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Snorting cocaine

What happens in your body and brain when you snort cocaine?

Here, we review how cocaine works as well as the dangers and safety concerns of snorting cocaine so that you can make an informed decision. We welcome questions about snorting cocaine at the end of this article, and will try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal response.

Cocaine: What are you really snorting?

Cocaine is a very strong drug which comes in many forms, some of which are illegal to posses and serve no medical purpose. Cocaine is often snorted as a powder. However, cocaine is a very dangerous and addictive drug, and because it’s normally only available as a street drug there’s no good way of knowing exactly what’s in the batch of cocaine you’re using. Cocaine can easily be laced with other drugs or toxic substances.

How does snorting cocaine affect the body?

Cocaine affects the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. Cocaine affects the brain by acting as a stimulant and increasing levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, causing feelings of euphoria and excitement. But cocaine also causes restlessness, as well as tremors and paranoia.  How long cocaine stays in the human body depends on mode of administration. While the half life for cocaine is about 1 hour, IV use of cocaine or snorting cocaine cause an intense surge of the drug in the body while oral ingestion brings on a slower effect.  In general, cocaine can be detected in urine 1-2 days after use, and can be detected in hair for up to 90 days after use.

Snorting cocaine to get high

Snorting cocaine causes large amounts of the drug to instantly enter the bloodstream through the nose. This is dangerous, and can cause heart or lung problems, which can be fatal. And although high doses of cocaine might be tolerated by someone who’s taken stimulants in large doses before, but they do raise the risk of adverse effects significantly.

Snorting cocaine vs oral

Cocaine is not normally used as an oral medication – when it is used medically, it’s as a topical anesthetic. As an illicit drug in the U.S., cocaine is not taken orally.

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In Latin America, the coca leaf is brewed into tea or crushed between the teeth to release small amounts of cocaine into the body. However, it’s illegal to possess coca leaves in the US. This is generally very safe, since only very small amount of cocaine are found in the unrefined leaves.

Snorting Cocaine side effects

Taking cocaine in small amounts can cause restlessness and excitement. Severe side effects may occur when it’s taken in larger amounts, including:

  • constricted blood vessels
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased body temperature
  • increased heart rate
  • malnourishment
  • paranoia or psychotic episodes
  • overdose or death

Snorting Cocaine dangers

Snorting cocaine has some serious side effects. Snorting cocaine impairs your abilities and can cause accidents. It can harm your nasal passages over time, even spreading disease if you share snorting instruments with someone who is sick. You’re also running the risk of a serious addiction when you snort cocaine.  How fast do you get addicted to coke? Within days to weeks of taking cocaine repeatedly.   The risk you should be most concerned about, of course, is overdose and death. Because it’s impossible to know the purity of the cocaine you’re taking, even experienced cocaine users might easily overdose.

Snorting Cocaine safely

Cocaine is not safe to take by snorting. In fact, it’s not safe to take at all, due to the highly addictive nature of the drug and its strong effects. Since cocaine is illegal to take in most parts of the world, you might face harsh legal consequences for snorting it.

SnortingCocaine questions

Do you still have questions about snorting Cocaine? If so, please let us know. We respond to all Cocaine questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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66 Responses to “Snorting cocaine
4:01 am January 9th, 2013

I use to snort various drugs for two years straight then rarely (including air dusters) on and off for another two. The times I was clean for a long period of time I would have SEVERE pain in my canal of my nose. The only cure I could find online was holding my face over steam which did not really help. I’m sure most of the lining of my nose is gone but I was curious if there was anything else that could not only help the pain but help the insides grow back faster.

3:20 pm January 9th, 2013

Hi Lindsey, I know it sounds scary, but I think that you need to consult an ENT Specialist. You are not the ONLY person in the world who has snorted drugs, and you can get good advice and care from a medical professional who has experience with this. You can consult the directory of the American Academy of Otolaryngology to find a doctor in your city or state.

