How Long Does Crack Stay In Your System?

While crack is absorbed by the body very quickly, very small levels of the drug can linger in body fluids or hair for days, sometimes even weeks.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW:Crack can be detected for days to weeks after use. Learn more about crack drug detection tests, standard metabolism, and drug addiction potential here. We welcome your questions at the end.


How Do You Take Crack Cocaine?

Crack is a form of cocaine that has been crystallized into a potent and smokable hard “rock” using baking soda or ammonia. Unlike other forms of cocaine, which are snorted or injected, crack is usually smoked. Crack cocaine users break the rock into smaller pieces weighing a few tenths of a gram and then is generally heated to release cocaine vapor and smoked through a glass handpipe or water pipes, reaching this way to the lungs and bloodstream very fast.

Crack is absorbed just as rapidly as cocaine when inhaled or injected,as the body delivers it directly from the lungs to the bloodstream. [1]

Some people also smoke crack by sprinkling it on marijuana or tobacco, and smoke it like a cigarette. Also, there have been reports of the drug being injected intravenously or even snorted, but these methods are less common.People often take it in binges,taking the drug repeatedly within a short time, at increasingly higher doses to maintain their high.

Main Uses

Crack cocaine is illegal. Crack cocaine is a Schedule II substance under the Controlled Substances Act, which means that it has a high potential for abuse. [2]It is given this classification because it’s highly effective for euphoric effect. However, the high is short lived, causing people to take it over and over again.

In its unrefined form as coca leaf, cocaine is used as an herbal medicine in parts of Latin America. Some forms of cocaine are used as a topical, local anesthetic. [3]However, it is illegal to possess coca plants in the US.

Furthermore, the crack form of cocaine does not have any legitimate medical uses; it’s used purely for its stimulant effects. Using crack can give a person a feeling or euphoria, a high, but it also restlessness, excitement, and related issues like tremors and paranoia.

Peak Levels And Half Life Of Crack

Crack cocaine is the most potent form in which the drug has ever appeared. [4] Smoking it allows it to reach the brain more quickly than other routes of administration. In fact, crack has a rapid onset of action of about 7-10 seconds. The high lasts only a few minutes, around 5 to 10 minutes in total. [5]

Typical peak levels in abusers are around 0.31 mg/L within five minutes of taking the drug. The half-life of crack is very short, as low as 15 minutes.

Crack Drug Testing

There are various kinds of drug use tests applied to different kind of samples. Usually, experts request a urine sample as the least invasive type of test. However, biological samples can be taken from blood, hair, saliva, or sweat to detect the presence of crack cocaine in your system. Each test has a different levels of sensitivity and specificity. [7]

Blood Samples: This type of test is used less often, but may be called for in an emergency room medical case. Blood testing for crack is not normally done unless there’s a reason to suspect someone has taken crack within the past few hours.

Hair Samples: Crack can be detected in the hair for months, even years, after it’s been taken. Once in the bloodstream, the drug travels to every part of the body, including the hair. How long it is detectable for depends on the length of a person’s hair, the amount of crack they’ve taken, and how frequently they use crack.

Saliva: This method can detect very low, trace amounts of the drug. Because of this, you can test positive for crack for several weeks after smoking it even if it was your first time. The cut-off value for this test is 25 ng/ml.

Sweat: Crack cocaine can be detected in a person’s sweat via dermal patches. You wear the patches from 15 minutes up to 2 weeks depending on the brand. The gauze patch comes with a tamper-evident adhesive seal directly to the. The patch is usually applied to the upper arm or upper back. The use of a sweat patch is relatively non-invasive and difficult to tamper with.

Urine: This test is the most commonly used monitoring technique in substance abuse treatment programs. There are two categories of urine tests available screening and confirmatory tests:

• Screening tests detect only the presumptive presence or absence of a class of drugs in the urine specimen, return results rapidly, are relatively inexpensive, but doesn´t detects a specific drug´s metabolite.

• Confirmatory tests which provide more definitive information about the quantitative concentrations of specific drugs or their metabolites in urine specimens and are more accurate than drug screens.

Crack Detection Windows

Despite creating such a short high, crack can be detected in the body for a very long time, depending on:

  • How much crack a person has smoked at one time.
  • How often they smoke crack.
  • How tolerant they are to the drug.
  • Metabolism factors such as age, gender, body mass, or exercise.
  • The purity of the drug.
  • The testing method used.

While crack is absorbed by the body very quickly, very small levels of the drug can linger in body fluids or hair for days, sometimes even weeks. Here’s an outline for the detection window for crack by type of drug test.

Blood Test:The period crack can be detected in the blood is relatively brief.[6] This detection window for crack can be as little as 2 hours, if someone has taken a smaller dose or has a very fast metabolism. The detection range for crack in blood up to 12-24 hours In some cases, cocaine is no longer detectable around 8 hours after use.

Hair Test: Generally, cocaine can show up in hair samples depending on the length of the sample. There is an overall 90 day period during which crack cocaine could be detected in the hair. Hair samples are the most accurate way to judge past crack use, months after the suspected use of the drug.

Saliva Test: Crack cocaine can be detected in saliva for 6 to 8 hours after use. However, high dose usage can be detected in saliva for about twice that amount of time.

Sweat Test: In frequent users, crack can be detected up to 2-3 weeks in this type of drug screen.

Urine Tests: Crack cocaine can be detected in urine for 1-3 days after use.Crack cocaine metabolites screening cut off levels are 300ng/ml for urine. However, high doses of crack cocaine can show up a week later, and in a few very extreme cases, crack might be detected up to 3 weeks later urine.

What If I Test Positive?

Drug testing is super important in the U.S. A positive drug test can lead to job loss, jail time, or loss of child custody. Drug tests are also used to make sure that you are following medical recommendations. Most importantly, these tests help identify or eliminate substance abuse as a possible contributing factor or risk in a child abuse assessment or child welfare service case.

But what if you think that the test is in error? What can you do? What are your rights? Here are some of the things you can do if you test positive for cocaine.

1. Considering there is always room for lab mistakes, you may be able to oppose drug test results as mistaken or wrong. For example, you can request that the laboratory test your sample again.

2. Your employer or test supervisor might allow you to retake the test. Note that your employer can require an additional test with only one hour notice.

3. Further, you can participate in screening and assessment performed by your doctor or another medical professional.

4. If you’ve been drug tested at school, first administrators will tell your parents. Depending on your self-disclosure, counseling or rehab can be considered.

5. Finally, if you’re sure it’s a false positive, you can ask for a hair drug test to be done… but usually you have to cover the cost.

False Positive

Crack cocaine does not create false positives, because there are no prescription medications containing it. However, false positives associated with exposure of cocaine to the mucosa of the nose or ear, as well as the ingestion of coca tea have been documented.

Home Tests

Most home drug tests are urine based. They usually are looking for one or more prescription or illegal drugs are present in urine. These tests detect the presence of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, PCP, benzodiazepine, barbiturates, methadone, tricyclic antidepressants, ecstasy, and oxycodone.

This test is fairly sensitive to the presence of cocaine in the urine. This means that if drugs are present, you will usually get a preliminary, or presumptive, positive test result. If you get a preliminary positive result, you’ll need a lab to verify. At home drug tests are not the industry standard and should only be indicators of possible drug use.

Crack Addiction Liability

How fast can you get addicted to Crack cocaine?

A person can become addicted after his or her first time trying crack cocaine, [8] so if you are smoking crack for the first time and you like the high, be aware. Repeated use leads more quickly to addiction.

Although everyone is different, crack is a very addictive drug and its repeated use can cause long-term changes in the brain’s reward circuit and other brain systems. The reward circuit eventually adapts to the extra dopamine caused by the drug, becoming steadily less sensitive to it. As a result, people take stronger and more frequent doses to feel the same high they did initially and to obtain relief from withdrawal symptoms that include:

  • Depression.
  • Fatigue.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Slowed thinking.
  • Unpleasant dreams and insomnia.

Problems With Crack?

If you found yourself losing control and using despite negative consequences, you may need extra help. If you’ve been trying and failing to quit on your own…you don’t need to do it alone!

Therapy has shown to be effective!

And when treatment is accompanied by a strong family and social support network, you’ve got a formula for success. While there are no FDA-approved medications for treating crack addiction, medical detox can help you get through withdrawal.

Crack cocaine addiction can be treated

It is not easy, but isn’t impossible.

You can do it, you are not alone.

How to Ask for Help

It’s really just a phone call.

Call us and we’ll help. We know addiction. Why wait another moment?

Do you still have questions about using crack or how long it stays in the system? Please leave us your questions or comments here. We will take the time to try to answer all of your questions with a personal reply ASAP.

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  1. Hi I have been a chronic crack user for almost a year now.. from just 20$ a day to 50$.. today’s is Saturday night the 1st and I smoked 50$ worth. I see a pycruatrist and he wants to take a blood test from me on the 6th. Is there any way u think I will pass? I been smokeing constant for a good amount of time, and the medication he’s prescribeing me I really really need. Im a female , 150lbd and I really don’t the Dr to find I’m useing hard drugs or he’s not going to prescribe me what I need… If I stop tomorrow which will be the 2nd , I’ll only have five days. I want to try to reschedule but I want to make sure that it’s definitely out my system. I was going to reschedule for Friday which give me 6 days. But do you think I should try to reschedule for Monday which givese 9 days… Do you think if I stop and have nine days clean it will be out my system? Idk wat to do, and how long I should wait, but I really can’t lose this medication I’m on. Any advice on please asap!

  2. 6foot 2 208 pounds use 3 times a week 40 to 100$ at a time been using for on off sperts but i have a pee test next month will i pass my teset is on the 6r

  3. If I use crack from Friday to sunday at 2am and I got court this Friday will it be out my system I haven’t use sense Sunday 2am

  4. If you inject heroin and crack but not cleaned it properly how long will it take to start feeling a dirty dig is it immediate?

