Heroin detox timeline: How long to detox from heroin?

Heroin detox usually peaks at about 72 hours after loast dose and resolves within a week. However, some symptoms can linger for weeks or months afterwards. A complete heroin detox timeline here.

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What are detox from heroin symptoms and how long will they last? The intensity, duration, and resolution or heroin withdrawal symptoms are dependent on age, usage amount and length of use. For example, older people who have been using higher doses for a longer period of time will typically experience longer, more difficult withdrawal from heroin.

But how long does heroin detox typically last? And what can you expect? We review here, and invite your questions about heroin detox or signs of addiction to heroin in the comments section at the end.

Heroin detox duration and length

The process of heroin detox can vary in time and intensity. In fact, there are many factors involved in heroin detox duration, such age, length of usage, and heroin dosage amounts. In general, a typical heroin detox usually lasts for up to 7 days. So, when does detox begin? Heroin withdrawal symptoms usually begin 6-12 hours after the last dose, persist for 1-3 days (peaking at 72 hours after last dose), and gradually become less intense over the course of 5-7 days. Acute withdrawal from heroin begins with anxiety and craving, reaches its climax between 36 and 72 hours, and decreases substantially within 5 days. On the other hand, protracted withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) may persist for a few months beyond the period of acute withdrawal.

Heroin detox timeline

Days 1 – 2

The first two days are usually the most difficult to get through, as they present with the most severe symptoms of detox from heroin. Withdrawal symptoms usually start to appear within 12 hours after the last dose was takenand manifest as light symptoms of discomfort. The most noticeable symptoms during this period include muscle aches and pain. Some people may experience severe muscle pain in these first days. Along with the pain, other symptoms include diarrhea, loss of appetite, and insomnia. Anxiety and/or panic attacks are also common.

Days 3 – 5

During this period of detox, the worst of discomfort usually passes, but has not yet completely resolved. Proper eating is important at this time, in order to boost immune system response. Shivers, abdominal cramping, vomiting are common symptoms during this period.

Day 6 and beyond

When someone going through heroin detox reaches day 6 of withdrawal, s/he is on the right track. Trouble eating and sleeping may persist, and some people may still experience nausea and anxiety.

How long to detox from heroin

There is no fixed period of time for heroin detox. An appropriate period depends on the degree of a person’s heroin dependency and individual needs. Medical research has shown that at least 3 months (and up to 6 months) of medical supervision for heroin addicts are optimal for addressing addiction. Why is this period so long?

Heroin use causes neurocircuitry changes to the brain that affect emotions and behavior. These brain changes can still persist after acute detox is finished. This is why changes in the nervous system may persist many weeks after the period of acute withdrawal has passed. The medical term for these symptoms is protracted/post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). Protracted withdrawal is defined as the presence of symptoms common to opiate withdrawal which persistbeyond the generally expected acute withdrawal timeline explained above.

Some symptoms of PAWS during heroin detox include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • dysphoria (feeling down or emotionally blunted)
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • irritability

If you’re wondering: “Can I withdraw from heroin at home?” The answer to this question can vary. Treatment for protracted withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) should be addressed according to individual characteristics that present during detox. This is why a person’s age, gender, an culture must be taken into consideration during detox. Additionally, recovery from any drug addiction is a long-term process and frequently requires multiple episodes of treatment.

Heroin detox scheduling questions

Do you still have questions about the duration or length of heroin detox? If you have any questions connected to heroin detox, feel free to ask. Leave your comment into the section below and we will try to answer you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi! Do u stay in detox hospital for 5 days
    Do u except insurances.. my aunt snorts
    1 to sometime 3 herons a day she’s really cry’n out for help thinks that Doctor’s has MEDICINE that will Detox a patient in 1 day
    Idk she’s been SNORTING herion for 3 years off in on she usually buy behind counter meds. 5hat help with detox but it has FAMILY cry’n to see here smell’n throwing up pooping on herself will u PLEASE let us know if u except INSURANCE.. THANK U IN ADVANCE

    1. Dear Tina, please call the number you see on the website to speak with our caring admissions consultants.

  2. My 34 year old son thought he was smoking weed from a pipe but later learned the pipe had remnants of heroin in it. He felt he passed out and went to sleep right after smoking the pipe and has no recollection as to what happened. This was at 9 pm on Monday. He woke up in the morning vomiting, feeling dizzy, shaking, and heavy. He vomited all day. I gave him gravol and this appeared to help him rest and stop the vomiting. He has been drinking gatorade and ate one cup of apple sauce. This is Wednesday night, the 3rd night after the incident and he still feels dizzy and is unable to get out of bed and walk around. He also complains of body pain and severe episodes of sweating. I am wondering if you have any suggestions of how to treat his symptoms or any idea when he should be feeling much better?

  3. Hi I haven’t had any heroin in now for 10 days if I have some today would it make me start my rattle from day one

  4. iv been heroin free for 5 weeks but had a small relapse, will the withdrawal symptoms be as bad as when I stopped using 5 weeks ago

  5. I was wondering if I only used heroin for one day. 20 dollars worth will I withdraw. And if I take suboxen 3 or 4 hours after last dose of heroin will I have. P. A. W. S

  6. I started snorting h about 6 months ago. I have been snorting 1-2 g’s of h everyday for about 4 months. Prior to that I was on Percocet’s for 3 years after breaking my back and some other back issues I have. I stopped using h 10 days ago today. I had tried withdrawing on my own in the past and failed on day four due to extreme sickness…I thought I was dying. I was still vomiting and in such bad pain on day four I was crying. I’m a tough chick, but four days of that was more than I could bear, so I started using again. This time I went to a clinic and was prescribed Subutex. I went to the clinic for five days to get dosed. I decided after day five that I didn’t want to have to deal with that addiction, so I stopped going. I felt somewhat decent aside from bodyaches and insomnia for 3 days after I stopped the subs, but on day 4 I started feeling nauseas and dizzy in addition to everything else. Day five post Subutex and I feel like hell. I can barely stand to get out of bed because I feel like I’m going to pass out. I’m weak, nauseas, lightheaded, and dizzy. Is this ever going to end? I’m pretty determined to stay on track and stay off the h and the Subutex, but if this gets any worse, I just don’t know. I’ve battled alcoholism and have been sober for 3y7m this time around, so I’m not new to this. I know what it takes to stay clean. I’m just trying to figure out how to even get clean at this point.

  7. Hey guys. I started on h about 6 months ago after stopping pain management because the Perc 7.5 I was getting there wasn’t helping my pain. Then a divorce. I just spiraled. At the end, and for about 3 months, I was snorting 1-2 grams a day. I last used 9 days ago. I went to a clinic for the first 5 days and got Suboxone prescribed there daily. I had tried withdrawing cold turkey for four days about 4 months ago and got so sick I could’t walk to the bathroom. I thought I was dying. I’m a tough chick, but there was no way I was going cold turkey the second time. I ended up using on my fourth day the last time because I couldn’t take the pain and couldn’t stop vomiting after four days. So the Subs helped tremendously, but I didn’t want a new drug to withdraw from down the road, so I stopped after day five. Days 6-9 I have felt weak, I still have crazy muscle aches, and insomnia. I know everyone is different, but is this ever going to end? I’m ready to run back to the Suboxone clinic, but I’m determined to tough it out if there is an end in sight. Thanks.

  8. I have been using 5 grams of Heroin a day for years. Today is day 13 with out drugs, I used subox for the first week and I dont want to get on that now, so today is day 3 without anything and I just cant get shit together, I feel like crap, I dont want to feel like this, I would rather be high. How long until I start to feel normal

  9. i had smoked opiods (perk 30s) for 3 months straight, smoking them basically every day. i am now one month clean after dying and coming back to life due to an overdose. when i woke up the paramedics told me i od’d on heroin. i went through my withdraws and i dont struggle with them anymore, during the day at least. at night i cannot sleep and i feel withdraw symptoms. i have to be up moving around doing something at night now. i remember what i saw when i died for that moment and it terrifies me. i can’t sleep and am so curious on why i keep feeling withdraw symptoms when i try to sleep. i wanna know if it’ll ever go away.

  10. So…I’m on day 7 of cold turkey. I’m 18yo, high dosage user for 6mths. Currently living in a good environment, with my host being a former who’s currently 10yrs clean.
    But I’m scared though…about relapsing and possibly triggering them to relaspse too.
    I don’t have much of a support system other than my host, and they’ve graciously taken me in despite how recent ive cut cold turkey.
    They’re not a total stranger, however. My host. They were a friend of my parents before they passed.
    But I’m still so worried.
    I completely understand if this is a bad thing to do, but it seemed better than sleeping in an abandon car wash.
    Any advice?


  12. Dirk…can we chat.i need advice.u sound like u done it more than me…i kicked once..cold turkey..but..this time I didn’t go to long.just 2 months snorting.smoking.20 every 3 days or so…if I stay clean 2 days cold turkey.than take a suboxone strip…usually keeps me clean 3 days…will I be out the woods

  13. If i been smokimg it for 1 month. A 20 every 4 days…past week I stayed clean 2 days.got sick bout 50 smoked it saved 20…been taking 3 hits every 8 hours.if I take a suboxone strip.i stay clean 3 days…u think it will make withdraws easier if I cold turkey 2 days.and take strip and do last 3 off strip.1 last 3 days.clean 2 first.last 3 off strip

  14. I was snoring a 20 every 3 days.for 3 weeks.than cut down to smoking it.smoking a 20 every 2 days for 2 weeks than this week smoked a 50 and 20 next day…stayed clean 2 whole days.and got a 20 for the pain.i been taking 3 hits every 8 hours….for 2 days…now I want to stop….if I take a suboxone strip.keeps me clean 3 days.will it make withdraw easier now to stop cold turkey with this last strip?……how long u think I’ll be sick after the 3 days clean on Suboxone?

  15. I just finish smoking some heroin I smoked a B which is .1 or something I’m not to sure on the weight I know it was one b, well how long till I can take a Suboxone tomorrow

  16. I have been talking 8 MG of Suboxone for about 1 and 1/2 years, how do I detox from it, and how long will it take to do it

  17. Ahmed, Please see a doctor? or go the the ER, and be honest . you will be surprised how supportive some , if not most can be,
    my brother and nephew are in withdrawal, right now. this is day 3. please ask God for help. He will be there.

  18. Hi my partner was clean for 3 years and has relapsed I found out about 6 weeks ago yesterday we started detox but this is my first time watching anything like this I don’t know anything about any kind of drug we have been together 1 year. Is there anything I can do for him except making sure he is comfortable drinking plenty of fluids and making sure he eats little bits at least. Any help will be greatly appreciated

  19. Hi, my name Ahmed Safraaz and I’m a heroin addict..
    Since last 5 days I didn’t took heroin and I got so sick but now I feel very much better still I do have body temperature and sweating problems..can you please tell me what best possible way without any medicine to reduce the temperature of my body.. I don’t have any carving for drug now only that problems..
    Hope you will reply me

    Thank you very much ..

    1. It will stop trust me it’s just a sign of your body going back to its normal state but u have to go at least 2 to 3 months without it take a 1 mg Xanax here n there n trust me it will work u d hot and cold stuff is the easiest thing to get over

  20. Hi. I am an opiate addict of 20+ years. Yesterday I had what some may regard as an epiphany – I have had enough. I am sick of the multiple rattles I have endured, sick of the vast amount of money I have squandered over the years, sick of the isolation my affair with heroin has brought upon me, sick of losing everything again and again. Next week I am going to the gp (general practitioner) to hopefully begin my salvation. To be honest I do not hold much hope, but I shall try. I shall try real hard. This quasi existence is nothing but a living death, a living hell. I am scared. Strangely that which frightens me the most is what shall I do instead…? Heroin has been my bitch lover for most of my adult life. I hope that there are alternatives which can replace the love/hate relationship.
    Regards to all.
    Hope to see yous all on the other side…

  21. Ive done heroin 3 times a week for 3 weeks
    Is this type of use,”hopefully”any easier than say someone who has done it for years? Also I can’t afford and really just wont do any rehab.
    Cause im too ashamed,can i just quit cold turkey?? Thanks in advance

  22. On May 6th I found out my son was snorting heroin for a year I took him to the hospital they did not find him any help except a outpatient methadone clinic , I took him there every morning nefore work he did well and actually started to look like himself again then on Mother’s Day which was a Sunday his girlfriend wanted to go out for dinner and of coarse drinks at 3 o’clock in the morning we noticed he was out after she went to sleep he took the car and when we called him he sped home and the police followed him and he got a felony DUI , he has been locked up for 17 days he has been on methadone in jail , he is now on 6 mg and today was his last methodone dose , he is hoping to get house arrest my question is he says he will never use again is it true can it be over ? Please answer me anyone who has gone through this please …

  23. You can’t use suboxon for at least 24 hours after your last heroin use. Been thru it with my son for years.

  24. I just found out I’m pregn n I’m using heroine so how long must I wait to use suboxone if my last use of heroine was 3:00pm today

  25. I have no choice but to detox from home…what are some over the counter medications I can get to ease the withdraw symptoms? And what are some prescribed medications as well? Like neurotin, seroquel, flexeril etc….Thank you for your time!!

  26. How long should I take Suboxone for heroin withdrawal? I don’t want to become dependant on the Suboxone. I only have 5 strips left. Also, how much of a dose of the Suboxone should I initially take and when should I start tapering off of the Suboxone? Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  27. I was 72 hours into my detox and I used, will I have to restart withdrawal from the beginning again? If I only used the one time?

  28. In my opinion anyone who takes buprenorphine for more than three maybe four days is an idiot and they’re going to make whatever detox or on way worse and way longer I’ve been through this 27 different times finally am off everything and had to do it a Safeway if you’re going to take buprenorphine do it as a medical detox through a doctor otherwise you’re going to end up more screw than you were trying to just get off the dope

  29. Hi. I managed to get nearly 48 hrs off heroin but yesterday I used once because the withdrawals were too much to take. I feel ok up to now today but it’s only 10 hours since I used. Surely with only a bit of heroin to withdraw from I’m not going to plunge back into a heavy rattle like yesterday were I was vomiting every 10 mins ?

  30. I have been clean from heroin for 55 days. Suboxone, sometimes subutex is what I have been taking. I take no less than half and no more than 1 and a half. I want to also stop taking the subs as well. I just need to know how many u need to take a day and start to wing down. Thanks 🙂

  31. Thank you for that I am on five months and still in showing signs of withdrawal slightly it’s been hard but definitely worth it

  32. I went cold turkey at home and was of heron two weeks but have since smoked 5 he a 20 which I think a 20 bag is a quarter so 5 halls of a 20 bag it’s been 20 hrs since the last smoke would that mean I’m addicted again ??

  33. I agree with Dirk. I believe suboxone is a miracle drug only if used for detox not maintenance. Watch out for the suboxone DOCTORS lying and cheating you into suboxone maintenance, forget about methadone/liquid handcuffs, why trade one addiction for another? Along with other meds such as, clonodine, and neurontin/gabapentin, you can kick a pretty bad Dope habit. No need to cold turkey and suffer so much. Based on my experience and if i can help someone out by writing this, the better. I was on the Roxies 30’s 180mg for 2 years then switched over to dope, about 2 grams daily snorted then IV; 2 year run with some Suboxone here n there. Tried to get off dope with methadone at 100mg. The methadone didn’t work for me, but i stuck with it and kept using dope about 1 gram a day on top of the meth.This went on for another 2 years nonstop. Thank god i snapped out of it and stopped the methadone completely no tapers no detox, and kept using dope for the next 3 months to clear out the methadone, until finally i had enough and checked into a detox in north jersey. 5 days on a fast suboxone taper. I waited 30 hours after last shot and took 8 mg that day 4mg in the morning, 4mg at night. Next day 6 mg divided throughout the day. Day 3 4 mg, day 4 3mg, day 5 2mg, day 6 1mg, along with the gabapentin and clonodine. The subs masked most of the worst symptoms, not all symptoms but it did reduce them alot. You all know to give yourselves at least 24 hours after last use to take the subs, if not precipitated w/d awaits you. After being on opiates for 6 years straight nonstop, 1 day or 2 of no use here n there. I was real hopeless and scared to shit of stopping and going through w/d’s, but some suboxone and the want to stop using got me, 2 weeks(after last 1mg sub) clean. I know its not alot of clean time but i feel way better and i don’t need opiates to feel normal cause after a while it doesn’t even really get you high, just doing it to be normal, well at least for me. I don’t have strong cravings or the urge to use. I be lying if i say i don’t think about it but i don’t want to live like that anymore. If i can do it you guys can do it to. I hope this helps someone out. Hang in there stay strong, and have hope and faith in a higher power. God bless!!!!

  34. Quit dope on dec 8th its now jan 5th i took subs for way to long 5 days then skipped 2 days took maybe a milligram 2 days in row skipped 2 days took less then 1mg 2 days in row skipped week took last dose 2 weeks and 1 day ago… cant sleep unless get lit up off dabs (which i hate cuz make me jiar feel srupid) sneeze so much think i blew one of my sinuses out but worst is befofe this and for my whole life i have mad trouble sleeping so yes ur right not slept averiging half hr a night …. remember i said averaging….one month 2 days off black and 2 weeks 1 day off subs doing half life math there should be leas then .012 in me i did the calculations based on 36hr half Life and i did them coreect overlaped added each day up… when will this fucking end.. feel like dying… worst yes is over but it is my firm belief cold turkey would have been better.. k used black for 5 yrs took about half ball a day every 3 hrs i would take 15$ worth round clock.. see i was one of the lucky ones had dr put me on liquid morphine then drop me like bad habit wtf was i supposed to do my leg is straight up falling off my body its fucking horrifyingly painful but i can take it if i will ever sleep again. And had anyone ever gone through this in any kind of similat mannor so i can know if it will ever end… i cant tale anything its ly life on the line sort of feeling like this is a fres level of hell i will never get out of. Please any advice is so aooreciated.. i got a lot of wrong info when i did this and again DONT FUCKING TAKE SUBS BUP NETHING UNLESS Y WANT A FYCKED UP ALMOST JUST AS SHITTY DETOX AS COLD TURKEY OH BUT IT WILL NEVER FYCLING END SO GRAB HOLD OF ANYTHING FOR DEAR LIFE AND GRIT UR TEETH GO COLD.. I say this being someone who it takes 2 weeks for me to detox xold from a shit ton of morphine… maybe my body doesnt digest well idk i know that shouldnt have happened back then and im sure i fucked up somewhere which has left me one hurting mf. Please any advice or truth that i will sleep or the aches and pains caused from detox will stop realistic timeline

  35. My son is clean from heroin finally. How long would I expect to wait for him to finally act his true age of 28 after 13 years of addiction. He seems like a 16 year old with I am totally understanding due to the addiction. I’ve learned that his brain needs to catch up because he has stopped the growth with drugs.

  36. please give me a safe way to go from 72 mg. methadone to 0. I presently receive 13 “take homes” because i have beeen off illegal drugs for almost 3 yrs. id like to completely end the cylce oif the clinics however they seem to want to keep me there. sounding paranoid, fine but each time i attempt to lower my dosage problems through the clinic make it very difficult for example. ive been doing very well i am also a woman in m,y 50 z and take very small dosage of benzodiasopines which i have given them required documentation from my primary dr. i take. now they are insisting on calling saId Dr. to object to her accknowledgment of my prescribed meds. ive provided blood work (independent) notes refgerences and have never done better in my life i need help finding a physician or treatment to get off this methadone forever, please help me. call me Louise so i know its you. Im on 72mg methadone 1 mg of xanax 3 times daily and wellbutrin. any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. do not give my information without prior approval which this is not! hope to hear from you soon.. thank you please dont give my no. or treat me like a no. I truly want to move on with my life menopause is hard enough. sorry but it needed to be said.

  37. I I have never been around heroin I recently started dating a guy who stated that he was on heroin has been clean for 3 years. He left Sunday and said he was going to a friend’s to get some Xanax well apparently he took all the Xanax cuz he fell asleep and I couldn’t wake him off the couch when you finally comes to bed around 4 in the morning he finally starts vomiting and chills he takes about 12 to 15 hot showers and vomiting for hours and hours. If he needs help I want to help him but I also don’t want to accuse him of using again if he’s not can someone please let me know if he’s using again I have just never seen somebody throw up for hours and take that many hot showers. He also blamed it on dinner but me and my daughter ate the same thing

  38. Im 36 hours clean, its Tuesday my last use was sunday at 11pm. I had no withdrawl symptoms andi have suboxone can I take a suboxone.

  39. if I plan on taking my last piece of suboxone on Monday, (and usually that size piece I take daily and I’m fine)…..and I go 2 days without feeling sick, is it safe to say I don’t need them anymore? How many days should I feel normal to where I can stop taking sub’s?

  40. I recently relapsed a few days ago after being clean for well over a year. Now, I am using maybe less than a dime a day. I believe that I am already “hooked” because I’ve been high ever since I first started. Any advice?

  41. I took methadone n pills for 5 days the 4,,5,6 day I fixed. Did I mess up my detox or I just. Don’t use Tommy. N I will be fine right,mind o4masgg

  42. Hi, my friend is a heroin and meth user . We are planning a detox at my house out of town from where she lives. She bought suboxone from a friend and I was just curious what the doses are for it ? She’s 5’5 and maybe 100 pounds. I just heard that it’s easy to get addicted to that as well , and I don’t want that to happen. Also when should she stop taking it ? We are doing a 2 week detox. Also any tips you have for me would be great. Thank you.

  43. Dear sir/madam .I am an active heroin user and this duration has been approx 3 months .17 months before this .I am a disabled person .I have at my disposal opiate based medication which I do not take whilst using .I have this overbearing fear that landscapes my thinking as to stopping using .a can u give me some advice of a reassuring nature .Thank you everso

  44. I have a 27 y/o son who I just picked up from the streets again. He is on day 4 or 5 since he used but still unable to eat and he vomits anythiing he does eat. He started suboxin about 24+ hrs after he used but that’s right about the same time he had started vomiting as well. At this point, I told him he’s probably just vomiting up his suboxin. He just went out onto my porch and started vomiting all over the place so that my neighbors can all hear. He smells bad too but he’s unable to care for his hygiene properly. He also swears at me when I try to help or ask him something. It’s almost unbearable to live with him like this. Help?

