Kratom withdrawal

The severity and nature of Kratom withdrawal depend on a number of factors. 1. How long you’ve been taking Kratom. 2. The type of Kratom you use. 3. Previous mental health issues. 4. Personal pain tolerance. More on Kratom withdrawal here.

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You know about Kratom addiction potential -you want to stop using Kratom!  So, what can you expect during Kratom withdrawal? And how can you cope? We explore here, and invite your questions about withdrawal from Kratom at the end.

Severity of Kratom withdrawal

From personal and anecdotal experience, the nature of withdrawal from Kratom and Kratom effects on body in terms of severity and occurrence seem to depend on a number of factors. The factors that contribute to Kratom withdrawal include:

1. Duration of use – The length of time you have been taking Kratom. The longer you have been using it the more severe the symptoms.

2. Type of Kratom – The type of Kratom you have been taking. Withdrawing from highly concentrated extracts of the alkaloids found in Kratom results in a worse withdrawal experience. Method of administration usually contributes to withdrawal symptoms, but as Kratom snort is not recommended, we assume that you are taking oral doses of Kratom.

3. Previous mental health issues – Anecdotal evidence from online forums suggests that those who suffered from depression prior to becoming dependent on Kratom find withdrawals particularly difficult.

4. Personal pain tolerance -It also seems that some people just manage Kratom withdrawals better. There are many who claim quitting Kratom even after more than a year’s daily use is no more difficult than quitting caffeine, while others talk about it like being hell on earth. So there certainly is a subjective element.

My Experience withdrawing from Kratom

I have personally withdrawn from Kratom after more than a year’s use and can therefore talk about my own withdrawals which I have been led to believe mirror those of others but not necessarily in their severity or duration.

I took Kratom leaf twice a day, ever day for over a year. I decided one day to quit cold turkey; I used up the last of my supply and held my breath. I knew what was coming, I had tried to quit in the past but had always given up due to the crippling sadness that had enveloped me.

Psychological Kratom Withdrawal

Within 8 hours of my last dose of Kratom, I began to feel anxious and incredibly sad, despondent and plain depressed. It is difficult to describe the sense of loneliness and desolation I felt, everything seemed amazingly bleak. For me, this aspect of withdrawals was by far the most difficult to cope with and it continued for over a month. I must stress again that this was my experience others state that all their symptoms including the despondency disappeared after 4 or 5 days.

Physical Kratom Withdrawal

The other symptoms I experienced during Kratom withdrawal were all physical and ‘only’ lasted for 3 or 4 days. These self-reported symptoms during Kratom withdrawal are similar to those seen in individuals undergoing opiate withdrawal but are far less severe. If you have experienced other symptoms, please share them in the comments section of this article. The symptoms of physical withdrawal from Kratom included:

  • anxiety
  • cold-like symptoms
  • insomnia (the tick-tock of the clock just went on and on, night seemed as if it would never end)
  • lethargy/apathy
  • RLS – restless leg syndrome (it felt as if my legs were electrified and this contributed to insomnia)
  • sweating

Coping with Kratom Withdrawals

You can get through Kratom withdrawals. Kratom withdrawal can be a mere inconvenience for some and difficult for others. Here are some tips and suggestions based on my own experience about how you can cope during the period of Kratom withdrawal. Again, if you have other ideas, please leave them at the end.

  • I would advise anyone planning to withdraw from Kratom to seek the advice of a sympathetic physician. A prescription for a sedative like diazepam can help with the anxiety and insomnia. The problem is, though, that many doctors have never heard of Kratom and so will not know what to do.
  • You might want to take time off work/responsibilities during the initial stages of withdrawal as it can be very difficult to find the motivation to get tasks done.
  • It is also good to have a friend/loved one with you during the first few days as you can get quite despondent. This should be someone who knows that you are going through Kratom withdrawals and who knows what to expect as you go through the process of withdrawal.
  • If you are prone to depression anyway, then you really need to see a mental health care professional prior to quitting Kratom.

Kratom withdrawal questions

If you are going through Kratom withdrawal, you are not alone! We invite your questions about Kratom withdrawal. Or maybe you have an experience or feedback to share with other readers. Please let us know. We try to reply to all questions and comments with a personal and prompt response.

About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. I was once a junkie, so I crave that bright spirit and energy found from opiates. I was able to quit heroin and be clean for 5 months. I remember kratom from smoke shops and knew it could give me the”good” feeling without total illegal drug use. I used easily 20-30 500 my capsules a day. After not having for a day I felt like I was withdrawing from H again just not as bad. My biggest symptoms are cold clammy skin, little sweat and little emotional effects. A little yawning and sneezing throughout day. Compared to H it seems like a walk in the park. I take 2 gold mix Bali pills every 4 hours to taper down. I would suggest this before cold turkey. Thanks for your post

  2. I’ve been taking kratom for about 6 months but a rather large dose, about 30 grams/day. I notice when I go a long time without it that my body tenses up and I can’t sleep until I take some more. I’ve never gone beyond that stage but I plan to after a 3-week trip coming up in June. It’s an international trip and so I plan to take caps with me instead of the usual powder and scale. My experience with the kratom is that my hair and skin became extremely dry and my hair frizzed out-it really seemed to have a negative effect on my productivity. As a positive I got completely off the 5 or 6 ibuprofen that I was taking every day and I am mostly pain-free.

    1. Hi Louise, I would go see a doctor. They may help you ease some of the withdrawals. It took me about a couple of months to get the restless out of my body. You are going through Paws. It will get better. Hang in there

  3. I am starting my withdrawal today. I had tried, and failed, about six months ago. I’ve used for about two years, three or four times a day. Started with the powder and added it to juice, then found capsules. The capsules were my downfall. What had been a use of just once every other day for anxiety and depression went up to the usage I have now. I’ve spent well over $5,000 easily in this time. I don’t have the option of weaning and I don’t have the option for a treatment center or even a physician consultation. I am going it alone, knowing that my husband will never enable me again. This is it.

    If anyone ever tries to tell you that kratom is safe and okay to use, laugh in their face. This is, most definitely, the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. The sweats and tossing and turning at night are the worst part, along with the restless legs. I’m too tired to move from lack of sleep, and all I want to do is run until I’m exhausted so that maybe I could sleep through this.

    1. Unlikely that you will. You may feel a little out of sorts for a day. It takes most people at least 2 weeks to develop an addiction to anything, depending on your personality and how much you take.

  4. I am currently trying to wean myself with the help of my physician. I was prescribed clonazepam and it seems to help me in the afternoon when my 3.4 gram dose wears off. I also take psuedoephedrine along with the clonazepam. The combination helps keep the lethargy and depression and anxiety under control for me. I had been taking 12 to 15 grams of kratom powder a day for a little over a year. I think if I wasn’t weaning off it I would feel hopeless and just curl up in a depression cocoon. Kratom is very habit forming and don’t ever let anyone tell you that it is not.

  5. Kristy

    I was in the same boat as your husband less than a week ago. If he puts his mind to it, it can be done. I suffered for maybe 3 days and I am perfectly fine today other than the disturbed sleep a bit. I’ve went thru opiate withdrawals & for me
    This isn’t even close to that.

    Wish you both the best.

  6., I just celebrated 6 years of sobriety from booze and drugs. However, about 2 months ago I was introduced to Kratom capsules (Maeng Da). I am up to 3-4grams a day. After reading all of these posts and going to 12 step meetings, I know I have to quit this right away or I am in trouble. I have flushed them down the toilet a few times (reminds me of trying to quit pot and coke). I used to flush them down the toilet and say I would never do them again. I’m doing the exact same thing. Any advice on how to nip this in the bud now? Do I need to collect a 24hr chip and start my sobriety all over. I have this conscience that is killing me. I feel like I am risking my sobriety here. Thanks for your help everyone.

  7. Hey so I decided to try Kratom and knowin me I’m the type to go all or go home Iv with drawled off of Xanax and it was horrible I had to check my self into rehab cause the anxiety was crippling and I needed help but my question is can you with drawl off of using it for one day if you used a lot I did almost 15 Gs one day and now I feel that I’m get the anxiety and depression end of the with drawl and I feel so lonely I had to hangout with my mom today cause the panic attacks where so crazy Iv look up that your eyes stay pin point while with drawl witch my pupils are pin point still am I with drawling or am I just crazy ?

  8. Lain, I used stem and vein kratom to quit a 25 gram per day habit. Do a search for stem and vein kratom. It is way cheaper than regular kratom. To me, it was a magic wand. I had no withdrawal symptoms, except maybe some minor thought issues. Do a search on how to use stem and vein to quit kratom. I only used the stem and vein for about a week, then was able to quit completely. That was 2 years ago. I can try to remember exactly how i did it, if you want. I mixed stem and vein with regular kratom for a few days. (Phenibut is another supplement that really helps you quit, but I dont know if Phenibut is over the counter in the UK. It is in the US, imagine that. It is also addictive if you overdo it). Good luck to you.

    1. Hey I am trying to get my husband off of the kradom he has used it for a couple years now and large quantities and all day everyday we thought it was the “safe” drug to get off oxy but now it’s just another addiction and not to mention very expensive $500 a month! Please help what can we do?! To help-he suffers from depression and always seems to need a substance to get thur life now what!?

  9. I quit for a month and tried just that. One dose did not bring back withdrawals, but it led to another and then another. After a few weeks of using every other day and then a few days on and one off, from 3 to 6 grams a day, I was back to intense withdrawals. They were actually more intense. Many who have quit multiple times say that each time the withdrawals get worse. I have yet to meet, or hear of a person who was successful in using Kratom “responsibly,” after being addicted to it.

    I used it every now and then for a year or so. I hated the taste, so it stopped me from frequent use. Once I pushed through and started using it daily, I have not been able to get back to every now and then. I doubt it is possible.

    1. I can attest to the withdrawals being worse the second time you quit. I’m on day 73 and just at the tail end now. The first time was a month maybe a few days less.

      1. I first took kratom for a year, it took 10 days to get thru the acute withdrawals. The post accute withdrawals, like not wanting to do ANYTHING, were way worse. 7 days of that, and I started the kraton again. A year later I quit again, and it took a month to get over even the accute withdrawals. Now, to help get thru the PAWS, I take DL Phenylalanine. You could get it on Amazon very cheap. I take 6000mg a day, split into 3 equal servings. Helps with serotonin levels, so your not so depressed, also helps with sleeping…

  10. Hi
    I am in the UK and trying to quit Kratom. My wife knows nothing about my addiction and I can stlll live life as normal on it.
    I have tried cold turkey and lasted 48 hours but the fever symptoms, dioriah, insomnia and Restless Leg Syndrome (which drives me to absolute distraction all night), all got too much and I had to take some Kratom. That was earlier today. I really want to kick the habit but try to do so discretely. I am so so worried she’ll leave me if she were to find out.
    I’m not sure what answer I’m looking for here. A magic wand maybe. I just want to be able to live life without it again ??

  11. I quit cold turkey from kratom for 3 weeks now. Can I take a very low dose or will this bring me back to withdrawals like on day one?

    1. I tried that very thing after quitting for a month. It just leads back to addiction. One dose will not bring back full blown withdrawals, but it will lead to another dose and then another. I thought I could handle using a few times a week. After a few weeks, I was back to withdrawals. After one stint of using around 4 grams a day for five days, I was back to full blown withdrawals and they were more intense than when I quit after a year of using over 15 grams a day.

      I have yet to meet, or heard of anyone, who can use Kratom “responsibly,” after being a daily user. I used it every now and then for over a year, before becoming a daily user. I hated the taste and was not proficient at toss and wash. I had no problem with it then. Once I pushed through and became a daily user, I can no longer use it every now and then.

  12. My 29 yr old son is just expressing desire to get off Kratom. He is currently taking 300mg a day of venlafaxine, which is only a month old. He suffers from depression and anxiety . Sees an MD but up till now refuses to see a Phycologist . I know hes been taking the Kratom over a year but dont know how much. He does do it twice a day and said he tried before to get off it and it was too hard. Hes staying with me currently and i want to help him get off it. Hes going to take a week off work. What can i do to help and what should i watch for as a sign to call for a dr or ambulance. Also how should he get off it. Wean slowly,, and if so how much each time and for how long or stop cold turkey. Thanks for your help.

    1. I’m in his same boat. The first time I quit the second day was the hardest. I found that exercise and activities that keep your brain focused on other things besides the withdrawal side effects helped me a bunch. By day 3 I was feeling much better

  13. Who said kratom should be illegal…. don’t be so quick to judge you don’t know what problems people deal with in their life and how hard it can be and you should not criticize anybody for looking for someway to get better even if it is not fully effective that person is atleast trying to make a drastic change in their life…..

  14. Please I need help my son is 21 and withdrawing from Keaton after 30g a day for one year. We have been to the ER and seen family Dr twice and therapist once. The crisis team visited today, he is so depressed and said he can’t take the pain and sadness anymore. I’ve called so many hotlines, I don’t know how long this withdrawal will last

    1. Don’t know if you still need help… I would get some gabapentin it will help with a lot of w/d, hot flashes, restless legs anxiety etc depression. You will have to play around with what works best. Take at night start low then go higher in dosage then back down for 3 days and no more than 3000mg a day also, Don’t take for more than a week. From my experience that feeling he is having is what his “normal” is. He just has to remember that he’s not getting the good feels from the kratom anymore. He will level out after about 1 week. The first 3 days are the hardest peaking about 48 hours. It is like a bad cold sometime with diarrhea. After the initial w/d he will have head fog that will subside a few days later. He will be feeling himself after about 1-2 weeks. Then he just have to keep pushing forward. Keep busy, boredom will creep in and snatch him back into it if he becomes complacent. Then there is PAWS he may not get this. It really just depends on the person. Take a multivits or get some magnesium and potassium. Drink water and if possible have him to a salt water cleanse as well as apple cider vinegar w/mother detox cleanse. Kratom tends to make people constipated which causes bloating and toxins to build up in the gut. uTube it… Smoothies with some protein powder help if he doesn’t have much of appetite. Get some energy drinks that don’t have a sugar crash. He has to be serious about it or it just won’t happen. It’s a waste of money and it will totally jack his libido if it hasn’t already. For some it tweaks the TSH thyroid stimulating hormones so it will take a cycle or two for his body to regulate itself to baseline. At the end of the day the success he will have will be dependent on why he is self-medicating with the kratom to begin with. As with anything that grows (addiction) it has to have roots. Much Success to you and yours…

    2. Ive been in position like your son,and felt all the sympton when i was in cold turkey of kratom.I posted my experience also in this section. You can try what Jenn just advised,keep being supportive to your son and try always guide beside him.Because the worst parts for me was feel anxious,incredibely sad and the insomnia. I kept convincing my self,those feeling just chemical process or reactions because of withdrawal from Kratom.And i always try to stress out my reason to WD from kratom,which is my daughter. All of symptons gone in my experience was gone in 3 weeks,the first week was complete hell for me and first week for me is the critical time in WD kratom

  15. leave it to addicts to take benzos or tramadol or alcohol to get off another “drug” and think thats completely rational. look, your cell receptors are jacked. for life. you will get addicted to everything to take now and because of your inability to adhere to sobriety, the rest of us who arent addicts don’t have access to effective pain control. and now, you want kratom to be illegal? its not our problem that you mishandle your drugs. just stop taking them and shut up. it doesnt need to be illegal for you to not take them.

  16. Christy, 9 months? Wow! there is no way that your husband is suffering from Kratom withdrawal after 9 months. The worst of the worst cases last for a month intensely and then a few months of getting used to feeling normal again. It sounds like he has some serious mental health issues and needs professional help. He got a season of relief from Kratom, so when stopped using it he got a “rebound” effect. That is where the emotional junk comes back and feels worse than it ever did. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the Kratom at that point. What happens is that people live with their pain or sorrow, developing coping skills. Then they find something that relieves those feelings and the psyche takes a huge sigh of relief. When the magic stops working, or they quit taking it, the old problems resurface and must be learned to cope with all over again. It is like starting over as a kid again. That is what addiction does. It keeps us in adolescence at best and we don’t learn to cope with unhealthy feelings.

    The bad news is that it is not a symptom that is going to go away. If he has had no substances for 9 months and is still feeling like that, he needs professional help.

  17. My husband was taking kratom for a year, doses got up to 10 times a day and a lot of it. It has been 9 months since quitting. It has gotten a little better, but he is still dealing with severe anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and insomnia. Will this ever stop and what can he do to get help. He does attend a 12 step program but no one understands why he is still having symptoms.

    1. Christy – my first 3 weeks after quitting kratom were very similar to your husband’s and then I went to see my doctor who prescribed atomoxetine for my “major depressive disorder” and gabapentin for anxiety / nervousness. Atomoxetine is a non-narcotic drug primarily prescribed for ADHD, but also used for adult depression. Almost immediately upon starting this regimen, I felt unbelievably better! The atomoxetine has been a miracle for me as its now over two months since quitting and I don’t have PAWS like your husband does. What a godsend! I hope eventually my brain chemistry will return to normal (i.e. producing adequate dopamine / seratonin) and I can be completely drug free, but not the end of the world if it doesn’t. Do you and your husband the biggest favor – make an appt. with and mention my experience to your primary physician – got nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain for you and your hubby.

  18. I don’t know why you quit cold turkey, but it sounds like that was your biggest problem next to overconsuming kratom. I have been enjoying this wonderful herb for some years now and never went through the great misery that you did. I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. If you were my friend, that would not have happened. Even at higher doses, if you do not use it more than 3 days in a row, there should be no withdrawal symptoms. Curiously, this has even been demonstrated to be true with use of acetomorphine. I am thankful that you point out that some people have no more issue with kratom that they do with coffee, as there are many hypocrites and greedy people out there who wish to ban kratom as the same kind of people have done so with cannabis and coca leaf so they speak evil of it in the media and they are harming the people as well as themselves.
    I’m really sorry to hear what you went through, it’s a sad thing that our doctors and pharmacist don’t study plants like they study man made drugs because that is where all the money is, otherwise you might have had a good ol doctor tell you like I would tell you, “you have to taper off of kratom and you won’t suffer nearly as much, probably not at all.”
    For those unfortunate to suffer such symptoms, all you need to do is take 1 tsp or 1/2 tsp of kratom, depending on the strength of the strain, and your restlessness and lethargy would have been helped.
    I myself was suffering withdrawals from acetomorphine and 1 tblspoon of kratom was like a kiss on the cheek from my brother Jesus in heaven. I then reduced my kratom dose over about 12 days to about 1tsp and from 1tsp to 1/2 tsp. Then from 1/2 tsp to no kratom, I do not have any withdrawal symptoms from the kratom.
    The master of reality said, “everything made by God is good.” And, “nothing that God made will be despised.”

    Kratom is good and as long as it is used properly, it will do no harm. I pray you will get to enjoy again some day as God intended, if it is His will. Amen.

    I also pray for our doctors and for all people to have more wisdom about drugs. Like all things, we just need to understand them and use them with wisdom and faith in God if He gives it to us. To those who haven’t received faith in The Word of Jesus, I pray you will.
    Addiction can be a very hard thing, my heart and prayers go out for those suffering in it.

    I also encourage people to call on the name of Jesus for mercy, for forgivenes (for “all have sinned”), and for protection from the workers darkness. This is where have found the most relief from my sufferings, and He will also guide the humble through their trials with grace.

    I do recommend you research tapering off of kratom and add it to this article in order to truly help those who are seeking help.

    If one loses access to kratom and cannot taper, I recommend looking up kava root, and taking magnesium supplements for restless leg syndrome. Also do some research on ashwagandha for anxitety and if you have a wise doctor, maybe a 3 day benzodiazepine treatment can bring great relief without getting addicted to benzodiazepines.

  19. Trisha – I don’t think too many posts here demonize kratom. On the contrary, the vast majority of posts are people anonymously being very honest with their kratom experience. A little over a year ago I was kratom’s biggest supporter. I donated to AKA in the fight against the FDA, posted glowing customer feedback on vendor sites. I thought I had found the best thing since white bread. Of course, in my research I only visited positive sites and listened to all the industry shills on YouTube, but never visited such sites as How very unfortunate for me. Well, kratom turned into a nightmare and nearly destroyed me. My thinking is screwed up, I went thru hellish withdrawals and had “wish I was dead” depression – I could go on further, but don’t want to bore you. The big %$&@$)* liars are all those kratom promoters – natural, legal, non-addictive, no withdrawals, very forgiving, ad nauseum! You know, its only a matter of time before ambulance chasing attorneys start filing class action lawsuits against the kratom vendors. Yes, I’m sure their are those that are a couple times a week social kratom users, BUT there is obviously a significant population that have gotten addicted and damaged by kratom. I don’t advocate making kratom illegal, but I think it should be regulated (i.e. recent salmonella poisoning). Look what happened when they made alcohol, one of the worst drugs to abuse illegal. Kratom is an addictive and damaging substance – period. Finally, I certainly would not characterize kratom as a “medication.”
    You know who I think wrote your post – not you, but kratom did. You characterize kratom as a godsend and a medication, yet your having difficulty getting off of it (i.e. addiction).
    I wish you the very best and hope you do get off kratom because it has the potential to ruin your life.

  20. Please don’t demonize kratom, without its medicinal abilities coming into my life when it did, I would have followed through with my suicide plans. I have been on it over 2 years for daily headaches and bi weekly migraines which had previously crippled me. Nothing else except opiates worked and I couldn’t take those anymore bc they created a zombie like version of myself.
    Kratom doesn’t do that it simply kills the constant pain I was in without any side effects.
    I found your site bc im now receiving a better treatment for my pain and I want to get off kratom but i’m finding it difficult to do. I really really appreciate your advise! But please consider all the people who are alive because of its properties. Please don’t demonize the medication altogether.

  21. Thanks Joel, that inspires me to keep going. I’m now on day 13 and going through bouts of morbid depression. Today was the strongest pull to use kratom to feel ok and be productive. I would have if I hadn’t thrown it all away. When I’m deep in these depressive episodes I’m so hopeless I can’t see a way out. I work the program of AA and that helps.

  22. Hi! I see this is an older post but I’ll write anyhoo. I took my last dose of kratom yesterday at 1 pm after using 25g a day for 8 months. The most annoying part is I feel it’s cut me off from God. So I stop cold turkey as I couldn’t taper successfully on my own. Went to my PCP and asked for 3-5 days worth of meds to help me get off. She gave me 5 days of clonadine, 5 days low dose klonapin and 5 days worth of Zofran. I’m taking a non-drowsy 24 hour antihistamine, ibprophen and Immodium
    Clonadine: not sure exactly what it helps but people have sworn by it so here I am
    Klonapin for the severe anxiety and insomnia
    Zofran for nausea and vomiting
    24 hour antihistamine for the runny eyes and nose
    Ibprophen for the aches
    Plus I bought lots of Epsom salts for warm baths
    I’ll keep y’all updated in a few days. Right now I feel good physically but I’m pretty Irritable

  23. Hey Allovertheplace: Like you I was up to 40-50 grams daily but for a year and not 6 months. Further, I had nine previous years of practically uninterrupted opioid abuse before switching to kratom. It is now day 31 cold turkey for me. The first week, like you, I knocked myself out with trazadone and benzo’s, so for me the worst w/d’s were week two and three – it was hellish with deep paralyzing depression. I’d spend hours at a time just staring at nothing and the nightly RLS and insomnia – wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy if I had one. It’s become horrifyingly clear since quitting how much my my mind and body have been damaged. Kratom was destroying me. Even after 30 days I mostly feel like a feeble 85 year old man and look much older than my 62 years. The acute w/d’s began lifting this past week and depression has greatly lessened. Every week is going to be better and my # 1 life goal now is to do everything possible to eventually feel and look younger than I am. I’m fanatically eating healthy focusing on the 10 best “brain” foods and trying to exercise a little more each day. Here’s the good news for you – since you were clean before the 6 month bout with kratom and I presume younger than me, you’re w/d’s should be much shorter lived than mine and if you keep clean you’ll hopefully be feeling great again shortly.

  24. Ok so I’m now down to about 4/5 grams a day. What really sucks I’m my situation is I’m a single dad , running my business by myself and just do not have 5/10 days to go through rough withdrawals. Now I have tapered down to where I am but never really took more than 10/15 grams a day and been on for 5 months. Christ has given me strength and will continue but I think mostly this is mental at this point. In my case I was on suboxone for 10 years at Very low dose then switched 5 months ago desperately wanting off that poison. Maybe I’m a weenie at this point or whatever because I’ve never been heavy into withdrawals and have read the nightmare stories and hear from other how awful it is. In my case my stomach pain/bubble guts and anxiety is where mine starts and that’s so uncomfortable to me I hate to think what’s coming next ? So anyways I’ve read here do stem and vein from here on out or maybe thinking just quit I mean how bad could it be no More than I’m taking right ??

  25. I’m on day 5 of a Kratom Withdrawl and still feel like hell. It’s very close to opiate Withdrawl, but has its own evil peculiarities. Sometimes I’m halfway fine and feel inspired only to be ground down and tortured mentally and physically to the point where I think about possibly dosing and continuing a longer taper. I basically had to jump off after tapering down to around a half teaspoon 4 x a day. I was up to about 40 or 50 grams a day at my peak usage after using for six months. I slowly tapered down over a months time making it very manageable, shaving my dose incrementally every 5 days to a week. Kratom started working good again as I decreased my dose and gave my body time to adjust, particularly towards the end of my taper. At this point I started seeing all the benefits of the drug again, increased energy/concentration, sense of well being and peace, heightened connection with nature, etc. For me though I can’t take it or leave it, so all the medicinal qualities of Kratom quickly become non existent or completely offset by all the negative consequences daily use always amounts too. My addiction just wants me to cave in, only to pull me through hell again. Originally I tried to cold turkey from about 50 grams a day. When the anxiety hit hours after missing my dose I started taking klonopin 4mg spread out and for some reason went into a blackout, I think because I still had so much Kratom in my system, as I’ve a strong tolerance for benzoes. I then proceeded to take oxycontin to counter Withdrawl. Idiotic thinking I know, but I was in a blackout and not thinking right. Anything could have happened. I had the right intention of getting off Kratom, but did so without a systematic approach, research and support. I should mention I was not taking any other mind altering substances during this sixth month Kratom run. I vaguely remember going to the city the next day and getting meth and heroin. I spent an obscene amount of money the next couple weeks, binging on meth and heroin and drinking in between. One morning I decided I really didn’t want to live anymore and attempted to kill myself. I believe all the drugs in my system combined with the Kratom Withdrawl brought me to an all time low. As I was dying I felt perfectly fine over ending my life and looked forward to the peace it would bring. I’ve never been suicidal before this and looking back now am extremely grateful circumstances led paramedics to my rescue.
    I’ve been sober most of the last 19 years with my longest run of sobriety being 7 years. I was introduced to Kratom during my last stretch of sobriety at a tea house and thought nothing of it. It quickly infiltrated my life in a very sneaky sort of way till I was a slave to it. I feel like I was blind sided and pulled into my own personal hell that could have easily ended in my death or harm to another. Im finally back to my authentic self, albeit suffering the torments of Withdrawl. Anyone reading this please be aware of possible negative drug interactions involving Kratom and/or Kratom Withdrawl. I’ve always before had a high tolerance for opiates and benzoes, but found myself blacking out and overdosing on heroin while withdrawing from Kratom. The opiate high had very little medicinal quality as well, during this time. Benzos were not very affective for me, during peak Withdrawl, which led to me taking too many.
    So back to my Withdrawl. Days 3, 4, and 5 have all been hellish, with momentary breaks, usually early morning till around 9 or 10 and then I’m tormented most the day till evening where it’s let up a bit. The intensity of physical discomfort seems to fluctuate, but not diminish yet. The mental torment seems to be improving slightly. I guess I’m in this for the long haul now, as it would be stupid and dangerous not to stay strong and ride this out. I dealt with 5 months of suboxene detox and methedone detox. This is similar, but definitely it’s own thing. Interestingly enough I’ve had very little craving/obsession over using so far in my Withdrawl. I do sometimes think about the pound of Kratom I still need to throw away, but mostly in terms of how a little would momentarily end my misery, not the enjoyment factor. Towards the end of my taper I started to think a lot about getting heroin, but that has passed. I should add, I originally intended to extend my taper for at least another month, but abruptly had to stop. Looking at it now, if I was able to continue my taper a lot of discomfort could have been avoided, but the fact that Kratom was working good again may have put me on a slippery slope leading to some sort of attempt at moderation, which inevitably always fails. Thanks all for the support, knowing others have persevered through this long, painful process gives me strength to do the same. I pray I get some relief soon!

  26. Hey Bruce – howz it going? I’m on day 23 and finally starting to feel a little better. Hang in there as it will get better – don’t go back to slavery.

  27. Quit kratom is dificult thing i have done..what can i say .. kratom tree is easy to find and very cheap(north malaysia) we dont take kratom powder(we use it when travel or very far from home..we boild kratom leaf and it powerful than a powder.believe me kratom withdraw is experience w/draw is very sick.. 2 week to slow down..and cant sleep at all that time..i wish more to comment but my english very bad..

  28. Victor,
    I’ve been meaning to respond to you for past couple days, but haven’t been feeling too good. If you have only been doing kratom for six months and don’t have previous addiction history, quitting should be relatively a “walk in the park” for you and last no more than one week. I say this to encourage you and not to minimize the problem. There are many posters here with long-term addictions that have quit on their own successfully. While it is only day 21 cold turkey for me, I’m dealing with 9 years of addiction and while I don’t see the light at the tunnel yet, I’m scared to death of getting back on kratom’s highway to hell. Forget the expensive detox facility for now. If you have failed at being a twice a week “social” kratom user and honestly feel you are addicted to kratom then there is only two eventual outcomes: your dosage will continue to increase, side affects will increase and kratom’s benefits will decrease. You’ll eventually find yourself doing large daily doses just to feel normal and prevent withdrawals (sounds a bit like heroin – no?). The second outcome is quit and get healthy again. Before quitting read this blog and note all the tips on quitting and lessening withdrawals. Enlist the support of your spouse, family and / or friends – this support is very important especially when and if you start going nuts with the withdrawal symptoms. Funny how kratom started out last year as a godsend for me and ended as a hellish nightmare. Many people on the blog are free again after quitting on their own and while I’m not out of the woods yet, I got 21 days under my belt and a fierce determination. Many people have said “if I can do it, anyone can” and I say the same thing today! Wishing you the best.

  29. Thankful I found this group. Been using Kratom daily (15-20g). Had enough.. hate the dependency. Flushed my remaining 2 days worth of bulk, have maybe 8 capsules, then that’s it! Wish me well. Thanks for everyone’s honesty. I’ll report in later this week.

  30. I have been taken kratom for 6mts is it that bad of a withdrawal,,do I need to go to detox or is it something I can do at home

  31. I have found that taking a few Advil before bed at night helps significantly with sleeping and the restless limbs. My symptoms were all physical though so not sure if that will help those who are having the psychological symptoms.

  32. I am an ex-opiate addict and alcoholic that was clean for several years when I discovered Kratom. I heard all the buzz and decided to try it, as it was touted as a miracle herb by many on the web. I researched it in great detail before jumping in. I used Kratom heavily for just over 4 months. I was taking 20-40 grams a day orally. I found that, in the beginning it really helped me stay motivated and kept me focused on physical tasks that I had to complete. After taking it for about 3 months, I went to the Dr and my bloodwork showed that I was having some pretty acute liver damage due to the Kratom. Granted, I abused opiates laced with high dose acetaminophen and alcohol for years, so my liver was already weakened fromears of abuse. I am currently just over 24 hours in to quitting cold turkey. I am using CBD in medium to high doses to get me over the hump. I had restless legs early this morning and feel a little stiffness and some odd sensations throughout my body, but overall feel pretty good. The CBD seems to help tremendously with the anxiety. I am going to force myself to go exercise this afternoon to see how that helps. I’ll check back in after 48 hours and let everyone know how I feel.

    1. How did you end up doing? I’m about to start getting off Kratom and planned to use high dose CBD oil for some of the withdrawal symptoms.

  33. Its been quiet long time since my last post on 30th nov about my struggle quiting kratom. Today is my 48 days free of kratom.
    I felt great, no more withdrawal symptons
    HI JD,read yoyr post about your strrugle in quitting kratom,reading your post and what you felt just like what i felt when try cold turkey
    Keep it up,just need times to make all those symptons go away
    And yes the most sucks thinga when cold turkey from kratom for me was the psycological effect such as anxiety,depression
    Which i never had history in anixety and depression,so those kinds of feeling really bad and sucks for me
    In my experience when try to off from kratom was the sensation of that feeling go away on week 3. I just try to convince myself those feeling was chemical effects of quiting kratom,because i never felt anxiety and depression before. And thanks god i have friend that guide me through several meditation to ease those feelings.

    Hope you can continue the withdrawal process,and totally free from kratom and withdrawal symptons.You can do it

  34. Dear Amber,
    I feel for you as I’m in the same boat. I’ve had depression and opioid abuse issues for a long time and 13 months ago I found the miracle Kratom which turned into a 40-50mg daily nightmare. For the past 7 months I have failed miserably at tapering down and then 2 weeks ago I quit cold turkey. I’ve had most of all the known withdrawal symptoms and agree the restlessness and twitching is by far the worst – like being plugged into an electric outlet. This symptom has subsided in the past few days. What helped me the most in the first week was knocking myself out with trazadone – I was sleeping 16 hours a day (INSTEAD OF TWITCHING!). Try to go easy on the benzos because if you don’t you’ll extend the withdrawals from BENZO’s!
    The best advice by far anyone can give is that if you’re serious about getting and staying off narcotics and kratom IS a narcotic, then make a beeline to your primary physician and spill your guts like I did a few days ago. I’m now on gabapetin which is helping with the nervousness and Strattera which is a non-narcotic medication that improves energy and focus. Then if you get PAWS (long-term post acute withdrawal symptoms – mainly depression and lethargy) get yourself on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist specializing in depression and addiction. A word of warning though – only go to a shrink to help cope with PAWS non-narcotically. If your having cravings and still see a shrink your at risk at being put on methadone or Suboxone – horrible options!
    Finally, the following small things have helped me:
    Don’t isolate -talk with others as much as you can (very important)
    Take hot epsom salt baths
    Force yourself to eat
    Try as hard as you can to be active even if its just a little walk around the block a couple times a day.
    Distract your mind in anyway possible – a tv show, pick up a guitar, just anything – nothing worse than what I call the void where I’m paralyzed staring at nothing sometimes for hours at a time -hellish.
    Get support from loved ones – opiods and then kratom abuse have left me with no friends and I’ve ostracized myself from most of my family, but my wife and one sister have been a godsend during detox. I call my sister every night and feel better afterwards plus a good massage on those twitching legs is a real winner.
    There’s no magic bullet if you want to truly recover from drug addiction. It’s been hellish for me in the last couple weeks, but I KNOW things will get better eventually. I try to remind myself how horrified I am in regards to what kratom did to me. The challenge will be in the future as it will take work to avoid temptation. Possibly the Prozac that I’ve been taking over the last year will start working now that my brain isn’t being flooded with kratom.
    The best to you,

  35. I know this is a very old article, but I wanted to give input because I have found some things that have helped me immensely with the withdrawal symptoms I’m experiencing right now. I have quit cold turkey once before with nothing to ease the suffering, and it was awful(important to note I’ve withdrawn from other drugs and kratom is just as serious and terrible as many prescription withdrawals). For the discomfort, aches, and chills I recommend black seed oil, Advil, and Kava Kava. These have made the unbearable first days of my withdrawal at least bearable. The symptoms are still there, but these recommendations can help you at least stay productive and comfortable-ish. Although substituting one substance for another is not recommended, a few drinks at night can help you relax and keep your mind off what you’re feeling. As other people have stated, sleeping is nearly impossible while detoxing, but using Valarian root and magnesium supplements will help you fall asleep and calm the restless legs. Also, even though you definitely won’t want to, exercising can help tremendously to speed along the process of detoxing. Last of all, try your best to stay distracted and productive! Get some sunshine and try to keep your mind distracted with some leisure activities. Keeping your mind off the way you’re feeling will really help with the depression the withdrawals can bring.

