How to withdraw from morphine

The best way to withdraw from morphine is under medical supervision. More on tapering protocol, as well as what to expect during morphine withdrawal here.

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Morphine is the gold standard among opioid analgesics for relieving chronic, excruciating pain. Unfortunately, morphine is also highly addictive. So how do you approach physical and morphine dependence during withdrawal?

Here, we review the basics of withdrawal from morphine: how long will morphine withdrawal take, what can you expect to feel , and how you can deal with the discomfort. Find out how you can withdraw safely from morphine here. Then, we invite your questions about morphine withdrawal, symptoms of morphine addiction or how to help morphine addiction at the end.

When do you withdraw from morphine?

Morphine withdrawal occurs any time you drastically reduce doses of morphine after you develop a period of dependence. Morphine is as potentially addictive a substance as heroin. It isn’t weakness of will or character that a person feels a craving for the drug; morphine is highly addictive – the brain as well as the body develops a dependence upon it.

How long it takes for a person to become physically dependent on morphine and how quickly they may start experiencing the withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person. Anyone who has been taking morphine regularly and over a long period of time could develop morphine dependence so that when they stop taking the drug, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms literally within hours.

How long to withdraw from morphine?

How long does morphine stay in the body? For about a couple of days. Typically, morphine withdrawal symptoms can start within hours of taking the last dose, though the severity and duration of withdrawal from morphine differs in each individual. Symptoms may show up at or a little before the time that the next dose would have been due.

Some of the worst symptoms may be experienced about 2 – 4 days after stopping the drug. And symptoms tedn to peak about 72 hours into detox. So it is recommended that a tapering of the dosage over 10 days may help to ease the process of withdrawal.

Can I withdraw from morphine at home?

It is possible to withdraw from morphine at home, particularly if you have the support and help of close friends and family. However it could be difficult because the withdrawal symptoms can be quite troublesome – severe flu like symptoms, sweating, chills, tremors, anxiety, depression, loose stools, vomiting, stomach cramps, various aches and pains. During the withdrawal stage it may be very appealing to start using again.

It may help to take the advice medical experts who can draft a plan for safe tapering of morphine doses over a week or ten days. A physician or a specialist may also prescribe certain medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms and help with detox.

Withdraw from morphine symptoms

Withdrawal from morphine can feel like a bad bout of flu. Those who have been prescribed morphine for pain management frequently experience flu like symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, chills, coughing, body ache, loss of appetite, nausea etc when they finish their prescribed course of morphine doses. There could also be hot flashes, muscle twitching, dizziness and general feeling of being unwell. Panic attacks, feelings of anxiety and depression, insomnia and changes in appetite are also commonly seen.

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from morphine

Prescriptions such as buprenorphine, methadone, naltrexone, clonidine can help ease the physical symptoms of morphine withdrawal. It is important to drink plenty of fluids to replenish water lost by way of sweating, diarrhea, vomiting and the flu symptoms. Over-the-counter medications or treatments like NSAIDs, hot pads, hot creams, or massage oill can also help. In addition, you could try some alternative therapies; principally to help center and focus your energies on recovery from morphine addiction. Here are some general guidelines in how to ease morphine withdrawal.

Emotional support

Speak to a spiritual or religious leader in your community for guidance and support.

Herbal medications

If you’re thinking of using any herbal medications for the detox or withdrawal phases, clear them with your attending physician first. This is to rule out the possibility of drug interactions. Also do not presume that a formulation is safe simply because they use words such as ‘herbal’, or ‘all natural’ on the package.

Mind-body treatments

  • Meditation can help center the mind and is also seen to be an effective relaxation aid.
  • Mind-body disciplines such as yoga or tai chi can also help a person as they undergo physical and mental stresses.
  • Therapies such as acupuncture and aromatherapy can also help reduce stress.
  • Massage from a licensed therapist can help to ease body ache and promote feelings of wellbeing.

Nutritional supplements

If you are unable to eat normal food because of the nausea or appetite changes consider taking nutritional supplements. Take your doctor’s advice about multivitamins and also consider diet modifications not only to combat the withdrawal symptoms but also to improve overall health and wellbeing.

How to withdraw from morphine safely

Tapering off morphine use is usually preferable to going off it cold turkey. Going off a drug suddenly can cause severe withdrawal symptoms and increase chances of relapse. So reduce the dose as well as the frequency of dosage gradually. What works best for each individual may vary, but phasing the tapering off period over about a week or two weeks can be quite effective. Remember never to lower dosage more than 50% at a time.

The best way to withdraw from morphine

Detoxification, even in a phased manner is not the only constituent of treatment for morphine addiction. Relapse after the detox phase is distressingly common. The ultimate aim is not only to achieve a drug free state, but also to help a person regain full functionality and reintegration into the community.

It is important to detect and treat underlying psychological problems that may be fueling the harmful addictive behaviors. So a psychosocial approach that involves one or one, group or family therapy and addiction support groups may be very useful not just during the withdrawal but also later on, to remain drug free. So it is best to take a holistic approach to overcoming morphine addiction.

How to deal with withdrawal from morphine questions

If you have any questions with regard to morphine addiction, the withdrawal symptoms of morphine, about morphine detox and about remaining drug free, do not hesitate to write in to us. We will respond personally to any questions or comments that you have – feel free to share using the comment form below.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Due to debilitating headaches caused by meningitis I have been on a high dose morphine regimen for 10 years. My pain Doctor retired and the new doctor is so afraid to give out morphine he cut me cold turkey off a 600 mg a day morphine. For 10 years I had quality of life, now I have withdrawal and 24 hour a day migraines. I am 73, never took more than the Doctor ordered. I have contacted my retired doctor and he said this could be dangerous. Now I am without quality of life. I wish PEOPLE would understand that some people need opioids. I am at the end of my rope.

  2. Hi
    I have been prescribed morphine sulphate now for 2 years along with oralmorph and zapain which is codeine. I am waiting for surgery so my pain is beyond words I can explain. I went to a chronic pain clinic who have said my body has become used to morphine so does not work for the pain that it was originally precibed for. I was asked to reduce it by 1 tablet per month to start. But I am trying to reduce it more. I didn’t realise that now I’m a addict, which has really broken my heart as I never liked drugs. Although I’m still in a lot of agony am I only now taking this morphine because my mind and body wants it ? I’m so confused about all of this.

  3. My husband has decided to stop this morphine after being on it for over 20 years. He wants to do it in 2 weeks. He has 1 month of meds . He has 60 of 60mgs and 120 15 mgs he would like to titrate off In 2 to 3 weeks. He understands by doing this there could possibly be leftovers which he will flush. What would be a good titrate schedule to do this he is ready to take back his life.

    1. Hi Lisa. I suggest that your husband consult with your doctor to help him plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  4. I’ve been on morphine for 17 years I doctor has had me on 600 mg of morphine a day three 200 mg Time released and I’ve also been on a hundred and eighty Viking on some month 610 mg vicodin a day and I want to get off but the withdrawals are bad I’ve withdrawal the few times and the longest I’ve went was 8 days and it was physically at first and then it was mental I don’t think I could do it again it’s very hard and I’m 57 years old

    1. Troy. I have been on morphine for over 20 years and like you have been on high doses. It has taken me over 3 years to taper and I am almost off it now. I urge you to see a doctor and to wean slowly.

  5. I was on 30mg morphine DR twice per day. I have successfully reduced my daily quota to one 30mg per day. Can I cut my 30mg in half to wein myself to 15mg………and eventually to 0?

  6. I have a question.
    I have been taking the same pain meds for over 6 years. Morphine 2x day (30m ex) and
    Percocet 3x day (7.5m ~4-6hrs).
    I recently moved from Nevada to Arizona. I saw my new pain doc on Monday. Told me he could not prescribe morphine if I was driving (I’m a single mom, so obv I drive), it was the LAW. Said my MRIs and discogram were too old (8 yrs) so I need new ones. I am ok with that part.
    He refilled my precocet. But NOT my morphine. I am worried I will go through withdrawals after so many years on the drug. Will taking my 3 percocets a day help with withdrawals? He didn’t mention withdrawing at all. Will I just be in a lot of pain? I have scoured the internet but cannot find any law about prescribing morphine to people who drive. I’m not sure if this doc was a quack or what! Should I look for another doc asap??

  7. Ive been on high doses of morphine for 5-6 yrs im 55 my doctor lost his pain nanag licence i went to get my scripts o. 7-24-2018 they told me he couldn’t write my scripts gave me a sheet with numbers to call i have alot of health problems and allergic to alot and get pancreatitis alot and an advocate is helping me find a doc im scared she said its dangerous for my health and someone needs to write me one even wkly till find a pmanagment doc its crazy that something like that could happen im afraid when i run out she said fir me to get to er and tell them soneone needs to write one till they get me lined up what can i expect after beying on it so long and i get pancreatitis and im afraid i will have one please help me understand the withdrawals ive never been out i dont abuse them and its neglect as ny advicate said what can i do to get prepared for these withdrawals im scared i wish they put me in hospital ive done nothing wrong but i dont want the withdrawal thing and bed ridden again please help me get prepared today my birthday and I’m 55 how can this happen

  8. I am a 64 year old severely disabled lady, I have been taking Zoromorph since my accident in 2003. I take 220mg daily – however a GP in my surgery wants to cut my intake down to half that amount giving his reasons that anything over 60mg twice a day would be ineffective. He is very young and admittedly I do worry about his reasons. I used to be under my local hospice who were treating my pain but sadly my pain management consultant passed away 3 years ago and since that time nobody has been caring for my pain which has forced me to buy over the counter CoCodamol tablets to supplement the pain I am in daily. I suppose my main worries will be the amount of pain I would be in and the withdrawal symptoms, because one time when my Zoromorph was delivered 2 hours late, I went into full cold turkey mode! Also I live on my own and being on Zoromorph for 15 years now, I thought I would have to be monitored in hospital by doctor’s who are experienced in pain management? Please could you advise me? I would be much appreciated if you could.

    Kind regards

  9. I have been taking 15 mgs a day of morphine for a few weeks. Will I go through withdrawals off that little bit?

  10. Glen, I was on 210 mg of morphine a day. I went thru withdraws and had diarra for what seemed like 2 weeks. You can do it. It’s hard and at some point you dont think you can make it but you can. Every increase in my morphine caused more pain, I was using a power chair and now I dont even use a cane. The morphine caused me to be hypersensitive to pain. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it can happen. After i went thru the withdrawals I was still in a lot of pain so i went back on morphine but just 15mg a day and I’m a lot better now. Morphine can help with pain but our body gets used to it so more is needed, it’s a terrible way to live. I only take one pill a day in the mornings and have small amounts of withdrawals by the next moring but the pain is tolerable usless I do something I shouldn’t do. Best of luck for everyone, I’m praying for you all.

  11. I’ve been taking ms 30mg for about 5 years how long does it take to go through the worst of the withdrawal? I’ve heard mostly a week from people but I just need peace of mind that it’s not going to take weeks because I’m not sure I can take that. I’m a single mom with no help.

  12. I’ve been on 30 mg more time release twice a day for 6 days I stopped it and still taking oxycodone was that long enough to Carlsbad withdrawals from stopping

  13. I have had chronic pain from lumbar scoliosis and sciatica for the past 15 years. I was started on hydrocodone 10/325 4x/day and then after a failed implant surgery to percocet 10/325 and morphine ir 15mg 4 x per day which comes out to 100mg opiate equivalent per day. Last year, I decided to start tapering my dosage due to severe constipation and tolerance. Also because of the opiate crisis and possibility that the government may force my pain mgmt doc to discontinue my meds. Plus, I just want to be free of those monthly appointments and drug screens and worry about keeping those meds all the time. I am now down to 35mg total per day, taking 2 percocets and 1 morphine IR per day. Since I’ve been tapering slowly, I haven’t had any big withdrawal effects other than the insomnia is INSANE. I sleep about 3 hours a night and then take maybe a 15 minute nap during the day. This insomnia goes on for about 2 weeks until I get used to the new dosage reduction. Once I get used to it, I taper some more. Usually about 20%. I am hoping to be free of these devils by the end of the year or before my doctor says “no more.” I haven’t really noticed much increased pain as a result of my tapering. Just the same which I am trying alternative ways of dealing with such as CBD. I REFUSE to go on suboxone or methodone. Those would be substitutes and I would still have the monkey on my back. So, I am just taking my time. I hope my post helps someone else who has been on a high dose (100mg or more). Tapering is possible if you do it slow!

  14. I am collateral damage from this “War on Opiates” (which I firmly believe should be refocused and renamed “War on Illegal Chinese Fentanyl and Heroin”). I have been on MS Contin ER 30 mg/b.i.d. for baseline pain due to a pretty awful motor vehicle accident. I have multiple herniated discs, complete obliteration of two discs (so I have 3 lumbar vertebrae sitting on top of each other, grinding away), spinal stenosis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, SI joint complications/need a hip replacement (right leg was crushed under the dashboard), severe/debilitating muscle spasms and a plethora of other maladies. The State of Oklahoma has apparently taken the CDC’s guidelines on opiates as law of the land starting last month my medication was taken from me, without discussion, forcibly – I have no choice. I had Oxycodone dose slashed in half and Valium 10 mg/t.i.d for muscle spasms discontinued completely after years…I am still dealing with withdrawals from that. This month I had Oxycodone dose cut in half again and now Morphine forcibly discontinued completely as well. I took my last dose at 0600. It is now 1530 and I am vomiting, sweating, all the nasty side affects. I am fully disabled, walk with a cane and walker and am a single mother. I don’t know what to do. Can someone please tell me how long withdrawal symptoms lasted for them? I am technically “detoxing” off of the 3 medications…Valium and Morphine. I am very, very scared. I appreciate any help. (Sorry for any incoherance or rambling.. I am shaking and it is hard to concentrate because of the rain and the withdrawals) Thank you in advance to everyone who took the time to read this and a thank you very much to those who can respond.

  15. This is a message to Donald…
    The peripheral neuropathy, or burning in his feet, is transient and won’t last more than a week or two. I went through it myself, there are ways of dealing with it if you know anybody with a high par therapy laser. If not, use a hot pad when you go to bed for your feet and keep them up as much as you can during the day, and also get as much walking as you can to get the blood love you and you should be good!

  16. I’ve been taking morphine for several years for back pain period last month I had a spinal stimulator implanted. This device helps me manage my pain and gave me the momentum to stop taking morphine. I had been prescribed 90 mg. daily with a combination of extended release in short-term release.

    I cut my dosage by 2/3 for 3 days, then took 15mg every other day for 3 days. When I realized I had started my journey off morphine, I took the remainder of my pills, put them in an envelope, crush them with a hammer, and mix them with a pail of watery mud and put it in the garden.

    I’ve experienced all the symptoms; and it’s been 17 days since my last dose and now it just feels like the worst flu I ever had.

    The exhilaration I felt when I decided to stop taking the drug has not worn off yet. I know I’m doing the right thing and feel stronger for making the decision to do so.

    I strongly recommend anybody who’s trying to go off a drug to take their remaining pills, and bash them with a hammer and mix them with mud. That way, if you feel like you got to have more morphine and you just don’t have it you can feel better about getting it Out Of Reach, and know that within a month or two you’ll know you did the right thing!

  17. Jacky
    I’m sorry to hear about your issue. Morphine slows down your intestinal track, now that morphine is gone everything speeds up. As in my case, I have had a loos stool for 2 weeks now. This in other people is uncommon, but in our case it’s somewhat normal. I would ask for a prescription to help with this issue for awhile – as for me – I’m 20lbs over normal so I don’t mind the loose stool but the cramps are discomforting to say the least. This to shall pass over time. Yogurt can help if your body is missing the correct bacteria for your intestinal system. Also some people eat cheese to slow the system down, as with me. But if you can’t tolerate milk it would not be advisable to eat cheese or milk.
    Best of luck to you.
    God bless everyone who is trying to get off of morphine or and addictive medication.
    I praying for you and J ?
    Rev Paul

  18. J Logan
    Ask them to give you CLONAZEPAM this will help with withdraws. It won’t make them go away completely just make it a little easier on you.
    It will get better, but remember your taking the meds for pain, so your pain could increase, just allow yourself to get used to the new pain you will have to see with. I went from 210 to 0 then back to 15mg a day of morphine. No one has answered my question about what pain meds u can take that aren’t linked to morphine I want off of it completely. The 210mg drop was terrible- I wanted to die ! So have someone you can talk to to help you make it thru this, Don’t Do It Alone and remove all weapons from your home. Just remember and tell yourself, you can do this, and you will be okay. God bless you and all others who are going thru the same thing.
    Rev Paul

  19. I was on morphine er from 2004 until now and vicodine 90 pills. In 2012 my daughter died & made me spiral down to alcohol. Pain clinic kept prescribing for almost a year knowing i was also on alcohol. Now 2018 they gave me 15 mg morphine plus 42 vicodin and said goodbye! I feel they should of sent me for counseling instead of keep prescribing. What can i do legally? Im having such a hard time with withdrawel. Im free of alcohol! Can you help me. Pain clinic was very deceiving to me at the end!.

  20. I am 72 yrs old. Prescribed 60 mg. Morphine er since 2004. In 2015 my daughter died. I started alcohol. The pain clinic dismissed me instead of sending me for couseling. They said i had 7 bad drug tests but kept giving me prescriptions which could of killed me! I am completly off all drugs but i dont think at my age they should of taken me off pills. Im also free of alcohol. Having hard time with withdrawel. Can you help me?

  21. I am in what I hope are the final stages of withdrawal from Zomorph a slow release morphine that I have been on for years. I live alone, am disabled and feel so isolated. It was my decision last September to stop as there was no obvious analgesic effect any more. I’m 74 and have felt putrid for months. When will it begin to get better?

  22. I was involved in an accident where a industrial elevator fell 5 floors in 2012. I have 13 buldged disk, and 2 unsuccessful operations have left me in more pain. I have dammage to one ankle, both knees, and one spirred hip.
    Over the next few years my pain management team has slowly increased my prescription of morphine to 210mg a day, along with mussel relaxers that I quite cold turkey,
    Sense Jan 2018 we have been reducing this amount because I want off of it. It has never gotten my pain level below a 6 and sometimes a 9 on the pain scale. I’m currently on 90 mg a day and can tolerate 60mg a day with slight withdraws. We determined that I became hyper sensitive to pain due to the 210mg of morphine, the lower prescription has helped my pain a lot. In my attempt to rid myself completely I tried to go as far as I could without it. At 20hrs the withdraws were terrible with every withdraw symptom except for vomitting and just couldn’t take it anymore and I gave in. They did give me something to ease the withdraw symptoms but it didn’t do anything.
    I’m disabled and my wife works, I can’t afford to go to the hospital or a rehab center. So I’m on my own.
    Question 1 of 2
    Should u cut my 30mg pills in 1/2 for a few days, then in 1/4 for a few days, then try going solo again?
    Due to my injury I have developed disk degeneration diseases no improvement will happen without surgical intervention and it would involve several disks at a time, or a miracle that I pray for each day. I do not want another surgery knowing what outcome the first did.
    Question 2 of 2
    What other types of medication are available for pain management that doesn’t include different types of morphine or additive types of drugs?
    Thank you for you time and efforts to
    Paul in Texas.

  23. The government is starting with oxycontin and will soon move to make it very hard to get to get any opiods including morphine. Since 1996 I have been taking morphine and now I am at 100mg ER and 30mg IR but still feel considerate pain when doing anything physical. I want to quit before it’s made mandatory but I am worried about what to do about my pain level skyrocketing when I am no longer getting help with morphine when my pain level is at a 7 out of 10 now. It’s not the withdraw symptoms I’m worried about but what can I do about the pain that’s only going to get worse when I start quitting. Any ideas? I am a christian and our beliefs do not allow yoga,hypnosis, or anything like that.

  24. I am 67 yrs. old and have been on 60mg x 2 morphine sulphate er with 10mg x4 of oxy,when needed for 4 yrs. now.This has been for neuropathy pain in my feet but recently i had an mri that showed massive scar tissue in the lumbar,from previous back surgery in 1983. I have been going to my chiropractor on a monthly basis but switched to weekly adjustments on the lower spine that has made a big difference in the pain level. Now i am trying to ween off my pain meds and the past year have been on 60mg x2 morphine sulphate daily with 20-40mg of oxy because the morphine has not been lasting the 12 hours it used to and i had to supplement with 10mg to 40mg oxycodone. I also started getting the withdrawl symptoms about a year now, if i didn’t add oxy during the day? How can i safely ween off, do i have to go to a facility? I start getting nervousness,jittery feeling after 5-6 hours after the last oxy. I also been having insomnia for years which is another problem. But i would forever be greatful for advice on trying to ween off the opiates. Thank you for whatever you can do.

  25. It’s been nine days since I have stop morphine. Feeling tired, depressed and body ache. How long will it take to feel somewhat normal.

  26. My mom has just finished up with a bout of cancer. She had surgery then radiation over a 4month period and was on morphine most of that time. She was up to 90 mg a day. Her doctor is weaning her off of it…..first 2 weeks were 60 mgs per day, now she is about 3rd day at 15 mgs. She was told when she started taking it that it that you don’t get addicted when you are taking it for pain,

    She is very depressed right now, no appetite, vomits some times. I believe this is withdrawal. Would like your opinion,


  27. I’ve only been taking morphin 30 mg sulf er.
    1 pill a day, for about a year!
    I would like to try and stop to Se if I’m better now!
    I’ve tried to stop but I start feeling hot, achey and the shakes almost like I can’t stand it! Can I detox at home on my own and how?

  28. I was on prescription morphine. I was on 180 mg a day in 3 doses. I have weened down to 45 mg a day. It took me a year to do it. Now I need to reduce from 45 mg a day.
    This is going to be difficult, can you suggest a taper schedule for me?
    Thanks, Jeff

  29. this is to jollymolly1952 and anyone else who has fallen victim to the British and Dutch East India Trading Company.. what!!??.. yes; you heard and saw that!!.. I knew my back was getting real bad in 1982 but I just ignored it and my GP or MD and I have names for them but I will restrain my tongue.. after 3 months; you should be healed but then you are dependant on opiates.. hmm; but what can I do when they want $$$ for breathing or walking; if you can; and I know there are real people; who my heart aches for; that are really injured from a birth defect or whatever God sent them here to endure.. see; after years of research; I have found that your brain has an area called the Anterior Insula and Anterior Cingulate Cortex.. in other words; that part of the brain is remembering the injury and you are on loop de loop + addicted to whatever opiate they brainwash you into taking.. they are cruel people and make lotza $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$; Big Pharma.. the best way I have found after 20 years on this satanic stuff and many failed attempts to overcome the Dragon; I realized the wonderful relief pot gives you.. now; if you have been brainwashed and mind controlled that pot/weed is a drug; hahaha; then you will have to re-evaluate your mind set.. pot cures cancer!!!.. but they don”t want you poor ignorant masses to know that!!.. eat it.. you will have to grow your own inside or go and get a license and be under suspicion that you are a drug addict; haha.. smoke it; only takes 3-4 “hits” to give you a NEW perspective on your life.. juice it and drink it and you will receive 600 mgs. of NSAIDS without taking those terrible things but get a better effect but they do not want you to know this stuff.. drink lots of water and I mean drink at least 12 bottles a day/night and take gabapentin – clonedine – epival – naproxone -pot – ASA no Tylenal and …. pray… pray that you will not trash your home with the rage that wells up inside you and the anger.. did I say anger.. that”s why you need a spiritual awakening or you will just go back down the mountain because your brain has been through trauma and will not forget it.. try to eat some real soup; not canned soup but have someone make it for you or buy freeze dried Monsanto; haha; just kidding about the evil Monsanto but that”s another site.. you need a goal to reach for but make sure your reach does not exceed your grasp or you will get frustrated and return to what else; Alcohol; no; you will return to Opiates know Best.. if you have never prayed and have been brainwashed by the public school system into Evilution; maybe this is time to re-examine your life or what”s left of it.. let go because you have been on “HOLD” for 2-20 years!!!.. I pray that this has helped anyone who is trying to overcome the evil perpetrated by the SAtanic Medical System.. have you ever taken the time to research instead of climbing the wall??.. how many times have you failed?.. all great men had faith and prayed!!!.. you got zapped and all the best to you and yours”.

