Can you get addicted to K2?

Yes, it’s possible to become addicted to K2. More on the dangers of K2 and what’s known about this relatively new drug here.

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Yes. You can get addicted to K2.

This unpredictable mixture of shredded plants and chemicals can be smoked or made into a tea, also called “Spice.” Although K2 is similar to marijuana, no one really knows for sure how it works or how dangerous it really is.  K2 drug dangers include psychosis, hallucinations and cardiac problems.  So what are the documented effects of K2? What should you do if you’re a K2 addict? We answer these questions and invite yours below.

What’s in K2?

The scary thing is that there’s really no way to know! K2 is made of mixes of different chopped up plants and herbs that are sprayed with a synthetic chemical containing manufactured cannabinoids meant to mimic the effects of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). Because there are so many different brands and formulas of K2 floating around, it’s impossible to know what is in the product. Sometimes the mix even contains harmful metal residues.

What does K2 do in the body?

Again, this depends on what’s in the particular batch of K2 you’re using. K2 seems to affect the brain, creating a “high” similar to what you might experience with marijuana, although more potent and long lasting. Unfortunately, K2 can also cause many unpredictable side effects.  How long K2 in system can vary, but K2 can generally be detected within 1-3 days of use.  And there’s a reason the drug is usually labeled “not for human consumption.” Some of the adverse effects of K2 on the body include:

  • agitation
  • hallucinations
  • rapid heart rate
  • vomiting

How do you get addicted to K2?

Just like most other drugs, using K2 frequently or in large amounts can cause addiction. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how addictive the difference substances used in K2 really are. There’s some evidence that repeated use can cause users to develop a tolerance to K2. And some anecdotal evidence of withdrawal from K2. But the chemicals found in K2 are relatively new to science (only developed in the mid-90’s) and have not been tested on humans.

What does it mean to be addicted to K2?

No one is completely sure yet what the ramifications of K2 addiction are. Since it hasn’t been around very long, there also haven’t been any studies on the long-term health effects of K2 abuse.

Are you addicted to K2?

If you’re addicted to K2, there are different ways you can approach quitting. Since the drug is so similar to marijuana, support groups or therapies for marijuana addicts might be helpful for you. Talk to a mental health professional with experience in addiction, as many of the approaches for addiction are similar regardless of the drug involved. Avoid people, places, and situations which make you want to use K2.

Questions about using K2

Please also leave us your questions, comments and experience about using K2. We invite all legitimate and helpful information here…and will try to respond to your questions in a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Last week on Wednesday a friend asked me to smoke because I was stressed out from work. That morning I asked her what type of weed she had because it didn’t have a smell to it. At that moment I should’ve googled and used my resources but let’s skip that part. I got off at 5:39, we went to my house and she put some weed in a bottle and told me to hit and I took the whole thing to the head. 3 mins after I started feeling very weird and asked her what was the weed and she kept saying “I think it’s weed” that’s when I flipped out. I won’t go into detail about my trip but just know it was horrible. It is now day Sunday and feeling a little better. My body was very tense when I woke up and mouth really dry!! I drink water everyday to hydrate myself and get the toxins out. All I can sayis WATCH WHO U SMOKE WITH!! & can anybody tell me will i be ok? For work Monday!!

  2. I have never taken this drug or any other. Never plan to either. My question is about the age limit they are allowing for this drug since it is not labeled as illegal. I know that a neighbor of mine is using it and I believe she is allowing her 15 year old son to use it also.. When he is on it he has violent fits. I have already notified the Sheriff, but without being able to give more information they couldn’t do much. Any advise is welcome.

  3. Can shortness of breath also be a symptom of withdrawal from k2? My boyfriend recently stopped and sweats from his palms , vomits constantly , lack of sleep , and psychotic episodes… Just last night he suddenly had a shortness of breath and felt like he couldn’t catch his breath.. I’m really concerned and need answer and how I can help him 🙁

  4. PLEASE everyone read what Worried Mother and others say!!! K2 is not harmless fake weed, it is not anything but chemical poisons that have no place in the human body. Those who sell it and use it LIE. They will lie to you to make money off of you and don’t care if you die in the process. People who do drugs with you are not your friends, they only want you to keep the high supply going and make contacts for it. THEY WILL KEEP YOU HOOKED AND YOU MUST SAY GOODBYE TO THEM FOREVER TO GET AND STAY CLEAN. Hand your money over to a family member to keep yourself safe from buying, move away so your addict friends can’t find you and you don’t have to keep running into them, change your phone number, commit yourself to a job that will hold back your pay for rent and necessities so you cannot spend it on drugs. Pay someone to help you stay clean if you must. Put yourself in your own prison that keeps you away from K2- whatever it takes to save your life from this evil drug. Lord help you all in the name of Jesus. PRAISE THE LORD THAT WORRIED MOTHER’S SON IS CLEAN- KEEP HIM SAFE IN YOUR HANDS LORD AND NEVER LET THE ENEMY AND DRUGS GET NEAR HIM AGAIN. Amen!!! 8:48 am 5/23/15

  5. I’ve posted an update on my 19 yr old son that THANKFULLY is clean from K2 for well over a year or two now. I don’t see the update post, but DRAGONFLY just don’t smoke again! From my experience in watching my son after a 5 grand ha but at least, he STILL has trouble sleeping, eating, night sweats, nightmares, and even occasionally feels the ” bugs crawl” he has told me he honestly believes it did some kind of brain damage~ he recently was in a car accident ( nothing to do with K2 ) but had every cat scan, MRI etc of the brain because his head was pinned for 3 hours in the car with metal from the roof embedded into his neck pinning him to the seat~ point is~ they found NOTHING visibly wrong with his brain ~ so that cleared up his questions of K2 doing VISIBLE brain damage anyways… But I believe he struggles at times from some long term effect from the K2, but the longer you stay off it the easier it will become. My son will be 22 in June ~ it will take you time, just rest assure it gets easier. My son didn’t go to a rehab, or anything but it took a lot of patience from me , love & support for him to overcome the hell of this drug. He’s working, looking great, and feels so much better mentally & physically ~ he said his last time he smoked he thought he was paralyzed & it scared him to death.. Never forget what you hated the most & reason you wanted off ~ keep that fresh in your mind so you never go back.. So many people including my own sister are now amoung the walking dead from K2~ powerful & dangerous & by far from a cheap high ~ good luck to you all trying to come off the mountain ~ you can do it and live again

  6. Hi everyone ~ if you scroll down I wrote about my son listed from worried mother~ I’m SO happy to report my son has been OFF K2 for well over a year or so now! It was hard on him & I both! I’m not honestly sure what made him decide he needed to stop but he did! It was a week of hell~ I watched him go through almost a heroin withdrawal & a meth withdrawal all wrapped in one! He couldn’t eat like many others, but the biggest hurdle he had to get over was the sleep ~ he didn’t sleep & insisted bugs where crawling on him! So as any loving mother I did all I could do to help him through this! I let him sleep in my bed for a week straight to reassure him that if I’m not scratching ~ it’s not really happening ~ he believed in me enough to lay there night after night with both of us awake watching whatever was interesting to him & kept him talking about whatever kept his mind busy! The amazing power of a mothers love if your child believes in you enough and some higher power I would assume has got him through one of the worst withdrawals I’ve seen. He has never went back to K2 ~ thank GOD! He functions like he used to, works, looks great, & once again has his life back. I think the first day or two was really the worst~ the other 3 or 4 days where just the reassurance of a fear he felt deep within. It’s possible to stop a drug names after a mountain most ppl go to the extreme high, unfortunately many don’t come down~ you CAN do it! After he was ready he must of thrown out over 6 thousand bags of empty K2 bags~~ the $$ waisted ugh, I remind him was all that money worth screaming at night with knives, going temporarily paralyzed, not eating, etc~ I NEVER want him to forget the horror he inflicted on himself & I ~ I make sure I keep it real all the time so he never forgets! Relapse is NOT an option! To those of you that are struggling YOU CAN Do IT~ DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES! Come off that mountain & live again! Good luck to you all!

  7. Hopelessly Addicted and everyone on here-

    I am praying in Jesus’ name that you will all lift up his name for help and let the Lord God Almighty come and save you from this chemical demon K2. Please use the mightiest power and perfect love of God to save yourselves from the grip of this poison that has enslaved you. AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORIES OF HOW BAD K2 IS WITH EVERYONE YOU MEET SO THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THAT THE PRETTY PACKAGES WITH COOL NAMES ARE DEADLY. Stop the users who proudly share Mr. Happy, Joker, Barely Legal, White Tiger, OMG, Phantom, ect. from advertising how cool K2 is to others. Tell the world that this stuff is filth that will destroy your mind, lungs, heart and LIFE. In Jesus’ name all of you be safe and blessed with the Lord’s help and care and good people who can help you. Amen!

  8. I have been smoking k2 or spice since 2009, i smoke the same amount daily, you can time me out like clockwork. Disrupt the cycle and i am lost, enranged, and unpredictable with moods. I smoke the same product tho every ban i have a few weeks finding what i am looking for, i dont have to smoke it to know if the exact combination i want Just Smell The Bag! I definitely know of 4 different types based off smell and when smoked the other 3 are like dirt and have a irritant to them, smoke those in high volume and you want to cut out your mouth! They can cause a raw burning sensation even when first smoked, i wish there was . Study i would gladly help others learn more, this drug was like pot if you do it occasionally, if you dont watch it you find youself justifing why you smoke it (job right) Keep smoking and enter a world That eventually closes relates to one of heroin addiction ( i know) …. In the end heroin and k2 match if you let k2 be your buddy too long. My heart hurts, i want more than this, please be cautious. Thanks

  9. Ive been smoking k2 for 5 years now since it came to my area. I recently quit mostly for my boyfriend who is completley against it. I have been clean for 3 weeks now, I think about it and crave.everyday. The withdrawls are un bearable and i just wish I could feel better. Im sick, vomiting, shakey, sweat through shirts and all my blankets i wake up soaked and my boyfriend too. I feel depressed like nothing is fun to me anymore. I feel horrible physically and mentally. As each day passes it doesnt get better. Im depressed, cant eat, cant sleep, cant do anything but think and evwn dream about smoking it. My boyfriend says it will get better but its not. Everyday is a battle. I am on the verge of a relapse or a mental breakdown and dont know where to go from here. Please someone help.

