Why people use marijuana: Top 10 reasons

Marijuana: medicine or illict drug? Top 10 reasons people use marijuana here, plus a comment section for debate.

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Top 10 reasons why people smoke weed

Marijuana is currently at the center of enormous debate and public policy making in the United States. Proponents of marijuana want to legalize the plant for medical purposes (marijuana is legal in many states), but opponents claim that weed is a dangerous, addictive gateway drug that poses significant health threats to users. But why smoke weed in the first place?

We attempt to give voice to the debate by listing reasons why marijuana users use marijuana in the first place. And to ask you what you think about marijuana use: medicine or illicit high?

1. Marijuana as medicine.

2. For the effect of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active chemical in marijuana.

3. To relieve the stress, anxiety, fear, pain or anger related to personal, psychological or family issues.

4. Popular culture endorses marijuana use.

5. Low perception of harm.

6. The opportunity to try marijuana presents itself.

7. Peer, family or role model influence.

8. People use marijuana because they were born with or develop certain personality dimensions, such as unconventionality, which make marijuana use non-taboo.

9. Curiosity.

10. To relax.

Your thoughts on marijuana

Do you think that marijuana is good or bad? Do the social benefits outweigh the costs? Please submit your feedback below. We post all relevant and thoughtful comments.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I use to smoke a lot of weed but after doing to many dumb things and being very forgetful why high I quit and life has gotten so much better. The last time I smoked for fun I stole a casino bus and from a hotel and drove it to the casino and gambled all the tip money away did 9 months in jail and have been sober since I’ve always just smoked weed and it always brought trouble plus masked normal life feelings it’s terrible for some and great for people who really need medication every day to deal with life.

  2. There’s very strong evidence emerging that so-called “addiction to cannabis” is actually addiction to tobacco. Across Europe and the UK it’s very common to smoke spliffs which are a mixture of tobacco and cannabis. The reason for that is probably related to prohibition. Firstly that mixing reduced the cost, and secondly because it was logical to make hashish from the cannabis which is less voluminous than cannabis in its natural state and thus easier to transport from the source to the customer. One of the easiest ways to consume hash is to mix it with tobacco.

    I’m not claiming that people who have only ever consumed cannabis without tobacco cannot become dependant on it, and I’d like to see more research on the subject, but I strongly suspect that the vast majority of people who smoke obsessively are tobacco addicts and the cannabis is just along for the ride.

  3. If you wanna do some good, explain to people why alcohol is dangerous and how it kills thousands and thousands everyday. It kills over 100 people in the US alone EVERYDAY. And we’re not just talking about drunk driving or making dumb descisions that is life threatening, we’re talking about overdose, which is VERY easy to do on alcohol, especially when drunk and some of it hasn’t hit you yet. Marijuana is much healthier, has more health benefits and is safer physically. I would prefer my loved ones getting stoned and chilling out rather than going out and getting drunk ruining their health and putting themselves at risk, and I’m a Christian living where it’s illegal currently.

  4. At a party last night there was a lot of pot smoking, I no longer smoke, the pot these days is much too strong for me. It was a singing party and the chaos that reigned did not allow for any kind of actual singing to occur. The musicians were too stoned to focus, the singing was off-key and no one noticed, no one could they were in a daze. There were young and older people and the younger people spent most of their time eating in the kitchen, I couldn’t believe how much they could put away. I’m just sad because it was impossible to do anything with this group but just allow the chaos… not my favorite way to sing together… I feel that we’ve failed as older adults if this is what these young people are reduced to in order to “have fun”.

  5. i do weed because i have a lot of stress at home and in school i go through a lot of things.i feel personally that it helps me relax and relives a lot of stress

  6. I believe Marijuana is NOT bad. It all depends on the purpose you are using it for. For example, if you are trying to suppress your feeling because maybe you and your boyfriend/girlfriend broke-up. By using Cannabis as a bandaid to your feelings could cause cannabis psychosis, where one becomes wrapped around the idea that they can only sleep, eat, and or even function altogether by intaking Marijuana. However, like most Americans these days we are just trying to get high, have some fun, and or alleviate some physical pain. One might even put smoking weed in the same category of fun as drinking. All in all people need to learn to have fun with it.

  7. I personally feel the Mary Jane helps me with my pain as being a diabetic with narothapy in my hands & feet. It’s better than destroying my liver with pills. Plus, it grows WILD, an organic plant.

  8. I think marijuana cause anxiety.people who get high tend to have anxiety attacks in it increases brain activity in ur daily thinking process verse clouded thoughts threw out the day.so to me it’s bad because ur over thinking beyond thinking

  9. i think that marijuana is good and bad it all just depends on the reason you are using it. if you are using it for medical reasons then its completly fine, but if you are using it to get high and use for some dumb excuse then why bother there is other was of dealing with what ever you are dealing with.

  10. It’s been a while since I’ve dropped by here. Glad to see this discussion still going on. My heart reaches out to those who have young teenagers on marijuana. As an advocate I do not advocate that those people be able to use it. It is not for those people. They should be hanging out with their friends, participating in school activities and the like. I am twenty-eight years old and I did not start using weed till I was twenty-five. In the last couple of years there have been times when I had access to it on an almost daily basis. I didn’t use it all the time, but I am no different now than I was when I started. You’ll notice no one here is talking about the horrors of alcohol. I said this in a previous post, but I think some of us have been brainwashed by a government that is being paid in big part by big Pharma to push their products which are addictive. I almost got addicted to Percocet a few years ago. Thank God I have a loving relationship with my wife. She noticed it and talked to me in such a way that I ended up throwing the rest out. I had a problem that necessitated that I have it for pain management, but there was also a euphoria that was associated with it and now I’ve asked my doctor not to prescribe me any opiates whatsoever. If you all want to talk about what alcohol, cigarettes and opiates, things which are known, do, I will one hundred percent agree with you. But talking about the “harms of cannabis when it comes to young people: is an old tactic that’s losing it’s effectiveness. It’s not as easy for a teenager to get alcohol as it is marijuana in states where it’s not legal, specifically because it’s not legal. It’s not regulated like alcohol and tobacco. For the most part parents respect the laws on the books and don’t allow their children to drink at home. If we have a legal, regulated marijuana market I believe those same parents will be sure to keep it put away.

  11. Let’s try this again. Beth too, you make a number of claims that are just plain wrong. No Cannabis advocates (or very few) will try to claim that Cannabis is totally harmless. Yes, there are some users for whom their use of Cannabis becomes problematic which is why taxes on Cannabis should fund addiction treatment facilities as a matter of course.

    Since Raphael Mechoulam and his team discovered the endocannabinoid system that exists in every vertebrate on the planet, it’s no longer sensible to denigrate Cannabis as a dangerous, harmful and addictive drug. Cannabinoids are naturally produced by our own bodies. Human breast milk contains cannabinoids. While it is not totally harmless, it most certainly is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, and it has many known applications as a medicine, and no doubt, many more that are yet to be discovered.

    It is also a fact that Cannabis is virtually non-toxic. No one has ever died from Cannabis poisoning whereas about 3000 people a year die from internal bleeding or other complications from taking asprin. Around 10% of people who are prescribed SSRIs have serious adverse effects from it, including “suicidal ideation”. Around 10% of children are put on Ritalin or Adderall for ADD and ADHD. You don’t think that it’s odd to put kids on Amphetamines? Speed. Methamphetamine. Same class of drug. The average number of side-effects for prescription drugs is 61, if I remember correctly. Many prescription drugs carry the warning that they might cause “death”! Must be safe; it’s legal!

    Yes, Cannabis is sometimes harmful. However, the numbers need to be seen in context. In the UK, there is a 1 in 375 000 chance that you might be admitted to hospital for “a psychotic incident related to Cannabis consumption”. That’s if you are a regular user of Cannabis, i.e. daily user or several times a month. Scale that up to the entire UK population and if every person in the UK were to use Cannabis daily, you can expect 151 admissions to hospital for Cannabis-related psychotic incidents per year. There are more people hospitalised for peanut butter consumption. Your chances of getting a diagnosis of schizophrenia after using Cannabis is in the same order of magnitude as your chances of being killed by a lightning strike in the UK.

    So, let’s acknowledge that there will be people who develop problem use of Cannabis, provide for treating that, but not get hysterical about the imagined harms of one of the safest plants known to mankind. One that has been used as a medicine for thousands of years until it was denounced for reasons of racism and bigotry totally against the scientific evidence and the advice of Medical Doctors at that time.

  12. Great post.
    Marijuana impacts your child’s nervous system and that is why addiction can impact his/her concentration level and overall alertness.Your child can become a mental patient if he/she fails to overcome the addiction on time.

  13. I personally think marijuana is bad. I have a 17 year old granddaughter that has been smoking this crap since she was very Young.Her friends introduced her to it.She is a lost cause.
    Does not have any goals other than smoking weed.
    Legalizing it is ridiculous . Totally against this crap.

  14. Marijuana IS a very dangerous DOPE. The horrific dangers of marijuana were known back in the 70s and discovered in the autopsies of it’s victims. Marijuana has NO “healing” properties, none, and the claim that it helps heal cancer is a bold lie. Marijuana used on the skin as a pain rub did show pain reduction but it is no better than pain rub you can buy at the dollar store. What marijuana does AFTER absorption into the skin, eaten or inhaled IS horrific and it does most certainly damage the blood, cardiovascular system AND brain lobes. When I say brain lobes I don’t mean a few brain cells here and there. I’m talking permanent damage to entire areas of the brain. It is horrifically addictive, it is a primer to what is called “hard drugs” and it IS a deliberate scheme to hook Americans into addictions, kill Americans and destroy their family units. This is no laughing matter. Dope, all of it be it marijuana, opioids and/or the murphy’s mix of prescription dope handed out so freely by so called “pain clinics” and other clinics ARE weapons of war and that is historical fact. Marijuana IS responsible for sudden deaths due to heart attack. It is NOT a safe. Another horror in this picture is the fact in just a one year timeframe, (dope, including marijuana) just opioids have killed 64,000 Americans, over 200,000 Americans have been killed by prescription and other street dope including marijuana, and the AMA has even reported that Anesthesiologists have highest rates of serious dope addictions and they are still allowed to “put patients to sleep”. Lurking in the shadows of this horror are addicted Officials of every caliber and stripe and they are exactly who are failing to protect the American people from the deliberate designs to addict our loved ones. As yet, there is nothing available that heals addictions. The propaganda is now active in pitching marijuana as the solution to addictions to other forms of dope, claiming everything from it’s safety to magical healing. Every word of that crap is just that — crap. Lots of dark money is being made by the freaks and criminals who are deliberately propagandizing and subjecting our loved ones to addictions, addictions which lead only to the destruction of their lives, robbing them of all hope for a normal life and ultimately landing them in a grave. If you actually look at the mindset of marijuana addicts you will find their attitude towards death caused by dope is — suicidal, a strange and overt “so what” when it comes to the deadly destruction of their lives. Be aware and beware. This IS a very serious situation and marijuana IS a major player in the dope scene.

  15. Israel is determined to create addictions in the USA. Marijuana IS addictive. Worse, it most certainly does cause brain damage and horrific damage to the human cardiovascular system. Israel is also who trained the dope cartels and cartel assassins south of the USA borders.

