What is marijuana withdrawal?

Marijuana withdrawal is a set of physical and psycho-emotional symptoms that occur when you stop using marijuana after a period of dependence. More on marijuana withdrawal here.

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Does marijuana withdrawal really occur? Yes. In fact, marijuana withdrawal is a well documented medical condition.  What are symptoms of marijuana withdrawal and what can be done about them? We review here. Then, we invite your questions about withdrawal from marijuana and helping marijuana addiction at the end.

What is marijuana withdrawal syndrome?

Before getting to the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal, it is useful to understand the principle of drug dependence. Using marijuana on a regular basis leads to physical dependence on the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). After developing dependence, the brain gets used to having THC present in the central nervous system and adapts functions to accommodate the chemical mix. When this happens, the brain will actually alter some of its functions to compensate for the effects of the drug and to maintain a delicate balance known as homeostasis. Eventually, the brain becomes so normalized to the presence of THC that it needs THC to function normally.

When marijuana become unavailable, the body and brain struggle to maintain homeostasis, often unsuccessfully. This manifests into marijuana withdrawal syndrome as the brain and body try to get used to functioning without the drug again. Marijuana withdrawal syndrome is characterized by several physical and psychological symptoms.

What is withdrawal from marijuana like?

The intensity and length of withdrawal from marijuana is different for everyone. In fact, some individuals may never experience any withdrawal symptoms at all. However, those who do experience marijuana withdrawal typically find the experience uncomfortable and much like an extreme dissatisfaction with everything. The symptoms associated with marijuana withdrawal are often psychological or mood based, although physical symptoms can make you feel drowsy, irritable, and fatigued.

What does marijuana withdrawal feel like?

As mentioned before, marijuana withdrawal can feel differently for everyone, but there are some symptoms that are very common. Symptoms of marijuana withdrawal generally begin several hours to a couple days after last use. Depending on the individual and the severity of the addiction, marijuana withdrawal symptoms can last one to four weeks. Some of the more common marijuana withdrawal symptoms include:

  • agitation
  • anxiety
  • headaches
  • intense cravings for marijuana
  • nausea
  • poor appetite
  • restlessness
  • sleep problems

What helps marijuana withdrawal?

Detoxification from marijuana can be difficult, especially if you’re a long time, heavy user. To minimize the withdrawal symptoms, you should consider tapering your usage, or gradually reducing the amount or frequency that you use the drug. For instance, you can cut your marijuana usage by a small percentage each day until you aren’t using it at all. While you may still experience some withdrawal symptoms, they shouldn’t be severe.

Most medical experts recommend that individuals going through an especially difficult marijuana withdrawal seek professional medical help. There are a number of different options available, including inpatient and outpatient detox services in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Along with general support and medical monitoring, detox centers can also help patients manage their physical withdrawal symptoms.

Some patients may find that their marijuana withdrawal symptoms are extremely uncomfortable. To help manage them, doctors at rehabilitation centers may administer certain medications. Synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive component in marijuana, is often very successful in alleviating marijuana withdrawal symptoms. It is most commonly administered orally, but a THC patch – similar to a nicotine patch – may be developed soon.

If you won’t be going under marijuana detox under medical supervision, there are also a number of home remedies that you can use to alleviate marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety and aggravation, for instance, can be relieved using stress reduction techniques, such as exercising or breathing exercises. Gastrointestinal symptoms can be relieved with over-the-counter stomach medicines, and you should also drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins from your body. Eliminating caffeine and using herbal teas can also help with sleep problems.

Questions about marijuana withdrawal

Going through marijuana withdrawal can be frustrating and difficult, particularly if you’re going through it alone. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. If you have any questions or concerns about your situation or a loved one’s, feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll try our best to answer your questions personally and promptly and point you in the right direction.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I recently just stopped using marijuana and cigarettes. It’s been about 21 days now. I quit both cold turkey. I have smoked marijuana and cigarettes off and on for about 14 years. For the last three years I’ve been a daily marijuana user. Smoking about 4 to 5 joints a day. I have experienced quite a few withdrawl symptoms but the worst have been the heart pounding and Increase in pulse. My blood pressure has remained normal but my pulse is above the average rate. How long should these withdrawl symptoms last?

  2. I am not a smoker,I took just a bit of edible last year June. I went through all the withdrawal symptoms. It’s been almost a year, all the symptoms are gone except I still don’t feel 100%. I still don’t feel I am my old self yet. Am I going to stay like this forever or it’s going to go eventually? Please help cos I feel am never going to be the same again.

  3. I’ve been smoking marijuana for the last couple months only for sleep occasionally during the day I am on day 3 but I still can’t find a way to sleep until 4 or 5 am

  4. I just want this feeling to go away. I’m on day 19 after smoking heavy and daily for 5 years. I pray that I get through this process without losing my mind.

  5. My boyfriend started acting different towards me when he stopping smoking weed. It resulted in him only seeing the negatives in our relationship and breaking up with me. I don’t know if he is acting weird because of marijuana withdrawal but i just thought it could maybe be a possibility. Please give me some answers if possible. thanks!