  30. I just want to know if there are ways to get the methadone and etc. besides having to pay so much. Also not having to go into an in patient program. Also I been clean for 4 days to take job dt but now I’m worried that it will get worse the longer I’m off. Its what i just read. There not prescribed to me but i only take one a day i think there 60mlg.

  31. Hi,
    I have been taking 2 x 30mg zomorph daily. (1 each twelve hours) for the last 3 weeks after knee replacement surgery.
    I want to know how I stop.
    Can I go to one tablet daily or is it safe to just stop.
    I forgot to take a tablet the other day and I felt awful until I took another one.
    Thanks for your help

  32. Hi, sorry to read your having a crap time I am not gloating when I say this, I have been free of all pain meds including Morphine for just over a year now, it can be done my friend and it is worth it! as for how long it took me about three weeks to get all the crap out of my system, mostly like you through my bowels, the end result is like being reborn, I have some pain from the old back injury mostly from driving I know what is going to make it worse, but in the end I would rather cope with some pain, and be free of the addiction, I do wish you well like most troubles in life “it will pass” again no bowel pun intended, stay strong and in control of your body, free of the the medication.

  33. I accidentally took 15mg immediate release morphine at same time as 1.5 mg Clonazepam I have been on 30 mg ER Morphine for about 2 years was just recently switched to fast release I have been on 2 mg Clonazepam for over 15 yrs. I am ok or should I be scared.It was by accident I usually take at least 3 hours a part or more

  34. Reading the others posts I kind of feel like a wimp. I’ve been on a low dose 15mg x 2 a day + 10mg hydrocodone x 2 a day for chronic back pain after a lower back injury and surgery. I’ve been on them for a few years now. My pain was not handled at this level. After seeing 2 different surgeons multiple MRI’s and PT, I’m a mess. It wasn’t too long ago that I noticed that I just felt like crap in the morning. I always set an alarm as to when to take my meds, I’m on multiple other meds for nerve pain relief because of the injury. Back to point, I started seeing the pattern of feeling bad until I took my meds. I never thought that I would become addicted to them because it was such a low dose. It’s been 2weeks since I last had any Percocet, and I’m into the 4th day of withdrawals from the morphine. I’m sick, but I really want to put it behind me. How much longer will I continue to not be able to keep anything from passing right through me? I’m going to try Acupuncture to see if it can help with the pain.

  35. hi im getting severe abdominal cramping after morphine reduction, im now on 60mg daily ( er ).
    It has been 4 montths since coming down from 100mg which i was on for 25years. Im stilly only able to sleep 3 hours a night and thats withaking something to help. My anxiety turns to panic attacks. I have become super sensitive to fabric,
    Myy body feels shredded inside,, my brain included. Is there anyone who has felt or been through similar
    symptoms as me. i now feel very suicidal. i have no family and in my 50’s and still on top of all this trying to deal with chronic lower back paiin injury and other pain issues such as degenerative joint disease.

  36. I want to go from 60 mg Morphine ER twice daily to 3o mg twice daily. Should I taper down or can I go from 60mg to 30 mg without withdraw ?

  37. I have had a hard time the last few months withdrawing from morphine. I diidnt know this site was available…..would have made it easier. First my doc had me reduce it to 1 12 hour tab instead of 2. Made it thru that. The last tab was so hard. Each time withdrawal started to peak i would get so sick i would stop. Last night i shook, sweated, thru up and jerked. Daughter was with me thru the worst incase i needed ER. Made it! I think i am thru the worst. Docs need to make help available!

  38. Does it change the withdrawal time if the Morphine is Extended Release? I’m currently taking two 30mg Morphine Aulphate ER plus 4 20 mg Oxycodone per day and my pain Clinic called and told me they closed on Friday that is 4 days before my next appointment. All I can think of to do now is detox. Help me to help myself please

  39. So my bf has an opiate addiction and he went through a whole bottle of..

    30mL bottle
    Oral Solution
    lO0 mg per 5 mL

    ..Within 1 1/2 weeks. What things can I do to help him with the detox?…


  41. Hi there I’ve been using morphine for about 30 years. It all started with sentinel 52 mils phentinal patch but bit by bit I’ve been with drawing for the last few years. And I got down to a 12 mil patch. My patches never lasted three days and I always have had to have a new one every day . I wanted to Lower my dose still further so the doctor decided to put me on morphine tablets oxymorphone to 15 mils twice a day .I thought that getting off phentinel on to mophen was the hard bit. I have gone from 15 to 10 . but I am having great difficulty getting down to 5. I find that the morphine seems to be wearing off before the allotted 12 hours. I have had withdrawal symptoms from time to time but now after about 10 hours they start to occur and are pretty awful. The only way I can describe it is like going on a rollercoaster and going over the top every few seconds the feeling goes right through my nervous system and I have to take Quick acting Oxynorm 5ml tablet which usually works in about half an hour any advice please

  42. I was on morphine for a long period of time for endometriosis pain as co codamol wasn’t working and I was undergoing investigation for a long time and having my first laparoscopy. Over a period of time I had pain coming back and was told it could be scar tissue and new endometriosis cells growing back and was prescribed oramorph and zomorph and had recently had a second laparoscopy and dye procedure. As I’m only 29 my GP and I agreed that my tolerance was becoming alarmingly high and was worried about my well being and I work at a nursing home and a very petite lady. Anyhow I reduced the dose as directed and the GP said he would prescribe me co codamol for the discomfort but unfortunately didn’t hear back when I tried to get in touch with him. I started back to work and started to get post op pain and still having pelvic pain and reoccurring UTI’s so I took the rest of what I had left and once I realized I was running low so reduced my dose quickly and finished last Saturday. Is it still possible to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms so horrid and ended up with a bug and Kidney infection at the same time. I still feel fluish with goose bumps chills ect… Also haven’t slept for 3 days hearing birds all the time and severe joint pain. My husband bought me solpadine max from the chemist but I’m afraid to take them incase I have withdrawal from them also. I just want to know how much longer this will last for? Thanks

  43. I have had since 2004 14 major surgeries for spinal and shoulder problems from auto accident. The pain had increased again so much two years ago I was started on 15mg ms-contin twice a day increasing to 90mg a day for two years over the last 8 months have slowly reduced to 15mg twice a day and am feeling the withdrawl symptoms now before ea pill and am ready for this to end. my dr prescribed clonidine patches for the time when i stop taking the pills. I have decided to stop very soon. My question is is 15mg twice a day low enough to actually stopp the pills completley. my dr can not give me an answer keeps saying it depends on me. I have the support of many family members.
    Thnks mike

  44. I was given fentanol for pain as i had heart condition but my gp left me on it to long and then put me on mst 30mg 2 times day , i have been on them 5 yrs and now coming off at 5% each month with gp help, im sure i have withdrawal symptoms chills headache every day body acheing all the time and on edge and feeling unwell i am on 25mg morni g &20mg at night is there any thing my gp could give e to help with all thats going on with how i feel every day, i am goig abroad on holls in Nov and want to feel a bit better by then . All the Doctors say is sti k to the plan

  45. I have been on msir 30 mg tabs/18/day since my last ilieostomy surgery 7 years ago. Prior i was on ms contin/600mg/day for 5 years. Cancer started everything. I have so little small intestine i cant absorb any slow release of anything. Pain clinics refuse to touch me unless i half the dose. Im ok with something else- patch etc that may work better but oncologist started ms and internal continued his lead of ms. How many mg at a time do i decrease? How often do i drop the dose. Cant drop 50% as reccomended for obivious reasons.

  46. My dr was arrested,and had me on norco,ms Contin and adderall. So I ran out of medicine and I’ve tried to get help and so far no help. It’s been around 4 weeks now and I’m still having withdrawls any advice on what I can do?

  47. I had been taking up to 20mg of morphine per day for approximately 5 years for chronic pain. I have now successfully withdrawn from it but was wondering what happens if I need to ever take it again on a one off basis. I.e. if I had to have a dose of it for something else would I suddenly be addicted again? Thank you so much.

  48. i had been taking 100 mg of ms contin daily plus 8x30mg codeine daily for 25 yearsplus gabapentin 1200mg x 3 daily. Recently I was made to detox by a Psych Dr that hates pain management with opoid medications. I was also taking diazepam, plus orphenidrine for 4 years of which i also no longer take.
    My new pain management regieme is 20mg of ms contin tds plus gabapentin plus paracetamol
    My Detox lasted 5 days with diazepam to help which was tapered off. This all happened 3 months ago.
    Over the last 8 months i have had abdominal and pelvic pain which i went to the GP about. The last 2 months the pain has been severe. Ihad an early Ultra sound of pelvic area which was NAD plus a colonograph NAD
    However, the ultra sound was 3 months ago and pain is now severe. There is also 3 urinaysis tests showing large amounts of blood that were taken when i went to emergency with severe pain.
    My question is Would I still be experiencing abdominal cramps and anxiety, insomnia, and leg muscel tremors 3 months later from a detox of morphine, even though i am still taking 60mg morphine daily.

    Im sure my Dr and Psych in charge of my Detox are thinking and the result is I am not being listened to when i am in so much pain i am doubled over and almost screaming in agony. I live alone and have no family over here in this new country iam now living.
    I am in a really bad way. No one is listening to me and i Do have real pain issues. This all began as 3 prolapsed discs to my lower back and torn sacroiliac ligaments 26 years sgo.
    I feel in a very desperate situation and no one to talk to at all.


  49. Yolanda, hopefully you’re doing ok. I quit morphine and Vicodin on the 15th after reading the full blog. I finally quit the sweating/chills today, have the other stomach symptoms and totally dragging but I can see the light. Thanks to all on the blog for giving me the kick that I needed

  50. I have taken 15 mg ER morphine sulphate for a few years for back disease. I want to try to manage without it. I talked to my pain management doctor and she agreed with this. She suggested trying to “skip the morphine some days.” I have been taking 15 mg ER morphine sulphate every other day for the past 4 days but am experiencing generalized ill feeling, nasal congestion and anxiety. I called my general practitioner and asked for clonidine. He gave me .1 mg clonidine daily. Two questions: 1) Am I just extending my withdrawal by taking the morphine on alternate days and, 2) Is it safe to just discontinue the morphine at this point?

  51. Hello, today when i woke up i started my detox from morphine tomorrow August 15 will be my 35th birthday i wanted to be clean drug free do you know what can help to ease the hot flashes it is the worse part for me i am only on my 1st day i know it will get worse any suggestions will mean the world Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Yolanda. Congratulations on your first day in detox from morphine. Most of the people who withdrawal from morphine experience this symptom. One way to deal with it is to increase your water and electrolyte intake during the recovery process. Electrolytes (calcium, potassium, magnesium) are the minerals most often depleted from the body during detox. Getting these important minerals as well as enough water will help keep you fully hydrated. If the hot flashes and excessive sweats do not stop ask your doctor to prescribe some medication that will help you resolve this problem.

  52. I suffer from neuropathic pain, and been prescribed Zomorph 10 mg x2 daily. I have now been prescribed Butec patch 10 mg every 7 days, but extremely anxious about switching and possible precipitated withdrawals.
    Information leaflet not very helpful and doctor was rather vague with regard to antagonist effects.
    Could you please give a rough idea of how long I shoulld leave between last dose of morphine.and starting with Butec patch in order to avoid withdrawals, and, also, will stated dose be enough to substitute the morphine?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Christina. It is best to consult your doctor about guidelines regarding your switch of medications. It is not something that should be done on your own and without medical advise.

  53. Hi my GP left me on fentonal patch to long. I had withdrawal symptoms so i was put on mst tablets 60 mg aday been on it for about 3 years trying to come off it now at 5 mg less

  54. Hello, I’ve been taking 120mg of morphine slow release for about 3 years and just two weeks ago my doctor reduced my dose by 20mg in one day, then within two weeks reduced me by anouther 20mg for the week, I ended up haveing very bad withdrawal symptoms, flu symptoms,shivering, really bad chest and shoulder pains and I found it really painful breathing breathing so as it was getting worse I took to make up my normal dose then later on when the morphine kicked in I felt much better, I was on 120mg daily 60mgs at 4am then 60mgs at 4 pm, she reduced me by 20mg then anouther 10my, I’m now on 90mg a day and I feel ill and drained and very week I feel over anxious which I suffer with normally, but it’s worse and I get pannicy and my mood changes and goes real low, I also suffer with depression normally but I’m finding it all overwhelming she’s getting things and my medication all ring all the time, now she’s given me a weeks worth of 80mgs a day, it’s all too much and too soon she needs to taper me off slowly, which she hasn’t a clue about, she’s reducing me to quick and I’m feeling really ill and drains. What needs to happen and how much should be reducing me at a time and for how long and doing it safely, please help me I need your advice proper medical advice for tapering off slowly she’s reduced me 40mg in less than three weeks. Pleas help me. Thankyou from Wendy

  55. Hello – I have been taking 30 mg morphine er 3 times a day for about 3 years. I am down to one every 48 hours but at about the 48 – 50 Mark I cannot take the literally painful withdrawal symptoms. Please help.

  56. Stopped taking morphine 15 about month ago still taking Norco my pain is worse without morphine try and see if I needed it or just taking it for effects now I’m in a pickle cause stop pain management tired of them treating me disrespectful I really have pain arthritis hip stenosis degenerative disc disease any advise what to do

  57. I used marijuana to help withdraw from morphine. It worked for me.It really helped with the withdraw symptoms of morphine.

  58. Hello, I have been using opiates everyday for almost a year. Which was Percocets, Suboxone and morphine. I wouldn’t say the dosage was very high of either. Anyway I wanted to stop using and decided to end on morphine. I began to taper myself down from 90mg a day to 30mg and completely stopped two days ago with 30 mg being my last dose.

    So it’s been about 42 hours since my last dose and to be honest I hardly feel any withdrawal symptoms at all. Runny nose is about it. Has it just not hit yet?

    I should add I have went through Suboxone withdrawal twice and that was serious hell and lasted about a month. I probably took Suboxone two weeks ago (and was taking it daily for about a month) but I would take probably less than 1mg a day. I could also take morphine the day after using Suboxone and feel it. I was wondering if there’s any way I’ll feel withdrawal from Suboxone too? I really thought I’d feel worse than this by now, I’m not complaining at all, I’m just waiting for it and afraid it’s going to get really bad soon. Any input would be great, thank you.


  60. I had 2 neck surgeries to relieve referred pain in my upper arm without success. Then I had total reverse shoulder operation 3 years ago for the same problem, without success. I feel I am suffering
    from hyperalgisia after so many years.
    I have successfully weened off of 15mg IR 4 x daily. And 30mg ER 6 x daily to 2x daily morning and evening.
    Could you give me a plan for weening from 2 x 30mg ER to lower and lower doses?

  61. I was on 30 mg extended release 2 times a day for quite some time. Due to RA. Been off for 4 weeks. The withdrawals are pure hell. Was on valium and now off that. My symptoms are exhaustion, body aches, restless leg, flu like symptoms and some dizzyness. Will call Dr on Wed. What do you suggest?

  62. I had a BK amputation 10 years ago and had horrible phantom pain. My pain management Dr put me on Morphine, Methadone and Gabapentin. I get 2 months of scripts at a time. In May I dropped them at my pharmacy and had May’s scripts filled and asked them to hold my June scripts on file. When I went to ask to have my June scripts filled, the pharmacy said they didn’t have them. I was having them filled the day they were dated and had finished all my other pills. After 5 days of getting the run around between the pharmacy and the Dr.’s office, I decided to quit cold turkey since I was already going through withdrawal. I am pretty stubborn. I’m about 2 weeks in. The worst was between days 5 and 10. I took benedryl around the clock and tried to sleep through the worst. But I’m still feeling like crap. I am nauseous, have diarrhea everytime I eat, feel very shaky and weak and depressed. My question is how long should these physical symptoms last and will the depression get better on its own or should I see a Dr for help?

  63. I was taking 30mg, 3 times a day of morphine for chronic severe pain and it was reduced to 15mg, 2 times a day. Within 2 days I felt like crap, hurt all over, couldn’t stay awake, and no appetite, headache, the aches and pains all over were the worse. I have a feeling they cut back my dosage of morphine to fast and to much. Could I be right, is it possible I am having withdrawals?

  64. Hello,

    I’ve been taking 1-2 15mg of morphine sulfate a day for a couple months now. I didn’t take any yesterday and woke up feeling very flu like, hot then cold, sweaty, vomiting and extreme anxiety. I’ve wanted to stop because I’ve had increasing insomnia lately and I’ve noticed my breathing is much slower when I do sleep. I noticed that many people have a higher dosage than I do. Can my symptoms really be that bad from such a low dose?
    If I wanted to taper off could I cut the morphine in half?
    Thank you.

  65. Hi jeff i am on my 6 th day and my flue like symptoms have gone but my eyes are so blurred and i have headache s all the time i am 36 years old i was only on morphine ( zomorph) slow realease for 1-2 years so if you say 10 years then i would expect your symptoms to last 1 -3 months at least , but dont worrie brother you can do it , i have just said to my self i am not putting my body throgh all this withdrawal and pain just to relapse and start again , its tough and very hard but its best for you to stop while your still strong 56 is not old at all mate ,best you get off it now and be 100% drug free ,am just shocked about my vision as this only started 2 days ago and i am on day 6 now , the first few days i was like aceing my legs felt like cement blocks lol , flue like symptoms but thats all gone now its just messed with my vision and i have headaces and still crying lol , but in a week or so i will be all clear and no symptoms hopefully , you can do it jeff dont think your alone mate because your not , i am here for you mate ?

  66. I’m a disabled veteran and my doctor at the Veterans Hospital has me on morphine 60mg 2x a day. I’ve been on morphine for over 10 years with my doctor and I need to GET OFF THIS… I am trying myself but the withdrawal is so serious. I’m 56 years old and they made me a addict. I need help PLEASE..

  67. Hi i have had lower disc degenerate desease for 2 years now and started on 10 mg twice a day and went up to 100 mg zomorph twice aday + 300 mg of gabberpenton twice a day and 1000 mg of naproxin twice a day , i had facate injections into my left spine and the pain went so i just stopped taking the drugs cold turcky lololol big mistake , i didnt evan think that there would be any withdrawal at all , i thought I caught food poisoning from some fish that i brought from my local supermarket as the symptoms were exactly like food poisening , firs explosive diarrhoea for 2 days then sweating headaces dizzyness , and for some reason i was crying like a baby to my mother and freinds and thats something i never do , now i am on my third day and my vission has gone blurry and i thought i had a brain tumour , but i have just realised that its not food poisening and that it is infact withdrawl from ,morphine , its the worst feeling i have ever felt,i am so tempted to go and get a 60 mg tablet but i will resist the urge as my will power is very high as i have stopped smoking from newyears eve and its been 6 months so far so if i can do that then i can do anythimg , i no what you guys are going thro , morphine is an evil drugg and i was addicted without evan knowing it ,chin up guys am sure ill be felling better soon and so will you guys ,a year of taking the drug will take at least a week of withdrawal that i have to get thro , but i have my mum and dad and my daughter that lives with me so i have support , if you go cold turkey i would strongly advise not doing it alone you must have some freinds or family to help you thro it otherwise it could be very dangerous , peace out and hope you guys beat this drug , as i am doing x

  68. I have been taking 300 MG of morphine a day for almost 9 years due to a severe injury from a fall down a steel and concrete staircase. I live alone and am afraid of the withdrawal at home. How can I get into the hospital for this withdrawal period?


  70. Hey, just wanted to keep sharing now…It helps… I just called the support line, it helps to talk, whether there are more solutions or not, talking to someone helps. I spoke to my brother yesterday, and explain what was going on, he never knew? He knew of my surgery and pain, but never really new I was on pain management. But I say that for everyone, I was exhausted when I drove over there, but just talking to him, and letting him know what I was going through, gave me energy and strength. Find someone to talk to. Hang in there, Day 8 is better that 6. Can’t wait for day 30…. I’ll be in my new land in Montana, I’ll be a mountain man and looking forward to it. As we are told, “be strong and courageous”, it is the only way to over come. God is Good….Tks Blog…. WAM

  71. Well, I figured I’d chime in. I appreciate all that I read before getting to here. I’m been on pain management since 1998, yep, almost 20 years. It started off with L5-S1 Herniation, with a failed Discectomy, then a 2nd Discectomy, and then finally a fusion after the spine sitting on my nerves for 8 or 9 months. Yep KP HMO (Avoid). Woke up from Fusion with left arm number and week, found Doc had my head in a position that injured some nerves…Did MRI, saw burrs, herniation. Was sick of surgery, so waited for 5 months..Doc said, my neck was bad enough, that if a slipped or slight accident, I could lose the use of my left arm, so they fused C6-C7. I have been on 30mg, Morphine ER, 6 times a day, with breakthrough 7.5 Hydrocodone 3 X a day. Started 30mg x 3 a day, moved up to 60mg ER 3 x, but made me too tired, so I asked for the 6 x 30mg. That’s is where I ended. Never, did any Dr explain the consequences of this treatment. I may not have listened, but who knows… So, I’m on Day 6 or no drugs. I got so sick of the nasty looks, the Pharmacies, KP, challenge of filling, what their Dr prescribe, that when the Fed Government, AKA: Obama … mandated the reduction of Pain Mgmt drugs, CDC came out with a lame and self serving article, yes, I read it. I got the letter in the mail from KP, that they agreed with the CDCs conclusion and recommendations (of course they would, it makes them money), So they started bouncing me around to reduce meds. I finally got so fed up with their, KP policies and incompetence, that I finally decided to get off this garbage…. Well, I’m on day 6, officially… Sucks, but hanging in there…Pain isn’t as bad as I expected, dependence withdrawals is not as bad, but still sucks.. I went on Suboxone (very low does, 0.5) and took 1/2 pill twice day for 2 days, the 1/4 for an evening, then realized it was just extending the withdrawals cycle, so I stopped everything..Typing is a distraction that helps. Clonidine help some, non narcotic, but stopped that too, just wanted to be done and let the body and mind heal from Western Medicine and the U.S DEA rules… I’m hanging in there, I’m committed. Hope I don’t get committed. One big thing CDC did not even address was the suicide rate that pain mgt patience with chronic and severe pain will resort to. I know I’ve already lost 1, who finally gave up trying, sad…Don’t be one, but I do understand. I will share with you, the PM Dr that I met once after KP decided to drive this initiative, expressed suicide is a brave action…..Shocking for a Christian to hear… Don’t listen to them if your medical professional (use that term loosely) thinks suicide is brave. Change Dr’s. Period. God Bless… Thanks for your Blog… Pardon the typo’s, I didn’t re-read…

  72. From 60 mg I’m tapering over the course of a month, 15 mg of morphine reduced in week 1, with minor withdrawals. Now in week 3 after the 3rd cut, I’m on my 5th day of debilitating withdrawal effects. The only listed possible effect I don’t have is vomiting, and my pain is excruciating

    Question: I take maintenance antidepressants so no drugs were added, should I seek more help anyway as I fear the last cut?

    Question: is it likely withdrawal lasts more than five days?

  73. Hello, for approximately three years, my PM Dr has had me on 90mg of morphine. I never abused this medication, but felt I was not as productive as I would like & choose to taper off slowly. It has been 8 days since my last dose of 15mg.Most of the withdrawals are gone, with the exception of extreme fatigue, and lightheadedness. My question is this: Approximately how long does it take for these symptoms to subside? I would love to get back to normal life again! Thank you!

  74. I’ve been taking one morphine 100 er and two dilaudid 8’s daily for the better Parrt of a yeah for my chronic back pain and lack of carrilidge in my knee I’ve stopped taken all pain meds on Thursday it is now Sunday about how many daya will it take to withdraw from that?????

