What happens when you snort heroin?

When you snort heroin, you quickly transport heroin via the sinus passages to the bloodstream, and to the blood-brain barrier. We review the risks fo this mode of administration here.

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Snorting heroin can cause overdose, death, and infectious diseases. In this article, we review more about snorting heroin and what this route of administration does to your body. While effective, we encourage you to weigh the dangers and risks of snorting heroin to get high.

If you have any questions about snorting heroin or getting help for heroin addiction, please ask them at the end. We will try to get back to you as quickly as we can.

What does snorting heroin do?

Heroin is a scheduled I narcotic, an illegal, illicit drug and one of the most dangerous drugs you can take. Heroin is not a drug that is regulated nor prescribed for medical purpose in the United Sates. Why? Heroin use is habit forming and can develop into physical dependency and addiction. But what does snorting heroin actually do?

When you snort heroin, heroin is absorbed into the mucous membrane of your nose and throat. It enters the bloodstream, and is carried to the brain. In the brain, heroin produces its major effects on the central nervous system primarily through interaction at specific nerve sites. Following a dose of heroin, the user generally feels an intense surge of euphoria (“rush”) accompanied by a warm flushing of the skin, dry mouth, and heavy extremities. The user then alternates between a wakeful and drowsy state.

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Is snorting heroin bad for you?

YES. Snorting heroin is bad for you because heroin use overall is bad for you. There is no benefit to heroin that outweighs the adverse effects or side effects of snorting heroin. There is a reason that heroin is illegal. Over time, heroin use can begin to damage your internal organs and alter brain chemistry. Specifically, adverse effects of using heroin can include:

  • confusion
  • depressed heart rate and breathing
  • depression
  • diarrhea
  • hallucinations
  • loss of consciousness
  • nausea/vomiting
  • reduced gastrointestinal motility (constipation)
  • seizures

Is snorting heroin dangerous?

Yes, snorting heroin is extremely dangerous. You can you never predict what will happen when you snort heroin, or even what has been added to the mix. The greatest risks of snorting heroin include overdose and possible death.

Many people will snort heroin because they think it will decrease their changes of infectious diseases. But when you share snorting implements, you can contract bacterial infections. Snorting is just another way that heroin is abused and can lead to an intense addiction to the drug. Treatments for heroin addiction, while out there, require time and commitment ; this is why it’s best to stop using heroin while you’re ahead. Early intervention leads to greater success in recovery.

Is snorting heroin effective?

While snorting heroin is effective in terms of effect. it’s not advisable to snort heroin. Taking heroin at all is not advisable. Heroin is not recommended for several reasons. It’s illegal, highly addictive, dangerous, and tears apart not only your physical health but your relationships. In sum, heroin can negatively affect all aspects of your life. No matter how you take heroin, it is never safe.

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Can you snort Heroin ?

People snort heroin to avoid the other hazards of heroin when injection is the usual route of administration. Many heroin addicts are aware of the dangerous of contracting HIV or other blood diseases and viruses in the body. So, they snort heroin to avoid this. But while Snorting heroin may decrease risk of some disease, it is still extremely dangerous. Heroin is a dangerous narcotic which is extremely addictive and harmful to the body. It is not worth taking heroin in any way to feel a high or self-medicate.

When you snort heroin questions

Do you still have questions concerning snorting Heroin? Please leave any questions you have in the comments section below and we will get back to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Around 1983 I was babysitting with a friend at her aunts house.

    She found a bag of white powder.

    About the quantity of a pouch if tobacco.

    We thought it was coke, though we didnt do coke or anything prior.

    We made two big lines and I went first.

    Before I finished mine I was having such a rush that I quickly reached over and cut hers to very small.

    I saw purple ufo’s in the room and felt very unpleasant and tried to wash out my nose and blow it out.

    And maybe vomitted but i forget.

    I really dont remember for a period but we must have gone to sleep.

    My question, was that heroin?

    Im ok. I avoided it and anything like it forever and all pills and didnt become an alcoholic.

  2. My boyfriend is a herion addict he was clean for 5 years and started again about 2 years ago. Of course lied to me until I found him overdosed in the bathroom. Now he is snorting it we have no relationship he won’t get help because I don’t know what I’m talking about. What do I do I love him but should I move on

  3. Idk what happened, how it happened… But I “died” a few times this past weekend. I’m heavy user cocaine powder, sometimes more than 1oz/wk. tapered off past 10 months (money’s gone)Sunday was given .5g, for me that’s little over 2 chubby lines… in my haste, didn’t taste. Immed after snorting realized something was “off”. Rubbed some on gums, def not coke, bf said I got scammed.15 min later began lovely, sweet fog I said “I feel something now…” BF speaking to me but his speech & image blur, his utterings gradually slowing but I realize it’s my heart slowing. Look @ him, say, “oh no, I think this might be ‘it’.” Boom. Cardiac & respiratory arrest.20 minutes later I opened eyes to EMT asking what drug I took. I explained while hearing my heart stopped,my breathing stopped, I was already nodding back off, barely hearing yelling to keep breathing, open my eyes. Another shot of narcan successfully reversed opioid action, again told I was brought back to life. 4-5 times. This was FIRST time I used this drug, and unwittingly at best. I’m more shocked than scared. You can DIE using heroin first time? Crazy. Feedback?

  4. Yeah I’ve fucked with boy from time to time, mixed it with meth several times blah blah blah. Danced with death to many times. Not yorth it. But all I wanted to say is idk how all you retards end up in jail, you blame the drug but really your all reckless retards who obviously don’t use instincts I was deep into constant binging on several hard drugs regularly and I don’t even have a misdemeanor on my record oh gee maybe it’s because I was real enough to never steal from people or betray them. I constantly worked and kept my jobs by using my instincts. Don’t blame drugs for you going to jail because it’s illegal, you go to jail because your morons who can’t survive in madness. It just bugs me that I’m the only one I know who did tons of drugs and ever went to jail or stole from anyone.

    1. Wow! You must be really proud of yourself for living such an admirable life. While all those idiots got caught maintaining a diseased brain.