    To anyone reading this, good luck! If I can do it, I promise you can too! Just stay positive and equip yourself with everything you can to make the process as painless as possible!

    (P.s. sorry for them terrible formatting. Typing like this on a phone is not easy)

  36. I have quit taking Kratom. Maenda green Malaysian 2.5 days ago. Been using it for 2 years anywhere from 3 to 5 times a day. I got some benzos xanaz to help sleep and cope with it and it’s not working. I’m not able to sleep even with 3mg of xanaz before bed. I was up all night tossing and turning and my leg was twitching! It’s horrible. I don’t want to be on it anymore …….can someone please help me what I should do. The benzos did not even put me to sleep. I’m worried! Thank you…..

  37. I was an opioid addict for 9 years – mainly Vicodin and Percocet. In 2015 I got a doctor prescribed Norco script and mostly did only that. In the middle of 2017 the Norco was little more than a placebo so I got brave and discontinued the script. The acute w/d’s were not bad, but I had post acute withdrawal symptoms real bad. Day after day, week after week and month after month I was like the “walking dead.” And then one fine day in November 2017 a friend mentioned Kratom. Like any good addict my research was flawed. I visited sites for “best vendors and best strains and of course all the “industries” shills on You Tube who said it was not addictive and there was no withdrawals. So I made a small order and thought I had finally found heaven on earth. I ordered more because it gave me such an energized sense of well-being and happiness! Hearing the FDA was trying to regulate Kratom, again, like any good addict I quickly increased my stash to 28 kilos. The first month was really great. I was happy, productive and a real loving husband. I had read that you should only do it a few times a week so as not to build tolerance. Well, that flew by the window. How could I feel great one day and stop myself from feeling great the next day. By early 2018 my daily dosage was building fast and I was getting less effect and the start of some troubling side effects. Fast forward to last week and I was doing 40-50 grams a day, going through daily ups and downs and I mean DOWNS. I had been failing miserably over the past six months to taper down. Kratom had consumed my life. Just me and my kratom was all I needed. I stopped going out, returning calls from family, couldn’t travel cause of Kratom’s illegality in many places. I even couldn’t go to yoga without first getting jacked up with Kratom. For that matter, I couldn’t do much or go anywhere without first dosing. My life was a cocoon – just me, kratom and placating my wife. My prostate was enlarged, my thinking was getting real flaky and every morning if I didn’t dose late at night I’d wake up like dead constantly yawning and oftentimes I’d get nauseous. Well, the shit hit the fan nearly two weeks ago. My wife who had been helping me taper down found my hidden stash. “Its treatment or me” she said. Once I explained to her the expense, the success rate and that basically treatment centers and NA are scams she agree to help me detox at home. Wait – before you want to castrate me for my disparaging remarks. In the past I was my AA group’s GSA and I had access to AA’s New York literature. I read according to AA World HQ only 3.5% of the people who walk in AA’s doors were still attending one year later. This largely confirmed my observation over the years.Is there any other “disease treatment” with a record like that wouldn’t have been put in the trash bin long ago? Fact is the vast majority of successful recoveries are on your own – ya gotta want to real bad and when courts, family or friends dump you in treatment it just don’t work. Enough of a tangent – sorry.
    So, its my 7th day at home detoxing and I’m starting to feel a bit better. 24 hours after I quit cold turkey, like others, I felt I was plugged into a low voltage electric outlet with restless limbs going nuts – it was horrible. In the past week I’ve had real bad chills, sneezing, runny nose, restlessness, insomnia, lethargy and depression with a capital “D”.But what’s really helped and I strongly advise anyone in my situation to consider is to get a hold of some trazadone, clonipin, valium and the like. Don’t overdue these sedatives, but man they have taken the edge off and let me sleep at the cost of being very drowsy for a few days – a great bargain – being drowsy or having acute w/d’s. I won’t go back to kratom as long as I’m with my wife. I’m on the end of the tape -the last few months of insanity. It all consumed me. But there’s a part of me that should I find myself alone again I’d be tempted to pull a “Nicholas Cage Leaving Las Vegas” stunt but with kratom , not alcohol. I’ve done all the drugs, but nothing has made me feel as good as that “natural, non-addictive Kratom.” I’m very glad I stopped, not out of the woods yet by any means. I can only imagine what 40-50 grams of powdered tree leaves are doing to my body. On a positive note, in just one week my prostate and urinary function is almost back to normal. I am now very afraid of PAWS. Obviously, my brain chemistry is screwed and I read it can take years to repair itself. I absolutely will not live like this – basically staring at walls all day and everything is a burden. So, either I grin and bear the depression for a few months (if I can) or see a shrink for suboxone or the like – I hate to do this, but I can’t live with indefinite PAWS and I can’t go back to Kratom. So, what’s a poor boy to do. The best to everyone here,

  38. Hey Lyss,
    I have had bouts of sneezing about one to three times a day since I stopped taking Kratom 21 days ago. I took it for over a year, every day. It has been ruff and LONG lasting, but not as intense as dope withdrawal.
    It is very sad that Kratom made you relapse, but it makes perfect sense. It is a way to get “high,” and mask our normal emotions. I pray you get free again!

  39. Day 21- The last week has been decent. I am still struggling with a lot of anxiety and needing to take supplements. Before Kratom I almost never had anxiety. It is definitely still part of the withdrawals.
    Sometimes I lay down and I wonder why my bed is vibrating, but it is actually my insides shaking. I have never experienced anything like this before. I have actually damaged my teeth from grinding them and biting my lips. I went to the Dentist yesterday and I have worked two pits into my teeth, which need to be filled. This is definitely a result of Kratom use. I would often start biting my lips and grinding my teeth between doses and when I quit three weeks ago it got really bad.
    I have only felt deep depression one day since my horrible day ten. It is like an overwhelming sorrow and emptiness. I also almost never had anything like that prior to using Kratom for a year straight.
    From what I have read, I am on the back end of this mess. Most say that after about a month the emotional withdrawals start to subside. I am so looking for that.
    I am still not sleeping perfectly. I take Valerian root, 5htp, Melatonin and Ashwagandha each night and I believe it helps some. I sleep around two hours, get up and do pushups to kill the electricity inside my arms and sleep another few hour and do the same. I have got an average 4 to 6 hours sleep doing this per night. It is still much easier to sleep after 6am then it is at night, for some strange reason. The first 10 days I took Etizolam at night. I stopped taking it so I don’t develop a dependence. It was nice while it lasted. It worked wonders.
    Other then these annoyances, my days are not that bad at all. I feel decent most of the time, besides the anxiety that comes and goes but always seems to be lingering in the background.

  40. Well….after finding this blog, here’s my story. I started using kratom 6 years ago, after finding articles on the internet about how it eases withdrawal from opiates. I had a bad addiction to pain pills (doctor prescribed) and was tired of being a slave. I found a head shop that had some leaf powder, and bought it. I was amazed at how it eased the withdrawals of hydrocodone, so much that I figured if this stuff is natural and makes me feel great, why not continue to use it? BAD CHOICE. I found a supplier in Colorado that I could buy a kilo shipped for $110, so the cost was not bad at all. Anyways, it’s now making me sick, and I have to stop using it. It’s literally making my body sick. I don’t know why, but for the past 4 days it’s been giving me panic attacks, and weird symptoms. I’ve known for a while that I need to quit, but as cheap as I was getting it, and the quantity I had, it was very hard to make myself quit. I’m not to the point that I HAVE to. I’ve gone through withdrawals on hydrocodone, and it was no walk in the park, but for some reason, something is making me think that kratom withddrawals is going to be worse. I think the psychological part of it is stronger than anything. Having control over SOMETHING in my life, even if it’s only my schedule of taking kratom. I’ve lost 30 pounds since I started taking it, becaause sometimes I don’t eat lunch, because it takes longer for the kratom to work. Pathetic right? I’ve told myself many times that I’m going to quit, but I always ordered another kilo, which would give me enough for a month and a half to two months or so. I’m now ready mentally to tackle this, and I know it’s not going to be fun. Kratom has cost me a LOT in the past few years. JOBS, time with my kids, my wife, and other loved ones, because I was more concerned about hiding my addiction, and embarassed to talk about it. I can only take one day off work, so this sunday, I’m quitting for good. In the past, the hydrocodone withdrawals physically lasted about 3 days for the most part. Hopefully this one will be shorter, because it was horrendous withdrawals from hydrocodone. Wish me luck everyone…….I’ll give y’all an update in a few days.

  41. another symptom of withdrawal that I’ve had is nausea, but I have experienced nausea even while on it.
    I tried going without kratom this morning after using it regularly for about 2 months straight. I realized that, yes, I started definite withdrawals and am so depressed to find that I am definitely addicted.
    Is there anything that eases the misery? I want to be free of this, but I’ve already given in today because I felt so awful 🙁

  42. LOL. Yes, I always get the sneezes and sometimes an annoying cough whenever I quit opiates or Kratom. Both opiates and Kratom suppress those body functions. Yeah, I always thought the mental part of quitting kratom was the worst. I think we dwell on it too much, and you have to try to keep positive thoughts on your mind. I don’t think its the kratom so much as it is our negative thoughts. Plus I found don’t read so much about withdrawals because it makes you think about them even more, which doesn’t help. It exaggerate them and makes them worse. I know the RLS is real and it sucks, but mine ended after a few days. Good luck, I know it sucks, but its not gonna be forever.

  43. I’m getting ready to go thru the withdraw the depression I’m going thru is crazy and im an addict that had 5 years clean but since I started this kratom I said screw it I’ve done other drugs and relapsed. Also has anyone experienced the sneezing you get like dope withdrawal

  44. Has anyone tried tapering off Kratom? I used to take one OPMS Gold (super concentrated) kratom twice a day. Then switched to Bali 10-14 pills once a day and have managed to taper down over a few months to just 1-2 Bali pills a day. I just can’t seem to get past these last 1-2 pills without having extreme body aches, insomnia and anxiety. The body aches are the worst. Does anyone have advice on how to cope with body aches? Is it possible for me to taper off if I start cutting the pills in half? Should I just suck it up and go cold turkey? Thank you for any help!

  45. Wow what a cool forum.
    New here. Been on and off since 2015. Ive quit a few times.
    1st time cold turkey.
    2nd time cold turkey.
    3rd time I tapered. Much more manageable.

    About me: I’m 32 years old. Married. No kids. My wofe knows. At 1st she would get super upset but now she understands how hard it is to get off. But im ready to quit again. Been avoiding it for a while.

    I take capsules so I’m sorry I dont go by grams.
    I would take 5 or 6 before bed. During this taper I would go to bed at 8 pm because im in so much pain. Wake up around 2 am cuz of RLS. Take 4 or 5 caps back to bed. Work the whole day 8:30 to 5 pm and it sucked. The pain would come around noon and it felt like I was carrying a backpack full of books around all day. Id get home and keep myself distracted. Take a warm shower because it helped some. Thrn about 8 pm id take some and it would kick in and i can sleep. I did this Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. By Saturday Sunday I was much better. I know i can do this and I have to. STAY STRONG EVERYBODY! Im going to try it very soon. Will report back.

  46. It’s a new year and you guessed it. I want to stop taking kratom. I have been on kratom for 2 years now. I have kicked opiates and alcoholism. I have tried to quit this green powder before and I could not handle the wd. To me it’s worse than alchohol or opiate withdrawal. I get RLS and get it in my arms as well. Absolutely no motivation. I also get really sick and puke. I’m also very irritable and my wife wants to kill me. One of the problems I have is, really bad trigger finger. I have arthritis in both hands. And carpal tunnel in my left wrist. I should have mentioned that I started taking kratom for that pain. I was sober for 4 years before I started kratom. The pain sets in and I have a hard time doing my job. I have dropped down from about 25grams a day to 3 grams a day no problem, as long as I’m busy. I’m going to give it another shot. I’m going to go as long as I can without and take a shot when it gets to hard to deal with. Last time I tried to quit my wife and i decided that mabey I should just lower my dosage and stay on it for pain management. And that sounds good but I just want to be substance free now. I don’t like scheduling my life around taking a shot of kratom, it’s a pain in the ass. I will post again and let you know if my bright idea worked for me. And to all you people that have quit, keep up the good work I hope I can join that club pretty soon!

  47. Has anyone experienced Premature Ejaculation when withdrawing from Kratom? I’ve been off for 5 days t and experienced Premature Ejaculation and I researched it but there isn’t much info about kratom and this side effect. Thank you in advance.

  48. I just started taking kratom capsules 6 days ago. I am so sick! This should be illegal! I got off opiates and was looking for a “natural” pain reliever. Now I am really sick with withdrawals, and I only took it for 6 days!

  49. I wish I could go back and erase my previous post. I am on day 10 now and oddly enough, it has been my worst day. I feel like I did the first time I tried to quit. I am literally freaking out inside and wanting to take anything to make it go away. I just took a bunch of supplements and am praying for some peace soon. I am very tempted to take one dose of Kratom but I am afraid it will just prolong the misery, so I have not done so.
    The first week was not nearly as bad as I expected, so I thought this was going to be a walk in the park. I expected to be well over the withdrawal symptoms by now. This is actually the first day that the emotions are too much to handle. I feel intense anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, etc.
    I really wish I never would have messed with any drug again. I was clean for over 20 years and an accident got me on pain pills. I liked the peaceful feeling and found Kratom as a “natural” alternative. It was stupid and I horribly regret it! This really, really sucks. .

  50. I have had chronic pain, low pain threshold, and mental health issues since I was 12. I got my first script for pain meds for oral surgery when I was 12 and I took it longer than I should have then as per dr request but didn’t and then started drinking and making pot a little. Come 16, started experimenting, come 17-started lortab from my boyfriend to help with my excruciating pain abdominal pain. After that I figured out I loved that stuff bc I liked to drink but couldn’t handle my alcohol. I found my niche AND OPIOD CRISIS wasn’t a thing then that people knew about. When I found kratom 2 years ago, I thought found the answer!!! I googled it and found people saying it’s all natural and and legal then when i tried it I fell in love and built my tolerance up and up until I was spending 60 to 90 a day on so I starting taking pain pills again bc it was cheaper and then ended up at a suboxone clinic trying to get off those but suboxone was just my next addiction so I went to just a tiny sip a day of Opms liquid kratom I am am on day 9 of seeking treatment so I can get out of my environment. I can’t stop myself from going to the gas station less than a mile away from my home and blowing my money on kratom. They power of prayer and AA I almost at first 48 hours free of kratom. But I also took a Xanax yesterday late afternoon. I have same withdrawal symptoms I had from suboxone only way way worse mentally. My agitation, suicidal ideation, hysterical screaming break downs, self harm which is not something I have done in about 8 years, and mood swings worse than pregnancy. Add all that to regular classic opiate dt. Restless leg/pain , flu symptoms like runny nose which I did not have with suboxone withdrawal (runny nose). Hot cold hot cold child sweats skin hurts, hair hurts, migraines. Also I read recently that it takes 6-10 days to leave ur system but could take 90 days to get rid of brain pain:(. Don’t give up! It’s better than living hell on earth. I think it did help to cut down to 2 bottle and then 1 bottle and in an 15 minutes I will have 48 hours of kratom free under my belt. And it is easier this morning not to run to the store than it was yesterday and so on. Stay strong!!!! We all have to stick together!!! So much love to all the addicted to anything folks and their loved ones!

  51. I take kratom for chronic pain from a bad accident when I was young. It beats going to a pain clinic and dealing with them, cause they were a pain and every entity tracks your usage in a big database. But I found I had to quit because of the side affects – dry mouth, dizziness (powder form). First attempt lead to severe congestion which caused the CPAP to blow it to my ears, which lead to an ear infection. Two weeks later I decided to implement a plan B taper over a one month period as quitting cold turkey was not viable. I think I could have done it but it wasn’t an option without making things worse. So with this new approach I can feel myself bumping up against that wall of need some more but the taper (using weaker pill form) involves using it in the am and before I go to bed – easier to not think about it during the busy day. Let’s see how this goes. One other comment – kratom is an opiate I found just as powerful as morphine I had in the hospital. DEA will control it – just a matter of time 🙁 Personally I think anything in a raw plant state should not be controlled. Something made in the lab, derivatives, control them all you want. Good luck to all going through withdrawal, it’s ugly but that’s expected – no reflection on you. Live long, healthy, & happy.

  52. I have been using kratom for over 2 years now and I need to quit. When I do try and not take it I lose my mind I can’t really do anything that needs to get done. I can’t just stop taking it because I will lose my job due to the lack of motivation. I take enormous amount at a time at least2 times a day meanin about 20 grams at a time. And I also take like 8 grams randomly throughout the day day as I take the big main dose. I have to quit help me please

  53. Update:
    Day 5-7, Have not been much different than day four. Mood swings and difficulty getting to sleep without taking a Benzo. I started taking 1mg Etizolam each night and now I am down to 1/2 mg, the last two nights. I may take that amount one or two more days and then stop or go to 1/4.
    I thought, since quitting has not been very difficult this time, that after four or five days I would feel “normal” again. That is not the case. I don’t feel bad often. I just get waves of mood swings and anxiety, which I have to battle against by redirecting my thoughts and words. I feel the same as I did on the 7th day as I did on the third through the sixth. I think that after taking Kratom for over a year, every day, it is going to take a while to get used to living without it. I greatly miss the two times a day I would take Kratom, feel perfect, and get energy boost to get stuff done. I DON’t MISS all the in between hours of waiting for my next Kratom dose. I DON’T miss being a slave to Kratom.
    I have not had any diarrhea, flue like symptoms, etc. I still have a very small appetite. I just don’t want to eat. When I do eat, I get full very quickly.
    I mentioned taking supplements. I have no idea if they are helping but I am taking 5-htp (100mg per day), L-theanine (100mg), Ashwagandha (570mg), St. John’s Wort (150mg), Vitamin C (2000mg), Potassium (550mg), I assume they are helping somewhat.
    Someone gave me a small amount of very strong medicinal marijuana (1 gram). I don’t want to use anything, but I thought it would help at night. I have used it for three nights. It has helped but now I have the same addictive feeling toward it as I did the Kratom. For that reason I don’t suggest using it, if you can help it. It is so easy to trade one addiction for another one. That is how most people get addicted to Kratom in the first place. They are using it to get off of other, more harmful substances. I will run out of the mj in another day or two. I am glad. That is the last thing I want in my life. I was on medicinal mj for about 4 months one time and I way over did it. I quit cold turkey, and it was worse than quitting Kratom by far. It had less physical symptoms on the first few days, but much worse emotional symptoms for several months. Then again, it could simply have been my mindset at the time. MJ, to me, was horrible. It had its positives. It made me nice and friendly. I could enjoy music like never before. But the negative way outweighed the positives. It did take away the “cares of the world,” but what it really did is take away my motivation, ambition, short term memory, etc. I could not live without being high. I was a total slave.
    I was very addicted to everything as a teenager. Then I had over 20 years substance free. I did not even drink. Pain meds, from injuries, got me back into longing to be high again. It opened the door to a lot of stupid things that only damaged me. I am heading back to zero substances, besides a little coffee, and looking forward to living free again. Glad to be 7 days free from Kratom so far.

  54. I’m currently quoting kratom, I’ve been using 50-75grams a day, I took about 30/40 grams and then flushed what I had left, I’m and ex herion and meth addict, so I’m a little scared of what’s comin! I never seen it coming, being addicted to kratom, but being a former addict, it was inevitable I guess!! Thank god I have a brother that flew me to his house to help me through this process!! I know I can do it but I’m not looking forward to it lol! I’ve withdrawn from opiates many times and it’s the worse thing I’ve ever been through, hopefully this won’t be as intense! Wondering if alcohol will help ease the symptoms, or maybe some Ativans or a couple Xanax? Prayer will work above all!! I’m a Christian and I know God will give me the strength to get through it, like he did when I came off herion!

  55. I can relate to Larry. That is exactly how I felt when I tried to quit the first time. I began to feel like my life was worthless. I even wrote a letter to my family, thinking I may die soon. I even made a detailed report of all of our finances for my wife, so she could handle things when I am gone. It was possibly the lowest I have ever felt.

    Once again, the second time I am quitting is not even similar. I approached it with a lot of prayer and with a bright future outlook. Somehow I have kept the feeling of despair at bay. I truly believe it is my relationship with God that is making the difference. If I take God out of the equation, then I would say it is a strong positive outlook on the future that makes the difference. The way you feel about life in general will make an absolute world of difference as to what you experience when you stop staking Kratom. I believe that is why so many people say that exercise helps. It releases natural endorphins to help a person feel better. Quitting Kratom is not physically dangerous or extremely torturous, besides the normal torture of insomnia. It is just an emotional battle, learning to feel again without attempting to mask it.

  56. I took Kratom for about 14 months every day. I was up to 25 grams per day. I worked up to 25 and then started having a lot of side effects from over doing it. I would wake up sweating, major constipation, eyes twitching, etc. I backed off for about 4 days and it was like someone took all my desire to live away. I just laid in bed and watched TV for the most part. I got out a few times and it helped, but that took great determination. During that short break, I felt very empty, hopeless and depressed. I actually calmly and peacefully prayed to die. I do NOT blame this on the Kratom! I was in between jobs when I quit. I had no idea how the future was going to work out, and it looked extremely bleak. The CIRCUMSTANCES and environment in my life, at the time, had a huge impact. I know that because now I am quitting again. This time, I am on my fourth day with none. The only really bad symptom,is not being able to sleep because I have RLS in my arms. It does not effect my legs. I have taken a bunch of supplements and I am sure they are helping somewhat. A few times a day, I start to feel empty but I have a lot of good things going on now, so I just redirect my thoughts and I’m fine. I have used a mild benzo at night to help get some sleep. I usually toss and turn, do push ups, fling my arms around, etc, for about two to four hours a night and then finally fall asleep for a little while. The first night I slept about an hour, second about six and the third about six.
    I was terrified to quit Kratom because of all the horror stories I have read here, and what I experienced when I tried to quit the first time. I know this will irritate some people, but I don’t believe that Kratom is the main culprit when someone experiences “severe” withdrawals, especially for long periods of time. I think it has more to do with the emotional stability of a person, and what they have going for them in life. Using other substances also has major effects on how someone will feel.

    I understand why some people say quitting Kratom was not difficult and the withdraw symptoms were minor, compared to strong drugs. Others say it is an absolute nightmare. I experienced both. It had EVERYTHING to do with my own emotional state of being, and the conditions of my life,. Kratom simply helps mask concerns. Stopping Kratom simply unmasks the concerns. If those concerns are still there, they will be greatly magnified from the lack of energy, lethargy and lack of sleep. For that reason Kratom is a great herb to get through a temporary battle. BUT, it is not a magic powder that will make a depressed person happy for the rest of their lives.

    Detailed quit report this time, keeping in mind my life is going great now:

    Day One: Miserable, Strongly craving Kratom. Sweating off and on. Could not sleep that night. I fell asleep two or three times for less than an hour by taking Etizolam (Benzo). Mood swings. sudden feelings of sadness which lasted for only a few minutes, long enough to redirect my thoughts to trusting the Lord with my life. It was a miserable day

    Day Two: Mainly just felt lethargic. The strong, physical cravings to take Kratom were pretty much gone. The emotional desire to take it hit me a few times, but it was easy to say no. I got sick and tired of being a slave to this green powder. Very low appetite. I just ate a little a few times. Went to bed, took a benzo, tossed and turned for about three hours and then fell asleep for 6 or 7.

    Day Three: Identical to day two but a little more energy. I did a few projects around the house. It took a little effort to get motivated, but once I got moving, I could keep moving.

    Day Four: Missing the energy boost twice a day, I would get from Kratom. Still feeling lazy. Learning how to handle feelings without swallowing green powder to mask them.

    This may make someone mad, But this does remind me of suddenly quitting caffeine after heavy use, minus the migraines. I do believe it is true that Kratom is very close to the coffee plant. It is just a lot better and stronger, therefore a little more difficult to quit.

    For those terrified of going through heroine like withdrawals, curled up in a ball, shitting on themselves and having withdrawal symptoms for weeks, or months, at a time, you can STOP worrying. If that is the case, you need emotional help, not just to quit Kratom. You need to get healed on the inside and get moving forward in some way. If you have a positive outlook on life, quitting Kratom is just a few days of not feeling well. IT is NOT like a major flu, quitting prescription opiates, or anything that intense.

    Some people have done so many drugs that they have gotten their bodes all out of wack. When they quit Kratom they are simply experiencing how out of wack they are. Others are on antidepressants and other prescription meds that have a major effect on their feeling as well. Manipulating the bodies chemicals will cause an adjustment period when you stop. You just have to learn to not be high anymore and find your joy and strength in something else.

  57. I am currently going through Kratom withdrawals while my wife is on the verge of giving birth to my 2nd son. At a time I should be happy and proud I’m struggling to keep from crying. Intellectually I know that the suffering my wife is going through is completely natural and that the beautiful baby we get from it will be well worth it and will bring us years of joy. But the kratom withdraws and depression that comes with it has me thinking how worthless of a piece of crap I am for putting her through this, that I’m putting too much of a burden on her (I work out of town). Thoughts that her and the kids deserve better than me keep popping up in my head and that maybe they’d all be better off if I was gone. I know I’m a good father and and a good husband and that eventually this will pass but man this really sucks right now

  58. So on day 2 of clonidine/catapress a blood pressure pull that detox places give opiate addicts to kick this kratom. I kicked heroin using Suboxone, now nearly 10 years later addicted to kratom. W/d effects the same just a little more tolerable. If u know a Dr ask for that med clonidine for anxiety. Must be very careful bc it drops ur blood pressure and can only be taken every 8 hours. Use with the most caution n walk around often as you can. By morning it will be day 3. 7 days n ur in the clear. Only use that med about 4 days then only use if u feel any w/d after that.

  59. 9 months of use. 100 grams a day. Supper dose ing vitamin c along with cbd oil and a high doses of gabapentin are useful but stomach problems presest

  60. Try withdrawing from Big Pharmas anti anxiety solution, XANAX! Survive those withdrawals then tell us, not a “kratom” habbit.

  61. I check back from time to time to read posts here. I stopped Kratom in January of 2017 (you can see my posts back then), and I’ve never looked back. To all of you who have found this resource to figure out what is going on with your body when you tried to step away from the green monster, congratulations on finding it. You can either go cold turkey or you can taper. Both ways, you are going to pay a price for coming off. It’s hell, and I won’t sugar coat it- restless legs, flu-like symptoms, sleepless nights, sneezing, depression, moodiness, anxiety. I will tell you it’s been almost two years since I got off, and my life is amazing. I’ll never be a slave to it again. A friend of mine invited me to a Kava bar a few weeks ago. It’s the new up and coming way to socialize. They sell Kratom at this bar as well. I told my friend what I went through and begged him not to start using this stuff. He listened to me, but he was clueless. The general public thinks Kratom is like drinking coffee. It has a hell of a bite when you try to leave it. To all of you coming off, stay the course and you’ll get your life back. Don’t stay the course and it owns you. It’s hell while you’re going through it, but every day gets better and better. The physical symptoms go away in about two weeks, but it took me a while to come back emotionally. It was so worth it to stay the course, though. God speed to all of you. If I can do it you can too. If feels so good not to plan my day around dosing.

  62. Good to knows there is forum like this discussing about kratom withdrawal
    First of all, sorry for my english, since english is not my native language.

    Im from Indonesia, as you know Indonesia is one of kratom supplier, i can get 1 kilo of kratom only for USD 40. Its kind like i dont have to worry about supply of kratom and dont have to worry about financial problem for using kratom, since the price is quite cheap for me for whole 1 kilo.
    I start taking Kratom maybe around 1 year, but abuse of using kratom in last 7-8 months. 1 month before right now, using kratom still like paradise for me, it freed my emotion, pain relief and i become talkative. In last 3 months, i can take 5-6 full teaspoon of kratom per day, maybe around 30-40 grams per day in total. But in the last 2 month, i start to realize there is something wrong with me , when i take the last sip of my kratom in Friday, i dont have any stock, so i realize yeah maybe i just can buy it on next monday. But in 1 day i dont taking kratom, i start feeling like something wrong with my feeling, i dont if thats called anxiety, because i dont have any anxiety problem before. I feel like some upburst emotion, sadness, felt not good in emotion. So next day i start ordering another 1 kilo for my supply. Waiting for my supply like hell to me, when the kratoms arrived, i start taking it and …pooff..i felt normal . But in last month, my consumption in kratom went very abuse, when i take a sip of kratom, i just felt duration of effect only last 1-2 hours, so i decided to take another. Even if i felt like not needed, i take my kratom. At that moment, i become have sudden anxiety feeling, when it attacked me, i take my kratom, but again the feeling only last for like 1 -2 hours, i become taking a lot kratom in per day. The worst part is i feelt something wrong with my feeling, anxiety, depression, which i never felt before when i taking kratom in previous 6 month before.
    That is the start i felt there is something wrong with me, i think i need to stop, and then i try to find information regarding kratom bad effect and withdrawal, which is i never do in the past, only the good side of kratom that i always try to find and the effect of variaty strain of kraton.
    When i gathered information about kratom withdrawal, i felt doubt, but i need to change, i dont want have this kind of hell feeling inside me, it really bothers me a lot. Became very sensitive, little stress from work just like a snap in my feeling, my anxious start kicking.
    last Monday 26th November, i start taking my last kratom, even i still have a lot of suppky at home. I just felt, OK this is the last one, tomorrow i will try to cold turkey. Yes, i did it until now cold turkey, right now my 4th day.

    In te process of cold turkey, yes i felt very suffer , especially in day 1. I cant sleep in the first day, maybe only sleep for 1 hour, there was some strange sensation in my left arm, something like electrified or slice slowly my arm skin, the sensation come and go every like 2 minutes, so when i felt sleepy, those pain attack me, i wake up, and really cant continue my sleep because that pain. The anxiety attack also felt like hell.
    In next Wednesday , i try to went to meditation class that my friend as facilitator, i try the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is this technique i already tried to learnt it in youtube in last 2 weeks, when anxious feeling start to attack me, but i wanna try to learnt from person to person. Yes, it is giving good vibe in me, but not last longer, that wednesday night, my anxiety little bit gone, and hoping at that night i could sleep well, but not, same like yesterday,pain in the ass try to sleep, same pain in my arm, and now became worst, the sentation now both in my arms, maybe only 1 hour sleep at that night. The next day i decided it for medical seek, try to went to hospital that specialized handling people with substantive addiction, front office pointing me to see psychiatry first. When i meet psychiatry, i explain about my addiction to Kratom, and she doesnt have any clue about kratom, its something new for her, and its looks like she enthusiast listening to my story and explanations, it like im giving her new knowledge about there is new addictive substant called Kratom. She asked me to do urine test, i saw the urine test for several substant, i forget all of it, but on of it is opiate, but the result came out all of is negative, and she explained to me the urine test i took was using fast screening method and she asked me to do toxicology from my urine, maybe to get details of substant from urine, but the result will come in next week. I got prescriptions for some drugs, 1 of it is clozapine for my amnesia due to withdrawal of kratom. . In the night before my bedtime, i take the meds that the docstor gave. Yes, i can sleep for 1-2 hours, but i woke up, and at that night i felt the most terrible panic, anxious attack, i felt my heart beat slowly, i m having trouble breathing. My brain like told me im going to die having heart attack, i try to calm myself, sitting in the bed , trying to do the EFT process to myself to calm myself , but i dont know i slept in the middle of process of the EFT , and it miracle i woke up at 7 AM, and it means i can sleep for 6 hour after that terrible anxiety attack. In the morning, i realize maybe the prescription not fit to me, so i start to stop taking it, afraid i will having that attack again, so i prefer to try another cold turkey from my meds. And today, which is the 4th day , From morning until evening like 6 PM, the anxiety felt come and go. Sometimes came to me, and disappear and then appear again. When appear i do EFT, and it soothe , but maybe just for a moment. And which i realized, maybe this anxiety feeling relly came from chemical process from kratom withdrawal. And right now, when i create this note this anxiety feel disappear, im in calm right now. Just hoping this calm will continue for the rest of my life, no another anxety feeling in next morning, i hope the withdrawal process, especially anxiety already stop.
    I know, maybe still a long run from me to completely off from the kratom withdrawal, from this forum and another web told about kratom withdrawal usually last in 5-10 days, i really hope i can take it for the rest 5-6 days in cold turkey of kratom. And i really wish i will never touch any addictive substant into my life anymore.
    Good luck to all of you that in the process of kratom withdrawal, hoping all of you will have better life and completly clean from kratom or another addictive substant.

    Suggest from me you can try any meditation to soothe a little bit the anxiety attack , which is works for me battling the anxiety attack, at least when the attack come, you can counter it, even the attack that i know will come and go

  63. Been taking kratom for probably 3yrs. Initially I could only take a spoonful a day; I slowly worked my way up to more.I was traditionally taking a dry spoonful about every 2 hrs. from 8am to 8pm. Worked down to 5-6 spoons a day for a couple months now. Past 2 days I’ve taken 3 spoons. I tried getting away with taking 2spoons but the withdrawal was too much! Even 3 is tough! I am DYING for a spoonful right now! I’m probably gonna take a half for some energy. I hate this stuff! In the beginning, kratom was wonderful. Now I need it to feel normal. I hate kratom!

  64. Hang in there Bob – I got through it and your mind will heal again. Hit up the gym and make that your new addiction – enjoy health and love yourself always.

  65. So I’ve been using a potent extract of Kratom for about four years. I started it to help get off oxycodone. Well two months ago I lost my job. Two weeks after that my girlfriend of 5 years left me—she takes pills still, for back pain. Ive started withdrawing and I’ve never been more depressed in my life. Also the physical side effects suck terribly. I guess I feel like I don’t have anywhere to turn. My parents helped me get through opioid withdrawals three years ago. I just turned 37. Im almost 40 fucking years old and I have nothing to show for it except one failed relationship after another. The last 6 years have mostly been about me running from withdrawals. Idk. I guess there’s a lot of people out there like that—I was surprised how many years back these comments go. Isn’t it strange. So many people hurting the exact same way and you would never know it if you didn’t get online and read it for yourself. Anyway. I’m watching this horror show on Netflix just to escape from my own horror show of a life. There’s even a heroin addict character lol. I’m ready to be done with always worrying I’ve got my fix. It really puts a damper on the social life. I hope I can get through this. I got through opiate withdrawals by the skin of my teeth and this feels just like that. Just lost right now I guess. Wanted to tell somebody

  66. I know when I got off pain pills gabapentin worked the best it stop RLS the skin crawling anxiety depression I really went thru no withdraw thanks to the gabapentin I’ve only been on kratom for about 2 months now but I’m already starting to detox almost every 8 hours my muscle will start to ache feels just like withdraw from pain pills only getting about 6 hours of sleep do to RLS I’m only taking about 3 to 4 grams a thru out the day. I’m gonna try gabapentin and see how it works for detoxing off kratom. My lower back hurts all day so I’m use to being in pain it’s the mental emotional anxiety depression that’s the worst for me, it was getting off pain pills. Once I try using gabapentin to get off kratom I’ll come back and let you know if it worked or not.

