Can you get high off nutmeg?

Yes, you can get high off nutmeg. But nutmeg also causes hallucinations, delusion and even death. More on nutmeg’s psychotropic effects here.

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Nutmeg can intoxicate

Yes, you might be able to get high off nutmeg. But nutmeg intoxication is dangerous. If you are seeking the euphoric and hallucinogenic properties of nutmeg, you are warned to do so at risk of your mental health and even your life.

Although nutmeg may seem a low cost alternative to other drugs, it comes with high risks of psychosis and death, and can signal thrill seeking drug abuse behavior.  Learn how to help a drug addict if you’re reading this for someone else. Below, we review what happens to the body when you use nutmeg voluntarily to try to get high, how long symptoms last, and how medical professionals treat nutmeg intoxication.

What happens when you take nutmeg?

Experts have not yet methodically studied the effects of nutmeg on the body, in part, because of the infrequency of reported cases of intoxication and, in part, because of the danger associated with recreational doses of nutmeg. However, cases of nutmeg intoxication do exist and medical literature has tracked similar symptoms of nutmeg intoxication since the early 20th century (1908) and documented the toxic effect of the seed.

Some experts think that during metabolism, high doses of nutmeg form amphetamine derivatives from the volatile oils contained in nutmeg: elemicin (EL), myristicin (MY), and safrole (SA). Of particular interest is the compound called myristicin, which is metabolised to 3-methoxy-4,5 methylenedioxy-amphetamine (MMDA), a psychoactive sympathomimetic. Therefore, experts theorize that myristicin accounts for most of nutmeg’s toxic effects.

Not all of these effects are pleasant, either.

Symptoms of nutmeg intoxication

Ingestion of less than one tablespoon of nutmeg can produce symptoms similar to those of an anticholinergic toxic episode. Central nervous system operations are interrupted, affecting the function of neurotransmitters in the brain. In addition to the central nervous system, nutmeg also affects the cardiovascular system. So, high doses of nutmeg intake result in symptoms such as:

  • abdominal pain
  • agitation
  • chest pain
  • coldness of extremities
  • deliriousness
  • delirium
  • difficulty breathing
  • dizziness
  • fear of death
  • hyperactivity
  • increased body temperature
  • rapid pulse
  • restlessness

One of the most concerning and frightening symptoms of taking high doses of nutmeg are psychotic episodes such as delusions and hallucinations. Anxiety, fear, and a feeling of impending doom are all common during a nutmeg high. As are feelings of detachment from reality or visual hallucinations, taking the form of time, color, or space distortions. Nutmeg can also make you act hostile, combative, and agitated. Chronic psychosis has been reported in cases of prolonged use of nutmeg.

Duration of nutmeg intoxication

People who take nutmeg to get high usually experience symptoms of intoxication for at least 24 hours after taking nutmeg. Symptoms usually appear three to eight hours after ingestion and resolve within a day or two. But many of these symptoms can last longer, up to four days in one case.

Nutmeg intoxication treatment

The clinical course of treatment for taking high doses of nutmeg is mainly supportive, with regular assurance that acute psychotic symptoms will ease. Furthermore, doctors use sedation with benzodiazepines to calm these symptoms and to help reverse the amphetamine-like effects. Charcoal may also help decrease systemic absorption of nutmeg in the body. However, complications such as hypotension (low blood pressure), cyanosis (bluish skin coloration), acidosis (excessive acid in body fluids or tissues), and coma can be life threatening. This is why experts recommend cardio-respiratory monitoring for at least eight hours after ingestion.

Should you take nutmeg to get high?

Nutmeg may seem like a cheap thrill. But abusing nutmeg seeds for their psychotropic effects is clearly not safe or pleasant. Ultimately, high doses of most anything may produce an effect. But at what cost?  Furthermore, if you’re looking into nutmeg to get high, you may have certain personality traits typical of some drug addicts.  Drug addiction and personality traits such as risk taking, impulsiveness, and novelty seeking have been correlated in studies, and your interest in nutmeg may well signal an addictive nature.   In short, doctors suggest NOT taking nutmeg for euphoric effect, and we would like to concur.

