Can you overdose on marijuana?

Yes, you can overdose on marijuana (THC). Signs of overdose include nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, or acute paranoia. More here on how to address marijuana overdose and its complications.

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Although impossible to have a toxic overdose of marijuana, it is quite possible to consume more weed than necessary. When you smoke too much marijuana or eat too much pot-based food, you can manifest symptoms of ataxia/dizziness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, possible crying, and sometimes a sensation of dying. But don’t be concerned; ingesting too much marijuana is not fatal or injurious to any organs.

How do you recognize and treat symptoms of marijuana overdose? We review here. Then, we invite your questions about a marijuana overdose at the end.

Can you overdose on marijuana?

Yes and no. If you’re asking if you can overdose and die from marijuana: the answer is no, its not very likely. However, you can experience extreme anxiety (panic attacks) or psychotic reactions (where you lose touch with reality and may become paranoid) after consuming high potency marijuana strains with high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Additionally, people can and do injure themselves because of marijuana’s effects on judgment, perception, and coordination. Further, marijuana accents the effects of other drugs; this is why mixing marijuana and alcohol can lead to a high level of intoxication, risky behavior and/or intensified effects of drinking.

What happens when you overdose on marijuana?

When a temporary overdose of marijuana occurs, it is called “greening out.” It is important to understand that a temporary overdose of marijuana will not result in permanent disability or death, but can be quite common in people who have not used the drug often. The following are the symptoms of too much marijuana in the system:

  • disorientation
  • fast heart rate
  • hallucinations
  • pupil dilation
  • shaking that is hard to control, feeling cold
  • shortness of breath
  • temporary feelings of paranoia, fear and anxiety
  • vomiting and/or nausea

This phenomenon passes on its own within minutes to hours of marijuana use. If the symptoms are severe, medical attention needs to be obtained to make sure the user is closely observed for complications.

How much marijuana is too much?

It is difficult to establish marijuana potency levels, due to the variation in types of marijuana users consume. Simply put, until more refined and purified cannabinoid preparations are available, it will simply not be possible to derive a more specific or exact dosing schedule, let alone be able to predict overdose amounts. Additional factors such as age, general health, exposure to marijuana, marijuana tolerance levels, etc. contribute to an individual’s overdose level.  For example, a long-term cannabis user may require significantly larger amounts of cannabis than an initiate to achieve desired effect.

However, if you find yourself in any of these scenarios, perhaps it is time to take a break and re-evaluate your recreational marijuana usage:

1. Your health goes downhill

Long term effects of using marijuana can include reduced immune system response as well as cognitive changes in the brain. Consider also that there have been links between marijuana and brain damage, as well as other long term effects. So while you might be avoiding acute overdose, long term effects still take a toll on your physical and mental health.

2. You can’t shake that wheezing cough

You’re not likely to risk lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease like a cigarette smoker, but frequent, heavy marijuana use by smoking can lead to an irritated throat and lungs. Consider switching to vaporization or using edibles until your lungs can recover.

3. You’re blowing off your responsibilities

Being a responsible cannabis consumer means your personal use of marijuana doesn’t negatively affect fulfilling your responsibilities at work, at school, and as a parent, roommate and spouse.

4. You’re not getting high anymore

Increased tolerance can signal dependence on marijuana. And when physical dependence is present, psychological dependence may also be indicated. If you’ve stopped getting high on marijuana, it might be time to consider a break.  Dealing with psycho-emotional issues which compel use can help you avoid the need for marijuana.

Marijuana overdose help

So what can you do if you suspect you’ve OD’d on marijuana? Less serious cases of “greening out” will usually go away on their own in a few hours without treatment. Keep an eye on the person and offer fluids and rest. Watch for symptoms that warrant further medical care such as; trouble breathing, pale skin color, fast heart rate and unresponsiveness. Take the person to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Overdose on marijuana questions

