Embalming fluid as a drug

Can you get high off embalming fluid? How formaldehyde, methanol, and ethanol are being used as carriers for PCP here.

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Can you get addicted to embalming fluid?


During my second spin in rehab, I met a kid, probably seventeen or eighteen, who said he was addicted to embalming fluid.

“You mean the stuff they use in mortuaries to preserve dead bodies?” I asked him.

“Yep,” he said, smirking mischievously. “Stuff gets you messed up. For real dawg.”

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I couldn’t believe it. Addictive personality types have been known to try crazy things.   But I thought huffing paint was an exotic way to get inebriated (although being addicted to huffing is less than fun).  And I’d heard about getting high on nutmeg. But, embalming fluid? Well, now I’d heard everything. I decided to do a little research. It only took a few seconds of poking around on Google before I was taken to an entire treasure trove of articles written on the recreational use of embalming fluid. I was shocked. Not only was it prevalent all around the country, but people had been getting high off this stuff since the 1960’s!

Getting high on embalming fluid

The way it works is…the embalming fluid, which is basically just a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, and ethanol, is used as more of a solvent for the dissolution of PCP, a highly potent hallucinogen. Since a tiny amount of PCP (less than a milligram) is enough to make even a full-grown gorilla go absolutely bananas, it can’t be ingested directly, and must first be diluted down into the embalming fluid. Then, a cigarette, usually marijuana or sometimes straight-up tobacco, is dipped into the solution and dried out in a freezer. The result, known as a “fry”, “fry stick”, or “death stick”, can be bought on any street corner for about twenty-bucks.

Okay, well that makes more sense. At first I thought the kid meant he was stealing embalming fluid from mortuaries and injecting it straight into his veins, like you would a cadaver. Thank goodness, that’s not the case.

In reality, the embalming fluid is not the drug itself, but more of a solvent or “carrier” for the real drug, PCP, which is nothing to joke around about. This stuff is so dangerous and so potent…it seems to make people want to do the craziest and vilest things imaginable. In fact, anytime I hear a story about a guy who was “tased” seventeen times and shot in the chest with thirty rubber bullets, but still didn’t go down, I know the culprit right away; PCP…angel dust.

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Embalming fluid: a carrier for PCP

Take for example the story of Sammy Hunter, who, after a couple hits off a blunt laced with angel dust, attempted to bake his own infant son in an oven. That’s right. You read this correctly. The guy was so messed up he tried to bake his own son and eat him! Now, I’ve heard of weed giving you the munchies, but this is ridiculous. What does PCP do? Turn you into some kind of cannibal?

According to police and local state prosecutors, after smoking some PCP-laced blunts with a friend, Hunter came home, turned on the oven, placed his 4 week old son in an empty diaper bag, and then tried to put him in the oven. Fortunately, Hunter’s girlfriend, the baby’s mother, stopped him. She turned off the oven and put the baby in a makeshift bassinet made out of a Rubbermaid container.

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But that didn’t stop Hunter. He was determined. While the mother was in the other room, Hunter went back into the kitchen, turned on the oven, and watched television while it preheated. Then he grabbed the baby and, once again, tried to put him in the oven, but thankfully was stopped, again, by the baby’s mother.

Still determined, Hunter tried to set a fire using the natural gas piped into the kitchen. When firefighters responded to the neighbor’s reports of a gas leak they tried to force their way in only to be assaulted by Hunter. The police arrived moments later and arrested him and transported him to a hospital were he repeatedly said, “I need to kill him. I don’t want him to go through what I did.”

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Scary, I know. That’s why this stuff is nothing to mess around with. And unless you want to end up in the ER, naked, and strapped down by your wrists and ankles, you’re probably better off staying away from the stuff. And even be careful if you go out and buy a blunt from the guy on the street corner that it’s not laced with PCP or anything else that might turn you into a raving, baby-baking lunatic.

Embalming fluid drug questions

Do you have questions about the role of embalming fluid in drug use? Please leave them here. We do our best to respond to all questions, comments or opinons with a personal and prompt reply.

About the author
Andrew Seaward is the author of Some Are Sicker Than Others. Although he makes his living as a chemical engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, his true passion is telling great stories through both acting and writing. He is a member and contributor of Benjy Dobrin Studios, the Cinematic Arts of Colorado and the Lighthouse Writers Workshop. He has written and acted in several short and feature length films, one of which won an Award of Merit at the 2010 Indie Fest.


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  1. I feel as if my uncle’s wife,who works at a funeral home, is some how giving him embalming fluid. His face is caving in he’s always swelling up but never on his face. I just want to know some type of side effects for a person who is being poisoned with embalming fluid.

