Saturday November 1st 2014


Yes, you can get addicted to crack. In fact, crack is HIGHLY addictive as a result of euphoric effect and short half-life. More on the addictive properties of crack here.

It takes from around 5-40 minutes for Spice to kick in depending on mode of administration. More here on Spice and its duration of effects.

Yes, heroin can cause death. More on the serious side effects of heroin and how to address heroin overdose here.

Treatments for marijuana addiction mainly include behavioral and psychological therapies. More on the protocols and evidence based practice of treating addiction to marijuana here.

A snapshot of what’s happening in America, and how emerging trends signal an increase in heroin use and related problems.


Yes, addiction affects women differently than men. An exploration of the ways that men and women differ in active addiction and recovery here.


Signs that you've started meth withdrawal include fatigue, paranoia, and difficulty concentrating. More on the physical and psychological signs of withdrawal from meth here.

Marijuana withdrawal is real. So, how can you cope with the physical and psychological symptoms of dependence? We review treatment suggestions here.

It takes a little under a week to recover from the acute effects of a cocaine binge. What can you expect during this time? We review a common timeline of cocaine detox effects here.

Yes. Some chemicals found in Spice are are now classified as Schedule I narcotics, the most restrictive category under the Controlled Substances Act. More on Spice as a narcotic here.

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