  67. I had a 9.5 year addiction: Norcos for one year, oxycontin/opana/roxy for 1.5 years, suboxone for 6 years, and Kratom for the past year…i kept the entire thing a secret from my family and most friends by limiting my heavy use to time when I was alone or with aquantances and by holding down a well paying job after graduating college…I am what I guess theyd call a functioning addict and for that reason always talked myself into believing I cant go to a rehab because hardcore addicts would look down on my story, and that in order to get clean Ive have to take significant time off work; but prob more so just wanted to continued to justify using something every single day so I didnt have to stop. I use to read these blogs every single week looking for someone with a similar story that I could use as inspiration so hopefully this does the same for just one person right now. Im sure that plenty of people function fine on kratom and thats its a godsend if you dont have an opiate driven personality, just as you could plop a bag of coke down in front of me and I would throw it away because thats just not a feeling I seek or enjoy, everyones got their buzz of choice..anyways Over a long period of time as states in the first sentence I went down from oxy to subs to kratom in an effort to stop altogether but still was a slave every single day and night to needing to feel some sort of high resembling opiates. Well 17 days ago I said enough, enough of it all man, Im stopping… pain withdrawals and depression be damned, Ive wasted enough of my life to this BS and want to be a man of resolve, free from addiction, who isnt scared to even go on a vacation for fear of not having my stash. So yes, the first week sucked and even today I do not feel 100% yet…very tired, very lethargic, and sleeping maybe 3-4 hrs a night with plenty of RLS…but it did not suck anywhere as bad as getting off oxy and onto subs or off of subs and onto kratom, if thats any consolation. And while Im only 17 days in I cannot begin to describe how good it feels to not rely on always having something with me to feel well…all the aches anxiety and sleepless nights are SO SO SO worth it! I have a long way to go yet but even in my darkest days never had the urge to go 5 mins down the road and buy more kratom; I never want to feel to be dependent on a substance again and know that as strange as I feel today, every day I dont take anything is one day closer to getting back to normal for the first time in a decade and that is 100% worth it to me. I have so many things I want to accomplish in life and always felt this ball n chain weighing me down…I would say for any heavy users of kratom (1year straight+) expect the first week to not be too fun, but after that its mostly mental dealing with all this new found free time you have and not being able to sleep great.
    God bless, happy to f/u with more details if anyone is curious

  68. I have just ran out of my kratom supply and I won’t be getting home for 2 more days. I can’t find any where I’m at. Is there any safe alternative I can use till I get home?

  69. I have been using for 8 years and just going 4-5 hours is hell. Im to the point that my stomach puts me in the fetal position because of the pain. I have to quit. I used 60 g a day dosing 9 to 10 times a day and i was able to afford it and didn’t think anything of it until my stomach started kicking my ass. Any help short of rehab would be appreciated but I see now that it may be the only thing to save my life. Please help

  70. Do not quit cold turkey, there is an easy way to go here.
    You need to taper down, and here is the best way to do it:
    Start by gathering your daily dose and once you know the daily amount you take you need to divide it up. Buy gel caps to self administer, it’s easier to control exact amounts. For an example, lets say that you consume 50 capsules a day. Here would be the ratio and taper dosage to follow:
    Day 1: 16 in morning, 16 in the afternoon, 16 at night.
    Day 2: 16 in morning, 15 in afternoon, 16 at night.
    Day 3: 15 in morning, 14 in afternoon, 15 at night.
    Day 4: 14 in morning, 13 in afternoon, 14 at night.
    Day 5: 13 in morning, 12 in afternoon, 13 at night.
    Day 6: 12 in morning, 11 in afternoon, 12 at night.
    Day 7: 11 in morning, 10 in afternoon, 11 at night.
    Day 8: 10 in morning, 9 in afternoon, 10 at night.
    Day 9: 10 in morning, 15 in late afternoon
    Day 10: 9 in morning, 14 in late afternoon
    Day 11: 8 in morning, 13 in late afternoon
    Day 12: 8 in morning, 12 in late afternoon
    Day 13: 7 in morning, 12 in late afternoon
    Day 14: 6 in morning, 11 in late afternoon
    Day 15: 6 in morning, 10 in late afternoon
    Day 16-18: 5 in morning, 9 in late afternoon
    Day 19-21: 4 in morning, 7 in late afternoon
    Day 22-25: 3 in morning, 5 in late afternoon
    Day 26-29: 2 in morning, 3 in late afternoon
    Day 30-33: 4 in afternoon
    Day 34-37: 2 in afternoon
    Day 38-41: 1 in afternoon
    Day 42: Done!
    I know this seems long and tedious, but if you follow this schedule to the appropriate dosage you will do well, and not experience many if any noticeable withdrawal symptoms.
    This method is proven and it works. All you need is to stick to this, each day. Be patient and trust it
    All the best and good luck!

  71. I am 65 yrs old. I’ve been taking kratom for 6 months. More and more.i feel like it’s causing negative side effects. Please help.

  72. Hey, I am a recovering heroin addict that takes kratom. I quit heroin about 4 years ago and it was just like an extreme version of Kratom withdrawal. I haven’t been able to stop using the kratom for more than a day (I have a really addictive personality) but I could tell it was the same type of withdrawl and that’s the last thing I ever want to go through anymore. Kratom has helped so much but I can’t even go on dates without sneaking into the bathroom to take kratom. It gets in the way and I’m sick of relying on a substance but it’s been over 14 years I’ve been dependent on a substance. I’m worried it will be weeks before I am normal and I have to work. I don’t know how much kratom i take but it’s a lot. Like a good size tablespoon every 2 hours. I’m fucked ?

  73. I have nothing bad to say about kratom it safe my life i was bad on heroin then i got subutex wich is the same poison couldent get off it then my friend who had gone thru the same told me about kratom i been a year clean even help me with driking o dont drink no more i work out every day best shape of my life abd i drink about 30 g a day i havent stop but latley i been thinking about how i would feel bit i think ib the weekend come around ill give it a try

  74. Updated:

    So I just found out I was wrong about how much I was taking…. Turns out I consumed 110 grams a day for 6 months and some days that peeked 120 grams. Im shocked now how much I was taking! No wonder I was a wreak and a complete mess mentally and physically. This is why my withdrawals were so terrible to the point of physical and mental collapse.

  75. Yeah. I think the amount does matter. You’ve only been doing a gram a day for 9 days. Thats not very much kratom and the amount of time is not very long. You may have very minor withdrawals if any at all. Mostly psychological. You may miss the feeling you got with the kratom for a day or two. I doubt if you would have any noticeable physical symptoms.

  76. Hi, ive been taking roughly 1 gram of kratom a day (1/2 g in the morning & half g at night) for the last 9 days. Does the amount of kratom taken effect the severity of the withdrawals? would i experience the same wd’s as someone taking more grams at one but for the same 9 days?

  77. From a person who abused this plant.

    I am Kratom free and let me tell you — if your struggling with this drug there is hope even if you are thrown away at your worst. I was taking 40 – 50 grams a day morning – afternoon – evening – bedtime. It got so bad Kratom stopped working for me, it only made me feel normal for a few hours then once I was tired I took it again and again and again to the point I was becoming lost in my own nightmare – I was numb in my mind for a year and could not defend myself or my emotions, my anxiety and irritability got the worst of me – so I broke down and stopped cold and the nightmare started for me. Convulsions – anger – confusion – fear – lost – my whole world I felt around me came crashing down from numbing my emotions for so long, it was like my brain was lighting up again and everything that happened in the past that was done wrong to me or how I acted broke me into pieces.

    I lost 9 pounds within the first 4 days, I could not eat and threw up relentlessly.. Could not sleep for over a week until my body gave out and collapsed on the floor. I was so angry with Kratom and my addiction, but when this moment happened there was nobody around, not even those who I cared for.

    Because of this I wanted to just keep going and say to myself “whatever rather be numb again” so I drove to the store to buy more and almost took 20 grams, but i threw it away on the ground and went to a local Church and pleaded for help. Pastor there comforted me when I felt so alone and told me to keep fighting as your broken hart and mind will heal again.

    Now my mind no longer feels numb or washed away by the use of Kratom – I still stand alone, but my worth for who I am is stronger than ever before. My life matters and being numb is no longer an option…

    Kratom abuse was slow – but with every moment I was lost, angry, felt used, confused or worried I demanded to numb these emotions – so I could “live”. Worst moment of my life was this addiction that almost ruined me.

    I wanted to add one more thing…

    My weight came back on a few days ago back to my normal weight 205. People noticed my eyes looked brighter and my facial features looked alive. They asked me if I got good sleep and I said “Yeah I slept well”

    My power in the gym has increased 30-40% in the bench press – Squats – standing military press – deadlifts. At times I can not get over how strong im becoming with such speed.

    I still feel a bit sick from time to time and lonely – but its okay I know im a good person who fell hard for a time, but this change in my life has made me stronger than ever before.

  78. Yeas, kratom is a strong drug and doing it every day will cause you problems. You can do it for months – buit then when you want to get off, for whatever reason, it can be very hard. If you find it good as a replacement for stronger opiates … fair enough. But, when you want to quit it can be hard. ]
    I like the effect of kratom – it’s exactly how I want to feel. I’ve drifted on and off it for several years. I try really hard not to do it every day. If you build up a tolerance and a dependence it can be very hard to quit. It’s much tougher than quitting alcohol for instance.
    I don’t really want to talk about my own situation – except to say that I’ve been on and off many substances for a long time and kratom is a hard one. Just don’t do it every day.
    If you want to get off – then get some stem and vein. Taper it down slowly and then jump off. You’ll have a few bad days, not many. But then think about the freedom that results, it’s worth it.

  79. I think that kratom can be a fantastic alternative to opiates. However, anyone that is taking antidepressants should never I repeat never take Kratom. Serotonin syndrome will leave you feeling wobbly jerky anxious and weird and inevitably crazy. There’s so much work to be done of the antidepressant field. Just do not mix the two. I’ve lost two jobs in 10 months. I took red vein crate him because of pain after two hip surgeries. And yes it was so helpful. . After certain amount of time however it made me paranoid and weird so I lost my job anyway. If you have the luxury of staying at home and taking red kratom for your pain then I think it’s a good thing. But if you’re a regular person and you have to rely on yourself along you don’t have the luxury to experiment with this crap. Is it great short term answer to getting off of opiates. However it is serious it is a drug it will mess your life up

  80. I started taking kratom 6 years ago as a alternative to Percocet that I had been on for 10 years because of back and neck pain I used to go thrue withdraws all the time from the pills I have run out of kratom several times sometimes for more than a Week and never had a withdraw and I take a very strong extract I go thrue withdraws from zertec d so I don’t get how people go thrue withdraws from kratom

  81. It has not been a swift divorce from this drug for me. I’m a red head, I’m SURE this is a factor. Also, was taking about an oz a day for four years… not a swift divorce from any opiate like substance at that rate but I’m on day… I’ve lost count after month 4 (help me out mathaleets!) My energy is finally finding its footing, my back pains are worse (I think I pulled something during initial withdrawals) but I’m going to my 60th doctors visit soon (thank you Medicaid) this drug has bankrupted me body soul and mind. I’ve done loads of drugs, more than my fair share. This one is the worst! If you’re an addict at heart (you know who you are) stay away… just do yourself the favor. Also good on you all for looking into the experience of others. Bc with this one… no one has good documentation. I think it begins right here

  82. Hi, I started taking Kratom over a year ago. To get off suboxone. I was on Suboxone to get off pain opioids from years of pain meds. I have Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid arthritis and the beginning stages of Lupus. So Im always in pain. The kratom helps nut I don’t like the idea of being addicted to something anymore.

  83. I took massive quantities of kratom for 3 years… When I started taking it there was very little information out there about it.. I was a skeptic but still didn’t want to put a substance in my body i didn’t know anything about so I did a lot of digging into it… I came to the conclusion it was worth a shot, I mean how harmful can a natural substance be? If it was bad it’d be illegal right? It all started when I had developed an issue with my legs hurting all the time once I started working two jobs… Saw numerous doctors and none could figure out what was going on but each of them were throwing pills at me… I was terrified of becoming addicted and wasnt confident in taking meds that doctors were prescribing despite the fact they had no diagnosis… It seemed like their Hail Mary attempt to get rid of me.. When a buddy reccomended kratom is when I started the research.. It is amazing to me now that people were actually comparing it to caffeine withdrawal when you get off of it.. I started taking it and it worked for EVERYTHING!! It didn’t take long before I started needing more pet dose and very soon before I ever tried to quit i had realized I made a very serious mistake.. I’d be woken up 2 times a night some nights by restless legs and would have to dose again within the first year of taking it.. Then I tried to quit.. HELL ON EARTH!! I never got past 24 hours because of the restless legs.. That’s what broke me everytime.. I tried everything.. For two years I was on a mission to quit… I weaned down as far as I could.. Then tried cold Turkey.. FAIL.. Tried to knock myself out with sleeping pills at hour 24 the next time.. I fell asleep for 30 minutes then woke up with restless legs and hands… It felt like my hands were trying to vibrate off of my body.. FAIL.. Then I tried all the home remedies… FAIL.. Tried three different methods of stem and vein use… ALL FAILED… The biggest problem for me was being home… I couldn’t rationalize sitting on the couch suffering while my family was watching and wanting me to feel good so I can play and be happy all while 5 feet away from me was the instant cure… I knew I had to remove myself from my comfort zone and away from the substance and put myself somewhere I could focus on just fighting this fight.. I checked into a rehab.. I refused the suboxone they tried to give and everything else besides sleeping pills and vitamins… The first day I sat outside literally all day in the burning hot sun… It was the only thing that helped with the hot / cold really irritating skin sensations.. Then at night I took sleeping pills, melatonin and benadryl.. I spent probably 4 hours throughout the night in the hot shower… That’s the only thing ive ever found that helps RLS.. That first 24 hours was by far the worst, I was in worse shape than the people who came in to get off of heroin.. Granted, they were taking suboxone at hour 24 and everybody insisted I take it but I promised my wife id be home asap and knew suboxone was just going to prolong the inevitable… Day two I sat in the sun all day again, I felt better physically, not as tired, not as sick feeling.. Still, the skin sensations were maddening.. The second night I took their sleeping meds and melatonin… The different nurse knew what I was doing when I asked for benadryl and refused to give it to me unless I could show her a rash… The RLS was nothing like it had been that night, but all the other guys and their insane snoring kept me up all night.. As soon as I fell asleep a nurse decided it was a good time to get my vitals… So sleep was impossible.. Once I finally got up I felt like a million bucks… I spent 48 hours dying from the time I arrived to the time I decided I was r ese Andy to go home.. It was like the flick of a switch and I felt much better… That morning I checked out and went home.. The next week was a slow progression.. I felt very drained and weak, walked a block with my wife and had to sit and rest.. That type of drained.. But in general the physical symptoms had subsided. Sleep was difficult but manageable with ibuprofen PM… PAWS didn’t occur until about 2 months after the initial withdrawals.. Since then it has come and gone with different symptoms and severities.. In the end I made it and it’s still a fight 4 months later at times it’s really hard to stay strong through the symptoms of PAWS but i know what the alternative is…. You literally become a slave to the plant… The first time I got behind the wheel of my car to go to the mountains after I left detox I actually got teared up and emotional just realizing it’s been so long since I could go anywhere without considering “do i need to take some with me, will i be back in time, what if I get caught in traffic”? It was a very liberating realization…

    One thing will not work for everybody.. Some people wean well but others don’t have the control…. Some people don’t mind not sleeping whereas others cannot function without at least 8 hours every night… Kratom withdrawal is a real thing that has a symptom that will bring everybody to their knees whether it’s the RLS, insomnia, hot cold flashes, diarrhea, or depression… Its an uphill battle and it seems hopeless.. I spent 2 years fighting it but was determined to quit.. All the hours I spent going through withdrawals just to fail I could’ve quit 10x… But I didn’t quit trying and I learned 100 methods that don’t work for me.. It’s a fight worth fighting and if you’re trying to quit you have your reasons and just be laser focused on that reason, keep your mind occupied and push like hell… Sometimes you can’t just get through a hard time one day at a time… You have to just get through the day one hour, one minute sometimes one second at a time…. Anybody struggling with this fight, my heart goes out to you, and don’t let anybody tell you kratom withdrawal is easy or is nothing because it’s a very real torture and it’s enough to take you to the darkest places in your mind…. Fight like hell, stay focused, and just do what makes you least uncomfortable while you’re going through it… There is a light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes you just haven’t reached a place dark enough to see that light.. Good luck to all and keep positive! You’re not alone..

  84. hi evryone it is not easy to beat Kratom withdrawal .
    But you must do something before it catch you .
    i been using for 4 and years everyday , every 2-3 hours i would take a shot of brew kratom .
    But here i am i made it and it is a true story . i am from malaysia . the kratom is very cheap and easy to get , almost everywhere can be found .

    When i was detox from it , i suffered for 2 weeks , i cant sleep excatly 7 days . not even 1 hour at that time . But i made it .

    i thought i was gonna die trying . But nope , i beat it ..

    feel free to ask me anything .

  85. At a high output level. Started with caps and made my way to powder because of the marginally better price. The best I can figure I was up approx 40grms/ day. I don’t know because I would just scope some into a bottle mix in some prework out powder or recover powder and slop it down.within the last month or so I would need doses in the middle of the night to return to sleep. Last week I started to have physical problems. Blurred vision and nausea especially when I was running around with my kids. I have three young ones. So anyway, five days ago I ran out and started to notice the w/d systems almost immediately. By 10am I had resupplied and made the decesion to go down to 15gms a day. And left for a short work trip for two days. Bringing only enough for 2 days at 15gms per. This time caps to monitor consumption. Had the symptoms immediately. Emotional, temperature control, rls, loose movements. During those first 3 days I took just enough to work and child care…..saving as much as possible for nighttime to enable sleep. Day 4…..I had 10 days off from work and decided to tell my wife. On day 4 I had only taken 2.5 gms. So emotional when I broke the news to her….she was very supportive. Not even knowing what Kratom was. Also made the decision to contact a medical professional. I had come up with a taper regiment for a month. Had the caps in baggies for each days supply. Decided then and there to go cold turkey. I operate heavy machinery and need to be drug free for various reasons. That was about approximately 40 hours ago. Gave her all I had left and made an appointment the next day. I haven’t had a satisfying dose in approximately 56 hrs and a small amount at that 40 hour mark. The nights have been the worse. Insomnia combined restless legs has been very debilitating. During days haven’t been as bad. I have kept busy during daytime. I originally thought going cold turkey I might have to check into hotel for 3 days and have it out. I know think having nothing to do while breaking the physical addiction would be much more difficult. The nights have gone on for ever.. the first 4 with the drastic taper and the last 2 with nothing….with the rest of the household asleep. Activity during the day has kept my mind off of the physical impairments. Having been taking Imodium, vitamins, valerian root, and otc tylonel pm with melatonin at night. All suggestions I read here. Am unsure if any of those have helped. Sleep aids have not put me to sleep. Think I may be putting in additional chemicals in with no visible benefits. I want sleep badly. RLS have been too much or doze off. Hot showers and baths have helped. That 1st night I took maybe 3 showers and a bath. The last 2 days violent sneezing has occurred(new w/d symptom for me). Last night I tried a electric blanket for my legs….with minimal to no effect. I’ll keep updating. Good day and go for it. It has been manageable

  86. Like a champ. Within 6 months I was @ around 40gs/day. Don’t really know because I threw a big scoop or 2 with a gnc type sports drink. Like a preworkout or post workout to mask the flavor. Awesome workouts. I finally realized I was going down the wrong path this past week because of nausea/vision issues and inability to sleep through the night without dosing. I ran out on a Sunday morning. Finally got some around 10am. Decided to buy in the capsule form, to better manage The amount I took. Decided to go with 15grms/day. Which is almost a third of last guessed intake level. I don’t really know because Id just scoop it in and throw it back. Started to withdraw almost immediately taking a couple grams here and there in order to preform at work when needed and then saved 6/8 gems at night to allow my to sleep. First 3 days I did this. On day day 4 made the big leap to tell my wife my problem and get prefissional medical assistance. She was fantastically supportive. Knowing that I had 10days off of work we made the decision to give it up and go for it. I gave what I had left to her. The withdrawal has not been fun. Extremely tired and unable to sleep. RLS every time I lay down. Currently 36 hours from my last dose(2.5gr,s) and abou 50 hours from an amount that would “feel normal” for me…….sleep came fitfully from 4-6 and not much but it came. ?. That’s the biggest thing right now. sleep so my body can repair itself. My kids are up running around….I’ll continue this the next night while I battle my self.

  87. My turn. The best I can figure out I have been awake for 48 hours. Excuse my mistakes please. It’s 345. I.have read all the way through going back to 2012. I thank those that have shared experiences. I went hard and heavy with th we Kratom…Started about 6 months ago and was almost instantaneously I was was hooked. I had a small tear in my meniscus. Kratom allowed me to exercise

  88. I took Kratom for 3 years. I would use 2/3 teaspoon maybe a little more, put it in 2/3 cup of orange juice 5 times a day. I just stopped taking it 2 1/2 weeks ago. Can’t sleep more than 2 hours a night. My legs sometimes jump so bad I think the nerves are coming out of my body. Sometimes my muscles feel like they’re coming in knots and I could punch my legs to death. Can you give me an idea of what I can do? Right now I use CB oDus Oil and also 1/2 of a pill called ALPRAZolam 0.5 MG. Your help and suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  89. When I quit a 25 gram per day habit 2 years ago, I used stem and vein kratom. It resets your receptors. The cure is in the plant. I had very, very minor withdrawal symptoms, that I think were mostly mental. If you can find stem and vein, that is the way to go. I have posted about it here several times, but no one seems to believe me that it works so well. Its like talking to a wall. It seems to me that you all just like to suffer needlessly, rather than give something a try. Good luck, it does eventually end, as all things do. If anyone would like to know how I did it, I will try and remember exactly how I mixed the stem and vein in and gradually quit over a 1 week period.

  90. I used Opiates after I was in a head-on car accident and broke my spine in several places. Being of an addictive personality, I knew to keep my pill use down and be aware of the pain, not mask it. Being from a family of doctors and health-care professionals… I listened.. thought I was doing all the right things… When I started teaching full time my pain came back hard. My father have me samples of “Ultram” (tramadol). It had just come out and was “non-addictive”… Well 25 years later and I have been through it all! Tramadol led to strong Opiates that led to speed and so on. So after a few years of pure hell trying rehabs, meetings, and different things to get off of other things… I felt destitute… I had horrible anxiety and pain and depression. When I tried Kratom it seemed like a dream come true for someone like me. I got back my joy, my peace of mind, my life! I could buy it in the next town over w/out going through any shady people or shame or anything! I could work and my brain seemed to work! Now it has been a year and I am aware of the fact that nothing from. The outside is going to fix the inside and I am just as sick as ever. My muscles ache, my sex life sucks and I am spending too much money. I’m so afraid of giving up this little love affair with Kratom but I know it’s time. My health not to mention, my spirit, is suffering. How do I begin? Should I taper off…how and what dose. I go through around 250mg a week or less.

  91. I was introduced to Kratom in 2015 because of my dependency on my prescribed Norco, I stopped taking that and when my withdrawal started so a friend gave me Kratom to help with those symptoms, and it did help. So I started taking it regularly thinking it was better for pain management. I took it for about 6 months and wanted to quit, I had some withdrawal symptoms like restless legs insomnia, anxiety but it wasn’t bad I got through without too much discomfort. I was off of it for a year. I made the mistake of starting it back up again last October. I wish I would have never said eyes on Kratom now. I tried to stop taking it a couple of weeks ago. The first couple of days were manageable, but day 3 came and symptoms were unbearable. My skin crawled, and muscle ached and twitched, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t relax at all. The worst part was my head, it felt like my brain was mush and raw, the anxiety was a nightmare. I couldn’t take it so I got some Norco from a friend until I was able to get more Kratom. I am now going to start weining off hopefully I will have success with that. I want off of it so bad. I want my life back.

  92. I am on day 6. The first three days were terrible but not as brutal as an opioid withdrawal which I overcame 4 years ago. RLS is preventing me from a full night of sleep. I have probably totaled 4 or 6 hours of total sleep. I had terrible RLS last night and wasn’t able to sleep. I do remember having RLS the last opioid withdrawal and not sleeping for 7 days. My RLS never really went away. I was clean for 3years until I discovered Kratom as a miracle drug to help with RLS. Yes it did appear as a miracle and eliminated my RLS. Unfortunately I started taking more and more and became addicted. I ended up using for a whole year using 40 grams a day towards the end. I did cold turkey. I am So exhausted. Has anyone had luck with non narcotic remedy for RLS? I have tried Magnesium but that doesn’t really seem to do much of anything

  93. @Kaylee and Kevin: Guys, you can do this. Read my posts above about 5-10 comments up. It is doable. I quit cold turkey and this is day 21 clean and sober. I feel great. I thought the diarrhea and nausea wouldnt end, but it did in a few days. I thought the insomnia wouldn’t end, but it did. Even though it went on for 2 weeks. I thought I couldn’t do it, but I have (so far), but I won’t go back to K. Its not worth it. You have to embrace the suck. I didnt use supplements or drugs to get through it. They don’t help anyway in my opinion. Just embrace the suck and go for it. Write down your reasons for wanting to quit. Here is mine: “I want to stay sober from kratom because…I am spiritually dead, always sick, waste of money and time, it ruins sex and marriage and the lies!!” You got this, you can do it!! It is way better on the other side!!!

  94. If you read through this page you will find numerous strategies for coming off kratom. Some advise a very slow taper (ie reducing the amount of k you do very gradually).
    I used stem & vein for a short while and then jumped off. I’m 16 days clean and feeling much, much better. I’m sleeping and eating well. The first few days were a little rocky – but the feeling of being free now is almost euphoric.
    So – my view is …. through this page, get some professional medical advice if you deem it neccessary and then, when you decide to come off, make sure you have some support (friends, family). Take your mind off WDs by getting engaged with other activities. Going to the cinema is good, hot baths, try to eat well, going for long walks. You can get off k …. it’s really not that bad (I’ve done it 3 times).

  95. I really want to quit using opms gold but I don’t want to face the symthoms that comes with it . But I want know the easy way to quit so where will not hurt alot ..
    What should I do now because I take 2 to 3 packs of opms gold a day…
    Please be honest with me and give me the easiest way to do this…

  96. Seriously Wanting to get off of kratom. I live in Texas and take 8 pills of the mean green kk about twice a day and this is after I have cut down. I have been taking it for close to 4 months now and I find it extremely hard to just stop taking it. I’ve let my addiction take over me once again. This is not the first time I’ve tried to quit. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get through it? Medications that could help ease it? Idk how to taper either

  97. I was on this page in 2016 when I managed to come off a six month kratom habit (after the previous nearly 6 years on codeine). I was successful and managed to have a good 2017. No problems. This year has brought more uncertainty and strife…. so I relapsed back onto k in May 2018. Depressive thoughts brought me back. I still had some in the house, which was stupid.

    Anyway – after 4 months of daily use, 9 – 15g, I really wanted to get off again. It wasn’t really doing it for me anymore. I tapered for a while with stem & vein. Then I jumped off last Thursday 6th (it’s Friday 14th today). On one level it hasn’t been too bad, although I would say worse than my 2016 WD.

    I sleep very badly. An hour at a time. I ache all over. My thoughts are quite depressed. I have no energy. If I force myself to do some chore then I do feel better – but it’s a struggle. I’m just waiting …. waiting ….. waiting to feel better. A couple of days ago I thought “great, I’m coming out of it” … but today almost feels like the first day again. I’m hoping for just a few more days and then …. out.

    I love the initial effect of k. If I could keep it to once a week I would be happy. I suppose I don;t have that will power. I’ve given up drinking, smoking, codeine, kratom…. and other things I won;t bore you with. I suppose that’s some sort of achievement.

  98. I do 16 grams a drink and have 2-3 drinks a day. I have been using everyday for 3 months. Today is day 1.5 cold turkey. I have running nose, sweats, and no energy making work unbearable, insomnia even though I’m drained and exhausted, but by fat the worst part is the restless legs. Someone mentioned to me to wein myself off and I’m curious if that really works. Also I’m curious if you can travel via airplane with an unopened bag of kratom. I’ll tell you reading these testimonies sure made me sicker.

  99. Thank you, that was very helpful. I feel the need to share my experience, especially now that I am committed to detoxing off of Kratom. I have 8 years free from heroin and methadone. This last may I walked into a headshot and out of curiousity purchased a bag of Kratom. I loved the way it made me feel, happy and energetic. It’s September now And I’ve been taking it daily at very high does…most days I take at least 30g, of Kratom….some days up to 45gs. I have tried quitting before with no luck. I could somewhat deal with the physical uncomfortability, but the emotional distress I felt was Unreal. So here I am giving it a go at tapering myself down. Day 2. I took only 20 grams yesterday and so far have only taken 10 grams today. I’m tired of feeling dependent on this drug and hope that I’m able to just taper myself down. I’ve got so much going on in life that I can’t just do it cold turkey. I just noticed that the depression and anxiety from coming down off of that is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Well thanks for letting me share.

  100. @Michael How was it coming off K? I imagine you would have gotten lingering withdrawals from the subs, not from the K since short use of that. Subs have long half lives so I imagine you might have gotten withdrawals? @Angie, how are you doing?

  101. @MarkStar how are you doing? We’re on the same day.
    @Mike how are you doing? Still clean? What day are you on? I didn’t use weed or anything, honestly alcohol sounds awful during withdrawals, but if it worked for you, great!

  102. Markstar, you still there? We are on the same schedule. So I read every single post since this started in 2012. It took me the past 3 days to do it. So many great thoughts and advice and support. And some dumbass ones too – you did this to yourself! Yeah we know that. I hope what I have to say will help someone, anyone. And I hope all of the people who have commented on this blog got the help and support you needed and are now clean of kratom. I will describe the withdrawal I have been going through and also give some of my thoughts on using supplements, prescribed meds, and my thoughts on tapering. Today is day 6. I used for years. I took 60-80 grams a day Bali capsules. That’s swallowing 120 caps up to 160 caps a day throughout the day in 20-40 caps at a time. Toss n wash was just too gross for me and making tea meant everyone around me would see it and I kept this a secret. Okay, so day 1 was depressing, lethargic and nauseous. Everything seemed bleak and awful. RLS that night but still managed to sleep 6 hrs or so. Day 2 got worse. Every symptom mentioned on this board, i had. Almost unmanageable. Diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, sweating, freezing, sneezing, runny nose, aching all over, had to lay down most the time while wanting to jump out of my skin at the same time. Feeling like crying. Day 3 hell on earth. This was the worst day. Nausea nausea nausea. Still diarrhea but no more vomiting from here on out, except even up til now i have to force myself to eat because NOTHING sounds good. Day 3 was the worst. That night no sleep at all. The next night on day 4 I would get one hour of sleep. In the first 96 hours I got maybe 4-6 hrs of sleep combined. You simply must take work off. I took a week off work. I go back Monday in 2 days and I think I’ll be okay. It gets easier, even if just slightly easier after day 3. Still horrible on days 4, 5, and 6, but easier each day since day 3. Tossing and turning every night, all night praying for just 2 or 3 hrs of sleep. I read somewhere on here or somewhere the best advice (for me): Embrace the suck. Just know what’s coming and accept it. When you feel like sandbags are on your ankles and you can barely walk, think Check. I knew that would happen. When you have restless legs and arms and want to scream in agony, think insomnia, check. When your eyes water while you yawn and you have to keep wiping them, think check. Even if you cant eat (like me) and feel extremely nauseous for days on end, think check. I knew nausea might come. Well today and a little yesterday pooping is almost back to normal. Nausea is at a minimum and doesn’t bother me much today. Last night I got 4 hrs sleep. Basicallly, its getting better. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Just embrace the suck! If you don’t get every symptom known to kratom withdrawal, thank your lucky stars. If you get them all in extreme like I have, just embrace it and realize it will pass. Today is almost easy and completely manageable on day 6. I got this now. I might have a few symptoms for a while, may only sleep a few hours at night for a while or whatever, but kratom is behind me now and I got this. And you can too! Please, anyone reading this, if you have not tried kratom, stay away from it! Throw it away! If you’ve used for a short time, stop now!!!!! Dump the rest and quit!! It will ruin your life. I couldn’t climax with my wife, my finances are drained, I was lying all the time on where i was going or what I was doing. I was spiritually dead. I am just starting to feel human again. I want to be there for my wife and kids. If you’re on kratom, don’t fool yourself. It doesn’t make you better it makes you worse, turns you into a zombie. You are missing out with your spouse and kids. I know I have for a long time. As for supplements. I didn’t take any. Except for melatonin, which didn’t work anyway. To each their own, but I have withdrawaled from Poppy Seed Tea before and used tons of supplements like magnesium, L theanine, etc etc and I thought it changed nothing. It was hell on earth. Kratom was a close second. I’d say I met Satan himself getting off PST, but I also met him on day 3 this past week. Addiction sucks. And the devil laughs. I went to hell and back then and I did it again now. Though I have been thru some kind of opiate withdrawal so many times I cant count. In between doses or trying to quit and making it to day 1 or 2. This time its different. I leveled with my wife. Told her everything. Gave myself no way to get any. I only carry a debit card and I provide receipts of all purchases. As for prescribed meds. If you use those, ambien, Xanax, clonopin, etc. then that’s okay for you. Like with the other natural supplements, I didn’t want to go spend a lot of money on a bunch of crap that may or may not be doing anything. Plus your body is trying to produce all of this stuff on its own now without the kratom. Like the brain chemical that puts you to sleep. My body is just starting to have that working again if only at 10% right now. It will return to normal and if you pump other supplements and meds into your system on top of your body trying to restart these chemicals on their own in your body, you are stunting and drawing out the process. All I’ve taken is ibuprofen a couple times. I didn’t want to spend money on supplements which for me didn’t work anyway in the past, and even if they did they may have made that withdrawal maybe 1% easier if at all. I also didn’t want to spend money on a doctor and meds that are probably prolonging my body from producing all its natural chemicals by itself. As for tapering, not for me. I binge on kratom and I had tried to taper over and over with no luck. With K in my possession, the minute i don’t feel well, I’m gulping it down again. So for those of you that have the will power to taper, that’s great. Like someone else said, to me its like pulling the bandaid off slowly and painfully. I’d rather just rip it off and embrace the SUCK. And get it over with. I am also going to a 12 step meeting once a week. Praying to God. I just got so SICK of this stuff like everyone else on here. My empty soul, bank account, sucky sex life – yeah kratom and all other opiates in excess will kill your sex drive and even prevent climax. Awful. My lies. Everything. I am getting my life back. I pray for all of you. Do it your way or do it my way, but either way do it! If you fail and relapse over and over, stick with it. Eventually you will get through it. So many on here have helped me. Dustin, Jax, Ana who lost her son. So so many others whose names I’ve forgotten. Thank you all. You have given me hope. And I pray I can give someone hope and courage. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Embrace the suck and just muscle your way through it! For yourself, your family, find a reason. Mine was for my wife and kids, and of course myself to stop being a shell of my real self. Hang in there and keep going til you get off kratom and leave that life behind! God bless you all!

    Also, I will keep you posted in the coming days how things are going. Right now I’m 75% or more back to my old self. My personality is coming back. I’m not lying anymore or spending on K. I prob spent upwards of between 6k to 10k on the stuff. I am feeling okay, totally manageable by day 6. It has been hell getting here. You think it will never end on day 3. Take care and I’ll post in a couple days.

    Other random thoughts: I don’t know how any of you could exercise this first week. I keep seeing that advice. I think I’m just getting where I probably could start now. But this has been DEBILITATING. All I could do the past 6 days is binge watch Netflix feeling like absolute shit and wanting to die. If i am walking at all, I have to sit or I’m afraid I will collapse. If you can exercise, more power to you. I couldn’t. Especially with the nausea that is just easing up today. And I mean severe nausea. Crippling nausea. I’m just getting out of that nausea phase. I’m actually looking forward to dinner right now. Most of this week I have been force feeding myself. Also, I remember the first few days as being really harsh. My stubble on my face felt rough, my teeth like they were made of glass. Sweaty palms and feet. Hypersensitive smell that makes everything smell gross, even laundry detergent on my bed sheets were grossing me out. I even smelled a weird chemical smell on my skin and face around day 4. Also people say to take hot showers or hot baths. When I am in withdrawal I hate water! Hot, Luke warm or cold. I hate it all. I cringe in any water be it the shower or just washing my hands. So i have had to force myself to shower just like with eating.

