Kratom addiction: signs and symptoms of Kratom abuse

A list of 7 signs of Kratom addiction, abuse vs. use and a description of Kratom withdrawal symptoms here.

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Kratom use vs. Kratom abuse

Kratom addiction is a very real possibility for those who abuse it. I say “abuse“,  but in the West, where Kratom has no established medical usage, any use of Mitragynia Speciosa, at least in the eyes of the great majority of the medical profession, is abuse. In South-East Asia, however, where Kratom has a long history as a treatment for diarrhea, opiate addiction and pain, abuse is seen as the excessive use of Kratom in order to benefit from its stimulant/euphoric effects. More on Kratom effects here, including why effects are dose dependent.  We also review the long term effects of the herbal drug and invite your questions about withdrawal from Kratom at the end.

Is Kratom addictive?

Yes, Kratom is addictive.

But looking at forums and groups about Kratom on the Web you could be forgiven for thinking that Kratom is the holy grail of drugs; it gets you high, it’s legal AND withdrawal symptoms from abuse are so mild that they are hardly worth mentioning.   But becoming addicted to Mitragynia Speciosa isn’t difficult, particularly if you have an addictive personality.

My experience has been that daily use over a period of a month or so will cause psychological dependence. After over six months of Kratom use, you will find that physical dependence also kicks in. This varies, of course, to what form of Kratom you are using and the method of administration. Strains of UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indonesian), for example, will get you addicted far faster and harder than, let’s say, dried leaf. Additionally, although some people try to snort Kratom, the administration is not as effective as when you swallow a capsule or drink Kratom as a tea. But to know whether you have developed physical dependence to Kratom, try to lower doses or cut out Kratom from your life. Withdrawal symptoms generally appear when you attempt to lower doses or cut out Kratom completely.

Kratom withdrawal symptoms

Compared to ’real’ opiates, the withdrawals from Kratom may be relatively mild but they most definitely exist and can include:

  • apathy
  • depression
  • diarrhea
  • insomnia
  • restless leg syndrome
  • symptoms similar to the common cold

How do you know if you are addicted to Kratom?

Deep down all addicts know that they are addicted, yet they deny it because they want to carry on doing what they are doing. If you need to know whether you are dependent on Kratom or not, then the following signs and symptoms are typical of Mitragynia Speciosa addiction:

7 signs of Kratom addiction

1.  Increased tolerance – Tolerance to Kratom builds up very quickly and the dose needed to get the same effect will quickly increase.

2.  Long-term constipation – As with opiates, constipation is a side-effect of Kratom use. Constipation over many days is a sign of  physical drug dependence.

3.  Secrecy – Shame is a big part of addiction, therefore those addicted to any substance will attempt to hide evidence of their problem (even though they may not consciously acknowledge it as a problem).

4.  Cravings and obsessive thoughts – The mind of the addict will be constantly thinking about Kratom. When you can next take it, buy it, the feeling you will get, etc.

5.  Daily use – The addict will use Kratom every day and probably many or multiple times in one day.

6.  Withdrawal symptoms – Any break in habitual use of Kratom will see the addict going through withdrawals (see above for the symptoms of Kratom withdrawal).

7.  Ensuring supply – To avoid withdrawal symptoms that result in lower doses or in stopping Kratom use, a Kratom addict will always try and make sure to have access to Kratom and that they don’t run out. This may mean they buy Kratom in bulk, hide Kratom at work, in the house and so on.

Recognize these signs and symptoms of Kratom addiction in yourself or someone you care about? If YES…don’t wait to get help! The sooner you get appropriate substance use treatment – the bigger your chances of maintaining a positive and productive life without drug abuse. If you need more info, see what it’s like to seek help from Kratom Addiction Treatment Programs and how you can choose the best treatment type, duration, and therapies for you.

OR call 1-877-960-2430 NOW for immediate addiction help and appropriate treatment options referral.

How can you use Kratom without forming a habit?

So how do you avoid getting addicted to Kratom? Easy, don’t start using it. Kratom regardless of its legality and ’herbal nature’ is a drug, it’ s addictive and, although cheap compared to illicit drugs, it will sap your finances if you do become dependent. On top of this it is a gateway drug, I found that when I couldn’t get Kratom I tried to get my hands on anything that would help ease the withdrawals invariably that was opiates and they are a different ball game all together.

If you have to take Kratom then play safe. Take it as an occasional treat, use it no more than once a week and never on consecutive nights. This is easy to say but far harder to practice. Kratom makes you feel good and who doesn’t want to feel good all the time?

About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. I am on my 4th day without kratom. I had taken it for several months everyday. Ive got an addictive personality. I thought i could dealcwith the wds but am having a difficult time..
    I havent slept for days ive got rls horrible i want to jump out of my skin. Ive taken ambien 10 mgs to sleep but it doesnt work at all…ive even felt suicidal. My entire body hurts..
    My 4th day without any of that shit. I hope i can get thru this the restless leg is just horrible!

  2. I originally posted here 2 years ago concerning keatom. Me, my story, yes I got terribly addicted to it. It Crack to me. And when I tried to stop, or even cut back on keatom I had extremely painful & distressing *physical withdrawal*. Even an RX’d combination of phenobarbital + clonidine wouldn’t relieve it. (Legs & arms wouldn’t stop squirming; preventing me from sitting still). Only resuming kratom stopped it. And then I got into a Suboxone clinic and my misery was over. Finally. I hate kratom for what it did to me.

  3. I was a 2 spoon a day Maeng Da user for 4 years. Did I go through withdrawl? Yes. Was it as bad as a 1/2 a loratab a day for 1 month withdrawl.. No. Kratom is addictive. If you stay in bounds with it at 1 spoon a day sometimes 2, you can kick the habit. I kicked it because I travel, and when I leave the country I don’t bring it. So before I leave I stop it completely for 1 month. The withdrawl is not fun but it’s not torture either. It’s a simple bad stomach with anxiety and it lasts about a week. Kratom is fine until you pass over what you should..just like anything else.

  4. Scientists have proven over and over with studies that it does not effect the part of the brain that triggers addiction. How dare you flat out lie to the public about something that is a GREAT cure for opioid addicts to resume a normal life.
    You should be ashamed!

  5. Has there been any cases that kratom stays in a person’s system longer than 2 weeks? Is there any medical conditions or medication that can effect levels of kratom in a person’s u.a.?

  6. Dont take more than 4 grams a day for more than 4 days a week straight. Take time away from it for 3 days. That will help make sure you wont get a tolerance or head addiction

  7. Anyone who has used Kratom daily for any length of time is in denial if they can’t notice what the drug is doing to their body. Kratom like any opiate will eventually steal your soul! After you can’t get motivated and you loose your sex drive you’ll get it!?

  8. Shocked? U are shocked my exp wasnt like yours? Be helpful… Use i statements.
    Its addictive. Trumps president. Accept it.

  9. I started on pills. Then h. Then kratom… The behavior surrounding the substance is what determines. By the end i was robbing for it… Wds are horrible for me. Now i only take it as a reward. Please believe it.

  10. I am a thousand times more addicted to sugar than I am kratom sometimes I use it several
    Times a day for weeks and sometimes I go months without it. Never any withdraw symptoms.

  11. Kratom is an herbal plant which is good for an antidepression supplement for the wellbeing. There are several amazing benefits of Kratom. For example, it boosts immunity, it helps to relieve muscle pain, you can also use it as an energy booster. Even I have been using it for past two years and have not experienced any severe side effects, just mild headaches.

  12. I have been using it for about 2 years pretty regular with no noticeable side affects. I have ran out for about a month one or twice with no withdrawals of any kind. It calms me down and helps me sleep. Also I can go like a porn star when I’m using it. I have got sick and thrown up one time when I took to much by accident on an empty stomach. I no longer have to take ambien that makes me hallucinate .

  13. Snorting Kratom? lol… and then you click on the source link and it links to your own blog. No-one who has any idea about Kratom would try and snort it, or claim that’s a means of ingestion. You’re killing your credibility with that. A lot of these anti-kratom blogs are this way; they make glaring errors that 5 minutes of googling on the topic would resolve.

  14. I’ve been using 2 pounds of this stuff a month going on almost 6 years for huge cups daily to treat chronic pain that’s off the chart I’ve ran out of crate him a few times I’m out of it today it’s been a week when are you supposed to have these so-called symptoms of addiction withdrawal ? A little bit of a stuffy nose? People you’re being lied to they want this off the shelves of America because big Pharma is losing billions of dollars because this herb works better than her opiates Opiate painkillers kill thousands of people every year your kid will stop breathing in the night and everybody is somebody’s son You don’t fall asleep on kratom it’s in the coffee family and has less side effects than the coffee It’s also the strongest anti-oxidizer I feel 20 years younger and look at now If you want to use opiates go ahead although side effects on the four pages that you sign? You will have those side effects with in 10 years and most don’t go away This herb has no side effects none zero zip and you don’t have to keep using more and more I’ve always had 4 cups a day from day one Are use it to replace my coffee which gives me heart palpitations

  15. I suffer from migraines. It has saved my life. Migraine specific meds were not helping me at all. I no longer have to take opiates or tons of acetaminophen to get through a day. Its a wonderful medicinal medicine. People be smart. Its a drug, just like any your doctor would prescribe. Anything can be abused. Personally, I’d rather take this daily than an opiate or more tons of acetaminophen that was killing my liver and barely working to give me pain relief.

  16. You “experts” are the cause of opiate addiction, AND are a bunch of self-righteous dufes. The out of control, mersa virus’ and all anti-biotic resistant germs are a direct result of YOU EXPERTS not informing their patients how these drugs work. My sister became an heroin addict, directly as a result of the “experts” dropping the ball. I’m tired of your profession (lol) using people as guinea pigs for all your stupid untested drugs…and then you have the NERVE to insult people with your half/assed, half researched information.I never spent one day in medical school, and was able to get EVERY SINGLE problem I had under control myself. I was constantly being insulted, mis-diagnosed, accused, blah blah blah by a bunch of Dr.s who in the end knew less than I do. I use low doses of kratom every day, and have been for 5 yrs.I am perfectly healthy, and have kicked pain management with their METHADONE to the curb.You money grubbing jerks. In case you didn’t grasp what I am saying..I can’t STAND doctors and have lost any respect I was taught to have for them.You sensationalize this to get a buck. If they would make kratom legal, I could get off of disability.And I disagree, that ANY use of it is “abuse”.By whose standards? Only the medical profession (lol) who make up the rules as they go.And YES certain people abuse things.They alwsys have and they always will.But YOU are not the heaven sent answer.You just think you are.

  17. Look! With all the recent legislation do to the “opioid epidemic”. Pain management is unavailable for those of us with chronic pain. We are left with two choices. Heroin or kratom. Which do you think is the more prudent choice? All pain management comes with a price. Just know what you are getting into. When politicians stop trying to be the doctors, perhaps we can return to legitimate medical care in this country.
    I live in Ohio. Easily the worst state for getting medical treatment for chronic pain. I have Crohn’s disease. Now doctors try every anti-depressant on the market, Gabapentin, and Lyrica. I am a college professor, and cannot function on these medications. Moreover, THEY DON”T WORK. Kratom does. Sorry but it’s true. For me it has been an answer to prayer. I used to be issued 6 Dilaudid per day before the pain management clinic disbanded due to new Ohio laws. Talk about withdrawal, try getting off that! Kratom has improved my Crohn’s pain, peripheral neuralgia, and arthritic pain. I have a life again.

  18. I used kratom this last time for about a year. 1 once a day of pretty strong green meng da day 2 and it’s really not that bad it still sucks but could be much work . It’s so so so importand to force yourself up and out of bed eat and push through the day take breaks when nesasary. But keep it moving that’s the olny thing that will kickstart your brain to feel normal laying around will make you feel work ! Believe me I know I’ve been through oxy methadone morphine withdrawal and kratom is do able . You have to put in the effort to feel better so doit you can !

  19. This is absurd. Comparing kratom to heroin is like comparing bambi to Godzilla.

    I have done both and kratom, aside from making me wretch, hardly has ant effect at all.

    Saying kratom is a dangerous drug is nonsense.

  20. i was wondering, ive been taking kratom daily for about 5 months, i take about 1 gram three times a day. however im getting scared of dependency, the drs had me on antidepressants and they really messed me up, so i said i would take therapeutic dosages to help me and it has tremendously. i feel better knowing its natural as well but i dont wont to be bound by anything. i do have ativan but i can go days w out tat using only kratom. i dont do it for the high, i dont wont to feel it i just want normal,

  21. This blog is pretty old but I didn’t find any others so here it goes. My bf is an opiate addict, he went to treatment for this addiction and when he got out started using Kratom. He’s been in the 12 step program for a while now and presumed to be sober from Kratom. It’s been about 2 years he’s been using it “on and off” so he says anyways but I’ve caught him dozens of times. Just yesterday was the first time I had ever found a bulk supply in his house. Around 1300 grams of Bali Gold, ziplock bags (ready to go) and also a bag of empty capsules (I’m assuming he somehow transfers the Kratom into the pills?) Clearly he has a tolernece higher than I could have imagined. I’m just reaching out to those of you that have had this addiction or have and some support So I can better understand what he’s going through. I’m not here to judge, I’m an alcoholic in recovery myself, but I have never been addicted to Kratom or even tried it so I have no clue. Thanks

  22. I have been using Kratom for almost 4 years pretty much daily. I was able to get off of it a little over a year ago but I deal with chronic pain and I know all of you out there that deal with this know that it is a rollercoaster of trying to get off pills etc. and then back on again because the pain is still there. So I take everyday, a couple teaspoons in the morning and about the same mid day and 1/2 that at night. I also take narcotic pain pills, about 10-20 mg. Percocet. Fortunately I was able by the power of God to get off of 250 ml of hard liquor everyday to help with the pain. Now that was not smart but I was delivered of that, thank God. So now I am trying to get off of Kratom and I have terrible bone pain, depression, and fatigue. I am believing for complete restoration and for the pain to finally go. My advice is to stay away from this stuff unless you never want to come off of it and you have the finances to support it. It is not a safe alternative to narcotics. I can more easily get off the narcs than the Kratom! Stay away from this stuff.

  23. All you crybabies have never been addicted to REAL drugs. oxy’s, heroine, shooting up, dieing from overdoses and shit. Sure you can get alittle addicted to kratom…like anything else…except you don’t die…like alcohol for example. If you need rehab for kratom you are pathetic. Grow some balls, if you need a lifestyle change do it…but crying about how it should be banned, while street adicts are getting off heroine with kratom…poor you.

  24. I get what you are saying about limiting use but what about those of us that use kratom to manage our chronic pain rather than using highly addictive opiates? We have to use it daily to be able to function normally, otherwise the pain keeps us bedridden. I choose to use a plant rather than chemical drugs to manage my pain. I’m going to be physically dependent on either of them. Kratom is the lesser of the two evils in my opinion. It’s my only choice, use it daily or rot away in my bed because i’m in too much pain to get up & dressed each day. I never get a high feeling from kratom use, I get pain relief and mild energy enhancement. That’s it. I do not abuse it, I take just enough to manage my high pain level from a 7-8 down to a 2-3 on scale of 10. Many, many people with chronic pain use kratom to manage it. This article appears to address recreational use of kratom.

  25. This thread is ridiculous.
    People who use Kratom moderately will OF COURSE be fine. If you take high doses 24/7 over months or even years it will OF COURSE be hard to quit! Everybody with an IQ above room temperature should understand that being on a substance that makes you feel good all day long will lead to a bad condition when quitting. Especially if it works in a similar way like other opioids.
    So, to make this discussion a bit more transparent – please DO NOT just state if withdrawals were a concern or not but add some information on usage:
    – HOW LONG did you use Kratom
    – HOW OFTEN and HOW MUCH and WHAT KIND OF Kratom did you use (extract or not, veins etc)
    – What EXACTLY were the on and off times if any?
    – Did you vary the strains? If so, how exactly?
    – When and how did you take Kratom (before / during / after meals ? together with boosters like black pepper, grapefruit etc. ?)
    – What other substances do you use that could affect Kratom (Other opiates, meds etc)

    ONLY with this kind of information we can get a ROUGH picture of how addictive Kratom can be and – as said before – this all still heavily depends on other factors like the users body chemistry.
    So please provide all this to make things clear and actually help other people.

    Oh and sorry for caps lock parts – I somehow had to do that 😉

  26. Lol yes kratom can be “habit forming” I been using it for about 7 years but I have never reached for a opiate drug when I didnt have kratom. I have never taken an opiate in my lifetime. I use plain leaf and would suggest anyone else to do the same. For me every extract I have ever seen was bogus. Also people who are claiming kratom financially ruined them… well to be honest that is their problem. I have no problem getting kratom cheap. 20kg or so for about $1200. Which is cheaper than a pack a day smoking habit and will also last longer than a year.

    So anyone who reads this the main thing is that everybody is different and try to use some common sense.

  27. Some of these comments are totally out of line and irresponsible. Yes, Kratom can be addictive so can video games and caffiene. The withdrawal is MINISCULE. I can’t speak for the extracts but Jesus, quit being little babies. Big deal you feel sore, sad, and have a few rough nights of sleep. It takes months to get withdrawal that bad unlike opiates. EVERYTHING should be takin in moderation and everyone should know that. It’s complete crap people come here having some mild withdrawal after using Kratom for months and call it a dangerous drug. Quit drinking your morning caffeine and go bitch about feeling like shit because of that! The withdrawal ARE on par with caffeine infact id have a harder time quitting caffeine. Get your facts before you start eating plants!

  28. Looking for something for Fibro, cronic pain. Looks like this may not be the magic bullet. Is there a strain that is not taken for its euphoric effects?

  29. I dont think anyone hides that they take Kratom. Shame shouldn’t be attached to this anymore than shame should be attached to a coffee addiction. This is ridiculous. I found that the difference between this and real drugs is you get addicted to not feeling like crap, so when you get used to taking it, you get used to feeling like a human. When you stop, you have to get used to not feeling human. Having a chronic pain condition (mental or physical), even a mild condition, is greatly alleviated by this herb. So many people in this country have learned to live a normal life. Too bad for you all. I doubt the DEA is concerned many of you will go back to opiates and die. Im sorry that the system is so screwed up.

