How does meth work?

Meth works as a stimulant by changing the way the body processes chemicals in the central nervous system. More on the effects that meth has on the body, brain, and nervous system here.

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Meth is a highly addictive substance that affects both the body and the brain. In fact, meth addictive properties make it one of the most targeted drugs in the U.S. today. We explain how meth works below and what some of its effects can be in both the short-term and the long-term. Then, we welcome any questions or comments you may have about meth in the comments section below.

How does meth work in the body?

Meth is a stimulant that affects the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system. Meth changes the way the body processes certain chemicals that act as communicators between nerve cells and brain cells, which are called “neurotransmitters.” The neurotransmitter most affected by meth use is dopamine. Dopamine, in particular, gets released in large quantities when you use meth. Dopamine is associated with feelings of pleasure and reward, and creates a sense of euphoria in the user known as a “rush.” During this rush, heart rate, blood pressure, and libido increase an intense feeling of well-being.

How long amphetamines in the system depend on what it is you’re taking.   But, effects of meth usually wear out within a day, or so.  During a meth binge, a post-rush phase known as “tweaking” can occur. When you tweak on meth, euphoria is replaced with possible paranoia, irritability, hallucination, and delusion. Since meth quickly depletes the body’s dopamine supply, users can experience a period of depression or “crash.” During a crash, meth users experience depression and fatigue.

How does meth affect the brain and nervous system?

Meth can have many long-lasting effects on the brain. In fact, chronic use of meth can permanently alter how the brain processes memories and emotions, leading to mood disturbances, paranoia, violent behavior, and symptoms consistent with psychosis. Long-term abuse can also damage motor skills.

How fast or quickly does meth work?

Meth works very quickly when smoked or injected, with effects felt almost immediately. After oral ingestion, meth effects occur more slowly but last longer.

How long does meth work?

How long meth works varies depending on method of administration. The effects of meth can last between four and eight hours, and residual effects may last as long as twelve hours. After effects of binge meth use can last for several days and can lead to meth cravings.

What makes meth work better?

Meth creates a pretty long lasting and intense high on its own. As tolerance develops, users may seek ways to intensify their high. Because meth already puts great strain on the heart and circulatory system, mixing meth with other drugs is dangerous and can lead to overdose.

Does meth work for everyone?

Like any substance, not all who use meth recreationally become addicted to it. However, illicit meth as well as it’s medical version – Desoxyn bear a high addictive potential. The crash after a meth binge causes the user to seek more meth to offset those negative effects. As tolerance to meth increases, users take more and take it more often.

Furthermore, long term abuse of meth can take a great toll on the body, leading to skin lesions, tooth decay, and sometimes stroke or heart attack. Because meth also increases sex drive and decreases inhibition, it can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases.

However there is hope! Learn more about meth addiction, finding the best meth (Desoxyn) addiction treatment program for you, what does the rehab process look like, and aftercare options. Help is available TODAY.

How does meth work questions

If you have any questions about how meth works, or would like to share any feedback, please do so in the comments section below. We will try to get back to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Meth amphetamine has been linked to all this bad in the world but some day someone will change that n the world will stop seeing only what history teaches them to look for. a different truth. N free people are not really free n fear is the actual killer. But the drug does not tame fear so meth with always destroy n never build. don’t do it it’s really bad…

  2. If I have a drug test wed should I request a mouth swab would I have a better chance of passing it than a urine test if I drank 8- 10 bottles of water for the next 2 days can I pass a test

  3. I hope you can help me. If a toxicology report reflects 0.89 micrograms/mL of Methamphetamine in system, would that more than likely reflect drug use from several days prior or use of the same hour of death? I havent been able to find anyone who can give me an answer to that question so hopefully you can. I know the person had used two days prior but was trying to quit and ended up dying. There was meth in system but i knew there would be from couple days prior but dont know how to determine if it was used the hour of his death as some suspect. Thank you in advance for you taking the time to answer my question.

  4. Please send me Health updates and information in regard to meth. Im looking for help for my friend, but he’s slightly reluctant. Im just looking to change his mind with facts. Please and thank you. MIKE

    1. Hi Mike. Here you can find a variety of information about meth and meth addiction issues:
      Also, you can consider checking out some rehab options. You may call the helpline you see on the website to talk with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a treatment program that fits your friend’s needs.