    2. Your ignorant af . im glad ur a proud junkie i hope you dont habe children because they will learn from you and u justbsound so intelligent. Your sick . and since u have wrote this i bet uve been arrested no one gets away with it forever. Not tony montana, pablo escabar and elchapo etc. Good luck

  5. What can you take to stop vomiting after someone has snorted Heroin? No it isn’t a overdose it just makes them sick

  6. What should I use to flush my system from heroin? I have a urine and I want to be clean for it and will I be clean after 3 days? I weigh 145 lbs and I’m 5″1

  7. I think someone is lacing my food with herion or i have a serious health condition, i have thrown up twice in the last week i mean everything including all the acid in my stomach with very bad cramps, could this even cause these symptoms?

  8. @jay-jay you can and you will. I really recommend going into a hospital or at least being with a trained nurse / dr. You will feel like you have the flu, but the worst flu ever. You’ll need lots of liquids as you’ll be, um, exploding from both ends, if you get my meaning. The problem is that when humans dehydrate they need potassium (like bananas), but too much potassium can kill you (heart attack, usually). This is why I recommend a detox center or trained professional who can call 999/911. It would be stupid to die now, right? 🙂
    Everyone is different. My ex got on a plane from NYC to Spain, doing almost two bundles a day, and hasn’t touched it since. He said it felt like he had a cold for a week. I cry going down on methadone (I’m on 19 from 100mg), and I know I’m a baby.
    Honestly, I’m not sure what is in a bag these days; even if my son wasn’t with me, the fentanyl is a scary combo; my son needs me.
    Good luck. You can do it. (And, yes, you’ll always have “that voice”, but it will get fatter as you find a life without heroin).

  9. I was looking for photos for my blog (I just wrote a poem about when I was a heroin addict) and I found this. I’d like to thank you for writing an informative article on snitching heroin as a lot of us addicts / former addicts sniffed and it is just as addictive as a needle (I used a neti pot or sale to help absorb it more quickly, although that might’ve been psychological).
    I just want everyone to know that, yes, you can get and stay clean. It is not easy (I’m a total baby when it comes to withdrawal), but it can be done. I got on methadone, but if you’re not on pain pills I’ve heard Suboxone (Suboxine?) is good. See a dr or go to a methadone clinic and talk to them — you don’t have to be on their program; they just want to help.
    Good luck!
    Blessed Be,

  10. If a person has been using heroin for 6 months every day do you think they can stop and detox them self in bed at home. And how long will it take to get out of the system. think he can stop . He just has to really want to quit. He will definitely need lots of support its not gonna be easy but he can do it. The thought of getting high will always be there so he will have to be strong.

  11. Hello
    I️ am desperately trying to stop using, I️ am seeing a dr and have been given sub ozone which I️ have yet to start. After I️ snort my heroin about 2 hours later I️ begin to sweat profusely and 4 to 5 hours later I️ become naucious and throw up. Why is this happening so much later? I️ am now going to wait a day and start suboxone.

  12. This posting seems old now but I’d like to point out the bias a bit.. the entire article is negative towards the whole thing. I’ve done heroin for 5 years in that time I’ve been promoted at work twice started a long term healthy manogamous relationship and controlled my heroine use to not more then 1 gram every 2 weeks. Heroine is not the problem self control is. Like legally controlled substances like marijuana and alcohol if you miss use it it will control or take your life. Grow up and be an adult and if you choose to use be smart. Sniff only with clean sterile utenciles and keep isage low with 5 or more days in between to avoid addiction and withdrawal. Get a free narcan kit in case of overdose and enjoy the warm fuzzy sleeps heroine/morphine can provide. If you can’t control yourself like anything else in life stay away from it… not because it’s horrible but because you can’t control yourself with it. Thanks bye

  13. What medication can I say I took if I come up dirty with a urine test for heroin. What would give me the same result but is not Elle gal to take

  14. Hi. What EXACTLY happens after u snort heroin.. ACTIONS?does the user usually make lots of noise? Grunting.. moaning…sounds of slapping.. running into walls..

  15. I am not addicted to anything I am just trying to find this out for a family member. If heroine is snorted is it your system immediately or does it take some time to show up.

  16. I’ve snorted heroin like 25 times in the last 8 months not a whole lot at a time just like a tenth or less how long would it possibly not show up on a hair test

  17. I’ve been doing heroine for 3 years. I have a stable job a loving boyfriend and a great life. I use maybe .5 grams a week and have never felt the need to go over that. I sniff it as my preferred method of use. There are times I get Random chest pain or shocks in my body nothing to severe and I’ve been tested always coming back perfectly healthy. Every article online says heroine is horrible for you and will lead to heavy addiction and death. I think it’s all bullshit. I’m a living example of someone who can have a very productive life holding down a 6 figure paying job and a relationship. Life is what you make it and if you abuse anything it will lead to bad things. Take it responsibly snort do not inject. Have a partner you can do it with for added security and own your choices and enjoy it. All the research I’ve done over the years and not a single article ever stated that snorting it will kill you. Or lead to heart attack or infection or anything that injection leads to. Happy sniffing everyone 🙂

  18. My son overdosed on heroin by way of snorting. What caused him to bleed from the ear, nose, and mouth ? It was the first time that he had done heroin in about 8 0r 9 months. His girl friend found him on his back in the living room face was a blueish color and had a light pulse paramedics couldn’t get him back. They gave him 7 doses of what they use for a heroin over dose. Please let me know what you think caused this was it painful or not.

  19. Tell him they just found my boyfriends dead that had been sitting for days on the bathroom floor after just snorting heroin.

    get on suboxone treatment. using heroin has killed every user i ever met. and every family has gone through enormous pain – he can’t imagine how far it stretches.. i know it is hard, and i know after hearing that he may feel so guilty he wants relief. I advise to find a suboxone doctor and get an appointment asap. he wont be in bad withdrawals.