  30. I just wanna know if it can cause nose bleeds or act up your thyroid or other body functions. I just started useing it. And by the sounds of it maybe i dont want to use it. But i run a foster home for abused parrots and pit bulls. And ive tried energy shots an drinks and my body built up a tolerance to those too. I found out about it from a friend that buys it from a friend.
    But like with anything if people know they can make money off it theyll starte dealing it to and not let people know its addictive. They just want your money. And im going to have alittle talk with this person about dealing this. Because its not rite if they buy bulk and starte saleing it on the streets to people if there not told about the side effects

  31. Thank you, this is a well written article.

    I tried Kratom for the first time a few days ago, I took a light dose and enjoyed the mild relaxing and surreal effect. However I will not be taking it again. Last night I took about a 10-12 gram dose. While it was enjoyable while I was awake, as soon as I laid down in the dark to try to sleep my mind became nightmarish and uncontrollable. If I closed my eyes, I repeatedly had paranoid, frightened or disturbing thoughts- yet as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt fine. Although my body was very tired, this effect kept me from falling asleep for about three hellish hours. I eventually called my friend and he was nice enough to let me come over and watch a movie. After staying up til 6am, I went to sleep and woke up at 4pm today. If Kratom is also addictive on top of all of the nightmarish effects, I am certain that was my last time trying it.

    Respect plants! Or they will come to bite you in the head.

  32. How do u get kratom tested? I’ve never heard that before…..
    I love how people claim the other kratom users felling wds are lying or something. Wds are wds are WDS THAT ARE FU*KING WITHDRAWALS!!!!!
    IT IS WHAT IT IS AND IT IS REAL!!! Everybody’s body is different!
    I swear I get a strain (the strongest) from mmm that makes me wonder if there adding stuff into it. It’s so Freaking POTENT when I try to switch strains I go into minor wds where I wake up at 2-3am body just wide awake! I’m now mixing the potent strain with a regular strain. I’m certainly addicted to kratom NO Doubt!! But now trying to ween down again. Been on opiotes for a decade going from one drug to they other. From blues to subs to Kratom. I believe this is certainly the weaker opiote I’ve ever used but I have the wd issues because I’ve never gotten clean in the past 10 years. It’s about time that I finally pay the piper! I feel for everyday going through addiction, feels like I’ll never be the person I once was. It just seems impossible to get through all the P.A.W.S and Depression. Good Luck to all

  33. I would like to say that I was able to come off 16mgs of suboxone (which I was on for over 6 years) with the help of kratom. Just be smart, and realize that anything you take for a long period time can be addicting, even caffeine. I think that its a safer alternative for opiates. If you just pace yourself and taper off that once your able to maintain opiate sobriety, you should be fine.. This is a natural plant people, not synthetic.. Make sure you order from somewhere that test their kratom so you know what your getting… Peace!

  34. Krtatom withdrawal is real. I tried to compare DHC to it and 350mg didn’t even touch the sides. I was a very heavy user. I have been in and out of rehab and been laughed off as though I’m taking a joke drug, but this stuff steals your soul and your life but if you stop which is hard depending on consumption (45g) daily your in for a rough time but you will become your loving self yourself again with a life to live.

  35. Unbelievable. Irresponsible use, or bad crop. I’ve taken kratom for a decade, and have never experienced anything like what is being said here. I’ve had 3-6 month periods here without it, and can honestly say caffeine is so much more addictive. Sounds like you need to switch strains, and vendors, because none of this is normal. Even still, everything in moderation is the key.

  36. The only entry I fell into was using Kratom several times a day for a year to get through the stresses of life. Sitting in obscene traffic everyday to get to a job you do cause it pays the bill, but is unfulfilling. It’s like you said, who doesn’t want to feel good all day. The only real potential sign I noticed that could be linked to heavy Kratom use for me was it gave me that constant aged tired look that wasn’t present before I started using. And in this age obsessed world who wants that. Other than that, I’ve had no other noticeable bothersome side effect. So if I have to use Kratom, then I’ll practice only using it when necessary the same way someone has a beer once in awhile. Which by the way, if someone drinks alcohol daily, then they have no business telling Kratom users to get off it.

  37. Some of these posts are beyond stupid:

    I was taking Kratom 4 times a day and to my surprise, I got addicted!

    My husband, who has addiction problems with other drugs, has spent thousands of dollars on Kratom. Because of people like him, NO-ONE should be allowed to use it!

    Listen… if you use Kratom by the fistful, of course you’re going to have problems. If you use Kratom no more than a couple of times a week in low doses, there are no problems. I’ve been using for 18 months. I’ve spent a total of around $250 on it in that time, and I’ve used less than half of what I bought so far. I’ve never had anything resembling withdrawal. I use it mainly when I have to do a long, boring task that I really don’t want to do, or I need to be at my best socially.

    It helps with social anxiety and depression. Social anxiety is a big problem for me. I’ve been prescribed Lexapro, Xanax, and Vyvanse… and to be honest I think Kratom is the safest of the drugs I take.

    It makes me mad, because alcohol is far more deadly than Kratom, but we’re about to get Kratom banned because the lunkheads that run this country want to treat all users as if we were the small minority that don’t have any self-discipline. Most people who have problems with Kratom are the types of people who would just find another high if Kratom were banned.

  38. My 2-Cents: I’ve been using Kratom heavily for about a year. It does get me high. It leaves me feeling very euphoric and nice–much like the heavy Vicodin use I went through 6 years ago (but managed to put back on the shelf.)
    Now I’m trying to walk away from Kratom, and when I stop I get SO DEPRESSED. Worse, for me, than leaving the Vicodin. I use anti-depressants and I can clearly see the kratom is undermining those.
    So as I fight my battles over here I just wanted to put forth that for me it has an addictive quality and yes, you can use it to get high–but at a strong enough dose that is expensive to maintain and gives me the shakes. Withdrawl doesn’t feel physical, just depressing as hell.
    Peace to all

  39. Kratom can be useful if used correctly. I was addicted to heroin for 3 years and kratom helped get me completely off it and i was also able to quit taking kratom woth minimal withdrawals. This also might be because i have went through heroin withdrawals and theyre much worse but it was helpful in my case!!

  40. Helpful artical.

    My husband is addicted ti kraton. he dud not realize he was. we are going thru the decreases phase today and im montoring the withdrawl symptoms. your artical was very helpful. thank you

  41. Reading through these posts made me think it’s time we made two separate codes of law. One for people who want the government to make decisions for them, and another for people who want to make decisions for themselves. The only thing I would ask from my government concerning protection would be the access to information so I can make my decision. That said I think every substance should be legal and studied extensively, and I’ll decided what I want to take and deal with the consequences. I’m sick of this s**t.

  42. My husband is abusing it. He has changed and has more of a combative. We are fighting. No sex. He was on prescription drugs for 10 yrs and abused them He is red flagged. Now he accused me the other night of throwing thousands of dollars of Kratom away. I haven’t touched it. We had a big argument. I did not realize he had been spending that much for kratom I thought it may have been hundreds not thousands. I was shocked. It is destroying our marriage! He says I have changed but he is the one. He wants me to go to a mental hospital. That hurt me so deeply. I am still in shock. He needs to go to rehab! He has changed even more. I hate this drug he said God sent it to him when he couldnt get anymore prescription drugs. The devil sent it to him. I am tired!

  43. i finally stopped it after 4 years abuse . and now 1 year sober and counting , dont even think about having it right now and everytime . my mind just forget about it

  44. i finally did it , i stopped kratom , i went to rehab 1 month . they i stop using it . it was so hard at first and i dont think about kratom now . i already 1 year sober . thanks god allah . for helping . i wish i could help others . believe me . i take kratom 20 times a day . and i was so psycho active at that time . and always have crazy minded . then now . back to the way i am . lost 10 kg for kratom . now i gain back 15kg .

  45. Kratom is not as bad as it sounds. I have been taking it off and on for around 4 years. When I take it, I take some daily as needed and occasionally twice a day. When I take it I take one and a half heaping spoon fulls. All of this being said the only part of this I have experienced is building a tolerance. My mother, wife and a couple of friends always get their kratom from me as well and have said the exact same thing. There have been times where I’ve gone months, at one point up to six months without it and I have never shown any of these signs and I do consider myself a heavy kratom user.
    Also worth noting, out of everyone I know who uses kratom, not one of them is an addict despite taking alot more than I do for long periods of time. They’ve not shown any of these signs, even when I took mine right in front of them when they’ve been out of it for weeks.

  46. This has to be the dumbest thread on kratom I’ve ever read. Caffeine and chocolate are more addicting then kratom. DJT I’m betting your husband was taking more then kratom that or he was buying it from a shitty source, was probably laced with a synthetic. And I’ve never heard of a kava bar serving kratom. Are you confused? This is the kind of bullshit that people will read and then want the government to ban it.

  47. Just stop. Just cut it out. It’s a plant. A plant!!!!!! For an x- heroine addict like myself, Kratom is a miracle. It keeps me from shooting god-knows- what in my arm that is supposed to be heroine. I wake up, take my Kratom, it’s gives me a good warm buzz and I don’t shoot dope another day. The withdrawals? You people can’t be serious. Why don’t you think about withdraws the next time you have a beer. Because alcohol (which is legal) and prescription anxiety meds are the only withdraws that will kill you. Kratom withdraws aren’t even as bad as when my pollen allergies act up. It’s okay for people to take massive amounts of toxic pain meds that are prescribed for pain, but oh no, don’t take that Kratom, it’s lethal. It’s literally a plant. Kratom and marijuana are going to ruin America!!! Haha what a bunch of ignorance. This is why the federal reserve has no gold and our money is just a construct of control, with no real, tangible value. Americans are just to stupid and whimpy to speak up, either then when the gold standard was abolished or now. So if you want to complain, complain about that. But stop with the Kratom, because if it becomes illegal then I’m not going to be to happy. Kratom is addictive! Lol so is caffeine. To some so is nasal spray. People should be aware of the dangers of nasal spray! What a bunch of…… Never mind. Done rant.

  48. “Addiction is a behavior, not a substance. Removing the substance will not remove the addicts craving. Modify the behavior of the addict and removal of substances will no longer be necessary.

  49. It’s really imperative an objective perspective be clarified here. There seems to be an exponential level of “This is addictive, so ban it” mentality, to wit–if veracity is proven thru peer reviewed studies a ban will most likely occur. Notwithstanding, it is important for the addictive behavior to be addressed above the independent variable, for it will seek out comfort in the form of substance until rectified. In lay and terms, “I see a whole lot of bashing substance, whilst zero accoubtability for the abuser.” Here’s a good read by Dr. Mate of Canada, “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”. Banning something WILL NOT remove addiction, only behavior modification of the abuser can do that. Sugar is the most detrimental drug to the human body and statistically the starter drug for many addicts. Alcohol kills more people than most substances. It should be banned from some old couple that like a good Malbec with dinner? If you have an addiction read this book, and consider a good cognitive behavioral psychologist. If you are addicted to Kratom–if your life has become unmanageable without this substance OR ANY OTHER SUBSTANCE–if you are a compulsive eater–behavioral therapy is in order. Addictive personalities have their own cravings, thus banning every craving because an addicts self control severely lacks in one area is hardly logical. The first substance that should be removed from all shelves is sugar. IT SHOULD NOT BE SERVED TO OUR CHILDREN. I have worked with children for over 30 years, it’s unfortunate how powerful sugar is in negative behaviors in children. If you have an addiction to ANYTHING, get help for the addictive behavior, otherwise the cycle will continue. “In the Realm of Hungry Ghists”, by Dr. Mate. This book will change everyone’s life.

  50. This needs to be banded my financee is addicted uses daily multiple times never runs out and has spent several thousand dollies over a year and half.

  51. To all you idiots out there that think this DRUG is so great and that it’s not addictive, I call BULLSHIT! My boyfriend was on sub for 7 years, quit cold turkey and was clean and happy for almost a year until he discovered kratom. What started as something for back pain has formed in to a full blown addiction. He lies, sneaks around, and spends ALL of our money on this crap. He neglects his child, and me. All of our bills are behind because he would rather buy kratom than pay the water and electric bills. When he doesn’t have it he is hateful to me and tells me everything is my fault, all he wants to do is lay in the bed and companion that he doesn’t feel good. He knows the financial impact this is having on our lives and When he’s high and in a good mood he says everything is gonna getter, and he’s gonna stop. When he’s not on it; it’s a different story. Our lives are falling apart because of this mess and I think people need to know the consequences of using kratom.

  52. Kratom causes no more dependency then coffee it’s in the coffee family. No one gets high off it These are whiners That already had a addiction with some drug and want to blame Kratom because they have not fixed the problem. You also got big pharma shills here as that industry is costing them billions There are three hundred Kratom cafes in America they all enjoy it no problem. Don’t believe what you read here go to real forums.

  53. Ken there seems to be a big bias here that I do not see in other forums and pages. I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve used for almost a year now and multiple times a day for some stints. I’ve felt this withdrawl and it doesnt even come close to withdrawl I got from tramadol which I only took for two weeks.

  54. Ken I highly disagree, and I speak from experience. It’s the same with alcohol – once you cross a certain line you definitely get physically addicted, and the withdrawals are pretty darn harsh. I’d been through withdrawal from heavy opiates, I’d been through withdrawal from kratom. Guess which one was worse?? Yeah. kratom. By far. But then again I ‘crossed the invisible line’ with it. I don’t doubt that you hadn’t got there with it yet. You’re a lucky man.

  55. I wanted to update my feedback about Kratom. Kratom is a wonderful herb, and because itcan give the user euphoric feelings, it now is a target! In this Country anything that makes you feelgood is demonized even as sex has. Can we start a thread next wherewe can list the dozens of medications big Pharma puts out there, because if you want to discus some seriously dangerous, and deadly medications, we have plenty to talk about!
    The one issue I have with Kratom is when extracts are made by chemists, and are sold as Kratom, but are much stronger preperations, and can be addictive in a way that the leaf and powder from ground leaves, aren’t! Kkratom is. God-send for tjose of us that use it for pain, and a MUCH SAFER medicine- medicinal herb than most of what is sold for that at the local pharmacy- behind and over the counter! It is a species in the same family as coffee! If I drink coffee every day for about a week, and don’t have any for about a day and a half, I get hit like a ton of bricks with a terrible headache and I cannot function! I am not the only one that gets this kind of withdrawl symptom from coffee, but I don’t see any conversation here about how addictive coffee is when hundreds of millions of people drink it every morning to get going, and use it like an amphetamine! If a person wants to get euphoric, and get a high from using the cradle plants this can be accomplished and then we must ask a week demonizing any experience of euphoria from a plant? As far as doing too much, in my experience, doing too much causes very uncomfortable feelings-not a greater high!! This makes it much safer than any of the narcotics they use for pain management! I have been given everything from codeine Percocet Vicodin morphine methadone, and others, and aside from giving a Floria from the use and the increase in dosage causing more euphoria, it could also cause death! There is not one recorded instance of Kratom causing death! Making freedom into something it is nuts is causing politicians to try and pass legislation outlawing the use of Kratom, which takes away the one thing that I have that helps, and is much,much safer than anything I’ve done before, so get the story straight, so there isn’t some witchhunt, based on the miss guided fear of this amazing plant being the next heroin or something! By the way, Narcan is a drug used to reverse a heroin-or opiate overdose, and it does not do that with Kratom, so they have two different types of effects on the brain! It is not an opiate, or opioid-for the record!

  56. i want start with an example…. your brain has many neurons the are connected to the body like many roads on the freeway, let’s say one day you started using kratom and now you been using it for 5 years dairy used 2 or 3 times a day but never failed a dose, for now and on your road on the freeway its been kratom “only” for all this time the other roads just being passed cuz you’re not using them , this creates a mayor priority dependence on kratom road, so the others roads on the free way become really sluggish, but this only happened cause you been using for awhile without any other kind or active drug so every year makes more harder to quit kratom 1 year easy, 2nd year not bad, 3rd a little hard, next after 3rd your start struggle., if you been taking other drugs like vicodin or weed or other kind of active drug them this situation will be totally different, why??? like i said we have a lot of neurons so believed or not every single drug will activate in a different way using a different road on the freeway, that’s why doctors that prescribe meds like xanax , valium ,klonophin etc, switch into a different medication to avoid dependence only on one , that are for the same but works on a different way or takes a different road.
    nowadays… many doctors doesn’t believed that kratom is the bad, cuz many people claimed the they been using kratom for 5 or more years and be able to stop easily, why this? well already explained with an example, and it could be the many irresponsible kratom users been taking others drugs along with kratom the other thing is that nobody wants to kratom to be banned, why? many people like me think the kratom is good for people that have had depression and anxiety and for pain but this only should be a short term active herb(kratom)., hereby doctors should be able to understand the some kratrom users really need help quitting this like other drugs , i know many people that been using kratom for years but just kratom know what i am taking about.
    i hope doctor will be able to study this smart drug a little bit more and understand that the withdrawals could be almost the same but in different ways bad as others drugs., i am pretty sure many people have had bounced to a different drug due, for not finding help for kratom.

    note: when kratom is used for a good reason and not for fun with a responsible matter of time, to get you going back to your life, then it will be worth it for your own good.

  57. ‘Kratom damage is long term and severe’? I have no idea what Dan is on about. Neither have I ever experienced any physical withdrawal from kratom. I believe kratom is potentially psychologically addictive as is absolutely anything else, certain foods, coffee, gambling, etc. Some people have a proclivity for addiction. So far, other than your post, I really don’t see any ‘violent controversy’ here. It works great for some, especially for pain. I admit, I don’t know anything about using it to get off pharmaceutical and street drugs, but it makes sense if you are using it as a safer, milder replacement, you’ll probably have a problem with that replacement as well.

  58. when i first started using it. It was maybe 2-3 times a week that was fine. If you use it multiple times a day everyday you will get addicted and will not know it until you miss a dose. see if you can go 24 hours. I took a two week long break cold turkey and it was pretty terrible. It’s better to taper off. I just went back to my old ways afterwards. Unfortunately i did not research it or wasn’t much info available when i started. I would never start taking a very addictive drug in the first place because i know it would not end well. Sure it’s not really dangerous at least not that i know of now.
    But it is addictive it’s not like weed i can smoke that randomly and even when i did it all the time there was no physical withdrawal. Kratom is not a horrible drug it is still one of the safer and better ones out there, but it is addictive. The withdrawals are real, and they are pretty bad. At least if you have not been addicted to anything stronger. i’ve seen many pissing matches online like you don’t know real withdrawal till you blah blah blah. i’m not saying it’s worse than heroin i don’t know that and never will. But it isn’t nothing.