7:38 am January 16th, 2013

I snort coke 3 times a week how long would it that take to clear from my blood … And after I’m clear of it would I be able to donate blood …. Did it for 2 months now and I stop already for a week

Jeni guerra
1:05 pm January 16th, 2013

This is the first time I post on this site, I am a 27 yr old mother of 2 beutiful girls and I have been using cocaine for about 3 months on and of I usually prefer using it whn I’m drinking I do currently have a drinking problem bt now it seems that I can’t drink without snorting cocaine I am aware of the consequences ths brings to me bt the reason it’s been hard for me to stop its because of my husband he resentley just started drinking to and has it all the time so it’s hard we both want to stop bt it seems every time we try we forget about our troubles for a minute and continue we want to do ths for our girls bt I scared to go to anybody and gt thm taken away their our lives is there anyone that would have some advice for me I am so lost n would hate to gt stuck in ths he’ll hole longer ;/,,,

6:06 am January 20th, 2013

Thank you for your help. I will definitely look into this if the symptoms return.

10:04 am January 28th, 2013

Hello Julio. Cocaine stays in your system and can be detected in a drug test for 2-4 days after use, depending on amount and frequency of use. Your blood may be clear of cocaine, but most blood donors ask that you NOT be a drug user to donate.

Hi Jeni. Thanks for your message. You describe the cycle of addiction perfectly in your message. TO stop, you’ll need help in learning how to cope with the difficult of life and stress. Life is HARD, especially with two young children. To get help, you can call 1-800-662-HELP or talk with your doctor. You are not alone, but you need to ask for help to get it.

park alex plano
10:23 pm March 17th, 2013

I have been trhrough rough times lately and became very depressed. I snorted cocaine one night and it made me feel very good. I have used it intermitently, then began using it daily to cope with my depression.
I despertely want to get off of it. I have high profile job and want to try to accomplish this onmy own without going to intake facility.
I am snorting about 1 gram a day for past 8-10 weeks.
My nose hurts badly, I am not getting good feeling anymore and when I try to stop, I get very very depressed so i get more. What can I do? Can I wen myself off over aperiod of time instead of just trying to stop completely at once? Please help me. I am married with two daughters and I dont want to dispoint them they have no idea. they have noticed change in my behavior and other things and I have told them I am very stressed at work and have had a cold that seems to linger a long time. I want to stop! DOn’t know what to do. Please give me quidance

4:43 pm March 19th, 2013

Hello park. I’d suggest that you consult with an addictions counselor for guidance. There are usually no medications prescribed for cocaine detox, although you may benefit from short term use of antidepressants. Seek medical help from either a family doctor or from a psychotherapist for more.

6:03 am April 7th, 2013

I tried cocaine at 10 pm on apr 6 and I might have a drug test next week how long before I will test clean I snorted it a small amount half a normal line.

4:55 pm April 8th, 2013

Hello Danielle. Cocaine can usually be detected in urine 2-4 days after use. You will be beyond this window of detection and will probably test clean for your test later next week.

concern person
5:53 am April 30th, 2013

my last use of cocaine was jan 2 2013 then march 22 2013 I used a small amount I did a hair follicle test april 18 2013 will I b clean

6:36 pm December 2nd, 2013

How long after taking cocaine does your blood pressure stay elevated? Is it just when using it or can it keep it elevated a day or 2 afterwards as well?

Jane Doe
6:32 am May 3rd, 2014

Why is it when someone snorts cocaine they may become paranoid (believing something that is not). ex: going through their partner’s phone, checking messages, emails, last calls, and believing that the partner is erasing all the above while they have the phone in there possession. Also, stay up for hours

10:50 am May 14th, 2014

Hi Jane. Cocaine disrupts the transmission of certain chemicals (called neurotransmitters) in the brain. While this can cause euphoria, it can also impact judgment. Paranoia can be the outcome of high dosing of cocaine, or repeated abuse. Check in with a family therapist on how to address cocaine addiction if you suspect your loved one has developed dependency (physical OR psychological).