  2. I need info of the new way of using is with heroin i think is being used with it. It happened to me and my stomach was pumped for 24 hrs to get it out. No help of any concerns about the trauma i would soon experience in my health besides of corse stay off geroin. Im on methadone and am planning colonoskapyu after suffering the past 2 years with constipation etc. I need the info to discuss this with my treating Dr. If its a huge cause of all ive sufffered. Do i need a good attorney? I dont even need to repeat that dumb question. Ill sum up jere pls send all info re1uested asap i need help ive been too sick til now to persue this

  3. I had tried this once, but what had have had happent was, I could have sweated on my momma fried chicken that every white man was calling me a n_____igger. It wasn’t instilled I had found out about blunts

  4. I read all the comments up until the current date and time. I see people showing concern about their families, husbands and sons. Some addressed possiblities of being poisoned. I have had my own personal experience with this poison that people call a drug. I’m here to tell you it’s not a DRUG but instead a POISON. Now, you can accidentally poison yourself with many potent drugs(poisons). Fentanyl for instance can be prescribed by a doctor in a skin sticky patch with various dosages. Fentanyl can also come in powdered form and placed on skin undetected and not only giving you symptoms but actually kill you. I smoked angel dust (also known as WET, WATER, PCP, BUCK NAKED, WATER-WATER, DUST JUICE,). I smoked it twice in one night and it’s was with a group of make friends or homies and we all smoked before enter a club. The sent was strong and we even lit up some more in the club and club goers complain about the strong chemical paint-like smell. We ended up kick a few people asses that night because the pcp have you thinking you are stronger than god and numb to pain. Getting hit with bottles did faze us at all. However, after the club and the big club brawl I ended up going home to my girlfriend at the time and woke her up out her sleep just to fight her viciously. Once the drug wore off the next morning I apologize all day to her and I never touched that shit again because I hit a woman for the first time for no reason and I refuse to be that much out of control to attack someone for no reason. I have experimented with many drugs and even some hard shit. But out of all drugs PCP ALONG WITH FENTANYL TYPE POTENT DRUGS SHOULD BE BANNED AND IF CAUGHT WITH IT SHOULD BE A MANDATORY LIFE SENTENCE because they also lead to serious consequences sometimes death. If you sell a drug that leads to someone’s death you should be charged with murder or accessory to commit murder. PCP is a poison that open up your spiritual channel and chakras which explains why a PCP overdose always involved a person killing someone such as their babies. Nobody ask why the drugs targets people in the same manner causing them to kill their babies or like rapper Big Lurch did which was kill his girlfriend. Out of all other drugs people have bad trips but none are all the same. I sent LSD trips, magic mushroom/shroom trips, weed trip, Ecstasy trips and no two people trip the same way and never the same trip. I seen XTC cause uncontrollable crying and over joy, weed even gets you horny, cociane can make you aggressive or super happy and energized. Opiates like syrup or lean put you in a slow dreamy like daze ducking off to sleep. Opiates can also make you feel strong and heroic thus heroin means hero. BUT PCP IS ALWAYS A DRUG CAUSE MURDER AND SOMETIMES MURDER AND CANNIBALIZISM. That means that is no a drug but a poison and a chemical that opens you up for possession by demons. After trying it I recall the thoughts and feelings I had and I can assure you they were not my thoughts. I literally beat the shit out my girlfriend for no reason after it’s use. That one time experience told me to never touch it again under no circumstances because I hate not being in control. That shit have you completely out of control. I know people who doing life in prison for smoking it for the first time because they couldn’t handle the high or somebody slipped it on them and they were like Smokey on Friday and killed someone and didn’t remember doing it. THAT MEANS YOUR ASS WAS POSSESSED NOT HIGH BUT POSSESSED. I watched my cousin get new born baby ass out buck naked with nothing but socks on fight 5 men and he was kicking all 5 ass. That’s is a spiritual possession folks. I know people who got high one time and they been crazy ever since and are getting disability crazy checks now and the episodes took place over 15 years ago and they still tripping as if they just smoked 5 minutes ago. People are lacing weed with cheap fentanyl and other K-2 like synthetic chemicals to increase the weed high and cause addiction to increase buyers. So, I recommend you do what I do which is DONT USE NO DRUGS AT ALL NOT EVEN PRESCRIBED PAINKILLER DRUGS WHICH LEADS TO STREET DRUGS. I don’t do shit anymore. I stopped alcohol and all drugs. I vape because I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore. And I only buy trusted brands and brewers of 100% high quality VG (vegetable Glycerin) organic made vape ejuice that is double sealed to prevent contamination. When I get injured and doctor prescribed pain meds I tell them to go fuck themself and stop promoting and pushing the opiate plaques on me. They ask well how you manage pain. I tell them it’s called mind over matter because pain in all in the mind. They say you nuts. I saw it’s men who walk on broken bottle glass. Sleep on nail bed, walk on hot coal and other mind blowing shit like stick knives and swords down their throats and they never feel pain. So I tell again it mind over matter that gets better the more you practice it. Placebo Is also mind over matter. FUCK ALL DRUGS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN POISONS!

