How long does K2 last?

K2 effects can last few hours, but can persist for days or weeks after use. More on the factors that affect the duration of K2 and synthetic cannabinoids here.

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Duration of K2 effects

How long K2 effects last depends on individual factors such as:

  • how much you smoke
  • your weight
  • your height
  • your overall health

Researchers do know that the effects from JWH-018 (a specific ingredient which used the be found inK2 products) usually lasts for 1-2 hours, and the effects of CP 47, and 497-C8 (also synthetic cannabinoids) lasts can last for 5-6 hours. But so much less is known about many of the ingredients found in K2.

More on the duration of K2 effects here, with a section at the end for your questions about the addictiveness of K2 or the dangers of smoking K2.

What is in K2?

K2 is a combination of plant based material sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids that can trigger extremely potent THC-like effects. There are many variations on this drug. While packages are labeled “not for human consumption” or “aromatherapy only”, many people smoke K2 to provoke hallucinatory effects.

Synthetic cannabinoids can be classified into eight general groups, based on the type of chemical alteration made to the original substance. These include:

  • benzoylindoles
  • cyclohexylphenols
  • naphthoylindoles
  • naphthoylpyrroles
  • naphthylideneindenes
  • naphthylmethylindenes/naphthylmethylindoles
  • phenylacetylindoles
  • tetrahydrocannabinols

K2 effects on the body and brain

K2 users claim that experiences on synthetics are similar to those produced by marijuana, relaxation, elevated mood. However, in many cases, how long K2 stays in your body increases in length and the effects of K2 on the brain are stronger than those of marijuana. Some users report psychological effects such hallucinations, panic attacks, paranoia, and agitation. Some physical symptoms can manifest as dangerously elevated heart rates and blood pressure, increased respiration rates, dilated pupils numbness, very pale skin, and/or vomiting. While little is known about the long term effects of K2 on the body or brain, its acute effects can trigger symptoms that are both frightening and dangerous.

K2 duration of action

K2 is usually smoked via a joint or water pipe, which allows quick absorption of synthetic cannabinoids to the bloodstream. Changes in perception and mood start to occur within minutes after inhalation and can last for hours after use. Because of the complex chemical composition of K2, it is likely that some varieties also contain substances that could cause dramatically different effects of the body.

Symptoms such as tachycardia, increased appetite, or xerostomia (dry mouth) can last up to 6 hours after consumption. Some uncomfortable symptoms like nausea and vomiting can also persist for this amount of time. Severe symptoms of K2 intoxication such as hallucinations, vomiting, or high blood pressure / heart rate should be addressed immediately by medical professionals.

K2 time in the body

Active substances in synthetic cannabis are metabolized in the liver, and ejected in the urine. While K2 may not be detected on a routine urine drug test, the presence of JWH-018 can be detected up to 2 months on a substance-specific test following a single low dose. In the case of chronic use, the detection window for K2 may be longer.

How long does a K2 high last?

Because of the complexity of this drug, it is hard to precisely estimate the duration of the high effect. According to some studies, the duration of a K2 high can last from 1-8 hours, but users claim that the effects last longer. Research studies have shown that and intense high lasts between 10-30 minutes.

This high produced by synthetic marijuana can also physically alter areas of the brain that are associated with reward, memory and motivation. The cycle looks like this:

Use Spice or K2.

Feel good!

Use again!

Continue to use in order to feel good!

In fact – this is addiction. And, as regular dosing of K2 progresses, people who experience euphoric effect are on a risky path towards becoming addicted. Luckily, help is available! We outline more about what addiction is and effective treatment options in this guide on Treatment Programs and Help for Spice and K2 Addiction.

K2 high effects

A K2 high effect is similar to that caused by marijuana – relaxation, elevated mood, and altered perception. The difference between them is that the effect of this synthetic drug is stronger. Additionally, because K2 is a combination of new synthetic cannabinoids recently put on the market, experts are not familiar with how it affects the brain. Because we don’t know all the ways K2 may affect a user’s health, or how toxic it may be, use of K2 is highly discouraged.

Questions about K2

Do you have additional questions about K2? Please leave us your questions in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to respond to you personally and promptly…or to refer you to experts who can help.

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