What are Spice withdrawal symptoms?

Spice withdrawal symptoms include headache, feelings of desperation, cravings, nightmares, and/or tremors. More on what to expect during Spice withdrawal here.

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Spice is a drug that produces many of the same effects as cannabis. Does Spice work for everyone?  Heck, no. And as a “designer” drug that has been around for less than a decade, the possible impacts of Spice or synthetic cannabis, are not fully understood.

Here, we take a look at the most commonly reported symptoms experienced during Spice withdrawal syndrome, why and when they occur, and also at the treatment options for how to help Spice addiction. Then, we invite your questions about Spice at the end.

Why do Spice withdrawal symptoms occur?

Spice withdrawal symptoms occur after a period of drug dependence and manifest after cessation of use. In the absence of scientific studies on the effect of Spice on the brain, our understanding of how Spice works is based on anecdotal evidence and on observing abusers of Spice who have been brought to poison control centers.

We do know, that most mixes of Spice contain cannabinoid compounds that act on the brain much the same way as marijuana: the user feels relaxed and perceptions change. We also know that regular users experience withdrawal symptoms and could become addicted to Spice much like they can with narcotic use.

What are symptoms of Spice withdrawal?

Spice withdrawal syndrome is noted among some heavy users of Spice. A person can become dependent upon the drug, craving it even after realizing its negative impact. It can cause cognitive impairment and induce drug cravings to the extent that a user starts to neglect their normal lives; personal and professional. Typical withdrawal symptoms from Spice can include:

  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • depression
  • difficulty sleeping
  • feelings of desperation
  • headache
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • nightmares
  • palpitations
  • paranoia
  • restlessness
  • tremors

In some cases, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, seizures, reduced blood supply to the heart, high blood pressure and even heart attacks have been reported during Spice withdrawal. The long term use of Spice could damage the respiratory passages, cause cognitive problems, psychotic episodes and schizophrenia.

Spice withdrawal symptoms: How long?

The duration or length of time Spice withdrawal symptoms last depend upon how long a person has been abusing the drug, how heavily they were using it and also their predisposition to addiction and psychoses. The user’s physical health, age and weight, their environments and their use of other stimulants, medications and other drugs could also impact the duration of Spice’s withdrawal symptoms. But generally, symptoms occur in the first hours after a missed dose and can last for days or weeks.

Spice withdrawal symptoms treatment

Physical withdrawal from Spice could be of a shorter duration than the psychological withdrawal since a user can start to crave their Spice fix. Since the long term effects of Spice are largely unknown and because Spice is sold in many different forms, users typically need close monitoring during and beyond the detox phase. Close monitoring is also required since the withdrawal symptoms can be so unpredictable. Some of the basic ways to treat Spice withdrawal symptoms include:

Detox – Heavy, regular users may need to taper off their dosage in a safe and systematic manner at a detox clinic or a residential rehab facility. Medications to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and the physical discomforts of detox may need to be prescribed.

Counseling – Therapy can help a user avoid drug cravings and realize how rewarding it can be to live sober and drug free. Psychotherapy can help the user realize how the drug use is negatively impacting family, professional and personal life as well as one’s financial resources. The user can face the underlying issues that are causing them to behave in dangerous and addictive ways. Learning to avoid triggers and learn healthy coping mechanisms are other ways that counseling can help the user.

Self help – The most important facet of recovery from dependence on Spice is the desire to recover and stay recovered. For lasting recovery, the user needs to commit fully to leading a sober life, which may mean cutting enablers and triggers out of one’s life to create a safe environment. Joining a support group and finding a sponsor to guide a user through the recovery process is vitally important, since it significantly improves chance of staying the course to lasting recovery.

Dangers of Spice

What is most dangerous about Spice is the fact that each batch of Spice is unpredictable and could have a more powerful effect than expected. It is thought that Spice is more likely to induce psychosis than natural cannabis because it lacks the anti-psychotic chemical, similar to cannabidiol, found in natural cannabis. So people predisposed to psychoses are at particular risk of developing a serious mental disorder if they use Spice.

There is also the fact that the various products sold as Spice could contain other toxins, chemicals and synthetic ingredients that could have dangerous results (even though the products are often labeled “natural” or “herbal”). In particular, there is the apprehension that some of the mixtures sold as Spice could contain heavy metal residue.

Spice withdrawal questions

Do you still have questions about how to withdraw from Spice? Please leave your questions in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to respond to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Iv only been smoking it for 3 months and trying to stop well now I have cold sweats yesterday I had them all day and once I took one hit they where gone now this morning when I woke up I have them again also what can you do to help your apatit

  2. Hi .a friend’s son aged 28 has taken we think spice
    At this stage two weeks on his talking all day to an Imaginary friend. He only comes down from his locked room to mak e coffee and eat sandwiches.he punched a whole in his door and attacked his parents.he totally ‘
    Denies taking drugs.but smokes all drugs for years.wil he be left with me mental health problems. Is he dangeruous. Wii he stop talking to him self..thank you


  3. It is possible to come off the spice, hard but I’m at the early stages of coming off. And I am still going round the bend.