  16. Hello again. I wanted to ask the Unknown poster from a couple of months ago. I do not know your sister, and if your bond is broken due to weed I understand–I am not in your situation, however I do feel like I should ask, is your bond broken due to weed itself or is it broken because you admit you don’t like the fact she smokes? I can tell you a few months ago I went through an event that brought the fact I enjoy edibles occasionally out into the open. Some of my family members didn’t treat me very well for a little while, but I asked them to think about the past several months and to ask themselves if, in fact, I had acted any differently, and they had to admit that no, I was still the same person, I went to work, I did what I was supposed to do daily, and I didn’t let the fact that I occasionally enjoyed marijuana get in the way of me living my life. I also believe that the things we’ve been told by the people in authority have brainwashed some of us. There are still those who believe in the Reefer Madness BS or some variant thereof, they’ve never tried weed themselves and they think anyone who does it is obviously not a productive person and they’re destroying their quality of life. Personally I think the way I use it it enhances mine. Those terrible headaches I used to get I don’t get as often. I do use recreationally, but I’ve also used it for medical reasons. Not as prescribed by a doctor because my state’s a bit behind on the times, but I do anyway, because it’s helped when nothing else has. All that to ask this question; are you not as close because of the fact your sister smokes weed or is it because you don’t want to be around her because you know that about her?
    To be honest, I think you should wait until you’re at least twenty-five to start using weed. Before that your brain is still developing and there can be serious side effects if you’re a young mind that is still developing.

  17. Weed has both advantages and disadvantages like every other drug.
    But I consider weed more disadvantagous due to its numerous effects on the brain.

  18. Smoking weed is one of the worst things for you; it causes lung disease and cancer. Weed in a patch absorbed through the skin or ingested like a pill should be the only legal forms of it. Smoking is not natural, and most people don’t enjoy to inhale smoke from house fires.

  19. I honestly think weed is bad, unless you are using it as a medication. But, I came on here because my sister smokes weed and she has no reason to. She has a 2 year old son, a boyfriend, a great paying job, a babysitter, a roof over her head, and 2 guard dogs. I’ve tried to tell her about what I feel about her addiction and she slowed down a little. I just hate that she is smoking it, not for the use of medication. We all have our different opinions but this is mine. My sister is 21 and I am quite young btw. Any suggestions to help me out, I’m lost at this point and our bond between my sister and I has been broken because of her weed. I need suggestions!!

  20. I smoke and I personally feel weed is Ok. I don’t fully think its positive if you can’t control yourself. If you are smoking weed ,dropped out of school and doing nothing productive with your life then that’s a problem. But if you smoke weed twice a month just to relax after a hard day then that’s ok. Adults drink wine or alcohol. But they have control. So as long as your a adult or mature enough to handle weed. Then I see nothing wrong.

  21. Thank you for this forum.

    I was born into this world in 1950. When The Summer of Love happened, I had graduated high school just a few months before I turned 18. That made me old enough to buy cigarettes and to be drafted to serve in the armed forces, but not until I turned 21, was I able to vote. I hope you will give careful consideration to what I have to say.

    I am not advocating nor am I discouraging the use of marijuana. The freedom to choose what we take into our own bodies should not be denied. That said, I am expressing my opinion about the argument that marijuana is a gateway drug s, in my opinion, specious. My experience with marijuana hasn’t, because of its effects, led me to try other drugs, but the incessant litany of lies that have been told to me.created the gateway effect. After listening to political pundits, well meaning authority figures and my loving parents tell us horror stories of the evils and destructive effects of grass, then seeing friends and aquaitences using it and not then going on rampant rape sprees, or losing their minds, or becoming violent, led me and many of my friends, to doubt the things we were told about other drugs. Those led me to try hallucinogenic drugs and I feel, to this day, that I benefited from their effects.
    Heroin, cocain, methanphetamines, and even THC, refined into a crystalline powder, were things that I never, after smoking opium, wanted to try, because I felt the seductive feeling of it and saw myself becoming addicted. After About a month into it, I was contemplating spending $1,700 on a by wad of it because the cost break for that amount was emense. The thought that I was planning ahead to spend that much money, for more even while I was holding a large amount of it, triggered the thought that I had a god life, worth protecting, and I decided to quit.
    I went through a cold turkey withdrawal,l; that was the most painful and sickening event of my life. During the two week period of withdrawal I had a big wad of it within easy reach through every second of my suffering. I kept it there because I felt that I needed to show myself that I was ultimately in control of my life.
    After being prescribed Vicoden by my dentist, I found it helped me deal with my back pain and got some more to deal with that. But one day I used it for the pronounced euphoria that it brought to me. Again, I realized that I was experiencing the same seduction as I had with the Opium and I quit using it, and happily, that the withdrawal was less intense, because I stopped using it after much less time. I was lucky.
    The current problems of pharmaceutical drugs seems to me to be far worse than any of the illicit drugs brought.
    And, it occurs to me that the reasons are the same– extremely high profits for Big Pharma, and the legitimatization of the wholesale abuse by the sociopathic men in suits who make, distribute and prescribe them.
    This problem is only going to get worse.
    Sitting in the waiting room of my mother’s doctor’s waiting room, to my astonishment and horror, there was a large high definition TV showing nothing but ads for drugs, urging the captive crowd to ask the doctor to prescribe them. It was disturbing (to say the least) to see how slick the pitch was and how catvaer most of the people were while, in a placid and reassuring voice, we were told of the most grave side effects I could imagine including death, then becoming enthusiastic and animated when telling their victims to ask their doctor, when it was their turn to see him, “if it was the right for them.”
    The doctor was paid and the TV provided by Big Pharma to use the undue influence as their physician (the one they entrusted their health and lives to) to help them live a healthy life. He was my physician too, until that day.
    Money Is corrupting our titled health care providers.
    I was never treated with that kind of distructive disregard for my well being and such callous disrespect by those who supplied me with my dope.
    To contrast and compare the “health industry” and the marijuana industry I’d say that the current state of our health industry is far more destructive.
    I’m not saying that all or even most of our health care providers aren’t good people, but I would feel a lot better if more of the good ones became more outspoken about the intolerable sociopathic behavior of the bad ones.
    To the fine women and men who do no harm, I say that you need to speak up and keep at it until things get better.

  22. I used for 4 decades. I think it screws up your thinking and motivation. I don’t think it should be criminalized but I think it is generally something that people should avoid unless they have a medical reason for needing it. It takes months (years?) for your brain chemistry to recover after any period of heavy use. I think it also can be a big factor in mental health issues.

  23. Let me put it to you this way; I’ve read several comments on this page and it sounds to me like there are just as many people who are for legal marijuana use as against it. The United States of America did a little experiment back in the 1920’s. It was called prohibition and it was a massive failure. In 1937 a man named Harry Enslinger and some business associates essentially went to the government and got marijuana into illegal status by making up several “facts” most of which are based in racism. They said it turned Mexicans into bloodthirsty savages who killed their families and, if I may, and I appologize, they said wholesome White women who used it got “jungle fever.” These are not my thoughts, I want to say that right away, however to this day marijuana is still illegal. In 1970, just a couple of years out from the enactment of the Controlled Substances Act, the board President Richard Nixon put together to research which drugs should belong to which schedules recommended marijuana be decriminalized, but this did not happen. Now, as a result even responsible users are called addicts or criminals even when they do use responsibly, and I put myself in this category. I go to work, I spend time with my wife and family, I love my wife and family and they come first, however some nights I like to have a brownie or cookie and spend a few hours outside my own head. I also take it for headaches and it works wonders. In short, let’s legalize and tax this plant. I’d like to see the taxes from said plant to go to something worthwhile like helping heroin and meth addicts. There was a heroin epedemic in Portugal in the 1980’s that was almost as bad as the heroin epedemic we have here in the States now. However, they did not handle their drug users the same way they do here in the US, by locking them away. They actually built places where they were given heroin in clean needles in dwindling amounts so that, over time, they were slowly weened off of it. While that was going on they received counseling, as well as housing, places in churches and communities, and work. Of course the heroin problem did not go down to zero in Portugal, but it did go down significantly. My friends, I am sorry to say it but I do not think we here can make the same claim. Mothers and fathers are still losing children, children are still losing their parents, brothers are losing sisters and vice-versa. In short, legalize cannabis, and for the love of God stop treating drug users like they’re freaking criminals. If we do that we’re only hurting ourselves. Instead of a message of compassion that says you can get help and we love you and are here for you, we’re sending the message, “You either fly straight or end up in prison. Oh by the way, once you’re in there we don’t care what happens because obviously everybody who goes to prison is bad and they deserve none of our time or our sympathy.”

  24. First off i am not a user of marijuana. But having said that i do not think of it as a drug to me its a plant just like a fern or wildflower it was made by the lord. a drug in my opinion is man made as it is not natural. If marijuana helps some people whom cant eat to eat great if it helps people with relief of pain or any other medical problem that’s great. i cant see how alcohol is legal and marijuana isn’t. I mean really would you rather pass someone on the highway that is drunk or someone that is high from marijuana. I myself would rather the pot head so to say. as far as that goes i would much rather be around a pot head as a drunk. i have been around plenty of people that was drunk and most of them i have found are violent. I was almost gutted by a drunk man. i have never ever saw anyone male or female be violent steal kill ect from being hi on pot. pills that these doctors give out left and right have ruined people these days. you cant go to the doctor over a stubbed toe and get a bottle of pain pills its crazy. stay home put a ice pack on it..anyway I feel like something that was already on this planet was put here for a reason. take ginseng for example it was put here. we use it all the time for medication..its not illegal is it nope there is a list 2 miles long of things that the lord put here for our use and marijuana is the only one that is illegal.

  25. Hi there! I used marijuana everyday and i dont even know why.. lols. maybe im addicted to it or i need it.. lols.. The most or unforgetable experience in marijuana is when i smoke it when i heavy headed..i forced myself to be happy but i cant.. have you ever cry after smoke? sure no! every time i smoke it , it makes me feel good, relax yeah! but just one important thing people have to avoid before smoking marijuana… dont take it when hungry dont make it solution to any problem.. yes it can make people feel good,happy,relax but this is the matter every excessive is bad.. and im on it. thanks anyway! #420

  26. I’m the only one in my family who does not smoke weed. I am rejected because I don’t. So it can be pretty sad being closed out because you don’t do something. I just wonder has anyone ever experienced that before. It’s really sad.

  27. Marijuana can be good and can be bad. With my experience its really bad. Tell teens and kids in middle school NEVER to use this, It will bring down grades and other things.

    1. Hi Alesha. There’s nothing to worry about. We have several helpline numbers (that change as you scroll down), and they are available 24/7.

  28. Considering I went from barely passing in school to an Honor Roll student, I am evidence that marijuana DOES NOT kill brain cells. In fact, I have noticed many “straight” people lack common sense and intelligence. Weed is calming, helps with insomnia and anxiety and those two ailments, without weed usage, are detrimental to productivity as compared to one who smokes weed to get sleep and ease anxiety. I am educated and graduated college with honors but have quit smoking to pass discriminative drug tests to get good jobs, with no withdraw issues. It should be legalized across the board and drug testing for THC should be eliminated as it is unjust, considering how long it shows in one’s system. A person can do harsher, more dangerous drugs (meth, cocaine, etc) that do fry the brain and pass a drug test days after usage, which makes drug testing discriminatory towards those who ingest pot. Those who only smoke weed are usually more intellectual, creative and analytical than those who don’t use it or use other drugs; including doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals. I have been smoking weed over 30 years of my life and have quit a total of 2 years combined, during the 30 plus years of usage. Also, if it kills brain cells, tell me why I have a high GPA and fairly decent writing skills as compared to those who are “straight?”

  29. Look all of you that dont smoke weed. Its good for you, more than you know. So what you guys think, you might as well not try to talk down about it. Im young as hell, 15 and i have been smoking weed for years. It helps more then it damages.

  30. I agree with your list. There are many factors to consider why the average person smokes. It could be environmental or health reasons. Or you could just like weed. Know matter the reason I don’t think anyone should be locked up or looked down at for using marijuana.

  31. I think this substance is a horrible thing. It ruins peoples lives from a young age. It is very addictive and it can change bright kids priorities from positive to negative. It can change the future of a kid from a doctor or important figure in his or hers society to a no body who works the fryer at your local McDonald’s. Kids may think it is “cool” to smoke weed and they may have their time of popularity within his or hers school, but after the effects take its tole. Weed has taken over your life so your grades are horrible which results in no college education which means no money. No money is unattractive which means no love. No love means loneliness. Loneliness means depression and illness. Illness means death. What kid wants to be known as the loser stoner? I know I don’t.