  59. Kratom is not dangerous. I beg of you to read this message thoughtfully. Kratom saved my life. Opiates prescribed by my doctor nearly killed me. I was bedridden using a walker and or wheelchair even though prescribed large doses of narcotics. I stopped breathing twice from an overdose on prescribed opiates. I didn’t want to die i just wanted the pain to stop. My family was without me until i found kratom. Now they have me back. I have been using it for about a year. I went out with my husband for a special Valintines Day dinner. Our first one in ten years that i will be able to enjoy. I also got to enjoy my first Christmas in ten years. And i am applying for a jobs now. Something i never thought would happen. I am looking forward to many more firsts to come. Kratom is a deciduous tree in Southeast Asia the leaves are dried and made into a powder. It can be bought online and there are many reputable vendors. But since someone is always looking to make a buck there are scammers. If you are specifically speaking to drinks sold in convience stores, No I don’t know about the other additives in these bottles but I know that kratom is not dangerous. There are many places to get just kratom with nothing added to it. I used to take fentanyl morphine and dilaudid all prescribed by my doctor but the government never had a problem with that because they could make money from it. But currently haven’t figured out a way to make money off of kratom they don’t like it. Please fb snoop on my fb wall. I used to be homebound. I am now able to apply for jobs.. Tonight i went out with my husband again. Before kratom i was in so much pain that i could not go anywhere. If kratom is banned it will be disastrous for my family. They will see me deteriorate into a fraction of myself in so much pain. The answer is not in banning kratom. Please research and don’t just rely on the hype.

  60. I have been taking Kratom for a year. I take it for pain associated with Endometrosis,cyst on my ovaries as well as for addiction from pain meds. I’m a stay at home momma 42 yr old and this plant has changed my life at no point have I ever felt I was addicted to Kratom.

  61. I have been on Kratom and have not experienced what you have listed as withdrawals. withdrawals from taking oxycodone and Xanax would have been really bad without Kratom. Once I ran out of Xanax without getting it refilled over the weekend. That was a nightmare! Sweating, severe insomnia, hallucinations, nausea, and more. Pharmaceuticals hurt you with far longer list of withdrawals than what was listed above.

  62. Snorting kratom? Has someone lost their mind.. If it wasn’t for kratom a lot of people may be dead right now from their DOC.. worse case scenario is that you get sick If you take too much.. If you want off this plant then you need to taper slow, just like anything else.. Just sayin’… I have never heard of anyone dying just from taking this plant.. You can go to the Dr and get all your scripts filled that may end your life, or you can choose to use what God gave you that hasn’t been tampered with… Just my opinion.. no more than a caffeine addiction…It will subside in a few days, no biggie… If you abuse anything then that’s just plain wrong, even if its smoking or drinking coffee…

  63. I just want to inform people of my personal situation in hopes of educating more people on this herb. Kratom is a leaf that comes from Southeast Asia. It is related to the coffee plant. I am a 38 year old single mother of 2 and I own my own business in cosmetology. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for the last 25 years. I have been prescribed many medications to treat this and to no avail. While on these legally prescribed meds I was worthless. Usually too tired or suffering from many side effect like tremors, weight gain, muscle pain, headaches, and nausea to name a few. I would hardly have the energy to do my daily chores, work or take care of my kids like I should’ve. About 8 months ago, my friend introduced me to kratom as she had found it was helping her fibromyalga pain better than any prescription she had. She gave me a sample and after an hour I knew this was going to be a great help. The fog lifted and I felt amazing. I immediately ordered some and began taking it on a daily basis just like my vitamins. I quit my prescription meds within the week which saves me $130 a month that I didn’t have anyway. After 8 months I can tell you I feel healthier than I have in 15 years plus. I have energy to get everything I need to done. I have no pain and no other side effects. There is no “high” to kratom. It gives me a clean, healthy, positive feeling like I would imagine a normal healthy person should feel. My kids have their mother back and my life is great now. I am not looking for other drugs as I used to trying to make the pain go away. I don’t have suicidal thoughts anymore. It has also helped me with my insomnia and restless leg syndrome as well. I am finally living! PLEASE do your research into this herb before writing your news stories and be fair to all sides. There are fakes out there and I know that those thing can be full of nasty stuff. But true kratom poses no danger to anyone except maybe a little constipation honestly. I have had no withdrawl symtoms when taking a break from kratom. It is not addictive any more than coffee is addictive.

  64. I enjoy Kratom. But its ruined my life, and ambitions for now. I want them back. My love for life,emotions and music. Dont laugh at this drug it is highly addictive and causes hellish withdrawals.

  65. I have lumbar spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, herniated disc and arthritis. I take maintenance prescription drugs on a daily basis. I used to have major flare ups that required narcotics and several days of bed rest for pain relief. Since I started using kratom I’m completely free of narcotics, bed rest and anxiety of missing so much work. My quality of life has improved and my family is thankful that I’m not in so much pain any longer.

    Kratom is just like any other drug. If you abused it there’s going to be problems. I would much rather be on kratom then the crazy narcotics prescribed today. I can truly testify that kratom is a much better alternative to oxycodone…a true gateway drug. I’ve never heard of people using heroine when they can’t get kratom. Our country is in the middle of an epidemic of people turning to heroine when oxy is not available. Heroine is cheaper and far more accessible worth the ever growing government control on oxy and other similar drugs.

    I for one am grateful that I have kratom and that my quality of life has made a turn for the better.

  66. I’m using it to come off heroin it’s been a god send. It’s been about 2 weeks and I’m afraid I’m getting almost dope sick when I don’t have it…. It was good for what it’s intended for but I wish I would’ve known first. Or at least know how to quit without going back to heroin ?

  67. An Important Update to my last comment regarding quitting cold turkey:

    Please do not attempt to quit alcohol or any barbituate, sedative tranquilizer, or tramadol, as the withdrawal can cause a life threatening seizure called a grand mal siezure.
    My comment about quitting cold turkey was specifically in reference to those suffering from opiate addiction and kratom addiction.

    Like I said, the only way I was able to kick my addiction to opiates permanently was to do so cold turkey and without masking the effects the withdrawal. Masking the effects always led me back to the original addiction or worse. Enduring the withdrawal for my fiance to prove that I was serious and worth being with was the smartest decision of all my drug years as it built a type of character that is IMO absolutely necessary to survive the cravings that hit you after the withdrawal is over. IMO if you cannot face the withdrawal without drug related help, your chances of permanent legitimate recovery are very low. (But not impossible)

    Good luck and much love to all of you suffering from addiction. Please keep trying, allow for failure, and know that it gets much better after the worst of the cravings are beaten. It is impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel while suffering the depression of post acute withdrawal. If you make it past, there is a day you wake up realizing how much better life is…trust me, I’ve done it many more times than I’d like to admit.

    Do yourself a favor and research the history of Heroin and tramadol. You will find a striking similarity between those two drugs and kratom in terms of the public’s opinion and the governments reaction to the problem. It will help to clear the violent controversy this topic brings.

  68. Very Inconvenient Article but very accurate: The truth about this wonderdrug is very inconvenient to addicts using it to mask withdrawal for harder drugs.

    People have so little respect for history, and this is going to repeat itself: Do you know where heroin got its name?? It was reinvented and marketed by Bayer Company in the early 1900s. It was called heroin after the word Hero. This was due to its ability to make people act impulsively during times of war, and more importantly because it was a “non-addictive” savior from morphine addiction destroying society at that time. Later, it was used to “cure” cocaine addiction and other such maladies as the common cold etc…
    The excuse that was used to keep legislation from being adopted initially was the same being used to promote Kratom today: A non-addictive Hero drug to cure other addictions with no bad side effects. This stood from 1898 to 1924 when congress finally admitted the problem and passed legislation banning importation.

    However, it was not made a scheduled narcotic until 1970 when it was made illegal to possess, sell, produce, etc… It was known as a safe legal painkiller for over 70 years!

    I am a poly drug user of about 25 years. I have struggled with heroin, xanax, tramadol, oxycontin, morphine, and many other common drugs in my lifetime. I am happy to report that I am drug free and am lucky to be one of the successfull continuing recovery addicts.
    I discovered kratom many years ago and used it to kick my addiction to heroin successfully. However, after I kicked heroin, I was unable to kick Kratom. This was very inconvenient because I, like many others commenting, preached endlessly about the safe nature of this Non-narcotic Herbal “suppliment.” In the end, I can say with certainty that those that post information about kratom being “easy to quit” or “non-addictive” are ultimately those that will suffer the most with the addiction as I have.

    I can say with certainty that the ratio of good effects to withdrawal of this drug is worse than many other opiates. Kicking this one is like kicking cigarettes: You can quit for any length of time in order to prove it is not difficult. However, it becomes a real challenge only after you attempt to quit for good. There is a huge difference between someone who has really made an attempt to permanently kick a drug, and those that do it to prove that the drug is not addictive or a problem.

    An inconvenient Truth: Kratom damage is long term and severe, but does not show its ugly side for many months and even years for some. All of my friends that spent their time justifying the habit to others have lost more to this drug than to any other. It will EVENTUALLY take everything from you only after you are done proving to yourself and others that it is not addictive.

    The ONLY way I was able to stop doing drugs was to man up and quit cold turkey. Masking the effects of withdrawal always leads you back to the habit in my 25 years of experience being one and being around many others in my position. Please ask your loved ones to quit cold turkey and endure the withdrawal, there is much value in it.

  69. I used Kratom heavily for 2 months. I enjoyed it’s energizing effects in moderate doses. I also enjoyed the occasional sedative effect of large doses. I used it to help me quit drinking and it worked very well. I had read many articles that said it was not an addictive substance. They were all wrong. It is addictive. It is highly addictive. The most serious withdrawal symptoms lasted for 5 days and all of the symptoms faded just beyond a week. It served its purpose in the long run as I am 3 months sober from alcohol and a month sober from Kratom. My point is, it is absolutely physically and psychologically addictive, but helped me to overcome much worse things.

  70. I’ve been a daily kratom user for the last six months. I use 5-8 grams of powder once a day when I get home from work. My girlfriend knows that I have had problems with stimulants in the past. She would leave if I relapsed in any way. It’s been three years now off the white lady and I couldn’t be happier. She knows what addiction looks like in me and what causes real problems in our lives. Kratom has never been a problem for her. I’ve been constipated but never bad enough to take medication. I just came off a two week non kratom spell and other than psychological dependence I felt no negative physical problems. I typically go four days on and one day off for balance. I’ve felt withdrawal before but strangely not at all on this two week break. Either way I would say that kratom is great for those that like a small break from life that need that extra something. Making somebody feel shameful not because it’s causing problems but just because you don’t agree is wrong. My girlfriend made me feel shame about my previous addiction but I 100% agreed with her. Staying up all night focusing on bad things and spending all my money. These were problems. Kratom isn’t a problem and if it isn’t for your significant other than don’t make them feel bad about it. Again you and yours know what are real problems in your lives. Some people like to have a drink have a smoke drink some tea dance the night away or expand their minds, it’s not inherently a bad thing.

  71. I don’t agree with “relatively mild” withdrawal symptoms from kratom. You do list restless legs, yes. But it was the worst restless legs I’d ever experienced — it also included ‘restless arms’. To me it was torture. As tired as I was from insomnia, laying down gave me relentless, strong pulsations of energy & movement down in my lower limbs (i.e., in both legs it was down in my calves, in my arms it was in the forearms only, down by the wrists).

    The attending doctor in the hospital tried his best: a cocktail of phenobarbital + clonidine (!) plus some other things added for sleep…..but it didn’t stop my restless arms/legs syndrome. Not one bit. So yeah, this was rather severe form of restless legs. And really, it was my only symptom during kratom withdrawal.

    It made me consider jumping out of a window, after 48+ hours of it, nonstop. So I don’t know about “mild”, I didn’t suffer this bad coming off of uber-doses of Oxycontin and morphine.

  72. I have to say after much research,I found Kratom. I have been a tramadol addict for many years and this stuff is AMAZING. I’m doing to 1 50mg tab per day after for some time being on upwards of 16 per day. This couple of with exercise and lots of water and rest has saved m life! I am a FULL beleiver in Kratom. I take the 4 of fhe Super Bali capsules and 4 of the Maeng Dae capsules i n the morning and Im good to go. In the afternoon I’ll take 1 Trammie.. This Kratom SAVED MY LIFE. The key is taking it on a totally empty stomach though and least an hour or so before you eat.

  73. Yes I’m addicted to kratom. I won’t sugar coat it or beat around the bush. I bring it to work with me and make sure I dose during work. And yes I do that secretly. And I always make sure that I never run out. There is a physical withdrawal syndrome and frankly I find it to be more painful than just mild. I would not liken it to cold symptoms, not at all. Kratom withdrawal, to me, feels identical to tramadol withdrawal ,which is no walk in the park. It’s on a different level than just regular opiate withdrawal.

  74. 3 months into opiate recovery on a tiny dose of subox (which for folks who dont know two meds one being a blocker so u dont feel hi one a quick acting opiate very slowly tappering it down and not using anything else (which was the real problem not the subox as it has no high for me at the dose i was at. Got down to half of the smallest possible dose u can take with out breaking pill which i did to make dose smaller and I get a non fault work related injury being a finger getting crushed. At this point I said to my self ethier im gonna get narcotic pain meds on the regular from the doc and die or TRY to keep going with recovery I took my last subox dose the day b4 surgery on nov 24 and have not takin any opiates since KRATOM is the only pain relief i get other then spiritual. I go days feeling like shit then take Kratom or Kava when i feel im gonna snap I don take it every day but i feel like shit still anyone know if this could be from injury pain and inflamation depression exe? Kratom provides EFFECTivE pain relief No doubt I wonder if its making oppiate With drawel pro longed or post accute thow its been 3 weeks without opiates for crying out loud! I have to say I was hooked for over 10 years on pill’s maybe this is normal to feel after abuse that long my nerves are shot i dunno??????????????????

  75. 3 months into opiate recovery on a tiny dose of subox (which for folks who dont know two meds one being a blocker so u dont feel hi one a quick acting opiate very slowly tappering it down and not using anything else (which was the real problem not the subox as it has no high for me at the dose i was at. Got down to half of the smallest possible dose u can take with out breaking pill which i did to make dose smaller and I get a non fault work related injury being a finger getting crushed. At this point I said to my self ethier im gonna get narcotic pain meds on the regular from the doc and die or TRY to keep going with recovery I took my last subox dose the day b4 surgery on nov 24 and have not takin any opiates since KRATOM is the only pain relief i get other then spiritual. I go days feeling like shit then take Kratom or Kava when i feel im gonna snap I don take it every day but i feel like shit still anyone know if this could be from injury pain and inflamation depression exe? Kratom provides EFFECTivE pain relief No doubt I wonder if its making oppiate With drawel pro longed or post accute thow its been 3 weeks without opiates for crying out loud! I have to say I was hooked for over 10 years on opioads maybe this is normal i dunno??????????????????

  76. Clearly the differences in experiences all point to the fact that we are all different. This doesnt negate either of our experiences but only shows that many possible factors play a role in how well you will or will not tolerate kratom.I think whether you have had an extensive history with opiate abuse is number one, your genetics and /or other illnesses and detoxification capabilities all play into this.For example, I had had an extensive history with opiates including heroin. I have always had very difficult withdrawals but I also recently found out that I am whats known as a poor methylator meaning that I cannot metabolize and detoxify nutrients, drugs or toxins very well.Being that kratom tinkers with histamine as well as other neuro-chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, depending on ones genetic expression kratom could either be ones poison or ones medicine. Its not all one way or the other. It just depends on what biochemistry you are mixing kratom with. I now see that all of this absolutely played a role in my horrific experience with Kratom. We are each like snowflakes in so much as genetic variability which is why we all have such different experiences.My kratom withdrawal only lasted about three days but believe it or not while the withdrawal was different, in terms of agony it was right next to heroin withdrawal. At about the 72 hour the worst of the peak hit and only lasted probably about 30 minutes which many of you may laugh at, but it was so mind numbing that those 30 minutes have been a horror imprinted on my mind that I will never forget. I jumped out of bed knowing for sure that I was literally going to lose my mind.It wasnt even like opiate withdrawal but moreso due to its effect on serotonin this more closely resembled SSRI withdrawal. Many fail to realize that kratom also has a huge effect on serotonin and when one is withdrawing from the opiate they are also withdrawing from the serotonin. For a body that is poorly able to replenish and restore vital neurotransmitters even while sober going through both opiate and SSRI withdrawal can feel almost life threatening. For others maybe you didnt have this experience and I believe that you didnt and I am happy for you, but I can guarantee that we could pick another medication, chemical or substance that might treat you poorly and it will do someone else just fine. So to say to everyone across the board that kratom is safe and that the rest of us are basically liars is to only show that you do not understand the basics of individual and genetic diversity.What else could explain our differences with the same plant? Its not like anyone would be getting on here to say they had these terrible experiences with it just for kicks.

  77. Kratom is bad news for anyone and twice as bad for addicted types like me. I have heard numerouse pros and cons and found it helpfull but as I notified my buddy (both in rooms) when I gave it a try instead of usual rx’s – from pain dr. this is not for people like us. I was disapointed cause it had some true benifits – but pass it up. It’s a dead end in the long run. And a lot of these comments are from young people who really don’t know that usually you realize you may have a problem when you already have a problem. I wish you all the best – don’t let any chemical replace what you where born with. Or you can move to indonesia and spend your time grazzing all horizontal and shit – with your bad ass no it all self.

  78. I have been using kratom for a little over 10 months now I was able to get off 13 Rx, start a bobby, care for my ill mother so as far as your write up, way off.

  79. this article is straight up bogus. Look at anything around you and if used in excess it will cause problems. Sugar is a giant one and talk about an absolute killer. I bet most of these people leaving negative comments about Kratom happen to be overweight and abuse sugar on a regular basis. There is a huge obesity epidemic and you people are picking and choosing the battles you want to fight. Kratom actually has an array of health benefits and is loaded with more antioxidants then green tea. Also most people that use Kratom are people that put down prescription narcotics and took a more natural approach. My father use to be all doped up on pain meds and turned into a man I didn’t even know or could trust anymore. He found Kratom a couple years ago and we finally got our father back. His health is now better now then it was 20 years ago. So go on and speak your nonsense about something you don’t know anything about. Kratom saves countless lives every day it’s a fact and offers people a chance to live a quality healthy life. People that are bashing Kratom have you looked into a mirror and noticed all the bad shit you put into your body? Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, fast food

  80. i have been using Kratom for daily chronic migraines to replace Vicodin, ketoprofen and naproxen because they didn’t do much for the pain anyway, in dealing with long term chronic illnesses. It also has replaced my alcohol, sugar addiction and has given me relief from PTSD, ADHD, chronic depression (Zoloft was at the highest dose and stopped working) and fibromyalgia symptoms like prolonged insomnia, IBS, dry skin, eczema, and suicidal thoughts. I don’t take Kratom on a schedule. My pain typically comes back well before I take another dose. I have not had issues falling asleep since starting Kratom. I wake up with less severe head , neck, back and hip pain than before with RX pain meds. I was allergic to most meds the Drs prescribed and there is a 5 year waiting list to go to the pain clinic. I finally got in prior to Kratom and the lady said she couldn’t give me anything else since tramadol, trazadone, cymbalta, Lyrica, ability, neurontin(this one the dose they gave me was insane and coming off of it was horrible) Vicodin, to name just a few, and all that didn’t help. Kratom is a godsend and I don’t feel that anyone has the right to regulate its use. Perhaps since banning drugs, herbs etc was an epic failure they should try teaching people how to cope with their emotions, addictive behaviors, etc and then let us decide if we care or not to take their advice. It’s our body, our life!