Still have questions about overdosing on marijuana? Please leave your questions below. We’ll do our best to respond to your question personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My boyfriend is 57 years old been smoking sense he was 18, he had stopped for 3 and a half weeks, I had the biggest dangerouse scare of me life. After dinner. We was going to his daughters, 15 minutes down the road, on the way he smoke a half of joint, when he was done with in seconds he started acting strange said he’s never been this high , 5 minutes from his daughters I stopped my jeep in the road climbed over the set to him eyes open no breathing and no Pal use I done cpr, it felt like for ever, 40 seconds I got him back he had no recalation what had happened, not 50 feet I had to stop and do it agian, it took long to bring him back this time. Pulled in her drive way jumping out I run around the jeep open door so he could try and stand and get some air he seemed to be ok as I got to the door of house I turned around as he is wilting to the ground I go runny back screaming for his daughter to call 911. This time I bring him back he thought he was sleeping but couldn’t figure out how he got to the ground and where he was. He refusedbthe hospital that 20 minute ride home took for ever it seemed to get home as we started to pull in he starts to fell strange he said I got him home and he went to bed when he woke for work this morning he didn’t remember any of the ride after he smoked and said he never been this high, lets just jay I’ve seen a lot that others couldn’t imagine. 11 years old I had to identify my old brothers body from dying in truck crash. At 15 I saw my grandmother come out of coma long enough to speak in tongue and die, 21 I watched my mother take her last breath as she died from cancer and at 29 I gave my father CPR tel medics cam to survive him on way to we and was dead in arrival. I was more scared last night then any of that. I saw my hole life pass in front of my eyes and still haven’t been to sleep, can’t sleep to scared some one is going to call with bad news

  2. About a year and a half ago I was going through a rough patch and I started smoking every day. One night I had a headache and so I took some excedrin that has 120mg of caffeine. About an hour later after the headache went away I smoked some very high THC weed. I took way too many hits. A few minutes later I started feeling really paranoid like someone was in my house watching me. I went upstairs to wake my husband up because I started to panic. The next 6 hours were complete hell. I was freaking out feeling like I was going crazy. I couldn’t control my mind or my thoughts. I felt like I was going to end up in a mental hospital and my life was over. I felt so nauseous. I kept trying to throw up. My anxiety was so bad. It was a full blown panic attack. I finally worked up the courage to take half of a .5mg Xanax which did pretty much nothing but I eventually fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up still shaking and scared out of my mind. I have never been the same since this episode. I had to go on lexapro because I developed panic disorder and continued to have daily panic attacks. I don’t know if it was the caffeine mixed with the weed or just the super high thc weed. All I know is it was the worst decision of my life. A year and a half later and I’m still not the same. I tried to get off the lexapro and developed OCD and intrusive thoughts. I had no idea any of this was possible. All I ever heard was how safe weed was. I’m telling you, be careful. Always smoke weed that has CBD in it which will counteract the THC. Or just stay away from it altogether. I can never get off my medication because my anxiety is so bad. Just wanted to share my story because my life has never been the same and anxiety is a daily struggle for me. I never know when I’m going to slip back into panic mode and feel like I’m going crazy. Please be careful. There are consequences for every action.

  3. This has happened to me, so it is real. THC can trigger psychotic symptoms in some people. It doesn’t mean we should make THC illegal, it just means people like me shouldn’t have it. simple.

  4. Last day after taking a heavy dose of joint, i was feeling very uncomfortable along with vomiting and nausea. I was feeling there is nothing in mind which is under my control. sleep is far away from my eyes and I will die in this condition, and I could not be the part of this real-world again. There were strong loops of images and sounds in my mind which makes me very disturbed. That was a very bad time. My question is that what is the solution of this state if we ever confront this situation. what should I do to take me out of this condition?

    1. Hi Muhammad. It seems that you have consumed more than necessary. Probably the best thing you can do is to prevent situations like this by avoiding smoking altogether.

  5. My friend just consumed some rough weed and he is unconscious and afraid of running mad.though I ve given him some liquids and he is sleeping.What next do I do for him.

