What is meth withdrawal?

Meth withdrawal occurs when you experience a crash in dopamine in the brain. What helps meth withdrawal? We review here.

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Using meth is dangerous an addictive.  In fact, smoking, injecting, or snorting methamphetamine is one of the most difficult habits to kick. One of the worst parts of this journey is surviving the withdrawal. However, making it through meth withdrawal without a relapse can be a great start to helping meth addiction.

Here, we review what are symptoms of meth withdrawal and how to get through the period of acute detox. Then, we invite your questions about meth withdrawal at the end. We respond to all legitimate questions with a personal and prompt response.

What is meth withdrawal syndrome?

Meth withdrawal syndrome is a set of symptoms which occur after meth use, binge, or addiction. Meth withdrawal syndrome is a set of physical and psychological symptoms that manifest themselves after you stop using meth. Although you don’t need to be chemically dependent on meth to experience withdrawal, dependency can cause more severe symptoms. Why does withdrawal happen?

Methamphetamines are powerful stimulants. People who abuse these drugs regularly have high levels of dopamine flood the central nervous system, neurotransmitters that control the pleasure centers of our brains. Spikes in this chemical leads to euphoric feelings, which changes the natural balance, or homeostasis, that the brain struggles to maintain. Over a period of extended meth use, the brain compensates for this and creates a new homeostasis. When the body is denied the drug, the levels of dopamine in the brain come crashing down.

What is withdrawal from meth like?

Withdrawal from meth is like the opposite of feeling really good and is likened to a deep clinical depression. It is like a general dissatisfaction with life, accompanied by physical symptoms that can be very uncomfortable. The drastic drop in dopamine in the brain during meth withdrawal syndrome is the biggest reason that withdrawal from meth is so difficult. Since the levels of dopamine drop so quickly, this has a dramatic effect on the pleasure centers of the brain.

What does meth withdrawal feel like?

Meth withdrawal symptoms feel like a severe mood disorder combined with fatigue and hunger. Symptoms generally present themselves within several hours to a day after use. This starts with the initial dopamine crash and you may feel suicidal at times. The worst of the symptoms are usually felt around a day or two after the drug was last taken, and the intensity of the symptoms will gradually diminish over time. Overall, it can take several days to a few weeks for meth withdrawal symptoms to completely diminish.

During the first week or two after last using meth, meth users will often be very lethargic and may sleep quite a bit as their bodies catch up on the rest they missed during their drug use. Meth is also a powerful appetite suppressant, and another common symptom of meth withdrawal is an intense hunger. For many, this often leads to weight gain. Throughout the entire meth withdrawal process, users will often have a strong craving for the drug, which is reinforced by the knowledge that the withdrawal symptoms will disappear if the drug is taken.

What helps meth withdrawal?

Meth withdrawal is difficult, to say the least. However, there are a number of ways to help address meth withdrawal symptoms.

Tapering off the drug

Quitting meth cold turkey is often very difficult for many, and may even seem impossible. Gradually weaning off of meth, however, may be a better option. Since gradually tapering drug use can help the body slowly adjust to the change, it can also help make meth withdrawal symptoms less intense.

Detoxification off meth

Meth detox is an important step toward recovering from this addiction. Detox is a period of time in which a person’s body totally breaks down the remaining drugs and rids them from the body. Because meth withdrawal often leads to severe depression and sometimes suicidal tendencies, individuals looking to detox from it should strongly consider doing so under in a medical setting under strict supervision. Detoxing from meth under medical supervision can also greatly decrease the likelihood that a person will relapse just to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Medications for meth withdrawal

There are no medications that are used to treat meth withdrawal specifically. However, doctors may prescribe medications to alleviate meth withdrawal symptoms in some cases. For instance, antidepressants can be subscribed to meth users who are severely depressed or suicidal.

Home remedies for meth withdrawal

Although it’s not recommended to go through meth withdrawal alone, it is possible in some cases. Get as much rest as possible during the initial days of meth withdrawal and drink plenty of fluids to help speed the detoxification process. Depressed mood may be helped by talking through your feelings with a trusted loved one, staying busy, or participating in fun activities. Joining a support group, online or otherwise, can also be very helpful when trying to work through meth withdrawal.

Need help stopping meth? Check out our detailed GUIDE on methamphetamine withdrawal and detox to help yourself get ready for what you can expect during the quitting meth, withdrawal, and detox detox stages under medical supervision.

Questions about meth withdrawal

Are you or is one of your loved ones struggling with meth withdrawal? Do you have an experience or advice you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’ll do what we can to help you through your ordeal or even just provide you with a little positive support.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I was abusing crystal meth for 7 days consecutively. There was a total of 5.5 grams I smoked throughout this time. Although my buddy said I wasted most of it the way I was smoking it. I started doing research on it and decided I needed to quit. In about 4 hours 24 hours will have passed since the last time I took a hit. Do I need to go to the ER for this?

  2. My husband is currently going threw this and I must admit it is the most terrifying situation. I would like to know how I can help him stay calm during this paranoia stage? Is it normal to experience thoughts like, thinking your stuck in hell, talking to people who are not there, thinking people are out to get you, thinking your in a movie? How long does it typically take to completely come down off of meth?

  3. I have been addicted to meth for the last 18 years. I did meth almost every single day of those 18 years. I quit cold turkey about a month ago and it’s really strange because i expected to have withdrawals and be lethargic And have angry feelings, with a lot of mood swings’s but I’m not, I have been like on cloud nine, full of energy and Happy. It is like it’s an outer body experience somewhat. Is this normal to have these kind of feelings?

  4. I have been addicted to meth for the last 18 years. I did meth almost every single day of those 18 years. I quit cold turkey about a month ago and it’s really strange because i expected to have withdrawals and be lethargic And angry feelings with a lot of mood swings’s but a habit, I have been like on cloud nine and Happy is at her like it’s an outer body experience some and angry feelings with a lot of mood swings‘s but a habit, I have been like on cloud nine and Happy like it’s an outer body experience somewhat. Is this normal to have these kind of feelings?

  5. I’ve been using meth for the past 30 years. I used cocaine and everything from black beauties to cross tops for 10 years before that until I found meth or crank as it was called back then. Though I had a few ups and downs in life like everyone else, nothing compares to the misery I’ve experienced since quitting two months ago. I want my life back. I hate being straight. Now I’m just another fucking fat 58 year old guy wishing I had my life back. I was happy using. My family loved me and my health was good. I guess I’m just too stupid to understand, but I don’t know why anyone would ever want to quit. I had a good life for 40 years.

  6. I am a 53 year old woman. I have used meth for more than 25 years. Today i am 57 days cleans. This change in my life has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I have so many emotions running threw me. My family thinks since its been close to 2 months since I have used I should just be all wonderful and ” normal” by now! I am no where near were they think I should be. I struggle daily to keep up a positive attitude and to be what I feel like they need me to be. But I would rather just crawl under a rock and just quit. I really don’t know what to do I will stay clean but I struggle minute by minute. Any advice be very much appreciated stop.

  7. I cant seem to go more then 2 weeks without…idk how.to get past that far without relapse …i dont liie this.. Ive gained so much n come so far from being a every day user to this.. I dont wanna no more but.im in a rut

  8. Hi…my fiance on meth told me was only on it for 3 months but u think it was longer than that he never stole from me nor lifted a finger it took a while for me to love him again he told me he used it for the stress he has…. i even slept with him before i knew he was on it but thank god there was nothing wrong to me was pregnant our baby healthy and wil be 4 months tonight I don’t no why we had unprotected sex he claims he never cheated I’m so paranoid thinking I might have HIV or something as far as I no he is negative just wanna no that say his not cheating as he claims n recovering from all this could it be that I have HIV ? I’m just confused and paranoid ….PLS help ease my mind

  9. Hi Kathy. Yes, it’s possible that fentanyl was mixed with the meth…have you considered a medical detox? Please give us a call if you’d like to learn more about your treatment options.

  10. I really don’t know how anyone can say that meth withdrawals are all in my head. Am I the only one that actually feels it? I recently took a drug test and was surprised to find that the drug fentanyl along with the meth was in my system. Same thing happen to a friend. Seems to be in all the meth sold here in Washington. Wouldn’t that cause a physical withdrawal, I here it’s like kicking heiorn. Body aches and flu like symptoms. I’m trying to get off the meth cold turkey after 20 + years of using. But what I’ve been reading almost makes me feel hopeless.

  11. I have been using meth for a little over a week to help me lose weight and I have very bad anxiety even before are used meth I wanted to know if it’s safe to take 1 mg of lorazepam well on meth

  12. I’m 40 yrs old and I an addict… From the age of 20 till 30 yrs I abbused opiots. Herion, oxy cotton, pain pills , morphine.. when my son started 1st grade I knew I had to do something.. with much love and support from family and my son’s mom I made it threw and hadn’t touched a neidel in 10 yrs… Since then iv over come a Xanax bindge that lasted for aprox 3 yrs. As in several every day. Now that I’m 40 my better half of 23yrs had another baby, she is a cancer survivor and is going threw many physical and mental issues of her own…iv been a construction worker for 25 yrs and the work hasn’t got any easier to say the least… So with the work, a teenager, a new baby and my fiance of 23 years not working due to medical reasons I think I crombled to the pressure… So much to get done every day and not enough time… I tried a little ice, or meth and just felt like a million dollars. Next thing I knew was I was using threw out the day several times a day but for 45 days straight or so… I didn’t realize or I should say I didn’t notice the bad side effects.. as in short temper, White lies so I could run off and hit the pipe a few times….part of me wanted to get cought by my girl because in the back of my mind I knew I was developing a problem… At the same time I was fooling myself by saying if I can get over heroin and all the other shit this will be a walk in the park….. Christmas time has always been a rough and depressing time of year for me which didn’t help matters… I got cought by my girl on the 22 of Dec… We battled and argued very much because after being together from age 17 to 40 she knew something was going on with me but I continued to deny Wich coused more heart ach… I last used on a Friday and the withdrawal was much greater than I expected. ” I was fooling my self and I knew it in my heart”. So yeah that was Friday and Saturday, sunday, Monday, and Christmas was ruff… Wed got a little better as did Thursday… My girl and I got into a huge argument Thursday night and it carried over into Fri… We both said some horrible things to each other. After all, after 23yrs together we both know how to cut the deepest. Early Friday evening I look left the house on foot and ended up in the city with a fresh pipe and an 8ball….I thought after a week I’d be over it but evidently I wasn’t…. Granted if we hadn’t got into that huge fight I truly don’t believe I would of used. But who’s to say.. after reading ur article a lot made sense to me… The physical with draws don’t seem to be bad considering what I’ve been threw with herion and oxys but the mentol side of it has been ruff… I’ve been threw a lot in my life but have never been a depressed person. Not in prison, in jail, or detoxing off herion. As a matter of fact I came off herion one of the 3 times I went off the deep end in the county jail and after a week of hell I was in a wonderful mood and was actually happy. This experience has been different. Sucide went threw my mind a couple times and after a week of not using I relapsed…as did I think to my self on about a dayley “can I get high somehow”. I got high early this evening today and instantly had anxity, guilt, and sadness. I could only think of my sweet little girl, my 16yr old who at one time thought I was the best, strongest dad in the world and my girl of 23yrs with everything she is going threw with having a baby at 39 and 15 yrs apart from my son and going threw her thyroid cancer I felt like total trash. Even high I felt like a failyer and thought about shooting my self in the head. Please read this, sorry so long… Don’t really have anyone to talk to that will listen first then give me their thoughts… Really need some advice
    Thank you. Dale… “Small town Indiana”

  13. I am a first time smoking meth and it has been about a day and a half i dont like it and do not want to do it But i have read that all it takes is to use it one time and you will have horrable withdraw because i have been smoking on pipe off and on for a day and a half will have withdraw

  14. I want to just give some advice for you guys I been on meth two years meth is a drug that is all mental I’ve quit 4 times I plan to make this my very last I been off a month you got to get tired of life style realize you got a problem and just stop I quit cold turkey every. Time it’s in your mind yes there is depression and my problem is no sleep I can’t sleep now but it’s where my body is used to staying up I crave daily but I won’t allow myself to go back cause I was raped lost a lot and meth just numbs what is bothering us once u come down that shits still here temporary fix that is all I know you guys can do this lots of positive people and staying busy lots of crying and feeling sad but I promise once you over come this u will live again you guys can do this !! I would not waste life doin that poison we have one life one chance let go of what’s killing u start over freash the streets don’t love you the drug don’t love you the drug dealer don’t love you ur friends don’t love you but the drug takes you away from those who do!!!!!! We can over come our addiction will power love support understanding what your doin to your self not worth it I’ll pray for each one of u god bless merry Christmas!!! It’s hard but I’m telling u it can be done

  15. I had actually tried quitting 2 times and it would be good and randomly ill get a very strong craving. So the first time i had couple of beers and relapsed. I was clean for about a year the second time was a personal matter and i was clean for half a year. And this was a year ago or perrty close and i know what to expect and I need your help in what type’s of food i should consume while dealing withdraws?

  16. I’ve been addicted to meth for 3 in a half years now sometimes super heavy binge smoker sometimes I’d use very little I’d go through periods where I would take breaks from it , but I never really intended on quitting permanently till recently . it’s been a week with no crystal and I’m having terrible brain fog i can’t think, I have a hard time finishing a sentence or listening to what people say. I can’t follow along in a conversation . I’ve also been having really weird lucid dreams where I’m smoking ice and I wake up happy thinking Its real but realize it’s not, and I get really depressed. I just think about the pipe all day everyday and when it actually starts to get a little tolerable it’s like I’ll smell somthing that reminds of it or see an old torch or a piece of glass from an old broken pipe then I get right back into missing it and being depressed and sad. But before when I would quit for weeks and months at a time even , I wouldn’t think anything of it . maybe cuz I knew I would eventually start using again I guess idk. But now since I told myself I’m done with meth permanently , IM NEVER USING THAT SH$T AGAIN !! Its all I can fu$&ing think about . everything I used to do sucks now , i hate talking to people. I’m so tired all the time . Is this a phase ? Will things balance out eventually? How much longer till things get back to normal ?

  17. I just recently started doing meth with one of my close homeboys we only snort that’s all , and for me it’s nothing bad since I’m not with him everyday so I have time to chill and relax and get my mind and body right . First thing first always stay hydrated while on meth and always try to eat something even if it is a little bit of food . And make sure to wash your face often and keep a clean hygiene wash and brush your teeth everyday and eat and live healthy . This drug is what you make it it depends on your lifestyle and what you do . I’m in college and I work . Withdrawals aren’t really bad on this if you don’t use it everyday acute withdrawals would be next day a litttle tired and hungry which is nothing simple eat healthy and fill up with water and Gatorade . And with my choice of drug being weed smoke a blunt the day after and go on about your day and live like you never done it ??‍♂️ Don’t make it an every day thing have self control it’s mind over matter get your mind right first before experimenting with this type of drug .

