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How to withdraw from meth

How to withdraw from meth

Meth (methamphetamine) is extremely habit forming and it takes persistence and dedication to withdraw from meth. How does meth work in the body?  As a central nervous system stimulant.  But for many, the initial withdrawal from meth is the hardest, and it’s during this time that the risk of relapse is the highest. So what’s the best way to withdraw from meth, how can you find meth addiction help and what can you expect?

Keep reading here for more information on how to withdraw from meth and avoiding meth overdose. Then, ask your questions about meth withdrawal at the end. We respond to all legitimate and earnest questions with a personal and prompt reply.

When do you withdraw from meth?

You can withdraw from meth even after one use. Withdrawal effects, however, typically occur when you stop taking meth after a period of regular or binge use.

Withdrawing from meth is typically a little easier and less stressful for individuals who have not been using the drug for very long. Therefore, it is recommended that anyone looking to withdraw from meth does so as soon as possible, before the drug starts having an impact on their health and lifestyle. However, it’s never too late or too early to withdraw from this dangerous drug, and anyone dealing with an addiction to meth should seek help whenever they can.

Withdraw from meth symptoms

Nearly all individuals trying to withdraw from meth will experience common meth withdrawal symptoms. Methamphetamine causes asevere drop in dopamine in the brain and one of the most common meth withdrawal symptoms is a deep depression. Suicidal thoughts during meth withdrawal are also not uncommon.

When withdrawing from meth, individuals will also want to sleep more than usual and experience an increase in appetite. This decrease in activity and increase in caloric intake can result in a slight weight gain.

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How long to withdraw from meth?

Meth withdrawal symptoms typically start several hours to a day after the drug was last used. These symptoms will usually peak a few days after last use and gradually begin to lessen in severity after this peak. Overall, depending on the severity of physical dependency on meth, it can take anywhere from a week to a month or more to completely withdraw from meth.

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from meth

When withdrawing from meth, individuals should get as much rest as they need. In order to avoid gaining weight, they should also eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Some people may also find that anti-depressant medications can help with the severe depression experienced during meth withdrawal. These medications must be prescribed by a doctor, though, and medical supervision may be necessary during meth withdrawal.

Can I withdraw from meth at home?

It is possible to withdraw from meth at home, but most medical professionals recommend withdrawing from meth in a medical facility. Medical supervision typically makes withdrawing from meth slightly easier and safer. Some individuals may even need to be put on suicide watch when withdrawing from meth, since severe depression is a common meth withdrawal symptom.

How to withdraw from meth safely

Although some individuals have been able to successfully withdraw from meth safely on their own, the safest way to withdraw from meth is under the supervision of medical professionals. Meth detox facilities are one option, but there are also other inpatient and outpatient drug detox and programs available as well. Withdrawing from meth under medical supervision may even save some lives, since it can reduce the risk of both suicide attempts, relapses, and overdoses.

The best way to withdraw from meth

There is no one-size-fits-all way to withdraw from meth. Some methods work for some people, while other methods work well for other people. One of the best way to withdraw from meth successfully is under medical supervision or in a drug rehabilitation or detox facility.

Drug rehabilitation and detox facilities aren’t for everyone, though. If this is the case, some individuals may want to attempt to withdraw from this drug on their own. To do this, it’s important to stay away from the drug completely to minimize the chances of a relapse. Individuals trying to withdraw from meth on their own should also surround themselves with supportive non-users and try to stay busy with activities that don’t involve using meth.

How to deal with withdrawal from meth questions

Withdrawal from meth is challenging and often very uncomfortable. If you’re facing meth withdrawal, there’s a good chance you have a few questions or concerns. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any questions or concerns you may have, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you have an experience, tips, or advice you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment as well.

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31 Responses to “How to withdraw from meth
6:39 am April 19th, 2013

You can quit. Find a safe and quiet place. Stockpile plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. Also make sure you have food. Get sleep and relax. Have some anti anxiety meds if you can get access. If you get too paranoid call a friend you can trust. You will feel better after a few days. Good luck and God bless.

7:46 am April 19th, 2013

Thanks for spreading the hope and encouragement, dragonfire! We appreciate you sharing your experience about getting off meth. All the best to you!!!