  32. Frequent user of weed started at a very young age. Reason … Growing up free in my mind and spirit. Even if it displeased society. Compare to other fabrications of the mind in order to be able to focus on himself on how he sees the world. Weed is one of the oldest. So good or bad it’s just the same as cop and Rober . But I think that not taking care of what you feed your children and give them to smoke all chemichals to destroy themselves, instead of making the bloody drug safe for usage with prescription and full documentation.To teach them by showing how to be used.. It’s like the parents of the world got tierd of the children and want to kill them. I could go on….

  33. You shouldn’t hinge on the idea that you need a drug in order to be happy. If drugs make you happy, then you need to seek better coping alternatives and eliminate what stresses you out in your life. Dependency is abuse, plain and simple.

  34. In reality weed is some what of a gateway drug. People need more and more or a more potent strand to get the same effect. They lose powers of the mind eventually and some develop incoherent speech. Some stoners might lose their train of thought while smoking. That is why they jump from topic to topic within one sentence. Other pot heads may even lose their ability to think with sense. It is so bad to use that they become mistrusted by their own families. They would steal money to support their need. Those are the reasons why it’s so bad to smoke Marijuana.

  35. This is a good list of reasons why people decide to smoke marijuana. I agree that some people smoke it as a type of medicine. I think that it is important to consult with a doctor if you are going to be using marijuana for this purpose. That way, you will have a good idea of how it can help you and what some side effects could be.

  36. I agree with runs with sissors, iv smoked weed for 18 yrs my life at 34 is same as it was at 24, i have major depression disorder i was diagnosed with 2 yrs ago! I had an abusive father and neglecful iorny is i smoked weed to stop my anger! About my childhood and for many yrs it kept me calm, but my late 20’s i started to veiw the world diffrent! I stopped caring bout my hygeine , job, debt, even family.. i felt theres no meaning behind everything im still addicted even picking up old joint stubbs when desprate to relive the anxiety it created first place! But i cant stop i dont know what to fill it with! Iv never been sober longer than a week!!! I honestly beleive weed or anything can become addictive if you are trying to block or numb emotional pain or stress! Then bang your fucked it grips you and its hard very hard to quit

  37. I think weed is good in the hands of many but like anything else it can become a habit for some,
    If I were to choose, would you like alcohol or a pipe? I would choose a pipe every time as it has nowhere near the negative effects of alcohol.

  38. I believe that marijuana is bad, especially for teenagers because many do it or try it to be cool and when a person cares about him/her they get upset by knowing of what they are doing. As a person i have known said this quote “The people who you are with the people who you become like.”

  39. I strongly believe that weed is bad, smells bad and people get addictive to it. I believe that harms people inside and out. Is so sad how some stated even want to make it legal. I feel sad for the people that uses it for recreation they don’t know the harm that they are doing to themselves and to those who love them

  40. From what i have read so far , the short and long term effects of marijuana have not been stated. But it is advisabely not to use it in the first place because with time, you loose sight of life and the important things and people around you. you get addicted before you even know that you are in too deep and it changes the way you view things around you. Everything you do is bsed on priority, so what happens when you prioritize weed over friends, or over family, or even over yourself ?. What do you do then ?

  41. This article does not represent my beliefs. Devil’s Lettuce has quite the effect on the mind in such a positive way. Look at Obama for Pete’s sake! The man is a legend, as a pres and smoker. The weed is good and the people are too. Get with the times ya’ll. Maybe you shuld just smoke a faty doobie and take a load off. Like Obama did. You know Curt Cobian used to smoke too. And Jimi Hendrix. They were awsome. I love thosse guys. If they were here today, I would smoke grass with them too. Nothing wrong with that no sirree

  42. The bottom line is responsibility.
    Miss use can relate to pretty much anything in life.
    People simply are not educated enough when it comes to the basics of good versus bad.
    Has anyone ever heard of something called sugar diabetes or something else called hypertension or how about high blood pressure? In all reality anything that gets used out of proportion can be a danger to your health and most importantly your life. Too much sugar can kill you, too much salt can kill you and yes, even too much food can kill you. So what it really comes down to is the simple question. Have you and are you using marijuana for the right reasons or the wrong ones? Also, are you abusing the drug like some kids abuse their driving and get killed or kill someone else? The simple fact is this, marijuana has positive benefits just as it can have negative ones. If you don’t like marijuana then don’t smoke it, simple as that. On the other hand, if you like marijuana and you can honestly say that it is not causing any negative outcomes. Then use it, but be responsible with it, without expecting that it works for everyone.

  43. Yes , I think Marijuana is bad for our body. Since, I am so much into healthy stuff for me it’s bad. I get high and relaxed by running lifting weights and going to the steam room, to me this is the best to get high and to be relaxed. But if people need to smoke Marijuana and it is a medicine to them an it is the only way to ease there pain or what ever there issues…I hope that it does not lead them to a worst drugs like meth or that powder stuff.

  44. I just think it’s stupid to use something you don’t need. Weed is not really a terrible drug that will cause bad problems or kill you, but youre better off it then on it. It just like deal with your problem find out what the issues are and how to solve them, get a hobby or involved in a sport, activity, community if you just get high that doesn’t solve anything. And it’s proven to cause brain problems in younger people because their brains are still developing.

  45. Well well well, lots of opinionated folks here! I’ll start by saying I am a 32 year old female. I have smoked weed off and on since I was 18. …..Never tried any other drug…never will. For the past 3 years I have smoked daily. Usually just before going to bed. I have awesome sex, followed by a great night of sleep! Rest assured I’m far from lazy. I get up, teach students with special needs, raise three of my own children, and take care of hubby; all while pursuing a second degree ! Life is what you make of it folks. We all have our devices that help us cope with life. Be it weed, sex, god, alcohol…the list goes on. I say do what works for you. Whether weed is legal or not, it can be found and shall be smoked! I do feel that discretion is a must. My children have no idea what I do. I would never expose them or anyone else to the smoke and I cautiously engage in my smoking activities on a very private and personal level. I enjoy life, mind my business, and encourage everyone else to do the same!

  46. Marijuana use in the long term will eventually cause the reduction of dopamine and seratonin production. Once the damage has been done the effects cannot be reversed and you will have to take anti depressant drugs for the rest of your life. Hence the pharmesutical being the primary financial legislative backing in the legalization of the substance. Studies have been going on since the early 1900’s and all find the same thing and it is negative in the big picture.

  47. people that dont smoke weed are trapped, weed opens up the mind and free your thoughts and helps people truly relax and enjoy the little things in life

  48. This is what I have told my son(s): tell yourself that you will not smoke the stuff for (X) number of days. To finish that thought, if you can abstain from smoking the darn stuff, hold yourself to that deadline, you are in control. If you make up some excuse why you have to smoke prior to that deadline, the stuff is in control. Same applies to alcohol consumption, or anything else for that matter. Who is in charge, what will it be for you?

  49. I dont think Marijuana is harmful at all,but like anything it can be if abused I.E. smoked in excess.
    From my own experience I find a pipe once a week keeps me sane and relieves anxiety,
    If I compere this to alchohol which for me would be a strong straight wiskey or three I much much prefer the effects of Marijuana, alchohol makes me feel dead,behave out of character where as Cannabis makes me feel calm in control and just wanting to play the frets of my Guitars.

  50. Yes, it’s harmful.
    I have a husband who uses every day. When he uses he is not able to really be a functioning parent to our three kids. He has lousy judgment when he’s stoned. He is more irritable during the day when he’s not. He sees nothing wrong with smoking in the house because ‘hey it’s natural’.
    His friends all smoked pot and while on the outside seemed like they had it together, the reality was that they were losers who did nothing but sat around and got stoned.
    Yes, we do have scientific studies on pot. And we know that in developing brains it’s a really bad idea.
    I used to be very ‘pro-pot’ but after having seen how it really screws things up, I now believe that it does need to remain a prescription medication with check-ins with a doctor.

  51. My husband smokes pot on a daily basis, I feel very threatened by it. He is 54 and been smoking since his teens, He knows how I feel but continues to do so, I feel as though he doesn’t consider my feelings at all. Today I found a machine in his trunk, I think a vaporizer for pot. I am at my last rope.

  52. If marijuana can be used as a medicine let doctors prescribe. Other drugs are under certain legal criteria then let marijuana be under the same controls. This would benefit the person who really needs it and hopefully keep irresponsible people from driving under the influence.
    Let marijuana be prescribed by doctors. Those that need it will benefit & those who want to misuse it will be under the proper laws.

  53. Hi my boyfriend has been smokin weed since the age of 9 now he is 30 yrs and does it now and then it is coming between our relationship and im sick of it becos he dosnt show any intrerest in me wen his high wat should i do i told him i will leave u but he said he will stop but he wont

  54. I never really had an opinions about marijuana until I dated someone who is addicted. It’s the worst drug to me. I would probably rather deal with the hair when attic then someone who is addicted to marijuana. It’s like they have no thought process and the only goal (if any) is to get high. He quit for 4 months. It took 2 months to take a clean pee test. It caused him to make the worst decisions humanly possible. It needs to be banned again. Unless, we want society to be filled with a bunch of idiots.

  55. I’ve read every single comment that has been posted on this thread so far.
    I have to say out of all the comments I read on here, I’d say only a couple as in like 4-5 comments made sense.
    The rest are absolute biased garbage.
    It’s like most of the people commenting are repeating what they’ve heard, or were taught about Marijuana. (As well as mentioning their own personal experiences.)
    In a nutshell weed isn’t bad. As in weed does NOT kill you and it does not make you a “lazy,” or an “addict.”
    People here need be educated.
    And by educated, I mean pick a book and start looking for statistics.
    The only and major reason why Marijuana hasn’t been legalized all over the US, is because of all of its benefits it carries FOR the people.
    Pharmaceuticals, the Government, and major drug traffickers such as the Mexican Cartels DO NOT want it to be legalized because of all the MONEY they would be losing.
    A couple people have mentioned this before, but I feel like I should be a little bit more thorough.
    Deep down all those people that say that weed is bad or people who say how it can make you an addict are usually biased/extremely ignorant.
    As I’ve stated before, do your OWN research and EDUCATE yourself.
    Don’t be a fool and start learning what is happening in the world around you.
    I’m quite confident that all these Republicans and all the people in Congress opposing the legalization of Cannabis have already lost.
    Weed is already legal in 4 states in the US and I think within 5-10 years it will be legal in all 50 states. (Although, I do hope it can be done much quicker than that)
    I also want to say that there are different types of strains of Marijuana, which gives a different feeling/sensation to the user.
    Also, it depends on how strong the person is.
    Some people smoke weed and freak out, others barely feel anything and would need a higher amount.
    I will also mention that smoking really good quality weed will most likely give you a good time.
    In a nutshell the symptoms of smoking weed are:
    1- Increase of appetite (Meaning you want to eat an incredible amount of food)
    2- Sense of well being and seeing things differently (By that I mean when you’re ‘high’ you feel different and you analyze things from a different point of view)
    3- Having a feeling of wanting to sleep/tiredness (By this point it basically means that when you smoked so much all you want to do is relax, get to bed and sleep)

    I also want to point out that listening to music is a great euphoric feeling.

    Now, as I’ve mentioned before. Marijuana isn’t the problem.
    It varies from person to person.
    But I’ll put it to you this way. If a person is lazy they will be, regardless if they smoke or not.
    If someone is a thief and wants to rob other people or steal other things. They will regardless if they smoke or not.

