Mixing meth with alcohol

What are the effects of mixing meth and alcohol? Can you overdose or die? More here on possible harms and warning for mixing meth with alcohol.

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Methamphetamine – known as “meth” for short and as Desoxyn for medical use – is a stimulant that affects the brain, body, and nervous system. Alcohol, on the other hand, has depressive effects. Separately, both meth and alcohol can have very detrimental long-term effects to the body, including developing meth dependence.

But what happens when you mix these two drugs together (injected, swallowed, or snorted meth while drinking)? We review here and invite your questions about mixing meth with alcohol or how to help meth addiction in the comments section at the end.

Meth and alcohol effects

Many people take meth with alcohol while on a binge. But when meth and alcohol are used together, the drug effects of both are amplified, including increased heart rate and an increased sense of euphoria.

Alcohol’s sedative properties counteract some of the stimulant effects of meth. For example, alcohol can reduce sleep disturbances associated with meth use. Though meth increases the user’s heart rate on its own, mixing with alcohol increases the heart rate more. Meth alone can be dangerous to the heart and mixing with alcohol increases the risk for cardiovascular issues. Additionally, some users have reported some negative side effects to combining meth and alcohol, such as intense nausea and vomiting following the comedown. Some users have also reported a very intense “crash,” or depressive period following combination, including thoughts of suicide.

Dangers of mixing meth and alcohol

Meth counteracts the effects of alcohol intoxication, diminishing the feeling of drunkenness, impaired performance and mood issues. With diminished effects of intoxication, a person may drink much more alcohol than they normally would to achieve typical effects. A person on meth and alcohol can also underestimate their level of intoxication and increase in risky behavior like driving. Increased alcohol intake also increases potential for alcohol toxicity.

Meth and alcohol overdose

Meth diminishes some of the feelings of alcohol intoxication, which can encourage the user to drink more and consequently increases the risk of alcohol poisoning. Signs of alcohol poisoning include:

  • irregular or slow breathing
  • paleness or bluish skin color indicating hypothermia
  • seizures
  • unconsciousness where a person cannot be roused, stupor, or coma
  • vomiting

Meth and alcohol deaths

With diminished effects of intoxication, a person may drink much more alcohol than they normally would. A person may underestimate their level of intoxication and increase in risky behavior like driving. Increased alcohol intake also increases potential for alcohol toxicity. Not only is the potential for alcohol poisoning greater, but also the possibility of death by car accident, choking on vomit, etc.

Is it safe to drink on meth?

No. It’s not safe to drink on meth. Even though mixing meth and alcohol seems to increase the “good” effects of both drugs, it is not safe to use methamphetamine and alcohol together. Meth reduces impairment commonly associated with alcohol, and the user may underestimate their true level of intoxication, leading to the danger of alcohol overuse. It is not safe to combine the two drugs.

If you are looking for help with meth (Desoxyn) and alcohol abuse or addiction, you can find answers to your many questions and learn what happens during addiction treatment programs in our comprehensive guide on Treatment and Help for Desoxyn Addiction.

Mixing meth and alcohol questions

Still have questions about meth or alcohol or both? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll work to answer them as quickly as we can.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My wife had couple beers and one of them was mix with meth she didn’t know it was mix,now she’s not feeling well she feels cold shakie and having Lil troubles breathing what can she do to feel better

  2. Hi

    Zoey . It happened to me and my friends too …which was very weird I must say..but we got off the hook from the po-po and had hella of the night. But im not condoning drugs

  3. A friend of mine is q regular whiskey drinker everyday all day long he sips straight Whiskey in the mean time having a opiate addiction. Anywhere from 3 to 6 pills of either morphine and oxycodine. He has used other forms of drugs from Marijuana to coca in to Crack cocaine. He also has experimented with crystal meth! Usually a four day binge where by the end of the 4th day he ends up having a seizure one that when he comes out of it he has no idea what is happening he does not know who I am and goes into a state that he growls and charges at me thinking I am a animal out to hurt him. He froth green foam from his mouth. It is very scary I have had it happen to me twice now

  4. So last night my friend got pulled over by the cops after we had been drinking all day and night, we had smoked a couple points earlier that night too. When they did a blood alcohol breath test, she came up with 0.0 which is weird because she had at least 10 8% Woodstocks within the past 5 hours. This has happened to me previously where I had drank alcohol, smoked meth and then had a reading of 0.0 come up. Just wondering if any of you guys have had the same thing happen or know why this happens? Does the ice counteract the alcohol or something hahah ?