10:16 am September 22nd, 2013

Ive been using meth for over a year.. started snorting.. and smoking about 6 months in.. now injecttion seems to be my only fix tho i will do whatever. I think the biggest issue for me is what other people think.. Withdrawing sucks.. motivation zero. Im glad i have a high metabloism otherwise i would be pretty heafty. I sleep alot also.. stay awake still during the nights and sleep most the day on my 3rd day and your damn right id do it if it was infront of me. wish me luck im going to need it.

8:59 am September 24th, 2013

Hello Vegas. I wish you the best of luck. Have you found a treatment center that can help you during withdrawal and after?

8:59 am January 14th, 2014

Hi. My boyfriend has used for 8 months. He is currently withdrawing, has for about a week at home. He has been experiencing lower back pain and was wondering if it had affected an organ in that area or if its just muscle aches?

12:04 pm August 7th, 2014

How to help my son meth withdrawal symptom? My son is 28 years and living wt me. He hasn’t taken meth for 7 months. I get irritated to see him like this. Should I talk to him or scold him during the withdrawal?

8:15 am August 11th, 2014

Hi Lily. Give him multi vitamins, plenty of water since a lot of meth users suffer cronic dehydration and try to get him active and constantly doing things that preferably aren’t drug related. Taking amino acids is also helpful. Eating healthy diet, with lots of proteins, fruits, veggies and fiber is essential.

8:42 am August 11th, 2014

I’m so so depressed. I just want my meth son to get out of my house. Told him to moved out by end of this month. I don’t know whether he will do it or not? He doesn’t seems to care. I’m afraid he doesn’t moved out I don’t know how to chase him out?

4:30 am August 20th, 2014

I have been prescribed Adderall for over 20 years. I just started using meth about 2 & 1/2 months ago. I don’t use every day but almost every day.. several times per day. My question is how do I stop using meth and continue with my prescribed dose ( 70mg ) of Adderall sucessfully? My does of Adderall doesn’t seem to have an effect on me anymore. I am prescribed Adderall for Narcolepsy and A.D.D. I literally can’t function without stimulants because all I do is sleep or lay around with no energy or motivation. I also suffer from severe depression and I have Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.

1:57 am December 29th, 2014

I have done it before. Stayed clean for 18 years. TTragedy struck end of 2011 well fell off in vengeance I have been able to some how keep my job but that won’t last much longer if I don’t stop. They find out I lose my job. So I can’t go into coma land for 3 week. My use is probably a teen a day. My dilemma is tough a catch 22. I lose everything if I come forward at work and the field I am in will be labeled a drug addict. I make 100k plus a year. Tell me is there a way to detox and still function daily? Please help.

11:04 am December 29th, 2014

Hello Garjar. It is impossible to detox from meth (after chronic use) without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. Meth depletes your brain from certain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, and depending on frequency, dose, mode of administration etc. the severity of the withdrawal effects can also vary. If you really want to quit meth, you have to take some time for yourself. And after the detox is done, you still need to continue with psychological therapy to keep you from relapsing again.

12:20 am January 10th, 2015

My brother has no income how can he get help from a doctor is there some kind of medical you can sign up for for low income people

2:57 pm January 16th, 2015

Hello Jammie. You can start looking for ideas here: and here: You can also do a google search for low cost drug treatment centers in your area. Finding the right treatment isn’t easy, but it’s doable.