Please leave your questions and comments about getting high on nutmeg below.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. When I was a kid ( either 9 or 10 years old) I got high on nutmeg twice. Both times were right after Christmas from eating or drinking too many products containing nutmeg. For the longest time I just thought I was allergic to eggnog or something else I ate during those Christmases, so I stopped drinking eggnog. I just found out a few weeks ago that i was getting “high” and I wasn’t actually allergic to eggnog. Anyways, both times were pretty bad. I was just a kid, so I wasn’t getting paranoid or anxious or anything, it just felt like a really bad fever. For me, it lasted 3 or 4 days and I did have hallucinations. Luckily they weren’t terrifying or anything, I just would hallucinate myself getting up and getting water because i was dehydrated and i couldn’t stand up from my bed. ( I felt myself stand up and everything then when i opened my eyes, I was still in bed) My mom stayed home with me and took care of me and i remember laying on the floor with a fluffy blanket because I was too warm and too cold and the floor seemed like a good place to lay. Honestly, I kinda want to try it again but since then i’m way more anxious and scared of literally everything so maybe it isn’t a great idea..

  2. I don’t agree in 100%. Everybody is different. I had the most wonderful spiritual journeys from Nutmeg. If somebody is prepared, respects the energy behind this plant, doesn’t abuse it too often, it MAY give very very nice trips

  3. I can really get high off nutmeg!!!? I’m a person that really wants to try something once!! Lol, where’s my closest Superstore? Gonna Google myself a moderate a few moderate dose amounts for my purchase. I don’t have an addictive personality except for marijuana, alcohol, poker, love, shouldn’t love be higher..?

  4. I am 75 years old and read to take 1/4 tsp of nutmeg every night to reap its benefits. I just take a 1/4 tsp of the nutmeg from the can and sit and sallow a little at a time and then drink some water. Is it okay to do this?

  5. I do not recommend taking this. I stupidly did severally years ago and had one of the most horrific experiences of my life. Three days of feeling extremely nauseous, accompanied with a three day long headache and intense tinnitus. I also experienced surreal and harrowing audio hallucinations throughout.. If you want to get safely and enjoyably high this is not the choice.

  6. I’ve been suffering time and time again due to my addictive personality and depressio. I’ve been in and out of mental facilities done I was well as long as i can remember. Here recently, (last 6 months) I’ve been using large quanities of meth and herion in hopes that I would not wake up. Instead I’ve hurt those who loved me and ended up stealing several thousands of dollars and a gun. In hopes the money could buy enough drugs to kill me. I instead ended up in a coma for a couple days and on the streets with nothing. Ice lost e writhing I’ve held to heart. My family my wife my son my business and my strenght to keep going. I want this pain to end, my guilt eats me alive my mental and physical health are shit. I’m to the point I don’t know what to do. I’ve OD on several drugs to try to 32nd it, stabbed myself in the stomach to end it. I’m to big of a coward to use a gun to do it. I would love nothing more than to catch nice high and drift off to eternal slumber and feel nothing at all.

  7. I never knew of this until right now, a few minutes ago, while watching “Orange is the nNew Black”, and in season 2, during a flood, some inmates seek deviation from the ‘storm’ by breaking into the kitchen and consuming nutmeg. Powdered cooking sort. I stopped then to see what was so ‘fun’ about this particular spice. I read the above and questioned why, knowing the overall risks and the minimal amount of high one might receive from a dose, would one take it. I know the physiological aspects of addiction well enough but with other drugs, ie…opiates, cocaine..there is a thrill, albeit brief, that supercedes the risk. Nutmeg, however, goes against what the typical chemically dependent person would want, which is a brief but moving high. Yes, the risks of other drugs are always there but people also know of the ‘perks’, so to speak, about the highs of other drugs. Nutmeg does not appear to have ‘perks’…only insanely toxic and lengthy and dangerous risks. Yes, the mind of the chemically dependent person (trying to be PC, here and not say ‘addict/junkie’…) is not always the most balanced one, especially, I imagine, if seeking nutmeg as a high. Anyway, back to point, if I have one…Why would programs use things like nutmeg, something I, a social worker, perhaps a very sheltered one, never even knew about? It gives those who might be very desperate and poor and impulsive, an escape they might never return from (something all drugs share). Why advertise things that not even people in the field have ever even imagined could be used as a drug? Seems irresponsible. Blatantly irresponsible, no matter how true it might be. Oh well, will never drink egg nog in the same way, again. Sorry for rambling. Pax!