  20. I first started using heroin in 2012 for about a year then I went to jail for 2 yrs got out relapse went to addiction program got out relapsed again but this time I bin clean for 2 months I stopped cold turkey. I stop because I noticed I was starting to get panic attacks it got so bad it scared me so I got clean now I have panic attacks everyday and I don’t feel normal like my brain is messed up. So my question is why do I feel so scared all the time and I don’t feel normal like my brain is in over drive even when I’m laying in bed I’m really scared and don’t no what to do

  21. Hi, I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 8 months and have grown to love him, I recently found out he has been snorting heroin for about 6 years but the scary part about it is he still take care of everything at home he keeps himself up and always handles his business that’s why I had no clue and would’ve never thought all this time. He tells me he will stop using because he loves me and would do anything to keep me in his life including leaving the drug alone. But how would I know for sure he is clean?

  22. Ive NEVER been to jail because of heroin. I produced 10+ children before my heroin addiction and none of them have ever suffered lack of anything because of my addiction. Maybe im a freak of nature or wired differently. I have NEVER went through a complete WITHDRAWAL NOT EVER!!!!!! I’VE BEEN SICK a lot of times but never vomited because of withdrawal. I stopped once for about 4 months once. Ive NEVER EVER considered rehab because rehab didn’t start me snorting heroin. I wish everyone the best and I hope your life story ends with HAPPINESS! !!!!!!!!! Hopefully one day I will stop completely but until then I refuse to allow myself to dclowningestroy love ones lives because of something I ignorantly started doing. Y’all keep it simple and self respectful.

  23. Hello. Not saying heroin has been the best thing ive ever done nor am I recommending. But all these horror stories that im reading is so FREAKING NUTS TO ME… Losing your job; home, car, etc. Un FREAKING believable! !!!!!!!!!! I’ve been snorting heroin since my daughter tragically passed away over 20 years ago. It hasn’t been the best thing but hasn’t been the worst EITHER! !!!!!!!! Never sold my soul, body, nothing out of my house or stolen anything for it.

  24. Hi am a male and I keep having this question and I be searching for it but so far no luck

    I was snorting heroin for one year now I am clean for two months and I be having sexual contact with my wife is there any risk if by any chance she get pregnant will the baby born okay will the baby be healthy

  25. My son passed away the day after Christmas, 2016. He was only 23 years old. He snorted this evil monster that entered his life. What he didn’t realize is that once it entered his life, it entered his whole family’s life. He always said that snorting is a lot safer. It only keeps you safe from catching HIV, HEP C, or anything else from a needle. Snorting is still just as dangerous. He went to rehab a couple different times, but the monster came back. He stayed clean for several months after the second rehab, and on Christmas day he must have felt that he needed it. Now we are without him. He is a great guy and would literally give you the shirt off of his back. He always asked if you needed help, even if he had to help in pouring rain. I’m his mom, who is still married to his dad, he has a brother and a sister. He did not come from a broken family, so that isn’t an excuse for anyone. Think of your life, your family and your friends. If you fee the pressure, you can always go to someone other than this monster. I told my son that he could come to me, and he did. But not this time. Don’t let anyone feel the pain that I am going through. If you feel the urge, immediately find someone who you can go to. I pray for all of you. Please don’t end up like my son. You are all loved. Remember that. God Bless!

    1. Hi, Mommybof2. I’m really sorry for your loss… Hope your message gets to our readers.

  26. Hi my name is shelly. I’ve known my husband for 25 yrs, he’s been addicted to snorting herion for years I know for a fact that he wad clean for 5yrs. He broke his arm 3 months ago and was taking perks he quit but he look like he’s snorting herion again. He says he’s crushing up perks and snorting it but he looks like he’s high off herion nodding all the time, not eating solid food only cereal ir anything sweet.oh and throwing up all the time he won’t sleep it’s like half sleep and half woke just nodding all the time. Can perks make you do that.

    1. Hi Shelly. I suggest that you make him do drug testing just to be sure he’s not using heroin. Also, snorting percocet is a way of abusing the drug. So, in his history of addiction, keep in mind that he might become addicted to Percocet.

  27. Hey im 14 and unintentionally snorted heroin. It was insane after i snorted it i was so fucked up it was more intense than anything i have ever done i had two glasses of wine then i snuck into my brothers room and saw a bag with a pebble looking thing in it i took a tiny amount and smashed it and snorted it. Big fucking mistake. I fekt like a zombie i tried to masturbate but i couldnt gef hard for the life of me. I then passed out on my bed woke up at 1 got up to get some water then threw up the second i laid back down this continued a further 3 times until i wooke ip at 5 and couldnt go back to sleep then i realised a scratched the shit out of myself. Could i of died from this?

  28. tried to give an honest ex addicts opinion that this page is far to’drugs are bad’ and not enough drugs are gonna be abused so learn risk reduction if your snorting stay away from fentnyl and be happy your not shooting it…. and dont start its not worth it kids are gonna find drugs just aducate them on risk reduction dont just say dont do it they wont listen

  29. I just want to thank you for the information. My friend said you couldn’t overdose by snoring it. He was doing great. But got back on it. He about died last time. I’m praying he will stop. He has a family. And she’s ready to leave. It’s so sad.

  30. Hello my best friend just died on january 16th from sniffing heroin. She did it cause she had alot of back pain. Is what ppl told me. I just wish I knew cause I would of tried to get her help. Ppl this shit is no joke. Try and get clean. Cause it’s a serious drug that cn kill u.

  31. Hi. I am clean for a while now but my girlfriend recently relapsed and is actively using. I happened to kiss her today and I could taste the heroin in her mouth. But now I have a drug test tomorrow afternoon. Is this something I could possibly test possitive because. I am worried cause I could vividly taste. I didn’t feel any side affect or anything like that but I’m still not sure. I have about 12 hours before my test from the time I kissed her. What should I do if anything.

  32. I need help with this addiction I have with this drug me and my loved one to we need help I sniff it and he does it differently then I do when I don’t have it we are sick as a dog

    1. Hi Sara. If you are looking for addiction treatment and do not know where to start, call our trusted treatment hotline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you and your loved one.

  33. ive been snorting it daily for some time now to the point where im using a ridiculous amount, so im thinking about shooting. i enjoy snorting but cant afford to keep this up, or i will burn through my savings. i dont want to quit if i don’t have to so shooting it seems like the thing to do now,however I do not want to do something i regret. So is there any reason i should NOT do this, considering that I’m already quite addicted mentally and physically? will i become more addicted, or make withdrawal symptoms worse? in three months i WILL quit because i will be going back home where I dont even know how to get the stuff, so couldn’t use even if i wanted to, which im grateful for. so im wondering if theres any reason I should not start shooting now.