  18. I just recently started doing meth with one of my close homeboys we only snort that’s all , and for me it’s nothing bad since I’m not with him everyday so I have time to chill and relax and get my mind and body right . First thing first always stay hydrated while on meth and always try to eat something even if it is a little bit of food . And make sure to while your face often and keep a clean hygiene wash and brush your teeth everyday and eat and live healthy . This drug is what you make it it depends on your lifestyle and what you do . I’m in college and I work . Withdrawals aren’t really bad on this if you don’t use it everyday acute withdrawals would be next day a litttle tired and hungry which is nothing simple eat healthy and fill up with water and Gatorade . And with my choice of drug being weed smoke a blunt the day after and go on about your day and live like you never done it ??‍♂️ Don’t make it an every day thing have self control it’s mind over matter get your mind right first before experimenting with this type of drug .

  19. My husband has been an avid meth smoker and hid it from me for a long time. These days he wont work because he constantly depressed and is either awake for days in a row or sleeping for days on end. The qorst think is O can now tell of he has taken a hit because he will be extremely nice and helpful and kimd and within a day ir 2 he turns into a monster and abusive ..at wits end really.

  20. I just relapsed on meth Sunday night after being clean from it for 15 years ?. I smoked a little bit yesterday. But haven’t smoked any sense the morning. I’m tired but I haven’t slept. To scared to sleep .. afraid someone may try to hurt me. Since everyone is still using. I choose not to. I rembered why I quit. To many head games are played and I hate it
    So I decided that I am not ever going to use again. I know that I am still detoxing.

  21. I have recently quit getting high on G which is meth. I was using it to aid my already rampid depression. So when I quit I knew that I had to deal with the depression first, otherwise I’d always keep going back. See my problem was that I could quit for 6 months and be fine and when something depressing happened I would run right back to it. So this time when my husband gave me the ultimatum to get clean or get packing, I knew I had to make this attempt stick. So I talked to my psychiatrist, by the county I might add (I’m not a rich woman). He prescribed me 75 mg of welbutrin. He told me that if I did relapse and use again the welbutrin would make me very sick. So that was incentive to stay clean lol and stay feeling healthy. I also took up excercise to give me the energy and boost I needed not to slump into relapse. The ONLY problem I’m having now after a month is that I am trying out chakra cleaning meditation, to basically rid me of my oppressive past experiences, but it makes me had vivid dreams about using again. Every night I do the cleansing, I have dreams where I’m in a different place with different people but I’m getting high and I’m the only one that’s doing it. It’s just really weird. I hope it’s not going to be a big obstacle to overcome. I just commented to say that…while obviously treatment centers would be great, but there are so many factors that can scare away people struggling with addiction. So because of a strong will and a 30 day wait list to get in a program my insurance covers that would put me in the presence of some bad influences, I did it on my own. With the help of medication and maintaining new SOBER experiences, I can learn a life off of the dope. I went to Yosemite National Park last month and was around regular families and was embarrassed at all because I knew I was sober. ?

  22. I believe that benadryl twice a day for about 5 days helped ease the anxiety after stopping the drug that’s what my friend uses when she takes a break however she does tend to sleep more. Not sure if this advice is useful but works for her.

  23. I got around the wrong people and then of course they were doing meth so of course I tried it. Never again I felt evil. Nothing mattered in life just that drug. Only trying it one time when it wore off I was fit to be tied. So hateful with my mom. Its like were did crystal go I didn’t even feel like myself. Never have I tried it since. That drug is the devil.

  24. I am on day one of withdrawals from a 4 day and every time I try and fall asleep I get tremors that wake me right up and are preventing me from sleeping. Is there a way other than going to a doctor to cure this symptom? Please and thank you

  25. I have been using meth for 17 years as well as smoking ciggarettes. I am only 33 years old I am a average person i have been renting to own my own home for 6 years, I go to work everyday. I do not sell drugs I only use them. I smoke meth, I shot dope for a year and a half and in that time I overdosed and had to be brought back to life, I quit shooting dope that very day and went back to smoking dope. Seems hard to believe but I did it on my own it didnt affect my drug usage because I still got plenty high everyday. Ive come to a crossroads in my life Im ready to stop I know that the dope will still be right where I leave it nothing will ever change about that. But Im struggling to find a way to have the time I need off work to get sober and still have the means to pay my bills. I dont get vacation time where I work. I dont have any kind of medical benefits. I live paycheck to paycheck. I dont have any family my parents are dead im an only child and all my friends are functioning addicts meaning they live life like everyone else. They just do dope when they get off work. It may seem like its okay as long as your a functioning member of society and blah blah but to me anymore its the fact that i have to face myself when i look in the mirror everyday. I may look normal but i know im not normal, I just wish there was a way or someone to help me or someone I could lean on to help me a little financially while i go through this beginning process. Any suggestions?

  26. Been clean 21 days of meth , N marijuana and alcohol have trouble sleeping not one night can sleep the whole night threw ..???son night are worse then others

  27. I’ve been a daily meth user for the last 6 years, 2years ago I started using IV instead of smoking. I want to quit, need to quit, but I have a withdrawal symptom, on top of the common ones, I can’t find any info and just need to know if it’s possibly life-threatening.

    Always happens 36-48hours since using, at night when laying in bed about to sleep, when half asleep I get this rush of I think anxiety. Hearts beating faster and then my ears start ringing loud af… Like a bell ringer from iv ing Coke. And then, a full body paralysis, I can’t talk, move, open my eyes more, wiggle my toes. It’s lasted 30-60secs and then it fades away over 5-10s and regain normal control. I have had people in the same room mistake me putting all I could into calling their name, for talking in my sleep. So I can make noises and usually it’s just a single episode and then sleep fine, at least till the next night. 2 different nights, it wouldn’t stop… Everytime I was nearly asleep anxiety, ears ring, paralysis. It gradually lessened throughout the night, but over and over for over an hour.

    I never had any past history of anxiety, panic attacks, sleep paralysis and it always starts on night 2 without using. I just wanna know if this is gonna be a bad seizure that’ll maybe kill me… Hearing it won’t might be enough to ease the anxiety maybe. No other drugs/chems past smoking 1/2 pack a day

  28. I am 22 years old and started using when I was 15 out of curiosity. The very first day I used I did not know I would struggle with this drug for the rest of my life. At 15 I had my first and only psychosis episode. My father, instead of trying to help me get off insist of doing it together. I’m at a point In my life right now where I did stop in March early this year but I have now picked it back up this month….I WANT IT TO GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!! but nomatter how much I don’t want it my body will still want it even if I been a whole year sober. It’s like your “go to person” when shit hits the fan or like when something happens the first thought it Meth….. I will get better soon I just really wanted to tell some one on what’s going on . I can’t really tell my family because of my long-term drug use I can’t stand the sight of seeing them heart broken of me again it’s been way to many times ..

  29. Hi would somking weed help with withdrawal. Iv been somking for over a year now it started with my girl she smoked it years agon and she got Brest cancer and thought it was gone but came back that’s when she started smoking it again to help with Pain. She was on fentanyl on a pump 24/7. She stated smoking meth and kept asking me to smoke it with her she would say come try it. Well I did. I’m sorry I did. I did more and more. She started saving fentanyl form her bags and putting them in syringes and take it hat way with what she was getting and smokeing meth. I also got hooked on fentanyl doing syringe. I don’t like needles so I did them up my butt. Being on this we had lots of sex I mean lots all the time all night long. We both are bi and had others join us was great. We would hear things all the time people talking doors opening and closing. Was crazy we had ups and downs. She was on morphine before fentanyl and well morphine made her cray she would do things like try running away for me and hers kids she punched pics hanging in the hall way she attack me hitting me and whatnot. She also tired to killing her self by eatting the hole bottle of morphine pills. I grabbed her by her neck and put my fingers down in her mouth and pulled pills out of her. Yes I tried morphine also but gut gave me huge headaches. She took delataled before morphine with was ok but didn’t help much with her pain so they changed it. I had to fight with the drs to get her offf morphine cuz it wasn’t good for her at all. Well she lost her battle to cancer 6/6/2018 and her 35th brithday is tomorrow 9/11. Iv been having a hard time with her passing and I want to get off this shit. Now one knows I’m on it at all. Some have thought I might be doing something but everything we have been thought they don’t thing I am. I went from being 230lbs to 170lbs in 6/7 months. I hardly sleep I hardly eat. I do try to eat everyday just deponds on what it is. I would just fine I somke in the morning before I leave for work and smoke When I get home. I live with my parents agin right now cuz of losing her. Not only did I lose her but I lost our home we rented lost her two kids we have been together for 6 years now I was more of a father to her kids than there own dad he’s got them now. And I also have a daughter I have fullcoustedy of. I want to get off. I get 600$ worth at a time and last me 2to3 weeks. When I smoke I get really horny. Well I have no one now. Sometimes I want to join her for one she was the one ment for me. Ben trying to find others the smoke to hook up with and play and haven’t been able to. Would it help to smoke weed when coming down off this stuff. Been thinking I want to try that. I live in wa so it’s legal here.

    1. Hi Joe. Sorry for your loss. Meth withdrawal can be hard and severe so I suggest you I suggest you seek medical help. Call the helpline displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  30. I smoked meth for two days in a row with a boyfriend never smoked it before haven’t smoked it since and I’m going through withdrawal and I’m trying to figure out how long it will last and I don’t get it. Why would two days in a row matter I mean I should have been able to just walk away from it and had no problems. I do however have an addiction to oxycodone that I’ve been on for more than 11 years from back pain and surgeries and all kinds of issues that I have. I’m wondering if the one addiction helped the. Meth become something more than it should have been. I feel jittery I have severe muscle cramping and sometimes I can sleep sometimes I can’t it’s really odd I found out drinking tons of water is how to get most of it out it just washes out but I’m not sure that’s true exactly. Most of the stuff I’ve been finding on the internet is for people that are on long time use, not 2 days if someone could tell me how long this will last or if I’m truly in withdrawal I don’t even know and the people I’ve talked to around me say it’s to come down not the withdrawal so then what do I expect for the Comedown isn’t that the same as withdrawal seriously.
    I smoked one hit last night thinking that it would help me just a little bit to make the severe symptoms go away but then I drank a little bit of coffee this morning when I woke up and it put me right back where I was. Wow!!

  31. My ex boyfriend and the father to my two daughters has what I believe to be a problem with meth. My 13 year old daughter has told me just recently that he has fallen asleep in the car while hes driving her and shes had to wake him up. I want to confront him but he can be very angry to the point of the police having to get involved, my daughter is worried for him and she feels its her job to save him but i dont want my daughter to die because of his habit. He has already crashed his car and put some lady in hospital from falling asleep at the wheel. I dont know how to approach him without him flying off the handle. Any advice would be helpfull

  32. i just found out back in May my husband had been using meth. i was do disappointed and scared at first and he did stop using for a few weeks. then out of nowhere he just stopped coming home. we were always broke and he always seemed so aggitated. he dropped all of his friends and got new friends and all if his new friends are users as well. it got to the point to where i just couldn’t take it anymore. it was destroying our family. we have a 2 year old little boy. my husband blames me for all of his problems now and says he wants a divorce. this all just hit me out of nowhere. i dont even know what to do. I’ve moved with our little boy over 800 miles away to my home town with my parents. its not really what i wanted. it was what he wanted. he said he had to get his head right but soon as we left he stopped retuning phone calls or doesn’t answer at all and if we do talk he’s just so angry and mean. he’s video chatted with his son only twice in a month. he swears he isnt using and that he’s sober but i know my husband. my husband is not the person he is now. I can’t even get him help. he refused councling and won’t do drug treatment so im at a crossroad wondering if i just need to divorce and give up or stick around in hopes he stops. i keep reading that meth completely changes a person and they will never he the same after using. i dont know if thats true or not. has anyone ever had a similar experience?

  33. (KEEP IN MIND I ONLY USED ABOUT 3 GRAMS MY WHOLE LIFE) i don’t even know what to say, my case i would say would be quite unique too most people, i started smoking meth through a period of 6-8 months. I was a casual user i smoked meth every 2-3 weeks or so. Never smoked more then 2 points during the whole night, i never bended terribly hard. I was mainly the sort of person that would only do an all nighter and sleep the next day, then give my body another 2-3 weeks to rest before repeating. i used meth to cure my depression and guess what it did, I never feel depressed anymore yet instead i feel so horrible and angry/aggitated due to the severe nerve damage (throughout my whole fucking body that drives me fucking crazy) its given me life is 100% ruined, i can’t get out of bed (barely), no motivation to walk out side nor even get out of my bed. I’m in constant agony as i get this fully permanent rage feel that completely demobilises me. During summer time the feeling is at its peak and i’m normally lying in bed with an ice pack over my head with a fan on full force trying to chill me out a bit. The other drugs i used to take like weed, alocohol and MDMA cocaine, you wouldn’t catch me dead doing those drugs, they don’t even work, wait actually they make me feel worse being on them then being sober. I never feel good nothing makes me feel good not even drugs. 2 and a bit years clean now (meth), and still nothing really has changed since 2 weeks being clean tbh. There is no hope for me, nothing will make me feel good i used to bring fuck loads of energy drinks to make me feel just ok so i could have many 2-3 hours of semi-normalness. I dont really use any drugs these days cause i have no motivation to get them and tbh they dont even make me feel good. It is what is it but i chose the wrong choices therefore i payed the ultimate consquence and i know that. Hence why they say never try meth once cause even during the initial stage of using your life could be turned upside down forever.

  34. Hi I did 14 grams every 5 weeks I detoxed myself. My 15 year old son found my bag. My husband turned me into the drug taskforce. I’m not sure if I have a drug charge or not it just happened June 11th 2018 today is. August 15 2018 I’ve been clean since. With no help from anyone it’s not been easy. I promise you all that cause my husband has called me a meth whore even know I stole my money. I should be in prison & prolly will be soon and I can accept that . Even day was horrible I wanted to just die. I knew I had lots of jewelry & channel perfume & bags I could go sell in a hot min. Would that make me happy would that mend what I had broken with my only son who was born on my birthday. That was coming up fast. He now hated me he called me a meth head a bad mom told me he did care about me. My heart was shattered I didnt wanna live anymore. Not like this not without his love how could my life be worse??? Then as I’m laying in bed cause I could find a recovery that Medicaid would cover fully & the other places I called just. All gave me another number then another then try this place till I found one and the lady spoke so sweet to me & spoke to my husband & wanted $11’000 for 30 day’s that’s crazy I’m a drug addict I’m not rich….That day though my life was worthless and over. I would relapse for sure. Then on June 28 2018 my husband called me with the worst news I had ever got. My very best friend just committed suicide. She was the one who had turned me on to the stuff. She had so many demons she couldn’t tell what was even real any more. I tell you please try not for anyone else but you. Because your life matters she always told me that ! God loves you too. I have a issue with my memories now and talking my spelling and writing is not good. I go to church now to try to make my self a better person. You can do anything through Christ who strengthens you.