  10. Ive been smoking k2 every day since they started selling it under the counter, since the original packs like k2 and black magic, ive seen no real negative side effects, ive never hallucinated, felt any kind of extreme paranoia. Nothing besides being extremely high, for about a half hour, unless i eat or take a nap. Then the high goes away almost instantly

  11. My son is 23 and addicted to smoking that legal stuff, I have begged, pleaded , threatened and to no avail. I’m lost, I came home last night and he was slumped and drooling I cried. Can someone please tell me how to get him help? I have no money and a helping father is not an option

  12. I want someone to telll me if you can have the withdrawal symptoms while actually smoking K2. Sweats outburst of rage I ended up in the hospital yesterday in between two rages. I thought he was going to kill is both last night on the way home.

  13. K-2 has finally cost me my life as I know it. I posted a long time ago about my boyfriend smoking k-2. At one time he wanted to quit. Never happen. He had Pawned everything of value and totaled our truck. I make good money but can’t keep up with this mess. He has finally decided I don’t make him happy and is leaving and for this moment I am not going to stop him. He can’t see how much I love him because this has consumed him. I can’t do it anymore. I hope all who reads this realizes how much this stuff will cost in the long run.

  14. Hi, I have been smoking k2 for about two years and I KNOW I am addicted to it very bad, the thing that throws me is I ha e never had a negative sideeffect such as u mentioned or anything negative that I know from. But I want to know for sure could you suggest

  15. Okay so i did k2 for about idk ill say 2 1/2 years. since i was 18. LOVED this stuff man i really did. and idk why all i did was smoke, sleep, and eat. thats it. i would wake up every like 2 hours smoke a blunt and back to sleep. My tolerance was so high that i would finish smoking a blunt, and be rolling up the next one. when i didnt have it. i would go where i would usually smoke to find the roches just to get that 20 minute high it was ridicuols. felt like i went to hell and back with this stuff but kept on doing it and idk why. went to the hospital 2 times cause of this stuff, felt like my heart was gonna come out my chest but it was just with some brands like IBlown, Mr Marley, and smacked. and just SOME flavors of these others were good lol. but ive tried it all, caution, mr happy, climax, outworld, up up and away, well EVERYTHING u name it. but anyways my last visit to the hospital cause of this stuff was 4 days ago and i went to the hospital in an AMBULANCE!!! i knew i had to stop. they did a cat scan or whatever the hell it is and the muscles to my heart has broken down. like they are damged and my heart is not as strong as it should be!! has to be cause of this stuff. im pretty active work out 3-5 days a week. no medical history. has to be cause of this shit. but now havnt touched it and its so hard. i dont eat, i barely sleep, my dick dont even get hard and i hope to god i get back to normal cause i want kids im to young for this shit…. wish i can explain myself better in writing but im bilingual so its kinda hard lol
    Gonna leave it in gods hands

  16. Hi, my name is chanda and I just wanted to write and say that um currently watching my boyfriend being sick. Hes throwing up, be.cold, sweating, then hes hot. In pain. I didn’t know what it was he drank two beers today and keeps putting it on the drink. Im sure it plays a big part but this is such a scary phase. I told him it was withdrawal but it seems like he doesn’t care. I’m afraid for him because I know its the k2 but he wont quit. He gets edgy and agitated without it. He sells anything he can get his hands on for it and I am just tired. I have no idea what to do. How to help him or anything. Its sad cause I’ve asked him. Begged him rather to quit but it falls on deaf ears. Its crazy and dangerous to use this drug. Its all over the place and after seeing these post and seeing people describe the same affects hes going through I know its the k2. He smokes Scooby. It comes in all different , some will even make them nod. I just pray one day hell stop before the results are deadly.

  17. Hi Darren. Check out the SAMHSA treatment locator tool here: or call 1-800-662-HELP to find a detox clinic or treatment center close to you. While centers don’t specialize in withdrawal from K2 (yet), they can use supportive protocol to help you during the acute phases of withdrawal and detox. Best to you!!!

  18. I am a k2 addict, have been for three years. I quit once and started back up 6 months ago. I am trying to stop again but it is so is literally all I can think about. I haven’t slept in three days because of the withdraw. So plz people don’t sit there on your computer and defend this drug. It is illegal here in the ft hood area but very easy to get once you know the right person. I lost my wife and kids to this drug last week when she found out that all our money went to buying it plus I pawned everything we own to get my ffix. I need help but the problem is no one helps with this kind of addiction and the people that you do talk to if they haven’t gone threw the withdraws they really have no idea what is going on in your head. I am about to the point where I would just rather put a bullet in my head then go through another night of this. Plz if aanyone knows of anyone that could help me in central texas let me K ow that ks

  19. Karey there are symptoms of withdrawal but hard to tell if they are smoking it unless they have a reaction to it. It gives them a high feeling like pot but doesn’t have the odor that stays around. I do know it can be tested but I don’t know If they have an over the counter test yet. Sorry wish I could give you more information. My suggestion is to research online as much as you can. That is what I’m doing.

    My boyfriend is having a hard time trying to kick this he is irritated and sometimes irrational when he don’t smoke.

  20. Update: I don’t know what happen but today I get a text from my boyfriend that he wants to quit. That he sees what it is doing to him me and us. Keep us in your prayers that this is truely an answered prayer.

  21. Leigh I totally understand my boyfriend wakes up to do it ,leaves the house in the morning to do it ,I can’t stand him around me anymore and all he says how it’s legal cuz in Ny it is , I tried helping him but he says he doesn’t have a problem

  22. My boyfriend is 23. He is addicted to k2. I want him to soy but don’t know how to help him. He has gone thru withdrawals that are so intense it seems unreal. He went to jail for 6 months and came out going right back to it. That has been a year now. His dad does it too but has seizures from it after ever hit. This is not enough to scare him about his use. He works then sleeps all day till work again. He wakes up every hour for a hit. He is agitated without it to the point of mental abuse. How do you help someone who doesn’t think he need help. What can I do.

  23. hi my names Erica and I have a relative using it and its ruining are life. it makes them angry when they don’t have it ,and when there on it they laugh at everything u say and block you out, they even wake up in the middle of the night to use it. can this drug be very harmful ? and also I would like to know a way to make this illegal in NY ?

  24. Mrs Jones-
    I am so happy to hear that your guy has been able to stop! The first 30 days is the hardest. I had relapses up to a year after quitting the first time. Not to be discouraging, but want you to be aware of any of the signs! Also, hope you and he are both aware of substituting another drug (beer) for an addiction. That can be dangerous. I understand, though… the transition period is rough and sometimes we need something to get us through, but be sure he knows that he cannot have another crutch, or the leg will still be broken, ya know? I too, have quit smoking regular cigs and switched to electronic. 5 months now, with a couple slips here and there. LOL. I hope your success continues! And thank you for your continued prayers! My baby boy is almost 11 months old now and he is going to walk any day now. He keeps me very busy! There is no way I could have any sort of habit and keep up with him! haha. God is good. He will continue to do good works in all of our lives if we let him. Amen! My daughter still has not used any k2. Additionally, she just made an appointment yesterday to see about getting some help with her mental health issues. So glad she is taking this step. I don’t know if this is allowed or not on here, but Mrs. Jones, if you would like to communicate with me directly at any given time feel free to look me up on Facebook if you have one under the name Dawn Hendrix-Head, located in Hurst, TX. Having a network of people who understand your problems is very important, no matter how near or far they are. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  25. My guy is now on his 14 day + of being K2 free!!! This is so out of the blue, his withdrawal is so symptom free that I can only give credit to God. My daughter and I prayed like crazy that my guy “HATE drugs and love us and Jesus”- this for a man who worshipped K2 and smoked all day long (1 bag of Mr. Happy daily, and that was when he finally agreed to let me give him a half bag at a time to help slow him down) I cannot tell you how many times he professed that he was “never going to stop doing K2”, only occasionally saying that he was going to give it up when he was coughing his lungs out or sitting in the bath tub all day long covered in sweat or on the toilet. We prayed and prayed and prayed and waited for God to decide the time was right, making reasoned prayers like a lawyer appealing for this addiction to end sooner than later. I was in for the long haul, trying every way, every supplement, every THC replacement possibility, every possible way to duplicate a rehab experience at home, everything I could do to pamper him out of this abyss, and it was damn DEPRESSING!!! But God did in an instant what I was only failing at and losing money in. This is truly a miracle and now we have changed the prayer to “Glory To God- please don’t let him ever go back to K2 or cigarettes” (he switched to E Cigarettes as well). He is using massive amounts of beer to forget the K2 slavery but for now I am so grateful and will prayer that God delivers him from that trouble as well- and my guy wants to stop beer as well. I don’t know why God doesn’t cure everyone immediately who prays to be delivered from addiction (I myself love caffeine and wish that I did not like it so much), but I have seen miracles and prayers answered so directly and perfectly in my own life that I would encourage everyone to pray without ceasing and believe that God wants you to be healed of your addiction and just look and see how he is/might be bringing it about. The God who makes the lame walk and the blind see (I have a friend who is an evangelist in India and other poor countries and says the miracles for the ultra poor are often astounding and immediate) can surely kick poisons that enslave us out of our systems for good!!! Still saying prayers for you and your daughter and baby Dawn + blanket prayers for all on this list to prayer for help from Jesus and “be more than conquerors in Christ” and be drug free and happy and healthy. Prayers also said that companies like Mr. Nice Guy and the boatload of asian connections spitting out bag after bag of cartoon character advertising K2 poisons are crushed by God and the authorities (lawyers are advertising class action lawsuits on the Internet) Addicts should sue for costs in rehab and parents for the aggressive marketing towards children and the stores who have massive amounts of teens only coming in for this product. Summing this all up- please pray that my guy stays HATING K2 and all drugs and pray for yourselves that God will take Your hand and carry you until You are made well by Him. In Jesus’ name. Amen! 4/25/14 (14 days with a sober man (a Muslim too!) freed from K2’s grip by JESUS!!! Praise The Lord Forever and Ever!!!)