  5. Am 5″1 and 243 pounds on Monday at 12 at night I did a real small pice I like to no on Monday will it be out they send are pee test In it take 7 to ten days to get it back will it be in there it was so small i don’t no why i did it i been clean for 5 months

  6. So i have been sober for 12 months taking suboxen i slipped up took 1 hot of crack and i mean only 1 hit friday at 3ck took a piss test monday at 5ck which is 3days is it gonna be positive

  7. if i smoked crack yesterday n i have to take a drug test today and i havent done it since yesterday and i been drinking alot of water will it show up in my drug test?

  8. If I use cocaine on a Thursday night and I had to take a urine on the following Wednesday morning will it still be in my system

  9. It’s been 1 month since getting into recovery for crack cocaine use. I was never an everyday user however when I used I would smoke for several hours at a time. I have developed a cough which is extremely deep in my lungs. I cough up clear phlegm during these episodes. Which often can last for up to a half-hour. I’ve tried using, steam, ginger tea, and NyQuil almost daily. This will just not go away and I’m beginning to get concerned that I have caused permanent damage. The phlegm is always clear/white. This is the first time since the beginning of my use three years ago that the cough will not go away. Is it possible that eventually it will go away? Or should I see my primary physician. I do not want to disclose my past use to the doctor, due to compromising my Life Insurance policy and the ramifications it would have on my loved ones.

  10. I smoked crack on two different occasions.Two days apart. I have a drug test in two days. So it’s about three days between my last used and drug test will it be in my urine

  11. What I was trying to say is I took a hair follicle test today and I haven’t did nothing since April of this year I should be clean that’s what I’m trying to ask that should be 7 months do you think I should I should pass

  12. I use crack in April and after that I had stopped up to now do you think it’s still in my hair follicles or is it still in my system I haven’t done none since April so do you think my sister or my hair follicles should be rid of it

  13. I found out my love has been battling an addiction to crack. Which explains the verbal, mental, and physical abuse. At first, I thought it was another woman, but I don’t know what’s worse; the thought of another woman or crack cocaine. I left her, but I’m still trying to get her to tell me the truth. I want to help her. What should I do?

  14. My son has been smoking crack cocain for about 6 months I have managed to keep him in for 5 days without it but letting him have cannabis to smoke or he would have left again. Is this the right thing to do I am trying to get him to talk to a drug councillor but he won’t . Can you help with advice on what to do ? If I leave him alone he will go and get it again.

  15. Hello,
    I have a question. So yesterday I was in a room while a couple of others were smoking crack cocaine. I stood near the hallway, which was not too far from where the others were smoking. Is it possible that I endured or took in some of the vapors of the smoke? I had a drug urine test this morning and I’m kind of worried it’s going to show up in my system as well

  16. Quick question i smoked $350 worth of crack from yesterday to today and I’m getting drug tested for pain management on the 22nd of october will i be able to pass the drug test on the 22nd.

  17. I smoked 3 hits of crack Wednesday afternoon will I pass drug test Friday night? I weigh about 125 and am 5’7 drink lots of coffee and have been trying to drink water and pee frequently. Any chance I’ll be clean????

  18. Hi I just had drug test today for probation it was a urine test.. Last time I had any crack was last Tuesday it was intravenously. so its been 9 days and I’m not really frequent user just did very small amount maybe like a 20 or 30 piece and I did smaller amount a day or 2 before that that was actually junk so if that even counts.. But i should be ok right?

  19. I have a urine drug test Sept pt 17th. The last time i smoked crack was Sept 5. Will i pass.I can request a swab test if you think i can pass that

  20. I relapsed after.2 years clean I did crack cocaine for 3 days it’s been 3 days I’ve been clean. I hate that drug don’t know what made me want to do it. I got very stressed out with my family members long story but I think that’s what triggered me to do it I did very little, but am very depressed I’m not wanting to do it ever again. I have nose surgery in the morning for a deviated bseptum do you.think I’ll be ok? I haven’t smoked for 4 days no cigarettes either? I hate to cancel cause I’ve cancelled 3 times for various reasons but not cause of crack.or any other drug I’m very healthy I’ve slept for 2 days what would you do about surgery?

  21. OK my brother smoked crack on Monday of this week and got to take a drug test on Tuesday coming. That is 7 to 8 days since last time he smoked. Will he pass a drug test on Tuesday 7or 8 days from his last time smoking.

  22. A friend of mine smoked crack Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday small amounts will this be outta her system by Friday September 7th?

  23. I smoked crack n did a few lines of coke today n got a test coming up on Wednesday n today is su day if i drink lots of water do you think i will pass i am 56 150 pounds work out side n sweat alot also did a line of heroine to calm down at 130 am can i pass in the few days i have for this job

  24. Yes I don’t smoke crack but my fiance does well when I was going home unpacking my stuff there was white hardened stuff on top of my DVD plAyer and without thinking I scraped it off of my DVD player immediately after wards I started to panic thinking I’m going to fail my drug test tomorrow so i took a shower and cleaned my hands my question is will I fail my drug test

  25. Hi, i smoked on saturday and think i have urine test on wed-thur ,im not a regular user, maybe once a week type of thing very small amounts. Is it possible to pass the test ?

  26. I have been clean for 40 days than used crack one night. About lil over a gram. I have a urine screen 10 days after use. Im 145 lbs. Fast metabolism tale vitamins eat and drink healthy. Will i be okay??

  27. I. Have. A. Question, I’m. An. Ex. Cocaine. User. I’ve. Been. Clean. For. 4months. I’m. On. Drug. Patch. Everyone. Of. Test. Has. A. False. Positive. Results. Can u. Please. Tell. Me. Why.

  28. If you hit cracked two times in one day and go back and push residue 4 X weather crack still be in your system two and a half days from then

  29. If a person has intake cocaine for 30 minutes within the next two and a half days will it turn up in the urine

  30. I smoked 40 worth of crack Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I have a test for a promotion at work this Tuesday will I pass?

  31. The last time b4 this time I used crack was in April. So Friday I took 2 small puffs of crack. Is there any way I can clean it out of my system for a us on Mon? I drink plenty fluids n am constantly urinating. Is it possible for me to drop clean Mon..

  32. I have a question do anyone know how to get crack cocaine out the old school way and I have a drug test Monday can some one please help me??

  33. Hi I smoked crack two days in a row i spent 80 bucks and me and my girlfriend smoked it all. I have a urine test on Friday I smoked on Monday and Tuesday if I drink alot of water and detox tea do you think it will be gone out my system by 4:00 Friday afternoon

  34. I have a drug test in morning bc i. Try I g to get on suboxone bc my addiction is really pills but I did a small piece of crack this past thursday. Will it show up on drug test? I’m not addicted to it someone had me try it to help with withdrawal but it’s not for me at all!

  35. I used crack for the first time 2 weeks ago I have a drug test 2 weeks from now which means no drugs for 4 weeks will a lab test detect the drug in my system I weigh 300 pounds also

  36. Hi. I was wondering how long cocaine will be in my urine me and 2 friends snorted like 60 dollars worth of cocaine on the 26th of may and i weigh 225 lbs i have a to take a urine test today on june 4th should it be out my urine ?

  37. I smoked 5 hits at 4 am monday and have a drug screen wendsday 5:30 p.m. ive been drinking lots of ceanberry juice and water should I pass the urine test

  38. Used 90 days ago.a pretty bad binge night out on crack.cut my hair down to nothing now 3 times and with 90 days clean and i have the old aloe tid fotmula to boot will i be able to pass a hair test

  39. I last used on 3-21-2018 I’ve been sober since then however I have a urine test on 4-3-2018 will my urine be clean

  40. I smoked a 20 piece of crack 3/20 and I have a stick test on 4/3, it will go to the lap. What are my chances of passing?

  41. Hi I smoked 150.00 worth of crack on 3/17 and have a swab test the 22nd will that be enough one to pass the test I don’t smoke don’t know what I was thinking

  42. flushing works only 8 hours prior to testing,i was on probation and electric monitoring unit.i did coke every friday and sometime saturday i took urine tests every thursday, i passed them all he said my urine looked like water ,lol.i hope so i have a tea maker i drink 3 pitches all night long every wednesday so i pidded lik 20 times before i went,saw ppl going in cuffs everytime ,not me tho,if ur system is clean before u got high it wont be in there long,now if u do it one night the next night the next night u have about 10 days until ur clean if u did it once it will be out in 3 to 7 days depening on certain things,flush 8 hours prior to test drink water or tea i hate water i drink green tea by the quart 3 quarts it makes so i drank 9 quarts of green tea which has antioxidants and i passed them all stupid fuckers lol

  43. I smoked &$40 of crack on a Saturday, knowing I had a drug test Thursday night. I drank two 18oz of water each day, plus 25oz of coffee and cranberry juice over every day up till my Dr appt.
    After 5 sober days, I’m 5’8″,175lbs… My urine showed a faint line so you can’t be too careful…

  44. Hi. So my question is. I have been sober from crack for 7 years the other day I visited a friend’s house and noticed a paint primer smell. We went back to her room and I noticed that the room was very smoky and the odor was even stronger. I stayed for about 15 minutes and had to leave. When I left I noticed that I got really light headed and my heart started racing. I was wondering if I took a drug test 24 hours later would anything show up in my system. I’m a 30 year old female. 5’4 and 198 pounds I don’t smoke cigarettes or do any type of drugs or alcohol. Test was used for work.

  45. Alright i was clean for a week and ahalf smoke about 150 worth was clean for same amount of time smoked about 75 worth havent drank much water but been pissing alot..i weight 160lb 5’8 average metabolism anyone have idea when i should take piss test for trucking company?

  46. I took a u/a today monday a.m. and my last use of crack was last wednesday last week 4-5days ago i’ve been drinking lots of h2o and peeing ,my u/a was very clear do you think I may have passed

  47. My female friend has been shooting crack and vinegar, for 17 years. She smokes it too. She is highly addicted, and I want to know honestly what her chances of a normal life and recovery are. She is 40 years old.

  48. How long after smoking a small amount of crack before it is detectable in urine? Like 2 hours or what? I smoked at 12 and had a random at 2. Should I look for another job?

  49. I have to take a drug urine test. I smoked crack on Wednesday and Friday. Total about 150. Im 5’3 200pds. How long will it stay in my urine?