  35. I called b.s. because I can do math and there they do it and just sit there and just focus on work and sit there not be drowsy or nothing like that it’s not withdrawals in withdrawals all you got to do is just get a good night sleep and a good meal and your belly people thinking oh I need it I need it that’s what makes them think it’s addictive because people want to get that high again that feeling of your inner feelings that you can’t feel without it doing it once twice two years and you’ll get down with your old lady you yee yee

  36. My gf had some meth slipped in her drink at a friend’s house, its been about 5 days since but she still seems to have a twitch. Should I be worried about this?

  37. I have a 30 yr old daughter that smoke s meth when shes on it shes fine . But when she comes down and cant get any were all the police cameras are in the light bulbs toys smoke detectors people are recording her she has evidence but its slowly disappearing cromecast is watching us from our tvs people we know are really the police tape cameras on cell phones drown the phones screaming crying smacking herself how do i get help for her im scared she needs mental help but one day wont snap back paramedics said she was over 18 and if she wanted evauluated it was up to her please help i have her kids rt now and if she dont get help shell never get them back

  38. Meth what a drug for 4 years this drug was apart of my life in London from smoking too finally injecting .. has soon has the 3rd needle went into my arm I realised enough was enough . I packed my bags left London went cold turkey alone in a quiet village . I totally rebuilt my life staying away and deleting all contacts it was tough . But 3 years still clean have a better life have decent friends and no more lies . This drug made me realise its soul destroying , Be strong this addiction can be broken

  39. I met my boyfriend (the cook) when i was barely 16 years old. Im ahead of my years, could always handle my shit, and i earned respect in the dope world because i never had sex for a sack or lowered my standards ever. Which helped me climb to the top, knowing the dealers and becoming goood friends with them. Even selling for them or dating them. I ended up with the highest power, i nevermissed a day in 8 years. I had pounds around me and still went to sleep regularly. I even worked for a while. And im 23 years old and youd never tell i did the shit accept for the tracks on my arms. I had an abortion not to long ago cuz it was with the man ive been witg 2years. (The dealer) amd now im pregnant again. I have to quit and am going to today. Which means i have to leave the dad of my baby.. And figure out how to work and get a place for my own. Im gonna do it. No question. My hearts been hurting im sure from shooting everyday. And idrank a half gallon of jack every 3 days for 6years. So just saying the struggle is real but it takes something to make uyou stop. Like getting locked up or knocked up. Hopefully not both or either. This is just my blessing in disguise.

  40. I was a heavy user for 2 and a half years and I cold turkey quit on Monday 7/2. The withdrawals didn’t really hit me till 7/5. All I want to do is sleep and it feels like my head is in a cloud. I am determined to not go back. This drug has ruined my like and is ruining my best friends life. Quitting is very hard but I have people around me that I can talk to when the craving is bad but I know it’s going to be worth it when I get past the withdrawals.

  41. ANDY don’t give up find the 1 thing in your life that means the most to you(for me it was my wife and kids) grab hold of it and never let it go. (My wife showed me I would lose it all if I didn’t get clean and I quit the next day and never picked it back up )

  42. Ok I’m leaving to help y’all help addicts there ain’t no tapering off of meth cause when your high you make irrational decisions it’s cold turkey or nothing pretty much I quit cold turkey after a 15 day binder my wife left and told me she was going to file for divorce and then told me that until I got clean and got my head straight that I wouldn’t be able to see my 3 beautiful girls or have any contact with them or her I fell out the next day and when I woke up I had 2 options keep getting high and lose my family or get clean and have everything iv ever wanted I never touched meth again if been clean 5 years if your fighting this addiction find something in your life that is worth living for. Grab it and never let it go that’s all you need and maybe 1 person to be there to say you can do this I’ll never give up on you

  43. Tristen. You do have to. You do have to go through the depression. You do have to stop. You owe it to the rest of your life. And your mother.

  44. I started doing meth when I was 12 and I am now 18. I have a hard time with the depression when trying to give it up. I already skipped out on rehab this past Monday. One of my teachers from school, and my mom have been trying and trying to get me to go. I just don’t know how I can just stop and make myself go trough the depression when I don’t have to.

  45. Why wouldn’t getting a low dose prescription of an ADHD amphetamine help taper the withdrawal? I’m asking to see if I should waste a few of my ADHD meds to help someone who deserves a second chance.

  46. Ive smoke meth 3 days straight without 1 secondstop… I cant sleep or eat for 2 days… when I finally get to sleep I have this crazy dream abt me n my family.. this always happen after I smoke that stuff… how do u explain this?

  47. My husband functions at a really high level when he’s using but then of course once he crashes his attitude does too and he’s angry all the time, sleeps a day two etc. BUT, before he got on meth it wasn’t uncommon for him to stay up 24 – 48 hours or sleep just as much… my issues are with the simple fact he’s using (we have kids), anger that follows, and that he won’t go to work even on it unless he’s desperate for cash. I dont know if I should try to stay and help him through this or leave… I’m already supporting us alone… is there hope he’ll stop using?

  48. This being 2018 I understand the drug may be different. It has been 5 days since last i/v use actually any use! I feel very fluish no energy and sleep lots mood swings are terrible and sometimes I imagine hearing and seeing things. Will this subside after time what kind of permanent side effects should I forward see

  49. I feel like my boyfriend is going through a withdrawal right now. Although it has been 7 months since he has been clean. He stopped cold turkey. He was smoking and shooting up. When he stopped he didn’t have symptoms, only sleeping and eating a lot. The usual when he is detoxing. This is the longest he has been sober in years. He recently just started shooting up. The last 2 months before he quit using. My question is, is there a certain time the go through a withdrawal. He doesn’t get cravings and has no desire to use ever again in his life, but he has been more lazy lately and sleeping more, he has been having red spots over his body that are itchy. Those are the only symptoms he has told me, that he has had these past 2 weeks. Would the body rash be related to a withdrawal or something medical, not regarding drug use?

  50. Was wondering how to get past the physical dependency? I get brain zaps and blurred vision. Is that a common occurrence? I only keep using as to not go through that.

  51. I have been addicted to this evil drug called meth for 16 years straight and I’m quitting cold turkey I had to move 1300 miles away to do it but problem us tgrir are no recorders here for me to use other ygsn meetings and I Jones even more by listening to everyone talk about it , I’m frustrated and because I went from sea level to mile high my lungs are in bad shape and I have a hard time breathing so I’m not sure what to do all I know is this drug is the evil in my life and I have to wuit I’ve got no fsmily and no money so not much to do but prsy I don’t die from heart failure or asthma attack wish I could get meds that could wean me off because my body just aches and aches I don’t know what to do I have been through so much and I just want to find my smile again I don’t even know who I am anymore and I’m afraid I’ve done so much damage to mysrlf that my brain won’t function like it should

  52. How can anyone consider meth addictive when you can barely find it and if you do it’s not real it’s cut to shit.

  53. I already have seizures an I’m medicated for them I’m going thru the detox now what’s the best home remedy for the nightmares ? An what to do to speed it up a lot .any info. An I got a helmet on just in case. What can I drink an eat to speed up detox an is there anything I can do for nightmares there awful an I have previous seizures and am unmedicated is there anything at home that will help. I got a helmet though. DETERMINED..

  54. My husband started using meth 8 months. It took me 2 months to suspect what was going on and another 2 to “prove it”. We have 3 kids and have been married 10yrs. We’ve gone through alcohol abuse, deep & long stretches of depression and now this. When he stopped for a few weeks he seriously slept almost the whole time. I thought he had quit but now he’s definitely back on it (today will be day 5 of no sleep for him). No one else can see it and he’s a master of keeping it hidden and lying to everyone especially me. What can I do to help him get off this mess? He hasn’t worked much at all since September and already sleeps all day if he’s not tweaking in his shop. Something has to change but every time we talk about it he gives me the speach that’s basically the same as the Adderall he gets from the Dr, he’s doing the drug it’s not doing him, and then we have a huge fight. I’m just … Im so lost.

  55. When i was coming off meth I had a stroke in my sleep. Then I learned I had two brain anuerisms. I also have high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney disease. Do you think that stopped me from using meth? No. That is how hard it is to stop using. You need to completely remove yourself from places and people where meth is used and anyone who uses it to have a fighting chance. Good luck to anyone trying to get clean..

  56. Yes I haves love one that just recently Iv noticed that they have been using meth on a Daily pieces. At least the last four months, however they have not stopped, but yes I see a personality change, however it’s the opposite which I’m sure there’s a reason for it they are much happier in tolerable, on a normal basis they are very unhappy person. However when I have noticed is of a sudden a tremendous amount of weight gain, and severe pain and weakness in their arms and legs all of a sudden, they are complaining of swelling in hands legs and feet. I see them drinking plenty of fluids, but yet they say that they were only urinated one time the entire day, get this weight gain because from fluid retention, is that what can be causing pain and weakness in their muscles, to where they are saying that it’s almost in bearable sometimes. I can’t get them to go to the doctor, and they are already on a any depressing. Can you please help me to understand What I can do to help them or explain to them what’s going on to get them to go to a doctor.

  57. for 11 years i’ve been with Maarin and he’s using meth. itis so hard for me and kids. he is lying, stealing, dissapear for days…went to rehab 5 times. this is noe enoug. i can’t stand it anymore

  58. I have been what some would call a “functional addict” for 25 yrs now. I am 44. The only time i didn’t use was during the last half of my pregnancy. That was 11 years ago. I started snorting when I was 19 and when I was about 25, I started smoking. And have been a smoker sense. I’ve smoked cigarettes since I was 13 years old. My life is been hell, I’ve been through it all but I can say I’ve never touched a needle, never stolen, or cheated for the drug. I don’t spend very much money on it because I have a lot of quote friends that just give it to me. Being on meth is like breathing anymore. It’s a normal everyday function. It’s been the ruin of my life and yet I can’t even fathom not being on it. You know how some people just shouldn’t touch drugs, it does something to their brain makes them crazy? Well that’s not me. Yes it’s messing with my brain it’s killing me I’m sure but I still think logically well I’m still using so I guess that’s not true! I Have never been arrested, no CPS, but I know I need some help. I’ve missed out on so much of my sons life by hiding in my room smokin with the fan at the window. I’ve missed out on so much of my own life but I don’t have any money, it’s just been my son and I since he was 5, I’m scared to lose my son buy telling someone I need help. I was in drug counseling for 2 years on my own, pretending I was trying to be clean but wasn’t. I even got a certificate for it. I was so ashamed. I’m trying to quit smoking cigarettes but I have to ween myself off of that because I don’t want to put my body into a massive shock. I know I need to do the same for the meth. I’m so freaking scared! I mean, it’s something that is so easy to do, just stop right? It’s obvious right? I know this through and through. So why can’t I do it?

  59. Is there a support group online or a meeting for parents to help their adult child want and get through detox for smoking meth

  60. I need to know if there is any in patient rehab that take lesbian couples we are both trying to get and stay clean to stay together and get our kids back is there anyone anywhere that can please help our family out

  61. I been doing an 8ball a day for the last 3 months been up for weeks at a time….crashing hard been feeling like smashing my face into a wall,mostly because I can’t figure out why I can’t get myself to stop,I have a 7 year old daughter who is the only one I am worried about hurting but at the same time I continue to hurt anyway…not physically more emotiomally really and it kills me to know this but I continue to do whatever I want anyway….her mother left me when my daughter was 5,I had a big time coke problem,lost my house and everything….and ever since I been out of my mind and out of control…….and this morning at 5am I finally came home after being out for 12 days straight and just about 2 8balls a day….I get it dirt cheap and tgis shit is the fire too….I can sell a gram of it and make my money back and still have 2 n a half grams for me,for free….not sure if its the high I like anymore,or if its the quick hustle that allows me to do the shit for practically free…..it’s to easy……and it makes it hard for me to stop….so far I haven’t done any today,but the craving is knockin in the door right now…..i’m a good person I don’t steal or anything like that to support my habbits but still somehow find a way to get high…soon somebody will be calling me and I will use their money to get my ball…and I will give them if they are luck a gram…..it’s a fucked up crazy cycle I wish I could get to stop…for the sake of my daughter who I love with all my heart….I see her everyday even though her mother and I are apart but this past year I couldn’t hide my problem and it became obvious to everyone I was on somrthing,and their trust in me dissapeared and because of that I feel I became even worse off….dissapearing for weeks at a time not saying anything to anyone….i’m going out of my fuckin mind and I want this craziness to end

  62. I need some advice I just at meth for the first time 3 days ago and did it for 3 days strait but I didn’t do any yesterday and slept all day today so I did a little bit when I finally got up I’m a recovering heroin addict and I’m on suboxone I need to know if I should wean myself off the meth or just quit I need help.

  63. I am 38 yrs old I have done meth since I was 13 I currently have 5 months clean. Coming down or withdraw is very hard but not impossible I suggest a good support system such as family and or rehab then find a sponsor got to NA meetings you’re not alone in your struggle. We as addicts often feel unloved but quiet the opposite you are loved but you must learn to love yourself again and forgive yourself. Very simple really but not always easy. Find a sponsor go to meetings.

  64. Thats so wonderful for you and your family..i lost my hubby to a relapse..he over dosed..be one year in May.. I miss him deepky. Everyday.. Very awesome to hear a happy ending.. Blessings to you..

