What are buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms?

Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms are flu-like in nature and are similar to those of other opioids, both psychological and physical. Learn more about buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms here.

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Typically, buprenorphine is used to help the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. It is subscribed by doctors to help ease the physical symptoms of withdrawal for those who have become severely addicted to other opioids, such as heroin.

However, because buprenorphine is an opioid partial agonist and can cause euphoric effect, abuse and addiction are also possible. If you need to withdraw from buprenorphine, what can you expect during buprenorphine withdrawal syndrome? We review here and invite your questions about buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms and possible symptoms of Suboxone addiction at the end.

Why do buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms occur?

Withdrawal is a normal process wherein the body seeks homeostasis after a period of chronic drug use. It is a phase when the body “rebounds” and then normalizes within a few days. Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms occur when you become physically dependent on buprenorphine. Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms occur when you abruptly stop taking the medication or lower dosage significantly.

What are symptoms of buprenorphine withdrawal?

The symptoms of buprenorphine withdrawal are similar to those of other opiate and opioid (man-made synthetic) drugs like heroin, oxycodone, or methadone. Although they are typically milder, symptoms of buprenorphine withdrawal can be uncomfortable and disruptive. When withdrawing from buprenorphine, symptoms that may occur include:

  • anxiety
  • body aches
  • changes in appetite
  • changes in sleeping habits
  • cold sweats
  • flu-like symptoms
  • headaches
  • mood swings
  • nausea
  • pupil dilation
  • restlessness
  • runny nose
  • shedding tears (lacrimation)

These symptoms can vary in intensity depending on past use. The more mg buprenorphine you take over longer periods of time, the more severe the withdrawal. Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms usually peak 2-5 days after the last dose but can persist for a week or two. It is always important to consult a doctor when withdrawing from buprenorphine in order to assess your personal needs during withdrawal and to make sure you are withdrawing safely from the drug.  Plus, if you’ve been taking Suboxone to get high, you’ll need to address the psychological cravings and compulsions to prevent relapse into abuse.

Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms: How long?

Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms can begin as soon as you miss one dose of buprenorphine. You will begin to feel mild symptoms at first, and symptoms typically peak in severity 2 – 5 days into buprenorphine withdrawal. Depending on the severity of chemical dependence, buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from a couple of weeks, to months following your final dosage. The symptoms that tend to last the longest are the psychological symptoms of dependence on buprenorphine. Seeking treatment for cravings using psychotherapy or intense behavioral therapy can reduce those symptoms over time. Untreated, psychological symptoms of buprenorphine withdrawal can last for a long period of time, even after other symptoms have subsided.

Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms treatment

There are several options available to you for treating buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms. The first is to taper, or slowly reduce doses of buprenorphine, over the course of several weeks. Secondly, you can use a combination of NSAIDs and home therapies to treat symptomatic discomfort. Massages, hot baths, and rest can help. If needed, you can seek treatment from a detox clinic for more severe symptoms such as diahrrea, nausea, and/or anxiety.

Buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms questions

Still have questions about buprenorphine withdrawal? Please leave your questions below. We’ll do our best to answer you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. took last pill friday morning, a 1/4 of a 8mg , its now wednesday afternoon with lots of weed(not skunk) and none opiate painkillers and a video streaming site an am gettig thru it. basicly knocking myself out for fist first ten days seems to works best for me, beeing knocked out, cant wait to get the first 10 days out every day abit better after that, used since 15 years age neally 40 now

  2. I have been taking Buphenorhin since 12/2/2011 for pain management and opioid addiction I attended 12 Oaks Rehab in Navarre, FL for 30 days to get off alcohol and drug addiction. On November 30, 2018 I lost my medical insurance so I wasn’t able to afford my doctor’s appointment to get my prescription for Buphenorhin 8 mg TID quantity 90 and surely couldn’t afford the prescription it’s $533.00 out of pocket. I’ve got new insurance through the market place that started 1/1/2019 but I’ve had to find all new doctor’s the pain management doctor I’ve found can’t see me until 1/21/2019@3:00 pm I told them I was out of my medicine and I’m feeling withdrawals but they still wouldn’t fit me in I had to leave work early this past Saturday because I’ve started throwing up very nausea, diarrhea, restless, anxiety, panic attacks. What can help me until I see my new doctor this feeling is horrible. Thank you in advance Elizabeth.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment option for you.

  3. Have been prescribed 2mg.SL for heroin withdrawal. Began with 6 pills a day. Am now down to 4 pills a day. This is my 3rdweek of taking this medication. If I stop taking it. What withdrawal symptoms can I expect to go through and for how long???? Please give me some advise.

    1. Hi Blake. If you have build up a tolerance to buprenorphine, it is more likely that you will experience withdrawal. Don’t risk it. Consult with a doctor to help you plan a tapering schedule.