  50. Hi , I smoked crack and need to do a blood test , how long should I wait to do it for it to show I no longer have it in my blood stream???

  51. Hi I weight 130 tall and skinny high metabolism and I smoke 25$ worth to day at 10:00am 2/3/18 and a 30 yesterday will it be in my urine test this Tuesday

  52. Hello I took a hair follicle today and I used on November 9th 2017 the date I’s January 30th 2018 today will I come up dirty it’s been 2 months and three weeks

  53. I’m a panicked frazzled stressed out wreck I haven’t smoked crack in about 9 months on Sunday i smoked 1/28/2018 it was 3-4 hits not big in size first one was a size of a pea little smaller and the other ones were small pieces crumb like I have to go to my doctor’s office on Wednesday 1/31/2018 to do a urine test cuz of medications I’m on and it gets sent out to a lab is the crack/cocaine going to show up in it? I’m about 160lbs

  54. I took 3-4 hits of crack/cocaine on Sunday early afternoon first time in almost a year I weigh roughly 160lbs I’m a female if makes a difference but I have to go to my doctor’s on Wednesday like tomorrow and do a urine screening because of the medications I’m on and i need to know if it’s going to show up in my urine and how I can detox or whatever I need to do to clean myself out. They weren’t very big pieces first one decent size not real big other two or three weren’t very much

  55. If my mom is crack user and I found a piece of crack in her room and picked it up and threw it away with my bare hands that where dry would that cause it to be in my system at all.

  56. I smoked late thurs. A gram of crack
    I have a urine test tuesday
    Havent smoked in 30-days prior to that .
    I weigh 250
    Will I pass

  57. I smocked some crack the lasr time on mondaythe 16th i dont smock it all the time but have surgary on the 23rd will i still be dirty ?

  58. I tested positive for a drug urine test yesterday I have been clean for almost a month I’ve had to drug test since then I mean before then and they were negative but they still have the little slight Faded Line but it still considered a negative text I have chronic stage 3 chronic kidney disease and like I said I haven’t smoked in a month or so said it’s best to be completely honest and this is oh my goodness for the first time in my life I’m really really telling the truth and it comes out positive so can you figure that out for me

  59. ive been taking lasix drinking water tea and taking sonne 7 i smoked a good bit 7 days ago will it still be in my system i stopped the 13th i will be tested 21st at 1120 am and the 26th at 309

  60. I don’t do crack a lot maybe once every two weeks, how long does it stay in my system after one hit and does drinking lots of water flush it out

  61. I know that my daughter relapsed using crack cocaine, she was a very heavy user. She relapsed this past thurs. thru Sunday non stop. she has a job interview on the 20th of this month. She has hypothyroidism/ slow metabolism. last time she gave urine and hadn’t used in 2 weeks but it still came back .87% I have no idea what that means but I need to figure out what can be done to make sure it was out of her system by Dec 20th, 2017. Any info will help. she weighs 160 and is 5foot 2inch.

  62. I smoke for the first time on Friday and I have to do a drug test and I’m worried that I won’t pass can anybody tell me something please would I be clean by Tuesday

  63. I smoke two grams of crack last night and now I have a surprise drug test in 2 hours for my bracelet I’m drinking water and I heard to add baking soda to it help how can I pass

  64. I’ve been smoking crack for months, I have six days to get clean, if I drink alot of water, and piss frequently, would I be okay with a urine test within 6days?

  65. I fell in love with a man and later found out he was a crack smoker. How come his appearance his so neat, clean and he does not look like a person smoking. Ive done research so now I know why his teeth and eyes are yellow. Also he has this type of shake with his leg and has to constantly scrematch his foot with the other all night. Is it possible for this person to get clean and remain clean from crack. He has claimed before to want to get clean and not use but I know what to look for.

  66. I used crack cocaine on Thursday from 10 in the morning till about 10 at night. I have a urine test on Sunday will it be detected? I whe. about 220lbs.

  67. I smoked about a half a gram of crack 3 days’s been the first time in 7 yes I have to take a urine test for a job will it show up in the test.note have been drinking lots water and cranberry juice.

  68. I smoked crack 2 weeks ago and have done it for 8 years.. but once a week.. but I had been clean for a good month before doing it again 2 weeks ago.. didn’t like the taste anymore.. Will it still show in my system through hair analysis.

  69. I haven’t smoked for 3 months i smoke a 20$ piece of crack cocaine Thursday 10-12-17 around 9:47pm and was done by 11:30pm i got a call from a job today saying to come to orientation on 10 -18-17 and i have to do a drug urine screen do u think i will pass the drug urine screen test

  70. I smoked crack from 13 years of age up until i was 23. From 23 till 30 it was on and off. I quit at 30 and was clean for 6 years and have recently relapsed for 1 month now. You may relapse a few times before you actually quit the crack once and for all. Its really not worth your health, family and the hard earned money you work for. Theres more to life than smoking crack. Your life is worth so much more. Break free from your addiction and overcome the temptation. Good luck

  71. Hi I smoked crack one time exactly three months and three days ago and tomorrow I have to get a hair follicle done do you think it will come up I’m a nervous wreck

  72. Sunday I had use and smoke $50 worth of crack cocaine I will be taking a urine test this Friday will it be out of my system by then this is my second time use of the same amount within 2 weeks

  73. A Friend, really it’s not me, used crack says he used approx 30 tokes of crack about 8 days prior to scheduled urine test. Will he pass test?

  74. So I have been snorting coke for 8 days now sept.7 th, when I started and I have to take a ua on sept.19 th will it come up positive? Iam 50, and 250lbs I haven’t done coke since I was 17.

  75. I smoke 20 piece of crack on average prob once a wk for prob the last two or three yrsI weigh 170 how long befor I will pass a urine test

  76. I’ve been in pain management for 12 years due to my lumbar area needing surgery per nuerosurgeon and protruding disc on my neck the cervical 4, c5 and c6. I went on short-term disability now and I lost my blue blue shield insurance. Being on Medicaid my pain management doctor stop taking me.

    I’ve been going through withdrawals insomnia diarrhea and all that went to the emergency room and they put me on Klomidine. I couldn’t take it anymore and now I’m doing crack and coke to ease my pain and get things done as a father. This is only my fourth time doing crack as I’m typing this and no doctor want to help me right now because of insurance and it’s bullshiit. This is out of my control as far as my pain and disability but once I get back to work and have my Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance all these mthrfkn doctors we all take me and help me. I’m a family man raising my kid who’s been with me 10 years. If it wasn’t for crack I would be in bed all day and never getting things done. I need prayers and support. I will not do HERION due to people tampering with it with FENTALYN and the overdoses going on. I just need a Dr and get my surgery done, pain blocks, nerve blocks, laser therapy and medication to ease it.I 44 yrs old, I’ve been working and paying taxes since 1988 at 14 yrs of age summer job. State said I’m not eligible for disability…

    Sorry for my language but I’m aggravated..

    Pipe in hand and things to do. ✌️

  77. I smoked crack on sat then sunday i was called for an interview for a job i really want i was given a swab test right there after he told me i had the job. Im freaking out i wasnt expecting it is there any possibility i will pass please answer

  78. I am addicted to crack for two years now I lost everything and ruined my girlfriends life because I convinced her to try it she now talks about killing her self and I think she might really do it I don’t know what to do to help her she is empty and dangerous to herself and others because she believes she has nothing to loose and in turn does not care in general she was so full of life and is now so empty I am scared please help!!!!

  79. I heard it takes up to 22 days for crack to leave system with very good urine testing kits used for employment.

    Also what is the duration it stays in blood

  80. I used a small amount 2 times this week less than a quarter gram. I pee in a cup tomorrow but i excorsise and dink lots of water. Should i be ok in 2 days

  81. My son I believe is using crack…he just got out of prison..his behavior is once he gets a pay check he leaves my home …works Mon.Tues.Wed.and pay day is on Thursday at midnight…and I don’t see him anymore until a day or two can I know..his temper is getting worst..please help me

  82. I have to test on Tues for my po for crack I used today bout under a gram so it will be a Lil under 72/hr when I test probley 55 to 60/hr laters I use everyday and I’m going I treatment the 24 the but he said I’ll go to jail Tues if I’m dirty so u think if I DRI k water for those hr and not use will I be dirty in very scared please help thanks JoLynn

  83. So since I smoke hard the day before my first day of probation does this mean I’m basically fucked?! Lmao. There no faster ways to get it out of your system the next less than 24 hours?

  84. Hi I smoked 20 dollars worth on Wednesday and the same on Friday its Sunday and I found out I have to take a urine test Monday evening do you think it will show

  85. I have smoked crack heavily for about 1 year almost every day still testing positive after 2 weeks of no use

  86. If someone who weighs 130 pounds and smoked crack on a Friday and Saturday will that person be clean for a urine drug test on Tuesday

  87. I’m in recovery but someone I know smoked 800.00 dollars up on crack my question is will it show up in a hair drug test?

  88. I’ve smoked crack 6 weeks every day in Jan thru March, I was ordered to take hair follicles test I failed 97 days after I quit and I shaved my head,my question when will my hair be clean I need a clean test I could love custody of my son!!

  89. I took 2 hits of crack about 530 pm then at 745 pm, I don’t like it, how long. Will those hits stay in my urine, I have no previous usage of crack or cocaine

  90. I took a small hit of a crack pipe and 2 days latter I had a piss test wants the %that I passed first time 4 smoking it

  91. ya I took a small hit of crack around 2 days ago I don’t smoke it at all I had it and buoom it was there and I done it now 2 day latter I have a piss test coming up should I be good
    can any one help me because I don’t want to loss my job

  92. I messed up and did setting really dumb I smirked about a fat twenty or maybe a 30 of hard…I was in my bathroom which has no windows. The exhaust fan was on and I was blowing the smoke out over towards the exhaust fan. My fiance had to use the br really bad too so he was waiting outside the door for me to get done with what I was doing. He has no idea I’ve ever touched the stuff mostly by I’m not a chronic user. So Iwas just wondering if after smoking that in the br and he walks in a few mins later could he have ingested anything secondhand wise? Thanks please answer I feel. So dumb for my relapse and I’m worried about the guy I love.