  6. Hi, um I kinda have a problem that maybe you can help me with or just give your opinion on it. So my friend was stressed out over drama so I gave her an indica blunt (she didn’t tell me that she never hit a blunt before). After about 5 to maybe 7 hits she started to cough so I put it out (there was only indica in it, no wax, not laced). She then started puking up water she drank about 2 minutes earlier so I told her to calm down and take deep breaths. We were walking back to my place and she was fine, she was happy and giggling. Then we were almost at my house when she told me she wasn’t really feeling well. Well she ended up having to go to the hospital… I’m worried her parents might try to sue me even though (in my eyes) I didn’t really do anything wrong. I was trying to get her to clam down but she wouldn’t listen and gave herself an anxiety attack. When she got to the hospital she fell asleep and that’s all I know. If you can help or give your opinion that would really help me out.

  7. Hi there, I am a occasional smoker and recently I bought some edibles and weed. I got 5 different strains and long story short I ate and smoked way to much for 2 days straight. I don’t even remember the days I did it. It’s been about 2 days since I’ve had any and I’m still feeling incredibly nauseous, bad anxiety and brain fog.. I’m on antidepressants and know I shouldn’t mess around with this kind of stuff . I’m scared I’m gonna have permanent damage and I’m freaking out. When will this go away?:(

  8. It is true you can over dose , i use medically for ptsd and it doesnt help like everyone says it does you have to use in moderation to be effective , there are side affects and it depends on your tolerance if you smoke a blunt every half hour or dab every five mins youre more likely to have the “greening out” feeling overloading your system with any chemical isnt good regardless , fruit is good for you but you can over dose on fruit(vitamins) in high levels become toxic as with any substance . everyone wants to argue the science this is science , learn to understand youre body if your starting to have the anxiety and chest pains and your an everyday user take a break, remember its not the marijuanna that kills or harms its the symptoms that come with over usage that are unsafe

  9. My wife smoked four blunts got up walk ten steps and fell straight back. Luckily I was right behind her to catch her. Her eyes rolled in her head and she was unresponsive. I could not revive her for at least a minute and had my phone in hand about to call 911 when she finally opened her eyes. Had I not been there she would have probably broke her neck on the tile floor or falling down the stairs. So don’t give me this shit about not being able to over dose on marijuana. If you can overdose on Tylenol or alcohol or food for that matter then you can overdose on anything. I feel that if it has an unintended or undesired side effect such as loss of consciousness then it IS a direct result of the drug. Stop minimizing and justifying the use of this drug because you are addicted. It is a real thing and people need to educate themselves.

  10. I took some THC capsules, each 90mg, which equals about one gram of weed. After ingesting the pills around 2 hours later I was very nauseated and threw up all night and well as bathroom issue. I was felling a bit sick the next day. Is this normal, and how can I avoid it. I believe I took way too much?

  11. I honestly didn’t believe that you were able to overdose on weed but then one night it happened to me. I experienced every single one of those symptoms listed including the sensation of dying. It was very intense that I had to call an ambulance for myself and they said that I had to go into the ER because my symptoms were so bad my heart rate was dangerously high. So this is true even with healthy people because I’ve never had any health issues. So this a a very true fact, marijuana can be dangerous!

  12. I have some very serious underlying medical conditions, so even too much alcohol can kill me. I have heart problems, high blood pressure, trouble breathing, and MS. I am chronically ill.

  13. As a carer of a 19 year old who uses marijuana inappropriately how do I care for him? Can you guide me as towhere to find something to read on how carers can help marijuana users. The user is also taking regular anti-pressant at the same time.

  14. Hi, I am concerned because I have smoked weed about 6 or 7 times, and about 3 weeks ago, I had took a weed from a bong and I was wondering if I overdosed??? Because I feel very paranoid all the time, my chest hurts, I feel like vomiting, and loss of appetits. Also I can’t fall asleep, is there anything I can do?? Please help me. And also when does this bad feeling go away?

