and behavior to increase skills in coping with life.

But are the signs that manifest during acute meth withdrawal? And how are these treated in order to have better chances at a longer term recovery? We review what meth withdrawal is like here. Then, we invite your questions or concerns in the comments section at the end.

Signs of meth withdrawal

Signs develop within a few hours to several days after cessation of or reduction in heavy and prolonged use of meth. In most cases it takes between 24-48 hours for the drug to process through a person’s system after the last dose is taken.

While meth withdrawal symptoms can be very intense, they are generally psychological in nature. Withdrawal requires several days of rest and recuperation. Evidence of weight loss may be juxtaposed with a marked increase in appetite and rapid weight gain. Depressive signs may last several days to weeks and may be accompanied by suicidal ideation and feelings of hopelessness.

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Meth withdrawal signs may include:

  • anhedonia (loss of interest or joy in life)
  • confusion
  • difficulty in concentration
  • drug craving
  • feeling paranoid
  • hearing voices
  • hunger
  • jaw clenching
  • memory loss
  • night sweats
  • sleepiness
  • teeth grinding
  • vivid and unpleasant dreams

First signs of meth withdrawal

Some of the early signs of meth withdrawal are:

  • “crashing”
  • fatigue
  • increased appetite
  • insomnia or hypersomnia
  • intense and unpleasant feelings of lassitude and depression
  • psychomotor retardation or agitation

Early signs of meth withdrawal

One of the hardest parts of meth withdrawal is what’s called “the crash.” Emotionally, it’s characterized by a very dark mood. Crashing after meth is like depression characterized by sadness and hopelessness, on the one hand, and rising anxiety or panic, on the other. Most likely, you haven’t slept in many days. Most likely, you haven’t been eating or hydrating properly, so it’s no surprise your body craves rest and nutrition.

Late signs of meth withdrawal

A meth addict going through the withdrawal process will experience symptoms of anxiety, agitation, sleeplessness, and intense cravings for the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can be addressed through the use of various vitamins, talk therapy, rest, daily exercise, and a healthy nutritional program. While the actual symptoms associated with acute withdrawal usually subside within about a week, or so, the addict will still experience periods of emotional upheaval and cravings for the drug LONG AFTER their last use.

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Signs and symptoms of meth withdrawal treatment

Methamphetamine withdrawal causes you to have very low energy, depression, a lack of motivation, and eat more than usual. While there are currently no pharmacological treatments for dependence on methamphetamine, you can withdraw from meth safely with medical supervision. Currently, the most effective treatments for methamphetamine dependence is cognitive behavioral interventions. These approaches are designed to:

  1. help modify thinking
  2. help address expectancies
  3. teach behaviors and to increase
  4. skills in coping with various life stressors

Methamphetamine recovery support groups also appear to be effective supplements to behavioral interventions that can lead to long-term drug-free recovery.

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Still, the best way to address signs of withdrawal is to receive medical help during detox. Doctors recommend that you check in to a drug detox center as you rid your body of meth and related toxins to help you stay safe and comfortable. Additionally, Antidepressant medications are helpful in treating depressive symptoms frequently
seen in methamphetamine users who recently have become abstinent.

Signals of meth withdrawal

Are you ready to get off meth? Please leave us your questions or comments in the section below. We’ll try to respond to you personally and promptly, or refer you to help.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My teeth are really hurting for the past couple of days. I haven’t done meth in over a week. Is it because of withdrawal

  2. I have been using meth for 20 years. It is a problem for my grown kids and husband as well. They also use. Im ready to stop. I smoke it only. Im not interested in rehab or detox, etc. I am tired of the guilt i feel. I dont want to use after ive been drug free for a decent length of time. Im looking for suggestion with staying drug free. Tracy

  3. I am ready to quit taking methamphetamine that I have been using continually for nearly 5 years. I am worried about too many absenses from my work…and also I have lost a tooth and am concerned about my skin and hair looking bad after not looking after myself properly. I still have good looks but I know if I keep going the way I have been I will age rapidly.

  4. I am wanting to get off meth i have been a user for many years bout 1 yr ago i really gor hooked at least a 50 a day i want to be clean i want my kids back my life i dont have medicade i dont work im a stay at home mom w 3 kids i need help please someone help

  5. I quit three days ago and scheduled for surgery in 36 hours. Should I continue and are there complications with anesthesia???

    1. Hi Andrew. There may be some complications with the anesthesia. In order to avoid interactions and complications you should talk with your doctors and tell them about your situation.

  6. Hi. I did meth like 6 months ago and didn’t have any side effects. And I snorted meth about a month ago with some friends and my body feels like I am over heating, I shake, I have really bad anxiety and can’t go into public places, and my heart beats super fast. Is this normal or should i seek help

  7. My boyfriend has cold turkey meth for a couple days now and he is sleeping constantly. Is this a good sign? His moods are dark and he’s come close to getting violent though. Is this normal? He’s not normally like this even on meth.

    1. Hi Allyson. One of the most common symptoms of meth withdrawal is sleep disturbance. He may oversleep or have insomnia.