  8. I decided to take nutmeg a while back before I new all of the bad things about it. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It lasted three days. And it has been months and I am just getting over the bad anxiety that it gave me. For me it was horrible also because I have a bad anxiety disorder and adhd. And the nutmeg just made it much worse. Getting high off of nutmeg is a risky thing to do. And you should understand that it is most likley going to have long term affects. And nutmeg is classified as a dilerium, so while you trip, you can’t keep your mind straight, and that causes the hightend anxiety. There are plenty of legal cheaper ways to get a better high with less risk factors avalible to you.
    And it just gets worse if you go to school still, and you are tripping on nutmeg.

  9. It’s all B.S. I just tried this last night. I took four table spoons of spartan ground nutmeg and nothing happed at all. I waited four hours before getting to tired and went to bed. I dosed at 10:00 PM.

  10. Hi, I use nutmeg regularly as a psychoactive and would like to offer my experience and knowledge. Different studies have different results as to whether nutmeg is toxic or protective to the liver; simply asserting that it is hepatotoxic doesn’t foster good discussion. Saying nutmeg is toxic doesn’t mean much. All psychoactive substances are toxic, that’s what “intoxication” means. There’s no substance that’s not toxic in high doses. Water is toxic. Only two fatal overdoses from nutmeg have ever been recorded, though, one in a child and one in an older person on other potentially harmful drugs.

    Myristicin does not break down to MMDA, that’s been refuted. Myristicin alone has no psychoactive effects. It’s probably the interaction of myristicin and elemicin (which is psychoactive on its own) that causes the nutmeg high..

    Those looking to experiment with it should be encouraged because they may find a cheap, legal, fun drug like I did. The only negative side effects listed in this article I’ve ever experienced were dizziness and dry mouth (also side effects of marijuana). Everything else about the nutmeg high I love. For me it’s euphoric, it makes food better and music more powerful, it enhances social interaction and my feelings of love for all beings including myself. My favorite effect is that I feel a profound spiritual connection with the outdoors and the earth; I was not a spiritual person before nutmeg.

    For those curious, I only use whole nuts (I’ve never used preground in any significant volume, although I know it’s easier to swallow). I have had next to no negative side effects or health problems to date besides diarrhea from all the fluids I take in while high.

  11. Hi J-M and Experimenter. Thanks for your questions.

    We cannot recommend nutmeg dosage because we are of the opinion that using nutmeg to get high is dangerous.

  12. I have some ground nutmeg right here and i read this article. it sounds pretty sketchy. I want to hallucinate, but I kinda really don’t want to die. or go to the hospital. Can i still get high off 1/2 a tablespoon? I’ll wait to decide until I read more articles.
    Also I was wondering about poppy seeds. Is using those to get high a worse idea?
    What kind of damage will my liver go under? Will my liver recover?
    I’m an uneducated Ex-Stoner. I’ve tried marijuana and it was great besides the coughing, but I don’t know how much more extreme Nutmeg or Poppy seeds are… Let me know…

  13. I have a friend who wants to try getting high off nutmeg. I told him its not a good idea after reading this but he doesn’t want to listen to me so I was wondering what is a safe dose of nutmeg to get a high without afterwrad effects. I’m talking about crushing the spice in a coffee grinder like would a tablespoon be safe? or 1/2 tablespoon?
    thanks a lot.

  14. Hi Curtis. We strongly urge you against taking any type of nutmeg, whether pre-ground or in a nut form. The powder from nutmeg is TOXIC.

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