  5. my husband had a drinking spree with some friends in the neighborhood but without his knowledge, they laced his drink with meth. he kept on drinking merrily without feeling intoxicated but fell down several times having a pee and when he finally got home he passed out on the floor in the kitchen. he woke up late the next morning feeling so tired and looking pale and could not remember how he passed out. For 3 days after that, he was feeling doozy and his eyes were somewhat blank.he gets tired most of the time and doze off while sitting on a conversation. He looks okay now and the color has come back onhis face but he has no energy to move about. he is allways tired. what shall I do to take out the effects of meth from his system

  6. My question is: can i smoke one gram meth and then after smoking it, drink a whole bottle of vodka (750ml) at once?
    One gram meth (smoke)
    2/3 hours later
    A bottle of vodka

  7. I really need some info about meth. My son has been charged with meth use and is currently on probation for it. As part of the conditions, he is required to wear a drug detection patch on his upper arm. The patch gets switched out every two weeks. The court is waiting to see negative results several times in a row. Here’s the problem: he hasn’t done any since March of this year (so he says). Yet the test results continue to come back positive. 1900 – 400 – 700 – 400 from early May through end of June. Sounds like he is still using, right? EXCEPT, he was hospitalized TWICE during that timeframe in the ER and the blood and urine tests BOTH TIMES came back as NONE FOUND. His job is a pizza delivery driver where he goes to numerous homes and businesses and handles all kinds of money all day and night. My question is this: is it possible to get a positive reading from the money or his surroundings? How can the ER tests say the opposite? I actually believe he is no longer doing drugs, other than a prescription for Latuda and the fentanyl and hydrocodone he was administered in the ER (he was in a car accident). Would it be worth our while to get a hair test done independently? At this point, I question the accuracy of the patch tests. PLEASE HELP!!!

  8. Hi i recently did meth for the first time about a couple months ago. 1 hit-2 hits but I drank beer heavily just about everyday for about a month or 2.. I wanted to know if this affects withdrawal process and does it take longer? I really enjoyed drinking beer prior to taking these 2 hits but I haven’t drank beer for almost a month now and I wanted to know if I can drink beer again or should I quit beer as well. I didn’t like the taste of meth so I stopped. However I did drink a lot. Since then I’ve been drinking nothing but water, eating a lot and getting as much sleep as possible. But If I was to drink beer again will it trigger anything during withdrawal process? I wake up each morning and my throat feels like there’s something stuck in it. Can you give me answers please especially since Im first time user.. Thank you @addictionblog

    1. Hi Manny. Alcohol is not recommended during withdrawal process. Since you have taken meth couple months ago, it seems to me that you may drink beer.

  9. Dose smoking meth increase or decrease your blood alcohol level, say if you were already drunk but them smoked meth would in lower your blood alcohol level

  10. I have drank alcohol and mixed meth with it early in the morning it didn’t hit me until maybe 4AM..
    I went to emergency due to slow breathing and dizziness n weakness.. Would that be any relatable to mixing ?

  11. Its tragic that paul walker went the way he did, but that just goes to show that you shouldnt mix m and a when driving. Like my girl kenny d says, its more of something to veg out on than an out and about trip. Im just happy pauly went out doin what he loved, driving fast cars fast. R i p paul walker

    1. Hi James. Thank you for you comment. It’s pretty sad the way some of the greatest stars have passed away from unfortunate drug mixes. Paul Walker will sure be missed. I just hope that what happened to him can open the eyes of others who abuse these substances together.

  12. Hi,
    My brother is admitted in the hospital after consuming alcohol with meth (for the first time) but nothing shows up on ct and mri even heart kidneys liver are functioning fine but hes in unconscious state fr 3 days doctors say the toxicity has to come down, how long does it take for him to get rud off the toxins in the blood

    1. Hi, Kp. I’m really sorry for your brother. The toxicity levels in the system may vary from person to person. So, I suggest you speak with your brother’s doctors about your concern.

  13. I did meth bout 2 or 3 months ago. I drinked heavily nd smoked a lot of marijuana too tht day. The next day i smoked weed again nd poped some valiums. Every since i havent felt right. I cant sleep right no more nd its caused me not to b able to smoke weed nd cigarettes anymore either. Ive tried but all it does is make my heart feel like its beating out of my chest nd makes me feel like im on crack. Its messed my digestive tract up too. My metabolism is sped up nd im not having bowel movements as often as i shuld be. Ive also had gastric problems too.

    1. Hi Ray. Eat well, drink fluids and rest well. Your body takes time to heal and you can aid it by eating and sleeping right. Also, speak with your doctor about any other ways you can treat the symptoms you are experiencing.

  14. Some times when I leave the bar and I’m really intoxicated I’ll smoke a bowl of meth! However I will immediately go into a come state for about 45 mins…then I will wake up no longer drunk full of energy… Im just worried about what my body us going thru in those 45 mins if unconciousnous!! I never intend on doing this just make really poor desicions while under the influence!!

    1. Hi Kendra. Need I point out that such actions can harm your health and security. You should seek help and get treated for your excessive drinking habits. Do you regularly smoke meth or is drinking a trigger for meth use? Anyway, you can set up an appointment with a doctor or counselor and talk about the treatment options fit and available for you.

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