  5. I recently found out a close friend of mine has used this Pcp…stuff “wet” “water” I found out after letting him live with me. I ran into a mutual friend that informed me when knowing he was living with me…what are the signs I think he is using before he get to my house bit today he came in smelling like very strong paint he said he was doing some work around his job but this smell was strong and like a mixture of different chemicals and paint I keep saying paint because that’s the first thing that came to mind was who spilled paint or opened it. what can I do if this is what he is really doing!

  6. I want to know if a person that uses this drug do they remember the things that they’re doing?
    My son was high off of PCP, and jumped out the bushes and stabbed my daughter 9times almost killing her! He says he didn’t do it! Is it possible that he don’t remember stabbing her

  7. Does it show up in a drug test cause I find out my son was doing it in I don’t want him to loss his job

  8. My uncle a long time ago got tricked into smoking weed with embalming fluid in it. Before that he was very smart and a star athlete, but after it’s like his brain has slowed down (he can’t comprehend simple things). This has stoped his career of being an athlete and he sometimes burst out in temper tantrums over things that never happened. He hasn’t smoked weed since then and has gained a considerable amount of weight. It would really help if you could explain the if this is natural to happen if your still getting side effects from it years latter.

  9. Hello, so I think I may have been smoking this formaldehyde, wet shit.. I’ve had a terrible reaction to it on my hands, they are all dry very itchy and red also they have been cracking and then bleeding… I think this is because of me holding the j. I have been having horrible toilet trips, sore eyes ( like something is init, or a cut) and also after a j I can taste and smell chemicals, when I toke the j and then swig some water the bottle has a disgusting oder to it, I hope you can make sense of this as I am very very scared as it can cause cancer, I already have asthma as it is and I’ve read it gives you that too. The weed its self is unbelievably light green and VERY glittering. The batch of weed he gave me was called ‘champagne haze’

  10. We were forwarded a Friends at home colonoscopy collection kit. My friend said just throw it out . I sent my husband to discard it ., however he took the liquid formaldehyde & kept it . It was left outside on a/c unit ., he has had a back fusion & is in Oxycodone & OxyContin from a pain management doc ., however he seems worse doesn’t bathe unless I suffuses it is always agitated has turned abusive & mean ., I suspect he’d be better w/o these meds as I believe they aren’t helping him . He just wants to lay in bed not communicate ,. Not same person anymore . When I ask what’s wrong he’s says it’s me he needs aaay from me ,. So bottom line why would he keep the formaldehyde what can it be used for ????

  11. My son is addicted and I don’t know where to turn to. The hospital won’t admit him. The police won’t keep him. He’s is literally losing his mind. And making me lose my mind too. I am just looking for help for him to get cleaned

    1. Hi Jean. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a rehab for your son.

  12. Does long term use of formaldehyde cause permanent brain damage?
    I’m aware it’s carcinogenic but haven’t heard how long term use effects mental status.
    Thank you.

  13. Found two suspicious rolled up foil contained in an a discuszingly filthy ziplock baggy. Couriousity(had been abuser of many illicit drugs in my youth) opened the bag to find 2 snall viles of an amber colred liquidd. With what looked like a few pieces of cig tobacco floating in it?????

    Opened one ile and gently got a whiff of the contents……. some type of solvent … amal nitrite, either or fermaldahyde?????

    Additional info peaked my interest is that the car they were near is owned by an older women who is involved with an inmate atta state prison???

    No commitments, but if we wee laying odds in vegas,,, what eould be your guess

  14. To everyone that obviously “doesn’t” know wut wet is. Yall would fkn get someone killed. Saying the ins and outs of smoking phormeldahyde “embalming fluid”. You can not!!!! It has to be mixed or ” cut”. Taken thru a process before you can “safely” inhale it. I’ve seen people on this drug. Yes slurred speech or walking. But nothing traumatic. If you have any since and are on the drug you’ll know to go sit ur ass down because your tripping. Add facts. Not something you did a partial search on and dnt kno wtf your talking about!! Please. FACTS

  15. I have heard a rumor about local kids smoking formaldehyde (embalming fluid) in e-cigarettes to get high. Is this a new thing? How is it done? Where do they get the formaldehyde? Any information about this would be very helpful. I have a 15yr old son who I am worried might be doing this.

  16. So much no.

    ‘Embalming fluid’ is a slang term for PCP. In no way is embalming fluid actually used to get high (except by stupid kids who misinterpreted the slang and tried to steal it from mortuaries, which has happened).