  93. I am not a user but my boyfriend is.. however I get drugged tested at work and it is always coming back.poaitive for cocaine through intercourse.. how long does this stay in my system just by having sex.

  94. I. Smokes. Crack. And. Had. A. Pee umpolment. Urine. Test. It. Was. The. Ecupscreen. Reader. I. Drink. About. Four. Gallons. Of. Water. Then. Slow. Down. After. 3. Days. I. Gave. Myself. 5. Days. All. Together. 129. Hours. And. Its. Been. 6. Days. Did. Not. Hear. Nothing. I. Have. Feeling. Did. Not. Pass.

  95. If. I. Smokes. 50. Worth. Of. Crack. And. I. Drink. five. Gallons. Of. Water. And. The. Fifth. Day. Had to. Get. A. Pre umpolment. Urine. Test. Done. Is. There. A. Good. Chance. I. Could. Pass.

  96. I want to know when taking a drug test, will the results let the doctor know if I smoked crack or did cocaine ( powder,) can u tell the difference

  97. I smoked a lace cigarette yesterday around 2p and have to take urine test today at 3p will it be in my urine if im not a frequent user

  98. I smoked like 5 hits of crack on the 15 not good hits barely any smoke came out I weigh 300 pounds. I got a drug test today 5-25-17 will it show up

  99. I’ve was clean for 4 months. I recently relapsed, I smoked crack 4 times in a week. I have hepatitis c and I’m wondering how long it will take until I can successful pass a saliva test.

  100. I have simple question t I just can’t seem to find a simple answer to. I took just one very small hit of cocaine just to try it and I found out it messes with you’re life. So my question is if I took this one small hit can I still go to the military, or any branch of it?

  101. I got .7 gr of crack smoked with three ppl Tuesday quit about 6pm n have a urine test Saturday morning haven’t touched it before that for months will I be clean

  102. I did three shots of crack today haven’t done it in over a month about how long should it take before I can pass a urine test and is there anything I can do to speed up the process

  103. Hello. I smoked cracked on yesterday (Sunday) and stopped at 3am on Monday. I have a urine test on next Wednesday. Will I be ok?

  104. My system was completly clean of all drugs or alcohol for the last 4 years, but i smoked 3 grams of crack on 5-6-17 i have a urine test on 5-11-17. The urine test is a 3 panel strip.i am 210 lbs and a fairly active person. Will i be ok to pass?

  105. If a person doesn’t smoke crack and smoke two laced cigarettes will it show in a urine and/ or hair test after two weeks

  106. I have been smoking crack with my partner for the past days off n on …semi large amounts…. No more than 150 dollars …I have to report to probation may 17 2017…I weigh about 180…do u think I will be clean by then?

  107. I have smoked crack many times over the past 10 years.. I’ve never felt addicted to it. I can take it or leave it. I never buy it,so the only time I do it is when someone else shares. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones

  108. I had only taken two hits of crack 7 days before my Dr gave me a lab urine test. I still came back with trace amounts of cocaine and I wasn’t a chronic user. The only thing I can figure is it was the first pee of the day and so was very concentrated. Luckily my Dr said it was such a small amount that it must have been a false positive, which I don’t even think is possible with a lab test.

  109. Today is April 29th. I last used crack cocaine om March 27th. And a month later it is still detectable in my system. Is this common?

  110. Hi,I am a heavy crack smoker at times,I will stop for three or four days at a time,on 04/22/17 I smoked 20 dollars worth and the next day I smoked the same. I have a drug test on the 04/29/17 will I be clean, by then

  111. I smoked 2 blasts of crack and one of meth same day my metabolism very fast I weigh 130 how long and how can I clean myself out in a day

  112. I smoked one hit of crack which was like a $10 piece on Wednesday night and I have a drug screen on Monday which is 5 days from the day I did it.. I dont do this on a regular bases this is the first time I have done this in a long time.. Do you think I will pass the test…

  113. I smoked a 30 dollars worth of crack Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. I will get test at 5:30 p.m. Friday what’s my chance of passing a urine drug stream

  114. I smoked 30 dollars worth on Tuesday I stopped around 7:00 p.m. Tuesday I will be getting tested around 5:30 p.m. Friday I’m 205 lbs what’s my Chance’s of passing a urine drug stream with the 5 lines inside the cup that tell’s if you been using on the spot

  115. I used about 1 gram of crack Last Monday have a pee test later today I’m 230 lbs 45 years old and was 2 and half months since I used last week should I be ok ?

  116. I am addicted to crack, I can only stop for 2 days. I lost my job, my spouse has had enough. Iie about everything. This feel crazy. I want to stop, but I keep giving in.

  117. I did something​ stupid. Smoked crack on Monday and have drug test the following. I’m probably going to be honest because I can be there..But will it show on a test. I weigh about 135 pounds and have been clean for a while

  118. Why do crack have people tripping.i mean they feel something crawling on them sticking them and just keeps on making them scratch and they be frustrated. Why it has them in that state of mind??

  119. smoked twenties of rather no good crack and did a dime of ice and this was last week Saturday I have a urine test tomorrow for parole I have been guzzling water and cranberry juice will I pass it was a mistake I will not repeat again thank you for your input!!

  120. I smoked less than a gram on Saturday night while drinking beer and smoked a dime of ice will I pass a drug test ( urine) on Friday morning? I weigh 195 5’6 and drink lots of water every day I slipped up and now I am scared silly and will not repeat again”

  121. If I smoke a tiny bit of crack and I occasionally smoke it not very often how long will it be in my system I drink lots and lots of water as well

  122. I have a interview in a couple weeks and I smoked crack and Marijuana about a week ago. I have to do the swab drug test for this job. Will it still be able to detect traces of the drugs?

  123. I was with a “lady friend” yesterday and she smoked some crack in my car with me in it, so how did I test positive for cocaine the next morning when I never even touched it?

  124. My boyfriend is a truck driver he weighs 215 pounds he sweats heavy. When he comes home for 3-4 days he smokes crack about $60-$80 dollars worth for the days he is home. He has been gone 3 weeks now would the crack show up in a urine test since he has been gone 3 weeks now?

  125. If i smoked crack last thrusday and smoked until monday about 3 rocks a day and finished monday morning will i be clean by this thrusday.

  126. I only smoke crack about every 4 years but when I do it’s about 500 or 600 hundred dollars in a night how long would it take to pass a drug screen so I don’t loose my job.

  127. If i take 2 small hits of crack today which is Friday will it show up in a urine screen on Monday? I weigh 210 pounds Im 6 foot one and drink nothing but water and coffee.

  128. I have been smoking crack cocaine over half of my life. I only been clean now for a year. How long do it stay in your system after that are is it still in my system?

  129. I have a drug test today for probation. last smoked some crack and meth 5 days ago just finished drinking a test detox will this help me

  130. I smoked 2 hits of crack and said this isn’t the life for me. I half to leave a UA in 8 day’s and want it out of my system now. I told the person who gave it to me to leave me alone.

  131. I took crack on Saturday I have a test Tuesday I’m fed up I’ve been clean ten years I’ve recently split from a ten year relashionship lost my home in a refuge with my son why am I doin this !!!!

  132. Hello… I’ve been clean for about, almost 5 years. I’ve been having a hard hard time… but I think this happened tonight for a reason… because I haven’t messed up on any drug, other then alcohol, since October 28th, 2015.. when I found out I was finally pregnant… and I had a free night… but it made me just never again… I was gone late… hours… and I’m worried about tests, because i get tested at my recovery clinic, where I have went for five years

    So my question, I smoked a normal amount. Not tons. But not a little. It was very crappy too. Cocaine made into it…

    I’m obviously female, 5’6, athletic orb thin body… 130lbs…

    Can you tell me how long it may be in my URINE?

    I imagine two days, max… hopefully before Monday.. but I’m scared to death. Please pray for me and my son… his father… we are having issues… bad ones that we’re not in control over, because he has PTSD and made a poor choice.

    Is there ANYTHING that can help? Anything at AI.

    Thank you… Nadi

  133. Ive been clean for five months and I smoked bout 80 dollars of crack wensday into Thursday bout 2am I weigh 165 and had to give a urine today Tuesday should I be fine haven’t touched anymore and don’t want to

  134. I used about 30.00 worth of crack in about an 8 hour period of one Sunday. I take a urine test on the following Friday,which is 4 days and 14 extra hours,which is 10 hours short of 5 days. Do you think I can pass the urine test? Sincerely,Tommy

  135. I do not do crack..I am 3mths pregnant and I came in contact with crack by cleaning out a drawer,I recently had cut my finger so I did have a open wound..My drug test came back positive for crack but I don’t do crack…The test was sent off to make sure I am not doing crack..will the cut off level be low..this is bout to worry me to death!!

  136. Let say I weigh 250 and I smoked a 50 dollar bag on March the 1 and had a drug screening on March the 7th by urination will I be clean by the 7 th of March?

  137. I smoked a gram of crack last night and weigh 170 lbs and I have a drug test on the 28th should it be out of my system by then I’m also doing the apple cider detox to help?

  138. I dropped positive for CRACK cocaine on the 14of February I just went before the judge on the 10 of February and she let me GO home I have chronic kidney disease my kidneys only function at 60percent and I weight 215lbs CAN that make a difference in clean an dirty drops please respond NEED HELP

  139. Hey, my friends is on probation and smoked about 40$ worth on the 18th and has a drug test on the 21st at about noon. He was clean and that 40$ amount was the first he smoked since detox. Will he be ok? Or will it still show dirty?

  140. Hi i have a question.. My friend us embarrassed to ask she is now 24weeks pregnant which she just found out. When she was 20 weeksbut was a constant user of crack cocaine. She ask will her baby come out dirty if she has stopped since she found out..plz plz help..