    And to everyone that has said kratom withdrawal is on the level of nicotine, etc. Nope, it is on the level of opiates. Plus as has been said on here, there are antidepressants and anti anxiety stuff in kratom so you are withdrawaling from at least 3 things at once. I quit Poppy Seed Tea cold turkey and it was like going to hell and meeting the devil. Because it has morphine and codeine in it with long half lives. Kratom is a very close second. Not if you’ve been on K for only a few weeks, but let it go a few months or a year and it is hell. And each time will be worse than the last because we keep frying our opiate receptors in our brains. So take caution and quit or don’t start kratom. You have been warned! It effects your opiate receptors among other receptors and quitting has been on the level of quitting a massive opiate habit. I went back to hell this week and met the devil again. First with PST, then this time with K. If PST withdrawal was a 10, K is a 9.5.

  103. I’m on day 3 or 4 of WD, depending how you look at it. It’s Thursday and the last time I had a dose was Monday morning. WD symptoms were underway by afternoon. I’ve been wanting to quit this stuff for a long time and have been taking it several years, progressively heavier over time. For the past year or two I would take about 20 capsules 4 -5 times a day, starting with before work. I could work on it but not really well since I was somewhat tired and somewhat goofy and wanting to just talk to co-workers. It was hard to buckle down on my project work. But I did enough to get by. I have been tired of being tired and somewhat dumbed down, though, for quite a while and wanting to quit but dreading it, too, since I’ve quit three times before (the first was on pain pills – a years worth of daily use – and that was by far the worst, way worse than Kratom… all the Kratom symptoms and more, multiplied by 10). This is my worst Kratom WD, but only a little worse than the previous two. My symptoms are fatigue, lack of concentration (at work), a weird just-no-right feeling inside that’s hard to describe, some sadness. But by far the worst for me (and this has been true each time) is the Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I only get it during WD but last time it lasted about 90 days and I expect the same this time. Sometimes I get it in my spine instead of my leg(s). It is an awful feeling of an excited nerve (sciatic or spinal cord) and makes you have to kick you leg(s) to get it to stop. But it only stops for a minute. This only happens when I’m laying down and it helps more to get up and walk around the house for about 5 minutes – then it may stop for 30 minutes or so. I got a prescription for Ropinerole and that helps but I have to take a fairly high does (3 mg… whereas the usual does is 0.5 mg) for it to work and it has side effects of making you feel kind of crummy and buzzy too but at least you can sleep once you have enough. It takes an hour to 2 hours to start working so I take it about 8pm. I know from experience that I’ll be able to start tapering down the dose in a week or two but I have to experiment with that on the weekend because if I don’t take enough I’ll be getting RLS and when I take more it’s going to take quite a while to kick in and I don’t want to have to go work if I didn’t get much sleep. But by testing like that I can find when I can cut back. I really hate the thought of taking that stuff and having this off and on RLS for the next three months. Here’s the thing with me, though: after I get through the first week or two and most of the other (non RLS) symptoms are gone I have a history of relapsing. I want to be done for good. But there are times when I’ll get this overpowering thought that I’d like the feeling of happiness that Kratom gives me and I can break down during one of those and start again. The thing is – you go back to where you were. You can’t do it just once and not buy more. You start the whole craving/dependence thing up right were you were before. You can’t stop. You have to get past that (which may take months or even a couple of years til occassional cravings completely stop). For me that’s the hardest thing – staying off of it. Obviously it is if this is the 4th time I’m having to go through WD. And each time I restart, I go back out longer than ever before – so worse WD to deal with and more dread about starting it. So why not keep taking it for life? I’m not really enjoying being alive on Kratom. I get about 30 minutes of happines followed by 3 or 4 hours of fatigue and blah and then dose again. If you take too much (or too soon) you get nauseus from it as well. There’s nothing fun about being on Kratom after a long while of taking it. And lots to fear about stopping. But here I am. On the 4th day of WD (or the 3rd day not taking any at all) and hoping to get past most of these symptoms by the end of the weekend. And then just dealing with the RLS until about Christmas (it’s mid Sept now) and, most importantly, trying to stay off of it and not re-start again. Honestly if I start again I don’t know that I’ll ever try to stop again. It just doesn’t seem worth it if I can’t. But I’ll be giving up the best parts of life for those several 30 minute periods of happiness each day. And that sucks.

  104. I read once, and try it, and it works. If your planning to stop taking kratom, get kratom stem and vein as a substitute and take ut the same times that u used to take kratom, you will be able to broke the addiction of kratom without the withdrawals. I took it for 3-4 days and after tgat stop, and I was done. Kratom helped me with paim and relaxation, but u get sick the day u dont take it. So I decided to quit, hate addiction feeling. Today ibuprophen and some exercises help, still with pain, but free and healthy ?

  105. Day 6….!!!! Heck ya I’m gonna BEAT THIS!! I been useing this crap 2 .5 years now….and I mean USEING!! 55-60-90 grams on wake up , same at lunch same after work I’d buy by the kilo, 1 kilo last 2.3 days…everyday… played off, so I figured now’s the time. Ok, THAT much use, I knew I’d have to dance w devil a little, so first 1.3 days I drank till I was out cold, even had a little dope…day 3 was clean until I COULDNT TAKE IT n had a SMALL sip of kratom..
    Boom I was good agian (legs) next day , same next day, nothing but weed, and so on until today , only weed

  106. I used kratom for past 17 days to come of subutex, it worked great!! Minimum symptoms. Now i’m stopping cold turkey on kratom, im out!! What type of withdrawal should i expect?

  107. Hi, I’ve been using Kratom for almost 2 years now. Kratom really helped me after I had a child with my postpartum anxiety and depression. For my whole life, I’ve always had anxiety, and have taken numerous anti anxiety medications prescribed by a mental health care professional. At the the time I found Kratom it felt like I had finally found something that actually helped, but somewhere along the way, I became addicted. I’m fairly healthy and I’ve always been skinny, but over the last couple months or so I’ve been dropping weight. I’m very underweight now, way too skinny. I went to the doctor got a bunch of tests done to see whether or not there was something wrong. I got a clean bill of health, But im still dropping weight, and I honestly believe it is is because of my daily addiction to Kratom. I look sickly, and Kratom no longer gives me the feeling it once did. I want to shake this. But with my history of anxiety, I’m very scared. I’ve had times where I didn’t have Kratom and I’ve went through a day or two of withdraw and the worst symptom I had was restlessness all over my body, which in turn causes insomnia. This restlessness and lack of sleep even though I feel exhausted is unbearable, and I can’t imagone having to deal with that while taking care of my 2 year old son. And having work on top of that. I’m nervous, but I want to gain the weight back and get back to the old me. Somewhere along the way, I lost who I was. Reading all these posts have given me some hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! It doesn’t take away my extreme fear of withdraws and the duration of them. But I need to do this, and I want too!!!

  108. Hi all!

    So I started using Percocet recreationallay when I discovered my husband was having an affair. It made the trauma of betrayal more bearable…tolerable. Over a 5 year period, I worked my way up to 10/day and that simply made me feel normal. I couldn’t get the high by the last year or 2. Canada has cracked down on oxy prescriptions so it was getting increasingly difficult to acquire. I read about Kratom and gave it a shot. It was a miracle! I never had a craving for percs again.

    So I’ve been using Kratom for a year, maybe 13-15 grams spread throughout the day. I’ve had a few health concerns – my joints ache and my hairs been falling out like crazy – my bangs have thinned so much I can see my scalp!!! I thought it was hypothyroidism. So I have an appt with the doc and last night I decide to start googling causes – and I discover lots of people saying it’s the Kratom and their hair grows back after they quit.

    So I woke up this morning and looked my sad hair and said NO MORE!! The last time I dosed was 24 hours ago. I was doing okay, felt squirrelly at first, aches and pains in my shoulders and hips that ibuprofen took care of and about 6 hours ago I started to experience extreme anxiety and hot flashes.

    It’s kind of ironic – I compared kratom prices yesterday and found a much cheaper internet supplier just hours before I found the Kratom/hair loss link and planned on switching – my supplier was charging nearly triple what this new source did lol – but no matter – i love my hair. I need it back.

    I still have 200 grams left (I use red Bali leaf) and considered tapering but damn – my hair… Anyway, best of luck to all of us. I hate the dependence but will always be grateful it was there to help me kick the Percocet habit. I would never have been able to do this well going cold turkey with percs. Stay clean guys…

  109. So I have been taking one opms gold kratum capsule a day for probably a month and a half. My mind wants to stop but is also rationalizing keep taking it. It’s not that much. You don’t up your dose. Everything in your life is going fine. My question is am I better off just stopping or going to a leafy pill and tapering off. Am I playing this up too much in my head ?

  110. If you’re expecting to feel normal after a week or two…you probably won’t. It takes time for the depression and lack of motivation to go away. I just wanted to give you the heads up since it sounds like you were using extracts…OPMS bottles sounds like an extract, which will take longer to heal from. You can do it…I am also your age and I am two months cold turkey off plain leaf and although the physical symptoms are gone, I don’t feel normal yet. I used plain leaf for four years. Sure wish I knew how bad this would be…

  111. Hi. I’m using Kratom for over 2 years daily. It’s an OPMS Kratom liquid. And I’m using 2-3 bottles daily (8ml each). Biggest problem is that we using it together with my husband. I started to use it to treat my pain. The one you called restless legs. I have it all my life pretty much every night. So the Kratom is helps. Also it was helpful for sleeping. But now we decided to quit with my husband. I have my last bottle today. And tomorrow will be my first day. I was quitting before but my husband decided to get one for some holiday so we got back to it. It’s expensive and we was spent on it $60 daily. It’s a lot of money. So I’m kind of scared. Because I know it’s going to be a terrible week for me. Pain at night again. Bad mood. Depression and headaches. Trying to keep myself positive and saying to myself that we need it. For our health and for family budget. I don’t know if this post is still working and somebody still read it just decided to write. If any new suggestions at this time at new symptoms please let me know. Thank you for this article. Hope I can get through it.

  112. Tapering is a good option to quitting. Cold turkey is workable, but the insomnia is very unpleasant and can last days. While trying to sleep, aches that weren’t there during the day turn on, no position feels comfortable, body temperature fluctuates. you’re too hot to stay under the covers, or you’re cold and wet with no covers on. Time dilates, and every minute of insomnia passes in slow aggravation. My recommendation for quitting is to go cold turkey during the day, and using a single dose of kratom at night – just enough to get sleep. Taper the nightly doses down until they aren’t needed.

  113. I’ve been taking kratom for almost 2 years straight, I’m a single father too a 3 year old, struggled with substance abuse prior to my kratom use, have a full time job and am extremely dependent on kratom, I use it for every day activities. I can’t offered this anymore and really want to get off of it. I am desperate for help. I live in Las Vegas and have completely zero help and zero family here. What can I do? It’s been over 5 hours sense I’ve taken it and already experiencing anger and mood swings. Please help!

  114. I quit kratom ct. this past Saturday.. it’s friday I need to say don’t fall in the trap. I have a HIGH pain tolerance I’m a young 46 , I’ve had 4 c sections and have endured surgeries. I over a year ago fell for it. Oh it’s a plant oh it’s legal. Omg at first energy some pain relief etc… here I am day 6 I would call it. And I have to push to do anything! It’s a full on opioid withdrawal I hope it’s illegal soon. It’s just an opioid trader for those of us not wanting to take scrips. I will beat this .. or die trying. Ps I’m no baby … I can handle almost anything. Just stay away from the kratom. Enough real truth is out now . Also I would be more elequant with my rant if I wasn’t running on a week with three hours total sleep and if anyone says they can’t they can. Don’t tamper ct period not alone. I am
    Alone In a lot of ways … and believe me the battle is kicking the war is leaving for good. The after. I need to be in my after. I just pray god lets tonight be the last night of pure hell. But hey I did it to myself .. peace ✌️

  115. Jamie…You have to believe you can do this, because you can. A lot of what you’re experiencing is still the sub withdrawals and the kratom use is covering it up and not allowing your brain to heal. Try and go longer and longer between doses of kratom, because it’s really not easy to get off just kratom, either. Wean off slowly and accept that you’re going to feel badly, but it won’t last forever. Depending on how long you were on Sub, it will be a month or two and you will be glad to be off all opioids…it is so worth it in the end. Use the xanax for emergencies, but not more than a couple nights in a row or else you’re looking at a benzo withdrawal which is worse than opioid withdrawals. Good luck and post back if you can.

  116. I been off suboxen for 3 weeks started doing kratom to help now it’s like I’m hooked on it and I feel just as bad trying to get off it. I have enough Xanax to get me in a deep sleep I’s that what I should do? Theses withdrawals are treading my life away and I just want my old life back or what’s the use anymore. Not sure y im even trying nothing is gonna work

  117. There is really nothing except time that will truly heal your brain, but if you can get ahold of some benzos for sleep (but not a lot, that’s a horrible withdrawal) and some loperamide for the diarrhea that will help. Some say Lyrica or gabapentin help, but require a prescription and are addictive, too, so be careful. I have used beer but it makes it worse in the long run. Just tough it out and try and exercise if you can. Even a walk…and stay busy. Good luck.

  118. I have been doing about 5-8 grams of Kratom daily for about 6 months. It gave me incredible energy. But it also dehydrates me. And also made me lose weight, So I decided to throw it all out. Day one and I am just sweating a lot and nervous and a bit depressed. I’m looking forward to feeling back to normal in a few days! And advice to ease the getting off feelings?

  119. I have been on Kratom extract shots for about 5 months. I have neasea, eyes tearing, cold and hot sweats. This is worse than regular opiate withdrawal if you ask me. If you can, get off the crap while you can.

  120. Brian, me too…I have been on Subs from 2008 to 2010, weaned and got off those in about three weeks. I also had a short addiction to heroin, but only snorted it. Been addicted to Adderall, too. And xanax. Nothing has brought me as low and as desperate as kratom. Maybe because it’s legal and easy to get, maybe because I am older, I don’t know. I am off seven weeks now and still feel horribly depressed, like nothing matters. It’s better than the first few weeks, but this plant has screwed me over. I considered rehab, and I have never been to rehab—I was always able to get myself clean. I know if I go back to kratom I will never get off. This plant will get its hooks in if you have addiction issues. And then people will trivialize your addiction because they say it’s like coffee. Yeah RIGHT. Good luck, brother.

  121. I have got off opiates, methadone, subuxon and almost everything drug every available in over 45 years, but I have never had my life stolen from me and unable to get off anything except Kratom, every day you need more, you don’t get high but it is the worst withdrawal I have ever felt.

  122. I wanted to share my story about my Kratom use. I was taking a daily does of 10 grams twice a day totaling a daily intake of 20 grams. I was only taking it for about 1.5 months and experienced withdrawals after quieting cold turkey. My withdrawals consisted of body ache with my back and knees. I stretched them out every single possible I could think of. But no luck. They ached for about 5 days. The worst part was when I tried to sleep. During this 5 day withdrawal for me, I only slept about 2 hours out of the 5 days. Could not get comfortable for the life of me. Very antsy legs and my back kept aching. My moods were pretty depressing as well along with worrying constantly about random stuff. But on day six I finally was able to sleep through the entire night. I woke up feeling like my old self again. Body aches gone. Depression gone. Worrying gone. For those who are trying to stop Kratom there is light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to stay focused on the goal. Keep powering through it and sooner or later you will wake up felling back to normal. Your withdrawals will not last forever.

  123. I have been using Kratom for 5 months and find it very unreliable!
    One day I’ll feel great and the next day I feel nothing or the
    Next day I feel awful! If I miss a dose I feel depressed, ache
    Like I have the flu! I’m really afraid I’m gonna
    Have horrible withdrawals, so I’m scared to quit! I’ve been thru Ed from opiates
    And it was like living in hell…so what should I do?
    When it makes me feel euphoric I love it, and am praising God,
    But when it doesn’t work I get depressed, flu symptoms, anxiety and irritable! Please someone
    Tell me what u think!

  124. Thank you for your input, Jax! You are absolutely right, sometimes people go through PAWS much longer. It seems impossible to bear, but the only alternative is to go back to the kratom and start all over again, probably making your inevitable withdrawals even worse. I went off it a couple times after a year or two of use and it was much easier. After four years, it’s gonna take time. Thank you again for reminding us all that it may take time but it’s worth it.

  125. Melissa: 1 month per year of use seems probably about average, although in my case, it was more. Just as an example of the higher end of things, for anyone struggling with long-term withdrawals, I figure I’d make a note of it. For me, it was like 6 months per year of use. I was using kratom for about 4 years and it was a solid two years or more that the post-acute symptoms still crept up now and then. The first 6 months were suicidally unbearable sometimes (and other times just nominally unbearable), and then it was very much a huge, monster rollercoaster ride for the next year and a half or more. Just in case anyone has any concerns that the withdrawal is taking longer than they normally read about, don’t worry…it does happen and you’ll be fine. I’m fine! I feel great! Kratom is so far behind me now that it’s not even a thing anymore and I love my life. Good luck to everyone. You will be ok…it will take a long, difficult amount time, but you will get back to 100% and will barely remember how bad this was. <3

  126. Lorri!! Although I have not had the Vivitrol shot, I can assure you that I am experiencing EXACTLY what you are experiencing…I am exactly five weeks sober from a LOT of kratom (I abused it but that was the only opioid I used) and am experiencing CRUSHING fatigue and anxiety and depression. I think most doctors have no idea about how long this takes to truly recover from. From what I understand, any opioid (and kratom is an opioid) will take about one month of recovery for every year you have abused it. You are not alone…don’t go back. Keep trudging forward or you’re back in the same position but even worse. Good luck.

  127. I originally was taking Kratom for a toothache and then when I try to quit taking the Kratom I’ve been nothing but really bad back pain and I’ve been through with her withdrawal symptoms of it and the back pain is still over the top did anyone else’s back become messed up from taking kratom

  128. Hello.. I’m wondering if anyone can help with advice based on theirl experiences, I know there might not be Doctors. .but I need help. I used Kratom to detox myself off heroin. It made my detox so much tolerable than any other time I detoxed today is the 7th day from detox. I don’t know what I should do… how much to reduce by, how quickly I should try to do this. And then most important I want to get the Vivatrol shot after I’ve stopped kratom and I don’t know how long I need to wait until I can get the shot

  129. My story goes back over 10 plus years when I was introduced to Hydrocodone by a physician. I found my need for me and more until I had a severe dependency and in no way could dtop.
    I finally went to methadone clinic but felt like a drug addict and found myself back into the cycle but with other drugs since now I had lost my wife and family and my real estate business went sent me into a bad spiral downward. I ended up in a shrink office who told me about a new drug called suboxone. WOW I thought I found my life again but really only traveled deeper into the pit trying to do all the suboxone and other medicines. It was the worse when I stopped even though I tapered successfully to a 1/4 of 2mg tablet. I went through this process two times. Always ending back on hydros. Until I found Kratom in December 2017 never heard of it but began my experiment finding out quickly I was not needing hydros and not having any noticeable withdraws. I went for the next 7 months on Kratom until I started having intense tremors and finally the perfect storm happened that landed me in the hospital a week ago. I could not believe it was the Kratom that made me have an episode that I shook so bad I thought I was in a stroke could not talk clearly or see clearly very disoriented.
    I decided to quit cold Turkey and have only had the smallest of what I call withdraws it worked. I made it through the first week I pray I never get into the position of taking pills that cause such an addiction. I am now 57 it really is time for me to grow up and stop all the nonsense.
    Good Luck and God Bless

  130. I started Kratom about three years ago because hop arthritis. It literally saved my life. I now have two new hips. Got me through recovery and keep me moving. Now I don’t have the same pain and I should quit. I take thee tablespoons a day. I don’t like to suffer so I am afraid to try to stop.I think I will try to taper. Has anyone tried that? Thanks

  131. Lorri, read my post from January of 2017 and follow it through May of 2017. I had terrible withdrawal symptoms for a long time. From what I have read about Vivitrol it merely blocks the receptors if you were to use again. You still have to go through the withdrawals from the past use. Hang in there and ride this out. It will be worth it. I have not used Kratom since I started posting here, and I won’t go back. But unfortunately, you’ll have to go through the withdrawals and possibly PAWS- Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. I’ve found that most posters here have recommended titrating off or “tapering” off. You are well into being out of this, so don’t go back to tapering. I went cold turkey too and it was uncomfortable as hell. Anyway, read my posts, and you’ll see I went through exactly what you are going through. And don’t believe that garbage that Kratom is like coffee and you should not be withdrawing. As much as you took and the daily use, you should expect substantial withdrawals. I had really bad restless leg syndrome when I’d try to sleep at night. That went on for a few months. The sneezing was a strange symptom, but it was the last symptom I went through. The lethargy was terrible. I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. Felt like I had the flu for at least six weeks. So, you’re doing the right thing. Be stubborn and don’t give in to the temptation to use again. You’ve come to far to do that.

  132. Lorri

    You appear to be getting ME/CFS symptoms based on your description. If that is true, the next step for you might take y oui out of your comfort zone a bit, but it works amazing.

    Check out and learn about a similar story that became impossible.

    The solution used on this site made stopping Kratom could Turkey as easy as stopping coffee when it did feel like your experience without the procedure. You will hear so much more about this in 10 years as 196 clinical trials are underway to validate its efficacy in helping even addiction.

  133. I have previously been an iv heroin user for 6 months, but I had two years clean. I have severe pain with both Fibromyalgia AND Multiple Sclerosis, enter kratom on which I binged after awhile to doing close to 60-70 grams on some days. I went to a professional Detox for eight days & graduated, am currently in the lively process of getting into Rehab. My question is this, after detox, my Doc IMMEDIATELY gave me the Vivitrol shot.
    The month following was STILL absolute HELL re breaking bone sensations, head aches, nausea, running nose & just overall inability to hold still. I saw her yesterday & I’ve had one more Vivitrol shot & she said that there is absolutely NO WAY these symptoms are withdrawals. Unfortunately, I KNOW my body & what symptoms are what, I’m feeling DESPERATELY alone in my scenario since some people don’t even experience Kratom withdrawals!! I want to know if anyone has experienced these symptoms after being clean 5 weeks AND having Vivitrol shot??

  134. Been taking kratom for 6 months. Probly 15 to 18 grams a day. Third day stopping cold turkey. Started having flu like symptoms. How long will this last. Thanks

  135. After struggling many times to quit kratom, I happened upon this answer by accident.

    I was taking Kratom for a diseased state. Kratom restored me from almost zero functionality to significant functionality.

    Then to resolve my disease I happened upon a procedure whose acronym is known by FMT. Not only did the FMT restore me from my diseased state, but it turns out that quitting Kratom was no different than stopping coffee for me this time.

    My story can be found at our2ndbrain (period) com, and I can be contacted there as well.

    I was taking as much as 40 grams per day in 10 gram doses for two years. After fully understanding the science behind FMT it’s no surprise that Kratom withdrawal is (in part at least) due to gut dysbiosis.

    ** now anecdotal evidence is not science, however this procedure can be done quite safely and inexpensively without significant risk (nearly zero in my opinion). It may be worth a shot. See if the science makes sense to you. **

  136. Hi. I been wanting to literally quit using kratom but I’m afraid of the withdrawals I know I’ll be facing and go through. I been taking kratom for over 3 yrs now and at higher doses now. I take it every 2-3 hrs everyday 6-7 times a day. Some days even more. What is a good natural way to quit kratom? What procesures/actions will help me cope with the withdrawals? Help! I’m so DESPERATE!

  137. So I’ve been using kratom for over 5 years straight. Started out with couple Viva Zen shots I found at a 7/11. I felt really good, only cost 2 dollars a bottle. So I bought all 6. Came back the next week and she said it was just a promo. She doesn’t have any more. So I researched it online and it was 10 dollars a bottle! She had no idea. So I researched what was the main compound that made you feel so good. It turned out to be kratom. So I looked into where I could buy it. Most smoke shops in Seattle were selling it. But it was expensive. Like 80 cents a gram. So I found vendors online I could buy a whole kilo for under a 100 dollars. So my usage went way up. It actually worked really well with caffeine! Tons of motivation and energy. Worked out .played ball. Made me more emphatic towards others. Pretty soon I was losing 5-7 times a day. About 50-60 grams a day. Had no idea how addictive it was. So I decided to quit cold turkey. My withdrawal symptoms were really bad. I’ve given up ciggarett, weed, meth, cocaine, porn, junk foods. This was the hardest thing to quit. But after about a week I was feeling good. Thinking I could use way less now I would go back to using and same thing happened. So anyways this is my 4 the and final time.abstinence is the only way for me

  138. Hi, I’ve used Kratom daily for over a year. I started using it after I had knee replacement surgery and my surgeon was going to cut me off of Tramadol. I was in so much pain the thought scared me. I googled looking for pain relief answers and that’s when I found out about Kratom. It has been a life saver for me. Initially I basically used all reds but then after healing I started greens because of the relaxed and energetic feeling. My usual dose was 3.5-4 grams twice a day. I never increased the dose. It came to a point where my doses had no effect. At first I thought it was bad kratom I was buying but then figured my tolerance had increased. I decided to take a break and after reading all kinds of information I gradually tapered for over a month until I stopped completely. I’ve never been a drug user or addicted to anything and in my situation withdrawal has been less than a coffee withdrawal. I plan to take a month break and then go back to a restricted schedule, same dosage as before but only once a day and never more than two days in a row……Just my story.

  139. Lisa;
    I heard that some recent batches of kratom (from a vendor in Nevada especially), tested positive for salmonella. I don’t remember feeling nauseous or sick to my stomach when I quit a year ago. It is one of the symptoms though. Mine were more anxiety and depression related.

  140. I tried to stop using kratom 5 days ago but couldn’t go any longer as I had severe stomach aches and nausea. For those who have quit when did you start feeling better. Also, have any of you had severe stomach aches and nausea after quiting?

  141. JustTired: this forum is pretty great and helped me in the beginning, but the subreddit over at r/quittingkratom is wayyyy more active and infinitely more interactive. That place really really saved me. They’re a very positive, supportive bunch of folks and there’s lots of people who post pretty regular updates, and of course you can message people directly. It’s like a forum full of angels. It’s nothing but “I was there dude, I’m with you, you got this!” kinda thing.

    Klaus: I couldn’t help but laugh at you using SWIM here. I understand it’s a simple tongue-in-cheek deniability cloak and may just be a reflex at this point, but I really can’t see that it’s necessary or useful here. This isn’t a user forum, it’s a blog comments section about addiction. So many people above have already said “I” and “me”. It might as well be an NA meeting where you say your name. Nobody’s hiding anything. Ha, also, SWIM literally means “me” at this point, doesn’t it? Nobody’s fooled by SWIM. If you’re worried, why not just say “a friend of mine” or anything that’s not direct drug-user code for “me”? It seems way less obvious, and you can still preserve deniability if that’s your bag. If you want to escape the small bit of denial that is SWIM, also check out r/quittingkratom and feel the love 😀

  142. SWIM has been using Kratom for a couple of years, initially to get off 80mg oxy/day 2 years ago. Experimented with extracts and enhanced, which got SWIM in trouble, so had to go through a mild withdrawal again and down to regular Kratom powder a year into it. Never take extracts or enhanced – always stick to natural powder or even brew leaf!

    Withdrawal around switch from enhanced and overall high stress levels at work facilitated high Kratom consumption of around 50 grams/day for about a year.

    Current status:
    – fast-tapered down from ~50 to 18-20 gram/day in 10 days, with mild discomfort.
    – the only symptom worth mentioning is RLS, but not just in legs – it’s all over the body (in the spine too). This makes sleeping impossible without 2-3 doses per night totaling in 9-12 grams.
    – taking 1 gram every 2 hours during the day and 9-12 grams to get through the night (SWIM has a lot of responsibilities – can’t afford to be in bad shape as a result of lack of sleep). Essentially, the 8-hour night requires as much Kratom to sleep as the remaining 16 hours of day-time activity to be able to stay focused and function.
    – note: they say Kratom withdrawal is similar to one from opiates, but is much milder – this feels completely true. No flue-like symptoms or sweats though.

    Next steps:
    – continue tapering by cutting both day-time and night doses slowly (can’t afford cold-turkey: need to work).
    – the goal is to eliminate day-time use entirely and stick to night-time use for another month or so (can’t afford being a zombie after lack of sleep).
    – final step is to eliminate night-time use as well, within 2 month of tapering start.

    What helped:
    – physical activity, and more physical activity!!! I wish SWIM had time to go on a 1-week hike along the Appalachian Trail – that could help taper even faster. Otherwise, anything helps: swim, bike ride, jog, sex – whatever you can think of to get your body busy. When your body is static, it screams for attention and you feel withdrawal symptoms much stronger.
    – taking Elimidrol leftovers (both night and day formulas, helping mildly, mostly with overall energy).
    – minimum or no coffee, which agitates RLS.
    – L-Tyrosine facilitates dopamine, which in turn helps somewhat with RLS.
    – alcohol could potentially be a nice distraction that helps taper quicker, but don’t get carried away because hangover makes things much worse. Consider dosing/pacing alcohol just like you do with Kratom.

    If the government makes Kratom illegal, that would be a crime against humanity. I strongly believe SWIM would have been taking more pills or likely even upgraded to Heroin by today if Kratom wasn’t available as a substitute. SWIM doesn’t have time/affection for medical professionals and no desire to sacrifice privacy in such matters. If they really want to make something illegal, the only fair candidate would be Kratom extracts or enhanced.

  143. You are all amazing. I have never come across such a positive forum. This has been a livesaver for me. Thank you so much to you all. 48 hours in and going very very strong, no cravings and no desire to go back. I posted earlier but it never got added.

  144. Hello everyone, I have been reading all of the posts for days. I am 39 and have been using some substance since I was 12 starting with pot. Moved to alcohol, coke, pills then heroin. At 23 I decided to stop and was in and out of rehabs for years. Then I went to a long term rehab, was there about two years and still managed to mess up afterwards though not as bad. Mostly drinking and dabbling with opiates. Then I found suboxone. Been on it for the last 8 years. I decided to quit sub and found kratom. Been off the sub for a month and used kratom for all of that time. Now it’s time to come off the kratom. The withdrawals aren’t that bad, not compared to what I’m used to. The thing that made me write is the consistency of the posters on here. On any other forum concerning opiates, the poser comes on all happy that they are stopping, most likely high in the moment and you never hear from them again. I see that kratom users though, when they say they’re going to stop, they usually stop and that is very reassuring to me. I see a lot of success stories on here and I pray that I can be one of them. Today is my first day without the plant and so far so good. I’ve been off of it for most a little over two days. And I believe my withdrawals were already over, but I messed up and went back. I didn’t want to post on here until I knew the time was right b/c I want to make sure that I don’t mess up the good streak everyone is on! I’d like to post with good news in a few days time and begin my brain recovery. It’s going to be a long road and I am prepared for it. Good luck to all of you, we are all stronger than we know.

  145. I have been taking 4 caps every 3 hours a day for about a year and a half. I’m a veteran and was using when I got home for injuries sustained overseas on my deployment because the va refused to prescribe anything for pain for awhile until they finally did but now I’ve gotta figure a way to get off this shit. Can I taper off slowly from taking it or have I been taking too much for too long that I’ll need medical help? Also I have been diagnosed with ptsd so that probably hasn’t helped my situation either.

  146. I’m on day 11 of no Kratom. Withdrawals are gone and I feel normal again. I was taking 6 jumbo capsules of mang da everyday for about a year and a half. Never touched the extracts. I would sometimes take 7-8 capsules but 90% of the time I took 6 a day. I tapered. I went from 6 a day to three a day for two weeks and then just stopped. First few days were uncomfortable but manageable. I started Kratom to stop sub withdrawals. I never took kratom to get buzzed just used so I wouldn’t feel the sub withdrawals. It was easy for me to quit the Kratom and only had a few nights of restless legs. If it wasn’t for kratom I would have NEVER got off of subs. It was a miracle fix for me. Yes kratom has its bad side but i used it carefully and never went past 3-6 grams a day, I have no cravings and I’m shocked by this because of the other stories I have read. It can be done I’m living proof. And I’m not a big will power person I’m a weakling. So if I can do it you can to. Chose your own taper and what works for you. It only took me two weeks to taper but others may need more time. If so it’s okay! There is light at the end of the tunnel and I wish you all well. Here’s to being sober and enjoying life again! Much love to all of you who are struggling to find your way.

  147. I’m checking in after a little over a year being off Kratom. You can check my posts starting Jan 30 of 2017. Withdrawals were brutal. I had restless legs, which woke my spouse up all night. I sneezed every five minutes, which was a strange withdrawal symptom. I felt like I had the flu for almost a month. I was depressed, and I didn’t even want to leave the bed. I could barely life my head off the pillow. I struggled to work every day, but somehow I got through it. Fast forward a year. I feel incredible. I will never go back to using Kratom. Now, I know there are many proponents on this blog for Kratom to remain legal. I’m not talking to you. If you’re not addicted, then more power to you. I’m talking to people who have used daily and are tired of planning their day around dosing. I had to cancel some trips because Kratom was not legal in certain states. Today, I can attest getting off this stuff was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. You will feel magnificent when you wake up in the morning, like you felt before you got on this stuff. I wish all of you success on staying the course. You will not regret it. Life is so precious. I love feeling alive again.

  148. Why are you saying people should just stop taking Kratom cold turkey? Why not step down slowly? I need to get off this stuff but need more info on how to step down and how fast or slow to prevent withdrawals. Any advice is welcome. thanks.

  149. Jon…LOL and duh…this is about ADDICTION LOL. No one is saying it’s kratom’s fault…you have reading comprehension issues LOL. It ain’t heroin’s “fault” either, now is it? Lol. Heroin doesn’t inject itself now does it, Jon? People here are having a problem getting off an addictive substance, aren’t they…and that means they are addicts. Think about it and it will make sense. Kratom was recently classified as an opioid, so if you think opioids are as addictive as tea, well…LOl good luck bruh.

  150. Hello. I just wanted to update everyone. It’s been a while since I have posted, but I am almost two and a half years clean off Kratom now. For those struggling to quit, I am here to tell you it’s 100% worth it. My life has done a complete turn around since I have stopped. I got active again, I started going the things I enjoyed again, my relationship with my family and daughter improved 100%. Everything about my life is so much better now. While I still hold the opinion that Kratom is safer than prescribed pain meds, it’s still just as addictive, and can absolutely ruin your life. For those trying to quit, don’t give up! It’s worth it. Keep fighting, and eventually, you will make it through the hardest part of it and see daylight.

  151. Richard I didn’t see your comment but it’s spot on , if you cant handle limiting your kratom use to 10 to 15 grams a day and you are complaining about withdraws , this happened because of your lack of self control. I did three 3 gram doses a day fro 3 years. Withdraw was slim to none, yea I was a little bored for 5 days, but after that I was my normal self. Take kratom responsibly my friends.

  152. This is kind of crazy. Yea if you take anything every day your going to withdraw, shit if I drink matcha green tea all day every day for a year I will have a “withdraw”. Its called balancing your life, if you got high off kratom everyday for a few years, get the fuck over it and move on. If you want to keep taking it keep taking it. Point is this “drug” isn’t very potent. It is usually a variety of factors that make the person sad and baby like when stopping. If you cant handle the lows, don’t use any substances, its that simple. Life has it’s ups and downs very similar to that of kratom. I prefer to find a balance. I have always enjoyed drugs but now I have found the perfect balance of being “high”. I take 3 grams of kratom 3 nights a week, and smoke medical gade cannabis after 7 pm. No withdraw and plenty of reset time. I used to do kratom all the time, and LEARNED from it. Take the withdraw as a lesson learned not a negative situation telling yourself OMG?!?! what have I done?!!?! You took to much kratom for a while and you will be fine I promise.