9:25 pm August 8th, 2014

I’m addicted to coke and I realy want to stop, but I don’t want my family to know…PLS advise

8:46 am August 11th, 2014

Hi Anisa. The best way to quit cocaine safely is in a detox center with the supervision of medical professionals. In detox, doctors and nurses can monitor your health. They may prescribe medication to ease your withdrawal symptoms. It is possible to quit cocaine without the help of a detox or rehab, but doing it on your own isn’t recommended, because it can be dangerous. You should consult a doctor before you try to quit cocaine. Support groups, like Cocaine Anonymous and others, can also be a big help. Having a support system is essential to a sustained recovery.

10:47 am August 31st, 2014

Hello !
I used cocaine 5 grams(snorting and injecting) and then I stoped. After 2 months i had little paranoia that one of my friend can read my mind . I didnt belive in this but i was so suspicious about it, if is it possible…I was so scared. Before this I ccasionally smoked marijuana and snorted little times cocaine(about 2-3 grams /4 months and marijuana 1 gram of skunk every other day).
Why a had this feelings, what i wrong with me? Thank You.

10:53 am August 31st, 2014

Hello !
I used cocaine 5 grams(snorting and injecting) and then I stoped. After 2 or 3 months I had little paranoia that one of my friend can read my mind . I didnt belive in this but i was so suspicious about it, if is it possible…I was so scared. Before this I ccasionally smoked marijuana 1 gram of skunk every other day and snorted little times cocaine(about 2-3 grams /4 months ).
Why I had this feelings, what is wrong with me? Thank You.
Sorry for two posts.

8:20 pm September 6th, 2014

I know man that snorts cocaine up his nose and he sweats is that side effect he sweats in his face looks so spooked. Just want know worried about him he’s in denial about his drug problem so hyper

1:05 am January 9th, 2015

I used come 3 months ago on the weekend if Sept 16th 2014 it’s now 2014 and I’m going for a hair forricle test soon. I detoxed my body in end of dec. this is the only time I used. Any thought on if I will pass the tet. I cut my hair and it’s almost long enough to have the test. Any advice us helpful thank you

5:58 pm January 15th, 2015

Hi Not Dancing Much. By what you describe I can only conclude you have nothing to be worried about. It was a one time use, long enough ago, plus you cut your hair… Let us know how it went, anyway. Good luck to you!

9:47 pm January 28th, 2015

Today is the 28. I think my boyfriend used four days ago which was the 24. If I make him take a pee test and test him with something they sell at a Wal-Mart store will the results be accurate? Or will it be too late. I found out he had been using every Friday for over two years then he stopped on November 142014. I didn’t know he had been using till I found some in his wallet and that was on December 30. Last time he used that I know of was December 27. But I suspect he used four days ago and wanta know if it’ll still be in his system

6:47 pm January 31st, 2015

Question: when snorting cocaine what is considered a huge amount compared to a small amount. Don’t know anything bout this but have family member in prison. Thanks

no name
5:42 am February 23rd, 2015

Did bout 5 lines of coke 3 days ago. doing a blood test next week. Will it be out of my blood by then

8:18 pm April 1st, 2015

I snorted a small amount of cocaine on Tuesday March 31 I have to give a urine test in 2 days although this was my first time and it was a very small amount what can I take to clean out my system

1:24 pm April 2nd, 2015

how long does cocaine and heroin stay in the blood?

1:09 pm April 6th, 2015

Hi Numair. Blood tests would likely only be effective within a day of taking the heroin, after which period the drug won’t be detectable in he blood. Small part of a cocaine dose may stay in the system and be detected in blood for 48 hours after use, but there are cases when no cocaine presence in the blood was measured, even after prolonged use.

8:00 pm April 18th, 2015

How do you take Cocaine out of your system?

3:27 pm April 21st, 2015

Hi Marina. Even if you try to flush cocaine faster, you may speed up the process, but it’s metabolites can still be detected even after the drug itself has been eliminated. Generally, cocaine can be detected through urinalysis anywhere from 2-4 days after single use. I suggest you read our article on How long does cocaine stay in your System to get more detailed information.