  4. Ok y’all been on here a couple times complaint about the subs and I know I wasn’t making much sense because I was feeling so bad. Today has been 7 days since last dose of subutex and yesterday was so unbearable I almost went and got some more, but then a friend showed up with 3 percodan 10mg a took half of one and I was actually able to eat a full meal for first time in week, but at bedtime them creepy crawly feelings in my right arm was so bad took another half for first time in week I was able to sleep woke up feeling pretty good for a little bit and then back is the creepy crawly came back but just in one arm so took another half I have 11/2 left hoping after that I won’t need anything else. This has got to be the hardest thing I have ever gone through. My prayer go out to all of you going through this, and me ill never touch another subutex as long as I live, and I hope the doctors are warning people of going cold turkey and how hard it is. Our government sucks for even allowing these drugs that is so much worse than the pain meds. Its just a way for doctors to get rich and the pharmisuticle companies to get rich while the addict still suffers. I wish each of you the best of luck getting off the subs.

  5. I started taking subutex about a year ago when getting off methamphetamine just to get some energy I usually get 4 8th tablets a month from a friend I break it up and 1 tablet would usually last 1vweek my last one I made last 2 weeks taking even smaller amounts I am having the worst time my understanding was this drug was not suppose to have bad detoxing symptoms, I was on loratab for well over a year taking about 10 to 15. 10mg a day, I was sick only for a few days going totally cold turkey after first night of getting off I was able to slow a few hours every night but with this subutex I haven’t slept since Sunday night and its Friday why am I having such a hard withdrawal I see people on here taking 2 8mg 2 time a day and tapering down to 4 mg and having same symptoms I thought if I took small amounts it wouldn’t be so bad. I would suggest anyone wanting to get off of heroin or opiate pain meds should not use these drugs this is not helpful at all it takes so long to detox. Why would our government allow something to be used that is way worse than any other pain med detoxing. And the cost is so high its a legal way to make addicts suffer more and I think this needs to be taken off the market when they first came out with this I heard a report saying this is more effective and less painful to get off of. I’m probably not making any sense because I havent slept in 5 days. Please tell why since my dosage was so small. This is the worst. What can I do and please don’t tell me to seek doctor because I don’t have insurance and I sure as he’ll can’t afford one of these subutex clinic and there are no state funded rehab in my area. I even called the Applegate center in my area and they would not tell me anything could not answer any of my questions told me I could come see their doctor but I need to bring $400.00 dollars to see him. This is a rip off what the hell?

  6. I have been on a 20 Mcg/hr bupreenorphine patch for two months for a lower back injury. I am trying to get into a PTSD treatment facility that does not allow controlled substances. I took the patch off on Sunday morning and it is now Wednesday evening. My anxiety is through the roof, head is foggy, slight stomach discomfort but nothing big. Small headache but no nausea/vomiting or diarrhea or flu like feelings. On Monday I felt a few hot flashes and that’s about it. Am I fortunate enough to have not been on long enough to experience the horror stories that I have read everywhere or am I to expect a visit soon? Please advise because the not knowinmgnis worse than anything.

  7. Hi
    I have been on bupin 2 mg a day for last 1 year now i have atope using it my last dose was 54 hours befor but from last night i am not able to sleep,shreddy eyes ,yawning and muscle ache is happening can you please suggest something and how long will it go

    1. Hi Gags. I suggest that you consult with a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule to quit buprenorphine.

  8. Hi. I have been on 20mg buprenorphine patches for about the last 5 years to treat chronic back pain, which I have found very effective. I woke at 5 this morning feeling very unwell, sick, shaking and in pain. I then realised I was 3 days late in replacing a new patch so I did it immediately. Later today I went to the supermarket, still feeling unwell. A while later I came around in an ambulance having apparently collapsed in the store and had a seizure. The only thing I can put it down to is buprenorphine withdrawal, am I right?

  9. I have been on Subutex 8mg 3x day for about 4 years, My Dr quit but he referred me to another Dr that worked at the same place I was also taking a half mg of Colonipin 2 x day and Lyrica 225 mg 2xday and Zoloft 100 mg 2xday for the same amount of time I was taking Subutex, but I asked him if this new Dr would change my meds and he promised me no he would not. So my appt with the new Dr the nurse called me and told me that this Dr was looking over my file and wanted me to go back on Suboxon and to stop the Colonipin and the Lyrica. I have document where when they first put me on Subutex saying I need to stay on subutex because when I take Suboxon my blood suger go up very high and I have to use insulin several times a day. So I told her that my Dr that Quit promised me that they would not change the meds that I have been on for 4 years, she said he promised all of his patients that but if I did not want to take what the New Dr wanted me to then I would have to find a new Dr and they would give me a 1 months supply of my meds that my Dr that quit had me on and release me, and that is what they done without even trying to taper me off of the meds. And I have called every Dr that Prescribes Subutex or Suboxon and they are not taking any patients, so now my meds gave ran out and I am just starting into the withdraws and each day it gets worse. What they done to me is very wrong and unethical I never done anything wrong for them to do this to me My Dr Quit but I didn’t I have been Drug free for 4 years. I am trying to figure out what to do I have called attorneys and they really do not know how to take this case on. So now since I cannot find a Dr to help me it’s either I try to buy online in which I did and got ripped off, or go back on Drugs in which I am now I cannot go through withdraws again I have had 2 Strokes and if I have another one I will probably die and being on drugs I will die, I am so dam scared. How can a place that is a detox center do this to a person, there now a Suboxon only place, they had time to find another Dr for me but they hung me out to dry.