  4. my grand son says he is no longer doing spice but I do not believe him. I am 70 years old and I do not know what to do. he is constantly taking hot baths and complains about stomach pains. he is very angry and to put it mildly I do not know how much more I can take before I tell him to leave. this has been going on for nearly three weeks, he is 30years old. my husband is not in good health either. please tell me what to do. we cannot pay for rehab.and he does not have a job.

  5. My name is Lynne, my husbands name is Greg. Weve been together 17 years, married for 8. He started smoking spice when he came home from prison since he was on paper. This was back when it first came out. It was different then…it was a much, much milder effect. Similiar to weed. We moved to Arkansas for a few years where it was impossible to get, at least where we were located. We came back to Texas 2 years ago, actually because we separated. He lived with his parents, i lived with a friend. Thats when it started. I watched as he would smoke it, all the while looking at me like he Didnt even see me. Ive literally watched him change inside & out. Hes not the same person. He doesnt even carry himself the same way anymore. Last November he admitted himself into Texas Dream Center. Its a Christian based program, a little over the top as far as that goes but for the most part they were helpin my husband. He came home for a furlough after 5 months and he was doing amazing. Expressed how he never wanted to go back go that life. That was on a Wednesday. Two days later he walked across town to where he always went and smoked. Was gone for hours. Of course when be finally got home he said he was just out thinking go himself. Saturday I worked all day, when i got home he was already passed out. Again, i didn’t see him do it. Sunday after h got home from church he went for all walk. When he.came back he went into the bathroom and locked the door. Smoked k2 passed out and hit his head on the tub and knocked his dumbass out. I can say that now…….the day it happened i thought he was dead in my bathroom. He would not answer me, all i could see where his feet dangling off the side of the tub. Had to call 911 fire and rescue, police, fire dept…they were all present. Fortunately he WAS ok. I wasnt.i was livid, hell he was still high. I wanted him to leave but he wouldnt. Its my apartment, but since were still married the police could not make him leave. So i did. The next day his parents got him back to rehab. When i came home i found a k2 joint in my bed. Looked like he has took a couple of hits and passed out. When he left to go get more i locked HIM out and thats what git him to go back. He had smoked again after all that happened. 5 months in rehab and in 1second made the decision to do this. Im looking for a online support group. My only option is divorce. Any ideas?

  6. I have been off spice now for two weeks, I do get a little cranky but, for the most part I wanted to stop smoking the crap. I was spending way to much on a fake high and wanted nothing to do with it. I have Concord weed, meth, heroin, and now spice. I have no doubt that I’m done with this!!! Substance is not my issue, addiction is my problem whether is dope, alcohol, or buying material items. I now have more money then ever already and my bills are getting paid, along with buying my 7 yrs. old clothes again. I had just made up my mind I was done before I ended up with DUI #5. Its all a matter of making your mind up that you wantore out of life. If you need help please feel free to send me an email with your phone #, and I will be more than happy to do whatever it takes to help you. I have done this without going to any meetings, for those are my triggers in life. I go to AA meetings I want a drink afterwards, same goes with NA, CA, and SA meetings. Helping others helps myself to stay focused on the prize. Getting to do what I want, NOT what the drug wants. Good luck and don’t hesitate before its to late please!!!!!! Sincerely Casey

  7. I haven’t heard of heavy metal residue. Where does it come from, how would it get into Spice, and what can it due to the brain and/or body? Thank you.

  8. hi my name mitsy I am withdrawing from spice having a hard time clean I should have never smoked it do to my age I will never smoke again what I need to know is it harder withdraw due when your older I am 50.

  9. Hi I’m a 16 year old girl from Manchester I began smoking spice in October 2015 which I was smoking with my boyfriend, my boyfriend recently went to jail a couple of days ago so I haven’t smoked spice I’m trying to stay off it for him and for my family. It’s day 2 without any spice my stomach is destroyed I am having really bad cramps and pains, I’m hardly sleeping, can’t eat, diarreah and hot and cold sweats my ankles are also inflamed and itchy what’s happening to me?????? Can someone help

  10. PSA To all smoking that crap man STOP NOW !!! ITS KILLING OUR PPL I WAS A FREQUENT SPICE SMOKER for almost a year str8 n I finally stopped 3days ago n dat shyt is str8 poison man y’all better stop before its too late freak withdrawal symptoms its eitha dat or 6feet under #YOURCHOICE

  11. wow if your getting cravings after 11 days of not using that would be horrible. Ive been clean for 7 days and just the though of that crap makes me wanna barf!! You should not have cravings for it after that long . Hell i smelled some the other day and it smells like horse crap now. weird how my taste buds told me this stuff tasted good for years