  81. I rather use kratom than fenyntal, oxycontin, endocet, I use to be on 13 Rx and still in pain with kratom it is managed FINALLY and I have 18 yrs sober so being on all the Rx I was always concerned about addiction, plus all the side effects of the Rx I tried suicide 5 times! Not any more! I’ll take kratom over pills any day!

  82. This is a total load of shit. I’ve been taking Kratom for 2 years off and on. It’s definitely psychologically addictive, but anybody with smarts knows to take a break even if it “sucks”. The thing that kills me with these addiction blogs/comments is the fact the substance is brought to the fire rather than the desire of the individual. Addiction isn’t a disease, so to speak, it’s an intolerance for anything but the substance. I used to be an alcoholic. Now, I can drink in social circumstances with no issue. To anybody that thinks addiction can’t be beat, you’re fooling yourself. Kratom has never shown any addiction principles to me, so I’m fine doing it for weeks and ending it. To those that think a legal solution will stop it, think of guys like me who grow it. Or those who use it. I’ve taken 10 heroin and pill users and turned them straight with it. That seems to be a success to me, so the rest of you can fuck off. Ban it. I’ll grow it. Just like anything else you shitheads ban. I’ll find it.

  83. By this blog’s definition of “addiction” yes, I suppose I could be considered a kratom addict. But it’s psychological addiction, and for me that’s the easiest to deal with. For me kratom isn’t physically addicting at all – and this is why I continue to using it after kicking opiates and alcohol (both of which gave me gruesome physical withdrawals, especially the alchohol).

    For example, I can take a morning kratom dose, go to work without bring extra with me, and NOT even worry that, hours later, I ‘needed’ more kratom. By contrast, I’d need to stash opiates all over my workplace, so I’d not go into physical withdrawals when the stuff wore off. Not the case at all with kratom. Granted: there is a ‘let down’ feeling when I ‘want’ more kratom – a feeling of tiredness and some degree of mental depression, but no real physical discomfort or shaking/sweating/diarrhea, nothing like that at all. And I’ve been using kratom, daily, for a while.

    Therefore I personally consider kratom to be non-addicting, at least by my definition of “addicting”. That’s my experience and I thank you for letting me post it.

  84. what I hear is the old, “I couldn’t handle my drugs, so you better stay away from it.” look, kratom is not a drug. it’s part of a plant called mitragyna speciosa. everything you’ve written indicates that you never truly respected this plant beyond it’s ability to get you high. if you approach it with a fuller respect, regardless of how you plan to use it, you will find life much kinder to you. I have plenty of drug experience. for me, kratom usually diminishes other unhealthy cravings. withdrawal is mild & if you can’t stand but rush out of the house to score some morphine tabs, yes, you absolutely should stay away from kratom. but let me ask you where you got these opiate hookups in the first place, huh? did you get them through kratom?
    it’s people like you that are going to make this illegal. I don’t see you folks telling people they should avoid alcohol at all costs because if you drink too much you punch your brain & possibly die. calm down. please calm down about this. don’t take this away from people like me. I have yet to suffer or make someone else suffer because of my consumption of it. I can’t say the same for so many other things in this world. & when I’m working third shift & my knees & feet start screaming, two tablespoons of this & maybe some white willow put it all to rest.

    ps kratom is not powerful. oxycodone is powerful. heroin is powerful. alcohol & cocaine are powerful. sex is powerful. jealousy is powerful. kratom can get you fairly high is all.

  85. To those of you claiming that Kratom is not addictive and does not have withdrawals I am going to have to call BS! My boyfriend has been drug addicted since the extremely young age of 8! Starting with LSD, pot, heroine, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, every pill imaginable, any and everything you can imagine and has had the roughest life because of the gross misuse of drugs and parenting that allowed that to happen. At any rate this is who he was. He met me and decided he wanted to stop all of these things because this is not the life I want or will tolerate. He went through detox and has tried to remain clean. He slipped twice in 1 year but decided along this time to try kratom because he heard nothing but good things. He started taking what I thought was very heavy doses according to what I read, then he took more and more until I put a stop to that. His eyes being dilated and red, his hyper behavior embarrassed me in front of anyone he was around, the money like 30-40$ a day disgusted me. So we tried to wean, he got down to 7 grams a day 3am and 4 pm and eventually that was not good enough so he would lie and sneak and spend money we didn’t have to get more and more. This has caused huge relationship issues. He recently relapsed because kratom obviously was not maintaining him enough, after this discovery I decided go to detox and rehab or leave and do what you do alone. He chose the detox option. It is now day 6 with out, he has had diarrhea, vomiting, cold sweats, can’t sleep, restless legs, can’t eat, no energy always sleeping, depression, obviously no sex drive and is begging me to give him just a couple grams. Don’t tell me these withdrawals don’t exist and its not addictive. Because this man who has spent the last 30 years of his life being addicted to everything and been in prison several times as a result and had to do cold turkey withdrawals many times tell me- “babe this shit is no joke! These withdrawals are very much like opiate withdrawals and I wish over anything I would have never started this. Its a nightmare!” It is powerful and made me despise him when he was on it. Quit now while you are ahead people- find another way to deal with your pain, you are only digging yourself into another very similar hole than you just pulled yourself out of.

  86. Are you kidding me. I have chronic pain so bad, some days it is hard to move. I have severe PTSD and insomnia. It is much better than taking powerful pain meds, powerful medication to sleep. Don’t you think the big pharmaceutical companies want you to think how terrible it is for you? Look what they gain and lose out on by making it sound so bad. I mean people with real issues, neurological diseases, etc. Come on people!

  87. People seeking to use kratom should be aware it is an Opioid agonist. This is no joke. Kratom is a plant that can help people recovering from serious opiate addiction. It can alleviate pain and is a healthy alternative even to NSAIDs like Advil, which can hurt the lining of the stomach when used chronically. It can be used instead of horrible drugs that can ruin lives but caution must still be advised.

    What Ash wrote here is worthless. Try to skip over anything she contributes, it will likely just be an emotionally-charged attack post where she lashes out and provides nothing of merit. People like you ASH, are a waste of time and this website’s bandwidth. Plenty of people think kratom isn’t chemically addictive and they’re wrong and yes, making a stupid mistake. I’m sorry to any of you that find that harsh, but that’s tough love. You Ash, have provided nothing to help anyone, I did. You’re not just a useless jerk, you are stupid, and a waste of time.

  88. Ash—Some people need tough love. We all can’t be saints like you, providing volumes of helkpful information here—oh wait you contributed NOTHING. You read everything I wrote…and that is all you took from it? Typical female, emotional, unintelligible response. You paid attention to the least important part, my use of the word ‘stupid’, wow. People with addictive tenancies need to understand this plant isn’t as benign as they think. My intention is to help…yours… who knows. Vent. You provided nothing worth reading anywhere in this comments section and attacked me for mildly harsh language, help for those who need to pay attention to what they’re doing. Do you have experience withdrawing from this plant? Probably none whatsoever, nor much of anything else to contribute, hence why you’ve provided nothing here. I’m sorry for not being 100% decent. Welcome to the internet. Cry me a river.

  89. Hey BL…’business salesman’,
    When you repeatedly call people stupid no one will pay any attention to you. It makes you sound like the stupid one. Now go ahead and make your superior, unhelpful comments on all those other stupid – people threads. Clearly you have nothing better to do and no friends.

  90. I’m amazed at how many people are very stupid. This is a comment I can make on virtually any support thread, or comments section for ANYTHING, but especially in regards to Phenibut and Kratom and other substances (even weed) that have potential for physical addiction.

    Kratom is fairly benign when used RESPONSIBLY. This involves occasional use, or use for days on, with equal days off. The same rules apply to Phenibut. Never take more, never take it more often, and never, ever take it for years or months on end several times a day. For heavens sake people, it is an opioid. It isn’t weed. What are you thinking??

    I can’t speak on it’s ability to taper off of real opiates but it has been instrumental in my success as a business salesman. It is a wonderful substance (like phenibut) with both calming and energizing capabilities. Almost paradoxical in nature. I use it regularly, but certainly not every day, and certainly not without equal days off. 2-3 days on, 2-3 days off. Never going above my standard dose of 5-7 grams, and used alongside potentiators such as Agmatine and curcumin/piperine extract.

    I feel sorry for stupid people, the majority of people on earth, sadly, who don’t have the presence of mind to control themselves and understand how their mind/bodies are what you put into them. You ARE what you eat. You ARE what you repeatedly do. This is exactly why 50-60% of the United States is comprised of overweight idiots who go, family in tow, to McDonalds for dinner every day and go through the grocery store with 4-5 2L bottles of Coke in their carts. God help all of you with neither the ability to educate yourselves nor a care in the world.

  91. ** The DEA has removed kratom from the list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern? Yes it’s true. If it is such a problem would they remove it? Of course not. The AKA received confirmation from the DEA that this is correct and they are in the process of updating all of the info on their website. **

    I can’t believe these comments on kratom. Are you using only kratom powder (or leaf for tea) from a reputable vendor? Do they follow GMP? Can they supply testing information? These are very important things to be aware of. There is a lot crap out there in headshops. It’s very expensive, you don’t know what you are getting and it gives kratom a bad name. Stay away from headshops. Also, stay away from extract, resin and tinctures. Again, stick with powder or leaf from a reputable vendor.

    I’ve used kratom, on and off for three years. I am 50 years old, I have lupus, RA, scoliosis and herniated discs in my neck and back. I take 1 tsp 2x a day and 1.5 to 2 tsp at night. I take days of here and there and have never have an issue. I can’t say that about my coffee. I’m off four medications because of kratom. My rheumatologist (at the Cleveland Clinic) is aware I take kratom and turmeric and is very happy with my results. Before kratom I was on four other meds (pain meds, RA meds muscle relaxers & sleep meds) and I was on the couch or in bed. That is not a life. Now I have a life.

    Please come and get yourself educated before buying into the media’s lies on kratom. Please check out the nonprofit organization the American Kratom Association (AKA) to learn the truth. Be sure to read the numerous testimonials that are posted there. Also, the Facebook groups Kratom New and Current, Kratom Proactive or Kratom Association have good information.

  92. Hi, I think your article above is pretty accurate, as I have been addicted to kratom for the past 2 and a half years, taking around 5-10g daily. I am now at the stage where I am going to stop as I believe it has affected my life considerably, in the sense I feel lethargic most of the time, lacking motivation and sometimes depressed. I would advise anyone who has an addictive personality to avoid his drug completely!!!

  93. Ash, & not a pharma co – thank you both for replying 🙂 I did use just ONE gram on nights 1 and 2 (nothing apart from that) – and last night – (night 3) I was able to sleep unaided! Don’t feel super today, but considering I’ve totally jumped off it and slept, I’m really happy, and it’s nowhere near as bad as I thought.

    Hope you two are both doing well 🙂

    Thanks again & good luck to yous!

  94. Kate, whether the insomnia is temporary or a problem that plagues you intermittently, kratom may help you sleep. It’s worth a try. Buy the powdered variety and mix a teaspoon in boiling water and sip it before bedtime. You can strain it but I find it sinks to the bottom and is quite tolerable to drink that way.

  95. kate, yes even a gram or two should get you to sleep. I do not think it completely sets you back to square one but it does set you back. You’re better off tapering and only taking a bit before going to bed. I am withdrawing for the 2nd full time i had about 20 minutes of sleep last night. I’ve been awake for about 36 hours now. the first 24 hours aren’t so bad. 24-48 are probably the worst 48-72 are better after that its not so bad. I am at about 50 hours now. I hope i can sleep tonight. Today was a long day at work. Nodded off driving to and from work several times. It’s best to do this on a weekend. Take it on a thursday you’ll be eh ok friday and sat sun will suck but by monday not so bad. I unfortunately took it saturday so i could get things done.
    I did not taper this time. I think loperamide helps. These w/d suck major ass.
    If you have an addictive personality you should stay away unless you are going to do something worse. It’d be great if i didn’t find the need to use it 2-3x every day for months to years. Unfortunately i don’t have the will.

  96. Someone please tell me when insomnia goes away? I can deal with the rest, but I have too many responsibilities for this. Would taking a gram or so for nighttime only prolong my misery? Or will that make it easier to jump off? Any personal experience would be excellent, please get back to me if poss.

  97. Government is not shy in the least about clamping down on non traditional drugs. They’ve know about Kratom for a long time yet it remains virtually un-regulated here in 2015. It can’t be causing too many problems. But with so many “instant experts” on-line, you would think bodies were lining the sreets, and people were mugging in the millions to get their 60 cent grams. There is a movie coming out soon, “Leafer Madness!” Lots of these are probably 12-step religionists who see everthing as a addiction or an “aholicism”.

    Financial issues forced me to have to taper down on Suboxone, which kept me both craving free, while 100% functional for over 4 years. But hey, “It’s an opiate, and you’re addicted”. So what? However the costs due to regulation and greed cost my insurance more than my heroin habit in the 70s cost me!

    In conclusion, I kept hearing the horror stories about Sub withdrawals. I avoided almost all the symptoms with 3 things: A long taper, Clonidine and Kratom.

  98. This post has brought out a lot of different folks. Not much discussion going on here, just praising or demonizing. All over the web I see ex-hard drug users praising kratom for helping them get off finally after years. And they say its the most gentle of all drugs. Not a very good argument even though I agree. Everyone hates on big pharma, and yes they do suck. But how many millions of people are helped by prescribed pain meds vs people who become addicted and abuse them? Nothing is perfect and it is really about the risk vs reward. The comparison of Kratom withdrawl to the common cold I feel is a little understanted as it is more akin to having the flu if one goes cold turkey. It REALLY is similar to caffeine withdrawal. There was a time when I would have 1000-1400 mg caffeine DAILY. I would wake up daily in a fog and wouldn’t be able to function without an energy drink or coffee. I’d usually be drinking a can while I took my morning shower. Constantly throughout the day I would HAVE to have my caffine or I would become sluggish, depressed, brain fogged and tired. If i stopped cold turkey I would wake up tired of course and then a migraine would come on and within a few hours I would be vomiting my head off. This would last the whole day and several more days of complete lethargy and headaches and depression! I found out a better way than cold turkey… tapering! Drop it down by 100 mg each day and the only withdrawal symptom was less energy and little tired. After completely off tapering it would be around 2 weeks before I felt back to normal with normal energy levels. One time in college I took around 2500 mg via caffeine pills to work on a paper late night. I had no idea about caffeine at the time. I ended up getting SUPER dizzy and then felt like I was going out of my mind. crawled to the toilet and spent the next 12 hours in a cycle of feeling so crazy with world spinning and hellish flu with vomiting every 15 minutes and sleeping for 5 minutes only to wake up and start the crazyness again. I should went to the hospital it was that bad. Imagine all that? from caffeine? I’ve since learned responsibility with it and have 200-400 mg a day and none after 2pm. This keeps my tolerance pretty low getting the best out of it and no withdrawals.
    Some are thining wow this sounds retarded. yes. it was because it was *just caffeine* right? I mention this because I find kratom withdrawal to be so much nicer than that of even caffeine! And if you *taper* you will miss out on 95% of withdrawal symptoms. seriously. I had a habit of 30g a day maeng da. if i quit cold turkey then yes i’d feel kind of flu’ish for a few days but wasn’t near as bad as caffeine wd. and tapering down 1g every other day made it a picnic! i’m another person that kratom helped save from several years of abusing other drugs that landed me in the hospital for a week one time from overdose seizures and ruined my first marriage. Kratom is a godsend. And I say that being 1 month clean from it after an easy taper (stem and vein makes it even easier to taper!). I buy in bulk online at 1kg at a time for around $180. That is cheaper than going to starbucks everyday! The real point i want to make is that its all about the risk reward with anything in life. If you could use kratom 6 months straight and suffer 2 weeks of withdrawal is it worth it? I’m talking 6 months of great energy, great mood, motivation, relaxation, etc for the price of 1-2 week cold turkey withdrawal flu? heck yes. or even better 6 months on, 4 week taper with no wd! or just do 3 weeks on 1 week off and never have real withdrawal etc etc etc.
    I believe most if not all of the bad comments on the web about withdrawal are made by people going through withdrawal. we all know that the flu isn’t that horrible to have, but when you are currently sick with the flu you feel like dying and its the worst thing ever right?? and what if its only 1 out of 1000 people who even have bad withdrawal from kratom? And half of those people go online to tell about it. While the other 999 get great benefit but don’t feel like going online to say *its great! 5 stars* ? Just like when reading product reviews on amazon, most people buy it and it works fine and they don’t have time to sit around and review every product they buy. but if there is a problem with the product everyone is so quick to put a 1 star review out there. So what if 100,000 use kratom and 1000 have bad experiences and post 3 posts on different websites? Thats 3000 negative postings all over the place making it look like EVERYONE is having a bad time. Furthermore, being a past addict myself, I believe anything can be used for harm and that it all has to do with the reasons behind using a drug. If someone is drinking a beer or 2 to relax thats all well and good. if someone is depressed and drinking to escape that person can down 10 beers in one sitting repeatedly and cause great harm. that same person could smoke 20 bowls of weed and be locked on the couch ruining their life. that same person could start downing 50g kratom a day and be a zombie. this person would abuse anything so to use them as a reason to ban a substance is a poor argument.
    i’m not a conspiracy theorist, but if big pharma can spend $1 million on tv ads for one drug, then they could spend $1 million on employee’s paying them $50 an hour to agree to keep it secret and scour the web writing positive reviews of drugs they are selling and negative reviews for their competitors, thats 20,000 hours right there…easily 100,000 post’s all over the web. you see stuff like that when reading through amazon reviews even. where its obvious the competitor is leaving negative reviews for the competition. make sense? I’ve CERTAINLY seen the kratom industry (websites, wholesalers, direct, b&m, etc) posting info about kratom with a lot of exaggeration about how great it is all over the web. one great example is the blog by goodlookingloser. he posts over and over about how wonderful it is and how it has almost no negatives and even says the key to tolerance is rotating 7-10 straings a new one each day. and he praises this one distributor, happy hippo, as having the best kratom anywhere bar none. and he says he uses every day for years but has no addiction and no tolerance to it. LIES. you then learn in a blog post years later that he has been using for 5 years and that he uses 30grams a day yet says hes not addicted at all! and the real kicker, that he OWNS happy hippo. Imagine that! A kratom business exaggerating the benefits and undervaluing the risks in order to sell more kratom.
    personally, I have had headshop kratom that was certainly laced with something else. this could be the reason for many of the negative reviews out there. personally kratom saved me from other drug addiction. it helps me be a better person to my wife and motivates me to make more money and do good things. I like it better than caffeine and alcohol and use it in lieu of those things. I would love to see more truthful information out there. maybe even in the form of regulation, but that would mean MUCH higher costs and probably bad things for its availability. I eat healthy, but i feel more craving to eat taco bell than i do to take kratom. If i was super depressed in a black hole at home with obsessive thoughts of escape, I too would be craving kratom since its legal and right around the corner everywhere.
    random fact: cough syrup (robotussin) contains the opiod dxm. taken in large doses produce great euphoria and very trippy visuals with peaceful disassociating. this is over the counter everywhere and people are against kratom (opiod)? theres studys showing the cough syrup has ZERO effect on stopping coughs, yet its still on every shelf everywhere. the diarrhea medicine immodium also is an opioid.