    Two of our greatest athletes in the world smoke/have smoked Marijuana.
    They’re Usain Bolt (fastest man alive) & Michael Phelps (18 Gold medalist)

    In conclusion I would like you the reader to analyze and think for yourself.
    Everything that I have mentioned in this comment I want YOU to search and to think critically about.

    A progressive future is with us now.

    Will you be a part of it?

  56. Any sort of beverage that can damage your liver or plant that you can smoke is harmful to your body and shouldn’t be glorified as this results in people thinking it’s something okay to use. You die eairler when you drink or smoke. Using weed kills your insides and rots your organs down. It becomes worse than any over the counter product when you use it daily. Your children have a higher risk of birth defects and you honestly can’t say that’s not true when any drug smoked leads to all popular birth defects such as asthma and diabetics love to say they hate how wearing a chest rig explains their sugar levels.

    Smoking is wrong. Should be banned from all countries. Weed users are ignorant. Get drugs out and work toward a goal in life that makes you somebody. Don’t be these low end individual that the majority looks down at

    Do the right thing and get this junk out of society

  57. I find it very sad that so many people have to use drugs and alcohol…what is wrong with their lives? Nature is beautiful, one can go outside and just enjoy reality, or even if stuck indoors, look out a window and see the reality of life..no drugs were used to make it..nature is always there…drug effects change ones perceptions..so they live a life that is not completely real to themselves. Smoking a joing many times a day everyday is no different than an alcoholic having one drink many times a day, both will be living in a made up world of their own…why not repair your staright life and learn to enjoy it. I did…I look at the marvels of nature and smile…I am part of that life…no a drug induced fake life. Reality is much better.

    sorry about spelling errors..

  58. people smoke marijuana because GOD made.
    GOD made the bird and the bees and he also made the plants and the trees
    and marijuana is a plant

    1. Hey BIN. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who will advise you on what rehab is suitable for your husband.

  59. Marijuana is a very bad thing. I have a brother is homicidal and has ruined our family by destroying things of mine and my other brother and wrecked my moms car because he threw a rage ful fit so my mom let him take it and this is all while he has been smoking weed its not weed anymoremit is a potent mind drug that is almost demonic. When he doesent have it he like a zombie and is very weak. Ive seen old people imused to know commit crimes right after lighting up it a bad drug and we cannot let the youth be dest4oyed by the illusion that mwrijuana is a good thing

  60. Weed is awsm …..the high factor ..its good …it release s stress tension , and after smoking everything feels good specially eating but anything excess is dangerous

  61. I grew-up on Long Island and, I started smoking pot when I was 12 years old.
    (close your mouth, I was a late bloomer!)
    It was 1973. We were at war with Vietnam and my father (the cop) would violently knock me around, as a form of severe discipline and, at times, it was just his anger and I was his scapegoat. Mom would see / hear the abuse and do nothing … yea, Mom came to hit me more than Dad, just not as hard.
    I always did well in school. “Professionals” would always tell me, and my parents, that I was a genius. Dad always told me I was an idiot … a moron … a jerk! and I would be dead before I was “X” years old (and, if I DID live … men in my family die before they reach 55!). I thought the pros were just trying to get me to be more confident. I was always apprehensive because, I got in trouble for everything I did, whether it was right, or wrong … and, sometimes it was because I didn’t do something or didn’t do it good enough! Dad worked “shifts” and, I hated going home, after school, when he would be there … either awake (he would beat me) or asleep (I “better NOT wake him up!”)
    OK … I think I’ve qualified as the terrorized child. By the way … I’m #4 of 5 kids.
    I got in trouble, in the summer of 1973. I did it. … stealing. Yes, I was ashamed then and I still am now but, that’s the truth. I was 12. (between 6th & 7th. Elementary and JHS)
    Part of my punishment was a haircut. This, again, was 1973, when long hair was popular and my dad made me get a CREW-CUT to start Jr H.S.! Gone was my long hair and with it, the popularity I enjoyed in 6th grade! September came and school started, again. Now, teasing me is what motivated everyone else to get up in the morning and, I just wanted to die! Life just sucked a little more than it used to but, my bald head wasn’t my biggest problem. 🙁
    Then, one night; October 31, 1973, one of the 2 girls from across the street (the older one, 18 yrs old) knocked on our front door. It was good that I got there first because, she cam over to see if I wanted to go back to “her” house and … “smoke a joint”! ♪ 🙂 ♪ ♫ I met both sisters, at their place, about a half-hour later. I had heard of pot and actually couldn’t wait ’til the chance arose! We smoked. They’re both cute. It was fun. They acted happy and assured me, it would work on me “next time or maybe the time after that” … OK.
    Then, a couple of days later, on the school bus home, the guys were raggin’ on me and said I “wasn’t cool” and “I probably don’t even smoke pot”. *DING* I told them I do and they dared me to go by our friend “Eddie” ‘s house. I did, … we smoked … and I had a room full of new friends! The next day we all went back over Eddie’s house and smoked again. THIS time, IT WORKED!!!
    All of the sudden, I realized I was daydreaming … and, the sun had gone down! (without me noticing it!) OK! … I knew this was “it”! … It felt like I was a character in a movie. Things just didn’t quite seem to be what I knew as “normal”. It wasn’t so “intense”! I didn’t feel afraid. I was relaxed, for the first time, ever! I felt “happy”. Everything just didn’t feel as critical, urgent or important as I was used to panicking over. Even as I walked around the corner, on my way home, I was enjoying the night air, for the first time ever … and, assumed I’d get my ass kicked when I got home, for something and … I just didn’t care! I was just so glad I had found this magical smoke! I would move out, one day and weed would get me there! It did. I graduated a 4 year H.S. 2 years early!
    So much for the rumors about weed making kids stupid!
    With the PTSD I still suffer from … from my growing up years … and the personality problems I get to call my own … smoking weed is still the only way I find comfort. Yes, I have been to many, many (years and years) of personal and group therapy with social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, clergy and assorted other groups. Moving around, state to state, for a number of reasons, made it hard for me to make and keep friends. Weed always helped there, also!
    When I was 43 years old, I asked my doctor “if all the crap I’ve been complaining about for the last 10 – 20 years could be Multiple Sclerosis?” As usual, he said “they’ll run a test”. I rolled my eyeballs around and showed up for the test … on a Friday afternoon. An “MRI”. … OK
    The phone rand at 0700 Monday morning! I looked at the Caller ID and it said “VA”. I didn’t answer it! I just knew what they were going to tell me. I called back at about 1100 and, I was right. I was right! As it turned out, I was only able to work for about another 9 months before I was just too dangerous for me, and others, for me to be on a job-site. 43 years old and I had to stop working. That caused sever depression … which, is another problem weed has always helped with.
    I’m happily married now and weed keeps my anger and my depression … manageable. It also turns out to also lessen my spasticity and it lessens the frustration of the constant “forgetfulness”

  62. I don’t think its bad but don’t think it should be use to relax or any selfish reasons just for the ones that need it.

  63. I am teaching a class called “Principles of Liberty”. Our assignment this week is to find current events and apply what we have learned. A principle is something that applies to all people, no matter when or where you live. Living according to correct principles brings true happiness and greater freedom. Choosing not to live by correct principles brings regret/unhappiness and loss of freedom. We can choose our actions but cannot choose consequences. For example, choosing to use drugs alters the brain/chemicals in the body. We cannot choose to what degree it will affect the body or how addicted our body becomes. This is true no matter who you are, how old you are, or where/when you live. Though it would be true that the bigger the person the more drug they could take before it affects them verses if a small person took it they would need less of the drug to be affected by it. But both will be affected.

    Now, there are principles of liberty. 1. Do all you agree to do. 2. Do not encroach on other persons or their property. All human beings have inalienable rights: life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. (good choices=happiness… therefore we have the right to make good choices).

    There is also a difference between lawful and legal. Lawful= the laws of Nature and of Nature’s god. Somethings might be legal but not lawful. There is also something called legal plunder. The government is an extension of the people, therefore: the government should not be allowed to do anything the people cannot do. If I cannot take from my neighbor then neither can the government. Taxes are a form of legal plunder.

    Legalizing marajuana or any other drug/alcohol/smoking so that it can generate tax revenue is a form of legal plunder.

    The reason drugs should never be illegal in the first place is that by doing so it does number 2 above: encroaches upon others.

    Also: Because the drug is illegal people do weird things to get their drug- making dangerous forms more available, like the fake bake mentioned in previous comments. During the prohibition years in America people began distilling their own alcohol out of wood/saw dust, creating a very dangerous/debilitating alcohol. Making anything illegal just makes it more dangerous.

    well- my baby is crying so that is all I can say about that.

  64. i beleive the use of marijuana is totally healthy. unlike other drugs this one grows from the earth and dose not cause any medical issues. i find it interesting that the use of cigarets is legal and kills over blank people per year, yet the use of marijuana is illegal and it kills none.
    i think the use of marijuana should be legal all over america. not only would it be useful for medical reason but also it would become a very secessful cash crop for america.


  65. I have been a regular user of Cannabis for 40odd years,
    I used to love it and still enjoy a very occasional puff ,but do find if I use it too often it makes me lethargic and I have to keep doing more to just stay normal so over the last year or so I have used very little and my energy and interest in life has returned.
    I can remember many many sessions of going over the same subjects time and again usually a conspiracy theory and still have proved nothing so my advise would be don’t mess with your brain if you don’t have to.

  66. Like all types of stimulants, pot can be abused – most tend to think it is harmless. I disagree in that I believe anytime you use a stimulant to relax, escape or otherwise recreate, you are cheating yourself. I do however, undertand the use of pot and other drugs for medical reasons. I am absolutely good with that.

  67. in a relationship where weed is used to calm someone as they have anger issues; yes they are happier and it makes them less intense in stressfull situations; it puts a bandaid on the problem because once it has been smoked the anger intensifys and puts my family in a very unhealthy relationship; our child is put 2nd as my partner is too zoned out to take proper care of them or they are too angry to care; weed heals when pharmacutical products fail;

  68. Please help me. I don’t think dope is good because my dog won’t stop eating it. He is addicted to it. He gets into all my food, and then lays in his kennel for hours. I’m not sure where he keeps finding it but I known it is marijuana. I’m pretty sure he found a way to hide it. This is a serious matter and not a joke. I visited the vet and they don’t know what to do. Moving is not an option and I don’t want to keep him locked up all day. He likes to go for a walk on his own, and usually comes back pretty shortly. He has been taking longer to get home. Someone please save my dog!

    1. Hi Scott. Did you run any blood tests by chance to confirm he’s administering marijuana? I’m sorry, but we do not specialize in treating animals, so we cannot offer any valuable suggestions to help you with this issue. I hope your dog will be OK.

  69. I think people who waste their money on it idiots. It’s the dumbest thing ever invented. I don’t get the point to it. Unfortunately I just ended up moving in with 3 pot heads one of which is a friend and she didn’t bother to tell me all of them do pot. I wish I could move but sadly I’m in a 1 year lease. I’ll definitely be looking for a new place to live though. If I would have known before I moved in I would have never moved here.

  70. I’ve heard that in certain cases – marijuana is used for medical conditions and I believe that to be true, however I have been taught that marijuana can become addictive and the user wants something more powerful and that leads to heroin, codeine etc. For that reason, I have told my children not to let anyone coax them into trying to use any drugs.

  71. i feel marijuana should be legalized because more than half of the nation is in use of possession of marijuana. it use beneficially in many ways and can be used as medicine. marijuana is less violent than alcohol, although they are similar. along with tobacco, marijuana does cause health issues, but is used to help a person mentally.

  72. I think marijuana should be legal, especiay for any medical necessity. And I believe alcohol is much more dangerous than mj. Why not restrict alcohol if we’re so worried about addiction & abuse? Seems backwards to me. Addicts are born that way (so I’ve heard at least). But whether born or made, a determined addict will find something to abuse, legal or not. If we used the resources for enforcement as treattment funds, I think a lot of people wod be heloed!!