  6. I’m a 34 year old female. I’ve been smoking on and off since I was 16, but for the last 4 years, it has become a multiple bong loads a day habit. I got really sick at the beginning of August and decided to quit smoking. It’s now been 33 days, and I have rapid heart beat, headaches, dizziness, vivid dreams, blurry vision, nausea, shakes, extreme fatigue, palpitations… you name it. The rapid heart beat is the one that gets me the most. I tried to quit 2 years ago, but fell off the wagon at a month and a half, cause I thought I was losing my mind. This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I just want to know when I’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is painful and scary, but I know I don’t want to be a slave to a drug for the rest of my life.

    1. Hi Erica. How long will marijuana withdrawal symptoms last depends on how long have you been using and how much. I suggest you call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider and explore treatment options.

    1. Hi Mike. This is probably because cannabinoids make blood vessels expand, your blood pressure lowers, and your heart rate increases to make up for the lowered blood pressure.

  7. I am a avid HITT exerciser and am currently stopped smoking and have noticed that while exercising my heart rate is higher than normal without me pushing myself, is this a normal side effect or could it be anxiety?

  8. I ate cannabis edible last Tuesday which is a week today. That was my first time of taking it and am currently going to unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, fear of getting mad, shakiness, sleeplessness, faster heart beats n so on. I have lost appetite and feel nusear. I have drunk lots of water and cranberry juice and vitamin C water but I still don’t feel good enough. I want to know if this is ever going to stop or I have to deal with this for life. This is my fear. Please help

  9. Ive been a heavy user nearly for forty years and recently quit marijuna. I would smoke pretty much from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed.I am currently going through severe withdrawal. Its probably the hardest thing ive ever done. Ive been getting flashbacks… feeling light headed.. Almost psssed out and the anxiety is off the charts. I will start to feel better for a while and then it will come on me again. Been almost two weeks now and im determined to get through this. I think I B Profen helps a little and trying to keep my mind off of it. Your comments have helped me knowing im not the only one going through this. Wish me luck all. Im gonna need. D.P..

  10. Hi , I been smoking everyday for about 6 months straight . I stopped because I had some weird panic attack while high . Then they started when I wasn’t . Their not as bad as they were now but I have been feeling weird tingly feelings through legs & Arms. I just feel weird period & I have anxiety now . been about 2 months & can’t really function , can’t think . When do you think I would go back to normal ?

  11. I’m an 18 year old who has been sober from marijuana for 3 weeks already, I chose to stop completely after experiencing a very bad panic attack that lead me to the ER. The attack was so bad that I felt my whole body cramping up even my chest and heart felt so bad like if someone was squeezing it. I was a heavily smoker for a good 6 months straight, smoking every single day, but I have never experienced such thing like that, my highs were just always mellow, I started feeling uncomfortable after smoking to much pure THC, but I thought it was just me. Therefore, now since I’ve been sober I’ve been feeling really bad, I feel so much symptoms suck as anxiety attacks out of no where, my heart races fast at times, some foods just won’t go well with my stomach, and I get headaches, but I do not crave marijuana anymore at all! Is it just my body adapting to something new?

  12. I just found loads of marijuana in my 19 year room. Trying desperately to deal with it in love…She has toss them all out..I’m very concerned about withdrawal. I have a younger daughter in the house and she sometimes babysit..She seems to have been on it for more than 8 months.. What can I expect. I’m so out of my league.

    1. Hi Ann. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms include: agitation, anxiety, headaches, intense cravings for marijuana, nausea, poor appetite, restlessness and
      sleep problems. Marijuana withdrawal can feel differently for everyone, but these symptoms are most common. For more info about marijuana withdrawal, I suggest you check out this article: http://drug.addictionblog.org/what-is-marijuana-withdrawal/ and this infographic: https://addictionblog.org/infographics/marijuana-withdrawal-timeline-and-symptoms-duration-infographic/
      Hope this helps.

  13. Hi,im 27 years old, been a chronic weed smoker for 2 1/2 years at first I only smoked occasionally like once every two weeks then me and my bf moved in together(he’s the one who introduced me to it).After us moving in together it became a everyday thing twice a day morning/night,then it became three times a day and next thing I know we were smoking 8-10 blunts a day.i enjoyed it because it seemed to calm my nerves it took my worries away so I thought. In the second year of smoking one night I woke up with it seemed like heartburn and I started to vommit really bad it was like it never stopped my bf drove me to the hospital the doctor ran test everything came back normal so they sent me home with anti-nausea medicine so I didn’t smoke the next day but the cravings got the best of me so I started back again and nothing happened so I went back to smoking 8-10 blunts a day again everything was fine for about 2 months then I had another vommit episode repeated the cycle. Me and my bf would spend I know over $1000 a month on weed that put us in debt which we ended up moving in with my mom which has been hell but it meant less bills to pay more weed money but because of the stress my mom puts us through we decided to quit so we could save to get our own place again. After about two days of not smoking I became sick vommitting along with a numb left hand I thought I was having a stroke so to the er I went to be told I was fine and to make an appointment with my primary care doctor which I did and was told I have generalized anxiety disorder. She also referred me to a neurologist but I’m waiting for my insurance to come through before I can go so I had to deal with my numb hand which wasn’t going away. About a week later my right hand went numb also they stayed numb for about a month then suddenly went away. They get numb off and on though. Then a couple days ago my lips went numb stayed numb the whole day. After a bad nights sleep I woke up they wasn’t numb but later that day they went numb again it happens the same everyday since I wake up they aren’t numb then later in the day they go numb. It’s scares me and makes me feel something bad is wrong because my bf has been fine no symptoms at all other then headaches. I wake up in the middle of the night and worry then I get on Google and freak myself out because my symptoms are similar to so many terrible diseases the most recent ms lol. While I was a smoker I never had these symptoms that’s what makes me believe it could be withdrawals but my primary care doctor never mentioned that which I did tell her about my chronic use I just won’t to be normal again because I feel crazy like I’m going to die.