  153. I read every post in this Kratom withdrawal blog as I was withdrawing from Kratom. There was quite a bit of information here that helped me and so I thought I would type my experience in the hope that it would help someone else.
    Quick background is that I was physically addicted to Tramadol in the mid-2000’s buying quack-doc prescriptions on the Internet and having FedEx deliver my pills to me. I went cold turkey and it took about 10 days of hell in bed to get off it. My wife helped me and told everyone I had the flu. Stayed off Tramadol and everything else except alcohol in moderation for many years.
    Couple years ago, I started drinking more and more and then during the day (I have my own business out of my home and I have no contact with anyone all day so I could pretty much be drunk whenever I wanted). My wife started bitching at me to cut it out so I stopped THAT cold turkey. However, I was NOT physically addicted to alcohol, just psychologically dependent, so after a day or two of feeling weird, that was over. I stopped smoking around the same time, too. Pretty much free of any substance except caffeine in the morning.
    I have absolutely no idea how I heard about or stumbled upon or went about finding Kratom for the first time. I simply can’t remember. I can’t even remember what month I started taking it because I paid cash at the local head shop for a bottle of capsules.
    I think I started last July because I don’t remember taking any with me to a camping trip I went on that month. And believe me, if I was taking it then, I would have planned accordingly to have enough.

    I started out taking 1 gram (two 500 mg capsules). Didn’t feel much. Tried again the next day with 2 grams. Felt kinda warmish. Tried again a few days later with 3 grams and got the great energetic but sorta opiated feeling. I started taking 3 grams in the morning, 3 grams at noon, three grams at dinner time and 3 grams near bed time. Just made me feel good. All day. Helped me work and made everything seem to flow.
    Then around mid-January this year, I decided to just STOP to see if there would be any withdrawal symptoms. I had read several places there were none with Kratom but then several other places said they DID have withdrawal symptoms. I needed to know – was I hooked?
    The next day, I felt EXACTLY the same symptoms as I had with my horrible Tramadol withdrawals. You all know what they are – sweats, chills, brain zaps, restless everything, no sleep. Just horror.
    I had airplane tickets to Florida a few weeks away and knew I had to get off it so I would not have to bring a shitload with me. And it was a good excuse to just goddamn STOP.
    I had already done the horrible cold turkey with Tramadol and the Kratom felt the same so there was no way I was going to do that. So after reading about tapering here, I made a taper schedule. So, here’s my schedule I used and the supplements I used and I can tell you – I had two or three days I felt kind of crappy, but NOTHING like when I just stopped.

    I was taking 3 grams (six capsules) four times a day, so I used my airplane flight date as my recovery target (i.e. I needed to be off Kratom totally for FIVE DAYS before my flight). I worked backwards from that date using ZERO KRATOM for 5 days.
    Then I simply subtracted one capsule per dose every three days. So instead of 6 capsules four times a day, it was 5 capsules four times a day. I subtracted one capsule every three days. So the dosing would be the same for three days, then drop one capsule. I worked it out so that by two weeks before my trip I would be on one capsule four times a day and then ZERO for that final week before the trip.
    This all took several weeks but that’s why the taper worked. Like I said, I picked a target and worked backward and took my normal dosage until the calendar told me when to start the taper. And I made a spreadsheet and marked EACH AND EVERY dose so I had a record.
    The only time I had symptoms was when I got toward the end and was taking only one capsule (a half gram) per dose. I had restless everything and some sweats for a day or two, but I used Benadryl and Melatonin to sleep and Kava Kava and St. John’s Wort during the day to keep me on an even keel. I still had work to do. I had a couple days that were hard to focus but I knew I had to get through them.

    I was taking 3 grams (six capsules) four times a day, so I used my airplane flight date as my recovery target (i.e. I needed to be off Kratom totally for FIVE DAYS before my flight). I worked backwards from that date using ZERO KRATOM for 5 days.
    Then I simply subtracted one capsule per dose every three days. So instead of 6 capsules four times a day, it was 5 capsules four times a day. I subtracted one capsule every three days. So the dosing would be the same for three days, then drop one capsule. I worked it out so that by two weeks before my trip I would be on one capsule four times a day and then ZERO for that final week before the trip.
    This all took several weeks but that’s why the taper worked. Like I said, I picked a target and worked backward and took my normal dosage until the calendar told me when to start the taper. And I made a spreadsheet and marked EACH AND EVERY dose so I had a record.
    The only time I had symptoms was when I got toward the end and was taking only one capsule (a half gram) per dose. I had restless everything and some sweats for a day or two, but I used Benadryl and Melatonin to sleep and Kava Kava and St. John’s Wort during the day to keep me on an even keel. I still had work to do. I had a couple days that were hard to focus but I knew I had to get through them.

    So, like I said, I’ve been through full scale Tramadol cold turkey withdrawal, which felt very close to this Kratom withdrawal when I just stopped cold turkey (I heard that others also feel these two withdrawals are very similar and some pharmacy student even said that Kratom is way closer to Tramadol than heroin or oxy, etc., in its chemical actions on the body and brain) and I believe this taper helped me to get off it much more easily. It was probably about a tenth as horrible as the cold turkey Tramadol withdrawal was. Today, I just got back home after having taken my last Kratom 2 weeks ago and I feel totally back to normal and I will not be taking this stuff again. Obviously, I cannot handle it if I become physically dependent on it. It’s just my personality. I have an addictive personality and I need to not use ANYTHING. I think anyone who needs to use it to get off other opiates should have that option. I don’t think it should be scheduled. But I think for me, I just need to stop trying to find a way to make myself feel warm and fuzzy because it just gets me hooked on whatever it is. That’s my story. Tapering worked for me.

  154. Hey there! Just wanted to share my Kratom experience, so here I go!

    I started taking kratom about 3 years ago (to get off of a 10+ Vicodin pills per DAY addiction (5’6 Female, 140lbs). At my worst I was taking 18-20 pills per day). How I didn’t manage to overdose to a point of having to be hospitalized, I have NO idea, but I quit, and I have nothing but Kratom to thank.

    Fast forward a year, I became heavily addicted to Kratom after being involved in a mentally and sexually abusive relationship. Once I got out of the relationship, my daily Kratom use just became annoying. Making sure it was in my purse every time I left the house, making sure I had enough time to capsulize enough to last me for however many days I would be away from home and from my bulk supply. I am now out of that relationship and with somebody who is the polar opposite of my ex, and being with him has motivated me to want to be the best person I can be, without relying on Kratom to get me through the day.

    At my heaviest Kratom use, I was taking about a Kilo every week and 1/2 to 2 weeks. I never measured my daily use because it varied due to my plans that day and what stresses I would be facing. Some days I would take up to 60-80 “0” vegetable capsules packed full as tight as I could get them with Kratom just to steady my nerves. I am now dosing 3 capsules 3x a day, next Tuesday will be 2, the following week will be 1, and I will be clean for the first time in 8 years.

    My experience coming off of Kratom was, how do I put this….IT IS ABSOLUTE FUC*ING HELL.
    I cut my use in half after being put on 300 mg of Gabapentin 3x a day almost literally overnight, and my body was not happy. Every morning for about 2 1/2 weeks I would wake up POURING sweat (if it wasn’t immediate, the cold sweats would start in while I was having my morning bathroom break), having a FULL BLOWN anxiety attack. How I explained it to my doctors was it felt like I injested a bottle of Icy Hot. Every inch of my skin was burning, but I had goosebumps, and ANY kind of draft from a door or window felt like ice. The worst morning I had my heart rate was at 185-195BPM for over an hour and i drove myself to the ER where i was treated for anxiety and sent home. If I took a bath or shower to try and get my body temp to normal, as soon as I wiped off dry, I was sweating again. Didn’t have much of an issue with sleep tho and I am incredibly grateful for that. (Probably helps I was also put on 30mg of Remeron and 10mg of Propranolol for my rapid heart rate as well). 1 week and 2 days into my monitored use, the only negative side effects i get now are clammy hands and feet, and anxiety, but it is NOWHERE near as bad as it was before, and not using so much has allowed me to become much more self aware of my body and how it is feeling, so when i do feel anxious, I am able to stop and talk myself out of a full blown attack most times. Although I am not completely off of Kratom just yet, I already feel so much more hopeful for the future.

    The come down from Kratom dependency is not a feeling i would wish on my worst enemy, but with that being said I am so grateful for this medicine and I REALLY hope the government doesn’t mark it as a schedule 1 drug, because it could seriously help A LOT of people who suffer from addiction. I was just stupid and didn’t care about the risks because I didn’t care about my own life. I was only numbing my pain. Without this experience with Kratom I can promise you I’d still be popping pills till my hearts comtent, and I wouldn’t be where I am today, and today, I want to live.

    Peace & Love <3

  155. I’m reading all the negative comments on Kratom withdrawals and addiction and for me it’s kind of ridiculous especially since seeing how much most of you were taking a day 20 to 30 grams a day really if you took that much sugar caffeine or sodas for that matter every day you have a hard time withdrawing from that as well. I’ve used it for several months and I’m on the second day of a wash out without any issues whatsoever but I was taking between 8 and 12 grams a day but pretty much 7 days a week for about 2 months straight there’s no way that you can compare this to Tramadol opioids or things like that I did get addicted to Tramadol at one point of my late life because it was prescribed to me for pain it took me literally about 40 to 50 days to taper off of that when I did try to quit cold turkey it was nowhere near is easy as Kratom to come off of for me kratom gives me Focus energy and just generally makes me feel good throughout the day so I’m setting up a schedule to do no more than 8 grams a day and then do a wash out every couple of months but if you’re the kind of person that has to be 20 30 grams a day and you have no willpower than maybe you should just stay away from this all together oh and I definitely wouldn’t classify this as a drug you can’t classify leaves ground up into a powder as a drug to me it’s ridiculous that the pharmaceutical companies are against this because it basically just hurts their bottom line they’d rather you remain on opioids and all the crap that they subscribe so they can line their pockets and stay rich peace out!

  156. I have been on and off of here a number times for a few years. I came here the first few times after going through withdrawal because of late packages. I was curious what others had to say (the withdrawal was hell and every second was an eternity waiting for my package to arrive). I have also written to some of you to help and give the best advice I could; but in truth I have never actually tried to quit ever. It was only ever the late packages that were my problem. However, I am now starting to taper off for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, I love kratom and don’t intend to cast it out of my life for good, I just want to get to a point of occasional use and no addiction. I will always stand by this plant and support it. I hope it stays legal (I’m in Canada so I think it will remain legal here since we now have legal weed and even heroin for addicts thanks to the liberals etc). Anyways, I feel for all of you. Running out or quitting can be hell. I have been using high quality powder for 6 years at around 30 grams a day. Cold turkey simply isn’t an option for me (I have to much to do and I don’t want to suffer). I’m now going to take my own advice I’ve given others and try and taper off. I’ve been successful for the past few days (I started 5 days ago) and so far so good. I don’t have a scale but I know I’m taking far less then I usually would. I take very minimal amounts at 5 hour intervals to keep the withdrawal at bay. The great thing about it, is that less is more as many kratom advocates have said. I have actually noticed that I feel the effects of the kratom even more (starting a day ago after tapering for almost a week) weird as that sounds. This happened once before when I had to ration what I had left until my next package came and when it did the effects were as if my tolerance was gone completely. So I’m hoping it stays like this. My fear is that I’ll run out (I have 1 kilo left) because I can’t really afford more right now (I was laid off)… So I hope I can make this work. I admire those of you who have gone cold turkey and made it. You have to be strong to do it. The longest I went cold turkey was 3 full days and I never want to go through that again. The two main things which helped me pass the time was watching TV (a lot of Star Trek Voyager) and hot showers and the occasional cigarette. That was about it. I tried smoking weed but that didn’t really help me as it does with some people. Anyways, I’m here now… with you guys.. trying to destroy this addiction. It helps having people here to talk to so thank you. Wish me luck (as I do for all of you). Also, you guys should watch the Psyched Substance video on YouTube from a guy named Adam. He talks about quitting kratom (video was just released not long ago) and he spells it out very well… Have a nice day.

  157. JJ…man you gotta hang in there. I am going to say that MOST people feel a lot better physically after a week. It’s the long term depression and anxiety that gets to most of us…but even that is a month tops. Not saying you have to lie in bed and cry kind of depression, just a weird emptiness. Kind of boredom but almost like nothing matters. This is lack of dopamine, and if you keep reminding yourself…okay, this is CHEMICAL, IT WILL PASS does help. Think of the long term, the being free! I am currently trying to wean down and it’s no fun. I smoke and I don’t even like weed, LOL, I just do it to escape the emptiness that krat withdrawal brings. But if you can…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. HANG IN THERE…

  158. Today is day 6 with no K. Cold turkey. Been doing about 25-30g a day for almost 3 years. It was pretty bad for the first couple of days but the worst is behind me. Anyway, one question. This fatigue is killing me. I don’t even have the energy to bend over and pick a pen up off the floor. Most of the withdrawl symptoms have subsided except lack of energy, anxiety, insomnia. How long can I expect this fatigue to last? I know everyone is different but this is getting to be brutal trying to get through days at work.

  159. I am going through with withdrawal from a 6 month habit with DaMaeng Kratomi have the jitters and bad insomnia. Been taking extra Xanax but still no help with insomnia. It’s been about one week. Boy, this is hard!!! But I have a very supportive husband so that helps a lot. I also feel that I have to urinate every 5 minutes. Constant urgency. Checked with Urologist and no infection.

  160. I have been using kratom for 6 years I decide to quit the kratom just to see what will be like and definitely I quit the kratom but I did not feel anything the only I feel it was headache and no energy that’s all

  161. I have some potentially great news for everyone suffering from kratom withdrawal as I have a pretty unique story. I have been a daily kratom user now for a little over 4 years. I was taking around 15-20 grams of white maeng da powder. I used kratom for severe depression and anxiety…not for pain or getting off opiates. I tried quitting cold turkey twice about 2 years ago and got the same awful withdrawals everyone else has described. I couldn’t go even a day because it was such hell. I knew I was addicted and screwed.

    Shortly after my second attempt quitting CT I got screwed by my vendor on an order. I got pissed and decided to try a new company. I did a google search to find the most reputable vendors online. I found a company that I liked and gave them a shot. They were more expensive but you get what you pay for right? I stuck with this vendor until today and haven’t attempted to quit again until about a week ago. The reason for quitting is because I’m almost 100% positive that it is going to be made illegal any day now because of the bogus FDA report that came out a few weeks ago demonizing kratom. I was scared to death about quitting again but had to give it a shot. I did taper off over the last 2 weeks. I went from 15-20 g/day to about 4-5 and then 2-3. I found that I was actually feeling better and not craving it like I thought I would. 4 days ago I quit completely and prepared for the worse.

    Today I am on day 5 of cold turkey and I feel like I’m almost back to normal. I did suffer some minor withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, runny nose, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea and watery eyes. I did not get restless legs or any of the other hellish symptoms that I had before I tried quitting. Today is the best I’ve felt in a really long time. Almost all of the symptoms have vanished. i still have a runny nose and I didn’t sleep great again last night but nevertheless, I feel like my old self again. Most days I couldn’t get out of bed and just wanted to sleep all day and had zero motivation. But today I was up at 7am and haven’t even wanted to go back to sleep. It’s a great feeling!

    So why did this happen this time? Well, I was doing some research on reddit and I saw several comments from people who got off kratom with little withdrawals after years of using. They claimed that most of the kratom sold online and in head shops are poor quality and also laced with other chemicals that are addictive. It’s usually the ones that are the cheaper prices. They said that if you use the highest quality and pure kratom that the withdrawals would be minimal…and it appears they were right! I guess the withdrawals could still hit me but I doubt it. Like I said, it’s been 5 days now of total CT, not a single gram of kratom has been consumed and I’ve had no cravings. I’m not gonna name my vendor because I do not want it to appear that I’m affiliated with this company. If people want to know and respond to this I’ll tell you the name of the company.

    Obviously, this is just my experience and I know everyone is different. This might not work for everyone but it sure as hell worked for me. I got lucky that I chose a good vendor I guess. I went through the hellish withdrawals like I said 2 years ago but this time, it was absolute cake. Hope this helps and maybe gives some hope to all of you suffering from kratom addiction like me. If anything changes I will let y’all know but I think I’m good to go. God I hope so!!!

  162. I haven’t gotten back here for a week or so, I feel supported from your posts, thanks for the responses. I have been continuing the tapering off, probably down to about 5 grams 3 times a day, and not doing the 6am dose. Occasionally I get so diminished emotionally that I do a little larger dose. It is about time to take the next step down in lowering my dosage, I find it difficult as at times I feel such sadness and lack of inspiration. I actually have a good life but I have kinda screwed my own self by the attraction for some fix it substance out there that exasperates my mental condition. I am surprised at the strength of the cravings I feel and the need for relief from myself……. I actually am going through the sadness, depression and surviving so time for the next step in diminishing the dose. Kevin thanks for the advice of stem and vein, not sure where to get it, I am sure I can find it somewhere and could help with a more gentle withdrawal as I am not up for a severe crash and burn emotionally. Once again thanks for the responses, I can really put a value on the feeling that I am not alone but can say that I appreciate it more than you would think……….Douglas

  163. Douglas, I am 48 and am in the exact same boat…please keep posting your experiences with weaning. We can help support each other…I am also afraid of the withdrawal, especially the depression that, for me, is the worst part. I have used kratom for three years and quit for a month two separate times…and stupidly went back to it. Now it barely makes me feel normal and the empty feeling I have is with me always. In other words, I am worse off than when I began using it! But…just to reiterate…I do not think kratom is bad at all, I’m just an addict! It’s wonderful for people who are getting off the harder stuff for sure. Good luck to us, Douglas!

  164. Douglas, you and I are about the same age. You can read my post of March of this year. It was tough, but I finally got through the withdrawals. One thing I didn’t do that you are doing is tapering down the dose. Sooner or later, you’ll still have to pay the piper on some withdrawals symptoms no matter what you do. But mitigating those withdrawal symptoms, like you are doing, is the way to go. I had my testosterone tested, and the Kratom had caused it to plummet. I was feeling some of the symptoms you are describing with respect to depression and the body temperature. Perhaps get your testosterone tested. After almost a year off the Kratom and my getting back to the gym, and my testosterone level has doubled (back to normal), which tells you how low my levels had gotten. Just getting off the drug alone will make it rise. I feel like a new man today. I have no desire to ever return to this drug. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You will not regret getting your life back. I don’t plan my day around a green powder. What a relief that is. Hang in there, Douglas.

  165. Hi Douglas. I would get yourself some stem and vein kratom. Its a fraction of the cost. I had a similar addiction as you…and I used the stem and vein to quit twice. I had little to no withdrawals. I have been off the kratom since last May 1st. I have had no desire to go back on it…and I don’t even remember withdrawals being much of a problem. If you need more help…I will try and find the posts where I described the plan I used. I think I mixed stem and vein with regular kratom for a few days…then switched to all stem and vein. It really does stop the withdrawals. Good Luck

  166. Thank you to each poster on this site…I plan to wean and be done with kratom by years’ end. I will read the posts here when I finally jump off and I know they will give me strength when I need it most…please update your experience no matter how long it has been…I so much appreciate the support and will email with anyone having trouble getting off this plant…let me know…

  167. I have been using Kratom for a little over 2 years.After reading others blogs I decided to include that I am 61 years old, most people quitting seem to be younger. 30’s I take about 9 grams 3-4 times a day, beginning in the morning 5-6 am, then can usually sleep another hour or so Hmmm, I may be doing more than I think, because I go through more than a kilo in a month, I don’t actually weigh it, after reading others posts I am concerned about the strength of withdrawals I may have to endure, but it is no longer working for me. I only use red vein, sedative varieties, the other energizing varieties give me the shakes and create anxiety for me. I am also an alcoholic and haven’t had a drink for 10 years….When I found kratom I thought I had an answer to minor pain, motivator, (although I was already fairly well motivated) and a sense of euphoria or mood elevation, also helped to warm up my body when it was cold out. It worked pretty well for a couple years but recently I have had a lot of anxiety, depressed feelings and thoughts, (wondering how long I want to continue living in this condition). I think the kratom is beginning to contribute to a possible mental condition that I may have been self-medicating for, both with alcohol in the past and more recently kratom. Now I feel very sad, sweat a lot, only sleep for 4-5 hours, my head and face sweat a lot. I have been cutting down on my dose from 9 grams to 6 grams. My plan is to wean myself off it by slowly tapering down the dose over a couple weeks. I am at a point where I don’t really know my next step, kratom isn’t helping to bring any relief anymore, I feel over- heated and very depressed and am looking for some relief from my condition………..craving for relief is about where I am at right now. The withdrawal symptoms scare the shit out of me, as I don’t know how much more sweating is involved and I don’t feel like I can endure any more sadness, I am struggling with my mental/emotional condition already. Do you have any suggestions? I may be able to get a doctor to prescribe short term prescription of diazepam. I have not quit yet, but the end is near. Reading of others experiences are very helpful and also fill me with some serious fear about what I may have to go thru. Knowing that other people have gone thru this is a big help, I will stay in touch as this progresses

  168. Where to begin? Well, first off, I feel like I owe this blog a contribution. The shared experiences of all those who have gone before were truly helpful for me as I went through the withdrawal effects of Kratom.

    For those who may play down or dismiss that Kratom withdrawal isn’t a real thing, I can only say that in my experience it is very real and pretty unpleasant to say the least. This blog did help though. Through the long hours of the night when my skin was crawling, watching each hour, minute and second, shivering, sweating, nausea. So tired, yet so restless – sleep a rare relief from the misery. I found solace in knowing I wasn’t alone and that others had tread this path before me and had come out the other side. It’s been said before and it’s true that having the assurance that there will be an end to the discomfort and pain of withdrawal is in my opinion so so important in getting through it. So…. my heartfelt thanks to those who shared and in their own way helped me.

    I started this journey taking Kratom leaf capsules and finding them really effective for anxiety and stress management. Was only taking maybe one or two a day and when it was banned in the UK, I couldn’t buy anymore so used what I had and thought no more of it. No withdrawal that I remember. No big deal.

    Anyway, a few months later, I made a contact through a Facebook group who said they could get Kratom powder and would send it through the post for a very reasonable price.

    My first order was for 100 grams which only cost £25. I’d never taken the raw powder before but quickly learned how to toss and wash with it. Very quickly became a daily habit however that 100 grams lasted me a month. When I came to reorder, it was only £45 for 250 grams. I thought well there’s over 2 months worth so makes sense. WRONG. I went through the 250 grams in a month and continued to order this amount each month but was finding that I would use more and more and had to be really disciplined to make it last a month. After around 6 months I was well and truly addicted and dependent on Kratom but couldn’t be truly honest with myself that that was the case.

    I was in denial that I was dependent so when I started to run out, I kind of purposely left my order late. Then there was a delay in the seller getting it to me. At the time I thought this was no big deal until I started to go through an unexpected and unplanned withdrawal. Major anxiety, skin crawling, nausea and sickness all came on whilst I was in work. I had to leave work for the day and was sick at home until my order arrived then first spoonful. Poof! Symptoms disappeared. That’s when I knew I had a problem.

    Others have done a better job than I of documenting the phases and symptoms of withdrawal so I won’t go through these again. What I will say is that I became mentally and physically burned out as a result of my Kratom abuse. I’m on my fifth week of absence from work due to mental health issues however if I’m honest, most of that period has revolved around quitting Kratom.

    I’m now 3 weeks Kratom free and for the past few days I’ve felt amazing and back to how I felt before this addiction. In fact no, I feel better than that as I feel like I’ve achieved something and had a stark reminder of what is important to me and what I came so close to losing as a result of my addiction to this drug.

    A few things that helped me. I started with A taper plan but found when I got to lower doses, I became very emotional. Crying for hours on end. As I have two children, I eventually decided that they couldn’t see me like that so I arranged to stay with my parents for 4 days to go through the worst of the withdrawal. This was key for me as I don’t think I would have been able to fulfil my responsibility as a parent. I also made sure I didn’t have access to any Kratom. If I had have had access I’m pretty sure I would have relapsed when the worst of the symptoms kicked in around Day 3. I would have done anything for a few hours sleep and relief (including going back to Kratom if I’d had access).

    Hot baths were the only thing that relieved the restless body, skin crawling symptoms. Only for about an hour but allowed me to get off to sleep for a few hours. At its worst, I was having 4 or 5 baths a day but it did help.

    I had a bunch of supplements and I’m not sure how much they helped with the acute withdrawal as for me, nothing really took the symptoms away. They may have helped as a placebo. I’m not too sure. In the second week, my doctor prescribed 5 days of sleeping tablets which really helped as I couldn’t sleep more than a few hours without them. As I say, I’m at the end of 3 weeks and have been sleeping well for the past 3 or 4 nights without any medication.

    Anyhow, that’s part of my story. I hope others find it as useful as I found some of the stories on here. It is true, the withdrawal will end. There is life after Kratom and I’m genuinely excited about the future for the first time in a long time.

  169. Im 1 week off other than feeling tired and restless feeling much better. Dealing with craving but i feel good today. I used caps to taper my last week i used 2 to finally 1 the last 3 days and no major uncomfort took no time off work wish me luck im not out of the woods with cravings but physically feeling very positive

  170. @That guy, yeah ibogaine really did help with Paws and you might have some problem with the Suboxone blocking your receptors still, you could contact Casita iboga on the Internet or social media ibogaine was really to answer for me for opiates and kratom… hope this helps

  171. TO Elissa… It’s good that you stopped and continue to do so. Kratom withdrawal is related to how long you’ve done it and how much you did. I did it for 3.5 months … I still feel the garbage effects. I get moderate anxiety for absolutely no reason about 3 times a week. But I’ve been working for a month and change… It’s the best thing for it because it keeps you distracted among binge watching Netflix and drawing. The days you feel good get longer and longer… And you become happier and happier as your brain resets. It’s a dark time coming off this stuff and hefty price. I did OxyContin years ago for two years straight … Nothing compared to getting off Kratom. I’ve beaten a lot of substances and you wouldn’t be able to tell as I have a good job and friends. When I read the posts about people who use Kratom to get off other opiates I can’t help but wonder and feel bad for people who don’t know how serious this plant is. Look at my posts … This plant has properties that represent antidepressents, opiates and caffeine.. And just like other substances should be only used in moderation. I’ve identified with a lot of people in this blog… The ones who tell the truth. Stay on the path and don’t look back. You will feel a lot Better. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months . And soon a year will hit. The other day I woke up and felt amazing and alive again. If you stop… You will be better for it NO DOUBT

  172. OK so I’ve been using kratom for 5 months, on and off. The first experience was always the best. Just mainly using it to get off the Percocets. When this time I went cold turkey off the Percocet’s, so I was using kratom to help with Brutal withdrawal symptoms. Used for a week did not help much on the 3-5 day. I am now withdrawing off the kratom. I was doing large quantities of kratom while detoxing off Percocets . I am on day 6, and still feel bad. Flu like symptoms, bats of freezing to death, low grade fever, runny nose, achy body, depression, low energy. I must say it’s not as bad as detoxing from opiates specifically oxycodone but it’s definitely not an enjoyable experience. Even thought of doing some to help me through it but after thinking it through decided not to. I hope this only lasts for another day or so. I would recommend that people be aware of the long term effects of kratom and understand it is very addictive. To all of you that are going through the same thing keep strong it will get better soon, DONT GO BACK TO KRATOM!

  173. dynodave
    I was able to get my hands on ibogaine few years ago paid 2k for a sitter in the states rented hotel and knew I was n good hands. Problem was I was kicking suboxone to Kratom and swear 6mths clean from subs but suboxone still had a hold of my receptors or something. Was taking Kratom by 3rd day of ibogaine I didn’t feel the normal depression! But wds kicked in and were really bad. I’m still using Kratom and got no problem tapering slowly but my issue is exactly what I described not being able to move on from that life just total PAWS , lethargy and depression. My question is can you tell me how or where u were able to order legit ibogaine. I can’t find the guy I had help me first time. Please help. Hope to read a comment from u

  174. I am on Day 43 off subs. I used Kratum to help. It was a god send. I never got up to high doses. But used it freely every day for about 35 days. I stopped cold at about 6 grams. Other than a bit of sleeplessness I don’t feel a thing. I’m on jet lag. So is it Kratum or a 9 hr time change? I just returned from Europe vacation. I left on day 21 of my sub withdrawal. I did not want to stay on as long as I did, but due to vacation I decided to. I was in the peak of WD after 15 yrs of sub use. That’s along time. Just being honest. I don’t feel sick. I feel fine. Is two days long enough for a full WD? I sneezed after 12 16 hrs the first night. Last night I slept like a lamb. I do have an arsenal of suppliments Ro help out. But kicking Kratum is like kicking baby asprine compared to subutex. Kratum just wore out its welcome. I was no longer getting anything out of it. So done!

  175. Hi. I’ve been trying to quit. I did once got through the initial withdraws which aren’t bad to me. Because I quit heroin over 3 years ago. So to nothing could possibly be worse than that pain. It’s annoying yes. But you have to try an quiet your mind. While going through the kratom withdrawal. Hate myself for quitting the hardest drug on earth an then I go to Kratom. I’m disappointed in myself. And the only thing is when I quit Kratom the first time the physical was nothing. But the deep depression threw me day 6. That’s the tough part.

  176. I discovered something in the course of my detox from kratom that I am foolishly dealing with two weeks after stopping. I used it all last week and now I’m going through detox again, though not as bad. As crazy as it might sound, PMS medication (Pamprin and /or Mydol) literally treats every symptom of withdrawal. I’ve taken it a few times and it does help for a while. So anyone dealing with hard core withdrawals give it a try.

  177. haven’t been on this blog in a while but thought I would check in,anyways I had used kratom to quit a 10 year opiate habbit back in about 2011 finally in 2014 I had enough and if you look back in this blog I quit cold turkey using the Thomas resipe and I documented on this blog all I had been through and as said the first week was hell then still for three weeks or so was bad but I made it through and had about 6 months clean but still had lingering effects like no energy and slight depression and loss of interest in almost everything and I think my dopemine were still low and my opiate receptors had some heavy damage because of my pill then kratom habbit
    so I thought I could use in moderation so I would use it bout once a week as a treat then twice a week then so on and so on then before I knew it I was back to my old 25 grams a day whithin a few months so before I had quit the first time I had done a lot of research on a substance called ibogaine trying anything to get off of opiates and kratom and after remembering the hell I went through spring break week back in 2014 to get off of this stuff and then how even 6 months later I still wasn’t back to my old chipper self I decided this time to give the ibogaine a try and I must say that all the withdraw bullshit and depression and fogginess and everything I went through the last time didn’t happen this time and now have been clean 4 months and opiates and kratom have not even crossed my mind it was like POOF I was healed ,it was like I took ibogaine once and kind of tripped a little and went on a introspective journey and somehow dealt with the things that were really the root of the problem of my addiction,i was tired for a day or two after but that was it.also it seems to have fixed the low dopamine problem cause here I am 4 months out and I feel great with not even a thought of opiates or kratom and I have been able to focus my energy on more positive things in my life instead of having to focus all my energy on staying off of some kind of substance all the time also I don’t really know for sure if it was the ibogaine or just being clean but I seem to have a renewed zest for life ! Now I’m not saying this is the answer for everyone but it was definitely the right answer for me I wish I would have used this method the first time I quit,also it seems to have eased the underlying anxiety and depression problems I had been dealing with since childhood…I would like to also add that anyone considering doing ibogaine DO YOUR RESEARCH !…ill check this site for the next few days in case anyone has questions…until then I remain..!

  178. To Brian and those who have courage to stop taking this stuff… Keep going. This Blog gave me the power and helped me stop taking this plant that could’ve ruined my life. I read every post since 2012, and there is so much much knowledge and power in some of these experiences that you read. I stopped taking this “tea” 37 days ago. I just recently went back to work.. I have a great job but I still have this annoying mild anxiety that lessens a little every day. I STOPPED cold turkey… Like some others in this blog. I don’t care… now that I see how far I’ve come from the weird depression and anxiety that I’ve had to pay for simply because I drank this stuff two times a day for three months… NO THANKS. To all those in this blog that said put in the work and courage and time to just suffer and get through it — thank you SO MUCH. Every day is a little better… Be around friends Laugh to get your dopamine back … And do your best to get seratonin through sleep. Kratom is no joke … If you like opiates Stay AWAY at all costs. Like most in this blog… STOP and don’t look back… You’ll pay the price but you will come back… It’s the awesome power of the human brain. Taper… Yeah whatever… Don’t put anything else in your body… For me I have a couple beers here and there but that’s it. Feel a little better here there… There are several people here who Actually tell the truth. Day 37 and still goin. Not even missing it a LITTLE… Pissed off actually that I never read this before I tried it.

  179. I decided to document my withdrawal from Kratom. Today is my fourth day with zero Kratom. The first 48 hours were especially rough, I found myself exhausted, hurting, irritable, and somewhat depressed. Yesterday I began clearing the 48 hour hurdle and found the symptoms had subsided a bit, however, I began having abdominal pain and diarrhea that I still have today, as well as continued insomnia and disturbed sleep. I still have not broken down and gotten any more to get through this. Today I feel somewhat better but the day is young. By the evening t will be four days with none at all and hopefully the downward slope of the detox.

  180. Hello, my name is Brian and I have used Lratom regularly since I first discovered it about five years ago. I have a history pf drug addiction, the most significant of which was suboxone. I never abused pills pr used heroin, but was abusing methadone many years ago to the point of going on a program just to get it. Detox off of that stuff, even with being tapered off, took almost a month. Then about six months later I discovered suboxone and was lead to believe it wasn’t addictive. I was sadly mistaken. About two years later I was abusing it daily and after about eight months I couldn’t get them anymore and was forced to detox again. That was as bad and as long as the methadone. So when I discovered Kratom, I again was mislead to believe it was not addictive. I took it to boost myself at work and it did wonders for that, and when I stopped taking it I felt fine. It even helped me deal with severe pain I experienced from injuries I recieved from a hit and run bicycle accident and the surgery I had because of it. Problem was I had to pay for it and that got to be expensive, so my use became limited. Then I went on a trip with someone taking subs and started again, and sure enough got hooked again. So I began using Kratom more regularly, even ordering some online and having it shipped to the hotel I stayed at on another trip. When it got to be expensive and I had no money, I made the stupid decision to go back to subs. For almost two years I was back on them every day, though just a very small amount. When I went from buying two subs a month to two a week I knew I was in trouble. I also got severely sick when I took too much or didn’t have normal physical activity. So I was forced to quit again. And in doing so I tried Kratom to help alleviate the withdrawals. It worked well so I began taking it daily. That was a year and a half ago. I also quit smoking in that time. Just recently I realized I was taking a lot of it and it was costing me a lot of money, and if I couldn’t get any I freaked out and did whatever I could to get money for it. People always asked me what it was and I would say it was tea. I used a powder mixed with hot water and that was the best way to take it. This past weekend my money ran completely dry and I have now been forced to stop taking it. I am into my third day of detox and am hoping it passes soon. Every symptom is identical to opiate withdrawal and there is no miracle medicine to treat it so I am silently suffering through it. I am not sure if the withdrawals are because of the Kratom or because the Krarom prevented the sub withdrawals, but either way I have been miserable at work, awake at night, and sore from head to toe. I want it to end and I never want to use anything like this again but I still find myself wanting to take even a small amount just to get through work but I am afraid it will start the dependence all over again like the subs did. Migraine medicine proved to be helpful, but not 100%. I am hoping it ends in the next 24-48 hours before I break down and get some. I figure at this point just save my money and deal with it. It really is a shame because the stuff does work wonders if properly used. Any feedback is welcome.