  34. When i have a small line of H i get bad stomach aches and become constipated. If i have anymore i will start spewing. Is this normal?
    Why does it happen?

  35. my husband is a user of heroin i have tried so many times to get him off the drug he tells me hes not doing it anymore but always leaves for hours and cant explain where he goes he tells me he works and gives me money for bills so its not that bad he has it under control i dont think you could ever have drug use under control he wont go to rehab and i dont know what to do anymore can anyone please help me any advise ill take thank you

  36. My boyfriend I thinking is getting high again he went to prison for 5 years and did great in there and when he came home he did so good he had 10 years over his head but he got off one year later and still did good for 4 year after got round the wrong people and I think that he back out there he was big now he got back to well he was 275 now he 254 he try to put it on me that I don’t cook like I did when he first came home which I dont but I don’t think it me I just think it him his self and he getting high what do u think?

  37. I .. just had open heart surgery and I’m curious on if snorting any drug willing to the bloodstream and cause a bacterial infection

  38. To Stacy, I would be glad to help you. Anyone seeking help may email me as I am trying to give back for all the help I have gotten. I hope everyone on this comment section finds peace and sobriety. god bless

  39. Hi I have just found out that my husband of 16 years has snorted heroin he told me he has had it a couple of times we have 4 kids when I found out I kicked him out I had to put my kids first was just wondering if he could be addicted to it he said he would do anything to get us all back nosure what to do

  40. I have a suspicion that my husband is using drugs, possibly heroine. These are the things I notice EVERY time I think he has done something…He will go into the bathroom, I can hear a click or popping noise. He then exhales quite loud and burps and often times coughs. When he comes out of the bathroom he has a slight smile, an indifferent attitude and instantly lays done on the couch. He seems euphoric and drowsy. Is this possibly heroine or something else? I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do. I know something is not right.

  41. Hello i just foound out a love one is sniffing heroin she pregnant! We dnt know how far and neither does she but far like atleast 6months. Now i had a feeling she was doing pills again bc she was broke alot but i stoped associating with her with a big blow out bc shes so fucking diffucult and full of drama. Well that niggt she called me and told me. Im the only one who knows shes beendoing it for 7months everyday. She says to give her 2 weeks to try to ween off on subs than she’ll go into rehab . shes really worried about dyfs but i know she knows this is insane and just fucking terrible and wants to get clean otherwize i would have been the last person to tell. Anywho what i really wanna know is after i give her these two weeks to clean it up how do i know she actually stoped like whats the signs and can she even detox that quick while being pregnant!. Long story short im lost here

  42. I know that these forums are meant for questions about yourself but i am looking for help for someone i love and care about so very much….this person has been addicted to h probably years before we ever even met.when we did meet this person was clean and stayed clean for some time.but i know that isnt the case right now he broke down and came to me and tho he is not using on a daily basis the addiction is still there…he wants to get help tho he dont know how…he lost his job came close to loosing his family and everything he loves and holds dearest to him…and like i said he hasnt and wasnt using on a daily basis sometimes he would go a month or 2 without touching it..i have never been an )addict…most ive ever been addicted to is smoking cigarettes. Therefore i dont really know how to help him and the rehabs around here are a joke…for one if u dont have good insurance that covers 100 % they kick u out after u detox unless u pay over a thousand dollars a month so u detox and get thrown right back out on the street without treatment or anything which is a waste its and joke i just want to help him help himself because he really wants to stop and do right and im sure everyone knows u can only help someone that wants to be helped any ideas im sure would help….

  43. Hello, my name is Suzanne. I mean they snort heroin for pain relief. is only so many Norco and Oxycodone and dilaudid and morphine that you can do. my body acclimates to medications very fast. in fact the first time I snorted heroin was 3 days ago, and I’ve noticed that I have to keep increasing the dosage but I won’t do it in fear of overdosing. I hate being high so that’s not why I do it I legitimately have pain issues I have a 9 centimeter tumor on my spine. now what do you guys think if I’m not doing the gram a day or six grams a day what do you think about someone doing it for significant pain relief?

  44. Wondering this. My friend hasn’t used anything besides subutex in 4 months. Has done amazing. She snorted a tiny line of heroin around 2pm today. Maybe half of .1 mg.. is it inher ssystem at all and if so for how long? She swears to never touch it again but shes freakin out cuz she has a drug screen tomorrow… she should pass right? We we r curious as to how long it takes to even get into system once you snort it

  45. My boyfriend had snorted heroin for years. Has was ckean several times throughout. He also did cement work as well (not wesrig masks etc at certain job sites) hadnt smoked for over 25yts. Duringuse he was diagnosed with COPD. He of course nevr rutinely saw Dr did what supose to, was also hospitalized for heart rate 182. Shpuldve beentaking a blood pressure/heart pill ,,again never did follow ups or took medication. Last time around being clean, he started smoking Kool cigarettes. Well sadly to say one night last February he died. Suddenly dropped on the sidewalk and that was it. I know he ws usig again ( i know how his use worked pretty much his habbits if it) just was told it was heroine toxicity. Now i know he did snort some earlier that day and days prior, he was grabbig some when this happened however i just kniw he didnt do it right there on that block where he got it. I kniw he just didnt do that, he would’ve went avk to car or house. He wasn’t dioesick and needed it he wasnt grabbing so he had for next day. I was just told thats what killed him. I am very confused because i know him, his hows. I kniw poice want to bust people. Originally the autopsy showed enlarged heart and they were thinking he cardiac arrest or if COpd pkayed a part. He had been,having more trouble in recent weeks then normal and untilafter his dealth me,looking it up the symptoms are similar butbwere signs if heart failure. My question is heroin toxicity, ifusing alot for a few days could tat use cause his health issues to kill him even though tbwas provoked frothe heroin use?? Im just having touble accepting hes gone let alone that tis is why. I truly in my heart dpnt believe he overdosed. I know he didnt. What he hd on him the police already said ws not a lethal or toxic dosees. Thank you in advance for any help.