    1. Hi Mia. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  14. Yes I have a love one who was using regular pot smoking and 2 times concentrated lot. He has now not use it for 10 days and started to show a high level of anxiety to paranoia. He started like this from a prank through some friends that’s cops was looking for him and he is doing probation for 3 months. He is in anxiety/depression meds. Now he’s showing a high level of anger and he can’t stop laughing in times. What do you think? is this common pot withdraw or other drug ?

    1. Hi Tony. It may be. I suggest that you call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

  15. Its been about 7 days since I stopped my 6-7 streak of smoking. Ive experienced a panic attack 2 days after stopping and for the past 5 days now Ive been experiencing heart palpitations all day long. Ive went to the hospital and doctirs and got everything checked, they said everything looked fine I just have marijuana still in my system. Is this a common symptom of stopping long term marijuana use? If so when would it finally begin to stop? Thank you

  16. @Shane

    THANK YOU for sharing this story. WE share the exact same withdrawal affects.
    I’m happy not to be alone, cause I thought I was slowly dying. I’m almost 1 month clean from MJ and Cigarettes. Smoked cigs for 15 years and MJ for 9. I’m now 30.
    What REALLY helps me out is running between 4 – 6 Km every second day. It really helps. With my mental state from withdrawal, from the caused depression from smoking, and also my breathing and heart palpitations.
    Good luck to you brother. You rock!! Never decide to go back. Go all in for a healthy life, and don’t forget to go running regularly! Take a nice warm shower before bed, and maybe talk on the phone with someone you care about and trust. In my case my mother is my only confidant. I managed to chase away everyone else around me due to my addiction. I can always rely on her – also cause I want to keep it a secret that I smoked for so long, let alone withdrawing. I wanna come out to a clean life, where smoking is in the past, and won’t before remembered for my past, but only the good things I do “in the now”. But it’s important to talk with someone you trust once, in a while. They’ll help you out with your thoughts and emotions – thereby also improving your physical life. Well, at least in my case that helps. Have a great life brother. You’re a warrior.

  17. 25 year old male. Was a heavy smoker for about 2 years. about 3 weeks ago I had a very bad panic attack that put me in the hospital. Since then, ive quit, but had very bad anxiety and had heart palpitations. The anxiety got bad enough I was googling symptoms and convinced myself i had blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, and the most recent is MS. The anxiety meds definitely help but i cant get this catastrophizing under control. I just want to know when this shit will be out of my system because i dont want to be on anti anxiety meds all my life.

  18. I am 45 and a very occasional user of marijuana. But I do notice that I become intensely irritable a day or two after using. My loved ones definitely notice a change and don’t like it. So, it’s gotten to a point where I fell like the high is probably not worth it. Exercise seems to help manage the come down, but it’s so much to think about, it’s getting so I just prefer not to use it at all. The withdrawal is just such a bother. Still, I guess I do miss it because the creative buzz is a pleasure and it really enhances my experience with music and comedy shows.

  19. Hi, I’ve been smoking marijuana for like 6 to 8 months or more not more than a year and a half. I’ve felt with the worse part of detoxing which was anxiety attacks and full blown panic attacks that have lasted 3 hours although I did have one that lasted about 7 hours. Anyway I have been clean for 2 and a half months but stupidly smoked again four days ago and have been regretting it for the last 2 days. I’m starting to develop anxiety again and my heart rate gets really slow and at some points gives me even more anxiety even though I should be calm. I feel out of place now and even feel mood swings, I do however have a way better control of my symptoms because I believe I did experience the worst. But anyway I just like to know what you would recommend, I have a very strong will, I can do it , I guess my bf just kinda made it seem like nothing would happen. I’m not going to lie I did enjoy the drug as it didn’t seem to have any negative effects on me until I stopped cold turkey of course. The reason I stopped was because one night I had been smoking with my bf and I guess I don’t know what really happened now that I think about it but. I guess I smoked too much got too high and ended having a full blown panic attack along with a very fast heart rate and pains in my neck because I was so freaked out I was straining my neck I’m not sure. But I was traumatized by that day I basically quit cold turkey, which wasn’t hard because like I said I can do it I became a vegetarian in a day. But anyway now that I’ve said everything I want to know what you would recommend and what you think happened and how long it could take for me to start feeling normal again. Thanks – krystal