  141. I have a fairly good friend that needs help. His name I can’t say, but he did 600.00 worth not sure what that amounts too, but he went out spent all his money and had asked me to pick him up and could I lean him some money til his next check comes. Well I said no freaking way. He messed on 2/15 and has a urine test in 5 days. He will lose his job. I do want to address to him I can’t deal with this how can I help him and will he pass the drug test?thank you for your help if possible

  142. Hi my friend smoked 3 bong hits of crack Sunday night and has a urine test Tuesday a doesn’t hardly use at all you think he could pass the test?

  143. I smoked crack cocaine heavily for almost two day the lat day I did was on Monday Jan 31 and on Friday I have a saliva drug text will I be clean

  144. Hello I have a mother that smoke crack I live with her at the moment because I lost my place but I have two kids.we sleep in the living room she have one bedroom apartment. I had a job offer so I was happy bout the job and I knew I had this job more money.I took my urine drug test I pass it.Then same time I took my hair drug test. They sent it off and I got the worse news that my test came back had cocaine in my hair drug test I said no that is not right I don’t do drugs.I have ask how can it get in my system if I don’t smoke or deal with it never touch it so how can it be in my system?

  145. Base on how I was behaving it seems as if I get crack in a make splif. So my question to you is that. This feelings ever go away and how can I prevent it. This happen from January 8 2017.sometimes I feel my skin frying and under heavy heat. And base on my reading its seem like I was drug in the weed with cocaine. I’m worried about myself. Very scared

  146. I smoked crack on thursday night around 930. Its now monday. I have a drug test today at 5. Will i pass my urine test? Ive drank alot of water and cranberry juice. And i have peed alot.

  147. I smoke crack lastnight and it’s only two hoots.. two small pieces and I have to go for urine test on Monday .. the last time I smoke crack was oct.

  148. Hi I recently been doing crack for like maybe 5 months now and it be little at a time and not every day but I have to pee in a cup soon and I just did some but like two hits is it affective in my urine

  149. Hi, I smoked crack on 1/10, about 200.00 worth, purchased a home test kit, tested my urine every 2 days until my pain management urine test on 1/18, i was testing fully positive on the home test kit up until 1/16, the test kit shows 1 line for positive and 2 for negative, i had the urine test on 1/18 but for 1/16 and 1/.17 the home test kit showed the 2 lines but very faintly, i’m wondering if a small amount can still be detected since the 2 lines were not fully fully solid like i think they should have been ? how is cocaine tested? can they tell if a tiny amount is still in the system? or s it more like a yes or no detection in which i mean you either test positive or negative or can they tell if a large amount or tiny amount exists?, thanks for your time and help. prior use to this was on 12/24 so that was out of my system already for sure before this use

  150. Its been about 1 month and a half since smoking crack for 1 day a casual smoker been cleam for 9 years before will i be able to pass the hair folocal test


  152. My friend is 22 weeks pregnant and she has been smoking crack how long does it take to get out her and the babys system her due date is may 7 2017 will it be out the baby when its born if she stops now and she take anything to flush her n the baby system without hurting the baby

  153. If i smoke crack, not even a whole gram, at around 130 am on the 1st, will it show up in a pee test on the 3rd around 330?

  154. I smoked $40 worth of crack cocaine on Sat night with 3 other people and I had a saliva test Tues afternoon about 1:15.. Do you think I passed it??

  155. hi iv been using crackconstantly about 3 weeks but very little in the last 3days I have a urine test in 4 days Will I be ok and is there anything I can do to help it pass thru my system quicker

  156. I did $20 rock on Friday and I have a very high metabolism I may have a urine test Tuesday? I’m thinking I should be ok because I’m not a chronic user. What’s your thoughts?

  157. Hi I have been clean for awhile and I took 5 hits of crack this morning at 11am and have a urine test on Monday at 12pm that is 72 hours n drinking water. Will I b clean since I was clean before I did it and I only did a little bit. Thanks again for your help.

  158. Hi I really worry about drug test that I have TB unit apportionment on Tuesday 29th I just happen to smoke crack worth $100 last night [Tuesday 22th]
    They will take drug test urine and blood. Will I pass on both drug test?

  159. I have smoked crack for 5 days straight with sleep last use was November 21st I have a drug. Test Saturday November 26 will I pass ?

  160. Hi I have been smoking about $60 worth a day for 4-5 X’s a week for 6 months I was told I need to have a drug test done I have 1 week what is your opinion I’m 190 lbs with a fast metabolism

  161. I smoked crack cocaine midnight Saturday and I have to give a urine sample on Wednesday , will it be clean by then? I also smoked it Wednesday, Thursday and Friday..

  162. I smoked less than half a gram of crack today being drunk and stupid otherwise i would have never touch the stuff. My new job i just started in aug did a hair test and i passed after being a few months clean from Marijuana and coke. I think i have a about a month to get clean. Do you think i will be clean enoughfor

  163. My 46-year old daughter is addicted to crack. She recently moved in with her father and she told him that she hasn’t used in a week, but she’s been up, not able to sleep for 32 hours. The drug’s effects don’t last that long do they?

  164. I uses on Sunday night had a oral drug test Tuesday what can I expect I didn’t use a lot I’m a occasional user also used mouth wash right before test

  165. I haven’t smoked crack for years,j and the other night i smoked 2 grams Thursday, Friday and very little on Saturday, i have to take a urine test either Wednesday or Thursday, will it shows up on my drug test i do drink alot of water because I’m insulin dependant and i also take suboxin would that make any difference ?

  166. Hey there. I just smoked a gram of crack in the matter of a couple of hours and have a drug test in 8 days. Will I be clean by then? I’m 5 foot 10 and 215lbs.

  167. I’ve bean off crack cocaine for 3full days now I’ve bean OK so far but when does it leave your head when you stop constantly thinking about it what day in does it get easer I’ve used it everyday for 2 years

  168. I have a question a friend of mine was a cronic crack user for a long long time. He recently had a baby and stopped as soon as he found out she was pregnant. However the baby was born prematurely and getting ready to come home from the hospital and he discovered a few days ago that the mother has starting using drugs… He’s filing for emergency full custody but he has to take a urine test before they release the baby. He’s worried about taking the test because of the fact that he was a heavy user everyday for years. How long will it take for it not to be detected on a urine test after smoking? Thank you for your help

  169. I went on the bench for a couple of days smoking crack how long does it stay in my system I weigh 200 pounds and probably smoked about $150 worth of it

  170. If I did literally one tiny hit of crack on a Thursday how long will it stay in my system??? I drink a ton of water each day. I’m nervous I’ve been clean since October last year!!!

  171. It’s Thursday night and like a dum ass my so called friend was smoking it in front of me and I’m weak minded.I have a iron test for court Wednesday morning..I am 5 foot 5 weight about 120lbs I drink lots of coffee and water plus I have the q carb 16 what are my chances of being clean by Wednesday morning?

  172. I smoked 50 dollars worth of crack on 8/19 i weigh 155. How long will this be in my system? I have to have a urine test comin up.

  173. I smoked like a 100 of crack on Saturday night an have a urine test on wensday i weight is like 140 an i work out side sweating alot an drink alot of water u think i can pass

  174. I did one bump of cocaine and took 2 hits of crack on 8/14/16. Today is 8/17/16 and i had to do a urine test today. Will it show up? It is the first time i used it in almost 3 years.

  175. I have another question my cousin also did herion 1 bag Tuesday and 1bag Wednesday how long will this will this get out of ur system he has to do a urine on August 18 or August 19 please answer ASAP!!

  176. How long does crack stay in ur system? My cousin has to do a urine test and he smoked on Tuesday not a lot and the last time he smoked before that was Saturday and that was not a lot he has to give a urine tomorrow will it be out of his system?

  177. If you weigh 350 and you smoke crack for 12 days how long will it take for the crack to leave out of your system remind you that I smoke all day for those 12 days how long will it take

  178. I smoke $60 worth of crack today in between 2 and 6pm I have a urine test tomorrow if I drank 2 gallons of water will I pass

  179. I had one hoot of crack on a Wednesday at 7 p.m. I gave a urine samplease on Friday at 1 p.m. Approx 43 hours later. It is Monday and results should be in Tues or Wed. I am 180 lbs and use only once a month. I am freaking out. It was an unexpected test. Do you think I have anything to worry about.

  180. I just recently slipped up, After being clean for a long time I did not do very much I would say about $50 worth I was wondering if I have to get swapped on Wednesday and today is Friday would I be able to pass? I guess I should say today is Saturday and I did get high all the way till midnight so I can not count Saturday… Is there any way of passing a swab test I plan on staying clean and not messing up anymore really not worth it. Everything is garbage nowadays and it’s not worth losing Myself over something so dumb

  181. The last time I smoked some crack was on July 30th which was on a Saturday. Since then I have not smoked anything I was asked by a employer to take a drug urine test on August 4th. It’s been 5 days . I wanted to know what are my chances of passing ?

  182. If crackcocaine was taken thursday night til sunday 3:00 in the morning can it still come out in your urine on Thursday by 10:30 in the morning

  183. I had a relapse and did like 2 grams of crack between 11pm Friday night and 4 am sat morning. I could possibly have a urinalysis we’d morning. Will I be ok. I have been clean off it for 4 yrs and did have about 6 beers as well. Should I be worried???

  184. I smoke crack heavily. Couple grams every day over the last few months…Will i be clean in 11 days? Got a drug test for court. I last used at 330am july 31. Gotta test around the aug11

  185. I shot. .1 g of crack dissolved with vinegar on Thursday evening. Drug test Monday morning. What is the chance that I’m clean by then?

  186. If I smoked a 20$ piece of crack on Friday and I may have a drug urinalyses on Monday will it be out of my system for Probation?

  187. I smoked to hits of crack on 7-22-16. I have a urine test on 7-27-16 will I be clean? My last use was more than five days prior to 7-22-16.

  188. If some smoked street crack on Sunday and were to be drug tested on wed or thurs will the crack show up in my urine in a panel 5 drug test

  189. I started smoking crack about a month ago I’ve been smoking everyday for two weeks now and have a drug test in 8 days if I stop now and drink plenty of water will I pass my test??