  12. My nephew Christopher started to us spice a couple of years ago say 3 year since he left home at 17 well he ran away beause he wanted to smoke cigarettes in the house and I said no there are younger people in the house you smoke out side I don’t care who you are and that’s from a x smoker but he tried all kinds of drugs cracking cocanie meth amphetamines you name it he’s tried it but when he goes to prison he gets clean but with spice it like sweeties in British prisons I want him to get help but he says it helps block out the pain of him being sexually assulted when he was 7 years old by his mom partner that she went on to have 4 more children with this man and put him in the care system I went mad at her for that as we was brought up in the care system and nearly all of us got sexually abused in them children’s homes thank god I was able to protect my one sister as we lived to get her but one of my other sisters was only 6 years old when one of the teenage boys raped her but I have said to him your creating more problems for your self by taking drug but his mother my half sister drank while expecting him so he suffers from fetal alchol syndrome his mother has not seen me or Christopher since the day he told me what happen at about 10 years old but they knew something was wrong because at 8 he tried to have sex with a little girl of six I took he to see specialists in the field of psychological but as the saying goes you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

  13. Hello I was just wondering if anyone has stopped smoking spice and their whole body feels numb and burning because of it I only smoked spice 4 times and I stopped smoking it about 5 days ago or 4 days ago but for the last three days my whole body has been numb and burning. Please help me

  14. My son, 27 years old, 170 weight, and 5′ 7 height. Has had a history with smoking spice. It seems to be getting worse! On Saturday 10, 2015 my husband and I went to his home. He had been locked in his house for about 2 weeks just sleeping, so we thought we went in through a window to find he was locked in one room. I had spoke to him on Tuesday and told him I was going to be checking on him and that if I didn’t see a change I was going to call the police. On that Tuesday he let me in his room and said he would goo you church with me on wed. Wed/ Saturday he didn’t let me in so I picked his lock he seemed out of it so I called police and paramedics to come check him, he refused! So my husband and I stayed with him till Sunday. He says he hasn’t smoked it and has been thankful we stayed and he says rescued him. Now he is really not doing well at all he says her don’t feel right to the point that he don’t want to drive. He says he knows somethings wrong! How can we help him? Please help! Thank you, Sandra

  15. I have been wanting to get off of spice for a while now, but just can’t do it. I don’t have health insurance so its going to be rough. I have detoxed from herion while locked up and I don’t want to detox in jail, but this is where I see myself going if I don’t stop. It runs my life just as herion did. I’m lucky enough to see what it is doing to us.(my family) I had lost a good wife to herion, and not about to lose another to this stupid shit. Well here we go, I’m so done with spice, but the effects from detox is what scares the hell out of me. I will check back in next week. Any words of wisdom will help. Bless this mess!!!!

  16. Mckenzie, i have posted above in 2014 that i was addicted, here i am now a year later posting again.. I STILL SMOKE IT. so yes its fuckin addictive but ive quit like 4 or 5 times and went back to it.. I am weak minded and have a very addictive personality. So if you are any stronger than me which I’m sure you are, you can quit. don’t sit in the house while you’re withdrawling, go out and stay busy keep your mind off it, chew gum, smoke cigarettes take a hot bath, or an oatmeal bath for your stomach, or a glass of warm water stirred with ginger. keep strong, keep away from the spice, and stay busy

  17. Hi. I’m a 17 year old female and I’m heavily addicted to spice and it’s been the worst withdrawals I’ve ever had. Any advice on how to help me get through withdrawals without going to rehab?

    1. Hello Miro. Yes, as our body and brain heals from drug use, sometimes PAWS occur. Depends on how much, how frequently and for how long you were smoking herbal incense.

  18. Spice, where do you begin….this is such a bad trip for someone thinking they are getting cheap marijuana. You are much better off smoking the real stuff (legal or not in your state). Doing Spice just once can mess you up the rest of your life, but someone considering using it is not going to go research on the internet to see what it may do to them permanently. They just want a quick cheap high. I wish the national news would continue to make the public aware that these chemicals they use are dangerous. You never really know what your are buying and smoking. You can read stories here and many other website of parents and even the people that smoked Spice talking about how terrible it is. I have found help for a dear friend of mine, who ,honestly, is no longer someone I recognize.

  19. Can a person go into a psychoses after having smoked spice 4 days prior?? And how accurate are the spice tests?? It came back negative. My son smoked it Monday and was full blown psychotic Friday but said he didn’t smoke it after Monday.

  20. When i smoked it i was okay at first, then i got addicted when i didn’t have it i felt like shit wanting to cough up what felt like blood. Its made a mess of my stomach is this normal?

  21. Thank you John for sharing your comment with everyone. You really shared some useful information that I hope others going through the same will find helpful. All the best!