  15. Hello, my name is Christian. I really need help. So on July 16th I overdosed on thc and it was my first time taking thc after five months. I smoked it, snored it and drank it. I found these little packages of thc and each package has 10 mg and there was only 40 milligram over all. So I put all 4 little packages in a bottle of water and drank just a little bit. After 20 minutes I didn’t feel anything so what I did was snort some of the little left thc too and I felt high fast. I wanted to get more high so what I did was drank the whole thing and after a couple minutes I start feeling bad and nausea. Then I remember I froze, I couldn’t move, I was thinking so much, luckily my friend was there and he kind of woke me up. When I woke up I started freaking out more and more.It felt like I was dead. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t move or talk. I was completely stuck in my brain. Everything I would see would divide into millions. And my friend told me that I started doing all these crazy things such as barking, yelling, and so many things I never thought I would of done I was being extremely paranoid. And finally he called the ambulance for help. The next day I felt better. My biggest fear was that what if this life is just a dream, or what if I’m dead, what if I’m nothing but darkness, like I would think all these crazy things and I’ve never been this paranoid. A couple days later I forgot about that feeling and I was okay. Not until it was the day before my birthday.( ps I haven’t smoked after I overdosed at all) That day I was talking to my friends and all that and started being paranoid again. I thought wait, “what if this is all a dream. What if I’m dead,” so I started freaking out so much and my friend told me to take deep breath and it just felt exactly at the time I overdose I slowly started getting stuck in to my mind until I went to bed and closed my eyes. After that my days have been horrible. I was extremely paranoid. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Now I have to be going to therapy, neurologist and psychiatrist because I’ve been so traumatized from it. I keep thinking the same thing what if it’s a dream and all these things. It’s my second time in the hospital and I haven’t done any drugs after I overdose. I was wondering if there is anyone that’s going through the same thing? Or if there has been cases like this? Thank you.

    1. Hello Jan. We are here to help! Please check out this section of our website on hydrocodone withdrawal which features an intro article and all-you-need-to-know in related articles listed underneath it. You can also call one of the helpline numbers displayed here to speak with professionals about entering a hydrocodone medical detox program.

      Or, send your question here, in the comments section and we’ll do our best to help you out.

  16. You are full of shit. You would need to smoke 1500 pounds in a fifteen minute time period to overdose. This is impossible.

    1. Hi Eric. Thank you for your feedback. But, that is exactly what we say in the article, isn’t it?…that it’s impossible to have a toxic overdose of marijuana.

  17. A dear friend very recently passed away. He was a daily smoker of pot. The early a.m. before he died, he had smoked his own pot, and then smoked a Blount which he said was so much stronger than what he regularly smoked. He had a history of hypertension, asthma, and prior myocardial infarction with stent implanted. He smoked all of the pot between 3:30 a. m. and 0:400 a.m;he was found unresponsive and deceased by 7:30-8:00 a. m. With his medical history, could the smoking of much stronger and more pot than he was accustomed to using , contribute to his death. I am not a member of family so am not privy to information on cause of his demise.

    1. Hi Elsie. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your concerns.

  18. Hi, I accidentally overdosed with an oral tincture of high TCH. It was the first time I had used it and it was absolutely the worst night of my life. I had horrible anxiety, paranoia, rapid heartbeat, thoughts of death (like I was going over the edge), could not remain still. Didn’t know if I was having a heart attack plus I felt that I was losing my mind! It was impossible to lie down and rest. In a daze I vaguely remember going to the hospital where I was told to wait it out. While an overdose of marijuana is not fatal, I would warn people — please be extremely careful! I would never touch the stuff again, but I do know it can benefit beneficial if used properly.

  19. I thought my body disappeared, I was forgetting what people were just saying , shaking uncontrollably…did I overdose? And I still don’t feel normal at all.

  20. I was having skin infection so I took a heavy dose tablet and then after 3 hrs I smoked marujuana then I got suddenly too hight and got overdose and then I left it. now it is exactly 1 year that I have been left it but still I’m not able to recover my problem of bizzines and fast hart rate please help me how to come out of it.

  21. I almost killed myself while high driving my car. I got into an accident and lost my left leg and left arm. Ever since then I have never smoked weed. I only do cocaine now.