  75. How long will it take me to stop taking mst 10mg if I have been taking 8 of them a day for three weeks I stopped methodone and started taking them now I need to stop taking them wats the quickest and best way to do this please

  76. Hi
    Thank you for this it helps so many! I just went off cold turkey after a very rapid detox from 36mg hydromorphone down to 5mg morphine sulfate it was very tough and as of today I was 7 days without ANY morphine of any kind at all…then I messed up big time found a stash and snorted 35mg of morphine sulfate just to get high….I was just so sick of feeling like the walking dead and the chronic pain that led me down this destructive path. I am super scared now that my withdrawal will be twice as bad….I can’t believe I wasted a whole week going through hell for a cheap high really hating myself now…had anyone else gone through this and have any tips to prevent relapse? I appreciate any responses and wish everyone the best in their own battle

  77. My primary care/pain management doctor abruptly stopped writing prescriptions for my pain medication with no advanced notice about 25 days ago. He referred my to another pain management facility and assured me they were accepting all of my pcp’s patients on pain medications. I called the new pain management doctor and learned they are no longer doing pain management and not accepting patients from my pcp. My pcp suggested i call other facilities and they all say the same thing…..not accepting patients. I’m almost out of my pain meds and have no where to turn. At this point i have tapered from 90mg per day to 60mg per day rather quickly. I have (8) 30mg ER tablets and (3) 15 mg IR tablets left. I have no choice but to rapidy taper to 0mg per day with what i have left without medical support. Any advice on the safest way to taper to 0mg with only 285mg left? I’ve been abandoned (by no fault of my own) by the doctors that prescribed this medicine to me for years simply because of new fed/state regulations on these meds. Just hope for some advice since no doctors are willing to help.

  78. i have been on oral liquid morphine sulfate 0.5 ml every 8 hours for two months and have to quit cold turkey because it has eroded my stomach and I cannot eat… Do you know how many days it will take to be in withdrawal and is there anything natural ( I am chemically sensitive…no drugs) that I can take for nausea…I have been unable to eat…

  79. I’ve been on 15 mg of morphine for about 3months. I used to take it 3-4 times a day. now I’m down to once a day. I want to stop taking it, but am unsure of the dosage or time line to follow. Any advice would be helpful, as I don’t think just stopping it would be wise.

  80. Hi I’m a patient of Kaiser. Drs have me all messed up with so many narcotics.. Morphine 45 mg Percocet 10 mg 4 times a day ativan, diazapam, ambien. I hate all these poisonous things in my body. I feel so alone and scared but I’m gonna be strong and get off these drugs.. please pray for me… I literally hate my Drs for doing this to me.

  81. Hi. I was prescribed morphine due to four back surgeries five years ago. My dose was 30mg three x day after increasing it over the years. I started weaning off the morphine in December and finally took my last dose of 15 mg once a day on April 21. The next day I was feeling pretty good with just a little diarrhea. I’m thinking wow no withdrawal symptoms! The slow weaning process must have worked. But the next day it felt like I was hit by a train. I was dry heaving with diarrhea every 15 minutes or so. My stomach was so upset and I couldn’t get comfortable no matter how hard I tried. I just felt terrible and can’t even describe it. That lasted from 2a.m. until 1 pm. It now has been four days morphine free and I’m still having diarrhea and now I’m yawning a lot and my eyes are watering. I was wondering if that’s normal and if so how long do I have to deal with it? I’d appreciate any feedback.

  82. I wonder if you can help me. I have been on different doses of MSContin for nearly 10 years. A few years ago I came off it to have a break but the withdrawals were so bad that I am scared to do it again and I want another break. My only symptom was restless legs which lasted for 7 days. I had no sleep at all for 3 days and very little for the rest of that week. I went down to 5mg a day before I quit and that still happened. I get restless legs from time to time anyway and take Sifrol but during withdrawal the Sifrol just didn’t work. Have you any suggestions for me please?

  83. Please can anyone help me i have been on morphine for 4 months 15mg twice a day 8 days ago i got cut down to 10mg twice a day 5 days ago i got cut down to 5mg twice a day i am now on my second day of none but have a runny nose restless legs not sleeping being sick how long will this last i need something to focus on


  85. Is it true that if you used morphine for pain and not recreational use, you will have less morphine withdrawal symptoms ?

  86. I have been weaning off morphine x4 weeks now. I’m still so weak and tired. How many weeks will I continue to feel this way?

  87. Kathleen
    I am proud to say I finally made it safely off the 30 years of hell of my dependency on Morphine Sulfate and Norco. You bet I was terrified of the withdrawals but I have a fantastic primary care doc that gave me meds, Clonodine and Neurontin to help me thru. I do have pain but I think the Morphine/Norco was causing me more pain than I actually had. Hell being 30 when I started taking it and now in my early 60’s I am going to have some pain ya know old age (ha-ha) pain that I didn’t have when I was 30. I just hope all of you out there don’t do your withdrawal without medical help. I also have Leukemia and I had to consider that too. Good luck to all I wish you all my love and prayers on your way to getting well!!

  88. Hi . My husband had been on a pain pump for over 15 years with morphine & baclofen dispensed into his spine. Recently he had the morphine stopped and he is suffering from severe withdrawals. Nausea, Vomiting, Depression, Insomnia are all the symptoms he is experiencing. he hasn’t been able to eat for 3-4 days and has lost weight. The dr’s have put him on Klonopin patches and he takes it by mouth. He has taken Klonopin for years for diabetic neuropathy; so it is not helping. Please, do you have any suggestions?

  89. My daughters doctor gave her Percocet to get her off the time released morphine. She was on two time released a day and is allowed to start off with 4 Percocet, how long should she stay on four a day and then do I decrease by have pills for a number of days ? What is the best way to do this?

  90. This morning was my first day off of morphine. I had been subscribed 60 mg twice a day. I just had the runny nose today, but tonight the tops of my legs are killing me and I also have the RLS with electrity in the bottom of the feet. I am taking gapapentine. 600 mg ipuprophine, extra strength Tylenol , some old Xanax, some perscription antihistamines, my night meds including Seraquel and a stomach med. I have had about 2 hours sleep tonight. I am willing to try anything but some more narcotic meds to get through this. I have also taken Zofran just in case of nausea. I want to do this at home. Can you suggest any non narcotic meds to help with the withdrawal symptoms. I just keep taking more od the shames meds to help with the withdrawals. I have high blood pressure and I am on meds for that, but cannot find the cuff to check it. Will be waiting for your answer.

  91. Please help, my daughter has been on time released morphine. 2 pills per day, 30 mg. Her pain clinic is no longer accepting Medicaid so she will be getting no more prescriptions. I’m having a real hard time finding a doctor for her. She has back pain and has been bed ridden for about 22 years. She has been on the time released for two years. I want to take her off the time released morphine safely but have no doctor s to help. Can she be taken off the time released morphine at home by me. I have nor other that may help. Thank you. We’re really in a bind.

  92. Hi, I have a friend that has been taking 30 mil of Kadian 2x per day for about 7 years. She has recently stopped taking it cold turkey and it has 5 weeks and she is still having horrible sweats, chills and loose stool. Her Dr. told her the symptoms should have subsided by now. Do you have any advice for us?
    Thank you,

  93. I have been on everything for the past 10 years , Actic , methadone, then got switched to subsy and morphine et. Then all of a sudden my Dr. Cut everything in half , I went thru Ed. So I said enough . The people that abuse , make it hard on people who need it. Anyway , I went thru detox at home , I I got Valium, Imodium, and pedialite and oatmeal. I was lethargic , but no chills , I took about 30/ 40 milligrams thru out the day . By the 5th day I was down to one Valium . It’s a shame people who need the pain medication our now suffering

  94. I’m getting ready to discharge from in home hospice,where all they do is keep you on liquid morphine sulfate 100 mg solution I take 1ml hourly , don’t take after 5:00pm started yesterday doctor says 4 doses for 2 days then 3doses for 2days then 1 dose for 2 days so far day 2 , cramps moody but OK so far any input would be greatly appreciated ?

  95. I suffer from chronic pain in 2002 I asked my dr to help me taper off MS Contin 60 mg tid in June of 2016. By january this year actually super bowl sunday i was off it completly
    The last dose was 15 mg a day for 2 weeks prior. By superbowl sunday every strong smell made me nauseated the next day non stop vomiting started sometimes 4-6 hours
    Along with the other typical symptoms went to the ER 4 times for dehydration a blood pressure of 206/178 a temp of 100.6 which ladted not kidding over a month.
    Was given anti nausea meds catapress and klonopin. Which helped very little also took nsaids when i coukd keep it down 2 weeks
    Now its March and still have hot and cold spells. Diarrhea body pains plus my orginal cervical and shoulder pain. I always took my meds exactly as perscribed ( morphine)
    Never got high etc. I never thought after 8 months of a slow taper i would be this misrable. I dont crave morphine etc. But i still have the orginal disbility pain which ended my nursing career. How much longer am i going to be stuck on the couch? My husband is usually so patient but he like me cant take much more
    I asked my dr if i could take a short acting pain med a 2 times a day then decrease from there. We actually had an argument where i feel he was not listening to me at all
    Please tell me how much longer? Everything i read says such a short time. When i ask the drs they sorta dance around the subject and never give me a answer
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it. I am only physically dependent. And have no other addictions if that matters

  96. How can I taper off of administering prescribed morphine by injecting. I try to stop, but find myself going back to the needle. I am prescribed morphine for chronic pain but would like to taper off of the needle. Can you offer any help or suggestions?

  97. After two years of 160 mg of morphine a day
    With the help of Palitive Nurse I no longer
    Am on morphine.

    Over two years ago, seems like longer. I have
    Multiple maladies which I over came;
    Reinel cancer stage 4, lose of use right leg
    Due to fall 32 weeks PT OK NOW, back surgery
    Now OK, getting over morphine addiction
    Was the most difficult, the worst two weeks
    Of my life.

  98. Hello if I been taking 3 of the 30 mg morphing pills I say 3 times a day for almost a year can I just take methodone to kick the morphine if yes how to do an how long

  99. I have been seeing my pain management doctor for over seven years. He prescribed morphine long acting 60mgs twice a day and 15mgs for breakthrough pain twice a day as needed. As of Jan 31 2017 he cut my dosage in half without warning due to a new guideline set buy DEA/CDC etc. how is this medically allowed for someone who is on disability for Cronic pain who has never asked to increase her meds or failed the embarrassment of random drug test or investing where I fill my monthly scripts ….. yes I must see him every month for my meds! If you have any knowledge or advice how to get help or at least facts for getting off morphine after so long without feeling worse than I did before this treatment I would love to hear from you.
    I’m not suppose to get too stressed due to BP and heart issues but this has pushed me to the limit. I would love to be healthy and pain free and not have to jump through hoops for meds I never wanted to use but being in pain and locked inside never leaving my home was worse .

  100. Hi I have been on tramadol 100mg 4 times daily, oramorph 60 to 80mls a day and fentinal patch 25mic patch. My gp has now went and stoped all these suddenly even tho my consultants has said not to and is giving me zoramorph 90mg per day. I’m finding my pain is not controlled. I’m also experiencing withdrawal I have had very lose bowels for 2 weeks and feel like I have a bad flu. Is this withdrawal?I’m not 100% sure but due to the amount of medication I was taken and was on them for well over 3 years. Thankyou

  101. Had cancer. Going to be tapering. Been on them for 1 year, 3 months. 150 mg a day. What can you reccomend to help . starting tonight.

  102. I’m going to use Gabapentin to help with the cutting back on my dosage….on 15mgs morphine sulphate three times a day but at times take 4-5 a day….it’s affecting my marriage and I will get off these damn things, I will not subject my wife to my weakness any longer……I WILL GET OFF THESE DAMN MORPHINE TABS….Gabapentins do work to greatly reduce withdrawal symptoms, will take only Tramadols from now on…

  103. I use morphine 100mg. I’m down to about 75 mgs now. Because of intravenous use of morphine I’m having a supe hard time figuring out how to get off of it at home because I have n insurance to pay for a rehab I need guidance if u can help i would appreciate any suggestions to get off of this asap

  104. Pat
    Try Clonidine. It helps a lot ,senna tea ,you can buy at heath food store works better for constipation. I didn’t get what your getting on Clonidine.. Please ask your Dr.

  105. I am about 227 WD from morphine,it was Dr prescribed, and a new Dr can in and said he would prescribe me nothing. And would be my doctor. I found a new doctor. She weened me off. I still have chronic head pain.came back a little bit at a time,as we weened, down. Not most the symptoms here were or did not happen ,because my Dr gave me Clonidine, 0.01 at first, then 0.02, next. My legs bothered me, she gave me Pramipexole, and Gabapentin. I’m am now 63 days off morphine. And still legs bother me in the evening. But it wasn’t as bad as it says here! Go to the doctor. The know how to do it slowly, its a long run ,but if my legs didn’t hurt me,and my head pain wasn’t coming back it would be great,.now we are working on my chronic pain. Without Morphine..

  106. I have been on morphine for 8 weeks. I have attempted to get of it4 days ago. I have Atalanta 0.5 mg available and I wonder if I can take som during the day to help feel better. Thanks

  107. Just read your advice how to taper down from abusive of morphine at home would the same advice be used to wean down from injecting dilauid/horphmorphine

    1. Hi Willston. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  108. I have been taking prescribed morphine for back pain for some time. I wish to stop. I knew cold turkey quitting could be troublesome but I am committed. I stopped and was ok for about 4 days then a raft of symptoms from runny nose to terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. I wasn’t certain that those symptoms were attributable from my discontinuance or some other illness cause. I waited a few weeks and abruptly discontinued again. Same story, a few days then terrible discomfort. How can I taper off from 30 mg ER per day to zero? Is there some chedule for incremental discontinuance?

  109. Long story but the pain clinic here has to see you. I have an appointment on the 5th of December. This is the day before Thanksgiving. I have been c/t since nov 15th. In 20 days could I be over withdraw? I’ve been on this for 12 years due to failed back surgery/fusion twice. The prick doctor will not just give you a prescription if you miss an appointment. You’re on your own until you can get an appointment, which in this case is 20 days. I have about 10 more days to go. Is it possible in that time period that this will be over? If so I’ll put up with the pain using Advil or something. I’d like to go to my appointment and go in and tell that prick, “you’re fired”


  110. My husband has Rheumatoid Vasculitis. He lost part of his finger after suffering with gangrene for 10 months. He was taking 30 mg extended release morphine bid. This made him able to hadie the extreme pain. However, he was so “out of it”, dizzy and without understanding of reality, that his doctor lowered it to 15mg extended release morphine with 15 mg Immediate Release q 6°prn. It has been 2 1/2 months since his amputation. He says he is ready to go off of the morphine. What I am trying to do is find out a couple of things. 1. Are there lower doses that a doctor can prescribe to help wean him off of the morphine? 2. I am worried that he might try to detox himself cold turkey. How do I help him if he does? Should I call someone? He is on many prescribed meds. I am worried he may harm himself trying this. Thank you for your response. Laura

  111. I feel I have to comment on this forum, maybe to help fellow sufferers of the awful withdrawal from Morphine!
    I was on 360mg per day of ZOMORPH(slow release capsules) until I had my operation last May 2016.
    Fortunately the operation was complete sucess after 3 discs removed and a spinal fusion with a titanium plate at The Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield UK.

    With no pain in my leg and lower back I followed my doctors advice to taper off the Morphine. The first couple of days were fine until….the fourth day I didn’t feel right. I couldn’t sleep and even when I did I had the weirdest dreams of death and bad situations. I thought I would just ride it through and the effects of withdrawal would quickly go. I was so wrong! This effective but awful drug had got me and the effects were really messing with my head, even suicidal thoughts.

    Time to see the doctor! He put me on amytrytyline, a muscle rleaxing sleep enhancing answer but it didn’t work. In fact I felt worse. I started hallucinating, seeing things crawl and fly around my living room. I tried watching TV to keep my mind off it but that was bending my mind as well.

    I have never experienced this feeling ever in my life. I couldn’t move off the couch….again, not through pain because I wasn’t in pain at all but through exhaustion. My doctor came out and prescribed Vitamin B compound??? actually it did help slightly I think because after a few days. I could sit up and then even walk up the stairs to the bathroom.

    I then tried a beer……yuk I couldn’t drink it!
    After three weeks of this. I just took paracetamol (equiv.tylenol for the US) on the fourth week I began to feel stronger but very slowly. Every day i felt that tiny bit better mentally and physically until six weeks (three weeks after taking the last drug) I was totally recovered.

    So….for all the people in the world trying to withdraw I would like to say this: Stick at it….it DOES get better….you will be able to withdraw and get back to normal….there is and end to the bad feelings, the night sweats and feeling like crawling the walls will go. The feeling of wanting to hurt youself to take your mind off it….WILL GO!!. Drink plenty of fluids, if you have a partner or friend tell them exactly how you feel.

    Good luck guys

    ……..and just to add. Frank? Hang on in there it’s hard but it does get better!

  112. Well I’m here to say that my worries and stress with dealing with a morphine addict are no more. Haven’t heard the b*tch for almost seven months now. She just stopped taking my calls and texts. And after everything I did for her. She can rot in hell for all I care.

  113. Withdrawing fro MISR 540 mg a day plus dilaudid 48mg a day plus fentynyl patches 75mg @three days. Started 1/7/16 am now off all with exception of MSIR 15mg three times a day. I have been on opioids since 1992. Will drop msir to 10 mg twice a day in two weeks and will be drug free by Thanksgiving. This was my decision to stop these drugs and I have not had any problems due to long slow process. I was never addited but was physically dependent. My problem is refractory trigeminal neuralgia type 1 and anesthesia delorosa. Opiates are not used to treat these disorders till all other options have failed. Time will tell! Jody

  114. I ve been on ms contin for 11yrs. Im 61yrs old how long can i expect to live an continue taking this. I take 30 mg. Every 12 hrs.

  115. Ive been taking (6) 30 mg oxycodone and (2) 100mg ms cotin pills a day for 4 years. Do to complications that i legally cannot disclaim – I had to find a new physician.
    When told that a new physician was to be found I made a decision – to stop taking these opiates. I have not taken oxycodone in approx 5 days have been trying it take 1 of The 100 milligram MS Contin pills whenever I start feeling a little sick. If I read everything in the above correctly at this point is when I should start with a half even though I will feel sick? Will it will not be as hard of a blow as just taking nothing? Am I right saying that? This next sentence is a question LOL, therefore once my body gets used to only 50 milligrams each time that I would take a hundred milligrams I will be that much closer 2 having less withdrawal pains? I probably confused you with that question… basically every time I drop 50% (as stated above is the maximum to safely decrease during a deyax phase) I will feel withdrawals but not as severe as if I just stop cold turkey? I definitely have enough medication to do this and last me 4 maybe 2 weeks. It is a Monday and I will be seeing a new general family dr. That I started seeing about 2 months ago on Friday. I made the appointment tried to explain to the physician assistant but I was only told speak to him when I have my appointment Friday. I also suffer from severe anxiety , severe ADHD, and depression. The main reason for seeing a new family dr. Was because my pain management / family doctor could not write my Adderall any longer. This new doctor is aware that I wanted to work with him to adjust all the levels of medication needed because I do not even feel that I am on the proper dosage of Adderall. I am not certain if it’s going to be harder or easier to come off of the opiates while I am taking other dependent forming medications? At one point I did stop cold turkey but I was only taking oxycodone. It took about five days for it to be out of my system. The part that I am most concerned with is that I am not taking the opiates anymore therefore the overall pain that I have from 4 rear end accidents I’ve been in (all have happened when i was stopped at a red light) as well as to severe slip and falls that have re-injured both my ankles and both knees from the pass when I played school and college softball as a catcher (last yr i played was 2001). So with severe overall chronic pain and mental issues I am very worried about how the removal of this final opiant is going to work out? I have so many concerns and worries about what to do? Am I doing this right by lowering my dosages myself until I see the physician? When I came off of the oxycodone the last time I had only had the back injuries at that time I had not really injured my knees and ankles is this chronic pain something that will force me to have to remain on these opiates? Do ask my physician to give me more oxycodone even though I haven’t had it in my system since last 5 days ago? Or is it better to just remain on the MS Contin / morphine and just work on tapering myself off of that under his care? I am truly sorry if I have confused anyone by jumping all around with my crazy story. Hence that is a side effect of having severe ADHD problems :/ I hope that may be reading this a few times you will be able to understand my questions and at least give me some hope. I have a tough love support system which makes it a bit hard but I have relentlessly continued to explain to them how they are a strong part of me coming all of these opiates. Just a little side note, I have also had my thyroid/metabolism checked find my previous Dr and he stated that my body does not metabolize medication like other people? He stated that technically the morphine/ms cotin 100 milligram is not a medication that I really should be taking because of the way I metabolize my medication.
    The biggest part of this whole Journey with withdrawing from the opiates is that I have no energy to do anything. I feel like that commercial with the woman saying that she just wants to stay on the couch and she previously was so energetic and now has no energy to do any type of exercise or athletic activities.
    Once again I hope that I hear back from someone who can maybe explain or help me know what is to come. I know that no one can tell what the future will bring but maybe and hopefully someone can at least give me a little glimpse with some hope included. It’s sometimes just feels like death.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this novel which seems like a novel with the chapters out of order LOL. God bless and look forward to a reply.

  116. Ive been taking (6) 30 mg oxycodone and (2) 100mg ms cotin/morphine pills a day for 4 years. Do to complications that i legally cannot disclaim – I had to find a new physician. Which we won’t know is not very easy if you live in the Northeast region America ( I am not educated on how it is in other areas of the country)
    When I was advised that a new physician needed to be found I made a decision that I was going to stop taking these medications. I was only given one last prescription for each of the medications. Due to insurance as everybody in this world has experienced they would not feel the complete months worth of Oxycodone. Therefore I was left with a little over half a month’s worth. Now that I finished all my oxycodone and only have my morphine medication I have been trying it take 1 of The 100 milligram MS Contin / morphine pills whenever I start feeling a little sick. Which makes me feel as though I really am not weaning myself off properly. If I read everything in the above correctly at this point is when I should start splitting the 100 milligram pills in half even though I will feel sick it will not be as hard of a blow as just taking nothing? Am I right saying that? This next sentence is a question LOL, therefore once my body gets used to only 50 milligrams each time that I would take a hundred milligrams I will be that much closer 2 having less withdrawal pains? I probably confused you with that question… basically every time I drop 50% (as stated above is the maximum to safely decrease during a deyax phase) I will feel withdrawals but not as severe as if I just stop cold turkey? I definitely have enough medication to do this and last me 4 maybe 2 weeks. It is a Monday and I will be seeing a new general family dr. That I started seeing about 2 months ago on Friday. I made the appointment tried to explain to the physician assistant but I was only told speak to him when I have my appointment Friday. I also suffer from severe anxiety comma ADHD

  117. Hi. I have had brain surgery/neck sx in 2001,due to Arnold Chari Syndrome, recovered great. In the past 2 years symptoms are back and will be see Dr soon. I am tired of taking pain meds. Currently I take ms con 15mgx2 and oxycodone 5mg 3x breakthru. I have tapered my self down to 5 mg MS 1x daily and no oxycodone. I have a few days left then its all gone. How bad will my withdrawal be? I take lorazapam for anxiety/ambient for sleep. I’m tired of being on these pain meds and willing to go the distance. Thanks, Amy

  118. Hello; I am a 63 yr-old former sailor, retired on disability. Following a back injury in 2000, I have had 3 (failed) back surgeries, and a successful L. knee replacement. I have DDD, and pervasive, skeleton-wide osteoarthritis to go along with the neuropathy and loss of function from the scarring on the sciatic nerves, and moderate spinal stenosis. Because of a recent change in policy be the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons, my doctor has taken me off ~380mg/day of morphine (100mg MEslon tid and 30mg MSIR aid prn [60, 75, or 90 30mg tablets every 28 days). That was a reduced dose; I had been taking up to 360 mg/day of MS Contin plus up to 4/ day of 30mg MSIR for breakthrough, so I reckon I’ve eaten more than 2 kilos of morphine in the last 16 years, plus some dilaudid after surgeries, although I was morphine-free for ~ 3 months in 2003, prior to re-injuring my spine. Prior to my back injury, I had controlled my arthritis through exercise, relaxation, ice, and anti-inflammatories, but that is off-topic.
    My dr. and I weaned me off ~15 mg/day of diazepam about 5 years ago, at my request, because of the co-morbidity rate of overdose in patients taking both, and we reduced my morphine from the 360mg MS Contin to 300 mg MEslon, and from 90×30 mg MSIR/28 days to 60 or 75.
    I took my last 100 mg morphine Tuesday AM, saw my dr on Wed & was prescribed 8/2mg plus 2 x 2/0.5mg Suboxone, plus 2×2/0.5 mg if required; they were, and the withdrawal was brutal, with neuropathy running wild in both legs, (especially feet on fire), and my left leg twitching, kicking, and jumping uncontrollably, as well as the usual diarrhea, nausea, sweats, chills, goosebumps, aches, and cramps, (and 7! successive sneezes in very few more seconds-I hadn’t thought that possible.)
    Thursday, he gave me 2 x 8/2mg Suboxone, plus 2 x 2/0.5mg if required; it was, and the withdrawal was still pretty brutal, although moderately better than Wednesday. On Friday, he gave me a script for the same doses for the weekend, and an appt for Monday. I needed both the extra 2 doses, both Friday & Saturday, and the withdrawal symptoms have eased somewhat, but I am certainly not tap-dancing yet.
    Given the severity of the withdrawal symptoms with the help of the Suboxone, I am really dreading the withdrawal from the Suboxone; I’m not sure is the dr will reduce the dose by 2mg/ day, or 50%, although I hope & suspect it will be the former, but I am worried, and am wondering how severe the withdrawal from the Suboxone is likely to be, and if there’s anything that will help ease that withdrawal. The increase in musculoskeletal pain without the morphine has been significant, but manageable with Tylenol aiding the 20 mg Feldene and 2mg Nabilone, but I’m still having trouble with the neuropathy, and I have not tolerated either Gabapentin (Neurontin) or Pregablin (Lyrica) in the past, and Cannabidiol (CBD) is Schedule II in Canada, just like THC, so my options are limited. I will ask the dr. for a script for Sativex®, although I am not sure if he will be able to provide it, off label, as I don’t have MS, or even if it is available here; this dr. will prescribe Nabilone (synthetic THC, basically), but not ‘natural’ cannabis, because of unknown dosing, he says. I have ordered some hemp extract products from in hopes that they will contain CBD, and that there will be enough content to help, but I’m not extremely confident.
    Thanks for all your work here; I will anxiously await your advice.
    Kind regards,

  119. I have been using morphine recreationally for 6 yrs now i.v. 100-300 mgs daily 600mgs was my all time most in one day (3–200 mg shots 4 hrs apart. Right now i do 30 to 60 mgs once a day more often than not 60. This is going into a month like this and me and my family has decided to titrate or find a new home ( not possible) . How long should it comfortably take and how much should i go down when i do and how often should I go down?