  45. My spouse has been using heroin for over a year . by smoking or snorting it. He has already detoxed from it a few months ago which lasted a full week of insomnia and aches and pains. That was when he was using about a half of a gram a day …He went back to using a couple months ago and is detoxing again .this time he has had insomnia and depression and aches and pains however it only lasted 2 days ..he has been taking meletonin and benadryl to help sleep and has been sleeping in small increments. ….I have a feeling he is taking something else to help but he says he’s not. Can detox get easier the more you do it? Or is he on something that can replace the sickness? He is 23 yrs old 6 ft tall and only 140 lbs (he has always been this this thin its not from using)

  46. My son OD’d 8-25-17. It is 9 days later & he is still going through withdrawal. He went seeking help before the OD, was given medication to take. He went to start therapy, his insurance was not accepted but thank the lord he was able to change it. Hopefully he can start the therapy on 9-6-17. He was told it would be extensive out pt from 8a-3p for 3 weeks. He told them he used sporadically. My questions are, would he still be going through withdrawal if using sporadically, what are the chances that this therapy will work & what are the chances he will use again??

  47. on day 9 and still feeling a bit off. Decided to quit when darknet account got hacked and was fed up of the whole deal. I had 5 subs and took my first 30 hours after last dose. then just pieces when I needed them I have almost one whole pill left but I am really trying to use nothing to get through

  48. I have been on heroin for 2 years am quite a heavy user I’m 40 11stone and have been clean for 36 hours ! I have experience vomiting diarohear shivers lack of sleep ! I feel I am coping quite well but I would like to know if it’s gonna get worse or easier from now on?

  49. Me and my wife have been clen for 72 hours from heroin we are feeling OK but need to no will it get bad we was on it big a year ago but only went back on it 10 week’s ago full on now 72 hours clean

  50. if i stopped doing heroin and started methadone and did the methadone for 8 days and then stopped doing the methadone will i be sick still?

  51. I would like to do a medical detox off heroine.i cannot go cold turkey I was thinking of using methadone for just 4-5 days to get through the worst .any ideas any suggestions welcome please

  52. I have been a heroin addict for 5 years shooting it right to my vein since I was 16. I want to stop and have a life but the withdrawals are unbearable. I overdosed twice in less than a week.my boyfriend in jail and I have no one. I need help. I have overdosed close to 13 times I can remember. This drug has got me and I have no energy to do anything

    1. Hi Junkie. Call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7. You will speak to a sympathetic, well-trained individual who can help you find a reliable recovery program that will meet your treatment needs.

  53. Hello, my 29 y/o girlfriend started Heroine on 5/31 & went on a 2 week binge. She ended up getting arrested for a completely unrelated charge on 6/16. She will most likely be bonded out on 6/27. I am wondering if that is enough time to be done with it or if she will be drawn back to it. She has went through the detox process while in-custody & is saying that she is done with it. I am just curious if this is possible. Also, what can I do to help her? Should I be aware of anything? I don’t do any drugs & haven’t ever so I am clueless. She has a past history of roxys for a couple years that ended approx 5 years ago. I am mainly asking, because I am not 100% sure that can have a normal relationship. We havent been together very long but I do love her & want to be with her. When she is not on any substances she is the best girlfriend I have ever had.
    Any & all advice/tips would be appreciated….

  54. I wanna get off this drug it’s not doing me any good but I’m scared of what I’m going to do after I get out of treatment like having a job where I’m going to live

  55. Hi, I’m Chris I’m 25 and picked up doing heroin again so…. once again I’m addicted any way I’m going through the withdrawals right now and literally want to blow my brains out. I’m feeling sad and depressed and need heroin BAD but I’m trying to tuff it out it’s been one whole day now I can’t sleep. Please tell me something to make me feel better I’m losing my mind.

  56. I am now 60days clean frm heroin detoxing at home. I smoked for 5 yrs and abt 2 bags a day. I am 42yrs of age. Would 2 months be enough to succesfully detox
    As I feel quite fine after ths time with NO cravings. No rls or any other withdrawal symptoms? I am still however on 2mg suboxone a day? I’m scared of what will happen if I stop the suboxone??!

  57. i put myself in detox left after 3 nights. have been doing only aprox 4 cottons a day. usually once sometimes split up in to 2 times a day i have suboxine and subutex. being as i was only using aprox 4 cottons a day after going none for 3 days do u think this will help with my withdraws? in the past i have had really bad withdraws before

  58. Hi ive started taking heroin again and been smoking it for 3-4 weeks no one knows I’m alone I want to stop now but wanted to know if I can wean myself off by taking less and less. Then stop what I mean is wait until I’m feeling rough just doing a few lines to take away the withdrawn symptoms then coming to a stop.

  59. My boyfriend started to get clean 2 weeks ago, and from what I know hadn’t used since. Still has vomiting, cold sweats and chills. When will this go away?

  60. My boyfriend recently got arrested. I got him out on bail in less than 72 hours. Coming out of jail he was ready to quit, told me he was done….. It’s now been 36 hours since his release and he’s finding excuse after excuse as to why he “needs” to keep using.

  61. Morphine is much better than subotex/suboxone and/or metadone for withdrawing Heroin. Mostly because the effects is the same as Heroin, just in small dosages and depot(long-release), so the body knows Morphine from using DiacetylMorphine so much.. So why not use what the body and users are sure they can take without any other sideeffects than addiction(some others on high dosages, but small dosages morhphine and heroin is much better for you than subutex or metadon that is highly toxic!)

    I am soon 6 months without heroin on morphine(60mg tablets named Dolcontine or Malfin)

  62. This is my second time…this being my relapse from coming off of Heroin. I finding it so much harder ij the depression & anxiety field. I kicked the initial withdrawls quite well. It was rough but i made it. Its day 12 and im still feeling so hopeess ashamed and overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Makese want to use just to make it gp away. I feel like i cant be the mother friend or partener i always was before all this. Plz some advixe or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  63. I am 28 hours clean. Yesterday I only did 4 pills at 4 o’clock I have no withdrawal symptoms except from sneezing and watery eyes other than that I’ve been fine but last night and today I’ve done Xanax to sleep to get to the point to where I can take my Suboxone I don’t have any Xanax in my system right now I would like to take my suboxin slowly maybe two milligrams first is this okay

  64. never cold turkey off methadone it can kill you I was on 70mg a day and doc was on hols so gave me 3 weeks worth I spilt it all over the carpet and was left with 200mg which I eecked out over 5 days I felt a little woozy for another 5days and thought I was doing ok on the 6th day of nothing all hell broke loose, the shakes nausea shits thencame the unconsciousness in and out then came the body spasms my neck started twitching from side to side on its own really painful and couldn’t stop it I shit the bed I puked over the side icouldnt stand up I needed medical help in the end my mother contacted the pharmacy who knew where my doc was on hol they sent more meth it took 24 hours to kick in never ever cold turkey cut down slow come off at 2mls you will still feel weak and sleepless for around 6 weeks and possibly the aniety could lead to short term psychosis which it did with me you need help you need sleepers for about 2 weeks and possibly an anti psychotic if you start having weird thoughts, thinking your psychic or seeing /hearing things. low doses of heroin are easy
    a ten pound bag a day for years is a three day cold wheras half a gram aday for a few months is time to go on methadone and come down slow. prescription drugs is a case of slow detox and don’t let your gp get away with not treating insomnia as it leads to psychosis any hallucinations tell them immediately they will not sling you in hospital which I always feared so never got help till much too late I hope this answers your questions that no one seemed to be bothered to do.

  65. I quit three weeks ago and I have just started taking Suboxone for the withdrawal I am still getting, how long will this last if I was snorting for three years

  66. I am an addict end off but there really is only one way to beat this addiction is go cold turkey,never ever use the methadone that’s a 5or 6 week job the herion is better than the subtext for getting off yeah you get you life back but do you you just on something else eats stronger. I have done every taper rattle on every drug and trust th best and only option to addicts like us is cock turkey of the h its 7 day max then you need to get the naltrexone implant it really is the only way unless you Rambo an that’s not me so take it from a15 year addict with that implant in ya soon as ya get a mind trick goin down you know it’s not happing but don’t get me wrong I know people who have cut them out but there is one month injection options there is even pills but I wouldn’t bother with them unless you strong witch I am not people after rain always comes sunshine. And if you was thinking how long I used 15 years 2 women who were the ones and over more money than you could of dreamed of but that’s all over now one love. Xxx

  67. Iv been snorting small amounts of heroin everyday for about 5-6 months… I’m just wondering what the withdrawal will be like from just snorting heroin. I use approxamently 1/1.5 grams a week, maybe 2 points a day. I have never used a needle to get high from heroin and will never resort to it no matter what. Please any information will be greatly appreciated. I’m a secret user, only I know that I do it, none of my friends or family have any idea. Any information on what I will experience and what I should do when I quit snorting heroin. Thank you !

  68. Hey there, i actually had a question about synthetic Heroin. (Methadone)
    I’ve been on it for about 3 years now, and tried quitting cold turkey not too long ago.
    Thing is, a month in I was still feeling VERY weak.
    Not so much tired, just weak.
    After going through that for so long, i started thinking it was just me, and it wasn’t related to the withdrawing.
    Eventually, thinking that it’s not gonna stop, I went back on the methadone to get rid of that feeling and the pain that came with it. (unfortunately, i decision that was made out of weakness) and i greatly regret it, especially reading this, and knowing that it may have been normal, and it may have went away eventually.
    I’m considering quitting once again, but i want to really be educated about it this time, so i know EXACTLY what to expect, so I’m mentally and physically prepared, and i cant make excuses for myself to go back on it.
    If this isn’t a common side effect, then i know what to work on before i quit again.

  69. I shot up a gram of heroin a day a d am wondering if it is safe to detox from it from going cold turkey. I am scared because that’s 16 times more than my friends have done and have been doing heroin dor amost a year. I was on morphine or methadone e for years prior to using heroin.. Will I be alright physically by detoxing after bei g on opiates for over half of my 40 yrs of life??. I weigh 140 lbs and am 5’5″.

  70. I’ve detoxed @ home (after relapsing after 2yr clean) I’ve been clean for 5/6 days.
    My question is; if I were to pick up today, used for 2-3 days… Wld I have to go through detox again? Thanks

  71. My boyfriend is 2 weeks out of detox, and says he has acute withdrawl..he has show allt of symptoms of being sick. (As if he is down & ready to get more) In the morning i will here him gagging or attempting to throw up & at night being tired where he completely passes out. Ive read about paws & withdrawl but im not an expert. I dont want to acuse him or getting high if hes just going through paws..

  72. I am about to detox from a 3 month heroine habit and scared of the process since I’ve been threw it before but was in jail and obviously made it easier to quit. I have a few subutex pills to help but I tried this the other day and I took half of the pill about 10 hours after my last use and it made me feel incredibly worse than hide the symptoms which it’s supposed to do. Is there a length of time different I should start to take my first dose of subutex or am I doing something wrong how should I begin the detox using the subutex since I only have 5 pills and make it as comfortable as I can, if that’s even possible. And what is the normal length of time I can expect before I start feeling better. Getting anxious just thinking about it but I don’t want to be enslaved to this drug anymore. Thank you for your assistance and can I continue to send these emails for support threw this scary process! I need to succeed at this and the more I no how to use the subutex to at least get threw the first few days would be very helpful

  73. I went cold turkey and I did at least a gram a day for 9-10 months… It felt like death but I promise you this it is absolutely worth it. Day 1-2 felt socially awkward and sweating and uneasiness at night. Days 3-6 were by far the worst, just the temptation and urge to get high is so strong that…well there is a reason why its not easy to stop. I also suggest after you start eating normal again to start exercising. When I started to think about it I would work out, and believe me my mindset would be completely different after. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. Stay strong, you aren’t alone.

  74. I just got out of detox one day ago. But I have already taken ten small hits spread out. (I smoke it BTW) How many hits does it take to get my body hooked again. Or is it a matter of having it in my system a certain amount of days. Have I ruined it

  75. If someone used heroin or 5 months not very day but every other at first then used everyday for 1 month but only used 1/2 bag a day. Will they go through withdraw and I do why should they expect?

  76. My son went thru an outpatient treatment, witch he dropped out of. then he went thru an inpatient program. he stayed clean for 100 days. since then he has been on and off of herion. he is never on it more than a week, the he detoxs. He talks about something that he can take that will make him real sick if he uses again. can you tell me anything about that? I wish he would go to meetings, but has excuses not to, any ideas on how i can help him? I do know that only he can help himself.

  77. My husband who has been using 2 bundles a day for the last two months just went into rehab he’s 30 years old. prior to this he was clean with Suboxone for 6 years. We tried to get him off the Suboxone and he relapse and went back to heroin use, it got really bad. I’m just worried he’s not going to make it through detox because of how much he was taking. do you think he’s going to experience withdrawal worse than most people. Right now he’s on a five-day methadone taper with a total of 28 day stay at a methadone rehab. I’m scared he’s taking so much he might have severe withdrawal symptoms and relapse again this is the third time we’ve tried to get him off of it in the last 4 months. The other two times we’re at Suboxone rehabs but he will go into precipitated withdrawal when he received his first dosage. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? he’s a good person I hate to see this happened to him.

  78. My name is Javier and I have done heroin for 16yrs I am currently 32yrs of age and I have now been clean for 10 days of course I have done it with methadone and even yet it hasn’t been easy for the fact that it has been a part of my life for so long but the most important thing is wanting to change and when you really want that it becomes a bit easier I just have to deal with anxiety… what can I do to help me with that?

  79. My bf was doing a gram a day sometimes 2. He waited until he got sick and took his Sub like he is supposed to which made him very sick. He has been sleeping all day has not eaten and has been vomiting. When will this subside? He wants to get clean and I am so proud he has done so well thus far. Is there anything I can do to help him? I feel so bad for him but I am just trying to leave him be so he can get to feeling better.

  80. hello,my son is 28 is a full blown herion addict since 2012.He has a girl pregnant.When he tried rehab in 2014 they said he was most likely sterile.they also told him if he wasn’t to make sure he got himself clean 6 to 9 months before having a baby.Does it matter if the father does herion an not the mother?please help

  81. I’ve been shooting up for 6-12 weeks but 8 weeks daily. I’ve kicked before and I know basically what I got coming but I was wondering since the last time I kicked I had a 2 year 2 gram daily habit. Lasted 3 weeks first 5-8 days intense physical withdrawal then 3 weeks fatigue and no sleep. I’m wondering since I’ve only been strung out 3 months tops if it will be less intense?? I got one shot left plus cottons so I’m about 18 hours from hell!!

  82. Hi how’s it going? I have a friend that is addicted to heroin for about 6 months now and wants help and need’s help. He is 22 and wants rehab to be his last option. He gets sick when he stops and just feels like he has to do it just to feel better, he considers it the devil and keeps talking about how he is trying to find a pill called seboxin. he says it will make the sickness go away and not get him high. If you have any sujestions I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks, Cody

  83. My daughter has been snorting H..for a year. The last 6 months she has been using Suboxone but cheating and using a couple times a week. Last week everything came to ahead and she has been
    using 8mg strip of Suboxone in the morning and not using H for 6 days now. Day 4 and 5 she has turned into a monster. She has never been this nasty, depressed, threatens suicide and just angry.
    Its so not her…..she said she has terrible anxiety as well….
    How long will this last? could it be that she is having a mini breakdown?
    I wont leave her alone as I am worried because of her threats…but do feel that they are just threats.
    I called her doctor and she prescribed he trazodone to help her sleep.
    She is just so angry..
    please tell me if this is normal and if there is anything i can do to help her.
    Thank you

  84. Its the end of 2016. Been using for 6 months, gonna try and quit cold turkey at home.
    Been reading all the posts and your thoughts and view points are giving me the balls to try this.
    Wish me luck and thanks guys and girls.

  85. My boyfriend is detoxing at home, is it safe that he’s using one small dose in the morning while he’s doin this? It’s been 4 days??

  86. My exboyfriend is a bad heroin user. He snorts it. After one make out session with him right after
    he used, I went home totally drug free and started the next day feeling bad and anxiety was high and that’s when I realized from him kissing me and being around me making out seconds after he used it was on his fingers and lips and now on me. He also blew into the air to clean out his dollar he was using to snort 2 feet away from me. Obviously, I got contact. But, on day three my body literally tasted a brown sugary substance and I had urges to be around him and the drug. After a week, I went back to him and we kissed and hugged and now my nose runs a lot and I sneeze a lot. I have broke up with him behind him lying to me about getting clean but I worry about these side effects. I don’t even drink alcohol or smoke. Have I ruined my life and how long will I have these side effects? Scared in Chicago, IL

  87. My friend was away for inpatient detox/rehab for many many years of addiction to opiates (Oxycontin, heroin, fentinol, etc.) When I picked him up he was feeling so good, looked great but said he sometimes get anxiety. The day after, however, he slept all day and around 7 pm he looked really bad and threw up and said it was still from the withdrawal. In my heart I believed he used as soon as he got back home. Can you please tell me if he may be lying or telling the truth.

  88. I was taking heroin and sometimes xanax I finally went to a 3 day detox. When I came out I was doing good did not feel sick for 4 days. I was drinking a Lil but nothing else. On the 4th day I was drinking then at night time came I began to get sick, like withdraw systems. I was throwing up could not keep nothing down. I don’t understand what happened I was doing so good. Now I feel withdrawal symptoms all the time if I don’t take anything…
    If you could draw me in the right direction it would be much appreciated
    Thanks jason

  89. I’m in my 3rd going on 4th day of withdrawals from heroin. I’m doing it at home alone. I’m experiencing some bad abdominal pain. Is there any reason to be concerned? Should I go to a hospital or tuff it out? I’m in bed curled up in a ball because of this pain. Today is the first day this has happened. Most of the pain as far as muscles aches and stuff are getting a lot better, thanks to hydrocodone. I’ve take up to 10 of the 10/325mg yellow norcos over the last 3 days, being 10 each day. I was using a half gram to a gram a day. I’m 5’5 and 135 pounds. I’ve been using for 4-5 years, very heavily. Am I in any danger?

  90. I want and must detox at home. I need to know what drugs will help get me through the detox a bit easier. I’m aware there is no easy way out I’ve been there before. I devices at a hospital detox unit and it was a lot more comfortable. I just don’t remember the drugs used to help. Valium was one. Also I don’t have medical insurance and was wondering could I still get some type of help? I’m hiding this from my boyfriend because he would breakdown of he finds out I relapsed I feel so stupid and need to get back on track ASAP

  91. I took Levo D “Dromoran” for 27 years in small amounts 10 to 16 tads per month. I never hade a harsh withdrawal syndrome until I used 90 tabs in less than three weeks for a back problem. 10 MG a day. I told my Dr. at the time I wanted to stop this med. He Agreed. It took about a week to come to normal and then after was the psychology want for a month. After two months I was back to normal. and then I was back on them 8, 2mg tabs per month for the next 12 years. I was also taking Phrenilin 100 per month which is an AllyisobutalBarbitchuricacid invented in the 1920’s or so., which is now called Fioricet.
    Levo D is not an instant pain reliever. the onset to peak plasma is about 2 hours orally ,then last for 8 to 12 hours. half life of the drug is from 16 to 36 hours depending on your tolerance. Ask your Dr and do your studies on this Medicine. This one is in the Methadone category with long drug half life along with other long acting formulations which can be fatal if you are not tolerant to medicines to these, and know how to use them. It is Not a Drug of first choice in a Hospital.

  92. My fiance is one year clean of heroin. But he has been having problems sleeping on and off and goes up to a fees days in a row with barely sleep I don’t know what to do. Should I be worried? I really don’t believe he’s using again he’s home more has money it’s just the sleep.

  93. Hi Desiree the first time I decided to quit using heroine i had been using for about a year , a friend told me about a methadone clinic he had used to get clean a couple of times, but told me to be very careful because i would get just as addicted to methadone as heroine so he strongly suggested that I start with 35 milligrams and come down 1 milligram a day for 35 days . ” GUESS WHAT ” IT WORKED !!!! I was even able to go to work everyday!!! The problem is , that I did not run like hell after the 35th day when that last mil. of methadone was ingested , the demon sucked me back into the vicious cycle. So Desiree you might want to find a clinic for your friend I would suggest you go with her and tell the doctor or nurse that prescribes the methadone for her that you are only willing to do a 35 day detox dropping one milligram a day otherwise they will try to get you hooked for your money !! Be sure to tell her after the 35th day when she has her freedom again ” TO RUN LIKE HELL AND NEVER LOOK BACK “!!! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS !!!

  94. Hi i have a friend really bad on herione been on it for a year does it everyday noone of her family knows so she scared to say anything she wants hhelp badly she smokes it and wants to know if shes Able to detox at home and what does she need by her side through this all? Also she has a job what does she do bout her job with out losing it . thank you

  95. Know someone who is 7 months pregnant and recently got back home from detox from heroin. Was there for 3 1/2-4 days. Was sent home because she wasn’t detoxing hard enough. What exactly does that mean?!?

  96. I am helping my daughter who has at least a $100.00 a day habit shooting up. She’s not sure if it was 9, 10 or 11 am yesterday she took her last shot. She had a comforable night, and is sleeping now. She has 2 suboxine strips and subutex pills. I think we should be alright until Monday when I can get her to a doctor. At this point she’s really been sleeping good. I made her take a detox bath yesterday. She sweating which means she’s detoxing in her sleep. I understand I can now give her suboxine, but she hasn’t asked so i’m gonna wait untill she gets really sick. So far I think she’s doing good. We are over 24 hours at this point

  97. I have now done 10 days cold turkey at home I’m feeling much better but my sleeping pattern is upside down any help info on how I can sleep better and should I get some support to help keep me off it ?