  20. I started smoking in the summer of 6th grade. I’m now 27 and have been smoking since. As a teen I got put on intensive probation, in which I attempted to quit but never really did. There were a few stints, a month at most going clean but always came back. As I grew older I would only become a heavier user. I’m 19 days in and it’s been hell! My usage prior, smoke when I woke up, any new activity required at least a hit. I would smoke before going to the grocery store, return from the grocery store and smoke, finish prepping the meal and smoke, finish the meal and smoke and later that night if I couldn’t sleep, guess what I would smoke again. A new episode of a tv show, smoke. Going to the movies smoke. Going to work smoke. The month prior to quitting I was spending at least 400 dollars a month on herb and concentrates. What prompted me to quit, there were these minor anxiety attacks I would have leading up to the day I quit that just became more severe. We get home one day, my girlfriend and me, I’m fine. We’re about to watch good fellas, so surprise had to smoke a bowl first. And in that one drag I felt of fear like I’ve never felt before.i asked my girlfriend to hold me because I was scared but for the life couldn’t understand why. Called my supplier and explained what was happening seeing if that might give some equilibrium but nope. Went to the ER, was let go without too much investigative work once I told them I smoked prior. Sitting in the hospital I became calm the anxiety subsided, I don’t know if it was because I was in a hospital that I felt relief but I was able to return home and sleep. The next day I traded my father my herb for some commercial he had thinking “this is me starting to cut back”. Next day smoked a joint and low and behold another terrible anxiety attack and back to new ER. As I sat and waited, I began to feel fever like symptoms. That’s putting it mildly, it’s the worst I’ve ever felt. The next day I decided to quit smoking Marijuana, cut back on all the sugar that comes with the increased appetite. I’m scared to smoke again out of the fear of those episodes. I’ve had hot and cold sweats but no fever, at the most random times which onsets the anxiety. Numbness in legs, arms, face, head, hands and feet. Tons of gas and heartburn, or pinching pains in all areas of my chest. I started marking them with a marker and they were all over the place. I was scared to fall asleep thinking I wouldn’t wake. I still do. It’s very difficult to relax. The dreams/nightmares are extremely disturbing and uncomfortable and terribly close in what’s happening. The first few where dreams of running away from people after me for unknown reasons, with people I hadn’t seen in years and settings I’m not in anymore or just so far fetched your aware in your dream how awkward it is. I only sleep about 4 to 5 hours at a time, I go to sleep frustrated it doesn’t just happen, I’ll be yawning feeling like I’m going to black out only to lay down and be wide awake, it’s miserable. My appetite I thought was non existent, but the moment it hits my mouth its like I’ve never eaten in my life, I scarf it. My motivation has been terribly low in doing anything. Getting out of bed is a hurdle in itself. The depression I feel is the disappointment in myself that I let it get this far. Have I done irreparable damage to myself. I’m only to blame and that stings so bad. I’m surrounded by a negative family which hasn’t made quitting any easier. Now I have a headache that feels like it’s all over my head, and never goes away it seems. Muscles spasm that make me feel like something bad is happening. I haven’t been to an MD in about 7 years, until this incident prompted me to get informed about my physical health and how much is playing a part in this. According to the doc very little. I pray I can get over it and continue to refrain from using. My body tells me it doesn’t want any part of it, but my brain keeps telling me it all go away if you just smoke again. I don’t want to smoke anymore that I know, I’m still going through tests to rule out other conditions but so far it’s all self induced according tho doctors I’ve seen. Thinking back I don’t remember why I smoked so much, or why I wanted to do it in the first place. I find that really crazy, while using I knew why I was using, but now I can’t remember why I had such an interest. Yeah it feels nice, makes more sociable, for me anyway. But there are so many things in life that can do that for you that don’t require putting yourself at so much risk of all this shit that comes with it that no ones seems to tell you until after you hit rock bottom. NyQuil gives you a little buzz. So why use it ever chance you get? Because it’s not as socially acceptable as marijuana? Because that’s wierd and its medicine? My point being, is there is a point to where you abuse it and like the article states becomes homeostasis. It’s not meant to be taken in like the air we breathe. If anything it’s to be treated as an aspirin or antibiotic. Not something you constantly consume because of boredom or ones inept ability to seek out less harmful ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and general problems. I would encourage anyone who wants to use not to! And that’s just day 19. I’ll report back in a week or two with an update and what’s changed, what hasn’t and how I feel. Deep down inside is that feeling, that energy that says please no more. It’s the only way I can describe it unfortunately l, I just knew that I never want to feel like this again and if quitting will help make that a possibility then I’m all for it. I don’t that I could have cut back, Would I have been strong enough, am I strong enough to continue. I spend most of thoughts on how I got here, frieghtning myself by trying to self diagnose with Fukn Google, which only makes it exponentially worse. Like my brain wants me to be miserable, “this where your comfortable”. My irritability is high, anger very easily. I have the best girlfriend, the moment I see her, here her voice and feel her touch, I’m reminded what I’m fighting for! With I have moments of clarity, I smile, I laugh, I make jokes. I feel like laughter is the ultimate cure for me anyways. Instantly anxiety is gone. When she’s gone I feel like I might never see her again. Exercise does wonders, activities that can keep you distracted if you can bare it. Eating healthier, talking about what you only said in your head before quitting, I would just bottle everything up inside. I felt like I couldn’t speak my mind about what I felt, not even to
    My girlfriend who would never judge me. When I was smoking I felt like I wanted to abandoned everyone and everything I cared about, to start over with new people as if that would change everything, only to realize I wasn’t happy with where I was going in life. Long winded but I feel most of the posts are not specif enough about what’s going on through this time. I hope I don’t discourage anyone and hope that no one has to go through what I’m going through.