  5. I have a family member who is an off and on “just for fun” user and I would like to know what amount or time span is considered chronic use?

  6. I keep reading About meth and Molly being pretty much the same thing. If someone has been snorting Molly-meth( at least that’s what it’s thought to be) , and I’ve ready that using this stuff will cause ppl to pick there skin till they bleed and hallucinations, and an enhanced labido, then why haven’t I seen the person doing any of that?? And what are thoughts about snorting molly- meth on a daily basis ( doing 8-10 lines a day)for alertness and focus?? Another question, if crystal meth and meth , Molly are different, why does the Molly I’ve seen in powder form mostly come in Crystals?

  7. Why has it been 26 hours since the meth was last taken and nothing is getting better can you still ode it was 1000 H result in amphetamine

  8. 1. If a 165lb man was said to have 1200ngs in his system, would he able to walk a long block?

    2. Can meth be injected under the nails, and if so, would it be evident during an autopsy?

  9. If i did ice on friday night, some on saturday and Sunday…will i still be able to pass a drug test on Thursday, if i keep on a water & sweat diet?

  10. Worried about my daughter! She’s 48yrs old has had drinking problem but she’s doesn’t seem to be drinking. She’s exhibiting all that I’ve just read meth! So sad but we’re not sure.

  11. I used meth for about three days only like 2 points in those three days of injecting I have heartburn and sore throat amd blurred vision and sore all over with high temp should I seek medical attention or will be okay

  12. What happens when using meth a Norco. I fill as if my friend is in trouble he’s getting headaches, blurred vision, diszy and and tyerd.

    1. Hi The Joker. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  13. It’s baffling to me that no matter how much information i have, no matter how many meetings i go to, i just cave when my addiction calls. it seems to me that I need to be somewhere where meth is unattainable (good luck ). When it comes down to it, I am more willing to use than not to use.

  14. Hi..Please everyone there’s no other way we can do to stop using meths but to humble ourselves and pray..God is the only ANSWER for all problems…there’s nothing impossible to problems too big.for him… only two ways we can choose is either Jesus or Satan…God can hear and answer our prayers…love and God bless you all.

  15. My message is to Melissa⬇the very first comment. First & foremost if you really have to ask that question…”How many days to give a clean drug test?” Then you probably shouldn’t be using in the first place. But seeing how I’m not God & I have absolutely NO RIGHT to judge anyone on their habit/s or addiction/s or how they decide to deal with this thing called “Life” (Where moreso than not, most of us have been dealt a pretty shi**y one by far!), I will tell you what I know. Not only from personal experience (Not that I’m a user but because the drug was injected into me while I was having a seizure & instead of them killing me (as they were trying, they gave me enough to kill 10 people at the very least!) they actually saved my life!, my heart stopped (per normal) during my epileptic seizure & methamphetamine re-started my heart!! I’ve been getting drug tested for well over 10 years (for various reasons) & when the so called “friend’s” injected it into my vein it had been a week preyer to my doctors appointment. I was given the typical UA (Urine Analysis) and methamphetamine was in my system for 2 more weeks after the first doctors visit. Mind you it depends on a multiple of things including but not limited to… your immune system, how you ingest the drug, how often & how much you use, how much you weigh, what you eat & drink, your metabolism, what if any other medications you take on a non-daily or daily basis, also how the test is administered to you! I’ve seen (with friend’s & family) where they’ve been given/taken a blood drug test verses a urine sample & methamphetamine stays in your urine longer than it does your blood (testing wise)! If they were to do a root hair sample drug test then of course it stays in your hair follicle way longer than it does blood or urine. For urine it can range from 1 day to 21-24 days, for blood it can stay in your system from at the least 1 day at the most I’ve seen is 6 days, for hair (my root hair sample test went back 10 years) it depends on how long it takes your hair to grow. Mind you they cut at least 2 inches from the root up to 4-6 inches!! I hope this helps you Melissa & anyone else. If you would like me to answer any more question/s or comments please just reply/respond with @BabyGirl and I’ll respond ASAP. Mind you I’ve been around both cooks, dealers, users, binge users, habitual users, middle men, etc… I know a lot more than I’d like to know about the drug/s & the industry surrounding them. I too was diagnosed with ADHD & have long term effects from the Ritalin & refused to take it after a certain age. Now that I’m older (knowing I have Adult ADHD, but my epileptic seizures take the hyperactive disorder away) I am prescribed 30mg of Adderall 2xs a day but only take it when I really need to focus. I don’t like being able to focus most of the time because then thoughts from my childhood & things I blocked out come back. I’m sorry TMI. Anyways have a great day/night, I hope this helps all who needs it.