  73. To Megan: you stated that pot is not addictive and then proceed with how you smoke it nearly everyday, can you try to be a little more clear on your message? The problem you see is there may be no physical addiction, it is still in your head, its a psychological one. Whereas some people exercise, help out in their communities, drink tea, meditate, take a bath, you know positive things to get a sense of calm or natural buzz, others would rather do the latter on a daily or nearly a day to day basis. What were your dreams, goals, aspirations? When you were a kid Ill bet none of them were to get stoned for the majority of the time but hell we are all different. Can uou remember before you started smoking? What was easier, and what was harder? Its the challenge of overcoming your own limitations without smoking for a buzz. If you were to take pills, drink alcohol, or do any other drug you would be considered an addict, what makes this different? Because its a plant? That sad excuse left the world a long time ago. Cocaine comes from a plant, tobacco also a plant.. although there may be more extremities to those it doesnt “x” out the very possibility of addiction. It changes the way you think, and you become dependent on it just like any other drug. If you cant relax without it, theres a problem.


  75. I have never smoked pot or have done any type of illegal drugs or drug abuse, because I rarely get anxious or stressed out, probably because of my chill personality and my confidence in my skills lol. I will most likely never use it because of the side effects and such, but who knows, maybe I will. Although I rather not get “high”, getting out-of-touch, I think is ridicious. But my life is pretty good at the moment, I guess it just depends on your situation and environment.

  76. Yes, It can have negative effects on some people. Other people know how to use it responsibly and have no problem living a healthy fulfilling life. That doesn’t justify to keep arresting people, taking their children away from them, shooting their dog, stealing all their assets. Treatment centers have a vested interest in continuing cannabis prohibition. They are one of the many evil industries that profit off of this business (aka war on drugs). Follow the money. People that say they are just worried about you and your health, are just worried about their profits dropping. Businesses aren’t in business to be a wonderful helping hand. They are in it to make money.

  77. Weed is Defiantly not addictive!, I use it nearly everyday to just chill, relax and forget about the world! Some people need it to escape reality for a while because it gets too much!, yeah, it may be bad on the lungs and throat, but its worth it. No one has ever died because of Marijuana.

  78. It really aint bad people do it all the time. Theres real people killing, stealing, and doing crimes all over. People who smoke weed relax not do anything harmful.

  79. I am 25 years old and I do not smoke pot nor do I really enjoy being around others who do smoke it. When I was about 17 years old I used to smoke it every other day, until I didnt have the money for it and I lost my cool. I freaked out because I felt like I needed to be high. Then I would do whatever I could get my hands on -pills, x, mushrooms, anything .. it was a waste of my high school life. I could have so much more right now as far as success goes if I hadnt fallen down that rabbit hole. I developed psychosis shortly after quitting smoking pot. I experienced hallucinations, saw shit, heard shit.. things that made me crazy. Now I am anti-marijuana, I have a child, a college degree, and feel absolutely fibe without it. My friends that still indulge in it seem unhappy without it, make very poor decisions, do not have any education beyond high school, and are into even harder drugs than they used to be into.. its unbearably depressing. I need new friends who are on the same page as me. I would never fall into that darkness again. Reality is euphoric in itself. When did life become so dull? It hasnt. Its a state of mind only oneself can opt out of. Nobody else can make another person quit drugs. Not even their own children. The father of my child gave it up for 8 months and is right back into it.. he doesnt make smart choices, I absolutely despise his mindset when hes on the substance and I dont trust him to make good choices for our son who is only 2 years old. I really hope and wish that my son does not partake in this psychological addiction. Its absolutely bullshit that people can say “dont drink everyday, its bad for you..you can become an alcoholic” but wtf about pot?? People wake n bake, smoke it at lunch time, smoke it at bedtime, smoke it whenever the hell throughout the day… and thats not an issue? Its a clique thing, its whats in, the social disaster that keeps on reliving. And then the whole stoner mindset, its completely ass backwards when they say it makes yhem feel spiritual- but being spiritual does not require an alteration. Spirituality is the most natural thing someone could be. Were we all on this earth to be zonked out and eating all the food resources, sit around and look like zombies on laughing gas? There is nothing spiritual about that. I agree that medical marijuana can be wonderful for those who are physically ill. People who engage in the drug because they dont wanna face their own reality is an addict, plain and simple. Theres nothing good in that. If we could all connect with each other without the use of any mind altering drugs wouldnt that be the essence of exploring the great unknown? And I am not talking about jesus or what says what in the bible, religious beliefs, Im talking about true down to earth spirituality. I know I cant be the only one out there who has questions. The more we explore ourselves and our own brains in a healthy light the more we find out about what the hell this place is that we call the universe. Maybe people are too scared for the subject… maybe they would rather be numb.

  80. – Pro cannabis: Medical benefit, Low risk, The high
    – Anti cannabis: Social withdrawal, Substance abuse

    I have generalized the opinions on this forum and it may not be accurate.

    My take on cannabis:
    25 Year old male (Graduated with Micriobiology BS)
    5’11”, 180 lbs, Healthy
    3 +/- .5 grams of various cannabis strain taken daily for 23 month

    – Brief overview –
    Hooked up with dealer indroduced by friend -> Got high everyday -> Quit

    So yea, I’ve been smoking pot daily in my apartment for some time and enjoyed that “chill” while listening to music. It seemed to enhance the auditory receptors and increase epitite not that I haven’t done my research on THC previously. At first, everything seemed fine and the feeling of high was great. Everytime I do, it seem the enhance and comprehand the nature of being high. After a year or so into it, I began to notice weight gain and reduced social circle. Nobody knew I was smoking because I kept it discrete yet I somehow didn’t seem to enjoy the things I use to such as hanging out or rock climbing. By the end or 23rd month of using cannabis, I have gained 30 lbs, depressed (due to break up & lost of close friends), and most importantly, I did not care any of those happening to me. It seems I’ve lost few brain circuits that resulted in short term memory lose and slightly impaired motor skills. Overall, I don’t think it is worth your time or money unless it is used as medication. Don’t be fooled by prevailing/biased opionions that are based on research results that is yet to be proven and set on stone. Not to mention most people didn’t even hear the first hand story from the actual researchers.

  81. I have used this drug before. I noticed that some on here talk about drugs with that knowing tone that excludes some things like alcohol use. It is all mind altering and at least has the potential to be harmful if not used moderately. I do not believe this attitude can be applied to something like coke or crystal. they become too deadly, too quickly, and hook you a lot easier. If marijuana is legalized, the same rules that apply to both tobacco and alcohol should be applied with the understanding that some will abuse it like some abuse alcohol and will need support and recovery groups exclusive to it which I seem to find lacking. Been clean for about three years and I was beginning to exhibit addictive behavior. Never going back.

  82. Yes I smoke some times and I lay off to I will go a wee smoking then I’ll stop four a bit it does effect my mood but I’m gowing throw a lot to and yes I thank it is addictive when u cover ur filling with it and u don’t fill ur emotionsand you use it just for that reason it does make it addicting but for a non addictive personality it would be a little easier but I consider myself an addict and would like to have further help with my issueso yes I do not like the drugs it was fun at first but now its becoming a problem and I would really like to have help Thanks

  83. Marijuana is a boon to some people (those with certain types of epilepsy, cancer patients, etc.) who have benefited greatly from its existence and use. To others it is an obstacle to being the best they can be by creating a myriad of indirect problems (memory issues, overeating/weight gain, lack of motivation to go to work or exercise, avoiding sober people/groups, etc.). Marijuana itself has no inherent good/bad – ness and like anything else that human beings may enjoy immensely should be used in moderation, if at all. BTW, I had my first puff at the age of 14 and went on to graduate magna cum laude with my Bachelor’s degree and got scouted for a job at a Fortune 300 company right out of school. Life is what you make of it. Either you are in control or you are not. For some people they can retain control and smoke. Others can’t…and still others walk a tenuous line betwixt.

  84. I was recently at a card game tournament where a few people were smoking those cannabis e-cigs. As a result, I ended up unwittingly inhaling the second-hand stench-filled smoke before I realized what, exactly, the horrible, horrible smell was.

    Soon I began experiencing SEVERE pain near my waist. It was so bad that I literally doubled over in pain several times, both at home and at the tournament, before I finally managed to get to sleep at home.

    Overall, I think that at home, it should be a personal choice… but that you shouldn’t do it in public places (ESPECIALLY places with children, like the shop that hosted said tournament!!!), regardless of if you use one of the e-versions or not. If it puts a grown man in such pain, I REALLY don’t want to think about what it could do to a kid.

    And before you start with the, “Oh, but you think smoking cigs in public places is fine, forcing that second-hand smoke on people, including children?” the answer is no. I feel the same about them as I do cannabis: It’s your choice if you want to do it, but please, take care and don’t force it on others via second-hand.

    Note: I do not do ANY drugs (several of my family members have smoked cannabis in the past, and a couple still do. I have no problem with them because I know they tend to go off into another area so that the kids and other people around won’t be affected by it/the second-hand smoke). It just doesn’t interest me, losing control of myself the way I’ve witnessed it making others do. I’d rather stay in my own state of mind, good or bad, and struggle through life with a clear mind rather than breeze through life with a ton of hallucinations.

    On the note of “Medical or illicit”, it’s both. As others pointed out, it CAN be quite useful against diseases. That said, it IS a gateway drug (“Weed quality” or not, I’ve had quite a few friends who tried it and soon moved onto harder and harder crap. And EVERY SINGLE ONE of them stated they probably never would’ve tried the harder stuff if they hadn’t started with cannabis.), regardless of what some may claim.

    To sum up:
    Cigs: Bad.
    Cannabis: Bad, unless you have one of the conditions that it is utilized as a drug for.
    Alcohol: Bad.
    Should people be allowed to do it? Yes, in their own homes. Don’t bring it around me or force it on anybody else, ESPECIALLY kids, though.

  85. Marijuana has a HORRENDOUSLY OFFENSIVE ODOR! Only an ANIMALISTIC SUB-human would desire to smoke such a horrendously offensive-smelling substance! It also seems to cause the smokers to behave like ANIMALS. Many of the apartment buildings that I have resided in (including my CURRENT one) contained tenants that smoked marijuana on a regular basis (the horrendously offensive odor FLOODED the buildings on a regular basis). And in EVERY case, the tenants who smoked marijuana engaged in VIOLENT, AGGRESSIVE behavior. I could hear them SLAMMING DOORS, STOMPING FLOORS, PHYSICALLY STRIKING THE WALLS AND OTHER OBJECTS IN THEIR UNITS. So as far as I am concerned, anyone who smokes marijuana is an ANIMALISTIC, SUB-human… and a DISGUSTING EXCUSE for a human being!

  86. Tashvir and to Anyone else whose life has become unmanageable and wants to get help,
    RECOVERY has been an absolute miraculous GIFT to me. If I wasn’t an addict, I wouldn’t find the most amazing relationships of my life in 12 step programs. It has helped me become more at peace of life circumstances, a change to a more positive attitude, tools to deal with my anxiety and depression so to come out of it quicker. When my shame gets triggered, I go to my recovery friends who “get it” and “get me…the whole me.” RECOVERY is
    necessary for those who want the path of not only becoming sober from substances, but from the pain and shame in their hearts, minds and souls. Its for people who want the journey, not for solely ones that need it. I know that everyone has pain and loss, and often trauma. I am a grateful recovering person whose wish is to spread how wonderful life can be sober , true, authentic and gaining faith every day.

  87. Hi there guys, I’m a 22 year old college student living in South Africa. I’m pretty well positioned, working hard, running family business and trying to attain my degree. Yet I have been smoking weed for the past 5 years of my life. I hustle hard and earn extra money by buying and selling goods. I use the profit to consume weed on a daily basis. I just can’t seem to throw it off me or quit? Any suggestions?