  98. 11:30 PM September 17th, 2016 Hi my name is Randy. recently moved from Santa Cruz to South Lake Tahoe, Ca. Thought it would be a fresh start away from Santa Cruz and heroin. I was wrong. I found a doctor who started me on suboxone and I was absolutely amazed at how well it worked! I was on day 4 of detoxing from heroin when I took my first HALF of an 8.2 mg. strip. within one hour of taking it under my tongue I came completely out of full withdrawal with severe fatigue, nausea, body aches and loss of appetite. It was the best feeling I can ever remember with or without using anything. I stayed clean for about three months straight after using three years without hardly missing a day of use of heroin. Then the doctor cut me back from a full strip a day back to a half strip a day and was getting ready to take me off the suboxone.
    He warned me that I need to be in treatment and get involved in a 12 step program because heroin is here in Lake Tahoe too and I will find it if I start looking. I felt so good from the suboxone I thought that wouldn’t happen but when he was about to take me off of it I got scared. I started going to NA meetings and right away I met a newcomer who had two days clean and wanted some of my suboxone. I gave him a half strip and he gave me his phone number and thanked me..
    Well guess what! When my suboxone got cut off my good old newcomer friend told me he could get me some heroin and I fell for it immediately! It was the worst mistake since I decided to start using three years ago. I had reached three months free from heroin and now I was fully involved in it again getting high, getting ripped off, waiting all day for the dope man to deliver…all the games and tragedies that go along with it all. Mow I can’t afford to keep it up. I can’t afford to see the doc and get back on suboxone either. in a nutshell…I’m scared to death to lose everything I have left, my wife and home and my freedom and my life. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to suffer indefinitely not knowing if I’ll ever get better. I just wish I knew what to do because I’m about to go into detoxing again with no help and I’m so scared I will fail and never get better. Please GOD! I hope someone can give me some good advice that will help me get through this. I need something to hope for. Good luck to everyone out there looking for a way to get clean too Thank you!

  99. My brother has been on heroin for about 4 years. He finally decided to get clean and has been using suboxone. Its has been about 2 weeks now and he just seems to get worst. He lost a ton of weight and can hardly walk or do anything for him self……is this normal??

    1. Hi Zane. Weight loss might be heroin withdrawal symptom. I’d suggest that you speak with your brother’s doctor about his condition.

  100. Need advice.
    Fell for the H addiction. Been using for 5 mths daily. Over the past 2 mths it has made me feel terrible so I decided no more. Obtained 5.7 mg zubsolv. Did my last H at 2:00 am Saturday morning. About 12:30 pm Saturday I started feeling sick and took half of the zubsolv, 5:30 pm took 1/4 zubsolv,11:30 pm 1/4 zubsolv. Sunday morning took 1/4 zubsolv. Doing well. Some anxiety,minimal pain. Any advice. I’ve been told I’m doing well and should be past the possible worst in the next 24 to 48 hours. Please please help. I have no craving just want the same thing most do. To be off this and avoid being extremely sick. Thank you in advance for any help please.

  101. Hi I’m stopping heroin cold turkey today after 4 weeks full on snorting £20/£40 a day how bad will withdraw be? That’s all I want to no as doing it on my own

  102. the suboxone or zubsolv is the better choice if you dont want to go cold turkey. i did oxy 30_80_phent patches for about 10 years straight . of course in that period i tried to quit and always hated that i needed it. so i found out methadone is one of the worse things to use. i have came off of methadone and compared to oxy, its about 3-5 times worse.

    finally found suboxone and its generic, zubsolv. after hearing rumors. truth be told doc started me at two subs a day, max strength, thats way too much and a sliver of the sub works for 24-36 hours

  103. I had bot used heroin for 106 days for the last 6 days I have used about £20 worth a day, previously to this I had detoxed myself from 30ml of meth over about 3 weeks then had snorted about 0.4 of subutex a day. I am 34 and have been a heroine addict for 7 years using very heavily on most days. I have been on and off meth for the whole 7 years, 80ml being my highest dose. I want to detox completely from everything (I have been using a small amount of crack too) and I want to know the best way to do this (I do have a supply of meth and subutex if need be) and how bad the withdrawals are likely to be as I am terrified but I HAVE to do this. I will not be involving any clinics or my doctor so please don’t suggest this as I won’t take the advice. Please get back to me ASAP, I am desperate to kick this once and for all! Many thanks

  104. Hello hi im back i wouldve never thought to be on here again,just need some postive feed back i relapsed after a few months clean putting to much pressure on myself.ive now again have been clean for the last 72hrs and boy is it ever true about it feeling worse everytime u quit using herion…please keep me postive im just starting to eat again ive been drinking alot of fluids and its helped alot but the insomnia is killer …is there anything i can do for that??

  105. I know someone that has been doing heroin for about half a year. They have been trying to get off of it for a while. They used to do opiods before in pill form and switched over. Ive seen them go through 4 days withdraws with nothing and i dont feel like its the safest way to go. They have cut down on their use but its still being used. They are 17. I worry for them and have been looking all over for ways to help support their way to recovery.

  106. I am concerned that my boyfriend may be using again but I don’t want to acuse him of anything without proof, I read the signs and symptoms but those could be confused with many cold or illness symptoms couldn’t they? And he still has marks from needles even though he claims to have been sober for a year now. Is that normal? And he had a pretty nearly wound on his leg that he claims is from his dog jumping on him but makes me think of the picking scenario…. Am I overreacting? We’ve only been dating a short while so I’m not familiar with how he was when he did heroin consistantly.

  107. This is my 5th day of detoxing off of heroin and it seems like any time that I overexert myself like today had tried to get out riding my bike when I got home it was like I was sick all over again is that normal

  108. Im on day 5 n still throwing up n my stomic really hurts bad. What do i do im 32 yrs old i was usen almost 2 yrs but i stoped n im on day 5 detox n i cant really eat beside chicoken broth n crackers and ice pops

  109. For the past month I have gotten down to only using maybe 15 to 20 dollars worth of heroine daily. i just started day three and i only feel anxiety. When will the bad withdraw start?

  110. Hey,
    I started using 10 years ago when I was 18. After brief periods off the drug, I was clean from 24-26. I have been using IV heroin for almost 2 years again. I went through a brief 8 day detox 3 months ago, with suboxone, but it wasn’t long enough and I was not away from temptation. I have the opportunity to get back on suboxone and go away for a few weeks this time. I want to know how long I should expect the symptoms, even in their more mild form, to last? Last time, even on the 9th day, I still felt weak, ill, and in pain. It was too much to bare when the drug was in easy reach. Do you think twice that long away somewhere safe, and on the suboxone, will be long enough to no longer feel so uncomfortable?
    I can’t get away longer than that and I am afraid of feeling that way. Otherwise I have a job, good friends, a great girl friend and a supportive family. I do not want to be using. I hate it. Ever since I relapsed it seems there is nothing I can do, short of methadone, which I will not take, to get off the drug and break the physical addiction.

  111. my sister was using and now she has not used for 4days now and im trying to take care of her and help her get through it all im wondering if that would be a bad or good idea

  112. I read all these comments about people trying to do this at home and I can’t help but want to scream GET HELP. I am an ER nurse who helped my husband quit. First the system (insurance) sucks. My husband suffered a relapse of 3months. He quickly started using upwards of 4 bags a day IV. He knew he was out of control. I brought him right to the door of a facility knowing if I brought him to the ER he could sit there for days waiting for a bed or worse they could discharge him. To our amazement,He got right in. After 3days though the insurance company said they wouldn’t pay anymore due to the fact that this was his first rehab stay and he wasnt a recurring rehab drop out. I knew 3days wasn’t enough and sure enough he started using again. A week later we returned to the rehab and now it was too often that he was going (are u kidding me!?!) So they charged me $300 co pay to reenter. This time they kept him for 10days. He utilized the methadone available for him at the rehab for three of the ten days because he didn’t want to become dependent on that as well but needed relief from the initial withdrawal symptoms when he came home I went to work one night and called home, I asked how he felt using a scale of 1-10, 10being that he was reasy to hop up and go get highh.he said an 8. At that point I knew I needed to be home with him every second I took a stress leave from work. He felt crappy for the first week but then got a new job working 6 for days a week for 12hrs a day. The combo of not having time to screw up and having a a sense of self worth pulled him out of it. I stayed home for his first 60days. He now has no want or need to get high. He didn’t want to do outpatient so he willfully takes random drug screens at home and we keep his recovery in our conversations so the communication lines remain open.it is now 75 days since he started rehab the second time. If you want to get clean my advice is this; get support!! Nothing in your life ie: your job, responsibilityies etc. Matter right now because death is going to happen if you don’t do this first. Go to detox. You may be embarrassed to admit to those who don’t know you use that you’ll be away for a little while but get it out there! Speak up the more of your family and friends who do t use that knows is actually for the better, they will respect you in the end for taking back your life and not letting this monster control you any longer plus people have a way of surprising you with the support and praise that is critical right now. Stay strong. My husband says thank you to me every day for “saving his life” but I didn’t save his life, he did because I had no control over the fact if he was going to use again. I was just a crazy stalker who held him accountable for his actions in the beginning(,which was fighting him tooth and nail) and then I became his rock who rubbed his back and told him everything is going to be great and how proud of him I am . There is hope and a way out and the reward is greater than anyone can imagine. Good luck #stopthesilence #speakthetruth #dontgiveuponthoseyoulove

  113. I hv been out of prison for a year now n for da past 2 months ive used heroin but one dime a day or less i wanna stop but im wondering will my wthdrawls will b very bad to where i wnt b able to go to work

  114. My question is, I been using Heroin for about 3 months now (snorting) 3-5 bags per day and I’m just so sick of living this way anymore and I want to detox at home only because I just started a new job and don’t have any days to go inpatient and my family don’t no as of now anyway I have purchased a sub to derox.
    My question is how long should wait to start taking the SUB after my last use of Heroin and I only want to use this one and only SUB ,Not wanting to get hook on that . Plz help I will leave my phone number if you would like you can text me as wekk. Ty

  115. Hi I’m a 23 yr old mom of a 3 ½ yr old. I’ve been injecting Roxy 30s for 4 yrs now an a month and a half ago I started IV herion instead of 30s cause its cheaper.I’m on day 2 of detox. My question is I have been taking1½ perc 10s when i wake up and a ½ a Roxy 10 in the evening for withdrawal pain. From me using the percs an ½ a Roxy will this affect my recovery? My plan was and still is to take 1 ½ perc 10s for the first 3 days then 2 Roxy 10s after the first 3 days with the 10s then going completely without on day 6. Will me taking the percs and Roxy’s for that amount of time affect my recovey? Will vitamins help my body recover quicker through this process and how long till the physical withdrals from the h take to end? I can really use any advice I can get. I have no friends and main family members (mom,dad, and grandparents) all use drugs consistently. I am not able to turn to them nor am I able to turn to my boyfriend. He has quit using pills aswell an I don’t want to involve him is this little hiccup of mine.

  116. Clean 1.5 years. Used 2 grams of heroin 2 days in a row. Will person experience withdrawal and over what period of time.

  117. Step by step can you talk me thru day one to seven Should one get anxiety meds nasuaa meds anti depressants

  118. Hello, my husband and I have been using heroin everyday for the last two months! We use about a gram each per day! We both want to quit but can’t afford treatment center and we both have kids living at home, I work full time as well and can’t afford to take any time off! I want to know now long our detox will last, the severity of the detox and any points and tips to detox from home! Thanks

  119. Hi,

    I used heroin for 3 months in a row.
    I stopped cold turkey almost 3 months ago.
    I was doing pretty good till a month ago.
    I came to a stressful surrounding and my anxiety got insane and ended up depressed.
    Currebtly on my 2nd week of Sertraline.
    The hardest are nights without sleep and have no people around me and the mornings that i cant sober up or feel awake.
    Other than these I feel I am making progress.
    My fear is, did I make a wise decision to start Antidepressants.
    I took 2.5 mg of diazepam two nights ago. Felt better and slept better. Last nigjt I did the same but didnt sleel we and woke up groggy.
    What are my best renedies at this point to shift into a better stage ?
    Note: i have no cravings for drugs and have no problems with addictions of any kind at this period.

    Thank you if you can give me any answer.

  120. Im half way through the 4th day of a cluck from heroin I am doing it at home with nothin but paramol an co cyodramol ive been akein for 3days now being sick for a day got a dogie stomock how much longer will it go in for

  121. I’m proud to say today is my 14 day clean ,but been on for 4 years cold turkey.. I already feel like a new man. I’m 23 and my daughter just turned 2 years old I had my own family and good paying job I had it all…I thought I did I lost it all the last two years ..lost loved ones mom and dad brothers and sisters treated me different ..basically the fam cut me off.. got kicked out ended up homeless .. was hitting licks robbing stealing all them bad things just for my next high. Honestly the past;.3 1/2 years I was doing the drug just to get well . I wasn’t doing it for the high anymore I was a slave to it, and if I didn’t have the drug i would substitute it with xanax percs kpins lean x anything I could get a hold of. But the heroin withdraws hurt the most. Until one day I went to stay at my mom’s house again because I was just tired of that life style it brings nothing but bad and negative energy and your life . That’s Very night I walked about 15;miles back home..I was mad I was pist..untill I just started thinking and questionING why these things are happening too I asked for forgiveness and told him everything I didnthat was sinful, I asked for his help to kick this and with that pain and with draws ..and instanty I felt joyful thankful and loved,,it’s crazy huh but this is the truestory I every told, I got the encouragement I been looking for this whole time ..instead of getting talked down on or talked about in a bad way..I’ll just let Jesus talk to me that all I need. Got home that’s night slept about two days literally just getting up to take a piss..3;day u was up bright early but the stomach pain and anxiety the cravings hit its peak . I wanted to just get up and dip go get high again .but there was a voice in my head that was telling me not to stop in gone so for to change for the better..I locked my self in the room put on the Jesus radio channel and just prayed all night for the Lord to take my pain away and he did by the 4th 5th day my anxiety dropped alot but my Bodie was real sore cold a Sweats kicked in..I took alot of hit showers 6 and 7 day anxiety dropped more but my body was still weak less showers. day 8 or 9 the anxiety hit me about 4 times a day.. and those were just the thought and memories I was doing for this stupid drug..cold sweats gone. 10;11;day body resting up and my mind is starting to go back to the old self I’m getting my life back..the little things i was blind to before. .with out god in my life ..it’s day 14 I just started a new job..on the road to a come back and I ain’t going back …if I can do it you can do ..don’t be scared let god help you he did me…

  122. Turn away from this awful website, these hordes of misinformed commenters, and the certain disappointment you are sure to face if you take in any of this information as a sort of guide. Why dont they mention restless legs???

  123. Damien. DO NOT use sub before your in full withdrawals, and unless you have a support network ready to help you, I would not take the sub for to long. But your Dr would be a help for symptoms.

  124. Heading for the emergency ward for a referral to detox, subi is very strong and clings to your receptors for god only knows. I have been through methadone withdrawal 3 times when I was younger and honest cant remember what’s worse. I am not enjoying the opiates yet thank god. But craving sub. Headaches legs and git cramps, nausea. I had to do it sneaky as my partner is 11 years younger and if this backfires, no way do I want it to happen to her also. I will need a hospital cause of mental proba. Bit the amount of counciling, courses. N.A , A.A meatings under my belt, The subi is just so strong. And I have always kept under 8 mg daily cravings for sub are bad also, no enjoyment from it just a way to stay clean. Wish me luck.

  125. Been on suboxone 6 years, start using herion for 3 weeks. For withdrawal from sub. Now must detox from heroin I am 50. And heavy drinker. Sub withdrawal is still persisting over the opiates. I don’t want to become physiologically addicted to herion as I have been off it since 2006 and have no desire for use except for withdraws from sub. Was this the stupid way to atop all drug use.

  126. Can I use subbys before I start to feel w/d from opioids and if not what is the best way to start useing them please any information wil be helpful thankyou

  127. I been clean 15 days, still a lot of physical and mental, and don’t have insurance what I do think might have paws

  128. ive been off h for 3 days but in scared.I used a g or 1.5 g daily for nearly a year think I can handle the rest on my own or should I go to rehab!

  129. Im 20 and I use about a half a gram a day. I like it but i ts not something I want to continue doing for much longer seeing I have a 6 month old. My body feels like complete shit without it even before I started doing heroin. Were can I go about getting subs to help wein off it because I know I’m probably strong enough to just quit but when I do I just want to make sure I don’t start back up.

  130. I was taking oxys for about 5 months about 50 mgs a day I moved to herion snorting about a 1/2 gram a day for about 2 weeks and now I’m trying to quit in just trying to figure out the best route to take I have children and home and I want to choose the safest route

  131. i want to ask u how many days dat i will be offline after using heroin it means when i will hope coming back to normal life? plz send me your idea in dat acoount .. thnks

  132. How many days off of work should I ask my manager for to quit heroin?im 27 male been using for 6 months or so after I quit for 10 days.

  133. I was detoxing pretty good and was just about to begin somewhat of a normal life didn’t use for over 16 days, craving sleep I mess up and used twice. I plan on not using again. But I’m not sure how bad the withdrawal will be. I’m hoping I could get past this within the next few days. What do you think ?

  134. I’ve been using off and on for over 16 years. During that time I had an entire 9 years of soberity—although I had a pretty severe drinking problem, I was still completely socialable and successful. This will be my third time quitting BTH in as many months. The last time I just got on a plane to a 35 hour away destination and took like five Xanax and woke up there. By that time, I was far enough into withdrawal I started taking just 4 mg of Subs and then just 1 a day and then every other day. Had some times when I would throw up and stomach hurt a lot, but basically everything more or less back to normal except sleep after five days. Sleep takes weeks and weeks and some times even months to return to normal.

  135. Hello, I’m 26 male about 145 lbs. I’ve been using about .3-.5 a lot throughout the last 6 months or so. Today I can proudly say I’m on day number 5. Of being clean totally cold turkey also thank god. I promise everyone that is going through the same thing is tough but you can do it just keep counting the hours if it helps

  136. I am currently trying to withdraw from heroine. Day 4, but i cant really say cause i took a couple norcos and a couple 30mg oxycodone to take the edge off. I was doing about a gram a day for 4 months and the withdraw is intense. I feel sweaty but freezing at the same time…i cant sleep at night and the tears just come because i am an emotional wreck…i almost want to give up. Suboxane strips dont work for me at all….

  137. If I am a daily user of the drug and used it heavily but now I am trying to lower the dosage that I consume cuz I don’t want to do this shit no more. Will that help my withdrawals. If I start consuming less will that make the withdrawals less painful

  138. Laat time i quit i waited until i had been sick a full24 hours And then i took 1 suboxone and i could get out of bed and move around i would even go so far as to say i could have gone to work then by the time it wore off i could power through the rest. Can i do the same thing with methadone or will it just postpone the withdrawal? Oh yeah i also took multivitamins and amino acids to promote the rebuilding of neurotransmitters and digestive system.

  139. 5 days without H n i am half dead. The pain is unbearable. I don’t feel hungry. Using pills for relief. sometimes i just want to shoot a full injection but i don’t. I have promised my loved ones that I am not going to do drugs. N i am gonna keep that promise. I am not going to do drugs.


  140. My last day using was sept 23rd 2015, jumped on a plane to California for one week. I haven’t used since. I have been drug free 6 months. I struggle sometimes and want to use but don’t. My withdrawl symptoms were horrible first 3 days, but lasted a few weeks, shaking, insomnia etc.. I don’t feel like a shell anymore, I love my kids that’s what keeps me clean everyday. I suffered extreme depression and anxiety for 3 months after my last use. Good luck to everyone I pray for everyone to find strength, serenity and grace. If u continue death is the only choice u willbe left with.

  141. Suboxone sucks! It to us a drug…you leave rehab…start taking subs… Telling yourself you are going to wean yourself off of them… It never happens! You start selling them cause you know big bucks for them! Then you go buy heroine and the cycle begins! Back to REHAB!!!

  142. This is just a general reply to all, I was on the Point for about 6 months, i had to move out of state lost my connection and the 3rd an 4th day were not easy i had the dragon puke syndrome and the Toilet Blues. The 5th day was a bit better, since then i have not used the Point, just moved over to OXY pills, the sick time feeling on these is only 25% of the H on Point. I also do H water when i cant gt the Oxy,

    No i have no quit totally, but getting off the point is a big step!!
    So my Advice is to Get off the Point no matter what! Then the rest is up to you.

  143. I am 21 years old and i am injecting since last 6-7 months. Its been 2 days and i have not injected a unit. I want to quit but the pain is unbearable. I go out with friends so that my mind would get diverted. My friends are very supportive. But the night time is worst. Can’t sleep n the pain is at its peak. I took some medication but they are not helping. Please tell me what should i do or what medicine should i take that will give me relief. I want to stay clean. Help me

  144. Is it normal for a person to not be able to sleep after ten days off of heroin?How long does it take to have the brain to produce natural dupermin

  145. My son hasn’t used herion in 1.5 wks, but has taken. Subs every few days. He is doing better but will run out of his subs soon. What withdrawal systems might he exhibit and what can be done to ease them?

  146. Hi, i’m in the U.K and have had past heroin and crack addictions, I fully rehabilitated then relapsed but I’m fully confident about rehabilitating again. I have my own home detox that I have come by, it is gabbapentium (have plenty) a few pregablin and diazepam plus nitrazepam. I have loperamide too for daiohreia but I have read on forums that it is very good for withdrawels from heroin. I feel that I have enough to detox and have some methadone and dihidrocodine too so might do say 3 days maintained without using before I start to fully detox. I am just wondering about what amounts of gabbapentium I should use, I have been using daily for 3 years but have got it down to 2 bus per day, that’s half a gram of U.K heroin, so what amounts are safe for me to use for detox and do you know of any actual medical studies done on withdrawing from opiates using gabbapentium because all my research is through forums

  147. I hear.to kick person its bettor try. Eurozone or methadone. The thing they are not telling you. You still have the same dope Bill. You got to pay the same as you pay the dope man. In my state of North Carolina the motor want 100a week. Just like the dope man you must pay or be sick. I’m longing to feel normal again. The detox wants private insurance. No Obama care wont save you here I JUST WANT TO KICK THIS SHIT. Please how can I JUST BE FREE NOW.

  148. It took me near five weeks cold turkey of methadone on heron in my room and also 3 antidepressants and a sleeping tab all stoped at one go i had no choice the evil doctors whould not give me a script for my tabs ao i went a bit crazy in my own up in my room all i keeped seen was demons and i even thought of hanging my self the doctors didn’t care one bit it was horrible

  149. I have used heroin for about 8 years, now I am clean for three weeks, I have been using suboxone for the withdrawals. But now I’m trying to use less suboxone, but I still feel some symptoms, like I feel very cold and I’m very tired (no energy) and I still get cramps. I would like to know how long my symptoms should last, and should I just stop the suboxone, because I don’t want to get addicted to the suboxone… Is there any other medicine that isn’t so strong or addictive that I can use so that I don’t take suboxone any more?? I really want to stay clean, any tips would be appreciated!!