  65. I have now been clean for one month. I was an addict for three years straight everyday i would use the drug up to at least 5 times a day. I have a family of four kids and my wife and they didnt know anything untill about the third year when i started getting real antsy and irritated about everything. I was selfish and my wife gave me chance #1 to kick the habbit i didnt and continued to lie again for another 4 months then i got caught again chance #2 came and i still couldnt kick it i lied and denied my use. My wife was going to leave me and take my kids but that didnt matter to me because the drug was soothing all my pain inside. Then i got caught again and my stepdad and mom and everyone that really loved me was trying to help me but i felt everyone was against me so they moved me to texas with my sister i dont know anybody here but my sister and her inlaws but it has helped me see what i could have lost. How could i have been so selfish to my kids and my wife for three years. I am so glad i have done this move or else who knows what could have happend. I am no longer even thinking about the drug and all i want now is to see my family but i need to find a job here first because i dont want to go back to CA or HI where i first started. I know many people are not as fortunate to just up and leave somewhere but please look around you and see the people who care and love you are not against you but there to help. Think fast before its too late and everything you once had or everyone you once knew is gone right before your eyes and you will be left wondering at the end what happend. Thank you to everybody who takes the time to read this and thanks to everyone who supported me i know its only been one month but for me it feels good and im going to continue on untill my family is whole again. Try hard and never give up

  66. So sad how this drug..meth.. Has entered so many lives.. Ive never done drugs.. I fell in love with a drug addict that i didnt know he was.. He was clean when he came into my life.. He starting using.. Once a month.. Last year Feb.. Hed disappear..lie about things.. It was devastating.. He was my best friend my whole life..we had so many plans.. Hes fourth disappearing act..a cop came to my door..he was found dead..decomposibg in his truck.. He overdosed.. On his cell i found his double life..
    So i had to deal with his death.. His meeting strange people to have sex.. Why he went walk through the door anymore..
    I hate this drug..theres no happy endings..
    Its prison..suicides or overdosing..
    As ur loved ones stand helplessly by watching..its a very selfish drug..i watched it change him completely..destroy him and destroyed our life together. May 2018 will be a year.. Ive never loved anyone the way i love him i miss him everyday. I pray for strength just to make it thru one more day without him.. My thoughts are with all of you

  67. Stopping seems not doable. Frightening to think that I am killing my friend. What will happen?
    I already isolate. Will I ever want to leave the house?
    When the reality of my addiction occurred I wanted to cry. I didn’t. I snorted a line, looked for a pipe.
    The meth helps my PTSD, extreme depression.
    I am a suicide witness survivor. As is my son.
    Both of us have a drug history.
    I am 61yrs/o. Widow.
    A rebel. Enthusiast. Grateful. Love life… hate diarrhea and vomiting.
    I will detox at a BHU this week. My friend is killing me. I see it in the mirror. When I look at my skin. A light skinned redhead that used to look 5yrs younger my entire life. No more. The shame is overwhelming.
    Change is difficult. Even though I know it’s socially unacceptable, killing me, I continue to get high. And hide.
    This happy,social,fun person has melded into a combination of personalities. I don’t like any of them.
    I will beat this. Throw my friend far far away from me and my family. Set an example. Perhaps others like Mr will find the courage to pursue a new life.
    Excuse the typos. Suzanne

  68. So I recently started dating this guy that I’ve known my entire life it’s been a little over 3 months and about after a week of hanging in out we didn’t know what to do and he sarcastically joked and said let’s do some go fast… stupidly I replied sure why not.. it was the first time I’ve ever done meth and we swore up in down it was only a one time thing. We by a 20 bag daily and have been doing it everyday for the past couple months I am staying at my mothers house with my 3 year old daughter and I just want to become clean not only because my mom is starting to notice changes in my physical and emotional behavior but because I never liked the effects of the drug let alone how my lack of taking care of my image in the time frame I went from 140lbs to 110lbs I faint and have so many aches through out my body. Today I have this annoying yet painful needle stabbing pain in my right arm begging at my elbow then shooting up and down I have random bruises up and down my legs which is strange to me because usually when we do it we lay down and get stuck in our phones for endless amounts of hours I feel so weak and lathargic my back hurts, and it’s difficult to stand up and complete daily tasks without getting light headed we both say this is it but we unknowingly end up back we haven’t gone a single day without some in a week and we been going in this circle for a long time and I really care about this guy and I feel as if it has destroyed us already when I’m on Meth I like to talk and talk and I can’t seem to shut up at the same time focused on my phone he is stuck silently in his phone himself although he never says barely a word to me and then I get into my head thinking somethings wrong and ask him millions of times which then aggravates him and causes us both to go quiet. The following day we find ourselves in the same cycle he apologizes about how he acted and we swear we are done with it.. I honestly wish I never agreed that day to even start this sh.. i want to be done but I feel like we are in too deep getting more and more dependent on it and because of it I have been late multiple times and ended up getting fired ? treatment centers are out of the question

  69. Save you are amazing for being such a kind and living loyal brother. Keep close to him. Calling a crisis line is a very wise choice that you could make to help your brother. Don’t give up on him. If you feel you are his only lifeline try your best to direct his focus on getting help. I have no medical training of any sort but I do have 13 years sober. Be honest with him and let him know you would never hurt him or put him in harm’s way. If he has moments of clarity take that opportunity to tell him you only want what’s best for him and tell him there are real people who know how to help him figure out why he feels this way and can help him to feel better. If you can get in touch with someone who you think would be a good person for your brother to talk to get to know that person and that way you can be honest with your brother about your trust in this person. If your not convinced he may see thru that and risk losing your brothers trust. These are only suggestions I am in no way saying this is for sure going to help him. Calling a hotline and talking to people who can get you to the right connections would be a loving and wise choice to consider. I wish you the best and never give up on him or lose hope. There are those of us addicts who survive and live to tell our tales.

  70. Hello I am struggling with my brother who is coming down from speed withdrawals. He had been using for 2 years at a heavy dose mixing with other drugs and alcohol. Up until 3 days ago I had no idea. He came to me and through everything away. But the last few days I can’t express the experiences I had with him. He does not believe reality and can’t trust anything or anyone. He can’t remember the last few years if his life and feels as though he can’t handle the guilt in his heart. I have been stocked up in my house for 3 days with him talking through every episode of what seems like psychosis. I am very worried that I don’t know what I am doing and can hurt him further but am also scared that if I make him go to the hospital he will pull away from me to. At this point I am the only one he is seeming to let in and bring him back to reality. If any of you have any advise and help on the matter I would be forever grateful. I would do anything to help my brother.

    1. Hi Sav. Your brother might need medical assistance. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a suitable rehab program for your brother.

  71. On Friday we flew our 37 yer old child home, from a difficult drug situation, from out of State. She has been sleeping 24 hours a day since she arrived. What and how can we help get her through the next two weeks?

  72. I had 2 brain surgeries 2 yrs ago for a ruptured brain aneurysm and 2 that had not ruptured yet. Anyway I came out a totally different person and very little memory from when it happened to about 3 months ago. I lost my mom and a grand daughter during that time it kills me I don’t remember saying good bye and right now I need my mom more than u ever have.si about 5 months ago I started using meth I snort the stuff I do about 4 to 6 lines a day my question is what and how severe are my withdrawal going to be? My boyfriend is a semi driver and I decided to come out on the road to make it to where there would be no way of me getting ahold of it. But I am so scared from what I have been reading. Anything info would be much appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

  73. My cousin was just released from jail. She has supossedly been clean 6 days. But shes not sleeping. Having some mental breakdowns, talking outloud, fits. She can be manipulative n her parents buy into it- I don’t. So with me she is different. Im allowing her to stay here until she gets into a program, however, she was up all night. In and out to smoke ciggarettes until 5am. On phone- even speaker phone w said BF who also has meth issues….the only thing I see in the direction of detox is the need to eat. Any thoughts would be helpful. She didnt sleep but 1hr last night….Im exhusted now too.

  74. I smoked for 4 months straight. I smoked a bowl everyday. One night i snorted 6 hot rails or so, back to back. At least 2 grams in about 10 minutes. The day after that i lost all my composure. I had never felt like that on meth. I was always confident. After that i could no longer stay still, or look someone in the eye. Being in public was the worst. The paranoia was unimaginable. You feel completely alone. I couldnt even do simple math problems, or keep a count. I didnt quit for another month after that. I thought it was the lack of sleep or food and that it would all go away eventually. I was stuck no matter how much i smoked i didnt feel good anymore. I was completely dependent, even having to smoke a full bowl to go to sleep. Finally one day i packed my bags and moved away from the meth. The first week was hell. Its now week 5 tho. My hands, legs, everything still shakes although not as bad. Its hard to stay positive ill admit that also i know that if it was in front of me i would take a hit.

    Ive never told anyone about this or about previous binges. I can tell you i feel better after writing this. If you know or live with someone who is addicted please do your best even go out of your way to help them. Even if you think its futile. Its the most overpowering substance, activity that you could ever imagine.
    I can only compare it with helping someone off a ledge.

  75. How long will the detox last me coming off meth and another question I’ve been shooting meth for the last three years and all my veins are blowed and haven’t came back will they come back if or when I stop using meth

    1. Hi Mary. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find treatment for your son and husband.

  76. I recently found out that my husband was using meth. He’d been hiding his use for (admittedly) 2 months. He says he hasn’t done it since I found out 2 weeks ago. He also claims that he used very little and some days none. While I did notice a couple days after I found out that he would just fall asleep whenever he sat, he didn’t sleep for hours and hours, he hasn’t been eating anything more than normal and his sex drive seems to be the same now as a month ago; (although he did tell me that while he “was” using, he was masterbating 3-4 times per day in addition to our relations). My question is, is there really anyway to know for sure he quit (without a UA or holding him hostage)? Could limited use such as he has admitted explain the lack of withdrawal symptoms or is he likely just still using and doing a better job hiding it? Thanks

  77. hi my ex was on crystal meth for a year but i got him off it but its been 7 weeks now and hes still showing paranoia and sometimes sudden mood swings how long will the side effects last exactly pls thanx for help. oh forgot to say he is a gay man so he took it that way if you know what im saying really dont want to say too much about that on here

  78. Question is about eating disorder/binge eating/weight gain after stop using meth. I have over 6 mo clean now. (Before that 16 mo. Clean I gained 40 pounds.) Am I still withdrawal or is it eating disorder?
    The other day I ate until I threw up. Tmi but it’s my truth. I have a great self awareness and I gained 10 pounds in last 2 weeks. The scary part is I am at 312 pounds. I don’t know what to do

  79. Hello name is Anthony i been off of meth now for 2 weeks now and i cant sleep and when i do sleep its like for 3hr top and then im up for the rest of the day its makeing me get a little bit on the crazy side im up now and will be up until like 3 or 4 in the morning i hope i get to sleep tonight but i really dont think so i try to stay busy all day i go running so maybe i can get tired enough to sleep at night but its not working and i run alot and stil cant sleep i just want to sleep im not suicidal not really depressed for the most part im happy as can be because it feel really good to be off of meth so i dont know what else to do to get some sleep can any one help me out on this???? Thank u Anthony.G

  80. My son I believe has been on a 3 day meth binge..hes been nodded off in a chair for almost 5 hrs..his head is literally hanging…also VERY agitated if I speak to him..mean.Should i just leave him, hard to watch..

  81. I have been using meth everyday for 3 years ,the pain from withdrawals is unbearable, the last 7 months I been hiding and lying to my family and friend telling them I stopped, I never leave my house never invite no one over unless they get high, im constantly in stress mode, im always alone, I lost alot the last 3 years and its killing me slowly. Im always feeling sick, dizzy , I can feel my pulse through my whole body , everything gets silent and I start to feel this numbness and the aching gets worse every time I stay in bed to try to sleep the pain way but it gets even worse when I try to get up,i tend to lose my ability to stand so I collapse, I cant seem to make myself to inpatient rehab or cant seem to get the courage to ask for help. Im at war with my mind and in a losing battlefield with my heart. I know I wont have to worry anymore if I don’t get help soon.

  82. If your trying to detox a person,with out them knowing. I’m doing so. What’s the best thing to cut the meth with. In order to decrease the potency gradually. I’ve heard horse vitamins. Is there anything else and is there a better way to do this??

  83. Dating a drug addict s so hard. I don’t know what to do. I’m in love with him and he’s in love with me, and now he started doing meth. He refuses he has a problem

  84. I am in day 3 of cold turkey meth withdrawal. I am doing this at home where I live with husband & mother, who are both unaware of my current dependence & withdrawal attempt.
    I appreciate having access to information provided through this website. It is supportive & informational.
    This is not my first time quitting meth. I believe I know what to expect & have the luxury of being home alone to rest most of the day. My addiction has been well concealed for many years. My acquantances include addicts & non-addicts, which leaves me quite alone since I now shy away from 1st group & intend not to reveal my problem to 2nd group. This is probably what leads me to write this note…to connect to kindred…

    1. Hi Gabby. I understand what you are going through! And I can confidently say that you are not alone! After you detox, you can search for support groups near your living area. People who have walked similar paths are great new community to be around in early recovery. They know exactly what it feels like to be in each-other’s shoes. Plus they can create a sense of accountability and help you refrain from relapsing when cravings set in.

      Wishing you the best in your recovery!

  85. my boyfriend was with his friend smoking meth for 3 days and that night he started hearing and seeing things that are not there – how do I get this out of his system and how long will it take till he’s back to himself what to do

  86. Hi I’ve been using for 7 months every day now wth my fiancé and have been trying to quit and tapernoff at home but I have
    To take care of someone and held responsible to go everyday and be there and I have talked to my fiancé and he promised to taper off first to get through withdrawals and take over the responsibility while go through with drawls but from what I have seen and noticed he’s not tapering off or doing less and quitting cold turkey in a week like we agreed to and we seem to argue all the time now and lash out and it’s changed both of us and we have gotten to the point where he is always suspecting me of taking his hidden stash because he misplaced it or loses it and things get out of hand and I can’t keep going through this and am willing to go cold turkey by myself and suffer through it on my own and if he wants to stay doing it then I’ll seperate and change my life, move on, and move out of state. I need help with possible home remedies like green tea detox and vitamins I should automatically start taking and what exactly step by step to take when it comes to vitamins to balance out the dopamine levels and make me recover and regain strength, health, and a better mood as quick as possible. I know it’s a tough battle but I’m willing to do it and not let any craving or lethargynir exhaustion screw it up for me. I’m a tough cookie and ready to kick this habit to the curb and never look back. What are your suggestions for the severe headaches and body aches and soreness u feel. Also how do I know what kind of withdrawal symptoms I’ll feel with my use. I understand the depression and lethargy but what else should I expect. 3 weeks ago I didnt have anybfor three days to see what it was like and I was down and depressed and exhausted and didn’t feel good at all but as bad as it sucked it was doable. So I decided I’m gonna do it mind over matter just want to know how to ease those pains and headaches and what else to expect and what to eat or drink to detox the fastest. And yes I know about the plenty of water but wat other remedies can anyone suggest. Please and thank u for your advice and suggestions in advance.