  181. Gabbapentin or however you spell it, a nerve or muscle repairer, takes away the physical withdrawal symptoms. Start with 100 to 200 mg a day and repeat when you feel sick again and 400 mg at night with trammadol, a non narcotic anti depressant that happens to make you tired and believe me you’ll sleep a lot. If you have never taken trammadol, start with 100 mg. I have been taking it for years and built up a tolerance, and now up to 300 mg at night. Gabapentin is also known as neurontin and also non narcotic. It’s been working for me. I don’t know when your energy will come back or the fog in you head clears, today is my 5th day and I’m still waiting. If you can get the energy to get on a treadmill for 20-25 minutes, it’s going to help a lot, as it releases endorphins in your brain that will get you more energetic. Stay away from benzos mentioned above, they’re addictive. Also try AA or NA meetings for support, that’s where I go. Good Luck, addiction sucks.

  182. Hi everyone,
    I’ve been using Kratom now for about 3 years or more (not really sure) to kick my habit of hydrocodone, but I honestly didn’t realize or think I was addicted, now Im kind of scared to get off of it because of the withdrawals. But I really want to quit. Every time i’ve even thought about kicking the habit I’m so scared of the depression, anxiety, no energy (which I hardly have any now but I’m afraid of it getting worse). someone mentioned Clonidine 3x/day does anyone have experience with that or know of anything like that that would help with the withdrawals at all? Thanks.

  183. To people like Cheryl… I really identify with ur experience. I am on day 25 going cold turkey. Three days ago I turned a corner. It sucks to say but it looks like it’s the three week mark for most people. I took weeks off of work, and went to the doctor several times. The worst for me was the anxiety attacks. I had no idea that this would happen.. I went through way less off of painkillers ten years ago. The good news is if your strong and relax… U will go back to normal. It takes a while for your brain to rewire itself. 25 days it took for me to stop thinking I was dying from breathing issues. I went to the the doctor and took every blood test imaginable… All results came back perfect. This plant scrambles scrambles ur brain with its alkaloids, caffeine, and anitdepressent properties. I abused it, not thinking about moderation for months. It will go away and you will get better it just takes time. Trust the process, and every day without it is a day towards being who u used to be.

  184. I have been taking Kratom for almost a year now. I decided to quit cold turkey. I have had addiction to painkillers before and have a history of depression. This, by far, has felt like the worst with drawls I have had before. The loneliness and desperation and bleak outlook on life I feel right now is the worst I think I have ever felt. I cannot even explain how deep and dark my thoughts are, and how alone and sad and scared I feel. I thought because this was legal, and a plant, that it couldn’t hurt me. It did help me with energy and was a great mood enhancer. But the cost of it is phenomenal and it made my heart beat so fast sometimes I thought I might have a stroke or heart attack. That’s why I have decided to quit taking it. I’m hoping my withdrawals ease off soon, as I am only on day three and I feel like I cannot take many more days of this severe depression. I have physical symptoms as well, nausea, freezing, sweating, cold chills, restless leg but the depression is the worst for me.

  185. Keatom works very well to help addicts withdraw from stronger opioids period. It’s also easier to reduce slowly before stopping there’s a forum with heaps of good info by ppl who seem to care. It takes about three weeks for the K to ween you off your doc first then reduce K 50% weekly until done.
    This is from red exp and meant to help those who need it. Just rem like me if you started on ops for pain you will need a strategy for this after. Maybe a return to opioids after this experience will work as your temptation to misuse will hopefully have dissipated. Good luck and god bless

  186. I’ve been taking Kratom for almost 2 years. Started out with 5g every other day or even two days, only at night to relax. I talked myself into every day because heck, I could afford it, why not feel great all the time? Then I started taking it at work. I never really had a problem taking a break for a day, but I had little reason to stop using it. Now I do – am I really going to take Kratom for the rest of my life?
    Sure it’s manageable, but I’m in my late 30s, so what, am I going to continue spending $140/month for the next 50 years? Eventually, I am going to need to stop. The hardest part was my psychological dependency. I think I need it to be productive. I’m pushing three days clean now and I’m so despondent. I have a ton of work to do but I have to force myself to do anything.

    My best advice for overcoming WDs is 1) exercise. Take up jogging. Set goals, punish yourself, and don’t let yourself down and 2) if you feel despondent, really just force yourself to do one mindless task (dishes, tidy up a room) and that may help springboard you onto something else. The despondency is all in your head – well there may be a chemical component, but you can fight it. Your brain will respond if you stimulate it.

    My best advice for staying off is not as easy. Know that you are psychologically dependent and that’s in your head. You functioned before it, you can function without it. Get mad at it. You’re allowed to be angry at a plant.

    I’m torn on whether it’s “good” or “bad”. I’d be interested to meet someone who enjoys it as much as I do and maintains real moderation with it and wouldn’t care if it was banned. I liken it to that borderline asshole friend who is crazy at parties and fun to be around but can also suck the air out of the room. They seem to want to be around you but they also might be taking advantage of you. You’re really close, but they can be scary sometimes. Is that person bad? Maybe not, they’re just troubled, and the combination of the two of you is toxic – you’re probably better off without it.

  187. Day 22. They say that after the three week mark things get a little better. Of course, it depends on the duration and dosage of how much one has taken. I went hard for a about three and half months naive to the fact that Kratom, should be taken in moderation like anything else. Anyway, three weeks in and I’m just now going outside, and doing menial things. Everyone’s WD experience varies, and what hit me the hardest was anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks. Once I realized that it’s part of the process I just let it ride. Not fully recovered, but wanna go back to my job so bad. This overall has been an eye opener about my life. My main advice to those dealing with withdrawal is —-stick it out. If you have friends and family use their support. Accept the fact that it will end. In early 2000 I got caught up doing oxy… MY experience with this has been much worse.. But doable. Kratom has alkaloids that induce opioids properties, caffeine, and antidepressents, among other unknowns depending on the strain. You will feel like your withdrawing from four different things. It’s really hard for some people… But you can do it. As for the people that say it’s nothing; that’s either a miracle or a lie. I have friends that go deep into this stuff and even they know that the WDs are serious. Made a turn I think and to those who suffering you will to. Just time and a mind game… It lessens everyday. Eat well relax and let it run its course…. 1 MONTH

  188. Protein powder with full spectrum amino profile. Exercise fruits vitamin c make my withdrawal way way wayyyyy easier

  189. I have literally read this blog from the very first comments that started in 2012. It has helped me immensely in getting through what still is kind of a terrible experience. I would like to say that when anyone who is suffering from withdrawal they should always reveal how much they were dosing, and how long they were dosing for. It has been extremely important to me to identify with those who have a similar experience in terms of comfort and relevance. There were a lot of people who wrote earlier… But as of late my experience is most like macs.. But people like rob and Phil were very helpful. Kratom is not evil but I abused it, because I didn’t see this blog first. 4 months ago I did 3.5 grams once a day. It felt great felt euphoric. Took days apart that first two weeks. It then went to 4 g a day… Then 4 g twice a day .. And then 5.5 grams sometimes twice a day but mostly once a day. 18 days ago I suffered a horrible panick attack which I thought was a heart attack. I scared my loved ones… But I was talked down from the anxiety attack. That day, 18 days ago I quit. The following week I had another panic attack (trouble breathing) so I went to the doctor. Doctors don’t know much about this plant. For 18 days my chest has been tight with some good days in between. Lack of sleep all the time. I’ve chosen to take weeks off of work to deal with this. I’m very hopeful because of all the good people who have written their experiences that I will be well. This is really hard… And I agree with those who say it’s safe— in moderation. Wish I knew that before I was told otherwise by headshops and others. I’m trying to put as many days under my belt to beat this thing… I thank everyone in this blog who share there experience with this stuff. Again… Always put the duration of your usage and the dosage that way people can compare. 18 days and going. Feel like crap … But hopeful. Thanks guys. Keep ur head up… Ur brain will rewire and heal.. Good luck and I’ll keep y’all posted.

  190. Hi

    I have been using Kratom for about a year. Contradictory to most of the posters I don’t think that this plant is evil in any way. It helped me get off serious opiate addiction and curb the cravings with amazing success. Now I have to travel out of the country, so obviously bringing Kratom along with me is not an option.

    My question: is it better to taper or just go cold turkey?..
    Especially for someone with a history of opiate addiction?..

    I absolutely hate physical pain more than emotional pain: I have been depressed since I remember myself, so I am not particularly afraid of my mood getting worse for some time as long as there’s a good chance of it going back to my normal even if it’s my crappy kind of normal… I REALLY need to travel, so I don’t have a choice: I have to get rid of Kratom permanently or temporarily…. But physical pain really bothers me: I can’t take much of it, so I am worried about this. Is it any better to taper off of Kratom to avoid RLS and other physical symptoms?.. Or is it going to prolong the suffering without offering any meaningful benefit?..

    I have Concerta ( Ritalin (methylphenidate)) pills that can help with motivation and energy and I am taking 2 mg of Klonopin daily. I happen to be also tapering off of klonopin slowly, but can take extra during Kratom w/d. Methylphenidate has been my favorite antidepressant, but it being a stimulant I am not sure I should actually take it during the acute phase of the Kratom w/d…

    Please share your experiences and help me with some advice if you think you know what is the best way to go.


    Detox centers are horrible places of nothing but pure torture especially for people with benzodiazepine addiction, which is also my problem and nearly all doctors are idiots.
    I actually heard that someone got prescribed Suboxone for Kratom w/d when they went to seek help from a “medical professional”, which is like giving someone meth for coffee addiction…

  191. I have been taking kratom since Jan 2017. Was taking about 1 tsp every 3-4 hours until around last few month been taking around 2 tsp. (10 – 00 capsule every 4-5 hours). Tried going cold turkey on day for and hsving horrible withdrawal. Crying all time, head shaking, very weak worn out, cant eat, sweat, rls, etc. I decided try taper off but not sure how. Since been off 4 days just took 5 capsule hoping helps some but dont know where go from there. HELP

  192. kratom has saved my life as well as thousands of others. Much better choice then methadone or suboxon guaranteed! I’ve been taking 7-14 grams of kratom for 2 years every day and it sure beats taking antidepressants and mood stabilizers. If utilized correctly kratom can help you in ways only petroleum based pills attempt to. I some times go a day or 2 without just to keep my tolerance from going to high and I don’t get any withdrawals. If you going to use kratom on a daily basis and don’t want to become to dependent just make sure you try to maintain self control and don’t allow your tolerance to keep building. If your wothdrawling I don’t see what a doctor could do for you other then give you chemicals, if your trying to quit go cold turkey whatever you do don’t get on methadone or suboxon, if you think kratom is hard to get off you’ll be in a whole new world of hurt.

  193. Hey Ryan,
    The best suggestion I have heard and worked for me was getting the “Stem and Vein” Kratom and toss away your other stuff. Dose on that as you would your normal stuff for 5 days and you should feel minimal withdraws after.

  194. Hi my name is Ryan . I have been taking kratom for about two years . I take a lot ! I use to have a pain pill problem but replaced it with kratom . I became clean besides kratom . I take 8 half teaspoons right when I wake up . Then a hour later 8 more . At 11 am 8 more . 3pm 8 more and then 6 pm 8 again . My biggest issue I don’t eat all day until late at night right before bed . I wake up in the morning kinda shaky. Honestly I don’t know what to do about this . It makes me happy and full of energy .. Any suggestions would help . Thanks for reading

  195. I used Kratom at first recreationally. I loved how euphoric it made me feel. I would dance around the house and pump up the music. It made me very talkative too which I loved too. I am an addict though so you probably already know how this story ends. I used it a few times a week at first (as suggested) . I read the warnings that addicts should be wary of addictive qualities of Kratom. But I plowed ahead anyway because I had found my elixir to boredom! I soon began using it once a day, then several times a day. Then I had to try the “concentrated” versions, which I was immediately addicted to. Eventually though I built up a big tolerance to it and all I was left with was jittery feelings with no more euphoria. Time to quit I said, I had lost all my ambitions, and I was sad and very depressed. No motivation and even feelings of suicide. I slowly tapered off and started going back to AA/NA meetings and called my sponsor and finally told her that besides my alcohol addiction and was also addicted to Kratom. I slowly tapered off Kratom and just threw the last of my stash in the garbage and mixed it in with coffee grounds so that I couldn’t change my mind. I know this stuff is legal in many states and has helped a lot of people, but my opinion is it has no place in an addicts life!
    If anyone benefits from this message, God bless you and stay strong. Recovery is a beautiful life. Addiction always ends in jails, institutions and unfortunately sometimes in death.
    I don’t want to die! I have too much to live for!! Peace out…

  196. What medications/herbs help with this withdrawal. I’m so bad off when I stop for 8 hours that I seriously don’t believe i can get off of this. The cold chills and RLS made me feel like I had cancer or something, I cannot explain this to a doctor but I’m about to try. Because it’s taking over my life just like heroin did

  197. I am currently in process of quitting Kratom. I am a former heroin addict and wish to get back into recovery. I am now on my third day without Kratom or any other drugs. I have been using about an ounce of maeng da leaf daily for 3 1/2 months. IMO this is a very typical opiate like withdrawal but not as severe as heroin or oxy. Main symptoms I am experiencing is restless leg, gastric disturbances, muscle and joint pain, marked lethargy, and agitation as far as physical. Mentally I am experiencing marked depression, anxiety, craving, obsession, and hopelessness. I have underlying mental issues which is exacerbating this withdrawal.
    It is helping me that I set a date to quit and tried to cut down the amount prior to the date (which I was
    not successful) and told people that I was close to
    what I had been doing and that I planed on quiting.
    If you do this please make sure these people will be
    supportive of you. What is helping is plenty of rest
    (when I can do to restlessness), talking to people in
    my support group, stuff to keep my mind occupied like small tasks movies and books. Most importantly OTC meds like Advil for pain, loperamide or immodium for stomach discomfort(this helps a lot!), and sleep meds for night. I just keep telling my self that everyday will be better than the last and this is true IMO, even if it is only a little better. And I know that an addict like me can NEVER use Kratom successfully. I would say good luck, but luck has nothing to do with this, u can and will do it if you want. Hope this has helped someone

  198. I don’t know why you all choose to make withdrawal so difficult. Yeah… gabapentin does work but why don’t you try stem and Vein kratom. Here’s what I did the last time I quit a 20 gram per day addiction. I bought some Stem and Vein kratom from the reputable vendor I was buying my kratom from. There are several great vendors online. The first day I took 3 grams of s & v every 2 to 3 hrs. The second day 2 grams every 2 hours. The third day 1 gram every 2 hours and the fourth day 0.5 grams every 2 hours. The 5th day none. I also smoked a bowl about an hour before bed every night…but I don’t think this is necessary. I had no physical withdrawals during or after the s & v. No anxiety…no RLS…no insomnia. I did have a very slight runny nose in the AM for a couple days. However…a couple days after quitting I was a bit depressed but no where near as when I tried to quit cold turkey. I’ve been off all kratom since May 1st and do not miss it at all. I do think Kratom is an awesome plant and the cure is built right into the plant itself. S & V is cheap too. Kratom is good for people who don’t go ape shit with it. I have no self control so need to stay away from it. I’m glad it’s behind me. Good luck to you all.

  199. Helpfull medicine for withrawl from Kratom is the same as regular opiates. 1) Gabapentin for RLS. 2) Clonidine for blood pressure spikes, and sweating 3) Benzo(any type will help with anxiety 4) Benadryl for sleep. 5) Muscle relaxer for aching also helps with sleep. Each person has to talk to their dr. To find the right dosage and start the Gabapentin two days before withdrawing because it builds up in your system and will have better results.

  200. This is for Chanell, (and everyone who is going through WD), I feel compelled to reach out to you because you are taking a lot of K like I did.
    Do not do what I did and go CT because you may end up as I said in an earlier post— slam on the brakes instead of pumping the brakes gently until you come to a stop.
    Read some earlier messages here as there are some good methods to taper off.
    If you read my posts starting March 1st I too did a lot of K so it took me close to 4 Months to clear my head and physical pain but I went CT.
    If you have a job then tapering is what you must do, CT will leave you unable to function as you should at work.
    If you have a loved one to confide in that helps immensely and let them help you.
    You MUST be strong and vigilant, believe in yourself and know you will beat this.
    I wish you all the best and hope you kick that damn crutch away!

  201. Ever since the ban on Kratum its been extremley hard and expensive to get. I was addicted to pain medication when my friend brought me on to try Kratum. It helped me get off of any and all pain medication I was taking, but its gotten to the point where this stuff is just as or even more expensive than the pills I was taking before. I just lost my job so I have no choice but to quit. I struggle with depression, anxiety, adhd, all which I take medication for prescribed by my doctor. Its day 2 of me quitting and despite what some of the other people on here are saying I must warn you if you havent ever taken it, or are planning to quit. Take time off of work. See a doctor if you can for medicine to help with the anxiety. Relax as much as you can because coming from someone who has tried and quit almost everything (definitely not bragging) this is 100% hell on earth. I almost went tk the hospital the other night because I felt like I was dying. Runny nose. Chest pains. Migranes. Hot sweats. Irratability. Depression. Nausia. Restlessness. Flu like symptoms. Difficulty concentrating. EVERYTHING. Im 26. I called my mom the other day crying because I didnt know what to do anymore. I felt like just giving up. Ive never felt withdrawal symptoms to this extent. Worse than cigarettes. Worse than xanax. Not sure what dosage I was taking but it was about 14 capsules in the morning and 14 at night. My advice to anyone would be either see a dr. Or visit a rehab. If that isnt in the cards for you financially I would HIGHLY recommend taking a week off of work and just stay in bed and eat soup. Take showers. Drink tons of water. Drink hot caffeinated tea with lemon and honey. Take advil. And try not to make and rash descions based on negative feelings or mood due to the withdrawals. I will update again soon. Good luck guys. Youre not alone with this addiction and just know that you WILL be ok eventually. Its going to feel like forever but as someone mentioned before me after the first few days of the torturous physicall symptoms 85% of it is all in your head. It will not kill you. Be strong, then carry on.

  202. So I need some serious advise, I’ve been using kratom for over a year n a half. I’ve gotten so bad I take about a kilo in a matter of 3 weeks. I’m trying to stop, it’s totally taken over my life, I loved it at first but I’ve got to the point to where I feel like I’m a slave to this plant. First started to get rid of an opiate addiction all to find out after I got hooked this is just as bad. I literally take 2 tsp every 2 to 3 hours or I start feeling terrible. I’ve been tapering and it still sucks. Any suggestions for help would be great thanks so much.

  203. I started to post my WD experience here to help others going through the same thing I am but as I said everyone is different so you may just breeze through this like it was nothing OR you may go through some terrible times.
    Myself? I can say I have been doing K for about 10 years and that was to get off of a opioid addiction (oxycontin) prescribed by my Dr for bad knee pain approximately five years prior.
    The K worked but little did I know now I have a different monkey on my back, and it took a long time to realize that I was basing my entire life around my dosing ( T&W extract). This was entirely my fault and no one else s, I could have seen the warning signs and moderated my intake of this leaf. It took a hell of a long time to realize that this is not the way to live so I made up my mind to go CT.
    THAT was a huge mistake, at least for me it was, I went through what I like to call the “dark times” and if you read my earlier posts starting from March of this year I described what I went through. I should have tapered but that is all water under the bridge.
    It is almost the middle of May and I have not reverted back to my dark room at all for awhile and I am feeling more and more energetic. I am laughing more instead of not being amused by anything at all. Folks, please look at my earlier posts starting at the beginning of March, I can tell you I was going through pure hell but I made it! If I can do it YOU can do it, please don’t give up and start up again. Use the experience to test yourself like I did–take the pain knowing this will all come to an end and you will be rewarded with something precious—-YOU!
    Good luck everyone I am free now after 15 years and I feel great!

  204. Just went through withdrawal from 16g per day for 2 months of Green malay. I definitely think the worst part is the lingering fatigue and insomnia. I’m only on day 8, but I know from last time that these symptoms last for weeks making working and daily life very hard. The main symptoms, rls, diarrhoea and deep depression past quite quickly.

    I think the reason I went back to kratom this time was a misunderstanding of PAWS. I believed that the lingering fatigue was my normal bassline and decided that the energy boost from kratom was better than going through daily life feeling drained. BIG MISTAKE. I only hope that someone considering taking kratom for the same reasons as me, reads this and leaves kratom well alone. The benefits from daily kratom use DO NOT out way the weeks or even months of feeling shit afterwards. I have definitely learned my lesson this time. Drugs, no matter how innocent they may seen at first are not the answer!

    …has anyone had success with sam-e or anything else to beat the lingering fatigue and muscle soreness?

  205. I really believe diet and exercise is so very important as soon as I was able to force my self to exercise I believe that was the turning point of every opisthotonos withdrawal I’ve ever been through kratom is not a horrible opiate withdraw in comparison to say methadone it’s still shitty though but in my opinion diet and exercise at key to feeling well mentally and physically

  206. I’ve been using kratom for the past few months. I took a high dose a couple of days ago. I’ve felt so weak, depressed and have been troubled with hot and cold flashes. Extreme lethargy. Today starts my third day off. Getting a bit better, but my blood pressure is still up. I honestly feel like I’m dying, but now that I know what it is, I know what to avoid. I’m throwing the rest of the kratom out today. Please wish me luck.

  207. I used about 25 to 30 grams per day for 2 years. I quit twice using Stem and Vein. I had absolutely no physical withdrawals. The last time I quit was this past may 1st…so it is my 8th day kratom free and I feel great. In using the stem and Vein to quit…I bought 100 grams of it and threw out all my regular kratom. I dosed 2 grams of s & v every 2 hours until I ran out. No taper and no withdrawals. Email me at if you need more info or help. And read this forum…it helped me a lot.

  208. I’m currently weening off kratom, I get horrendous restless body syndrome (because who’s kidding, I wish it were just my legs!) At night, and the first 3 nights I tried to quit CT, I ended up staying up agonizingly till around 5am, finally gave in and took some kratom, would get a few hours of sleep then have to work 9 hour shifts looking like hell. My boss asked why I looked so bad, and why I kept making mistakes… Why I was so restless etc. I am now weening, but I constantly feel super cold, I ache, have no energy at all, am exhausted etc.

    I think kratom should remain legal, because if we hadn’t abused it, it would be fine. It is a great tool used sparingly. But because people are so scared to get it banned, the risks are greatly understated. I thought withdraw was simply a runny nose and lack of energy. Bs. The restlessness is on par with heroin withdrawal. It’s agonizing. Granted it’s not as bad, at least you don’t throw up and have diarrhea. But either way, it’s agonizing. My deepest love to all of those struggling to come off of this stuff.

    I’m down to 4g a day, from a 20-40g a day habit. I rapidly decreased my dose. But now I get by on 4g a day. Once I’m used to this dose, I plan to decrease by .5g per dose. Since I dose 3 times a day. I hope this eliminates the horrible restlessness.

  209. So, I’m four months totally free of Kratom. Now, I’m dealing with what appears to be PAWS. I have been terribly depressed and lethargic due to my brain chemistry being changed by Kratom. I found a great holistic MD who raved about something called SAM-e. It’s a natural anti-depressant with very few side effects. I’ve been on it for seven days, and it has made a tremendous difference. He also recommended CALM magnesium powder. I’m taking that twice a day up to 400 mg. Not trying to give medical advice here. Just sharing my experience. Now I see now why opiate addicts just say the heck with it, and go back to using. It’s an instant fix, and it’s hell getting your life back after using for a year. I refuse to do that because I remember how much Kratom had taken over my life. I was planning my entire day around it. Never will I do that again. I will ride this thing out until I am fully free. I hope all of you make the same choice. Hang in there.

  210. Hello , I have been dependent on opioids since I was 20 I’m 34 now I was on high dose methadone for 6 years and cold turkey 170 a day methadone . Kratom withdraws are very real and there not near as bad as most but still fucking suck . One thing I will say is that when you finally quit life is so much more vibrant every thing you se feel and do is sharper life is so much more meaningful and feelings are real if you can learn to except that every moment of your life is not going to be fucking lovely and living is not all great then you can build from there

  211. I have had a kratom habit for three years now, ranging from 50 grams a day at my highest to now, and I am currently weaning down from 30 grams a day. I am at 21 grams. Sometimes I want to chuck the whole thing and go cold turkey but I know from prior experience that the depression and flatness I experience would have me jumping back on kratom’s train almost immediately. I have to be careful because when I quit kratom (only once in three years) I end up drinking, and I’m not even a drinker! It’s like the withdrawal symptoms push me into booze, which is a worse drug! I just want to keep this thread going and tell you all that you aren’t alone…and keep posting for others!

  212. I was a hard core opiate addict for 15 years. Morphene was my favorite. Been on suboxone the last 5 years religiously. I am trying kratom for the first time tonight and praying it works. I have gotten to the point where I hate opiates. With all my mind and soul. All I want is to be done with them. I have been threw some insane wd over the years. Methadone being the worst. Is this plant really comparible to the “excorsism” level of withdrawal? Because I’m looking at it as a way out.

    1. Hi Maria. The development of Kratom tolerance varies from one person to another. Kratom withdrawal starts within 6-12 hours of the last dose, peaks within 2-3 days, and lasts 5-10 days total.

  213. Hopefully this post will help those going through WD from K, like I said in earlier posts everyone is different so it will be different with the severity of WD. Unfortunately my WD was and still is severe but I am slowly but surely emerging from a hell I will never go through again. This is my 10th going though the 11th week of going CT and due to the amount and type of K along with my age, (I am an older guy), I can tell you I learned that if you dance you gotta pay the fiddler!
    Right now I am enjoying life a lot more rather than the colorless daily routine of living around my doses that I eventually ended up doing. I was not amused by anything so being able to laugh and enjoy things again is a joy in itself. I am gaining my energy little by little. Last week I had a bad day where I wanted to stay in a darkened room and not engage with anyone so it passed. Please don’t be discouraged if you go through the WD like I did, a resolve of knowing you will eventually be yourself again and crawl back into the light will help you. Take this experience as a test like I did and “take the pain” ,dig deep down into yourself and smash that depression knowing that you are worth more than what this stuff throws at you! If I can do this–you can do this!
    Good luck and remember to reach inside yourself and kick that damn crutch away!
    I will try and post awhile later to share my experience to help those going through WD!

    1. Thank you, Rob for posting here. I am sure this will help others reading the comments section for help or to find a story they can relate to. We will be awaiting your later input.

  214. I am on day 10 of detoxing from suboxone if I take some kratom will it send me back into withdrawal.i don’t want to set myself back after getting this far

  215. Lol Hunter,

    Sounds like you had a bad trip with the mushrooms and that’s about it. Kratom is a gentle herb which probably isn’t playing much of a roll in your recent panic attack. Besides, if you haven’t tried other drugs or haven’t ever had a real addiction to like Meth or Opiates (as some examples), then you don’t know squat about the dark side of drugs, sorry. And you def can’t lump kratom into the category here.

    Anyways, give it some time you will probably look back and laugh at this. If you have a problem with kratom addiction, just taper down slowly and you will be fine. It’s not going to kill you and it’s not a drug worth making a scene over (and as far as your lungs I don’t know what to tell you but it’s not related to kratom unless you have some extremely rare reaction to it or something)…

    Good luck

  216. I had used Kratom after I quit drinking and quickly became addicted. If you’ve quit the Kratom, stay quit. I dumped my entire stash down the toilet the day I quit, cold turkey. It sucked but i’m free today. I wasn’t even feeling it anymore, this after getting up to 35+ grams daily, including extracts. I avoid any addictive substances, with exception of nicotine cap and caffeine. Do your best to recover. It will take time but you’ll begin feeling better soon. The best thing to do is stay off the K.

  217. Hey Guys,

    I started my Kratom addiction about 4 months ago, i started out with small doses, about 2-3 grams twice a day, but then slowly started to increase my dosages to almost double that (particularily on weekends because i wouldnt have to work).
    I used it primarily as a way to quit drinking alcohol, and for about the first 3 months it worked rather well, but during the (current) fourth month, i started to drink occassionally, maybe 3 or four times in that month. the last time, which was a week ago, i made an incredibly stupid decision, i had ingested 6g of kratom, then decided to drink some mixed everclear , and then ate 3 g of psychedelic mushrooms. Incredibly stupid decision, and having just 60ml of everclear gave me the lack of judgement to take the mushrooms. Anyway, later that night i believe i had a heart attack, I almost immediatley had gotten this urgent sense of impending doom, and it felt as if I was unable to breathe, It became difficult to take deep breaths and i was so terrified I called my mother and admitted my kratom addiction. I called her with the intention of having her take me to the emergency room, but after talking with her it calmed me down enough to decide I didnt need to go. The decision was more so influenced by the fact that i have no health insurance. Its been 7 days since the suspected attack, and I am having a hard time breathing, it almost feels like there is fluid in my lungs , and after doing some research I am really terrified that I may have really destroyed my body at such a young age of 26. I’m afraid to tell the doctor that i was taking the kratom, and i dont want her to possibly throw me into a rehab or something. What should i tell her? It sounds incredibly stupid, but I have truly learned my lesson when it comes to substances. I am terrified of them now, please help with some advice

  218. OK, last dose for me was this morning. I actually decided to quit partly due to the effects not working well for me anymore and I think I have repaired the medical condition that attracted me to kratom to begin with.
    Took Kratom for just under one year, but my dosage was anywhere from 12-30 grams / day. fluctuated due in part to managing symptoms and managing what I think might have been tolerance withdrawal symptoms. My irritability was through the roof and my motivation tanked hard. When Kratom originally made me very productive, that effect reversed on me. Looking forward to being clean and excited about life again.

    I am at 9 hours later, and so far I feel just fine even better than earlier today. I pray that I make it past the tough spots assuming they will be hard. Will report back when I think of it.

  219. Wanted to give an update of my progress of getting myself off of Kratom. I was up to 30gms/day over about 1 years time. I found myself feeling fatigued and irritable and was only taking it to reduce the withdrawal feelings. Made up my mind to stop taking it at all and decided to start lowering dosages. I cut back to 12gms/day for 3 days, then 6gms/day for another 3 days, then 3gms/day for the remaining 3 days, now 4 days later with no Kratom, I’m feeling better and better each day off of this stuff. I have no plans to ever take this ever again after the experiences I have gone through. Proud to be closer to my old self and only started the Kratom habit due to boredom from being retired. I’m not stating at all that this is the best way to kick this habit, just stating what has worked for myself. Really wish you all the best of luck kicking your own Kratom habit. 🙂

  220. I am trying to get off prescription pain killers and have decided to use kratom as a tool to help with the withdrawal effects. My fear is mainly the restlessness due to severe RLS is what got me into this mess. Any advise on how to subdue the RLS. TIA.

  221. I just wanted to put in my own experience that I am going through right now. Have been taking kratom for 5 years. The latest was red vein 20-30 caps a day. My family didn’t know that I was using. I tried many times to quit on my own but without any luck. I then tried phenabut but overdid it one day and overdosed. I went to work the day after taking 10 of them and couldn’t speak or remember anything. Everyone thought I had had a stroke. Anyway I went back to the kratom cuz it seemed less dangerous (and I still believe it is). But I still kept lying to my family and telling them I quit. Well they caught me a few times and almost lost them from lying to them. That’s when i woke up and decided it’s just not worth it. I am on the third day cold turkey and the only thing I can say is my depression is very bad. Have anxiety but luckily I was prescribed anxiety meds by my doctor some time back so that helps. Have had some rls but not too bad. I’ve used the bath and body works sleep lotion on them and that seems to help a lot. Plus otc sleeping meds. But I have to say that having the loving support of my family has helped a lot. And giving it to God has helped the most. I read in my prayer book as often as I need to and it gives me hope. Finding this blog has helped me also. It’s good to know I’m not alone in all this. Best of luck to all of you and God bless you!

  222. 10 gram dose at a whack 2 to 4 times a day for almost a year. Tapered over 4 days and am on day 5 but only day 2 of no kratom whatsoever. Have vomitted and had runs and 2 nights of insomnia, all kinds of emotional moments. Absolutely ridiculous.

  223. I started kratom 4 days ago with a 10 gram bag of red vein. I bought it and went to the store and bought a juice and put 1/3 of the bag in there and downed it. Later that night I put the rest in some juice. The next day I got some more and had it three times that day. The next day I had white vein 5g in the morning, and one more 5g at 1. During work I was doing great but 5 hours in it hit me, I began to feel cold, then hot, I was super tired, I felt like Crap. I went home and went to bed. In the morning i still had cold symptoms but It wasn’t that bad so I went into town and got some 50x extract red vein. So around 5 I took 1 gram of the extract, and I had about 1.5g of green Malay. After that I had an insane headache and it would only get better when I meditated or chilled out. I went to sleep fine. The next day is today I haven’t had any kratom today, my muscles are sore( probably from all that work I did while under the influence of white vein) and I have a tiny headache. I think I’ll be fine if I don’t take anymore in such high amounts. I really wish they would have warned me on dosing, cause I don’t have a scale, and yeah also I should say I have never messed with opiates before kratom so this withdrawal is new to me. Hopefully I’ll be better in a few days

  224. Th best thing to kick anything is the High Blood pressure pills clonidine and sleeping pills. See if your doctor will help you.

  225. I am continuing to post here and letting everyone know what I am going through after many years of doing enhanced K, this will be my 7th going on 8 weeks of stopping CT. The reason I am posting my experience is the hope of helping others cope with K withdrawal.
    Let me start by saying I started out with thinking this, (K), was the very best thing around and it still could be if I had used it in moderation but I let it take control so I was planning my days around my doses. I was not wanting to miss a dose and experience an uncomfortable feeling of loss, little did I know how bad that feeling of uncomfortableness will become.
    If you followed my earlier posts I am still not feeling well but I am not curled up in a darkened room as before.
    I still have feelings of a depression/energy level rollercoaster ride where I can slide down to wanting to not interact with anyone but this is happening less frequent.
    The fuzzy/ mush feeling in my brain is still there but nothing compared to a couple of weeks ago so for those of you that are having a hard time with this please be patient, this will pass.
    I have read some reports that this can take several Months to heal completely, I hope that is not the case but knowing I won’t be this way the rest of my life gives me hope and I hope others going through the same will realize this too.
    Everyone is different so the WD will also be different with each individual plus the amount/type of K you have done along with the time of ingesting it.
    I wish all the best for those going through this such as I and please do not cave in and start up again for relief. You can do this!

  226. Kim.

    I always say taper. Use a scale. Stretch it out over a month or two even. There are numerous people who have got off kratom this way. The prob is the temptation to keep taking more. A scale will help you monitor your usage… You will regret cold turkey, especially if you don’t know what the withdrawal is like. If you decide cold turkey is your way, take time off work and any other obligations to lie in bed (with your restless legs) and watch TV…

  227. Ya Randy, if you are having bad withdrawal then I would def stretch it out more. Take your time…

    As I stated before, I have decided kratom does me much more good then bad. At this time, I have no interest in quitting. But if it’s a problem for you for whatever reason, then I wish you good luck…

  228. 10 days kratom free. I quit ct,after using for almost 2 years. The thing is ,is I’m having a hard time getting some sleep. Really bad racing thoughts.all other wd symptoms are gone rls sweats and such. I been tempted to take again for sleep but I can’t! THIS far already

  229. I have used about20 grams a day 3 -4 times a day. I want to quit. Is the best way to stop cold turkey or taper off? I have anxiety which is hard for me to cope with. Any suggestions please?

  230. Didn’t accurately describe the amount of Kratom I was taking in my previous post, anyway I was taking 6 grams as much as 5 times per day (30g total) before deciding to get off of this stuff. Started tapering off for two weeks, took 6 grams at around 9:00am and then another 6 grams around 3:00pm (12g total). After the first week the withdraw feelings were pretty crappy, the second week much better, very little withdraw feelings. Decided now to taper down to 3grams 3 times a day, (9g total), will do this for 1 week and then cut that back to 6grams. Feeling positive about this and determined to beat it, hope I’m not going too fast. Thanks for the earlier reply Cam, I might have to cut down to micrograms before this is done. ~Randy

  231. I know I shared this before, but God it feels great to feel good again. It’s been 2 and 1/2 months now since by my last dose. I had lingering sneezing bouts up to a week or so ago, but that’s even gone now. So now I have my life back. The lethargy is gone. I wake up energized and ready to go. I am working out at the gym again. And I do believe this stuff lowers testosterone levels because my libido is coming back. Alec is right–my sex life took a hit too. I would tell everyone who is hurting now to hold on and don’t go back. When you get to the end of that tunnel, and you see the light again (getting your life back), it’s worth every bit of the pain you went through. I will never go back to that kind of life again. It is so nice to enjoy things again, to really have joy in my life without overloading my neurotransmitters with a drug. Hang in there all.