  22. I had a habit for about a year on spice. Currently there are 3 generations of cannabinoids that are applied to the plant material. Several years ago I had smoked it an did not enjoy it, therefor never got addicted. The newer generation of chemicals they apply are much more addictive. The list contains well over 10 different substances last I checked, making it impossible to tell what your getting and also can create a poly drug dependency. I couldn’t tell you how much I was smoking, but I’d wake up 3 or 4 times a night to take a few hits to get back to sleep, you can imagine the days were more associated with heavier use. I don’t need to go into the symptoms, but I want to add that there ARE prescribed drugs that will help. I’ll list only the relatively safe ones, benzos can cause another dependency. The cannabinoids have dopaminergic effects and bind to opiate receptors, which explains the extremely similiar withdrawal profile when compared to opioids. That being said, drugs like tramadol help immensely. Librium for anxiety and helping with sleep. Gaba-pentin and clonodine also help a lot with the cold sweats and chills. Lastly some anti nausea meds will obviously help, and a little pill called mirtazipine helps greatly with the depressive mood and has the added side effect of increasing appetite. All these drugs have very low abuse potential, tramadol may be the one exception. If you don’t care at all, which I did not, benzos and full agonist opiates will help more. For me the symptoms were so bad that I was willing to risk changing dependencies. Only you can judge the risk here, and it’s a case by case basis. The only solution though is to go through the withdrawal, and as anyone will tell you it is definitely worth it!

  23. Hi I’m Keysey. I’m 17 years old and have done spice once back in January 2014, I believe it was K2.. I’m not too sure, but anyways I took 2-3 long hits of it and I ended up in the hospital due to hallucinating, vomiting, fainting etc and I promised myself and my family I will NEVER do spice EVER again and I kept that promise. I felt completely sick the next day and I think a month or two after, I started to notice I wasn’t myself anymore.. Or in other words, I’m always confused, hallucinating, can’t think and focus as much as before. It’s been going on for almost a year already and I’ve gone to the doctors to see what was going on with my brain and to see if I needed a cat scan but turns out I didn’t need one. I’m just terrified of what I have turned into. I used to do marijuana all the time back then, but the last time I’ve done it was almost 3 months. I need to get myself back to normal because I am absolutely losing it. Please help me. I would most definitely appreciate it.

  24. Hello my name is Jose,
    I’m an 18yrold teen I have recently quit smoking ” No Mames” I’m on my 3rd day without the k2 and I have many of the withdrawal symptoms shown on here, my feet and hands and armpits are constantly clammy like a cold kind of sweat, I have noticed dramatically increased mood swings from being happy and laughing to wanting to fight to the death with my brother for the littlest insignificant things. I never thought this drug was so serious before I got into it since I had already tried some pretty scary drugs and went through withdrawals no problem and never really craved the drug (crystal meth) I had been on a 3 day binge on smoking shards and went through withdrawal no problem never have been really tempted to try it again, but this K2 stuff is a whole new game!!!!
    I started smoking k2 through a friend that was in legal problems I started around the beginning of summer 2k14, at first I would never buy bags my friend would always smoke me out then I found myself hitting him up everyday to smoke to the point were I started going lone wolf and buying and smoking the no mames by myself, I would smoke it probably as close to as 24/7 as I could when I woke I’d take a few big Rips and would be good till I got in my car to go to work then Id smoke the whole way there, at my job would carry a sneak a toke a mini lighter and my baggy of spice, I would constantly find excuses to ethier go outside,the bathroom,or the ice room to take a huge hits I would do this at my job at least 4xs in an 8hr shift till I got caught smoking in the freezer and was discharged, that’s when I noticed that spice was affecting me, by this time it’s around fallish maybe late October I was now jobless and hugely unaware of my addiction I thought I would just smoke the last of my bag and that would be that, I was very mistakin the very same day my bag ran out I started feeling the withdrawals, my hands, pits , and feet sweaty, depression and anxiety because I have college starting next fall and jobless feeling so screwed, I lost my appetite would only eat because I new my body needed protein and energy not cause of hunger on day two anything I ate was a fight to keep down, diahhra.
    I did some research and it is said that when feeling something pleasant like say a hug from a girl you like your brain lets out a small amout of dopamine, when you try say marijuana there is a little bit more of the dopamine let out, the chemicals found in spice mess up the reseptors that release the dopamine building a huge tolerance after going through one bag when you say smoke then weed the receptors are not releasing enough or of any dopamine that’s why people feel depressed, nothing that made you happy before like say sex will make you happier than taking a hit of k2 because only then does your brain release big amounts of dopamine, those receptors don’t die they just get malfunctioned due to the chemicals in k2 after you quit you should very slowly begin to enjoy things the way you used to.
    But there will be a journey through hell same one I find myself in now! I have always been a beliver in fitness and one tip I have for anyone trying to quit is stay plenty hyrdated and sweat a lot by working out, with sweats and sweater but be very careful on not dhydrating yourself but that should speed up the process!
    I am also a beliver in the Lord Jesus Christ and I know with faith in yourself that the Lord will look over you but in order for God to help one, one must first help themselves, this journey is long and I didn’t know how Rocky ethier and its why I’m taking time out of my day to post this comment because if this comment stops someone from going into the world I have entered, I entered it blind not even knowing what k2 was but now that I do everyone should now this drug is easily more addictive than crsyal meth by a lonng shot and crystal meth is supposed to be one of the most dangerous drugs out there now imagine spice, I wanna do my part on putting this bitch on the record because it clearly has the potential to destroy lives