  26. Thank you for your reply Dawn. Praying for safety/health/sobriety around you, your baby and your daughter. I will keep checking on this forum to learn and deal with his addiction and I am especially interested in your input. God Bless!!!

  27. Mrs. Jones-
    I think that ANY drug, when stopped, causes a decrease in libido. I am not, by any means, a professional, but I have been an addict for over 20 years and I do happen to have a degree in psychology, which means I know a miniscule amount about brain chemistry. Anytime we quit a drug, it takes a lot of time for our brain to start producing its own chemicals again, since it has been dependent on the drug to do it for us for a period of time… this includes the hormones and chemicals that control our libido…. so it would be natural to have lowered libido after quitting k2 or any drug…. that being said, if your guy is using intimacy as an excuse not to quit, then that, to me, is just an addict’s justification….

    For any of you who read my post above about my daughter….. shortly after this post, she hit rock bottom, lost everything… and put the k2 down cold turkey. She finally realized she was not ok… she is around 10 months k2 free, and has been in situations where it was around, and was able to say no. Praise God! However, I do not know if she will ever be the same… she does suffer from depression and has a lack of confidence that was never there before… could be other circumstances in her life and the age she is (21 in July)… I know that 20 was a hard age for me, in between being “old” and truly “young”…. not a teenager young, anyway…. but at least she is no longer smoking this highly addictive, deadly stuff.

    As for me, I gave birth to a happy, healthy, awesome baby boy who will be 9 months old on the 5th of March. I have been completely drug-free since the beginning of my pregnancy, so I am coming up on 18 months clean, though I do occasionally enjoy spirits of some sort, alcohol was never my drug of choice anyway….

    much luck, love and prayers to all of you going through this addiction, or who have loved ones who are.

  28. Hi everyone! Here is a repeat of my early post from January of this year. I am saying a blanket prayer over you all from relief from this chemical slave master that can kill you and destroy your lives and those suffering from your use as well. I hope that You all know, or get to know, Jesus as Your Lord and Savior who can take on this evil beast of a substance and restore your mind and bodies to perfect and renewed health. I want you all to win!!! God Bless You all in Jesus’ name!!!

    Please everyone, do not be offended by a less important part of the equation. My question= One of the comments dealt with Erectile Dysfunction after stopping K2. Anyone else have this problem? Or less sex drive? Less sex drive while on K2 OR more sex drive while on it (my guy professes the latter). I am learning all the ins and outs of this addiction, withdrawal, ect. But this sensitive subject has not been addressed in other places I have checked. Thank You for any input/ PS I am praying In Jesus’ name for help to kill this addiction’s grip, a prayer recently answered by a desire to quit expressed! Please don’t leave God’s help out of your stop using K2 arsenal- He loves us and wants our health good and our minds alert and sober to resist an enemy (Satan) who knows that an addicted mind is easier prey.

  29. Please everyone, do not be offended by a less important part of the equation. My question= One of the comments dealt with Erectile Dysfunction after stopping K2. Anyone else have this problem? Or less sex drive? Less sex drive while on K2 OR more sex drive while on it (my guy professes the latter). I am learning all the ins and outs of this addiction, withdrawal, ect. But this sensitive subject has not been addressed in other places I have checked. Thank You for any input/ PS I am praying In Jesus’ name for help to kill this addiction’s grip, a prayer recently answered by a desire to quit expressed! Please don’t leave God’s help out of your stop using K2 arsenal- He loves us and wants our health good and our minds alert and sober to resist an enemy (Satan) who knows that an addicted mind is easier prey.

  30. hi, i recently quit jwh smoking blends, and the only question i have is in regards to coughing up stuff. its been about 18 days since my last hit, and the last 4-5 days iv been coughing up alot of mucus-like material out of my lungs, like when i cough i can feel the stuff come from my lungs. my question is, after i have gotten rid of enough of this stuff, will the coughing get better or actually stop? or will i be cursed with a smokers cough forever?

  31. I am now 4 days clean from smoking. I used for 22 months. All various brands: Zombie Matter, Code Black, Diesel, Outer Edge, HiH; Trippy Hippy; you name it – I would smoke it.

    Went through hell last week. Hospital twice. Second time, they hooked me to 3 liters of fluids to get me back up. Urine was the color of iced tea when I finally did piss. I had been vomiting and sweating so bad, groaning and crying in pain. Hot, cold, hot, cold, sweat. Aluminum dutch oven by the couch to barf in. Get up, bathroom, empty pan, cold wet rag – try to go back to sleep. (Ever notice how vomiting sounds something like “glog-glog-gog-gggg.)

    I used once more after second hospital visit and did not even get high – just got sick. Thought I would have to go back to the hospital. They sent me home from the hospital on July 25 with nausea med Zofran. I knew I could not keep it down, so I had to stick it up my ass to get relief.

    I’m 6 feet tall and weigh about 170, having lost about 25 pounds this year. This is NO way to lose weight, though!

    Until recently, the vomiting was occasional and would go away if I stopped smoking a few hours. I would “come to” on the couch and literally decide there was some reality somewhere and that I might want to choose reality. So — up off the couch to the kitchen to vomit in the garbage. Then be lying on the kitchen floor, waiting for the sumbitch to quit spinning. When it did quit spinning, I could vomit again.

    But obviously, for serious fucking vomiting, there’s no place like the bathroom. And, lucky me, I could hurl in the tub while sitting on the stool! Such a sensitive indecision too! It’s truly a metaphysical experience to feeeeel that connection between mouth and anus. And consider the anus: It knows the difference between a solid, a liquid, and a gas. No lesser entity than the Sun itself could be so cosmos-aware. (Spell anus backward – you’ll see.)

    Perfected a new cocktail that actually helped some: milk of magnesia and imodium – when you really would rather poop than vomit – but you just don’t want to “over-do” it. My stomach still hurts too bad, but I think I can now vomit at will. Which is that – anorexia or bulemia?

    The last batch I bought, though, made me vomit almost continuously if I exceeded about a G a day. I have vomited so much, my stomach muscles still hurt after 4 days off the stuff.

    I constantly feel weak, though I am able to work a couple hours at a time. Keeping food down OK for last 2 days. Eating all fresh foods, all fruit, veggie and WG for now. Adding foods as I feel a little better. All bland foods, too. Ice cream – good. Ginger candy – very good.

    Waking often in the night, but sleeping not too bad. When using, I would wake at night and smoke to go back to sleep.

    If anyone reading this is wondering about these “research chemical” monstrosities, do not try any of this. Google that phrase.

    Insane part: I was in a 12-step program for many years and wandered into trying K2 or Summit or whatever it was in 2011. My local tobacco store sold this stuff. First time I tried it, it scared the shit out of me – like an instant acid trip. I threw it away. Bought another G a few weeks later – scared me again and I threw it away again. Finally didn’t scare me as much. Started using daily — then all day — then all day and all night.

    I tried to go to treatment last week, but my insurance does not consider this to be serious enough. Heroin – yeah; Meth – yeah, but this stuff – no. Doc says I have COPD and I’ve had those mucous colors others describe. I may have some of the other medical stuff others describe here. Not sure yet. These stories on this page have scared me even more than I was before.

    If you use this stuff — and if you are an addict like I am — you will experience all the horrors described on this page. Probably worse. As the feds catch up with the compounds and put each new batch of molecules on their schedules as prohibited, the shitbirds who make this shit reach down farther and farther into the sewer, spraying ever more toxic shit on marshmallow herb or mullein or mugwort. The only worse word I can come up with than “shit” is “vomit.”

    So if you want to smoke shit-vomit, go ahead. It’s a choice. It’s your choice. But it’s only one choice. If you ever have to or need to quit smoking, you will HAVE TO MAKE THE CHOICE TO QUIT MANY TIMES EVERY DAY. I tell you from experience, it’s fucking hard. But it’s better than continuing to smoke until your vomit turns to coffee grounds (in which case you’re almost dead).

    If you want to quit, I wish you Godspeed and Bright Blessings. There is at least one death described on this page and several others that may be near-death. I will pray for these. Today, my eyes leak, but I leak nowhere else. Please reach out for help. The dark cave of addiction will overwhelm with isolation, despair, and rage. Please grab the rope and walk toward the light – out of the cave and into life. Those shadows on the walls of that cave are delusion – nothing you put into your body to change your mood or feeling will last long enough to sustain you. I promise – someone wants to help you. And if you let them help you, you will be helping each and every one of them as well. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

  32. Im a 20 yrs old female……. my lil bro got me smoking k2 at i was 19 first i said no because it had my heart beat fast and me act weird……… but after smoking weed became to hard and my forster pplz would bitch i thought smoking a lower high of k2 would help and it dont have a weed smell after being off and on k2 i cant seem to stop smokin it ill do anything to get it as a female i think its hard to say but i would when i get my paycheck thts the first thing ill get before food or bills the high of k2 is nothing i have ever felt but last only a few mins when i smoke i dont feel like doing anything i sleep wake up smoke and do it over again i have to bring a blunt with me eveywhere i go when i realize i was addicted i was smoking outside one day and was so high i felt like i was in and out reality and i still wanted to smoke more i really wanted to cry like i cant believe me out of all pplz i have friends money i look good im happy but im addicted to k2 it can happen to anybody i dont have time for rehab but im to ashamed to tell my friends or family whats going on i really want to stop but i dont know how to not buy it plz anyone reading this stop now i cant sleep inless i smoke or eat i dont even feel like going home inless i have it i be so high ill miss work and school my life feel like hell i feel like even if i was homeless aslong as i have k2 im good like i cant smoke this anymore i havent been smokin tht long but i smoke it alot i dont think it have a big hold on me but ill get bitchy if i dont have it ill cry and fuss bout anything because i dont have it i never thought sum fake ass weed would do this to me but im glad i can talk to pplz that feel the same way i do i really thought i was alone in this k2 i wish i had someone who i could really get into my k2 problem with if i tell my bro sum like this he would flip

  33. Im a 20 yrs old female from baltimore my lil bro got me smoking k2 at i was 19 first i said no because it had my heart beat fast and me act weird but after smoking weed became to hard and my forster pplz would bitch i thought smoking a lower high of k2 would help and it dont have a weed smell after being off and on k2 i cant seem to stop smokin it ill do anything to get it as a female i think its hard to say but i would when i get my paycheck thts the first thing ill get before food or bills the high of k2 is nothing i have ever felt but last only a few mins when i smoke i dont feel like doing anything i sleep wake up smoke and do it over again i have to bring a blunt with me eveywhere i go when i realize i was addicted i was smoking outside one day and was so high i felt like i was in and out reality and i still wanted to smoke more i really wanted to cry like i cant believe me out of all pplz i have friends money i look good im happy but im addicted to k2 it can happen to anybody i dont have time for rehab but im to ashamed to tell my friends or family whats going on i really want to stop but i dont know how to not buy it plz anyone reading this stop now i cant sleep inless i smoke or eat i dont even feel like going home inless i have it i be so high ill miss work and school my life feel like hell i feel like even if i was homeless aslong as i have k2 im good like i cant smoke this anymore i havent been smokin tht long but i smoke it alot i dont think it have a big hold on me but ill get bitchy if i dont have it ill cry and fuss bout anything because i dont have it i never thought sum fake ass weed would do this to me but im glad i can talk to pplz that feel the same way i do i really thought i was alone in this k2 i wish i had someone who i could really get into my k2 problem with if i tell my bro sum like this he would flip

  34. I haven’t posted in a very long time, and I am sorry. I originally intended to become a frequent to this thread, but a lot has happened. Here’s an update on myself.