  88. I think people w cancer or big time medical stuff use it as medication but people that just use it for something to do they are killing off brain cells and they don’t need it I feel it’s a drug and unless used medical should be illegal ……..

  89. I’ve smoked pot for 12 years. Since a young teenager off and on. Years of being sober and years of “abuse”. For starters this creator people talk about is just a belief. Why does the universe must have a creator in peoples mind? Nonsense all of it. The fact is that we are just simple manifestation of the one great energy. Not made to do anything and free to live how we want. Long term use and true abuse will end up in brain damage. Well it just slows down the process of logical thought process but if used responsible it’s harmless. I’m fine with killing some brain cells to experience a spiritual moment in my life. It also help people connect with others. Just being in that higher consciousness allows people to let go and have a sense of understanding. It’s like learning to swim this understanding that is. When u are use to being on dry land or sober. And you get tossed in you try to stand on the water. You try to grab hold of it and as a result you drown. To swim you must relax, let go and you find out it holds you up. The way of waking up you must know how to “swim”. The best way I know to be more one with everything are psychedelic drugs they just break down the walls. The ego is just a illusion that has been taught and told what and how to think. By culture institutions that are made to control the mind. Weed doesn’t make you crazy or bring on pychosis. That is just nonsense there is no scientific evidence that proves it brings on pychosis. Plus, scientist will tell you that their work is mostly just theories. They can’t prove the we really exist. Weed helps you feed your mind. You can get addicted to it but it’s not habit forming. So it’s not a addiction like meth or any hard drug is. Its a addition like being addicted to food or anything really. It does help with depression but i can only speak on that from my own experience. Like I said it allows you to let go and relax. It like drinking a beer except it not a intoxicate that makes you less aware of yourself. Sometime people need a escape from the daily stress. Weed makes you relax it allows you to escape. Now in these days we need some stress reliever. Depression is high in this world more then people know a realize. We lose some our best people to depression. The list is endless of the people we lost. And we can not stop it they have anti depressions pills for our anti depression pills. A good alternative to depression medication would be weed. People go to a doctor that doctor gives them pills that don’t work. Those people go down to the local store pick up a bottle and self medicate them selfs. Until that one day they decide to end it all. Maybe just maybe weed is better for depression the pills that don’t work. I know it is actually mushrooms are the best. One day all these people that’s is holding it back will be dead. So one day it will be legal as people get wiser.

  90. thc sucks, and not for medical purposes, except to lay on a couch and talk stupid and here in the netherlands, it’s not like in the old days, where a lot of homegrowers brought a kg, made with love. It’s now just indicastrains, which gown a week and harvesting 9 weeks later, and nothing made with love, just by large scale criminal growers. But you need the strains, with few thc and a lot anti-depressivant and most of all a anti psychotic working, cbd,cbn etc. Thc makes you stupid, laze, f**ks up your memory and besides that : what goes up…. Good weed is perfect for ms….. some strains, but not the snowwhite stuff with 20%+ thc value, cause those aint cintain the cbd cbn , and if you have the genetecis to become schizophrenic: you only need one time a trigger. Grow them at home , on soil with led lights and use a lot of smalls plants. this is a perfect shop sanniesshop. Especially for organic growth and yes, he sells de mostly thc rich strains also, but also for anti-psychotic use and painrelieving. He is a nice guy with his heart at the right place, he loves making new stable strains and also sells nutrition tabs which last for a harvest , if you ain’t the commercial type. Pure nature breeding, so no pesticides, but he offcourse is dutch market orieted, growing in a box where you can buy the natural enemies and get rid of your plague . And you won’t make a lot of money, but you know what you inhale and you can read the forum , when it comes to medical strains…. for ms, painrelief and anti-psychotic stuff. Offcourse also the real strong stuff. I never liked using it, a gf has ms and i love flowers , helped friends, allways for free….
    Not the commercial ones. And i like the self-flowering types , very nice to breed outside, living in a sunny climate. Gr richard

  91. Some of you talk too much and know too a little.
    If you ever took time to enjoy life by not being attention wh**es, you would mind your own business and become a citizen of the universe instead of painful background noise.

  92. People are stupid. They blame marijuana for deaths and that’s a load of crap! What about alcohol????? I mean seriously!…it’s legal and people drink n drive and KILL innocent people every day!!! Marijuana use obviously isn’t for everyone, and if u have heart problems n shit YOU know u shouldn’t smoke so that stupidity is on them. I don’t think u should encourage anyone to smoke, it is your option ONLY! Every single person has an opinion, and if they want to smoke, that is their biz! I think everyone should have the FREEDOM to chose, and if your not for it then don’t smoke, and shut up about it!!! Ohh and don’t try anything that is “laced” with anything! Marijuana grows naturally!..smoke it the way it’s suppose to be used CORRECTLY! Use your brain people lol! It will be legal, so the haters can keep on hating..y’all are hypocrites and some of the worst people in this world. I hope y’all the best regardless tho 🙂 have a great life everybody

  93. Smoking anything is stupid. I used to smoke cigarettes and they are physically addictive and mentally addictive. I was an idiot to ever start smoking, and it was hard as hell to quit. Smoking anything is a waste of money and it makes you vulnerable. tobacco makes you the bitch of tobacco companies. Pot makes you the bitch of anyone around you that isn’t high and wants to make you their bitch. Whatchu gonna do about it? Nothing! your high and all you wanna do is chill and eat. Maybe when you sober up. you really want a high that is safe and healthy try hypnosis and binaural beats.

  94. There is a reason why marijuana is not legal in the first place, marijuana has a lot of side effects to individual, and its not necessary if those side effects could be a ham to public. It does harm someone who uses it, i wouldnt talk about physical health but mentality health is more important.
    I used to take marijuana for 2 years, i was a normal guy who observed less stuff, less fear, but after a year i noticed, i always wanted to be away from public, everytime i stood infront of the mirror, i searched out the defects in myself, it gives u thoughts that u cant accomplish in real life, but those are hallucinations caused by marijuana, it even makes u too lazy but u wanna ignore that part most of the time coz u cant bear the thoughts of losing. you cant concentrate on ur work and marijuana at the same time. All these feelings rises and in the end u go into depression mode, u cant handle small talks, u cant bear someone reminding u a mistake u made in the past, u wanna be a better guy but u cant because u have no money due to laziness.
    The worst thing about marijuana if ur friend/relative/anyone is talking about something, u will always think over it and find a way to direct something negative to ur self, this causes too much tension and distress.
    one of my friend after 4 years of smoking marijuana, he thought everyone who was around him were talking about him and pointing at him, it was his brain illness coz of marijuana.
    Some people say if u leave marijuana u r a coward and not professional, but believe me you are Professional when u understand how seriously this thing can affect u and u stop taking it. Thats called professioanl, because u understand how reality works!
    If u r laughing in reality, it means u r having a good life, but when that stops, consider it an end for u. I know the fresh marijuana would consider my post stupid, but trust me, i can understand things much better coz thats what i was gifted in the first place.


  95. Hello again, Cliff. Do you smoke weed?

    Marijuana is not the problem. Compulsive, obsessive, addictive use of marijuana is. But we are FOR personal choice in the matter. After all, alcohol and tobacco cause more harm and death nation wide than any other substance. But, users need to be educated.

    Pot smokers down play compulsive use as harmless. But it isn’t. And it really bothers people who use marijuana when studies show the negative effects of psychoactive substances.


  96. My apologies. Though I would question whether you should be flattered I thought you were a male. Men have undoubtedly screwed up the world well more so than women.

    To the issue, marijuana is not physically addictive like heroin, meth, cigarettes, or alcohol. I do agree that in some there is in fact, a psychological dependence. However that psychological dependence does no physical harm to the body. One can discontinue using cannabis and only face a few days of jitters or nervousness, much like forgoing soft drinks. For those who claim cannabis use makes people lazy, remember our last three presidents have admitted to using cannabis. In President Obama’s case, quite heavily. Sure didn’t seem to harm him. A quick Google search will reveal a cornucopia of use by historical and political individuals including Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and many, many others. You, as someone who claims to have vast experience with cannabis should know that in over 7000 years of recorded human use, there has NEVER, EVER, been a death atributed solely to cannabis. Your perpetuating this “your brain on drugs” Reefer Madness stereotype is nothing more than an attempt to make money and certainly not for the betterment of mankind.

    Cannabis, and it’s non-psychoactive cousin hemp, can end our dependence on fossil fuels, (Henry Ford and Mr. Diesel both designed their engines to run on hemp bio-fuel), it can end our clear-cutting of forests that took hundreds of years to grow, (one acre of cannabis is equal to 4 1/2 acres of trees in paper production), supply a better, more durable cloth, (cotton is the world’s greatest user of pesticide and fertilizers), can make a bio-degradable plastic, can make a steel ten times stronger than iron ore steel, (again, Henry Ford made cars with hemp plastic body panels), et al.

    Further, there have been three government sponsored studies of cannabis. The last being Richard Nixon’s ‘Schaffer Report’. All these studies recommended total legalization. Right now, 800,000 US citizens are arrested annually for cannabis. Our prisons are stuffed to overflowing with citizens to the point there are now more people in US prisons than for all other violent crimes combined.

    So, the only people who continue to endorse cannabis remaining illegal have a monetary interest in it remaining so. You should be ashamed you further the misconceptions surrounding cannabis and choose to enrich yourself from prohibition.

    In closing, a PHYSICAL dependence? Some people are addicted to soft drinks, some hamburgers, some to legal, but extremely more harmful and causing hundreds of thousands of annual deaths. Why not focus our efforts on these issues?l

    I would LOVE for you to state a differing view, based on provable facts, of what I’ve stated above.

  97. My apologies. Though I would question whether you should be flattered I thought you were a male. Men have undoubtedly screwed up the world well more so than women.

    To the issue, marijuana is not physically addictive like heroin, meth, cigarettes, or alcohol. I do agree that in some there is in fact, a psychological dependence. However that psychological dependence does no physical harm to the body. One can discontinue using cannabis and only face a few days of jitters or nervousness, much like forgoing soft drinks. For those who claim cannabis use makes people lazy, remember our last three presidents have admitted to using cannabis. In President Obama’s case, quite heavily. Sure didn’t seem to harm him. A quick Google search will reveal a cornucopia of use by historical and political individuals including Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and many, many others. You, as someone who claims to have vast experience with cannabis should know that in over 7000 years of recorded human use, there has NEVER, EVER been a death atributed solely to cannabis. Your perpetuating this “your brain on drugs” Reefer Madness stereotype is nothing more than an attempt to make money and certainly not for the betterment of mankind.

    Cannabis, and it’s non-psychoactive cousin hemp, can end our dependence on fossil fuels, (Henry Ford and Mr. Diesel both designed their engines to run on hemp bio-fuel), it can end our clear-cutting of forests that took hundreds of years to grow, (one acre of cannabis is equal to 4 1/2 acres of trees in paper production), supply a better, more durable cloth, (cotton is the world’s greatest user of pesticide and fertilizers), can make a bio-degradable plastic, can make a steel ten times stronger than iron ore steel, (again, Henry Ford made cars with hemp plastic body panels), et al.

    Further, there have been three government sponsored studies of cannabis. The last being Richard Nixon’s ‘Schaffer Report’. All these studies recommended total legalization. Right now, 800,000 US citizens are arrested annually for cannabis. Our prisons are stuffed to overflowing with citizens to the point there are now more people in US prisons than for all other violent crimes combined.

    So, the only people who continue to endorse cannabis remaining illegal have a monetary interest in it remaining so. You should be ashamed you further the misconceptions surrounding cannabis and choose to enrich yourself from prohibition.