  120. I would like any information on m.s. continue past and present related to all aspects of taking it. Like tooth loss,latent medical problems the lack of Purdue Pharma to list this vital information in their drug insert. I’m gathering this information to use in a book I’m writing. Thank you for your help and insights.

  121. I had two back surgeries year’s ago and was talked into the use of Morphine Sulfate bad choice! I talked to a new doctor and to his surprise I didn’t want more I wanted a plan to get off it. I went a month with 50% reduction and was supposed to reduce it after that ran out I decided to hell with this as I want off now. Also I was never into any drugs and I know the pain I have won’t kill me but the drug may. I went through a bit of hell for about 4 days severe dieria hot and cold no sleep but now day 5 I am at peace with myself that I’m not a slave to any drugs or doctors. Am I in severe pain you bet I am but I’m learning that with strong mind control I’m able to get away from the pain for a period of time. You can do this if you really want to you will be free and not a prisoner of medication or doctors. I am lucky because if I don’t want something I’m able to get rid of it and move on. I know all about pain but believe me this path on this medication is a dead end. You can do this by yourself just like I did. Good luck to you all hope my experience helps you nothing to fear and only to gain.

  122. My partner has been on morphine patches for 9 years. Last year he went into hospitAl to come off it and it was substituted for MST’s. He was taken into hospital this week and when he mentioned he’d like to come off those too they took it straight off him instead of reducing it giving him just paracetamol. He’s in an awful state and to be honest the doctors aren’t really bothered. I’m at a loss as to who to speak to. I’ve already argued with the doctor please can anyone advise me what to do

  123. I have been on morphine sulphate for about 7-8 years except for once when the Dr. advised a break from it. I had horrid withdrawal symptoms for a week (I kept a diary) and suffered from restless legs syndrome. I had no relief from this and had very little sleep during this time. I would like to have another break but too scared of going through the restless legs again. Any ideas please?

  124. Hi , I have been taking morphine for pain relief for about 8 year’s I know I have to come of it but It is the only thing that reduces my pain. I can’t walk far at the moment due to severe pain in my back and legs I also have severe neck and spine pain. It took years for my doctors to give me some relief from pain, before I took morphine I was in so much pain I could not go out or even walk a few steps. I used to cry as the pain was so bad I don’t want to go back to that way of life. What can I do please hip me.

  125. I have been on morphine for 10 years and my Doctor left for another job. Leaving quite a few people high and dry ( I was lucky doc gave me a step down does but it was up to me) I have multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia thyroid disease arthritis in my spine and sciatica. Trying to find a doctor to help now days is next to impossible. Plus I work 50 hours plus a week. If any has any ideas to help with pain please let me know. Thank you Teresa

  126. I have severe pain I’ve used 600 mgs of morphine or more for 2 years. My doc already has me using a high dose of methadone stating to come off morphine I feel as if the morphine
    My be actually causing pain as an addictive side effect. I can’t seem to get through withdrawls on my own. Is a hospital detox the way to go?

  127. For constipation on morphine.I am doing the with drawls right now. I tried all store stuff and no go. I had a friend tell me that Senna tea at most health food stores. It doesn’t give you gas, bloating, just a BM of soft stool. Its great!. I mix the tea bag in my coffee . works great!. Hope it helps

  128. I have been in pain management much over 10 years but with my current PainDr about 9 years now. He started me out on Fentnal patches which I was up to 75mcg once every 2 days up until about a year and a half ago. I was then put on Morphine Sulphate ER three times a day 30 mg pills with additional break through pain medication. I haven need much of the break throug over the past year or so and last summer was a great summer. My family has seen positive changes in my personality etc. Any way I’m trying Lyrica now and the dr is looking at taking me to 12 hrs in stead of 8 with additional breakthrough Meds. But I don’t want any extra Meds. I started to see how things may go on a 12 hr with Lyrica on my own. I’m on day fior. The Lyrica does help much I’m needing a higher dies during the day. I’m only on 25 mg at night but from day one I’ve experience greater leg pain but with the help of Lyrica my legs seem manageable until they start up again and I need another dies of Lyrica. Today I notice symptoms such as mild stomach cramping sweeting very irritable tired and a lot more issues with my legs. How long can I expect this to last will it get worse ? Oh I have needed two 5 mg nor is today Rogelio with my legs but I want off that too and only rely on Lyrica if all possible but with as bad as my legs are I’m worried. I’ve also needed the Lyrica three times a day but this afternoon instead of one I needed 2 in order to get my leg pain under control.

  129. Hi,
    I had a back injury almost three months ago and was put on morphine. I was on 200mg’s in hospital iv and progressively decreased the morphine from there. For the past month now, I have been taking 2 tabs of 30mg MS Contin ER am/pm (so 60mg daily). I am worried about all the responses I am reading about the severity of the withdrawls and addiction. I have zero interest in staying on this drug and can’t wait to get off. I have no history of any drug or alcohol abuse either. I’m 49. I am starting to taper tomorrow as follows:

    15mg am / 30 mg pm (for 7-10 days)
    15mg am / 15 mg pm (for 7-10 days)
    15mg am daily (for 7-10 days)
    15mg am every other day for 5 days
    15mg am every second other day for 5 days
    15mg am every third day for days

    I have read that the severity of withdrawl comes from long term use but am not sure if I am considered long term use or a high dosage.

    I’m petrified of going through withdrawls. I do suffer from anxiety and take clonazepam and xanax as needed (maybe a couple of times a month). Can I use these for the worst of it if necessary?

  130. I use to do insanity while on 30 mg of extended release morphine twice daily. My pain clinic told me I had to get off my alprazalam which I had been taking for 30 years, up to 1 mg, 3 times a day. When I went off the xanex I felt so stoned on the morphine that I wouldn’t take it anymore. I was afraid I was so stoned. I didn’t like the feeling of not being in control. I had an extremely severe C-3 to C-6 injury while water skiing. After 10 years past my surgical date I was put on the morphine which helped the pain and I pretty much lived pain free for which I was extremely grateful. I went off the morphine after going off the alprazalam pretty much cold turkey. It was horrible but I did it. What I would like to know is now I am so tired and am finding it difficult to just walk around the neighborhood. I can ride my recumbant bike for about a half an hour and that is it. I have not been able to do insanity and I am sucking air while trying just walk. Does anyone know why this is happening to me? I would like to know the physical reason why I am so exhausted when trying to exercise. I am a very physical person. My husband is 15 years younger then me and I have never had any trouble keeping up with him until now. Also I take Turmeric which is very helpful and up to 600 milligrams of acetamenaphen daily for my neck and shoulder pain. I went back on the xanex as I also have IC which is a very painful disorder. However, I don’t think I will ever take an addictive pain medication again. Withdrawal from morphine was horrible. God bless everyone who is going through this and remember you can do it! Love to all!

  131. I have been tapering off 360 mg of morphine a day as well as 60 mg of oxycodene after 4 back surgeries. I don’t feel i need the meds but recently developed what the dr’s are trying to rule out as IBS. I tried a treatment in mexico called ibogaine but after $2500 it only enabled me to reduce my dependencw to 1 60 mg pill of MS a day and 60mg of oxy. The IBS sympthoms sometimes mimic withdrawal and confuses me. What is a good rate of detoxing off these drugs? I have no fear of stsying off once i accomplish it, but it terrifies me to go through withdrawal.

  132. I have a friend that has taken 30 g of morphine 2 times a day for five years. he is coming off because the va would not send him his meds on time. He cannot sleep at night. He will go about 3 nights with out sleep then he will be so exhausted that his body crashes. Also, he gets a terrible restlessness, like he should be moving. Not just his legs but his entire body. Any suggestions?

  133. After using morphine sulphate mst 60mg time release capsules for past few years can honestly say although not having a great time with
    with relative comfort. I am 5 days into withdrawal using didhydrocodeine to ease the process. I am down to 240mg after startingf600mldaily.I feel sick on waking and feel need for meds as the hours pass it is manageablyes I have slept with help of mimirtazipine 165 mg increased to 60 mg 1 st 4 nights. I know they will no longer help luckily found a handful of phenergan 25mg which will help next few nights when I hope to be down to 60mg of df118. Canthelp feeling when is it gonna start driving me insane, hopefully not and hope to keep you posted in 7 days which is the cut off point. Sometimes its whatever gets you through and sometimes whatever medication at hand to help you through, ultimately it will e my will which dictates the outcome. Doing it alone.

  134. I’ve just taken myself off morphine after 8 years.i have fibromyalgia ,i was on 90 mg of mst morphine (12 hour release) x2 a day.and top up of oral morphine after so many years it was no longer having any effect on me.i told my go that I wanted to come off it,I’ve come of it a lot quicker than advised.i started reducing it from the end of January ,I’ve not had any for a week,I went down 10 mg every 1-2 weeks,then got to last week where I had 10 mg every 2 days but just once a day.ive suffered with extreme restless legs in the evening and severe stomach cramps with an upset long does this usually gp told me to take 10 mg a day to stop but.after speaking with my gp today she agreed with me that it would be foolish to go down that road again,but no docs have ever had anyone come off it so quickly head is set not yo take any more.if I’m going to be like this for a couple of weeks I’m sure I can put up with it!.i had a spinal injury 18 years ago and my docs at the time had me on diazepam for 4 years ,which they stopped I had severe mood swings when I came off that,but nothing like this.

  135. Hello My Father in law has been on morphine for 20 plus years after a back injury. he was taking 60 mg three times a day and 15mg fours times a day and now he is off of them for 24 hours i was wondering if there was anything i can give him to help because his doctor discharged him with out giving his med so he wants to get off is there anything i can help him with. Im a RN so just let me know

  136. I have reflex sympathtic dystophy, fibromyalgia ,scoliosis and alot more the had put me on morphine do to severe bone pain. In the leg,and back pain from disc degenration .the pain is so bad i was vomiting from pain. So 13years of morphine15mgx3i had no issues steping down .i had hot to cold feelings and the sweating but wasnt bad.was off for 2years but the pain is so bad i cant take it. So i used for about 6months all i want to know is how long does it take to be out of your system completly

  137. I have been taking (90) 100mg morphine er & (180) 30mg morphine IR for over 10 years. How can I stop using them without the severe pain that will come. I don’t want to be on morphine but when I miss a dose I get very hot & the pain is unbearable after missing two doses in one day. The withdrawal doesn’t bother me but the extreme pain does. It is getting harder & harder to get my meds which is one reason I want to quit if possible

  138. I went off morphine, cold turkey the day after my brother died. April 23,2016. It was his dying wish that I stop taking it. I went thru hell. Today is the eighth day and I’m just now fealty normal except my back. I have had 5 back surgeries. My back is killing me. What do you suggest I take for pain. I don’t want a medicine that I’m going to get addicted to but yet I want it to help my pain. I have been in the ER 5 times since I stopped the Morphine. Thank you.

  139. I am in my 6th day with no morphine after being on it for 10 years. i am 2 months w/o hydrocodone 325/10 4 times a day. the morphine was 60 mgs. 2 times a day. my question is is it normal to feel so week. the chills and shakes a runny nose has all passed but no strength. is this normal?

  140. Hi there,

    I was originally on 30mg Oxyneo (oxycodone) Slow Release 3 times per day (90 mg /day). I have been on it for 4 years for severe abdominal pain. I finally have been fixed after 3 surgeries. My dr and pharmacist agreed that switching me to morphine. 30mg twice a day (15 mg tablets) – which is half the dose prescribed if I was needing pain control, was the best way for me to titrate off. I am having severe muscle and joint pain when dropping a 15 mg tablet. I have cannabis.. But have not tried it. I guess I’m just looking for Hope… I’m getting married in oct.. I want this med out of my system. I had gotten half way off about 2.5 months ago, but my internal incision herniated open and bowels perforated (I had major kidney and bowel surgery as an infant) -33 years now. So this is round two. I’m not working yet. But anxiously want one! I can see the last mountain I have to climb.. Just wish it was a molehill,

    Thanks for the us full information!

  141. Im on morphine and I take 15mg 3x’s a day and 30mg twice a day. I’ve been on it over a year and I’m scared of what the withdrawal will be like. How do I stop taking it safely and to minimize the withdrawal symptoms? I just retired from the military and the VA in Kansas City is where I am going. I need help. I’m scared.

  142. Hi my husband has been on MST for the past 5yrs at 90mg twice a day. He has just had further surgery on spine, he has had 22operations in total on spine and base of brain. The surgeon wants to get him off morphine to see if this is now contributing to his headaches. We have been weaning off slowly and are down to 10mg twice a day, the past few days he is feeling irritable, hot and cold shivers, been sneezing today, runny nose. He has had hot and cold shivers on and off over the past few weeks. Is this withdrawal symptoms? sorry if this seems a silly question. he is on other pain meds pregabalin, hasn’t had a cold for a long time, so just wanted to know if this is withdrawal as people keep telling me he wouldn’t be going through this as we have done it slowly over period of a few weeks. Many thanks

  143. Hi,I’ve been on mst morphine and oral morphine,along with gabapentin ,cymbalta,paracetamol (was told to take with morphine) and amitriptyline,for 8 years now.i went to my go in January said the morphine is no longer working and I want to come off ,of it.i was told to do it gradually which I have I’m down from 120 mgx2 (12 hour release) .ive come of cymbalta , currently on 20 mgx2 .but just lately I’ve been having a rough time with my spine so I’ve had to use oral morphine quite a bit.when I get down to 10 mg x2 a day which I’m doing next week how long before I can stop alltogther .im also coming down on amytiptiline and gabapentin to switch to pregabalin.i would like to try the cannabis oil rather than fill myself with opiutes .?

  144. Im 65 i was on bupenorphine 32 mg for 7 years. finally got on Morphine and have been taking 600 mg per day at least. started at 10 but keeps going up!! no one wants to treat me due to my age… I need HELP!


    Thank you


    1. Hi Patrick. Why don’t you call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a treatment that fits your needs.

  145. I am currently in the last stages of getting off morphine. In late 2009, I suffered spinal cord compression at C3-C7. Since I am a medical professional and have seen what chronic opioid abuse does to the human psyche and the organs, I resisted all narcotics although the pain was enough to drive me insane. I received the epidural,steroids at 3 levels plus 4 facet blocks which relieved my pain but 3 wks later it returned. The ortho surgeon simply handed me an Rx for Vicodin, which I threw away. I was referred to a pain management clinic and had rehab PT, pool therapy, biofeedback training, TENS unit and Rx for Nucynta , a synthetic morphine , Lidoderm patches and baclofen for spasms. Knowing that no pain program can relieve pain 100%, I was 75% with this program.
    Then My insurance changed and I started up at Kaiser Permanente and that’s when my narcotic journey started. First of all, the Lidoderm and Nucynta are 3rd Tier drugs, so they had to be replaced with Morphine 45mg every 8 hrs and norco 10mg every 6 hrs for breakthrough pain. After a yr, I was told, “you are taking too narcotics” so then I was weaned to MS 15mg every 8 hrs and the Norco 10mg twice a day over the course of 3 months. I was given Clonidine for the cold sweats and Ativan for anxiety. These helped tremendously.
    Once I was used to the lower doses, I was pressured to switch to methadone! I was very hesitantant but 3 mos later I switched. I was on Methadone 5 mg three times a day.
    Then once again, I had to switch insurances and I’ve discovered how difficult it is to find any Dr who will take a new patient that is taking Methadone. Even harder was getting the prescription filled! I got “the looks” everytime I went to the pharmacy, the stigma of methadone to her ion is still prevalent. The methadone had to special ordered, which is only done once a week. I once had to wait 11 days for my Rx, I was splitting my methadone doses and having horrible cramps, vomiting and sweating, it was horrible.
    It was then I realized that my physical pain was not worsened by the lower dose, so I decided to kick the methadone. I took 1 tablet twice a day for 2 wks, then once a day for 2 wks, 1/2 tablet once a day for 2 wks, then to 1/4 tablet. Then I was out, and felt confident that I could managed a few days of discomfort.
    After 4 sleepless nights, crawly legs and anxiety, out of desperation, I rummaged thru my old pill bottles and found about 10 MS tablets, 15mg. So I split them in 4, and take just once a night, lengthening by one hr each night….for example, Day 1-6pm, Day 2-7pm, day 3- 8pm, etc.
    I was still waking up with horrible sensations in my leg, and my legs felt heavy. The only thing that helped was to take a hot shower. I was so run down after a few nights of this.
    After researching on how to “fix my brain” (replenish neurotransmitters) I went to vitamin world and bought 5-HTP 200mg and GABA-plus. I take 1 HTP twice a day and 2 GABA at bedtime. This has tremendously helped with the crawly legs, low energy and depressed mood I was experiencing while weaning off the morphine. It took about 2 wks for my serotonin and dopamine levels to get up to where I am feeling better. I also started a vigorous home exercise programs I found on YouTube, to help my body produce endorphins.
    I am still on the 1/4 MS tablet, so far I been on this regimine for about 2 wks and irritable ness and restless legs are much improved. I expect to be morphine-opioid free soon.
    The point I want to make is that it takes time, patience and TLC for your body. Also, even a teeny tiny dose is hard to kick so don’t expect to go from 15mg 3 x day to nothing ….you will be freekin miserable and going out of your mind. I did have to resist taking an “extra” dose but I was determined to rely on willpower over my flesh. I start exercising when I feel edgy, go outside, take a shower, to counteract the physical symptoms. I’m so glad I had the MS to help me kick the methadone. The morphine withdrawal is not as bad as the methadone.
    Methadone should not be used for chronic pain. I really feel that Kaiser uses their pts as guinea pigs, what a horrible thing to do to someone, put them on a legal heroin pill.
    Their pharmacy seemed to have endless supply of narcotics, I never would have imagined that it was so restricted in the “real world”. Now I can see how some people switch to actual heroin out of desperation, and I was on a very modest dose of opioids. I hope my suggestions help someone here who doesn’t know how to deal with the unpleasant physical issues.
    Also avoid caffeine and sugar, as these are agitating substances that worsen the withdrawal. Be kind to yourself, oh yes one more thing I tried that helps me sleep: Hylands Calms Forte and Hylands Nerve Tonic, these are homeopathic, natural remedies. God Bless, so glad that you are here to find help and HOPE!

    I just want to add something that I forgot to mention in the previous post. I still experience mid back pain, after trying Tylenol, aspirin and naproxen without any relief, I tried Turmeric-curcuminoid supplement. And guess what? IT WORKS!! My husband tried it and also has had significant relief from low back pain. I also want to mention that I vaporize and ingest medical cannabis. I have the same pain control with the supplements mentioned in my previous post and here.
    I recommend that anyone wishing to wean off their narcotic meds, should begin using the supplements at least 2 wks before drastic reduction in narcotic dose.
    Good luck to everyone!

  146. I need a taper schedule for ms contin 90 mgs a day. Want to be clean. Scared to death of withdrawal. Can’t take cold turkey. Will end up in ER. Want to do agentler detox. Please please help me.

    1. Hi Suzanne. I suggest you speak with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  147. Is it better to use like 2 Tylenol 3’s 2 times a day to easy the pain or just go cold turkey those are my only options

    1. Hi Lori. I suggest you consult with you doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Experts claim that gradually lowering the drug dose is a safer way to quit it. Also, talk with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter medications which may help you ease withdrawal.

  148. JI’ve been taking morphine for 6 years I started on 60mgs twice a day then tapered to 30mg -then to 15 then half of 15 now I’m at a quarter of 15 all twice a day was wondering once I finish my last quarter of the 15mg how bad will my withdrawal be and how long will it last on that low of a dose?

  149. 600mg of morphine a day and fentenyl 2400mcg twenty years now I was told I would only live two more years in 1997 I do have severe pain but tired of the monthly doctor visits how should I quit

    1. Hi, Devildog. I suggest you consult with a doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Also, you may consult with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter medications, teas and home remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  150. I HAVE Ben taking 60mg of mst continus in the morning and evening for about six weeks my gp has in rest the dose over the last 6 months together my gp a I have desiderata I should stop taking it and plan to refuse the dose by 20 mg a week I will I get withdraw simptoms

  151. I have been on Morphine for 7 months 120mg, I been weaning off with the help from my doctor. I work in the medical field. One day after lunch I experience my hands shaking while typing. It went away 10 minutes later. Is this from withdrawing? I also have considered taking sometime off until I am completing off this drug. Do you recommend this?

    1. Hi, Lisa. Shaking could be morphine withdrawal symptom. Maybe it’s good to take some time off, and quit the drug at home. Also, learn what’s best for you, and speak with your doctor. What will s/he recommend?

  152. I have been using morphine for just over a year now and when I ask my GP for another solution it seems that she has nothing left to offer.ii take 10mg statix tabs if neede I also go our local emergency room for treatment of standing orders for more pain meds anti-nauseants and fluids I suffer from several migraines a month and also see a neurologist in a city 5 hours away from my home once a month for nerve blocks and also up to the new year boot injections. They are losing their effectiveness. I have developed mechanical lock jaw in my TMJ. I will undergo a scope surgery in 3 months hoping that this could be cause or related to the severity of the daily battle I go through. Actually my 8 year old son and husband are with me through it every day. As for going off motphine I am going to ask about medicinal marajauna. I asked my gp about any other pain meds out there so this I plan to Persue hoping I have more energy so I can have a life back.

  153. I’ve been on 120mg morphine daily for past 6+ years for severe back pain (several cracked discs and 2 failed ops) …I decided to get off it as the side effects of morphine outweighed the pain relief! Gp,has not been helpful as she wanted me to reduce it 10mg per month ? A year?? Noooo way…so stubbornly I ignored her advice and decided upon reducing 10mg weekly…omg it’s been 3 months of hell! The worst being the restless legs, joint pain, blurred vision, chronic insomnia & headaches…increased pain again in my back and sciatica has returned with vengeance! 10mg left so I’ll be off in 1 week…but then what?

  154. I have been on MS contin (morphine) for almost 9 years post a bone marriw transplant. My spine collapsed so hence the morphine. In the beginning I was on bery high doses while hospitalized. With the help of a pain management doctor, I reduced it to 30mg. 2x/day. I decided a few months ago to get off the morphine because I didn’t believe it was doing anything except I was physically addicted. So I have been slowly weaning. I took only 15mg once a day for a month and finally stopped everything 4 days ago. Ever since then I have had severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, mild headaches and nauseating. Can I be experiencing this after withdrawing from only 15 mg?