  21. i have smoked weed since i was 12 years old (i am now 45). As i grew older my usage became heavier up to a point that I wouldn’t get stoned at all no matter how powerful the skunk was, i smoked just to feel normal. I would smoke joints like they were cigarettes morning, noon and night. Over the past ten years i would smoke about 2 grams a day of high grade skunk. I thought as weed was natural that it could do me no harm, how wrong i was. I would often scoff at reports that it was physically and psychologically addictive and regarded this as pure propaganda. Since the age of 18 i never went more than 2 days without smoking weed.

    This xmas 2015 i caught a bad virus and was laid up in bed for over 2 weeks where i couldn’t eat, drink or smoke anything. As i became physically better i began to get severe mental health problems. When i awoke in the morning every sound i heard was raw and full of angst and anxiety. As the day progressed i would have the same song playing over and over in my head ad nauseum. My mind was no longer my own. I would have wave after wave of extreme anxiety come over me to the point that on several occasions i was close to admitting myself to a psych ward. I would also suffer severe heart palpitations, so bad that twice i admitted myself to A and E thinking i was having a heart attack. I cannot express enough the dark and lonely place i was in. I knew it was the lack of cannabis that was causing my distress but really didnt want to take any pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate the symptoms, so i just rode it out raw. It was easily the worst time of my life.

    Now 8 weeks later ( i havent smoked anything) I am pleased to say that the songs playing in my head have ceased ( i really thought they would never leave they were so strong) : my heart palpitations are a lot less frequent but are still there every now and then. I also suffered loss of appetite, hot and cold sweats and feeling sick in the mornings – all of which have now ceased.

    All in all i would never touch any sort of cannabis again. Mental illness is no fun and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy (if i had one)

    I am writing this for anyone who is going through this hell. It will stop, take long walks or other similar exercise. I took kava kava and phenibut to help me sleep and reishi mushroom for the anxiety – all of which helped me greatly. Now 2 months down the road and im starting to feel normal again – thank god. There were times when i felt so hopeless that i thought i had damaged my brain permanently.

    I hope this gives some hope to anybody who is suffering similar effects.

    God bless


  22. I smoke weed over 3 years 4time a day and continued to smoke and I no idea to withdrawal syntom one time smoke heavily 4joint and I’m so vey high I’m feel my self fear because mngy side very out of controlled and I sleep and soon I’m wake up normally and then the past hours I feel like same feeling high again I’m worried and nervous and the the past 2week I feel normal and I I feel quit and use marijuana and then I wake up someday I feel my brain is foggy and the time I feel like 1 second freeze day 3 insomnia my stomach crumps and depressed hallucinations what can i

  23. Ps. I’m wish I came here sooner so I could have interacted with some of you guys while we were quitting at the same time. Any updates? Even if you started smoking again it’s still part of the journey and I’m genuinely interested in your journey’s that are similar to mine. Shane(I feel for you had many of those same symptoms one of the earlier times I quit before)Tracy? Crystyl?Jay?

  24. Hey guys. I just came here after a rough week of stressful exams thinking to myself “I’m so stressed, remember how nice it was to chill and have a smoke and watch some tv” .3 months after quitting I’m reading my own comments and realized I completely glorified it forgetting all the things I hated about it. I’d take a stressful day over a life of chains any day. For those who are just starting, I’ve been there. I tried stopping about 5 times, went to councilors even. I’m almost 29 years old and looking back at all that time wasted in my room in front of the tv with munchies was hardly worth that “chilled”feeling. Over the last 3 months I’ve gone through some intense depression (After the initial “yay I’m not a slave to mary” wore off) I realize while writing this that I stopped about a month ago. I guess I had this general “life is hard no wonder I smoked” idea. I now realize looking back I had intense anxiety and thought I was an introverted. Well I’m not. I’m learning more about myself because I’m in more control of my body. It was smoking and withdrawing from mary that gave me anxiety. There was one day I thought why not just smoke, but good thing I cut ties with my dealers I decided to save face, keeping to my decision to quit and as weird as this sounds I pretending I was huffing on a jay. Those 2 min got me through that craving. So after smoking about 15 years multiple times a day, trying to stop about 5 times but couldn’t stand the withdrawl symptoms that I thought were uniquely a part of some inner demons I must have had, I can honestly say….it’s so worth it. My mind is different, clearer. My memory is off the chain! My anxiety is gone just creeps ups periodically as it’s supposed to, it’s a real emotion I’m not afraid of anymore. I’m learning who I am and I don’t feel like a freak with a secret. I’m growing. Life is not rainbows and puppies but I have direction, and meaning rather than the same monotony and waiting just to smoke as the highlight of my day. Hang in there. It’s not easy but slowly it gets better. It’s kinda cool to have symptoms last because each week/month they get less you can look back and it’s is a reminder of your will and progress. The fact I even fall asleep at night without weed makes me want to tear bc I didn’t know that was possible. Keep with it!