  150. I been using for nine days will I go threw withdrawal I want to stop now plz help I need to know its my worst fear is withdrawal I was clean for two years and relapsed

  151. This really helped me but do you know how long it would take for a 15 year old its not for me but for My older sister and I have not seen her in almost 2 weeks now I was wondering because I just want to know about how long I wont see her for

  152. Please people, read up about kratom for heroin withdrawal, it works! You won’t feel the withdrawal symptoms,, it tastes like sh*t but hey I suppose u want some reason to not have to take it again

  153. I have no insurance but want to get off herion but tried at home I was clean for 3 day then I couldn’t do it any more.I have 4 children that I can’t even be around unless I am high cause then I am normal to everyone. Long story I live in clarksville tn

  154. Man I’m 26 been iving this bs for 5 years detoxed once cold turkey (subs are just a crutch) I believe from experience weed and Xanax are the way to go and your gonna feel so shitty that by day 5 or 6 you’ll feel so much better and be ready to get out of the house of course my uncle helped me he had no idea what he was doing but just having someone with you helps but smoke during the day and Xanax at night go for walks and just man up bottom line quit being a baby you felt good on it and didn’t complane rembered bud n bars will help

  155. Hi im going away to spain for 3 months to detox im bringing enough fi for a couple of weeks because im going to detox from 75mills over a couple of weeks then go tru cold turkey, , i did it before i went away for 6weeks and when I came home i had very bad withdrawals in my legs the rest of me was fine,but my legs was killing me i could not walk away 1 or 2 yards and with out sitting down,i was very upset so I told my doctor everything i dun and how i did it, he gave me some meds for my legs but they were no good at this stage im going tru hell with my legs i keep telling me doc,but to be out straight he wasn’t very helpful at all,and he Dell’s with heroin addition people ever day and so i really thought he would help me out but I felt like he didn’t want to know anymore because I was clean and i wasn’t getting my fi any more ,,,,,,, so to cut to the chase has anyone got advice on on what to do when I come back, im very nervous going over on my own with no help,,,,,, can any one tell me do i ask the doc for something to help me get tru this over there ??? Is there anything I can ask him for to help me sleep or for the pain,im not that knowledgeable about what to ask for as in meds etc.,…ANY ONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO AND ASK FOR BEFORE I GO BACK,PLEASE ANYONE,,,,JJ thanks

  156. Hi im going away to spain for 3 months to detox im bringing enough fi for a couple of weeks because im going to detox from 75mills over a couple of weeks then go tru cold turkey, , i did it before i went away for 6weeks and when I came home i had very bad withdrawals in my legs the rest of me was fine,but my legs was killing me i could not walk away 1 or 2 yards and with out sitting down,i was very upset so I told my doctor everything i dun and how i did it, he gave me some meds for my legs but they were no good at this stage im going tru hell with my legs i keep telling me doc,but to be out straight he wasn’t very helpful at all,and he Dell’s with heroin addition people ever day and so i really thought he would help me out but I felt like he didn’t want to know anymore because I was clean and i wasn’t getting my fi any more ,,,,,,, so to cut to the chase has anyone got advice on on what to do when I come back, im very nervous going over on my own with no help,,,,,, can any one tell me do i ask the doc for something to help me get tru this over there ??? Is there anything I can ask him for to help me sleep or for the pain,im not that knowledgeable about what to ask for as in meds etc.,…ANY ONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO AND ASK FOR BEFORE I GO BACK,PLEASE ANYONE,,,,JJ

  157. So I’m detoxing for my third time over three years of on n off spells (wondering if I will ever learn my lesson) I’m doing good but doing it strictly detox no subs no meth fooking it all off, I’m on my 4/5th day my side effects n withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as last time but I’m sooooo up and down hot flushes irritation is peak levels I actually want the world to just do one! It’s not been a public thing I was a closet addict which is making it worse coz people ain’t understanding why I’m so I’ll and I just want to hit them! I’m by no means aggressive but this time I am finding it’s bringing out this tendency to get really f#*ked off real easy. I want these hot flushes to pass off these aches to jog on and just want my life back!!!!! Devils dust! Gŕrrrrrrrr

  158. Zandile, are u sure ur bf as only been on it for 3 months? As a user I’ll tell u something, we lie. It’s a selfish drug. Never the less even if he has been on it for 3 months he’s still going to feel withdrawal symptoms. If u can get ur hands on kratom, read my post above, and he’s willing to try and get off the drug then he doesn’t need to suffer horribly. I’m now on day 2 of my CT and I still feel pretty good. I’m slightly fuzzier than yesterday but 80% of wd symptoms are not there. I’ll keep u posted

  159. Please people believe me when I say there is no need to suffer through a detox anymore. I’ve been smoking H for over 2 years now and the only thing that’s stopped me going cold turkey is the thought of the aches and pains that follow. Well atm I’m on day 1 of a detox and I honestly can’t believe I’m supposed to be clucking! I feel nothing, no aches and pains or runny nose and eyes and this is all because I have took a legal powder called kratom. Honestly this works. Please read up about this for opiate withdrawals as it works, I would never of believed something legal could work but it does. Be quick in the UK as this will be a banned substance in April 2016

  160. My boyfriend has been using herione for about 3months now…how can i help him to stop…his changed and his now always angry, he smoked it before and i bought him a methadone last year…now I cant find it, how can i help him to stop this thing…we just had a child, shes 1 month old…if he keeps smoking his gonna end up sick…what will i say to my daughter if she asks about her dadd

  161. I’m starting my detox again. I cold turkied once and got clean but the constant rambling in my brain made me think I could do a small amount and calm my thoughts. Now I’m trying again. I’ve only been using for about 8 mos total with a break in between. Like others it started with a broken foot and not getting the right pain meds. I don’t want to let my family down. I need to be a good wife and partner and a good mother again. So I’m just posting for accountability. I’m sad…so damn sad

  162. Hello my brother in law came too visit me and my wife but forgot his methadone pills in another state what can me and my wife do too ease some of the pain and muscle ackes hes experiencing pretty badly i need suggestions anything at all that can help us help him would br greatly appreciated thank you

  163. I snort 20 dollars a day of heroin for 2 years. I’ve been trying to qhit cold turkey for a month. The longest could make it to is day 3 before I feel like just checking out. Man 3 days of no sleep, sweating through your cloths, convulsions, not eating, severe stomach cramping, severe anxiety etc is unreal. I’m a proud former Marine but heroin is completely harder. What can I take over the counter to help with any and all symptoms? Can or will my doctor prescribe me something like valium even though I’m a heroin addict? Or something for cramps etc. Not subs though. I doubt replace opiates for opiates. Thank you.

  164. Hey. Im 20 an I’ve been with this guy for 6 years. He’s used heroin an still does i don’t know what I should . we’ve broke up on several times through out the years. Can I help him or should I be OK being in a relationship still?

  165. My 41 year old son has just admitted to being a hero win addict. He flew with his sister to Florida to be at his dad’s side when he died. He within two days became sick, all the listed side effects of withdrawal. He claims to have been using for three years. It’s now day six and he is still vomiting. Is there anything we can get him to help??? Where do we go from here he claims to want help getting clean I am willing to do whatever I can but don’t want to enable him further. I now know as suspected he has manipulated me in the past, many lies anything so I would give him money. Please help me understand.

  166. I am on 100mg of methedone and 6 bags of heroin daily I stopped using the heroin but am still on 100mg of methedone I am going through withdrawals from stopping the heroin how long will the withdrawals last

  167. Hay my friend was doing dope she stopped on Sunday the 28 6:00 it’s been 2days now and she’s having anxiety discomfort and having a lil trouble sleeping .. She only did a gram in a period time of a week how bad is it going to get she’s 5’9 weight is 145pounds

  168. Iv used heroin most days for the last 6 years usually smoking a half teenth ,iv tried a few times to quit but because it was easy for me to get I would be back out on the hunt within a day or two.i have moved to a different city now with my new girlfriend and have decided not to meet any local dealers,if I want something I have to drive back to the auld neighbourhood, but last week my car had to go in for repairs leaving me stranded in this new place the car being the only way I would travel the 1 hour journey to get my hit, my car was gone for 5 days!! Which was a fckn shock to my addicted system all I had was 50 mls of methadone to keep me going, resigned to the fact I wasnt getting a toot until I got the car back I accepted this and split the meth into 5 10ml shots,surprisingly this worked for me.i know that meth works on your system for upto 24 hrs so when I took the 10mls.on the morning of day two it just added to the 10 mls in my system from day 1 and so on with 3,4 and 5, the first mornings withdrawls when I woke up were that feeling as if you’ve had a bevvy for the last two weeks straight. I’m on day six now no brown no meth I sneeze now and then and feel a bit agitated but I’m far from the way I was feeling the last few times I tried to quit stomach cramps,rls,cold sweats yawning every fckn 10 mins.i think because in my mind I accepted I wasnt gonna see any shit for a few days I didn’t get the intense cravings and so that small amount of meth worked for me, unless it was down to getting a strong batch of meth (if that’s possible) dunno, but this is the longest iv stayed clean it feels good but now I have the car back I’m tempted to get a bag for the weekend…….does anyone think it’s possible to be a weekend tooter?

  169. I have been using heroin everyday 3 – 4 times for more then 16 years, I tried to stop many times but could not.. Do you think I should go to a rehab becose at home is too difficult.. I need help

  170. I was clean for 7 weeks and started using again but not everyday. Been using for last 3 days and want to stop. So how bad will it be?

  171. I just got out of detox and its been 10 days. I have no depression or even cravings as I wanted to quit for over a year but I dug myself a whole I couldn’t get out of. But I’m 10 days off, but I can’t sleep at all, periodically my legs are killing me and I’m overall very tired based on lack of sleep. I snorted maybe a gram a day for 2 years, Will this misery last months, or should the physical stuff go away in the next week

  172. Ive been using dope for 8yrs off and on the last three cuz ive been in and out of jail and prison I use about 1.5 gs a day roughly. I am 25yr old would I be ok to detox at home cold turkey?

  173. What can I do to help my partner iv never used drugs and don’t no the first thing about them my little sister died taking drugs he cries if I don’t give him money I have no support of family or friends as they don’t no he takes drugs

    1. Hi, Lori. Heroin withdrawals might have impact on menstrual cycle. I suggest you speak more about your concern with your doctor.

  174. Ive been a herion user for 6 years ive been on methadone and suboxen for the last 4 to 6 weeks ive used herion scated to face the withdrawals finally i decided it was time to stop so using around a gram or so a day for that time i went cold turkey only using tylenol its een 4 days tomorrow being day 5 im just wondering when the nausea starts to lighten up or go away and as bad as day one was and reading day 3 was worse i expected it to be alot worse with it being no where close to that my husband and i have been wanting clean with nothing else to wein from for a few years weve called numerous places for help always being denied so we wete told go to local er and tell them what we were there for and being treated like trash my husband got admitted i never left er waiting area aftet 6 hours so i decided i could do more myself at home and i think i got it kicked now just want sickness to go away some would tell us when called and told no was because we wanted to stop if a family would of called they might of some people really want to stop but are to scared or cant handle the withdrawals i just hope it starts getting better i no not overnight but when do the symptoms start to ease up thsnk you and glad i went for it

  175. I’m on my 3rd day of heroin withdraw I’m a 30yr old female pregnant at that about 7weeks that is my whole point of quitting heroin I’m 5’3 about 330lbs and I haven’t been able to sleep and I have no energy at all I have a lot of anxiety what should I do I want to go get a hit just so I can feel normal but I’ve already gone this far please help and tell me what I should do!?

  176. I’m gonna detox from three weeks of use bout one gram a day I started this from coming of 60 MG’s of methadone , I have bout five 10 mg methadone pills at home I need and want this but scared

  177. the way I detoxed off of herion was easy I took subutex for four days and only four days when I stopped I took klonipin for a few days and I did it NOW the dreams od wanting every night r horrible I feel this part is harder then the detox

  178. I have been taking suboxone to get off heroin. I experienced weird nausea (almost like morning sickness) and really heavy, completely out of cycle menstrual bleeding. I have not had heroin in over 7 days and was able to go about 30 hours without the suboxone, which seemed to make these symptoms stop. However, I am still having withdrawal discomfort and took a tiny piece of suboxone to sleep tonight. I’m worried these symptoms may return. Are these symptoms something I should be worried about? A response by my body from the withdrawal? A reaction to the suboxone? Something completely unrelated?

  179. Went cold turkey 72 hours ago. Was working on a year habit with peaks of 2 grams a day but on average a gram a day. Tapered down a bit but never works like you want it to. I finally just had to say enough. I’m at a high level in a corporation and working on a start up and have an ex who would not understand and a young daughter I can’t abandon. But I also can’t disappear to a clinic or detox so I took 5 days at home and said fuck this….man up. But im also older, late 40s
    And don’t know if that hurts or helps. I can only imagine it gets worse recovering as you are older. Anyways, I’m just here to occupy my mind tell anyone that hasn’t done it but wants to, you can but literally is a hell that you willingly have to stay in until it breaks. I’m currently fighting between mind and body 24/7 for the last 72 hours. I’m in my own home with minimal to zero support but what I can manage on my own which has been barely the ability to walk downstairs and get water or Gatorade due to hydration. I’m now past the RLS and was never nauseous and was able to eliminate diarrhea with loperamide. But the lack of energy, with goose flesh and chills are still pretty bad. Problem is I have to be back at work tomorrow and on a flight come Tuesday. That’s what scares me the most. May be able to fake sickness for work tomorrow but can’t get out of Tuesday so I pray hour by hour that I will start to feel better. I guess I am a bit because the first 48 I’m not sure I could even text. Bottom line, this sucks. But it can be done. Will I make it through a full recovery? I don’t know but I’m bound to not let this sickness make me relapse. I’m almost so pissed at the drug I refuse to give in. I’ve maintained my life for a year but the last month or so I felt it slipping away. The cost, the time, the secrets, the health, the total dependence is just awful. Best advice, don’t touch it. I started out just using it to come down from the occasional cocaine high. Then the cocaine was no longer desirable, it was just the nice mellow of the H. Well here I am a year later and it’s the worst hell of my life. And no suboxone or anything like that. I don’t criticize anyone for the way they choose to quit as each has to face their own issues their own ways. I just hope I’m as strong as I think I am but this stuff is a motherfucker! Wish me luck.

  180. I am having a really hard time getting off of heroin this time around. I first got strung out in 2011 after doing it daily for a year and that time around I went to detox and the suboxone worked. I was also only doing about a gram a day back then though, this time around I’ve been back on it for almost two years but my habit is at slightly above a quarter piece a day, at 7.5 grams. And I’m an iv user too. I’ve never smoked it, I’m type one diabetic and needles never have scared me. But this time around my habit got bigger and bigger over a short period of time because my boyfriend got a trust fund of a million dollars. I’ve tried everything. Nothing is working now. I was on the methadone program at 120 mg a day and it would only pro long me getting sick until the evening, so I would still use at night, which led to me being kicked off the program for dirty uas. Then I tried buying a bunch of subutex and suboxone too but when I took those they didn’t work this time, they were legit I got them from someone I knew from the sub/methadone clinic and was living with at the time. But I even waited until I was in full withdraws to take it and it didn’t even touch my pain. I ended up taking 32mg of it at once to see if I just hadn’t taken enough for my habit but even then it only helped for maybe 20 minutes. So a couple months ago I went to the detox center to see if they could help me. And when I was doing my intake and told them that I’m shooting 7.5 grams of tar a day, they kinda laughed it off like I was joking. Anyways the first day I was there they gave me 8mg and subutex six hours after I got there and six hours after that, but I was still shaking, throwing up, having panic attacks and sweating uncontrollably. Then after the third does of subutex not working I woke up in an ambulance because I guess I started having seizures and blacking out about it scared the detox medical staff and they told me that they couldn’t do anything more for me so the hospital was going to have to help me.. when I got to the hospital they tranquilized me three times over the course of an hour and a half but the seizures were finally stopping, just when I was feeling like I could sleep for a second they brought me back to the detox center. And as soon as the tranquilizer wore off they called an ambulance again because I kept having seizures while walking somewhere or off of my bed hitting my head on the damn concrete. I ended up leaving after that because I felt like I was going to die. And I would also like to add even at this high of a habit I do not get high anymore this is what I take to stay well, the only time I feel slightly more then normal is when I have to go 6-12 hours with out a hit because the Mexican isn’t on this side of the states yet, and I finally get one. That’s it, I haven’t nodded out in a year, I can not over does either, and I mean that. Well basically if I could fit it in a shot I’ve done it at once and not even a nod. Unless I take like 4 of the 2mg kpins with it. And I know the stuff I get isn’t some weak crap either. I gave some one a .05 of a gram (like a $5 bag) and they oded and I had to call 911. And that’s just one example.. I really need help but I need medicine. Am I on to high of a habit to not withdraw even on medication?

  181. I stop you herion as up 3pm will I be clean by Sat. I only snort a $25 a day in three day in the row. Will I be clean or will it take up to 7 days along I eat and drinking plenty of water. I want to go back to work and stop stress so I can go back to work. Will I be clean by Friday. I only do half of gram and I want to quite cold turkey

  182. I have a daugter severly addicted to heroin and is refusing help she’s 18 so I can’t commit her what should I do she has ptsd severe anxiety prior to drug use unable to leave home which is why I can’t get her I not in at a lose she’s gonna end up dead

  183. What are some things I can take over the counter to make my heroin detox a little easier? Now I know nothing really helps except just getting the days and time behind you but I get insomnia very bad and I didn’t know if there is something I can take that might help me sleep?

  184. Gary go to the Health food store and purchase potassium or sodium abscorbate…. (do not buy any other kind they will be hard on your gut) then go back home and take 25 grams of it, not 25mg but 25g in one day. take 10 grams in the morning and 15 grams in the evening. if you are feeling really bad withdrawls the next day up your vitamin C (sodium or potassium abscorbate) to 50g a day. You can take up to 85g a day for the first 6 days of withdrawl, then reduce to 10 grams a day. You should feel NO withdrawls at all. Get a good vitamin and a whey proten shake to take daily and you should be on the road to recovery. You will not need anything, no subutex, suboxone or anything else….. Your brain will also go back to normal within a very short amount of time…. my son has absolutely no cravings on this protocol. God Bless You Gary, Also look to HIM for guidance and HE will direct your every step.

  185. I am copying a portion of this article here for you to read. Vitamin C is amazing and it has helped my son a great deal. Remember to either use potassium or sodium abscorbate so it will not irritate the stomach. I wish you all the best and God bless……

    The therapy for drug addicts involves the following:

    • 25 to 85 grams a day of ascorbate in divided doses with initial dosage determined by severity of clinical deterioration.
    • Large doses of vitamins, minerals, and predigested proteins are given. After 4 to 6 days, the ascorbate dose is gradually reduced to 10 to 30 grams daily.
    • Appetite returns and the patient begins to eat large amounts of nutritious food.
    • The universal restless sleep or inability to sleep seen in drug addicts disappears.
    • Addicts taking methadone, heroin, and morphine are withdrawn without any symptoms.
    • Addicts taking a fix of their usual narcotic experience none of their usual symptoms of a” high” unless their ascorbate dosage is too low. Many addicts decide to remain on heroin during methadone therapy because it enables them to cope with the worse side effects of methadone.
    • Well being is restored in 12 to 24 hours.
    • Mental alertness and visual acuity promptly improve

    In normal persons, ascorbic acid causes diarrhea in doses above 10 grams. This diarrhea is attributed to an acid fluid irritating the normally alkaline surface of the small intestine. Patients taking sodium and potassium ascorbate avoid this problem.

  186. Hi all, I’m new to this board and I really need your help. I am 9 days off heroin (2yr use 1- 1/2 G’s a day) 8 days off 15 mg percs(10 yrs use, about 120 every 1 1/2-2 weeks).
    I went to a hospital detox for 3 days leaving there feeling great. On the ride home I threw up and not be to graphic I s*** my pants. I had a little nausea that night, but had horrible insomnia also. Since the hospital they gave me a dose of Natrexone I thought maybe that is why I got sick. I stopped taking it and was feeling much better. Sat was a great I danced around w/my kids, went out shopping and felt better the I have in years! That night something triggered me to think about the dope and I decided I’d try the Natrexone again. Like the first time I had terrible insomnia and around 8am that morning I the nausea and vomiting kick in and lasted ALL day. I ended up going to the ER for fluids and anti nausea meds. I helped somewhat but I was still miserable w/nausea and vomiting, even after taking a ton of Zofram. I know this is long and I’ll just get to the point. I haven’t had any Natrexone in 3 days, but I’m still nausea as HELL!!! And the Insomnia is just as bad if not worse. Is all this from the withdrawals or is there something else wrong? I can’t stand this anymore! How do I get it to go away??? I someone could please reply ASAP I would greatly appreciate it.

  187. I have a friend who is going through with drawls how can I help her? I am going to get her in to a clinicnn soon but what do I do in the mean time

  188. I have been snorting heroine for about 2 months with increasing frequency. Will I be able to go to work during withdrawal? I have about 4 strips of Suboxene? Will this be enough? Thank you

  189. I have been using regularly for about a year and a half now. I only sniff and thought that I would never get addicted because my girlfriend would shoot. But now I’m finding out how hard it is to stop and I don’t know what to do. I have been doing approximately 3 bundles of day and the withdrawal symptoms are terrible. I am wondering if it would be better to try to go into a detox or to continue to try this on my own? Anyone has any suggestions I would be interested to hear it anything

  190. i had been regular user of heroin from one year and now quit it from last 8 days. I am getting withdrawal symptoms like insomnia change in body temperature tension anxiety etc. what shall I do to get rid of it. If you could please email me at kaustup36@ gmail.com with some good suggestions. Thank you

    1. Hi, Jezabelle. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, immediate assistance is available. Call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.