4:13 pm January 16th, 2015

I am 26, undergraduate student in a private university. In my country METH known as YABA became a curse and its beyond imagination that how many people are addicted. I was a complete man few years ago, was a martial artist with a wonderful peaceful and healthy life. Friends n family everyone praised me for that life as martial arts are not familiar in our country. Everyday of my life was going nice and beautiful, exactly the way I wanted and dreamed since I was little. But one single 31st December night in a DJ party at a five star hotel changed my life, the life I built for years YABA took it all by surprise… Even Me.
That night I inhaled just one single YABA Pill and 3 years later I ended up like this – my martial arts, wonderful health, energy, daily routine, mentality all gone. Vanished. But in return YABA gave me 3 things – Made me almost chain smoker, violently angry and a night crawler. Never Ever imagined that tiny Pill will consume me this way. At first it was under control, once in a month, then twice in a month, then once in a week, then twice in a week… And now I am just one step away from everyday consumption. I am very depressed about my education now because of the poor results, wasted tons of money and yet my parents don’t know a thing. Every time I smoke pills I feel I am cheating my parents. But like a stupid now I want to get my previous life back, all of it that I created through sacrifices.
Guys this desire of a second chance brought me here. If I knew just half of your provided information I would never went to this way. I just want to say I have no words to admit that how much thankful I am to you. I have read this article but please try to understand I cannot go to any drug rehabilitations, if I go my parents will know and kill me stop providing my pocket money. I visited local doctors but everyone said the same stupid thing – “If you try it you can make it, so try it”. But not a single damn one told me how to start and where to start. I listened to them, tried 10-12 days and end of the day that leads me to METH.
Guys is it too late for me? Is there any way open to Kill the thing that almost Killed me??? My comment already became huge so before ending I just want to say if get a path from here to reborn then I will Remember You, this Help, this Day and this Moment.
Highest Respect and Love.

4:56 pm January 16th, 2015

Hi Hector. You may not need drug rehab, but you can look into psychological therapy with a psychologist. You do need to address the cravings and learn new coping mechanisms. Also, you will want to address the psycho-emotional issues which led you to try and like the euphoria of the drug. There is some inner work to do; and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Keep seeking and the door will open to you.

9:38 pm January 16th, 2015

Thank you for your reply. But would you please tell me or do you know that psychologists can give me medicine for long time consumption and several appointments? Do they want to meet with parents and communicate with them secretly? If so it is going to be a serious trouble for me then. My parents are well educated so it will be very easy for them to figure out whats going on watching good amount of medicine, prescriptions and so on. I just want to get out of this way all alone with out letting my parents know I have gone hell. Besides I am very depressed reading in your article that Meth Withdrawal is one of the hardest way… I am very afraid that maybe I am going to be one of them who tried to quit but failed.

2:27 pm January 20th, 2015

Hi again Hector. You can search online for psychologists or support group in your area. You can start here: and when you find a psychologist you can call the phone and ask all general questions. This way you can be free to say what your problem is, what you need and see the confidentiality rules etc. without giving your name.

4:34 pm May 22nd, 2015

Hello , It’s been 5 and a half months since my last used and still I have a withdrawal symptoms until now for like example I still smell like bit unusual than before meth and it’s really an issue for me specially coz im socially active it’s only been 5 months but it felt like years to me it’s really depressing pls. someone help me is this ever going away ? im really hopeless right now :(

6:13 pm June 20th, 2015

Me and my husband both are coming off a long term use of meth. We keep fighting and it gets physical at times. I’m wanting to fix our relationship and hey g clean and I can’t handle anything even the heat. What do I do?

10:54 am June 22nd, 2015

Hi Mandy. Good for you! You don’t need to quit alone. Get a counselor/psychologist or seek help from an outpatient clinic. Deal with the addiction first. The relationship will get better over time. Call the hotline number on this page to talk with someone about your treatment options. It will get better the longer that you stay clean. But meth cravings are hard! You don’t need to do it alone.

12:47 am July 29th, 2015

Today’s my first day ..

2:07 am August 2nd, 2015

I did meth about a year and a half ago only once and now I’m feeling different i need help I’m scared

10:27 pm September 1st, 2015

Hi…l have been using for about 12 months with my use of late being about 4 o 5 points a day. I have also been using heroin the last week but the slight physical wd from that have gone. I still find myself looking for that cocktail now. I have gone through detox a number of times, usually relapsing in the first 7 days of being clean. I have no family support and very few friends that don’t use. My daughter is 13 and knows all about it. We want to prepare as much as possible for tbe 4 days l am likely to be out of it.My son is nearly 5. I can be so mean to them when l am waiting to get high so my daughter thinks l should cut back and then do the out patient detox.we know what to expect now and our after detox plsn is vital.l have to do this.l am going to lose my mind if l don’t. I cry every day now…real fucked up tear s.l have been using substances since l was 14 and now I’m 37 but even morphine oxycontin were easier to get off and stay off . Alcohol was hard…really hard.This is in another league.
I need some strategies and all my friends now use meth.
What am l going to do? I think the gradual idea might work but l can’t expect my daughter to ration out my 2 points a day then one…etc…any advice please?