  25. Hey jus made it to day 11 of my recovery and im trying to stay motivated i exercised my 1st week clean and didnt get much rest bt as in the middle of my 2nd week im resting because i believe we all must heal heal and i looking foward to get threw this day by day and my appetite is nt wat it use to be and my sleep is ok bt could be better for as the dreams i just try to get use to them the best way i can im motivating myself for my son and my girl because the money is waisting on weed could be used for better needs and i’ve been reading these forums for motivation and it has helped completely good because that’s how we people as one make it so god bless and hope everyone and everything work out fine

  26. Tracy you can do it you can find melatonin to help you sleep you can also take maybe some Advil PM to help you there are lots of over-the-counter medications that can help you sleep please 4 5 6 times a day and you don’t want to do that addiction easily to recovergo ahead and throw out any paraphernalia leftover marijuana and put yourself with people who care about you and want to see you do better I hope that I can help you with myWords incourage in words I will pray for you please pray for me god bless you and good luck on your journey

  27. hey Shaneas reading your comments and I wanted to tell you that I am very excited to hear that I am alone there’s people out there just let me know I’m very excited to hear your recovery process I’m so looking to getting today 5, 6 and so on, and you know it but thank for reading your post and putting things on there that are helping me cope with my situation god bless you and good luck my friend

  28. hello my name is crystal I’m trying to quit marijuana wonderful people around me who have open mindI thought that it wasn’t a problem it’s because it’s legal in so many states that its ok my parents smoke as I grew up I was taught marijuana is not a drug I realize I have been smoking pot then 20 years pray that people like me have someone in your life that cares enough to stop them before it’s too latemy whole world revolves around smoking pot whether it was first thing in the morning on the way to work my lunch break on the way homeand after supper before bedI recently took a trip to Colorado and spent every single day at a dispensaryI’m not sure if cold turkey what’s the best way to go but this is where I’m headed I hope all of you out there can find it in your heart and admit that smoking marijuana everyday all day is a problemI love to hear these comments where folks are saying oh no its not bad oh no I don’t have a problem but yet we all know this thing anywhere from 200 to 300 monthlythat’s a lot of money over the course of one year not to mention over the course of 20 years. I hope that all of us can stop and all of us realize that whether it’s heroin marijuana crack whatever its all the drug. I remember my mother used to tell me a story of how she smoked a joint on the way to the hospital when I was born I know I have had it in my system my whole life. my parents smoked every single day it was so important for my father to make sure he had the weed and it was the only way my parents could get along so they spent 35 years smoking pot together fighting like cats and dogs and now they’re their marriage is over my father lives in Colorado he is highly addicted to marijuana he smokes hash everyday and he can’t function without it I don’t want to be him. my fiance and his mother came to me 3 days ago and told me that I had a problem at first I ran away and hide all my weed so they could take it for me. that night I decided I was going to start drinking instead of smoking and I found myself in the back of a cop car without my fiance with out the people that care about me. I’m sure some readers will be laughing just as I did before and I pray that you either you slow it down gradually completely I wish you all the best and I hope that you will keep me in your prayers andyour thoughts. I understand that it is also medical or without a medical condition how can you justify it. I laughed and made fun of them when they told me that I needed help how can I need help for something that’s legal and medical. I have wonderful people around me and that’s all I need and I hope that you will have someone in your life that means more of you and getting high. Being happy and being with people that care about me isall I want in my life, getting rid of this terrible drug and this addiction is all I need. I lovemy wonderful fiance and that’s all I need and I hope that you all have someone in your life that means more to you God bless you on your journey and may God find you and help you he’s helped me and he loves youthanks for reading my comment I pray all of you out there. I hope someone can reach out to someone to help you if no one will I willI’ll be happy to help you I’ve been sweating. Not sleeping and not eating So for all of you quiting its just the drug. My God bless you all and keep you safe, besides do you really want to give all your hard earned money to some loser selling drugsI know my girl has recently got a boob job a brand new Mercedes and about $4,000 with the clothes in her closet thanks to me That was my boob job I want that Mercedes I’m In need of new Clothes and I will get it

  29. Thank you Shane for sharing your experience here! Let us know how you’re feeling and if there is anything we can help with…feel free to ask.

  30. I have been smokng fairly strong MJ for about 6 years everyday and a whole lot of it I have just turned 22 and thought now is a better time then ever to quit . I had no idea about the withdrawal symptoms that would follow as I stopped for 3 months last year and was fine .
    With this quit I also went cold turkey on Smokes so I was in for one hell of a roller coaster ride
    At first I was becoming extremely irritated over anything and I thought this is to be expected so I continued with my quit then pretty suddenly I started to find myself losing my mind completely for no reason all at once I would get
    – Neck pains
    – The weirdest headache ‘felt like i needed to remove the top half of my head and let some air in’
    – Heart palps / lasting hours but mostly at night time when I would usually be smoking .
    – sometimes even though its beating away like crazy It felt like my heart wasn’t there ?
    – I could barely feel my arms and legs ‘everything was numb’
    – Tingles throughout my face along with a numbing sensation.
    – Could not eat yet was incredibly thirsty /only way i could eat was if i washed the solid food down with water every bite i had.
    – blacking out almost daily
    – Lots of leg spasms ‘at night when trying to sleep’
    – Mild sleep apnea ‘forgetting to breathe everytime I tried to sleep’
    – Extremely sensitive to any sounds , almost everything made me want to snap
    – Could not focus on anything I found myself pretending to listen in most conversations
    – Zoning out constantly
    -Massive panick attacks where suddenly i couldn’t be still or close my eyes
    – The most intense nightmares ‘woke up six times in a nightmare over and over until actually waking up ‘I had to pinch myself and walk around to check if I was really back.
    – Mass discomfort in what I would normally call a pretty cozy bed .
    – I would get sick watching the trees pass if i went anywhere in a car.
    -Tried throwing away my relationship a few times because the thought of me ever being normal again seemed so far fetched.
    – was convinced that I had lung cancer / Diabetes / Irritable bowl syndrome and much more
    – The worst sweats I have ever experienced one second I am freezing yet my body s boiling hot