  99. I’ve just started talking Kratom I have no side effects as compared to being on Percocet 5mg for over a year an a half for 2 knee surgeries and facing a replacement.It all depends on how much you use and what your tolerance is to it every one is different and everyones body reacts differently so use it @ your own discretion and safety wish you all good health.

  100. Thank you Katy, I have cut down, but have still not been able to fully cleanse. I am look forward to trying tyrosine and will cut the coffee and modify my diet.

    To those who claim kratom is not addicting, like all substances, I really think it depends on the person. I’m a light drinker and not an alcoholic, but still believe alcohol can be addictive.

  101. John: I too am doing a Kratom cleanse in a few weeks. Make sure you have a diet plan, use Tyrosine and DO NOT substitute coffee. My son is an athlete and takes alot of Onnit Labs supplements… but he stops them cold turkey every 6 weeks. Krato. Should be treated the same way. Look into Onnit Labs BRAIN POWER while you’re off. That supplement is very, very good!

  102. I am a researcher but currently working to ward becoming a psycholgist. And, I have researched akratom extensively. Oddly enough, I suffered an aneurism a few years back, and after a year on Hydrocodone–1-2 daily–I was concerned about my dopamine receptors and my kidneys. I researched globally about Kratom. I’m aware that in Asia, the opium economy had taken a plunge after opium addicts were discoving Kratom, hence the reason opium lobbyists covertly aided in the illegality of Kratom. As for my personal experience, I started using Maeng Da leaf initially. As I’m nearing menopause, the Kratom effects on my mood –2 caps per dose–have been exponentially positive. I can run 3-4 miles at a relative pace, much like I felt with a double espresso. I began developing heart palpatations in the evenings. This happened shortly after my increase to a double AM espresso AND after a few days of taking highly concentrated Kratom Extract…to which I use when a severe migraines surfaced. I stopped the espresso and took Sambazon Organic energy drimk i stead, and cut the concentrated Kratom out. Cutting both gave me restless legs so bad at first–they’re both from the coffee family– I thought I was having a heart attack. Going back ti strictly Maeng Da, and few miles of running and an good hour of yoga did the trick in 48 hours. Maeng Da leaf, is a great herb…very similar to several Chinese herbs that are utilized instead of dangerous pharmaceuticals, and tragic street drugs. Yes, lobbyists are working on banning this herb. For middle aged women such as myself, it would mean anti-depressants and vicodin, which are exponentially dangerous to our bodys and neurotransmitters. I would like to finish with important information to those of you who have severe challenges with addictions. YOU are not a criminal, YOU did not fail, and nobody is at falt. As of this year alone, neurologists are recognizing that people BORN with low dopamine levels are more conducive to addiction. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE strongly enough a few factors to help you. 1) Avoid sugar at ALL costs. This was the first compensatory addictive drug used as a child. 2) Add Tyrosine DAILY to your breakfast. It is an amino acid and elevates themood BY NOURISHING YOUR DOPAMINE RECEPTORS. 3) Kratom extracts–the ones that make you feel high–should be used for SEVERE pain only. Otherwise you will suffer insomnia and leg twitches and yes, uncomfortable withdrawals.(Plus its expensive). 4) Exercise! Get in a program: Crossfit, Taekwondo, Jiujitsu…these programs have alot of 40+ students who are using fitness for depression as it does increase brain chemical levels. 5) Support those nonprofit entities trying to keep Kratom legal. Nobody has EVER died from Kratom, however we have all lost a friend or loved one to prescriptiond meds. 6) Educated yourself. Research why a Country who was making millions illegally in drug money decides to ban an herb after its citizens stop using the illegal drug. 7) Excessive use of Alcohol and cigarettes are terrible additions if you are taking kratom. Best to cut down substantialy, as they create conflicting signals within our brain. 8) Ground flaxseed, Ginko Biloba and walnuts are great brain foods. Since Science is discovering that addiction starts in the brain, we need to nourish it. 9) Eat garlic daily and avoid pork. Parasites and worms in thebrain are making headway–excuse the pun–this can increase cravings for unhealthy substances. In fact, a parasite cleanse after a year has healed people of severe psychosis, addiction and depression. THE DEVILS IN THE DETAILS FOLKS. Knowledge is key. More google searching and less assuming.

  103. I’ve used kratom on and off for over three years. I’ve never had a problem with tolerance or withdrawal. I do mix up my strains and take a day off here and there also. I take kratom for herniated discs from two car accidents. I take 1 tsp 2-3x a day and it works better and longer than Vicodin or Percocet ever did. Also, to the poster below who spent some insane amount of money on kratom ($1000+/month), where in the world are you purchasing it from? I’ve never spent more than $40/month from very reputable vendors. To anyone wanting to learn more there are some FB groups with good people in them. Check them out. The University of Mississippi has been doing a study with the results due sometime next year. Do your own research.

  104. For me its been life changing, both good and bad. On the plus side, there is the energy boost and slight euphoria. Most important to me, is my low back pain disappears. I’ve tried tramadol, vicodin and even oxy. Nothing works as well for me as kratom. I do not get a fuzzy head, am more interested in my work (I’m a partner in an Illinois law firm) and athletically, Wow! I race mountain bikes, and am sooo much stronger on kratom. I’m 47 and feel like I am 20 on this stuff.

    Miracle drug right? Not quite — on the minus side, it is addicting and there are withdrawals. After 6 months I have no doubt I am physiologically addicted. (2x a day, @5-6 grams each time) Without it, even for one morning, I spiral down into a DEEP depression and can hardly function. Really not sure what to do at this point, other than to try and taper. Even tapering sucks but it also sucks that it is starting to control me.

  105. It is a miracle for opiate withdrawl but it does cause withdrawls! If you have problems with addiction you will have problems with kratom. I too used kratom to kick a 4 year opiate habit and raved about how great it is but now i have to take it every 2-4 hrs 5grams Vietnam or the wd sets in. Its a fabulous alternative to Rx meds just beware if you’ve suffered from addiction in the past kratom will become a replacement faster than you realize. Ive found i have wd worse than most people but please note kratom wd is very real and don’t dismiss it bc youve been fortunate not to experience it, yet. (I know all about big pharma etc. Im telling you this is real and why wouldn’t it be it effects your opiate receptors just the same, doesn’t it?) I found this bc im desperately looking for tips bc im ready to quit and only use if i need for pain. The bashing of people who share their experience is very sad, im happy others don’t suffer but to those who have posted rudely id like to know how it is when you consume more due to tolerance build up.

  106. Syd,
    Seriously? I spend about $40 a month for my kratom purchasing high quality powder by the ounce from reputable vendor. That’s way cheaper than my copays were for the pain doctor, pain pills, muscle relaxers and sleeping pills. They only possible way to spend that ridiculous amount of money is to buying that low quality expensive stuff from headshops. Headshops are a rip off and you don’t even know what you are really getting.

  107. I have been taking kratom everyday for a year. On and off for years before that. It made it possible for me to quit heroin/30mg oxy habits.
    I’ve used it as a maintenance thing for about the past 9 months. I spend an insane amount of money on it…ive been really depressed and experiencing a lack of motivation in life lately. No creative flow..I’m a musician. I have my own handyman business..and life is amazing in all areas…don’t always have tons of money..but I know if I stop taking kratom..that’s about an extra $1200/1800 PER MONTH…
    Now…if I take kratom an dim depressed anyway…just kind of happy depressed…its weird…I just really have no idea how I’m going to stop. I’m a BG punk when it comes to WD. I got one 3 pack of maeng da for the am….I don’t think I have a shot at cutting down..but I’ll at leas try to take two in the am and save 1 for late night or the next am if I can…I’ve quit the hardest drugs in the world..for some reason…I can’t seem to get my head around this one…wish me luck

  108. For anyone who is suffering anxiety and depression after Kratom use, I have found that the herb Kanna has greatly reduced my anxiety and depression. It’s an herb that works as an anti-depressant, one of the most potent ones I have ever tried and it is the only one that I found I can tolerate. You can find it easily online but make sure to get the fermented kind. Thanks everyone, and good luck

  109. I agree with Meg. This page is a complete joke. To say there are inaccuracies in an understatement. They are out right LIES on here.

    About me:
    In 1998 I was diagnosed with Lupus. I have other health issues too. In 1992 I was in a car accident. I have herniated discs in my neck and two herniated discs in my back thanks to that. I have scoliosis in which the curve pushes on the herniated discs in my back causing almost continuous pain. I have a bad knee from a sports injury as a teenager needing yet more surgery. I have arthritis in my large toe so bad it no longer bends. I also have Raynaud’s, COPD and hypothyroidism. I will always be on Plaquenil to keep my lupus under control as much as possible but there is no cure for lupus. For pain I have been on Corticosteroids (steroids like prednisone), anti-inflammatory drugs (Naprosyn or ibuprofen), pain meds (Vicodin or Percocet), muscle relaxers (Flexeril) and sleep meds (Lunesta or Ambien and/or trazodone) for many years. While the pain meds helped at first it never completely handled all the issue plus it came with side effects. I refused to take any RA biologics (like Enbrel or Humira) or cancer drugs which are the only options for the pain that got worse over the years. I struggled daily and continued to use only ibuprofen for pain but spent most of my life in the house. Most people know people with lupus are in pain but another thing you battle is extreme exhaustion. 24/7/365 non-stop exhaustion.

    I’ve used kratom on and off for over two years. I use a teaspoon of one strain (white vein) in the morning. I may or may not depending on my pain, have another teaspoon six hours later. At night if I’m not relaxed enough for sleep, I use two teaspoons of a different strain (red vein) because I want a more relaxing/tired feeling from it. Oh, by the way, it was introduced to me by a chiropractor. Yes, that’s right, a chiropractor. Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as kratom, is the ground up leaves of a tree that is native to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Burma etc.) It is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family. Yes the coffee family. Anyway, I tried the (capsules) to humor the doctor. I was expecting nothing but I was amazed! My back did not hurt. My neck did not hurt. My toe did not hurt even while wearing tight fitting shoes. I also noticed I had more energy. With kratom I was able to do basic chores for more than 10 minutes at a time. I ordered myself some of the capsules and that was the beginning of my kratom journey.

    I started to do more and more research on kratom. I read lots of great things about people who took it for various reasons; chronic pain, energy, MS, RLS, depression, diarrhea, insomnia, diabetes and opiate withdrawal. I joined groups and forums to talk to others using this wonderful plant. I learned about different strains that offer different results. Some are more stimulating, others more relaxing. I learned about various ways to take kratom such as with water, juice, coffee, a smoothie, making tea etc. I read anything I could find on kratom be it good or bad. Throughout reading the information a pattern became obvious. People who were using kratom said wonderful things about it. Things like how much it has helped them and changed their quality of life. However, the DEA and media say something completely different. I would like to say that they are inaccuracies but that would be an understatement. Fallacies would be the correct term. Below you will find three examples.

    1. Kratom gives you heroin like high. FALSE. You do not get high from kratom.

    2. Kratom is dangerous and you can overdose. FALSE. You cannot overdose on kratom. If you take too much kratom you will get nauseous. It you really take too much you will throw it up.

    3. Kratom is addictive and you will go into withdrawal without it. FALSE. You do not go into withdrawal. I’ve used it on and off for two years and have never had any withdrawal symptoms.
    What you WILL notice when you stop taking it is how much it was helping you.

    I cannot say enough good things about how this plant has changed my life. Most days I have no pain at all except for my knee which requires surgery. I have energy again. I am able to do chores, go shopping and even some yard work. At night I am able to relax and sleep without pain and without drugs. Someone recently asked me to describe my life with kratom. I said I feel normal again. I am able to participate in my life instead of watching it go by. What an amazing feeling that is.

  110. I wanted to post some links for people to be able to start their research on kratom. People need to do their own research on kratom because there is so much information out there that is not true.

    I guess I will have to do it this way. Go to Facebook and search on kratom. There are many groups available to join to learn about kratom.

    Google Jonny Enoch and listen to his videos and interviews.

    Jonny Enoch – The War on Kratom & Kratom Truth

    Jonny Enoch – Youbtube Beginners Guide to Kratom

    Google Paul Kemp kratom or Paul Kemp hubpages

    Google New Hope for Addicts University of Mississippi

  111. Was this blog put up by the DEA? FDA? Big Pharma? ALL?
    I agree with Meg. This page is a complete joke. To say there are inaccuracies in an understatement. They are out right LIES on here.

    About me:
    In 1998 I was diagnosed with Lupus. I have other health issues too. In 1992 I was in a car accident. I have herniated discs in my neck and two herniated discs in my back thanks to that. I have scoliosis in which the curve pushes on the herniated discs in my back causing almost continuous pain. I have a bad knee from a sports injury as a teenager needing yet more surgery. I have arthritis in my large toe so bad it no longer bends. I also have Raynaud’s, COPD and hypothyroidism. I will always be on Plaquenil to keep my lupus under control as much as possible but there is no cure for lupus. For pain I have been on Corticosteroids (steroids like prednisone), anti-inflammatory drugs (Naprosyn or ibuprofen), pain meds (Vicodin or Percocet), muscle relaxers (Flexeril) and sleep meds (Lunesta or Ambien and/or trazodone) for many years. While the pain meds helped at first it never completely handled all the issue plus it came with side effects. I refused to take any RA biologics (like Enbrel or Humira) or cancer drugs which are the only options for the pain that got worse over the years. I struggled daily and continued to use only ibuprofen for pain but spent most of my life in the house. Most people know people with lupus are in pain but another thing you battle is extreme exhaustion. 24/7/365 non-stop exhaustion.

    I’ve used kratom on and off for over two years. I use a teaspoon of one strain (white vein) in the morning. I may or may not depending on my pain, have another teaspoon six hours later. At night I use two teaspoons of a different strain (red vein) because I want a more relaxing/tired feeling from it. Oh, by the way, it was introduced to me by a chiropractor. Yes, that’s right, a chiropractor. Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as kratom, is the ground up leaves of a tree that is native to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Burma etc.) It is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family. Yes the coffee family. Anyway, I tried the (capsules) to humor the doctor. I was expecting nothing but I was amazed! My back did not hurt. My neck did not hurt. My toe did not hurt even while wearing tight fitting shoes. I also noticed I had more energy. With kratom I was able to do basic chores for more than 10 minutes at a time. I ordered myself some of the capsules and that was the beginning of my kratom journey.

    I started to do more and more research on kratom. I read lots of great things about people who took it for various reasons; chronic pain, energy, MS, RLS, depression, diarrhea, insomnia, diabetes and opiate withdrawal. I joined groups and forums to talk to others using this wonderful plant. I learned about different strains that offer different results. Some are more stimulating, others more relaxing. I learned about various ways to take kratom such as with water, juice, coffee, a smoothie, making tea etc. I read anything I could find on kratom be it good or bad. Throughout reading the information a pattern became obvious. People who were taking kratom said wonderful things about it. Things like how much it has helped them and changed their quality of life. However, the DEA and media say something completely different. I would like to say that they are inaccuracies but that would be an understatement. Fallacies would be the correct term. Below you will find three examples.

    1. Kratom gives you heroin like high. FALSE. You do not get high from kratom.
    2. Kratom is dangerous and you can overdose. FALSE. You cannot overdose on kratom. If you take too much kratom you will get nauseous. It you really take too much you will throw it up.
    3. Kratom is addictive and you will go into withdrawal without it. FALSE. You do not go into withdrawal. I’ve used it on and off for two years and have never had any withdrawal symptoms.
    What you WILL notice when you stop taking it is how much it was helping you.

    I cannot say enough good things about how this plant has changed my life. Most days I have no pain at all except for my knee which requires surgery. I have energy again. I am able to do chores, go shopping and even some yard work. At night I am able to relax and sleep without pain and without drugs. Someone recently asked me to describe my life with kratom. I said I feel normal again. I am able to participate in my life instead of watching it go by. What an amazing feeling that is.

  112. What a complete joke this page is…kratom is related to the coffee plant. Can you take too much kratom and get :addicted”..yes…same thing as coffee. We don’t see people freaking out about that. People do much more damage with sugar, tobacco and alcohol. Leave kratom alone. It has absolutely changed my life for the better. Anyone that is bad mouthing it is just fear mongering and is probably a pawn of big pharma.

  113. Kratom has been very helpful for me. It gives me energy relieves stress and anxiety.
    It is however addicting. And there are withdrawals. I take 2 to 3 times a day. 6 to 8 grams each time. I cut down to 2x at 6 grams for a week. Had minor problems sleeping. Then the last night no problems sleeping at all. So I tried to go all day without. I felt extremely tired all day no energy. I had a bit of diarrea. I made it to about 30 hours since the last dose. But the restless leg syndrome. Really for me all my limbs. It’s like a physical anxiety for me. No depression just extreme tiredness during the day. But terrible uncomfort trying to sleep. I feel like cutting my legs arm and @$#& off. That seems to be where most of the discomfort is.
    So anyway I took another 3 then another 3 after that. Now I feel normal. So while I blew the attempt to quit. At least I am furthering my tapering. I went from 20 plus grams a week ago to about 14. If I can keep it under 10 for a week. Then maybe 5. I don’t know.
    I do not want to quit totally I just want to be withdrawal free. To use it two maybe three times a week like when I started. I had no withdrawals. The first time I had one I didn’t know what it was. Naturally I took some kratom and I was like wow this has withdrawals.
    I just want to be able to travel or go on vacation and not have to pack sneak my kratom.
    And also not go through withdrawal hell.

  114. Very well written; I agree with the author completely. As a recovering Kratom addict, this is worth reading, wherever you may stand on the topic of Kratom. It has medicinal properties but must be treated with respect and taken responsibly.