    Methanol and formaldehyde are HIGHLY toxic and will kill a human if ingested. Methanol can cause blindness and death while formaldehyde is a potent carcinogen that will pickle your insides. Anyone who would ingest true embalming fluid is an idiot with a death wish.

    PCP has many bizarre street names, such as: Sherm, Wet, Water, Love Boat, Angel Dust, Embalming Fluid, THC, Peace Pill, Ozone & Hog. Here’s hoping the ‘tards don’t try to get high on pigs or H2O next…

  17. my soon to be husband is on that shit he havent been on it long but how long do it take to become hooked on this mess i need to know how to get him off this asap

  18. I just found out about 1 month ago that my son 27 has been smoking the embalming fluid laced joints and cigarettes for at least a couple of years. He has two children one almost two and one only a month old. What might this do to my grand children ?

  19. My mom smokes angel dust in the room next to mines . And I am pregnant. The smell makes me sick and can it hurt myself or my baby ? Because I am inhaling it ? Please I hope not

  20. I did it and liked when I did ,but after a blackout and waking up strapped to a gurney was my last straw.the effects was like I was a giant and highly concieted no fear and superhuman type of feelings and I was as serious as the sky is blue I’m thankful that life is over now I left st.louis

  21. Kk, Special K, Karen… You need to let as many people know about this as possible, DO NOT DOUBT YOUR INSTINCTS, whether it is him trying to poison you, or something poisoning you both, YOU NEED TO EXPRESS YOUR CONCERNS to a Doctor, your family, maybe even the police. I pray to god that you are okay and get a chanve to read this. There are quite a few factors here that are disturbing, as your description has all of the telltale signs of some type of poisoning going on. There are many poisons that can cause the symptoms you are describing and they can also produce psychotic like effects that your husband may be aware of. REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS PLEASE GET HELP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. I am shocked that nobody on this blog/site didn’t see that you have been concerned FOR WEEKS. I hope that you have friends that you trust or family and if you dont, PACK YOUR THINGS AND REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE SITUATION until you can sort out what is going on. If it is something he is doing, his absence will hopefully leave you feeling better and clearer of mind. If it continues without him around you then at least you will know that it is something else but at this point it sounds like some type of contamination/poisoning especially if he is constantly by your sideand insisting on direct contact with you. Please respond if you are well enough to do so

  22. My neighbours some how have access to this. I suspect that they some how managed to get it in my water supply. I had all the symptoms of ingesting embalming fluid (although didn’t know at the time). I went hospital and was found okay when the symptoms died down. My question, is there a way to prove that my neighbour is doing this? I think they poured it over parts of my lawn which created patches that won’t grow.