  10. I have been taking heroin from 5yrs and in between it I withdrew from it 7times going rehabs and taking benzodiazepimes but now the problem is I take 16mg of buprenorphine everyday but I live near a place of drugs vendors so now I got addicted with a half grams of heroin with 16 mg of buprenorphine so plllz suggest me a way how 2 come out of it and I will remain forever grateful and my many friends would get help as we are ruining our precious health,time as well as a large amount of money. Thanking u

    1. Hi Sanjay. I’d suggest you enter rehab again. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease and it may take many attempts before you can stay sober long-term.

  11. I am on my 6th day of withdrawal from quitting buprenorphine. Is this feeling going to subside. Have not sleepless in 3 days!!

    1. Hi Ian. In the first week after stopping buprenorphine, week you will probably continue to to feel aches and cramps within the stomach area and in your joints. You may be uncomfortable during this time period and have difficulty sleeping. Mood swings are also common, with bouts of anxiety or depression.

      After two weeks of buprenoprhine withdrawal, the pain and discomfort of acute withdrawal may not be as severe but you still experience aches. Depression can starts to set in, as well, and you may notice an extreme loss of motivation.

      You can expect that after the three to four week mark, most of the physical withdrawal symptoms will be gone.

  12. How quick can I take another pain medication for severe pain while taking buprenorphine? My doctor wants to use this for the severe pain I am experiencing. They cannot find the reason I hurt so badly because I am a paraplegic. I have been taking Percocet and have had pretty good luck controlling the pain but I wonder if I take the buprenorphine and need a surgery quickly how will I be able to control the pain I will be in since surgery.

  13. I have a adult child going thru pain killer withdraw using suboxone and has been diagnosed as ADHD and is on vyvance….it appears he is constantly exhausted that it appears he has relapsed…but I cant tell….trying to understand side effects of meds and if that is causing this exhaustion…or a relapse into pain killers….thanks for your help

  14. iv done a week off subutex iv been on opiates for 20yrs, every time iv relapsed every time cos of no strenghth or energy I out7 sstone on lately so its even worse ny advice pleease ta

  15. I have been on 20mg of buprenorphine for seven years after I suffered complications during small dose methadone withdrawal (4mls p/d) under medical supervision in hospital. However, after five days of a decreasing buprenorphine dose I suffered a catastrophic seizure two days later. This has, i believe damaged my brain. It was different from any symptoms I have experienced from heroin use – to which I was addicted from age 14-30 before methadone maintenance (1989-92 – 80mls, slow tapered wd; 1994-7 – jumped off 120mls; heroin use for 3mths in 2002; methadone 4mls over 3mths in 2007; 2007-2014 ORT, suboxone). My bowels did not return to normal after the supervised wd in 2007, symptoms seemed to be ‘stuck’ and did not improve at all. Hence I was offered suboxone and took it. Now, after 7 yrs picking up a monthly prescription (20mg by 28days) the new owners of the chemist claimed that the $40p/m I had being paying was ‘unheard of’, and demanded I pay the difference, and continue to pay $160 p/m – up front, of course. They claimed it was a case of “one in all in”.
    This is totally inappropriate, unacceptable and frankly impossible given my life circumstances, largely negatively influenced by people’s attitudes towards ex-addicts (homeless, unemployed, isolated, dire poverty, depression and anxiety) . I tried to reduce my dose, but suffered a catastrophic withdrawal and a form of seizure that surpasses normal human suffering! I know that if I continue to withdraw, no matter the rate, will suffer from severe, and I believe potentially life-threatening brain seizures and associated symptoms. The trauma upon the person is unspeakably horrid, not to mention embarrassing. There can be no dignity in such a state, which is rather different, worse, for the sufferer that the observer can perceive. So, given these facts, I am now in a very serious situation , with no personal resources other than my motivation, which is, unfortunately, compromised at the neurological transmission level thus making it impossible to sustain in practice. I need to find a way to get my life back, after this travesty of medical treatment, despite my ongoing commitment throughout my life to beating this problem. I knew all about heroin before i used at age 14, but I believed that I would never fall prey to it. I was wrong. Now, at 53, with depression and anxiety disorder I have been put in an impossible situation, held to ransom by greedy pharmacists, since if they raised the price by another 400% next month I would still have to pay it for fear of death or incapacitation – and this due not to heroin, but to the ‘control substances’ legislated by government (i.e., ‘liquid chains’). I have no doubt that medical intervention has made my life infinity worse off than I would ever have been, or was, as an independent, non-criminal self – medicated addiction that precedes the legal age of consent. Yet I take full responsibility since if I don’t nobody else will. Is this fair? Is this ‘best practice’?

  16. Hello Jerry. The symptoms that you describe sound a lot like hallucination. I’d suggest that you seek medical counsel from a psychiatrist or even start with a family doctor for your son immediately. Best of luck.


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