    1. Hi, Cookie. No matter the dosage, each drug has different effect on every person. Also, all symptoms that you mentioned are common morphine withdrawal symptoms, so you might be experiencing withdrawal.

  155. I was taking 60 MG of morphine a day for the last 16 years. I stopped cold turkey 9 days ago. I still have anxiety and my feet feel hot and prickly ultra sensitive. how long does it take for the withdrawal symptoms to last. please give me some hope! !!!!!!!

  156. I have been experiencing morphine withdrawal symptoms for 2 1/2 weeks. Weakness and tiring quickly seem to be hanging on the worst. My doctor put me on Clonidine 0.3mg patch and metoprolol to help with withdrawal symptoms. Depression is starting to effect me as I can’t seem to get to feeling normal. I generally don’t feel well. How long can this last? Is there anything else I can do. I have been trying to build up my strength by moderately exercising, but that doesn’t seem to help much. Thank you.

  157. Hello,I am on 100mg twice a day and have had major problems with bowels,I am just dropping to 60 meg twice a day on my own accord and am planning on then maybe 50 twice a day then in ten mil increments,I have no one and am still working and trying to stay working,can you please tell me will I be ok or am I going about it the wrong way,I was put on it for long term pain but since my bowels are not as they usually are I am getting off it(I hope)can you please please offer advice

  158. There is hope, after being on 80mg of Morphine for approx 6 years, I am finally free of it and feel great that I did it, by cutting down the dose over a four week period, the last 10mg was hell all the symptoms described here were apparent, the sweats flu like you have never had before, restless legs were the worst side effect for me, I found I could dance in bed!! the withdrawal lasted about three weeks altogether, with a few bad days after that, now I sleep fine and feel good, the thing that still makes me angry is that the pain it was prescribed for is no worse, so to any one reading this choose the time to withdraw carefully and if you have some support even better, just remember the bad feelings WILL pass, I wish you well friend.

  159. Hey, back in mid August I wrote talking about a woman I know who’s been addicted to morphine for ten years. There was one crucial detail I neglected to tell y’all. She’s been hooking to feed her habit. And yes, that’s how we met. But somewhere along the way I fell for her. And she says she fell for me but I’m not sure I buy it. She says she wants to quit but can’t cuz the withdrawals are so bad. As I said earlier I’m not really in a position too help her out with detox. i guess if I won the lottery I could afford to send her to a proper detox center. But right now there’s not much of an option for detox centers in our area. So again I’m asking for some advice. One other thing i should maybe mention is that she’s got bipolar and talks about ending her life. She is very smart and has attended university in the past. she talks about biology and such things all the time. She’s just made some really stupid choices in life. Do you think I’m making equally stupid choices by sticking around and trying to get her some help. And yes I’ve given her money from time to time. I guess I’m also looking for help for me too. So yeah, some advice on both our problems would be appreciated.

  160. Where you see Michael Jackson in my prior post it should be mycotoxins….. I don’t know how or why it got me back into that post and added to it and I don’t even know if it makes any sense I dunno I’m extremely concerned about putting my body through that kind of distrust when it’s been is showing that it is beyond its ability to cope from over 18 months of illness and I’m sleeping for 24 and 36 hours straight!
    I do not feel that the doctor is lowering medication at an acceptable level would like confirmation of this as I always try to be a good patient and anytime we’re supposedly trying a decrease in something he’s never willing to add it back or give me something else!
    I find that to be cruel and unusual punishment for what though I don’t know? Last time he did this reduction like this he himself was on opiates from an injury he had surgery on… he said now I can relate to you!
    My reply was simple and accurate there’s absolutely no way that he can relate to us because his is short term! As you endure chronic pain day in and day out I’ve had natural childbirth I would take that anyday over this as God told us he would be pain like no other pain we’d ever experienced that’s very accurate but he also said it would be immediately forgotten and that’s true too! Because at the end of it you have that child! This never ends!
    I told him my name is not decreased I was meditating and visualizing but since they did the air ducts in my apartment and I have fall out from the vents I don’t have any place to be that feels safe!
    Tell me if my theory of 2 60mg ER 1 30MG ER & 2 15mg IR is not a much better plan of attack for reducing my morphine, in a manner that isn’t cruel an unusual punishment!
    Or hospitalize me….as last time he did this. ..I had a Psychotic break!
    And he did put my dosage backup! At that time I still had my minor son at home with me to care for and instead he witnessed an absolute collapse of his mother!
    Everything I find online states not to decrease any more than 10% my pharmacist who has been filling my prescriptions for some time socializes was a dear friend of mine they went out for sushi and he doesn’t believe my dosage lowering should be more than 10% a minth!
    After all he only started decreasing me when I I was asking about other medications they didn’t believe morphine was doing the job anymore! You’ve given up three extra strength vicodin 1 flexeril and celebrex and of course my wellbutrin was no longer being continued or my xanax so my panic disorder and major depressive disorder go unchecked!
    Due to the mold illness I’ve become a recluse! I was fighting my Agra phobia via my hair makeup and clothes! Unable to do now… I cannot put body lotion or moisturizers on or my skin just starts burning so much faster! Lett alone cover something infectious with makeup!
    Please respond to the dosage lowering. I feel not having a break through pain medicine to be wrong,as well!

  161. I want to apologize for my prior post coming out so messed up I used to station and couldn’t view it too edit it!!
    Really quickly I need ad that I’m experiencing migraines on a daily basis my vision has been altered so much that the majority of the time I cannot read I have problems swallowing I’m having problems breathing in the burning skin and lesions I can’t even imagine how bad they would be if I didn’t already take morphine!
    The real problem is is that my dosage of morphine 60 milligrams sustained release 3 times today is not sufficient I’ve been on it for far too long at the exact same dosag!
    Being a good patient when the pain management doctor wanted to lower my meds I’ve already given up three extra strength vicodin and a flexeril and celebrex!
    You give me nothing for breakthrough pain which we all know we have if your chronic pain suffer man I was in an eight nearly fatal accident October 26th 1996.
    I know it was spared by the grace of God and because of 1700 pound horse when lifted me up and back off the ground by my right arm I was 130 pounds at the time I worked my hand loose drop down to the ground first and he came down on the lower left portion of my head first bashing my head one way and then the upper right portion dashing it back to the other way his shoes were America days old! He only took me to my knees and I did not lose consciousnesss!
    I nearly stood up holding my head thank God I sure hope this doesn’t spoil our ride! Who was transported to the hospital they were prepping the area to staple my head man I don’t know where any outranking urologist she told them not too and I had so much trauma to the area they would have caused me permanent brain damage they needed to get me a room in my head sleep shut as I went to high school in Canada Canadians have an expression of oh what a bloody mess and that’s exactly what I look like and they did not touch my head and hair until the day of discharge right before about to leave we soaked it and shampooed etc but I was burned twice in the same day!
    Upon receiving my personal property back I have been wearing in 1940 sterling silver crucifix in mint condition given to me by my brother in antiques and collectibles renowned in this industry and Jesus hands had been dislodged from across there is dried blood from the back of the head to the front exactly how I bled leaving no doubt in my mind who took the blows that day as there’s no way if you think of a car’s tires only hand holding 32 psi 1700 psi on my skull twice??
    Everything I was discharged with that was supposed to improve only worsened and I found myself in ER room to continually long story short I brought myself back from not being able to walk talk or write twice!
    Now with this Mycotoxin oisoning the altered vision the straining to even get enough air the lesions excetera so painful so scary and nothing has ever gotten me any better for even one day!
    I would think you tell me if I’m wrong if he wants to reduce me he should give me the ability to be able to have some fluctuation so instead of 60 milligram sustained release 3 times a day go to 60 milligrams sustained release 2 x’s/day and a1 30 milligram sustained release and to 15 milligram immediate release and that way I have a little grace in fluctuation.
    I don’t know how all of these symptoms just got down below but they’re accurate before mold poisoning…I exhibit nearly all symptoms!!
    But the biggest thing is is if I’m into a migraine in the early morning you see my morphine is not my strongest painkiller my mind is because of my mind it matters! Making Mind over Matter relevant!
    Respiratory distress, coughing, sneezing, sinusitis
    Difficulty swallowing, choking, spitting up (vomiting) mucous
    Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
    Burning in the throat and lungs (similar to acid reflux and often misdiagnosed as such)
    Asthmatic signs; wheezing, shortness in breath, coughing, burning in lungs, etc.
    Irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, diarrhea, sharp abdominal pains,
    Bladder, liver, spleen, or kidney pain
    Dark or painful urine
    Dirt-like taste in mouth, coated tongue
    Food allergies/leaky gut syndrome/altered immunity
    Memory loss; brain fog, slurred speech, occasionally leading to dementia
    Vision problems
    Swollen lymph nodes
    Large boils on neck (often a sign of anaphylaxis)
    Yellowing of nails, ridges, or white marks under nail
    Thyroid irregularities, sometimes leading to complete dysfunction; adrenal problems
    Anxiety/depression, heart palpitations – confusion, PTSD
    Extreme blood pressure, cholesterol, or triglycerides irregularities
    Ringing in ears, balance problems (very common), dizziness, loss of hearing (aspergillus niger)
    Chronic fatigue (also included under this classification directional confusion)
    Intermittent face flushing; almost always systemic, Called the Mylar Flush (neurological))
    Night head sweats, and drooling while sleeping, profuse sweating
    Multiple chemical sensitivity; only upon exposure to Stachybotrys and Chaetomium
    Nose bleeds (stachybotrys)
    Bruising/scarring easily; rash or hives, bloody lesions all over the skin (Often systemic, see images; skin)
    Reproductive system complications; infertility, changes in menstrual cycles, miscarriage
    Sudden weight changes (Detoxifier genotypes tend to gain weight, non-detoxifier genotypes tend to lose weight)
    Hair loss, very brittle nails, temporary loss of fingerprints (in rare cases)
    Joint/muscle stiffness and pain
    Irregular heart beat/heart attack
    Seizures, inadvertent body jerking, twitching, inadvertent facial movements or numbness in face
    Hypersensitivity when re-exposed to molds, which can lead to anaphylaxis
    Anaphylaxis upon re-exposure to mycotoxin producing molds
    Death, in extreme cases
    Note: despite inaccurate and misleading reports by theorists regarding immuno-compromised, babies, and the elderly being more susceptible, this is a big misconception as exposure to the T-2 mycotoxins found in many types of current indoor molds will poison anyone in time; no one is immune. The reason for this conflicting information is that studies have never been conducted to prove this. If so called experts are going to make such a broad and misleading statement, they may as well say that this same category of people is more susceptible to SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS, and cancer. The T-2 mycotoxins found in many of these molds are the exact same T-2 mycotoxins that have killed widespread groups of innocent people with Yellow Rain, a biological warfare agent.

    Different mold species can have varying health effects, but it is important to remember that any excessive mold growth needs to be taken care of, regardless of the species. Any excessive mold growth can lead to increased allergies, toxicity, and house/building structural problems. dosage

    I have no idea mycotoxins or anywhere near as dangerous as they are yeah I had no idea that there actually used in biological warfare and then even in medically or holistically to come back from Michael Jackson poisoning is a long long process Michael toxins can be detected in the blood even years after you’ve been removed from the source of exposure

  162. Limit chronic pain sacrificing taking 60 milligrams sustained release morphine 3 times a day for 12 plus years my chronic pain doctor has just taken 160 milligram sustained release pill away and gave me 2 15 milligram immediate release he’s done this once before the long time ago I had a horrible reaction as we have not even gotten my pain under control!
    A lumbar epidural is done to the testing I had for trying to find out what’s wrong with me wasn’t even him requesting a test I just provided the results remember after drill allowed me to start doing housework I dont think thats justification to reduce their medication!
    Although I know my body is dependent upon the morphine I believed in you thanks its part of it physiological makeup now…..
    If I do not exhibit cravings or abuse signs but I do exhibit withdrawal if don’t take medication I cannot check this for typos or errors cuz I can’t enlarge the screen I have been ill for over 18 plus months with an unknown cars to facial lesions or lesions constant blowing up my nose having to clean my eyes and flush them with artificial tears and it looks to be like my apartment is poisoning me from mold. .. my pain management doctor seasoning monthly until he sees me more than any other doctor even though I’ve been to specialists in antique dermatology neurology even a neurosurgeon!
    I just went to Urgent Care and got the order for blood draw to check for any fungal infections and more specifically the MicoM7 for mycotoxins.
    My pain management doctor sees me every month so he seen me more than any other doctor he seen the lesions or rashes and I asked him if we should really be putting my body through this kind of duress. …. obviously he chose to!! Although he is not the one struggling for air right now even just trying to post this!
    I can’t help but feel that this is an inappropriate action on his part introduction should be done a lot slower and feel that if he wants to continue in this direction that he should hospitalize me as I’m worn out from dealing with being sick these past 18 plus months!
    Can you please tell me what you think as I’m about to have to commence the reduction!
    Thank you in advance!

  163. My brother is suffering from withdrawals And has been addicted for the last six years due to hanging around the wrong crowd. He has been relatively clean for the last year but the last 3 months has been injecting up to 200 mg a day,, he should be honestly dead so many times over. Our family is at our last straw we dont no what to do. He tries to self medicate And for example over the last 3days I watched him take over a 100 serequl and valium many other over the counter drugs that he can get his hands on. I know to cut his doses down to ease him off but he is till stuck in the junkie mentality where he will want more. So I would love to no of any super foods or detox natural remedies that can help him. Please our family is desperate I know at the end of the day it is his choice to do it but we don’t want to lose him.

  164. Thought I’d share.. I’ve been addicted to morphine IR 60mgs per day total for the recent half of 7 – 8 years and about three times as much for the first half. I’m planning for the new years resolution to trump all my previous resolutions, and preparing for the 10(+) days of detox. I’m 22 years old and this dependency is no way to live my life, It’s become too much to deal with. I take it for lower back pain, and my current dosage doesn’t help it anyway and I refuse to take more than a pill per dose now that I’m down from the hundreds of milligrams I started with. 180mgs for the first few years, my doc has taken me down to two pills a day since then. The anxiety I’ve developed from the brain chemistry altering effects of opiates is something I can’t even begin to handle. Social phobia developed nearly instantly after the addiction started, and it’s not from any self-judgements or anything like that, at least from my therapist’s point of view. I’m going to record my withdrawals and experience and upload it to YouTube and ect. just so it might help anyone who is addicted or could become addicted to opiates. I have a unique situation (as does everyone) and I think my story, my pain, could help just one person, and it will give me motivation to keep going as well. Few people understand opiate addiction and withdrawal, and I know how it feels to feel alone, like there’s nobody with the same situation as you, and that’s true, nobody does, but that doesn’t matter because we’re all just doing our best, and seeing someone do their best at fighting the same addiction that you have can really make you feel better, at least it did for me.

  165. I have had a morphine pump for 7 years. The morphine stopped working for me, so I decided to wean off the morphine and have the pump removed. My pain doctor started decreasing the morphine 4 weeks ago. I have been going in to have the dose decreased once/week. I have experienced morphine withdrawal symptoms about every 4 days. Terrible body aches, diarrhea, nausea, depression, etc. My pain doctor thinks it has been too long for me to still be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. A nurse practitioner told me that it could be 8 weeks before I start feeling better. The pump has not been turned off yet so there is still a little morphine in my system. Will I feel better once it is shut off? How long can these symptoms go on? If not withdrawal symptoms what could this be? Thank you for your response.

  166. Hi I got put on morphine about 13 years ago when I had a bone marrow transplant. I got a disease call graft versus host which thickened my skin and developed ulcers. So I had an operation skin graft to take the ulcers away and I have no pain anymore. So I took myself off the dilaudid about 2 months ago. Just was wondering how long it takes for your stomach to back feeling normal and no diarrhea. Help if you can please Thanks

  167. Hi, I am 68 years old and have been taking morphine sulphate for about 7 years for chronic back pain, total dose of 80mg a day, two weeks ago I tapered down to 10mg which was hell in its self, I have now been free of this evil drug for ten days but am still getting bad withdrawal symptoms, not as bad as I first did, get good days and bad days, today is a bad day legs are weak butterflies in stomach sweats and feeling anxious, just want to sleep all the time, is this normal? perhaps I should have done this through my doctor, but have just moved house and new if I got a repeat script I would never have got free of this awful medication, thank you.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Michael. All of these symptoms that you mentioned are morphine withdrawal symptoms, and it’s pretty normal to occur. If your condition becomes worse, consult your doctor about what to do next. Good luck!

  168. I have been tapering off morphine for the past couple of months and had some discomfort. At my last Dr’s appt. the dose was tapered from 30 mg MS er 2 times a day to 10 mg the result is now I’m going through in full blown withdrawal. If I start bumping up the doses will the withdraw stop. I need to move very soon and I can’t deal with it like this.

  169. back surgery completed. Husband is taking me off prescription cold turkey. 5days into it. Question, how long will I expect to feel so awful? I have most symptoms

  170. Hi guys – I have been totally MST free for 5 days now – I am sneezing like mad and visits to the loo have increased dramatically in the past few days. However – after being really poorly – I won’t go into the details, I ended up on 1800mg of Gabapentin every day and 40mg of MST (plus breakthrough when necessary). The breakthrough stopped pretty quickly and then I reduced very gradually the Gabapentin and stopped completely by the end of last year. This year my goal was to be off all prescription painkillers! It was not totally plain sailing and there have been times when it has been pretty bad with hot flushes and sweating, restless legs, feeling flu like symptoms. I want to share with you how I have managed this – I started by reducing the night time dose from 20mg to 15mg every third night for two weeks then every second night for two weeks, then just 15mg every night – I stayed there for one week before reducing the morning dose (I didn’t want to be too scary for people during the day as I still had to go to work) to 15mg every third day and followed the same pattern – keeping on the same dose for one week before the next reduction. I took my last dose of MST 5mg on Tuesday 1st December 2015. After reading everyone’s story here – the best advice I can give is take it slow and easy, drink plenty (I don’t mean red wine – although I am partial to it! lol); if you work do tell your manager – mine had permission to kick me when I was displaying some agitation because of the withdrawal and she was really understanding and encouraged me to let her know when it was bad so that I could have 5 or 10 minutes quiet time with a wee cup of tea to help me relax again. Above all, remember – you are strong – you have already been through so much or you wouldn’t be on this drug in the first instance, and YOU CAN DO IT … just take it easy.

  171. Man o man! Lol they missed a few details! I was injecting 600-800 mg of MORPHINE a day everyday for 5 straight years! And when I stopped holy heck! I didn’t just feel like I was going to die…I WANTED TO DIE! it was the most painful intense thing iv ever experienced! What this article missed? #1 the metallic smell and taste to the point of not eating for a month and a half! That was pretty nasty! The feet aches! The flu? Nah try cancer! Try chemo therapy!? Yes,I can totally now relate to how chemo therapy patients must feel! That morphine, is Satan himself in pill form! And also…made my pain so much worse!!!! I vow after what I went through with the 2 months of pure detox (yes 2 months of detox lol not a few days,that’s a lie!) From MORPHINE sulfate to neverrrr touch another opiate ever ever again! It should be illegal! Except for cancer like it used to be! Now? Doctors are prescribing it like candy and these poor patients have 0 clue walk hell they’re walking into smh! IF YOUR CONSIDERING TAKING IT (MS CONTIN) DONT DO IT!!!!!! DEATH TRAP IN PURE FORM!!!!! AND YES,YOU WILL MEET SATAN! JS JMO GOD BLESS!

  172. I have been taking RX pain medication for 7 years for failed spine surgeries and chronic pain. I have lost over 40 lbs this past year and believe it’s a result of prolonged medication use. Recently had nerves cauterized in lower back and I’m ready to get off the pain medication. I just lost my insurance, but my pain doctor provided me with clonodine, suboxone and adivan all for the soul purpose of withdrawing. I have no instructions. I do not know how to do this and I am very scared. It is not my intention to take any of this medication after my withdrawal. I weigh 90 lbs and currently take 90 mgs of morphine over a 24 hour period. Would you please outline how to do this.

  173. Same story as so many others, chronic pain has led to a physician prescribed addiction to opiates. After three years, I need to try dealing with this pain without the medication hanging over my head. My doctor is tapering me down with the help of clonodine. The pain, flu like feeling and stomach issues I can handle and are not that different from what I deal with from my illness. However, the all over itching is driving me mad! Is there anything out there that’s helped anyone else? I emailed my Dr a few days ago but have not heard back from him yet. I’m also worried because this is just from my first taper – will this continue to get worse? I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

  174. Hi thank you for having this post . I have been on morohine for over two years due to the fact I needed to have both my hips replaced I am 51 years of age it is genetic I had severe osteoarthritis . The doctor started me at 60 milligrams and after my first hip surgery I was struggling so badly w the other to get through my day and the tolerance I had to it put me up at the 240 mg split morning and evening . I struggle w depression and have been on Effexor and amytripline for several years . I was so happy after my surgery I began taking myself off morphine to quickly as the physical part is what I was gageing myself on . I did not realize the emotional side as I was severely depressed was having incredible anxiety . I had lost my job as well so I chalked it up to that . For days I lied in bed if I did make it up it was to sit like a zombie on the couch . No motivation I had dropped down to 20 mg over 2 weeks I think as it has all been a blur . I upped my Effexor from 150 to 300 . Went to the Dr . He said there was nothing different he could do . I have no appetite at all . I am still stuggling . Yesterday I dropped down to 10 mg and dropped my Effexor back to 150 mg . I am having severe hot flashes like every 20 minutes and thought it might be from not eating much on the medication as well as not exercising at all . I had my last surgery July 23rd two weeks after the surgery is when I started to cut back . Any suggestions as to why I am still struggling w depression anxiety hot flashes . What could I do differently

  175. OK so I did it along with Clonopin on my own without any support and it was a stupid thing to do plus the fact that four months later I am on Xanax 3 to 4 mg a day because I can’t sleep I can’t function I still can’t function but at least I can get some sleep truthfully I felt better when I was on the drugs and I was more productive and that’s the sad thing especially after going through

  176. Hi, I know a woman who’s been hooked on morphine for ten years. That’s right, I said ten years. she’s tried going to the local detox place but honestly, it’s a joke. They apparently really try to force religion down your throat and not everybody is religious. They also use the cold turkey method which in my opinion doesn’t work. I’m not in a position where I can help her detox at home because of family. I live with my brother, his fiancée and my two very young nephews. If I had my own place I could definitely help her out. But I’m currently on disability for a neurological disease that slowly shutting down my nervous system. But that’s not why I’m writing. I’d like some advice on how to help her kick this addiction’s ass once and for all. So yeah, that’s a brief run down of what’s going on. Help please?

    1. Hello Cory. I believe that if you call the helpline number displayed on our page, and get in touch with our trusted treatment providers, they will be more than qualified to help her kick the habit in a more humane manner. Thank you for being such a loving and caring friend to her.

  177. I have been taking ER morphine every 8 hours for at least 2 years for severe spinal stenosis. I am seeing a therapist who uses my spiritual path for therapy and I am planning to get off morphine and gabapentin at night entirely. This morning marks my first reduction of morphine from every 8 hours to every 12 hours. I awoke with heaviness in my chest but no pain. I still have the sleepiness which is my primary motivation for getting off these narcotics. I’m planning to wait a few days, 3 maybe, to reduce t he morphine to once a day. Then I’ll tackle the Gabapentin removing one of the 2 pills at night. Does this seem like a safe plan?

  178. Hi, it’s been 7 weeks since I came off morphine and I’m still getting hot/cold sweats my life feels over as I can not do anything as it makes it 10 times worse, my Drs missed the signs as I was being sick and couldn’t keep my mst down so I ended up going cold turkey, I was on 60mgs a day for back pain, I’m so desperate to get my body temperature back as its ruining my life and all my dr has done is put me on 5mgs of diazepam which isn’t sorting my body temperature out at all but they won’t listen, please if you have any ideas how I can get my body temperature back I will be so grateful I just want to be me again and live my life, thank you.

  179. I have been taking 30mg morphine I just stop taking it on my own what can I use for detox to easy this cold turkey feeling I’m mad because my doctor never explained this to me I would have never continue taking this medication. I don’t want it no more and I also changed doctors. What can I do I been taking it for 8yrs I’m afraid my body will shock.