    1. Hi Michelle. I’m really sorry for your loss. I suggest you speak with a coroner about your concerns.

  46. Ok so I was prescribed Watson 10/650 one tablet 6 times a day for my pain o have from a bulging disk and pinched nerves 8 years ago the pain started from a accident that was caused while I was in the military and I refused the surgery so when I was relesed by the army for Injures I continued to take the medicine never abusing them I would take them as perscribed all was well until they stopped prescribing them to me about 2 years ago I started on a suboxone treatment to deal with the withdrawal and it worked it worked so well that I thought everything would be fine … WELL and that’s a big well !! I joined a basket ball league and injured my back to were I could not move spazems and numbness in my arms and neck the pain was unbearable and was affecting my job that I went to the doctor and he prescribed me gabapentn but it did it work for the pain I contained to try everything but did not want to go back to pills but I had no choice since I was taking suboxone the first time I took a narco I did not feel anything so I took more I took like three at a time I was only taking about a pen top size of my strip so I felt the narco the good ole feeling back again so after about a year I was back at it again taking my narcos now for pain I could not get them prescribed so I was buying off the street for 8 bucks a pill I was easily spending 960 a month until I was introduced to heroine a drug I never thought I would touch because it was nasty I would see people on tv with needles in there arms and a belt around the arms and be discusted so when I seen this powder that seems so harmless just a powder my so called Freind said Man your spending a thousand a month man you could buy a gram for a hundred and it will last you 2 weeks Mabe longer and the felling would be like taking 8 or 9 pains at once and since it was a opioid I figured it would take my pain away .. I was sold !! It seemed to good to be true so I snorted it and I was hooked as soon as I tasted that powder dripping down my throat it felt like the devil changed into Jesus and gave me a big hug !! being that I was already broke from spending all my money on those pills I figured I would just do a small bump when I got up and a small one when I went to sleep Well that was the worst mistake I could have ever made in my life just 1 month after I started using I went from buying a 50 bag (1/2g) that would last me about 4 days To snorting a 100 dollar bag (1gram) a day so no I’m doing about a gram and a half in a day in a matter of 6 months !! So now I’m back to spending 3 times more money a month then what I was spending when I would buy my pills so went from 930 a month to 2000 a month !!! So now I’m still in pain and I can’t even go back to taking my pills because of I don’t have a H in twelve hours I am in withdraw and I used to be able to take one narco and I would be fine once I was in withdraw I bought a 30 milligram oxy snorted it and still was withdrawing so I snorted another and still felt shitty I guess now my tolerate is so high pills don’t work any more . Well last week I started my suboxone again I waited of course to go into withdrawal and took a sub scared as hell thinking I was gonna go into pre withdraws but I did not but I tell you what the first three days sucked was not dying but the cravings were strong so strong that I kept snorting hoping I would still have some H stuck in my Nasel cavity and I could taste it and getting the H is so easy for me to get since one of my employees sells it how bout that one of my guys that works in the field for me is my dealer SMH even is I was broke he would give it to me knowing that I would pay him sometimes I would even give him extra hours for some …. Aghhhh I can go on and on and on about this terrible cycle is people who are dealing with this because our doctors stopped prescribing my pills that I never abused even after 6 years not once did I abused them but here we are even after all we lose Freinds Family Money Jobs I have lost a lot of Money and had two friends die one from suicide and the other a heart attack and all have to do with drugs ! all in the last year and a half Rip my buddy’s wish y’all could have got help . We are treated like criminals just because of this disease by people who don’t know nothing about addiction that just turn there backs on you if you don’t stop . don’t you think we wanna stop !! if I could wake up in the morning and not think of a pill or now my powder or sub I would give anything for that feeling of freedom Once again I need help …. Some one to talk to mabe I need to join a meeting rm I just don’t know where to start and my sub doctor just prescribed it to me but has no clue what to do with the emotional side of this addiction problem ok ok I’m done sorry for the long post it’s just I’m tired of this and I want to start living a normal life and be the right dad for my kids .. Love all y’all who are dealing with this monster and the onces who listen and help .. By the way I’m in Houston Texas where the H is everywhere now..

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Xavier. You may call the helpline on our site to contact our trusted treatment consultants who can help you find a program that fits your needs.

  47. Please help ive only been snorting heroin for a little over a year and im terrified of overdosing and dying in my sleep dying period i dont even remember how or why i started ive always been an addict since i was a teenager but ive never tried heroin till i got in my thirties i want to stop but i can seem to stop myself from not wanting to go get it when i wake up plz help me find help where i live that my insurance will help with.

    i watched my cousin die twive from overdosing on heroin and they gave her that shot to bring u back if i hadnt been there both times she would be in the ground i havent touched the drug since july of 2016 and its coming up on july 2017 i was snorting the same stuff that overdosed her and i knew rite then it could have been me and if she would have died i probably would have went to jail for the rest of my life to the people who arent on it plz never pick it up its true it will end ur life ur relationships with others i never want to see the shit again in my life because watchin somebody dying rite in front of u and u dont know if they will live or not is a very scary thing and for family and friends of addicts plz dont give up on them if u love them cause u might be the only one this person has to save their life i wish everyone on here the best of luck to get away from this drug godbless

    1. Hi, Stacy. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

    2. Hi Stacy. Call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7. You will speak to a sympathetic, well-trained individual who can help you find a reliable recovery program that will meet your treatment needs.

  48. When I snort herion it takes my breath, my chest hurt,& difficult to breath to were I have to buy a assume pump off the street & the only one that works for me is blue. I want to get a assume pump from a doctor but I doubt they will give me one onces they find out I need one cuz herion takes my breath to where I can’t breath by me using a assume pump for that is it more damaging? What drugs are in the herion to effect me like that it? To were my chest hurts, can’t breath, & chest is tight.

  49. Hi i wanted to know what would happend if i snorted heroin for the first time never try that i gone to reabilitation but i left cocaine but then recently i had a friend who had heroin issues she inject it an cant leave it i guess its my first time but what would happen i tried other things but not heroin

  50. Hi Lluvia.

    Heroin is powerful and attractive because of the way it makes us feel.