  87. I was hooked on meth for almost 2 years. Neglected my single mum and sisters both emotionally and financially. They were very much aware that I was on this drug and tried to reach out for help without my knowledge.One day, I went home after the office to find an intervention lined up for me.
    As you may know, the main effect of this drug is paranoia and I somehow assumed that I was going to be sent away to a facility or rehab center. I immediately ran towards the exit. They (my mother and two sisters) held me down and I ended up kicking my mum on her face. Yes, I kicked my own single struggling mother on her face.
    Not long after, I started felling immune to the effects of meth. Like I needed something stronger and was resulting into heroine. I tried heroine once and did not like it. When I woke up, I went back to my usual dosage of meth for the start of that day and started to think….
    How do I quit? Even google and all these forums did not give me an answer. So I decided to quit my job first (even with the commitments I have with banks) and took off to my hometown where I lived with my dad and most importantly, I had no contact of dealers there nor a single friend. I figured, it was a huge risk of being backdated on my bills at least for a couple of months but I was willing to take that risk.
    My dad was surprisingly extremely supportive during this period.The first week was a killer. I honestly felt like I made such a huge mistake and that I was better off as an addict. Like who am I kidding with this whole “get clean” idea.
    1st night;
    – Although I had quit my job and all that to “Get Clean”, I must admit, I brought my bong with me on this trip.
    – I guess this self explanatory – I tried smoking the remains from my bong but there wasn’t much of remains in there so that basically left me more frustrated.
    1st week;
    – I was scratching my entire body like a maniac
    – The voices were still there
    – I couldn’t fall asleep at night
    – I spend the entire week, looking for a dealer in that area hoping I could score some meth or at least some weed. It was a failed attempt.
    2nd week;
    – It wasn’t any better than the 1st week but I managed to occupy my time by completing house chores and did the cooking everyday. I did this in order for my body to feel exhausted by night time and to ensure I fall asleep easily. (This worked effectively but of course I had my bad nights/incidents).
    3 months went on and I was ready to come back to the city, to my dearest family and lastly to land myself a new job. So what did I end up doing on my 2nd night back? Duhh I relapsed. I called up my “hommies” and I was back on the scene in one of those “sessions”.
    I went home 3 days later and noticed the same disappointment on my mum’s face. She didn’t say much, only said “I’ll love you till the very end but if it comes down to you being back on meth, I’m gonna have to prepare myself for your funeral before my own”. That hit me hard. I went to sleep – when I woke up, I took a moment to recall the hardship I went through just to stay clean for that 3 months and how proud I was of myself. I asked myself, is it really worth it?
    I never consumed meth again after that day. Here I am 2 years later, I still think about it off and on, especially if I listen to a few songs in particular but I ignore it. Today, I’m as healthy as a horse with a secured job and lastly I’m in a loving relationship with the greatest man ever (although sometimes I still feel like I don’t deserve him).
    I still party occasionally and pop molly (once or twice a year) and that’s it.
    I know some of you may feel like I made it sound so easy. Trust me. I know it’s the hardest thing in the world. Like death would be so much easier but you have to put your foot down. Like I said, no forum will be able to help you. It can only provide guidelines. You have to start somewhere and you’ll be looking back on your entire experience. You will also come across old friends who are still using and thank God you got out of this after observing them. I can assure you, there is no greater achievement than this.

  88. I cant stay stopped. And. Now i face losing evrything tht matters in my world. Im under a psychiatrist care taking meds for anixety, nerves, depression and skitzo. If i take xtra anixety meds will it help the pain

  89. I got raided went to jail precursor to man .a car thief released early from kilby 15 year sentence by mistake was picked up & put in my cell . He is a percher he showed me how to read the Bible . The lord came tomy cell . I never had withdraiwals . Outside . The friends came . The dope around . I resisted but the anxiety came 70 days meth free I went into A fib . 260 /240 – hr. 140 resting 5 days later 160/120-hr 120 . 5 more days .right but high hr. Still 120 resting . Back in church . 130 days clean . I feel better but not shure of the damage to my heart . 10 years on meth . Believe in God & leave that shit alone .

  90. My 28 year old baby girl has no choice but to withdrawal cold Turkey because she got arrested on her way to pick up enough meth to supply the whole tricounty area we live in. I have not seen her in a very long time because of her habit. She is heartbroken because I left her downtown with only one safe option and that was to check into the hospital and stay there until a spot opened up for her in an order inpatient detox facility. To here I just left her in the middle of downtown with no options.(I forgot to consider her critical thinking deficit do to drug use) I would not have done it if I thought for one second she wouldn’t conclude there was one safe place to go. Her mind couldn’t think that way so all she felt was utter and complete abandonment from her mother. Anyway forward here we are about one year later. She didn’t show for Mother’s Day so we all new something was up. She no matter how messed up on drugs would never miss seeing her son that day. Ok well 15 days ago she became an inmate in a county jail in a very quaint town about 5 hours from here. My question is when will her mind be somewhat back to normal. She has been using heavily for 2 years now. I am not sure how to help her. I don’t know what to write to her. Will she ever show remorse for stealing my wedding set her dad gave me 30 years ago? Anyone out there that has experienced meth withdrawals cold turkey. How many weeks should I wait to visit her? I guess she will be extremely hungry. How much canteen funds will she need to stay full?

  91. I have a family member who used this drug its been about 3 days since he used it and he has been acting different,paranoid,talking nonsense,and thinking people are out for him.Will he get over it.?

  92. I feel so sick right now I’m worried about my health I have been using for a few days and I don’t know what to do I feel like I can’t stop sometimes. I hate the stuff I’m not going to let it ruin my life I’m kinda scared. I don’t know what to do anymore. I hope I can help myself I’m sick of it and really tired of feeling like this I’m really scared I want to be a good person I have alot to be so thankful for I want to get better I pray to God alot thank you hope you have some advice thank you.

    1. Hi Stacy. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  93. I had guessed my son was on meth but found out last night that he definitely was. He lives 3and a half hours away. We got a call from him and he was panicking saying he had people after him to please come and get him. Once there we couldn’t find him, we drove around for over an hour before deciding to try to see if he was at his girlfriend ( this is a toxic relationship). She says she’s not seen him and she’s worried so we pick her up so she can take us places he may be. He finally calls and tells us he is at the hospital so we pick him up . As soon as he sees us he starts talking out of his head telling us how all these red cars and trucks are following him and how the hospital was in on it how they were trying to cut his fingers off. It broke my heart seeing my child like this. I tried to assure him he was safe but couldn’t get him to believe it. We drove him home my intentions at this point was to get some of his clothes and bring him back with me But his girlfriend made sure that wasn’t going to happen and now won’t answer the phone so we can find out how he is today. I need someone to help me. Someone who may be able to tell me what direction I should go in, what I should try to do just anything because Im at a loss.

  94. My daughter is an ex addict she now sleep a lot have sores on her back . Is normal. She was using pat and crystal meth. If the is any way we can help her please reply on this email address.

    1. Hi Tebogo. I suggest to consult with a doctor about the sores on your daughter’s back.

  95. Hi..i did meth abuse for 1 year on and off…a couple of months ago i did it for three days non stop..after that it has been 3 month’s now and i just feel so different than b4 the 3 day streak..i feel less confident…i feel emotionless throughout the day.. I’ve become selfish..like for eg…i think negative…i cannot speak well like before…my thinking power has detiorated heavily…my reflexe’s and my cognitive abilities have become weak..i cannot frame a sentence properly while speaking..and i have been noticing this drastic change after that 3 day streak..i have been under medcines too since then..i just want to know how much is it going to take me to how i was before.. Please i really need help
    P.S- I have been abstinence from this drug over 3 month’s

  96. I am strongly thinking about straight out stop smoking crystal methamphetamine dope cold Turkey but to be completely honest with you I’m reay compltly all bull shit set aside scared shirtless of not only the side effects of the withdraws but of becoming so depressed that I not as think about suicide but that I actually try to hang my self, slice one or both my wrist, shallow 1,2 or even 3 or more bottles of prescription sleeping medications or any other method. I’m afraid of actually dieing ang going straight to HELL!!!! What do you suggest that I should do?

  97. I’ve been snorting speed (crystal meth) for about 2 months now. I’ve relapsed 4 times trying to quit cold turkey. I plan on quitting on my own. I had a mental breakdown earlier this week and asked for help so now I’m having someone stay with me in 5 days to help me detox and stay clean. Im very nervous for these withdrawals. Any suggestions to help ease my mind and give me strength? I’ve been really wanting to quit using for at least 3 weeks and it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I think about the drug all the time. It won’t seem to leave my mind. Any advice will help. I’ve been eating about 1 small meal a day and have been barely sleeping. 4 hours or less if I’m lucky, sometimes I’ll stay up all night. I’m getting very tired of living like this. And know and see that it’s been destroying me mentally and physically, which is why I’ve asked for help from a close friend. No one in my family knows about my addiction and i can’t seem to tell them about it. I’m still using and I feel completely ashamed about this addiction. I never thought I’d be the one to ever experiment with this drug. I had no idea it was crystal meth until I did some research a few weeks ago. Which has now all made sense why I crave it so deeply.
    Any suggestions about an easy withdrawal will help, thank you

  98. Hello I just discovered that my husband is an addict he been experiencing heroin for quite some time and wants to stop because his addiction has worsened he trying to stop so he decide to try cold turkey at home but he couldn’t so he started using he wants it to be a secret between us two and just help him kick it off at home with no support system I never been through a such thing in my life I’m trying my best to understand all this how do I go about this at home to help him withdrawal off it do I keep silence do I wean him off do I let him go cold turkey please give me some advice that can be helpful thanks

  99. Husband is going through it now. I am afraid for my life. He is very ill. He almost killed my brother the last time.

    1. Hi Cindy. I suggest that he starts seeing a therapist. You may call the helpline on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  100. So I’m not a user at all, met someone and de used try it be high. Never ever again!!! Having my first withdrawal and don’t it gain just wondering when it be over and be normal and healthy again?? I read it will go away but I smoked once, so how many days for this? Also when will the couch and sniffling go away??! I know sleep

  101. My last use of meth was 10 days ago. But now I feel pain in my left part of my stomach and having slight fever. Is this part of meth withdrawal? Please help me

  102. hi. im also new to this website. I have a meth addicted father, who ive lived with for 3 years. im 14 years of age and custody would be difficult, since ive had a mother who was previously a drug addict and the current judge who judges any of my custody courts doesn’t know my father is drug addicted and believes hes always been clean. I want to live with my aunt so I can get away from him, but he has a temper when hes not high. what do I do?

  103. My best friend relapsed the other day and used meth again she’s strong but I need to know the best way I can support her and help her through this. Please help she has a son that needs her and I can’t lose her again .

  104. I was a heavy user for 2.5 years, 6 months off followed by the last 6 months secretly on and off. I’m so much healthier physically now and can go a week without with not too much trouble. But in that week I am so so depressed.
    Bad things are starting to creep into my mind.
    I know that life is beautiful and amazing, but my fucking brain won’t let me feel it anymore. I am scared.
    There are so many horrible stories, I want to hear something positive. Please inspire me.
    Sorry if this question has been asked a lot before, I kind of want something personal. Thank You

  105. My dad used to do meth alot and he stopped and he has pain all over his body and he is always in bed what should i do.

    1. Hi Michael. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  106. My husband of 20 years is a meth addict. He hid his habit from me and spun a web of lies for 2-3 years until finally he was caught out. He is very self destructive and now in a withdrawal phase and is suffering all the symptoms that are posted here and in particular says it feels like his head is about to explode and he just can’t sleep. I put pressure on him to give up and severed his ties to the dealers and his moods have become unbearable and at times frightening. He won’t go to rehab or take ant-depressants and after a long civilised talk wants to try weaning or tapering off the drug after being a daily user. In other words the withdrawal after 2 weeks is getting too painful for both of us. Until now I have have taken the tough line approach and moved out but this didn’t work, now I feel myself wanting to try the weaning approach as a last ditch effort. I have managed to get him to sign up to a 16 week meth support programme which starts in a couple of weeks and is intensively 3 days per week. I have high hopes for this programme. I feel like I am giving in to his addictions by trying the weaning approach but am hopeful that along with this programme he can kick it for good. So much pain, deceit, lack of trust, emotional exhaustion, debt has occurred to date and if it wasn’t for being married and loving my husband very much and our young daughter, I would have walked away already. However I feel I need to give my husband one last shot to hopefully save him and our marriage.

  107. Okay so i am a Heroin user and a occasional Meth Smoker & I have been on A RANDOM bindge its been 3 Days ivebeen awake and highon crsytal. Why i am posting is because onday 1 started my anxiety (untreated) & panic attacks (Also Untreated) so i usedMeth to helpit but it only got worse
    My father has not let my doc prescribe me somthing called Alprolozam or something like that and without some sort of med My pnic attacks get to a point where i fall to my knees Breath frantically faster n faster until i black out
    I need help im from LA and i do not want to start usingmeth again just because i couldntget the help i need
    & i have been soberoff the meth now for 8 hours and i have been clean from heroinfor 4 days
    Without eighter My condition Worsens and it wont be long before the next random anxiety/panic attack. Where can i get immidiate help i am almost 20 years Old
    Fast response would be much appreciated
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Anyhony. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment for you.

  108. My husband says he’s not using meth anymore. I can’t tell any more if he’s telling the truth. He works a lot. He get off one week out of the month. Pretty much the whole week he’s off he sleeps and eats. Sometimes he has really bad mood swings. The day he has to go to work his mood changes and gets a burst of energy. During his work weeks he hardly sleeps but he does eat. I guess it’s been really hard to trust him. He started using meth two years ago and quit after he got caught. He said he wasn’t addicted and could stop when he wanted. He no longer wants to be around friends or family. I’m confused. I don’t want to accuse him of using if he’s not.

  109. Last year i started using meth, i soon started shooting up. After awhile i lost a lot of weight ended up losing myself. I soon got clean after that, but sometimes i go back to the old habbit. But ever since i first used it, and stop. I’ve had no drive. Lost a lot of my feelings, and don’t seem happy anymore. I gained weight, which kills me inside. I’ve completely destroyed my body. I have no energy what so ever.

  110. F*ck, i was going to searching about crystal meth brain damage, then i found this blog called addiction blog, full of professional drug addicts, i willing to chat with someone that really needs help, because some reply are really struggling to cure from this drugs.

  111. Hello all, I’m 31 year old woman who has been sober for 4 years now, having spent 9 years habitually using, speed, ice, heroin, alcohol weed and prescription ssri’s (from the age of 14). My journey was difficult and I stopped using when I hit my rock bottom. I detoxed without the help of a clinic or doctors. I spent one year living with my beautiful father who saved my life by believing in me and accepting his love and help. During that time my withdrawal was almost unmangable, but space, isolation and plenty of sleep helped me through it. After the initial physical withdrawal my mind was the next challenge in the journey, I experienced what I like to call “crazy thoughts” scenarios that where impossible to believe but I believed in them anyway, until I started fighting it, and pushing it aside, focusing my mind on meditation, music and sewing, anything to distract this persistent haunted feeling. Eventually after two years the crazy thoughts diminished and two years further down I’m studying and working full time. I am a completely different woman, and walked away from who I was. This is possible, it can and does happen. To anyone reading this going through addiction or withdrawal there is a way out, please be supportive of a loved one suffering through this. And to anyone going through the journey of quitting, don’t lose faith, believe you can do it, endure it, suffer through it, sweat it out of your system and soul. You will find a life waiting for you full of unexpected surprises, and most of all you begin to respect yourself for going through it, and this will lead to self love. Hopefully your self love will prove strong enough to keep you from ever using again. Forgive those who hurt you in the past and forgive your own past actions and start again. I am walking proof that life can start again.
    All of my love and strength. Xox

  112. I have a neice whom i believe is going through withdraw or had a bad or to much weed with meth or speed ? possibly herion .she was on it for 2years got clean 6months just a few months ago i noticed same demeaner..now a sudden overnight from visiting a friend for a monrh she had runs throwing up figity cold angrey verbal n physical. Unconsolable.fever.all in a 10 hour period she cant get warm she’s inconsolable no more runs.her mother is in denile .am i wrong?