  190. On Monday I took the hits Thursday evening I’ve got a urine test due I’ve been drinking water and cranberry juice nine stop will it still show up

  191. If there was a drug test in four days time and a heavy crack heroin user used both drugs today would it both show up on a drug test urine hair blood ? Plz any correct info would be very appreciated

  192. My friend smoked 4-5 hits of crack on a Thursday night round 1130pm and is concerned if it will still be in her urine Saturday morning round 1130am?

  193. i took one hit of crack Monday at noon . i have a urine test Thursday@10am. i so worried because of my actions im going to fail. one more dirty im kicked out of my program. ive been drinkin so much n have a high metabolism. do i have good odds?

  194. Will I fail a urine analysis if was in a room briefly where people were smoking crack

  195. I smoked one hit of crack today. It’s Friday and have class Monday they pick names of people in group they want to drop if I did get picked will I be okay?

  196. My fiance just was just put on probation last month, and is now on random drug screening. Over the weekend he went on a binge of smoking crack, which is a drug he’s never done before. That was never his drug of choice, however he smoked quite a bit of it for about 4-5 days. He hasn’t done it since Wednesday, July 6th, and he has to do a urine on Monday, July 11th, 2016. Is there any chance he’ll pass? He’s a pretty big guy, 6’2″ and 220 lbs, and drinks fluids all day. I’m petrified he’s going to fail. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  197. My girlfriend has a heroin and crack habit and claim to want to get clean but I’m not sure she really wants to. She is now claiming that smoking crack is helping her detox from the heroin. Yeah. I know. She recently had a shot of vivitrol for the heroin addiction but shot up the day before the shot and got really sick. That was two weeks ago. She’s been clean with heroin since and clean from crack for three days but insists it helps. Is there any truth to that and can you tell me what the adverse effects are for long term crack use and heroin use is? I’m aware she can overdose and die but what other things can develope? She has been a heroin addict for 4 years I think and crack for at least a year. She is 5’4″ and weighs 110 lbs. sometimes paranoid, has a hard time sleeping and body aches, Hot and cold spells, irritable at times but not when she uses. She often says she hates her life She agreed to get the vivitrol shot because she does not want to lose me and has very little family support if any at all. They are all on drugs it seems. I’m also afraid of the interaction of all these drugs she takes. Crack and weed to help her with detoxing from heroin. Same with benzo’s. What is the long term effects for this kind of combined abuse of these drugs. She also breaks out easily when using heroin and or when she is stressed out.

  198. Hi I’m Ezekiel and I have a question I bought 40worth of crack and smoked all of it on Saturday 7/2/16 and I got a drug test 7/7/16 do you think I would pass it

  199. I’m a 53 year old woman I weigh about 240 pounds I haven’t been smoking like I used to a long time ago but I did Relapse tonight and smoked about a $50 bag by myself I have a urinalysis coming up on Thursday and I’m scared to death that I’m going to fail I just was hoping that you could help me with Subway to get it out of my system I appreciate any help thank you and God bless

  200. hey.. I smoked about a half a gram of crack yesterday and have a urine test coming up in 5 days, I weigh 145-150 lbs and I ‘m sure that I have a high metabolism, will I pass my test ??

  201. Can crack get in ur system through sex & if so how long does it take to get out & does it have any kind of affect on u

  202. I used 1gram of cocaine on Friday night until 4am Saturday I drunk 1gallon of water from Saturday until Tuesday took urine test Wednesday at8am I am 5ft9 160lb what are my chances if passing test

  203. I stopped smoking at 1am Tuesday morning weight 160lbs drank lots of water worked up plenty of sweats till Friday afternoon at 3pm when I submitted a U.A.what are my chances I come out positive?

  204. Hi i did a silly thing last night 20 june after being clean for a year!! I had 2 hits of crack coccaine (smoked) but ive got a drug test on wednesday 22 june, will it show up in my drug screening please?? The 2 hits i had was only small if that helps. Im such a fool n i hate the fact i did it! I then smoked 12 lines of H too so will that show up aswell… pls help

  205. I have just relapsed I haven’t smoked in years but ran into old friend and we got 7grams and smoked it in 48 hrs. Unfortunately I am on probation and have a urinalyse Thursday I have been doing good and want to know if I will be safe I am also going to attend Na cause it’s been 12 yrs is there a way I can clear myself without having to by kit

  206. me and my boyfriend for 8 years is calling quits cuz i was a crack head but am not was but at one time at the first of year i got real sick i have cancer so now am clean but he dont belief me i have blood test avery too weeks he dont belief me and it is in black and white. but problem is it shows subastance abuse on and the doctor try to tell him is just a none fact to remind his or all doctors her history so thay can treat her when she cant speak for self how can i prove am not yes we are breaking up over this and i lost cuz i dont have nobody who cares no family and friends am going to die alone and sad cuz i do love him but avery day as long as am here he throws up in my face now he not a god he has done dirt to but not crack he is theft and lier cant keep a job for the love money he keeps screwing up but i have been by his side all this time and he cant be by my side avery he throws up you are still smoking that sh… and we start fighting makes me want to do it just to stop the hurt and have another thing on my mind but good things and it does make you forget your problems for a while but this is the end am straight and hanging in there for how long dont no peace out

  207. I smoke $130 worth of crack on the 10th of June and I have a drug test coming up on the 27th of June I did quit but I want to know if it would show up in my drug test on the 27th I have a slow metabolism 50 years old and have and I weigh 185 pounds will it still be in my system actress 15 to 17 days

  208. If I smoked on Saturday but was done with it by eleven at night will it still be in my system on Monday!? I weigh 125 lbs and don’t smoke very offended.

  209. If i smoked crack 3 times monday 0.5 tuesday 0.4 but shit stuff and friday 0.8 would it be out of my system by next friday?

  210. So i was clean an i relapsed smoke very small amounts of crack the last thre nights small like 3 or 4 hits at the most took my last hit sunday around 7p.m. I have a urine test for probation on wednesday can i pass I’m 5 foot 10 an weight about 170 do I have any chance of passing this test

  211. Hi
    I’ve been a heroine and cocaine addict and alcoholic for 15 plus years. I went to detox on may 6th. Six weeks before I went I to the detox I was kicked off of a methadone clinic. My last dose was 150mgs and that was a steady daily dose for 10 years. I’m also positive for hepatitis c. While at the methadone clinic I was given random oral swabs and I would show positive for cocaine for up to three weeks after last use! On friday June 3rd I smoked crack for the first time since may 6th. I consumed about a half of a gram and also drank the night of may 6th and may 7th. Both nights I had two double shots of vodka mixed with about one bottle of wine. My question is this… I have a urine test that is the morning of Wednesday June 8th and I’m worried that I will still test positive for cocaine and or alcohol. Other then Friday and Saturday (the 3rd and fourth) I haven’t been using or drinking. If cocaine stayed in my system for 3 weeks while I was on methadone clinic and using daily, is it likely that it will still stay in my system now that I’m not on methadone and not using habitually? I’m on suboxone now, although I’m not using g any opiates or craving them, I’m having a lot of trouble staying g away from alcohol and that seems to lead me to my DOC which is cocaine/crack. What do you think my chances of passing my June 8th (wednesday) urine screen? I have already failed 2 screens for alcohol because I drank 2 days prior to the test and now I’m concerned that if I fail another one I will be discharged from the suboxone program. I know what I need to do to be sober…. I just don’t know why I’m not doing it, seeing as I’ve lost everything… Also, my hep c levels are normal, will that effect how long substances will stay in my system just being positive but not having high levels??

  212. So on Thursday fri an a Saturday I smoked about 30 dollars worth of crack I have probation on Wednesday do you think I’ll pass the test

  213. If I haven’t used crack in 8 months and I use it by iv use and only used it like 3 days in a row and I quit in Thursday and have a test on Monday do you think I’ll pass?same with heroin.I last used on Friday morning last shot and have test on Monday will I pass test

  214. i weight 97 lbs im 5’6 i smoked a little crack cocaine on june 1st about 3 small peices which was about 5 to 7 inhalations im not a regular user i have a preop drug screen on the 6th will it be detected in my blood? i have a fast metabolism and no body fat just on my stomach area any help is appreciated

  215. i smoked about a 20$ worth the night of june 1st but it was 3 small little peices about maybe 5 to 7 inhalations i weigh 97 lbs im 5’6 and zero body fat except my stomach area i have a preop surgery drug panel on monday they 6th ive been drinking lots of water and one bottle of water makes me urinate about 3 or more times im taking palo azul the night before with xxtra clean cleanser to replace vitamins and minerals lost to unrination will i be clean the morning of my surgery? im not a habitual crack user any help is appreciated

  216. I smoked some cracked for about 6 hours. Had to take drug screen test about 3 weeks later. Is the crack still in my system it wasn’t a lot

  217. I will be tested in two days I smoked a five dollor piece, if I flush my system with drinking water for two days, will I be clean

  218. If I used crack cocaine on may 4 and had to drop on may the 13 will I dropped clean if I ain’t used NOMORE sence may 4

  219. Smoked crack I stopped around 2 am Saturday I have drug test tomorrow urine extremely scared I did smoke off and on for a whole week prior to Saturday I’m freaking out I was clean for almost 2 years and had a stupid relapse that I regret so much I have everything to lose right now please give me advice do u think I will come clean tomorrow

  220. Haven’t used C in 5 weeks, no booze and generally clean living. Was using once a week or less for a couple of years now. Just wanted to know how long it will take to get it out of my blood?

  221. I smoked for the first time in 8 years maybe 10 hits on Friday morning and was done by Friday at 6pm I have a serious drug test Monday around 930 am I am on Waterville what do I do to make sure it doesn’t come up

  222. MY HUSBAND HAS BEEN USING CRACK FOR ABOUT TWO YEARS NOW, AFTER BEING CLEAN FOR SEVEN YEARS. His addiction has become more frequent, he uses every weekend. The last time he used was on Sunday and today is Thursday. He has to take a random drug screen for work and he must go today. We purchased a home testing kit from Walgreen’s and the results seem to be positive. How much longer will it take for him to show clean?