    It is MUCH easier to quit heroin at the point you’re starting to notice a problem instead of waiting for months or years later. How can you do this? With the help of a psychologist or addictions specialist. There is much to explore about why heroin works for you, what possible trauma has occurred in the past, and how to live life without it….and it’s difficult to do alone.

    Do you have someone that you can reach out to? If not, call the helpline telephone you see on this page. I wish you all the best!!!

  51. Hi , idk if this is important at all but i recently started on this stuff & I wouldn’t consider myself an addict but I’ve recently found myself doin dope almost daily or whenever I have it even if it’s not a social thing . I also have a family past of addiction but when I’m not on it I feel like I’m gonna loose my mind & I also love the feeling but idk what to do or what can help me stop cause I don’t wanna take chances or have to rely on anything to make myself feel better or to make myself feel calm I guess & I really hate the comedowns .
    Any advice will help .. thanks .

  52. I will be bringing someone to rehab tomorrow . In order for this person to get admitted he has to come up hot. So now its been about 3 days since he has used. So now he has to use before they except him So how much and how long before I take him will it take for it to show up in his urine.

  53. So if your throat burns for only a second, does that mean u might have poison in ur dop bag? or is that a normal siddafect from snorting the dop?

  54. Hi there I been with my husband for about 7 years first he started with opiates now is snorting heroin. He is in a methadone clinic and still uses every now and than.I just seen blood yesterday on him something i never seened is that normal, and can you be on methadone and use.

  55. I am a recovering addict and have been drug free for 5 years. Weekly random drug screening for my career has helped. My boyfriend also an addict relapsed 5 months ago and started snorting heroin. I was not aware at first as it was never my drug of choice. He has since quit again but I had a hair test and tested positive for opiates, specifically 6-mam – heroin. I have never done it myself but all the research states that I cannot get it from him that way. Is there any medical studies done to prove that this is a possibility. Everything I read says no but I know Ihave never done heroin. Anatomically it would make sense that if the drug is in the sinuses and I am kissing him intimately that I would be getting some of the drug. I need documentation.

  56. I od d. On Herion 2 days ago I have never shot up just liked the snorting effects it has been like a week since I did it and 2 days ago I bought some and did 2 bags 20 dollar bags and soo I snorted felt like heaven went to lit a cig and blank blacked out and then woke up with me neighbor pounding on my chest and the paramedics just shot me in the ass with this overdose shot. I came back to life and the bring me to the hospital and I left I didn’t even waNa get checked I know that’s dumb on my part but I didn’t want them to know it was Herion because I had vic scripts laying around my house and told them that was the issue why I oded. Be safe guys im using again today not 2 bags but idk it’s hard to kick. I will eventually though it’s coming to the point where I havnt got a choice God bless you all and for those who continue to use. Use a little less if it doesn’t seem to help in the next 10 min use a lil more don’t go big right off rip PEACE and much love

  57. My boyfriend has been snorting heroin as a result of our last breakup and I’m really worried about him , he says he’s only done it twice but is that too many ? I’ve never thought he’d do something like that but it has me so upset I don’t know what to do. Is he addicted

  58. My son has been snorting heroin, he says for 2 to 3 days a week. He recently stopped, what are the chances of him having minimum withdrawal symptoms?

  59. This girl who was my “best friend” told me that she was pregnant, but my friend has dated her and told me she has an addiction to snorting herion. He even started paying for it. They now broke up but anyway back to my point she was always feeling nauseous having anxiety attacks even throwing up. I wonder if it was that she was pregnant or snorting herion behind my back and lied to me saying that she was pregnant. We are no longer friends. But I think she needs help. Whenever she gets anxiety she would buy Xanax. I just don’t know what else she’s done behind my back. One day she signed into her Facebook on my phone and she never signed off and I went on my app and I saw messages about cocaine. That’s when I thought what she was really doing.. We used to smoke weed together all the time but I guess while we weren’t together she was doing other drugs…

  60. Hey, I have a question I’m on IOP, I just got out of detox Wednesday been clean for 10 days and the day I got out at around 830-1am I sniffed 3 bags and I have a drug test Friday. If I drink a lotta of water and use exercise to sweat it. I usually have a fast metabolism and I weigh 146 and 5’6 so basically I have like a little more then 34 hours depending on what time they test me I go in at 10am-2pm, please answer back thank you.

  61. I have been having good unprotected sec with a girl who used to be a heroin addict and she says she never injected just snorted it (not that I believe her cause she lied about doing it all together) but if she just snorted it should I be worried about any diseases like HIV

    1. Hi Jake. HIV cannot be transmitted through snorted heroin. If you worry and suspect she’s telling the truth you can get an HIV test. They cannot give you results immediately and you’ll have to wait a period of time to know for sure, but it is the responsible thing to do.

  62. My mother is a heroin addict start uses when she couldn’t get any pain pills from her doctor she has serve arthritis someone told her it would take the pain away just recently moved her back to Michigan and I’m catching hell trying to find her drugs, I’m tired made her a doctor appointment hoping he can help with just pain pills. My mother is 76 years old said if you don’t get her medicine as she call it she will die, my question is will she

  63. Can sniffing heroin make your forearm swell up. But they are not using a needle but I noticed that he’s straching it as well he said he got bit by something but that’s hard to believe please tell me know something soon thanks

  64. Hi ..I’ve been snorting for 8 years ..only had to get sick once ..but I want to get clean ..super scared of withdrawal..if I put my pinky in my nose I can feel a big hole that goes to my other nostril..Will that hole ever close when I am clean ??

  65. Today, heroin is not as potent as 6-7 years ago, today it’s cheap,mixed with anything,withdrawal symptoms is weak, the quality of the drug’s strength has been cut in half, a person today
    probably spends more for a product to achieve that euphoria(chasing) ,today a person gets lucky to find 60% purity. In Cleve they cut it so bad u can taste the chemicals

  66. After snorting heroin how much time do i have until it is able to be detected in a urine test……??I snorted 2 bags 15 minutes before a test….. Will i be negative considering the fact that the urine that was given was already in my bladder and ready to go.. Please answer asap. Thank you

  67. heroine is the very dangerous .it is a risc .am an addict
    those people has sniff heroine their life is in danger

  68. Why does heroin cure my bad breath? I’ve had bad breath coming from my nose for a year now and when I was introduced into snorting heroin, the symptoms went away.