  192. This is day 14 , I am having PAWS , It is really wearing me down inside my head. I have tried all the tricks , I found online. My question is how much more time should I prepare myself for.?????
    I have a physically demanding job, and that is not going well at all. Fortunately for me I am the owner and boss of my small company , so I can come and go as I please. Thats the only thing saving my ass right now. Thanks for a reply……

  193. I’ve been on heroin for 2 months at the most, I’m sick but will it take less time for me to detox, since Ive only done it a short time? If not how long?? this is unbearable to me… Thank you

  194. To HELP- If you have been only using Heroin for 2 days, you shouldn’t experience any withdrawal symptoms. Have you been using anything else with the Heroin? Usually I have noticed people will start having bad withdrawal symptoms after a couple weeks of use. I would honestly stop now because its not worth it!!

  195. If you know someone was taking Herion and don’t know if and when they stopped or if they stopped and you give
    them the test and all that shows up is pot. How long does the Herion have to be out of ones system? Are there ways to get it out before taking a test? How accurate are the home tests?

  196. Ive been struggling with heroin addiction for about 14 years now. Ive quit many times with varying degrees of success. The best way ive found is to use only 2 sub strips. Take one after 24 hours, then take a half at 48 hours, then wait as long as u can before taking the other half. Maybe another 48 hours or so. 3 doses thats all you need. Trust me you do not want a suboxone tolerance! Its wds are much worse!
    For me this works much better than cold turkey. If you’ve been a user for as long as i have, you know everytime you try to quit cold turkey its more severe than the time before. The last time i did that it was 2 weeks before i got any sleep whatsoever. For me the small dose of subs makes it a walk in the park!

  197. Hi there, I’m a 35 yr old male and have been smoking black tar for around 8 months, been smoking approx 0.16 grams a day, now I know it’s not a lot compared to what some folks smoke but I really need/want to quit this evil. I have never tried but have experienced not having none for a 36hr period and I just became so weak it was harsh. The thing is neither my friends or partner knows about my drug use. Could you please give me some advice on how to beat this or what I could take to ease the withdrawel symptoms.
    I plan on slowly using less and less of the drug for example I plan on smoking 3 lines when I get home from work 3 before bed and 3 before work then do
    This for 4 days then try 3,2,3 then 3,2,2 then 2,2,2 ect. Do you think it could work for me this way and how bad if withdrawel do you think I will encounter? Thanks in advance for your help and advice and good luck to everyone out there.

  198. My last day at detox was New Years and withdrawals are completely gone do t do it at home if you have access to a detox center suboxone taper and seroquil with some comfort meds will make it so much easier I know For me if I had access then I would never stop If you have access to a detox then go for days and it’s over and then you have your whole life so forward to it God will listen to your prayers no matter where you been or what you have to do in life

  199. Like the guy said below me you can take subxon and not feel withdrawal but the withdrawal from that is ten times worse. I only took a strip and a half and over 3 days and I was good(i used ever days3 Times a day for 3 years). I’m 4 months clean now but I have clod sweats from when I wake up till I go to bed. Only thing that help is smoking weed. I don’t recommend it for everyone but Mary Jane was never a trigger for me. I lost my boyfriend a month after we both got out of rehab. And I’ve never thought about using again. I will never touch that evil bitch again.Good luck to anyone going thru this.

  200. Hi,

    Thank you for this information it has brought a lot of clearance to me. I am looking after my boyfriend who is a recovering addict. He hasn’t used in over 6 months and then used again a few days ago and OD. We are on day 4 and he seems to be a lot better but still is not all there and falls asleep anywhere he is. I have to work the a few more days in the week and am wondering if I need to just stay home with him.

  201. Im sure i already know the answer to this. Ive been using off and on for about 17 years and im a pretty heavy user anyway im seriously thinking of detoxing from home. Ive tried this many times and never made it past day 2 but i cant go to inpatient for a few reasons. My question is, if i use just enough at night just to help me sleep will that set me back and have to start all over again? Im thinkinkg yes it does. Someone please let me know..

  202. I’m just wondering where is an addict supposed to turn when I carry state insurance, there is a 3 month waiting list for the suboxone program provided by a doctor who accepts the insurance? I can not deal with withdrawal without a suboxone program but can not get one in less than 3 months. They want you to attend a program before you can see the doctor so how are you to do that with an active addiction?

  203. How long will it take a 64 year old man using for 20 plus years at 1 gram to stop having panic attacks and other withdrawal feelings.

  204. I don’t know what to Do I’m very scared of withdraw ! I have kicked onec I had a Little taste of it and it was horrible so I have not bin Abel to get clean ! Sadly it’s ruining me I lost my job and my family had found out about my usage idk what to do I bin getting high for 3-4mouths now. What’s the eazyest way to getting clean please. Some one let me know I really need so advice ! From some one who has gone threw all this. Just the real deal !!! ?

  205. I was wondering if I have a few abscess will it conflict with the suboxone I’m planning to take ? Im worried of acute withdrawal. I will of course wait the appropriate time , just need to know and have no one to ask . Thank you .

  206. I have been usingn£20/£40 of heroin a day on top of a 80 ml methadone script I will not be using the heroin for a week as am going away,am I going to feel it?????

  207. I am about to start detox/withdraw and my doctor gave me the suboxone 8mg strips. I’m 37 and have doing herion for 2 yrs now. I took off work for the next week to get clean. Does anyone know how long withdraw will occur with taking the suboxone? I know people say suboxone takes away the symptoms but not all of them. I will get the sweats, muscle acres and other withdraw systems. I’m just wondering how long they will last?

  208. Is there anything i can do to help.my friend he is on day 3 or 4 and is really sick he gets cold then hot stomache issues he was up all night crying is there any certin food that can help him make it easier.for.him i dont know.what to do never experienced.anything.like this he is my.roomate.and i.will.help him kick this stupid habbit just dont know what to do

  209. Please guys can I ask a question? I don’t mean to sound stupid but I don’t understand withdrawals drug half-life and many different things properly I just can’t get my head round the science.my question is having been heroin addict for 3 yrs on and off had semi successful periods not using BUT would say was only addicted to suboxone or zubsolv instead of H when I was so-say clean… Anyway after multiple relapses I had my last shot of H 16 days ago then tapered the 2.5 Zubsolv I had left pretty fast until the last 5.7mg tablet was actually broken up into about 8 tiny pieces. Now I’ve been off everything for 5 days and withdrawals are still bad and to be honest getting worse. I can’t Take it !!!My question is if I did relapse and have a couple bags H and then go Cold Turkey will I still have the hell of the subs/zubsolv withdrawal to contend with?? I wish I’d never been put on that medication Yeah it’s a lifesaver but it’s just another ( albeit legal) opiate. It’s like do I stay in that for the rest of my life seeing as the withdrawal are soooo bad I bet my doctor and pharmacy hope I do. Sorrrrry I’m just sooo angry today. I really wanna be sober. I know 7 days or so of H cold turkey was awful in the past but this hell is worse!!!Any advice answers gratefully appreciated. thanks people and good luck and I hope we all get sober somehow 🙂

  210. Man ive been a H addict for 30 YEARS for the past 14years been mostly clean but iam not going to lie been fighting addiction ill chip for one day and i feel withdrawal symptoms for the next 3-4days after one day of 12 cents of a dime bag.then i feel guilty.and try to stay clean .but here i go again back to the bag .iam 50 been in prison and gangs most my life ,some time i think this is all i know .well iam just trying to say this is some fucked up shit .and society just takes a giant shit on people with H addiction.just be strong minded its not easy to kick dope hey did you think that something that feels so good was going to be easy to get away from .taper down then taper down more with pain pills opiate. Break in pieces dont take to get high just enough to help you eat and sleep.thats what i do it works if you can get pain pills just dont be a pig. On the pills ,that saying once a dope addict allways a dope addict ITS TRUE SORRY.that demon will allways be ther so try to keep busy.god bless everyone

  211. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP! My 27 year old son used heroin yesterday and he received the vivitrol shot today. He said that his inside of his head is on fire, sweats, shaking and he looks awful. Is there anything I can do to help him. Is this dangerous how he did this? Please help. Thanks

    1. Hi, Gail. If your son doesn’t feel well, take him to hospital, or call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

  212. I am on day 6 of withdrawal on day one and two I took a 8 milligram suboxone I didn’t take anything after day 2 I’m now experiencing muscle aches and diarrhea and severe stomach pain how long should this persist thank you can’t take much more

  213. Hello, I need to know how much exactly people mean when they say that heroin detox depends on how heavy of a user you are. What is considered heavy using?
    I am a intravenous user that does about .6 approx a day. Would I be considered a heavy user?

  214. Hello everybody my girlfriend is hooked on H I’ve been struggling along side her trying to get her clean I’ve seen how hard this can be to get off I’ve racked my brain trying to figure this out but I came across a plant medicine called Ibogaine I ordered it for her it was a little pricey but she has taken it and this stuff actually works as soon as she took it her pain was gone she has been out for a few days now but she is starting to come out of it I recommend this to anyone trying to come clean hopefully this message gets to someone and give it a try good luck and take care

  215. My boyfriend has been using heroin frm what he told me 3 weeks hes sniffed it most times but has shot it 4. He said he has been doing 3 caps at a time each time he uses, about everyday or every other. Mind you he also has a tolerance to perks as well and has serious bad issues and possable scoliosis. He usses to help him bare the pain to sleep but once i had found out he broke down and wants to detox and quit but refuses to go to a hospital or rehab center. He has other friends who use as but are willing to help him quit. Me as his girlfriend i feel useless and dont know what to do. He is 21 and we both ended up loosing our jobs around the same time and i dont know what to do to help i cry every night hoping for the best and blame myself bc im not able to help. Someone please what should i do?

  216. Years ago I got off dope by using 2, 8 mg suboxen pills in 3 days.. fri, sat, sun then mon clean. Fast forward 6 years I began methadone treatment. I travel.for work alot, and sometimes clinics need advance notice to give you “take-homes”, or enough for ur travel days. That wasn’t working out. So I met a super rich woman , she eventually told me to get off methadone. We came up with a plan of her supplying me money for dope. So from Feb to late august I was doing a b7ndle a day. The plan was to do the suboxen. Pills as I did years ago. I bought 5 strips, cut each one into little pieces.and took them as I needed. this was September, and im still having suboxen withdrawls. It’s pure hell, if u cam don’t go over the 4mg, it’s all u need. I found this out after 3 weeks of hell. Stay away from it u can. Pure hell. I’m going back ro dope to get the suboxen out of my system, then I will do the dope withdrawls cold turkey..good.luck

  217. Hello, I am a 25 year old single mother of a 4 year old. I started using Heroin at the age of 14. Started pills at 12 because of a serious head injury and was in a lot of pain. At 19, I decided to go on Methadone. I started out on 30mg and then went up to 60mg once my body got use to it. I got pregnant at 20 and they took me up to 130mg. The last 6 months of my pregnancy I was taking the 130mg everyday. My son was born addicted to the methadone and spent 42 days in the NICU detoxing off morphine so he didn’t pass away from the withdrawals. I decided to try and detox off the methadone after that. I took my dose down 10mg every week then 5 mg every week. I was doing really good. I got down to 3mg. I was almost done but then I decided to use Heroin again. I thought that would be easier to get off then methadone. So, I started using Heroin July of 2014 on a daily basis. I then decided I was done and over the 2 weeks around Christmas, I went down to Florida and detoxed off everything cold turkey. When I flew back home 2 weeks later, I still was sick from everything. Since methadone can take months to get out of your system since its stored in the fat cells in your body. WORSE thing to detox off cold turkey. Anyways…that was the worse Christmas/Vacation ever. Back to coming back to Maryland. I ended up buying a new car the day I got home and ended up in Baltimore buying Heroin again. I owned my 2015 Honda Civic SI for 33 days before I totaled it driving home from the city. So, I decided to get a new car 2 weeks later then drove to Florida in February 2015 to stop again. I drove down to Florida to detox once again. This time I used KRATOM to detox. I wasn’t sick at all. It worked. I did really good my two weeks in Florida with my family. When I came back home to Maryland two weeks later, I relapsed again. Same day I got home. I once again was running from my house to Baltimore, MD everyday. I did that again everyday until June-July 2015, then decided once again to stop. I used the Kratom once again but I didn’t stay clean in Florida. I met some people at the bar and ended up doing all kind of drugs in one night that I thought I was going to die. But I didn’t…thank god. Once those 2 weeks were done, I drove back home and went back to Heroin. Once again… I thought it would never end. Once again I am back in Florida detoxing. I decided to do it cold turkey. I did use the THOMAS RECIPE which helps a little bit. But now December 14, 2015, I am 5 days clean and will be 6 days on December 15, 2015 at 7:30am. This time I have a better support system at home and more people to talk to. Places I can go for help and N.A meetings.
    I need to be a better mother for my son and continue school so I can continue to do what I love to do.

  218. Our son, in his early thirties, has used opiates of all kinds very heavily for the past 5 years and has been detoxing from heroin at home. He had in the past few months progressed to injecting himself. This is day 7. I am retired and have been able to stay with him. He would not have been able to detox at home without constant supervision and we aren’t saying it’s over. We took his phone, his money, his car keys and hid them. He quit his job and will start a new routine when the time is right. He has nothing and no one to support except a dog.
    Day 1 was flu symptoms.
    Day 2 more harsh flu symptoms and serious restless leg and muscle discomfort. Took 1g of Klonopin every 6 hours. Many hot sits baths. My water bill will be ugly, but it’s cheaper than a detox center!
    Day 3 the vomiting and diarrhea kicked in with severe coordination issues ( he dropped the water bottles, spilled everything he tried to put in his mouth). Took 1g Klonopin every 6 hours. Many hot baths.
    Day 4 was sheer craziness: woke feeling hopeful and better, began AA meetings; then as the day progressed the urge to use was powerful. He became desperate asking for his phone, his backpack, some money. We did NOT give him those things. By the evening he had found his phone while I was in the yard, and sped off on a bike. He called an hour later from a store unable to make it back home, so we picked him up off the sidewalk in front of a convenience store looking exactly like a homeless junkie in need of a fix. He had tried to score (we recovered the phone and the messages sent to suppliers) and might have found something, because he started hallucinating and had severe coordination issues.
    Day 5: Double vision set in. My husband and I went to the gym for 30 minutes and my son scrounged to the bottom of the outdoor trash bin in that time and found his backpack we were throwing out. In it were two needles. Not being good at covering his tracks, we noticed the trash had been disturbed and the empty back pack on top of the pile. We recovered the needles and made it clear that if he was going to detox at our house that was the last shenannigan. We were prepared to press charges for money he had taken and put him a public facility. Taking Kaopektate for nausea. Diarrhea has stopped. Using over the counter sleep aids.
    Day 6: Almost human. Weepy. Went to the gym for an hour. and two AA meetings.
    Day 7: still not much appetite, but more energy. Went to the gym, vision is better, still has insomnia. Going to AA meeting at 4. I thank God that my son is compliant and gentle. I thank God that I am at home, because he would have relapsed every day without constant supervision. He is looking forward to AA meetings now, sometimes going twice a day. I pray you each have someone in your life that cares deeply about you and your recovery. That might mean they prefer jail to death for you and will do what is necessary to make using again very difficult.

    1. Hi, Ann. Thanks a lot for sharing your story. It’s really hard to watch your son going through withdrawal, but it’s for his best. Hope everything will be fine! And, if you need any advice, we are here to help.

  219. My partner has secretly been smoking crack cocaine for years on and of and recently I found out he’s smoked heroine! In and out but for the past two weeks he has smoked it everyday I now have him at home with me he hasn’t touched crack or heroine in 3days and the only withdrawal symptoms he has is lack of energy and sleeping lots, he’s been sick once will the symptoms get worse??

  220. My daughter wants to get off Heroin ,she’s with me and I’ve never done a drug in my life.
    she is 42, years old been on crack about 17 years then went to heroin 2 years ago. What do we need to do. Or what do I need to do?

  221. I have been sober from heroin since sept 23rd. I’m wondering if shaking 2-3 months later is related to the addiction I had? Also I have high anxiety and was taking lorazepam but recently quit taking it, it didn’t seem to help and I read its high addictive. I was given Prozac for depression and anxiety but I am waiting to see a professional psychiatrist to make sure these are the right meds. I couldn’t sleep and was given zaleplon to sleep. I can sleep but I am awake at 4 am I can’t sleep more then 6 hours .. Is this all related to my addiction even tho I have been clean?? I quit taking everything because I don’t want to become dependent. I’m not sure they R the right meds for me. My memory is awful, im 36 n was using for 6 months some what heavily smoking or snorting. Also I was addicted to opiates for 11 months. Do u have any suggestions ??

    1. Hello, Alexis. I’m really glad that you make the right decision! Yes, tremors, anxiety,memory loss, and sleeping problems may be related with your addiction. It needs period of time for your body and mind to adjust living without the drug. Good luck!

  222. My question is how bad will my withdrawal be with light use? I’ve been using for 8 months daily pretty much. I’m a 24 year old female in pretty great health. When I used, I only used a 20 bag of not so great stuff, once in the morning/afternoon and once before bed. I am also an IV user so I know that’s a factor. I am currently on hour 16 and I have zero discomfort…just a bit of chills and the depression. So with that, what should I experience the next 3 days?

  223. Catherine, your son is still using sorry to say. His chills and sw eats wouldent be there longer then a few weeks MAX, even more then a week is pushing it for H withdrawl. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  224. i use heroine 1 year now i quit heroine 10 days ago but i still sleep 4 5 hours i use alchohol its good for me ? i cant sleep Plz any suggestion..

  225. Hi,
    A close friend is currently in jail sieving a 50 day sentence. This person was smoking heroin but she seems to be coming back after being clean 22 days. My question is how do we ensure she stays clean as she has expressed the desire of staying clean. How do we help her when she comes home?

    She is married, and her husband is a user and has no desire to stop. She thinks by taking the keys to his car away and detoxing at home is the thing to do. With all due respect I don’t think her and him should even stay married as this is clearly an issue. I don’t think this can be heathy. How can we help this situation. She has two sons and family is taking to CPS. We are lost as to what to do…

    Thank you for your time.

  226. Is it common for a heroin addict to get severe chills and shakes 6 months after the initial detox (which was cold turkey in jail) my son is an addict and says he has been clean since June and I believe him most of the time but tonight he has cold sweats, the shakes, and etc. And he says it is withdrawal PAWS.. Should I be concerned.? He lives with me so I have been monitoring his behavior to the best of my ability. But this has been his burden for many many years, with 6 years clean he reused and it has been downhill. Thank you for your time.

  227. I just want to know what is the best way to deal with withdrawing at home that will not rouse the “what if” with my wife. I relapsed about a year ago and have been using everyday since then. My first bout ended up with me dead in my bathroom, literally, no pulse not breathing, nothing. My wife doesn’t use nor has she ever used and is a full time student and I feel like the biggest piece of crap doing this to her and our daughter again. The only way I’ve ever used is IV use. No other way seems to satisfy my craving. I’m going on about my 30th hour now since last use. So far I’ve only thrown up and have restlessness like you couldn’t imagine. I take my klonopin when it’s too rough. The ache in the joints is setting in and lack of concentration is setting in as well. I’ve justified it by telling myself I’m not stealing to use so it’s not a big deal, but it’s getting harder to look my wife and daughter in the face everyday. I’m a 39 yr old male and not sure what I weigh now, I usually stay around the 180 mark and I’m 6’2″. I’m not even sure why I am posting here. I just need to get out some of these things because I can’t tell my wife. I don’t want to go the sub route, that just seems to be a swap of one for another. I just want to peel my skin off and scream until my vocal chords are torn and no sound comes out at all. Thank you for listening. I guess that’s all I really wanted. It sounds like I’m in for a rough ride after reading the posts above.

  228. I have been smoking (only) about a quarter of a gram or less of black tar heroin or a month or two, with the occasional one to three days breaks. I am having back surgery (they are removing some metal that was put in a few years ago) about 80 hours after my last dose, of about .1 gram. Will I be okay? I’m so scared

  229. I have a girl who’s like a daughter to me however unfortunately she’s a heroin addict and is 8 months pregnant. She’s telling me she’s on symboxin and had “”kicked” her habit. Is this true???
    She’s spent an entire week-end and didn’t appear to be under the influence. No excessive long trips to the bathroom (a dead giveaway for me) and I haven’t noticed withdrawals. Can she go 2-3 days (she was and/or is a daily user) without the heroin withdrawal symptoms? Is symboxin the magic answer she’s telling me it is.
    She’s an addict and I’m fully aware that she lies.
    I’m Desparate to help this baby to be born without going through withdrawals. Is that possible or just a pipe dream?
    Please help
    Thank you!

  230. Hello, I’m really lost right now. My ex who is the father of my two kids, dropped a bomb on me yesterday admitting he’s been using heroin for the last 8 mos. Him and I had been working things out to get back together and now I’m crushed and distraught over this news. I don’t even know what to do. He says he doesn’t know what to do, and he’s scared.

  231. Hii everyone am 25years old and am from mauritius ive been smoking heroin for about 1 year…i did quit for about a month and then relapse then continued to smoke then stop again for 1 week and relapse again…now i wnat to quit it because its distroying my life its been 29hr am not having that much symtomps but am wondering if on days 2 will i feel more symtomps please help me with your advise because my life is becoming a hell ive finish all my money sold my moto and am not a rich person and here in mauritius if very diffficult to get any help from pharmacist…thnks in advance and sorry for disturbing ?

  232. Hey matt. Your not mentaly ready but its cool im gonna try to help you right now. Rip the subs in half so you got 12 doses. Wait till you get really really sick till it feels worse than death, then eat just a half a sub. If you can just remember the pain is temporary and you can have a few days off work your subs a pack a smokes and some really long and challenging video games. Then i believe in you. Bro you sound just like me and i failed twice. Im on day 3 of attempt 3 and im no weak punk anymore. This is it. Im standing by my convictions.no turning back. So, hope we do this together buddy. Dont back out. Dont surrender on me bro.

  233. My son has chosen to detox from heroin at home. We are 8 days without. Most of the sickness has passed, but he is overly anxious. Is there anything we can do to help calm his nerves.