    1. I have researched this Spice because it scares me what I am learning . My boyfriend age 50 has started using reg past couple months . They call it no show cause don’t show in Drug Test as Marunijia . The amount is increasing daily and can tell he don’t want to be with out. So I have also seen him not ok and upsets me how it as affects him.

      Thank you for sharing . It helped me understand what I am seeing in my boyfriend

  25. Im on my thrid day and this sucks however my detox process has been a lot easier that a lot of people that have comment before me. If your going to quit buy a 7 or 14 day detox product that GNC sells. Belive me this will help you a lot. You will actually use a detox product for its purposes not to damage a drug test. Buy use it and quit, being dependent to a drug is stupid be normal, and think about the people you are hurting indirectly with this addiction.

  26. I have been smoking spice since 2011, I was smoking but then I stopped for 9 months, I recently smoked again but now I am having all of the withdrawal symptoms I read about. This didn’t happen as bad when I stopped for 9 months. Any over the counter medication to help me sleep and reduce chills?(hot and cold)

  27. Hello, my name is shaun I’m 24 and been smokin spice non-stop for bout 3 months (every day).. I’m goin thru the withdrawal right now and I CAN’T TAKE IT!.. my entire stomach is completely destroyed, puking, can’t eat, and horrible constant cold sweats… I just called a couple detox clinics but they require money, and the free ones don’t check u in for spice.. WHAT ON EARTH can i do to ease this process!? I’m doin this by myself, home alone, in bed, with no support.. someone plz help

  28. Hi Amber. Smoking Spice while pregnant is extremely dangerous both, for your baby and yourself. It has many underlying side-effects that can get you to the ER. It’s a relatively new drug, so scientists still don’t know how it can influence the developing brain. It’s best and smartest to tell your family, your doctor and your gyneachologist. Take action fast, because you are putting yourself and your baby in a serious trouble.

  29. I JUST WITHDREW BALLS FROM SPICE. I’m an ex heroin addict who thought spice is so innocent, I honestly did, but my tolerance kept going up, I was smoking 5 grams of zombie 50x (the strongest in Las Vegas) everyday. I finally had enough and cold turkeys it. All these symptoms are correct. I am now 4 days clean and finally got my appetite and sleep back. SPICE WITHDRAW IS REAL. My friend was in the hospital for 5 days after he took a hit. Hope this helps someone suffering.

  30. Spice withdrawal definitely is not a easy thing to go through. Today is my third day not smoking, and that stuff has completely through my system out of order. The most common symptoms for me right now is extreme lost of appetite, nauseated, vomit, diarrhea, sleep pattern is way off, sweats (hot flashes), tremors & shakes, and increase heart rate. I am already going to let you know the first three days are the hardest, your going to go out of your mind, and have some mood swings. So if you are staying with someone, let them know ahead of time so that they are not blind sided. The hardest symptoms for me to get over diarrhea, lost of appetite, and sleep. I actually see my doctor today to see if there is something she can do to help lesson the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, but even the slightest smell to foods make me want to vomit.

  31. I started smoken spice about 5 years ago iv lost alot my home.cars.friends u name it iv been there bacause of spice…i stop March 15 2014 but started again with my boyfriend in Aug 30 and now i cant stop…Worst part is im 7 months pregnant and i wanna stop so bad but the withdraws are killing me so i always go babk..what can i do to make this easyer with oit my family knowing what i have done???

  32. ok so I have decided that I want to stop smoking spice before my world crashes down on me.
    please all the help is needed because I don’t want to go through this alone..

  33. Hello John. In most cases, Spice withdrawal symptoms go away within 2-3 weeks after use has ended. Currently there are no medications that can help ease withdrawal symptoms from Spice. Still, you should talk to a doctor or a pharmacist, since hypertension is a serious problem when withdrawing from Spice, plus there are other possible effects. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  34. For me, I am a completely different man, no longer ran by self-will and ONLY do my Fathers’ work. I have found a new freedom from the chains of addiction and LOVE every second of LIFE, 24 hours at a time. Have “a little faith” and the possibilities “grow” to become endless!

