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Is Molly addictive?

Is Molly addictive?

Molly, also known as MDMA, is an illegal drug popular in rave and club culture. The use of MDMA is on the rise and popular for its mind altering effects and increased intimacy.  How long does MDMA stay in the system?  And what makes Molly addictive? Plus,  how do you know that you’ve become addicted to Molly or not? We review these questions here and invite your questions about the addictive potential of Molly at the end.

What is Molly used for?

Molly (MDMA) was first created in a lab in 1912. It then traveled slowly from Europe to the United States. The use of Molly rose in popularity in the 1970’s. During this time, it was picked up by a lot of psychotherapists and studied for potential therapeutic purposes. Molly is still being studied in labs today.

However, outside the lab its primary function is one of recreation. Molly is used for the altered mental state it creates. MDMA increases senses of intimacy and mental alertness. It also dramatically alters sensory perception. People taking Molly for this altered perception and experience a different level of interaction with the world around them.

What is Molly made of?

Molly is a derivative of methamphetamine which acts as both a stimulant and a psychedelic. Molly is a manifested synthetic drug made in laboratories and in home kitchens. Molly is the pure form of MDMA and comes in a powdery crystallized form. However, there is potential of Molly being cut with other harmful substances such as; ketamine, BZP, or caffeine. It is said the pure MDMA has a lower addiction potential than other forms of MDMA.

How addictive is Molly?

Molly is a scheduled I substance because it is not only illegal but has a high potential of abuse. While many people do not develop chemical dependency on Molly, psychological craving (the defining characteristic of addiction) can be quite high. Molly effects the brain by altering the chemical responses of neurotransmitters. These disruptions hinder proper communication between neurons. This is what results in the altered effects of the brain and ability to experience higher sensations of stimulation. Molly also releases a hormone called oxytocin which is present during orgasm and child birth which accounts for the increases intimacy you feel when you are taking Molly.  While you normally do not die from taking Molly, you can physically view effects of Molly on the body by using SPECT for drug addiction to take images of the brain.

Molly dependence vs. addiction

Because Molly is a recreational drug, addiction is more likely when you take MDMA for effect. However, addiction and physical dependence are two separate clinical conditions. Dependence happens when the body has adapted to the continued presence of MDMA in the system and presents withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking it. Prolonged abuse of Molly can completely alter the brain chemistry to the point that cognitive behavior is only normal with the presence of the drug inside the body. At this point, the body is physically addicted to Molly. But most Molly users are not this extreme.

On the other hand, addiction may be present because the added psychological element of seeking out Molly even though it is hurting your body or your life may be more likely. Addiction can also involve seeking out the drug to self-medicate and mitigate the lack of pleasure and stimuli in your life. Simply taking Molly over time can lead to an addiction and negative relationship with the drug.

How do you get addicted to Molly ?

Molly use is not regulated and so many do not know the level of doses it takes to become addicted. Nor is there any sort of tapering process that compensates for withdrawal or help the brain reach homeostasis. Therefore, it is hard to determine how fast someone can become addicted to Molly. There are simply too many factors that play into it.

On top of that, everyone is different and reacts to Molly in different ways. Overall, continued abuse and self-medication using MDMA regularly will lead to addiction. Also, if you or your family have a tendency toward dependency to drugs or alcohol, you may be at a higher risk compared to someone who isn’t. If you feel you may be addicted to Molly, look out for the signs and then seek professional help to support your decision to stay away from MDMA.

Signs of Molly addiction

Again, chemcial dependence to MDMA and Molly addiction can be similar but are clinically different conditions. However, if you think you may addicted to Molly, the following are good indicators of Molly addiction:

  1. Using Molly in order to maintain normal function regardless of withdrawal
  2. Seeking out Molly and disrupting your life to take it
  3. Craving the drug
  4. Rationalized use of Molly in order to continue taking it

Molly addiction potential questions

Do you still have questions about the addiction potential of Molly? Please leave your questions, comments or feedback here. We are happy to help answer your questions personally and promptly. And if we do not know the answer to your particular Molly question, we will refer you to someone who does.

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22 Responses to “Is Molly addictive?
Bob E
4:30 pm January 28th, 2013

Thank you for this information. It was ver informative.

Jake W
5:11 am April 8th, 2013

What is the best way to stay away from it i try and try yet it still always finds its way back

11:15 am April 8th, 2013

Hello Jake. You’ve got to treat the underlying psychological and emotional issue which compel you to get high if you want a shot a long term sobriety. See a psychologist and get honest.

7:42 pm April 9th, 2013

i heard that molly can get you pumped.

5:54 am April 10th, 2013

Hi nanee. Molly (MDMA) has been show in research studies to increase sexual desire and feelings of euphoria – extreme well being. But the crash afterwards can be rough and dysphoric – feeling of great dissatisfaction with life.

Kyra L
2:23 am June 12th, 2013

I am just coming out of a long-term relationship with someone who was addicted to Molly for years..It was a vicious cycle…2 weeks sober, 1-2 weeks on a Molly bender. No sleep, no food, not working, blowing all our $…Everything took a back seat to that artificial feeling. There were times (especially at the beginning when I didn’t know the extent of the problem) that i would do it with him. It felt great at first for the first 1-3 pills…But then the depression and mental instability kicks in and makes you feel like someone you’ve never felt like. My using it stopped when I had an OD on it. Yes, it is possible. And it is f&!&ing scary. Worst part is you remember the entire thing.