    Basically all of this was in the first 5 days and I am only getting better atm because I have seen that its MJ + tobacco withdrawal and I am not alone with my situation .
    Although I am starting to feel better on day 7 after reading this and making an appointment with my regular doc I am having doubts that I will ever fully be myself again.
    I had to bail on band practice because I couldn’t imagine me being able to play anything at the moment let alone be able to put up with the sound of drums or a distorted guitar .
    Basically the only thing that has made any impact on my emotional well being is reading the stories here and on other websites , knowing your not alone and that it will get better is what is keeping me going.
    I am lucky enough to have an extremely supportive clear headed partner who was able to link everything I am going through to withdrawel, because before she said anything about this i was convinced I was being pulled back into a bad mushroom trip i had experienced a month prior ,
    I hope that anyone going through this manages to keep it together long enough to reap the rewards with the way I am feeling at the moment I would rather get this out the way then to have another cone and deal with it another time Best of luck to all of you and i will post back in a few days with an update

  31. Hello. I am 25 years old and I am on day 7 of quitting weed. I smoked one time a day only at night to sleep. My problem is I don’t feel like I am here. I am doing daily things, but feel like it’s a dream or like I am high. What can I do to make it go away? The anxiety is killing me also. I don’t crave it and don’t ever want to do it again. I cannot sleep, but really had trouble sleeping to begin with. Any advice will help!

  32. So glad to hear my story could help. After starting a bunch of new hilarious hobbies (stock trading, tennis, volunteering) as you said “to preoccupy the mind while sober” I’m now just focusing on my relationships and what I personally find meaningful. I suppose that’s what’s life is about instead of always “doing” something. this created burn out for me and the need to wind down. I still do not have any cravings in the slightest and only used the supplements for withdrawal symptoms as they really had no benefit without the symptoms….in fact made me a little tired after one week. I hope you do have success. One note on the supplements; the one I took chilled me out while I read other ppl on webmd became manic. Must depend on your own brain chem ie. not a big fan of alcohol either must be our brain chem as many seem to love it. I myself know I react badly to supplements enhancing serotonin but not when I use precursors for dopamine for a short amount of time (1 week anything longer I feel lethargic). Glad you can see it’s not entirely hopeless (as I thought it was after trying to quit like 5x) Best news is this time I’m not “white-knuckling” it. Best of luck for your future 🙂

  33. Hi kash, reading your post above was like a breath of fresh air 🙂 we’re definitely singing from the same hymn sheet 🙂 I never in a million years would have thought about taking supplements and I’m going to now – anything at all to help 🙂 like yourself I’d have a lot of energy – I run, also really enjoy the gym 🙂 it’s great to hear that someone like myself, who loves weed can successfully come off it. Well done 🙂 and it is strange thinking of life not being a drug addict and depending so much upon something. It’s actually normal to me. I still can’t get around how I’m gonna preoccupy my mind when sober. And yes when I tried to come off weed before from the first bloody night I couldn’t sleep and like yourself u cannot afford to lose out on sleep so that makes me even more nervous to quit – we know exactly what’s coming. Plus I simply love the weed. I’m going to try those supplements starting the weekend 🙂 I’m not a big drinker so weed is just my thing. I smoke around the people who know me, I deny nothing ‘cuz I’m physically fitter than most people I know so if anyone says anything I just laugh at them to be honest 🙂 I turn very weird when I’m not stoned and I hate it. But on a happier note 🙂 it is definitely possible to successfully come off weed from hearing people’s stories and it makes me feel so much better 🙂 I think you came off the stuff ‘cuz you were ready and that will be me too in the non-too-distant future…please god 🙂 thanks for your story kash