  35. I have been smoking no mames for 3 years straight. The withdrawal symptoms are crazy. I get cols sweats and can’t sleep diarrhea I don’t get it. Can u tell me how to stop this.

  36. Hello my bf has been smoking this stuff for about 1 year he smokes a $5.00 bag in one day and buys it on a regular basis he had recently started to try and quit. But now is starting to hear things in his head he has nightmares sometimes and believes someone Is coming to get him theirs times ge still be happy but all of a sudden he’s mad is their any way to find out how long this will carry on and if he will ever be the sameagain after this

  37. I had found spice through a co-worker at a job where we were given urinalysis’s. Thought it was harmless. How horribly mistaken I was and will spend the rest of my days on Earth telling others how it had taken me to a bottomless pit of hopelessness, desperation, despair and bewilderment! I have always had very addictive personality and was born predisposed to addiction. A back injury on the job caused me to search for pain relief but found more pain than I could have ever imagined. I have experienced just about every drug out there and this one was the most cunning, baffling and evil of ALL!!!! AVOID SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you are in its ensnarement, may God have mercy on your soul for Christ has been my only savior from it and we are still battling it after quitting 15 days ago after a psychotic episode landing me in jail. It told me it was harmless, kissed me softly and then raped my loved ones behind my back. Businesses do not realize how horrible this stuff really is, a hundred fold than the opiates I have been addicted to in the past. Now, 100% clean and sober, I frantically have been searching the internet for the answers to my psychosis, finally finding them here on this post. My night sweats are finally beginning to recede along with the insanity but are still very much present. My faith is keeping me alive while this poison leaves my body at a turtles pace but light is at the end of this very, very dark tunnel. I ask God to use my experience to spare others the burden I have had to endure and will continue to spread this message. Many are not as fortunate as I have been, to have had an eye-opening experience as I and they choose suicide as the only option out. If I hadn’t been imprisoned, I would not be here to spread this message. I am an active member of Christianity and Alcoholics Anonymous and am willing to help others who want to choose life over this death. Thank you to all who have posted here, we ALL deserve a better life!

  38. I am now 6 days clean for smoking K2. I started smoking it it 2011 stopped for about a year and then started smoking again last year in 2013. Ive been in a few very unhealthy relationships in the past few years, been involved in daily “activities” that could have gotten me in legal trouble (to put it simply) and just in general I was in denial that I was an addict. It was normal to me to deal with stress by getting high. Little by little though things started falling apart. My ex is an addict too and together we were just getting high all the time and our spending was reckless. We both are “functioning” addicts and were good at making money but twice as good for spending it. I would spend my paycheck in hour and have extreme anxiety for the next 13 days because of it. Eventually I moved out cuz my life was becoming unmanageable. I never lived on my own and started having terrible anxiety and depression. I was smoking 5 gram bags everyday waking up during the night to smoke and leaving for lunch at work to smoke. When I would go see family I felt like I was literally going to freak out if I couldn’t leave and smoke soon. I would blunt cruise and end up an hour away and be pissed I had to drive home. I was skipping school to just get high until I’d pass out. Actually every day I’d just want to get high and pass out. It was starting to become harder and harder to hide so I just isolated myself from everyone because I didn’t want them to know how fucked up I was living. I felt like i had to lie about everything because everything took a back burner to my addiction. I would search my car, ashtray, even my sweeper for clips that couldn’t even roll a full blunt, smoke it, pass out, & wake up to look again even though I knew damn well there was no more K. And when the reality hit that I was out I would scream, have anxiety attacks, cry incessantly, even call my ex to hang out just to smoke. I would have relations when I didn’t want to but it seemed okay because he would leave me bags. I was a complete zombie on K. I’m ashamed how it took control of me. I’ve wanted to quit for months and I have been psyching myself up, reading every and any article about addiction I could get. I’m an analytical person and I need to understand why I’m addicted to the nitty gritty. I woke up after a binge night and knew that I was realistically going to be out of K for 7 days because I was piss poor broke. I wanted to sleep all day but couldn’t sleep. I called NA hotline and found a meeting 2 miles away and literally just walked out the door and went. I had tried domestic abuse counseling, AlAnon, and therapy before. They all could of applied to my life but NA felt like home. I felt like I could 100 % relate. That is when I completely accepted the fact that I was an addict but it was okay. Now that I know and admit it I can fully embrace change. I had tears the whole meeting. I felt scared and happy and sad all at once. Im going back every Sunday now. That is a promise to myself. It is hard to deal with stress when you are so used to self medicating. Even though it has only been 6 days I feel clear minded like I haven’t in years. My through is sore, im irritable, I dont really want to eat & I’m not sleeping well but I’m just not going to focus on the negative. The positive effects will soon overwhelm these temporary negative effects. The only way to get through the storm is to go through or let it pass by. Its hard but dont give up. I’m starting back school Monday and I’m so excited to be focused and clear minded for the first time in a long time. Dont relapse because of your symptoms… it might take away unpleasant feelings but you are taking two steps back and will further discourage yourself from trying to quit again. My best advice is stay focused on positive things. Organize your desk at work, spring clean, take a walk when you feel the urge. Fill your time with positivity… there is good energy in this world. Accept it and let it give you strength. If anyone needs help or wants to talk I’m here : )