  223. Can low traces of crack stay in your system after not using For 26Days but before then I’ve, smokeg crack for about 2months off and on

  224. I smoked last night which was Friday fifty dollars worth and was done about six Saturday morning. I didn’t smoke at all during the week but the week before I did about three hundred worth. This coming Wednesday morning I have a pre employment urine test will I pass? Are there any detox products that would help clean my urine?

  225. Friend of mine is scared Cuz he smoked crack on Feb 2016 and has a follicle test smoked about 100.00 will he pass he has his test in 2 days from now

  226. I smoked about 100 dollars worth of crack on a sunday someone else and have a possible drug test 4 days later on thurs wondering if I’ll pass a urine test?

  227. Hi i’m a 310 pound guy with a slow metabolism i smoked crack with one other person maybe 4 grams of it but it was for the first time in five years how long will this take to get out of my urine? and is there anything i can do to speed up the process?

  228. If I smoked about a gram over a 4 day period and and have not used in 4 days and been drinking plenty of water snice will I pass a mouth swab test

  229. If someone smoked about a gram of crack over a 4 day period will it show up in their saliva if they haven’t smoked no more in for 4 days and dranked plenty of water

  230. I been smoking crack for years nw and take drugs test randomly and I stop for 5days I drink water after water and I still fail a drug screening wat i need to do beside stop doing drugs I need to pass atleast one test

  231. Hi I use to heavily smoked crack 2 years ago and have been clean I had a relapse and did it one-time around 3 months ago a lot of job opportunity has come up but they do not need a hair follicle test do you think I’ll pass it

  232. I’m a 5’4 275 female. I was wondering how long will crack last in my urine. It’s been 5 and half days since I’ve done any and all together it was 40 dollars worth and I have a urine test coming up on the 6 day mark. Will it still show in my urine?

  233. A friend used about almost a gram of cocaine and did his last line on sunday early actually it just turned sunday at 1am..And has a urine drug test on wensday at 6pm ..Will he pass

  234. I smoked about 5 to 10 hits of crack and consumed about 5 shots of alcohol. I heard if you do both at once crack can be in your system for 20 to 90 days. It had been 2 years since the last time I used. I had a 10 hit relapse Friday night and might be urine tested on Tuesday morning. Can you tell me if the mixing crack and booze thing is accurate?

  235. I smoked coke daily for 2 months I have a urine on Tuesday. I weigh 110 pounds I will be clean for 3 days Tuesday drinking a lot of fluids should or will I be clean in 3 days please help. A urine drug screen is on Tuesday.

  236. Hi I have urine test coming up on Wednesday n Thursday but is I only did 100.00 worth n don’t do nothing all week will it come up postive

  237. Hi I have been using crack for tow. Year heavily yesterday is only the day I don’t smoke n I have pie test for my drugs scree for the work I applied they want me to go take a drug test tomorrow at 3 ,pm or next week do u think I will pass the surf screen next week if don’t show up tomorrow

  238. Hi. I smoked cocaine on Friday the 8th of April . And I have a urine test on Wensday am I in the clear it was a gram and a half

  239. Hi there. I haven’t done crack in over a month. I smoked maybe 5 hits Saturday night, with a urine test on Monday night. I’m 200 lbs. Nornal metabolism. Will drinking a lot of fluids help, and do u think I will fail?

  240. Questions: Hypothetically speaking, (1) how long will crack cocaine show to be in one’s system after a one time 5 day crack smoking binge? (2) What test method in used by New York State motor vehicle drug abuse assessment initial evaluation screening? Individuals weight: 215 lbs. (3) Is there any fluids or foods that one can eat to speed up metabolization of the crack in one’s system Thanks .

  241. I used crack dec 28th and a bit regular before that and submitted to a hair test April 4th. Will I pass? I’m so nervous.

  242. If I only smoke crack one day will it be in my urine the next week when I take a urine test my build is 5”11 and 295 pounds

  243. I am 200 pounds, in one night use of approximately 0.5 of crack 58 hours before a urine test , what are my chances of coming back negative?

  244. If u use today on 4/1 and my urine is tested and sent to a lab testing for the metabolite of cocaine on 4/5 will u pass I’m clean now and don’t drink alcohol. Will one hit literally about a 5 dollar piece will u test positive it’s for a pain clinic lab test ing for the metabolite in which i think the metabolite stays longer than the actual drug itself. Please help?

  245. If u use today on 4/1 and my us is tested and sent to a lab testing for the metabolite of cocaine on 4/5 will u pass I’m clean now and don’t drink alcohol. Will one hit literally about a 5 dollar piece will u test positive it’s for a pain clinic lab test ing for the metabolite in which i think the metabolite stays longer than the actual drug itself. Please help?

  246. Not a heavy user maybe two twenty dollar bags a week. If I smoked last night Thursday the 31st will it show up on irons on Tuesday the 5 the?

  247. How much does crack stay in your body ? Or system ! I did folies its foil paper & you put coke on top & you some it with a straw !!

  248. I’m possible too take urine test Friday what are some methods too clean my urine ??? Please suggest something I weigh about 185 pounds I’m 5:9 in height….please help me in this question….

  249. I did about a half of a gram of crack and I have a u.a test coming up, I did it on this past Sunday how many more days should it take to get out of my urine?

  250. I smoked a twenty of crack on a Tuesday, and took a drug test Monday. I failed for cocaine. I drink nothing but water, excercise, and at a healthy weight for my height. I thought it was only 3 days. So think about hitting the pipe it ain’t worth it.

  251. I smoked about $200 worth of crack on sat. night (with other people) I weigh 190 lbs. im 5’6″. I have a urine test on Thursday afternoon will my urine be clean by then. I’ve been flushing my system with water since then. Will i be clean?

  252. Lately i have been smoking crack anywhere from 8 bags a day to12 last night i did 10 how many days will it take to clear my system i have a job interview wednesday

  253. I SMOKE CRACK ONE DAYTHEN SKIP A  DAY,THEN SMOKE THE NEXT DAY, THEN SKIP 4 days smoke for 2 days for about 6-8 hours each day then skip agin have to take a urin test 51/2 days later dose anyone would if I will be clean

  254. I smoked 100 dollars worth of crack on thrusday mar 10 mixed with 3 drinks of rum and coke have a urine test to do march 21 will it be out of my system by then

  255. Thank you for your prompt response. Since I am no longer a cocaine user, about a week ago, I spent approx. 3-4 days smoking.crack. Their was mention that how long it stays in your system under various circumstances. “Binge” usage was one of them & I asked what would be considered a ‘binge’. If if knew this, that would put me at great ease. I am 5’6″, weigh approx. 110 – 115 lbs. I’m addicted to regular ice and eat and/or drink cold or ice water all day, usually 6-7 huge cups a day. Thank you for your email. I am no longer using it as it was too good & i could see myself getting very involved with it.

  256. I haven’t used cocaine in many, many years. In the last 3-4 days, I have smoked it. What is considered a ‘binge’? From what I’ve read, it could be anywhere from 2-10 or more days in a urinalysis. Can this be narrowed down any or it doesn’t make any difference how long ago versus recent usage. Thank you!

  257. What’s the best and quickest way to get crack out of your system? If you can’t answer this question, don’t worry about it and I thank you for your time.

  258. Hi, my name is Courtney, I smoked crack last night, 4 different hits, I have to drugtest in 4 days through urine, will I pass?

  259. Got to take a urine test Monday cause I’m on pain management for narcotics what if crack cocaine was smoked on Friday morning can u pass

  260. my friend was clean for two years he relapsed and smoke a 30 peice of crack everyday for six days he got a urine test for his po in 7 days wiil he pass he wieghs 188 hieght 59 and hes on addaroll precribed hes aloud to tak

  261. Up until 18 days ago I hadn’t done any drugs except my pain med’s(oxycodone).About 3 weeks ago I came into some money,and promptly started again.From about 15 days ago to today at least 1/2 a ball of cocaine,2 to 3 rocks and a point of heroin.I went to the doctor today and of course failed my urine test. He didn’t cut me off but put me on dailies until I’m clean.I see him in a month,so if I stop today would I pass a test then?I’m only worried about the cocaine.Thanks

  262. i took 2 hits of crack and need to be clean in 4 days. They were small hits. Its been 3 days will it still show day 4?

  263. I dont use crack or cocaine but i am suxually active with someone that uses and i am in a treatment program and have to do a drug screen and im worried that it might show up in my drug test. Can it show up like i am useing when i haven’t ever used that kind of drug. Thank you

  264. I smoked about 15 dollars worth of crack Monday around noon..I have probation urine test Thursday I’ve been drinking tons of water niacin..milk thistle..b vitamins..I’m finished with dope..contacted NA gonna work the program..I have Been a moderate user do I have a chance if I continue to drink water with lemon

  265. Does it tranfer to other persons my touch, clothing or sharing a drink? My dumb cousin just told me hes high n have been playing my my daughter…

  266. Hi I used about $40 of powder/crack on Friday and Saturday I have drug test Thursday its now Sunday should I be okay. I weigh bout 155-160 29 years old. Metabolism is okay speed…just worried about drug court finding out…

  267. I smoked twenty dollars worth of cocaine yesterday which was February 9 2016 and smoked 80 dollars today which is February 10 2016. I weigh 125 and my metabolism is high. I have a drug test on Tuesday February 15. Its a urine test and they send it off to the lab. Do you think I will fail for it?

  268. I do not smoke on a regularly I took one small hit Monday afternoon and was wondering would it show up in a drug test Thursday morning??

  269. How effective is a10 panel non dot drug screen for a person who has been a heavy user of crack for 5 months I have been crack free for 5 days

  270. How effective is the 10 panel non dot drug screen? Is crack use by heavy user likely to show up with this test after 5 days clean?

  271. I have a friend don’t use every day,only every now and then…other then today so basicly he does it once a month if that,and he only does a very small amount,he has drug test on Tuesday or wensday would he be able to pass his drug test if he continues to drink LOTS of water

  272. I smoked crack cocaine about a week ago I weigh 220 I have to take a drug test on Tues 2-5-16 the last time I smoke was on 1-24-16 will it be detected in my urine 0n 2-5–16

  273. Hi ive been using crack for sometime now and i get very bad withdrawal symptoms such as voices in my head and also carnt sleep and very low moods and very restless and skin itches all the time. Is there anything i can take to help me come of this drug.