  8. How can I help my husband recover from being an addict. He wants help. Btw, he’s been sleeping hours within the day. I’m doing my best by being supportive and positive. Keeping his environment filled with everything that reminds him on why he is important to us. Reminding him everyday that he is not alone and I will not leave him. Tomorrow, we are going to a rehabilitation place where we will seek the next steps on helping my husband. I’ve been reading and trying to educate myself and came across your website. Thank you.
    I need some reassurance that I am doing well in helping my husband. Again, thank you so much.

    1. Hi AngO. Evidence-based rehab stay is the safer way to end any addiction. Plus, there he can get emotional and psychological support from a trained staff. But, willingness to quit is a key…

  9. I need advice and help finding a home and safly stop using meth. I really like the weight loss and the high it gives me. I started snorting but now I smoke and I’m making horrible decisions. Please help or tell me how to get help.

  10. Almost a month without taking crystal it make me feel sad and cry like a baby i just feel like slicing my troath and be done with it I dont have energy to get out of bed I have to take like 4 speed to get out of the bed then like 10-15 more get trough the day since I did crystal speed is just like a cofe for me help me

    1. Hi Pier. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  11. everybody need to be educated about it. instead of expensive tratments..prevention, information. my husband died on an overdose , and I did not know nothing about meth..still aftewr 8 months i am in shock, I still do not know how this happened, i only remember me talking about heat.. and i did not faoun nothig about this “heat” syntome.. and i think the goverment should do something to stop those speed sellers, before they destroy more human beans….and i almost forgot what about the heat?

  12. My bf relapsed and has been going through meth and crack/coke withdrawal for 2 days. He has not done any drugs in these 2 days and was using for 1.5 days before coming home. He has terrible stomache cramping and can barely eat still. Any suggestions?

  13. Hi ive been using for a little over eight years non stop- im in ky late fortys and got inlvolved with . a younger man. ive gotten into a bit of trouble and even webt to jail. i got out of jail knowing i cannot use any more or face seriousbprison time. my yiunger man still does and talked me into it. i have to do a UA in seven days. i have tto pass thisnor im gone to prison for a long time. is itbossible topass itnon seven days. im a petite 115 pound woman thats been a chronic user- Ive vowed to never doagain after thisbtime becayse im reaalu scared of being in prison. Any advice is appreciated. thank you

  14. I have been a closet user for 8 years. I have kept my job. Paid all my bills. Take good care of my child…etc. but recently I’ve gotten to where I don’t have a social life. And I believe it’s because i use. I’ve never used in needle for it I usually only smoke it or snort it. My question is do you know of any natural remedies that could be a possible substitute for that?

  15. My husband was using for 6 years off and on he says.. He said he was ready to quit and said he did. I had already left him a year prior to this action but I was around him the weeks after he “quit” and I didnt notice any difference in him at all. When I drug test him he passes it but his urine is clear like water. I’m not convinced that he’s done with it… Can this happen? Can he be done with this stuff with no withdrawal symptoms? I don’t know what to do… I’m not moving back if he is still using?

  16. Can’t remember the last day or year I was sober besides when incarcerated I’m ready to quit I’m now 50 and have nothing to my name not even a good day without the shit “need help now” no job no money.!

  17. My wife (39) years old has been on and off smoking meth for 5 years she’s been through rehab and has had periods of sobriety the last one 8 months until I caught her. I’m having a hard time helping her because I can’t relate. I’m trying to figure out how to not leave her and not put up with this anymore. Any suggestions would be helpful

    1. Hi Ken. I suggest that you look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:

      Moreover, our contributor Amanda Andruzzi, speaks from a personal experience as an ex-wife of an addict. Feel free to leave a comment on some of her articles, she will respond personally and promptly:

  18. Dear sir/Madam,My son is in jail for the lat 3 days and he had meth or even Heroin before going there ,what can I do now that he is coming out?
    Please help me .
    he is 30 years old.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  19. I have been using meth for a berry long time 18 years or so I have used for so long I eat and sleep and function like a normal person but without it I get sick and can’t get out of bed and get berry mean I want to stop but don’t wAnt to get sick or have to face my truths about my life I’m very afraid of them but I do not want my babies to grow and live in my world what do I do ps I won’t do rehab done it to Mandy times it never works

    1. Hi Kittie. You may want to call the helpline displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  20. Hi there….Im not a meth addict…but Adderall which is damn near the same thing. I have been off for 2 and a half years. The thing that scares me the most is that I have this very very abnormal sensation in the back and right side of my head. It feels like there’s basically a giant bubble full of water in my head. Nobody else seems to share this symptom…and Ive gotten brain scans which came back normal. I really don’t know what to think anymore. Please tell me someone knows what Im going through…I don’t know how it can be anything else other than withdrawal…and I was only on Adderall consistently for maybe a year and a half….