  113. My 23 year old daughter arrived here by plane yesterday, we were going to take her in for heroine detox. She said that was not the only drug. She has been injecting meth and morphine also. She wanted to have dinner with us before the hospital. She has been sleeping for 14 hours now. Next step the hospital, the drug detox placed are scared to help her.

    1. Hi Katrina. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  114. So I started out my life right, became a licenced mechanic at 16 but then I got laid off and quit caring altho I was against drugs, I started smoking meth after I got bored of ppt also did alot of cocaine over the last 2yrs while maintaining a full time job,anyway recently I snorted some crystal 3 months ago and I’m pretty sure “buddy” laced it with glass or something and I’ve been clean for a dozen weeks now and im still seeing crystal pieces in my sweat I have no engery anymore and have lost sanity and what I mean is I’ve lost all feelings and am going through my life looking at myself in the third person I don’t know what to do I’ve been to the doctors and they say nothing is wrong with me but I recently read online about brain aneurysms and i have a huge bump on the back of my skull also ears are caving in my gums are being eaten away although theyre not infected I have loss of memory and my skull is changing shape my skin turns completely white once a week I’m not sure i will make it threw the night and the only reason I’m posting this is KIDS/ ADULTS DONT DO DRUGS its really not worthit and I was hoping for help please pray for me I don’t want to end in hell already been there done that and im so tired of life i have messed up…….

  115. My wife has stopped meth for about 2 years she has twice that I know of now she is getting really moody and asking me to let her do it one I made her quit 2 years ago she says it will balance her chemical unbalanced I won’t give in but now she is pissed and sleeps all day and won’t talk to me and start a a argument because I won’t let her I don’t know what to do she doesn’t see anything wrong doing meth

  116. I’ve been sober two months. It is mental withdrawals and cravings that are so difficult for me. Every day I struggle I dream about it in my sleep, I think about it when I’m awake. It’s horrible I wish i would have never tried it. I have never imagined I could have become so dependant on substance. Never imagined my self counting days that I’m sober. Never imagine creating and thinking of every possible excuse to take it again.

  117. get away from all things or persons that makes you feel bad enough to think about re-use cristal meth ,, in our deepest thinking we all know what is good and bad , hear yourself for good choices and never forget that this drug proposite was for a war , so struggle with it , get your rifle and get ready ,,,, look up for real information and never forget God . honore him with kind actions , he will help you eventually but never give up ,, be honest always and that will help your mind to be clear ,, this is the Devil´s drug no dobut

  118. Married lesbian couple here, my wife has always had addiction issues from a very young age and troubled life.
    Me on the other hand.. Perfect childhood.. Great life .
    Met her and started using meth with her..it was a “weekend thing” only until she would go to work and I would be home alone.. Made calls and got it when I wanted it, it ruined my marriage. I use daily… Alot.. I’m rethinking right now…. Should I stop its own amd I last used at 12am….. Feeling withdrawl now.. But I will continue to use becaise i still have a dub… So like always “once this bag is done I’m done, not a problem ” then somehow the devil brings it right back to me. I need helpppppppp

    1. Hi Marceline. I suggest that you call the helpline displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  119. Hi. I’ve been using the big, speedy M word off and on for 25 years now. The last 5 years being the ones where I’ve been most dedicated to turning my body into a relatively upright and ambulatory Chernobyl like disaster. Methods of intake have been everything just shy of pouring it on the floor and rolling around in it. Impressive even to me however, has been my ability to remain “high” functioning and fly seemingly under the great radar of perception for all this time. As wonderful as that may sound, ahem, there remains a vast expanse of time and space between me, the sensation of happiness, the dream of contentment and the beauty of peace. I sleep nightly, I eat consistently, I take supreme care of my pets and I even brush my teeth with unmatched regularity. So can someone tell me why I’m so f*****g miserable? No, wait. Don’t even ponder that ridiculous question. Instead think about this: In just over a week I’ll be on my way to a very spiritual place located in the deserts of southern california to spend 30 days camping with my dogs, my ipad, 40 pairs of underwear and some hope. Why? Because I gotta give it up my love affair with the chemical devil. The prints of darkness left around my throat every single day reminding me of how tightly this thing has me and how intent it is upon leading me to the last moment of my life when I look back and am unable to fathom the idea that I’ve wasted the gifts of life and love and joy on a high that has taken me so low for such a long time. My question is then….does anyone think I can do it? Don’t worry. I have plenty of safety mechanisms employed for this journey. I mean, really? My dogs. Hello? Mr #1 and Mr #1.0001 in my universe will continue to want for nothing(except those damn dental chews) for as long as I’m alive. :O) My question is does anyone think that I, a human being devastated by Meth, can I park my ass next to a cactus and a majestic rock formation for 30 blinking days free of drugs, bleeding forearms and a tunnel with a pitch black end and actually be able to smell the coffee? Or is my inner goblin right and I’m just stupid, delusional, irresponsible and hopeless?

  120. I just quit cold turkey on Sunday on my own, and here it is Wednesday and I feel like crap. Do I really need to see a doctor or can I just let it take its toll. I’ve been very moody and emotional. I’ve been sleeping more than I have. But it’s also hard because with my job, there are time I have to go in between 3am and 5am. Also it doesn’t help that my boyfriend does it also. He got me into doing it and when he cut me off, I found someone else who I can get it from.

  121. I have done it more than a month ago and have done it for the first time have done coke like may be 20 times over a period of 6 months before that I have done it like years back may be 5 times and twice I have tried md during that time. Today I feel lost forgetful confused can’t concentrate driving makes me feel anxious these things have been happening off and on and now it’s been more than a month after the meth use and I really don’t feel good, have got an ECG done and regularly monitoring my blood pressure where both are normal.
    Please advise what could be possibly wrong with my system

  122. I’ve been off meth for about 14 years but just last Friday I was drinking heavily and went to an old friends house where they smoking meth or ice what ever it was but wound up smoking too and forgot how bad coming down was and wound up going to the er for help they finally gave me a script for Xanax but still having body pains, definitely won’t be doing anymore of that stuff.

  123. My grandaughter is 13 days clean from meth.She is having violent shakes,cannot function.slurs her words.paces in place.I’ve taken her to the hospital 3 times this week only to be told it’s withdrawls.they i.v. fluids and send her home after an hour.is this normal after 13 days?what can I do to help her.thank you.I’m afraid for her life.she’s been shooting and snorting for 4 yrs.

  124. Hello I’m Kush . Been using Meth for year but on n off never smoked it for days till now now I smoke dier days straight. Ended up in the hospital 3 times thinking I was dying. Truth I haven’t smoked for 12days straight now that I’m getting clean on my own with no help no family help no friends. Boy I’m saying it’s hard. I’m dealing with my sleep having dreams that I’m high again feels so real then when I m up ready for work I feel like shit even I don’t smoke no more. Just right now for few hours I was dreaming about me releasing n it felt real. My mind is playing tricks on me. Today I almost died on my dream. Can anyone help or tell me will I stop having this dreams???

  125. I’ve been shooting meth for around 3 years now. Have the addiction for 15 years. I don’t really even like it so I don’t understand why I do it. Been trying to quit over the last year and my main problem is after day two my brain has this unsteady pulsating dizzy feeling comparable to coming off anti depressants. Ive been a week clean several times but give in to this strange feeling. Plus I get super high because I’ve not used in a week and I’m back on another one. This is my addiction cycle. This is my life.

  126. My boyfriend and I use meth occasionally on the days were off from work we like to drink and use meth or coke. We smoke or snort. I have the insomnia effect from using meth that i desire and i sleep 2 hours here and there and i still eat a little and drink right after i use(even with my diminished senses and cotton mouth) and i do not experience a harsh come down. My boyfriend on the other hand uses meth and he will stay up for about 2 – 3 hours and as soon as he lays down he will try to talk to me and tell me he is not tired but will imediatley shut down in the middle of his sentence and pass out. When he does this he has bad miscle twitching all over and disoriented mouth as his body is drastically relaxing sinking into the bed like dead weight. His heart rate goes down drastically his breathing dissappears and his pulse vanishes! And he will continue to twitch horribly through the night like every single muscle that is on the human body twitches. And its very scary. But i could tap him and he will wake up trying to finish what was saying before he fell out like nothing happened. And then fall out again like a seizure. He will sleep about a good 6 hours until his alarm goes off to go to work and he gets up with no hesitaion breathing fine heart rate fine but now his high is just now kicking in 6 hours later and he catches the insomnia stage dialated pupils and lots of energy. Can you please let me know if i should worry about this? It is super scary but he has no idea what goes on he wakes up and tells me he feels fine

  127. I snorted meth regularly from February 2015-march 2016z every day. I I was snorting about 2-3 8 balls a week. I dropped the habbit cold turkey march 6, 2016. I am now 8 months and 1 day sober. For the first week all I wanted to do was sleep. Same for the second week. 8 couldn’t eat. Or drink anything without puking. After the 3rd week or so I felt refreshed. Kept the same job and am now 100x happier with my life. Anybody can do anything you put your mind too. Stay strong. Have faith.

  128. My son is starting to go thru withdraw from meth and pills but refuses to go get some help he wants to do it here at home how can i help him?

  129. Lynn,

    Putting people in jail for life won’t change anything, there will always be someone to replace them. The Chinese execute drug traffickers and where do you think US meth comes from now? Mostly China and Mexico where precursors are easier to get.

    The only thing that has been proven effective here is decriminalization + increased funding for rehabilitation.

    1. Hi Robert. If you are looking for addiction treatment and do not know where to start, call our trusted treatment hotline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you.

  130. I keep slipping and falling into a vicious cycle, another rock bottom, thoughts and best wishes for those who struggle. I might need to get some help.

    1. Hi Slippin. I’d suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  131. Hi ? i am using meth with down ( herion ) from almost 2 months .. so now when I try to stop taking it i fall asleep to much. Is there is any medicine or home remedies that help me. Other than that I don’t have any problems. I want to quit it plz help me if u can. Thanks

  132. I have been using crystal for about 3-4 yrs… Stayed off with a dime…. Lasted about a week.. Eventually I graduated to the pook and the quantity went up of course smoking a teener in 3 days top to myself.. Went cold turkey 2014 for 6 months.. I just want to be myself again.. I don’t want to use but when I don’t I’m so fatigued it’s ridiculous.. In the last month or so I’ve been so depressed but these last 3 weeks I’ve been having massive depression when it’s like do I need to take fluoxetine that I was prescribed back when I got clean in ’14 (THAT I NEVER TOOK) because I didn’t tell doc the reason why I was depressed was of detoxing… But now that I see that without Meth… I can do the bare minimum I’m just 29 ie house chores..Single Mother of twin boys 7.. I just want energy and motivation because my bed is becoming my enemy… The overall question is will fluoxetine help my brain balance back out or will I be messed up more… Any response will help thanks in advance guys…

  133. I recently learned a family member in my house had been using meth off and on for the past year. It explains so much but I did not know the signs at the time. After being off it for a month there was an episode that made me think they had used again. Awake for the better part of 4 days and then sleeping and sick for 5 days. They keep insisting they have not used again. Is it possible for a meth user to have episodes that simulate taking the drug after stopping?

  134. I have been off meth for about 17 days and still severely depressed and feel lonely and have like skin crawling wanna rip my skin off kinda thing along with can’t stand myself. Please tell me what I can do to help with this. Thank you very muchnm. I really need help to know how to handle this

  135. I would like to tell all of you who are using right now and want to quit, YOU CAN GET SOBER. I have 11 years of sobriety and would just like to offer some words of encouragement. I have not forgotten for 1 second what it felt like to be high. I also remember vividly what it felt like to come down and think about nothing else but getting my next fix. I remember detox as well. After 4 yrs of using and 11 yrs sober here is what I have learned. You have to hit the bottom of the barrel. That means something different for everyone. You have to get to the point where you know you have to quit or tell someone you need help because there is no other option except death. When you hit that point go to the person or people who you know will help you. Wheather that be family or walking into an emergency room. Will your family and true friends be angry and hurt? Yes because they love you and know you are better than the person you are now. Will they forgive you? Yes because they love you and know the person you are now is not the real you. The amount of time it will take for your body to detox and the severity of it depends on how much, how often, and how long you have used. And each person is different so it will never be the exact same as someone else. Does it hurt? Yes and in every way, physically, emotionally, and mentally. My parents let me detox at their house. They knew nothing about meth, detox, the life I had been living, or the hollow shell of a person that I had become. I spent nights just sitting in the dark rocking back and forth. I hallucinated to the point I couldnt tell what was real or fake. I was paranoid to go to the bathroom because what if someone thought I was using. I was scared of being in public and one time had a huge anxiety attack while grocery shopping with my mom. Meth numbs your emotions. You may not laugh or smile a lot when your high but you dont cry and have to deal with reality either. When you quit all of a sudden your emotions come back. But you have been numb for so long you forgot what it feels like to feel. For those of you wanting to know how to help someone who is detoxing you need to realize a few things. #1 They have no control over their emotions. They will cry anywhere, anytime and for no reason. #2 They have forgotten how to laugh or have fun. #3 They will sleep more than they are awake because their body is sick. Think of having the flue from hell x a million. #4 They will eat and eat and then sleep some more. They need to do this to get better. #5 There is not one negative thing you can say that they are not already chanting to themselves every waking minute. If you want to be helpful and supportive be kind, loving, patient, and ready for the unexpected outbursts of tears and anger. #6 Do not expect them to live in the reality that you do. They need for very little to be expected from them. #7 Never give up and never let them feel like they are worthless or dont deserve to be treated well. Getting sober is a long, hard, terrifying road to walk down but you CAN do it. As hard as you worked to get your next fix, you have to work just as hard to not get it. Do not make any major decisions for the first year. This means focus on helping yourself stay sober. Do not focus on starting a new relationship, moving across the country, or joining the Olympics. The first five years are the hardest. The hallucinations will slowly get better and the voices will get quieter. Taking it one day at a time was too big for me, I took it 5 minutes at a time and worked my way up. Cut all contact with your dealers and the people you used with, this is non negotiable. Keep a journal for when the voices are screaming. Never be awake and alone in the same place, meaning have your own room but not your own house, not at first. Have goals like small chores or going for a short walk. Every week will be different some better than others. You will feel better and you will be happy it takes time. About a year ago I had a dream that someone handed me a loaded pipe and I got angry and said no. That was the first dream I have ever had where I didnt use. I called my mom crying and felt like I was no longer a junkie. I hate who I was and where I was, but I love who I am now. I wouldnt be this person if I hadnt made the mistakes I made. I forgive myself for those mistakes because I have fought to repair the destruction I caused to myself and others. I have fought to become a good woman, daughter, mother, wife, sister and friend. And I promise you waking up sober, enjoying my morning cup of coffee while talking to my mom and watching my kids play is better than any drug I have ever taken. You can do this, if you are supporting somone getting sober they need you more than you or they realize. I hope this isnt too long of a message but I care so much for people who battle sobriety. To you all, my heart goes out to you and I hope somone reads this and can use it in any way to help themselves or someone they love.