  234. For anybody saying suboxone is the key to keeping you from withdrawing, you’ve obviously never been prescribed suboxone. Yes, suboxone keeps you from going through withdrawals, but only while you continue to take them. As soon as you stop taking the suboxone you experience withdrawals 24-48 hours. I agree they are not as severe, but I promise you they are serious. I have come off of Roxie’s, heroin, suboxone, and methadone and honestly the suboxone withdrawals are just as bad.

  235. Im only 6 days smocking hereon 1 a day how long will it last cold tucky i came of every thing foy tabs heren the lot cold turcky it was bad if u can tx me advice it be great tanx verry much a lost soul

  236. Well i quitted heroin without any medication and stuff .i did it for 4 years . I am in my 20s now and it was very hard for me .i felt craving for 3 months and i was behaving foolishly for 6 monyhs .it affects your brain man .now i am feeling good i started working and everything os fine .

  237. I want to stop using H . I stopped 2 days ago and started suboxone 14 hours after last dose.. (4 bag shot) I have been doing 3-4 bag shots 3-4x a day. My first day the suboxone was not getting rid of the sweats and chills and restlessness so i caved and did a 3 bag shot (which did hardly anything) anyhow I started 6mg suboxone around 4-5am this morning (14-15hour after that 2pm 3 bag shot)… does that mean im on day 1 or 2 of detox… how much more do i have to look forward to… the suboxone seems to be helping a little more today and im hoping if i stay clean and tomorrow take 2-4mg of suboxone i should be getting better from there on. I guess my question is did I restart the whole withdrawl process doing 3 bags once while on subs? or since I had sub in my system it blocked lots of the H and I didnt hit the “restart” buttton on my withdrawl process….

  238. Hello …. Been using herion for 3 months now (since end of August) I did not do any research on this drug like dumbass, so I declare to quit this week . I do heroin maybe 4 times throughout the week, 2 bags a day, not bad compared to most …I want to stop. Only problem is, I am scared of the withdrawals. My parents know but they said I’m on my own. So I’m seeing if someone could sell me suboxone but I need to know how many mgs I should take per day and for how many months? I don’t even think I can afford this off the street even…. I don’t know what to do . I do have a job, I still go to school. I refuse rehab because i get home sick quick end I was in a kids mental hospital twice from 5-7 days and that was bad enough. I had no intention of proceeding this drug. Also if I can’t find suboxone on the street, how can I get it? Because my parents really don’t want to help.

  239. hi i was doing about 2.5 g a day iv. went to rehab had 16 days off heroin and about 9 off subutex tapper but was given 1mg a day for last 3 days because i couldn’t stop vomitting. left rehab did 20mg iv this morming. am i going to start withdraws all over again? never felt like they ever really stop anyways. going to go cold turkey now. left rehab because i had a panic attack and felt i would feel safer at home after they told me they would not give me any more subutex which was the only thing that seem to make me stop vomitting and detoxing so bad and wanted to sit in hot bath and at least be able to watch tv and get warm. the place was like a hospital they keep it so cold i felt like i was dieing. also i have some suboxine, not the same as subutex which is what i had been taking. thinking about trying to do a 1 week tapper starting at 1mg a day because thats all it took of the subutex to make me feel better before. but not sure cause i don’t know if that will just drag detox out longer. any comments?

  240. Thank you so much for you help & assistance.
    I wished that a schedule was showing detox. By methadone showing dayily dosage in mg like how many mg to start day 1 suppose to take 30 -40mg either at once or on a divided doses ?
    I hope u can show to me for self detoxifying.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  241. what can you tell me about the shot Vivitrol and it’s long term effects? My son has been clean now for 7 mos. and it seems like a miracle drug so far against the heroin addiction.

  242. Thanks for Ur time I have been doing aprrox 1 bundle for the past 2 months I’ve been through this before but using for a much longer time it’s day 3 and I was wondering if it will be easier because of less amount used and over a shorter duration of course I am taking certain supplements according to the Thomas recipe thanks for your time

  243. had last hit of Heroin at 9am ish this morning had a 2 full pins 1ml hits one after the other… Not strong gear.. Sometimes I wonder even im taking it… Only been using for 8 months – meet my bf he was a user.. Tried to help him.. But ended up getting involved in it- now I have a habit I think. Well I use everyday?!? Want to get clean at home..I have some subs at home.. From mu bf old script…. How long shall it be before I take a dose? Or shall I just go without them? This is my first time. Like I say only been using for around 8 months heavy,, but I don’t really like it anymore losing control,,,,


    1. Hello Theresa. Heroin first must be off the opiate receptor sites before you take the suboxone. Take it too soon and you will go into really bad withdrawals (precipitated withdrawals). I suggest you wait at least 24 hours since your last dose before you take the suboxone.

  244. I went to detox was there for four days, I was given some anxiety and sleep meds. I finished the meds so I tried getting something to help me sleep at a gnc store. The night I took the sleep aid I couldn’t sleep and from there on I felt pain as when I was withdrawing. Could that sleep aid have triggered those withdrawal symptoms back?

  245. What got me clean was putting about a half gram in a nasal spray bottle and filling with water. I just sprayed when it got tuff worked like pie. Be strong you all be alright you have to really want to be free of the bondage good luck god bless

  246. 6 days today at home n no meds..still dont feel right but i feel better..been useing on n off for 13yrs last few months started bootin it.. im done chasing something thats just not worth chasin no more..shit ruin alot in my life

  247. I went into detox for the 1St time of almost 2 yrs. Using heroin & w/ out a day of clean time. So I figured enough was enough! I tried kicking at home w/ suboxone, before I went to detox & it was physically impossible! Even w/ taking the suboxone, I still had to go out & cop 3 bags just to stop the muscle spazzing & all the other side effects of kicking! I just assume, that’s b/c my habit was up to a Brick aka a movie aka 50 bags a day! So I finally was able to get a bed in detox & I went in! Gonna keep it real, this was my 1st detox EVER. I wanted to stay for rehab so bad, but got denied for my Medicaid! So I completed 5 days in detox & left. However I knew in my soul I still had another reservation to get high. So that’s what I did as soon as I left went & got off. I did that for 3 days & kicked cold Turkey w/ light symptoms. The worst thing I experienced was insomnia for 72hrs. & I was straight loosing my mind & had black circles around my eyes! Mind u I have NEVER EVER had sleep problems when I was sober, so that really threw me for a loop & made me go bananas. So I finally got a script for 100mg Trazadone to sleep & 10mg Baclofen for muscle spasms . I finally got a nights sleep, but I did have to take 400mg of Trazidone to finally knock out! So now that u guys have a little inside on my past history, my question today is….. I have been clean 4 days now & still feel a few very light symptoms if kicking, very minimal. If I go & score today just 1 bun aka 10 bags will I kick tomorrow? PLEASE respond anyone ASAP, Thanks ya’ll! ☺

  248. My 21 year old daughter is going through heroin detox. The last time she used (smoked) it was 25 hours ago. The hospital gave her withdrawal prescriptions that we picked up 20 hour after she last used. She has been sleeping for 51/2 hours now. Is this normal? The dr said she would need the meds by 7 or 7:30 this morn. It’s 10:00 and she is sound asleep

  249. I have been a Iv user for 10 years using methadone 80m.The street herion I have only been using once a week for the past 6 months.i cannot get along with drug agencies they are not trained properly in my opinion and come out with some crazy information,being a long term user I am terrified of withdrawal having experience the fist 12-15 hours due to throwing my methadone straight back up after a bad stomach bug.Anyone done a cold turkey after such a long time on meth! Thanks Chris

  250. I used heroin daily for about 3 months. Anywhere from 5 to 7 bags a day. Just not to be sick. i was able to get down to 2 bags a day for a week, then 1 bag a day last 2 days just to get through work and not be sick.. did last half of bag on a Tuesday at lunch time, by 7pm that day withdrawls set in.. that feeling of sickness.. didn’t sleep at all 1st day. Next day of work was horrible, couldn’t eat. Hot cold sweats. Obsessing on the high. Thank god my dealer flaked on me cause I would have done a bag just to feel better and started cycle again. After I made it through that night I felt a little better.. taking abiut 25mg. Of ambien and melatonin to sleep at night.. I knew I made it 2 days of being sick and figured 1 more day of hell and hopefully it would get better. Now on day 4, still horrible sleep and feelings of anxiety but with a lot of prayer and keeping busy it’s getting better.. this was my expierence. Hope it helps someone.. no one has to be a slave to this drug and it’s way more uncomfortable then quitting meth which I did for 10. That’s just sleeping a lot. But probably couldn’t of done that on my own I was incarcerated for 6 months.. then had 2 years clean smoked meth another 2 years. Jail 3 months. A year clean then heroin.. but this time with dope I really wanted to quit. And hopefully stay off it.. dope is a bad drug that takes control of yiur l8fe leaving you powerless..

  251. I been using little over two months now and my way of using is snorting a bag every 5 hrs or so. 3-2 bags a day. I have a job and I know im going to need days off for this detox. Am i really going to need a week off the most from work? I been through this before but i was sick 28 days from my heavy use my previous detox from a 9 1/2 year round. I got clean dec 14 2014. And relapsed this august and its now october. I use a little but i know what i can expect from this. Please let me know what to exactly do during my detox this time. Thank you for your time

  252. I’m going through detox alone right now only because I don’t want my family to know I was using again. I’d painful and sad. I still don’t know if I’m going to fully quit using. I’ve already missed days at work and have been withdrawn from spending time with my son. Heroine is a dark drug and brings nothing but hell with it. I hope I can fully recover and stop using.

  253. I posted to this forum pretty recently and was in a terrible mess. Heroin has been nothing short of the devil visiting me on a daily basis. As you read through other persons posts, I just want everyone to feel some sort of encouragement knowing that you are not alone. We are not alone. Its a daily struggle. I was at a wedding over the weekend and the groom has a father who was hooked on dope as well. The father is clean now and has been clean for quite some time but he still opted out of coming to his sons wedding because of the pain he has cause the rest of his family. I know the groom very well and I know how much his dad has hurt him because of this. It hurts me too because I hold this secret inside that I struggle with the same problem. I’m on my 4th day of detox and I know how much work is involved in staying clean. But you gotta try, you really have to try to help yourselves, It can be done. Life will only be that much better once you kick the habit. I’m a long way from saying I’m cured, but I know it can be done. It will be finished

  254. Reading these post just get me sick. I was a Opiate user for 7 years and lost all hope that I was going to get clean until I was arrested for 3 weeks in Jail. They didn’t give me anything for my withdrawals. I went cold turkey by force. I came out feeling like crap but I knew I was detoxed and so I wasn’t going back. I couldn’t sleep for 2 months, but that didn’t stop me. I am now 4 years clean and feel great, or as they might say NORMAL. Normal sucks, however it’s better then being a slave. I am free.

  255. I am kicking in on my second one . I stayed clean for 3 years and relapsed. I was using a couple points a day and everyday. I used one strip of subo at 13 hrs and I set a regiment of subo for every 12 hrs, however I made it 20 and used a half strip. My next dose was supposed to be a half 12 hrs later but I made it 20 hrs and only did a quarter it has been 22 hrs since then and I don’t feel too bad but I know subo has a36 hr half life, I’m trying not to use it at all but I know it will be a rough night if I don’t use any, at least I think it will be. My last kick was terrible and I was using over twice as much and it was a far better quality so I might have psyched myself out and I was so scared I think it is not as bad bc of the subo but I’m still worried I want to use as little subo as possible bc I hear that is just as bad as h??? Do you think I am doing as good as I think I am or is it just masked bc of the subo and should I be careful to not use the subo and let it come completely out of my system. Keep in mind I only have like a strip and some change left. I want to not use it but I don’t want it to be out of my system to fast and be severely sick. Advice anyone, or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Thank you , sincerely Ty….

  256. Hi I have bin smoking heroin for three months whit maybe 5 times injecting it with a needle but still smoked it instead I’m 21 I way 130 and I stopped at almost 32 hours ago I used less than a half a strip of suboxone 15 hours after smoking heroin and another little bit 8 hours later I also took a half bar of xanax but I have bin feeling fine …. Like I said tho I haven’t even taken a whole strip of suboxone or a whole bar of xanax how long do you think I will be fine of stopping everything cold turkey …. Please let me know cuz I really want to stop it all … Thank you

  257. My husband has been clean for 3 years now from intravenous heroin but he relapsed around a week or two ago and he snorted a small amount of heroin he says… LOL He now for the past week has been vomiting on and off stomach cramps cold chills but it only lasts 3-4 hours during the day at night he seems to be alright eating fine but does have some insomnia. Is this common?

  258. One more thing I thought I’d mention, I’m no Dr. but I have 20+ yrs. of battling this desease, people want to know about when they’ll get their energy back, remember, this shit works on the parts of your brain that controls pleasure and emotions, so plan on being a bit melancholy and non-energetic, depending on your habit, weeks to months. My last longterm staying clean, about 2 years, it took me about six months to start to feel good about life again. Once you get through the first first few days of hell, try to eat well, force yourself to be active, do things you used to enjoy before heroin. Never fool yourself into thinking, “maybe I can just do a small amount “, I’ve been to the mountain, you go back to ground zero again . Peace

  259. I’ve been a heroin addict for over 20 years, tried methadone, tried suboxone, always went back to the dope and needle, I’m a 53 yr old musician, recently pawned off my guitars and amps, jewelry, lost my home, car,everything. I quit cold turkey for a month, then used with an ex girlfriend for 3 days, on day 6 of another cold turkey, feeling about 70% better, but don’t know what Id do if someone put a bag in front of me. . .moral of the story to you youngsters I see on this blog (I have a 23 yr old daughter looking at 10 yrs for dealing to support her habit) , is get off this junk, nothing good will come of it, take it from an old timer. I heard a very intelligent young girl say on earlier blog, and I agree, don’t get hooked on Suboxone, just use it in small amounts to detox, trust me, it’s awful to detox from too, so don’t sell your soul to subs either. I’m laying in a rented room, (lost my home), trying to get through this once again, most of the people I started using with are dead, so I must have some purpose, even if it’s just to write all this. I don’t know if it’s my length of use, but all it took was 3 days of using again to put me into acute withdrawal. First 3 days are not pleasent, but it gets about 15% better a day thereafter, clonodine and clonopin help anxiety and sleep, but don’t get hooked on benzos . .that’s a worse withdrawal than dope. I’ll wish you all the best, I hope this helped someone.

  260. I’ve been an addict for quite a few years. Off and on more or less. I have gone long periods of time without using by taking suboxone once I start feeling withdrawal. However this time is very very different. A little advice would be super helpful. I would start feeling withdrawal symptoms usually 18-24 hours after last dose. Not sure if it matters but I’ve never used a needle, I’ve always snorted. Regardless I’m now 30 hours into not using and I haven’t felt aNY real serious symptoms other than a slight case of chills and an occasional sneeze. 3 days ago, I was in the same situation and took part of a sub. I went into precipitated withdrawal. So I used once more and have made it 30 hours since then. Should I continue to wait to take a sub? Is it possible I did some sort of other opiate type drug that lasts longer in systems? Any input would be appreciated.


  261. Hello, I am Kady. I have been doing heroin for about 8 months now. I work all the time as a janitor, I work 8 hours, 6 days a week, so you can see how horrible having to go through with drawls would be working. I’ve actually gone two days now without smoking any, except I had a weak moment today and I hit the heroin once… Can you please tell me if this ruined everything. Is the whole detox process going to start all over again? Or did only hitting it once not do anything? Help please!!

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  262. My last dose was yesterday morning I have slight body pains anxiety I was able to sleep last night I get hot temps but this is all mild except for the anxiety I only been using for less then two months a gram a week on average I was only snorting it last time I wason heroin was back in 2011 iI was injecting as pure as you can get black tar and the withdrawal symptoms were a lot worse then now I don’t even have adominable pains really its really hard for me to deal with the anxiety as it is and my sense of smell is really strong I did vomit last night but I don’t think the heroin kick caused it mainly I feel uncomfortable I did detox two weeks ago as well I stopped feeling main symptoms after two days this will be my second night in my opinion the worst of it for me anyways hahahha stay strong PS I cold turkeyed this shit

  263. hello .. i am in day 10 and i wonder why i am still having low fatigue and always facing low energy and can’t do any work or practicing any sports … i am afraid to become addicted again cuz within 2 weeks i may recieve an offer to work in huge company and this increases my anxiety !!!! so what shall i do !!!

  264. Joey-26 years old. FIrst of all I want to say the idea of opiate addiction is one of the saddest things in present day times…from the user to the users families Ive seen the same downward effect it has on everyone involved and I constantly have hope for us all to get through the struggle. Ive been on heroin for 5-6 years and am on day 23 or so right now (I try not to count day by day, it keeps my mind on it). But ya I just got out of jail a couple days ago (drug related arrests) and now find myself in probation in TWO courts. been to prison twice, embarrassing theft arrests and multiple drug arrests most of which ending up in the paper. Im just to the point where im done with it. but anyways more to my point. KEEP GOING!! were not supposed to be living our lives like this…and call it “paranoid conspiracist talk” but I believe that its exactly the kind of lifestyle that benefits who? who makes the most off this? the arrests, the probation/court fees that stack up, the RE-arrests and even the purchasing of heroin itself? break the cycle and do what most ppl are honestly doubting about us at this point. that we CAN stay clean and do productive things in our lives. things that help (and im in no means trying to sound like an “expert”, but I have a LOT of personal experience with researching and using different methods for the PAWS) but here it goes: healthy food, staying active, st. johns wort, 5’htp, tyrosine, b vitamins, valerian root, support from anywhere NA is great for me, and maybe #1…POSITIVE thinking. I strongly suggest giving positive thinking type books and such a chance. it can really do a lot. but to end it Im with all of you whether the user or users family and im praying for all of us. If anyone wants to talk at all feel free to write me. I will respond and give you any input or positive feedback your looking for. God bless

  265. I have been on heroin for a long time, but lately it’s been only a 20$ bag and it last me 2 days, I also take xanax to help with my anxiety. But I’m ready to go into withdrawl and go by my COW scale to determine when can I take a suboxne, I just need to know how will my Xanax come into play.

  266. I been detox once 4 months ago and started again for the past 2 months and only been using .3 a day am 138lb 5″ and I just turn 20 I already start my detox I’m in my 3 day I was wondering till when I’m going to be in this pain ? Please reply back thank u

  267. Hi I’m having a hard time fully kicking my heroin addiction I have struggling with quitting for a year. I have been able to deal with the physical W/D systems. The 1st 2 days I jus sleep day 3/4 I have diarea. And vomit. For 2-3 days. And have no appetite I don’t eat at all Then the next couple days I’m very. Very very sluggish and tired I take naps through out the afternoon. And that’s when I break and go back and start all over if I were able to get something that will give me energy/ motivation and get rid of this depression I know I wouldn’t be going back and do it all over if the is something u can. Recommend I would greatly appreciate it. I want this out of my life once and for. All. Also if u could recommend what I can do to help me not think about heroin. Thank u very much

  268. I am on my fourth day of being on heroin and it is the hardest things I’ve ever had to do but I’m just taking it one day at a time

  269. My cousins are here at my house detoxing and it has been about 2.5 days since last use they say. I am not seeing these signs of withdrawal is it possible to not have them or are they still using?

  270. Hi my husband has just been released from the hospital due to severe heroin withdrawals. My question is why is he so moody? Anything sets him off. How long can or will this last?

  271. I have been using a half a gram of herion daily for the past 3 weeks…..I got back on herion I think because I was trying to kick suboxone and when I ran out I decided to use heroin. I wanted to know how many milligrams of Suboxone and I have to take in order to kick heroin this time… Before I relapsed I was taking 4 mg of Suboxone in the morning and four at night… How many milligrams of Suboxone should I take when quitting Heroin?

    1. Hi Jackie. It’s best to ask a pharmacist or a doctor first, because you should already be completely off heroin for more than 24 hours before you can start taking suboxone. The dose and frequency will be based on your individual needs.

  272. Thnk you for all the advice on this page ..

    I’ve been clean for 96 hrs thnk god I feel really good went out for the first time in 3 days yesterday …all the advice on here really helped I used only for about a month and a half and I am grateful that I was able to get control of it before it was to late ….God is good

  273. Im 23 years old and ive been using herion as a escape through life. After i started smoking it for about 2 months i ended up banging it and it turned out to the way i thought life was going to be better. I was wrong, i put myself through hell i got to my bottom point. I wasnt the same bree and im happy but of course im going through the depression somedays but i cant give up on life. Since september 6 ive been clean off herion. I took about 4 subs and i jusst amoked weed. So blessed to be alive today (;

  274. I was using for 10 months off and on. Ive been clean since the 6th of september. 13 days yay me. Everyday needs to be a blessing that i have came this far. I knew i was becoming the person i didnt want to be. Its been a hard process but i know what the outcome will be if i use again. Its changes your outlook on life. But im grateful for that. Everyday is a new chapter.

  275. To all folks detoxing, keep it up stay strong. You are loved. I was using for years and I’m on day 6-7 and I’m feeling happier, the depression and anxiety is fading fast. Stay strong you will thank yourself shortly.

  276. I am on day 2 of detox off heron. I am using saboxen. I have 2 left. Will 5hat take me through the worse part. I have been using since December 2015

  277. My daughter has asked for help. I’m willing to help her but she has to wait a week for an assessment and then for a decision on whether she fits the criteria for treatment. Should I keep giving her money to buy heroin until she can get into treatment

  278. I’m struggling, I’ve been on and off this crap for the last 15 yrs. The longest I was clean was 4yrs. I’m trying my hardest to stop, just seems so hard this time, and I can’t say why! Pls help me with the best advice u can give I’m 39 yr old female and I use anything from 3/5 bags a day!

    1. Hello Lovey. If you’d like to detox at home, I suggest you first see a doctor that can assess any possible health risks of detoxing on your own. If you get clearance, then doctors and pharmacist can advise you which herbal remedies or over-the-counter medications you can use short-term to help you get through withdrawals. Most importantly, you should join a support therapy group in your area after you have eliminated heroin from your system. Recovery doesn’t end fast, since you still have an addicted mind to treat.