  115. One problem is very apparent. The prohibition of anything that makes you feel good rings home of religion’s demonizing of anything that makes you feel good. God forbid! Kratom does work with the Mu receptors in the brain, so there is an opiate feel to it. Considering this, there are people that will use it to get high. I have been addicted to every opiate out there from heroin to Codeine. I use
    Kratom for pain. I never crave it, I don’t experience cravings for opiates-never! I do it once a day in the morning for pain. It holds me for 24 hrs and I never wake up sick! I have been there, done that, and waking up sick is something very familiar for me! There is a cealing for the effect an addict looks for: with the opiates, the more you take-the more sedated you get-euphoria! Kratom takes you only so far and can give very undesirable effects. I would rather my son doing Kratom than alcohol. Can someone fall under an addiction to it? Someone very inexperienced and who has never been addicted to the opiates, I could see the possibility of abuse. Will someone get strung out? I doubt it but anything is possible. No tolerance, no cravings, cealing of the possible effect, in other words no OD, that would be potentially deadly. This is not a very addicting profile. I studied this in College and I have done research on both sides of the law. It helps my pain and I love it. It is ok to feel good. It is in the coffee family, and caffeine bothers me more than anything like that! It is better that it is legal. The illegality of some substances often create more problems than they are meant to solve. Down with prohibition!

  116. Kratom contains alkaloids that has effects on the human mind. It has stimulating, depressing and intoxicating effects. However, using it in an improper way surely has a bad effect. Its just a matter of knowing and being responsible enough in using it the right way.

  117. I am a chronic pain patient who has learned that to keep my use of pain medication manageable, I have to resign myself to one good day a week. For that purpose, I use kratom capsules one day a week, at the MOST two. set a few days apart from each other .I am an older person and this has become acceptable to me because I’ve experienced the agony of heightened opiate tolerance and withdrawal. Kratom is a good remedy, let’s use it responsibly and keep it legal.

  118. This is a well written article and is a really good description of kratom addiciton. The article does a good job treating kratom factually relative to the other opioids.

  119. Just so all of you people know, Kratom is nothing close to opiates or heroin. It is a mellow helpful herb that has no withdrawal symptoms compared to anything like vicodin. It just allows ex-addicts to function normally.

  120. It appears some people worry too much! I do it for pain once a day, and I have no craving, nor do I feel any withdrawal symptoms, setting in at any point in the day. I don’t feel any withdrawal when I wake up in the morning, which if it was an opiate form of addiction, I would wake up feeling a dreadful depression, that runs so deep it is crippling! Anyone that knows this feeling, knows that, the first thing you do when you wake up, is get off!. I take Kratom for pain, and it helps. I have herniated disks, cervical radiculopathy, poly-neuropathy, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Most of which is the result of years of putting anything into my body that would help my pain, and I don’t mean physical pain primarily, I mean the pain of being a prisoner of the Opium Poppy, in one form or another. The pain of knowing how addiction has affected myself, my family, lovers I have had throughout my life, my wife and mostly my son, who saw me hit bottom, and it is horrible! A bottom most addicts don’t live long enough to hit, and very few survive this kind of hit! It is a desolation of the soul, and as low decent into becoming one of the walking dead; no feelings, no life!! I have to say one thing though, about my addiction, and what it did to my life, and how once I put behind me, I was blessed to understand things, and myself in a way, many don’t! William Blake had a saying; ” The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom,” and I have found this is true, but I don’t recommend trying this path to obtain wisdom, because odds are, you will not survive long enough to arrive there! A place, odds are, that most will not break free from , once you have succumbed to an addiction to the substance, that will steal your soul, body, and mind! BUT, it can be done, and if I can do it, YOU can do it-simple math! You just have to be ready, you have to want it! Addiction will take your life, don’t ever fool yourself differently! Back to the Kratom. I am in recovery for years, and have a degree in addiction studies from CUNY, so I could recognize any withdrawal symptoms from Kratom use, if they were present, at any time of the day. For me withdrawals are not present the way I use Kratom. When I do my concoction in the morning, which I take with 100mg of Ubiquinol(coenzQ10), a multi vitamin, 2x100mg of Omega 3 fatty acids, 100mg of Lithium Oratate(nutrient), and Selenium, and 100 mg of Chromium, which I do together, in a half hour or so, my physical pain is gone, I feel good, and I can function!. It does cause a euphoria, that in a distant way is similar to opiates. But rather than dope you up, it usually creates energy, unless you do too much! The euphoria I am talking about, is more of a feeling, of feeling great. It make me feel the way I feel if I exercised, took a shower, and went out and sat in my favorite chair, and listened to some mello music. It does work with the Mu receptors in the brain, but it has othere qualities which may very well help with depression. It makes you just feel good, but in a different way than opiates. It is hard to explain. Anyway, Kratom can, and will, be used by inexperienced kids, or young people looking for a buzz. I feel it is safer and cleaner, and really, less of a threat than pot, glue, cigarettes, the usual gateway “drugs.” Can someone get addicted to it! Man, I am not a big coffee drinker(Kratom is in the same genus, or family as coffee, by the way)and if I drink it every day for about 2 weeks or so, and if I stop , suddenly, I go through at least one day of a rip roaring headache, and feel lousy all day. Coffee is addictive! And in this sense, Kratom is maybe a little more addictive in a way, and, can, I guess, and will, be used by some looking to elicit a high. The definition of “high,” concerning Kratom, deserves close inspection as it, if used correctly, and not for the sake of abuse, what you feel is less of a high, and more like a great lift, increase in your mood. You feel really good, but not in the way a shot of heroin makes you feel good. I am not comparing the strength-quality, of the two here, but the “essence. ” It is somewhat like a light opiate feeling, but without the depressing of the autonomic nervous system-your breathing. I am trying to clarify, the difference between the two. In Indonesia, Kratom is served in their form of coffee shops, but it isn’t coffee they serve, or not only coffee, anyway, it’s Kratom. I can only tell you my experience with it. I do it every day, once, and I haven’t known craving, or withdrawal ever! Tolerance, on the other hand, which some consider a component of addiction, can occur. Sometimes I have used it as an anti-depressant, and I have known all the anti-depressants on the market(100,00 people die every year from the side affects of the SSRI’s, SNRI’s, and killed more people than all the drugs combined, and you could throw in all the American’s that died in Vietnam as well), and Kratom is far better, and immensely safer, for me anyway. Kratom brightens your mood significantly, so you feel really good in a visceral way, and your mood is lifted up, not down! To be fair, concerning the issue of withdrawal, I haven’t gone without Kratom for more than a day or so, so I can’t tell anyone exactly how they may feel after sustained use. I don’t feel this is a big threat to become a major drug of abuse. If someone smokeed pot, maybe, Kratom can enhance it. I really don’t feel it is a threat that will cause unmanageability in the lives of most people that use it.. This I can say, as a drug of abuse, it is FAR from any form of potential heavyweight , and addiction to it has to be rare. I have been in the recovery process for many years, and have at different times, and even together, been conquered by heroin, cocaine, and every natural, and synthetic, form of opiates, and opioids, out there. I was even addicted to opium tea, which I did legally for years!(can’t do it anymore folks, so those that are out there that just started jonsing over the idea of doing it yourself, the system caught on, and it is not available anymore). I feel this has the potential to help people with chronic pain, and have been chewed up and spit out, down the ro goingad of typical pain meds prescribed by pain management doctors(methadone, oxycodone, hydrocodone codeine, etc.), and want to avoid them, or can’t handle them, and/or, just want to avoid adding another burden to your pain, the inevitable addiction to pain meds, Kratom offers hope. Be careful those of you that work in the field or addiction, such as CACACs, therapists, and even doctors, that demonize the use of the crushed leaves, of the Mitragyana Speciosa, simply because some people try to get high using it, because the pharmaceutical companies, cannot patent it because it is a natural product, and it will present a threat to their market monopoly of pain medications, and just medication in general. If you are going to, or you are using Kratom, be careful, as anything over indulged in, can result unwanted side effects! Don’t walk the walk of death, the dead end narcotics, it WILL take you down! If you are using anything that is making you do things that bother you, stop! I have been there and done that and it will walk take a walk down to the road that leads you to the best person you can be.. It might sound corny to some , but I feel it is a potentially, life saving, suggestion. Peace

  121. Its too bad that people are abusing kratom in recent times. Kratom can be used to assist with many ailments such as pain, anxiety, sleep, depression, motivation, and so much more. Before using it you should check out kratom side effects so you can be prepared for any adverse reactions. Respect this prized plant.

  122. I got bunk kratom. Lol. Seriously though, I can’t even talk myself into wanting to use it. I finally used a bunch a couple months ago after my last post and just stayed up all night. I just wanted it for pain but it doesn’t do anything for it. I guess my supply will run out eventually and I have no intention on replacing it. I think it’s awesome that it can help some people. I also think it’s awesome that as addictive as my personality is that I don’t want it after using it. To anyone else that has problems with it hopefully you will pull through.

  123. You note that, “in your experience,” Kratom, this and Kratom that, what qualifies you to write these articles noting what you present as facts concerning Kratom? There is no one that can present information here more than myself, concerning opiate addiction. I don’t mean I had the worst problem, but I mean that I had this problem for over 40 years, on and off, and I have studied addiction, so I qualify on both sides of that fence. Pain was the door where these pain medications entered, that made me vulnerable to this addiction.

  124. @luke. Have to agree with you there. No medication has ever given me the quality of life that kratom has. I stopped taking Zoloft one time and you want to talk about withdrawals. I’ve never felt anything like that. But you’re exactly right. The pharmaceutical companies have found the medicinal value in it and it’s just going to be reefer madness all over again.

  125. This is a joke right? I used kratom to come off a 6 year methadone maintenance program. I’ve been on multiple SSRI/SNRI and other novel anti-depressants like tetracyclics ..AD’s like trazadone and mirtazapine. Nothing helped my apathy and unrelenting depression/anxiety until I discovered Kratom. I remained on the MMT program because it alleviated my crippling depression. – which sequentially exacerbated all my anxiety and depression when tapering off methadone … for 7 months straight of PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)

    Kratom has been targeted by the pharmaceutical industry and those in its pockets because of its wide array of benefits that render potent, addictive narcotics and run of the mill anxiety and anti-depressant USELESS.

    Kratom mitigates my herniated disc and lumbar sprain with sciatic pain, my anxiety (GAD) and depression. I receive motivation, mental clarity, pain relief and anxiety relief ON TOP of its anti-oxidative properties.

    Addiction? Ever try to come off of Paxil, Effexor, Prozac, Zoloft, Gabapentin, Tramadol, Lamictal or Cymbalta JUST TO NAME A FEW? Withdrawal from these medications rivals that of heroin withdrawal and lasts any where from 6 months to a year of INTENSE SUFFERING when trying to taper and discontinue.


  126. Ive been using Kratom for a while now for kidney disease. It kills the pain relatively fast without side effects. When people say Kratom is addictive are they talking about when you’re in pain and need it. For people saying better today because you can’t stop it when you’re in pain. I can tell you from experience without pain I don’t need it I don’t take it. If you’re in pain if you’re addicted to heavy meds give tinctures a try seems to work for me.

  127. I find it funny how people consider this a negative addiction and yet many would willingly go on anti-depressants. Kratom has had more of a positive impact than anti-deps ever did and far fewer side effects. I’ve had exactly one side effect from kratom, over the past year: nausea (which you can eliminate by mixing it with ginger). In contrast, anti-deps come with some extremely scary health risks (some permanent) and lots of minor side effects like weight gain/loss, hair loss, reduced libido, etc.
    Whereas kratom has had the following results: Helped me through a period of extreme grief and loss. Greatly reduced anxiety. Increased libido and satisfaction. Sense of connectedness and calm. Enhanced enjoyment of my work and even of basic tasks around the home.

    DJT (one of the posters above who has commented several times on kratom as supposedly purely negative) has no idea what s/he is talking about. They’ve never even tried it. They’re speaking about a second-hand experience and it sounds as if they are very fearful of any kind of potentially addictive substances. I feel sorry for your partner, DJT. You seem like a very controlling person.

    I second the comments of those users who have all essentially said that it sucks to go off kratom, but it is extremely easy and takes a few days at most. I’ve had to do it a few times. I don’t like it, but it’s not like it leaves you crying on the floor. And funny enough, the symptoms are just like the ones I was told to expect when going off of anti-depressants. If you want to reduce the negative experience of withdrawal, taper your usage until it’s nil. Problem solved.

    What is total b.s. are the people crying for regulation of something they’ve never even tried before. Meanwhile they take Advil, Prozac, and other drugs with side effects that are similar or worse but have no problem with it because you can buy them at over priced rates at your local drugstore and they have been deemed safe by consumption by a government body.

    I’m sure kratom will be regulated eventually — so that the government can start making money off of it.

  128. I am sorry sir, but the information you provide is very inaccurate. Constipation isn’t an indicator of addiction. I suffer from severe chronic pain, and I am 58 years old, and for many years I was prescribed a number of powerful opiates, which in time left me severely addicted. I have herniated disks, fibromyalgia, poly neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical radiculopathy, and with tolerance, and over time the dose and the changing of one weaker medication led to another more potent pain med. In time they didn’t work any longer. With the addiction to these medications, in time, this began to involve the desire to take a med because of the effect, was also present. I could write a book on the insanity, danger, and inevitable hell that waits for someone being treated for pain today, by pain management doctors. They have only so many medications they can offer to treat chronic, severe pain. The reason a doctor will say using Mitragyna Speciosa is always abuse is simply because they did not prescribe it, and technically, it hasn’t been approved by AMA for the treatment of pain. This always involves pharmaceutical medications, that can be very toxic, and have severe side effects.. If I were taking just about anything that is not on their list, it would be abuse, or just something they would not recommend, because of potential lawsuits if something went wrong. Certain nutrients are known to help certain health issues, and a doctor would not suggest them because of this point. I inevitably discontinued my use of prescription pain meds., because they were literally killing me! After some time after being off of these meds, I began using what is called Kratom by some, for my pain, which by the way, I really didn’t think would help. Kratom was just another wonder herb, or nutrient, that would be the answer for all my ills. Well, I tried it, and it has been a Godsend. In the beginning, I had to establish what amount would help my pain, and after that, there was some tolerance, but up until a certain point. Now, I wake up in the morning, and like a cup of coffee(it is in the coffee family, by the way)I would have a cup, and this is the ONLY time in the day when I do this. This amount of Kratom, in the morning, energizes me, and does not leave me in a stupor, like the opiates, and opioids, that my physicians used to prescribe to me. Make no mistake about this, Kratom does not cause drug seeking behavior, and it actually helped remove any cravings for the opiates that I became addicted to in the past! Please do not create a sensation about something like Kratom, because it is a God send for me, and many others,and the way you speak of it, causes undue concerns about it that result in possible legislation to make it a controlled substance. If this could be patented by the drug companies, they would have grabbed this right up, and possibly had turned it into something that would cost an arm and a leg. Please be aware of how prescribed opiates, and opioids have caused a tremendous amount of suffering and even death in this country. These are the drugs you should be concerned about, and trying to put pressure on the drug companies. Oxycontin in Boston, because it cost so much on the street, once someone became addicted, they had to jump from the oxycontin, to heroin, because heroin is much cheaper for the person addicted to oxycontin! This is just one example of how approved pain medication can be deadly.And oxycontin is still out there , and being prescribed more liberally than it should be! Discontinuing Kratom, is not much worse than discontinuing coffee after drinking it regularly. Anyone trying to snort Kratom doesn’t know what they are doing! They are in for a very stuffy nose, that all! Please try and provide accurate information when writing about this blessing. Kratom is the ground leaves of a tree.. Aspirin, is from the bark of a tree. Bayer, the company that first developed aspirin, was the company that first synthesized heroin back in the 1890’s. There is what is called “decocanised” coca leaves used in Coca Cola. Coca Cola is the biggest importer of Coca into this country! Just food for thought!

  129. My son is addicted to Kratom. My son broke his back in a cycling accident 4 years ago and still suffers some pain. He was always looking for something that would ease his suffering without him losing his ability to function. He started with the plant material and graduated to the extract. He is 26 years old and an ex-Navy Nuke. he spent many hours researching and prefecting his addiction on the internet and involving over-the-counter drugs as well. After finding out of this addiction, I have tried to enroll him in a drug dependency clinic but with no luck because of the unfamiliarity of the drug. We’ve tried every clinic within a 100 mile radious of our home, and because the state doesn’t fund the clinics completely in this state we could not afford the addmission fee to have him enrolled in a 24hr suppervised drug detox facility (and we live in a large heavily populated area with lots of drug interaction clinics). He admitts of his addiction and has pleaded for help. Since we can find nobody to help professionally, he currently is attempting to break his addiction by a gradual weining of the product with the use of the over-the-counter cough medicines and lowering the grams of Kratom over a 4 week process inwhich he said worked once before. With the help of his grandparents supervising the days, I am able to continue working during the day so I can be with him in my home all night. I am hoping this works and am at his mercy for knowledge and pray everyday that this will work. Kratom has drastically increased his depression and anxiety and his inability to interact with others. he has lost his navy career, many jobs, his wife and almost the support of his family. He was stealing and pawning everything he could to keep his addiction going without remorse of what he was doing because the depression he was under left him not careing of any reprocussions. I read all the comments in this article and can’t believe how many defend Kratom just exactly as my son did when he first started using it. It was so great then. Just a naturally grown plant with a mild opiate effect. I’m going to ask him to post his views on this and let him share his story on how it effected him and everyone around him. he compaired it with herione but harder to kick because it takes longer to do and the depression is intense. He wasn’t able to go “cold turkey” before because mainly of the depression. He confided in me, since all the cards were on the table, that he had done all sorts of things from LSD and herione to schroons and pot and that this was the easiest to get but hardest to quit.
    You might think I’m just another duped parent, but I’ve seen first hand how it has taken control of his life over the past year.
    If there is one person who would believe this and turn away from Kratom my effort to inform will not be wasted.
    Please do what you can to stay away for this and any other street drugs because they only destroy.

  130. Kratom is from the coffee family. With the help of God’s Holy Spirit and taking the right dosage of Kratom it has helped keep me off dangerous drugs which would and still could kill me (like heroin and prescription opioids). It is great for Opioid/Opiate Dependency which is classified as a mental disorder in the DSM IV. It is safe and has many health benefits to it as well. For some of us it is a Godsend, and I am thankful for this natural plant God has so graciously given us! Only experienced people should submit comments. I am free of all hard drugs! Praise the Lord!

  131. This article is pretty biased to be honest…I am an ex heroin addict. I went to rehab for 1 week and have been clean since for over a year. I did not attend aa or na because some of my religious beleifs contradict some of their beleifs.

    No matter what you are told, think for yourself and question authority. You are allowed, it is not bad to ask why.

    If a drug is anything that causes a change in the way you think, then literally every single edible thing on this planet is a drug. Look up pharmacokonetics of normal foods you eat. Caffeine is a drug. 50+% of Americans are addicts in that case. What about tobacco or alcohol? How many deaths have there been from plain whole leaf kratom alone not.mixed with any other substance? Zero. None. There have been deaths from caffeine o.d. maybe that illegal.