  136. Ive never been more than 2 weeks clean since i was 16 and im 30 now. Ive always had a job and never stole anything etc…but I have a depency…it sucks. It seems i get less and less energy each im off and my job perfomance is horrble. I use it like a medication now days

  137. Hi there I first smoked ice on a Friday an a Saturday,it’s Wednesday today.im Wats going on in ma mind I’m a little depress bt I don’t know what to think.thank you.

  138. I started using meth 6 months ago. My boyfriend introduced it to me. I have been using it every weekend, so always a two day bender. I’ve always been able to kick a habit, but meth has its hold on me and I don’t know where to turn. My life is upside down right now, emotionally and psychologically. I hold a full time salaried job, but meth makes me so negative and unhappy during my five days away from it. I need advice, a friendly voice to guide me. I feel so lost.

  139. Hi there, I have used on and off for nearly 5 years now. I have long periods of continual daily use (my longest being 18 months) followed by detox and anywhere from 4 – 8 months of abstinence. So I have gone through withdrawal 5 times now and every time has been different. The first was following 6 months on. It was pretty bad, slept most of the day for a week, felt nauseous for 3 weeks, insatiable hunger, major lack of coordination etc. However the second time, which was after my longest period on, I hardly noticed withdrawal symptoms. In fact I was actually happier than I’d been for a year and I put this down to two reasons: 1) towards the end of my use I was using large amounts but I was sleeping every night and eating regularly aswell. 2) I was physically active everyday. I decided to take my dog for a walk to cure my boredom and it gave me a boost of energy and some much needed endorphins. It’s like you retrain your brain to reward itself, I don’t know, but it works wonders.
    The third and fourth times I detoxed I had the flu. Meth wasn’t doing anything to help and smoking a pipe wasn’t enjoyable. It was the perfect cover up too as work understands why you’re sick, and family and friends understand why you’re a bit irritable and recluse. The fifth time was because I knew I had to. I was depressed, my anxiety was through the roof, and it was taking a toll on my relationships. The withdrawal was a cross between the first two. I went to work every day but didn’t have the energy for anything else for a couple of weeks.
    Every time I quit cold turkey. Tapering off does not work (I have tried) because your mind has a way of justifying spikes in your use. You end up back where you started very fast. I hope that one day I’ll be able to quit for good and that life will be such that I am satisfied without having to turn to meth again. Addressing the underlying issues of why you started using in the first place is really important and on-going counselling and participation in a support group etc is also really important. I know addicts that have been clean for years who still crave the drug and have to work hard to stay clean.

  140. I would say as a recovering addict, meth is the hardest to kick because even after you pass the physical part of detox you have to retrain your brain in all aspects because it didn’t have to process or deal with anything while your drug abuse was taking place meth has more of a mental hold than physical. it takes some serious self discipline to silence your mind when it’s screaming to just be numb. As an IV meth user for four years I was able to get clean and stay clean for three years I have relapsed two times since then but I am fighting and I know I can beat it. Addiction is something that will be a part of you for the rest of your life but it doesnt have to be you. Balancing your thoughts and feelings is crucial to sobriety, you need to get in tune with yourself and you will be amazed at the strength you have to fight your way to sobriety.

  141. Today I am going to stop abusing meth and stop smoking cigarettes. I’m trying to read as much as I can to find anything that is going to help the pain. I just hope I don’t go absolutely crazy or drive anyone else to hate me I can’t tell anybody cause no one knows how bad I become I have no family within 3000 miles and don’t associate with people that abuse my girlfriend knows very little cause she has her pill addictions which when I see her messed up and it is often it is a trigger for me . Don’t know why I wrote this I guess I just wanted to share my story with someone. Thanks for listening wish me luck. Bye

  142. I smoked ice for the first time and I only did it for four days before I knew I’d had enough of it and didn’t like the way I felt. Now it’s only been 2 days since the last small hit I took, I’m not craving it by any means but I am going through the depressed/anxiety stage,and all I want it to do is to stop and I want to feel like myself again. I know I could easily deny any invites to do it again bc this drug is scary. I shouldn’t feel this bad ever. I want know how many more days I have to go through before these symptoms lesson. Also I can eat and sleep now, but I haven’t over done either of them like I keep reading about. Is this normal?

  143. I’ve only ever smoked weed and drank beer occasionally, not even once every month. I’ve recently discovered crystal meth. I know what it is and what it is capable of doing. I’ve been using for going on two months. This is wrong and I know in my heart but I feel like it isn’t affecting me like it does most people. I tell myself I’m addicted because I know should quit. I don’t honestly believe I’m addicted. Sometimes I’ll go without for a couple of days and get very ill and irritable with everyone and everything. Other times I won’t use for a couple of days and I will not have any desire to use again, even if I have some. Then I won’t use until I’m bored and around someone who wants to. Ive always been disgusted hearing about the drug. I began using to lose weight before bikini season. The reason for posting is I need opinions. It’s there anyone who is or has been in the same situation? I would like advice on what to do and how to do it. I don’t want to let myself go and be an addict or very hard user who depends on meth to get through the day and/or to have a good day. My main issue is I want to want to quit, but right now I really do not want to quit. I know I should. I grew up in a clean strict home and im truly embarrassed. I also grew up in church with a very close relationship to God and I’ve become so lost to who I was then, and thats who I’d like to be again. Meth isn’t the reason of my changing, personal family issues were the beginning cause. I’m not trying to give a sob story because I don’t feel sorry for myself, it’s life. I’m just trying to give more information to be able to get a more direct answer specified to me and my situation. Any advice or story’s of someone going through a similar situation would be very much appreciated. I simply do not want to get so far gone without realizing it that I can’t become who I want to be. I don’t want it to be too late. Sorry for the novel ya’ll, just wanting a little help, comfort, support, advice, etc. Prayers also are needed, thank you in advance.

  144. Hi my name is mari I’ve been an addict for 10 months now and i want to stop using i have opened up to my husbend witch was really hard because I was keepin it from him this whole time. I have two children no bolder then 3 years old and I was wondering what can i do to quit with out going to treatments and having a willing husbend to help in anyway so that our marrgaie can become what it once was

  145. I’m on it for a 4 years,started using heavy about 6 months ago,my problem is I had a psychotic episode in 2007, back then I was not using,never had relapse of psychosys because I was taking antipsychotics each and every day,took me around 4 years to recover and start to work but as you know antipsychotics reducing levels of dopamin in the brain,olazapine (zyprexa) around 60 % plus negative symptoms part of my disorder wich is most likley schizophrenia makes you not depressed but apathetic,now i’m not scared of depression or aphaty my problem is when chrushing I’m agressive and mad,I’m scared that I could hurt someone,is it crush more intense in my case because of biger reduce of dopamine caused by zyprexa? I must acting cold turkey,so I rented place on the beach for two weeks i will take my medication and temazepam my phone with two numbers and lots of food,my mate will check me couple times a day,and I planning to go back full on zyprexa,when using I’m not on medication,payed off all my debts,saved around three grand i have enough christal for next two weeks just to go thru the work until I get medical certificate from doctor,gonna try keep my job and then hell i guess,well I been in hell already so it’s only two weeks,i’m chronic alcohlic,stop drinking when started with meth,can’t go to rehab I’m to agressive,will keep you posted..

  146. I’ve been on meth daily for the past 4 months, and I now have to quit cause I got caught by the cops who told my parents (even though I’m 19, which I’m not sure is legal…). I’m living with my parents, and they don’t understand that withdrawal will lead to me sleeping a lot, so I’ve been getting yelled at every time I do because they assume I’m just “lazy”. Any thoughts on what to do about this? It’s taking a serious toll on my emotional state.

    1. Hi CJ. I suggest you explain your parents what meth withdrawal is, and even show them some studies on the topic.

  147. I’m coming off the needle is there hope. I have serions phycoligical issues and major seizer disorder.I have several misses.I will not see a doc any help

    1. Hi Angie. Call the number you see on the site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  148. Hi. I need some advice in regards to my 13 yr old sons father. He has been an ice addict all his life( I left him when I found out. My son was two at the time)
    After many court cases and $75,000 spent on lawyers, he has still managed to retain 35% custody.
    It is so detrimental to my son and to me as I react to his horrible moods when he’s coming down and fear for my sons life. Any advice on how to manage his horrible come downs would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks, Olivia

  149. Just pray for me….trying to quit….again. been two days I’m very dizzy and lightheaded when i get out of bed, puking a little hands shaking and just feel like crap overall, head ache, depressed. My mind keeps saying if i do just a little I’ll feel better but i KNOW better…..It’s very hard.

  150. I made the stupid and poor desicion to shoot meth last week. Was my first and only time and I regret it a lot. 5 days later I am still not able to have a clear thinking, and I do not know if I will get my normal mind again.
    I do not feel the need to shoot it again, I just detest it, and want my mind back. How long it will be till I feel nomal again?

  151. Hi ,my name is Belinda,currently living in cape town and im spiking meth now for 2years. I want to stop,and really need all the advice anyone might have for me as tge do’s and dont’s as well as what will help me in this process,for example is there anything that a doctor may prescribe ti me to help me as i get off it slowly?please help .b

  152. My is struggling with meth withdraw. He doesnt want people to know because he doesnt want to lose his children. Is there anything i can do to help him. It breaks my heart that he is going through this.

  153. Im 6 weeks into stopping. I dont feel better at all. Im tired all the time. Dont want to do anything. I wake early always feeling hot and sweaty and i feel like im getting fatter and fatter. The only reason im continuing to be clean is because i have to do drug screens/give random urine samples twice a week. I have a pain in my stomach all the time too. I dont know if i can get better

  154. My son-in-law has been on drugs for over 15 years which I believe started on pot then to other street drugs finally ending on Meth. For 10 of those 15 years my daughter has raised her girls one is now 19 not living at home then still living at home is a 14 and 11 year old. I have watched my daughter who incidentally has Crones disease, during the period of her finally learning he had been on drugs she met a man who paid attention to her, I knew about this and told her this is not right and if you play you pay, in turn without any intimately involvement she broke it off. In the meantime her husband found out about this and this is what happened. He is blaming her now for being unfaithful, he of course has no explanation for his not only taking meth but also was unfaithful to her, I personally found this out, told daughter but for some reason she either has been left with a guilt complex and believe me she has been through HELL here on earth.
    This Hell has continued up to yesterday when she got her income tax return which should have been over $10,000.00. The Criminal courts put a lean on it to pay off his fines and court cost plus his lawyer. Oh he did get caught by police with something to take drugs with and also due to that the police totally tore up my daughters trailer ( I purchased for her) looking for stolen property and she could not recover any reimbursement for the damages. She has stood by him through thick and thin and says she wants back the man she married, and I don’t believe her husband will ever become the man she married. I know you have told a person what to look for from a person in withdrawal, but I am not around him that much and my daughter tries to keep as much from my husband and me as she can. When he is here he sleeps alot, and seems very distant but not sure of his everyday life. When we were at her house for Christmas he woke up first day early but disappeared for most of time. The day after Christmas he slept until noon or after. Maybe you don’t know how, but what can I say to daughter to help her see he will never be the man she married. I am a believer and I do not judge him as far as heaven or hell that is Gods job but I can judge the fruits of a person and his fruits don’t look very good to me. Oh my Oh God what can I do if anything. She was brought up in a church but don’t reallt know were she is in her spiritual life. I have told her to read 1James 58 and 2 Thessolians 3 va 10 to no avail. He is a good big equiptment operator and has his DSL for truck driving but when background check is made no work for him. He has no job, she is on disability and weights 115 lbs looks like a skeleton and tries to baby sit but can only have 3 children according to state law here in missosuri she has tried to get a license but they run background check on husband and comes back with criminal record for doing Meth. I have tried everything and we cannot help daughter financially much longer and she now has no car it was re-posses. Can you help me or not
    thank you in advances

    1. Hi, Teresa. Experts don’t recommend going cold turkey meth, since it may trigger very harsh withdrawal symptoms. First, I suggest you read as much as you can, and get familiar with nformation connected to meth use. Then, talk with your friend to reconsider his/her decision. Just be there for him/her. You may find more info on meth withdrawal here: https://addictionblog.org/?s=meth+withdrawal

  155. I have been using meth for over 16 years. I’m the perfect example of a functioning addict. I’m responsible, I work and going to school , I would never steal from anyone and looking at me you would never I use. Beleive me if i could stop i would. I wouldnt wish this on anyone. I use everyday to function to be normal not ti get high. I sleep every night and im about 50lbs overweight. Most people and doctors are really clueless. I have tried stopping several times. I couldn’t even think straight. I couldn’t sleep but couldnt do anything either. I felt like I was coming out if my skin, going crazy. TheRe has to be something that can help but when doctors and everyone else seem to be clueless I fear there is no hope.

  156. My girlfriend and i went on a month long binge and have decided to stop. At first we both snorted and shot it. I decided to start smoking because my nose and veins couldnt take it. The withdrawl is hard and we both have mental health issues as well. What can i do to help her get past this as well as myself. She is also an alcoholic and im lost as what i can do for her..

  157. Hi,my name is belinda ,in cape town ,i32 years old,and im slowly comitting suicide-killing myself- via spiking crystal meth. I so badly want to stop!! But…i dont want to feel my pain.. Only reason why im not dead yet is because i created this world (thats only inhabitat by myself.)in my mind,where i m not able to feel how deeply the roots of my pain runs straight into the very core of my being ,… My soul… And numbing my pain,and escaping my reality ,…this i have mastered too well. But pain is not the only emotion i numb.i also numb other parts of me…my jou,my faith,my determination,my ..everything. I find myself on the verge of replacing the meth with herroine..enough of it ,so that i never wake up again….i dont know which way to turn,or who i cld trust ..and each time that i use my poison ivy…THe thought goea rheough my mind:”what if rhis one,….what if this one last spike is all it takes ti keep me down forever more. What is twre that i would regret,that i would have done diffirently. Bottom line:my time is runnig out,and ive got nothing to lose in sending these words that most probably wont get read or noticed by anyone. But at least iVe placed it out there.so ,thanks for at least listening. Belinda

  158. I didn’t gain any weight and I still get accused of being on dope after being clean now for a year in a half. What’s the deal with all that. I’ve seen everyone around me who have quit and now they look to be at least an extra hundred pounds heavier and here I sit the same weight level or lower if I don’t keep up a high food intake.