  232. I’m on day 4 it’s the worst I have ever felt from withdrawal, 2nd day was the worst. make sure you take a week off work or you won’t make it.

  233. Thought I would continue to share my ongoing WD from many years of enhanced K usage in the hope it will help others with this information.
    Like I said I stopped cold turkey and wish I would have tapered as it was an extremely nasty experience (it still is). This is my 6th week and I am starting to poke my head out of the mud. I am still not 100% myself but can at least function. I find that I still don’t have much energy but I actually am doing some things this week. I sincerely hope no one has to endure what I was/am going through. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster as far as energy and depression is concerned, I believe this too will pass with time. Strange experience was that I kept smelling K last week, it seem to be coming out of my lungs or something, may be was because I did T&W for many years I don’t know but it is going away now.
    I feel myself coming out of the lethargy slowly so that in itself is a great feeling, I am looking forward to being myself again but realize it can take awhile so I will be patient and take it a step at a time. I truly hope that anyone going through this hell will be able to withstand the draw of going back to K, I made up my mind not to do this so I threw everything I had out and will not order it again. I will always say that this was my fault and not K in itself, I was the one that decided to take it for many years and then found myself planning my days around it. I hope this message will help someone in knowing that for some it may take longer than others to fully get through WD but it will happen. Good luck for those going through WD, I will probably post here later and give an update on my experience.

  234. Alec,

    I have decided kratom does me much more good the bad. I also use it a lot. I really hope it doesn’t get banned (but I’m in Canada so that is not likely since we have legal weed and now legal heroin for addicts etc)… Silly war on drugs in USA…

    Anyways, I’m surprised to hear it affected your sex drive. I haven’t noticed any problems like that for me and I have been using kratom since 2011. It hasn’t affected much. It does not cost me much either… You sure the sex drive is from kratom? If you do want to quit for whatever reason, taper down (though that doesn’t work for everyone) and use a scale. Stretch it for a month or so. I’m pretty sure there are others in this thread that talk about how they did that and it worked with almost no withdrawal… There’s no rush, taper slowly but be careful to measure your doses and take slightly less each day…

  235. Nice read ! Yikes though. I’ve been on about 10g Maeng Da High grade leaf powder, three times daily, for almost a year now. At this point the cons outweigh the pros by a long shot. I really don’t wanna quit cold turkey any tips for tapering off ? Just getting sick of having no sex drive and wasting thousands of dollars on kratom and potentially damaging my insides. Kratom is such an easy addiction to maintain unfortunately that’s why I havent stopped, im almost at the point where I selfishly wish they would ban it and do for me what I’m struggling to do for myself. I think kratom is wonderful though for many reasons but for me it’s TOO good I could probably live the rest of my life under a bridge and as long as I had kratom id be okay with it. That’s how content it makes me. I’m debating on just going to an inpatient rehab if I can’t kick it within the next month. For me the physical symptoms aren’t what scares me it the apathetic sluggishness I dread that’s how I feel every morning before I take my am dose, I’ve kicked heroin in the past so kratom is no big deal, I just like it too much, the main reason I am quitting is the sexual side affects it carries ? not cool haha. What inspired you to kick the kratom ? Now that you have recovered from it, what positive changes do you notice , and how do you feel ?

  236. Randy I suggest going even slower and using a scale. Take minute amounts less each day over like a month and half till you are basically taking microgram doses…

  237. Hi all, been taking green strain Kratom for about a year and a half now, started slowly taking 1 spoon full about twice a day and had plenty of energy with several different strains and the feeling was really nice. Well, to keep those same great feelings I started increasing my dosage, started taking the same spoon full almost hourly each day to achieve the same results and great feeling. In the morning time I would have to have my first dose just to feel normal. When I tried to cut back I felt terrible, was moody, nervous, and just not right. Decided to get off this stuff completely and get back to my old self and away from the mood swings and nervous feelings. I’m tapering off right now and have been for the last 2 weeks, I now only take a spoon full around 9:00am and then another around 3:00pm. The first week of doing this was really tough, hard to sleep, body aches, irritable, now into my second week its not near as difficult but I know the battle is not over by far. My plan is to continue this for the rest of this month and then decrease the dosage to 1 spoonful per day and see how that goes. I know I have to discipline myself to not step backward and increase my dosage while planning to stop this. My energy is slowly increasing and everything seems just more positive for now. Hope to be completely off this possibly by May, will post my results to anyone interested. Love this blog to know I’m not alone here, this is the first time my addiction has been shared with anyone, I’m kind of embarrassed about all of this and getting myself into this situation, but I am going to beat this stuff. ~Randy

  238. Sorry Christyn, no idea… The thing is, the best stuff comes from dedicated vendors online. The stores carried mediocre or expired stuff. Also, buying at smoke shops or convenience stores is a lot more expensive… He’s prob paying way more then he has to.

    At least for now, you could point him to online vendor with much cheaper bulk prices and then suggest to him he wean off slowly. Take less each day. At the very least, you will save him a lot of money…

  239. Question? What strain of kratom is being distributed at the local stores Like ‘Up in Smoke’ ? anyone have a clue ? curious never been in the store but my husband has alot ! and he is a kratom user for almost 4 or 5r years now. he is having a hard time trying to quit he gets sick, aggrvated,wants to lay around. depends on it just to get up and work or do anything else / w family.

  240. Ok I want to give an update of what I am experiencing with WD from years of K. One thing that might be taken under consideration is that I am an older guy and that may be the reason I am having such a hard time with this.
    Ok last week was bad as I posted earlier but this week for some reason was VERY bad, meaning that those feelings of weakness and not wanting to go outside intensified, I do not want to talk to anyone and stayed in a darkened bedroom for all this week, I do not have the RLS as intense but yes it’s there. Deep depression hit hard on this fourth week with nausea and the heart rate hammering just for doing minor things! This is because of a PLANT? Who would have thought?
    I will see what happens next week, thank God I don’t have to go anywhere to work as I am positive I would have to call in sick for awhile. Hot showers help along with magnesium and an assortment of vitamins, I am going to force myself to exercise but it will be a tough one.
    As I read from other folks here this is all part of WD so I will continue to go through the battle.
    I wish I had more advice for those who are going through the same thing. The one thing I wish I would have done is taper instead of going CT, it’s like pumping the brakes instead of slamming them which I did and everything comes crashing down. Too late for that now but in hindsight I think for me that would have been better.
    I wish the best for all fighting the good fight! And one more thing–I do not blame K, I thoroughly believe it is a beneficial plant but do so in moderation such as you would alcohol, do not let it take possession of you.

  241. Kiki, have you considered tapering down? Like Mac said, it doesn’t work for everybody but for some people it does. To me it’s a much easier way to quit, if you make sure to very slowly reduce your amount each day. Go slow, and you should avoid most of the withdrawal. Stretch it over a month even. But ya the prob is the temptation to keep taking more then you should. I dunno, maybe try having a small amount (knowing that’s all you have left) and making sure to divide it properly; take minimal amounts only…I also forgot to say that using a scale would probably help…

    Good luck

  242. Kiki, yes indeed, sneezing was one of my most salient symptoms. In fact, it’s my last lingering symptom. All the hell symptoms are gone, thank God, but I still have sneezing fits every now and then. I went cold turkey too. Some folks here don’t recommend it, but I had no choice. I tried to taper, and I would always give in when the withdrawals would come rushing in. Tapering was like slowly peeling off a band aid in my opinion. It’s all behind me now, and I feel like I have a new life. Kiki, just keep gutting it out, and you’ll have your life back too. That’s all you can do. Every day, the symptoms will subside. Most of my horrendous ones were gone within ten days. Sounds like your dose was very similar to mine. Hang in there. It will be behind you in no time. Also, don’t keep any of the stuff laying around. It’s very important to trash it, and get it out of the house. It’s very easy to go use when you know it will instantly make the withdrawals disappear. If it’s not at your fingertips, it helps you to remain strong.

  243. I decided to go cold turkey after 2 and a half years. I really didnt want to at all but was going to a country where I didnt want to take it across the border. the second year being pretty high dosage maybe 2-3 tsp 4x a day sometimes maybe 3 oe sometimes 5 idf it was in the middle of the night. i have a sympathetic doctor and a sympathetice friend here but i dont think she really understands at all. never having really beeen addicited to anything except maybe pot for awhile on an off which i think is enitrley diff….. its only day 3 i feel like hell sneezing and couging but it might be the molds- i came from a hot dry place. I didnt know cold symptoms coud be a part. i can hardly handle the weakness despondency esp knowing it could last a long time-this is what really scares me- and if i mention this more than once a day my friend who is hosting me, is going to probably become stern and unhappy with me. I dont know anyone else here. just reaching out. I will only be able to get online 1-2 times a week so also going through internet withdrawl which is nothing comapred to this. if anyone wants to extend a hand- please do. thank you.

  244. Want to give a report so maybe this will help others.
    Third week of cold turkey from many years of K extract and going through 10 hells right now, I do not want to go outside, weak, drinking lots of fluids and hoping this will end soon. I want to stay in a darkened room and read to try to take my mind off of this .Here are all the symptoms I’m going through–Feels like my mind is mushy like, sometimes dizzy, sometimes heartrate increases, sometimes nausea, depression is not too bad but there nevertheless, tired all the time and do not want to talk to anyone, sweating like crazy. On the upperside, I have read many accounts from some people here that posted so I know this is nothing abnormal so I feel better knowing that part and eventually this will go away.(THANK GOD!)
    If you have an understanding loved one to help you get through this it really helps.
    I do not blame K, I think it is beneficial to many folks, but I did abuse it so I am paying the price. For those who do use it, please do so in moderation or it will take over and you’ll find you will schedule your day around it.
    I wish those who are stopping cold turkey like I am the best and good luck. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and writing this actually makes me feel better.

  245. Ktatom extract user 8 months, spents guessing somewhere around 12grand on extracts from head shops. Tried quitting many times but feared wds. When i actually just sucked it up it was a piece of cake. Achey legs a tad uncomfortable for a few days and sleeping but not all night. The fear of unkown kept me bound for 5 of those months. Previouse opiate addict and remembered those wds and thought was gonna be similiar. For me i cant believe how different and easy it has been thus far. Fear tries to keep us peeps struggling w letting go. Its a crutch but the whole time i meber needed the crutch my leg was fine.

  246. Cam, for a long time, it didn’t interfere with my family or work either. In fact, it enhanced my work. I was a veritable work horse on this stuff. I loved it for social settings too–I was razor sharp, life of the party. I was really disappointed when it went from being my friend to my foe, but I think that’s a big theme to most people who use it daily. It seems to turn on people after it gets them good and hooked in. Again, I don’t want to blame the Kratom or personify it. It was me who made the conscious decision to use it daily. But now that it’s gone, I woke up this morning and loved seeing the sunshine and smelling the fresh air. I had been seeing gray for a while, and I feel much better now that it’s completely out of my system. It been good not to be beholden to a substance and working around getting my dose every day. If you ever get to that point, where this stuff is taking over, I hope you’ll put it down too. It’s nice having my life back, liberating in fact. Best wishes to you, Cam.

  247. Ya I see what you’re saying. You’re right %100. The whole ‘it’s just like coffee’ things is BS. It’s not. It can dig it’s claws in much harder then coffee. I have also made a habit of using kratom, but I have decided it does me much more good then bad. It doesn’t cause me any financial problems (I get very good bulk value), it doesn’t cause problems with my job or family etc. But yes, there have been times when I ran out and the withdrawal was nasty. Every minute felt like an eternity. The good news though is that the people are right about the safety of it. It’s not dangerous, just unpleasant if you are trying to quit.

    I always suggest people slowly taper down each day, but I know that doesn’t work for everyone…

  248. I agree with you, Cam, the addiction is the culprit. But your analysis has a few flaws. You stated that the Kratom has nothing to do with the addiction. It’s the person abusing the Kratom who has the problem. My issue with that analysis is that I have never been addicted to anything in my life, not nicotine, not coffee, not drugs. Everything you read online about Kratom downplays the potency of the drug. Most Kratom forums opine that Kratom is no more addictive than coffee. I beg to differ. If so, why can’t someone use Kratom daily? A person drinking a couple of cups of coffee a day will be fine. No one taking Kratom daily will be fine. The problem with Kratom is that withdrawal symptoms start kicking in after a short while of using it. I was using very little Kratom, but I was using it daily. After a while, my body started rebelling, requiring me to dose earlier or else I would feel very uncomfortable. I would give in to my bodily demands, and I would start dosing earlier. That became a cycle until I was working my entire schedule around my dosing. That seems to be the theme of many of us on this forum trying to break away from Kratom. Proper information should be given to people before they use this stuff. NEVER use it daily, even in small doses, and one would likely not become addicted. This stuff is NOT coffee by any means, so don’t buy into that analogy. Use it daily at your own peril, because if you do, you will pay a price. I think if I had found this forum, and was given proper information about the strength of Kratom, I would not have ever put it in my body.

  249. Many of you people need to stop demonizing kratom. Everyone starts out the same saying what a wonderful medicine/herb it is (which it is). Then by the end, you call it ‘evil’ or ‘green garbage’ etc. Really? You cowards… Stop making excuses. You got addicted and that’s your fault. Kratom is amazing and isn’t the source of all your problems. If you took it on occasion the way you are supposed to (and maintained some balance) you would not have had addiction problems… Many of the personal issues you have are prob not related to kratom use (the withdrawal effects from addiction are though). Man up and find the real source of your personal issues. Always looking for something quick to blame will never help you in the end. To be clear, I’m not saying that addiction isn’t a problem. It prob is for most of you now that you’ve gone that far. But beforehand when you were using kratom regularly (or even before then) your personal issues were probably much more deep rooted. So guys, man up and stop talking about kratom like it’s the devil. It makes you look weak… It’s the addiction that you need to fight, not the kratom. I (like so many others) will stand by this herb for life.

  250. I quit Kratom in 2015. I’ve not used again since then and have no desire to whatsoever. I’d been using daily since September 2014 and quit officially on July 10, 2015. I started with a minimal dose of 0.5g and toward the end of my using, i was only preventing withdrawal, taking up to 35g daily. I would dose ever 1-2 hrs and no longer felt any of the effects. I’ve tried almost every strain and potency and nothing could satisfy me anymore. I would overuse to the point of vomiting. I just knew if I’d try to quit I would suffer. I was in denial that Kratom was causing my depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and irritability. The day I decided to quit, I flushed my remainder of kratom down the toilet. I had previously tried to taper but knew it wouldn’t help. Withdrawal started soon after and acutely lasted 4 days. I was unable to sleep, even though I was extremely tired, and felt very irritable and detached. I quit on a Wednesday and started feeling better the following Monday. I had quit several times in the past but this last time was the worst. I sometimes forget how bad I felt, but I try to remind myself that I had no choice but to quit, as I was jo longer getting high. I will never use Kratom again.

  251. BTW, Thank you to the starter of these messages started back in 2012, what a geat source of information for those who want to stop it with the K hell. There are some very kind folks that are willing to share information to help out.
    I will probably check in from time to time to give updates and if I find out anything that will help.

  252. Django, you are doing the right thing–talk it out. Thank God for my wife. She listened to me as I talked through these terrible symptoms. I have not looked back on my decision to put this garbage down. I’m over three weeks off Kratom and last night I had a bout of restless legs which woke me from a dead sleep. That’s the only symptom I’m experiencing now, and it happens about only once every four nights. So every day gets a little better. It feels great not to come home and want to hit the sack. I’m feeling a lot more energetic now, and that was main problem after week one and into week two. I just had no motivation, and I felt like I had could barely work. Hang in there, Django. You’re almost at the finish line. Why would you even think about starting over? Beat this thing and don’t ever pick it up again.

  253. Hi all! Well I must admit yesterday was not as easy as the other days. I noticed stress really makes a difference. If I’m not stressed that day, I feel better. Yesterday my kid was sick. And my stupid cat ran off, the ungrateful whore! I say this cuz she ran off w a big white probably male cat, after all I did for her!!! Well I feel better today. On day 5 of no kratom. Havent gone 5 days without it since 2014. I can’t wait til I don’t think about it anymore! I admit I still do, obvs cuz I’m on this site. At this point I realized even if I find a place close toe that sells it, what’s the point of getting back on it? So I can feel bad again when I stop it again? There’s absolutely no point in ever going back to it. EVER. Today I woke up and realized it will never be worth it. I remember how good I use to feel before I became addicted to anything, I know I will feel that again. I will always know how it feels to be addicted to something, how good it felt being on it, but more important, how bad it feels to lose it. Yesterday, just cuz I was alittle stressed, I considered relapsing, even ordering online. I’m so glad I decided not to, even then thinking WHY? What will it solve? Am I ready to start feeling shitty all over again when I run out? Hell no! Hope everyone is getting through this ok. 🙂

  254. Yo yo, y’all! Im on day 3 of NO KRATOM! WHOO! Let me clarify something from my last post, I don’t HAVE 3 bottles, I meant I HAD 3 bottles to taper down with. This morning, I started St.Johns Wort, and it has helped tremendously! I will also continue to take Valerian Root at night for sleep. I feel like in a way, I’m tricking my body because I’m still taking herbal supplements, just now, they are all natural and cheap and not addicting. Does that make sense? It really does help, and the St.Johns Wort (300 mg, take 3 at a time) resembles kratom, so that helps too. Its just doing little things like this that seem to help so much. I got the St.Johns Wort idea from online. 🙂 Hope everyone is having a good day, and is getting through this ok. Ps…as more inspiration to stay off kratom, for me and you all, let me also add that if I’d bought that shit, I’d only have about $40 in my wallet right now. Instead, I have $220! Yes, I used to buy very large dollar amounts at a time. Peace!

  255. MAC you have it 100% right! I feel just like you! Well, I’m only on day 2 of quitting, however, I did taper down a lot before stopping completely because I knew I had to, or else feel horrible. See, I had the inconvenience of having TWO stores that sold them literally right down the street. I started taking them in March of 2014. Have been trying to quit since summer of 2015, but failed every time. I think its cuz I didn’t taper down before I quit. I found out two weeks ago, my stores were no longer carrying them, and actually felt….relieved. thank God I still have 3 bottles to taper down with, and that’s exactly what I did. I must admit, I didn’t sleep great last night, but I also didn’t feel freaked out and wake up w my heart beating out of my chest either, like I usually did on those. I feel like Django was the right name to choose cuz as of now, I really am free, once and for all! And trust me, if I can do it, anyone can! I stopped cuz I had no choice, but I made it work, and feel no WD whatsoever! But, I’ve felt WD before, quite a few times, don’t get me wrong. I wish everyone out there the best of luck and strength and prayers quitting that shit! Also, Anyone ever feel worse, once the dose stopped? Like I used to feel sleepy amf depressed once my dose stopped, which meant I had to take more only a couple hours later to get through my day. Fuck all that! Really, I feel better already! Tomorrow will be my first work day without them, but for the first time in years, I’m not dreading it! I know I will be ok, and so will all of you. YOU CAN QUIT! YOU CAN STOP! YOU WILL WIN!!!

  256. I started Kratom about two years ago. I was told it was an energy enhancer, but better than coffee, and I needed that in my profession, since I had entered into a burnout period. Kratom worked beautifully. I became chatty with the clients, closing deals left and right, all the while feeling that warm cocoon feeling. About six or seven months in, I started feeling the withdrawals demanding me to take my dose earlier. I had normally begun taking my first dose at lunch after the coffee wore off. But as I said, the withdrawals started making me uncomfortable, so I started dosing at around 10:00 am. Then, the withdrawals started upon my waking up. I started dosing around 7:00 am. Then, I had to start dosing right before bed or else my restless legs would wake my wife. I became a slave to this green garbage. I am two weeks off now. I went through hellish withdrawals. I have never felt such a horrid feeling in my entire life. I had every single withdrawal symptom you guys mention here. I will never return to such slavery. I still feel a sore throat every morning, which was one of my first withdrawal symptoms each morning before I dosed. It’s behind me now. I will tell every one of you out there. Ride this out. No matter what it takes, get this crap out of your system. I feel like myself again. I actually have a personality once again. The green garbage had stolen that from me, and my entire family had noticed. They all thought I was working too hard, but it was Kratom that had stolen my soul. Good luck to you all. I didn’t think I’d ever get through the withdrawal period, but I did, and you will too. Do not give in and go back. You’re only prolonging agony.

  257. 3rd day of cold turkey from Kratom. Several times a day, usually two to three heaping teaspoons in a half cup of coffee. I have just under a pound of Malay and stem and vein. This is rough. Hell on earth? Pretty close. Used phenibut to get through yesterday and took some today. I don’t know how long I can resist. I read about tapering and am tempted to go back and try to taper instead. This is an old thread, is anyone still out there?

  258. I have been using Kratom capsules daily for over a year. I need more and more of it to feel the same effects. I started using Kratom as a pain med substitute and it worked well. But I now find my behavior is exactly like when I was addicted to opiates. I tried to stop but the RLS and depression was similar to opiate withdrawal. I need advice. Thanks

  259. I came back to encourage ppl that is having a hard time detoxing, to just do it. Take a week off of work and buy some magnisum and restless leg med over the counter. It worked for me and it took about 5 days to be done. Now I am not going to lie that it sucked but you just have to get passed those days and I promise you you will feel a lot better. Energy takes about a month all in all. I am 5 months sober and feel great. Thanks to you all for the suport

  260. I have been using kratom for almost 2 yrs now. I want to quit using it for good. But i’m having hard time coping with the wds. Plz help me. I need help! i live in a village where there’s no detox clinic. Just this one ordinary clinic where the heath aid has to talk to a doc b4 they give anything out.

  261. my friend used kratom for ten days to help with withdrawl from opiods and it was very helpful. She now says her tolerance is growing and the effectiveness is dwindling. She was thankful for your site as she now sees its time to stop.

  262. Is there anyone still on this site? I’m now aware of what kratom is doing to me and need to stop. I need support. My thyroid has been haywire for along time. My skin is dry like a rhino. My hair is getting thin. My eyes have dark circles. I’m in trouble. I don’t know if I can stop without being taken out of life like rehab. How does one ever find a “sympathetic” Doctor. I’m so scared. I found this site two days ago and suddenly know what’s going on with me. Is there anyone still on this site?

  263. Day 11 of cold turkey kratom withdrawal… got up to around 100 or more grams per day of every kind of powder practically. The last three weeks on it were green vein so I think it helped me kick it this time. Last time was a fail on day 6 after red vein, Maeng Da, and Bali powder mostly. I got everything done on the stuff. The only issues were sweats starting after about 2.5 hours after a dose, needing another; not being easy to take secretly in my new job; price factor adds up too; and waking up in the night in wd having to dose. Near instant relief. So night 1 off was hell…restless whole body syndrome. I had clonidine and klonopin available as I told my doctor about it the first time and had it left over. Not sure I could have functioned at all without klonopin. Clonidine helped me feel less chills. A few loperamides for fairly mild diarrhea still there but not terrible. On day 11 the primary physical wd symptom for me is chills. It messed up my body regulation heat system somehow. On kratom I was oblivious to it all. Worked like a dog, sweat like hell but that’s fairly easy to explain away. Anyway, days 2 – 7 I feigned illness and thereby my avoided a lot of pain she would have inflicted. My fault of course, totally but had she done that I would have likely ordered a bag express right then. I was at about a limit of mental pain so ducked that. The greater good! I had trouble sleeping every night for that week as well. Even exhausted. Eventually, I’d get a couple hours and no one was the wiser thinking I had a virus or something. Big improvement on day 8 with sleep, more on 9, 10, and last night my first full night of sleep. Still, the little things are a bit more difficult than normal. I force myself to do things, listen to heavy music, fake it. I will not go back. Still have chills and a bit of fatigue but I’m sleeping and believe eventually, soon please, I’ll feel normal. So success story… maybe I made it sound easier than it was. Not sure. It was quite hellish, especially the first several days. But I made it. It’s just worrying me some that I’m not normal after 11 full days! Ugh. Longer withdrawal than I expected but at least tolerable now. I’ll update when the chills and fatiguey feelings all go away. I’m glad the drug is available as some may need it, but regret getting addicted to it. I didn’t really need it. A hard learning experience. I always had poo pooed addiction as a bunch of bunk. Boy was I wrong!! To anyone quitting… keep going! Please don’t start up again. A whole bunch of us are beating this crap.

  264. I went threw kratom withdrawls for about five days i felt like the worst of the withdrawls were over by day 5 now i did have a real cold through out this time on day five in the afternoon i began to feel really sick like i had the flu my body was extremly achy my pee was coming out really hot and dark and i felt really cold i had nausea then i felt like i was geting a fever my rls started to kick in i really felt like i had the flu have you ever experinced this before

  265. I think my son died from Kratom. I didn’t know at the time that he was taking this. I’m I hell everyday. I didn’t help him and later I found out he restless legs and I k ew he had trouble sleeping. Oh my God I miss him so much.

  266. Hi, i’ve used kratom on and off for 5 years. The best thing I found to fight detox is a basic herbal opiate detox. St johns wart for depression, l-thyronine for lethargy, meliton for sleep and valerian root for anxiety. I’ve never had rls but valerian root is said to help with it as its supposed to be because of the anxiety.

  267. little did i know that there was actually going to be a withdrawal from this shit….ive been threw the heroin withdrawal with the help of detox facility…just went 48hours with no fiance was home when the mail came…2oz of maeng da and he was furious…threw them out but i didnt make that big of a deal cuz i truethfully thought there were no withdrawals…well i was wrong. 1oz came in mail today and i took some …was that a mistake? am i starting the withdrawal all over again now?

  268. 18 month kratom user here about 15 grams a day, I’m on day 4 now. Did anyone else experience a rapid heart rate during withdrawal? Expecially in the morning. I slept much better last night, RLS maybe gone but anxiety and heart rate kept me up

  269. I know that kratom is a short acting opioid. Many people are using kratom to ease any opiate withdrawal symptoms. But if the withdrawals are more intense then it might be due to opiates or any drug which you are using/abusing. If you had truly ever suffered from an opiate withdrawal then you’d know that kratom withdrawals are similar. In that case it would be better for you to take a rapid detox treatment. But go to a reputable and professional place out there like the Waismann Method. Before getting the treatment there are few safety issues anyone thinking of doing the detoxification should consider. Hope it might be helpful for someone.

  270. So interesting, I just found this site and I have found it very inspiring.
    I thought I was the only person dealing with Kratom addiction but I find this very heartening
    I have used Kratom for a few years and now I find it really has taken over,.like other addictions in my past.
    I read that if you substitute “Stem and Vein” kratom as opposed to the Red Vein Maeng Da that I have been using you can then pull away from the S&V much more easily.
    It make sense to me as the S&V has similar but different and weaker alkaloids.
    I just ordered some Stem and Vein so I will try this protocol and report back.
    in the meantime

  271. When I first became familiar with kratom there was little info on dependency or withdrawal. Mainly just info on mood enhancement and pain relief with some varieties offering a sedative affect. As I have been eliminating kratom from my daily regime, I have discovered fairly serious psychological thoughts of sadness and fear, very unlike my normal journey thru life. I have cut down from about 25 gms. throughout the day to to 10 gms a day and now 2 gms.once a day. Although this herbal substance appears to be extremely helpful getting people off opiate addiction, I had no idea that it would compromise my mental health as it has. I believe that most of the discomfort I have been experiencing that last few months is because of this substance, even though it has this powerful downside people do not die from overdosing, so it could have some benefits for addicts. As I have tapered down about as much as possible the next step is outright abstinence. I have already been experiencing the lack of sleep 2-3 hours a night for the last week. Severe anxiety, physical discomfort, no pain actually, just the strong sense that I need relief badly, “Craving”.. As I have been going thru this I have doubled down on my meditation practice, although ,mornings are difficult as I am very restless after a night of little sleep. This morning I thought I would research specifically on the topic of Kratom withdrawal and found this site. I wish that I had found this before ever getting involved as I was only interested in enhancing my state of mind, not becoming dependent on new drugs, although my addictive nature my have just been pulling a fast one on me. For whatever reason I find some solace hearing from others and their experience removing kratom from their lives. It gives me hope that I will be able to make it through the withdrawal process. Do people finally get back to normal sleep and mental emotional status???

  272. I was somewhat surprised to see all these struggles with Kratom, with such a Army of Kratom supporters, seems like there is a divide. it’s like with anything… are you being responsible with it. I have much experience with Kratom first hand and 2nd. It helped me SO much in the beginning, like most of the comments here. It can grow into a monster taking over your everyday thoughts and motions. I am pretty sure I am in denial about the use and how much myself and husband together have spent on this stuff… over the last three years over 20,000 blow on this stuff easily. My husband checked him self into a detox he was so sick of it and didn’t last even 48 hours.. more money gone.. and he then was so set on a taper… that lasted about a minute. He is back full force at 50g daily. I take it to but I never really wanted to quit until recently. I ran out of FST on a family vaca and I felt like I had the flu!! I don’t like plain leaf and never have almost since the beginning I went from making Bali tea straight to a very strong Meang Da enriched (thx headshop guy) . Then it was only UEI now Only FST and this stuff is expensive!!! I have a feeling come Dec 1 when the public comment is over there will be restrictions if it not be gone completely. I wish I could take it here and there but apparently I am not built that way. I hate to see it go because apparently tens of thousands of people use it and have no issues. I do know one way to get off of it completely with-out withdrawing or temptation, I know it’s not ideal and can be potentially “trading one for another” BUT I got hurt and had a large script for 10mg hydrocodone 120 pills. I took them daily as I felt needed for pain and sure enough I didn’t even look over at the Kratom, and I wasn’t getting high ( there for sure is a cross tolorence between the two) but it just made me forget about the Kratom… as I went on for a few weeks taking these daily, I realized this Kratom is out of my system! Finished off the hydros in a taper kind of way…a quick one, and I felt free if it all! But sadly as we all have found it so easy to do…few months later…when it all now didn’t seem so bad….. hey I am tired today or bored I am gonna get just one little 3G UEI and it’s off an running again with a vengeance do to all tolorence being gone… it’s such a double edge sword with me, it’s helps with depression, anxiety, and pain…. but only to make these things worse when stopping… there must be a balance maybe I will find it. Wish you all the best of luck and swapping one for another does work as long as you aren’t prone to becoming dependent on the other.

  273. Detoxing from kratom is pretty harmless compared to any opiate withdraw. I would reccomend weening yourself down to a low dose with some type of red strain..

  274. @Dustin thats understandable! Sorry to add any pressure to ya about it… Did you have any cravings-like strong psychological need feelings after you quit. I used the high dose vit c after a month taper to just EB only then CT’D almost seemingly escaping a lot of withdrawl symptoms. Just some RLS and decrease in sleep which feels like a miracle in of itself. Have all my energy, mentally well too. Just intense cravings. Glad to hear from you Dustin. How’ve you been? Thanks for getting back to me.

  275. Ok guys i had been on kratom for almost for years up to the date the banned it in my state…i had no choice but to detox on my own ….this is how i did it….oh not to mention i am 5 days into and i feel almost new again. Not all the way tey but the hard part is over…i just feel a little weak but able to function around the house…i read up what i could get in the vitamin shopps…

    1. Magnesium- it help support nerve , muscle, heart funticion
    2. Restful legs- its of course to calm down restless less and lets you sleep for a bit.
    3. Tylonol – for head aches
    Imodiam- of course if any diarrhea

    Thats all i did …the first 3 days i wont lie was pretty bad but these things worked up till the end with out running nose for some reason…
    The third day i was a little alert but not able to walk much..forced myself . I am on end of 4th day and feeling like new but still a bit weak but i rather have that than go through with drawls again…ummm last think…you won’t be able to eat anything but please beware that you have ti force yoyr self to…make it small amounts
    Oh i almost forgot the first 2 nights i had alot of vomiting happened….that was just getting all the toxics out all at once…i felt alot better after the second day doing that…i didnt take anything for it just let it run its course. I am excited i am finally free of this crap…and ready to live a normal life….good luck guys…just post if you need to know anything…

  276. I am going through a very hard time and M about to lose my marriage due to kratom addiction and am going through extreme mood swings and extreme depression and am praying to my creator that this passed can anybody tell me what might make it easier to stop I have a support group in narcotics anonymous but am embarrassed to admit my problem

  277. I may very well be repeating much of what has already been stated, but I had to contribute to this board. My name is James and I’m an addict. I would previously seek out any type opiate high, albeit I never reached the point of shooting heroine, just snorting it. I’m in no position to judge those who have injected heroine. About three years ago, I stumbled upon Kratom. All of my previous tendencies to seek out any form of opiate subsided. Along those lines, Kratom had its benefits. It prevented illicit use and helped with anxiety. Unfortunately, it got to the point where I was taking Kratom for breakfast and lunch, as it is best taken on an empty stomach. Long story short, I have since stopped taking Kratom. I’ve been off for ten days. Clonidine will help with the sleep and the anxiety. Make sure your doctor is familiar with clonidine, as it lowers your blood pressure drastically. If you take too much, well, your blood pressure will lower to a point that is unsafe. Melatonine will also help you sleep, as your brain will not produce the chemicals to help you sleep for some time. I attempted to take a cold and flu medication for the initial flu-like symptoms. Unfortunately, this increased the restless leg syndrome. I would suggest against this. Finally, I initially took Kratom to curb my addiction to opiates and for anxiety. Upon quitting Kratom, anxiety became my worst enemy. It almost caused me to reorder. I would suggest speaking with your doctor about a sedative, such as Valium. Ensure that this is well monitored so as to avoid becoming addicted to the Valium. You’re not alone. You will experience fatique. I did and I still do. I would recommend taking a few days off from work upnon quitting kratom. If you stick with what I have suggested, your transition off Kratom will be much easier. My credentials: I’m a teacher, a father, with several masters degrees. I’ve written several books that are unrelated to Kratom. Good luck with your recovery and hang in there.

  278. I’ve been off kratom for a week now. Most of the symptoms aside from the insomnia have subsided. But my back by my shoulders and along my scapular, both sides are still painful and won’t ease off. Also my finger joints and knuckles are painful and swollen. Are these symptoms from WD? I’ve used off and on for years only using maegda and white bornea kratom. I used it for anxiety and pain.

  279. Sorry Babs, I had some personal things I needed to take care of, haven’t been on here in quite a while. I’m back and I hope you’re doing okay. Hope to hear good news from you. Someone on here asked about hypothyroid issues with kratom and if I had to guess I’d say that kratom seems to disrupt nutrient absorption and possibly leads to some sort of anemia. Whether it’s B12 or iron I’m not sure. I definitely noticed after long term use a constant state of depression and lethargy with very dark rings around my eyes.

  280. I have been in withdrawl for 2 weeks from 4 months of daily use of extract Kratom the anxiety and panick attacks are driving me crazy please can someone tell me how long this will last? I can take it as long as I know it will stop at some point. Please can someone let me know. Thanks you guys it will truly help.