  279. @ROB Generally heroin withdrawals can last anywhere from 4-14 days (depending on amount/methods of usage). Within this time, you will be done with most of the major symptoms (I.e. Cold sweats, restless legs/arms, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, muscle/bone aches, etc) makin it possible for one to function in society again. Though there will still be P.A.W.S.-Post Accute Withdrawal Symptoms- but they are not nearly as dibilitating as initial detox symptoms are. I have unfortunately been through the detox from heroin more times than I would like to admit, both in detox/rehab centers and at home. I have found that clonodine is quite helpful. It’s a medication that lowers your blood pressure so it really helps with symptoms such as restless legs and arms, anxiety, and even nausea. Of course, suboxone or subutex is a popular and helpful medication to use when detoxing but I only recommend doing a taper that lasts from 3 to no longer than 7 days, otherwise you will develop a dependence for that. For nausea, I use Zofran, but if you can’t get to a doctor, then tums, Pepto, etc can help. Imodium is helpful for diarrhea but be careful not to take too much or you will be constipated for days. For sleep, I have found that either Trazadone or.low doses of A benzo (such as Xanax) can be very helpful, just be careful not to use benzos for more than your detox or you can become dependent on those too. I hope this helps you out and would be happy to help answer any questions you have! It’s a majorly difficult thing to get clean and remain that way but your life is majorly benefited by doing so.

    (This is all just based off of my experiences. I cannot speak for anyone else but myself an what I have observed!)

    Best of luck!

  280. Take it from someone who’s been through this detox process more times than I care to admit. I started using opioids 13 years ago, graduated to iv heroin 4 years ago. My habit was close to a gram a day, some days would be twice that. So needless to say I was hooked with a serious habit. I finally went to a Dr and got prescribed Suboxone. It seemed like a miracle cure. I was on it for years, but it’s not a cure. It’s a drug that essentially perpetuates the problems chemically in your brain. In a very true sense of the word you are substituting one addiction for another. Sure bupe won’t get you high, but it will help you feel normal by being dependent. Your entire day will be structured on your doses. The chains are still there, if you lose your meds for any reason and can’t get more, you will be facing an even worse withdrawal than you were ever facing from using H, or Oxy. I know because I’ve been through it

    Morphine/Oxy/H breaks down quickly in your body. It has a 3.2 hour half-life. That means 3.2 hours after your last dose half of it is left in your body. 3.2 hours that half of that half is left, and so on and so forth. Basically it’s fully metabolized in 24 hours. Compared that to the Bupe in Suboxone. It has a 60 hour half-life. It can take 8 days to leave your system. Why this matters is because it causes the physical withdrawal effects to last for weeks! When I finally got clean from Suboxone I was sick for almost a month. You still get all the normal symptoms of withdrawal, maybe 60% as bad, but it didn’t matter. I was out of commission for weeks. Yes I slowly tapered down over weeks to less than 1mg a day. It was still hell.

    The reason I’m on here is because I relapsed and have been using H for the past couple of weeks. It started out slowly but it never stays that way. It’s been at least 3 bags a day for two weeks now. As I’m writing this I feel the onset of being dope sick. It’s been 32 hours since my last dose.

    Before detoxing you should talk to your doctor about Clonodine, it’s a blood pressure medication and for whatever reason it can reduce my WD’s by about 50% and it helps me sleep. Recently learned about it and I wish I had known about it years ago. It’s not as dangerous as Suboxone. Not even in the same drug class.

    Regarding Clonopin, Xanax, etc… Those don’t take the WD’s away. They turn you into a zombie with no real help. I used to take them, but over the years I’ve learned they don’t help for severe WDs. They don’t even work reliably for sleep, makes you feel even worse in the morning than you probably would have if you hadn’t taken them at all.

    So, to answer all of your questions about what are you about to go through, this is what you’re facing:

    Day 1 – This is only the beginning, I’ve been dope sick so often that I actually don’t feel that bad during the first 24 hours. I can routinely go 24hrs between doses without falling apart.
    Day 2 – Now your body is starting to manifest all kinds of aches, pains, hot, cold, restless legs, insomnia, etc…
    Day 3 – This is when it starts to peak. If you thought the first two days sucked, it’s about to get worse.
    Day 4 – Not much different than day 3, you think it’s plateaued and don’t feel like you’re getting any worse.
    Day 5 – If you’re lucky you’ll feel like you’ve made it over the hump. Might have a few moments throughout the day were you start to feel a little better, short lived as they are. You’ll also have moments when you feel worse.
    Day 6 – You should be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel. You’re symptoms are still bad but you are starting to be more mobile.
    Day 7 – By day 7 you’re through the worst of it, you can tell you’re still sick and you’ll have your good and bad times throughout the day.
    Day 8 – Still improving but not quite out of the woods yet.
    Day 9 – Should start to have almost normal days with the occasional moments of sickness.
    Day 10 – You might be feeling well enough to start an exercise routine or even get back to some of the things you used to enjoy before you became dependent. You’re still facing months of mental triggers that you should think about.

    Try and plan how you’ll deal with certain triggers to ensure you don’t relapse. Delete contacts, ask a friend to spend time with you, whatever works during those stressful times.

  281. How long would the physical symptoms of heroin detox take and last if I smoke it and do like 1,5 to 3 grams per day for the past 6 months? what could I buy to help me do this at home privately? Please answer asap thanks a billion.

  282. Hi i have been on heroin from last 7 months .used to chase and never injected approx 1 gram a day now i have made my mind to stop it.today is my second day my doctor has started on bupine 2mg twice a day.can you tell how long i have to take it. Please reply to the comment qnd how many days will take it to de toxify

  283. Have taken heroin for last 7 months one gram a day .but never injected ,have started treatment since yesterday on 2 mg bupine twice a day.approx how many days will it take to completely detoxify.

  284. Hi my husband is detoxing at home, he is been taking h for 15 years(since he was a teenager) he had some meth tablets and been cutting down, now he is on 1 tab a day, havent slept in days, legs and arms spasms are really bad, now he is complaining of stonach pain and been vomiting.. How much worse will it get and how o can help him? We are staying in the middle of nowere without any access to h but dont know if he can manage and im scared his bkdy can take it? He is 33

  285. I have been snorting 2 bags of heroin for 3 months now and I absolutely hate it!! I can’t stand the way I look or act anymore. I cut myself
    Off cold turkey on sat and haven’t done any since sat am at 9am . I haven’t slept within this time frame , my arms and legs are killing me , and I have aboutelty no entry, how much longer will this withdrawal process last and how can I function at work tom with my
    Body feeling this weak and tired

  286. my name is Ricky I have a one pill a day habit I am on my 2nd day no use I have had this habit off and on for six months Question I have is how long will this process for me will I need med asst as of now I just feel nausea no appetite drinking lots of gator ade I am also feeling dehydrated from dirhear any suggestions would be appreciated very much thanks.

  287. My Girlfriend got my on this crap she is a 3 day bag needle habit , i am on day 2 detox from a 2 capsule a day snort habit, threw up all day, and the taste of the throw up is horrid! like vomit from hell, nose is runny as hell and i have -0- motivation to do anything all i feel is real cold chills and do not want to do anything, tomorrow is Day 3 and i have to go to work – that is the hard part if i can even so anything at work will be a task! I wish this shit on no one, with crack you just sleep it off.

  288. I use to take a few tabs which turned into maybe a 30mg Roxy then I just tryed suboxone not for WDs just because I liked the high…That started about 7 years ago well about 4 years Ago I did 7months in jail And kicked the subs so I thought…It was about 4 months after I got out I started back taking subs..I have had a great situation I would get them every month for cheap so I figured no harm no foul..I’ve had 2 boys that I love very much in that time and a good job for that whole time..Well about A year ago once a month for a couple days I would get off the subs and take 5 roxy 30s each day for about 3 or 4 days then get back on the subs..Well About a month ago I tryed herion for the first time now I’m taking .4 a day And tryed to take subs the other day and go to work and was miserable and couldn’t function at work..This is way to expensive…I do want to get back on the subs and eventually ween off but for now I just have a few questions and sorry for long post my 1st time and I’m nervous…If I’ve only been on heroin for Month how long will the WDs last? I’m 6’2 270lbs taking .4 a day for about 2 weeks of that month…If I took the weekend to take subs again and dealt with the WDs would I be better for work on Monday? I know there is alot of variable s and I am using subs no matter what..If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appericated..Again sorry for all the info felt good to say it this is a secret from most people..Thank you

  289. If the Dr’s and the FDA knows what these pill are capable of doing to people, then why even prescribe them to us.. It doesn’t make sense.. They are killing us and riddling our bodies with cancers and all types of other diseases. Please people get off the pills. Dont let them destroy us like this..

  290. heloo . i am a 22 year old male . i have been using heroine for the past 2 years.i have always smoked it . ihave decided to go through detox . i went 40 hours without heroine then i smoked half a cigarette . my question is will i have to start the whole procedure again?

  291. i hope i wasnt too confusing with the methadone explanation. I am 26 if it makes any difference. Sadly this is my 5th relaps with H. I was clean for 3 years before this but never did methadone before this is why im scared. I did 4 months H daily and i got hooked after 4 days meaning the 5th day i allready had withdrawls, doesnt surprise me. Pleeeease if any one knows, answer my question before i also have a job and have to go back. I design video games.

  292. I am on day 6 clean from heroin and i still have the sweats chills runny nose all day. I took and still take but gradually rediced pills to get your pressure down. Very simmilar to chlodin? Im not from the states so a little different. Now…. i was on methadone 3 weeks ago exactly was my last dose of 3ml a day for maybe 3 weeks i think but reduced to 1ml.
    Then i continued with H knowing that meth withdrawls take a loooong time. Does anyone know how my wothdrawls will go from now on, after day 6. Im scared if it will be longer because of the methadon eventhough i stoped 3 weeks ago.

  293. @Dirk Suboxone is a good product I know a few people that are using it. But I can also tell you this: Sub. Fills receptors and won’t allot options to affect you, but only to a degree depending on your Sub. intake if the dose is not high and some one wants to still get high they increase there dose of H and it works. It’s dangerous and should not be attempted! You can still OD even if you can’t feel the effect.

  294. My daughter has been a heroin addict for about 5 years. She has been in rehab three times for 30 days each. She has detoxed a couple of times besides this. In the past she has been the person who wanted to go to rehab, but she always started again within a couple of months. 6 months ago she was finally caught and arrested several times. She was in jail for 2 months and is now in a court ordered court sponsored rehab program for 6 months. She sounds very good in her letters. These years have been difficult for me because I suffer with severe depression. How likely is it that my daughter can stay off drugs when she gets out? She is 26. Thank you

  295. I was using for almost 2 weeks. Today will be day 4 of detox. The only symptoms i have are the cold sweats, insomnia & diarrhea. They’re generally mild symptoms, but the cold sweats and fever are killing me & i don’t feel like i can be around people because of it. When will it stop?

  296. Hi, My brother is going to detox. He is snorting heroin and addicted to percocets. Once he gets out of rehab, he is coming to live with me. How can I help him and what should I expect?

    1. Hello Isabella. I’d recommend counseling meetings for relatives of addicts. Search for a group near your area and you can start attending it. Counselors and therapists share valuable advices about how to deal, what to do and what no to do around a recovering addict. You don’t have to do everything on your own, and can let professionals help you with situations in which you don’t know how to approach some issue with your brother.

  297. I have been clean four weeks im still weak cant get out of bed in morning .i was taken perks for three months then h for three i have diarrea for a month is there anything i can take for energy and how long till my natural energy comes back im 45 i used to have great energy please help thanku

  298. I,m vet and I go to the VA hospital because I have stenosis and I crushed 4 Vertabrae and has had seven back operations with instrumentation. I’ve been going to the VA since 1998 and the doctors there put me on morphine up to almost 400 milligrams a day. I’m 65 now and worried about longevity so I asked my doctor to start tapering me off I went down to 200 and from there the next month I went to 120 a day from there the next month I went down to 60 a day then the last month I went down to 30 a day now I haven’t done any more withdrawal was terrible but not as bad as it could have been took a lot of the imodium, potassium, vitamin b6, d 1000mg and trazodone to sleep at night I also have some muscle relaxers For the day this has not been easy I’m on day 12 and I still don’t have an appetite and can’t sleep at night and those pills don’t help. And the va doesn’t provide rapid detox for vets,.nor do they allow teeth implants the VA is so out of date it’s like going to a hospital in the turn of the 19th century no substandard don’t keep up with today’s current Medical capabilities and their equipment is well old people there don’t care about the vets screw up screw him over and get rid of them I’ll never go to back to the VA again

  299. Hi sorry if anyone thinks I should not be asking questions on here but I don’t know where else to get any help from. My husband started to come of heroin about a week ago now to make our marriage better, he takes methadrome everyday but is still saying he is feeling I’ll how long will he feel I’ll for? Is there anything I can do to help him out. Also can your sex life be affected by all that’s happening?

  300. Lisa
    i can understand but if i can leave after 22 years i think everyone can ok u just motivate her and plz take valium frisium and aspirin nothing else ok give her three time dispirin dissolved in water and 2frisium and two valium 2 times a day she will be quickly recover but these medicines for short terms stay blessed

  301. I spent 20 years in prison and watching my girlfriend suffer from withdrawal is the worst prison of all. I have done anything to buy her pills but I am not always able.right now she’s crying in bed

  302. my message is for all drug users
    pls plz plz dont go to rehab centre i was using from 24 years heroin .sorry my english isnot good plz detox at home but before detox first u have to motivate yourself motivation is the must when u will motivate yourself firs go to bazar buy a new shoes new dress puton these have good perfume and begin your detox perion only what should u do pnly take one strip aspirin 1 strip valium 10 and 1 strip frisium nothing more ok only 1 tablet use aspirin with water dissalve and 2 frisium and 2 valium take only first day of detox u will feel pain but the second day u feel relax beleive me i use heroin with injection from 1994 but now i m free working in emirates airline malyasia stay blessed dont waste ur mony in rehab centre ore any luxury centre but be strong and motivate urself before detox

    stay blessed all

  303. I just found out my daughters dad has been shooting up for the year and a half she’s been alive. I told him he can’t visit until he’s clean and can prove it with a test. How long will it take to leave ones system?

  304. Hi I’m on day 7 today I’ve been eating great last three days feeling good just can’t sleep and feel fatigued how long will the lazy fatigue stage last for my body feels great no pain no withdrawals just no sleep racing thoughts all night

  305. I believe that all of us and anyone can beat this horrible drug that has been put on the streets to a certain amount of people in a state that is below the TOP DOGS. Why don’t they stop these drugs from coming here? Because they want people to do them, they just act like they don’t, which is silly. Another way to put people in jail, which is another stupid idea if you ask me. Murder and rape and child molestation are good reason to lock someone up and make them suffer while we tax payers pay for them to eat, but not for selling drugs which mind you are put here for that purpose. Silly stuff if you ask me. Sadly, heroin is one of those drugs that makes you suffer while coming off of it but it is not as bad as everyone makes it seem, although it is tough for some people. If you go to treatment they guide you through the process, but if you choose to do it at home just be prepared to shower more often for that first week or so, drink more fluids, try to do positive things and watch positive shows or movies. Have people that you can call and talk to when you feel crappy. Stay away from the crap and people that use it, hard to do but necessary in order to quit and get it over with. Visit these online chat sessions and tell people how you feel so that they can give you advice and ideas on how to feel better, talk to other that s are attempting to do the same and support each other. YOU CAN DO THIS, TRUST ME, I KNOW.

  306. My daughter lost her child 3 years ago and started on pain pills to kill the pain of losing a child then the addition weren’t to OxyContins and then foxy and just last week found out she has been smoking heroin the last eight months. We had an intervention and she is at my house ready to stop her last fix she said was 4 days ago. She looks terrible doesn’t talk can’t eat and sleeps on and off thru out the day. I was just wondering why she isn’t vomiting and have diarrhea cold sweats cramping yet?

  307. I’ve been shooting heroin for the past 6 years. Roughly 1/2-1 gram a day. Other than a 4 day quick taper of Suboxone (8,6,4,2mg’s) the last week of June and 1/2 gram I shot on July 10th I’ve been clean since June 23rd. Today is July 30th and for the past almost 3 weeks I’ve been experiencing a little appetite, daily stomach cramps and diarrhea one or two times immediately after I 31st anything. Is this what’s known as P.A.W.S.? Is this normal and if so how much longer will it last?



  308. I have been on heroin for 14 years never doing a detox with quit a bit habit I have recently done a 3 months detox. But have lapsed & used for the last 3 days only small amounts about 0.4 of a gram a day how long does it take using 2 get the physical withdrawals back pls leave feedback.

  309. I have done a 3 months detox I have lapsed & used small amounts over the last 3 days how long does it take to get a psychical dependency back thanks.

  310. I’m on my third day of detox from heroin if I use a little bit of heroin will it take me back to day one again .

  311. I was addicted to heroin for nine months really bad. Just a sniffer though. I have tried to get off it by myself, a detox center, suboxone nothing worked cuz it was agonizing hell. I am 10 days clean still feeling crappy but Neurontin/Gabapentin did it for me. You still go through hell but not pure hell take 2400mg a day and you will be good you just have to fight through it and want it or it’s pointless.

  312. Ive been snorting heroin for 15 years.how long will the detox take for someone on dope that long,approximately?

  313. I’ve detoxed once before for 5 days. I’ve snorted heroin for about a year and a half now and I never get sick just extremely fatigued. Please please please will someone tell me how to get my energy back or how long will it take until it returns? How long until I stop feeling so fatigued?? Anyone please??

    1. Hello tired of feeling tired. Try to relax, take good rest, eat healthy and whole foods, do some light exercises, and keep your mind busy. Rehabilitation is not a short-term process, since a year of drug abuse has changed your brain and body in structure and in function. Now it needs time to slowly regenerate itself and return to homeostasis. But, keep yourself motivated and work on your goal, and you’ll be feeling better and better as time passes.

  314. No person is right or wrong!!! *EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT*. #1- DON’T take a suboxen or subutex for at least 12 hrs after last hit, line, shot, or pill…. Doing so will 100% GUARANTEED set you in withdrawal. U have wait til symptoms start, I.e. watery eyes, runny nose, sweating/freezing @same time, throwing up, diarrhea, leg n back cramps, insomnia, anxiety and list goes on and on… Some people may need 1 strip or pill other may need 2 n if subs not subuTEX, don’t boot n boot or sniff and sniff trying break thru blocker, won’t work n when finally doe’s going hit at once n high chance over dosing… I didn’t last at methadone clinic long cause 4 ME PERSONALLY it trading ONE narcotic for another and they just up u weekly til at comfortable dose but not just comfortable its enough to get high or buzzed and a lot of people just use it as guaranteed wake up. I tired not being in control of my life and then having go to group n counseling yes for some its exactly what they need for me the constant reminder n seeing same people make me think of it more n want to use, .. I started four years ago when. My doctor just lowered my dose over course of four months n sent me on my way well I’m a cosmetologist, massage therapist and HHA/PCA I made tips n just bought off streets then my ex started selling after being laid off n began using behind my back n accusing me cause his guilty conscience so after ten min arguing he had needle in my arm, two years of that n going down hill to where had no more room for my hole to go had do something, I have not shot up in over 2 months, I sniff so don’t get sick but my main focus 1 was getting past the process n of you shoot you know what I mean, I can now watch others hit, talk about it do it etc n m strong enough to say no!!! Now that I don’t crave the needle time to get 20 methadone n. Do it for a week or two on my own already lowered my tolerance now time kick it curb completely… But everyone diff n need find what works for them but everyone remember krocodil has hit NH so it’s here n only going spread so that alone should make us all stop good luck everyone

  315. 15 days sober extreme depression, roller coaster of emotions confusion n a lot of anxiety. Decision making is difficult. Small tasks overwhelming . I have been using for 3 months heavily. Snorting or smoking. I Decided to stop! I want to have energy again n b a good person. I quit drinking n used this as a scapegoat

  316. My sister was caught on Friday for a prior warrant. When they came to get her, the found a “shit ton” of heroin at her house. We won’t post her bail and are wondering how bad it is to detox in jail? Is it safer than at home?

  317. my neice is on day 6. 3 g a day for months. She cannot keep water down and hasn’t eaten in 3 weeks. When will it end?

  318. I am an iv user of heroin for the last 6 months. For the first 3 months i was doing about .2 grams of raw heroin a day then for the last 3 months have been .2 to .4 grams a day. I dont know how big of a dose this is and want to know how long my detox will be and what to expect. Also i have 10mgs of suboxone and would like to know how to incorporate this into my detox and recovery. Is this enough suboxone and how much should i use daily and for how many days? I really want to quit heroin for good and would like to know the best way to do so without discomfort or as little as possible. Thank you. Please help.

  319. Hi I’ve. Only been using for three days. Here in Brooklyn. a ten dlr bag is like a pinch of salt. I wanted to know howanydays does it take to get out my system

  320. I detoxed at home. (Fourth time, been using on and off for three years and first time detoxing was at a clinic as a smoker) the next few times I just did cold turkey at home. Tylenol PM and aspirin and tea and went to work and meetings. This last time, I became an IV user and was finding myself doing a gram a day and needed to stop. So I detoxed at home… But with the help of my shrink. She gave me Gebapentin for restless legs syndrome and sleep and Klonopin. I drank a lot of Gatorade and took Aleve every four hours and ate a lot of dried berries as they have a lot of antioxidants in them. And drank peppermint tea and took baths a lot and honestly with the Gaba and Klonopin it wasn’t THAT bad. So maybe if that worked for me, that might help someone else. Granted, I did not tell my shrink I am an addict. (Probably wouldn’t have gotten the kpin if I did) but those two drugs… I felt functional. Good luck.

  321. I see some posts where people say they get this amazing feeling of happiness or good feeling for no reason when they’re high. That they miss that after detox. I think I’m blessed that I’m high naturally and don’t need it – I can take a walk and find beauty and awesomeness and laugh at shit nobody gets without any reason or any drug. I think it’s cause so many people are unhappy -they are stuck in some crappy routine society build or their parents built for them, and they think they have to stick to it. Maybe if ur craving that amazing feeling, go climb a mountain, dive off a cliff, go explore the world, do that one thing u always wanted to do that everyone tells u is a bad idea, you’ll get some high off of that. I’ve done hang gliding, and all the gliding stuff is amazing. Even writing a book is a high, going out and helping people can give someone a lot a lot of joy you probably never felt. Just be brave to leave the things u don’t want and are slaving for behind – just like we do for the drug were addicted to, we leave everyone behind just for it, u can do that for ur passion, or for experiencing life…. Leave it to live. I hope this can help someone in some way, it’s the only reason I wrote it:) If u need ideas, I’m here.