3:55 am April 23rd, 2015

I used coke and went to see my doctor for suboxone 8 days later he took a drug test and the coke came up. I used 10 days ago and tomorrow I have to see my doctor I’m worried that the coke may show up again. If it does he will not be able to give me suboxone. I would wait a few more days to see him but I don’t have anymore suboxone. Will the coke show up on the urine test. ? Can someone please help!!!!

2:42 pm June 2nd, 2015

If you snort cocaine how long does it take to get out of your urine if you drink water every day for 10 days straight will it still be in your urine

8:30 am June 15th, 2015

Now i know i will get heads shaking at me but people make mistakes…
I used to be a dealer when times were hard and yes i stopped dealing 2-3 years ago, when i was dealing i started getting high on my own supply. It got out of control and i lost a lot, my family because i refused to go around them because i was scared they would find out, friends because they were hooked and got me hooked n into the game, work because i got lazy and made more money doing this. It got so bad that i stopped and told the family and asked for help but had gotten so paranoid n overwhelmed that i tried to take my life. The only reason i am alive is because my uncle stopped by to check on me 5 minutes after i jumped off my shed with the rope around my neck. I spent 2 weeks in the mental hospital to get on stable ground and then 3 months in jail for warrants that came about since i stopped selling and making money so fines backed up. I got out and for the next year didn’t do nothing but repair the bond between my children and family, and actually turned my life around to the point of where i have a new truck a new place, custody of my son and i own and run my own company now.
But, unfortunately a month ago, i went out to the bar and was hanging with some friends from my past and i started doing coke again, but back when i was dealing i was on coke n meth, now its just coke and only like a 20-40 bag a day, and it like a week straight n ill stop for a day or so n do another week. Yes I’m high right now and the point of this is I’m scared and don’t wanna lose what i have worked so hard for. I cant point the fingure at the ones who turned me onto it because i could have said no but didn’t… also no i don’t do it during the day nor around my children, i do it after I’m done work n they r asleep. I wanna stop and i don’t want people to know but i see it taking a toll already. Please give me advise besides seeking counseling or rehab, because i wont and cannot do that. If people found out i would lose work and my family would be disappointed. I swore to myself tonight would be it so i finished the bag and started researching…. please ne sort of help or point of direction is greatly appreciated. As i said i don’t wanna lose everything i worked so hard for and i damn sure don’t wanna go down the same path i went before… thank u in advance.

Im only 24 years old and hopefully, god willing i have a long life ahead of me, i wanted to know/ask if u could possibly tell me or point me in the direction of where i can findout/research what the damage i have done to my body/brain from the previous use of coke and meth and now my current use of coke for the past month has done to me, and if possible the solution to help repair or help heal the damage. I feel if i know the damage besides the obvious that i explained or experienced before that it will drive me to clear myself from this problem once and for all… this is my second time in life fucking up and i sincerely dont want a third time to happen nor for this to continue on now… I am still research in ng n studying other sites and hope to hear back thank u…

6:55 pm July 16th, 2015

If a person uses a grame of cocain (Snorting) how long after will it be detected in a urine test?

11:20 pm August 10th, 2015

Hi iv been snorting now for 6 years I’m currently snorting 2-3 bags a day I get little sleep i feel like death everyday so I take more I really want to get clean and sort my life out for my daughter please can anyone give me advise on this matter.

2:19 pm August 21st, 2015

Is there any way to take cocaine safely? Like if you only take small amounts every hour? And also is it common for people to die from taking cocaine?

7:54 am August 28th, 2015

The last time I snorted cocaine was on the 15th of this month is it still in my system will I pass my drug test tomorrow?

2:03 am September 30th, 2015

Had a friend do a small line of coke on sunday. Can he pass Wednesday morning for a unrinalist?