  159. Hubby and I started using in mid Aug 2015 then stopped late Sept early Oct 2015 we did it 2-4 days a week and .25 bag would last both of us about 4 days using together. We quit til early/mid DEC 2015 I take 2 multivitamins a day eat small snacks (trail mix, beef jerk ect) and drink LOTS of fluids. So my question is, will my detox and withdrawal last very long? I used today (1-9-15) I got 2 hits and was sick of it and decided I didn’t want to do it anymore, I don’t like the taste, the feeling I get or the crash once it wears off. I had mild withdrawals when we quit before but our usage after we started back up became a using everyday kind of thing not just a few days a week kind of thing so I’m nervous about the withdrawal this time. Can OTC pain relievers and caffeine help curb some of the discomfort?

  160. Hi, I’m 17 years old an i was a regular Meth user everytime i went to my sisters house..I’ve been 30 days clean, Can i still go through withdrawal symptoms? i’ve been having random shakes an seeing shit that isn’t there…

  161. Hi My son Used chrystal Meth. Until He was arrested tuesday Night. He IS Know AT Home and keeping a close eye On Him As Not To Walk around alone As we stay in The Area where It IS füll of Drugs But sinces his Arrest He IS quite eats normal But slaaps alot IS It normal

  162. I have been a long time user of meth and hopefully I have commenced my final cessation of it almost 6 months ago. however this time, I fear a lot of damage has been done. I have always regarded myself as an articulate and somewhat intelligent person. What i am finding along with the usual lethargy, ravenous hunger and ridiculous mood swings are uncontrollable itching(especially my face), often-times unintelligible speech, spelling difficulties and a general feeling of okay bear with me cause im finding myself at a loss of words (this doesn’t normally happen) . it’s discouragement, i cant seem to get any where in my life. this pisses me off because i feel i quit for nothing. at least when i was using i “knew” what was going on. i used it for maintenance not recreationalsand i never stole for it or effed anybody over any deals. i know i need some help but everywhere i turn i get dead end streets and now ive turned to alcohol which gets me nowhere! i hate it more than meth. enough said my question is, is face itching normal after this much time of being clean or might it be a symptom of another problem?

  163. Can you please help me? Why I am asking other users if they experience what I am experiencing after using meth, There’s always crystals on my tongue, and I noticed that crystals usually stay at the edge of my teeth reason why my teeth are getting damage. I also got soars and my body is getting itchy. But my friends who are consuming more meth than me are not experiencing this. Please advice. Thanks

  164. Hello Terri. You don’t need to do it alone! Yes, it’s a good step to delete your phone contacts, but you’ll need help coping with the carvings, as they are very difficult. At the least, seek out a support group like NA, or talk to a psychotherapist who has experience with addictions. Professional help can really help.

  165. Starting today, I’m off the drug. I have to be. Its my choice. I choose to take control. I kicked cigarettes and alcohol, I so want to kick this. It isn’t any fun any more, I spend my free time looking for a good deal and waiting. Please, any words of wisdom? Encouragement? I deleted all the numbers in my phone so I cant call them. Good step one? I work full time, am i going to be able to do this and keep my job? I’m honestly scared.

  166. I consumed methamphetamine only for 2 days with a gap of 3 days. I don’t want to continue it fearing its adverse affects on body and mind. Have I come into risky zone havingmethamphetamine only for 2 days.

  167. Hello; I started dating a women – she is starting to be sober from having been addicted to meth for a year. I’ve had my share of depression, bad experience in life but none of course can releate to being off drugs.I personally never smoked, drink or did drugs. My question would be; what can I do to help on days when she doesn’t feel good? Like would for example help to talk with her, hold her – give her a shoulder to lean on orperhaps is it better to give her space to be alone but let her know that I am there for her.

  168. My son is in rehab was in acute care then medical floor, to mental hospital. He is bipolar and several other mental illness. He has warrant for arresst, due to another med in with his meds. The pills found were not prescribed to him. Now he is getting self straight to go do his time. Can’ t they leave him in rehap? More helpful.

  169. Hi ! My husband is addicted to meth. He tells me he isn’t using. But in my heart I know different. As he left a year ago I august. And was gone til Nov. He has been kind of home. He spends all his time away from home. He says I hate everyone, but I don’t like people that us, As I am retired so I’m home all the time .I do not allow these people to use at my house. That’s why he says I hate everyone. This week he has been gone for 7 days. He won’t answer my phone calls. Or he won’t answer my texts. He has made me feel there is another woman. He acts like this is ok and I shouldn’t be upset. I have been married to him for 25 years and he has never treated me like this before. I don’t know what to do. I am beside myself. He will not get help .and he keeps saying there is no one else. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  170. I have been clean from meth now for 7 weeks. I will be honest the first 2 weeks were HELL. It was the depression (I felt suicidal at times), sleeping for 14 hours a day+ and lots of eating. To get clean I knew I had to remove myself from the situation (drug environment) and no longer be around people who used. It was so hard (putting it lightly), but I feel so good in myself now and when I look at meth…all I can think is WHY!! I am feeling happy, healthy, sleeping normally and have been offered the best career job of my life. Please don’t give up, it will be worth it! Remove yourself from everyone who does meth/ice and surround yourself around positive people. Xo

  171. I regularly used meth for a year.I have been sober since march of 2013 but i recently relapsed. How do i keep myself from falling into the addiction once again?

  172. Well after months of try my boyfriend and is quitting… I guess his body is tired because he is always sick, all he does is sleep and Idk what to do to make him feel better.. Does anyone have some advice??

  173. they need to spend more money to get it out of our lives. Its hurting family’s children, husband & wives. They need to start working harder to get the people who make it and sell it. They need put these people away for life. That’s the only way something will ever change.But let it keep going on .And family’s will be destoryed. People will die because of this stupid drug I am so against this sh….We all need to fight this

  174. hi guys.. i am a regular meth user for 8 years str8. i stoped last year without any withdrawal stuffs whatsoever. but the last 4 days ago i was on meth and yesterday for some reason i ended up in front of my house i coundnt remember how i got there, i woke up i cant move and the ambulance is there. after 3 hours i was alright. but i remembered i used a bit to much in the morning of that day and probably overdosed. now i am experiencing bad mental disorder on my withdrawal its just been a day but i dont seem to see any improvements.. any advice will be very helpful. thank you

  175. will someone please help me. tell me it’s going to get better. eight weeks off meth. used daily for two years, prior to that slamming cocaine. boyfriend dumped me because i have these weird rages, which i did NOT have while using. please anyone out there?

    1. Hi K. It’s a common thing to be moody and have anger spurs while withdrawing from drugs. Your brain’s chemistry has changed significantly and now things are tending to stabilize, but the process is stressful. Are you getting any kind of professional help? Talk therapy, psychotherapy or group counseling sessions can help you learn new positive behaviors and how to control your cravings and emotions.

  176. I havent started the withrawal, in a week im going to live far from home into the mountains i got a job there and there are no drugs there witch means no cigarrets too, i been planing to quit for some time now and i feel like this is going to be the moment in many ways, i know its going to be hard, may be the hardest thing ever but i feel confidence, i made a search on natural charboard activated and last time i smoked a lot and wanted to come down to sleep i took 4 pills ( they are natural ashes from plants) and in les than 2 hours i felt better to go to bed, iveeen thinking in treat my self with that to detox, im going to go there 3 weaks before so i can rest in that period o detox, and in a hard moment may be taking a quarter of lsd to face the dopamine down and the anxiety, eat green exercise and keep ocupied in that nature scene, thats my plan, i would like your advice. Sorry my english writting its not so good i hope i express my self to be understood. Thank you God Bless

  177. My 34 yr. old daughter has quit her meth addiction on her own. Now she is clinching her toes and legs and this is causing a lot of pain, so she lays in bed. I told her to do the opposite, to get up and walk, run, or climb the set of stairs she has to her apartment. I told her to run those stairs several times a day. Am I right??

    1. Hello Vickie. Meth detox is very uncomfortable, but it’s rarely a dangerous process for the person who’s detoxing. You can go to the pharmacy and get some OTCs that can help your daughter. Medications like acetaminophen can be used to relieve aches and pains. These acute withdrawal symptoms will be done in a week or two. Make sure she has enough fluid intake, and also give her smaller portions of good and healthy food, several times a day. When this part is over, she will need to get addiction treatment help. Meth cravings can last quite a long time, and she needs the support and professional help to be able to stay clean and build a drug-free life.

  178. Hello Sandra. It sounds like you son may need a psychiatrist’s diagnosis for possible schizophrenia. I’d suggest that you get a referral and seek more immediate care from a psychiatrist (a doctor who can prescribe medications for such conditions) ASAP; the psychologist should have done this already!

  179. How long does it take the voices in the head to stop. My son is 38 and has been clean since November 2014 but still has many voices in head. He is seeing a psychologist 2 x’s a month and is taking adevan for depression. Will he ever be normal again?

  180. Hi Sue. Do you have anywhere else to go where you’ll be out of the circles? You need to get away from met as possible.

  181. After reading these comments, it hurts me to even think of the struggle that many of the people on this site are going through. Meth is a very strong drug and can take lives very quickly. I myself am a recovering meth addict who used to use everyday for the last 15 years. It has been a struggle to stay clean and sober, but with the help of the right people and the right support group. I have been able to manage a good life today. I have over a year clean and sober and things are looking up. It was definitely very hard in the beginning not to have the urge and not to return back to the lifestyle that I had so easily become accustom to. I began using infrequently for the first couple of years, smoking a little here, snorting a little there. Soon after, my body became dependent on Meth and I needed to do it everyday, just to function. It wasn’t too long after that, that I had found other means of using. I found the needle and became and IV drug user. At first, dealing with the idea that I had become an IV drug user caused depression and anxiety because I thought I was too the point of no return. This was it, how I was going to die. Using meth just to stay alive. So i thought, then I came across a fellow who was part of a company that took people like me, that were stuck in a rut, down and out, that didn’t have a chance and guided me to a life of joy and happiness.

  182. This is the best article to date (11.2014) about the subject. It’s difficult to quit, it’s best not to touch the drug. But it can have medicinal benefits if made pure in a lab and used in conjunction with your spirituality.

  183. I am begging for help for my 38 year old precious son…I buried my first born son when he was 31 and that’s been 10 years ago…Eric, our second born son feels it should have been him to die in the accident wreck and not his brother. Eric is a precious son but is addicted to meth…WE NEED HELP WITH HIM…HE NEEDS HELP, GUIDANCE, AND LOVES OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST…PLEASE HELP HIM HE HAS MEDICARE A…DISABILITY,

  184. Hi Jason. Meth is not easy to quit, but living with meth addiction has far worse consequences, in many cases it’s fatal. It’s going to be hard at first, so gather all your will power and strength. But, don’t give up! Plus, see if you can get into an addiction treatment program. Sharing the same experience with others really helps.

  185. It’s been 4 days since I last used and I think it’s getting worse
    My head feels like it’s floating and I don’t have the strength to get up or go on I’m trying to make it through but I don’t know how much longer I can last is there anything I can do to help

  186. Hello Myka. After someone quits meth, sleeping a lot and consuming larger amounts of food are about the only activities a user will be able to do for some time. Once he gets through detox and his body starts to stabilize, he’ll need psychological and behavioral therapy so he doesn’t relapse. Meth has the biggest relapse rate out of all illicit drugs. It’s an addiction that’s very hard to deal with. Both of you will need help and support.

  187. My husband has been smoking meth for about 4 months. I don’t know much about this drug consumption as he hid it for most of the time but he says he smoked “pretty heavy”. For the past 3-4 weeks he says he cut down his consumption by about half. His plan was to wean off from it but now, from consuming half his normal intake, he really hasn’t cut it down any further. Recently, he’s had no money to support his addiction so it’s now day 4 since he hasn’t used. He’s been sleeping 16-18 hrs a day. At times can be aggressive, emotional and be in a flat mood. When will this period end & where to from here? He also quit his job. When can I start encouraging him to look for work as money is real tight now. Or even encourage him to see his friends, as he’s avoided them for months. I’ve just been feeding him, letting him sleep & pretty much doing everything for our family now. What can I expect from here & how else can I help him? Please help me!

  188. Hi SJ. Every case of meth withdrawal is unique to the individual. It can help to plan withdrawal with the help of a licensed clinical psychologist or family doctor who can refer you to outpatient services in your area to address physical and mental symptoms during the week or so of acute withdrawal.

  189. Can someone quit cold turkey if they only smoked on the weekends and a some during the week, for several months. Where they are able to still function and go to work and people can’t tell thay are smoking and they aren’t picking at their face?

  190. Hello Tyson. Withdrawal is caused by physical dependence – if you’re not dependent, you won’t go through withdrawal.

  191. I have been using meth for two months and I must say that I am , so I think, very different from the average meth user. By this I mean that no one knows or suspects I am a user. I eat plenty of food and drink lots of water. I have a full-time job which is physically demanding and I have a decent social network. Now , that being said , I understand meth isn’t good for you and I would like to stop. A lot of research on what are the symptoms had me worried but so farbi have experimented a few times by stopping abfay or two to see how bad I would feel. I was able to go to work and I sorta felt very much ok , kinda like if I had a short sleep but could easily maneuver through the day. Is it posssible that my body isn’t that damaged because of the food intake and the 6 hours of sleep every day? What I am asking is, is it possible to be somewhat immune from withdrawals from certain drugs. Feel free to ask more questions about my daily routine as I am planning to stop using soon, like this coming Monday. Thanx for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  192. Don’t give up Andy! My father is back in the hospital tonight trying to

    deal with the cravings he has. He has been sober for over 40 days

    but it is still like day one. I was reading this to see how I could help

    him more when he gets out. I also am reading this to better

    understand the illness. I will pray for you Andy <3 The mind is so

    much more powerful than anyone will ever know. The anxiety and

    sadness of what he has done to his family really bothers him. He

    cries now frequently, rarely does he laugh. He has ongoing treatment

    intense treatment too, the meth is still a struggle. Thank you to

    whoever made this site. This has allowed me to look to finding some

    additional resources for myself and my dad. God be with you Andy <3

  193. Hello Andy. I will pray for you. Also, call 1-800-662-HELP to learn more about local treatment centers that offer low cost treatment. You don’t have to quit meth alone! Once you’re past the first 2-3 weeks of cravings, things get a little easier.

  194. I am new to this site. I have been trying to find a support group for wives who are married to a drug addict (specifically pain pills). Please, someone, direct me to the correct forum or somewhere. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have no one to talk to because no one else knows. His parents don’t believe it or don’t care and I can’t tell my friends or family because it would ruin our relationships. Please?

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