  180. Hi, I’m so desperate for help! I have been on morohine for over a year due to an operation going wrong on my back and I have come off it 3 weeks ago it was one of the hardest things Iv done but I did it and I now suffer from hot/cold sweats all day and night it’s making me so Miserable and I don’t want to leave the house, if you could help me on how I can get my body temperature back I would be so grateful and I can live again.

  181. I’ve been taking between 100 and 135 mgs of morphine for over 10 years. I have an auto immune disorder that has pretty much destroyed my cervical spine…here’s the rub. Its worked fine, ive been productive, no abuse, but I’ve moved to florida, and I cannot, I repeat, cannot get a doctor to see me don’t know what to do, getting down to a ten day supply, any ideas that would help, or a way to wean off without killing myself. I’m 62. Don’t drink. Never been arrested, yet I feel very much like a criminal.

  182. I have been on morphine sulphate 30 mg twice a day every 12 hours for 2 years. I was in an accident and broke 5 ribs and punctured a lung. I’m now having urinary tract issues, enlarged prostrate and enlarged bladder. My doctor says that I will have to continue with the morphine. I don’t feel that if I need it. Anh help and info you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  183. PETER …

    BE AFRAID … BE VERY AFRAID! The opiate withdraw is an evil thing, I would only wish this on my ex-husband, he used to beat me sometimes severly, but daily at any rate. I have to say to him: “Take that, you creep!” Peter, The symptoms will pass. Hold onto your butt, it will be a wild and wooly ride. Good luck, if it gets just toally unbearable, please see your doctor, it can become very dangerous.

  184. My dear friends. I have gone thru withdraws a few times, no lie, it’s hell on earth! Sorry to say, but it was so extremely difficult to the point I considered suicide, and l have the means to do it too! These incidences were back in the time when they weren’t prescribed to ‘me’. I got them though. Now I have severe back pain, so bad I had to take early an retirement. But this time my doctor prescribed them for me. I have been taking 60mg three times a day for several years now. I know this can’t be good, I have been considering cutting back on my own. But then my doctor decided I should cut back. This is good, l do need to cut back with help from the doctor. My doctor said he won’t take off completely. My first cut back just started, now I take 60mg in the morning, 30mg at noon and 60mg at nite, so far so good. He wants me down nearer to 100mg to 120mg daily, that sounds good to me. I am approaching this with enthusiasm and I hope to meet our goal. My doctor knows of my pain level and wants me to continue at lower dose.

    GOOD LUCK to those of you that are experiencing the withdraw symptoms, I feel your pain! It can’t be explained how horrible it can be, it is one of those things you need to go through yourself in order to “get it”. Just plain misery in the most awful way immaginable. BUT it will pass, however, hold on to your butt.

  185. 20 years ago I hurt my back bad. Well 17 years ago I started seeing a pain doctor and he put me on Vicodin. Well threw the years he has increased my pain meds. I have been on every narcotic out there. 7 years ago he put me on MsContin Er 30 mg 3 x daily and for breakthrough pain he put me on Morphine Sulphate 15 mg 6 x daily. He then told me I had to have a primary doctor prescribe them. I found a primary and for 6 years my pain has been controllable. Well my primary retired this May and now no one will prescribe my meds. I still see the same pain doctor and I told him no one will prescribe that powerful of pain meds. Even though I have never asked for an increase he will only prescribe my MsContins. No breakthrough meds. I want off of them cause I get treated like a drug addict and I am NOT!! Can I get rapid detox from morphine?? I would rather deal with my back and leg pain then deal with both pain and detoxing. I live in Michigan and doctors here are very judgmental. I am on disability cause of my damaged back since I was 33. I am now 47. I only have Medicare.

    1. Hello Cindy. You can call the helpline number displayed on our page to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers that can help you find the right treatment program that’s available for you. After all those years, rapid detox is not suggested.

  186. I have been taking 120mg EX Morphine A day for 4+years. Now I am down to 60mg a day and my pain doc gave me PROMETHAZINE 25mg 1 3times a day if needed. and clonidine hcl 0.1mg for help with my with draw. My pain doc said when I come in next time he is going to cut the morphine off. He took a DNA test to see what kind of med will work the best for me? Have anyone heard of this? I guess I just need help with this last 60 30s II have left to cut or ween me off?

  187. I want to be able to gradually Discontinue using morphine. I first started using morphine a year and a half ago,I had back surgery about seven years ago. After a few years of being prescribed acetaminophen of a high dose started out not giving any relief of pain, and started to give my stomach a hard time. I had a MRI and saw the doctor she referred me to. he told me it was the scar tissue that was giving me the trouble, I really did have issues with my back and the pain I was experimenting. I went through a large amount of different pain medication until I finally reached a comfortable pain level a #2 on the scale of 1-10
    Everything was going fine until I started to misuse the drug by first snorting it, then on to injecting the medication intravenously. It was the very first time doing it that way and was blind to the dangers doing the drug this way. A few times I ran out of medication a week early and had to go through the withdrawal period until my next refill, it was agonizing to say the least. It actually felt as if I were going through a terrible bout of the flu. this was the second time I had gone through this. I was ordered to take 60mg tabs 3X a day, I know I was injecting more than three times a day some days I would misuse 5 tabs a day to get the same effect. I know that if this type behavior goes on I will need more and more tring get the effect i needed to make it through the day. I know eventually i will be in danger of overdose if I’\m not already. I do not have a good support team, not even one person I know would be ble to do this I don’t want my children know about this or some individuals either, so I guess I’ll need to do this on my own, I am going to tell my pain management doctor that I just don’t want to continue to take this medication any longer for fear of of addiction and withdrawal. So I will see what he says and how to go about doing this Well that’s just about it, not much more to say. I might add here that it made me feel so much better just by explaining all this to you, and take the time to thank you for your site as well

  188. I broke my neck and the pain is unbearable without pain killers I got up to 115mg of Morphine per day after 6-7 years now. Yesterday for no reason Of my knowledge my dr cut me off 1/2 of my morphine and I figure I never want a pencil necked geek to have that kind of control over me ever again, so… he gave me 28, 30mg long acting morphine pills for the ten days, I will stretch this out over a month and just step down to 30 mg a day after a week and then all the way off when i get to the end. I will be in massive pain from my broken neck so who can help me and what’s the next drug on down the line for my chronic disabling neck pain, for life?

  189. I was on 100 mg of ms contin 2 x a day. In addition my dr gave me 8mg of dilaudid. I would take 4-5 dil a day. this mo my dr wrote a rx fotfor 80 mv of ms contin anx no dilaudid. The pharm didn’t have 80 mg so I was give (per my dr) 60 mg ms con. Take 3x a day. It is not working and I start sweating. I need to go bk to my dr yo put me on dil or chv my ms con to 100 mg 2x a day 1

  190. Hi iv been on 260 mg of mst every 24 hour that 130mg every 12 hrs I’m also on oral morphine and codeine and naproxen and amitriptaline I suffer with conic adhesion pain on bowel and bladder and fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. Iv had 11 operation all together any how my problem is over time the pain as got really bad again and I feel the morphine is not working as it should do my plan is to reduce it as I feel since iv been on it which is five years that it’s took control of my life and I’m not the person I use to be. My doctor as advice me to drop it by 20mg every week can any oe give me advice of how I’m going to be or any other advice I need I have an amazing g family who are going to support me through this.iv got to do it just so I no as well if it is helping the pain at all many thanks lulu xxx

  191. I’m a bit confused as my pain management Dr told me to stop morphine (taking 2-15 mg re per night) by cutting it to one 15 mg per night for 1 week then stop. A family practitioner told me to start by taking 1 per night and 1 in the morning for 3 days, then just one in the night for 7-10 days, then stop.
    I’ve Ben taking it for 5 months. Could you comment on which plan would work better?

    1. Hi Rich. I believe they are both legitimate plans. It only depends on how you feel comfortable to cut down and which plan will fit your needs best.

  192. Hi I’m on 130 mg of mst every 12hr and oral morphine and codeine and naproxen for break through pain iv been on it for 5 yes now and I’m so. Worried about what it’s doing to me and will it shorten my life. Could you give me advice on how to reduce my intake and how long it would take to come of it

  193. I have been taking morphine for years. I am currently on 75mg in am and 75mg in pm (er). I want to get off it and see if I can manage the pain or use something less addictive. I have bad stomach so no anti-inflammatory pills or Vicodin. What is a safe length of time to detox over and how much/how often should a I lower the dose? My insurance department is down a mountain pass and I don’t feel safe driving there like this.

  194. I have been taking 300mg of Morphine Sulfate a day for many years. It got to the point that I was sleeping 15 hours a day and was completely exhausted the rest of the time. Today is my third day of taking 50mg in the am & 50mg in the pm and I feel better already. Sunday I plan on going down to 25mg twice a day. I do have severe pain from degenerative disc disease, arthritis & sciatica in my left lower back. I also still take oxycodone so maybe that is why I have no withdrawal symptoms?. I’d like to be off the morphine for good by next Friday. Is that plan ok? My Pain Dr is on vacation so I can’t ask him but I literally feel fine. Thank you. Susan

  195. I was prescribed morphine sulfate ir 7.5 4xs day by my mayo psyd. Because I have anxiety, depression and pain that no other medications could help. He had me cold turkey morphine sulfate 2.5 weeks ago because it was affecting my thyroid and prolactin levels. I am feeling extremely hopeless, suicidal and severe anxiety to where my hair is falling out. The pain doctor told me to try the buprenorphine at .25mg daily. I have read that it really affects the endocrine system too. I have ativan and klonopin, both pdoc prescribed. I have taken bup for 5 days could I just stop and restart benzodiazepines. My body does not metabolize medications properly.

    1. Hi Kathy. I suggest you better consult your doctor before changing your mind. Benzodiazepines are one of the worst drugs with serous side effects if used chronically for a long period of time.

  196. Today is my 9th day without Morphine Sulfate 15MG (Quick Release and also the lowest dose form) One per day in the morning.. It has been replaced with (a script for 150 tabs) of Oxycodone HCL 5MG Tablets prescribed by my spine surgeon. I was told to start out by taking 3 tabs in the morning plus 1-3 additional tabs as needed for any pain or to ease Morphine withdrawal symptoms. I’ve printed a calendar so I can track my tapering progress. In 16 days I have taken 44 Oxy with 35 of those taken in the last 9 days (including today-May 23rd). I guess, now that I look at it, I am expecting results to quickly.

    Anyway……how I am feeling…..still, Not very well. I awake every morning with a severe headache, my heart pounding out of my chest and diarrhea. My blood pressure this morning (May-23) was 144/103 with heart rate of 70. Now, 3 hours after taking 2 Oxy and one Clonidine HCL 0.1 MG, I’m feeling a little better…..headache is almost gone, diarrhea and heart pounding are gone but BP is 112/91 and heart rate is up to 89. As distressing as this is, I will Not go back to the Morphine. I hope this info is of help and I’ll keep posting my progress. Hang in everyone and try to have a good day.
    Regards, Cindy

  197. As with many of the stories here 9months ago i had a back injury and was percrbed morphine then tried a hydrocortisone injection that worked for a short time. Though this was enough to experience swift and strong withdrewals at a low 30mgs twice a day. Since then the doses is 40mgs twice a day is consistent for the last 6 months. For the last 3 weeks I’ve felt much more back pain plus some mild symptoms of withDrewals. Three night ago I missed my evening dose and suffered a massive set of Withdrewal symptoms that is only mildly put right even now. Please advise on the best way to withdraw as docs avoiding this conversation. I so want this out of my system, but I’m now very scared.

    1. Hello Mandy. You can detox from morphine, but I suggest you do it under doctor’s supervision. Ask your doctor if he could provide advise on how to taper morphine doses in order to lessen the withdrawal effects. In most cases a 2 to 3 week tapering regimen can be quite effective. However, there are different tapering schedules, that are recommended based on your needs. You can reduce each daily dose by 10%, reduce the dose by 20% every 3-5 days, or reduce the dose by 25% per week.

      You can expect the physical withdrawal symptoms to last several days, and you can treat many of them with other prescription (short-term) or over-the-counter medications. To ease withdrawal, try over the counter medications for flu, ibuprofen and Tylenol and steam inhalation. Heating pads and warm baths can also help reduce physical discomfort. Nausea, vomiting and runny stools can be controlled with the help of medications such as Loperamide (Imodium). It is important to take in plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration because sweating is usually a part of morphine withdrawal which can result in significant water loss.

  198. I have been on zomorph and oramorph for a couple of years now as I have a disease of my bile duct and the pain was and is crippling but I dont want to be on morphine for the rest of my life so my consultant is now going down the verve block route which is great but all I have been told is to reduce the zomorph by 10mg every week but at no time will anyone tell me what to expect/feel during this time and as I am disabled and also housebound living alone I really do want to find out what I can expect to feel. Please can you help ? I really do look forward to hearing from you and many thanks in advance, kind regards, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah. The most common withdrawal symptoms from morphine include severe flu like symptoms, sweating, chills, tremors, anxiety, depression, loose stools, vomiting, stomach cramps, various aches and pains. You can consult your doctor if you experience any of these effects, to help you get the right medications that will soothe withdrawal symptoms as they occur.

  199. I had been on 20 yo 40mg of methadone for chronic pain for over 14 yrs w/no side affects & no “addictive” feeling like i needed to have it because sometimes i even missed dose. But it worked great & helped me most of time to have quality of life. My PC phys didnt want me to be on methadone so i was to be followed by Pain Clinic. I was put on one narcotic but ditnt work. Then dec2014 was stsrted on a low dose of morphine. For past months ivr been on fentyl patches, opana, &others but also started morphine ir for break thru then next appointment ir & extended release. Felt was having problems so took away extended & put me with oxycontin 10mg.x2day i felt was having side affects from morphine so dr has now put me on oxycontin 15mg x2 da taking away morphene & to take tylenol arthritis for breakthru especially since if i get 4 to 5 hrs of minimal relief im lucky. So now for my ? Ive been off of morphine now since last Sat 5/16. Forget about the pain which im struggling through. I don’t feel desire to take any morphine but today has been so bad…chills, sweats, stomach upset, uncontrollable crying & no desire to do much of anything. I didnt even feel like watching my soap opera which is a ritual w/me. So being on morphine for just short time & not high dosages, could i be experiencing withdrawals & if so, how long will i continue to feel this way? It”s all compounded by not getting much pain relief & not getting much sleep. Im trying to research this because my nurse practitioner doesnt have any more solutions for my pain mgmt so that will mean now i will have to be referred to another dr. Im so frustrated but also scared! Thanks

  200. I have been taking 60 mg of morphine for about two weeks now. I do not want to quut cold turkey. I still work and everything. Can you reccommed a way for me to wean myself off? Like cutting down the doseage everyday? I cannot afford to miss work. I hope to hrs

    1. Hello Nathalie. You can read the answer I wrote to Mandy, where I have explained the general recommended tapering doses and periods. Plus, what you can expect during the detox period and how to help treat withdrawal symptoms.

  201. I did choose to detox on my own. I was taking twice a day 15mg tablet. This has been going on for over 10 years. Since there is no tablet less than 15 mg I did it by breaking it into three parts and doing this over 5 to 6 days. I am in my 3rd to 4th day of not taking any MS contin just Xanax and a little Clonopin and Tylenol and I feel like I’m having a heart attack and I can’t move. A doctor took my blood pressure three days ago and said it was 189/159. I know this is not true because I’d be dead but I am concerned about the pain on the top of my stomach and my chest and the fact that I can’t move without feeling like I’m going to faint. Any replies??

  202. I cold turkey’d Oxy after being on 80mg 3 times a day augmented with Percocets 10mg (lots of them, also took more Oxy than was prescribed). I spent about 3 days on the couch, insomnia, diarrhea, anxiety, sweat, made weird comments that freaked out the wife. I got through it, but it was rough. It was worth it in the end to be clean. I would do it under the care of a MD if I ever had to do it again.

  203. My husband has been on Opiates for pain management since 2008 he started on oxycodone for the first 5 years and after five years with no med review we asked her why she hadnt done an adjustment in five years. The oxycodone was zapping his appetite and he got down to 127 lbs (hes 5″11. She swithced him to Morphine ER 320 mg a day.
    6 months ago she dropped him 80 mg in one day then 8 weeks ago she started an official wean but changed the weaning schedule without notifying us and dropped him another 60 mg in a day. She has weaned him back onto the oxycodone and he has dropped 23 lbs in 8 weeks. He has had awful withdrawal symptoms throughout weaning process and she seems incompetent at weaning. Is there anything I can do to ease his suffering?

  204. I turned 66 yrs old in February and I’m addicted to prescription Morphine Sulfate 15 MG (quick release) which took the place of Morphine Sulfate 15 MG ER (extended release) that I stopped in March. I take one tab in the morning and I’m fine till the next morning when I wake to a massive headache, whole body shaking (including my head), diarrhea, fast heart beat and pounding out of my chest ( I feel throughout my whole body) and high blood pressure. My doc put me on Clonidine HCL 0.1 MG but it didn’t help at all. The fast Heart Rate and Pounding scare the hell out of me and the headache is no picnic either. How can I finally rid myself of this addiction?

    I should say that this all started on May 22, 2006 when I had brain surgery for an Acoustic Neuroma (Benign Tumor) that was pressing on my brain stem. They got all of the tumor and left the right side of my face paralyzed. (almost lost my right eye, so had to have surgery to partially close the eye 2 weeks after the brain surgery). Two weeks later I got Shingles and then on July 13th I got Bacterial Meningitis….I was on life support for a week and in the hospital for a month. It was after all of that when I was put on Morphine 30 MG ER twice daily and Morphine 30 MG every 4 hrs. for break thru back pain. This was cut to the present dose two and a half years ago. I had Kidney Failure in Oct. 2008, High Altitude Pulmonary Edema in July 2009 and extensive Back Surgery with Fusion Nov. 17, 2014. I can now walk normally with little or no pain. I want to ditch the Morphine. Can you help with a taper schedule? Thank you, in advance, for any and all of your help.

  205. Thank you so much! I appreciate all that you have done and consistently do to help people. You are a saint among this world, I cannot thank you enough!
    She is feeling a lot better now, I took good care of her and she is so much better! You are the best, thank you ever so much!

  206. I was injured 19 years ago and had to take Percocet for the pain in my back.. at the end of the 1st year the pain was so bad that my doctor advised me to take morphine.. I said no but the pain became so intense that I could not walk.. I finally acquiesced and now 18 years later I am no better and it takes 2-3 years to withdraw from MSContin; so don”t let anyone who has not been addicted tell you lies that it is like the flu.. maybe if you took it for 2-3 months it could well be like the worst flu you ever had.. no; they have the meds to get you off the opiates but you have to pay them.. they call it Helgelian dialectics and you need to be in a hospital setting because you can die from withdrawal..
    I spent the last 3 years arm wrestling with the Devil and you have to pay the CMA to get you off what they put you on.. I can only pray that something is done to remedy this but I”m afraid there is just too much money to be made.. the Opiate Industrial Complex.. David

  207. After 50+ years my father in law is being forced federally to get off of morphine. With the surgeries he has endured, serving our country, would it not be considered to hospitalize to get off that drug in a safe invironment – so the continued pain he has every day be managed by a Dr. ‘Not a Nurse Practioner’?

  208. Hi there, my friend has been having some issues with her addiction to Morphine and was wondering if it would be ok for her to take Paracetamol while recovering from the symptoms of withdrawal. I really want to help her as she is my good friend and is struggling to see that anything good will come. She also doesn’t sleep most nights and simply can’t get any rest, any help on that would be so grateful. Thank you, Jacob

    1. Hi Jacob. Morphine withdrawal can cause cramping, body ache, musculoskeletal pain and flu like symptoms. Over the counter medications for flu, ibuprofen and Tylenol and steam inhalation can help bring relief. Heating pads and warm baths can also help reduce physical discomfort. Nausea, vomiting and runny stools can be controlled with the help of medications such as Loperamide (Imodium). It is important to take in plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration because sweating is usually a part of morphine withdrawal which can result in significant water loss. Your support will also be of great help, but I strongly advise you to seek professional medical assistance during the detox period.

  209. Hi, I have been on morphine for 17 years. I am tapering my dose down 50%. I am not sleeping well and feel tired during the day..50% of my day is sleeping. Also I am very forgetful. Are these symptoms of tapering slowly? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Karen. They might be. The slow taper method helps lower the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms, but cannot prevent them completely. Have you reported these symptoms to your doctor? He might have an idea on how to help you treat the fatigue and sleepiness.

  210. Hi I have been on morphine for 5 years I have muscular dystrophy, and scoliosis, I have tapered my morphine down gradually, now its been 6 days now that I have been off the morphine. But I have been taking tramadol 50 mg started with 7 a day to 4 a day to now 2 a day. The pain in my legs still is bad if I take nothing at all , I have some chest pain at times not allways, and the only other is I get cold sweats every now and then and some nausa but my question is what do I need to do for the severe pain I have in my legs other then that I can deal with everything else. I would also like to know if you think I am off morphine addition
    Thanks sam in tx

  211. Going off opana ir because of headaches and naseau. Been on 40 mg a day. I am taking percocet 10 mg every 4 hours. My head is killing me. What should I do. Please help me out please

  212. Im coming off 90mg morphine am pm and on methadone from dr for stepdown14days.shaking..nausia…anxiety attacks..Broken sleep very short when speaking..will it be worse after methadone gone?

  213. hello
    I m addicted to oxycodone but i want to stop it .
    I dont have any more and my back pain gone away . i ve been on it for 2 years.
    can I suddenly stop it . which is harder to stop morphene or oxycodone
    plz help me coz i dont want any of these killing pills any more

  214. Hi , I had an accident at work over 12 years ago . I was by myself and using a jackhammer down in a hole and the hole collapsed on me completely bending my knee at the joint backwards causing me to have complete reconstructive surgery of my knee and during the cave in when this happened the jackhammer went up into my groin and the weight of the dirt pulled my body down forcing the jackhammer which was still on up into my ribs keeping the upper half of my body stationary and causing my lower spine to separated from top L vertebra to the S1 with the weight of the dirt . I was buried up to my chest and had to dig myself out . where I was there was no service on my Nextel phone so after digging myself out and pulling my leg back into shape instead of bending backwards like your elbow does I laid on the customers lawn for almost 2 hours until the home owner came home and called an ambulance . since this time I have been dealing with major chronic pain and severe claustrophobia issues which I guess is a reaction to being buried like I was . at the time of the accident I was 6′ 2″ 280-290 Lbs. and at top physical shape most people would think I was one of those pro wrestlers when I would go out in public . they would come up to me and literally ask me for my autograph thinking I was Stone cold or one of those guys . my kids at the time were just little and thought it was funny when people would do that . . I am presently 385 Lbs. with a descent sized “spare tire ” should I say . since my accident I have taken almost every possible pain medication as prescribed by my pain management Dr. .and a major side effect to one of the drugs I was on for a long time was weight gain at my heaviest I was about 485 Lbs. after my accident I was using a wheelchair then a walker and at present a cane for many years now . I was dealing with many disc complications that were not dealt with at the time of my original spinal surgery right after my accident . the doctors felt it was not pertinent at the time to address these problems and in turn I was eventually on 480 mg. slow release ER Morphine sulfate every 24 hours and also 30 mg of IR morphine sulfate immediate release at my worst point 10 times a day . so in total I was on about 780 mg of morphine a day plus a very high dose of muscle relaxers and a few more dual use medications (i.e. medications originally meant to be used for other symptoms or medical conditions but were later found to treat different spinal injury symptoms ) . the reason why the dosage went up so high and I was still in immense pain was when one morning I sat up in bed about 1-2 years ago and felt a strange shift in my back and then 3-4 days later I couldn’t walk or move my legs the discs in my back which were not addressed during any of my 5 spinal surgeries just gave out finally . I have had laminectomy / discectomy / rod fusion a spinal stimulator implanted and my last fusion with just bone graft plus a bunch of epidural injections with some bad side effects due to being allergic to cortisone . My pain level went from me being in regular everyday pain for me to the point that I literally wanted to kill myself from the pain . on a scale from 1-10 the pain was at an ” eleventy ” !!!… after being in a wheelchair and not being able to move for almost the better part of a year I finally got authorization for my surgery through workers comp . in order to have my surgery I had to be weened off of the meds from 10 30mg IR sulfate to 4-6 30mg. Morphine sulfate and I had to stop taking some of the dual use meds that I stated above in order to have my surgery .After my surgery I awoke from the anesthesia to feeling great pain and discomfort BUT then realized I was moving my legs and the pain in my legs was 60-80% GONE !!! .after my last surgery the hospital I was recovering in the pain management doctor from the hospital only gave me a 1/3 of the amount of pain meds I was on and non of it was morphine . So right after my surgery they had me with a nurse and doctor watching me because they couldn’t figure out why I was having all these flu like symptoms like throwing up uncontrollably for 2 1/2 days straight and the such . the hospital did not carry the medications I was on so this pain doctor that was assigned to me gave me everything but morphine which I was on for close to 10 years . HMMMMM can anyone say rapid detox . after 4 days of being in the hospital they finally decided to give me a nominal dose of morphine and then I was back on to the right track all of a sudden as far as these strange flu like symptoms as they put it . right after my surgery was over I only lived about 15 minutes from the hospital so after talking to the nurse practitioner that was assigned to me I had my daughter go home and get all my meds that I was taking in the prescription bottles which were filled 2 days prior to my surgery because she said the hospital didn’t carry them . she came back with the scripts in the original pharmacy bag unopened and then the doctors said that we can’t use the meds because they didn’t need them . and this was after me telling them about 5-6 different times at the pre surgical testing and filling out the same prescription info during my pre surgical testing on 2-3 different forms in different parts of the hospital and on the day of the surgery at intake I gave a full detailed inventory of my scripts and duration of each script I was on . So in the end my last surgery helped me an unbelievable amount but I was still on my very high dose of meds after the surgery when I went home since the surgery I have gone down a tremendous amount on the Slow release morphine and the 30 mg fast release I take about 2 sometimes 3 a day and the slow release I am now down to 60 mg a day from 480mg a day and every month we reduce it now by the 15mg increments that the drug is dispensed at . My only real problem now is dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of severe nausea , burning pain through out my body and everything else that goes with it . I am doing this so I can find out what my actual pain level is by getting off this ridiculously addictive drug . who knows hopefully my pain can be dealt with some Ibuprofen and a couple tokes from a joint . if you read this post thank you and I hope it helps others by giving you insight to ask and deal with your doctors by making sure every one is on the same F’ in page when it comes to your medical treatment . unlike I thought at times I was going to be treated by my doctors the right way . this post was a very vague and not even close to my full story of the past 12-13 years of dealing with workers comp and getting the proper treatment I deserved by my doctors . again thank you for reading this post it actually made me feel better putting some of this to paper per say . Peace & Music words to live your life by

  215. Thanks Trot for coming back on in a more peaceful state. My original question is so simple but has not been answered LOL…I just want to know if I take methadone tablets for a week or 10 days and stop before I become dependent on it, can I detox from the morphine at home. I have heard detox used it that way before suboxone. I believe it’s very doable but I also know if we get dependent on methadone it much harder to stop than morphine. So, here is the question I hope I asked better and more understandable. And Trot I am very sorry for all of your medical issues…I hope you find peace some how through it. I sent prayers for you.