  39. Hello, I had a friend in Las Vegas who recently stabbed the mother of his daughter and tried to kill another person as well. My friend ended up dying. He was shot by the homeowner.My friend was a very patient, non violent person. Never exhibited any sign of aggression. Wonderful, doting father. I believe he may have been suffering from pshycosis. He had just come off of spice. Six days clean. I know he was suffering from withdrawls big time. He had gone to the Dr. to get some help with his anxiety, but, was not taken seriously r and was turned away. My question is does coming off spice really have that kind of effect on a person? Can it turn them from a docile being to a raving madman? Any comments would be helpful in understanding what took place last week.

  40. I wanted to provide some hope for anybody going through spice W/D’s right now. KEEP GOING, IT WILL GET BETTER. I had W/D’s to the point where I was certain I was going to die. Much like Christ above, I lost 10 pounds, and couldn’t eat for four to five days; I was barley able to even get any water down during this time. My body was dripping sweat nearly non-stop, I had high blood pressure, flushed skin, my skin was numb and felt as if I had applied lidocaine all over my upper body. I was experiencing extreme nausea, fear, paranoia, which elevated into psychosis. I began having abnormal thoughts; suicidal thoughts, self-mutilating thoughts. I also had a cat that was very sick during this time with kidney disease, this created such an intense depression coupled with the withdrawals that I felt as if I would explode. I also experienced circulation issues in my private areas, rendering my genitals purple. I experienced a migraine that lasted 2 days and was so intense that any exposure to light or sound sent me into an instant fit of pain and vomiting. I did all of this alone, which I do not really recommend, having someone to help you is going to ease you anxiety and make getting the stuff you need possible. I also experienced amazing digestive issues, including horrible bowel movements and the constant feeling that I needed to defecate.

    After going through this I have some tips for people that are planning on quitting spice on purpose or are W/D’n on accident; Before you start detoxing try to be as hydrated as possible, and TAPER TAPER TAPER. If you have some spice left, slowly cut your dose down if possible, you will be saving yourself a world of hell. I would try tapering yourself down to smoking about .01 milligrams of pure product, or .1 grams of product a night and cutting that in half every other day until you run out. or perhaps every other other day. An Example; Night 1 – .1 Night 2 – .2 Night 3 – 05 Night 3 – 05 ETC. The less shock you have to endure the better.

    Also try and be stocked up on fluids like Gatorade for electrolytes, if you can it might be helpful to have a very small supply of anti-anxiety medications if you can see a Doctor before beginning. Taking .5 to 1mg of Ativan on the really rough days can mean the difference between wanting to die and being able to hang on to your sanity. I also highly recommend trying to get an Anti-Nausea prescription for this period, it would be best to be honest with your Primary Physician to acquire these, but if you are unable or unwilling, you might have to go to the Dr. and claim you have struggled keeping food down for the past few days to get them. These Anti-Nausea pills very well may have saved my sanity, on day 4 when I was not able to eat I took one of these under my tongue and was able to stomach food and finally start feeling better, this was the day my W/D’s took a turn for the better and I began feeling better.

    TL:DR Start withdrawing off spice fully hydrated, try and do it with support from family or a friend, make sure to have plenty of fluids on hand. You likely wont want to eat for the first few days, if you can try and find an antinaseua medication to allow you to force food down and regain your energy. For really troubling days Anti-Anxiety meds can be a God Send (do not replace this addiction with another, only ask for a few pills to help this rough patch, say 5 doses tops.) DONT KEEP GOING ONLINE, You will only make yourself feel worse, Keep your body as fed and hydrated as possible then try to immerse yourself in something your enjoy, the sweats alone will drive you mad if you do not let yourself try and get lost in something.

    most of all GOOD LUCK, YOU CAN DO IT! Pray if you need to and know that others have been there, crying on day 3-4 feeling it will never end and that you screwed your life up forever. When you do finally turn that corner life somewhat seems sweeter because of how deep of a pit you just crawled out of. Much Love to all enduring this pain, Stay healthy and Safe!