  16. Been using daily for a month, probably smoking about a tenth of a gram a day give or take a little. I’ll more likely than not have a urinalysis coming up in the next week or so. That’ll be at most 5 days before my first potential UA. With the frequency, duration and dosage I’ve been consuming how long would the drug usage be detectable do you think? I’ve already stopped using earlier today and won’t have any problems staying sober for the next 3 weeks while away on official duty. Just hoping my moment of weakness won’t ruin my life further

  17. Ever since i started using i swear i have been seeing alot of UFOs and it trips me out i like the feeling i get from using and get excited for the nights to come back for another chance to see activity but i really shouldnt have started it and i have the will power to quit but im just not ready to just yet.. I strongly recommend you tell others not to pick up the habit that would be 1 thing positive we can do as meth heads

  18. Jumping to the conclusion that meth causes depression is not discussed by any studies. Depression is natural after something as simple as seeing your parents fight or losing a pet.
    Getting or being depressed while using the drug seems like what could cause the addiction. I hope you understand how simple it is to create a habit such as coffee or a sugar rush. Not being able to accomplish something is also another way to get depressed or angry. Depending on the spiritual behavoir of the person. Mercy is one behavior that if not developed or aware of, or practiced enough or strengthened. A loving behavior was not understood… Inhereted their fathers sins

  19. My friend hasn’t done meth for 20 years but last week he was a fool and let his niece talk him into doing some. Did it every day for 5 days. How long do you think it would stay in his system? He smoked it a couple times and snorted some. He didn’t do a lot in those 5 days but he’s worried because he has a urinalysis coming up in 5 days for a very important job interview.

  20. Ive smoked meth for a year. At first it was okay. Now it just makes me tired. Its the 18th of nov and i see the judge on the 29th of nov to address my positive ua. Im tired of this drug. Ive read what it does and its horrible. Will i pass if tested on 29th? Meth is not the same as it was a year ago when i started smoking it. I feel tired. It has not so far left me with sores, bad teeth or tweaking. Is it cuz my tolerance is higher? Whats going on in my body?

    1. Hi Nicole. Meth has dangerous and harming effects on almost every organ in the body. You may find out more here:

      Usually, meth stays in the system and can be detected in urinalysis drug tests 1-4 days after use. But chronic use can extended this detection period. If you want to learn more about drug testing, download our free e-book:

  21. Hi I took a huge bong toke of Meth and I started feeling really weird I’ve done meth for a long time before and now I just hit it every so often but this time it was different. I started feeling really dizzy my head started spinning, I also got really hot and started sweating, I could see the whole room it’s like everything seemed to become enlarged and it was a whole lot clearer to me and I also got really sleepy I’m not sure what happened but I’ve never had this happen to me before after smoking it please tell me why this could happen I am scared I thought it was laced with something I feel really weird and strange and IDK what to do I was just sitting still for a long time. I only took one big hit so I didn’t smoke to much I’ve smoked days before this almost everyday but only a few hits I know my limit and then I hit it today October 16th 2016 just once andget like this never happened before in my whole time of smoking it and I was highly addicted to it from the age 16-20 and I’ve never had this feeling before. If anyone could please tell me why this happened it would be greatly appreciated I’m still trying to let the feeling pass and it’s been almost 20 minutes it’s really scaring me what should I do..

  22. I really want to get off this before I die I don’t do it every day but it seems like every other day I’m getting high please someone help

    1. Hi Sam. If you are looking for addiction treatment, call our trusted treatment hotline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you.

  23. If i smoked meth a small amount,like a 20 a day,but i did it for over a year,when will i be able to pass urine drug test? I am done OMG AM I DONE but it has been a month and the tests i have bought are showing up positive. of course they are positive for a bunch of stuff Ive NEVER done. But my doc is goin g to test me and i totally havt touched it. Does this make sense? I know i am and need to pay for my past ways. I dont expect sympathy, just should I expect many more months of positives

  24. I wondering if there is a way I can know more detail or if you knew of a site resource online for more detailed temanology… To doctors status on that. Thank you so much!!!