    Open your eyes people. Get out of this easy-to-manipulate docile state.

  132. Well, It’s my story (For whatever it’s worth anyhow.) Take it leave it..I think it’s great that one can take it a few times a week. I am an addict..using something “a few times a week” to an addict is a contradiction. If anyone can use this stuff a few times a week, wonderful. If anyone can take a few pills a day, Like “Dee574” I personally anyhow..see no problem whatsoever with that. I will only give my more than that. However I am a recovering alcoholic, I was a severe cocaine addict and opiate pill popper, Loved Meth however didn’t have the access to get addicted or that would be on the list too as well as other occasional use historic of “shrooms” and acid which are a few things I don’t think I’d enjoy doing on a regular basis at all. I am very grateful I have never stuck a needle in my arm! The thing about alcohol and cocaine for me anyhow, was that I’d have withdrawals for a few days. That was it for me! It didn’t mean I wouldn’t want just meant that was the extent of PHYSICAL pain and suffering in my experience other than causing a great deal of guilt, shame and hurting people I cared about. However, I walked into the opiate world completely ignorant of the time it would take to withdrawal from opiates be it Vicodin, Demerol whatever I could find, to me the time felt eternal and it was extremely difficult..Kratom for me was exactly the same, for me..same withdrawals it was no different. I wished to hell it was however…I was hoping too it would be an easier softer way to get off of opiates. When I personally found Kratom I defended it to as “natural” “holistic”. Is it better? Well in my opinion only (that’s why we blog isn’t it our experience, our opinion?) I didn’t “black out” on I did alcohol nor act like a complete moron. I didn’t spend as much money on Kratom as I did on cocaine, Demerol or Vicodin. It was sure a lot easier to get. I personally can’t imagine going to the ER on the stuff..unless it was laced with something else..”that’s the most bizarre story” I personally have ever heard about the stuff! I wouldn’t want to jeopardize Kratom legalization for those that find it useful and do not abuse it either. I find alcohol causes way more pain and misery for oneself and for others than Kratom..and one cannot go to a “kratom” store and have a nice large selection to choose from like a liquor store..drink it up and kill someone while driving under the influence or losing a marriage, friends etc. Kratom could cause financial tension perhaps within a relationship if it becomes unaffordable. If one lives with someone that is in a program like NA, this could cause issues..I just never found it to alter my personality in a derogatory way however I found Kratom did have me by the ass, and I didn’t like anything having me like that..but I could go on a tangent about this…because my getting off the antidepressant “effexor” was certainly no picnic..and caused much more pain. The Good, the bad, the pros, the cons…personal experiences. I appreciate reading about them all. I wished I could use and not abuse 🙂

  133. Ive been using kratom for over a year now with a couple of short breaks in between. Yes there are withdrawals. Are you bed ridden like heroin other other strong opiates, NO! I used to use strong narcotics for 2 years daily use. Never came down longer than a few hours for a year straight. If kratom is the strongest thing youve ever done than yes withdrawal might be very hard for you. But i will continue to use it for as long as i need because it stops any thought of ever going back to opiates.Is that replacing one for another. maybe.

  134. I used this stuff back in the day when NO ONE knew what it was. I was becoming addicted to Vicodin so I looked up “herbal Vicodin” I found Kratom. It was delivered to my address and then I was in for a ride from HELL..I thought it was heaven…but “the angel of light” was beautiful too!
    So, unlike many that will say…”ah, just don’t abuse it…la la la la LA!!!” whatever. It made me feel so damn good that I would of said or done anything to protect my Kra-kra!! I started with teaspoon in tea, didn’t care if it wasn’t the most pleasant taste…I wasn’t drinking it for the taste. By year 7 I was up to at least 10 Tbs per day. If you are not an addict of any kind there is a possibility this may not apply to you however it’s not time to test the water and become one!
    7 years I used Kratom..finally went on Suboxone. I lowered the suboxone pretty well…and overall weaning mostly was just psychological so that I would not use. I did over two years treatment with Suboxone. But just don’t put yourself through this..particularly the “withdrawals” want to meet the devil…give it a go!! And give him all your money too..wait for Mr. Postman, fed X man like your waiting for your fix, because you are! Overnight it because day after next is Sunday and you don’t know if you can last through two more days and don’t want to try.
    But I strongly with all the love I can muster…say Please don’t!!

  135. I have been taking kratom capsules every day for about a year. I usually take 4-6 capsules once a day and when experiencing pms I take it twice a day. It has done wonders for my energy, anxiety, pain and mood. Of course I feel I am slightly addicted which does bother me sometimes. My question is, what is so wrong with taking this every day in small amounts? I have been on several anti depressants and anxiety meds and since taking kratom I have taken nothing. I also drink much less alcohol . I just don’t understand why people support chemical solutions for these issues but insist taking kratom every day us so bad. Any thoughts?

  136. I just started using Kratom and just from the effects I can tell that it is not a real drug, just an herb. I have been through Alcohol withdrawal, Heroin withdrawal, Anti depressant withdrawal, and Benzo withdrawal. Heroin withdrawal was a joke compared to Benzo withdrawal. Benzo withdrawal lasted 1 year, with inpatient treatment, panic attacks, risk of seizure, loss of EYESIGHT, loss of balance, loss of energy, stuttering, trembling…etc. Heroin withdrawal wasn’t even close to this. A week of restless nights with a flu and that’s it.

  137. This is me nicole , see looks and look , at the time , at the time earlier i post . Search updward or downward . At the 2012 , on how i used to 4 months addiction that time , that day . But now is 2013
    , i failed the sucessfully envelope
    In me . Please god help me .

  138. They intend to make it illegal in the US then wait and see they will grind it up and sell it to you in a pill then charge for it. Big pharma is no doubt paying trolls $10.83 an hour to troll ridiculous comments by those who never used it. No doubt included in the list of jobs Obama created along with the other jobs they took credit for I.e 178000 DHS and the millions of NSA corporate spy jobs yea that’s job growth. When martial law wiggles in they stand to make billions of private military contractors jack booting your rights . Don’t believe ! Think . Real knowledge is power.

  139. Kratom can make you lose sleep if you drink to much tea. Just like the coffee tea don’t drink it again if it messes up your sleep ! Yes they don’t like it in Asia because like South America where they work the peasants like Anunakki slaves their skin turns a little brown from chewing the KRATOM leaves for 30 years WTH would you expect when you eat any herb all day and until you pass out ? Your bodies molecules in Amerika are now 99% CORN molecule because all you meats and dairy and food stuffs are corn AND worse its GMO corn gene spliced with the genetics of a frog ( or so they say ) there is some evil sh&$ behind that people ) your people in Asia are 99% KRATOM molecule makeup it does not have the nutrition corn does SO yea after 30 years of chewing cud of any plant your going to have some medical issues. STOP these five rich global cabals from taking what the CREATOR gave you to get through life and make your own choices for health – KRATOM is a far superior over Suboxin for opiate withdraw ! Those Big Pharmas are charging $200 for that drug monthly and its a program that drags on for years and it can give you a sudden heart attack I know personally cases of this ,. Kratom is mild and you will not find any real case of over dose ( minus those who smoke everything they can including old shoe laces ). Order some and make your tea and see if it does not help with pain it does ! Not as good as their opiate pills they prescribe but its better then getting a narcotic addiction.

  140. I am a regular kratom user. Had gallbladder removal surgery and kidney stone surgery. The doctor never asked, so I never mentioned it. I have told doctors in the past though that I use kratom for pain. They have no idea what it is usually and don’t seem to have any interest once you mention it is a plant.

  141. Hi lujean. Yes, I would suggest full disclosure about Kratom use with any medical doctor. They need to know what is in the system, especially if you will be given anesthesia.

  142. I just started Kratom because I have severe knee pain and didn’t want to start on opiates. Sometimes I get relief sometimes no. I’m about to have eye surgery in August what should I do?

  143. I still have most of the Kratom I purchased months ago as stated in my last post. I haven’t used any in a while but I think I’ll go try some again. 1. I used it for a few weeks daily. 2. I used probably more than I should have each time. 3. I have since started smoking pot again regularly. 4. I feel no urge to use kratom. I have been addicted to several things(now weed again) but nothing for the kratom. Seems safe enough to me

  144. KRATOM gets you high ? Lol. You can get high if snorted pepper! If you look at the real facts on this the side effect if not addiction but a brown tone to the skin for those who pick the leafs and chew it all day to relieve fatigue I know a place where they serve it in a tea bar and clients drink it daily to help with pain and none if them even looked tanned unless there beach goers . None are addicted and many stop for a month before there popping there head back in . There is one man on record I found from a over dose in Ca., he went into a ER room yelling he was addicted to KRATOM and the doctor was like ..what’s KRATOM she smelled a rat and refused to put her name on the case. Tis is all BS and big Pharma is mad because there losing money . The good lord put all the herbs to be used on earth and if you abuse anything it can be bad. Would you rather your family go to a doc where they get narcotic pain pills ? Talk about addiction and potential for abuse !! Damage to your body and tollerance to the opiate from poppies makes them ask for higher and higher doses. Wake up people . Wake up. Wanna outlaw something go after fast food it kills millions from heart clogs . 2700 left handed people are killed annually from using products made for right handed people. Who has died from KRATOM ? How many get some sort of pain relief . Stop the lies.

  145. I’m surprised at the “don’t start” advice. Like most addictions, it takes 3 days for the brain’s feedback mechanisms to adjust. In theory most of us can get away with it if you don’t continue for a third day. Even then you can significantly reduce addiction by making sure to not expose the brain for the majority of the day, ie only taking it in the evening.

    Ideally, one would not take an addictive drug more than once every other day; but 2 days on, 1 day off may be good enough, but YMMV.

  146. I use kratom on a daily basis..sometimes. Its not hard to just NOT do it. at all. literally last week i developed a tolerance all week. The first day I took 5 grams through out the day, increased dose everyday to about 15 grams by the last day. I need to save what I have left till later plus my tolerance is raised so I just dont use it. its super easy. its like “im going to eat apple pie today, and tomorrow and the day after” then its like “ya order to enjoy apple pie, I need to forget what it tastes like. its boring now” but in a week I could easily forget about it and not even want it again for a long ass time. and when I do want it its not big deal if i cant get it. its liek coffe. or fuckin beef jerky. anybody can get addictes dto the idea of anything.; like big macs. I dont see people calling those addictive but they are. look around. Kratom will cause constipation especially if you do what I did. its easily cured by drinking alot of water on the days you use it. which is easy because i apply 5 grams to about a gallon of water.naturally you should be able to avoid that part. it will also cause mild heart burn possibly after continued use. that can be shitty if you DO get strung out on the shit.. but thats as likely as getting strung out on skittles. literally. candy skittles. not slang.
    I hope this personal reflection guides someone towards the opposing bias insight. yes i am bias. this shit got me off of some HARD ass drugs. and my life is going great because of it. its about as harmful as its cousin. coffee.

  147. I am astounded by some of these comments. I have been using kratom as a tea for 2 years for arthritis pain. In the last year since we moved to a higher altitude that causes migraines, I have been consuming one tbsp. powder steeped in a cup of boiled water per day. I don’t have any withdrawal if I don’t take it for a few days. I have never had to increase my dose, my current dose nearly always works for me. And if I do up the dose I get a rebound effect and it makes my headaches worse. Doctors think anyone seeking pain relief is a drug addict nowadays. Kratom has made my life much more liveable. I’m a smoker, so I know very well that I have a tendency toward addiction and that’s a burden I have struggled with for decades. I am really shocked by some people’s negative experiences with it.

  148. Also. The good feelings of kratom are nothing compared to opiate pills. Seriously try it before you bash it. It’s not even a comparison for euphoria but for’s amazing. I can live my life again.

  149. Take it from me. I was addicted to methadone 5 years ago..addicted to opiates for years because of scoliosis and severe muscle cramps. My body is twisted. I weened off methadone and now only take kratom on occasion. Not only am I not psychologically dependant but it gives me pain relief in a cheap and affective form.
    This as a wonder herb..I’m very happy to have it. It has also almost cured me from my PTSD disorder. I don’t have panic attacks as often.

  150. There are tea bars that sell this and people use it for years with no issues,. The people that have issues are those in Asia that pick it and chew it all day ( they get a nice bronze tan ) other wise they don’t get as tired not using it ,..making a tea cup once or twice a day ? GMAB ! There is a report of a KRATOM over dose in Ca., the guy was making a big deal saying over and over he was suffering from KRATOM with draw please help please help I’m going through hell. The doc was so suspect she refused to put her name on the paper work, . Big pharm attemp with a street bum ? U judge This stuff really helps with chronic pain and has no addiction and best of all ? Your getting an anti oxidizer is stead Of risking liver and Reno kidney shut down ,. If your kid has a drug problem you can really get him or her off it and get them back before they are found dead .

  151. I just bought a big bag of this stuff last night. I have a bad back and quit smoking marijuana 3 days ago due to the legality issues and problems obtaining it as well. I had a prescription to tabs for a couple weeks and turned into a jerk. I hate them.
    I ate thousands of x pills and did crystal when that stopped working for about a year and a half. I had a physical addiction to mdma and automatically released seratonin in the evening. Excited it was going to work this time I started popping them…10 to 20 to 30 pills in one night later. Nothing. My body tricked me again. After finally switching and using crystal for long enough to be good and hooked I quit cold turkey. I drink energy drinks regularly but have done nothing but smoked marijuana off and on when the pain is too much for me.
    I was in the USMC infantry for 5 years, carried tons of steel a day literaly for 5 years(50-100+lbs at a time-rebar), and now deliver furniture for the last 2 1/2 years. My back is on fire(figuratively of coarse) right now. I bought a new mattress from work several days ago and use a heating pad but nothing helps much. I would get really good strains and still be sore and uncomfortable but high. I enjoy that feeling on occasion but started smoking for pain relief(at home, not at work) not getting high.
    I didn’t read this until last nights purchase. I won’t receive my order for a while due to slow holiday season mail. Now I have conflicting ideas of wanting to use it for pain but not wanting something I will feel I need. I aven’t missed those days at all. I do appreciate everything I read though because not only do I know more but a couple people at work are badly addicted to pills. Maybe I’ll give them some/all to help their cause. One does some unknown amount and one eats about 30 tabs a day.
    Thanks for everyones input and advice. Good luck to anyone trying to get off of anything. It sucks but is doable if you want to quit. My uncle almost died a couple days ago but my former crack abusing father has been clean for years. He used a long time. He is disabled and after using crack for all those years he wouldn’t even smoke to relieve pain with me a couple years ago(I was fine then, he wasn’t). One year apart and brothers they went different directions because one wanted to quit and one still doesn’t. I’ve had many family members addicted to crack, regular coke, heroin, methadone, meth,…… You have to want to quit or you won’t. You know if you’re ready or not. I hate to start over again on the rollercoaster that drug and alcohol addiction can be just to not hurt any longer.
    I had almost a whole vial of acid at one time along with many 1-10 “hit” sessions, was an alcoholic for years in the Corps, and did as many drugs for the 4-5 years I did them as someone from the sixties. I am not bragging, I feel like an a** for what I did to my body and have bad memory problem as well as other problems. I don’t drink but a couple times a year and only if invited out. I never want any more chemical drugs for the rest of my days. I’ll research some more options until it arrives. God Bless everyone that truly want help quitting any addictive thing in their life.

  152. I was using Kratom for anxiety daily for 3 years. Then it was made illegal in my country. I was only using leaf powder and didn’t have any problems what so ever when I had to quit it except getting back my anxiety of course.

    So now I’m back to alcohol and pills. Is that better? I dont think so. Kratom is a life saver.

  153. I’ve been using Kratom for about a year. I’ve used it for two weeks straight before and didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms. I usually do it two weeks on/ one week off. I have moderate back pain and after many treatments and many drugs, Kratom is the strongest, legal thing I can find to help my pain. I’ve been to 3 doctors and they all refuse to prescribe me painkillers other than an occasional small script of Vicodin. I’m not out to get high, I just want to relieve pain. And after researching Kratom, I found it works on the same receptors in the brain as opiates, so I gave it a try. For all of you who say it’s a bad thing to do. You are crazy. I’m willing to bet it’s safer than all the prescription pain meds out there. And a lot less addictive. I’ve heard of people having withdrawals from Kratom that lasted a few days. Big deal! Try getting off of heroin. Not fun. I helped my brother get off of smack 10 years ago. He was throwing up for a week. Couldn’t sleep, had nightmares, cramps, etc. So for all you nay sayers, I will keep taking my soothing, kratom tea in the evening, with my Aleve, and be pain free, if just for 3 or 4 hours.

  154. @Timothy, quote: “This herb should be regulated, and should come with warnings”

    The government should not need to warn you of every danger in life (and in my opinion never should). You should always do your research before taking any substance. People need to take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming others.

    This comes from someone who has had many addictions in life. No one else should ever be at fault when I seek a “high” from an unregulated herb. You can’t blame anyone else for *your* decision to start taking this.

  155. I started taking Kratom as a tea many years ago, it was incredibly intense and helped with those late nights out. It was a very, very rare afternoon drinking tea with a buddy. When I discovered powdered form, I would make a weekend smoothie once in a while, but usually went thru 24 grams in a few weeks. Fast forward to today, I just went through a divorce and find myself doing 4-5g daily. Everything about this article is the truth. Kratom is incredibly addictive and the tolerance shows no mercy on your psyche, your pocketbook or your relationships. In fact, before my divorce, I was using kratom daily while “happily married.” I’ll never know how kratom affected my personality but do you think it is a coincidence that kratom became a daily habit and I soon found my twelve year relationship and marriage gone…?

    If you just started playing with kratom, find a way to stop now.

    After reading this and all the replies, I am going to start weening myself from daily usage.

    The restless legs WD is the worst!! The shooting electricity through your arms and legs is enough to drive one crazy. If you are denied sleep for enough days in a row you will fry yourself. DON’T DO IT.

    Is it better than pain pills? Arguably yes. But in the end you are still using.

  156. kratom helped me get off opiates , so it was a life saver for me , however , it is addictive as well, since it does make you feel good. i take a little kratom every day , because i enjoy it . but its nothing like the helpless feeling of addiction to opiates . if i suddenly couldnt get any kratom , it wouldnt be pleasant , but i could handle it . i think the key is moderation with kratom , like alcohol .