    I was to the point that I knew I would lose everything if I kept using, but I couldn’t stop. Finally one day I realized that the only way I could stop was to get away from everything I knew. I had to stop making money, stop driving my car, and stop talking to my “friends”. Fortunately for me, I did by this time meet the only true friend I’ve ever had, and possibly ever will.

    I discussed my situation with him, how I wanted to quit and how I concluded that the only way I could is by preventing all access to everything I had and everyone I knew. After talking with him, I began looking for a rehab center. (Throughout this whole ordeal, he was letting me live with him, as my apartment lease had expired and I couldn’t afford to pay the upfront costs to renew or get a new apartment). I finally found the Salvation Army, but in order to enter their program, you had to be clean at least 5 days before coming in (not completely clean, just haven’t used). While searching for rehab, I was still using, mind you. Once I told my roommate I had to detox, we both got very serious about shutting me off from the world.

    I gave him all my communication devices, keys, wallet, shoes, and most of my clothes. For the next week, I experienced what I thought was surely the death of me. In short, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, was completely exhausted and constantly shaking. Just a couple days before going to rehab I finally got a full nights sleep, and the withdrawals slowly started subsiding.

    A few days after my last post, I went into the Salvation Army rehab program. They were the only rehab center I could find that accepted my addiction. All the others either cost a fortune, or were centers for those addicted to “real drugs”. I was scared to death, but I didn’t know what else to do. Fortunately, it was exactly what I needed. They require you to live in their facility for 6 months, the duration of the program. During this time you follow a strict schedule of wake up at 6am, shower and eat breakfast by 6:30, bible study/morning prayer until 7, at which point you head to the warehouse or the store and start working. You come back to the facility at the end of the day for dinner, and immediately following dinner you have some sort of planned activity. From 8pm until bedtime you are free to watch tv or whatever until bedtime at 10pm. Every Sunday you attend church, and you go to at least two AA/NA/CR meetings each week.

    I didn’t get to finish the program, as it got shut down about 3 months into it. I did get to stay in long enough that I developed new habits and learned to appreciate life, though. For me to quit it required hitting my rock bottom point. For me, I (with the help of my roommate) pushed myself to rock bottom, but I knew that was the only way I would get away from it. I had to basically start my life over, but I’ve been sober for over a year now, and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

    From all this, there are two main points I feel contribute entirely to my quitting and remaining sober.

    1. I was able to get away from any and all connections I had to spice/k2. I have to thank my roommate for the help he gave. If I couldn’t have trusted him with my stuff, or if he would have given anything back to me during my fits of anger and mood swings, I would have never made it to rehab and never would have stopped using.

    2. I reconnected with God while I was in rehab. I think I could have stopped smoking with just the change of environment, but I believe God is what has kept me sober since I got out. Once I let God into my life, I started finding peace with myself and appreciation for the life I have. Before Him, I was upset with myself and my life, and felt as though I needed to be accepted and have friends (and druggies are always willing to be a friend as long as you’re getting high). Now I no longer feel that need. I am content with whatever life brings me now, whether it be alone or not. I feel that because of this, it makes it much easier to walk away from shady situations, and I attribute that all to God and the peace he brought to my life.

    I hope this helps someone.

  35. My son is addicted to K2. Each time he smokes, he stutters, mumbles, and you cannot understand a word he says. Each time he tries to quit, he suffers from severe seizures and has to be taken to the hospital and yet he goes right back to smoking again.


  37. Ive been smoking K2 for over a year now. I was reading everyone else’s blogs and thought that I would write about my experiences.
    When I first started smoking, I loved the way it may me feel. One night, all of a sudden I got shortness of breath. My body basically started moving by itself, as if I was in full seizure. Then I threw up. Luckily I happen to have oxygen in my home, because my heartrate dropped to the low 50’s. When I thought it was finally over and stood up to walk to my room again, I the symptoms started all over again. I was having twitching for over a week. You think I would’ve stopped there, Nope!! I had that craving and continued smoking. It happened to me again, until finally I got used to it. My symtoms are as follows:
    -Bad Headaches
    -Shortness of Breath
    -I lose control of my limbs
    -I have trouble reading and getting my sentences out
    -Blurred Vision ect.
    I could write all night about the symptoms I have, but I will spare you the grief. With all this being said, I can say that I am addicted to the stuff. I smoke California Dreams. Today was the first night I haven’t smoked. I’m getting withdrawals. I am calling the mental heath facility in the am to see if they can get me in ASAP.

  38. I am right there with some of these parents who are lost when it comes to K2 addiction. My daughter Emily has been smoking this stuff for a few years now, on and off at first, but over the past year almost continuously. In January, she suffered a seizure and visited the ER. A couple weeks ago, she had multiple seizures and visited the hospital again. A CT scan in January showed normal brain shape and function. The most recent CT scan showed swelling and/or abnormality in half of her brain. She has also suffered kidney damage. Her doctors are not aware of the drug at all, or have very little knowledge of its effects, which is no surprise since there is very little medical research regarding its use. Yet it continues to be sold in stores across Texas, our home state. My daughter was a bright and lively young girl, and now may never be the same because of the effects of K2. She may very well have to be on anti-seizure medication for the rest of her life. She suffers from memory loss and her cognitive function is greatly reduced, which may or may not also be permanent.
    Here’s the thing:
    I suffer a great amount of guilt in this matter. I have been an addict for most of my adult life as well. I have used and been addicted to this drug in the past. The only thing that stopped me from using was entering into a relationship in which my fiancee told me it was either the drugs or him, and I chose him. I have since become pregnant and would never give this K2 poison to my unborn child. However, I know exactly the addiction, suffering, and withdrawal my daughter is going through. I blame myself greatly. However, there is nothing I can do but set the right example in the present and try to move forward and help my daughter in whatever way I can now. Of course, she blames me too and considers me a hypocrite. I don’t blame her. But the situation is very serious and I am beside myself with worry for her.
    There is so little information out there about K2 spice, what it does, laws and prevention, compared to other drugs. It’s so scary that so many parents are uninformed about it.
    I would appreciate any input or information other parents have to give on the subject. Thanks.

  39. My son is. 19 and this is all he thinks about. Please help me help him. I am a recovering addict and know what addiction can do to you but I can’t make him understand. I cry all the time cause he is so smart but he acts like an idiot on k2. Any suggestions please

  40. DON-check by state if your state is one of the 43 states that have truly banned this substance.if this is the case,contact the DEA not local law enforcement,this is not by state but by federal government.local law may not help find these smokeshops and contact your local news stations.but we were able to get k-2 and bath salts out of the asheville,nc area but the local law probably wont help you but dea and ice officers is who you need to contact.they had a big raid in raleigh and then the henderson county and asheville area in december. 2 local men were actually arrested when they were taperecorded stating they knew customers were NOT using substance as an incense,the local police said its a very tricky law but now,here,they are treating this as an illegal substance.
    good luck

  41. My son is 19, he smokes it EVERYDAY!! Its so heartbreaking because Im basically watching him kill himself and feel powerless over helping him. When hes not high hes such a jerk to be around OMG hes mean! When he is high he cant talk right anymore, he babbles BAD, hes been in the hospital from throwing up & he is now hallucinating to the point hes screaming thinking bugs are on him, or a mouse was in his bed, moths were eating through his clothing plus the list goes on. He was so smart & good looking, now he NEVER showers.. Its worse then watching many other drug users Ive witnessed in my time… I just hope I can find a way to get him help before I repost my son has died from using K2 . If you are an ocacional user stop now before you cant stop. He was one of them that said ” that wont happen to me, or they must just be a light weight, or Im not that stupid”….Ive herd it all…now Im seeing it all

    Like many other mothers, my son & I were extremely close..Now hes lost under poisons control! I also know a bit of how they get it, Its simply a tea they buy, and add a liquid to it. Its made in bath tubs, INSANE! I wont mention the names of anything because I will not help anyone learn how to kill them self..But it seems to be easy enough that I , a non parting mother have figured out how its done, so they DEFIANTLY can find ways to get into trouble with it! I have NO idea how this will get under control, but something needs done and fast before we all loose our children all because they THINK its ok because its not illegal.

    One last thing, My son never had so much as a detention. Since hes been smoking K2 hes been arrested for SLEEPING NEXT TO A HIGHWAY!!! WTH !! Its seriously out of control!! I almost cant wait until he gets arrested and goes to jail just to save his life!! He will be forced to clean up, but addiction runs a lot deeper.. He needs to see it to want help…SO FRUSTRATING !!!