11:29 pm October 8th, 2015

I did a few lines of cocaine yesterday and two today how long will it show in my urine.

billy bob
2:48 am October 18th, 2015

I dont use cocain but however, i tried it by using my keys and dis two tiny bumps as they call it… how long will itstay in my system. i have to drop for a job monday afternoon and this action was taken at 2am saturday morning.. will it be out by then?

6:04 pm October 18th, 2015

My daughter went to a party last in night. I’m worried she did cocaine. She’s in middle school. One of the other girls there was arrested on pissesion in front of the house were the party was held. I want to drug test her. Where can I go in my area that’s reliable unanimous and if she did do it sat night . will it show up now ?I’m really worried. There us a clinic down the street that is open tomorrow? Will that be to late

12:06 am November 2nd, 2015

I did a small baggy on sat test is Wednesday do u think I’ll pass with swob

4:07 am November 14th, 2015

I am trying to get cocaine out of my system. I have not used in over a week but was a everyday user when I stopped. What can I do to move the process

5:54 pm November 16th, 2015

Hello Sabrina. I suggest you seek medical advice. Your doctor can prescribe medications to help you to overcome cocaine addiction. Consider using some home remedies and over-the-counter medications to manage the withdrawal discomfort easier. Here’s two articles that I hope you find useful: and Good luck!

12:25 am November 26th, 2015

Hi I have male friend that is on his second year of using (snorting) coke. He is bipolar, takes 5 different medications, drinks, and used marijuana. He seems normal but is always depressed. He has problems ejaculating so his sex life is what hurts him the most. He has a very productive and promising job. It’s mainly in the evening and weekens that he does it. My question is what kind of damage can be happening with the cocktail of pills and drugs his consuming? Within this year he has lost so much weight as well. I’m very concerned. I want to help and don’t know how.

9:37 pm December 6th, 2015

Hi it’s been 3 months since I last snorted cocaine and I’m still in pain, the reason I stopped was because I started to get these really bad chest pains also weird feelings running through my veins I didn’t no what was happening I thought I was going to die, a few days later I went to the hospital not telling them the proper reason but just that I was in pain they done an ECG but it came back fine but I don’t understand as to why 3 months later I’m still in so much pain. The doctors say that it is anxiety but I don’t believe it because surly these pains can’t be anxiety. I need some help and advice do u think if I was to tell the doctor it is all from doing cocaine it would help me in anyway, would they give me a CT scan or would they just say it’s anxiety Please someone help me

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:10 pm December 9th, 2015

Hello, Shelly. I believe that you might tell the truth to your doctor, so s/he can prescribe appropriate medication.

3:59 am January 3rd, 2016

How long does it stay in your spine?

6:00 am January 15th, 2016

If I did a
Small Baggie on Friday and then have a urine test on wend day will I test pos

11:17 pm January 22nd, 2016

What is the short and long-term impact of snorting 1/8 gram of cocaine one time?
What is the short and long-term impact of snorting 1/4 gram of cocaine one time?

What is the short and long-term impact of snorting 1/4 gram of cocaine 2 times, one week apart?

6:37 pm February 7th, 2016

I did two Lines of cocaine, how long will it stay in my system

11:53 am February 9th, 2016

If I snort $20 bag blow a day how long it stay in urine cvs,rite aid home drug test 99% accurate
I do 2 bumps like every 45 mins
Plz reply …thank you for the knowledge

2:40 am February 11th, 2016

Ok did coke on 2/7/16 im doing at test urine test tomorrow will it show up on my test on2/11/16

1:31 pm February 18th, 2016

Will c9cain be gone all the way from my body in 4 days for a urin drug test I am 6 feet 210 lbs female

7:46 pm February 24th, 2016

What happens when you snort Coke for a lot of days. Does it stop working at some point? I know someone who got high snorting coke for a few days… Maybe 4 or 5 days in a row… They she said she wasn’t getting High anymore?