  23. I have lupus and had been very sick for 2 years. My spouse of almost 42 years started saying things out of character and acting rather strangely. Saying things about my pregnancy 43 years ago, saying this isn’t what he signed up for, questioning selling the house and what it’s worth when we had just decided to stay and did a lot of remodeling . I felt like I was being drugged. So unbelievably out of it and not able to function. I works wake up at 1 or 3 am and spouse was never in the bed then all of a sudden coming in from the garage claiming he was always throwing something away. Didn’t seem right to me. Seemed like he was always creeping around the house out in the garage many many times within a short period of time. Seeming to always be texting and emailing when he really does t have much in the way of friends. He started wanting to get me drinks from the house when he always complained about it before . Back last December I passed out twice and fell as I couldn’t stay awake. Drink he brought to me tasted god awful and after only a few sips and him bring missing again I found I couldn’t even talk or remember what I was says my at all. I tried to get up and blacked out falling on my bad hip due to lupus. He finally saw me falling and came outside to not see if I was okay and take me to be checked as I could have severely damaged my akr day damaged hip. Instead he brought me to bed, layed me down and held me down with pressure on my arms saying in a really creepy way…”relax … go with it… relax … just go with it!!! That scared me to no end !!! I demanded to go to the hospital either him taking me or calling 911. He didn’t want 911 so he took me . He stayed tight with me which is very abnormal for him . I finally was alone and really led them I felt like I was drugged. They ran drug test in the few normal streets drugs and nothing came up. He claimed it was the patio fire pit and it was carbon monoxide poisoning !!! I got out of Hodpital being told to see family dr. He said no way small fire pit on a totally open patio would cause that . I hit a car in monoxide tester and sat outside for almost 3 hours with the fire pit going and no carbon monoxide!! With that I packed and left with him screaming and letting our birds go outside and other crazy things. He attempted suicide the next week by running first the lawn mower in the garage then the car. The second time I heard my phone ring at my daughters house and picked it up and it was him saying now he knows how I felt!!! I turned on the house cameras and saw he crawled to the front door and had it open laying at door . We called for 911 and same ines came as before so they baker acted him for 2 days. First if he really was attempting suicide why would he be at door with door open! He begged in mental hospital and professed his love and that he would do anything absolutely anything! Which I believed!!! He came back home and do do d I. Things were good for a few months. Then I tasted a funny taste in my drink so I wouldn’t leave anything unattended. He was upset my drinks were never left alone . Then twice I made dinner and had a god awful taste I I threw away my food . Then he started to want to hold my hand all the time generally right after his hands were in his pocket . When he did hold my hand I had my hands turn red and they burned like crazy so I didn’t don’t want them hold hands . Then he started wanting to rub my back etc. Same thing burning by and not feeling well. Now it’s moved onto his feet , his hands and he’s always blowing in the air in my direction. Whatever this is us heavier than the air. Burns my eyes, nose, mouth, bronchial area, my hair feels thick with something, my scalp burns and has sores in it. Whatever this is also feels like it takes the finish off of my teeth also guv s me horrible stomach pains and diaherrea! I’ve lost over 30 lbs now so has he. One minute he’s crying , I’m the live of his life and the only normal person he knows and the next he is numb with absolutely no emotions at all. I small a god awful burny, chemical smell. It burns and dries me out everything as listed previously . He was seeing a counselor and psychiatrist but stopped both said he’s not going backto mental hospital and hes not legally bound they gave the see them now gets his depression meds from his primary dr. He continues to be in garage and out in shed every few minutes and the smell is always right after that . First he says I was crazy there was nothing going on. Blamed my lupus and said I was psychotic!!! My drs have said this can be common in these circumstances and my levels are all at the lowest they have ever been and also saw a neurological amongst many other dr who have cleared me . I cant ask any questions he says I’m upsetting him and making him defensive . He watches me for when I’m going to fall asleep. If I ask why he’s watching me he says that I’m just so beautiful!!! Last time that happened I woke up to seeing stuff in the air. I waved the blanket through get whatever it was away from me ! Again I was making him defensive and I was psychotic and nuts. Then all of a sudden he said he smelled something’s also. Stayed Hime me from work the next day and I found someone that come test the air quality. It came back very high with formaldehyde . We have nothing new in here he house. Newest of anything is 2008. Had the leave house but smell and burning continues the come with us in hotels, our kids houses etc. House was remediate but formaldehyde continues to be present. Poison control says anything from 2008 would have long off gassed. He likes to smoke pot and it seems like that’s going no much quicker than before. I read about formaldehyde and joints etc. I also have seem sticky smelly gray stuff in door handles in floor etc and when I touch it it smells and burns my nose. I’m list and don’t know where the turn . I’d love to have him tested but I know he’d never agree!!! Please advise !!! I’m desperate !! Ty

  24. my spouse has depression, anxiety, ocd, among other issues. He has a very high tolerance for most drugs like his anti depressants etc. He tried to commit suicide in December via running lawn mower and then car in the garage. He was baker acted for 2 days. he seemed fine when he first came home for several months. He was seeing a psychiatist at first but wouldn’t go anymore after that same way with a therapist. I then noticed he would give me a drink with a horrible chemical bitter yet salty taste. I would take a drink and it would burn my throat, my chest, into my stomach and give me a diarherrea,horrible electrical type headache, forget what i was saying and pass out as i was so sleepy.. I would not take any drinks from him then. Noticed i cooked and i bit one piece of the food and same horrible taste and smell and instantly sick stomach. He had been over by the food. What i notice him doing is he is always going in the bathroom or out in the garage. he comes back in and he seems to always be bothering his nose. Its running, hes sneezing, hes sniffling,always wiping his hands on his clothing. I keep asking him if he needs a kleenex. If he wipes his hands on a kleenex cant even be in the car with the smell that is so bad i couldnt even let the kleenex stay in the car. anywhere he lays has the smell and any towels etc. He now tries to rub his hands on me. Wherever that is i feel that same burning feeling and then the symptom start. we have had issues at home and where we go along with him is when we have these illness issues. He claims he isnt doing anything. Gets really defensive and very angry when even a question is asked. we had an air quality company come to do testing. We have 3 a formaldehyde level in our home of 85 nanogam liters. Ca standards say we should only be in the house for 1 hour with out having some type of issues health wise. We have no new flooring, draperies, cabinets, furniture etc. So now where could this formaldehyde be coming from is the million dollar question. .I don know anything all about drugs. . Could formaldehyde be sniffed or somthing. He has sores all over his head as hes bald you can see them. He also has pimples on his nose etc. Please advise. HELP