  25. My friend is on Meth. I’m so worried about him . He’s lost so much weight . He was 185 and all muscle. Now he’s really skinny.. he won’t stop. I promise not to tell him family. What do I need to do.

  26. If I was smoking meth for over a week straight every day less than a quarter gram a day , how long do you think it will take to get out of my system ? I have a very fast metabolism and I’m 17 years old weigh 117 5’6

    1. Hi Jessica. Smoked crystal meth can take anywhere from 3-5 days to clear from your urine. The detection period for blood and saliva is about 12 hours since your last use. Meth can stay detectable in your hair the longest – up to 90 days after use or longer.

  27. It’s Sunday afternoon yesterday I smoked meth from 4 in the afternoon till 3 this morning then did Coke till 7 this morning then also Wednesday I smoked meth from 4 in afternoon till 10 in morning Thursday, and the Sunday before late at night till 1 in the afternoon Monday I have a drug test in about a week when will it be out of my urine and how can I help get it out faster I am 21 180 lbs 6″1

  28. My son of 35 died December 8 2015 of a meth. overdose. My son had done pain pills off and on sinse he was a teenager . He lived with me off and on. I’m his mom. Never saw him act like a meth. addict. He also had alprazalam in his system. It was a shock to everyone. I wish they could get this stuff off the street; by the way they said it was pure. I had to look that up because I didn’t know what that meant. I pray for everyone addicted! My son left a 10 year old son.:( I muss him so much. I feel so helpless

  29. Ok I’m no hypocrite but one drug is DEFINATELY no different than the other, but I’m telling you now I’ve been on meth since I was 16 ((was the head cheerleader prom queen nominee & did good in school)). One day I had to move down to a small town in the middle of nowhere outside Houston to go see my father.
    I started hanging out with these new people, my new ‘friends’ I had met at the small high school -they introduced me to all kinds of drugs from Coke to ecstacy acid pills crack even shrooms and angel dust, I had gotten “wet” from a sweet dipped in embalming fluid.. None really turned me on -/-Besides weed-/- once I tried meth I got hooked.. I fell I love with my own personal monster with the similar name ~~”friends”then started to call me CrystalMeth as a nickname~cause my initials were the same)
    I started light ..doing lines,eating it, then started hot railing it and shooting it into my ass with a baby meds cyringe and FINALLY shooting up (IV Use).. But that didn’t last long EVEN THO IT WAS MY FAVORITE WAY TO GET HIGH AFTER JUST DOING IT 1 time.. I could not conflict pain on myself, EVERYTIME ID go to push the needle in I’d shake so bad! So I had to have a guy with me at all times we became the best of friends cause he used cause it helped him with PTSD & he had then became my new bff cause he was my pusher.