    In closing, a PHYSICAL dependence? Some people are addicted to soft drinks, some hamburgers, some to legal, but extremely more harmful and causing hundreds of thousands of annual deaths. Why not focus our efforts on these issues?l

    I would LOVE for you to state a differing view, based on provable facts, of what I’ve stated above.

  98. Hey Cliff. Actually, I’m a “Ma’am” (not sure if I should be flattered by the assumption that I’m male, or not) and have years of personal experience with weed. I do believe that herb has many medicinal benefits, as explored here. But the real problem with weed is denial by its users. The denial that weed is addictive and can cause psychological dependence.

  99. Cannabis, or it’s Mexican slang name Marijuana, kills cancer cells by denying those cells their blood supply while leaving the body’s healthy cells alone. It reverses the effects of Chron’s disease, (also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome), it does wonders for diabetes, pain, PTSD, asthma, blood pressure, and a cornucopia of other health issues. It’s sources like yours that promote the negative, “this is your brain on drugs” mindset. Like police unions, private prison corporations, alcohol and beer companies, prison guard unions, and big pharmacutical companies who wish to keep cannabis illegal. Even the US government holds a patent on medical cannabis. It’s been known since 1974 the true benefits of cannabis use. Even if you took the medical and recreational aspects of cannabis completely out of the debate, it would still be the only truly intellegent thing to do by legalization.

    You sir, and your “Addiction Blog” are trolls feeding on the planned ignorance of the American people while making money on cannabis illegality. You and your kind wish to keep hidden the true benefits of cannabis. You should really be ashamed of what your trying to hide.

  100. why is everyone debating this. Some pot heads are lazy, some are hard workers who just want to relax after a hard day at work, just like some people have a beer or two every once in a while with their friends. I smoke, have for quite a while, but I can control myself Im not by any means an “addict” which might I add is physically possible with pot. Everything can be mentally addictive so if you think pot should be illegal because of that don’t have sex, drink coffee, eat sugar, watch TV, or do anything really because that’s all addictive mentally, or physically. If you use religion as an excuse as a Christian I have spent time reading the bible, you have to believe that god created everything on earth, since cannabis is a natural plant; god created it. It also says that only god can judge a man because he is the only one that can look at a mans soul, so if you don’t like pot for what ever reason that’s fine, but should a 20 year old kid go to jail and actually have his life ruined because its illegal for him to have a joint? economically what does keeping it illegal cost? keeping an inmate in jail costs around 50,000 a year, since most people in jail for drug offences are in jail for minor possession (under an ounce) you do the math how much that’s costing you as a tax payer. The cartels if you read any news article around, are losing Billions of dollars because pots illegal, and its hurting them. So what are we left with as for a argument against it? a parent that doesn’t want their kid to be on drugs? that’s very understandable, but if your child has a drug addiction he needs his family, the cops will ruin is life down the road not the drugs, now I am talking solely about pot, I have family and friends addicted to hard drugs/ prescription drugs and I can say that its a horrible thing to have to watch so I understand parents who want pot illegal because they think that because pot is stronger than it was when THEY smoked it, it has to be bad. Well all that means is that you have to smoke less to get the desired effect so that means you smoke less, and you don’t have to smoke pot guys you can eat or drink it even. so really I don’t see any solid arguments against legalization other than isolated incidents, concerned parents who should worry about giving their kids Adderall ( which is very addictive, you will develop an addiction to that and suffer horrible withdrawals) Xanax and hydrocodone, than if their adult kid is smoking pot. The last thing I would like to make clear is I am only in favor for people 18 or older using the drug, kids don’t need to smoke I smoked, drank in high school like everyone else and made some real stupid decisions ( mostly when I was drinking). and lastly using it responsibly, not letting pot take over your life, and not being a loser in general. everyone needs to relaxand open their minds

  101. why is everyone debating this. Some pot heads are lazy, some are hard workers who just want to relax after a hard day at work, just like some people have a beer or two every once in a while with their friends. I smoke, have for quite a while, but I can control myself Im not by any means an “addict” which might I add is physically possible with pot. Everything can be mentally addictive so if you think pot should be illegal because of that don’t have sex, drink coffee, eat sugar, watch TV, or do anything really because that’s all addictive mentally, or physically. If you use religion as an excuse as a Christian I have spent time reading the bible, you have to believe that god created everything on earth, since cannabis is a natural plant; god created it. It also says that only god can judge a man because he is the only one that can look at a mans soul, so if you don’t like pot for what ever reason that’s fine, but should a 20 year old kid go to jail and actually have his life ruined because its illegal for him to have a joint? economically what does keeping it illegal cost? keeping an inmate in jail costs around 50,000 a year, since most people in jail for drug offences are in jail for minor possession (under an ounce) you do the math how much that’s costing you as a tax payer. The cartels if you read any news article around, are losing Billions of dollars because pots illegal, and its hurting them. So what are we left with as for a argument against it? a parent that doesn’t want their kid to be on drugs? that’s very understandable, but if your child has a drug addiction he needs his family, the cops will ruin is life down the road not the drugs, now I am talking solely about pot, I have family and friends addicted to hard drugs/ prescription drugs and I can say that its a horrible thing to have to watch so I understand parents who want pot illegal because they think that because pot is stronger than it was when THEY smoked it, it has to be bad. Well all that means is that you have to smoke less to get the desired effect so that means you smoke less, and you don’t have to smoke pot guys you can eat or drink it even. so really I don’t see any solid arguments against legalization other than isolated incidents, concerned parents who should worry about giving their kids Adderall ( which is very addictive, you will develop an addiction to that and suffer horrible withdrawals) Xanax and hydrocodone, than if their adult kid is smoking pot. The last thing I would like to make clear is I am only in favor for people 18 or older using the drug, kids don’t need to smoke I smoked, drank in high school like everyone else and made some real stupid decisions ( mostly when I was drinking). and lastly using it responsibly, not letting pot take over your life, and not being a loser in general.

  102. i dont think weed is bad although its healthier ways to relieve stress and all those others things i just think this is one of those things where people are trying to take the easy route. deal with your problems like the rest of us cause after your hour or two of being high reality is going to kick right back in

  103. Number 5, “Low perception of harm”? Unlike alcohol or cigarettes which are highly toxic and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths per year, and perfectly legal. Cannabis has only been illegal since 1937. Prior to that, it was used by humans for over 5000 years. There has NEVER been a death attributed to cannabis. Other than being shot by police. It’s LD-50 is 1500 pounds in fifteen minutes. It’s impossible for someone to overdose on cannabis! The reason cannabis is still illegal is lobbying by the Pharmacutical industry, the private prison industry, police unions, DRUG REHAB centers, and chickenshit politicians afraid of loosing office.

    Cannabis IS medicine. It’s illegal because people couldn’t make huge profits we’re it legal.

  104. I and my bf of 5 mo are 50yrs old and I don’t smoke pot or cigarettes and don’t want to because it harms your lungs but my bf does and what I see is that it effects his memory, it is pulling us apart because I can’t share in his pot smoking and I really can’t see the good in it, why does anyone have to get high to start with, Whatever happened to enjoying life. I like to go fishing, swimming and just enjoy being with friends and family.

  105. Last night I decided to try marijuana after so many people told me it feels relaxing, you “chill”, see things different in a better way. I always felt like those people can not control their lives and use marijuana to escape the reality and the problems they have. It made me think I judge people and marijuana use is probably not bad. But I wanted to experience what they insisted is just a good feeling. IT WAS THE WORST SICKNESS I HAVE EVER HAD!!!! I felt like i
    I am going to die. My heart rate went crazy, felt as it will explode and I will die from heart attack, then I could not breath and swallow, my brain was about to explode, I felt warm, later cold, I was shaking….just dying! And believe me, I have had food poisoning , hypoglycemia and hangover before but nothing can compare with this . Its like all of them together 10000 times. And the worst part is that there is nothing you can do to make you feel better- i wished I could vomit or like with hypoglycemia eat some sweet that will help me. NO!
    These effects are reduced after three or four hours. If something can make you feel like this can not be good. Or at least for people who are healthy and happy and do not need any chemicals to escape their problems or stress. Maybe for people with medical issues and chemical unbalances. And believe me the one that I had was right from the plant so do not blame me for having something from the street. I will not try this BS again!

  106. ive been smoking solid for the past 30years but ive cut down a lot but I cant stop smoking it because it really works for my pain which is 24hrs a day im suffering I wish that it could be legalized over here for pain there must be a way for people who are in such pain to make it legal

  107. its because of boosting my memory the day after coming back from high trip . its really working . marijuana make my brain stronger 10 time .

  108. I don’t see how in the beginning of this ‘post’ it was stated that anything was up for debate.

    It’s obvious many people here a biased, and although you may say the same about the so called horrific “drug addicts”, you might actually want to stop and think.

    First of all, it is ridiculous to judge a whole substance on singular drug use. Every person is different, and each and every person has a different reaction to it.

    Michelle, I am sorry to have to say this, but If you think that Cannabis is solely reason for your son is doing all those things, you are blinded by motherly love. Furthermore, cannabis was merely something that your son found because he himself has had issues since before then. Perhaps a difficulty connecting with you because you refuse to open your mind, just a tiny tiny little, is the reason this all started.

    ‘Addiction Blog’, I don’t even know why I bother referring you in this post. From reading all of your responses, it is obvious you disregard anything anybody says that is pro-cannabis, simply because you automatically place them under the everybody that uses cannabis is a “drug addict” category. However; you were the one who prompted me to write this:

    Granted, several can’t handle the substance, the same is true for alcohol, prescription medications, one could even go as far and say coffee. And these are all widely accepted social norms. The difference between alcohol/prescriptions and cannabis?

    Cannabis is much safer. Every time.

    So next time, before judging others, which I believe your ‘Creator’ was against; take into consideration that just because you don’t agree with something someone chooses to do, for whatever reason it may be, does not mean you have a right to judge and dehumanize that person, nor does it mean you have the right to take away their right.

    So go on, ignore this post like you probably will, and just say to yourself, it’s a shame that “Resistance to change is common among drug users and can be either denial of a problem, or simply determination to continue using.” And I can pray that one day you will open your eyes and see that its not that simple. It’s not that black and white. Nothing is.

  109. Hi, I am 23 years old. I’ve been smoking weed for more than one year. I don’t know why but I think that since I started smoking my life has gotten so much better. I was unemployed, always failing school, being a moody person, lazy, drank too much.
    Just recently I realized I have a good job, I go to school, I know what to do in my future, and I’m just exercising more, trying to eat a little more healthy, I rarely drink.
    But I do feel like I stay home too much with my best friend and we just get high everyday. Is it bad the way I live my life? I don’t feel like it affects it but maybe I’m just overreacting? I just need someone to talk and tell me what’s going on with me!? My family doesn’t even know I smoke, I feel like I lie to them. They think I’m just being such a good daughter.

  110. I think for some people whom have addictive personality’s weeds is a bad thing. For people that can control them self and use it once in a while it is not such a big deal.
    For me it is no good. Took me a hell of a long time to relies that it was not a good thing for me.

  111. I don’t think it should be legalized. Yes, people consume it but, I’m tired of hearing about it all the time in our culture. If we legalize it, it’s not going to make things any different than they are now. The problem is Americans are so self-consumed that they only focus on the little things in life and never the big things. People need to pull their heads out of their asses and take a good dose of reality instead of this plant. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s not as great as people claim it to be. We have way more important things to think about than a stupid plant. In conclusion I hate pot, I hate what it does to you, I hate what it does to other people, and I don’t want it legalized

  112. Hi Michelle. You are not alone! In the short term, you need to create a plan. Freezing a bank account and kick your son out of the house are only two options of many. You need to consider all the angles, and to allow your son to make a choice. You can get together with a family addictions counselor who specializes in teen/adolescent drug abuse for guidance. You can also consult the website: theantidrug[dot]com. There is a wealth of information and links for parents there. Additionally, there is a National Parent Helpline available at (855) 4-A-PARENT (427-2736) (available 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., PST, weekdays). Plus, there are also crisis hotlines available state-by-state. So, you can just Google your state + “parent drug hotline” to identify a local resource.