  25. All of a sudden we have an unusual level of formaldehyde in our house although we have no new furniture, cabinets etc. My spouse is blaming it on flooring that is 8-10++ years old . Air smells very chemically , bitter and saltyiish. It burns my scalp, chest and back. I believe it’s been put in my drinks . I’ve taken a drink of what he made for me and got so dizzy, burning throat , tried to get up and passed out ending up in the hospital . It was fine at home for a few months now it’s horrible again. Blaming it on the house and floors. We have been out of the house for a month now . I smell it on him, his clothes, his mouth etc . He seems to reek from this . I can’t take the smell. Burns my eyes, burns my throat, burns my chest, gives me a weird type of almost electrical headache, burns into my stomach and gives me horrible pains and a diaherrea. I can’t take it anymore . I’ve asked if he is in any kind of trouble he says no. Claims he’s not trying to hurt me. I don’t know what to do. Any questions I ask he freaks out . Help . What should I do ??? This is s spouse of 41 years with an addictive personality ???

  26. i need to know exactly how it makes you feel because i think i am inhaling it involeentarily. and maybe putting it on my weed.someone is trying to make me think i am losing my mind so i will lock myself up..i have a panick attack every evening since my antianxiety meds came up missing. i go outside because i feel like i cant breath .so my daughter comes out and screams i have to go lock myself up before i can come back in the house. so i need to know specifics on what wet does to a person

  27. This has been debunked among those with actual knowledge of substance abuse, only parroted by police and parental organizations. PCP is soluble in ethanol… Aka hard liquor. If i just whipped up some Dust in my bathtub am i going to get a mortician’s license to prepare it or run to the corner store for a pint of everclear?

    I knew “that 1 kid” who broke in to a funeral home for the fluid. PCP has a very distinct smell and it was not that of stuff going in dead people. There are REAL problems to address why waste time on something so obscure. And why do such a poor job of it- a simple google “pcp embalming fluid” would bring up 100 articles explaining the police/media fuckup

  28. If I don’t do drugs at all and a friend of mine had a 10$ bottle of pcp and it leaked and a little got on my finger but I hurried up and wash my car. Will it get in my system

  29. If someone injected imbalming fluid into someone’s skin how long could there be traces of it and how could you find out

  30. How long does wet stay in your system… do the patient continue to experience the effects like chest tightness, short of breath, feel like brains is going to explode, feel like life is leaving the body just to name a few of the systems. .

  31. My son smokes the cigarettes lace with embalming fluid n he gets like a zombie can’t talk or move don’t know what’s going on is there a number or place that can help me with him he is on Parole

  32. My brother was doing this embalming fluid several times, before he was the greatest kid ever now he’s all messed up, after doing it he then started mixing chemicals like carpet cleaners, any kinds of cleaners and doing them, now he is not the same person at all, he talks about crazy stuff like us his family are shape shifters, and he gets REALY vicious and angry. What does it do to the human body if a human does these kinds of chemicals?

  33. My kids father has been smoking that stuff for years he stop in 2013 but he be messing with me driving me crazy I think it damage he’s brain cause he smoke it for so long he been smoking sense 1998 so did it do something to him……

    1. Hello James. I believe that intervention is an excellent starting point when talking about addiction. Further, your friend will need help of addiction professionals, and of course, your love and support. Here’s an article on “How to help a friend with addiction”: http://addictionblog.org/treatment/how-to-help-a-friend-with-addiction/ I believe that you will find it useful. Also,you can call the helpline number displayed on our page to start the process of helping your friend.

  34. My youngest cub is schizophrenic bipolar 1. He is currently experiencing his 4th mental health hospitalization in 2 years. But this is the first time he tested positive for pcp. May I take a moment to say WHAT A BAD COMBINATION THAT IS!!
    My question is can PCP be inhaled through a vap (electronic cigarette) by adding the PCP in some form to the vap oil?

    1. Hi momma bear. Studies have showed that vaping fluids contain formaldehyde besides other chemicals. Formaldehyde widely used and toxic chemical that manufacturers add to embalming fluid. So, I’m not sure if your son was vaping embalming fluid (which would have caused horrible effects) or he was simply using an e-cigarette that contained PCP, so it was detected in the test.

  35. My niece who is on a lot of medications due to her illness (the pain in her face that causes people to want to commit suicide). I took her in for a urine speciman so she could get her meds and the doctor told her she had PCP in her urine. She swore she didn’t even know what that was or where to get it and her son stuck by her. She was walking to Walmart one day and picked up a few cigarette butts from the ground and smoked them. Could this turn up in her system if someone on PCP had smoked them or if they were laced with PCP. She is trying to come up with some ideas to clear herself of this. She was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago (she tried to commit suicide) and thought maybe something they gave her mixed with some of her other meds and made it look like she had PCP in her system. Is that possible? Thanks.