  157. i take kratom for chronic pain. i also use norco,alcohol, agmatine they all cause dependance. you must pay attention to yourself and your limitations. norco,alcohol are poison but useful. agmatine,kratom are better for you.i have stoped all at once some withdrawl not fun,but becomming obsessed with things like not understanding yourself or blaming other things for problems. use knoledge with experimentation and make logical desisions for yourself.for me norco,booze i loose the rest i can use. dont be affraid to find a counseler…peace……

  158. I agree with Austin. I battled with getting off of oxy for a long time but always went back. The kratom was the only thing that helped me kick the addiction. When i finally went off the Kratom i thought it was a walk in the park compared to opiates. This is a miracle cure for people like me. 1st off if your a hard core opiate addict, the effects of Kratom don’t even come close to the way a pain pill feels. It will only help with the depression and the first 5 days of hell during detox. 2nd off, it gives a recovering addict a way to ease off their drug of choice and to get in the habit of not taking it.

  159. I just wanted to mention one more thing. Without this plant I really don’t know where my life would be right now. When I was drinking my life was horrible. I don’t believe it should become illegal for two reasons. One is there are many responsible people out there that can enjoy this without abusing it. And second, I can’t even imagine the hell that’s associated with being addicted to pain pills or even worse, heroin. This plant has helped thousands of people get off these powerful substances and stay off.

  160. (This is from my personal experience)

    Positive aspects:

    •alleviated all anxiety and depression I had been suffering from for years
    •gave me energy throughout the day. I accomplish so much at work and home.
    •elevated my mood. Made it easier in social situations. That guy(me) was funny and people want to talk and be around him.
    •met many new friends

    Negative Aspects:

    •withdrawal symptoms
    •can be a strain on the pocket book if you are going for the extracts
    •you become almost a slave to the plant. You have to make sure you can get to wherever it is you get it at a certain time. Or if you get it shipped, one day delay and your world seems to come crashing down.
    •puts a strain on your relationships. If you keep your addiction from your other half I guarantee they will know something is wrong. It’s best to be honest right away because they might think its something else like cheating.
    •and probably the greatest negative aspect of all is if you truly abuse it for a long period of time it will take that much longer to feel normal again once you have stopped.

    There are several more to both positive and negative aspects but these are the ones I feel are affecting me most. Especially my relationship with my wife which is the most important to me. It’s just like anything else, if you are going to do it, be responsible with it. For some of us like me it’s not a good idea to start, especially if you have an addictive personality. I know no matter how hard I try I will never be able to have some every now and then. I feel it’s time to quit, it really is. I am tired of stressing if my package is going to make it or going behind my wife’s back. I don’t want to live like that anymore but at the same time I am a little nervous about the future. Good luck to everyone.

  161. I see reasoning and truth in every post here. It is something of a wonder but it can also become a problem. As for me it is the only substance that has helped me on so many issues. Anxiety, depression, and a craving for alcohol just to name a few. If anything is going to be in my body I would hope it would be natural.

    The way I found kratom was by accident on my part. After I had sworn alcohol away forever I looked for an alternative. I remembered hearing about kava bars and decided to go visit the nearest one to me. My first “shell” was absolutely amazing. I started going twice a week and before you knew it it was everyday. Finally, I said to myself, something that completely kills my urge to drink plus it treats anxiety and depression to the point where the symthoms completely disappeared. One day I didn’t go and I got a terrible headache and felt overall lathargic. The next day I decided to go and after one drink my symptoms disappeared and I felt great again. That’s when I started thinking something wasn’t right. So I went online and could not find anything really negative about kava. So I believe it was the flowing week that I stopped going and on the second day the withdrawal symptoms set in full force. I remember it was more annoying than anything. So I went back online and it was by accident that I found on a link to kava, kratom. After going over the page I realized this is what I was suffering from. And after three days, just like that the symptoms were gone and j was back to normal. To be honest after that I was being pretty responsible with it. Only stopping in maybe every two weeks otherwise I was just consuming regular kava. But then the frequency increased and before you knew it I was there everyday even though by then I knew what the problems were.

    So here is both sides of the coin for anyone thinking about taking it for the first time. (This is from my

    Positive Aspects

  162. Do some research and find a respected online vendor. Kratom bought in headshops is usually too expensive and garbage kratom anyway. Also these establishments give the legitimate kratom industry a black eye. Good luck in your journey brother, and keep your head up, opiate addiction can be beat.

  163. im new to this post and have been readin about kraton.Now to me , a 15 year prescribed morphine addict who wants so badly to stop but have tried many times and have failed because of my severe withdrawels,, this sounds like it could help me trmendously. its crazy but ive never heard of it before so could someone, anyone tell me since its legal, where i need to go to get it?

  164. Those “few days of unpleasantness” are daunting. I’m just starting day 2 right now (26 hrs since last dose, and it was a small one, too). I’ve never used any heavy drugs- just Kratom, and only pure leaf (no extracts) plus I’m hypersensitive to things in general.

    I didn’t sleep last night, I have a running nose, watery eyes, total body discomfort, twitching, lethargy. Total physical/mental exhaustion, yet I can’t sleep. It’s awful.

    This herb should be regulated, and should come with warnings. The very idea that people are making extracts, well, it’s ridiculous.

  165. How can anyone say withdrawal is devastating or so hard? I use strong varieties up to 3 times a day and have for a couple years. I stop several times. Do I feel a little crappy when I stop? Yes. Is it really bad? NO! It is completely bearable. To go to a doctor for kratom ‘addiction’ is absolutely ridiculous and blows my mind. Would you go to a doctor for caffeine addiction? I’m sure you wouldn’t!!! People going to the doctors about this and bitching/moaning about how bad it is will get it banned. This wonderful leaf has helped MANY people out, including me, with a variety of issues. Who in their right mind would rather take a prescription painkiller, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety pill against kratom? It is completely against common sense. All of the ‘pills’ do have extremely bad withdrawal symptoms and some can be deadly, as in anti-anxiety benzos. A few days of slight restlessness on cession of kratom and it is over. If you feel the need to keep taking it and taking it, you need to see a psych more than anything about your issues.

  166. Howes words are true. If you want to stop kratom, everything Howe said is the way to go. Stem & Vein is a wonderful tool for tapering. And as Howe said, phenibut will help immensely with any anxiety or sleep issues. I would like to reiterate that one should be careful with phenibut though, because it can cause dependency issues of its own if overdone. However, phenibut is an invaluable tool for many things if used responsibly. I am a recovering herion addict, and kratom has helped me vastly. Although since i still use kratom im not technically “clean”, kratom has allowed me to take my life back from junk and be productive again. I would suggest kratom to anyone who wants to get clean from opiates. Its leaps and bounds better than methadone or suboxone. Ive been on methadone maintenance and suboxone maintenance and neither is as safe as kratom IMHO. With methadone, one trades an addiction to opiates for an addiction to methadone, which IME is far worse than the initial addiction. One can get “high” off of kratom i suppose, but if its a mindblowing high that one is after, they will be very disappointed with kratom.

  167. Kratom, unlike all other psychoactives I have ever used (or abused-minus cannabis) is unique because withdrawals can be avoided. Now, I have some bias in this considering I am dependent on it right now, but nonetheless I HAVE gone through the withdrawals many times and have much experience in masking the symptoms and easing the landing back to sobriety. My advice in this to anyone struggling is to 1) cut your dose to once a day before even trying to quit. 2) cut your dose to a bare minimum (may take weeks). 3) Before quitting, add stem and vein kratom to the mix until taking nearly 100% s&v. 4) taper the stem and vein. 5) on day 1 w/d, take phenibut for the anxiety/depression and chills, just take once it can be addictive but as a taper tool-priceless 6) On day two, the worst for me, take mucuna pruriens bean with a 5-htp (or te seeds they come from), and green tea to make it active. 7) Also take loperamide if you get diarrhea (I don’t). I vaporize natural cannabis a lot during this time as it eases the nerves for me. 8) BLACK SEED OIL AND CATS CLAW ARE A MUST. You feel icky with no mu receptor agonist, this eases you back down. Good luck to all. I have done ct withdrawal AND this way, and if I had only done it this way I would doubt withdrawals even exist. Also, if you plan on continuing to take it for pain, mood, etc.. These things you do to ease the aches of withdrawal are also great minimul additives to kratom to keep the pain away (talking to any chronic pain patients out there- I know many kratom users/”abusers” are). Thanks for your time.

  168. Kratom is active in the 1-3 gram range. You cant snort that much ground leaf. Not to mention insufflating kratom is a wasteful and uneffective way to use it anyway. I dont deny that ppl get addicted to kratom and the w/d’s can be trying (nothing compared to opiate or herion w/d’s though) but Kratom, when used responsibly, is a wonderful plant that has helped many ppl get off of and stay off of hard and dangerous drugs.

  169. eric,

    You can pick the pieces of your life back up. My husband did and is doing quite well. Seek whatever help you need…..look for it. Research getting off from it and how you want to do it. All of the adverse effects have left my husband. He did go on short term meds for anxiety and depression, which helped him to get back to exercising because he was immobilized on the couch when not working. Once he was able to exercise this helped a lot. It’s different for everyone. My point to you, is to not lose hope… can find your way out of this.

    Support from family and friends helps greatly.

  170. yes i am going to seek a medical help … how long have u been using kratom ? did it went out successfully ? i mean u don’t take it anymore .

  171. Hi Nicole. Are you going to seek medical help to get off Kratom? Do you have a plan or are you just going cold turkey?

  172. hello everyone i been taking kratom for over 4 month , i experience crazy wd symptoms for 2 days , then i cant resist i have to take it in very small dose to heal those RLS and very cravings . i am on my way to clean out myself . i hope that i can do it , because kratom will make you stagnate , and yet who ever been taking newly (newbie) to this opioid , i strongly recommend you to off immediately before you find it is very hard to face the wd(withdrawal) symptoms … good luck .. and congratulation for those who successfully OFF CLEAN FREE from kra kra kra krat0m 🙂

  173. Being well informed and knowing your own self is most important. Knowing the tendencies of your personality and physiology….how your system reacts to things is paramount. My objection is to the absolute refusal on the part of some to acknowledge the addiction that can occur with the herb. These examples are based on personal experience. It is real. No one is telling others to NOT take it but to know that it CAN have an addictive effect. While it may be a wonder herb to some, it is a nightmare herb to others…AND there is room for both sides.

    The worst thing in all of this for myself and my husband was that we researched kava extensively. When we went to out local kava bar they said nothing about the other herbs that were being added to some of the drinks. This is a travesty and unethical. This particular bar was even called out by a local news station due to this fact that some people finally figured out what was happening to them – all were addicts that had turned to natural forms of relaxation. Even in the interview the owner insisted he did nothing wrong and refused to acknowledge it could be addictive…..refused to acknowledge kratom on the main menu. They do have on all their menus that KAVA can cause allergic reaction and should not be mixed with certain medications.

  174. “There are many more addicts who would suffer terribly and need to continue to use their DOC if it weren’t for Kratom.”

    DG I agree completely. The fact that it has never killed anyone and keeps people from the harder stuff has me to believe big picture, it is a wonder herb, but unfortunately some people particularly with extremely addictive personalities simply can NOT handle the euphoria and intensity, along with the physical dependence. And djt sorry, I can only imagine those horrible months of frustration.

  175. As someone who has been on sub for five long years, I was able to get off of it using Kratom powder.

    Yes, Kratom can be addicting. However those who are trying to get off long term opiates or maintenance(uchumm, suboxone) Kratom is a lifesaver. What bothers me is that you mention that you can snort kratom. That just is not true, nor would anyone do it who would use Kratom specifically for shaman purposes.

    Did you know that suboxone hits the delta receptor and kappa?Kratom hits the delta, and unlike other types of so called medicines, naroctics, plants,etc.. Kratom seems to be the ONLY one to get rid of opiate withdrawals while flushing the DOC out of the system. It’s because there is a lack of studies on the other opiod receptors aside from the mu(stem celll research, lack of is a major reason for this IMO)

    Only thing IMO you accurately wrote about Kratom and addiction is that if you continue to take it past a month or two, it could be problematic. Nowhere near, however as if one were withdrawing from suboxone, heroin, or any other drug. There are many more addicts who would suffer terribly and need to continue to use their DOC if it weren’t for Kratom.

  176. Howe, There are plenty of sites that advocate the positive effects and experiences that some have with kratom.

    My husband only initially had positive results and then it turned very ugly. Kratom is not for everyone and is not necessarily a BETTER addiction either….my husband had some terrible side effects WHILE taking it but did not know it was from the ‘safe, wonder’ herb kratom. He was going to doctors for those symptoms. Once he made it through the withdrawal and his system began to heal those effects disappeared along with it.

    If it works for you then take it but it is appropriate for those of us that have seen a very dark side of this herb to speak and share about it. IMO, it is important to know all sides of something before deciding to take it. This site helps us to understand what was going on for my husband and helped us tremendously.

  177. What is so bad about kratom? All I hear is how addicting it is, and how it’s so horrible to be addicted. I understand it is viewed to many as a treatable mental condition, and I completely agree. BUT, why on earth would you shine people away from a MUCH HEALTHIER addiction than most considerably addictive substances (many legal) that are PROVEN to have extreme adverse effects (cigarette addiction and cancer to name one). My point is there are far worse things out there, and many need a constant in there life. I just don’t see why such a beneficial herb has to be demonized instead of just understanding that the best things in life always come with withdrawal. NO ONE likes quitting something enjoyable, and of course the brain adapts to block out the good over time, but one could argue that marriage and love works the same way.

    Just my thoughts, I have been a daily kratom user for 6 years, (1.5-2.5g every morning), and it still works just as well a cup of coffee. Don’t avoid the unknown, people.

  178. btw when I said “go for that which truly makes you content” I was referring to goals, not drugs!! just wanted to be clear on that 😉

  179. You know, I look at it sort of like alcohol in that it is a pleasant feeling with a sort of hangover (a little bit of tiredness, so much more mild — hangover isn’t the right word). You wouldn’t drink alcohol every day, but you probably wouldn’t tell most people that they couldn’t handle it with a little bit of self control. With anything, you have to have priorities, you have to have goals. There is nothing wrong with kicking back to reward yourself for hard work by consuming substances with the potential for addition. What you choose to consume depends on your ability for self control. Simply be honest with yourself and find out what it is that truly makes you content, and then go for that. Using kratom, or alcohol for that matter, for the purpose of feeling good for its own sake is merely a sideshow in the film that is your life. People are smart enough to come to these decisions, but sometimes they may need a little help, especially younger people. In any case, it is not right to dictate what others can do (unless of course they’re your kids and living under your roof 😉 then you can tell them whatever you want).

  180. Hello DJT,

    This is very strange behavior on the part of the Kava bar your spouse was going to. Totally irresponsible.
    You need to find out exactly which Kratom preparation they were adding to the drink. This makes a difference to what you can expect when he tries to come off it. Dried Kratom leaf and leaf powder are the least potent and the ‘easiest’ to quit. The enhanced extracts such as UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo) are much stronger and thus you can expect a harder time.

    I came off Kratom at home. When I quit (Kratom leaf) I experienced the most intense feeling of sadness, I cried and cried. I was apathetic and tired, yet couldn’t sleep due to the RLS (Restless leg Syndrome). Of course, I also craved Kratom like crazy. These symptoms lasted for about 4 days and then, physically, at least, I was O.K.But the cravings took about 6 months to subside, it was reallly hard to resist them.
    Another problem for me was that I had nobody to talk to who could empathize with me. There are no support groups for those who are Kratom addicts, most people have never heard of it and NA people look at you if you are from planet Zog if you tell them you were addicted to a herb called Kratom.

    Online is the only place you can find fellow aufferers. There are plenty of groups/forums which discuss this very thing. Your spouse will need support from you and, while he is withdrawing, needs to take time off work and be shielded from all stress for at least the first few days. Although it’s not heroin, it’s still pretty uncomfortable.

    Some I know, who’ve quit successfully, have taken a supplement called 5-htp that seems to alleviate some of the depression by increasing seretonin production. This is NOT a recommendation from me, merely an observation others have made.

    If it’s not a big issue for him, then your spouse could go to a doctor prior to withdrawing and get some kind of sedative to make withdrawals a bit easier, but this depends on your doctor and whether your spouse is happy to own up to his addiction.

    Anyway, whatever you do, I wish you the best.

  181. We researched kava before going to the local kava bar. In fact, we researched the particular kava bar and nowhere did we see the word kratom. None of the signage at the kava bar has the world kratom either. They do however serve yerba mate and that is up on the menu. All others are described as kava and kava blends with no description of added herbs. In fact, it is loosely implied that it is a higher dose of kava until you want to purchase a take home supply. I would say this is shady advertising at the least. All places serving these substances should be required to display ALL ingredients. The local kva bar site also is misleading in that it has a list of all other combinations of prescription drugs/alcohol that should not be mixed with kava while never explaining or even stating they use kratom in their drinks.

  182. No herb, or substance for that matter, is 100% safe. Nothing like that exists in this world. Even drinking too much water can be deadly.

    It is important to research and be aware of what you are putting into your body, instead of just assuming it is safe.

    Some people know how to be proactive like this, and others don’t. Those who don’t should learn.

  183. If you have ANY tendencies toward addiction of any form, kratom is a danger zone for you. Recovering addicts know all about the ‘management’ aspects of the addiction stage and that only works for so long. My spouse is a recovering addict (alcohol) and he started with kava which all indications state it does not become addictive. One day at the kava bar he was offered a booster in his kava drink – that booster was kratom. The next thing that happens is he can’t stay away from the stuff and doesn’t know why. He thinks he is doing something that is safe but he starts to have all the shame and guilt associated with addiction. He doesn’t tell me about (sneaks stopping there on his way home) and it comes out 9 months later when I have struggled for months wondering why he is acting like an active addict while taking a supposed safe herb, kava.

  184. I wouldn’t say “Don’t take Kratom” like BC says, just don’t be stupid about it. If you do it every day, then yes of course you will get addicted to it. Do it once every 2 weeks, or better yet once a month. I’ve been doing 25 grams (in tea form) once a month for the past few years and find no problem, other than mild constipation the next day.

    It’s great to relieve pain, and it is just plain fun.

  185. Don’t take Kratom! Had Kratom for over a year, at 1/2 tablespoon-4 times a day. Thought that this was an acceptable amount. It is not.

    Four rough days/nights without Kratom, and it’s now getting better.

    When coming off Kratom:
    restless body (arms and legs)
    mood swings
    hard to get much sleep
    very very tired when coming off Kratom – be prepared with food, drinks, and time off from work, or long weekend.
    hot baths/showers help in short term.

    Don’t get started!!!! If you’re taking Kratom, strongly suggest getting completely off ASAP.

  186. Kratom Pills make it easier than concocting weird and wonderful tea’s and juices to help get the Kratom down (and stay down). This might contribute to the addictive tendency of the pyschoactive substance, though. Has anyone tried the pills?

  187. Kratom is a very powerful drug but if it is taken in excess then it may be harmful for you. Otherwise it has a medicinal value.

    If any one is taking it first time then Kratom may cause sleepiness.

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