    Please let us know how it’s going. We wish the best for you and your son.

  113. My 18 year old son is a high school senior and smokes marajuana daily if not multiple times a day. We found pipes etc in our truck so we have taken the keys. I thought if i took access to a car and he had to buy his own, pay insurance and gas he would have no money for drugs, but so far he hasnt purchased a car and he seems to be spending his paychecks on only what I can assume to be drugs. His grades are down, he signed himself out of school the other day and was questioned by the school police officer this morning due to a teacher stating he smelled like pot. He has refused to be drug tested now that he is 18, however, he will be tested tonight and if he refuses, I am prepared to kick him out. I’d like to force him to buy a car immediately, or i fear that money will be gone quickly,I’m hanging on the hope that if he had a car, had to pay ins. and for gas he would have less money, am I crazy? Or, should I transfer his money out of his account (i am still on his bank account)? If I kick him out, should I also confiscate his phone that I pay for? Help! I’m scared to death that I may lose him forever.

  114. I smoked when I was a teen. Everyone who knew me said I was someone who was going to make a differance in life. I could help “change the world”, so to speak. Now at 56 years old I regret wasting my time and energy escaping reality. My parents were the status quo. My step-dad was a binge driner who has a rough, lousey attitude. He thought kids need to be seen and not heard. Mom was too dependent on what he did or did not do. She could have used a good support group with tools.Today my hope is in Christ alone my solid rock. I have been through much pain and loss because I married a binge drinker. When things are good they are great, but when they are not, it is hell. I trust that somehow I will be able to soar above the circumstances of destructive patterns. I have gone to alonon for many many years, and have squeezed out all I can. I continue to seek God and again, trust that I will still be able to help “change the world.” One day at a time, Trusting “All things work together for good for those who love God, and have been called.That is the verse in Romans chapter 8. <3

  115. Remember the tainted Marijuana and people died. Marijuana is so going towards medical use and I agree. No one every dies from Marijuana unless it is tainted. Wish I could, but I am State employee if I do and get tested positive I go to treatment to quit. Safe Marijuana does not kill Marijuana users. Federal guidelines a must.

  116. And to relieve many symptoms of CRPS, getting me OFF any opiates except for an occassional dental procedure too repair the heck of a mess a year of methadone “therapy” caused. I used to have perfect teeth. Now I don’t have one that is my own with no filling or crown that is still in my mouth. But the pain of CRPS got me labeled a drug addict, so you know-I cook with my own mmj cooking oil, I eat right, and CRPS or not, aand yadda about being Paula’s deamon, etc. Her demon was she couldn’t put it down. Mine was I had no choice until the right strain of a 22% THC came along and saved my very skinny butt. It was killing me, and cannabis saved my life. See my website, my pictures tell the story: I fired the pain docs, gave them their invasive proccedures, and came home with my “60 day supply (1.5 pounds of mmj) and though not quite that much now, and I hate the price problem, I don’t mind spending the money. I have a life again-or it’s coming back. I believe that though oopium grows on the earth, it’s the one that should fight the legall battle, not mmj. As an RN, to date, working ER, I havven’t seen one patient DIE of an OD-but harm comes when people do two things: buy it on the street, and second, drive after consumption before effects on reflexes and judgement are worn off. Mine never are, so I don’t drive. And the CRPS has crippled me, so I can’t physically work. One year of pain doctor treatment put me in a wheelchair. My neurologist offered another, and I asked if he was ready with a stretcher?

  117. In my opinion, any substance which alters how the body responds is a drug. Marijuana has its benefits though but like any medication it needs to be used in moderation. It does not make sense smoking it to the point of hallucination. In fact, I have moved away from smoking because of its negative impact. So instead I boil it then add milk to it. The milk absorbs the THC. I preserve and take 2 table spoon each day. I don’t feel high but controlled and excited about how to solve the problems of this world. I don’t do this every day. In fact, I may just go months without.

  118. Hi Jake. I think that people reject marijuana or other psychoactive substances because of the cultural rejection of pleasure. Marijuana induces euphoria, and many religions place euphoria and “ecstacy” under spiritual experiences. Perhaps, the easy route to euphoria via smoking pot is looked down upon, or simply not tolerated because people are not comfortable with the experience personally.

  119. The THC adheres to the fatty tissues in your body. There is fatty tissue in your brain.. As it builds up in your brain area it slows down the neurotransmitters between the brain and the central nervous system. That is probably what contributes to memory loss, lethargy, racing though patterns, etc…. The addiction part of it is the least of the problem. It comes out of your system so slow there is very little withdrawl if any, It is more like losing your best friend.

    Some anti drug crusaders have a bigger problem with the use of weed than they do with any other drug. A radio talk show host did not say why except that it might be a gateway drug. His disdain for pot seemed to go very very deep. When a caller tried to explain the problems they had in the family with alcohlol he cut the call short. I disagree with him but as a former daily user I understand how subtle weed can be. Maybe you could shed some light as to why some of these people think it is the worst drug in the world? Could it be because weed is subtle or are is just ignorance about the substance?
    As far as gateway goes the only reason why pot heads may go to pills or other drugs is because of the quality of the weed. Please advise.

  120. i love pot it relaxes me and after a hard day i can sit down not worrie and have a good laugh with my buddies i think nothing is wrong with it

  121. Hi i loved your every steps of comment and i loved stefen & bran comments,


  122. Actually, a quick Google search on “The History of Marijuana” will turn up hundreds of sites that explain how marijuana and hemp became illegal. Another search will bring up the US patent on marijuana, and tell the names of four individuals still receiving marijuana from the federal government under it’s ‘Compassionate IND Act.

    Cannabis has been proven by scientific study, and has been known by the government since the mid-seventies, to and kill cancer.

    Don’t believe the lies, just follow the money.

  123. Hi m colom. It sounds like you’re really in a bind. The first place you might try for peace of mind is to look for help via Al-Anon. It’s a support group for those who love addicts. Please let me know if you need help finding a meeting in your area. I think that the program of Al-Anon can really help.

  124. Please hang in there dear sister ! Your story is so typical of so many others ,it is a tragedy . I was a drug addict ,drunk,and a junkie will little moral fiber . When God revealed Jesus to me and I gave my life to Him ,I received the Holy Spirit . I have been transformed and my disfunctional home has become a haven of love ,

    Matthew 11:28

    ” Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

    My life has been transformed and yours can be too . All who call upon the name of the Lord SHALL be saved .

    With love and sincerity ,

  125. I am living with my spouse who is a pot head. Every single minute of the day he smokes pot. My spouse spends most of his time smoking pot with his pot buddy adult son. I hate it! We can’t even talk to each other about anything that concerns me he gets mad and slams the doors. My spouse chooses to put pot first before his family. I don’t want our 13 year old son following his dad’s foot steps. My spouse is living with heart disease and not taking care of himself is wrong. I have an illness and I am also trying to recover from a spinal fusion, ankle fused. I am living with no peace in mind. I love our son I will do anything to protect him from verbal abuse,mental abuse from my drug addict husband. I can’t leave him because I have no place to go. I feel I need to recover first and move on. I call myself NO PEACE IN MIND.

  126. Cannabis is medicine in my opinion…that is if it’s high quality which is the only kind I smoke. It has helped me get over my deep depression and anxiety and soo many other issues. I was suicidal but luckily it changed my thinking. Smoking it has opened my mind and heart. I am no longer judgemental or angry and it most definitely stabilizes my mood. I am HAPPY now! When it felt like the world was a shitty place filled with people that I hated, life wasnt worth living. Now I see the BEAUTY in life! I can’t even explain how else it has helped me…the list just goes on and on and on. Marijuana brings positive thoughts of WISDOM. Only potheads will know what I’m talking about. It’s truly an amazing plant. It’s a gift! Everyone should enjoy it because everyone can benefit greatly from it. It has made me strive for knowledge and everyday I try to be the best person that I can be. I love life and I finally love myself thanks to cannabis. It’s opened so many doors for me. No one can shame me for smoking weed (not even my family, although they try) because I know that I have benefited from it in so many ways and it’s made a lasting impression on my heart and soul. I am a PROUD stoner 🙂 <3

  127. I’d like to see more research and development of clean, safe marijuana products. I don’t like the smoked product because it is dirty and may cause lung disease — people who smoke it a lot get a chronic wet cough. Make Sativex and similar drugs more available to conditions other than just MS, by prescription, for example, to treat all intractable pain conditions. Such products offer a good alternative to codeine-based drugs and drugs like oxycontin because they do not constipate. Big deal for some people for whom constipation and then the need for laxative use and/or abuse may cause spasm cycles that cause rips and fissures, bleeding and secondary bowel or intestinal disease.

  128. Hi Bryan. Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, if your family member does not want to stop, you cannot do anything to stop him from taking drugs. Resistance to change is common among drug users and can be either denial of a problem, or simply determination to continue using.

    Maybe one thing that you can do is to find and participate in a sober, drug free activity with him? Do you know what he likes or loves to do (other than smoke fake bake)?

  129. in truth i dont think marijuana is, in itself, bad but they way many people over use it is. A young family member of mine only about 20 years of age is was using marijuana on a daily basis, soon his supplier had moved and he could not find anyone else is sell him any. In response he began smoking a marijuana substitute known on the street as “fake bake.” This has been shown to cause a high amount of damage to the front part of the brain. Many people have warned him about the affects but he disregards them with no caution to using it. he began acting a lot less controlled after about using this on a daily basis for two weeks. i have continuous pleaded with him to stop but he has said if he cant have pot he wont stop if you have any suggestions please help me save my family member

  130. Having smoked weed for 45 years, I am not sure if i can be objective enough about it to have an opinion of whether it is good or bad. I will say, it does functions lik a drug, and lowers resistance to abusing accompanying substances (alcohol,in my case). The effects and repercussions of alcohol are far more dramatic than weed, and as such, might seem more negative. Both substances alter consciousness, and yes, that is detrimental. I like the ARWS comment–distancing one’s self from ‘the creator’ Is wrong, and a very real loss. Having never been straight (willingly) for any significant length of time, I feel as if i’ve lost part of the import of life, in which the time is rapidly diminishing.

  131. Thanks for sharing ARWS.

    I think that you really have a point. Altering consciousness can pull us further away from the Creator, not closer. And although marijuana can be a medicine when used correctly, it often is not. We appreciate your contribution here.

  132. Having once been a heavy marijuana user, I qualify to give a few remarks about the drug. It is is definately a drug. Drugs/Medicines were originally created by the Creator of Universe for man to use in healing. Hence, one actually needs to be suffering from some sort of an illness to justify administering any kind of drug/herbs. Otherwise we’re really talking about abuse for no other reason than to alter consciousness.

    Playing with your brain is dangerous. It is the most sensitive organ of man. Just “innocent smoking weed” can induce psychosis and produce hallucinations or auditory hallucinations.

    Conclusion is, most people using marijuana are really exposing themselves to the risk of becoming mentally ill through changing around the way their brain works, and deluding themselves that its ok. It also has more devastating effects such as making one “drop out of society and reality” becoming lazy and living life as if from a dream. I do not suggest people do this to themselves.

  133. I read, just yesterday, about medical research which indicates there may be some healing properties from cannabis in the treatment of cancer. I do not suggest this to be scientific, but it is certainly worth exploring. We do know that various herbs have positive effects on the body. But then, some are harmful…. and the jury is still out on cannabis.
    I began smoking at 42, for several of the reasons you have listed. At the age of 68, I do have difficulties, as the federal law presupposes that cannabis is dangerous. The generation before mine could legally smoke “muggles”, but things have changed with changing times.
    All I can conclude from my experience is that I like it, but other people don’t.


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