  36. When I smoked it I felt numb like I was walking on the moon I walked to my room and layed in my bed then could not move I fell asleep and woke the next day.

  37. I smoked wat I was told as wet,water,fry. I have alot of issues with asthma, Bronchospasms,nephmonia,fms,cfs,migraines. I’m wondering if smoking the emboming fluid messed my lungs up now. I have not smoked it in over 15 yrs. I’d like more information on the damage physically done to our lungs and brain after stopping it.

    1. Hi Renee. If I understand correctly, you smoked embalming fluid 15 years ago and are now experiencing lung problems. Did these problems occur chronically after stopping or are showing up just now, all at the same time? Have you seen a pulmonary specialist to get examined and address your conditions and concerns? I suggest you do get checked by a doctor who specializes in lung (pulmonary) conditions.

  38. Thoses who have a love one,No someone or jus see someone who smokes pcp..Can someone open a program for pcp smokers n can we jus bring them in to get help without there permission to get them some help..

  39. I have an old friend that was on this horrible stuff. I’ve heard he’s not using anymore but idk for sure. He has side effects that will never go away from using. It’s awful! June 2014 he tried to commit suicide by jumping off an overpass onto the highway that runs through town, luckily a passer by called police and they got there just in time to pull him back over, he was losing his grip and was probably less than a minute from falling and being gone. He was hospitalized and from what I know he’s in a group home/half house right now. I saw him on a street corner around Easter time in 2014 as well asking for money, I have gave him some and I pray he didn’t use it for drugs. He’s also been diagnosed with schizophrenia and does well while on the meds but he hasn’t been taking them. His brain is completely fried and he will never be the same again but so at he still knows who you are an can carry on a conversation. Please nobody get into using embalming fluid or any other drug! It’s not worth it.

    1. Hi Malik. “Embalming fluid” is actually a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, and other solvents. Long-term use and exposure to large doses of these chemicals, especially by smoking can lead to many side effects. The list of side effects is quite long but in order to answer your question, embalming fluid causes lower respiratory effects such as bronchitis, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, asthma and dermatitis, and asphyxiation in poorly ventilated. So, Yes! Embalming fluid bears the potential for many health risks and damages and may have a fatal outcome.

  40. Embalming Fluid is not the same as PCP. Either you’re confused or mixed up or that 17 yr old kid is confused on what embalming fluid actually IS, because they are not the same…nor are they combined in any mixture form in any way for any reason at all…no. In the 1970s “embalming fluid” was the name given to what is now a “wet” pcp thing…more less. So that’s y ppl can get confused on what those really are and what is in pcp. So the ACTUAL FLUID USED FOR DEAD BODIES is the “TERM” that can be reffered to dipping a cig into liquid pcp (it’s just watered down…literally lol…bit of water nothing else is used lol) and smoking the cig as ONE form of using PCP…so just like Angel Dust is the same thing as PCP…and both are the street terms for the actual chemical name (ph something forgot the spelling)…is the same as the street name “wet” “illy” for using it through a cigarette…so embalming fluid is just one of the slangs..JUST THE WORD NOT THE LITERALL CHEMICAL. So pcp+water=liquid pcp with the street slang emglaming fluid but it is not ever mixed with soluted combined..TOUCHING EACH OTHER OR RELATING TO EACH OTHER OR SIMILAR IN ANY WAY lol…pcp is actually close to ketamine so NOT the same. One of yall is confused or that kid lied

  41. I have smoked this unfortunately maybe 15-25 times in a time period between 6-10 months i believe, now it’s been a long time since last time and I’m not even planning to…my question is: do all these exposures lead to cancer? Or my case in particular, which i see as a moderate exposure…if anyone has any information please let me know because I’m scared to death

  42. Hi Louise. If he’s using pure water, he faces no health risks. But, if it’s tap water, botteled water or any other kind of water not intended for medical purposes, he can be in danger of infections and bacteria. Still, it’s not good to shoot up anything in your body, so have an open talk with him. Ask him why is he injecting water. Then, speak your mind about how you believe he’s harming himself and tell him you don’t approve. Be loving and kind, don’t be strict-that will only push im away.

  43. I am desperate. Please help. My 19 yr old is shooting up “water” – just found out. please tell me what to do and how to get him help. what are the consequences of such usage?

    God bless

  44. Suprised this article didn’t mention the story about Big Lurch, the rapper, who is serving life without the possibility of parole for ripping a woman’s heart literally out of her chest with his bare hands and eating it. The cops found him walking butt naked in the middle of the night.
    I know of someone who attacced a cop inside a dennys in Washington and was subsequently killed by another cop. also know of someone from seattle who actually did microwave his infant son to death… among other stories. I did it twice and left it alone, but a lotta young gang members in LA, seattle and other areas use it regularely because it makes you fearless and aggressive.