    ALL THE HORROR STORIES YOU HEAR ABOUT MAKING YOUR TEETH FALL OUT & SHRUG OFF THINKIN “yeah that shit happens to other people but I brush my teeth all the time & can eat on it”.. DONT DO IT!! My teeth are rotten at the bottom and I brushed and garbled EVERYTIME I used (smoked snorted etc) it don’t matter! You tend to lose track of time on this drug, causing dry mouth, tongue liaisons ulcers on side of cheek and terrible chapped lips..(Yeah the damage woulda been more rapidly deteriorating if you don’t brush or drink water) my gums are gone from under my tongue.. Dentures DONT fix the gum problem!! **gonna interrupt a minute cause it made me think of s commercial I saw when I was younger.. The kids would say :
    “I want to be a astronaut when I grow up” & “I want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up” (girls voice).. Then a cut away to some very unhealthy skinny nasty teeth woman & she says “No one ever says I want to be a Junky when I grow up”!! Drugs are bad! Point blank period! Straight up!
    IVE DONE EM ALL!! Even was in a 2 week Coma from an accidental overdose of Tylenol and methadone. My own dad was going to pull the plug until my husband prayed over my bed that night. Turns out I woke up that same am which was EASTER Sunday! God raised me from my slumber, leaving me with major nerve damage in my left leg & epilepsy.
    I wish I could tell you it’s not addicting that I’m not still addicted and I can stop when ever, but this is worse than any drug out there cause once u r all out of meth you age backwards and you have EVEN LESS energy than before you started. When I was using I could not stop didn’t want to and didn’t care, he’ll the people I was hanging out with didn’t have their teeth ALREADY so I figured I was still good. All this shit can’t be good,.
    ~Meth Mouth ~Lock Jaw ~Grinding Teeth ~chapped lips and tounge (from smacking or taking all night), picking at your face/body .. My thing was I had to clean my house while ideas on it, so I made THAT my excuse to use!! I didn’t have any my house was a WRECK! Gimmie a few hours and a few grams and it’d be spotless.
    This is my fate my choice I played the hand I was dealt and I made the worst decision
    .. Meth is NOT a good drug HAVE YOU ever seen a sexy ass lady meth addict who’s been up for a few days her eyes popped out of her head?
    It’s NOT a pretty picture. It’s like the febreeze commercials where the house smells like a big fish & the announcer says “you just had a fish dinner, you think it smells fine but your friends smell THIS! & it’s something Totally opposite of what u thought it was!! Haha! I’ve seen bathtub crank -an EVEN WORSE drug– being made, its just a bunch of household chemicals mixed together with some pills for allergies or coughs mixed together. So yeah want to try meth?
    lick the inside of your toilet first ((better yet the inner rim of a public restroom or urinal.. ))GROSS HUH?
    That’s what everyone else sees when you tell them what your into… That’s actually a lot healthier habit than meth!
    but I’m just a ex cheerleader/model/Dancer/wife/daughter/mom/teacher/author/ but MOST OF ALL..
    I’m Chrystal and IM AN ADDICT (sadly been in and out of rehab so I get high with a head ful of NA) it’s just NOT WORTH IT, I’m serious my teeth are falling out but fuck my teeth they have to do a skin graph to regrow all my gums under my tongue and behind my front BOTTOM teeth!! BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH & BRUSH SOME MORE!! I WaS ANAL ABOUT IT BUT ONE NIGHT AFTER SHOOTING UP ALL DAY MY TONGUE STARTED PULLING AWAY FROM MY TEETH,LITERALLY my gums were peeling away from my teeth..So fuckin painful & PHYSCHOLOGICALly damaging.. Zero TEETH EQUALS ZERO SELF ESTEEM!!
    BUT As long as I GOT MY METH I’ll be fine.. I’m STILL the sexiest one out of my group of no teeth having friends of mine! But THATS WHAT THE MONSTER WANTS!! Just you and the drug. He makes everything better UNTIL you run out! Then your in an even WORSE frame of mind and body then before!
    Just LET IT GO!! Don’t Put nothing in!! JUST SAY NO! Or say yes & get ready for one hell of a ride & jail time and loneliness! I’m still working on my addiction but I’m doing a lot better (I’m now on the methadone program-for pain pill addiction- but they Piss test me EVERY MONTH RANDOMLY so as long as I got this As a leash I’ll be ok!
    If you get approached just turn the other way and if it’s UOUR “friends” offering it! They aren’t your true friends!

  30. Hello , this is a little confusing but I was smoking on Monday with a couple of friends and I asked them what is it there like its crAck ok anyways I do it but it kept me up all night till Tuesday night at midnight around 2 so wenesday I tired to sleep and I did I got up around 9 in the moring on wenesday and took a shower and couldn’t eat for none I’m like what’s wrong with me, anyways I push my self to eat and drink water , so called friends calls me like u trying to chill so I went and we do the same and I Asked them again they said its the same crack, ok so we smoke wenesday after noon till Thursday like 12
    After noon so I pushed my self I was like Ima go
    Sleep, so I called one of my other buddy’s and I’m telling him so
    Around 2 I fall asleep and I get up around 4 and this girl call me to
    Go to the store with her I’m like ok let’s go
    We go , and we talking she goes I gotta ask u sum I’m like what ? She goes do u know what u smoked ? I’m like yah crack right she
    Goes no u smoked meth I’m like nah u playing she swear watever .. So now I’m all stressd and scared so we go back I go to the bathroom and and go on google and see what’s up so it tells to take
    Showers and to eat more and drink.a lot of water so I am !! So
    I take a shower and everything , I eat I push my self to
    Eat and drink water so it’s going good..BUT SINCE ITS MY FIRST LIKE I DIDNT HAVE THE FEELING TO
    STILL BAD FOR YOU AND TEETH.. But I need help now…!