  42. My son and i had a very close relationship for over 26 1/2 yrs.. He never raised his voice to me, cussed at me, lied to me or disrespected me in any way what so ever. I was so proud of him and his life. He had a great job, wonderful wife and three beautiful little girls. Then in April 2012 he found this shit called k2 or legal weed and all our lives started to die. He left his family, found a girl that would smoke with him and pay for it since he quit his job and he became someone I didn’t know most days. I talked to him and begged him to stop. Then on Dec.7, he came to stay with me. He was doing fine as he had not smoked it for about a month. Then on Dec.15th. he left to go get his belongings from this girl and she had them in her car and gave them to him. She gave him some k2 to give to a friend and he started home. Remembering he had her key, he called her and went to give it to her. He saw her with another guy in her place and left there and smoked what she had given to him and he took a gun while sitting in his truck and killed himself. DO NOT tell me this had nothing to do with it. He had just gotten a new job and he and his wife were getting along as were he and I back to the way things had always been his whole life. Anyone that says this shit does NOT kill is either a liar or just fooling themselves. I am going to file a civil suit against the makers and I hope more parents follow me. There needs to be more published articles about this craziness that these people are causing. They need to be held liable for what their product is causing!

  43. My boyfriend is going into the military.. he is already signed up and has a date in January to leave. But he has been smoking pep (K2) nonstop. He says he hopes the military will make him quit while he’s away from it for so long. At the beginning of our relationship I knew he was smoking & asked him to stop & he tried, but it didn’t last long so he started lying to me about it.. I found a pack in his room about a month ago and he admitted he hasn’t stopped. He says he is addicted to it (hes been smoking it since it first came out) and when he goes with out it he lays in bed at night & can not sleep at all. He hardly eats any more. & from my point, he gets really moody without it also. He really wants to quit, but he doesn’t know how to.

  44. My first post was Nov 26, I was in a really bad way just as so many of you who commented on this blog, I am still k-2 free and even though I do get the emotional desires to hit the smoke shop sometimes I am doing much better and you can too. The heaviness in my chest is gone and have only a little bit of a cough, still the digestive system has not returned to normal but I am hoping that I did not cause permanant damage and it will soon. Some folks still say you cant get addicted to this stuff, but they are soooo wrong and talking about it doesnt make you weak and trying to get help is the very best thing you can do.I am grateful for all of you who shared and when I realized I was not alone in my fight, it made me want to get as far away from this stuff as I can. Thank you, all of you.

  45. my son was able to quit w/o going thru a rehab program but he doesnt have a car or did not have anyway of getting the far as different kinds of k-2,k-2 is k-2 from what my research has said but MR.JEEVES—this stuff is causing early onset COPD,BLACK LUNG,AND ASTHMA.i hope you can quit on your own,my son went thru some serious w/d’s but i refused to quit believing in him.researchers do not even know whats in k-2 as far as chemical-wise.if its made ppl. this high i am wondering if ppl. that are smoking it now will have lung cancer in say,20 years.i hope you stay strong and dont fall son said its hardest thing he’s ever had to good luck to u and remember you have ppl. that care about you and your overall strong and tough on yourself.he also said it was making him very violent and mean-spirited which i could’ve told him that..prayers to you

  46. so i have some questions and i cant seem to figure them out for myself i guys im a ninja or something hi im not going to lie to u my names jeff i live in jacksonville beach and i like to smoke cool beans or now as its called cool buzz well i started it and it seemed alright but started by smokeing meditiation i havent seen anyone mention either of these so idk if u guys have really helped me i had smoked for about a year and some change and then out of the blue i started getting pains while smoking it so desided it was time to quit so i did 3 days clean and i still have some pangs and my hungry is light but i eat i dont see any of have some pain in the chest but nothing dramatic i do sleep every night 8 hour but its hard to fall asleep i stay up for hour just feeling my heart beat it drives me crazy but i seem fine and honest to god i really dont want it the craves have dissapeared but i still have a bit of pain but imma go thro a home detox and ill will update u if it works but i just want to kno if it will go away for good

  47. about 2 months ago i was drunk and blazed on regular marijuana when i decided to roll a joint of some eclipse potpouri. after taking 3 big hits i put it out and went inside and almost immediately my heart swoll up like a balloon and my brain started pumping some kind of fluid through my skull. i thought i busted a blood vessel in my brain but a nurse told me i lost alot of adrenaline. anyway, before i called 911 i went and layed down, thinking it would go away but it wouldnt. i told the emt,s what i did and they treated me like garbage as they did at the hospital. i was released within 3 hours since i have no insurance. that was the end of sept. now its the end of nov. and im still having chest pains, head aches, muscle spasms, psychotic nightmares, trouble breathing, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, bad nerves, and blurred vision. to anyone thinking of smoking this b.s. for any reason please reconsider. its not worth it. im not an anti drug person, i’ve done just about every drug under the sun since i was 16, but after 2 months of smoking k2 i know i did way more permanant damage to my body smoking that stuff than i did doing everything else the last 16 years.

  48. wow, its amazing to see that so many other people have been experiencing exactly what i have; and here i thought i was one of the rare few who fell victim to this drug. i started smoking K2 three years ago originally because it was cheaper than weed, and since the high was stronger i didn’t have to buy it as often. i hallucinated a few times at first but that quickly went away as my tolerance got higher; in fact after a little over a year of smoking anywhere from 3-15 grams a day i couldn’t get high at all. not from weed, pills, ecstasy, or even the K2 anymore. it was my drug of choice and i used it up; it does nothing for me now except sooth the extra tension produced by my body when i don’t have any drugs. i never thought that i had a problem until i started reading more about this online, but now i see that other people are struggling to put it down as i am. this drug has taken a hold upon my life that none other has, and if you are reading this to research before you take it, i BEG you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not try it. it has ruined a lot of aspects of my life including school, work, relationships, and most of all my health. i am only seventeen years old and in the past three years that i have abused this drug i have seen multiple friends die from the long term effects caused by this drug…yet i still can’t put it down. i think about it all the time, even when it makes me sick from coughing up blood. please learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to experience this for yourself.

  49. hi my names mike and ive been smoking spice since 2010. spice used to be much stronger back then before the law required the companys to change the mixture. anyways, it can be very addictive i peaked at smoking probably 3 grams a day of the strongest i could get ahold of (diablo or green buddha) id find my self constantly thinking about it and i couldnt sleep without it, id find my self wakeing up every hour during the night needing to smoke more, and if i didnt have any i just didnt sleep, id be irratible when i didnt have any and id go to any measure to get it. and when i did have some id just sit at home smoking it until i fell asleep only to wake up to smoke more and do that all weekend or until i ran out. And it also made it to where the best weed would barley get me high. id recremend who ever hasnt tried it to never do so and at least smoke weed if you must get high

  50. Hi everyone, reading your comments made me feel like I am not alone in my addiction to k2, smokin dragon, you name it, I was smokng 5 grams a day, all day and when I wasnt home, I couldnt wait to get home and hit the pipe, I would spend my nights planning my trip to the smoke store that I purchase it from and when I ran out of money and couldnt get any, I was unable to function. I was a long time pot smoker and as I got older the dealers went away and not having to go to a friend of a friend for a sack, just going to the smoke store was so much easier and quicker. I am here to tell you that I am in my second full day of withdrawl and I am hoping to be able to at least get out of bed today, the emotions can be off the wall, up and down, chills followed by sweating, not to mention the horrible cough and heaviness in the chest. I have withdrawled from marijuana before and this is nothing like it. I am not blaming the drug, just myself for using it so much, it might not be as bad if I had done it in moderation, but the high was so quick and it didnt last long so I was filling the pipe every 15 minutes or so. and btw, I have smoked pot since using the fake stuff and the fake stuff got me high and the pot no longer gets me high. I am in my 40’s and it scares me that young people are using this stuff in place of hitting mommys medicine cabinet for cold meds.Because if its this bad for me and I am seeking help, imagine the youth who do not know any better?

  51. i also want to add that in order for parents of drug-addicted teens-THEY HAVE TO BECOME SPLIT FROM ANYONE that’s willing to buy this drug or any other ones-if you cant separate them from their friends use whatever force you have or they maybe burying their kid.i am glad my son’s friends have turned on him and doesnt want anything to do w/ him cause of me,i would rather be the stalker-mom than be burying him.i have contacted his highschool about what all he’s told me about teens switching from straight pot to this deadly k-2 substance.k-2 is straight from the devil.the high school has more or less acted like it is not a problem @school BUT my son said so many kids are using k-2 to pass their parents’ drug tests that parents can buy @ local pharmacies.he now says he wants to do something w/ his life and not end up in jail or dead BUT he’s willing to go every week to a drug counselor for moral support to keep him on the right path.time will tell

  52. Iv Ben smoking it for about 2 years i only triped out once i smoked a quarter sized blunt it was my first time i layed in my sisters bed and prayed and threw up but just like everyone else i have all thoes simtums mainly it makes me angry when i don’t have it i feel like in going to explode like realy just wanna kill someone i wanna quit i just don’t know how to get past that feeling without it anyone who has felt like that plz wb and also i have Ben throwing up every morning idk if its related but it has never happend before i smoke thist its just to cheap and good i really wanna quit so plz someone help me out

  53. i ended up committing my son to hospital cause of violent behavior towards me and my husband.he’s been out of hospital for 2 weeks.
    he said he had went thru major withdrawals but he hasnt smoked k2 in about 2 -3 months.he still is spitting up black stuff from his lungs.he acting more like the kid i have been raising instead of a zombie looking to score.he also stated to me that the withdrawals have lasted a very long time.i hope he stays off of it but so many ppl. are killing themselves and dont realize what damage this stuff is doing to their bodies. but he still is SPIITING BLACK STUFF UP and its been a long time since using.i hope there is no permanent damage.