  22. I’ve only smoked a few times in my life..maybe 6 or so. The last being around the age of 30. After smoking it I stood up, got real hot an blacked out or a second. When I come to my boyfriend was carrying !e the bedroom an I was jerking uncontrollably (similar to a seizure) but my eyes were open an I could hear n see everything but couldn’t move or talk. This went on for almost 6 hours I was told but I was in an out so I’m no positive on that. I’m just wandering if I was what you call a green out? I’ve never herd that term but I also though Po was supposed to prevent seizures so I’m just really at a loss to Kno what it was. I’m probably Po but I’ll probably never smoke it again. 🙂

  23. Hi people, I am sorry for all of your bad experiences with marijuana and I understand that it can be scary sometimes. My first time was complete BS. My ‘friend’ gave me a dab, edible, and a beer. I accidentally punched him in the face when he scared the hell out of me (he deserved it) and for the whole night, my boyfriend at the time had to comfort me because I was shaking, crying, my heart rate was fast and I was afraid I was going to slip into a coma. I know you’re probably thinking that I should have never done that much, well probably for my first time. But now, whenever I do try it, I feel the best I have been. My depression and anxiety go away and I can finally draw again. It’s nice to be able to just feel stress free and great again. I just wanna say that you may think it’s the plant, I think that it’s the people, whether you’ve had a break from it or if you’re not in a comfortable place. I am not saying DO IT ANYWAYS, do it when you are comfortable and ready. I now have rules for when I do decide to try marijuana again.

    1. Don’t be around people I don’t trust, I go down into a bad time and I get paranoid.
    2. Have headphones or something to help caln you down.
    3. Be somewhere you have been before, it helps make the feeling of paranoia go away, and lastly,
    4. Be with people you know well. When I was with my ex, he would always make me feel like paranoid or frustrated because he didn’t really understand. Now, I try it with my best friend and I have the best times.

    Moral of the story, don’t too much you’re first time, be with people you trust and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

  24. This article are facts!! I just recently experienced this with an edible of 300mg thc, my symptoms were: shortness of breath, heart race was fast, I kept shaking, I almost threw up, nauseous, I thought I was dying I got paranoid but somehow managed not to do anything dumb. I slept for 15 hours straight. Woke up a little bit disoriented and could barely stand up on my feet. I don’t think I’ll be getting high in awhile… its day 3 and still feel a little odd. Haha

  25. i have smoked pot for over 30 years and have never had a bad exp with it but i always knew what i was smoking and knew when to put it down, but for me i treat pot just like any drug or booze take to much and you may have a problem, and i have never known anyone to OD on pot except when it was laced with something else like coke or some other narcotic;s but out of them all pot IMO is the safest , and seems to only cause problems for those that do not know when to say enough and put it down, like first time users that smoke or eat with friends that have had exp with pot in the past.
    My advise to first timers is to take one hit or bite and give it 15 to 30 minutes and see how you feel and if needed take another hit or bite, but like anything treat it with respect and it won’t bite you in the rear

  26. I had a 10mg edible that gave me horrible side effects, you name it, I was going through it. I didn’t fall asleep till almost 6am the next day and have not recovered… it’s been 10 weeks of feeling foggy, disconnected, nauseated, loss of appetite, crying and dizzy every day. Please help me

  27. It’s been awhile since I been on here.
    Update on me I haven’t smoked and also suffer from depression, paranoia/anxiety. I feel healthier then I used to I still live in California I still own my own dispensary. I don’t swear it off to anyone but if you’re going to use make sure you know what you’re getting to. Also not to trash talk but if your father studied it then he would know that it doesn’t help cancer in anyway besides to help pain. Almost everything on this planet causes cancer but as a insight I believe sometime this year we actually will have to have a warning label stickered. Because it can cause multiple mental health issues and can cause lung cancer .

  28. I am very sorry I voted to legalize marijuana, but it would have passed anyway. I was thinking about all the sick people in pain, but apparently most of the users are a bunch of drug addicts, and it sounds like more innocent people (and pets) will die from all the traffic accidents, and other problems that marijuana abuse creates. I knew someone many years ago that was addicted, and a total loser(and liar too). I understand that he quit, but I believe he has probably not changed for the better. He got married, but could be divorced by now, because more often than not, once a cheat, always a cheat, especially when they are totally non Christian.