11:34 pm June 14th, 2013

will suboxon help for molly addiction

6:15 pm September 26th, 2013

I only snort Molly. I crush it up into powder and use a cut up straw or rolled up dollar to get it. I’ve never came across any signs of addiction. I worry more about overdosing than becoming “addicted”, actually. Coming off of it usually isn’t that bad for me. If you’re seriously “suffering” and feeling awful the next day… Just soak in a hot bath, drink fluids and pay $25 for an hour massage or whatever at your local salon. (if you can afford molly, you should be able to afford a massage) All in all… I personally think doing MDMA is a wonderful experience, every time. Doing this drug shouldn’t be frowned on. Did some last night… will probably do some more tonight.

1:18 pm December 18th, 2013

What is the possibility of gettting addicted to molly after trying it the first time?

4:25 am December 23rd, 2013

Love this stuff. I get it pure from someone I trust. Yet even after the first time it made me feel better than anything and no drug,alcohol,etc. compares. Just made me happy. And in response to other things people have said,no it doesn’t give you sexual desires or anything the media tries to say. Just makes you really happy but it is mentally addictive for sure. I dont abuse it but could see there’s a thin line. Be safe everyone:)

Roger tremblay
8:06 pm January 1st, 2014

Molly is everything that is said here.I was a heavy cocaine user clean for 15 years.Ended up at the wrong party,wrong people,and there you go.Relapsing back into the cocaine until wiping out all my savings and left penniless.With no place to turn i was told about molly.I tried it and felt the same affects as cocaine,but much cheaper.Six months straight now 300 to 1000 a week i,m sure i am not chemcial addicted,but without a doubt,psychology is over consuming.How doe,s one stop when the brain wants more.I feel great when i do this.But i am destroying myself,my marriage,my job and so on.HOW DO YOU DETOX THAT?

Andy truong
2:42 pm May 23rd, 2014

Hello, I’m currently addictive to MDMA, and I try to stop, my body can’t function right, my whole body feel shaking, even though I sit still , but feel like moving, how can i stop that without using MDMA, PLEASE help.

7:26 pm May 25th, 2014

im doing a project for school on this drug and was wondering how people who are addicted to it can become un addicted?

7:45 am May 27th, 2014

Hi Trinity. Addiction to Molly (or any other drug) is addressed by both detoxing the body from drug dependency (if present) and then addressing the psycho-emotional disorders which compel drug use in the first place. Addiction is a body-mind condition, and can require treatment of both the physical aspects of drug dependence and the compulsive nature of thinking in order to be successful.

10:07 am August 14th, 2014

Recently found out my pretty perfect child is addicted to Molly. Never saw this coming..ever! Great student..athlete. He says he uses a few times per week. What’s the best treatment plan for success???

Ivana @ Addiction Blog
9:38 am August 19th, 2014

Hi Kelly. There are currently no pharmacological treatments for dependence on Molly, and no specific treatment either. The most effective treatments for Molly abuse and addiction are cognitive behavioral interventions. This type of treatments help a Molly user modify his thoughts and behaviors, in order to avoid future relapse. They basically work on uncovering the reasons why he started using Molly, and teach him tricks for avoiding situations that remind him of the things that trigger use.

melvin l.
8:44 pm September 25th, 2014

Will suboxen help for molly addiction?

Ivana @ Addiction Blog
9:32 am September 26th, 2014

Hello Melvin. And the answer is no. Suboxone is a combination opiate compound (buprenorphine/naloxone) and works well to help detox from opiates (heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc.). However, it has no effect on Ecstasy.

9:20 pm September 26th, 2014

Thank you,but i already know the information you sent to me.I have been taking molly for a year now,3 to 4 days a week.300 to 1000 dollars.I,m at my end here.I need to bring this to an end.I am doing it while sending this.I have a plan in motion by tomorrow night.Have to get back to what i was.It,s been along time now.But although wife doe,s not know the whole story.She is my biggest suport.Wish me luck.Beware all you users.You may be on a road to a dead end.

2:10 am December 1st, 2014

I feel the same as roger. I’ve had this ongoing addiction to molly for almost two years now. Can’t reme abstaining from it for more than 3 days at a time over that period of time. My personal, family and job relationships have all been negatively affected by this and I still can’t seem to kick it. Even attempted suicide as a means of escape and unfortunately that didn’t work. I can’t afford a psychotherapist and I can’t continue like this either. Is there ANY other solution you can recommend before I self destruct?

12:23 pm December 4th, 2014

Hello Tunj. Check in with your state’s department of health. There are voucher based or sliding scale addiction treatment centers which are low-cost and can help you address the physical and psychological need for Molly.

10:38 am February 25th, 2015

Everyone should read this! Molly is very addictive, in fact its more addictive than most people know. When you’re under the influence of molly you crave more of it. And from 1 to 3 days after used you crave it really badly. One of the best drugs but by far one of the most addictive too. I’d stay away from it

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