  54. It took me a good while to stop it causes insomnia now i hate not smoking i hate it but now i have a full ride to ucla remember me now as the worlds best lax player i love k2 i do but it comes to a stop and o hated being who i was dude i yelled at my grandmother for taking my bags i messed up because of thatand now i regret it alllll be careful people thats all i have to sayyyy

  55. I didnt want to get a positive on a drug test so i heard of k2 i found were to get it and replaced my other addiction it was meant to be short term but every time i ran out of a bag i couldnt help but to buy anouther bag i started smoking alot of it at the peak of my addition i was smoking any where from10 to 25 times a day spending about 30$ a day on it it was bad i fought with everybody i had mood swings and i caught myself talkin and ansurin myself out load and i was paranoid i finialy quit after around 6 months and i still dont feel right i still am parranoid i have memory problems brain farts and my speech is messed up i v heard these other storys and i never went to the hospital but this stuff dose fu up if you dont want to lison than dont you ll be right here with me dealin with the same i do everyday i just though i d try to save someone from sabotaging them selves like i did

  56. Anyone who smokes k2 quit that. That stuff is insane. Im 20 yrs old. I smoked k2 for lil over 3 years every single day. Could not go over an hour with out getting a hit. Honestly smoked it like I used to smoke pot. Everyone says k2 is similar to pot, it might seem like it at first but after you use for awhile you will realize it is much different. Pot was always my drug of choice until i was introduced to fake. I figured it was best way to stay high and still be able to maintain a good job with being able to pass UA’s. I have experimented with mostly every drug you can think of and have never had an addiction to anything like k2 did me. It took over my whole life, that is all i would think about all day.Would get a hit and maybe be good for an hour and had to get another hit. If i didnt have it would always be on edge and agitated. Seem anything anyone did would piss me off. Really started to realize how out of control it had got when i started to notice i was drifting away from my wife and son. So clearly it is very addictive. I would say it has to be more addictive than cocaine. No joke when i was in middle of trying to quit i had to throw my lil one hitter in woods by my house so i would stop trying to get resin hit out of it and the next day i was going through withdrawals so bad i went in the woods by my house and looked for a half hour until i found my lil one hitter so i could get one last hit. Crazy huh. I’ve been clean for about a month now and feel more healthier than ever. The withdrawal symptoms were at its worst the first week. I really regret ever trying k2. My endurance and stamina is so bad now when i excercise it is unbelievable. Now being sober from k2 i can really see the whole picture of life right in my face. Seeing my friends now who are still addicted to k2 and the way they act when they are on it really just helps me not want to do it. They are completely out of there minds “literally” when there on it. Im really curious now waht the long-term effects are from this drug that reseachers have not found yet. Im writing this post to hopefully help steer someone in need away from this horrible new drug who might be in same position i was once in.

  57. Ive been smoking spice known as “happy tiger” for about a year now. And I have noticed a lot of side affects as in cold sweats and loss of apatite and when I don’t have my smoke I get bitchy but when I have it I feel like a sign of relief that I’ll smoke. I’ve been through a bunch of seizers that my friends have done but it doesn’t scare me enough to quit. When I’m at school I’ll sweat because I don’t have it. An as soon as I smoke it stops. I wanna stop but it’s always around me and it’s all I think about and I’m scared that one day something bad is going to happen. I just dot wanna die. I know stop but it’s hard

  58. I have been smoking this stuff for about a year now I have noticed a lot of different side affects at night when I do not have it I can not sleep. I will be up for hours I have a serious cough and cough up mukis every time when I don’t smoke I get angry sad and just need the drug to. Go through out my day I’ll go to extremes of tryin to get money to get my fix for this drug one hit makes me feel so much better I have noticed stomec pains and head aces it is a bad drug and it is controlling my life I feel like If y friends have k2 I will skipp out on dinner with the family or my sister 21 birthday dinner to go smoke I have noticed my vision starting to get blurry too

  59. Hi wc. Good for you. It sounds like you are really prepared for the “tough love” aspect of facing a teen who is as possible drug addict. Your actions are a model for other parents. How is your son reacting to all of these consequences?

  60. my son has been smoking k-2 since before summer.found him in coma-like state just in underwear(he’s 17)holding pipe in his hand august 22,2012.checked his vitals all night long.(i’m a cna).my regret is not calling an ambulance.i had cutoff all money when he went back to school.he washed dishes @ a restaurant but i told his boss about his problem and he’s not welcome back til he gets help.i know he’s been suffering thru wd’s such as leg pains and headaches.he also had ‘k-2 cough’.in asheville,nc-its against law for stores to sell it but some are taking risk of selling it anyways.son will NOT name stores where his over 18 friend bought this for him.i have warned over 18 friend i will see him in jail if he buys for him again.i have texts where it clearly states he was buying for him.i have him starting outpatient drug program and he goes sept.6th to see a juvenile officer to hopefully scare him straight.officer said he doesnt know how much good he will do but will try.i took an undisiplined juvenile delinquent charge against him.he doesnt know about this,i plan on telling him when we’re on way to courthouse thursday.he turns 18 in feb and he’s a senior in H.S.i dont want this crap ruining his life.

  61. Been smoking k2 since about january. I have only experienced a bad trip once surprisingly from an unfinished roach -.-… About may I was into it hardcore. Smoking it taking little bits from my friend and even using gas I needed to go to school to go and get more. I’ve collected all of the empty containers and all I have to say is I don’t know where or how I managed to come up with roughly 900 dollars worth of this stuff. I’ve smoked it pretty much everyday except for 2-3 weeks maybe in july. Doing good wasn’t thinking about it. Then one day I just decided to go buy a little thing of zombie matter and I was back to the old me. I did notice that my tolerance went up as I easily went through 5 grams in 2 days. Smoked it at school while I was driving whenever I wanted to really. The only time I have ever had twitching was when I held it in then stood up way to fast. To me I actually think it straightens me out. It made me see how I shouldve been acting for my age. Took some more responsibilities and I even started reading a lot more. The side effects I’ve noticed is if I smoke to much I just want to sleep, I will zone out sometimes while I’m thinking. When I smoke to much I’ve noticed ill be fiending in a couple hours aswell. The anxiety is the worst though especially without those damn cigs. I also find myself thinking about it a lot. Smoked many different blends and I would have to conclude its addicting. I felt like a betrayed weed the first time I packed a bowl… I miss you mary

  62. I just smoked some K2 called purple haze today and I seriously thought I was going to die of a heart attack or a seizure. I was fine in the beginning but the I started tripping… bad. I thought my life was just a story and instead of having flashbacks of my life I had flash backs from all the people I knew and met and family and… jesus. Then I looked in the mirror and got scared of myself thinking if thats really what I look like and started wondering what proof is there of my existence or anyone else’s existence. And then I had to remind myself that I AM in real life, and no my life isnt a story made up and im not just a character out of some “book”. I sat on the ground shaking, at least I thought I was. I couldnt see what was going on in front of me. It felt like my eyes were open but I couldnt see anything, I only saw twisted people’s faces of family and friends , I was too scared to close my eyes or even try sleeping. And it was so hard trying to go back to normal. I kept telling myself for about 45 minutes that everything will be normal, Never again will I smoke this stuff. I had the biggest headache of my life after. Im mortified by what I went through today, im seriously just happy im back to normal again. I thought I was insane and I would stay that way forever.

  63. Hi DJ. The pattern of use that your describe, with the craving is characteristic of drug addiction. It is possible that you have become addicted to Mouie Wouie. Are you ready to quit? Also, the physical symptoms that you describe could be from use, or withdrawal. I’d suggest that if you want help, you seek the advice of a medical doctor and report ALL use and ALL symptoms that you think are related.

  64. My boyfriend and I would go though 8 grams a day of $exY for about a year, the most potent k2 you can get without smoking the straight powder and I have to say that if anyone is reading this trying to figure out wether they should or not. Let this be your warning. DO NOT. I can’t beileve this is legal. It ruined my life and killed my boyfriend. I lost my job, dropped out of college, pawned everything, later lost everything, lost my apartment, lost all my friends, and most of all I lost my motivation. And I wish I could say that I made it out of this experience with my health intact, but I can’t even do that.

    It started out innocently. We were just sprinkling it on our blunts of weed to give it an extra kick, you know? But then we completely stopped smoking weed because it wasn’t even getting us high. And I mean to tell you, we smoked good shit, straight medicinal all day. Our theory was we couldn’t feel the weed anymore since $exy was so potent. So why dirty our systems if we can get fucked up off a couple of hits of $exy.

    Everything was okay for a while, but then we started taking it to work with us. I managed a retail store and smoked in the bathroom since it doesn’t leave a lingering smell and he worked in a factory 3rd shift where no one really gave a fuck. After a few months of this is when things really started to go down hill. We NEEDED it.. every time we got in the car. Hit the bowl. Every time we going out to eat. Hit the bowl. Watching a movie. Hit the bowl. Need to go to bed. Hit the bowl. Bored? Hit the bowl. It got to the point where we didn’t have an apatite and we couldn’t fall asleep without it. And when we did use it to fall asleep, we’d wake up about every hour or so to hit it again and fall back asleep.

    This continue for a few more months until we both lost our jobs due to us smoking on the job. We started pawning our belongings just to get another bag, instead of paying our bills. By the time we got evicted we hadn’t been able to smoke k2 for a few weeks and we were at each others throats. Getting into fights (verbal and physical) for no reason, crying, feeling like committing suicide. I had even begun cutting myself just to be able to feel something real. I had lost all connection with reality. None of our friends even wanted to be around us, besides the fact we had tapped them out asking for money for more $exy.

    I had to move back in with my mother, and she was not at all pleased with the reason why, and my boyfriend had to go to the homeless shelter. Even being off k2 for months I still had no motivation. I sat at home and did nothing. Not even get on Facebook. I rarely went anywhere. Hardly saw anyone. and especially didn’t eat. My mother is a nurse and one day she was taking my blood pressure when she realized that my heart rate was all over the place. We waited a few minutes before she checked again, but no luck. So the next day I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me atrial arrhythmia and it was severe enough that she recommended I get a pace maker. but in the mean time, I had to stop drinking caffeine, being around anyone that smoked cigarettes (do you know how hard that is?) Basically anything that stimulated my heart, I couldn’t have. Around this same time, my boyfriend had gone back to work as a roofer and one day while he was on the roof he started complaining of chest pains, his boss made him get down and relax, but his pains never went away. He eventually went to the ER where they told him that he had suffered a mini heart attack. And told him that it was dangerous for him to be working outside in the heat, but he had no other choice but to work. So the next week he went back to work. And the same thing happened, only worse this time. He never made it off the roof. He died of a heart attack. I Lost my best friend, and the love of my life to k2. I wish we never started smoking. We had everything a nice apartment, nice cars, lots of friends, good jobs, I was on my way to being a nurse.. and now I have nothing..