  29. my dad has his medical card for Marijuana because of problems and it helps him and he runs his own business he has researched this “drug” , it helps the risk of cancer, you have to do more than 8 tons in 8 hours so the person…

  30. Hi I was wondering how long I am going to be this way?…
    I expirienced half the symptoms of intoxicaion of marijuana. It’s been a month now and my memory is bad and I am like stupid. I can’t think like when I read a sentence I can’t make sense of it or when people talk I can’t understand them sometimes. I feel disorientated still. Can you help me please I’ve been to the hospital and they said there’s nothing they can do about it.

  31. People using marijuana irresponsibly are one of the things screwing up legalizing it more! Educate yourself BEFORE using it for the first time! Learn about strains, what Sativa, and Indica means- how different strains affect people. Cbd oil, edibles, shatter, etc. affect everyone different because we ALL have different bodies and different health issues. If you educate yourself BEFORE you use, you will have a good chance of having a good high! The internet puts insane amounts of information at your fingertips, so it’s not hard to educate yourself about marijuana! And if your that lazy to begin with, you probably shouldn’t be using it to begin with, to eliminate other excuses you could ask the person you buy from about it BEFORE using. Also marijuana is not addictive, however the feeling it gives you can be! People can be “addicted” to darn near anything, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, etc. If your not getting high anymore as your article suggests, try a different strain, it’s that easy! If you eat an edible moderation is the key! Your body handles edibles different, because your digesting it and it enters your body slower, so eat a small amount over longer periods to see how it will affect you, moderation is always your best guide here. If you feel anxious try to relax, stay hydrated, watching TV sometimes helps relax you and diverts your mind, this will usually pass quickly. If you have a medical condition that may prevent you from sleeping the affects off safely that is all the better reason to educate yourself BEFORE hand. Marijuana affects pain receptors in the body, first time users cannot predict how it will affect them 100% until tried, but be smart and let educated knowledge be your guide!

  32. Hello my name is Fernando and well I ate a brownie for the first time and and too much too but that was about four days ago and had to go to the hospital and they told me it would go away in hours but I still felt it after 3 days now I don’t feel it much but since I got parinoic and getting scared when that all happened I feel weird and haven’t eaten well because for some reason after all of this food just makes me wanna puke and grosses me out plz I hope for a response

  33. I got an RX from Doctor for medical marijuana. I took 50mg. 10 every 1/2 hour. So 50mg in a short while.
    Is this dangerous and can I don anything to counteract the high? I’m scared

  34. i have overdosed on weed a couple times i have felt pupil dilation, shaking that is hard to control, feeling cold, shortness of breath, temporary feelings of paranoia, fear and anxiety, vomiting and/or nausea, disorientation, and fast heart rate there were times during these overdoses i honestly thought i was gonna die, but i have stopped smoking pot and havnt smoked in over 3 months and ever since i have became extremely depressed and i cant concentrate on anything and dont have the motivation to do anything how ever i probably wont smoke pot again unless its in small amounts, and all you pot heads that think all this is wrong well i hate to say it but you are wrong this article is all facts and i have the experiences to prove it so just because you are mad and dont wanna believe any of it doesnt mean you should fill this place with lies

  35. My boyfriend and I overdosed on an edible cookie. It was the first time doing this. My biyfriend was advised to take a quarter of the cookie each and then wait. But it was the worst experience ever. Two days after we feel like we are floating on water and feeling dizziness though nothing like the first day of course. But we are worried. Iwe realised we took 40mg each and were stupid to trust the advice given.
    Will this feeling leave? When ? Should we do anything that can help?
    What’s your advice?

    1. Hi, Francesca. That was very bad experience, and I think you’ve learned the lesson. I suggest you drink more fluids, take more Vitamins, and everything will be fine.

  36. If you don’t mind, I am writing a research paper about why or why not marijuana should be legalized. To be able to clearly give credit to this blog, if it is okay for me to use this article as a source of information, may I get the name of who wrote this article?

    1. Hi Hannah. You can freely use this article and also feel free to give author credits to Addiction Blog. We’re glad that you find it useful for your research paper.