  45. Hello Angel. Embalming fluid or “Fry” contains PCP (phencyclidine) which is an addictive drug. It interferes with the brain’s normal functioning, can cause memory and learning impairments, has unpleasant psychological effects-making users suicidal and/or violent, and it affects hormones associated with growth and development.

    Scientific studies conducted on rats have found that PCP can cause a kind of brain damage called Olney’s lesions. It has also been shown to cause schizophrenia-like changes in N-acetylaspartate and N-acetylaspartylglutamate in rat’s brains. Keep in mind that it human it has the same effect and induces symptoms that mimic those of schizophrenia.
    Long term use leads to irreversable brain changes and damage,

  46. What does it do to your brain and can you recuperate your braincells? How do you recuperate your cells or do you loose any?

  47. Hello Tammy. I’m sorry to hear that your grandson is facing such problems. Fry may contain PCP, which is an addictive drug. It can negatively affect the hormones associated with normal growth and development, and it can also impede the learning process. Long term use can lead to memory loss, difficulty with speech or thought, depression, and weight loss. The problems caused by fry (marijuana or tobacco cigarettes dipped in PCP (phencyclidine) can persist for up to a year after an individual has stopped smoking it. Unfortunatley, there may be some brain damage and cognition impairments that can be irreversable.

  48. My 19 year old grandson is currently in a mental health facility for smoking pot soaked in embalming fluid. Can you tell me how long the effects last & if he will be ok?

  49. Thank you for your questions Robin and Jessica.
    When smoked recreationally, the Sherm cigarettes can cause symptoms such as numbness, hallucinations, euphoria, psychosis, and aggressive behavior. Smokers put them selves in the risk of bronchitis, destruction of body tissue, brain damage, lung damage, inflammation and sores in the nose, throat and esophagus. AND it’s been proven by scientists to be extremely carcinogenic.

    The risks are even greater in individuals who are prone to developing conditions similar to psychosis. People under the influence of PCP are given the trait “Superhuman”, basically because it awakens violent feelings and actions, erratic and suicidal behaviors and prevents them from feeling any bodily pain.

    In young users, even recreational use can affect the hormones in the body that regulate growth and development. Medical experts point out the potential risk of impaired learning process.

    When taken more frequently and in higher doses, PCP can have fatal outcome, causing seizures, comma or even death-mostly as a result of the erratic behavior and injury while on the drug. Doctors don’t exclude schizophrenia-like symptoms, delusions and paranoia. Long-term use can lead to memory impairment, slurred speech, depression, and loss of weight.

    IF it’s taken in, injected or swallowed, for some reason, it’s a medical emergency and upon that case one should call 911.

    Jessica, I’d suggest that you call a doctor in a case like what you describe. If it’s on skin for an extended period of time it begins to burn. Medical cases show skin discoloration for a period in time before the skin starts to repair. But, it’s best to have a doctor check you out!

  50. What could the side effects be from embalming fluid when someone is assaulted with it? For example if it is poured on their head and were to get into their eyes and they left it on their body unnoticed, assuming it was nothing, for hours…

  51. Hi Sick. I would recommend that you call the local authorities to report the experiences. There is a way to collect air samples which involves using your vacuum cleaner attached to an air bag. You can contact the EPA for more on this and to learn about how to gather samples.

  52. My neighbors are smoking this stuff (I’m pretty sure) it has been making me sick since I moved into my apt above them. Is it possible for me to be tested to find out if this is in my system as well? I have been waking up with headaches and swollen eyes along with nausea. The burning smell is horrific and in all MY clothing carpets etc. I need help, I feel like I’m being poisoned!

  53. How long does wet stay in someone system I want to make sure my daughter isn’t still doing it by giving a drug test

  54. The solvent used to dissolve PCP for the uses you describe isn’t any form of embalming fluid, PCP is usually dissolved in ether (Though I believe that petroleum or tetrahydrofuran can be used). “Embalming fluid” is just the street name, it’s nothing to do with the stuff they pump into corpses.
    Second, the doses for PCP aren’t nearly as small as you’ve supposed in this article, a moderate dosage for a human being around 5-10 milligrams when inhaled (though doses are much lower when injected). Judging by their mass, I’d guess that a similar inhaled dose for a gorilla would be somewhere around 12 to 20 milligrams.

  55. Wow. I have other stories of the outrageous things people have done while on angel dust but I have never heard this Hunter story. It is absolutely horrifying yet it doesn’t surprise me considering the horrendous effects that using PCP can have. I used PCP as a young adult…among other drugs. I got clean and sober when I was 17 and I have been sober for the last 8 years.

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