  274. I’ve smoked about 20 dollars in crack tonite and I have to UA on Friday, I keep drinking entry of water and flushing my body out, will I be fine by Friday morning?

  275. I smoked about 20 dollars in crack today and I have a drs appointment on Friday, if I continue to keep flushing my body out with water, will I be okay by Friday for a urine test? Ease let me know asap .

  276. I smoked 10$ in crack cocaine Monday..i hav a urine test wed. I only smoked 1 time I weigh 118 ibs..drinking plenty of u think Il pass urine test

  277. Monday I smoked about 10$ worth of crack..i have a urine test wendseday..i have been drinking lots of water I weight118lbs. Do u think my urine test will b dirty

  278. I used crack on Thursday and Friday night I drank also I have a drug test tomorrow, Tuesday itll be over 72 hrs will it be out of my urine by then I’m 170lbs and haven’t used in almost 11 months

  279. My last use of crack was Wednesday the 20th of Jan I have a doctors appointment 1 week from then will it show up in urine test a must know

  280. Hi I smoked crack only about a 20 haven’t smoked in 4months but last night I used 20$ of crack how long will it be in my system

  281. Will $30 dollars worth of smoked crack be in my saliva after 12 days.I weigh about 220 and I take a mouth swab? I have not smoked crack in about 8 months.

  282. My boyfriend used crack cocaine for the first time in a year went and had a urine test 7 days layet and tested positive it was,a urine test what would be other reasons it can come up dirty he used once and it wasn’t that much

  283. I smoked crack Sunday night and smoked about a 30 and have drop for probation Wednesday around 330 will it show up in urine.that’s the only time i did it

  284. I really wanted to know how long 1 pipe of crack would show up in a urine sample. It was taken along with 2 small glasses of wine. Thanks in advance

  285. I too am worried I may have a urine test this week.unsure of day.its random.I took a few hits on late friday.wasnt any good and definitely not worth all this stress n regret.I had been clean for 6 mos.I had used for a wk 6 mos ago. ( crack again) Ihad 5 years clean prior to that!! Be strong guys.Iif you are thinking about doing it…DONT!! ITS SOOOOO NOT WORTH IT.I WONT BOTHER ASKING HOW LONG IT’LL TAKE TO TEST CLEAN…WE ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER….3-7 DAYS …BUT..IT DEPENDS ON LOTS OF THINGS….I’LL LET Y’ALL KNOW HOW IT GOES..GOOD LUCK

  286. My ex room-mate was a crack user. Now my hair folic drug screen tests positive for cocaine. But I never used cocaine is this even possiable?

  287. Hi I deliver my baby in like 6 weeks and I smoked like 150 worth of crack it was my first timeand was wondering if I drink a lot of water and eat right will it be out my system

  288. If I’m 4 days away from a drug test after smoking hard. Will water, cranberry juice and lots of exercise flush me out in time to pass for probation?


  290. I have been smoking crack for about 15 months, and got clean about 4 weeks ago, then I relapsed, I did about$70 worth, I may have a drug test on Monday, do u think I will be OK if I drink a ton of water. My relapse was Thursday and my test maybe Monday.

  291. I never smoke crack a friend came over last week Monday the 14 brought over 3.5 close $300 it was spilt I stop Wednesday morning the 16th I’ve urine test tomorrow morning at 8:30 would it show up I weigh 152 lbs 5’8 I let it get the best of me as she know I’m going thru a lot family issue she ended up going rehab I block her number would I be safe I just wanna be home for Christmas with my kids and never look back I drop each week a 5 panel testing please reply asap thank you

  292. Hi I smoke crack December, 11and took urine test December 18 will my test come back positive.I only took about 10 small hits .Three of us was sharing about three small $10.00 bags it wasn’t all that. it was about 7days later when I was tested,will I be positive. I pray not iWork so hard to be clean for about a year.

  293. I have been clean for a few months now… besides tapering off methadone. I have been off methadone for 1 week now and havent slept throughout the whole detox. Im going crazy. On Saturday morning (this morning) I needed relief I smoked about only 5 or 6 hoots of heroine and for some reason I also did 2 hits of Crack…. I may have a piss test Monday morning… am I gonna fail?? It will be about 48 hours… is there even a Chance to pass??

  294. My friend smoked crack for the 2and time in one yr. he is going for a job interview and is required to drug test providing his urine. The amount came in the size of maybe a nickle prob smaller smaller, it was split between 2 people. How long would that amout show up in his urine, he really wants this new job and used it for a recreation at a party.

  295. Someone close to me has a boyfriend who I know smokes crack, my friend who has a hard time believing it has a very good reputation and good job they are both very sexual and I’m worried she can fail a drug test if she ever got one. Can she???

  296. If someone touches someone after they have touched cocaine, or puts cocaine In there food or drink or having sex can that person test positive for cocaine?

  297. I have a friend that has used not until her 8months of pregnancy so i wondered if she or her baby would test positive for crack cocaine and is it in the placenta?

  298. If I took 2 hits crack cocaine Sunday about 2:00 in the morning and got to take a swap on Tuesday at 4:00 pm will I be clean or dirty..

  299. i have been clean now off crack for 8 months now. And I had a hair strain test 6 weeks ago and the results was 0.34 then had another one done two weeks after that and it came back higher 0.68 why is that. I do have Afro Caribbean hair. Please help me on this cause I have been accused of using which I haven’t so frustrating to prove I am clean. Please help with a answer??? Thanks

  300. after your done with this non-smoking business we should smoke a pound of crack rocks just to celebrate……no relapsing. Don’t worry about your urine my stuff is 100% pure.

  301. I relapsed on a Monday night after not smoking for 5 months I didn’t smoke a large amount. How long will it take to get out of my urine

  302. I’ve done cocaine this past week never done it and have a hair test comming up less than 30 am I gonna pass or should I be worried

  303. Want to know using crack cocaine while using a breathing in haler or hand held inhaler cause more breathing problems for a person


  305. am not a daily user,but it is a good friend of mine that i am concerned iwthlllllif she has 20 $ on her, it’s straight to the phone for the dealer. is there any concoction i can get into her to pass ablood/urine tesr on her….she never gets” out of it” or doesn’t give her kids her full attention.Her home is spotless,kids fed and i said she maybee does 20-40–/a day…..4 times a week.

  306. please tell me about the long-term neurological effects such as involuntary muscle movement also known as the crack dance. is this treatable or is it a permanent neurological side effect?

  307. I smoked a $10 piece of crack cocaine Saturday night I had a piss test hearing test coming up on Tuesday afternoon whats my chances of passing the test

  308. I don’t smoke crack like I use to but I have been smoking crack for the past two weeks straight maybe stop one day and do it again, but I was wondering how long would it take to get out of my system because in two and half weeks I need to take a urine test?

  309. I used 50dollars Worth of crack late Tuesday night I have drug test tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning I’m 5’8 130 pounds I walk a lot would I be clean I’m drinking a lot of water what can I do or tell my probation officer. I want to stop please help

  310. I smoked crack friday and sat sundayall night 2 hrs lateri had a suprise urine test ….how quick dose the cocaine appear in your urine



  312. I haven’t smoked since Sunday at 3am and I take a drug test Thursday at like four in the evening will I pass it and plus I work like nine hour shifts and no I don’t do it everyday. Only on the weekend.

  313. Hi my name is Tammy..I have a few friends that. I smoke crack with doesnt bother me not to but my questiin is that I have an upcoming dr appt with my psychiatrist & if he does a bkood test on me I would like to know how far in advance I need to stop in order for it to b negative..also is there anything on the market that I can buy thatll flush the system…ty

  314. I’m not sure If I’ll pass a drug test on tues…. Im about 130lbs i smoked on a Friday n my test is Tues exactly the4th day of not smoking… Will i pass this test

  315. If I’m having all kinds of blood test done 6 days from now and smoked crack tonight do I need to be concerned, blood test on liver, kidneys,and pancreais

  316. I used Sunday crack very small amount $20 worth tadays Wed I drank plenty fluids I’m being tested this morning will it show up

  317. I have been on a binge for 5 days. Smoking mostly like pretty big sized rocks at night. I was clean from April 28th 2015 until September 23. Now today September 28. I will be “clean” starting tomorrow because i have smoked today. I may have a drug test pop up, so i am just being cautious. I weigh 195 and i am 5’8. How long do you think it would take for me to pass a urine test? Thanks!

  318. I smoke crack cocaine off and on for 25 years.After using I become extremely depress.When I was 7yrs old my father tried to kil my mother in front of me,that was 44yrs ago.The first time I went to treatment was in 93.I was diagnose with Post dramatic stress syndrome. They wanted to put me on prosac,and go get some mental help,but I never did.I go a yr a more at times with out using,but fall back.What do u think.No aa like the back of my hands…no God is real.So do I need mental health, to be on some type of medication.I’m I bipolar?

  319. I accidentally sniffed crack thinking it was coke. Did the crack have the same effect on me? I’m really concern ands am not sure I’m even asking the right question. Please help

  320. I smoked about a gram of crack for the first time in years, I have a very high metabolism too, I have a drug test coming up next week, I smoked on a wensday night early Thursday morning an haven’t smoked any since an probably never will again.its now Friday an since I stopped I’ve been drinking water like crazy, herbal tea etc, what are my chances ?

  321. I want to know if I smoked a total of Maybe 40$ worth of cocaine over a 3 day period how long will it take for my system to be clean

  322. I don’t smoke crack often, I smoked crack about 4 months ago I have a hair test coming up next week. They say it only detect for 90 days do u think I’ll pass?

  323. I’m crack addictive I done 500 dollars worth Saturday and Sunday nigh have probation Thursday afternoon do you think I will pass the drug test

  324. I hit crack a few times close to a week ago Sunday.It was crappy dope and only a couple hits.{STUPID AS HELL}.So would I fail a hair follicle today? Please let me know.