  37. I used to smoke for a few years but I stopped because I kept greening out I recently tried to smoke again to see if it passed I thought it was a faze. I tried again and it was terrible so bad I had to go to the E.R.
    My heart was racing so fast cause I was so scared that I was going to die that my heart was throwing off clots. Smoking is not meant for everyone nor is it good for you. I thought it cured cancer and it can’t harm you but after that scare I moved to open my own shop in California went to school to be a scientist it didn’t work out but I did the study of what it actually can do to a person and its just as bad as anything else.

  38. Hi Josh. Marijuana affects every individual differently. Many people (especially those 9-10% who wind up becoming habitual users) experience a mild euphoria that lasts for 2-4 hours from weed. Doses and strain of marijuana will also affect your reaction.

  39. So, last Friday my best friends 21 bday took place.. We had a nice dinner on a yacht then went to a speak easy to drink. These drinks were labor intensive and I had about five.. Then we wnt to a club and I had like 5 more drinks.. I was drunk .. My friend then took us to a house full of stoners and I took 5 big hits.. I was soo high and didn’t even know where I was going .. My head felt like it was spinning forward faster then the speed of light.. I got scared and though someone drugged me and found my self in a dorm room across town.. My friend were nowhere to be found and I started crying and getting really anxious.. I didn’t think weed could do all that? Makes me kinda not want to touch that stuff again.. I’m usually in control of everything and it made me feel like I had no control.. I could not even get up from the bed I was on.. Why do people smoke weed when all it does is cause you to feel paranoid and scared that your gonna die..

  40. thc and your fatty cells hve alot to do wth how long it stays in an “individuals” system. To tha people that hve tripped out on eating tha shyt, u’v got me a lil nervous when i smoke my next blunt (hope itz soon tho)

  41. Hi,

    I recently took ~25 mg of marijuana of an unknown strain (but purchased from a dispensary) in the form of brownies. It was my first time trying marijuana and I didn’t realize how bad a mistake it was until afterwards. I experienced extreme paranoia, increased heart rate, slight shaking, persistent lapses in short term memory, and it was everything I could do to not pass out. I thought I was going to die and wanted to go to a hospital, but my friend waited it out with me.

    That was Wednesday the 27th at 2 pm. Two days later at 9 AM, I am worried because I still feel groggy, am a little confused, and am also anxious and a little paranoid as a result. I also noticed that it is very, very difficult to acheive an erection. Also, i do not hve an appetite and am nauseous. I am scared because most sites say that either it goes away in 24 hrs or it creates some kind of long-lasting brain chemistry change. I never want to touch this stuff again and just want to go back to normal.

    Are these symptoms common? Is there an eta for returning to normal or could this be permanent? Please email me so that I am sure I get a response.

    Thank you,


  42. I love articles like this just to see all the angry pot-heads crawl out from their holes and blast science and medicine. I’m sure they believe in the concluded science of global warming too. Lemmings.

  43. I’ve actually overdosed. My “shaking ” was actually seizures, and my vomiting was projectile… My heart rate was through the roof. Mind you I was 15 at the time of consumption and had no idea there was even mj in that cookie. All because of one little cookie. Ever since then I just can’t have a lot without my back hurting and starting to shake. And I’m 23 now living in Washington state. Sad times… I don’t agree with a lot of what’s in this article, but the overdose symptoms were correct.