    I hope everyone reading this takes this completely serious. I poured my heart out into this hoping that it can change someones life, because it is too late for me. Please, please, don’t end up like us.. you can quit. I promise you. It might seem like the end of the world, but it’s not! There is so much out there beside drugs and alcohol! You’ll save a hell of a lot more money too! Not to mention, YOUR LIFE.

  65. He plans to quit for good, although he keeps saying he needs to smoke and I keep telling him he doesn’t. He is still having severe stomach issues. The last time he smoked was August 1st. He said it feels like someone is stabbing him in the stomach. And I though it could be due to him throwing up so much. I tried to give him chamomile tea today but he can’t drink it because he hates the taste. The past few days have been absolute hell, last night being the worst. Every little thing is setting him off. I said something to him about rehab but he doesn’t wanna go. I really don’t know what to do.

  66. Ive smoked spice for the last four months everyday and i go through about 2 bags a day of mouie wouie 3 gram bag for 15 its cheaper then weed its a better high, i freak out, i start to twitch and lately ive been real sick, and the thing is i think im sick from not smoking ive been punished and i cant smoke and now i feel horrible inside and i just want the spice is that a problem?

  67. Hi Sarah. Withdrawal symptoms seem to peak in the first 72 hours after last dose of K2 or Spice…although symptoms of mood swings can persist for weeks to months later. Give it time, and your boyfriend can return to normal (including libido and normal function), as long as he stays off the K2 and these symptoms are a result of withdrawal. If he still has problems with inability in a week, or two…I’d suggest that he see a urologist for a diagnosis.

    Also, does he plan to quit for good?

  68. My boyfriend quit smoking this kind called “wet” because they are no longer selling it and ever since, it has been hell. He has no appetite. Anger like you wouldn’t believe. He said he hates being sober. He can’t sleep at night and wakes up every two hours. I wanted to take his mind off of it with intercourse, but he can’t get an e-rection. We have tried everything. Will it be like this forever ?

  69. I was buying 3-4 oz. packets of this stuff every two or three days. For me, it was highly addictive and the high scared me half to death. But again, i think that is why i was so addicted. It made me paranoid, and when i ran out and couldnt smoke it i felt like i was very depressed and i felt distant from reality. Nothing seemed real anymore if i wasnt high. I havent smoked in about 4 months and i think its for the best. Ill smoke some weed anyday because at least i know i wont die. It may be more expensive but you cant put a price on your health.

  70. yeahh but a dro hi last 4 hours as opposed to 30 minutes, and i get high(on some good dank) off of like 2 hits from the bong…and a G lasts me all day if i smoke it in the bowl..buuttt its just an option.,

    take it easy

  71. Thank you I have definitely considered it.. For when im ready lol k2 here is 20 for 4 gs and that lasts half a day lol

  72. ashleigh,
    i went through the same as you..
    and what worked for me was weening myself off of k2 with dro,
    its a little expensive but if you just smoke straight dro for a week youll be good. the cravings will go away for k2.
    and your appetite will go up.
    try it,
    itll cost like 25 a G for a week.
    but k2 is about the same price..

  73. I would definitely agree.. But the only reason im not stopping is because of the withdrawals. I cant deal with feeling like that

  74. Hi Ashleigh. It certainly sounds like you’re deep into a period of drug addiction right now. Would you agree?

    If you have no intention of stopping, I might encourage you to get through the withdrawal symptoms from the K2 and remain abstinent for a few weeks, or so. It’s possible that the euphoric effect from marijuana returns when the cannabinoid receptors in your brain are clear of the synthetic products. But the long term effects of smoking K2 and Spice are still undocumented. In addition to the physical symptoms you report (nausea, vomiting, cough)….psychotic symptoms have also been reported here.

    I’d strongly encourage you to consider making a switch…as synthetics are more potent than THC and researchers DO NOT YET KNOW how synthetics alter the brain over time.

    Does that make sense?

  75. So hopefully someone here will be able to help me… I have been smoking synthetic weed for about 8 months straight now. First it started out as a hit or two a night every other night for awhile. It had gotten a little worse, get off work around 3pm and smoke til bed. I had started to lose interest in things, less of an appetite, not too bad. Yet. The past couple months or so (im not sure everything is a huge blur) my tolerance has increased a ridiculous amount! I can burn through 2 4g bags in a day usually to myself. I ran out for two hours yesterday and threw up about 6 times. We got a bag of Rasta Style Caution 3gs and it was gone in about 4 hours. If i don’t smoke about every half hour or so, I continuously throw up until I’ve had a bowl to myself. But its not just throwing up, its extremely hot to extremely cold flashes, cant keep anything down, cant sleep, cant move without wanting to die. Has anyone smoked this out of a bong? I have the worst cough all day every day but sometimes it tastes like my bongwater smells.. Its kind of concerning.. Lol i cant remember the last time i slept for more than 4 hours at a time.. I usually wake up at 430 am and smoke a bowl and fall back asleep and that repeats every two hours or so until about noon when my boyfriend wakes up. What’s even worse is that no matter how much i smoke its extremely hard to get high. Even if i do, it lasts no more than 5 minutes anymore. Weed doesn’t get me high and i don’t deal with the weak kind. Uppers don’t get me up and Im extremely bipolar. Food is tasteless and unappealing, no libido, and i just don’t give a fuck about anything except this bowl. Any input or advice would be awesome considering ive been watching me and my friends’ health deteriorate over the past several months and i have no intention of stopping… Especially if withdrawals are gonna be this bad! … Took about half an hour or so to write this… Smoked about three bowls if that helps :p

  76. hey guys … i think its been a few weeks since my last post.. i got some updates.. I was not able to stop smoking K2 my brand was Diablo. BUT thank god for goverment intervention they went store to store in my state and took all the K2 off the shelves its been 1 weeek since i smoked, I used to be a pothead before k2 came out or well before i heard about it anyway.. but i am not even go try and smoke some pot anymore.. its crazy but for the first time in my life i kinda feeel happy. the first 3 days are the worst i was not sleeping or eating.. but i swear on that 4th day i was hungry as hippo and ate food. Called an old buddy i used to hang out with before i was all doped up. and now im hangin with him. I am just so glad i broke this curse for now.. and hopefully forever…GL to everyone tryin to stop puffing

  77. Hi Anon. I know that it may not seem possible to live without K2, but you can do it. When you are ready to quit, see a doctor who can then recommend you to an addiction specialist.

  78. I am in a situation where I usually have to smoke herbal incense due to drug testing. Lately i have been smoking a lot of 50 state legal stuff that gets me really high. When i’m high everything is great. When i’m not all i want is to get high

    I have dug thru several hour old trash in a dumpster outside my house that i had thrown pipe cleaners in that I had used to clean a pipe. I scraped the cotton off them all the way to the wire, even though they were damp from trash sweat. The resin got me high.

    When I’m out and tell myself i’m going to quit i always scrape my bowls (i always smoke out of foileys) but i will get a flash light and get on my hands and knees and dig around in my carpet to find little scraps of blue k2 that i can eventually make a full bowl, just to be high for 25-30 minutes.

    I want to stop and know I can’t. I have smoked k2 chunks scraped out of a car carpet mixed with dog hair. I used to go out, party, hang with friends and then in may my best friend killed himself and since the day i found out i have been high at least four times a week (usually much much more). I have now become a hermit and sit in my parents basement playing xbox and getting high. I have a history with a lot of drug use but i have never felt like this with a drug and i’ve done drugs that are considered to be extremely addictive.

    If there is anything else i can say about my situation just ask.

  79. agreed mike, i cant smoke bud without coughing like a beast.
    but im startin to get high a bit but only for a short while..
    i would buy ozs and smoke smoke smoke and still have the desire to go get a G of k2 and i was like wtf is wrong with me i got hte good RIGHT HERE! but honestly….im starting to not even have the desire to smoke anymore? idk. im cool with it, but i used to put gettin high on k2 first and foremost, but now its been 2 weeks since my last hit, and like i said, no desire to smoke even weed. but i kinda do it jst ..casue? im bored i guess. k2 is TRASH i wish id have never started it , my VERY first trip 🙁 SMH i felt like my life was ….a suicide note? idk how to xplain it…. i was TRIPPIIINNN hiding in my room in my closet thinking people were outside my house lookin to kill me! SERIOUSLY callin my parents tellin them i needed ransom money. im serious! i was TRIPPIN! and the worst part about it.. i started to feen to smoke it more and more after that.. it was like crack(im guessin) like FEENING pawning ….. very sad indeed.. im gla im off that!

  80. Hello everyone, my name is Mike and i was an k2 addict for over a year, smoking every 30 minutes to keep myself sane. Things ive noticed after quitting my addiction are a rather obvious and harsh cough followed by a dark green/brown colored muscus ( must be spitten out to get the k2 resin from your system as the chemicals appear to stick.), a dramatic decrease in energy and mobility ( i was and still am a bodybuolder and my addiction has hindered my career greatly.), as one mentioned, after completely quitting k2 smoking marijuana does not feel the same anymore as the potency from k2 has altered your tolerance. If you havent gotten a cough yet, maybe you arent too deep into an addiction, but im not positive, no one is about this product. Lastly, if theres one of the most important things i have to say is, do not give this product a try, the permanent ways it messes up your life and body may not be fixable. As of 6 monthes after me quitting, i still have a strong cough, and that should be enough to warn kids not to try this, let alone the various trip reports and deathes from this product. Any specific questions just feel free to ask and ill answer to the best of my knowledge.

  81. Ive been smoking ”K2” for about 5 to 6 months every single day. the few days i didn’t smoke i was either up all night, had mood swings, or couldn’t eat. withdrawal in school is 10 TIMES WORSE. its starting to get expensive buying a bag every otherday. k2 makes everything fun and it doesn’t give me bad side effects(has before..smoked too much). i really think its addictive but then again i think its all in your head.

  82. Hi true smoker. Your tolerance for cannabinoids is probably still high if you were smoking daily for more than a few weeks. Drug tolerance decreases when you cut back on dosing or eliminate the drug for your system completely. Perhaps someone with some direct experience can tell you how much time it will take for euphoric high to occur again. But my estimate would be in the period of at least a few weeks, or so.

  83. i stopped smoking K2 after a month and went back to bud, but bud it doesnt get me high any more 🙁 🙁 how long till i will be back to normal? and will i have to stop smoking completely for a while?