  216. Alex, no…going down 10 Mgs at that pace won’t even be noticeable unless you are on 20 Mgs. In that case that would be cutting it in half. But if you are taking a substantial amount you shouldn’t even feel that drop. Depending on how I feel I will occasionally drop my 15 mg. dose for a couple of days. I don’t see a difference there either. I think you will do well at 10 Mgs per 10 days. What you may notice is a small drop in mood and energy but that’s about it and if you know that can happen then you will know why and continue your taper. Just going by own experience and hope I helped some.

  217. So Marlene, I just saw your original post in which you asked if methadone might be right for you. That lady is not the pill prophet – you dont have to be banging heroin or snorting 400mg of oxycodone for a doc to prescribe you methadone. Thats rather ignorant of her to say to you (heres the part where ill say im sorry if you felt i was judging you; while its not my definition of judgement, i intended to scold you for making ignorant and uninformed statenebts to a complete stranger who must know a little something about methadone if she’s carrying them around like tic tacs. and youre right, im bitter as he$$. i grapple with God avout the challenges he has laid in front of me beginning at 19 -19??? – because I have found no purpose or reason for me to still be alive and enduring this pain, and he’s not coming off the secret. Im sure this would be decidedly more tolerable if I had a mission in life, something I was passionate about, a cause to support and work for… you know what I mean. Nothing. I like school. I can’t afford to borrow any more student loan money (well, I could DO it, but somewhere along the road I learnt me some sense… $54k is plenty, esp when my fiance who borrowed for law school still owes $108k – he started at $120k 14 years ago. Makes you shudder, right?) My parents have cut me off of tuition for degrees I do not need, and theyre right. Im even running out of things I would want to study, too! But I digress… bc I have severe ADD, along with several other psych disorders, if you hadnt caught on to that yet. And over the past decade or so i think ive become literally tweaked into a bit of a heartless b-word, so, sorry. Id pay money for a convincing reason to be nicer, less jaded, or more naive.

    Im always babbling away I know – not knowing what your specific spinal injury is, I think its worth looking at methadone, for many of the reasons I chose it. Im dealing with several issues… the oldest is a spinal fusion at C5-7 from a MVA, C6 was literally pulverized so I have the luck of carrying cadaver bone inside me forever (and it completely grosses me out to this day, even though of course im thankful someone donated it for me, having dead person bone marrow in your neck just grosses me out. sorry, ive never fully grown up. blech. anyway, that fusion is so old that its causing the discs on either side to deteriorate now. plus i had the good fortune of slipping the disc at C4 in the course of having my gallbladder removed about 6 years ago. A year later I nearly died due to a peptic ulcer, which resulted in two surgeries within 3 weeks and left my abdominal muscles completely severed, just plain gone. I am coming to the conclusion lately that there simply isnt enough physical therapy one can do to repair this kind of damage to your core. i dont know. but i know im not much better after a full 2 years of dedicated effort including 3 office visits each week… the best i can do is tense up one large muscle that lays across my middle stomach. Thats IT. Not a pain free situation happening between these things. And of course I had to go be Miss Supersporty in high school and blew my knees out long ago and of course now its earned me a handicap tag and a cane. Plus a limp from the car wreck, my right side was paralyzed so I should be proud I can do what I can with my right limbs but Im bitter, remember?

    Ive noticed you mentioning losing your mind and stuff – is this from experience or an a belief that narcotics cause you to feel a certain way? Cuz Im sure you know that Im that girl thats gonna tell you dont knock it til you try it! Methadone is about the 7th or 8th pain medicine Ive tried over the years (17), always in combo with muscle relaxers (that I rarely bother taking… if I took one that actually made my muscles relax, it would be a different story, but no matter what my back muscles feel like concrete. So I skip the things. But heres why I love methadone: it totally handles my pain 85% of the time – thats way way more than any other med before. Plus, I can titally function on it. Im not high. Trust me I know very very well what being high on opiates is all about. i too gave it up, only partly by choice but I likely would have made the choice on my own eventually regardless. Im going to go find the drug information sheets for methadone so I can show you what Im talking about in someone’s words who can’t be called a doper bitch meanie pants. however and PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE ON METHADONE: SUBOXONE IS NOT I REPEAT NOT NOT NOT INTENDED FOR METHADONE WITHDRAWAL!!! IF YOU TAKE SUBOXONE WITH METHADONE GUESS WHAT? YOU WILL HAVE A WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE ON THE MEANING OF WITHDRAWAL BC IT IS GOING TO SEND YOU STRAIGHT INTO THE PITS OF HELL. THERE IS A DRUG FOR METHADONE WITHDRAWAL LIKE SUBOXONE BUT IT HAS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT NAME AND CHEMICAL MAKEUP. ill try to find that too. pls dont mess with suboxone if you have real pain! youll just be in pain. i call it the dope for the assholes that ruined it for those of us with real injuries, real pain, and real needs. they dont hurt like us. thats why it works so well for them! anyone that tells you it contains a pain reliever is also full of it, at least with my pain something like a couple aleve (which i cant even take, reminder to self to shout out to pat with GI issues) is not going to affect me one way or the other… like giving a whale a tic tac, are you kidding me? Ill post the scientific info asap ok?

  218. Thank you much for the reply.This is our journey not the Docs. and the narcotics. And we only use 7% of our brains. I’m goin ta try to tape a little more. Its all in our heads.The very best of luck to you

  219. Wow Jeff, you should be so very happy to have your mind back and be able to live in the moment instead of fear. That’s a large taper but I love seeing it can be done. I am afraid of the pain but our brains must heal and make its own numbing agents. I am so happy to read your successful and seemingly rapid taper. I think there are many worse ones we could have been on. Fentanyl patches being one I have heard about.

    Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration and I must set this ship right also…I am seeking a personal contact with my Creator too which I believe these meds mess up for so long. Enjoy living in the now, enjoy your freedom and I know from experience the pain will ease once our brain is able to do its job. You rock is all I can say besides prayers that you continue on this beautiful path.

  220. Marlene,
    I stepped down about 40 mg every 10 days until I was at 30mg, I did a week then 15mg for 2 days. Not what the docs. wanted but this was my evolution not theirs. I know my body they don’t. I took my last morphine a week ago today. Body hurts like hell but thats ok.Arms feel like ice with the nerves firing everywhere and the lower back and hips feel like they are going to snap in half, and some other issues. Now doing the flu like symptoms but started yoga this week so as I tell people “It’s All Good”

  221. Thanks Jeff for sharing your experience on the forum…I completely understood your mindfulness comment that goes along with living in the moment…I don’t even want to get into whys of this dependence happening to me but can share I have had enough as well. If I understand what you wrote, you came off of 200 plus Mgs a day to 0 in a month and a half. That sounds soooo difficult just reading it. How big was your taper day to day? How are you feeling now? I am sure you are feeling quite good about your success. Thanks for sharing it.

  222. I retired from the Navy fifteen years ago and was injured the year before. After a spine surgery I was told my spine and nervous system were pretty messed up and had a 90 year olds body at 39. The VA started me on all the normal meds for chronic pain and quickly ended up on morphine sulfate. Of course the doses steadily went up and was prescribed oxycodone for break through pain. After being on 240 mg of morphine and what ever I wanted to take of oxycodone I had enough. I use a walker in the winter and one or two canes most of the time. I have tried numerous times to quit but when the neck,entire back,hips and legs are burning cramping etc. and nerves flying everywhere its tough, but never liked the meds. Nov. I had enough so I started tapering over a two and a half month adventure. I have to say its everything they say but with alot of mindfulness and conscious breathing, exercises(mostly therapy pool) and a hell of a support system two weeks ago I came out of a fog bank and are thinking clearly. Its all good

  223. Well Trot, I will go away. I am not judgmental and neither do I have access to money and hospitals and doctors the way you are imaging and judging me. Talk about judging….you really went on a judgement of my concern for you or your friend. And, I had no idea where you live, I had no idea what you or your friends prescriptions are bc you didn’t say. I am no doctor either and I would be afraid to give anyone methadone to anyone without knowledge about it. Because all I was doing is worrying about you and your friend you wanted to tear me up….that is pathetic. That’s very sad you are that angry. I didn’t say anything to you or judge you in any way. I knew you were concerned about a friend and sometimes when we love and care we want to help any way we can. I get that….I came on here just like you asking questions to things I can’t ask a doctor….or a hospital. So before you become so hostile when someone is concerned enough to let you know that methadone is much stronger than even morphine and more dangerous , took time out of a long hard day yo tell you that……you become a hater. People like you on our planet are not helping it become a helpful good place. Now I will not share what may save a life on these boards…I will just worry about my little world, my little problem, I am sorry I offended you. I was coming to you with worry, not judging you. And, you should be proud of yoursel, if you set out to hurt someone trying to help you… worked. Have a beautiful life.

  224. Marlene consist yourself blessed bc the wonderful world of tablets and phones and all our toys just ate my initial reply to your “concerned” post. I might should be thankful myself seeing as i might have felt I’d been a bit harsh seeing as I ripped you apart so badly you could have cried if you are a weak person I don’t know who you are same for you regarding me. I’d like to know why it is you think I don’t know anything and believe I’d take your advice when the most specific thing you said was to take my friend to the hospital. You must be ridiculously rich and a glutton for punishment if you think that taking her to a hospital is even on the radar for real. Why? They won’t give her any opiates. They won’t give her anything besides saline either. And you don’t even know the whole story here either ok norcos aren’t the only medicine she takes daily that she is out of she does not use the same doctor that I do we have different problems anyway as well as different insurance we don’t need to share docs anyway but hers is not as reputable and responsible with his patients as mine bc she’s out of her medicine bc he closed his office down for the entire month of January and left the country. He didn’t tell her or one of his other patients her friend sees this slacker too they love him not now they don’t but she did not realize she was anywhere near being out of refills on her meds she gets 12 refills on a lot of them same as me it is easy to not remember I sure don’t I have 14 rxs to keep up with that’s what the app is for ok! So just go away with your judgmental little comments about me not being a doctor how do you I’m not? I have 4 yrs or undergraduate schooling with a BS and 3 years of graduate schooling how on earth do you know for sure what those 3 years were dedicated to studying? FYI my friend you are so scared about is a nurse she is not going to go to the hospital either I bet she would literally fight me like punch me in the face if I tried to force her to a hospital. I know I would if she did me like that. She doesn’t have $600 minimum to pay for spending 5 hours being walked past by a person avoiding making eye contact with her bc they don’t want to answer for anything and be cold freezing cold or this time could be crazy hot like barf on the floor bc there’s no air in this sauna hot. All to be told they can’t write anythjng for her or dispense anything she needs she has to see her physician. You insulted everyone here with that comment pls go away

  225. Trot, I didn’t really understand your message but methadone will stop any opiate withdrwal. It is very powerful and you scared me a little saying you were just going to give it to someone to help them. That is so very dangerous for you to do that. Methadone is very powerful and unless you are a doctor you have no business giving it to anyone. Please do not attempt playing doctor for a friend even if you are trying to help them. All opiates are powerful and dangerous, especially in the wrong hands or doses. I am just hoping with all hope I misread or misunderstood what you wrote. Take your friend to the doctor or the hospital if you are concerned, please.

  226. i didn’t know methadone can help with morphine dts. Learn something new every day! Hopefully that info real bc my friend isn’t even on morphine but she took a few 120mg xrs don’t recall name but she has all the symptoms of the dts I don’t know if it could happen but I think bc she doesn’t have a tolerance at all that much morphine in one day actually sent her into some kinda dt place! I just want to help her not feel so sick she doesn’t like dones either but I’m telling her yall said they’d help I’m gonna force feed her one lol. Bless her heart it’s been two full days since she woke up sick morning after taking the pills. She took them whole tho so I warned her it may be a min I wish she’d said something I’d at least convinced her to break them down off the time release bc I would’ve told her she wasn’t gonna like what morphine pills do! I hate them too but I love me some pain pump!?! Why is IV so totally different than the pills? I can’t understand that…

  227. Thank you Ivana….I fear the condition of my spine at 63 is going to make it impossible to stop these narcotics but spiritually and emotionally I feel I must. You don’t think I could get methadone b/c it is for big addictions and is also used as maintenance in those clinics. I am thinking about asking my primary that prescribes the morphine to prescribe the methadone pills while I stop the morphine but only for that period of time before I become depend dent on that. I read somewhere it takes a couple of weeks before the addiction to it starts. Idk though if that is true. I called some of those bupenorphine. Doc’s and you have to be in withdrwal before they start you and those doc’s charge a lot. Also have read horror stories that those bupenorphine doc’s keep you on it until it becomes just another addiction to kick. You have been so helpful Ivana I thought I would pick your brain further…or anyone with similar thinking?? Thank you !!

  228. Hello again Marlene. The thing is, I believe you have a better chance getting buprenorphine than methadone. They won’t use methadone for an addiction like yours, it is only used for major addicts who were in severe addiction and taking very large amounts of substances to abuse them.

  229. Hi Ken. How long has she been on morphine? Does she feel any withdrawal symptoms after dropping 100 to 50mg? Every person’s organism is different and reacts differently…I guess that’s why the doctor said it should be done over the course of 6 months-just to be safe. If your wife is doing well with dropping doses faster, that’s totally ok. If she does experience more serious reactions, please don’t hesitate to ask for medical help. Best of luck!

  230. Thank you for these informational emails! They truly assist me in not being in the dark by myself. I see hat you have mentioned methadone or bupenorphine as assist meds. I know there has to be a special and expensive doctor to use bupenorphine and the fear of be oming addicted to that long term is more of the same.

    The methadone however interests me because I heard if it used for less than a period of time you would not develop an addiction or need to continue. But if you do continue on it, it is more difficult to stop than morphine. What are the facts in using this medication to stop the morphine?

    Thanks so very much. Marlene

  231. hi,,my wife wants to come off morphine and has been to a doctors who said she should ween down over six months? this is just prolonging in my mind and cant work out how so long,,,she has gone fromm 100 patches to 50mg patches in 3 days,,surely in a fw days she should drop again to 37 and then 25 and then 12,,even my wife says she dont want to be on it fo six months?,,should she carry on at her pace?

  232. I posted on Dec 5th that I had been free of morphine for 3 days and that my body was screaming for it’s fix. By day four ,the chronic pain which was the catalyst for the morphine made me cave in. I was in Walmart with my wife and the pain was so intense, I could not take another step.
    I am now back to 20 mg one day and 30mg the next , alternating every other day. It just boggles my mind that I cut back from 300mg/day in a little over one year , just to have this problem with 30mg. I realize the juicing lifestyle has regenerated my body so that 270 mg of morphine need not be taken and that the abuse I put my body through has some permanent damage which the last 30mg is masking. The good news is that I have found the Corydalis here in Canada and have started a regiment to try and finalize my time with this addiction. EBAY of all places has a mail order supplier where it comes in capsules and I also found it in Victoria on Vancouver Island in it’s original form at a Chinese chiropractor’s office. The natural Corydalis is taken with a blend of tea ( your choice) and a tiny bit of ginger to taste. The Corydalis is a tad bitter. After a couple of weeks, I am surprised and happy to say it is noticeable. The plan for the next few months is to keep on juicing raw veggies and fruits with 2 1000mg caps of Corydalis plus a tea with corydalis in the evening . The idea is too “incrementally” reduce the last 30mg of morphine by 5mg per month. I am hoping this plan will allow the Corydalis time to seat itself in my body and minimize the withdrawals which have been making my life so so unpleasant. I would encourage anyone trapped in this addiction to pursue a healthier diet. It is amazing what your body will do given the right foods.Best Regards to all.

  233. Hello Robert. You can change the tapering dose according to your needs. I would advise you to do the slower dose reduction, it won’t cause too much stress to your body although it may take longer until you completely come off.

  234. Hello Ron, I read your comment, and I too had read about the lady who bought her husband corydalis…….I ordered a bottle, paid for next day shipping long story short, I looked online and ordered it. It does work, only problem was, on about the third day of withdrawal, the nausea prevented me from keeping anything down… it definitely helps with everything from the anxiety down to the pain. Some say it doesn’t”t, but give it a chance, I only need one a day most of the time, instructions say two, two to three times a day……it tends to make me a little drowsy if I take two, not passing out drowsy, just very much yawning. Best thing is, it has no withdrawal, nonaddicting:-) !
    Something just doesn’t jive with doctors taking you off morphine to put you on suboxone, read up on siuboxone and ITS withdrawals, flashbacks, and how you can drink but won’t feel it……..and how if you ever stop taking it, and try to go back to what you took before, you will have to practically double it to get any relief! on top of all that, it also is an opioid. Its just safe for them to prescribe right now, being called a miracle drug, until the powers that be figure it out, in another two years, they will be paranoid of the law and yanking people off of it also.
    Good luck, Buddie! I did cold turkey, it sucked, doc got mad that I wouldn’t take suboxone like a blind sheep, and was an ass about it to boot. Maybe because he lost $$, but cookies crumble.
    How can they put people on such medication and just take it away when it worked perfectly fine, and then try to push some other worse shit that they don’t even know the long term effects of? The only way I know is because I read hundreds, if not thousands of peoples comments on it, and I believe the folks who have had the experience with it!
    Congratulations on all the progress you’ve made thus far !!!!! We$tern medicine is far from perfect, is corrupted by greed, have a specialist for each little thing so they can get themselves all paid. Whatever happenned to REAL doctors who treated the whole person? !!! And treated us like people?!!!!

  235. I have been on morphine sulfate er 60mg twice a day for about 5 yrs. My question is. Is 15mg per dose reduction a good idea? In other words 120mg per day to 90mg for a week and then 60mg for week and then 30mg for week and then 0, a good way off? or a 15mg reduction each week?

  236. Hello, am tapering from 100 mg morphine 2 xs a day. I just tapered out of the additional 30 mgs of morphine ER I was taking. MY DOC IS IN NO HURRY TO ASSIST…I will need to bring him a taper schedule. So he will know what to write for me. I am hoping someone can help me with a reasonable taper. I don’t belive in CT if it can be avoided…feels like self abuse and body, brain, and spirit need to replenish so much at once. With a taper it has a chance to heal between tapers.

    Anything you can share and I would love a plan complete with other meds that could help. Thanks in advance for any help. Wanting out of this prison

  237. Hello Ron. I congradulate you on your persistancy and effort to come so far. Unfortunatley, I have no idea where you can purchase Corydalis, but I’ve read good reviews on it online. Maybe someone else from the previous comments can help?!

  238. Glenn, try getting on suboxone. I fought heroin for ten years before i came up on suboxone. Everything you just said, is everything i said for ten years. I’m really sorry to hear of your condition. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel

  239. I am 64…..been pretty hard on myself. Logging ,mining, ironwork,trucking all took its toll. Before I knew it ,I was on 100mg X 3 /day of m eslon morphine , 2 anti depressants and another type of morphine for breakthrough pain.
    Last February, I discovered that juicing was a great way to get healthy fast and I lost 40 plus pounds while I was at it. I started feeling so much better. My mind was not foggy anymore. I decided to kick the antidepressants cold turkey. It was not such a tough chore but I did have withdrawals. I then focused on the morphine and , on my own over the next few months cut back to 60mg/day.
    It has been the last little bit which has been the worst. I know after over 10 years of using,it wasn’t going to be a cake walk . I saw a physician at a meth clinic where I went for help who prescribed Clonodine. Helps a little but not much in my humble opinion.
    To compensate the chronic issues I have , I turned to Cannabis Sativa Oil which has zero thc and a high dose of Tumeric. It”s been 2 weeks since I went herbal and dropped to 30mg/day.
    Present day…no morphine now for 3 days! Yippee…but I am going through the roughest patch ever. My body is screaming for it…
    One lady posted about her hubby taking Corydalis and having tremendous results with it. I researched it and even with all it’s other names , I cannot find it in any store .
    I’m in Canada. Any idea where I can buy Corydalis.
    Thanks for your blog…really it has inspired me too go the distance. God Bless>

  240. I have been taking on prescription 120mg morphine at night and 120mg in the morning to counter pain from a degenerative hip (I will be having a replacement hip in 2 months time. I decided that I didn’t want to keep taking morphine as it may become addictive, I was on that dose for 3 months.
    I decided to go cold turkey, boy didn’t it cause me some problems, I have had shallow breathing. cramps. loose stools. flu like symptons and hallucinations, hot sweats cold sweats etc etc. It was all quite frightening I could not sleep but didn’t want to stay awake my body just wanted to do the opposite of what I wanted to do, I had frightening visions a lot particularly when trying to sleep. I was determined to get of the drug. I am at the 85 hour mark now since stopping the dosage, I am now feeling a lot better but not finished yet I believe, sleeping is still a problem but getting better.
    If you want to go cold turkey be aware of the problems, the big one for me was shallow breathing, yawning and tidal intakes of air. You just got to stick it out and it will be better.

  241. Hi, I have a morphine er,, 60 mg/2/ day physical dependency, I haven’t ever dare abuse my prescription, but, apparently, my physician thinks I have. He took me down to two a day from three a day, which was hard, and I didn’t protest, however now, he has given a script for suboxone, can’t read milligram, but do not see the logic in replacing one narcotic with another one that has even worse effects to try to stop taking! I am supposed to get this filled in a couple days, and start taking it…. awhile at doc, I had to go back for my umbrella, and just happened to ask if I needed to wait after stopping morphine before I start taking the suboxone, receptionist was alarmed that no one had told me, and went to get specifics from the doctor who said to wait 48 hours. So, now have been reading and am appalled that they didn’t tell me to wait in the first place, and since I have never ever wantedvto take suboxone, I am going to try cold turkey. I read about antidepressants helping and THC, and corydalis, so, God willing, I will be able to beat this with minimal discomfort, but am a bit terrified. Will I end up in the hospital? Any advice?