  44. I need help.. I had a morphine pump installed in 2005. everything went fine, the doctor even gave me break through Oxycodone.i HAVE HAD TEN BACK SURGERYS AND WAS LIVING IN MIDLAND TX I told him I had to move to Austin near family about nine hours away from where I was in Lubbock, TX. He told me he was setting me up with Pantech who comes to your home and the nurse injects it in my pump. He said he couldnt give me oxycodone since I was moving. I never failed one of his urine test or did anything I wasnnt supposed to do. I thought I could find a pain doctor here that would give me my breakthrough meds. I did and while I was in the hospital with prostate and bladder surgery without my knowledge my brother had my take home meds filled from hospital .. One was hydrocodne. So I took it un opened and still stapled to him and he though a fir , I didnt take any, throw them in the trash, he said he couldnt but for me not to take them I didnt.Well a few weeks later the day before thanksgiving I fell off a ladder and broke my Tibia and femur. its against the law to bring your meds to the hospital they provided the meds and I was 10 over he through another fit, that was my second visit to see him. on the next visit he said no more pain pills and was going to raise my morphine pump 15 mg and I was so upset because he was hollering and scared he was going to raise it double the amount going in my spine I walked out.Now he wont see me anymore. My doctor from Lubbock that writes prescriptions to Pantech quit because I went and seen this pain doctor but he said he couldnt provide the breakthrough meds. Now I have three weeks left and my pump runs out, Im out of breakthrough meds and cant get anymore and Im scared. I have no one to manage my morphine pump. Do you know anyone that can help me in Austin TX? I dont want to die, I have Lung problems, COPD and BRONCHIECTASIS, i HAVE AN ENLARGED HEART AND ALSO HAVE A SMALL ANURYSM IN THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, NEUROTHAPY, FIBROMYALGIA AND HAVE HAD TEN BACK SURGERYS. i HAVE CALLED SO MANY PAIN DOCTORS THEY WONT EVEN ALLOW ME TO TELL THEM THE WHOLE STORY. PLEASE FORWARD OR REFER ME TO SOMEONE. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH WITHDRAWALS ONCE BEFORE WHEN A LINE BROKE IN MY MORPHINE PUMP i AM 57 YEARS OLD AND KNOW I CANT GO THROUGH THIS WITHDRAWAL AGAIN. THANK YOU

    1. Hello Ronnie. That’s terrible! How are you doing now? I managed to locate some pain management doctors online. You can check out the following links to search the pain management doctors in Austin TX directories: and I’m I cannot personally refer you to anyone in particular. I hope you can find a doctor who will be willing to manage your condition. Good luck!

  45. I made some edibles for the first time yesterday. I’ve been a heavy daily smoker for over 10 years so ate quite a lot thinking I would be able to take a big dose… HUGE mistake! Initially went to sleep feeling lovely then woke up an hour or so later with my hard beating so fast and hard it scared the shit out of me…. I then went really pale and clammy, breathing was out of control. Couldn’t stop moving around, it almost felt like like my muscles had a mind of their own… Then came the voices… I don’t really remember what they said, was like a constant invasive narrative – horrible! General paranoia and a horrendous panic attack developed – I never thought this was possible with the green! Anyways, having had a fair bit of narc experience I was able to keep myself from going fully crazy, although it felt uncontrollable at times as it was like I was being pumped full of adrenaline constantly…

    An hour later I got to the point where the waves of panic had subsided and was able to control breathing again… Went to sleep for a straight 12 hours, woke up and still felt crazy so went back to bed and slept all day. Just starting to feel something like normal a full 26 hours later!

    Think I’ll stick to toking from now on… :p

    1. Hi Jimbo. Many people experience similar effects from eating it. I hope you are ok now. If you are still not feeling quite normal you might want to check in with a doctor.

  46. Hi Andy. My exact words were “Imagine a kid smoking for the first time and over-doing it! It’s better to seek help and be careful, than to hurt yourself or someone else unintentionally”-meaning getting into an accident or doing something dangerous. No wife beating! And while I also didn’t get into the toxicity of marijuana, I said that there are people with medical conditions that shouldn’t just ignore the occurrence of side-effects from marijuana and sleep it off.

  47. Ivana @ Addiction Blog. bullsh*t marijuana is one of the most non-toxic drugs ever, if you smoke too much you wont “hurt any one else unintentionally” you’ll just feel sick at worst, no one has EVER got too high and beat there wife.

  48. Hello Alison, The length of time THC and its metabolites can be detected in the system depends on the length of time you’ve been using marijuana and at what doses. Casual users have a detection window of a few days or more, while chronic users can be tested and detected for weeks or months later.

  49. Hi Kyle. There are people out there with medical conditions that just isn’t safe for them to sleep it off. Imagine a kid smoking for the first time and over-doing it! It’s better to seek help and be careful, than to hurt yourself or someone else unintentionally.

  50. Wow. Just wow. There’s so many things wrong with this article that I can’t even begin. Do not tell people they need medical help when they have consumed too much ‘marijuana’, tell them they need to take a nap and sleep it off. or at least lay down. This article has so much false information, it’s ridiculous.

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