1:17 pm March 18th, 2016

Im 6’4 300lbs ….going through a rough year so far and have been doing between 3-4 grams a weekend for four weekends in a row….had a random drug test yesterday and have been clean for 9 days will metabalites show in my urine….will i fail

10:32 am May 29th, 2016

1st question: I’ve been doing up 28 grams every 2 weeks in one sitting if my nose dose not get stuffed up for 6month now. I started when I was 16 doing coke almost every day. I stopped when I was 19 for a little over a year. Started up again when I turned 21 and I’m 22 going on 23 at the end of the year. I’m stopping cold turkey. I know my nose have holes cause I have to snort coke a certain way. I’ve seen a doctor he said my heart and lungs are healthly. But I want to know long term. Will my heart or lungs get bad later in life? Also I haven’t seen a nose doctor or checked my brain. But wouldn’t my brain be health if my heart and lungs are fine? I know for a fact my nose is bad. I just don’t know how bad..

4:09 pm May 31st, 2016

I used cocaine and many other recreational drugs on regular basis for about 5.years, when I was 19-24.. Then stopped and committed myself to a sober life. I could use alcohol in moderation.. Got married and had a good life.. After having 2 Kids things started going downhill.. Starting drinking to much to help me cope with the challenges of everyday with the kids with me.. Long story short, we faced many struggles and difficulties in the last 9 years of our marriage, finances, the kids, moving to a new country, and now on top of it all my husband overstepped the boundary with another woman while the kids and I were in our home country for 2 the Biblical standard he was unfaithful. This is all just too much for me to handle. I have no more faith in anything, no hope.. Not even in God. All I want to do is go back to my old ways and get my hands on a gram or 2 of cocaine. Please help me. Don’t know what to do.. Thank you

7:47 pm June 1st, 2016

i snort coke every hour and im not stoppin. is that a good thing`É

7:48 pm June 1st, 2016

i snort coke every hour and im not stoppin. is that a good thing

7:56 am June 22nd, 2016

If someone use a small dose of cocaine on a Sunday how long does it take to leave the blood stream

8:30 pm June 24th, 2016

Could cocaine be detected in urine container if it sits for a day or longer even if use was two daus before test?

2:58 pm June 25th, 2016

If snorting cocain 3 days before you have brain surgery will that make the surgery more complicated…will it cause problems during whole process??

3:49 am June 26th, 2016

My ex struggled with an alcohol addiction and used cocaine. He lied about his cocaine use and I’m not sure how often he used (he lied about using even when he was with me but I eventually saw cocaine below his nose and found paraphenelia with cocaine residue on it). He has had legal trouble as a result of alcohol (who knows if he was also using with his several charges). If he has an addictive behavior is he more likely to struggle with a cocaine addiction?

Also I ended up calling child welfare on him. He was not the primary parent and only had access to his kids but had drug paraphenelia lying around and has conditions. He tried to tell me his kids were not around when he used. I don’t necessarily believe him but I am wondering if cocaine use might still impact his kids even if he didn’t use it when he had visitation and if so in what way? I’m feeling guilty for calling even though they obviously substantiated the concerns of he is not allowed to see them.