  242. I have been on Morphine Sulfate ER 60 mg. 4x’s a day for about 7 yrs before that 80 mg of methadone a day before that 80mg of OxyContin 6 x’s a day. All together 15 yrs of pills. I’m want off all of it I’m so tired of it. My whole life revolves around a pill. So I threw them out yesterday evening and am so sick right now what can I do to make this easier? I’ve tried everything to keep me from sneezing and the RLS is so bad have not been to sleep yet. There has got to be something I can try over the counter to ease this because I know it’s gonna be a lot worse before it gets better! Please help. I don’t want to go back To my dr. He doesn’t seem to want me off of them because I have ask him before.

  243. Update: My husband is now well into his 4th week, free of Morphine Sulfate, prescribed by VA to ease the pain of his spinal deterioration. For fourteen years, VA would do nothing to help him except prescribe more and more morphine.

    After getting private insurance, we were finally able to find a private surgeon who would help. My husband’s surgery was the middle of July 2014. After coming down from the pain of the surgery, he started to ween himself from the morphine. While still on 30 mg a day, he had hand tremors, constant sneezing, he was hot then too cold, and his legs were twitching constantly. Finally, we decided to try some valerian which calmed him down enough to allow him to sleep. (good stuff!)

    I went online in search of anything that would relieve the lingering pain that he was still having. First and foremost, for something that was effective, yet not addictive. I spent a couple of days researching Corydalis. When I found that someone else had tried corydalis and that it worked to not only help with the pain but it also relieved the craving for the morphine, I decided to order some.

    After a week on the herb, I asked my husband if it was working, and his reply was,
    “OH, Yeah”!!!

    All I can tell any of you, is that it worked for us, and yes it was hard, but for the first time in fifteen years, my husband is pain free, not on an opiate, and free of all other addictive meds that can ever have a hold on his life again.

  244. After 12 years as a pain management patient would they just cut me off cold turkey? Especially a patient on a relatively high dosage and after so many years? They are taking a lot of extreme measures lately (cutting patient meds across the board) they say because of federal guidelines and I’m starting to wonder how far they’d go. The thought of cold-turkey withdrawal terrifies me! I’ve gone through ‘mini’ withdrawals and it was horrific! He has already been cutting my breakthrough doses in half and the last several months have been impossible for me to make them last til month’s end. Hence my fear of him cutting me off of everything, including the extended meds (100mg mscontin 2x/day) because I ‘was bad’ with my breakthroughs! I’m just so afraid about the cold turkey thing! Would a doctor be that cruel? Especially a pain management doc who knows full well what patients would be going through if forced to stop cold-turkey? Even all of the literature says DO NOT stop taking suddenly! I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but, can a person die from opiate withdrawal? I’ve heard they can from acute alcoholism. Sorry in advance for sounding so ridiculous! But anything you can say to ease my fears would be greatly appreciated!

  245. I’ve been prescribed morphine sulfate 30mg ir for about 5 months. I tried to stop taking it and all the withdrawls were bareable except a weird feeling in my groin and a strange need to flex the muscles in my right leg. It was terrible. I told my doctor I wanted to ween off the drug. She was going to take me off completely, and told me to use tylonal and ibuprofen. I asked her if I should ween off first. She said yes that might be better. (VA HOSPITAL DOCTORS ) wow. She gives me the impression that she doesn’t know about this. So what is best to ween off so I might suggest it to her and make sure its being done correctly. And is there something I can be prescribed for the groin and leg thing I mentioned. That’s a horrible feeling.

  246. Hi I have been taking slow release morphine two tab in the morning and two at night each tab 10mg and tramadol 50mg tabs 2 tabs 4 x a day and pregabolin two in the morning and two at night since major back surgery. I think I am addicted ! I have terrible short term memory loss . I wake up in the night sweating . I have a horrible taste in my mouth constantley which gets worst if Im late for a dose . Im grinding my teeth all the time I ache all the time and feel lazy and tired all the time My appetite has all but gone and I have lost loads of weight. I am really worried especially about the memory loss and weight loss. I have been to my GP and told him all of the above and he gave me Valium !!! He seems to me to be hopeless and in fact if he had not given me tramadol years ago for back pain and had sent me for a scan I would not have had to have a nine and a half hour operation and rods , bots and cages put in my back. Im getting more depressed and I want to stop taking all this strong medication. Help

  247. Thank you, Jackie for the feedback. What you describe is amazing. I’ll most certainly research it with greater caution. I’m very happy that your husband is feeling better.

    I wish you too all the best and enjoy your retirement days.
    Kind regards,

  248. Hi Ivana,

    It’s been a busy week, so I was glad to get your notice. I had actually forgotten about writing, so this was good reminder. Thank You!!

    After going through the great links you sent, I found that corydalis is 40% as strong morphine. (I don’t remember the ratio of morphine to corydalis…) To quote from one article I read, ” DHCB, (dehydrocorybulbine) appears to be both effective and non-addictive in the treatment of persistent pain.

    Dehydrocorybulbine is a dopamine type chemical that blocks the transfer of pain through the nerves. From the corydalis plant, this herbal powder is harvested from the root. Interestingly, Corydalis is a poppy! Both my husband and I agreed that to take another addictive drug to over come another addictive drug was not going to work. So that is why I was looking to this herb… It just sounded too good to be true, so I wanted to learn more.

    Once I read that the herb is non-addictive and that the Chinese have used Corydalis successfully for over 3000 years, I knew that I had to order it without delay. His hand tremors were causing my husband great difficulty in eating, or doing anything that required him to use his hands. His pain and misery was causing him to get less sleep than before his spinal surgery.

    A week ago today, Monday the powder arrived and I was able to fill some 500 mg. caps. It’s the only dosage level I found online… I thought that if he needs more I can keep an eye on him and give what he needs. He slept and slept until finally, I woke him just to see if he was okay. His hand tremors had subsided tremendously and his pain levels were down to almost nothing. So for now, all we have to do is figure out a good dosage for him. He has finally beaten this thing!

    So there you go! Corydalis; look it up, research it and make the decision for yourselves. If it’s not addictive, then the thoughts of loosing out on a way to help the pain without narcotics, to me, is overwhelming. And, if you have any left over after overcoming the effects of morphine addiction, I read that this stuff is great for migraine headaches!!!

    I just looked back at the date of my first post, and it was Oct. 17, which was my husbands 68th birthday. After working hard for so many years, we just weren’t supposed to spend our retirement this way. Maybe now, we can finally live in peace.

    To all who are overcoming this horrible addiction, I will keep you in my prayers.
    Love and best wishes

  249. I came upon this site looking for help for my husband. He’s been on Morphine Sulphate for almost 14 years. I cry inside when I see what he’s going through to try and get off of this poison. Three months ago he finally had spinal surgery to correct the problems that caused all of his pain. It went great and in fact, his legs were pain free right after he came out from under the anesthesia. He tapered off of his dosage of Morphine over the past few weeks and finally got down to 30 mg’s a day before he quit. He’s going through a lot of pain, sneezing constantly, and early morning hand tremors. He’s anxious, but not as bad as I thought he would be. I did find where someone said that an herb called Corydalis was their saving grace, and that right after taking it, they felt a lot better. It worries me though, because I can’t seem to find any medical information about the herb that isn’t connected to a consumer site. I’d like some independent information that isn’t going to make a buck at the expense of my husbands health. If anyone out there has any input I would appreciate the help.

  250. I’m not very good at these things but I’ll give it a shot. I’ll also apologize about any bad grammar before I begin. I’ll start with this. My back is in pretty bad shape. Has been since I was sixteen. Just the way things go I guess. When I was twenty one I had a very pleasurable motorcycle accident. Titanium hip, steel rods, screws, surgeries, traction and the pleasure of learning to walk again. Not to be so melodramatic but it sucked. I’ve had five other surgeries since then all different places. I’ve done physical therapy over and over. Had injections in my spine. Over and over. No help there. One Doc even paralyzed me for six hours because he was an idiot! Didn’t care for that. I guess I’ll get to the point. Been taking any opiate derivative pill I could get over the last 25 years. Some days better than others. Some years better than others. The last five years have been the worst. Four surgeries not to mention all the injections in different joints. I an now on my fourth pain med Doc not my fault. Just get tired of getting screwed by these people. You have to remember that. They are human and make mistakes. I ramble sorry. All right here goes. Been taking morphine and percocet for a long time. The last two years constantly. I mean 60mg morphine three five times a day. Four to six percocet a day. Plus other things. Guess I don’t need to bore you with the little things. So five days ago I decided no more. I’ve been drugged up so long. This a drop in I the bucket compared to most of you here I know. I’ll tell you now this sucks. I am not doing this gradually. Last Friday I just stop taking them. The first day was bad. Pretty much all symptoms. Lots of sweating, stomach problems, fast heart beat, goose bumps, runny nose, and the pain. The only constant is pain. Second day, much worse. Third day I had to go to work. That’s always fun. Besides the flu like symptoms the my whole body ached. My back was on fire. Forth day. Not so bad. No more runny nose stomach problems not as bad. I’ve been forcing myself to eat. Mostly soup and rice. I have ambian so I get some sleep. Mostly a few hours at a time. Sleep all the same. I’ll take what I can get. Day five almost over now could not make it to work today.almost no sleep last night back pain pretty bad. I may not be as eloquent in describing what is happening as others. I just say it SUCKS! Only two other things I should mention. I’ve told nobody what I’m doing. I live alone. I just told my girlfriend of five years that I had something I had to take care of and to give me a week or two I’m grateful she cares enough to not ask any questions. I will tell her eventually after the bad is over. Forgot to mention had some pretty black, angry moments. I’d rather not lose her because of my problems. The second thing is I have plenty of pills left. I mean two our three months worth. This makes it a lot harder as I have the power right here next to me to take all the pain away and go into blissful pain free sleep. Things I’ve read here have helped me and I thank you one and all. The mental part I can handle. I think. If the pain gets worse I may be in trouble. Thanks again. And thank you for listening. Goodnight. I hope.

  251. I had been taking 4x30mg daily for about 5 months and I’m down to 2x15mg daily. Even if I stop that it is very hard to get through the day. After about 2 more weeks I am going to drop down to 1×15 daily (probably split into 2 doses throughout the day). Hopefully after that I will cold turkey and see if I can fight through the mental and physical aspects. There are several medications that can assist with the effects of withdrawal. My doctor did give me a pill I take twice daily to help me with the stresses that come with detox. My suggestion to anyone would be to see a doctor first before you even consider starting to lower your dosages. Good luck to everyone!

  252. Hello I have been taking about 200mg a day of morphine and now I have finally got my dose down to 1 30mg morphine a day. My question is, is there a low enough dose that I can get to so there will be nearly no withdrawal effects felt?

  253. A doctor in my surgery tookme off 30mg zomorph twice daily straight away and I had 5 days of hell with no medical staff help whatso ever until on the 5th day my usual doctor put me back on it and said that was wrong way of doing it

  254. I have been on morphine for the past 5 yrs 3(60’s) and 4 (15’s) a day. I am still in pain every day. I want to get off this stuff and not have to substitute anything else that will get me addicted. I have done the weaning and still doing. No matter what, there is nothing out there that will relieve pain, that’s a true fact. My issue is I don’t have the stamina to do anything when I try to stop even gradually. And I hate it cause I am very active. They say 7 days will take care of physical issues and then it’s just in the mind…lol!

    @Tom how did your injection for sciatica go wrong? Reason I ask is that I had cortisation of my spine shot go wrong…

  255. I went from 30mg of Morphine 2 times a day for 18 months, to 15mg 2 times a day for 3 months, and have now reduced that to 1 dose of 15 mg pr. day for one week now. I have already had some of the withdrawal symptoms which included feeling sick to my stomach yesterday after 5 days of the reduction. Now, should I reduce to 15mg every other day for a week, or just stop after one more week?

  256. thank you for these articles. I do not have any support. I am anxious, sweating and not eating correctly. I do not enjoy the place where I live but have put that on hold until my pump is removed.

    My doc suggested taking oxycodone to help; you suggested methadone. I have that also.
    I was told it as a pain med. what to believe. I can’t stand being so lethargic.

  257. Hello Peter. Morphine detox doesn’t last long. About 5-7 days seems to be common for pure morphine to het out of your system. But, going cold turkey off morphine is not recommended and you should call your doctor or drug clinic for help. You could get very sick.
    And, have you talked to your doctor about alternative pain management?

  258. I am slowly withdrawing from 230mg mst a day,I am reducing by 10mg a week and so far I am doing well, I take my mst 12 hourly and occasionally I miss my dose, if I forget it then a few hours later I get the flu like symptoms, joint pain, sweaty and agitated, recently I have started having stomach cramps and diarrhoea, literally the last week, my dose at the moment is 50mg, am I going to experience this for the rest of my withdrawal program and are there any more symptoms that I will start to get now my morphine level drops. ? I don’t want anything to stop me reducing my mst and I hope once I get off it I will never ever need to use it again. I take it for chronic pain but the truth is chronic pain never goes away despite taking morphine. I have been on high doses of morphine for over 5 years now and still suffer with chronic pain. I look forward very much to life without morphine even though I will never experience life that is pain free again. Thank you and look forward to your comments

  259. Hi
    My palliative nurse gave me a schedule the 50% one. I am down to two 4 mg hydromorphone twice a day. I was taking morphing sulfate ER 30 mg 2each two times a day.
    I need help to break free. I have good family but this is my devil. My primary does not know I am self coming down from the drugs.

    I had an injection for sciatica that went bad and I lost the use of my left leg. The drugs helped me get back to a normal life.

    I now want to get off them. Very difficult, I will ask my primary for help.

    I took a small dose of hydro and sulfate and am feeling better so I know it is the drugs. Suggestions?

  260. I have had a morphine pump for over 10 years. It has become ineffective; therefore I am having my dose reduced every week. I am down by 79% which is great. However I am itching all over all the time and have become very lethargic, fever and chills due to infections. I have a low immune system and receive igg every 3 weeks at the hospital.

    I feel I am suffering too much. I will see my pain mgmt. on Monday. any suggestions?
    thank you.

  261. Hi Martin. Are you tapering or you quit cold turkey? Anyway, you should try keep fluids in your system, and if this is difficult try taking little drinks at a time. Something that might be helpfull is a benzodiazepine medication and some sort of sleep aid. You can also take Ibuprofen or something like that, for the pain that usually accompanies morphine withdrawal.
    Here is an article you may find usefull:

  262. Whats the best and fastest way to withdraw from morphine? I was injured and was put on morphine, now i am withdrawing, its been about a day and a half now sinse i started with drawing. Any requmaudations?

  263. Hello Lynn. The acute withdrawal from opioids can last last anywhere from a week up to over twenty days. Now, when someone has been using opioids for a longer time or started using at an early age, the Post-acute withdrawal could last throughout the whole lifetime. Scientists classify the claims that post-acute withdrawal will improve with time as irresponsible, and giving false hope.

  264. I have a question that I can’t seem to find anywhere. Can anyone please help me? The military put me on extended release morphine 60 mg 3 times a day plus 3 30 mg for break thru pain. I have both my neck and back fused. My X was a critical care nurse and not to place blame but all I heard was “you’ll never be able to get off of it” So I believed and trusted him. I kind of realize later he liked the fact I could work my tail off because I was so drugged out. Since our divorce I finally found a Dr. At the VA that I trusted and asked if we could start trying to lower the dose. She started tapering me 10% a month. So the 30’s 3 times a day are gone, and the next cut should be to start reducing the 60’s to 45s. I have been on morphine since 2004, and I have at times tired to do it cold turkey but always caved on day 4 due to weakness more than anything, and I personally don’t advise this because it’s very stressing on the body when your on such a high dose. So here is the question. After a person goes through acute withdrawal. Will the receptor sites in the brain ever return to normal? I can’t seem to find any information on what happens to the brain after long term opiate usage. Will it repair itself. Thank you, and God bless to all of you who have kicked this. You give me hope.

  265. I have a question that I can’t seem to find anywhere. Can anyone please help me? The military put me on extended release morphine 60 mg 3 times a day plus 3 30 mg for break thru pain. I have both my neck and back fused. My X was a critical care nurse and not to place blame but all I heard was “you’ll never be able to get off of it” So I believed and trusted him. I kind of realize later he liked the fact I could work my tail off because I was so drugged out. Since our divorce I finally found a Dr. At the VA that I trusted and asked if we could start trying to lower the dose. She started tapering me 10% a month. So the 30’s 3 times a day are gone, and the next cut should be to start reducing the 60’s to 45s. I have been on morphine since 2004, and I have at times tired to do it cold turkey but always caved on day 4 due to weakness more than anything, and I personally don’t advise this because it’s very stressing on the body when your on such a high dose. So here is the question. After a person goes through acute withdrawal. Will the receptor sites in the brain ever return to normal? I can’t seem to find any information on what happens to the brain after long term opiate usage. Will it repair itself. Thank you, and God bless to all of you who have kicked this. You give me hope.

  266. I have a pump (internal) that was used to supply morphine for 6 years, due to a neck injury. It stopped working 2 years ago. I didn’t want to have it replaced because it’s so hard to find a doctor that will maintain it, so I started taking the morphine orally. Last year I was taking 90 mg ER a day. I started “nerve burn” therapy this year that reduced my pain about 80%. I wanted to get off the morphine, so I started decreasing my dosage from 90 mg ER to 15 mg ER a day. However, even at 15 mg ER, if I stop, the withdrawal is still intense. I’m going to continue stretching it out, but I’d like to know at what point my body should be able to handle the withdrawal. I’m 69 years old, over-weight (5’7″ 240 lbs.) and have peripheral neuropathy. This reduction in dosage I’m doing on my own, with my wife’s help. She administers the pills. Thank you.

  267. Hello Janet. Id’ suggest that you follow your doctor’s instructions and take the prescription medications as described, which are designed to slowly wean you off opioids. Hydrocodone (the main ingredient in Vicodin) is similar to morphine, only less potent. Yes, it can definitely help minimize symptoms of withdrawal. You might also want to look into either buprenorphine or methadone, if you’re experiencing morphine cravings. Also – what is ” milo I cam”?

  268. I have been on morphine sul. 30mg am / 30th Pm for 23rd now .tapered down 20-15-now off. I am experiencing nightly anxieties that I feel I’m crawling get out of my skin. I have been given 10.325 vico din for 5 days. Then 5.325 for 5 days. Will this help or does milo I cam also add to the recovery process since I have some of those too. What works?

  269. Hello Lonnie. The symptoms that you describe can be related to opiate or opioid use. The only way to confirm your suspicions is to ask your sister to take a drug test. Be sure to speak openly and frankly about your concerns, you might even want to record symptoms in a calendar so that you can show her the pattern. But be factual. If you need help with the process of recognizing possible addiction, seek help with a psychologist or even an addiction treatment center admissions staff person. Does this help?

  270. My 19 year old sister has had many health issues for the past year and a half. During that time there have been ER visits multiple times a month. Every visit they would give her morphine for one reason or another. For about 5 months now I have noticed a pattern that she ends up in the ER every two weeks with constipation, stomach cramps and pain. Of course they give her morphine. Can she be addicted? Also all the pain meds, like hydrocodone, from my moms previous surgeries are gone.

  271. Hello Mandy. Have you thought about seeking help with a therapist. Talk therapy can help address issues related to depression and teach you ways to manage your own feelings.

  272. Hi im writing because im really struggling I was on morphine 90 mg twice daily for 4 years due to chronic back pain ,I had 2 surgery’s and the last one was successful thank god ,I went cold turkey alone off the morphine as I couldn’t manage tapering down. That was 4 months ago and now im left with severe anxiety and depression has anyone experienced this if so how long till it goes .im on antidepressants which has helped to a degree but really struggle when im at home alone which doesnt help as im single please any advice

  273. Hello J. From my limited understanding, cannabis acts through the CB(1) and CB(2) cannabinoid receptors. Effects , including analgesia, could be addressing the opioid withdrawal symptoms. More reading by doing a search cannabinoid receptors cannabis

  274. I’m using different forms of cannabis to manage symptoms of Morphine withdrawal and detox. Primarily, I’m using a full extract cannabis oil that’s also known as Rick Simpson oil. I’m using both a High-THC version of the oil and a CBD-rich version with a 1:1 ratio of THC-to-CBD.” I’m also using a CBD-rich tincture as well as vaporizing with cannabis concentrates as needed.

    The CBD-rich version provides more comfort during this period than the typical High-THC version of full extract cannabis oil.

    I used M.S. Contin for about a twenty year period with a maximum dose of 100mg per day. I was at 60mg per day when I decided on my own to withdraw.

    I tapered over a 19-day period in three 25% reductions of 7,7, and 5 days.

    I’m now in DAY #2 of total abstinence and continue to have very minimal symptoms. I keep waiting for the “hammer” to fall, e.g., vomiting, diarrhea, etc. and so far symptoms have been minimal tearing at night in bed, occasional sneeze, and a mildly runny nose. I have a very vague “raw” feeling and low energy and other than that I’m doing well.

    Here’s my question: Are cannabinoids filling opioid receptors, or is this a function of cannabinoids and retrograde signaling? The cannabinoids MUST be doing one or the other, or is it both?

  275. I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy bilaterally which over the past 10 yrs. has progressed to both legs and lower arms. I do not have pre- or diabetes. I have been treated with MS 30 mg twice a day and Oxycodone 5 mg 3 times per day for approx. 10 yrs. Within the past several yrs. I have developed opiate induced constipTion. I treated this syndrome with over the counter products. When it took 2-3 daily laxatives to have the smooth muscles of the intestines to respond plus having achy, cramping abdominal area I decided to stop the morphine and Oxycodone. It has been 5 dYs. since I took MS. I started on cannibol capsules of 24 CBD twice a day. This helped with my constipation. The CBD helps with the pain; I take 3 per day. Now that the MS has gradually left my body the pain is increasing. I am resorting to 1 Oxycodone every 12 hrs. and my pain level averages 3-4 which was where it was at using the MS. I am a 74 yr. old female and was first diagnosed when I was 22. So it’s been a long run. I have literally tried every medication, alternative treatment with no positive results even some hairy adverse side affects. I knew that my large intentions were being damaged by the caustic effects of the laxatives so that is why I made the decision that I did. Also I have not used any laxative product in the past 5 dys. with favorable results. Now I am still going through withdrawal (hot/ cold, very lethargic, poor appetite, achy, cramping lg. intestines, loose stools, headaches). I know this will end. My concern than will be financial…the CBD costs between $4-6 per capsule…which amounts up very fast . My MS came at $7 per month via the VA. Maybe someone knows a cheaper, effective route for CBD, I absolutely do not want the effects of TCH so I started with CBD. Cookies, etc. (not an option). I spoke at length with the MD I saw for the medical marijuana certificate and he recommended my current coarse. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to ask others.

  276. Hello Donald. I understand you’re looking for an explanation for the burning sensation on your feet. While opiate withdrawal has been associated with the feeling of restlessness or even restless less syndrome, I wonder if there is another neurological reason for this sensation. Record ALL symptoms as they occur, including duration, intensity, and events that precede them…and take them to your next appointment. Also, look into potentially following up with a neurologist, if necessary.


  278. Hello Glen. You’re so welcome! Withdrawal is difficult but can be managed. Have you discussed possible use of buprenorphine with your doctors?

  279. Hi there, I have been taking morphine for about 7yrs and my surgean kept increasing my morphine dose until I capped at 24mg x 3 also dilaudid x3 at 4mg after my first surgery.
    Recently I had another surgery by an awesome doctor about 3 months ago and the pain starting going away after I healed after surgery.

    Well, I am going through withdrawal right now and its frightening. I should have gone through my new surgean for assistance or even my family doctor but I didn’t as I thought I could handle it myself. I am experiencing every withdrawal symptom imagineable and I even had my wife hide my morphine. But im about 4 days in without having any pills and I don’t want to take some to stop this process only to start over again from scratch. Please help ! What should I do ? This sucks but im hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel ?

    p.s. Thanks for the helpful info on your page it definitely shed some light on what I am going through ahhhhhhhhhh

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