    What is going to happen ? Like is my face going to brake out or teeth or anything !! Please comment and tell me !! Thank u

  31. Last week my friend told me a magical drug …. I snoted 4-5 line … ate nothing for 3 days … drank liters of water …… no sleep …. I got so frustrated … now I m neva gonna do meth again … good news is I’ll never do chemical in my life again … bcoz meth is soooo bad .. pls dont do it … only a man who have done it can tell u … pls dont do it even once ….

  32. I am a recovering, and sadly relapsing, addict of meth. I was strung out bad on it about 2 years ago, and up until a couple weeks ago I was clean and sober. I was recently asked if I could pass a drug test if asked to take one for personal family reasons. I was an avid shooter before, but only snort it now. I’m just wondering if anyone knows about how long the drug will stay in my system if I only snort at most 3 small lines a day. I’ve only had 1 today and it was about 4pm. I’m not sure when my drug test will be, if I actually have one, but I’m not doing any more for now, at least until I have the drug test. Can anyone help me out with some answers please?

  33. My fiance swallowed a gram of meth never done it before in his life it’s a long story on why he did this but what signs do I need to look for? What can I do for him at home please email me back hope u have a blessed day

    1. Hello Starr. Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert, get advise on what to do next and what are the possible risks.

  34. I have not read yet the many other ways illegal method use destroys us. I am a second generation drug addict. While I have been clean for almost 8 years after using method among other narcotics for 8 years, my mother and sister still use method. My mother was very absent from our lives due to her method use, and it continue to rob families, destroying logical thinking, reasoning beyong primitive thought as expressed in on of the previous comments, and currently my 56 year old mother has begun to show strong consistent signs of scitizophrenia from long term use. Her actions have lead to permenant damage and I will be forced to experience it and watch her suffer. The use of meth is nothing to play with and should be handeled as if the devil is trying to destroy your life. Get away, get help, take it seriously.

  35. ADHD is real and something ive struggled with forever. Have been diagnosed with ADD since I was a little kid. I have been Taking Adderall for years and without it I wouldn’t have been able to focus enough to pass high school (manly math). My doctor is very open minded and understanding and we need more people like this to treat people with true ADD/ADHD. Have been going to the same psychiatrist for years and he’s absolutely awesome! I’m currently enrolled in full time school (never thought I could be) and I’m perfectly fine. ADHD is real. Anyone who disagrees needs to read up on their scientific psychiatric literature and studies!

  36. no meth is that great cause normal a,fetame can’t cross the brainbarrier easily, meth can walk through, that’s the difference, so the high is highhh, more effective and well , ain’t shit to f*ck with. And the list of teethproblems comes from poor hygiene, not the meth. Never cleaning youself on a propably poor sugarfree dieet and too few calcium etc intake , makes your teeth , well fall out?… But the meth ain’t doing it, besides destroying live, brain , life. and fast. Heroine ain’t toxic at all, they have or had teethproblems, but they nearly feed themselves and hygiene is low. But the heroine nearly damages cells, coke and alcohol are way more toxic.

  37. My boyfriend has been using since before we’ve got together. I came from a family who abused the drug and swore to myself I wouldn’t ever be with someone who used. I’ve cried to him countless times. He refuses to seek help but wants to overcome this by himself after using for 3 years. His bursts of outrage, paranoia, false accusations, and inability to trust me are ruining the relationship, not just between he and I but both of our families. I’ve seen him crash for a whole day. Told him I’d stick by his side through it and he couldn’t handle the withdraws so he went back. He wakes up in the morning hits a fat line, then another around noon. Before he comes to bed he takes a zanex to be able sleep with me. I need to know the affects the dope and bar could have on him. Especially considering one is an up and the other is a downer.

  38. Hi Subhan. Crystal methamphetamine is a dangerous and powerful drug. At first it acts as a stimulant to the brain, but destroys the body and is associated with many serious health conditions.

    It’s highly addictive and many users report being hooked on meth from the first use. So you might want to seriously consider NEVER using it again. Science shows it’s develops one of the hardest drug addictions, has many psychological and physical side effects, and in many cases, unfortunately, meth use has fatal consequences.

  39. Hi, I started using meth a week ago and I am afraid that I’ll get addicted to it. I just inhale 2-4 fat lines of it. Will I get affected or addicted? …when it’s over i feel like using more of it, but I control myself, and I can be without it.

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