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Cocaine withdrawal side effects

What happens to the body and mind when you stop taking cocaine? A review of primary and secondary side effects during cocaine withdrawal here.

1 How is Spice abused?

Spice is abused mainly through smoking, but can also be used in baked goods or taken as a tea. More on Spice, its abuse potential and its effects here.

When does ecstasy peak?

Ecstasy peak levels occur about 45 minutes after consumption, while effects last from 3-6 hours. More on the pharmokinetics of ecstasy (MDMA) here.

Cocaine withdrawal signs

Signs of cocaine withdrawal include a "crash" period of fatigue, dysphoria, and decreased interest followed by changes in mood and possible mood disorders. More on cocaine withdrawal and its signs here.

When does marijuana kick in?

The way marijuana is administered determines its onset of effects. Smoked marijuana = seconds or minutes to kick in. Oral consumption of weed = 20-45 minutes to onset. More here.

Top 5 drug relapse triggers to watch out for

5 things that can cause relapse include: old haunts and friends, internal justifications, toxic relationhips, unhealthy choices, and stress. More on how to manage these triggers here.

Can you overdose on Spice?

Yes, you can OD on Spice. We review common symptoms and their treatment here.

7 gift ideas for someone in addiction recovery

What do you get a person in addiction recovery for The Holidays? A list of timeless favorites here.

When to seek medical attention for meth withdrawal

When you should seek emergency or medical help during meth withdrawal? A review of problematic symptoms and protocol for their treatment here.

2 5 tips for avoiding relapse in a crisis

In the event of a crisis in your life, what do you do? Get prepared here.

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