  21. My daughter is with me she is drug free for 10 days now, she’s hearing voices in her head telling her to do things, she has a 2 yr old and 3 yr old, they all live with me, is she safe to be around her children? She stole her dad’s car last night, left the 3 yr old on her sisters porch and took the 2 yr old, several hours later she returned. We were trying to do this on our own

    1. Hi Wendy. Hearing voices is a serious sign that she may become dangerous to herself as well as to her kids. She needs appropriate treatment. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  22. My significant other and I were using meth I backslid after 3, Feb 2017. My girl been using a yr or more.. need to quit so trying cold at a time.
    She has sweats hot cold flashes white lips shaking etc. What to do any ansers

    1. Hi Tania. Meth withdrawal can be harsh and severe. That’s why experts recommend to quit meth under medical supervision. So, I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a suitable rehab program just for you.

  23. I was on meth for six years ,and I’ve been clean since November first 2016 but I got clean cold turkey and I need help on stopping the hot sweats , grindng my teeth and spacing out and feeling distant and caint keep anything down, and my memory sucks, please help …

    1. Hi Brittany. Congratulations on your sobriety! Have you considered counseling sessions and/or group meetings for emotional support? I also suggest that you consult with a doctor about your issues.

  24. I have consumed meth for 3 days in a row and now em feeling anxiety that i am going to die through a heart attack as i am getting the symptoms like red eyes (they wont go after using eye drops as well), body pain( back and chest) i feel like lightheadedness. Is it really meth withdrawal or i need a doctor??

    1. Hi Makarand. The sumptoms you’ve listed are some of meth withdrawal symptoms. If you don’t feel well, see a doctor.

    1. Hi Cesar. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant. The number is free, confidential, and available 24/7.

  25. I am 62 female and have been injecting meth for about 8 months, every day. I was depressed and tried it. I liked it so I gradually went from snorting ND putting it in my Diet Coke to shooting it up. I have had six abcesses and I really want to quit. The problem is 1. I’m on Medicade and 2 I have a trach in my throat due to scar tissue closing my airway up. Seems like no rehab will take me for those reasons. Now what?

    1. Hi Connie. One option for a referral for low-cost addiction treatment is to call the 24-hour national helpline supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Call 1-800-662-HELP anytime.

      According to the Affordable Care Act insurance companies that offer mental health and addiction treatment coverage must do so at a rate and quality that is equal to other medical conditions. This means that your insurance company can’t charge you a higher copay for addiction treatment than it would for other types of medical conditions.

      The Affordable Care Act also attempts to expand state Medicaid programs, making more people eligible for this government assistance. However, some states are resisting this expansion, so it’s important to check with your state’s assistance office to determine if you qualify for Medicaid.

  26. Hey everyone me and some
    Friends were smoking most of yesterday and it was good shit but it’s been 10 hours since we’ve used last and I’m still having issues breathing… what should I do?

  27. I am looking for help. There are neighbors that are heavy drug users and its been affecting our lives, as the smell is as around their apartment as well as can be felt in our apartment and there’s a child leaving with us. Plus they’ve been harassing us as well. Seems like they’re not small drug dealers themselves, with drugs stashed in secret compartments all over the apartment. They’re relentless. Need help dealing with this situation. Anyone can help?Suggest what to do?

  28. My son who was recently incarcerated for 90days came out and began using meth after 2 days. He has done both crack cocaine and heroin previously but is afraid and will not use heroin due to many overdoses in our area. Is it possible for him to detox on his own. He would like to go to intensive out patient counseling program. What are your thoughts.

  29. Hello my son needs help he 33 years an has an addiction to meth and heroin and today he been up for three days in a row hearing voices talking to people that’s not there Its been a rough hard day he needs to sleep but what can i do to make him sleep this nightmare off so I can have my son back ! we tried out pt.programs In pt.wont take him because he has Med.and Medicare they wanted us to bill both insurance and pay out of pocket to ! What should I do?
    Thanks Mechelle

    1. Hi Mechelle. Call the number you see on our website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help your son find a program that fits his needs.

  30. Hi, I was using meth for 1 year now I quit meth for 1 year and 5 months I still have teeth clenching and confusion and poor concentration what can I do with that please is there a cure I’m tired

  31. Hi i need help im almost in my 5th week of meth withdrawal and im experiencing chest pains. is it part of the witdrawal symptoms. how can i cure it? pls help.

    1. Hi Ken. If the chest pains are very worrisome to you, I suggest you seek help from your doctor. Maybe there is something that can be done to prevent this symptom. And, yes, it is possible that the chest pains are a side-effect from withdrawal.

    1. Hello Rob. Can you maybe take some time off from work and focus on recovery? If you must continue working, I’d suggest you rely on the lessons and advises given to you during your psychotherapy and counseling sessions.

  32. Is it possible for a person to be hot for meth when they had physical contact or when they were in the same room when others smoked it. And they didn’t touch it?

    1. Hi Janice. Meth smoke can get easily dispersed through closed spaces, and you may have passively ingested some. But, there is no way you have formed addiction to it, and are now feeling “hot for meth”. That’s called curiosity and it can lead you to serious trouble.

  33. hi, my sibling is withdrawing from meth.. I don’t know if it’s still being used or not, but he is not himself.. Very agitated and defensive. I know he needs help.. But how do I get him to want to get the help.

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