  69. ive probably been snorting heroin for about 3 months total but like 3/4 times a week every like 2 weeks…but i dont feel like im addicted because i can stop whenever and not feel bad about it ive even flushed some down the toilet because im scared ill get addicted….does this mean im really not addicted to it? im just worried because i like the buzz but i know when to quit?

  70. Hi Derrick. Self-detox for heroin is difficult because of the cravings; I’d suggest that you seek help with a detox clinic or a psychotherapist. You need a plan and encouragement!

  71. Can snorting heroin cause heart palpitationso or heart attacks i been getting palpitationsa they have been real hard and bad and last one was while i was sitting

  72. Snorting heroin as an addiction is bad. Doing it sparingly is fine. Most people don’t have that much self control. I sure dont

  73. Hello Chris. The worst symptoms of heroin withdrawal are pretty much better by 4-5 days, but some symptoms, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, leg kicking and cramps may persist for weeks.

  74. I have recently found out that my daughter father is usiing H when i found out it broke my heart the only thing i could think about was my Daughter and how she did not deserve to grow up without a father in her life so i had to stay strong for her i have read almost all of the comments and can relate to all of them i want to help him but i really dont feel as tho there is any hope i want to feel that it is but this is such a powerful drug i watch him go through the withdraws and i think maybe he wont want to go throught this again he is going to rehad tomorrow and promises that he will complete the program i can only pray and keep showing him that i am there for him but this is the last time i dont want to give up on him but i have been going through this for two years now it started with pills and now H

  75. I use to sniff heroin over sixteen years ago. I loved it and thought I would never overcome this demon. I did. I want to give others hope knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel. One must give it time and be strong. I am on Subutex and it works wonders. I have been on and off methadone for over a decade prior to Subutex. I encourage anyone with a dependency to seek help and get this monster off your back.
    I now live a normal, illegal drug free life. I used to think I would never turn down some good heroin. Now I am more aware and mature to realize this is a poison and consumes lives. Don’t give up people. It starts right now. God Bless the heroin crack and alcoholics around the globe. There is a better way to live and still have peace and contentment.

  76. What if you know of someone found heroin, but they’re in denial but you want to help them get away from it? They won’t admit to you that there use how would you catch them?

  77. Hello Sergio. This article is intended for those who snort heroin. Also, instead of saying “heroin is bad, just don’t do it” we try to explain the side effects, risks and damages snorting heroin can cause. And, I’m sorry, but I believe there is just no “safe” way to snort this drug.

  78. Articles like this that just talk about how bad heroin is and to not do it at all are not very informative at all . People are going to use heroin whether this article says it’s great or horrible for you . So in order to reduce the risk for people , why not explain the safest way to use it . It doesn’t have to be glamorized and they can still explain how either way you use it is not safe , but it will reduce the risks of newer users dying . This article contains information that you can find anywhere else or even by asking a parent , and they will give you the same lame answer ” heroin is bad , don’t do it !”

  79. I been snorting heroin for bout a year everyday an got to programs a week ago but i used today lik 5-10$bags an got a blood test in a day an a half will it show up in my blood..thanks for ur help

  80. my dad used herofor 15 years and died in 2010. I loved my dad like nothing else and still do. But heroin is not fun. He was always depressed but when he was high it was as if he was a different person. He died from a heart attack after snorting. He was the nicest man in the world. But when he needed to get high, he would pawn all of my video games. It didn’t make me sad. Maybe i should’ve been, and maybe he would’ve stopped. I still remember hearing him vomiting from withdrawals in the middle of the night. My mom divorced him and it kinda ruined our family. He died a week after Christmas. And on that Christmas he managed to use his money he worked for to buy us gifts. It seemed like he was getting better. Ironically he called me a night before he died and told me he loved me.

  81. Alright, this article is fucking stupid. You can tell it’s a highly biased article, Why is snorting heroin bad for you? “Its bad for you because heroin use overall is bad for you”. What kind of answer is that? Whoever wrote this has no idea what the hell heroin is, and gathered their information from other places on the internet that are just as arrogant. There should be articles about damage prevention from drugs, not someone ranting about how snorting it is bad because heroin is bad. Jesus. Heroin use is not all that bad, it has a lot less damaging chemicals than meth or cocaine has. Smoking heroin is the least damaging route of administration. Furthermore, heroin is just diamorphine, so how are you going to say that it has all these bad adverse effects on the body? Morphine is medically prescribed, heroin is derived from morphine during one simple chemical process. Heroin comes from a plant. I hope people out there do more research on drugs, there’s a lot missing from this article.

  82. I am 29 been using since my mom died a little over a yr ago. I was first perscribed to percoset for back pain but one day ran out and friend had asked me if i wanted to try dope, i dont know why i did, but i tried it. It started out as twenty bags forty bags now,I snort it about a half a gram a day I got my bf into it too we want to quit i have 1 40 mg tab of me thadone and five suboxine will we need more to ween off? Should I get on a clinic? If u get on a clinic do they take children away? I just want help? We cant do it alone.

  83. How badly will snorting heroin over a five month period damage my throat; and, if I quit, will my throat return to normal?

  84. My boyfriend of 8 years and my daughters father has been on H from about 20’s till now 42! He sniffs it and I can’t take it anymore!! In 8 years he has only been able to stay clean for a year. That was the 2010 and I have tried to get him help, I have sat through sooo many NA meetings with him, I have thrown him out, and soooo much more! I put him out in July for almost 4 weeks and he was living out if his car! He promised me again that he wanted to do the right thing and get help it’s a week in a half now and he has been going to meetings everyday but is yet to get a sponsor. He is currently taking suboxen. How long will he need to take this for? Should I continue to keep trying to help him??