  34. Hey Sas, def cutting back slowly is key. I also lived a productive life, finishing 2nd degree, excercise reg etc. which is prob why I didn’t see a problem. Everyone knew I smoked but come on sometimes you just don’t want to light up around your grampa, a little girl etc. I should add I’ve tried stopping in the past and not sure if you can relate but I couldn’t sleep and was kinda annoyed w ppl. I feared stopping again cause I couldn’t afford sleepless nights and just plain old missing weed. Just an update. I cut down, let one little bud last me 4 days just at night. (when that was done shamefully smoked the ashes) I then realized my addiction was physiological. I researched natural ways to boost dopamine (our reward center in our brain) I don’t want to promote any substances but I ended up taking an amino acid, from the health food store, a precurser to building dopamine in the body. I took the amino acid for 4 days and it gave me the same feeling as smoking minus the lethargy, smell, time etc.. Anyways, a week later I strangely don’t miss it. I don’t know if it’s just because I was ready or it’s like I reset my brain or something. I feel calm and chill. I now understand where my baseline is and it’s naturally calm. I was so wound up before due to being an overachiever and I needed weed to bring me back there. I’ve learned in this short week not to drink 2 cups of coffee and I need to practice yoga to not be so wound up rather than working, running, studying, socializing day in and out. My reward at the end of the day is now exciting fruits like dragon fruit, or raspberries and watermelon. I no longer take the supplement but it helped me reset my internal clock and I’m sleeping 8 hours a night. Getting sleepy at around 10 naturally. wout pot is crazy for me. If I knew about these supplements earlier and how successful it would be I would have quit a long time ago (I think, hindsight right?) It’s strange to live without dependence on something. I went for a walk in the woods the other evening (when I would have been blazing.) and smiled seeing a huge rainbow after sunset. I also started a new friendship. I think just cause I have extra time. Kind of exciting to think of what I’ll have with the extra resources after a year. Sorry this is long winded but want to share the light at the end of the tunnel w someone who gets it. Perhaps a supplement may help you too when you’re ready. : )

  35. Hi kash, and you’re right, I’m sick of spending 200 euro a month on weed. That’s a down payment on a BMW. Yes we could invest our time energy and money into something more constructive. We should practice what we preach too! This mental state has been apart of us for a very long time and it’s so so so hard to stop something you enjoy. I’m still not there yet

  36. Hi kash, I don’t hide my smoking from nobody. I work hard, train hard so people can judge all they like. If they don’t like it they can lump it. Cutting back for long time smokers like us is the best way forward I think, because were dependant and it’s too difficult otherwise I believe

  37. SAS, I came here bc I also am 29 yrs old smoking for 15 years. I also thought most of my life “why quit when it’s not really causing problems?” I also know exactly what you mean about the reward at the end of “everything” . Can I share w u y I’m stopping now? I recently looked my mom dead in the eyes and said, mom your not seeing the world clearly when taking that prescription (doc gave for myofibrosis) I asked her to take care of herself naturally. instead. As I said this I noticed I was a hypocrite. I also can’t be seeing the world clearly if I’m changing my brain chemistry with a substance. I became really honest w myself. Really I don’t want to be paying some guy $160 a month. Why not start a fund for future children, expenses, give to a shelter etc. I also would not be paying a friend to come drive by my house. I would be inviting them over purely for companionship. I also hate having a “secret”, dirty ashes on my table, talking to a dealer I’m not a big fan of if mine is busy, sneaking away to smoke when I went camping w a friend who didn’t and her daughter. I finally realize my life isn’t horrible because of it but I wonder how different it could be by spending the same amt of time, energy, and resources on the people I love and securing my future. It won’t kill you, the dopamine release makes you happy sure, but I hope for you (and myself) to find rewards through true love (love of friends, family, creating etc) rather than an artificially induced chemical release in the brain. – I don’t mean to preach but replying to an online comment I may have written myself a month ago is therapeutic and liberating. Best wishes wtv decision you make.

  38. Hi everyone. I’m 30 and smoking 16 years. I’m a daily smoker. Also a daily 10km runner. I’m an addict. Can’t function properly unless I have a reward at the end of everything I do – after work, after training after visiting family friends, after everything. I feel my day is ruined without it. I don’t drink love my own company being stoned. Have lots of friends too just very much in a world of my own tho. Why would I stop something I love I ask? I wish you all the best. The anger that 19 year old is feeling is anger at dealing with life as it is

  39. Hello Rashida. Marijuana (THC) is fat soluble and can remain in the system for weeks to months after cessation, especially after heavy dosing. You should feel normal at 6 months, but check in with a physician to rule out other medical causes of these symptoms.

  40. Hi , I have smoked Marijuana for a year .I’ve stopped smoking now almost 3 months … I have had anxiety attacks and also heart palpitations.i thought the heart palpitations was due to my menstrual ..which I do believe . Sometimes I feel okay like everything under control but sometimes I feel as if I breathe differently …is that apart of me detoxing? And also I do feel nausea ,so I try to drink as much water as possible and also cranberry juice . How long will it take til I’m over detoxing?

  41. Hi Linda. Professional help is an option, if he’s willing to ask for financial aid or some other kind of help. Don’t get yourself in the position of becoming an enabler, or taking responsibility for him, but look into sliding scale fees or programs that offer scholarships in your area. You can start by talking with a social worker to learn more about your options.

  42. My 19 year old grandson recently moved in with me and is trying to stop using marijuana, last night he had an episode of intense rage aimed at his younger brother and me, while in this rage he hit himself in his face , bashed his head into a punching bag that he was hitting, actually left swollen areas on his face, he said he blacked out after hitting himself. He has no insurance so putting him into counseling or treatment isn’t an option. This isn’t the first time he has tried quitting and gone into rages. Is there something we can do to get him through this withdrawal with out all the drama?

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