  41. My 25 year old is in the emergency room now waiting to see a mental health specialist due to spice withdrawals, he’s been hearing voices and has lost so much weight he has anxiety and paranoid, as a mother this seems too close to death, Chris I hope you flushed that stuff down the toilet, I know that what your going through is hard, but you have to go through the weeks of this in order to get your life back, the Dr’s have told me the process may take 6 months, may take longer but if he does it just once that defeats all purpose of the detox, and will continue to hallucinate or even worse, people have become paralyzed from spice good luck to everyone trying to leave this sh… alone

  42. I smoked spice about 3 or 4 years ago. It was available everywhere, head shops, convenience stores, gas stations etc I smoked this shit called colorado chronic. It was great. Worked just like weed, was legal, and didn’t experience withdrawals. I was a stoner at the time but now I’m in some legal trouble so had to quit everything. So I looked around for spice. Banned. Then found that colorado chronic stuff at the same store I found it b4. I was so happy. It worked the same as it originally did. I thought I was set. Then a couple weeks later I turn on the news…that store was selling it illegally and the DEA busted the store, seized the building, guns, spice, bath salts whatever the hell they had in there. So presently I started looking around online and found the spice that’s available to us that I’m sure all of us here have smoked b4. I placed my first order on that site. I ordered this stuff called bizarro. It arrived 2 days later. Looked like the original spice packaging that I knew I few years ago. “Not for human consumption” blah blah. Took a hit. Baked. Ordered 15g bag. So far I’ve smoked 75g of all different spices from that site in the last month. Yes I experienced the waking up in the middle of the night to smoke or I couldn’t sleep. Wake and baked or I felt like fucking shit. I’ve been out of spice for 3 days
    now and have been withdrawing like a bitch. I’ve used Rock, meth, heroin, Molly I’ve done it all and I’ll tell u this is the most fucked up drug I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve never experienced a withdrawal like this in my life. I’m a changed person. I can’t live with out it seems. My body’s sweating, I’ve been puking, I lost 10 pounds in the last week, and haven’t eaten in the last 4 days. Last night my withdrawal got so bad my heart started beating rapidly faster And faster. There’s discoloration in my skin. My chest started to hurt. My face, hands, and feet started tingling then went numb. I couldn’t breathe. I was admitted into the emergency room last night due to drug withdrawal from this s**t. This is the worst experience of my life. I’m scared s**tless. I feel like I have no control of my body anymore. I can’t eat and if I do I puke. All I can keep in my body is this nasty s**t. I’m hocking up black mucus. And my breathing sucks. I feel like I lost control of my life. I just got released from the hospital a couple hours ago. Up all night because I don’t have any spice just browsing the internet for help. I may go back to the hospital today because symptoms are coming back. But the spice is being delivered today. I’m stuck. I wanna flush the s**t down the toilet but don’t know if I can. If u have gotten thru this piece of s**t addiction what are some affective tips?

  43. Hello Danica. Spice withdrawal is not well understood. Would you consider checking her into a detox clinic?

  44. How long does it take a spice addict to go through withdrawals? I need to know asap, because spice is killing my mom.

  45. ive been smoking spice for about 4months. i was addicted to herion and it took 6yrs to get off now im clean from herion now but addicted to spice now. the nauesa the sweating i cant take it but want to get off spice but its hard. how can i detox spice that can b the easiest on me?

  46. I went into a psychosis 12 days after I quit using spice. It started out as bad mood swings and paranoia. Each day I lost touch with reality bit by bit, and then bam I was in a psychosis. I have been drug and alcohol free for a year now and recently tried to get off my antipsychotic medication and started having problems again. That’s a good reason to get off of spice

  47. i would add diarrhea to symptoms of use. this may not be the most potent of drugs to get high on. THIS IS THE MOST ADDICTIVE DRUG I’VE EVER HAD TO QUIT!! 11 days clean. i think about it everyday. hell i think of it several times an hour everyday. i was a regular pot smoker of weed that was 20% thc. now when i smoke the same weed that used to get me high, i feel like i’m smoking a placebo. 18 monthes of being drug tested for a divorce and a custody case involving 4 of my children i used spice everyday. i had bronchitis 3 times. i passed out and broke my nose. sweating through 2 or 3 shirts a night. if i can help anyone or if anyone can help me by contacting me, i’d appreciate it.

  48. Hello Nancy. I’d suggest that you seek help from a family counselor for yourself. Work out your role in the family dynamic, and invite your son to be a part of the process. Often, we have to lead by example when addressing the issues that are beneath drug use. Does that make sense?

  49. im a mom of a 18 yr old son he does inscent he some time cant walk or talk he don’t even know whats happing around him are what this is doin to his family the night his son was born whitch was about 4 months ago this should have been one of the happest nights of his life was one of my saddest the baby was comin fast and we couldn’t find him we looked every where I called my other son that lives close byhe walked to the hospital to help look for himwe found him outside passed out and couldn’t wake up we got him up to the room but I don’t think he even remembers his baby being born and it just keeps getting worse he and his girl friend has broke up be couse of that stuff he just keeps getting worse an worse I cant take much more I feel so hopeless

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