  322. Kratom is NOT an opiate. It is an alkaloid. So it will not perpetuate your withdrawal. It wont knock out the wds totally but it will ease your suffering and greatly increase the chance of success. It comes in liquid, powder or capsule form. Methadone and subutex have very long wd symptoms (14-28 days). Id avoid that stuff like the plague less you want to be chained to it the rest of your life. Cold turkey takes the will of a god. Get some help. Sinus pills, anti diarrhea meds, kratom, a few low dose benzos and lots of support for a week and then its all mental from there.

  323. To Lisa and Reese. Yes if you do one line it just starts it all over. Day 3 is the worst and the one that has to be roughed out. Kratom ( which is a plant that acts on the mu opioid receptors) helps tremendously. Its not legal in all states, I live in tn and have to drive to ky to get it. Use it only to combat the worst part of the wds. Its not very strong but can be addictive as well if used for long periods of time. It will also come with wds after long periods of usage, albeit very mild comparatively speaking. Can be obtained at gas stations where legal. DONT USE IT LONG TERM! 3-5 days at the most and dont take too much as it elevates your heart rate. Dosage recommendation is on the package. Stick to it. I used it for a year before moving onto the h so I imagine its rather safe. Remember the goal is no drugs at all.

  324. Ok so I tried several times to quit cold turkey. Always failed on day 2-3 due to lack of sleep, pain, inability to eat etc. Even got on subs for 2 weeks, quit that and thought I was cured. There was a delayed wd from the subs starting on day 2 and getting bad on 3. So this time I stocked up on loperamide (1-2 so I dont poop myself) got some xanax (only to help me sleep) and a little kratom for when the chills and pain gets too bad. Told work I needed a week for personal issues ( another reason I kept using was I needed to be well.enough to work). Im broke and there are bills due but its better than a 1000$ a.week habit. On day 4 and still have chills a bit but can eat and sleep. Make it past day 3 and stuff gets better. I can’t stress this enough either, GET SUPPORT! Call friends amd family all day thay will encourage you! A warm cup of coffee does wonders as well. Got sick of being a slave for two years and I know you are too. Stock up on that stuff I mentioned before you start your detox and the pain will ne lessened. Just make sure to stop the benzos and kratom once the worst of it is over or you’ll have a whole new problem. Id avoid the subutex and methadone as its just as bad detoxing off that stuff ( although a doctor can help taper you off that). It can be done and every hour with no heroin gets closer to being well again. Just dont give up!

  325. Hey guys I’ve been reading all your comments and I am too a opiate heroin anything disgusting. Ughhhhhhh. Anyway my ? I’ve been messing w this stuff for almost 16 years I’m 38 years old looking at me u would never know I sniff 30 bags a day. I use to take Roxie’s then next day not have them and take a sub and be fine. Well that was five years ago that ended. Now when I take the sub I get soooooo fucking sick I’m talking I can’t move for three days. I know I fucked my receptors up. Now the reason I can’t get clean and people listen to what I’m going to say. Subs are a crutch if u have them you will most likely use again and again. I can’t remember a weekend I enjoyed It sucks. Subs are very powerful once they take effect the withdrawal from them is worst. Idk. This is fucked up. Why did I take that first ten mg Percocet 16 years ago. I was doomed that day forward. A lot of friends are dead. I don’t want to die. I put myself through 20 detoxes this year at home to just go back time and time again. You know why. The body forgets how bad the pain really was once it’s over. That’s why NA is needed. Fuck this I’m not giving these scumbags my money anymore. Anyone going through this you’re not alone. The gym helps. Bigggggggtime. God bless you all going through this nightmare.

  326. Ive been an heroni addict for19 yr im 37 amd been on methodone for 7yr wick im bein kicked off as the comunity drug team say im not complying 3yr ago I woke up and my19 yr old partner was dead at the side of me from a drug overdose she had never taken drugs before so I was subsiquently arrested and now I suffer from agrophobic I dont go out im scared of comin off methodone do u jave anu advice for me thank u

  327. My son is off again, he is just starting withdrawals. He did it for 3 weeks, went off of it for, I think, a little over a week. Has been doing it for 2 weeks. He has only snorted it. Should I have him go to a Dr? If so, should I go with him? I want to help him.

  328. My husband has been on suboxone for about 2 years he got tired of paying for it being that he has no medical insurance. He recently started on heroin for about a month. It was taking up all his money. I also have been using heroin but not as much as he has so we bought a bottle of 70mgs methadone today he took some and so did I. I am feeling a bit better but he’s not. He’s feeling really sick the withdrawls are really getting to him. He took a kolonopin as well but he’s not feeling as good as I am. What should he do. I don’t want him getting high anymore. Please help!!!

  329. My name is Shawn I am 27 I’ve been using herion for a couple months I just cold turkey I am on day 2 when will I feel better I use about 2 bags a day

  330. I was clean for about 48 hours or more and i slipped because i could not take the absolute terrible pain in my thighs it felt like i was being stabbed with 100 knives at once for hours so i got some dope so my question is..does the whole detox process start over now thay i used just a small amount like 20$ worth.

  331. I am in my 4th day of heroin withdrawal (my second time since Feb.) I am using for 16 years & overall this is attempt number7.My last withdrawal was hell. I went back on the gear after 8 days. Now I am determed to do what’s right, I have too much to loose. So this time I stocked up with some benzos & pramipexole for the RLS & a 1/4 ounce of hash which is an absolute Godsend as my appetite is doing overtime due to the munchies so I’m getting plenty of nutrients & am sleeping well at night. The only downfall is my energy levels are non existent, but I’m sure that will come back soon. I’m not condoning drugs but canabis is a gift from the universe, it helped me wonders.

  332. if a person stops heroin ( cold turkey) and gets to day three but then snorts a line will that cause you to start right back where you started? My gf did a small line and felt great for about 12 hrs leading her to believe she would be ok . She ate after not eating in three days ( Burger King no less)and has been vomiting ever since. I told her she would have to go through it all over again but she insisted she could do it. She is kicking herself now but now I’m the one who can’t believe that a line would cause a precipitation. Anyone have a clue ?

  333. I am Going to attempt to detox from home from Heron I started Useing when I was 36 and am 43 I tryed many times before and no luck I guess I just was not ready but for some reason I got in my head to gain my life back I never feat like this am willing to do what ever it takes to do so can you tell me is this going to be long because of my age I no its not going to be easie at all I no am going to be going though it and for some reson am going to give it my all and hope it works this time am going to do things that I did not do in the past one is turn my self to the man up stairs so am hoping for the best and thinks work out for the best.thank you for letting me talk just by doing this I did not think of the other stuff I dont even want to say the word any more.again thank you for listening

  334. im was 6dys clean but used yesterday which im so mad wit myself ive lost everythin it tookk 10 years wil i be bck to dy one im takin dem xanax fingin it so so hrd nd really wnt to be me again HTE IT

    1. Hi big heart. Don’t feel bad. Relapse is a part of recovery. If you are in need of support and motivation to keep yourself on the right track look for group therapy or counseling sessions in you area that you can attend. This will improve your determination and chances of success.

  335. Ahmad, the best thing I’ve found to use is diazepam, if u can get them. I’d take them before bed so I can at least get to sleep. The thing to remember is to stop taking them when u have stopped withdrawing as you will end up addicted to them as well. Ur only young, get off the shit and live a good life

  336. Hello, I am a student of BBA and my age is 21. Since December 2014 I’m using heroine with spells of break that lasted few days and week. From 15th April i’m addicted to it and my daily intake reached 1.5 gram after two weeks. I’ve realized i cannot live with such a satanic addiction and i started resisting it from 24th June 10 pm. I’m using cipralex 10 mg tablet after breakfast and olanzia anti pshychotic after dinner. Please tell me if you put yourself in my shoes how long you think i’ll make a Comeback?
    Regards, Ahmad

  337. I’m 36 hours into cold turkey I’m hoping I only have another 36 to 48 hours of the worst of it was clean for 5 years lost gratitude. God help me

  338. I’ve been off heroin for a month now, I did the 28 day detox starting on 10mg of buprenorphine and tapered down to .4mg. I stopped taking the buprenorphine on Sunday and already I’ve used heroin again to stop the rattle of buprenorphine withdrawel (it’s now Tuesday) I’m absolutely gutted! I don’t want to use but I really can’t Handel the withdrawels but I also don’t want to be stuck on subbys for the rest of my life either. Is there any easy way to stop the rattle? I want off the drugs, heroin and buprenorphine. I’ve got no one to talk to about this as everyone thinks I’ve cleaned myself up and I’m embarrassed that I’ve let my beautiful missis down. I just can’t see a way of getting rid of this illness for good. Am I better just stabilising on a low dose of subby or am I right in thinking that the longer I stay on subby, even at a low dose, the harder it will be to kick thae habit. I should also mention that during my last week of tapering down my mood was foul, snapping at everyone for the smallest of reasons which made me want to use just to lift my mood so I didn’t cause argue mens with everyone and for nothing. I’m at my wits end!

  339. @Ian
    I posted a few days ago….I have 20 years of experience with this particular addiction. I’ve spent the past at least 15 years seriously trying to not only kick, but stay clean and sober without motivation from the courts or family or any reason outside of myself wanting to stop for me. I relapsed about 1 year ago after 2 years clean and sober, that 2 years was my horrid experience, experiment with long term effects of Vivitrol. I have prior put a couple of years together with the help of supportive people in my life, some kind of higher power and the rooms of AA/NA. I personally relapse because I have a void in my heart and soul I have yet to figure out how to fill, at some point in my sobriety my desire to die becomes stronger than my desire to live. I am not suicidal, but this is a life time battle that we fight one day at a time, in reality that is all we have anyway. I don’t know if you are active in any kind of program or what you do outside of yourself and self-will to escape this miserable state of existence. I am here to support you anyway that I can for this is a battle that we can not conquer alone. I totally understand the 4 day marker. Days I,2 and 3 are completely physical as you said. Then day 4 comes…..the obsession, the thought, the need to escape, just one fix for some relief. This is when the mental absolute mind-fuk begins and continues intensely until at least day 8. This is when the battle turns into minute to minute and sometimes seconds. Day 4 we wake up, not literally because sleeping hours are few and far between. But the intense physical symptoms begin to subside and we are left with ourselves, overwhelming anxiety to the point we feel it under our skin. For me this is the difficult part, where I also have the hardest time walking through the darkness to get to the light. It suks it really does. The intensity of the thoughts and cravings, the intense feelings of depression and anxiety and the inability to sleep. I can no longer afford the expensive rehabs or medical detoxs, and thanks to Obama, at least the state I current reside in, state funded detoxs and treatment facilities times and funding have been cut in half. I can not take subs either for other reasons, they don’t work for me especially to use for getting off the junk. I have spent the past 9 months seriously trying to stop. The most time i put together had been 10 days, only because I flew to Kauai and made myself go through it, out of 20 of more attempts. As soon as my plane hit the ground in LA mentally I went back to day 4, overwhelmed with the thoughts and obsession to use, the anxiety so intense I was shaking and I could feel it through my entire body. For 10 days I had not slept, so the mental mind-fuk began. Just one fix so I will sleep tonight, just one to take the edge off, every lie my addiction and disease can crept in my already weak mind in the midst of the battle. My addiction won that day, and we both know there is no such thing as using just once or one day. It’s either all or none. We are not doomed, I’m having to tell myself the samething. Is there anything easy about quitting, absolutely not. It much easier to stay quit than getting through this initial 1st 2 weeks. First of all I have to believe it is possible again, I know it is, I’ve done this many times. I have to have faith in something to carry me, because I cannot carry myself through this. I don’t have much trust and faith in people as a result of my life experiences, Pegasus is my go to power. I ride race horses for a career they complete me, my escape from the world and everything around me. My thinking gets me loaded. I don’t promote the use of other narcotics when trying to better outselves and our life’s, but at this point temporarily anything is better than heroin and take or do whatever needed to escape the prison and chains it has on us at this point in time. I have in the past, but in a different state that I am living now (state laws I can’t do it here), walked into my family doctor was honest with her, explaining the financial situation not being able to afford a medical detox/rehab, told her I was kicking heroin, the day 4 dilemma we face, convicted her I was seriously trying to stop, which I was. She wrote me prescriptions for detox meds. Clonidine, Ativan and Muscle relaxers. I made it through the kick, but when I flew back to Alsnded at the airport it hit me like a ton of bricks. Again my addict thinking told me all the lies, convinced me I could use just once, completely forgetting the 8 days of pure hell I just endured, I lost the mental battle before I ever got off the plane. That’s when I decided nomore would I leave the city, escape and run away for a bit to come back and fail. We have to mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepare ourselves to do this and remember what we are going through is only temporary, it will not last forever. We just walk through the darkness not get to the other side. Whatever that might look like it has to be better than our existence at the present time. We have a void in our heart and soul, it will take some time and some work to figure out why we have it, what is causing it and begin to fill it with positive serenity, peace and happiness. I just stocked up on Xanax and muscle relaxers (Soma and Robaxin) I bought of the streets. Muscle relaxers help with RLS and drink as much water as you can force yourself to consume. Day 4 thru 9 anxiety meds are really important. Xanax, Valium, Arivan, any will do. Take them when you first wake up to quite your mind and quite down your addiction yelling at you to go use. Take it one second at a time when thqtvdqyv comes, each minute we make it through turns into hours, hours to days and then that much closer are we to getting to the other side, out of the darkest, this loneliness sitting in a room full of people. This is possible….we can do it. We know what to expect and if we never make it through day 4, we will continue to go back to day one. It’s like you said how much more can the human body endure of the physical withdrawal and shock we continue to keep putting ourselves though. Heroin physically takes control of our mind, body and thinking in a matter of 3 days consecutively using. For our body to become so physically defendant on anything in just 3 days to just function, I can’t really fathom what we are putting ourselves through and for what????

  340. I desperately need help. I have been trying to quit now for a year. I will even go through the hard part of withdrawing so bad. I go through the diarrhea and vomiting at the same time and swear that I will never do it again but as soon as day 4 rolls around and I feel well enough to leave my bed, I’m right back at it again. It’s awful. I’m a snorter and I usually snort about a gram a day just to maintain really. And make sure I can go to work. I want to go to a rehab place but I don’t have 5-10 grand for that. Does that just mean that poorer people are doomed because we can’t afford a rehab center? Unfortunately I cannot take suboxone because I can’t keep it down. The taste makes me vomit on site, taste, or smell. It’s very unfortunate. I have bought subtext on the street and they seemed to work wonders. Even just a half of one made me feel much better. I just don’t know hoe to go about getting some of this life saving stuff so instead I suffer the horrible withdrawal time period pretty much every 10 days. It’s gotta be killing my body. I can’t remember EHST it was like to be normal anymore. I really can’t. Why couldn’t I have just said no when someone gave me an OxyContin back in 2003. Been a slow downfall ever sense.

    And also yes I hear that suboxone, subutex, and methadone can actually be harder to quit than Heroin itself so in a way I am happy that I can’t take suboxone. If they could just make it any other flavor I might have a chance taking it but that orange chemically taste…omg, makes me want to gag right. Is thinking of it. I don’t know what to do. I feel pretty lost. The physical withdrawals are terrible, yes, but I guess in the end it’s the “post acute” withdrawals that get me to use again. Is that right? Post acute? What I mean is the mental stuff that plays tricks in your mind and makes it so that you can’t think of anything else besides scoring. I would also love to be able to get a scrip for the clonodine. I have heard that works wonders for people with the RLS and sweating. I get RLS very bad! Then that makes it so you can’t sleep. Any help on what to do would be most welcome. Thanks for your time. -Ian

  341. I smoked black tar heroine for about 2 years. I decided to quit cold turkey and went through 3-4 days of vomiting, blacking out when I try to walk, no sexual stamina or desire and I couldn’t walk more then 10 steps without the world spinning. I’ve been clean for 2 years now, everything is back to normal, but I’ve noticed it’s still hard for me to feel emotion. For the past year I’ve been pursuing adrenaline fueled sports and events. I’ve noticed that that’s the only time I actually feel. I guess my question is how long until my emotional and mental returns to normal. I struggle with a feeling of nothingness. Sorry for the late post

  342. a high dose of buprenorphine (subutex) over 3 days, so as not to become dependent on the buprenorphine will last over five days in the system and therefore mask/cover the heroin withdrawal. Because the buprenorphine has only been used for 3 days it will gently fade from the system. I speak from experience and am training as a psychologist, this is the closest way of ‘cheating’ heroin withdrawal. Thanks 🙂

  343. This will be lengthy, only in hopes it will help someone. First and foremost if we don’t figure out why we use, what we are trying to escape, what is going on internally, emotionally, what beliefs and truths we live based upon we will never stay clean. I have been using H off and on with periods of sobriety for 20 years. I am 35 now. I have at some point lost everything, prisons, institutions, I have much life experiences. The bottom that we get to, for myself anyway, that is the most difficult to come back from is the miserable state of existence. I have kicked H over 100 times in my life, it only gets harder the more times we try. It’s becomes a very, very dark, scary place, a hopelessness that I can’t make back this time. What is the void in my heart and soul I’m trying to fill that only H can seem to make go away? The amount we use makes a difference in how severe and intense the symptoms will be, but the bottom line is if any opiate is used more 3 days in a row, a person will go through withdrawal. Detox times vary from person to person. Day one for me is anxiety and cravings, day 2 and 3 physically get challenging, muscle aches, joint pains, restless legs and arms, anxiety and thoughts are all over the place. And the sweats and cold chills, which will last for weeks. Day 4 still achy, joints hurt, muscles cramp, stomach is upset, throwing up, kidney’s hurt (drink as much water as possible) feels like an ice pick going into your lower back. No sleep, sleep hours will be few and far between for the first 2 weeks. Day 4 and 5 mentally my brain feels like melted marshmallows, anxiety is overwhelming to the point I feel it under my skin. Day 6 thru 9 expect to be weak, not sleeping, depression and a lot of mental confusion. Just walk through, it will get better, this process just takes time. Take things one minute at a time, a full day is too much to grasp. We know one little fix will make it go away. Your head will try to play tricks on you. For me it usually takes 21 days to a month and my body gets so exhausted I finally begin to sleep. It will take a couple months for sleep patterns to go back to normal. The anxiety will subside after the first 2 weeks and gradually get better. Depression will set in, the quicker you can start doing physical activity to make you feel good the better. Our brain has to begin producing natural endorphins again. If you have any questions, please ask. As far as suboxone and buprenorphine, it can help for some people if taken just to taper off. For me it just prolongs the inevitable, my physical symptoms go from 2 to 6 days and turns into weeks. Replacing one opiate for another, tramadol or ultram does the same. Yes it is non-narcotic, but because it still hits the opiate receptors in our brains it is very similar to taking opiates and can be addicting. I have tried Vivitrol shot also, 30 day time released naltrexone…..this can work if not taken too long. I stayed on this shot for 2 years. The problem is not only does it block the endorphins produced from heroin or other opiates, it also stops the production of natural ones as well. I learned this the hard way, the doctors and the reps for the Vivitrol company fail to mention that fact. After 2 years of taking this medication my brain and myself had not felt true happiness this entire time. I began to suffer from suicidal depression or extreme anxiety. As a result I relapsed. The shot does work, it does block the high to the brain and for the first couple of months helps with cravings (I think it is only because we know we can not use)But I was trying to break through, I kept using everyday until I felt something. Even though I wasn’t mentally getting high, I still physically became dependent using excessive amounts trying to break through the naltrexone. I was dope sick and never got high. Vivitrol is said to last 4 weeks, it lasts much longer, at least 6. But when the Vivitrol wears off our tolerance is as low as it has ever been. I overdosed, not knowing the shot wore off that day. It took 4 shots of Narcan to bring me back. I don’t know, I hope this helps someone. We can detox, we can take away the heroin, but if we don’t full that void with something else we never stay clean. For any of those who have experience in the rooms, I hope this helps…..Pray to GOD (whatever that might be) to carry me, because I can’t carry myself anymore. Ask for guidance and direction,strength to continue. Direct my thinking and actions back to His will for me.
    Sanity (such a misused and misguided word in the rooms, a word that truly needs to be understood and internalized to get this) What idiot came up with the definition of insanity and threw it out there to mean doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I personally can not wrap my head around that bullshit…..Sanity-to become whole: soundness, rationality and healthiness of the human mind. Insanity-troubled conscience, unsound thinking, narrowness and brokenness.

  344. Need some advice asap. .. I recently kicked a 9 month heroin binge. I was using heavily- about 20 bags/day. Was clean for 6 weeks, but just recently picked up again like an idiot. I’ve been using for about a week now – 4 bags/ day tops. Already trying to stop. Don’t want to go through that hell again. Anyone out there know how bad this is going to be withdrawing from a week in at such a small amount? I’m praying it won’t be anything like my first battle. Is there any advice out there on the best method to take…

  345. So i was wondering im a 30 year old women and ive bin addicted to herion for 2 years and bin doing it almost every day since .so i was wondering how long will it take to get clean an how can i get past day 2

    1. Hi Tina. After two years of chronic use, I suggest you seek addiction professional’s help to get through the detox period and then psychotherapy and counseling sessions to recover successfully. Feel free to call the helpline number displayed on our site to speak to treatment professionals.

  346. Im getting clean with nothing helping me , Its my first day & I’m kinda flipping out but I got this ish . And If I can do it anyone can . Cause I aint beein sober sense I was 13 & im 20 . If your out there . Pray for me . My name is Heather .

  347. Need more info on detox and tips. My boyfriend has tried a handful of times and has an answer for everything. Probably just an excuse but I would like to have an answer to his concerns and also let him I am worried and watching

  348. Well, I’m going through it again. Made it almost 20 years and decided to chip a little. Now I’m on day four dope free and feeling it. Trying to keep it private and do it alone but it is hard. Some have offered dope thinking they’re helping. If youre going through it I feel you