  84. Hi Logan. Are you ready to stop smoking K2? Or are you simply observing the effects? It might be good to start recording these symptoms for later on so that when it’s time to seek medical help from a doctor or addiction specialist, you have a list of effects.

  85. Ive only been smoking k2 for about a month but i can feel the random cravings all the time, I’ve been noticing a few off things about myself and I’m not the only one. Ive been noticing that i have small muscle spasms where my leg or my foot will just twitch on random, other things such as not finishing words completely which I’ve never done. So far these are the only off things about myself that I’ve noticed since I started smoking k2 but I wouldn’t doubt things get worse if I continue.. I use to smoke marijuana before K2 mainly dro but now if you offered one or the other id snatch the k2 in a second and a half.

  86. Hi Andrew. Cold turkey cravings can last for weeks to months after you stop smoking. But from what I’ve read from others, the majority of the symptoms are intense during the first 72 hours and then ease up of the course of 1-2 weeks.

  87. How long do withdrawal symptoms last if you quit cold turkey? I used k2 to stop doing weed but I feel like this stuff is way worse for you. The nightmares are uncomfortable and the irritation is ruining relationships.

  88. Hi Scott. If you want to stop smoking K2 for good, you’ve got to get through the first three days of not smoking and get through withdrawal. Are you ready to stop for good, Scott?

  89. I been smoking k2 for 3 months now.. every week or so i say im gona quit smoking it. last night i broke my glass on a rock and said i would never smoke k2 again.. the next day i make it till about 2. then i go ask my mom for 8 bucks so i can get a bag. she says no. i freaking keep begging her for like 5 hours . she still keeps it up says ” NO im not buying you fake weeed” i flip out and start breaking stuff, punch a few holes in the wall. this fake weed has got me. i crave it all day long. if i dont have it i cant eat. sleep. everythi8ng i do seems freaking lame. i cant even play my xbox anymore it just boorrrrring without k2. i also walked out on my job like 7 weeks ago.. i was out of k2 and my boss pissed me off and i fliped out on him. THIS K2 is screwing my life up and all i can do is think about that… p.s I quit smoking meth after 2 years of use. and that was easy compaird to this.. ya ya sry about spelling .. im a drug addict

  90. Hi Kellie. It’s REALLY difficult to know what’s in any batch of K2. Manufacturers often change the chemicals they spray on the herbs, as well as amounts, so no batch is ever the same. The only way to really know what’s in Brainfreeze is to take a sample to a lab and get it tested.

  91. its not really that serious to where he needs help to stop smoking. Hes just afraid that hes getting addicted to it and is afraid of getting addicted to it. i was mainly just wanting to know more about Brainfreeze(K2), theres not much info on the internet about Brainfreeze specifically.

  92. Hi Kellie. It’s totally possible. If your friend wants to stop, I’d suggest that he consult with his family doctor and seek a referral to a treatment center. Often, there are emotional and psychological issues underneath a person’s K2 smoking, and he needs to address both of these. Being an addict can be a shock, but when you admit that you can’t do anything else to stop it…and surrender…then, you can start to get better. Your friend can also check out the SAMHSA treatment locator, which will let him search for treatment centers by city or zip code.

  93. i know someone who is afraid that they are getting addicted to Brainfreeze(K2). i have researched about Brainfreeze its self, but i cant find alot about it. he smokes about 2 to 4 times a day and hes worried that hes starting to get addicted or that he may already be addicted

  94. Hi Memoir. It might be best for you to seek medical help and go through a medical detox. You’ll have professional help and experience and will be able to ask questions as you’re getting off K2. This is highly suggested for any chemical dependence, especially when you are serious about quitting. Does this help?

  95. Hello every body. I need help to quit. I have tried but I just sit there and think about it. When I try to quit my lower left stomach hurts my hearts races. Can’t sit still. Heart feels like its you g to beat out of my chest. My stools are really soft stringy and black. And i have no appetite. I don’t know what to do. Should I go to the hospital. I can quit mentally but do not if my body can. I have been smoking this crap seriously for a few years. Help please.

  96. i live in new zeland and we jus skoke up allllday and its algood. try tai high nlue magic if your gettingn sick of that other stuff. tia high id meeeeeeeeeeaaaan

  97. Hi Zack. Thanks for sharing more about where you’re at with K2.

    I can totally relate – but my addiction was to the real stuff. If you’re ready to change your life (and get rid of that nagging voice in your head that tells you that you cannot live without K2), I suggest you consider a treatment center and/or an addiction recovery program like the 12 steps, Rational Recovery, or SMART Recovery.

    What are you thinking about doing now?

  98. I’ve been smoking K2 for about a year now, it started off as something cheap and fun that didn’t stay in your system for too long. I think that’s why we started in the first place. The past 4-5 months I’ve been in trouble with the police, my parents and my school and still I continue to smoke. I know it’s terrible for me and I should stop, but there’s just one little part of me I can tell does not want to stop. Every time I try to go straight I last about 2 weeks and then I’m back to basics. Lately I’ve been short with the people who care about me whether I’m smoking or not. I’m just so tired of doing this same routine over and over.

  99. I have been smoking various kinds for 1 1/2 years. I am addicted, I have a one hitter and I hit it several times an hour. I want to stop but ive gone for a day without it and the side effects are overwhelming.
    I get all of the withdrawl symptoms mentioned above and get them hard until I get the next smoke. Its unbearable. … Caleb, I would love to talk to you for some advice on how to handle this

  100. That stuff is crazy I smoked it on 5-8-12 and I still feel really weard I don’t feel normal I will nevr do it again sometimes I feel okay but most of the time I can’t eat I get really tired and I don’t know what to do!!! I just wish I never did it 🙁 I feel really tired and just want to sleep at times I just wish I never even touched it :/

  101. Hi Mickey. Thanks for sharing your symptoms of K2 addiction with us. If you continue to crave and obsess about Wicked X or any other synthetic, you might want to either consult a psychologist or an addiction recovery program (12 steps, SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery) to learn how to manage these thoughts…and where they come from. I find that, personally, addiction is a way of thinking and reacting to my environment. And that when I can identify triggers and the cycle of negative thinking, it helps me get on track.

    Does this help?

  102. I am 56, flushed my nearly full vile of Wicked X in the toilet about 5 days ago … i started smoking it when we ran out of pot in December (just one puff per evening – as thats all it takes to get real high) … i dont have a supplier for weed and since i had this stuff already (gift from a friend) I started. First time I didnt like it, but noticed it gave me pep to get things done around the house – that, i liked. Then i started getting used to it and really liking it. About a week ago i realized I was thinking about it during the day … googling about it … obscessed with it really, and then figured out that i was feeling symptoms of “addiction” which is a new thing for me … so down the toilet it went as i didnt seem able to not smoke it if it were around … after 3 days the mild withdrawl symptoms i felt seemed less and I felt more clear headed … I had a drink, then ‘remembered’ I still had the pipe that i was smoking it in – and maybe there was still some in there? well there was, i got high again last nite. Almost immediately it was like an “old friend’ experience and I felt great but also ‘sad’ that this would be the last visit with this friend – as wierd and stupid as that sounds, that was my experience …

    Today, my chest is “tight’, I am foggy, feel a little “feverish”, numb back of the throat, sensitive nasal passage etc … at least now the pipe should be empty … there is no way I could not smoke this stuff if i had it around… i never felt that way with pot … this stuff is bad news.

  103. Quick note: Woke up today and those last three are not present. Last night was my first night of sleep in a while, so I’m thinking it might possibly have been attributed to the lack of sleep/energy.

  104. I posted a rather long story of my experience and some of my withdrawal symptoms on another “spice” post, but today have noticed another couple of symptoms that have shown up over the last day or two. My girlfriend pointed out that I have had no sex drive at all, and she has not seen me get an erection since I quit smoking. After the comment, I thought about it and realized that it’s true. I haven’t seen this as being a common side effect, so it could just be a fluke, but it started around the same time I quit smoking. The other thing I noticed is my dramatically decreased vocabulary and ability to spell, accompanied by an occasional stutter. I have always been an advocate of proper grammar, and as such I’ve spent about 10 minutes typing this, verifying spelling and usage of words, and I’m still not confident this is error free.
    Anyway, here’s a quick list of the symptoms I’ve noticed to date:
    -Inability to Sleep
    -Cold Sweats
    -Periodic Nausea/Vomiting
    -Clammy/Marshmallow-like sense of touch

    And the most two, that I am still considering a possible coincidence and not necessarily side-effects just yet:
    -Loss of Vocabulary

  105. Hi Jaime. Some people have reported symptoms of withdrawal once they stop smoking K2. Some symptoms are psychological such as anxiety and mood swings. Others are physical such as sweating and headaches. If you are really serious about stopping, you might try to get help by going to a medical detox. This way, you can report and observe symptoms as they appear, and there may be medical interventions, if needed. At any rate, you would be adding to the medical literature on K2 withdrawal…as we don’t know much about it yet!

  106. I have been smoking k2 for the past few weeks every single day. If I dont have it at least once a day I snap. The first time I tried it was the scariest thing but I loved it. Ive been smoking brainfreeze. Smoking too much of it causes me to honestly freak out but I think that’s why I enjoy it. I know my limit on how much I smoke when I get high now, but I know it doesn’t make it safer. And I prefer weed, but k2 lasts longer for me is cheaper. I’m just worried about how I’ll be effected when I quit, if I do.

  107. Hi Dragonfly. Thanks for sharing more about your experience on K2. But can help clarify, please? Are you having flashbacks? Or did you smoke K2 again? And are you asking how you can stop smoking K2 for good?

  108. October 2011…overdosed…terrible reaction
    Felt skull break(atleast convinced that it had)…thought I was about to die. Er, many hospital
    Visits. Cat scans. X rays…they saw nothing. Many nights, I relived it just at the point it was over for me. Even during the day sometimes it ensnares me and I think my head is about to crack. Dreams had been subsiding…last night. I relived the whole scenario over again…4 months later? I have not
    Smoked k2 since that night in october. I understand that what I did
    WAs ignorant and foolish. What I want to know now is how I overcome it. Please, can you help me?

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