  85. Im 30 Years old had a heart attack last year, doctor said it was cholesterol but they asked me if I had done cocain I said yes 2 week prior been off the stuff ever since. I was also doing 30 mg percs very expensive habit and when I couldn’t afford that my old high school friend said I should just do dope…Stupid decisions lead to bad consequences. So I snorted it first and then I was curious to see how it felt if I shot it up and it was an awesome feeling and I got hooked right after that…Then came the problems….I was stea,ing my fathers checks and heloing myself to his money. I stole about 4k and I had pawned my mothers jewelry…I feel so ashamed at myself because even though I did that they still love me and want me to get better. My dad bailed me out from the pawn paid 2500 for everything..So I deleted a bunch of numbers and went to a suboxon clinic. I am currently taking 1 1/2 of suboxon dailey and go fill my script once a week, I know I can’t beat this addiction alone but with some help from counclers and family I should be able to srtay away from this horrible drug and regain my life back…My license is suspended and car is in tow garage. This after once month of H use….PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY THE HELL AWAY..It will own your life and you will suffer greatly thanks…

  86. I know some 22 year olds that have been hooked on H for a few years as a result of getting hooked on prescribed pain meds and not getting new prescriptions. When they can’t get methadone or other medication they have no choice but to get h to stave off the sickness. Definitely a ducked up cycle and a growing epidemic in Colorado especially among the young.

  87. Hello,

    I have a question if this even works and anyone receives this I dont know. But here goes, I suffer from extreme back pain, Ihave been proscribed Norco, i only take them at night to sleep or maybe during the day if the pain Is Really bad. My boyfriend has had problems with addiction. He recently has gotten into heroin, he use to inject the drug in his arm. But has stopped that. He has always taken my norco and I run out way before my next script…so im without…for the longest time he would substitute and get me other pain meds. Percocet or buy norco off the street. Then he came home with a powder…to make a long story short he came clean and told me the powder he was getting was heroin. I would snort a pack at night and slept all night and pain free. I notice my tolerance is higher…when I have my proscribed pain meds I dont want or need the heroin. I dont ask for it or anything my body doesn’t need it. But when im out of my meds thats all that he can get and I snort a line before bed. I dont use during the day at all but almost every night I sniff it. I know this is so terrible and I should just keep my pain meds to myself but I can never seem to tell him no. So my question is… I have had some extreme heartburn the last few days. I have been using way longer than that but I was wondering if that could be caused by sniffing it (from long term use) and just recently having these symptoms. I also have been put on a new blood pressure medicine and it could be that too. But I was wondering if the heroin use would cause it too. Also can I do damage to my body by only using at night and only doing a pack. I DO NOT USE ANYMORE THAN THAT EVER! im just worried the damage I could be doing to my own body.

    A response would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  88. I have been snorting heroin for about a year now I quit for 7 months I recently started back up four months ago I do not inject but I do sniff I can’t even go 24 hours without a bag I get sweats I can’t sit still I can’t think…I want to quit using but when I stopped I cannot deal with the withdrawal I do not know what to do I do not want to die because I use heroin I’ve been doing a lot more recently apart of heroin use to last me one week now its gone in a day or two its taking my money ruining my life and I don’t want to wait for to kill me if you have any advice please I need to get away from this devil drug

  89. how long will heroin stay in the system of a female that’s 167 lbs 5″7 . If she did 13 dime bags total on Thursday last one was at 10pm .. because she has an important urine test on Monday

  90. Hi Jam. Thank you for your question. “Nodding off” is used to describe the high of heroin. The best way to describe it is like “nodding” in and out of semi-consciousness. It’s state of repetitive falling asleep for 30 seconds to a few minutes, and then suddenly snapping into full wakefulness. People usually find themselves “nodding off” in very uncomfortable positions, since they were not planning or expecting to be sleeping! The term is sometimes associated with opiate-based pills, but generally it is specific for being high on heroin.

    The nodding usually begins quite fast when snorting heroin. Within a few minutes, but it can come with a delay, too.

  91. Hey just wondering, I know someone who used for three years about. And he quit. He used four suboxines in his process. When will he have that drug completely out of his system where he doesn’t feel any symptoms any longer? (Hes been off for about 13 days) Thanks!

  92. Hello Kyl. Thank you for sharing. I wish you a speedy recovery and a life drug-free! Keep hope alive, because change can happen.

  93. Hi. My names kyl I been on heroin for 7yrs I’m 26 have a needle broken inside my arm an hep c. I pray to god no one does H. I got started by a friend who took advantage when my best friend died and I was depressed he was giving me H till I was hooked. He is a snake so people beware of fakes like these. Because of my addiction I’ve done 4 yrs in jail lost my life an regret everyday of my life since I started. An just hope this makes someone not pick up this devil drug. Good day.

  94. Hello Rajan. It takes 2-4 days for heroin metabolites to clear the system for urine based testing after binge use.

  95. hello am on herion from last 1 week or more than 9 days and know i quit it so am having a test like after next 7 days. its a urine test is it possible that herion stays myboys in drig test if am not using it.

  96. In a month, lost my job, all money is gone. I am relying on public aid and the only friend I have left as the rest of em couldn’t handle me anymore. Also did a month in jail this past November on a possession charge. It took only 3years for me to lose everything, girlfriend too. I started heroin for the first time in October of 2011. If you live in or near Chicago,beware cause heroin is epidemic. My hope is this message reaches someone and helps them to wake up and avoid what I am going thru now. I AM NOT looking forward to being homeless and don’t even know if I can survive all this.

  97. Well starting heroin definitely ain’t no joke I am personally going through living hell right now my truck last week losing my house

  98. Hi Tony. I’m not sure that this symptom is the result of protracted withdrawal, or is psycho-somatic. I’d suggest a check up with your doctor to eliminate possibilities of infection or other medical conditions.

  99. Hi . I snorted Heroin for several months and recently went in to recovery. My question is it seems like when I cough I can still taste the drug and my chest burns. Is this something you have ever heard of ?

  100. Hi Danielle. The cravings for heroin can last for month or years after an addict stops using. To set you at ease, would drug testing be an option in your relationship?

  101. Hi, my boyfriend of three years has been snorting heroin for about a month now and he is in a recovery program now. he says that he never wants to do heroin again, but is that true? once a person does heroin will they always have that addition? has he been snorting too long? i just want to know if there could be a good ending to all of this.

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