  281. I would definitely suggest vit c, a good multi, and other supplements such as DLPA, Black seed oil, Turmeric with biopepperine, ashwaghanda, Ltyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, and equal parts of magnesium and calcium at night to help with the RLS. I know it doesnt seem like these things would help but they will. Think about it, not only is kratom an opiate-LIKE substance, a SSRI, but its taken on an empty stomach so your body is COMPLETELY depleted of necessary basic vitamins/amino acids and HAS BEEN for some people YEARS! One of the biggest ways to feeling better is taking supplements, vitamis, eating, eating some more, excercise, hydration and proper rest. Every quit is a learning experience to the final goal! Dont ever give up quitting. Take what you learn from each time and put as much time and more into researching as one did taking kratom. I have seriously been studying pretty much non stop for the past month. I never did that before when stopping prescribed opiates! Now I KNOW what to do to be successfull! And I know that a taper is recommended for better results but I just cant stand taking this any more! I have some time off work coming up so Im going to pre load 2 weeks before the jump with all my supplements and vitamins, replace the time of taking kratom with jogging-probably walking at first, and try taking huge amounts of vitamin c during the acute WD’s. As always thank you Dustin for all of your invaluable input and willingness to help people. I hope to one day be on that side of this offering up my support and experience too!

  282. Wow….I had NO idea how dependent I had become on Kratom until I quit taking it about five days ago because of the upcoming ban. I had been swallowing a teaspoon full of bali or white strain maeng da powder a few times a day for well over two years. Once the ban was announced I started tapering off until I finally ran out. The RLS was incredible the first two days. I ended up taking a day off of work and laid in bed from Thursday night thru Sunday night…moving occasionally to the couch. The body aches were pretty bad and the exhaustion has been incredible. I’m back to work today but wishing there was something…ANYTHING to make me feel like I have a bit of energy. All I can do is hope that this crushing exhaustion will lift soon. Anyone have suggestions on what to do for that? I haven’t had much anxiety. Probably because I take Prozac daily and also have Xanax for when it’s really bad. But since the Xanax makes me so freaking tired I don’t want to take it at all right now anyway. I just need something to pep me up.

  283. I have been taking Kratom for 30 months. I am up to close to an ounce a day. I start at 6:00 AM and take around 5 grams at a time througout the day. My methed has been mixing it with soy milk and healthy juices like acai juice. I coast through work and when I get home I tend my garden and cook a wholesome meal with fresh foods. I cook enough for a healthy lunch the next day. I also clean the house and tackle projects continuously. THEY JUST MADE KRATOM ILLEGAL! I have enough for about 2 weeks if I taper off – thank god. To aid in withdrawal I am considering asking my doctor for a few meds. I am thinking about a short prescription of methadone and valium. I have a small social disorder and kratom was my answer. I amd concerned about the future because I do not want to take psycho meds. I am 60 years old and a successful professional. I have self medicated all my life and kratom was my answer. I have become a slave to kratom and do want to stop. I guess I am sort of happy it is close to over. My wife is happy because I will not be spending $200 a week on Kratom. I have a few tough weeks ahead of me. Eventually my health will improve because I won’t be consuming a quarter pound of a foreign substance a week. I have found that physical activity helped me in the past to come off a variety of drugs. Bicycling has helped. I am pulling out my bike this week.

  284. seems like in the next few weeks we should have a lot of activity here ive quit before and stayed off for a year its doable folks !…set a goal for 5 days that’s the worst part it gets easier after. ill be checking this board for support and to give support if I can…when I quit last time I used the Thomas resipe you can google it if need be..

  285. Its very helpful information’s .. Thank you!! I am at 3rd day of Kratom withdrawing.. I loss appetite.. I can not eat . top of all symptom you mention …

  286. I’m on day three of kratom withdrawal it’s bad but I’m hopefull that the worst is behind me the thing I worry about the most is am I ever going to get my ambition back to get back to work and start my life over again

  287. Hello my boyfriend has been addicted to opiates for over 10 years off and on and about 4 months ago he found kratom and has taken at first 8 to 10 grams a day. And this last week he has taken 138 grams in 7 days and it’s been 9 days since he took methadone he is on his 2 day of withdrawels he is super sick I have heard the 3 day is the worst I’m concerned because of how sick he is. We have him on many vitamins that we have read that help but going through this stage I do think know how much they can help he has tried this many times and has not been able to make it past 2.5 days can anyone help me I need advice on how to get him through this so he does not back slide and give up again it’s destroying get him and also our relationship we have been together 3.5 years but I just don’t know how much longer I can take he can function and has not been able to work or even look for a job in 2 years please help

  288. Ive been reading this blog for the last hour or so and i can only shake my head in disbelief. You all act like kratom is some serious hardcore shit. Im here to tell you its not. I should know, my girl and i have been on and off of it for the last two years and at some seriously high doses (>1oz a day). Its blogs like this that have led to the feds doing an emergency classification to a schedule 1 drug. So truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys a whole fucking lot(total sarcasm). You want to know about withdrawl? Try an 8 year addiction to hardcore opiates. I was perscribed fentanyl, 75 mcg patches for over two years. Then Dilaudid, 180 4mg pills a month for the next 3. When ANY of you walk that path then you can tell me about withdrawls. Currently im on suboxone, because the opies have fucked up my brain patterns and the way they have altered my way of every day thinking. I even read one dude on this post talking about getting on subs for kratom withdrawl. That is laughable and i can only assume hes joking. Suboxone is an extremely potent opiate in and of itself. Kratom only maybe partially works on the delta opiod receptors in the brain. That guy (and anybody else for that matter) has no clue, and i mean absolutely NONE to even think that suboxone would be an option post~kratom. Getting off kratom is only mildly uncomfortable AT THE WORST. So you all just need to grow a pair and deal with it. And again, thank you guys a lot for giving the Gov’t a reason to make it illegal. I was really looking forward to it (kratom) for when the day comes i have to get off the suboxone but now i can pretty much forget about that.

  289. I really need someone to respond to this message as I’ve noticed this forum has no recent responses with the last post in 2012. My boyfriend had been using Kratom for more than 3 years, during this time he has increased his dosage to more than 30 pills a day. I might want to add that he is a recovering alcoholic/addict whom thought that he had been sober for more than 7 years minus the 3 yrs or so of kratom use. I have done a little research and understand that there really isn’t a lot of studies done on this drug. I also understand that this drug may be non harmful to someone who isn’t suffering with the krippiling disease that is alcoholism. But unfortunately and unwillingly he is not so fortunate to have the luxury to just stop doing anything. Now realizing that his use of Kratom is not “sober behavior” he is now going through physical withdrawals such as sweating, jerking, twitching and extreme insomnia and restlessness. Mental symptoms include sadness, guilt (mostly due to his disappointment in himself) and the need to feel the “god sized hole” with something else to ease the emotional and physical withdrawals. I know that others have mentioned the use of benzo’s, Vicks zzzzz quil and PM meds to help cope with the physical symptoms. All of which are not options for someone such as himself due to his alcoholism. Showers and baths seem to help momentarily with the twitching and jerking. Detox tea and other similar products inducing sleep don’t seem to be of any help to him. I found a homeopathic product made by Hylands called Restful Legs that he says helps, but I just counted how many he had taken within the past 12 hrs and out of the 50 tablets, only 25 remain. Is this safe? Is this his alcoholism trying to fill the void? He had me destroy all the Kratom he had hidden but it’s still available to purchase here. I’ve talked to him about reaching out to his sponsor, his sober friends whom finished treatment with him years ago, or even his family. He is yet to reach out to anyone but me. This concerns me, as he has been so involved and eager to reach out in the past. I love this man with all I have inside my soul, but I can not relate as much as I wish I could. As I am not suffering from his disease. I’m reaching out for help… What can I do? By the grace of God, please someone reply.

  290. Dustin where are you?!! Heeellllpppp!!!! Please let me know of a way I can reach out to you. I am a good christian girl, a hospice nurse, and a mom. I just dont have a lot of support right now and Im kinda scared. I set huge boundaries and work sun up to sun down anyway so no worries that i would be monopolizing or dominating your time. Please if you know of a way that you could reach out let me know. I had attempted in the past to provide you with my email but the site administrator wouldn’t allow it. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for those of us on here just tryin to make it in this judgmental, to say the least, p.c. world! Hope all has been well for you Dustin…

  291. Charisse how are you I want her bebal high psychoactive. how frzzer sick. weak soft bad yes. I want heathy herbal what kind I didn’t know ask marijuana high rest peace jbw that. I order please

  292. I am an Addict. I started taking Kratom off and on for a couple months, not knowing that it had withdrawl symptom till this week, it is definitely insomnia and a feeling of depression, sadness. After going through opiate and Benzo withdrawl I’m staying positive and gonna get through this as week as well:}

  293. Ok I started using kratom may of this year I was taking 2-4 grams a day then I started to taper now
    I’m taking 1 1/2 tsp a day I took kratom to get of suboxone but still kept taking it addict behavior Idid some type of opiates for 35yrs on and off (off when I would go to jail back in my 20’s I’mm 55yrs I detoxed from methadone Feb 2015 then got put on suboxone I was on suboxone from march 2016 to Aptil 23rd 2016….I wake up “sick” everyday but wait to take my kratom until 4-430pm I can barely function until I take my dose. I take seroquel,neurotin ,trazadone,otc benadryl,clonidine so I do get some sleep. I’m disabled and do not work right now ….I’m trying to get off kratom I’m prescribed klonopin My idea is to stop kratom and start taking klonopin instead until the wd’s are gone from kratom….I get broken sleep I get rls in my legs and arms so I take a muscle relaxer and a nuerotin to get back to sleep I’m only on 200mg of nuerotin I’m gonna ask my doc for a higher dose….I guess what I’m getting at does my plan seem the thing to do to quit kratom?????

  294. hey guys my names nick ive been on kratom since I was 17 quit when I was 20 got back on at 21 and quitting right this second at age 23. its been a hard time getting off this stuff but I’m experienced on what my body’s going to go through. I take a dose every 3 hours sadly, but have cut down the size of the dose extremely. I use to take 8-10 grams of kratom per dose brought it down to 4 grams. so far so good no kratom in 24 hours and my trick to avoid pain of withdrawal is anti-diarrhea, loperamide. when I first quite kratom I took a lot of loperamide, but I found you don’t need to take a lot to feel better only 2 to 5. drink lots of water though and avoid alcohol when taking anti-diarrhea. although if you plan on using loperamide to quit kratom do research on it before using. only you can tell whats good for you.

  295. I have been defeated. What was once a friendly encounter with a new found friend, had become a shameful defeat to a reining enemy, Its funny, actually it’s kind of depressing how difficult it is to say goodbye. She, kratom, was there for me whenever I was in need of attention love and support. When no one else was there for me, I could always rely on her. I miss my romance dearly, I miss the confidence she gave me, and I miss her ability to change my rather pessimistic perspective. Whenever anger and hostility tormented me, I would give her anything to relieve the haunting distress. You see, she had a way of suppressing my insecurities so my greater qualities would show, And whenever a strange irritation bothered my mind, I would instantly find happiness in the sight of her green, powdery figure.
    Love, in my life, was never truly revealed to me. In the 10th grade, I had a fairly tight grasp of the concept of love. I was positive that love was what I was experiencing. However my perception of love changed drastically the day I discovered Kratom. The feeling she gave me was ecstasy, pure happiness; a feeling I was unfamiliar with, but, it was much preferred over my old idea of love. This love was real. It was true; so much so that I was afraid to let her go. Even though this love was artificial, she mimicked the illusion of love quite well. Needless to say, she was definitely good enough for me. Sadly, that feeling that she gave me would be my motivation to destroy everything I valued in my life, including life itself, which I nearly gave away on four separate occasions. At times, I miscalculated the forcefulness of her love, which resulted in disturbing seizures and daunting fears. Clarity finally struck me, and I realized her true intentions. Murdering me was her primary objective, however, she had to ensure enough pain was inflicted beforehand. You see, this was a destructive relationship and she demanded I make certain sacrifices if I wished to continue this bond. She reigned over me as if I were a peasant and I would, if she asked, hit my knees, sacrifice all I had, and even kiss her feet if need be. One will do anything for love though. Isn’t that right? I need that feeling she gave me to remain afloat, or else I would find myself drowning in the seas of lost hope, desperately searching for her. She was my flotation device. She could return my to safety. However, I realize now that swimming solo is a possible capability and am actually a more effective swimmer that way. It basically comes down to this: the amount of suffering this relationship caused me far outweighed the benefits. That feeling she produced was fading and the adhesive holding us together was hanging on by a mere thread. This relationship has reached its end. Although I will cherish the good times spent with her, I will also regret the disastrous outcome. I will crave her love at times, but will refrain from submitting to her seductive ways because my life is worth more than anything she could ever offer me. Goodbye my love. May we never meet again.

    I wrote this a few days after I quit my addiction. It was my way of saying goodbye and it aided me in making a decision. I am almost 3 months clean. I was using 40 grams a day and overdosed 4 times. I underwent 4 seizures that occurred while I was at work. Because I work with my father as well as my brother, they got to witness, firsthand, the tragedy that this addiction was causing. I am a nineteen year old who already overcame stimulant addiction and is boldly facing the pain that opiates demand to be felt. I feel amazing today, the though of her hardly crosses my mind. Remember, pain demands to be felt. I’ve been running from my pain for 3 years. My pace was fast, but the demons were on my heels the entire time, waiting for my pace to slow or to stop altogether. It has to be felt sooner or later, and that’s why this is so brave. You have decided to stop, turn around, and face the pain. There is something inside of you that is bigger than any obstacle that stands in your way. Tap into the something. Don’t stop beleivin

  296. I’ve been taking small amounts .05 grams of white vain in the a.m. And small dose of maeng da at night for the past 3 weeks. Just enough to take the edge off of a suboxone WD. I’ve been taking even less last few days. I’m feeling so much better and think I could stop doseing with the Kratom. What can I expect?

  297. I have gone cold turkey from the use of Kratom. I started using Kratom to calm the pain of arthritis. I have been experiencing a deep sadness and lonliness that is quite frankly, scary. Cant wait to start feeling better. Its been a week.

  298. I know how to quit Kratom cold turkey with little to none withdrawal symptoms.
    I took 60g/day so really heavy dose, took it for 2 years straight, and before always 1 year with breaks since 2012… If anyone wants to know how to do it write me an email! I’m into this matter really deep, so exactly know what to do. And you even don’t need any hard drugs from your doctor. I’m on day 5 and i’m not through yet but it was so much easier than last time its just impossible.
    I even know how to totally avoid any tolerance to kratom in the first place. I didn’t tried the
    tolerance method myself, but i read about this method on the internet and it seems to work.
    So if anyone wants to know how to do it, withdrawing, or decreasing tolerance or avoiding tolerance in the first place, please write me an email. I want to help people and i want to
    keep kratom legal. Because i still think its a harmless and effective plant if you know HOW to do it right.

  299. This is one tough topic. If there were any ‘real’ effective treatments for opiate addiction, and refractory depression/anxiety we wouldn’t have any need for Kratom, IMO. But as there really isn’t, I see it as an effective alternative. Having said that, if one doesn’t suffer from chronic pain, major depression and severe anxiety , they shouldn’t ever mess with Kratom. But I’ve lived with the disabling depression and anxiety for over 30 years. I have tried every type of antidepressant and anxiolytic. Then came major injuries to my shoulders as I aged and then my back…so now I have chronic pain. After being treated for pain with narcotics for several years, my brain fog and cognitive function declined so much that I demanded to come off of 200 mg oxycodone daily and a 100 mcg fentanyl patch( a high dose from increasing tolerance over the years). I did this using Suboxone at a low dose. Suboxone was a nightmare to come off of as well and didn’t really help my pain but I had reached a point where i had to choose ‘brain or pain’. I was off everything for 6 months and my cognitive function improved. But as my brain healed, my pain, anxiety, depression returned in droves. Not wanting to go back on opiates, I learned about Kratom from a chronic pain forum and found relief with minimal side effects and most importantly, no brain fog or cognitive issues. It has helped my pain, depression and anxiety. I realize it has opioid agonist aspects, but they are nothing like the pills that Big Pharma spits out. I was easily able to walk away from opioid pain killers, Benzos for anxiety , and useless antidepressants, all with this one plant powder. Its far from perfect, and I am well aware of the dependency issues, but the pharmaceuticals IMO, are much worse in profile. I only take what I need to manage my chronic pain and never feel a need to take more like I did with some of the pharma meds. I don’t doubt dependency, but I have medical issues for which there really isn’t anything out there to heal. I have tried CBT, acupuncture, biofeedback, etc with no improvement. I feel I have exhausted all possibilities save for electro-convulsive or ketamine depression therapy that I refuse to undertake due to its adverse longterm effects. So, for now, and having researched Kratom extensively,,,I feel it is the safest treatment for my conditions. I constantly monitor my dosage and have regained quality of life with this plant. I don’t advocate its use recreationally at all, but see it as an alternative therapy if used in moderation for pain, depression and anxiety. I never take any extracts and only use Kratom leaf powder from a highly regarded vendor that tests their Kratom for impurities. I realize if forced to stop taking it , I will experience withdrawal and lapse back into a low quality of life most likely. For now I see it as the best remedy for my conditions. Until my doctors or Big Pharma can prove they have something better, I will continue moderate use , only as necessitated.

  300. I’m going through kratom withdraw bad. Goose bumps ,shivers. Cold hot bla..restless leg…grrrr..I didn’t know this was gonna be like this!!!! I was addicted to opiates a long time ago! I’m so mad at myself 🙁 anyway. .will ALCOHOL help me sleep..I’ve never had a problem with that?

  301. Hi again Stuck. Good to hear from you. Last week was a little rough for me yes – but I’m pleased to say that things have ironed out for me in the past few days and got a lot smoother. I managed to get my doctor to prescribe some diazepam and this cut my anxiety. I got my appetite back and started eating better… and I am getting more exercise. Basically – it’s time. You have to have patience and give it time. Although it was a little rough at points early on – it wasn’t anyhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Now I am free of kratom (12th day today) and I’m finding that I’m more engaged with life, happier and getting back into things I was into before (music, reading, films, helping my girlfriend around the house, garden etc). I had lost interest in these things the last few months.

    As far as work is concerned – I haven’t been working recently – but if you can find a distraction or just get immersed in some task that takes your mind off your immediate feelings then time passes quicker and you will be on your way. The first few days I admit were kind of bumpy – but they weren’t unbearable in any sense of the word. Go see your doctor or health practitioner and explain what’s happening – they may be able to prescribe something to help you. The people I talked to (I’m in the UK) took kratom addiction very seriously and came up with a number of strategies to help me.
    Are you able to take a few days off work to get over the initial withdrawal? Your doctor could sign you off perhaps? I think you need to talk to someone who knows about kratom and can help you one-to-one (like I did). Good luck…. and remember – it really isn’t that bad. I was on codeine for 5 years and kratom for 8 months and it only took about 6 – 8 days to start feeling well again.
    Hope that helps.

  302. Hi Mike. Well I replied to you at work and it didn’t go through. So I’ll start over. Yes I’ve cut down but not much. As of right now, I have 13 left. I have no desire to get more but worry that will change when I’m out completely. Was thinking of only taking 7 tomorrow and 6 Fri then starting clean without them this weekend when I don’t work. I’m gonna try. Can’t promise anything cuz I’d just be lying to myself and you. Sorry you’re having a rough week. I worry I’m about to go through the same. But I have to. I’ve been fighting w myself long enough about quitting. And the $ is so stupid. They cost too much. A bottle of 50 costs $20 and I go through that in 2 days. I can’t do it anymore. Do you have any tips on how to get through the workday? Would be much appreciated. I hope you get better and your recovery gets easier. Also thank you Anna for the kind words.

  303. Well, it’s now 7th day into kratom withdrawal and the week has been rather bumpy. The best day was Wednesday (4th day)… after that I seemed to go backwards unfortunately. More anxiety coupled with loss of appetite (which had been getting better) and the appearance of aches and pains and RLS. On Thursday I saw my psychiatrist who prescribed me diazepam. Just a short course 2 x 5mg pd for a week and then 1 x 5mg pd for the next week. When I take these I do feel the benefit for a few hours but the dose is quite small and doesn’t last the whole day of course. I understand why the small dose though – don’t want to get hooked on diazepam. I have been taking more exercise, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water…. three essential things. Seven days down the line thought I’d be a lot better by now – but there may be other factors involved … my ongoing depression perhaps. I’m feeling better than I was 1 or 2 weeks ago so it’s onward and upward – albeit slowly.

  304. @Stuck

    We are here for you <3
    Keep me posted and I'll return to these forums! I know how you feel. I am lucky that with my job I can still bear it. I have my own small business so my hrs vary and I love what I do. I don't normally struggle during the day at work… but at night when I don't have kratom it SUCKSSSS.

  305. I have been using kratom for the past two years and my use has varied, with a lean toward doing it more frequently. My use ebbs and flows. It’s a nightly thing for me. I am fine during the day but when night comes I like to relax with it. Day 1 is bearable but day 2 feels like a long stretch of rocky road you’re not sure you can make the end of. It’s hard to think about sleeping, eating.. I’ve tried chamomile tea but I need something stronger, so thinking about getting valerian root.

  306. Hi Stuck. I’m pleased you have chosen to make contact online with people who have gone though or are going through withdrawal. Much comfort and important information can be gleaned from this thread. So – good to hear from you. Have you tried to taper down your habit at all? Perhaps you should seek the opinion of a medical professional? Is your doctor sympathetic? Or – you may find a local agency such as a substance misuse clinic that can help you come off. If you seek locally for help you will find it. A week ago I never thought I could kick kratom – and yet here I am 4 days down the line – and today I feel something has changed. I feel a lot better and slept better last night (albeit with sleeping pill). Good luck. I’ll check back in a day or two. Sending you strength.

  307. MIKE I would like to hear of your progress. Perhaps we could discuss our progress with each other for support. Here’s my story….I have been using kratom for 2 1/2 years ever since ending an abusive relationship. We used pills together. I never knew the feeling of addiction til I started w him. He’s gone, but I still had that need to feel something. There’s a store down the road about 5 blocks from me that sells them. .I wish they would just discontinue them. Its so easy to just go down there and get them. I’ve tried several times to cut back, doesn’t work. And tried cold Turkey. Horrible idea. By mid morning I’m in sooo much pain and feel like crying. I work at a job where I stand for two hours at a time and have to deal w people all day. Its so hard to stop this. I want to so bad though. It costs me too much. I’d have so much more money without these. Sometimes I done even feel them. Its constant disappointment. What do I do? This is a good step, I’ve never reached out online before for this. I have no one to help me w this. My long distance bff knows about my problem but he doesn’t understand how hard it is cuz he’s never really been addicted to anything. Anyone want to talk about this? I’ll check back every couple of days.

  308. Hello again – it’s Mike from the 10th July (not the other Mike above), sorry for any confusion. It’s now 64 hours into withdrawl from kratom and I’m feeling pretty strange. After two nights taking zopiclone to sleep I decided to try without last night. Terrible night’s sleep. Only managed an hour at a time … but then that’s been the pattern for the last month or so. Noticed no difference to the constipation issue which seems odd… thought that would’ve been better 3 days in. Bit worried about it.
    No RSL but plenty of anxiety. Head feels about twice normal size and have no energy at all. I wonder
    when I’ll start feeling more normal. Stopping the kratom doesn’t seem to have made a lot of difference to me. My separate depression seems in control.

  309. I have been using kratom for the last 7 months. Got off a 5 year codeine habit with it. Should have ceased using it after that but kept on because I liked the effect. I now wish to end my kratom use. It’s been forced on me somewhat because of constipation which has become chronic. Even though I eat healthily, drink plenty of water and get exercise – I’m still terribly constipated and use suppositories (which aren’t meant to be used longer than about 1 week).

    Anyway – I tapered a few days and then had my last dose of kratom 5pm last night. I meant to taper longer but the constipation issue was uppermost. Slept quite badly, even with a zopiclone, but don’t feel too bad today – 18 hours after my last dose. Shaky and anxious. I’m quite scared about the next few days, there’s so many horror stories on the web about withdrawal. I was supposed to be getting help from the substance misuse clinic but that’s a little way off now. I’ve been suffering depression the last few weeks due to other circumstances in my life so this isn’t the ideal time to quit…. but, as I say, the constipation is killing me and ruining any kratom enjoyment anyway. Every time I took it lately I was thinking “this is just adding to my discomfort”.

    I don’t have much to help me. I have some phenibut and the aforementioned zopiclone (sleeping pills). I also have some stem & vein powder but as I say I’m steering away from kratom. Maybe the substance misuse people will give me something Thursday but maybe not. They weren’t that interested in my kratom use. It’s hard to say how much I was taking…. I was brewing tea from powder and fine-straining it (never quite know what the yield is), hopefully to cut down on ingesting leaf matter (thereby helping my constipation). Probably 12g a day something like that – so, not the biggest habit in the world.

    Any comments, help, info, advice gratefully received…. thanks. I’ll post back in a day or 2 and say how it’s going if anyone’s interested.

  310. Hi, been using kratom for over 6 months. My first dose as soon as I wake up is 30, 1/2 gram capsules, 2nd dose 2hours later of 10-20 same size capsules. I’ll take 10-20 throughout the day no longer than 3 or 4 hours apart up until I fall asleep. Then I do it all over again. When I try to stop i get sick. I tried yesterday again and I made it 12 hours but had to get some to sleep, then did it all over again today. Last dose was around 2 of only 5 grams and the sickness is kicking in 6 1/2 hours later. I plan on taking diphenhydramine to sleep and just pray it away and stay busy until it’s over. Any ideas?

  311. I’m in the subset of people who get/got *severe* physical withdrawal from kratom. Coming off of Schedule II opioids was much, much easier. Restless legs?? An understatement. I suffered non-stop akathisia, and the doctors never heard of kratom before so they just treated it like it was a standard opiate withdrawal. They pumped mr full of phenobarbital + clonidine, around the clock, but it could not calm down the extreme whole-body-restlessness. It was torture. After 3 long days of that I abandoned the detox and went right back on kratom.

  312. Ive been on Kratom for 5 years straight (this summer)

    I am tired of being a slave to this stuff. I take about 8 grams throughout the day. I start with 4 capsules and then usually take 3 more, two hours later and then continue all day.

    I am really scared of the wd because i have been away from my kratom supply for a good enough time to start feeling horrible.

    One thing thst helps me calm down and deal with the wd all night is to take some ibuprofen or tylenol. It stops the leg twitching, anxious muscle feelings etc.

    Will try and start a taper next week….3 capsules in AM…3 around noon, and 3 in the evening .

    VERY scared about how i will continue in my job as its pretty strenuous/physical. . Kratom always gives me the extra strength and energy i need while maintaining a positive demeanor and outlook .

    Kratom is a very effective plant, but its darkside is too much for me to continue. I want my old self back, whatever that is, as i dont even know/remember.

    Wish me luck.

  313. Hi!

    I have been taking Kratom for the last 6 months for leg pain on a daily basis but with intentionally lower doses. I took 2-3 grams in a tea that I boiled only for a few seconds twice a day, morning and night. I gradually increased this to 3-5 gram doses within the last month. I am currently 25 hours since my last dose yesterday, probably a 4 gram dose. I am/was taking unrefined kratom powder, not the UEI forms as far as I can tell. I have not had any significant mental changes in the last 25 hours despite being bipolar, so that is good. I’m guessing boiling for a few seconds is causing a portion of the alkaloids to be boiled off, but I still get great effects even when doing this.

    The reason I am stopping for a few days is because I am so constipated from it. I generally feel like my use of this substance has not led to addiction yet, and I feel like I can safely take a break and limit the days of the week I take it in the future. Laxatives and prune juice seem to be helping but it will take at least a few more days to be completely back to normal. The constipation was not nearly as much of a problem when I was doing lower doses and only once a day. With my increased dose came a definite constipation that was causing severe discomfort. This substance definitely has side effects.

    I feel like I did not have any issues with the immediate mental aspects of withdrawal because of my previous abuses of amphetamines, alcohol and other substances as well as lowered doses. This was used as a replacement substance, and I feel like it was definitely worth it. I feel this substance has a place in herbal supplement culture, and do not wish for this substance to be made illegal for any reason other than for minors. This substance has helped me stop thinking about using other substances, but it was not without side effects. I plan on using it again after the constipation passes, but not everyday or more than once a day.

    However, I am someone who is lightly boiling a tea from the leaf powder that is non-enhanced. When I took a capsule, the only time I did, I vomited and the effects were too strong to be desire-able. That was my first experience with kratom. I feel as if there are unsafe routes of using this substance. But I have not heard of overdose cases from enhanced Kratom without the use of other substances. I am now very well aware that some people are getting physically ill from the addiction of kratom.

  314. I have been taking just a small dose of kratom 2 capsules 4 times a replace tramadol that i wass dependent on for back pain.since kratom has been banned in uk.ive decided go cold turkey as from now.i have no motivation whatsover to do anything.and feel soo lethargic how long will this last?.many thanks

  315. I’m on day 7 but I’m still having phisical wd’s.

    I’ve given up opiates before and been ok by this point.

    Is this normal with kratom? Aches, sweats with runny nose and sneezing.

    I was better yesterday than today…


  316. 3.5 days off. Having only used for three weeks (mostly bali 15g and some maeng da 2-5g) in short THIS SUCKS. having been a 10 year revovered alcoholic benzo for years, i am shock how painful this w/d is. Way worse and i think i narrowly survived the second night. I should have been in detox.

    Kratom is awesom, got me past a depression hurdle and should remain unscheduled. My opinion is legal or illegal has little bearing on addicts. After having such good results it was my mistake in thinking I could and should continue and that I still had it under control. Responsible people exist and should have easy access to this great medication.

    Symptoms seem to be improving at this point and it’s the first time in days I have hope. Reading this blog help me decide not to take a tapering dose today so thank you for setting this up. Stay strong and message me if you need a bro. Ill be back tomorrow.

    **40+ years old and still learning the hard way.**

  317. I have been using kratom for a while now and trying to quit cold turkey. I’m having lots of insomnia, depression, and anxiety. I got a few hours of sleep last night on and off and now I’m anxious about tonight and sleeping.

  318. Ive been doing kratom, between 45 50g/day between 7-10g per dose of maeng da (mainly )for over 4 years now. I tried to quit cold turkey, about 8 months ago after a 2 week heroin trip crept in, i lasted 6 days, was ready to jump off a ledge, and took the dose i had. Instantly felt brand new. Just decided, thats it. It works for me, im staying on it forever. But i dont want to need anything to function so i kept looking for options…thats when i discovered ibogaine…2 months later i was in mexico doing the ibogaine treatment. I was supposed to stop kratom for at least a week beforehand, but it was not an option, even w oxys on hand i still had to take the kratom, . When using ibogaine for a heroin habit, its a different situation, kratom attaches differently to the receptors more like suboxone or methadone. Anyway, ibogaine is not particularly fun, but definitely interesting and awe inspiring. Not like any other psychedelic. Trip lasted about 36 hours
    W about 15 hours of visions. The next day, i sat outside and listened to the birds with new ears, the light of the sun was God radiating, could feel it everywhere. I felt some wd symptoms, just yawning mainly, i actually went horseback riding, after not sleeping for 46 hours. Ibogaine keeps you awake. Days following was very kind of lethargic, but NO ACUTE WITHDRAWLS. I used an opiate the morning of the day before i came home, it was not a good choice, but i have to say it was nice to feel normal at that point. I came home, and layed around for 2 days. If i had started exercising, gone for a run, gone to yoga class right away, i would not have gone to buy kratom that day. I could barely feel it, because the ibogaine takes over and works on your brain for months.i was so used to having kratom to turn to, that i couldn’t just be with myself. I have to say, that even though im taking kratom now, the ibogaine was a hugely successful endeavor. It has kept me at a dose of less than half of what i was taking, and i keep cutting every week. Its been almost 3 months now. I could never have cut down before. Ibogaine boosters really help too. So its still a work in progress, but i can see light at the end of the tunnel where before there was no hope of stopping. I will keep tapering and eventually stop.

  319. How to comfortably and painlessly quit kratom when dependent:

    Kratom is a drug that is quite low on the addiction spectrum. What I mean by this is that WD usually takes a very long time to develop relative to other drugs, usually only develops with long term daily, usually multiple times daily high dose use, and even then can take a year or more to get signficant for many, and even then the vast majority will find the WD mild and short lived relative to virtually any other addictive drug.

    Nevertheless, many will eventually find themselves experiencing uncomfortable WD symptoms such as insomnia, twitching, lethargy and depression.

    For those people I have written the following guide on how to easily, comfortably and painlessly quit kratom and mask or prevent the vast majority of WD symptoms.

    It is based on my own experience and I can attest that at least for me, it worked flawlessly.

    I post this here and suggest it be stickied for the benefit of all kratom users.


    Just wanted to say I am now five days without Kratom and it has been absolutely and completely painless.

    This is from someone who was dosing up to six times a day for two plus years.

    I can honestly say if you go about it correctly Kratom WD is cake, a walk in the park, virtually non existent, even for a long term heavy user who was hugely psychologically reliant on it and had all the spasms and insomnia and what not before .

    But I figured out a way to make it totally comfortable and effortless. At least it worked
    For me.

    I can now say Kratom WD for me is nothing to be scared of.

    All five days without I have been totally comfortable and felt good or great mentally and physically and had zero WD symptoms except for a single night of insomnia and twitches which lasted only a few
    Hours and wasn’t even uncomfortable.

    So here is the method for anyone wanting to quit.

    First taper down your dose gradually over time as much as you can.

    Then If possible switch to stem and vein for a few weeks at the same or lower dose.

    This step is optional and i didn’t do it this time but it would be even easier if I did.

    Next buy the following : loperamide, pregabalin, tianeptine and baclofen, weed and optional- myrrh and prolintane. All available on clear web without prescription.
    Also nootropics are optional and coffee is helpful .

    You may not even need all this. I never needed or used the Loperamide.

    Now when you have all this, wait until you have 2 or more days off work.

    On your first day off, don’t take Kratom and instead put a dose of pregabalin,
    Tianeptine and optional nootropics in a glass of water and drink.

    Have a cup of coffee and smoke or eat some weed.

    If you are still having Trouble take some loperamide and or myrrh.

    You can also try methocarbamol if you like.

    Gabapentin will work instead of pregabalin if needed.

    Before bed take baclofen it will help greatly with twitches and
    Insomnia . You can also add valerian ,
    Melatonin, l theanine, or diphenhydramine if needed but
    I didn’t need them but they can help.

    Baclofen is an anti spasmodic so it will help greatly with twitches.

    The tianeptine is a mu opioid agonist and anxiolytic and antidepressant so
    Obviously that helps a lot (Kratom is also a mu opioid agonist)

    Myrrh is a delta opioid agonist.

    Pregabalin masks WD hugely.

    Loperamide is an opiate and helps wd.

    Weed helps with the psychological desire to get

    Coffee or prolintane helps with fatigue and lethargy.

    Anyways I used this method and
    Kratom WD was NOTHING.

    Absolute cake walk.


    The morale of the story is don’t be scared of Kratom withdrawal.

    It’s a little bitch and you can own this shit no problem.

    The hesitance to quit and fear Of the WD is all psychological .

    The fear of it makes mountains out of a molehill.

    People create a self fulfilling prophecy by fearing bad WD.

    I have also quit with NO comfort Meds,
    No weed . None of this stuff.

    That was harder but still easy and no big deal.

    So just have a positive attitude , don’t stress and have confidence.

    You can either do it with no comfort Meds and just
    Drink some coffee work out and get fresh air and keep yourself occupied , which is only moderately uncomfortable for a short time and no big deal, or If that’s too hard
    For you take the Meds I listed in this thread.

    Either way it’s easy, short and frankly no big deal.

    But if you find it hard use the method I laid out – taper, stem and vein and then switch to comfort Meds.

    A long weekend or vacation or weekend is the best time for this. Within a day or two the worst is already over.

    For me it was all over in 24 hours and I only had any symptoms
    For maybe 3 or 4 hours total.

    Hope this guide helps someone.

  320. William look back at some of Dustins posts. They are extremely helpfull. Better advice of anything ive seen/heard. Hope youre hanging in there. We’re all just hurting people trying to feel better. Dont let anyone even yourself try to knock you down for trying to feel better and then seeking help because it doesnt work any more. Prayers and hugs being sent your way…