10:39 pm July 1st, 2016

i just love to b happy ever once in awhile

Younge but wiser
8:57 pm July 3rd, 2016

I’m just speaking from experience as a young 30yr old single mother that has been through a lot on my own with no help. I am no one to judge anybody but just reading others stories and sharing my opinion and experience . Don’t take it personal and its up to you to take it and listen and learn or not. I am a very stubborn individual and I learned a lot from life and realize everyone is different. I started using coke about 5 yrs ago with my best friend when her husband died. I was always there for others and trying to help them instead of myself cause I guess I never had anyone there for me. She went through tough times and no she didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to so yes I made my own choices and take full responsibility. I used off and on and as I was raising my daughter by myself I would never do it around her. I guess I did it cause it made me feel good and delt with the pain at the time but when you’re done and the party is over at the end of the day our problems are still there. We all know as users that coke makesnyou want more and more and it feels good so we keep getting it. But I also believe if you have an addictive personally your going to keep using. When you do any kind of drug you have to be the one to decide for yourself if your strong enough to stop for you and your child.( if you have one) yes it’s easier said than done. Trust me I know from experience. But if you have a child then at the end of the day you know you’re child is the most important one in your life. You can’t let the drug take over your life. It’s actually common sense. I. Had my daughter at 19 and had no one there for me. (And no I was not once on welfare or any kind of assistance) But I believe that made me stronger and the people that I’ve crossed paths with in my life I’m thankful for cause everything happens for a reason. Whether it’s good or bad. I’m no one to preach cause I’ve done some pretty fu*ked up things in my life and had no guidance, barely an education. I dropped out of high school in 9th grade, running with the wrong crowd cause I was a leader and felt like I had to be tough especially growing up with 4 brothers and no mother around .But not for nothing I don’t regret anything I did. My daughter made me a BETTER and STRONGER person. It’s not what you did in life or how you grow up or what you had (material wise) or where you grow up that defines you it’s where your going and who you turned out to be. It’s honestly willpower. I seen a girl say she did it more cause her husband brought it around. If you see a cupcake on a table and your hungry or not your going to eat it , plain n simple. So if you’re husband/friends/significant other puts the drugs out of course you’re going to do it. I did it cause I was bored or it was (parrrttyyyy) time with my girls. And “honestly”If they love you then they would want you to get help and succeed in life if you don’t have anyone to help you get off of it (coke ect.) for YOU be your own backbone. I stopped cold turkey cause when all of the drugs was gone i would sit back and see everyone else was fucked up and in that moment of clarity I thought to myself damn I got fucked up and I don’t want to be like this. All those people I partied with at the end Of the party everyone knew I was a single mother and nowhere to go and only person I was hurting was my daughter. And NO I wasn’t asking/expecting a hand out but if we are friends you know my situation and I shouldn’t NO. But to ME ,loyalty is everything. If we are friends an you show me respect than I will respect you as well. And my princess was the only one that actually loved me. If you don’t have something or anyone do it for yourself. (Ugh I sound like my grandma) .Cause nobody is going to think about you is you. Be your own backbone. If your on here reading this then obviously this is the first step of looking for help. I’m clean and yes it’s because I of my daughter. If your friends value your friendship/ relationship or give too fucks about you than they won’t even bring it around you to temp you. And if they do then you don’t need them and obviously they don’t care or love you. If you don’t have nobody to talk to find a friend or family member that your close enough to that you think u can confide in. Because we are only human and no matter how strong we think we are independent we think we are we all need someone to talk to or vent to. It feels good. Keeping things bottled up inside will make you a angry bitter person. And at the end of the day it takes more bones in your face to frown then smile. Yes at the end of the day who in the hell wants wrinkles. Moral of my testimony is if you don’t do it for yourself / loved ones then who is going to do it for you. Obviously not the people you was partying with. ??? damn that felt good to get off my chest. P.s this is my first time taking about it to anyone. ✌?️#youngesinglemother #Idoit forger if you have a child just think long and hard about the fact that you brought them into this world. They don’t ask. And yes my daughter is 12yrs old going on 13 and yes she has everything that a child could wish for and some. She has not a care in the world and yes it feels so good as a mother with no education to say I’m happy cause she’s happy and I have a job in the health care field with no help and a rough over our head . No I didn’t say this for simpathy or a pat on the back but to help someone else in life that might need a friend. Cause lord knows at the end of the day no matter how stubborn we are or say we don’t care deep down you know you want someone to but when you need someone….. Not a soul in the world is there. Hope my story helps someone cause I really needed to hear it

12:37 am August 16th, 2016

I tried coke for the first time a week ago at a party I’m scheduled to have surgery in a month. I’m scared to tell my doctor because I don’t want him to judge me based on one laps of judgment on my behalf. Im going to cancel my surgery for now since it is elective how long should I wait before it’s safe to have GA.

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