9:52 pm October 7th, 2015

Good ol’ crystal meth, the best thing i wish never came into my life. A bit torn between sobriety. I know im making up excuses but IF i could live my life with out meth, what replaces it? Ill try not to ramble, ive quit once before in the past, for someone else. Nine months no problem, didnt think about it, never craved it until it came and found me. Seen psychologists, know my triggers and stressers. Basically a dumbass rhetorical question, how does one quit when they are the trigger/stresser?

11:10 pm October 12th, 2015

I detoxed myself at home. I am on day 7 I ended up going to hospital on day 3 for dehydration and then a kidney infection this has been pure hell after using every day for months I do not recommend it to anybody stop before it gets this bad. Thank God I did it and I never want to go back! You can stop. It feels good to live life on my own terms

3:54 am October 14th, 2015

Hi :). Its been 8 months since my last sesh, but I’m still suffering from the withdrawal, I’ve only used meth -3 times, but what it did to my body was horrid, I’m suffering from severe extreme body odor. At the first few months I always thought of suicide I’m so depressed I felt hopeless. I left my friends I didn’t attention this school year I’m afraid to get bullied because of my condition pls help me I’m socially paralyzed I distance myself from people and always get paranoid is this ever going away or is this for lifetime? Pls help me thank you!

7:31 pm November 8th, 2015

Helping my brother to get out of meth we are on the 4th day. He is experiencing lower back pain. Is this a normal symptom or is this pain connected whit his kidneys not working properly? Please help…Thank you!

11:36 am November 10th, 2015

Previously have been smoking non stop for 6months. I have stop Smoking for almost 1 month. my weight has gain from 44kg to 49kg. my height is at 165cm, I’m now very depressed by my weight gain. how can I stop ny weight gain and lose weight? how. Long does the withdrawal last?

12:07 pm December 23rd, 2015

Hi, I know this is more so a blog for addiction, but I don’t know where else to ask. I took some molly three or four days ago that ended up being cut with meth and haven’t felt right since, my whole body and head has been feeling weird and I have been extremely tired and nauseous and really out of it. I also have been horribly depressed as well. How long is this going to last and is there anyway to make how I’ve been feeling go away faster? I need help please. It’s really hard to manage everday life, especially working when I feel like this.

6:33 pm January 28th, 2016

while not the best of ideas, because certain anti-depressants who’s actions effect specific neurotransmitters methamphetamine depletes(noradrenaline, serotonin, dopamine) short term use of tramadol(acute-mid phase of someone who is determined enough and motivated to truly want to stop using any kind of amphetamines might ease some discomfort) Tramadol acts as a weak opiate with properties that act on both serotonin and norepinephrine. Some tricyclics such as imipramine have been used for the acute phase of stimulant withdrawal(does not seem to help as far as long term maintenance and preventing relapse)
Other medications that help temporarily(again depending on how determined someone truly believes they want to end their dependence is bromocriptine, nuvigil(increasing arousal therefore, might help elevate mood and cognitive disorders)
While some might believe opiates could assist in dealing with the most troublesome parts of the stimulant withdrawal process such as long acting ones(suboxone, methadone), this actually could work against the healing process, and furthermore cause not problems in coping(most opiates are sedating, which during stimulant withdrawal one is extremely fatigued already therefore only causing more mental fatigue,leads to further depression. Hence, CNS depressants while useful in treating toxicity issues from methamphetamine, will NOT aid in any aspect helping ease withdrawal symptoms, especially if one needs to function during work, concentrate.

Revision-I mentioned “CNS depressants” in helping with stimulant toxicity issues. I wanted to clarify that I was referring to benzodiazepines, NOT opiates.

6:57 pm February 3rd, 2016

My husband has been doing meth everyday for a couple weeks and decided it was enough and he is shaking and very depressed only hours after doing the last of it, well actually he let me smash the bowl with dope still in it so I know he really doesn’t wanna do it but how can i help ease his depression and shaking

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